Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1860 Page 6
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ft WTCAWOWI ^AUTOD-raMALES. ! 4 llMillLT HWHTRCTABLC LADT. AOKD RtTWTEEN A li) ....a SO . .Ik* hualiM-M I I'liuUlK h?r kl . ill fcurope, ?l!cn> b? r icrvKri to ?u> pi-tiou truTrlTln* (>y Hber M companion, diii-m or in ukr c*r? of duUlran, her , |Mw?a^?i Utiut, U?c "i.l> i t:iiuui:r.iU?ni r?>tiared; m not mr>jtv t to ?? ulchm-m An>lft ? Mr?, H. Wunlitt, Ch?Uu>3i ?'j ? ? ? Plottoe. AKKfN' H COOK KSl> i rKMAV t H AM .EKVO!> * .u.t b . .alii'ru, msj rtr.itflv i>r j*?tber. both tre ?i?U? etvsct*. ?n i to m jn- imoniv?i ll? * rruvtm 1 he rlmtiit Him i..| ai 1 ?l?o uurwi t ww:. a^i .j m 1 424 lirr.*J?,i\ tip l * good, wituxa < n t> iivn mi w" A fin * ?kca ? ?u.. >. on u an \m< ; "" I * i?. KH *r?. hi Ik. Apv ly .ii lit -J * ih rd d "< 1,1 1 m r""t" _ ? - . tM mmiu 4 U*KkTUlS. TO TAii i " A Sw"?('rollf^riViK.'iV.y1 ** " n ef * * u< #** |{i?? !? if require*!. Call At 121 H!*?" fc?*r ** J A NEAT GERMAN ?JIHI. WISHES * " 1' * I A mall Am. lean um. y In .uir- *. .* ? * ? I I a SITUATION WANT! ' Hf A RKSPEI TAUI.B v Aktms sa?, 4 V^.r.ouU ,rr?mt'r?*<> ?tr-"t. tfrooklyg. vnrvtl .? tKRIKO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION s? wet our??. Csil ? Dr. Waich*'odloe, llU Wavorley <j. b.rr West of n:y r? '.Meu.g can I* gneo "? . KI1UATION WANTED?B? A VKtlX TRCbTY, OAI J\ i.?(?nd high y re<-omt?ended girl, is full eio.-r.en *<1 id cvokl"*.'. washing aid Ironnifi. or general hnusew>r?, and , ? mwoinieu uid Mkt. Apply st 58 Atlantic st, Mrnnalya. 'l A RESPECTABLE YOUNU til HI. WISH ICS A SITL'A A lion as chambermaid nail waiter, la wnung to ahh ui with . hlldreu, can give goo.! cily refereu :e Uail at No. 3-ji Wes'. Mlhrt_ ARKHPECTAHI.K WOMAN W\NTS A SITUATION, 18 a good plain c.*>k, washer nr l tr?i?i?r No ohjeetion* to e?y or country. Caa oe seen lor two lay* at Wrti - tin A SITUATION WANTEP-ff R A BABY TO BR WET nursed. nw one having lint a'v i referred In jture as *oun ax p.m*:bl?* at 21 av. I) , In the daguerreaa gailery. AFITUATTON WA \TRn-HY A RRSPBCTA BMC OIRL, j U> do the geoernl housework of a private :*mlly die Ma ' nod plain rrxw at <1 ati eicellem waalwi andirmer, nh* has , Be best ?l eWy references. Oiil at No. 1 Mb ?i , ue.j- :fce | Bewery, for iv.o ilay?. ARKHrtCTAFI.R tURI. WANTS A SITUATION IN c'ty or country , ss coo*, nd>-rstaai!? all kinds of worn. Call for two day* at W W?l 19th hi. H.-st of rerereuce. A FRENCH (ilRI. WANTS A SITUATION. AS GOOD ! rook. Uood rrivrvDue. ? all at 131 lUdst., between M and .id ava A RESPECT ABIE OIRT. WISHES A UTUATION AS K.?k1 rook; can do good snbttanlial cooking and .* an eicelleut WHkhrr and roner. underv_auds her h'uilu.-ma Jjoru-igbly, o?n give good city i eference from her laot pi ,-e. OaoM siren for two day* a: 36 Poclftc ?t., between Hi ** and Henry u.. Iirkt 11.or, iruot room, Brooklyn. Ann cation WaNTITV as cook, by a very respectatde wotran; *hH thoroughly unUer*tard? her bneineu. In an eiMllent b?ker >f breatl and piutry, w:!l aauat with the Wanhti'g and Ironing of a urn.II | rival*'fain; y. bert rlty r?-fe_reoce. Call lor l?o day* at 1JV Lht: iyih at.. l>e;weea Id and 3d avt. A SITUATION WANT ED-BY A RESPEiTABI.E young woman, to do thu cooking, waahlng and ironing of a kmall prlvHte family t at th? re~t or rlty reference. ..'an be era at ol i'Sth st, between <$lh and 7tb avra., frit.t baa^ni'-i-t. Asitxtation wanted-by a oiri. to r?o oeneral bon*Hwork In a Kina l prt> ate f.ini 'y; h.-?t ot city r.-l'?r eace. fall at JSti We?t 18th at. front baaement, for twdilay*. ARKSl'ECTAHI.E PROTEST A XT WOMAN WANTS A situation an nur?e: will tak* full charpn of cbildreni will rut atal m?k>- for tbem. or Lake care of a bahv and uiake ber elf useful, no objection to the country, (JooU rfleretite. Can e aeeti for two dJi) b at 17J I rinct- s? AT PROTESTANT EMPLOYMENT SOCIETY'S OFFICE rf Inrtnitry ?>? Canal alreei. <>.1 >;ir!? for bo tela. atorea. .%? . >en?-ral work. < < <?s, d'lBdraaSM. cbiiraber maid*. waiter*. nuraes, **air.*tres?aa. aatoawoman, ?ti>| handa, Ac.; my ?n<1 rwtiQtrjr. A SITUATION WAWTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE young * in.hi, ;u>t .v* f K^'o'Iaud, to flook, u k*h, and Iron, wouindo neutral I "igav, >ik iu a aniail family, ia a gnud wulirr an.l ironer. fall a'. *13 Weal lfUi at., between 9tli and Wii? ava, frame h ' "Je. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION J\ a* tirnt clas* cook m a piivaw lan.tij; aho -borir.ubly understand* c<?>kluK In <11 la b'unchea, and ha*?.ive4 In thm ctty wlib tlie u>o*t renpe-uble fanvl'iea for tbe l.Jt 17 years; aatinho-tory referai.ct a i, i\Can Le teen f->t three day* M IS Amity ureet. In the ?"ie. AR>SPECTABI.E M\RRIE1> WOMAN. WIT.I A ^RESII hrraat of nitik. who ha* 1'it b-r laid. wish* a Lmb) to wet D .ise^'.t ber own ' K. ?t 1J b -i. (1COK.?SITUATION W * ntkd BV ONE WHO UNDER t ouiuta her bttttoM*; l<*klO|[, pMtry, b inenuuiiceo rrenma Wouia do w>no wwi in*, r e" I" the m nurr. ti; t-> ?t r-ler ciw-r. Cail at No. 6 Monroe at., ttoar I'atbar.ue fnr two day*. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WAXTRD-BT A PERm'quI ltduairtooa habit* aod kindly itapoaitinn, wh> ia in every waj compeieut, ami ?li i .* more ai<uoua la mor.t w.'.h a plaer whwb sh>' eould call h?-r h<>me than one with a largt* n try. can turuian tba beat at ruterenct-, ana w ..J uoto\ect to u?<- couLtry. App y at >9 3tb ate. SEVKRAI. SUPERIOR FEMA1K SERVANTS AHTS touted to ?er?e iu our IKr>*?k!yn ftiuiiiea a* ka, wiulu in unit lroner?. ebildren'a tmraea aiol wbiU r air's, are J now want ed a.tiaiKm*. ?>:i.e very smart uirla lately arrived. Apply * .nnlng A Ob., No. 10 liiiary ilreet. near Fulton street, Brooklyn. Situation* wantkp-bt a Moron and i>a.*?.nfe-l Mir *h 1'n '- aiai ' . the ' ru-r .ia lira .ia & k, tuid'o*!. n I* n i'k and butter, lb- > tor k* itaabl maid ?nd . warrr, or i bil l a oune. t* a ? il plai:i *-r. refr- 1 mirrt. No ol.^e't.on to any I t of tbe CO utry. l'l<*as? u^li at II Wral m . c ir.rrof Tib ,?v ! TO THE KICK.-A I.ONO KXPERTKNCIII LADY'S ' Mlkl| I irae. tn tlio hat .t ot utkluK vara < f invalid | Ilea and ucnilenien, ta low d.a-ou;**ed fail i r a.ltir?a? Nuroe. 1*3 K.iat li.-'tb at., near id *\e. TO DRK?MAKFRa ? A TO?NO M\N RATTM * nkt\rr h4m ?!?reare ?Mn toWtMMIIlUlMI to thia rt'y or l?ro.'kh i. with whow ah<- ? it .i .ruatrado. i Amriicaii prelerteil. Addresa, tcrui?, Ac , B., boi lid , llerald < ?ee, ________________ WANTED?A HIT vTI< >N A" H<>l KKRXPKR IV A TV untaP fsnn.i by i ' >*rstai.ila J Uta bnaiu-sa Wtl^rmal i.rrf ^.relerreU. a., u.e at .Nu. 7 .)* | voe ?tr>-<-t Mn< k'v- B D | WANTED?A BtTrATTON RT A T'V'NO OIU A* | ('tiaB.^ertnakl m ! ? r-?a, t.-ai u1 , . ratal-nco <.veu Oall at ?.V> hUi ave., ( icilt at . fur ik i to] Itourda? *fad Ct.d.l) ii'ft x?kse.?wanted, in \ r?m'*?'tarle mar. v? lied w 'tuao. a*- ? o ji ? murae. 1 m hM of eity relerebo-a gueu. Cat! at Dr. Waiab a utUi-a, llj Waver.ey ?w ME* A NTKD?A Sill All. V BY A ^ "N . <1IRL. vS ll rha?^?nnaM ud v. .it r BMW uxl "H ii?ir?ai; h*?no>??."-i the. t ry ? a.l f >r a at t r? Mit rmii|.t\fr a ft*.* Kaal MfANTKD-l?T * Rft.fl TtKI.K Wi'tfiv \ STTl'4WW t. .it ? r?t r ?' ?, * ' -Mx !? ' | e?v>. cw-iIhv ry 4#wre, ? ,n !*? r. W ]TrI?r I ?? ta lk? Iff T''? ?";?? '4 T-4mt *?.. e Can Lc ??<i> fur two la; a at IV fi?ro( v, BUi av | UrAWTfT*-* RITl'ATW* HV * BM'fi'TtH! t t(V a-.?'ia n" > n!?. ai . I * -v -? In i > m> prtrala .ot >. '? ?p**i ' k. * . ! -r ar>l r arr. K>! CUT mwree. fail al? Bulkr at . c T;:*r f II > , Br > * k lor Iw ' 4a? At - t*rvi< HI * R1 -f . ; v r. \ , v > WV mar a?mialia?a U?; "rnc.'a-I : >aai*t .u vra?h tec ?nd irvnlna <t i?io< k*n<< -roora anrivfrhiv! no >b|< ' W<>n U> ira?*l lira < ( ell) CaH a. t$ (U a/., utar Wa??rl?? plar* W'aRTKP V KIT! AT!"* nv t wr'-Tf > T tMIR V* | ?T man. n ? r- m - 1 havr a I .? mrl 7 y n old a.ih b?r. U jJn.n ox u. 4 Hi W.ial. ng*.* n at m*artfo-a *r?vattr>v nv \ ruiiTiwTAXT oi*u WW * > dn bmaroirk a a t'r?- e a a* vsaahrr a: 1 \ I " ?! plain rnnfc, a alr?. 1 Vj arjrk. A^pij a. ?K UuJa 11 mrr . Hr>? k'jro. \i"'ANTKIV a ?m"\rioj?. jir A 1trsrrtTrAM.11 ff n^m.r iU?>r? rt -r ??a ir*r, aril ail ? : ow.ri r ? 1 <t J' f? n?ml b>> w-mM? u a tmat# ' t'a.1 at ?7 tloM at, fur t? > daja. ^ tl'tmtvp-a hiti" attcljf. pt a rehfrctabls TV 1 1 - ' an air % arniM Irau iM> OM -luiiry. aa ekildrat) 11 'ar la a * r?i ra:r .tir r ..tarar. 1a w n* 1 rkai: (*:*..!