Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1860 Page 2
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2 Oil'III i IOPGRTAXT IR** TDiKSUUNIA. Ab i-%ionment of Douglas by Foruoy, Hickman & Co. 8f*e<b ol lion. John lllcknuui In Concert 0*11, Philadelphia, on Tur-d*) E>tuin?, Jul, it, ISM, trr. \jcv. , Mx Hick*a> said:?The inteilifrut wtor will Ofibapa bit: action a* to make it cone ice lo Ibe fieeee* of a peln- j Cip'o, rather than the clcwtlku of a man. II" will feci Ibis to be the moro incuiuocnt upon h in at such a time Of the present, when the tendencies of pirtiea are m?" distinctly marked than In any previous campaign. It Will be my object torn evening to endeavor to exhibit, 1c a distinct light the dividing line between the politt Cal parties of the Jay. an 1 to ascertain, if possible, what, In all probability, would be tho effect ujion the country of the election of the resjiccttve cn no Platen for the Presidency If this wen- a strife merely between lndividua men, it would possess but tr.rting Importance, and 1 should no' trouble von with e.lher remark or suggestion. t as I regard the contest, the determination will soon be mane not nloue as to our value in the confederacy but a* to the denliny of the nation itself. The policy of our government Is, in many respects, undeimed. The more tenons que* lions affecting us bare but recently liecorne topics of careful Consideration. Our fathers w v i.mbl" I I ni -oe, during tho formation of the constitution, the greater onbar-asr-menta to w hich the future of th' country was to be subjected, and eon* quentlj no provision was made inat them. Subjects wbteh distracted nnd diMded them a their deliberations ha re h -1 much of tv-ir forn? r i .a.: . qucnie. and we acent to be in- re aoxieu to ascerta r. what tbey should hare tab! further, than what Iboy nciiially did say. I cn tl.e control rsi. 8 in wulch weouiselrrs have 1>?m;i cujageq wilhiu the last inutile have h? vtt settled or 1 -t si. lit C't, and wo .ire now snout t. enter that cot diet which is to dulnc many of the most important powers of the governm< ut. atid to tix the cliara-. of the dt.m t institutions of the < mitry. The p ..prk ty of re cbg uiiity to?tUoe, Use exact reii Hois between federai and Ucal anthc rity, the eoiiatl': tinea!.iy ol banks and interr tl mpri veineiits, the rogu L.t.<o if tLe currency, and the i'.imi ibutiuu of the |.r.r u, iur i'ukui * - ? ?'..e . tatr'. and discussions upon thftu are otdy to ba found in our rant history and in the '* -il rcwtma C'f extinct parties" It may 'n truth be sai'l tiwtoM ihire..- parsed away. and a! thing- !)?, a >ut<* new. ?iu- a time, not very lar back tu the part, wh u tlii. Tj ?at universally admitted to uv >- in practice, dctriu. ntol to both indlvl duals uud Cf t i milic*. and iif iur i the apf-it and gcuiiis of o tr frcevyttcm Now, however, it Is declared to b Mlicirto in It* origin, llie high, at type of tiu nan rivlli/rion, r.ul U.U. |< usable to the ta.ntenDnrn ol u democratic republic. i-rmerly it wa. rrparded as a coud.tiui to be con Sta: t.v re 'uoed, au 1 tin illy to be extingui?linl. Now, ou tin' ci rtrarv, the demand is urged i'. shall ln< extend Kl, at- i trade *>r trull In;*. Here I And the cause or a??ur? fl Of ti e pr at political if - . J i f 11. prit-.nt. Shall tlo'-'.ry beer*. a noli-na! and a i/">rrni' g /><>>r-r in the Ciiir y, <*t thall it rtina,n a.? nmstl'titi * <rJ> t.'.* Tain U tit at: inquiry pro," indrd by is of tin- North, but fbrc -d upon u? by our brethren of the South. Tt. y re q*?irf an ar.awer at cur handa, and we cannot avoid re poize if we would, Silence upon our part, under thu CimrastaMea. could not he construed other at than :n nfflrroillve of their claim T make tie* di- iavl avowal that slavery seek* the acquis ilma of all our now State*, ft* two object': llri-t, to secure the valu< >fatavia, nod, aecocd, to direct the |<>w< ra of the Lateral govern irtrtU. * * * Tlie extension of ne|rro t a very ititn tli? Territories of the I'd tied Slntoi hue heroine a settled policy of the do bum rata party. Thia reat.ty cannot be dlasu:.--d, and ought not to be uer.ed. It is easilya< tinted fir I'nily of uilrrrst and unity of desire will always produce a perfect concentration of strength Tbe fortunes ol the K'Ulh tiavr become r ui|detely identitied with their |>e culiar domestic r> hit !<hi* By then hanaooj tlcy have been enabled to govern the democratic pin ,iu.d thus far to govern the country through the ag*nuy (if lha*. party. Tbe v Hal force of that i*rgani**tiuii Incuu in tboHonth, and ehii cry propvaioi>.-ii. tig c'rit tber< u- u< eaity , it < an Dot be eoiiaidcrtd sti .ingo (hat the Intln* lice of the party alxuild l** ao directed as to lorlily ita iiinw most congenial to the supposed wltarc ol tin**' who direct its nig ciitrer) Tu many it ha* recto ,1 ti. accountable thai Oil n i. e art ion and 1* g -'alive and jtnltrlV |>r ling* atiouid be no ahaped, fruin ; ear la yuar, as lostmgUlua the few ut the uii ij - of "the great luans of our pooplo. ia-t < no longer be r?s*jded j a marvel or a myatery, ther.?i*i iOiiity of it r< rfiih St rthera inen to ?h. m we have nun- 1 our ra ai 1 itotlsed with the i um, nil or authority. hs itrune th' recordiat \ Its iii your naihsi,: lingtr , s.i i lit ie karii why it I- that North* ra cspii.d and l.t>a<r art* con atal.t*; borne ('own by I. e i '.o.-ruuis wrtg t of ,<oulh. m cxart 1. W!.I n y, 1 r i s . I ., r, , . neli.ed, f lets ."I*, with isJt,' : ?Iilpi: I . H . Ins a t cigb' inn oca r4 u,* c > in I < ighttvn millions tbrougb our r-*, r, i.utivcs vha'<at by a |?trty pl atced to inter eata sdvf rr .'t out- htavny r tu; v ' dc stauvui' n tu a high s. h vol, lilidor abb* pi* It teach--* tliat the Northers Hon arc wardly and that l'ie,r ainhilion in linh.-d with avarice, and, caffwlunntcly for us, it lets arc imcr.t i to f rtify it fnitu In half n eenture it may net t ,n ditcd that I'-sc Ui wi a d<>r.rii a n. tra. 4 un-tor thru < ,rron rtm.cea. a*> al.un.i J a IVutisylv una Tim-Menl as to ir :oce him to re*.v-t a nc - a^t, t ' it,- tie- plighted faith upor. whwh be was cl clot, dtagrace bis tut lira Hit' u ' degrail*' tic h ^h t v.., i h" I. , I lie,I rrori'tly Ikid eleaated. And yet not only fill lus bcci doc-, a'lmrat witbin oi.r pretence, hut ther. preaeuiativ*,? (if free Ccost.tuilire a have lc ? la to icn I Ulcir act to fecca ?errile labor Into > tnpcliliou w ith of the whu n an, and a *iavr b ,tc lulu ll.n i tcrborst of ladepel? ci.i ie.- to loruw the halanco of ixwuragaiunl their owii|ei'p?c. S ?ue of tb* scare now u* t only rcs|satable m n t? it of th* IS- j'aa church, but nu?stonarle<< Dm 11 th* uubilicruig- and MMMl fctlMMi i baa them rrry'y in my reCollrrt i c, and tt wcuM be quite rcfri alitng to l.-var tbeir ri .i.arkstu laudation of popu ar aovcreiguty, such Da tlxy i tea led to Karifas, an t iu,*l< uur.viati*>ti <*f Southern den ai is. to which they rucrnmbed n? r lit tstilly M a Uiri si ucv~*t dam < I to her lover. 1 believe II was M r* > i, wIk. mmI- 'the pi ; i.l < nr.i, ,p u -n ?ri' ai?aya danger:-.he eb> uld ta\. iu> lu.led u hta, tiu> tl.f ..i (.1 the tyrant u m U it' hit re wari!. Th. allegation that smith- rn nre formed tor the purpuae <>f poviiil rji lup oppuritioo mUrmt?l?, In a ah . taw lerortod to v a blind and a rfirr t No frwr* ever apring from each parentage. Mat i t -i t > Waal wwtiMfil an) aher , It la th* to. d of tor*, and o tt>< a. m.nieut of the world a, *i' ( it. it ratinrt live a ittacut the ro?taning hand of pewrr irrouudotl hy *o atiUfvl.'Tt of fr cot to a. It La nw< -in. unfile, as 1 atalutcry Mfeguard.' and Jefmoaa bec< n.t taertMotry V .Mxiag and futipvtioa never irnfro thi met Ire* a ilLoul * mlmce upon the natural ruar, hi ?t cu the contrary. the f ntlrwul of frt-eiom rauat f n \ (ton rb Uietuhiecta of a dspotMn. The South, to b. afr, ti i.?l then lore rvl rd through and beyond all tlx roulntii l i*' Inlwint to which I hare refeaied, aid coca-'jurully our l.-oatier pueeeaa cue m t?t be capture!. Hut a* the inhered weak rti? t i tbeN-ulli w out t-qoal to Ihla tack, craft la w urtadtn le apply 111. unM ueab uu.oe. t'pon whoa ran thla If rr oe at!\ u usttn?ly brought to bear than a Preeidet.l without m irage, a J itige auaoot candor, or a Icgie itor * ill.ocl integrity f It nil! te not Haat that I lure rpuken of the drmnrrattc part/ a itlauit rrfen nm lo tt? prreent detraction*. My rc ar- lor mi doing la f. . n 1 in the opUiMin I entertain that th<-? d.aaenatt n* (to net ndtet irr...?. o neither branch >b- a di't*-u.?r to nuct. fairly and cpenly, the grcai p- li al prut-uin of tlx t.nuw. In eaetlng our ruied wet', 'ihl tie a< curat* ty In?; rued at to lh*ir < fleet uj>ua the pnlicy wr drape to ?.e .-uhnrhel WeitottM not be made laetruw- i.te in tin handset any atnbitinit man, or U the band* of any c.>u?l>mntiou ol and uu tcrupul' ua men. U Item an unnatural growth of elarery In the < 'untry, and to l>UI the l>opr?ot our own |wi>plr, cmtia'j te wbit haa lieret< l"ie b?