Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1860 Page 2
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2 ' MANIFESTO OF WW LLOYD GARRISON The Pendant t%keitt'? Southern View. NO UNION WITH SLAVEHOLDERS " Down with this Blareboldiaf OorinimMt" A NORTHERN REPUBLIC DEMANDED Ac., Ac. Ac AM SLAVERY CKI.RBIUTION* AT KIT A M V HAM. [Krom Ihe Ho-uon l.;tx r?l *r, Jul) 'JO At a i|'. irter bf1 :1 ' satbertsi mound Uie?Ui ?, iui ! Hi > u ' - 1 , order by the Preside. i Alter ?(.< -i "* f **<".* prlite hyint, Mr. Uiimnnii uwk the p.aif?nii wJ ?t"*? us follows:? gi'KKCM OF W 11*1*1 AM 1.1-OVI' c.lNHI'iiV, Mr i'krmkkxt?i fully ajrf- ?ii? at} f'1 1 '. senator WTllsO'J, the anil slavery cauae I* '"ISWrl a?4 ?? ward, Mill that, either itir? *?*' 'l1'' i**rt>i?a 'if uvir l*^ partus dii* i'\ icttu^;, 11 * bound l" triwu j?U -it I mi V ,?r one, I would D?t on any < "iui ' ? "ti<?it-?i lojuatic.-. Intentionally, toany man r bod} of men, loan, party or seel in the lai "l ball gaiu >?>U?t i?. assuredly. o. detraction; and ?re Uau better irrou the aiJe of chtrilt than of iatolerawje. Hence, in ail th?> plttaea wui li <> ir etriipK'? h"* assumed?tud they have ixx n tnuliitudinous? I have endeavored t give ev.ry m m bit due.every j ^rty lis ituc, aud if 1 have failed in ??> so I u i truly ailirm that it lias Heeii a matter of mini ii.'ia nt a id not of design NuW, tn regard to the republican |>nriy ?>ur triend (Senator Wilson) truly kaid it la uot an anti Slavery (tarty. II' it is tint an anti sUi'iTj ptrt) vn?| is It? The republican party no more lilt -tits ine 1 die with slavery south of 'Jason and I >i sou's line, or to aim at the e mane 1 pat iou of tLi'???> ih>? li : l in bondage, than It Inter.!* to seek, ni-eeily, I'm over throw o' the British monarchy. My ch.i-*'- i Hirwt the republican party is not that, amongst i<? ovm ? (-*, there are tU'l nany warm anti-ilnmry hearft?I In ?? thu there art very many, nur that the flirty i.< n (, after all the remit of cur mora/ agitatton?I uctrjif?' a.' ?<? 1, im/ierfetj as it as. but, ut the <*tim tun , our province i. >i to stop with compromises or cmnpromis-rs. U-ir obyct is the aiiolitlon of slavery throughout the land, at. I whether, in the prosecution of our oti- -ci this party u > * up or the other party ijoes down, it is nothing to us Wo cannot alter our course one bur's breadth, i.ur accept a compromise of our principle* for the h-arty a topli in of tbi* principles themselves. Our tinsaU.ii is to regenerate public opinion We are not corn-erne 1 for ttio |.>*v.*s and fishes of oMIi ". We are uot seek inn the elevation of any particular ntvi, n >r the uouetu* of auy particular party We ate lor the hornet. farless, impartial proclamntion or God's everlasting truth, and applying that troth to the consciences "t ni>-n, to parties and Sects, to constitutions and laws ns re hit thorn ? never yi-ldini; one j- .t or tittle, tbongU g'a I to oh? -rve tli.; siijjiilest sign of progre?% is any direetl' n Of course I do uot compare the republican party witii the detu cratic party. 1 Co not beli-ve that it i? ui >re d infcrou" to the anii-slavery cause tbau the democratio party. I believe the democratic pirty represents everything of hostility to fr? ev< riWhere, and that, as a party, it is the Incarnation of th.- Southern slave oli*r?rjhruled by it anti coutrolli-d by tt absolutely. Tli-rup iOlican arty diflers frrru tin democratic iu tins reap.wt: J7 i? i no tie up lar<pli/ of ih".s who art, in ire or btf, the iriet ill if the* irntt startry raute; irho e'mlrihiite more or ten literally, tn va'ry i n the gent ai a iitutiim u'H i, wiH all their tknuhty an I inc *ui>tency, aet mure or leu thilt twneth it] rtia'j I done nt l> t*t i x',*n tk rrn ffrta of slarrry, \t /,o! for its dirrct ai >litu/n: ujO to tliU eitvui tin' pui ly lias always obltiaM Justice At tnv lia:n.-. My friend, Senator Wi'min, ha.? never wade a speech in Congress, looking in fir directum, tmt I have not It'll cratiflt (1, and been wiHs?k iwird to li m due ere lit: la.') ?i with every other prominent member of the reptibh call party; but when he or any other man stands ii|n>u this platform or elsewhere, anil imuniett that we oh >11 do the t>est serv'oe to the cause of the slave by grounding our urms, beating a retreat from the position which we no* occu| \ and going over to the republican party as the hope of the c >untry, I, f.>r one, thiuk he in laboring under a fatal delusion ol mind, and rtnnol accept the proposition lor one moment T6e republican party m.'aus to do nothing?can do nothing?for the alnilition of slavery in the slave ?tat"e. Po not be deceived by the earnest tit terance of glowing rhetorical phrases. tVlial <toe? the republican party propose to dof To prevent, if it can. the extension of slavery into the Territories. H*re is one of its resolutions adopted at Chicago:? Keiolred That the norm il condition of a'l th< tern I or r of the l nlted StUea if that of freelom; and that, us our republlcan Un^ra, whet they had abo lahed s'avery ?u all our na liooal territory, ordained th .1 no cit'fn should be deprived of life, lil- rty or prtyrrtv wlihnnt Qua processor law, It '?eoiun?f our duly, b) leaiahuluu. whenever ettch legislation t* mwi nary, t" main'alii ih? yrovuioii* of the constitution *2?ln?t all I nto-iupl* <o violate It, and we deny the au: tint ilv o* Coigt Mas, 1 of a lei rilorial legislature, or of any Individual*, to five legal ' riistence In slavery in nOj Tan It ur J of the United SlaWa Now this il clear, explicit and abovt^board; and, so far aa slavery is couuerued within the Te-ritorics, seems to be uncomprising. It denies the right of anybody of t&( ii to make slaves or to enforce slavery tn ttie fcrrlto- i riee; when us the democratic party, under the lealerahip I ' of Stephen A. 1 Mug lax, atllrms the right of the people of any lerritory to determine lor themselves, by a majority | vi i whethtr tiny will have slaves or not and squill, j under Me leadership of Mr. Breckinridge, cf the other wing o the party, maintain* that, coiKtituuoui ly, any , laveholder has a light to bolu Ills Mates in any Territory of the I'usm, agt Inst the vera let of its inhabitants, and In d< Uince of My law of Congress to the contrary I'pon the non extension is ue let tuc republican |?art) liavo all due credit, for it Hands pledged before tue world to see to it. If It has fie government*! pjwer, tint In the Ttrntorica never sbul. a single slave be held iu bondage. | I reaiiily admit this, and I bail tt as au evi tenoe of tne { cr<>w th of our goal cause throughout Hie free States, j Never thall I have any tiling I t ; tr :i?ail>-<t hii anil lavwT BuTtmrnt,* in any e*t?ui wlnlaoevr.Hut there u< iMHlirr a?p<-ct of tin* <jue*li m. How e tan da the republican |Mtly uu'ler the const.lull.m of Hit* ?l ted Main? I*?<>- il b"id iiuy dlilorent doctrine. essentially, froa. the democratic patty in regard to th. old I puulirfry coiupronn.??! So Sly friend, Mr. Wilaon, will not deny that, by the I'tlM Milfi oou'tituttno, the Iflvibok* nofiw >n ill hav- a rt^clil t<> a three Ifihj rrpr. ni utn ii of llfir f.?vf (ifi |*rly, ind lh>* republican p.ity do< i> not mrun to .uterfere mlib reprenealAtiun. 11 aillkMilnyUut the republican parly to lha rendition of fugitive '.a*.,!'. eerutuly U ha^ ?i>iaed every ipjn e\en a> agi?lo*l the MCuraed fugitive tfMVe law of ld.'pO When that law ?at 1 by i - . :r? *, Ui repib liraiif solemnly pledged ihcm-elve* lUat lh?y would ue\ rr (t ii agitating until .t waj *Iped out, but now they do cot ttwi , ev?n a* imit'y a* a n phlitigale. They have n iw notion^ to m> ngain*t hat law, not are doing not'ilng to prvnilit* imecutii* in any ??f tin- !>l!?te* So lUal. m tl. ?l particular. it land* iWc ay *lde with th" dcm h'.r.itic City. Again, I aiu i.oi aware to it the r.pnUltona patty mC denied. or that iny friend Mr. WiImu de tjn-a, that, Ui ca*e uf any emergency ou the |>.tr! ol Dm* ?iaveholdei> by the rwiug ol their niavet to get tk' ir freedom through bUaat, tlie g uer.i! guverun. nt u txu;d, bring called ti|>oii f.?r aiJ. to put down tbe In*nrK>iit n*\e?, either into their r turns or into bloody r'ari r Th.*e thing* belli? ao, I charge up-<u t!l repnb i< m party. thai while it i* doio.- aumi thiiif. a* noil it tt.-ij ;>re? lit th.' ol . ?v. ly i:i I he ft rrito n i.'. er ti?