Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1860 Page 3
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^ IUM Of HKAL C^TiTB. Avaiaiablk r\kv! r< t h\i>: at m\.niki. Roealanu county, N. Y.?*he nwHr haviug other hoaiaaee to aueud b> would Mil cheap?at lea* than the c-at of the hulldluy* and Irucrt; there 1a ?u ample eupoly pore water. and the rum la weU tut.) o?t, and a Una ruua rough iu wilrt. %i*d It ia dliMde-t Into convenient lota with MM. Ac., throughout. uuatt of the faocoa are atone. taere are two lazgeoriliards ,if grafted apple and pea treea O enarnee .ud other fr dt, an l a vinery; di.t fruit will re fee at beat one tbwiaauj do lam par annum The Houae U gnpaetoua, over (Ox.10 fret, with cellar under the enure bull 1fir Barn Mid other buildings are lu goal rwo ,tr. * 1 fS1? f't'taltu thirty two acres, uid will be and for $t,buO; Art af the pur base tnoaev may nnawD en mortgage. Kor rarther particular* apply to Muaars. lAWKs A CO, AW fwaad street. New York. Thla ia a flue opportunity to buy a ram In (raid cultivation, awl would ensure a pieaaunl and heathy home m a good neighborhood Manuel ie i?v*?thle it aU times by railway, and la about twenty-eeren miles from Bow York, R If ANPPOMB MODERN TTTGH fTOOr, BROWN J\ *Uwe llooer. on UeaJiotum avenue, for aale; lorated near Twenty eighth street, well b..llt and one of the heat arranged 1 houses In New York; terma e.-iay. P,.*eeA<ion I at May neit. KINSHIMICR A CO.. 3i3 r<mrth avenue. AMPI.KNIMD ONOT v (WAT or rooi AOS IB highly cultivated land, with Crop* now growing, Horse. Chrrtsges and Cow, and Mansion furnish id complete, to let ] flw t?u years, the owner going to Europe. Impure ot a. . MLfcBPri, 3d Blue air eel. AOOOO OPPORTUNITY.-EOR S VLB. FIGHT YEARS Lease, Bar Puiurea, Ac., of u wed located shades in wr. aoiahtirg. a few mltiulea' walk [mm ibe ferrlea. doing a nice hwuurra and very eaay runt Kattxtaetory reiuuus guen foa nailing. Apply So H I). HCRKam 291 Grand strmPl or at Byron rhades, Third at rent, near Peck adp, Wultamaburg.i F ARM.-VAI.rABI.KTIV HIIR f.AND J Nil SAW Mil,I. property far aula, or will cschange for teaaooable goods jnttrv liberal terms. Thia la a tine aud well locale 1 property 1 fe the beet part of the country. iilGGS A MOUTH WICK, 82 Xsetan atreet. FR HALS?THAT BEAUTIFUL PA*M, FORMERLY , behtugtng to Peter Duryea, now deceased, ' tnsls'lng of vt Klithth aren ,e. Hi) ,*e rmnie <;>. st> i?o aniey ..?ern?m cellar ard attic. A email amount * metey re>fi ret >r If let to a ?nod tenant wilt he pnt In thorough order, In I'liro "f K. H RKOWJI, i?jth aired, or JkMKa tt. HOVD. Cooiptrollafa tocr. C AAA TO tio.ou IHMKRi'H AKPrSK, RTOt'KS OR VO.UU" real eeu.e wanted. la [? cnoie-, elected timber land* In Pentt*}lT?nla Inquire hie day SOLTHV?I< i k CO , Gliaomh.nwr?-t. OA AAA ?*?1U;aA*DISa WA3?T<n.-THIC AD vOt'.'/U". rert ?er, hem* ahmt lo >Wi See V'irt In a fart' lehi. wtahea 'o nrh?n*a unencumbered property m th a ?*y (ti<rli),i;n* a raluahle vrbari loll for mer.-hundloe lOahove HU'ii t. for theHnutbern markrL Addreaa T. k M? boi 1.311 Fa? ? >. ?. Baltimore, Ud. ~ POUTICAL. ~~ DMO RATIt' HTATB lYIRVIXTIoff. '11? toueUniu.? an.1 the quality of State*: ftp*** M tlx armbt '.* < o.erltadn* rnk<o " ron rH??ui*?T. JOlTJf HRK' 'H IKRfDfIR, <tf Kentucky, ron tic* rarrinraT, it Nkl'H LARK, I if O-rgcm At a meetlis the Rational 1* n erafld IVmtmr.'ee, h?ld a to* city of Waaluoc'on < th ? Ah .if .1 io? leas tin (.41 >wiu* fMriuti'.n w?a adopted ? Beanleed. That in vieh S'atda a* hare *' lh'? time no reHum 'eiuoDralic or* miration hw I np.m the pUl o m lopt aid oy the regular National Item.>rratio ?' mrenti >n. h?ld attl, Mart l*n| i net it .ite, w Hiltlr. ire, oil eat ."day. the 411 day of lar. Idrti the aet' tral of th'a dorr wi e* for ?. a Wale* are I.ereh) remmmended to Uke ??ch atepa for an Irrtaedlax orraol/.ttl tn >if ih? Na.mnal Detno-racy of their r mKe "da tee a* ahall, la their opinion. tm moat rnujiictre to 1 toat rdiloet. For the pnrpoae of rarroln* into effect he for"? 'n* reanio | thai, it la recommended that ?n immedlal and 'hortv.^n organ toailon of the dent.r racy of Ui a Huato he made ,o the ?np,> >rt mt John i'. Hrrrhlnri tge for I'-eai t 'tit. and Joerph L>\ue for tVo Preaelenl: and tnal the He.e.terali Cleeawa tee are in tot or el the al-ironatoed eardtdatea. and he ud plat. nut. ehtete' ?edelegate In ea h Aaaemhty Dhlrlet to fepr.. -a them In a f laf ' '. eeoikm, 10 h? hep I In .V- dty of Nyra-iae tm Tieelaj . the flh d y of A'tc'ta i?f, at U clerk uo 11 onuntte Candida tea f?r Pre-l'-ntlal Rle.-vira. and for fhr een or, l.r .lentni Hotani e, Okial Cum aiei it.*, tof tnapevlor | f State Pnarna ll la . urther rerommeod tl thai the rteoda oi' Re k'eeM*e and Lan thro ><hoot Ih rule eor Ut'ly rt operate with Ti tu tsaib i? alr?atly forme.1 for iMr it- >rt. corciit"iu>ii itrttaiftn. 1. R er Rente 1* I Irrti 1. fitcheil. 1. lamt-t tl Mf.r'.Jr.a. I< krn i dH iRatacm. SL '"aaper t". t hte'a k) D*?el W???r *. I harlea f'rin. ia. .'I. f>?ora*e Bar . e*.t. 6. Jacob A W..?ieryeX t.' I> It Fret b d Andrew VHhi ft tVr ?:er sher i. an. f. FWRp W. ttngk i* ho M Jay-ix. A John *. Beve. A 1. R. Alrec?y, 9l Ja* b Odeih A k li K tudeellle. 10 Arrf.ibald C, X r?n. #7. Arthur S J thea -t., 11 tieorae Ilea b. |K "arret f Dltijchy. U. liii 1.1 II Akin. *> * R I'ai e J John 11 P1e*ann. n W Ilta-a U Bryan lL late Hamilton. 'I. Roner It n ap. 14. Richard l> Daaln. J farloar. 'h. ?C V R. Wnrht *1 Tb an A. 'Hbornd. U. WOllain (T. rrain. \T'C 4Tl*? *t"Hn,*a Ifmt'^r "f the .halJen*! R?e tire t mmn?? ltow Ton*. July an, 1M? tor the Ma * of H?w T.trk SATIFTf ATtPJf WRKTIKD. The M-n Na-.iooa. Pal^ f"dh of "hie e^ty, wRI I la me. ie* at tb? ' rnr.Tt. V * Rcearfway. Ha?r nit.*, to ratify the proorwUn/e it she Suite I >nr-aii "I, he d at U:V? mi?hn<*i t'i-, n.-' ffB (Kvi. H"n. linn Boll tad o"h?? wlU vh? ranri I <Bff. Ail frte?.l? >< Ih? I'rvl-rti, th? < >o*H itlm no l lh< "n: ji ofl AM nf thr Un am tnrttnd to aurnd Hwit 8. Urn, Hi*:'j. tu f. BOHTillJ, Pma, miff WARD BRWKTWHTIV1P! A*I> Lift* CT.OB4t I TV* (traomu of thta ? *rti am rn-i inno l to nm it {Wait Hall, hi TVrtj iVlh *r#?t br?wmi> >v??md and Tktrd tnaiiaa on th* <Thtimd*?> iraalnc. at 8 o cloak, (<* ifea **7?" P"jo5fATHA^'?oTTWI. CkaJ^ao pro tool. _ ??. w. Vaaaa. Mrcmtarr pro tam __ 1860- Riafe. -4 S5 Hadpo Mndala. Pirn and Up Ornatodkto for kada whk oorrnot din??rr?/nTp?? of thn eamtidntm. to* <rit ? ? rm**T WBt. CALDWELL A fXV, Rrt*d?ap. COAL fK>AU M 80PkJl|OH QDAUTT OF WITH v ' Onal at >1 w par too, -amf-iDy arr?nnnd and d?Hmrad 2.vz:z,z?.zz.* m r sent i?i acre# tpart woodland) huh ited in tbe town "i Itemnmaad, Long Island. oni; mile wen nt' the Tillage of Hempstead. Yhla farm is to beautiful order with hull iin,v all < if the ft rat ' eieee Th- land la in a high state of cultivation, rutting from Wto 70 tone ot hey yearly, with other rnop* in proportion, j Aboui thia farm ta a valuable grove with tho is and* of Man* loenat tree* now growing. It la a plewtnt aud healthy Maura, and neither pun* nor expense have be -n ap ired to she It one of the aw at desirable farms on 1/mg I eland For arUculars apply atCarll's liwry aUhls, No. U Fulton atreet, Meekly n or on the farm, at Hempstead, one m.' * wcat of the ekhgm. Fart of the money ran remain on bond and mortgage. I RllKKH'f l. our yea, > ' N. W. DUKYRA. . Executor*. CON KLIN CARLL, > ( ipor 8A1.B?A BEAUTIFUL LOT OF GROUND, tNTHR 1 f village of Fordham. Westchester county, situaied no the West Farms and KtngsbrMee road, near the depot Terms py- Inq -iro of T. r. VTIL80N, 487 Br.iome s'reet, N. Y. fnOR SALE?FOUR NEW RRMK HOUSES, OUT mill JP street Newark. N. J. Bach la 21 tort front by 42 deep, three stories high, with haaem-nl; fine pla/za. pood yard in the MM; gas aud water throughout, atone stoop .old Iron fence In paeA ^1rrm? easy. Apply at 32 Arch street or DO New street, Fir bale-a beautiful farm, on the road to Bath, L. I., 7 miles from Brooklyn. It consists of hi eres of improved Land, with a great variety nt' Fruit. Itarns. Oathouae* Carriage House. Also a now < 'oi ago ou lha pU- e. arses and <"arrlages will be sold If required Th-greater part ef the money can remain on ho.i 1 a id mortgage for a amber of year* Apply to J. E. UOK1I AM 17:1 Broadway, rat ED. HOOAX, Esq., the owner, on the premises. tror sale?house and LOT NO. m WEST TWENTYJP second str#l between Fifth and Blub avenues. Slie of hsspti. 