-"ii the utidertianiing of the oi .le'itutioo of tlie I'l.iUd Slabs, and In palpable rnda I ?ti c I a hat baa been regarded a filled oai inn! pom j It -h-uld be a i .tier of flinging regret to uf. If fr- ? ' r bearing in the prisert eoateat, we conht b? fairly charg'd herrsfler With a violation of the peine.plea we hare lot g pr.<fi tacd to cberirb, or with having imposed hay, tin t.ighlcrt, ifupc-dim.-ai la the pathway of a tai.soal, w. i| gr.. n-le.1 and prigreatire liberty. The Ol. alwu* mg que*lion bow preaented to the American Clii* n, let \ nat will pruvn to be hie ultimate dori urn, I tiarr walcl,-d u*rr. ?l> ?a it haa rc-en into importance fnotn jiar to year. and 1 think I ko<-w the opinion* of the #eror?l Prrwumluti rrndtevtc,. rtsr?etlag it I a n not ware that toe nyymtwi of Mr. ftreckmridge attempt My rciicrsiWeot at. Ui but d< us te oaae if ba aareewt. If ttory ahould de?lie t.t r> - .it to pretarn it.on, they have plaord it eollrely without thetr p-wer by the frankneae Mf b< idncae, ai d I he I tltn wl naid, tbe rerkleaanoaa ot tbelr rterlatailoaa Be ha I..-.-W put forth, frremloettUy, like tn apisch and platforrr , a< the trhill" rd the armies of the fbeilh, aod a? Uw'delenntncd fur of fre- eoll, frea f l?rr li and free men. lie at <r.d? upon no rtngle demo crati.- reciluncnt, nnl-ea, lnd.e.d, what were regar.lfti by I. autemaeB wiUtin tbe last Hit. cn yeara a* the pre ten their bera*lee of Jolui C. Callte?. ran t?e m regarded, lie o rew-ta the tearhttiga of the <ag^ of Uie pert and the.r primary law, aa to make it to a-.tempt an r?vin. Bioe of hi* peculiar arid l*v>rit?- inatituti ib trom the or gwaircd Tern tor lea, and eo aa to mate it In !i peo<ai>le Shal Ckegr.waee, Coo It a and Iheeldet.U ?b"iM rt> ngi-.? h Ui?ir i.p rutty, and ah their puw< ra to tcrt.fy Bud talaiii it there I/nialatlre action la to t*? tnroliki, jn dtrial do raw* had. executive data pronoun, d, r.avi w rqulppeh and irtaaa, to rvrl-ub forever every Brtthr cherefodn who will not bow down the feUtk ("4 of Km Iriotntmua worship I *Wol Tn'', to know whrlli. r thin W lh? 4ownw r.ff rf J't ftiaru, Wiwiimn, Monrar ?n<t Jwk?ii. 1 ?p >*"?1 to 700 to ki on ?Mb*i tom btr-> <<rfr f^'TO't anything in tho *n lu?U < parti-nan inanlting t?> tfcr until Wlb - thf Itft-timr of th?- ymith who h?? n t yrt rmch *1 tiU D'K' lt| I npf-*' tnyonlo know wlKtlia* ibrhon.-My, tout. ?> ?" at"'. u ioiiwJ t?n?nl of tk* nfl?p* nw <-f North ar<i tw.tY'? mr wroft ?n wnrnwn f'W Urnw who I ii-i m-V * ?k to fMirn r-JCh a rih* npon ni we I ' io >' rrrpr-.t ! ts ourselves that i wi "I" 'i'' * *'' "d 1 mve no ol.-.tu - fcrltr P.nctinruf^v'.- iiccl'* u !flhc*e tall IT bOol. Stly , the St' IT|> S|le.oh ..r Mr Hi (t ut i tn u'll I in if i'i iii> ,l-|-?ii! 11 il X.. amint <1 I I) I I IK It tut' bo bnlt? l<-i stand 1 "list III.' lltoolun i m oTfu'li n. ml' - ii.- Jim ill III '.'Ul appeal call Illy be not ouuted fur by supf >mr the' old public litno* ' tu-isiy ??? ii tble i'i olditeiitle Ids am motive* to ) wart!.- "tin' yt uifc * i t'.euiuu of ktuluoVy," and that Ids Mill kr ovi! .'raft sups'i H?d six-, op us Itir ; reu. tn ??d h h l i I! i.sivt mi him of lis* I ruction. Snrli si ?. -tn'i - tin tin' mi it riwumbU us it i not to in* i iui.i; 'ii' it ill . ved tenant of tin* White Boose should 1 Ii r h r iin*i11 I li.-ve,after the invest million* wli.i it luive Inn ii I.ul lli<- . h|m. urn which have If. it tit nlf, such testimony a. U' volunteered could be otherwise tluui rtti I i ' t hi} touim. Tin- dartre (vut'iii by liim on the i <i i msiiiu Ma" only t-nuiUU<1 by his lurk ot self-respect and 1 Ins utter dlsn f iril i t' the circuuiMtuooce by which In- tt.i surrounded, Hint which nil.mlit ivw mlrultinl titui. W1 nlover ri iicliinoriH inity lx* drnwn its to my intimate of Mr. Hieckuiridpr's character us n pol ilenii,/can only . ay that my rrtom for him it prof-run J lrhm brought Htio ri.mjmiitim with that vt n-Ji ! m 'tr.' far hit | cw. f itui.r. 'llit re uro lew, If any, lit iti|t man roncemiui; ! ttb'tn more bus bceu said. and i. really ktuurn, than i Hi ]it.i'ii A. Honi-la*. of Illinois. lh"i c ait* thousands, by I far too mttnr tLotiMumlF now anst.-.ui-.tig him muter the tiiMi'krti tuiii delusive idea that bo is directing his cll irt.0 j to countorai t tin* plu.s ?t tl. Southern democracy, lliis : is u fri^bttul hallix-ltiuti .n, but t natural oiic, when wo hk> IMo wwMtratlw the btwlllami hrt that all IM devotion cottlil (to !t?< beea .tout, by Um>m?* surrounding bis per no to dUlotI a true record, and to stamp a ccmo teriol' b ii-Hotor P>r luiiion the public mind, i'irnnmi him a< uns if thr most vntajr rist tmu ln-nms if traders, you w ill Jan ih i. moi oi loin sUi'inootp wliii h It now ho? iii necessary should bo made, a.ul the orri < lorn* of which, I presume, tt 111 i ul lx* impugned. I bitvo not yet fnrvoiron when, in 11..- u irtf*i ol lsfit ?, ilur lot; the lirst oeaaion ol the Thirtyfourth i !)( ropn, tho rose touts of Kansas, asacvertitiiig 11.1.t tl oardl* :.; prtnri| lo of the bohtsskH Kitusas aol bud boon ai.L'u i.iy hu(1 v kidly cuilitto.l, that fraud at; 1 t'loloni ' roiicorli il lu the bine lod|{es of Missouri, bail utvodod It., ii heni. "tut imposed ? furotiia rule u|?ou tlu-m lor tlo i ' (on 11ip iipiit tli*-(ji institutions which tlo y bid" . rod, and nankin# tin* ijit'*rj*?*iti'? of Onigross in tl. tr hcbblf, tli- prld* <1 tntlii r ot "uuiraiiiin'-lle*t jaipu' Isr sovori lynty" niiiitd his back u|mn In* vsnattii oblld, I slid r ioM-: Li' our*, us in death, to oomidalnt* of outrajte a :it:i st aulsHit u j ursllol in the clTllixnttoo of ttieceotury. I Tl.i drspnilt d pteneerp, who hud taken up ltv-ir abode in llu-Tin.lory under tli misH solomu sunrariloos ol self ' s-ieeriinii ol, nly askr.i lo jiruv*-tin ir acousatlon, and to j to loiicvod from dpi ro. * Ion. io otitor words thev do < hired tly had i,. v r l>( \ able to enjoy Klf-fAvrriiiitDt, thni th.-y were ruled hy ir.vadcis, aim demanded the ?o\ leipniy conferred hy law upon thetn. Mr. Iksugla^ Kiioold I.avi been the f.rst mail to liy to tic ir relief; ui l if lie had li?i . topi-lely <Ji <111-J led to the principles of his bill, r* i1 . Mimli! us believe, be would have urged in vrr ligation and i irri. e it .-o Mr froni harii.t' tlotio io, he 1 ii* b m:?If hi I no U ? J ot th'*r N-uaterfc luost li itllle to OH ex|" r.i en ami becuiiie tie mi re ninuthph'ce,advocate and i I- lit llu - engaged in the work of loiriUK slavery .;.> H an i.nw i.iilig |k o|.|i He enjoyed at that time.the lul: i i: .1', ret- ot the Ninth and lita democracy was orllr i . ? I.coarse be *i lo) I tohie taakmaiun; willing to . rattle for the r no I extravagant denial:. Is lie l i nil;. ;rn. m i I III. Commuter till IVrntoriivi, null I call ntti i ; ion to hi report is such, made March 12. Ill'U, ax m i i nr r.i*iu iiiH poii,i I have staled. In that paper he could t im cot: .ig testy against lorc'pn ouwrptracteto mv uile th< fui 1.1 J, ,?ha? and cmtnil election*, hut he I a n.ui i to i fie? m ci le'eiuinttou of taatern unsocial 100S i inn rsgo i n v.?i Unlit if could uncover Do trier' .rune ii: i! lite: not Mr Whitln lil, the pro slavery !. lc;.;.ite to tie li? : . m I..' rcanntillvee.bin he cienriy olM t'o I ii.. l tl-.- logis la t urn wan a legally II.1 to. I'fiv . viili |f t t l mitliority to mnvt the meat ' r. el d arlolra: y s.i. ve codea, mid that too oomjiiniul* 'I fi 'I I Ml I'l.' 11' were gotten up merely to Mimulate a i tette hart hern .mix ration. At the time of which I f. ' .1 . tie |e W I o l 111* III C lipteHH T IMll Of t> < IIgI OH 3, i i. (Ho ii(.i'l n| cIMti, who exerUil IiIuiimIi more uutir. inu to |. rja l in't that rci|rn id'terror inaugurated to Id ' a.tints, u n i MliS'a* Into the I'nioii as a ahitrc j Si :i t t fi ar tin re are many now hen ring up the hanner I it.-. . I with the In.ii e of tliis Ni.ator, who never have 'u:iy uiid. ?ft d, tii who have f rgolteii lies lain so..1 tug.' in I is In.-1. ry. If tiirrr ha' rror hem a mot dtIrrnr'r"! frr p. ihr (/, i?g/i of ft ritnn tl KauS'in, or )n th print t'plex of tie Ati> wild* ho*xa.t bill | iloti > /I n A. Prolyl m, he hen be u aU> fti iter;, hi in.elf O-ty mile* VtielfT CotrT. It i* gl'lltllying how over, to make a ptiigle renin k in hi*' lavot, it i*- this, hat lie sis pig ar willing as tie* moat orI dent of to.- frien.' tc divert attention Iron this period in I lib cai.i r I h hi l .1 a war- that, III filL r e.-.tty or ad I or ?, I I s vetiti i.i recur to it, t" 1 on Uo- cootrary I cm i ins :i.-|ir.l in trial It ax a lilant in hie lite. Whilst tlu si procsasiui:" were preyr? s.- lug m 111 '", the i ihei bt am lint C'Kiguis t; rricd resolution. n| invcstl I ee . tides a el-se divixk u ot psitiep, and sent a Rsh*t n u.m.Uo.-p. il.i i rtitory. Tlie cooae^tteMx' wao such iir iri a- s.iti-ili d the Camiilry not only of the truth ?f hm ry tliii.* i bar*'d, but of existing eotispiraclea he anything Unit had been tinaginnl The published rvi.ti ro rlt. i-iually n sealed the intehtmah o< the Sooth, ainl it n'e a deep ini|Snsi.m u|aui the North. It wat then ?d ihl In it t lust i . it her laa nor proprieties worn to be alI .?