Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1860 Page 5
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r? ' * 42 >*0. ft Oc.. La I lor*. OaU buvrwit. >09*1*4?H* bbls. flour, 90,000 boshsla wheat, 8,000 do corn, 1,700 do. , abipMDtft?800 bbls flour, 18.000 bushels warat, * . Corn. rnn.M< daclinini; 6c on corn to Buff* ?o4*Si?V ?*" *' OB Haw r?rk flm * >*?* ? premium. . ? . Oswwo, July 38.1880 flour unchanged. " **? unchanged; no ?ale? of motnect Corn quiet and J^hMgod salei of 8,000 bushels Indian* at 63c other rrmi. 9 1lliel- Canal freight* dull ?knd unchanged: ou Q ,ur 20c 8c., corn 7)?c. to Mew York. lake import*-10 600 u ,(lhela Cwl41 ?KporU?13,800 ftubeta wheal', 2.800 bu 'bttU ??rnI s == Iftttrtitlft| New* from Htrftft*? AKHIVAL of THKQl'AKKK CITY. The steamship Quaker City, R. W. Shufeldt commander, i "ftrrivod at thia port from Havana yesterday (Sunday) i morning, having left that port on Wednesday last, 26th J 'lost., at half-past one P. M. I I The Quaker City reports the health of Havana an re "'ttarfcaftly good for this season of the year, there being put lew cases of lever 11 The we liber still continues favorable. Gen. Serrano and suite bad juit returned from Pinar del t, after as absence cf a few days. I Two new Itooe of steamers have been organized, notice i -Of which may be of late rest to those in New York who 1 (save business with those ports, Tiz:? The gafcanero, from Havana to Bah la Honda, touching j at Cabanas, and ths Osceola, from Batabano (on the south aide of the island) to TruxiUo, in Hwduras. Her first trip ?rlli be the 19th of August. Business Is quite active for <4hls season of the year, and the sugar market Arm on the feasts of No. 12, 8l4 to 8^ reals per arrobe. V Shipments of the week near 90,000 boxes. Sales targe, i -*nl some om speculation. Money somewhat easy to aid transactions. The stock of sugars, 270,000 boxes, sgainst $00 000 boxes last year at the same date. i Freights active, and last advices sustained. Exchange?Lo- 'ion, 13,Kf a 13 X per cont premium; ) Northern cities in United States, X a 1>? per cent pre' cuium; New Orleans, short sight, 2 a 2% per cent pre mlum. ? OCK HAVANA COKKESPONDENCK. ; Havana, July 23. I960. i Cheek upon Crimt?Crutl Treatment ef AninuiU Prevented? inaignutr* w u Cfnnun vwyc m wtnuw?avcica "Y ine V Briti*h Steamer ClytU?Tux.ty with Hoiulura* not KeeogI nuwf thai Government, nnr Ofl'-mlly Kecrircii?Robberies ! 'in iJif OJfue of the Contul General of Die United SUitet? , .JBeaUh, 4*f., 4-r. We seem to be io the line of active moral progroas In 'Ibis -city and iu the country. Through tho resuscitated energy of our police under the new i Chief, evil doers hare but little chance to es | -Cape punishment. Our highways are getting to be I safe; all the most notorious brigands, who have infested the roads from the Havana, Matanzas and Garde'Das, leading to tho Interior of the island, for years past, bave been taken up, or killed while reslstlug capture; and in the city crime has been so promptly followed by detection and punishment, that the good effects are apparent, and the people sleep with more couiHenco than i. ever before sinc<> the Jays of the great Governor Tacon, i Who is stlli appre< lated in Juban memory as ihe Judge who ?ould not be bribe .1?except with the pride of sell?and to leave a clean famo for the future. Small things serve <to show the value of good goverom -at, and a correction applied in the Wrt week is operating with advantage upon , ? large class of i-ur brute population, who arc the cart and | draymen of our street-, and who have been guilty of the CBoet disgusting brutality by the cruel treatment of the animals they drive. The police officials are now instructed toexainineovery 1 toad to see that the law is complied with?to compel the draymen to ad the mule or horse in his cart by the tiead, and not to permit the beatiug with which they Ciave been accustomed to indulge themselves, when they deserved the lash more than the beast. ft <baa ted almost to revolt, and an attempt was made at a strike, and to prevent any Carts from the outside to labor In the city by the most obstreperous of toe desperadoes, who banded them elves nsai the gates of the city j and menaced those who vrere oo th-i way to their usual occupation; and many In fear for \hi-lr lives turned back and unharn?bsed. This oomlog to the knowledge of the police, the ringleaders -Were soon apprehended, and their resting place appointed tn the Tacon prison, brought the miscreants to their Censes. From this class come our chief housebreakers, thieves an 1 murderers of while. The colored drayrueti tre much the most respectable, but they arc in tho mi ority. The Oaptain General, on his return from a tonr to tho Isle of Pines, has ordered more minute coast surreys in those waters, for which pnrposa the war steamer Baxan has been ordered to Baracoa to rectify and establish certain points for a base of triangular observa iinna tnd In rimL# rrntinnr.linna ft<4twaril. If thnrfl Is ny depot In our aiast tiurveys on the south aide, tbejr i * Hl be found vest of the Jardinillloo and to Cape Hail Antonio, and the Intermediate Indentations from the Isle of <*lnes, kc. The cover will not be quite so |oiuvenienl (or a certain ela-c of M I traders when the roctiQc;>l: >ns ore made, or verl&catiouf ascertained of the charts u now deOning the coast. By the Brltiah lU-nmor Clyde, HickF commander, we v liave newt from Uaracaa to tho 7th Inst ?not very favorable as to the political aud quiet condition of Venezuela. Hobbertea and aaona?inationa were constantly being committed In places slightly removed from the observation Of the government poeta and troops. The Spanish Charge, Don Kd^iardo Rome*, had been threatened by these i>eop!e and insulted, and the government were In ptrrsuil of the authors of tho disrespect and criminal Intention. The cause of Uen. Caatro bad been fixed for the 7th inst.. before tbe Grand Jury, composed of the Senate and the Judges of tbe Supreme Court The Legislature, or Consroes, adjourned on the Ot'i, having paaaod Oalutary laws for protection an<l pacification, if tUer-,!S executive power fbr their enforcement. From Honduraa letters to the Mario d> la MarxruI tale tliat the treaty recently rat Hied by tho Son ite of the United State* with that republic la not olUcially reoognlsrd, under tho aaacrtlon tliat the S'nor L. Alvaralo was not legally constituted as Minister of that republic near the government of the uted Sti tea, and that his labor ta a nullity?that no one Mutt cboot *s can assume to gnake treatlea for tbe government of II. nduras, ta\ Ail Of which is eomi'thuig new under the sun.and ratb-r extraordinary in view of the protocth Q intended and #erore-l by the treaty We continue in the same health as we Vint adrised. Tbe < dice of tbe I'nitt-d States Consul <ieneral has been rvrra timeH victimised by small robtx loo, and Mr. Savage has suffered in thia way to the amo mt of some two Or three hundred dollars since the OxhuI General lef., nd what ta most strange, with all t * ordinary precautions, Mr. or Mesan. ThlcvesJ^ot d "Table. The Quaker City arrived at an P. M *1 t The Clyde left ye terdaj evening for Vera Crui. TV i? >r caaes in the bay atlll continue light, requiring car*, u> t. >re. Personal Intelligence. A moo 5 the name* In tbejlxt of arrivals b; the (Quaker C ty f:oe Havana, yeaterday, we not oe a teneral do Btnaon and his aid, Lieutenant Ynigu"*,of .he Spanish Nary, Setior Auto Mantilla, Sue or .luoo Alvarado, Pndoo Clo Her ara, A. F. Da Coata, It B M. Coosol at Porto Biro, (taw. f. Fowler, L" 9. Consul lit Clenfb<"^oe; H. C. Ball, frm Matauxas. Mr. James Cburcuiil, fi fir. Julio Dnrcge. of M<-wsrt J Dniege k Co.. Havana. We alao find tbe name of Col J. W. Bryant, editor of tho Cuban Meoaenger. Flon Henry May. A S Abell.Um P Preston. H'-rry r. Brooks, Hon. Jas. M. Kunkle, Mo.; Hon. .las. A Ray ard.of Delaware. Hon. Miguel A. (Hero, of New Mexico, gntl Cornelius Wendell, of Waahlngtoo, arc at Cape M iy. Tboa H Tutwller has bee? e|??t*d Common wealth's attorney of Fluvanna county, Virginia. Hon Jacob Thorn peon, Secretary of tbe Interior, and Hoe Jotin B Floyd, Secretary of 4ar, have left Washington on a I n>r visit to Old Point. They do not eoi>. ?'irptata being abaeot Iron tbe city fbr a longer p*rl<>d than a week or ten daya Mr. Kelly and Mr Ifrinkard, Chief elerka In the respective departments, have be-n Appelated to an n the capacity of olU*r? %l M Vrrim Professor El *? (/v>mia has b<vo elated to the Profoa RIHp .11 )*i imrii, nva-ic nwm i| ia i <.i r-^, feasor Olnutea I. ? as Puaau far ib Jtrr 14 appointM rn*tmi?tree? at n? l. f?. f%ujv.iB ?