Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1860 Page 5
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? rear Oew an 'nof 1I.M0 bbla floor ItOJPOC buetoeln wheat, 7tt>b00 butbela corn lncreaae la MUpmouU the Mm* time, M.MC bt-id Sou/, 460,000 bui-li U wheat, JWOflOO biu-hel corn. In more here at tb* nreeeot tune, *,700 bbia. flour, 64,000 Uu^bew wheat, i JLMO.OOO buabela ourn. THE VISIT OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. iWlut Has Done Yesterday at St* Johns* N? F* rrHE PRINCE'S 8PEECH. WW Ht IS TO BE RECEIVED IN NOVA SCOTIA, ??., Ac.. Ac. St. Jons, N. F., July 'ii, 1*60 yjaterda,- addrBMM wen presented to the Prince, to |*toioh he replied aa follow*:? I sincerely thank 700 for the addreaeea presented to me, Smd tor the hearty welcome reoeived from all 00 my leading oa the chorea at thla, the earlieet colonial poc aminn of the Brttlah crown. I truat yon will not think Cne regardless of your zealous loyalty, If I acknowledge these addresses collectively. It will afford me the great t satisfaction to report to the Queen the devotion to her CWwu and peraon unmistakably evinced by the reception ?f her eon, eloquently expreaeed In the addreeaea from various bodtea In this town and Harbor Grace. I am Charged by the Queen to oonvey to you the assurance of the deep concern she has ever felt in this intereatiag aoriioo of her dominions. I shall carry back a lively recol Section of this day's proceedings, aad of jour kindness to Myself pemooally, but. above all, these hearty demon* Htntioos <>( patriot Urn. which prove your deep rooted at Caohmeat to the (treat and free country of which we all fiery to in. called the sous. The IV oce pleases the populace immensely by his handpome countenance and mild, gentlemanly bearing. 1 He drives out to day. There will be a dinner party at the Government House evening, and a ball at ten o'clock to night. i The ffreworks last night were a poor affair. To day is a beautiful, clear day for the regatta. The Prince of Wales honored the regatta here with his presence this forenoon. In the afternoon he took a drive in the country. He is Much pleased with his visit to Newfoundland. THE PREPARATIONS IN NOVA SCOTIA. fikVAL AND MILITANT PREPARATIONS?WHAT THE Civic societies intend to do?regattas, Indian fc poets, greased pig races, etc., etc. OCR SPECIAL HALIFAX CORRESPOND gXCE. Halifax, July 23, ISM. la anticipation of my letter descriptive or the doings Of the Nova Scotians in general, and my own adventures In particular, I tend you the following official programme Of the arrangements for the reception of the Prince of Wtle? m tbis city:? AOMIK.lI '.X PKOGR.CMM*. The oarai Commander in-Chief begs herewith to make (mow a the following programme respecting the arrival of Ilia Roy a! Highness the Prince of Wales in thia b arborIs so ftr as it ia conueeted with her Majesty's naval ear, jTloe;? 1. f*n tin squadron of toe Royal Highnoes. consisting of Mr lUjesty'a ships Hero. Ariadns and Flying Fish, arriving at George's Island, her Marty's ships in port will drabs ship sad salute Uos Royal Highness' standard with twenty -one guns 2. On her Majesty's ship Hero coming to moorings off We dockyard, her Majeety * in port will man yards pmd greet his Royal Highness with three cheers. 8- On hu Royal Highness leaving her Majesty's ship Jlero in the barge for the shore, all her Majesty's ships In port will be dressed in colors, the yards will be Wanned, and the crews will cheer his Royal Highness on passing, and a general royal salute will be hred. 4. Ou his Royal Highness reaching the landing steps In the dock) erd, he will be received by tbo Naval ComWander in Cb.ef, naval officers and other naval authorities. t. On Ua Royal Highness stepping on the soil of Nova Cm. his Royal Highness' standard will be hoisted In dockyard, and will be sainted by all her Majesty's Skips, his Royal Highness will be here received by bis sseUoocy the Governor and staff, the Major General pewtfnsruling la chief, the Mayor and Corporation, and Other public authorities. g. Frr m the landing place at the dockyard, his Royal JHlgtuvaa will proceed ia procession to the Government KTsnr r T. Oo tb? evening of U.s Royal Highness' arrival, or on Web other evening as inay be selected for the general II umlna-.oo, her Majesty's ships will be illuminated st a flxnd hour, or which due notice will be given. Iffie Naval Commas a cr in Chief has endeavored, in so Ikr as in" hmtted space of his command will admit, to affford oerommodatlon on raised platforms for the members of the government, the Legislature of the Province, the Mlaji sod Corporation, ana others holding public sppointWsntN, Co- the purpose of witnessing the interesting event Of his Rural Mghaeas' landing in this province. To these reserved places cards of admission will be Issued, signed B>y the Naval Commander in-Chiai. In addition to the raised platform, as much space ae possible will be set mpmt for the use of tbe public, from whence a view of the or prooeeaion may be obtained. 1. t>u the ond and aide of the wharf east of the landing t IV the Careening wharf, except the part r"served Kbr th- Military Staff and those wbo ere to form in the pro peosk><; 5. In the rear of the Guard of Honor. 4. Two ?paces in tbe ceatre if the dockyard, oo each tde of the road from the dockyard gate. 6. Tbe Observatory Hill in the dockyard. ffcrve positions will be pointed out by placards marked P??ubl c " The Narai Commander in Thief wilt be much obliged to Was ?no may visit the dockyard on this oocaslon if ?> w >t adhere to tbe regulations that will be issued, ooaflne themselves to tbe places set apart for tbeir Wnms 'ii ~n. and be fogs that no persons will tears their i'vis or the dock) ard until the prooeeaion baa fanned > w mam gate?for unless he receives support and Waist'we from those wbo art present, oonfuaiun and disamii .i nent mar ore - 6*l<ir Royal 'Highness leaving HaJ.fkx. a royal salute rtll b> i -ad 'roan aL bar Mjgesty'? *hlp*. ALEX. MTLVF., Rear Admiral aad Commander in Chief rm iuxw cnnuL'a raocuni Ob th- Hero, with hu Royal Highness the I*rlaoe of Mfoiea .1 board, being signalled, three guns wiil be tired la qa?< --ircesaloa from the Citadel and the I nioo Jock BrUi be ho-sted on the atalf on which the mall signal in usually <t splayed, on a uot.oe of the approach of the Ft IBM An t .- Hero pawnee up tb?> harbor each battery will lire A roya 1Iota, Solar-, will ogam be tired From Mm Citadel and George'* (aland < the landing of hia Royal Blghnesa. Bla Loyal Highness will be received by guard* of honor Ibrnmh 1 from the RUty aacoad aad Sixty third regiments, at her M* <?ty s dockyard aad Government House. The Hreet* will he Hoed from the dockyard to Govern (neat House by her M?jcet\ '* force*, In conjunction with the Miunieec o-impanie* and the variou* eocietiea. Ob tl ? day after arrival of hi* Royal Highness, a review tof her M i.esty'e troop* and the volunteer* will take place M the t oinmoo. tb> tnotmva ?A>*r.i?Kj cowwrrna'* rmocasim Ob b - Majesty's ahip Hero, with bia Royal Hlghsc* the Prli' - of walea on board, being signalled, the squadron wtl be met by the \ m ht Club, aad accompanied by Um to the dookfird, The atreete will be lined from the dockyard gate by the W nitons ncietiea la the order of their seniority. as foltowB, v r ? The I a on Ihgiae aad Ate Fire Companies The North Brit tab and Highland Socletle* The Cha.- table Irteb Hocteey. The ft <-eorg#'? Society The C arpeatera' Charitable Society The African Society The Ror of Temper*.