96>60: tot, half the block. For particulars apply to SahRC^LKVY, ? Liberty street. EdOR BALK?IN ILLINOIS. A FLOURING MILL. EX jP lirely new; frame building, substantially construe .ed. 3 Slery, .14 by 40 feet; corner lot. >6.000 caib will purchase the property and place adequate machinery therein to grind 600 bushel* of wheat per day; the legal or es'shllahed toll, la 6d Ahundatit grain can bo funuahed to kee)i th- mill constantly employed, aa this > at present the secon I shipping point In the Slate Only 74 mil-* irnm St. Loni*. adjoining railroad depot, and within four mllea of and ernssing the Illinois Central Kail read, depot being hut 48 hours from New York niarget. Address, with real name, confidentially, II. tl J., box 4,did New Yerk Fo?t oflice. tjsor 9AI.B--t.000 ACRES OE TEXAS LAND SITUJP ated In Liberty ootintv; will >>e bartered for merchandise. Addrers W. 1 T., box lid, with description of aru -lea to ie dSsp.eed of, *nd where an Interview may be had. Herald nfilre. took 'ALE?A LOT ON WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, R* Its led west of Sixth avenue. Size, 10) ft. 3 in. Fur particulars apply to MARK LEVY, No. X) Liberty street. EOB BALE HIRAP-ON TENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN Twenty fifth and Twenty sixth streets, the four years tee and Fixtures of a Fancy Dry Uoods Siore, having two haaiucsa M lit-rc 1* ae.ver*! thooaand men to work daily in the neighborhood Reason for selling tb" owner cannot a'tend 10 B. lent 927 b a year App'y to P. RUSH, 78 Eighth avcuuo, eortirr fourteenth street. VOR SALE AT HOHOKKN-THE THREE STORY AND r haaenmnt high sloop well finished hriek llouae, water and ML Mo. M0 Washington su-. cL Apply to Jl'MK.Y CKKVIBR, m (be premises, or 93 Dunne street. ll will be eoid to a cash parcbaaer at n low price. TJAOR SALE IX)W AND EAST TKRMS-A COUNTRY f ReRdence. fronting ou Oreat South Bay, L. I.; oontaina M nerea. jwl bouse. b.irn, fruit, A'.; On-' rubing, running Mai bathwp. location unsurpassed for health. three mile* front railroad. For partkuiara apply to A. SKROKANT, lb Wall Wwt TOOK BALK OR KXCHANOE-THE POUR THREE Mr strry brick nnnam Srm 88 90 and 93 Eaat Thirty second Btreet, M. v.. and No. 9 Second at met, Williamsburg. A email Pnrm, with or without atoek aud furniture, would be Inkan la |ait Inquire of owner, IDS Broadway. " FORECLOSURE SALE OP REAL ESTATE IV M, Walker street. Persons wanting to make a sal * lores'. Bent should give their attention tu the sale of the Jesinthla frsw rty, U walker street, to b? sold imdor foreclosure on Pi May, Jul) >7, at the Merchants' Exchange at 13 o'clock. House for sale -woo rasn will but a three alorv and basement hrkk House, modern built, with gna and water throughout, In tbe city of Hobokm. and within et^ht Minute* walk of the ferry; house 20\ 10 M'Jhrltin Anply to in PVtART, 11 Alt NED A co.. Iron Works, 130 lusat Tweuty Aithalree', New York. CjtAifPORI). CONN.-POR SALE OK RENT. A LAROH O Dwelling House. with Burn, and grounds handsomely Hid at with fruit, shrubbery, Me. One of the finest Mention ? la Ike plam, a few minutes walk from liM depot. Tenna rery any. Apply to A. PHELPS, 34 Pin i street. OJTOCR CP GOODS WA*?TRI?.?Tni ADVERTISER O will aell nine lota in the city of Chicago, all shunted on Dearborn avenue an 1 three on Clark ati e-t A etty railroad, mm tmrwtn?llrr wll) run by the lota They are each 28 by MB Met, and win be wild for ?*? each and pannes! taken In Monk ofmereke tdiae. Tb'? la an hmeat propostUon The ndyertteer add give the mm t u"tneettonat?le chr references, and a"4ranter the title to the Iota. Addreea Ohio Merchant, arald ogee. mo STONE RKRCIIANTS.-POR SALE. FOUR LOTS OP A Quarry Property, At A) feet front each, on tM Hudaoo river, aJtanle i or Relgvm u?> daauL P?r terms and partlcuiara ?D pty to a T. POLHAal'M, room M Trinity Bullrings. to qiw1 -for sa\.k OR TO lrt. house and ^.O""" IxA or north ake trf 12V.h atr -e: 230 te?t weai I ro* uua. . 4 ?AN?'Y AND /AKIKTV HTOKK FOR SAUL 1/>V ' A situated <? toe 9>m?r of liynle avsuue and D iitt? traet Rruuklyn Te' to* made easy. AHAROAlN.-TllK PROPRIKTt'R BB1NQ ABOUT 1 Ail for Kurope, will nil the an eh and flttorea Ac., of I fancy atore Sow 0?iu? Urai rate M, i aull*hle kltu 'U> . i< r any bua?r"*?a. * pi ly iminem .tely At at Agblb ???uu j between Hor u'Ju aimI fourth t-traele. A RARE THANCK. f'OR HALK, A LIQUOR AN l Uiiotf .-Woou. with Leaae, Slock and Futures. with l>?1 Ida Room* up audi*. the loCgera pay more than half tha ran old on aivOuul pi' the humt two place* and cuiuot a | tend to 1>. >lh. Call lu the tpre 73 WVat i, treat. A LARUK, HANDSOMELY FITTKl) UP DIN1NO H i\ loou. aituated lu the licit part of Broadway and doing *n< d htialt.eea. will be mid at it bargain to a cash euetatne | A i ply to O. A ROBINSON. Ml Whitu atrael. ADIRINO AND OYSTRR HALO.) H FOR 8 A US CURA for coah, aa the owner ha* two of them and - tn't .titer ' tofrtb Inquire mt lite corner of Twentv third sued ai i Kinhtb avenue, under the Drug atore. Call an l aee, for It M giaal aland. BUTCHER RIIOP FOR SaLK-A RAKOAIW; OOINU T the country; will anil low; long eatibliabed oa a prootinet i corner and Unit rale location; low rent and doing a good moot making buaiuean. 1HUOS A SOCTUWICK, 83 Nassau ?tre?. CONFECTION IRY rOR HA UK.?A WHOLESALE AW retail Confectionery eatithllanment In Brooklyn, now dolr a flourishing bualii?wt. Will lieaold at a bar it tin If applied fi immediately. Satisfactory reason* give* for aelllng. Addre. t. KJ1, Herald ogee. DRCO STORK FOR SAI.E?IN A DENSELY POPUL.i ted location, of a long ?landing, and especially ant ed fi a | byatcian, now doing a uajluc b'MuiriH. and wlfc-h, 1 proper tUeuib n, will uav haudaum?ly. For parti-ulara li quire of W. W. THAYER, wboleaaJe druggist, Ji3 Pea strut; GWR SAI.R. r One of the beet II"tela In the NiuthwenL The Anaertea llouae. St. Paul, la "ffere.1 for aale; la now doing and alwaj haa done a good buAaeia The ooet of f urulahlui In 1807 wi over 919,1100. Cm.tuns 80 rooms all furnished; Billiard Root end Kar. To a man who undnratamN hie bastneas this la an n celleut opporturliy to make money. Satisfactory re ami gift far aclUct;. Price low. Apply to or oddrtm a. a lkwm, Bridgeport, Owl For sale?the stock and fixtures or ra hardware store corner Sixth avenue mil TUntj ?n. street. Will be sold low. Also two Hnrsoaand nTraok. At ply to FBANClj MANLV,49 John street ntOR SALE?A SJAP FACTORY, WITH ALL T3 P Stock, fixtures, horses, car**, wagons, Ac.; will be s il low. now doing a Large ceah trade. Inquire at Hi East l wet ty tilth street. For sale-price oou.?must he hold this wekh A Wrapping l'aper and l'aper Hag route; has been m ublished eight yean. Inquire at 6t John street or So. 9 Fin street. TjK)R SALE?TIIE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES O r a corner Liquor Store, located In a densely populate neighborhood. Satisfactory reasons given for willing Appl on the premises, 110 Put street, corner or Stan urn. No ageu: need apply. IjjtoR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES O] P on exeellrat and well located wholesale and retail Uqia Store in the Fourth ward, lease for Hires veara, dot'ig a goo buaiuew, and will be add cheap on account of -tcanc'ta. At ply immediately to T. GaFFNEY A CO., No. 9 Chambers it. For sale?a steam six idrnk foweh with an upright boiler with connecting pipes, Ac., on plete and In good working order; will be sold cheap. F ir fiti ther particulars apply to JOHN DOLAN, foot of N.irth ,S? ooud street, Williamsburg, U I. For sale.?a i otel, handsomely and ne err, fitrnlahed, with tins arcominoda: i >na very favorable lea* large and line stock, pleasantly located, wUi bo sold at a ver low price. Ihis U worth looking at. MI ?iUK A SOUTH WICK, 82 Nassau sTeet. For sale?stock, fixtures, lease, xc, or lltv class grocery stove, tn a thickly settled neighbor hoot now doing a rash business of from 9800 to <1,000 per gaontl no store on the four corners adjoining; rent low; would mall a Up top liquor store. Lit; aire of J. PRICE, lib Chatham a tree for one week. FOR SALE? A BILLIARD AND BRISK INOSALOO! handsomely tilled up, locved on i 'turner in a good thi roushfare, with rootu for a bowling alley, or a good place i'< sop per rooms, rent very lo w. Apply at 167 Sleeker streo onmer at Hultivan. (u me saloon. For sale?a liotit manufacturing businkri secured by patent In the United States and England; il* capitnl will make II.A0O profit a yetr. Apply to the owner. I Nassau sweet, room 11. Must he sold by August 1. li'CR A PHOTOGRAPH. DA'lltERRKOfTP r and Ambrot^pe Gallery, with or without ApparaAu Established In imp, and now In susoessftil operation 1 health the only reas-si fur selling. Apply at ?Mi Grand stree im rthese! corner of ltowery. Fit* HAI.E-A FIRST CLASS DRUG STORK. WORT1 <2 800. In a good neighborhood, well adapted fur a Ph> aiclan or Drusswt, with a large assortment of carefully q lected ltntgs; will be sold cheap for cash. Apply to K. Mel NKF.K, Jr., No. lft Beekmau street, N. Y. TOOK SALE-A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORK, IN 1 r goad location. The re a win tor selling Is other busloe* which require* his attention. Inquire of EKLL8 X DIXoN, i. C reenwteb street. IPOR SALE CHEAP?TUB LEASE. STOCK AND FT1 P tores of a Liquor store, at present d. sg a good tash bus neat, and U well adapted for an Engbah Shades. Inquire a the premises. 