Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 29, 1860 Page 3
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a?l)y, Rncr^ Scttimo retired to Mtttt wtereoe c*? klBC< resided. following ! a translation of a Jotter written .n Italian by the ?>wiea 3onacl CenertU at Palermo. M H r*ji, Mid addresaed to 'ieneral l^u, .a, tfcc NeuiuliUa Gj?cr.and rmCliief? Kicsixbxct?On the report )a?t made 10 me, that Albert Bchkolien, a t-'urini Cti>*un, btu>uan>l of K,?* B vil*MBk a dealer in w:ncs, living at Piaazetta v?rai.dc, No. hud the m^Tortuiie of having hia huuw ju.iaged taflaSy on Are, as also tia ahop aud wine store#, that his eCViPhre year* of ace, ?lahiug to os<-ape the tUroes, tmd tweu fliot by the soldiers, aad tnat It was not known what had become of liimaelf and the rest of tho Ian ly, I hastened y*at#Hay (lone 1), to soar.-h pe^cnally, in trckr to karn the tato of that mfortunat' man. Ha\ .ug reared u> the uuighborhood of his dwelling pUu*. the Inhabitants could tell me nothing more thiui their supposition tl-kt this lamily had been dragged away by tbe royal troope, in tuo same way aa many others, who hid keen arrested and taken to tbe cunvwit of the White Brawl ict'.nea, bin t up there in the refe:tory, and * iso ascjitiy burnt alive in the fire kindled ir, thatco' b> the Ki'ldters before their retreat to I jo roya, i nee. Unable to believe sncb a report, and filled wnu n ideation, 1 unmodiately repaired to t> e ?a.iit convent o?* the White Eeuodict.nes, taking rr ough aa Mtire quarter in ruins, from the *.. ,u. a prey to the tames, th>-re came a pet- ntialr of dead bodies hurled beneath the ruin* ' 'Viug u. J the cause of Mch horrors, several 01 .. virura replied to me that iter had been enacted by the royal troops during tbelr retreat to tbe royal palace. Having reached the convent ?f the Whiui Benedictines, I was oonducted to a vast place, which they told me had been the refectory, and where men were busily eugaged to removing burned WfcdtM iltnrinir m<< thow w*ro Lhrui*k r?f familinc from Ihn aeigbborxg bouves, ?rbom tbo royal troops had arrested tad abut up in that tyot, and that the convent having keen pillaged and mm od lire by tbem, tbeee pcriona bad been burned alive therein. 1 address your Excellency with the deepest anxiety to obtain some intelligence rc peciiu the late of wy countryman, requiring from your humanftv and justice the order to set him at liberty if he be s.111 alive, and reserving to myself tbo power of raak teg pod his claims to the indemnity which my govern Mat uiay demand for htm. HIR/.EL. Gaunt Gavour, in reply to the advances of Naples for an sfhas'f in ths Piedmont, proposes the following oondiMil 1 The government of Naples shall definitively break with Austria. 2. It shall give, and cause to be ac eptad at Rome, the counsels whioh itself has rcceivod Ml accepted. 3. It shall adopt a line of policy tending to the complete independence of Italy. 4. The premised raformc shall be reallr effected. Let the King give guar?tees oc all these points,and Piedmont will readily take tbe band be offers. Tbe Central Neapolitan Committee has published tbe allowing proclamation ? In regard to tbe desire expressed by several generous Mali that, follow log the example of our brethren in Molly, Naples should immediately rise in arms:? ConsMeriag that this generous suggestion la at the present moment prt mature, that it would lead to a too great cAvioo of blood, would disturb the regular march of rent*, tbe development of which has been regulated aad arranged by us, and, therefore, far from advancing, wenld delay the complete and definitive triumph of the great Italian cause; w? ordain? 1. That until farther orders the utmost tranquillity shall be maintained in the capital. a. That a dignified and sevsre attitude shall be maintained, and any collision with the agents of tbe government scrupulously avoided. S. Every nomizal concession, the ofUpring of momen tary necessity, nnd designed to impede the fall and entire station of the national Idea, should be treated with con Wnpt. Tbe American cl!p|<cr and the Utile steamer, just re taaaed by the Neapolitan government, arrived at Porto Terra jo on the 3d .ust., with all their passengers on baard. Tbe Bishop of Faenza was condemned on the 3d to three years imprisonment hu latino of 4,000f. for contempt f the royal authority. The workmen employed in making the repairs now in ragreas in the Cathedral of Nantes have just discovered, a small vault, two leadrn boxes, supposed to contain tbe heart and entrails of Phillippc Augustus, which according to local tradition were interred in the choir mt the building. The boxes being opened, their contents vera found entire. Savoy contains 10,000 hectares (two and a half acres each) (if vineyards, which in an average year produce 200,000 hectolitres of wine, almost the whole of which is consumed In th i ronntry. The arrondissement of Ofaambery, however, before the annexation exported tome to Geneva, Italy, and eveu to Kngland. Tbe excavations commenced six weeks ago at EleuRis, un *7 the Minister of Public Instruction in K ranee, have a! ready produced some interfiling results. The front and Itairsofthe propvUmns of the great temple of Ceres kavc been laid opoc. together with a vast oonrl paved with marble Osgs, which lie* in the front of the temple, li the centre of lb is court the basement of the (mail tern pie, dedicated to Ulan* or Artemis Propyl*, has been discovered, and alfo the remains of two other imall temple* Which flunked the propyl*-urns. To the right of the latter large cub.c altar has been biujght to light, standing in It* orig.nsl place, and adorned in front with the torches of Ccr< R and Proserpina crossed, and surmounting the inscription of AXAlOl. The famous sacred veil, Kallichonw, mentioned in the SSth chaptcr of the lot book of I'ausaniaa, In.' also been found?at taMt M. lAnormand tbiuks to?since be has d.ncovered In grotto, situated between the first an J second of the sa wed enclosure#, a well, partly cut in the rock, and partly kmllt of large hewn ktones, bordered with sculptured Marble at the top. Under one of the house* whick have keen polled down, (be rema.n* of a fourth temple of Mall dimensions, and of Corinthian architecture, have keen discovered, in the midst of highly interesting fragments of capitals, number lees iaacriptk>u?, vouvi baa relie ft. bmnze medals, and a beautiful statue of a female. Baring dug further down, a kind oi crypt or sepulchral kali bas been disrovered, coated with greea atoeco, and tiled with the bones of the animals sacrifioud to Ceres, ftteee cicavatlons. which are being carried on at the eipease of the Krecch government, are rlewed with great interest by the Greeks. The king and queeu of Greece kave been to visit them the properties sold lately in the lauded Estate* Court waa one s.tuated in the North Kid mi of Tippurary, which forcib y lil 'strates the improvement that has taken place within a lew rears m once ill famed county, la 1M1 this same property was purchased fur ?6,800, while co later than last week, after a lapse of nine y .rs, U real^e<l ?13,040. coo- derably more than double the price when first ottered for sale It Is reported In Paris that the death of Prince Jerome will occasion the ranf t extraordinary particulars of the latter portiea ot bis pa.?tlift to be brought to light, that the Counters A??, the Horentine lady, well known to Eagli&b sxcletr of Florence, moans to bring ber rlairas before ihe 1 "Tench tribunals as th<\ late Prince's lawful wlfr that the Empcf r inten 1? to admit the fact th arriage t>ut to oppose its I<*ali'.y froni lh? circumaiaiicre of it* baviug been cotitracUxl a ithont lite con nnat on o." bis coi.ient aince lie haa become Emperor. The trial of some of the arcuaeU Ribbon lata commenced I Louth oo tbe 4th. The approver, who appeari to h.ive keen roenacted with tbm town and Birkenhead, and allege* Lbat the community ia not free from Ribbon coo piralota, beaidea revealing aotue or their paaaworda and tfeaign*, confessed tbat he had agreed to draw loti with ether* to deride who ahoull commit a murder, and declared that at tbat tme be would aoonar hare taken a life than he would have broken bid oath Tbe Kt?olnemo de ? I.nboo paper, ha? tbe fol tawing:?Kranct*>-a f>rtega, an inhabitant of Pinaeqse (Arafou. Spn.n). 44 jr?