Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1860 Page 1
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TH 4 WHOLE NO. 8724. NEWS FROM EUROPE. iiriial at tie City ot Wathiigtoa Mt Cape lace aid ibe Canada's Xaila at lhia Fort. yoiJ It D A Y H LATER, HE PRIflHTFlL MASSACRES D1 SYRIA. TEN THOUSAND CHRISTIANS MURDERED Tke American Consul Wound?d at Dannucnif INTERESTING FROM SICILY. OR LONDON AND PARIS CORRESPONDENCE, Ac., fte., fto. Vke ma)la of the t'cunehip Guiada, which arrived at Boawo iaiiy fcnt?rday morning, reached bore last eventog, rcabftog 11a to furnish additional details of European wn down to the 14th. TV- U>n<km Daily Xcm city article of July 14 says ? Tbe ftnda oprned tbla (Friday) morning at a fkll of pfr <?nt, owing to the tone or the dcbato on foreign poli fcx in tbo Hoiito ot' Commons last night, bat a recovery veufc place n the attorn *?n in the closing quotations. Tfce d.a.vint market continues active, No buxlnees wait done Uvday below tho Bank minimum in exceptional rmmtm and an lulranr-e a Dun that nricn was axked anon all hot the best short jiaper. Six months bills are not in latot. and jf}t per cent is demanded. At the Bank to-day Ux' demand was rather active. Tbe London Tim- s City Article of the tame date says:? Tbe China debate showing the total expenditure for the war during the current year, reckoning the amount already voted, will be ?6.0004MX>, and that an increase, rather than a diminution of coat, may be witnessed in 1861, created heaviness this morning in the English funds, but wwg to a great .ncrease in the supply of money Booking temporary investment, together with the receipt of butter prices from Paris, there was finally a recovery. Loans lor abort paj>or were olferod at 3 per cent, although as the discount market the demand was active, and there are r^arcely any transactions nnder the Bank aata'.ar.isa. Kupee paper experienced a further improvement of >4 i"-r tent. There ware no bullion operations at the Bank 10 day. In tlie 1 rcuch exchanges this alternoon there was no chango of importance from the rates of last poet. In the corn market this morning there ?u a MMtsrau; business at the rates of laet Monday. The produce markets this week have been generally steady but laactive, and the lonlinental demand shows liule improvement. The manufacture of the Armstrong breach loading guns li progress ng rapidly. Ten forty pounders arrive weekly at Woolwich. The first proof of the one hundred pounder guns took plaoe yesterday at tho Royal Arsensal butt, and it is stated that, by the end of the year, there wl'J be upward* of 400 of that class of guns ready to be shipped for nar&l seme*. The largest brass gun ever made In England, and intended to be bored as an eighty pounder, was yeeterday east at Woolwich. This piece of ordnance will he rifled as a muzzle loading gun, for the purpose of being tested with guns made of cast and wrought iron tmi steel. The liondon Tint's quotes a letter from Rmne, which si*t<* that a rricus disturbance had taken place amongst tf- Irish brigade, in consequents of a discuraion ai to who were the best Catholics. When an armed force was sent to restore order come of them threw the furniture vut of the winnows. One Irishman has been sentenced to death by ouun. martial, but the Hope would not allow ths ?iiu;ri< <' to he executed. At % enferenro of gentlemen from all parts of toj lai.J held July 11, on the course to be pumued in ?rdvr to dclc&t the ku-.i Liken by tho Ix)rda on the paper #r<y, i rcaolunou tu jvvaod calling upon the members i U?e house of Commons to use any m< aug that the forme *4 Uki House allow to prr vent the pawing of supplies until ibe act of the Pcre has been set wide. Ttv* lionUou J'i .i't sijs that when Mr. Gladstone brings forward the vote for the Chinese war July 12, Sir John Faftingtnn, who ?u the first to give voice to the general sadig nation when the now* of the Pclbo treachery arrived, will move a motion which hu all the appearance of Motility to the war, lor which Mr. Uladstooo is providing ibe *?. The -uspTSion of Messrs. Bobt. Froelamt Bros., Man rjMFf r, sh.ppers to lnd*a, ks aunounoeU. Tbo liabilities are r?rorud at ^40,000. vtt Napi- fc tbo llmisvr of tie Interior has addre-*ed a circular to tlie provincial authorities. It declarea that tbe iastnutkw givn by the King to bis people are tbeir's tar^y-v. that th-y aiaiguraW a new era; tliat all I'uncIKmaries must regulate Utcr conduct on the principles of nW, progress and liberty, which henceforth form Umi bar m of the p-blic law ia the Kingdom of Sicily. lour of the grrat lUiropean Powers?if wo aro to believe *fae reports from Naples?aro now busily ?iigag"'1 in effecting UkS reconciliation of itordinia with Naples, which forms part of Uv? policy of the new Neapolitan Ministry. TV*' four ivwvrs arc ft-icsta, franco, Kngland and Prussia. a letter >n the Sitclt says It is reported in 8<cily that B !> HartJso, Plenipotentiary of the of NapleH, and Ute Marquis Dc Vlilemarlni, Sardinian Ambassador at Naples, are to proceed to Palermo to announce to tbs HtoUiana the coocesi ions of tbo King of Naples, and ask tor their acceptance. *v?ral of the Paris journals alludes to a reactionary spirit prevalent in Sicily, and attributes it partly to the of Mazaial. Mviem from Constaaticople to tbo 4th Inst, stats thai to onsefj ..'Dos of tbs mission of the Grand V iler the agitation ia lloamelia and Bulgaria bad subsided. The i tier had r.sited Belgrade and the Kaatern proAgitation prevails at Damasews, oannon bad bon |>t*. ed in petition. Tbo number of troops was eonentered inanit'-cieat. There wsa a general panic at Beyrwot, and the inhabitants were taking to Sight. >i?d T"a?ba has left for ."yrl* with full powers, lie ul havounder hia order* 16,000 men, the commander of wbaxn is Balim Pasha. Tbs Turkish government is shipping o?rn to Beyroat. Ut 'OS from Messina to the nth stats that (M. Medici ?m at the v.liags of Barcelona, awaiting voioatoer*. lis had re?i)M>ltr"d lbs beighta of Messina and Mcilisaa. TV- atfaok no Melliuo was fitsd tor the 19th inst Assess,ral ?>ns took place at Hernias on the night of tbe 7th. Tbe Neapolitan army was demoralized. Tbs soldiers wve deserting. A letter received bers from Piedmont siai.M> that the F>< nrh Ouecul thers had received a blow a the h^l from ? yataghan. Atfvkm from Palermo to the %th Inst, state that the Africa, wt nil etoppad at the port of fVermo oa tho %M o? the 7th, wag obi 1 fed to laava M la half ?a hoar *<j crier of UartbaJdl. I'pon e:\rr.nig 'b J the w?t in their r<*.?aa lvoce, which were accepted. Tha waa followed bjr the other author It Ma. ?u r Ixmci arrived at I'aJenci) no 'JvJBth n?t., and wv rwjei^ed with of by Uvtral (iarlbaldl 1,400 ro*D&teer? embarked at 'iam oa the *th. Amther emtvi^iro i.m to take p-we oa the 10th. Taloateert o?iaw) to arrive. .-< raJ Luti. r tare haTtnc withdrawn hia troop* into u? ater>or, iEnurrrctiOBary m >remoate had brake a oat t ."wftUMtata, MaoWltro and near CaUoitra. Tte a ctatea that the 1'oollfoal tmoyia (tat <?ed at Praaru w?.re ready for departure. Their im natioc, bowei-?r, wm not knows. J.600 Anatnaa* had oe o Ml to L'rbiao. HI Irlah nlaiimn had di*. ewbert <4 at troia, and committed drorder* at Plat whk* riyrwxS bf the Pkpai Cvtbiilrri. rXflM il and France hanac ^r?sd]r dupatc^ad <n of. war to um coaat "t Sjrr* laaUla thrnk* il b?* dot/ to Jo Um ?M, a?J will Idtemto# (Wapalcb two of bar reMcl* to PJTtl I. T*> 4kj>lrfc? M.n*trr of Ftneeer ha* ntd" * catnuiml<Mk? to Um >a4(?l CumIUw, tfcal, abould Um peace be rod rrM, to Esrop*. the AaMrlaa orernmxnt im prepared to Wf frr-Ui radoctiow in Mm tDMIn fnee of xh* ?rn?j-, with > tn? to limit tba wbote aiUUr/ 'i^wi d:tare M Hxmt r.jht m.Uf? poaada jmrtjr. Tlita *WM r i?ry It |nr?( airatff *? Ita Mftt hf IM1 iijr mat Um Mjwad tare *??* tba ???