Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1860 Page 5
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arrested upoa the clurp ot Bo^1 " W?i* Tory uiU'mper*lo in their titbits. , ' Two Abolitionist* Hug in Texas. Haw Ohluamb, July 30,1M0. UlrtMS fr?a Texas nUw that tiro abolitionists have 4>een bung there tor distributing arms to slaw tad in<Miag thorn (o Insurrection. Water Oai. I'ttii.Aumj'uu, July 30,1860There was a brilliant exhibition of water gx.- at the Gtrard House this eveaing, under tbe auspices of the Keybtooe Gas Company, to the members of the press sod rther citizen i. Tbree-rou/tba of the hotel is now lighted -by this gas, at an expense not exceeding fifty cents a thousand feet. Weather Report. S?t. Joilns, N. ?., July 90. 1800 Wind east?clear; thermometer 80. No signs ot the frtaoe Albert, now due, from Gal way 21st. At Cape lace weather clear; can see twonty fire milus ofl shore. Death of Jonathan Phillips. Bonos, July 30,1840. Hon Jsosthsn Phillips died yesterday, aged 83. Us mi among our moat worthy and benevolent citizens. Awignmrnt In Cincinnati. Ci-vtufsan, July 30,1840F. K. Wiedomer k Co. made an assignment to day. Vbeir liabilities are >110,000, and their assets arc small. Ocean Steamer Movements. Savannah, July 20,1860 The steamship R. R. Cuylor arrived at six P. M ?all welt. The Florida arrived at Tybee at nine on Satui if i. ght, ?ad at her wbarf at four ou Sunday morning. Markets. Nkw Orleans, July 20,I860. Ootkra unchanged: RAles yesterday, 300 bales at 10c. ' for middling. Flour active at 95 50 a $5 55. Corn dull at 61c. a 70c. Provisions quiet. Sugar llrm. Tobacco lira; plugs, 2 >ic. a 2}<c.; leaf, 7c. a T^c. Rates of freight and exchange unaltered. Ntw Oklk.i.xs. July 30, 1860. Cotton?Sales to-day 1,200 bales. Tlie rocoipt of the Bohemia*'* advices caused greater firmness in the market. We quote middling at 10c. Flour very dull, at 96 M for superflue. Corn?A declining tendency sal** it 57c. a 60c I^rd steady: sale* lu kegs ut llo. Other articles unchanged. Dai.tixork. July 30,1*60. Flour stead?; Q >?ard street, %i> 25. Wheal active aud buoyant at $1 20 a >1 -8 (or rel, and $1 35 a $1 60 for while. Corn firm at 62c. for mixed, 64c a ttt>- for yellow, and 72c. a 75:. for white. Provisions active and'unchanged. Whiskey dull at 20)tC. a 20>?c. Philadelphia, July 30,1860. Flour active. Wh?at advancing; white, $1 25 a el 36; | red.M 08 a >1 20 Corn Arm; yellow, 97c. Provisions unchanged. Whiskey, 21 *46- a 22c. Albany, July 30, i860. Flour dull, prices tendirg downward. Holders show greater disposition to dispose of stock of old ou hand. There Is a decline of 10c. a 15c. per bbl. on mtddltng and lower grades. Wheat quite dull: sales o' 2.800 bushnls of handsome new white Michigan at $1 4ft This is a fancy price?6c. a 8c. above the views of buyers. Corn tlull at 60c for car lots; a great quantity going into store: sales 4,000 bushels. Oat ?38>?c. for Cauada West. Whibkey, 20V?c.: sales 25 bbla. Chicaoo, July 30?6 P. M. Flour quiet. Wheat steady at !>0c. a OO.^'c. for So. 2 sprung, $1 for red iu store. Corn active and ,??c. lower; sale* of 28 000 bushel* at 42^?c a 42\c. In store. Oats firm. Receipts to-day?420 bbls. Hour, 34,000 buhels wheat, 60,000 bushels corn, 7,500 bushels oats. Ship, -ments?600 bbls. Hour, 13,(00 bushels wheat, 130,000 -bushels corn. Freights dull?6c. on corn to Buffalo. Sight exchange on New York, 1'? per cent premium. Ci.vci.v.vati , July 80,1860. Flour unchanged Whiskey dull nt 16 V- Provisions quiet. Money market steady and unchanged. Sight ex'Change on New York one-half per cent premium. Bvktalo, July 30?1 P. M. Floor unchanged; demand moderate Wheat lower; demand moderate sales 11,000 bushels red winter Western at $108, and 6,0(0 bushels to arrive at SI 06^. Corn steady: sales 27,000 busnais, at ooc. w uiaicey nominally i l#c. Freights?40c. on flour, lie. on whoat ami Ho. ? corn to New York. Lake imports to day?5.400 bbls. 1 Slour, 61,000 buehels wheat, 118 MX) busbela coru. Canal exports?1,400 bbls. flour, 2? 000 bnabcIs wheal, 123 000 bushels corn,9.000 do. oala. Btftalo, July 80?6 P. VI. "Flour quiet and st?ady; sales H0 bbis at 94 76 a $5 for extra Iilinois, Wisconsin atd Iowa: >6 a $5 26 fur extra Indiana and Ohio, and 95 50 a $4 for double extra. Wheat lower, demand fair, sale* 32 000 bushels new red Ohio and Indiana at $1 06 a 91 08. Corn, steady; galea 40,000 bu&bsla at 48c. for heated and 60c. for wind. Oats lc s 2c. I user. tales 3,0(0 bushels at 33c. Whiskey nominal at 19c. Canal freights?40<- on flour, 12c. on 'wheal, and lie. on corn to New York. I.*ke Imports today?1,000 blitr, floar, 88,000 b'isbeis wh'wt, 244,000 iwsbeU corn. Canal exports?1.400 bb'a. flour; 11,000 bushel* wheat 117 COO bushel* corn; 9,000 bushels of oat*. Grain to store this morning?10,664 bushels wboat. 931,7*5 bushels corn, 3,118 bushels rye. The amount of wheat is the imalleat ever known before; all of It la old; there is considerable of new crop afloat In its creek. Oswaoo, July 80-6 P. M. Floar unchanged. Whoat quiet: sales 6,000 bushels -white Ohio at 91 19, 7.000 bushels red winter Western at SI 12^, and 7.000 bushels do. at 91 13?more in market at latter price, but no buyers. Corn slightly firmer: ales 9.900 bu.shels Illinois st 63c. Other grains quiet and unchanged. Canal freight*! firmer?flour '26c , wheat Sc. and corn 7 Sr- New York. like Imports to-day? UG,900 bushels wheat, 6*.311 do. ccrn. K.xporU? 1,500 bbls. .flour, 18,896 bushels wheat. 143 do. tats. Coroners' Inqiritii Fat v. Ca."' Aunrs?Coroner Jack man held an isqucit ml the New York Hoepltal upon the body of William B. Stracban, a native of Sootlan i, aged thirty eight year*, who died from the cffects of injuries received on the 19th of April last, by felling from a scaffold at No. Ill Greene at reel The name Coroner also held an inquest upon the body of s German, named Charles Rozisr, who died from -the effects of a pistol shot wound in the wrist, received while encaged is celebrating the Fourth. Deceased was loading the weapon when it prematurely exploded, shatter tnghis ban! and wrist in a frightful manner. Coroner Gamble held an inquest, at No. 159 Cherry street, upon tlie body of Patrick Council, a boy about seven years of age, who was killed by (ailing from a third story window The usual verdict of '-accidental death'' was rendered in cath of the above cases. Rrooklya City Xrwi, Mbuj*c Laokh Ekv* cm Si-vday.?The discovery of ao Old city ordinance forbidding the sale of als, porter, strong or spirituous liquors on Sunday, impelled the police to arrest the keepsn of several lager bier saiooaa last Sunday Tlie offenders were locked up for the night, and yesterday were brought before Jnstloe Corn well The t<enslty prescribed I* fifty dollars flue fbr each offence. The accused pleaded guilty, and the line of fifty doiltrs was impotMd upon each Counsel having been retained by defendants, came into Court after the case- were disputed of, and S"kt<d to have tlie Ju>lgmenis in each cass reopened. contenting that the ordinance under which Ibt-y were coavi tel was pa <*d prior to the a?:t of consolidation (July 1. 1860), and was by thst art rendered invalid. Tue Justice consented to suspend nidgment until Tburslay, in order to liev argument on the ouhfcct. Oliltmar)-. r". joakk4 nrnii'xt. Tt?? venerable Mm Joanna IVtbune, a highly ro*pxt<d Ctiriatiaii lady, departed I lit* life on laat Saturday ifier ooo?, in tbe ninety aec*'! yar of her ?fe. Tbe deeeaaed was filx of the Ute Dirt* B-'lliune, Kaq., anil mother of U>e Rer. Gcornr V" neth une, D P She ?u a naMre of Fort Gerfe'no* N;,i?ar?). and of 8?tch ;>irenlt?e. In connect ->c with th<> charitable aoootiet of -thi.? city? o#p*riatly lb* X"?r York orphan Awociatluu??!ie *u nrril kiown a;. 1 highly appreciated Army lnulll|Micr. Chpu.a R E Gary, ?Mi*tant yiarWnia.