<* c. \y*mtoD \Wrloan? reg ietered tl the balking bona* of fAnalrg * Oo., Pari*, frotr. July 6 to July 12 ? U M Horn i-|?i LfciVbet, New York. H. Shrpbt rd, R B iJ rfioph'rd, New Orleana. H Letaon, New York. T A Miller, Ciurlwtno, PC, Y. T. Tinebar ac t family Havant I?r A. Fdlair, Alalwma. W C. Mayo, Richmond: Or H W Moron, A. \ nc<T.t, New i trieaoe; Win. W Pearpe, Providence Wm H Jarkacn, Henry A. Pcntwu and totally, New York It T Harrison, N-w Or lean*. Jotin Hliiptoa, Andrew Juitoa, Plttaburg, Mr <iaaaew.rt. M m Uanserorl, H (Jwaaerort, H W jvi.l, T C Wilnvrdmg, A l?aur. S. Y grott A Smltb. .'ohn Cbleman, Providence N H W agn, <*am?? Youngs, NV# York John Wright an I hro'.ber. Philadelphia 8amii? I I). Htrgkln. Jr. Mr Coal, y and fa-nily, New York B B Applfino and w.r*, D"*t--a Dr. f A 1am, Albany. I. H Simpson an.I w;fc, U I. Oar? land. New Yor*: W T RobbmM l? A. S oaiilord, K. JT). Ix^ar, M IV, CbarltMon fl P Cianee, New fo-k T W Quion. M KruilocOliver, New t>rl?a:i? T < Kat.r IHvr* ?<-? Woodward, K v -mlth. *m r. Uril, MoV fraak King. Alabama Am<ia Robblnf and family, V'w York. Mr 1aate Jenny I.inl Goldacbmi It la in Stockholm A greM number of her 'tilrrra mn on tb" o> v- >n .?f li r nrrlral. and (rare ber rui enthusiastic reception. The celot>rat<"l eantatrlfe. wl?t |? areo-npm *.1 by her bu-'ivid ?nd their two children, inten.ln to p*M a xumrnnr at a f ilia in tha aotlrona of tha Pwediah oaf tal. "Tl.* tlerman papera r i?>rt the deaih, at the alYanc-i iie of eighty, of G- tCillr lleinrtch you *-h ibert, lb - nato rml (rtuloSopher. Tha Kmperor of Riasla haa nom nated Mr. Charlaa IMI, ?f x? I'eterab ir* and I ondoo, a Ki>.b'ht C'>rnman I<t ?if tbe Crder of M. Slanialaua. Robert Ftorey. tbo "poet ofOaran,- died m I?ndon, a few daya afo, at tbe age of aiity three, A Roman Oatbollr paper, publish".! In I/widoa, haa the Tollowinf paragraph in relerenoa to Ibe b. aith of Cardloal W *eman ?Wa rejoice to be at>l > to "no'iooe that an %mprt)?ement haa taken plaoe la the n-ui^th of lha oardi oal Mr. Cbarlex, who haa been a>iram ?~| io Jlome to aee ho- emir-nre. returae-l to I oa Ion on W?Mn?? day ' lornlnj, harm* left Rome on th ' prerloiia 'ur lav. #nil e ate glad to My that'i I *fl *iia nenre tn a ?tata tl ?X I rr# h. pea of III" ultimata rer.*?'T rr in the * ^ meaa he baa laudy been n:)er'Uf fr M A m.xrt ' i! operat on wa- ne.<o?wry, a-h'-t h ? ' nep. < lur.' f^i arkahly wrP n>e daily d. ?i?.te>i<* t'.at hav- arrived a'nee Mr. Hank * |. --artiire fo' ' > e 'n : '<r"t? of i f?^arat.a aat?i#_ ~~ ? The OrMt IkiUni, rai twt tq ?4p? i?*!-JT25S 0s thi tapiA?Visit to ammatolu. Tbe Great Eastern ia in the atr64tt r? " uclkor' AtM her pier yesterday afternoon, ?.d ?L1L | middle of the fiver, u>. ? Ou,,^'0Ui Mreel. There she ts floating with all the ease and grace of CO* the Central Parle swans upon the bosom of our bay; and those who wish to see a fins sight will go and look at her. It is said her anchor got loul of the Sandy Hook telegraph cable, which crosses the river near ibis point. She leaves this afternoon on her excursion to Cape May. If the weather ahould be pleasant she will carry about fifteen hundred passongera or excursionists. Dodworth's Band go In her, and the next tuo days will pass away rery agreeably and rapidly to thoee who go in her. Next V?'ursday she starts for Old Point Comfort and Annapolis Roads, and will visit Norfolk. While In the j Roads she is to take in twenty-live hundred tons of ooal as a gift offering to the monster from the enthusiastic gentlemen of the South, who like big ship#, and are In hopes of direct trade. There has toen some talk of filling the ship with thirty thousand bales of cotton. 8he wil1 not probably take that amount of cotton to Europe on this voyage. She will create a sensation down In the Roads, and will make some money. The ship will return to New York in time to take what freight and passengers may offer here, and leave for Halifax and England on the 10th of August, as advertised Hsntaopathlc Medical College ofthe State f New York. This institution was Incorporated by the last Legislature, and r!aced under the trusteeship of a number of the most responsible citisens of New York. Its object is the Instruction in the department of homoeopathic medical science?a system now becoming generally popular. The nm bcbp lou 01 in is inf muiion wui coniinonoe on me mm of October, proximo, and end on the 1st of March following. am an earnest of the high character of the Institution. we subjoin the following list of the names of the faculty of the college, embracing, as it does, many of our eminent medical practitioners, viz:? Jacob Beakley. M. D., Professor of Surgery and Surgical Pathokw. Isaac Maroe Ward, M. D , Professor of Obntetrlci and Diseases of Women and Children and Medical Jurisprudence. *?. - Pi?jo?, M. D., Profeosor of l'rticlplea aud Practice of Honwopatbic Medicine. Franklin W. Hunt, M. I)., Professor of Clinical Meiicine. Mai how Pemple, M. D., Protestor of Chemistry and Toilcolony. Mephen R. Kirby, M. D., Profcimr of Matetia Mcdlca and Therapeutics. John I)e I* Montagnle, M. I)., Professor of General mid Descriptive Anatomy. \N W. Kodinan, M . D., Professor of Physiology and the IiiHinute*. James A. Carmiehael. M. D , Demontrntnr of Anatomy. The text books to be used In the studies of the college are the following:? Anatomy?Wilson, dray, Morton. Physiology?Kirk, Dal'on, Carpenter. ChMmtmry?Oraham, Renault, Kaue. Toileoioey?Taylor, ("bristleon. Medical Jurisprndenoe?Wharton and St'.lle. Materia Med lea? lUhnemann. Practice of Medicine?Laurie, Herring, Marey. Obstetrics?Churchill, Ramabotlnm, Meigs, \ e!|?eati. Sursery?Velpean's Operatire Surisry (Mc'.i), Erlcbson, Sky, Ferguson, dross, Paget'* Surgical Pathology The college occupies. under tlio laws of the State, a position equivalent to tnat of any other Medical College, , and enjoys equal protection and equal public facilities with all other simitar Institutions, and no pains will be spared to earn for It the same scientific value and popular estimation wii;ch deservedly attach to the present old established colleges cf New York city. Examination or Candidate* for the Military and Kaval School. The applicants for appoiutraent to tho military school at West Point and the naval school at Annapolis, Mary* land, In the Third Congressional district of this city, were examined on Saturday by Hon. 8. S. Randall, Superintendent of the public schools, and his assistant, Mr. Jones, at the office of the former in Grand street, In accordance with tho arrangements previously made between Hon. Daniel E. Sickles tuid Mr. Randall. There were not as many applicants for the appointments as was anticipated. Those that did apply were from the First and Eighth wards, the Fifth ward having no applicants. Tho following is the list of candidates that presented themselves lor examination ? CASDIIUTKN FOR JTUTAKT SfHOOt. AT W1WT POT XT. Garrett J. Lydeckor, Fteo Academy, from Ward school No. 38. Augustine J Mclnnerny, Ward school No. 29. rim .iAt*L >? tnxtL, aax iniua. Benjamin McLane, Ward school No. 38. Henry 1.. Warnstadt, Ward school No. 38. Charles F. Schults, Free Academy, from Ward school No 2?. James Auld, Free Academy, fnm Ward school No. 29 The examination commeucod a few minutes past ton o'clock A. M., and continued until nearly three o'clock P. M. A cumber of persons visited the rooms during the questioning of the candidates. Bon. Itanlel E, Sickles r-maiui'd ihere throughout, and watched closely tho result. They were