*. to st u d in Uie way ot xUvory extension, and we iri aln I driven to the conduaioa that the rv|ieal of the Mo -miri restriction * ;<* hut a part ot a gi urral and well matured plan ot oimrattons, at the head of wliich stood ' th f itowumI chiel ol |K3|.ol?r h i rilorial gov niaii-ut. Mr I? l?rn of ( llinn w.ut now nsprvMicinng itaclone. ! It f to t unlikely tint a dc. trc for a rc ehs iioti, and a ; knowledge ot the i.nvi Hon forcssl ugsm li s Hate bv the examination allu.'.ed to. Induced him to look with oillei.nt eyis ujam K""**", and crcate<l an ] unxhty on his pari to take up the cause of I her I.ddnd and wri t, lied people. 1 Cnuuot cert urily ray l a this li.ay have been, I only slate a MidI a.i and miraculous change came over him, and toi a whllo h. R.s'nied to glory in th- name of rel-'i " He the adnilf-e>n ot Kan?aa under the | Ix.omptoti constitution with forming arr tons new, and tin e a :tn:i:.e<1 hi th tertiunalliHi lo vow for the grrntor . Uk* "bngli-h rill.' It mss then the Imuoml | .u i h?rruc I' -rrl*. who now *Iepp? in death, Mied true n( I ' mifii-h and gave itu-miice to t i-t di?|xur. Over Una ! icMfit the tell b it lieu carefully ami cloudy draw n liy I j th<- f ei .iau.--if Mi U'ugla*' fame. Ill* admirer* have ?? *.?( w i- ly, a.* it hoM prevented, dimbtlc**, many uti ' ui niBiie- and av*n< ultcra To that IxikliW. aud , triart.iunt |n iWtl, ul all the warriors lu the battle for , the riynt, iHivid t. lirm'.erli-U, I* Mr. IVrj|;lii* Indebted for l.l riM i ' In in u \\!iirl|?i I wbn li w mid certainly bare i ngii ] hod lut ?1'ii.oia t-lain winch wouki hare obiiltrat.V lib liei i . in iu rotmrction wtUi the cause to whtcu ? i rt- titatii -islv | rote* 1 to dciote himself I i wilnl id the word in which tbf scathing rebuke writ . . it. M ) ' tlua MMHl and Md M ll : urriAriug el rrec. Mr Ikiiui ' protector, " martyr to truth, who in , ih? iu.-s u| Mtl art and on !.i* dying oouchcaclainwd, ( 1.. y have killed me, they liave murdered me, he I i ai.<* I war opposed to the i itrti'lot) of slavct > and a cori ivpt adiulBi-iralion,'' upon b,a return lum-, and Iu the I hour ?d hi* termrt t.tal, when tiyhtlug, like iimrlMur, i> j?'u I .? bridul km t. a? in ?l the |vnaloned tirUe* i-t :h j- . rent in *s?y, and at a time when he had a right to i *i?cl all i- *ilue aid from lb- man whose inwrcat be , l ad u.a.'c L e ii?r, found all tie i-yn)|'*Utli of Mr Hnag la- ekteiidid to h - i-tM?t)ei tx. and himself I rented m au | m.i ay and ?" otlc.nt li we would rrvpout the memory of i l.riah r'ik we can tu ver supju.rt IkmgiM; it wmM be a mark i-f kMN-ii.-a ai d servility If t ver there ?u a true r nl tin North, inline*! I) bn ken in spirit,and who had lesw I* tlt'tlHi "KlIPC M M I -. tkit man *1 i.i id ?: Urodertek. I tad ht-phi n A IKmylM but ..- h.t ui d li e doty lie varmlly owed him hr would hare naud a victory lot lr<< turn iu California, and would toi tj, iu my opinion. le lire / In the I and, and mkiK'w . m NWiflfei fcirr??> men in the NfuWi lie V dew i. 1^ III to ail alb * rcrrity , many who proim ei| to li ye hun will, lu wild revel and reefclew rvulta I,on, i.IWi the name ot In in who could lot tin! tune or pieirtuMi; to ?(ie?k a w ord n eulogy ever the grave if the de|i?iti?l inu.ry. In -rtlso the name Bmdertek In Uerytbai Mr# t |?,n your banner*?lie a as you/cltim(.e-ii?o ,| j u at bwst i all n.lord to do him jintloe lie I u. i< -. in tlie hi igl.t- of the prund ctty Of the I' . Oe.v hue in- iLgtiklitubo i ai, 1 ?ger wound l.iin, rt ,i d rr in ii.e wtnhie p. hewn faction*, and where h? us boa will r-mini ar eternal mrm-nlo vf h i fwitb and Lin is-i itdinee m tb" i llimtto triumph if a down trodden humanity. The.* re; fences have been mult for a single j urjii-u ?to -a! si), if doubts i vi?t. tha n tl.e pr, ui *wv,-r h.-lwceii tlie Jfonth nod Me North, to Ir. i vr? Hie loM t IHtalllj of tJ'" hUtf, Mr. IViop'.as I* 1- ' I 'i i h-? .1 it. ... led. thenht m mmu ,iii.ii*be tutde rf the (bw^mrieotf i firrwnUii g tl, MMifcr (fmktr md O 'rk during lite lain itn id i In II,me 11 1'.. l n <n?ntivr \*een\in w I at the ret i v if tlu' I linwta, Wntern anil Norlhwri uvb ! i ei t a.) i ,.ierirg Uk |-iitrtrlol aotiMI lut u or i pwi ,rv in. I v. rr v> le that Mr IVuipivi roohi inhuooee ! l the So-lh pre ? . Ihwd the ni i-l file nwuiil rtmlut.uoaty rl.anw irr. Ilet-iuld alturd no atnlrhvaee to aav I ere n ? iuo-m uI by the protnpnu 1l#t? .ia otIImwIov ii[>? | u,l pti-rli-i wbteh roria-rr.oat th< a* And I Tory well rvr mbir *1: i ili' i . iw' ofOi k nrl t'neery wa? ni"ule>iii?1 t. < i?t n m Ith II otfi e ho now o. i up I, and DM tatr wra to he dm ldrd, how dlllnri fitly ''lb preat adro i ate o? jr-poiar Mrrrretynty " U!k ii<1 for lit* ibdrwt;nr. ry i'Md" in 'Ir |rr;iv > inp enli.rt Li a, a illi ml n n j.i ,u v M-tia, of IiIIiidik, lii wlium i Iw?" ri ry i t it . ' ~i I rn-y, i. w tiMiuM to advance the firtUMoa of Mr. !? >,; U# ? In d In* row'J prop?l ly ilo war elected (i| *fiiu?of Mr I' Colour! ftuwy I pi<amtto, was i >l ?>' if'ml b\ |l e domi*T?oy who mm by the peca- | > ,r Mtitiilran ih irr may rhnoee to Ibrct all Hit, . rl I ? II ii"i rr m.iii'r them lor dotpp an, but I prom tar I ta fnryrl M lain Ibr mv friend-, and apau-M H i#, who opt* # mi frii'inl* If I am wnaif in ihie let j i ha. ly lw -*ii i ,i?i to in ?I ran no* h. lp |f | hare rani .!! I )< Iri ! ray of tbr retn AonUttrea of the t?o demo rtii a Tb'rf k ? pcoflrr- iice between them TV ?mr M ml oi iwn.' rsainf, Ihr iitSrr u r^nt^mW. and trkky i.f .h. tW. , / an.i-a l"rf>T Mr H'lktmridgr, and y>i / i trnl iiMiaw fke no raramn under v+i \ / r?*/i' Ir irv'o/rrf It rvffnri him Ho aMrrla tie -upropio Han hai derided rlai ary la an onatinf ta ' in all p-ir IhrrltorMa, and tha i m th.-il'ityif the fawemmaat to annum it whore I tee It rally eyutr Mr. |kvi*la.a eon tend* tlio rrnirt l air hot )fl an ih" Weili hilt If lb > rball do n?, It wt I lion tn'1'tna Mir Duty nf all p.* d ciiieone to rennet Ih I- -iri m. and of rreiy branch of the federal porermn -o to oiifrtm- It i ith |4M?|it ** and fidelity Thle ta tit platio'iii If our federal noorl haa aot already giroa i f.eiean in atrofdaacr with the txHun.r nt Mr. Iitorkln ft lyo, no onr doubt* it wll do ao aa aono ta I ho iptratio i rhall bo brought dtatnirtly befbr* It tti at beat thonnl point nf dinf-re. inent between there rival raadnlatm 11 thai nf time only, ir, ta the laMgwaMaf the roanI'lUoa I atofdrd by the ronwrnllon idariap Mr. Umclar la in rai iwtMti ami jnat partly ytntad, It bormtmi thl d ity of all roralVlllB'fia to iT')*et. and of rrery branch of the Mr1 ml i-mornmool to ouliwoa.a Jqdlrial iloenran dotorunoiox attutatlMl odmiw af ilmry la aw 1 rr* what bo? . men id that other theory of Mr. fton/la*. Unt Do tnatv r what the (hiprome Uairt may itertdo, atarrry aai be rtoimlert Inm a Tirrltory by nnfrie?lly Iraiala toMil" Thoae advowtinf Itr rlanh? of Mr H II would plmmo rreryNaty by prntmaliia imihinif Tliey ru<n|?ur the party of i flom fmih. 'niri rtand apon a cooatMu Um wiiihmt Intrrprrtol i u. an 1 Djam ia r- tir>een>l I in-ti ? I'h 'ut anti-ulu inp the n in. by which It c m he avod lot lie not be rtorriroil Tborr are but Ian itiClrilMr betwiei ahibwt can plua-e irlw n we Cotne to iioj.-ii rair KilV ta fate la, tbal the ror.-.ttti imc farcrt alairry a< I I' a# fnredoBj that neituor haa NliW Y01IK HERALD, TH i>d\ atiUgc over 'he other, that they'mnst travel togrthrr J ' exi. i tOKdluv, u idw equal protect ion, until tae T?r- ! ritoryahail be (Icthcl with i?laU sovereignt;- , and that both alike tit national TLi. other i-, that th" ooattitu- ( ttoi' treats, j?'rj ar a local, dui licpal institution; do. a . iot give to II u single attribute of Mlluutilty; tUal it hint not ui. wjrul ita'.tu. w lib Ireuluti.. and that iU exteuiiiou i? l<> be rii imiir,<get1. Ill * shall ?r act b. I we? n theae 1 I <pt?tiig vir?c I aiieaur the inquiry. Our laboring t in/see deserve all the ptoU-ctiou and rnoouriftBnal ffv I ; can give tliem; tVutlu-rn statesmen regard thorn as whit) I slaves; Irt us tot surrender Ite m to buch mcrcM aa the owner# i>f e.tiatiel labor would extend to them Our far met# ai t maaiifacturirB Lave long cut otl fruin ail tbe botwiUts c<i legislation by the mrcc of t'outheru pre- j jiuliue; wo stould mlist oo their aide. Our country ha* j nilli reti u.uch iu the estimation of mankind from our ma- j mil sled attachment to a ayKtcui notoriously in counteracliot to tbe principled upon which our government was , founded. (Onatderat'oaf cf morality, expediency and con.-lib Ley should incline ui> to do all '.hat we lawfully ) mat do to ative oumlwv from further imputation!