Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1860 Page 2
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2 Our !?i?n Ki iiin l?ro Corrcap on den < ?. ii.i* tm.MiaOo, J 4/ i, lrloO (w , <f the J/, i.'-nc Ijl.'wIom U'.in 1|?Disco* ry M < i KiU*d by tniiant?TnM' ImvntK: E^i ? l>.i , IB.. ,1 (Will idfM, <fc. Ai lU branch miul m thid city last week 13,354 of g ,t br. hoa, worih ?M5,000, weredep?? t?l ani2<) ?13 ounces of silver bullion wore purcluv-l. The sum yf $? >. i.j ?*i coiueU in double ?u?ioa and fi,0X) in diOH'i. i r. fuue cutter W. I... Many hxs l>?ea ordered tj t:, i Vone Ulands for tho purpose of talciu j ie t .. ol the part of the goveruraeut in regard to thit p-e jvrt There seea to b>> still ditlicultlee ou the IsUiidB iu : 4 i 1 to the sea fowl < ggs deposited there as to who In- t'.i i :ht of Katbering tbetu. (some Itai.anj claim the pro) ty uuder the pre cuiption laws, and reside there o.-ei i>. ng ilieniselvei with picking up the e^gs, which ' b' 34 iliera a considerable pecuniary return. Others I In . t ; >t the lslauds belong to the I'aited Siatei. ar.d thai ' th?-. have a right to collect ilia eggs fouad there. A ar/e : i)tan:> r of the latter were arrested a fcw duys since for I arc . but at the trial tbe jury were uaabie to a^ree. The M?:cy will probably settle the matter. I t. ft'.iliatnson, United States Army, acting un ler luati . our irom tnegi n ral government, will establish >1 |<a at S-f r.'iini uti', I''.le, on thesummlt of tlii* .v ra Nevada ami In Carton Valley, to note the jreat et w hu h is to take place ou the l<tth mat. A i met lias beeu visible for several nights lu this c'ty #:i I u other parU of the State, and ha? attracted cons! lit r i -(. attention. It >s said to answer the description of tliei 'in t of Charles the Fifth. It is rapidly the earth. A 11 (.roen has Qletl a pctitiou to be discharged u .obis Applicant baa been eugi d 1:1 the m '.k t: > l abilities arc SI ,360. Johu Sanders waa tin* / d m irsed from his debts ou Saturday last. Km ics llteau, the Icoeper of a large an I raljablbook -tore in tbis city, left quite uneipectedly a few (lays a uce Urn sloe* consists of Italian, French and M 4U.-!. hooks, ptiuliugs, engraving-. sc. it a ( F> lli ' I Abilities amjuut to jioO.OOO. U .'sti was the puii'. t'i"r and editor of the Italian patriotic pap!r Tino'. ^ >ods was trai, lerred to otUer J irttes be; re h? disappeared. Ti I'ork Inr|>ector, appointed uuder aa act of the 1 eg - u re pas^i-d at last s* s?loo. reports that ? lar?e quant.i> of pork slnpin l from the Eastern markets to t >./ :n>a u ill un UUMMliid condition. It i* staled iu oue of t.> ly pipers that the ''l'rovu;"a Inspector has deI 'i-t.'.) au l t-xjomd a regular system if imposition prac t -J i 'H>n California omnnimers by Jtuteru packer?a:. iui|v '.uii which Is not ooudued to hhort weights, but what xleu !s to tae biill more repreheu.iib: pr?;tice of xniig4 np -?- ? i 1 .uuuiinj euougb sound provision to iiapoae upon t'ae ;> ' t, where the uracil; bus not been pro few ou icil.- Tac importers intend raahi.vlag tUo ba' ?Uioim. < . n 2<tih of M.iy the bodies of seven Wilt1 men. U. -jo the report H>i) by tbe ludiau*. wer* discover1 C i iXhnc mile from Camp flaveu, on the ojyMit i.ds cf tU rjbebee river, In Canton V*!lev. Tl. >y were proIn ? 4?>t about four wvk an ! one of tli-m v. is reeogti ' v? mi'inbir of a pro. -vctuig i>arty which left VirB \..i c * about the lime i t ili<- lint nussncre near i'/ratn ... 1 Tho hmi'.? M'T'' nil buried in one common u i 'i| ' r>!er of Cj; t t'tewarl. An attempt ,a4 b'>en i:u . ; thf ::i.hai:s 10 . lrn ihe bodies', aad they were p i . i i I 'I it in feared that Mr. U vl. ' tU s i . i* one of ihe vclimn. * i i- i : the Kpi-copal M -- s 3".:;-la ScKrr; 1 cxteii. ive a;r.u ?euenU fi r tile i . rut on < ' t. i . .I 'jiug uatloi al aim'Ternary. The\ p- -pose t .: i"ii of girl-, ini'rtar; >rt 1 hi ,i, t: .il an lUViLatloa ixleuiiej ti?K"\ T Kl ii < -u) lo adorers 11m assemblage ha? be *ti arcepteI 1 . i -Vh S in 'il sprang in' > existence out of a quarrel l> ' ie teacher* an.I rector of the Church o." the A I\ i. i ever biuce grfut jealousy au l great exertions li? *i i?anl!i <1 ot- t. tli Tbe s.-reders have gI tlirec or t'uur bun ire,I children, * horn they ha\ c r . J to instruct, b it without the cordial app.-oval of l.i I'ejial bishop or r'.efgy. Th" M -i.o:. S-hot-1 U i. n. iage<! entireh by fayiaeu. wli'i Live u>Dd every ti'i --.*ucb as picnic*, gilt. , fee.?to attract u'.plU. The 1 < ? July appri-ic.hmg, a graud festival ?u diterin . ?, .iud the programme appear- in tlt? c'.t> p*j. t . >py itig nearly a column, with the R?v. T. trurr K i, ' >r. T.- Imp Kip b-lng ab^en!, tbe stau !!ng < :r ' nut mi S^iir an 1 agreed ui>oa the lo'.lo*. iiift "..itiou oi aiilmov.hly !' - i Thai . > > ol the oil. -?p? )f ;?? Kim^op .1 S i>< hoiU in th'ir eeUbratioo ot the Fourth of Ji..j by w'i . h???- InTivd it i nuriui c>rjymn tide!l?e'.*n a 1J*.' ;n tbr ekUi!rrn of K|it?"opal duniay beh.> 4 h?<- hei>u h*l -> I t:l Ibf aai.etiou O *11) of ttw> rl?r<y of th? Proton*ll'. Kp ? ;. . churchlaUiu<tf?r^?, na\ doaauol uwwt the aopiobi'. i mmilier ?t preaeat '.ae ee<>*ua'jra a ..of the iluK-noa Tii- "ujm:ti?u? to tbiB action are *imp',y that on tte lo- . ol Jul} aectarian dillerrncea ltiou.1 be '.orgotten the vu deaiRii f.bou;d be to (.elect linn who would in the nii-l ^ 'V ;nc urrn* jiaint tli virtue* of the U -voijt'.onary l?-r ?ud atimulaie their posterity to e-nulate thrm It i* exp vtoU that Mr. X. f-larr Kuii: isjuat the pera m to do U i . >e cdvbratwn l>y lac w uo?i wi? o eour*" ia*r pli' nt Mr. King will F|??k. I Ml bt '.? - ill l>e -.I"-tallied of I'm uillicuiiy betwi-eu tbe Kjiia.opal I! uida) tch.ol and tue I >uc ip?! a :tbor.t M !>' tip' lutwever, i? entirely ignored. TUi- ?:*ikel (.ice? I railroad track from th - 3*y to th. II >u ?u completed ou .Niturday last. an i the car* a-* I Ttisl to (omm-ui e ruuuing k> m>r:ov . Tee new !oComoi ve, which li of a |>e. uliar kind, built u ttJ eitr, Iul- a'rradr bcoa |lac-'d ni*>n the track, and the two oth r r? . wli iL arc to uitko up the ilua.oa trv.a. will tak) tin- . t" iiiy. (<ur Dt nvrr CUjr Cnm ?poiidc ntf. pKsrKRCmr, July lb, 1S60 TV.* < . afi<i? </ thf Wrxtern Plains?Miliary M ? r ?Vrmry Scnrrr ami tturi'wi Dull?-V ?. BuiUht. n i C (of Krectum?AViw fr>m tk' V ? < I.. np nf ( i i a Strang' PUt T\< (>> i .V ' C -if it . ^ tl>? flit f?? difi the wrtttcr ha* !vea latently ahd we hare enoyed frequent acd opioJI ho* <( Tbc weather could not be mor* favorable for viv . u than at, the present time l.-aaa i? repotted tin- 01 ib? botlomi along the Ktreami and In the ravine* b-ti i tiio op- n plains there seem* to b? 1 ttle or no Cl' i j the apjx-arancv of rcfttat.ot ace our advent n April last Tbe idea which 1 had enterta n?d of the f?rt . t ? of tLeae Western plaint wl.U* In the h?t<-? tcoiii; . ti-ly overlhrowu. Pnti|i>rallri'!f ?peaamg,? Utile o! ? 8i ft?r cultivation or will pay (V rilt'Tatlug, llu: co'iM I'ncle dam get a 1'aciflc IU 'road Mid tele (-< ri l-ne built for public land, be weld n-.r.k" largely by i n op a large rtrtp tn width, from Tort '.Ce?rnr t" i*i * itocky Mountain*. for that p rp.?* II >wt*pt ire have la Uie valley of the I'latte aud ob C. art rcri ard Oiorry rreek ?orue Qr.e ram be , wilt ga: - ou tlirre, which Im'k cxcectllngly ^or an 1 lUrl*. tug a .J wbxh biJ fair to prove <<f rea. rilue to tin'lr p- .ir* R'lt we n ally hare few hop<!? cf be rg abh lo i tie g aii^t uf a. y k.a I witb (iu?:. *- . r prudl h ant irida> itwr.iing.wYu lb" advance rompany oft r-n-mCan.