critically examine* in the following branches.?Spelling and doflmtions, English grammar, astronomy, arithmotic, algebra, general history, geography, history of the lulled States. Ten questions were propounded to each on every one of the above branches, and their replies carefully noted Mr. Randall keeping the percent of their correct answers and reported to Mr. Sickles the final result. All tne candidates went through the examination with great credit, showing that the discipline in oar public si hools Is such that It only needs close examination on the part of the | uplls to become 'perfect in tho several branches taught. At the conclusion ol the questioning by Mr. Randall, Mr. Sickles devoted about a ha f hour propounding general questions touching upon mints not alluded to by Mr. Randall. At the close of which Mr. Randall stated of the Applicants for West Point, Garrett J. Lydecicer bad iiisacd the least questions, and of the candidates (or the Naval School, diaries F. Sbultz had ihown himself the most proficient. Mr. Sickles thereupon stated that Inasmuch as those two persons had proven themselves the best qualified, he chould send their names immediately to the War Detriment, at the same time informing the other applicants that they had no rsas >n to be discouraged, for their answers, although not as correct at all times as those that bad been selected, had convinced him that It only noeded Attention on tbeir part to l>? successful In wbtv ever calling they might select. The selection of cadets from onr public schools (first introduced oy lion. Uiram Walbrtdgs of this city) will bo au incentive to the several pupil*, and tend to make excellent institution of oar city Car morn useful than at iiresent Mr. Sickles deserves the thanks of the public for thus depart log from tbo old political wages. Young Scbults Is a German boy, and has otily been in tbU country a -little - over throe yoars. Aaasal Exhibition of Uio Ura4?tts of tH? Djrtkmsa School* v On Ttanrsday evening the annual eiblbition of tbe pqpila of tbe Dyckman School, on tbs Ktngsbridge road, was beld for tbe second occasion since tho erection of tbe building. A crowded attendance Indicated tbe interest which is felt In this particular public school, because It if desired to give It more scope and a higher tone than Is expected of the ward schools elsewhere. The scantiness of the population and tbs oo isidcrable distance over which tbe residences are scattered mwke it n'a neary that something shall be provided In tbe neighborhood which may aflwd in one building all tbe grades of instruction, as it would be necessary for pupils to make a journey ol' eight or ten mi Its to attend the high schools :n the city. The land on which the school building If erected was given for lb" par|?*e by Isaac Pycktnan. and others ol tbe prlnci|ial residents are In like manner contributing In various way* towards build ing up Its Ihctlltios and character as k Brut class pebool f >r all grades of pupils. The exercises consisted of the usual recitations, with choral ar t other musical performance*, all exhibiting a degree of proficiency and cflectivo tuition which save ( great sat tfiKtlVft, Of the eradrates, Master William Thf>m"";10 particularly distinguished himself for the best ( I Reclamation. In a number of light and spirited diakwne*, j , Masters J. Ilor*. Allen aal I*rfc gave evidence of naVjfU talent and taOtci'ul culture. A uumb?r of la<lt grad- j , uated th.f year.and are doublets <MUietr way elsewhere j lo Columbia. Yale or Harvard. Tbe school *!? > comprises a deptrtment for girls. The array of th?"se on fbc stage and their performances, gave eiiontraglng promise that the prosciit renown of this locality for accomplished at.' brilliant ladles would not be diminished when tbe loture city of Washington Heights'' shall occupy the beautifully wooded ridges which encompass this school The musical and elocutionary pronciency of the pupils was b'uhly appreciated, as it was certainly vry creditable. Tbe Misses Lilly Allca, Kate Willet. M. Miller, f. ("ummlngs, Veiteh. John son. and others, In various cxrrciasa. as well as in rsgar t *o in? tii iTnj-'rv*oi rnnrm? ui manner, qrivi ?n*? p?-r annal IxMlf, made a mwi interesting array fttr the ocoa ton. The Crtkt DftlMr. to ms imwh o? .mmti v. Pfyrwiortw, V* , July 27. 1M0 Noliotag tbat the metoorlo pbenotn<n?n which mad* IU appenrance no the ntarhtnf the 80th ait bu crested no tittle excitement, and it tbe object of much curiosity and (peculation, and living fanW aouth than an/one wbu?> report baa yn< rone be* I y ">ur paper, I take tbe liberty to rurnleh yon wltb a literal atatement of the apI?urance, . > r al l pii-nomonnn, a* seen (rom ?nr city on tbe name night. I do an, thinking that report* from extreme points from which tbe atianger waa a<H>n may nabie our Mtmnomnrs to form at lenat an indefinite Idea aa to Its sue. height, Telocity, Ik. I am aali?ft<-<l. bow ever, that It might hare been ?frn considerably eouth of thi* plare. although I hare aeen n> report to that eTect. I waa walking northward. In Die luhorha of onr city, about ten o'rlock P. M , wltb nething to obetruet a gene ral view in that direction, and auddeniv ww, about .V. W. by N., a meteor of ordinary brightness, with an ap parent diameter of about ten inchee. It wax at drat aigbt round, but after proceed in* a abort dirtaoc#, it gradually grew Into an eltptlcal form Ou'tanlly ?rowing smaller about ita middle and longer at It* enda, It next aaaiim?4 tbe abape of an hour glam. The train connecting th< two balls gradually grew longer, and coroparttirely entailer I n tired at the time of the aeparstion n( the one into two bod lea, that the brilliancy waa very much luer*a*ed. ant ot?ee, red tome Irregularliie* In lue nut lima. which continned until It waa obacured from my via,on by a hoi,a* quite near me. bearing N. F. by V ft war apparently about one mile north of rne, and about two hundred frM high. Ita course waa (Vem w:ft t j cnM, I . * W f ' *bw?l Utu If aavaU NEW YORK HERALD, ] 72E CHICAGO ZOUAVE CADBT8. Their ChaU?ip for th? Military CM?* -???akip?Term* pr Dt?WA<t?pUM? * ? ?.w tfc? ?*#**, i*? t hail?g? -. * j t OMr|U?li?tUr? from the Cot"A?*a Ml of (lie Latter Company to the Editor of the Herald, 4te.< Ac. The Chicago Zouave Cadets, wh.'** military hmo has reached from one end or the Union to other for their unequalled efficiency la military discipline, C' who are now an extensive tour through the principal cities of the United States, and who have challenged *ny of the military companies of the United States and Canada to a contest for the champ ionahtp, have at last Ibund a peer in the Columbus Guard, of Goorgia, a military company, and, from what we have learned, enjoying a high reputation at the South for their excellent discipline In the standard tactics of Scott and Hardee. We therefore publish the challenge of the Chicagoans, their terms of drill, feu., and the letters from the commandant of the Columbus Guard aocepting said challenge ? CHALLKNCE OF TBI CHICAOO ZOCAVgd. Aumohy l umen Siath Zocav* Capwts, 1 cue AGO, 111., Sept. ao, 1869. J The National Agricultural Society, at their seventh annual (air, awarded to the United State* Zouave Cadets a ftand of chinnlnn nilnrt whlrh mm "" n* ' >? *? - litis or regular army of tiio United States or Oanadaa are welcome to if they can win them in a fair contest. For terms of drill, 4c., apply immediately to |F. E. ELLSWORTH, Colonel commanding Cadets. PERMS OF THE PRILL FOR THK MILITARY CHAMPIONRIIIP OP THK VK1TKD 8TATBH AND CANADA8. In publishing the "terms of tho drill" for the government of the coo tost for the colors now in our possession, we submit them with entire confidence that they will meet with the approval of the geutlemen who may contemplate meeting us in friendly competition lor the military championship. We have undertaken their arrangement with a keen appreciation of the delicacy of aur position, and have bei>n careful to exaot nothing of our competitors with which, were our positions : hanged, we would not cheerfully comply; nor have we