Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Temmuz 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Temmuz 1860 Page 1
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TH ! WHOLE NO. 8723. THE I0TU CilADUl SEISATltfl. MOVEMENTS OF THE PRINCE C'f WALES, OFFICIAL RECEPTION AT ST. JOHNS. lie Pi ton m tnrtMfc, ike PvftMe hi the M 1Mb, the Prtace at a Beet fteee, the hrftMe li the Mreet. ENTHUSIASM OF THE PEOPLE. nftlMlL APP1AB1RCE OF TB? PUfCE. SPUNWO MILITARY AND NAVAL DISPLAY. zn BKPABTURK FOB HALIFAX, Ac., tie., Ac. EPBG1AL REPORT TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Sr. Johns, n. F., July M, I860. Dm royal tquAdron cooToyng the Princo of Wales and kit attendant* was Klinallcl (mm thin plar* at ?even o'clock on Monday evening The greatest commotion waa M once observable among all classes. The noble ship m, of ninety one gnns, and the Ariadne entered the harder shortly after, amid the ringing of bells, the thunder at cannon and the most lusty chcerlng of thousands of pappis. Jbe wharves were All crowded by the curious and loyal is habitants of Newfoundland. The harbor Itself apy?n to be landlocked in the bold promontories on either Mo. It is rather narrow, ao that but one vessel can outer at a tin*. The city of St. Johns was crowded with people, and the booses and public buildings were tastoMly decorated with 0a(8, banners and dazzling transparencies. The public buildings were particularly line to tk? sight, glowing in the midst of the most beautiful Illuminations. The lofty position of the city, which is tmilt cpon a hill, added to the grandeur of Ik* scene. The jnomination was indeed a splendid Air. Happily the weather was very propitious, but Tuesday morning broke in with heavy and inundating rain. The disembarkation of the Prinoe, which was to have taken place in the morning, had therefore to be postponed. The dark and dripping clouds, however, soon cleared up their gloomy feces, and although it rained heavily in the morning, at noon the heavens became bright and clear, and the sun once more shone out with Invigorating beams. Ibe programme for the landing of his Royal Highness was therefore carried out. As the hour approached for Us departure from the deck of the Hero, the enthusiasm and excitement of the populace grew apace. The crowd 4ooblsd and trebled in point of numbers, and the utmost anxiety was on all hands exhibited to catch a glimpse at the young son and representative of England's Queen. At last the reverberations of cannon, thundering from the ships-of-war and echoing along the shore, gave tidings f Us approach of the scion of royalty. The Queon's wharf was crammed with beautiful and fashionably attnd ladies, who waved their spotless handkerchiefs and indrjged in the wannest expressions of toy and gladness. For the^e fair visiters aa immense number of seats wsro provided on and round every available point or the Queen's wharf. The rsgnlatioBS were, notwithstanding, very strict, for no My (even the best dresaed) eould be admitted without formal tick' t, signed snd countersigned in official taahicn. The coup d'ail was very brilliant. The steps and passages to the streets were draped with crimson baiss, and roses w.thout c .tuber hung pendant from the tresa. mo uji entrance to um> urwi led Uurough a isath sr arch of evergreens, artistically worked *.u> the arms of Fngland sad the cypher of the Prince. The word " Welcome" sparkled brightly in the centre, ea~h letter flaming foitb like to many golden stars. Trlom the 1ca*.;D? IUmU. l ong lines of soldiery, In tbe glittcr\tf 'inkfonn peculiar to tbe British army, wore on guard IB every public avenue.* The Newfoundland companies at-U Um volunteer rifle *orps wore prominent tbe Bliitary. Tbo c*e temeat was everywhere inteflse. Poatcrt with tb( speeches of the PrlBce and particulars of the official programme were located oo every wall. The Priaoa was received by Governor Bannerman immediately after hi* landing, and shortly after the procsaiou of tho different associations and Maaocic acd trade b<m vo!ent societies aoarcbi <1 on to Ooverrment Hotv, the Prince's hoad<1 jarU /*, as & k n l of special escort. Tbo Prince * mite were of et?r*e the greats of the Oovernor. These are tbe Ihrlof St. G->rma c, the Duke of Newcastle, Gen-ra' Bntce and Dr. Auckland. Th?te genl'.etnen diced with tbe GoTenor Beaidce the gentlemen ol tbe rrince'a^aite who Bare acrcTrp\nled him from Great Britain. tM following 4iet.rguuhed g ntlcm-n are in attendance upon his Royal Bighnens ? B shop Field, of tbe Protestant Epsoopa) chnrch; B shop Vullock, of the Catholic church; Cb.ef J *t.ce Sir Frac J Brady, acd Justices Little and Bob.flat*. la the aftcraooB, at three o'clock, hi* Royal nghn^es hall a levee, at which two hundred persons wero pre son tad. They reprinted the varoos trades and sorietie*. The c t sens of St. Johns and Harbor Grace also ?r sate ted k,yai addresses, to which the Prince replied sa Id Daws ? 1 amoortly 'har.k yon for theaMr^vsa presented tome, aad for the h< arty welormo received from all on my landBf on tbe ?hore? of this, tbe earliest colon'*) pwrwion af the British crow?. 1 tru-t yon will cot tMnk me regardless of your /eaioui loyally, if I acknowledge tbeae addres** collectively. it hi" afford me tbo gr*%*tst Mtlafact.oB to report to tbe <jue?a the devotion to her crown and person unmistakably evlnocd by the receptloa her ?on, e'.oqqoatly e*rre?sed in the from vark bodies n this town and Harbor Grac. 1 am < harged by the Queen to convey to you the sas .ranee of tbe deep concern she has ever Mt In this interesting portua af her dornic'oiis 1 shJil a*ry baok a lively reool lection of 'bta day'a y.roceedtBgs.erd af yonr kindness to ir.yaeif j?<Mon..l>y hot, above all, these hearty demon atratioaa < r patriotism, which prove your deep rooted attachment to tbe great and free country of woich we all fiery to be ailed the teas Tbe Pr jk'3 pleases the populace .mmeaseiy by bis hand roaie countenance. and milt, gentteaannly bearing The Prince *taada shout Ave feet sis aches la he'ght, * slender n form, having a narrow bead, iatelligent face, largo, handsome eyes, nr.all mouth, largo b'?e, retreat ng ch-a, completion ruth or dark, boyish appoaraaoe. and gaarrailT reeemhling?: mother at abont the t me of her rarot .t on tic ha? rather large bond* ud f?et, ia yrj $r%eefl.l In ft : motTOWti, WK?t?oUtiotia *nJ afikble. Be talka a good ieal, nnd n rather a lot d and awnewhat fcarah tone of vole?. Hi* ord nary ceetcne la that of a cwtone! of the British army /a 1 aaid Mbre, th? cltucna re chtrm^d and del ghfd with hla Royal DghneA .vt U* terrr. nation of the leree th<* Prutoe. dreeend in pi* n v .jtbinp rtdo thr -jRh the city on horeeba<-V, and alto fether unattended. Bo ia oerUlnly a very good r??Vr Ob W ^drentny a ?T>lendid regatta took place on lake Ot.dtetdi, near Ike c ty. There were t<* boat raeea, the Ir.7fi rang'ng iron forty to twenty flTe dollar*. The mace ?m rrearnt, r-nd tta <1 abou ao hoar. After pirjDf, of an ftscei'"et collator, hi ro 'e lelaurrly uot.od the j?ko and Into the* country. The crowd on ifcia occaa. n wm mmenae TWe were ttnifada of lad,.