Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1860 Page 3
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The He tear. 0BURVAT1ON8 AT ALEXANDRIA, VI1UHTO A. At ^iKbt reliable observers here represent this :nW renting boov to bAve Appeared in the northwmi . at an timulfe or 'JO degree#, ant. an Altitude of 10 degree*, the ftrst intimation of its approach having bt-eu tlie iigOtt tog up of a siiiall cloud, from wh'ch the meteor *hot out K; wards the east, in a uotu-ly boriaooul direeliou By the limo it b?d at'?in?d au eusturu aumuth of S 4egree? it burst, or divtled into two bodies, distant from 0A4'h other about a hair 1 v?w rhx foi-MiiuiMt of LlltuU' bodies wm som wbatihe larger anil brighter, and display- | day. lu.w light, while the hinder was tinged with a pale JTi* inch blue. The two proc<<eded imwaH, retaining Uielr relative positions, like bird* flyirig through the air, | hesitating, as it ?<.re, for a uioineut U> ohm part >[ thulr . eourw, aint iht-u iniinedUtely moving ouward, with a slightly accelerated velocity. By the time they bad aitaim d an eastern azimuth of 11 degrees their altitude had diminished to 9 dry and about this time occasional aparks wer? Men dropping back from the front to the hinder ball, an though the bod) ww in process of e/imbustiou. Each ball, during all this tune, *m surrounded l?y a fkint oblong luminosity, which extended ituclf soruewuat i Wetwe< n the two, aid thus caused the compomJ mute >r greatly to retemble a dumb bell On its first apiiearance, or em^rg-ince from the clou 1, tt was devoid of a train; but after it* seiaration, ax above i described, a luminous liaxe was observed to shoot out bo- ' hind it, which, ae the meteor proceeded on its course, gradually extended itaell uctil It had attained a lei *h of two degrees. From the extremity of thin tall ?,<arks were occasionally dropped AS Uie meteor progressed to the east the hindmoa ball was gradually couaumed, and the forem ?t con Usually grew dimmer. uotll, at an attitude of Ave de- I grata, the entire bod) faded from view. The disappear- ! nee was accompanied by no explosion, nor were there ay scintillations shot from either ball in any part of their progress The light emitted by the meteor, I although Lot specially remarkable, was nevertheless abundantly suOlcieut to exhibit a vivid glare whenever it ; waa momentarily lost from view by the intervention of a I lo?l ar tree As respects Its azimuth at the moment of disappear DM, reliable observers differ considerably. Thus, one Of oar studei ts, who made hw observation with special reference to the determination ot this point, reports bb?i ' C., while my Mend, A. Jamiesoi>, Esq., from whoso ' oonntry seal the oeunr waa carefully observed, desig- . aatea a point which 1 find by instrument*] measurement ta have an eastern azimuth of 82 degrees. i The entire* time thui wonderful b<nly waa In riow bat ' baeo, beyond question, greatly overrated, as any ob- , Server will discover by experimenting with a stop watch, i very few persons being able, without the aid of a timepiece, to estimate correctly the lapae of a minuto. On this point, therefore, 1 have made a series of experiments with several who witnessed the entire passage of the meteor, and am aatisaed it was not In view more 'ban . thirty seconds, if, indeed, so loug. We noted carefully the time of Its disappear wee, viz: 9 38 P. il Ourlati tade may be taken at 38 deg 49 min N., and loogitot^ 77 1 deg. 4 mm. W of Greenwich Resp< ctfnlly, CALEB 8. RALLOWEI.L, Alexandria High School, Va. BhvaioH Moim, 24th, 1800 TBI METEOR IN CANADA. [From the Hamilton (C W.) Spectator.] Ahnut twentv minutes na*t nine o'elock on Fridav : venlng a mtloor, of interne brilliancy, pawed over this Ity. lie course wm from southwest to uorth.wet by Mt. H travelled with great'Telocity, and disappeared on the lake. During Its passage ail surrounding objects were brilliantly Illuminated by Ibis astral wonder. [From the Kingston ( J. W.) News.] A meteor passed over this oity on Friday evening, u Mar as can bo ascertained from tbe statemeuts 01?several person*, from northwest to southeast. It is described by all as beii,g of the size of a fuH moon, of a yellowish blue Unge. It pawed from horizon to horizon with apparently tbe speed of a cannon ball. Tbe atmosphere was slightly oloaded, and the meteor could be distinctly seen, as a break in the clouds repealed its presence ere the eiplosioo was heard. A Rbochmg Domswic Tragedy is Nrw Jewxt?Mr. Ooe Lewis, of Chimney .Rock. Bound Brook, Somerset county, N. J., aged 28, killed his wife on Friday night last, and committed suicide early next morning. A neighbor saw bim early Saturday opening his grocery tore, and beard him call lit* wife, Ac., and soon alter ho was disco'fered dead, having attempted to cut his throat and then severed an artery in the left arm. His wife was found dead in her bed, ber face and neck showing tbe evidences of choking. It Is supposed that Mr. tawis and his wife had quarrelled during the uighl, as they often did, and that to quiet her he choked ber, but without intending a fatal result: that, ignorant of what bo bad done, be lept by her dead body till morning, then rose, and alter bnildlug a Ore called ber; that as she did notarise be went to the room, and seeing tbe awful deed be had comas It ted be was driven to suicide Tbe inquest on the bodies la in progress. Mrs. Lewis was about 38 years old. They had no children. Their ctrcunistancoa wero comfortable. A MnuiniK RARDojrro? Nathan K iit, convictel In the Court of Blair county, Pa , some eight years ago, of killing a man named Meloy, and sentenced to the penitentiary for ten years; has been pardoned by Gov. Packer. > a u ? * 16 17 I ? ai it ai ta ?? t .aa ta .30 na ao m # ao ti 43 ? ? n as U aa ? IS M Tsui 490 Ite oniBbfir <* 1?Hh? oonnM irtiA tho oorrmpoad fef wMka of 18M ud 18*0 ud of iMt wook <ru m MOW:' V?ak Mdln? JniyM, IBM. ao7~nwPWW< m - J?l? 38. law ftoorwM. H? nwUia rrom aoiui 317) Mly 14.1S60 < " r.hronle jm 443 eiVouU rantfta, *0 ao ' " erefe dieeew .<g?\' / fyn.iaaa. ? ?-hr?n?a:- *? . 4M - nterwU n?aM, %o 44 64 DAffTO. R no AVAN.Ctlf Iocpiotor. ttrt lawn 11 *m f>*r*rr?KTT. 1 N*w Tom, Jnly 31,1160 J |] TIM HoiiKiaysourg sionaara umju me prcrueai opiuiou Ib that smion, where the circumstances of the murder are known la, that Keist should have been made to serve out the foil term of his sentence, which im certainly a light M, considering the enormity of the ofT-nce. Ouw ? Mwjtvota.?It La Mid that Minnesota will export more grain this year than the total yield for four yovspast. Weekly Report of Death!, k the City and County of New York, (torn the 11th day Of July to thn 21st Uy or inly, 1M0. Ma, 81; women OA, buys, 118; flrla, 17'i?Total, 404. Adults, 140. youths. 18; children, 332. males, 260; female*. 337; colored persons, 8. deaths num Acnrn dhia Apoplexy 8 fever, typhoid 7 Apoplexy, nervous 8 Fever, tyybu* 1 Bleeding from bowels... 1 Hooping cough 8 Brooch Ill* 4 Inflammation of bowels... 2 Cbeiera 2 Inflammation of brain... .12 Cholera infantum 104 tuilammution of kidneys 1 Cholera morbus 0 Inflammation of liver.... 1 Colic 2 Inflammation of lungs.. .12 OoagtwlioD of the brain. 14 Inflammation of stomach. 0 OMgeelion of the ImiKl. 6 Inflammation of throat.. 1 OMvulslons, Infantile .. 27 Inflammation of veins.... 1 Croup 3 Inflammation of womb.. 1 Diarrhoea 20 Meaxlea 2 Dlpbtberite 4 Mump* 1 Dysentery ft Rheumatism 7.. 2 ptlepsy 8 Smallpox 2 Eryitpel** 1 Teething 4 l^ver, nervous 1 ? fever, scarlet 18 Total ..201 deatha nun cBRo?nr ououia *Wmw 1 Dropsy to the bead 18 Albuminuria and Rnght's Fatty heart 1 disease of the kidney*.. 3 H-arl, disease of U Anemia 1 Marasmus, adult 3 Aathma 1 Mara#tuu?, iufaul'.le 37 Ourrr 3 P?l?y 2 C1rrh<?la of the liver.... 1 Rupture of Ibe womb.... 1 OnMumptlon 47 (V.roftila S Debt Illy, adult 3 Ulceration of (he bow*!*.. 1 Debility, infantile 12 Ulceration of th? throat.. 2 Dropay ft Unknown 2 Dropay to the cheet 1 ? Total 159 Nil* rwnti utkkjai >?<rp nun oaths* hot Drauue rpow t*UM ?T1 OB **A.*>!? Amputation of thu|h 1 lnt?mp?r?noe 4 Ohaualttr* 8 RlUcd or murdered 1 By a Ml .... 2 l.'ii>? ronerea. 2 By being run over 1 Old 2 Cyanoeia 8 Potaon, by lailanum.... 1 Delirium tremena 2 Premature btrth 3 Drowned 10 Sufltjcatioo, accidental... 4 fraclu-e of the akull 2 ? ToUJ 44 MCAirrrurtios?clawwiv mm, joint*, fee ft Premtture birth. ...... 3 ratal and aerrea 9i Stomach, bowola and SMeratlve organ* 2 other lifealitre organ* 208 Bart and blood veMela. 17 Uncertain newt an'1, gene '.unfa. throat, Jkc 87 ral f.>vera 62 OM age 3 T'nknown 2 Mb, *c., and ?ruptlT? Uriuary organa 1 farera 26 ? Total 4M ?Of which 3ft were from violent cuuaea. kam Onder 1 year 20(1 15 to 80 year* 23 1 to Syeara 72 30 to ?v yuara 38 I to yeara 40 10 to 60 ynara 33 6 to 10 year* 17 60 to 00 yeara 14 , 10 to 12 yeara 3 00 u> 70 yi-ara 14 If to ]6 year* 8. 