^I'ioy'l la At i"na pa-?e<i;t'rcjgU h? .*e, on' i' <^t? luve b -ti I o?>d * th atraiir! i ? b. Ilc4 Ci' tro ? i'?gr?i:?> Ac . aud thn*- the aiMIrn wl r? d.tuadel*. *| u.t U> tbyf tbeiuMlvt ? bile itb lit I lliey could, tr/itg thc.r luilt ai m uii. faro o; poWt l I lorgettii.* to ki-ep np ,. ??! cb -r by a ttec u?" Of 111- i. Mil. 'ni, of the o^Uc.-i, *.t'.i th r*,ve?,aro ?t.; Vl'ftg with L.?, gia?l ol I be op|>urt?! ly t< re?t and rep ?'i tb.?ir wardrob*. after tin1 ai t m > t H'* >?! fawlit n, a- aeil aato t ale w'th clriliau uf ft" i! cbaiatWr at>4 r?'t**ctV>nly It c-aia l< m It a I he a luxury, after hav x 1 ra# la Si't t \kr M<t t v &>r a time, ai d m nc' J w'th th ?e ?l, b'- lioMka, to m 'I aul a-?vato win m '.i a.i l wen i wbooi one cji. d re?.?ect cher b k u Uj l'< lng- fo. The r>m*rr? give Salt Iji'.e an ! !:? luh ?l<itnit ran -1 a Itard MB', an I a warm p!a< e n.~ in (i<it aaii >i. i 11- <tl. k-alt (T-ta?r?J M ti. r r; , v nai 11.11 ni'ir. I , , I"I N I I tbey mi jiii have dono ?< ti thing % Sa.t l.tfc' .-ven 1:. ? |>fcr?ny ?-prab. it < ? *> m , l?ev . bat id all the wnu t>tii ?re u tiu mr v m circulator, in *tly in the ban U . ! tr-* i < aj i owe it fjf tlicir nlock? of f < ?U M >a-y to lile with cab not bo ht 1 k %l out ?t |< Cha ,-g J an-I* bat little, an 1 atm"l?r?t' pr-v.?; n tn? i > where f??rc?*l l? l>) pr.??.ug ti < ti?? : .r t i tr ti ra>* alwaya aeii Ibo Amitrv m m-r-t v> ? t _ , m l we Inarm fojr .arg tr* u? <ri >i ,, i I .? day "I ti.-rc witli It. tvjr ?! > ki <>f li mir, pto.i? mm, tr > C II UriiV III *1 *?1 ' r 1? ,-l 1 K 1 ? |.;m ..r ti ' i o? |n << at preacnt, m*.-u?> .iitic t.r i?i nil * ter trad-' rath, r U'ao a?-'l at r .1 t ft<i - l;.f rn. . ? .?? aut aiuall trai.ra are ?? rg m- i ti til trad !? ? ai.d a? rathi-r |.w Hgur-we Tnwr ?r i Itirr-' ammuit b <mu? going up, b t'l f'r r <iIm Mid p'aceaof buatnraa. act here, ton, ?? ?.-> the ?i .f I fUud? get a frame op and let II Mail . > .i, f>r aant of t inula to wj U furIho' In la t, all building* ae*m to mo?, ?ery ai > y tow ?r | . ?;> i>n la'roidea City, Maintain ,lt? aud Mi?- I I'r.jr, wt . : the 'arte report* every da> ?Ouil (in ?, !? ?. y ?c?" *. tttt; body Mrappod, tvon the mir -t* 'i> .. r ??? lot Into ditch laat rburaday u (if < ; , Friday b Miaaouri City, ftirtitaulif I i l'< i aa : di|tg.i-|a thrr* and !?J>riaf (<ilrh, I- .tm<l.t> |.i!l> t.tK rroui ah*nc? Uaki- (iiicti an t llri>(irio wi.i rr .1 Tbi* pr-a^at dltrh till out b>? aM?* I > far ,!t nat < |Mii|li ' * >0, and atioth'-r l uoipatt^ lu/? Bialo % cia u and mi'!? a aarvry ti lurni?h water t i th tnt . i Xlie o*a (V'tniiary ? called th? (Mar.?g . |?iteh Cjtapmr. and they will puah tbrsr work Torwar l a? Tail %5 , i"; towarl oorapletloo They t'aun anperi * al\-t, U,i? orcr the prwnt oupaoy, lh?lr r?a'.'b. -it .v r h mi aliorter (belnj oaly U-n mltea |.,n?. utiile Hi> pre neat on- u 0i?r oleroo). aod Ibeir gr.?te tn n-a it They re It a flU! of ha!f ao ingh to the r ,!. vnlt;.-. T"ie pr<?>nt dlteb ? uuoren?aome | la( ? a I .*/ fall a-? 1 Olhe ? irarcely any. We cipect to bvar aoia n > >1 t ewf >n dry digging* In a faw Ja>?, u ># U atlb >> bare ma^r. A iij on tho PaUb d ggingt, Jut nrth of Vti? S iu Cljr, taat we?k built turn a cabin cn ?l.?t hi C <a*'dered the pooreat part of hi* claim, and, an u tlii cietoin c.ircrwl tile roof with dtrt In th4 'f?. ^ there *\j a heary ah<>*> r of rain and Iml, trhrli le't A m- three inch** of bail oa lb* grim i. J After It re net, |te oral tipmi the roof to acrape lb ' ball off before II fatilc '| x?i oa Ifea ?<!?", wUere the ra.a had waaU 0 rd tli." d .-t * I it! ? .y-t of i' -eg'1 -i?r ' ' me thuia Iik .tract a it, an! ? ;Uia?* f t* ^ Ij!:.v iu?4 c mU 500 xi ;t it th* aft I in )! wouri Cttf We ha ? t'-? f*ei? ' a * r i ?>' piaUeuix.1. i Mm*pe?t.?Tian?who. Uy th? ?i, ' '! l> J tl -I settlors here. sal v rr nii -U' c' t'.." i mate e'lcceislul deveh pemi ut of t ? r> jtry?5&.1 ' w >" t-' imjx)-?!b!e to ascertain wfiat '.he J :art la I - were J >: !< There ar \u lm?n ?.:! number t 1 ready to gut to work. But (wr, c m <arat. / afctn#. are yet at work, and th -< v : *t uw 1 n; s, a far as could be asf-rtain^l W' "ar f "'y i? nr. now running which ar^ doing well at all, mm is the old \ mdevoLier mill, -ud t'l otuei tae K'x. 1 -uuJ mill. W? aacerUta h ? murh they aro t.?\. ng ?ut V. | >rts f"?w Catlforn a g l9h C"Utin e favorable a? w?ll as from ah the dlsoo-er >? In tha' vie'ntty We hear aothing ra.ther of th.? q"* rich i .. ? on ihe -.sort lr ! the ran?*, but v-e in. ined to th r k siod < . covert ? na- O .'ca niaoe tUero r&eieoe.t ( in r-y I i-. excitement prove* to >? a o? ?or: A trap l< a U-Jj, but f?i.edjta win Th re li coot'lmMe ksaat -f? \\>a a ,g :? b"-e 1a regard to the lettu? >f the ill ;r .. for su.-h a hmali ?oi_ They consider it tantatuouui Ij an actual lailure, the ma to he fcr ugh' by the express company, k> it ha? bocn don p t^ the preaont Then has h-ec an endear** on the ;,irt ot aom - to lay the b'.am< > a th; esprea- cooii-uuy, 'nid uuie dls'Kjj.tion to create trovv.- th W| It f t s<y- the Justice of ibU. Tsic exprew- company ran their line here whor. ever; o .? was down oa tn-? whole co-ntry?when b .t'e ? Lia'l m. fa Ui in its be.:-.? a ru gold oouatry?brought [ a&3ea/ -5 aad ;ca when no ona c '*e wou'd ha7e io:i >ai l it a heavy lof- an<l no-, that they ?re tli.? > a. r so-n r ? ?r ' f r thi-.r ritky lnvcjtnien'ajd pe-./- ^r ij labor, It .f unjust t dt,.: re them of the little chance th*y have for reward If they ar able to tnake a.-ran^emeats" to keep outsiders out, t U the.: privilege and duty tj dj su and ;.s tar aa it''lr Carry!- g tho ti.a ' 'ice-aM asf. as 1 hav es jvrieatedi the. U? it wtth >n.-ji:'taess aal i >-natch. Tlie St. Loilll Kiot*. CAtT-J Of Tat ATTACK" ON Till U-UViZi 0? ILL f AMK?AHRUT* Of TUK KIOTKBfi. Froo. the 1 >.:'.< DemocrU ,' :!} 2* Afi i * Irotn the few orig'.Qator* o*. the wild dem>uni-?t!oa (?r \Wdnes l?y -lit 5r.irc.vr an at.i'idual '.o the city hal tlie a.:ghteii previous iataaa'.iu ot t.?c b. lies oi d.-tiaat law! ?ne?8 -mil di'ili 'Ttior -.a?a to en- *. T'j? m >b rctt, mult plied ttae! vd -p-eid. m If by mafic, taking the police c mpletei by -rpr and thorough!; asiouuJ ug tin* mure onier.y portion : tUe commuaitj. Tu.ns wli 'sl-pt und -t"-b J by the t tuult y Htrda/ morn ng aw >ki equally startled and a?toa.-u->>l it *o f te:n've an 1 r.-arfu an btbitl-'a of m>!> vi< Um< Mi tit lei dork ltotu > nth -d >l . t to s-rvey and etc meat t,.. : the wre kt ' ; | " ty the" > e-'-nte 1 Of the origin of 11- I... r/itbreak, we can <"nl; ?n_' that it was oy j >a u a irretiC# attributed t> Mi< hat*. Jvitii-r. th" . ,*e?, be ?e tt ?c>J and A.'Uya 1 htr.-ei Ear.. Wrtfnenay mnr 05 tha'. *( ' '..nif/ i and eL m-t'r CI? '"l ?ad the mi-f' rt.irie t tt;id Li* v thr_. t?>u ai ?h" diirej' t ib'..* house o > ;>h lMt'.w, -a second ,:lre"t, u>&Pop!ar, anl be was ' utty .nd -cpr .teeuGcd by the circu-.^taKv II v. t.' f, .tvta arr- ' teJ ">r ! * bawly hou*>, and tt > of hit bawic for T??raticy Derto< the >!?; tt fa u we i.-cuei-d, icoaaectteu w th the s b ect of tue intense aau Intolerable auta?acc ihirlott.'.m la that vi !n ty, ?nd .1 vv d'Jterm a:! to "c ear. out " It '.t^'f'h "*t.ib!,..->urn'- .t ? d a: wt :>oe other oa that Di?ht The des)j wa- Uoai.-'d. * w .ad'. ,taud, t- tb aic-jmp iihm r:t of th u.rp.:j Itet tae moveneai. ut lattMn Axail h id km readt Ud * tger tc Mr It up, an ' car-y it forwa d itid^fl t SBarce'y cu )re t:ii'i tai: ty pe- v. . fvtti"il ta-? a* l c?o ii* jath I U- 4.1 i 'iti. til; . vtrci c.'