* .V.I.I n.*?? harar ,a?' t a., tor .? ? dajra at SS !> .K.aa at , Br.?di.ju. M? Uu> r. > \r ANTEIV-mTVATIOXM, KV f.v ? S|-?TKR? fV '? tk?- f>m..\ aa < * .> ? h? - b a rham^a-T? <1 aivt aaitiraa. \ua r?- ' r lr rrttrrik guru f>.. I.rn 'Jaiiai -.jilt ,t rnfir 4 2.11 tt. ^ XAT A HTFr>? A mrVATIl'M Tn Tvt CH\vwFR\TOHK | WW If W aaartt araiuii? aa4 ?n ?* r? tmlTT. ?1??I I t> rrf*'?rr? 1 an l.a a??n 1 *.?* > dai> at I UJ Aii at? , Wiat?o Slat a- . .U1 ata. ia ih? rrtr 1 I \1'AN1KI>-A SITI ATI 'V RY A T' V.. * XAH. TO TT cu4. ?uba4l|.)ii. t al. ?t JUS Una -r.t PllBtl. ? I u'amkp-a >it; vii' x as ?r?:r ki'its hv ni WW ,k. . ..lira ai<aii ? lb Ir*ab feraa*'. of tel k. Cn t? im at S3 VaJUk at, l w :hrf? Jaj a 1 *v \ \rr\ i t- *:t ;t marrtrp wt. 1 WW air, ai.a?k I ilu-ar m ?iih? ...rt. k a > n u art aura? r : f . > - . r. , ? , . tor rarlibralra. ta.l at or ad f-aa 1M Kant : ! < for :\i > da> ? j WAirrr.n a *nranor rt i touw?i ? .ikr t>? WW Rtei ?aa. h?a c i h, * I m li i ? n : ? am til pnra> | ii ... * .** ' I r , > .-i a ? ?i. * 2il pi.i) U>1 a a , ft.r la.i d- jt. 'rat txior, ! ?<* r n. Tl'A.TTITP- * drt -ATlOjr 11T \ r.w: "TAB! * <W?U Tr ? | b< iii?, oo i *-h .' aU'iiK*. 1 u? r wrj, 1 * 1J I M rf ?i., crr? . f K r '' <efc fr ?n B wr,. * W*?\ van iTtntrn *. R TWO mUT *sr> : " - m<a i?i my ? " n'ry, ?? ? - - . ,?.?? :? i ! ? t ?> ? **pit ?*>?.. lli? ' :>?r m j* r.nwi] ?? ! ,* M;rMa, both *t >. t, i , Mr ,,... .< t \T \X1Kn-A FlTi ATJi N KT * Vol N TO T? . ? ] fx II I ' > $7 | Koi 1lnt tor UN n> a u tlTiMH*-* Mtt'ATl< K MY AM 1 >NK*T. TR'' T " n ??"),* ? ?m.? ir ?i ?n j i *?rr .)t b< r - . Cull for t* <Uj? *t Hmfcon ?( , m ih? ] TIMUlW * WTr*T10JI BT V forjfo MARR'-'O . ff ?i*r\n.a* ? ? ijul Mi M ?. j # 5- Uraj J. in u?i' ?r U'AN:Kr > J V ? if rf* , **?.< .j ? ?f ' e' . - sur.A*in * * tto or** i<m An? ' ? / 1 ' T . ft > 1 irt. ? \ I *1* !*Ti n- * TTT" ?TV<V HT * V v * >M ?V M ? ff j brw 1 ? .-I 1 M T%r *' l, ?. ?i We#.^t?4> ? . Unmn W? w* 4 * HITIATKINS WAWTlP-raMmir^ I . VI' \ N TF.D-- \ SITUATION TO POO RUBRAL HOCK* ! V work ?rt?k' are of < hldr?i and oo f>uun iBwtnjt, the ^ -Hr*Pt?-fiimliri- Ustpjue. U^.Jre foi threeday* j ? iht 4ih ?t. rrtr 1 i WANTED?A ?irt'ATIOW, HV A RKSJ'RCTABI.R J V? 1 ri. to do ct.nii.i <-rw -rit Mid rmrtln* or plain gewinr \ ' i .two ?. ? .1 "? lAh at., between avena?a B at J <-' , U- \MP;v BY A RI KPUCTA Bl'lt WOMAN. A HITDA 1 nr. an |00d p.*.In o<j<>Ic. wufher and troiier in a small 1. > mitlv, k'Oi?l city rat'ufWM (tven. Apy y ..t > ? West h<t I !?' II oth and 7tbavea. UAM'RD?A SITUATION, BY A TOr.NU AVKKICAN | Kii-l, io \ -Hi"* old, aa waitr^Rs and u niiad cliiidreu, .uod . rit t all at 182 Kant l?tb at. ut av. H \irANTRD?11Y a illinr, \ kk-;fk<ta ui.m vnrvn ff i.ermiii, who apeak*. Enftliah, a lunation in an inatit i UOD ta aw taunt teacher, a^reem# to the ti.lea of the aa'UC. 1 th'?? interested wtil pleane addrtaa Teacher, Herald otlice, lor three day4. HBtP WA.^TkO-tK SIJ. JUjMfc. ALL KABIUK8 AND GOOD HKVANT8 will FIND he larc'at and l>~?t oflice 111 the city iu 138 ll.h at., corner of ?>ih i?. ?}<Mxt hititteiHiitH imm>'.tiHtely, alao, eo--d, civil, cap.i blr hi lp to auit a.l who call. Girla Ut'eiy lauded wautej, and ainall (.1;? 111 Koud, respectable piacea. Akkkvant wantkd-to do general house- 1 w-< i k ii; a f< of two peraoua. ahe uiuat oe a IM) 1 *<tal.?-i' aod l/vtwr, ?md brink good nfereucea. Call at Lit) W est Ktli it. AK1KST RATK WAITRESS WANTED FOR A I'RI- 1 vote board'ng houac, a ahort uietince out of town; a-Si) ..i nfc?.?lunt ?i.:iret?? tin 1 a chambermaid. App y butweeu 10 aid li! A. M. at U8 21th at-, cjruer ul Ota uve. AS MAM. FAMILT KE(jriRK A GTRI, FOR OKNEBAL 1 i.o'tMdutv. None nerd apply who cannot furnish uneji 1 ?-r'iocah!e reflprence from Ur. i ive. ( *11 for two dayi at ' trj Kaat 3C"h ati-ret. between 2d and !d lira. CHILD'R NVRSE -WAVTBD-A PROTKSTANT, WHO a it ?.-oOd ae*>n? treat, of r*prrien-e in taking care of children, and who h>.a ih? beat of cHy relerencea. Apply at 1W Heury at., Brooklyn. DRKK.-MAKER WANTED-ONE THAT CAN WORK ON >Vbe>-:er A V\ ilaon'a newlnx machine. Apply at Madame i'nat'a, U-H Uli nr., Leiwetn llat and 43d ata., frum'l) to i o'clock. , Aluo apprenti-ea. EXPKUIKNCEn SERVANTS WANIKD.-A Nl'RSK, j Knguakor Scitea; ihrte pnfeeied Cooka; twelve Cooka, Washer a and Iroi.eia. Waiter <iiru> Lacudreaaca. Ironera, (lir a for general work, and cltria lately landed. feiluatioua now ready a: the (serraula' iiiatitude, In) virand at. f IRI.M WANTKI)?TO GO TO A MANUFACTURING J VJT vhlajje tlve bourn'ride from lhia cltv. In Connecticut, to win in ateady employment will be Riven the year round, at remunerative pricea. For tanker information apply at 37 Br<adwa> up atalra. VTURSE WANTF.D-AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN TO J a\ lake charge at an infant and do rhamlwrwork VAagea to per m.<uth. Atp.y, with referencea, at 171 Atlantic it., I Brooklyn. flTANTKn-ON STATKN ISLAND, A GOOD GERMAN W girl, to cook and Co geueral houaework in atrial. faml- I . y; alao a rood G?riEuii girl wan tad aa oura*. Apply at ISO acdouga) at. ?TANTKD. FAMII.IES WIRHINtl TO REMOVE TO 1 Yt -be c< a.'ry, which are compoaed cf two or more (jrowo ip daughtera, maj hear of an opportunity to better their cirsumalanrea with permanent employment In a Biauulacturlnf rtUaxe in the Htatn nf Connecticut, five boura' ride from thia 1 sity. Apply at J7 11 road way, up itaira. fJTANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMIL.T OF TWO PER- , rf aona, u w tnan tn ouuk. wnah and iron. Node need apply , but thoae who full* competent at.d can bring beat eity re fereucea. At ply at 37 Weat ?Hh at. TV-ANTKO-A G1UL TO DO THE HOL'hKWORK OF A , f f ama" ft?mi'y, ui jtl be ah> to do p.u u cooki?K and come ( well !?d. Apply at :i# Eaae< at., Jeraey City. TV'ANTED-TWO GOOD DRESSMAKKRS, TO COMPE 1 TT tent li&uda ff-c*1 w.ifea wul be ^,-iveu. Apply at W Spnrjr at tl'ANTKP ?; I Kf I UMPKTKNT lu WORK ON GROIt ver A Raitrr aewin* ma- luuea Apply between the fecura of 3 and 6 o'clock P. )T at IS. S. Clark k Co. a, lZi ilroad < t., New Vora. ' \V VNTKP?A GIRT. TO DO TO* ORNRRAL HOCBK M ? rk 1 > niiMtil lastly; Boat t>? a good cooX, waabi-r an.l :ianrr, ki >1 come well rt.ommfidfd 'mi. ber -Ml place App'.y Rt He < '. T?- i>t , oirner of Uracil, Jeitty City, between " Um ftoura of 10 and 0. 1 rVTANTRD-A OOOD MEAT COOK, PHS ML'ST I'KDRR '? TV Itaftd ber tmalnrat thoroughly ;oul be well recommended. 1 AN a hoiiaeleeper Ajply U itc Weelcteater House, 1# B tr) r two day*. ttasitd-a oiri. to no gkwrral hoceewoik. 1 TT .Vual oe well rec mmri.iled. An ly ft! 2M 6tb a?*. ^ TI'OX'AX WASTED?OF UTAH). KRHl'ICfTAni.E d fl hi. i. ler, atci?l.?Mid lo ifri.tet I aervlce. t.i coi.k, waab, and take I U i > m? of an c.'lcr.y, ana '? > younf gm- ] !' : n. ?L * to lodge di t?e Mune hou*e. At i .y to T. L, 186 r ... u * \\'A>TD-A SMART, ATIVE OTRI,, TO IK) THE -I f? cetera! kotuMwork of el^ht ib lamiiv; umiu be iully ' Com? eti ul. Apply at l?l fifth M., between lit and Id avt. t . b \lr AX TEH?A W( MAM, TO DO COOKIMO, WAfHINO ?. ?i *i?t lirmiM.: ni. with k'vkI city i ettrence m*> apply at lltt 4ib Kt.. taMMWI i> aud II o clock. i T\"AXTED?IX A RF.f PK< TA 1U.K FAMIT.T, T1UIRR a 11 K - ??*. Hauler a' I lr< ner. lb? other aa cham. rm , .. ?im : ile io ?isi?: in w r*_ i T . td k.i. , Ik* b.^beet aalftry wiilbepaid. i'ail a'. t<fc Broou.e aire't. W ANTED? A !?ROTK>TA?T WOMAN, TO rOOe \ TV \> >h . i. for h fam.iy, at asutu, '.? n.i'aa irom * he y. rail it K i Kftftl Ulb el., to morrow, lut*d?y .Irom 5, 10 to i5 o'clock. u WANTED? V rook. OXK WHO TS WIU.IX.J TO AS- I V? * ?u; n ? ai?iilrg, and r 11 trlnf g mil mroni nwiilftlto? 1 A: tS0We*tl7lhi QM8toI4oclock. ^ II'axtf; -) V \ *Mai.ij PFITATK r WILY THREE * 11 fe m r;oN Ti 11 ! w ?.- ?. 111C I > !? .? 11 ibf 1 _ > Miij M W?k ? !<;air*. ^ (rimn ? rot'.fo v. ma*, uuotmi to ? ?? ... waak, Ac a ft mil prtvtw taaily, v.?? M.. 'erary lliy. " "iaXTv..)-11 v a TotKfl MARRIED I.APY, rrbidixo = 11 iii lute uulrj, \yc :k widow aa ?itnpani>io, vstio in d*-ia< iut'a n.'- Hud '.aw jcii u? axaiM lit binx-hd dut <??. ' hich a t?-?" majbi>Kri'ia <.vd bm? L>y ad<!r-'?.0K C >U' I panion. t>- i 11licralo iCn * ?*ET X R-iR WAN1RK.-OXR HAYIXO KO tUlI.D d' T T I Anjj; t*T. Voir 11 '* N ?. ii JW i?T.f briwecia i i alU sd A WAXTrn-.v no'n <*toac Makerj ALSO AX ^ ?? nw M Haktr'a M idni .... \ . MA. M ft R. l>av;M. 5li? Hioadway, np (t-iira W'AXTKD-I* a PRI ATV. FAVn.T. fWO FRf.'ft'll I M , f ? * ? b>- a? Itn r-w ulj ? tnu<1. Apply to WuBam Redwood, 41 Barclay itreel. j1 \\*ftXT?'