Newspaper of The New York Herald, 31 Temmuz 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 31 Temmuz 1860 Page 1
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TH] WHOLE NO. 8727. OHSTEB EXCURSION TO r<iPE HAT. |j; The Departure ot the Great Eastern | Yesterday Afternoon. Or?r a Hundred Thousand People on the J Fieri, Houses and Along the Shores of the River. Thirty Steamers Escorting the Triton to Sea. Twenty Thousand People on the 1 Water. , Icry Exciting, Very Euthmiaitie and Very 1 Ertraordinary Scenes in the Bay. I BEAUTIFUL DAT. SPLENDID AQUATIC EXHIBITION, teii &e.? Ac. The Groat Eastern ?u announced to leave Now York for C*pe May at three o'clock yesterday aftern >on, but from Rome cause ube did not depart from her anchorage until half pact four o'clock. The scene on the river, in the harbor, down the Bay, through the Narrows,over the bar and oat to sea was very tine and cnth igias'.ic. Our reporters hare fully described what they gar of this grand aquatic exhibition. THE SCENE AT THE DOCK. CBOWD8, CRUSH AND CKINOLINK?OVKR FIV* TnOCBAND PERSONS PRESENT AT ON It TIM K?L ITT LI BOY8 AMD BJO QCW8?INCIDENTS, BTC., KTC. Almost if not quite as much excitement was mini* fasted yesterday, when the big ship left on her excursion to Cape Hay, as was shown when the monster male her rat appearance in the Hudson. All along the line of the dock at which she has been for some t me moorel, and from thence as high up as Sixteenth street, crowds of ten, women and children might have been seen gradually gathering together until they amounted at one time to over five thousand people. To all appearance the exclto ascot that has existed ever since the vessel has been in tbe vicinity of the city had sot decreased until she had worougniy uisappcareu lrum wio view ui iuo ga/er- at iue Battery, and then It seemed somew hat to subside, ai 4 wen, to allow of a small rest until 1 something new turns up." At ten o'clock yesterday morning the interest or the assembled throng seemed to be equally divided between gazing on the noble vessel, .11 she lay on the boecm of the Hudson as eisily and as stately as a swan, and in examining the remains of the poor unfortunate English sailor who had some time since fallen overboard from the Great Eastern and been drowned, and whose hody h*l been brought to the sur*oe by the motion of the screw as the ship moved away item ber dock on Sunday. About that time our attention c was drawn to the vessel by the words of a bystander, "Ob, they are getting up the steam," and, by the look of Ibe smoke stacks, there was an evident proof that they \ were making up the tires, although the steam could t scarcely be said to have as yet made its appearance. For some length of time during the morning a tugboat waa employed towing a barge to and from the lireat Eas'.ern with cargoes of ice, showing plainly that the directors of the excursion were determined, if possible, to make ttoeir visiters ' keep cool." About one o'clock the excursionists began to appear at the place of embarkation, at the foot of Hammond street. They made their " entrance upon the stage" in the ebara:ters of pedestrians, horsomen and occupants of carriages. The vehicles were of all styles, from the private close carriage and pair to the one horse b>f fry and common hack. The baggage wagon of the St. Nicholas Hotel waa several times seen, and at <w-h time heavily laden. Tae stages of the Astor House, Fifth Avenue, and, in fact, all of the hotels, brought each dow n their load of living fVeigbt to eilhor view (he departure or to go on the contemplated voyage. 0 Every one who had a wa^on unemployed seemed to have bnckled on their team'' and taken up a friend or two to see the "big ship" go away. t The Fleam boats Edmund (iriffln and the Wand Belle were busily employed from one o'clock to three in taking j tboee who had tickets fr< m the shore to the vessel. t Every the boats left tbey were overloaded, so much f o liui many 01 lue on iwncra ript-cie i esrry momen: U) ?ee tbem sink or turn over, and discharge their paasengen ia the river instead of on the tireat eastern. Some trouble was experienced by the police (of whom there were twelve on duty at the place of embarkation, under Oapta.n, of U>e Ninth precinct) to keep the people fron jumping on the boats when too full, an.I one worn iu narrowly escaped being thrown Into the water by insisting on leaping on the paddlebox after the boat ha I stvt ed Thoee who had to go t >u board the b >ats were c >m pelted to " walk the pUuk" irom the shore to the tup of the wbeclhouse, wb cb necessity m ule It rather iiafertn natr for the fkir sex, u they had to daacaad a ladder to w re*eh the main deck, and iatb?aeda*a of large hlupa, _ more aoklea were displayed tt the vulgar 2020 than wu J' intended by the ia?r owoeri when they lelt their homea in the morr.icg. On the Bag of the lsand Belle wu the reprem>n .at'on pf a female, tbe fare, bouoet, drees and boots of which wereof a decidedly bine color A smart youth at oor elbow f remarked that "before mort..og that was not th<> only thing tliat would look blue, or b? bite.'' Of course ho could have no reference to tiic pawiecg* ra ju boar J the K great veeael All along the dock might hare been wi stall* fbr tbe u pale of lemoo aoda, fruits, candles, takes, oyaters and a < mixture that Vaa called lem load", which had tr re r> tbe appearance of dirty water m a h >rae buofcet with the used up slioes of ieraoo from a punch bowl, after a hot t<.gnl's hard iMme than anything; ls? we cau rail to rnmd at prevent. A man,with e cart drawn by a de Cided Jackass, was dispells log to Um'crowd what be m d " hot criaberry pics," but which se?tned to us to hare a ,, very siiapfciou* look. A smart looking " tiarksy boy' was sealed at the tall of a wagon, try mg to dispose of tie wares try tbe utterance of the follow .og rhynr ? U Sw 't as ?ugar and <-olU as lee, _ Water melons a Many a slice. Near h.m waa a man who very ar.xioi.sly m v ited all to P' try whether they were eot^ juij live or lot, lor the low ui I barf ' of a ceni. and not Tar from him stood a youth who , waa cf a Arm opinion tliat the a"?emt>!ad tow 1 could do ?<j better than t? tee liovr mi h they cm.Id lift. A third tl told the people that if they wanted individually lo know o| their eiaet weight they ooold do ?> for one -ent. B it b< above all their vo-iforaiiona could be h*ard th" ere-* of iaoi< rous newibtiys who would sell a " complete biat'.ry cf and guide to the Ureal Eastern '' and you at the "me fi tisac, and all for Um certs. At the day of their mar'*?t waa nearly ended, tbe more an*ions aerm-sl th y to aell Several m?n wet* a too to be wen disposing U b< .iquets of "fresh P-wera" for a low price, an 1 th other* bad -talvKCopca of all powers and to j t all . aighte." and aold them, ton, at prieea that eonld n?t plainly be obtained at any of lb*' line optician's stores on I re roadway. The lager bier aai-mns s-em-l to d> a >n flourI?h ng biwlneer aid one man with a sttll f<?r the ' aatle of 1 soda water, with oho no syrups,' thought it as well to ent out the 3" from Ms placard, eo that it read co "? cents a glass," an 1 be than Ma could chtrre bis own price There wu also present the noisy vernier of the , "real Weet India p'neappl" rook,'' whlcti he warranted to 'u cure all tbe Ills thit man la heir to. la the sliape of sa coughs, colds, tr.'' Of course the man with the spring ?p gun and target was there, for th*y are alwaya to be found where there ta to he a crowd. Several members of Dodworth'a (trass Band were ob *,< aerwed leparting bw ^aeh of tti? t"">*ta, flu n'y f?r? M hadowng ihe fkrt lh?t iher' wai to bw mojil<- on barl r Threa cart* amrtd at the doclc Wwxw ocw aoJ two r'clocw each lad?