-a pre??ot, who heartily in cheering wbrnerer the Prlace ?i j?arod A (rand Ftato d auer W*>k pia* at e gilt o'clock .a tha evn og. at which were prwet tha local ofGi.aH ar.d l^oTr.cca ca te. a number of brief aril uo'mpcrtant rpeech-e were h*re delir*r?d. A grand t ail waa alio g!rec at tha Goloeal no?.a*. A gcr gem pa?U;o?, r'f r'e-nt cf a tent, waa crected, and 1eooTftied with a??y OOlorad tiaga. banner* and rlbboo* Soane teautifnl draw oge wer? alao here and there d?per*ed. ,1V: band* of hrr Ma^aty il; p H?ro acd of the tu oca ^flBimectaw^re on banJ.ard greatly coattfb ited to the jr* "ceaa of the deneonatralioii. The whole ily waa again kil'Mtly Taafrated. \ daia was eroeted in the grand > lor t a Royal H ?k? ?e Tt 1 wm canop ?d w th a* cro t'aamti l".e Tra-e of *Vak*, the Kagliab rx?t ef a? *" aad the at' ?nl motto "M MafWaarra. TVre wea* Ux ieaoda i persona of a.l ranka prevent. \ The Prtaotf aer,?ed at ao? t ten a'clock, ard wm finm with !a od W-l? ? ?Bd proJeeged<a i lay ,ng st-od a* re the C aen.'' T?*e TV me waa axiaii | ia ib* f .tf ; alf?rm of a Britwh cakieeL Re waa a nut nif by J* fc." <* '* wr? w? ercweed EfNiE in bine, with a badge, aid the Duke of Newcastle, wh wore hla foil uniform. The Prince darned alx timet da ring the evening, and remained with the oomnpaay ant! half-past two o'clock thia morning. The dancing, on th whole, among the company waa not very good. Th Prince very aflably and good naturedly oorrected some c the blundering dancee, aad every now and then ealle out the different flgurea of the dance. Be is himaelf very graceful and acoompllahed dancer, aa h? full proved in the way be whirled through waltiea, polki and quadrille* While he danced he waa repeated! cheered, aad be very properly took a new partner wfaei ever be stood up to dance. The people everywhere arc greatly delighted. The ui pretending and genial Jiapoaltion of the young Print hu gained him the affcctlon of many true an worthy hearts. The noblemen who attende hia Royal Highneee did not mingle in the fei tivHiee of the dance. The ball waa cloacd at thieo o'oloc this morning; but before leaving the Prince and auite ei pressed themselves greatly pleased at the oordial an The Prince has be?n presented with a splended New foundland dof, with a collar coating three hundred do lara. The collar has been manufactured by Tiflany k Co of New York, and la a heavy silver collar, two incite wide. On the upper part are three oval medallion*, th one on the right being supported by the lion couohanl and oontaining the arms of England within the garter, o which is inscribed the national motto, "Jloni soil qui m: y ptnse." The ,one on the left Is supported by the un com, and contains the royal escutcheon within a sitnils garter. The oentr&l medallion is larger, and is enclose in a wreath formed of the rose, thistle and shamrock and surmounted by the coronot and plumes of Wales, th motto, "Ich Dun," appearing under tho coronet. In thl medallion is the inscription:? ' Presented to his Royal Highness the Prince of Walec from the Inhabitants of Newfoundland." The weight of the collar is forty-five ounces, and a Gn stee 1 chain accompanies it. This has been a very fine, bright and balmy day. A ten o'clock this morning it was reported that the Priqs would soon alter leave Government House, on his way t the Hero, and consequently a crowd collected to glance a the fortunate youth. The Government House is a large solid and compact building, in the rear of the city, sui rounded by arches, and at present almost altogcthc drowned in evergreens and flowers. The repot proved to be very correct; for at about hall past en o'clock the Prince appeared, folk)we by his suits, and was saluted with loud an enthusiastic cheers, which were repeated again and agai along the whole route. It soon became known that th Prince was going to embark on the Hero, and the eicitc ni<>nt of the people was therefore speedily redoubled. Tb wharf was thoroughly blockaded by a dense crowd, wh cheered incessantly. The soldiers oftheNewfouiidland Con pany were drawn up la line Inside of the wharf, and th volunteers occupied a prominent position outside. The nu merous scats provided for the accommodation of the pub lie were soon appropriated by the ladies, who took the ut most Interest in the proceedings, the government officials the Judges, Justices and the Attorney General, most o the latter of whom were dressed in full official costume with Cowing robes and wigs. iue VtuoK oi luc uu jK'wjia iu iue vicinity, acu mi ma*Us and \ ards of vessels in the harbor, were covered with people. The harbor was filled with small era? dressed In ra.r.bow colore, sporting merrily about in thi tranquil waters of the bay. Tbe bells chimed sweetlj as the procession advanced, and tho interest of the seem every moment became greater. The Prince spjieared 01 berseback, followed by the various societies in ihe ordei given:? Tbe Union Erfine ana Axe Fire Companies. The North li. it'.th and Highland Societies. The Charitable Ir'i*h Society. The St. George's Society. The Carpenters' charitable Society. The African Society. Tho Hons of Temperance. The Halifax Tf.iai Abstinence Society. Ihe Yohmkrr Artniury ami Khj o'.?pai.;w. Her Majesty's forces. The Mascnl- body, at their own reqn*st, were station rd immediately in front of tbe Masonic TTa.ll, where ai arch was erected by them. Tbe Prince was received by his r.*ee'Ierey the IJoate i.ant Governor, the Major General comu.inding tb troops, the Ch.ef Justice and Judgos, ti e President ani members of the legislative Council, the ?peaW-r an< members of the House of Assembly, the Mayor and Cor poratien, the Custos and High r'heriff, the heads of de part menu, and the members of the Executive Mating nj Committee. ills R"yal Higl ness rode slowly along, and the varov.i trade prov ess ions followed h m into the enclosure, pre ceded >j a great land of school children, Jresso n wh.te gurments. All the vessels in the barbo were covered with Hags and presented a ver] besntiful app< srarce. The Prince passed along U* whole length of the procession, then, naeoverlni hi* bead, took leave of Lady Baanerman and thi ofilcials, nod stepped Into the barge In waiting foi bim. H.s fuite .mmed>atc'.y followed, and Uiei tbe guns of the war ahlpe and of tbe c.tadel bcloh-d fort? their deafening thuoderi, which were reverberated through bill and valley, and echoed back agam. At th? lane moment loud cheers arose from the manned yardi of the vessels of war, from the merchant vessels and fmailer craft, and from lite shore. As a pleas, ug .ucident it was generally ''beerred that tbe commander and crew of his Imperial Majesty s war rteamer -tesoelr * entered fslly Into the reneral interest of the orauioa. Tb.i nobfc vwl was fay 'y decorated with ilags and streamer*, and ai: the yards were manned in honor of the Prlnoe who was fulled Alongside of tbe Hero n his barge passing nearly undor the bows of the steamer ol Kiigland's "faithful ally." On stepping ro to the dock of tbe Hero tbo Ir.nce tarred round, gracefully bowo-l and thru retired. The day baa been observed aa a general t.olulay throughout the etty. There have been boat recce at Quidlvidl, fireworks and illumination*, and the people are going on on one big splurge of excitement, wh < b oould scarcly be beaten In Mew York. The whole of the lades *nd a great many M tbe men are enthusiastic about tbe IVnoe'a gooj looks, manr. rs and deportment. It la ?emmon saying through tbe street* that as long at Fog land has ?u<h kings she will never want rubjecta. All the country folks for miles around are now ia the city, enjoying the holiday, drlnkng, f*mnmg, carousing an-1 mak.og merry geoeea'ly. The folio* lag a a descript'oa of tbe appearencc of tbe TV.nce of Walea taken from a Ton doe paper ? Tbe Prince, although youthful looking. !a a wall propertiered and oertalniy a plea?aat looking young man. He ss a ten: med:?im height, \nd of r* r >mpl x'to, with brown ba!r. and particularly bri'llaot base) "jm. Hi ha* mm b about ibo formation and :harv w-r of bis fac, and pari.sularly >n .is pro??.i ng ?ipres?,oi. wii n m.nda one of his august m?iher. Ilia mann -r waa easy and self possessed, even under the ? tnewhat trying etr I iu-vaii< *?? m m y twi in iu? ?fr, iuuiu ug ia tjui I oin* th rty or farly rtrai ^o m-r, ! > bear mi a mrw ml by or?) of tbrm <\rrw4 in a hlark f'? d and zr-y w g. in ihe prwm? af ih > readlag a itray and erid*ntiy rre rf^biblr ?milr rawed nk? a very i'lfbt i'nah of acoth.oa o?