111 Spring st'eet. rRTALE CHEAT?A WELLRSTARLISHED PliTTCR Stare; Frame, Igaiklne Mais all kinds >f Plctuir A| ply at. 14 Ibrtainn street, a. CLINK, or in the store 347 Teni street, near avenue it. IDOR SALE CHEAP-A NKW WOODWORTH PLANTN P Machine, tl rollers. id inch ev liteler. Can he seen at Ne Haveu Railroad depot. Imuiroof N. <1. WUITIAM.'K. For sale chrvf?for cash, a lockhmit Chop, ?l'h eu*-k. htnrn and goodwiILofeavcu ycai Handing. el I'M Wiit Broadway, corner of Franklin airm heggoua made known. tr?OK SALE OR A PARTNER TAKEN?STOCK AN* I1 lUturra of a l>rinklng Saloon, now doing a good r?h hui DM. For parlleular* apply on the premier*. IflOUver atr.-et FAMILY OROOKKT STOKE FOR BALE?A UAKOAIK elegantly fitted op with tloe Mock of (food*. dxtnrre c all klnda, L. rao, wwuii An; ha? duofl a Urn bu'lm-a* aloe U won opened Apply to BIOUS A HOCTIT WICK 83 Naeatu etreeL FKKO STORE FOR SAt.R-HORSE, WAOON. HAH new. tMng a e,?t eoah lo.i neaa. Apply M No. LM Wea Thirty tfith street, for Ax da?a. /"iOOO OH ANUR?ANY PERSON IN W\NT OF 1 lx SUM-.' m one of the beat lioatneaaarenu1* in the elfy, no. d iing a g-od bo*lne*e; g?y1 loeoU1 m and low rent. For pal lieu on apply at lid hoeataaa aire el. Marble mantels?a fine stock. coxststin< of ve'r.ed a'atiAfy nod I.tabon Bar tela, for ??!? cheap wlah.ii to por.l.aee abouM call aotet at A. KI.VHK.t marble yard lid Koal Eighteenth etrtrt, weal of Third ate Due N.V. PATENT FOR RAt.K?WHOLE OR BT STATES. OKKAT INVENTION. K0E1H.KRS Safety Hone,1 Ht*d 'leer. No more nnrldentk BY REASON OF H()RS"Jl KHTTNO. The nndardgned hereby Inform the pnbite thai they haw Bade a greet and Impotent lUecovery by Bean* of which tb doily occurring aouldenta through horet hyingor becommj frightened may be prevented. Hy thla highly Ingeni . x ?.mp.n invenuon every one who ha* anything to do wtt horse may imuaotaneoujity obviate every accident. It 1* of ih greoieet linpni-taoi-e tn preventing the running away of h"r*es In getiiug them out ot' their etahlea in caee of Are, In lelllr then. ?Uod m the atreel without being Hummed in any mannei a tbmr <* great Importa..? to phyatriana and b'ietne?? me. u *> tii th* i-iux" of vtokiiH buraee ih?t Arm In the b en c Main at pmutrrm l>y. Icitlir* of J. KOKlfl.VR A r'tylj ?t O v, I I>ki! blmel, ueer H *r, ! r im I la U A. JL M 'r><ai I to P. M. PnoTOTRArn asd ambr^ttpk oaLi.cry roi kin ebeep?One of :be '.Art**-. ?od ?o? -HT-Ire tile "p ?? t?? jt ib.- Mower) )' * win mr m a..h he relw Tennie>*y. Hnnt !< ? Tn p.ire *1 lh OeJiiT), 1-4 Boerexy QVABTRROOK AMI) iIRAIV MII.L AMI) PORTIOM O Hi* )"?i*nt for eel* -f'oeorded m tb* mine* the i>*et en n.ry Mill of Thl'ie to tinn'rn, redi.. in* Inn I <o? per d-.y to in pe.pebie tiow i'T. ?ith liAnleun t niiin* grind.uf eurienn.oBijr rrpLi t-4. lilt)'A Hol'TflW I1 e. Nl street. yT**WHAT MAJfUPAtTTORY FOR P.IT E CTIE aP-A O hn owuer * Intel so leave the ottj ,? ireli uttnd i. ? h liken, merh! mrjr. Av. eixl le uuw > . . itim b'.tio--, inuiaeu**. Inqntre m ?.?? Ewt tlinw t< tii No. M. ap tuJi*. _______________ TO <11 * IK MAAKKit-KIDHTS > )* Ti * Ol Hit -I 1'? f? In Mew Y..rk. .New J- any, . no?yl raate uni ' o;i*?,t. fur le'e by the k^enu of the f ban. Maud MeMh-e feip*'.), M HruMwey. up Meire, roirTMT ? * M' *<(Tt'HFR< ?FOR ft Al.H OH EVP In) nhlrt Prime# Apply et <2 Liberty In* <j? | 7 vrn.i. ?rr run iit>*k ?ni? i rTno op * V1! I r?* w>*per. ?*? innry ird frntt M > a, dump e fen h'i*u.' % ee lh* h*i u> p. to I'M id 'phi* un.e thai ** &. Apply on the pp?liei. ctruer ai far,el eol X<\ Mreetb At)>o - \ MT I'KRMiM IIA/TMO Tlllri ARoCMT * A' ?T?- )". p .nwr Hie hkil H |NM yeeri PMebltehij b*wtt??*. ?ikl Wkrrwmi 11 per i'r*m Mm w> *7) per noeil n eer iruOt, trwl VW ??.*y r*M ?? *t??n foe ?*i in* Appl; to <)Mi. H. bi'i.NUhit, (? 'b T leilnnjr A <J? ), Mo ' i *ata r etreev. ?'4i)0 *ui'' TWO pv truth port** WUOLI l< it-tnc i-?n ?? urowec'iled to ?*1 >o oif tbn country. Tin Will n?rj '?.] u? ?!. ? . ton <?> tol . Mil, I It * 1* H A ? <>,?] rfcjttobrn n'rniH. ? (A<| KU* HAt.K. 4 Rl T< HKR RDSMQ". *AO??l li. i-ni''"* : r-m-h-rtiy. .m 1/ir* Ntoi*}. fotn? fit < i *70 .1 k !< t -i I ?lj oil* < r f . 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'? a I,1'# E.vk ton JU'toOAt D'tn . n - Pli'firm; the ClctanaO Ptotfoiv and tlw i onitk lion V tha Pnltod Hia to. prior *i i.Rirm J. r Ri TTRA, nrP 'h??. ?4 Frank'H c-.rcot, V'w Tjrfc. dfr". fret -n n 1 i> toe prleA Arat^ waatod. NEW YORK. HERALD, T1 MAMine AID uopeiyq. .. f. A an tlx fHl V A TK PAMILV. OWNING A UOVMM, id rt DlcMnnUy ituKbxl op town. mnlAlnmg All thw ??' ' urtpruvenem ?ud bann* morn mm than lb?y mq'UlW. would ? ?.i>.ti modAlo two or thro* moUooiu wtth ul*.o?A i "" O nalwM Room* and par la) ttinrd. flal) # ft* third ho?*? wbor# a I'btrty-wigMb xirooi, u, ATona* Ml ? ?? ?. A UKNTUCMAN AND WIPE AND POUR KINUl>:of-N A Unoum son obtain >er? <in>lnbta Room* wlA Ho xl nod lb-- somfnrta id a bums at I'm not Hotel. No. 3 Aibtou pla.r, D Pourtb klr-sl. 1' a fitivatk FAMILY Vuou Ur, with ruia. "* it .\ partial Hoard. Uir-n or tour plnaaant tUvuiv lloi-o furaioksd with xm .'lid both. Krlsi-mc-oa .t*cban*?<l. Apply At 111 k*at KifUHin'b airort, uoar Third avenue. A 4 GENTLEMAN AND W1EE A*MI TWO SW?LE OKV r. xi ileiuni sou >n* Aroommodnls(t with pl?nwant 'mot ttoouw on aorond floor, wt<b food Hoard, on moderate to l'T ?i>pljrinf At '13 Pterropont glreot, Hrouklyn. Rol'ersatt 1* itianfou. id ? - 'J A KM Al.I. PAMll.Y HA VINO MORE RtlOll TH AN f HKT A JA require. will 1st one or two Knouts to feiiieineu, without _ hoard. Inquire at J31 Broome street. O AM ELDERLY r.ADY AND HER DAUGHTER, WHO "t aY o?ii a b.m-s with the modern improvements, wi.h to io >y minm->datr a irw reutlenien with xeoMHIy furnished Room* nod Ho*ril. Gentlemen of respeetavtlU* wdll iIimI thl? a and comfortable boms. Inquire At Hit Madison street '' A PLKASaNT El'RNlKHKllROoM ON SECOND KI-OOR v to Jet to one or i wo gcpLlemeri; Hraj^kinst If desired; u ui. ? J .iiJa Art.; Krftix-h spuk?u. Apply at W Auiity place, betw^eu I U' ck?r tad Amity UreetA. 7 1 RTRIOTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LRTTWOFUK ' rv niahcd Parlors, first floor, ?Uh breakfast and Me. If de. llrid,tiiOM two or f>mr gentlemen who appre.-laM a pflratw bonn-, there belug o**ly tbiee adults ia the whole house. Ad rJ arena, ior two days, Sir*. WUltima, station R, Eighth avenue. A MAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR TflRKK HINOLK J\ man tin Iw icivnim>d*led with good ttoar 1 and piei ia eati Kooras by applying all 99 Broome street. Tetuia molars rats. 1 ? A OKNTIJBMAN AND WIKK OR TWO OR THRKR J\. single gentlemen can obtain pleasant K?>tm, wrun toward, by applying at VS Cottage place, betweeu Hle.cler ,iud ll.iuatoa meets Terms moderate. Oaa and bath til thi bouse. Reference re<|iured. A LADY flAVINQ A FINE UOUdK WOULD LI ICR TO tat a two or three gentleman to hoard; a good taMe, with very desirable Rooms, wtm everyoouieuieuee ;uiJ home com R forts guaranteed. Apply at 2U Waal Fourteenth street. Reh fereoces exchanged. > AT NO. M RA8T HIXTKBNT1I dTRKHT?ROOMH FURDished or'infu'Dlshed. with 'nil or jurt'al Hoard, fho b<>nae has been put In thorough repair, and li In ??ery way d Cited for a Uret class houas. A COOL, PLEASANT, SECOND FLOOR FRONT ROOM to let, to single gentlemen, by a family without children: t. rent low; house specious and well furnish** ; has bath, gmt, Ac. t Apply at W Fifth street, near Hecond avenue. Family private. A aFNTLEMAN AND WIFE OR UEMTLEMRN C.\N m f\ obtain pleasant Rooms with Board, at SS West Twelfth j slree*., be'w?en fifth and huth avcuues. Dinner at 6. Het erj nwts required. * A SUIT OK HANDBOMELY FUHNIMIKD PARLORS, j\ with rbwe'jt. .containing hot and cold * iter, on tlrat f. or, P to let; terma low for the summer; aidfl Fourth street, near ,r 1 allay run place and Broadway. I'. 4 1.AKUI FRONT PARLOR ON THR SECOND STORY J\ lo let, ?lib Board, to a gentleman sn I bis wife. House in good ncigh><orhood and enliven enl to .he Kivhtb avenue,-art. t Dinner si 6, private lamily. Apply si Ida West Thirty seventh street, iDr. Winter's.) 4 1IANDMMKLT FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, WITH J\ H? ir,,om attached s'ruiSle ;nr a petty it imstl isiiin also large Rooms and single, in a private notion, with all the y modern mprovemeula. Apply at Mi Prince street, a lew doors , wrest of Broadway. 7 A TOD NO AMERICAN WIIMJW WOULD LIKE TO A. meet with a party of gentle e n that would as* ?t W in > Idring a bouse; she siviug security to furuiah tnem wun thiuid ^ and all home comforts. Address Mrs. E. C. B., Herald otti-,) ?, i. 4 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?IN A c aV first el iss brown atons house In Thirty fourth street; fall miiy pr vste. Address House, care of B. Lockwood, Broadway Sm- .ji; v v a I ADY AND GENTLEMAN. OH LADY OXLT, CAN 0- A obtain Board In a null family; no oiher bouidera; ?vher? ir everytt ing will be done to mwhe It picaaaul and eiHiiiuriahlr; t, home lu? all the modern Improvement* and conv?ni" Addrrw T. J. ll., Ma?'