*r? of ap, lately fare birth to a MtatriT.i female child Tbo ctnl I ??? V\*h<p-\va M* dtea. had tbe following peculiarities ?There were two faces, with two mouths, two nose*, three eyes and two Mrs. The lace* are placed laterally, looking away from sarb other; the neck longer than natural, an t properly plar<v n lh* c < i tre of tbe bead wa* an eye much larger than tbe other two. disclosiog oo closer examination two popila, separate^ by a membrane extending from tbe upper to tbe lower part, and eacb looking in a diflerent direction In the left fare was observe I a puffy swelling, with a small opening ia the oewlre, wh? h did not extend through to tbe .nner part of tbe mouth. Tiif maulb* were perfect, with corresponding >w boons that on tbe right aids, howerer, had a hair lip Tbe bead was rery all, sad oovcred all over witb hair. Ia the centre of tbe body waa a large fungu* aud bloody mass, without hair, and below it a quantity of bone, leaving tbe parts arnanected fbr some space. Tbf child was baptised, and twenty minute* after birth. A letter from Turin of tbe Mtb ult , in tbe 1 ivitptruimc', "*?5e Frccch government and its reprssaalalive, IWon de Talleyrand, hare not yet renounced the hope of bring tag abo if a reconciliation and alliance between the go veraments of Turtn and Naples. Count Csrour has ma Is kacwo to the Baron that a negatir* reply to the proposi I t ior.r of alliance of the Neapolitan government had already reached Naples; but tbe French Envoy ia stated to hare remarked that the coaduct of the Neapolitan Cabinet in thin affair baa not yet aitumed any official character, that ao direct proposition bad been proposed, and that coase quectly tbe ref isal made through M de Vukaraarina to . eater Into discussion dos^BTTt imply the abandonment of Mgotiationi, which, eirflV apeaiking, bare not rat been rranaenoed. Tt la, therefore, bellerM here that a Neapolitan ambassador I* to noaae to Turta to rommunlnate oOcailT tbe decree aigoM at I'ortlci on tbe 2Mb tt June, aad to draw up propositions for tbe alljuics, ?f wbaoh the decree Itaelf ?p*aks The committee oo the French budget f.w 'Ml has luat terminated Its minute exam.nation of that financial pro )ect *>e total amount of expense*, according to tbe jropoe.tioo* of the government, was originally 1.644.1*1, Mf' , bnt the committee and the Oounrtl of"tate har-ng 1 * MwfnrtifAi f/t ih#? r*l/nl of A (iM fti7fr th* total reaiaun definitely fixed ai 1.MO.121 AMfr. raJermo ha* rwum'il ill origin*! aspect. an J all the bottTfliw <>f Sicilian rank tot! faahion arc ouce more H it taring in the Bummer ann The noble* are driving abnt ! tbeir magnificent eqnipajjei?their icrraoti biti ng n (be richea(Ti?erl?e The French foreromTl hM ordered two war ?t?-em."'r* Ir. the Bar of Nap'.ea to proceed to Two F.ntj'nti >weeta er war have al?o left Malta Tor tin tame port. A young prince of tbe wluatriotji hn i?c of Monaco i? aake<1 why lie bad named a rich old woman. ''Hafoi," vu th* gay young prince reply, "tM poor man" in a harry to get an enormoua bank note ca?b?J trouble* him *ekf to leek at the date of it V Tbe loadon Poit of .inly 7. in an article upo? the African rlave trade, aay? ?It ia notorious that the law of the United State* ia syitomatically eTaded at the present lime, and that it ia under the protection of It* flag that tha pro* ribed traffic ia cb.afty carried on. If President Baeharxn la ae. iool, a* we bcliere he (?, in hi* d??ire to dwek it, let him Uke prompt and effrotaal maaaa to atop thin mtlty rooperttion on the part of b>* fellow citiirna 1lM *?ve difficnliy of tbe United ftate* |? already *um eteatlT great withonl fomenting it hy mean* V froh importation* of bart>ar.ari from Africa > (in the let inal the new N'apolitaa Miawtry present*] a* a4dre*a to the Ring rac< mmn im? varlfma reform*, and ob the tame day tbe !?wd de:ree*. in ooaao nac-o wMh tha advice of hi* Mm *i"r*. eonvi.iciiie tbe a-i rem War* of tho ^at'oral Parliament of Vanle* f >rihe Wth f 9rpt"tber, storing al*?> tlio l*w* of 1*4* and l?(U lib rtrard to tie the 4rrgaa, m4 fftabi tb eg ! eomir *b1<to to arrange il? wUi reepejt to u>c I ocwtorsJ .aw, the National '.-uard, &o A vwt for ratabUafeiiif a permanent uiograjbte connection. by ;*cd, between Lurope and ihe prm.pal co..iitrKU of At.a. U>- b'-oti submitted to Prince Napoioou, i wltu b?* t tprt*ii?jU h.mseli' tavorably on the subject. The I pronx tor pr< poees to commence hi? line at 1'aris, conducting :t u. ->u?ii Mgrate, Constantinople, Teheran, (Calcutta, Halarra. Canton, Pekin, Sc., to Rehrxg's t'traits, whore a Kibinar.ue cable will carry it over into North America. Stirling too western cuaat uf that vast conii nent, U10 line would | at a through San Fraasi*yi, and 1 thence through Mexico, rar.una, Lima and Valparaiso, i Here, turning of! at a right angle, il 14 to cro?> the oouu|. ueut through<* Ayrta, and end at KiO Jau.ero. Tin' Austrian go\ eminent .? ba>d to have accumulated more tbau 140 CCO troojas .o Vet i.a, aud tome 80,000 .n rewrve in the Tyrol and beyond Trieare: to have poshed on Uie fornication* of Verona, I each.era, and other , places Willi great activity, aud to have gruatiy iucrea?^d the force of* and g mboats on the lAgo <t i (iarrta. Th?>re mil be i reckoning in that quarter bctore very long In the Ir.dlan lancet for 1H April* a comm.iuication , from Mr. iHin.iMluu, recowirionduig the wob of the com i moa spider as au ' i: failing remedy for certain levers. It is elated to be iurul'-jibl.* at tim-* when quinine and other aute-periodics fail i* c(l'ect and quant ty, not only from its efficacy, but b<. aure it can be obtained anywhere trouble ar.d without price. This remedy, it was oljaorved. wax naert a century bark by the poor 10 the h t.s of I .iicoinsliiie, ai.d by ^ir Thomaa McGr?gor 10 the Wi?t Indies. The doctor now cobweb puis m all the worst ca?" , ar.d is stated to have ?a?d that he hag cevr, ?]nee he tried there. lost a patient irom fever. A letter it the ttyinioti' .Vtti fta!' siat"? that the prin. cips! aseaiiant ol Baron Bremer has oeen diacovered to be a man i.auicd Vanetu. a notorious character, formerly in the s?r\ :ce of the police, but that he has not yet been ar rested. The ciutsde against the pole* ha* extended oTer the king'lom; almost every tuia.l place to toe neighborhood liss bud its victims. At Torre dell' Amiunziala throe po lice p"eple w< re ki!l"d at Oute'amare, from five to six: at Salerno two; ind the (Tiancellor of trie Police, fianfced by two ucn stick!, aud wiiii two men behind bun, w; j ltd into ;t public part of tbe city, ud thus kept tbo wbo'e of the inorn ug. "Have you anything agsinst this m?u?" wr?s inquired of every passer by. Toe anawer was generally m tbe Kti 'matire, aud down fell the sticks, until about midday be wiuj sent to the hospital. Tbe Belgian war budget for 1841 ia fixed at 32,335,010 ' francs. A letter from l-affa of tbe 21st ultimo, in tbe Gazeti* du Midi, says? Palestine already reels tbe effect of tbe horrible scenes enacted in the Lebanon. No Christian of Damascus dares leave his bouse for fear of a rising of tbe fanatic Mussulmans of that great city. A body of 7,000 BedouwS*ks are now ravaging liberate and tbe neigh borLood. serious fears are entertained for Nazareth and ' the towns in tbe interior." The last accounts from Egypt state that tbe Nile has , lately neen twelve feel, an event highly satisfastory for : the crops. A letter from Rome, in the PtUrie, says:?An untoward event ha? just occurred at Froslnone. During the drawing of a lottery or tombola which had been got up there, two men began to quarrel, and soon after drew thoir knives, aud a desperate fight took place. Tbe crowd soon became alarmed, and, fearing that tbe combat might become woregcneral, took to flight In all directions. The public square was almost deserted, when a body of eighty gendarmes who had been assembled at froslnone in consequence of the fit*, seeing the people running, thought that a riot had commenced with the revolutionary party,and dashing on in pursuit of the fugitives, sabred all tliey came up with. According to a report sent to Rome of the affair, upwards of oue hundred persons, of all raulcs and ages were wounded, some of them mortally. The Genoa correspondence of tbe /Vense confirms tbe melancholy fact that General Turr is too ill to remain at the head of bis column in Sicily When unable to ride on horseback he went on lor a long while in a carriage; but was ultimately obliged to stop at Acqui. It also states that the climate or Sicily is very unfavorable to the wounded, and that young Manin, whose huru were but slight, docs not recover. The Cologne OnttlU of the 6th lost, fays that at tbe roirmencement of the present century one Nicolay bought the cattle and park of Bercy, near Paris, for 1,800,COO Irancs Sometime afterwards be sold a large part of it for 3,000,000 francs. Not long ago his Ikaiily ported with tbe rest for 10.600,000 francs. In the course of the next few days, says the London Chroniclt of the 10th mst., tbe position of the comot will be easily discernible by means of the splsndid star of tbe first magnitude called Regulus, or I>eonis, winch lies nearly in a right line with the first two stars called Delta and (tamma. of Urea Major, immediately after tbe tail. The comet will be close to Regulus on the 10th, and generally in the constellation of Leo between the 7th and the 11th. Its distance from the earth on the 10th will only be 46,000 000 miles, and will, therefore, appear cf at least double the size it was last week. This is not the celebrated romel of Charles V. or of 1660. which is expected to roturn either m this year or in 1801 at the latest. Commaudcr Cart id i and Chevalier Donali (tbe discoverer of the great comet of 1838) were appointed by tbe Italian government to proceed to