Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1860 Page 2
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2 THE WATERING PLACES. OM r*tet Comfort, fa.; PIcraMt; Whitestone, L. 1.; Stratford, Conn.; FalrflcM, BaMh (bunk, Cape flay, HUfara Fan#, Newport, &0., &c., ?0. OLD POINT COMFORT. Ou> Point Coupon, Va., July 14, lHflO. Jfypna Hotel?Additional AocommoJatums and ImprovettwtiU?Army?ScJk*A iYocrtct?U^/cvx at a WUer tnq J'lace, 4c , dbc <fc. The Hygela?so styled bocaoae the goddess or health tookls here unceasing reign?opens the proseut season under auspices the moat promising. Many improvement-: greet the visitors or the Patent season. Among them may be iioi'Hl ? ae** enclosure of all the grounds around the hotel, including those recently granted by the goverunn-nt to the proprietors But the chief improvement is the erection t>f a now ?ing some 100 Teel In length, which will largely Increase the accommodations. l*unug the past season hundreds Were turned oli for want of ac< ommodation. Few watering places m the land can boast of so many Advantages ard attractions as Old Point Comfort, which lix- been railed the Biarnts of the United States. The locality i? one of tho moat beautiful on the seaboard. Nearly all around it you have the broad waters of tho KsHesapCNte luy ail a Ii;un|iwn nu? ir. mui ma uiuiuun parsing and repassing In full view of every class of mi! Craft, from the tiny skill' to the latest sized merchantmun and man of war. For health it is uusurpassed. Formed a peninsula by the meeting ot two narrow nocks Of land at the point where tie w.iu-rs of the C'heM|>e*ke and Hampton Koads commingle, the breezes that Bwcop over it are froe of the malaria of the a liucent main, a* has boen certiticd by all the surgeous of iho military |>oet. The bath at Old Point Comfort is poculiarly curative, Hid . for rheumatic a:V ti >i - almost a s|>eciflc. During the last b?ason there were several re/hnrkable examples Of its ofllcucy in this Utter respect. To correct an error that exists that in all tide waters of Virginia bilious fever and atfue prevail - very autumn an<; fall, it is right to Bay that, with regurd lo Old I'ouit Comfort, in the recollection of the "oldest inhabitant'' here, tlose complaints Are unknown. The simple truth is that for health it is not surpassed |>y any watering place on the continent. No mountain retreat?not yen the famed White Sulphur of Vtrgiuia? fc healthier Uian Old Point Comfort. A great mistake ma le by those who come here is tint they leave it Just at the time when il is most pleasurable to In here, i'rotn the X&'.h of August to the 1st of November (during which period tlie coini>any is compsrativoly thin) is much the most desirable time to be at Old I'oint Comfort. In September and October the clinute id Inexpressibly delicious. You strike all the while the tiappy medium so favorable to health aud enjoyment the fish are in the height of perfection and abundance; the fishing is splendid, the bath is m >re delightful tliu ever, m-hile there Is no more danger ofdne%s.- thau there would l>e on the top of the All 'ghanics. The mouths of Septetnl?er and October, indeed, are the two uiouths fbr a sojourn ?t old I'oint. . Kor good living no locality has mpeiior opportunities. Besides the surrounding country, it is axessiblc in a Jew bours to to Richmond, Norfolk and Btllimore markets, while for the grat luxury of the pait water, good fl.-b. it U' without a rival. Here, *00, is Fort Monroe. Tli;s important public work wa? Commenced in the yen- llltf, and Is now completed, Rave 1u adjunct, the Kip Kapa, or Kort CUhoun, srhieli rlS'W IV''in the bi?om of the water about one mile south of the fort, and U annually progressing to completion. A spa Clou.-* Are proof brick building for ordnance o|> ration* ha* Just l>een completed. and is under the superintendence of Chat excellent man and, t'?ipt. Dyer, of the Ord Iiaoce C?rpi. The fort i* in comm ind of Col. Ilimmiii. of the St< n I artMl.-r#- rtie engineer department Is under the command ol Oil. I>e Uusny who, besides bi-mg local engineer ol the fort, is also acting engineer in chief Of the army, There is now a school of artillery practice here?the i Only one tn our military service?established by the pre ?>sil Secretary ol War. and the poxt is garrisoui-d by eight companies. Of course there le a large number of >iilicers Slati-ned at the peat, who, with their families, constitute n most agri-eabl" society. < >ne of the appurtenances of Ibe school of practice is a line band of music, which 'lis peniMB gratuitous melody in tn weekly concerts during the cummer sea-on, while, of course, there are, daily, all the exhibitions of a l?rg? military establishment A plan van once aw?ciil?-d lo by t?<-n lunkhead arid up ptoved by Mr. Conrad. tbeu Secretary of War, which would have put the flyreia almost b -yond the reach of rivalry. It was annulled, however, by his successor, and a IhouaMjtl pities u u- that such was its fate, lid It { Ixvn carried out, as deslgticd, the thousands of Southern iadlea anil gtni?i?-in?-u ??!? ? em; wvimw leave their homw for the wati-ring pla> es, and who dare not go North with Ibeir c<4ored d?m wta-a, would haw found at the Hygeia Ibe ampleat accmTi'-dat iw, health, pleasure, recreation, Hii i a safety they cau tliid nowhere else on the seaboard. <>u> PtHvr, Vs . July lrt, is*!. >' atom in Full Glmv? timmiii' nf Ae Vxritrr*?S,n' ) i?tj? Am/I try, Jw?VKr nig nl fbr' V >nr >e, <t , ?fc It i? the heighth of the aeaeon here The f**hlonables generally arrive at the Point between the 1st and the 9oth of this mouth, and rarely remain longer than I the 10th of August. They then migrate to the White Bulphur Spring* and other watering places In the moun tains. It may be that a course of salt water bathing is j necessary to prejiare the system fi>r the reception of min- j Vral waters, or, perhape, th- bathing is requisite tigire I Hie votaries of pleasure strength to undergo the round of dissipation they must pa?? through in the mountain-. Whatever may be the cause, the effect Is that hundreds Come lo the "Hygeia" during the month of July and remain for a week or two preparatory to the regular suai , T?<.tv ar* dow about tix hundred r|siter?. m l rrom fitly to one ImnUroJ arrival* evory day. The hotel u I *' >!. yet the now cutu?fa *- , ?'11'" it Lnv> - ?'Wi\f to ci*'!'. ?'!>< . nci^ti to oat f"i twice (lie numb v now We hare here all the anmmM U> t>e found in a city t tbia naaon <?f the yar Tho -utlt t>?tli? are Coligbiful, an J txntdr* grttif io the hat'i hoa?e? <hi<- can. after ?ua down or before atiariae. uk." a aurf l>.ith n the r>?ada on 11. ruit aide of tho K"r? HamMal rwl' ant IWmpUm (bid Mill creeks abound tn hog fl?h, ajwt'', trout, at??ejn t> a 1 and other varieties of rt-h, and many of the fiesta I 8|>und every morning iiahing, gong out .after breakfast in the large aailboat*. and returning to a Ut" dm tier loaded with the p|h.iI* ol the de. jv The garrison of Korlreaa Jlairoe parade* crery morning an i afternoon, ano every Other oven in* the ba'n.l ftav* or the t<%rat- ground B aide* ttH-K. we hare l>ill?r</tabtea (which by the by, are verrable), t?ni In alleya, a pt?tot ,ind rtlV gallery. Uid, fnr those win Hidulge mi e*c?ltetrt bar and?a ttgor Moreover, there are ta*t bora<? to be had for tbe orening gtrtre. It t? worth a trip to old IVut to **e UM for* and the Rip Kapa ThW la-t ta an Island, f?r*ne| by throwing Itooen into the water whore tt win twenty nil f-et deep, until they *|.|ie*nM at?ove the aurfaoe. W.iiu of rough Stone wero then built. and thus It rema ned for rainy year*, the talaad gradually finking When It waa found iiial the aubsidou e Itad reaaod, the firat ru te wall* wore token down, and are now replaced by lubatantial Wrought granite TliAt "M|*un." the J, l,n B n >rd, *?? brought ! > the JV?tnt last week, ?M on Saturday it ?u go*t?n i?ii ahore. i Tour corn-i'oadeat la ao< by aay -jna a i?all Ma, | fcut he < aa get hu h**<l and *1 ?u vleri id tbe mu/?' with wao, and n there w?a a recomnty It wnuld bo e?ay for btm to crawt 1.1' t<> tbe ?< ueh bole. provided there waa mne | to |?.ll t. in out. lite munle ia llrtceu inches iudia motor, ai t tlie gnu at the muttJo Qvo inclioa thick The yefalar charge of pow.tcr w forty pound* It will probably 1 l>v uard for throwing (holla. ft>r It wo>ild be a wa?te of lrn?i t> Utiuw auch aolld abot aa woqM be rea itred to Qt Alie bore Secretary Floyd la otj?- ted at the Telnt tn a few dayi. ami qii*rt?T* have fltt* d n|> for htm ontaido th- f ?rt, Io th?* liowv where Major HMfanaa committed ann to lam fall tiovorDor I/<U h.