*ter, is nrderH to | roce<M in Can [> Kiotd, I'tab. and relieve I.i'*ut< umi Cotooel 0 E Croatnati. beputy Quartermaster Uen?>r*l n hi* tfnttea ^t *t iti"ii Col 11 rI p-(*man, on boioj rtliprrl, t? direct 1 to repair to 81 I-ouia, uid thert wait hrlbfr order*. An ettenai.wt :>f n ne m.>ntha leas e of abaence ha? beer RiW?d by tli* War t>eparln?-ut to Lien tenant W. T ruder, Kirat drafnona (' nana IU>na?. TtDt trww < Tir ?Tie four leadin* Western rltiei M? n"? o?*rly about tlx- -amr vtte, although ten yean men there*** ao eitra?rdtnary 'liaparlty betwaan tbem l7w> now ah<> it the MlnwiDg flfure*. a* we learr rr -m tl?- Ch*af<> l*Tf anl rnlmtH, and 1'itUburg Oit rmtih ? i, 14X000 St I/'Hi* 145 OW ntUburg 130,000 Cblrafo 120,00* Thafe- lUfmrgtl *r<* not oflV-lal or "Xicl. and the rati vnat<? r?ry for ??cb, but Uie citlea all occupy about Ibi ?ur.e rank. Auuirr, N Y ?Th? Ar,pu mm that th? rcn* i? mar .hal* bar* nearly complrKrl tbiir labor*, lid It ia ? * pit led thai tbelr fi(t'irr? will rhow a prpni.ittf.n of TO 000m loerw of 18 000 atnce the r#naua f 1 tM, and 20.00 kac? lb? laat lolled Sutea c*n*ua of ISM Twn, N Y ?Th? rfoait* of Troy alioara ao iacreaw li the population, orer 1864, of #000. Knriwroa, N Y?The rrnmia marwbal haa complete the emim*ratiin of the inhabitant! within ibe cirporatlo of Kuiptm, and they number about 4 #10, an mcrwu* < mhout 700 nine* tbw euunneratlon of im? Gmui Fun. N. Y The Croatia of the town of ( i rruui >Wi. ?"* cowp.rteJ. abowa a population of 3 M< to lMx'i It * j* 3.M6- there being an incrcai?> of IW. Tli crnnna ha* aiao be*ti c< inpleted In the town of C iltimbll The population ia that t?wn is 1,M#?a gain of && aloe Uir prrtloua cenaua 0*KAior>? ?Tli ">?l?al'**a 7fm?? tr* * that tb population of (HWah?*>a will fall a little abort of Ibrr faiowand. Prrmt*, fr.t ?Tbe fmi'H of th" ^?ad ward of 11; fly t,f ft*-- a hv* b<*o competed, ml almwt a popwlj Urn of 4 h>? FI&5 Or VAMAU STEJKXT. fiart ?f muiidimM. nPjK>?iu uu JlrraM Ubllikutit, OttlrojrNi. At abOv'1 k*" PMt ?'clc*k u?t night the alarm or tire ?aa ul>.en m ?tre?t, and iMtaatl/ great tongues of ilatne were fceen to be fcioiultaoeouaijr burst? ? . W?(U lA ilta OaKitft .. j liif UnOU-Oiaiei/ opi- ~ mohaw uui?u:b ^ :u from the printing office %"*cupied by Charges Finteo The Bra broke out frwn *" the wiudows of tke fourth and fifth storied a' one and the same time. The birth of the fixe must hare i>?eu very propit">us, whatever were the circumstances that led toil, form loss time than it takes to write, the destructive element had penetrated through the two upper (lories and was burning in the fiercest and moat furious manner before any one well knew what wm up. The cry of "Are'' once given and taken up by the watch towers of the city, our gallant firemen were very soon on the spot. Like true heroes, as they are, these noble young fellows soon threw themselves into the breach to contend with the releutleiw enemy whom they bad met and defeated on so many hard fought fields. With.the rapidity of thocght their engines were wheeled to the scene of the conflagration,and stout hearts and strong hands began to pour on steady streams of water on the devouring flame. The fir? burned so hotly that it could not be got under for some time. Ttoe firemen. however, did not for a moment relax in thetr efforts, (or whie some were busily labour it g at the engines, others wers rushing Into the very midst of the flames and using every endeavor to save such fragments of the property as were not consumed in the burning store. They worked industriously, heroically and with a united will, and to their unshakeu industry must many of our merchants in fhe vicinity of this threatening fire be Indebted for Uto safety of their establishments. The flrst engine that arrived and was put into workiug order after the alarm was given was the Protection Engine No. 5, which did efsentkai service in the earlier stage of the fire. In a very short time there were upwards of fourteen engines on the ground, and the wsy in which the young Oretnen attached to each company excrtcd themselves to save private property is above all praise. The steam tiro engine was brought to the corner of Fulton aud Nassau streets in loss than twenty minute* after the fire broke out, aud as soon as steam could be got up began to pour on an over*helming and continuous stream of water. In case* of this kind steam demonstrate its mighty and laft night the strain lire engine fully attained, and even Burpim-d. the utmost that the most unreasonable could ei|>tct. But the ether engines, manned by stalwartb and brave fellows, never quilted their ]>ost for a moment, but every man worked determinedly while a single stick was left burning Several of tbe engine companies bad song?, which they sung while wotking to ligbton their labor; and it wat> remarkable tbat the louder aud more cheerfully they lung, tbe more desperately did they move tbe brakes ol tbeir engines. Tbe fire was one of those terribly stubborn ones that sometimes battle and dispirit the boldest firemen, and it must be confessed that if less energetic men than tbe Bremen of New York had the duty to discbarge of extinguishing tbe flumes. It would have gone very hard with the whole square of buildings from Nassau to William street, if not, Indeed, much farther Tbe Hiuut tinmen also exerted themselves very diligently, pouring a strong stream of water on to the burning buildings from the roof of tbe Hbuld buildings. There was, in fact, room for praising every one who took part in staying the ravages of tbe fire. for every man uobly did bis duty. We have particularly to express our thanks to Chief Engineer Decker for keeping an eye to tbe safety of our otlice. KAVAOE3 OF THE 1 IRE. Tbe Are broke out on the fourth floor of the establishment of Mr. Chas. Vinten, No. 100 Nassau street, burning off tbe roof, and extended down to the third Dow. It burned through to the sixth floor of No. 102. The first door of No. 100 was occupied by Michael Nil nan as a general stationery and print store. He is insured fbr >3.000, and tbe damage to bis stock is about 2,600. The first floor of No. 109 was occupied by Aaron Joaophs as a clothing store; insured for 92,000; damaged about 500. l'art of tbe first tloor is occupied by Mark Cohen as a book store; damage SI r>00, insured for H.000. Tbe building No. 98 is occupied by T. Strong aa a book and stationery strre; damage estimated at about 910.900: insured for 930.000. The buildings Nos. 100 aid 102 are owrned by J. Fowler, and have been damaged to the extent of 94.000 or 96,900, and are insured for 917,000. Tbe building No 102 Is ocrupied by a number of persons, whose goods have been mors or less damaged by water. Jeremiah Connor, the janitor of the buildings, who is at pret-eut confined in the Hospital, bad his wife and family residing in building No. 102. and tboj bad to fly for their lives, after having lost all their furniture. Since the above was written we havs seen Mr. fJiarles Vinton and learn from him that bs occupied only tbe third fttfirv The fourth, fifth and aixth stories wore oocu pied by other parties. Mr. Vtntoo has but 11.000 Inau ran of on hi* stock and prenaes in Ut? Firemeu's Insurants Company, and his property tru worth W.00Q. tbi knoinks on Till qrolnd. The promptMH of the Oremea upon the ground ?u commendable indeed. Before the alarm could be communicated by the bella several engines and bo o companies were on the spot with their apparatuses to work and streams pouring upon the burning building. As soon as the lire was discovered, and before the bells soondad, Humane Hose Company No 20, and Protection KngineCompa ny No 6, appeared on the ground snd industriously went to work In getting the Mam under. The former transferred a portion of its hoae to Mohawk Engine Otm|>any No. 16. which then began to pour a very beary st-earn upon the building. The following engines, hose companies and hook and ladder trucks arrived almost immediately after u|>on the ground, and were unceasing tn their efforts to subdue the Are ?Mohawk En (tne, 10; Ksgle Hose, 1; oceanic Hose. 11: I'mtjd Mates Hose, 36; Hcok nnd ladder, 15. I'?arl Hoe.