.i?on v(uam Fuel udlce. No cheap boardera wanted. W TJOAAD?TO LET, Wrm BOARD, A LARUE II4ND?0 I) tome i'arlor, with an eitaurion aitai-bed. on the 1r?t ik?ir; ano two alnele Rooma, v lib bath and ^aa Apply at tH 'llntou place, Eighth atrect. a ttoard? pijcamant wfll furnished rooms, on 11 JJ the aerond ft nor, containing pantries, va*. hot and oold t, water, to let, with Hoard. Apply at 81 Went Twenty - irth rrceu Im utou good, and ooortuleul to .-araaad ?-aicoa. Dinaer at Ma o'clock. r- QOARD IN ABROAD WAT, BETWEEN TWELFTH AND b D Thirteenth atreeta- The beat Im-ninm In the city, houaa 1- Lrat eiaaa, peeaeaaea all modern iinpiovementa: an ar.oaUaot table; dinner at 6 o'clock. Southerner! are in vitad to call. Apply at 8M BHMdway. V HOARD ON THE CRNTRU. PARR.?ONE OR TWO d D nlnale gentlemen, or a married ermple, can obtain foil or partlel Board in a atrictly pnrate family where uo other board era are lab en. Qaa. hot mod cold hatha, a dne aad healthy f Mtnrtke, rat the Ramble, and thirty mlnntea mm the City < Hall by the Third avenne cant. Willow T-rraoe, Kaat Seventy* tiiird atreet, Aftk bu-jae from Third aveauk. Baler once axchanced. K HOARD l"R TOWN -PTJtASANT FCR STAKED ROOMS f>- D for gentlemen awl their wive*, aim for Mnflo (entlenvui, :b with R.iard, can be had at the Mmllann Hon te, comer of Midiud avenue and Twenty nev.-nth itreet. Term* reaaonable. W HOARn WANTBD-FOR A GENTLEMAN AND HIR X) son, a youth Ih yean old, where they can bare the c.nn_ forta of a borne; term* to be moderate, and location w.tbin a .. lew m'nutcs1 walk of SOU Broadway. Addreaa M. 1). L., Ua J raid oBk-e, for three day*. U HOARD WANTED -A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM. D with partial Board, lo aa agreeable family, by a young _ gentleman; loratiim between Four-tenth and Twenty aaonod " aim-la and Fifth ami Eighth avenue* A Mreea. with full | artl. ularm, T., boi Ut Herald office 1 HOARD WANTED.?A COMFOBTABLE ROOM AND J JJ partial Board wanted by a youdg in a b nine plea " mntly located and not iibnvri Fourteenth atrect, either In a pri* vale family or pond h aiding hone*. Ternu B JI be mud?rale. A dill ran OCce. boa Poat ofllro. Board wamted-rt two single oentlbmrn, letween Bleei-ker and Tenth Mreeutnear Broadway; a * private family preferred. Addreaa hot l.lftV. F"W o'Boe. HOtRDlNO.-NE VTl.T FTRN1S1IED ROOMS. WITTI * IJ po-1 Board, ran be nM tine.) at 110 Kant Muetenntb ttreet; " a p'rasarl front Room or aecund tluor, nltable for two per a.iin, at a rcuaonable price; but few boordera taken; meal* 1 TIOARDINn.-ONR OR TWO MARRIED OR fHNOl.K i. 1) umitlen en pan obtain nleaeant Rno?a an.l R.-?rJ la a i ilrfct.'y private family, at IM Wtat Forty second atrvel, BO\RDINO-LADIES ANT) CHILDREN CAN HE ACOotuin Gated wl'h B ar! by spp'y nf at 23 Wnai Ko. iy. tit A street, owe door from Math avenue. BOaRDINO.-THREE OR fOCR EWPCOTABIJC joury men nan have im.l Board an t pirn*. it It.ioina in a.ery healthy location, with an ej^i si family, ay caloo< at * til Ninth avenue, np -taira Tar ma H par weak. * TJOARD IN RROOKLVN.?ri RNISIIEOROfiNA.Sl ITA'J X> Mr lor K'utlntnen and their wur* nr *iti;i. jT.U?n-v.. " on V a fhoarders taken term* reasonable. Apply at bi * barilla street, near Fulion and Catharine terriee. * TO 1ARD IN HROOKl.YN, NO. TT WEVT VYARRKN JD ?trrr' ? L i'ar aud email plmavo' rooms can '? ibtaioeil ' editable for emu a ccnlh-mru an.l urnilr'naii and t'mir wtvre, b as lib full nr partial B ?trd. ll.wiae pleaaautiy I * doibb is brooklyn.?a room to let, si'itaD Ml f<* a family, r two stogie iretilenien, ai 67 Henry . Mi ret. Ave minntna' walk of Fulton or Wail street ferry. 5 "uark parlor, brdnoom and ri>>virr. at?. per ? IJ week, w h privilege of b..UB?kev|.'iic; als alngie K mnt to single f xttrmer .>r gentlemen and th- tr wtvea, ?aa. bath. An. -Ml < tiryatle etieri, near Memwid avenue. r /nrntlfmbm i'an hk ACCOMMODATED WITH d V R.sans, Hoard If re-, tired, ai 17 Teet'th a*reat between 1 Colr-mity pkN and Kihii aveonr. Houae >>1,lalae .ai11,a a rn -'.-'n in t rovrinriiia hrfrr. icea e*rh*n?ed (vooi) and cheap LODGING*?AT THE GLOBE T llot-1, -omer >f Frankfort and William stream, N. * P ) < Terms, 23 rnnta to ,V* carta per uighl; Mow* from AI 10 a Ai per week. ' >p?n ail Bight. ' j V"OP. "A and 37 WEST TIMRTf RTil VTRKET.?one OR . I I wo S leet fan) ? 01 11 1.1 p bear, n.undated with Matt or aing'e K.?ma, wttu mil or par|. 1 liai board. Uouae hrvt ciaaa Hefrrenc -s eicaoii.- -I. * T>RIV \TK BOARD IN BROOKLYN.-V PEW SI N itJ5 I X ReaUeanen and a family ran be arrnm n slated with ! h.sHnaon eertjod nr ihird Aon. with full H-wrd. at 221 State * , wrret Pieaaatil Inca toe Terwa tn i4e: ska. PERSON" WISHING GOOD BOARDING Pl.V'KH CAN I 1 re.-aire ti format. m rrslta re?->enlng lora'Hy, atrle of 1 r-?str? term*. An . 41 W0R1'EsTKH A Co.~S, S#! Ilrot laay, 1 1 I...I k*?ni> sii-e. PitrtiM dretrt.<K respestable Hnardrra am ||. 1 | vlted to register "heir rumna. No . harge la advance. i |?ihiv war. i mr?111 * i.aut av|i * ll Hoard fir -ady ml/, above Tw.-nin-Ui ntr?*' an I ?-tt if Hrnaduar lam ? Ik* to aimed |n per wm* Adlreaa W?*l, J | rfti", tor threa daya " i QCITF of FURRIHHRD room to t.rt-with \ no, 0 n ti. I - , . ? ,, ytail* (ralltilMl. nana* hrat id ,?* iNnnr ? da'akntk. Inat 161 Kant Flutter 1th atreel. near .Ae *: i a Mi*. RaI i?mc< r? )utf"d. T3 okmtieiirb.-to l.kt, wrfltol't bolro. to cmr '? I* i gf 'trt'o. a uiatly Pit *' and [ larfa pantry, with uaa of h*ih room; fault/a'tVLlr prt.aie, r ro-pl?n"?nt ?r<i i?mforat-'.e Apply at It- Wiwl fl ; a i -feat,, . .roar .? Maod.aiy-1 i mwi ooon iinn Room, *k*rt.r furrphwd. to 1. let, tit p. ntiemaa, In Flfta rornw ^T?r?ni> ''nri ' j atraaf, for twi and tbrri dollara par week. apply' Mr. FtTIa i I.RR. Inl rt Mutrr Bwrdicy H .a.: Ayt y, MJ Broadway, a i o??r afreet. T' WO rorwo MKR OR T.ADTBR CAR BR AC*OMMO dated with H*rt, in ? anil prlrata {Rally. if the a lv?rI Uwer w.v'd n AnhJert toUhlny l?o Uhtldreu Ap J It Ro. IUB i hnautpkar aireet. * rjiwi) bit<ji r tit.?tt.j:mrv tin a okmti.kmtm **n 4 1 wife eau ban eery hAtidwiote ramaUi.' M In a prtrai* * family In WeatrAe?i?r ?>OMiy, dla'aot from the rttr *i nuc'itM * I y ha Nnw Harm Railroad Oood finhlny. ba'hlny, tr atOny. liability. Ar. Frbvt ?Ui ?*. b par waak.Apply b At., H Utterly atraat, up eulre. 5 fllwo h arohork ft'RRIsRRn boom* to f.rt?wtttf * 1 TiU Board, to tar t nouulaa. ana f ir (3 *ol Ihe otbafkili) ta r week Theae rum conoact. bona* Brat clam; dlitaar at *lt o' -took, Ro. 10 Want Twenty airlh ylreet, oaar Uyhtk anuria. rprrtsifro roorr to, with i.raattaat and an. in be third etnry of bo .aa Jl Went 1 wan-j aa.Affld treat oaar Fifth aamiua To i.ft-rrrrrbmn> bfproo*". to tocro ' aotrr w trkiuy tut by tba day. with nr an ho jt k anl, at tl Waet i," Mn?ta?ntb mat, n?ar SlitB a\a? m. r?FWT-A nriT OF PARLOR*; ALRO ?tROl,?; R vtpi <r rati 11-mar, u Jy0 Prlaca ylW-u Star flr jAilF?J. TlTaaf fRRrnbA IURSDAY, JULY 26. I860. BO&ROnO AND UHWWN. ^ \4 ANTPU-HOAHHINU IN BKKoKN, POR A P W UH f dudujc Ums rtauinVr af tbe immwr. Thr?? furo u>*<. r?M inn. o * two if ooiQiooiiioui, iii a quMl rwp<elAbl? p fc) j Auiw "UUU| term* and ficsUun, Ixjj 2,*fi Post uCieA. TP ANTKD?BOARD I* BROOKLYN. POR A ONYPfc " uuu aiwl wife. near Pn|u> ferry; dinner at , terms ? *nue. Addrees W. b. T , boi leu Uer*d ifice. ?J ABINOD >N SQUAKK, CMKNKR OP RANK \N1? ?< Unison ?; oris --late ttioo one of U,i* nool.nt and he ilfhlesl In ium city. -anjgern tlnlin* the ity will tiu.1 tpaem < and kivitinnia with fjood table. The Ureal Kuww in <U lb f ** < 1 Until street. PKK WKKK POR TWO PKildONB, WITH I I.KA To ?>iil n.ry Rooms, boose first n'aas, good tai'.i n l nt n * thine rendered In make It hnue like and mfreesh 111 S<.n h Kiklith street, one door west of Sixth street, Wi ms ' U x Only three minutes walk from til the ferries. 8WF.KT KLCVKNTH STKKCT. TIIHKK DOOR* PROM Itrundw it ?H tudsodtely furi.lahed Ritiuts, on the sen m i iid third Boors, to let, to KrnUeinen, with or without partial Board. t)U OKKE.NR STRI KT.?PL'RNISHKO KOOMH TO LIP Ai\J to re-Slemen, with Breakfast If rwinired. R?> u at fit 75 to to per a eeh. The bouse has a tine > ard, n-ta, Ao , and Is very '|ulrt A"l 1T.NT11 STREET.?HF.TWKEN FIFTH ASH SIXTH xl aTenuee.?Dadrable Room*. in aibta or aeparatelr, for tenilrnieu and their *iv".< or klngle gentleman The aouaa aa every convenience. Dinner at all o'clock. AO NORTON STREET. BETWEEN HUDSON AND U O Bed ord TtreeU ? A few klngle gentlemen can be ac commndaled wllh ploxaaDi R/oma and Board; family ?m?ll Reference* eachnnred C J THIRD AVENUE, BKTWKKN TKN'TII AND Ki t: l/T Truth etreeta ?A married couple or reoUemeo ecu lime pli-aaant fu'ubh,-..! Kouuir < u aeo. J thx/r, with large pautriae, gua uud nee of both room, with or without Bcanl. f?r WEST TWENTY "IFTn BTBKKT. NKVR SIXTI V.'U uveoue.?A front Kooiu on tenant Boor, with bedroom and clo-et, ui let, with Ho.trd, ui a and wife at r 10 per week; alao a beck Room, with hot /uid cold water. b o'clock. 