-r ia noar at the Hygeia fho w -atber doru g tbe 'lay i? warm but Uio nlgltta a*e <le Itfbtfully cool. H tc. r ? h on . ? Oti? f\nvr, Yn , Jnty IT. 1M0 ( lxi~W Xumlm Viritrr??T\f Big Cin"?fl*w nf ?Sfvynrft n?vt IVrfnl?Gr*H KjUtrrn iff Tbia fa?blo?iat>l* watering plar* M now mtM with CU.i?tj from nil |w?ri -< of the cuntry Tit.' larfr mim|>rr arc fri-m tba Hnutb lb* Golf ftaltn l*m? wall rot*-*l y tb* wealUijr, jay an! ilafciouablc from thai .o of tb* country If lb* acc raimodatioii* were fn(t!' torllf Uric* U?*r* In no doabt ibcr* would b? at tbitun twclr* or AH< n hundred, Inttra I of six or term |iun<ir<<4 rtaltrr*. Tb. 'bis r'0, th* lurpnt In lh* country. ?f which you hav* b?>aM no mn<-h, ha? ix^fi aafrly ta'd'd at tbia I flatted ih? lar*# rranrl and pot look at t% ?K-fof? It **? Iwi.W-d I will oo? now >u?wipt to |ir<? your rcwder* a d?*cript i?wt of ttn marnitudo bit may do fc nftor It ha* b??n mounted and triad by Uj? b>?rd o OflV-fw ap|*)lut*l for ttaiM purpose X-v this Km to tb* I'ikd ot llanpton. r?* ?d to by th<?? in B?ar.h of baallh Mid pl?a frur?- Thw ar? two w*ll k<-pt b >t? in th*t pbco, at on* t?f which wf hare noticed ih<? nrri\a1 of of j.>ur tlty fr1?nd* HtmpUii h u oc.r-a?M m p*p<ilntk?a ml trade rory much *lnc? tb* last emu* w?i nkcn Ti> :i Ah/' population w? i iiUlc over 1 V??now. ( eluding the (urrounii:if*. it e*c>vl< 2 0><). luvio* t^inod about 700 Tb" c-juntry adjvent i? tin d f ?r tb* fortuity of the nil, h iiYu'ii an I uae n fttIf Not far from Ibli pla- -' MewpOfU ue* frrm I a* ib* point at whico tb? early sMtler? of tb c> loo t?r abandoning Jtmwtowj and ft?-l n? to rein n \ land, met ffept Vewrort, w;th ji'lnew* for t!i Col ?!i. kr. Th?y MtdM hack, ai l tilt* pMnt ht? al re no* by th" nan* of Newport'* n?w? poln* It I* pa be on? of Ui? ( n*?t harbor* on or n?ar tb'm > ilh ttf ?ii '*m?> !l*rw tha Uroat F%?U?m h* valVif tu Iboufb aba draw ibfrty f?m of wat*r Th*r? pn- no r??mi why tb?M hnrinf ber in cb?rj- hrftilJl 1 not ?e? t ber to Hampton Rna<la before she returns t? Cugtaad Thouwiudii, teas of tliousanla, of Southern :*<> l>le woul.! vult b'.T. Sh.- would be only a short dutauce from Norfolk, aud no doubt a t*?I ujnl)"r wb iciuot go to New York would vts:t the great ship v? o she te come to II ia?|>t jJ Road*. PIEUMONT. 1*xjckj?>.vti July I J, HuO H<*ot# R uh /V-mofW?(Wa' HiU.dc Although most of your readeis are familiar with ths name nud location of Piermoat, still, perhaps, few have been there, and fewer still ever thought of it Ma place of summer reeort. Mill, it has many attractions, soma few of which 1 will here enumerate. Of Ule it bad become quite easy of access by moans of the Northern RailroaJ of New Jersey. You cau also get there by the steamboat Isaac P. Smith. Perhaps the better way is lo Ukf the cars from Jersey City, vhioh, since they run on the -Erie gauge," are uu usually comfortable Arrtviag at Lower Piermoat depot, we have the ohoice of a short walk up bill through the woods, or a circuitous route by carriage to Cedar Hill Mansion Hnufle. I>? far tha beat > hotel w the pUcc. It is kept by Mrs. C. M. Pittt. The house la beautifully situated on a plateau near the summit of a bill, commanding a moat extensive prospect of our beaatiful Hudson. From the (roat piazza of Ibis house we have a view of from seven to eight miles of the river. From the higher rooms there is a still more ex tensive on*. We have a hreeie here wheuever there is any air stirring. The neighborhood is quite deilraUe. But a short distance up the read is the summer reeideuce of Mr. Keosevelt, the cole hrated Wall stroet banker, a little further ou we Oad that of Mr. I/orl, late l'residout of the Kne Kaiiioad; on the neighboring heights are many country seal*, and there will shortly be many more, several gentlemen from New York having purchased laud there, among others Mr. Gould. <>ur nearest neighbor ou the right u Mr. 1<ouis Un} lord Clark, so well known through the pages of the A'nvckrriockfr Mvyuinf. Directly opj>osite, could we only see so far, we would recognise the gables of Siui>\ Kidr If you are inclined to water sports, the Hud sou is before y ou; a row or a sail across will well repay the trouble. If you prefer riding, you will Had miny charming oues in the vicinity. Oue, not the least pleasant, is to Tappan, once so famous in connection with Major Andre. The House where he was confined Is still proservod, under the title of the "Stone House of '7#." Here you will be shown the room where this gallant soldier was cobiim-d before his execution; and a walk of a few minutes will bring you t> the fatal spot, or his former grave A house is also bhuwn here where Washington had his headquarters. We thiuk we have said enough to couviuce you that PI "rmont is a pleasant place to pass a few weeks. "Kven If we thought we left the m ittir in doubt we would cloee, for certain savory odors tell us that dinner is being served. WH1TEST0NE. Wmn:-rro?rx, L. I., Jul/ 15, H60. FlctmuU Waiving Recwmen lationt, 9ot%t ry, ctc , rfc. When the grave <jueniou came up for solution in our littlo family circle, ''Where shall wo go this summer for a retreat " and when the subject was discussed pro and ?/? .. our good stars guiied us toja conclusion, and we determiaed on this place, which we find to be exactly to our wishes and wants. Of all places within fifty miles of AgtnaUots had fancied something propitious in the very uains, for we thought of the "white stone" that St. John saw the angel once give to "the church * in Pergamos.'' But "Wbitestone," I suppose, has nothing to do with that, the place taking its name from the w hi to rocks which conspicuously mark the shore as you pasd through the Sound. Tbi* location is in every way flue, aud the prospect equally graml. On the opposite shorn of the uiiio, nortii from this, juts out Tlirogg's Nock, ("Frog's Neck," of )he old people,) at whose jioint standi Fort Schuyler m its massive griudtur; whilst farther up the .souil, in the distant view cant, is seen City Island, of surpassing beauty, now celebrated for its cultivation of those delicious bivalves which rejoloe the nppetitM Of epicures, and bring large reveuues to the enterprislug islanl possessors. I should weary here by attempting describe one ball of the interesting obj.-cts which go to make Op the attractions of tins place. But I must not fail to notice we are only at a very short distance from Wlllett's Point, which Is over sgaiust Fort Schuyler, aud which has boconr so famous tn partisan politics, especially in connection with a certain ''investigation" and a certain H. IMMMTi who figured therein, and who also more rceently figured as au important witness of social I.fe In Washington. * Host Napoleon Hover, at wbnae hotel we are so nicely quartered, has three Napoleonic ideas of mutters and . thing* in general, and all hi* appoiutment* are unex*p ttollable every thing u iu a style truly rrckrrcAi His taMe groans, as the phrsso is, under the weight of choice | substantial*, and mi>re doltcate luxuries Possessing the gilt of nerond Right, he anticipates all the wishes of ht* I coinpuiy, in r Meeds any outside hints or Intimations. That ftand iinil M*>ntiiil IIdhi of eiy, ?n4 prrt motor ol heolth, the salt water bath, is no', wanting Th" heuents of tins are now assured to the guest*, and they depend not, as they did the previous year, ou the cnprlces of the equinoctial or sny such thing. Our fellow guests, let me say 11 conriusiog, are truly of the tlrst order of nature's nobility, and hail from the me lro|<olu?the financial and the commercial rank* being mainly reprrseated by th?' gi-nts Never a comi>?tiy more select and dt*in<nif. The ladies h?re the entire oootrol and administration of the sociable features of the house, and they do the amiable moat admirably. Their I """ 'wiuKrooji enu-iiainmenis are one or our great | source of gra( ideation. We have (liia sole drawback to mar our present ea)or mcnt?the fact dial Jay* ao<! weeks speed swiftly avrnr aud that wiib the close of the genial season thorp en<u<*z the inevitable of tbe social converse, th" chenrlrig niuaic. the kind reciprocations of friendly contact tUc unwelcome s< paratiou, an I long wtuter's piu.,e ' STllATFORD. (toitww>, Coon , July 16, 1S90 Vetcnj>'i.>n of tks rfc. Uavit.? written Uic flr?t letter Hat ever api>e ire-1 u) yi ur column* from thi* picturesque tiILi*-', tlir--'' roar* ago, ami having every year since Rent you nu annual croll, 1 now consider myself your "regular correspond eat" from this place. Tlie geographical expression of Mratford, lik> tbe sweet, smiling, facial expression of her lovely daughters, challenge ooe'a adnuriUioo Commencing at I^tke Wheeler, near the bank* of the tortww Houaatonlc. .vou haw a delightful Mil for six mlle? before you rcach the lighthouse at the moutb of the river, winch rt.