-*The Hal. fa* Catholic Total Abstinence bonety The Volunteer Artillery and Rifle com pan ma Bar Kojtety's forces The (feeooic body, at their own request, will be stationed Immediately in front of the Moaaalc Hall, where an rck a he erected by ih. m The I r nee on hi* landing will he received by hia Kipatency the Lieutenant Coventor, the Major General ooroTi?the troop#, th< Chief .laettce and Judge*, the tomaMotit and member* of the Legislative Council, tho Speaker and member* of the House of Assembly, the AfBr e id OnrpeeatlOB, the Cuotoa aad High Cher iff, the Bonds oi <1 partoneBlo and tho membera of the Rsecutiv* ^Oathr p urflOB. which will he formed in the dockK, par - ogoutof the gate, accompany tag hie Royal *Ma f who will make his mfri* aa borsebackl, the Anc tetter ha ng the etreela will wheel inward and join the j mroooMii the fbreeolag order. I Od ewerrngfrom the dockyard gate, bis Royal High' mem wtl. pom under a handoume arch, to t?e erected by Aeeity Ibe rr ive of the proceeaion will he along Water atreel; thiimrr 11 - Ighfi Il'~ street to Morton * corner ihetwc (>y Oeori street to Barruigtna street, and along BarringRon atrev t to ( overnment House. Other o .vmental arches will be placed at suitable portions ajoug the route of the procession and at the end Ruitohie accommodation will be provided on and adjoinlag the ( and Parade, and in front of St. Paul'* church, tor the c i.idren of all the schools in the city and 1a Dart Month A gene al i luminal ion of tho city and of the public fti.ldtoa * tall- n.eee um the eventna of Una llht flret I a*r On the morning of the Pillowing (being the Nnwl) tof.k" '->jml R'lbiiw nmnpuM byhlaOrnoa U>? Pom of NowmUi, the larl of St. Germain*, hia Fieriftracy U"1 1 i'ol?o??t fintwnnr, the Major Onrrol com handing sad the Admiral, with other diatlnguiabed per Bona, wll P'woo1 to the (ommoD lo a general review o( gfer t,-qw < and volunteer* IV Bli* rI will br ibe rente takes bv hl? Royal BtgtaaMft oawel/ ?From t'orernment Howe bjr Buring Ion atrw t I' the corner of the Old Hnrrlng <.round. thenar by Spring Harden rand to the venters end of the Borticoltur* Cnrdana t hence to the Common After tor renew, public nporta will take place on the Common under the ?iprrrlatoti of a nommittee A regatta, under the management of the Yacht dub, ftrill ?'re l vie place oa the harbor. la the evening there will be a dinpta* of trevorka on theOMnn?o, and a grand ball will be glrm in the Pr? Wnce ftu Ming, of which a neparate notice will be pub MMML Ria Hya! ITighoew the Prnre ef Wvlea will hold a Irrea, of which due notice will be given. flam, i iterant aomr ? roar reaocre I o learn that the CMpwub; t*>t recea Md ipxta will UK* pac-ioa Uk< rising mrujnij uvni uw nuueun uu lurifm n?eri, DJ which It IB bounded, to a height varying from ive to two hundred and sixty foot above the water level, to which no general system of rectangular streets and squares can be applied; therefore, Resolved, As the sense of this Board, thai a plan should be adopted which, by a careful reference to the present formation of the ground, shall adjust all roads and grades to the present topography, with a rigid re gard to the economy, convenience and necessities of the property holders. Reaolved, That tb? property owners in the district north of 166th street be, and they are hereby, respectfully invited to call at the ofhoe of the Commissioners, and make such suggestions as they may desire for the oon nitration of this Board and the information of ttt employes. Reeolved. That previous to the final adoption of any road or street, or any plan of streets or roads, due notioe shall be given In the public journals, and ample time allowed to the owners of property to present their views and obiectioos. Reeolved. That the office or the Commissioners on the Kingabrtdgc road, at Fort Washington, be kept open daily for the con\ enience of ibe property owners and the public, and that the secretary be authorized to give adequate public ty to these resolutions in the public papers. Hie district in relation to which the above aclivn was taken is the extreme northern neck of the Island of New York, from the new Trinity Cemetery to spujten Duyvel creek, and ban at preeent no public thoroughfare except the Kiugsbridge road. Tenth avenue, which run* a abort distance into the district, stops in the woods at Fort Ccorgr, and can hardly be called a " thoroughfare" as yet. A groat portion of the district Is unsaleable, as it la uninhabitable Tor want of practicable aocoes to it by any roads or streets. No plan has been adopted, or even bardly discussed by the Board thus Car, previous to the above. The Commit* loners were sworn into office Is May. and organised by the choice of James C. Willet as President, Henry H. Bitot as Vice President, and Carl O. B. Bryant as .Secretary. The members of the Board are not allowed any pay, and any purchases by them of lands within the district, or contracts, directly or indirecllv therefor, during their term of office, are made void by the law. The members of the Board are all resldenta of the district, and alt but one property owners, in the same manner as in the case of commissioner* of highways 1a ail the other ooiintics of the .-Hate, and their number seven, the same as s majority of a lory of freeholder*, as called for IfftriM* fMi( miHc in inr nr thp liiVTishirN nf t'i>i SLatm Regular orating* of the Board will be hel-i weekly, anil ' Ibcir active operation* are only delayed lor the necca<ary appropriation by tbe municipal board-, Drrtrortlrt Fir* km Broad street. Shortly before twelve o'clock yesterday noon, a fire broke out in tbe collar of building No. 88 Broad street, corner of Stone street, occupied by Spencer P. C. Van Bokketea, dealer to provisions and naval store*. Tbe cellar contained some 00 barreU of aptriM <>f turpentiae and about alnety tierce, of tallow oil, together wltb fifty barrels of pork. Tbe inflammable character of tbe stock prod need a dense rmoko which prevented tbe firemen from catering the premises to bring water to bear on tbe tUmca S vi tal explosions look place.caused.a*supposed, by the bursting of some of Ute barrels of turpentine. At i-ach of the.* rxplootoes tbe demos burst into tho i street, and drove the firemen bark, t'ndaanted, however, 1 they fearlessly returned to their duty, and labored perse 1 vrringly to rxtiugitab tbe fire. No 8 Steam Engine waa 1 at tbe fire and early at work on the corner of fliooe and Whitehall streets The continuous streams of water noon tilled tbe cellar, but as the fire waa buratag on the under side of the floor beams the firemca were unable to bring sty stream to bear upon the flames. On the burning of the barrels tbe fluid rose to the top of the water, where it burned furtouely At oae lime fears were en terlalncd that tbe entire building would be deetroyod. Chief Engineer Decker ordered that the Exempt Hteam Engine and No. .18 be sent for They arrived oa tb? ground about half peat three o'clock, and eooo afterwards got to work. The steady and targe streams of water thrown by the etenm engines demonstrated their/rest utility and advantage over Ihoer worked by band. At no time has there been a fire in this city where the Barnes hare no long defied the exertion* of I he firemen and yet been con fined to one place. Tbe fire wae net egttnguisbed ual.i aboutnise o'clock, having burned upwards of nine hours Tbe stork of Mr. Van Bokkrlen will be damaged le tbe extent of about 88.000. Insured for 8'JO 000 In the Mechanic*' of Brooklyn, Atlantic of Brooklyn, Broadway, and anotlier city insurance company. 1 The nomad rioor Is occupied by P. R. Berth old. com1 mission merchant. His office fbrniture and stork are da| ma.edprobably to tbe extent of $10t. Insured far 811000 in the Firemen* Insurance Compary. The building is owned by Franci* V. Dorr: It is dam ?i-ed about 81,000: tn.-ured for 818.000 m the Howard and other city insurance companies Some slight damage w as dona by water to the *tnr\- of ihUiooery of W H Traflon A Co , No 86 Broad street; insured The 8re originated In the cellar. Puppn*ed through the rar-ie<sn>'Hnofii?me on* of tbe hand* throwing a matcb on tbe floor, which was covered with turpentine and oil. The Fire Marshal was preaenl, and will no doubt lavectigate the matter. NOTICE TO FtlWIIlCN. The Board of Engineer* and Foremen will meet at Firemen 'a Hail on thin fThurvdav) r ven nr. July 1*. at eight o'clock, to make editable arrangrmeTt* to attend the Mineral of lb* late Tbomaa Co*. of Hose Company No. Ml. who loot his life while in the (Uncharge of hi* doty on the?