70 to 80 year* 7 It lo IT yeara 3 80 lo 00 year* 1 , 17 u 20 yeara 8 ? | 88 to 26 yeara 11 ToUl 403 AirrmaB. Br it lab America 2 I'rnaata 1 fafiaiid 12 Srotlaud 4 f Bn aiaay IV United Htat<* 338 Bolluid I Unknown 1 Ireland .......118 Weat Indtaa 1 kaly 1 ? TVital 498 , rrauo imrmaia AlMMboaae, Blkl'a Inland.. Nurwry and Child'* FloaBailovue Hoapital 18 pital 4 Otty Hoapital 4 Rand.tll'a Ulan I Nuraerjr City pru?n* 1 Ri*plt?l 2 Oolored Home Hoapital... 1 Roman Oatboli* Orphan ! Maod Hoapital 8 Aayium 2 Laaatk- Aarhim. Black ft. Tlncenfa Hoapital ... 1 i well* 'aland 1 Ward "a laland Kinigraut 1 S. T. Juvenile Aaylam ... 8 Hoapital 8 11 *iO? 1 17 It....,, 13 1 14 .... r. 3) The African Slav* Tr?d?. TO TVS EDITOR OF TUB QJCBALD. NKW YOBK, Jui/54,1M0. In reading your paper of to day I And an article oopl<*l from the Loudon Star, beaded "Tte African Blare Trad**," and prominent among the assertions which it sew forth I detect one in ilalica which reads thus ?" Add to this that the Pritish gov<.. nmeut, to which Spain has bound herself over and over again to put down the trade to Cuba, and which has actually paid Spain immense sums of money an a consideration fur such suppression, does nothing to exact the fullluii nt of this duty from the Court of Mad rid." "This ii unaccountable. The trade is carried on notoriously with the sanation of 4)>aio, the gnat functionaries of whose government and members of whose royal family uiake immense fortunes out of it." Not desiring to take ai.y notice of the. persoual insult cast upon high member's of my nation, I will limit myself to pro pose to the writer of the above article to produco voucheis. and let him at once publish then, and I shall do mysell the pleasure of refuting them with proofs fouudod on facts. I will ask him to publish? 1. The origin and cause of the abolition treaty. 2. When, Low, how much, wag Spain remunerated: and 3. Whit are tho proofs that the Spinish government favors the glare trade. As 1 fortunately posses* my ovn documents, I shall give them publicity, and tho publ.c will decide. Your obedient servant, A SPANIARD. Stampede of Prisoners. RKVOLT IN THE Mlt-SOCRI HKNITRNTIARY. [From the St I/>uis Keptiblirui, July 24 ] A derpatch to this ottice Iron Jelf-rson City states that about coon yesterday some forty convicts confined in the penitentiary made a simultaneous attack upon the gate of the prison, and sueceeJed in forcing it open and effecting IM MMpfc Twenty of them were recaptured, arid about twenty more are still at large. In the effort seven were severely wounded and throe were killed out'ight by the guards of the prison. Deputy Warden Ritchey, in attempting to arrest their nr.KiriMiu uua ultucloil l.v thn ridtiirirMiii i crn lliirmon and another prisoner. Tlicv attemoted to wrest his p*nol from bis grasp, and In Iho struggle it was discharii.'d, wounding Mr. Ritcbey slightly In the wrist. Mr. KutBvou came to Mr. K. k nltf,and succeeded in knocking down and securing Harmon. Our Informant states that the escaped prisoners will doubtless be recaptured, as guards and citizens aro otit in every direction. As might be expected, great excitement exists In Jelt'erson City oonsequent upon this bold, and to a certain extent, sucooaaful attempt of these desperado-is. Harmon, one of tho convicts in the revolt at tho Penitentiary in Jeflersou city yesterday, is a well known character In tbo criminal calendar of this city, an1 has l"ng been recognized as a desperado who for yours evaded the clutches of the law. Ho was oon vieteil on several indictments, burglary and larceny, and assault with intent to kill, being the chicf items, and his asrivttsed punishment in the aggregate amounts to between fifteen and twenty years. OK UL'NDKKD BOYS KKCAFKD FROM TQK BOCHBdrtR HOCSK OF HXKl'OE. fFrom the Rochester t'nion, July 25 ] We have intelligence just as we go to press that there was a stampede of the boys confincd in the House of Ro fuge thiN afternoon, and that aver 100 escaped. It is End that just after dinner, when the boys were in the yard, they pried open the revr gate, and about 100 n-.ched out, and took to the fields tu all directious lor liberty. This suden outbreak appeared to cause a panic in the Institution, and jiartially paralyzed the keepers. As the gate keeper left his post to hand seme kevs to the farmer, four boys look advantage and ran out of the main gate of the institution. Mr. Wood, the Sujierintonlent, was la th" city at the time this aU'air occurred, and knew nothing of it for sumo time after. Tlw boys left In the refuge were secured, and all tho employes cf the concern who could be spared started in pursuit of the fugitives. A messenger came to the city and called upon the police to go out in search of th1* buys. A nun-ber of the police aro out with buggies and on foot. A standing reward of ten dollars per head Is quito a- induceaent to people to turn out in pursuit of the run. away*. POLITICAL.. ATA MEETING OF THE EIGHTEENTH WARI) IWdependent Democratic Working Men's Political (Tub. held it Maitln ()>biiashn*?*y'?. 286 First lueuue, mi Wedne* day, July 1*. Mr. Thomas Htret:h was unanimously elected I'retldent and Martin O'Khoughnwsy Secretary. No Timber bi sines* of Impnrttnre nil transanal. and tbe m*?ilng ad jouroed. The next meeting will be held at the muh? place mi Wndnesday evening, August 1. THOMAS RTBETCH, Prealdent. ART!!* 0'8nArr.n*T.?*Y, Secretary. A. a .nr.r.iinu * 'r i n r. f PiMun ifr nr.!,I, a.11f Ksereit, lu the Ninth ward, held on the 25th July. infill, iUsolved, That kit membfn of the Amr-ncan party, we rrmg nlse a* an Important principle In our political fo?Krnmeut the ordinal purpose of on* organization, " Put Done hut Ame ricao* on guard." That we regard aa indlspetisahly ncea sary the residence In thia country for a period of not lew thnn ten years, or ertanded to twenty on# year*, the condition precedent to a vote or an oflice l>y torelgn born person*. That whUe we regtird M exceedingly liberal the ofl'er by the Douglas organization to share la the of tLat admiu Is'rallon If we unite with iheni, and are nitariil we reject U with scorn, If, with our acceptance of the proposition ia oon nectcd the Ignoring of that prlnciole which called car orgM.i tition Into being, rU: oppoaltlon to the influence of forelgu born peno&a iu our political affair*. C. K. ROrtRBBOOKB. Chairman. BRKCRINRIOOK AND LANK CKNTKAL CAMPAIGN Citib.?A regular meeting of ibia club will be held at the National Music Ifall, 765 Broadway, on Krlday evening, 27th lost, at eight o'clock. A full attendance by the members u requested. Bv order. OTf>1K>* J TCCKKR, President. J. M. Utwis, J a., Corresponding BecraUry. NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC BTATR COVrKNTIO*.The National Democrat* of the Plate of New York, who support the nomtanstions of John C Breckinridge for President and Joseph Lane for Vice President, are requested to cluiose one delegate In each Assembly district, to represent them In a Ntete Convention to lie held In the city of HrmciiSM, oo Tue* day, the 7U day of August, UtflO, at twelre o'clock V., for the pnrpose. of nonilnitlng thirty Ave candidate* for the oflice of Presidential electors, pled fed to rote for Breckinridgc and Ijine, and alao candidate* for Oorernor, lieutenant < irernor, Canal Commissioner and Inspector of Ktste 1'lisoo*. By order of the Nation.U Democratic Hiate I'ommlttee. JOHN A. URKR.N, J?., Chairman. M. McMaho*. Secretary. 8TH WARD CONSTITUTIONAL UNION ARD STaTR Rl?ht Association. favo??hle v> the election of Brec?mrldge ar,d I*ne. ?the memhfis nl the above a-sorlailon are requested to meet this (Krulay) eveeing. July 27, at U._ com m It tee rooms, 222 Hprins street, at 8 n clock. JOHN STRPHRNS, Chuinaaa pro tcm. W R. Rt-irrgt.*, NecreUirr pro tem. PnOTftoRAPHTC CAMPAION MEM U J? OF TnK PRRSIdentln! casdtdstes?Merchant* agents and pedlers sup Sl'ed st m innfarturers prl.'ea Agents are inikm< flO per ay. Samples sent oo reeelpt of 26 ceau. Addiea* AbboU Bros., Oeneral Agents, 742 Broif way. LOST A.\D KOL\D. ft AMR TO TUB PRKMI8**, ON Mult HAY JULTS-A \ ' large Orejhound, with a collar arttind nis neck, the owner can hare him by prov'ng proiierty and paying expense* If not culled for in three d*\?, at ti" K*ai Tiilrty ?< . jod str> si, in ibe srocen store, be will be sold to psy etpensea. FOCND-IN A TWRWTY KHIRH 8TRKKT STA<J?. OS 2T*h instant, about 6 P. M . going up town, a saull package of Dry Uoo4e The osrner can hare the sHme by calling at 17 Nassau street, room No.:'., ao4 paying for thia adr?? tli sseat. rf'HT.