*a?, bj wabUag % tw four?it to Uurtj a. JIM Boris* apia* tbe ofifiaaj m?im. uiiucuii to 1-00 wbciner n? is oiquetlin;: with Ktigland alone, or whether tbo Czar i-omcs in for a little bamboozlcment. He U evidently playing ofT one party agaiiu>t the other. The pamphlet directly say?, that u .real Britain will qol be friendly to France, and give consent to the dismemberment of the Rhine Provinces and their reanucxation to Uie dominions of the Emperor, the Czar ol Russia will filter into a friendly alllanjo, and the two will do what they.please tn Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Austria and everywhere else. This is plain English and au unnnstakcable offer. There Is. however, no chance of Rigland acceding to this "nice little arrangement" ho long as lord John Russell is at the hea l of the Foreign office, lift Prussia onoe consent to the arrangement, and the dogs of war are let loose, for towerer wilting a (Vennan prince may bo to sell his territory tor a mess of pottage, the rest of Europe will not look calmly on at any new accessions to French territory. Ureal anxiety is now felt about \cai>olllan and Sicilian flairs, and a critical period has arrived. The march of (iaribaldl is still onward, and be is at the head of au army of nearly 00.000 men, and about to attack Messina. I visited that place a few yours ago, and without claiming to be "up ' in military matters, 1 should say that Mesptua was badly calculated to rt-ind a siege. Tcuugb there are aome tiirio hundred U> lour hundred gutx mounted in the harbor, making il difficult to approach by sea, the hilU and motmtnm* direct')- hack of the town, rising up from 1,300 to 2,000 feet, putthe place entirely at the mercy of a military force from the northwest. The entire city atid the harbor defcam cau he shelled from the he lMiU, and the besiegers txi comparatively oot of harm's way. Lately there ha.-e I wen two or three large steamers purchased here in EnglmU, and they are going out at onjeto Sicily, loaded with am, Arroptroag /mis and munition! of war. 1 1st >y saw- an Kn;.iisti exgeneral officer, one ol the heroes of Wo Crimea, who Is going out In two days to join Garibaldi, and offer him h * own ? rvicc4, aud he is to bear all his own expenses. Then' is evidently rami sharp wrork ahead, and soou wc shall hear Uio claug ol the conflict. Your account of the voy^re and ?uthug|n<tio reception nf the tlreat I Astern has h < n eoptnd hy tne three and four columns in lite Ijwilon Tu*t < an 1 all Uie leuhng biglish journals, and mo?t gratifying the luk-llig^noe ban prove L The lireat Eastern is a suoo-ss. The wcallier, which has t>"?n so cold and dl-'ear teeing tor two or three uHiuths has at Lv I come out warm and piearant, and the Drops are pr-grnt-aing ,-tactorily. Mr. j-untH nag .u ia*'. consent* a w> reeogm** uie ?un ? ? an oij acjuuiiiUuc*}, n<*? hi * solai* rua,,<-.ny lias deimte I to *bow lit* lace and lunilo i.jod In.; heretofore nuglectei subjects. Oar Pari* CorritfmniltBrr. (TAW. Jmly 12, IMA. Tb' />r*>7? ti t.J OarihahU?Tht ClfKtrr?Apathy ?f lie Sicilian!?Prayed of tk* Prtjferad Oamr-*tion af 11. Mng Aec-pttt?GartbmlPolicy?Prejiarmtions *f A \utri i?Cordi'inn qf Keae'ia?Tin OonrtiU'tirm Granted by FrmncU 11.?TV Eastern t/U iiion? Th' it art acr of the Christians in Ana Minor?Ac/ion To}.en by England and Prmnc. ? Xapalm About to tail Jfiee and Savoy, tfc. I hare nothmx Dew to onmmtmi'-eto a-- Sicily, nn tbe fact that Curibakll is more an 4 more <\ j^uste-l with the people for whom be has done an much Even the higb< r c .iHeett hang bask, l^amiE the Liberator to manage m est be ran. Tbe character of (tarlbaldl t one peculiarly a<'apt?>i! to make him the l.-ader of aa army, bet singularly ui.tHung bim to act aa a statesman. He la too eager. I might say, too stoeere, to make a pood diplomat as retards K?cl!y, he w ?merely anx.out to 1 literate tliat country. spp?r>ntly ainre so evr-n than the Sicilians, who, now tliat tbe mumeat las arrived for lb era to art earnestly and calmly?for ibi-m to organize a governmxri nnd an army, aiii sho? that th-y are worthy of liberty?s-eni to stay ail proceedings on their pvt and wait that others do for them w!iat tber ahoqM do them setrea. HoiJe thu< apathy mi tbe port of tbe tMciliaus, wbo. now tb'- excitcnusut | r< JncoU by the Urst struggle is ovrr, po lo*i;"r wUh to act as ss!<Uers, we must take into account tbe too iinpetuoti* to mperauvut of Garibaldi. He wihbr - to jo on with too mi.'-h rspidity. In fact, be is a man to march ahead. there mi?t fuse alter bim some person to uke care of wUat be has conquered; bono longer prUes anything once be Las sucgedod in fainng It. With bim It is ever onwards No sooner h*d be obtained admnla?<>s ia Sicily than be tbo*ight oT at oooe proroedlng to tbe main land Were be to conquer .Vapiee and Rome, be would leave I'ltta to their fata, and march on VeneUa. It is this impetuosity that ia bow a sortoua draw'-aok a the affairs of Welly. There is, as ytl, no govi rnai jfit th-?rc. Uari. haldl's ministry ha-i been disro- inhered tbe Uetwral ia angered against all parties, tbe* look oa supinely. They do not Uk?* exertion, complain that they are not eccustomed to serve aa sokelcr*, that th< re is no military element In the country, and are acting in such a mianer aa to thoroughly disgust their best frl'-nds. fear that tbey will end'by accepting the proffered coaoee?ioa of rraacla II., from nsero npui?oe?? Lrt us bope that aacU will not be the ease. Garlbt.Mi U, I am well aware, determin<<d to cootuine bia campruffn aruuit all that op pnawa the great idea be wUhes to oarry out?the unity of Italy. To do this be wlU, I fear, leave the Sicilians to get i"nc iw m w?j uwj nui, win wun bid own follower* prooe-d Ui Lh<- main Und, attack Xapie* roan the nhjtrti of the Pnpt, and, baring sue ceded in e? dotcf, attack l tin Aiiatr<%ni in X netia. I an tfraid that Uw-n the p- %i liberator wtl find UjiI unorcanUM Italy rauji a cmO'K with the trained and weil d'.aciphn'd ar' in of Fr.toria Joaeph. Will 1'rtnc tn ttiat caae aen<< -inottfr arm/ to the aid of a peofHe lor whom ahe ban already done mi m>K:ii* It is doubtful, or at atij rate ?he h ! he? to avoid any raafe ar eeaalty. Bence at the preaent t!ra< tn bit certain know Nf, the Emperor Napoleon le enaear .wing m retrain <.aribaldi from becoming a rerotetlooitt taeie?i <f a liberator. France wiabee to tee HiaUjr free, ber laatitotion* flrmly '-rt?h nhe-l, a <ivmT*etit formed aad tbe ooqntry jrrote.ted by a ?ullni"nt *rmy. Oaribaldl Bull do hw wit* wall aa h' poea akonjr if be wKhee the aup port of to far aeemr a -orer. i<rti a* Loui* K*pnl<vm. who ban no fjiDpaVhle* tor iho-'- ?t?< - it.nal keep what they bare woo. Auatr.a. fi>ren?eiiig an opportunity to re-eater Italy mnee the oumraee<vmefit of the Sicilian at niggle, Km been making gigantic prepirut loot, U waa thought that tie bad piled up cannoca and munition* of war In Veoe Ua until ibere wan no longr room tor worn; that ahe bad amanard trnope there until no more (apace waa Mt HBOC rupled But the laat few months bare prur*d thai *be ootiM atlll add to tba number of cannula and troopa, and now Venrtia la bat a raat barrack for tba thr?e hua ireJ tbotuaodTmopi that Frrn-ta Joeepb heepe th re ready Ui alie upon what be may d?em Ute < pp?rtnn? moment to re^orer hia itaiian prerxim Tba Km per or Vapoleon la , *&.iMuraonb a, and b? iad't'riB *?d to iToid,lt pom- < E NE Omr Lnidra Cerrsepemdemee. London, July 14, 1M1. TV Murder r/ (V CkrMani m Syria ami >I?m JKwor? TV XaUern Question?TV Sulian Jbdul Medjid?Iiu -VatfaiI and Government? TV /'oiioy of Loan -Vapoletm?Appearand of A>oOier Pamphlet?TV Servioe Oeinanded of England by Prmnc*? Proipest of a Hiendly Alliance Betwrn Franc* and Russia?Progress of Garibaldi? Messina and its Dtf-noti?Axessioni to Ga ribalds'? Jbrce?TV JVratVr. <Cc., rfc. la the midst oi the European complications ws are startled by the terrible announcement that Dearly ten thousand Christian people in ?yria and Asia Minor have been murdered by the Druses, certain mountain tribes that Iito on and a boat Mount Lebanon and oyer the hills between Bey rout, namancoa and Baalbes. No one believes the Tnrki.