-, 24, Warren Hose, 33: Manhattan Kngtne. 6 Franklin Hoae, 19; Liberty Hose. 10: City H"se, 8, Columbian Engine. 14: Amcricus Engine, 6. Neptune H<?e, 27. New York Hone, 5. Nssssu Hose. f?6. Old Junk ftsgina 22. Ksoslsior En fine, 2 independence Hnae, 3 Pneali Hoae, 22; Hsrry l-iw.ird H<? k m<i ladder, 11. Tompkins Hoae. 16, Peter son Engine, 81, Empire Hook and ladder, 4. Empire Euginc. 42. Niagara Hoaa, 2 South wsrk Steam Engine No. 39 was also promptly on the spot, and took up a position st the southwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, alters the pyrotechnic dt* play of its smoke pl|w> formed s coatrsst with the lurid glsre of the flames, and attracted many a spectator, Its stream was scon brought to bear upon the horning mm.', aelipslng in volume, strength and distance lbs streams of the variow other machines in the neighborhood, and tbe efficiency of tbe combined *t reams was soon percept Ibis In tbe diminution of tbe blass. thi ?c*n? ok Aim *nturr. * During the first prngrosi of the flame- the Ore seosanl to be cr uflned to the building in which it originated. Soon afler, bgwever. tbe windows of tbe rornar house, faring on Vas?au snd Ann streeti, were observed to become nddrnly of s dark purple hue, which gradually Increased In brilliancy until the fierce, hot flames burst forth from every pane along Hie highevt story. Tha flames soon spread to the upper portion of the building on Ann street, aRng which tbe Ore ran. licking lbs oaves with its fiery tongues. As it passed ft<>m room to room, tbe windows, blaiM In sncce<wtoo, told how tbe Are wss, and tb? heroic tlremea bent to their work with renewed seal, urging on their work w ith cheer and songs. A number o( ladde-s were soon rauad to the windows, and the flreseo carried up the lioae to throw tbe water <i|>on the :!iims (rom a thui more .ivallalila post. Tim was a work of mu< b danger, when It is c>nafciered that the Berce heat <4 the tire had made the large front ?u>ne? as brittle as gtaas, i an l bp ken them from tbrlr plac* , burling them with death dealing force to the ground. The heroic men, b<>w ever, seemed re^ai of tu? dangerous fragment'., but siiriunui. up the lad lai.- In the nikd-t A them brought tbe w.iter u> boar upon tlie tlimea with greater execution tliau ? a perinitte I from the .-roami. It is to their i ffort,- in this m inner that b- due 11ms preservation oC the , buiMtogs ?a Aun street. Mnpreuta ( out t?Special Tri m. | Before Hon Judge I*enoarl. > MOTION FOR MAMiSMtw AOAimT THE C0MM1<t310KtRl> Or FHIUBAT10K. 1 Jut SO. ? Tkf /'fit ?s rrl Jam* It. Jmmt vi. T*f Ommi-rumTt y /"migrirfi"*.?Mr. Cushlng, upon th? part of the plaintiff. Dr. Jerome, applied fbr a perernpto ry mandamus against tl? Commlasioaers of Emigration, ' commanding them to pay him one quarter's salary, amounting to 61 2">0, due tbe 1st of April, 1M0 fbr aer i ; vlees rendered ?? Phrstcian to the Marine Hospital at yi arantiDe. rminne! ritel the several act* appointing the i/usrsrtine t'onim sioners, and at length i mmeoted on > th' .r i.fe tal eondnrt, contending that they had dou? ) soiliini since ibelr appointment Irot spend money. H* a'lu n :? rr i tbe reading ot the d fWent sectk>iis, and 5 ir' -ted that the ( -Hone's of Kmigration wer? hound to r?y I*. Jerome h ? ??' iry. Mr lievltn.on tlw part of tbe < 'new of Emigration. resist?<l tlx mot .on. snd at if me !< ngth argued tnat the office of l"hy iCtsn to th? Manne Hospital had b-en totally abalMfcet! j iiece the r movni of (Juara itine.'aad that hla clients won , not liable. Decision reserved. n THE rKl.TTV WAITT* OtHLS AND THg MtOADWAl KALOOn, , T)ii? m< I WIMWI|NMli by In. Roooi a**.net lh? W'ipr>ti<m ol th- -afc- na n Hro*lway knowi - -'The Varieties," "Th? wttettea and "Tbe Art I'mow," on tlie apf>l -alioo of c nael tor the rtxtety for tb^U< formal"* <1 .iufiiili Ixl iuot.?*, lo ?hnw r.tuae In* f- tin y fhonM o?l be r rope )?*tl lo pay tbe penalty of MO ? for exhibiting dr.njallr aod other performam ? without i a ItccntN". The irattcr cornet t>p for argument ne*t week. I* ? The Mr* Id the t'annr* Dm k. TO TUk KMTOR OP TH* HCItl.D.. * 4*m?v fm, July 34. IM4 In Ike fir.- wI.k It i.mii plarr at lite t'unanJ Uirk on Pun ?e day jm . m. m? 6 * *?> n *i? l>umed tn the protiwi ? ' -U Will W t I *- nf upward* WOO to w 4AMR* l.VTUA*. JJIW 5T0RK HERALD. ' kporting Intelligent.-, A? the 0*7 approaches for the outfit between the floj fAchU Julia ud Rebecca, tb? Interest of our apir'ted yaehteemi *? UW eicttiog rif- incrt?as?; in a correapoad lfl? ratio The rao^ W<H be to windward for t wenjr mile*, and the veaeria wl.\' from 9a;idy Hook on the mjrnio^ of Thursday, the 2d ^ August proxmo. Members of the New York Yacht C>utr *nd their friends are Informed that by placing their oamt* <"> ll?o subtcriptioa lust, at the office, No 6 I'iue atreet, on o? before the lst or August, they wu: be accommodated on board the steamboat Jacob Bell, which will leave the bai j? <??ce at I pier No. 1 Kaat rlrer, foot of Whitehall atreet.Mten o'clock, ou the morning of the race. Aquatic. Tflk empire crrr rrqatta clcb?list of PRITKS at JUS fl'ktoc'omino regatta?a nkw hatltt* in tuk racing ? a rack confined 80lrlt to aha* tkir3-?frospxritt of the clpb, itc. On Monday evening, the 23d inst , the Empire City Regatta Club held their annual meeting for the arrangement of the detalU of their forthcoming regatta on tho Harlem ririiF >1 O U..I >. oi?- ? nue and Eighth street A number of the most active and influential member* of the club were prevent, and aome very important buaineaa connected with the regatta was transacted. A new feature has this year been introduced into the programme of the aquatic proceedings, viz?the establishment of a race for amateur oarsmen on)/, all provisionals being strictly debarred from entering for this race. This is a decided Improvement upon the I previously existing regulations, which allowed professional oarsmen to compete in all tares, and, as a matter of course, their uniform success effectually deterred amateurs from er - in any of the regatta races. This will also have th> ct of causing amateurs from Albany, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Newburg, Boston and other places, to engage in this race, and we are informed that several parties from those places htve announced their intention of taking part in the contest. The regatta is appointed to come off on Monday, the 10th of September next, on the Harlem river, fronting Conrad's Parle. The first race will be for one pair scull fishing boats, fifteen feet long, without outriggers. The first prite lb a champion silk flag and a purse of $30; the second *10, and the third saves the entrance money. The next race Is for amateurs only, six oared boaU, and a beautiful silver pitcher rewards the victorious boat. along with a champion Hag; the t>econ<l boat receives a handsome silk American euaign. the third race Is for seventeen feet working boats, and purses of $26 and $10 respect lve!y become the property of the first aud second boats. The fourth race is for four oared bouts, without restrictions, and the winner receives $1C0 and a i bnmpion ting, while his Immediate successor will be entitled to $26. the third saves his entrance fee. The last race is for champion sculls, and the winner will receive a champion flag aud purse of $60; UM second $30. Altogether, there Is every prospect of tltls celebration of the Empire City Regatta Club being the most brilliant and successful of any vol held on New York waters. 