-?4?l I<OHT. BKTWKPN JOH* ANT> ANN J Sireet? MOB on Bank of N-w Tork, fail on Cukjn Bank. fUAou Meerantlle Bnnk. The (tnder will he il'ter-lly rewarded by Iravlnc H with Cnpt, (1, W WalUog, of the Hetecilre Police, cornet of Klin and Broome street*. T H. HAMfLTOR. J OUT?OR TITR RVRNTNO OF TT1E 23TH INST , IN IJ goie* from Thirty ?1i?h S'reet through avenue to Ihlrty lifih street, thruugh Ihl ty Bfsh sireet u> the Sixth a?enue cars, and lhene? np to Porlt -ecTenth street a laity's h'ue enamelled go.d h intini: Wsich (t'ourvoiaar, make'), with a (moll chain *tu?i he?i The finder will be liberally raw ,ird?d by rttutulng the aeine l.i ' >1 H?a I M Mud?ii Ua?. Lokf-cn friday morhino, JILT ?, un hoard lb* rran,?hlf Ureal Kwlrri, kn ename e?l Watfh wl h blr ekt'n rk*ra>i Ulichnl. fke flo'le will ha liberally icwaided by rtturnini the tame toPatnn A Co , S8 '*n?rt d Loht-a notk or fricklai?i>. bquhiw a co., dated New TnrlI. Ma* t. >*? . at * m nth*, for SSW *11 id not# won mailed al Sp? Turk for Boa?oa July 30, but M el h?. r?il?"l to arrive. All paniw ui hereby aotifled thai payment haa been at j r>?<l nNKlU.VI a WEI.'U, V Vemj Itreal. L0*T?OK WEnjR.'JDA* ATTKRWOOH, WIII1.K UOINO down hi Third i?t:w cara, fr-im 'kmi* t>Tm*h Barclay urret to furry. .. lad) f>.d chain link ?J Kruralet. <r?h claap. On r-tnrnlnc th- ?i.? to 112 Fifth ?tr>-?t th? uuder wlU b? ' am'JiMy leward'd LokT-o* THE EVRNIK<? Of TRIC ?Tfl, A WALL rnaael Trunk. In Twenty 'rwt, b-'iween Eighth ; kil l Fifth arenoee, or In Filth kvenak, beiwtm Twenty eeoiol and Twenty third ?treeie, I ii T. on eivl. A auluhie reward will be pul l for It by iearin* It wltk WllloU a *?e n ar, ?to 227 Weal Twenty t;r?t irtre.-l L08T-A LEATHER BaU. WITH THK. OWNKR 8 NAMR paated on the hotloai; w?a left in a Fifth arenue and Fill U n frrry otnnlbiia, which left Full >n ferry a f?w ntiamli F.Vrn o'elork yeaterray tnomlnc. (Thnredar *th > Area ' nable reward will l>e imid by railing <> i J. W Hradley. ItA i "hambera atreet, two d<*/*v *eat if IIu<h?>a River Railroad I L'^T?JULY M PART or A OOl.O CHAIN. WIPTI A ( l.'fkat ?tlark*d. rnntalnl t **gnmrrmA\ p*? 'if a V?? and Brl. A nnuhlr reward will k* *l'*r no Ha (whig raluriMd to It W*?t 1 wlflh air. ?, oom?r >1 nUlli a?*nj* STRATITD?FR<>H SMniKF. t S HoTRI. AT A HI.RM,1,< >.??(? taian*?A ? Mt? t?rrW . H V>j lull kaaahrtnll* j mart nrtr cm* *y*; kad t?> h'r collar nm whan la* aid n * ha* b??n altarad. Wknattir wl I wnm *%ld IV* In NnMlkat'* B<Jt*l or jlvw tnf rnnu.* ?h?r* k* <*n k* foind, hail b? HWalij r*wari?d and *11 <*hV|i pud. THK PUBLIC ARK . AnTIOHUn NOT TO NROOTT AT* onr rw*? >o 1 tJ<?, fatad ik* 17th .lulr, fonr mm.tfw, mtd? payable U> ik? <>nl?r of ouranWsa, at Ik* < k* alral Hank, th* am* kaTlnft krra lost. I. M. *IN<<PR A CO. Tnt FI. VISTTTF IX A MARIN* OOIRT SUIT, HAVING lnat ?"W of tk? papar* ?ith*rln a "li'h *T?n>i? oar or ! t,?r thf M-*h At?r, i* Iha flndar will ba auitably r* 1 warded <"*i rrt irnlna ihcm to M Broadway, rvm No. 8, Ufa I day. .1 oly If, Ml MATRIWO Wl A L i Al.APT. RI'JHTRKN TEA lU* Of AWK. PRKTTT AND a*r<Tfnpl?ah*<J, daalran iha e<v)ne|nUn<*> of a ??ntl?-mnn with \r?*w to tratrlni'r r: k* mi?t b* f "1 Inokl i? ami in Ifnnd b'iatn*aa Addr*** .liaiu I* W ? N?w T"rk fo*t oflte*. FRENCH APVKHTUKWKITB. ON I>RMAXI>R?T'NK |iKV<ilsKM.K FRaNCAMR. PR It k 17 an*, pmir anaalfnar ?t nr*< dra *nfrt d'nn* p?Ut? 111*. 1/no pr*f>r?r* nn? <j'il *ait on pan la mu*t<|iM at inl * *t* dan* 1* *n*i*r# r>fln*a Wadra?i i par l*wr* a<u , Initial** R. O.; txn .1.4M Pna flVa WATCHRI Ann JRWKLRT. AT HM P TII P.IR ?'< NT A PRW OOI.D WATI II1 . fr -n 116 l?> M"., a* gnm\ << n?w, *old 1 halna Av; anM in ?*T adfano** A.Itan- a n ir.da Wivh?a. kn ) II. BAJKlIN'JKrt, 170 Uroa!wa>-, rwm JS. ip ?Uir* * NEW YORK HERALD, F I BOAKPIMQ A?P UHWIlia j Amiaa kkivatk family, uwninu a houu, 1 pleaaanlly aiiiutwl up town, aouuunmf ?U the ! tn)proieaie*ta,ai>d having more room Uum they rw)ulr?, would I vnommodate two or three gentlemen with iil-uumilv f'?r i niabrd RoomM and partial board. Call at the third bona* above i I ; Thirty -eighth alreet, In Loiingum aveuue. AGKNTLKMAN AND VTIKRANK POUR HlNtJLK OICN tlrinen can obtain verr deairahle Room* wij) Hoird and ) | the comfort* of a home at Pei nn'a Hotel. No. 3 Albion plane, Fourth alreet. * A COOK Pl.KVRANT RKOOND Pt.OOR FRONT Ri>OM | to let, to ninult- gentlemen, by a family without nhlirtr* o; | rrm low. Ik huh* tp*cioua and well furulahe* ; ha< bafa, Ran. Ac. Apply utW Klith atreet, near Hecond avenue. Family private. , A i. A KGB FROST PARLOR ON Til* SBO'?ni) HTORV t ; to let. wlurBoard, to n gentleman and hia wife. Houa* in { ?"d neighborhood and uonven em Ui the Kuhth avenue eart. inner at 6; private family. Apply at ItW Weal Thirty-aeventh street, (Dr. Winter's!) j j AHANDSOMR FURW1SH8D FRONT ROOM ON KR- 1 cond lloor. to let, o a gentleman an i wife; aim*. Room# for single gen'lemen. with na* and lua and cold shower bath. References exchanged. Apply at I'M Kast Broad r?y. j ANKATLY FTRNIRHKD PARLOR AND HKDRoOM to tot, with or without Board and ua? of PUno The | ( hnuie has all the modern Improvement*. four door* from Washington Kt|uara. Inquire at No. 108 Waverley place. j AT NO. It CLINTON PLA*'B?FURNISHED APARTmenu, single Rooms or In nulla, with or wi'hout Hoard. | A handsome hi*it or roomr-skcond floor, to let, with lull or partial Hoard, in a first claim house: a reutleiiuin and wife < r one or two sluitle Kentieinen oould also re a< cotnmodated wltU oilier suitable Rooms. Dinner at 8. 1 ll) Ninth street. ?est of tad near tfroadway. Am tIKULE FRENCH URNTLKMAN KRRPINO A small House, well located, between Madison a<|U<x? and Fourth avenue. wishes to let a furnished Room to a ni-uttenuii, wlih or w thout par)lal Board; u*c of parlor and plana. la qulr* at 36 East Twenty fourth at. A GOOD CHANCE.?A km A I.I. FAMII.Y NOT WISH Injt to pay over fn per week In a reapectable, private family, can secure a Ro<>in and Bedroom, with Board; ">ath, Ac . at Stf> Kaat Forty eighth street, 30 miuutes l>y TlUrd avenue I 10 AaU r House. I A FURNT8HKD SITTING ROOM AND BEDROOM AT- , tached, to lei to a single gentleman, house private, h*nd- i 1 some and comfortable, Ac., at No 7 O atnercy p irk, in Twen tietb street, secjud dour from Fourth avenue. rtefereuoaa el I changed. A very HANDSOMELY WMMIP SUIT OF Rooms to let to a gentleman and lady (without fa-nily preferred,) with Hoard, In a private family resilience in Wcsirheiter oouuiy, nesr Ue city; eioellent bathlnr, boating, fish- I lug, Ac. parties must be willing to pay u liberal cash price. For par uvular* apply at 91 IJI>ert> street, up slau s. | AI.AROE FRONT ROOM ON THR 8ROOND FLOOR, j lie* > and handsomely iiirnl bed, U> let. without K urd, U one or i wo gentlemen Rem Of) per month. Alao, out for 97 per month. Ay ply at 102 Prince street. A FINE SUIT OF r ARLORR. OR A BIAUTTFlTi SUIT ' or Rooms over them to let, with Hoard, In a private famil> n the hue brow n (tone bouse 'J7'i Broadwav. near corner ot Fif ib avenue and Madison Kiuare. and second bloftk above Fifth Avenue Hotel; louitlou and room* delightful. Term* reasonable. I BOARD?COOL, I'LKASANT, NKAT AND CLK\.N Koi ms t\ ifh or without Hoard, aft on v>rv, iIm trim*, cat) be hut 1>y calling at 132 (jrand street. The 1 Jealion is central; a good borne, all O. K. BOARD.-*TO, WITH hoard, A LARGR, HAND""mi' Parlor, with eitennlon attached, on the first door; also two mm In Kooms, with bath and gas. Apply at 48 Cllatou place, Klghlb Kti'Ktu Board down town ?two single gentlemen, or a ccnUcmM and wile, ran be accommodated with a large pleasant Ko'm aid Board, Id a small American family, at 401 Greenwich street, one door from Beaeli. Board in ibroadway, between twiuth and Thirteenth streets? The best location In the city; house Brat class; possesses all modern Improrementa: an exoellent I table; dinner at 6 o'clock. Southerners are invited to call. Ap plv ?t 832 Broadway. Board wanted ?a plrabant furnished room, i with partial Board, In an agreeable family, by a young i gantlemau; location between fourteenth and Twenty eeond | streets and Fifth and Eighth avenue*. Address, with full particulars, T., box 134 Herald office. I Board wantrd-by two iinolr ukntlkmkn, j between Bl?eoker and Teuth street*, near Broad wav, a < prtvate family preferred. Address box i.x79. Pott office. Board wanted-by a young man, with a i pleaaim Room: a prl\ale family preferred, location be- J Iwon Tenth ami Twenty fourth streets, eaiit. Terms in^le- I rate. Address, with full particu ara, W., box 155 Herald odice. Board wanted-by a qknti.rm an and wikk. in ^ h plain quiet family wheri- there are no other boarder*. 1 w nh I nil or partial Board for the Keulleman. Addree*. with I all p'irtir\?L.ra and terms, which muat be moderate, H. M. K., I Herald otLce. Boarding, -on* or two marriid or single gentles en can obtain pleasant Rooms and Board la Krlctiy private family, at U1 West Forty second street. I ???????? i Boarding -laDins and children can be ao. j eommodated with Board by applying at 3M West Forty- ' fifth street, one door from Ninth avenue. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wife or a few single gentlemen can have good Rooms, with full or ; partial Board, In a bouse containing all the modern Improve ments. alao a few respectable young ladies taken. Apply at ' 13 Wo<?tcr street, nrar Canal. Board in brook'.yn-i? clinton street -a pleasant square front Room will be rented to a gemleosan and wile or gentlemen at til) per week. Also, two small Rooms, with full or partial Board. Board in brooklyn.-skvrral. nkwi.y fur- 1 niabcri Room*, in a Unit rlaas house with all tie modern ! Improvements, are offered by a email private family, with full 1 or partial Buud, house plcsssnily situated, relareooea req Hired. Apply *t 161 Clinton street Board in Brooklyn -a prtyATI! family offrr ' superior scccmmodatkms, with Board, to persons of re ' speetabfllly. Houae baa ill modern Improvement* location 1 unexceptionable. within three mlnu'ee' walk at Kouth or Wall street ferry. Apply at No. M (harden st-eet. ( Board in urooklvn.-a private family can $ accommodate two or three eenilim.-n with bwlsmuely * furnished Rooms. fifteen mlnuU-s walk from Pulton ferry, an t ore Mock from the Fulton Avenue Railroad. Addrew bo* 197 m Brooklj d 1'uat office. Board in br'>oklyn ?a suit or plkakant ? an'* well famished Rooms, over looking the citv asd t>ay 1 * of Ni w York, Id a first rlaaa bonne, good and b?aitky nrigli 11 forhood. an.! so.en mlii' tea' walk from the South l. rru-n to \ T let, ilnjrly or together. Willi sorreepondin* Board, on reaaona- ' Me tainis, lo a private family, No. 1M I'd ion street. Broiklyu. | ? L'URNIBHRD ROOM TO LKT.-A COMFORTAHI.Y FUE- ^ r nlsbed Room, mluble for two gentlemen. with separate . beds, at II 76 per week; or would be let lo one at $ I 90 Apply ? at 28 t.reenc it j J, Good and chxap lodoinqb-at thk olobk 1 llotel, corner of Frankfort and William street*. New ' iork. Term*, lb cents to ST cents per ui*bt. rooms from $1 to i W per week. Open all nijtht | ' HANDSOMELY FPRVIBTIRD ROOMS TO LET WfTH , J or without Hoard, lo a small private family. location , eicellent; every eonveulenoe. terms reaaouable. lallalllM f Kast Thirteenth street, near tferood avenue. V"OB. SS AND S7WK8T THIR1IKTH STRK> r.-OVE OR 11 two select families and two or tkree gentlemen ran uow be sreotnmodated a th fait or single Rooms. with full or partial Hoard, llouaa first cLiaa. References exchanged. PLE tSANT FURNIHHBLATT -T ASANT FINNISH ed or unfurnished Hooma. with or without B?*M. la a pleasant family, where the co?nforts of a home may be enjoy ed, house contains the raodera Improvements, and atnuu-d In a desirable neighborhood. Artply at 170 Weat Thirty slith street, ( etwren i-eveutlt and tughut avenue*. Privilege u( pracUo* on a piano. PFRBONH WlflniNO GOOD BOA RHINO PLACES TAN receive Information nratia respecting l<?-nlltv. stvla at rooms, terms, Acu at WORCESTER A OO. R, Ml Broadway, bank entrance Parties desiring reapertable jf<k*rdefB are looted to rt gisier their Hooma. No rbarge in advance. TO CUBANS, SOUTHERNERS AND OTHERS-OUR or t*o gentlemen ran be aroomm<?l?i?d wlih lar*?. ?lry i I and kauikwuly fnrnlahed Apartments In a bouae onntamttp M ! all the the mooem hepiereeseats, an 1 with a private Am'rr rae funlly, wh< re there are oo otker boarders; Innatl.m c?nI Iral snd rooienlent to rar and *Uce rmi'e. ael(hb'>rbood ijulat and (rented. Address !L E., Iferal i offioe. | ? . N roKNTi.rantN.-To i.rr, wtthoct board, to one or two fnUemen, a neatly furnlahed Room and larfe Psntry, whb nae of bath room, familv sinrtly jnr1.%ie; mom pleaeant an<! ermfortabla Apply at lit) Wast uoaka street, corner of Manlouffai. 1'WO OR*TLKMRN OR A 0KNT1.RM vN AND i wife ran have vary hxiwlaome aee<imm<idali n In a pmate ' f<?r'ly In Weatrhesier eoonty, distant from the citv iS in in lies I i" by lh? New Harm R?l)road. tJood flahlnr. bs'hins, hoatlnf. ) f?b|ln?. Ae Frtee fin each par waek. Apply to it. B.. Si i v.. Liberty street, up stairs. i i. TVO SINOIE OE?ITI.KMFN, OR A 0RNT1 MAN AND *1 wife can have vary han isrm e smmnorUuon In a private n fumlly In Westchester connty. distant from the citv 4S vlnutea > b? I be New Raven Ballma<l. (food lishlnc bathlnc. boatimr. stsb'tiic, kr Price flO each par week. Apply to B. B. '91 "f Ubsrty street, up stairs. lb __________________________________ nS fTHE WANfHIWTFR UOTRI. CAN TANK A fit* M'iRF U X heard ere This la one of the finest mountain place* in m, Vermont; air pure and eool A Ureas or tele*rapb lo Dr. Ckas. F. Orrta. Manchester, Vermont. 0I] r O S1NOI.K Pl'RNmntD Room TO I.KT. WTYTl " breakfast and tea, in the third story at house 11 Went Twenty senmd street, near fifth even tie ? - I 0? rpo i.rr -* jrim tiALt brdroo* to urr. to o*r. "> 1 or two panroa, furnlabfti or aufurnlahed. Ap>lj it 3k* Bowery I WA?Tfl>-BT TWO OKKTT.*?m? (FrtJPKMTS). A ll well f'ltnlohed Ronm. with full BnaM; kwitloo between , Pprlne aixl Twenii>th m eete ail Fin* and Herenth araneen. 1 rrwBp'riwI for the two. Addreea Student, MaUoo D. v Bible II).IMC. HI 5no*I> RTRKKT-ROOHg TO MIT, FCRNUHKn OR "" uafuntebed. vo?cntl??*j. ^ Q PKItRT WRKKT-riVE POOBS FROM ORRRNWrt'TI ? i7 aren'te.?Ihree eparete Fnrtilnherl Rnome, wtih or wHh ' out Board, to let, between Tenth tod Klerenth (treeta. 8VPT BI.RTmrrn BTBRHT, THICK DOOM FROU ?" Broadway - Handamely fnrilehed Room*. mi the wn?l i n4 third floor*, to let, lo genUMwea, with or r thmit partial ? _______ no OBFK*R RTR1BT -FURHISHBD ROOMS TO Mf k ^lU tofeettemen, with RreahfM* If reqnlrnd. Ron at fl $1 76 to W per week. The horue haa a fine yard, gaa, Ac . aad Or towryqulet pl< ilQ MORTOW RTR1CICT R?TW*RK ITT PRO It AWT? eta X O Bert font atreeta ?A few Untie gentlemen rata be as He onnmraMed with plea?I inn? had Hoard; family n II Reference* eirhan*e4 Jj fl(\ I1AMMORD STRKKT, BK?R FOCRfll-R<>ARI>. fl yu I TUD'Til > r tr?n?i?n* ?-*n ie oM*in- 1 In l?r*? alrr ?i Hnrrn>?, M a mode a honee, eoarenlent to ran and ?a*ae to tbl the ' ? n in?,, f*rr ? de 7Q R ST FOURTFK*Ttl BTRRFT. JtKtR 0!?tOI? r I ' ?|ti*re ?F irnMiH R" " ?ia t ?le ??nt em?n. to let. nfth ?f without lt ?ard. aa r*ni"? m?y r? 'eMrc DlnoT at 1% Term* moderate. Befcreote* ei i*i <MHi to RID AY, JULY 27, 1860. _____ _ BOAEDINO AID LODOINO. .,_n'rr., mWAVERLET PLACE, BETWRRN WA8HIMQTOM square and Sixth avenue ? Kami'tea or aiugle n mod can be genteelly accommodated with permanent or l <i. riant Hoard. Strangers visiting the olty would do wall to o 1 Ml abora. Uouae newly furniahad. inn east TWTcirrnrrH htrret betwern first 1?'0 and l-eoood avenues.?A private family will lot to a gentleman and wile or two aingla gaaM< tt>en, a furuiah <1 Boom, wtth Board, In a brown (toot front booaa oontaining the modern lmprovementa. *aa, bath. Ac. Reference required. COUNTKV BOARD. BO-RD1NU AT CORNWALL, N. Y?THE STANTON Honre can accommodate a few more tint claaa tioardera with food airy Hiaima and an eicelleut Table at m?<lera rharg?p. The bonne a located on the we?t >-ank of the lluds 1 river, half way between Newburg and Weal Point, acoeaal by the 1 liomas Powell, whl'h leaves font of Jav a reel it l'? V M. every day. Stages will be at the 1 at*1 log ror the ac o n uiotltUor of travellera. flueau coming u> live Stanion 11 ?im will pltaae look out for Impoatora. who are ever realty t > rapote on *trHii|era. Full satlsiaction given or no charge n a<le for the nrat two dura. For further partlculara Inqii ? of MAM Fl, BONKLL. Esq , 1M Fiout stree', or to OBOKU* P. 8TANTON, Proprietor. -OOARP AT ROCKAWAT, LONO ISLAND, IN A PRID Tate family, cood living and aplendld aea bathing. CjtnmvnloalUm by rail, atage and boat four or five Um?a dally. Apply at 831 Broadway, near Twelfth street. Board on port lee ukmhta-in a private fan ily. Terma for aingle boardt-ra, fS per week BoUa leave at 7 and 8W A. M. for New York. Inquire at No. 2 King street, and of the captains of the Port I ce boats, loot of Bprtng atraet, New York. A. W. DELAFOUK. BOAKU WANTED ON STATKN ISLAND?TWO ORN tleuien are desirous to ol'tain partial Koird In New Brighton or In the uclghborlioo I of it. Ti-rtm moderate. Address A. and V , boi &U6 i'oat office, New York. mrHTKY lt< i A Rn ?wxri i , L \I mm . ivviu \J nmdated with Itoa-d for the summer at k farm bouse near I/wg Hrancli. half a mile from KhrewMiary river. where ueamlrfwts ply dm y, ami quarter of a mile from Rattan an.t Delaware KaflroaU depot. Reference given, anil Inquire of Capt.ll. il. Parker, steamer HlghUud Light. C10UNTRY HOARD AT CORNWALL, ORANQKtX) , N. J t.?Four pleasant and airy Room* to let, with Hoard. In a private family, only 20 minutes' ride from the Undlpg. hou^e new IsM dimmer, w ith accommodation* for one or two horau* and carriages. Address Chs*. II. Mead, (Virnwall. (lOCKt KY BOARD.?A WIDOW, WITHOUT FAMILY, J bating a pleassnt'y lorited bouse, three quarter* of un hour's ride lu ihe Now llaxcii rare, can nocimnaodate three pi isoi s adh Hoard. Address Mm. 11. K. M, Mount Vernon, Weatchestcr on . N Y.. or inquire of Mr. Alvord. No. I Parle place, between 3 and 4 o'clock P. M., office of Dry Goods Reporter. ClOl'NTRY HOARD AT QUARANTINE LANDINO ) Maten Island.?Single geutlemen aid gentlemen and Ibelr wlren can he accommodated with Hoard In a private fa mjhr. #ve minutes' valk from the ferry. Inquire of M. c. YEN RYt'K, 140 William street. ClOCRTRY HOARD ON DAVID'S ISLAND, ON LONG J Island Sound, oaar. Mew Hochelle.? 