.D?H AWT>* TO WORK OW TAW-'KI.H TO * '' -t.? to mak? kwMtdr>wi<. Alao ?mue to . I J m XT*D-^A OIKI TO i?>> THE OEXERAL HOOTK \ w, ? >? KM.! IWUrbi'I'lN PIT tr 'b i . ; ,ti 17t Wu?t ?kl ?t Vt* ' N'TPI>? * V" nv. HKM.THV MARRIEI W >%U* ?T * lh?fre*h rrof n A. u m-t u .-?? f..r mi mf*rit I ' ,-*f A| pi) laiuieUuiii\} At 31 K~?l ??Ui at., u-mu 1 ?? rn?,f o( 4th tr. pi ? |? inn ' ? 1.1*1 UtNl'K WASTKP Al'Pi V AKTKR *' I'M) |o o o k A. M to Dull,, .? A ?b?u ? vml, il ti, I tl 01 Wn'rr ?t. ?l SITVATIOM* WAATKD-MALR8. Ace i.ANPSTKWAHl* AJ?t> AC? orXTAJTT jjj A ><? i.c n > ? ho ?rr?p.l an x*-?ri ?1 uu.,1 (ttnTnMlmt tl< i .i *i?> omii> >r?r? u kc > it Mnrmklti fnr aotpUiviii numr it|ir, App.j h ? * uJaj > M >7 A V. . kiDSt 'U ?t., ?b? f adTrri.irr c?.. ton Hfa. X VTCIXI'* V WO *?*OWRTirEHART>WARlt, IROR < ? M l ? f..rtn * J **j'Vn ar?'? otl? *n<1 p*lnl?. *nj nl i. k" i.?r?' ? ? rj*? In irn.V <( <lrj If .><m to ? I - in. r* : rj AddrrwJ TN.. i ? ??.< wtrJrn. for fo'.r or five d?j?. J1 \n vkoim'rr and MM'iiAKir. <\r\niK or * >k i b . ; of ? t??h or low prrwur* cn?r n*. :?<}? I _ >f pr cu: l:.* ? ? i mtion Pmoas harUif pmriojiamt r . -h ?'I ' ?uMnc ??curr bit ventcM, wl AildrMi WU? A ? ' 4? < ? ?. ? - Ul MKR? HANTf. II >TKIJ, ASP 0THKR8 . , Mfd Iti num nh C ? v 1 < i. I'oi (ft, HuUffftri, Ac. A ?TikiTi'< rt? Rer ?rr, 7* Wr *''* 'iKjIill RAWI.1KB, Hnp*nci?o lei.l u> C'I> *11 V*AMKH- KB RAKK KVPICR HT A TOPHrt th. i?r th r k;V v * ,o? : U-.1 * it 1 tb* li iMoetn in ?;! IU u? > > t?* ?l bis | Wbt employer'*, 18 UUvrr trv^t. ixwr M*dt?i ii HfW, J ^JIl ?i: N ??NT!:|WRT A.v AVRRICAK MAI* or it b i *? tir ?t ?n1 b'Mir-1 mill (rlTf ?n i?f*c. in ! r. nnh t trr l.r tr Rrfrrrro* If w ?h?.l \njr tf M ?( r? ? m.i*r?>>? ? ll ?4.|ii mm C. H., M. T Pi?taflicr, ? ?:?|], - :?n r.:* i'.t rp.) kKR. MA.NT* -fill ADvnran, A TRI'sT. J1* I Vt , Pg ntMl. % f?" 'i I - r ?: (-. i * n U; mi \ ifDirn iiiINm tt< ; Y. ?b<> tn?) fh. 1 Initio .* n r n#r ? M.r rtsprrUUf t*?pli>)uifnL : * il^rmkl cMct, : r m ! >?. J \\*a\i? nv * v >r> j m\?? i atirt t vrrivrh Aj II M m .) - <>M Onvntrj, MtnnUoti In Mor?; M fnni i ? ?rnt?r. tin I ik ?;r?i,1 to wrk wi?iM *ti? 1 . 1 ?n Ul I ?nl_*in . < > ?i I. ' ' AuJrrM J l>U!jr, 8s it. A, * I ? - I Pri 11- \ n HI' N 11V * V'l.l M . MIR. '? . . ? : ( m ! IIm tm.t ft. I) ?t? nc? Wi :Ubf r'Kii'h nr J .fc- ?rT !- ?! ut prfer?T. c ?r?n Addra fr*uk, kt>< n>I IM Harold oKi H. ,?f ~ I IIK TH %PKS. \< VAMTfl WORK?to MAKtCART ZI mi|i j ??*' -j w?.f?j. uvilr* 11 *h 1 i.:i i ?n?i, i r|,, *" " * I L'N \Wi MTrATll'* WA*TKT>, To TlK? J, > I j ?* > ni r* ? ?!t?r*it? ?D4 ;?w*lr? . i1 .?kin?r- TN* >,* >??n f t lh~ **t im i?i ,*'1 iiih I ??"ry?ii*Min .V? TofR. Aadrm ~~ I. Ut|??-a , tit Wm twrnij thrd ? rp< [> ? *irn > FVi*rtK in ar ' [ "? I *r?i ! . i * r?t> V , . rm*1 >''r4 AUJI?m A. li., tK>x 7UC M?.ti?x. J" ?t a. v. * b rri r ! - "' ?: i 1 I ' . \ rr . c> < "? ' ' < n| ,k? *r4.'?1 . >? mr k. bin 13V Herald otBer *" JJ I'AirrvTi v*r-;>uT-:rv-?mi < * rw> r:t?T W >' <r%i..|, TtxMr t f ? - - - - ?-- 1 - (f . i i ?? ?' <t rv} a w \xt r>-To no a Wort r>'?< ' i ? .Jjr ft. ij i-irt. A .1. j*-:I ru ii{M u ant.* iu fc*.i< NEW YORK HERALD, BBLF WAlTUPb-MALEg. k LX. *EKPIU1 A BUS MEN, HKBKINO BITCATIONS AB fa Clerk*. Bookkeepers, Salesm-n. Porters, Bulrtp"!. L? , shou'd apply 41 JtEDP ATll'e Merchant*' Clerks' ?e*,i?try wee. 78 Broadway. No corn "mission In advance. Reiereuce. * Vr li'ants by mail tfeou.d eicl<?? two st.anpr. ICsUblisbed iMjj OKU. KAWUHg, SuperlnLeudcut. 4 t.KNTS WANTED- WITH' FROM ?2 VND UPWARDS, /\ lo sell H n w .ii.d Iwhl manufactured article iB 1'ieat (If11*1.1. Very III*ral inJiu ? mtnta will be ciifu. Apply at?7 Saakatl bit , U>P llooi, from Vul o'clock. BO* WANTED-IN A DHUO 6TORK. Apply lit 11 ^ Broadway. f M)AC1JMAN.?WANTED, B? A TOL'N.l MAN, WIIO bat had prai ! cal experience iu the business, a situation >s coachman . o>l to uke care of * mh?U garden, and make hlmse f otherwise uaeluJ. Address Joseph, CU.'ton, Staten lkl*i.d. ___ (1LKRK WASTED?IN A RETAIL DRV UOODS STORE J 111 Brooklyn A young rna.ii that h.s had two or three rtnrt' Mppiwicf, and that can come well r '.commanded <wi to honesty and industry, may apply at Atlantic St., South Brooklyn. DRl'fl CLERK WANTED.?ONE COMP&TENT TO TAEE charge of a drug store, who U industrious and of good 11 oral (baracler. Apply at turner ut' and llndaou swt DRltl CI.ERK?WANTED. AN A^ITANT DRl'O clerk of uneiceptiouable character Apply between the hours of 8 .ind 12, Newark ave., corner I Ooles St., Jersey r-ty DRCU CI. ERR WANTED?ONE WELL. POSTED, TO OO ? short distauce iu the country. Appl> between the hours : hand 11 A M. in the drug store corner of Clarkson and b udsou streets. ORIO CI.ERK WANTED?A COMPETENT YOlTNG man, who thoroughly undet stands the Business and speak 1 English and Herman. Apply to I*. BegeoJ. iiilj JKh av., oornef jf 32d St. Skirts -foreman wanted?one pkrtrctlyoapahle of taking charge of two hundred hands Apply, aul reference*, hetwt en 4 and 5 o'clock 1*. M. this day, to w. it C. >1. 1 bomaon A Co., 330 Broadway. CHIKT CTTTKB WANTED?ONE OP ACKNOIf0 ledged aullity, to cut from measure, and who ha* he?n ac-nttomtd to cutting and titling the tineA 01 order#,! work. Ap u'v by It iter, with a reference, to Lewis A Haacord, 666 Broada?r Three smart, wide awake boys wanted?to Hell Lloyds' Railroad Weekly at the depots and hotels. It 1* ;!.e best Guide in the World, nnd sells at six cent*a copy. 1 >ne dollar a day cau be made by a smart boy. J. T. LLOYD. Publisher, 1M Broadway, WANTED?A GERMAN SALESMAN. ONE WHO CAN speak Eng ish and la acquainted with the city retail dry loeds trade prefirrsd; none but those baring the desired luallttcalious need apply to P. W. CLARKE, No. Hit Eighth tvenue. 11'ANTED?FOR A LEATHER DfFORTINQ HOtTBB, ft two persona, one as ^salesman, the other xh general as ilhtant. (I.Kid salariesutlered to competent persona havlrn; a mowledge of th> trade. Address D. li., box 11U Herald oUtoe, 9taimt qi.alilicauona. TirANTED?EXPERIENCED DRY (MKIDS RAI.KSURN ?T lor rtuui. Apply between it and OA. M A. T. HTKWART k CO. VVrANTED?A SMART, AtTTlVE BOY TO OPEN (lYSTERH TT and wuit on tablea. Inquire Ht '.be Eureka House, 4'Jif It uilson street. T\'ANTKI?-A MAN TO COOK, ONE WIIO UNDKRVl utands making cake*. None otl>.m need apply, at IH Uraad aireet. T1TANTKD?IMMEDIATELY, A SMART, ACTIVE TT yourc man, a buti her; a single man None other need ipply lo John Holder, 141 York (L, Brooklyn. N. B ? An Eu? isbman preferred. nTANTKD?A MAN, MARRIED OK HINQI.B, TO TAKE TT full i harpe of one the beat dming saloons in Bioad?ay. Will l ve a man wile $14 a montb to superintend the ilw'hen. Wi;l lake what money a man can (pare, and ?ait lor be balance Apartments for a family rent dee. Apply ou remises, 337 Broadway, lnaaloon. ryA>TEl>-A tSOOD MAN, TO TAKE CHARGE OF TT the dining rooin and rmtauraiit of the Exchange II >tei, 16 (ireen* icli at. ?"u? need apply unieaa the, Ihoruunhiy .demand tlie bualnraa. [IT A NT BP?AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT. AMKRICAN ?T lad about lonneen or lifteen years of a**, laimllar with le city, to attend an ollice ami go upon errand- S.tiai i #1 M tr week Residents In Brooklyn or Jtrsey C.iy need not ap ly at 14 Weal at., up ttalrv, between Li and 1 o'clock, tliuday. [IT AMID?A MAN WHO IS ACQUAINTED WITH TT shipping huakoeas. AlaoaliroK Clerk and a Roiid Col ?Hr Apply ai KEllPATH'ti Me chants' <'lerks' Kejutry Bee. 78 Broaitwaj. Snutuoua procured. No cuuimMuu in dvauca. Established IK.'