Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1860 Page 7
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imrroro. MLT OOMMt^K-ATIOfT"BY STKjkJt BKTWSE1T Mew Tart and Llrvrpool, oalUug at Que?uto?m Irao land and entarf owriuiin ud d.-ipaU-hec Tka C*. *? *'?"* and PhLadalpnU StoauuUp C .mpur'a <4 cT/d* built iron tartw iteiunaltipt are ioModetl to ?' >m'~ rv;* T0M uiwool or BAl,riMO-nl Saturday. July ?. Saturday, Au*u* 4. ^ jTnv? ? >??.? Kan? riff, ATM Of f ilUOI. to Qieenatowu or Liverpool ,7>. fTI 0 I/ouJun (rta Uvrrpool W t? to y^enrtowu of Liverpool) g return ticket*. artlable for'eii months froai' Liverpool K Wgers forwarded to Harre, 1'aria, Hamburg, Bream liwerp at through ra ea. i :at*s of pn?g-e Iseued fiM* Liverpool to Ifew York WO " * from Queenetown to " 30 e steamer* here superior aoeommodationa for paaeaare oonstrocted with water tight compartments, end car rrienced surgeon*. Tor freight or pateage apply at the if tbe ronpui. JOHN (i. DAI.*, 15 Broadway. Kew York, AgenL la Liverpool to WW. MAN Tower Bulldlnga. InQlaagow to WM. ISM AW, 13 Plum street. BftrrrsH akd worth awksican bo tax, mail steamships. nM m* rou to UT-mroOL Cabin Passage 9130 1 Cabio Passage 71 rsOM soston to uviuoul. Jabln Passage 1110 I Cabin Passage tU hips from New York rail at Cork harbor. ships from Boston call at Halifax and Cork harbor. I A, ("apt Judklna. CAN AHA, Capt Lang IIA, Cst>? J Stone. AMBRICA, (apt. Miliar. (' apt. K (1. Lott. NlAliAHA, UapL Anderson. .'A, (.'apt. h.mnon. EUROPA, Capt. J. Leitoh. BCOTIA (now building). ? vessel* carry a clear white Ughi at mtst head, green .'board bow, red on port bow. ABA Millar, leaves Boston, Wednesday, Jane V I?ott " Ne# York, Wedueeday, Juir l PA, Lelteli, " lfciston, Wednesday, July 11 A.Judklus, " N# w York, Welneadsy, J'lly 1J ja, Bione, " Boaton, Wsdnesday, July V> .'A, Shannon, " Hew York, We.lnevlay. August 1 1>A. laoig, " Boston, Wednesday, August 8 I-olt, " Nrw York, Wednesday, August 13 PA, I.eltcb, " Boston, W>" lueaday, August 21 A, Jndkins, " Now York, Wednesday, Augusts? lis not secured until paid for. ixperlenced rirgron on >>oard. owners of these will not be awv.ntable for Gold, BulUou, Specie, Jewelry, Precioua Stones or M?t?ls, bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereetn eipreesed. f*r freight or p issage apply to K. CL'JTABD, No. I U jallug Jreen. IRELAND, EICOLANO AND SCOTLAND BY am, via Oalway ?The AUant.c Koval Mail Steam NaviComuanj 's new and msk'nilicent sidewheel "C will leuve from pier 56 North river, foot of Nut-in street, on Tueedav, August It, for Qalwsy, Iniu-hiug at has to receive the royal inaila and goveriimoul des s, and will be foil wed ou Thursd.iv, Anuuat lti, from knrik r^sn mi w w 331 >... A. fui and splendid arrow steamer PRINCR Al./tKRT, >ns*bunVn Both of the alKjre .ships have msKnlflcent inodanms Pavengers by llies<* bittmrri will h?\ e a 'ki't (which luu&t bi' obtained viifa en* pKKAA>C) t*lwny to any of the prlu?ip*l pities In Bruatu or 1 Rates of puss ee. first class, *75 and $!JU. aururalos' mm nidations: tbira class. $30 Tlrrd diss pasfeeagerti ind with cooked prov.wuji.s but tn ist provide tUumwue* Bddl.iK and I:as. Tor freleht or pa*.* ig* apply on board cr W HOWLAIU) .* AsPlMYM.U St ?nd 55 Sou.h aireet. iu in Boston?!f AZito Bbo* & Swkimlt, Nu. 6 Ch.alia<n SOUTHAMPTON AMD HAVRR.-TH* UNITRD Ues Mail Simmer aR auo. I). Unas, ooainandar. will or Havre, tcm"hlng at Sou hampton (to Ian! the mail saengers). on Saturday, August 18, at 11 o'clock, from 0. 57 North rr- er, foot of Beach street Th:a ?h.p has t.vht compartments encloakic the engtnea ao that in the >f colliaion or atnuidtag the water cxiid not reach them, uumpa betas free to work, the aafaty of the vessel oaangera would beaecored. Price of paaaage In ae abin. $75 to $80. For freieUt or passage apply to KL K. POX. URO MACKRNZI*, Agents. No. 7 war. N.B.?The steamer Kulton will aucceed the Aragn, U Septeaaber 15. l?XR OP AUOU8T 25 FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. Thu United States Mall BteamsUip ADRIATIC, i 3. Oocastoek oommander, wiilaai! from pier foot of ttreel, on Satnrday. Auguat a. with mails paaaeDgera ecie for the abore porta. _ , . Freight or >aaaage a pply at the oSte of the North Atsu-amahip Compaq ^/^^,^' ^ary. Adriatic will a J) again on the 8th of October. NORTH QRRMAN LUJTDS STRAM8HIP BRRMRN, 1. Weasels oommauder, carrying the United State* mail, lalUTtly mil on SATURDAY, August 4. at 12 o cloak M., NS BREWRN VIA SOUTHAMPTON. /uBrsw# SOUTHAMPTON AND BBBME.V, I ' ffMiowiot ratea ? t cabin. ?1?, aeaond oabln, MO, ateerace, *M. irtxghi or puiug apply uj aKUPCKK. KKl'TGKN Jk RBTfHKLT, So 82 Broadway. 4If TO LOITDOMDKBRT, GLASGOW AND LI7BBji ?Bburum aaa wip to Butom. by Um Montreal BaU Muur MOUTH BR I TO K, Borland, aoauaander, oh, ttO ban* power, from Quebec, Saturday, Ai*uat ?. of pMunto I-ondonderry, Glasgow ar Ldrerpool:?Flral *a $86 mldahlp.m.imnnu), tnaladin* free tlaket, either ?y way of Bntaa, Portland (White jllmj to yaebae, or bp Hudm rlrer, Ukt fhamplatn, r?; (Vktorto Bridge) to Quebec. with the privilege of r?pf over it u; pome Tor umrtM' Uekata tad cnm< It the company'* offlre, B Broad amy. 8ABKL A ij, Otaml Aerate. BLBABKB JON KB, Manager. CIAL NOTION OT NTRAMKR ADWTRAL-ON ACount of Um reception of the Prince of Wale* at 9t- Joha. , on Friday. Auiua 5, Um Kramer ADMIRAL* McIatneater. w<U tear* Uaeoln'g wharf, Boatoa, Wadnaaday, Ji 1, at 7 o'olook P. M-, luatead of Thuraday, bar regular ?*rtng Portland, Thuraday, Id, at o'clock A. M., arrTrlng Joha early nrit morning For further particular* a?