Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1860 Page 6
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e IWUAT1CH ?AWrmn-WMMAr.JK9. * "mIPDLK AtJKD WO*ANMriSHK8^A"^roVrToy. A i.%i do oxikin^, waaiunk uttd Ironing so obJ?r-uin 10 di a fct 'B acw rfc ID a ku-ail A^ply ?i Nj, i Bujer^i, r> no ir irool room. AFTTl'ATK'N WANTKIWHY A WIDOW W<>M\N TO a** oure ot chiidrou or U? do chauii*? A'oi a. oa.l <ii 1JJ Wrrt WJi ?L 1 * VOl'Ifii U1KL WI8UKS * KITt'A'noS !> *. i':l' J\ -x-Jt unruly lo do <eimr?l h<> i?ew rt I! > o / r jfoee from b-jr law p! ice. Cwi be iwen at 7. j late., ! u?PUi it.. Jtiid tloor. ATOUIIO WOMAN WANTS A HJTUATIO* TO <n) the trentnU hu'iaework of ?in?ll (uiilj 'MOM | from :?r tot piac", wbei* ?he ued t?ro veara Can a ?<*u to two dure at 1. J bat iJih sl, br.iw lu .. AK1TT ATI ON WANT1D-UY A YOl'S i U.HL Vi wnuv<i^>r oh*mb?rni4il and waitr*** i .u a ?al?'>'. i7wiiUaf to *o a sb'?u diauj'oe in I h*,.t city relrreace. 0*11 lor i?oda)*a. lll>a Am atbr rraj ARKSfBcTAHLK UlBu WANTS A >11". All > V-> . do p^nf.r d b i work, to* small i?mi'y ? i <ern?". 040 & ?jcn for two d<tj?ai 1U Court ?t, . lor, k< -<M I OOtU. __________ A situation IB wanted for \ ,.!8I. 13 v :.VItS ol up*. in ? private fan" ' , t<' ' "> r w cth-r ;*l. wort >fce * *u r' " .%f'c u> n.?ke I ?exer.u.> t.v ; ?t *?' r??t t .& tut* _ _ ' * inci voumi arm wishjm to po tii h kin ?A. ?( r* ,1 Kin.H. K'lol pl.uii I' Ml m aMeut waMl-r at.! iixinj. .iuJ two >e?jV r?f*r?n from c. ?-i> i r<? M ub 'J-y ?t.. reiween I'r ac - Hew;, i " No 11 J' *"*" *cU ARrKPKtTABl.i-: YOUNG WOM AN W \ V rs \v|Pin. I , ,'irui 1 houaew >rk ma prtvai* l'.toi :*. ^r in *ic n a > ui :imt hon?*. * an ut w-??. ' - aud . im? Jii1 Dtn or city rai'erence |.-o.n li'rlui >Uc?. 0ut :< r two da.? at -HJ Mon.oe St., between Oath - ncd ' A LADY. OK INTELLIGENCE *NO REKINKMK VT, i? js'-omed to tbfl bwt *>cl?> So ith, would , ?< :o pro- I mrf it or. ?, Kmr poal'. on, titht-r to act am hmn*k<,?rei\ co j pjm- -meiiv.eBAia, or to Ml some vocation in a n r.' *V.?ry ma tt>r ) nnclpkl object Ad'tresa M. <Oray, bo* 1-Xi H?r,<:d ) Mb** ! AKnrATION WANTED-RY A ! I II III II yo .[* woman, as and wai'.<*r, or chJlti'a rat-, or to do t'oe waalilng and ironins: g od e!ty r?fer?nce. mi t-e teen for two lay* at 17i Welt lith at. ne ir Btb r.y. A it r.*T EATABLE YOU N(1 GIRL WISHES A SITU A x> .c t. mbfrwork and >!* ? ?*w.nn. or ?.i. u<. Cau ae seen for two day? a: l'on<,ie?s st , b?-I'>\v Columbia ?t. A HIGHLY RESPII TABLR VOUNt; UIRf. WISHES \ m ^tun aa cbjunberfn?.?d wrl or ch%mbt*rm l m.rn*i *a - irMi fnr A nriv*L?> laiB'lv: h.l? tfOrtd ritV ! . Iffl I her latL place. Can be ?eeu hi l j K. labeih st., near Bleed ej it A PROTESTANT (SIR!, WANTS A SITU \TTON AS 'hambermaul ?t:il wa.irr s. or chambermaid and seam ( rear avliii) rc:ereuc?. noobje^lloua to go in lie country. aJ at No. 12 OUi *t ABITU \Tin>r WANTED? BY A RKSPRCTARI.R YOCNQ mdud, ;.> do genera) houaework; can do plain co >kiog, aiding ..od <...nirg in amnall iHiiilly. Call for twodajaat it MM >li k ): ARKSPK TA HLR YOCHO WOMAN WISHES A SITUA inu .v? i nr. i tia excellent p'.iuu newer; ha* no objection m< ?io chainbei work, and g willing and obliging. Can give lite ?? ( of city references. Can be seen at 1111, West Jlik su, fchlween C'.b and 7th aft., in the roar Lr?t flour. ARKSPKCTABLK AMERICAN PROTESTANT I.1R!. wi.Hb a situation to sew, and do light w >-k; m an ejoel leni operator ou (lie ? ? iij: machine, would bring her uwu d ar*.r?-?l Call ai JK.' 6th av., in the Store. A PROTESTANT OIRI,, RK "RNfl.Y I.AHOKO. WANTS k ? ; .auon. baa no objections u> go In the country. all a: 111 Eu?t 23<t it . mm 1 kcr. ARKMtaAlil.E MRU, JIST LAN USD. WIMIR8 a ? tiiKtlo? Hk cl ambervtaid and waiireaa. or wo i.d tile oare ef i-4,i Mren and do plain tewiug. Call lor in u days at 71 Weal 3Pti - . -e A SITUATION WANTKD.