*rhl?fkc* but h.a emctkoaa were ao well under cootrol tfcnt Ihti could not* ba dlM*v?r?d 9y the cloe* ohwrrar. '^n ooaclbdtng th* eddre-e. ui* prlo'* reo?-.t?d it iron tbe Reoorder. and bar.ded it to u14 Dnlca of Newoaatle. who b-tnded to th?i price* a c"jiy of tfc# reply, which bis Royal H'ghnear r?ad w jh marked d'.?t rotMfa and craotful em] baalu, in a "ght bar'.ure vo;c?. TIT* rwmol 1* TH* OAI.L noon? BI4 D?ri*TtR* row BAUi AX-*HTELSU?M AMO!*) ffll TByriJI, m. % Jor?e. S F , July 2ft?Pym'np. Th* b*'l tot r ght w a br !1 mji affair. orer a thiwnd parroaa m-r<s prra^nt Tbe Prima, who la a graosftjl daa^?r. <iaao*d n ar y a'l the evening, iaJ left at a qoar1*r to three o'clock, am .1 ep cBoari, tte b x I r'ar D? "Cod "*v9 the Qumo.'' Tbe l"rtnce left T*rc?anl Hotae at ten o'ck. k tb!t mom of. and, a"?r a r'da ro.iad iba tcwa, *mtarked <* ib b * ait* oa board tba B*ro The day la hoautifnl and Ux iewn ta* a gk'A arpearaa<-*. Tbe man" c*r?nony w*a ob?e-Tfd a? at ma latd ng, and tbe cher ng wa* 'rerrecdoue. Tbc Sart tailed at efcr* *o o'e'o*k for La. fat, *T rg oo tb* way at St. rater*. lY'rjbod/ ? l*'. gbt*?l w'tl) 11? t ar 1 tb? atten<Urt fitItemerk. TIT* CANAB1AK Win* 4KB TF* mjvc* 0* WA1J*. ?n?rwro, .o)y 20. 1??. Tt ? r*pc?t'J WiatTari* Idtan tr'bea wH maet tf* Pr ncecf Wiv a at Qoa-rtcws, C. W , a b*a??lfj ?rJ vm wm ior%"'?r "W 1ST O MORNING EDITION?P 11 The Departure of the Prlaee of Wftlw ) from Eeglud. j [From the Plymouth (Eng.) Newa, July 10.] lne many anticipations with regard to the visit of the 0 Pruioe of wales to Plymouth, en route for Canada, here bcee at length partially realized. II was known some ,r days slsce that the Prince would start from this port, accompanied by a portion of the channel fleet, and expeclad tkro reached its highest point yostorday (Monday), a Vioe Admiral Sir Charles Fremantle's channel squadron, _ consisting of the flsgsh^p Royal Albert, 121, Captain Hen7 ry T. Lacon; Donegal, 101, Captain Henry Broadbead; * Aboukir, 00, Captain Douglas Gary; Oroybound, IT, Comy wander Francis W. !-*uUivan ; Conqueror, 101, Captain Ed. ward S. Sotheby, C.B ; Trafalgar, 90, Captain Edward fl. Kanshawe; Centurion, 80, Captain Henry Q. Rogers, C.B.; Edgar, 91, Captain James C. Eaton; Algiers, 91, Captain i. U.N. D. O'Callagtan; Mersey, 40, Captain Hanry utldwell, GB.; an 1 Diadem, 33, Ckptain James H. Ctodlburn, under canvlss only, with a smart breeze a little to the J southward of east, hove in sir lit from Mount Wise at d half past eight o'clock in the morning, in two line*. In the afternoon tho squadron formed two llntt, i?ngtng about north anil south, to receive the royal yacht, which k hove in night at seven o'clock, and the signal guns were [. fired agreeably to arrangement. On rounding the weat . end of the breakwater, the yard arms of the Hero, St. a t.'eorge, Emerald and Ariadne, in the Sound, were maaned. and the thrco last named and tho Plymouth Citadel r. saluted. At half-post eight, when tho rr'.noe left the . yacht to join the Hero, the Kmerald and the citadel repea tod tho compliment. ? ,, By seven o'clock many hundreds of persons had asset*m bkd on the Hoe, as well as on the ramparts of the ciiadel. A surprising array of telescopes and opera " glasses were called into requisition. The Sound presented a most animated appearance?innumerable boats, yachts, u and vessels crowded with expectant sight loors covered the expanse of water, which was as cuiooth is an Inland 1 lake. Tho men of war were dressed with flags from 1- stem to stern. Some distance outside tho breakwater j. was seen tlic Channel Fleet, with sails all set, and lighted up by the setting sun. At ten minutes after seven the entrance of the royal yacht in the Sound was announced by a roval salute from the Ariadne, whose yards were ? manned. The salute was repeated by the citadel, and soon afterwards tho steamer, bearing the Town Council of s Devonport. from Mount Wise, steamed alongside the VIotori* and Albert Tho boom of tho guns imparted tie , knowledge of the Prince's arrival to overy part of the ' three Wiwns, and in a very short tin:i tho throng on the Hoe was increased to many thousands, eagerly expecting o some further demonstration, but alter waiting some time no movement was made either by the tleet or the Queen's , yacht, which was moored at a short distance inside the breakwater. o The naval and military authorities of the port and garo rison were afloat before the royal yacht hove in eight, , the steam tender Avon having been put Into requisition * fox that purpose. The military department was well re>, presented by the commander in ohief of the district, Major General Hutchinson, and his brllliaat staff j and Admiral Sir Thomas Pasley discharged the duties of Naval Commander-in Chief. Immediately atar the royal yacht t hove,to these oflicers went on board. p. In pursuance of the announcement made In yesterday's paper, the Town Council of Devonport presented an ada dress to bis Roval H ghness. The party embarked from d the Queen's st#rs in barges placed at their disposal by D the Admiral, and were conveyed to the steam tender Zephyr, in the stream, and having cone on board that 6 vessel, she was soon under steam with her b)w towards the breakwater. ?)n the yacht coming into the Sound a e royal salute was fired from the ships at anchor, and wh.le the echoes of the guns were yot playing amongst tho dis0 tant hills, the Victoria and AlDert picked up her moorings i- inside the breakwater. After a dcliyof some minites. e the pre arranged signal was rven.and Aldermen and Councillors transferred themselves to the boats, and were soon >>nAboord the Victoria and Albert. The Mayor, prei ceded by the town mace, borne by Sergeant ntcfcs, walked , to the splendid deck saloon, where his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales was In waiting, attended by tho Duke of '? Newcastle, F'-cretary of State for the Colonics, Gen. Brrce, f Major Teesdale and C'apt. Grey. All tho members of the cornoration having entered, and the Mayor and Recorder, ' w ith the Town Clerk, supported by the mover and seconder of the addross. Mr. Alderman Ryder, and Mr. R. B. j Oram, being near Lis Koyal Highness, the Recorder read , the following:? To ms Royal H; iwws Albbrt Edwabd, Fbwci or ' Waun, ke.? , 1 May it please yeur Royal Highness?We, the Mayor, Aldermen *nd B'lrgrnes of the borough of Devonport, beg kave to approach yocr Royal Higir^s for tho purpose of 5 expressing our respectful attachment to your royal perj son, and our feei-ngs of devoted loyalty to our most gracious Qu^en, as whose representative your Royal Highr ness ii about to proceed on an expedition of the greatest national interest. that this srd the adjoining oornty h*ve produced our greatest colonizing names; and that to Raleigh, Drake, Gilbert and their companions, Nar'h America was indebted for the first attempt to ooloni*? her territory with Brit h subjects; and, looking back with pride and Interest to the many Important colonial expeditions that have sailed from henee, It cannot but bo a scarce of increased gratification now to t'nd that the ' at"tt, <tid certainly by no m^ans the least important of iben all. as now lo derirt from ot.r shore". Il li lust a eentury sine Mat Um Ckiuflaa, *(Vr a tacg '* and bloody (tru^g e, >>ecair.e an Integral part of ilia n gueen'a dominions; aud il la sbont lifty years ago thai tins fine eoantry ' iir.e under the particular of your Royal Hlrhnoas's illMtriou* prrindfuther. Am the r<-alt i f it lif- r\ li .