Spain, in order to ob serve the great stlar eclipsc which took placc on the 18tb , inst , aud wbii h was total in that oouuntry. In the British Houfe of Commons, recently. I?rd John Kussell stated, in reply to a question from Mr. Griffith, that no pressure has been put upon tbe government of Sardinia by tbe government of Prance to induce the former to enter into an alliance with tbe King of Naples. The inhab:tan'.s of the Italian provinces which have been annexed to Piedmont on arr*i .l,; at the Ai , fron tiers with Sardinian passports, have uot. up to the present time, been allowed to pass, as the Austrian Cabinet, in recognizing Sardinian passports, would have acknow ledged the legitimacy of the annexation. With the view of re ettabliMing the facility of communication between Central Italy and Austria, without compromising any principle of rights, tbe Imperial government baj adopted the following measures ? Every native of the Ilaliaa provinces annexed to Piedmont. pro ruled w.ih a regular passport :SSM *d by the former government of those pro vinces, w ill at the Austrian frontier. aja.ust tbe deposit of that passport, a card of circulation, w ith which no will be freely a limited to the whole emp re. The Minister of Commerce, Agriculture and Public Works in 1raoce, hu decided thai there shall be an exhibition of agricultural produce at Chamberry on the 17th, 18ih and 10th of August The exhibition is to be open for all the Agricultural produce of Savoy and the county of Nice. The Fmperor will give prises fr>r the beet subjects exhibited. The Ft f neb fovrrmonl wishes by this exhibit on to ascertain what are lbs resources to be derived from the annexed provinces. The (ifrrial Journal of tkeOy or the 30' li contain* the royal proclamation of the 26th ult , granting a coastitu tion for Naples. Tbe document ia pre:eded by a leading article, containing the following passages?King Francia II. of Naple* faithfully fbllowa th<> example of ht? predereaaore Overcome by the irresistible torrent of event*, hr feigns to yield, talks of granting political franchiaei, and a|>peara to recollec t that be govern* an It.Uian people The fame thing n? done by Ferdinand III. in Sicily >o 1A12: by tha nme Ferdinand and Francia I. at Naples in 1920. nod Ferdinand II in IMS Aa to Sicily, all legal connection ceased between her and the Bourbons from the year 1816, when oM Ferd.nand broke hi* oath to the country; and on that principle im founded the decree of April 13,1848, by which the two chambers of the Parlla I ment proclaimed the downfall of Ferdinand II. and of bia ! lynasty. Keren years of violent occupation htve not ta I the slighter! degree altered the legal relation of the csuu try to the race (the Italian word ia M KUUta, me:m .ng brooU), of its late masters. and uow there *tanda between 1 them the new and the eternal barrier of heaps of statu of tlie maaaat res of Palermo. An imperial decree in the lianiltur order* U?at the sea s.onsofthe Councils-Ganerala of all the departments of France, with the exception of those of the Setne, Savoy, I'pner Savoy, and the AI pea Maritime*, "hall open ?n the 2"th of August, and close on the 10th of September The MonUnir pnbi.sbes another dscrse declaring that Sardinian subjects residing in the territories annexed to France, sad who have attained their aaajortty, may, on ' application to tbs prefe.t of their department, withn one year from the present time, obtain their naturalisation without any charge. Those under afs, bors In Savoy and in tbe srrotidi?fssrot of Nice, stay, within U?e year following the period of their m^orily, claim tbe quality of Frenchmen, by conforming to article 9 of the oole Napoleon Tbe oillcer* beloeging to Ssvoy and Nios, who have qt .tied the Piedssontcse armv, and hare solicited permission to enter the service of France, srs 104 in number among are two Gensrals of division, (Hollard and Tslllet de Haint Cerfiies,) one General of Brigade, (De . fU>l!aii<t,) and four Lieutenant Colon*a. 1 l'hf llajrtlsn C?waterfclt Money. TO TH1 EPITOR OF THI HKKAt.D. ROOttT), July 26, lf? In your issue ol Tuesday morning there appear* a let'sr Rinsed by Josrph Potter, muter of tbe brig Baltimore, in which certain stateaenU are made which are wholly fklse and have a tendency to misrepresent the facts of tbe case aa they exist. The object* of Captain Potter in mxk ' ing these ststemsnts are alleged in bis letter to be for tbe purpos; of giving ertain explanations relative to the arreat of tbe party and tbs seisnrc of the counterfeit Hay j tien Tr?a?ury note*, when tbe*e were rendered entirely uunecesssn by the Kill and elaborsls a< count published j by you on .-unday and Monday last In the course of his ?** p:1 r :i i "!: - < wpn n rniirr m -i * -urn a* to do Inmetlce to o :rae!t <?n. who were tnatrum?nUI In the arrest of the party and the recovery of the whole ! of the connterieit material In order therefore, that the fart* may appear befor* the ptfMic in tbeir true light, we atk that ?'.> w.ii MblM the MfbjotMd account of oar pert In the transaction ? hi II iraday ia?t Mr Tbnrne attorney of the Conmil f>>r the Haytien government, called it?>n u* at the In?p?tstor'ioffior and Mated that a man had been on board the | brig tialtlmore ottering to dtapoae of Haytien miney ! to ihe mate of the v"aal. and wanted ua to go on b<*?rd of the vetaei and aee :f nme rrcan* oould not be adop'.ed to aecure him. We called upon the mate, and iipr.ii cnorrraatlon with him he agreed to aeconit our ] Mbrta in the capture of th< party (fiaMtHT ar rargcmenta accordingly, and watched from dar to day for the appearance of the man w'th the money tin Saturday morning we leaned from the mate that the man would call inth? aftcrr.000 a quantity of th>> money, which he (the mat') had agreed t<> purobaee We Prniabed lnm with the mran* with whi< h to eflbct the perchaae. and then watched the arrival of tha man. one of ua rema n ng ecreteii to the cabin Dur ng tha afternoon Harq (the priaoacr) caire on board th?> veaaei, delivered $15 000 worth "f th* hogn* m^ney. re^? i H a bogua check l<?r t'OO in paymmt and immediately left the reaaal, follow, cd by u? As be wa* croaaing tbe l ulton ferry we ar ieated him, and conveyed b.m to tha City Hall By ? inday afternoon we obtained information which led to the I Jiacovtry "f ?iK>i,t tloonoo * Hi I >l ONMwftll money, the typ<\ pr.waee. \r , by it waa man ifartttred t"p to tbi* t'me w? had no conversation or b'iali ree with O ? i Potter, inr d'd w? know him dr of htm I Lit r*?<Wcd >ri 'I tar c wbakvr,' tb?r parwna.iy NEW YORK EERALD, S or otherwise, for cur bs'.r.efs was tracaactad actlrely wttb Ui>' u:?l* i f the lo liit COBBQuBiCMiOn C*pt. Fetter rJaimf all tbe credit cf the arrest of Barq and U>? a imre 01 tbe ccunterie t mcney, which be newer ?aw H:1 it was o the t.ffce of lb' Inspector o: Poiice, where it was j>l?c*d by us. WH M RAYNOR, H?MiY W. VAN WAGNER, DetecUres. Soutli Amtric?B ami W??t InUUn .Vif ccllftny. The 1100 000 rr'z* of tho Royal Ravaea lottery was | atelv drawn by a r.uffliw of persona Id Matanzas, most cf whom were poor to appreciate their lu%.k in a ' proper manner, feveml clerics in a OOtnir?rolal boose came in ic>r iiuiros 01 $i.600<u n. A servant g rl drew te a Dffro ceolc <!r< w the aim) amount, with which ho imn.ediatoiy jmrcliasej bia married, and opened a green grocery. lu Br axil there aro several thriviug colonies of Germans, where a 1 is order, prosperity and happiness. The*; colonies wore established about 1860. That of Mwterear, for instance, wa* founded in that year, and now numbers about 100 individuals. It is on the wild uncultivated banits oi tho river llajaby Asuoe, on landa either purchased by the settlers or granted by government. Tbere are cue hiudreJ aud sixty-u.ue dwell.r* houses, twenty bugar mills, eacli producing about 70,000 pound* of lugar; throe s iw mill*, fourteen distilleries, producing 18,000 gallons of brandy. Tbe colony of ev. lainarineg, rounuea a year :aier, nisa pop nan oo oi 2.^00, and is, perbai*,, ll.<j most cous.derable of those colocief. The numlvr ri sinres introduced ioto Pr.izil from 1840 to 1661, incisive, is 371 015, or ai an .iveerafce of 33.443 prai.num. There <tie<l, lately, in Havana, a lady who bad attained the age of 10f> yr.irs She was bim in 1754, in the reign Of 1 en.icand M . sa?' the i'<>ig , like, of Cluirles III. and IV., Ferdinand VII., and thj present yueen, and lived under forty one CapiaiB Generals of Cuba. She had ber senses to the last. The following is from tbe DtarU) Ut \tarinc. of July 5, In regard totho delusion of the In.led .