-es like a tit inltc suuar loaf from a high bluff, and cowman-Is the Uncut maitnc \ lew that can be witnessed from the SonnJ coast of Connecticut. Th>* opposite shore of U<af IsUnd, stretching along for mile*; Charles' Island, three miles east os the left, embracing forty a' re* eighty feet from the level of the higlieat (*ial mark; the white shelled beach of the Milford, two mile* eu?t. with Brilge port harbor, Black Ruck lighthouse and 1'oinl no Point on tbe west, together with innumerable craft ploughing tine Sound, compnee this grand view. Froui the light house westerly, for three miles, (lie w.itary roar beneath a high embankment, perforated by swal low*, which (T t? If Is a splendid aviarr. On this embankment, two miles from tlie lighthouse, is a large farm called tbe l<or Isbkp, l?mcr!\ owned by < ?pUtn Samuel N'lcboll*. a prlTalo^Tsnun In th" war iJ 1812. hut which is aow tbe property lioratio X. Wild, ex Councilman of your city, and who la known as the | "caiulv man From the I/>rd*htp you have a spleodid drtTe ror two miles rillageward, before you come to th* 1 Great Meadows, on which orer seven thousand acres of j black grass i?all hay) are cut annually These m<*ad.>ws, ' wbeu mowed in August, are covered with snipe and ) I .? ? i,lot pr? ki A mile farther t lll-wowsrd ii 'rtlii m Kr"?h Pond, a beautiful abect of water, forty fathoma I leep in the centre, mik aud a h.ilf In circumference, and u round or circular a-- circua ring. Though tin* | |? nd ia call I 1 roah Pond, the water ia very sail, Ita aahne property* e^iuiling iti<><u>n( th? Souu I or Oocao me m'.le fn>m (hut pond i? tbe villi*.1, wlinne broa<l slreeta, graceful ?lm?, palatial revtdeoceai, aroaiattc gar drn- and nheltorcd ??l?? art- unrivalled on the com mot ataud* tb* acadrmy of l'r<"f??i?ar ilodgwiok, Ihe K) ac.>\?l church and tha dlilrtct a? boolti tmee The church ta a aplendid ?.othic utructurc of wood, and the brick fdtatrtct) a> lioolhouae, Mtudmg ia it were la Jux . tapoalti 'n, rwnlnda one of tha quotation la I'rofMtnr (Mney Geography, the a ith >r of which* within a few rode of both, in a Aoe brick man'i?n ? < i ir country dreada not tbc Kfptir'a puny U\nt-, While newr b?-r rtuail lb.- churcJi apire .-iaud , Nor fear* tba blinded bigot'a rule. While near ber church apifr atan tn tl>e achul Two hundred r&t* above tlica ediOccw -tan t- the new flothlr '"ngrefat|.?al church. bnncatb wbo*e tapering i.pire Uirr?' m?>re "acboola of peda. ofal car " aland, white within a trw roda of tho-e are live M*lnodtat chnrftl, l"*wt <1fc?, TVwn Itatl markot several atorea. aad Ihedcpnt belonging to Ihe Sew H?ve? Kvlmad l\>m;?iny A mile wicrly fWtn theae atrnctnrea ia ll%rd a Hill, I whi I nearly uke? tba propnrtiona of a tnvnUlo | >rom tills lull, trarly five mile* fro* the ligktbouae above metiltoned, row get tlie aame n irina view a* from |" i.l |.v'?ber with a ?|>lendi I pro?|*ytira, la wlr. li , the tillage. f-at Mfwlow*. t reah l>>n I an 1 a c wkcred j i>n<lw-a|? are pleading feature* In the acene hunting on lb* bill, yoti ca* av* the city of ltr.dg")?>rt. throe milea ( weat of jot. while In a northerly direcnon a -ham of ; Inch bill*, mottird with laolatcl trer* and ml lie, with l goMa? r*ld? of grain at their b\ae?,gr*el th. lover of 1 nature. Hoeh la a faint plct-ire of wh*t W.ubiugton termed ihe pcelUeM village m Near Ki gland," inalut irg (tn hi* diary) to "tratfor<t, when on Ut4 Wtf n1V? to?, which took |>lace daring hit tthmmtjenry of Ihe cm cutlve ohair The anterpriae which baa ever char ?ot?r i*ed the people of (Vmneftieul atill continue* in drain the fiat'-, aa It were, of her young men tn tbia Tillage of three tliov *ai-.d aoula tberc ire not over twenty yo ing i*n tleoicn llvrnj here, while th^re *re at two li'in fred : voung ladic* look log out for hnabanda Tour corr?w i |??der.t calk" the attention of either Rrlgham S'.witig or tbe New York galtnnta to thla aal and deplorable fa-i an 1 en /iman/ bega Inn t' -t ?t<WI ta ikninl inore p<Mtsii?,1 (Incwtel, hand?oma voing I i??lri cannot ; be f uud in ou<- gtoriooJ '. I.on Therffore, when th ?-m I nv r begira 1a f. tf ii|mn '?im| New Vork " we tr M a g'<*'ly number will c >?ie hither and carry b?ck encU a wt?V Tliev nnet not net like lb? ?1> l?.telp<iiaa . or the k'fnw, win. r*irlied ao *?rig"!y n^> the ^ab'n* w.^'o in daya ??one. bnt, pulling a copy 0? 'i*v,>l'a *r|" in the r x <n< act ipqn ll? |>reropi? T?|' pe!:t,h w'-wi Iit# Id lea- * lea. tb?:t w\? * moatb afi, to tbe eyr of a ? aa-ryatiy?. TtW B?U aal 'I NEW YORK HERALD, M K v. ri tt party will ruo an electoral ticket which wtU i i' mac a Ibv tboutxcJ vote* u. tbe State out of tu<.' nine . m UuuMUkd tualwlll be cast, while the democracy will unite ou om electoral ticket, C"m|?>t>ed of sound men, { w ho will not be pledged for either Hreckinrldge or l>ow gias. These (.'lectors, if eWtod, will Tote for that demo oratic candidate wfao shall have proved himself the most popular man before tho people id those States iu which two democratic ticket* are run The democracy uuitel (with a Bell and Kverelt ticket id the Held, thereby ftrawing largely from the republican forces), Lincolu will lose the Slate beyoud peradvouture. FAIKF1ELD. Faiwiklo 1 loess, July 10, I860. The Old Village of fhirfieli?Bm Two and a Half liourt from Few l'urk?lu Antiquity?Quid?PreUy WalJct ami Drives and Attraction! Generally of a A'w England SettUnwt, etc It is strange how few New Yorkers appear to be aware of the charming little Tillages that dot the shores of I-ong bland Sound between New York and New Haven. After leaving the State line there are Greenwich, Oarien, Sum ford, Port Cheater, Nor walk, Westport, Southport, Fair field, Stratford and Mliford. Bridgeport is a noisy, dirty town, and does not enter the list, the prettiest of which la Fairflold, whose (ante extends back to Revolutionary days, when the British burned it, with tho exception of one solitary house. The principal street is studded with pretty villas, the oads are wide and level, the trees old and thriving, the grass green and stroug; lite perfume of the trees, grass, earth and flowers combine to reuder the pure air frush and luvigorutiug. Th.- Fairfield lluuse is a pretty little I country inn, situated upon the mala avenue, near the Bptseopal and Presbyterian churches, and witbin a quar tor of a mile of tho Sound It Is neat and quiet; supplied with all th-.' luxuries of New Kngland gardens and markets. The domestic arrangements of tho house bear tho mark of a thorough and competent housekeeper, whose appreciation of the requisites of polite life is not lost upon her guests. and although the refinement of eat'ng to mu sic, aud transferring the lights and shade* of the twentyfour liours by dissipation and drinking hare not yet cruMed the threshold of this charming little inn, those who love good beds, airy rooms, clean appointments and an excellent table, will not err by lounging a few week? away at Fairfield. We have a homeopathic aud allopathic physician, and are but two and a half hours from the city Tlie house is the resort i>f several N'ew York and I'hiladel phia families, among whom are a few young fair ones whose attracting would render any place heaven, ereu wero it a hotel at Newport. Riding, driving, fishing, bowling and walking up groen bw arris and gravelled walks are the occupations that while away the houri here, and as we hare room for a few more quiet and sober jMviple, we will, as soon as our house i? full to the roof, tel! you further who we are and what wo are about. MAUOH CHUNK. Mauch Cui'sk, Pa., June 26, I860. H7ia: car Sc<-n Around Mauch Chunk?Dftyghtful Scenery, cfc. Pfhapfl it would not weary, and be out ot place W tli? numeroas revlers of your valuable journal to hear a volM- from the Lehigh Valley. Leaving New York at an o'clock by the Central Railroad of New Jersey, I arrived at Eastnn at ten, passing through the finest part of the State of New Jersey, with Its beautiful scenery and farms in a flue state of cultivation. At Fas ton we come into the flm-*t country of the eastern section of the State, and as perhaps this place Is already familiar with most of your readers. 