> ABBOWfiMlTH * BALL. M Uocth WML I HAMRrRO AMKRICAN TACTRT COMPANY'S null ateamahlp TBUTONIA. H. Faube, commander, will for Hamburs, Southampton. London and Harre, oa laaday, Aojiiat V at UfM. rlrat oabta, BUM: aeouod ' A BOAR. 151 Broadway, N. T, I tfaamahip Saionia will moaned th* TeuUaiia. K 8TBAMBR OBBAT BAHTKRN. JOHN ViNRH ALL, Commander, fOB MILKoRD HAVRN, BNGLAND, ru ituru, hot a toon*. OBBAT BABTBBM wtii aali for the abore parti oa eday, Aifvat 14 Prom Milford Haven there la railroad action with all parta of Great Britain, and dally by steamwith Ireland Spaaial tralna will be in readtnea* <?n tha ml of tha ahlp at Milled Harea to carry paaaengera to loo aad Um North at reduaed raiaa oI fare. K olaaa paaaanion only wU ba ItUa, aad tha prtoa 1* at SUD. limited mm Her of Aral olaaa paaaniiian wUl aleo be takaa l Raw tort to Ualtfai at a charge or IK each. UBJNNBGU MX/TDRN * CO . TS Booth atre?t >TAL MAII, STKAMSHTP AFRICA, FOB UVBRPOOL. The AFRICA. N. .Shannon, Commudtf wiU na.l (ma treaa oi! Wclneaday neiV Auruat t. A at-un boat will t'-iween the t'ompmy'e wbarr at Jeraey Olty. aad tha RU"A from 1 to S P. M. to Moray paaaeugera aad baggage nard. I ASIA wUl aall Auxuat 11 B. Cl'NARD, No. I Bowling Green. ION IRKI.AND TO NBW YORK BT 8TRAM ? PARaanger* booked from Qaeenatmm (Ireland) to New Tot* m lacJuduic prorttona, by tba apiaodld ftat ateaaahlpa be UrePpoA, New York aad PhOadelpUa Uae, leartiig ?UMw? avory THuradar la the year. Far M??l ayply M coaapanyt odtea, U Bread way. JOHN O. PAIR, Am*. OB CA1BTOBNIA, TIA PANAMA. la aad a/>ar Jnlr. a Orat ciaaa Maaiaar will la*v? New k Um IdL llth aad iiat r* aark mouth, eteept wbta tbeaa a rail on Sunda#, wbaa Iba day of departure wtu be tha day faoowtaa arTrelakt or saaaaga apply at Iba >a>!r n?re No. ITT Waal iat, aornar <rf Vairea. D. B AlJaCN, Afant. OB NKTJWPIUfB AXTTTBALIA-KANOAROO LIN* arimi?iWa.Assii, ss^js.t * loadladln iMa popular Maa^aod will ba promptly ds Licbad oa tar bdrarUaad day. H?r aaoanmnauiona roc arm I wwopd tabta pMMpn ? uamilr mueipm and earnlabia. Md nMB tnfior tb? Boat BbalraJ kind X?m of rr/sa: svdI aaas'-.a wasr "? omuuA nmrm umt, ttaburhto tan, earrytaatba CMM Butaa mait-Tba wagaHlMnl AI >par aWpSAHURl, FAIJM. 1.S0D looa bote, Talbot, wmillil abtp Jo?o? b? ilMDiniii irat 4, for IUUiovm dltMt, froaa ptar^t Baal rlrar. H?r ?iin<?llTiii for Aral ud aanood elaaa piaawyara aro oaiiiiitj far oaafort, U?bt a*d rmuiatimi. For frMctt or ia?c apply am board, or to K W CAMWOM. HBttnr tat m?* bUla for aata and ea* id<ur? mada on ooaMMataOoBlgaaaa to Anatralla. Utmn. a. Towm A Oo. rWTTXD ST ATM If Alt. UTRAMSHIP LTWR.-FOR HA I rana tad How Ortaaaa-rdUaja WO -Tb* faa> aad fa 1M Mnakty HTAft OF THIWBT. ('apt. , wUl aaH Mimday. Aurnat A. at S o'clock. P. .,Tron Ptar fool of trreo atrraL NorU RJrer Bllla of ladloa of tba prop*r m f?rajab?d at tba (Am, and do Mlla of la-fln* vUl bo tf?marter tba boar of Balling. For freight or paaaac* apply at . 177 V? atraM, oomar of Warra*. M. O. ROBKRTH. AlM ( B-fretght rwHrad "n and aflw Tli.iret*, j i r * ok rHAiM-mroir. a r , ard rmt rocth ard Hogtbwaat. B?ml weak It I'aitad Itataa mall aid* wheal IP abtp line ?tba farorfte ateaaaabtp JAB. ADO SR. R. ama oa?auuidor. will tear* ptar Wo. t N R. oo Wodaea r. Aufnat I. at * o'ctorh F. Rataa of piano, wttb oiij*Urke*a, aafollow* To Raw Orlaana. IS* 7*. Mobile, . Monuomery. Ala., ?, RaArine, r?m IP 7J, Hem a. n> ra, fbattaoonga. J3?. Eooirliia, JOB 3U. Aujriau, . |ft ?; AtUata. MI, <1?ari<4?o, R. C., W? Oolna^Ia, *. V. - - ?.? at* r?I.M * .?n|, Jrtir CO , B Jnirtwiij. k*?hrtiU, U M-irraj mwunStr. wtll mimeed on ftatnrter. A?ru? 4. ?0b havana. UnMart Mate* Hail WaanwUp Um Lw'Im *?*rr 10 kjri from ?Mfc port. B.rawrth ViUAKKK ( ITT, E. W. WhnfdldU niMiaaa4ar. M wall known anil rpl^n tid atmmafaip iHll l?a?i tnr tb? nrt ?A Ml Honrtar, Aunm (. at 1 o rlrmft P M.t from plar North nrnr. BUIa or larfina r arana ad aad a*n?i on boar*, rrarauune of oImtumi rr<M?M ratalrad oa Uw M laaL For fn**W or pttMf* l? ; u,!ia?oou!? a CO . aa *mu> uraac OR HAVARRAH ARDOTHRR POIRT*. A3 BKI?OW.Thr ftrtt CUM rfda tWI alaamahip STAR Or TB* imt Cart YWmw Lj?fcWin tear. -n Tuaart?T, Jul, SI. t P * . fro* ?lw ?<v ? *<*U rlrar. T?rou*k ukrta cm brf for the foflowta* claraa ? ?rw Oriraaa. MM*VoM)a. M; Montr-ary^S,,Mas?. ?ZI Albany. W. Atlanta, l^naMuMwm, faftflu, ffaah " *" w" jKr^A' ff' m1y ? >; s's&r wwMPWf ~ 'triQRT FOR TRRRKWRR. RORTTT CaROMRa Fortammil*, Rorfolk. ck# FomI and Richawod, raoan ad touiaL* tn A$>? fL '^t?r<Wb. 'aaraa wrj Tiaaday. ? F II. calllnJtal Old Vol# Onmfori to land paaawgara. Rtaamahlp TORRTOWR, Capt Farftah, erary fctanlay. ?r??M to FortamotiUi or Rorf -?? ??? ranu p?f toot, to City la! wnao r?mv and W> Richmond "fht r*a^?r ?o Rorfnat (aut^rnn* and Mala Inclodad), W. to L^Mrirt unI HWimocwL ftli) Wnnion u-trw t/, R,?inHmd ar PHaral-nr* ?nH bar*. IIJ Rtfait a ad ba^JO^ ^ MnwuJ,( m BnHnf RHimiO? I gTKAJI.-NKW lOKK, BOUTRAJIPTON AND HAVRK The V underbill European hue I'ulted ttt.inl \f*U SUsauuhip* aaiibetwwu New York hviuUijunptr;, anj Havre. I'iViii }"}y Y^rk for Returning from Pv<ith*uipU>u aud H?\re and SoaiL liui-re. nuitiUm. nj-INOIR, Oriffin Sit, Aug. II W?ltie$<l*jr, Au<J. W VAX I >KRUILT. Hat , Hept * W^ue^af, Sept. W Il.I.INoIs >?!., hept. 22 Wednesday, Oct. Id VAM>KflBII-T Hat., Oct. SO Ifrdueeday, Ho*. 7 UJJNOiS Sit . Nov. 3 W^iueeday, No*. 21 Theae aid p* have w\ler ti*ht Compartment! ('ertittrab-a of paaaage i?aued fioin Kurope to America, f pecle delivered tn Con ton or farta. n TORRaN?'K An*nt So b Howling Oreen, New Tort. H A WAINWRIGHT A CO., U Kue Faubour*. KuoUuaitr?, Puis. A N jHavre. flit'tnilnTn. 