-ANY I.AOY IN W ART < >F A rea;.y ?m'rt, rr.'ji :e afrrar.l forcooatng, ? aaliluii and tr<\i-<ug, nr r*rerHl housew ork, with firat clan* eui!"? for *. hoDChiy anil capability, mil apply al to Alia..tic si., kiuc> yn. AOKhMAN OIRI. WANTS A SITUATION TO P() (1KM eral boutewor* in a until private family. Call at 31 Cor I lean tu AN RNOUSH l'ROTRS T ANT *iIRI, WISH88 A SITUAuon, to ? *in\il private family, U> do general houaework. To he aren for two days at Still 7ih av., betw een S3 t mid SJ.1 ua., is the milk depot. ARKSPfXTAHI.R WOMAN WIKIIRK A HiTt'ATiON, . . to cook, waafe fend Iron, or to do g<MraI houaework in a I ill prtvaM* tamily; no efeinetion to go a abort <11 ?t?t.. e In the , hi ntrv. Oooti references u :e<iuired. Call at IVJ Kli/abeth i for two day*. ARRHPKTTAHIK OIRI- WIHtirs A SITUATION TO co g^nrral houwaork in a small private family; haa no U> go a abort dwtanee in Hie country: beat of city N i a.1 toi two day* at 148 7th ar , 51 floor, front room. AKF.SPK 'TAJtl-E YOU NO QIRL WANTS V SITUATION . ;o <'.o rh.,ui>?rwork and waiting, or w a old axiist with the , * p nal ir.oilng, oi would take . u c oi chilJreo, ran ?t.? a ma m w ag and embroidery good n y referenre. t '^ll at 111 W eat l^th ?t. | APKAMKTRKSS, WHO UNDKRSTAN1W Al.l. KINDS J rf family .and dreaamakia.-, cm cut and t.t, | a ^ituatV n, or w otild have no obiectum l" hire lor one MODth wherr ahr rou'd make it her nouir Mluie employed. tXll at Vs t.h atenu?* l>ei .ve>-n Amity and i'.h st* , for <>ae day W-J ARWl'KiTABI.K MAU1UKU WOMAN WANTS a ' baby to n-trae nt her own borne I ail lor ;wo 0?>? a: oil >w MM ARKhrFiT MII.K YOISO WOMtS WANTS A HI > !' atiwi it i ood plain i -A n a ?ntll private family. la * 1 lived waalier lied Iranrr. H* at of rlly refer*' iroiu her Hat pla. ? . tan be ???n in fO Reaueo at Brooklyn, lor iwo da>?. I AT PROTKSTAXT KJIPI.OTMKNT SOCIKTY S OFFICE , of lodnrj-y. MM Canal atreei. (rxxl gtrla for fam'.Uea, ' h>4r!a. ?-?rea i fBrr?l worker* r ?iWa. Ivitidreaaea, eham b?rm?.'tv waJUra. nura-a, ?< gileiiaotnen, boo?< toever*. Ac., city and country. i A LI. FAM1U s AN1? OOOP ^KRVANTS WtI,L VIM> IN- iar*eai Hi'1 '<ea* oi! ? i u* city at 118 lllh ?' ioru?r M Mli av <li*ilft .'in* tiiraediaiely, also. *'?>d en I ipaMe kelp to *>nt ai: wbo rat: Olrla Uiely landed m anted, a I we all (>rki in good, reai eru1 t pUna. Apt OTl'll PROTKHTANT A .c:TUATln>f ** I child's mtrae or to do chamber work. I? capable M d<NM K*b. <'an be "'B 'it two data at bt. present employer *, it) AHK-PK. r.?H! - *< ! s>i ".Hi. want* a MTOA t.?*ii aa - .r.ud .1.1.1 w ?i.; can or to ia it<1 a o*-iy. Can be art-u tor twodaya .it M Weat W u reu it , Hrovklyr. Asm An..N WAMkii-ui v vol's-. Woman \rh?n bermai ' an.1 to nat .ai in tne waahmV and iroui.i f. or to do b? laework is a tia?li 1 *ui ./. t all at ft r.<we* at., bark ' .. n ei AYorV'i WOMAN" WANTS A tTTl'ATION *N V I'RI .?M family a* cook. waah?r an t iroo" m 11 r*:?rca< ? and can t>e aeeu ItU at I'M wm AHK1 Ki TAULK li;-il>l'M WOMAN , waata a aitnation to do ta era irk and w . Jag than 1 erwoik and muni ch Mreo. tali at N >. i Weal Mb M . bew-. n ,-tb and 1Kb area Am 11 a 1 low waMKI' iiv JOH v > n a MTBKI, 1- a I . prd plan ri>4. (food i.aahr a0.1 p an ri.aer; ah?* la I Mum* and willing to do an)tb.a<(. l'a.1 at dirert . Mr. I Kre?ei . 114 Monroe atreet. A?KS1'K< TAKI.K YOl N-4 Wo*HN WAN TS \ BITCA im nam ?iTra.d and aureaa. or wovM Nke totrnrel ?hfe a mdy (tood ? " ' ?! lor 1 da t t: ij Han.'a r.rei i ioonklyn. Kutlub Alt hKaM^KB^ ?KMrLoVMICMT WAN TBP. BT 1 H K 1 , .lay , week or monlh >-y ? young lady lw*lng 0M f Wb??i?r A Wi *vr ? aewtnt ma iiiae?, and t* a roisl oiieraUir, bargr tl per nay. Apply d or ad lre?? M.? K , J1 Wea t.?i tree HOV?KKKrRR.-A 1 AIM TH? "RoO'lHl. Y CONV ?!K ?pi wh tbe Ilerma.1 and Kncltah laniroagea and h ?h!y rMOHimended In err*y reaper! '? dUairo ,a ui ooUln.ii.