Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1860 Page 6
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6 ?rroi?Km A situation ?A*Ti:n-iiv a RitsritcTABLE y ?:n ? Strl, ?t cbwnt 'no?u or ob1 !'? nurse. Bel'ereae ? Ktaatt. Api> v at No 17b W' l *orly aula itreot. uixr Hoth-b ?u rf. 4 LAOV ACCUSTOMED To rilK CARES OK HOLME Ji keeping, iniuon of children and wnf a onmptaunt to ui M?a.Ul lad.!, J'?vm a alluaJ.ui io :ber capacity; hts bid muiti . nwrii'iiL? Ul ail A<1 tin-?>, for three day*. J. II. U., Mktrald oVUe. A SITUATION WANTKO-BV A rtRAPKCT ABLE youD* woman, to to .moral Utwiaework in u nutall private family; ia a plain eo A >nd ^o?l rushm- and uouor; ho afcji uUou U> fo a abort iliMiniH'in tbi* country iLmt (Hi relereuoe Apply at M Kroat at,, t>t mu Adams uid Wuahin>; Mb. Brook yn Are AMarfttCNN' situation wantko-i.y a kr tiieoutblc yiHinj- wonnu ; undi'mtainia ilroaant tklus. ia a Bond plain ae?rr, oyrritM op Wheeler A Wlla. n's w* in,' ma < Afcvc 1 bv beat of oily refareuoe given. Call for tvt u days at 111 Mb av , corner Iftnb at. 4 PROTEST A NT OJRL WANTS A 8ITCAIMN AS JL ertik in a private family; hat no nh,* uo .t n go i *h rt Stetan. in tho country. Good nfenuKai Call al lid " oat Waalunyioii plaoe. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BKHPS' 'TABLE young woman, sa tlratolam oook and etoellmt 1 other Bad troner Can give the b??t of olty referomwa wberB a4e baa tired for two year* Cait for two <l?j? at liH West ?el ah comer of Tib ave. 4 MIDDLE A OKI) SCOTCH WOMAN WANTS A SITUJ\ auon Ui <lo hnuaework or pt .In sewing. Good referemv). CWI for throe daya al Aid nb aye., top Hour, back room, near ibM ARKhPS.TlBl.K WOMAN, WITH TWO CHILDREN, baonp .t VI heeler A Wilson a 'vrliiK machine, w.uils i iimaBon In the .-ii-in'ry. tv.tgea no objact, but a rvaperuiote homo. Api'h at 119 kiun 37 th at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNO ,/L woman, as aeatiuirKaa; ran do all kin la of fnmily anrnu;, aio! ia rayable of rutuii(r and dting. awl ts willing Ui aaais! in Um- .humberwork, bits mi onyee.Llon Ui go in lbs niiiutrv, mtu CP lily refer coco Can be seen for two days *1 1IW , Ji av , XVI sad Ztih au. A WOMAN OP GOOD DISPOSITION WANTS \ SITU_ atlon to take rare nf cbll lren and make h?r?elf r-na jiiiii'Mft. p?? tia.t mi Bkv? ' t*k*? tu* p??l r?.<r?-u ?. | t?# b " on for at It*. *1 ,?*?.. rw*r. A*!Tr\T|iiR. RV ARKPT'TARl * MAR T* r?4 vt.?w |r> gn out ! > ??* f, i'?r. h?? l'*? R?r I ?.1 ' *1. :?iw ? ?- Jl C'p'r ?* ?' b-m?4 1 r? irrr ! l? h?' nipr ltl? Narti ?r .Air., ?1 ? , Hr??\*iyn, Mr. <>trrj ?. TIMRTtTV-RT A !TI<;m.T RK^'K< TVBl.t TOt'N I Tt cr-mut *irl. a.i> to a ; ..I n * .? < ? ?r-. of VttMUt'l v ? > ii * pi'.aei I* A f. ' t**r M I* on ; * .? > t. Imict 'f .''it frmt !*?t /nr. Apr'T ?>' 1> ' If * . 'bird il. bwtawn 7*1' I ! *' Ml" t1TKI>-ftV * RKrFEiftM! : OKRM.AV Ol.RU 4 " >t '<11 M ck* nl?' li?m U.^ A p'?'' ** 1" U? All ,?rr .4 % bAhy ' An M ?!) far tiro cAyr at#* for%Tth ?i n -b? r?*r, for iir.> <i?jr?. , ii- ifTniv-nr Tiro runt- ttaru: ?iirw bjtca Mac wi u Brr. xfc* -<ui do ip prnwrre* pad i I * ?* i? ><? brat ?ty?? tkr i*l" ? fir* *l*?? ??J r-a? Tb? *at of r^T '^urct^a. cm bp prra for two 4*rt At J*' "Ut ? o?*r TTvh at. 1*rARTItI>-BY t TOt'JM WuMA.1, A MTttAT OR \A 'I b.mSa?-ii.?t mk) ?njtr? a. 't.ti\r?toi*!? b?r bomnew pwf'it / tiU at ill 4U> a* , tat*'on . iat u>l 3?i ata. u ;*a fan 7 ?tnrl W*R-Ttn -BT K RF<rir. Ttmr Tot VI fivtv, A .t rrr. * rtmI mh|, . ml" lUtar am t-wr. Mri ?ri ?j worrit a**"!'; t> i nti;? I'.ia t/> m i Aw <~r.etry: b?a? m *ij ?rw. . ?.< ?* ttrw ; > at *v **, .d ?*. WARTKTV- * AITtT ATIOW, BY AM FUlaTlV WO*A?, w ?.** ?? >r > 0> gPttrra. i? . > I n i . M>d ait - -r. ii Uillt) ,li 1 w. 1 ?int 10 i?m? oithtk* ??lliln| ?t if'?u?n 1 ut imi .itijen- 1 ik * 1 if >>1 il miry. U.i* mtjr nlriMuK. C. 11 ? IV Wt 'l iS'l It T?o*ibirr> w vkt hih ?n>\ > * ?,y \ trRtt aln 'aiulfy. a abort tiiaMm n Iti on.- 10 <lo pb-1.1 k "i*. v> >?L>un nod Ipmiiii, aril "aaar; th* ?ab r, i? <' ki'i.lnd, lohu cam of cbiMren mi.I to 1? u'atn B-au:* '"HI' r.*lrry (M?l iM) Iklkftlrt. Call kl ll>l Viol 11C> M. *i?tl kM. V and H. TtTANTIIVA RITCATIOJf. RT A MWKrT Aft' 4 '' J -I ?oa>k. a* A -a w.'l'i naal-t wvh thr wi. .1 IM u'.t mm n* Ibe bril m r,ijr re.. n uc.-1 .tn ?* a from V-r ut*i Lin ?. * birr ?h? ha* 11.e I for th* l.?t lite , ..-A. A|i |l> ? - A it ilt.'.t ('.? r, Is. k ,t. It Vij n u *>ntiv-A mitcatioi*. ?v \ k?.. "** taht.r Vf I'n. .i?n. * 1. .u. it .-"in ?. n.fiu u.l , tt.)I kinlrnlainta riiUUK ami liltiaK !* 'ami cl.illruo * 4>> .* . - r.| <1 nr I ir >?L.r* n . r in*t |>. not. 1 a ' *? t fN IklM Ikftf trim 10 till t, (I V.I ilro?l??j, Caiu4 Dutr, ?y alalia llilufrk bxaki UMSfKIV A ll?il S" KKr.l'KR'H SJfV\ri??X, It A* V " *rrj r .?:.? nhr an.l <mm? irol fruv *n |>?r V ap.|?m. i.J* li'iinv-knt |< na <Im> rnii c<"> U>" 1" ?' attia atitn T ral. -.- r.. 1 til ?t, ,? y. r1 , lit Villi. <uk >> at., iir.-1 jr. for IIvm ilajra. W* AS MV k AITVATIOS, UV A To, N'i WOMAN, A* TT k naah-r ami lmner, or ill .mhrmi ltd, < ' ?o itn gen.-ra' > nat * ?k in a laioi1) , t< >al wlrfrih'. L OWil at M< B R'.tiv?tnn ?. II' \ vryrt. \ Mtt Ikliiv "T 1 PR'VIT'tTk'M WO *' man. ? a * 1 1 r k ha Li ... i pi; nf tk- >.nl .* t itoiij n'jr r?irr-n ?.*n be *?? far tar 1 flaj j: *t I IIU.. bet*. u Mli ami Mi a.a. \?* iNii*n- -irr itin*. ? r ? r:?Mj*ib-r m' y no. T? t..' t ' . la la mai'al h-mv aork In a a Tall tinlijr. Or. be ** b t>. .* ' la> at 77 limiry ..i trvh uoor (mat nm 1 ll AM . ' t-T \S VM Ht. VN vmm.K AliV.IV WW ?r ? . ? ... o h tintrntf r, -.- A I an > liknattlrt J. r it, JUWn flthaV Itm-of rlijr l*f?r-tre. U A.vTirfw a MTrATTim A? riEMPT 1 vus OXK, Tk ? -! a (I .f. * l.j t . It ?- ' .'ill I i. - ."il? X-r' - t .? n-rr- t, *1. . t < ae 1 II. -In. Vol II ?'? ' f, bflre r 'fil u . Iw k'jr.. aw ?. W I ATklL t tilTl" ATTi'N. ITT A II RH'V T \ IH K " 1 . tr?.? * ' .t>*. vt . \ I1111 r It nl S.'> ? "Y m tutbl faml't; baa ?.>i.| rHf nfrmr* i'aii ?e two tar two ihft at la9 W<v lv.h at.. Brat Dorr. ts. Uil r??r. 11-ANTItlV-A BIT! \T i)M Ttv Co To KURoriC 'iR " K nUi ?%.' ? llalf, ti> ta'-vt* r"t|.l ' ? a*h bat he? n ?. mmr I M irarel inrnaah Knriand anil k'nui-r w . f ??| rtr-?.. .it, r and a lru-:?vinhy par- ti Mat "t?? ? .r?v altan a nil ? 1 ? Ihre- data v it , t'b aata. vjarrl' t.Jtiy. Will M at.?n4-tl U> hi ibe iu? 4a). \l-AMfKD-A RTTI A TICK Ad .TKVK IM A f'RIV ATK ft "an. A tM a. a at ka.ta "I. * of . firr ti? a'. 1 felly "felni; wishes to traielliuir **,ui-r :-n b .? W-,'.; kw hr kilol rl'v reference Oui Im seen for one day at SKI dd av , noar Ud it. A SITUATION WANTKD? IN % PRIVATE FAMILY, a* oranutr-sa; mi.trrsun.ts nil mnils of sewn- on Wii -el. ?v A W.bum's aeatnx mm dines, aud *! uodt-i ,n.U hairtIon be seen tor two days at 116 Bowery. Hem at My refrr?nres. AS HOPRKM AlD-WA .VTKD. A MTU ATION, BY A KKape. -utile Korllsh <lrl, < > h mihnr iu ?i I and .vaitresa or as nurse and -bam .erm.iid, or to do plain ?i>wlii<; has no obJprtlon logo a short dtstiuee In the onuitri. Hue the best of (Hjifloo M Apply lor two d?y? at ill.' rt-v -V.h St., leaned tioor, front room. A YOUNG tAOY IS ItKSTROUS OF AS ENOAGE ir.nit as ail- ... 1 HI, b.ning h*.t ievyr.,1 years' vpi-ntart Id Hro.idwi V tr -le, b ilh la i?v Lrt, cornets and inu-y cooda. Villi ho found. by relerenoe, to be capable ol' selling any kind f f?oo.!? l.l lri'H H t tlnrsa, ltrytdway Poal ofllce. w personally ?t yj Greene street. AmTTATMV WANTED-BY A VERY T HIT STY, CApable and highly tv- m. ndnd gtrl; te tbnmii rhly experienced in weaning roning and cooking or gtusral housework; aa objection to the country. Cull at bit Atlantic at., Brooklyn. ARTTITATION WANTKD?BY V YOU SO OIRL, TO DO shninberworli i-.ud tine washing and iron In;*; would In withr- to yo to th? country lor the summer. Call >i tier pre net employer's, So. 70 West ti I at. A OOOD CtlOK WISIIKS TO OIITAIS A SITUATION; ^ undo stands baking, pu.try. creams, bread; would assist m the washinc, ?m objection to it" In the country; beat of city yiwrreoeea. < an bo seen for two days at So. 5 Monroe at-, oiii r Catharine. Arkspettarlf protestant mm. is dp.grous of obtaining a .ilu?ti->n as chambermaid and wiltrone, or wo aid la< willing to do ,,Uin Hewing and embroidery; is a very rpveaiile and toeaaiinf rlrl The very heat of cltV refereuea bem h-r last pla Call for two days at I7i Weat 32.1 at., first Aouar I r w clh av ARKHPEI TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A KIT A Hull tnitii g? nrr.J housework inju private fMintlv, or pUln aont tn a hoarding ho i*n, U an eirellt id plain conk, ano a apaal washer ami Irousr. Has the V at of rity refomoee iroin brr laet v ace. Call tor two days at 33 M.ittrue s! , real' Calhu root- at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG R: ITCH W0J\ m..n, a? laity's maid; tiMd-nnund* dras<n .kirnf and afiltnf ry. plain aewlcir and lialr dressing; would ukc :r iravel wt'A a taxnuy Apply at 171 heat dial nu ARKRPK<*T A HI K PROTEST A N'T OIRL WtVTS A ait .win.u as cbsui'iertuo l and pi in sewer, or to lake .