-- O'Siftii t t . ti. r> c ?r-l I ? .tv * hero it ex.. it givi* the (All I. at mnctioa and ?upp >rt of th ? ahuii nation t<> tlio ** -iem. it { re* ail lb.* mi.itary and tutu, jowrr to th<- law holder* and Kavedrlver* of tie N>?lh. and that that power rati be munmonivl at any tn . wIo n It i* needed I.j tlie rn-*td. t.t ut the 1'nttcd M*n>, i?i tbs |?er n of Abraham Lincoln. or any otVr repr<i?rlatlve of th. rrptib nan party. Now, the nue* ti"u ei.ip. b<>i?e to tne, u* an lioutwt, uprlglit m ?n and rlatni'CK lo "n meniccr th <ae n> bond* a< noun.! with thcin.' ran I h. ?ri h up I the pi 1*, and tute to *u*l.?ln a rt#*titatMm ci iiU: Jini( mm i mproail*-*. aud liejurtl Orfl ou the pi a II at 1 am aimli i; to p<?r?ut the e*leu*i.?n of pjai very ryitoul ?hn ittuini st ?t -* of the t'al in. I Bar. uxtiml'oua'.'y upli 'luioi In ". 'k |<oa: '>iapli<ha |<4<1 ohji-ct, mi; 1 <Jo a *ed wf \Uy I adopt the JeMllaa. Botto,thai "the end rauCtiOe* tfti taenu tud f <ff 'i x i r t ' < !.;- iia>- with am * ral turn out Ix-tler than relu- i.|t !< riu at all. 1*1 (i it , t>rA u? eil in rv. ry rtnergrmry tu l Um ri*ht a ttiered to; acff th' Kb tl?' devil may o mo lu ? ie >i p tmo'ile *?rl> a? aiip?t to dror va the very eltvl.aud My, t'uljr *?t donu a little 'in your kn i. and all tuo kmiidotn* of ta# earth alia!! be y !?ur?I am houn i ;o exclaim, with Ctir*?t Uf* Hellty, "Orl tbei^bt-uiud m -, .Satiu a id trutttoiiod for lUe rent (l/tu i appia *> ) II .w r?n I be ac ?atl alavery^iuD. and tr . I *'iuda*.. ati l but.i ?'] my hand and ?w. ar thai in no pkrl of the I'niti-d Hate* klrnil auy ta- r (.igiliTe aUi- i|-i.i pr l^ ti n *<?iu?l bie fmnnier** l*.t ev> ry man ? j n . . m r.-puh'iean party, *nd (ive* hu ? -t - f r th h iitlKU randl late. umea that drea. fill oath I* be| .iil1ol In doing Mix o* nay | releoce ahatevi r" Not II I ii!'-te -Ivel tlie naturo Of moral 0 bad I en i-e, or the *<iprem nv cf_i- -K.-letwe ,n alt CAee* againat legal rty ;?lirv and or n.V i .pilty. Tie rri'iihlNan pa't) itu'* on a w;tti the Fv Mave law It hw r I ?;i oppn lilka to It; and bavtng dooe ttnt. of ?H>ur*e. to that ettent It I* awrully guilty Ail *hail I tote tl?e men *bi buy and * ' aril n-'*l tfie.r fell>* rreaturee -nail b*ve |vlitK*.n p"v?r , t Int.* ia -ir han In prw?rtii? to the etter.t cd tb( r ta a -I tae n im be* of vK timt lb-y may piano.- and ?1< roii u .tt- Mall I do thi* for any cnwelvnble puri ^e , r? %*,, j f r??uM ~-em to ilbTt any da*lrabl? r. i *y >ir*t dolag a rrtatlnal art, I afeoald ** myaelf i .-|-d? froia *o act 4Wr<|V'l N? <r , a wor.l in r.^jri vh'r^c.irn liitroto, lb* I*r?tt4mtlal fno'U i?Ur of I . r<-. >i| :aa par Iy Owr friMHl Mtd ttm'.ri \no jrtr* ?? Mr. t,>nc >ln tbirrtdnc**! IBM lb* MvuM <rt *.-prr?"n*v < ? otll i?r tb? ?b?<ni mi of I < 7 an i l'i n!?. - tra i- m th?l ()i? Uvt. tboofh, to br aon*. h? di I. Jl i.i> tin<?, pro ? fiifiiiTr iilnv bill f.-r lint i l m c >m pttil*4 <tf n?f vlnqurtit f<U>u t, M' ! > ! {(*', tti. h? rtlt ? < wll tb? mb v atnrjr i prcOTdl* t fit t m" h>'i<u? *4 ?m kix-? Utat Mr Uao"n !... I ro?4* ??< j?r..,r whips tor Ibr ?k?IHcn? 'A ? k.i I Mmv ?r.?i?* in th? I Hi Itki W fc? 4)4 %lr it r.-i ItJ'rt I irouM Mfe.tM* AbrUiaa l. ucin in ' ?. prot?*? i'? ? >,?) I IM ? atarar? la tbr l?.?irk r ' t.i? ??j| f?? M ? ?* (*? r?Trt? Mr ? ?? M lb* Ijr, im,'. inn dbolttta* af aiararf IB Vh |>f.trtot of I t? n *' (,*t r^j > I binrw Hut t 1 - ? : t it 1 ... .ft m )?ru?*,. ?4> V?l? witfc rnm-mj ah? ? IT n<iar rx ,??. mt dafuln II fM MtMtnt ?>U| . Mtl nr t!>o ?t> ?? ami ?r bat*** r * 't>m*?t Ti.t u n .1 ih* p?rtf ** 'It ma? b? i >r *"ii r am fnr Ml ?* ' > WTJ *??-#?<i/'j ?. *, ;*/ , { ;,y djti - m ?atf *! <f l*+i m ?> U f J1 ft ?- oaf n/ WH ! m vr4r* U 'f~< tti (l?Mbi a,) i au? ) flu part? that iftrrtON I b>t il < ??, i? i. t It lb*?? aa4 |r?? an<1 apr*a < ?. it will if it h l?i ?! ?a<>, M tb? p?nf tm ib# It m?r Ml b? in %n ?.? ?rt? < M m *?<b ? prt;, but M I* au l?a I Uiat I tsu H Ijvch M 4b4 w?1 M | i* W a-/ r mt?:iait?v *'i.ilanrrar J lawtoUff wtn b? "r i'p*-^ra?*4 i towsr* " rr? wmmi ?nr* (te.AdMmf r%nen wh ?A" as-?ai*at p ? wot iv( (Am >' c***n<mt v itA d">'* mm* frnmmt yik k*U" la mmntlW L* there b .Vim !> ! rrmnUu ami ?Ae P""'" 1 e0 il|i?n mil wtwIiiiV) JMo* (V""!* ii i? a?) Ii / M Uk 'iiM Iv dutulm l*M M"?i Saiaii I'm, a wr* af pi'ai?'?*( infwrtsnM j HrfklnaM. )<u |u) f i in ud Irf it 11 >oj Will, > OJ miy Unm ay f*u cafs ? Ikw of it aa yoi may, yet you j wiu tea, k ym jtrr u> be ?h i; ar? h?)si and if jo w UMM y ?u aff A CW?M vMttsaua.sad it1 * rktu b.?ii a?u at !? .-?, )<w Coioa Is < ? a mrk>rr a?.i ao H,r* ' m>' "load, "?n 'j a a?? a4? h<a<iu -i? -mmmmmfm * ?>? r v /.? ' ' giurien to il; v .T gf lb, t bai l er, aaU doaa out object aa I ?k> U La* >< it ?a? urar his h ad, throws up hut m h,oalf i< is# ?h>ihx? i'bmis," and burns tnoaass >.M lU ail*/ aeJ ye? ae llwW Ittat Ul tha tlaTO SlaU?l b, Im ?a awr* Hearty # apaoch th?u the pUntatioa | ator* ?*' Padlock oa kis lipi, ik .11* N IV u> baa to that itramitjr, iui.i knows that ha kmx bare any liberty ta on*naif of the Ouloa i b L? ? ao (<*d sf ntulliaf. but will nevertheless ,. r.i?i m crying, ' urmt is IXanaof the Rphi?isus!" tie o.arty miainatrS for u? e l mm Ailed wilh uaui' ?ut'? mi arbat bi make of il A I'moo lhat aut a u?w sss to apeak my free thought* u a L'nim '* < I in td tadamly <f?sm4i* and dearny No ef trmrfaas a <yA4 la Hp*old it. An . for Mr l.uK'ta. be d?>*s not, I repeat, now go ' r tbr aboiniue of tlarery in the Ihatnut of Columbia, an Im> 4M rWecs y>-ar? at- I nay thtx, lx<C(ius<> be has baa* 4aab srsr siasa. and do aflbrt m mai^og bi tbr rv l>ubiii as |airi) to |>urg>- thai I>tatrict I'owr thes? cirCMBSlSMM, H WM l> If J-I to Mr l.iurola, on III' part tin* (Kl-ihlt Mr I. M 'i Mpni til ill I't'.on of I "lavrry ia the I?i-t-i. t, wth th<- rou-?nt of the ?Uvoat ili.* li?' tu- |iro|?-?iti'iii for Hie mn|>ti>ia of t<ifit \' > a'Hiin th? limits. Now, ts a man. *!i in ? ?!* I ?(!! !/ lu fa*nr of providing fur Uip s<-lzur? aad m4ittni of fu(iliv<> alsras iu tin- Dblin t of ("l .n ^ia an ; In tin im it lireaUl ta fcr tiiu ati ilitiou of i 4\ >ry. w itb tli<* ? ??< ui of th<' ruaUrer* lathe nam.' Ihatri t?<? k * ! a ii in vorthy of naiil l -uri' and *u,> |?rt * Nubs aaa abail irvor haw in> vote, "iiln-r to mTupjr lb?> l"r>- i ti*niial t tiair or any othi-r otU :ia( atatu n Mv frni u, m. b.-.t *-rv:.v i> tli roifiitry, I- ratnw w Iore, to lh'?rt who arc lu b iu<laff<*. i.- to i. nr. : wiiii '?ir principle* " I?et l!i<* liry III' !. :?!'" |l - i?lln aod repudiate the ?lil < ni)?r<>iiii? i, m l ii' -late tii.ii you ran uo longer by tlx III lift III- f it North be , ind. in r.i Hii*. ?' al.all do tin- w>rk of launeduut ami tlioriugh ?I>.I>IK*. Our c> mpronuaea keep lite klavtf ia ll'i'ir I IwiM It to because *f (rr Content with aomo til:f'K b. aides lwx< r j?i?l?c?* tin- millliUH ire h id In hom age It I 'kit I- 41- l?l-- In cInnate btw.-eu t vo (' irrupt aiKl I n. Nerving partus, one Im-iiik a great ileal wi -lb tin uthipr; but 1 hull it lu Im uun.iuii't iu moral | liili*"|'liy. If wi have a radical .Mrtnctple, weoUKlitU) urn ii by it,ci>ti<f whit may . anJ, In standing by ii, *? ( ! ?, i! i liclU r thai, we ran by :?ny coinormnisv tli'-ro if lull uoe by ruy uif, mat whtto I will |iv? III ililii i mill to tin- republican puiy f ir attempting t prevent Hie j tftenco of slavery iu the Territ<>ri?i, 1 charge uimn ttut j party tli t it i? witling t.i ium4 by * oonatitulinu satura trd Willi tin- blood of the niuji<iiia in *oti lige, in I liut it propones no rliange lu the action of the government in that particular; anil therefor* by givmc, through ounati tutional guaranties, the whole power of lb" government tn tin- wrvu ! ii ' Hi.' Maveb MmI| i|ta u*i lli >r xl iv a, in time* <>| exigency, that party i? p?r|teta?iiug buiuui bouilugt- ou the Aiuei .can still. (Applau.- ) Horrible J*lai-?ler In M hagulltokr, H. Y.? A llrldr uf a Wick Mariitrid by Hit HukkMli [from thi> Trii* Timet, July i!4 | Wo ban- tin- parti jars uf one of tint ni*I inbumin Hd Mikmh luNiri, vkick twvnl la?t night ia III tnwn ol Scbatfbtiake, hi mi* monty. which u ha." ev?r Ih i n our province to rivorj. lu<> awlul details of the allmr, alui< at U*>shocking to relate, ar< as follow* ? A in an tamed Tin ui.w- Wbaloti, an Ii iah far.n laborer, about fifty yearn, i sidt 1 neai Slill?