4 few select famine* em he accommodated for the leaatw, Com rn tin ioa 11 on o the city by railroad and steamboat dally. Apply W> GEO. W. DAVlItR 1J7 William itreet C COUNTRY BOARD AT NRW ROCnRLLR.-MRS. HADJ DKN ha* * few desirable Room* yet disengaged, at tbe Pavilion, New Rocbelle. It Is within five minute's walk of the depot, and for the comfort* of a summer retreat unsurpassed FAMUIR8 WISHING BOARD IN THR (*>UNTRT CAN be accommodated by nuking application to Mr*. ANN PORT, Heliport, Long Ishuad. Terms moderate. HIWMKH REgOHTH. Atlantic house, Op poette Town Park, NEWPORT, RbODK ISLAND. This elegant ami rapacious Hotel, ranking In the first order of summer eelabliihuiruta, re'uriuabed and etnbelllabed Uio- , rough I I* now open for fte season. It I* the Intention of the Dew proprietor to so conduct It that It shall near favorable com <aii*on with any house in the coun try. william NKWToN, Proprietor. BKAL'8 HOTEL?TOOL'S MINERAL SPRINGS CHELses. Maine ? Ihla new and magnificent Hotel, thoroughly furnished with every provision for the comfort of Its guests, ail! be opened on Ine ID b lost. The waters of this spring prasee* the highest medicinal virtues of any In the country. Attached are bllUard aaloona, howling alleys, livery sublet, rolling lake, Ac. Tbe vicinity attord* ample attraction to the ingieraiiii spoilsman Carriage* will be found iu readlueeeat tiigusta and Gardiner, four mile* dlaUnt, lor the conveyance if gueais. WM. L. WHITE, Agent. t'liBLMci, Maine, June 4, 18*). Belmont hall new briohton, b. i.-a few deairible Hooma are new unoccupied, suitable for famlllee Ad single grntlemen Ferriage reduced to live ceuta. &I.KNFIDA LAEE. -rOWLRR'S OI.ENRIDA LARR, t'armel, M. Y., tlfty one miles from New York by Harem Railroad, four miles from Lake Mabopac, new house, lew fundiure, rooms airy and convenient, boat* free U rueeU; Uvery stable attached; lake abound* with ilsh E1>W;N FoWLKK, Proprietor. La tccebtte house, birorn roiwT, n. /.-boats for this faverlte watering place leave pier No. i North iver at K and US A M and i^uil SS P m , from Barclay Arret at ,0 A. M. aed 4*, P. M. Uv immediate application a 'ew fsmly Ko-nns may be engaged Ample accommodation 'ur tranafcut boardei*. WESLEY W. HILL, (formerly of l*farge House.) Proprietor. IARR MOHROAN HOI'HR IB NOW OPRN FOR BOM J nier Hoarding, situated four inlle* east of Peekskill village, WestchetW county, one bour and a half ride from the city by lludeon Kver Railroad. Mountain air, drives and bath* ig. makft It one of the moat desirable l<?atioua to be found lor famllM* who purpose going In the country. Address A. W. Hslmer, IVeksklll l'oat office. Nf'tTRaND HOUSE, BAND'S POINT. LONG ISLAND, has lieen greatly enlarged, improved aid newly I or ?i*ted, ant la now complete awl oten, I* twenty m'les from New lorfeclty, per steamer I .nog Island, leaving James slip a 4 P M -cn? and a half nonr'* sail Dludn^ bour at t P. M. Rsturatngi arriving tn wnrn at 9 A M B. B. NOKTRAND Proprietor. i rt'.IA* SOTSE, LONG BRANt H -TlIK KTE4MRR# \J IiIOH'.AN D LI< II I and IAjHH IK ANCK ply dally roes Robtnan street. North river. For time of starling ses (ally lime* A. H. IUGUKKI T, Pr<?rl?tor. jea batiinu at loro branch, X j.-thr allb3 gbany Looa* la nnw open for the reception of visit ITS. 'bis bouse b 'H autlfully dtualed at tbe* of tbe Dele* rare and Rtrltan Ray Kallr-*d, bavins a fln? view at tbe rean ard eirroundlng oouutry. Famlllee taken oa reaeog. ble terms- m. WaRDLh I"ro?>r?Mne JPICTAL IfOTICR ?THR HOCBF. f?F MRH rAPTAlN 3 J'wlab N?ter Is now open to rrcelve ab< ut tweniy It i?nlre It la irwly and elegantly furnlabed. w<tbiu Arte a ml utee' tide *> the <a-ean. ihe prltllegrs for are ery feat lorsee snd carriages at aay m"m?-nt Term* roni >3 to I* per week. Addreee Mary A. Foster, (Juogue, . ^ing I?land CLTI.ITE HOCBK, 11TT1.K HILVKR, FllRRWNHl'RT, T* K J . no lb* Uhrewabury rlrer, fronting the eea. ha<ljgroiirwt?, bathing. ahootlag, tiahing. crabbing aad aelllag. m?ioalle.1. admirable eport for paruee dealrtng a few laye nj >yaent. Unlet aoraumadaUona (or Mlw hi ! children, lelaaare and Rartlan Hay raJJ/oad, leare fool of ^oiiiaoo lr??Utf?f Uam a day. TIlAVKH 4 KONEd. rvoonuinc oottaok. high B#!noK.-nKu*Tirin, VV aeenrr?. cool air. popular reanrta. rwavmable prim ttentire a altera and a aplendM rtew of the brides. steamer* \rri hour (nan Peck Klip and Tenth au-eet, eonnecilng with leamrra at Harlem bridge and Third areii le cara Through are o?ly It tmia. K. K. niTTrtMit TIIK KIIIKMKN n * ftrn iAt MKCiimi' r Hurt H'?<k cotirAKr, rV No. 90 held at the c.rr.ajre bona*. "n Thnratay, July M, Ml lbs folliw irg preamble a?<l reaolutloaa were uiianmoua t a<l"j.te<l ?Whereaa. it haa iileaawit the H-ipreme Mem* la 11* InAulte wiadom. U> rwum from oar mMat our late wruii at brother member t Thomaa On? ara>. while In lb*'lit large nf hi) duty a* > fireman, lereired auch Injurtna aa ra n it.' [i bu teaib Ar.1 wherwea. th? r?are< t WW MtartolMd : 1 - ! i* an eiMreaat<m of niit fe*llng? to hia MBkiry andermnaihy far t>M relative* for their Irreparable a. Thci ef'irt* be it Be*>l?ed "hat. In ihe anddeti ralairitr which baa deprived ?lg eompanrof nne wb<s by hla gehtleneaa of manuwr and Ind (Mapot.iian. had erxlea'el blm to >( by the tlea .f fellow liip, we alnr*r*)jr m urn the b?a of our l.eln?e-1 aaauelawi, bo, In th" nt'lat of hi? natfulncaa and In the aprlug time of fe, la Ihua #id?leiilr Mrlehen diww liewolif.l, rhalae -leeplr ympathla* wtih lila reUtlrea In letr berearametit. and command the mourf>*ta for rooeolaiti to the rare of ' Him whodneih all th>ng? well ' Revolved. thai we at lend th'e fune-al la a body. and eitead i Invlia'tonto the Fire Department In general Hewol'ed That we wear the uaual badge of mourning for trty daya Hi aolred "hat a copy nf the above preamMe and raanlntlnna I iranemltud to vt rvlatirca. and publlahed In Um Herald, ew lark Mcreury and l*a l?r PKflS fOPPF.Rfl, JOH it r K ?' >' K V, JOHN Kflt'SK, (VimmiUee. RIi HAKII OKRAOIfTT, MATHItW KI.I.1M It A KPRt'lAK Jfftrn.VI or TH* hoard or RN i. glneen ami roremen. he'd at 1r>'inen a Hall, on Thiire y ereti ng Jnlt W Hi' following preamble aad rweolirml were iinanlBi' ?i?!y adojitert ? W her eta the great dtapenaer of human erenta baa ?aw fit. In ?tr.a< n?ab|e wlailom. t<> rennne Iront "<ir mulat In th? prtiwe d rigor of life, mtr comrade and fel'ow Hrenur Thomaa n. late a member of llopw Ilia1 I'ompanv No. V) and | k'reea thla axdden an<l uneti eetet ere ,1 ralla for awnw . |.r*eawa nf o>ir foellnga and our aympa<bl*e, therefore 11* Reanlred. That while we reengnlae In the mehwhelr death onr late comrade the work ng of Ilia will, ' win >1 oe?h all . lnga welL" we hare the aa<l aetiafwilnu of pointing to hia 1 m* *Nh prMr a* fnrmtng of the kmc H? of ibnae who it? fallen In lh? r1iart?riie ot their ( iitr. J? Tbat to hia relation* and 'rtenda. and a'wt to tha mhera of It.lloae t'ntiu ?njr ho fO, we ofl *t our h?ul It aTTnpathk-a. and while *e ii. !r i;le t.*?ther 'inr t??r *rxt ir aorrowa Mm would hiimbl p-itnt m the rre?i Hnm of our Wrt*tx-e m * arm/'-# of cnaaHaUon ia ihi* i'ir mitnal he *\ etnetit. RranHe.1. T>i?( wr r'anxrtf nil rwnitaW the B'inSwi of the rfcma fire tvmipanlea tkmoahnnt tfie rlij u> atUnd KM f'l 1*1, 'in Fnaday. tVih mat , without miu -<r *namr'% u<l , Hi U><- 'U'Ul '>adae <if m nirulna *>e worn f <r Unrty <iaja Keanhed, that Ua Kirmnl Plr?m*ui Aae l<m ?rd of TfiX^M iixl Cr mml? Iwn M l?w Wrw Tuf* M ulmrii, he reep?y*fnll? renoealed1 < MSa <rkh na In atn.|in? 'he funeral of otirt-ieljr ' ei? ar^l heo*i??>r, and th?t f> < "biaf Rn(1n??r dlreet the firm alarm 1*11 In he Willed diif '.be *>!' tut>iU>?. kern'rad Thai the fhlef and R??.rd nf Rnrloaera vt aa iraha a thai the line form ht " mx-mnoa ry Kaal Hrtm-larar. ht mainc on 1 h.itham hjimi* anhp^W >*ad*?e an-l '40 ra' IrMnueia dn.ped. al one o'r'o k t. * K^aol-ed Th>> a xnpv of >h*?r r<-w<|ittiona, d*il? an'heiitl ted. le forwarded > ihr rel-Ufa <* ihe rrri?a??d ami that ? ran" b? pahlMied br 4trr' t"ii nf th* *?< r?i?rj !;? i>K>'KKh < hi?f fcnjineer V R W. rntaaridL^^Harv IhmWV MUIUKHHi n>r Hoard nf fi.?lnew^%m ir??t al ihei- rnrena 21 ftllM lb Hid, ? Ruiida?. Mh ln?t .at II . <l'?