.'vli Ptii 'nT t i" ' > ' it 1"' tr-"ct i: fifty flr cf tli rioters wi?re 'I?' ted rh":-? "Hlerday tucre-i?- <1 th'? ?* ??!?'! . i .!.> ?t tae RcWfilU b b^t' t tb-i aum bur oi eighty t've, 1 crow -d ind Junmed th.. c.".'.: t rtMO m :tb aa latmaeljr int- malt .de. !> i-'og I pa'af-.V.y protracted ?: wi't. nug ta the beat an co:iftn??: a r. tt u o.. c r u?* illy kept their | pos.t Til - j o c -!' t ill ' n w.thin the r ket g a: ltd apa t.nrjt to th- aecn:"d, ' anJ a ncor? ar so of tti nu had there' r?t '>e se 'ted id-?i. a: .-Aateci'ut w: cU t'.-'. ha ... h wit i 'ect to Tin priv>aera purted i. CBai i?d ?:t - werr, r n Coa*"!tat.aa, ?ct 1 on the .. :ty 1 >et, tJ b# tried f.j la. tie'O 'aa alio,; the cit. . t ia-ce ' #* ift ri d oaa proceeding. Tk( offcace of rl?tf at detur J br the Stat *t..t ite. i*I..." er ird^mor* pu; -liable >u i Jubl c" to a" part .i ? > i.iKut 1 b/ f.yiig i!l for tli city eflencs a' i tboL rliar ; thoF > v-horr the .^v d;n-,c thou id l"?1gc if w;tU thi- on- m i l i tie islaf TU? prxrfs were 1 .:tlsh<J b the arrc ti:-3 Mi >rn aail Othtib, , ho identitied ;he O-'f-JCda-.ts- p-w?t a'.:'.! aiding nt th> riot lb- r-- "It was tin' t'. were eich llBcd ti'), aioetcej fci> Mcti fivi* $ '.icli and tnro d.fiait^fd c j ; a; uieul o'c t? uivr, wh'la tai' ist- :( the uVud-r i co. i n :cd ' crat* oitifla th'S -a< 'c tag. TU? Jetitl i a* follow ? F:ned *1) eanh?.'astw < iBe'.a I'.'.t. Jaraet W.1>;. <:-orjr -t? Clurlci 'lex F ? .? * >en. V\m IhiLUc-g Frc'err Anson, M.i t n (.i.-in ,'ub. Mi:r:*hy Fr*uk Smith, 1'iclivd Nta!" Char e* He. * >ln Mi'vI Ch'ui rawer ocd Ttx>taat Jones 5- . d cac'- $g?JoV.a Brov.n ' >bert -clio'!. <r r^t I B -h, Ji?'. o J*w;th, John 3?r ;e A T M-iflii A'e ..n.! | '.tcbard ! rluac. , Jj'in M Ur -t,lA-<niari I.ur ln?rt,i; **a\ Schu ti, Willi* n l'.-h- i. Newmaa i'obert", !'.:-b*rd I'l.lUlpa. Fr-l?-.':k Uro&her, :ivit- Rtogvrahl, U *nr- Cbauncy J -r^h B< r.n -r iu'1 >' ixe" K : ue'It F.Led ?f ?Jul V M ( . f-ir:, .'olia Vi.ktt r. ami James 11a. iV m.iil on pftvnieat of c et??The It - Ve\ e-, A C" Ituartrll atj i Wen j W!' ?>n T!k' *** of I-.-o'J i"d D"u Hen ' iaar, Jolia Ki 'a J; , Ceorge Appier, U org? sO-vK'de- Char!.- Hetlei - pUkl. ., F. idernh Mat'.oy, David C M Maria*, Cftarl. * I'aut aoa (?h*rUftCha so:i ? ure post; oueJ t< thi*mjra::ig The followia^ uinrtP >u \fere iddit!?D?lly i barK*tl tb'.' ii fiitla ? >!le k j of i.jI an 1 'liuid b? tlm MM*t and we'rj each n|lM to givo ah.-'nd #( i to app-'sr for nrrl.m. iar7 'lam'ualioa?Janiei GuBUfli. J?ba U 11. J.tint's Wauth, bu Br.'Wu llob?rl d. lioi-. (??org? B .'^b. .'eUo I'i ? ier, jMMi Hai :.s IWMI UerU, Oiarlet Kr.iw?r. Frank Browa, V'm Pi:ab'*rg. Iticlu-d I'h'.l'.pa, John Murphr, lt;cbarj (n.n: Cbarlen i Rot.r'; ' Henry hu*" < ?irg.- ,><tc n Valentin* Ke?n^.Of tbc abf T?, bat. w givea b? Ja-nej v."at<!i. 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K The- baak ht.itc:-..n' of thU J*r compare* a? f lows with t :at of li** Moru!s\ WtAr-?l 14 Iaii Av< O :u D' .'ulj Jl ?KM-.\ir -!*- '? ? *? - '?4 Jul/ lis l*?0T4.W? Vt,<w?,:.!? vron .? locroMe tfc'Mi: ? ? Urrtur ? t 7. ,.'JT Tl i? will jenci wlj'regarded .? lia J .'jt, r. r.t The l>?nV. cxpfr*i.?5c. too !*!?.? w ck ft r !'?<' >ia?on 11 th. *. ?iid . .* < si uii'4?fd to be bjr tLc r* o Lm ' c ? r.ov ncrck^r ' fMt; >1.*,. Tf.i Imu\ ow,.-are v .thin ., i:? !lion of $190,000,000 ** tl icn-Tu. n .'men* c( Aufi-!, whtn. M r\nv <u La r - tlcj n ?*xf?r< t for si* wick- ? ' tj.on'h' ?i ' i> .unci for money from lie iit* - I. j < !.eu t< f?\ t!>f lea?t* rrufii - " ? < pinion* which the nun aiitiK cc j:\. <it . : off w:M re gitrd to th" wi-deir t>f ti e p :m it??! bjnk msvagi:*. Tie i?i ' n vr np> e tc-dlj* an ? t.i V. It ' < t ' i I c |i. tit: i t ! ; i ' il ' " < ' ' ?' *h ' nk* would nhoff mi I :e?? - of t . , n arNing frcn Unit t ?i;*t- f' D. t ? *? f ?l Km th;? Winn th? ca?e. ! ( ecu * tie, It ?' mihr\,e\cn l i li suturd-.v \ n* f! 0 WO. mi* lakrn from 1 a It every ' g'.t the ,?b vf ?utte?i.e:it niu?t be rcga'?i' ' ,i? '< < I our, and cue which t all* for i?ut i > aiuonc ir.efi. 'tit* TLcre i* no change in the m tic i arkef The fetling ?non(nioB()(il m*i i- that we ap< ? crayon w' en money w !! te *rorth t it l?: l < ! " 1" d:*' 1 r!- t\ * i' - . t ' ,?nd ? '' rt paj - .i'iv large. I.ft. l< - r.?TI. at I.) a a-. ta to ! y the very I 1 -t gra<l"'* of January p'Irr ^ per << rt. < ?}>':aliata would feel Were it not for *.' j lujjli lino of ?'.i*conat? wH wl i h our tit* U.mha bey.i? the fall tiair The bi tinea* at the > lb-Ti 'auuiy to day wa* (federate The pa> nt<- werellli jCIV: the receipt* $2S7.tSl ofwfeici I1?;,H0 for cuaiotu* ba'ar-e tl la evening The foreign exchange m irket fr'the Afrha rn V'edi <-der, cpena with a firm t' ue and rate* are, if aaytiling, fhade higher. The eourae of tho market will not be fairly de^el >ped before to mortow; but it looVa a* though the tanfcen would jjrt a trifle tr ore for their Lilie. Tl ore is verj little f.rat claaa aterl.04 offering under lc; and a broker . Mercantile bill*, a* uaiiai at thia aea*oa are earec. TL* Africa will probally take out over l air a r.iliion ?n gold. Dy the tranapoaitloa of a r* re, 11 > aperie aliipmcnt ca fcaturday wa* Inn-en*^ i;?o,000 in cor report?the Var.derbiit L?Ti.?a cJy taken 11,07.',:IT, not 1,750,117, fta NEW TOME HIRiLP, T I i Tue total (diiptuent ol the day w ? th. < t y $1 ,4',3J7. .<. i >ug txjiCtted reaction In tlxe stock utt'U-.'t I i's nof r. 1* appearance; oa the contrary, t!- ? , volume ol ?p" lai.on fteeui* to gather force t.o.a <Jj v To d t; in spite of bear operators, returns of t d- .iauig ' ali , uaplea-ant ftaaar >1 revelations a tightening mouey market, aal lietvjr specie shipu .-aS. 1". r , j. i. of U?. day t> day v a- Micli! gin C-entul ?u. h, ifuMt cluing ou ?>?tu'd4/ at ; aud t.i.i i jra.:.g at isj.aul >o.i up to 6o> -4 i tt. a;u ir. )ou at oO bid. Tiiu gave t . ' ?t. t- ue re-ii o: the market. At the tiM boarl ?o.n if'T: jf. .runte I advanced L per teat; Gal-ai, 1 U'x ' l-a-J. l^; llliuoiri Central. 1; Toledo, ; l:r-x !: New Vork CentraJ, Erie, Hti lsoa ait 1 IV' i : > "\ *y: ffar!?m, old and preferred, ? \ ?! '. --Inc-nin State atocksthlsmoraine v. i ; 'jr' e- loact respond to the moremen* ia 'it-; - . >. South -*ra State stocks coatiau L ivy a;; J we:,. cft'ered for sale iu c.vce? of tlu v... . ,(/i toa.'ket. The de:uand for Weatorn i,i j ..-on > > continues to iucreuse, apparent.)" v.: 'iou' much ( id tte of judgiaeut ia the selection, i'l . afternoon tin market wa-. steady, and stocks ck"- i turn at the following quotation*: -Vlrniuia 6's 1*0i a "I: Missouri 6*a. Kl$ a J: Pacific Mail, 98 a N j * York Central, 84 a s4; Erie, 23ja2l: liad^c n:vcr, 57} a 5?; Harlem, 10} a do. pre fj-red I'(a4t Heading. 4#} a Michigan Central 60 a 4: M.c'aigaa Southern and Northern Iniiana 1;} a 5, do gaarauiced, 41 a 4 Panama, 11, a 1-": Illinois Centra! 76; a J; Galena and Chicago, 7 a Cleveland Toledo, 37J tU; Chicago aa! Rc .k aud, 76^ a 77. We are Informed by the President of the Michig.i : southern that tae interest due 1st August on the 1 I'.oirng, viz:?The Northern Indiana 11; : o.c *2tge tiie (.osdiwi Branch, the Jackson ii:.i a::d the Detroit, Monroe and Toledo ! . .Li be pa.d 0.1 pre-u'ntatioa of the coupon* Co K.vchange Ban!:. N'egotiatioaa arc on f t _ t! funding of the two overdue coupons of tii 1 id :t>ortgage of the Michigan Southern, t. . : : :tL t e c01.pen to fall due l.rt November ne-.' and it ("Ma likely tint thl-? course will e-. t. ' be a ioptod. rt would probably be the I b. '.i lg that C0'.:ld happen for tue bondholders J aud tae company. -at of V. wntike.? oppao* the acheme for the reorganisation of the Muwaukce and Mississippi Railroad Company an I at a meeting of the..