Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1860 Page 3
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x or UAL WAIT. HAY.-TO CAPITALISTS, HOTEL P<tOV prteterijmd others. ?MO aw of land at Poplar U and, B*r. lUryUad, in a Ugh state of culdvattoo ?ne taMk, ooverad with white Mind; every facility for ba tun*, shin*. rnirtm shooting, U It would make one of the Hue* watcrui|; itliicft in Iho couutrr. Tha locality oaoimH b) eurMeeed. oysters and ttshtu great abundance; toe peah ?* efcard and other fruits, good buildings; it miles from (fell! Wore, accessible daily by steamboat. For terms and f irth?r parti al*r? apply to Van W1NELK WINaNH. Wo. 1 P i'" ?l "EK)R KAI.K.?tU ACRKB OF GROUND, BKAUTIFULLY J situated <m tne North Shrewsbury river, atMount's Dock, where the nu*^un? r? ply ti*iiy?o and from New \urk? adjoining the residence of H. ST. Wild, Ksq., Nranded on two aideai by the river, overlooking the ueean, and covered wltn a beautiful , gruve of locust tree*. The Above property offer* many Induce- I tenia to those wishing a splendid location, either for a private residence or a hotel: i* In the immediate vicinity of the railroad. Por teriue inguirv of Captain P ARlvKH.of I he Highland Luthl, <0.4 of KTbtaion street; JOHN !f. MOftfelSON, if and asT^rk place. New York. u. of JOBXPH O. MOUNT, near the pre- ] tinea. | Farm por k*ie in nkw jrrpky-will kx i iluu#e fur Km York city property; tO arras; it has ! I ood house uud outbuilding*, half a mile from Union landing, , three mile* from Hah* ay and twenty miles from this city. A jp'y to WM 8. t'H AMliBRl.I N, 7U Koblnsou street. I TjV)R SALE?A TWO BTORY AND HIOH BAHKMKNT , JP brick House and four Lota of ground, In H*rl?n; ((rape vines and trees of all kinds, van, Crotou and marble inautels. Inquire on the premises, on the corner of 114th street and First avenue, of srtfHt.N Kjuanra. l'noe *>,JUU About one half can remain on mortgage. TJK)R RALR-M LOTS OP GROUND, BITUATKD OK J: the tleound avenue, between Fifty fourth and Fifty afth street*. The above lots will be sold on terms to suit build era. Apply at tbe office ?f the ttecund Avenue Railroad Company, | corner of Forty second street and Second avenue. TjH)B 8ALR-a HAXP8CMK squark PLOT OF TWKNr tv twi itrrM tuvinir (nmUm /? turn Lim. led on eleraU-d ground, itlty miuuM from New Yurk and Ova kulM wtlk fnai depot, on Northern Railroad of Haw Jersey. Apply to 8. KDDY A QO., 61 Lilmrif tret. New York. GVmHBMRa.~M LOTS, INCLUDING M CORNER lota, wilt be sold at public auction no Monday, July 30, i MM. at lo'clock In theafterneoa, at Meekerts Brewery, to Me town of Quttenburg, Hudson county. N. J. Tha town of uUento-rg la haauUl uilv situated on the banks of tha Hudson rtrir, about a quarter or a mile from tha Wnehawken and Ferty aecund street ferry, and apposite Seventieth street and entral p.irk, N. T. The Fort and Soring street ferry tow land every boor at the Uuoenberg dock; far* ouly Ore eenin. Terma eliy: only t per cent on the day of sale. 10 per eent in thlity days. 10 per cent In ninety days, and the balance of 73 per oeul on bond and mortgage for live ye%n, with 7 per cent. Title perfect. A warrantee deed given when K per rent la paid. JOHN DTKB, Auctioneer. HOL'HK FOR SALE -1600 CASH WILL BUT A THRU 1 story and baaement brick House, modern built, with gas aid water throughout, tn the city of Hoboken. and within eight shiutes walk of the ferry; house 30x40. lot 'JOxlOU. Apply to *o FUUET, HARMED k CO., Iron Works, UO East Twenty. brth street, New Tork. TTOUSEHlFOR BAI.E CHEAP OR EXCHANGE.?THREE 11 three story and baaement brick bo usee. In a good neighborhood, near Lexington avenue and Thirty aecond street, In perfect order; rented to good ianaiita. Will be sold low If apC" * for Immediately, aa tha owner la about to leave the city, ulre at U8 Broadway. MOCT DESIRABLE CITT PROPERTT FOR RALR-M tola of Oround in one plot, bounded by the Fifth avenue. lMth and UU streets, 32 lots of Ground In one plot, bounded by the Fifth avenue, 133d and 134th streets, also. Low on Huih avenue and on 130th street For terma apply to ABRAHAM BBLL'B 8QNS, 86 Park row. #1 QCA -FOR 8ale, A HOUSE AND LOT IN THR wl.OUU. village of Mount Kisco, Westchester county, 40 miles from New fork. Lot size SOxlSO; House 96x33, flitted up expressly for the owner, All necessary conveniences. Oood syportuuitv for a sash and blind maker. Inquire of It. J. BANDFORD on the preatiaee, or of R.chard Duryea, No. M Beekman street. OH HAit ?MBRCHANDI8B WANTED.?THE ADvOU.yUv. vertiser, 'being abouUio visit New York In a fortnight, wiahee to exchange unencumbered property In this *y (Including a valuable wharf lot) for merchandise to above | aaaeunt, for u?- Southern market. Ad drees T. A M, box 1,611 Poet (Met, Baltimore, Md. ~ FOR RAIjMU Abet of bar fixtures for sale, cheap?hate been bnt little used. Apply at 136 Qrand street. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID PAIR of Moaking Birds. Esquire at 71 Ttllary street, Brooklyn. ARARB CHANCX-ONR OF THE OI.DK8T AMD beat located UfliMJr Ktor?i down town, doing an txoellent cnh Inatnrat. ror further particular* apply jo the pre laea, U Weat. cornar of Morris ureal ADIRINO AND OYKTRR 8ALOON FOR 8AIJC CHRAP for caah. aa ibe owacr hat two of Uietn aul cannot aiwnd them both. Call and ae?. for U I* a u<*xl aland. op peaite a ttaue route, on the corner of Taeuiy third iiroel and Eighth avenue, under the drug More. Broadway 8aia>on for hai.b-half cash and talane? on mortgage, the Stock, Fiitnrae and two reara' Leiae of the well known and evtabllabed anloua 128 Bruadway, up ?uura. Apply between 2 aad 10 o'ctocfcBCTCHRR SHOP FOR 8ALR.-FUH AKD VEOKT ABI.R fland. now doing a good buauieaa. goodreaaom given fur galling, Inquire thiaday at TIHudaon avenue. Br-wklyn. FR pat.*-A F!VR TRAR8 LKABB, WITH FIXTCRK8 and Furniture of a flrat claaa Boarding llouae, aituated la the Flrat ward; would eel I the leaae and Qgiurea without the furniture, or take an attire Partner, aa the preaant iwom h.ia ether buaineee to attend to. Rent u paid In advance, to the let f November. Apply to JOHN H. HARNETT, 62 wall atreet rR SALS-A BAR ARD BILLIARD SALOON. IUNO. eomely fitted up, located on a good corner thoroughfare, wlUl ma 1<P a bowling alley, or a good plica for up per rootna; rant rCr* low- Applj at lo7 Bleeckarureet, ouruar of PuiUran. In the aaioon, fro? to 12 A M. rR SAI.R-HAT STORE, WITH BTOCK ARD FIXturaa ail coaoplete and now In aucceaaful operation; alao. the Workahop, with Venchea for ten men aultable for wholeaale manufacturing buatiieaa. Will be aold at a bargain. Apply at M Newark avenue, Jeraey City. FIR SALE-THE BTIXTC AND FIXTURES OF A OOOD Liquor Store, ait tated In Eleventh avenue. between Forty eecmd aud Forty third aireeta. rR SALE-RESTAURANT, OYSTER SALOON AND Bar. flrat rata location, and dotnrgond buaineea Sold on acoount of other bualneaa. Apply at Wo. a Third avenue. rR 8ALE-AN ESTABLISHED ROUTE OF rABPIIRRE. Fluid, Otla. Ac . tngrtiar with II r?e, Wagoa, Ham"**. Caua. Ac , RW cuatomer* guaranteed or no aale Kauafactorv reaaona given for aelllntf. Vpljr to W. IL UK A BAR, No. 2 laari market, lor three da, *. Fr sale?photooraph. daoi-rrreottps and Ambrayp* lial.ery. with or without apparatua. Rata tw I w-aQ i. *.< nntar ditin* a Viaki huriflMa. Ill hiia 1th thll on:J reaann for celling. "api'Ij at U6 UruJ (tr?et. notItae-ut comer of Bower). For palb-a hark chance, the rrsnrrvRR or an (,kl ratabUah) boarding bouae. <rUh a good claae of b>? rclert. Apply on the premt e*. 173 Ur??uw?fa Arcet. Bain factory rtaaoo glTea for telilng cit. -CViR ?*I.E?ONE OF THK BEST CORKKR LIOUOR P Moree la the city. now doing a tin* buelneM, with hve jf*r? leaae. Kor parti ular* atiply Immediately to No. 6 Erie building*, Du*?e ?tre?t, near We?t street. For falb-a neat corner orocbry and i.t c'tor ?t*re. wt iKkM an.) aplaa4Mly nued up. wlU t>e aold at the loweet <a?h lerme u the owner ta annkxia to retire Inn the luameaa. Apply ai Sttt Dltiaioa tireet, ourucr of Bug oik atreeu So'.n at a racripicb-ip appmrd for hbpore the lttof A i|uat. a gor?l Drinking rtaloon, on* or the be*t location* :n be rtty, and within two door* of hmadway for price ao4 panic utar? apply U? JAMKh ROWE 131 Hruadway r* OflCWTTE* HOIHR, RRSTACRANT ARD SAI.OOM, with or without the leaae of Ibe eilrnilrf building. for air or rirhangr for property. cuoting irrtnieotult (or 4UJ diner*, raapiet* Pituree and fnmflnra. I <d?lnga wotUd pay la the upper paik. Itwj .ira at T1 Pearl alrveL rAORlfTLTURIMH AMD tARMKR" -PATENTED right* for aaJ? or.eirhaage, for .%?e of Newman'* ftran Harreeter to wwaa. couuuea. SUM and Territories or would til wrikote right- MudaJ tthlbited at ?l <"J> .m .er* mreet. POITHWIUE A CO. rBE Wtf.D- A GROCERY AMT> LIQUOR HTORE. IN a good location Klvno for eelllnr. other huatnaee re quiring aiMclkm. Apply at lil Weal Eighteenth *; reel. r CHAIR If Alt ER?-RIG FITS FOR TH1 IT?R O T Hianrhard'e Patent in New Turk, New Jeraey. Penney) vanta and Mary land, far aa'.e by the agenta of the Ptmoil Wood Bending Company. it Broadway, op eLalra. in LOT! IN CTPRRSB HII.LS CEMETEBT fOB 4 ' * e?je. IS per <*at le?e than i 'etnete ry prtcea. Inqufr* far location of li te of DAVID R. SMITH. ni'iai'-er. M Baal Broadway, fraalloli. I P. M .and & lot P. M. ft) AAA ?FOR HALE. TUB LRAflE. OOOD WTIX. O.l/"" ' flock and Plit'treeof a flret. laae Coafeetion ery, lee Creaa 8al<-<n?