*k. Hr order IIRTKRK. < mrf Knoneer. HOTEL! I.RIOH HOTKI^ MA HI'lP'uN TKXK1 iHiKDKH ?? L <^*r1e?. two blonka fr?tn H?rlk "f ih??*~at IU?? '? lod >maamodMJona for trMabMl or iirm*n?<il noardrra PMBiit Md well furnlab^t rmm. In ?<ilu or ?in?'e a il # ?!* married or rin?l? Mnllemen. Mk> of h thu. (aa, n'?vi *e , *ra and ear* pa?a Uke dunr < h ?ee #?? Hran lira anrl (t*r?. l.\?M?KT. rrop letor ?or*TH avkwcr hotwi^m **i? sit rorum arrar*. hetven T?et ly hi*d ? I T?< ntr f?mrti? a?r>"** fnlUe* nr fenilrmm arenma <4a?ed wit* h--nda ?me Ik or w thont Hoar t Mraea-" rtaatlna iIk rH? wll #*xi ? lufcrt and dealrai le mnvptng i>laro Terma ?wry ttv rata. rrtfwiBfi nor** i? ri.a?n, riv* I 'lo?'f ?rat of nroad* a; 'ip> n tfee * - * P' " <t-an \ ralnth* n|j wll, f|,<t tkia k- ? r*r* d-*tr^'>l.. h- n* l-im j rno ih frr in |!?r?,t ? y In >>? waile K la i*mr?oi?n' ail i?e piarea <A aoi^muM, ihr*?ta* A* I ALU AT AUCTION. AJMO. T. Ht'KOKtrORD * OO . AVCTIONKEBB.. MAOJVIFICKNT HOUSEHOLD FUBMITCRK AT FUBUO APCTTOW. he property of Madame I* Grand ville. ifcla day, KRIDAT, July 7, 1)4 " c ock preelaely, At the elegant residence, 70 West Tweu'y auth 'r n*.' Hhih rrnuc. being the largest and rirhrat aaaort Mnt of Household Furniture and Worta of Ait offered at auction tbla wmuu. The Furniture waa nil made to order for the pr*?-it owii.t, to tbc rel*hri?u*i cabinet makers. Weil, Week* A '<>. ?n < . of the be?t ii. ? Descriptive calalogue* at the houae on iLe morning ol aaie Via.:? M^e ? ven ! Te l'iiuii foi te, , _ ' Elegant Drawl-i? Mr>m Suit* iJroi . r i nd ormolu Chandelier*, Velvet Mwlallioa arp>-'.a, Fier and uj.iutel Mirror*, .. Hrocade and laoe < 'urlalnt, Oil lull. 1 .>,*. VD('kvln|[*, Diviiden and H.-vre-china \Vaca, Koaew.oi humhnr Furniture en anile, Oak Dining jlocm Furniture, ( hiua. uUtWHnd , var Wire DRAWING Hot M. Mag r Ml cent rrtewood Ptauaforte, carved Ieg4 and c**e. In laid with i eail. solid peai I key*, overstrung b iu ilnt-d w-th si Innood, made by liroadwa.v makers, fully guarantee*', been in life four months. fullv tested l>v competent judge* ai.d prowuui i .1 u tupenor lusliuinent, rosew* d 0 inter bury, do t-bail covered IB orocade, Preach cloth Cover, f^ ll.aik case hit.1 Ketr.ury, Euculgneura, liuly'a Work T?Wa and Writing Peak, french plate pi. r Mirror*, m?rbl<? *1 >1. ?n I bracket*; two large tnuutel Mirror*, r cbly curved f.ames; enibioi lered lace Cuitains French hades. < 'oruice*. iwu wag nllii eiii aiuia loaning Room Furniture, covered in three u.i lored butin brocade of tbe riches'dcicripU.i i. c?r?,..| m - M rosewood; two tete a tcte bofiia, two arm, two reception and eight oval back , hair* t? < roaeword Centre fables, Hntuhry marble tops, to match 'he suits; Kle^erss, liued with Miiinwinal, marble top, mirror do rsau.lbac*. rtclmii a >aav < luiii*. I'ier. Curd an.l Ou.trteti.' altl..a n Paintugft, by I .e grand, Tola. lum ui, Kinwl. SePeiea, Kg n? and other eminent artists, Assumption of Virgin Mary, f rom the celebrated painting in Iimvir. Paris, Storm ui sen, by Kinger*a;;le; two auperh match Painting*; nieetvood HataUnu Ch.ors to match, Oilcloth. Stair Carpet*, Rod*, Ac. chambers. F.ugllah Brussels Oaricts, rotewood marble top d resting Bureaus, Bedsteads and tViinmodes to mafh; toilet Table*, kbutins Stand. Rockers. Couches. itrm aiul oval hack Clmr* covered In moouet; spring and hair MaUu'Mim, Iieditpre.ida, feather Beds, Bolsters. Pillow*, oval Mirror* pastel Palntlnga, derornled china Toilet*, bro-atel nurtaln*. Ac. I'pperclnm be r*?Mahogany and black walnut Bureaus, Sufaa, Rocker*. Wiflteuodft. PINING BOO*. Hert* dining Table, Couches. arm < 'bairn, elegant seta cry* tal awl ruby l?la**ware, Decanters, OoMela. Wines, Cham Bsgne*. I.emonac'es, Tumblers, fruit, cellery and preserve Utnrin, linger Bowl*, ruby Parian MMt PnnehtiowU. ruby ard gold li<|Uor Seta, gold band dinner and richly decorate.I tea Sets, 44 piece*; solid silver dli.ner and ten Seta, Hilverwvre, Cotlee Urn. Castors, Cake Baskets, Napkin Rings, KpiKitia. Fntka. Ivory handle Cutlery. Alan Basement and kitchen Furniture, Stone, Iron.'l'ln and Woodeawnre, copper Ute nil la. Ice Pitchers, Salvers, Ac. N. B.? Strangers wisoing to attend this sale, by taking the Rrotdway, Klttli and Sixth avenue stares, at Antn* llouae, St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels, will bring them within a few doors of the house, corner of Twenty sixth alieet. ALBKRT STF.VBNS A CO.. Al'CTIONKKRS. OU.ce aud Salesroom No. IHj llroadw a>, corner of Reade treeL COSTI/* UOITSKHOM) FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, This Pay, Fhidat, at 10 o'clock, At the private residence of the Rev. lir Stow, HO West Fifteenth street. between SUth and Seventh avenues. The ?aln will be peremptory and positive, on account of the Ooctor's departure. Partic* in quest of Ilrat class rose wood furniture, will lind this an excellent opportunity; part of the fti'nitu'H was made in I'sns; the Parian Marble anil Brouze Ornament* are the collection of forty years gathering. and will amply repay any person who may attend the sale to Inspect them. catalogues and carrta of admiasion can be had at our counting room. Magnificent rosewood Piano forte, suites uf elegant rosewood furniture, ro si Axmtn ster Carpets, pier and mantel mirrors, brou/.e Chandeliers, rosewood Hookcase, part of IJbrary, Ac , Ac., Ac Drawing Koom*.?Costly rosewood pianoforte new la A fall, was made to order, pearl keys and inl'id, overstrung basa full ir.w f-ame, with all the modern Improvement*. oousi'ered by com peient judges to be the finest ton" d Instrument In the c'tv; three Hill* o 1'arlcir furniture, covered ? ih s.uiu broc itel en n*..n, sold and blue; Tetc a tetc Solos, Armchairs, ova) luck Parlor Chairs, Carpets, Ktegeres, Bncoi/rueurs, rosewood Bookesse and lady's Escritoire; rare old Oil Paintings some of which have been in the family over one bundre- years, pier and oval Mantel Mirrors, lace and bro-a el Curtains, parlan marble and broii/? Ornament*, thl-t.v day marble Clock, itilling hooat ?Oak Kit- nslon Tsble, in perfect order; o k Bullet, ! with plate f lass doors and back; dne Table Cutlery, all silvered; French chins Dinner Set of ISO piece', oeooraled china Tea Bet, sflvt r Tea Set Csster*. Kng''th cut tllaasware, Crockery Ae. rhaas <era ? Rn suite rosewood Bedstead. marl>ie top Dressing Bureau. Waahslaud, eliina Toilet rtet, Commode, cnrled hslr MaUresaes, leaihsr Pillows, BolMera, Hxiasels Csrpeta, Clock, Mirrors, Ciuiairs. aoHng seat Cha rs. Umnges aud Kasy Chairs. Kockera, beaiuiiul. Baby Crib. Bird ana (age. In the third and fourth stories a-* nine moms, all I funilsbsd w?ih Cari>etlng. mahogany and walnut Bedsteads, I Itnrautoi hair Mattri aa#a. leather Uinta Klll/tii-a - Ct^l* Carpets, ?o<la. Hall Hat Stands. *j. Alan, Haarmi'nl mid Kitchen Farnlture at the commmcemenl of the sue. N. it.? Hale poaillvc, without retard to boa or rata. AfSTONKK'S 8ALE OF ELKO A NT ROSEWOOD PAR LOR, DIKIIfO ROOM AND NURSERY FURNITURE, ink magnificent BRONZEB, HTATTART, PAINTINOft, Ac. Tbla day (FrldaT). Jtilv 77, at 10K o'clock, J. W. FORTKR A 0(1, Auctioneers, Will aetl, without reserve, the l>*Miful Furniture eonUlned , In the elegant residence, No. 213 Fourteenth s.reet, weat of Klghth avenue, all of which waa made to order, and la llrM ela*a, consisting of magnificent rosewood 7W octave I'Uno l forte, three elegant full suits soltd rosewood rurnlture, m ute to order by Haatz, of Broadway, all covered In rtob French brocade; superb rosewood Ktegnrea, style Ui'ila XIV., in.ide by Ktevens, sta'uary and mosaic U>p rosrwood Centre and Pier Table*, made by MaxroU of Paria. magnificent mantel and ' pier Mirrors, with baae talilea and ooroicea, silk and lace i Curtains Card and Hofa Table*. Turkish l<ntinges, with Vol 1 talre Chairs to mau h; rtwewsod Reception ('bairn. magnificent I lava and agate Vaaes, rich china mnot.-l Ornnmcnts, bronze and niaible Qroopa. rollrcllou of Klegant Oil Pointings, .-m | bracing auclent and modern paintings, by Huntington, Oil*. [ and other eminent artists, Kiisilah Carpets, superb chamber i Furnllme, OoShic rosewood ltedkt?a<ls. marble Lip dressing Bureaus, WaabaUndt, rosewood Armour, with French rimes \ dnnrsi Krcnoh Louocea, arm ajul roitue Chairs, or 4 Mlrr ora, bronze Clocks, Csndrlsbras. large flair Matlrease*. ?Muerb Re<ls snd Bedding. Chcval (llssses. elegant mar Me P?d*?uls, surmounted with bronze figures; dressing ami to let Tables, rich Preack Cain*. full art ruby engraved ll.iasware, lie canters, Wines, Champagnes. tfc.bleta, liquor Sun,Is, water BottUs, linger Bowls, elegant Silverware. Ice Pitchers. Salvers, Forks, Spores, CssWirs. Urns, Ac.; Ivory and other t tble Cutler]. superior Kitenalon Table, with oak Duuug Puruitura, f ale positive, house lo lot. ASSKINKK'H BAI.R?OOLD AND NtkTRK WATCH MR, Jewelry, Ae.