>th (nit. JOHN PSCKKR. Chief Engineer. W R * cham news. Secretory. (orowrri' Iwqwentn. Twit Arnwnri on tim Nirw n RinJttun ? Aa tat'Kwt *u held y ettterdar by Coroner Jarkmao. on the body ni the unknown woman who wh killed near Fill; -aUth street. on Tacwtay, by a train of the New Hareh Railroad A nperUWr who witneaaed the accident teat.Sed Out (he wan evidently intoxicated at the time. A verdict In of corrf*nc? with the fbeta wan rendered. Deceased arpr?re<l to l>e about twenty-eight yrara of age anil a native of Ire lan ' t-1?e hail light grey eyea Wvi dvrk brown ha r. v><! wan drrnae?l id a ntrtpnd calico tread and Line *^*>1 ci-" im JJW FORK HERALD, T] OBI MCTKttl KHJTABT GBESTi P?Hrt?w 9f ttee tttTMMik RtpiUlfM BIbm Iter Win ftrtUf CrUaUaa mt lte? Wtf G?Ard Amorf?Vmbm M UM RmU of luch Otwa IrtMulwaf-KabarkatiM m ttee SUinilp Ftorldtr?nw*U ChMfi tad Oaliu, At., Ac. The Savannah Republican Blues, who have boon Haltlag this city since Friday last, as the facets of one of our "crack" military organisations?the New York City Guard?took their departure foe home yesterday afternoon in the steamship Honda. Captain Isaac Orowell, ot the iff jlar Line of Savannah steam packets. ' HOW TUX BLUBS fASSMD THJUS TIM* IN TKK lUCTltOrout. i During the rift of the Ulues in this city the City Guard were unremitting in toeir attentions to them, ea tertatniuf them with literary and other social amuse meoU nightly. Theee entertainments were conducted with the utmost decorum, and afforded infinite pleasure to the participants. The proceedings were usually opeaed by one of the Guards taking the chair and acting as master of ceremonies, and then he would call upon the members of his company for a song, or recitation tmila tire of prominent actors, or something of that kind. Oa Tuesday night a professional lady Halted the ar mory by Invitation, after the companies left Nlblo'a, aad wai received with hearty cheering by the "boys." The lady, at the solicitation of Um members, sang a song reoaived applause, aad then retired la company with other fr.eada, among whom were two lad ten fOIMintN Of THB BLUBS It baF-past |ero o'clock P M. the Blues left their t-?mI headquarters at the Lstfarge House and proceeded to Bead street, la the vicinity of the hotel, where tb? company line wee formed. After the formation of tht command into two ranks, It was discovered.that not mort than aiJrty of tb? men, including the officers, of the ninety d re that arrived here on Friday laat, reported thetnsx'to return?the balance of that number remaining in hew York for a short time longer, In order to enjoy the pleas urea of the metro poiia, and none or them to tren.-iict commercial buatoeee. Did worth's aecond baud, of sixteen pieces, were engaged by the Bluet, they ha\ uag no baud of their own, to accont mm- them to the i.toamsh n Oanlaln Anderson then second day of th# Pr-ur '1 y.,t4, immediately olW tM review.? iCcon Mm U. li 3i X. FUt rar??500 yardr, ?pen te Nora 600 turns ouly .tit tl It 2. rut ince-fOO yards, open loiil .12 t 8 8. tut' race?300 ya/ds, boys not over 1* or under It ytars of age t 4 S 4 Hurdle rare?'J00 jrarda?eight hurdles 8 feet t iDChee, open to ?U It 10 ft t. Champion race, open to winnurt of the above 6 additional 6 Running high jump ft J" I. Running wide jump ft " 8. Vaulting ft ' ft. Running bop, akip and jump ft '* 10. Climbing greased pole 8 " U Sack races 8 4 ? It Putting shot 24 pounds, open to all 8 0 ? 13. Throwing sledge u t ? ? 14. KoUe and treacle 4 3 2 lft. Wbeelbarrow blindfold 8 ? ? lvdia.k srosn. 18. Flat race for Indians in national costume, 500 yards, the winner can also run in the champion race 10 ft 17. Bows and arrows 481 18. Grand Indian war danSb 80 ? ? (To be distributed.) lft. Greased pig race. The exhibition tent will be erected, and a hand provided for the accommodation of dancers. No third prise unless ten start. All entries most be notified to the Chairman of the different sub committees or Urn Secretary on or before Saturday . the 28th Inst. All Indians competing for prises must be In national costume. The decision of the judge in all eases of dispots will ba final. The regatta, which is to take piaoe under tbs ansptees of the Halifax Yacht Clob, will Include the mndermentioned Fishing flats with two pain of paddles. No second pries utiles# Tour boats start. pishing whalers of fbor oars, polled by fishermen. Ne rnco unless three boats start. First class fishing sailboats of six tons sod upwards No second prise unless five start. Second class fishing sailboats (whalers, he. J under six tons. No second prise unless five start Gigs of four oars, open to all. Oorpontion prise. No rare unless three start. Man-of-war launches. Man-of-war barges and pinnace.. Man-of-war cutters, twelve oars. Man of war cutters, ten oars Canoes paddled by Indians. First, second and third prizes. Canoes paddled by SqvAWS. First, second and third prizes. Gigs of four oars, pulled by mechanics, la-eked vessels, fishing and coasting, sixty tons N M. and under. ITovincial orize. Wherries of one pair paddle* palled by amateurs Man of war gigs, six oars. Man ofwar gigs, four ears. Wherries of one pair paddles, pulled by amateur* Fi?t class yachts Second class yachts Gig? of four oars pulled by soldiers of the garrttoo Gigs of four oars pulled by young men 'uider twenty years of age. M tn or war.iolly boats. Man of war launches, pulled by mar:o*s Man of war dingles. Man of war copper punts and stages. Punt and gig race, greasy pole, he. An advertisement announces that at the ball l<> l*> given In honor of His Royal Highness gentlemen sill only be admitted In uniform or Gill* dress cost, (not n frock,) blaclt tr owners. black or white waistcoat, white cravat and white kid gloves. The ticket* are limited In number to two thousand, and are priced at ten dollars for gentlemen and half that sum for ladies, bht the demand for them is not rery spirited. The Csnssstsstomers of Washington Heights. PROPOSED PLAN OP LATCfU OCT TOT CNFIKISHKD PART OP TOT MAP OP TOT CITT?TOT QCAPRANOCLAM ST STEM REPUDIATED, rrc. A regular staled meeting of the Commissioners appointed to lay out the city of New York north of 155th street was held in their office yesterday afternoon, at Fort Washington, on the Klngsbridgo road. Messrs. James C. Wlllet, Henry H. Elliot, banc Dycknuus, John F. Pee man, Isaac P. Martin, Charles M. Connolly and John A. Haven?the full Board?were present. The President. Mr. Wili*t, in the Chair, the following preamble and reaolutiuoa were adopted unanimously Whereas, that portion of the city of New York north of 156th street, which by an act of the IiegUlature of the Stale of New York it baa become the duty of this Commie* .on to lay out in streets and avenues, comprises about 1,700 acres of land, mostly of a rocky, irregular formation, too*. command. u<l marc bod h a < ompany to the armory of the Ofty Guard In Broadway, near Band street, and bat a few steps from where th, Blur- formed. By Uiu tune quite a large bod; of spectator* bad Mumbled to wttoem the parting ceremones o?t ?eeo tbo boats ot the occasion and tbeu- guests. at tbs cmr ot aRD skmort. At. the Blues entered the armory, the City Guard, in full uniform, wore formed (n military order. Two large tabiea, with accommodations for one hundred guests, were spread, and a coil at on of crackers and cheese, etc. with a full supoiy of ' green seal" and eon. d* eie, greeted the rye The Guards and the Blues tangled together and prepared for the parting ceremonies. Oapt Lovsu., of the City Guard, who occupied a promi neoi position at the bead of the principal table, in a few