relied entirely upon our own Judgment In this arrangement, but haw submitted them to a number of distinguished officers, who hav<' been unanimous in their approval of the terms of drill, ic., as fair and honorable in svery particular. There has been some question as to the extent, &c., of >ur challenge. That there may be no farther misunderstanding in reference to this subject, wo will avail ourselves ot this opportunity to explain the origin of and repeat the challenge. We euU-red the contest for these colors understanding that the possession ol them conferred the championship )(' the militia of the United States, inasmuch as tho award ?as offered Ly a national society and the drill op<<n to all tllko. Ws exerted ourselves to the utmost, and were much disappointed in not meeting tho competition wo had been led to expect, Having received the colors, and not caring to wear honors until fairly and unquestionably Dor own, we deWrmiued, before claiming the championship, to give an opportunity to all who desire to avail themselves of it to coatext our right to that honor. Hence this challenge, which we promulgate, not froi > a spirit of arrogance or hravado, but from a sense of fa mens md honor which, we trust, will ever govern our actions in our military cai icily, aud without which we should cousider even the championship of tho United States and Canada* s pocr houor. TKRM3 OF DRILL. 1. The merits of the contending companies shall be decided by a drill befaro a board of seven judges, who shall be military gentlemen or acknowledged ability, graduates of the United States Military Academy, and who are practically IkmiHar with Hardee's drill. 2- The contesting company shall choosc alternately sis judges, who shall choose the seventh. Each of the com|<anleft shall have the right of objecting to Cither of the judges if it can be shown that he is in at y manner prejudiced. 3. The judges shall base their decision upon th? absolute military merit of the companies, their fitness for active and immediate service, and the extent and perfection of their drill. These points shall be determ u?d by a test, and in a manner that will admit of no misconstruction or controversy. 4. In the event of the challenge being accepted by two or mors companies in one State, we clsim the right to require them to hold a trial drill and decide which is the tuperior company?the drill to be conducted in accordmce with the terms herein enumerated. The colors of ,hc contestants shall be delivered to the victors, aud we (fill drill with tliem as the representatives of thclt State, fhe object of this is simply to save time and experse. 6. If the companies accepting the challenge come to Thlcaeo we will undertake to entertain them. and*no jflort shall bo spared on our part to render their visit ' pleasant to all concerned. They will be required to bring w 1th then a flag, banner, or whatever will answer the purpose, having upon one aide the arm*, motto anrt name :>f the company, and the regiment, division and H Ate to which they belong; and on the reverse, the Slate nrms. 6. In tue of our going from Chxago to afford any company an opportunity to drill for the cluunplonsb p, we shall require them to po^saess a stand of (colon) tut valuable as our own, to be made In accordance with a dcsrriplion which we will send to any military company who apply for it. 7. When the companion appear before the Judge*, the commissioned officers of each shall make an affidavit that their men are not nicked forjthe occasion, and thai all tho ivailahle men of the company are present. We claim tho right, tf we chootto to enforce it, of requiring that our opponent* shall drill no more moo than ourselves upon th > day of trial. 1 At the cloee of the drill the decision sh all be ron lered immediately, and the colors of the contestants de ivered to the victors. 9. We claim the privilege of using " Light Infkstry Manual," adapted to the lflnle musket, arranged for our ' ise by Col. fdftworth, in lieu of " liardee o Manual." a itrlct observance of which On our case) is rendered im wssible, as It contemplated the use of the rllle. To ll.vt any finci .1 ailvxnta*o ans'tiR from tins, we will >lace in the hands of the judges a printed cop; of thl nanual, which shall contain as many movements, and al i( them as di'lxult of esecution as liar doe's or Scott's, ind tbey may e*act a unrt ol>?ervnnce of all its di-tails. 10. All companies accepting or intending U accept t'lls challenge shall seed an immediate notification to that efl >ct to the " United States Zouave Ckdetr, Cadets' Assembly ooms, corner State and Randolph streets, Chicago." It Is proper to state that s.-ction 9 is not inteuded to mpoee upon aLy company competing the use ot th< Ca let Manual used by the //inavs, or of the same drill. The question for the judges to determine will b? which com?iny if most perfect in Its respective drill. To render tne ninth section of the terms of drill unambiguous we will explain ? The meaning i f this sertlon apparently c'^ar. but it tuts been construed into a demand that any company ;octesting with th* Cadets should drill according to the frmave manual Tbls Is not the foct. The Zouave manual , is simply for the use of the Cadets, and the only obJeH la placing a copy of it in the Uaiuls of the j.iigi* at the time [>f trial >? lt?t in. y rany exact irom tn? < Jaaeti m riuae an observance of ibr.r manual aa thev do of their opponents an obaerrance of Scott or Hardee; ?nd that no advantage may accrue to them (tbe (Xdcta), they h#ve , guaranteed that tbc manual ?hall cortalo aa many movemmti,ami all of them u 'ifllcult of execution, aa Hardee's or tfcoU's. Sir > It ueceemry Uiat tb? company accepting U* challent, etkould adopt the ?mc drill aa the Cadets. Tbc qoeft ion for tbe decision of thejudgea will be. not whether tb? comjiany oppoelng the Cadets are ail.'pti In tbe Zeua\e drill, but whether they are nv>reperfect In tbcir peculiar drill, and better adapted for ierv lee than the lUettk tl?? Ir specialty. The Quteta, In a supplementary challenge, arree to far tbe entire expense* locurred by i.t y company who Day |o to Chlcam to drill against Imb, prorlitnf they win tie colors: but If tbey (the Zouaves) can retain their colon until Um 'JOlit ?f Julf, cr until (fee of their pre sect tour, tiMy, *111 claim for Um clt> or Chios** honor of tbe muiUry champ.onau.p of .be I'nitcd Hta.cs and Canadaa. THE CTUI.I.EMiK ACCKfTTD. Tbe only tangible rosf? uac tbc CLicagoanr have rcreived wa? that through tbe column? of the Hmuui, as contained In tbe subjoined correspondence ? i.rrrtR no. 1. to tut aniToK or rm inr?*u> Onvmm ?. f-a , Jaiy 14. 1940 Tbe ('tiled FUtes Zouave Gadru of Chicago aa*ume "that itiey are tbe beat drilled military x.rpi In t*?? Cnlted state* or Canada*, and a* an earned of the c- t V deuce they bare in tbelr ability,'* put forth a cbaiV *e lo the military companies throughout tl. ? ClIU d Slat?s tod tbe Canada*. Thi? challenge. *> vmntlnjly heralded through your . columns and otuer nc wnparxri, especially in the Nnrthwrst, I* accepted In btUalf of tbe Oulumbua lirant of tbla clly, to drill as inpM,sty and lutit Infantry, arcordlllf to lb? < *tal>H?!ied standard of tactics In this oountry?fcott and Hardee. Tbe "fancy drill" will >x> left to tbc competition of tbe lulled t>tale< Zouave Cade is of Clmafo and the schoolboy "aojer*." * PAIL J. HKMHW Captain. My address Is Pari J Semmra, Columbus, :?. i.rrnm no. 2. ?0 nil: O? TIT* ITMALP. Coit'*m ?, Oa , Joly 23, I960 Yoar morning ed tlcn of tbe ?th instant baa bee? tbla moment received. You make Capt His worth say^ir. behalfol bis compai y, that r.e ? II B< > epi nr wr r? r'? rnot ci.ailenfrd ( aptain Kllaworth mid bl? c./mpany and hould notmtc thought of tolnf ao. but we did accept tkeir challenge, thrown out through yo-ir ?v! .mru. to all the military companies In the Tdiu-4 kuim For a ar.m 1 bet if reaaoai, tome of wbk-b are obM?H to y?wi. whiat need hot b? hated here, It I* impract icable for the Col urn hue dotrd to nwt the Tolled ?ut?