*ter Bridge, la the lo? n ol S li. |tbl coke. H<* h 11 lived wita an Irish servant girl named i 'atliirtne (Jonserly, aged a?m > thirty yours. sn ci April iaat up to two ir tire" week* itc , the t?n cohabiting an mau ami a ifc. The 'a ,?e of their separation, it s< cut*, waf a il.arKo Wh.ileu thut th<* w < man bail b?eu gui ty of uu ? I wl.i'.S u"t!iui< b it beiudly J-alousy cmld ha.u cigg -? >1. Hut a reconciliation Miuw d, ami, at an atouemeut for tlie wri'iig ?'or.e tbfl |xior woiuui, a marriage wu pro|OMd, and tin' n'.(*tu?iulM ? >rc c mini m Tai'vl uu Th ratiay evening of i.t. I *.ik But for a ?m" unet plaim d ri'iiruu lli j .'irti.a <11 i b it aMiim<' Uie relatiiNM of man ainl wite un'u UKt cvi n.g, un-n Wnalmwiut to Hay with lua wife at Peter Wi-t il'l, whoie she eraployed, ainl wbeii' the mtrder w i* |M>rpetrat?d. The two retired t? tin ir rn ni, au<' abm.i .me o'cloek t lis morning thciaimly w.-ri- a nuim by hiNDii and cri a uf murder by W tiiiliii K wirK. It ap|iearf th?t thi brute of a bugbai.d again quarrellxl with tbo ntiio, charging her with the unuati.ral rime which fbe deuie.l, he uutistirg and di clarii g thut .-he wat g; ll'y. I'.r.illy, in bis domnnlar rage, he < i>lnirrd a ktme and dv.ioerateiy ripped o|ien uie unmanV boweU! Ou to th room the litntilv in In 1-1 h n. 'i nh.i.'kir** t.i l ...rikl* ahi bed w ? ?alurat< d wiih biisxi, the woduo was in the roopt awful nfiny, th<- ulo^rt |*?uring from ber body In a and What* n wlib his hair's an t arm-1 drip picp with Lis wife's blood, alill manifesting hi* j denl rage had wrtmked the vengeance of unfounded je?lou*y In the butcliorv of his ' innocent wife' I'hysicinni were sent for, and pronounced the injurs* fatal. Hie prisoner wa* soon :ir- ^ rested by ofheer Uuttor He waa taken before Juki loo Butts at :m early hour thlc morning and fully committed lie In now ii our Jail. Coroner* Burton and Madden have been sent for to bold an inquest. We leain that What en lot* been an industrloiis, sober man. but he muat be a person of terrible and murderous pultons. Wlialen's right hand ws* covered with the blood of hla wile oo hie arrival at the Jail here. He talked ah ml tbe ss though he .-hould be juatitled in the act. IIs M}n be was married by the Koman CatboNr prieat at t-chsghticokc. and last night waa tne Urst time he had slept with lua wife since the ceremony hi 1 be-n per formed. He ways he married her against hla will; tbal she followed hun from place to place, and it wan only | 1 r MnaiM im|M>rtumtle? that he conaeuted to be united to her Whalcn wa* a widower. having two children by bia tlrat wife. The unfortunate woman is said I) have Imi-u quite interesting in sppcaranc?. We karu tlii? aluruuon that the woman ui dead. A Methodist Minister Arrested far aa At* 1 tempt to Pel*ea. fFrwn the Chicago lkrslj, July 33 ] The Cf-ualiy quiet town of iHindee, Kaae county, III., 1 we learn, is considerably etc i ted over a Cane of m >re than 1 ordinary interest. Truman Woodruff, formerly a Me ho dial preacher, but who waa a couple of years or to turned 1 out of church lor grow- immorality, and who luut iiuco been e niaected with a slander case In connection with which be received a minted chastisement, Iris boen charged b> K W. Austin with a 0 HfifMlf against Ins life. The iact* thus far developed are of a curious cliarac ler. Wiut.rull about four month* ago went to b >a d at Austin's b< u?e; before, however, he ni l boarded th fc a Kicat wan. In omsequen.-e of mm? allege I im proj rletKS of c itiducl, iu\ ited by Mr. Austin to change hi* lodgli u* About this time Mr. Autt n wax ac3lJ*nUl ly, It w.ia fupixnw'd, poutouel by swalioaing r?me strychnine wblcS lied been left in the pantry H - re covered, however, and Wtmdrafl returned, an I pre ten led to have received through a trance m slhin M-me information about a watch which Mr. Austin bad ),?!, and volnn'eere.l hi? services aa nurse wblib were accepted. Woodruff giving him all bis me.ll cine The family phynctan was turned on through his representation*. and An.-tin's Wfe Induced, through fear i f sickle?* to herself to allow him to take a >le clia-ge of llie |mi rt H ? con and the fWct that unler his tristnort Mr Austin was stuck I with spasiM. excited .<? s that all waa not right, and Woodruff wm p? rerpt.wtly order*-I to quit the b?'im Trance m-dn th w.-ei , : it .n w.e irr..?re.l tnat A'lit n ha I b?en pol inn wl Tho fvroi* r Wff applied .ami momin'Utile Wit ruff Wk Hoe tug him Irving to |?lli-1 /. " h ? wift An.-tin ag?tn or.I-rod him to l?avp wbieh h* refuw.i t.' do, all gtng *? a raMon t.vit be , AlMIii) wan <i?ry, sii t Mm Austin ?1| I not * t?h bin < ? S"> ?*a.r. Wiolru.I ? *? Anally driven out of tha bouf I' it hung ali .t ait day anil ?le|.t at night in th barn In the m ruing a I -tl*r. to htn !tao Itri ilinf. a l tlreeaod t<i Mr* wan r'.mud on b<*r bedroon II wf by hi r ?tei> taughU-r 'l ' etftiletiUy b >*n atlp v l through Hip w'ndow dnring tin nicht ti illll Mtrr ?MtK4 n 1 VIr* vuotin aa ' l>car ?j?iit'?a." Mta her h<- h?? "!m ni rUI confldrnnr" to 1 r uii I bar W>v? for hi.n. r-inlnd* J ber that tln'lr llvrn are in ? !? other'* binta. an t con ";n - her?--oh, k- i-p mia-' w th my loee f - Ihoe, and I * kfrp tlni.p ??fe ? ilit i> " !! li*r ''i.> jvr. j f\ p. don't falt'-r. lift: tn '? !?? 'bey will prpratl." *1- ad-rani lie li.i , j-am* to futbrn h*r. an I en ii< .r. Ira M i j. -tip, whirl* i? I -l .llf gjiUh"'* of punctu twi. r: l the an.vr- ol n , !i la ofton ij ntp obai-orp, u , f, >i k?rj> ? I Hi n.'irt thta trnr part to m-<et ?.?ia Oft more ta be : ii ) in t ?a:u in- ' ! -tr*t.'y mr pr-i nm* atrpugth wait ' it g ' n I m n?orP timii ) I ran be'p kpi-p jro ir utroiigth I and 1 iv" for tin I I *i k?p,> ?-. , for *!? ? S*p? by the " ? ,i. tl.. ...r, ti ? m i t vp hi a ?u I a< ni i ir t'.i ii5il? , 11 in? t?< ni" aiid I ? ill Ki'nl mi'< *'hr:i you Retire to b -d tli? a*in" tiy w l|i?|? i inK- ny nam* an I 1 wit do* th* inn nil n < ir t?> \ i tin" to ov and t will be true to thm i? I viL#t i -i-;!"... tin < ti liu? ." jour* for our i,T .I)ing love lor 'ioii..r by k?p|<iug < ir*pi\*p* from i? t,' .rt with i" r <>| |k?i . - x hi r>'nvcrMtt>iB U>-k*. ?Hi kro|i all yo'ir lotp |i r in and t will k-p.i all mv love for th" It I go to ,l'i I :? Viit "c I'lmt t?> Art?uc? Jud I At tl?. lb<r vfcltnr - Austin h if n nrncr-l a suit again*! WoodruR i t C' ti?i i u g to uk> ln? nfo. nr mun *mi riran ?nrn|(rrnaiin< f | Hr>?u i, J i y 16. l*i?0. | I T .'?> * t spvl ' r th- | .I- rt" rin' pri/v | , , , .m ?iv r r **.? c.,t f..r '>r t*.tro \ I. . *n-i m*m kj In* ^rtrm,i>( x>w Yorkcujr. It > will be rn'pd *1 iV ?r?n 1 b?n<jn??t to O^hl t;? Phi", wa.x r le< lr<l m lb-'pbtrc lor bo Id tag I Mm mm fti Mpril?t i Thr (; Ml I*m< IH< itallrnntl. ,, mm ("irr, .laly 2 V 1M0 ' Th? rverrvny if bw ?kiv* ih ground in ihi? rod of iti < ' ?Si b< Kil < lt'? > -t 1 inV in oitr mlumtl ht?>i ? n t i an m.r?t appro J : it?-ly 1 '?t< i ' < i' i : r -ill rt J In?. mid rp?- !.?( n, > ? miii" ii an-illi'i n ? ' rom* railr- ?I m-.i of ihr iv ?t . > it.n# Wiyir WVifto, J IVI l>n?i>h*n. Col l. M- rtvlor, IV??ni<>til of th? ' r .?.) I* l*r-? '-III V'" liovni ir R .b>rt?, ? rrfrtii>fT, " i " v 4itm<l*-1 th?i ' t. h b I" ?-? Ih" viui, ? : ,4 ? w!i 'in m re riiliiut " ?r ?h? |cr*?t wrfc. M . I J Thr RmtuM WrrKly R?"k *t?l"miitf, II >. Jul, .4. I- t TTir f "imiri; if* Ibr f ? t ?'f ' : bjnk oUtr n ,t i. r 4 ih-- post virk ? fc ftpiUi Kim k A L tonn* and dlam'int | 1 !prr r 6 .TV> VM j tl Immn t dnr frrw nlhrr b*rili? I ! ' < *n -Mint In nth'r bank' 11 ( ' ?0 % [Vpr*<U 1? TM 000 I IrciUiioQ T.wi.roo I NEW YORK HERALD, OUR COLLEQE8. COMMENCEMENT DAY AT YALE COLUDGB. otm nrm cuunroniwoi. timw Hiw, July ?, 1M9Tke CHwdt te City?Jmmenie Oatkerimf of tke Stu demtt' frvnd*?The Procestim to Centre Ckurck?TV Ormtimu of Ike Student* of tke Graduating Clam The Meeting if tke Alumni in tke Tent?TKe Dinner t* tke Alumni Hail, dc , dx To day u commencement day. The city ii crowded with strangers. The friends of the graduating claaa are in attendance in great number?. Each spnaker of the day has his pa and ma, brother or slatcra, and not a few their sweetheart*, with them, and it is gratifying to know that of ibis last and honored portion of the community they appear to be worthy member* in prospect, of the class of 1860. At hair past eight this morning the precession of graduate*, fellows and faculty formed in front of Old South ^ Middle, "Big Bug Hall," and, headed by Noll's orchestra, marched to the Centre church. At nine o'clock the church was well filled. After the opening piece of music, and prayer had been i ffered up by the President, the speaking began. I might characterize the audienoe by saying that the galleries , (without intention of punning) were of the feminine gender entirely, excepting the Dutch orchestra, and the bojy of the church entirely masculine, except a few ladies on the platform, in the centre of which were seate i the faculty and the Socli. Die following is the order of exercise*"for the morning:? 