-n w, those hundred aea graaa be?la; U |?nt o* of to tba mik?t not getttDp them ready 1 u? t Vb? time pro?t*ed. two thirds of ?h? qwui t,ty ??** left on h htnti, m U??re tu " do nine to lake them on board. qi TTiere ww a Urn* Iron bam on the dock, which had | ro town need In mowing the groat weaawl wbil? aho Uy th~rr ! nd lb w chain ' mad to asclte great curt.a tf anv>../ ; ** Iboae pi?aaot. We overheard the following coovoraalion between a M ranger and tba man wt>o waa nvvlag war Ibe chain ? What la that bain'" an Why an Iron ' ham?can t yoo wee." tt '1m, hot what ta tt fort" 'for uaa, whan required." Tea, 1 fcaow, hat doea It belong to tba Great Ktatemr' 'Oh, that's It, ia lt> Wall I gueaa It had something to do Wl ha> aa tt to eomponnd partly of gold. It baa been lo tba Away < ??ca. and I am employed to carry [ tt {Way. aadaU tba gold that M to b? made off up wn r? hare for ay tronbta." Ttle ant to us querist wait away, dr apparently a?t*fted with bia arwwer ftiirmg the morning several barges and other weeaela " had heon dtaehargmg heavy l??de of lumber, and the " arowd look advantage of Iha y .'? tbu* BMda W> strata rri EfNE; Hid thorny got a better v!?w of the ship an ?1? at nncbor 'n the centre of tbo at ream. On cnc of a piles cf lumber a maawaa buaily engaged ukxg pLo WfTTaptx vlewa ol the ve?8?>l, the crow J, fcc. For sow; .ttle time he was quite an object of curiosity with thc?a present. One slight accident occurod by ibo breaking of i plank on which aeveral persons wero mounted, and Aubcd the foil of many, among whom were a few La' *. (Ve are happy to etate fright waa the only darr -.g" * ? i ained. Not only were them piles so brought into or . bst also | be tope of houses and sheds, the rigging ?f all the v ; lels that were any way in vl?-w of the trreat steamer, and n fact every possible place that was a foot above nother earth. One enterprising newsboy, an* ous to se In the world, mounted to and took his *at upon the naintrnck of one of the vessels, and chcored with one land while he held on with the other. Others wcro lealed ou the crosntrees, he. I'p to two o'clock sixteen hundred tiekcts had boon fold, and they continued to h? purchased for about hvf u> hour alter that time, though no I a; so rapid a rate as n the earlier part of the day. As the places cf dis|>osal )f these tickets w<te stationed all over tho city, bo exact eturn could be obtainod at the time our report v,.u written. iui- on me imes 01 iuc ia.r arx was gre.ii xcitement and some warmth, for the day was certainly harming, and until a quarter before four Id the afternoon icnreely a ungie cloud jiaased totween Uke sun and tho arth. Umbrellas and parasols were in groat deinaniUj lieep off the rays of ' Old Sol," and the appearance of the jrowd, ""eon from any high position, boro morere?'mjlance to a lot of mushrooms in a livid?except tho difle ence in the color of the to]??than anything else. All along the Jersey shore, on Hobokon bill, and on the road that runs in front of the Sybil's Cave, large crowds jf both sexes w\re assembled to watch the departure of .be vessel, and as t took that part of the channel on its way down towards the ocoan they bad a splendid opportunity to see her noble proportions. Several steamboats, both large and small, accompanied .he Great Eastern on her trip, and as they novercl about tier they Boomed hke a number of gram pages ronnd a while. As lor thy little rowboats, they were of course lowhere, and if it wero not for the large number of them that were present tbey would scarcely hare attracted wy attention at all. One amusing incident occurred .hat caused some laughter among those assembled on the hore. Two young men were in ouo of these small row>oats, when tho Moses Taylor began (teaming up o them. One of the two, fearing tbe.r little reesel was going to bs run down and swamped, umped overboard in the water, taking an oar him to lelp to keep him afloat. As the steamor did no', pass learer to his boat than forty or Qftr yards distance, of ourse the " ducking" was the only damage el stained by ,ny of the party. The Ilendrik Hudson had a very peat crowd of pasengers on board, and as that acknowledged large vessel Msaed around our " big visiter,'' she was decidedly In the nick ground as to size, and seemed, in comparison to her, 10 bigger than a rowboat when compared to a steam tug. rrotn three to four o'clock, a continual whistling was lept up by the steam vessels that wero moving around the iroat Eastern, I' d several of them gave salutes even beore that vessel i-ver made the slightest signs of starting. At four o'clock the cry of "she's moving" caused ill who were not looking to turn their gaze In the direcion of the river, when tbey could perceive the large padile wheels slowly revolving as the vessel turned her bow lA?n t VtA Ck/. ti.,4 Kaon !?*( %/* ?ltk h?. vwu kuv i it vi .?uc uau wctu i/iu| wiui uci uunu ng "up strewn" all thc.morning, and before tho could jroceed on her voyage she had to turn round. She seemed to hay* plenty of room and moved easily? me tug "pushing at her nose,'' while another was attached by a rope at her stern, and wh engaged pulling ler round. The rope of the stern vessel appeared to snap leverai times, and at last the tirlffln pave up the task of Hauling in apparent disgust. The monster, as she turned, nad her head in the direction of Hoboken, and as she ihowed her stern to the people on the New York shore she seemed like some outrageous denizen of tho deep that iad just risen trom below, her port holes having the appearance of large goggle eyes, and the windows in the stern looking like a ferocious set of txth. At twenty five minutes after fonr the excursionists nay bo said to have made the first start in the direction >f the bay, and at thirty-flvo minutes past four she was airly under way, and nobly she steamed along, with a irowd of Btesmers of all sizes in front, a'.ongs.Jc and in he rear of her. As her gigantic paddle wheels rerolved she raised a tremendous foam; but when she b sgtu <j use her screw there must have been rather a "rau imong the little t.ehes, flr the water bid the appearance if being disturbed by a^olent storm. DETECTIVES ON BOARD. Among those who proceeded to Cape May in the Ore it '.astern yesterday were four dctective pol'.ccmen, under be command of Scrg'act Dickson. THE SCENE ALON<i WEST STREET. On the tope of houses and at the windows, on vcranlaliS above, ai.d chairs beneath, on piles of lumber and | 'igging .of ships? in fact, on everything that could bo iscd, either movable or immovable, crowds of anxi as persons could be soen watching tbe Oreat Fast am js she massed down the river. Every pier that abuttel on u.o | forth river was occupied by hundreds of persons, a- 1 i when the ve?sel had passed by the number of th? peopl i ihat began to move aloug Weet street, and Uicwe that le 1 rom it, carried the Ideas of lb" lookoron to the mosses hat leave lfc?echer's church on a Sunday. Salute* were Ired from the ocean mall steamers that were ly Eg at heir docks on both "Ides of the river, by th.iso who .ccupiod other steamboats, and by private parties on tho bore. We did not see that any of tlieso salutes were tnswered by the '-big ship," but this ' ; rom the Idea that if i<ne answered <? ?, or ' not thi others, iiienee might be Ukcu when none was ictitdel. SCENE AT T1IE BATTERY. From before two o'clock in the afternoon he crowds began to assemble on the Bat'ery d large numbers, and increased very rap.Uly. !y fonr o'clock over ten thousand persons were ?re congregated, sol up to tbe t me when tbe vessel lasaed they kept on Increasing In number*. Shortly beore five o'clock the cry of " here she oomot" set the | >40u1t od the ofu itr*. and ihortlr a t? r V,o v j*8*?i ho\? n Fight, an'I a general rn*b waa male to ward* that part f the froonda nenrot the Camden and Am boy p ler. Aa i ha ahtp paanad at too |mt a dmlanoa from the aa waled crowd, do atwrapt ?u ntttt to ralw cheer, aa j oubilara the Mph ti wdU VMM t breath wliao beir " tigera" *rm coaw not b? **ard by thnae on ??rd The MNltntnt kM aa well ia at all po.ota of he city, ?m ioWdk', and when one man remarked that 0 " thought the people bal all (one Mad, to bo runhiof bemt so iner-ly to *ee a *t earner go on an inn.m. ' he raa ?