* Zouan C d(jt?,of | Chicago, at the I Ime nana<xl by vouraJf Heelde*. we are the challenged party, and elaliu the rigut of nun in* place and time, be op governed In aodoing l?jr what ta aliki Joe to them and ourae'rea. The Oiluinbue t.nard will met! the f'n.tcd Ht.ite* | Touare Cadet*, of Chicago at Mem Ma, ta the Plate ot Tenaeaaee. la the month (I May next, the day to be here aft<T named?arlentIBe Uct rlaaa to be choaer v .m plrea. In addition to the infan'ry an. Mght Infantry tartica of Ht-oU and Hardee, i( Captain HUworth b v any other arilta for f?nt tro- pa in oae by hie company, winch la of any utility, ar t will ftmiali me with a copy, the Onlumbiia (oiarl will meet the I'nl'ed Mat?? 7/?iare ffcdeta of Chicago In them <>n th" other hand. I wiU preaeut Cupt. Ulrworib wltf a copy of tlf rataa written for tb? Colombia C.uard by rayaa', , modifytag and applying the rulea ft* mnnwurriij* a battalion by the reur tank, ar prescribed by &.rUa>ii Uai dee. to tne morem-nts of a detached company Th?' Col'imhun Ooarl diacard with ut reaerre all fancy movrmenta, a* ui.worthy the atUntion of aiy mii'ttary rompat.y, but In doing ao they are not to ha under itr d as lUcltn n?. to drill with the faltcd 8tat<a//. .ave 14deta of Chicago in ariy tactics for foot 'r'-op*: thereby demnostratlog U.e relative qialltlea of tbetwocompa aic*, Mt ar parade soldtare, bet as efflck nl military orgar'sat tor a. P/.T'L I. MCVMr*. a,data The drat letter (root the commandant of the Columbm fl> ard aorfft'Bf tho cba'loure of the 7^?uar(* waa ?hoan u> Colonel ftlsworth, the commandant of tt " latter company, oi tbi r iM f th*e?: b t'oo drill at thr. Academy 4 lk?a >>, uAM, I. 0 Cltjr Intelligence. T I our n Hoaino mm.?At near two o'clock on Sunday l&oraln( a Are broke out la (be paint and oolor manufactory of Reynold*, Devoe ft Pratt, Ko. 100 Horatio street. d The firemen, u usual, were quickly at work, and uotwitb,'P (Undiog the very combustible cUaraoter of the stock, >? j they succeeded in keet>in? U* ire witbtn the three upper mr stor km X?>" diuww Wthe Muck Is estimated at $1,600, Kl I fully^covered by uisurance si city companies. The build MONDAY^ JULY 30, 186C ted In the supplementary challenge bki expired CB th 90th instant; but, notwithstanding that tebt, his compea were ready to meet the Columbus Guard is irloadly coa test for the military championship. Thus the ma*Ut lac da the propositions of the challenger*, to i aiu-i iw.., '"rg will, no doubt, be led to Uj tbeir exception*, OW ? ';>uld be placed .in ir, opinion that the *tM? to* military men, to 1 bands of a oo?*?ra'tte? of w?th oomp*&iM, in Qrd; i select '"forth-* * that some deflnlw ptm . 141 (lr> 1 m-j .. _ ' upon. ZOCAT* 9r>Z**-. A company la now forming tu *>iw York, under t i guidance of Colonel Le Gal, Caput* Atler* "IT ud Lieut Coppinger. Tl.ey have had one preliminary nieotlog. J second is to be held to morrow evening, at the State Guarc Armory, No. 481 Broadway. AU who art auk)us to be come Zouaves should attend. colokilct op thi hicond REonfmrr. On Thursday evening Major Tompkins, of the Seventyfirst regiment, was chosen Colonel of the Second regiment. The selection (a considered to be an exceedingly good one, as the IDOor possesses both spirit and ability. Political Intelll|?RC?. Lnm krom How. Jsmnwo.t Dins ?The following letter from Col. Jeff. Davis was written in response to one addressed to him by Col. W. B. Sloan,of Vicksburg, Miss., inviting him w> be present at the Breckinridge and Lane ratification meeting which came off on the 21st hist. Wamhdiutoh, July ?, I860. It gives mo pleasure to acknowledge yours of the 2d inst., Infant ig me that the democrats of our county were to ametnble on the 14tb to ratify the nomination of Breckinridge and Ijuie, and that they particularly desired me to be pn eut on that occasion. My health does not permit mm to return home at this season,and to the many regrets conn cted with that fret is to be added the inability to unite with my democratic neighbors in declaring our acceptance of the ticket which la the fair exponent of our political faith. Though we cannot but lament that in a general convention democratic delegates denied articles of cur lived so essential as to produce division, it Is a matter ol congratulation that our party had enough of vitality to bear ampitalion, and, adhering to fundmucntal principles, to give us good candidates on t good platiorm. Believing the preservation of the gov.,nment in its vigir and purity to depend mainly on the democracy, I hopel earnestly for Its unity and harmony; but when It became m i"il feet that the organization an 1 contequent power of the |>arty could ouly be mainUined by the surrender of constitutional duties, I rejoioed that Mississippi was represont"d at tho Convention by men who were e , lal to tli" nobler part of vindicating her equality and honor, regardless alike of empty promisi-n and emptier threats. To admit that our property is not entitled to receiv from the general government such protection as it aflords to the property of otber sections is to content to be degraded below our fellows. Such a propositi Leeds di> argument?to state it is to present its condemnation. Our imrty alone, of those now teekmg popular support recogni*-* the equality of the right of tlie South to the common Territories, and pledges there to give federal protection to the property or our Jcitixens by all the constitutional powers of the federal arm. Can a Southern man heeitate L.ider such circumstances as to which of i e tickets he will adopt? The political Bky is daily growing brighter, and permits us to look with increasing hope lor the triumph of tho national?that is, the constitutiocnl democracy. Please offer assurances or my altectioiialc remembrance of my friends and neighbors, the democrats of Warren, and believe me to be. Ax. JKKKEltSOS DAVLS. Tint Electoral Tioorra in Ngw Jkkskt ?The Newark Adixrtisrr publishes the following as shewing the number of electoral ti-kets already In tho field In New Jersey;? /? .,< r?j.-n._u ill tun Cook, Edwin A Stevens, Joel Parker. Peter D. Vroom. 1. Abm. W. Nub, James R Stckler, . 2. Mum* Willi*, C. O. McCh.ianey, 3. Joseph Vllet, Peter I. Clark, 4. D. S. Andersor, Bcoj. Williamson, 5. Theo. It uyon. Wm. K. McDonald. MltCi*rett. Houston mnd Msokton C. (?. Mi ^heaney, John H. Jones, Edmund Bruer. Jrsac Dlveriy. 1. John T. Wtodbull, John K Roberta, 2. Cornelius Boise, Wm. F Crowley, 3. Peter I. Clark, Jamea Bishop, 4. John V. Bctui, 8. A. Van 8aun, 6. Wm. K. I; .Donald. V. B. Betu. Won nnt Dorm- PastT wm. Bkiso Up.?At a recent meeting In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Hon. Anson Burlingame declared that there were but two parties in the country which could last, and be hailed every Douglas flag y 1111 asetfttance to tbe republicans. He ridiculed the " old men's party," and said that the Southern wingsympathiied with the republicans, whilo the Northern wing belonged to the ranks of the Breckinridge army. Ho regretted that Douglas had not travelled all the way to republicanism. A Novxl Uft ?The publishers of the la Crosse Vnim and Democrat challenged the proprietors of the La Crosse He pul hran to bet?office against office, each valued at from 93,000 to $4,000?that Douglas would carry the States of Illinois and Wisconsin, aud also 92.600 worth of real estate that Douglas would be tbe next President. Thcao beta have been pror lptly accepted by the proprietors of the Republican, ay J they further oOer to deposit >600 in cath to go with the printing office. Smutok Sbwaku'd Wkitkkn Tora.?It la understood that Gov. Seward will t> present st the Miunesola Republican Mate Convent! which will meet on the l&th of August, and that be will also be present at a grand republican mass meeting for Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota and Northern Illinois and Iowa, which will be held at La Crosse about tbe 20th of August. Pavau o* tbk Tiubi se Pmi-neonisa.?Tha Boston CVurwr saya "the editor of the New York Tribune i) a coarse man, and we aay this of him at the risk of another ke< per. The lunguags he employs when speaking of tbe Unionists of tho Knipire State ia low, indecent, blackguard.'' Ka<>H Br.;.;. TO Bmtm.xm rx.a ?Tho Union Springa (Aa.) Gazette has given up Colonel Bell for Major Brock is ridge. "O. K."