1 will only give It a passing notice. It is a regularly built place, and situated on commanding hills, at the junction of the IiOhigh and Dela ware In co?ing up the Lehigh Valley mscniflcent views attract the eye. The winding river and mounts.a* of various forme present a scene sublime and mtf/Tuificent Next we como to Bcthleiem, an old Moravian SettleMeuJ. which is among the many beautiful < places In the interior CT j'ponsylvania. It Is well built, and contains a female semlntr? cvned on by that wor- ? tlij sect, an J it has certainly that air Of Sleety and neat I noss that is seldom met with Now we come into the * heart of that grand scenery that the I/'high Valley is r (ustly celebrated lor, aud at e\cry turn the tourist see? ? Home new point which is not easily forgotten. The he t high Vallej R ill road ig one of the grctt highways that bring the mineral wealth from the mining sections of 1 11. ib state, and immense trains of the black r di4.*nond are constantly i>n the road. Next are the pros t peroiis tQinir of Allentown and Cutasauqun, with its iron t works, soiar of the most extensive in the *>tit^ On we t come, and the Lehigh Water Gap come* In view, and hare I the scone Is such that it cannot be excelled?the Hlue c Mountains on both sides, and for some distance, the riew ' appear* to l>e entirely abut up, uott! by degrees, as you approach nearer you see a si igbt opening, which gradually '< Increase* until you get through, and then you see on the ? other side recede and close an before. All the way up to * this place the scenery is wild and romantic, and at this season of the year unusually beautiful. Maurh Chunk is the capital of Carbon county, and the seat of the mining interest of tbe 1-ebigb This place contains about 4,000 inhabitants and is singularly situated In parses itmong the mountains; and in many plaees cut ? ??t -* ?tx oi-ua nr nlf mountains, liks parapJu, are reai ; donees, ?mong which Ts lliat m ,ii?. iril<u.i.?u,,., Superintendent of the Lehigh Narlgntton Company, and a also St Mark's church, KpiaonpnL 1 presume your re*d- * ers, if they have not visited it, have heard of novel 1 gravity nr switch bark railroad; If not, I Will endearor to * five them some ides of it. About a quarter of s mile 1 shore town is Ml 1'isgah, opj>otitc Kaat Mauch Chunk, a separate bcirougli of 500 arret.. Here, at the foot of a * plane, which Is Off! feet In eleratlon (2,"M feet), it a f pleasure car, and as the adductor gives the signal tbe '' sial.onary engine begins to work, and ?e are draws up, ? while a safety car goes down We are at t*e top. anS A while the oouductor loosens the brake let us rest and ex m amine the panoramic view before as. We ar? S00 ft">t P1 shore ibe Lehigh, and at the base is the windtng rirer, el the little town aol the lliiie Mount-tins, and lz-lngh i.?;> in the distance. Ihis must be seen to be sppreciated, and any attempt at description would be totally unjust, J and still be looked upon as exaggerated. Well, we are 11 ready, and go without any motive power at Uu rste of ? twenty tri.U'i, an hour up Mt .'fff.'raon, a plane of 400 ' feet, where we are hauled up Uke the first, and 1 through r.iatlier Creek Valley, lo Hill, wlitr* we ' examine the burn iig mine? has continue I ae for tlje 's?l year?and go over the diArrent planes and icspejl m the rxtensire works of the l<ehi#b Navigation Ootnpnny, T asd reti.miDg by the Iisc'k track rr%d, going tlie whole ' ro ' 'it :i n.. * ci.t.ri'.} ' y gn, lat c CAPE MAT. IsiJkWP, N J , ^ 11, 1S9C e ra i.*v of r?i(n or C<tj* May?7*?y CaWP-Ho(e{ Bkiirwtt (Wonf?l^olUioi. rfc. i "TV jlorjr of Cape May hath departed." u the etclamM ion that jrreeta you on every banl aot that the " wavcn have ceaaed tbeir aonir, or that Neptune bu b??o ? ithdrawrag hi? trident and left only a domain of ?and r subject to the foreign lawa of New Jcraey, bat that U? p nmii'Toug Veuumv aeea rielng from febeaea. amid the tl url and breaker* at the aati prandtal hour of eleven, * clad in all the hue* of the Iria, or, rather, of which lUn nol ia susceptible of bclag dyed, aro poalttvely scarce, ^ and although Vulcan or two ma/ be seen before suarise, apparently in aearch of amo red dec apparition of the bcautrful eea nymph of bU fancy amid the brine, hie J speculation cn.U in what a country lawyer would call? m under the peculiar circumstance* la winch the Mid Mr U Vulran was hissaalf place 1?* n.fc/m i+ehtm. B?.t ihlF state of thlnpv, at the sonfosaedly most agreea- n' ble and rat local watering place la thla oouc- fx try, w really more surge 4 vc of (rare re floe ** ttoa than pwaing |4naaaatrf, and certainly there " it no |4are Where oae can philosophise more ?' undlatorlwdly, if not profoundly, than upoo pome loce, J.n "eea girt Store," or on the bo*r<is of a ' banquet hall de 'I serted " Why t* it, Uiea, that wbrre from year to year . thousand* i (< at tbia time, and many hundred* ! of the root respectable peof4e of our couatry anaong Jt' them, yon now ft only one or two h?lf filled hotels to a JJ rtoaen Map!) one*, and tu place of the "song an I tho-h.trp and the dan nr." long prayer iweeting looking de J ailent of a public tavern, ii^oo the moat cou*pt-?ii>ii* no T tumn of which i* Muck a notice of "Daily I'rayer M.wt * Ingv Held at tli II 'J ttnai* one lUMP-ats, in the hope of meeting the obt?r,- J tin*, tlat Atlantic My K?? drawn oil the crowd, but an- . other, and a lady nf nine pereepttnas. from PaDadolphu, loo. reoitm iliat > %> i . ?k?wU aid j othrr uuisancea to the resident population nf a sun * mer resort Ho that excuse fall* and falla, ' J* and atill nobody comparatively arrive* her?. JJ t>till, the' princlp'il hotel* anticipate from day to day, *] peat arc oaaion* to t.w participation of the general en?jr ableaeaa they an a.imptnonaly provide, with ml r?aJ,jn tion bleadllig with the >1 .r of h >;<e Tlw> truth ii ilmr* url* minv mitl rartoitft oiicrftiinf rauM-4 nor < ( llio i liiff or wh? h i? Uial lb# buaiu<?a ha? '. on ovrrd'Hi*. * <> ttwo la r>?i..<qu??t r.arth>? flva ?Imi bar* tbe mnana of r>-al PUjorm u? Bow ??ok lb<* rrtirvjr ofrotlac* life. ?>Tan at watering pi t ? But aU iln< r.?a ly rrodci ? *'. >uru here now the mora ft.-, able I. lb"- wboare h' re, a* w? arp MU'r Ttl, |.<e* joatled and aoine of ii? can hare room, on (ho *? aid# of the iMMtar. whm tin rjr <MMBPPIIMI<<* tt? for a I tli. mlpri.T <lu*. mf. 'U aij.l draw ba kt amt.T.-J Ujr lb.oilier MBflHI j TItnt iren?f about t 000 |wr-?>r>* on the i*Un.! nub , MrommflilatHwa fur Are tintna that number. Politic* arc dull, and there i* ih> mlerwat fall in lb? arte 1 H+M of tbe PreatdrnUal candidate*, in con< ?|ii.mi<-? ()f their rr?i?<rtiTe |>r.W|>" l? bcifg cut up iut<> *<> aintU I >ta t< to leare little <>fthi-re i cooi*atraii<>r of v <1 ? "P"? ?oy fMP NIAGARA V A U.S. Nuoax*. J'rtT K. 1W T\, n ?\r Tor\- r<lj>T> ml >V? OM y*i \ ? T\f fyrif-<-?rtirm<hn'i AWu 'I* Cm fit ??f A'nfAunarn?t** i/lv-i of f\* Prrftrm r\,-'?S"o ' and Surj- rtnf AWi'? ? Tkr lnl'n%*tu>'Ki! ?B ?// K'Hld HJ'-w fkr Mil, rffAfter a del *Mful aa up tbe liaison tot* plM'ttt flight ofcr the New Y<"k Central. f am iviw aafeljr q i iru-ia.1 am 1 t!.<- Mnr of that w "Id of tumbling water*," N?* .r.i t? the f*Mt ('* dae> tli* weather baa been t .Ii'Im looa'i < - I in I -I' ?' > of t vi? har ' > i (' | i nt, rcn'!.tm| ra r ? I tr*w Tig i.n - illy a.traitir*? iU laro t> ' il?l? a ?an. b* at and d'>?1. harm* b?en a > ilrj At A ba y. *1' had -?t.v| mf?el< in tb<-T ) l-a n f-w th? W<?l. mr ?rrf au?d?lljr ft^tod ? th (he | wtl09?f aotiud, Y;-V pajwrtl Ti#rW ' n?v>awt ' ON'DAY, JULY 30, 1860. out, aail, sure enough, there sat * bojr with a pile of them brl. .n- him, which wore going at live cents each almost as fast as. a few hour* before, they flew from the press. I sprang from the car, aud in a moment I was enjoying the novel, and, to me, by no Beans trilling, pleasure of 1 rending the Hkkaijj one hunlred and nfty miles from home at the same momeut Uie carrier was dropping it at ' my door id New York. At Rochester, where I stopped a few hours, I had the good fortune to meet a party of friends, who were also bound to Niagara, and I joined them. A few miles this side of Jtocbeeter, one had a fine view of the eclii?e of the sun, for which we were inlubtel to the foresight and politeness of our ronductor, who famished us with a smoked glare, none of our party having taken the precaution to bring one. Tho must noteworthy occurrence sinoe our arrival is the fourth perfbrmaure of Blondin on his rope, which took place yesterday aft*'ruoon. While I was stopping in Rochester 1 was t >ld that Blondin was "played out:" but I saw uu signs of it yexterday?ou the oontrary, I nave seldom witnessed such a manifestation of impatlenoe and enthusiasm with regard t > any public performance. It was