*n4 Rakery la foil aparati'W) and | Bang a fond buataaaa, can be largely increaae I. .ocamd la i lAefinret part'>r lbi? rlty. or a partner will betaken Apply * lo BROWN B ROW. roua 17. law bafldiac*. U Naeaau etreet. OK t\Cifi -A VALCAR1.R IMPROVEMENT IN I ?4tehee, applnable to all itylMi aad aaeared by letU) peient u> tak?d Matea atui E'ir?pe. la offer 1 ?i f~. ..u ii >e'l anitmveil of he all w?ic.hmik?r? i*ir< ?oc and nnbnaahna" AMrw H|IINMN '''raid ..dice rtElUTtRK. 7 RRPROOH MCIT Or RNAMIIUJCn rURHTTTRl A. for fr of warranted Banafartura. l ehMHtil I Ouihir Nulla, rlalo Mid mminl>l, at t A RKI H< IToW H nMMHi M (? *! (Mat, appuKa Woaatar. latahtMbed ia uo. A VCTWH ROTICK.?BCRRI1AMR rCRRITlR* KX | A. I rm and F'lmtl'tm Parbtn* Katehbahtnenl 111 and US Vctt R>*<t.U? atreeL fifth and Muth mum. IlonMhoUl fnraltiir* or erary daaartatl* botad %r>-i ahltpad 1 to all (I?n> of the w.irld Mao'ifortaa, mlrrora. rblna a?l eUaa ware carefully i-ark^d and m >i-?d . *r*r four lurae *mkw for ih? removal of furniture to the country. xioraga f or tar< ; Hnra. | A I mow KOTtr*? UW* AT THtR PRR*ORH rfmurin* will find It to th?dr tf? <*%!< rm tte *elr.ip. ti at Kipraaa. 1*' VarVb ?r??t an I JS and Xt Bin* atrcet '<mr br>rae wa?(*a for rwvirf f ?mt1 ?a la tfca eo'inirj or city Sta"i*ry, tl?r ?U?a>'? ptanoa. Ac . remirad With rare and at on r rial. <;o?Wi pflt-4 an I ?h'ppe I t<? any rlnf the world Htorace for furniture. i'>n< at ail unrn UOt t.lN>HITn, Pr< prlrlur. R. B.-Kmullan r amor ad will r?ra and la a low bnara. B*AKBJ.ID CHAKBRR lUItl OF fURJCITURR. I* , all anlaro and a^lea, at wVileaala or retail. At *M aad apwaida alan, Mauraaaaa and raKaanea. WAUU WARD, m Canal atrtwl. Row Aonra aaal of Hmadwaf. milluehy.' DUFRcBAKIKO FAflBtORABLT DORR, ARD ATf*!* U'?ipaid to Mtaaaa' draaaea. La4l?e Mopping at tbe h<?Wl* ran n??* Ibelr ?'rt 4rm? with noatneaa ml deanaV-h. ra A. Ol'WT, l( IVnd Mraat, near Hrwdwajr (formerly 4$7 Broad war t. Tlf* ORRAT FA*TERR -LADIRS WIIO tlAVR rlalted ihiahjw twainer lirlni h? p?at week, rearing OKHORK-'T 8 prlre medal Sfciru., are <iaanhno<ia In Ifcfilr rrnnmetKlatloi; the Imme <ae orwnpr**aafng Utey hare onderrone In the crowd art bavin# affeeted tbem In the leaei. tk I? pfr Of that tber are ndennblj the heat and tbeebe%|>*at fbtrlieTer ff"red. I ?prm?a. S7 rent*. W ai rm?? I* at'rlnaa. Mcenta *> aprm?a. II. M aortii?a. >1 ? Jlaprlrica, >1 W 'all acd *? r.-nv-.r, <-1. Brioche* N? ?J and ti) rarai atreel *n Wt Rt^b'b a en>ie, Ro 2M < I rand atreet. and Ra. IM rttmr at awttt, 3r?b.jn. -if ?AJM>nie Aim mnenio. V' SHALL ?r?AT? FAMILY, OWKUIQ^ A HOUS1 A pleasantly situated ap town, oootalnlnj| an (to moden tmprorexaeata, and bavinf mot* roosa than they rwpUre, wuuli wnimmniim two or three lenllwen with pleasantly fur niahed Booms and partial Board. Call at th? third htmas hbtra Thirty eighth street, in I .Wilton avenue. AT NO. 13 CLINTON PLACB?FURNI8HKD APART menu, single Rooms or in suits, with or without Board. AUKNTLKM AN AND WIFB AN0 FOUB 81NOLB GRN Uemen can obtain very desirable Room*, with Board, and theeomfortsofa ham*at No. J Albion plaoe, rourthatreet. A COOL, PLRABANT BKCOND FLOOR FBONT BOO) to let. to tingle gentlemen, by a family without children; rent low; hooae spacious and well furniahec ; ha* bath, gas, Ac Apply at It Fifth street, near 8eeond a venae. Family private AREKPICTABLB FAMILY WIKIIK8 TO TACK A CHILI to imnte or hoard. Inquire at No. 7 Deabrusses iiireot rear bsuse, fourth lloar. A SUIT OP TWO OR THRRR RLROANTLY ANT) NBW ly furnished Rooms to let, with tint! claw Hoard for i gentleman and wife, or a mull family, In a prirMe family re siding at No. 160 Writ Kleventh street, near M&th aveuue Th< bouss contains erery modem improvement, and is delightfull] situated, having a lar*e garden, aud verandahs Ui front aiu rear. The room* will be rented separately or together, M rnaj be desired. Reference* required. AGKNTLRMAN AND WIPK OR H1NOLR OKNTLKMK? can be accotsm xlated with rooms aud board, at 41; fourth street. A VKRY PLEASANT PURNI8HRD ROOM TO I.RT-TC a Inly, with biard. Also a front room to a genlltman Houie first claea. Preach spoken. Apply at 2d Weat PifujeniJ street, near Fifth avsnue. A ROOM WANTKD?WITH IJRKAKPAST AND TRA for a gentleman. nlwve Twenty-third itrwl, and no* Plfth or Si* ill avenue*. Address M. C., Herald uflice, will terms that are moderate. AHANP80MKI.Y TTRNISHKD ROOM, ON SROONT Moor, to let; board included, wi'h (U and use of bath suitable for a gentlenun and wife orsingle gentlemen; term reasonable; references eachanged. At Ma * Second street near the Bowery. AT NO. 36 RA8T TWRNTIKTH 8TRKRT, A PRW DOORf from Broadway, h gentleman and his wife or two Singh gentlemen may now olitaln a very pleasant furnished fron Room, with Board; the Huuse^rst class and location desirable A WIDOW LADY, HAVING MORR ROOM THAN Bill A requires, would Board a lady and gentleman, with fnl Board for the lady only. Persons wishing a quiet home wil address for three days Mrs. P., Union squre Post odloe. A LADY, LIVING IN THR VICINITY OP TWRNTY eighth street and near Third and Fourth avenues, has I handsome Parlor to let to a gentleman and lady, full board foi the lady only; house has all the modern improvements, family private. Address A. B., station P. AN RLDRRLY LADY AND HSR DADOIITRR. WHO own a bouse with the modern Improvements, wish to ac commodate n few gentlemen with genteelly furnished Roomi ami Board. Gentlemen of respectability will And this ijuiel and comfortable home. Inquire at 14J Madison street. BOARD.-PLRASANT PURNISHRDOR rNPURNISIIKD Rooms, with or without Hoard, In a pleasant family, where the eomftrt? of a home may be enjoyed; stratuien visiting the city can l>e accommodated; House contains nil the modern improvements, and situated In a desirable neighbor' hood, rleaic apply at 170 We?l Thirty aiith street, Mwwm Seventh and Kinnth avenues. Privilege ol practising on the piano. Term moderate. Board?firnihiikd rooms to lot. with fuij. or partial Board, to tingle gentlemen and gentlemen ami their wives. The house being newly furnished and in perfect order, with a good table, affords a good opportunity to those seeking a home. Call at 58 Henry street Bcard-cool. pl* ABA nt, nkat and cijcin Rooms, with or without Bwd. all on very reaaonaile terms, can be had by calling at US Grand street. Tha Vm-aHoa la central; a good home, all O. R. Board.-to lkt, with board, a labor handsome i'arlor, with an eitension at'aehed, also two singls Rooms, with bath and gas. Apply at 48 Clinton Hlsoe, Rtgkth street Board.-a family having morb room than required, would <ils)>oae of exoeUent accommodations to a imsll genteel family; House having the moderu improve menu, location very desirable; accessible by ears and stages. App'y at 173 Went Twenty first street. Boardino.-nratly furnishkd roomh, with good Board, ean be obtained at 119 East Nineteenth street; a pleasant front Room on second Door, suitable for two persons, at a reasonable price; but few boarders taken; intral? without rooms if desired. Apply as above. Board wantkd?rp town, for a lad* in hk llcate health; with a widow preferred, terms must be moderate. Address N. B., United States Mail Station K. Board in broo*lyn.-a fritatk family offkr superior aocommodattona, with Board, to person* of respectability. House has all modem improvements. Location uneseepu >nable, wltkin three innles' walk of Boutk or Wall Street ferry. Apply at Wo. M Harden street. Board in Brooklyn.-bkvrral nrwly furniabed Rooms. in * ftrst class bouse, with all tto modern improvements, are offered b? a small private family, with full or partial Board, bouse pleaaailUy Bloated, refer*noes required. Apply at ?1 Clinton street Board in cbroadwat, bktwrn twxlfth and Thirteenth streets?The best location In the etty; bouse Brst class, peensases all Modern improvements; an exoeUent table, dinner at 6 o'clock. Southerner* are iavlted lo oalL Apply at SB Broadway. hoard wantkd.?six okntlkmen rkqcirf I * Hoard and separate roosts where no other buaTtierl would be taken; the situation must be between Fourth am Fourteenth itreei*. inear Bro*.!vr?v; reference^ e*chauKod, Addrww Boardcra. tK'i ;,0ai fo?t qiLcc. EIJCO A MTI.Y FCRRTSHBP 8CITS AND SINGLE ROOMF to let, wtth or uilbout foil or partliil iltuard. the ho'm contain* all the modern roureutencea *ud Ik ?<?t deatrahly located la the vicinity of Pith Avenue Hotel, and L uion park*. Apply at No. 810 Broadway. U'LKtJANTLT Fl'BNISIIED BOO MR AT THR HOTKI, Hj ft. Oarmaln. Fifth avenue, Broad wnf and Twenty moond alreel. Partlea viatUuc New York will rind very oool airy suit* of apartment*. with bath attached, la thle deliihifuily located hotel, conducted." "B the European plan. Ij'I.KtlANTLY Fl'RRIRHriD ROOMS WITH RKI?ROOM<3 !i attached, In the brown atone houae 181 Prince atmet, to >> lei u- respectable ama.l t amine*. with all the oouvaulebcea fur touaeheapUiK Apply at room Wo. 1. FRKNCH BOARD IN RROOKI.YN.?ONE OR TWO rentlemen ran be accomodated at ISW i"..nlon alreet The houae omtalM aliUie modern luiproiemen'jt. Fl'BNIHHED?A SMALL FflVATE FAMILY WO0I.D | let a Parlor and Bedroom on flr*t (Iror. al?