- Com- j : C' .;ac;: pv-- 1 tl:A following re-'Nations: ? j VM. v., a' a m '-tiaf of th'? honl holder* aud otasrs iat- 5t.1l .a tiit M wa.W.*o aad V r>pi Railroad Com b. :.l 'a Mi'v York m May u-t (at which tl..'f'.tj ot 4MwAU.f^3 w i? a<it r^i):ea<'i:'.i.'d. ui't Lu/in; reC an* .ifr-ar invitation), a tobaoM w m put to.-th t( t'i i , i viatioao' m:1 o> inpan} ami iue capital.*a 1.. ' lib j'.-bu, wbicu :.<h.,:n?s i.-t. u tiie judgment of th - 1 raon Ooi uc I ?ui 01 t'ao titiz^ii 01 Mtmat i!\advaotag'ou? aad uu :*t to thiscity, tuerefore, . .?. ?ct, t.j joarU of 60 acinars com.irriug, ?uat t.. _ v : u<>t acquitm ? ia %a:d sea.'me, but *k'tll iuaw t!ii' lii a uiortg on a valuable aort;n:i of a*, i r.ailro?1 1-r fcJO.OCO, h ibject oa!> to B iirst BMItM>lf In* '.U:.c 000 j>"1 u; V, til* City ought in ?ay > a.nui- to !). ..fjj.U ia |>04iti0a ou y to the bolder* u! the tirst mo*'f of ill.- h -.v tl Hfctio:.-, bi 1 ;i"t bs.sud tha >ud mortgage of i-.'-m.'l'Mi Mued in 13&7, t 1 ll!)?t wita i?.i p- ii>u Ihj'*.'trabl'* ;i oujat u>t to '>? ial will D >' l,C Ritlrtl.Hl T: ?} fjr Jit T-u', 07 v tu.'or iu coaU let w ita a i.'i ai roa 1 1 Jinpaay'i iu-! 1 m of .H-uiag t? :?ou.l- mlSi'O.hab ^ecouie .1'relit ir aa. 1 oaiiiaay t -.In ituh .1 of Kai.1 Ihim? . AU'I the mtero-t iu;?a?l,thit mi'Tan M,c and by iavar:al?lo uaai^e au O'ua file ci. Iitorw ot ua.- company ojfht to be aut ire |>rtM<srr?-l t. t ja.y bkM^Uoid-r:- iud ia the jitdgiTnaut of tin* Co Cil, a.ij Bchvui'j fu. retirga'.l*:U(| a? i < impaay on P iclp1 <r |uity na<i fa.ra-:' o-agut to J.scitai.uato i i! a.. 1 -ur i.. ; ?' 1 ?;i) Iom l. ? j That 1 ( >py ot t: -.4 re*>lu'.i'?n< be forwarded li tb < tj l vt ihr!*riti,j at ?!'tii Mnwaa^ee aul v 1 >. >1 Railroad Omfaay> at wv Taak. I c ty tliat tbo t -reg,ia* i.h * true copy, kc , aiopl?d 1 by the iiua.-<l Air moo, July 1 >. 1?>, and I u *.a<' J< 4f I or Co .inc . j.-?. j'.liy ill, !w0 liKO U DOl'SKKAN, City C rk Oi: Wi*coa?!a eorrev>onJeut writes us aj fol! reac.r. iing the by which the people of >tate propose evade payment of their ; ?t debts. TLc pro. eediag U characteristic:? Cur > . iroaH* Co ; t !im ;st reader >d *aoth?r lec;l':oa r tiie firm mort?w T<Mt.on. It wi'J t? reooll?ciel t'uRt tU? former decision only aetU-t la* qu wtfiu a* la w: rln T fis rv!r:.?'1 !.* ! ('..? power 10 receive tllMe j mortgage* unJer tir V r n-l?r T i?t pant ru ' decided ia tl?j %tl> m i' ila | tiie cw.m Lu; uaae- COU-I.J -ration, t-. Mbaol "t i:p WW, j f hi:J aad waut of com: Jerati m The Onrt h*!l that e-eu if fraud e* ?t?*il, th.' rn. -t?ag?ni r.vild not ea- | t- Uto a HaaJaleut C<>. tract w!r>r#!>y th r:?:iH of ia uo'cat pure ntvu of th mireouM i>.- %.Trtel T'.i-? !.av o ai. the i>oinU t . it Co :! i be r*.< I b?_>n aijudiCate<l, VuJ t ier? r saia'.u* rvit'a n< anw fur tae farm*! tojobatto nay u;? or lot tin1:.' laraiJ be aili. rtjt will t'lf- din" F>r rar) a y?*. pail, ta fact evr , c , :uv V;-. iwa that t i*re VH a pro*peel Lit', thi* - r.utt - would taW* the t :ra it haj. tii?re ha7e tK^a fjr-n i i tiicij tlit I n >' the Ia Cf *** aal M:lwaak*e Rii.- i:j nr j.ii.:,*?t:na- kanwn a* " Tanners' Le^ i ?" Tli (find Lcigae t? L>cat""d at U iriMa, an 1 no tofuiry of a u imhei v? .10 *i> . at th i.u?t ra'>?ia? t learned tun (h ?r.* ? :pw.\-d:> of Are hundred tn-*aiber? preMQt. Y >. will u?t ir*lly tniaire,' v.'a*t I vi mi tin* mev. It m- lus *.ap!y that they h?vc b ? a deierir. a*'-! fro*n the outlet to iesltt the c?/..e*".. ia of the*# ni '-rigagM. Ilieir h leofthcca^o ? Il;U tU?r Invi acoatract ? '. the i ni| i y t t?ao r m t.u ? u thoir farai- ?!.:ch were to d.a? ri#-at ji*r ceat mi-re-;, ia r>* tern i . c- :u; a...' ? u to pa> tao int-?.-e?l oa th'- *u >rt g.igf * i<i ?! i t/ thi- fh :ner<? t#.) i*>r cea . p- tuau :n fir th io?-. of tuc credit, wUkm, at um etd of t<Ni yearn, I t!d rrtiu- c th*;r ?t'jrV to ?Uity reatl oil the J>'.lar, .th ta mik*: at le??t $1 20 Ai. ta.-> th.a^a , t.i . l?'l i md con'.y ? U uto tie v>_>;i.?t. a. ! W?! what >< the ->s 'f The whol- thing hu tarael ' \ o :t t'l br noe | md *w?db M^ay of the f?rm*'? * --t* ?>?. i t'm i?" ? 3tr that ijf- pat ia tanrfirau j fbr al' t'.i : v ore * <*t. n1 tiur a.'ih* ot t,v ut woal l aot | br g to li; u.-.d!-- the hammer, wa?t I* lue oa th> mirtcappo Tbe flf?t thtnf they wil, <1j *" Oe to j'.w ! tb# railroad c NUU] to sad miiod (tat, I nlMt thay aa- I MB? thia tuiebtaduca*. ttwy nerrr caa W t'i- ; r>a! Of courae tUa rxapta/ wilt uot. T'.i->a ; w MMM t^? 3'st aerie* r>f fciMllI 111 J Th t aie, | Ob?My, uot lew tU?u from thres I tr . tu ?i..i mw. 'irmi are eocamhered j al uj th l.a taifi . . ^1 I ( > - i*j? i n rn'ier ratie upt!i< r .n'.oda to coma t a tefflitui^of tb.ik .ai. lb* j i aa.-ice* tuat will coaoe wU. h - tcruaa ia ill* el i tr.*r Wh? i-i'i '? 1 v ? .th th-m Jt.'.j ' tan it 1 ! tU. n an ! ii iitori'ited i -f. caua >t be fouad V) try I i lb m ?b Id lue farua be >? .1, aa l aa attempt ui?l? l > put lh> | .-cii:?.rra in posi.r*. on. blood ba .tp.llel oa Ute thn li .< 11. ftire IMJ Wi: ylell up their bearth*H:. ? t tl. > ?n tht-y lot>k u^oa a* knive? and aw:id!-*ra W . u vie retL' i. l thi' ia j-. ur State J'jr;?,t ( th" ?.t > t*'33 it ! ? .. * : *?i r-^ t> re;- ii c - !. ainal aum at2 ja .f oa tae!:- la.-:a*. cia ; t'? ?on9 i?i at that a la-'ii-,\mir. .o:ty, *!r are alwJt t<? | I hav.- tlwtr bows wntlea Uwa.aM miay ti-a i ' t d tli * or'.J *niii. % >, ahi'uid mak* lomeah w of rc- -taace It .* * a ;>ler?li!< *UW of tti n<*, but it u , more i:-.'p!j to ho diplored taat Ute or'.j i?atr-* vad p*r jw.r ?l ^ fill * ho' ^?Io i* : die a*e n"' th.- r?i. fuT- | fe.-er i. He i t of the tr>o con# iinj fartr. -? T!iee v:h i.'?e?UirouRh the Clearing Baa.*" t 1? ' v , r_ 0(?> I', i. l ' (i l >?? 1 iM 1:1 t i T Ht L'i *Zk of the 2Jth arti- j j c!e) ? t r m? pt : two rf r a moae- Iju a?t ' *n to dii- ( i U a lime jrt tb;? ?r<<ek o">r.aji lit b -11 I |bt, |?rticulkr at the * ? n(* Institution* td%t * t l ?l J tc meot (hi r:., mill .liit hare pre- . |xvr^ I to tat* Lot cnlj *U 111 bllla offr-od. bnt a. -t f tin rcuRit <UU< i. taper ? we!'.?* c'j*? o' p?|er u?mc car" rl; tucdd'.if ? tt. me of ( ii tRut:<t * have net, 1a tnr. di;'! tinea near *.> man- ] rtrrniii* at- tli?y wll-li. WV.u t'je bank* It la liferent. l:?-yliar^ r>r. !ef t their W*Ufa and the redrmpt in In i SaMcro r sclia ir ' 32?,900 to $ 0 6VO o' tb?' ?-ao;U r?; vrt I ' r f j: , ? rMata. tb<*j "are <rt a r -?t n J c tlljr cuu dowa their i-icome. Hjc rhan^o mai et u .-atber i*?*.wlth tUr recent vil't t>* Vj tli" e'ipply The t?ab Tr.-a* :ry w.? v*!:l I pf i' rf E??terr draft* j-eateroar, but it t abcul cbai- to*J. Tljte tuakt<e $60t )*<0 fi-i iii ttii i iree within a *>?e? 0. court.-. tl?;?, , ? tli I'm .Vnrll; ' of lb: b?i.wi and tbv ' had f* m Ch'.'afo, maker it oaa? al I per rent. (.*3 N*? Orlf" ? ' . a |i-riDHin i? tbi' ? v n* * tli not 1 m.irh ii ii n.d th? I v?t two day* (role i ;a fa * ,rrjT Al'.b ur-b near'}-L*;f a tnilli ..i baa f ie !nt > the ; 1re?f-ur)' !i m !??' wff da- ?, nu.'bnt it tod* iti w*y < Ut an. rirf Vw tncrfnatit* n<>ni ?.P3 >0 ) .-r tb,' above amount hu ?lfea1y Wru't:**>ura<"l. somr 12* )00 i f fn-i-j ?u ih l?y a u.crcbast t*|i>rrMnPil tl ku m?- .e no'J about I '?0 toaB of vgar to tha ?*??? " -idt? <iu*l " The N'l-.r Orleans Vv i of WWM-adi*;- etBuing I Bay*:? Tb!? hv l?ee i a vcr; tua?Ure da- a mooftw/ ?jd fl ?tii a! r < -?,and tli? move d.M l<?> >i bp chaise of y ki:.4 tlw?t calia for ?