remark?, addressing the Savannah Blues, said his com pauy had called them together again before their depar lure to give them further c\ lU. nce of their kindly reel Ids by partaking of some of the creature comforts la taLug their farewell of their guests. Captain ASbmnOR, of the Blues, replied as follows ? Brethren and soldiers of (be New York City Guard?The Repobltean Blues, through their captain, return you their warm, their true, their sincere thanks; we never shall forget your kindness; your names shall ever be aseociated with ours as brother ; and we hope that we runy have the opportunity of convincing you that we really do love you The hosts and guests then fell to, and commenced clearing the tables of the eatables and drinkables la *-double quick" time, amid the popping of corks and the busy hum of voices. After ample justice bad been done to the edlblee and viands, short speeches became the order of proceedings The health of Captain loveii was then proposed, and at his request Aucxa?t>bx Homier as, of the City ttuard, replied. Be eaid ?The peculiarity of the occae.oo rendered it almost impossible to find utterance in language to give expreeaton to hit feelings , it seemed to him as if the power of speech had become paralyzed, and it appeared to mi Hire the heart of a siant to utter the little word ol two syllables?farewell? when they (the City Guard) were about to pay their adieu* The pleasures that the Guard and the Bluee bad exper.cnced during the short vmt of the latter in New Tork hid passed, and were about being succeeded by a season of sorrow In parting. He saw, on looking around htm, on his right and on his left, the eyes of strong men suffused with tears, with nothing but regret* on their lips st bidding farewell to their Southern brethren. He assured them that it wai the sincere expression and sentiment of his comrades ol the New York City Guard that the occasion waa almost one of mourning: but they were buoyed up with the ceuao latioa that they all are to inarch through the scenes o immortality: bat if spared a little longer on this litU< planet they hoped to meet them on the fertile soil of th< bouth. (Applause ) Then we ahal! not be satisfied k receive tor right band of fellowship, but shall expect yon to clasp us to your hearts aad bold us there, as the City Guard have endeavored to do with you. (Applause ) Gentlemen of the Blues, you have, In common with us, partaken of the crystal fount of friendship, yon hare been actuated by the earns mottees that hare actuated us in receiving you This was no miracle; it is the undercurrent of the national consanguinity, which never shall, which never can he perverted, as long as patriots exist at the North and at the South. He laid that Ihii asms feeling of good fellowship towards the South existed la the Northwest and at the Hast; and had thoy (the Blues) extended the.r visit farther they would expeneoce Similar hospitality and rooeive similar enthusiasm. ( ApCiuae.) He closed his remarks by wishing the Blues slth. happiness and prosperity, and a '-God speed" oa their homeward trip Corporal Minrmt, of the Blues, m rerpooee to the toast complimentary to bis company, said. In substance?U was with feelings of the profoundeet regret that his com pany had met them again to bid them tare weU. There waa no member of the Bines but what fait his heart fuli of thanks for the friendship aad cordiality extended to them by the City Guard. When the Bluee came to this city unannounced they did not expect. nor did they deserve, such a reteptioa and entertainment as they had received. The City Guard bad buggsd them to their hearts with such a firm grasp that they felt they are welded together forever. During the abort visit or his company to this city new relations had been formed, which will germ: oale. fructify and bring forth fruit in due season: and he felt that a new dignity and a new character had been given to military visit*. During their vikit they were entertained by varied pleasure* they had made large circles of friends doubt* have been eradicated, aad the plant of hospitality aad k indues* proved to be of no local growth, but one a* Dee as the air we breathe aad as the sun that shines upon them Three cheers were then given for the Savannah Kuas, with good effect. Tbe band then played ' Auld I any ?yn> Then eurjcd a regular hugging and kjamg process be tween the Blurs sud the City Guard, created as Uttle amuseaaeot ' ! * Ik. .? lh- rflniwr la I Ha FC mm on Monday erfn.of tt waa hia intention to pwwnt to Um Mvan.iah Bluet an old member of the City Guard, and al present the Ueutenaal Colonel of tbo Ninth regiment, in order that be tn.gbt fire utterance to eentimenln and rood ft el'.ug which be knew wanned bin breaat: be there fore took piraevre in introducing bim to the Bluet, to thai be might addrena a few remark* to I ha Blues at part inf. Colonel Koso waa then introdured to the company and made tome vary happy remark.*, alluding to the (Manure the riait of the Bluet had aflbrded bim. Captain Ajroiiwon, of the Bluet, in response U> the retntrka of Colonel Ferrta, responded and amd?When Colonel Ferrit met the Bloer an board the Meaner which brought us to th.a city, ae the rba man of the committee to welcome oa in behalf of the City fluard, he told tie what you intended to do. bnt be did not tell u* one half. We hare realized that the bearte of the Northerners are quite ae hit and quite aa great aatboee of the Southerner!; tad we go home to-day. carrying with as feel inn which will tnr live In our breaetn. (Applauae ) we nerer can forgot that the people of the North are our brothnr* and not our enemiea. (Applauae. > Carls Lot ell and brother aoldii-ra, we bid you farewell. We hope that the rlrhrat blessings of Almighty <?od may rent on you nil; and we teat whom ver we meet, e tber an told.era or pritale Uxhriduitla. that we will always raako ou/aelret known to each other, (^eotleaaen, farewell. Captain Asmnnao* at the cloae of bla rtaaarkn, shvoic Capta.ii IjotcII and 1-uiooant Colonel 1 err is wsrtnly by the haul. A PRXXIKTAnO* CRRKMOKT. Ca|4 I/ive)l. of the Guard, then brought forward a large armory ornament, in the shape of a wooden ftgure, rep-esent int. in lllr tire, a New Yo It Citr Guard, in rah uniform whir n?l. scarlet and gold t- nm.ngv, imar sk a abakn, witii muskrt ta band, at suppert arw, and p needed it to tv Mara. remarking that ha presented the u a wooden fig ir< . representing a Gity Guard, |o take down South with them. (Applause > Tho flgitra'a ooat is white and h.? h'Wrl rail of red, good blood Blue*. take good care of bun, and when tba City Guard riait Savannah they will call upon him. THK march now* iiotDvtr. After the collation and parting ceremooim, both c >m pawta* marched down Broadway in column by platoons followed by a huge wagon, drawn by tan plumed bnroea, on wblcb wm the baggage at the Blue*. Over the wagon 1 wm a canopy of American Bags, and on the lop a large white streamer, on which were the words la red letter*. 'City Guard " In tbe rear of the wagon wae a banner I with the following macrlptioa painted thereon ? , J SAVANNAH HI.1 W. I t ?ro aorrs (Cap of l.ibertv.) so aorm. i J so aasr. <1 taped Hand* ) so wwr. 1 } New York. Jaiy 26,1M0 As tbe troops marched down Broadway thouannda o spectator* congregated at tho store window*, haleon.-* aad on tbe sidewalks, to take a parting raw of the Bine* AT THS HTBAM-iHIr POCK. The m.literjr marched on the steamship dork. at p " No. 4 North river, at are o'clock P. M and were recelvet by tbe h'iXTM of a large crowd of spectators. At quarter pant tve o'clock the Ijtea of tbe stenmsbii Florida, on which tbe troops were embarked, were let go amid tbe rbren of the mil ta.