|i. ihn 1 " k i !'' V. nt. 1*1 I. 8 afl >rde>! the bigh sanction or his approbate tol?ow pr?j liminary m?uur?i which hare alaco retult'd !n a perfect into# nf the Clinad. .? j r<- n . ?t ?. . t ' ol re??v.i uhlo go*. erum.. ' Tb'' visit of your Royal Iligbneft, and the renewed awiran'je It convey* ol tb* ensuring 'iiterest felt by hT m.H!t fra i i M i My i all that h.?r ir?gt?lf t rn .at, under the elrcumstanees to which we havo vcntur-xl to allude, ?>o productive Of vnalloved pleasure . (, very *ubj*ct of tho crown, on other " do of ttc Atlantic; out when it la rmemVr<M tha* hor M.icsty haa j gra >u?iy depi t)d your Hoyal Pighnora to .naogurate a 1 1 work cut ies* r markablc i'ur lta groat ?-igincerlng nae- ta, 1 thai) m a ; roof of Mvaccing prosperity, traceable to tie I wi*e measures whi -h ha . from time to II no been sansf ti<>n?d 1 y her Majesty for the Imprnvcment of our colo- I I aial institutions, wo feel aascrol of th? ?special sat.afac? tin '.hat mudt result fr m tfce esi?d tiou of your Royal 1 Hjftecea. ? we earnestly pray that yo'.r *h>yal Higbnesa miy be r favored with a speedy and safe voyage, and that you may return to your native 'and ,n pcrfec. heaiih, a" we are assured you will with all tbe plea ic re wblch nut result i from lb* good work which, :n tbe name of ber M^esty, I your Royal H blmees baa undertaken. Pnltoe Intelligence. I Hiun RorjBr.T o? Com* Platm?Ciuws* ot Harm*wo Pwjo? frvroe ?Officer Fn/manrice, of the Jeeood ' precinct, on Wednesday tight arrested Ptt?r O Frtinan, ( a young man eighteen year* of age, on charge of Stealing I two large cenp* r plates, on whieh a map of Cat-'da was ' engraved, both being va.-?d at ?400. TV property * alI leged U> hav? hoea taken i>nm the preonisee of K. li. rx>aign, 1M William atrcet. Brennan confessed to da, erg ' of it to ajunk J-^aler, name I Jobj Levy, of No, 37 r"ran<lort street, for >3 l*vy waa therefore arrested a r charge of receiviog at>,:on g<^xla, and j'uatlco K '.'iali k> . J up both thd accused for trial. dkaoit AMariT?Prwtaes Faru RnartT.? u a late hour on Wednesday eight I.-.w.? Hard .a, ilv n.- at >7o. 231 avenue B. wu set '.p< n and terribly beaten, as is alioged, by Charlea White, Goorg" lx)ng ard a woman named r-'oph.a Rlank. Wh^n found be waa in?-i.j.')!e, sod on o.\ng a.nveyed to tbe New York IIcsp la! It was ascertained Uat bia skull waa fractured. Tb" difli -ulty's aaid t" hare arisen oat of torn" fam'ly IrooMea, in whieh the injurtid man waa c joorn^d. AH the accused, with tbecseeti jb 1 of a B9B of Mrs. Blank . wbn bad tar u part :n U e afiray, I but after sari* made good bis e-nape oa the appvirauoe of the cfUorre, were mveyl '""tore Justice llrernan, and k>cae4 np In awatt tto result of Dardis* ia\juries. , Kivrs-jva B< ? <trr.?n?e m.r oery rtory of Will jb j Kahn. 2# Piv'.s.t ' str*et, was burglarluualj enlerod on Wc lu sday n!gl t. ard iobb?d bf prop riy ia all valued s? f?<W. of wh: -h ?.30 was in money, the retrainder be rg ?l". er'y-ns, ftrks and art.c.'es f silver*are. <?f ttcer McKxaoa. of the rtevcnvh pre- nt, ant s?>T-.-rtly toofc Uito custody a youn? tlerman named liarles Goir fort, who was at one t:mo a clerk I >r Mr. Kabn and who mm aeen lurkteg arot.od the prem <? tie aftcnv. m if th? robber) 'in ? ?p:c'':n u? bo'ng '.he ib if, tl-o<-gh i. portl'D of the itr'^D property w.w f; nd ':poo h to, b? ?u locked up for eiaraic-tlon by iuet :e Ercrnan. Nrwi from Pike's Oak. 9t. I/OTin, Jul/ 24,1840. Dearer City datea to the 24tfe of June no brought by eipreai th.? net eg. Tr m MoucU.n City we learn t' R> * le'v-1 m?21 la operation, ?od tT? n? y In a r n of two daya ili?y took out *3 f00. The mill a located at flr<|Wy'l Pi int. Otter m !! are r kit ng mpfOTementa wbKfc will eventually get thorn a r.oceearul^opratlon aome tiice, bat patience w 'I ba w <*?ary to obta.h the re<)to eipciiaea to aa.-a tbe gold o ? mott all cain. The great coneolMated d U b la at laat t u ?h;M, j^ri ably o*er ore bur. lr" I afoicoa are now i^poratlotf oo lain ng *?U r therefrom. Toe llteh wi!) not Iw -bi t to fura ?n ail tho ?atnr reqi.ielte for tbe*e trio. a. Another :ompajy baa j*'i orannijed called Um ^wogo '?rnt*Dj\ compr;*ng mmj of enterpr aa aad a?n|l?capita!, who will rvt n tb'-lr work to eaf:y cc tip otlon The rtey haa b"?n male to found anv re practicable K i irr** nrvi iiT?*r "in hi:f' ?nurwr ihimj mi*? . ou-< l J.U d t! tel.. M r ng >o IV l * i a ' ;?r?t n 'In om araca'd to pay.roi..? ( 100 to ibo man p*r day. Tlw C?y fjrnia nvtoii jn!n^ ar? s*i?Ar?ily pr> *l-.g ? ri^-b; how-T?r, iciae ten* olalu au outturn out at; w? ! aa "tpecfd. Olark, 'Ji-qbAf k f*>. ba*?? <? id?c?c?<1 ooirtng rik?"i '' ak f?,iJ u via i ci /. Th? .Aaljo i* neat and aj pro pr ate, bfarH ?n > ?iJe a rrpfwet*; a of t'ika'1 Nak, wl'.b th* in-irivt oo, "Pik^a ?'?aa '<?M *? On tha rcvaifa ia aa cag>, a*l tha ijacr'pt.oo, "tiark, ?rutwr A Co./' ai d 4at>. TV r? ar< ellll m.-.ny r?tnr~ ng '*> tto Suua jt ail k rda of waya. gjif a urge ennsW ar<? 'a'y rtar'.cg dn?a Ui? Plat',? a boala B nia^ra m r?r*r? y irt rc-np T*rg? in oa vi gooda ara armlag dally, fira qnarta nulla pu?*d through ihia w?*k u-r ib? monatatna, it rwm ?rr grat ia art romiag la fWwn HUit^a Tka ?.-aM.rr <a rn>4? war:n u I ih.a ry "n?'f?v?a / Mr luMty 0r? p ii'? afcad* I R K~ I: RIDAY, JULY 27, 1860. THE CHICAGO ZOUAVES. Tlub lUtini ( oil City?RMtpttM by Um Steud Ctayuy, Matloul 0?w4Bsnnlw Vf tk? Hvdioa Rlvir l? WlH FalX-IUUUttw Drill* fey Ui a?m auMi u? s?c???s cmpur. *? tl?H dMnMUtwa t? Uae City? Dtptrtwrt ftar Fhllsddphla, Ac. TBS Chisago Zouave#, who, einco their visit to ibis city, bavs ptiA (ho city of Boston a v Jit, and astonished her military men there by their proficiency In military tactiaf,nt<jrced to this city at six o'clock yesterday morn" lag la the steam palaoe Connecticut, Copt. Wilcox, of tbo Norwich and Woiseeter line. As Boon aa the Connecticut Love la tight a national salute was fired from two brass field ptoses furnished for the occasion. The Zouaves on tbelr arrival wero received by the Second company (B), National Guard, Capt. Alexander Shaler, who w?re drawn up oa the steamboat pier in military oraer, ia full uniform, with white pants. Tbo Giard nvimbcrod twenty dies (40 men), ftmr sergeants and threo oommtssionod officers. After the exchange of the usual military roceptijn ceremonies between tho Zouaves and the 'iuar.t, both companies wero inarched onboard tho steamer Taminend,specially chartered for tho occasion to convey the Zouaves and their basts to West Point. At seven o'clock the hawfers were cast off from the dock, and tho little steamer was soon in mot on up the North river, amid the cbeers of tbo spectators n the dock and tho enlivening music <f tho N?t.onal Guar ! Band, which accompanied the exccrsicn.etfl. In addition to the Zouaves, thcro was a best of other invited gueets, ncludiog the following named, principal'y officers or ex-offlosrs