> ?ne or two other Ronaaa. to retillrmen, without Hoard. in am? or separately Apply at M Fourth rtret. Albion place. FUBRtSHBD UODOINtiS ?TIIRRK HARDSOMR FVR nlabeti Room* to let to one orjt wo penmn* wtth (u bath Ae ; real *4 per (Ml. In , ura at 61 Leroy aueet. aeouud Boor. GHOOD AMD CHEAP LODOIROB-AT TUB OLOUR Hotel, corner of Frankfort and William atrweta. New Tort. Term*, 26 cent* to V cent* per ul?hl, ruuma Irum II to S3 par week. Open all otrfht. Horoirr.-a private family wish to let a | lane furnished Bonn and Pantry, Ac . m a eery p> ? h>.: ,i?-jiu..n r unit h* i vr. and near the nalt water bath. Apply at Ro. 9 Perk place. Ufth houae frout Fourth street. ST. JOUR S PABR'.-A FROKT RfH>M, OR TH* SBCORt I floor. soluble f<* a feutleman ani wife, also run fro single gentlemen. to let with Board. Apply at M Yartck aueei. qui uer of LalghUlreet. , rORRTLEMKR -TO I.CT. WITHOUT HOARD, TO on* or twn gentlemen a neatly f una iahed R<?>m and lar*? Pantry, wi.h of baiknum. lamih iuvU> p rival*, nana i> laaaant aad oaaafortak.#. Apply at IM Wm Hoaaton ?rw, ccrnrr of )IMduuaal. rUKN rU-;MlN.?M PRIM?'K RTRBRT. OJfK BLOCK waat of Kroada-ar ?ttafcaatlr ftiraiahad Parlor, a la. Badmama. to Ut, wA aaa. baika uJ all tit? aomtom of a Or* claaabonaa. BraakfaaTtf <nt>,l. fPWO ,C? THRKK UBNTLBMKN TAN BK AO'O* 1 n odal* ' Hit Boarl la a pr rata fami t. Id a ?arv bmlhj .?4 r <>ood 'athinc near by. Alau uaa >1 t>?an<>. Tartna W jlar w*?k. all mla itaa walk from tba farry Apply at conwr of Cil&loa and Brewiier Uracil. Butea lalaul (JuarrnUiMi laadlag rtnr-ruRJtiHHKn, at tit wavkiiuit plaob, fltilk areaa*. two Badroama an.) Mum* mum. with (ma wairr and uaa of bath aullabl* for two miitam. alau ih? Ural rionr, natun.aM. rvnaiaiinc of ihrsa alagaat rooma, with gat aad panlrlaa complrta. Bern m^darata. rmm LKT-rtHBl.T PCBBIRIIRD ROOM*. WITH (IAS aad balk, far alalia itaUaata. LaqUra at Ml Niuife atraat. naar Baccad areaua. I rLKT-A if it or BOOM* OVKR m HROAOWAT, a lb prtrat* antral** rant Dll ftltD R m?a. Ac , anttabl* : r1 iin.Hi.f prtra*?| -p-** *m iy at aw Bum? |I'ANTRI>-IW A PRITATB PAMII.Y. BKAR MADIBOM YT ?V^ara, by a yoi n? fanllman. a Pari'# and H*drioi?. or oca lalrga Room wllk Brtakfaat Acdraaa boi KM Pott fflot. | WAWTRP-ltV A OKBTI.RMA!*. A PI RXTMIKI) HKO I room aa<l partial Botrd. la a raapa -labia, prlral* fa mlly ?oc?!t"n nnl abora Twelfth atr**L T*rim mutt ba nt> deraia. A Idrraa M. R, boa IW liarala^gOicv. *tatia? teruia. \ETABTKr??HT A RIROUR OK*TI.KM\W. PARTI tl, IT ibiard to a prlt at* faoUly. I xieatt. >u weal of Bi-nalway not at ">a Kmirlb ulraat. ACdrea* aiatlna larma. wktrk aiual i<a K lar*- U. B . tan t.*U Pual udico. 5BO*I> BTBB1TT-ROOJIB TO LKT, PUBBIftUBD OB nal >rtlabad. in rai.i.aman. Hwoobtrb rtbbitt wkab cabai. a*ii hroad H way.?A wall funiiafcad f-mil Room. "a aan xtd flmr, aad "tbara. lar*a an-1 MBa" bath. r?a ilano 1 I at, wilh Hoard for ^ t>a or laarnail geaU?-a>?o. ait') ataa.a aroi m tke ronoa. /?t mwT rrPT**BTii rrRrrr -ftpi.BJinin rrn OA n'thad Rooaia to lat, with partial Haanl. at ramarfca'-ly low prvaa ut a pnrata fanW'r. Rrarr cara takaa to aaaka tba paruaa re famine a happy aad cmfortabla botaa. Q?> ORP.KRK PTRICICT, AI#TOR HOC?K.-Bt:PBR8l.T tTO f irniabart Parlor aad Badrnnma. whk (aa aad I'rotna, orw palavt aprlar bada and arantklna naoaaaary for yt?ia| bonaaa?*par* Maala aarvad If Mtm. Baat low to raapattQ I RABT riPTRBNTH MBKICT, BF.AR TIIIRO A VP. 01 oua ? P'imlabad Bnotna, with or wltb?<it partial M-iarrl im hatfe, Ac. Tar? froaa M It par waaB ifiaWB m-WltoT POCBTBRffTM RTRKKT If * MHtoMKI.'l fnrnlahMd B .ana fir famliiaa or airi?l? ranllamaa. with braakfaat of f ill Board. |.laaaaai lorauoa for a-iiaiaar priaranlant Ui Kifhlh araana rara rounaantfe atrae: atxgea paai tba daor. |po|lTI~ IpOR BAl.R?X ri/x>p tacht. thirttpitb PBB1 f ion* twalTafaal wlda. cabin flra faat bi?h four anfa bartha. aiam i aa># rabla fornltnra. au ra aad fiitaraa. naarli now, will ba ?>ld low. kariiMi uo uaa for It- Apply to B I>B I.A NOVTAMMIB. Stl Taath atraat, or L. V. OAWMOB. Nawark E i , wkara aba aay ba aaaa. rRBAt r-A Nltw AHI> PART IAM.BOAT. ? jPRWl Bkmr. abo- 9 faat baara. an.1 la rompleta ordar. will to antdrbaap Addraaa Wai. Palmar,/r., Byark. B T. rH BALB rn*AP-AWAU. ?TI>B WHBKI. BTBAB Plaaanra TaaM. ? faal lonj. Kha It drtran br two oanl latin* anclnaa, kaa aa anr|.?rd aalo s II 'aat Imi*. p\U* bmiaa Aa. la antlraly naw and runa wail ?ha w?* bollt by tlx ownar. ftat not harlo? Uma In w bar ba wlabaa o aall Hka k an aiaallaat 'bin* for aimiraloa partk of Ir-mi U In H par anna. PrV* h.iWL ABdraaa r. J. QoumI, Bewark, if, 4. NEW YORK HERALD, ? AT APCTIOII. I k LBKRT MORTIMKB. ORIFKI* * CO., AUCTIONKKBSl JX MAtiNIFN'KNT HOlSKuOLD FURNITURE, At public auction. The property of a family declining housekeeping. f>n this day (Monday), July 30, at 10^ o'clocE precisely, attbe elegant residence uf Miters B. thai, man, Ksq., t8 West Sixteenth street, l.eiween fifth and SUth avenues, being the Urgent and richest assortment of Household Furniture ana Wotka of Art offered at auction U?a seaaou. The Furniture was all mad* 10 order Tor the present owuer. by those oelebrated cabinet makers. W' il A a ..111, and la of the beat description Descriptive I'HiaJ. ::ni* at tin- house no the morning of sale, Tte ? Superb 7 octave Tlanoforte, Kl<-i;ant Drawing Room Suit*, Hronie and ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion t'arpeta, Tier and Mantel Mirrors, Brocade and Lace Curtain*. Oil Tainting*. Engruwngs. Dresden aad Dresden China Vaaes, Rosewood Chunber Kurulture, en sulie. Oak On ilng Room Furniture, China, Glass and Silverware. DRAWIlM ROOMR. Magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, carved lege and case, Inlaid with pearl, solid pearl keys, overstrung baas, lined wiih astlnwood, made by Uroadway makera, fully guaranteed, been In use four month*. fully tested bv competent judges aad pronounced aiupertor'inatrument; rosewood Canterburydo. Stool, covered In brocade, French cloth Cover; rosewood Buokosae and Secretary. Kncoignures, lady's Work, Writing Desk, Trench plate pier Mlrrurs, marble Slab and Brackets, two large mantal Mirrors, richly carved frames; embrotdsred laoe fur tarns, French Hliades, ('ornire#, two magnificent suits .lrawiog room furniture, covered In three colored satin broeade ef the richest desert jtion, cai ved In solid rosewood, two Tele a Tete Sofas, two arm. reception and efcht oral back Chairs; rose ) wood Centre Tables, auiuary marble top ti maicb the suit*; kteceres. lined with *alin wood, marbla top, mirror doors ana ii back; King'* patent reclining easy Chars, pier. card and quartette Tables. (Ml I'RlnUngii bjr I-egranl, role, Inman. Kuusaell, Kallere*, Kglaw uul oiherjBinuient Amimp nan. Virgin Marv from the celebrated painting lo the Louvre, 'r Pari*, Htontn at riea, by Ktngero*<l?, Imo superb match paint . lnK?: roaewood Wssh*l?nds, Chain lo match, Oilcloth, stair Carpel*. Rod*, Ac. fHAlfBKR8. , KaxUrh Brussels Carpet*, roaewood marbla top dressing Bureaus, Bedattads aad Commodaa to match, toilet Tables, Hhav ing Mauds, Rocker*, Couchus, 'arm and oral hack (Thatrs covered in nioquet; Bering and hair Mattresses, Bedstetds. fea* ther 1Mb, Hokater*. I'llluwa; o?*l Mirror*, pastel Paiattngs, decorated china Toilets, brojatel Curtains, Ac I'pper chain I be r??Mahogany and black walnut Bureaus, Sofa*, Rocktjr*, WiuWnds. ? niNINO ROOM. 1 Solid carved oak Buffet, Statuary marble top; Hertz'* patent .lining Tab'e, extends 18 feel; Oouchoa, Arm Clialr*. elerant net* crystal and ruby glassware, Decanters, ilohleta WInea. Champagnes, lemonades. Tumblera; eellery, fruit and { preserve Stands, finger Bowls, ruby and iiarliiu marble 1 Punch Bowla, ruby Mid goM Uqnor Sets, gold band china dm ner Met, 340 pieces, richly decorated Tea Hats, 44 piece*; solid silver dinner and tea Nets, Silverware. Coffee Urn. Caatera, cake Baskets, Napkin Rings, Spoons, Korks, Ivory handle Table i Cutlery. Atoo. haaement klu-ben Furniture: stone, iron, tin, wood ware, earthenware and copper I'tenaila. Ice Pitchers, ' Ralver*. Ac. N. B.?Stringers wishing to attend this lale can lake the Kifth avtnue. Broadway, or Sixth aveuua ata^es and car* at Aster House. St. Nicholas and Hotels, and I bring them within a few doom of th? house. A competent par sod will be In attendance to pack, ship or cart the ^ ?