<?c alleuced by the answer, that the like bei'ora ad never bee? awn, ' and therefore a!) tried to get a artUig glance at the modeler in naval architecture and he champion of the aeaa. THE TURNOUT IN BROOKLYN. Fvrrjr available apace along the river front or tigh rmitid waa crowds with pert^na about Ore o'clock yaa1 rday afternoon to witneaa the depart'iro of the Great aatern A good view of Um veaacl waa obtained from he City Ilall and the root of aeveral high buildin ** n lie vlcio'.ty. Almost aa mich interest waa mtn'fested t> rr b? r Meam down the Bay aa there wat on the occasion i I her arrival SCENES ON THE RIVER. Tha Jicurawna which secompamad the DObl? ateam ] aip Ortal Kaatera down tba bay yeatarday, on her plea- ( ire trip to Of| May, were, like ever/tli.L,g i liberie > ?.iioe< led with U.e u.g ?hip aiaci hrt arrival la 1 iia oruntry . a t'leaaUig and rer^able a> ceaa If there j ere .tnmeuae c.*owdn a <>ug U<? var<ro? wb..rvaa no I i era of Uic ity on tha icext' >t of Ler arr.val amongit 1 i. thi moJtit'idea that were dra va tog-'her yaatarday , ere ncrt a whit bah udhaul la pou.1 of. uumb^ri and tha 1 Uttjr dttpUyc*. Fr^m lh^ Kill rf J ?to I!* farthest polat lb" eye could 1043 al mg tee 1 v autif 1) Nortu rlvtr, there waa aotfeiog bat ?o iii.m.u- 1 1 ? KinrourM of h Baa bead* *r,<l fkcei to i>e ?con. fry p ff that rnminaj ted a ?ew of the river waa uidiwI to rcplel >b. The abeds that prowl mioy of e*c pier? were thronged. botii within ud without, i t id rniy caaeaaerout fcart were "tt ruined tbal f ere ?nM be a goodly nambcr of bnken boaea to bo J ported bafcn U>? eJoae of tbe day. At ?btpa at anchor | tbe aa well aa lb* we aecurtd to tbetr w bar Ten, 1 n p?(?M mom f'dka aa cl? aely aa berrnga ' aid ha pished to a barrel It really h?rame a Uktm , rn idrr tbal, alii 'oogh c Kind of boa^r.^aa had b< n r ejMded .0 U>? city, eo maoy thou- r nde cf ritiwM oa!d bar* aaartnbled w.thm to ahort a , ace. Th" tteamboau which bad been anm .need to me- > tnpany 'he Or??t Fa*tem to tbe Narrow*, or to a c.,n t?rabl' A. lance di '?n tt river,turned out nr.lforc, r d a ncrnber of to'inteer >oata wb rb bad not been adrtlard at all found It an agreed ingly pr> I'tabie un leri>ng to otn the cor.roy Bot they taarm~l ion the placid boaom >f tbe rlrer like aomuiy %<a gela, ft atr capa^tlea for accomaodatno were to tail; made- ? ,ate to the d^maida of the myrtivla who ao-ght fir n on. One rmUooe nurl lufToe for all A grand mini, n 1 rxtur* on bad been aar. meed to take pla.* 00 tbe T wmer Thomaa P. Way, which waa to leave tbe North n rer from tt? (hot of Dey atreet at three o'clock P. M , u d to accompany Uw 'Jr?at Fa*tern oat to the Atlantic. *1 tbe boor appointed, tbe pier No. 10, wiiere tho vcagel 0 ta expected, waa ao crowded by expect wit peneeegvrs t< at it waa utUrly mpoaa.ble for aay one to aova about c tb p?r?otiaJ freedom But tbe rteemboet did not ap U ar. aad bundreda ofpeiwoaa, learning that tbey would w abet ont of their anticipated pVaanre, w tb w rw to flrd ac-oimr-xtatton on board of otter 1 ifta. It a<*oo became known that tbe Tbomaa Way wac not likely to anil at her pro?i?*d a Mte?T-ca after al', for ttt bad grade aa ear r WsYO MORNING EDITION?TUI Iler trip to Newark, wtere she embarked bo many puMuugerti U>at it was utter y iupo?jS:oie to accommodate i any more. All those who had cot yet secured passages, tfcerefcrs, hastened U> hurry on board lb* Thomas Hunt, a very Beautiful steamer, very fortunately caiue up to tb? pier soon after. After the lapse of a little time the Tbouj^o P Way was seen running down the rifcr with ber living fre.ght huddled together aa thick as boes, and careen ing over on one side, so that the water beaten up by ber paddles waa s?nt squ through the upper part of ber paddle bosee She, however, gallantly held her way, and aa sle dashed past the other crafl, with banners and the music from ber band floating sweetly on tbo air, she was loudly and enthusiastically cheered. Such a numerous excursion of Bt?imbcat! has seldom been seen .even .n New York Bay. Besides a number I of boats whxb carried no names that could be distinticguisbed, the following steamers were all ra:ing away, crowded to the utiros', with passengers of both sexos:? The Tiger, Koyport, Huntress, Satellite, Thomas Bunt, Mayflower, Naushcn, Co'.uiribia, Island BelJe, Flushing, Delawftr", Broadway, James Watt, Hendrik T Hudson, Belle, Red Jacket, Anna, Acbi'les, Taminend, Jam' s A. Stevens and George B.rkbeck. The captains of each of these vessels entered fully into the spirit of the rport, and if tbe'.r passengers did not enjoy themselves to their heart's content they had none but themselves to blan>e. The ''at'Uite was as crowdcd as she could possibly be, and added not a little to tbc general amusement of the occas.on by the mc?ic of the splendid band wb'.ch she bad on board. She wu closely pcrsucd by the Heodrik Hudson and the Thos. P. Way, each of which contrived to m ike excellent way despite of their crowded condi- ' tioo. Nothing, however, could excel or even compete with the line steamer Thomas Hunt. She completely distanced all the rest d:r:ng the whole run. leaviotr them 1 far to the wake, and eventually, after parsing the forte, the others had to drop behind and leave tbo Thomas Hunt victoriously to keep up the elate. Tho officers of this steamer are Captain E. H. Hall?a namesake or the gallant commander of the Great Eastern?Mr. Howe, the pilot, and Mr. Ilarney. the engineor. To the exertions of these gentlemen and the untiring flfemcn, who kept up perpetual steam, may be attributod the great success of tbLB One steamboat. The scene that waa preflected on the river as those numerous vessels dashed along under the full power of steam, amid the booming of cannon from every part of the river, the delicious music of their varied bands, and the choers and ahoute of the thronging crowds on board, could scarcely be described by the pencil of a Mogartb, much less by the hasty pen of tho everyday reporter. The excitement along the river was intense in the fullest sense of that word. When the Thomas Hunt bad fkirly started from pier 20 North river, the was compelled by the entreaties of several ladies and gentlemen on shore to put back so as to allow them to got on board, and, although at some trouble, Captain Hall very kindly consented to take them up, very much to their owu ratlalaction sod that of everybody on board. The Great Eastern was all this whilo laying off ber late pier, or a little above it, with her bows turned up the river, and much time was consumed In the task of head lug her down the bay. The crowds on board of