-tie fsklelren. Call at No 1d7 tih kv , betwoeo .'Hi t jlst nta. AURHPKitvri.k protkstant ulkl. wants a alto Itton to ,1-1 lo nerat hontewnrk tn a small l.oniIjr Call at No. Ui Weal dtlih au, between 7th aud 8tii ata., oecime dour. Ayocnll OIRI, DKMKKN A KITIJATION as FIRST class ehamSermi id *erl waiter; his no obj-etiiet P? C'a Mber; distance :a th? etmnlrj' h->* the heat of cltv reference Wop, her !a?t place. Call at No ft) Wen' Xid at . near tlth ate. AimiHI.Y KKRPKCTAKI.E LADY. AHFD RKTWKKW and 3U rears having hnsinen oMigmg her to visit Karaite id. nhrrle, .- w In any oerasi travelonr l.v iIk.m ?nher ui romuamoa. none, or to tote ebarge of ehtMrcu, h.-r ?***$ belne tb? only remuneration reoulred. la not anhieot w?'i>. iu?w. Adireaa Mr*. K VVunule, I'iuh.m ?| jt> r?n; oCu>. AMBPl<T4Hl.It YOCNU UER.M VN GIRL WvNTH A iluaUoo "i a ruiall frtvale 1 awily, to Jo < uei il h m?e iwrt <.<**1 ctt* refren ces #n?i. Call for ten da; in 7J Clii! atrrei, tw-'ou nu AHf.AMKTRfNR. WHO l?NDRRRT CIK * I,f? KI\l>?t nf firm It ail wing, run nH an.t Itt lietiea' dresaea ..- I#.-' tf *?br? riafiloymrm for m i or >lu?- inoutb*, where abn ewa moke it her homo whii* employed. Call ai Is ou? at , tie #w*~u ivh au'i", upper tiuor. MR* WILSON WAJiTrl KKWINfl i?V WHKRI.KB A Wil-a a * machiiK'H, irue'dunea ?tnt nut wi ll nnuMrni na-'eUrv toatriWiirii (ll-eu kirn. WILeO.V ?/t kou'us iwiiur, mirnifr on Lit August to 463. over OLii* uuu-Lut, Mil' ilMUML MONTIII V VLARK.?AN KLDKRLY Of U! . II etp?iieiKe, A pUce .?< rrvnthly ?!eb uurao: mall*. ?(! , I . (for. .v. CIO'II < ill . * ? ,.. , .1. ? ;.l 94 Weal l";li ??.. in ibe i ? a, near tub av. SITt Alio* W I NT Kit?IIV A NMT. UltV HJRI., Is i hamnamnilil uvl waiter or to d<> nen.n fi.*-|! otie fw???rearan be *tveo tmm U?r lart vU'*e, noobjwttwi In go abort (tiatmvro tn the counir <\vi be n-eu .'or two da/a at 63 Douiliu -t., youth Hnmklrra, Ural boor, barb room. VJITI'ITION W VNTKD?HV I RKRPKlT t Ht.lC WOMAN, O ?an? k. tn a hot -l or rraUuranl or i<nv . -1*0. eme bi'stlM h nv. no bierttm .0 do Alt b tonaer informal I no In ulre in ih front store. If Pi '.re 4, mi tier of liiuwtli. 011 reference cm ITToy W t N r **; 1 I V A KI-i'K fiPf.B IDPVI ! MITI ITIOVS WAMTRD-nCMAtBS.^ V P.t.SPECT MU.ROIIiL * HIWAllOj* .?* t b?rni># ru ad und w*J*. r m U.**)?, or I*' o*1** ??f hlldi**.:* Frivol* fumly iir**1-'rrwd ?***/ OtU for i* i d??>H 01 1Cu?i I'oa *?n gt. r*Hu No I, up Ur*"TKIV-A RITI'ArMII, BV 4 RfctPmTfA til?E N .>'.. h girl. a? ^(uanW'!/1" to do gcn-rboiuutW... k tn * >1., .1! ore ' ? ton ! TJtv referettr- ln.m b*r lem p?u.e. CVB at ft* U|was?**A ? Wadr id Beech, wewmd Bom. , Wi*TK)-* SlTrxTWS, BY A R?PET4BLR V? i o,m* tiii-i. to do liM r-toiral iMiuowork uf a private .* 4 good rr-ik, wniher ? id Irnuer: ht4 thn he* of .dty itt'Tx * J requlr.-j. < 'hU iu lt?-' Knat Broadway, cofu-T of Can. i >t- _ Wl,VYRR? A PTTCATIOlf, HY A KM\RT. TTI1Y, IV dn-ui'Min girl, In do general housework, or plain eouk In*, waging sn.i ironing, tu a small private family llaa'.Ue heai m'otty reference fran UM plane. (Jtkli for two days at 17^ K ??t:let h Ht urst tloor, front room. Tl* ANTED?A SITUATION, HY A RKdl"K<TTAHI.K WO ?1 man ai> pood cook, waaher and Imuer. II m ihe Wat of rrty refer* ro frown her last place Can be aeon at U1 West ltta at., oetwoeu 7 th and 8Uj avs , third iloor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT (JIRIj, a situation to do general bougcwoik oi a small family. Boa or city reference if required. Apply at 111 7vh av , between I tth and &>th sts., second siory, froi t r<K>m. WANTED-A RITTT AT10N, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, hit chambermaid mud to ink * rare <>f children, ; the la si of reference, Call for two day a iu265CulumI bill hi , bctaeen S .ite and Atlfuitlr, Brooklyn. ' "M*'1* WAM'KP-PKNALK'k. A Nl MHMK OK (iOOD AMERICAN, ENHLIHH K( OTOT1 J\ Mid Inah girls are wanting hltuationa in lainllles, hotels and giorra. Apply at the KroU'idanl Oflloe of Industry, 404 tkoiitl street Hcarr,-tresses saleswomen, names, oouks. i * t TTK HKRVANTH* LA RUB institute AND home? ! XV < ?>d ilinalion* *1**ys ready dy, and good wi" Also, girls l.i ? !? landed, and siu.ill girla for families, lo . all wkamVat 138MniMi*t.. frrnor of oca >.?. ? ? dt.ottd by a respectable Amenraa lady. | 4 RTTfiriAI, flowers?qiriji wanted, tor arXV tltKlal flower work; alao aouie hamie for dreaae*. <lool | prices and ttcady work, at 33 tad Broadway, near Catharine air eel. AIX (JIRI.S LATELY LANDED WANTKD- IN GOOD Marly ailuaUou*. at flair ?UMj aho) bast t? pUsae a; a slmrt distance out of town to small families for the summer, t nr in ateady^ood homes, an.I ntoe raapaniabiw places Enquire : at the lau-ffi' Institute aud limae. No. 138 Eleventh street, cor. aer of .Sinn avenue. Abh i oiouk!' cook wanted- in a vmallpkiv ate I windy; alia muat be w good cook and wed recommended. i In-1 dre at 7'ln limadway, np si airs. Abundance or good servants. to suit all wl > rpmdre g.m.1, . .id, e ,pa de help. Mr !!)- country, j Goo.1 .v-'ka. washers, Ironer*. charabermd.'", waitresses, 1 anami'.rvevs, Ac , at the large Institute, ISS tleteulli street. 1 corner Sixth avenue. Ar chavhrrmatd and waitress.?wanted, a . first close 1'rntestant servant, at chambermaid and wait rrm m w prtvwta family; to one who thoroughiv understands her beatnese, iiiul noue others need apply, a good boms ?o I good wages will be giten; city references will be required. Apolv at No. 11 West iftfth at., between 3tb and cith avs , from ltoIt Y. M. An LARGE NUMBER OR SERVANTS ARB WANTED for every capacity every hour of the day. Suitable situ ltd me ind "nod wage* , aq always be proems] at '.be Broadway Employment Institute, 424 Broadway. ACKKRM AN, pro pi letor. ANI'KsK WANTS TO GET HER BAKY WET NURSED, some person havtuj Ijsta babe preferred, 'ermii tnvde i rat.' <'all i iis v.oek lor Mrs. Breuuan. 21 av. D; in the daI gucrrean gallery. Experienced skirt hands wantkd?at the Kb'preaa Tippip and Spiral Bt ?tle Manufactory, 146 and lid < bombers sL /TOVKRNKNK WANTRD-IN TUB COUNTRY, Ti? IN\J struct a young 1-uly in Engl ah. Fr> nc.h and iim or domestic huhiu preferred. Inquire at 104 Baal 49th at. near 3d IT. TXrAMTED?on STATSJf huh a booa ?kk.m an Tv girl, to -'-vi>k and do general honaewr-k In a small famlly; ?.v> a good German girl wanted as nurse Apply at 130 IdllCdOllglU st "II "ANTED? A RESPECTABLE PROTEST a VT TO UNO f? * riiuii aa nurn- nad seaman-em; aim null bring g?.al reference*. Apply hi S3 VTeat 17 th al., oo Thursday morning, between la and - o'clock. UrANTED?A NKAT AND TIDT GIRL TO TIKE care of it child, ratal be willing to do general h- >iaework. Apply at No 7 Green avenue, Brooklyn. XtJ-ANTKD-TO TAKE CHARflK n? A CONFE'TroNI " en an ire. a youpg, g<*>\ looking, auiari Ainerioaa 1 e'.i c, eerie, .hub Irotii llie cmiiitry nr wilhnit !' i-in* lit 'be city pre! rved. Also a girl, 11 or 16 yeara .,f age. U) '.em n. Address A. A. IV, Herald nfllce, for llue* daya. tirANTKII?A GIRL. TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN TT lb' .nuiitry, to do the general housework of a mail family Pin. -;.mt prafarred. Inquire at lU John at., belweeu o and A P M. lirANTRn?A SMART. TTDT GIRT., FOR O INK RAT, TV houeework; mutt be it trod plain ernig and waahi-r and it. ner, t* lib good references. W.igeaf7. Call al IdO 17lh St., ' between let and M ara. llrANTBD? A OIK', ?OK GENERAL HOUSEWORK; , TV one wbo luidcratanda washing and Ironing, aud bus good ! relereneea Apply al 1HW Kaal l. bal. I WANTRD?I* A PRIVATE FAMT1.Y, TWO TRENCH I VT girl* one aa norae die other a* a ,im?rfM aud lady a I maid. Apply Pi William Redmond, id Parent) at. 1 \\'ANTF.D-T0 Oil A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE fr <-< ii ;rv. a p *h| calk, wa-dirr and ironer. Apply fur ' one dav nt IS Weal Md at., between the hour* ol 'J and 3 \r uniMin tie makers, for BUNoarrroaft ing au dilating alter machine. 