?Theee famous cabalistic letters arc now u*' 1 in Tennessee to indicate preference for Breckinridge us 1 I*nc, ?bo bail rrom Oregon and kenucky. Hai'lbd Down m Doiolas Flao?Tbe Newport (R. I.) Adcrrtiier pull* down tbe Itougla* flag at tbo head of lis column*, aL'l, ' in accordance with tbo view* of dlsmtenated friends," baa concluded to wait until tbo democratic difference* arc adjusted before It takes any part In tb'' personal contest rcapcctlnglUic Presidency. An i mi in (iu>o*w?The Bolirar (Ten:i.) Democrat took, the Itougla* side at Hr?t, but ha* now hoiaUJ the Breck inridge and Lane flag. <>*t Mom ok run I jit?The l/>eabi:rg (Va.) Mirror dcclaroa for Brecklnrldc and Lane, and rid da ? A* to W> pben A. I 'ourIt*?a man whom we had at oae time politically < mbue<med? we ok Upon him at this moment a* one of tbe noft btartteaa, cold aod daalrnmg d< magngGea tbat ever did an Injury to our party. To an arrogance unprecedented be unites a dictatorial temper which baa led blm to wade to bta chin to rule or r?.lu hi* party. Weak m tm Back ?Tbe lake Proridance (la.) 1U r?M. after bolttlng tbe Hreekinrldge and Iaae flag, pa l* It down m tbo next issue, having c *ne to the conclusion tbat thing* were *o m ted op It couldn't tee lis way tra'gbt. I.ate from the Slaving Fleet. (Kr"m the Boston Traveller. Julr 28 ) rtv a reccet arrival from the Coaat of Africa we learn that there were saven Amerlcin vcuseli In tbe Con to rltrr June 4. trading of course, but the cam"* of whlrb were not reported. nigllsh cniser* bid basa sloagalde of them all, fonnd that they were not to be boarded wdh impunity k?i, 1 prudently hauled oil, aa several aSoara bad recently been n ' *>y the Admiralty for roln* on hoard American vease'a witboat permission. Incidentally we have been Informed that a rtrular Heel of V'-aaeU ?War from different porta of Um.- IV t< d Slates I the MM t me, and that 4Mr l>uted among tbem ar" store* an4 watar to 0t oat lw? or three of ?hem for slavers, and that when tbe roast i. clear tbey all irobln* t<> %id the selected ?c?els In receiving stores and slavea * th tbe git a test possible d>?;*t l>. By these m?ans seven or e.gbl vessels may all engaged In the Slav# tra ls. Without bavinr on board ."ufflctent slave material to convict any one of tbem. TJils system might be Writ d the "mutial a' I dodsa." We understand that it work* iee#asfully. It rarely happens tliat tbsrc Is more tb: cruiscr netr a noted slave mart. and If she rli'ol "d T,?irr a priK sbe generally Isarsa lb" pis ? lli lena or hu rra bsnoe / tual aid' llarera deepalcl prenible, and jetieraJly rr lev, forimil that two or three hirin il * * r? >. out no the G*al, CroRi pot la In Cuba. u?l tual (.rim. ?ilna ?,r ? . ( rn llicm Aswr In not ilnim . . . II ' I?M> roqil rr I f r d'lrh n I ra . . v. !. ip| wo they h?\' kM built Id Kngland, and arc of Ira . It lb? ititemenUi are correct, (be Mave tra< . In the lanriaps of the market*. may be Hated an "tctirn, with as lucrckied tlematid. ' 1?t?I Intdllcrnrt. The I'nlted CUtM ?team elo-.p Hr.oklyn, (fcp'tlr Karra^ut, ban been deaifoated to convey the Cbir qui mirreylaf [-arty In the Mftmn*. She hac beeu ort 'icd for thi* ptirp?e fr-m reuM?>la to Norfolk,Tri m ?btcn latter jxwt the party will embark early In Munait The following paeee'i midabipinen bate l?en ordered to Brooklyn ? I'aaaed. i V ilunr*. A. H Vaten, Johii W Kelt < and Thorn** B Milk, and Mldablptnen Samuel B I*?ddock, and H. r* II. Manley The nrew f the frigate Mae?.! ,om bare been paid "fl aad dtaehar?ed. n?? tw - r.: - .1 \ ii mniti't. The drail to met 1 Iter lay roll <tu for 964,0U0. A Pno*T?r.?t f'mrr* Kn.tjn> ojr nm Camut Rtrti?oap ?Jatnr? Stewart ta, well known and hlauly (<-t..i (.If n of Amutrr lam. waa ..vuntly kll'^l Friday erenin* by a train of car* on the Central Rallma-1 He ?a conrtrtinv with a rentleman on the track of the roa I.rear hi# howae when an rgpreaa fain appraMbe-'.. and eot obacrriag It In time, he waa atrlcken down and kl'cd. Th< g?rit;rm*o w itb him obaerved the approach cflhetran ' 'Wt In time t>> leap front the track. Mr. Ptewait ?m a maa of wealth nod high character, well knevrn a railroad roetrarlor at.1 agriculturist He wan brother in 'aw of Joba Tweddle, of Alt-any, and hi* and0(o a 1 no '*- '*>'y rt*Mh w'U carry ao*"?a >oto rrry U? t 4 ? -w?m Brm, in damaged about 11 ,ilOO, co? W? ijl r ' " ??>e Kire Har '- the vered by uiau. - , 9 thai, who >u at the ure, mui u v7'Z*ai0n cellar, fronting ibo bollera aud near to the eii^loe root?, ?, l said to be caustd by a lot of kindling wood pilei? against t one of the brick piers taking Ure. but how the wood be. ctme oo Ore la a mutter to be uiv<-stigatod. Jacob Sol ler, the eight watchman, allege ttia.t when he diaco* vered the tmoke he went to thu cellar and saw the flro burn log, got some water, but wu unable Vo subdue tUo flames Iacxhplaky Kik? ? Aybto B?Shortly after three o'clock on Bunday morning an Incendiary Are occurred In the cellar of a tenement house at No. a avenue H. The early discovery of the moke caused an alarm, tome remen and other* arrived, went to the cellar, and found there in a barrel a portion of a cotton bed comforter burning. This barrel wu lmmodiately against a ran go of wood bins, and had the Are got a trite more headway the consequences might Bare been the loes of human tile. Captain Squires sent for Tire Marshal Hhker, and wttb that oBeer yesterday was engaged diligently investigating tbe affair. It appeared evidently the act of no incendiary. Nome parttex are suspected > that neighborhood j who were seen to leave the house nhortly before the : alarm. Captain Hqotres has a vigilant eye upon them. I Fir* ? Btbmm Hi? i >siimi or n Pbofkkob or ram Srou am Bwvncum or Amon.?Between Be yen and eight o'clock hat night a Ore wss discovered Id tbe tet and coffee store of Bsr4fcand Easing, No. WK Hudson atreet. The ftmaea Soon extinguished thtt Ire. The Fire Marshal was soon at the Are, and, on examination, found a* extensive preparation had keen maile to burn the premises, fix barrels of cooper's shavings had been arranged on the store floor, and matches scattered through t liens, and a bottle of burning fluid placed between the turrets. A sc(>arato Are w.ts also made In the basement with barrels, boxes anil shavings. There was vejy little stock in 1 tho store?not over 925 worth?on which there Is an in- 1 suraure of $200 in the Hamilton Insurance Companjr. The , police ol tbe Kighlb precinct arrested Berdtnand Rnsing, on suspicion of liring the premises, the pointisg against him. He was detained to await tbe Fire Marshal's investigation. Firs ik Eighth Atoti?Shortly before six o'clock on Sunday afternoon a Ore was discovered in the basement of No. 487 Eighth avenue, occupied by John P. Kgner, umbrella and parssol maker. The firemen put out the lire before it extended beyond the basement, where It originated The damage to the stock m estimated at about $500; insured for 9700 In the Hamilton Insurance Company. The building is owned by Julius I<evl, and the damage to it amounts to about 9154. The first floor is oacupied by Morris (ioldstein, dealer in ready made clothing. Insured for 92.000 in the Vaciflc Insurance Company. No damage. The origin of the fire is alleged to be a suspicious aflair, and is under tbe Fire Marshal's investigation. Fireman's Fi wkkai. YatniCKDAT.?The funeral of Thomas Cox, a member of Hose Company No. 50?who was killed while engsged in the discharge of his duty at the late fire In Broad street?took place yesterday afternoon from tho carriage house of the above company, in Mott st-eet. There was an unusually largo representation of the Fire De|>artmcnl in the line of tbe^procession, the cortege being fully half a mile in length. A Fixsman Rex Ovxr?to going to tbe above Ore Sedgewick Voght, a member of No. 34 Engine, was accidentally run over by No. 57 Hose carriage. Three of bis ribs were broken, with fevere Internal injuries, which are feared will prove fatal His friends couveyed bim to bis residence, at No. 31 Charles street. Drawings or Francs, Broadbtnts * Co.'s Delaware Lotteries:? MUMBX UOUInfT, 17*. JJIT JN, 130U 66, 62, 47. 