#. UhoKiiE RAWLINS, Superintendent. [ITAItTEn-A YOUNG M AN FROM 16 TO 17 YEARS OF TT age. niuat be quit k and Correct at ticuree. and reside > tl. li ? parent*; none but excellent penmen need apply. Ad ress. Mating a?e and references, N. II. A , Heikl<l office. [lrANTFD?AN INTELLIGENT AND ACTIVE LAD, TT afoul Iti year* old, to attend a manie! piece warerootn; H^ea fC per week Apply at 2U Court (t., Brooklyn. PLANTED?FIVE OR SIX ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT TT men. ursell an entirely new au.l small article, prmcl ally to lo.kkeepera and wnteri. Ilia is a pleaaant and ichly prolllalde bnslneas Apoly at 9 A. M , in the an ire ill ourt hL, liiuuklju. Also a U<1, about lo, ioattend -jure. rVANTKP?A KMIRT BOY IN A NuTE BROKER'S T? cflipe. Apply between ? and 1U K. M. and .1 and 4 1". M. ,t Haitianeti A llersfeid a, 43 Exchange place. flTANTED-A NI'MIIER Of KMART, INTELLIGENT TT c?ab t.oja. Apply between n and 9 A M. T. HTKWART A OO. l a p\lk.4Wa.v, i<f Tint WHOLESALE IT hat rap an.I straw gra?1s busmen* l.ihera! term* wiil t oflered to one who can control an extensive and desirable wde Addreaa. *ith particulars, boi \tbii foal ollice Tr-ANTED-A TOl'NG MAN. THOROUGHLY A0rf qoallilcd with the drug b'lslneaa, tOM h.?itb. to take large ol a drug none bill li>'?e having the rsqiurtal ipa< Ity, w ith ei. ellent ni >ra! characters, ueetf apiily. ui * i. h one rery llbi ral termi will be ollered. Addreaa boi 714 New ark fuel odlre. ;1 A rsR day can he made ry a ao<>n aaLfs Av man worth a hmU oai Ital. aellln* a newly patented . " Jkble Copytu* I'reaa. A ft rat claaa article. The chnaueal id mnat rnnten'.ent letter preaa 'n the world. For parUcuWa Idreae J. K. Cooler A < <., Ponnhkeepaie. M. T. WUBCH tDVlRTHIHKIITI. ' N JKISE HOMME FKANi'MH D'ORIGIM DESIRE IPI?U\?T .t Nr* V??rk . <11 M > #?I1V PC1.? fc. Mm 1^-nn k niter. *oti lit** <lai ? tin* famtli* en { -h iijo m pro?<>n rt ilc aon livemcni llionnntt pliutetiin lanjnen > iHintrt 1>ram bea iiVd<cI> n??meot- IV nun r> fi rrnci-n. ireaaer A. 1. . lleraM < Uu<'!? .IKVMK 1X-MME t'K I.A FCtHSK FRANCAIRR PK _'tn unr place d* i:arf<wt ?1? Mllf daiin in hotel uu ?n? id rUbMrmi^t imIo-ii'iim* II pail* tranvaia el paaa>enutu menl. Kcrtl* N. Sonn icr, IlirnM Mice. 'NK PKRSi'XNK NK CoMXAlKSAXT PAS RNCOBK J I'Aiik!*<* d#?lre Ifmiwt pnapli gMK da l i>'r .i.timD <i a tine luaiaon de coiiiinero* on dan* mi burnt ti. Hereon meruit d?* im dwurr* r> trit utione. Aditxevr 1>. O , Herald l ce. "N PKAWCATR, I>T!? AOK MIR. HAHiTANT NRW J \ork depma |iieV|nea anneei. deinanie line f tmtlle pr1 i ?, | >ur Inlre n'ltJtinrte quel outrage. U donnern Uu men 111** rffi n n< e K'adrreerr a Mr. J.?rph, 141 Mercer el. I.OTHICTlOlll l I %R!V TKF. HOMK JOURNAL KAYS -"!* KVKRY V . -i >u theie le a i*octinned lending men?one ?boae ie In ore I* eo dMUltd u. tm-'i-n tanrc thone iftio iew>b t>e art of wrtUnc. Ohl VKR U < 1? I i>Mil Hw "ia? th" ipdtapauMT nr? eminent per**, and > e KDimftMHl of .be profeaeiMt <1 >' Arvletn' rrmored to >21 id Vit Hroad*a\, corner oi Twenty ttm1 mreet I in>TN?f=? vnr \TION K 'R ACgt'IRIMH FKEK V .? -i >iid r in writlc*. ell in '?m?keep. ig, arlili eli>- Ac.. PA1SK> Mnrran-'le Oollree, lit Hom-t;, lakra t <?il. T?*i b'tl ? -hm* lO deinKe a |? r!.?iol Uir.r \acft ti tc Hi'ii1> r?e?lre ?tUU> private li t-uctlon. I *1>KMT I'K I'KMM AN Ml 1P AND HOOK K MTnVO, L j62 Hroadway. oontin ,ed by W r. llili KJI.ANO, lor *aj >e*r( ??* -'.ant of Oliver 11. flobianiltb. 1 ii?lri>ctk? xi il, rradical end thormirh PtmlLi taught da) aud i I It bonr* vo (till their o? u cooveiurna*. i OUIUMAI PKRFKi-n v familiar W'irii UL i. ii.i> th laii? iliMiTi a ?il i? M>n ae a r?'?Mfnt nr win K Tin -f tn a pr1??u lamily or arlii-ol. no otiJrtUoo t" to ith Addrrae J. It., Punt ottire. Mew Vnrll. . Il F\ ri KM A N OK 8VPKK.nR KDI'I* ATtON, K X PK k I.. ! 'I le.. hii'V. ??h- make Ml eitfaxeinent to a h e'lher the buher or roaiiuon K' (!iah brancbee. Addreae. \iuji (rnua. Ae , J. M., bui 111 M>'md Aire. Pm>nsi"OR OF P * ffi'TMil WHO OIVJW INSTRrf L thai in nil the iii.?!rin i?hI'i m ?nd fancy daneea, decree ?o U> a plae? or it.aiifiti<>n In a Sn itneru Suie, where ir aa ta a auBK Milt liUBitmr of M-hotaia can be uuiAe up to inataln euterpriM. Fur further parUi ul&ra .tddreaa 1). M . llemlil ice. Mnm mnrw-n polrkar. m? BROAO wnr. Will pr#pv" tore ' linalneaa dorinv ?,i.f,.l ok* ?*n ??v imt tht* w?rk *t only IIS f.w? full mam, Mnokk^plB*. Kniinnt Writing uxtuiuarrul Aril> ? . br-ri l?M in?n hxlt prIM. lOXI'fTRN I TR*? 'IRRR MTI'Men T't s MOOT J.-, wn ' fumllirii > ? tl.? Am?r run N< W I twin it* 1&6 Hr.*.l<r*y, w Turk MMl I'htptnnt Phi', 'Irli.h' i cully Anih?T?l Coll***, l?r l?wrll V ?nn, V*'m llall t n? Fii|?r'or Ifirbrr* of ornate (l.ultft ir.J ini?d, ?> ? pro n?>r ??f tactk*; a?l?r\ H,*?> >MHII, Wo<U>JA>1 A CO. [ARfH S rOrifTIKM RO< MS TOR I Prattle* and In?tr |n Bo kkeeplnir and tflnir*. 40?i rirr*d? ?r trvin* MulMlng. 'rrnlara nti ?n' ,tiUM Marsha omplrt# anl Mau'.lfoJ rka <n H<?>kkr?tiiii||. aaw edition, printed In color*. for aftta. 1 Immw A1RK I 8K(H?K I.YR MKR< ARTJI.R COU.ROR. N f tutnn eruMiahod Im9.?Tina pwnlftr a??l wall mn place mar mm regarded Maasuf Ih* in?u.'in?n< ib<* riijr. It to ryro for litatturi' xn In Nokkeeplng, ariih Ik', Ah, d?> ?"<l e>enui?r In ' ea m-liing le*a. t,a, $1 SO twenty Jutt-mlea dm me ikMI'H, W par th. ? J tTHARH AM> POUTtlRRKRRft.?A ORADCAIK ii 1 an eviierten. >d Southern tearbrr ! *b I It up ??r> of Ml II ?I '"'1. II. ?nd * il n i> Into ki i I .inlljr a i -m ik4 to etre?d ten'. t-? ?K <n h? *111 alee hl? nndli kl?d Hi 1 k.n. *<*?lrd?a the trlrnd oi h<- alrerUiwr, Henry Miuik, . Mirrot "ltu>n lintel. for nop mill. ? RTil TIIKRRRKR-A I,APT RX PRRIER" 'RT> !J? te?. I)** Kngtiati hr?n >< ?, t rf?. h. mn*i? and draw l? deeirn le <>f praeurinc a aii'iatioa m |nvrreN> m >" ? lily rrmdiiiR in ore < f th? SouU>?rn or S<> ithwcu ern M*iea. li(i? R II., 19 Wrat Jftli ?t r? ? -? r r. r.- * n llil in I, * I'T , II I'MI I.I d??.r*a ? Ktnati. n t. ? b?r, ?ih?r m rr of nit or tn an ir?UiNli<?. Mul.rt< r, rrlrri-iie?-* given. Ad ? K C Hrrmt.1 rANTF.P?BT A MAMACHt?rm I.APT. I? VR* .? of ?c * tlt'Httom M toT?n??nn or tMrh-r l?-?n rtnod r*mlj for hem hy ih? m ! <v>mpfient ?n4 Onrmu ?i hrr?. ??<1 In* h?<l etjn ?rw? ? ? jo, *rn??a In lh? *' nh, i r'-i l? h m i?r I " ?t M ? j| fc.nfc?rr1 ? 17 INkrt cr <lrra? ??r ? rrm?- vu<? , l'<?i offlr*. mr# i( n f 'Uler l't?i 'f itfwtMM iI .'iim k> elMriw't?r and iuiCM 1 t MONDAY, JTJLY 30, 186< ' PMIIOMAL. Am information o? tuomas wiu-iamb wil be thankfully received by hi* brother William, ?t ti I UiJod Houee, Hew Bedford, Mui . Ant information conucknino m aroakkt Mri ray, l?lely nrrlved from pariah of Megalah, county Oorl I Ireland, will be gladly received by her stater Address Brt get Muir&y, Pojtiaud. Conn , care of Dr. Ueo. O. Jarvia. ANY PKRHON WHO WOl'l.I) BK HUN TO TAK char? e of little boy, a year and a half old for a modem Compensation, will please fcldress li. 1 , boi US lleraM ?<H1< A LADY, WIlOhK MAIDKN NAMK IS JA.NKf KKKUI ?oD, left Oallowajshire, Scotland, some twenty year* ajp believed to lie now residing in tin* city, the will me-t wl Inenrts until Tuesday m?n, by addrea ling John and (ieori I ijil>sou, box Iti Herald otlioe. INFORMATION WANTRn.-THK ~rt KNTI.KVA N~ D1 Boyd by name) ?ho waa cm laiaj.l the New lu< ? and I rielphia train, on his way to Keutucky, on the lltli oi U,. ' ? I Itv'iV. and who vave a preariviax) lor al.soesa in .1. head the llev T. (1. llaiighton, will cleaae lend h.n l'iat office * dress to him. at Salisbury, N. tf., aa the lnionnation will be < very great Importance to him. II. MKS.fl.KI KN, WHO FORMKRI.Y UVtlMIN HKROE Hill, but at pi' M-nt rexidlnK somewhere in Jersey <?k by sending ber ad.lrtsa to Mr. Zimmerman, box 917 Poet ittlc ran nee an ok! I lid whom she met several tune* last suu mer at Mrs Mi iam?, in Brooklyn. INTOKV ON WANTKD-GF KI.l.KN TIRKNKY, WH arrive i the Yorkshire, from Liverpool, two years agi and waa living in Brooklyn 'ant May lnli>rmau<>n reepectlr ber may be communicated to Roche, Broa. A Calley, 6U Soul | street. New York. L~ ? r"l W AS URKATI.Y DIM APPOINTKD. PI.EAH say where I can meet you I have something 01 Impor ante to communicate. Addi eea souvenir PTRTS.