1 itw* .tccuaiontttd to | the work "?n obtain steady employment at 3i darclay at. IP AM K I> -FAMILIES WISH I NO TO KKUOYK TO TV ite country, which are enanpnaed of tan nr more grown up d uiphtera. iu.ty hoar el an iqajftiiuMy to better iheircircmu*t*ncea woh pern, .item eniploymertt In a manufacturing i vll'iigc in the > .'cut' C. itinscUc t, five hour*' rtvle front Una city. Apply at .17 ftnudway, up atalrs. triVTffV? A tX)OK, WASHER AND IRONFR. ONE W ,t bo .rader* amis h?r linainea* thorn i ihly eat) hare a ' rm?! home am! receive gi?*l wag**' by applying at IN Warren street. Jeney City. Bes; if relereucea re itred. U'AATVD?A GOOD WOMAN. TO DO i,'E VF1R VI, .* nk for a family of two pei-aous. AppO at 319 . Illeec^Brw, U"\v t) TAA'A vot'Nii 1. Al HE*. TO ATTEND "AH i bona a e competent tp-ed apnlv at i?I I'rincb lu.t. It,.*..; y Apply between 12 and 2 o'rl<* ? P. M. U" antCD?flt A AMAMi fanii,y ok *WiH'R PER or a good rni V, w t*he* and Irooer, ami tn do the ge i.c .! h' el.-m i rl , i n. required. Apply aA U South tkh ? , aa * ; unburn, before iJ neUfk. tf-noted person pre M- vNTFIi?t < lUMUHRVAIIl. TO AMIUT IN V*?H i'tkwl iumi.i v ho rui bring givl Irvutnoiuala Ap, I. ai No. 6 I i.treiHiy i)U?i-. i\l*"ANTKIv-?.XK HrNHRKD :'RLS KOR HOTRIJ4, IN > Ike H'v >nd ron-try. at V Vmt York KnapVv. mem (> Broome at tie ?r Eim. ii. WALTON'S, IkMHiH tin r itoe. UfAXTKP-A ? !RI, TO no OEXf :\t, flOtTKKWORK; n,r<i tin ,nl v ai .| impv , vjrrtnan or Aic rt tm pi Tlerrrvi. Apply tlM M. Jin.oo<1 N. . W'AXTKn-A OIRL, t-O no llOl'v ' YORK IX T'lR II n-n try, at a pleaaant plam about Pipe mllaa trom New Vi'M a jornl girl il ' "I * pleaet 4 home, vap < M pw 0>- .apply at .""il I'kttrtt il, Brooklyn* ?4 ? C.T t. TO P<> ORS1 RAI UOTHKWlRK, li in... Iv ro ... u<W. Apply at lUl Ml are. \l*i.r N. R- V. WtXTK.D-A R"Bt'"?T TOl'Ji I AMP if Ik a ireab ii-aav if mui <i?Ma , p * 11 j -. vt iil RVm H b it. naar 9lb a? , nuratodiata.j. u' o r> n tm lor no i tniKAoruooD appear ?? mi ii aal-m ill' on* in play the pljno. 1 Apply altJ We?i Mfialaaj, f ir t*n day*. ir"nni ? ' p.Ti tvrui w on IRV?IT PT'T^T ?? i , 1 d i * ii <?l r.i !?? Tk it 4 pr n fmnl >. , - I 'I. I ?MCMkiBki k) ?n. Ap, ly at rr H|e?v|ier at, iri-nl 'li*.f. Ai VMM i? ID l?i I?ii'.\ KH VI HOilMCWoitK fj ?.:?l! TIIv a fi-amilea in n tfce .uy. am be .? 4 ?liv -I I '. '. Ii-.pi r in I < well m m ,uen.|e4. Apply at 1.4 Urnm at . corner of HirUm. \kr AN7 til' * OiMill fiOK. V," A - TkR AMI ln"i\PR Tr II--- *. I. . > .. .! ii-r . ii*- S- * - ly i., ,*e ai-?l I'll.', a ( > niplytn* it IS) t'nintt. ta ?' , beta ran i" tk and lorrep ait via., Ilea', of Rffiwrn r? ru?f. _ tiTANnn-A OOOK. warbm am> IROJIRB;ON* a V abii la c* ui,irnai oaii bate a y.vl hn a and apod vtii > | ,'mIj . m, . if.' Rendu -pal at, a'i.iv? Uleecker. Stat cv jb* ' k -a.i. ir tS ""P A UOOII-WAKT IIOVKivTiJtRrrTf'WATT. ?? ammd andanldniiaifil > va -rk. tM?bi ia ant *|, ,.-' i ai.rk mar vppli at I.M il i tai.i at., -rtr/ i >1 inn. lfii|"iM|i*r m i tb Tl' \>IK11 v'f rllVlP~aNti fait RhR. a 1\>*!'R ? ? i .. ? >> lal'afartr. f I to* 11 anw ?? f.-.J I mil al'it . * > Ay applying tn Aa>1l? at a*., eaai aula, aeontxl dror above J?h at. ti' v> i a:ik~A~i>i"'. v> po i rsrAiK"! wnp.K. iTp 11 t take rare r4 ' (ran Th-- arbo ca:i ? ? ne'J r? e anaieiiVd may apply at 41 Weal 3a' I at \Y V v tip? v" XT V?" 1 T>\ v.lRl V l?> itKN I'.R At, T? k-ii?. avit ta a -mat' prtaa'a t'wialljr I) H iboto"-i moat N*a k-oat i '.ntti rook waaliyr toot Ir \er; ? BrrHea-an I preI err- I A | i ') fr nv *t p. 11 A * at < W* *-ran at , b i??m'H'. I n ATIO.XA \\ AX I Klk-n l I.Kf Am vt rvr knokp hook kkfper wii.l rf iw wamt t< a Ml u?H'T or or aNo - ? Attrf"-! >' Rafrratva* n**\. ay Itnna>>.<>. A.l4r -a ii ?tr? R. I'rak". Maw York .?on, i Tot xuorjrn.K***. or rnc utonnrr RamcrrJ\ , - i iia* a knav anf \b- F-oneh aitr'tagr. deaima to Mcompaap *i*aa K II V-+A Wit' ? a*T*Ury, Aj. Adli-At HwuthorAir, bv* l,?.i? Row T rk Fn?tn'.,ra, AH (KADULATOR. IMTKJIPRKTER OR CLKRK -ONE A ol ih"aa alt I tatlntu WA'im, hy a TO'iBit I'lllw * bo aprnka And wntrs 'kv Kjkoiab. Kovhah aol fr?n-b , and hu 'k- ! # rf AddJVM fur tw? lay* X. U. X.. boa 1?C Herald oto*. AWTPPTR A'?cn OKRMAW. A* XPKR'KNi KP a ?., ?b > ?f>ak? KnfUtfi and Pr?tArk. ntfara hta t*rt it* aa h. or * iTftti no A trip to any part of Kirapa, wh-rr h" ht? :r?r- .,-k baforo. 0*11 At Hart a M A*!, H OtAtkam at., room M. \M AVKRTOAM TOT-MO WtX, TWRN'TT OMR TEAR* of ago, a an'* a aUna in otom kind rf a "Mr*. a dry _ ??la ?<>rp p-a'?rrort Can w?il and ? tnafn' hand. w n I h < t. A d dr AM O. W tt. ?9 fv VI?yat A" \ V'Mfl '"iKRf I E* aM. A PINK KPC, at ?, a . ii'?i j 1 -ntly tha I .mi.. Rj.aniAh. Frai .-h and Kra Auk SkOcaatM <*:*) ?t a ftviafn a? "'"fk, 'm?*rrr^-ar. or In A ? M>F any annto If tr >paa? rlat aa ??.-ra* .rjr Il an -An ?? . .11 -'\\' r"'?iMMa a4.1 r^a Vi<- r Harold OAM. , X N >' 'A V1D01 ' A ;tn MAM IMV ^ V . arr* I - -tg .Ilnm, and A t?nroo(fc t -;i? Til * a d ?' > ron a t< rtt k ?' i' vi a VI * *' *i,r1 In a A- ?a kaat'ln* op or j-jiM 1 r*r?.d.- Ad *** W. F. W io r,Pai *.a. NEW YORK HERALD. TB | nvVMNM wahtbi) -HAUNb \N 1NTKI. MOUNT. SOBER, AND t eASf YOU NO M * v of tnei.dlv apoe.n-Hi.tte. in i1> fimuf wv k*e. a uituaboii as I barkeeper ia * ?ir^i I'Uwt bar or h?*tel; ran '0 ad * "> b* of IWpUlll and font-i drink*. I bo 'mat from his i-*dl pKy?* address H B , Herald oflh ? ..___ VNTKD-k SITUATION IgCOAiHIfAW AND OAMd-nt-r, or to work on a firm by a r?ap??Ub o young | man, who understand* ' b?ron;tily the '"tre of horow and ] oowo in all n? t ' :iDub*'?, *t.d hit* owl r-.fereuoaa. <'*n !? . aarn by calling ur aooreMdug i* vVilieti *t, S k , for two ilat*. j "fl^ANTKIl-- \ SITUATION AS WAUONBH, TBAMSTKR ( M or xa porter; la i good drt??r iiudeiHiutn ihe *hi;)plog Mid ciiy deliver.; i* t. * afral-1 ui .tit* hut I o; noirk r-iervuc? first ch.** ta entirely lelunerale -aid aluuUva to bueuiteti AJ I dress J* S. H., Herald oJiioc, lor two do)*VP-ANTKH-HY A TOOTH MAN, A SITU ATM* IM A YY drug ".ore, i* well r located, and him amne kn vte hp" of th.' biutneau Salary not an mo,-h on oh;*'* ft an o "-'o * I bi |wtrf> i i bimwlf. Applr >ir address ?? the drag * *?, IW *" 1 it* next pi '.he corner 01 4%! at T1TANTED A SITUATION, HY A RWO'Si i'ABI.R Yt married KnyiiHhnwrv who thoroughly iinderw'ania tho brodng rearing and mtmvreinenl of u. sitiUOf ?' < k; the wife ? itiao well ?u.perienct"i lu tho a t of making bolter and obocge. Addie?? f. W. 8., Me# York Post nfli.d, for three d.. I WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOU Mil MAN 22 to us of ago; a good kud rapid pen ivtu, tjr.wsry boat- , Doit preferred .ui having wi* e expenrn > ; rioi a. rail of work: I reference* estmfactorv; permanency mure uljret than salary. I Addrcx* John, box 157 lit'raid olbce. TirANTKn-BY A SCOTCHMAN. V SITUATION AS j " gardener or coachuvau, or t.ou., ,? temperate an 1 indits- I trlous; undera'andi ihe rut. ins and tare "f gropes. do* or* nd xhripa; also nil kind* of regriableir. can give reference from bis Wat pi to. where he lived ijj, yarns Can be aeeu uaUl enpaifed at lift ?th si of Charles. IJKlaP WAftTKIl?MAI.BH. \I,T, RPM'KCTABI K MKM HhKKlNO SITUATIONH AS elern. ho ikkerpeia, tnieameu porters, Ac., sbotiU ap ply at Kedpath'a Si i httli e I'lerk.' It. ryOll.-e 7n broadway. So .ommiesiou ui u K'Uerenea to lirmt cUaa hans-a Applk'aunt by oiaii lunet en -ltiee twomsiiioa fta UtblWhed IW OKO. It\WLI.Vt, Sup!. BOOKKKKPKR ?AN EXPERIYNCED BUSINESS M IN, an-ngUinied to bonkke. pini;, c lrr.'T'Oivtenre sod eeorral commercial tranaaetion*. may be ar oi a r?n manent ajinallou, where the dimes re pnrtlr Indoor* and partly nntalda, by .oldi ?-ni g, with ' oil pa, UcuJ-tra aud ?eie. en OtUce Manager, box U? Herald >>01. e BOY WANTED-MOM 12 TO 1 YKAM8 OF a UK. TO ar-iat in a secur torn on Broadway; #j? be tnU-ulpent and nlrl- tl>, ? , il?<> willing to - rlt. Call at VU7 Broadway, B-rthn&'a Vgar *oi ?. BOY WANTED.-MU8T HE A GOOD FKNMAW *N|) have auute knowledse of dry j ."tla. Ny other ueed apply. Call at 11 V irray at., from y io U A. M. Boys wantki>- to pot on slides by presses. Onlv th<a?e aer.nstnmed to the brum m n"?1 apolv at toe finprrui Tiptop ?n<1 Spiral Hurtle Mannf- Wry, island ltd I Item be . a ru CYAjrVASfKRS WANIUD-FOP. A NEW WYBKLY PA J ]rf>7 From ft lofi iM"r d?y can .