-y, tbe of canmn, an' the rtu c of IMworth'1* bind, pliy ng ,lAuid lani Hyne'* ?jd "Home Hwert H->me " Ti ? closed tbe vial of tbe K.rannah Hluen to New York The ptslng-sph'at who too* the picture of thenmpo met at Mr. ft M Wh ttock'S, on *a rhi, pr?raW U ' la n Anden?i*t with im>" o< t ic p'rt?re? >* b-?S% >' Mr j tt aud an'dhv wae pre-eated to tbe mmnan) juttta-iow Til \rnrr toapya We rnetnei Cm fr >? 4 t!> 4 s*> .J.'* ? 4 ffURSDAr, JULY" 26, 1860 Boau* on Tueolay, inviting ttos Savauiah Bluw to visit that city ? Jauw OotiKw IImwii, N V. Uniir ? Would Havaonah Blues accept invitation of Ancieol lad i Honorable ArUllrry Company to vutit Bumf i We immediately aeat the dm patch to dpt. Anderson, > t Of the Blue*, and received too subjoined answer:? AmmgefnecU hieing txen mode to leave to morrow for Savannah, I regret that it * ill now be out of my power to accept the invitation of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery of Boeton. I ma/ at another season embrace > the opportunity of ao doing JNO. W. ANDKKBON, Jvu M, I860. Comm'r Republican Blues. Th? Great KatUrm. The number of visiters on board the big ship ye*t?rd*j was over seventeen thousand, being the largest attendance ia any one day since she was built, and about twice as great as on any oooaaioo during her esh'.bilioa to an ftiglish public As was the case on Tuonday, by far the targee: proportion 01 these il-p excursion sll, who come trofu all distance* between tea and Ave hundred mtlaa. la fact, one ran hardly real ire, though ha may be oa the ahip, the character o( the throng until a later hour In thn day, when from her tall paddle boxes the returning steamers may be seen homeward bound, laden to the guard* with humanity. Many of these visiter* arrive In the city the night previous, and the consequence ia, that hotel*, boarding bouaea. and even the private residences of those of our citixec* who have a large circle of oountry cousin*, are crammed full to the ridge pole Our early rlaera have no doubt met thetn in their walk down town, clad In hnbUimeola and characterized by a ruddy freshnean which unmistakably j mark* them stranger* to the heated temperature and at amphoric pressure af a summer solat.ce In the city. We are very glad of thair presence, bo irerer, etui though they may not disburse the same amount of raUycash among our merchants and wayside canvasser!** aa thoae of another class who oome here to spend part of a bummer vacation. They are geaorally sure to leave good 1mi premion* behind them, and carry away a heterogeneous the* of New York aights that general!) result* In the re olutton to come again ' (Xaintry people do not seem to understand crowd* how i ever. On the Great Eastern, tor instance, we observed several knots of Individuals so tied and twisted up in what seemed an interminable snarl, that it wa* several minutes before either the be, setger or beseiged could be sulBrieatly ex trie*Id to proceed. Parties attempt to ascend and deaoiDCl the same gangway at the same time. One door la often uacd us both entrance and exit to several places, <*i?cially to the engine rooms, where the ladies will per aiat In going; while the contest between the satiated crowd making their way out of the ah.p, end thoae who hu\e tx-en pttrUiug ol refreshment, 1* absolutely terrific. It m a pity that the avarice of a single individual should be aliow?d so materially to interfere with | the comfort of the many, and that so serious a fault ooce discovered should not result either in hi* being moved ou shore, or to some part of the -hip, where, if people must eat and drink, it should not be to the peril of the life and limb of those around them. We repeat arm, for the benefit of visiters, that in the present thronged condition of the ahip, to venture into L the rif-eehneat saloon, is to virtually give up all idea of return-ng to the dock; for one might almost attempt to swim up the torrent of Niagara aa to stem the hun.aa 1 tide th*? ceaselessly pour- down the i through the saloon to the dork. The attendanc- in the afternoon is of a much more metropolitan character. The mariner which commeurea at ' three e'cloek and continues untl! six, is now one of the daily feature8 of the ship, and no doubt is a source of attraction to many who desire to combine the pleasures of seeing and hearing on same occasion. To see the ship i well one must now go very early In the morning, say at eight o'clock, or after five in the evening, when the rush has ceased and the crowd departed, i In order to ascertain what particular motive rails so man) on the venturesome tourney up the rigging, into the foretop and along the >ards,our reporter yesterday followed one of these individuals on his aire way. The result was. that after travelling some one hundred and i eighty feet abore the aurfhoe of the ground and reaching an eligible apot, the said individual del berateiy drew out j his knife ana wrote bt* name upon the mast Being thus I led to dottce this peculiarly American atyle of relf-pre ervatioQ, we observed further that there is bardly a spot on the mast that can l>e reached on w hirti either knife n, ru, !>.'!' 1 .v nnl trrkti-hed In the most acute It angular and horrible cUirography imaginable, the presence ot hundreda of ambitious peraodagea whose name* will probably be all the world ever knows of them. To those unaccustomed to the wavering shrouds of a ship such a feat Is attended with the utmost danger, and we trust that before the lesson is taught by some sad accident measures will be adopted to prerrat this promiscuous ramble to a portion of theGreat Eastern, the novelty of which can be as well enjoyed from the tall steeples > of any of our rily churches. Downing, who keeps at So 3 Broad street, and who has an establshment opposite the wheel house of the Cat ship, says that all the ladies sod gentlemen who i'l villi the great ship will miss a great treat Arrivals sad Departures. ! ARRIVALS. Pan Cahada it Hturn ro* Boato*?Messrs Albert 1 Appold, Arkley, KaynUar, Booth, rut Heuham, Douglas. KugUah. Pry and family, Prang Plueroge, Oulllai ma, r Oore. i-rAunier. Uibeon. Green and (ami y, Gieaor Hot, Ion. tlatt and lady. HolJna. Mrs Howard, Hartrille. .Irwrt, ladies Idinnen Lonmaiakrr and lady. M-aaea 1 awaoo. lawnr, Law, Ludwlg. Morgan, Mrndoo, Mnoney, MardougaU, ' Moore. Mendelaon. Mlehols/llev Nlcot, NorrU, Oluey, Pratt I Reed. Ritchie, Richards. Rivera Keren, Hopes Reyno.d* < Uteris .Bbllliani Rlowe, Pternhard. Somrrby, Sherwood, Wood, I Wild, Willing. Averdent. Total 1(10. Basavv?Btesmahip Bremen?M A BoHcen and lady. Misi Rose Alwea. C n< bottler. Mhw fCreiarher, L L Delimes. U Kramer, A Bosch. C Lonhardt. Mlsa U (Kte P k Bonck, Wm Bo rick Lo Kief elder, H dr RooJe, lady and child. Mtas De Roude, Mr flrrmana and lady, Mrs Marsdrn and son. Ricaao.TB Ac?Rteamablp Roanoke?Janice Kennedy, Jan I Kennedy, J P Jiwv f) ,N Wllloughby and ledy, Mtae WlOough by. R C Osborne. I) Khcrwnod. If Post. J Hlnes. P R Graham. .1 H Bldgno.1. It Winter, Wm Trumbull, D Francisco, J no Ntn Ino, P MBliM Mia* Morderai. Misa Mordecal. Mrs WG ] Wberler and sou, f? M Duniap. H I? Andrraon. 8 T Hubhert. I 1- A William*, < 11 Hatea. Misa Clapp, J H Wright. L R Bal I lard?and 37 is the steerage. II ta scan?Bhip Ceres?Herman Mutsrhali. H >. a i Dioa ?Hark Harriet Spalding?M G Kikon, 8 I) t 'airaa, Jaa T.i/pll, (laapar Ones. John Cowereou. OTPARTTTKWL Ratav i u?Vteamah p Florida?Mr* Catbarne Bradley, Mr a^.l kn W it Dwigbi. II W Hughes W Hughea, A Rmith. A > P.jrhe:, BethTenfanL Otis March, M L Fletshe 8 Waah.ngUra, 1 J \ UlSger, J 11 Casino, L Km.-, Wm Btasedr, W < Moore R | Burney i .in A Pea'mdy. M M Darts. J J 8nir.ii W K Hradly, W H F, ield. J it Prau. f H Bands. C Arms-.rwig, BOSaran nah Rr o blican Blue#?and sit in the steerage Urn-root?8h p W 8 I-utdaay?Mrs Wm Mortice tad 9re children, Mies Foyden. Jersey City Now*. SroTirr raur it? A man named John Ourijsn, keeper of a grocery and liquor store tit Newark avenue, Jersey City,<M suddenly yesterday morc.iv His death wis caused from disease of the heart, i A man giving his rame a* Patrick Dunn, f*om Troy, wsp found lying sick near the ?le deprit on Saturday night 1 laM.iud wm rcaio/ed to the Almslio .se. where bf d^d yesterday morning of disease of the lungs ' Dhow.mui?Coroner fallacy held an inquest rm Tuesday night, on thejbody of a colored woman. named Au* IJlaa, who wil found in Um inter (tot of rarer etreet. Jerpey 1 City. Itoeneed waa about/orty /rent of age, and Lad Leon employed on board the tow-boat J-'.it- lit- oa at-wardeaa, 1 and it * auppna.