of the First Division New Yore mm miitta mi. Vara? a'.I T*fWt? Uo^w ?Vm*l vl 'rrna Speaight, Burrel and Pric*; Lieutenants Moriarty, C T. McClenachan; Commissary William Patten, of tbo Seventh regiment; ei Col. Dcry?e, late of the Seventh regiment; Col. Batterfle;d,of the Twelfth regiment; Col. J. 3. Cocks, late of the Twelfth; Col. J. C. Pinckncy; Captaica Murphy and Frank, of tte S.ith reg'ment; Lieut. Col. Smith anl Capt. Morgan, of the Thirteenth regiment; Adjutant Blauvelt and Capt. Curtis, of the E.ghth regiment; Col. Homer Boetwiok, of the Eleventh regiment; Lieut. Col. Mart.n, late of the Seventy firat regiment; Lieut. Dunham, of the Seventy first regiment; Major Halleck and Lieut. E. L. Stone, of tho Ninth regiment; Corporal K<:mp aril a cumber of veterans of tho National Guard. An ezcilent breakfast, under the direction of Gu?taviS Ratz, of. tho First company, National (.i.ard, waa served up on board the Taminend at half past eight o'clock, which waa, of courae, acceptable to the hocitaand their guesta. A MtK3?TAT10N tTOTMONY. After breakfast Colonel D. S. iAnsing, of the New York State Military Association, formerly of the Governor's Staff, presented Captain Shaler with a very elegant light infantry steel acabbard aabre, recently brought by the Uolonel from Far.s. The acabbard la a new Fronch invention, and ia so constructed that on drawing the aword the low r half inatantly slides into the upper, liios givlag I'acility to the uflioer in perrorming tho light infiuitry movements,'by shortening tho acabbard co that it w 11 not impede his locomot on. ?Jn returning the sword the scabbard resumes ita full >ngth. and thoa appears as Un.ohed as the old style. It is nutcd tbo Fr. n h government have ordered twenty thousand of th.s jiatWu of sabres. Capt. Sl-aler returned thanks for the g ft in a few ap pr opr.ate remarks. As the steamer r>a??M the Steamah.p OreM fiastern her Sliced waa l<wr.ed, so as to allow the Zouaves to get a full view of the beauMful proportions and symmetrical outline of th.a monster aliip. The weather beiag very pleiaa'-t tte trip waecommenced underjvery lavorable auspices, an J thA fact win fully appreciated by all. As the Taminmd steamed put the docks m the North river the ' learners and ferry boats sonde I JUm r whiles, rang the.r bells and displayed th r colors. Her" an'1 there, on the ends of the piers, were group* of excuraioniata for their favor.te joata to conic aloug prior to a u?y s pieasuro away rrorn th? bus n?es of tho city. These, too, wire very enthasisstio in thfir cheers, ar4 especially when any of the ncarlct breeohe 1 Zouaves camo within their v.ew. On board tho boat the time passe! very acreeably; the ?econd company did all in their power to make the trip up the noble Hudson p'oasant. .i^r -'abl" and InstrnctIn. 01 the Guards formed ihemselvcs into slut. eg lute'?4yciTermed many ft ih j popular molodia of t..e day: OlLers Insisted on cheering the /onnves, from tho captain lown to the privates, by a variety of moans: first, ky tho Ri' bmoad cheer, by clapping the r hanla tnree tiofa and '.'tiding by tho sonorous boonb; then thoy souMed Baltimore er "kyro:kot sheer, c?imxnen<ing with a bisb?c o-e e, bung, ooooo, md flinaJly the Zouave cheer: one?two?throo? four? Ive?aLv?seven?tig" r r, 7ouavo. The cheering cln?? tassel around the boat in this mann"r, creating no little fertimect wb:lo enjoying this sort of ion But tittl-: t'me vas allowed the Zouavss :'or iimusemunt. As soon at their treak&sts were well settled, tbey w?*ro orderei by th*lr c >n?in?ndar.t to whiten tb?r belts, clean their mu^kns, n<[4' kUi .r krapsacln and roll blankets,Ool. UUwurtbsu pcr.ntendiug the "%odmt oj rcr?M la person, The saloon or the lUfli-r wat the pu^c In which al! th I took p's-e, und it was comtn?ndab!o to the air aily good reputation ?f lL? Zcum,kr tho promptness w.tb n'u b thiy oi' yd the comnuu- iant and tho moctani al'.ty of the r "Trillion. After these nreparatcry arraag"menta, Col. Ellsworth nspe- t ''1 the kaap**ks an 1 eiam ned m oately the m.mrer in which the scarlet b ank"ta of the soldiers were rolled. After eiamln .ig one >r two wl m99t his approval, he at last exclaimed, ", br.nj your knapu' k h re, as a specimen for the ? :?vs to copy alter." rhillips soon turr?d up, and his^ack, completely arranged, waa place! .u a pruin uetit placo where all'ihc Zouaves could sou It and lake failure thereby Th" Temir^nd st< pped a fpw'mcm'nts at Tinkers to take Odoeel oefferts. of the .Seventh regiment, on board. Rr was roae.ved by hearty ch<" rs m be stepprl on boar! ttoe ivsbt. The remainder of tho pnssa^ up the river war v.ry pleasantly parsed in rteamb<at ch.t <-hat, and st cur-.ajs relieved by the excellent performances of the Nal. -nAl Qcartl ban Portly iKl>re twelve o'clock the steamer Ali-la, w '.h % large Ik"!j of sxcurs.mleu on board, b< and fcr West "ci asd wl h left New York one honr and a half aft* the Tam n?i>d, pas?e l the latter wh?n a few mfien th s side u'Oor/tlS' deck. As tlie glided ?w1ft)y uy tier sa< a mutual exchange of ew rtesi's l<otwecu the *U?ir.rrs by i ng r,g bells, blow r.g wL.jiles. and the wav rig of liitndkorcbielk by the piuseag'.'s. stri.i vsi. at wi't poivt. Tb" Tam r.snd, with h' r m.lltrtry fre ght, re?eber| W'-st ro.nt at mx-o, and was greeted on *rr val there by cpwards of me thou.jid persons, tho greater portion of whim w?r?i ladies. W thort Bin h ceremony the bi lita 7 d.sembarked, and a>arcb~l rp Uesteip h 1 at tbo HaIsiI (a th* '.mi a frtif t fU C, raMl II. IaI At |Ka b< t 'l tbe g\:etta were oat on the p ??/?, and at th" Jtooavea, Uit.r t.mive uniform*. tae^I v.ew, tho ladlea acrutiai/ed very carefully the apf'-^raa a of the cbtmp on ao!di?r?. The trw pa received order I to "?Uk arm*, ami were then d.?m <*cd, to am"tr.l>!o at <jnart-r ***** thr** o'clock. The order was, WMhl -t doubt, cheerfully obeyed, and tbe and the r ri'?', n irr?(?"iar *qtiadi of thr"-** and four*, procc'd<d 10 the Mil.tary A* aAi'wy. i'jo I me mile d.?tani from tbe ti tel. ,\rr't tl." m .Ury ?' 0<1a. the (.rat cbje-1 01* attraction wan the en .tmpav nt of the Cadet*, an 1 the r frrmat.on by battalion to pro^d to their m. aa r< otc. Tuc CadeW apt var>d to thrive -o their oaeva?a bon.e# aad bore evidence of1 ?tri' tcocrte of diecipHne by their erect ^rr:u" and eold'erly arpear'-Dcr. Tbe toi.ave loud cheerful coaduotort in m .rr of tbe Cadet* of the Acadcmy a*'.'Uwrwaa mpioyd, and every port f n-portaaee ?aa . irited ?iU> ev dent satisfaction to all thiae pr?*mt. Reurnog to Coweta' Eutol, the 7? avea aoon formed nrnjany, preparatory to their exhibit on drill before tho u ;era i tb' M iliary toaJomy. their i?nal romptii'M the line waa aooa f rmed, tje Natonvl i?>:arn poet.or 'Ct'C B and a epace .irge noii?rh,aeJ w thia which manrccrroa wro to tj eae-utcd. At a quarter paat three o'elbck n<?. Jc* ra^n Da? 1*, formerly Secretary of War.?ccompat..ed by Ereret Colonel Hardee, tho military Instructor at tbe 'caI my, arrlv ', ?nlw<r" ondnctod to el g.bin mil re with n the drill ground Ifce Zonave, under the coma. and of Colonel hllaworth?and not watiing to Infilct on o .r reader* aaotber serlea 6t miliary terho'eal.ti"*, we will eloply ?ay?eommonced tbe drill in the ma: aal of arm*, an I tho eehool of the company, n which they marchcd by i ank and on ri|ht by -Jle Into Hn?, tr.arch rg at tompan <*' froat, and marching by platoon* It * needleaa to ujr that they e?. e!ted the nab* endedj admiration of all tno oic re prevent. Colonel liarnee remarked that he thought tli?.r nod'ul f<rmdi wae of the Or?t order, bet 9ipreeae<l a doobt whether the Zuiave* acfng wltb larger rumbera w.tlj be ao perfect or "fl'ective. lie *ald, alao, there were eT"ral radical derlation* from Uetlca wh.cb, though not o aprareat la a *mall body, wonld make aa reaential d,f. >r?nce la tbe movement of a largo body f men. ?enator tpoke of tho ra;ild.'