7Q SPRING STREET. TOREK DOORS FROM BROADI tJ way.?To let. aevrral L./idwiainlv luriiKhe-t R-M na. :o luitle gnullemru. The locution la uoar all the iU?l elaaa hotel*. AiUched to the huildtnr la a muting room. tree. Inquire ti ANSOB HOUSE. m NINTH HTRKKT.?TO LET, FURNISHED, A Iron' Porlur with BedrOotn attached, or eeporatclv, uu ootid Uoor; bonne prlrata and Urat eUaa, location third b.Hite weatof Broadway. miriOHTH STREET.?EI.KG ANTLY FURNT-JtlKD Koonut, with full or partial Board, with all Lhe no d ru improvement*, tor gentlemen or fumble*. Pluaie call aud aee for yuutelrea. lOQ EAST TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIRST JL'J<~ aud Saoond avenue*.? V private family will let to a gentleman and wtie or two tingle gentlemen, a furuwhod Room. with Hoard, In a brown atone front bouae containing tbo modern Improvement*, gaa, bath. .to. Reference required. COITTIIY BOARD. ~ rfOABD AT ROOK AWAY, LONG ISLAND, IN A PRII van- famil.- good bring an i aplendt.1 *.>a nothing. Coramuulration hv rail, atage and bout four or Hre itmea dolly. Apply at Bti Broadway , near Twelftb street. Board on fort i.ek heights?in aprivat* tea ily. Terma tor tdngle bout-derm, II per week. Boata leave at 7 and S-. A. N. tor New York. Inquire at No. 3 King lie:'., and of Ute eaptaina of the Fort Leo boat*, fi?* of Sprfg street, Nehf York. A. W. DKI.AKOL.lli. COUNTRY BOARD-CAN BE HAD IN A PRIVATE inoiily, near PaU-bocue, I.. I., and In view of the grtul r "ilh bay. Good licking, bulbing, auinng. Ac.; also aenoifunodalk/n f?r Horaea and rur-lugey; terma moderate. Inqutrn of K. S. BRETT, Na lib <'bambers atreet. (TOUNTRY BOARD-SEVERAL LADIES AND QRN ) tlem-n -in bo aeeomin.Kl.ited with i-oarti in a family . In a very p leaaant and healthy place in Norfolk, (tonn. Public eouvey an - from Now York, f or purucuiara.addmae ; U. A Bigektw. Norfolk, Conn. Country bo*rd.-two families oan be aocom molded with Hoard for the summer at a farm hoait" near Ling Branch half a mic* fram Shrewsbury river. altera meainbreum ply dai y. and .p.trier of i milriwm Rarita.i to I Delaware RaPrjad depot. Reference riven, and liuiuirgul CepLll. B. Barker, atromer Highland Light. CAOINTRY BO 4RD.?THREE OR FOUR MOST DESI ) ruble Rooute, In a delightfully mu'intaiiioiui quiet retreat; Urfe shady lawn, une air tod warm hatlia on." hour .ml o h Or t>*n New York. Keferen J. A. Ihtridaou, 43 Murray treat; J H. Myer?, ft Broadway. CO! NTRY BOARD?A PARTY OT FIVE ADULTS, t ?o ahildren and nurse (colored, vtah tn obtain Hoard In farm hooar, where fruit and vegetable# are plenty; It must be near water, a Ilk eocomuwstep >ua fur bathing, boating, ilah Ing. Ac Addrraa O. W. I., New* nfltce, U| City Hall eq'tore, Mating locality, luraa, Ac. (YOUNTRY BOARD CAR KB OHT.UNKD AT UlNO J Hraneh? llotia* being pie tamely located within '??ulT mtnmea' walk rt the beach where there la good aea bathing. the rootr s are pleatant and airy , eaay of a? eaa by railroad or boat. For further pai Uculara Inquire at 75 [Iaaunuud itreei. CAOVNTRY BOARD OH DAVID'S 1HI.ANO. ON LON<t J Island Smnd, oear. New Rocbelie.? A few select fami Ilea oeu bo arvununudated'or the aetaua. Catnmunioudon o the city by retimed and eleamlioet dally. Aj?pty u> <lKO. W. I>Anfffl 1S7 William Mreet CYOI'NTRY BOARD CAN BR OHTAtNKD AT A FtRM J bouae near Spring Valley, two boura' rile hv r.ulrtvi 1. Uv ration beonit/id and healthy. For purU alara inqulrn el Au 83 l.ndl >w street. COFNTRY BOARD AT NEW ROOTlEI.LK.~MRS HAD DKN hm a lew desirable Koumi yet llr'n^t"!. n the Pavilion. Now Rochelle It Is within fl*" minute's w.iof Ilia depot, and tor the ouminrta oi a B'uomer retreat unsurpassed COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-POR A FAMII.Y OK ten per* ma, Mostly children, and two wr\ *n'?. nut dla aid from the city A farm h ow- preferred. * bore ? ?1 acorna nialaiiotiSouti be obtained. Addieaa box 634 Boat tdhce, Mat ing particular* and terma. (" MKV BOARD WANTED?WITH IN 30 JflUH OF J New York, and eaay of access; on i fa'in and near the water preferred. lull Hoard for lady and breakfaalapd lea lor gentleman: te'in* not to exceed 37 per week for both. Ad dreaa, wok fall particular*, Unary Young, lleral l ottloe. CYOUNTRY BOARD WANTKJ)?ON ST TEN INLAND J or lamp I'laiel, near the water, for a Ivly andbiv. (lt? , year* old. Address, adding terma aud luctiurn, J., Humid . Alee. ] FAMILIES WIMHINO BOARD IN THE COUNTRY CAN be accommodated by making application to Mia ANN POST, Heliport, Long lalsiill Terma mudarate. PRIWTE BOARD AT OLEN DOVE-ONE OR TWn i small lumibca can be accommodated with Hnaid, In a pid- t ] tale Ikiio.y, at ike almvr place. PatdP olora may ba hat t.?. tlav by Uuulrlng ataorc i? II tdauo street, between Uiehoure ' . , II A U -..-I ll' * ! OTATRN TW.AIIH.-TWO OKNTLKXSN OAS OBTAIN I D p'.MKtol Room*. wtlh pa.m . Poind, on 'k# aaorc oetwnrn i afr'.vyvllir and Piet Klcbn. j awe ui.n:l.i wa'? .'-.en the ferry, in t private family . > .ma u-u ieiaie. Aeiir a* cult.m, , Herald office. [ SUMMtR NOARTV-A QKNTLKMAN \NIT W, K ANrt ' few nn|> gentlemen can be a.-co.iiro iatel *' > t?l?? aaiii Ro?a>? and good Board, on rwarouabi leinia, ni IJ rluuUi | Ninth eueei, corner .d Neecud, William ' trg. BtWaiKH KICHOHTS. Atlantic hoihk, < tppnafte Town Hark, NRWKiKT, RBODR INLAND. Thai grunt and raneclju* Hotel, ranking in the firm ordrr of aummer eatabli'hd.rota, re<urnijbed and embelahed thoroughlv. ia now open lor the era* n II ta 'he tnteeiimi of the new proprietor to ?o crmdtvt It that It ahall bear latueable "in arunin wi'h an v houee in iba mmtry. WILLI AM NKVflQX, Propriebg. Bkai/p noTKi, -Totirn mtniral fprixor. cnitu era. Maine -Tnia new ami ttuicuiticnt hotel. lb. wiiiahjy fumi?b?d wpb trery pivmWon for ike oooifortof In ff'ir.eia, will be opened no the ldlh mat. The n n?ra of tbla apring p aeeaa the biab'ot medicinal vlrt'im of an. la ike cieimry. Attacked are hlllierl aal ?na howling alle>(. Ill cry etahlei, troll i.t' lake. Hr Ike vicinity afforcia ample uiraruon to .be aoglai and aportnmau. I'urmci will be ion vi in r* wiln-ca at Anauila and liar diner, four dndai.t, f. r ffie rimveyauoe Of goeate WM. U WIUTk. AgeiM. CuuacA, Maine. June t, 18f). T AKK MnllKHAN IIOUHR IR NOW OPKN FOR ?CMJLi art Boarding. ait'iated four mi lee earn of Peekak.ll Th age, Weetrbewer county. one bmir and e baif ride from 'k? eltyby Iludam Rirer Hal.rnad. Mountaffi air. (ond did > ee and natklag, m. k>-? It one of the name deal,-aula location* to be found far faiullira wbo p<i 'po*e going In ike ouuhirj. AddrtsaeA. W. Palmer. Poekaklll Poet office. LA TOrRKTTB HOf.aR. mtROF.N POINT, N I-MOATS I for Ikii favorite watering place Irate pier No. J Nork i rt*. r at *"<1 ll'4 A Al mli!a.?l5 ,P ft , fr "n Barclay all 1 at 10 A.M. uid 4. P.M. My Imine ilale appltr moo a few fairtty Benin* may be eng tge.1 Ample acm un ?l?iiou j lor traiAte'ut boerd-ia. WKHL.KT W. HI Id*. iformerir of twfarge llouan.) Proprievw. I NfiRTR ANII HOLM II, RANON POINT, LONU l.*L>ANI?, ' baa been areai'y rnlateed. Inapnne.1 and newly for I niahed, and w now m-tnplei* and oi>en; I t eenty m 1 s from New Anrk rlty, per emmer lemg latacd, leanog Ltmea alle i al 4 P M.?one >nd a half kour'a aait Huuug knur el d P. M. Warning, eirirtng in town at 9 A Al. B II. NOSTRA vn, Per print*. Or*AN liors*. IXINfi RRASiTI. ?TTIR WKAMS11F (IMHI.AXII I.T'IHT and yi.N I HKAN V ply .lally ' fr>?n NiHnneon aureet, Nurtk rwer. For um? of war lug we i itally llama A. U. IIAdUortTY. Proprieuw. IA BAliilV l AT 1/tMQ III AN.Ill, N I -T'lFi AIJLBgbany Hon?e le now open for Ike r? eptloi of nd ra I- Thi* b me tabenntiftdly aPiwde.1 aA tke ti.natu iaef ke l>?iiw i war* and Karl tan Bay Railroad, bavltig a tine lew of the ooean ard a ./r ?iueln.g gun...try. F?n?r>e.a il"n on rr.atmabletorma M WaIILI.K, Proprievir. I Tit* monMvn inv;-, at fine mom, \.v:m of Nav?*io?. X -w J, -*ry, ta a? ?* <? In (rmA < < ik? i iubt Hi a* i, wlih - aianAiri m? ot AUaatla fWvun; ' f unl rlrar bait?.,.', ?> M *bl? f r 1 * 11 chiMren V. J \ * V f A. *"?ml ,na'? ni^blm 1 r?*V an ! t/trg Bran*! I nl a' * > it*, nun U?"t lallj. _________ Trnrrn* for-f, n tttlf. ?ttv*it, fhrkw hi -it, FT X J . on tb* ?lir*ir?h r, rt?#r. fronting hail? fTn nl?. ha'.htn*. *h-**ir*, '.ahm* r-iV.ln* ?i?<: *4 Utt*. nMq'ialled. ?amiraW" ?port for r?nt?4 Hf?liinir % f* rrj>y??nu Onirt ?gn tan >ltu?in f-ir larftr* **4 oh'Mr*n l?Aa*.tr* ana Rarv in May r? 'ii>n?t. I*vr !?at of Hn .??.. i trntjt |L?~! 'jto*n a 'U>. I if tYKA * N'OXKH. WOOM 1XB ?X>TTA<MC, HI?m RR1DOH.?BKMmm. ?*"iirr7, "<v.| ur, |>*>p la/ ro?Tt?, rvataaap.e prtcra, attrn'lr* ?*it"r* ant a *ni? <1.1 'I*-* -,{ In Mi*. A ?*m -?t ?mry bn'ir fr< m P?*b K.lp ?i 1 T*i,ih "ir**!, m * ?**jn-r* at llarlm brldga anj Tt)r<l arrivi* oar* Thr > ,ib 1 arn aoJr U erpia. A K. rtTTTHft} wotkiVB. ' A LBIOW HOTTO--VW BCDBOX aTKKirr. ' OR*??R oT A. Ikarlaa. 'w* Mo-ka from Um? h#rtb ( to# Graai f?,?M n-'rommnita'ta'in far Iran***! nr r*rma"""" fltaaaa ai..| #',! f.iniah* I r?aa? 11* ? r? >*l*. ?bi? or marr *4 or * n*b> ?'to ? no". ?* ,f ?, pa- . .it,' <Ut<? and .