-d waa drowned wb'la att-mpt.n^ to go ' oa boa d oo Halnrday u.ght. A veid.ct of "Pound drown' ed" waa rendered ! ImfbatU* Uaralitoaa. 1 MRS. WINBLOW ft RCOTIIINO 8TRUP for rhildren Uwto lag wti: abaoot taatantly retiree anp'n* to tie boereJi and I wind robe, aad overcome INFANTILE CONfl'LflOVH. I whtrh, M not apeedlly remedied, end in IIEATII. It la atao tie boat and arjeat remedy in the world for all eaaeaof DTRBNTENT and MA RRfllKA la eMIdrwn. whether | ii artaea (ram teething or (ram cxaer rauar bold by ad j drosgtoa, twea'v (im rente a t* v,e. I iiiklt* Ptofagraplta wmiMuam'i Iniaiuraa. Cabtneta. ImperiaXnnd UfaSUa. Twnlortynine IMf> Putioa atraat. Tli* Prtarr of Wale?.?A PhatngrapK, full flanra, la Oabnrae Park. (or Mr.. at iba Par .or Qabery. Lm Atlantic ttice'. Brooklyn BuImm rU Vleltlng Card Pbatarraphw Oaiierr,?34 portratta (ruaa Ufa. SI. by UoI.MKN. J#j Broadway. 1.000 take* dally. Wkkhry?d. T. talt'i Krataeky Mt I Blear Bowbuu. aold by all drnniru 1UCOKM AN A CO., Now 1C. MS. Ill aad 7M Broadway, N.V ( nod Tia-Ona Dollar the (haat, at rMR IftTI A NMI N'B Tea Warelion*. No. I Chamber# ctreet and -It Oreenwwh iwet Orovar * Baker'a Calabratad RQ1NBLKM NRWTNO MAI HIIOW TV baa la nab (or famlle aewinc 96 Broadway N*w Tort. 183 Tipton araet. Btoh,y?. Btalawar A so?' Ovaratrunf (J mod aad Square Ptaona art warranted (or Sea yeara Warer.rwni j: ao l 84 Walter aireet. Ladd, TA eHater A Co.'l Improetd Tight (Uleb Kcwtac Machine* at MO Broadway. Ilerrlag'a Patent t hamplta Fire >ad Burglar Prooi Melee. 341 Broeaway. corner of Mum/ auaat. New Tort. fUrrhagh'i lllaalve to lg?An antlra 1a, re'.ty part-ap obtainable no t irv.'.oa beauvL -W llrowA| any. nert A T. Mtcwan A Co.'a BatrBtler'i llalr Dyt la tha Bent It tka world Miti aold aad applied In appropriate prlraw noma. i | at the wip ia? ory. u iton.i aaato I Reawtlfwl < nmpletlofi ?l.alrH'a Llqald I Pearl haa ark eeed a eeleb-t] a? 'mnn* no e t m. I wneanUfyiiK aad prrorrrtwg ib? tlo *W Hr >a0* ay. ' IIIITa llalr Dp*. Plly rrati, Hla< k wr browa ? Depot No I Ran lay atrre*. a ul a .d bra . dr Vrtatadara'a Hair D??. to Iga and Tnapem.?Toe bent In tto world A'L .-** a id reiad aad tto ^ dye privately aaplie ' a: > > 6 Aa.-r H <m 1 Hmrrjr'a Trliophrrou fa tha Beat and cheapen art ?:e try d-eaaoa. tjenijWy-0*, curling. elaana ig. 1 breerrrh-.* ?JV| -ea?v ,? Aakni.* laAlee u-v i l> 4 >. eo infgM* ' t l>r. Narih < nntUan to Apply III* , 'tl(>:-?Tnunr(a ? ? Wi *1er?tf "*? t *+ >K j term*?r fpptars M aMH A i u 9 S t n*/ It T Or. fll|ft' Trait anl Vatlrartlt latira* i. , n IU Bt Ng TA*nr ttrma* Kb1-an" r,n It* ?; Brr+ 1*1*11 I'm -T? f n o?< T- ttlhlt Dltitit li?' milk nl )?* ?, j yon' i "1 * * '4uM by ?h? i ..?* O. ll> Ll/jW A 1 I t . ?> >? ;? ? .' rr\ * . r- p k p ?C4<1. ijlpl'' < ?i ."**'> Hf* f ' I * >*l . J* 10 fUO| * Dr?wt?|l oT U? M??arr Stole UtU< I iW.?WOOD. lPPT >00., Maaami of tha HUIM M?Wi? *f? I>UTU?-Imi Class Ho. IN. Mr St. MM 4? 1, I, 42, T4, 16, 11. ?, 14. 43, 31, 10. OotViU-Oi4? No. Ml, Jvlw ? IMO. K. 42. 26. 14. 31, 71, 36. 43 , 40, 44, 16. 66 , 68. OUrilara seat free at ehmrMe by i 111 iiMis eiUer lo WOOD, BODY 6 00 JN11*to?ton. Minn Or to WOOD, BDdV 4 OO.. Ml Louia. Mlawuri OratrUfi or frMM, Bro?db?U A Co.'i Delaware louenee? flUMit C'vsktt, Oium 174, Mr M. 1MB 66 6, 8, V6. 78, 6, 10. I, 30, 13, 49, 60. COSSOUAtTU bOTTUT, CLASS IV. JWLt V, 1MB 72, 3 . 37 , 48 , 63 . 40, 66, 16 , 41, 60, 9, 6 , 68. FRANC*. B&OADBINT8 * OO., Manatees, WUnUogtoe, Delaware. Official Oravrla|i of Hod area, Darli 4f 00.' Consolidated Louerlea at Ueurrta. ? oimk Mr uTim 61, 76, 7, 64, 68, 63, 66, 60, 63, 71, 76. HODORi. DAVIS 6 00.. Ma.asers Maonn >r, l. Willie, the Hatter, Ahca4e-9?w "hajrai . In flue Straw Haul 10,900 do Irom auction. One doiar earn, i 214 Broadway. Six Flat Mtlrta, #? MOOLYSS Maauf- rj. SSJ Brotdway. Six Fla* Slu. . lor #8.?Moody's BUI it Hanoiaetory, MI Broadway. WhMUrffiWUMB'i Sawing Nachlau.? Ofllte tot broad war. N. Y. BirtM. Jo**r ?In BrooaJyu, onTueaday, Jul/ fit, I be wife of Rohixt b Jo.vks, of a daughter. RanM. Baxi*?Ciaswo*.?On Wodneeday, Jul/ 26. b/ the Iter. l'eter strvker. at Um Reformed Dutch church, Weal Twenty third atreet, Jobs A. Baku to Lao aa a, daughter of the late Simon Clannon. Dxsxxdokf? Hbiuixrt. ?On Tuesday, Jul/ 34, by the Rev. T. J. Sawyer, Mr. A. F DaxM>oar to Mte Jmu UxRMnrr. both of thta city, j liiiuioa?Ln LNi-irroa.?On Tuesday, July 34, by the J I Rev. 8. b B*L, D Ii? Criri m Hakvo* to Joansa, eldcdt | daughter of the late Sidney M Livingston. DM. Bitnom ?O Wednesday, July 25, at h a lather's summar residence, Bull'* ' Try, suddenly of diplheria, after a tew hours or severe illnma, .Uxae, intani aoa oi Ueorge and Sarah Hrodle, a red 7 months and 21 days. Btbmham. ?On Tuesday, July 24, of oonauraptkm, Mrs Kheahxth, wife r' Albert u Bam ham, aged 83 years. The Meeds of the family, and of bar father, the lata Robert Mr Far lane, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from bor late rastdence, 83 West Seventh street, st two o'clock, this ( rhu-sday) afternoon. Her remans will be taken to Yonkers for Interment. Oom?Ob Wednesday, July 25. at Jersey City, Josw A. Com, aged 63 years. Hia remains were taken to Poughkecpsie for interment. Coiiws.?On Tuesday afternoon, July 24, at three o'clock, J anna Collins, son of James and Rose Collins, J aged b mouths and 1!> daya. The funeral will take place this (Thursday) afternoon, I at one o'clock, from the teaidence of bis parrots, No. 10 ; Oaneevoort street. The remains will be taken to Calvary , Cemetery far interment. The relatives and friends of the fam.'.y are respectfully Invited to attend. Copjt? a*,?In Jersey City, on Wednesday morning, Ju ' ly 81, after a short illness, Joss Co human, to the 43d year j of his age. His friends aad those of tho family arc respectfully ia I vitcd to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at > fbur o'clock, I*om his Ute residence, 103 Morgan street, near I'roapect street, Jersey City. Clonkt ?r>a Tuc day, July 21, Ma*t /am Cwwrr, daughter of Wm. and Ann Coney, aged 3 years. 3 months and 7 days. The funeral will take place this day (Thursday,) from the residence of her mother, 260 Bridge street, Brooklyn. CsVsac ?On Wednesday, July 26, Kkamklix 8., sou of the late Andrew aad Agnes C DeVeau, in the 17th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral on Friday morning, at ten o'clock, from the Methodist Episcopal church, at While l'laina. His remains will be interred at I pper New Rochelle. Trains leave Twenty sixth street station for White l'laina at 8 IS A. M. Domxtw?On Wednesday, July 26, altera abort illness, Mr. Chahij* Dosucno, of the Island of St. Croix, West Indira, in U>e Mill year of bis ago. HU friend* and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, without further invitation, from So. OS fast Broadway, this (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Dmc-shax*.?On Wednesday, July 86. Mr. Jon\ H. Dnrr sms. a native of Hano7er, aged SQyears and & months. ' The funeral will take place this (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from his late residence, 38 First avenue, wbere the bereaved widow invites his frends to attend. Eoa* ?On Tuesday. July 84, of dhteaae of the lungs, Faannis Eoax, aged 3d years. The friends and thooe of hla brother, the Rev. Patrick Kflpn, are respectfully Invited to a'.tond the funeral, from 811 West Forty-second street, this ( Thursday 1 morning, at 10 o'clock. The remains will be taken to the Church o( the Holy Cross, where a solemn mass of requiem will bs oflhred up for the repose of his soul, and thence to t*. Patrick's Cathedral for Interment. Wednesday, July 26, Ansi imt Frjcvm, youngest ehUd of Richard and Mat.Ida Trench, aged 10 months and 4 days The funeral will take place from No 2 Cramerey park, the lime or which will be publ.sbed in inorning'a '" frwuiiOT.? At Bedford, I* !.,on Sunday, JuIyJB, of cholera infantum. Wn.mcutuna, daughter of L. W. and Sochie Jughardt, aged 3 monlba Lawcmr**.?In this city, on Tuealay, July 81, Fasm J. .second daughter of Rev. Daniel Islucaster The relatives and IViendaof the family are Invited to aitend her fuoeral. from the residence of her father, No. 292 Rant Broadway, Ibis (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. laini'K.t ?On Tuesday, July 34, Ennr H., wlfs of John H. I evcrldge, M P. The reUti?