67 Oraoe ehnrrh ?tre?t, I/indoa. I gTEAMiR or Auarrr if. ? FOK SOUTHAMPTON AND ?Lt?i RK PNITKD STATRfl MAnTsrg>< MHHIP ILLWOffl, 0?pt. 8 P Orlffln, will wll trvm pier Vo 3 North river. H?w Turk, at noon. Saturday. Aujruct 11, with .TMUla, paa.vsnferi and specie for Kngiand and France. *0 , OCTHAMrrilB. TO JUrH. T! Lc*b!" 175 nm oabto m- UO TkM ckbln . so Third cabin / * I>. TOR R A k OK, Agent No. 0 Rowling Green, New York. 8ieanaahij> VANPERBILT (ail* September 8. For livkrpool?black k\m. link ?tub r\\orfle Packet Sbip ?'<>[,L'mkia .will hmil in the itlrvam o m iitow, and anil Wednesday at noon. t'h? Ureal Weet-Tn mill ItMh Aujuit, fur paMace apply to JACOB WILKON, Uld South street vrotirk?tapsitott's link ok mvkrpool pace 1' etM ? Kaila on Tn?s.iay. Jul* 31, at 12 o'nlo-k The tart sailm* pack*I ship MIDi I.KsK.X Oapt PurtneW, nalla a* above For pHwtf, to cabin aecond cabin and a^erae*>, ao p y on board, plor 3d Kaal river, or to TAPSCOTT k CO., 8S Fouth atrtet EK>R HAVANA ANI> NKW OKLKAW8 kvkhv TUN r daj??Paaaasc Mil to sail Wednesday, Anjr'i^t I, at II o'eloek.? The uew steamship HIKNVI1.LK, J. I) Jlulloohoom mander, will raimmence in receive freight on 27th July, from pier foot of Murray atn-et, North rlvr, aiiJ aall an ntvive, Vi r freight or passage apply to LI VIMOSTON. CROOHK RON A Op., 88 Murray street The Oahavrba, CapUtiu J. W Hmttk, will succeed the Bienville, and sail oa ' aturoay. Aucut H. FOR SAVANNAH AND THE SOUTH.?THE STKAMahip MONTOOMKRY, (.'apt. Win. C. Berry, wiU leave pier 12 North river, on Thursday, Aug. I, at i P. M. Paaa*Re to Savannah, with unatirpasaed accommodations, (It; through tickets to New Orleans, (39 75 Mobile. (35; Montgomery, $25, Memphis (31 75. Naahvitle. <27 75. Kn< xvtlte, (35 50. Chat tanooga. 125, Albany. 923. (Viluinbua. $21, Atlanta, (21, Ma con, 130; A ujrusU (17 50. Including carriage fare in Savannah Apph to U. U. CKOMWICLL A CO., itf Weal street and 33S Broad way. Daily link for cap* may AND PHILADELPHIA, VIA BANPFORD'B LINK 8TKAJI8HIP8, from pier U North river, At S o'clock P. M.. Sunday excepted. Steamer* BOSTON, DKLaWaRK, and KENNKBEO. Ooods forwarded South and West free of commiasioa. THROUGH IN TWENTY 1IOUU. FRKHKRIO PKRKINH. Acent Fivk dollars rkw*.ro.?LW>r, ON Saturday, J&ly IK. a white Newfoundland On*. black on ?*<-h ore and ear The above rmrl will be paid by delivering turn at 22 Wooeter street. LOST-? KKWlHIMiK SATURDAY KVKNINO, driving up Fourteenth street to Klrnl avenue, thence to Twenty third street, thence Secoud avenue 10 Forty nfth street, a driver * Account Hook ((Jerm*nj named Turtle Itay Hrew ery. Flense le?\e at Second Avenue Railroad depot, Fortysecond street Tost?in tin? vicinity or rlkkckkr, downino i audSulllvai streets, on Sunday afternoon, a lamall g >ld Locket, ?1th coral beads attached. The lln ler wili^beSuitably rev? ardi d by leaving ll at 373 < 'ana! street. PR R. O. DURKIN. THK PritLIC ARR CAUTIONED NOT TO NKOOTIAT* our note >o 1.120, (Sated the 17th July, (our mouths, made payable to the order of ourselves, at the (.'he mlcal Hank, the saaaehavtiw been in*. I. M. HINtiKR A (k). REWARDS. _ IKfcl'LT TOTMK AMERICAN Ff,AO -$JO RKWARD.WUereas airac person or person" harm* on the 4th of July willfully and fired shots 'hrongh the American en*iKu displayed by the undersigned. thereby Insulting the nations! standard, riddling and damaging the same. Any perwm siring Mich Information as shall cause the offenders to be brought to lUStlre will, reoe ve the' above reward from W PAVNE. flag maker; Ac., iW Kultou arsuue, Brooklyn. A-l r RKWARD?AND NO QrRSTU>N8 ASKED, TOR ijlu a lady's blue enamelled goM bunting Watch, Cou roister maker, nith a small chain atuched, lost on the evening of the 25th inst . in going fr nn Thirty sixth street, through Madison avenue, Ihirty liilh street, .ind Smh avenue cars to Fortyseveuth street. Will be paid by J.N rtewalt, 2S Maiden lan*. d> OA RKWARD WILL BR PAID TO* 7HI RECOVERY ipZU of the body of Daiuel cumalngs, who was drowned fross sloot) Senator while at anchor in the North river, opi>osile Hoboten, on the 37th of July. Deceased had on brown Kentucky jeac pants, grey sot toe undershirt, with woollen sleeves, white shirt, shoes and grey woollen rtockina V> years of ace, t feat 10 Imms in h*igbt. Apply to W1L OUMjUNtM, NoTi Jones lane, or SI Pulsion street, N. T. Or -LOST, ON BROADWAY, P1VK S3 BILLS. 9)?td, each bill marked C. D. T. on th* back with Ink. It the Coder *11 return ssld bills to T. Dubaii, 61 Market street, New York, he will be rewareed. AO/T RKWAWJ.?Lwbi, un intftsu*! murmlhvi. PaO July *, ftQold W?tch, ftiao ? Bo* oootatalaf aFlttla. Vhe finder will receive tha ft bore reward by applying to Qeo. Ut.fidrr, Ko. JH Biooass stieat, corner of Mo*. No qomUom ftafced. aca reward.?stolen ow toe ?th jult. fro* ?F?JU the Subecrtbers, 177 Hicks street, Hrooklyn, ft Hon*, Wagon Kid llftTtiran. The llor*e a light bay, with loaf, slim tail, ftixi docs not carry It very high, ftboiit ii\ hta li kj*k, t reft re old, has some r.?n hairs ftbout hie body. The Wagon I* a light euamel leather top, with leather runhloaa, bine cloth; had lining painted dark. aim. at black, built by Uavtd Otsa ted. Foiighki i arte; the taker's bum on the wagon. The Harness left light, ellrer mounted and somewhat worn. tH will be paid for the rarorery of the property and US (or da tesOon and oooncuja of thief. OIUIOKIA JABVU. WMAilClAU Dm u?r an, rhkrman * oo., bankem. oorner or | Mae and Nuaan streets. New Tork, laaua Circular Notes and Letter* of Credit for travellers, ara labia In the United "litre fftuftda. Went la.llea. Booth America, and all the prlaetpftl clttea of the world. Alao, Mercantile Credit for on tat hiy, Chlaa. Ac. VF*W ORLEANS AND MOBTLB FUNDS BOUGHT IT JY AUGUST BELMONT k CO.. <0 Wall diwl VTXW TOBK AND HARI.KM RAILROAD COMFANTXX