-'law* District Court on the captured steamers ? We owe a tribute of reapectl'ul consideration to the Judge oi the United StaUs lhstrict Court of Ne* Orleans, for the lofty sentiments of justice of wh teh he tuts given a proof by putting himself in the most digniiieil manner above the vulgar prejudices of party spirit, in the opiuion delivered by him In regard to the capture of the steamir which General Marin took to Anton Liiardo, and which wers there captured, in flagrant violation of law by the commander of the American corvette .Saratoga Men of sound mind and elevated views who, in any place whatever, fulfil tbelr holy mission of doing justice without recognising or reporting any other power but that of the principles of right and sound doctrine*, and much more waen uuder circumstances in which, unfortunately, there is not as much real impassittlcness us one would desire, richly deserve the applause of alt humanity. And we who, in treating the subject seasonably sustained the ideas winch the derision of the worthy m-igi-.trate l> whom we allude supports, would esteem it an unpardonable fault if we did not render him this tribute, not for what it may be worth as coming from us, bat because wo believe ourselves to be on this occasion the faithful ii>teri*etcr8 of the country's s-ntiments. In Copiapo, Chile, the body of an oil parish priest. Padre Oarmona. who died f?om twenty years ago. was lately found in a perfect state of preservation, and not only the body, but the clothing, was entirely untouched by decay. The old man is said to have led a most exemplary'li e. and to have died, after a long life of the most untiring *'*1 and energy, m great destitution, dependent on the alms of the charitable, and incapacitated by iKxIily suffering from discharging any of the dutioe of his ministry. Gotta percha, or a substance very clo^oly resembling it, has been tound in Berbice, Bnli-U v....,iua. It can be vulcanized and moulded, and in short potrf-*s<M sll the qualities of gotta percha. The diacorcry is due to Dr. Van Hoist, of Berbice. There is a negro living in Rio .Innetro who w?? born in 1760, and is now 110 ye?i-s old. )! read; aud writes without spectacles, and was first married in lil'J, at the aj.'<* of 90. A woman in the province of Minus. Brazil, but with the very suspiciously Hibernian name oi Bridget, lately gave birth to four children?two boys and two jjirltf. A local paper says that such instances of remorkaote fecundity are not uncommon in that proviucc. The ouantitv of coffee produced in the world * as CM Iowa ? Brazil, 510,000,000 lbs.; Java, 30^,"<00.000 lbs; Ceylon, 1 Of),000.000 lbs.-St. I)om ngo, 75,000.000 lt>*.; I Sumatra, 30.000,000 lbs . Cuba and Porto Rico, 80,000,000 lb*., Venezuela, 30 000,000 lb* ; Cwta Una, 1?000,000 lb* ; M?cha. 7,600.000 lb* . Kaiglish West Indies 7.500.000 lbs . Manilla, 4,600.000 lbs.; French an t Dutch West Indies, 8.000.000 Total. 1.0;M 000.000 lbs. The consumption of coffee Is estimated la the following .iiiuaor;?The whole of North Am-Tiea 0oaKumea 337,500.000 lbs., being in the largest prciooriion; trance, Switzerland, ffcialn, Italy, Portugal and adjoining islands, consume aiuonget tin in only '202,600.000 lbs.: Germany, lncludine Austria, 292,600.000 lb* , Holland and Belgium. 142,600.000 lb* Denmark, Ssredsn. Ris*ia, Finland and I'oland, only 75 000.000 among themi. owing, probably, to the fondueKS ol those nation* fur something stronger (ireat Britain and Ireland consume about 60.000.000 lbs. The Governor or the province of Para, in TlrazT, gives the following imprexsions of that proviuce in a commauication to the provincial government ? Having traversed a crest portion of the r:ver Amazon, seen many of its vast islands, ant ob tinned information in regard to the natural production af the ground, and those objects which might be s-i loan tains cf wealtli lor tlx- |>eop>. I lieg loutc to *?y some few words about tlioa? important subjects. The fertility ol the "oil on the Kinks i 'lands of tin: Amazon is a fact which every ou< admits, but to many those lands appear unprofitable without largo hydraulic works for protection against the flood* and uiundatious of the river And just hero, I diSbr ill OpIakM) with many who contend tbatal tile lauds or the tma/on ure l?. I haic seen those lauds at tlf ! <;. M > . t _r height of the water in not unusual tlm*?, and many wera fbund entirely dry, other* moist, but not covered with water, while other* were only very thghtly - bmerged. Id regard to fertility. 1 believe 1 ?m not in error in a tying that the soil, if not superior, is certainly not inferior to the finest lands of the Mi-sissippi valley, or the plains of the Pearl of the Antilian," the tecmin. Hand of Cuba. Its aptitude for the cultivation of s. Fsr cane appear* to m? Indisputable If n competition in th' of tutjar urrt to take '?'?1I the phi I'M of t uba ami tW' of the Amorun, er'ryt\iru) else e?jMU. ami cowUrm? j the frrtiiihi of the '.wo atout the sa nr, it ii m\/betvf thai the admntage ivouU Le on the tUtt (Jlh? Amazon. Victory, in that ease, would not be accorded for superiority in the article produced, but for the larger qiant:ty I will not entor into any comparison with the valley of the Misa.rstppl. i>?*-aii?e 'la extreae fertility is interfered with not only k) the severity and changes of cliaiate, but by tiicalm<?i ctrU.u devas tatioo* committed by the overflowing* of tnat aprioious ; American river, A letter written from onboard the Bra/iImn corvette Donna Isabel, while at New York, and pulishod n one of the de Janeiro papers, say* -New York, a* you know, t* a large commercial city: it* streets sre stnrglit, well built and of great length, form ng a Mriking contrast with lite nsrrow alley* constri cted bv the Pormguc*e In Au Immense number uf steamers plough the bay in every direction We have twice visited the Arsenal, which i* not far from where the corvette I e*. The New Tork Arsenal is to ours in tbe projnirtion "f 100 to one. or rather ours dtsapjiears bdore it ronpletely See here the advantage of North America tu being <iiscov red by the Knglish. The corvette ha* been visited and we treated w >h tha greatest courtesy. More tUau J0O pcrsou*. of both *exes and all classes, come on board cvry day. Oi.e uf the great newspapers?the Nsw York II?.iuu>?prlme.l a ic scriptiou or the corvette, Ac.. mid all, or nearly all, the I pro* baa followed w.tb ouiogie. (>u our war mar iio. luat will <1o no good What |i|>'vm me Iwl hero Hi* cold White writing tbla I am wrapped In blankets, an I the vessel i* covered witb sdow. My flugers grow *tifl, and the pen fails fr ?m my band. The boundary line of Brazil and Paraguay. about moj part* ofwhirb there la a food deal of d:ocuooton. ia. aa claimed by Br, according to the treaties of 17i? and 1777, along tbe river Xek'Ji and by Uie river Irirey, i wbicb enter* Into the Parana below the Ml* of Irte (Juedao But doubta having arisen among ibe Spanish Commissioner* while marking the tine, though there oould bare been no doubt a* to those river*, a lino was J run by tbe river* Ipaareg jasur and Iquatemy, clearly m ! fringing on the abov* mentioned treu'.,co. Brai.l now I propose* that tbe line at the deputed pomtaaball be by UM r ver* Asaa snd Iqiiati'my. wbicb proposition .* re j tertod by Paraguay, who propone* inateai iW line , hy tbe White river and the Iviuhenna. Braitil con alder? that she lotea conHili-raiile territory by bor propo i Mil of tbe Alsa and Iqual' my boundary, and regar la I the proportion of Paraguay aa prepoal*ro<i* and insult tig. Tnrsc propoaals are the retail of invest gating nam' tnifc.ona appo.nteil by tbe rcopoctive governments n A correspondent of tbe Cvrr^e if. reaniii of Rio, J .n* S. writing from Uie province of Ceara, g .ve? a do plorablc account of tbe enert* of tbe drought wb>ca '?a? prevailed for aome time in Ibnt and other pat t* of the Tbe people were leaving ibeirfarms and m>v,og to other provinces At Prate,a city of Geara. fa-nil"* were arriving every day from the Interior n( fteh-a, from the impending limine Tbe *cTuring waa eveo worse in Rio Orando. Parahyba, I'ernamb ieo aod Piaohy. When the rain did come, at length, It fell In well q ianii' 1>eo tbat a groat deal of damage was dooe by II ma* sod Inundation*. Io addition to these troubles ibecnmmnnitica <* Bah a and Pernamtuco we.-e suffering from a monetary snd commercial cnoto, ws* tbe ca'ise >f mirh misery. The I'ropaiAdor or Va!eo$a, i'ianby,*ay< i bat on lbs i Stb of April a frightful t'-mjieat, acyimi>ani?d by hail, bi:rot over that town. Many house* were ruined nod ?om? coloesa! tree* torn up by I lie roota. Tbe hail fell in gr>i*i ' q '.antitleo which t* a very rare spectacle in Piaohy. 'in the 6tb ult. the Prussian squadron, composed of "t?S , rr,(;*teo Thetis and Anonoa, and the Krauenloh aaiied from Rio Singapore, with the arientidc exploring oonrTiln* i sion sppointed bv the Prussian government. The Rmperor of Brsi.l visile I the oeoonl sect ion of the railroad, now m pronreoo of conntrnction from Uie capital, and showed great Interest in the works, going thro.igb the ttinne.'