- a Citj *) ? h?? !i?.t *tn r uprnrar*. :> ?! \o o ret I kind'..--sim' of refeifuiec %ddr??i B (Tr:-r ar.t K*i , I Ml Bmadmy. SnrATio* wavtkd-by a compkikxt i-kiwon. to take c\r?of hi.lrrn *nrt li p.iin ir?,n.. In iri?k n*> trr Bs.'d' Ol M an. Bittaiel, B ut k r.rnedi., 7? W'kU ?s. Sithul izoium rnitu inrAim tare* ; t?i??d t? mrre in of our twk* Rraotlf* 'aitilioa, aa ; cook* n?*b*r? Ml ironrr*. clui<1rrn n irw? and m ir???< ?, ?r? nitnuni ki'.uaUooa kl MA> M5(l A ?'<). ? V , ? Agetio, IV TUWj ? . Brook ) n SrrrAtioN want*i>-by * highly resi'k< tabi.k j< iek ?otn.?n. ?( i > ?nu*rniv I *a ?? .!* <, nr lum ci ULkf ? id to do tin* ? I lug kn.l Iron if ?he korv^! } .a.!*r MKiols brr t-'.kir > * h*a lie?l of rilirrii i'i frmti h?r , uK rm I'tfrrr i hi) t# veu i ,?r two dkf? kl l#0 K*-i j?7;h A.. ,ir?l Mr. front r.*j?n. 0ITVAT1O* w vXTtP, BY A Rt- PVtT V I'.t.E ?T. V. 'II O rr>t'?;?r' oi??. u>. f <t i ?? .?ri-d.( l?k< Aroiv HI iu?i ijth ?? for two dn\k. QITI ATIOH WAKT1P-BV A RK4FRCTABLK IOC* . O ? mar to .'IK* inl Iron. .Tt" d. jrun* h >u?? mr<rt. f*?! < :> rr g.tru t a. ki i\9 A ' r. , yr. lor dk)?. i*t?ern t\>uri ? jU Boerum * t mo THK ?I? tC -A IflN'i BXPKKIKM'BIt LAPY'rt X woo-iily aar?*. In tfc? hkW: of UU.c* i Arr <.<f jr i * dIM M<1 (fBllem'ti ??w dk*ru?kffM CW1 >r ad fiirw ? " ICaoi iteth kt , a?w Id *rt. X\*.\nT*? y Mil-ATI.>N. TO t'OOK, \Y\MI \\n ft T>" < ."> tl r% (Ml I* r ? ... fur t?o iUy? a: ir TJt X iKlwem M bi J ,|a ? . uj r t I. t. \1' ?KTKI?- ? WTI ATIOW HT A V"i Xi? WnlHl u d i " h .* mr n* ?>r ofa. m' .r< ? fi . Imam* V >?_*- ?> n? I tlx r miry. C*U at Al l. i |Ue?r L, vrii H *?. Brwmlyu. \l*?J?TKn-? f!Tl VTI<1* AS LAl'KDKKm HV \ ?? ii>? i* ?u4 ;p<1 ?Ut-> > m m ?n City rii>rm r irmm <'*!) M ? Pi* ? in?l r. u- \jcrriv-nv a n?m.T>?T.K cum. amtcitiox ?iabei'in? 4 Ami t*? n .. 11 t.ikiiif i' rtr. rtrm IU? fu*irjprr? ciiy reifeu e. A j >r ) I i? ' >??? >i'i<w m. \|*OTKl? - 'tf ATT'iV" BY TWO RKXPFi TARI.K "? ? * f>4? t?nrr? ?<> *, or < r <" >< ? t' w ?r ? id tn?r. ? Br .t r*ir ( tfr C > r?? t l a* . 1 tn> r< ? mfc?r M piM* l.o- . !?t- > o< | ffc .11 ira?il I r1*iO? !*ie \l f??uw,l> It'll*1'-' > - lot! mm t'ik it., n**r 'VI Ar 11'^Ni ' f.T A K HfV.-'THH.* UIKJ., * *ITl'A i " . na - *n 1 ?inri-m. or I . utk* atrr ? ' ?r irmwlc 'v r?:en-nc ?. 1 t , Mi* I mi ? rc ?|l'i.| r?. -II* 0TfP \ SITI ATIO.N, .ty A HV r? rmn " ??? * ? . r ' " > *. 'X .. 1 (On ? , I' i r* tut, frail room. e Unxr:p-A iriATio.v. by a r>n?-nm.i! I ? Bvn, vi jro^l . Inirf r?? ? ut-f v?t rr r - ? ?>f 1 fi u \ i?*lw?.'rr*n ?T at vi * - / It *' ir. ai M titon O w*t n-iw r . r ty I " ti ?.;*<*.* ?.. ? <J ?? ' ?* ? TOtatiowb w.tvrai U' WAST :.v A tRSFK TWlt*:'***. ' ' ..M.- < . . ; , f > . t >y lb* ' *7 '"Hi OOMlM.'J* Mr- i, . u, lu 1/q iki r# tffio kv**i Atid Bt -ll'ANTFr> hr ? urjFBjrABLB IO S? ? 'V\N. A ' * ? ' ft n n n k, ,?ie .?iu..v, -?< "!> ut< .j.J o " I ?u 'jim xr.ii U rliijf. '* * I i. ' JCI.-uTw 0?'l .1- J.50 We? -.S t ? . i ' ' ' - ' VI * * N I !?' ,i_ny A rROTksTANT JtRL, A ?ITC AT10N ?T io<K> it* xikir wuab ug jr.d :ri?.ng o' hpiiv,,'.# :?ui ei? tie lo.i: . . ? ?n Of ureii*1. Vo. ),> JUn>- .<md it. \\r.K s I KO? \ >17 Ai:<-v. ltv A RKM'KcTAHI.4 WO. nun ? ? . i' iLn lfnmily in :h# city. R?r of refar *'. ? m her i ?. <PT>'j at T.1 W17"h f r t v ) o*yj<. 11 v : V. 11? A n< | ATION, BY A lOLKO WI.M \N IN A Tf .. lamUv ?.? exi'dUt'ol cook, And m willmif to imM " 'hi;' ??'. inning, ku<!>? te?to; city rwereuio. W : l -.b h i it stiutoe il 'J?? j n:ry. Call at Ml f'h ave., ?k: ?l.<1 iSil ?Ui. I A iWi-.D-HY A RRSPW TABT.K tJIRI.t A STTI'.vTION ' * ?? ' i iinV>?i in i d mil w?t:?r, >ind b . to objoc i j > : : to ^ddrvu. !' o: r'lerri. ? "O i ? tivrn. i .in l we i :m i? < > j ^ at Mo. ji < m., twineeri : b ^ I tth *???. W'AXi-Kn- Br * u: 'K< I'ABI.E WOMAN, \ *;TTTA. ?? Mew i, ?