advertised that he would commence at four o'clock; but ohnrllv isfl.i- nfnn u Ptlll lAl in ftltd II Via varir apparent that unloss be would perform in the rain thore would b? a very great disappointment, u It Is said there were more poopla in town to wit*em this perform aace than on any previous occasion. At four o'clock the rain had not c< xsed, but it looked a little brighter. About that time Won't in marie his appearance In the office of the International Hotel, and a* soon as the crowd learned who he was, they pressed around him, beboerhiag him to "walk, rain or shine. Even the ladies were anxious that be should go on at all event*, and the umbrellas and shawls which they were carrying about tn their bands showed that they were determined to see the human spider traverse hut tiny web If he should sea tit to do so, in spite of the elements. M. Blondtn, however, an nounced that in case the rain should cease In time be would "walk" at five o'cloct?if not then he would do so at ten this morning. At half-past four the rain ceased, and many a heart beat freer, and hundreds of faoes were materially shortened. In a moment all was hurry an 1 bustle? loaded omnibuses aad carriage* were hurrying toward Suspension Bridge. The place which Blondin has elected,and where he has stretched bis cable on which he performs his wonderful feats, is immediately below Suspension Bridge, directly over the boiling and foamiug torrent, which looks an if It were angry that nature should< t so much torment upon a river whose course ts so brief, and m if it were anxious to hurry away to repose on the placid bosom of the lake below. At Ave o'clock thousands of people lined each shore, and an average of two flies extended from one end of the bridge to the other. In a few minutes Blondin a|>|x'Hrod on the cable from the Canada side, walked ont a short distance and went through som? of his more common evolutions, such as balancing on his head and I ring down, M If to prepare the mlndi of the spectator* for tb<' terriflc scenes to follow, At the middle of the cable there was a slack iqv t>r swing, the ends of which were shout ttflF f*et apart, extending down twenty five or Uurty Wt. ' When he reached this he let himself down Into It as Tearlessly as if It had been susp Hided from the celling of a gymnasium; but when he hung by hia feet aud whirled himself rapidly like a wheel, heels ovor bead, score* of eyes turned away un willing, to look upon a scene si fearful. After reaching the American side, where he p as received with great applause, he immediately walked back to l^'' other side with his feet In willow baskets, similar in sire to ordinary poach baskets. In the bottom oMbefe Ysen fl?t?ned slippers like those gouerally worn at gymnasium*. Although this feat must have be> a very dllhcult, from the biSKeU' interfering with .1 ? ,.>i. .1 ka ... _jii their not shaninif Mir IHT U|U> VUlt'UI Ml tits UUiUO, OB If?.. ? ?*T-' ?w v to the rope like the foot, yet it wu auickly Jone, *"'1 * *' parentlv with ease, and .mat l?fore he reached the oppo kite aide he placed one basket upon the other, and balanced himsolf for a moment in that position. After removing the basket! from hi* feel he cloaed the performance by walking backward! to the American aide . Upon his ai rival some of the more enthusiastic spectators attempted to bear him away upon their shoulders, but he declined their assistance and esciped out of their hands. At one time, when he was near the middle of tie rope, some one outside of the enclosure fired a pistol, causing him to turn his head suddenly in that direction. Can It be that an) one is so depraved as to wi-h to nee s tragic rlose to a public performance, already too fearful, and to -esort to such means V that toaccompllib itf Kortu lately no evil resulted from It; and the faceti)usly exiretvBed wish of a young lady tb?t we should hare no Ml nit that which nature furnished, was realized. After the lose of the performance we returned to the International, rhich, by the way, may rery properly be styled a model lotel. Mr. Coleman, the proprietor, is too well known to New forker* and to the public generally, and his Astor House eputatioo in too fre*h in the recollection of all, f>r him 0 need any praise from my |>en Suffice it to say, that, lowcver true it may be that at other watering places ravellers are swindled and discommoded, as long as the nternational is conducted on itf preseot plan, no guest an go away dissatisfied, or feeling that he has not g* I he worth of hip money. I understand that the body of an unknown man was >und to dar floating below the falls, near the Canada ide. Whether he went orer the falls, or fell into the rater below, I have not been able to learn. MATTERS AND THIHOS AT NEWPORT. [From the Newport (R. I.) Advertiser. July IS.) The visiting season has aet in in good earnest. The lumber of strangers in the city. *aoo( whom are not a ew of the distinguished class, is larger than we hare orer ........ v.*..*. in thp middle ol July. Ntyurly every de?wr 1 lie cottage or lion*.' nan wn rtmwi, iMHwiiiisi*u<irng everal new and splen<lid private bouse* li ive been ad.lcd o the list during the last year. Kro? the tkean Hotute rr UDurnwuu iu.ii iur uuiuuvr wist/ n*Tc uuim rwiun here rxoead Uiat of laat aeanam, (wblrb pro rod to be ood waum.) by more than a week. Frinn the Atlantic re learn that np to the preaonl time tlrelr number of urata la ahead of any previmia year, and th?t application* IT rooma ?r- beinf made dally The r4her ex<v?llent u miner board mg houaea, tbe Bellevue, the fill more, qui Ineck, *c , Ac , are flillnf up, we understand,m faat i uauitl Krc wi theae and other oheerinf in.hcatlon*. the roapaci of a Irat rate Maaon, all round, m every day joounming. hops, hrckthowii, umc at titi mvrr. rrc. The neccaaary roaaent having been obtained from head uartera, Fort Adama will l>e o|?ned once a woeh, (Tburt> ay aflerroona). Corln* tha aeaaon I'rom fba great umber of splendid equtpagi-a la town the drivra to the brt will be uuaurpasmed tbia seawm Holmj-mi.tWa on .re (iernuun* Orchestra will furniah the mvi&M frotn 6 to r. M , at tfte l*artde Ground. \\ie Fort la now In charge of Ordnance Serf east fbnith. vrry fentleraanly old soldier, who ha* aeea sane *er tee" In hi* day. He wtll do all be can to aoccmoodate he public on Ike above oetasioua The ladli-a at Ibe Ocean Bonne will continue tha reeep Ions, inaugurated laat aeanon, every Saturday ?rcaing, rom ?*>ll P. M. At the Atlantic, receptions will take place od Friday veiling* at the nun.* honra. We-lneaday evening* have been appointed f >r Ifce re ular hop* ai the Ocean Hcuae, and Monday evt -iirgB at he Atlantic Mouse Belmsmuller'a German ia Orrhe?tja perform* every lornnif at 10 A.M in front of the Oceaa, and at ;??. IL nd 9 ?. M every day in tha honee. The German ia Band, under Carl Berfman, perform* ewularl? al the Atlantic evi?ry day durinf the aoa*nn. We are Informed from a reftabte aotiroe that the Hon. lephi-n A tVuflaa, .a eiixnWd to vialt thia city aboat lie flrat of August, and that apart men la have beea reprvi-d for lam at the Atlantic Hunae. I%| Mate ot Walaa U t?? Kihlbltc4U THaltjr Chaith. [From tbe Churchman, July M l lb* approaching vtalt to oar city of thia dlatlnirt'labad oung KuglWiman?tha heir to the Rrlltah crone?ban eeu already adverted lo by uor Knjjhah rorrpep >u :?ni aa b oc?aatoa of whofa the church may vwy properly ike advantage to rnafce manifest her Altai feel In* tcaarta >e Mother Church of Fogland, at which the Prince 1a ooe ?hot<ed,to be, as a King, the "nurting flubrr," hue at the name time it welcome*, in a religious cptnt, > mtesratiag avisMor to oar country.. And weoordl ly conour in that suggestion. We do so aa American ci jsens, and under a deep conviction, aa inch, of "how wd aid joyful a tb.nj It la, brethren, to dwell together unity, ' aa likening our condition to that of tho Dill of on, where, tbe Paalmist aM>, "the lord proir iaed Hia i emia* and life fur evermore." For are we aot all . ethr?>u- I lath not (led "made .if one blood 1 nations of men for to dw<*ll on all the ce of the rarWiItut how much mire ao in thf lurch m ".brethren to fteriat," and, m >re especially, u plug such und?r thoaa UM <Jf Catholic ohurchnanabip tich yet aubaiat?and wt? trial will over Mixta!? rtween the Kaaltah and American chnrcbea. \-j m in Ihia i>iut of view we would humbly seek It liare ih<ucatioaeonaidered. The politic*!, and even Uw ?ori?l ifMCU of lU cw we leave In be deal! with, by oth.