Treasurer's irffire, corner of Fourth avenue and Twentysixth Mreat?New York, July 18. U?.?Internet coupons of the Hncood Mortgage Bands ftod Honda of Ud wtll be paid at th* Treasurer a uttceM> ft?d ^Qfr Aamji I. W. II. gMKBBON. Treasurer. OFF ICR CHICAOO AND NOBTHWRNTRRN BAIL ROAD Company ?New Tork. July 10, IMU ?The Coupons of ihjg ooaipany. due August I, proitmo. will be paid on sad ftfW thai data, ftt tha Amerk-*nJCi<-hange Hank. mi. a txiPBN, mtidm*. OFFICE OF THE NETBOFOLITAN OAS LIGHT OO* pftny of tha City of New Tork?U Nsasan street, basement uf the Rank of the lommon wealth?New Tork, July M. URL?The Directors of the Metropolitan Oss Light Company baring rsaoivad to nana three hundred end eighty thousand dot lars of Ihatr capital sLck. tn addition to the totut heretofore aubecrlbflrf, books of suhsnnpUou *111 beop*aadst thetroOoe 1* Nassau street, on the ZTth UieL.aad i?Is opes (rum 11 to 1 o ciock dally nnttl August 10. T<ma of ubaoripttuD? Tsn p sr oent oaak at tha time of sab ii llilai and tha bslanos In moothly IsaHRsaats not sicaedlng **fjad tractors reaarrr tha privilege of apportioning tha stock la oaae the nbarrlptloo should air?ad the asamust stated. By orter OM AR XOLLIROFrER, HvWl and Traaanser. TREAm RT DK.rARTMKNT. NTATE OF CALIFOR. ntft ? <?< mow-nto. July 1. 1*0?Wb*reaa. ther* la now In the hat* Treason the urn of &* KJ4 CI wh eh. under tha pro vision ol the act of April W. Im87, Is payftble tn th~ holders of tbs CJril Funded Daht of the *ate, now, therefore, la mtvI ftnee with the seveath ?ectlnn of Sftkl set noOre Is her?by Cm that I will parrhaae, at the lowest price offered. Olril us of the State of (Ulfomla. Issued under s<-t of April 18. 1S87, lo the ettent of ftftr eight thousand IwO hundret and #1 dollars and sltty three eenla. Healed proposal* wtll be re otlvsd at my <i?<* In Haemmento until the tilth day of Hen trmber, Utii at which lime thejr will bs opened. No bid will be wondered mil?w some raspmalble roaraelas ser-nmnsoles It that tbe bond* will be presented wRSa three days afl?r the award < m?.1? pnblie ?v>np?ioe trim ,*<>. I IO H laclnotre, moat be attached to IW bnod* THOMAB FtWDLRT. Treaanirr of mate. rn b<?nrm or m* iror mountain oo, of Mo . met'irtak Slat Inet . will be paid ai the o?re of p. Cbomeon, Jr , No Jt BroMittr J H THOMPSON. ________ CHKROKKR UK*KPT. AN L NFAll.IKCJ HPRcmo FOB the nnfnrtuaaM.?Cure* ordinary adLctiooa la twa ten, and ordinary cum In a abort Ume. It doea not interfere wfck dint er affect Um breath. Hold by all map eatable dnotti nrrebm. HARHK* A PARE, wboiaoMO 1*4 Mail mmM lor New Tort, 11 aad U Part row . DR. H A. BARROW. 1M RLSXl'KRR HTRRT, FOUR door* I mm Maodou?al. N T. To be ooMoltad froa* U UU I and froaa 4 Ull > Bnndaya Ull 1 Dr. rai-phi offkti hocrk m>h to and till 9 Wo. l.W < roaby Wraot. ooraar of H.nwaa. DR. R COHBRTT HAfl RPVOTRD FRO* WO 19 PU an* aire*! In hie pr*w*nl very contmodtouaeMlt of No 30 Onii" (treat, eilh a prtrate nuraaraa- So 6 City Hall p'are, wtiere b? caa be oonauiied M ua i.U on dkeaeea Oa?iiliaiiuao coddeailat. GOCT AVP RHKl MAT!** -THR RX< RCCIATIN'J pain of jptttor rkenmatian relieved la two bonra aod ' ired In ? few i?t? 'fihai ...;*hret?d Ho*,: a* modi tn?* Hlalr'l Omit and Hbeumatie Plll?, thoy riee imrn-diai* roll"/ (r*n the tortureo of Ibie dl*?*ee. and carry nff th? at lark In two or tbre<' days; r*q nre neliber <Nwtn?m?m aor attention of aav kind, and are carta la tn prevent the goot alia, km* a?v vita) part. Prlre ii rent* and 7?eeala per boi. PrettoMa by Fraai A llanani &< Mrand. I?nd<m. Knj aad, and ao|d by ih?r agent, Rilloo llareant. Fifty-third ana?i aad Broadway; aud hv T ("Heinbera, ?7?l lindane atr^et Wra FTarea. 171 Fnl ton atreat Brooklyn. and hi ali rfroggtaaa ller MaJMr'a Com aiieannera aniAortee l the name and a Mreao ->f "Th >mae Piaat, CN strand. l/widon, ' t/? be impi I'eanl'npon 'be government tiani af.aed incach b<w ot too xoa-ime m-d?rtae. TTRALTB OF AVBRTCAff WOMBN-AIX LOCAL IBI ? ntrolanUea. dmp.a<iemeiiu aad diBculue*, togetbar with oooMituUonai lymphoma and dleeaeee of women, are radically ourad by Ibe flneffeaherg Company^ Marahail Uterine Oalfcntlnae. Prlee II M per botUe. For ? Are bouleo eeol by (irwITenberg IneUtnte, Ro 2 Bond atreet. New Tork. Pr. BRFDUR wfll attend to prefeoolonal ?aUo and reeetea paHento at hto r*etdeaoe. tn ike Onefl enberg laaUtot* B<Jldln?a, Na t Bead Uraat. New Tar*. tJTOIRN* AND PTRPRPBIA, BT n. A. OORTON, M. D - A brief treeiiee invaluable In tboee aAlioted witb artdlty, beartbitrn. flalnlmne, atok beadaebe, nervtxieaeaa, Oaiiiaa maallpetion. Aa. Heal prepaid for It rent* la buapo Addreea Ike antbor, Peekdkll Water Cure, Peek* Mil. Raw Tnrk. piOTMOt RMTWIJU m tWIAWBRRR WTRBBT, OAW ^WM^Mwal, or br mm. AttrwtoiUH NEW YORK HERALD, N ABrvHBMKirrs. G* AlfcllKS OOMCKKT ROOM, 016 11ROADWAY, ABO v K r UOUHTOM Oal<-uc? (kmcrl Boom, 616 ltrnadway, above Houston. OairUca Concert Boom. (16 Browdw*y, above Huuiuju. QtttaUe* Concert Room, 616 Broadway, above Houston. (Utctica Concert Room, 614 Broadway, above Houvton. Oaletlea Conoart Koom 616 Broadway, above H.jusuu. Oaletlea Concert Boom, 016 Broadway, above Houston. Oaletlea I 'oncert Boom, 016 Broadway, above lloualoo. Oaletlea Oouoert Boom, 616 Uroadway, above Uouaioa. Oaletlea Concert Boom, 616 Broadway, above Houaiou. OaieUet Concert Room. 616 Broadway, above Houston. OaletleaConcert Room, 616 Broadway, above Houston. Oaletlea Concert Room, 616 Broadway, above Houston. Gaieties Concert Boom, 616 Broadway, above Houston. Ow.