-I-CAN T~G6~ON~VniC "oRKAT KASTRR? Will return by the end of the week. Th udu for the BOITE. RKBBCCA-AM I NKVKU TO 8KK YOU AGAIN? I* send your address to J. Moreland, per Binadway Pa office. DKCO t'lJCRK.?Till HEM I JEM AN iHIS NAMK AN a<Mr?Mi luive been m'alaidj who served an auurentlceahl iti Stephen's dl-eer, Dublin, mid who arrived rei-ently froi rhiadelphta. will please call upon Mr. John O'Mahoay, No. Centre kt , third floor. WIWEH AMD LmtOHg. ~ A BARGAIN IN BRANDY?A QUARTKR AND ONI eighth p>i>e of good Brandy, ju?l out of bond, will h NOkl very cheap for rimii, moat be sold immediate y. In<|uli of WKltsTkB, HH Third avenue, up stairs. SWKDIHH PUNCH. We bare the pleasure to annonnoe to the public that w thla day have opened our new establishment, M White st/ee three doora west of Broidway, for the man ufact ire of the cell bra'ed Swedish I'unch Kor all persons wtto already have knowledge of Ihla excellent cordial, do other recommend atlo la necessary than the notice that our article la the beat eve produced. Kor thoee persona who are not acquainted with th article, we will atate that thia Swedish Punch la made of pur old Hatavia arrack, (of rk'e.) and is the most deUcioua an healthy drink, to which everybody will take a llkltif from th ftmt listing. Swedish funch has been for centuries the prui clpal favorite beverage in Ihe noribem-part o' Europe, and w presume once Introduced here, it has prospect" ?f a (food fu lure In the United Suites, t'nuunri lo other mroug drinks, w anticipate for our Swediah Kunclpwpatmnagc also from th ladles, aa this drink, regulated actWding to the Uale by ice u ai?la water, cannot fall to meet their a^p-ohatum aa uie bei cooling and relreshivg drink hitherto Invented. We re<*im mend the Swediah i'unch to everybody for a trial, and we ar sure of approval, but especially to sufferers of consumption a a relief or remedy for that dlseiute To since , orators, acton Ac., it Is invaluable?a glass or two taken during performano yielding them a clear. powerful voice. The above article I sold in unties, I Kites of 12 bottles and per gallon Old ItaUvl arrack, especially Imported for uae of our manufactory, cot stanily on hand. New York July 38, 1H0U. CASTKN LYCHOU A CO , St While street CLOTHING, AC. Agrrat dkmand fob clothing ? LADIRS AN! gentlemen having any oast off or seonnd hand Clothing Furniture. Carpets or Jewelry to dispose of, I will guarante to pay the fairest price In the city, by calling at or addressin 133 Seventh avenue, between Twenty lUth and Twenty slit streets, which will be punctually attended to, by MORRI ABRAHAM, ladles attended by Mrs. Abraham. ATTBNTIOm-TUK RCRRST WAT FOR LADTO AW gents to get ii lair ca?h prlo* for oast utf Clothing aud d< lie humbugged by great putts, is to call on or address B. Mint, 282 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-eighth street. Ladles a) teuded by Mrs. Miutx. A BKTTKR CHAKCR KOR LADIRS AND ORNTLKMR1 Ck. to couvtrt Ibeir cast off clothing inu> cash and no hum bug. The Inches! prices paid for Carpets, f urniture and .lew elry Call at or address 1 Jt Seventh svenue. between Nine teetuh and Twentieth streets. Indies attended by Mrs R. N business transacted on Sal unlay a. A CARD.?ORNTLKMRN'H NKW AND LRKT OKI Clothing pundiaaed for the Western on irket. In large o small lots. Call at the store, or address Thcmn* D. Conmv, t Centre street. N. B.?Merchant tailors having any ou ham will pleaae addreaa ma above. IAIUKS AND GKNT1.KMKN WK H AYK A URKAT DK J m.ind for e?*t off ctcrtMn* for the Wetteru m.irUct; ala< Kur?ltn-e. I'aipet*. Jewelry, Ac. I guarantee m imy the ful taab price for IW above mitnwl article*, and D'4 to burabug t done by oilier Kraal boaatera and falae prelentlera. Call an. be convinced to your aUfct'acuou, or plenac * Id raw a m*e b< poat to llarrla, No lftfi Seventh avenue, bet aeeu TweuiMlh *n< Twenty tirat nueeta. ladles attended by Mrs. llarrla. fpilK PUREST WAT FOR LADRft AND ORMTLKMEI X to net a fair pilee for rait off Clothing. Furniture, Carpet* and not t<> b? bnmb'<KL'e<t by rreat pufl'a, m to aend a n.'-e b pi*t to 1&2 Seventh avenue, which will be punctually attenJe* to by J. AKHAl.T. iAdiea attended to by Mrs. A. ?G WORTH Or KRW AND T.KFT OKF CLOTH vO.l/Vv in* wanled for the Wenteru market The high eat caah price ever paid ran be obtained in bankable inwey for large <>r ?mall lot*. by cuUtng at Ihe >1 irti nr aiMrneain) tin. walah. 41 Centre aueet COPAHTWKKH1I1P HOTIC Kg. AM HOOD orPORTt'NITT FnR A HOHRR, INOt'STRI oua man, having about II >*) ax 1'arlner In a law uhoietale I'nului e i oniiuuiaiixi liouae; pr<4iu about SO (XV pej aumitu Uu<|U> aliooabU-lelirrooea Hill be required. Apply at i'tj tironunay. rouin 17. VKWtfFAPFR RfWTVlCFR-AMY OVK WILLIWtl TO IW I l^f nit Inm ?1 itt) to *6,UX> in a weekly pnper that Drill be" me it good prove ty, can do ?o by addressiuu S , Box 2,707 Fust oU.ce. r ? .? Pm AR1NKR WAN1RP.-IN T1H WIIO'iKHALB AHI> H* tall i li.tblng tmmneem With t?ent>fhe Ibousaud doiiara, ^ .'.droit V. L . Herald <<ke. _ TI!R COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE RXIHTING (rtween the imderalfneil, under the flrra name >4 W H Knlflen A On.. U this day dlaeolred by mutual consent. W. H Krill' n w ai?ne authorized t settla Uw aGalrs of the UU tirn ltd ?i* i iia nam# In II'IuMkUuo. W H K MKK1X, Hew Voaa, Julj 21. \M. wm. TUCKER. ?nen WIl.I, BCT TU* IIAI.K 1NTKRK-T IN A> ?P_? IU eatabliahed buBlfeaa p?>lng Irutu m<i 11 *71 fei minth to earl, party. ele>rof a.i ' No lurvher capt a required Apply um.KO. SPrtlNi;KR. la T. UaSae} ' ufflue No. 9 < bambers street fl?0/U\ ?A PARTNER WANTEP TN TflK ni.DK.-n fOvl/i and bee; c< mtf Katinif. Oyaler and Drinking fla In n 111 Chatham atrrrt I bomhl thi? Saloon out la* *ni atld I Ih? rent to Sei >im?r 1. 1H60 I have erer\'hnk rompletr tn ainmmodntr 11* jn-ople at a time I am a alnicU tout c man No ine but mysell It la a laege nl?r?, ami m lai haw (tout help. II I get a*maa to salt, ! wtTglve him a fill hare tn itnrk. two year* lease, and naturae, and half proftta lur t.'UK1 and if he brings h.a wife to luok ot<t the help, wt will pay her *1" a month and board I mnai gel ??' . tie ax'ii, aa 1 ran not he In the bar. dining room >?ad'kit her at nitre Apply In ti e aal<v?i 137 Chatham atn-et, corner ol Hi* ?eielt. next door tn the theatre $|i)||(| -A PARTT Will TIIM A HOI' NT I? WANT )' "V t. ed. In engaga In a genteel and aafi' business. thai v111 nai J'. IkU withia all nai.nthe, aa will Sa ab"w n upon an in Unlaw Address J. A , Box No. 1*0 Herald ud.c . 4 J C/A ?PARTKFR WAWTBP. 15 OX* Or TltR fliU'i beat rrataurairis in Krnalwaf: beeud'.tng alvie < a?b t'lia . eaa tor ten years. It reqnlrea two Inrtrryon th? buainaia. Will take what money a man ras spara, and w.tll fi r the bait-nce. Apply oa the premise*, 157 Broadway, ui atl<*D -A PARTI*** WATIKn.-AW Hf NRST Ilf duxUvjtn .'ire man. In Uk ha' <e of a Kurnl lure Mi 'e in a fond t iini-i* avenue It iMs etty be ran make lr..m r.1!) ?? tat a week Apply to t. ?> APf NKV, Mo. V Cbamhers Mreet. enn -wantrp. a jpBciai, p\rtner, with' ibis raplul. for the extenaion of afafe hnal ni'wi 111 ? bh li here are no rtaka. au.t wbleh h.? tbe beat pr ?i Sm ecu of aurceia. Iteat r-ferei.. ea mven and re iuirej. Ad> ^Irea*. with rea. name. W. R. li., Iltraid o??e ajc nnn -WANTKP. a partnkr with thtr JUiUUV. amo'int in raah. In a buWnesa, already eatablisbrd. payliit JUU per reot per annsm prnilt This la so humbug, but wUI bear a close tnveeUffa'i?*n Call at UD Broad way, In tbe l aaetuet.l. and ln<|iitra for 1'KTKRK. AITHOLUB T. ~~ n.AlRVOT ANT?MRM. HKTMOVR, MRPIOaL I elalrroyaai. mrnaa Wo SUB Pmirtb street, two blocks weal of HroadwaT. <Vaiaultalkma day and eeealag. on airkaeaa, huaineaa, abaeut (risa ts, Aa, aad aaMtfaoUoo (uaraataad or ao pay \ BORA FIPK AKTROIiOOIRr THAT KVRRT Olfl j\ ru a?rana on ror itaiun* antlarartlon rnm to Vada?e W llJtnN. who 1*1 H tha objart of your rtiul aa mnn Htmm tar her n?>m. All abould oonanlt this naturally *ifta.| tedr, aa It mlirht mti tbatn many miafortunra Kb* cauaaa ap?>?>dy nirrliim. and u-lla all that mmrm yrmr wltola Ilia. >l?r nradtrtiona irr no trua that taay aurprtaa ail who roaault har. a. H.? I kin In pmii'aalnn of m??V- rh?m? for Irr* and r <od luck. mblrb lira arar certain In Utrir affact Mht.1 ?c Wilaon tall* aotrna that emna a<lir? may ft a little UmM ihoogk they read I0? fear, for ihe prm iku nnhinir bill what la remediable to pki.<?>rhrr? |H9 Allan atreet. near ftanUxi, orer Um bakery. Fee for iadiea and laiLrmru M) ret>!* Arro5if!HTiro.-MAnA* morrow. rrvic?th daughter, bora wiib a caul and gift of (..reat^il, tella bow and "flan you will marry, an! muv 'ranti even yoni far* ibnughta. Fee J? renta, until iHhar* Mop ropyinji my ad lar'wm'tili. 1M Ludlow au-aat, kaluw Houatoo. i+eoUoaae not admitted ARIROUHJY -MAPAM LKVT.RRVKKTH PAl'OHTRIL ran l?? ronaulled about lor?, m*'na*e and abaani frian<4? talli all Iba eraala of ltfa. at ISi K'l'abetk atreet. l*dlaa it rant*, fart Ian;?n 111 r?nta Kha eauaaa speedy tnarri??,< and glrea lucky number*. N' R-?llO IIAH 50T PKARP or Til* CK1.KRR AT ad Madama HI(KWf<TKR W>e baa n MnwM thonaaiida In tkla and otker rtuaa wtib ei.ure aatai*. tfoa; aha ferlt rmlldent ahe baa ho e.>u?l. She teU* u,a a una >f fm ira w Ilaor tinahand, also that ofM^rta tar Ifj' a wiah I ha ir-itk fira b er a rail, at Ml Third a>Mia. aNrre Twenty Vat ???