-CHANHKRS * FAIKCUIM). Auctlua eers, will sell, on Friday, 27th Inst., at 10 o'clock, at 111 Brad way, corner of Dey street, eecoad floor, a Iwge quantity uf flue gold aiid stiver Watches snd Watch M<>rein?-nts of eel* | 1.rated maker* fine gold Jswelry la all Its variety for gentle I ineua U>1 ?w aucb aa llroncbea and Itropa, Hracw l?U. Dttk an.l efcatalalne Chatna. UirkrU, Uuka Baada. HfuUrm pHw?, Rloga plain and Mooed, alao, fob, raat, nark ' and ffuard Chaina; Ulnn. Plna, Ac, for gf%Ut man's wmr. Aimo, two Jawelry Iroo Htlea, Ac IHAAC BCDUHIO, Am me* ACtTIOM NOTlCR. ?M RT R< IPOI.I T A N FrRVITURK Ripreaaaad I'anklng KaiaMlabment. Vn. ? Varlok ?treet and Koa 36 and S7 K iii* ?rwt lio'iwb--I I furniture if erery ' derrrluUon t.oird and ahlpLad to kl| p?rt? of I ha country, Furniture. 1'ianoa. Mirror*. Ac., belonging tofamilies rein <ra.| with I be err* Mat cara and leapatrh. atngle and tlmib e fring ' wagons at eithrr of Ilia abora namnl plarea, day or ul*bu i Storage for furniture. TIIKO. t)OLI?HMf IB. Proprietor. AUCIiOM ROTICR-Bl'RNHAM H FITRNITURR K*. preriard Furniture Parking Katabll?bm?et. Ill and 113 VM Kleren'b atraei. between Flfib aud Huth avenuea ? Ilnuaabold Furdltiii* of arerr dwli.tioo boiad and ahlpped to all part* nt ll?a world Ptario(..itea, Mutuary, I'binaand (?laaaw?re cararu ly parked and mo .-ad, large four bonui wuihj for tlMi rrmovaJ ui Furuiture to ihe country. Storage for Ktiralt'iro. AUCTIOM KOT1CR ?m. c. port, AOCTIOKKRR _ i Oray H'-mr. Light Fipreaa Wagon ami llarn-aa --KS.RA I W Dl.< , JK . will aril on Halurday. July H at II o'clock, at an W"?. M Cedar (treat. <>pii wtte the pn?i ..(lire a Una tmh gray Horse. U kaoda high rnng and a ?n>i traveller, warranted aound. kind and eontle 11 all barncaa and una quailed aa a Saddle bor?* Alao. a light Kipraaa Warm with lop, nearly new. and a bandaoma tilrer plated aliiii:>> Harueaa To be sold without rrmrrv to al<iaa a concern. Attra?*tivr mi.i.w-rioff or yarior* w?rr U??ta, Ac , toba aold by P. H VAW ANTWKRI'. Aim tlonaar. tlila morning, at HIS o'clock, at 79 Raaaau (treat, con latlng of Furniture, I atniiugs Mirrors, China, Olaaa *nd Karthen Ware, Meera. hntim <i??la, llarana segara, Flnuse Plauta. Mlver Plated Ware Jewelry, Odar fUeata. K.n(r*?. In?a. Kaocy Uooda, Ac. Alao, a cbarBiog i auar> Itird an i < ??? AtMTio* noTi'it-n\R rrmwon, i.iqrnni. ar_ IIKNKV URKRN. aitctlonaar, ai>ira IIH <Wli:ia? ?tr-at, will tall no Satnrday, July W. at II o'clock, al 2JN Waat i'r?| (the Harnuda llonMi tha Stock of Wlnea. Ij.jitora. Sahara, Itaar Pumps. Dacaalerm, Ulaaaaa,?kxintara, Har KuUotra, Ao. Halt poMUt*. BnWAKH WTHKITK, AtTTIOKKRH ?PH.STOJI.?RT K A P. II. B'-HRNi'K thla day. 27th ln? . at I oVIoek at thetr aalaarnom 141 Broadway, a ll?bt Phvton wat^blnf t.VI Iba., with a.D i-nwcbmaa ? ?"?l bahltxl. waa built to orrtar by Um oacaaaor of Wat??. of Philadelphia, baa beau but illlle >iae I, and la aold only fur want of 'taa. piWAiin imiwrK, AI'ITTIOVRHR -. OI'NKHOIJI Vi Furniture ?By BAP H. WIIRfi'lC na Matueday ??-h li,at . at lot, n'c'nrk. al their aalaemm III Rmal ray, a *r*a Morfc nf eleaanl rraawnod, mah Hiany, walnut awd oak Tifliw, < haabvr and hlnln* Koon Fumttore, Mlrrora, ? areata, Ae. P^nwARn HTHKNCK, ArrTioRKFR -norMRirti.n j Fnmitiira-By K A t. II IIKRi K, on Mooday. ?Rk uiat . at 10'i o'cl'ic.k at 111 1 ?onan> avaet, eaat u# itm?lwar, the enure genteel Fnrnl'ura of tha abo?e fov aloe* ll.nia-, romprlaln* Parlor Chamber, Dining R.ein aw" Kteb^n t'ar i Itura Bruaaala tad Ingmln i arpata, Mlrrora. ?'liaol?r?. I wroforta, Aa. Alao, a Whealer A Wilaoa "awlag M? hlna ale pcattlva ^ EnwaRn RniiRm-R. AiTrrifi*RPn -?;aRm*<?i(s> Wagrna aad Mam<-aa ?By F A F. II 40HRN< K. taia <?a?. at I o'clock, at ibat* aalaaronee 141 Hrtmdway an >'lag?nt light B?et fur an paranoa nearly new and la p>rfant irdor; na ai< aeat open ferriage. Top and Uoad Mag na, ltouala and hingiC llarneaa, Ac , Ac. li'IWTTflR'R HAI.R OP RRAL RTTATR. rj The homeaiaad Farm late of Benjamin Rorntfta, dWoAMM iituate at ibe "Big Pond,'1 Fraakltn tnwnaDIp P4?rren aounty. * J . and cMitalnb g aereni? (|?a aecaa m'TO or Iwaa. will M <nld by publM) rafdua on uie pramlaaw on Iba a rat gar rt tuaoat oait at I o'elork H M. 1 nia property ta ahnata abmt aaran mllaa onrthwaatarti ">m I'atarwat, . J , la baautllully altoaled on a lake o1 acaiW na rn'la wmara, which abo'inda Ui arary ?arta?? V Vb andta na of the m et daatmhle l>?wtiona In tha nrxiatry panieulaelt o ih<?a who dellgbt In a<|naHe amuaanianta For further Inf'irwaUon anplleat on n?iy ba atada to Wlb i.IAM III TTOR. .? Raat Agbtb atraat. M. T . after ?o'?I.m? ! P M I IT m> III uMilm I Vim a I I fTKWH* H MtKIW. AOCnoJUCCR-AALHBOOM WO. K LI Waaaati ?tr??t VtURT M. will oil UI1HI? wWinlo lu J*. at It n'rlnrk. In frt?t of th? "lorn No *1 Whh'I * llnrar. M handa .1 lwfc??? ht*a ?l?bl r??m .M, jt?r r?Ml? h ?rw* a. d wall broke In and t nubia karnaaa. !> ? irotiad In t 41, iivl naaar ha?n In ik? handa * a lr?lo<"r, I* na liatad In b? ona of Ika N>? (rami k n ?? In tka Huia Hold ky ower of tba aiacntnr, J. R. Tniaar *h". llfki Wajron and a^fi* Haro^aa Wk'n AkaM *a , kn A'ao. blank Pony, yaara ol?| warraiiiad an'iad and kind In rtrry raapact ku b#an na?d a j tin* M; for lk? awVlla lor ik? paat jaar; la rarr<m?*ndad la ?acy way, In* In S 31 nHWRT H UnCM, AOt/TfOllfcE?? ALBWOOB !?0. 8 ftaaano ?r?r1 HKn n v h i.fcicn* k <~o. will aait at nar-n n? AatuMay, fwl? 2* ?i IJ nVI rk In fmnl of afc>r? Ho M Naaaan a<ra*t (.< roRM.ratarf tmi'lri ll'ira", < m?Ma klaf. haa lp?u*1 In 1 ?2, . *r Ip?4 am In 2 ? la nlna r?ara .*1, I# h?nd? blfb. kind In II k*rn?*a. will ba warranted t. ?bnw <lma ?lan flarnaaa *C Alao. a wb<?? H >ra?, alrht vrara old, a apian IM aaddla b"raa kind and In all kkfkaaa a * "id at?i>j>?r w;iho-n l?iii at?f>da m?r Id kanda Ima tail and nana, Tib??>ll wifxii n a?i .?, at tfcn >>wner i? l?awn* >ha my. 11 3_ BALKS AT ACCTlOlt. HENRY B. llKKTtt. JR., AUCTIOITXH, WILL SKLL OH rmoA*. ji:i,y tr, At 10 o'ckick. at Ni, 25 iinvud ?lr??L D j # KKCRIVKR H HA1.K, Hy order uf the Ruprrme Court, under iha direction of J. 8< , . - Hlaiiaaon, K*i . IW?tv?r, A larpre lot of Klertr.*yp? ('mu. HoUUon ami Hitury BoUlna. Tauka wtlU Silver Kulutum uui Ualu-rkMi, a \c* ?f ,,iJ Gopper anil Mrtal, Umrtlier wtlli Tool*, M.a?i uUn au<l HotuUuu fur kTocrutypiiif. Alan. a l"t of Show Caawi, In ?U>re. A I..I. hrtnrdlaU-ly alter thr above, at No. vtne alreeU A LaRUE LOT Or KLX.i'TRiiTYflt WMtKKH, KINIKMK1I AND UNKtNISUKD. aL*0, * A LOT or DECLARATION ?>K INDEPENDENCE PLATES, on Cnpp?r and M*tmaa. T? rn>a otah. By order, J R. KLAl'HrtON. Eiq , Receiver. DOUOHTY, AOCTIONEEK. WILL BELL THIS . dag, Friday, July 37. at 10J>,' o'c'ock. at the ulwrnii, d6 Carjtia. Oilcloths, mahogany and rnwwind Parlor|tuiU. < ovii oil In hair doth unit broeatel, ait frit me pier and mantel Minors, Centre T-tbles, Bookcases. Extension IHniu* Tables, Dretaiug Fureaua, Waahstanda, Bedstead*. hair Maureaaes, I'alltHtfi ?. Wardrobes, Lounge*. Ac. Denier* and bouftkrep t-r* ?III l ud the above sale well worthy of attention, aa every 1 * It to bt preeayturr aold to the hutheat bidder. C A J. BOO ART. AUOTIONEKRS-WIU. SF.I.I, THIS t\ day. July 27, at 10)? o'clock, at the auction r.k.u* No. 1 North WUIipin alreet. genteel Hoi'sohold Furniture, c. rialsUnit of ronewmNl 1'arlor Bulla, lu aatln brocate ; muhogitny 1 etc ? teu *. eaay t bau a. marble lop Iron Tables, mahogany and cottage Bedsteads. hair bu>k and atraw Mattraase*. w peatry and { Hruaaela Carpets, O11 cloth, Bureaus, mabogauy Waahrtanda, Urge Awning, linen Window Shade, large lot of Crockery and Ulna* Ware, rumble rt, Wuiea. Inner beer <1 ass-* tolVt i rockery, top Tablea, Ac. Alao. one light Wmou, one llorse an>< groeer's Wa,(on Mao C msta'de's sal* of tot of empty Boies, oJUce de?ka caau wtib Hfl drawers, Me. JOHN h^KAllKINuTON, OohSUbto. WM. WITTERS AUCTION HSR, WIIA 8ELI? THT8 day. at 2 o'clock, at 464 t anal ?treet, Furniture. Ac., r?mov?d for n nvemcr re of aaie, tine Carpels. Oilcloths Sofaa, rockir>g and' oiber Chalia, Centre and other Tab lea, Mirrors, rosewood Piano, Cur'slna, mahogany and other HnlaUiads, hair. spring and ( her Mattresses, feather Beds, Redding,' Klineta. Spread a. dretalng and other Bureaus, Wathatands, Toilet China. Ola?s and other Wares, Wardrobes, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. ~ IcTcPHIIOillT " Excursion ok the great eastern to cape may. Ticketa to he ha1) at ADAMS' EXPRESS OFFICE, 69 Briadway, and at th? TICKET OFFICE, ou the wharf, fiaitof Hammond sreet. IjlXCURMON.?THE FAVORITE BAROEI RENE OAN BB J chartered with or without steamboat for excuralona. Api ply to Captain THOMPSON, uu board, at dock, Adams street, Brooklyn. GRKND EXCURSION WITH THE OREAT EASTERN to Kaudv Hook. oo Monday, July *), ItMV ?The favorite neamer THOM \S HUNT, Cup. E H. Hail, will make an Ri ciiralnu down the Bay with the (Ireat Eastern aa far as Handy Hook, leavinir her pier loot of Barclay atreet at .1PM.. thua ? Hording a rare opportunity to aee the moms otli ship under full headway. Tickets $1. Great eahtern.