*?aily lia nvtde Oa!' ' *tweer. > and 12 to day and to moricv, a: r-Jm It ind U, No. i Ilaekmnn at. I"\RY GOODR-WANTED. A SALESMAN WHO FITLY It unci raMndfc the nuameaa; one that n^raka German preferred. App'y to J. J. BKALIX, J12 Grand ? reel, Wimama btU|i DRUG ULKRK WANTED?IN A RFYAIL DRUG ator . a miir a man, veil poate.1 .n the buajteta. A pply at htO ftM at. MKN WANTED-IN F.VSRY CITY. TOWN ANT) oointy in the Union, In a pleusint profitable buatoeta by tlx old estabhahed Arm of F. ti. Oaborn* A tX?. To pemona actli a for ue we offer fine Irdneetnent* and great profit* Full particular* aent by return mail. Address immediately F. H. Hxhorne A Co., <12 Walnut at., Philadelphia. OAl.KSMAN WANTED -IN A JOBBING HAT HoURE; O one wboit thoroughly aco'ialnled with, ai'. l van influence a B'md ffrafru trade, uoue bnt Itioee ha-tug the domed ijuaii. tcathma need call at 119 Broadway. U PANTED-A BOOKKEEPER TO GO TO THE COUWtry One who underetHn-le bo-kke-p.n* by lo<ibin entry may addrew k. A 0., boa lab llcrord office. with reference, ktatlug salary res lured. Ur ANTED.?A TOL'NO MAN OK STRUT BUSINESS habile would like a af-mon *a < >rk .a a wbo eaale bona* or any occupation where h.t aern ea would be re I'.nred; bun brat curat relercn ea; any out doer burin'-at would rut. AUdrest for obe w-tk A. Y*. Jaiuea, Broadway Peat ottJo*. \\tANTS.I>-IN A WWOfJHAfiB CUWH WARE "r ho-uie, a young man a* atnvk keener. <>p.'jr au h oa have had ejperirnaa In the biirmeir, and*know ho-.* to fold and kaaort get-da need apply, In writing, to bcu 1 tWil Poat oMoe. WANTED?AK ASSISTANT IN AN OFFICE. 1 YOUTH I about 17 yearaot ape , one who rent-tea wit.n hu ptrei.ta and fcn.-uauuned to handift na.-n-y Malory UUU per aT.niun. in Knnrfwrliinv rf uiittlL*art I .1 bi A iVi U?.< i.l I oaL-e. ! WA.VTKP -BOY WANJinV IN A CLOTH UOCftE, 16 ' or IT rear* of age. nun who reside* wttk hi* parent* aM o.n c-mr wr!1 rrrommrudeil; onjiry SlOli. Address C.Tib, Herald OfEce. "Tir.YNTKD?AN ENTERPRISING MAN TO SOLICIT TV orders fcr olgn pa'Dting*- Son* W:nl apply unless th.-y twdetMMd tb? business of drumimn ; or soUcttlng. Hal or v ..r an uitrreMt gl?en. Address, with particulars, Ac., Mi^ls, box IH Herald <dBce.__ __ "TTP'ANTED?A NUMBER OP ABLE-BODIED IRISHMEN, TV to work in a factory. situations procured for bootbeepers, sale* men. porter* Ac. lifters m i*t eaciw ?t..inp. Vei<h?ii>t aol other* ?n-plied free of rbarge Apply it WOKCASTKK A CO. B,Still Kiuadway, bank euUauce TA'AKTSD-A Y01 Nil MAN -OS BAILSMAN IN A TV |.iu aivt rrookery More, ssLirv foal Alan * ,-iuny man to leml bshlrd a lunch bar Apulv at Rrduuh't M-r keiita t'lrrka' Hecittry ixnee, ?H Rronntt ay. Huonloas procured. No oommissHU .n -idtanre. Km* niched I bud. II r < i II A it I I N>, supermini ' TjrANTKT?A COMPETENT DRl'O I1XRK To CO IN VI <he country . niso l*odry ip?>d* sal"?m"n, and a goal rollr' U r. Apply at Fr-ljalh* Merofcnet*' Clerks Reglsiry tittioe 7' Broadway. situation* oror tred No r -nitrusoon In advance. Retereuoe to tint clan* bo'ises. Km*hlt.b?l 1-J6 uKi). H VWUMk SupL Tk'ANIKD?AN OCT DOtlB BALESMAN. ONE Til AT V* run Slikl n TAX) with Ma oyer, tloidaernrny will be alw >>a in hit bin-l* tine if good IsitNBM ui -> >p y *t ti'.' i inane ?l., up slain, for in o days I \IVANTKD- A HOT TO AS. INT IN TENDING BAR AP TV tni nine . clock to J.ihn t . White, AH ixiflier I'f hen* Irk all ret. U'AM IV-A MAN. MARRIED OR MINGLE, TO TAKE TV full tbargeat one >4 Uir brat paying saoou* en llrotd w .y; will (piH i wrtfe fit a month to srprrlntwnd the k '- hen; npiirmenta fir a family rent free, to'.h>'rUtht men wUi (pre 01 n lerret >' the l<oa nr*? for * *uiill am." it. Apply on the T 1. a. M ?. iiT ttroaitwajr. hi U."ssl-ton. I\~ANTW?-AN AMFHtrW uV, l-twikt "? 1UV, it wtKi rr?ldi-e wltti liapiti-t'e hot,. ?nd uAive, 11,-7 U>l vr?i flat louUt'r to stir- IV Mouth W. A'ull.l MCN WxMr.O-A IttV Till NO MKN t ?r I *! Sddres-i are *'ml. 11 * > . mm p -p ilv ,>\t -. aU< fro, S3 t > f-ik day rH*tiy i-ai ' it th-- n-. ,7-n-s 1.1-d apply. Address Kr-tikUn, 1 >x 1.IUS Cent otkie. OKI v PAY CtN BR M IDE ?AGRMTN IT A NTED, O I ' ' m e ,r let-- . e I he be? linked Mt o ? Rallr tad M 10 ei?i fered vo Me \o ? ?B pu> Sre fee* ? 1 j.- on ir^ 1. witll r. .snt, a tat sells ?t SI at Ibe I.- .1 ! IT' ?'! b S tiiap la $10. Ale- tire ore K< ;t n -? rsa... j f.T 1 , nt?. J. T LUlAO, Ajnttt, I6t Orwlway. qjf |\ vkr pat cax re made r.r a noon samcs VI ' w .th ? v.1*11 mtplutl ? '!Hnc * r-4'ly pnvuu: 1 I .ortuMn < -pytf i Pr-?? * lim Hoot atOiiIo. TWrtiMK und ro *1 v> it at lru-r prr*? in ihr world. For , trv iUi .'i -.1 K i .?!. * K'n, f<m|bk'rpw, W V. j| K ? t v *- \ M KP 'A ID/ I JtPI I \ N11 i il *)'" ln.*.ii""fc' 5' 41 r Lt*. Apply U> ii?e foi em*u <?. Uio w <. ill v v>rt v?.?u 7ih nnd fth ? '??. TO CM) - VTAXItO. AX ASSIST ART AT A P.?' "i / ?i.try. or it i > nrr * !k war npiitl In riinij ? b ,?.i ?* tjr>- ,.1 v i? ?j.?h?d; ilcht, ? trul (.riv,u?i>i?. Wnn|.l i \n th rljkt nv.u ?? ronttl More m Ifco buolnMo. *j it 51? Hi ?<lw*r. ibirtl ttjnr, imot. TUB TH %OK9 KAl' RI Ti M? Oi/Tiro* 1*1 Ki R DYKE. OR Al.T, ? -n r .r *n /*! *Jdr?M r.cato >. Th nu - .r.., 10 'iBlai'iirnl, NtvYirk. AC \ "M * f-VVAE "R AAA>?KU-AKPL.V AT K. #i ir>l n's l7i <V.itr? Jf. V. Hi.aa-khmttu w.AiriF.n-m *t kk a rrirr rate i b*r? ?l.>*rr.? .1 ? ?e .{,?.b?raji. A| itjr I7fi WmIi ui?UIU laoet, M?r c'm niii-l. DUA'Ki t*T I KHS AT A.VT'.P Pi .ft PaTKR HAWa}I!*>M - I D Tfi r i.i? .u cm 1 omulo,-ni?ii- .( K '?i ?m? b) ?'ldr?*injt B. J. Dhm? ftiu*b?h oUj, A J i P"NcllM?.!l?WIATWI A <1(1 AT!<>* AS RN llNRRR , jlj < ! rut ?n /niin?, torfe'rh ./rlow pr*?- ?, it-r !'?. * ; gad*n>Ui4i ihr humHA oi c*n ?lri? lb? Imn f.jr n(i | r?: A :r?- 11. U >. >, . IM Heroul itUi** t ir hri i ttejrs. _ T> . ARIEI:- -W ARTE" a I I RVTR YOPTII. OR B a -ibr m*?. ** Jo -o-.f .n ki*A?r Ap iir *: as Boai n. 'C. fi m * Ul '> A. M.. .aid fr>m tll!l 111 P. M. To rorNTPY J*rrru ERA AXP SI!,YRRsWtnTs -4H JON wmM to rWlniol if pUi-r ?*d ?'it.n?iUl a ttoobyri-u iAiuij p*r| if lh? Cttnw Raobjwctioo > ?.tit in lb- -n ?h?n ihK mknrir n Addrwo K.i>lf \ Va 11V ll?r?ld oSlrr -po PR1RTTRS-THP APVPRTIRER, WHO IS rri.l.T 1 -awn-- ?ii' to iti ch*rc# of i?*,b ,>r J/rfi p-lnt rv< Clio*. S?*1> | b*-o avaV b -.1 of *'i -<A*I' t^moni for Abr ui toe'.O y?*r? .b-? ??to ! a i * ?R.i i'i > i to * fmil?r)*i ijr. liu, - t'.i- rvforri ' two b? ( imi ^M. AaJr-?? M f\ H>r*U oflk ?. T) p> NTIRTR -W.AXTRP. A PKNTlRt TO )K? BOOTH ??uMu>b?.i In ? ri *i i An?itlr dw-n. Tn na h?r yg ahvit l'h indrr'. d 4f ?<l i' > ',i ?|?i* i 'no Nil fjrm,^ Kiny and fW*r.w tl I# ri t nr. rvr eaaaer Nnrh i .w.n ra it Addr m RoiUn H P 'aAcara : W F1 Lr~ ? Srir-ay-jr, 3\1 BroAda-A*, >*lth r*al m?rn?, ir an n will '<? t?A n. To framr work krittkr* or stook;jkj WEaVWantrd, * ?od * .*?;-?? *.jcnmnl ..i fnafcl(w.l ttik *b.rta ano *r??i r* An- j i.i u.s.rjn kwUat.' manufno wr <J ?..k ?h.r? U.a ir???r*. u atar m.. ?"-w ' a taaa at., lindrwt HrrvAlyn WrA.\TM? OA'? MKH?. A.NPRILK II AT riNlfHRJUI. MILLER A 0 a v , io- <nd 110 ?>?-f* trot. W'AMTKP-\ 'IOOO CARVfcR OR R?MR'*> RT't'KR; Onrrwn '?4. Ar'ij. ml aamplr*. a. -Ji Brand way, rocmi W. iWfc * 10. WAKTT.l? A L A II RCAPR fAUTTKR. TO COPT rTiilAr now*, : recar" by ft* (UP * wn??, rrn wi i ran tam n? wnr.A r?pl'.:r u> :?i in pip-aiar Add'naa, Maun* >na?, Ba-rU. ?ai IT* Hnrald oM-a. XT ATOITRAKEM WAWTl i' TO OO A SHORT PIP "T -jitir- m a# c- >? tf. Apr y v> Joan"'' E Jdd k i'\, Mm Z , Va)d?n lAa", from lo w 11 a . , tVAHTKn-A PA'tllFE A O'JTE* 11 WPRKYAR ?T thai - ap trtuD. And a id Ap?''jr ?i W . !< ?. WARTRP? A WFAV1R, TIRAR* l.OOP T A PR TO a t?v*I f?f, *? ud-n AnO J>? ?'r*, i?r?l rya nd varan. >rlr *: U h? tUfl /W'jlB IM 7? tt, itar J erf/ a.*# *.,- ;y, I rURSPAY, JULY 28. 1HG0. NDHlOiL. Awvrn octave rosrw?>od pi a wo, witiTgarv" / ?o Wl and ?jrrs, fiul me? iV;? frame ill the tun im " pi on ineota, a yery 6lu maruiwal and to be odd at a grrat - *. cribt*: lor aash. Oao '>*' are > at 177 itarl Twentieth street. L GREATLY IMPROVE!* PIANKORTK. UlUITtC t UK IDBVttV'K I J Manufacturers at A NICIV HOAI.E OVKKnl'KONO HASH PATENT tNNI'l. \TED EVJLL IRON PRa? , GRAND ANL) SOIIARR PIANOFORTES, | N<>. 421 Hrnofua street. , PLV N> W TO SWNT. , A HI'LKNDIl) PIANOFORTE. SEVEN OCTWC, MOST J eieellrnt faux- and warranted, will toe sold at a very great h.trgm. a ser. nd h uid piano t&heu In ??rbaii*e, by A. WHKEh. liO W?al Una I vay, uear Oa'ia) street. qhickering * Hons, Maui'if adorers c# GRAND. SQUARE AND UPRIOHT PIAMOt WarcroutuA. &H Hrowdw ay. > a O. A Bona hay* bean awarded thirty-eight prtae aaedaia tar the rupariorUj oi their manufacture fur lie past thirty-live yeeie. i PIANOS TO RENT. _ | 11 ENOI.IHU UARPH. APPROVED FT APTOMMA8. | ' foil* rvutotrw la liarp, 114 WMtThill) -1oupU? RirtM'l, naar Broariwthv, M.T. J First premium gold j ' MEDAL PIANOFORTEH. Manufacturers?8CHUBTZR A LDOOLFF, ilil Broome street. 