the different pleasure boats were not ovcrpleased at this detention, but as It could not be helped, they had to bear thslr disappointment with tho beet philosophy which, under the circumstances, they could command. After a slow and ted oua process the great mass began slowly to move, nrder tho power of her hugo paddles and the assistance? slight though it appeared at the time?of the steaming .Uhll'.s, which, in truth, tugged as she never tugged before. The psfsengers on board if the big fh.p, etpei'.ally 111- mal" inirt.on of tbeni.were all thR time gathered on the deck. ?n the mast*, on the wheelhouses, ai.d < n every ava.lable place that could be secured. Happily tie i nwd won ro'. overwhelm,ng. they seemed to be in the most pleasaut of hrmors, aud greatly delighted with their great steamer and the tic til la of boats that I .ad turned out with such a congregat.on of ladies and gentlemen to d'> tht-m honor. As soon as the Great Eastern began fa.rly to turn round the choer-: or thousands ascended on the bree/e. -There she goes, now,'' cried one; "How beautifully she moves," ejaculated another, while others expr-saed their a<l m'rat; on in curt and unreportablo phrases. Tb? ladies, "specially, seemed to be particularly delighted. Presently the lmmouse screw engines of the steamer were put .n mot.on, and the little tug having drawn off, the monster of the d--p puie I out big volumes of smoke from ber plant chimneys, and began her majestic mirch down the river. Those who had che? red before, now cheered again more lustily than ever. The little steamboats and sailing craft dashed lorvsard under more vigorous impulses of steam and sail: the loi d an 1 hearty strains of Imdworth'* bands cchoed from the decks ef the groat hip and reverberated along the shore: tueers from >*aim and generous hearts rent the air; the loud thunders of cannon woke up the (:Hiant e.hots of tbo slumbering woods that gird aud fringe the bav; and, in short, the s.ene becaaeone of cn thusl ism an 5 exu'Utloo such as one *?es but rarely in a lifetime On arriving ofl tht Cucard dock a tremeuJous 1 ulnts was tlre-1, mil as the (treat East"rn n<"ireJ the Bat. tery hhc adlod to Lite general r^o.dng by dipping h<'r ' Hag anil forth tbe th'indcrs 04 her guug. The f'v fri m tli'f point up to Statue Is to ml was ono cv.i'wi- 1 oos oval I'D. steamboat* of every dimension and ca^aci- 1 ty surrounded th -gr. at .-esael like eo many satellite to * a crett planet?many of tbcm ?wbi.l,; to spring rp sod- J "Inly from the bo?om of the deep. Am mg these, ti e , -.?tel!.te was proin.neut fur the K' >d will and entbas urn ' sh'' ?*b,l>ite<i in ttii loud an 1 gei.ero s thorri of her pas on?* uii orew. n the sua o of her bind and tbe e~.h - 1 :ng reports of two cannon? wuich she mounted for tbe ' occaskjc. U^or' Suten Inland, and vh le sl-o was abo t J sc'dwsy between the Battery and tti it point th" Great i ' /'a?tern stopped all her machinery, ar i tor nearly a quar- t ' lor of an hoi r became perfectly "sui.'i.Ary. ill nor is of j * c{ mens were aCoat >n tbe rlvor *toarr<ws as to the caiise of th't d^tentim. b it no one could solvs It readily. Pome ' thought that she was wa.iing tor the I Ids, others thought me had dnorped her ong n<s, many more d. I not know what to think at all It se -rns, however that one of ber ancher-i had got entangled W wards tbe bow, m ' j<ej eg her progren cent derably, ant it was tho' gbl ad- r vi?sblo to rt i,f. that encumbrance before proceeding. ? Fn m ?uteu Is'ac'. down to th-- I. *er ^art of tbv bay , th? scene oar. tinted a*oath siasttc .is possible, until many 1 of the e*cur' tnc b' us La i to drop bebi id. c <>n faseing by a 'arge Br< men steamer the Drnt r.iftera dipped her i v an 1 tbe O. rm.ic returned tb ealutc in the <ame .'ormal n an cor and by the of cue gnn. 1 A largn An ericar steamer on i>iu. ig also gratefully dipped her Dag, a ' jm; ) imei 11 inioi'dlately responded to . by the b.g sh p. On owing abreasi of the fro large forts at the entrance ot the Narr <wi the ^real Ivasiern * drooped the Amervan f aq tbree times from tbe main, and a theu ran .t np to the h- fi t of tb rr tut, tlr.iig two gjns C at "he sail u*.meut. ib<; f-ru did not reply with any gun. t. After *11 the other excura.on boats had, one by one, Jrui>|?eJ back, the Tbos. Way still continued to <la*b a'ong s with the g ant of tb" ?o.w. J'ho Bull app?ar<gr< ally j dehghted at this exhibition of pluc*.. and exb t>ited b.s c ratLsthrimo by heerlnt lustily and by hanUT- o chiefs, hats, bottler, pinows, ?b<-et*, and certain o tlonable articles . from tbo different parts of the ahip. Never was there m?re perfect'-oalit.on between any two *1 mmunltU s than between tbe pas*' ngers and crew if o reat Rastcrn ai. . t: I t.i II ? .v I.' m 1 Don feel John was complacently addressed to Mr. Bull; U> which John n ti e d iitancc could onlv reply by wa- Dg hi* Mid pillow* more emphatically tUati bcfor?. Ib?> p*op> on both aide* laughed, bowled and ;beer.;d. a Ihen.hy warof chang'ng the programme, rboered, bowl <d R) ind laughed again. Ju abort, the eicuraioo* a* w fa d it flr?l. were truly f.c- caaliil, and we dnnbt not that "J iiaay more oixftiDp of tb? kind between J.An an 1 J? na ? Mad will Mud to reirore the f*w roravmcg a*per.t:<* that h; mist between Hie rival cou*!n*. <)o the ho?r arrtrfng ? leave the great *blp to her Solitary couree, the enth i . ?*?n->f the propJe n?i both *l4ca kn?w no Hooh .j| ihrleking of atnam wht*tle*, *.jch Cloi.enn of *trnflg urg*. and *<icb general exe'ter ant. may th<^riervo<.*nerer nt?.r ence. The Tho* I' Way MM i* k?id wt: f aat nger* cheor^ l iga n oo inward, aa w* l a* >>n IbeCreal u aa'ern.and aft ?r eomj' mmtary J^.tg of th? r) iobl? vesael darted t'orward .0 aeiwrat a from bar bravo fl, ittle 'Tnr>ai ' ti, and Mb-4 tUt |ta tbe 'eer> bine >4 tbe >T lent waters m Like a tains of of*, ?i Paring the eleme-nli* U> atr'flr. ? 'ho wa* followd by many long an 1 lingering ww, and w ifter three ;ioa> ebcjra for the *ucce?* of b?r trip, the m [ali&nt Tho*. P Way turned retrod on her homeward way, m Oid In a very ?hort d <po?lt?d her pa*"odRera in per- a eet ?afety at the plare from wble.h they had aurfxl We th ir? pn'iid to a Id that not a quarrel occurred, ai.d pleaded fl hat Ut?r" are ao acc. ietiU to report?at teaat upon the fir 1 rw. at Tak nf tbe paaaengrr* and er?w of the firwat B*ten?, ? nth tue (remenioiia ru*h of peopl* on board of the nu- ,,f nerout ?u- imbuaU and nailing roMel* that Uiroage I lb* , f Imr, there coald not hare been leg* than tweuty thrm- 1 v.d pera-m* o? the water Tbi* of cour** doe* aot allu<te #1 0 tho* on the *hor*. utretching away from Jower n few York to Jeraey and Hoot ken >n the other aide, and way op to Neva* nit?tho p-ople twarmmg tbe whole ,]< lay aa thte^ly ?* thry eon id ttaod. Such a trotn-adou* rn\ utb baa .nlacd rarely been neon. w ? st: THE 9TENE NEAR THE NARnOWS. a _ . . . Tl itruapa mere ?n bo pnot mi tested ^ >r a cVm view of tie great tteAm'hip than that p< ct <-f tr! tatei. -,atd wber? the now Tort ?Ui la, or ratii r nfcere, 8 J > addition to com 'Wable 1 do of old forta, the pr-^'-nt aw one and !ta e*toua;onr atr ke the eya of the t*i,t h b"um&4a ' i if t >?