1 We are gratified to be able to announce that the Club is In a ioat flourishing pecunliry position. It h is surmount ea an tne aimcoities ann impediments wnK-n iwohhh its onward progress in tbe first yean of Ita exh-U'nco,iuid its exertions wtll always be directed, u now, to cultirata and extend a love of tbe manly and health giving exercise or rowing among the rising generation of tbe Empire City. The ofliccrg of the chjb are an follows ? President, Stephen Roberts, Esq.; Vice President, Mr. Christopher Thomas; Treasurer, Mr. George J. Wood; Serretery, Mr. Alex. M. Matthews. The committee will meet every Monday evening at St. Mark's Plaro Hotel, nntll tbe day of the regatta, for tbe transaction of business and tbe initiation of new members of the club. A ju?lleu>uj regulation of tbe club Oxcs tbe delivery of tbe regalia prises one wee it subsequent to the regatta, so that the Judges bave ample time to investigate into tbe circumstances of any charge of foul rowing, objections, Ac., before lianding over lbs "rewards of merit'' to those parties entitled to them We understand that the members of two Pittsburg Regatta Clubs, the Atlantic and the Fashion. have during tbe pact week been visiting and frmtermxing with their brother members of the Empire City Regatta Club. military IatelUfcari. MORI MILITARY Ol'KHTS.?THIt KMMXT CARD, OF NEW HATS*. Tbe Emmet Cusrd. Captlin Thos. W. Oahlll, of Xew Hsven, Connecticut, will arrive in this city this morning at half-past Ave o'clock, in the New Haven steamboat, at 1 Peek slip. Tbe C<nai4|iduring their temporary stay in | this eity, will be tbe guests of tbe Irish Fusileers, Six- J ty ninth regiment. They will number about seveuty five men, rank and file, and will be accompanied bqr tbe New Haven Rrvi Band. The company will lie reeeived on its arrival is New York by the V'unileers and Art>llery Company F, Fourth regiment, who will Are a salute on the arrival <>f the boat. They will be entertained for two days by tbe Fusileers, and one day by tbe oil jeers of the Sixty ninth regiment. Below we give the company order in reference to the reception and enterlainnteut ot the ' Ijnmcts" while in this city ? Irish Fraiunn*. Co*rA?rr A. > Sixty sixth Kauimor, N. Y. S. M. J ISO?? ?. TrsM<AT, July 31.?Tbe Fusileers will sssensbls at their armory, at four o'clock A M., and receive tbe Emmets as ] their gue*ts at foot of Peck slip, st s quarter psst Ave ' o'clock a. M. T company. Fourth regiment, Artill??T. ! Captain McMsbcn, having accepted ui invitation from the Fusileers, will Join tbe parade mad Ore a salute on the ari rival of tbe Einmsls. Tbe e<-cort will then proceed up Peck slip to Psarl street, ssd ?p tbe Bswsry to West ' Chester House, where all will bave breakfast, lbs escort will reform In Broome street, right on Bowery, st eight o'clock A. M., and proceed down Bowery to Grand, to ' Broawday, to Canal sir set, down fbnsl t> lbs boat char I tared for tbe excursion, and proossd dawn the bay; returning in tbe afternoon by the same route. Wnnxr-rur, August 1.?Tbe Fusileers wHl assemble at their srm>ry, st s.qusrter past sight o clock A. M., and ' receive their guests, then proceeding up Bowery and Fonrth avenue to I'nlon square, and down Broadway to City Hall, where tbey will be reviewed by tbe Mayor and Common Council; after wbioh tbey will march up Broad- | way to Broome street, to Westchester Hoose, where both companies will dine st twelve o'clock M. At two o'clock P. M. both companies will parade is fktigue uniform, and proceed by the Ifcird avenue oars to Central Park, return : u,g at six o'clock. At half past geven o'clock the oiioers i r.r Iks Civts Simlh m ill Ulrft ihnrtfA nf Lh? h'mmclR U tllft I'H-fta of the regiment 1m K>nn. August a?The detail ordered inOnnpuj' Order, No. fl, will |arft<?e wttb similar dctaila from the other urni auies of the reguiu'Qt, for the purpose of escorting the Emm< U on ft Tint to th? public institutions The company will uvmblr ti their armory. at eight o'clock P. M , to joia the raiment ia escorting the Kinmcts to tbe boat on their doparlii' e. mtw haven onr.r-. Tic Sew Ilivn (ifj-i, Captain Osborn, will visit Una city on the 13ib of September, aa tbe guesta of the state Guard, Captain Joe. H Johnson, of Dim citjr. The New York military ?re proverbial for their lioapitality to rwtttnicfC companica, aad llio State Jtiusrd, containing, as it does. ft drat claaa set of soldiers. will no doubt do the " ^r'-raMe" on Uie occasion of the visit of Uiclr Yankee brvtlirea. HAMILTON INPTITCT1 CAMIT8. T1|? Cadtta of General Iockwoods Military Inatituta will give an exhibition drill at Camp Wortli, WhiM Plain*, ui day at half paat four o'clock P. M. In tLie evening the Cadeta will give ft aoirea at their armory. Prraoaal Intrlll|ratr. J. Oakleron, Esq., of Havana, is stopping at tbe Union Place Hotel Hoe Wm Kelly, of Rbinebcrk; Captain Lritcb, of tbe ntramehip Connaught; C R llall. , and family, of Texas, aad C. O. Shaw. Pa<t , and family, of Ohio, are Stopping at tbe HI. Kicholaa Hotel. 8. 8 Wallis, I~aq . and sister, of Baltimore; A. Ilroinsean, f'sq , of I/>ol*tar>a , K R Todd. Kaq . and wife, ut Bermuda. A. Rarff, K*| , of Knglanri. llngb Roae, lit, of Charleston: P. P. Ortir. Bm , of Wanbington, and W 4. Jackaon, . of Mar/land, arc atopping at tbe Ciar ecdon He tel. Jndge Hastings. Major tjetore.snd W (I Rarratt. Est , all of California Oal R A. Hew>rf>n. of Texas; lienteeant | B.C. William*, of the I'niWd Mtatoa army, and Captain I S. I. llrirae, of the I'nitrd Stairs nary, are stopping at tbe Metro|??itaa Hotel. J. B. Wolcott, &q.,of Vii-aiF?ippi: R C. Fraxier. Esq , 1 of Savannah. (5a K. l.ittVnhn. K*q . of the steamer V>.akt r City; J. W, RnfUit ? ) , of Havana, and J. M?nt, com<-rv. <f New Orleans, are stopping at the la. I farge Hmi le. Hon J. B (iuthrie, of Kettncky.Col Hooker, of Miasiffippi; Madame l*Tewett, editre?a of the im* rir < i H?nI ?er, at Ya/oo, Mi?a . (apt ivrkina.of the steamer ' ity i of Haflalo. Capt Van Clew, of strsm<*r New York CbpC In rr.ot Muflklc I.ieut Saxon. of Wrst I'otnt. A..I. 'Jloss ' bruner. Esq , and family, of Pennsylvania; Newton HI. John, Esq., of Mobile; ex Senator Ward, of Texas, anil (Jen I/owe, of New Orleana, ftre stopping at the Ki(tb | Arcnne Hotel Jersey Clljr Nrwa. i For*r> Pwow*rp ?About Ore o'cloci. jrater.lay after nooa tbe body of a man was floating in Ue water at tbe i f'Hii of York nrwi, ,iera*y my. iim mcaaBra w?? ?>> : i parcntly a aeaman, aud ?u dreeaed In gray ptuli, blark | , fttin Tf?t tad brogaoa Ilia rigbt band graapod a thr^e ! quarter m< h rope, which be had apparently Mised to i nay* htmaolf nt the tint* of falling tn the water. No I roaika of alolrnre were (<mn I in the |Traoo of doceaaed I 1 t< i <1 i *(? fottl play The following article*, wbi :h may l kad to tb? M.migration of tbe I) xty, were found in bn > pr*ket? ?A r te, of wlm h lh? following la a copy ?'I agree to r\ay I'aniel CMmming* Ofly rntu per ton for tin I hi. nr Vmlhvt t w ! on tlio I^wy Ann, al MrComb ? 1 dam John Ko?a " (Tho above note waa not dated ) Alro two Brooklyn ferry tlcketa, three re?u In oofiperii, a , Jack knife and two key* Coroner Oafney waa notified, and rmpanneled a Jvrr, who rendered a verdict of "found drowi'd The ?*>dy waa ttien cmveyed to tbc Bergen , Hill Crmetry and placed in a vault Arrliaft and Drpartarrli r AmnraiJi. } II.?m i (.- <4*?i?ahtp fUto-ila.