|*ct*l m>tic??. Tn<* b?n*? d i c<vr?t-?l \fj cautou-ljr, mi ii|?THti>n? in the rnaikct Included uo rougd *nv ".:BHof aor jtra<1?> of |'*f?r Tho-i* i? ft dU|>Bt? ?? to vrhlct cf (! 're r? Ct'i"C t?4 tJ property of tl e Milwaukee ?ml H>>i ton Ruiro*4 (' onmjir* who hare l?t?*h been f?>?pointed 1* entitle to po"**iTo?. The Oer'io (Wb> ccnvn) A". * ? y- Wv< . <n *? arpniiiW* '?jr the t tft Stat. * l>?lrlft ( ;rt. to- the pn r p. ?* of ??i ?ff It 2 a jia'i^tit Uwui vj m that i-mirt tu I'l-cmber, lt -0. t .'( ? | h H F fl.v In V*f'apt H?ri?au IVpry-anil oib 'B'ibtt.aed b J . lament air* aH the rompaay, the n ecutli'lt o' whirli k*? return.-?l unealteft.d Tac p*rt '? p a, it. ^ tlieo eown.enc^l prw?rtl?p tnr a B*qr??lra t. >l of Ux> prop,-. t> and etVrtii of the ei-npBB/, tad f?t'j? ?r;?>lataent rft *'ref tialerwc tlMU.Ciif MBDAT, JULY U, MM. 14*, R S, *al T B Woleott w*a apnoiatet r??? rer Ward tuadrurtit of i>HMaaloa by ri^tit of priorlt/ In jjdjtu u*. Woloott c.4ja4 po?*<.*4i<>a upoa tli.'groua i tint? 1 T oirti of the United 9uim ha*i oo jviidiotioa Over c o. ations 2 3 ua?J If general jurisdiction be conceded, the remedy : se-juenratiju :n Wucouiin i? exclusive of the ' bill against corporation*: aud therefore all proc.*d.:-.r* is lb? creditors' - jit are void. ? i in'. .. tU proceodmga by ere 1.tore'bill were ori? giuatly authorii-d, tlie orler for a >q>iaetration and appolxi'.inoat of receivers overrides all termer appointments au I compote aU creditors to come in uuder the latter pioccedia?. Tlia-i the ca*e ataud*. Oue of the ablest of the Milwaikee lawyer*, ?ay? the HTaoon-nn, after a careful review of it and the authorities, thinks Mr. Ward entitle 1 to possession of the road under hi* appointment by the District Court. The earning* of the Chicago, Burlington ail 1 Quiney Railroad for the thud week in July were: ? 19j? im I FreigUt *!" .'19 1? 29,876 00 !ne.?11 M7 97 llabeoger* 9,689 49 9,302 M Lw. 308 60 TjUI >25,497 61 39,079 88 Iuc.?13,591 27 T!;e earnings of the St. Louis, Alton aud Chicago Railroad for the third week in July were a.i | folio WH\ ? Wvk. Tfal to 24;* tm' I'Maeagers M.829 94 23,V?9 54 KretgUt 14?J 37 i, i.2M14 es;>re*> tto* 0> 2.506 44 ToUl *?,1*6 39 614)5 12 i Corr?*|^j Jiag ixsriXl iu 1459 16,700 60 46,100 60 1 Iacrcaw u 1960 $6,485 80 16 ")l ftu Stock Exchange. MojqaT, Jul/ GO 1440 I $6000 Kentucky 0 ?.. 104 < li>)*ai Mn.l?U>uK.b90 iJ , | 2U0-) do 104', 150 do 59'j ! 70<W T D!! 6'?, '90.. 90'< 100 do 591,' 33000 Yirguna 6'?.... 90260 do 5'.* \ | luw) u'j <rj iuu u> .?iv w 11000 Ultsouri 6 I... 81 \ 60 do GO1* ?000 do 81% 350 da ?>? > 90% 20000 do blO 81*, M do bOO 90 \ 4000Cahf( ai? T'a.. 89% 250 MicliSitSUKR'ooO li;? 180OO N Y Octral 0'( Pi 20 do 18 , 1000 Eric HP 6 tu b. 75 50 d> IS, 4000 Krjtf UK c b '71 60i?' 150 do 18 1000 d) 00*, 50o Micll i A. N U % S 10 *KW n-J') H RK 2 m 1)1', 10) d) { 100C H R: v ?.K S J to. 93 100 do ??> ) 40 10O) do 9l% 1? do l>30 40?; 1000Hirii'iu UK 1 tu W ? 350 do 40 10000 VicUSl-t ui bs. 8-> ICO l'*?u:n? RR 12? 6O00 Mich ? ? f biU 81 60 do 1)90 127 10001 lO-ut RRbda. 9H; 100 lilCeuRStcp .?*) 77%' ??o0 do.. 95% *10 do 70 6? do 94*, 2'? dii 7j"t S300U i iCr \ M 1 g 1>4 26 460 uo 7-i , l'WOChic A;N"* s t'b. 86 *2W i) b'i) 77 1 WO('.ili.CbicUl m. 9.)'-* 11 Clev?JU\tUo< RR U I 40U01. EA.W l*t m b. 7514' 80 CWe.ColiC.a RR 91 6000 Ciov & Tol? f l>. 7J 1? UiWtsvli: tlP. ?jO 70 1 WO Ciiic&U la bis. 981,' 6 ) do -?>0 73 1 10 si* BiakCom .. 100 300 d... *^0 7?*4 $6 LhjI i H<:1 C Co . MS' 100 do JO* 160 do b60 99^ 7iO d) 'K?0 74 22 Paciflc MSs Co .. 86 1? do <60 70% 6 N \ Ceatril 84 SO ' 10 73 S IS.) do 8C% 200 do ?<W 70 , 100 do U&O 85 i 70 do ?> 4 SCO Hil*od Rtv RR. 571, 500 do 7o 400 Harleal RR.. b60 16', 300 C" Jt Tola RR. bOd 38 2<)0 do 16% 730 d) 1)10 5* t>? do l'>S 11)0 d) 37 %' IO) do 1650 do -'?) 37 , 160 H*r .ii R.t pre' 4" * 100 d) 37;j 200 do bbO 43 V, 300 1> *10 37% CO do 160 4!>, 100 CUi & Roc?. Id RR 7o , 20 Second At RR 97 250 d> 76% 200 Real ag RR blO 46% 100 do 76'i 11U0 do 46;,. 150 d j 76 ^ 200 (*o 46% 200 do .. 76 >< 240 d) 49 V 4? do 77 550 do 47 t>50 do )60 77 . am) do bCO 47% 200 do.... !>G0 77 i 50 Micb Ct a I'.:*. CO 360 Chi, Biir .iaK.'. 84 200 do 5# 31 lad Ac Cia RR ... 42 100 <!o 64 69 OS D#l, Li W RK 96 I'M) do 400 68?; 6 L? Cro? & M.I KR. 1 1)0 do 63 V 6') d) 1 ; 60 d) S60 b) 100 Uo .. 1 4 BICOSO BO \P.O. vtooo M saonr'. 6 s . 81s 1)0 sii^ M.cli Coa P.I S) 6000 do 81-, 60 ??.. 90; 1500*) Tean 6 t '00.. ?0-4 50 MS>\N la 1 RK . 18 , 5000 V.rRiait #'?... 91 12 US)A.\Ug'i'd iO 4 6000 M.82dm b?b30 6T 5-) do 40% 6000 L*C\Mi' 1 8 bti % % GOO da j3v 40 ^ 1260 .NY&K RK . 84 20-) do. 41 676 do boo 84 260 (..*1 \ CU RR t>7 73 -,' 100 Er:o RR. 23 -, 50-) do 78% VM H%, iw uj .. yri t j ?t ISO Erie RR ?? <1 st* 20 60 <1 > >30 731, 600 Ruling Kil..... 41 20") Or * TjI Ri! . 31 \ i? do 41'< 200 do '> ) Sl'? 6>? do ??* 600 Cue K ick 1 RK 77 400 do ?X0 4fl 'i 100 do * > 77^ IJ0 do WJO 49'? 13 Chit*. B irarvi y RR 43<* 50 M.c3igan Ccn RR 60 ? 10-) do v; ^ M do b60 W'i 60 do..... A) 60 do *&J 00 1(M Mil A R.< . ?\ Banks of !Mrw lork, Jul) J". 1 *<???. /AH'. fir- fiori American Exch.67.499.64S 1,416,709 ?6 905 Amer:'? 6.974.401 1.491.050 142.'i-JO 4,599,121 Atlantic 6S6.754 104,129 8l.?V) 201,4 JO Artisaae 1441,00 j 44V950 96.17* 1.242.6 5 Broadway 2AM 949 60 .614 876,4 )1 1,911, BjtcbV k Drv'j l,7c3,390 316,127 1 <2 .129 1,310,74-. BjU ? Head.... 611.301 50,704 115.924 4A..MJ Ohomical 1,173.272 6*),277 311 442 1 947.699 117..I44 116,009 12,. .979 5H.7I. i.oaxmerce 13,310.992 2 401,?06 1'.'76 6 73) .9-1 C.ty 2,346,10? 304.436 ? 1.517..:i> ruiaec*'- 467 134 191.619 169,043 73s It.% Corn K*chaa?o.. 1,711,504 195 909 12)440 414.C71 r..alia.'CUl 3 349.466 463.6rt5 Hll.776 1 .N4?),T59 Ccuaiouwwellh.. 1.124 419 2u3 U3 221,470 103 I >0 r-ylV'CW 421.731 6.'.?n 141391 265.274 Fa?l Rtver 801.436 00,411 47,501 274,621 Ku'.toa 1,619.740 379,616 203,019 I 27< 971 QroeuwlCh 732.3*1 73.354 157,644 MS .9*4 C.-t<cers' 565 637 137 100 53 271 440.447 Hkaover 14.<1.<M3 193 275 79,779 720,745 la;>t ATr*Jern. 2 5*-i>;7 290.250 I- < 637 1 59* 64i Irnac *47 046 150 015 121.034 44M57 Leetb.r Mta'fx 1 <40.614 34.< 194 230 614 1 214 2v6 Much* ten 1.094446 H5.419 141 <14 1*: -). J! v.... 2 424.6*7 407 7 7 J MJM 1 ?1* Mirttl 1,70.1649 mi 632 19-122 1 105 741 Marine 941 :<*S 156 934 1*4.731 614.712 Muf AMo'th'e. 101 264 135,374 133.794 4i<.0"3 Manhattan 4 993,477 9*s 214 31*314 3 297 314 M"r.-h%nt? 6,336J6f 1 042 440 lis 411 3,241.019 VI. I baa I' . . 0 -.46 - . ?04 X-) .. 2 13 . : > < MercbttU'Ex 2 314.067 347 340 124'HI 1 41.. 750 M"t.-oj>o xi .. 7.13T 057 932 144 211'*)'< 4 2 <2 < >2 M i lUk t, AM 770 212 53 602 10?341 3*3,136 North R vtr.... 610,763 47,746 74.714 461,949 N. Y. Exchange. 329 924 23 103 97.314 2?: 174 N. V O^jnty .. 407 '. 2 31 731 91 04.' 340,si> N York.... 4 '4- .1 74 > 703 424 641 . <47 . >1 Nat onal 2.9 " 617 1 <34M 139.974 650 Njdlt Aau ?r;uio 1,091,177 297.719 12 472 91)731 N?iwnu 1,963 941 272 9t7 130 .417 1,*3 < 2 >5 OCAU 2 064,596 341,114 11< ul;> 1,454 172 Oriental 427.465 9>.2S2 103,049 4oT 175 faclflc. 1.04S.U' 177.311 125 3 >1 452.14; . 6 819,246 1.320.509 113.177 4 >96 210 IVopiee* 734.142 163.919 112450 54.1^0 l'b >ail 3.091 491 5? >>*0 Kv, t'jl l,741,*.)^' Republic 3.0H1 ,"4.' 114 017 2?'74t 2 74*2.901 9t. NicboU?.... 1321.440 151.442 91 << 14. 4|11 1 teoe k Leather. 2.513,740 . l Seventh Wtri 1..J1 . . 1 ' a> Met #1. 