>n? were t<Uen !' ?n by ti lary, Indc^O,irik ng the r way thereat an ?arly I. ,ur, !n ha Dt.ctpaUonofa^an by tbe'.alar hnate; but tbe *reat ruth, (T ronrw. wu rwrral for the one, two aod area three ii< cloak ?o great waa tbe preatnra at tbe time the *o o'clock bnct left, that seme of tbe employe* of the ^ mpary bad by fore* to keep the crowd bact, who, la le'r ar.i.ety to get on b<*rd, were madly riah eg forward n, ken the boat was lea* ng the wharf, aod many of whom m, w ld otdoahladly naT* r>t a rather oi eaxant rrmer ,v on if not cheeked a time. Certainly thoae who aale ted a Uktea lalaed at a alaodpcuot fro ji whence to new tke ^ oble veaael?whkh yeeterday to proudly and magr. (I n, irt'7 ateacid -p the water*af ?".r rner ha?br>, Ikro gh * EK.B 5SDAY, JULY 31, 1860. tbe sunlit waters of the Narrows, and away wHh ita ptMlure seeking freight ot escuntionmte througu U?e broader expanse of tbe Lower Bay, opening into tin yet wider espouse of the broad Atlantic?evinced sound judgment In selecting bo favorable a site, as well ua thorough appro elation of a lovely scene. Very few peoplo disembarked &1 the first cr second landings, and it was evideut from the general course of conversation from time to time ibat tbe great point of attraction was that (pot which com tear led tbe beet of the Narrow*. Borne there were wt o Knew exactly where they were going, and many there were who trusted by following a crowd to come right at last, and thus by and-by tbe leaders and the led all met on tbe high bluff of land which overlooks Fort AS the living freight from each boat that arrived crowded tho Vanderbilt pier they spread themaelree along the principal road leading to the point of attrac lion Ibe greatest excitement prevailed in an anxiety to getseataon the different conveyance? which offered a lift over the heated roads, and in which exotoinen poUrflmdcot, with long strings of young olive branches beh nd them, principally figurod. But what surprised these, when at nome,good easy men, was the extortionate <<ACT*ar/4 ftf tKn la^r.d ut<(Vi nnnlint ll n rantl inot f?* r ioufely driven to catch tho boat?fjr a drive over the short mile ot road that lay between the wharf and the hill. In many lAstaccoa the dread of losing the grand sight which bad induced them to leave for a timo the dusty city behind, conquered the repugnance felt individually for these unconscionable jarveys, and stage and buss and buggy and ro. kawuy rattled along the road in a continuous string, tilled with miscellaneous parties of citizens. On, too, kept tho moving ma SB of pedestrians, sweltering from the heat, rendered many degrees more intolerable from their own hurry and Impatience, and fear of being late. At last the hill was gained from which the expectant crowds were to command a view cf the Groat Eastern, us she steamed between the batteries on either shore. And rarely, indeed, have eyes turned upon a scene more lovely than that which presented itself to >he gaze of the thousands who congregated together upon the summit of that hill. A strainer arriving l?to would Orst be struck, perhaps, with s irprise at the number which had preceded him to this favorite point of observation, and, casting his eyes around the homogeneous throng, he would, by-and-by, take in the details which made up that great whole, and,'if a reasouer, migpt easily connect the individuals of party titer party, and so to tho cause which hail Drought so many strangers to each other together, ill anxiously intent on cujoving a pleasure common to ill. Here and there were knots ol men, women and shildrw. some seated on the neatly trimmed green iward WDich borJered^lhj fort, grim with guns and their leadly missiles, piles of balls ; some standing In the shade of a grateful arbor of trees, looking anxiously towards the point where the Great Eastern bad been n.oored in the morning, while others, intent on enjoy ing the moments as th>v fle 1, wandered about as they listed along the echoing (bores or through tho shady groves, which ottered a retreat from tbe hot sun. Thus the beau tiful plateau which commands an uninterrupted view of both the nner and outer harbors, presented to the spectator from the sea one continuous line of human beings, uidu a fair compliment of tho throng was made up of ihe gentler sex, it s needless to say that tho sc?n.' was a very gay and animated one. But the view from this point looking from the high bluff down the harbor, or :>ut to sea, or over the rich and varied landscape of the Long Island shore, which spread out before the eye, was >n$ of almost matchless b?auty. grandeur and extent, towards the distant city sproad the d"ep blue waters of <ur noble bay, dancing in the warm sunlight, rolling iway In silver ripples, as If coyingly inviting the Urther and nearer approach of the graceful iraft which bounded upon their bosom, nohing loth to make further acquaintance. Far her on and nearer tne city appeared Innumerable ves ?ll, liieir wn:te sans glancing in ine sun an a an contrastid the dark shadows thrown upon the waters by tUu ine of bill* upon the Jersey shore, presenting their beau lfv.1 sharp outlines as rellected in calm waters ?ipon which they lloated. In coLtraat again to these wad the oca tortuous line ol shipping anchored at the wharves, lua beyond tbete again the tall splree an 1 steeples of the :ity blenling with their towering rivals of the city of Th arches. To the left, embosomed in luxuriant foliage l?ar?-l the white buildings of Hudson City, and further on till abruptly lost the sharp termination of tbi pallisndes upon the Hudson. To the right trbtchlng from Brooklyn,commenced ine green luxuriant plains and cultivated slopes of Long Uland, with numeral villas, whose gardens appeared si if guarded from the flood by those tat), green sent'nels winch so pictnri-squelv adorn the shores. Kau^lng l "gaze along this almost fh'.sy scene, again It rested for a moment and is !o?t on the boundless of ocean, over which the anxiously looked i'or '.reat 1 astern is so soon to take its way. It was near live o'clock when at laat the booming of a nip ar.Lo inced tl .it the threat Eastern was fairly ou .icr v, ay an J at once the scatb re ! throng* began again to asoeuii/lc ..pun the most favorable spot* lor a view ,w si.e steamed up and through the Narrows. Nearer and nearer eame the great durk miss, aud m to find m<>re distinct grew bur vast, yet aymni'trioal proportions, and every eye wm I irned towards her, and g'ass pvEtd fr< m band to hanil unt.l she was fairly under the gaze ai.d scrutiny of the tbousaii'U who looked down np?>u her w th n,!mirAtion and wonder. Sljwly anl m*u -t rally afc> elided through the waters, attended by nu iictou* irmall atuimeis as her satellites, but uot one of irLkuc did not create a greater sidutter ou the water thau he. Scarcely a rlpplo pasted from her bows, an I her rake could scarcely '*> marked, so smoothly, p-rha;'* so uvlrgly, the limpid waters bowed before b'r. And thus liltbe roat Eiisi-rn |kj*? through the Narrows. The hoi. sr.