-rtevenb house ex<titrsiow.? The steamer SATEl.l.ITE, ('apt. Ilammood, will anaompany the steamship Oreat Easteru ou Mouday, July 30, to handt Hook, over the Bar, and its far as the light Hhlti. Kefreshmenta ru-niahej by Mr. O'dradv, of the Stevens llouae. A limited number of liuketa only can be had at tile Stevens llouae and of the captain on boacd The Satellite will leave pier No. 4 North river at 2>* o'clock P. M. flRAND EXCURSION TO tiCoMPAHY THE ( X taateni?lhe maanltlcen* ?U'araer HKNDRIIf IIITH. HON, will a-oompany ibe luu ahl-i on her puHic down ibe I av. on Monda lo-xi, mi l reiurn >>y *h? luiule r<>uU: around Btairn lkland. Kurt- only 60 cent*. Mar and ?*?luix departmrnt u> let. Auplv ni Mapca' Hotel, corner of Tweuly fourth utri'et and Third a\enuc. JJ01 FOR CAPE MAY, IK COMPANY WITU TUB URKAT KAHTKRN. TDK STKAMKR I KI.AWARR, Of the regular IIu* lirtwreii New York ami l'hil*de!phi?. Will leave pier 11, North rirer, f>o MONDAY, July 30 at So'clock P M . Arrl>lnd at Cape May, fuidinji e*rl? morion*. Returning, iiuwdiiiti will '?k~ tbe ate-?mcr 11?>hT'>N at Cup* Mar. on Tuesday, July *1. at ? o'clock, accompanying , the (Il<KAT F.AHTKAH heme. Kicuiatou tickets, to ?o and return ..... S3 Hertlia tree. V.-al? eitra. For lick eta or further infom.-olon, apply to FHKPKRlO I'KKKINh, Agent, plar 11 N. R. HUNTF1BW-CHOLKRA BANKH-THK SKA KTKAMKR 111."K1 KKsk, fact Joseph 1'uvall. will m?k?.ui fn-iir an'ii to Owi Cholera Hank* on himdny. July XI. lx>0 leaving JackMin street at 6^ o'clock, Peck Hlip at i|i*rtrr to 7, Knrin* street at 1%. and pirr No 1. N .i lb rlvrr. at 8 o'clock. TUkris (I llept. Anderson Col well, Ibe well kn<> ?n ?ma< k pilot, la permanently engaged for lbII boat Haj>. lln>-a anil re'raabmriit? furnished on board. 0. II. KK1.1A, fonuno<loru. N. Unit*, Caterer. Pl.F.ASAKT BtmOAY KXCVRRIOIf TO OIJIM WOOD drove, (ilrn Cove, ?w Koch. He, itty Inland and WTbit* tone ?Strainer MaYFLOWKR leave* Catharine street every Hnnrtaj. at 8 30; IteUn-rv, 8 14, KWenth 9, Tweniv <inhlh, 1 HH1; thirty artrntb, 9 16 Families wtll And thla a very pleasant eicurtfon. A floe grove free to (be passengers. with Ublea, benches, Ac fare 15cents earh war. Mayflower and 11rove to let. Inquire fool ol bit forty third I street. STKAMKH1P ORFAT R \8TF.RN. KXCl HHKiN TO CAPK MAT. I Btaltioom bertha oan now be furniabed lo gentlemen aa well a* ladle*. Application lo Ibe office of ADAMb' KXPKKXrf company, M) II road way. rpHK 0RBAT KilTtM. KPKCIAI. ANNOI IICKMK.VT EXCURSION TO CAFE MAT. The ORKAT KAfTKRN NTRAMf>HTP. John Vine Hail, armmander, will m?k> mi KXCl'RfllO.V 1RIP 1() CAPM M*Y AND RETCR*. l^-avtui! ?t> York MONDAY, JLI.V SO AT 3 O'CLOCK P M , Arriving Hi I'api- May early the D"It 'lay Returning, l?ii' Ou><< May ou ti ?oav kvknixh, jii.t si. at i o'clock, Arriving Id New York i>n tbi' following moo mg TM? trip baa lieen irnnw,1 wilh * view .of affurdlr i? e?<"trkkwila a an o_>v>or<null) of wittn aaing la operation ike vaet nntl'e power of lie iblp ibnth paildle and aer-w -nirtn.-al, of exblMiIng br pranir.?l eiperu oc" h-r admirable aatllng and aea <|iia!ltlea, a* well aa to ap.oid a dai In U><- li.-i^ht of tb? aea. aoo at ooe of the wmi f??limia^li' waU'lug pla. ea In ioMrtoa. 1>01>*ORTII'* < KI.KHK ?TKI? HaNDH (Moth Mllturv and t otlllml WILL AO < MPARY 1IIK KXtTKHlOV Mfal? and refraahmenta nay b? oU tilled oo txard at mcxl9rm> pricea Kiriirri?l?U m at be oo board not later Ihas 2 P M , oo tbe !*"h TK-k la foe tb? ronn.l trip, $1(1, at the nfllrw of Adama' Ripreaa <*oa pafiy, No HI li"*.lwat, and at the tlek't office, oo Ik'1 wharf. Mn( llvnm "id atr> -t. Male minna eitra. Matire??>a ntilv a 111 furnlah-d for gentlemen in ibe d Reretilr>'t"v*rtaieuu and d.<ka ol the rtip. for ?hi.-h re will be docharge. J. H YAlKK. Heorelary. HRWAItUN. KKWaRD - A USUAL H-. ? \RI> WILL BR PA lit TO iba gentleman who io"k 'be I an of a Mold Walcb uo Saturday ulgbt l.y addraaamg K. A M., Herald "#< ?. RKW AHD ? A BMAU 1MHI HTH * VKD OR WAR ?0 atolen from Wo. 31 Waal TbLty aeren'k ?lre?t white ud Men*, fealbw tall no* naff ap.* oa the hark near the U'l. tad oaa mall ap< t on ibe face and ear Thla d<?r waa 'e i n> a darwaaeri 'rlend Ant perann ab < w>I> >e ao klad aa In five aay Info* laaikw oi Ike dog wtll ba ubera-jy paid, liar uaMi Bally. RKWARI) ?OOl.D HRAt'RI.RT l-'>nf. <>X *TL'R tJ day. lb? ll?t Inat . In g 4ng fiwn Wi .i imthurg ui ffVH Murray atrewt. New Turk, au|iti"*nd to hare been tail lu Ibe ea? rtage, or mat have been ilmtiped In g'Ani from earrtage to the nnat Tbe aV, .a reward will be paid for lla r?tqrn to H) Pliat (treet, WllLaaial'iirR, or Vu Mr Ket. bum, 30 l??y alreet. New Tork. e RRWARn.-uwT or frr<it.?n m > v n. rr<im Jt) Kaal New Y rk, a imi'l bay Canadian Poor. * nb wbila aiMit i? the fnreb*a<l. high lireaatN>n?' ind lump 'in It. 1 be fliKler will rreelve the above reward by leaving at lliAei, Raat Near York, of at IJU Norfo.k street, X. Y. RFWAHn-ir RFTIRVKD TO 1'* CUVTOW ?TU pl?' . K'?htb alr?et lintntMllak-l/, wtut? I'uudJa HUit, ?tih a yallnw ?i>"t m brr haHl RCWARI> Will. UK TO TJIK flKHKH OF cOi Mrnnraril'im, wmrh ?*? I m cm Samr.Nr nitric, <h* 21?t tn?t . In frrm bxm lo lh? ?i?T<-n? H i'i?e, Ihrnnith Br<?n|iMT II ?r.i.u?ln? I ?>m- ??r.|a with lh? o?nmr'm tiaair, "L. U. ft/' ?n.l ??r o"t? wrltlca in HpauJab. Apply I Uw oflif "f It" Strlloiuf #C *KW*Rn-L??KT. A IXA?P P<MKFT $?) laJninr HI Mid wmi" rhanfw, imr (6 fold , n? <*..llar bill. Mil th* hwlAiir# Ua five dUiar UiUa. A|>k>l? U> U. F. WMT. 183 flrmnd MrrtL *OC RICWAHn-UNIT. I* ?1CTTI*?? I*TO Til* <T^>) Umnd ?'r??? f?rrt M 'h? llwi?*K rr Rail r?aa ^thA. Tfclrty nrM ?lreat, on WrdnnMaT 'ttmne a ixiid Wnirh wrMh ?htt# .ipwti fa**, m*.1? >tr J, IHrnwrn lj.?rp<*i|, No *,VQ an<l (old l>r?rjt ( Imln. with 0-?>k l>r?*wn >41 Ik? al?m? rawrnt) will Iw paid nn <i.-llv?rt of th* walh al.*>? lo HarUtu*. fUmi'ii'D A Co., It t ba?ber? w?!*t, an! uj , >? ' lb-Mi wlil Ixi mA-I. AIH| RKWARD.-IyOTT. AT T1IK HJKIO Of TUB 9^' ' hun-li "f AMompUno at Mrrtl* av?nti<- part 10 K fc*?n A < IV Hurling ?iip. N V . or fci Um K*t. K iftn* I hmM?. ai tb tkllwol the x*t of th* Nat, K"-? * wi.i I eerlte tbe alK??; reward, and no qucauoaa aaked, U>< mm* brio* * *1(1 of a dereaa- d friend " ? ~ A'TKOUWT. \^m H< >RA FII?K AH1 K(HA?H?r nut IVRRT OMR "an defend m for fatting aatin'arthai fr?m In M*<an W IIJMiR, who trill thr nhjert nf TH>r rWH M mttm an yot1 an tar hrr rmm All aknitld oonnult thla naturally gifuvl ladf, aa 11 iklpbt m" irrrn want mW'i'liiiiM *tf caiaen a(.eady marrle*en, and trlla nil That eoMarua your whole ?ifa Hrr lordf t?"i.a ar<-no tnta th?t taay aorpi*ae a l wko ? * her >1 H.? I am in p mmT' n of ineal<< oka n>? fir l< ra ana gmt I'K-k ah?>h ?rr rrrr crnaln In inrlr ?IT?r? Hadn?n <k||w?, te|I? (ntriH that K*nr adtaa may a"? a ttllla UmM. ikoork tkaj need tot f'-ar for ' be u'*u. e? n<?hui? bill wh?l la re.?.ii<lla lo phi loan b^ra I >9 Allan ?r?l ne%r I Union, over 'be bakery. F?? for ladiaa and ?eiUiwhi Ml can** ArrnRiMHRo-SMPAWR *o*iow, PR*** daiTtktrr, t <ra wnk a rani and *tf? of f'#ral?hl, talk bow aon* and <.f?en jrott will mkrrr a' 4 ainr a%enki ?ten yonr ?rrr th'nifb'a fr? V rtnii, na'll "tkara atop oopjrln* my ad oMtlarmeota IN Uod'ow >tr?et, baliw llr.*>o ?>?iitl?n?a o. t admuu d. ^ ____ ___ AfTAIRVOTAWT ? WR* HKYWOC* *KI>rCAL. rWrrntaot, roona Rn S? Konrik a^a*t, two vorta a eat of Hrraidwar. I mau Italian da, %x*\ rr.-olti?, on alr?. nra*. hmunaaa, abarnt frlekda. 4e., Vnd aataafartion a-iv-nitrad , or ko PRf^ Nn.-wno HAH V(Yr HRARD or TUB C*JCHRAT , a. I Madam* HRRWhlRR Pba I.a* barn ooanltad by thonaands In tkla and *ker rttlra with rntlm akiwrartton. aha feela i-nfikd-M ab? baa n>. rnnal *b? tefla lha aurtw of f uora w'frc* hnaKand. aVan ihat o/ bar Tla trr If jrm w*ah (b? tr'rtfc itm h ?r r all. a? 2*1 Third kT??iir. kbora Iw?ot> OrM ktr?*l laMilflk 50c . rnilemen II. H*AI?T11t*-A PHR*K?n.OOIRT ARO AkTR?>1 jhIIRI Ikai brak 'hr world, and "W reward for aay i?ie wko ear r>al ?laa WRI.MR?lTMlT?k" ? aeknowtMirad b< ' a ike wily lady In tha r?y wkn tnHhfolly *l?a? Information . -r? "* Viaaaa lawanlta. loomrra, a' aent frlenda. Wtra, eoortehlp marriat *, bea tb wealth and who artll rwrlalm dnmken aii4 nnfalihf'il boabaoda ?t?a W la lha only paraon In Ihla elty wki baa the renoln" R 'man, Arabian and .fapaneae l.-nank for tn*a, a,??i In, k .d all b <,ti??a affalrk. knd ara fiarat "ad for Ui?. R?a< t?uc?. PUth k*wia, oppoaiM Ki(btb atrkM

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