*. ; t-,. iter j wilhiii the Hlateb bland* behind impregnable do- : Iciit'i s! but it holds no ch-trter to travel w ilhout restraiut. j II IiH> long InWod f -r, but l>Hb not yet reached, a pobitnn of obsolutlsui It i ia*p* for empire, as it tb the j oily mtaua by which tyranny can e\er save itself. Our ilai, >*r is in niuicnt, but wo can yet overcome It, if we allow iiKMUi, rather than prejudice, to ahape I our eflorts. Ik-iaocra-y, an uow interpreted by j thore loudcbt in Mil- proft anion of It aud almost monopo- I iizing it* name, no longer mcaus the will of the majority; ! ii c? iit< miib ihi manses, holds n<> association with labor, j mid utu rb no word of focouiHgcmrut to the poor. IU proleeaioub arc impostm os, and must soon fail to dejoive. ! It had become worse Uian the ally of alavery; It is its I ilent and prostituted tool. Wisdom and propriety muat nlii.c repudiate it, unless speedily rcg; Our true ib that of resistance to the extravagant and unoon ft notional of the bouth. We can only mmke it effectual in one w?y?by the support af Mr. Lincoln. He is honest, and capable, slid attached to the principle* of tbu . . .. .I.I..1U.. .. .,1 Kin nl.u.lL... 11,11 iLil.i.i li.t.itu In mi. Honai oligarchy, and make labor honorable and remune i nt; ve. The |oWlOt. in it* true aqiect is not ay to wInch candidate sbruld be elected by the |>eopU); It is tint?shall Mr Lincoln be elected? The one hundred and twi nty electoral vote* of the booth will l>e divided main ly. if uot exclusively, between Mr. Bell and Mr. Brccktn rulge, nod their support will be almoat, tf not entirely, conlinetl to tin t section. Such ofloclive ford- as Mr. Ike gins may pe*.-**; la in the North, but his moat sanguine friend* admit not only that hlaeUcton is impose!lilc but that he cannot carry over two or three Slates. The bedy of the Northern Vcte will be given to Mr. Idacoin, Mr. IiHifrla.- supporters ran do nothing fur him; the only signillcant result thry can possibly produce will be to withdraw enough strength trout Mr. Lincoln to throw the election into the limine. This done, and lane would certainly be chosen by the Senate?the condition of |?i tiie in tie House be ing such as to orcvcut n tnan rily of the Stall* agreeing to either o:'the c null dal< a. Beating >n three admissions, for they are accepted universally, we discover that every vote given to Mr. 1 Hingis* meet tend to the elevation of lane, who, poetess, ing neither education, experience nor executive ability, hut bell selected to enable Hie South to make Ibo most (in i (an accident, in cute it shall orrtir. To out Lane lane in epoetin j to the North, aud it crouching, fawning Mil.yirt i ncy to the South, uvea not be attempted by the no -t ambitious in that line?not even by a federal olTIr boldir. lieu If I could Ix'lii ve Ilia I tin- leopard ooulil dial pi bis sp? ts, and Sr. Douglas do the North justice, I would not at.<-Uun him under tlie circ.'ira*tauci'g which surroui.a us.aiid amid the perils which uow environ us. I have not attempted a s.|oech; my purp<*e has been to t <lk plainly. 1 may have been uuforlnnate in succeedlug ke well ui this rttjert. Keeling, as I do, and knowing the vast importaneo'i fthr eanvass upou which we ar?' just entering, i could not be Ices dntlnrt In my oxpre ,-sk ns. Innueime, b.-ippr-viable consequence* depend i [x u the decision we .ue about to make. We should Inmb e wln'n wi fear that those most interested in the iwrrent and the'future, the frugal artisan and laborer, may fail to ct mprrtieud tie in. But let us hope, citiz us, thai we are so ler right rex to be able to the favor ol' Almighty Cod Ihiongbout our trials, aud Dial lie will roMluuv to blear the republic, until it shall beoine a projor example to the nation* of tlie earth and a blearing to uuivcrsal Bun. Additional from Ilonrinras. Ofli ng i.i."K coiutBaroNbvvr.. Bv.ijzk. dune k >, 1800. 7 hi Bay I.-landt .HfrJI in Fntfvh I hind-?'ilicCauie B"ky? I'rtcatdtimt A paint! FUfbwtrri- fAargatesf of Fnp hind, /Vxirirr and the Vniled Statu?Commercial Slot/nation?Strainer L\nr?The InJxa liuhbcr Trade? I atlilla, th . Notwithstanding that the treaty negotiated between Great Britain and Honduras for the ecu*too of the Rny Islands has turn ratified on botk sides. It hita not yet t been carried Into effect, aud lb ore arc but few who un- f derstnnd the cause of the delay. A abort time ago our s Superirtendiml, in compliance with Uto orders of the home government, proceeded to I'.uatan to baud over tba island* to the Honduras government, roofuriniblg wttb j the treaty and the Queen's proclamation Bui be fuuail no oflierr or reprisx uUtive of Honduras Ui re to accept the cession, and he arcordiugty ret imed. The truth la, that the i<cople of the island*, coin|>ose<t principnlly of I'nglish (negro) squatter* from the Grand Caymans and ntboca of tlie leeward bland*, are completely divided on the question ot * i bat las Ion to the Honduras government. Smie tavor the transfer, but tlie most vio? lent are those opposed to it. Arailuig thrmselrea f ol tbto circumstance, a number of ailvruturvrs have sent aims to Uie di ifl.-ri.d parties, and have themselves guns (, | over iu small number, with no hostile demxislratiou, ^ however, but with the evident purpose of siding with the rebel* when the en*!* should come round. Home of i j, there advcnlc.icm are Americans, but a considerable, tf I w not a Larger part, ts mads up of the driftwood Kagtista- *' men, or lather Irishmen and Scotchmen, of these sliores. , A* loot as the superintendent got wind of what was t | going en, aud hearing by a merihaalman trading here ? two vessel/ bad left Mobile for tbc island, he reut y { dewu a di ta< inn cut of troop* in the mail pa. net m.fti- c I ticolly largi tooveiuwe Uie discontented and repei the | 1 party fn m Mobile, if It rhoukl liapp n that way. There j a l' h\ whatever ma; lave been the plana oc three wor j l)il< h, they hare b **1 completely nullified. tlie ialanda hrc at til ui the kugllmt utnd.1, an 1 although it u puat tirrly ui.ukiiui: that tin y :?rc to be givcu up ou the 30th ol july, yet i prvdtc' that knplirh authority will be kept il* te until llonduroa m r? udv lor the cctttpaiioo, whicb w u: in- jmt w kxn b tbe cjuirt ra (rem local i ppoaitou or cuuktc luterriiiticti t hall have away. il li- tnt that uie pitvrnwu lit of ilnocunui may be too weak to repel any lornm! iuraatim of the ray uumla. llul ibrtui'utely l-ir her, the haa treat u* with hi,gland, l>a." or ar.<: tlx inltrd hair* ui which linear guvenimi nta are intend to protect tbe hue uf lli propu*ml hoojurai i.tllwny fiooi all interruption or boatue dominance, in perl < t n' 'tuajily ; ami a n lie e u lamia lue tbe true key of the i4i) <f llwaiunu, ami completely dominate the line of the i ad way, it laevwer. t that orilber of tbear government** r.tu |a tin ii to fall tinder the routrul of pi rater or l i b . ma. tin'au^'wtioo bed* fwee in the term* of uk-irtaty o( cc#^" o , the rendition of the inland* being declared to be in 'oni. ?p,< mc of the peculiar topo [ gtn| h ral po'ttteb <f ikwkinrn*, ar1 in order to aoriirr tbe [ ikiitrality ol the ilan.1* adjacent then to with rrfirooee to u.e rml ?at projected uuuii^b i he leu i tor let of hondura. " n i i ah' y wnlkt r and hn a aorialre will flod a warm berth hereabout*, in rue they attempt any to ley iu their peculiar hoe of hneimaa. fur theimore, io<? h haa leaked out of li.o dcutgu* if throe worthi? te | oi the govrn moot at w .utliiiigt.n on lla guard, iu.?l i'u ar it to check aoy aurpicmua mor-m nu in ktotole and new lirkanx dirirlid again*! koalui (oirtr. -rre lirre ix (lull, ni.d te falling off t bodily in ci rr.fjut nee of the e.-tabliahtte-nt of the l'anaati cleaner line ou the cacliic court tbe trade ol a large pait of l.uatemau and ll.-ndu i ritf, which formerly carna here by way of r the pert- (f lid hoi . wot fmoa, n->w goca by way of tbe i tl i a< tin |< rb> ol ihcatr fum and i'aoaiua. aud yet a m.<; ? rity pf our merchant" ham been m> ahorl aiphlod *.? to <11- e the flondtirv- p iway , which would again change lla tliireol of li (kle, \a-lij ao?ipei.ted , |t| til la direction i r-.e? \(,lefik;t be<?i ci rated ithla a few diyaby lb' aumw 'maid tl .it mi -rre. sjn-o-trd aad ttqniera, of yoorcily will pt4t <n a m< >m profiler line between the hornet- porta and ctiba, to go into opera lk>n oo the lath cf aegutl. bilk tin* itrretipe of mr. fij'tier n ttu. e rmioirha, and tnr known enterprtae uf mr. .^<fli nl,lli't lit.-* camim fail to bfiaaom. all llm.iloea- la willi the at i patou i i hcnld iref litai uiai a lie* btanrh if liuiuktry ta now i nmimmiii ll nenilwiblr itmlbe. i te llw < xirariion of yoiu i laatu (indu rtiblwr) on tbe ctwata of !f> idnraa, 1 tin gorertitncit of tbaimnt bar m-.le a nuih u t wuli i nln< l.iirupranr lb* tbe levelty i mi nl f>f thia ee|er|irl?e, | and tbrfpaitrw are at work, it ta a?io, with romp, t* auo- i eta a ) | ioili ihal lite ttcvtcdtnt will Ik* towarda the I t n it i?at lot and 11|> ft ol vunula, in w inch th? in-u ' . i 1 tronltlr In trwih mirret. to tjik mnron or thk hkr4i.d. { ktfw lmill haa evidently pot a contract for r paring ' | trnlb mrrrt, daft of nrra-lway, and he hia plied great | ? h<?(?of Mono on Ihr liilniiblil, In flip doli-rlal >on of h ra^aini P o hoy*, who h mhii i.owu U>" alonpa in tho Oof- J row rwn pway lift lor prtkMriaua, ao that (> < o may p dilapidate tlioii t< < * withal. And tnoao r <iitrari?p? Me- i ? n *? I) bo?p niio pthal iirii Bond and earth at ij Tnrmna |oiota to MH MfM, wh*row|ih thr wanton ? wu?u U?f groat difport, driving it in rlogia mm pe?