>da at * I reaaonable charge. I ' N B.?The House lo let or for sale; poaafselon Immediately. For turther particulars. Inquire of the auctioneer. Large sale of elegant Household Furniture, to morrow. In Twenty sixth l street, near Fifth avenue. A. M. UR1FKIN, Auctioneer ATWOOD * BTBVKMS, AUCTION K.KRS, Oflice and salesroom 170 Broadway. Elegant and coatly I . Roaewood and mahogany i Household Furnltura AT PUBIJC AUCTION, This day, J uly 30 at 10 o'clock At the brow* atone r ealdenca, OH West Eleveuth street, a f*w door* from Fifth avenu*. Magnificent roaewood Pianoforte, Rosewood Melodeoo, Roaewood suits of Parlor Furniture, Roae*nod Bookcase and Lady'* Kacretolre, Imported Ormolu and Bronze Chandeliers. Medallion Vel r*t Carpet*. Rare OH Painting*. Statuary. Ac , A?. ?Offering to the New Tork public one ot the rarest opportunities to purchase at auction modern and antiune rosewood , and ebony wood Furnttur*. of Parts and New York mannfao turc. The catalogue embraces all hundred and forty lots and will be peremptorily sold without reserve, on aooounl of departure for Europe. DRAWINO ROOMS. Solid rosewood frame Pianoforte, full Iron frame, 'our round 1 corners, solid pearl keys, inlaid tablet, city maker: rosewood moatc Canterbury, stool and oover. thre* carved roaewood snlta of Furniture, covered with crimson. blue and g -Id saun, large pier and mantel Mirror*, roswood Ktegere*. rtcnlv carved, with plate glsasdaars and back; Oil Paintings by eminent artist*, also a few elegant Engraving*, real Brouse*, Parian and hlsiju* Ornaments, velvet Carpets, mosaic Ruga, lace and broealel Curtains, Cornice* and Bands 1 DINING ROOM. Oak extension Table tnd oak Buile.t French china, gold band 1 dinner Set of IK piece*, decorated china Tea Hei, tin- lahl* Cutlery. Ivory balanced handled. Kniveaand Forks, silver Spoons, English rut i) lass ware and Crockery, Cloek, Mirrors, Arts Chain, Lounge, Ac. CHAMRERR Roaewood earved Bedsteads, marble top drfwalng Bureau, Waahatand. Commode, centre and side fable, ainolrc ile glace, velvet plush Lounge and easy chair, curled hair Maitra**es, spring Bed, feather Pillows, Bed linen, Moaquilo bar, mantel Mirror, bronsa Clock, Engraving*. laoeairy i arj i. Rugs, lace Curtain*, Ac. In Uie third and fourta stones? Maboxany ana walnut llMKawli and Bureaus, Kmc ami Bedding of every drscn(>Um, Carpet* In twelve room*, Chairs. Mi?s, Rockers, baby Orlb, . alao. at the commencement of sain, all the basement and kitcheu Furniture. N. B ?On Thursday next, at MMH th.' Horse?, covered (Carriage, Library, Ac.; due nolle* here.ifter. N B ? Purr haw r? hate the pr1vile*e of lea Tin* their goods rem\ta in the home tmtll Au?u*t 1, provided tlxy settle their Mils on day of sale Kald elegant resldeooe will be rented for the biUnee of the year at an eieeerimgty low rent. Fur )iart\oularx Inquire of Mr. Atwood, at Uu* offlce Rale will be positive aud peremplory, without regard u> heat or rain. Albert n. kioolay. acctionkkr. Regular auction aale of sio :ks and bun Is. Al.BKltT H. NIC* ?LA T will nelt thl? day. MTnly 30, at 12>. o'clock, at the stock aale* room, Mo U William street, near Wall ? JO aha. Bank of Commerce*!!*) 10 aha. Continental Bank f 100 . 10 Imp and Trad. Bank.. 100 40 Kiigle Insurance Co 4d 10 Humboldt Issurance .. 100 2 N Y and Erie lilt |tm f 30 (It Weat Mar Ins .... 100 1 North River Insurance 1.1 20 Ifoaie Insurance 100 30 Chicago tnd N. W. KH. liW 40 Mer. Mul Insurance . 100 4*1 Jersey City Insurance. AO | 20 Urooera' Insurance ... 60 ? Washington Insurance "?| 30 Jeflersoa Insurance .. 30 10 Arctic fiisuraoce .... M U) Hamllt 'Q Insurance... If 400 .Southern PaWrtc KR luu 10 Orbhard Insurance Ml 10 Waahuisum Mar. lus 100 10 Fqiiltable Life. A Roe. 100 30 Metropolitan Tns ... 100 Sl.iU) Hvracusc and Hlniihampton KH. 2d mortgage bonds, fl fitai Mobile and Ohio RK *per cent lnco?n<* bonds flO.UJO He iota and Hacking Valley RR. 7 per cent bond*. Next regular sale on Thursday, Aug 2. Regular suctloM Ba'.es o( KUxks and Honda every Monday aiul Thursday. or everyday whene\er required, at 12'i o'clock, at the stock salesroom No. 52 William street, or Me< chants' Ki'hang-. a* dentred etneks and Bonds bought and sold at nrl vats aale auj at U? Brokers Ujard. ALBRliT U. NICOLAY, | Auctioneer and Stock Br >ker. No 52 William street near Wall. j A J MILNOR TAYLOR A CO., AUrTI JNKKKR. I Elegant Household Furotturs, Pianoforte,!ng*, Works of Art, An , at auction By order oi th,. mortgagee, I He it known to all patties concerned that We will oil er lor >M , at public auction, On Monday, Joly 30, (VHhmencing at lOKs'eloeh, , All the contents of the dwelling house No. 5rf West K'vh'aenUi 1 street, between Fifth aa<1 Sixth avenues. cnan.ii of a 1 .r ; I assortment of rich II uaehold 'anHlurf, tlw <'iT Palm iga, I antique lironza*. hi*mMra, Tim and Oraamen?s, re vet, Hniseel* ami Ingrain Carpets and Ruga, elegant 7 oetace l*t ao"feete, roaetaood eur, carved leg*, overturn ug Sua. with every nvlern Improve moot, and of r*#y flue lone and HnWh; lace and timcair < tirtalna. with K reach Hh*dc* Pier and M?n- i U'l Mirror*. rn?e?nod Parlor Kulta, Ktetr? r.*?, table* arid M i aio, i aatarbury andHtrw.l IMnIng mom. haserru-ni and NxtiMr** I nit ire of e en deacrlpuoti u?u*Ut found tn a prtv?ic red I denre. The article* bare been In >>ae but a ahort time, an I arc In perfect order, Can h* eiamined previous to sal* Htran- 1 I gar* and r.ihera wlahmg tr> attend thla aale wiM *nd It *mvc...... . j uuir Uru*>U.4j or > ,;in a *?* or ear*. c. k k.Hrr. mortr**** A rcttolf .fOTmt -A FAlfTl.T DK.1,IVI*?i TIOffK- ' i XX k'ttpwi* ?vlU diapoaa of. at private sale, all ine.r parlor, I cSnmHer and ("nlng r>?m furniture. seven o^are Ptanofogl*, i w<u flip, for NBU. including Mn*l *a>1 CovorJTitrlor si i?. mat **? Tor ?i 4)1 Bookcase "te^erea rentr* Table*, Csrpctc, I Mlrnaa, Bureau*. U*4ate?d?. Wasteland*. Kxtcuaion Ta) *, China a*d Pl?iruy. will be cold at a great In | arc at 70 Wed TWMlr alith stree' near Math, Hlttk *reI mi* car* <ud aU<y--a j>?*s near U>? home. A' CCTIO.V MOTIOK.?CJIIRAu GI^ARH A!*D EARTHEN ware by j. * H HSRTI *Tt AnrtloMfr. fne?1a; Itlf 31. *? lOu'rlnck. at?tl Pearlstreet. a larpecaMkv >?saleof lewt , and eeeond* Hoods, 1* kit* 10 aolt dee. or*. free rndi. tree ale*. Call and a**. Acttiny 8AI.ic OF CKOTHIMO.-A. M. CRITAI. VR, Auctioneer, 23 Bowery will aell thiaday, at 10', o'clock, a lar*e and general aaaortaMBt of fail and ? uiw dialling, ] froefc and Prerenal*. Panu ami V*cta. thaws an.I Khoea. Ac. I oiJvrirK A iriruoi*, ACCTIOKKKRH, f ALRiROOHB > J) 36 Nassau street Tuesday. July SI. at W*< o'clork, at tka p-trate real I dear* US Itleecker street. ell Ike e eg?nt furiui ire I cnotatned In a?ld bouse constating of snli.1 rneew ?id par ' I lor Hutu In caUn bmoatei. maawjnd Rteffere* and Kacrmntree, I I centre and side Tabbm. with mar hie Wya h b reception and 1 an* rkur*. In rueewood and aatin. t rsacb Dial* pier and mantel niasse*. with slabs and (brackets rick Uoe ami hr?a < tel window Curtain*, elegant ceres ooUve raaewond Ptaao 1 forV. Rngllek Itruaaela Carpet* thrrMight Uie lotiae. co'. I rnc* < wood aad chamber Fqruliur?. Bedate?d*. Harnaoa, Waabatanda. (Tiaira, Tahlea, Wardr-be*. Hed* Kedliag, Hheeta. Hlanket*,CmerUda, Pillow*, Holster*. Ac. Rich dining J roia* FurttHtir*. Rngllah INlclotk. atalr Caruota, R<al?, An. A Ian. the Kitchen ftimltur*. Conking Utenall*. Morea, Re- | frlgerator*, Ac. Catai'wuea ready on Monday at t-ur gal**- J roof. | Dm AVinst ?'TT AUCTIOHKRR?WM.I.ATPVBI.r-- I anrtion on Tttwday July 9, al 10^ o'clock A. M at J*5 Mewark aveane, lararv CMr, (he enure Mora o< gee ulna and Prng* and Me.llclnce, llkeaiae the Tut ir-?. one moveable Counter, one crperti rn*k.?any Olaaaca**, rairnirel l ack; cue npdght (ilaae ca*e, four dozen mahogany I>T. were, lal?,led fhow Rottlea, 10 doren hint gl<*a IV*!'?e. fo*r dor-n Ointment PoU. Hcalee and Weights by (Jrul.?r, Pea lie* and Mortar*. An. All a 111 he sold to ike highaat bidder In | c> t.sC'i icnce of ibe death of the prcprlet-ir. Terms cash. KPWAIW irnKwrir AtrcTio!*FKR norvrnoi.n ; Fumilnr*.?Iljr MM K HICK' K, on ndajr, **h ' inal . at IOS n'rlork. at III I?mi4 alr?"-t. r?at at KratKrajr, Uia anllr* f*ai**l taraNoM of MM akova tmr rnnrj llona, eomprkna* Park*. Chamber, Pining fUmm and Klui^n Par i oltura. Bniaaa la ml I strain r\r\>Mm, Mirror*. (Than-lattara, PUeo?f>rt?, Ae. Alan, a WMIti AWU** Hasina Mv him. i | K*la poatUra. H \WKMIMK HOIMKIIOLI) ruRNrnia A# fVBUO AVfTfOW I Bf .1 W. PORTKB, Anrilowear naakf, Jnlr SI. <*"n at 10"i n'elnrk prtrl**?_(raifi or Maa), of th>- eotlfa *>*g?m Furniture and beautiful Work* of An noolAln" l n k larire da *llln? Wo. SI* W?at mrtMiM atrr.i. k.m *?a I H?\*nlh and tuebih avanuea, all of wki? U will ha a I w i??? 1 r? arrrr, and taw b* remntrl toifn*.|Ul*ly Irnm the |irwroi?-? | rxmpriotot a ?*ry I >rja and aleraai mortnuil M ererjr nMlW 10 * fft?' '* ?'|.| "" ? ? f irm?h?d r-^l <*n in riwwMol '? an t nali-atanr. Sal* aril] or>tir?"n * to 'h ; | rilmne rorm. w th rich l?llTer Ware, of Riwera Bri'tier*. man fa-1lira*. I'r?a, ?'?<?*r*. Hpnora, Forka. f'mk" lta?*U lhtth.c S*1*. a'i|>rrb Frecrb an>l ik>H*n>lan >'hiaa, rrynM <? i <<laaa. ruby *n*r*rrl UlaM Ware. IroCf a?d r>*ar; rmlerf Frenrh Porcelain al?(anlaiU>natnn Tabl?. Willi oIk >lk>lna "? '? Furnltnr*. Parlnra-Tw" rV-hly mu-r?4 rr?aw??1 Parlor Moita ' -otrrrd In thr?-?- n a*<1 i>rnr?,|# In ??rxi'ir lar trlrM an.l i * ilea I artir'a. nww >t marble mp Klopam, rwaw . *? tr*. ar.fa and pi?r Tab!*a. l?n elcjpui! pi*r Hiaaw ?uh ljaa*?, I damaak anrttrirh la<ta Cuiiaiaa. Frenekllhad** T iitiab Ch*lrft. i with LooMfa in malrb; |a<1y a ?< ri-tary, r*e?i ? ' bmrada; *l?cat'l carvad r.*awnf?1 Plai nfnrt*. withtha !?<m I plred warrant*#. Mnatc Cablnr, itifana, ma*niti -m mvi' ! ' Vaaf Hr nr*? mat '!? rr"Mia <.f parlor Orn-imrrit* ?'ih i i number ? i rb. tca and raluabta Palntloaa. aalrrt and Wilt ?i i < an>*ia,?