1, "Stradella." Overture. Orgui and orchestra.?Flotow. 2 I'rayer. 3 Salutatory Oration In I At ill, by William Wisner Mar tin, Woodbridge, N. J. 4 OiAtion, "The Self Restoring Principle in Christian Sternly," by Erastus Chittenden Heach, Barker, N. Y. 6 Oration, "Self Knnwle< gn as the Basis of True Phllo?otihy," by Henry Ward Camp, Hartford. fl Musie, "Introduction," from "Tampa."?Herold. 7. Oration, "Tlie Advantages of a K?preeent*tive over a l"ure Democracy," liy George Lou in Reers, Stratford. 8 Dissertation, "The Parting ot Washington with his Arm) and his Officers," by Frederick Henry Coltou, I/ingmeadow, Mass. Tins young geutieman was kindly received. Oration, "The Ijw of Houor," by Miaou Young,New York city. 10. Music, "March," from "The Prophet."?Meyerbeer (The I*rcHidenl announced that this speaker was unable t > |**iforni his l?rt ou account of illnetiS ) 11 Pi* in, "The Chanel on the Shore," by George Lynn Cktlilt, &t*t<n Uland, N Y. , 12 Oration, "Tamerlane," by Thomas Howell White, New Havi'O 1.1 Oration, "Popular Applause an Iniprotv?r Incentive 1 t > mu-lkctuaJ Ij?bor," by liobert Newton Willson, Clyde, N. Y. 14 Miicic, "Alir.aUs Tanz "?ijuiner. lft PiKiMTtatton, "William the Silent," by George W* l< rmau Arnold, Warwick, K. I. 1 ?i Oratum, "The Influence of AriMotle on the Chris lun World," by Oscu: Mortimer Carrier, Rico Creole, Mich 17 Dissertation, " H ivelock, the Christian Warrior," b\ Hi i.iy Elbert Barnes, Plan tsv ills. 1H Music, ' Miferere," from "Trovatore." Organ ar-i Odiestra.?Verdi. ID Oration. " The Colleges ami the Revolution," by Ili' iiy Lewi.1-'Hall, Guilford. (Ibis gentleman for soma rearon v> a* excused ) Vfl oratim, " ,<elt'g(mrtimfnt Naturally Distasteful," by I <-inu? 1 Tripp Willcox, Kairhaven, Mass il I tMertWion, " !>r. Thomas Arnold, the Christian Tr icber," by IVr.lo! IVnnlson, Westchester. T2 I'hik?opbieal Oration, ".Skepticism in its Relation to rhiloaophi," by James llonry .Schneider, Ainub, Jiyria. U3. Music, " Tannhuuscr." Organ and Orchestra? Winer. I 1 lie only objection that c.onM be made to these efforts Is I hat many of them partook too much of the learning of books. Krom the church the alumni marched to the tent in front ( f Alumui Hall, and, after spending sotnc time in talking over the pai<t and the pr<?pccU of the future, tlu-y entered the hull by clues.*, beginning with the oldest, to a v?ry interesting entertainment, each informing his own part with knife and fork and spoon. Nkw Hav*\, July 29, 1M0. Clout lleunimt?Freientalvm of the Silcrr Cup?Annual Meeting nf the Brother* in L'nity?Speechet try the Or? duate Mcmbtn?Oralum Before the rhi Beta Kappa So ciety by Judge Thomai?Awa-d of the Law School JYuef?Efftct of the Defeat at the Wore*tier /trgatuu? [ 1he IUU?A Curiam Memento of a Bygone CJl-ge \ Spree, rfc . rfc. There were Jolly timna last nigbt around the festive j boards. Several classes celebrated their reunions with bouuteous suptiers, where wit and wine flashed together, rhe class of 1857 presented the stiver cup to the "olaas boy." The sin of E. D. Esilette, of Grand Coteau, La., I was the lu:ky "little man." 8.0. Seymour presided." H. , C. 1'ratt, of itartford, presented the cup, in behalf of the class, with a neat and appropriate specch. In theabsoucfl of the father (the mother was present), Cyrus Northrop, of this city, received the cup for the "baby" with ooo o bin happiest spcccbea, anil in ttil* respect performed ths ofltcc or father In lie moil perfect manner. Ttiis class Is 1 one of Vale'* bfit, uad till tire o'clock thin morning the/ miu> merry over the "plau boy." Sino gra (nation Ihey 1 lout two of their number by di'.ah and twenty ooc by mar riage. One <>f the moat enthusiastic gatherings of the day waa held Ibis afternoon,at thrie o'clock, in the hall of the Bro ther* in I'mty. It was the usual annual meeting of the graduate mi mbcr* of that society, who oomo together bi kiielle anew that (lame of cntbu?iusm which used to ani- . male them while they were active members upon IU (lour*. T!.e h.i: 1 w.m crowded with men of distinction 0' m l lie various cliques, among whom we noticed Rev. j folin To Id, IV. Thorn (Hon, of Xew York, an I others. Her. , Mr., of Siutbin^ton, Connecticut, presided. Aftera i , . In. M;.ton II !i>. . ... . I IS.'i7, ? if ( out imi'i loud applause, and entertained the audienc* in a ; perch, Which, for genum- wit and aoul stirring elo qnotice, ha* per Imp* Sel.litn been equalled u|?-c uiy similar occasion .it Yale. He r? ferred briefly to the various merits of the rival (ocieties, to prow that Mounts was ; not mly not superior, but far interior to Ibe Br ithera in Unity. IH Thompson spoke eloquently of the benefit* be bad ' received while an active wmVr of the fraternity. I>r. T' i>p - iid the II, others' S.nifty hat been Instru- ! mental In forming a v.?-t amount jf character, and that in i it he bad enjnjel the most precious prtvil-ge* of hi* col- | lege course, rnc fhirust prayir he could otler hi its tohad' was rrto }?ryrtwj Cyrus Northrop, another star of 'M, t >ok the floor 1 amid mix h cheering, and spok" of the rapid growth of j intellect and true manhood which a man w mid acquire by taking a tanhful and active part In the oriety's ?MT- | elm. Ilia ready a d convincing sprech wu iu elf a suf fl< I', r.t Illustration o* his remarks. A number i-f others ociupl'd the floor In the course of the aft.moon, and made It altogether an oxamoo ot fes 1 tivity and Joy to b ren. m'^ n d Tliiso who h> ard Judge rtiomn- at tV? alumni m eting bad jrood reasou to eijievt that the fbl Beta Kappa oratl< n this year would ne mueh better than usual. The la' f a>: ! ik e u . ni ?. d at t' et1 .?ch last ? ??? ing were n<t disappointed Itev. |v. tf.iw*s,of lUrt , ft>rd, offered prayer The orator then prueeednd. H > j tt -t called aiti utioti to the army of re?er\e iti IM vari i oi fur' s of li i-ntn clviinctti- u Thl- arm* was the one t h"i?" of .i hl'Veeirnt Tlie law of tfirtft a - imivrrasl, | tl e law tor thinking and lb' la* for lorming. We gut btiowlrdfx only for its uti'ilj , and forg it that t'icre ? t nothing o prartiial In all Ihlug' a- t tie army of there I srrve. Th.- |?wrr of tli.* aitny of the reserve was seeii in ti.e opinions m.n had of IMWlMi oMWV was too irttle of this q .iliiv. M< u ot^ n, with nil the l?nriiiug ' nf the Sell i , t tml) s< s clog an I hill Iranr.' of I their |?'W. r It w.i? seen in Macon TV g eat diysof 1 . Sl aknarrw?" IlanilM" " and " Maebeth"? were i but the mere plays <>ftb<t mis'er ?p.rit. Si hto, ot , ' Burke, la a reviaw we cwi.M tell wb> th * the ! il I < ' " - > ? " I' I"-" "* ? ' ?'. |*lltlj?.| <> t. or 1 tirtlaiT III* f"* ' h t?--'l r?!lr<l forth *'? had to K?? l., in all our |.-?.|| i?, to I lh- "!,1 well > ( I.. 41 ?h tttM.-UJod . of m wvr ? u- ill l>.?r*< : . In J; ? ? f a- lair ["liai... r of tli t"\< pq'. r i kt ?<1<-i,t i.| .1 n *1 k> ?t<j,'y ?!*> and i. ,gM T1i?' b ?t. i;l.I i ? ? ? ??? t.? !*^u? Xul'ua I h *l.' ?a- tbo TtM'M "f "W * 'k, of Hlp-lf . < rxprl t'.lurc nf ?'r? gth W! i i. . ,l.J ltl? irtm << IIk- r-?.-r*e < ? .? -t? f ? .-n i" " *i-rr fi : r, . if. v. nh ? p-. iwati.M ? --*??. -a m. n w fra |. ail i ? to ft n o l;f Ihinl.i ft r*a Ijr 1 l<> ?k? tt? h r? 4t ?<i n i. Ii. tli.. r I . i >a . < vr \\ *iii H*t?-.t... iivt Hut lh. ? -f K'lat tr kt-. * ??4 p. t : 4 r.-rr ; mi!, ?*a,t ? . tir| )olkiNi? Tl . n. ? !. ( rr-4?rT<- ,? ? rr ??? al? we in lbo|>'i!p!l Ti- itubt oi.ior ut?>n llf.- <>i io? rt nt ira.mrc imiJ cult ,r+ T o romody |\ 4. f.-.-t, jrow oMrr bof >r. Mil. nt t t- n a pr . t* .- ta|?| r? t Imcb u? r?-;.r-? llw u'n.?n-?.-?t. |i> Ijr Nnthtr* c.>-,ld be it. r* ril.tuii if titan tb? 1 ifu ni Ii In a v - up r ' If mm ti?l rk to lie. th* (WIM Wkj ? u to tf> ?n< 4o It ? "if #w. ?r ;l.