> .1 iron id* p. fc " ' wl'.y ')m<t r ty ... 0. a > e ? u >r t* > Sty* u. ?7 C.h ?v., top floor, (ruat to. m, W'AM !> -BV TOI'V.i A?TT"AH VTOnn ?t h- wk k . htmlx r;.u d. C?i-11 cty trri'uoe if if. \{. cd. ?.'* I bt OtiroU M . Itivoklyu. U'aMHI' UV A R~ PK- TABL.' Al.i)KKl.Y WOMAN, a ii'utiau is it >aMli )>nvAia t?jc**; i** n-will -l.j . - 1-tl i loi- . .V J UAJS i.? 1CU1 tu, i .tfc side *>'.h *ve. VV-av1ki>-ry jl resprctabt.b i'ftolkhtani" woTT nc .0 ? 'ua'ioB .'.a s>aia stress In a private !-tmily; she i) .ds sn.J t.uuiK iadi-V no.I children's ii. r ?; ii..? u\-J over loa' - lis in ktr Uat p.arrt. Ova oe . 11. 10 til] o'clock at j~ 3 Broad a , up stairs, mlUineiy r. .i. t1T aNTED - \ snr atiov, BY a RRSPEi'TABLB woII wan, ;.h co. t au.1 in uv;m in (he wftahinff and nxiumg; K a1 uly reiercuce. Call lor two d?>? at iW ICast 23d st. x\tantl'd?a itl ation, by a yoitno woman, to it ,1'hu.i'rmn; is ? rooI washer And ironer; gool refe. recce. c.'.U l'or two t'ays at 60th at., corner of Broadway. \xj anted--a ?it0ation. my a rrkprctabi.k woT T man, a* wet i; fail at HI CUT al ae-ond tloor. "I1TANTED-A FiTl'ATION, BV A YOUNO WiiMtN, ?? ;.s ok. Manlier and irouer. or to do homework in a srr all f mllj , no ibjfctlon lo j;o a shiirt distant in the country. . references. Call at 4ft Prtnre it. lUAXIED-BY A RF?PEi'TABL,K YOVNU WOMAN, A TT sit nation; she s a iiood plain "oolt, ar.d is willing to a-Dint in the wasbiiijt and iruninp. lias the best of city reference. <'sll irom 9 A. M till t P. M. a; 392 3d sv., between itftu sod 0th v-k. . over the shoe alore. t*-astedby an amert<' \n woman, a situation TT as i.rat clas-" cook; underarm's her h tsinesg iu all lt.s branches: no objection lo the country r private boarding ho :s<*. Can be se> o for twod >s at 5(4 2d av., bet? ceu Slat and Sid sts., se> ?'td tloor, hack room. Wanted?mthattons, bv two uiri.8; one as . <? * and to s*d?t lb the washing and ironing, and .he i other to do chi iberw. rk and wHUe?. Can be been for two days at bo Wen'. 23th at. IV"ANTED BY A YOINQ, HEAI.THY MARRIED WOIt man. wilb a freah breast of miik, a situation as wet nurse. > an lb seen ior two days at 11 Mir.etta at. \\* ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPRCTABIjE Tt yn,:nR nrniD, to ciaik, wash and iron. Uood relerenee. < an be se>-u until t .i'.edj&t 61 Tiliary St., between Adams and Pear), Biooklyr VITANTRD?by a vkrt rksprctabi.k woman, a TT situati !. ?? conk and to asaiat In washing in a respect ab.e lainiiy. lias the best of city reference. Call at 136 Crosby ti, third i.oor, front, lor two days. UJ anted?a s-itiation, by a yol'no wom an, to rook, wash nnd iron, or would do hiuaework in a small family n willing and obliging. Good reference from her present place, c^il at 94 m eat 2tih at. w'antkp?a SITl'atr?l*. by a rkspkcta bi.e TI RhIM womaa, as eiceilrot rmt. and gfxal baker m Ith ,1 A lao, a altnailon for her dntifhter, fifteen years 01' Rue. H hn u-fll Iiinkf> KaimII f?n?rft!ltr IIMfill I *?n K?t aMn mill engaged III Hi* stoiv IJUrlaat 33.1 ?t., between 111 mid !M urn. Wanted-by a little girt,, a situation in a private family, to do plain sewing ud mind a chUd. Call at95 ,th av., corner of 17ih at. vitas'IFO-hy a RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION 11 lo do in a email family, te a g<v*l w aaher an I i-onir. Can gtvs goop recommendation. Oan be seen for two ?iay? W 4iw i nn\bcr)and si., Brooklyn, m th? bsaement. UfANTl-p?BY A VOUIfO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO cock. wi.ah and iron In a small private family; Ins tti? beatol iv teieren c. Can be so?n lor two day* al 1J3 Wdat jOh between ;tli and 8th avg., itrst Uoor, front room. U'.Wi fp-by a 'respectable eiyolibh woman, i - . iu >n a* it i . rav* fi?k.'No objection* to go * ah irt <:t?lane<-tn the counirr; is also R competent biker, the bra or i ity reference ran be given.. P'.'