- Mr rioiewa, ladr ami k dancblrr: Mra Kr?r>p*r, II llabkbt, M l.icn and la?T, Mr t*appenli?niM-n. (1 Mollrr and lady, Mini C ttoldmann. Miaa 1" Orfc"irana. I> IK-Ueimann, K I'lrUler, lady and <hild. PR Iirarrlt and lady. LMilfetMa. W Halaey, lady and twoehil drm, A Mrrlai?t?r. Miaa Onddartnaaa. B Fauk>un?nn. K F?i?kj?ncre. Mr? I'nahe and iwo children t. (lofcan. Miaa Ka ooper. Harriet I'atierkr and eta r* liter II T WnllT <1?aa Wlea ai.aid.H WotaWry. Klea * fi ha. aii't .90 la aec ! bin and Mr'-rnfr ' Ktc.trt Ratk ('baa W Poul'ner?Rnrdon. John II-lib#. I, John C?nnot Towm*. IT rt-Brig Jacblu It 0?odell. I*df a?d f a'.l'drao. f 0 l*rw>r?a rUESDAY JULY 31, ISliO Poller Intclligiart. j Minors bftAiuiD.!. ArvuAt in ivnvi 4 At a hour ! n??T*>t, two Germans, named Henry Paebler ,nd Adam J?gr!, met at the corner of avenue A tad Fourth "twat, wton Jsger drew k dirk knife from UU pocket, at'1 rushing upon his adversary, slabbed him In , the abdom* n> inflicting a dangerous, and perhat* fatal . wound. I'aeba"'" WBS promptly conveyed to BdlevucHos pital, while bis a,4illint, with equal promptnen. wan con reyed to the 1<K'k up at the Seventeenth pre i clnct station hous*. " Coroner Gamble was notified | to bold an ante mortem examination in tUe caw of the wounded nian ye6tei?lay, when the latter made the following .iffl'lavlt In relation to the affair:?Henry Parbler, residing at No. 116 Third street, deposes and says ?7 called at Mr. Meyer's lager b:cr saloon, in Third street, between First avance and avenii<* A, on Sunday, about ten o'clock, in order to g?H agltss of IS' ger bier; when about leaving. I met a woman at the door, who a?ked me to bring her bisband (the prisoner) from the saloon; I returned to the saloon and told the man she pointed out as her husbind that his wife was t, /aside and wanted to see him; he replied that bo woaU go directly; we then bad a glass of bier together; be left, in company with his wife and another man, and went up Thiru' slreet towards First avenue; be returned in about ten miaotes afterwards, and stated that his wife had left bin'. I PtticeJ that he was intoxicated, and said I would see him tome; !te consented, and we walked down Third street tn.vuds avenue A; another man joined us soon after we le*J the saloon, and we all three walked down together: when we rvached the corner of avenue A. I wished the prisoner good night Jand was going home, when the prists"?er ruahiXl upon me and stabbed me In the abdomen; I now recngnit *> Adam Jager as the person wlw stabbed mo. (lo.-Wer tiantble committed the accused to await Die result .it the wiwaded mas'a injuries. Jscer aays be was In to/'Sated a?4 does no* know anything about tbe occurrence. The jtfeysiclans are of the opinion that Paebler cannot ctjnrive the isiury inflicted. Tot. Paxtkx Snucrt Mtiwkky ---Coroner Jaekman, ai4rt by the Sixth precinct pc-flcp, wu actively engaged yesterday In Investigating ths mystery which surmtuids the death of tho Spaniard, Ju.itt Gustariucx The DMrict At torncy gave au order to I)rj. Beach and Weltje cmpowerlog them to disinter the tody of deceuMed and make a careful examination of the remains; but for some rwvion the work of removing body fr?m its ptase j of dei**it at Calvary Cemetery war postposed until to-day. The deceased, it is oaid, was a I steward ou t>oard one of the Havana steamships, anj on the day of his death he bad been paid off by the parser, and came ashore with some forty or fifty dollars la bis pomersiun When found by the police h.? pockets were entirely empty, and turned Inside out. Hia gold shirt stud and sleeve buttons were not removed, however, winch is a little singular, considering the clean sweep ll>*t was made of everything that was in hi3 pockets. Bavendam, the person accued of having robbed Slid murdered deceased, still retnalno in continement at the Tombs, but hopes to obtain bis rciease through a writ of habi us corpus today. The prisoner, in a conversation with some of the police, acknowledged that deceased was at bis place on the fatal night, Jut denies having ill-used bim in any way. Deeeiihed, he said, took sick whil? in one of the" twrirooms over the tarroom, and he simply brought him down stairs and placed him upoo the idewa'k, where he was found by the |>olire a few Hours subsi >|uently. AMurtT wrm a Pwtoi.? George talse, a Gorman, re. siding at No. 221 Centre street, was brought before Ju?. tic* tjusckenbnah, at the Jeflerson Market Police Court, ou charge of assaulting Johu Reed, of No. 624 Kroome street, with a pistol. Tlxr prisoner, It is allegod, snapiiod the weapon in complainant's face, and as th? latter was trying to esca|ie, discharged another barrel at him. Luckily Reed escaped withent Injury. I>eise said the pistol went o? accidentally, and that he had no intention of harming complainant beyond giving him a lightening. Held to bail In the sum of #J,M>0 to answer. AnoTHXR Snoonwn Cash ?Daniel Driscoll, proprietor of a drinking aloon situated at the corner of Third avenue and Eighty sixth street, was brought before Justice Browncll, at the Fourth district Poll ? Court, Yorkville, yesterday morning, on chaise of discharging a loaded pis to| at a young man named Edwards, witn intent to kill The prlbcnrr frankly admitted that he fired the weapon, but said that be mistook Kd wards for a person with whom be bad some difficulty a short time ago. Driscoll was held for examination. flimxt) Hold or ths Waosro Ci wmw ?As detecMve Elder was standing in front of a picture store in Broadway, near Grand street, yesterday morning, watching the movements of asaae piokpookets, a couple of Spaniards approached him, sort, mistaking him fbr some verdant countryman, attempted silly to pick his pocket. The detective turned upon ths fellows, and quick a? thought grabbed them by thetr collars and marched thorn ofl to the )?l!co headquarters. The prisoners refused to give their namta or place of residence. Drawings of France, Broad bents it Is.'i Delaware Lotteries:? Scssax rocstv, Ou*? 180, Jtri.v 30, |M). 17, 52, 38. 23, 41, IS, 38, 31. 3*. 44. 55. 4*. CoNSOfclDATIU LOTT*HV, CUASA 1H, Jci.T 30. 1W). 68, 46, 21, 29, 66. 47. 5, 33 , 66 . 69. 11, 20. FBANCK, BMOADBKNTfl A CO., Maaasera. Wilmington. Delaware. Drawings sf the Delaware State Lotterlea-WOOD. KDDT A CO . ManageraoT the rn Kswrcrar as.o hissoiihi STATk. urrrcaiM, Dsi a (tare?Kxtha Class No. .t?, Jci.t 30. 1*?>. 16 , 29, 61. 59, 47 , 56, 26, 52. 11, 24. 57. 64, 17, 60. Dxlawars?Ci.iKH No. Ml. .Hu t 30, ljrtl. 61. 27. 64. 6, 21. 39. 7. 76. 15. 61, ?, 34. trcuiAr* t*ut IriMi of eharg* bv aiVlreMtiig eitbei u. WOOD. KDDY A COM Wilmlnstoa, Delaware. Or IJ WOOD, KDDY A CO., HI Lcuta, Missouri tlllrlal Drawings of Hodges, Davis A CO.'8 Cooaoldatrd Lotterlee of UenrsU? Ola>* :<IM. j vi x jrv l*h. 56, 66, 74, 36, 76, 44, 40, 12. 54, 11. HOIMKM. IIAVIA A CO . _ N*aaf|tira, Macon. (Jporjl*. Kayal Havana I^IUrj?Naa. ItX.MIll, H,MF7. 10 "10, I 4ff7. Ti its, drew I be lire r apita! pH/.ea In lb* drawing of Jul; 17, 1%?> Pri/e* nuked by Mrari. CMASK A CO, Rankers. ffl Wllbam street. New Turk. BrandrrtK'* Pills Are ExctlUnt Pnrga? ttrfi sod AnU bilious l*illa Tb<?e who us* ih? m rutin tbelr health and fsrulilea Is s moat iraisrkable <*r|ri-e Warranted purel) vegr table. Oiics TM ?' > >i au*?t. X V. How to Do It.?nrrchtuU, whoU?tU I Bi d tetall. ar? often punled to know how to place their etn, plnyea. *.? h< ih?-r tki? man will make ? cood e?l?ai?an. that. * pond sr'-ouatsM: tfcls, * rcltabb* and trustworthy confidential i clerk: that. S raahler Jte. A phrenolostCMl dearrlpllon. care1 fall; written uct. would settle tbs nue?tk>u mid IndM-nte the i f\aet pis'** each ran twist Ml. FOWl.KR k WKI.UI. No. | 3C8 Broadway, make prtvats exsata.itioM, Brooklyn Photographs Williamson's 1 Miniatures. tahlseis. Inpertsls sod Ufa Rue. Two forty sins <3*9) Pullna BUrct Hsrrlng'a Psltil Ckssiplos Kirs ssd Burglar f roo7 Safes, HI B mas way, oral at Murray surest, , Ms* Vest. UroTfr 4t Baker's Celebrated MOlRKl.KfcX HKWINa MACHINKM, Tbs best Is uss for family aewtigr ?i? Broadway, Bsw Tnrk. ItB Fnltnn street, Brooklyn. til VlBe Hhlrts, |N. MOOflY'B Bhirt Manufactory. W> Broadway The Ureal Rasters Rsnmrr Hats?Mtraw nd frits. W HITK, halter. (ZM Broadway, opposite NC Paul's chwck. Horn to Wee the Comet, but not to Hide on lis tall-juat so with liherte and e?)t'alny of weights. fhnui graphed by Holmes. Bo. 396 llrosdway only. Hubert Longrrarh, or the lllack Irfg Peer? |ly J rolmsi letter fn m <'arl Brnaon. the A me rlran l?or?es In Knglsad. tlwgreelCollege R.