-irii*?t <"hand<>ll*ra. * -. Chaai'?r?-All l? ma?W'??l. uprrb H*'1>"aa.l?. larta hair Maltrawa. IreaMnc K iraaua. mart > WaahgUkB 'a. ' ?HTind*a. Mlrmra. Fr^irh t"1 ? P r.?*w?*l Arm 'ir, a?h mirror fr>mt fall a n' . hai#b?r K inn I i'ir<\ In ?*!T*t; f.tia?? a* I "it)#r i hair* Arm t'hn -a, H r ? Horkrrm. Frcnrk Kufratinga. Ar , wl'h a lara* aiMnli'* of r??l mabofanr Fiir*ltiir<' of erary diarrii ttnn fnlr olka *?*ir far[ p* and h'?l? n.arbl* l"|> lla.l Stan'l aitk all Ika ilaa > iiuraa In th* h' tutr. H.J* *? I0l< o'cl rr??ia> r 1 TTITNRT ORFFM AUfTln'TFFR, rTORF, 1<?I WT! I,!* W I n atr**' will n Tn?ansf, luljr 31 .t II <> c'.-? * "" " a ' I rr*?ii?a fl" 7* Prtw* ?tr??t, n?*r Itmadoaf. ?!> *an'??l I boiMckuU Funui r? of a fami y dacknM* feu'?ek?*p*ii. [QNDAY, JULY 30, I860. IAL1I AT AX CTIOI. KINRY ORKKnTAVCTIONKIR, WILLBELLTHIII OAT, at 10S o'okKk, at IM William street. Uquors, Regan, Iro eerie#, Ac.; a large lot of Brandy, Port and Kberry, R im' Ac., in eauka and demijohn*. Also, 100,000 negara, various brand*; al?o, Corka. Riiiauia, Currants, Pub, Bruahe* a ul ?v u w Lead. Alio, a kit ot Dry Quod*, Bouts, bhoe*, Glove*, IIim. Skirl*, Ac. JOHN It. BCRLEY, AUCTIONEER-WILL HELL TllIH day, at 2 o'clock, at 1J6 Franklin *treet, corner -M Wist Bioadw*y. all the Furniture tn the bouse, Burea ia, ticdstea i.. liatia Table*, Rofa*, Feather Beila, Bedding. K h>-ii t *i h, 4c., alaollie liquor *tor? Bar Fixture*, Beer i'uhijh, m qi I'll, Prgitrt, Ac. Also, nn Tuesday, at t o'clock, ill *'? nul street, largo assortment ol Household Furniture of every <t? (crlptHB. LJACOBR, AUCTION EKR, 67 WILLIAM HTRKKT, WILL . anil this day (Monday) July 30, at 1\ o'clock, lJ Be* lug Machine*, to pay advance*, without reserve. MORTOAOE RALE.?PRINT INO MATKK1 A1.S S. ft 7 HooaRT, auctioneer*. will mil on Monday ' v I ln>, o'clock, on tie pretrials, No. M Duane aireet, . .,ru?r . f Kin,, by virtue of aeveral chattel morin'cc-n, 1 Hoe'* wiper royal large cylinder Press, bed 126x33 Inches; I Gordon's quar ter medium Pfanklln Preaa?both nearly new, 1 Oontrxi* A1 lk^at.>r oard and billhead 1'reaa. in good order; t l'rlneeu>n power I'reaH, together with all the materin'a necessary for a veil f uruiabsd printing office, including a large aaaorunent of plain and fancy book and lob Type, large and amall Caa**, btuiulf, Cabinets, Imposing Hlonee, Paper t itters. Ac . Ac. JOHN W. SOMKRINOYKK, Attorney (or mortgagees. MOKTOAUE RALE OK FURNITURE.?A. W. C.ilSfALA It, Auctioneer, will sell this dity, at 1U>.. ,, lo -k, ?i No. 61 Hay aid street. the contents of a hotel, oansistlug oi Be.t steada Bedding, Cb.ilra. Tables. Waahstnii<l<i. Carpeti, Oilc.oiha, tar room Furniture, Oil Paintings, L. okiugglxsaee, 4M., Ac. B) order of 11. Biackoft, attorney for mortgagee. PAWN BROKKR'RSALKTHIR DAY -JOHN MORTIMER, No. 1A Kasl Broad wav *nrner of rh?ih,,i?i at 10 o'clock a la.rge assortment Si wumeu'a UtoUUng, Tahh? Uotfaa, Hbeel*. Remnant*, Boot*. Shoe*, Cnthnllc Ulbioa, Watehesaud Jewelry. PATRICK t* ANLY,t7%vl*K'U straet. RICHARDS K1NUSLAND, AUCTIONEER?HARDware. Ac, at auction ?RICHARDS K1NG31. AN1) A CO. will tell, on Tuesday, Julv 31, at M O'clock. at their salesroom JM Broadway MB lot* Hardware, Cutlery, Ac , comprising a general assortment oi heavy ant aheif goods, in 1mm to ault the city and country trade. Caiilogues ana goods ready eariy ou murium of tale. C * J. IKX1ART, AUCTIONEERS-MONDAY. JlT.T O. 30, at 10H o'clock, at No. 344 Water street, ibe effects of a boarding house, consisting of a large lot of feather Beds. Hed steads and Bedding. barroom and kitchen Furniture; also. .>oe liiht buggy Wagon, Ac. Tuesday. July II, at 101* o'clock, at the auction room*, a large assortment of genteel household Furniture, rosewood far lor Bulla, Ac., Ao. TM O MANUFACTURERS.?4)1 IE RIFF'S SALE OF I.OTR and Water Front*.?I'KKI) A COLIC will sell on Tueaday. July .11, at 11 M.. at the city salesroom, No. 313 Fulton street, Brooklyn, by order of ibe Rhei iff < <( King* oounty, ten vacant l?Uno Wilson street and Kent avenue, Brooklyn, R. !>., with about 1ft) fret frontage oi the wuter, atturdiag an exoellent cuportuatt) for thoae desiring a site for manufacturing or atecluuilcal purpoaea. T?> PAY ADVANCES.?J. H. VAN ANTWERP, AUCtioneer, will sell this fMoniiiiy) morning, at 10>i o'clock, at the salearooiu. Ho. 7'J Nassau street, 1UU OU Fun Jogs, In fHlt frames, the vltwsare from American and foreign scenery, bey will be sold without any reserve over advance. XIT*. WITTERS, AUCTION ERR, WILL BKLL, THIS ?" day, at 2 o'clock, at 4A| Canal street, a large assortment of Household Furniture, ^pn families breaking up bouse keeping Parlor Suits, t eMre and other Tables, QUI Frame Mirttra, OU Paintings. Hock tag and other Chain, rosewood Piano, elegant Tapestry, Three Ply and other Carpets, till Clo ha Marble Top and other Bureaus, Wastelands, Toilet ware. Wardrobes, Bookcases, Mahogany and other fedateada Hair and other Mattresses. Feather Beds. Bedding, sheet*, F^rea>l*^|TsM?^Liuen, Dining Room and Kitahea Furniture, Wn.LTAM WOI.FF. AUCTIONEER?frn.Ii PEU^ ON Tuesday, July 31, at 10S o'clock, the eatira stock and Fiji urea of tb? Urocery and Liquor store, S3 Worth street, constating of Counters. Ulans Canes, 10 and i gallon Huge, Ueer Pumps, 4c.; and a One assortment of all kinds of Groceries aud L'guora. WII.I.IAM ABBOTT, AU<"TIONEER, OFFICK NO. ? East Broadway, will sell, this day, 30tb Inst., at 10U o'cloek, the content* of the Wboleaala Liquor Store, No. Xjj Stanton street. The stock consist* of about 2,UbO gallons of liquor*, Til.: Imr'irt-d Brandies. Holland <iin and other liquors, Winea, Ac. The fluiurea consist of berr pumps, headers, kegs, demijohns. Also four large stand caaks, suitable for rectifying purposes. The whole to be sold ju lots la suit purchasers, without any reserve whatever. COt'.VTKy BOAHD. I BHOARD AT ROCKAWAT, LONO ISLAND, IN A PRIvale family; good 11 ring and splendid sea bathing. c.miBtunleation bv rati, stage and boat four or five ttmea daily. Apply at 833 Broadway, near Twelfth street. Board wanted in thecountry-for afamtly of nine, within oue hour of New Vork. Address Hoard, box 1,532 Post office. Families wikhino board in the country can otuin he best mi accommodations at the bouae of Mrs. I ii ellin a. r \ i litn, aiiuiu iWTf uuvtir >m ItlCQ \JOV9 UUMllag Apply to llenrj 0. ValeDUne, itage driver, at Oien Cove landing. C"?OOP PLAIN COl'NTR Y HOARD WANTKD?roR T one gentleman hq<1 three ladlne n a farm hotiae, where )><?ill\e)y no other b< ardent are taken. Addreaa, alatiug tenn* which rnuai be moderate, M. 11.. Herald ollice. TITANTKP^ HOARD ViTR V T. VDY AND flltt n FIX f" jreari 'Id. at it apod larmhutneln < 'oiin?niriit, New York, or on the anmh ude if I?ng Inland. n< t more th m forty or t.tiv mileafrom iklaeuy, plain tare and healthy locaUuu; terma K> per week. (,'liAS. ti PoRDHAM, MP I'.roadway, N. Y., r uin <0. ~ ~ IVMMBK HKgORTS. Atlantic hovkr, Oppoalte Tow* fart, W*WPt>RT. RhoDK ISLAND. Thla elegant and cwpactoua Hnul, ranking In the lint order of cummer eeUMuhn.-ni* rnf uruabed and emb?;lliabed th) rri'I*bI? , la axr ?p?- ' ? It ? the Intention of tie new ^rvprietor tn ao conduct H that It itel] bear favorable ooot lartaon with anr borne tn tbe roun try. WILLIAM MiWluN, Proprietor. BEAL'S HOTKI,-Tf)(7l'8 mFnRRAL SPRINH8. Cfltlr ea, Maine?Thai new and magnitlcrit Hotel. thormigbly 'uraudwd w ith every prorlelon fur th* omnfurt of ita fueata, will he opened on tae 10 -h Inat. Tbe water* of thla erring ."? ?? the bivheat me tirinal virtue* ol any in :beoou.itrv. , attached are buUard aaJontia. bowling alleya. llvrry Matilda . rolling lake. Ac. Tha vi.imtv atlord* amp.e attraction to the uigler and ?portam?n. r*rrla<r*? will be r.mnd in readlneaaat i Augiiata aud, four tuilea lm'-aut, for the oonvey;.uoe if K'i?aut. WM. L. WHITE, Agent. CuatAga, Ma.ue, J une t. lddO. &LRHEWAT LAXK. -FOWLKR'B Ol.KNKlDA LARK, B Oarmel, N Y fifty one mtlee ftvm New York by Harlem (tal.road, four mil-a fnna Ia?p Mabopae. new hiqae, new furniture ri>>m? airy and convenient, boata free to rjeata. luery alable ai?ched .<k? v< r,o? :.?h KDfflN KOWLKR, Proprietor j L~~A TOrRKTTK HOCSF.. BKR'IKN POINt. N. J.-BOAT* f<w thia favorite watering uiace leave pier No. 1 North I rtv^r at 7}, ?nd 11 , A. M aivli!-, Mil 5*^ P. M , from IWclay | nre' tatlU A. M and P M 11 v Immediate application a j few tumlly Ri?ima may he #ui{ igr l Arri;>le ?/ . > n-n vUUuo Fi* iranaieut boar dera. V W IflLU (fi^trerlyof I-afnTge |! > i?e,i Proprietor. I Lark hocpr. ?ur l> i.irorvkrlii rahdali/M) i It delightfully ?iu?u*l in the ao ith aide, 47 mile* :rom . New York.ln full rlew of the bay and ocoan, floe ?U.wl? tod imea. Pamiliea >ir etulemea Inuring to awe ir? ("utruu will apply lo A. K. ? KUJCM WKHr. Onta?? hoi's* unita branch -the *t*\mkr.m 1 HlUHl.AMU U<illT nod I.OBO BRANCH ply rtn'y fr''? Roblnauo air?*t. Nrth rlrar. K .r '.imc of Kviuii Daily Tlmea. A. H. ITAUOKKTT. Proprietor. S~ra faramo at nyi, iT'j . xw nia prm l>m# Hrnr.ih.