.y aad ccaaimity if^Brr movement* aa bei :g penally coinmen.itWfand :i r two rur.k ; rmatwn aometb ag remarkably Their ,banr re flrcm fr at to flaak and from r.aak U ft< ct wna re?i arkabi/, ,o h!? estimation, well dme *do iturf part or it* tme ** xtt ?t*i or ito r* r. 1 If ,w! fe i ? 01 our r^cuJnMi w}i -> ?? M if" Academy of Itua* w.'J remember. 7b? <U!ll ?rf lb 1'ployrr nt b? nVivaf, by ?.D(#rva'?, d?j jr ?Dt by Tcnrt, rally c| on tbi c*rm group, railyicr by coopany to |u*rJ aga est c**a-ry, an I ac J fir eg m -k rmi?b?r<t, rug !owr an I kn<?" ng. Th? ntr? Jr it] w v> w thr< jg'w* * .h gt**l att?ntlon by all jr??*nt, ard tb? WliUry o?'.*ri wp<:c iliy, airing wbcra t'ri Colonel Hard**, ^aalor Da^ I* and iWnior flank*, cf ''attach uMttC, ?*r? !o?4 n Ihr r ?o* m, .mi nf ?!,# rsr fret fttocipliao nan ftattd '.n *1) tb? froYMceiita of ih# ?i tbM itrlnr# <*Mtor Oav? aiwt Oskrrl Ekr<w? w?ri caiitf a*ay by tigngtawnM #lwwr,fr?. NBIMy ?f IT* 9?*N VNn TM^?4 I* LD, PRICE TWO CENTS. DEPORT A IT FROM VTRQarU. AKttllMr KxeltemeMt C?i?d by Uu -lm> prtMlbU matcf'-AtUH^t to Pfrtlili Black Repabllcaa Liberty Nit, aM UM Provable CoutqiiBCM, *?. WiULvum July 3$, I MO OoMiderable excitement prevail! mOocaq? Vtrj n?, ixteeo mllea from Alexandria, u> mu^mu> ?T a attempt being made to dctaulUb a liberty pole, ereetod by the republican*, upon whiofe ? daily dwytayd a t*c [ERA the ground, and, under command of Guttata Abater, gave a specimen of ihe.r by a drill lo the manual of arms, loading aad firing at will, by oompaniee anJ by files. The manual of arms waa executed in a manner fully equal to that of the ZouavM. The Irinf by Ilea waa not so (rood, but the firing by company waa infinitely better. The firing by the roar rank and their i oblique firing waa so good as to draw down the applause of all the military men and Rpectators present, including, of coune, their friendly rivala? the Zouaves. t Their advance in line of battle, their Banking movements and breaking into column by platoons, were also excellent. Their movement on right by file into line was admiraoly executed, and it was wud by many that it was done better than by the Zouaves. On the coucluaion of the operations of the tecond company the Zouaves again went on the tleld, and exocuted most of the movtaeata in the first part of their drill, but it waa evident, from the faultless character of the drill, that, to use a common expression, Uiey "smelt a mice" in the suj>erb performances of the National Guard. Tho opinion waa expressed by many on the ground that a few weeks'preparation on the part of the latter would render them fully equal, if not superior, to the Zouave*. Tho drill occupied about three hours and a half, after which the troops embarked on tho Tamineml for home. Supper was provided on board and partaken of with a zest, and the party reached New York about eleven o'olock. Forming in line they marched up Broadway to the LaXargc, where Wheeler had prepared oae of bia elegant sappers; and after doing full juatioe to this, they proceeded to the armory of the .Second company Xational Guard, on the cornel of University place and Tenth street, where they quartered in their peculiar and aboriginal style for the night. DEPARTURE OT TOT ZOtfAVM. Sjsvxmi Rxomnrr N. Y. St>tb Tnoors.") Sbcond Satiosm. Guard; V Nxw York, July 27, I860. J OTBCJAL ORDKK. Th.8 company will parade at three o'clock P. M. this day, in full uniform, white panta (without knapsacks), for the purpose of cscorttng the United States Zouavo Cadets on their departure for Philadelphia. All paroling members are expected to report at tho armory promptly at the hour designated. By urder of ALEXANDER SHALER, Captain. McFahla.ix, Orderly. AM AtTrmy St the St. Slcholu Hotel? V Pblladelphlam Stabbed. About nine o'clock laat evening the 9t. Nicholas Hotel woo iuc awiio ui ou -unur luumvu luirujr, wuicu m an prubnbility may prove fatal. It seems that two men named James Hyej and Alexander Purple, both belonging In Philadelphia, met In a eepir store on Broadway on Wedneeduy, where they got into a dispute, but by the interference of other parties they were prevented from doing each other any bodily harm. About tho nbove hour last evening, however, they aga.n met in the barroom of the St. Nicholas, when they renewed their dispute with great vigor, and their excited talk soon drew a large number around. Finally Purple raised his cane to strike Hyer over the head, when Hyer pulled out a bow<e knife and stabbed h.a opponent in the back directly under tho left shoulMr. So quick did Dyer draw tho dirk and stab Purple that the bystanders were unable to prevent the unfortunate aflkir. The wounded man was coDvyed to liegeman's drug store, ttaf his wounds were dressed, after which ho wai conveyed to his residence In Amity street. Hyer was immediately arrested and horded over to the Eighth ward police, and locked up to wait the result of Purple's Injuries. Tho affair created considerable excitement about tbe note! during the remaining portion of tho night. Tho dispute Is said to have been canned by aomo private difficulty which occurred In Philadelphia. I'll* W(?t Washington Market Case? J adgmenta Opened. BTTIUtMS CO PUT?BPKCIAL TEKM. Before FIod. Judge Icgrahatn. Jm 26.?'lht Ptople of the XUxU of AToo York al the rela! inn rf Tbylor and Orrnnan n. The Mayor or Sew Turk, John E. Bogtrt and o(\tri. So. 1. Jama U. Taylor t*. The Mayor of -V?io York and others. So 2. Jam't II. Taylor and Oiixrn TT. Drcnnin tl. The Mayer and Commonalty of S'tw York. So. 3. Tbcso wcro separate motions to set aside Judgment, U'-SHra. Noyes and McKeon appearing for the Comptroller; M<">?rs. Bronssn, Anderton and Dtaa for the Corporation; Tlatt and Edmonds for Taylor and Bronnan, aud Mr. Evarts for tho people. Th s morning tho Judge delivered a very long opinion in writing In this Important controversy, in which ho rec.teaaUthe facts and tho proceeding* beforo Judge Koosevelt, and the incidents of tbj trial before Judg.j Potter, and 11* argument* of conned before himself, and arrives at tbe following as conclusions of law:? The motions, said tho Judjt^can.' before mo in a twofoil Mp<ct. The Comptroller, tisdrr tho act of 18,10, moves to set s Ide the procoed rigs 'ip->n Hie allegations of supposed collusion in obta nlnur the judguieats Tito aauisel ft-r tho Corporation juijis in t!?o appllcaton on bchali of ttc city, and risk ' thai the motion bo g route J. The Judge concludes by saying ? I pon the question* at) to title and <lim:ig'8, I do not dcim ft t to express any ojunou at tbc prc?ent time. J Ac order muct bo entered d< -taring both *tIpu!M.on<* In the Crat a J.oo of tbc of l'Jih of .SentcmtMir, 1S>9, and of Oih of November, 130V, void, and directing tbuiu to bo Ml asid<>. 2. siting all proceeding* subsequent to the order of lb' lbib of t" br.iry, ISM, discontinuing tb? action at to the Corporation, to Tar a > reUt h to them. 3. Directing the or lor of Nf J*iuc] Foo-,< vc:t, oCllih of July, to be ^ tto ?ucok, excepting as to tbc receiver. 