-lica Concert Boom. 616 Broadway, above Houatoo. Oaledea Concert Room, 616 Broadway, above Houston. Oaletlea Concert Room, 616 Broadway, above Uoust on. Oaletlea Concert Boom, 616 Broadway, above lloo*ion. Oaictics Concert Room, Olo B-oadway. above Houston. Derwlcdly lha Banal f aahtonable ud pUMl Oouoen ttootn In New York city, heaidea ">eliw the (XX)LCUT AND MOUT OOlfPARTARLK. The beat talent in the nrofeaaton are pngaxed. and what we do not make up la quanuty, like others, we make up in yUAI.ITY.i the performer* enraged at the UaieUea ! elag ALL STARS, ALL STARS, ALL STARS. ALL STARS, ALL STARK, A.'-L STARS, ALL y^AKS, ALL HTA.tB, ALL STABS, I JUJ- STARS. I Aa^ fejv of M^wtllahow li t tUaM Mltfkt r A Pi PS T rUHJIKtt T, IM 4?iwwi?u unuuy yua. MISS CBCRUIA HOHWtV, U?e H?;'l omtoc ^ MISS CXI.R8TIN*, ike CWimajr ?*><?>*. mima., fW He?mttuJDauariw** MISS MCO.VOR A, tin* rucmtUiig Uuimh' MR. ROBr'KT H ilT, KtblopeMi IVnmmii'. MB. P. HI' n<KK, Ori(imJ fhijuDe K ".* JM>WARI> UKK*V. Ihr Oemle Vocal* SlwMOK HI,IAS ANP SON, Arrotwllc FerfrjnUd. MONK, ORK(JORIK, ll? ftnmlriill IM VfiirU I WHhmaoj other* equally uiwited. la word the OAJWIK8 van ike bust la l>t vocalists, best lady vocalists. BEST lady dancers, BEST rOMir HfNUKKH, ^ LA,'V UAN,KB*' BEST COM It! SINOKKS. HJtfT REOKO DELINEATORS, BWKT A?'H0BAl5fT J,kliR? WUNKAt?M' BE*T ACHOBATN best orchestra, bkst refreshments, *"* omtlk"^' BEST KIKREeHMKNTH, BEST HEOARS, rest everything, bimt *kua'fuj' best k\ kkyt11ino, atkt decidedly the BEST CONDUCTED ROOM BEST CONDUCTED ROOM HMT CORDUCTED BOOM BEST CONDUCTED ROOM BEST CONDUCTED ROOM BRUT OONDtKITKll ROOM (n the city. Ocntk-raea will alao bear lu uuud lh.ii OKKAT SPECIALITY Of the GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM la, that the PRETTIEST YOt'NO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS TKETTtEST YOt'NO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOU NO LADY WAITERS PRKT11RST YOUNO ?.ADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOt'NO LADY WAITER8 PRETTIEHT YOt'NO LADY WAITERS prettiest young lady waiters PRETTIEaT YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOt'NO LADY WAITERS PRETT1E.->T YOt'NO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS FURTHEST YOt'NO LaDY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOCNO LADY WAITERS PRKTTIEST YOU.VO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOt'NO LADY WAITERS I PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRRTTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRRTTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOt'NO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LtDI WAITERS I PRETTIEST YOl'NO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNtl LADY WAITERS PRETTlEfcT YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST Yol'N ) LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS vucttikut vni:nn l.inv Waitvus I PKKTTIKST YOl'NO LADY WAITKRS PKKTTIKST TOIKII LADY WAtTKRS BKfcTTlKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PKKTTIKST YOUNO &AUY WAITKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PKKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PKKTTIKST VOl'Nd LAI)Y WAJTKKS PKKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PKKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PKKTTIKST YOUNJ LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAtTKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO I.ADY WAITKKS prkttikst youko lady waitkrm pkicttticst you nil lady waitkks pkkttikst you no lady waitkrs PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS I PRKTTIKST Younii LADY WAITKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITIRS ? .PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LAPY WAITKRH PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKRT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIR8T YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKIW PRKTTMWT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTIikkt YOUNO LADY WAlTKRU PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PKKITIKMT YOUNO LADY WAITMK4 PRKTTIKST YOUNO IJLPY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADT WAIT KRtf PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS prktti>ht youno lady waitkrs PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITSRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LAOY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAlrKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRkTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITRRS PKKTTTEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PKKNTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PKKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKKS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOU SO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTUST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PKKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WaITKR.S PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PKKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PRRTTTRf-t YOrNO LADY WAITKRS PRKTTIKST YOUNO LADY WAITKRS PUKTTIKUT YOINU l.ADY WA.ITK.KX In tha Cnlte.1 State# are to w*tt tn>oa Ike patron* of the UAIK1 IRd. fctrmacer* iriamo* Ike ctty *ould not oe?!?* kj rml J?e G A IRTISH OONCRRT ROOM. OAIETIEH tX/N'HRT R<W?M. O A1KTIKM OONCKRT ROOM. OAlETlKS CONCERT ROO*. OAIETI18 CONCERT ROOK. tiAlRTlER OORCIRT ROOK. OAIKTIKH OONCRRT ROOK. oairtimh com krt rook. OAIRTim CONCERT ROOK. OAIETIRS CONCERT ROOK. "" -Afifflafw-s ."waste?* M MMTtm EANNT KORRE8T. iiRAUTirri. fanny roRRitsr. HKADTIFUL fAK.^V FORREST. HACTIKVL PAVVT FORREST. BRAHTirru fannt for r ext. PEAtTTtTPl, fANNT FORRENT, BKACTy-'JI, FaNRT roEREVT. HfiCffrUL KANNT FORREST. BKAITIFUL FANNV KORKtif. 10 ^VuB DA* oci XOTHKR PIBD." ^"^nswriafc tkiia airing *11 a rkaoce <y kefcrmj her?