-ra ur* I* not a political Journal, and we hare ne akcr parljr or political ob)e<ta in view Oar cauae in that if the hurch?the only end* we aim al are the promotion of b<?r Itoreata au4 I be extenaloo of her Inllueucea. And II la In rcordancc with ihia view, and In furtherance of Ihia oh. *1, that wa humbly but eanieaatly comwint to our anillicit lea In the church lb* bint that bu In en thrown out, f pay of reaped to one to wbnae anroatura our church wea oaaetliing, and who la himnelf, id all probability, eatmed, to llod'a gracmua proTidance and in bti good ime, to occupy a high and raapoc?jMe pomtton in oir iotber rbun h, aa the national rwtahiw-hwnt of that |?w f fill realm wboaa crown will be bia gtorioua earthly mho ttaace tl il. Am *? r?jy*l. n A only a- a dixhturiiik"!, 'W?moA rmtyVI. member of our V *V'Cfc?r. *. but <u one K r i to a Kent a >'ip m ^ - i'y toMfci *'r a* f'nt> Ithfd ituhlutitm t.'Aiw (V liwfcui kWom .wvrt./n Kr it t to, that ms ISink "ur men rkurh'i rtoardt art dw wVn w u pUai] Icodw amine tu, (n eouri/nu^ mmpi %anc rWl|?ialati<"i'"' frvmUii invtfalt'm fid* ** We |Ult* agree with tl; m.?rk of the Rialtop of Oxford IB ila "Hiatorr of the American Church, that "few sob erta cati be m .re f';!l of inter**! to Sternberg of the "bnrch of Kngland thui !li history of tho shun h In Ame lea Indeed," he continues, "'the church In every laughter nal.. n hae ?rg' uma oc Un afT-cll ina of the noUier Slate, and ether ir. m=tan ? her > < mhina to itrengthen the strait bands of t'hrlstiau low t) ir long inflect of our bounded duty, follow,>1 aa It ba< liean by Jod> merciful axvplaooe of our latent aervlon, m?v well ?ll cut our auction for tUli child of our old ago mil of Inlereal is it al*o to wat< b the upgrowth of luch body amongst iiiatilutioi* ao unlike oir own lo note ita various nouriabmenl and well proportioned In jreaae in tlw weatern wildernev, Into which II baa been [iveo wlnjm to fly " S>i h are the aentimonU of one of Im moat emtneat of the lU tug preltiea of tbe Church of England And we m ild fain hop* that th?y are s.-nti TienU la which the 1'rlncv of W ilea fully participate* be B?h?r <f Oxford, from Ina intimat* Interoourae with M royal taanily of Kjoglaod, m ut bare ha I many opporualllra of iftrakwting th??n is thai quarter, and the rrmce.w ac intelligent and ao< >mpliahe.l y.?jngai*n, iroll read, n>?y readily believe, in lh* bint >ry of ihia mtl oilier oauntrwa, caanH but be aware >f ih? Mcoliar |>o#illoa la wh? b our cburoh atanla lowarda [bat of h? own kingd^a. and can carealy fail t faal ao nteeeat in her aooocdiagly. THe rrinre will praaent blmaelf to u?, moraorer, aa a M?d?ot of Olford, freaa wboM da*K3 Md ?awed aitadea ho It corataf fresh to oar shore# that glorious university wfcici: * *> exj>r?.iely a cburch liwtituitoo, and to whic? our owu m well as pur Mother Church can never b? loo grateful. Ocford a? we ourselves hare good reaa^.i to know, takes a wtrr interest In the American church. It baa never oimtteJ any opi>ortunity of doing honor to iuch of our countrymen aa had earned the privilege of enjoying the de greee and distinctions which it bu in its power, na a great institution of learning, to bestow; and mire par ticularty to the dignitariea of the church. Bishop Poller could doubtltss testify how cordially be had just boon re oelved within ita venerable walls, an-i bow deep is lb' feeling of Christian reapect and atTcclion towards us here wbich has been manifested through bim. It has been well remarked in one of our own pulpit), and put on record for the advaitage of both mother and daughter institutions?"Remembering our common origin, our common church, our Book of Common Prayer, never, never let us contend for any inferior object than to spread oa cither shore, and throughout the world, the spirit of kindness and generous requital, the blessed and ever enduring spirit of godliness, righteousness, beniQoenco and peace." There is oa this common ground, then, the beat of all foundations on which to real our argument for the course we would wish to see pursued by the church on the oocasiou of the visit of the Prince of Wales to this city. Such a course as that which has been ?ugRested?amplified and illustrated in its details as might be found desirable and convenient?would Indeed bo to evince "a spirit of kindness and generous requitaland its effeot, we fuel well assured, would certainly l>e to spread that blessed spirit "on either shore, and through- | out the world." We intend it to be, in thit particular COM, Oft exclusively church matter. The Prin je will, doubtless, be welcomed on other grounds, and we, as citizens, may also Join in such a wcloome. Hut tot advocate an especial grretmq of the royal stranger from the church, at the body which his sprung from hu own national church, | and which continue*, and mutt ever remain, in closest and hoi if it rommutivm uith her?that church which mud yet be relied on to tone hit country from anarchy and cimfution i<et us sh?w him kiudnees for hor sake? a Catholic minded, a churchman b klndneaa. It may be?as it ought to be?that the Prince will come with a letter nommendatorv from some prelate, if not the pri male himself, of the Church of England, as other Kngllshmeu do, addressed, tut such letters are, "To the ltight Reverend the Bishoas, and the Reverend the Priests and Deacom of Christ's Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in the United States of America;" and settiug forth that "Whereas, Albert lid ward, Prince of Wales, having declared his intention of visiting your country, I do, by these presents, testify that he 18 a full and faithful member of Christ' lloly Catholic and Apostolic Church in Eugland, and for i the Kakf of our common and all glorious Head, I do beseech, oil behalf of the said Albert Edward, a full measure of all i the means of grace at your hands aud every token of | Christian fellowship and love.'1 Such a letfer as this, we say, the Prince may nut improbably be provided with; and sure we arc that it would everywhere be heartily responded to. But be this as It may, i ho is eminently entitled not onlv to '-a full measure of all the means of grace" at th< hands of our bishops and clergy, but to "every token of Christian fellow ship ami love" from the church at large. The clergy and , vestry of Trinity church in an etpecitl manner, will thow i attentv>n and respect to the young 1'rince. It it not only that Trinity mat/ be coneidertd a* our cathedral church, but it has been to much indrUid to the Knjiuh crown?to the forefathers the i'rimce himself?for itt eilablitkmsnl mniliti nq<port. that common gratxt wle will dictate tome manifestation of lis respect on to interesting an occasion. Old Triuity will, therefvre, b$ (yj-^most in au arrange ment tl>.'.'. may oe made for showing our Christian regard fir the lllustr ous visiter. He claims, as an English church ma i> of eminent rank, our esteem aud good will. ! Ut if not only the heir apparent to the throne in our mother j country, but he is a distinguished tvmW of our Mother Chunh, and while we all should have a filial affection for 1 the one. Trinity, **.' rq<eat mutt bear a special feeling of gratitude for the other IVr. as a poet of our own church | hassui,?rr Bow sacre<( ton a here Trinity rears its J holy head? L'ntll the go">d Queon Anne reign'd, It was a heathen sward; J But then they made its virgin turf An altar to the Lord, this "good Que OB Anne," let it be remembered, being s predecessor of the young Prince who It coming amongst ut, and he born to inherit the throne upod p'bich she sat, and sitting there bestowed her pious gifts rv'M royally n|?n the infant church of this our new free St'd happy land. It will not the Qrst time that a Prince of i.'ugland has boen in these I'uited States; but it wil be the Unit occasion that one baa been invited here? invited by the President to pay a friendly visit to him in his federal capital; and invited by the "merchant princes" of our own groat commorciai metropolis 10 come aim aee our pri-ainew and pnrtake of our hospitality. Oh! on such an oocaMon, lot the church at any rate show that, whatever other* may do, she at least can realize the charitable aud dutiful sentiment* of her reverend bard, who Bays:? Now pray we for our mother, That to {land long may be, The holy, aud the happy, And U>e gloriously free I Who bleaseth ber ia bleeaed! So peace be in ber alls! And joy in all ber palaces, Her cottager and halls! The TrraklM at Ocraqaaa, V?. THE LINCOLN AMD HAMLIN POLK CUT DOWN?SO'KMES AND INCIKNTS, KTC. [Krom I tie Alexandria, Va., Gazette, July 39 ] The Occoquaa difficulties ended yeaterday. happily without bloodshed. A special rorrcspondenl of the O* $?Ut visited oocoquan yesterday, learned all tbe particulars of tbe a flair, and wac present at all tbe transactions. Krom his report we make tbe foDewing summary of tbe proorrtllup > On tbe 4thof Joly last the black republican*, of whom one sixty reside ta tbe vicinity of *>ocoquan, iaatMuW an asaociatlna and agreed to erect a pole?to bear aioA a tl&g with tae names of Lincoln and Hualin. The pale waa accordingly erected, the following perrms participating In the pole rataing ??