3 404.01 >01417 .?. <<. I iiaea'e.... 1,495,274 177.566 314.601 1)1 *41 taio 2.634.672 291 453 190 ; I T >4 T44 Mi ?i?,0T4JM r-a ? too. :ur.n CtTl COMMERCIAL REPORT. Mosrur, Jut7 3 )?5 P M A-?o * ?The ?ak>? w?re 30 * 40 bbU , i jc: : 1 ng pott at 5 ,c m l pexr.a at 5 He. Kwudt rr* ?Flour?The Joaaial ch -3j < ! tooomtaoa and me ii un br*a is >f sUate ia4 W ?t*rn Pr.c - w.t? w ib >;{ cb.?r.g of motncat wtat.r tb? ? r-nbr-wel about 14 000 bb'.a., clov-.g w.iU;:i tk? r.o<' >' the follow lag price* ? S.peraae ?ate $g ? \ %i I> Ritra "itite ? 1>? (U s'.perflne W??tera F *) a A >6 Cbmuo.i to cholco Wcotera aitra l> i ?M S: Louis extra 5 40 x 9 SO Mix^d to ?ra ght Southern 4 >f a 5 CO S'ra.glit to g *?d extra do. S if i JM Cilice extra ramt'y ani bak bra -1- * f) ? s Fj e Oo ;r 3 TO a 4 1S Cora ? N?w Jcraev and Br in t?w n* . ? 4 i 8 T5 . Qam lia.i flour ?m ii^rr, ?a!es of 8<*) a 400 b ? at M 90 a 94 K Tor siper ae. H 10 a M 25 Tr ipr-;,w >i < ttra and ft 60 for wiutr- dc ?* v tb rn 2' r wu i; at'."id 7 roquoat, liat clucd at rv et rainTU *a>? embrac?d abmt 2, O. bb - ajfi.n th? range of th* above quotation* itrc lour a a* Mtadr at c... Ogares, while u ?i we-? ' m Cor-, mea'. wa? h?"td with f.rmnewi at quotation* \vheat w\? in tght r* .(io*t, wtiile aa'.e* were a?oJ ? at at * nr.1 -a' ?il ?:>o\.t 15 000 bB'hela, including new rej lad laa at #1 34 old wbi'oda 91 3Sa91 o*. w:ta f.000 buttie* rholrt At $1 l>. "Id red Indiana at II 11 rt. Michigan uhlt.- at fl 4.5 a >1 4<4, white Kentockr at p I h' .ty and barIcr a??It were nom/ai I'.. e w>* ju et (>rr va? wli'.jout change of moment. ln'e *ai<-? "Oibrv^il about 70,000 t>?Kh<>to,chl<tlr W.ntern?o_n m xodat 91c a <5^; (Tjilh- at 01 i.e.; fViutbern yello it M ,c., ind 64c a die P round fellow Oat-, we-' iMI;.- at Sat M?r ? while Falea wore lair Corr .t?The market coattaue .IfM wal t..<*wre rntillord t< 40C .'00 l?al<>? In t? ekminf <m thi bMtl o? fvUotlog qaotati w* ? Krw TOR* -r,r*r{i* I'plandt. Ftcrila MnoCf. ?V r> tT-r Cr3 nfi%. 8if 6 , <i\ i Mldd: vjf up'aode.. 1010 , 1)\ to-, Midailiig fair 1S?4 1->. 1.', U Fair 12 X lS-i 1C 14 Fni ?T< ?Rale* w?f firm but enjaj'mev mc.I > ate To i Ire'piwM atwit 30 0f>0 bn?bew wLeat wore fngu?1, 'n balk, at 10d., wtth 1,000 do . ta bag*, at 1044. Pue< ti lonilcc were flitu, while .nmemeuts were aght TV-e wa? nothing n^w repoited fo' Gia^g^w or I'tvre. Ti Hhanp'.ae B00 tmi* tf co< w?re "ngig^l at ?. ar-1 1 ?00 ton* heavy artirle- at II. To R<tter lam lOv ton* rt art weight were engaged iac' aabet, cop|>?r, t> b?< e ' at 351. 1 ?rri' ?Tb<* ma.-aetfor rala n* w* grm. with aaie> at h.gher pe'rt.'a 9al? o( 000 hoi?? laf<"* were mad* at $2 X), aad KO M R I at |i T? Hi; ?Th? raari't *v r ?aJ/ w.U ja'stof 6>J0 t? " a,* 1 ?. tor shipment, at Me. a 96- F?-e*r u? .*. wis ?e i nj at 911 $1 10, the utter lor pr a?? old. i MoLAdssa^-The maruet wv and i >:at 'ui c>? iu. Natal Storks ?8pir;ts turpentine w?r ? ; . ' *ad minsi at 39c a3Sc A sale of COO bb-- y.vr.- \ >"' I was made at #1 43 per 210 lbs., deliver-d. OiLi*--.< u were quiet and nominal. Provhiosts.?Pork?TUe market w?j w thort rh.ia,; \r moment iu prices The sale* enibrar-'i a*>> t 1 _ )<) < . 1,100 bbi?., including new m?.? at *11 W a ?l > o J m ! at $13 25, aud new pr;me at $11. Beefwaa iu u.oderate request, with sales of about 260 bbU , inciting a'.r. meos at $4 8'i>* * **> repacked mem, M 60 < 610 60 aa-t extra at til a 912 60. Beef baas were selling in soil j lots ut <10 a >12 60 tor State, and at 611 a 61, 60 U. Western. Cat meats were scarce, anl so'.d at 9 . f*r i shoulders, and at ll.'?c. for liama. lard wm st-ady, witli sales ot about 200 bb'.s. anl tierces it 11 ,c. Batter was in steady request, with sa>s of Ohij at 12c. a lflc.. ! and Mate at 13c. a 18c. Cheese was Steady, Willi l.ile? o. State at 7c. a 9c. for Ohio, and 9c. a 10',V, for State. Blot was quiet and sale; limited, ai 4X1 11 5c. si oars were quiet today At Saturday's jt.c?s. tha 1 transaction- were confined to between 100 and COO hlids. | in lots, chiefly at 6^c. a 67jc. for rctia.a^ gooli. aad 1 | at 7c a 7\c. for grocery go,?l3. Wa:.<<ttT was quiet, aai sties limited to sauil loU at I 20KC. a?>4c Weekly Htpuri of Drathi, In the City aad County of New York, from tb* 21st day of July to Ui" 2m n day of July, 1*60. Men, 7D. women, SO. boys, 170. girls. 141?Total, 6*>A. AJl'.u, Ho. youths. 16, cii.idreu, 336. males, Mo, females, 2ol; colored persjui, 2t>i ins r?o* apt* An?ia? 1 Kjver, nervou3 1 apupii-xy 5 Fever, perpera! 1 1 I Apoplexy, serous. 1 Fever, remittent 1 ! Bleating from ita/s 1 Fover, scarlet 23 j Brand.,tj 4 Fever,typhoid 5 ; W.vrb 1 revw, lyptius . CboWa 1 Hoonfng cough 2 Oholera Infantum 120 latfruiaiatfoa of Dowels . 5 Oh>l?ra morbus 3 larUmmat'.an of brila... 3 0o!:C I Inaimmation of l:rer... 1 Ovigfitioa of t!.e bowels 1 Inl^iuuation of luajs.. 9 j Oongi-st oa of the brain. 8 IaflaTnuation of stomach 5 Qoagest Ja of the lungs. 1; lu'l uumation of throat. 2 Oonrviioloaj, Infantile .. 58 Inflammation of veins .. 2 Croup ... 3 M-nv j 1 Dtarrban 1" Retention of Ur 1 Dtphtherite ? SmaI!:ox 8 ! Dysentery 9 Sua ctro'i' 1 EryaipeAS I TeetUiaj 6 Fever. hiV.iot'S I ? Fever, intermittent .. 1 Total 304 j Dtirw r:o? sjui AlV-iai aaria \.i 1 bright s r.j.a.g. meat of tie heart I ills \u?e o! the kidneys.. 2 Fatty b -nri 1 Anemia I fatt'. Lver X Ca 2 Heart, disease of. 6 i Cmcer of the ato-i ach... 1 -Maratmui. air t 1 Cuccr of the woir.'o 1 Marasar-a, infantile 47 C 67 Palsy 3 Debility. aJult .4 Scrofula 3 Dob- ty, iafiantile 9 softening of thi> !>rna.... ? Dr>j>sy* 8 llowatioa of Uw bo.reij.. ? Drop-;' in the h .-a a lo I'akuowt 2 !> sjnAma I ? j To'.*. ?l?l NAT9 mo* IXTfP-V.M AM) OMTI t CA-ti- !?>l r veon CUMATI 1* iWASOW Burue<l or scai le i t Lvi rr*- ? .. 1 iferaalti-* " Oil age ' By o*|?Io? on 1 Pr<;ri b'-th Z By a fall 1 ' .I at o\ acc'i-nital.. . ? 1 Bytbvmp rva over .... 2 Si t 1' 1 j lauiv: a:.... 1 Delirium tremens 4 ? Di\>vr.W 1 Tola. -1 RSAKTC'-ATOX?->;-?*.>*? C 4MID Bralu aad aetves So mica. boweU aai oi jtaaj 1 othjp J..4V.-7.' orsaag._27 Hear: aul blood veviel?. 1) Uuc^-u.u i>o?'. aad gjjj Luags, throat, it 87 ra. f ?ve-? 45 011 a^ i I'-ituown ? sic a. A: . aal erupt, ve I'ruary o-gaai 2 fev?rs Zi ? P- n.a'. <? b 'Ui I. Tota. W4 t ?O' were from v.<k &a ->ja ACM Cn 1" 3 y?ar 2>V) t6 to 3) /.??-?. Si I to iy ?a.-i ? Hi 80 11 4-1 ypa-^ 88 t to 6 yeorc C? W ; 5-J -S ( t j 10 yi-ara 10 60 to 60 year* 18 10 to 12 years 9.) to 70 v .-xt, 13 12 to If year- 2 TO to W yeara....; 1) 14 to 17 years 2 90 W yearj 4 IT to 30 years :? 00 to 100 v?im 8 SO tn 85 yiira 18 ? Toll. C.01 OH3"-?Rl 5 :? ov nap L'aJ^r 1 m i ith 44 ! o u 4 to S oatlia .... SO From 1 to 2 moat be .... il Fraw 0 to 1? ai)u'.?? ... 51 Fr^m ? to 4 hiod'.U* G4 ?- I Totai 8C0 ?irT.T3>. FWjr.m..., 1 I'olaoJ 8 k|l?u'i 9 SootUnl T ! traui? 2 Uo'tedStabM 874 PmHMjr 31 (Mown 2 . IrciAiii TT ? , ToU. 604 I PCKJO UHT-rrT-JTI ijaabouac, BUl'a bUo'l 14 Sw? aaJ Ca .i's Btlltvue Hoip u. y) P'tal 5 i Cltj HiMjiiu: T S: Yinc<at'? Hosp.ta!.... ? i City prions 1 Sai*:; pox II >sp!lac?Co!?rivl Home Hiij U,... 8 ar#ll'a L-Uml 2 I Wad HaipiUi. . C Wmi'i IbImuI t.ona: A.-, , n. iJi < Jh;i .i 7 we!.'* U'.\a ! 2 ? Tou; 65 ' *|VN 1 u 13 20 I t 8 14 12 i S I 1ft 4 i 14 14 IT 1? IT 4T SO IS 81 | T 24 1? ft) 1 V- SO ST ? 0 15 81 I 1 0 20 88 30 1 1 1 80 ? ( U 1? M M4 | The n !>?r r>f l<mUu comyarol with the co.~r.<?poal- 1 in* wecta o: IMi aal aaJ o: U?t w?-i w*a aa } follow* ? 1 Waek l .14 .! :.y 8>4?Dfor*Me 1 * < ' J'-ly 81 1S6J <J1??TVvn-UL- 118 < fTvalba .'rjin arute liUM 2H) la y 21.1J*) * " chr>m 1SJV4>? 1 ^ 41 eiV-'-oV 46 j 1 1 " ac .:<? diaeaae '04} , lelyH lMO-i ' chrani-dis-we ...n v 5)4 ! M etwrcv CAiiae*. *c 29) Incr?*je til l w<v?* S t To'*, id; ai Lt? ia Pu'.u.