4. Directing the plainti"> to refund and pay oror to tbo Ma> r. \ J' rmin and Commonalty tho City of N .. I York tbo moneys reo-'.red by tli?m 1 r->m tli-> rcecirrr, under the order of 17lh November. l&M, ftl aamo manner as tho receiver *as d.recud to pay ibe same. 6. Tbe . rltol poesee*;* must al#> be art aside and th? poraew.oo of the jmd restored to ibe city, aa direct "ii by Judge Roo*e\elt. 6. If tho appeal Uxen by the piaxliT* the or Jer of Judge Roosevelt la rut MIU I rce H ? delcu<Unt m at atlpuiate to allow such appeal to stand, so that that r lor an be reviewed. 7. Tbe order w.U also d;ree? an rcv .nting bytbep'aint:"< of the n. meyi r- cw 1 ro a Hi i 1 s'.nso they hare had tfc' pt>*f ?ei n oofore Jjhn r. Hciman. I'sq .a re.eree appc.ntcd ll -r for, am tbe ani< it fi nd lo h.ive been ro rcor ?ed, afl?r ded. -tng tho expenses of col lectin, bo de)Kia.ted .n tbe Tru?. Onrpany, to abid>- the evet. of .he flrs: action, unlee.* tbe plaiuMi, within th.rtv days alter tho confirmation ol tbe r?p< rt,gire a bond with suwcient sur?t.c*. to be approve! of by a J'istioe of thie Court. on notice to t'.io Orporati in Cotioael to refund eiLI:'-r the nholo of suoh mon^y*, If tiny shall fall to rooo er iiidgrr. nt m the first actum, or a proportioi %1 amount f tliey ahall remoter leas than the recovory before Mr. JuxUce Potter in September lal!. Tbe costs x Utc first action on both aide* must abide tbe ?T?n'.. The ,U(lgir"r'? n the aeeon 1 sod third setions are ?et a* do with afl the proceeding* therein, subject to the order of refer c :.i>op |?> m?nt by tbo defec lants of all eoets thereto ?iw that order,>ad with i?a\o to the deha 'lants ) [ ply to vv to tbe crder of reference in those oases or for su h other order >n regard to tbe reference m th^y may deeTi aJv'*able. The plajitiQs may emend their complaint in either or a.!! nf 11.* <l< Lionfl. fcilt! B#??r nta j iw!? mm u ib'y rn.iy bo a Ivi*cd. Swm IVwut Tm^thk.?Mr Eddy, who hM be-n play eg a very ucoeraful engagement here, takea I* b i?tl lv n (III, playing ' Hamlet'' anJ O'Qallaghan in Oil I Ait f?g? ' Without doubt ib;? (Voritc artial frill bare a b :?rper boc??. Solar PimfouFVov^.-Mr. W. C. Border, Of ClifVoo, aaya that on Monday Ivt, Juno 2ft, at 5 10 P M., looal nwi tint*, two t r'ghl m'>rk (tuna were r.j.b>, both of them Vug unrgva !y brll'aut. bat the on* oa the north aide of ttoo mn >*\c Ming its companion n th'* particular. The two mock t-.Tia were situate on t . <> oppoei'e po'nti .if arotarh&lo of tto wnl 0taroeter I (about 4ft digreea), an<) their altitude waa the name ah that of the lun. 1 he halo <u not m|?rfort one. indeed, B it, h" ng Id three mni'nti, two of tbcm ooco' py .t'g the Delght orhond of the mock r:ne, ard the third bilog at (be nrtn l of thi circle. Tb'.e part comprobonl -'l about M or 00 degreea 4 wc. Touching ibia p-irt <n of th-' halo *.u? a? ^mrt.t < ( an -tb^r cirri.-- of a i niliar rad a, a wliole ".awu-r above tbc t:rat, the con! tr?'of whlh !att<-r circle w .ia on a vertical line p- < og thr ? ;?h tbc iun. About avim.lar >ogib of arc oi? Una ?e aJ circle wait rla'.bl*, u of tbe tipper a-gnv ut of the balo. Again. paaalRg through tbe omtre or the circle, of whlcb in * tact nat r>i w.ia a *egmco ., woj a hcftnt.ful re of a th.? ! circic, about *0 or 00 degree* jf lit c!rcLBif"ei?co he'ng Tivbla, of amaller rad ta. The co!or? of tha regmeot were fir B>or? viv?d than th lee of tbe oth ,very in ch re >>cmbllng Iheeo of .a ordinary ra nbow, a vivid r ? :ol ?r < *<>? ng tba chief dtflbrauit !a aW-t oor tain that tbe two '.aat i.amed aegm^nta of Crete* were ouncentr'c; tf *o, tbe centre waa not far from the folth (a alight calculation w. I ah'rw bow far). Mvn ng the dl *ine!er of th* halo to #<im| 4ft degrevg. An obaarrar bad barely t.oie to mak ? a note of th* above articular*, whar. there arjwnred (vt lea?t It m '.Ivo Br?t uinerr-d) ailachcd to U.o caock tun on the i :r'.h ai le a th.n'atream r white 1 tht, taper ng to a point at tbo extrosity fur.b?at from tho tnrvk no. and own ling two orthrea legreon from it, on ita northern tide. It increated In >aagth rapidly whife I waa ohaerv'ng it, it* poaDon being nearly parallel to tbe horiajn, but <Tir?p!of abmt me d?-ft re at tbe V.woat point. Th * may bavo been a portion of a 'arge circle, the o*?lr* of wbi-b waa aear the *en th At 6 30 r M tbia ttream of light h^ extended beyond the S. F. a. ninth. There reniaina yn o?e other > %rX t) notice On tb t !l?e of light, 'inmtrtabably no? I neetrd w lb tbe northern mock ua, wae another verr i 'aiat Mocfe mn. aoar the 4. C azinutb. Th> whole alfair waa of ao trase ?ct a -haraefr, not Uk ag more than ten a'.antm er to, that't would Ure been jaw .ae to at tempt to oall !t> tbe aid -f natnirente n mak ag the oV acrvat o^ aaa n.* of tb* ronet mpcrtant fappearanoaa ?cnM tflfn pmfabfy Uvf haen iraae-i ?irvtrt (?v) it** Am ? I tbe residence of Mr. Undanraod, who waa drtvaa awl af Virginia la lUti for atteodlag tha NUkmI OaamiM that nominated Fremont. Ha <ni a delegate to CfeMafo, and, It la said, la sutalMd to bla oouraa at huwa by about three hundred men. It to reported hsea that the mob is bonded >>y tbo captain of a Military oaaa? puny, who boa resigne I his ofllce, and that Qeoaral Batton consented to let them hare arms. Tbe republics** of Uocaquan beld a mcet>og un Monday night, and nasolved to fortify an I defend their liberty pole and flag al all hazards. Thoy sent to Alexandria ant tb>a city tor ammunition, and notified Governor I*trher of ait ibo facta in the ease, and Intorm-d him If be did aot prntaat them they should do it themfeclrcd. He deapatrhad a messenger Wst night * tiling that theyshoild be pro tcuted, and ordered General Hat ton to call oat h.s cms maud, whereupon llatton reaignod. Sixty republicaaa swear to die before they surrender tb^ir liberty pole aal flag. The military of Alexandria are expect lag ordars to march to night to Occaquau. We have ao 0' wa from there of to day 's doings. Additional from Hailca. OlTt VKKA CHI'7, CORK 158 rONDKHC*. V una C?rs, July ?, IMP. JfecmUf for IntTvention?TV Sham fence Projxt Om. Comonforl?MLraMon't Trralmtnl of Urogtk L'dibnlim <tf the tlnirth in Vera Crue, <fc , <#c. Since my last letter we are without aay rery stlrriac Tent In connection with tbo politics of this coon try. The ministers of the central despotism purwue thair bloody work, ruthlessly ncr Dicing priKonera of war and all laterests whlcb do not comport witb their own, whilst aa tbe other baud the liberals continua to pursue tbeir aaaterly Inactivity. At the present progreaa tbla war ml(kt continue for ono hundred years without any vary decided success on either side, and there would still be inhabitants and freah victims In the country ?somewhere. Humanity cries aloud for Intervention of soma aort from MS source or another. When shall wv Has itf It is uuderstood that an adoresa, signed by moat of Iks respectable resident of Mexico, aaktng Praaideat Juarez for a peace, reached this place to day. This la a sham getup by Munoz Lei*, head of tbe Miramon (Jabmat, to plam this government m a false position in tbo ayea of Um? world, knowing that Juares will reject such terms em they are l.kely to propose. It la a weak Invention, and will no more wiu tin: dodge tried on during tbe stego of last March. The game la manifestly to lain one of several points. 1st. To pretend to the rest or the world that tbe Miramon concern really wishes a peace, which is nut tbe truth, for war is their bread and butter. 