-rattsaat Wnrres 'er, Msaa Mowm?r'a of Median, 'he 111) r??1ri m* Trots; Kail Baoiiit snd Ttottirg r<*prrt?, Urea and Battles of l>tsUngn'ffccd PuglUar#. loriesjxmdeocc l>*twceti the New York and SI. Oeorfe'a rrlekct clubs. and a rarl' ly of Hporuag "ewa iroai sll parts of tfcecountr/ In WM.KKS SPIRIT, sow onl. Whealtr 4 WUtoi'i H?wla( Machines.? OSes Mlt Broadway. B T Ltdd, Webster A Co.'a Improved Tight ^ (tilth Hew in* Marhmea. at MID Broadway. sr'.v "IVVr maViuVth. rZ^Alim \rr mada'by V?nd. and of U* twal donbla rwflnml KaglMi raat at re I, and *i> k*>Ti.P KTtaiOR to Atj oTiimi' J. rilD. Mil.WARD SI Warren at r??t, N T. Hktrhi lor'a U'lfl, Toaptri and Hair fl>a la** lmproT?tnrnta all otliwra natural trnl ea?y, (fdect # no mrulng up bt-liiod. No 16 lb ud MirA Dr. nirih < ontlnara to Appljr III* Karflfal I'nra Ttum with (wn !n a^rrttnr i>rnr?n*nt r'ir?i of b?nuaor rupture. MAKHM A ?'< > . No. I Veert mtmi. N T. M?>htnn'? ]*V1I?V A perlr nt or Antl-llll1W > I'tlla. atth As*' I'.f n* No. 10 Aau* House aud 117 Hroedway. Alhlntnn'i Parisian Tooth I'ailr truitl darav t* t??th ar.d rl?ir?<-? thrm thoroughly. El'rhton'B, n". 10 Alitor How* kd<! 417 Hr?dway. Itatry'a Trlrophernne is Ihr Brat and r'.-i'.-i *r; . I# ' i r dr??mr h?u.tlfTin#, ruWIns. '< .n?in?. , pr>-?*r?in( and rrator'f tb* Iwtr. try u Hold by all dr'fftata. Hill, Inimitable Hair < alter. Hair Djrf, W r'Btt, P?pot No ] Har>'.?/ street, and sold by all Dr ?? sla. ( llri hath'i lllaalvr Wlf, an rntlrr relly; pamat naaleinah;<- n ntalii* up bel. nd. I'M! Brood ?a), mi :ikui corner r? ?dr m. ( ilatailora'a Hair Hyr, \VI(t and Tonpeee. the be* In ill'* worn w h<>t?a?le nnd rrUil, and Ike I?y? pihaiely applied at Xo. t AMor House. Brantlfal l omplnlon -Ulrd i MqtiM Pearl baa mtlnH a Mlf'rtty aa hating no e^na. fur baull I) liia and preaerunc U.e akin Ut Hrowdway. Pi rmaa Nahji i t to Rllloaa Disorders will drftre preai benefit by o*lti< IMIoway's FHla-lb* moat ef t< i in*l remedy foe all afl- n "na < t a hii<? a lewder*- . a* ihej i ean?e the atrmarh. r<.rrr< t th? li?er ?nt I' li'ilai ihf bow?ia Married* P Ii-raatta?Hrt-a ?In Una city, by the IVr, I?r .In the Fourth afcwie Pfrehyterian ihnrrh, W* (? ra^im to M**t \.aw, daughter of simu?l 1. Hyde, a N?*York. T?, u ?? rk_ i..? I, l. 90 kin Prml' Qhtircfc, Bro*(iv*y, in th1* ellf. ? nuroW'iM tifM c' FrtlMi ft' a?> ' t?, fwoiil *iM (Uncht* o( t ii. %r.i h. a. wliile, totvvoav*, wc <* norm?%m( L ion and a. mc^, Twvrtuir , kuJ^, uSor :-,-ir?kir*- tB?Unl ?>l?d. Bamt -Od Sunday a i .n^naj ?i'?it",BiM' "?Pe?tfu[l, mvited to at The friends and relative* are ?. ., ,__, T* T* lend the funeral, this (Tuesday) aftt. ...i ?J? u ^ from her late residence, 236 taut Tweot. ,nda, . . ? Bru..?At Summit, New Jersey, on Ik. U"/,Jul' 38 *? H. B?u, in the 3Tth year of his age. The frleucU and relative* of the family, and thew ?* mother, Mm Man Bell, are respectfully invited to atw'lj the funeral, on Wedatsday morning, at a quarter paat too 1 o'clock, from Uie Reformed Dutcu church, Bergcu, New i Jersey. BjuDT-On R1.nliay, July 2!>, Pmu* Bust, is the ford 'rei*Ddhl* *g*'a MtlTe of Georgetown, county LangThe ft lend* and relative* of the family are requested to atU-nd| the funeral, aim ^Tuesday) forenoon from his . ft8 "if?. 1M *c,t *rlllr<y second treat, at tea I.o clock precise iy. Browk.?At Somen, Westchester rounty, on Sunday, Jul," 2?, Mitt &uuh Bkowk , daughter of Um late Mr. 1/ewia BrowS. Bsix ~By drowning at Bing *?ng on Vrtdsy, July 2T Jam**, son of Joseph and Riis Belt, aged la yeau aud 8 months. His remain* were takea to Grrenwood for tnt?rm<>ot. Whitehall |?pers please copv *hmn->?: ?<>n the afternoon of f^ttrday, July 28, in the 02d year of her age, Mrs. Jmmi BarirNK, widow of the lute i lvie Belli uue, Ksq., cf this city. hir 'rieudj. and those of her mm), Rev. 1>. Betbvne, and tbo>* or her sons, the Rot. Br. McCbrtee, of this eity, and the Rev. Dr. Ptflleld, ofDHroit, are invited to attend t?V fuueral,ou Weo'aesday afternoon at three o'clock, in tiw Presbyterian charch, KiftS?avenue, corner of Nineteenth ftreet, (late Or. Aibttnder a,J without More particular noli. e. Cmtwaii ?Suddenly, on Sunday evening, July V, at half past nine o'clock, of inflnmmctlou on the lungs, A. rn*r> T. Chatham, *ged 48 years, 6 ir.wmbs an<T4 day*. The relatives ant/ friends of the faulty are ro^pectfuK/ invited leattend tbe funeral from hkrlate rsmd^nce. No. SIS siatb avenue, on Wednesday aflenseon at one e'nloek. Corrms ?On Moods/. July 80, 1aciv?a Coua.', aged 1 vear, If months aad M days. Tbe relatives and flrleeds of tbe family are respectfully muted to attend the frjaeral ibis (Tuetfay), aflenwon at >wo o'clodr, from tbe residence of hei .wreuts No 367 Wert Sixteen tir street. Ci'n.?At Rnrttnway, L I. .on Sunday. JiJy 29, Johs^O j Jambs. infant wi of 1 "strict and Winifred Cud, aged t months and <1 da/?. His rc waits wrn Interred iisfalvary Crate Ty. lUr*.?On Sunday evening, July 2P, Jo-<s Robwt, Itilsnt ton of Elian Mil Win. M. Sack, aged 10 asnths rrmun?On Saturday morn in j, July 28, at o?v 'clock, ?rt the New York Mr* S waii W IV kii* a widow of the late Ksbert Pu3*ur, of NaWke*, M:rs Natchez and New i fVmx |W|kt? pleaae copy Kttsrr?on Mouda/, Juiv 30, IfimAKL I'ki\kv .n the i 22d year of hl^ane. The friends &?d relatives of the r??i'y are resp>-~0Utly Invited to attend tlie Ot'.'.fral. from she residence < hi.i father. No. 51 Franklin ittwt, this (Tuesday) after.jocn, at half past one o'clock. Kaiscioit.h ? At Harleil*. on Thursrfiy, July 28. at Mn? , residence of hii *rundpai nw. M'tix^a, tlw youn^Mf child of Roothroyd and Isuftrlla Preston Fairi'lough, aj?*f 2 mouths Hi* remains were interred at Oreenwosd cemetery. Pomp ? In Brooklyn, on Monday mo.miu^. July 30, > 4 A.M., of r >nKuin|'t?>u, Pium Kosn, in the 6'Jth year of her age. The rotative* and friends of the family, wd of her socIn law. John K. Maher, are rfrjHTtfully in-rtte<l to attend ' her funeral rm? her late resideare. So. 3i Talman street, i Brooklyn, this /Tuesday) afternoon, at Ml' past two j o'cloek, wlthonr further WivitaVmn. Haam ?On Bundhy, July 29", ? Haax, after a linger- i ing illnma of four week*, agvd IS years, J months and 28 day*. The relatives and rrieods of the family are respectfully 1 Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at j I one o'clock, without further Information, from the real(dence of his mother, No. 20 Forsyth street, New York. BAirmr?At SpoUwood. N. J:, on Monday Joty 30. Cm Turns Tsipurs, daughter ol James M nad Jane P. JJalsey, and granddaughter of Um tato B. Kd ward I/>rd, I aged 1 year. 4 monm* and 7 day*. Her remains will be interred In 91. Peter's churchyard, 1 9potswood. this ("Hiosiay) afternoon, at Ore o'rlock. Jomcs ?On Monday, July 30*, of scarlet fever, Maroa- j rst A.vms Jomw, youngest daughter of Francis aad Hannah Jones, aged 2 years, 4 months and 21 days. Kit aln could blight or sorrow fade, I lVath came with friendly eare; The opening bnd to heaven conveyed, And bade it blossom there The friends and acquaintance* of the family arc reS|>ectfully in*iti-d to attend the funeral, thm (Tuesday) afternoon, at Ihree o'clock, from her late residence 443 First Ptreet, jritliout further uotue. Her remains wlU be interred In Greenwood Cemetery. Manchester snd Ijmcastnr, fngland, papers please copyl K'l.vd/irH?In Brooklyn,on Monday morning, July 30, after a short, but severe illness, Jotarn H Kismuta, ageil 19 years, eldest son of the late John Kim bier. Kaq. The relatives and friends of the family, alw> tlie Amerv.s Blues, are respe< tfully invited tr? attend his funeral, op Wed read ay afternoon at 2 o'clock, from Ins late retiiderce, 172 York atreet, Brooklyn. I Pitteburg |>apers please oopv. I Khans ?On Mendsy, July 30, of convnlsions. Arthi r, ! u?n >>r .lohn A. and Marv A Keane. aired IS davs. I.akkim ?