1 Plamm warranted, and at reduced prions. ( PFTFR LA GRASS A. FORMERLY WITH HORACE 1 Waters, Xti Broadway, reepeot ully >iifi.nne Urn pubbc that . he baa "pe.ued an ofllce at 706 Hr.jn, way, where ae will be happy to coaimiuitcnte personally or by letter, with all who J w into to SDUtral bin with the repairing and tuning <g organs, .j pi.iooii and tuelodeoiM. on the principle oi the latent boprotement of Krard, of Par a i? ? t | FMBTKUtTlOM. jj I & CAORMY OK PENH A N8HIP ANi> HOOK K BCPJNQ, r J\ JO J Br-wdway.?Outiuued by W. C. UO-jUL-ANP, for r m,t,y y*n> aemdani >4 Oliver H. < joHtmiilh. Open day and I evening for'horn-i^b practical Instruou-ia. So clause* Care t ful atti-Htlou |Hen, and term* moderate. r AFKMA.lJ5TEA.aiER 18 REy^UBKO lit a 1uujiq LA die*' Boarding School rot far JlilAnt from the city "f 1 New y< rh. ene who caw, with the ordinary brai ,-hee of "ikj 1 lhh OdvcaU-ia, teach, etle-'tttrly, ihe Lathi lauguai^*, mathe- 1 man a and draw it.' OohI referetree ra-j mred. rleaae ad | 1 d.iai ahortly A. B., box INI office, Youkere, If. Y. Her < vnwato commence Mnyuuber 1. j A CAR I).?THE SUBSCRIBER HAH REMOVED HH ' A adi-my of Pei.iirauflr.hli) and Bokkeemng fro? ->i8 to 1 the new nod elegant hull.ling -'-I aad flShj'-riMdwuy, com-r ol ' Twenty i.rst ttreeU New pup lit rwaehoa dally. ' ' OLIVER B. OOLD8MITU. > MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS FOR ' Pre- lice and Instruction in Bookkeeping and line newt Aif tirt, 59<> Broadway Irving Hull-ling. j Or ilarecn ariilWa'ion. Mai-eh's complete And beam;'.1 j work* on Hcokheeplng, new edlU-rn, printed -u coiora, lor aale. Prime l-'-wonx. j MOMR. LEOPOLD DE(?bAn1> val'H FRENCH HOARD 1 tug School, Oiaealeal and ' 'uraine-cial, iluu? u terrace, llobokm N. J. Annual aeaidoo begin* Mnpteniber 1 New pupils received at any time prevloua, wltho it extra charge. I DRY WOODS, &G. 1 BARGAINH IN BONNETS AND BLOOMER IIATS? splendid Biding Hate, Vi- ' na Woaokem .ui-1 Cook Pea , ihera, Ribbons, Mourning Konn-ls at $t, .Traveling Bon Beta. KaU Bocueta mil' Dree Hounela a; 5C, w irth110. K HINN's MUiiut-ry, nil Broadway, up shuts, opposiie the Me tropoiiuui Hotel. npo THE PUBLIC l'l JL An opportunity which ekonld not be neglected. , gi.nm rth- hhv msinr TO BEHOLD"RBO ARDL MSoV COST, Previous u> "Jjr store being closed during the munih of Angust - or eiteuslve alteration and Improvement. Ibe stork ootiriirts ol CLOAK*, M * NTLL.-. R1IAWLBTP. ARABIAN*. LAWNM. URQ*M>tf.-, HAKKil 4a, (Ml M.I.IKS, 1DPLINB, (plain Mid embroidered), FOULARD*, Ac. HKKKOK KOHICst, And O tbe popular fabrics of the season. Special aitru ion is c* l?1 to a job lot of CLOTH CLOAKS, Bailable for 'javfllhn, or n it season's w'sr, f from a wholesale manufacturer ut it', per rent on th* doiW.~, and which we ?r? selling .a the following nrlce? ? Z7? tikAh hhawlets, ?ii 6ti. w ub U SO WTimk Cloak* pleated hack', t-' 78, wort) M 140 l-'ioih Cloaks (with bonds . f-l ii??, worth *?. W. R. MohRRTM. -h B<i??ry. X B.?Between Prlw ? and Houston sLrmta. Fluaan nrwiabcr tbe name . ad tunbrr. Thk urkat rahtkrw nous ?mt afford thb only tcrare* of interest that ladle* mo- tud .n earning to Xrw York, as wll! lie proved bv a "u.l at Mine. nF.MORFWf'fl I'ATTFRN sadFKfKT KMPOhlCM. No dr. Br.csdwa/, oral I either ot her aumere .e hnvnrh' Uniterm is W.u.t patterns 1 col to fit the'orm at Ml n,s. Alan, r -liable designs of all the latent 1'arM taahmua, and uudeuiably tbe ben* and cheapest : skirls ever offered. ^ _ RA1LR<)*PI1]^1W TORK AND HARLKM RAILRO AIV -RrWlClt* An arrsiig* ni'*nl for pleasure traeel.?Trains leave Twentyslith street station aa lollnw-s:?10-15 A. M.?F-press f >r Athene Ir.'jr, YaraVwi., Sharon Sor.nga, Niagara Falls, l-ake 'eorpe, Lehannn springs and I-ike Mahnpae, eonneuttug id Albany wiib New York Central Railroad fig IW'io Springs, Niagara Kaiiaaud ail pie.. * West, also with trtlr.s for harsV*? snj all p< .nls Noi th 8:15 A. It?For Ciuion Falls, ooouertitip at Hold'n't Bridge with rase* tor t-ake Waa-abun, in! i,l i'r '.. n F Is atthsisgea for lwke Mahopae. 47*1 P. R.? For Pover Kia.ns. cmii' Unit at OoMen'a ltndge with slaces fnr t.ike Wa.-. el) ir, ami atCrotuo Falia wt'h sioges Pw I.ike Fan i ac. JOHN hi ht 11LLL, AiaiaiuM S'.peniMen-ieot. N-rTW Y01K AND HARLKM RAILROAD dJOMPASY, FARfi TO ALBANY, tl. Op and sFer M>od?i, June IV 1380. trains wU leave Twerly ..tth street euuon, New York, aa follows ? lor Willlamshrldge and all way sudors 7 10, 11 an.! J -to P. M. For White l'buns and all may st*U o?. 2?\ d *ej 8 P. M. For White Plains and a'l eat staiawis 0 IV P. M , front Wh ? ' sire, t depot. For Cropn Falls, 1:18 ?. Al , sto)ipini; at RTll- I lumshrb se and rations above For Dover Plain*, d .10 I*. M., I stopping at White Pla na and staihnu ahove. rbw train runs Si NlUervm Ha'urday rventng. Foe Alhnnr, 1018 A. R., t; . prevs mail train, stopping at While I'.auia, Bodford, Craon , rail# and ratfona nnnb. ) Retunune?Will leate Willuunshrldee atopptrgat all <b? way S'atious, ti pi. A. * audi P M Whrte Plaina, stopping at ' 8 ami 7 A. M. ami d IS and 7 F. M at all way atatlm a Dover Plains 8 A. U, slipping at all etatkme norih of Firdbain. Th.s tra.n leaves Xfiler-on everv Monday mor. ing 8 48 A. M < Y.r bsi Falls 3 P. M , ropping at all stations north of Forllaon. ' i Albauy,<A-M ?tO| plug at si. stallms n. r:h of Wtite F1 ,ina JOHN BITRCHILL, Awlstant Mopertniendeot. MIHA KLI.ASFOIS. " CYO? OANCT on* ! ) Is - eks, -*u? ar d tara, Wannfaet tred and f eaale by I tbe nders'tped. Warranted pure and awe -t. JOHN c K AYSKR. II? Nassau street, a-.-onJ ti<?g, >?.? ,Vo* 12, Age.i t for tbe sale of the irticle ? fldtll Or*y, No d (tanfortli street, BuaMau J W. Dallam A i\ *hllad- l iha. P EVI1KK 111 ACKLIi RARVRT. Vd GRAND STRF.KT - ' " It. A D. S. LRl KN. pmprieuira, wrai d inf win lleir j friends aed the pnbiKi tb>t their oeiebrawtd Crsssknrs .if i.l I II be bad at ihetr Jr. t D , I a V .rt-t Ur >ri furtb.pp>ng and steam ra promptly atteclwd to. Friction" in jofrn als~knt'R'-:ly obtiatkd p Md all seeessKy for lubrirailon dispensed with The 1 f< me?i up irtanl io eiulon in iw1i<-ed during . ust -!f < > I' <ir? Kor . !? that Aft'of tin-Ale i i lr paTio la it* tppll. v >n ! 11 ihe j' tru*l? V mi in in -r ., in -' .tin* unVitl ?, 4 r*llr>vid r*r ailno. otnn boa And WATim And to Jo> r * ml* <rf r rry i "aMblo tiro, canbtpl ic olipj ir'lt oi' - atair -v 1 b U t>, jr-?f dti nihility ?nd prrt? t adaptation. 'nil. | and bpenprtniwd ff. J. ItKRitltlinr Mil. 4,3 Hrndw* No mi-' r ui tod to bo APIOlklabod at Ui- rrlmll. P)R A4LB-A TOKRH Minn I'nw, JCKT *Roi TUB i J co.u>uy. Apply M thn atab'oa. No .VI r harry rr?t. \ Ol ? lB 1NP1AN TNK-roR S.U.C. ANHiU. INVOI * to J?fK In 1 boot kind, 'mr irtrd it * rrry 'nw port, t? o. ? ito lot. i d> Inio'fk: . R. ' IV."''Hi'S, ?i r ?? ?./ . v. , c ? , > v-t.nptrkr.-a ?k:.f rpjtoino ttrromatic srw AN i* MoAta". Ihii msrhmr la r?i ?..\*lly m-.a;. .-d to t|Ul inj . id r*? bo wid to greii odrinto^o for em1 r udortoe i rj mid lor all curb work whorr n la dralrabie to haro tbo -Ink i lb ctatVmary , wo;.-** dy about mi' pound, ?urd It < o ? M limp pad bP Mj i?t Hi to s Mr - * . d wlU li * kind* o* t unl,. I IT wwif NtJilA ncbta or ?1n( ni -m?of"r ??> / W X ttKN XR1. i NOR ado A . onto. i? ?iro*t. f-? 1.1 till 1 ' to Aim XaoktMi far aura, At' A Ha*4r , m ireoro uppt N'tiTK K "TO CARTM' > *> , >~T ? VrmiAH*. o Ui or wtum.. M? tho (<>l? , if nun* wrdort ~ tr* ?<w*.* waI* A,irk pppferroil. Ac? por?m t.. m tpo ( aabipIoo' i-i I.f, mnitiiwnf Hf-ulf or ! y ?d ir-maia* I. t. C-, No I fttrck) ?'ri ot, Jf V., in tVi wmru!. Or A Nihil D?Vl'VK!*Tv i 'itiriCMRNT4, ~~T.: wi*. 0 ItPA.!*, Ac . pro-rnpoil io flpantV. la in* proper fa'ap I 1 an bo uw i tborp?n:?u J iii-a' ?. P i .tb an rTtPiilVe , lb by KM)Kk1i'<i KIN >3, No. Jo tr<*dw*>, NpAOi>b .??ryor. w TO< tRI'KSTKK?J *??41t. tOR Or PARTITION T'i ['J J to t>. r\ mil ,b?A tnwthu At !?S Rr.-wt w*y up uto r\ r) PIP U.K.* a I. A ttbiAl.KKM lit JKWKj.Kt. ]"' Tb? .bArrttwr*. kAitog A fAPtrfy tn N' work. II J., ftuod p?t. rp* / lor lk? maniii ATturr 4 jpw-.ry, irr itc ma to not into ?.b a nto ah I! >> b W1AP bi plr v n xoth * wirt.'. aui'h ? tCtrnUAui fillp.t, or mii-JilrJ. In nny <|oAntliy. and <U tb" nvtcl ronAtnA1 ! prt-oa, * cap bo e.'arl. ahuwn on ao tr.?r?i?w ''irot ? r'aoc rr rro.