> ft |.lo hov?? *, II , ! g llirir rjr- ?nd MM < unit p'-onr Ply a i"'. An.g to |>r<'(nrily In It pipiwuit to iiav* )<mr par n ho I1<? 'meruit Ml iirh ilpop with diet * honor or j mi ,j <-|nn yovr window* In tfcn ilng day* I f?f irw it | n't n J lhrr> lore, oh Unworn I mil on BomrtwilT, ?rh >oror ho ? may br, nuly auiho rn tnabHte tba lUn- *i\d dust ho*p * i tin Manor m tkv thiru1 t. ? I*' Proma or a mam rtionrm Voo fho?'*o,.oor ? fhrew, lay* llm Otrrtnnail ffgavtr.dt tha viim int ,m ri j ratio i upon ycatrnlay a/v ro ?vi to bold an iaqn -i tip>? ti iholmmt) ?/a mai iiaiiiimi tooli, w!m> h?t romonu-i . t io b| i hy takirg a qanmilt no kjilnninir arid liioh-n ?m h , tiohm) y??lmiay miTMBg lying |? the mi le of Ibr lob* on* tl tomptiiP. a abort tliatan- ' from Aron iajo *nd hy iu ?i.le w a win* (laan and "a 1-otM" pwtitlly dliod with tho lotniy n< pntann i on aundry |*jioti fkmud la u>o pnckrtaaf tha f? dot n'awed. It la aupiwml that ho waaa iihyatrun. tmt w ho l ?c a mtar(or la i ho ply, w ithoul friondr. *n! wittiml i1 | tirtnndlatr pwana to f*.n n hepllbnnil, ho rh rubor ft i lo din thai 11 to a llfo o? fxnpwratiro a ant lit- ?v in ai parontl) ahont aori'iiiy flro y . mom of ago. and ?aa pn? b hahly a formot roatdrpt of tho pile of mpo Trrk a lot tl i fop roronim nd a hwn aa p>?in|>et?>.it phiairtan, from a Mr ffraUom, of \p? York, waf imiii tha pupr a firmd w In ll'p rn-knta f l?orh, and i-?lahh hr! Uio anppnaitinn h of hia ?mi?p hn? -n* Ilrnd in that fltjr rn'tlmn than thoaa lo f*< i-, toff,-OA of l"o hio?< 'j no to whom n.>?? rp ,?tod j< rrml.i I* loampd flu hod) wao taknn rhariro o' t.r tha m (hemo***, and wi h?> iniprrpd t? ?!?/at tho ptp->n'-< at ft iiid f?'p'|r, tf no* pi UUSD AY, JULY 26, I860. CUB EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONo. 1 noK t v. nt wi i:k m v m ( >Uti B. ' i>t K RfcW 11AVMJ OOlUU'srONOKNCf. Nt w July ?4, TV WtalKrr ir tbf City of t'lmj?f'rtihmm?Col'< (> t.?ocic burnt?Receipt j the C ar?Bnyht Iyotp>'"3?Cann'j , T'rr.umal StalUvt?The Grammar School, rf'' (. muieac* moot irui u> now fa.rly U.uugumt <!. There ? the rtitb of alumni, and Ihoce who erpeet to lo: nembere of the tnMtaiifcg claw. The rami of Sri-day >n/t Mm.iinv have itmillIv imuroved uixm th warm u.t.. > ?f ltu>t week, ?bN everybody ?'? sighing, "Won't j xwimeneemenl bcae.lul if it ts as hot *f this." It is nur.b cooler now?may It contiuue eo. 1 am sure every one has remarked, wt?o ha* landed at ihe New Haven do|iot, tin gri ?t change among the *<>. ;lety men ir. Uieir mode of electloueeriug freebmen. rUorc la no more of the difgiacefui nabbing of boy* on cars, or at Uie depot or steamboat Uniting, who are inspected of bctig sub freshmen. It has been agreed by x>tb societies tbat no member of the incoming class mall | oir. or be pledged to cither society till the evening after j Lbe statement of tarts neat September. lou-l evenng I.iuoi.ia o|M-iml with the tii ?t campaign seeling, to which "all members of tin - incoming clar ' sere in> iled, aud to whom the society exhibited herself ["bis evening the brother* in L'nity hold a similar wet There have been for the commencement exam.nation or admission an unusually large number of applications [hose who have applied nave been much better prepared Llian at sey previous year, resulting, I doubt not, from die conditioning of so inany f ir several years past?a fact shieh shows wliAt a powerful influen ve Yale exi rts over ihe preparatory schools of the country in favoring a higher Handard of scholarship. One hundred and elcvcu Lave applied for adnrssiou, of whom very few, compared silh other years, have boon conditioned, andlliciM- not so seriously but thai they will be admiib-d at tlieSeptein tier examination. This auguis another huge class ihe curtent receipts ot Yale College (acade mical department) lor tlie year ending Juuo 30, I860, have been a total of (60.627 90 Of ibis fjf',401 22 hus accrued from term bills, (3,759 19 frotn tcli'iianJnp and prise funds. The total aroount ot expenditures has been (60,737 66; malting a d. tint of 1109 75 (?f these i xpousew tlie hllaworth e-lal" Liai roused (6 047 29. (26 603 60 have beeu paid out for instruction, tor schoiai ships sud pr ves (3,604 63. Foity lbree graduates have deceased ouring the arade ff.ical yt ar lHidi-60, umong wheal arc several distinguish ed names lie ir average age is lilt) lour years. The general average lu^ been, without imiob variation from year to year, Iri in sKiy two to sixty four years. Tins sudden dropping down ot the a erase lor tlie pail year is quite rrn arknlile, aiul tbuwa greater mortality umong young men. Young Hum, here ts a held lor speculation Wlial meborolog cal rhnngra during the year could have wrought this diflerencef Or does it mull from du-si pallia , so nuddi nly cofrmcurwg its woi k of doainr H i tolU w ing ftatisllrs resj* ttiug th? graduating class have In en furniihed Horn a source baid to be reliable:? Ilie average uge of the class is twenty two years, (ivi monlhi tod twenty days. Tin- oldest number refuses to tell his age, but is supposed to la- thirty live, having been coonceted with college Curing the memory of the oldest luliabitant. lb* ytu got la twenty, and loads bis Class hi the vita loifi.e The average weight of (lie cla.->* Is about 140 troy poundr, the heaviest man wiigln-?tin- mutt; tin Ugliest, 111 pounds. Hk'average In lglit ol the elans is tiv> feci l*o luetics exactly Hie tallest man is aix foot three inches, tin- shortest, wlk-ii Standing ou m brick, cau just Uru.h the top of h>? load under tullcst nvin'sarm, id a horizontal position. Gv muxr Ileal iy, the average m>? kin D ents are:?Around the waist, twenty eight Inrlies; trctind Dm cheat, thirty seven inches, around the fore on., six and a ball idcIhi; nrouud the wrist, five inches; the thigh, cigliuen iocliea; a, uumi the rail, fourteen Inches. The average aire of the head, 110'., average inourt of l.iaiu very large. The strongest man in the rlnrs can lift (here I an at a life* to decipher figurei 1?to venture, it la either 679 or ICC jaruuda. Can Harvard beat [lure statistic*? The 2ut>th anniversary of the Hopkins Grammar Seliiad comet oil this afternoon and evening. As this rchug has ameni; her ulnmni many of the bright.v-t slurs if Yale, a huge f.mptut may be expected at the collation it the New Ilavtn House to night. Tlie Ult alk'Ol the meteor grows more and more into 'eslitig as new facts come in oouccrntag it. It is ttvugl.l hat i ullW ienl data has been collected to determine in leigbt and path tbiougb the heavens. Keen hunters u. mch wonders are ou track of the unceremonious visiter. To inorriirr o . ors the meeting of the alumni, and mi b y sntiri paled Tim rows from Worcester is awaito>l with reat int. r?*i, at d its arrival will either make every tliiug atgtity mo p. oi raise a most tremendous storm of ctrlhu I arm. 'G ve us victory or death" Krw Hiitv, July 2o. I860, 8rr. Leonard IT Rnron at iht (Wbyr jtrnf (%urrh?HI*tnriml Dit-rourw fU/ort the Atumni of napkin* Grammar So hot J? TV hV/o.-nMtf o/ AVw gn?litiKl-l.'*W'l Cheerer?M* Mith \l t/ TmrMng? Thr A Ifmni at Dinner?/*rc/e,wor IWafiya' fVitomntt?TV Fund* llaJIy Manntped?.Vrruon by U*r. C. H". flaip? (\itnmennmenl Abrcm'atw I'rite* AieartM?Inlrrmftnf M<t*intj ot thf Alumni?In it of Dt era ted Unuluatr*? Addrae by fit I . G lii'hartU, fr , g-r Quite a rcapectahlo audience. assembled at tbo Cohere tree! Church yesterday afternoon to hear the historical iscourse before the Alumni of Hopkins Grammar .School, rof. Twining introduced the speaker of the occasion, ev. leotard W. Bacon. The following am |>ortioiiS of Is discourse:? "Quad ft t> f'aiulumque tit." So spake John Haven ?.rt two hundred tears ago to the General Court ol the tony of New Haven, and Inaugurated the Hopkins rnmiitar Khool "Happy be it and prosperous." This ay la witness that Uie old pastor's prayer Is an wired. The long, unbroken succession of learned racbcre in this ancieat school, and the multitude I hotieful youths o. I or me r generations here "bred up i>r the public scrvioc of tho country," declare it, an J ou whom I now salute?students of I Be school cvuu now berishel by this ancient bounty?fellow alumni, gath red to acknowledge the debt of gratitude to our enter mother?rt?|>ected teachers, both of earlier ud oi recent date?you all confirm the testimony, he speaker thanked the Alumni lor the booor of tracing lip In- la.rv ft! two nidituriAk Inrin* vhirh lKo insM.ii..... ndbon a foaiiUin of liberal education, which during H Uxx' g( ureal loin" bad not intoranuted lis Dow (4 u*enl u>>! tmcpy influences. H Ua<] no f ara lhat the aourcr l auch It rig tool mood and aleatltaal ua fulni-i* would bo In- le-s uitaroatu.f b rans* It ?u little rook. .I of a( a u?rr iu 1-oiilntl history, and was otorsha loard by m-re iui|? niig objxU In U.P Uiilofy ot education, br n.uii *cttoua diftknlty waa, that part* of the tor) nui't alaaya remain ur.wr.iuu. Tho occasion otrau morntpd at Ibe birthday of I bo college school raa ei idled hv lb.