-mh- i all at 1S3 Weai loiii at. ~\\TANTED t. SITUATION. BY A fOUNU WOMAN, 11 as laundress, or to do diambtrirork, she understands all kmus ol fine * ashing. and French fluting. Tin beat of t itv reference! an lie given. Call at 7i7 4th at, between lat ac t 2c avenncg in Hie rear ummkh--by a RESPECTABLE you no MARRIED 11 ?nninn u resectable baby lo r tirse; has lusi her own tin- days ago. * an be seen lor two days at US Kaat 58th at., in p Hour, Hunt rwui. U'tXTF.D a SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f? v.";i gmun *^''1 about SO years, ll?cs with his parents; h ... v>i : k .i. any i ght respectable business for 93U0 |>er year. A, Irran Kb hard, boi 176, Herald office. utajt ik1i BY i > i vi TIDY <.1RL. a situ a ri< in f I aacuaiuberm ud and to aaaiat in washing and ironing; ivould hu\e mi objection lo wait ou laWe If irvjI lire.I. ill > 1 rr I- ci i' t an be seen at her last employer ?, ItXi Wiilow at., iii*'kijn, for two d?ya W'AMrO?BY A Tl EXPECTABLE YOUNG W(>M\X. A 11 , > < in I ''Hi ? ntci, or to do general housework; la a good w a slier and irouer; haa no objection to go in the couairj . good reference* if require t. In fine ol Mr. ? uuner N. ?y Mir . ?t., id the r?.>r. U'axtep -by v yq'.'no woman. a situation in a nna)i private fainilv to do rnok uij, washing and ir wcuM n - ludrca* mhI do th* chatt btrwjrk. haa reference (r"tii her last plsoe. Csn be ?een for twu da a al *1 i u-.f-r. lit. tx uteen iii.j.i' and Jay. Brooklyo. sin WAATBO-HAlillt ? n vn.> mechanic. capable or tak ug charge i f a nigh or low pressure engne.igde rm* ol proem i i({ a situation Petsr.ns having employment lor ? .< h an t wh inn.- Ui secure hla services, win address wall am J anr>. Herald i flice. To barbers ?wantkh by \ rk8pe1tablk \ 1 ? oiau. 1111.1 jim t > :i -h lew^uin^ he baineM at d ' a? T A. j? t-'V I "J Herald oflice U* anted?a -iiiaiihx a? cobrkspond1n. r>rV, by : * unf centlensan of vevly ha'utj. furnish.' i w ;h th- beat r' re'erei . ea. he ta able 10 carry on corrr?imi.iivt? !i hn/ilah Krein h, i>frmni an t hp in.tli Ad . -*. aiaurg salary, eon utkiaa. Ac , j. a., bok 1<ju Her*..i \?- \meh- kmi'l."v.mknt fck a it' 1v 10 year k 11 a>;c. Art.'res* M. R , or call at If j Win si. WANTED ?BY A YOU NO M VN, OF FIVE YKARs II t>uaincas txperieuu*'. a aitualloD aa buokkeerer, clerk or cero ra a?. LSCt. la willing lo go nth or Weal, M l ia aup h- i kkrciii-r in a profiaton hojm. Adiireas Frank. be a lit lltrn.u oflict-. U'Al?TF!?-A* KKUA'iKMKNT AH PRIVATR ?K.:ilK arjr r > ? * t>m .n of m*aa?, lator In * Urge famili or 11 , re?p>r. ii k rr* 111 a llrat i ata ui.-reaii'ii* bun*-, by it *rn of e.l .( .In a, thoroughly proActmi m lb.1 itn/iab, frrnrh. M>amali. I'.a.iiu ant <*Tui*n Uumni'i. w.ninl :,-o avr>*' If de?lrmb>. Aiidreaa J. T. R., 611 Broadway. lI'ANTfP- V MtCATION BY A YO|7NU M V.V. I.V A ?? ?.r?. ile dr> r-idaor lanry nbhou bona*; biu Ihtii ,*r minU'd wit. ih? b''.?< ? far ?nn? Hate, aio-a?* me ?r< in i."i#u-?*e. antra a uood hand, anl 1a nuiok at 'i?iiv? o( rrtrrrncM *Hvn. AddMaa, iur ;tire>-Jaia. II. II.. t*)i li3 H?i a,.I f.1 Uranticd?hy a vot'Nu VA.V, a nutation wi ii<l be ail nf i make himarlf trnerai,. uae.ul ta a r >.1? " mlanl and miderawnda k?*>kkeepitn. Am f to F. II i . Vte? yj?n at. tlTANTKt?-li> A YOt Ml V\N. A NtlTATlON **? f? c laibmau a k1 In w k In .1 >r*rl- n w J like m a >. j the rn .airy. i-'f rtftrtm*. I'allaitll Winner htm:, iu :be ii. t'i) Habit tXT ANYBD hv A RRHPR FA BUI TOVN MAN IHS ll , ?n aalliik i 'ii aa ooackMan. bating hvt grrai eitier em r i* . i I "a / 10 perform all tke .5 i:.** at'i eit onm : *ie I - i n < ?a ( ir the bwrt nt r?for?n "In to bn .??ij *> riy ,1 abil i;. AddrraaC. H.. Tomrk.nai il.e I'oei oBice -lain Inland \lrA?TKI>-< -iri ATI<>* At IC^TIIT Oil CCNTOM It l< ' clerk ti* ri!f ?li.i naa bad au teara'etperi'iv e can i >e .b?