14, 41. 22, 20, 64, 60, 49, 29. 10. GRAND ConOLIDlTID Lottbbt. Ci.ui 3d, Jdi.t 28. 1880. 16, 66, 37, 3, 38, 27, 36, 30, 17, 36, 34, 62. PKANi'K, BROAOHKNTH A <?>., lUoscers, WUmlngU*, Delaware. Drawlagi of th? Deltwar* Hut* Lotteries.-WOOD, KDr>T A CO., Mans?ereor the Muvui, bbjitccbt AKO sissoubi btatb uirrniM D>u*iii-bm Clam No. 357. Jolt 28. I860. 63, 23, 62, 2, 46, 61, 74, 29, 27, 3, 61, 11, 6. Diuviu-Cum No. 868, Jolt 18, I860. 10, 39, 8, 76, 67, 35, 34, 32, 6, 49, 43, 41, 21. Circular* Mat free of ohArje, by addressing slth?r to WOOD, KDDT 1 CO., Wilmington, Delaware, Or 10 WOOD, KDDT A CO., HlUouls, Missouri. Official DrawlDfi of Hodges, DktU it OO.'s Consolidated batteries *f Georgia Clam 385 Jolt 28 UMO. 69, 29, 61, 26, 37, 32, 6. 8, 18, 13.74,19, 44, 71. HODOIB. DAVU) A 00.. MaEBgera, Maooa. Ueorgta. Brooklyn PliologrBplu^>WUIlMMa'i Miniatures, Cabinets, Imperials and Life HUe. Two forty nine (M9) Fulton street Tit* Chicago Zoustm sad Becoad Compsny National Ou*rd were grouped And Ukeu for Us stereo scope Isstanlare* oaly At West Point, on Thursday lasL Copies reidy. disccMiut to thm trade. J, ill'RNIT A SON, 7U7 Bruadwij. Ttos Bavaaaah Ropablltaa Blaes were Photographed for the stereascops Instantaneously, during their inspection la Bond street, l^wles a re now ready. J. OURNKf A BON, TUT Broadway. Ths Great Esatsra Ham mar Hats?Straw sod felts. WUITK, hsttsr, tilt Broadway, opposite Kt. Psui's church. Ilerrlag'a Pateat Chaiuploa Kirs and Burglar Proof flafes, Ml Brnaaway, corner at Murray street. Haw Tort Ladd, Webster ?V Co.'a In proved Tight Mitch Kewlng Machines, Bt SUU Broadway. Grower A Baker's Celebrated NOIHELKM HKWINCI MACH INKS, The best la use for family sewing 4#? Broadway/New Tork. 181 Pulton street, Brooklyn. , Wheeler * Wllaoa'a New lag MachlaoaeOftce W Broadway, N T Parrhaac a Marblae?"Pay fbr It aa jroa enrn It. " The Kureka Celebrated Hewing Machines ahaoscronimtxiAlloa. rsn he purchased parable In weekly amounts. Bc*t opportunity ever uttered. OBjce 4WS Broadway. Agents ?Anted. Beantlfal Complexion?Laird's Llqald PeArl hAS AI hlere<l s celebrity ss hating no equal for beeutifjlng aud preeerrtog the akin. 4JS Broadway. Ntelaway A Nobs' -Overstrung Urand sod Hqnare Pianos are rArrsnied for Are re*/*. warerooma si ana m waner HTML Truwi.-I)r. Ntnk Contlnaca to Apply hla rmiUcul cure Vrua with aorcewa In the treatment of Hernia. T niiftri, Hiinportera, Hbonljer Brarri Si iapei, wig Hudim. ilk elaatlc MorkuiA Italia, liaikin* Triimi ar,d all aunpetl applian.ea applied? A lady tn attendance la tha female d? partm ni. No. 2 Veaey atrwet. Aatoc llouae, oppoatte Ht l'aui a cfeuroh. Kolktni la Nor* ^^fcf(idlnR than the death of a rh ' 1 i Ip ?Ipn -mfuim ? Tkouaauda are auniially aan !ftr?d by aoflFlp'-i cbolera infantum. Ac, ?b<?e!i?ea anold l.ate baeo poaiuvaly aaved by UOIXO W A\ n nil*and <HntmenL Hill, Inimitable Hair Catter.?Hair Dye. Mi i enta?t < k or brown. Depot, Barclay atreet, and ' ao?4 by all druuclsta. I rlatarinro'a Hair Ojrc, \\ l*a and Toa* pe?a, the beat id the world, wholeaale And retail, and the Hy? prltately applied at No. 6 Aator lloijw. | Batr halor'a Hair Dv? la fhi Rat la tfe? world. Made, an Id and applied In approprtata printa raoma, i M Um wit faa ory, II Bond atrw*. , . I Cllretia|(li'a lllnalv* UIr?Aatnl'r* N?Telly; partinciinaUlnable; no turulii* up bablod. JP" Broadway. neit A T. M?w?rt 1 i'n ^ III..I Rkumci ?1"n Punday morn lap. July 29, aft or a pain- J ful lllnoM, Joh.i J. Bnun, *? .| ,v> yeaia. TL? relatlfcii aiil fnenda of the family ara reaper .fully Invited to attend the rnneral from th? rnalden<.I ,( hi* fatb.r. M?rtln Brnedlct, No Fjwi 4lxle<ntU street, tliia (Monday) afternoon, at Uire. o'clock. H*ritr*a ? In till* city, on snl.irdity afternoon, July 2*, In the V*d yrar of lior a*.\ Mra. .!?/*** limit .**, widow of Ibe late I>itk lletbune, Ka.(., of N> w Yo'k. 1 Mir Doner lun. Till will m *!> u i,. inrrr. Bi ?On Friday, Julv 37. Minuu C , wife of R ft ni. M -.tti, in the 40th year of her ?je. i ill u*e paper* pleaae copy. | liniti _Auddonly, on Panrdar, July 2*. of ?on*e*tlon f the l.rntn, Oukijm It. ?>t.f>wr, eld?*t of J K and y Burke aatd > * ear*, lo months and * day* I ne remain* ? ill be lakcu to Princeton, N J., no the t M train, where aervlcc* will be hold. The friend* v. ilit Umlly lire reepec.trully invited to attend. Brown ?On Haturday, Juiy 2*, ai half pa?t one o'clock r M ,U??TAjrr n. fbtuw*. In the f>7ih yewr >.f h * %$r* i Hi* friend* are respectfully tuw.Ux) to attend the funeral. tin* Hni.' iy) morning, at ten o'clock, from hi* lute residence, 104 Wirt (eleventh atf -t, further no tlee. j Cn?r*Mr.?fnddenljr, on Punday evening, July 29, at half | am nine o'cloi k . of inflammation mi the lung*, At1 ik*t f Cfiat?4i> ?f.'d iii year*, 6 month* an.14 da) a. Notice of the funeral will ap^-ar in to-morrow'* paper I'i atom ?Alter a lingering lUnea, i n Sanday. July Mr' Caroii**. wife oi M Dublon Khe k*rw a buehand and two children to mourn her untimely loan The relative* and fri'tnla <.f tba family are InTlted to atteii.' 'he funeral, lb la (Monday) afternoon, at one o'ctfrf-k. from i r?nidcnce of A. Collenbcyr, 36 Attorney atreet, Without farther in- Ital <?. felwi*, A?a.. pane- plea-e ont y. ?Ob Hiuraday, July HI, at the Conntry nonaa, Bloom at Grove, Orange ooor.y, N. Y., Joan Arorevr* , ftjiv jwa. aon of John ? and Barak A. Dwrleon, aftd years, 4 month* and Vt day*. | Giuiuh ?At Newburf, lira, t county, on Friday, Ju'y 37. Futamni Bum Ghanam, daughter of William and tbe | late Hlnabeth Graham, aged fo'ir months I (.o?*/ ?At Bull's Kerry, N.J., on Saturday, July 2S, A. 1,. ( oan. aged 72 rear*. Hie relatives arwi friends aie invited to ittend hit fhne ral thia day (Monday) from hi* late 1 ?td> nee. Oarrtar* will be In waiting at the Toot of Hprm, street, New York, Ha meow ?On Pnnday, July 29, G?>a?.? Thovaa, Infant at half past twelve I' M. on of Am'* 0. an<1 far- e' HW*-on age ' 7 year*. The fcn*rti1 wt.i Uke p 'ce from (.21 8i?Vh avenae. tb? ' (Monday) aftern" e. at t .ifo'elotk II Ow Mnuay . 'Mil *>, i 5 (Unghter 0f WlUiam H. and darab H. Uifzlaa,??Ml fOtr, 6 month* and 11 (Uy?. TLi- friends aud acquaintances of the family are rwpMl fUiljr invited to attend the funeral. from th? reaidMM G her pareou, No. 46 Greenwich treet, Uita (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Jokdom ?On Saturday evening, July 28, at half-patf nlLe o'clock, IU?uu*C., Jau?hWr of Heorr Jordoo *+ Catharine, hli wife, deceased, aged 4 year*, 3 mor' < ? 10 days itiMi The funeral will take place from the r- . father, Nr 171 9pring street, thia (V . -""lenee of har at one o'clock. v^?-?ad*y) afVeru jom, Hi i lad el phi a paper* pie&JM . JoTC?.?In thla e!?r on c. -ed 10 monttu w? i Jul7 29 > Sum "^rhe'reW**. fwnllr ire f?*P?*trully i-PlL rei deooe, |-1 No 1?1 Fourth-tree., (*> * /) on. * twa ? Lnj!r?On SofHUy, July 2J, uurf aged ? ^hebfr"nd^oft{[e t'aitf ?re re,, imlM to ??? UK frneral, from bia father* rWldenoe, No 104 Bfcrtborry treet, this (Monday) aHef?00?, one ocloclt. 1/onuoT.?On Saturday, Ju^f ?I hla reaidMCf, !f?. *2 Water itreet, I'atkh* UrlW, a?ed H years, a native or Kum Car berry, county Cork, Ireland. Hii friends and thi?e of bia famitjr ? ra?P?etfu!ly iBTlted tn r. 1 v " ?. U. Iinrni, mv [ mimnmj/ w two o'clock, from 84 James' church, MM street, wtaer* solemn b'.jh cm will be ottered uy ftnr Ue rvyxjM at hb soul. aao.vr.?Ob Sunday ?T?einjr, July V, Aaiaia Kiwwv, bob of James amd Margaret Mahony. (;eaiv, month* ami SI Jay*. The funeral wilt take place frow the resideaMof hlfl parents, No. 146 East Thirty fourth street, thia (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock. On Saturday, July VI, T?o?ar Maxt.wo, la the Mtb year of his age The frlen.