*, creeping lark holes and into all manner of break neck plare* a m*v asi*r>o^* m* Wim awt< Kioras wit* on tfc?v** is I aw ? Dr Lyon*, oavs the UUrm 7Yl>yrai 'i of tbe J?th loot.,a married man, wbo is rl.arged with running away trim ."I Johnaviue with the daughter ol Mr. ftoril, len beh ad him <lrbta to the e*teat or 1700 or $900 It ?ppoart 'hit o? the 1 lib inat he eon -ludcd to get into re*1 muu ?Bade a contract with Mr. a Thumb for b.i b him and lot Tor $1 .WW, and paid him 9100 down by tbe not* of j Mr Sael! On the following day, July 12, under the prrtotice that he waa joint after m"oey,be departed with ni? wifle for \>Tt?na. ftaelda county A younger laughter I of Mr ftell, about flfieeo. with whom the rvx-tnr had be*n too int mate, unler the pretence that *he wa* p'.ing to a parly, Med np and matured to earape on the *?e?m boat eapreaa train for Albuny <n Saturday aiiTr. ^o, whtrh, topether with the further fart that I.yoti* had left hia wiflr Kt Verona, ';?d>-r the pretence thai he had bual r"TP in R?cherter. ard had n?H?,nee returned, eet)der? | the r.frreO'* lrre?.?t?ble that t.e ha? not ' r ij * ?" }< n I 1 hM * fe, Iwt haa Willi b?r MMT. t UN DAY, JULY 29, 1840. On St. Domingo C*rr(ipo>d?Kc?. St. Dokbk>o, Jure SO, 1M0 TV tUMUm u/ort Ihe Fnmtiert of Ac ErpuU\c Scciiert Pardoned?DvtA to Rotteri-Opening tKe 7\>rt Cf Home ChriiU?lUgidatooM?trench Stem JkUviia?Aiimiral Benoud?IVta&er?Cour'.uuJ, ?fc. Tbe revolutionary movement attempted by Ram .rtr on the frontier lines, where he m in command, was promptly subdued on the appearance of tbe Commanderin-Ch.ef, 6anlana, President of the republic. In a proclamation of the 14th iut the President veils the past, and pardons those compromised in ihe pronancuxmUrUo of llatas, supposing they wore misled by their superior officers, but promises therewith that any person in future who may be convicted of trade with the enemy, or may be found plundering in the territory of the republic for the purpose of ayrying the fruit of their robberies to the Haytien camp, will be punished with death.] Tbe business of the country is improving, under the wise providence of the President, seconded by the Senate; a healthy and progressive condition is obtaining, and with enlightened policy, those regions which are abundantly stocked with cattle, more than are requisite for and consumption of the people, have a'oonvenient port opened to them, so that they can sell their stock fbr snipniert to other parts, under certain restrictions, to proven, o'.:r enemies from feeding upon and sustaining themselM s from the fruit of our labors. The decree, which pa*: ed the Srnaie the ftiii oi' April, and was ap proved by the President the 23d ol Kay, provides:? Art. 1 Tbe port of Monte Christ: wiO remain oi>en for the exportation of beef cattle, in conformity with the tariff of custom* for Import* and e\|>ort*. 2. The vetaels which load cargoes of cattle will not be allowed to take them or be despatched for iuiy other than neutral or frieudly ports, and toeuonsigneoaof the vosaels will K? MmnlMil In ?*v?wut* ffitfwl uml ?i JRj ion I Vwtnri a tt\9 \ 13,000 in each case, thai thecal go hhall not be diverted from iU destination. 3. Within four mouth* from the day of clearance of tho TMMl, the consignee ")ia!l present a certificate lo the Custom House of Peurlo Plata, I'rom the authority at the port of diacharge, tint the vessel bag complied with the termB of the previous articles. 4. If bv a superior force, or other casually of the sea, the vessel is compelled to make other port for safety, neutral or friendly, and the ca'.lie are there disembarked, a certificate to that effect from the custom authority of said port will cancel the bond. 6. In cane the document la uoi presented in the time required by the previous articles, the bondsman will pay immediately the amount of the bond, and if not so liqul dated, tlicj will proceed IP attach aud sell his properly and goods until the sum atid costs accrung are covered. 6. 'Ihe \ easels loading with cattle will be despatched from the CuBtom House of Puei to 1'laU, in order to secure the recovery of all duties and the prevention of fraud. 7 This decree reppaliug all others which may con travene its provisions. In giving his sanction lo the foregoing, lbs President ordered as follows for carrying ihe same ioto effect, in Substance _ Article 1. Vessels, national or foreign, after complying \>ith the requirements aud forms of the recited decree in the Custom House of Puerto Plata, w. iiicg. to load cattle in the port of Moute CYifti, will make a sworu statement of the number of bead of cattle they intend to embark on board of the same vessel, and previous lo paying the duties corresponding threto in the Custom House of Puerto Plat*, shall obtain a permit or policy lo present to the com mis sion fiscal or said port of Monte Christi, authorized in virtue of the follow in< article. 2. In the port of Monle Christi referred to, a commission will be formed, comiosud of the Alcalde,eomman-l ant ct arms, and the sub delegate of the Treasury. charged with supervision us to the exact compliance with the recited eecree and the present regulation 3. The said commission will acrupu oualy guard against the embarkation of any greater n imber of cattle than calle.1 for by the permit, and under no pretext whate\ci auy Other goods or produce other than water und food for the maintenance of the rattle, and in q'tantity as may be deemed necessary for the voyage,aud will make a report to the Minister of the Treasury anl to the Collector Of Customs of I*ucrto Plata of the cai go of the vessel and of the day on which it sails 4. The Collector of Puerto Plata will provide and do all that may be necessary lo carry nlo ertoct lie reqiiirem"ulsof article fiflb of the decree, from the name day aud term ss design ited therein. There h irreat demand for our callle ammc all the Island*, evpu Id Cuba, an*I th? necessary provisions of tha decree will be eiissly complied with,as the uisXs mnd v, Wllek will encage in ihe business, ^re already interektcd to the general trade of the various groups, and belonging lo some part of the West Indies. (in the 8ih of June, the French war steamer B< Hone, Admiral Edward Penaud oo >oard. anchored in our |?>rt. Salutei were interchanged the day, agd the Admiral visited the c.ty, calling upon the Vice President of the republic aDd the Sucrctary of Foreign AfUirs, to wh"m tw pave an invitation to breakfast wittili.mon board the ship. Tb.a matutinal enterUinment to..t place on the 10th. The Admiral proposed "The President aud the Prosj>erity of the Republic,'' which was taken in good part uud with bumpers of the beat, and refunded to In felicitoua terms by the Vise President. The feaat of breakfait ran into the republican dinner hour of three o'clock I . m , au.l wa* a Mlvctilftlr for Umm lati tudes, where we do not'fe?<l every day and Ice is not abundant. As the guetis or the Admiral left the ihip. the Vice President and Secretary of Korsign Affairs war* honored with a talute of twenty one gen*. So we preserve goo<l terms and friendship without much coat, and iu all thinc-i a rigid economy * observed in the administration ot oar public aflkirs, in order that we may fulfil all our JuU obligations, i We have had no sickness; our cropi through the ciun try arc looting well, and mart attention is being devoted tosgrlciflural induatry. We are prewpermg, and, if true to ourselves, will continue to do so. liar Charleston Correspoarience. Ciurihto*,S. C., July 18,1W0. A Pleasant Trip to Charlet!<n?A .<?'?./> at RVmtrty'on, Xmrth (Mrtiint?Irade o/ the rU/<?r*cvliai-\!i?i tf '.htrUilon?Dacriptton <J the Vity?lu &rteti and J'ut lie S.iMingt?TKt City Healthy?Pclitict Ckarletivit? Rreclinridf. Ike FhoiiU?The ftikt and Futmen ?/ Chail'Mon, ?fc. Tbta is my first trip South over the Atlantic route, and was oommeneed with many fears of la unpleasantness, from what 1 bad heard, 1 cipected to have been fa.rly broiled by the heat an 1 luflocated by the dust. Wneiher 1 have luckily fallen upon an extra favorable time or not f< r my transit I cannot say, but certain it is that I have *<> far suffered less from the expected annoyances than g-neraliy In my ra Iway travel* I have found tne roads in excel lent condition, speedy in time, and with Civil, gxi.Uemkuiy conductors. My first stopping placc was Wilaiagtoe, Carolina This Is the largest i >ty, and the most important -ommercial point in North Carolina, en oj ;ng an annual trade ol five or six millions, with sowe West Indian and Su\.til American trade alao It is a beautiful c.ty, rcgu- I larly laid out, and containing many res.dences which ind'aii wealth and refinement. The Wilmington and Wei- i doti Railroad has extensive work?hops in the city, under the charge of ('apta.n Fremont, general Superintendent, I an active and very capable officer, aa the good condition I and management of bis road smply testify. Da the op- j posite side of the river are the workshops of the Wlim ug ! ton and Manchester Road, under the general super in ten dence of Mr Robinson, whose road arrangements a!so SjxaJt well of his capacity. Charleston is, in my eye, one of ibe most peculiar citie* I have ever visited. Tins peculiarity is etpec.aily notable in the style of building. With tii" < xceplion of two or three of the principal streets, every house has is veraodah or series of versr.dabs, its garden and shrubbery. Most of the houses are placed with their gable ends to the street, the verandahs ruor.ins the w hole lenrth of oue tide, ami generally with acrecua at ibe tlreet end to * elude them from ibe public ejre In theae verandah* the people lire half the.r bonr* from early apringtn winter, "u'\ In wh,. h I mail* a v.til, bat four oflbeee\tran dafca?rorreaponding to the cumber of ?tor.e* In th?m*n( (in?each "evenly led long by twelve mult. The lower Of tbate rm lilted up ?