> aud fr.ends are invited to attend thsfnasral service, at No. IK' Last Br< ad*ay, this (Thursday) morning at sight o'clock, aa the remains will be removed on Friday morning, at seven o'clock, to Wsatfleld, N. J. LaiuDa*.?Oa Wednesday, July 4',. IUvst La a sex*, aged -J) . ir? t months and T days. Dearest brother, thou hast left ua, And thy loan ws deeply f?H. But it is God, our beoebctor. lie < an all t ur sorrows heal The relatives and friends of the are rsspectfulty invited to attend the funeral, on Friday afternooo, at half past two o'clock, from his late reaidenre, No. 99 Fast Twenty c.?bih street, without further invitation. ilia will be U*en to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. McNan* ?On W. <1 need ay, July 26, of oonsumiKloo, 8a*nr MrN'asw. aged 42 rears The friend* of the are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at his late residence, 2M Atlantic street, Brooklyn, I- I. H.s remains will be taken to (, rem wood Cemetery for at two oclock tha (Thursday) afternoon. One?On Tuesday, July 84. M. C Domerrs Ontj, daughter of Christopher and Charlotte Ottcn, aged 4 years, 4 monl'is and 24 days. The' and friends are invited to attend ber luneral. from her father's rcndeoce, T28 Madison street, corner of Ncamell, th (Thursday) afternooo, at two o'clock. Her re ma n< wtll be taken to Lutheran Cemetery. PiftaB.?On Wednesday. July 36. Tso*. M Pwrjuw.Jr., sod of Tboe sad Phebe Pe ham, aged 1 year. 11 months and 12 day The frleo l* and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, ai Wiltuo, Conn., on Friday, at eleven o'clock Panes ?t? Tuesday. July 84, Ja?ae Ha senna Pans, aged mouths aau 16 days, oaly son of Jan L. aud Christine Paiuc The relatives and ft-ends of the fhsaily are respectfully ? requested w> alteu 1 the funeral from his grandfather's (Hanfor J Sci Uj; residence, No Writ Th.rty Bret street, this (Tbvrvtay) mora of,at half put too o'clock. I The remains will be token to Kng llsh Neighborhood fbe Interment Pmwiw ? In th3 fit*, on T eaday. July C4, ( ?>? Pin?Hem. aged 27 years mod 2 months. His rem*. 11* will he lanes from his Ists ranideoee, 1M . Greenwich avenue, tn the Memorial chore h, Hammond street, corner IWaverley place, thut {Thursday) mooting I at eleven o'clock, where his friends and acquaints? I are respect' uily invited to attend. Piujoc.?on WMi-sdny. July 26, rates Sail?, only aon of tran > aud Ma tj Agnes Mnlien, afed I fret 4 moot ha and 21 darn. Uy the mien by the bier, fhvathx no algb and ahed no tear, He it g.ithe lug fadeless Howry In a brighter world thai) oura. While we care on that dee' fec\ Motxmb-e? In death's embrace, Mtouch the bitter team w'Jl com. let ua emit*, for be'a at home Hog??, wherr death bar nerar been, Horn- , where t?ars art nrrar eeeu, H me ? here narrow caa not v-oae, Ut ua for he's at borne. The friends of the fa mi <r are resprrttuliy rnqoeelrd to attend the funeral, from tiiefea. of bis pa mala. I JO Niooteenlh atrert. w .thoai any further lovitat.oa Buffalo papers pteaye oopy. Prrarsn ?On Ttraday, Jnly 21, .Ion* WtLJjutw, only ? child of Henrr aud Aim* dure ke. nz -d 1 year two faoulha. I and ten liyt IV friend* of Ibe family are rerpe< trnKy larded to I attend IV funeral, tbi* (Tharaday) **v-ne>n, at tiro [ two o'clock, Irow ta> Won Mrentoooth ?trc?t. 3*at***.?On Wednesday, July Jf?, Keratin, wife of ' Archibald Shearer, uH ? yearo The relative* and friend* of the ftm.y at- Incited to i , attend the funeral, turn Thureday> afternoon, at two ' I o'clock, from No 30 (.nuaocoort atrtet HoNwa ?On Tueaday. July 'J4. of croup, form I oaii, daughter of Mali olm and Uabel'a Sinclair, a|?d I I I year, 4 montlta and V* daya. The fuoe-at wul take pia a th.? f",h md*y> afternoon, at two o'clack, from t'i? n leo<>e of tier parent* 344 I' West Heveateenlh Mreet. t. aeyow < Scotland) |M?pc-* pic are cony. Pain* ? la Rmokiyn. SerenVi ?a?ntb. 24l!t. f.tcier* Han.tit, only thud ot .ham..c anJ KU?a AufWta Sanitd. 1 are i P inontha Tho "funeral w I) take /*? on *2*ih Inat.. at three | o'clock P M.. at the bona, of t,i>or?e J Rodger. * thoughby arenne, tv-v-Spencer atreet Hlttai ?On WVdnn ju|j, ys ptr?i' c Strum aotl of lite late William ar.o Margaret Ma. if*, a oat;re of the par -h of s "in C^nnl Oork, Ireland, ajod 81 year*. Hie fcieo ia sad or.t i? Hum of the f.m ly are wpeet fully (otiieu t>> attend tt?? f ten 'h;? (Thtirrday) ?ter nn? o a' 'wo n't- * '?, fr nn ha 'ate 'eeiletwe. fir F'rft areaue Wm . ted th-a life. I t*J ' 5, l?-e) | fiwaiO' be iter- -I n rwirol, ta * <t1 <e inno, fro?n It- * - N ft * -t < " ' i ?i- t I - 7 4) l*'< _ _ ? WtyKLUUWWIl a ' <*omrrinifo imr. X WOOM *A?rvjiiATrT* ooeoiajl 5 nvimSS^JSSSS : M renders & v?n Inr-duersbie toattacksof ---? _ _ II Is Ike on> preparation Mir edTered 10 the world se rbrmically .and skilfully oombtnad M to be tks * 00 powerful toas'p. end st tkessssiknisso perfectly sdaat O ed lo, ss to set u> perfect sooordaase with, tke lews of O ? nature, and hsni* will soothe the weakest stoataeh.s^ m tone up Ike dies^ire organs, sad thus slimy mil usriuas sad other trrttalKm. It It perfectly sThtlsrsttnr, sad at < tke seme tins* h Is iwpneeil entirely of refetablee, yet ? so ootnkuied ss to aeoduee the most thorough tome at _ O feet, without products* say injurtoes nnssitiniinBSe. ? C Booh s rented/ has last/been felt to be s dmtdorstum O M Ln the nsedioai world, for It needs no idteai skill to soo M 9 tkst debility follows all sUseks of disease, sad pro needs " sad, Indeed, lays the system oyeo to the isstitirwis at- _ " tanks of many of the most fatal, such, for riassple. ss the followlng:?C<?nsiliwptton .Indlpeotioc. Uiopi iisis, M Uom at appetite, Palntneat, Merrou* Irritability. Nee- ay " ralyia. Palpitation of the ileart, Valaachoiy, Might ? M Hwests, Languor. Otddlness, Retention of ss weBas 03 Painful Obotructkm, too prof use or lao soaat M snstrwa- " H ton, and Palling of the Woetk. Three all depend upon m srneral debility. Tide pore, beejtky. tonic cordial sad q blood rvnuystor is ss sure to enre sa the son to rise sod _ * set. There Is no mistake akoat tt. Bat thto is aet all m W If the ivatMa la WWhened wa are opw to btloua at to tarka; the Uver berotnea torpid, or worn. diaeaaedt m X the kidnrt a refnar to perform th* fttaetioM, and are M *" *re troubled with acaJdtug and luwallnin at urine. _ c or Involuntary HtcWp of the ?nan pain la the balk. R <W'" aDd between the abouldere: eaoeedla*iy liable to to 5"*h) ?"'