- <:s who had so tocg wa.ted for that moment, now bat it was passed, immediately turned their faces home, kards. Iheio waa but1 tile time to spare to catch the * v. a o'cloi k boat, and there .van no time lost In making rack* for it. In conclusion, it may be said that no ao.ilect ou the return home, although one of the boat* wu Perilously crowded, occurred to mar the pleasure of the I* J. _____ 3 THE <;RK AT EASTERN A l.Fr.AL COASTEU! TO T1IK EDITOR OF TUB HERAI.D. 1 would like to nrjuire under a hat Law, or by wbatproislon of tbe law, the Great Eviteru can sa.l between the >ort of New York and Cape May, or any other coastwise ort, either by registry or license P The law requires bat ar y vt#?el over twenty tons must be enrolled and IIensed to en t tie h' r to engage in tbe coasting trade, and o be so cbf- .'d the must be owned oii'y by citnens >f be l'nite-1 vtate?. It the Oreai^Asierr avowed to run upr n < xeurs nri and srry passengers at so m < h per hea<l * If s<>, what rould be tbe objection to a line of v?see's op-nog line for esettreMw from ports to ports in our harbor ; ian tb s vessel clear at o .r ( Atom n>ni?e,' If so, under (bat provision f Doe* t,. u Mr. Scbell rer.d r huni'ilf lia ii? l/i i!;? l.iw in alk v !n?r th a eveur ion to Lik? nliraP ] would ltko U> nqulr", al?o, by riijbt the at-ward elle lUiuer on bo?rd th!i Bt?auier, eaid li iuor not harinf i 1 the uual impoit rlutic-* oa required by law t U it ualomary lo foreign |ort? for the Cujlotn il > .?e Inapect rr (Ui lea! up a'! pneaagri of liquor* re saining on board ur ve*eeia. Tlieae queatlone have oc rred to day to a timber of oar b:pmnat< r?, ud rW>r< i ie .? r<SfpecU'u]i> male to you for ii J i at -on and reply T. Cliy Inttlllgrntr. Fte mi* or tbs Scuoot or m? lmucrun Cmtrvan.?Tbc fourth annual exhibition of tbe acbolara! to the actual of tb? Imtraclate Concept too. in tat Fifteenth rtreet, near averue A, lock place Liat . meg t the ci ooibo ?c, before a Urge and crowded jd>?<~* Rct. Father Ryan?.uc pa* tor of tbc church ' the lame name?prre.ded on tb? ocraaioo. The cbllw, to the u> rober 'if abor.t two bundrod. were floated I eitber Hdc of tbn platf rm, which wa? neatly feeir.r.?wt ir I ^?^vtral/v.l tk hnm "It Ti.? n ?Ij ia??n . 1' folly arrayed n |?h l? 4r*e?M, with blao and r l bboat, their heada baag corrred wiUi wr<atba of i*ti The ?,i?rrl??,i rom?.-cced with an op- og a Mr?*?a i>jr Mm \oee J'yan, who wm ti'lijr applaud'-d at the c|i>## of h?r m*r;tnrio';B r'Tt. A Wing?"The M-rry, M"rry <an by lh<> >plla, el,cited mtx-h aj>; ruhatso? from the audience, 110 n flinch pl<ja?"d with the delightful m toner ?lr h t wm readar'-d. K r? i ? mk" was well dtlivarad by Ma?t'-r Jaao* M<:K:e?. re, "The Mmhing Bird,"' n vh eh an m taiiuo of \n D"t>? 01 that Wild wm .Lir'd !< #.?, wan well received )* "Seven Sren'W from the lift of Harr, lfio?o of iota," wM"iu? tad by ?even yo-uig g,r n? il,e cl uartir th" . <en at tlic Fr?T. d I ng takea by a young lad/ ho came uj*? the lltfe roaod o loag. flowog drea b ark and whlta t?iI?adding fry lo lb* [Wet of the piece The i*er ?m toi ! ; led a I'arat on ^og" by the cb.ldrw, who ?eerr?d to T? It with part.rular artt, M iho l.roe d"e> t- I th? it'' s row at band taMti tlx pleoM numerated above, tbwe were tinmerotta olW clamat or#, recitation*, ah rt dramM and r?*l p?*r rinao-ee, n all of wli :h the p'.pila ac?iu tie 1 the? Ivra with gieat. r*dlt. Jjr. fiuitttn S hm ti, tha IOmeter ii muMC, accotopH.-d the vocal part of Die hi*.lion on the piano. At tha cloae of tbo eterr > * ah'f K. .i-i. >n<< I u*i th.? i r in .tra an I pr tr+, nautif >i a i.'im'wt of beautiful be <*, would be dia Ib'it'd tha noralng at nine MM< The Imaena" dlence th?n diapered, highly pleaaed with tbe ent^r Inrrvnt of W.? atoning. refleeiad much cred t on ith the bupllatlirflaMlvM and tbe laachera wbo hate bad on d rharg" TYi H*??aa Tmt ?in a f*w <layi the cimmntae Ting a Jharge tbe Hot nan fund w II report, and tha aaspion bo pr'MBtod With the Amount ootlected. fome i ifto wax a doMaj* wera tubacrfoad, but %a v? t Utile *r two tbot.aand hM been paid ;n. a o' wl eh hM been pnatted with r>ti?cao, Sherman A Co. Tb* booin are to cloved tn morrow. AcrtMrr oi tri iltim *oja(K)*nT ?Three men, jn?>l John McKee, n*firy Joo^a and Walter McCarthy, ire >Mt tracing hrr igfct to the City Hoapttal auiierirg nn iqjnrtea reca vad b* tb? preinatur* e*pioalrti of a an' a ro board tbe Monigtrr.?ry wh,-h bt mpanie.1 i.real out* d? tha Ht ? JonM' Injuria are aertoua tint ha nwrrry m aa <i to ha very dcubtful f Ihtr two w*r? badly b'.r??<1 ahonl tha haa<l and y It I rat darftrooaiy [ERA VISIT OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. His Arrival and Reception at Halifax. Welcome Addresses, and the Frinee's Replies. RNTIHI81ASM OF THE NOVA SC0T1ANS, Ac., Jbc. | Ac, niUNf, July 30, lMJO. This moruiiiK at cight'o'clock 1 went down the bay In tho ftcamrr Neptune to meet the royal squadron, consist log or the Hero, Ariadne ana Flying Fish, which were Men skaming up in the distance. When we came abreast of the Hero, I mw the Prince In plain costume on the quarter deck. We cheered, and ho raisod his cap and bowed in response. All the batteries fired the royal sa lute of twenty.ons guns as the vessels passed, and guns were also fired from wharves and merchant craft, all of which were dressed with (logs. As the squadron approached the frigate Nile, she manned her yards, and the crew, in their white juckets aud trowsera, cheered vociferously. A mighty chorus ol voices rose also from the standing masses o' i>ooplo lining the water side, and great was the waving of hat*. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy, with drizzling showers at Intervals, but not sufficient to spoil the general eflect of the loene, which was one of extreme beauty. On the walls of the citadel were seen the red coats of the inlkntry, and all Uie way down to the buoy the roofB of the houses wore covered with spectators, and over the heads of these, thousands of banners bung damp and lifeless from their staflb. At ten o'clock the iquadron anchored opposite the dockyard. The prince left the Hero in ono of the boats, and at a few minutes before noon landed at the dockyard amul the thunder of salutes from the six British war steamers in port. He was accompanied by tho Duke of Newcastle and Governor General Bruce. He was received at the landing stops by Lord Mulgravc, who was introluced by the Duke of Newcastle, and with whom he shook hands with self |assessed ou>eaad cordiality, at the same time uttering a Tew words of gratification, while a pleasant smile lighted up his happy looking co on tc nance. I stood near and bad a full view of him. He Is very prepossessing In appearance, elicited general admiration. In height he is flve feet seven, and slightly built | He has a small, but well formed and foil mouthed face, and bis eyes, which have a very merry twinkle, are large and hazel colorcd. He has a complexion equal to that of a peach, aad looks very healthy. His hair is dark brown, and cut so as to show tho lobes of his ears. Ho wore a black cocked hat with a tun of white plumes, a red coat with a blue sash acrosH the breast, aud a white leather belt round the waist, black trow scrs with a thin red stripe down u*rh leg, patent leather boo la, white kid gloves and a regimental sword. This uniform specially belongs to himself. The Mayor and Aldermen of the city were Introduced ou the spot by I^ord Mulpave, when their speaker read the follow log address of wclcomo to him ? To IIis Royal; Hjobsksb aibcrt Edward JUijrci or WaiKS Hay It please your Royal Highness, wo, the Mayor and Aldermen of the city or Halifax, In Nova Scotia, in the name of our citizens, do most cordially wclcomc your Royal Highness. We rejoice that our city should be thus highly honored by tho presence of the son of our revered and beloved Quocn, the graudson of that illustrious Oukcl whose memory Is gratefully chcrifhed as the warm and constant friend of Nova Scotia, and the heir appa retit to the powerful and glorious empire over which her Majesty hu for uiuny years so wisely and so oem-acently ruled. We venture to approach your Royal Highness with Die expression of an earnest hope that your sojourn in our city and on this side the Atlantic will be attended with much pleasure. Wo aro fully persuaded that tho reception which awaits your Royal Highness, in every section or her