* a gymnasium for the children Tea wa* *erved up in the rood, whi'h alao aerve 1 aa a dimmer room, and tbeother*< onr.i- t with the sleeping room' TWO tbrae nMlt|IM(k week lb?ae verandaha are tilled ? tb vttiter*, to thenum ber fre?iu?-ully of ?i.\ty >ir tcvetiljr at a lime. Many of theae rei.det). are on a gi and a-*?ie, and nearly every one baa tome thing unique about it la fart, although every hoi ie in ( barleatou bat its \ei.iflah or verandaha, there Ibe reaemWane* catea, for In oth?r r?*pect* lh?re are acarcely two boufea in the city whlotl arc nol unlike in *on:e poiul or other, pre?enlmg an infinitely greater vanity than I have ever before wiliieaeej OxrleMtin >* an o'.d rtty Marv of l* public and private bmldmg* count th?*lr year* ?y ten* and ?<-r>r*? over a century A pec.) ar.iv ina ?. -i.n a new b.-ildinK the out-id? ibow of venerable rc'pe'.Ubil,ty, ao that, although a grtat part of tbe city mi*i have been built up with.n the l**t derail*, it all fooke anrier.t. The leading farrtliea are the defendant* of "the time* we read of" and Ilia I'geea, H?yn'*, Dratato ;g, Kevanala. kc , *c , number the.r lamilie* by rcore* 800,ety, loo, J ii'lerUaad, 1a natnrailv alteclel'bv thand tti" more ml mate "? tt" are (hier.y mvte up from ?*ch one * own circle of Otmily relation1;. Tbe ch r'-be* and public btiM iaga, too, abo* I hi* devotion to old am**- at on*. r.iwl ao do Uie name* of th* prine pal atr*?t?, aa ",'' 'Mealing ml "K.Dg " If the Oiarleatonian* aee radical in pol t a. tbey teem conservative ia almoat everything *'**; and if red pepperi*h in head, are, to tiy the leaat, an ,nt? I gent, brave and genial hearted peopla Ttie pi.iM..|*l public gathenng ^la-e .* the Mattery, v Ul' h cttend* nearly ha'f a m.'e on the Booth ea*t ?-i*rn*r of Ibe city,'tbe liarhor. a aide *trael dividing iha ni'nl ul 11 ? ' h I ' * \ f rn I f 1 r?r mih r>? v utreet t? denrety rrtiwded w;thrarrafe? ami ted ?? and gf ullrmi n on hoiacb.tck avery afternorn from ?,* toaight o . 'orfc. Thrrr irnat hdrf ben hundred c?rri&<(?? ?nil pr.vate- 011 the afternoon of my * mit preaeotinjr brilliant apr^arance, thrill. I wa? n> t mucli ?Ul ? w b the diaplay or banrcty Peruana the crtT bad ' nt away it;- fern* to de?orate' Saratoga Newport, the WuiU Sol. ' l>h:;r Ike. Thrre h?? thu* (?r no appea>*K?*f th? yellow fever I heard little Mid of polit 'ra,though ?T?ryl>o<ly here ia for Pr"-klnrl?lfPof rntirae I htard nothing of dir .n on e*rept from two frilemen, whose trnicnes atrocgly betokened their natioi aHty. one of whom loadly averred ' the I r>o? waa already <t<w?t>roy??l," while tl?? M)?*r eiprewe.) an e<( 11U conddr^ji e thai "if l.iacoln ?a* ei*rio<l ti.<* -ouih w? <1 Blref Hall (?e nt for the ovrr 1 a t ?*arle* /.n h?e a mot?t pottea ?y?l*fn. ai t or,? of the !>' t Are department* ir. I be cm try Tho K; *t< m i'f ? we tare, aril drainage t??o, * rerruirkaWv e*r"!'< it. an I a ?r>re run ?)m| ik4MM than t 'an gir? It To > 1 i *r t ) 1 >it 1 th a nftropi.iitan o?y of th? I m\> W1A| Ml, Ml 1 > WM * th? Brooklyn City Stwh *njM Pm i ?Tfce Jo.nt Board of Aldermen tad Pvpervisert held u adjourned meeting Friday evening for? the purpose of flung the taxes for 1861. Amongst the matters d^cuasutl was the amount to be appropriated tor I the Lre dcpartmenU of tLs Kastorn and Western d.Jtriots. - A proposition whs made by Alderman Jenkins to tlr c I out >4 600 for honso and lot Ibr Engine .Vo. ?J; $4,500 for houae for llook and I Adder Company So. 2, and $000 r a new truck for the same company (N'o. 2), and 11at i *f>,000 be added to th.' estimate for a now ?.?.im tiro ? Sine. Tue tirst two iUmi weie stricken out, but the sn r\ >r Hoek and ladder N'o. 2 was retained. While the | utili'.y of steam engines wan a<Hmtt?d by those opposed ; to their introduction, n w.w urged Hut tney would bo of no practical necessity in tlus city?that tho force ol' tUo water * as so preat thai more impelling p-,wor was un- i ncressary?that hand engines had Uiu* proved equal to all emergencies, and, furthermore, ilmi th,. Um-had not yet arrircU for the introduction of su*m engines. Tho friends of the measure (ss well an ihe oppouuut*), In j alluding to the destruction of the City Mills, at the (<?'. i of Kulton street, some weeks sin , suited thu the safety of the neighboring railroad building was al , together owing to u New York steam engine, wh!cb was present on that ooasion. It was also stateJ that the streams of the hand engim-a did uot reai h to the rouf of (be building, while credit wan givu to tbo ?t??m eug mo for tavicg prevented the destruction of abojt 925,000 worth of property. The avert ion al.-io was made that whoo two or throe hvdrauU wore used at a tiro ikor* 1 wa* a sufficient force of water, uot ouly to extinguish a mall fire, but to overflow ilio btulUin?-; but. to the 1 event of a lar^e lire, where all the liydrui'-s withia reach were put in r< quu-ition, the force would be found insuttl cleat, ua greuter force wiald bo required to elevate the | sli tains to the requisite height. Aidcrmsn Sjholcji moved an amendment to the original proposition that $10,000 be appropriated for two alt-am sngineu?one for , the Kitit<'rn district and the other for the Western dis i trict. This was accepted, when Alderman Daniel Greeu moved that $16,000 be appropriated for three eugiucs? two for the Western district. A leugthy debito followed, 1 and the motion being eventually put to vote waa carried by 16 ayes to 15 na\e. A number in favor of one engine , as an experiment voted against the introduction of throe, j Tin Pout* Station Horn* ? In the joint Board Eriday evening the ?um of So 000 was appropriated to purchase lots in Greenpoint, K. D., for the erection of a station house. The sum of 93.204 was also vote J for the Ki^hth ward station house, aud $2,600 for furnishing the ditforent stations. RHL.IGIOU9 MITIt ES. KKV. JOHN Mi K1NLIY, OK SOOTLANP, WILL preach for lev. Frank ReuiingJon, at Puliee tJarten Music Hall. Fourteenth street. niNir Filth avenue, thu ;ifi>'r noon At 3J, o clock. una alio at IOk A M. anil r M r. M , at tho corner of Cbrintopner *nd Bedford *lre?ts. TIIK F1KKMEK). Mohawk womb company no. ia-tuk aohvi , mid honorary members of this company nf reui tested lo meet hi the engine house on Sunday, July 29, at 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of attending (n a body the funeral of oiu* lat>' brother tireman, Thomas Cox, who was klll'd while in tk MTftt mance of liis duty JOHN J. OI?A88, foreman. Jcwi ii W. TorRiM, Secretary. VrOTIi K.-THK ACTINO AND HONORARY MEMBERS X> of F.mpue Engine Company No. 42. are requested to | meet at the Engine House on Sunday, the 'JOih mat., at 1 o'clock 1*. M. J. I). COSTA, Fireman. J. K. Hwintos, See. VfEPTUNKHOSK COMPANY, NO. 27.-NKW YORK. JULY i.1 28, IHiO.?The active and honorary mvmbei a oi lhn company are moat respectfully requested to meet at the carriage house, tbia (Sunday) afternxui. at Io'clock, for the pirpoae of attendmit. In a body, the funeral ot our late brother liremxn, Thomas Cox, who was killed in the diacharge o< his d i'y. MATIHBW THOMPSON, foreman. ITU. H. Webih, Secretary. W unmni engine aonrin wo M -in a. 1 f T "le anil tMOnrj inembrrii ct Washington Kouili- <\>m | pany Na 20are respfclfu ly requested to sasemUe at the en 1 ?Jne bouse on Sunday, at MX P. M, to attend the funeral of i Thomaa Co*. late of Hose Company No. 5U. who wi< killed while In Ibe discharge of hi* dutv at the Are in Broad street. I DANIEL CROWI.KY, roreuiau. I Va. Birbm, Secretary. l.okt a<id pound. yilTX DOM.ARB RKWARD. I,-)ST, ON SATURDAY. ' r .) )> 2K, a white Newfonndlaid Doe. black on each eye ?rd ear. The above reward will be paid by delivering bits at 22 Wooeter etreet. FOCND-A STRAY COW, WHICH TIIK OWNKR CAN I have by proviug property and paying exp-uaea. II not ! called lor in ten da) will be eoU -to pay eipeases. Inquire a 260 Atlantic (t., Breoktyn, I,. I j LOhT-A note dated JIX Y 1?. l.-?U. drawn HY <1. I.. Smith In tavorof ,1. II. Oreelejr, payable 1*1 day of Sep'-rnlx*. 1*4X1, lor &.102 6,'. Payment of the same li.n.ig I be"ii siopned. the Ruder will rec?lve a liberal reward by leav I inn <li*' Byte at K Irving place. It Is oi no value exuepl to the : owner. j LOST-SATI'RDAY, 2HTII INST ABOUT 1 . O'CLOCK v .arollot bills, tos.ind Hi. amounting luiJv >i MO It una' at in the Rrandn-tU House restaurant, corner oi Canal street a ad Broadway: Oo* ing a. rorner Uma 1 .tiv and I.en i.anl s'reet. or in Broadway, between I-eonard it uri and III Broi.dway. The finder will receive a (u table reward b) leaving tue -,<me with J II. I>ewls. 411 Broadway, N. Y Lost on the 218T or 2?d or july. a bank hook, Vo. 48. WO, on the Oreenwii h Savings Bank. A liberal re* ward will be paid to the Under by returning It to ibe Mauk, cor i 1 er of Sixth avenue and Wsrerley IMar e LOUT?BTA YOUNG LADY. ON SATURDAY MORN Ing, the 28ih lest., between fulton ferry snd Duao<t | sueet, in a Broadway and fifth avenue mast, three Bank t Brtea, of the value oi 120. The Under will confer a great fa tor and be sullab'y rewarded by leaving the mcoey at X I' ue : :, room 2;t. K. V. city. ! JkTOTTCE TO DRl'OHTSTS -8TOMX PROM TIIK DOOR IN waj o: No II Blirtnil. ?