-'a > .eiJ? 49 Coroner* CMTI 10 DANuu. E. DSI.AVa.V.Cij- las ;*?<nor Crrr Ijuwroa'a Ihta5t?ii>i t Saw You.'Juiy 8s, 1M) f MILUWKRY. ' ' DitK-i'MAKIiM FAflHIOWABLT 30? : ANT \TT' N 1 p* : to M. +* .inwt I aJ.-m Mop <?? >< . 1 W.a cm a * * their work done wt'.h a -iu . -m an! d ?; ? . I Mr* A CJCK-T l( ikad *rt* near ii;ci I*?7 m?-lj i 417 Br >?J*ay 1 ' S\:kt? skirt* smrts ?r stkp::, roo? ."air la New Tort. Cheaper e?e'. retail*] at lew tv? wfcoleaa e prcn. Hn.o, PEMOrtKsT i* If .re MeJ\ >t.tit hit- .JrnL.Uy the ' ?it 1:1 e err pa ? } m rum.'' '.?!> on the iipr. i1* or ft au' at order riot, '.be prioa, 12 ?tnn? jj ceuu 1" ?p.-^n?- 7: ! cen'? W npilage, >1 SOnprinm, 1130 4Ti Brov"-?"?y. ;>'ani ml l<$. < %3*i J" It 4bUi ?vw'uf t*i ?raad ret lit 1 r.ei repon'. rtreet Itroo*l?a. *up?l<ed ,a rtr J be- J rat t? na at 47S II mlm Call *nl ***ajiin?* j 1 HOT1LI. , * :.?:on 9'jtki.?Bss Hri'soN vtrut. corjck* or I A. (Vi." **. two block* from lh- *>e-tb ,<f uie iJrea' fCarerx 7 Oood er nsimuti'ma for u-aaaei'. ir permaaeu: bo*rde-?; . flaaaan: an l we'.'. fa<-niiiUed ruowa In r :a n- ? a*'? rV.U'ile t :ia?' l?" '"?'n ? ' W.u |t< ;> tn 1 . MIM aai :?.i p?M the &*>r. l'b?:? '* i-? Hrindie* ail I rim I UAV3KRT. Prjpre?r. ??????? BAFIBOFT HOUFF f"llN7t iT3?HDHIAN3 ? i weotietk r.-ee' ?Th? un l"t?v.e w'.ih to eiiree* th*.r ' taanloi f< * 'be farur when baa ! pen ?h..w_ t;ie..- lio'.te :w the * ? ?' 2 '|?a'i II*- inu eeriueJ i reo?wa: f '.be '.e*a<>. ml > !nt !* : refurnished the he ** tbef ??.i at- i * ire v. i?irw favoring !)<em, Ow m fai utir?tu,i4. MI'3tl ? k - in'jfiKl i '?v?n!* ran p?nd :<*e to the c m : f i-; of t ? * Uej will fad n< U> ?c nl.*~ U?e auparrM >n to f."> 6f future. Nr hov?e .a '. <e t ijr pr>??ea.? ?u., '.. : -.4 re* location oLli la prt*e anj *- tawwlt u iU eq al u. an/ ,1 It" A A W P ROmRLT., F-orrteto-*. t V, a Hopeetalarxlea'. [ tr?urnTH Avsntni m>m<?sr A?rr? \? fomrn J X arenve. between Tweeli^iiirrl a?l iwintT fo irta et-ee??. t ram'.:e< or (euliemen anroiio.ia'.e1 ?'Jj b w a or w J?>ol Board. Araacera ra-. ij ti? r ?' i . H ? * v>*et au.t deaL-atla Moypui hax. T*.-au rerj a> Oerata. j! Hoti:. IT. 'ikbiiaik, * ' WnrtTKK 0!? TKK *W>. '(UN PI.A* lb* 'to*, of th? Hotel, ft db atp-iue .v< w a.11 r>m!) a?c. ad etreet, la one j: ib? rool??l and moa' , ? n ' 1 Tb? ? P< n ? ; " ? ?' * . , in a:a a-e r ppbfd atth all the moda. a eo?*??nte DiniiTRY. ? i Aarrr. tai. tkf h-bkautiful srrs ok f7f.k M. on flue fokl and olaALna WA r | be . $lf> ait.?l? teeth >; TeeU (11 fed and ?"v'ed wtlnou: the Mat iiaia A rUfi?l*J boae fllLna a' Tlr at Ltfl Ai'fa ?ran i mw*?r traji umi eau atxmu. p-. i rrrim ivitm j; Art-rrrtai. bonk nu.ixa for pkcatud tfktti n wmik nfv nr pr??? ?i * g rin* oo | p? n *h'n* (f ih or m?r? h'1* ru b? : ll?j wtui u h ; ; i 4U (if? n inibrr i j? hrr?dw?j, tv< ti?r Of tilrty flr? ; ?--m. jamkh i'k^rhi'y m D duogrg-'r * i a *rmcut ram dm pvmrm ooerwrei to j\ mmcl twtli in urn m-ond*. wl:tvmt !'i? ?" f pvo. i twt towtm m? miinpi Ho fitr% ehv-ff for ? 01 eunrunc wb?** urtlftrui let "i !n*ertm dr. r u. dl kkkin. mf c*av . i oa? <Xjot ftca 1a ;--ea* , nkntihtrt. \ pr i j o'rkixx'fl h??> r?'-',\l* ji -jjj o~'f r? vb> ii t > r1 mm im~1 for lh? re?' - ?-? ! , m?i w.mi rf t.<>ih i>r (? hnnn l.^ t nn?l bm ?r i tor (w n*-tnr w"wo4j|r>n|or ta ? pa' ?<u? | bclru; s-de.' h* *rry i?;nuuil? i* now prr?* *4 to ftttmvl ' i u iu. u tcimutii" tiae wbo b?> im. (laujmd <t c?- upj? him mtehuahr-.rot, thirtieth b?'.n wu >wni ul t. i'm*. ______ ________________ < t |r t'ott, y<2 rowkrt, orrosu* mxth ir 1 ' i newts 'n.l of teeth on p'tr* ? \ i t c 1. ! 1 pmi mm,?- miirfeiiiwiikw ??? ? ? .< ? 1 ?r r..? *< ?!. w r>nu to ii, VBlXtf ,u fct c<3i*. al. i ' f attln br j*'* pt.vt'at i 1j. ha* remcn* to nucitk w.??j tv mt t\p* (trim, V PET OOl>P<, SfC. L| W0*1 EL?BA*D.A*'8 woaVa S Of rloarilk aad lace MauuLa* to ba told duriuz Ji_j an* AagiM L.W ' Uet (? Polnfc fr?? * ^ ^ ^ ^ Uw3rt<h'-m LkWFrmtrh Uoe Mantilla* from B U*W *** lUfcUUaa. trom M M? bye?? Anting fivMin, from ft l.Ml Mummer c.olh Tr?ve;.,.i? i" >.?. frjra M SUO complete Travail ji* irnu. ft-ja 1*. Alao T#-* rtfb ai'.k ani f-Upure tve; New autumnal ?laok ill* ManCllaa ?.nd RbtvMui and uoreltlei In clo?h an1 vrtWt Ctjaka. fie laaat gnodt tn the, aud all at popular price* W. D RliJ< >Tt k CO.. CM and kt Q*iui atr^aL BranlreiheuTdiaga. * '?* doorafrotu 3rWw?r TO COUNTRY MKK0HART4 AHI> WHOI.MAUt BUTera of job lota of Dry Good* Dreaa m'Jib Bonnet ;uuaa auU e^erj at) la o: Bonnet Ribbooa: tn lota to autf buy?ra, at II uf. ?<*ulIsm thau regular prices, ui J K. 1-AAClC'S, Agaot, lot Ku iut f.rret, aevea door* ?ei. o: Bt oadway. WORSTED RKOUCKD 10 12, CK-VT8.-2,000 LB*, rece i cd f om Merlin: Shetland \Vnrl 10 <?nt* all ooior* 475 pal- uice titling Cor?ets a'. >1 N H?^ to r<nMtain turn. days at kLOKR'S, i/G Broadway, avtu Mla'teeath atieet, n?'? ni-it to the jewelry ?u>. L' POLITICAL. Monday kvknin<; jvi.T v. km -at * M?.rrrNi? of the deleiatei of t-ie S?c< 11 At- -tub'.y -ct. U'Ul m acordnaee *!thtne c?L' of the Br kturijiie .ad Ijtne <leueral Commute convened at the K?tl WVrt Ho I.c riau' e liocuiLi* waa liiiaii^mou*.^ t1 'et ? o: ?a.J >?< >n v ,* -.uljlf u?ti Lit nu n.cDsi J i". .**' WIIUAM OANTWKU* rr*. im Tho* Fit/i.t ?lo, SecrMa.? wabi>.-at a ridt irv rlectio.v of mm J.D aattoa.1 Jen- < a\ of '.lie fc-it?eutb ward Iie.l pu;?. ?t ' j ilie fa'.'. o: the B.-er^jnrMge ? Ueur. ?1 ( uiu.t ee. V. la M*1lj?. No. 7-N10U1 wea r. I'tar'.-if iob.-tMn Kj i . * >? elected <u>i P. n. v io \ aiktaburi, altera*:*? to th? flvrac ?f (Jon -?ntJr?Tl tr> be h*l 1 A ti .- 7. DAMKi, oeary, i lus^e-tat* J v UKI) OII.SO.N of J. r. riF.tCK, ) Elettiaooai i war;>, and jobk.->on club.-a ?-"/ meet of the ,?U! b? Ii-i.l at H int ry Hal n 16) Eighth avenue, ou T:e*1ay evemas, July SI, at 7l, o'clock od wliicb occiiioa a Uouglaa and Juonaoa saa op; wi:i be raised. All fri.n-l* of Dotijriat and Jo^aaoa ?r? invited to be prc* 1 tie folio*"1 i? qenttinea vr'U adlre*i the meeting ?Ilun. K. C. Marahal'. Ilii Vr-iecli B SoiaiU Hon. ( H. Bradford, John E. Biiaga, Kaj. Win. H. ttoo^o?. Ks-i and A. U Mc>.'?rt? ia, I'aq. WILLIAM WILSON, President JjlHi:- Se^Plu) OATH W.vbd ON deck-* 5IKKTING of THE rweatxb ward iv>hata* and J 1310a Oeinvra'ir Unw* Olub will be held at 446 Kl^hta *vr . . on Tuesday evening, July i: on \?t. Uoooasiua ibt' follnwiDK ?o*iikers will bo pre aeut ?Hon K. H Spij< U. of Brooklyn, H;a. W. Peck and ae era. otbeiv By order of Kit IIARI' M iOUF.. Pie.ideu. PaNTK: MO?.an Vice Preaidiat Or0R6* Mdrbav. Treaaurer. J.n iiai.l shanmrsr SecreUr, OATH WaRD-RLKVEMH AMKVBLV DlatBIOt -at &\) a prbrary elect.on be. J at J. i j 33? Niatii avenue, at the call of the Hre? kinr.itge aod I.Atio Uene-al I'o'nsi'Me, for fie'' g*te sol a.iei nite to the Oou etUioo to be oeLl at hin?Ar.g 7 Kays-en Perkla* was f'ectel !elc<*:e, aad m J AS. J- VAHKN " flaapecMi*. ANDREW CORSLET, S <1 QX> WARD?AT A LARtiK AND F.VTHDSIAHTr * j? meeting of the ! 'moentcy lae i *vatj secpul wart, he! 1 at Rnpsrt 1 Hall oa tup ! ?y e -n * '?>? the (d:oi?i:.g j*med nent>ui?ti wcro i aaai-nooiy se>' ted to draft Rii.i' :.d.' a -iutu e?" eru neut <?1 as c u?. *nil to ptefn'the ??:ne :it iceaer*'. tn-eu:,. 31, for adoption at v.bicfc genera; tue-ui/ peirnaiea oB er will m elected Committee?Ale ...m,'er Wa.-d. Joau O Liue. Wm. Andrews, JchaCorpyn an 1 Thorn aa F ;aa JOHN MAKhiVKV, i j* \aaa >?o .am thiwas eg a.v, Secretary pre vm lost a!tb fouvd, A (.OLD HRlASTPIN WAi F USD IN A iJR'?AD aai Maiden Uar omuinui. Call a*. Ifci Wai?r sr??*. up a^iri, prove cwa . kh.p and /i? iipe-isos Lo.