Majesty's North American dominions, will only Impress y<>u with the conviction that devotion to the British throne aud attachment to ltrltlsli institutions are abiding elements in the minds of tho inhabitants, and that the lustre which ha? been shed on the crown by the Christian and domestic virtues of our moi?t grscio-is snverelga Is justly and gracefully ap pre lated by all her subject*. We earnestly implore the UlTer of all good to g ?ni and protect you and restore you il r ill I" IIJV ^Ul? 11% IMi'l UilU Ml lltAl ill I 111 I'' ia l4THlly c -cleof which we regard you aa the ornament and tho pride, and that Uc may be graciouily pleased long t o 8|?re your H< yal n.gbnca* to fullli tlo^ diaHng'it: tic.i deilinita (o which your high poaitlon point*. Ttif Prince latenud to this calmly .tad attentively, and at the end read hi* reply from a large abeet of 'trap pa per, which wax banded to biin by Gen. Bruce. Hi-- utter ance wu clear ?nd unfaltering aa bia m< ther's, and the rxpresaion of face meanwhile Jn*t aa bland ard composed: .OTiiMi >?1 hare been led to cxpect that tho loyalty and attachment to the Britiah Crown which enaia animg't the inhabitant* of Halifax would inaure to me a kind receptioa In your city, but the icene which I hare witnessed tb morning prove* that my expectation* are more than realised. For your welcome to mynclf, I feel, I assure you, sincere gratitude, but it I* it;11 mire latiafactory to itcuun and a* an Engliabman, to witnew your affect.onata aiu tuncnt to tho Queen and tbe law* and inatit'itiona of our oommou country. Your alluaion to my llluatrtoua grandlatber ia alao moat grateful to my feeling*, and I rejoice to find that hi* memory ia cherished ain>ng?t you. In your noble harbor the navlea of Great Britain can ride in saMy, whilst you prosecute th?l commercial activity wbicb, under tbeir protection, woul I teem to make Halifax one of tbe moat Important cltie* of th.? Western World, and to raiae ber Inhabitants to a high prosperity. Tbat tuch may be the fate reaerved for it by Pro v. donee ta my very earnest hope. I request yon to convey to tbe cltiieng of wh >m yon are the repre eoUtUu# my cordial thank* for tbe greeting they have given me After tbia be advanced a few stop*, chatting witb Lord Uulgra,e, wbo waa in civic uniform, and Biuilmgwit tbe reatlve movements of a few military horfles coll i lo tbe yard. A One , bigb apiritod black ch irgcr fu now loil to him by a groom, upon which bo mounted with the graceful alacrity of a true e?juon inar. I/>rd Mi'grave and the I>uko of Newcantlc abx> mount' 1 the.r horaea and took their places, and, with tb? I"rin<e riding between them, movo I out of tbe yard, which waa lined will infantry, alike with tho whole roitc to tbe Government Ho Me, U> which (bey proceeded direct Tho lYlnce emi nd and raleed hi* bat at every cbcor wb ch aaluted him. Tbe weather war now Mr. and all the population were gathered to aec b.m. At the Government Beam the I'm. e waa conducted by lytrd Muigrave into the drawing room, where, after a lew mmutee delay, Urn member* of the legislature were adm iud to prreent their ad lr??a to bim Ho waa then -landing ix-ar an open folding door, with tbe Duke of Newcastle on h a left and l^ord Mulprave oo hi* rgbt, with tbe ladle* of tbe Governor'* family Immediately in the baikgrtmnd. Mr Yuunt'. the Premier of tbe Council, then advanced and read to bim a !'-nr addreja of welcme, ?t?r which the d<*uii.ent wn* harden] to him, and by b>m tran? ferred to tho I>uk<\ who handed bim a rheet of paper, from which be read an followa. lie made a alight mi* take in doing ?o, and colored, but n on rogainod but aelfpofwe*?ion ? "I am deeply tou< hed With the warmth and cordiality with which I have been welcomed to thia ooloay, and thank you moot heartily for your addreaa. It will h- my duty, and ;t certainly w ill be bo lewi a pleasure to me, to inform Her Majesty of tbe proof which you have given me of your feelings of loyalty and de\otlon to her throne, and of your gratitude when thone blowing*, which It la her happlnea* to reflect, have during her reign been bestowed upon 'you and an many other* of her subject* In all parta of the world. Moat heart ily do I aympnth ?e in the pride with which yon regard tbe laareli woo by aona of Nova Scotia, and ll? dketW>n with wbtcb yoa honor tbe memory of tboee who have fallen in the aervico of my rountry and yrmra Tbe monomrnt yoa refrr to will kindle the Dame of pa trK t<*n# in U>e breaeta of thoee valnntoera whom I have pnened to t'ay, ard who, ' tb ai I tbe c or/ #!?i?b I i LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. have lately quitted, arc emulating the xeul ud gallant spirit which Lave buen exh.bitc4 oat the mother country. One hundred years have now elapsed since the international struggk* which retar led the prosperity of thJi ^ouniry were brought to a close. Hay [>cacoand harmony unonget yourselves complete tho good work which then commenced, and Increase tho happiness and contentment of loyal and united people, Be bowed after these words, and the members retired. A few minutes after which, Lord MulgTave conducted h:m up stairs to hie rooms. At uu-past seven he is to dine with the Uovernor sod numerous guests. The weather was fair during the reception, but it is now raining again, which is unfortunate on account of the iliamiuatious. The troops in garrison and the battalion of volunteer* will be rt viewed by Ills Royal Highness the Prince ol Wales, on the common, at eleven o'clock A. M. to-morrow Ills Royal Highness will bold a levee at the G overnment House at elevcu o'clxk on Wednesday, 1st of August. ANOTUtlt ACCOUNT. Ualuai, July 30,1MQ. The Prince of Wales landed here to day at noon, the squadron was oil the i?>rt yesterday. Royal solutes from the floet and the batteries greeted him upon Lis arrival, while the people turnoi out in immense numbers to give him a cordial reception. He was presented with an address 14 the dock yard. He wore the uniform of a colonel of the army, atil rode on horseback to the government bouse. Knierging from the gates of the dock jar J the procession passed through a double file of troops and volunteers to the government house, lbere were a number of triumphal archcs crected in the streets, including Cuaard'S orcb with a steamship on the top of It; the volunteer artillery arch, built of military trophies; the Mayor's arch; the Archbishop's arcb, a very handsomo ecclesiastical arch. the Masonic Arch, and a member of very bandsuma arches, all of which were beautifully decorated. On Um parade, the tlremcn turned out with a " trophy tlfty feet high, surmounted by a colossal figure holding a hose pips. Thirty five hundred children of the schools turned out la white and blue, and sang the National anthem "God save the Queen." All the publio building* as well as private |ones, schools, Ac., were splendidly decorated w 1th flags, ban aers, trar arc ncos and evergreens. The Mayor of Montreal, the *iayor of Boston and a eon iderable number of other Americans, were in attendanco and were well received. A pouring rain to night will postpone the Intended fireworks . DKPARTl'Kl Or t.OBO LYONS TO HZKT TBI FRINC*. Baltwoki, July 90,1m0. lord l.yons and Frederick Ware, &1-, of the Br it lab legation, len here this morning for Cknads, to meet the Prince of Wales. Melancholy sulfide of n New Orleans Merchant. [From the New Orleans Bee, July 26 ] The entire mercantile community, as well an the largo number of bis friends, were greatly excited and shocked yeftentay by the report that Captain Thomas Munroo Cory had committed suicide. lie was senior partner ol the Arm of Cory A Miller, wholesale tobacconists and dealers in cord, twiue, Ac., at the cornor of Uravler and New Levee streets. Mr. Miller is at present in the State of Virginia, making arrangements to obtain the agency of tobacco firms there, and was telegraphed the tacts yesterday. 