*. Adiaa Mr . ? >1 MAPAMK t.A MARS. rorHTKKjrri I'AUi-UTKR, I crn ?Itfe aavan can a <?t her fare. She ean panetraut irlo ihe re aa*e? of the h<-a?t and reteal Tour ?h<>;e 111*. At 261 Itowery, naar Houston ?lrr?t Ff? fr to At) < Mt!a. RKAP TIITR.-A PIIRKW?1IX>Ot?T A*P AHfRoUXIUf that heais tha wnc d and 96 iwi raward for any ona ? hi ran a pial Ml>r ? KI.I.INkTI>?, whoia acknowladira^ to ba 'be oti'y lad; In tha ritr who truthfiilly *lr?# laformaiton owa Inn !< aara, lawanlta jonrr-ta. a aani frlan l*. k?\-a, oonrtaaip. marrlaira haa'tk, waaiih. and wkt will rarlaint dnn knn and na Mthrul kuthand*. Iliaa W ta tha only paraon In thla clljr ? h<> hna'ha far ilna Roman. Arabian and .tapanaaa tallamana for k>*a. a>-*1 n k atd ail hoatoaa* aflatra an ! ara t larantaaa f. r ltfa. IVIar ? t to P>*aa?!t IhH natural r ir tad and haautif f !ad. I.<ky n'lBilara ?|van. Illrhl' raapati la r'ty r? ?.-niaa? n ' a i at bar ra?Mmra. id fnih aveuua, Of|x am- I < I Urno iia!? S"t or tmk wojfPKRrt'i. Madama Rurlt ahnn It.ra, aitrriKra anaani frlan la, btialnaaa, nan tha Inta *t?<1 hna <?i. I1" nit forf?i till Ho ia k n atraat, o| |??it| l.u, otr, ore. Uj* UiUm bat ( ir? La4ia? O vflitA ). * | OTCIAL WOTlfll. 1 A LI. PKR8ON8 HA VINO CLAIMB AUAIN8T TH1 Wle ' A- tat* of Kdmond and Ann Nu*eut, late of Ike city of New fork, deceaaed, are hereby nottfled to preaeut Ike aame, with " proper Totiebera thereof, to the undersigned. at his More, Nu. l. 72 Aooaevell street. on or before October 11. 1W0 , CHARLKH MORRAY, Eiectitor. j. N?w Yok?, April 10, 1MU. A CARD. . -ii The llfoitrtk Hudson Asaociation would respactfti"y " re lorn tkaoki to Mrs. K C. Coffin. of Belmont Hall, New Brighton, Nwfeii Ihiand, for her generous treatment of the Atsocwtion and the ladies ronnei ted therewith, after the ac). dent which happened to ilia boat oo the evening of the Z7lk J uiaiunt. Hy order ! ! ? . ? of the Aaaocl una. ? d. J. Phut, Bee'y. juiin i <IIAW, Pn? i_ 1/MPIRK CITY RKUATTA CLUB MEETS THIS KVKt AVi nilg at Ike St. .Mark I'laeo Hotel, cori er of K*l?h street a. ai d Third avenue, vc complete the arrangement* for the Slith r Annual National Rowing Regatta ^ STkPHK.V ROllKIt fH, President I A. M. Matthews, Secretary. jf NEW YORK CITY AND CODNTT LIQUOR DEALERS' Protective Society.?Member* are requested to att^nl the " n.teUng of the above Society at the Bieecker House. corn ?r of ? Bleecker and brecue atreeta. on Moud.ty, July 30, at J>, V. M. ? By order of JOHN D'HoMKRUUK, PrtudenL a 1'iilk MlQdape, Recording Secretary. O I QFKICIAL. ? KI.Ki'TRlC TEI.KORAPn HETWEEN THE ATLANTIC ? ; AND PAt'IFliJ HTATFA TkKA.sukv Uai'AHTHRNT. luly 10, I'M!. Proposals will lie received at this Department mill the tenth r. any <>i reptemner next, pursuant to tne louowiug aci 01 t-ou t- gress;? Au Act to facilitate rommnuiealion hetwwn the Atlantic and Pacific States by Uectnc Telegraph. ' Be It enacted by the Senale and llouae of Representatives of Ute United States of America, in Cougress aaasnbltal That the Secretary of the Treasury, under the direction of the Preaideol q of the I'm ted States, la hereby authorised and directed to adver - Use for sealed proposals, to be received fur s'xty day* after the psseage of ihia act land the fullllment <>r? which shall be gita . ran teed by responsible parties, an lu the caae of bida for mall |> eontmcie), for the liae by the government of a line or line* uf p magnetic telegraph, to be constructed within two yean irons n the thirty lirst day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty, from 1 e aome punt or pointa on the west line of the State of Missouri, by any route or routes which the said contractors may select ' (coiu.ecUng at such point or poiuU bv telegraph with the cities of Washing ton. New Orleans, Mew York, Charleston, Phlladeiphia. Boston, aiul other cities in the Allaatic, Southern and West ' ern States), to the city of San rranrlsoo, in the State of California, ' for a period of ten years, and ahail award the contract to the ow'* eat responsible bidder or bidder*, provided sucn proffer does not e reqmre a larger amount per year from ths i/nited States than forty thousand dollars, and permission Is hereby granted to ihe said parties to whma said contract may be awarded, or a ma jortty of them, awl their assign* to use. until the end of the said term, such unoccupied public lands of the United States as t, may be necessary for the right of way aad for the purpose of >- establishing statKms for repairs along said line, sot exceeding a at any station ote quarter section of land, such stations not to n exceed one in fifteen miles on an average of the wliole dls r tiuice, unless said lands shall be required by the government e of the I'nlled Staus for railroad or other purposes, and proe Tided that no right to pre empt any of sale lands under the laws d of the United KtaUs shall Inure to said company, their agents e or servant*, or to any other person or persons whatsoever: Provided, That no such contract sha'l be made until the said line e shall be in actual operation, and payments thereunder shall 1' cease whenever the contract!irs fail to comply with their 0011 e tract, that tbe government shall, at all times, ne entitled to prie ority in the use of the line or lines, and sh\U have the prtvi r lege, when authorized by law, of connectiug saJ I line or lines it by telegraph with any military posts of the United States, and i to use the same foi;government purposes; And provided also, s That salil line or lines, eicept such as may be constructed by M tbe government to connect said line or lines with the military ?. posts of the United States, shall be open to the use of all citizens of the United States during he term of the said cons tract, no payment of the regular charges for transmission s of despatches; And provided also. That suah charges shall i not exceed three dollars for a single despatch of teu wolds, with the usual proportionate deductions upon despatches of greater length, provided that nothing herein contained shall confer upon the said parties any exclusive rig. I to construct a telegraph to the Pacific or debar the government of the United , States from granting, from line to time, similar franchises and n privileges to other parties. , Sec. 1 And be it further enacted. That tbe said contractors, V! or their assigns, shall have the right to construct awl maintain, " through any of the Territories of tbe United states, a btanch P line so ss to connect their said line or lines with Oregon, and *! that they shall have ibe permanent right uf way for said line or lines, under or over, any unappropriated pablic lands and waters la the said Territoiles, by any route or routes which _ the said contractors ma select, with the t. ee use during the ' said term of such lands as may lie necesaary lor the purp.sw# H of establishing stations for repairs along ?il hue or lines, not exceeding, at any station, one quarter section uf land, such stations not to excceC one iu fifteen ou ao average of tbe whole distance, but should anv of-said auarte* sections be ' deemed essential by the government or any company acting " uinler its authorit., for rai'road purposes the n.ii<l cnuraci tors shall relinquish the occupancy of so much as may be ne ' cessary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount o? laad fur >- Uke use lu its stead. 