-Tka well known bo?r<lW home it Uia libarnbar, tor many j*%r? kept hy TUuoimi T. Borden, ? now oi.en for the reception of rlairra. The ho .?e m .arte and 1 airy. anJ lha frv'inda aflurd abundant aha<le tr im iraea nt the i lariieat grawtK, U la eaai<>f %ereaa, atramera le*?m* from lha fix* of KoblMin ?lr*et, Worth near, d*i!r. for Port MociiW) ith, coioertin* witk tha oar* at '.oat plaoa for Un*, lUl.t fr<m thaare by atusa to Hani. f'* :iirlber Inform i'iou apji* to WoTT. Witt*?* A OO., 112 Pearl alraet, N. T . or ad dreaa lha proprietor, *?. lialhaway, U-ag Branch I'uat ptafc " HOTEI.I. AI.BIOB lUTIL-Hl HVIMMH* BTRBBT, CORNER Of Cknrlea, two bloeka from the berth of lha Ureal Kaewrn. flood aceoaamndatlmia for tranaieat or permanent bonH'ra; r uam and well fornlahed rooma, la imuor alogie, aulteble rorjferried nr eln*le rol!?i?ii. '" * Of batha. n" piano Afl.j nalff tad oara paaa lha door, '"boiee Win?? Brand lea and Intra. T. LAMBERT. Proprietor. BANCROFT HOCBR, OORSRR or iiooAnWAt \NI> Twentieth atreet ?The undera k?*-I wwh to etprea* their Lbanka for the faror ? b m haa been ahown their hwine r? the p?n fl\e j? ara. Having eerared a renewal u( the ieaiio, and thoroughly repainted and ref rtrnt?bwl the heme, tbey ein aalure all ihoae favoring them, that aa far aaa good table. at?ntl\e aer- nnia and pf-aaant nvma ran conduce to thr m 'ort of (i.e>u, it*7 wtli nod D'?iiln? under thair anparviatnii to nlaa for the fnmre No hooee la tlie r\'f preeenta moro *ttra<" M oa la recartM l>naiioo, ?tula to price aad au oawod atioaa l naoda er|iial to any (9 ft I., M A W. BmRDWELI.. Proprietor* W?. B Laiokt. .Suparluiaihlatit. lwrth *vrnnvb nmiar-m awd sot rnt-Rrn r a^rn ie. betweon Twenty third aad Twrnty fn irth atr^eia raniUea or venUemen aceoaitaodatad with han lanaaa iVuma, aith or withoot Hoard. Mtranfera via-tin* lha city will Hud hia a qoiat and deatrabia amppiuc plaaa. Tamu rary m? larua. ROOMB, *C^WA.1TKP. ) MKB( IIAMHSK AJ*'l? RKA!- KRT VT* WA*TKI>-IN xrhanr* for nm claaa We?t*m 0Itjr proo?rtj>. .Irr ' |ood?'. hanlwir# or r'b ttln* preferred; for ft choice ?ork ? m? mTiry wll. be i>ald, AdurcM I). C. L.. ?t >?r* P<*t ntir*. Stttrk"w\ntk;?-amy "nf. haviro a nklt Stor? Ui let, is ^ k? ?1 hii?ln*iw part ?f Mwr Y<ir?. may h'ar of ?*<? *J tet.aM by a4dr?*am( C. I> , Herald jQjci, fi.r Htod?)a. tto?m r?ol and fall particilara. T\'ART Fit-A rrHBTfUKn IIMUHK r<lR TT1K Wl fTICR, ff m be ItctM In riftb ivrnm or la Home at ibe a.1j?o?cit lireeta Poeeeeaion wtahed for in feut< mher or uctobrr mUi \n at May. Arfdreaa Hn>;W beeker, b-.i lb) Herald .?< . IfAKTflV-'A ?M4LL HOW. OK PART OF A HOT'** ff M aentee; f*mily. wl-Jim .1 oiarter ..f * mi ? ??l the corner of Prince Mrerl and Br>?<i<?ay. A Mr* J R W., ll?r?U1 rttce. WAWIRn-A MRmTm M*K UI-UKR HAf'R, Willi ff ni,|-nv?d < ,r. ?. h. < ; ! II. . ? U^aktm^Ta' mmia thrir mrour ht<ib rroJ* boo*#, in rrv-l or ler, *'lh m idem laprori miium in a rood neiiki"irl' uMl. elow fhlrtr fo'irtb *re?t, rmi no* Me?. e.l t7i?1 F I.AWKKJfflt k <'' , tJ Kaat fc.iir'??mh ?tre*t. aiw pvaucATioxa. Kvkkv TOTM MmiM b*i'? tl. i BOOK to Read. Kvery A?en. v *l>t to haw it to aeu. PORtRAlTR and SVetrfcet of the Uth of ALL THK CANDIDATRfl For ibe PHE.SIDKNCV AMI vt( K I'RKHIU.S Y r or 1?W>? It rontAlnn eight Portrait*. aplendidly enijr**e,| m ?t?ei: farte n the :if? >f *< h. Ibe f mr Pint (orrr. <. tl ' Hjcirmaw riMfura, and ibe f>>n<M tuii' fi < f the (,'niie I Htnte*. In on* ilea' wro. Prliv JOJ. 0. Ill rrHK. 4- frai *.ln a?re?t T. Stat free no receipt ot be yrl^e. Anenie W? teO. GRtAT IMrROVWFSTS in niwxvnRR * r*i frratf.d onin*. number now r^adf, with fill Dim table* of 'be r ?.|? *ad >>l tbe.r bjr rail, ?e<n? v*?i (-iref iiif mrr* i?.L Cee ike dale* *.?>. k l)tr?*n?y to ' *0 and Hc<vk' *i ^ i' c?n be re , ( yl by rata >a?l !ra rtJ. CI^HilVRK a CO., /*? ? PpruM ?f?t. BICBMIWH. mccbbiow.-thb riToim barub iim aaj< bb Pi ebtncrtd wilt <>r without Himitol fur aionntmia Ap Jjyl? Gamuts THOMPSON. an board, w dock, I (If rtr*et. UXCUUION DOWN TUB BAT TO WITirBBB TUB OK"j partun-nf the Great Eaetern.?The Uarlfm andttpartea DuyvllNavigation Oo.'a HMmtr TIUKB will leave the Century House, mar Klngabrklge, on Monday, July 1 P. M., vpiog at KunthjUB landing, Morrta' Dock, TomUnaou I Wooria, lligh Bridge, Xttcomb'a Uam. liarlem, Tenth atreet Ma Feck dip fl^iiving Harlem at 1.10 ami Peck akp at 3.30 P. V., ana vheuee down ibe Bay, affording a flue opporuinity o< virwmg ike great *kip under notion. Fare for toe eionxatoo 60 cent*. FOCRTH EAR1.T SIOBNINO KIl'UBSION TO TUB Cholera Bank* Th? Hl'NTRKHS, CapL Jo*fh D.irall, wul u..vk,? &u e*r\> ?ac\ur?i<)Q u> iha rholerm lkoki oo WedM?> ' morning, Aiigii?t 1 leading Jarkaon atreet, Kaat rtrer, at JXo clock A M., Peckalip, 2 o'ckwk A. M., precisely. BaB k,lil1 re'r,*Vtmeriie can bo procured oo boa^jL The paxuee will pleaeu be (in hand promptly. Pare U, wai.TKU n. o. booob, JOBBTB nrvari. Grand kxccrsion?haimn<i of tith <irkat Kamern.?The favorite stetuni *wl KKTPDHT OhiiUUh Arrow smith, will make an eiC'irsion down the Hay' on Mooday.Juty toot of Robinson street at 2* o'clock en up the North river uluulie Ureal lutrm, kr^rmpanyin* her ufuru Sandy I look, aflordinii a una view of u>e /urtiiw lions of the harbor, Highlands of Naveslnk and the ocean,aa well at the sailing nualiUea of the largesl vessel in the world Ticket* for the exuraion SI, to he bad of K. KLHWOKTH, ourner of Uey ami Weal streets, or uu board of the bowl. N. H.? Persona wanting tlcktta will apply early, aa only a limited number will be sold, Grand excursion with thr orkat kastkrn to fiandv Hook, on Mouilay, .Inly 30, lKdU ?The favorite learner THOMaH HUNT, (hip. K H. II .U, will make an Bi< ttraion down the Bay with the Ureal Eastern aa far aa Handy Hook, leaving her pier root of Barclay street at 3PM., ihua affordingarare|op^ft^nlty loeeeihe mumauthahlp under G| I REAT EASTERN.?grand DAT AND MOONUOFTT Excursion, accompanying the Ureal Eaatern down the bay, on Mroday, July 30, IMO.?The splendid large steamer COLUMBIA will make aa Mountoo, accompanying the Ureal Eaatern down the bay, on her departure for Oape May, Konday, July 30, UAL Leave Eleventh street, Kan river, at 13 o'clock noon; South Fourth street, Williamsburg, U ll; Delanti-y Mreet, East river, at 12 30 Peek slip, Baal river, at 1 P. M.; Brooklyn, foot of Pulton Mreet, 1 18; pier 4. North river, at t, and rharlee street, near fIreat KMtern, at 3, Or on departure of ahlp. This will be one of the graudesl eicuralooa of the saaana. There will be two rodlloa bands, one for each deck. And the boat will, on returning, proceed up the North river on a Moonlight Cotillon Excursion. Those wiahing to leave the ooat after acoompanyIng the ahlp out, will be landed at pier 4, North river, previous to going up the North rlvrr. Ref rrahmenta of the choicest kind furnished on board by Jackson A Francis, corner Twelfth street and Broadway. Pare fur ihe whole excursion |1 SO, for gentleman and ladv; ainglo tickets 91. GRBAT KARTKRN IXOURSION?THESTBAMRR NAU8HON will miike three Eicuiaious to Couey Islnrvt and Fort Hamiliton on Monday, July 30, affording paawngnrs a splendid chance lo witness the departure ot the "HigKhip" from ihe above p lares. as well as having a fine view of her when under weigh, on ihe last trip, as tbe hat will leave pier No. 4 North river, at 3 o'clock, and proceed up Ihe river to Went Tenth (Amos streets leaving there at 3'?. Spring street at SW, aad pier No. 4 at 4 o'clock. Kare for the whole Kicursion S cents, tsee daily advertisement fur Ume of leavlag oo dally tripe. Great eastern.-stivens nors* kxcursion.Tbe steamer SATELLITE Oapt Hammond, will woonpany the steamship Oreat Eastern aa Monday, July 30, to R&iulv HfwJr nwer (MIIrf mewl as f m m tk? * l?V* flku freahments furnished bj Mr. O'Urady, at tfce^Kevena House. A limited number of tickets only ou be had at the Hteveas llorue and of the captain on board. The Balslllts will Imrt pier No. 4 Monk river at IX o'clock P. X. Great raptkrn uxcprsion.-sra ktraihoat MAYFLOWER will woompui the big ahip on Monday, July :*1. outside at Kmnlr Ilmk, giving a line opportunity or Witnessing the mammoth skip under full headway; a night well worth seeing. A cotillon band on board. The MAX FLOWKR was built expressly fur Ma going, and pOMMiea Sod ftccnmmodiilrms for>-* The boat *111 leave Fortyurd street, Aast river, at 12 43, Klevenlh strget, 1; South He venth atreet, Willlamaburg. 1 16, Deiancey atreet, 1 JO; Pack allp, 1:4k; pier Mo. 4 North river. T, Spr-ng street, 2 SO; Hammond etreet. 3 P. V. Fare (or Ike whole excursion, 00 oenka. Refreshments on board. Grkat bartrrn-excursion to cap* mat.Ricurslotiials will be laken on board the (Jreal Kaetera by theateaaaer 1H1.ANP HKM.K, from the wharf foot of Hammond atreet. They arc re. >u filed lobe ou board at 2 P. X. on Monday, 30th mat., at which hour the steamer will leave Iks wharf. /^RAHD MOONl.lOHT C<>TlU,ON KXtWRRlON, JXTL.T VT SO, 1*00.?The steamer COLUMBIA will leave pier No 4 North river at fiS o'clock P. M ; Jay street, North river, at 7, up North river, returning at half paal 13. Fare 60 cants. Grand excursion to thr cholera banes.? The favorite sea steamer MAT yl'KK.V, Captain ller mance, will make an excursion to the Cholera Bank* on Wednesday, August 1, leaving Uouvsmeur street at 5. Peck slip at #>?. Spring street at o, and pier No. 4 North river at & o'clock. Tickets (a limited camttr) |l. Refreshments, bail and Hum on hard. JJO I ro* CAP* MAT, IN COMPANY WITH TBI GREAT EASTERN. THR RTEAMKR DELAWARE, Of th regular line between New Tork and Philadelphia, Will leave rler 14, North river, On MONDAY, July 30. at 3 o'cl.