-ara pan# u,? linor. < < ? W ?a, Hranti -A an.t R?Ktr?. T. LAHBKHT, Pnpnr.utr. rVHTV AV**TJ(C BOTRIr-307 AID WO FOURTH ? ,. " 1 > >1 aa t Ttrr- y f rJi nr ? *. ?'anv.i,?* rir?i.J?m?n ? , -i.m . . I w ,b ' -,a " > m? ?Hb nf a Jimt Mr). Ntranr?r* ?'*!' 1 * lh? 'Af vna *-I Aba ?uMt aa'i 4*?trab',? ai'-ppir* c.v Tww ? '/ 1 > I M tJCW AT ArCTlQW. AMORTIMICK IIHIF'IN 4 OO AUCTION** K*. . MAUN^yit'Kirr TIO^HKUULU . ruHNirunK Arvi Work* of Art at public auction on thw, sr1' * ??' Oil Painllng. b, em aeut wJuT"4 ^Wl?* 'urntt<?Artbttr Bnnzes, marble Mutuary Pre neb plate Pier and Mantel Mm .r?. Hnvado and lace Curwiiw, Serree and Drredeo China Ornament, Veive MediUian Carpel* Bronze and ormolu Chandelier*, China, Qlnsa and 81! rer Ware, Oak erteoMnn Table, Buffet, llueewiaai and mahogany Chamber Furniture, en mite. MOKTIMKR OKIKKIN i CO,. aurttouaer*, reap am fully Inform Uielr lrtend* and the puhliatbey a ill offer at public auction thta. ay, all the Uotieebold Furniture, Mr, .'.mitine l in the thvp hoiute. The furniture wu* all made to or ier by thnee celebrated rabluotmakein, Weil Ri'o.,hik1 te the le- t dearnpUou. The hiiuan was newly 'urnlah*' ! all inomha ago, it&d is 11) pveellhiit msihp. HiMPrintlVH nialmli iikm m1 the) luiu-iil m<li ning of >4*4. itRAWiyo rooms. Mugt-i Icent nvtB octave Planoforui, The lic-he*: Instrument offered at Auction this season, four round corners, tiulshed all round, carved leg* and case, overstrung l-ass, full Iron plain, inlaid wUh mother of pearl, solid pe irl keys, all modern improve mnuis, uaado by Bruu (way makers, fully g iirantced. tested by oompeient j u lg<-?, pronounced a superior insl. umnnt, and oust t06i, rosewood i'.uiterbury, Stool, covered In brocade; Prone* embroidered cloth liover. Music llc?.ks, wild carved rosewood Huit, covered In blue and gold brocade of rl best iteecrmtton, vl/:?Two tete a > e Soft*. two arm, reoepllou and eight oval ba- k Chairs, nvde by Wsil, Btegeres, carved n fruit and lowers; stotu.u-y inai hie u*i Prone v plate Mirrors, doors and back; two supeib centre Table* 10 match the suit*, elegant Secretory aid Biv.kc.on Turkish essy'Vliiiirs. King's piileal; orm ilu t 'inck, run* one month. Imported from Burls by the preaeiu owm r. 6 light ormolu sod broure Ch.iodeUer*. 1! Urge mantel Mirrors, pier Mirrors, Ti'lvet t 'arpeta, lacc Pur aids. Breach (shades, gilt Cornices, oil PoinUugt Aasmup. ion, Virgin Ma"y. a correct copy froat tkc ongiual paltulne ui the Louvre, t'.irls; dtorui ut Sen, Smuggler a Ki.-nilv; also a number ot Hue cabinet Pte lures, oak lUunind. nliairs, (lilclmh, atiir Carpets, K.als, Ac Liuli g K .ai?Solid oak Bullet, Dinner sad le t Sets, sihd Bllver Ware, silver platen Ware, ruby ami crystal cui and en graved tl.oss Wait*. ShcUleld table Outlerv and Linen, Hert ratrtistuii table. Id feet Chambers?Rosewood end ms hogon] dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Commodes, WasbaUuds, hair and sprnir Mnttresaee, Armoir a <llacc, Wardrobes, Sofas, K'Wkcis, tTiatre. Comer Sta.iJBed laumt. Blankets. Ac tku il the Hose.ueut and Kitchen Furniture with which the sale will commence. N. B.?Nirauger* r<*hiug to attend this sale taking Klfth and Sixth avenue stares from the A dor House, St. Xsobolae and Metropolitan Hotels, bringsthcra w.thin a few doors of the house A oompeient person will be In attendance to pack wad ship the goods to the country If desired. Alfred wilbonaco., aectiorkk km, salesroom, Icj Broadway, corucr of Heinle street. | R.sewood Household Furniture, Magiiuicent rosewood Pianoforte, baits of Purlor Furniture, Pier and mantel M:rr. rg, .to. At the private residence of Col Wm. F. dates. A"' West Eleventh street, third door lrom Fluh avenue. The aale wl I commence tins (.Thursday) morniu AT 10'. O'CI/M'K. Catalogues can be had a the counting room or a the h .use early I hi* morning. The rosewood Furnlt?re m? .e 10 or dcr lor the Colonel only *U month* since, an I will be * .! 1 pe remptoi lly previous to his departure for the Padl'tr The pa. Uvular aUcut.on of my friends and dealers Is requested at this important sale. 8a.s will .-nmmeiiee in ibe DIX1M1 KOUM. Msgrdflocnt oak Extension Dining Table, oak Ruffet, Table Cutlery, Ivory balanced handlo Knives and Forks, sine. Ta ble and Tea bpooua beautiful ('osiers, French clitua Dinner set of AX) pieces; rhlnu deou atcd Teasel, Fi *ueh > al I lass ware beautifully engraved; eluna end spina dns kery, Carpels, Cluck, Hum . Ac DRAWING RtXiMfl. One of Die most costiy Pianoforte* ever offered at suction: the pianoforte was made to order only last fall, aud oo#i f ??J it has solid pearl keys, tablet board engraved wd.'i mother of pearl aud maker's nuine; full Iron frame, mod.-ru improve meots, carved legs, lined with sallow .stand fully guaranteed; three Suits of i.iaewood parlor Furniture, richly carved In fruit, covered will, satis broralel, gold, blue aud green; ->1 Wt riwe wood ci nire, sofa and side Tables, pier aud iu?ut-l M.r mrs rare Oil Pah.Huge Kngra, niga, MMMl It" >k. .*e* Escretuire and roeewoiid Etegcrc, lured with soUDw >1. mirror doors and tack, Divan, easy Isitiuges and CU ilr i, royal TeheiCarpvia, liugs. &c.; hue aud braasM Curuxs, oor | ii.cee, Ac.; Kocolgimre, Work ten Meludeon, Ac. Mlk.MitKIW ' En suite Solid rosewood Bedstead. Bureau, Withstand, Table, Commode. Amour deUlsce, curled hair Mattresses i inrary?nco'iuig, nao* ? rio, I sue ttu<l una, Carpet. l urUm?, 4c. Also in iho thiol and f'xirtb stones?W?I. nut and malc-any he. 1st' ud*. Humana, Waahstanda hair MuUre,***, Iralurr BciIh, PHjuwj, r-beets, I.I' on, t il'lo < liters, 4c.; Kofaa and sofa lied*. spring ClnlM. can*1 K*o;kei*, l-ouncea, (>U Paintings, Kngravinta, stair Carpet, K*?ia, hall Hat Stand, gas (Ivturea. Oilcloth, 4c. Also at eouimeneemtwit of the lab* all th* elegant basement anl kit* lu*n Furniture. N. II ?Strappers In Mi* city deair*nta of attending the sal* thla t morning, ran bike the Suih avenue nara at the Aator llutiae. i >r Fifth av*niu> aku*ea, audr**i*iesi the driver to lot Ihrtn -?fr | at V.evetlh street, It wtU brut;; theut *K I till a a few d * >rs .?* the 1 boiao. WN. P. OATfcS. I A UCTION NOT1CR RXTRAOUDIR ARY. I x\. Wenutn* sale of rich and costly . luwwmid Furniture, sttpern Mlrmrs, Puooturte, bronze and | marhl* h lenrcn Palmlr ira, rtrb Hulls In broeal*!, maguiloeal I <liaiD**ti'l Bracelet and dinner Kings, Library, Ac **n 11IUKNHAY, Jl'I.Y X. AT lot, OCLOCK, being the entire oontenta ol house 1.1] Wot Twenty llrst street, near Seventh avenue. Rt'KKKLL W. WKSTCOTT 4 CO., I aoetxmrera, would l.irlte the attention of housekeeper* pi the above rale na being worthy of their attention, all the Pumhure , In the bonne being first class. narU but a abort time, and every article to be peiemntorily wild, ronslstln* in part of elegant 1 rtwwind Parlor Furniture, en suite comprising three fufl i suits, with solid rone wood frames, OOTsrwd m rich criatwin and maroon brocade; rosewood marbletop fitep** o, pUu* dooii. ele gant French work Tablf, ventre and round roar wood Taole with mosaic nad atatuary tops; arm Turktsh chairs in hrorsd*; : Turalah l/tungra. rosewood Kerepurn t h.urs. superb rose' wood" 7H'stave Pianoforte, made by lliuhk?y; rl. hhronre ' and ormolu Chardcllcrs, elegant Mantel and lder Mirrors, with 1 marble and gold bases; Tabiea, rich cluua Vu?*s. Bionaca, marble Figures, I'a'nunga, lace Curtains. t:ngits% Carpets. ] Parla nock, runs one month; rosewood Sofa, Tahira *c.; | rosewood lted?mads, large hair Mattresses, Kngllsh Blankets. . r*i?ewooi| dreswng Bureaus with Ols*,?; daewool Wardr -lie, with mirror doors; marble WoahaUinda, French plate Mirrors, . French cottage ("hairs. Lounges, letr a tctca. Can eta. Shades ] Piling Ructa Furulture?uttetmloo Table, rich rubr vad crra- ! ' tai cut (1 lass, Stiver Wa.e, trory Cutlery, oak diuuu* Chairs, | i marble top Mdebos-d, Oilcloths, ons of Coil's superior Ave bur, relied Revolvers largs iron Hafc, made by B. M. Patrick, as j good as new, with a Urge variety of good m ihog inv, oak ami i I naee.-st Furniture, sot here enumerated. No postponement , of sale on any account. The House will be rented for the balance of the year, at a I nominal reut: p*see?i*lon Immediately. Catalogues at house. Deposits will be r**|tilred of all pur- , chassis. AF niiNTHt S SALE OP KLKOANT ROSKWOOD PAR LOR, niNfJCtl ROOM AND NURSERY PL'ltMTl UK, i ack muiril'tocni lti?>,S/.RS, STATUARY, PAINTINOH, Ad* On Friday, duly 17. at IH'i o'cI * k, J. W. POKTKK 4 til) , Au-diooeerm, Will sell, nhbont reserve, the beitUful Furniture coo tat net la the elegant itNtmam, Sid Fourtsanib street, west of I K.'gblh avenue, all of w hich was maile to order, and 1* dent 1 class, onetetlng of magnificent roue wood 7}( nrtarn Piano- I forte, three elegant Pill suits solid rone wood Furniture, myie V> or.I* r by h"?U, Hroodway, all covered In rich Fr*w'h i brrv aJ*, superb roac'V I Kleger*#, style Inula XIV , m?d? by rieveoa, Statuary aiai m hook* top ruaemsal Centre and 1'ier t 7sb.