>?i? con Mining Traak's Mag netli* Otulmeut. Dealers win uleMse stop the seme 11 ..tiered | f'ir sale. J. WRIUHT A CO.. 14 Bruadwav. rflHK PUBLIC ARK CAUTIONED NOT TO NEOOTIATB I our not* K n 1 til <*Btii.l th#? 17fh .lulv fit r m in'Ki payaMe to the order of ouiaeites, at the<healcal Kan'k. :ne eaaae having been lost. t M MNUKK M CO. ( RF.WARD*. KF.WARD-LOST ON TK TIRDAY ^aTIROAV) ?T? ? in the Batten Park about 1 o'elo k. * p ime containing % i small n un of money It tietn* the p overty of < wmr vtilnw, be c*n but appeal 'o Hod. nod Kitb the above rear >rd shall Mater her tnont slooere thanks to the Sailer by leturniuj u to No. 7 1urmtu aueet, Brooklyn. Q-l C RF.WARD- AM) NO Qt*F<?TIONS ??KKP rOR Olc) lUflblMI IMW n n \( C ?ier maker, with a rmnll chain at' ?< tic ! 'oaten lh*> ei mnj of the Jjth intt., in k> nu (run Ihirtr alitli rtreet, through Madl S??< srenne, Ihlrtv 1tth str>- >t tin I k Mb svenn<* t Forty %r ruth s'rci't. Wnl ><? p*nJ by .V. ~-ews'.l, 2j Maiden lane Q()|| RKWARH WII,L KK I'AW FOR THK RK JOVKRY ?F^l/ of the boH\ of Pan 1 <'umai.iira, wh > waa .:i iana<t Imm sloor> Senator while at anchor In the North rlrer. oppo : I'e Hoboken, on the 27 h of .Inly. Pi I hi ! m bruwn 1 Kentt ky Jean pant*, drey cotton underabirt wtth ?i?: en ?V<te? white ah t, sb"e? and grey Wiajllen btorainfa; i iyeart ei .i#e. J feel 10 laehra in h'ifht Apply lowM. CvMMINUS. No. 4 Jones lane, or &: Division ?'. eei S. f. " RKWARD.?I/>ST, AT TIIK PUNIC OF Till iPieU Cbttrcb of A*a mptlon, heM at Myrtle i nn* pul. ' on Juir 19, a g tld lever Watch. Wlioerei will ret'ru .he a.\me to K Kfan Ate.. 19 Btir!n(r *llp, N V or to the Ker. Kigeo# ' t .aaidy, at the cb irrb of the Mar of the Xea. Hr<?ikl\u. wtfl | I rMetre the ahore reward, and no i^ieauoua aafced. lL- taat belec * Riit of a dr rued friend. | OCT RKWARIt-LOSf. OX THI'MBAT MORMIKll, , ifut' July 94. a <io.d Wat. h. also a Hut c -r.i.n.uf a Mute Tbe Bnder will rr?*i?e the ahore reward by *?p'ylf>f to Oeo. Poelder, No. 371 Broorceai* eel corner of Mo t. No queationa naked. ?.~n rkwarp-rtoi.fv on the jsth jpit, from jSuU the Hobacnberj, J77 H t, Rrook'yr, a Uerwe, tv.unn and Harness The Horse la llj;ht hay al h l^n*. alia tail, end does not carry it tary high. about I.'.', Iiaiela b *h, II ye?ra cH. baa one roan bairn sh?i'!l hla hod, II? Was n Is ii lulitrnaoiel leather top, with leather rnahloae. bine r!<ah; had llnine painted dark. s moM black; bolit by l>STld Olm ?t<d, Poufrhkrcptle the inak'i rim on the watnn The ninMH It ? llfil, lilw mount ?'t and aomewhtt *'im. KB will be p?id for the rewirer* of the property *n ' t.'S or da teatton and roarlcti >n of thief UlLMUItRt/ilVlil. THI jnuTAii SPKi IAI. IIRJIKR. HO. ?. < UMPABT P. POl'RTH RK lament ? The oflrera and m?n^?n of ti> t . arc ber?i.? ordered to on T ,??d?? th? 1l?t nH , at four ] o'rlnrk A ? . at Ik?l1?) Aiwn from -r n on puny w Mb company A Irlah P'iai!*ara. "lilt tiln.l. -*rlm?nt, I to (Vk slip, lo receive the Kiun.< tl nard. o< R? Havra Hj order of JAR. K< If A Hod, Captain , B. Satin. Onlarljr. KINK ART*. T~BE TRIM" K or WALtB.-A I'lMt PHOTOORAPH. I ull tit 'ire of the Prince. for 5fl rei : ,\.l? me p ?r *1 parUmt.fl. Tlcm-ttei, I'l renM riirh. m K H It << ARBANATI S Ptrloi liallery of PbotofrapM l-i At ar.ti ?r??t, Brooklm. PbolofrBphi "f iJneolB tad ?:e A*. l-rtc?a ? ??o*e Tbe trala ?upr l e?l I* ret aiw Ka ?f?pb? Tor tralta lne?*rjr 'jle of tbe art. HIMKERV. IMPORTANT TO TUB !.UHF? MPPAXKi PJCOT A WI!.KrK->?r Vtr.!.TKKR? t-'il BrOA' ??jr, Hxtlcc tecured tbe ter\<ce? of MAIIAMf. PARWKI.I.. the celebrated cutter nod t u?ro( l..,-t.ea I)r-'.? -?, wnl, in a4 dition to their Villinerjr Ut n and e?e nrd<-r? in the nfoira Uml Madam' P.. nbKN- tki!l i? n?nri ti? ' will anperta lend thl* department ?>nd t.erfect ?. >n I* c i<<?anl?e<1 We are alao pr- pnred to furai'h. either reu4> mad" or 14 0 <t?r, Udi' H fader ljtien? of try ? / tpfcon. Culling and Muni *t the ?h? teal am* e. PI1 <?T A W ILK I VHOJf, M ?dia ? (11 P.-oadwa*. ~ A WTKOI.OO V. " ~~ AI'UIRVOtANT ARTMOIR. MKHK'AI. elalrTojrant. rem Ho ** Po-irih rre?-t, Itfl hlorba treat of BnM*>r < onauitauTnt d 4? ted ateamg. no at<-kneat, bnaloeaa. abattt frtean. A- , and aauafactloo * .arantead or ao par. _ A BONA PIOK ASTROf.OfMif HUT BVKRY OB* J\ r?m depend on for fattiaj aaUa'aftmi frwt it Madaaa W1IBOB, ?w> te'Ja iha obje IN jo ir lait u acia ?a ?on an i It nuabt aatf lb?ni moor mafortmra Hbe ea ana araadr mairnm, and talk all that "onearna ro'ir wbrda llf? l!?r BirdlctMM ar' ?o lrn? thai ifc?t .rt>> ,w ail ?bo noaaVl b?r ) y B. ?J am In p"?nikiii if mur rb??*? for lera and fid | lurk. which ara >r?r certain In tbmr r?a<w Madaaa W'.lara I I'll* aotrna that mnf lad;ra ?? ( a t mid tboarb '.bey nMd ao* (rar. for ?h# pr?- !m ?? n- ,h.u* but what .a ra xarlla b:a lo phikaopb'ra I1* 41:?n a ?ef, r?*r anion o'?r J?? bebfry^reetor l?? a*<: faii>tran Wont*. A?Towr?nu*a.-i(?m? morrow. mcnorra dan(ht?r. bora ? >, a an! atxl ai l of ftraaahl, bo* "on and nlVn ron *111 aim tad nair aterJa ?r*n fO'ir Trr i Utotifhla. f>? U * > * i nt ' "b? ? rop nofjmj my ad T?r?ia?*?t><s. 194 ?ir*a?. Mlow H<-. iat'>a ' ei.i.emaa t ' "'inttod Nf. who ha? N"t fiWA?t? or thk crlkbiiat *1 Madam* RRl;w*TKR K1 a hit btm r< na '?.! ? tl ?an<;? In U>i? arxl ctbar r|t,.-a with aetlrf aMWacti m. >M ' rd.'#r' '>? ro ?'|'ial ha V>lla 'ha rama .if futur* I far,- bn#h at <1 ikal of bar x 'ar If ton a ah tb? trutb j t ' r a rait at M\ Third at?i ' alio** Twrtj I.rat airojt a* * iCj itHi'.WI H I 3 EICUKIHMI. IJVCUMlOlf or TOT GRBAT BASTlit* Hi TO CAPS MAT. Tlckeu to be tuid at APAMB' KIPKK88 OFFICK, W Bruadwmy, |K tl IM TICKKT Orru-E, on the whurt, foot of Hammond Met. T7XCURHI0B.?THB FA VOKITK BARQK IBBJTB CAN HI ?U chartered with or without rtawboal for eicurrtooa. ApBlj to >'*puou THOMPSON, aa board, at dock. Adana atroet, roeklyn. }pX<T'BBION.?THB STKAMHOAT I8L.AWD BBIJJC j * 111 leave the foot of II tirmond street on M o.U , Jilt 10, hi SoVluck, to accompany the (Jrent Kiutera to Sa .<ly float. Fure for the eiciiraiuu, 30 aecU. FOIRTH KARLY NOBNIKO BXCDB8IOW TO TUB CholrrH Hanks ?The UL'NTREStt, rapt. Josep h Duvall, ? .11 m.ike an early ej.Minion to the Choln * ltankj on WeduesrUy morning, Atu,"i*t 1, leaving Jackaon street, ICuit rl??r. at IKo, IVrkslip. i o'clock A. M . precisely lUtt furnished k'?u?. Liurr. and refreshments ran be procured on board The parties will please be on han.l p- cmptly. t'ai?. 92. WALTER D. C. B04U8, JOSEPH DUVALI.. (>RABD KlrURaiOW-SAlUNO or TJfK OKK*T I Knsu-ru?The lavorlte steamboat KKYPORT, Cantata ArrownmrJi, will make an eicuralou down the Hay on Mooday. July 3o, Waring foot of Roblnaou street at IX oVJnck, go Up lb* North river u far u the (Jreat Eastern. accompanying her a? tar an Sandy Hook. aflorduut a ttiio view of the formica Hon* of the harbor, Highlands Oj Niveelnx taxi the oceeu, M we!l an the aailing nuaVtiea of the largest vetutel in the world. Ticket* for ihe eiciirstou $i u> t>? had of JC KIjSWOBTH, corner ot l)ej* tu.'i Wm aire >u, or oq board of lb# bo4i N B.? 1 ersbu* wanting tiikeyi wLil apply early, an only a limited number wid be sold. CJRAND EXCURSION WITH THB ORK \T barter* ? lo lvj>??The uwiriuj Mhiti'-r IIIOMaS 111 NT < ?,, t. U 11...; ?j: mak.-,.u K? cursion down the Buy with ill.- lirent Kss'era as tar a? S.iudy Hook; leaving her pier root of Harvey aueei at 3 P M ibua nfiording a rare opportunity to see ;Ue m.maothshiu mder lull headway. lickeiaSl. C^RKAT EASTERN.?GRAND DAY AND MOONI.IUHT T Incursion, ac?oinpau> lug the Ureal btousm down the ' hay, on Monday, J?iIv 30. I860 ? The aplenild Urge ?i ?mer COM'MB)A will make an excursion *ccoinp:invinr the Orest Ka?lern down the bay, on her departure lur (!?p? May, Monday, July 30, 1B0O I.eave Eleventh street, Kn? river, at 12 o'clock noon; Koulh fourth street, Wilnemaburg, U 15 Delancey street, Raat river, at 12.10 Peck ihp, Kant river, at 1 P. . M , Brooklyn, foot of Eullon alreet, 119 nler 4. North river, at 2. and < 'harlea air net. near Great Eastern. ut 3. or on departure of (hip. This wl',1 be oc? of the grandest eiciindor* or the s?as m. ihere will be two cotillon bauds, one for each deck. And the boat will, nn re turning, proceed np the North rivrr ud a Moonlight iJoallon Excursion. Thoee w&hing to leave the r?oat alter accompanyIng lite ahip out, will he landed al pier 4, North river, pie', toua lo golug up the North liver. Refre.-.hmraji of the : kind furnished on board bv Jackson A KrawU, comer Twelfth a,'reel and lfroadway. fare for the whole exuuraiuu 11 50. tor gentleman and lady, single uckel* SI. Gbkat eastern excursion.?thk STEAMRK N AV MION will make ibree Eiruision* to i oney IsUn. and Port iUmiHum on Monday July ,%l, n;1or<ltng ps?