-'o an to r?,a'llity and rr* > naif r. 'y will s? fr Aoorfm.y alien 11 drvrod In acnla nood Apply, ? no..a 1 but prtncipAli will bo dopit MR. Tb*p?r.? nakirr thU lor offor horr # boWooaa ?'roa.It ro.> a||a4< nui ?ri a. ''. in IP rr. nnkr Tii't I T . If popaiblo. rioAAA ?d UK orna II n - ? i , " >i i i i.rr 11 ?u.-? r ir <>na w?'l ?*? ina Pf**l nam*. a-vt ?Ih?j and ?b?.? an :nterrtaa M> ? fe?4 < IV, s a UK HIV A* KOI.fmriKH Mlj.K ? |ir?pw?d irua tt? bral tuba J tha ban! to t I ihi'i'b , N*? lark, i? iba '?!* ""at p*r?-?iH? pura .f, tuili in nrp'.liw. ra? ra-v.tani pnwi?aakic rapin .1 jt ,ti?n. ,{" ... . # -r h , ? iwUI a-, atade cotaon a>ld ? mil* Aa't w'l Pear for ??.v * 10 auy , it m tndlrpanaaHa for .rarrl'a-a. )V?i of iAh army acd j?r?. and i"or t?w llilai; u b.a ckm am * J>a *, ,tb. ? Voya.? in lUboja auad p*o*n?oa. aa iwd for trarap a-lMtoa, , M e 'Tii kmc\j?*pupimp wile c ur akt. t; 73 Ubrrty two Jjtci oaart fnaa Kf Jwat, w. T. F r""wMT,n*,F?*A>fn nritRRs-To <? ?oi.n ' rTp, *Kilo>.?n Karr?, ?'<h w* or b* ? a)a?a -1 ??r IV. '.r, ' li ; ,? ' "?<l p;|,a Hid tunh ?-afly o-w. n Apply at lib Br.-mnia atre*:. In tlw btaetno, L M W*xheiv-\ pkw bk- wno hanii wo io rrra i,r hn ' M I T * ' 2*' aial par* Addxaaa boi I.JM f * <<),-?, X T. ^ WAXTXX) TO MCHA*<1l?-TWO oi THnrw ?c*w fir;' :at?B"?lnr Xa.-b nra. aui'*-,* ' r o.v '* -rt- Tf purpua"*. tor n?? t Vprta Addrana, atiac wk*ra tha < ?* P nan bp apan. A. A. A . br x i?8 P"dt ofton w.|, lllltlUI rB* HIXtlTIt?H? v*PITaI.?T*, MaXV- ? LU.IFt n/ faMnrra, *e.?Tfw emt etmple and parfeel If Harb'i* ' it r-'tlnj bradaI abpa and An h'f-r aAlia; axvlal oa p*h bn> t> at Inn-:,air a ticb*rr?. 104 Wuuua atraaa. Par ?T raifc-" ?ta ar?t? w? It W?ftl. lO Piliiaa auaaa " PWK1CH AOVRRTIRRKKUA. 1 M UW JRl'BR PAAIATK.X, A iK OR 77 ANA, DP ?T ?r? truiTpr v.n " pl>A a??l r t* ar* n? 'vrr 'la I Abm-iV ?li " il'i Kapyrn^., bah<innt N?* V r* i l? H *> tw< ra.-.'" n ? aiVr m iu Hi" < "i-'i* A, " ti *1 )B'i, iau.i' A. I MorsBg. nooMM, -to iji f k DWCUJMU IN PKAKO NTRKKT, ONB IX'OR j\ I'bhUoun itr?o*t, to Int.?Tln-na prwm m trr i>>i t btlMt up. and Imi uv.iuirii.; In ?a a ? -' ' anuld !? * II udnuU-J lur buitrdUvg b''uae purpewe, r> " low Inquire at No. tU) Pearl nlrreL A * elkuawt third ruxiR. (xxNHitnriiiii > J\ rmiain, to let in bourn 357 Kightb tri-iiur. bttn-i. ty nl. hlli nod Twenty ninth Mrwtn; haudaimut'v V*opainieit; Mtui anil water all through, and u perm*. ? quire la tLe more. -AT 1IKRDRN POINT, N J.. WII.I, IIR LKT . < -f* n,? u:l, ,.f a i^uM, a i?*hi1v turn1*****! ' (..nli. 1.1 u v?ry oi.'iil familf i Tun i ? ,,uul New v"rt At>> AGKNlTJtNAX AND WIPE (NO CHILDREN) PP?r IN rt uf a . H im vrtih a t/bnh ?' ' 1 ? ? ' u ioc. . , ? ]. '( Hri. iI'll . * xi-li i .- ! v \! iiymxiudhirnt, U-i^eu Kl^iL .m,! M. urecuL imiciM. 'TACTION TO Til K OUNr KK^UICN 'It ()| iJ lie- w ukii'l) tucte.?idog uu'tatlou of the I ill ersn' hrsuji f Uwi. Mwi A Chandou's Champagae Wiuee. especially heir VId Imperial i>,r-?u seal), I uuoatder tt uiy duly > jau Mb the puO'.M wpuusl ?ueb Uapuakvm and toad'Me purchas pi mj.ij r-'iuumMfi U> b'.y ibO 'OClll.U'UlJ'in wludl lMilJf fr??u liable and iv>,,iecubie hoiu -m. nererai in .'oicea or "import d" count. "led. Motl * * handoa are alio la me market ADOUMIIIS OKUH-S, M. sain. Mont * Cbandoa s General Agent, tor thd o'uiwjd States nod the Canodaa. Raw Tom, July 26,180u. MAt.OHI0.-THB MKMHKRH Of M i?T ROPOMT A ? Ledge No OT am requeeted to aueod an Kmerijei 'sxroiuntcation on this (Tbitraday) Afternoon, July 2". M 'eiork Vtauiug meu.b-rs of ibe fmtrrnuy am ourd.Uly a *ej lone present .' onutbUn Room, Odd Ke lows' tlaii, col *r ul Urauu and Centre streeia. Bv ?r lor. bANlML GODWIN, M. tronim i' To pyrotechnists, dealers la fireworks, and all whom say ooooem:?The undersigned, baring pateuled bis llan or. h for nlgbt nmeessimw hereby gt*ee notice to mannls. nrcrs of ftrr enrka and others that be will proaccute all pe oos making, sel'ing or using the name, aniens made and sol y himself or his agent, and in all notes m ist h .re bis trad ark and dale of patent placed (hereon. ~ ... ? ISAAC KDGO. JaaskT Pitt, July i, lt40l). Bdge's Patent Torches, Rock em, Roman Candles, Rlgni agbla. and every desoription of Plmworks, for land or at me. mag be had at short wakm by add. essiug <1 Bo RGB 11. OOl.MT. No. 37 Maiden bine, New Turk. S'OTICB. U5GATION OF TTTB TWO SH'IURS IN Washington. JKNRR AL ADMINISTKaTION OP INDIRBlT TA1B The Mlulsterof Kli.ancee (by resoliition of Ittb June. 1HU tea decided to make a contract for Ibe supply of Kentucky firgmia Tobacco le-uf, which will be required by the roy .... wr JW IOVI, HI UQ BnMWMtUUlO tUWT on the foUowtii# ondltii-uit-? The quantity to be delivered to be H 000 Cental* (*h<* ,31J,UU0 lb?.J. In the proportion of one-third Tor Segsr Wr-.| .er* uiJ two third* for Killer*. The tobaooo must be of got .nsilty ripe. old. .ltd of ehettnat color, good flavor u.d viut rbe leaf for w ripper* mult be large and free, that l?r lillci nay be smaller; but tioih of the .(i. itltv Mated above. Th* n lvrrv must be mailt' nay one third during Januarr, ISttl in. hird during May. and one-third during September of cue ear. Tint prim will be calculated at at much per the MbMM urlfl be inspected in the royal manufactory by tl iMIIMtal iiiMpi-' tor* ou!y, wbnan Judgment will he tlnal, e *pt in ? ?** or disagreement, when the General Director < tidlrect Tum will deckle the nueetion. from whose declali here en 1-e no appeal. The tobaooo will be weighed In '1 oyal factory, where the tare will aleo be aeeertatue rhe tobacco which may be rejected will have tobee.poru rom the kingdom, in the briefest pneail.le time, by the cry j-aetor, who will be obliged to replace It at soon mi possibli I be delivery will have to be made at the royal manufactory i Nap let. a' the risk and ooatof the oonlractor. The o?'?w artil he made one hslf in one month and twenty day*, an.1?i >tner half In two month* and twenty dara after the Gener. Director of It direct Taxes shall have bet u legally advised he arrival of the tobacco In the port, of Naples The contra or will have to gnu securi y correapuodlng to the Ufteeu our! nt the total amount of the contract, *e at .ted In the pre ?d cvnoitinn* The ancuon and the award will take pi* e a jord'rg lo the eoodlom s eontatiied In the pamphlet, which ci vo *een at the other of General Administration of Indtre lai 'a and in the. Agenda del Cowten/.lnav of the General I re mry. The bids w in be received m the 231 of ner, v e f. M , Kt lite oftlce of die Minister of Klnaruea. The an Aw will be tinal, hid the contract given to the bklde jre.ided that such lowest t-id eh*11 Dot be higher than the prt. lied upon by die Mini iter ot Klaaneea and ooitain*d in a see >d env. tope, which will remain oa the desk In sight of the hi lera, which will be opened aa aoon as the bide am all ' tnniild the lowest proposal eroeed the prioe tiled upon by U rcvernment, uo award will be made. N.puta, June M, ladu QKFIClAL. tXECTRIC TELEGRAPH HETWEHN TUB ATLAMT1 AND PACIFIC STATES. TKgAAoat Dti'.kfaBNT. July 10, 1S00. Pripoen'.s will be rerelv*d at this Department until the tent lay ot September next, p'trsuani to the following act of Co frese ? An Act to faciliUte cr-rmunlcation between the Atlantic at Ihicltic Hhivs by fcleelrlc Telegraph. Be it enacted by the Senate and llouae of Rep resent stive* i he butted Suites of America, iu Cungrrsa assembled. tl wa. 'pwturv nt ihi* Trt iimrs nrvAaur thft flirt*(if thn Prgt.