-ls of the family are requested to attend MM funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at odc o'clock, from Ml late residence. No 101 Waller atreet Morttlv?On Sunday, Jnfy IS, after a short illaeM, Brimrt Ionia, wife of Patrick Mortill, l?V of the city of I.iaierlck, Ireland, in the S0th year of her awe Limerick Chronicle pleaae copy. McCarthy?On 9nnday, July 29, after a abort UlaeM, DAffiwr. McCarthy. In the 79th rear of hit ago. The relatives and friends of the family are requested U attend bis funeral, from bis lata residence, No. 30* Peart itrcet, thia (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Potior*.?Suddenly, at Weehawken, on Sanday, July 19. Jaw*, wife of Darld Pollock, Enq., aged 42 years. The relatives and Mends of the family are reapeetfuly In riled to attend her funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at I wo o'clock, from the residence of her sister, Mra. L. R Brewer, No. 432 Fourth avenue. Roam?At Williamsburg, on Satuadav, July 28. after a loiigaml painful illness. Mrs. Ejijunb Roach, widow oi the late John Roach, aged 35 years, 8 tnootbi and 2J day*. May her soul rest in peace The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from her late residence, 187 North Sistta street, William burg. SrsoTT?In Brooklyn suddenlv, on Sunday, July W, Aihkrt Wm, yosngest (on of William and I<etitl* J. Sprott, aged t> months and 3 days. The relatives and friends of the funn y, are respectfully Invited to attend his ftweral,'from the resilience of hla parents corner of Jay and Concord streets, on Tuesday afternoon, at three o'clock. His remains wtU be taken to Greenwood for iutcrmcnt. SyriRi.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday morning July 29, of consumption, Ei>warp, son of Cliarles Squire. Th<* friends of the family aro invited to attend the funeral, from the house of his father, 1.14 Clinton street, Brooklyn, this (Monday) afternoon, at tour o'clock. Thomas?On Friday, July 27. after a lingering illnc??. Mrs. Emzahrth Thomas, wife of Joseph O. Thomas, UmtM Btates Navy, in the 441 h year of her aire. The ftiends and relatives of Ihe family, also the frieuda ofG. W. Whilmore ami William McKlroy^ire respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from lier late midniw, No. 184 Went Tliirtielh street, thin (Monday) afternooa, at two o'clock, without flirther notice. Taw Rkxhhxijibk.? At Burlington, N. J., on Wedn radar, July 26, Rot Cortlandt Van Rimmuii, D D , In IM 53d year of bis age. The funeral services will bo held In the Preehytectee church, Burlington, tins (Monday) n.oriung, at clove* o'clock. The friends of Or. V. R.,liis brethren of IM? Synod of rNew Jersey, and the cletgy of the various d?nominations, are Invited to attend. Tae presence of IM trustees of the College of New Jersey, and of the dtrustors of Princeton Theological Summary is respectful!* solicited. Warp ?In Jersey City, on Sunday, July 29, J<mm Wart>, in the 63d year of his age. The friends of the fkmily are respectfully Invited Mr attend Ihe funeral ncrvlces, from bis late residence, N*. 68 Warren street, at half |iast nine o'clock, this (MSBday) morning. 11U remains will be taken to Boston Mr Interment. Wnnu.ii?On Saturday, July 28, Mrs Fanoah Wain, wife of the late Ira II. Wheeler, aged M years and A months. Ihie notice of frneral. Baltimore and Bridgeport (Conn.) papers please copy. WlSCKLLAWKODg. AT *V-A NEW STTLK OF KBOKK AND (JAJTKK4. At JUNES', No. 10 and 11 Ann stiff*. Call and as* Itsn. All deaf pekhonh. WHO BATE FAILED TO OETRE'alEP KIXKWBBRB, KBOL'LD APPIjT IMMEDIATELT TO OB. TON MOflCTTEWEBE. OODLIBT AND ACEMT. WFO WIIA, RHHTOEE TIIKIR HEARING Mt BIS NEW ETRTEM. READ NKW TERTIMOEIAIM. raoa rim olaoohuj', sea raw rone. 1 hare great pleasure la rerUf?ln* to Dr. Ton MonMAM great aklfl I have been deaf for a low Urn*, and slues D?. voa Mnarhdsker operated on me I ran hear distinctly MM skill and deitertty Id restoring the br*j-ii. tbe deaf wUbeM pata Is aainaiallag. PETKR Mrl.Al'OIfLIN, *SW To a*. July K 1 m. Ill irw EJevealk SUM*. ROBERT BAOE. KM) . President of tbe Oondkue r Ire Insurance Company, New Tart, Dr. Ton Mceciiusssm. Oculist and Aorlst, No. IW? 'Union Plana-~ Pvas Rib?I ass a living witness of your skill in Ike miss* tlor of tbe ear-bavlcg, no a ret*nt vlat* to New (Orleans, bwiHiO'e Uiially deaf in one ear. and. by the ad vies of ansae frl?di who brousal me to your (Aee, where your skilful oparatlsa. rtthntii imrpult trif M'n /?hnaa t ?i ? t? your n?re deaf, and my hearing la no* u vrll m 'T?r-(v which I aha 11 ?w be thankful lo yon. Hhould yoo Utlnk proper you can oae my name. With great reaped. Tour obedient a*rrant. ROllKKT it AUK. U Wall a\nm. Mbw Tom. July U, IMIi. From OKOROR OORDOW. KHQ , HEW TORE. Or Ton Mwhrlakrr operated no my f*tn for iltiflM M my entire aet.?'artion Id a lew day* I waa perfartly i natia ad. and without It* on'enlence or Interruption lo b'lalixm I ktif much pleaaure 'I *? "<imm?tifiln? him OKO. OORDOW, M Wall AtmL W?w Tou. Jm.? ? .*0 IiH \(IK MOSCHZIKKIE, the well known RI'ROPP.AM CXTI.IST AND ArRIRT, Tnrertor of the V ?H VAPOR IZKR. whtrh matorea t*? hMr> Ink In the oval ob?tinate naaea. aa well u atopa the nntaaa to the head may he nT-aulled >? all dlaraaaa of the eya aad mm from | till o'clock at Hff n.l>THK PLACE. EIUHTH HTREET AMP1K HEARD AKD 1.1X1 RIANT MOl HTAOIIRB tan tie forred lo yrow on the ro.ooiheai fare In a few eeka, l>y ualrg nn nr.mparaMe Ongueat (eatabllahed IHM. It won't Main or Injure toe akin. Il m untd by nearly all dealera. aid by me. R <1. <JK.\MAM, l<9 Naaaau atreeC Price tl. AWO?II> TO TTIR I.AP'KH-TN R* OMMPNDTWO to you to oh III >K1 KTTRK 8 celehrkAad Stomach Itlklem. It la but jtu* to atate that aa a attmulant to the ayateta. In Imparting atrenith and \ Igor ilnrli g crtalu perludl' *1 aUraa, ahtch are oltenttmea attended w ith murh run an<l troubla, we know of no preparation mure highly adapted to all aJIMollotia '-onaeqtienl upon thla caaaa. and for a mother nnra'iur 1*1* the Hitter* rannot be dlap naed with, ?ap<*tally where U>a rtioUwr'a nonrlahment la Inadequate t the demand* of tha rhlld. conaennent'y her itrenij'n m tat yield, and here It la mhere a good tonic, auch aa IfnalMter a Sutiiach Hittera hi needed to Impart temporary a'rrt.glh and \ Igor to the whola vairm ladlea thonld by a'.l try th < remedy, and no domr. *?* your phy??rla:i who, If lm la acquaiuteal with the vlrtuea of t"he Hlllcra. will recapmcnd 'heir uaa in all raaea fold by druggiata and dealer* t-eaprnlly erery whan. apf MAT cm^oinmi Riruraloiuata will pleaae .,l>acrre the auparlorlty nI the MM mppiled on board Ihe 'ireat Kaalern ateaniahlp, and revi iaa oliowlng tretinniila! STK<?r*nip Oa??T K?aT*R*. J Wow at f -w S'ork, I July r. ! ? . \ t hara #urh pleaaure In Hatlne that the c'.wa helon^lnf M ;he (treat Kxatern hare much lirprored alnce partaking at Thotley'a Kw?l for t attla " The? are mora Uraly and glva a much larger and an perk.r quality of milk. Oil. AI.T.EW, t hief hi..ward. Perot for aalo of TnoRl.ltT'W Pood for Hontea and <'attla. Mo, >1 It road way. Mew York. Jj?L Mf?TICU??0 l?K MI KVA TORE J rvBLun onVeommdat FXTRA miTinN"nr r.w>i coprKi roa QRATIM DISTRI BITTIOM IM CCBA, RXCBLI.RNMT ?'1IA*Nt'K TO ADVKRTT-E. ADVKRTI^KMKMTS TRAMRI.ATKD TRRB app !Jf>KRTKI> OM MOPKMATK TBRMH. rpr RKOCf.AR WKD.NK^nAT KprTTOW TO R'^ KRV HPAMIDH AMREICA? R1PCRUC. fKMD TOTI^RnlM ma ill. v. PuhiL-aiion nil ce No. >4 Ann rtreet ikfmkiiatu'W wknttco. 1 I tirwlwrtfiixl ? l?nr? r.f p?rwnw ?r >n??a?4 M r it'tti* -ip Otn 'ini?r >/ Ir**# mark, tVW?1'.*i AmrnfltQ Rrhnapp*. PrVr*** Mnrnt-p* Prtatpp*. kam tnl'Tinntlon ?bl< k m*jr l??d to tb? moTlrttnji of (her iijti tl?? will b* ihMfcfttllj by UIHM-THo f()l/( n Itflt'l IT. fi._nrrF.RToR TORR shirt* WTDI J. tnrrllrr f>T W K R?R, fr^rn l*i^n, JIH I2i w4l*m. CI; H?d<lT IT1..I* All frWt Dp Hm? Khlrl. tloaery m4 ?wll>BW't romjihtPI ?lnrr, Wll RftiMwy, W. T. /\I.n RTITIIPAM THWAfFH. V/ 100 rw? Urn rmr% U?p?rM4, mfWbto tat piinia ou Tirr mi? h? UDOLPHO WOIJI, n RMW?rMI yy II,t)? R PATKFT^riRK W >*Ar?l>y.r A** ? J r/\ CAFK oOU loRow^iu WnR< V-TFRST,|Rr HArrv, la Ho** %&? I f Ml* bj o?n II ? .??' ' ' TV?>r I.I f?l* * a* It:.*4 .. J. L?

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