3d. If peaoo must prevail in some shape or form, rehgloua liberty will not enter Into the programme. True, the church property might be secularized, but the raacala know I bey would have the upending of It, and that after selling moat of It, taining exclusive spiritual power?to set up a Moiwt, de dure ail Mica of the sacred property illegal, and so gel it back again. 31 At least, If tliey can delude our litUe old Indian l'reeideut into negotiation*, they will gain tune, and have until late in autumn to prepare for another at tempt upon thla city; as on earnest of which, U?e priontn of l'urt)la art manufacturing 1.600 boml>r.UcUs, an a pre seat to tbut "youngest ion of the church,'' the champ tou Miramon. By that time a Spanish and French fleet will have assembled here, under pretence of arranging Spanish claimi, but in fact to girc Miramon wore oIHcioul aid than he rtxtivcU from Admiral Marin a iU*le of au expedition. Well, admitting that all th* Tor^going may come t<-? pus, what will the i'u.ted states be prepared to do? Why, your correspondent opium that the said govern meut will do Jittt nothing, ai usual. Congress has eot th>' President in such* "ilx" that he ia powerlosa, and it in admitted oue government would hue no right to inter fere to prevent another from exacting nuymenl of money-, due or redrras for outrage.- penetrated upon ita citisend The question of the return of Comonfort ia agitated among the tuoderados of both pur ties; but bo ia better where he if. both for hia own and bis country's good. His arrival would be hut to add fuel to the Ore. From Guadalajira we know thai Miramon bas found lbs liberal way under <>ga/ou too many lor him, and given it up as a bail Jib. Meanwhile, poor I'raga has wounded, imd Is trented with great hardship by but t>i.u : I'praaaar, wiw nIM not only ton ehunge him, but allows hun nothing hut the rations of tho common soldier. Indeed, but for woll, be (Uraga) would have been shot, all mutilated though he was, and with* lull cOuKCiouam *s, too. on the part of tho littlo ass tsaio, that tbc niuu.i r wculd be immediately retaliated upu La Vega and all other prisoners in tin; poasee^ioi of tho liberals. Tli.s, inrhaps. Is abmt the only vutooux art. Well ha. ever done?at least, that hulory mentions. Sucli ia civil war. Yesterday tho "glorious Fourth" was celebrated in a becoming niunncr by the Amertcau cltizena hero?diplomatic, naval, consular and private. The American Minister gave a "feed." whlcb wan woll attended by hia coun trymen. by Mcxxaa uigu.taries, and by foreigners of all natioDalltiea. ILu he?!'h of the piase ia good. The I'nlted States men of war Savannah, Brooklyn, and storesblp .Ripply, are bere. Health of officer* and men good, rbal gallant, old tall. Captain Farragut.of the Brooklyn, haa been quite sick. but ia no* u|> and welt again. abnsrArt.u AttuifliB. M1HAM0N PT1LL AT QVADAI. AJARA --NO MOVKY ?t?H0rosKD tu WtM vkhy uopeicl? FALSI RCMOH*, ETC., ETC. The I'reyrtto. of Vera Cruz, July 11, publlahea the following letter from a correspondent At ti.e capital, daUxJ the 7th Infl., which we translate:? Plnce yealerdny it 1* reported that Cactlllo evacuated! Guadalajara on llie ?9lh. 1 do not koow whether or not it la certain but 1 ihouM tot wader, mnce you know I have always believed that the question would be aelUed In Mexico city, wliere the rea< tion h ui m at renourcna; and the dlllgeo<e ? !U> which they work to fortify II lit another motive f..r cnlertni'iing this Idea. 1 auproae you are aware of the arrert of Bixbop R?p! aoaa. It may fum lab mme money. Tin* gvverouM'tit is in great diet roe* for money, and in aeialng the gooda ot thofc who Are In arrear la the forced contributions. Tt bia ilore ao already wltb ?< veral foreign kMm The peace projet t ha* lx<n lindly roceivod by th<? nltfl* conservative!. The Oiario rt* A mot la diaguated with the aignerr. In reality it a jrmnum iamienlo of the mvdrradni, tolerated by th-' other aide h'?re, iinoe I know ii wm mMic w.m UK Kti 'Wlrdge f Corona arvl Munox I*do. It appeara certain I hat Ulramon proposed an arirlMloe of tbrc or fo .r ni"otU? to I>eg<>ll*do, and that the latU r hai coi.nulled lh' go veiumwit Iti relation thereto. Il-Te pnhllc opinion to <tf>p"?c<l to It, on the ground that the itruggle would agaiu extend lu proport i ma *b>>o It to on tLo tr? of b?ing tf*l. It to aaaerod to-diny tliat thoac two gentlemen will hare further <-?rr"*(B> In ahort, c^nwrvatjm to In a bad way, ao>l already appeals to I ho old extravagances of a panliti flwt and huropoan mtcw ntion The/ nay that Amocto baa written the a*n.r?tie" that thai matter wai 4-ilnilel/ arruigf-<i. If It *h< - ild not be Torlttcd, It wlU not b? for want of wiah ? an th ;*rt of th< * traitor*, ?1noe they do all th< y can to make II aucoacd, and have tho aharoc kwaneae to aay so ojh oly. I row another letter from ihc capital %e U*e tb? following? Although wo bar" nothing official a* yet, It m known that < V?*r>n ?inv<d ?n the OTUi at the galea of Guadalajara with bto 11,000 men ar?l hi pltc n. Caatilio has 4.000 ajul amne mid men in tlx- town, and 30 piece*. At that <lat? <'i8ih) Marabe.ia (Muamou) waa In I/igna with 1.300 ro<n and 10 piecea of arllllery. On the following da; 1 000 men, with soni" artuh-ry, w?r? im-orporaWil under the command of Afari General Carvsyal waa at P'tijon with part of hi* fr>rees, and Goniaiet ortega'e fori e of 3.000 men and 12 cannon must have joined him. It to provable tiiat thto dirt*ion m?y attack Marabeua, thn i aiding the forces op. rating <>n Ouadal^am. The osca*'on to opportune, and Uk p.wbabilitiss of a U.umpb are eery gn at from San I.nis two brigades may art oat at any mom nt, which, in combination with Oiom of Morilta, ruebllt?, Ac., will occupy B*jk? It la three dave elnre there ha- been any correspond- nee with lagoa. It to atnounoed that the dillgene* wlU not run b?ond lYgueroe. P<-hape it waa through thto that as much new*, nrCaro'abls to Mlramon, waa circulated. The IHorin </* tniaw, of the capital, pnbllahod the fol low it g on the aainc day that the relrrnt of Miramon from feyulawits officially announced:?''By a letter written from Morella, dated the 2*1, a trustworthy person asaurea that on the Idtb <?enerai If.ramon opened Ore ott the ftrcre i nder (igaron, who were fortifle4'm Um aid* oC Grrat ZapotUn, and that >>a the 19th that ohtof waa oomr ?r ly ro' lr.1 j. av t g tj 10 ot artillery and all hH other train* id the hand* of hi* Maallancy Um Pr?atd??t, uw^th'T with a Btiltitud* of pr'?oo?>T?, and tka dead an<i wounded who remained oti tlx Held." K: rmyrwn of the Tlh tern that whi> MImmen was la !*>yula ho tm;-" * -! a forced I ?n of ten tbowaand dollar* on Hip tyaalth bo*i?e ? f Arch and fHtlerraa. and, la orlirf Ui raw pel parment, Iropr ?on*d the cWta, who. however, eacaped. The aoldler* eaterrd tba hoaae, aa<t took everything that waa of any ralae carrying Ihoon off to Ibelr t*rrark(, lodging*, Ac, or aclllng them babied! Uio renter to aay wh" would boy. fWy took from ottaT hoaae* la tbe place anything tbay wanted, am4 Ifiramon hlmaclf took a fcney to * c*rr.age. wklck ne a* obco appropriated. When reminded thai Um goTeramaal U her Mr-vt Oatbollc Ma^caty wool 1 bold him rupwalMa for aurh treatment of ffraalah wbjuctt, ha renltod, ttat *lnee foreign minietera did not recogaiae him, W did Ml rcoogala* any fcireigaera Juarr*'* government haa decreed a deonrktiaa to alt, whether regular* or TolnnUera, who took part la Mm deftaoeof Vera On* hut Karoh. It ?to be a alar, wtl* a mtokle taarr ption in the o?wtre Ikoga for omoavw aiw to ka made ri gotd, white roMten and o'.h-ra era to hart tOrw.

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