0 Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That If, in say year during the coniinnance of the raid contract, the business doue lor the I government as hereinbefore mentioned by such contractors, or I ' their asaigus. shall, at the ordinary rale of charges for private r mesnaces. exceed the price com racted to he paid as afore1 said, the Secretary of the Treasury snail, upon said accouuts 1 being duly authenticated, certify the amount of such excess to Cos gress?provided, that the use of the line be given at any time, free of tost, is the Coast Surrey, the Smithsonian Iuatit ir tion and the NaLonal Observatory for sc entitle purp<?ea; > and provided further, that messages received from any mdi1 vidual, company or corporation, or from any telegraph Unas ooonecting with this line at either uf lu termini, shall lie imI partially transmitted In the order of th>'ir recpuoo. excepting f that the despatches of the government shall have priority; and 1 pnniaeo mrtner. mat i ongreaa Null at any time ba>e tfce right to a.ier or amend thla act. Approved June 14, 160). ' Tbe loaeat offer for the tiae rf a ich te'egiaph lor the public > aervire will l>e accepted, provided tbe term* *tid aauiitHms a' prenaed m ibe act afcall oe lully art innb au.l atipuutled u the ' propoaala. whlrli muat be accompanied by a guarijitee, In cmlortnitjr with Ike twenty aevtnth aection of the act of .1 uly 2, liCW. In rrgard to mall aerviee, to the ell ret that tbe liue or linn ahull be completed witlln tlie time prearrlljed, an.I I tut tke cuaraator* aba!l then euter into obligation to the t'ui.eJ , State* for the performance of the nervine lor the goveruuicut. , [ under n.tld act, at tbe ralea ottered In the propoaala. Bnch guarantee may be In the following form ? Tbe undrraigned reeld:t.g at , In the Stale at . undertake and promiae that If the Secretary of the Treasury aball accept the within propoaala, tinder the art of June 16, ItW the line or lines of magnetic telegraph (hill lie ' completed and put Into operation s or before the time atAled tn the art. and that ?e will tlieu everuie with the parties aign In* the within prop<?tls an obligatl m to the United Suter n dur lorm. a* sureties for the perl onaance or tbe service, ar I cording to tbe taring and oobdiliona joiiiained in xucb prupo **J%ted at ? "",t '<? 6<-?-o?p?:.led im?> tM cer.ili Ih?? 'I ? States dlnlrict Mtnraey, or dsfti'n J.? ige, ' 1 attainted with each of tbe ffi'r.j aiffuinic urcir ante*, ind known '.hem to b? men cl t Jfiiicut properly to in. ? * ond the abcve guarantee. Tbe pmfxmla and guarantee must be aeMed up aad dlrecte I 10 The Hacrelarytof the Trrafurv,,Waahlngtou, D. C." and on duiaad Trvpoeala (or l*auflc Telegraph." I HOWKTJ, Secretary of tbe treasury. ' t VT*C? OF WATKR CtlMMISHloNF.KH. JF.RSKY OXTT, V* Jtlf IS, 1H60.?Notice to Vacbiuiaia and Buildera.?Sealed propoeala will be received at the office of the Water ("ommls > aiooers of Jersey ittv, nntll Tuesday, Aug'ist 14. at o cl ok , 1' M., I lor the rouatrti. lion and erwtlon, on tbe inundations now prepared, of a I'omlah Heam Pumning Rnglne, and two drop Hue boileis. at the engine houae of the Jersey City Water Works, situatrd oo the I'aaaalc river, orpoaite the riljuje Relit vllle. N.J Alan, at the Hue Use aad plsce, separate , proposals for the necessary eitauaion of the present boiler I boner, and the maaonry re<|<ilred for arWng two boilwa. I'lana and a(>rriucanoiia of the work may be a-en at the ofDce of lite > Knaioeer. on and alter July's. Tbe I'ominitaMmrra reserve the n*ht ui reject aay or all the litda ir deeme<l for tbe lu ! tereai of U>e city. KHAJJTfH K \ N 1> AU1., 1 PreaiJent of UomjiI >1 t inin^atooera. ; rrUK ANNt'AI. OF.NKRAT, MFFTINO OF THFIiiniT* J. berg Fe-? v < Wpany will be he'.d on Mond >y. Jaly JO. at 7H P-M.. at fyuacuraafeall. tttand 116 an*! aire* ! U HfRIU Nrcret4ry. ID I Sll J? I.. ARPUCNDID PlAKOfORTIt, 7 0CTaTK *(18T EXCEL lent une anil warrant* d, will be ?>Ui ?t .? \?r, I ??in, a *a<x?xl kul fUmi l**?n ? . in :inge. by A. W4UKH, U> w?* HnU?y, ww o??l mm. I A UKKATLT IMPROVED PUNOPOHfR. UOIITI A 1IRADBURY S, Vtinlutvut of A HRW SCALE 0VKRHTRCKO BASS P AT RUT IRHll.ATKn PIM.L IKOJf PR \MK oRAND ARD HQL'AKK PlA?OPORlR*. No ill Hn>of street. PI AX i ? TO tKST. AMAONIPICRNTKEVKR OOTAVB ROSEWOOD PIANOlorte for ?aj??at a ' wrgmn, k?* ro ;?1 r.imera, grand diagoral bar, rtcb Urn*. ec-olloped krti Uuled lrga and | all the improvements of a Piano, made by the bm rttr maker* and warranted for two j e?r? h?? been need ntily two m "ith* and u good hm new. Price ?J??i Apply at the > no* dweihug, I i"? butiaienue, B?*?r > ort.> ;b j'eri, fur ihrre da>*. irum 7 A. M. Ull 7 IV M._ ALEXANDRE ORO ANN.?THIS INSTRUMENT OWKS tu preeminence to ike power and (weelnaaa of iu , I tooee. tt kg not affected by change of c:im*ie, and la warranted yw to require tuning. MoRAC'R WaTERi*. Agent. SSI ^MUCKERING A BONN, Maanfacturer* of ORAND. SQUARE AND CPftlOlIT PIANOR. Ware mom* AM Broadway. C. A None hate been awarded thirty eight prlre ttedala for 1 the iperu.ritj of their maaufadura far ike , <ui tairtj Jt? j >""* 1 ' PI4NOS TO RENT. j ENGLISH HA RPR. > APPROVED RT APTOMM AN. Addrem ('oneerrn-ire de la Harp. 1 IM West Thirty fourth atreet. near Broa-iway, N.T, IfIR#T PREMIUM UOLD r M*i?AL PIANOfoRTm Maanfartnrera?RCHTTRT7.E A LVDOIiff, 462 Hr >nae rrid Piano* warranted, and at reduced price*. JuMtrti a. Ki'Ksn.fU's *nnRf>u, 151 PtiKt nn n? IMASoKiHIK TRa< HER. n I ! 0 PlA*'* AND AT ORK\T R\Rf1At!m.*> ? frra nrt??? fcklt i'Miwt, bean ?? .( ?N< it mm r?*r, la r*.' .1* \?r?-fi'? ' ?\ ! -i? f;tO t..?n ,?'l 13 J mi ml*. * :i ! ??..I for ?l*? nur m >IW, ,.ni> *t r.M New * PiM > ? Kt t? rf low nrti r* on id . >?<) lltNwM at >.?). %M. 'i H1 MAflUidfW Sfir ,*?'' !' 'HIUMucciIi > ? " ! HoR," Mr: Ut I: w-njr mathimomaLT J ATfH Kit W1l?OWK.H. OF FCVM *K*tv UOOI> Al> ' * i(ir?. Mr ?pi*?r*ne*. nod (ft Un'in* ?i?h? to l?.-m th?-?I < ' im?* Met I?rnt ??l j l.? k,i.K lady, the ardluni > , ?itk * Tlrmr Wi * tnMI if ' ?J. A litdy fr m t?nl| fratn thirty pinfirrM, no ~ 1, lo? jo-itjr wklo* prorTV t>'t part ;?rlr ri<*dr*d *] tbcirh ii'4 i?h---??J to Anyl?dr MawMlurf lh? ?b">v? ?* ** eupUrn. who irltntlii rr.%rr?, th t? r?rr i,pi "rt"niT nnd ' *111 n eel prompt t.y nd<tr??a<nr &+arg* W. (1*1 I 1,1 box I #.'? K i^'d'n. Xo. Ili? l*nt f r*f?rene? ntn h? r1??n. ! 2 md jord rra*Hii glren for taking ih? ? *i?e mum to get a | wlf?. A Uuly ntn iiddrea* In f'lll p.t: .tenm. ! ? ATorno *A?t or ooonniARArTKR t\i< ikiuh I withe* to m*ie the r t* n r??' ? Vt' '< tniiag t ted* wiOi ? new to tu*lrtmon>. AJ,lm?Ch.ri"? v inn ,i H ' l? H' i?r JJ To t"i no i NMABKntn lambr?thr ijrnnn. ? irf?t ed. tired of ? life rf Mru-v i .. th? ?r?)'i*tri?nr? nf * ;<m( l?dy of ( r?r -" ? c n . ,r * y Hitli V f* to mhlrlmodf ?nn*j nri . ; m ;?t ,f f, n in i?b!i dWro*IUon. P> ? ?ddr?t? / >??i? Vortl fli i'Mi I fl.ce. mi ???- ? ? --- ? ? ? I tm run>. UWIOK COHRKR, U I.?TROTTING ?OH THUKMV Auinwt?. u:<H o'clock, uhti in. fl,000, mile k. b?*at three la 0?? , 111 harneaa. Jimn McMaua iuki b. Flora Temple. D. Tallman uamtia br. ataJlujo Oootr* faichen. A rood day and a good tnuk. If not, poetpooei the following Monday, and thru a food lay. The cars Irate South ferry, Brooklyn, for the Course at 1% o'ej and return aa aoon aa the trut la over Fare to r> *?d retur centa. BHAW A WI11TR. Propneioi HORIEB, CAKyAegW, 4?7 a rAM1LT CARRIAUR KM8.1 ? A A Sterns; lined but five or six um?a oc^ urn . old for HJt, In parted order. Cu be imi at KlJio ?r,7a ' toe' light wagon manufactory, 73 Urand street. Mru&lyn, 1 Bi.ack hawk ano morgan.?for hale a black Stallion, ill years old. 15 hands 3 Inches h 1 hesntlfuJIy formed, sonna; well broken to harness or sfui last mill kind 10 bis disposition; hi* ?lre ?> HUtck Hawk 1 by Sherman's Black Hawk, who was sired by Justin Mori dan; of lllack Hawk by Young Hawllt<<nian gm by Old lia ton an, whine sire wan imported Mttascuger. the daiu 01 black stallion ?u col by North Star, and he by the imp,, hois* North of Kngland. Certificate of the Above t JuM-nh Colt, of I.e? isu wn Niagara county. New York gentleman who bred and rained U? horses. To be seen Veterinary i\liege, TwSStJI Ikll4 UrNt, near 81?th a.. 1 Ai a stock horse he haa lew superior*, and will be sold a 1 gain to any one desirous of purchasing him. (1ARRIAGE for BAI.R-A RR Al'TlFl'l UG J family carriage, new. for one -.r two horses; can be t to day at Da via A Jack's suble, ?2 K irteeutli street, I't square. For sai.k?a black stallion, oot by nok Star, who waa slrel by North of Rngland dam by HI Hawk, who was aired by Juslui Morgan; stands Is b.i Hindus; a jet black; kind and gentle in his disposition well broken tosaddle and harness lie was a .curded the Srenil 11m for three war olds at ike Mute lair held at 11 ul tree years ago. Will be fold low to any one desiring .. rate stallion lor breeding purpose*. To be seen at the W nary College, Twenty third street, near tilth avenue. For balk?either together or single, a r> I of .stylish Iron grey Horses 1G ban in hi* h, 5 and ?i yi old, price SWO; one hay horse. 