(Hi Monday. July 30, M.twasi Uiin, Tli-- frioiulH and relatives of the family are rei)u?ktod I" attend (ho funeral, on Wednesday, from bis late roidetice. 237 Hlr.sbcth street M< Mi.v.i ? <>u Monday, July 30? sfter a short lllncM. CATiMKimt. the beloved and only daughter of l"?trlck and Margaret MtManii*. agw?J ?fye?n?. uwxitn* and 8 day?. The funeral will take place thia rTueartsy) afieruoou, at two o'clock, from the residence of her father, OC'J Water : street. llriMT?On Monday. July 80. M*kt Av**. daughter , of lltomaa and Margaret Murray, aged 3 year* and 7 I months. i The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend th? funeral, thir> (Tueedsy) afternoon, at two o'clock, frrm the reirtdenre of her parents, corner of Ki?hth and North Hecond atreeta. Williamsburg. , MiHau ? On Muadav. July 39, Ktiwa*i> Mi :Uu. after a (Mtinful i lne?*. a fed 44 yeaia. The relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from hi* late residence, .No. 187 Thirty sixth street, between Peveulli and l.'igbtb ,?veniies, no Wednesday MIM, al two o'clock Mct)r ai>r ?On Monday, July 39, of hruocht:*, P?thick Mc<jtai>?, aged 2* year* Hi* friends and aci+uamtarrra are respectfully invited to attend Um Cunvral to Calvary Cemetery, this (Tuesday) aflem <>n, al two o'clock, from bis late rvaidcnce, No. 7 Carmine strret. Va Ifan (Ireland) papers please copy. Mixrm ?On Saturday. Jnly 80, Jsasmh, relict of the j late Jolin Murphy, of Baly Kelly, county o( Dcrry, Ireland, aged HI year*. Tli Mr lends ef her son*. James and William, an I sc. qcalDtaiire? nf the family, are requested In attend the funeral. on Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, from tbe I residence nf her son in law, John McDermott, No. Ail West 1'nrty third street, without further notice. O Kfcii ?On Mom'ay, July 80, Jams* O'Nku , a native of county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 48 years. His funeral will take place from his late restdeaoe, 64 Vnlverslty place, on Wednesdsy afternoon, at one o'cloc k, lli i friends and tbc?e of his family are Invited to attend (iTmitui ?On Sunday, July W. Ma?y As* 0 Cov\at:. aged r. years snd 7 months, daughter of I ranris and Ag nrs O'nunHI. Ihie notice will l?e given nf the funeral Poit/vn ? Suddenly, at Weehawken. on Sunday, July 30. Jam, wife of David IWlork, Ksq , sge?i 4] years The relatives and friends of the family see respectfully invlte?i in attend ber funeral, this (Tu?ad?y / afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence o( ber sister, Mra. L | R. firmer, No 4.12 Kourtb avenue. ) rniuir*? On Monday, Julv 80 Anrr.Ait, widow of tbe Isle Brpjsmtn J fhlllipi. aged 7(1 year* Tbe funeral will take plare tfcta (Tuesday) afternoon at I three o'clock. fim the residence of her son, Jonas B. Phillips. No 44s West Twenty fifth street The friends of the family are invited to attend. Si'Mirr?In Prooklyn suddenlv, on Sunday, July V AititKV War, joeniret-t ron of William and Letitta J. Pprolt, sged 9 months snd 8 days t?.? P. >.,i rnem1- of the fam/v. are respectfullf Incited ti attend li s ftincral.'from Ihe re*lderce <>f hi* l?rrtil? corner of Jay ?n?1 fnacord *trecta, tbia (Tuesday) i(utn? ii. ?t thr^e o'clock. HI* remain* will b? Uk<n lo (5tcnw<??t for Intern enl !>nvm? RlTrrlo^, mi Thiir*d*y. Jnlf it*. Vnw \-yo?n. youii*e*t child of Jlenry V anl Oorfcelia K. Mtirgii, aged 2 year* and 4 months. ?On Maoday, July 30, IF*. B. S'ra.Ann.*, ajr'd 31 year*. The relation* and friend* arc re pcc Ifully lnv,t<-.i to attend Id* funeral. thi* (Tuceday) aflertwwm. at two o'clock, frcm i.rami >Weet lYmliytcrian church, Pr Thomeon's Si nans?In Rnoklyn. on Wednesday. July 24, Pt M.? rAMiwmL. wife of the laic Woodwsrd P. HubcrS. 1 hi!?>lcl( h?a t*p?r* jil.'**1* copy. Ta^rv?At Richlh Id !?i>rmic* N V oo *tord*v. July ?A, Frw^aii F*a??ij?. y<>urg<-?t child of tbe late CtuMea I A. a ad Kllzahcth T. U traiy. | Funeral *m Irea *i No 9 F*?t Twenty second *tn*t, I on Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. | Tots* ? At Hoboken. N J . on KM.irday evening. July CiMiirft. too of |i?ii|e| an'I Amelia Tbl??, ?*cd 1 jiar 10 iroeths nnd 1 day. Rts r< train* were tskrn to Hareralraw, Rockland comty, X. Y , for inlertaent. irnom-oR?At Union lllll. N.J on Friday, July ST, t f;>fci*rn* {.-until. only child of Pa% id M TUoi&paoo, aged i f month* and 6 day*. ?* Wmiuti *? ? Al Tt'ldgeport, Conn . on Mnturday. July 2A, Mr*. Hca^^n Wiiamw. wife of U?e lata Ira B Wheeler, aged SN ) < *r* and 4 month*. TV ftin >ral will take place thlt (Toeadayl afternoon, at three o'clock, fVom North church far* leave New York and New Karen Railroad depot, corner of Twenty seventh *treet and Fourth aveotie, at quarter peal twelve e'clock P M. MIM KLLAKKOI'l. A T rt -A N*W xTTJ.R OF MIOIW ANP OAfTIBM, Al A JoNFf". No 10*nd II Ann aireec tfelJ and aes tfceea AT * JIM VS UK- ?K<t ARM, TF.RT ClfRAp' CAM b-,)?r* ar? Invited tu riaoilne IturraJn* gnfirnnleed O < IIFKIta, if Broadway. 4 oRRAi ri?-.< * r?- ntHMru-u?t* or I J\ ui ? lanailni Prhntprm -fMri r * ceneWTHW ?Tw I only A ".mm i* H>ht*4*m *rhe*i>p? In tb? illy. It nr*ite i>? ?"?rk nr l?i> ?r*|' ?n? it rr'i** Mindly tipnn iia c.*n Intrlrirtr ?ct '? It b?a f??n h#'ir? lb* p. I li "of ?r?r'r i t?n tmm. it t*? n'v?rr annrM nHn-t?tr l.y "Mnuoa Tb# err*' 4?m?iwl nimuty h*? ' *?n 4m\? wlnali ctr >i? (' iuy?rw,r and b. tb* rmnmrnlu^ of tbnarUiM ' t?r? iimM it li, "lW* VAJtmmW.KR* (IttXVJNK A MOM A TIT !- TIIFDAM ! K<||>APrs, tk<> \n<1'I'# firtrn* Hrbn pp? In H? ??M. Pr?p-<r?H ?l Hfh(r.i?m Hf ? lor >u ?r?l hntiW by fi*r? rcKrmmrTiilfd by ihotimnita'rf IgrftUd* The i*kt Wfwnil'wi* " by all Mhtri rtrnl b< mb< Jfo r?*w?r,l will W n rn k ? inffum.Hl r>r an'iybt f?r M l<? tNr* t:uU ill u 'mlinllf Mnp|'> b (h? p > ?? , ? ft ?iri'n ft r?mi> i I trkfn tb?? pttryfcM* I>? VAMI'F?>i\ HtH * . ??< .?? A > 'I.' 1.1 Hrhf Tb? . f*.. ? 1 If ' ?<?v. * Dum ' ' > ''t r JUWN WTII.I.M * fO r pt?< % u Bixxtfw*/. Pit I?rt 5 m Lxjura. i?c a, A ^ oikAi rwaoKH. - " . WHO RAV* r r*jun> TO OUT RB' iaP KUiaWHBftB, should Aj?n;r uuuniAnLr TO t Dft TOM MOMOHSI8KBB, __ wui-iSASD auhwt. I WHO WltA, MBTOM thkik hbabinu JJV HIH Miw STBTBM. BRAD NKW TRfmHOKIAIA trwtiMuwiuii. r?? > * ran I bavr Ami >!****** la wrU/rio* to Or Van ManMMfl ?T?1 ?kin I L " *2*J** for ? l0t* "?*. And Una* n T^ WwbrUkwr > 00 me leu bear distinctly. 3 5fa?s> "T* TwHsSar tlam Tow, JnJy 24,1 " We? BOBK V BAO*- * 9r^tteit ?r ^0<x^u-K"elMurM?'Co^>?a^ KewTa*i 1 * Dr. T<w JfoKHoiiit, OculL "* c522b Plane ? Pki* Sib?Iaa llrtng wttneaa ?Lr^ "Sii OVISTS! Mob of the ear?taring, on a recent OrtafV***? e?? totaUv deaf in one ear; tod. bj "* & y"* "*** who brought ma to roar otto, whit ZZ5 St ^!TT^S without acarrelr any pain, mtlnlj . n 75 your oBr* deaf. ?n<J m/ bttrtnir * T " .wc" wbirb I shall erer be thankful to fM, fck *""" " Ihlntr Ipvr jw car ijjw my name. WUh pal reaped, W |l Wtdl M. I?*w Tom*. Jo)j 1), lflao. rpn,B _ _ "OBDOlf, BBQ., mtw n M Pr. Too ?nacht*?wr e?erated em air can ft. r .rtarm*m.'r * ,ew * wu perf? ^!L r!2S aatf without faeoDtetfenee Of IsternnUoo to buMn ** 1 murt pleaaur* to reooftiuiuQH bu*. ,. . . aKo.oossoH.awa J"***" Jfa# Tom. Ml iw ?w?, ? w? m vo* ttoRrmwsn, i*r w?N mew* KUKOniAN (MTI.IHT ARI> ACB1BT, lavantorsf the KJtK VATORIZKR, vMrMnrta^ ' 1I> Uw Mat oMflMrt* (MM. M wen es ?Vn? tia not ""J? l*e brad, rity Ixi cocamhed on ?tl ittia>? of U* eye ml * tram t Ull ?.T*ctnck, i? if cnirro* PLArK. TOHTg eruKXt ? ArwrATK nnHnmrto w*w. -prof. wnon-8 khhtorStfre Corral aud j rftad Rmorator U, wt'-lHXt d )ubl, tho . beat t-Mie oor?l!a'. in Uiff world. To thoan wbo are vuffnrlnf from r.iwral deWBty we ?wM irromroend Hi use, f< r wtaafi It la pVeraant to th'Uatf, It 4 alren<rUienln* mbe ynt-m. lad will at mrr tend to roa*.t? au impurUM at tb? tl<wd ?o4 eradicate all traeaaof diaaaaa It can be takec by tfce wmlian atomarh, while tboa* to gor.S health will at Jtuf /eei iw ?