>ck P. M., Arriving at tfcpe May, landing early nett morning. Returning, passengers will take the ateamer HOHTON at Cape May, on Tuesday, July 31, at I o'clock, accompanying the UKKAT KAKTKEN home. I Excursion tlcke's to go and return U Hertlistree. Meals and stateroom* extra. I Her>ha and suteroom* can be securtd by applying at the ollice, pier 14 North river. , FRKllERli' PERKINS, Agent, pier 14 N. R. important announcrmrwt* ' I IIEDl'LK of PLEASURE TRIPS ok Bowi> VHS PTris?mr orkat rastkkn Prior to her return to Europe, August 16. lfW The rteKnmhip <>REaT EASTERN, John Vine Hall eoranunde will leave North river, oil H tmm ?nd street, on T1IURH0AT AFTERNOON, Al'HUBT 2, At o'clock precisely, for OLD POINT COMPORT ANNAPOLIS ROADS, Laudii.g nenrsioniaia (without lira charge* at NORFOLK AM) B W.TI MIIRK, Arriving off Old Point Comfort Friday evening. Will leave oi.i r?lnt SUNDAY MORN 1 NO. Auguit 3, at ( o'clock, arriving ?t Annapolis Roads Nm lay alteru iju, and lta tin,. reSunila', ai-enm*. h'icun )aum can tb<ia Mew Vork rm TboraUy ran , tBK, enj"y an -ad ride of flUO uiU?? by d\j and ni(hl iiu (hi , Great J.aatern, ?tnuniji* up 111? Cbeaapeuke by d*> iiijlil, a|i>nd il - nl^htlr R*'? more. andrearh Mew rorfc ivla PfaiiaJMpluei by railroad Mot ility evening, A'tft'tal 8. Tbe Great Fiatem will connect it OM Point with alearaertip , Jamea river t<j Richmond and with tb.- mra at Norfolk and 1'urUuiouth 1 r nil tioinU *?uh and Southwet. DODWORIH H Sl'IKJilHlt MIUTAKV BASH W'!! acnrcpatiy the cxcuxaoa ?nu remain ou board during the , etillre win. MKALR \ vr> RRKHKSIIMF.Nrs will bo fiimlnbo l at a , moderate chnrife fTATmiXtV HKKTHS OMR n*>U.AR KXTRA. Fa>efr"m New YurktoOla l'utnt, Norfolk and Kortnymth. M Fare 'row Mew York to Italtonore H Fare trotn Old I'oint <-omfori to Aunn i'l? or Baltimore J KXtTKMOMlSTS MC-T It* UN IviaRUON TUURsIIAY VT ?> JL TtrkeU will ready on Ti r-kai Ad oia .t Co.'w Kvpreae ofll VJ liroadway, where i>Wne ?( tb- caolua can iku and h utri' im a< cored. KARK CHAM?-K.-THK STEAMER PURHINO, <APT. William H Nlmm>, will ;<^re F'llVm Muftt! whar: on Monday, July SO. I Nun, at 2 45 P. M , to .vonnpany the Great F.iueem down'.h* B*j ou her '-scurann trip to Cevje May, fixe K> f,?UL WM. M HMITH, Wnpt Sr? IAL MOTI?*.-OK AOTOCMT OF THM KTKAMP.R PKLAWARR acnmpanyiDg lha ?e?u?erGreat K**tarn u> ?'?,?. May. Jul/ ao. ahe wilT lenre b?r pier Mo. M, JlorUi river, at i t> cluck P.M., l?et?ad of S o'ctocjLBrr u?n?l U>?ir, rKKDKKIr Pirn K 1KB. Aeeni CJTF AW^TTJP ORRAT R V^TORM.?ORAM# IfffTOAL k5 Kicura.on.?On M'Odar. J'tfy Ml, tbe uew flret claaa >u-jun boat TIH>M\t P WAT wul leave pier iU Morth nrer (on?of I?ey mrio-t, at S P. M , and accorapaar tbe Ornat Kaaiern down the ItaT aotl Marrnwa, ipein* panne Diem a ma*nirw-?enl rtaw of tb.- "bl|j ahfp, ' midar full "team. Handy H-mk. I.i^htb^aee ar"l tbe Atlantic x-ean. A l and of mnew and refreeb < mant on tiuard. Fare W.eenta. The T. P. Way, being a rary l?M ' oat, will afford paaaei.cera tbe beat opportunity of witueaaink tbe partorMance of tbe *ra?t Kaatern Id deep waur rt HO*T nrsTRAHI.* FI.ArR TO WTTMF.SH Ttll r?K P^ri ire f the Ureal F*at?rrt at tbe l*a>ilkm, oo Cooy laland P"lnt, ?k*rt abe ran be ?e*n for twenty mliea. Tbe ?ie?mer MAI'MIOP learea ider i M irtb rl?er at 10. 1 and t ti'clork, at tLe low fare of U ceuU for tbe exeuntfon, allord UWl a apleadid Tlrw of tbe oeeaa. aa wtlJ aa *a opportuaJtr to bathe oo tbe tn ?t beaailful beaca la tbe world. rru qrbat rartrr* HPK'IAL AMMOC?n?KKT. BX* t'MIOM TO CAFU MAY. Tbe OBRAT BAflTRRM rntAKHIIP. Jota Viae Hall. mander. will make an i CXlTRfllOM IRir TU CAI'I MAT AMD RMTURM. I ^a>in* Mew Tork MOMPAT. Jl'I.T SO. AT S O'CLOOl P. M., ArrlTlaff at Cape Mar early tbe ne*t day. Returnir*. leave ?'aa<- May ?p TtRboAY KVKMIMO, JtJtT SI. AT O'CI/X;*. ArrlrinK In Mew Tork oe the (olVowhi* imoralnf Thlt trip baal>e?n ar anired wlib a view j/ all >rdu>K earar Inniaa an opponunlty M wltn^artnf la n -raOon tbe raal trotiT? power of tbe ahip both paddle aad arrew enclneai. at eiblbltlur by prasOral eipertenoe her admlnable aailht* and aea ^ualiUea, aa well aa to epend a day la tbe b--t(bt at the ee*auo at one of the bom faahionaMe waneiinc plara* In Aaaanaa. l>Ol>W<iRTII 8 i tl.RIIKATFI) HANDM (1Mb Military and (Mllloa* WlIA Att-UMVANT TIIM KXt'l'RStOM. Meal* and refreabBeaia imay be otitalaed on board at Biodarate prfea Fir irafc rlata rn iat he on bnard the 14aad Jtelle. font ot llaaimoad "treat, not later than 1 P. M . oa Uka SMh. Tiek?la for the mnnd trip. ftO. at the oA" of Artama Cf C?> l '?parr. Mn f4 llroadwar and at Vb" ticket office.. <>a wharf, fool of Hinmmd tr--?i Mate rmaia itra. Mattreae** only will be furniahed for *?ntlea?ea la tbe dlfT* rvnt iMQiptrunttltut daakaot the *? for ?hi.-h there will MMW|I J H- uii.< Haeratary. MA1LKOAP*. \TRW TORK A WD* R ATI?R'> A D. ?SCMMICR IK aer*n*?imenl fnr rl?*?nr# leare Tirmtf. Muhatrrl ruutoa ** fnOoata ?1*11 A H.-Rrpreai for A) bany, Trot. -\r*t<wa, Kharm Hprlnaa. Ntawtk Kalla, l?U Or. rgo, Onmxwi Uprln** ud 1 jkk* Wahopna, otimiBm ? A:><any with 5rw Tnrfc renlraJ R*llrr?d f-c Kharon Mprlaca, Hif>*nra r?lta and all plez-ee WM. alaa with tratna far Ha/a ln*a and all pntnu Rnrth 8 It A M ?For tTrrVm Falla, ana orr'.lng al Wold en a Hrtdtre wttll itaff** tar I?*e WlMh H, ar.d at < 'nUm fa'.la with auqrea t<w l-ak? Wak-?ae. ? ? P . r-T IW>**r Plain* imtiwtlat at ttoMm'a Hnd*a w,th*va?<w fnr I.*** WiMth it. and at < 'nitna Fall* villi *U?e? for I tat* Vae. JOUR BURC'UILL, AMtotaat H.^arhuwaamt. VTKW TOBE A1*T> RARI.Rtt RAILROAD OOITFANT. i> rAR* rw ai.hahy, n On and aAer Mrniday. Jnna K. IMP. train* will leant Twenty aiitAr.reet auurm, New Tarfc. aa follow*. For WllUaaaabrld** and all way ?attnna 7 ? >1 and S 90 P. M. for WhM? Plain* and all way alalia. lit, 4 M S F. M. Fnr While Plain* and all war eutVma, I II F fmn Whita atraet depot Fnr ' rcaen Fail*, ! li A . M autnpin* at Wll. Ha?>irtan and etaiVro at"T* Fnr Dover Plain*. 4 ? P M , afi'p.rf at White plain* and aUUnwa abora. TMa train nma I In Mi.lervm Nat inlay erenln* For Albany. 10 If A. M , e?, rreaa sail train, <l'na? at Whltt Plain*. Bad/o*. Onto* Faila and ?tatl"na nnrtk. Retmunw-WUi ;eare WUllaatahrtdje, M/~>ptn? at all th* way *t*t?nr*. ? ?B. I A II and 1 F. W. While F.aina. ?top(.|n? at ard 7 A. IT. and 4 II and 7 P. M at all way atati ?*. Dorer Plan A $ A. V atr-vplnf at all MatloM north of Fgrlbara. Tbta train >*?** * , erum rrery Mo* lay n?*%la?. ? V A. M. tViv I mi Pi la, IP.*, atrpint at ail auMfcma north of F?rdha>a. 1 A.lai j It ? V*t>rln* n *1) atatlrxifl nort* at Whlta Plain* I JfcU* KAciUU* AMtoal uparlMMdrok 3 PHY VOODtt DS0UKJDJL, KJtBa^n^*D*UirS?rtIUTTS, JuMMMtnd. A. T. HTKWAKT k (X). r*TT THOrSAIfD DOLLAR'S WORTH IX ru.a tUk and lac# MauUllaa. M b? sold ductal Julf ?nd AaftMl ! hAir uueoiMiur u^oruuoa, l.COO * lack UM Point* from ?. l,;0u Freecli lace Manullaa, from IS. 1,000 black allk Manullaa, from M. 4.U0U barege Anglais Dusters, from II. 1,000 Sumner cloth Traveling I'.mkS, from B. HJU r<implete Travelling 8u la, front H. AltO Ttry rtrh irt'.k Mil guipure >w? Manullaa, New autumnal black silk Manllll ts and Hhawletus, and uoveliiea la oloch and v elv?t Cloaks. In Vhf cut, anil all at popular prices. W. P KI.I.IO IT A CO., 2W an,I Tj6 Haual street, BriuiJruUi bul?Um*?, a lew doom frum Hruadwaj Strangers wnx kind at retail A baudaome, elect aianrtment of NOVELTIKH IN Hll.KS. DKKbh UOOD8, Ac., Ac , tillable for EARLY FAIJ, U8K. Received t*rl?t?>?? A T 8T|WART A ro , Broadway, Chamber* and Reade etrreis. TUE L'NION RUT. 1 UUU MKTS COLLAR AND SLEEVES, Kk lJj unbruidrml. Beautiful tlenlKUs, Imported eipreaaijr for the eoui.nd Heaaoo, J uat received jl, T. STEWART * CO. ?J cakes EM1IEOIDKRED O ZOl) A VE VRSTfl, J uat received. a. t. RTEWAET A co. OKC BROADWAY. ~ 1.KW18 * 8EAOORD. FINK PHIRTR TO ORDER. FITTING WARRANTED. MEN's Fl'RNlKHlmil uood3 IN KVERY VARIETY. MV1ICIPAL AFFAIRE. Papers pending bifore bis honor tub mayo* for approval. FROM COMMON COUNCIL. Reaolntlnn to permit Solomon Hylreeter W continue the ua? of bla ahuUer boi at SU kinhih a?tuo? B'?nl of Aldermen, July X. lSOO Adopted. Board of Councilman, July V. 1?'0 Adopted. Resolution to penult Jamn Dunn 10 erect a ?tep ladder In Meond alary of pren.uee *7 Beach atreet. on the uniatde oC building. ltiiar] of Aldermen. J nly M. I860. Adopted. Board of t'ouaillmrn, July 27, 1MU, Concurred In. Kier>liition to lay (ki maloa In 133d atreet, between Si?tin and Biablfc aremina. ltonrd of Aldermen. July 2, 1800 Adopted. Hoard of Couticilmeu. July 27, IMO. On aye* and noet eon* cm-red In. Rearlutlna directing thi- Croton Ainediiet Department to lay Croton pii'?i m Kitty fourth ttieet. from Eighth to Mlnlb avtr nnea, on the north tide of niilru?d tracka. Board of Alilei iikii, Julv 2i_l<00 Adopted. ix-iu ut vuuuiuuieu, j uiy tt, 11WJ. im uvea mkI noea COD* firmed. Keaolutlon aothoruing Ninth Avenue Railroad loe?BpltM the paving of Hfu fourth atreet between Klghth and NintlJ avenuea, mid ia> uuii to lonuert with Kighth fcvnn?