<l*atde<tlF lb# moat 1 yj r vocilial la Dm CViot art Room. A Jmia?<on imly U canto. CROWDED Hot HEX atleat tbe wlla world (??' of thla rraat J#*"*#- ___ Remember tkaprtea of OMmiui tha \ARIETIKa CORCERT ROOM, la ??ilj THIRTKRN 6ENTH. THIRTEEN CENTS. THIRTEEN ( ENTS. THIRTEEN ( BUT*. THIRTEEN CENTS. THIRTEEN CENTS. TffiRTtRN ceni*. THIRTEEN I'ENTH. THIRTEEN ClKTM. TUIRTRRN CENTS. On?a #rer? ?reunit. Cutnmaocc at 3, do* at It No bor* admitted. Hrmrabtr CIS Broad war, a fen doom below Laura Keme*? Item. DCSWRLDORf UAI.LERT, Mfl Kmad way TbM nnrleallad collect'.* of 1J0 PaisUnjp and Suuaa# fc open da7 aatf rreainf, (admiaal )n It cola,, and loWudea FAII. AKER 8 HEAD PEARL DIVER. AN'im.ltl A'S EVE. MISS I.ANDER'E EVANORI.INE. CRAWFORD'S I)ANC1NU JENRT. BARRER'i ' FISHER (IIRL. imNMn indersioned, durini nil ari> aenoe, baa appointed C. S. Bernard to lraaa?m ? :i burfneaa, be baring full power at aUoraer. J. RROUOHAK. Mobii.k^new, theatre.?Mi i.eare k mrrnELD. fioprie<"r* Kir*i elaaa aUr, ladlea and fn'lemeo of ability, wlah)a? earagenieBte. will addrcaa 8. lTnr Wm.W. Uray, eaie <m C. T >'*ral<?*>? },?!? PoaOoOnr. Naw Tork. oimrrRT. ARTIFICIAL TEE f H?REACT! Fl'L NRm OR PCRR Mlrar, |8. on Aim ipjid aad nlaUna. M; rtilnaalrad rubbar. IIS ain*l? l*etb, fl Teeth nilod and eitraflWd without tba laaat pain. ArUbotal hoaa flUtna at Tie., at 138 Stub avanua, bataMt Temth ud Rtavectk atreata. Dr. M'TfTXR, DaatM. Arttficiai. ronr piluro for drcatrd i EEra, pwt In wktla aoA, reqtrirhm wo preartre aad glrlnff no Hk; ferning i*f? or wmm aballa aa b? MM ?ntk tt Kim* l.UN> >mw aitabar i.iMl Bnadwtr, ooriw ?T Thirty am HMM. JAIUH PURHOV. M. It Dmwmt, 4 RTtrtrlAI. TKKTH -D?. Pl'XRtN OOlTTllCniW TO A tttmrl Mth in tart) arrYioda. without th* alijhtaat pWu. Tr?th luarr'rd o?er ?tump*. ffo #itn > harje for temporary fU, or eilntUM wharr artificial lr?th ar? lnaftrt?d Dr. H. U. D1KRKIN. J73 OanaJ *U#M, one door fiom Laaraa*. DKMTIrfTlY. nr I. J. O BRIKN S r>?a* >a>tna?* to lh? ml7 roltablprrparau *1 ot bona naad f"r tba r*av>r?Una of badly and Urvh. Dt 0 Brtoo HktUw main triad hi* ar mnir?w?rtit* (or th* malar fcrwmrmdaJWml of hi* patiant*. brln* md?d by rm ahlr tatauoM. ia now pr*par?d In attand to all la reaaoMbw uaia who May (*?, Hmymri to rail upoa TUual ratahllaktaaat. ThirtkKh Mm*. Mvm **nnd and Third araniiaa. f JUJIWY**, ORAOUATCP DKKTTBf, Li' rawwrad to m Wm Tw?ly aUU atfa**, Ww BfQidwty IM iUl [ONDAY. JOLT SO, 13G0. AJn'SRMEJITx. WA1.LACK.S THKATRK S1KTH WKF.K UK TUK FLORENCES. BRILLIANT tiUOCKbS OK FLOREXOI AS CUTTLE AND TOODLM. MBS. FLORENCE NTOHTT.T KJilOKKlt IN UKB POPULAR SONf?S ANI> KKAUTIKUL OAS MRS. FLORENCE NMHTLT RNCORED IN HER NEW YANkKK 8UNU, "RIDIN' IN A RAILROAD KKER." FLORENCE AS TIMOTHY TOOD1JCS. FLORKNriC AS l APT. KD'ARD CUTTLE. ALTERNATE N1UHTS T1IIS WKliK. MONDAY?IX )MBKY A KuN. KLOKKNCK AS CUTTLK. TUESDAY?TllK TOODLKS KLORK.SiE AS TOODLK. WKimltSDA*?DOMRKY A SON. FL<IRKOK ASOCtTI.K THURSDAY-TllK TOODI.KS. FLORENCE AS TOODLK FRIDAY?DOMURY A 80N. FLORENCE AS CUTTLE. SATURDAY?THE TOOOLKS. FLORENCE AH TOODLK. Kvery nitfht, In ooojnnrtinn with the Kurtonun l>r*mr.?, vrUl be gl\ en piece* eaixmaUy adapted U > the di.-play of the excellence at the FLORENCES in their repreeeuUu>>ii? of the PWmU*fMTUK IRISH BOY AND YANKEE GIRL. TO-NUJHT, MONDAY. JULY 30. 18*). WU1 be Riven, for the Hltn tune, the lmraen*elv inecawi ul Uruu, Interonuo* lo a dc/rree called IMJMHEY AND SON CAPT KD'ABD CUTTLE Mr. W. J. FLORENCE. I The ciiihiiaUm of Ui>- crowded nod critical audience* nii'htiy mm ml> led to w1to? m this a*u niahing piece of actm?, In J tiff wirm ro^ai C? *r. Klortoce am Uie un4 Uvui# deliueator o. - i Ot oJkBTIClW 0.) SUSAN NIPPUR Mr*. W. J. FLORENCE, And ii pi wtrful auxiliary cast Florence Overture (composed by J ulrara, In < ompll neat to Mr*. W. J. Floreure whi-n in Lotidou), Orchestra, led by Mr. Not.u To conclude with Mm. Fioreooe'a favorite protean Farce r> Ikwl A LK&iOlf FOE H1SIUNDS Ksnny Tottle (and ?lx other ehsractert with plenty or sinking and d!inet:>gi Mm. W. J. Florence. Tim O'ltleary ta rollicku.i; lush boy) Mr. W J. Florence The piece I* replete with tun of the richest ort?r. To morrow (ruesday) the new oiccn called tbe ZOUAYR3. Mr* Florence In the ch u acter. NOTICK ?The jonng wkI popular BiHuts whose ivtae* head Lhl? advertisement caniw* remain in New Vork but a few day* longer, in consequence of ihv early couuiirin-einent ol thetr uhimI tall and winter eng;??e .neii ? Bwt nad South; thrrirfore the in.uutgciueni are coui-|<eUod u> announce their ust eighteen ulgbu. ACADKMYOFMCBIC-ORAND COMBINATION OI'SXA AND HAl.lJt F, for one night only, l?*ing for the beneSt of 81ti. RONil.OKI. Ob Friday next, August J, will be performed Yerdi's eel* brated Opera ot Eitiourrro. Principal parta bv MAO. FBKZZOLINI. MAO. D'ORMAY, bill. STKFF ANI, HIO. BARRtLl, with a grand Ballet Divertlaement by tSe celebrated Corps dt Ballet rrotn ths New Or'eani Opera, under Jibe direction m KUr. Hon/am. Big. Muxlo Musical Director aod Conductor. Full particulars oo Wednesday. Prices of ad mil hod an usual. WINTKR (1ARDRN. On this ereiung. MONDAY July .