*ohn Underwood. W. 0. Atbey Ho bert Curtis, Mltw t'atfsrwood, H. W. R>es, J. f. WJIer, Wm. fvvis (bay), Stephen Hammlll, Jebn Taylor, Andrew I'nderwooJ. Marian Origg, T. O. Coulter, James (-euld, Thomas Rives, Jr., H. jTputy, W. H. Johnston, T. I. Selecmac, Julin Wright, Win. W astern, A. t>, Kwd. Koberts (Englishman). Taaco llarrra (free negro), Jin Snyder 'free negro), Albert Harris (Ctot l>mi the ra'slaf of the pole, the pMe misers were with muaketa and made quite s military demon straltoa. A meeting was held at which bifeek republi . 1 can rpeeches were atad? by W C. Athey and J. Wright, tbe laster of whom, a new cesser, u sail to be quite an 1 i orator I Macy persons In the neighborhood opposed the erection of the pole, believing it to be a standing aenare to < the peaas of the counajr, but at tirst there was as ludica- . lion of attempt to disturb M. Tbe republicans when. Spoken to on tbe milrteot. answered that " the?* was no one in tbe county who dared to touch the pole." " rhere \ were me* enough to defend it, ' A:. Uu one occaatoa an old rcaidmt of tbe neighborhood was assaulted because > he had declared that tbe pole waa a nuisance and on * another, threats were ir*4e to ride upon a rail a-gentle man livirgn?ar by, becuuae be had spo&i'n Southern sen ( timents freely In ooooqoaa. letters were published in th.' W ti.-e mg Intrlllyn. r d.e'armg that ' MS p<-?ple in i the county wanted the pole removed, but bad cat tbe heart to <!o It." This raised much feeling in tbe aetghborbood. and at a ' meeting aVBreotaviUe, aonta tttaa about last Court, I wu afTeed that the ilag wu aa insult to lha people or Virgib i*, and .acendiary id the obwct M wu rai??>l to dto mote, tad abould be torn iawi? M fruity, the I'TtCTUy of Jul) . Intelligence of this detemaiaaMoo won retched Ooro qusn, ud ja Monday night r republican meeting wasbeld there to da-rise measures for Ibe 4*fcwce of the Bait pate. Od the foUnwnig morning k?. J. C. Alhey timM Washington. aiiw to i?'nT. i Iwtcbsr Uio following de lp>Kh We, ike rUsena of Oeeftiuan. are threatened with tar-aion by an arme-1 <aoh of three h> aare<'. am lr* a dial Mil pert of the rowdy, hi ^ ridaf net , >.{ "*? o'clock M , aad rail upon roti fnr pmierUna la thla atnerR "?m* utharwtae we shall Mv e todefend oursslvaa. W. C. ATHKT, On behalf of citlw*. To wbicb the Governor responded instanter aa follow* ? Order* will he issued at amn la nwnaral H >iolnn fir the mm te< t*'ti oi ,-aour ciu/ens JOHN LKTt'KlrK. The Governor according.'? soot order* to General Han ton. wtic directed C>b>ne; lirnwner to bold a troop of horse in readinea* to cook protection aa was oe crassry. When the despatch wu r roe ire-! on Tuesday night from Cot i rnor I etcher, great rejoicing wan man if sated by tin' republican*. Whist in Washington Alhey made arrangements with certain NplMMII ts :urn:?h forty or 8rty of apprcsod make, with immiinilaai therefor, which ware to be ?eat to Oocoquan. on Tuesday i.igbt by wagon The dkap^rh from Governor I*-k>tor, however, induced the ahardonmrnl of tlut piss VI the meeting at <>. <oquan, and amtd great eaUiuaiaam. it wan resolved thu tha pole all'aid ?.. defended to Uts death, unleaa the assailants nunbered more than.three to one of the republicans *i the night of Thursday several of the win" of the rtaidenta at < >cro<yian. fearing bloodshed would cscur the ssxt day, attempted to demolMh the pole Ii the at frmpt. the wife of Mr waa seriously wounded by a >low from her up TUe men gathered ho we -er, and look the womca away froaa around the object o.' their attack On the moraine of the 17th th* republicans hot?ted the i r American fia< and the party ensign beamv t! i nam '- of "l.iocota and HamlinDuring the morning taost of the women M; the Tillage and the plane quite de aerted, but no preparations were made for Mfcoce, and a memorial lo Iho Ooiaoel ask in f protection wu prepared and numerimsh signed At half-iast ihre? o'clock the Prince WSJaim <*vairy, faptalk Thornton eoaimanding, entire.) Uae village and ranged themselves m the nelghb whood of tke pule They wera followed by a Company about forty strong, under ooniman l of Captain M. r itihiighjknd Mvor Carter, who, paying no attention whatever to the honemen. quietly formed in a hollow square around tits pole, facing in? arils. ? Whilst thia company waa unrronndteg the pole, Mr .lo- J aeph T. Janney advanced to the Ckplala of the troop of J horse and| claimed prole* lion for aia property, upou , which the pole stood. j At the word of command, Jan. W. Jar.kjoa, of Fairfax, a stalwart yeoman, tp'ang forward and gave the Aral blow, other* followed, 11 redout ling stroke on slrofcr" ' Puring this time U?eri' was no Interruption, sare ths re j publicans and others who stood at corners tear by. would < cry out, "Aint your axe daM," "Hope you're ha--ing a good time," Ac. In a few satnutea, howerer. there ww a j cry of "stand from undsc," and the pole cam* to the i rround a-.d shivered Instantly tbo crowd cars three i cb*ert, when lb* "ropcblloana" responded by threo ( h? r* for l.t&coln and item! in All wore quicaJy at work on I be fall** poi?, and in low time than il t???a In toll It waa cb'?ppod up ami Uio ptMl rar-jjd off. The fta? *M sent to Brrntaville. So anon aa the da( pnlr waa levelled. r^Un Fitrhvgh ordered about far*, and bia company marched ofl, aaluted a* they went by aatiifled Jwn and app^ae 1 iMrtnff the aventm there waa low airilement, and * p?>r?onal rencontre tnnk place hctw>?n OrU. Brawner \aj JnaopJi T tanoc), in which the latter (M eoa.<ider*h!y injored. Tlie rrowd cleared away during the even, jj, and at aundMra ail waa qulei. *,1* "rcpobleaaa' e^y ?hfr wili put up M U??r poi? on the aam* hi*. DUf?Ud Bonadariti or New York ait Kings CoaatlM. 61'rlBU COPET?BPBCTAL TBRM. Before lloo. Judge l^eonard In t\< matter of Kxngi County Court?An apphoatloa na? made to Justice Iieottardjfor & writ of prohibits*, u aui lije County Court of* county from the father prosecution of an action for the foreclosure of a mortgage By the papers on which the application is founded, it appears that, by the Uw? of this rftate (R. a, part |, chapter 'i Title 1), the boundaries of the respective couatles are defined, and the county of New York ia made to extend to and along the lino of low water mark on Um (bores of tTestrheaU-r and Loug Wand; and by Titls (original Title 5) of the name part and chapter of the K 8., defining the bouudama of the respective warda of the city, all the rtrer wards arc also miuie lo extend to the sama line of low water mark on the opposite shore. By Um Code of Procedure, sec. 20, subdivtswu 3. the county rntirLa vitre #lran lurlndirlkm i/i fun?riftk> murtmpi UMa property situated within their respective Oa the Brooklyn side of the Kast river, a targe area of land has been made below and northerly of the low water mark ?u the Long UUad shore, by tiling In earth, making wharves, be A party ia Brooklyn holds a mortgage upon land thai made, and her* commenced a suit to fortclaie bis mortgage in the ?wtf court of Kings oounty. It la objected by the parting la possession or this land, among other things, that ths same, being clearly within the boundaries or tha county of New York, as established by law, the Oounty Court of Kings count/ cannot entertain jurisdiction t > foreclose this mortgage, and Mr. tianxay, ttiiir counsel, has presented this application for a prohibition, and thd Judgs has granted an alternative writ, returnable on the first Monday of August, requiring the County Court of Kings to show cause why it should not be made absolute. If this view of the counsel be maintained it will raise some mott important questions of jurisdiction betweea the two cities of New York and Brooklyn, and may w&ke up our Supervisors In respect to tlifir rights of political control ov?r all the made land on the opposite shore, balow lo? water murk, ind it may l>e that Instead of tha persons in posnision of this land being obliged to pay taxes on It to Brooklyn, they will have to settle on this side. MOm?, BOOM?, TO L?T. A desirable floor, five rooms, all coktm. nlenres, to let. at 791 Hiith avenue, seroud house above Forty-Bftb atreet, If * anted, the furniture cau be purchased; also, said House and Lot for sale Price 912.800. ACHANOE-TO lot, UNFURNISHED, BELOW FORtieth street, east siie, a four story brown stone gas, bath, water closets, )>eils, tubes, Crotou basins, butler's pantry, dumb waiter. Ac ; rent $20 per mo th and board ?en Jeman and wife, who will occupy and f iruifh one third story room: no objection to boarders. Addresa Home, slaooa F, Post otlice. Apartments to lot-conhishnu of on* boom, two Bedrooms and Kitchen, one Room, one Bedroom, oas Room, two Bedrooms, In Uie new houses, just finished, wttb every convenience, at the corner of Houstuu and Thompsss streets. Inquire ss above. Furnished house to lot- im twenty hecomm street, near Fourth avenue, to a private faintly only: U rooms; ia perfect order. Apply to R. 0. bkad. h fiat Twenty second street, from 12 to 2 P. m. ORANtlE, N*W JERSEY.?SIXTY OOOMTRY BEATS, village Residences, Farms and Villa sites, a great vartaty, beautifully situated: one hour from t/orUaojU tree'- ~o? rent and for sale by AeNKY B. BLACK WELL. W William streetiQrfc '"*? ? to 11 0r*a9*t qtiapy 8TKAM POWEB to LET.?laroi amd kJ null room* well lighted. 