*n u> iry In itoi (t flr*at ? ?rra m a * no !>* ! c?l t?i|? f.* ffil r i! lull f< 11 II onftri r, or ?rit<\ inclnrtvu* Viil-4>a TW ??ut of r? wr* i d po?<-r ?m ll uatrab-d ta th? r ;'r ' iui d* m W l'?trr II*} nr mum ? *(.* >t. -l ' iW ?i?r ? f rruiil |?i?*r TV?> nrtl'ir 4. * mS?I ?:t*i ?r.*?i ik>? ho r"?rrti ?n l ?p|-*r?ir<> of Jv r nro-" lioiifht wm the f- 4t re^-i -"ir I'l u i t. orrrbo irqn i.ntr-l nth ll. Ian on'i |/>i I. n r\t no tti* m.oa If h* lllf* l*i l?"H I'-, ta a > .??|n n-ymn n>o Wtmlr of Ibo or^lion J rt >t \ ? ,lo4^o ftiomwi l* a ?)-. ??r. a.. ', un- -n% i l b; mm . < ttiik-l.t c ai; irr fav?-a'.'y w th .ir Jr?l r?V.r? Til* VlU. lAW A-hi-'' MB *1 pftl.* W 1*4 1-t >0 fr.itj. ?<tai bj (i 'irrmr H,. ? . v> 4 - ?i I I iMVrdjr Hi?. Brat prit* *w awardo-l t K? |vwi < Wa-ii- r, of M ? and !?? n^or.l to %lr * . . "ijt?.n l'?go, of K*?t ll.x-n. >t - pp?i* a Totbot* who 4olichl In tiiaK*. Il.?? Iv-Hfrt,' jx>f brm.vl 4l lb. tW). ?t'is.| rh-i- d >Mt ?? *a < '.f th? \ -cMH Trn -..-ICIT <" iaui ] n; >1 l- | hr'tral l*?rul ! \.-? > s. <nw> th< ri.h.-.? irnt I th? 1 r.. k, it... . irtr ' ' iwl ?>ra? or l<> IMir ' ; a. >r I ?>rfnr*i*l>r* of th<'w< pi-c? Pol lUUe if mH h?ri- ** < n ih? *?<%liv Iftor Uw e m r?l fv . il r vn. ' . ? .. kmr? for paritr''! >r? Onr ? OM we*' I ? fcf IV Y*l?* K?jm. ?t?.l I kr. >? r > ?ii* ? 'v - *< '? "il (ilium , i*t* bwi- 1-ft at K ? - ?, if ?f?W i ff"? , >lf h<i )r? Ant rrturO f? i, k ?? B ii lh--r ?i. ..?? u r r> tr. 1 Al lore Id t"?a !j An oil h til*. Il'** ?r>*??nUf nth ?nn'tbi' g drmkAl'W whi.-ll, in 'hf i?h i c4 hr Murr last <?<? t . ?ra? in An <>J'l fVni'- y | I I M rnJ -d, And b*AT? lb* l??*l 'TU*? n# 1*0) || * I FRIDAY", JULY 27, 1860. ospected that Governor Pond, or of hi? classmates ' thai > ear, put Um- b> Hie away for the purpoao of hav li<g a f'txl lune over U IB thc.r old ??,'* If bo, now Is the lime U> claim It. tEIEOBAPHIC Nsw Ha vies July 26,1M0. Yale College oomm?nceraent e*arci*?> closei at h?lf pant all o'clock this evening. The degree of Bachelor of ArU wa? conferred on 106 members of the graduating cla&a, the degree <>f of Arta u|?u 44, that of CtvU Kugmeer u^ion 1, ani that of Bachelor of Laws upon 8. The following honorary degree* were conferred.? Doctor of Law* upon President Felton, of the Harvard University. Bachelor of ArU upon Henry Powers, of the class of 1MT. Master of Arta upon Judge Park, of the Superior Court of this State; Stephen G. Hubbard, M D., of this city, and upon the following alumni of the college?B. M. Luley, now Professor In the Medical School at I'itUfleld, Mass.; W. H. McAllister, of California; Josiah Curtiss, M. D , of Boston; Frederic C. Perkins Mid John C. Mitchell. The day has been pleasant, eacept a light thunder thover in the afternoon The church was crowded as usual. The speaking is re forded ai lair, but not equal to some other s;milar occa sloes. . The number of deaths amoog the alumn. w given at forty three, at the Average a ge of fifty four. This nuo ber is less than the former average by absut ten COMMENCEMENT WEEK AT DARTMOUTH. OIK HANOVKB COKKtHPONUKNCK. iUxovn. N H. , July 26, 1H60 EtciUm<nt at Dartmouth?Extrcun of Clan Day?Ret Tht-ndinre Cuyltr Ii<)nrt tKt Th'"lc*7*ai Sxiety?Tbrih fij/Id .Srrmadf to & /'rtndrnl /Vri<, <tc Old Ibrtmouth IB routing herteir in brr nome ara n.g the bills il tho Granite ?Ul?, and .u the college, ttio town and tbe surrounding country there is a ferment and exritement like tbat which exists for tome tiro" previous in a hive about to swarm. On Sunday !?.st tb.- exercises or commencement we? k began with tue Baccalaureate sermon by I'r?*idtnt Lord Yesterday tbe inhabitant* for mild around ponrod Into Hanover to wttneM the exercises ef clas- day. These took place In the College church, where u nutnerou audit uc gathered to listen to the orst.ouh and the music of tbe Germonia Bind of Boston. After prayer by Professor Sanborn, of W l/roli, Mo., the class < rator, R. II Stone, of Windsor, discounted as r.ildly ax possible about utiliUri&uisik, an t the po>t. II C. Newell, of 8t. Jobnsburg, indulged h!m?"lf with a rliui B>dy ?l>out cvi-rythii g in the "heav :,i above and tljo earth bcucath." His stirrirs apjx i t tli<-clas i at the clone of liis "po? m" al"Le raised il In scans degree from the dead level of mediocrity. Sldoui litve we beard such witty, mjrth inspiring effu siotis as the Chronicle* of the CUM. ? y I yroriri B. How, of New Bedford, Maw., and lb* I'ropheriet ot tbe Seer, by C. I.. Knster, ot North ai tiuver, Maes ?iu e partica Inrly the humor of the fo?ui?r. It u worth all tin* -lujy and t< i of the four years oourse tu eujoy at tile suit such hearty laughs ovo >U Jukes and s-rapes After the ode, by J T 1'lasnon, ba<i been mu.ti by the da*.-. It^j ma < h'*d from the < lunch to the moats of the kwd. with Ml n mar thai, C. Wheeler?who tills the place i>1 the cl?*? prtv-idont ofothi r colleger?at their brad and proceeded to th<- r<?t di-tice of the President, w5tnrv an earnest .tddrcsl, lauding their Alma Mater, ami pledging their affection\t?. care and salicltuile for her in future years, was deiire..d tu th?ir honored bead by Heury II. Kimball, of Tem,>le, N. II., and respondent to by the ^resident. Horn thence the class man-bed to the " old pine" on tbe hill above tbe college bm diugs, where a tarcell Hjx'iH'h was made by K B I'arker, ot IJtUetou, N. H., tbe pipe of |ieace and frieudahip war sin iked, the w reath of evergreens around the tree ?ai plucked to pieces, each member taking a piece, and the class pro cteded to the chapel, and alter a short pow wow dis persed. In the evening the church w as Jammed by a Urge an dience, eagir to hear the address of the Ker.' Mr. Cuyler, of New York, before tbe Theological .Society After au exordium, eulogizing the Joys of natural scenory and rendering a just tribute to some of the most di'ting-usbi d of Dartmouth's graduates, more particularly Clioate and Wotster, lie announced as Ins subject, '-the Orator of Nature," which he treated in a wry uble and forcible manner, illustrating his sound logic by examples of true orators, drawn from anciel't ano modern times, giving eloquent descriptions of tbe manner of Lord Brougham, fpurgoon and Beecber, introducing as usual his com pari son of tbe two hitter. His rem-trks applied to nil orators, but more especially to the orators of the pulpit?(bote who Cear.h Him who is called tbe Word He showed tbat tho culiy of persuasion *as the m ?t necessary quality of the preacher, since ho had to appeal to aud'sttr the heart, which can be touched only by natuial feeling and natural speaking on the pari ot the minister. Altogether, the oral sin was worthy of bis npination, and Lis manner e\ tawed that, in earnestness a id strength of are ment, he w*s eiitilfrd himself to be called au orattr ot that kind be to eloquently urg-d hir Itrarrra to bee- na?. After the exowa m the rhi rcli bad diapaned, the rlaaa gmac > torchlight aerrnaiie to r* freaident 1'ierre, who u a Kiieal of PreaMent I#>rd; to Mr. Cuyler; to Mr. Edward*. member of f'<Migr?w from tlita dlatrtrt; aul to Mr IVrley, who to day deliver* a eulogy on ClioaC". be fore the rhl Beta Kappa Por|.-ty The lorrat r three reppciided by *pcarhea, but the lait, being unwell. wa? e* cuaed by A. 0. BrewcU-r, who tuade an addri-tx for hi*. During the morning of ><-el*rita?, the Tela Pai Fraternity, one of oar largeat cecr.-t ool'rge aocieties, numbering loi.rv?'en chapter* and a thoorand member*, graduate and un'er graduate, held a homnrM convention, and were addrefct-.<d In the ermilng >y Mr William G. Sprague, id an oration oa tbe ?'L>I<? and Unity of Mind," and by H. B. Atberton, of Cavendiah, Vt , in an eloquent poem. ANNIVERSARY OF THE NEW HAMPTON LITERARY AND TUEOLOOICAL INSTITUTION. KAIHKAX AKD ITS SCK**KT ? TIU AKKTORSART*IXekihk*. rrc. on FAIRFAX CORHKHPONMCNCK. ralKFal, Vt .July IP, 1M0 The thirty Dlntb anr Iveraary oi thin lnat.lotion baa joat bten bold, and bar been a very pU-aaant and aucceaaful oM The weather cool, clew an I Invigorating, the public addrctrca well received, the examination* thorough and well austalned. and tbe genero"* h<><pitalitiea extended to *tr*i ger*. all nmlum it f render the ccaaion one of unueual interest and ralicfartii n 'Iht* ii.atitut i"ii baa l?-en 1 "rated ai 'alrfar for about right vrirt hirinf h?w?r r#?rrw?