*), THK WONDRRFUL RAYKUS Commence tlie neoond week of tlietr eunmjeinent at the WINTKR OARDKN Moat gratefully scumble of the klndi)"?a wticb bna cathered nightly arouud inern tn their new home, such crowds of natrons and friends, they ben respectfully to announce that this ta lh>-ir FARKWKLL CN0 40RMRNT In America, and Uie laat opportunity of meeting thoae to whom for au many yeara they have been Indebted fiir a moat generous and untiring support. During tin* engagement they will endeavor, ui far aa possible, to appear In each and all of Uioae piece# which hare inahitalned tor to long a period so atfec tionate a link between ill K WONDKRm. KAYKIaS and the public of New York. There will consequently be a ehajije ^performance every evening. OABRIEI. AND FRANCOIS. both In carle and original parts. four kntrrtainmknts. Laughable comic Pantomime, M. DICttALUMKAP. The amusing divertissement, THK 1SKLLK OF MADRID. KL TRAPBZO, By Young America THK COR UK TRNDUX, A. Lehmann In the Banket Dance Mile, chiarinl. without pole. Julian I'hiitp and Paul Kartmetti oo the nine at oooe NKW BOWKRY TOKATRF.. Hole proprietors Moeara. O. L. Fox 4 J. W Ungan! MONDAY, Julr )Mt). Re engagement of the people's favorite, Mr R KDDY, who will an pear this evening in an entire new drama, entitled T11R ARTT&AN OF LYONH. This drama ta founded an fscu of the Ume of the celebrated Catharine de Medio!*, and fully portrays the horrors of thai period, aad the determined struggle ol the UagueaaU fur re IkAmMI fl CClJtjfll. Herre Ken* Is, the Artlmn of Ljona. Mr. K Rddy HenrlooM Mr. O. L. Foi Vala*jTT. Mr J. B. Howe Count de Yandome. Mr. J. Monks t. . A. U .. V r. vr (I JlU 'w.wTin MsrUrV/.'.V.V..V.. . .V.. . .. .. .liiii f'anajr lltrrloi ifler which lb# beautiful drums of THKRKMt, THK ORFHA* OF OKXKVA. Oarwta *r O. C. BonlfaM SSSa. Ml*. W. U. JoMi Ooorludt-c with an rnllr* n?w fare# ntitlM T1IK UIIUKT Of TUK INN. Tommr Tadpole " * ' T) ARNL'M'S amkbican muhkum. ORKAT FAST***, AHOY liAMNCM BTllA IN Till FIKU). am> orrMJ X BKTTKR BIIA. or ATTRACTroWS THA* KV**. Who can fall to Ma this ?rf U (xjirmwarro* w ?i nov?t?i?? Tkr n?im (v? oM to U? work! for twant) Irr cult. Who would do* k>t? 28 < KNTJt TO SKK Til* II CKBTH TO *1* Til* OIANT BAllTT _ t itlNO 8*A LlONf 7 tmu-? oM. Roqulra* II bbla mm waMr Watcb NT pounds, and rata 90 Iba Oah daily. Nraanrradl toeb-a rt.und watfha 1.UU0 kba. IS CKNTS TO HUB THK tS CRNTH TO h*K TH* UVI*0 WHAT I* ITT- A UMNO FA MILT. or Mm Mmkey Rom of bl?*k parrota.bui h*VTba rwal furioua and lnl6T*al log whito hair aod akin, 18 ( Kjffv1 Ttf sISmTUK 2* (:*N?* Toni*'* AUL'ARIAL OARHKNT Life Ilk* Wai Flffur* Of With rart H*lnf Fiah,aa _ , TOMMY BKAUTIFI'L ANOBl.FlsU, TW Japanaar. with bla <M*? K* A FORTLF1N*. butt <* CUAhaa, RKD 8NAKFKRM, and *n aotocraitb I*U?r BROOK TROl*T. At Ac. to Mai l-land IS CKKTK TO R*lt TH* II <-K*TS TO HKF. TH* UT1 HO 8KRJ.KTON KAHT ARA0ONHAS, MONhTKK SNAKHK | UAFFY FAMILY, WAX FtOl'RwT UVI?OH**U tWBTNINOCALCULATOR | KM *ATlt>* L PORTRAIT*. 26 i WTX to are awl brar Hndw.inh a, lata WOOO'H MIHRTRKlJI. Caltr Iba enttre uperviaion at J. II. BPPWOBTH?<* W Kliuot'Mui Minmrcla, rmmatora. tHnrera. Ae , Ac In Iba omuury. rmoh aod every owe ut ?kcb ladetlaml. bjr lbo? ian^r to bfi w ortll U i'KNIH TO 8RR AI/OWH. and jM tor Ite mm* mT**TH, AIX' AIX THK^K UMNO WONDKBB. T^IK KI-LKNOIH P*RF??*MAN< ?B iranrmj r?|? W. W1BW WW,*!, A" fa* to be a?eo far * _ AT RAKRL'M'M AMRRICAR Ml *RtJM. Which la ot>?-n at all hour*, day aud et?u?a*. Ch-utreo tinder 10 year*, 14 ceuia. BOWKRY TlllATUK. George Wood ftnle I-eaae and Manager. Hatuitf faaaad tbie farnrtta theatre for * tera <tf yeara. It M raaprei.'ally aniiouix-ed thai It will he openad f'lr Lbe aeaano tt IHtft >>1 cm or about Anf"* jfi. in thataienoi the eadnoriua of the ihraLre will be entirely alterfl r*4a??r*Md aad <ip hMWH and the eaUrr. 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A aplaartld aattMtlnB nf thr World Halora ami of Art. <>p?n froai I A . It 0 7 o'rlorA P M Tv-kMa ? nanta. aaaann. f? r??(* INTMRATIOKAt. ART llfRTITUTlOl*. KXHlRtTtOR op PAlKTlNUft. Ko MM Broadway. nomar of Ponrtt Araal Opaa friMl M A. BUT P.M. All III ilia ?te. Barri'm'r wr?kcm is autf ao a in' prw doubt tbat * ho bara Nm*b Inatda of H (ha ra*t wmk n haa hMM ona parviuai boit'la?. Prnta aarlv ?. uli tanuclork al Iffct thare haa baan a p?rjw?ttal airtaj of h' maottj pring In al tba door*. ? hil* lha l?r*a kallaarM Iwaoov laotiira room kava baan crowdad In ihalr niaaoai r*i>?rMy All tba anraoUona ara eonttonad th? waak, anth ann rara addtuoaa, ao ikara au ka no abatamaat of tntara*. OPBRA. m RROADWAT. Rait ?? ? aa >Hra akaag* of parfpr? wfll ka g\rr*>. tfortaae* Pnrw*wi| u4 fnp?rtf ?44 kf "klnnfri to IM Para?i> of HnaMI iVoaa; or, WW Baal rkArl^ta*rk?a? rrMfHora ara MrtlnJadr rwq-iraKM la I i^'-'^^aanriSs aiay;. 1 AMCgKngirra. Laura kkrnkr thkatrk LAURA KKKNR'tf THK4TRK LAt'It A KKKN Jt'S THKATRK. LAl'RA K.KKNK'8 THK ATltC. LAl'RA KKKNR'ri THKATRK LAl'RA KRKMK A THRATKK LAURA KKKNJiH THRATRR. LAURA KJfKNKS THKATRK LAL'RA KKKNKri THKATRK LAl'RA KKK.VES ItttATRK. foMMaod M*nti>er Mr. Jttei h MavMinvcr Mr. Jnm-? 8i.ninood?. fcualCfci lMrn?tor ... Mr T bekm' fr*nlaArt? ' ""[Mr J. K H?yw. fruuipKr Mr T. 3. C'llan OOVTINtKD hCACiSB U*'N tlKUKD RUOCEW CONTINURH SUCJKhS ?ONT1M Kl> SUOCK^ CONT!Nt:KI? SVtVKss OONTIftUKn 81HVKV> I COMTItil'Kl) SUCCMfc I or OIK OUR Ol'tt AMKRICAlf AMRRNUN AMKKICAN AWKRiCAN AMERICAN A MhliLli t A N AM KK10 AM AtffRWlS AJLKRlcXir AM K RIO AN amkrccan amkkican tMRU 10 AN AMERICAN MKRICAN AMKRICAN /..MKRIC AJf AMSRICAN AKKRICAW AMKRIOAX AMKRICA* AMKRIUaN AMKKICAl* AVKItiOAN mcm.lill AMKIttl'AV AMERICAN AM KMC k* AMR&WAN ALBICAN OOUBIK. COCHIN. COUHIN. 001/HXW. COUBtM. OoUHlN. oouMit. ror.nn. OvVHlN. COPSIN. COUM*. COt'alK. ooi^ijr. counrN. COUSIN. COUSIN. OOUWN. 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TUOMAH U * Original ARKRK'AR C*>UHJV POI.*'* amkkk as oul'sim f' l ? amkrica.v eye mm p-.i'MAMERICAN OOUH' v El I rl AMKRIIAN tVY.uijf p, ri lutrodnctsf Ike Ktte?'ze Hunipagae Cork.' &e., Ac. 2157 XEP PSAtTI^UL 8. KNKRV, 2'^ AS!' K*AfTirCL IM'KNKRr 2?? fCR WKAWTjrCI. KKNCMT B|Al?Tirri. H> K.VKKV, NEW ANP BRA I TirlfL W'KVKRT PAINTKI) HV MR. IIA1 Ks. PAlRTK ? HT MR UATKM. FAIMTKU BY M K. HAYK* fAIKTKp B? MR. UAVU. PAiirrRO nr MR. uatkb. MOKUAV. JCLV SO, or? American corst*. wrnr the rou?iriR<> rtRomu tart |?f1 Mr. JuMph J?a,rmim Lnrd n ,Ddi?.rf Hothen, AbrlMurratt Mr CwMx* i./> '* ? Mr. J Burnett T>? >**? 