-i> government capable of chastising ant bringing these villanous noma?!s to order. There is, in lact, a deep prejudice against and determination to put down the CTurittians throughout the Turkish dominions. Tbeyaeeond know that Christianity and civilization possess a strength and a progress tot found among any other people, and that to a great extent they are incompatible with others. It is the old story over again?of white Christians being murdered by tawny savages, and after various chastlsements nucccmbing to the inevitable march of events. Such races are not deeerv ing of pity. If we do not step into the broach the Russian or the <>aul will. Tills doplorabU: transaction will probably hasten the solution of the Eastern question, on which diplomatists, statesman, rulers, journalists and pamphleteer* have expendel a great deal of thought, negotiation, paper and ink. Now an l&glibh and French tloet have been despatched to the I-evnnt, and the next expenditure of money in the matter will be in the "war cjtunatea." No week elapses now without tho Istce of |>amphlets oo the Eastern queatWm, and the only thought Is, who shall take possession of tbo inheritance of the "Hick Man,'* lor be w evidently faet !.i>pro.*5bni(,' dissolution. Indlvirtually, the Sultan Abdul Hedjid is nearly worn out by debauchery and intemperance, and his nation and n<>vernroent are in a still wore wrvtcbod and decrepit condition than bo is. Something deiinite must inevitably lake place in that region during the nert lew months. Here, the unlathomable French Kmperor is h;iII as great a mystery as ever. H:? usual resource?a pamphlet?lias again appeared, from the hand of one of hla acribt'!>, and now it is a direct locturj to Kugland. Her Britannic Majesty's government is told unless Creat Britain will act aa midwife, or at least wet nurse, in seeing France safely delivered of the "Idea'' of detau-hing tho Rhine provinces from Prussia, and making thorn the lngitimate children of France, that tho Czar will be aakeu to give his rargical aid in tho case, and by a sort of natural Ccsarian operation bring about tlio "auspicious event" to long kept in the womb of time. Laey as it is to see through some of Napoleon's plots, here it ia very W YC # MORNING EMMON-SJ | ble, th<> results of such a struggle :in w^H^u iu?v:Ublj lake pla.:o. Kor that purpose bo ad^^^Hnc?isioa U Presets II. of Vnpta; for that p^rpu*Hmi*?ren now urging Pvik :.\. to tr-at h^i people according to the spiral of tl>e *g?, and for that pjr)x*?i he haa solicit*! Victor Km*au?<'n ad, as r*?ar<la keeping ???rl . bald) within bound*. But unfort'ib'ttely for tin 1 Kmperor or the Preinh's good .nu-ntion, be u , dealing with men that an> wilfully blind. U wv , not until the precipice yawn-*! at his feet that Pranci* M. granted i-oncpaiood. Pius IX., moro inclined to a pro; per course, is powerh-s* in the hands of the bigoted churchmen that surround him, and thus the ainn of Um ' Kmperor Napoleon *e?n? in dauger of defeat. If so, er< I tho year is out we shall two m l.aly the commencement ' of a fearful struggle. The remarks I have made concern mg the Sicilians aro fully corroborated by the tetters ol tho l-iiglish *>rr<":pond<?nts from Palermo. The special correspondent of the l>>ndon J'<ut says:? I 'l"''i>ly regret being rvrmp'lied to write ?o unfarorably ol the PkI-m mi iin population. and rapeciaily of the high ti-ilUui tamiltea; 1ml one m>.-<t "*iviUt truth and shame Um i ?vfl" , would that I could alum* the inhabitant* of this great city'), and the truth orisl ugt be ion >eal?d that these Sicilian no-'lraen do notiuni?nothluc, ab*dnlely nuaing?t.i ae<iur? their liberty. That liberty ihey profeaa, Indf?d, greatly to de tire, hut the* eipe. t that it la to drop from the aloudi r that it la to be U least the entire aiul tinassjfv 1 work (-i ituriuaiai. nan man cm a no?wnv. any iiajisn riui ?iu u< b a an*-will d I'lhU'is-t d.nii! by him; bnt !lberl> Un pn. ' to Im won, not a ?lft to bn b**st iwed by the hai 4 01' even aliurlbaMi. If the hii iliaiisare finally and romiil"t?ly freed, il will h? because tho vast /ittlgn-tof <iaribaldi coutemiilaie the liberation of a!I Italy, mwt heejoiw to tbU Italy, which bn loves ?o tlearl), and fur which bw ii^iiui so bravely. Un y havn tho good t'ortimc to belong. If ih> v depended on '.heir own etertioos ih?y woulil, 1 fear. (ttixl but a very poor '-banc*. 'Jaribaldi continue* to t>n extremely vexed anil annoyed .it the apathy of lb'- Sicilians, who rerard w th such loditference the presslnj; dainjein >rj v. lit' h their liven ind fortunes Mi l llN?rij<'< ?fn perpetually m^niwl. Their only anchor of safety lies in tlM fact Lh;it Uaiib.ildt will not abandon thenr. for were h" to do to v> day, tbey would heboid the Neapolitans in fltHMlMMI row?and the return of the Neapolitan t would bo very ward. Tbo constitution granted by the yonnjf King of Naples is a m(wt liberal one, but tbo psoplo nee n sby reyarding it. They evidently fear that Francu; II. will pay tbeni ofl at some future day, in emulation of tbo oxample l him by hu lather of hateful memory. L-i tfMestion W Orient Is now upon tho tapis. Christian1) havo been murdered in Syria, and Turki-ti soldiers wore evidently aiding and abetting the murderers. This calls lor immediate steps nu the put of tho Rreat Powers. France and lln^' have Kent men of war to H>-yr?ot and remonstrance* to Oi-intinople. Evidently the sick man is vtimc worse. We may look for some early development of the affairs of the I/evant. Knssia is reaily and willing, and is and has been Intriguing against tho Sultan. The Emperor Napoleon is soon to visit Nice and Savoy. He will aJoo visit Algeria. He will oommence his tour about the 16th of August. It will laal twenty days, and upon bin return bis Rnj'-sty will go to Biarritz, and after a brief stay there he will go to Chalons and remain at the camp some three or lour weeks. Tbo Emperor will stay a month at Uiarritz. I shall be enable to give a description of the voyage of their Majesties, which will be a most interesting one. ranis, July 13,1M0. The Statu of foreign A fain Generally?Opinion* Concerning .\aptieon at Home and Abroad?Stale of Belgium? T\e VrivaU Papen of (Ac La'.i Jerome Bonaparte and the Gossips of Parii, <tc. That uneasy foeling I have often reTerted to in connection with foreign relations is peculiarly observable at the present moment. The naval expedition to Syria, Um difficulties of Garibaldi?which the semi Constitatumei chooses to remark "more fatigue than interest Europe"? the feeler from the same quarter about a "confederation'1 for Italy, the miatrost about tho Neapolitan constitntion, the comments openly mado upon the strong language A the Lnglish Foreign Minister in regard to la quotum Sutite, the thorough obacurlty which cnslirlnes the policy of France?all combine to Impart a sentiment of general itn fiance, not the less imljiable that it docs uot visibly afleet pnhlic securities. I believe I am only stating the fact when I say that the great body of the French people hare nc. ir at any time been more hearty In rapport of the Km per or than at present, and thai this m./an y, though It oortainly doei influence iut> rnmnn rco oi rrosrc, ia ? lruiiiij pretty generally limited to other nations, rrench men whoee antecedents jrlvo them considerable Influence do not >cruplo to say that Xa|>oleon is launched on a ca reer, tant pntr, rans Trjrroc\*, that no protest of Lord John Rusaell, however strongly worded, will deter hint \ In his onward wtreh, and that what is now done in Sa ' Ti<y w ill bo speedily doiio ,n Belgium. But ho who gon ' much into society in I'xr.s cannot do *o without encoun ' tcring will inrormAd men from all the wurrouedtng eoe.n tries, lrotn each of whom ho hears but tUo same tal | that (car and dUrct are abroad the prcdomirjvnt genu menu I with rcspci t to Krauce. It ww nnly the otli'-r <l*y that from an oflklal of ver; high -?ulboi Ity, if not the highest, in Belgian, I board i stuteil that so strong wo* tie desire of annexation in tlu oo'iutry, and to certa.n of arcamplisbmcnt wi; it l<e llevcd, be waa |>re|?ared to aeo It brought about u any twenty four hours. All the coal |>r<>r>rt?t?r* long fni it?all the lawn iuU.TC.