**<vl fmm V?? VI?rw?r%ton V CV wh. ro it had b?cn Id operation is>me twenty oue yeara. It if under tht diroct - n uud partial i?tronageof the Baptist il< i>ominatlon. but th<- nf It? friotdc la to mike It aa ut nclartan wpo*?iiilr. Ik fouuders wished lofuralah edurational facilities l<*r younc meu who dreired to enter the profesatoaa without pursuing a Collegiate course The turim-a are cnrri-<! forward u fv u college juDur year lu Ilia languages, and may make about the aame id^atirrment In mathematics and other atadtee. A theological department la also appouded. though thla ) ear there are no pradua ft Next year some eight or ten rccr lve dlplom s The aceiK ry around Fairfax ta very grand, and there ore well suited to mrAe Impressions upon the mlada and r.ruof jouth Mount Mausneld, with livr long and eolemn >n flic, rkirta, or rather fills, up the eastern horlaon. rar to tbo south rises '"aruml's R>imp. and In the lamellate vtrinity green hills, of various shapes and aiaes. .Is uiid in pr?-fi.?i"u It.-' villa*- is a rerj active little amlet, where th- people ra sed some 112 000 to fUrnlab utlilli'ga suitable f.>r tuetruotion p'ir|??-s. Tbe anniversary 'To rises commenced on ><abbath erenn*. Jul* 14, wit i a'U>-eala ireate sermon from R?t. K i ?*niiiii, 11 D , iipoo Keeping the Heart. Haopiorsa and Hetuuea, w->re a**<nucO aa reaauia for perfomtng thla hilt In the erru' dve oYluck, K??*. Kendall Rrooka, 4 r'ttclitvirg. M?? , wMrisaed tlie c" ?lety of Inquiry, ir H'a addrosa ws< <|int fu I >( Imagination, a peoalta tty whirh a? * it ? -u l th o iviimt. ilia theme sal the ito light il i' ti?' a>'i,?.f n>-tempt on will be ,1m a<i>>jr?t ot rh slid admit tug delight to tboie who ire saved tin Monday evening al eign? o rloek.the literary eo- , ietii? were a l?ir< ??ed h> fl?r. J. F. Itmgia. n# !*t Alhans Pa ai?r sard N'at 9ourcea and i Mm | here i - . . r flrs U Heated llw ?li(T-?r 1 piire VI?c*n tr<i- <l< ^i-i*e and lega-*1-1 on tbe oae h >od i tad j*' '.< ei?*4'"M i' " oiht-r th n mentione I as the J Itaaie of efc^ueiMt . r bara< tor, f -vlii n an t Illness, and cmrladeil a ttb some | > s up-"> ?loq'ieo e as the Ideti etot'iei>ee I Her It 4*b?re* ad<lre?e<t IV alumni cm Tit"?day 1 ereoln* u|?* the Ir mil tal#e ihf <ri? la education. Hi* U*ii?#niu ?** uhoUttllai and 'hurtnigh, ami highly r> aogeKal la tnrn i ? ?<-diMWtt, mi lite regular ro<tr?e of examinations ' which ha<l been ia ^.-tir-a* during the week. appeared lha yo*in? ladi?* m th? ir Ttn u,i II .w era. The e*- ! urnnai ? In Kn?l!?h literature w*? w? aporlof, an well tf thai ia bol??j; f >eraJ r<"niei*tti>>tia were read In ihe tr?>?rted h?ji, aod i'i?? ? in great dlatinctueM ami MM I'lTf young ladi. * gradriaind. and were afTectingly rfimwd by rv SHiilh c>o predentin* mrlr dtplomaa. Rhb. ft Jitihk aro.,111 the p.ana, th. jr ?ang the farewell mug. anj I*>aree ?-iT rs l the tvtirlu ting prayer. To da) aevea y< ing nun gr?doat<?l la Ihe literary de ?r?menl <m- ..f ti^m. e..rre?pon -yt |* informed, *111 go U> llaimvrr Ui .< autumn, ami | ureue hi* theol. glial oourae there The ociMiob hre^fht together R?t< i?t rtergrmea from rai >.>h- partd of the ?nte. a? well ae tnany atrangwr* fmtn k dtauie and all returned ?ali-tle.i thin tnalltultno v*>ll d<>.ii. -? the *|.|Toh.,u?n arid patronage of ail who Oil thorough ru?l eubauiitnl a?*iuirrmenta. Katal lat?lll(i air. Kaw?a, July S4. 1**> Th?- rr^a of IK Mar^leuiaa, rec?ttiy airlxmi at Porta oath, were paid off yeet?r<l?? Itw t '.fed f(?ie* >te\mer Wnhirae w?a at Frmaado Pi. ne tkr Wth >* May . Y? t.-w r*r?a ia N*w (?TT? New Or lean* ina/d <4 II. aJtb report the Oral nk*e of death (Hi yel ? ? **e |? ILat rilT tm We la*?d*?. Ulh IMl Board of bnprrrl?ort. A regular meeting of the Board of 8upwri?or? loot place at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, Pmldart Stewart id tbe chair After reading the minutes o< uu khi m.-etiug, wbteh were approved, a bill of tttO WU received from Metiers Winslowand Tnllmadge, ft* remov ing tbe wreck of the schooner from the eastern shore ol Governor's bland, as per order of the Board of Commis ki> tiers of 1'iloU. Referred to Committee on Taxes. Vi Bli-nt ottered a resolution to dismiss Mr. R. B. Mar hall, keeper of the new Cit. Hall, on the ground thai Mid Marshall bad previously been dischargod from thi Mctiopolltan Police force, and that the fact of his dls whs not known to the Board at the time of his ap poiniiAent as keeper. Supervisors I'vudy and Pavw opposed the resolution,si tbe cause for which Marshal! had been discharged from the police force was not shown. Tbe resolution was timlly l?*t, by a voU- of eleven to oue. Niperv .sor l*i R?Y otTcrtvl a resolution that the Spociil Onmmi'tce on Fuel be directed to advertise fur pro|weaU fur fui...idling coal anJ kindling wood for the use of the several departments of the county government, aud re j |Wl '< I1U! ??.aiu. I 8u|?rvi-or Ptkkt offered a preamble and resolution to the elf ci that, whereas the citizens or New York have bteu dtpiived of the power of electing inspectors and canvassers or eliction. this Ttourd will, at the ballot to b? held on tli<' 1-t of Aug'ist ii' xt for iot.p.*ctors and canvafcern ot election, vo?c for sucl. canvassers and inspectors m have alrtaity been < decled by the people. On notion of Sujiervisor I mut it was referred to tlio Committee on Charities am! Corrections. ? man cam us from the Supreme Court, on behalf of the Ciuiui^oKiutrx of Kecord. ceuimau ling the Iioari to bow c?u.?e w hy another mandamus should not be issued rom|?'iiiii|; them to raise by tac the sum of ISO,000, to pay the Commissioner* of Kocord for services done and etpeuaes mourn d by them. Kefcrrid to Commit tie on D\ il Courts Tin bill of John Kelly. Sheriff, for services during the q cuter ending Juue 30, amounting to $6,911 70, was ordered to Ih> punl. A communication was received from the Comptroller, asking the Board for additional appropriations, as follows lN hcieiiry on taxes $19,000 lnt< re?t en Harlem Bridge bond- 1.400 Judicial salaries 2,*30 1/ vocative salaries #w 1'j ferred to Committee on Taxes. The report of Co am't tec on Civil Courts, in favor of po> in* the hill of Charl'? Brown for rent of r?>oia.-' for SuI'nor Court, belli at Tamuiuny Hall, and amounting to %U H. was laid over. 260 were appropriated t" flt up the rear part of the !b|i -ter'a office, ii' te thnt;jj i ug the objection of the M.yur Hie bill offfiL .m Acl 'son, amo'inting to $214, for taking a full rrp rt o short hand, of the trial of dhepl??-rd. tor ai>'n v. a ord? red to be paid. The bltt*- of Jv/fc: lit * y md John I>>rd, amounting together t. r *?-rvi:.g subpo-nas of the Court of wnwt; tj?Iiihs tb- btu T Si' wart, amounting to 1140 12 for c*':- t * - ?: -1 the IV'i iCt Attorney's of0>e i|i. J h - :it;i g t i $210 4H, for carpi t io tb?ca?aif j u. i*. *.-d cf 3uj*.rv.?oris, were ordered to be f*, l The t> : ? ./ Cor Gir.ble O'Keefr, Schirmer and J?- Iniu, to $4 "?1 19. for official services dur ii . the q .arter ec::~g Ju: e GO, were directed to be paid *> lUf >kt l r Jlil ki.' 'u iui wiva.n M Ttof bills of pr IV ;ton ?rJ otb?r?. amonntlog to $T20, f r making pf?t nwu-in cxamir.stions during the quartet et.dmg June 30 l&t'O, were or ore>l to be paid from tho appropriation tur Coroners ( ** fbe bill of J M Elliott, amounting to $116 50, for blanks furnished Jo?<.ph L.out vs hen District Attorney, w?s ordtrrd U< t?- paid Tlx? bill of W II Arthur * Co , amounting to $1 129 SO, for record booka furnished the K gihter's uflico 111 1867, *?> ordered to be paid. The Couutjr Treasurer's report for the week ending July IP was pr<'nr<t<-<t, and showt the following ? lUlance, Jul) 1? $215,889 37 Keccipte during the week 7,0*47 50 Total $222,076 H7 I>l: 240 Hli Balance, July 19 $222,739 98 The Hoard then adjourned until Thursday next, at three o'clock. llosrd of Alctcrmen> This body met lut evening. President Peck in the | cbair. A vast number of petitions were recelrcd and referred. OI*> A IK l'MUnn\U?R>lJ(.IO.N DOADI.fff THK HOARD. A long debate aroae upon the petition of Chas. C. Leigh, Robert Thomas and Calvtn Lathrop, member? of the New York Local l*rc?chlng Association, who desired to "expound the Gospel" In the open air, and asked permission of the Common Council to erect a tent In Jackson squara fur religious purposes during the summer setson. Aldermen Ucnrr, Cosxaii and Tcomky oppo?f<l the petition; there are churches enough to accommixtut? all Church goers, and particularly at this se.isou of the year, when an many nf our citisens are oat of town. Outdoor preaching dors not lend to atvance the morals of the people or inculcate religious feelings, but ou the contrary, oner leans 10 mstu roar tea Aldermen ufarr. !??