#* . and. a unchecked. aooa Wldi O don follow*. and the pavlent roea down to a prematura O *lmT*\..8m apaee wil! not aOow na to muaerato the v many Ula to which wa are liable la a weakened eondto O * dlttooof theeyateaa. Bnlwewttl ttoe Ooadlal O to"1 8100,1 Renovator, you hare a perfect, aafe. " pleaaant aad affeetua. remedy tor loan of appetite. ? r Mltooameee, flatulence, weak id alck MomjThTuto > goer, liver lewpi.ial. ohlUa aad terrc, or aay Mimm to r attack, nrallraneea acidity of the atomach, aarvooe- _ area, neuralfta. palpitation of the heart, dewreaatoa of aplrlia, aorea. plmplea on the face, or any ifuraaa artotop from impure blood, each aa aarofula, cryetpetea. to K brouehitia. cough. dltocntty of *e w't'tg. and af. that I m _ claaa of dlaaaaaa oalled feotale weakaeaa. and eonD torrated above. We wtU also aay. the traveller et- O pcaed to ewldemiee, chance of climate and water. wtS to fad II a pleaaant. aafa aad anre remedy and one uona abould ever travel without. Header, toy It. for we M~ anre jroe yon will And In It a t riend indeed, aa erei! aa ?" o a friend la need. All pereoea of aedentary haWte wtB o O And It a perfect preventive of aa well aa cur# for taoae . ailnicnia to which they are parUralarly erpwat c Hence mhiialeie. atodento. aUoraeya. literary frretto O men and ladJee who are not accuetoeacd to murk outm dunr eseretoe, will Bed U to their advantage te keep a M bottle eonwtaotly <? hand: and. above a)C mother#, or K j'?ec bemmavi anch. wUI go tftoonph the raoet dancer >. out period not oe y with all their aoceatocted strenffh, to c bat ante and tree from Uw Ihnnaaod allmenla an pre- _ vaient amnoc the female portion of the world. Ia < abort, it la. indeed a mothcr'a cordial. Try it, old and X to yonnp; DO 1 oncer run the rtak of delay. It wUI relieve ^ and prove n?cTf emphatically a Reetoratire Conlla. aad _ Wood Renovator * O t). j. wood. proprietor, mi Broadway. New York. go Mid 111 Market etree*., to. Loiun. Jfo . and oaj by aa a* . pond drupclata. Price one dollar per bottle A Id. dkak pkkho.vk, who haw to ukt kg'jsy Kl.,yWblRI Kjiuru> Amr immadlatkt r to Bit. TON roNcmtinau OOOLIcT AND tJAWT WHO W1U. kKHTOBK 7HV1R KBeBINtl iit iris bbw ITKTEM KKAII tl RW TEATIMOMLA.LH. run* rtnn wuDuiiur, a*o.. new roe*. _ I hav? rrmi plearurr la certifying to Dr Voa IbwMMMM freal skill. I Bare to es deaf for a long Unas aa<1 alone IMr. oe Mot. brisker opriated on me I ean bear distinctly. Si skill ana deitrrily in restoring the bearing to the deaf wUboa* pain U. stout*'mg. flTJB Vil.AUUBLIK, Haw Vokk, July 24,lfW. 1U Weal Eleventh mreod. ROHV.Rr BAUK, KNQ.. President of Ibe Goodhue Fire InsuranceCompany, hew fart, to Dr. Von Moeciicisaia, Oculist and Ann*. No. 1117 Clinton Place ? P?i* Eta?1 am a living witness of your skill in tba opaMtllon id the ear? ba\ mg on a reoeot visit to New Orleans, hncome totallv deaf in one ear. and, by the advice of a me frlenAi who brought me to your ofllce. where your skilful i innllsn, without scarcely any pain entirely cured me. I west lata your office deaf. and my bearing la now aa weU aa erer?fbr which I ahaL ever l>e thankful to you. 8his.ll >oi. ihtn* pamper you can oar my name. Willi (teal reaped. Your obedient aereanl ROBERT BAGK, It Wall etreaa. N*w Yoaa, July U, 1460. From GEORGE GORDON, ENQ.. NEW TORI T>r Vf n M'whrlskrr operated on my eara tor dm!nam IB my entire satisfaction. In a few daya I waa perfectly renamed, and without inr n rnlrnrr nr lu'i i rri|i" nil m In liinaa 1 ma much pleasure tn recommending him. OKU. GORDON. 65 Vw airee*. Naw Yona, June 36. 1.460 DR. VON XOCCHXIBKKR. the we'! known El'ROFEAN Oft'LIST AND Al/RIST Inventor of the K.\K VAPORIZER whV b restores the hearing in the moot obstinate rases as wet! aa slope the nolww la the bead, may be consulted on all diseases of the eye axl ear from 8U!1 bo'rlnrk at Lift CLINTON PLACM, EIGHTH HTRKMT. Attention, sir knioiith of morton command. erv No. 4?Tou will report youraeirea to the Ge-ieealtea mo at tan asylum coruer of Grand and Centre streets ( at 4 o'elork F M armed and equipped aa directed by toe order o( July 3). to asstmintbo reception of Wash. t??oa enmmaudery No. 1, and the G. M. of ilte I*. H. N. O. BENJAMIN. Commaadsr. ABF.At'TlFOL COMFl.MXION.-TO UXOft TAM. freckles. pimples Ac., and lo impart a healthy hue to the t< tuple iu>.i, una Mailame lewenuerg A On. a P -alllea de r\o rence, the purity and efficacy of which ta u (find by Dr. James K. Chilton, the celebrated chemist; and tho. aa.t.1a of peraoos dally attsat Its undeniable menu Foe sale at 490 Broadway, Metropolitan Hotel, and by all respectable drig gists and perf umrra Price 60 <*ots a bo* N. 8 ?Ail pernmn uttering from redness, sunburn or any eruption of the sain, will tind Madaaae L.'s Paatllled a mfe and tn/aLihle remedy. Caution?Please eia-nin* the label, as none are genuine ? out Lbs eerliilcelr of James R. Cb.lbn M. P. ?u the aurmture. C. iJCWEMBMLO. AT KVyRDKTXN-WKDDINO WOTTH. CARDS, AO. Hen tne Orange Rhaaom Envelopes, nnw anna rs ion cards. Ac. JJ. Bnndway, raraer of Duaan ntrsst A (IK tn - WANTED?FOR THE hTRERA WW1NG MAchime liberal dMcoua: showed. Mffid (or Ore ism. inaro IM nrawwi/. AT %' -A Rl W STTI.F. OF KUOFB AND (JA.TEHA. AM JORKR'. 10 Md 12 Ana Arret. t'aL uJimJihi Bornom rewiro machirbl harrdt fatui,? Ttaa celebrated n'w iimproird doi.bla tbaaad. prtad tAM? M. RaIewoo? >? Hi HroatI way frppcaUa tb# He Ktrhn4a*. BT I'RIRO MY OROCRKT TOD CAR ALL KATB beaitlfnl flowlft* brarde ud luiintn: nijivaf U \?1U nM lain <?r Injure tb?- iAia la any way wbaln-.e.- r. baa been eatahliabrd dure IWt and la aoid by Drar'T all dr-v-xydata. Frk-a tl K <1 (IRAIIAM, l o N ut* /TONFWSSIOK or HARDEN. T1IK MI'KDKRVjI AV Juki pi hliabed, pilee T- ren> THE UFK CoRl KNNIOR aRI> I ETTBAN OF COCR1NHIT or REV. JACOB f? HARDER. Eiectlel fir Ihr murder of hi? aire. ai Belvldera. R. J. Ma'.i-d Ire* >4 nnttaf* oa r?<-*l?l af j?nre TRKnieRIC A HRADY, it Ana Mrwt. FTOBRN. BCRIORA, 1NVRRTVD RATTJi, FNX.AROMB \J jrdnta. and ai! dlaeaae* of tba fan pored wtthmu pate m lonornetnaor* la tba pauaiu br Dr. ZacHARIX K ryM l^lmpodM. ?M> Rruaaway. Bet era to ^byatriaua ud aae *oaa of iba my. | IKRK'H TO THB QC>'.SR. HOP H.HM BVRi 'ItM 11 HraJ (' li?r (11 par d.>ao. a; ST Fudnu ?-raa*. J WILL F101IT TILL 1 HIE > OR ERRKSOM arothk." am wtort. i prints II VJ.FXT A, Till 111.ADIATOF.. IIALKEUB TH1 wLADtATOB. OALKM7M TJIK (ll.ADlATOB. UAI.r RCS TUB OLAf IATOK, IJALKRD*. THE OI.ADIATOA, oa TH? ROMAR MAIDFU* UJVK ROMAN NAlDKE d !>?> F lloMAN MAlDBM"> LOT* romar maidrm r Lot >. ROM IA M AIDER'S LOVE Ry VK ANOTK H fWITH, A >iU>.M ( 1 Rv?:r?i *.aa." Maajp* J>? CA 4 of CMaMIly," ' Raja. ' "UUaa. t-aTwaad'-rw," "TSa MR rani.' Ar. IR RV.ADT TODAY la Tan NKW YOKE WKHKI.T. RVW YORK. ?*?*< NT* YORK WKRRLT MkW TOR* WKKM.T TV S*sl ?:.fy K 1 Skmrb I-IHT ngMaiwt roR RAM kVYRnnimm* FOt R carta prcopr IKtORMATtOK WANTK9. 11 ntorwand urf >mk*r tf (Win am ??M*M Ai MtiUnf up Oln radar mj trad* wt. hri?Mi 1- I m* Rrhnappa, Hcfctmlam hchnaapa tad Ai ?ill Hrhn^pa fig InrnjiatioB whk-h m?j taad to Ua rmrV-tva i?a jmiA? ttf m trui M toAokii../ laoattad tT vdoltho wlkjxm Br* tr Pwk MORUANR NADO.MIIT FOR RAM.-HOOKA KB F*tn'..i(r* *M o.rValMat txw phL a?U x H t b?m?d. a: t?a old > nrKitt, AAf,i, lt? S??a otrroc HKYR ARD A CO., CA1KRT HOI RWnWPWR RIFIJt IHP VI.l.IKl.t INHUt POWORR AND YAKUT* r??TPOTR?. Th<- u.y trUjr raliabJa arty la to ?* junli*:* body..;*. t>? Ion k?. in gardrn Inaorta. rata and ?>?. 1'ruic P<o i -pot IK Bi.a.l?a;. s.JbrB l- *faA UTOWARD rtAROR O OKAKD "-QOARR A"?D PICCOJ/V tut Hfur tivrviiti<>n WAHERoOMmr IW kkoZIVwAl. T< MAI III.NiATA VNI? OTr?*)m -1?OX riVI!C(WI o?? >1 I.i? ouuk W or.ler *. trj ton p." ? "<'MT KM ...? ovn. >r MATH** Iron fvnlrj Wl * >4 Ml i I if?' f T. riv rou/irmo t*o TAT*in> rt* fat.*-*? AtrOKK MHA1IKU. IM.VlHIUtl . ? '?, u. ? ?t - HlM-fc T mall \ >'Ut, u.lAfclolor \A manuM rM r atirh u tan!*, metal*. Mm Tr+nrb f?.r r%r'.or and ?*h?r f? nil'ra At th* Mn? dri>'" ?a?avmr. n.?h'~ air ndcrad foi ??? at thd li?n ptlca , iltaiiu ? ?*?? NiilUr. wtwui ema ranawol at f 1 a w TTt-xv a, ktokwucai AXJ> t.i \hiu>>U> U 14 lb*. Tr mvmr Tim / -?.p. A ?? T*" lb* Prtti ?V?. ? 2 <?na tlta>? .1m I *?<ai?.. * 1 >nd Canton do F-.iv. * I'd (lull A*td?t.'?r> ? r*r >r?-ii?-l ' 1 r*'?i> >l |*o?< h-iilihlta.'W'in Wt? U kJtv A'?n b P???? I % IT>? I ,tf (h ? A?| I <*ir- W' S o vat .? ? 1- . * T * 1- ii ... i ?l i rAa ' r 1 ' ' -"A, 11 ni ? V4 IHMi'kK i\s tvav**j, tid IUb*.A -*a? (1?T VAX

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