--t, ail the churc h and ti.anuvrabk families, are looking to th^ glgantto sj"tm of perrAono| i 7>i in France us a sure provi ion for their I younger inm>n. That there ll a loyil party,o>u , sialic# of adherents to the reign.ur bonr>cand upltoKlcr?o' I a nat?"iia' court, l? iribut It is, after all, limttod to Uw jvinon of Leopold, whoso wij.-ac "ic and irrpvtlal eix>duct amoou' tbe eoilWtonH of part',eg 1.u tnado him ni.inv i friend-, bul It ts ueiisrcd lliat the iirewnw of uO.ofK] ' t'reitch troops would, us if bv ei.. bailment, clian o tin wbol<- laee \4 ihiut" Two thirds <?f the country nr? i French iu ltm;iia<evliah'ts sue! Urtn, and the mav ? look u;*Mi Hauco the 1 ra4MM d. i t i??n r ial | land, wbei* corn, arid wine, ana wii, wcro to ovcriiu* i With their own fatness. I A good deal Imperial scandal ia )u?t now on th< to, i?. ll is said that tl.e 1 Aperor made it a point that i.< should he present at thu op, inn? of his tint. '.a Jerome'< pa|>er><. and tliat Prim* Kapoinoe's reply wan tliey had already be? ti removed l?r safe < u-tody to f|ia>1 It If boldy aaw-rml that anvw them are U it? -? from Ix?ui?, ei-kwcof HlLiud. lamiiiy a-w rtju- that the nutrria fot i Mortens'- and hun* ll was irt r cotisuinsauid, and tbat rom?'<|uei.tly every child or hers was U estimate. Nay, ' more, that If was from thi first clover with t'ie ui j tri M' t'??t ha t s'ih?t-<icd between Nap<>lcua the I. I and his wiTv, ani Uwt v tor lionis Naiueon. lie w?* m Mw'i tbr ?ou A the i'utch Admiral I a* CbD'l Mortiry wn t?int of Omni KUhiut j If ill it pwihte lit-it 1'rtnoe Vip looti may think u> bold Hie? ! tu-t * in '*rrm m over tin- tiood I of ib* lapn-uf; not that I abould think th -nun who with lit* own right arm, und 14* own xtroop Ih*mI . MM j riaen t<> bj> p.-wnt lofty Im%M woulu bola on. i ' preu from any bnRb**r of thi? kind. Rut <|iMrr thinga lnf;n In all families, evn wh n tu y are ?o wll rrjrulaied an ?reor:;r the Third'* TVr* ww* j in tart 1 he i? Mill Itrlli ;?a nwa called by bt* mtimafa-* Tommy i;*rtii, It wa.? thlrprrcil that b< | w?* th<- ?on of Mte of Oo* ;r<? the Third'* dauc'iters by Otteral '-aiUi. tmc . xy, I* vvcr. U* bt?ilrv??l ! bitnirlf to i>.' in atrm4t, auJ (Allu.^ io lit* l>"daiUc tu< putative **, In- uMiii I btan. aiv r hj d-aui. t > i'Mpnrt certain cabinet^ which f\\? bun thr key, a* tn it tie would 11 ud a pack*H of Iftt'-r1 of jre*i imi? ri*r?-< to him. The lietifral got well, but TotuniyGarth' carxniy waa a<> crcifcd (bit (m? mai ai^d t i put hold of I the Dolwtth?tandi32. They were in t.le hntidwrliltij "f lieurjrf tfe Third, thank li? Oot.iI I l.nrUi for ravine the honor of hie Um.'y. anil ol fie Ix e i of York, th? Priorc of Walt*, tin l?uke of Ciunliertatx'., and the Pnnoean .-optuv re?p,<-tlr': h'j birth I'M Di.?c 1 ol York'* |ett<rto U>" l'rlnoeof Wai-* waf t??V -? v#-y tamilmr laugnac ?that i-'ophy wax with rhikniy ?m-?t, an. l'. - ? ! . t-. j?y. tin i trier ?<>ie . t tern from the rrincem - TpJita and Ui" I^ikeof C lmberlruxt i (Knirvt) luSmittinK the f-atlc impetM htm-iit tiarth, *1* |?na in tibk J with I III*- u?-h?ry, post nil li**l> iv I to Kn*nn?T?\ wb> r? iht l*rine??- Si-phi* ws? t? Uini li.e lady la waiting that lie want. d t m<e h'? "?nlhcr. ??f c.urM ti* ??? denied thi? Blial r<<iur?t But th< ! >lk?witifc day fir Hert* rt Taylor paid him * Yltlt, and Livir.j ' bt .ird fi> statement, and. tn f.iet, reou the doccmcuto, <lomati'li i Utu prir. of th- m. 'ft ti thou.-and a aid a prerape waa tfie rci?lT. n?> retarufl a day or t? after and ofli-red 16,0(10 a year and a place abov.t |V l/^irt Ail thlD?V were ready for ?l(tnMuren, w!.?n. nt the rlrveatk ho>ir, It wan u.??>Trretl ttiat Oartli K-vd hi I an iau-?Ud copy of Ui- ilocumrBij t.Uori. wli/h, vl rocrnr. entirely neutraiixed the valni- of the or^n*l . The iiefotiatmn ttK-rnore, frll to the fro nd. B't Tommy ?.arln to thia day 1* Knpp->rter|, 1 am tok). I>y ih > t'ourt II* m alwayn la priaon Imt when Ihirp come t > U)? w< rat a*d he it about to lake the hi ni tit of tli inw !v? art. an ai.fel romei to h.ia um?ans, ;?ijh in? iiabiluiea and aroidt all expeara. year* ar?> he ran away ?ith the hea<it:fnl w:fe of | SlrJanob AMiey, and daughter at Sir I? -ary OMliWotnl fvie ft^aook a hati-'?aine boabaad and ipiiku a year u> i-liari' p? our? and 'mpriannm' r.t wltft iittie fat i .rUi ' ( kc i.x.1 alimit a year after havina barm hiia a d . ahl?r. r Mor? NMMrrfi In Ijrrik. [0 rrf-tm?4cDoe of Uy f/wiooti N BxvanrT. Am Id, IW Ahit In tliM proTwin# are )<v4inr bl?rl-r ami bi?rktr. Y? ?l<r.iar we hn<l tbe fe.irlu! iiewa of the ?illaito of Half, t. Kaln ir U jij narked. buri.t, kiH rrrry Otirialian male, In the o?mi>er of two thou?;ind and more, being put Withe ??"f? by lUe who a torlelgbt bei..rc ha-l dlaarm ed tl?etn, in cold hloort, Tlie wom*a an<l rhlldreo *Kf allovrd to eacupa. ami rea'liod the i>i'?glh of the ftunoor rlrer, ha'.f way between thl? and Kidoa, yoeWilay, nhrntr- they were brnoflit up laat uigbt awl thl? moriitef. to lb* number of 1,100, by her British tlajMly'aalup* (.v.riel and Mohawk. Of Lh<- men of IMreULniar, Dot ore than thirty baree*-ap*d. The town la all burnt. TV1 refugees eay that lb'' TurfcMfe eoldieni aided with the Ifruara, helping theai to but h- r tli?> p- '>ple, ami that thejr, the Hultan'ft tr<?p?, were the only p<-<>j?le who id rolled the aninii, of whom not a few not with tba want troalwMM bv tliem. fteyroat itnelf la in a rani/- to day. Tina oi"rn'i>f early a Maxletn wa* killed in?MMTH with a Cbnauaii, and the Mniem population S>'W U> arm* dirt ily, declai in* that ailM the murderer ?.i? nd jl*ew up ui than. r ot a fbrWian ehould be a ft al:r? la tl>? pla. ? Th" . ilnrtt liaa not yet been fm.ud, and wn are la anytb.Dg b it aa en*.able Mate, althoqgl] We <'*Tla.n'y bate mot of war raoujb 4 lie rovta to blow the >RK I lTURDAY, JULY 28, 1860 r ji>ace to pk?cw. A Turkish lino of battto ship, with 2 00 i troop* oc Hoard, arrived thi* morning from Constant inn r pl?. Th< e<- ar>i fur mor?< tb*n t-uougb t<> prerent m?y J* t turbaino wli?t>*v?*r. But the quoxtton is wn?iti? I tb? will lo prevent RlxxlcUntf of ChrWtMin bWo< aviuta amnn.ral fka 1\i>k lak it ?% K<\? I# taM? ifha >*a happened at Dier-el-Kaiaar, /.alue. Tez*.in, llii beiya, lU?.he>ya, 101 don, and other places, bow a possible to p'.t any faith in the prom.?."?, pro t?MU or oaths of tbo Turks? Yesterday the eon.-iuJ I gene ral otlere.. to land -J00 men front tho, i Ysrv.b ar<l Kuglnh in'n or war, inorrter to restore confidence U the place, bat the Turkish author:ties would not listen u it for a moment, protesting that such would be on in fringenunt of the yultan's rights. Tr> day matter* art worse. My own opinion ut that tbo Turks wish so to ilia guiit both the consuls aud other Euro|>ean8, that all m?j take ntOft on board tbo ships of war, and then not I native Christian Will bo left to tell tbo tale througboul Syria. We bavo in harbor or English ships the Einaoulh 00; the fiaonet, 1): and the Mohawk gunboat. Oi Krencti the/onobia, 50. and Sentinelle, 10, besides a largo Rus iiaa frigate of ?I0 guns and a Turkish line-of. battle ship. Th^ro in to be a meeting at four o'clock r. M. to day at tbo Higlish cousulate, of tho commanders of ihipa of war, the Turkish general and tho consols general, to concert measures for tho safety of the town. One good tiling is that tbo general who bos arrived in commuud of the troopa is a Christian, Keined, tbo liongarian, who liehaved so well at Kara. This lias irspir^d the Chrwtun population with m >re confidence, but truth rompcl* me to ,\ay that we are still sitting on a volcano, which may at any moment break out If tho Mod-ims wore to rise, and the Turkish troop* to behave well, all would go r ut, but unfoi tmiat"ly Mmiiains will nover act a?auist .Moci? ins, never at any rate uu behalf of Christians. lhe bu'-lnrgp nf Beyrout is at a standstill; all the specie of the Ottoman Binik hjs been sent on board tho Exmouth, and in the streets hardly a soul Is to be s^en. I P. M.?A I write, news has been brought in that the murderer <?f ihe Musi' m lias beou c.aiight. Ho is a Chris tlan, and b been con vie tnd on Christian evidence, and will bo ex-outed at sunset. Th.i will greatly allay tho exc ited uu> <>f tho Moslems, and it is to be hoped that we sliall ii'iw got over the night w itbont a disturbance. 