*?< and advocated the grant of the pr?7?r of thr petition. This ?tl the season for outdoor presetting and U ra well known Uwt those who at leaded the im t preachings never (o to church. Alderman Itorragb ??td that m<?t of the churches were closed at Una season of thr year. and It would be an ac( i mnuxUiiuD to the pe op'.e to have prcaching In the open air. Alderman brakt avowed that be was not a religious man, and he be'oagvd to do religion. he wan Favorable alike k> tin- Calln lira d Ibr Protestants, aud he luiptd the day ?h Dot jret i?m. when American t would <t#-ny any sect the prn il? ge of tb<- use of tb< public parka for their religions dutiea lie thought llo-y might do *om? good it they went down amiw( the h'?lheut, of the Sixth ward Alder Bias Cmt held that the Hi ard had no right to allow the public |?rka or puWie atr vta to t>e encumliered bj tents for p'irp>v?, \j mailer of whtl de D' initiation at J he bel. vrd tnat. if sut-h tent* were erected, he or aty other ctllrrn tn.ght w*U thrush tln?e t< nts. and, U impeded, Mould b?' jualilled m kiu* a lug them (the feels) down Alderman Ti out did ti l opf>-*e the matter up<m any religious feeling, but he hared to open tlw 4oor to tli rcligtou* denomination*. for if thrj granted lb prlvilegto one th?y couid not d?ny It to anoiner, and thus our p. irk a and a reels would b" bl'Ckid up Aa 11 the churches being eliwed at thu s.-a^ n of the j ear, he w.wid irerely nay I bat It was the duty of th? pastors to remain In town and keep the doors of the church* * opi n to their parishioners. Aa to tb* heathen* of the f?utb wai d, al It ded to by the Alderman >f th* Kiflh nir.ily), be did ml krow that th'"-?er? an) ;i air mm few ntggrrs there?* very f<>* ?and he did not tbluk tUat even liejr were heathens lie would oppos* the open air preaching, tor If people desired to worship the/ ah<j<UJg> to tlodr churches Aide man Bsanvsald tliat according to th contititioo of lb* I'm ted Mates, every man w aa p.-rum'sd to worship according to bla own wishes, and he fur one w:il 1 it prevent outdoor preaching, he would go for e<]tial righu for all. He would not vote to (r re lh? R nam Cath'il.oa a block np town to build a cathedral on and th-u deuy another sect the | ' . * f i . i, ; . , ? r !!' (Alderman II ) belonged to no r'l'gloo. h i j^ rii.?,?- he would when be hecam<- a little Older l( llm matter goos to a committee Ihey all knew it W'>olJ bee. m a dead tetter. A Merman JUast hoped the uatl.-' Woald be referred He thought it came with a \ery had grare from the Alderman of the Klflh (llrvlv ) to ilisignute the reotteula of the distil mid Kourlh ?. ' . .. > stand* a aelt confessed heathen b. fore thia I??ird Alderman Bsclbt thought be lud a right also to ma pi tin of the terra brstbrn h ng appn ?l to the t mrlb and f>lxth wards, a? be lia i hilar >.iaiderabli< num'>er of roles from those electors she had been .hus at.g uatu M He would vote for a reference. The |>eiiilon wai, afl<*r aomefurlh -r ibarp sh<iotlng, re ferrtd lo the Committee on ."trn ts. thf rtufon r ?sr us mw .mr The Finance Committee, to whom nv referred the ootb raunicatlon of the Comptroller, trattMnilliog a alal 'inent of the tloating debt of the Oir|?>raUo* cau.??-d by detit.-a cies in vartoos funds, with draft of an otdinan< e autborl sing the tsrui- of thr -r million.^ of dollars >< doatlng deM fur.t atork, rt |? rl.-t In f?r >r o( nlj^tiug the ordiuaaev, and eongr.ilulaled the C- i ... .. i > tn I t o- | upon the | ro*i**et of th- fl.ianet-v f itie C?n|?.r i ' i . eoon placed tu aenndutvo entirely a.itisla> u>r) TUe r?port was adopted. ST1X or THl Kt cm I^r'-IUTOS The Committee no Finance retorted in favor of pay lag fieorge W Morton $041 l'.'i for f-rvlrvs and L?w e?p- ilea incurred tn rutili-alii * hln tMia t-nu u Ciit In. t.,-rL..r Adopted, b) a rotf of 10 to 1. r.iaa ro rn> ntitti pa**. A reaoluttoo dlrrrtit.g thr Ninth Area < RillrMl ' 4m pany to cum|>Me the taring of fifty fourth street, be tm?-ot) the Klf-hth and Ninth arrui:<*, ?a I run tueir cars t'> aiid ftloiiiM < l.t! :?l I'aiW, vva* a>!upt?: The report of the Hti:u.c. Comm tier is furor of doa?t< tog MOcu li to twi nty tire hr. 1 j?t"? of the Listitatioa for Uic Blind wnr a 1 -?ft??<! The committer reported in fa; or of paring the turn of tt.<<00 for dlebtir*<*m> uU Mid legal and other expenses incurred by the (' muillt-e on C>ntr.?ted Seat* in the Sarood aud Knhlb district*. Adopted ra* AMfTtoaai fc-TtJLvm o? sxpk*?i:< son rwt nua 1M0 The communicatm from tlie G>inptroll?r, which h%d been made ft special order for this crening, was called up and read Alderman B*kkt moved, ft* an amendment that lh? mm of $65,000 be inserted for the expense- of printing Oil blading documents for the Gwiidoo Gmucil. (v rted. AMerman IUiuit ataonff red .as an amendment, th ?t the eom of MM be lim'rl?i f..r the e\p. nse* of pur chas-ig MrK'-e k Oargel lire eftraj*- (br the use of the City. CkrrM. th* rvnottat'c***!. AMerman I>ARa*f.n nai<!, as tlie Hoard bad nu<l" two rery tt?|?>rUnt amriHlmcote, he would move to strike out the sum nf tlOI.OOO tor the expanse* of eaUrUialng the ,1ftpaiit-?e Kin bar*) . Ixiet. Ayes?Kursril, Da'rs?h, ifeagrlat, Oweos K<* ? !?mith. BaTjr, H. rrr, B?rlej, Braly. 1\>omey, Starr, ftirii*ll, Umlo. I'lsit Hfi?l t;.-net. Al'-rman Biupy rooted to lay th* saMter orer until nm n.MlTt .'?* > (Ml The ptfT^us question was then put ul loat. by ft rtHs of iml A motion was then mad* to reroasidar, which was carried It wan then moved to lay It <m the ubi?, wfcicfa WM earned by a vol* of to 7. * Adorned to Tuesday o*it Afhlrt mt the River PUItA I OUU BUBNM AVIUM OUMUBtrONOICNCB. I Bcraos Aymm, 8 A., Mt; 91, 1M0, Sketch of Om%. Mitn-L'neamed Honort-Kngluh NevotpmI f* Jfrimssi Hmtemtnt (Jkandler? Gentrali 0ryu?M and Outdo Mad* Ouitent and General* in Urugw*f? f < I*retid*U Derqui?Driving Troopi?New Government /*? p%uar?freights, MmrktU, KnlutmenU, Sc. The sketch o( the lire or Ueo?ral Mitre which I forwarded you in Ikptemba last excited some ittMtU t here, as It arrived on the ere or hi* election m Governor. , The Commercial Timet, a little Engllah paper here, oop4ed U, with the beading "General Mitre?An Amarloaa Sketch," not mentioning any comapondeace or arm naming the N*w York Hbuid The gov rnmont organ, I the National, translated it and copied It, paying many and fnlaome compliments to the Increasing cloaraighted. i nees of the editor or the Cam lercial Timet for hit aoeurate and eloquent description of the chler executive of the Bute. Mr. Commercial Timet in his next number palltely makes his bow, and accepts graciously the Ganymedeao honor. In keeping with this Is the notice In the same paper of an Intended concert, for the benefit or the widow tt i Captain Fell. Yon may remember that Captain Fell, aa ! Englishman, was commander or the Patagonlan mlasioa ' chin *11?? n ' -? Hi aiuui uirauer, and thai In March lut ho vM 1 inhumanly butchered by the savages. The project of a conc< rt (or the beueflt of his widow originated in the American church of this city, and all the choirs of the our rrotestant churches co operated at onoe aud heartily if the enterprise, llr. CvmmsrcvaX Ttmm totally ignores the origin of the project. This is the usu tl policy of your English contemporaries south of the equator. Lieutenant Chandler and family depart to day, via Southampton, for N*w York. This is the first returning f the oAoera of the United States Exploring Kxpoditioo. ; Tto others will follow in the course of a month General Urquiza, now Governor of the Provisos of En I re Kios, and General Guido, a Senator of tho Cocgie? i of the Confederal ion, have been complimentarily mads clliwns and bripadier generals of the army in Uruguay, without the expectation of their ever doming to reside la that country. President Derqui is strengthening all the military posts of the Confederation which are on the river. Tho troops gatlior for tho i>ur|??eo vwrjr rulactiu.tly, and tbey aro often driven on board the boats at embarking like sheep, and a few, who