- ' oat of refer#!..ea Addr -aa H. K i) , Haia'd ,ifl.< e. \\-ANTH * -ITl ATImV. H\ * VOt'.IO WAN, Tn ?? Make hlnM* generally u? i wrikn . hand, la a *?vl aci'ui,,uni and p'rtecl'.T hnriMil.>rr an t ir i-t noctbi ta not Mr .: ! of w> : tt?farrnc<? in l apia.n CVi.l i? (I > nith trret. Adilreaa J 'kn Uaaly, 23d aremia A. THR TR.tDRfc i H?Mri?SltOR W iMKH.-t CI>MPi>!tIYi>R AXDQK5K " r? > > h Hit F'l.; ? A| j i -rF'N-.i i. -ill A TI N WANT KM (<> I V K C 4 i V*r*" of ibe an?Vartnff of a a?lt<"i i ?n<l je* - r/' ? i# a1. I !.? r r.'i t a.T h*? fwn f. r th? laat U*ii i-a * wilb i-lie III Ihe lar* t jr?r r? ai-Mt* n Nr a Vora. AtlUrvM U. HetfBtm . 6.0 W cat Twrut; Ik :tl ?:rp> i. paoTIMlRArHFr. -W\MKIl. T<> KV.iA?R, A* AR I I .at ivk .iicVrauu la i h . ?r*t hj I , ai Inu .-bea. \ i ro t. | eiet <d. A.Uu?a A. IS , h.i "M Vt.u hi 1' a: i a. a, w.k n?l|.. rp uuTri^ iTAXTrn, 11 <*<>< n - i.k iut riM i nrra H?"a'lf w^rk at Nwai??t i .* tin I ' Tv i a . | r i aai IRMI a a' l? of . ? :in? tlie iMaeM t KU ;,a)iai<-i.t. Aii'liw C. CuMdnrk, bni IN Htrul oSm. iimm i> i ij ?:? c "Mi pyrrir ? uoon " ' * rkman. A, > . I WtXIll I.RurilKK> f UTARI H IMMKPfATKI.T t\VR OR TWO ?IH-r 1 1 nltn dMMrf < 1MB. Apr!/ w D .rand. Carter A Co., k'l. I . .m <* | it*a ? i1 v i ni ritAT knilira *? !'.' ? v . .J tt, ai I ali it I ' t'. Bernard . |fi>. 1T4 'Y mig pr;.' g. tl ' fTTATTON WIRS CCTr i ,n k WJ Hirt ' -Mrr A ' "e Mr?a? ' 1 >! . H a v.i, ' I ?t fwh?ra n. ?' r-in hkd' .bt i?..,4*;.l ' ' "'0,r roam ?>. a kt i, .. n < i: . k =' ; {OOOBTTV vr \VTr:n ;n ...? * ~TTt ? w . ? r ' *. I rr jis/... jwtfco us |K U? ?/*. . . ,w NEW YORK HERALD, 1 ; HELP WANTED?KiLESi AOEWTH WANTED- WITH KHOM AND VP.? A K l?J. Ui *611 a u?w j<<J : It w? r.nfvt j**d art I !? r. cr-at < ?i >i and, Very .lomal will i? gneu. A| piy at 37 N???n 'i *!( *( top fifx.i. from 9 li 4 o'rkKt. BARKEEPER WANTED-A UIOU TOL'KO V*V ?h > 'in.,errtarK!* billiard play njf. and It w <if>p?*o 0< airra CMapp>> * i.h reier-o.-eaat th?* 110I4J -- '?>-r?u.kJi, Fifth .pi if Twml) awi-mut ?t BO WANT' D? AT ;*? BROADW AY FIRST FLOOR. Mu?t rer ' with kin parei.:i, and come well r?eon.mer.<ie<l. I | 11 - uhv SA> K-MKN. H<H>h KEEPER*. PORTERS. 1 VV . -,r jrf i.mUop fii|t.i^enaeou : ii-the ull tr?4f, tht'uW ?p . at REDPaTH's MerefcHnta' i'>rk?' ? .stat-y 7? Hr< a>w*y. v. it? o tn ai'.vaive. Refereue* to ?r?i A p! t? i'y ?? ! n at en- a'-awpa. Ei tat 1KH. liliu. K VVVI l.\f\ ^uper nt?-.u?l?ul. / 11.ERk WAVrftl IN A RETA1E I>HY OOODH STORK VJ ii Hrtxk.yu A young man that t.aa had two or ihr-e rrnri' eiperteree, ,?r<1 'ha! rau I'ooe we 1 ree< inni'.'ntiei! an to fur.nty uud isciatrjr, may apply at ml AitanUO at., ><o ;th Hn^ Di;I'D CLERK WANTED? AT THK OORVKR OF Fourth irenie aiid Kaat K.fty-'.hlird a.i*;'-. Salary fi p-r mr nth and beard. Drco clerk wanted-oxf.wuo has had long f.*ptH?m ? with tfc?* eity retail Xrtu'.t, none but auntie man ue> (! apply; (< -'. el' i ference require! from hi* i?ft emi.i>yer?. Ctiil a i'6 We*: ifcl ti , at ti P. M.. 'or th'ee !?ya. F. I'. EARI.E. DRUG CLERK WANTED-A COMPETENT YOCNO ir...n v, bo .n<:er?t.inds he b tr.neaa, and ?-peahB English aiid Oernan Apply to J. Mamr., 4fcS Greenwich at. DRt'U CI ERK WWTED- V YOUNG M \N ACQV MNTert with the retail acd preao.'lotion buaia--aa. Ap^.y at the i of 'au:> ? l". lloe .it Co , No. 10 Labcrty pit; u. be v.T. n a* fco .rt ot 9 A V. atid lJj. P. M. DRCO CI.KRK WANTED. -OWE 1HOROUOHLT laallflod, with art!ata<*torv refereii-rn, acd Dot atnud of work m ?i mwail neous biuili raa, m&y apply to T. C. Oodfery, it av , corx.t r of 21 at at, Drool lyo. DRVO Cl.ERK WANTF.D.