7.V.. .7\ "/.'.V/.V/.V.Mrr rw<2 Ue?t TrrnnoB Mr Will fridduyaBlM Mr. Oondrirh Michel..., Mr. 'Tina Mr Edward Mr. "-fjlH rVwviM* Mr, Wuod Mary M' tediUi ..MmNxnM AugiiM* Mun .Iriintm K 'l'U" Mr* '"Uaafran Mr* I nitK Umi:u' m.... Mr*. Yintag I Smart Miu B>u k>* ShUJet . Mun Wirrca BT*OP*tB OP S< ENERY ANI? INCIDENT!. ACT I. An Rngliah Mumr ol Uka 1'iwii Day?Hl/h IJft lie' im HU(r??Arrtral of Lb* Mail Baa? A?f M)n? of lk? \ ialler? a> Tri >,< kar I tu f-Aii Engliah ElfiulaMR'a ide? ut an An il il I can- Tb* Wirelm l*et>er?A l?nal Itraorh of tk* Trwn<"tmrl i Faraly I>>acovare4?The Tr ink Wltt??r?4, kitt Ike Hapling a IJ*.- Yankee, though tiyn<> oaeana croen -Aaa Tr?n aarl Pint Ai l -aranoe la tk?- Halla of hia Anr.?or?? A R>-l Indian I I'i>?.iUv-A?k fin* W?kt of Uimdimri A OenanU Upr?H , 1, c ~fjeaa *?-1 _Pku?ii*of Wow 'PM. Am.rW', y, uraial I>rt?k??Hrm'U Yo-1 lie* l?? Vn?<h, '.^.^UUI, J?Vp <>r Jcr?*]r U?htnlM -'j|frwj fgr m1; ? All n(kt Warr??i" l I h kUl A! W r?r-u I>itnur?*i7 n trmr tniciC?lkl?m?? b# lufn fkr 1 and th<f 1?ori'r IOwic Tr*? rb^ry?A fMtff of Rmn umidM VlrBt??Prti|)0?.?l for U* Ii..n4 rf ri"r?iK-? Trroi b*r.l MnnnM'n IMarmla>tln<t U* f k><> Hd vud tk# Wory of |ll? |Jfr All in hia Own Room Tb? !<? ? Itkir l?re?Tnrk*> <V? k No >- I Rtrkno H'n an V?Ui?W* I'll Kci p II"?A P irahi of Ku iwli^l** unjri l?Jii ilIM??Pull i!ip lWll?An t'ne?p??-tel Mj iw/t liaUi B*T'I l"U' .UK! * Unlit I i MAKO? B V >0 I ?0ITO! MAOROt A?T If. ? . A m?n'rn??rin* Mucb*r Vv hnukiir la ?>|| ? iflan.!? A<? In */ Iterj rdrnw, to" oM a h'iniar fci M Inmnl'A ?ri*a!" hot ? I>iin'lrr?jT'* f#Arfnl pmnkin, po hair <fjr?. a^J lima I "rrtipiMiw u. <kin attempt V> ???<? fW . >? ay I moua latter to F'or*?p.- - Th? xpfotntmeni M eijtoae | I of ( r^l^'a *1Uan??"t;aB to?i a.r? m-A?> ?.iH , ? I 9 hat 1 waa ab-mt In aak A <xn? >1 of War - f T?w Pairr TV- rWrtry Hnr and tha ItalrtnMii (?rr? i I wnltd to U>e IfeiOmUH?l/?* at Si? ate hi. MIm a Ik# lira! 1 : uaeful **l l r? a*?n ihla aMrtbo, hi.!1-D ii.trmnr Awa- I A boltJr of h .1 r dye tnr a ?h?p?Th? dMilhtrttrm nf lb* prtwa? f Aaa lha ?V tor, I'rj *.-i ihM ??iip ?A h>->Kb to | <it?rr>r- Mrangrra In Trmirharl Manor "Who tarr tV?-' UaiUita. ?ir KUward"?<J?a<>ral on(M?rn?i??> - Aaa a Sr*l . . r?p?rlm?nt fa opanl?? d>ampao?--0'iudraar jr few .. Mrd a eye *lew of tba eorh. *rr in. Mary V?r*dlth and Am In Ike Italry Hia danri .pilon M S ? bom- in A?*ri<?? An etyaatra W|v hghMr % ?<.* fre? TV mil] bttrwed-'Aa*. yon'ra a hnaa"?rturenre'aUtae It arrival Tkiaman la a kwo, and lo?Hv?r- tlarj larmfaa livnn, and two parttea happy--An alutaaptnl alnixHMiil prert^?. ad?Tke trior raiUU nl Tran<-b?rd Mwr ' > and Kinn?f III ibalr cnpa?MnrroU for mwa an bar Aaa a li-termlna.|fm <V?rt? drvak ?"Virtrfc M'lroitt, bia private *er?"??Y>y|e >>o hw [ee? ?*?IB?A blow mral?bt from lb* *ho< i idar A robber In a ford ca>tar?Itundraorr allll tryln* to aweeaa (V?yl???a pit rale tiOWW? A bnnl lor the reieaae The ae. ;et drawer - Aaa area for thr key -*) ?>? 'a andden appear*!**- - Vkllwn woolt rtm rob me"?Another kaoek ilmm -The diw-nrery nt the ra leaae awl <laouo?0t.ire of Ooyle ttnreaM'a prayer I????palr of Ulr Mward?TW phMrH. and nohle aaertflre of rva w>? Aaa In bla ?.e??W~(Wring aaav of ibr rloiKto- Mirvat'a raward f/>rd P-mdrearj ? but* (8*aat*r Aat m.ijrnaiJjM f - A mrrti roaeryia* in kaala, kr Kftii *>r ro*KI>T. In eoaie-i'ianranf tfce l*?rbof the O^nady tkara wil. ba ?o r Furra J floor* 'n?*n at half paa? 7 n>V*li; (ruminfi <1 a pr*ria*!f. C I'rh its or Ai>m-?*roK. r Oraaa f1r?l? and Parent NO ranU OrrhMlra < kalrtt <)? Hollar 1 Family f lifl? **> rxtta o Naionnr 'Itwrk T? frir?M X?M>1 ft 1 AHtrwrmcfrrs. XT1?'''0'? OAHl>KN i> THICK I'll * L, RKU'RN TR ! VI'HAl, RKHIRN TH11 ? I'll Al, KKTUKK 1 H11'MI'll Al. KKTI'RN IKll'MPHAL UKTl'RlK TlULMl'l! Al. HKTUKM nr NTXON'S ROYAL K KRTRl AN TROCI** MXtlK b ROYAL Kol KSTKIAN TK.OUP*, NIXON'S KOTAI. KKTKIAN TROUPK. hltOH'K ROYAL K'y. K.V1RIAK TROUPK. MXON X ROYAL KC^I'KSTRIAN TEOPIMC. NIXON'H KOlAl, k^lKKfRIAN TROUPK. NIXON'B KOYA1. KUL K.-TKI AN TROUPK NIXON'S ROY IF. KQVKSTRIAN TROVPF.. w iUi ill IliC PHYSICAL SPLKNHOR8 PHYHICAL hiPl.KNDORH l'HY8ICAL SPLKNUOR* bHYHIOAL HIM.KNOORH PHYSICAL BPLRNDORH that b?T?, durtufl 1U recent |?r"Viud*l tour, been wltnMMd fef ^'LTLUON AND A HALF OK PKOPI* MILLION AND A HALF or MILLION AND A UALK OK PWiPLA. S ulc,* AND A HAK VF *I?JJON A?2 ? ..rtL,K OK HBOPLB, cM??uwr k ?pirlt of eeUusuurJc deUalit uoaoi uire*l tif Mf .. ut'um ever kuown, and receiving tie undivided ak>t??uaa, oouau-nanre and endorsement of the INTKJ.!.KCTl'AL AND KBFfNKD CLAJWRa INTKU.KCTVAL AND NK'INKD OLAHhlW. lNTM.LX.CTt AL AND *BF1NK1> CLAh*IM. lNTKU.KCTL'AI. aNW RkKlNXJ> CLAMM. IPTKLLKi ft'AL AND RRKINKO CI.AS-.wi In ir.irmuiuiee o( n j.ron.u# pabUcI> made throujti th*M lumijji of Uje iiun??l iirm, ll.f ui?!uiaeui?at r?ai>eouu!(/ Mnouiice h K!!iSK. t-*A"w>^ AT vrnLo* HK1KK KKason AT NI Ul,? >'K HKJBF ?KAM>N AT N WS bKJKf hKA?ON Al SlhLo-H U*\ll LJCAKON AT MIHLSVH BRIKr l-KANON AT NlitLO'H URJKK KKASON At NUIUIM (nrerlio* K> the ennd'H r>f <li? KOYAL fcylfc?iRI*N TROUPK ROVAL KOI'K-IRlAN TROUPK ROTAl, K^CWSTRIAN T.tOt'PIC KOYAL KguKMKlAN t ROUPK. ROYAL X.?Jl'KSTKUN TIlillIfK, ot) it* 1U cOt^eaipMi'd HoM'lieru enmpalgoi, < jnuncuclag m Jl i.Y Tw. MOXOAY. JLI.T :w. roKT:Nrifi<; JCVKKV kvknihu IM KINO THK WKKC. OONTIMUWO r\KUV BVKMJKU HUUfNU TtiK WKKK. WITH HPKC'AL SOCIAJ, MATINKKH Oil W! nNVNDAV ANP hATUKUAY AKIKKNOOHH. 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