-. aut run cart over the track* of the Klghtii Avenue Haimud to Central Park. au auon u the ninth Avenue Railroad t ,.mpany can obUiu the conaeut of U?- Kighth Avenue Railroad VXjia* 3M. _ Board of Aldermen July 36 IrtfiO Adopted. Board of Councilman, July 27, I860. On aye* and uoet ooucurred In. Reaolutlon to lay Kan vipea In ninth avenue, firm fortjrnlnth to Kitty ttfth aueet, under the direction of the Struct Ooasmlaetooer. Hoard uf Aldermen, Jnly 23, ISWO. Adopted. Iloard at Cauucuiueu, July <(7, 1M0 Oa ayea and BOM adopted. Keaolutlon to permit John H. Sherwood to erect a hay wfa. dow southweat corner of fortieth (treat an t Madiaun avenue lfoanl ot Aider men. July US iMtt Adopted. Hoard of Counci-intu, July *7, 1360. Ayea aaJ noea 000curred In. Keaolutlon that a well be dug and puinp erected ivnheaat corner of Tenth avenue itnd Muty Attn -treet, under the direction yt the CrotoD A<iii?durt Department. Hoard of Aldermen, July 26, lrtW. On ayea and noefl adopted. _ Board of Counciluien, July 27, 1800. Ayea and noea eoaeurred In. Keaolutlon directing Street Ca?mi* a?"ner to advertise for pmin?Hla for rebuilding or Pier So. 21, K*?t Kiver. at I mi tnot of Beekman au-eet, and return the award of cootract to IhQ Common < onncl! Board of Aldermen. July 23. 1 WW Adopted. Board uf Couni .Imen, July 27, 1;*6U. Ayea and noea C00? eurred In KeMilution to permit John <>. Ambler to ere<~t a bay wta? dow In trout of bona* on lot No Went Twenty third atreeL Boartl of Alilermen, July 23, 18fiU. Adopted Board of CoiUHiluirn, July 27, ItSU. Uu ayea and noea eOQ? eurred In. Keaolutlon loconatnict a well oo Tenth avenue, between <>nfl Hundred anr Nljuelh and One Hundred and Miity flrat mreelaa under the direction of the Croum Aq iedn.~t IteD.irtmmt ?oaju of Aldermen, July Xi, I860. Ob ay** aud uoeaadopt. Ko?r<1 of Oonnrilmen, Inly 27, 18(0 CoMtimt In. Keaolutlon that lb* Ooutiael to the forptiealinn take lh#t nece^aary le|jal atepa u> have Madlaon arentie, from forty. ?ee<>u>! to Kifthty ?lith i treet, opened at one of ihe (irei-ia of the city. Hoard of Aldermen, Joly W.ItOI A lop tad. Board of Councuuien, July 27, 1MX). On tyN Uil nor* concurred in. Keaolutlon to eotirtrm award of contract for the rnn?tr irtJoa of wrought Iron pipe atrea Hi*h bridge to 8*itll, Hnedea A <*>. Hoard of Aldermen, July 11, I960. On ayes tod noea cod* firmed. hoard of Councilman, J ulj 37 1S4U. On aye* and bom ooq. curred in. Kewilutkm to confirm award of contract for aewer In Moil atreet, from Oraiid to Heater, to John II .?e?'ah?t. Board ol Aldermen, July 23. lift Oa a>e* and mee coo* firmed. U?l><I of Counclluieo, July 27. lidtl. On aye* and noe* concurred In. Keaolntkin to confirm award Of contract for atipply of ?4H,ltMJ pounila holler plate won and 1WI.IM pound* tlADg* Iron to Ho> race Abbott. Hoard of Aldermen, July 11, lK/0 On uyea and niiea eott" armed. Hoiird of CoatcUmtn, July 17, !?#) On ajea and noetcoo* curred In. Resolution ronflrmnr document No. CW from Hoard of Fire f*ow miaaionera off-iidtlng 1'ranc'a <1. Oil more and other* aa Hook and tedder t'ompnny No In. Hoard of Aldermen, July 2!, IAd >pWd. Hoard cf Couucl.nitu, July 27, WW on ayea and noe* Ott" Curred In, Resolution to lay IVcn ploea In B-Ntdway, from Manhattan lo (*oe Hniutr - ' and lwetit) aecoud aUeet. nailar dirn-uoo uf Proton A<]?e.'iiot fVpariiuenl H<?rd of Al<lertnaa July Pi 1 -A) On area and noe* adopted. Hoard of l ouai lltnen, July 27. l^fU i.ou curred in. Ke?. lutl< n to e nllm aav<< or contract for aewer In Vlrat ireoue, beiaeeu tentl. aud Eleventh aureu, to iatrk-k fkutpin Hoard of Aldermen, July 23 l^u Confirmed. Hoard of Couuctlm?n, Julj 27 lr<W. Ob aye* and uoea concurred iti. Keaolutlon to confirm award of Contraet for regulating and rtadlnf Hghth avenue from llltb to 125tb atreet. lo ' rueh 4 Kmltb, and approprtaUua' H..6M 46 iherel <>r. lb?rd of a: lerWu, July 3. 1 (MO. On ayn* and ooeg adopted. Board of > ouucUmen, Jul} 27, l:&>. On ayea and noe* run* curred In. An ordtuanre to ttnnrl an - r Imance eutltWsi "An ordinance lo dt' Ide the rlty of New York In o ConveLlent election JiBtrti'ta, appiovrd Norember 14, 1<VJ. The Major, AM. ru? a and < ?*m ially o* the cl*|T * Fe? Vi.rk, In t'oaaon Conoell oubvaned. do r<Lun aa folK?'rttoo 1. Peetlon 10 of the ahor* entitled ordinance la her?. by ameaded, and ahall read aa follow*.? "Section*) The MlDrtrenih ward akaH be dlrlded Into a**e? Ktecuon diatrlcta. Vhi- e?teut *ad UmiU of Which aa!4 fcieeuota dMrlrla aliall be a* follow* ? The Kirat Klartk 0 daKrlet of the Nineteenth irard ahall emlain all thai part r< the city bounded by and Ijiloff arklu? Forty ritlk atreet, Third atenue. FwUeih atreet aod Htatll * The^eeond Klec'lon dlali let of the Nineteenth ward alull contain all thj tjnrt of the ctir I funded by aad lytoc ?'Ulo Corty-auia atriet. Ka*t Bi tr, Fortieth aUeei and TUf# "n^Third F.leellon dwtrlet of the Ulnetrenth ward ahall <*m* tain all that part of the elty bounced by and lyln? within HJitjrelihth atreet. Third avenue. Forty atath aueet and bi?tl? 'Vhe Fourth Ele"ton dlatrtrt of the Nineteenth ward ahall OI.MII all thai part of the c?y bounded br and lyln? wub rj Fifty aerentliatreet. Kaal River, Forty ?nth ?treet and ThirJ trrruj#. . . - - - - The Fifth action dtotrirt of th* ??lnoteenUl ward nhvll ijoblain all thai par <4 Uw ill* U"irv1"d ?>y .txl lying within Suty elghtl irtreet, Ko?t riv er Fifty aeveatb utrwl and Third avenue. Including lllackwell a laland In the Kaat Kiveri, baiptijf ln? tn lh? ritjr, m d within ita jiinadidnin. The with fclaetlon dlatnct of th? Nineteenth ward ahall mn. lain all tliat part of U?e ?-ity bounded by and l/lag wiltim Ki*bty ulith alrt-et. Third ikow, HUi v ?tgbtli atrert and Stitb avoBur. The fleventh l<"^Jon dlatrkrt of th? KlnMaenth war) ?fi*U mil tain all thai part of the etty Vmadad by and lying within Kiglity auth reel, bar. river, Nilj tight* aum au4 Tim J VMM. Hoanlof Ald' nnm, Jnljr J5, 1"A> Adopt*!. M?%rd of l MiiK limro July t! I WW Ou ajoa and Doea ooq. rurre<l In. I ?rr)tn?nre to ?m?rx1 an ^tnanc* entitled, An Or 1 simoe WJ divide lb' t "T of Hp* Vork tato < uti rulaot Uactioa dfeftcta. rawM .! Nnvemlier It. 1 S.VJ Tb? *nt<ir, AM?rn\?-n and OommonaRy of the Pnjr nf ttevg .r >-n aa f ilki* He<-tirn 1 Hertloa IS of the ab"T* "BUlied ordioauca la bcr#? by attended. and ahall rvnd aa followa ? Bee 15 Tbe Fourteenth ward ahall tx dlrtdad In to tan K)e<". tl<? dlatrv t? the eitent and llmlta of ahf-h aald Flartlon tlatrtcta, with the exceptam of lha *ir?? and Fourth ??r*lna Halt'rt* tball "itiiiiiue and r<-maJu aa deacnbed In the aaul urdlDHitra: I ha at tent aad Uimlia nfllm (aid Ftrat and Fourth Klo?u< n diairtcta aliaU ba *.? Jlo?? ? The Ftr?? Klertlno dtatr.' t uf tbe FonrteeaU ward ahall rrm. tain all tha' fart of the nty b"'in<l?d by and lyta# WLhki floitg. Un. MoU. I'f?. e Oabj aol Kprmg Mreeta. and ftnaadwav The Fourth Kle<-'l"n f><?tnct of tne Fourteenth ward ?Wf ' ?in all thai pan of Iba city bri?de4 by aad 1)log wiihm rnn-a, Bott Rj rtnn an.I ' 'mab| atreet*. hec. 4. Tbia ordln*nr? ahall 'aka effrf? ttntMktlatetf. Hoard of Ald-rmen Jul} JR. li*? A4>iy4e.l. It'iaidof tVmiiic? men July it iflk>0. On a>eaaad dom c00? rori%d in. ~ "fWMTICAL. I VKM'H'RAT* attkhttoh.?AM Ai>JOi R?rn mkkt. J * Ing I>f tl l> I|!?a and Ji>lm? n 1 em < ratia t 'lub of lh?| 1 welrtb ward wi I be h- ld at Farrlnfon'? (fall. Third avenue, corner IJ&li atrvtt. no Monday, lull *?. I"w', al 8 t. M. 1 tiTII WARD.?A 1'RfMAHT WI.rfTTOJf WltX BW I Z ui V Wrdani. m Nin^tT nn'h itfWt anriKnttiwkV. M'T Ut tlir bnur? < mm I l'? IV for ?)?? tu.n nf <IWr*v<i wit to tb? Nyrnftn* <cmv*ntion of All, 7 I-*". A'rordlns 10 ' *U ot Slat* Ontrnl Hn?milUt? nf t>bk*h Mhn A Or??n?. Tr , In t"S?lrm?0, an? of tb? JfniVwukl INumn r?ilr 0<"D?r?l < ' uim,nr? ?f wblrli U'M?na W. MUiti it <h*(rm?n All pttl?n*l demorrm* of thf ?wl we p?rUml*r;.r r?.|'i???d 10 >u?ud. By orier of \h<> limml <*mi p nf w?nl. T p MOTT, Chairman. lMfV Uir??Thn?M Mai ter. Rdwarri Rank. P. MrRrvla. IOTH AK**MKt,T OTirmff-T ?BRW'ICIJfRIIVJIt A*I? 1 O l?nr CUifb, of i bo I * r hi i aronnd art. ?A i< th# abnr* rhih. Kn-1 nf ?[! th'?* fr?#n<1t? to th? ?!#?V>n <>C Hr?< klrrKfg* tiiil l.*n?. will b? b?(4 *1 the Km.1 i-iarlpr* of U?t flub, Kl% tlnlpl, Rma.1w?y, bctw<M* Klflv wm.1 an.| Klf?J ttafrd nUfftt, OB Moudtjr f?nln#. it lo'otoM J Al OH H HLAIliHT, rrfW.Unt. Tmos. Miixm. tarotery. "lOTH ABHWMBT.T OfWTWn1.?TWWWTY RVotn iO w*rM - In porsuMMVof lb* rail of tb? l?aUo?*l CV-Mcrmltr <J?npral OrmimtttW tb# p)#rt?r? .f th# Twenty nx-ru* w?r<i favorable to lb? ?ierifc*> nf Hrerki'TVIfl* an* l*tne *r? rx) 11 Mint in ?? < > at ^retrm" KB Hotel. Hm?1? <j, n *? rtftj third wreet. ?m amilay utiim, Jnly ?>. between '<? hi rim nf * ?nd 10 n'elnrk f?r t?? i"irj?(?e of eleftlM oim> ! * legnienari1.hp tlttrMlnltllM National Pernor railr *ta?e tmiuor, Ut if beU at Hyracm* on ihe7tb .lay of *,>* '? < batman of D?le?Mee mNa. JVm CV*. Ttl'W. UTAJf. W* n WII KT. JACOB R. HUAltitIT,

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