-A COMPETENT VDUNG inan, aeciis-ttitned W the city retail trad", may ol a permanent sit xtion by aiMmsaliw for three dayn, with uame and refercoce, A. B. X., box 141 Hi'nUd office. Entry ci.erk wanted is a dry goods iobrino ho-.tae. Murt write ; apid:y and be correct at fieurei. Adilreaa lo* 2,040 Poatelllce. HrER' llANTSl lTOTl.r.R AND OT11MRS citpim ipn ]>l gratia Wltll "? aiiVRinfi), porter*, bar keepers, Ac. Merchanta' Clrrka' K?gm ry, 78 Broadway. WEORUE HAfflilKk, 8'ip-rinteiiilent. PERSONB WIBAINQ SITUATIONS Art BOOK KKKI' r?, la'camen, pirtera, Ac., will be aasia'.ed to au b br "PP'jii'K V,0RU:MKA A CO., 66J Bro.uluay, htnk en Mi r.-Lints anJ others supplied with good help iree ol' i barge. letters should eu -lose a lUmp, Translators wanted?in all thb mookrn language* of Fur.ipe, for the Polyglott lnatit'iie. Ad drew by letter, with full pi rjcnlara, native language, n i?l*r of languages understood, experience and referenora, 1 zander W. PUrr. 128 K ilton *' V B.?None but dulj qualified cx pertenced iransl.rors need app'y. TITANTED?A SMART ACTIVK YOCNCi MAN. FROM Tf 18 to 22 \cara of ap?, who la willing to make himself generally i.teful In a botanic and Indian medicine bisin^sa, may find employ menl and a home by railing Una day. between 8 and 12 A. M.. upon D-* tor P B. Iriah. No. ?Sd ?v., N. T. N. ?None ced apply without the best of recommendation* or city if) erente. TT7 ANTED?AO EN TSTO BKLL A NEW MASONIC BOOK, TT for which there la a sure aule Every member o: the order will purchase a copy. Uheral rem aeration tn i-.mpe tent agent*. Apply at Maaon.c temple, k oni Uoor, co oer o: It roome ?nd Crnaby ?ta. WANTKD-RY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, TO ATTEND an otlice for a builder or a mechanic, under*undi writing ; tins situation more to keep hia mind employed iban salary. Beat of referrncea given, Lf required. Call or aiMreia at No. 686 3d a> enue. flTANTED?FOR A LEATHER IMPORTING HOl'SR. ft iwo pemniia: one an ^Mletman, the other aa general a* ?.?unt. Good aalarleaoCer-d to rompefni persona hating a knowledge of tb-' trade. Addict! 1). U., boi 11V Herald ollce, sUtinj qualification*. WANTED?A SMART B?iY IN A NOTE BROKER'S office. Apply between 8 ami 10 A. M. and Sand I f M at Hallgartea k Herst>M'a, 42 Exchange place. W"ANTED?A HOY IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, TO RUN ?? of errand*. Apply to .1. Van Winkle, 18" Greenwich in Tf ANTED?IN A FAMILY GROCERY, A YOPNO MAN, Tf ? ho can come well recommendel and li is aome know ledce of the bualneM. Apply before 10 A. M. or after 0 P. M. in J. it. Ward, ib- Coi .imbin ?t., Brooklyn. w ANTED- \ M AN WHO TNDERSTANDS THE RIB 11 too, lace Htid embroidery huatnew retail, mint be perfectly steady ani reliable. Inquire between 9 and 10 A. M., ur 7 and S P. M . of R. Sedgwick, Jr , 837 Broadway. WANTED- A 1UHAT. IN THE WHOLRKAI.E I TT hat cap and *traw gon.ia buaineaa. Liberal terms will I *? oflered lo one who can octroi an eitenalve anil dealrable trade. Addreaa. with particular*, hoi 3,Hi? Poet oniee. UrANTKD?AT CHRISTIANAS S TEA WAREHOUSE, ft n rrwe nrUvr lad ?M M l>een Wil lo do the gene r.?: work (i i ? anil roQrc *tore, and lo act aa light porter. Apply at <."h> latiimoti A Co ?. ?lti Greenwich at. Tir 4NTKP-TWO IIRST H,ASH PRT OOOPSSALES ti men <*0ly lho?e thoroughly acquainted with the retail t ,.a.nest! need apply u DOYLK A LK11MANN, W7 tirai.d at \\TANTKP ?FO R A FIRM CLASH HOTEL A FEW II miii't trim the oily, io-tr capable waiter*. Non- need apply bwt thi?e that are well rec<>n?uieuded for honeaty, ao briely and efli'tency. Can ?ee the (-iapio)er by calling at W fcondersoii'a, No. 73 N'uwu iliwl, at 11 o'clock Ihia morning. TIT A NTF1P?A PORTER. INyl'IRE AT NO. M BEAVEK if atreel. it' aNTRi??A TOCNU MAN, THOROUGHLY AC TI qu.?inled with the drug buaineaa. logo N.?i:h. to take jharge ol a drug More, none bat those hiving the re, iir.wl Mpacily, with cicrlleut m uai idiai aetata, ured apply, Ui au.