-udt'l if th? Untied States. m hereby sulhorifed aid directed Ui ad vc Jv for kaiwl proposals, to bo received for sixty cLivh alter ll pasa?ge ?t u.i* act iand the f ointment of which shall ho gu ranp'od by responsible parties, as In the ca?? ot hide for m-i senlracUl, lor lite use by lite government of a or Hues < magneti'r telegraph, to dm constructed within Iwo years fro ;he thirty tlrsl day of Jnly, eighteen hundred ai.qsutv, fro tome point or points on the west hue of the State of Mlssou by any route or routes which the said contractors may tele ["Otinectln* at sorb point or points by telegraph with toe cm :.f Washington. New Orleans. Mew Vorfc, CBwrUwbin, t'buadc phis Boston, and other cities lit the AUaulic, Southern and W. ?rn States), to the city of San Francisco, In the 8ui- of Oaiiforui lor a period oi ten years, and shall award the coo trait b> tin- ui sat responsible bidder or bidders, provided such urofler data u require a larger amount per y ear from the United States tin forty ihoua.ud dollars, arid permission is hereby granted to ll laid parti-e to a hem said contract may no awa-ded. or a m rtty of them. au<! their assigns. to use mui the end uf ti aid term, such unoccupied public lands of the United Slatne aay be necessary for the right of way ao l for the purpose i Mdablisbiua eUUoue for repairs alone said line, ivHexoeedo u any station a qutter section ot tana, rich suu ins not uceed one In fifteen tulles no an average of the whole dl ance, unless said lands shall be required by the gnverum. if the Vni?ed rttau* for railroad or olaer purposes, sod pr rtded that no rlcbt to pre enua any of sak lands under the Ui if the United Mats a snail tnure to said company, their agio Ir asrvanta, or to any other person or persons whatsoever Pi nded, That no such contract sha'l be made until the said lu ihall be in arts*] operation, and payments then under ah. case whenever the contractors fad to comply with their oo ract. that the government shall, at all Umea be entitled to pr irtty in the use of the Une or lines, aial shUl liave the pn? age, when authorize*) hy law, of o>ioiirrtiiig aai 1 line or lin .y telegraph with any military posts of the United Mtues. a. o ism the same for government purposes; And provided sis thai said line or lines except ?ucb aa m.ty !>e . onatructed he sovernment to cuiuiert said line or hues with the inki-u yoafi 01 the United Slatea, shall be open to the use of i .'illtens of the I idled Pistes during l?e arm ?f the said c > rack up payment uf the regular charges for trsusmim. if despatches. And provided also. Th.u such charges alu lot exceed three dollars for a single despatch of teu wold atth the usual proportionate denu.-tions npoQ despatches . ,'rraicr lrngtb. provided that nothing Herein contained sb. ionfer upon the said panics any eicluslt e rig t to construe elegrnnn bi t'tc Pacini* or dehor the govern norit #f the Unit) bates fr?u granting from time toUnic, tutelar franchws at privilege* to othi r parties hcc. 5 And be It f rtber ensrtod. That the said ronti tor )r ihnr assign*. shall bate thn right b> cuuitrnci au.l m tan (trough any of the Territories of llie .uite.1 Pistes, a biati, In" so as pi connect their esld line or lines with Pre:' I.J ?r hai they shall have the permanent rightot way t.vr .aid llr ir lines, under or peer, ?nv nn?ppropnst.'d public lundsnr caters In the sai l Territ.n i?s, by ?oy route or routes ? g, h. *,.,(! (Hirwii.r. tn ,, with th tree use during lli a.o term of sncb lands as may lie necessary th *pur| . It . ttanixhlBg sbaioi.s for repairs along sail Una or Hoc lOt evceedtiiK. SI sny stutmo. "I e quarter solum of land. Su. latious IKS b. evroet* one lu ide'en mi es on at avenge of th rhols dbsunec. hut should any of sail quartc* a.-. U.ais ' "c.mrd essential by the gc t erument. or aa J company actio n lor its anthnrtt . lor railroad purposes, the ??U < ontr.o "S vliall reltu |utsh the occupancy of a > mil b as may 1st io essary tor the railrowu, r?* clvtng in cgual sniooui ot lta.1 to he use in Us rtead. Pec. S \nd lie It further enacted. That If. In inv year durli lie unto.u on e of the raid contract, the uoMuesa do.'., lie ib n.eminent as berept'.elor* mentlone<t lit such utaiu actors, c heir assigns, sb .11, at the ordinary rate oi charges far priest te-saag.'s, evore.l the price oat nM-l.-i to In* par) an r* aid. th" Seeirtary of txe treasury snail, upon -aid a/von ,t eutg duly authenticated, cternfy the am ?ti .1 oi ?|)< i exoes^ I ' * grev- -pro.M. J, th. t th" nee of the Una tie gi.ei *t an ioiC, free of iusi u the i'oow hurt ay, the couth* mUn Iusllti ion uid 'se .Nat on si (I' >ry for scent in - purp.a. tJ pro.Ided further, thai messages received fr an any in4 Id'tsl, coiupsnv or corporation, or from spy trlegrhph Ime nnccttog wi'b this line at cttherof it* lerni. < shul be nn ari sfly o-snsn it'c in the oroer of Ih"ir re * p i jo, cvceptM 1st thedesp'iuehi* of Un- gtc.ernmcni shall hate prtoritj . an rovto)4 further that t'ongreM an>d at any tune hate th ?* limn TWWW 1TWI > rmrOiH'l I""ant 'T BO ' ? ' ' Mti T?) I'll HQ ?, ,?!? r?n offlog. wawtmu TURrr. rwtwnrtjww > ?? r. - r. "Iiti-n-ic. I?'t *?w? TWr?*''J ' fchmctli * -?r n.J aiiinaaM*.jm mn^wrmt- AJ<*r? *l?t* ; I. r PwluSoe, ri'AVTFD To HfRB-A <MAIA OOTTAOK PR " b ! n New > '* <r HtunAJ/A. Addraw 0. r*W ?iaun? naru.-wlf. WANT*P TO H?NT OR IX.*?*- * ?WAU- J .?! r.n <?.?,,1 ?r-i ? ???? ? y ? y> h?xe n- ?*" *** ^ 3T' lr ? jj ,i> I ? I 4 i' k(" ' * Ad or Pt..!. bos MT7 r*-*0A / m ? win iKi cr ?ti U'.c trees. ovrUr II ng n OurtMti nrer; eoet of Hn ulwsy. Inquire of tk. t \ HJf A.V, 1.A1 L way. ? rro r.iT. for citron Kt'HAV<r rnrsTon ? 1 dsf in. .".IS i.reiM- etro. t. tVilttamano > ?( \ 9 'I el < : fni i '1 of l?... ... .Hf *..? o lib' " ?*i ill In-long l-.'ho ll"a?o miM vein* ?e "? tb-' Impioron rote Id the nei:? . rh f mi. pleted. W <11 be d of At greet encrl1".e 'n ct.-> in< ' App'j .1 1UU S. .lit .N.rUi ilieet, co.T' r > * atrret, VilUMODbvig. > rpo I,FT OR I.KAftK-JJI TIT* rorRTTl WARl r . J f i r,-* Xa .lid *.'CI rh-rrjr elreeie I" I ei'hati<e. for Kf* Tork or Hr.>>kl>a pm|.ert?, the 111 1 j <3 Vol r ~ Street Fit |.?rti."i' .r? unple At IT# M |i?? rp<? l.n ' R I.F. \PK?TH k Rltl Mhn. TIIIRIi Yt , I knd i ftb Vlori-e, ?rrmn??.l linoe-vi r?l eellneO'* ' I on eni'li l?oor. of tbe new h I 'Inn No f>1 N??i vhi".. ?i-o il rli ir n, ? .id li ? III* feet i|e..,i. ?tid ?. of like den.h; ihe hem* nerd would make <i hno b.;; ,r . tin n.. ,?e I. ^ *\l iho m-dern imnrmem. ut*. Ant 'T b> ''IxlliKXK IM einet. ' fPt> IKARK-OW RROtDWkT. W*RT HID* 1 Iho f' en.1 Tpoer pen. Iwhig the ewtlrw bnlMi Ni'i'h rtrtoo, for * !. in o. jv ire: Rot.' ?*! M it. i lote rrij. r for buy t'leloce*. Apply to A. Lk It f i me wwi. rro taut RT*n. mantfa'Torkrt.-to r <I how V'Tk ml *' *e end Hwk le*n I f ,, iA-y. n "i r? -'n ,11,y r, |i ?t?t ei t ' ' n i i l .n thepron,,? ourser at Hecond ??I rt, .. n?t. X. ? i t T< rn.MjRTA.-A VKI.I. F.-fABT.IRII' 1 f>. i t f M, l,i Vi ."! !i?" o' "r,>i n a . ii ' ion .1< <ifbl o I > , . m. ?..d loop ??< ' A .- ?, . f . A I P. r r- ? B . I 11 ,v J2 MM r? "A.i. , iir? ' ?>T/t KIM -TRK.FT- rCKNUHRTt 'nR Ilor H 4. I ' t \ . - rtoo no vly furnW. I'.tr'or ml R1 . r . J f, . h , ro. gee. > on. b- r a wi. I -re. b? I Un-n Ae., w tb kilrboD f* mploir . rem low. Apjit* ?e ebore. 11(11 HKII, KIMIMit, ACo WA*T KI BkOOKl.TM O* ItomiRTN -WeRTttn TO ' I'ro.1 nm irin-hol ll-iew, m llr . . , TO-. . n D gulden *f- b.-l kd.lioe. wl' h . t MHbg rwt, Aa, i 3.0W>?? Verb Pie. tjoi Mt WkhTKO-lo UM^ IT A L II'" . no . h .... ' ry. S.?' K . 11' ' I I --I ... | al. ,, \ : r> ^ tl'A\TyI> T Ah AMK : IS t:iww i . TT .. .1.1,.-, I Wl " 'I oeo on -f>. k. , i . inee n . . I-ot Beet -? ? ii i' i r r ' lAbo , neeeee . in let if K . \ eikllnp i. m. ' X W . H, :. i ttre^ T1' t NTim? IV I PRJVtT* FAVIIT. RIRT TT II '... m i?M e tlmeled -e r"1 t , ore,. t -1""* o. poewouna iioe ? ?. ilrree J II. K., liA J< Xn etroet. WAVTKD BT A PRTVATr! rtMII.T A rr** I! on . "erm 111' k - i"! T? ," ht.-d m-i T rd ? d I ere.'|b ttoiviM ',! ? to ?!' . I It.Jt?' I mat AdJreM B. B , Union >1 i*ro r m nffir*. Tl' VXTFO-A rt RBISIlKn POI llF FOR TIT* Wl " lo l-o 1.-I. -d In Fit ) ? "I'd of In ernno 'if > . P. ?? '. - ioV. ,-i . n-pU'DiSer .rn-u i. IB ill I v. "eo Heme Beekar. Soi UO HfbtrJB H'Mrnrn t rrRBtorn n nof?*. hot IIIHITB r l^l'BVIBUKU Hfl'SK TO l.KT - A Til P. EE SOIF . r high lius?i:'.ent brown atone front House, on ! a Heights, hsudenniel/ furnished throughout unl in i>? i dir; h.m cm bttth water and all the mix prvvsmenu Apply at 'SI Front alraek New- York. TOFT TO LET?TUJRP FLOOR O? HBILillX i tier of William and Krsukfort streets, twelve l?r -j dov* hoislway, sss, Crnt-'n water, suitable lor toy ,g reousing good lq;bt- Inquire of T. *P. WILSON, on miasa. 0 RAMIE, NEW JEPFEY-SIXTY COUNTRY village Residences, Karma aud Villa eites, a cm : ty, beautifully situated, one hour from Oirtiaart sire rent ami for aa'e by Hf'XRV 11. HLA>'k WDA. M akr. et New Turk, frum ? tu 11 A. M., ? M?la street, , . llu?P. M. ?i /\FFI<RS TO l.KT?IN MARK LEVY'S BR ?i ! Vr House, No. 23 Liberty street, near William. , JJ above to M A R K I.KVY. ? -pOOMS TO l.KT AND FURNITURE ?"0R 9, ? JV Bro-klj n. l.'i mtsntea' walk from the Fn*oo an ^ rtne fern, a, ears po#? the door e ery live minutes. V (_ )y furnished I mot Rooms and Pan try, writ g?s an -a miliaria for a gentleman and wife in moderate eirvuA s. The furniture ts nearly new, an 1 eonaid* of everyth ? pit te for honsekicpiug. Tbn funutum will be anld ,* R?nt 66per month. Apply at the Drug Hlure, corue ^ ; Urn avenue and Hampden street Broofclrs. |* ctrady nit| rotrn to Ot-um J ! kJ small ruoma well lighted. 