1 cannot rlosie this letter without bearing testimony to the energy and juil^nieiit shown by Mr. Moore, tho English Cob-ul General, throughout the nrlaii, not only to day, but ever kioco troubles began in thf 40 parts. Everybody in the place will a:;rce with me iu this, ?ud it is but right to 1h ir w i. :?'?? of the truth. I mtv a id that we are fortunate in all our the consuls general, of whom, bom^ the senior, Mr. Moore acts as Preavieut. Tboco wiio have friends In Syria may, I think, rest assured that, go far as pervoual danger to Euron^.uis is concerned, tho worst ^ now over. Still cold-blooded murders of disarmed Christian* by Druses may be counted by thousands, aud 30.1100 tnuristUns of ljobanon have boon burnt out of house and home. The Turkish government has In no single e.tse behaved with anything like Justice towards the Christians, and in every one of the greater butcheries, the Turkish troo|>9?often the officials themselves?have helped. I state it advitcdly,and with a four years' knowli-dge of this province, that the Turkish troops and Turkish ofliciais are far more dreaded in Syria tlan the Drmes them? elves, and I feel quite coutident that until and unless there is a landing >( K-uropean lor res iu this place?even if they remain here bnt for a few weekp?confidence will not be restored to the Lebanon or to Syria. If any oommlssion is to sottle the affaire of this province, Europeans must form a i?rt of that commission, else the Christ Una will regard it as a mers laree, and I eannot wonder at their doing so. Tbia very day, with iJiOO Turkish troops at their disposal, the authorities. by llieir wuaknea* and, fry nearly caused the mi- :..t? ?>f some 40,000 Cb? ?< tians. In 'act, from first to last, bad the government wmlted and planned ths extinction of the Christian population, iMaa and native, from '-uil to end of >'yr*, they rmikt not have acted lr. a manner more likely to attain that end than they have. The follQwine letter lrom Abd-el Kader, to the Riryit liaryt (Kaglo of Parte) has intercut at the |ircsunt crisis:? Glory tnOodl I hare been dellfht?d by nil you have written in tlie Hirfis on the subject of the Mussut man tttatee. You have io truth givnn good advice, au.' you would be heard ir yoo hud spoki u u? the living, bo it is to the d":ul that you have a|i|>ealed. Yon hav lutnl your reaHurtas on two paiiit*. Yon might hav i meutiMiel a third, and said that truly Mussulman *>r? reigns love tho eoodoet of honest m<-n a<id follow thei foou<te)>H tn the ways of jmttoe and contempt of world); > g?xlH. lor it is on l.igh that little on<?s rhould l'*>X for a ; example. Alas! wo aro lar euough from d >ing so. Tli present state ol the Mui?'.ilrui?u and Christian nuplre: everything Uial is taking plaeo lo d-i.v was predicted i> ? Mohamt.ied in his time, ui.u that Is wh-it gives sneh a: thorny to his pn>phe< ww. He has ann<mn<W the ar.nih . latiou of tlie dxwroe.*, and there an- uo muro Cbotroei he laa aL-:o mid t!.at Iks Christian kings IfcMl * ma.nis n themselves in |>>* -r till the end < time-, and liiai Urn sovereigns of his people should I. abandon' 1 of <'.ou by r? i ? >ti of thoir Injunt i?;-' aud 1 n o i the wm W< t-*etly. he h*< - ?>d that ibcwoild.-l. not ?'i>u till ilie CkrbtiuH dtvo becoiuo the maj<?rity the hnman rice. And that event cannot fail to arriv lioeauae, as Btlalam, tb author I wxl interpreter of mod, has said they lave at>ovn all, four qualities whic eu. ire Uieir luture siwei' ?r.leni-a -y in victory, wort nary in <1< leat, er.ergy In rotaliatlon, anil charity to tl the weak and the In-re* rM. I will ?dd. of riy?"l ' that th<y Join to th.-*e gifts one still gre.?t<-r, \ i/.. *Will I t withdi .* n| th ... ' '..ill se;t> Ir >ui ibe .i I I justice and oppre? i.-n of their king. I I weep, Diy t?o?l, over the aimihiiats>u of Ulatni-n I We ar* I ram OnJ, ant to hnn we return. i i At this nxuneut Ireidlnl ? 'ixorder prev-i'ls amom; th . I V iiwiirt *i?t iLi' |irnn?. The evil has deep root* ?vr) 1 f l. "I r.-nni tli d;* rimy hi?\<? better t-nJing. | < rr. imir to l.'od, Jim* mighty, frum hiaj>nr OHrv.'int. lU ' <X v Jul*'M,1M0. .VBl? yj. KAJH ft. Mpln and Nlrllf. The ncrec of lh<" two Mau< Una, and ?<m, upci '..n??rf ?n of btriuf Ixcn conei-rii'd tu tb?! all.ick ui-mj \I hr< ii ?t, i* conurmod. Th'j wrro t*k'-n ?n July ft in tin ( 1-lfl ul l.*rlil*. kitU inuwdntnly ouiJuoleJ t<i llio tort Jr> m which ili- y wit wnt to N me fce?t day. Th" 11 >1 low log is th' law |it- in<!lf*ale 1 hy tlarlUaldl r? ft* .-Hug the oe U?e i|mhihi& <>i nuatiM. oa k> .-*r . u.n.a? Johi en r.jnmur.j, (' tnriutfi'W in Chief of lite N?i.ou* )"oreeg in ficiiy, , in vtrtue ?>t ili* puwerr eonfi'rrcd mi him, Uontlderi;.;; that llir Hielllw |?> >nle will ant fall In In ' n*il 'I|. ti In v.ite r -|>T. l.iip lUu nan. xali m of Ihi . I U?d Ui the < uaiu-;(?it<Hj provifrvw of it*ly, cilin-r b) ?lirr<-t Miflrn^e or lite medium of .ui MMtaWy. W ikhiog io mn? U>i' nooae^ry amiiftiroU towardi pr i*i ing the cwuulry f>r an act of kuflk.uitly ^r?M tm (>OtUIM'?, I'd lite |>ri'i><k-.Uon of Uw IVcr< Ury of Slate of U.? In. 1 terior, Thc( "t;ncll of Miflloter- having l?een heard, <t?rre"* ? 1. AllrttlrM oi 21 yu* aji* %re < !< c ?r? (or il>? lor.tiity of iln ir pi dwelling, bcrc li?'y Uuat M 1 ntMiriii at the mrou'nt of volinc. ? He Ik aot au el"?-t.>r wh'mv r ba? hen rer-l^y on?J"iru > d for my ofl.-rw, j*ndin* lb* p.?r*<d of hi* ptuiiiinn< nt; whoever lw b >n < <>u l< inn< <1 lor tbo rinx< crfth' il, fraud. im; .-lure, atlvunuy or pni 'iry, H.r tlie xp?c>' of two y-art aller the u riuiiat n M' .'T.njib m< it: wittioyor h*. ? < n rnndcm??d fur isimic*i:l/, unlit h.? recovery nr e-rir rl.'ht* 3. All el/i-uir* ! ( 2b yoLTn an>l npwar In, prnTi.ied U?ey hew u< rrad an<l write, are liable. 4. All the, vj:ir? U'low IO.iMO aouU h ire tbo right to !? < t oik'd. p<il> ; all Um- ron.m inr* above in 000 ? xiu4 aii-I natfcr 'JO iahi, two doputH-*; above 'J0,UU0 a<>ub, ? l.?lever may h?? Uie uumber .if lUo mUabiUioU, thr<? diiiiit ie*. 1t,f> lomm^ne of r:il. 'mi win elect b-n d"pntl??; MvU of Mrmiiim au<l (*Uo.? iv? .lepulieit r*Jt; Uto land of I..pan two <!. fml< . j. Tlie toiiiiiiv-i.'-' will pay to the depntie* cltinnp the litne tlie * vt^an in>|. mnity, wlucb nt?.> not etoeed a?J larl <7*. 14.) per diy. 0. Afb r tii?- publication > ( the*e prwntt the civ;i eouai- ? nt all U.< commutMii Will lu ?t oti tbo Kl of j.Jy ?vd pr<c<"Hl ? ( I l'o the ereali.wi of |!ie rWV>r\l eminclln; (h) W> clu-i'? ?jf a place lor tin- ittlnj:" " ttv' .-niimiHo. k; (c) to tb' d i* tbjr op of ttie lnfi>rni.(lln<ia to b > )>y IIm" |ki'.>1k-, rrter. and |*?'<d op la llm ?<?t frw<i j?*rt"d l?iri of the ft ui'i,o>, for niikngj know a to Um |".<>ple th^ or* ratioua to dtUil. *. T.>e eiertor*! committee In ev>li I-Ommurv* will ran L-l t.l lh>- preaid. nt o, lit- eivic e<^mcii, wh > will pr. ?liie over It; of th. dilaf mai>M'i)nl mncWtrnte, of tl;e . HW er Kmmnndine thr aoliliem of U?.-? third ? jt>* >ry, If nnr.h exlrti* In t)<?. omumum of I1k' arrhpn- <| or I lie cur>' wbo l' tlie ol'li *1, iuhI tl, ol?l. -l notRry In th" OOUmilAO. A?d if Ihey are }^eri nl- d by olil i?pi\ a>M*eniv>, illn??s, or any ot *r can e, U?ey trill he r>-]da<y d by thone wim in lawfully im'M to tUtu In rank. nr. if th *e laiu-r Oul, by Other perw/n* r.>K*rn by th" ctvlc row si. Thl* cr'inputlco will bt M-itU-d by tb. .V-crrtfc/y of the mtc toi.m j. *. PhoulJ the commune hn dlvi tod into ai?vc>ral pv rirtif. he* id. the oimm.ite*, aom|??