* s, made by Maroott of Pirii, tuxgniticent rusntel *tul pier .Minora, with base tables and cornices; silk and laeu I' l*?r.l **.H I.I.'m 1,,VI.k I ...1.1'..I Intra <*fcaira to match. rnaeaool Reception Ckstlr*. maKtiiJcant I lai* and .-jute Vans*. nh china manual lirunanita. b more . Rod M ble tlrnqpe, cojsction of Klegtui i >d IWllO Q bri<"t&s aiicteut and palnti urn, by HunU;i,;tot?, t'ule. and othi r eminent *rt.?w, Knaltab Carpet*, supt rti thtml>rr Fuinltui<\ (inthl<- rosewood Oedeteada, in arble lop dra?*lu< H ireaiM. Wn.-hataadk, tTMrv < ! Annoor, *ith Fr- .en flaei door-, I'rcnrh to ari,< id lt*r? I hrnrt, ov U Mirrors, broom CI.***, flhpdalabraa, l-trga Hair .N utreene nipcrh H**ls .* 11 1 lie ' Pep, I b.vai Olafe* 4. elegant n..irhle |Vd.*?'*'a. J surmounted wlih hrnnre ftyoren: di>i?dnx ?ol to lot r*bl(m, rich I'unri < DMi?. full set ru'iy engraved lilac* ware, Ue rimers, Wlnea, Cb..mpA4 urs, Onhltl*, 111 nr h ind* uu'T lb.tlli *. t niter I', mis, lepsat Silverware, h n Pilch r?. H 1 fere, Foihr, Apnnns. fb%*ior*. Uru* Sr., irory nodviliai tvhlo Cutler};superior <o f*bic, auk '*.k Ibning Kuitiiiurr, Pale pusbrr, bouse t > let. AUtKRT II. Mt til.kY, ArcTIOKKK*. K<'f lar mu< tloti -.vie ol ?n,| || ,uj, AUtKRT II. M' <?I.A Y will si ll, thi* d ty, i riior?Uy ) July 38. *1 13', o clock, at the ?U*:< aileaiootu No. S? Wtills:.i street, tienr Wail ? AOshs Ri?t Kit er Bank M8 II ?h*. Continental Knrtic. VII*) 111 ttaokof t'ouiiuouini-aUh Ital 2."> Annans' Kauk lm 40 I rvtnr Hirnk Ik) 2111 Jme <r*' ln<? m.-r .. :*t )D Kkeeb or li.-urance. Ml |il Washing >r Marios Ilk I .A) ,>r?ey City Insurance .. SO 7 l.umar Insuruoco .. Ilk) 44. I eon Insurance . fi rti Clitoiign aid N W Kit. l'kl .M) Wall P1 reel Insurance.. Nt 10 VCr iianu Mutual In* l'?> It) tlehbard Itisuran ... Mm .kl North River luaursur... it 411 !i w liieurnnee Ill) IhMirest Wi-drrn M trine I" 10 Humboldt Insurance... Its) 7 Wssl igt m Marine St) $6 mil Ii-tr-nlt aod Mil* ink"" !?' tnortgv ?< 7 per cent. S.'??i Dayton aud Michigan Railroad 1 par n? nt. 10 ikti Trevnrton Cnsl ard Rdlroad l?t Neit rreutar *nl? on M<md?ir. .Inly ?>. K?aular t irOmi ' mln ? Siocka and hordsrv-rr tfotnUr and Thnmmr, '* every day *h*i.*r*r rr pilrod at o'clock, at til* atocy I r>?.ni, No. 62 Wllltara street, or Merrhtnla' K?- Oaiif*. a* d?- I aired. Sua-Ha aivl K.*ala bousat and ?old at pnrat* a*> .,n4 at | the Mr.feera'Sh ard. Al.itKRI' II. Nlt'tll.AY. Aurtlonaer and Stn>-k Itroker, . N.? 62 WlUlam street. k CCTION NfkTIi V -nRfN'KRICs LTQCOlU, NKOARS, J\ A. -HRNRY OKI.KN *111 sell, tin* d?y, at Itu. o'o ? a. i at ldi Wt.ium atreet. I'olt..*. Hnaii. Ntireh. Tea, V 1st .r I Tei). ' p<r KnUlna, "arranta, fork*. II?II nut. Mackerel. Plarel. Fauterwe Mruily. Utn, Rum Wb.*k*y In ra?ka and ' damijohua; elan M,'M> Srf\m, Uo tone RThlte Ijujv.. Ac AWItl 1 HE'S *4l.?C ?MOI.TI aRI> K'IiVKK WaTIIHKN, Jewelry. *r -* IIAR 11 WW A F 41K' II!!.I), mm Will aril, no Friday Wih bwl , at lOo'r w*. at 191 llrmd. | way, <* ' at <4 I>rj air? 1, kicM floor, a lv*e quantity -4 *otd and allTHT WalrheaAnd Walrh 4 , orannte of celebrated m*k#r?, tine r>id Jewelry In ail Ha variety for peatl*- i mni'iwl Udtea' e?*r, sock Mi**? haa end f*r?pe, rtraee- ' letn nark and cbntelalne ^heine. Iswkela, Idnfta Uaade, Haa<ldraa> pte. ea Rinir* plain aadevmed. alan, fob, raw, nark j I r<iard " ban,, Kin**, line, to, tor rmilhmen'a waar. Alan, two Jewelry Irne Kafea, IRA AO nt'DUl)il>, Awrw 191 AHum A. I.KMT. AI < " ORE IT FAI.rTRT VILLA LOT* i* ii.urr orarok. inie stkitier il~~f?c* rR'iPERTY. On TVirwUy, Jnly 21 at ktf o'clock PR, Or aala to Ukr pi ire al tha eele- ronm of br eucU mrer, M< ,117 Hmnd a'raal, Few ark. rm-1?Ui?? bafca air.-n ' .r pert tea In pnrrtiaaa In ntein mapa ?RR aiamine the prrmiaaa pra>V>ue to the aala Tbt? ?arr deairable properly, now purveyed and laid mil la rllla ICa. * Warad to ihr public for aala.^aKnalad In tha ntty nf Orange, F?rri rn'int* Raw lerecv formerly Eaat Orange, a n rtl m of aald trart Trine nrar tha Una ?.f the city of Fewer*, In dirtanca frnta Broad alrr-t not over two and a quarter nil Ira. tha front of aald property la iornind no tha turnpike road . k i.. Or n*r, wha-li ibara la a regular -ie of omnlb'iara running rrrry l*>nr, alei, oneetuUeaunea i brtwaen aald potnU by Waawi reflr?wd, and la OOOIWO of 1AM by a b-.rae car paaaanget railroad. ORKAT FA LB OF 2t$ LOW. TMa proparty la baantlf ,illy located for VBla Tola. IWrtoan. naaa to tba rtly of Rawark, and tha rnarrnlmnna for reaching tba aainn, rwadar ? vary ?'.i?tble to tboan who daaira a band m? ar 1 rbrnp r' r*I la? Tha grr, tud la peifaally level aad frra l mm undulation. Mai an 1 all additional Information ran ha oMatnad on applleati n In Ihr auctioneer, at U7 Broad ureal, Rawark. Tenia of anay. Warrantee daedp n) ba ptren for proparty. A foO aearah of Utia f.w a.amlnaum ->n day uf aala, uf which a oom wl* ba etrr? to a??h p'trchaaer. imt v ,?r* ,eereFtewart'a Bcdal, Kawark, aill.M A. M,, 1 and 4 ?0 F M Lta'd ' tvirt turM ?r-?7 ho * 4 tr^f tha day. 3^ AT APCTHW. arctio* wottcb ? brrwllajth furaitukb kxpreae 41,J I'a king KalatilmhoienL, 111 and II] Wert I leveiitL aireet, brlwecti Fifth and Hl?th avenaea. Rich Housebid furniture, every daecrlpUniL honed and ahtpp <d (nail T?rt* ..i the world. Purge aoverea w?g n* fur the r?m< vaI ?f irui'ure u> tbe country. Furniture of Umiltee removed with live Mutual care. Murage for furniture. Ul XKCCTKiX SAI.E AT AUCTION. "J Mv ord. r i f Miry Cutter, Rieetitrlr. I will ieW, tkie day, ataiu ti?n, ewnnotncftng aijlil-J o'clock, v Ut? i> ai.lru.-M of ibe lute JoLall Coo|nir. No M tV?? Eightr.-ulh street between filth and eUlb avenues, li the louu-iiui of tbo Ito teu, consisting of aver.- me -olleo Uou Ot Household Furniture. elegant 7 octave PUirvo.rte, Velvet, linnet-in and ingrain Carp'la and Rugs, Mil painUurn liNiue, i.arlao . tuou Hum iialdA*!?' '."7'* pari..r an1 rbuinber Onwrnnna ?co mivd bny aiel Cuivauw, Fruodi Window Slu^i .itvl n ?? Viet and iiaUl, with gilt Tablet; O UtUla .tieft bronse Ki. rieh ft lo*-v *?one a very etpenaiv i ajrtf* , dr. runa 21 day*, tuning room CHlUtog KvteealunTable, taree aire w ih weed 1. ge; rich rut and migrated linhonmui and Kr-uv h Ola *0*1 .? silter aud plated Cattlem, Forka, Hp,mm and Tea sr.b frwn ? china Dinner and Tea H?.i complete; ivory and oe v-l ftt.n led Cutlery?Kodgera' make; r,?rw<iol Htdeboarcl, I'alnti .g? of rrult and <j*jue. also turtutim, Hhuiri, Ac. Bedchambers have the .umaJ assortment of Bodi'oudi. liunut as. Redding, i: lunar s. Ac. Thin Furniture, Ac , has been In om only 11 months, an 11* la perlect order. Any article bought ran be packed an I ,b pp.* I siau t notice. by responsible parlies known to the au jonesr. j. Mil.NOR TAYLOR, Auctioneer, ofUce No. i Hrv.u jout? au ei-l N. B?fdr.ingers and others wishing to attend ihia sole wtll find It convenient by taking any ol' the Broadway or Ftl'h arei > or cara. ljlXKC(.'TOR'S SALE OF STOCKS.?WE WOIM !> C.UJ, VJ attention to the Kiecutor's sale of Stocks hi be mad* at a u'tfon by E. H. I.LPl/lW k CO , this day (Thursday, at l'J o clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. AueUoaeers' 4U.e, No. 3 Fine sirest, near Brtadwsy. FjiXMTTOR'S HAIJC OF KitAL ESTATE. 'j The homestead Farm. late of Benjamin Romine, deceased, annate ut ibe "Big Pood.'' Franklin township Bergen oonnty, N. J , and exiinuulrg seventy-five acres, more or lean, will be t ltd by i nbltc vendue, on the premises, on the Urat lay ot August lie It. at | (j cluck P. M. Ibis property ta situate ahnnt seren miles northwesterly (mm Peterson, N ,1 ; is Ijeantttu'ly situated on a lake of abuttf 0.1e mile square. *b b abounds in every variety of Halt, andls fine of the most dee r.,hle locations In the country, par*jcuta*lj to those wbo delight lu ht(uaiic antnsetneuts. For further tmortnstlnn appboat on may be made to WTIs 1.IAM BUTTON. AnC last Klghtb street, m. T-, after i o'eloet P. 51., or on the prrmtaea to bt; sold. EnWARn SORHN.IK. AUOTIONRFR-PHARTON.?BT K. A V (i. HI'UKNCt, ,hi Friday, JTth lust, at true u' 'lock, at iheirAaItsrootti, 111 Rt.uidway, a light Phaeton, weighing loOlbs. with top. oMchmuu's seat behind, was built tn order by the siicCcsNor of Wat.vm. ot Philadelphia, has been but )>U1# used, and is sold ouly tor want of use. FCOI.TON, AUCTIONEER -LAP.dK STOCK OT . Fancy Goods, tliaaa Cases. Ac. This day, Thursday, July 2t>, at lt|i{ o'clock, at 108 Full, u street, a verv large stock ait JnUUuerv and Fancy uuoda, being Ute entire stork of a dealer, r.anprisin r In part' silks and Hosiery Uoods. l,o>-u and loVtum do.; Tlaudkeri lilefs, Collars, Rib mus, Twi?u, <'apes. Brushes, Buttons, Edgings, Tar Is tons, Ulnvea, ti:?.. Cases, together wltb many articles found lu ih" retail trade. "ail peremptory. Also severs! tino Carpets, Ac. HKN'BV II. LKKDf. AUCTIONEER. ralesroom No. 23 Nassau street. HENRYU l.EBl 'K A Co wall tell at auotkm, on Thursday, July 26, at 12 o'clock, at the salesr sen So. 3| Nassau arret, A beautiful collect irn of Ktufl'ed Birds, srramred singly, in groups, and under glass shades. (okkph hr(!km\n, ACOTIONKFR-FR1DAT, jct.t J 27. at It) o'ciwk a. M . at the Central Salesrooms, WUleiighby, corner of Pearl street, Brooklyn, regular weekly sale It usehcld Furniture, Hair and Boring Mattresses, Oarpet* and Oilcloths, i htnrsa Hong; also a large Magic I .an tern, in gisxt orcrr, suitable for exhibit.on*, cost I Jut). JOHN 11. Hl'Rl.KY, AUCTIONEER, WII.L HKIJ, THIS duy, at two o'clock, at III Canal atr-et, tear Varlck. marble too and other Bureaus, Wasosuods, pier, man'.el and oil er I. asses, Warlrot es, mahogany and oth? r Chairs,, Sofa Beds. Is unges,*sna other .M.utreaaea, Bedding, e?tenalon, router and other Tables. Brussels aid other t 'arpets, 'nbduths, Curtsies Table linen, kitchen Purnlturu, Ac. Kvurytnlng fur housekuuping. Mnocnimr. anorifinem, wii.l bkll to mor row . Friday. July 27 at l'1', o u'ock, at the salesroom. S5 Nnviu nrr. t, a larve aaaortment of bousrhoi I K irnllnre, t irp. ts, tnloiishs, malwigany and rose? Parlor Jgulta, t<nertv lit heir rloin *11] nr<*-*'"i, rill rr*me pier tiw mantel Mirror*, letilru Tahlit*. B?tiki:uea. h*u-n*lnu lHrunjr I'ahlee, Iir<'s?inx Jfiircurn, Wa*ba:ar.J.