*engers a plcndld ih..nce lo witness the departure of the "Bu. -hip" t rom the above piece* a* well a* having a Hoe triew of h-rr w Len UO'ler weigh, ou Ihe laal Irip, :< the lxu?t wU! leave pi,-r No. 4 Norlh i i*er, al 3 o'clock, and proceed up the river to IVest Tenth (Amoe street), leaving there at 3V, Hiring streal at .'!U. and pier *No. 4 at 4 o clock. rare tor the whole Ei'urs.un if) centr. See daily advertiaemeut for Utne of leaving or. daily trips. C1REAT EASTERN ?STEVENS HOUSE KXCURSION.X" 1 be fteamer SATELLITE. Cap'.. Hamimind, will iirna pauy lhe aleamahip Great Eastern on Monday, JmIt 30, to Bandt Hook, over the Bar. and aa far :.s the Ugbt Ship Refreshments furnished by Mr. O'drady, of the Stevua liouM. A limited number of tickets only can be bad at the Birrena Honae and of the captain on board. The Satellite will leave pier No. 4 North river at 1H o'clock P. X. r* RKAT EASTERN EXCURSION. VJI One ol the largest aieam^oat* alost. the IlENDRIE HUnsOK, will accompany the wammo:^ Ureal K.a'.eru down the l*y on Monday, July 30, for the purpoee of (King nil a chance to see the big ahip*ln motion. iVlworth'? au urv and rotilloo band will be on board. I .ire only 50 cent* Re.reab menu on board. Ix-ave Ninth street, li o'clock. " I'ultoo street llrooklyn, ai 12 15. " Koot of Twei ly second sfeet, N Ft., at 130. " ' Tenth street, R K., at 2. " " ( haml era street, N. R., at 2 JO. Or n* s< n na thr ahlp passes. (>RK.AT EAPTF.RN EXCURSION *EA STE AlH<>AT X M AYKLOWKK will accompany the lug ahlp ooMonday. July 90. outside ol Ktrndv Hook, giving a Hie opportunity or witnessing the mammoth skip tinder full headway, a ?ight well *iu ib seeing. A coupon band ou board. The MAY Fl<OWER was built eipressly for aea going, and possesses rood h< ommod mona for ladiea. 7b>- boat will leave Fortythird street, Kast river, at 12.45, UV\rnlb street, 1, ^uth Be Tenth street, Williamsburg, 1 li, Oelaucey atre-t, I SO. Peck slip, ) 15; pier No. 4 Nortb river, 2. Spr ug atrcet, 2 30; Hammond street, 3 I*. M. Kat e for the whole exciralon, 50 cata. Refreshments on board. % . , - , Great eastern-vxccrmon to cape may ? Kt<-ur?ionl?M will be taken on l.nar! the Ureal Kaaiern by Ihe steamer ISLAND KE1.I.E from lb - wharf foot of Hammond aireet Tbey are re.|U?s:ed to e on board at 2 P. M. on Monday, 30th inat.. at which lour the ste.uner will leave the wharl RANI) MOONI.IUHT COTILLON KX<TRMON. JULY 1 30, lHflO.?'The steamer COLUMBIA will leave pier No 4 North river at 6}, o'clock 1*. M ; Jay street North river, at 7, t p North river, returning al half paat 12 Tare 50 cents P.ANI> EXCURSION TO THE CHOLERA BANKS. T The favorite tea Meaner MAY y KKN. Captain Her nmnce, will make an etruralnn to the Cholera Bankn oo Wed nesdxy, A igust 1, leavlu ' mivemeur street al 5. Peck slip at 5'.. Sprlup street at 6 and pier No. | North river at o'clo. k. 'tickets ta United amber) 91, Rclreehioeu ?, bait and lines on board. jjof FOR CAPE MAT~I.N COMI'ANV WITH T1MC ' ORKAT EABTKKN. THE STEAM KR~PKLA WARE, Of the regular line between New Turk and Philadelphia, Will leave pier 14, North river. On MONDAY. Julv 30, at S o'clock P. M., Arriving at Cape May. lauding early oeit mornlnr Returning, passengers will lake lh<- si<>ain?r KueluN at I'ape Miv i.n Tuesday, .l ily SI, al I O'clock aecuiri aiijiug the OKKAt KASTKK/? h. rue Eii.urs.ou tickets, to go snd return U Bet tlis free. Meals and statei o?tu4 ettra Hertlis and stateroom* can be secured by applying al ike olli. e. pier 14 North rlier. FREI'KBI*. PERKINS Agent, pier 11 N. R. 11NIME1 HI.IK* PICNIC WILL TAKE PLACE OM J Monday, July IP. at Hudson Park. The unaniboai and l arge will leave Spring street at B o'clo.'k. Catharine ureet at .'<1? Cotivernenr street st 9, llnx me street at > Kuiton r.i e? Hr.oklTD at lOo'eloek A M. t*TFfH ANNCAT PICNJ. I" of the rKTKRfiON UO'IT GCaRD TO EOKY HOOK, ON WEDNESDAY, avu18t8 IMO The m?gn .fiscal ateamir nil' van otmclk, And the c mmndloua bar r* I K MKLLKM AMI < O vf A' KIK Ti' keui, SO cen J earh Hare been kntagnd for lb* or. aaion. The leatea Fifth atie. t ?t 7'4 Uroome a;r"<-.t. )'?. < V.Uai u.r itrect ai &_ ,. Spring atfeet. at 9 A V SAMCM. JA< hSuN, (.btuicaa. Atrrrn NiritM if, Ferrelarr Uiijaa. Trqaim-er. KAKK CIIAVCJC.-THK VTKAMKR FI.U8H1ND <-4rr. Wrn II tftauno, *11! .are Full ? Mai *e| wImrf n Xooday, July 30. At t i-'< I'. M.. to aee->my;iny tinOHK.AT EASTKRN dowB the bay on her eKi.nkm ti p tu Tape Hay FaI e T art lily me < en la. SkucttivXriRSION POWN the h7y tlfwitnrsh tlie ilcpaM re of the "yreal Kuli-r?"(.? rjpe M*y Tha at lend Id paddle wheel ?leam? r OK<? HIRK HKl'K. Jr . ' 'apt. Kn m?nf. wUI leave I'e. k allp at I , I' V ; pier No. 4 North nrer, hi J P V . and pier!?.' of Auoaatrwet. North rl?er. at 2>. P. V,, 00 Monday next, for the pirpoaeof tbnanon toard a tlew of the Ri?r Shir In tnotkm 111 ? la a Imeehan- < for udtea, aalheOno Hirkbe< k Jr . in lnrttre.l by* pi "ate rar-yar i i nly A limited number all! be taken, I are for the Rie i linn tU r, nta. 1 m beta hi be had on tioard. SI KAMKHIP GRFAT F. \?TIRN~7.7tA.s u "ln'HH'AL Ktrtiiairai ?On Mo?da> .Inly Si* th? urn llrtl - laaa a'caa boat I Human P WAY will le*Ye Mrr %i N .rth rlT.-r, f?<it of lier I'rwt, Hi J P. II , an t ai r.'inpanr tua Oreat K iel em rt'w-n tbe Hay and Narrow , (Itlii paaapoi*"* a m**r r,-i?-nt view of the bl? ahip, ' nn.l.-r lull atrxm. Handy Honk. l.i?ht honae and lb?- At i an: If licean A and Of Bl'iatc and relreahm*n< on board. Fare M.^enia The T. P Way. b'luj* a rwry laat boat, w.UaBord pnax'ticen tte ueat opiiurtiuuty at wit* m aking tbr pertoraaut e of jhi? (real Kaatern In >> Uer Steam-hip wrfat fkrtfrn. RKTRHION TO TAP* MAT. Bu.e."' .? bertha uaa auw tie lurniahed to genUcaati aa well aa 1?<1I??. ArtiBra'l-m to the "fll'-e of ADAMS KXPRKRK COMPANY. >9 Brna.1 ?r*y. ctkavhoata a"m? H a r i ! Pa to i It A r rf r POR kxt ' rtir>ioB? alao ealtera' Newark Hav Otore to let'or pl? ni<-aod other part'ra I - an Inrninh at<-.,iov>oat and h?i *e foe k-n ?rd ti). warda. Paitiea w ..bin* dmaera at OrtiNC H".r oaa Ma> o?mo4?i*d the proprleU>r a P. HaH?rm. HK.VRV MAI I.AN. bw-Hiuhuat Aleut, U1 Wnt atreek. Til* Sour okvirah! j PI.ACITTO"WITNIhTTBI Fc rannre of Ureal Faatern la at the ravliioo. oo fony Ulaod P' Int. ?li?rt ah? can be aeon for twentv mi>? fhw ' ajner N Al>HO> lear>? rler i North rirer at 10, I and < . I Ilie i W :*rr of 13 eenla fur the etennaon, lM i in* a ?t endid ?iew of the nreaa aa w II aa aa nfiporliuiily to bathe on ih? moat be/.ntlful fc?afh la the nor Id ipii ORIATIcast^KF inutAL ANNol-NCKMNT EXCCMION TO CAP* MAT. The URKAT KAHTRRN HTRAMBIIIP, .lobs Viae Hall. MMmander will rrak" an KXI I RKH N TRIP TO rAPR MAY AND RKTl'RN, 1 f?T\r\ir fmm York MOKDAY, JI LT ?. AT J O'CLOCK r M., Arm in* at' ?pf Mar early i*r iwit day. Ral' mn*, Wt? I'm ? Vat <m T'T>PAY RVKRIRO JL'I.T SI. AT 6 O'CLOCK, Arrltma u Hrw Turk on iho folioa.n* irortln?. Tb'* lr r haaVf? air*nr?d with rl*? /w affordla* aariiranna ?r "jf nunltj ol ?m)*aatn< ' ihr rati ir, iTrponrrn! tb<> ah'p (both paddr an I ?-r*w aar'ifa*. of aihiMm* bv i>r? -ttcal erprrwwa bar admu-ahk tailing and ; al'ya ? wait *11 aprod a d*v In the height of lh? ? ? nr. U "fie of ir.? irnai f . 1-mnViJ- arale*ina pl*c?a in Aibtim l>OHW"MM * <R1.KHRA1 Kf? haKI>h lHnth ? Iliarr and I'oUllon) Will AOttMPANY TIIK KXI'l'RHION. Wn aim! rafrraha^ata A*. b? uMutrj on board at mod#ra'e (.ripe# n ?m mnr be on board the Inland Mil, fo?* o. Ilnjrir nod til >n, aol U'<-i than IP *.w il? %fh TK-ket* for Ui? rmwd trip tin. at the nfl|e? of Ad?tr? *? treat * '?pui<. N >. j# Hroariwar, aod at Ike llrket nAce. on ibe wharf, f?*rt of II .mtnord atr < t, HUu- room* rttra aureaar* wi.% Le f .ru.ahMl f'.r jjtnt? rnea .n liffa rent ri mfwmniu and u-rha if lh? ab.p lor ?blh '.here will baancJw*' H V ATIC: . MM r--iM Thk wtkran <'our* or tiik war or tua arr tr-hare aj> e?r tialmi t-j D*\M'a Taland a.Tu??I?r nert. J r 31 re ?>i ,r yonnt fritnda, lor tbabtnefltof the naedv mw! blfrr'l m Vra On, ladle* noil *eat>men, atmam JO'tr aid dairi,>'f*ra whoar atea are from ' ? W War* an w*'i wl!'. be ?r??nni If hevri permlta. In tb?ir ol?t iatl ?rd uniform h. H ? Th<> tete*nna In lb" ad owto* r <>'>n?ir? ?r<> rr t i-*W lu r.itt la rflf ti?( tkt la idtbln ob fa?t ?^!:nr. ? *<?' HATtl.TTK and ar>n<ild n^wly furd >ar(r h <gr kKI'HIK ara "* potjota TW atr?irn ?II| l?avr i -f (?*< nl I.. 1} Ihtrd Wrrot <?r.r>A rl??r. at 7o r'"ki Am'amrort. 7',. "print ai?*pi. TK 'and lak* ihr bata?> In ' ? t ath .ila# ^>'i lo< ?; * 1 ma aUMl. Br -oflin ?>, Mr ? mrw t: rourlh a*r-r- WIN tiam ' 'irp > . T' utb itrt R. T W Urtrn roipt itIV A, M ami ainr??il %n ftarl.J ? lal?p<1. A r* <br<tl?d ' ra? an 1 r Sand i? ' np*r?d. I-W(lt 'Irkfta >' rr o two u< kat*. 9t. a'mf. nj fta- *a?Daman and tiro a> J i an ndar II. bnif prl^n. f t?'n ib' a ? n n l? Hind, an! a uo# t *m In the rtai > t>"| ?ra .. I -ri It a; ' nk- ?!? Col. H. R*TVti!*n. tVtlrm a. Wa H Bkl.a - > A' jt. lu-\. *1 f?* ? fie?#nrar.

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