< d aa nbovn In the I ,ri !V?d 111# trLU'l^ .Ii'itriil'irv irnntitli.i ranul in 1 ,nh?r to the parieira aha 11 br fot?H; r,?h of llx-ra will Ct lhr><'rtrM> vt'ubi .Uu?v, the nlJ? t of m l??>-n ilu'l <itl rlarf ihr d*it?ee o| prrn.l'-M and the voanwaat iim#i of p i- . tary, or t V-1arc of ar?b|>ri.*i or <4 14 ara law fully tlirir ?ub?IUut?, and of lbs i?-t*rr. f ln? r<'!a? ?otw *jid roimrelKwiH to the third 4ecree Inr liuinlf '.u.i.iH UronlUoeoiuly f-irm |wrt ?f llio <v, rmit t e I;i llil* rufto. the frmiijp m'iKt w illwir?w and Hj" j.bre til.-, up la tin* fr. ii .rr auove li>dk*toi|. 19 A* tV ptore >.f (iII dk (<>r ll?< electoral ctmm Ueee, lli'- fcrci -i and moet ooatnti chcrx.liea will b>- ahaaen. 11. Tl?u ?n-cWiral ixMumitl< ?4 Will taoet ub Uie lOUi of Jov IX The flrat act of tha roramittee will be In open a reentry, m which will be iMnrlbel rrrry d?J ibe r ot?*fa IH?J nod the re C'lOtioM adopUd. Tli? tfalMH w.ll h* T( A'.r 1 I11 tli 1 nj?)?.rity. KttouM hm or two of the win 1m-r.' be ti- "at. tbelr plaoaB will be flll>d by 1'm.m ?e\t In > k-'-t-- 1 ana KhowM eao atao toll to atlead. br * |WTV A aliojen by tl*e clrVl rounril. In ca?e of * tie .0 the Tilling, the prmideat will hare a caatlng vota The committee* w.ll r rreapond with Ibe elrlc wtJli ra< veryUiltii; thataiiftll ba tMteeeary f?r Uieg<-nd wraii'*ali<? of tbe election*. in. ?m the in" day the committee* will rnn Ihetr book, railed tb" reglMar of tbe nlcclora, wbicb will be portioned off in alphabetical order. Thla reji-ter w;ll be <-j <-ii lor at *1* hour* a day, frotn 0 A.M. U> 3 I*. M. IHirinf thin the roaimlttee will roatteu* to it. It Wi.^ne-rer as elector praanaU himaelf (be eerr^ta ry i-l the rommltlee will wrlta la Ibe reglMer, under the arT-*r*l b<-adr, the fbrtoilaa nam*. Uie uraain*. the fa tb'-r' name, the a?e, prnfrmo ai aad abode of tha elaolor. t"f?ther with tha oWrT?t??l, abould tha omaaiit lee oa idwr aay to be amaaaary. 1ft- Mo ona ran he manrtbed In mora than oaa par?h, t nder pa n of lar'af tha rlffht of rorraca AtdnA* la _4ca jm ferb'.ddes W kill kMm* to [ERA 0 KriM n any oitx r ptrttk nve that of Um quarter * here be liven or has his settlement: in the contrary case, 1i* electoral mmm will strike bit) n&oie off the lull, and will vdJ bun back to the parish wMre bis bona ia. it. Tlx; eWtor hemp admitted, and hi* name iaacrlbrd n the register, tbe oommittee will hand him ft ticket, signal by at least three member*, on which Uckot will be written it.m emu name, bin raiher's, (be address of bla abode, and should there be several parishes, the name of tbe parish where bo lives, with h.s number on tbe list. This U:krt will enable the elector to have bis vote duly received for si-.rut.oy. 17. All the operations of registration will last until the Itth of July, 3 I'. M., wben the list will be close J, and at ' the bottom of lite uaid List there shall be written an account 'Utlng the total number of tbe electors and iho collated accuracy bet we->n tbe two registers. Krom tlut moment no person any longer tbe right of having L.j name inserted. 18. On the 18th of J lly the oommittee will cause to bo p?ei'"d up on the door of the place of sitting an alphabtirally arranged list of tbo inscribed oleetors' names, extracted from tbe register, and every one shall be perm.I , u j rroui ico lwui to tno ena 01 uic win aay or mo monm t lo make his objections to the olactors before tho doctoral , committee, whi<Jj wiil decide forthwith. Tbo objections i may be made iu person or by writing. In either case a nolo Kl.all be taken duwu ia the register, and the committee will dccide immediately after inspecting tbo documents or from ! l.o public notoriety ol' the tacts. 19. K'or the individuals belonging to the several corps of the army, wherever they may be, they will be admitted to vote by a committee consisting of tne com aidant of the corps, wiio w?!| preside, and of two of the highest officers next in rank to himself. Where her? are several otflocrs of Ibid &jme rank, age will e.onfer priority. There wiil be, moreover, a secretary, to be efaMM by the commandant. ilie taking of tlie vote will be at the period indicated by the preceding articles. Tbo electoral register will remain in tbo bands of the commandant. Should there bo any objections, they will be immediately desided. JO Another decree will make known the day and mani ner of taking Uio vote. 21. Hw Secretary of Stats of tbe Interior is charged ?:tli the execution of the preseut decree, i GIUSKPPK 'Jtll'BAIJ)!, D.ctator. F. rw'i, Secretory of State of the Interior. )' l f .? ), I tain - i, lotiO. The ;ollo\? ing .? too text ol the &nuugty lately granted by the King of Naples:? Art. 1. Penal proceedings are abnl'.shed as regards all persons aecute i .jf political offences, and cooseqiently any ulterior action against those in coutlnemeut or absent I lor facta anterior to the 2olh June .s prohibited. Art. 2. All pr neipal or accessory puniliment which remains unfinished lor such ortfences, including perpetual exile from the kiugdom, even for tlijsn on whom it b.ul been infflotcd in commutation of other jienaluoe, it also remitted. Art. 3. Those persona will have tbe benePt of tbe sror.'sty who have been already condemned by drfoult for political offences, and equally with tho^e who, from me* mires of precaution fouudeil on political niou\ts, had loft the kingdom, will have tlie power of returning to it. Art. 4. If, bowevor, political offenders have to answer for ounces committed against tbe common law, justice will take Its Kim uga.iiKt them, but only for sue.h of fences, and we reserve lo ourselves, under any circumstances, to acvord a mm unit ion of punishment .n any pari ticular case we think proper. Art. 6. Tbe above extensions do not derogate from the i rights established by law for ciril actions or reparations, aad for tbe recovery of judicial expenses as far as regards only tbe parties civilly concerned. As to tbosn which belling to the state and the general administration of tbe finances, no further proceedings or ulterior execution will take place. Art. 0. Our Ministers of Justice, Public Works, Interior, I nancs and Foreign Afiairs are charged, each as tar a 4 ho ir concerned, with the execution of the present d?crw. FRAXCU II. Vrmmre mud NwltxerUnd. ?n the Douse of Commons on the 13th, lord Jot.n Riwi sell, m reply to a qiirah?n "whether all the eight 1'owers, as we)! Switzerland and Sardinia, havo consented to I take it.rt m the proponed oonferenee on the subject of the t Wd a?ti*.U> of tbo ivflnltivo Act of Vienna, nud whether ? there .* uuy preliminary understanding between tho n l'owers ur to the *>?w on which tho conference will take place," said?1 will utile tho facts an far aa they are ir within my own knowledge. My honorable friend seem* j to giippoHe that certain Towers have consented to take ,ii part in tin1 .1 Miftmo Now, the way In whieh tlie maf'TFiauON is thm. The Houtte will have ?cen from tho paper which havo be-n jireocnh-d that the Krench gov- rnment have proposed three diBerent ni'xles lor reconciling the :>2<1 article ot tho treaty of Vienna with the 21 artie.l" of tho treaty of Turin, and that a eon fereiu.e u only ono of thuee modes. The Kreuc-h government, there!ore, have not suainrmed the ron|er?nce nud aiskeil the other I'owor* to att"P<l it. )ler Majesty's cov. rumi i.t bad no dillteijlly iu immediately paying that they ic.pted the e/wj. i ter' ii.? mm the tn*t mode of iXHiaidermg thin Kubj * t; biit it d<?* not appear, y* far an wu know, that any definitive answer has l>een given by the other I'ower* of Ku rojwv We have boen told?although, of coorje, tue tiui Btrer w ?iM not come to iid, but to the I rencii ;mv rn ment?that Austria ou-1 l'nmg;:i havo belli aiiov.ii some b?* i vat km i on tlie matter, and, although an mtofll,:ial | aii<wer went from litis*!* thai ate wis willing to accept i a eouforenoe, yet h< r answer wan uot formal or ileQuitivo Ion the ,nihj?