- reutrahlo historian of Coonerli JL I bo K' \ Mr .'dm Iwrt nporl'a resignation f (K-rtiMT II ]4ln?' donation to lha tumoral Court of ioa H?vm, Joi.i tih, 10CO " (New IItarn and Connie U'ut aero lau different pro*iLnt at that tlino.) Tbo |*ak? r road t utiar u linui tbo atn o nt record, showing J> bn Ifcvi oport, aa In.."too, bad rereitrd in tniat ri-m K''aar?l Ho|4 iia, I'm) , Urge donatl >nii tor tbr |>ur iw <4 rotabli hit g a small ooilpgi In Now 11 wen Tlio rioic tuorrr* In religious and reform in tbo a llaoii and adjoining cojonloa < re haton, ll?t>kiua i.d l>.iTrr>|r<rt. Ho pur gma :;ig nr. 1 rl.a;io nt drlmatictio <4 each of Uioc diameter*, either <4 wbotn mlgbt (41 b?vo ?r<*]>iod tbo orator'* hour Ho aUo limed tr edition br tweoti Una aciua I ami tbo grammar :bonl.< el hug land llo pit run# had also been |* i?> of the grammar aehcol' of Ovontry, In tbo i tbor r our try, wtior* the B\l>r.a, tho tfcvoniiorta ad IWH |iIiiiM tvrf. iu lb' ir day, prominent moo i Ok' |>r< tii<>th? of cducati-di. .lol.u Pavmport had ob <rvid that a lion a rrfnrnr.ntion had la on brought about, arIda in advanced farther titan the liral movrre pushed 1 bir idta lou bim to rittoltr on ouni, work with tho 'fnttuatior abioh br had planr.od (or New 1-ogUtid. Ukc co labnn ra?kah>n, lf"|4uua and Hat report?vtmo gctbor, on txard the lli-rlor, to the wild aborr* of Now ngtai-ii. Tbov were rotcrtnirr of l"urilau atuff Tbey uoe fully pn pared at once to raak" a beginning in Una rh v mi |ha mi) >b halt men I uf the UutnmiHiwi-allU. ? tl o> had iro n qualified to Itrcoma puTornnni and nouni.lora uf ihi Male, and iniru l<m cT tbo church in tho wlb remap, an llirj brought a lib thi-iu, What no other plantsk u in Nra Irigland |??o.n?d, a profoottonal lose be r to >1 vp tlio w luail, and ho, Uio (TVat picturesque character i all their liiatoiy, the lamooo Karfetel ChtTW. Coming itb from a ruiet eect4n|Md<biO clamtiaU education In <ind<4i, be brought allh blm bli rbief estate, tho mat-.-*. ri|'ia <"1 111* ll'iuil IAIHI POOIIM m! iif lil? d mwrtali'-r* lb the umo language. W11fi all i* bf < miur?>, be Out not bar lute to apply I'-inaelflo he an.til ihn>?a < ( ookmy lile. What In- m'lli?M of may hr gathered from hla 'latin AmriKX," a mi flora the tradllieur of hla puptla. II,.1 m.Ibod f dboipiuio ma) b?> Interred fn>o. a hat wr I earn of Inn nf tu g. n? ral The pupil a of hla . reoty year*1 career nee up with nor acrart to call bin bk?ed eb<-u be ad -on * .fflrietil pr<-rutnnlioii Uiat lhev did uot tho , nighty daunt him. and' re him'on the b'ank am a of hi* "Arci-tance," and call him old Oteevrr" I alow Ibrir breath, ao aa they ami to arhool to bin. j I a aa art to bo aovi?vod that aoch a I'uritao of I'uritaaa \ rrtild err in hi* regtm-n oti thr aide of cscraatre mild t mi. The buja karaed to know mm by the rule, "Km ! atitfa (erei?n;" the laat atirrltor of them all firing It aa 1 u, nw?t niatinrt rrmiuiNrroer of the famine grammar . rlionl n a* tar, that br aura a long white board torn! I at inn In a |a nt. aiid that when ha I -rod ad hi? board to tie poir l it waa a a>gn for tho boya to uitil 1I1 nr. I* la written of him that ha tarred God iitltltitiy it hi* generation. and abominated pari trip liboiih " tba f hiaTrrian rdueathm " waa perfect and ncquailed, thai.- wa?a cartain d.-fecw In tba " Oieererian hararUr " a had. aoniewhat detracted from hla amlaMonm and dig ally. Htalof) , Ik- feared, would bare to rrtte that the trarn. d, aalt dan; In*, runarlenllimR Charter, waa tn aau' degree wilful,opinion*t/?l, and decidedly nmvi,?<-1 able A bad lata ly bn n clnoo i-rod of hia trial befbre the Kir* rhurrh, in Now Hurra, ot ffw at y arandak** am ao much aa lor bring in gewa il pragmatical, dogmatical and diavgrweahle. Hi* par<ular iranafrrxaa-n aaama to hare oonaiata.) obiafl) In ;> ai. tug at 11 of d igniter tea, in abuxuig the church and Idera, and in doubtful di?|ail*Uon. Brother CTteerer not tar retracting nor giving anntrar, the lirath'. n rranooed Ith lunt th< > had lor a long time obxern-d and wit rwa?d ?ktinxl Ilia contradicting at Iff, proud apirlt, Ihry arad l.tai had a control ray with him, wondar.-d what It ould rtma to, and what God wonld do with b.m htwrar narar ) laldad Ha litrad fbur arore and or yrar?. and N-got a<m? and d uightera Tteaprakcr id not trarrd the Una of dewrent from him. ut there waa raaaon to ballrra that hie family ia m l i-a rrly i tliirt. 1 H ? t? but a drop nf IV- trh'-le diarnume Inch ?of (Italy written an.) alotjuanll) delivered TinPptma i-rairmar Hrlx-of, originally Inlar.dod for a col *a, la row 1 bbyr' to Hard hark atid do aervica for tha Hunger, 1 var?h*.l-.wiig ohl Vale? laa. ? up t h?r pot lia lha ambila 11a, 111 fladyivl Irtwhmtn And Of all Ilia t?*ti who rolar Yale uona are m, a Inorctighly p-* ?rrp Hiwum likr.tba ' Aaaoa-atno of Av.mi ' na t' % 1TKT, are .huhua I*wey, Of W,twu>%r. N ? . . cla.*. 01 17nh, I'-ai tei \l*ldo, of ayr?cub. N V at lh? Cl? of 17V0, HoiotDOD ^Ualdard, Not Una.oloti hi IU\- 0 KxhartU. ol tin iUm of 1&40 ^ upon to rpeak to the memory of GooiHcW tliok tbe Blalid am! epoke w sutn>taro.o an lollowa. ^ Mr. t'buiiuiao?1 Wat rit|ucab 1 this uiuruiug u. few wends ib rtfrri'Mr ti our deceased fuUier and tn. fctrcclor, whose name t-o oftnc <? hoed w ahin itim* wans Belonging U> Hit* fiatb of la40. whirn coiobmtsw Its twentitth ion iverwuy today, which i? well ropro?f utod, tb| thought* bntuially go back to tbe pant, *o4 though ?f art all ItlrnfUd iu thr pr- font advancement abd future prospects of our Alma Mater, aim oar hemts are wiUi the di d gone by 1 ptcsume alt of m bore remember ban ou whom we once looked, but can DM hear liis voice again. Ik- baa gone lrorn the college ground. nerd. have a b-.g dicner in bouor of the OiCaMon This was n-i vc d up in repoblitiu. stylo, at a republic .l b..u?c, and ;?lthi Hksau> report* : was kindly but slyly inviKI In be on band and p.irtjkf i)>d t> I riel.on. Tl> -re * " ? large luminaries there of Ih List magnitude?tli'* Wool seye, (be Baconz, the hultmsus, lli?- Tuotapwoua, and a loot; 11r-c of worlbu-s, but they little drwuet there wn a "cbtel lilblU.g MB L.Vn u"U?." What would tin- tic til iu< u thiol anJ the sophomores d>< if tin y kuew w hat puiss the "I'ivx" confessed ami bin old mates' rrof. Trio in? sat at the kwl of the table, supported on his right by the orator t.f the day, President Woo lacy, and others, on the left, by I ir e 1 tacoo, Thompson, and soon I? ?t II might make Ibcir authors fcv. bod, 1 lorbc-ar giving to the public tb? speeches that set toe table repeatedly in a loar. The speeches that took the list mid were most in dwua.'id were those the mutt intersperrei wttb personal experiences of grammar school master's floggings. Our worthy President's speech?ii a Sty le that every Yalenslan can appreciate?uiil bring down the house. In short, the re porter agree t with tin- alumni in pionounclbg the dtuner ears Ill-lit, the speeches hue. Very nn|? rtaot changes have been madin the financial stid library arrangements of tbe two literary societies. Matters had arrived at a crista, and the faculty, who keep a watchful eye over everything pertaining to the interest of the college, came to the rescue. Each society should, at en-hag to rule, receive from taxes and income over 11,200. wberrss, for several years past not more than two th.rc's of that stun could be collected by ihe bot lety officers. The libraries have also been badly managed, many bocks being loot auuuaily. By a simultaneous move in both societies a plan has been devised by which the taxes ot each society are to be ' colli ( led by the college treasurer, on the regular term I i!!, and the two society librarie.-i are to be under tha same regulations a* the college library, a graduate librarian to be appointed by each society at the nomination of tbe Fresldi-nt of the c-.U-gc Wrcct communication will be had from the college library to cither society ibrury by the opening of two new coord. Tliis plan is cxpeclod to work to Uic sdvation of tbe literary societies, which have been t-iiamcfully neglected. Tin ctiwio cul clrrvm at the Norili church last evening U highly spoken of The Kev. C. W Ctapp, of Roclvllle. U ok his text Ironi ft aim #3, verses 17 aud 18. Subject? i "Tfcr Nature and [a sign of Punishment in the Governon tit ot God." The con no ad clrrunw are so dry aud tedious that these who eta. find anywhere else to go gonerally keep clear of '< m. I found what I sup(x*ed was a better place, but am glad the concern i- so worthy of being prinU.!. If the author will furnish a copy and pay I?sPige wo'll send it to the llsiiaij). N< ver wus a crammed fulk-r of sxercise that, the presor t. No one per .on can see ail the "shows" i unless, he possesses the rcn.arkable faculty of being in two or more places at tbe same time. The following prises have recently been awarded:? "Th<- < lark Scholarship" el 812U a year, for two years, ha. l-ecn awarded to Jamer- Henry Schneider. For dec la mat.oo in the c'.scs of '62 the following have lieu ! awarded:? >Vrrt A>. Sk A?. Third Mr. ! First prise..F J Cook. F McVeagh. JT. H. Stebblus. Sis . prize...E. B. Cos. H. P. Johnston. G. C. Ripley. i Third prise. H. Duttoo. T. B. Kirby ,t. P. Tuy lor. The Aral unio