4W Water atreeL STOREHOUSE TO LEABE?SS FKKT BT <0, TUT atrong, new floor*, Ac No W? Woehlngtoo atreat. new Rectrr. Open dally from lz i? * Apply to A. B. OLARKH, m Broidwty, rooms H and IT. up r BINT?A NEAT TWO 8TORT COTTiflA WITH REtWMion, pleasantly situated at Greenville, fftw JlWIf, from which la a fine view of the aurreuudlng country, Naw Tort city and bar. A flue Barn and Carriage Houae la attached to the premiaee, and half an acre of grcand: IK ~i'lf from Jeraey City; baa a well eelectod variety of frnh Traaa and Shrubbery; poaaeaaion *1ren on the lat of August Apply to Mt'oK, cn the premises. Stages leave /erser OHy every boar. r LET-RENT LOW. TILL MAT, A LABOR THJtM story brick Houae, No. 10 Neilson ptsee, Meroer street, ear Klgnlb street, containing all the modern improvements! will be rented at a bargain to a reaponalble temal Apply to Ike North American Kire Inanrance Co., Mo. 6 Wall street. rLKT-A LAROR STORE. AS A OROCERT AND liquor atore hi Nineteenth #ireel; la a good locatina for either. Kent moderate. Apply at 192 Nuueenth atreet, between Tlrat and tecood avenues. T) LET-THE NRW STORE NO. 175 NINTH AVKNtTR, 80 feet deep, with baaement and vaults connected, revotv lag Iron ahuUera, and large plate glaaa front. Apply to JAMMK I. W1DX8, No 117 Ninth avenue. rLRT?RTORR8. WITH BACEROOMB AND ROOIOL Eitoheo and light Bedrooms-, In the new houas Noal and S3 Crosby atreet; gas and Crotoo water la house. OtBoe, Id Fecayth street rpO LET-TTTE LOFTS OF MARBLE STORK BO. 1M 1 Chambera atreet. at very low ranta, to May IS. Inquire at BTRAPI^BIAN^UJ k CO., 8SS Broadway, it i. dT0OM*. rpO LET?A HOUSE IK JERSEY CTTT, RENT LOW TO A 1 rood tenant, within three minutes' walk of the ferry, Be. 1ST Washington atreet. between Wa>ne and Mteuben strsetoi No objection to let for a geweel boarding house. Inquire door. r. LET?rBOUTIN U inn* SQOARB, A FIRBT class Iloardtog Boass or small Hotel, complete in Ha appointmsnta, with all modern Improvements, and large restaurant, M roams In perfect order. Rent moderate, poaaeaakm immediately Apply to C. PALMER, SI ItueorX tssl FouT teenth atreet. mo LET?THE DESIRABLE HOUSE. NO M E vht TITEN A ly seventh street, between Fourth and LeUiatoo Fessesalaa immediately. Inquire C. PITT, Jr., No ?7 Way rl.rr- THK HNOS- THRRR STORT HOT'S* m WSHT Hroadway, the *ree mnrj *r*1 bear me nt ni'iMHtl Vartrk street, dwelliat part at Itntim 110 WeafBmatwaw. lmmedute yxaamloc af all. Apply at am YVUlmra atreet, rotaa Mo. 1. FWm I JIT?A DRRIRA8LR COTTAOK, FJOHT MILRB froaa New Tort; ran he rwk?l every hour; owner ruti a reapeelaMe taaaaat will aaenramodaie a Uree family, baa line ataliie, outhouaaa, Ac., real (MM par aaniuK. Addiw Ira I.UK Pa* offlrc. ?rw rHB IJCT OR L1A8K-A NKW FTTK STORT RCILDINO now Making. In M'oooeiee atreet. between H.reo'w tad Hhrmtrw, for a manufactory a:xi abow rootaa A good bi*aaia toeaUoa. Iiquire at HB Wooatrr Kreet. rmm I.KT?THK fiK.roM> STORT. NO. 2S. TOMPKINS street, foar mom. tw?p?i*rt<w. -voton w.iter on th?fioor. Liar very Bice apartiaenta, rvvty I 'lrniafced. rraton waier-aad Krent wrtl be Lakes in board Apply on lite prvauaea, V HiMna ?rrei. near foot of IVaaoey street rmm I.NT?A I.AROK AND tXJMVOIMOCT* HOU8R, OCT> ?? ? Ar , w*h three aneea at lawn and garden, on wMt itrrr, near Heraaty fourth Mreei i aeretaent to rare, rent MM. J. J. KMITWB CO., 760 Third arenua. RKDUt'KD- TII8 fiPl.KKDID FLOORS Ihr uh> containing (Ire and rl? Kooaia rark. wardrobaa lrawer^ia.. and nearly all the morb-m improvemeota. or tmiae UJ5 Ninth avenue?bill up. AJau to lei, AparbneOhL hrrr rixma, No. CI! Ninth avenue. rU ) LOT?TIIJC THIRD FLOOR OF HOrSK 147 WW Tw.-i l? tret atreX. cmattiag V flee Kooata. Orotna waler, r*a and raa Aitarea oanuiete uurseaauoua'.la retereuoe rait.ired. Apply to fiMITH A BRACKS Weat Tweaf audfe ireet, center af Kl?tth avenue rM LKT OR LR ARM- THR NRCORD. THTRD, FOUBTB and MU Mortea, arranged Into aaearnl well Mattel oBa? m eaah flaar, af the nrwbnildlag V? ? NaaaaU atreet, iktt my, alao tka More (if aaid houaa. It W-et deeti. aad Ram <! < if uka de-ak. tka baaaaaaut w.wtd uaa> a Out bollard raw be bouee Wall the modern tmproreaarnta. Apply to FRAjT na BYRNl. m Na?tu atreet. rmm lraA?Tffat RiAVTTrub nornc. cornrk Inn: ae aaaandTwenti .fib Mraet rttendtn? to H ?4 r?y, Oi U ?ale Madlwm aquarr, b i twiireaalv 'or a .1i-at iaaa Kardini hnuae. Apply at or addreea Worth Hortaa. IN Ftflk ivetiuf. "aw (art rmm l.KT^-THK HRCONP FLOOR OT 113 F.ART Tillbetk Jteeet. betmeen Lennxtn- ati4i Third avenaaa. ?obtating of .apa aquar* R<nm> and t". are Redr<vim> ui.n water md <aa i.o 3aer. For ranker par.taalara inqlura oa tkj prw aiaea rH) LRT--NLOOBR THROCOB. FOUR ANII FJTR BOOM, In ttaiae aew br >wn atone bouia, fio> lb treat roraar af H? md avraaa and Thtrtletk atreet Baa kf* aad ootd wMl aa. Inrl idtna ckaadeuera aad 6 kueea, watar olnaiti. wB raya, lauadrtea. kitchen. Ae ratr.plete the moat roaraalert wel!ln?:a .a tka rtty for |tMk awll KM. fnr aMteU rkaptUkU ami Ilea, aaaackonlr need apply Baat Hfl to |?aw lantdB ^pplyJ^WB BuBMLT, 1ST Raat IWty fourtk atrao*. or m no 1.1IT, 1* WILLIAmtRt'RO. THR COMVOOIOOT I mnronal Owallin*, ?n tka raoLra of tka buwaaaa part af rtntawakaaw. No. 17SUr\nd atroatk an table for a dr. rneery or o*er buatneaa, hartnr *1*4 ??llar and tar*e p ' * aa. wfik iaaMe. Inquire of T. Rl-tKAN. 187 Broadwae II *II.I.IANhBI"R<1? TO LIT, KROM I *T OF AUi?(T*T. Tf ha aew aad pretty twoaory aad atltc Roabutf Onttaca Ireiac, Nix IS Alnalee atreet. "r.latmn* elfk: rooTMk rl.*?eu, K-.. avxMa auu)tl>'? gut. aad flitnraa water aad bilk room, a ib-aaaat yard ?f arbor and rtnaa. fr-Wt Lraea aad twee* aad >a*ed wafea, ?ttk ? ood atat wMktotiae la the rear at the Urt, i very Jeara''le r.atd.nca j? a *f?u"*b.a teaanU twenty tnn a- ?-*;k from the fa'rirauM^T tJrand * ?i*,?tnK*ai r*M, two kiocka from Cm , raaaaaea. Ia-juira -o* M? pra rji7\ kjf rtrkict njr*r.?kn mm, noawinp U L*" tog -V?rj nine nmmlj fue*iahe?l Pari ?aaJ Mrw, wi-ahl* far r?"n? Wwiarkaaaarai ni ("mtov pataat a^rW Ml* MW WUIMM bM BMi *e., wtu rttahaa aMMfe ??!??*. rant low. a ir.r *?**??? riiumlwATH. ^ ~~~ Vat boat ro* ?w roi*f. kwmcki a mo \J NnUwyO -IW ?Mtnil AIIUA ?*U ituni J a/ MM pier dally at ? J? A. *_ toucMaa at TWtlaJi atraal ptar, r?-r W?'Ti5Rrsv!1 MI, Troy, Itfthit, or w; point ??. ran ?t> rira <nr, MM! al Pniitlfraapia wn? maawnd (raa Par* rKR*T to roiwv w.ann an^ row Hvwri.Ton. . Tha HAIHJION art ma <taliT tkfoiifh * awl. laatiHg Aaw?aire*i at??. k*>, anl s^, n, ??? ,.?. Ifi.aaS IV pier No. ?M<>rtk river. U 10. 1 utd L Kara, w.'.j a rvi..ra tk-kri. *6 a-ota. ^ u?or r*ib(iito?t ^in v , h-*\rf FrrrnirraF The avamw ?'AT AI.IM K. <.*,k W? A. Vali wii I Mr* hlirer alit. -rttrj fey *t II o r tea*, a ?? ruaatiu In roaaae L*>n ?IU> the ItMwMnic RaT.-oa4. IV ateamer UfU.O<>K PORT *.iU lea? a Peck allp aiarv >4.a?.la/7V-lasaJar a?* FrWlAT %L L2<?cUak noou. arri if ; > Urn** o c^nnsr*. lbej>?yre?*_tr?iiia UK'.V W t I'RLKK, A FOB Ufa RAW AT.-TOR .1F A MHO \T CKR?<< WIU. m.<?? dailv tripa >i *bu?a. fc.odar lail?litg< * *"** I aUi .l ine Market a.iii a. i i? A 8prln? a tree!. WartfrrWae. W?. and p4ei No 4 Noli rtrar at 1> V Rav .r Knrkaaa; at 4 P * *ri tag at the We?a!<W llo.iae ear* Fare ki eenta -a? h w ijr. PIKE ABTft> UAMH. late wlA ita l o^oii R^-naropla ' mjutr AJOra*

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