*.l. Therefore at pres? ul no summon."'a have iHit France for the purpose of cuuveuing the i onlerenee; *md it is not yet cerU'u that the other I 1' iwrr* have assented to that ituxto. J believe, how-ver, n theyallcay I bat if a conference is summoned they Will wr'l representative* ui it. Witn regard to tii cm i i. <]' eetlon |mt to me as to whether any preliminary art ingo. merit hac iieen nme to with the 1'owern r'spectniif the , basM of a settlement, the t'rencb government have from the heyinnmT "ulod that Urn only prarti'al ha H .it, tint i lie* IVmera should endenvor to reconcile the ti.n- tv i.d ! artlrlo of ifr* uvaly oi Vieona with the eccood articleal tho ' troaty <* Torn. and llioy aiUiiiTMi tbat ibai will l?' th i a pf>tv r Ibmk, i?i ?u it allow* ?-Tery latitude to llu otli r IViw.-m to Mate tbelrv.ewi upon tbr ruttfeot. I iBaglaa j , no utb'T bar i than that r.m bu |?r?jx?wl. As to llo oba>*r\at:?Mi which ban b?v?n made mor* than oik <5 in tin* ' i Hon**, tliwt tbe hrencb ;vi*i rmu''iii pMpwthitloiin?n tbo other Pawera beforehand nei.i -t any arranges<*ut by . I which orv |?rt oC Savoy may r>o K"jiar:iU>d from l'mm-", I |>o Htl' ini'i ha . been inolo to f"tt<T the oth-r IVwer* mi j that mhjivt, The French fovorummt, ltow- or, *iy th. ' ;f Mk ti a pr?,..tut) 'huuld !> ludc ntate their objo t.on to It* adop'.K*. (Hear.) With rr*)?Tt to the t revelation nia.le >.y my honorable friend ta. t n.fht, a* to , wbri traawpired u-twivn the Km per or of the Kr>c<-.b and r th" hwperor of Aualria at Villafranca. aliU happened on i tbat occasion c*n only bare Liken place tc iw ^n thowa , two yovcrii;n*. I b in v* that i" other( r?>n iii m I cent at th it MNflM We have 1.1 I \ tr <>| More or |e** official, of the jjein ml auh-tanee of <] at t. it ti rvirw bin In m i f-v v. I ai v I intimation tbat the pfop..i<al or "Uf,; --tton towhkU my i honorable ft ionrl the member for 1.Ml> ?r I alhid> 4 w u J lm, indand, bmM Uw atocy is avarneway, , bot 1 do not kimw UuU Uiere is ac> anU.or.ty wtwt. ver lor it. (Haar.) Ilcwi from Jtpaa. IT.iUB AMiCO.'S * AO A." All (JAPAN) CTIM'n. AH. N'aoahaai, Japan, May 1, ItHM*. f...*ne** hM Improved coaaidcr-tMy o.' late, anil the e*|ort of Ua, was, aeawiwt, Ac., aliow* a increaaa. ??>rbui to China bare a^Taj-.-ed, Mid mod'-itr au?d trtwli will Bud (fool employment at current ntn. There ban hern a Beet of about a d< ren *hV.o chip* In port during th pant month, wbi:h bare roceivod iroli.ta at J repairs, and left again for iL? Japan S u to crmsc. i "be filling i0 &l"?g kfcorfl prr^re? ^ very favorably. | H"r?f h aro being ahippod u< Sbaagha'- fur the alUr--, for im In tbo t, itUi < ' China. The American ahip Kato Hooper, iJjirtercd by tbe FraMh govern mert, tak>-- !tfO boraee to H, and th* Arkti an l>ark Mar> lai<d alwi takf* a itiantity on Krciiok KOTcmiiH-i.t account. We bf ir that borwm aro to bo ahipped to tbia port iV-m Kan igawa, ami tb? u lo vUiOfii* , lor tbo KntH-'b, wnu (aro takii v up tc nrai lar^i- Uipa ,n Oixa to aunt lire .14 maaparto. Jmt'n-fi l?r thr month for th" .t inn^ ma.-krt bar? Inrriim^J xMWulrrably, tywnpri# np inroWva of Am"rvwn i ilrllli, cbtabree, ? ? pail wood, ilrrwiuflb, mnrtlctana, ko. Aditxmji dri'l* bave ixx-n ?ofcl brro at an 1 of ! uwlr o.f? i?*r |? ui. loa fcuthe?T**le u 10 % 0.IW p-r ! piore oTrr ytiwcba<' pri ?. Kn?.\r and au^ar nanny |i tya a fa r pt'ittt at tbo prtweat than. Rit i-or*!, larsi- m l <ina.l, la b^aila, iu- l? for M< ti *n ?<>i * |i?? pr?r pi-nl. ^.ipanwood W la *o>d A- nam! at IU"ba 'J a 11, "r M- uoan W; *) a ?4 por |?* r|. *iin?y?c nn-li- ir -e, a**T?"il, aro 1 team brine import"*! trom -iwicbae, an th" oiU mirphia tiwk 1* cHi'td'Tably worked off, and a good buaui" u di?." in ?\i|t for Japanmo prodncx. V ?Tbo arrirala of produce lr? m the country harr born nvir" rxwnaive than eobxl bo??ir',t and Uhto u i Kfat w.tiviiy diMptoyed at U?r prevnt timo In ?blt ^ing 1 -Iniinhae aad lloo* Koajj. W? anil Ipnle ? ' L' tf'H f innn-r, ? lb" Jujwr-v" art* mnr irlmoii dwpm* <i tu 'iiU r into contract* Willi Eurnpnaii* nipnit.* lur Uwi Ctua^o an'I twima markus. T<*? Iu? I cwport of t?p?n Imm ' oolin-m U> bn aj<\ an 1 ' l# .-ml prjx ipalljr to .Shanfh??. *b?>re >1 I* prr?r- 4 I * fnfricm ?ii ptix-et *e qu<w in***, Vo. 1 4o * j8: j Nn ? .??? .17 p*r pfcnl; raw ?i!k, V? 1. <t/obtt, ? a II pw jll) Cnpp?f?Hi?l m p> n. v *UpM ' n h>pd, but m<ir? i?t | j>rw?l fr..m tin country. W? q-toui .\r?b<i, .'40 a 'Hi > j'T pocul. i <*l?loll ciippb"" Ma*. M M p?r ton, d? 1 \rr--t on board Iron i? brio* MrM fr??ly, an.I > urth Dii* it?-k>a 7 a'' prr prtil Wr-tafcl* iru?But I rn<?ll utipp'T- W? <inoi/? itarh* . j ? it p*r p"cnl. %at, li/*bii 17*19. ?' "" d.larira N?. 1. turtm 21 a ' J4; rou?>room?, No. 1,73 a *6, Irtu^'ivi, #T M, r*r tnk*lk>, 7 a * tub maw*, M a 70. ;.*b rom, 1?X> a 131; ?ha-k AM, V> .Ti, cuttlo tl*h, 1J a U, broom mufl, % a 0 prr |M?I; ?ali|*rtr?, 14 a Irt; tttlpb ir, 17 a 19, drl*d y?ter?, 'A a 3'J camphor. 17 a IS. ' iwtm, 7 a ik* peril; ?Hk p iff gooaa, 7 a V per catty. rtowarrd oJotha, i_ al Hit. fjcAaw. ? Itf bn, 240 l-T IK) Mc-nata dollar* ropp?r, c?rh, 1,4u0 pw Uc*W;?n dollar Itobann. No. 1, auor, No. S, iur4)u, 14 16, No. t, 13 ra< h, iBa.ll ruppiy. IMM In China. nUZAR AND CO.'H REANOHAB CIBCTtAH. am*Bin*, Mar II, 1M0 Bat HU? taa b"n &<** .a our t*a mark'1, owtnf to tho AttT*rr aLd reduecd nock oa fcaod, nay 4,000 pack ?r??, Ail kinda. Japan Im art amif-bt afVT for lb# Amnrwu and tnp'.ab merkfU, ted It* ?*vnn <X U?f baa iacroaMd r*rj al>r>aHy. lu nfe th?r* bm t*c* fA.r t iMi d<t at a'ffcUj xnaoH rtl? LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. There la nethtng ol importance to note rrom Um Interior cities, although condicting roparta are current of Um movement* of tl?<- reb-la. The Allies are still taking up shipa to tnu?pmt horaea ond cattle from Ja]*s, for use at tbo l\.iho m tbe coming campaign. THE NEWS BY THE CITY OF WASHINGTON. 8*. JoHva, N. F., July 27,1MO. The steamship City of Washington from Liverpool 18th, via Quet'Djitown 19th, passed Cape Race on her way to New York at four o'clock this morning. ? The news yacht succeeded in obtaining the Gape Race canister, which contained, however, no summary of news, but merely two newspapers, from which the follow iug summary of the Kuropean intelligence is cempllde. THE SYRIAN INSURRECTION. TKKKIBLE MASSACHK OF CHRIHTUN8 AT DAMASCUS? TUK AUKJUCAM CONKUL WOl NDKD. The British government is said to have received Intelligence o! a fearful m:iaeacro of OirUtiann at Damascus. Ki\e hundred were killed, amongst wbum was the Dutch Consul. The American Consul was wounded. NAPLES AND SICILY. Tlie two vcss?-1r which |>asevd over to Carlbatdi are merchant steamers. It is coniirmcd that the tt?wr Vtloce has parsed over to Garibaldi. Naplr", Joly 14, 1M0. The moderate party is full of apprehensions concerning the stabbing of an in )?ctor of the former police on tho 12th, io tbo Mr a/1 a tie Tolda. A proclamation of Garibaldi against tho Bourbon dynasty has born distributed. He says: "I am a royalist, but prefer Victor Knianucl, who will head us against lustra." Minn, via Turin, July 17,1800. There has been a conflict between the troops and tbe people in ronHi"tupncc of popular manifestations in brar of some refugees wtto had disembarked at Naples. Several persons wore killed. The ministry lu been d?*mi?6ed, and a new Cabinet formed. Thr Japinne Reception Swindle. TilK APPLICATION POB AN INJUNCTION. The following is the complaint of Levi a Chatfleld, on application for an injunction restraining tbe Mayor, Comptroller and Commonalty of the city of New York from paying any of tbe bills for the entertainment of the Japanese:? Levi P. CtoatfleM, of the city of New Tork, plaintiff in this action, who brings ttu action as well In bis own behalf as in behalf of all the taxable Inhabitants of said ciiy of New York who may come in and be made tmrtiee, plaintiff therein complains of tbe Mayor, Aldermen and Camm<na'iy of the Mid city of New York, and Robert T. Haw?, Comptroller of t>aid city, defendant*, and alleges an a cauee of action:? 