18 hands high ft years ok{, trot in about three mimosa, price J-.Mi, *11 three wfcrrai* perfectly sound. Also, one Carriage, called Victoria, tost $ very little os?d, price $360, a light Wa*on, uew styis, t S129. Can be stru at 121I llnton place. For bale-an kngi.irh park phaeton, E little used, with double set of Harness, of the vary 1 description, and elegantly mounted. To be se?a at the V rinary College, Twenty third street, near 9t*tb avenue. FOR 8ALK CUKAP-A EIGHT EXPRESS WAG< almost new and built In best manner, capable of carry 1.SUO pounds; will be sold cheap for cash, or will take hi ware goods In exchange. Inquire of JOHN PARR, liaxdw I'ealer, 440 Eighth avenue. For balk-two horses, sound and kind, a niceidr.vers; one a fine trotter and without fault; other a nice roan mare, not so fast; both six years old, v gentle 10 drive or baudle. Apply at 272 West Twenty-sevt street. For sale?a brown pacing horse, m han high, seven years old and warranted perfectly sound kind; suitable fsr a cart or truck. aoM for want of use. Ap at Cooper's livery stable, 1U1 and 1U3 Charles street, N. Y. TjHJR rale.-three very past trottiwo horp r NM4 hands high, young, sopnd and kind la single double harness, also a pair of very stylish brown carrti Horses, IS hands 3 Inches high, right frost the BUM of m Inquire at 96 Gold street For bai.k?a beactipul brown mare, hands high, K years old; ao uid and kind; can si ow -J minutes to pole; will be sold cheap, and warranted in every spect. Apply at 18 East Broadway. Horses, wagons, carriages, harness, a For sale. J1W Carriages and Wagons and M Horses, cheapest place In the city to buy, at the King's county carri factory. 194 Fulton avenue, and stables, 10 Nevlns sti Brooklyn. HORSI FOR bale.?a TOUN'i bright BAT HOR 16 hands high, ssund, fast traveller, suitable for trncl any work express or grocer; will aeli cheap, or trade f> light two seat ruckaway carrags and coach harness. Appl the private stable. W I bird street, between South SiilS - Flftk aire eta, Williamsburg. rj AMATEURR OF FINR HORSES.?THIRTMIW BR. Ulal wait bml Horaaa. all aound and kind: (oar pali fine, well trained Sac die lloraea. two Iboiwiak breda. t low at the corner of 8evenu?lh atrrwt aud Third arenue I MlHCaUAJIBms. Akeoar india* figl'RK (MEW.. POF REM amri**, beautifully painted and gtidrf. for aa!e P only (!>' , ?t north weal comer Dr-urne and Kim itreeia, !j oilice, a;Cond aiory. COCOA NUT OIL, Id caak?, car* and jura, Manufactured and for aaJe the imderaJK?ed. Warrauifd pure and im*l john c. KAY8ER, 119 Naaaan at reel, ae<-ond floor, oAcc J*0. II Aicr.ia for the aale of the art.cle:? Geo. H Urn;. A l>aul>rih. BuaVm. j. w. Dallam a Co., Philadelphia. Extraordinary results and practical i mntiat ration ?Ttai" most wonderful and important vrlopwuvtit In the economy of the powers of t baa l.een Introduced darloi the laat naif century?Pratt'a I reraal KulLi:* Antl Friction Journal li.,?. PricUon la Jo nAi? eBUrely and eaVvt:;3lly ov*r o,a*, and all nacaadty lujrir*:..'P d;?tni??d with. Any amount of wei(kt?from i Lound to ltO.COu tona? eet in motion by a mere touch of cd. Contrary to nil i aai i iperlmce, weight does not creaae frlcitoa on '.lieae Jonrnala A very lartfe par ceutajfl power ran now aared; no lubrieaiton required, and ta p feotly practicable in e?ery reaped and under all cwpl , lance*. Call and examine. W. J DEMOHRPT. 473 Broadwa? Empire tracker bakery, m* grand street O. A I? S BRl'EN, proprietor*, would inform tb frienda and the publi<- that their <"ele>irated Cracker* nf kinda (-an be had at their depot, lift Fnltra Market. Ord lor fhipptK and ateamera promptly attended to. LOOKINGOLAHKRX. LOOK INGGUAbpf* ?only fo more left, French plate* laahlooah'T framed, an ( blub, -eparauiy ur Mtieth*;, thirt? per oeat leaa thane Art 1, .L.r.tll nwi... NVarick street. MARK1.K MANTELS?THE Rl! US* 'It IBKR IN FOR the public that he la ae-luic M intela. Ac , Ac., ch?* '.hfcn an) penon til the b'laintai*. Tbiwe aiahlii* to parch ho lid mil oori at a Kl.tHER'H Marble Yard, 113 k Eighteen* atrert, weal gf Tlurd a enue. New Yorfc, >JO 86 BLEECKTR sTRKKT IIWKEN HftOADW ? and Bowerr?Rcanrtlnauan and Lunch Rooir 1, pr<.prietreaa of tkla hn\?e Mra KlU Wehrkamp will alio botclaand prhaie ?uh that coolii.jj del. lout Dal deaanrt. Kothe CineUe at ooa da> a u<Jtloe. XTONP k.*irU-A SFXF FEEDING ACYOMATIOFF. In* MaeV r Thia naa< ia eapeclally adapts! qn, . ani r * tar. It i great adnu u?? for tabroM?rl ar.d f"r all totch ? .rk whrre it to deairable to hare the cl tai'.iiaary. w> ^haonl) about n?e p.. ind, and Inonemmut tin.e < an I e >djuat? t to a aland and will do all kiuda of fair <-wu ( St.. -'*U? <# sin.-le m^chiuea for aale by W MKN/EI. A Sll>' i > a<e; ? M Wu'.nun atreet. from 10 til A a> MacWuca tor aCe at Ru ainta A Baade , 39 Grae I11ITI PRINJB or WALX8 \SD TMK ORE \T EARTKR* I>nr?e lb? RreaUev emwit in lb a city of (iotham, vtaiti 'Kir ?... < - iv a vmt t?* uif *e? York IIimk H uderr .1 K. A'ALIKK A 8(MH . K" too vfc.'n tb?y wl!l e<>-ne r*ed liM I ran it 'K? r i1 : u tha '.rat ? ?; at ?ry m<airr p-s. wuh ite . ii ?t evi'eJi'rin Ka'.. .Ubed i .arter ot century. P^BR KTT S IMVEHsa EOJ.UN.l AVlirmm? J' -na! II.? ? an.l < itra..Miliary prarii* |-f? i? fn.-t'i, i; iruaia entirH* and all ue. ' 'n> > < - *1 ? ith I!:? nu~t .mimrtanV .. r> kiniti and pra? . ?! Jev? ipemnut o. lb" p<>*'? ra of m-trku ? ry that haa b?en j. M lurlnj .he l??t p J( rcnluryi in, -r ,-r. -> . , i ... U i.te?n>boata, ?nn b'?M# ..I:il w>|.m ?!ieeia. ri41?o? fi I (<it:?r mllto, aod n cbmery <ftm < . !<? bneii praat .'?Jiv a id fully teatoit. a II... ! ..I I. I >? M'c:i u. I "TMl'm Ui he ( I '. ind'ratood a api rr* .*! <. W J 1>K\Ii >HK.-< 1171 Itr aadWHj 1h?< p : > rape<-iai;> tboaa inlervatad, are .uviied to c aod naaiiie. Q,rA*T7. MTtl.S?TIJK I.ATKHT IMI*ROVBmu?7 ' f . . i.t- .* Mi? :2 I'JO- Iera'lrc; - an tmlraly m Bn. ipt*. *.'fc W na'-aWe do-.ble and revrae a-tln* as lu? (iindiiiK * i.-faeaa arranged an I ? <>ctally adapted :..1, i.i' |iii?ri/ r k ai.d -'h-rbar-l annaianaaa tn aa top pah!? pnw.ler. am. n.m n aiMi naalui uprratviu at the tarn. *rp'\t"iTlli * AS HFN REi T. Ra'Ir .uf I>rp l H i,?r K m and I auklln iwi, N- ? V >rk. The americaw roi idifikd hilk, I Prr|?rnl Ir m t>? r oral n. k .( the beat dalrtaa D t'hw" '11.')- Nr .* York. lath* ?ayln pr- ire pu> milk in Urae eiuea. The medical report It aa Inva. a* e :or tetania and inralida. It m cheaper than ibe ? n >de ?.'!?.< a.Id aa mil*. Aa it w.. ?e*p for yaara m ai cvmate, It la ir. l _?i naal le fur trare -ra, idiiwr* at iM arn a I na?-?, and f>>r *bna?i Ihiag In h><t rlimataaur Um Soul F< raaie In ^ armia aued parka^ea, enr,.?ed for mnaporlAUt* Kt ,lr ^{TkricaI* SOLIDIFIED HUE rOHFllTT. 73 I.mrrty turret, tm-o tfoon from Hmadwaj, 5. T. ^MOOJOCK) nni.chum Fn?land. " ir* 1(H Wulwrn atrael, .Saw Vorft. II aufartu??.l In nntar l? rr?ry rartrty. J^AII ORriCKwl AT 11 rllAMHKR* RTRRKT MOB KT^T) I OA? T an* air.'i'ini m I>i .mm 1? ?rt "r nn*et, Watchea. j?wc ry A* . or tb* a>on? h- cti far hi* Vat mah prnea, bT tb ? i kn. ?? I?A*<< II ("bambera atr^et K it-No bniui^e* ?naarta4 oa SMurdaya. Am r. T'-'i?r?"t v ro. rrmkkr^ a*d covmikhio: . Merrhafa. 19 >>i*i i Hr?et . r ( Ann, a..Vai ii"i'7 .a* IX .n, I a I?rr ' 1 - - >, Hera." t>- -r V I'l l ' *r at elite ' r<. ! > mri'i .n ai na tit F J nturis Ac. fiewta? Machmea hoitaht an.' anld A. K. TiloMfrtON, Annlnoear A?TT!IE P!.D '<? ' !< P. M"MTT V ANTAV lUXT, Toad* mr? a s- ka. Honda. I u U.aala. IVr.'in??, AC f . ?.'V in l? ? Wat h- * I ... s. gara, A?. Or Nm*bt for rath tfl.-e nrlraie ll .urt rill & J H HARHINHKR. 17UBna?d^a . r .? M. ip atalnL AMT w cedar sTrrrr n <, dtamoni linker ?om um >i . .,! I?*i?,io,:a ae* r .irarl. Wa"-br? - t. h k e. ,r a U?e a. n.e lor CMfe pp< aiie the Fuat ufllre. So. ].. ae.-oud I -it. \ 1 :t f ' 1M A ' I VI;'-* If,' CTT|? i'DiIPKR TV * * - V ... .low*'I r?r??rc I' ?ai ! ,i k ? v..r ha- Ime ^rlrataen rane* kail noor. M. UAIC1. Brnlter. 14 Fourth aaaona. \T M VAMUU rrREKT-A NM* AN, r?i a W??f C mnn?| to ? j troonaC <M nn-wli, ' rrhft*<l or b'ljri f>r %i 1 * ? N**?u room Wo. L U ?1d?m MMMUlri \T TTTF *nVA*CI OfFlrBB OF U ^ACOPS MOffCt ?*n titAir.fd .a hot qnnnutjr on W?icbr? I?wt!rr. i?u>?nd*, K<f*r?. Wrr flnrat*. Wtnw* Rrnml ? ^<1 rvrry d?~ , vvi of Mrr'-hinfliw nr bright M l lh? ht*h >t price* t ten Bixlnra utrtctly nnMMiiL mkxIj a ii?d. K?*hll>> In IMA. Prlnrtp*: nCcn, 0 WlM ?? MrMI MM* r Blr*. ??7 Rrnarfv*?. BILL. A HPS. IILUAI?PI?.-PHEUU?T BIU.IARD R?K?W, COKintK > '( T>nlli ?r I Hr.wlw" r. * ? ! ! r rfr r.tH|,irJ .' .if Ib? rf ?... I*r "in t< ifr \M m.-tt r.>r* In th* Bi" . iu? will iw tjeniirti I Uo mm uf?At*T, O.U.97 ?n l m *'r ?tfjr Hrrtt. .V . phs-.AH * (xji.t.fV.rje#. i*[*A*rs i iA?t> t v 'i -j .*n kx ? *U r? . < '<?! ' ? I ">rr?? '*r .".linfiTjv .r I < ; . rri?ir c r ? ? ? ?i 1 r . . " . . :t J mm. v . i

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