^r^e reward-on 8atc::d.vt 2vknini? dnuag up Fourteenth street tc ea- .? tii?u:eU Taeat; third rreet, thenr? Second area < - Fr-;y atre?" a driver's Aocouat Boo* Klvmr. named T-.rt.e Baw Hrew ery. I' ma ' lea.e a', tseeond A eai-e Etii_'.x?d d. v ot Keity second street. Lcvt-a cheox drawn it: t ?.k to th3 or der of Joaapk Lewis on the New York *.nty Hank .qr fcSOO, and endora'"! by .'i>aepl I.e?i*. Chr*. not ia'ed AS persom are e.iiUuned M(t?Ui?t aetcft at'-.j ? . .t i'V"vt, is p\j meu? O! the same has be*u stouoei An' . >ie reward wll l?e vxld to ?n.> person ret .rnln^ U?* t,.io *<j '.js; a Le.vt* ItS1., KlffMh STen e, or at the bant Lost?b?ok no. 15 910, i?an? k k ;?-tuh 1o?er will p>M Ua-^e t at till' kai (T Bi?>. cHer sr.eet, or a: U J Water ?treet. Lo-T?IN NORFOLK, vtrowia jniy;. iv) two Tpaaeuisee State Botje?, f( - % M ear . .i-k coupons, N<< S ill an ! No S 1*65 The p o'.te we ra i me<! agaiost ae the s.iok'. as payme-.- has ?*n ?'opp 1 citars hamilton * rip:,"? 77 Ciiab' i itfet. N. T IOST.?IN nOfTON, MAMAPIU' ?TTei JJLT ti 1*0, J a Cheek dra?-n ly ?obl'(7>'..a, R '.a?rs4 f^c , dafej Nnw iioiK July K lUM. N 000 oa the Am*r:ran K4chaase Uaus. >f tiilt ei'y, lu faror rf Mr E-wa-dS up!' f Th-ei T ndre.1 Md FITy two dollars and Wrty one reuts 1b? p--li" arw a UoneJ a^a nat utgL.^i:. ig Ui' a >o a-< >\j_uec. 'he -<it lias ''V.i r.out?1 LO^T-A 8VALL BM^K AND TAN .-.HAN:*!, V1CR7 jl'j o' itrinirers; answers to the a tme ci Linda V?'h.? will return her tc S? Jane ?'r -et wet. c; K jh'ti xrtta *, a1U recel-.e s s:ltsbte reward aal th? tb ai.. thec -uer Tnr public ARK cautionkp not TO NROOTIat? on ao*e >o 1 ZA1 Jie 17th Jul;, tour numtlu, mvt> gaysble to the ordei of O'-irse'.Tes at the 'Vi* n cal ltaus Dm ajae !ii i? beeu luat. i. X. SlS\ti3. a CO tx^atch lokt -:,krr wrrn a pfi'b v for s.vrt ?f keepl.ix, s double cu > gold l un't' p V i !i No ; < 7KI, a-.'.b no;d ch?.j an! se*: n' ?c^ J Tlie per-ci bsv it the ine will be I hi rally rewarded by * tdre??>a* a ao. to V U lerald o-lioe rewards. JMJ REWARD -LKPT ON A ST OP BaTWKRN FTRVT 3>0 aa 1 Third aeenue*. a brova Re! rule rontaiaiox k buneli of keys, $1* auil odd oh/?..*e in * 11 rheab ws ewa.-J will tx? pal J on re'.rulc^ tl?e aun* ti IK T*j> Four eentli v reet, top tloor. front room ?r (IKOT Ann?(II BA I *. MU1 r.B A f>Zi't }cmag luuan greyhound. buU color lirvl parjy wfeite uid ll;> o! tail The loJei wiii re.i?s??e tlie a-/j. e rewvu by rv ami-11 bin or *Mn|t any informal n be'w??n t and It 4 If J Ub) tr. ho. i Court aUMt. aea. U>? I J/ 1UL. Brooklyn. ten HEWARP.-LOSf gt'HOAY BVFVNO NRA3 ft'" MronJway aud Caual >!ik'.. patent lirw fc'atet whne face; "C. C Co'Bia, Bik' w,>rc< ?let, Baa* ." lagrawd on ibr worka The at* * wIL be pal fir a re'.'Jtn to OU* II 440 Weal 1?euty au'.h ai.-eat liinn JUCWARn-i()ST. A I.AR >F ?PKf FAOBI? vlvfv" (ioiJW'.uh N- aj 1 a Diamond Fin fo-uml e,.i a tttcg $'#) wl'l he pa'i, %oJ ar as aaki-d, far ,bei/ ,rt-4 o li. II. L'a> 4 > Bit'km?n rti ett RAILRUAD*. N KW TIiRK to THF WHITh mountains anp l?u ?'ernphr*ma* >k diree'. rla Oontieet . rive y, l ev, 1 lea-i:re route tn (>|fdenabrrg UTitre*' and yueb<\ Affl; tt 'be Mew York ai d New fia en hai. o.L.t Tveatr?* i*n'-> alraet N Y. N'T* T9RK AM) HARI.XB RAI'.ROAP -at'MMMB f<.r p!e?kaor* tra??l ? "Valna Ware Twaatfkilh atrei-' aUU'n aa fnUnwa:?H 14 A. *.?Rrt-?a? for Al>an , Trjy, bar*!,.** HUtron Kprtuipi, NUwrarm Pal a. I oka Jr-fr I/Pbaoon Rprian and 1-ake Babopae. ronrnviia* aa kl^any wUi New York f'eutral Railroad for i-trn. 'la**-* Fall* ar.d a" r-aee* Waat. alau with train* for tiaraoga and all po'nta North 8 li A. M.?For Orotoa F*U*,**a lectlii* a: (inldan'a Hrtd*e with *mge? tnr l*k? Waeeahaa. nil at Crotnn Falla with a'Nf" for I.ake Bakopar. I JH P M.? '%*- Purer I'laloa. ancnerUn* at (Mdaoa Brtdf* with i?g*a or Lake Waaoahnc aad at (\-n4oa Falla wlui alage* for Lata lalopaa. JullN Bl'Rt'UIXJU Aariataot Suparta^BAaiik. |hTXW YOIK AHP* KAK R >AP COX A*T. Ll PARI TV ALBANY. H. On and a/tor Monday. June IS, UNO. tniioa ?C leara !*? y atrtn r-vet atM '?. New Tort aa f<illowa:? For WUUamahnd?e and all war atatlou J Hi, 11 aod 9JC P, (. For White Platiia aad all army amuonn. 1 *), 4 and If. E 'or White Plalna and a'! war ataUona < 15 P. M . fr??m Wh4M traet d?v?C For (Yotoo KaLta 6 IS K. M . atinpi* at W! .anu'Tlr*" hod auUlona alTra For Dover Plain*, fjt F. Kntplnx a*. White Plain* aad rtalum* abor*. Thi* trata run* ii MILarUm Haturda? eTen.u* For Albanr. 10 16 A *cireaamall train, atop nine at White Plain*. Bedf^ni, UrMoa ^ilia aorf lUtluoi aortk. Re- Tiinjr?WlU laawaWW.taabri'tp aloprln* at all lb* war ea'imi S W. I A M, art I P M. whl> Plalra. ato; n'nj an I 7 A. M. and 4 15 and T F. M at all way atalloaa. I)o*?r 'lain* I A. M., *u>pplD( at all ataOona aortb of Fordham. Thia ram leari^a Mlllerton every Monday moruln*. B 21 A. M. Or*in Fa'l* t P. M . atopi In* at all alaUona aoitfe of Forxtliaau CbMy, I A M , (.pula* at al! atatlnn* oo<dh nf Whit* Plata*. JOHN fcl ft'-HIU.. A?l*uat DapaadnMndaaA _________ ^ ' A URV AT DRMAND FOR OLOTHIN-. -LADTM ABO O. ?-n'.Vn?e- havja* any eaa' ofl or aeeond band (Haihlac. ; rnlt tre. Carpeu or Jewelrj to diapaaa of, 1 wtli tuaraataa . If ralrea". price In the oily, b) oalRnf al or addreartn* IS Herat!:b arenne between Twenty ffth and Twenty rtalfe reeta, wHleb will piuirt- al> attende>* to, hy M 'RRD I " ' '\y Ukllee attended bj Bra Abnihaia ATT"? n H T:iK fll'RKHT WAY FOR LADf** ABT? ?en'a V Ret a fair r*>h prmr for caat ofl iMrahmc and ana e hnralraitaejby great pulTa, la tl rail on or add-eaa B. BinU. :C >e-'u-a avenue, nea.- 1 waa'.t ?l?h'A aliaac Ladlea at i led b; Mr* Mlalr. AORFAt ORWANP FOR CliOTliTNH -LAD1IW AB? "men baviaa any eaat ofl Clothinn. FurnR<ira ar _pet?. are a wrau'eed lo rereir* aa ff llnwa ?Pant* front fl| P I v a'n, rr> m >1 to f 10. at k l?re?*e*. from IB to IN Far ar??a and w<x lien Dreaap* the hlfb'-at pile* aril' be paid, bf at' it on rr *'Mre?oln* A II ARBIR (m Third aren.,e. Laif *Tt? tiled lo by Bra. llarrl* A nrrTUR CH ABOK FOB LADTFP ABO OBWTI.FWKB i < -hi rt .hrir ca<* ofl elnUInt In: -> raaU ml no kui i Thr ht*b**t print-* mid for Oarv**" Fimltnra aa<1 Jaw try I'aU * n;- Mllrr* 114 ftxrtnh arvnt:#. Itatirwa NbM ?nth ?n 1 TwMrtlrlh iitiwta. lAriwa auavM fcy Bra R? ?I3?m on Halnidaja. A CAHD?OBBTl.BMBB'H NFW ANI> I.KFT OFF tV I'IoUdc* pniotMar i fnr ?ka Wrafrn ?artrt lolargrrv ain'? Iota Call at tb? Mnra. or addraa* Tfc m*j p Coaray, 44 anlr* atrMt. B B ?Moral)anl USora UwUm an/on kaai r!!' plaaae aiMraaa aa abnra r Aor*f? abh obbti.bwbb-.wk hatk a obrat im IJ ?a?c1 lor sail at riolhlna far Ik* W>-t?-<a marKM; aia? 'rrvlt'i'P, t*r p?-u, Jm'lrj . a I gnarant** in ih* fal <<h pi** for llw aWr n*m?v artiel** and d>a iob>.mh<u| M lon? t>y olbar *raat lioaatrr* and falaa \ r?t?ii lor?. Painmi >r foavlorol tc four a*ti?fa ittor o. plr w *,tlr<-a? a nflAa fcf KMlt H* r*, Bo IM flaran'A a??ri* hi* ?a?:j T wrnliolh aM fwHttjCra! air??ta. lA-twca-voIM by Bra. I!?rr?. r*fK STRKST WAT F?jB LA PIKJ AKP OKBTtBWB* I v> jjM ? r?ir | Tnr cut off ?" lUIr*. ruml?nr?, lWpl>, uH motto b? btJir.l .(rS'tt ?<T cr*"'t , <!?. m to aral <W ?OiC O tl J ?v-a ,r v.'oi, v.lib# ruc.'ttl*Tty alMM** "V J. AHH ALT Ia.'m In bj ?m iOfl *' A c -v rri si'vENrt rim?t * ?rti?..-0L ?- I., t,w t MO. (X-ntl*ln< at ?* r. ro?:.ttTMTw4 '.ckrt r?nu ijilfrrm ?H>. ??u*u( ? ?? inMfe ..Kill. ,'vm At ?*? M A (Vi, i'.> rm' O-'-' S V 68.000 " .'^V"K^53fir?3 ? rub prleo #vor p*ld Mn tw ebtam*t to bonbAktj f r lyj- < r mal. taU. by ?' 1 at U? (Mr*, ?r addraeJee W-a Wuk, li C?b^? ?i?(

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