n! obituary rece.d of Yale graduates was pn pared by the lau lYofeaeor Kl-gsley, for the year t oi ii g August, 1842. *1 be record I.,r the present year is i the nmiUenth ol the series, and, for the first time, is prii led in ivumphlet foiin. We select the most prominent class?1810 ? Chur.oy Allen Goodrich died la New FUrat, February 26, 1880, ageo OB He WM h eon ol E i*ur Coodrich, and wa. bom iu New Haven, Octo'x r 23, 17'Hi. Al ter graduation lie taught the Hopkins Gramtn..r ,scb<->l 'or two years, sad ?at* thee a tutor In this college from 1812 to 1814 miring his tutorehip be pursued !ua theological ttudxs under the dircctk u < ( It Uwlght. He w as in July, 181C, ordained |>attor of a church iu Middletowu, ! Oor'ii., which place be left or wc uut of ill health, la 1817 he wiii. appointed to the newly established Profess*or- i ship of Rhetoric in this ontk-ge, and he tilled this olileo untii 1838 He was then trar.slorred to the Profjasorshtp of the Pastoral CI,urge in the tlieologiCftl department, and : he continued m this placo during the roiiuilndcr ol bis life. In literary labor he wan industrious and fertile. While ft tutor be pubis.ben ft compendious Greca grammar, which he improved in tlx- numerous subsequent cxlitloua. In 1832 he published the first e-iitioc of hi- lAlin leaaonft and Greek Usmds, oonslruetcd on a plan now widely adeptrd In 1828 h? established the Quarterly ('f\ rutinn NprcUUrr, and war its solo editor until about 183d He alpo made iD>portMil contributions to other religious pei iootral* One of there, on "Revivals of Religion In Yale College," appeared in the American Quarterly Reyi/trr for 1838 In 1832 he published a work of great value, en tiled "triers Ri itinb Kiovience," accompanied b\ crltl cat and biographical ehclcbcft and arguments. To lexi cgrapby he gave much time, especially daring the last Ofteen ) care In 1847 was numed his thoroughly revised edit tor. of Webster's quarto and octavo d let xauirice, embody ug the result* of great labor and research In 1HWJ apica. tdhir Cniverslt' idlUr-n, and In 18..B his large aiipphmcnt to Wrtsbrt '. lionarv, cartel: cd with au elaborate collerti c< ryn.myms, of which be wu the author. l*uring bis lo?4 term rf service In the college he bar been coi spictoua f i b real and etllciency, and for hir devotion to the ret go .? istt-rextr of the students. In the mlargctiKi.! e' the t' .logical department of the college, lite labors and court* l* worn c? 'real importance, and his rtoratlor s for tliLi an* other ct-j-s U* c*.unectod with tbo uuditutMSi wi re so liberal aa to entitle lum to rank among the I as yest of it* pecuniary bcucfhfturr. A discourse ccitimi m< rat ire cl his 1Kb and services, dellrercit by lYesld< bl Woelrc;. Mam h 8, war pribtod in uu> JVine Enghnticr for Ma) , and also in |ianii>blet form. Joel Jones, of Philadtlpl ia, is another name worthy of tneiile n. The nxctirg of [the alumni war appointed for nine o'ci?ck ibis n, and near that time many distinguished meu might have been seen collecting about Alumni Hall. The mo-ling war railed lo order at twenty mlnutee pa-l nine by llohstor Sllliman. senior. Among b?*c milted lo scat* cu the rtage were Joahua Dewey, u?- fu<*i living graduate, woo it in nut ninetyourth }iar, anil rpjoys liUc bodily tad menial Ucul ika lo a dogTt-e; Pai.iol Waldo, the next old art, and Mr. Hmllh, aon in law of the tlaminted Klihwurth Of the class of M10 there were ftovernor Iliawortfa, 8. F. B Home, A. B. llaabnuck. K. H IJv, A I mem ua, rrnteeaor* Pitch,Sllliman,Thatcher, ).x I'n ".dent Day, I* llawn Mr. IV Peril, of New York, wan called to the chair He thanked the Alumni for the honor I he) had done him on the (irreeat oocaaioa; could cot bet c< i.cralulate them upon the happy ctrcumetaimea under w hit h they met thi.i day. Their minds, on tbta ccanco, HtMNf rrvnt to the time they rpeot in tbli place, and the buoy aut hopes Willi which they enlaced ijou lile wbtn they departed from thia taatitulioa. They c? uld make a lotg recoid of the auOMMi and dia liUrt running through ilielr lirea Thero waa no time tor I hie. but he hoped ail were happy, and thankful foe the kind ITui tdeacc whtob had brought them here to frofce' or Thatcher then introduced to the Alumni tba nldiet living graduate, Joeliua I?wiy, of Watrrlown, N. Y., who waa noclrt-d with marked applause. Mr. 0. McGlUn.of the claim of lb31>, waa appulutrd aaaiaUnt becntary. her. C M. Putnam, of the claaa of 1826, waa called u(?'0 to offer prayer. 1h? follow'ir^ is a liat cf Yale graduate* dec-ared during the academical year IMP-CO, including a fow of earlier date, hitherto unreported :? 17P2 _Ttm< thy Mather Coo icy, agwd 87, Pant Granville, Mare., UT It, IMP 179! -F4tuaiM Uln Dg, aged 88, Hudron, 0 , Jan. 38, 1W? ITlT ?George Griflia, aged 82, New YorkCtty, May I, 1880 17i'7 ?Srlvrvlcr Man*<11, aged 83, C7i.ltlemoct, Man., Pit 31, MM mil _ttioiraa Kimlicrly Brace, aged 80, Hartford, Cot t. . June 14, 1750. 1803 ?William L. tftrcng, aged 74, FaycttcviUc, N. Y., At gnat 31,1WP 1803 ?Jonathan taw, aged 76, Cberhlrc, Coon , Nor. 4. 1V.6 l(d>7 ?JotI Adam-, aged 74, Pc hland District, S. ., V i) 1.1M9 ls>8 ?William Howard Pierrot, aged 73, Windsor, Gen .July 16. 1800 IMA ?17,. tat ore I tHnr roy, ag"d 74, Rt Anthony, Mlnacff li Jem 20, lsflO WO?'la-int-y A. Goodrich, a^ed CP, New Hare*, C m. , Feb 26, lMiO. Mil ? Mutifon, aged 08, Ilobut, N. Y., Sept. 33 IMP M13?Jebn Crenc, aged CP, Fredooia, N Y., May 30, Nil 1813 ?Jonathan Ashley Welch, rged 87,, C"Oii , hrit P. 1 v J Mlt?William William,, aged 62, Salem, Mara , J una IT tHTP M17 ?JotIJoaer, aged 44, Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 8, 1800 IMP ?(torwtio Mill. r. aged 41, Rhinebrck, K. Y., April IX i-^w UVQ ? .'?R>r- -miley l*ratbrr, s^rd 68, Loui^rille. Kj , I. h 14 1MJU 1*C1 ? Jt hn Couldlng, xgrd 03, Stratford, Conn., Jm. 10 1*?V lhil ? Frederick William lord, a^od 69. Now Tort, Mat It. ItoO l!<V3 ?Mrr John Mailt/, affrd GG, WoroeaW, Maw , Mav 16, laeo lav, ?lii r Hrrry Alienator I'-otrUud, aged 66, tlMtoa, Mn?? , s-pt 4,1K>0 1A36.?Jama Al?aW, a/ed 69, Orvige, Com , April 1, Iff) 1?'7T ?Will j<m Wilms Huilano, afal 63, Columbia, Juaa 14. W,?. iKtO ? Rot-rt Clarke. af?d 61, Aufuata, Ga., June, 1808 1 <11 ? Nlntan Fdaarda Gray, a^od 61, Ilopkiuf rllle, K? N< t 14 1V? la.' 1 ?Alrxannrr Caldwla Thnnipeon, aged 46, Newark, N .1.. May ?. IMP |a,".6 ?William Haarh, aped 44, Albany, K Y , March 14. IH? lf>*0?IW Jartal Owen Knapp, aped 41, Molt, WU., Jvtt 14,I860 1*41 ?I?*vid Irtine Old, agrd SO, Onlirar county, 11, 16.-0 1648.?-Ilo'ac* Hall 16 Id. aped 37, C.ewetra, gwitMrlaad, Ma'ili IT, 1*00 1446 --Unix rl Itaakin, aped ?4. Baa Fr.mrieca, Gal.Oat. 7.1*60 1MT.?Rrcwatia Htrreue Miller, aped 33, Oxford, N. V., A' m*ei 3,1*60 IMA ?Williun Altetoww, aped 33, China, Augtwt 18, 1*60 IM0.?Jereb Ibrrwu Kirby, aped 33, Brrwuaville, N. Y., llauli 0. 1060 ISM ?iiarph lYrtinA Grtiwoid, aped CO, I.yitr, Conn , Jm.i 0.1M? 1 AM ? trekine ,'ort Hawra, aped SI, Plymouth, Oona . ,1ol} P, 1060 1*63 ?Warrrn Btedily, ap?d 3R, Brooklyn, N. T., April 6, 1N60 10.*. ?Jam" Rarmncd Goodrich, ar<vl 37, Kewanee, III , 4M?ber J4, IMP ]A66 William lew.,. M .rrle, a 134,ClunbrMfe, Mm., October 0, laMt 1V.0 ?l<r*iaM H-uptm sh.>w, ap<d 36. Ham4on, N. V., [toailirf !S, 1*61' 1A/.T ?S>rd*rtc Nathaniel Chwrrh, apedSal bury, Corn . Orb bcr ?. 1V>* 1* .J ?Idward *> - ? I- r, 31, II n n(tm, J N. V , (Mitrabrr 7. 1*6*4 Tlral n itrher of death* 4."., aT-rape 64 /<a" Tti* Ui a> ojf a.?r -y yadi aua oi IM* v^.aaul , YALE SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL. Skw Havwn, July 2S, 1M0. flh'Ji- ij, /V/., ihr Founder?Jirsr. iphoit q( the lluiU inff?h'/urt it u i7/ /< tr/i'-n / ,m . hed?Interfpr f'mrnttoiu $?0,000 (V < iml?(burtr of Stud - tole 1'urtued T1xre?J>iftrent Utpartm'nt*? Tht Fueulty, d'<"., d*<' AB'Tif the c.l j* els worthy of the attention of visiters interested in the progress of Yale to I u go if the new building of the Sctentitic School at the head of College street. W< believe it i? generally known that the old liedlol College lot ai.d building were purchased in 1S6T by Joseph K Shtflleld, I. i . act in l&tb presented to Yale College for the uses and purposes of the acientitlc department. The additions and inipruvi meute which havo been going on for the 1h*i year or more are at the expense of the some genthman It waa intended to have tbeci completed before the [>reeent Commencement, but the nr.tnre and ext" nt of the v. or it on the- laboratory have made this i in practicable. The main or centre building ben been completely i" novated from cellar to attic, little te ie<ed, remaining ec-votiT g tbe walls oi tbe old Meoioai College On the 11 rut MeOT there will Ik> u general reception and reading room provided, with aeuutih : and agricultural per iodic .Us. Tbe reiuainuer of the tirat and second stories will be dovoted to the engineering department. The eutire third story ia linn-bod lor a general lecture room, which will seal from tbroc to lour hundred persons To the centre cr main building a w ing lias been added on the w< si of 60x4U, three stories, including toe high basement. The niaiu Ho is devoted to tbo chems i laboratory, and tbe library ai .l apparatus rooms ooonected tbtlew :tb; tbe bam incut to tne meUulurgical laborntory. und the second door to a class lecture room, pirate laboratories and coihftions. A similar wing on- tbe east, w hich has als. been added to the building, will be occupied as a museum, and doveted mainly to collections illuetiulive ot agriculture, mining and metallurgy. Tbi aid', inn ner is beautifully painted, the passages in cncnuHic tainting, the huge lecture room, mus-.una and other prim Ipal aparlin"n'.s, with tbe exccptiou of the laboratory, in fresco, with appropriate symlM>lic ornaments. Tbe exterior ot the building preaeuts a fine appearance, and makes It an 4" naroent to the city. A very siibelnnlutl fence of wrought iron and granite posts to una being elected around tbo premises, w hich will add still further i then- attractiveness. The ci st (I tbe building and its nnprovemente, far which tbe department If indebted e ntirely to Mr. Shafts id, will be i ot less than $60,000. f-.intilUincou.