* knaratint power VTe art* r, tfldfut that after ittt.aaoue batV of thi* C jrtial non# will be ior a day wUhoul It Deix* ttt Jroedway, and aold by all drtit/fata. J^ftLLOtT'* KK"?FFFFKF>'FTF VTTT ~ TYr? rrrfvrrrtr tk yflrv fyvY km hm fk rv rr nr kss ?< rr ry iy- yr bm rr _ i v iv ?s8 rrr9 \y ?wf* rrr* vv , ? rr iv ;v* rr tv ha* Fl' VY Hf*t bM* rrrrr yy^vvt mm rrrrr vvyhv H?f.LOV'K f1 \TKNT .VMtOVKl> FRKNTH YlitCK PitroH Kmfrol*r 1. 1KT$. KKW srYLK OK -irRT, WARKANTKD TO f *" 8?ut by elf >?whi to any nut of He Pnitrd (?u?t??( >ipo? i *:?)?. ypr tnHll of folViwlr?r ?nf??ilrpj, which will f w rart fit. for f 12.' ifS. 918an 1134 pet <ieu-M No om*er fti.twl od fur Ins than lalf a dorr? rbirta. the meaanre are ?t < low* ? Ncrk?Tbo dl Unre aiotir.-f rt. Yoke?The rti fro to I ,vitnt? of eac h Kjii.tldw Sl?.?re?The !eti|[tii from Cif r fitiw tTtbebarkto tl<e wrtaC witb :l?e arm fceol itrruM -PuMr? ?rooad the Ixidv .tn'rr t/v ai t^lta Wairt?Dijtanc eairaaS. AfUr the leneth ia" Ifte ahlrl B? aeniitiir the ?b.<re meaai. ea we ranjrrMracf^? a flfof ?nr new atvh of Die III??R(<-. *!> PRFV.* YORK SCTRT. >l?o. impoiiera i.a<t de?>t? In MKWK cpbmm Wo nnfivi i.Stxop nr- yrtm *, VHioleaale order* .vilirlted. Nn m!? flroanvray, ITe* Tortt. Bow doth kkwiko machink*. 11arrw pat ? *,-> Tbla celebrated new Improved double tla-oaA, _ * ? ? ?k'' MO. KaImtocmb Hn Ut* UrnwdwaT <<>p<adt* Uie HI wMl te florini, roriokh, 1nvkrtko nailfl, uttlmt-klggr Vj J and all dlaeaaea of the ci.r*d ?C ? aio at* liw-norewlrnce to the imflent, bv I?r. ZACHARTK, Hm rf90m Chlropodfat, 760 Bruadway. Reiera to pbysir^JM Mrfi wr ire una of tfcn city. Dr. j. rovrk doi>v i jtrrtai. win* arTTKRs Are n?t? from * ftim *?if iiimdnttrniH wts? wMrh it fthoiit d m.ilr the naual ?tren?th of other ?rtne?, and u Unpor? ed by oniy one houae In th? Uniled Ktatea. Alaofr.m U* fotlowlnx valuable mota. hritia. 4c . ri/ w.ljtnin'a iMi, apfcrf nurd, eoaafiey, raromomtln Sow era. ueoUa.7, wild tarrrj UN baik .iixl i'l>crrv. wr frm.i.kkof. Til tt WORM! to rv?r>m TIIF.R KQUAlWr do .V4 prnleaato kilt diacovered anr* rvi*> "know only to the Indiana of Poutk Ameru-%,' ami a r-??e for "a& din-aara w'mrh the tleah la hair to," hut w? i lium in p?i at ta the public a truly valuable prat a ration, whioti every loWi Sent phyali .an In the rotuiir/ iriU approve ol mod reooawtl a a irmct r for iNririKNT rownrMnrow. We?k l.tin;??. Indication, Hvapepala. Oiaeaaea if UjwH^rrom Hvatem I'aralyaia, Pllea. Pkwtaar* |nvnllnr to ftm*\M. Debility, hi.t ail canca reomrlnir a 'jmlr thev are bfw.?PAs8*n. Pur M>n> I jrvai. to uanmi awou* oie < mr*j, Jtry are truly valuable. For km ami InBrm. or (of leriona of a weak < maUli -i.-m ? for Mlnlatera of the Ooapel, Lttrym, and all pubttr r,*afcei? for Book Keeper*. Tailor*. ^-?iwiiraara, Arttota. atd all peraooa lea-tin* aaeuentarv life, Ihry trill .tr.B tr r beneficial. f or ?erera<ra Ihey are a h tlet ome. limrwent. trl delirtock to the taaie. They produee all tha eihWUraMi* rfacta of Brandy or Wine without intoalcatiiir; and area valaable remedy lor per* r? addlctad to fjceaair# naa of atroax djhia. and trl?b U> rrlrain front It. 1 h?y are pur* and e-iUraly fr?? ftftnllie tv<visoD? < .utaiw.l In the adulterated Waiea an 1 L'quor* trltl> wkich the rmnlre la Hioded Tbrae Hitiata. ool onl? I I RK, but I'RKVRVT Dtieaae. u< ahould N nae<t by all ? bo Utrv In a rouiitry wkere Um> water It had, or * here lliiila and Fereraara prevalent He.oc entire* f ent and namtleu. they nay he Riven Iree'.y to CkUJraa and lnfmta ? ah impunity. Phjaltiana, Ciert' tui u an J U?iperan?a -idroci' -a aa ao art of humanity, thould aaalat In aprvaiilag theae tr.iir rmlnaOt* BIlTRKf) orer the Urd and Ihrrabj rasenUaUjr aiJ la M- ll Ink DniBkrnnea* and Plaraae (-BaRI.KN Wll?PIHRI.n?( 0.. Pn-arvmr*. No. 79 W ill la ta a: reel, ft air Tor*. And told by UruBjiatx jenarally. poR rai.k-thk *rn< it ahd PtxTCRrtorA proab. r < ooteita nery and Fivit Wore. wtUi le>ae of Htiae aad r?el!,rir. aa ihe owner la engaged In otliei Lev loqvurv at ?t, t'himine atree'. IMPORTANT AffNiU'Ri KUKRT w iiv r>ri k op i'i>:as(Jrr tpj."t? on mini th? HRKAT KA-TKRN Prior to her return to R'irone, A i.? a', 19 I ail I w > * r\m * r n i p. i\ n .i'mu ? :p n l c<m* mauder. will leave North rleer, nfl H?niinn< , a Tm'BMDAY AKfKRMMl*, AC-OwHt t At o'clock prcciaelr fur OI.D POINT COUf OHt mr ANNAPOLIS ROAIIM, ' LArxilnf eicnr* ontau without ?nra > ta>r?i NORFOLK AM) BALTTbOA ArrMni >M rid |Vnl (Wiin P?,.'??r > <-01.14 Will laave Old Point MtHDAT MORN1NO. A>ig?ul$ *. R. o?<?-k, ?rrl?lnc at Anna|>u.a K> > la r ..<4*/ a.W-?n,?ai aod Baltimore Huntav at eoin* V.?rur?fc?i?iji r.?n ihi>a ir?rr New Y".knc Tlx.-alar emaIre. rn wy no ? < ?n rMc of VI) ratia* hy Jay aiui n *ht na la* Orral fc*>terti ?tr? up the i IwiiiMtr br d?yii?M U?e mjrht in Baltimore and rurb New Volk <rta rlvlad tipMa* tn railroad Nonda; n-anln* Altai tat & Th* l?rr*t Knrtern anil omnart at OVI Point wv.k trriuwrr ua .TdiiiMI rlvar to KiUimoed and wilk ik?. cala at Nurtv?* ui Pi-rlMromh for ?t1 n< (nu and Hm.ihweat tMlpWORTH'M Kl'I.KNDID MILITARY HAND VI 1 accompany lb* ncnrtioti and irtaaia ou beard im .<u UM entire trip MKA1> AND RPf-RK-llMRNTfl will be funiabad at a xxlemte rhmrge sTATKROOV PPRTHR OMR DOLLAR r.XTRA. Far* firm Now York to Old Pom;, Norfolk aud PorlanOulk W ri f (fill New York In Baltimore r Pure fr? in Old f"' 111 ?'?iwfnrHO Annapo'la or Baltimore S F.XITRMONI.-T- Ml -.T UK OS HOARD ON THURSDAY AT ? P. N. T" kei* will real* .?! Trewtay ?t A1*sm Rtpreaa Co.^ I>ffr? :o H/nadwey. whrra i*ana at Mia ?hu* ri.i b* ?*? and ktlwimw xrnrXl. J. M. YAT.'iH, Htc. 1NFORNATION~WA VTK?. I iader*<??d a larire .nnirber if pat-anna ara aw?<tB putting up <>ia ?nd>r my trade mark, fccktadaa Ar>aMMk Vbn?ppa f rhWdnwi l-'tinanpa >tl ArjaiaMr Rrtwappa. Aar lnl< rniatam a hirh ?<*f lead Wi the nunrlra nf the riulfl? lira aill ka ibaokl'til] /aearvad b/ ODOLPHU WOLTK V RM*ar ?ITPI N'OTT' r TO nPt'OUISTP vTOI.FS fRf VTI'ir r>rv%R. _ wkvrtNv 11 Vr'?da?v, a ta>x rix,".ii,lot Ttaaaa Rag. Oir I lit mm! l '? .>i?wli ii .? d< t. >k* ? :n? l( oOai-?U for ?a'a J VRIOHT li'li., Mlrwdvkf. OLD M lft? OAM fit IINAPl'A lid rm>t, '.href >?M? iBn>?>i'.r\l. ?i)ltalil? for pmatr K< r nalr I j vnoi.PMo wot,p? n Haarar H.aa. K?.V? \ltI> A fO., , patf.kt B('t KKKrrrpR a mrt.r. ist Aki.fRi iUhk'-i rntrnra ahmfrrtx rimrom, The mly truly rrllalila urtir i-a to ?iai mni.a I'n* ton Hup. V' if>?. <l?rden litfi'i. Ruia Mul Miro Prinr pal daix* lf7 Hi?a4ai.? Sold l>y ail diunriata STODARD PUNOR It RAMI NQOARR AND PIOTtlX), | Till BRUT MANVPACTVRRD. wariroonr m broadWar. Tiik <?rkaii>t rkmpdy TN th> world FOR RUN vrr rimpl#lnia in l>r 1??BIAM' ^ met ma Unio?> . DlarrLn a m d -lyerniery ar? ?iiMd.\telycured br It. Hop "j II III* > W.'.ri 'in'M r?fl""T lnn"?n' t'l tike ltil<-rn? ? nlr K?M ?iy ?!I Hi* IVrxH M Cart -j, Irtraai. rr??K rnu>owi?o two patrntb por hat *' .. 1 AHimr. PAHATtKft. at 1? Hprm* alrrwi. waat tf ?-* ar*? -Hlark Prmfb V?reWi, rullabla for r?rn1*hln? ' oI l?ath*r. ?m b ? ? , haraaaa. met*to ?l?. Fran " ""J" frri ?r!nr ?r<1 ntbar ft.ratliira At tV *bnr? rt*po> . ' n>hr? ?ra ofl?rad for aalr *1 lb* W>w pftca o( *) p? Militar; a?*>iiir*?aut? rr?r?i>4 >1 tl ? m. ?*??. tTMrrn n OHOHJOAI. A*I> I.C\U*IO .T, L M'> ? Primrnn# Famflf float. V mm loollit Ptarl ?hM* 4o . 10 J, fino <lln?.!?r Ratbkna <r?am..... 2 < na < antno *4 4o? Pancy Anapa. 9 <>n? t?k? ArrroUfamtia Crmipr ^ w r|?<nm? pialad and dlvar w .r? .. 1 Ona * akr Ijiiindry HU?rb P ,.ii?k { aa oBJ i-aka Orrta TooUi oa', . I _ ' iJ ToMU * i ' "Wy. l4J MafciJaW M?w Tar*. i wildst, patikt PH?? A nrgoi.A* p>o?riiArw I QPTKt BiKf. w mm? I?.m. y< 2.K; jpss.- tuss-v r n?ham. Ko? an<1. ?Uir* IMWi.Uaai ftrwt, MfW Tflrt. ?. % ai.'niurtJ I* wJ#t i? trtrr rv**T.

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