1'irtt?That thin plaint iff is a citizen of tbe I'nlted Platen, and a taxable inhabitant <?r tho o.ity of New York, I renting within the Hiall* oi the Corporation of said City, I to wit:?at N<>. Ill m l/ ^in^ton avenue; that be ban re-' I ndnl at aiil No. Ill for tnc imriod of six yearn now last | patt. Bud ha* during all thai time bceu aKsetMm] for tbo tax< -s thereon, and will be aimeMod lor and uay tiupii tberrmi lor tbo year 1<>60. that ins said taxno hare been eonataully on the !ti> rr-a?>, u.tuoegh the valuation of hi* said* hi mil- and kit iia* not tiicruaned during aatd p< rlod; tliat aivoril.iig to hut hot recollectiuu tbe UIM levied n|>on laid prem - u. exclusive of theCrotou wator tax, for the yoar IHo4 wan *74. or thereabouts, and tbe lax *> levied lor the year 1 >?>.' vu upward* of 4161, boing an InnriH ol orcr '.'00 per cent wiibm a period of Ave year*, anu that much of Raid tuxe* nave, m tbe opinion and bellet of this plaintiff. been lor unworthy objectf, and have grown out of a corrupt. improvident and w.urt' ful admin i-waiiou of tbe government and toe atlalr* of (aid city .and the plaint .II alleges and cliorgeo thai,aaid I taxalxn la to a )ar?e ?stent n&neo J**ry for tbo good foI vernnirtl and wellnre ot >id city, and la onerous and oppreaalve ujion the la . payer* t U< reof Permit)?And tlx pi*.ulill fui tlii-r salth that heretofore a reaolutiou or ofilu.ainv ud"pt<xl by the Hoard of Altlermi n, *Uw h wn* com e.i i>?t in aod udopied by tbo i J?.?id o) Omni Ui.i. i < f ??id city, and waa ?i>prov<-d by. tin Mayor then el on (lie Alii <iiij of June, 1H?W, by whicb ri olnt'on f: U,000 of tlie money of the >? opi? of the city of New VoiK, atld belfif'U-riVtfd, or t,> oe derived, from tlx: Im\o , a?*e?.-vd hudlevW-tl upon tbe taxable property Of III" ** .i city, were api ruprialei to d< fray the e^pi-nae* of reri ivmg and ia> naming the Kmbavy aonrediieil by tbe Km fieri# or gurrrii&M'nl of Japan to the government 1.1 lb" I lilU'd Mat' <?l Amcrirl Third?And the plauitlll lurtber mvn that, a* hi ha* l?*cn inform .1 a ,1 belter**, a lotornitiee of f tH.Ioii of Kalil l mb ty ap|M>lntnd bv tlx- I' ?rd ol A Mermen ot by tiie i bu mi>n IVum il of *aid my. and <hiu iho aaid r i,,uiill. c |'i< el -'1 and dlr<?t?l U> .1 a bull be given *l the y iroi? iitoti li t.', and Niblo'a l-vd-u, iu U>o city of New \ or., o;i t|,e v<ih day of June l.iat pa-t, at the ?<!? of i.. ! r |y I'l Now York; and plainli.'l ar TJ thai, iin j?ur-iiftnre ol tn. ?i1j me of glvuig a pubi Call, tb-? l aid C"mmiU?0 <?'..'d to be liW .'-d tiofcoia ol aiiatiiiu , lo r i d ball, aid ?liM/ it>ut< d .-aid Ink eta in rucli UMUlier, and cave or fold lite rume lo mw h |m-i4oon kj> .ud con. miliee tbowe to dc<- goate or Hi'lect. and comj?uuMnt aaya Ih; line been int< mini and l? llevea eaol mmnitiin and mmu ol tie nu mbers of it." Cnnrnon O'uneil aold a tarj,* iii.mi? r of ?ai-i tn ^ 'ic, a. pric x ranning from len to ? l.e linndii d* eai n, and nppropriaUyl tbe procoeiin of ham aaka t.. tneir .iwn v.-e. fourth?And i. in 1'iiaiil lurlher nallh that *aid ba'l wii.? cHi ti ai.d In id at tin* M< lro|?i)itMn Hotel, ou tbe vii iBg of the *a.d ifeih i.ay </.fui.' , lfetiO, and that all permm* and r'^.i.etit of tl?e city ?>f New Vork, an well iaspiyer* an othi i i?-, ^.nn ol naiU city, were etr.lud-vl from ia' I ball md (run tlx rooma in wblr.h tbo mim wan held, ?ii<> did not pi***** and rouM not preoeot one of ra.d tick' ta ot ailmav ion to ttie peraoni who acV-d M door I' oprr> It Mill ball, the money of the city of New York and ol On taxpayer* tlwreof wu uoed or (ot ; hi to be UH< J b; laid coiumiltne, and by tbe ('iiiBltii'li (in n ;l ul .u l l it", in Me giving of ball* aod entertainment*, from w'.ik h nam taxpayrra were eicludid, without aey lejal wariatit or antbMrttjr Uierefbr. And the p!4tii,if Iwiltrr fa ih that, although only tCO.OCO were ?pproj>rial. u In sa. l ('otnmon Omorll to del ray Ih' i .t|?'iif of rr i* .ng and enl -rta'Uing raid Km bat "V. hi ia.- iH'-n Uif.TBHil and believe*, and no I charpa tin lac; I" ! Ilia: bill* oavr bna iiowbIkiI to | an am..nut < v ?* <:ins hoc liutM and twenty thousand I dollar*. and thai Hit- aaate liave l*rn audited Mid allowed ! by tlw Common Council, or ?. a r imnitlee thereof, lo Mi- amount ut ihi" liimdrrti and uv. tiiumMxl dollar*. tor I rcrept^.n and < ntcrtaluaMtt of raid Kmba??y, an<l that lb" Mild o tumuli" and,led m l Utuwcd the bllla of i M<? r*. I/-land. Mm- ppiprw ti?r* of U.<- Mmropulilaii Hotel, to tbe amount ?>f ninety ore il.o" rind dollar*, which bill j ol aald Is land* r 4>Li.ue?l tho tLtjgft uuh for lb? el| peter ol tald bail I And liw |i' tlntifl r ra, cm iiift.rrmt.mi and belief, thai | th< whole umiiW III Miu It">?iid?-, ooMKvtod with and l)ib?N)r llid itli Mkd bill), dM Mi Blend (be anm of tee ihous.ind doll* y. a;, < th&t before aald bill was an nxiiti-d and allowi i at ninety one tbotwaod dol'ara, It wan undertb ml and ajfrr.-i hj nu< Mwfu mlm! l/ilanda , ai d Mid tnmmon <?n ncll, * r< rlala mi-mtv-M'', [ that nlil Omnnton Cnunil, or ?ome p rtla U?"r?of, nl.nild reeoi*" of tbe bill n a'llif^l and ull'wd, or to h* *ndile?l and li.wirt, lb" ?um of thirty lbrae and nn? Uurd prr t nt lliarcof, ao-l after mailing nx.h i-or rujit and a<'..n<Laloua afr.emc'it, ti.i "aid (aid Le land* waa an<l.tail asJ allow. J at ?ai<l fom of nlne|yai>a linn Mod UollaiH or Cut. ahorta, and the plaliittfl ?ay* that II M lite intatit.on u <1 d. ?./n of aatd ' om/nnn On.t>r,I to prorare raid bilk .unl Mid mm* l? be tmpo*"d and a?*?ti-d upon the t. a !.1? property of aaid "ily, and Wi Imj levied an 1 r-IM t?--i 'riTi tl?e Uxaolo Uibibitantn tbet^of, ani that it In the li.-nli'O of the aald Comptroller to plsor or uiMrt the ?.?me in the tax levy tr li*t li r the aurulbg y ar. ami to prw jit tba m:' to be lev:ad and rnlkvtid a? rnrli later And U?e plaintiff my tbat the Mivor. /M-rmen and romm'iialty ?f the mid ciiy puMe* no }*>w*r or aniborlty to imp??<\ levy and i-olleet Uiim f-om 'be tax?bk inhabitant* of aaul city In be ?-xp"it.I?d In Riving ball* and cntertainim Mr, or in receiving tod ?npi?>rt>njc f\M*U or atranrera of any grade, rant or nittou, and bar* no rl?lit or power Wi'-ry and colleet ta\.? fr'Kn the peonlr .( lb' rlty to p>r ?r donate tw the in. mlin of tha O mmon Uomm .1 of ?.nd flty, or any of them, nt to nay ;f<eu or to carry into *1<- t tUc corrupt ah<J fraudulent apr' tnenl abort ?et fiirtb Tb" plaint in . '^manda indjrtnent that Um raid Mayor, Alderni"Ti and < ' n.roonalty be perpetaally and Tarrri r Mlrawrd and rnjoini-U from In any manner levying tiif aald one hundred and Are tlvniaand dotlarn up. n Uie Uxable prop' rty of aaid city of Nw York, or iipr n the propi rty of tin litablr luhabitanta thereof, and ftotu rolleeiin^ an? part of mid money for taxea la Mid cttr, and thai the Comptroller of aald city bo forever erj'i uied ai.d restrained tr-ona t?yin* the muni, or any pari ilioreof, to the Mid l^rlanda, or ui any other paraoa or peraob* l.alen r L. 8. CTUTFtKI.0, plaintiff in peraon. Arrival! and Rrnartamm AjmrxALt. vir> iut h o r?4Wj, imt Mil a rtiiMran K <lr*?ly |?Jr and rhtW, H CVwfc adlady, P *ct??r?fh. V ?' Br wile* Mr W?l*rr O C Onw?a indW^.B O K-.ih A f'?M. KH"? Hlrttm, K llimtn*. W? Prr?u>. * ?. t"^t. I^lrtw;, J?? Ikmon, <"WcVJ M 7.nmrrtm?. BodfHwmJ.Itt. Burr ?n<1 l?dr. H Than. W Hotnw. jtwic-HmtoMp Matnnta*?Mr* M KiriftM, torn MM k r>'r* mo .'?* * fanrrVn. I"*b?l, Mm ( Dtak m4 t*<- ?*.?. lira I. P*rt?n4M. M Urrln. J (MNfcM, V I Men. J J I'nta k?. L Tr?)iil?<io..? Yrq'uafct". C Pfmofc. TJmnl A A V*Mr/, It FrrwiiyW C k?U. W OnrrmtaJj fli*ar?. ft M Bern It h*nrit?<. C llohtart A A mm*tort, T I>n*T. m ( omJ~A W WUIUM. J i" r?t?r. P Oswaa. A Ht.hl i m Arte*. J P*nMiariM. A do Arw. A !?*? , J hnlr, 0 Ktlllm.a. ? Mr*)**, r. FlurtaAo. T> BtmhU. 9.PMM | H U w DM*, A AIM, T K?Uj, Hwtm?-h?r? Km nrMr?-J<?? RI|?m, T hmk, 9mm IJMai K?ni??- BrAf Pfdm Mn (Mf-Cta* W W fmck# ?*o?. J Rmwx. T II Ibm Pcmo CtfBW- Brif T VtM-r 0 CteUw.

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