-1> with the occupation of thii new buildin; it;r standard nt admi-sion to the regular course of thesesotitic reboot will 'je ial?' .J,au i thr ,??rtod of Bludp extended to llirt e year*. A course of inai i .omat ics, modern languages a >d science, equivalent to the tour years' clafcriicsl court"? Of tlic u< ;<d> mlo?l department, will thus bo r-tabiisbi tt, adantrd t? the a ante 01 thoee who, whits disinclined to'-im-Mcal Mudics, aie disposed to a I'bcral education ?| anoutr kiud. At the conclusion of this Course tin suiter t'ul rlulcut will, in accordance wi'b the piactfc < of the tier man I'uicert-i.( * in the caso of like attanrr< tits, bat e contemn u|>oa him ti?e degree of Doctor ti Philosophy tl'li. D) l?r if u member of the engineering M'(ti"ii i'i the department lie will reudve the degree of Civil fogiueer (C. K.) Tlie shoe tor, or two years course. w ith tin degree of Bachelor o( I'hiluHopby (t"hB ), w111 continue to he giceo ?> before. Students who are nt candid ales tor degrees will also be received as hitherto to pursue any health of aciencc which ia taught lit the institution. It is the Intentionof tlie Faculty to provide each year lor popular ngrlrtt'tural course, similar to the one of February, istio, nvatiing It* f, in addition to Its own rer?>urors of agricultural imlructinu, of eminent practical talent in agriculture wherever il may be fouud. lu addition to this a inorr detailed course in the chemistry and general prhiclplea of ngrienlturc will be given each yosr by tl? Prch -or of Agnullurul Cliemislry. Opportunity wilt be furiic-lwd thioughoot the ycau for the experimestai study 01 clammy in it! relations to ugriculture, treiallnrgy and tin arts Tbr m< lallnrgical departiurnt ig already possessed of n large collection of metallic ore* and furnace products. Till* mlleet.on is designed to Illustrate the characters of metallic veins, and comprise* foil suits or one of tho most important mrta ?, and collections of fluxes and farnnco prodi ets, illustrating nuc-y of the must Important mctall'irptrsl processes as practl-ed in Knrope and this country. This collectalready numbers several thousand nwlBimi, and is constantly increasing. Besides the* there is a collection of models of furnaces, as w til as ol plans sections, Ac., of smelting appnratns, and a well equipped metallurgical laboratory, aflern.g great facilities tor instruction in ibis department. fTo.Vaacr ltrurh has alao added to the collections by dole* ii it fbr tie- of the students of the institution, bio private cabinet of minerals. It contains some four tiaonsand specimens, and for fullness id the numb -r of speoloe, mid ooniplst* iieaa of the suits of the several species. Is, for purpura of instruction, unsurpassed by any mbieralogical collection in this com try The Facility ol the scieutiflc department consists of even profess..rv, bisides assi tants. The nrofessorshqiO re el the telle* mg branches ?Geology and natural hlsto>y, civil engineering, g< nernl and applied cb'inistry, mineralogy atcl metallurgy, industrial mechanics and physics, organic chemistry*, <agricultural chemistry. DARTMOUTH COLI.ECE COMMENCEMENT. Huoikk, N. II., July 26, 1809 The aomnrement exercise* of Itartmovth Oolh-gs began yesterday. and were continue<l to-day. Rev. Theodore I. Oiyler, of New York, deliveaed an eloquent and spirited addrcso before the Theological Society, and floorg* l'erlcy, of Ooucord, pronouno-d an intercotlrg and finished rulogy u|*>o the Iste Kufus Choate. Rev. T. L (uyl< r, Ib-in ieot l/jrd, tleucral Frank. Pierce and other distinguished gruticmcn were serenaded last e Twin^ by the German la lUnd. I- ?. I HUT, in nwig, uruvrrrn ail oration oafora IM r*l t |<*iion Hoclolj till.- itflanm.ii, which wu folio a nd by |r? m i>Q "Pluck," l>jr Mortimer Thompson, of New Yokr. , HKWAHDs. BF.WAhD I MM M.I. i'ci'l -lit* VKI> OK WAN ?> aUJan frun Ko. M Wm Thirty ?a?*ni b atraat. \> iuta aad ek, faallrr 1*11 rata bofl npot on ik>- bark m ar Iba lad, aad ma email apt on that, ire ami oar. Thta Arm waa la 1 by a dpraaaail 'riand. An> y>cr??n *11 w'll >a hi kind an in giro any Icilf. oaalloo of Unedi* will ba liberally pa.J Bar name la Bally. tin *KWAI?n.?V RT, OK TIIK MTU INNT . IM MKW ** 1"" Tor* or Brooklyn, a todl aoval ?e. rnnutalng a rani-iji 'i .( < nil.I ,1.? id mi valor lo any o? * Mil ?ha iimln ?lgnod. Whorvar aill return iba a jno u. lb- o0?-a ef raar* (la Ktm. nlc. A I*-In. * >. C3 Wall atrial will IP ratio U.a aboir reward. and no utiraiiuaa makrd. JOUM II. BOUT. B111 RKWaRO?IXtsT, IN (KtlMll DOWN RPRIMO 11 ' ' atraa* In iba mart at. fnin Uiroca In <lre*a*tah atrma In Ilia Hit lb aranua rara a Morocco Cnaa. wttli I'anaao Braaa la( and Kantnjrv owner* nan* m hraraUd Wbor r r will rwlurn tlia aama III at Waal IVrnt. -lb atraa*. will rroalra ma aboar rcnard and ikank* o' Urn on oar P1IUOII Ala. A WKAI.THY LADT, IlAVIKO lORT H*t OWN J\ rhltj, i datlrou* of ratlin* a l*? Haliy lo adopt. I' mad ba abcr.i mark old aa Utr lwty b*a a tin- bra m id milk. Addriaa II IJilncafcn for Ibraa day*, at boa 102 llrmid oOoa, tinting n fccra tkr child ran ba *acn Ant pkkron wisniMo to a doit am tntmihwt log ami brakhT mala abild. nna year ar.l a b*M obi. rd Acaaricaa purenW, ran do ao by applying aiuiadB 1 Union aaraat rtlilf.JiNI V RKOKIven veil a MOT* tuti * Vr Will be Iberw today (Thnr?.Uy). iU the than numnA. Should an) thin* M>r f*?a. mrttr u jmfnt*. f. ATTTIt rnCHTNKT WIU. KIND A I.HrTKK at mmr n Pon oCire, and to rtotintol to pi) l?m?a U? ftUi-nUob ?o H IK JOHN MTKRA. WHO PoP.MKRt.T RKsIDKP IK I Utrnmoi. ?i?.i aallrd frjm t-eudon in thr tl.ip T <mM I* hrw Tort in the in. nth of Jnnnnrp, Into uiil * it Iwiiwred r?atdrd for mw limn la Now tort and P rw Orte in*. will port rnr." irate atth Mr Krlwol TfrUj if Ihfrpml tnlnrrney *A low. without drl j, ha will haar of a^rihtaff t- hto adraw>a? IK J A>K BARIK 1K1 iRMKhl.V W.I.KO JAM. UR'-WI* or Mil tBi-own h?r mother. wli. call or aond har addrtM to W Waal TVirt> riith Mrret. oar ooor a rat ot Hruadwaj, dba arlil haar of a winking to bar advantage. RFORMATtOM WAJfTltD-or JOIIR ARP KtntAKL 1 Meiiralh. rona of Patnrt MeOratk. of lllaok Hook,* oudr fjala-ar, IrrhiiiA Hy arklrraainit thrtr Hnther, Peter Mmr (A, tmrr of W A IVIoi 219 M oat Twrniy filth atrert, aiU hoar of anntathing to tbair ndiahtafiA. JR.. WHO AH9WRRKO R F- K.W AI>VK.RfIAKRKRT In tfco II# rant of I bo 19th of Jul), tkrifiigh lh? Madam prjuara Plat nfltsa. artii find a I alter for than m Dtwoa apuam I'oat <Aer, MtRSlNO HOT.?ICI1II CUflAK K',PnRRT.T PIHAP paarod frntn the at aw of hi? mtployar. In llroaiwa* lotimrn f inal and Howard Wrwrti, la a Snip to yearn a*L tiw'tr hair and Mae* ryna, had nu d?rt ptmal .>?. and eoa* <?hl rafi Any in o-matbai of bim 1*0 hi the h -atieh nfllr* er (twirter A Knottier, Z71 Brondaay, wU malar a fa.orua M toBMnl ai tor. Vflt ATDNRT OAKR\flTW W RKyrWTKn TO A rrtr M In pwn ?o W *11* mi, Br? *|j n, for kUm ot tmp?rl*n<f ffwn Una Hnlmtfnr lh.u m n*t aHlirrfif only t*M nfr.n ?Id OnkMnith Snon.n niis wkkt thk *v,nc or wrujit a., lormnHy <4 hn wnnM rtikrA U* iuK?0\iti?y ? lii* rrUU?r? ? li w, who *rr >? iff of hi* |>-wHjoo. bjr InM f'inlHy fulluiy u 93 Hon-. r Rnrt, ?hn nmnnfmii AWtM r? aoort?a ?or. nmr. tkarr om>, wkm rw rlrmm. h?nllhy, ?< jt* *n<1 "??1 K?f vmMT ?*.p?rUl.k rr<4*wi*jit luinlf * uU.ktif In mtofi M r" ?" tlm ?l 110 Wf?t NinfO?nth ?tr?M. -?ron?l ?micj. mmr 71n *?* rAP?.|T -AM PKRHOW WTRIItRO TO AIH?IT KJf Inf.iM fn?i Mp?k. vtiryioM* n*Al ?? 0. f? . ?UU?. , rran nflkf II,h* llrms*. Riy?rt*4 Urn* mMAIo of Arngmm. rkuarh awi> wbi( ? <> HAVjfKA RROARR-I AH HAT AW A m * ??. Inrimffeir (ho An?rt brnn.t*. ? 'T?? fhttaM. fl m Ar , h* fhr on* h' > !m<l or two" ?hfwi?nA. mIimim hot* <i?l r?n h? hf-i?l i of ?u|t nuior thwikr hi Ia? rHy. Thnff *.?hinc <? > .? w*N find II erwXiv Mlhnr i.jorr*! to mli nM *?.'i#!fl. nnd wit wt.-miH Mil?f*rt-n, h?li l? jnalltf ?*4 .f*0? aro W HI' H'X.-i, lap-, rt, n I ?:h!M/ WNt

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