< Hodateadi, bair MaliroMes, Palllaoae'i. Wardrobe*, Lounge*. Ac. I )< ,> . lera *ud bono- keeper* will urnl the above uilrt well worthy of attention, aa every 1> I la lo br preeWptory Bold P> the in ;b-?t bidder. PAWNBROKER'S RALK.-B LKVY A CO. WILL SELL. Ihta day. at lv>, o'clock, at 21 tVharion atreet, 3M0 i ri vi'l and skirt?, Hnso'ira, Hhawle. M uitlllta. Shim. shoe's ami ChaoitMta, tirxt muUiij; *'mrm'a and children a cloth**. SJk .1 ROOART, AT'CfTI INKERS, WILL SELL OS , Thuroday, July 31, at lot, o'clock, at No. *7 Si.ih *weone, oe.iviiee a *.ile of Hat and Cap Store, enii.tating ?.f allk and felt H.ita. gent*'and hoys Hap* MaOer*' Tools, Kba.k* tnd Btinchra, ?u re and cur# Ftxtume, Oloan Hoses. Looking illMwna. A lea the I?ta*A or the Premises, three tear* men Stay 1. ISfiU. IIKVKV N. HMrTII. AMitgne*. SA J. ItfMiART. AUCTIONEERS?WILL SELL, KRT. <1?T. .Inly 27. ;U It", o elor*, at the auction m-.rr.a No. 1 North William street ,;epte?i Ho?srh?ll K limit are, -rrutiaUng at r.etewood Parlor Suit*, hi tabu brt* ate , lu.iimganr i Tele a leiee easy I'halre, niarhle top Iron Table*. m?L atony and cottar* Bedstead*. hair, hurk and ttraw Matlrawie*. tapestry and {Hniaanla I'urpota, Oil cloth, Hamsun, m.nogany W aahmand*. targe Awmng linen Window Shade, larire jot ?t Crockery and (llaee Ware, Tumblei-a, Wines, ,<i|;er b' 'r ( aaacS toUtl Crockery, marble top Table*, Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE HARDWARE., PLATED WARR, Ac.-t'HAMiiKllH A KAIKl'MII.D, Anctioneera, wid aril, on Thursday, July 2d, at 10 o'clock, at No. JAM Pearl atreet, a li.rgr quantity of Iron Ware, Hollow, Tin Ware, Table and rocket Hntlery, Kdr" r.nls, < hain*. Plated Crns, Hoffe* and Tea Puts, Npociua, K i As. AI*o a general anaurt ment or a wholesale bjidaare b"u?e, Hntenui Ware, Ad., Aa. i Alan oil other good* In tosl four at irr building, Catalog imoA iiie. Jiillh' KgU.y. Mhertir. ! QnERIFF'S SAL*.?PIANOFORTE?A. *. TRDTALAR. KJ anrtinner, a l low- ?, will fll on ima .1*/, .'-ji nit., at 12 o'clock, one aplrndul rarrc.1 rowwiil aevro i> win rloli toned fiano/urte; culebrated mutes. \\tm. wittkrb. apctionker-ivrt.l ski i. thir tl day, it iis tnompaon atreet at 10', ocloek ul l.? *entee! fn/nltitre, a--., to the hon?t, .vimpruc y parlor, xuiber, dm n? run and kitcbeu jfurullurr. alan, u.-- Ijkmm u iuj bonne lor three hhj* 1?? jkkhky pity loth at aitctit<m. mi in the sernnd ward. near the furry. iinrtd smit will *"11 at auriina, no 1 huradnt, i i.v 34. it sovinrk p. m ,, on ihenrrmlan#. eyht lad* <.n ann'ji ?m-> mop linwrwi, werl of warren atreet; atreet tl**yrd and rtaerd three lota on koubnn atreet, lair warrr.n atreet, llff feet each; one l/d north it'lr kiltrnul aeenie yotlin rial a! wati-r pipe* and a-acr. tnrmi ureral. full w.trrarum deed. map* now ready. p.av1p mcoif, 7t 11'uiyimirj drrrl, jerary t ,'ity. 1'loth i \ li, ac. Acakp ? tltvtlf mem'9 akw and lrft off clorbinar pttrohaaoil fur the lte#t*rn market in innr trrvl k.t# < all at the rlore. o- adder#* tv una* t?. <1 mm/ 44 orrtrt atreet. n. h ?merrhaat tailor* having any j?j hani will tilrune add rex* aa above Abiti kk cliakcr for lap ira a no hknti <m civ tu r<invert their caat off mooutig min ea#b, and no hummi*. 1 lie b'ltboei prtoe# p*..? for ( arret#. furniture and lew etry. call at or addrem i'm berentn arennr between .vinai i n'b end twentieth at'?et? i adle# attended by mr* hl no bnptpeaa tranaartrd on kat ir lav*. Ahrk.1t jif.makp for cakt off deithivo lautle* and yentu men c?n reeelie tbe fall value u ^h-m, and rnaranleed >i"t to >-e humbnyy 1 m by aomr 'aha. i retender*. f mm f'j to $sn apiece for ptvawaa; from fd u> 114 ,'ia coala, .from ii upward for i'ai'a and w-ta the birheal f.hre* paid for > 1 ildren'a wear. furniture and carpet* i'vim r.ll on or nimreia llarrta, So Ut brventh .ooir nrlaeea twetiuath and 1 wenty dm stroetp. ladlra aaauded by mrs, han-in. Attkvtiovl-tlir ft'iun. wat for i.aoikh amd renin to ret a fair ca*h pn -r for rmat oil < i..thine and not b" h- rnhnyre i hv great polf> t* to rail on or addreon it mlnu, 2-'i mientb avenue, oear twenty eighth atreel. lmdien attended by mr*. hunt. | aahtoff ctiotiitrh- a t.arorqp ? rtitt w t vtkd. \J the liipbeai pin " ruen. ?n i 'aeh pal i in wmal mm, oethrmrn karlnp la'go or mail tnlauiile;->w 'i m obuurt ii >r full talnn i y l aulny on or ? no.tnjj ut j amm m<iil'?nl5y, a-l i'rarl atre<4. T1ir ucrfxt rtv for la pi fa a vp 'tkvt' kmkr to *et a fair pnre fur ca?t off 1'ablnjr. foraiture. carpet^ and not to hr h> msncyr<| by ?;r~n pttrra. it u< lei a i ote b# jwat to il beirnib araiuie, wi. !i ?ol be pnnrtitaily iieadtt u> by .1, a mult, lalea attrnited ut hr tin. a. aitmulooy. Amvoviakiva.?madam mtikhow, rtf. kvttf danybt-r, born w'.tb a rani ard yiftof f reatrht. >' '? how axon and < ftrn too will marry, and ma y ? ? errn yottff rery llimtyfiia. i re 2p renia, nntll aheni "to ' |oin( uy adeeruarmota. 184 lodiuw atreet, orlow ii.mat. i 'i-: . -art a.d adnottrd. Arova fipr ahtrflloulnt tbatkvfr tonroajf . doprod on f >r rr'tlux a*. <(?? u i from ta 't eta-un ta'iiaojf, whi trll# the d.jre? o? v oir rtao *a ??n ut yon enter her mm all thoold n o* - it b * nat ira'ly tofp-d tidy, a* it mlrbt anvr fbrm many mlaf nooe# ?he *>utr* <pre-iy tnarrlacr* and tella all that >#> <rn* you, ?h .> her kroebti. nearrnotrneth*. tl.ey itprwe all win -nn t brr r -t am in fi/waeaauin of me nrma for tore *> t > >a| inrk, wbh h are erer < eriala in utelr *llr< t nmlhm ffwm tella an true that amtr lidte* may r 1 a c'te in i vho s'bey t?er<l ik i fear, foe alia ttrirtlro* ijiahiny but what ? re neiltme \o pbil'w oh? ta. |-9 allen atreet. near htankm, over the bakery fee f w kuttra and ml mnta. Aatroukit.-mapa* i.rvv, arfkvtii pal'kmtrr. cab m punrnhtnl ahurit itftb btf aba at<1 hbrni fnonda, M'l* ?!' ik? ?mi-| of Ufa, u 1A7 K:i/*>fih u ?-t. lml k-o at rrnta, *anl>?i?o (u rwn'a nbr cm im -,w?4| arrlacraand flatahieAr o ia'i>n. AllkAIRVOYAKT ?MR' KlWlCR V M'tla rlain"jraiH, roorna F<v Four'h a?r?"t, it i ?' -** waal of Hroadwur. i mi i'uii nadar and orro'na. >n Mrk> nana, l-i'aiucaa, alarm tncirla, Ac . and aaua/actn 11 .nr?'l or an pa? MADAM RAY ram* ??*Trf.AiRvnYAi?T tirn A*tTDlacM In tA? I'nifd A>at?a. ?ta?a lu< */ a im''"" auao* irr?/ marrlafra irlla /1-tat i?ro)>a"-tj. /At Mr ?n h %?< ?> >a, Drar T?antf araatilh aarart. Ho'ira, 9 A. M to J I' M. adla% tteoata. gwnUoim. aOm-nla. NM.-WHO TUB ROT HEARD or THE'TCI.FHRAtFD M i lcat" rREWMTEh' *tir haa v>?? I a<a-.i,?J by ihnaattda la Ihla att.l -Ah*r rlU-a wt I aa'Jrr aatlafa ' at; ha la cnfldan1 aha Na? an r-iual. ?b? Mi la >*? nn?? ' iltir* al e or hnahand. alao thai of krr ibairr. Ifymia ihth u i'h I laa bar a rail at Jbl third aran ta, a boat Twati'j ir- atraai, Indira to r Mia, ram Iran rn. >1 a o cHirirorriER ptrect -mrr. h. RORDIR tkm *0 oaly ?tmi AKTOlofkn, Palml*. and wtrld raooarw l ->*r and glDad lady, ra?aa)ar of all affaira lAr??t?h 'Ifr, <*>. t>r?? am and fnlnra aranta, firaa low aed ra.-rraat tafortra m oa baaltfe. aaalih, laaa aifalra, jnnriM>*a, la* amta, 4IT \j .a b wlaaaa, ahavnt frtrnda. Bcknaaa. Ai tbcuaar la f vl?r? eae anMeeathe irWk of bar rorrr" rwttetioaa durtna l?yaa? lA'Mao frara ftrmrabrr 43 < hiirbtvLef iUoa, vixaula wararlry placr, ln*?o Wa? rr'rr pll*? and F r h irraU O'll ORARft STREET, RE IR nOWKRV - ?l :i AVM Ai'li WIDIIKR. ialrvoaanl a i r'f'nl rpan.ah ,r to. vrlla Ihr mj-i"* of fu'tiHtr, bv r. a trr >k?. *"* -nda, WW. prMTivi t. II ci : '.r ?n - ?*/ 'inib*r?. rrvi?<t^<uM or fV'len, l? WATKIM?%ia. ^ AUKNTITMAN *W ?' T Of *.|K 'HP* tfc* ?o<|??tm*t>nn nf 4 vrmg a y or wW tw, ?'.k * rl? w Pitiiiriaw; JC"ne n?*?i \n*n*r n,j j- ( :hy dvartirrr. Addra* J. If, frv J75 :4r :o.

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