make themselves troublesome with their reiuctai.ce, are lanced. General Urquiza expresses lb* mm expectation of peace, and though he is Captain QsseiM, be is maltu g no preparations for war. The new government here is making itself more strong, If not more popular. The public sentiment of the pro! vine* s is becoming more and more avorse to war. Mafey . soldiers declare that, as Buenos Ayr?? clothes and para htr soldiers. If the} must fight again, they will tight for money and clothes. Neatly all imp< rtations are bearing good priced. Home freights cannot be obtained for liall the vessels her*. l)in mg the month thirl) nine vessels ari ived and twentynil e departed. Wool and hides keep up their late high pritfS. Uuneea have been stationary for some weeka. The government ut ngoroiw in requiring the enlistment of all subject tu military duty. An the trainings are on Sunday, it is a ureal annoyance to foreigners who arc Protestant*. Latnt fkom South America. [Translated Irotn the Montevideo correspondence of the < um-os Me until of Rio de Janeiro, Juue 6, for the Nkw York Hkkalu I , The question ol the surrender of the island of Oorrltl to the English government, which threatened so much trouble, is settled. The Englufi Minister, Mr. Ijeltson, dcclarcd to the government of the Ilinda Oriental that be hail received orders by the last packet to desist from enCo; ring that t-urrender. Such a solution was a source at pleasure to Dr. Acevedo, who knew the danger of surrendering the key of the l'rata to the British lion. Hapi pi:y for him and for all who have any interest in that part of America the lion had a moment of Inexplicable generosity. But is that dcsistonce mncoro as I ret. aids that island* 1 beg leave to doubt It. The island ol liurriti was formerly sold by the government to en I English merchant, Samuel Lefone. That sale is not very i clear, but if the English government wants to ami! itaetf of it iu order to buy or surrender the island to that marchant , who can hinder It? The pi ejected amnesty la still a mere project. Ever , since the reply of the Senate to the solic utlou of tbe Chamber requiring an act In which that measure should be approved. not a word further has been stid on the subject. and since in few days the Assembly will dissolve, It will doubtless remain positioned to Bom3 more Citing occasion. It Is proper to remark that the new elections for the Chambers will lake place in next August, and whoever knows anything about elections, must know that it is alway i gi-od on those occasions to have one's adversaries under the knife cf the law, who might otherwise have it in their power to prevent an agreeable teri minatiou. In compensation, however, Dr. Yasquel 8agasturne proposed a patriotic measure?that the Argentine Generals I'rqulza and Uuido should be declared eifctzens of the republic and Brigadier tknerals. True, the federal constitution prohibits strictly this accumulation of couLtri?s and offices: but, quid indef Where Is the law without its exception.9 And, at farthest, it costs nothing to make it. i The very violent storm which passed over this city dorrg the (vast wet k caused the loss of Ave seamen of U? , Brmilian war steamer l*arnatryba. who were going shore In * culler upoct. 'turn 6ioeri woo were an board- aoven iu number?were plaked up by another of he steamer's boats. Tormado la HatMehiNtti. Avery destructive tornado visited North Raynhnta, about Ave o'clock ou Saturday afternoon, the particular* of which tbo Taunton GatelU reports as follows ?One half of the roof ol Mr. O. H. Lincoln's house wsa torn off, and bis trees and vegetable destroyed. One tree on hi* premises was bio en City rods and lodged in the highway. The chimney of Mr. IJnooln's house was also blown down. A barn and a large shed belonging to Mr. Othnlel OUmore waa blown down, and a number of fruit treee destroy. d The barn contained a yoke of oxen, which ewaped without Injury. Mr. John D. Thompson sustained a heavy loss. Ills barn was unroofed, and a part of it foiling upon hu houee broke in a portion of the wall: about f..rtv i*r?? ?>ni> trees <>o bis plaee were destroyed. lxws tdOO Mr Ia>dIi1m Ivan'> wagon hoaae wan d*>!ied to piecca, and his eoveri-d wagon destroyed. A valuable wood lot belonging to Mr IV-an, was also badly dauiagi-d, and aa orchard of otic hundred treet completely mined. UisloM is Lot less than $1 000. The i aimoey tf the school house in this district was blown down, and Ike wood shed belonging to the uma partly demolished. Tli* fruit aad ornamental tress of E. B. Towno, Esq., wt re badly damaged, and Mrs Sally tJilmore cuflered la the ddlructra of ber wood shed and several valuable fruit trees. Mrs Elizabeth linJl ha I a large quantity of he?vy wood and t irnlxr blown down A new dwelling house of Mr Minut I.. Pan forth, DOW build ng, one tnd a half stories high, wu U,tally destroyed Mr iJanfo-th and Elder Henry Hiker, who were In the building, were both precipitated into the cellar with the timbers, but escaped without serines injury. A barn on Uie estate of Mr. I.lo> d Wilbur was <i<wtroyed, and the chimney in the dwelling bouse of Mr. J. k. Bruce was al?o blowu dow n. Tlie ettects of the tornado may be se< l upon many tn-e* whirh are started at the root, blown |MU*1I,- over, or broken flown, and many gardens a/id Belli* of corn, which prevent a sad spectacle. The track i f the tornado was about one quarter of a mile wide, aiid the damaic reports!, amounting to several thousand dollars, Is all within the s|iacc of half a mile. The Wcrie*l it Spy, of the iU 1 mutant, has the follow' ? ? , Ihe town of t ibridge was visited Saturday nftcrnooa by s tornado, similar in haracter, though of low: magnitude and ?fleet, to thise which have caused so much Tuna ot life acd pro|>erty in the West. It soemed to begin In tb tot Ih part of the town, near the pond of the Cxbrldg* Coif o Mil's, the waver In which was raised Id large volumes. whirled around, and then hurled back to its bed? thence travei'liig In an eaaterlv direction, taking up Boor harreit and sending liietu upward Wloous Every moveable thing was speedily thrown from its place. The hit ki?s were stripped from one building, and scattered a I.M r tUstaiirn in the tracks of the ru'hlca* spoiler. Many valuable fruit trot* were broken down, acd several building* Were nn?r< or leas Um?g*d. Near the fa< r>r> of J A. It J. M Whcclock, In the weal part ? the lewti. the tornado rot a |?th through IN woods three foui tba of a mile long and a rod wide. Lane Ire* s, which for Bfly ytars or more had sueeisafnBy battled with the lenp<?t. were broken down One larfe lira ta particular, which measured four feet In dlaasati r, war mailed off I.we a pipe stem After Cottlfig ft eUai. |?th through ibe woods, It rushed along the flelda if rraui, la) ing It all flat and broken. It noxt eetaad ?ij?n a ba ft, turned M end for end, and replaced II upmr lu iln>u?b wut an skilfully as the owner teal' ed I!' w far Ihe tornado etteaded be) ond this point la w.i iHiMn Probably further report# will c M.Oria the iw let thai immense damage has been done. No pruy est mate can al present be a>ade Eye witneasea proI i? oce the ap;>earanoe nf the tornado to be wonderful | and frarfui Its tflect was certainly wonderful. IV U.r.-IM Ut?l? akowa U>? tffnprralur* at Um |>h?r? ! Uti* cilj dunof th? *w? ending Juljr 21, Um rti f1 U tor barometer u>d lh?rm?>met*r Um rviklioa ft ' wmd mirrwita, Mid lb* IUI? of lb? w-alher il UrM |. .urinf nch daj, Til: *1 lM.,ud)udl vi < r * ? t> t a m. ?r ir. ?r. *. 5. |T i Mil it .* 115 ir. * Mun? % juiilr* h -?> _ Him 1> V TS ?. IfOll Ml W toil I ft *7 __ Mm. If. TO 1* r? W.|JU ?! ? . W *ll?>s ? *H .It Tr-. |7,kl* ?F H W. ?? 4| N.f. ? r . l? w ?n *1* ViSUMUM * ?H ? * ' ? IS38* w w. n ? SSLA&S!! *l *,3,1<^i ? a A...,...A." !??< w \t?m w'K. w |*?. 1 W M ? Pilurdlf-I W ll1, <|%jr Hud.1?>~ Montm* clear aij vim *11 day NlgUtdear- 1 M<.T.*ay?*..rnU? clear and war*) AfUrtwat *? and mtti nil Ntjht ra'o. IWrtay ? Mot 1 in* cir?r aai warm. A/Urwwe u< nVM clear an4 |x-?<ant W Moroinf clear; partial eelip*a ot thai* Nift* avarcaat; lnht raia Vnimdaz-Mgru n* and ereniaf akowary r"T 0,*T f I' Itia) ?CTcar anJ warm a!) daf. T?T tonr vttthl* a* twmty aiautaa I* if t. M. . ._ Saturday --Moniiaf 01 ??; and w1b<J blvw iof freak +

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