4?J Water street. * ' CTPBimorHB TO LKARK-K FWI BY ?l 1 t? ***** or* fl?wrs, Ac. No. Mi W.nhinrwm Mr. J Be.-trr 0|,eu daily 1 rotu 12 to 3. AppR to A. U. C " 212 Broadway, rooms 16 and 17. up stain. 'n CT UU1S RTORV TO HUNT?A NKW. FIRST O More, on Fifth street, suitable for day F'**te, d .? millinery; best stand In the city, apply go OKO. N. ^ A t'O., is William street, New York. ? mo LET?THE THREE STORY AND BAHKMEM !h No 76 West Nineteenth street Tim rna fixtures kt pet* will I e sold cheap. App'y at OORWlN'8 dry got r corner of Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street Rent in annum. The bouse is ill good ?rder. a' ! fPO l.KT?IN A FIltST OLtsH NKHlIlbORH, at ) 1 Hires ftory basement arid attic brick House. N< C- j w tine place (Twemv ninth street, between Kniith s r, I sienues); sire 2*?4S.\7t tbe bbsik; the l< auction In v?i e { end the bouse he* jum been pointed and overhauled; J ' responsible tenant rent i6Si) a year. Apply to JOUR d ; NAlill. 778 Sixth avenue. n. | ? xe ; fpOLKT-FLOOiU; THROUGH. FOUR AND FIVE i I In those new br rwn stoi.e houses, South weal nn l e nd areune and Thlrt'eth street. Hoe hot and c<gi.%, including ahandctiers and fixtures, water c)m trays, Utindrii'* kitchen, Ac., oomplete; the mont ? i d wellitiKs la Lhe city fur such small rrnt, for small r* ,, I families, as six honly need apply. Rent $19 to |2S us . Apply to WM. McKVILY.137 East Thirty fourth stri 1 tbep.emlsea. d> i rpo LKT?WITH IMMKPIATkTossrrsioN, Pa b 1 J. ur* cbiss houee, wtth a bach basen ent, rj a qa. borhond, wi'hiti ten minutes' walk of Hmudway a Id Strce.s. son able for a small family for hoeaeheeping p Onl* three other persons I vvng in the house; present 9> w irliiuif to move to the country In iuire of 1A L. H ^ 4W Broadway, N. T. r" f|WI T.ET-AT NO. ? HURRAY STRKET, A B.t; M 1 20b> tk, feet, suitable fur a rsatauraot or blliiar '*j Inquire at N o. 11 Uui ray street. "f rpo l.KT?THE 1/)WKR FART OF THK *OI>KR> . A House, 1W Rest Twenty seventh street, ermsisuai I, | stui haek Itusenient. ho', and cold water, ba'-h and ga J I ol t'ellar room, ffnlsnd bark Parlor, two P*lrl"? .if ' i two Bedrooms .si fourth Oour. Noue *>?t a small fax ,. anply at I.I.K.hllAN A URO.'H.IMU Third avenue, , ., Twenty eighth street. - ... .. *: I mo t.kt-a norsF. in jerrry CTTY, RENTx1 ot ' 1 a good tenant, wltt.'1. three mlnntea' walk of t j. No. 167 AVnabington >l"est, between Wayae and ije s'reels. No I 'ljection to let lor a geulesl boarding ho a ' qm.e next duor. mil LET?FIRST FLOOR. nONSHITING OF KI lit X ?ith range, three roorna and parlor; bath with a H plenrea. newly painted, wttb or wlUxnt turruniiv. u> a to i.Mr family ooy. Apply to K. JtOYO, llruad <af jt Thirty !.flh at reel. f|*rLKf^?ifl a THREE STORE, 114 WEST BKO _ X S2S a mouth toper part of Hou?e 110 Want H li'mee* No*. 4 and 6 Yartfk itijrml, soar St. John * I' ' I* l.-t a-|>:.rr tmly or together, and Immediate poaaoait ? Apply at 3Ut William atrial, room No. L a I," 1 fro LET-THE TmRI) FLOOR DC HOUSE 1*0.1 t I X mood at rent cnnatattOA of bvB room*. with clna |. > and g ia throughout the hi?t?e. Apply nw the prwmtae "d rpo nrr- wiTii hoard, two large hai >, X Room*, orally fiuiiUbrd, on ih* aecnnd floor, ver >y i b'r for a gentleman aari wll?, or 110*11 family. it ry Twenty third arret, between Fifth and SUihaveuan ill rt nc.ea e trim need ? i IflO I.KT- RENT LOW. TII.L Rat, A LA ROW all X atnrv hrtek Houae, No. 10 Netiaon place, Mom a near Eighth atreet, onouinlnff .11 tLe modem on pro I' mil be muted at a bargain to u reaponaihle trn.uit. t .11 ] the North American Fire luauraiica Co., No. 6 Wall w ' fpo LET?TWO THREE RTORT AND HIGH al ) X ha?emrnt Hopiee. wtih all the modern tmpro*em. ichardrlters. Ac. on Srroad irennr; rent lowtoaf/O Apply to iilCUAKD Wll VTK, 9bi Second a ramie. 7 fPO I.KT KhTKLLKNT Af'-OOMMODATtOVH V X rmall get.'eel f*ei.lira- the pie .aat.tlv aii.iaU-A 1 '* large llr.nae No Meal Twenty abroad aireei foil conrcniencee. luim* dlatr i?.are?*ton. rest. Id.'Ml pe )' J amks R KnWARDS. No r: we?t fwar.p Uuri i r? I.ET-STOKER. WITH BACKROOMS AND kitchen and llgfc; Hedimm*. in the new lw .? ,l "nil xi i f - y at reel, cm and Cruton water la lucie 16 Foray ih atn-eL rA LET?THE NEW PTORE NO. 17* NINTH tr SI fen deep with liaaeinent ?nd ranlta oonu- 'ie. - Ira Iron Mnitiem and large plate (laaa front. Apply:. N NKLlA No 117 Nlela aveeur. r ITM) t,?T IN HOROKKN-A liENtKKI THRKfc I hrteh darling Ilntiae. p'.raaintly altuated. *? e inmate*' walk of the ferry; hi* 'en rnmi ard 'in-ta 1 ??ter. aaa, Ac.. ta ele.o. nealy p di.led .tod to ex rent low. Aop'? at N... 7 Ha|j ry plaee. New Tor*. < 8A*rcRD ' "*J WiWU:'c,"u IIWR IWiMP rLKT OR Ff>i "SALE?A FIEWT OLAwPfN oti Ulat atrr.-l, mi l*,- naC r<> - ?. ki'ah'n an. Appro* ed J tine 16. luiu. The lowee- offer for the oas r| sueh telegraph tor the pubh nr. ie? e ill t-e anrrpt-d. prv.ldeu the t rms *r 1 r.m : : m? n r?aSSil 'O Vtor ?el Shall l?- f'lll) set t >rtll Sod atlnulatr 1 la lh rnp'Msle, wtileh mn?t be ?m>i?i 'i >l hr t ru. rxoie* tn con int IJT ?Ml ihe itr-titt aovtiiib > I lb- i?>m f .. I t?> in regard tn ti >1) "nr. l 'e. to i lot that the II * o ne? shall he cownletrd ?r;Uln ttt l..n? nnntllM'4, ud Ibi w?'i?r ,B-T? shall then eiiur into oplia''"m to the t'ollr ini-t i- r ihe -<*r urmmiut of tb* aervie# I'tir the Ronrrnatcat nder .??* ?rl, si Hi" r .irs nfrrMl n. Ih* pmiawals. Such g israniee lu.t) be tn the following form ? Die undersigned residing st - , in the Bute n ?. node ruse ?i rl orurrite that If the fonSin of lb shall aorejA the wuhlfi prnpoaUa. mi l r lh ado mK lMI th* line or Hoes <? inagne'ic le,. aruph shall '? imp -ted Slid nut into nperalam on or before ihe time Oet I the set, sod that ?* wvl l>.*n execute ?Uh the parties ?.f'i g the ai h n pr<vngtla an obligating W> the l'ntte.1 ? t *?m as iiitrtti'i lor the performance of iho sen ici . en Irdit 4 to he terms -uid oooiilloae uouUtaed U socb prupu Psted st ii. . The s I.e guarantee mast be arcUBpsnled w'.th the refill lie a s Stilted M'tesdiM'-K atlornej. or 'stniijulp ? r, i tie w acquainted with psi>{ the per* i,? aiguint. thegiar tee and It * ? hem to L* men of ail' .est pr pert, I j m at Kid the ti> * a guarantee rh prop isals Slid guarantee must he sealed tip sad direr"* Ihe fteeretartW l!ie*> res?'iry.,\Va?'d gkJU. II. t! " sad en irssd " Proposals iar Peaido Tewsissh." mmt. IflBB. feeeettr) of the Ti .sury. )F?1CK f'P W iTKK iMMWUtf'TOIfKIU, JRRrlKT t!.T? Inlr IP ! *61 ? Wo'dc# to darti'n'en and Builders.?Sealed O'-fweJs ei., be reoefred Bl lh* "dice of the Water llomui'a inert of -lerser it) until Tuesday, August 14, at St, o>l-? M . lor l.e itvU-tn an I crecuoo. on the louodau *11 w prepared, of aHomis-i H.iem f'uoipnig Ruginr aud nr., - 1 t'lne Hoi era at u.r htif .it House of lbs Jersrp n.r s'erWoSa aliusUd 01. the Paamie riree, ooposlle the ?i, |e nf> If J. Also, st the same time and n;a< a, psraw pe^osials t* the s't'eaasf) eitessl ie of the nresenl . . r sad h>use. and the maeisirr required for selling twu l>ra I'l na end si:orUil.-sU.?na id <hr work mar he eeeo at off O Of the K glneer no s->.| after Jul* IP The t wnii wore reserve the right to rejeot aay or all of the btda if *ae| for the later*** of the .1 it KBABTtm R \ Jfn t!,l* PretMe?t of the Itwrd .4 ' .enmlwW.omq. ti|r*t'tfi.v*lnr tTT. AO f.f>IV?p in I!P r -nf I*. are b'-rebjr n.mled st attend a apart.1 meeting vf tVa Ige, no T1nit*de. erenlna 'ut* J6 at * .,'plorh. si Us ir ma. eirti T of Hin ?>e and ?> ?*) ai trts, fur ami Puur sl sttrnAsa<ie ! reutn'sir 1. Ht or,1 -r of KlJtX I'm)f DP'HIT. w. *. 7go. 4T. litutTkr, Perreurr. UK MFORrqu fir flon'MRIA* iVttfM A S PfRT. BO 1. are requesind to meet si their fct* Hmalaay. s a/trrn *m. si I P. * prenseif. to unite *tta ,Slier f soma slerhe at the re.w plloo of th* Air K nights of labitigton CjoitrsBder), p. l\ Hr >rd?r of the It *. WHO HaTMOHD, Her IPtlK I IM1. '"H aale? a pabt haiuh'at. twk*:tt mmt rm:T r-K, II f??the?ro, (Ae.-tvd, end In -nmptele or r. will be v>M '"a"*; u im owner lu mo itmw to ima her. itlrewi R P. ?., Here Id odEo*. OR MI.W-A n/VlF TAmT, THIRTV KIVR rKKT Inot, iwejee feet wVte. 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