1 ecuniary embarrassment, acting for the first timu upon a very sensitive and honorable nature, was undoubtedly the cause of this sad uct. v/uc ui tiie urni uuwh ior a small amount loll doe on Tuisday, aud Mr. Cory found liuiacif unable lo meet it. Still he (lid not appear melancholy or disheartened, and about d<on he left the Wore, say inn that h<i intended to go out and raise H'tnc money. The runner of the bank where the nolo was payable camo round to the store in the afternoon and left a notico of protest. Mr. Cory had not returned yet, and the dorks cloeod up the store and wut home. Yeeterdav morn-tig, at s quarter past seven, the clerlus came down and opened the store. After a while one ot tin m went up to the seoc.nd tlnor.wben be wan aftounded aud horrified to seo Mr. Cory's body hanging from the third Mory ?te|is, m the rear of the counting room. Tbe uofi rtunaie man must hare come to his store during the night time and determined upon hli self distraction' He wrote two li tteis at his de.-k in the counting room, ono of which, addressed te his partner, wus as follows ? Kkw Okmum, July 24, ]W0 Mr. ? Hear sir?If you can look complacently upon the wreck you havo caused, lis mv wish you may do ao Your premises and roprisentatInnt in regard to bi^inaw induced me to firm a ornneetin with you?and those premises have ail faile<l. I am now reduced to the last alternative?to die, or livo disgraced; and from your knowledge ff my dltjvaltlon, you ear-not doubt th"! ro suit. I freely lorjive you all the Injury yo't h?ve cause,I mo, and my earnest wish is that you inay be happy anil never Itnow the torturer to which I hay; been suojected since my business associat.on with you. W lb many go> J wishes fQr your future welfare, I remain, truly yon fricu'l. T MVNROE ODBY The other, which had no address, and was probably In tended for whoever found his body, was as follows ? I shall to day be protested, and cannot lire disgraced. All whi m I hare injured I ho]>e will forgive me, an I fnely forgive all who may have id j i red me. My dear father, brothers and stsun, 1 hope will bear this affliction with the fortitude with whl?"b their religion insplr??? tlnm. Truktmg in the goodmia of <.od, I ivommond my spirit to Hi* holyfkecpirg, a ncerely hoping tha. ho will deal with me 111 a more kindly manner than I deserve My body may be dtap< I of in" nnv way, but I wnold wtofr my friends, McM-.-a, Value \ < o would give it a fhriatiab burial tiloUAS MVNROE 0011Y. After writing th?ae letters he mual tiave got a ball of linen twine from the ground floor, and making a doublet strand of it, atood on a chair and fiisteucd one cod to the ceiling: then making a slip no<>ae at the other end, he adJusted it around his neck an1 stepped from off the chair, when the noose instantly tightened about his throat and In.t ?om ' II- ---- r- I ' the chair an 1 the other tour-blag the ground ?o that ho r?tld have fared hi mar If after the nonae tightened, but bm iron will, no doubt, triumphed over the iral lena city of life. Hia face bore do evidence of Um dealt utrug Hi*, rxcriit in the Might protuaion of the tongue, though It wore the truroi of great mental align l?h Coroner Bench waa no tided at an early hour, and weal Immediately to the rtore. tic nummoned a Jury of Inquerl, and 'they renden d verdict that Um Ue<-.-a*e<1 came to hi* riea'th by atranmilation. II" tu burled larl e\eDirf. at half paxt five o'clock, from hid laU reaidenoe, No. H6 Julia itrret. Mr Ory wax a native of Providence, Rhode Inland, forty eight yar? of ag^, and har been a resident of this city kince 1813. Bo wtx as im married man. Domestic Mews Heine. Tm flow* nr V* Brni ??*ji ?one day last week, nar? the Rta ling. (Pa.) LucuUr, wrh?n visiting lAncaster, we were invited to view the beautlea of Wheatland, the country *'St of Mr Buchanan. I'pon a knoll, between thi Marietta and to'umbia turnpike*, and a half mile from Ia neater CtIy, t* thin well known and often nam I epot. The farm roc lain* only tb lut twenty acre*, but the land I* exceedingly goo.!, the manrlon large and well built and a* a pleasure ground It ornild not be b-tter located Mr. Uii' liai.Mi bought the |>Ia?.e *t t Period when property hail greatly depm Uted iu Vaiuc, ai a paid U>c small ?um of Ave tlieumt d dollara; uok lie would probably not ar crt>t twrntv thousand. The farnlture remain* a* It did before Mr. no-hao*a ertered the White jse, and the property is attended to by an old maidi n bonaekrepi r and a gardener. We were to formed t?> * neighbor that Mr. Buchanan I ?a not intend to sell Wheat tail, as ha* been reported, but w,11 return thither after hi* rre?id?ntlal term baa cloaed. When ha dor* return, he will flu I that f ur year* bavw played havoc with hn fen>ea, Oiled the gar'.en pallia witb weed*, md changed the appearance of Uie plaoe fr< m a well cared for bi>me*t?ad to a m-gle. t< d *pot, where be who will* may ramble w about dread of loterfi t I minui H*., or a Manvi-AMiit* -\lr. V t r Tb' -n on. a wealthy drugglat of llagrri-Kwn, Md died on tbo 17ib liiKt Tlie TirrckhfhJ ?aya ?<)n Friday la?t h!a will ?al o|'< ne?J aiiJ admitted tu probite. After making liberal provision f"f l>la two alalers, he devlnes the tun of I in 000 to four board* of the Old School Preeby tertan church, \ il:?>.Vb(0 to the Board of Muoatlow, M 000 to the Board of Publication, $A 000 to the ll>ard of Foreign AifAAl.. IU ..r -.u ih ? dc\ iw-e 16 000 to the Prrabyterlen mn*r?jr?l on of Hager?U>wa for tbe enlargement nod improvement of tiff church nlilice, 61.000 to tbo charity arhiol of tbia lown, 12,100 to Iho Mayor and Onitnrll of Ifagorntown for tbo purchase of fuel f?r the p-><r, *1 noo to hi* colored eer rut WKiiu, which at her <l>?tli m to rerert to the town and be ap,?m fluted i< the preceding '+r u-y, and $600 for the purchase of the n>rlng on I be prcinieeeof the bcira of the late t.eorge llennel>?nr?>r. In North f'otoaaao ttrrrt (known an Mllicr'a spring), (bribe um of Um public. Fraa at A?o?riuo ?A ahlngle mil), with the cobrnta, at Amnakeag, N. H., tbe property of Colonel l>auMl Farmer, and hi* m?, Daniel Farmer, Jr., wan ronai.innd by Ore on Uu 37th mat. Tbe mkll wa? a limiting 30 or 34 fr?t by 40, and contained evrr II 000 worth of machinery, mo?Uy r?w and la good repair The mill contained H 000 *hmglee belonging to Montgomery *Oi., and about 13,600 belooglnf M the owrer* of Um mill. Tbe total damage la eeiimaied at 13 000 Mr Farmer Buffered a Inaa of abont 19 000 by the burnlnr of a ruble, two barn*. hay, grain, fee on the 2?ih ol February laat Hawaii Inl?lllf?aa*. Tbe Cnltad flate* nUvnn frigate NW|tMhiaia, fltting on* at the lirooclrn Nary Yard, M progreealng rapldJy "*> haa received her m**u. eyar* aad running rigging, Um alter of wbtch la eatlrrly new A* oaukera are bust at work on ber, both m Wide and la A fe daya aao will complete her repair* abor* water line, wbea abe w be p?t into the dry dork, and the aeoeeaary repair*I her bottom em?rtert. No operation* hare aa yet > ?! ocmaienced on the frigatee W?be?b aad Rnaateke preen med th>> w-*k on Uiem will not ?>mmetv-e 'intil go Um SMqoel anna la completed. J0

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