-h * one very liberal lerma ?iil be otfered. Addrea* boi 114 New York Poet oflice. ANTED?A MAN, MARRIED OR tlXOI.E. To TAKE YT Hill charge ol oue of the b?a. dininir aaloona iu llrot 1 way. Toihe ruhl man will gnean iniei eat in the miaine-n for'a ttnall amount. find w I give the wife Slit month lo ?i perlntetnl the kitchen Board ami apartment* for a family, irni 11 Apply oulhe p rem ilea. No. ij, Hroa Iway, in ihe saloon XXTANTKII- THItkiK All ltK MKN-VI'ST WRITE TT i'?al baula, a id ? aide Iu < uiimand In m H50 lo tAPJ CMbailO travel South and W-'SL Addrea* ,alalia,: I'irm r hnai eaa, Ac , end ae Stamp for reply), 1'. A. 8., ,i.o? 177 Herald . rii. e. <51 H rKR nAT CAS "K KV A GOOD RA1.KK 0 It' man WO. 10 a auiait capital, aellri; a newly patented p, rtaV.e roving rre?a A nrratil.ise artU le. The cbeap-at aii.i n,. at . ?ten,?m >-ter pre** >n the world. K n paruc liars *<litr*a*J. K Coi/ey Ale roughkeepWe. N. Y. 1(1 IWlh AUiNTv WANTED. TO SEI.I. < VMPAION I < F." H H " Hard !< k?, < h iMa. Print*, VI lal*. P.m. A ', .nl h e ... :!? an from Ave to flfteandollars day >t -r the .input, Send lor a ratalo(rne, * Ting pric ti? Vlite?? O W ill corner Park row aud lieekokan aiieet. New York HKLP WA?TED-FCiHALK?. ~ Vm toi.K WARTBD?IN A HOTEL AND RKMTAL'RANT; iii'iai imteralan i the b ialn'-? None other* need kpp >. 1 all a: 7 tth ??. FVIw.-l l Lass KEMAI.E 8ERVANT> W\NTED TO da; ?took*, laiindreaaen, nurimi < hamhermilda. wai' i ?, He> rial a-Tvanla and s.r.a la.ely landed at Hie nrai i aa fi nale ortiee, 1M f.Hirth aven le, neai Twenty third aet i. Unheal wagta pi.i l In city and luntiy. r-IRIJ; W \.VTED?TO OO TO A MANTFACTURINO \_T ?i ; ,ie Ave b. > ?' ride from thla cdv, in CoOBeclK .1, Ui una t ad\ employ ntrut wn. be (lien ike year round, at rent im : ie print for further in..:aiaiiuu apply at 37 Uroa Iway. up aia r?. Mils, it'll IM AOKNi Y FUR mPI.OTMEXT. Vs tabl.?hed 1M ' - R>^. ?^i In at llroadway I? Fnnrtewoth atreet. >tner of I h rrt aven i*. ?0>m*atle? of the hl?h* ?i liailt wanli-'l to 111 ia iodreaaea pla -e?. N. B ?En ranee on j > ,r eenih ?*re? ., ao'ilbeaat corner. IA'A!?1KH FAMn.IK? WUHINil TO RC*OVK TO ' IT the . .Airy, which are compoeail of mo or more grown Op rtani'hter*. mar hear of an opp irt inlty to beuer thnrnrjoaunauc-a ? nh permanent empiormaui In a mas .lact.u.of nl.a?f iu the s.aie ol ''onnectk\it. five hour*' rid* frua ihia ily. Apply at 37 Bioadway, up ttalr*. \1* AMKD -A tilRI. TO PO THE OKVKK \l. Hoi'HH tt ' ra a amail ' net he a food rooa, waaber ) *n I troner, and ' omc well re nmmended frj:n h> an place I *pp.y at liv t.p>ve at , corner of Orand, J*rae/ t'liy, between I the hour* of 10 and 6. ll'AVIEr?TNRIV WOMKN TOUO TO VIROINIA, AS j TT took waiter** and iaundre** a cmd home and perm t ) tienl 'i:i ) ment riven t all a. lit M ai, r.ifclay and *eUae?' ii between 111 ..nd 12 u'ciock. J rt'ANTVp IN A PRT\ ^TK FAJIi'.T. RV-klPINO IN TT I? t .1 e?. * Ml ' ? , a. one a* I mI . at.,1 ci amtieni-^ ' '.he oil er aa aatreaa and lo aaI ii' . h.-mrer?ivk. Apply tn Ihe ha*etn?nt nf >ne Solely I l.t .rary I i.lvonilty p .ace. trom Utoto -lock I V\- OTkP A Wi:r NL'RSF. ONK WHO t AN TAKE A j Tl (i du>i.ei' u, iiae. App.y at <-?i lvnh It. ' \V"AVTtP \ I'Ol,. iRFP OR OFRM4N WOMAN, TO I FT root, wm!and r ?. none need arply wlm i-anuoi ,-.?we wei reeomuienjed for hone?'y and * briely. Apply at 111 John ?i . fro? II to USII i\l> > I ,.1 WBlt ll.n-k L .VII' . w-r A. ? i .twl kih. too ne< . *ooU refenwiw r*iiuired- Ap I ) Hi l? Khfi .iinfcoin ?l , ?r*r Ho)!, Br>j? t u, tr "U y lo .2 "el ck. i\ivir.n- ifii womkni .h.k- onrthat i npkr ?? v frj . i. . ?? >tgc ' i* tur p?:!vi ?r??pp1j ?; !' ? U'*NTVH A <*IRI. T" r?" QKiTFRW. (TOrXKtTORK if ? i tir I) wui !< ? frmd wnktwr *n<1 li mer. Appi} .1 W'.-.i ;|Kb K , u^u V.h It, W'AVTKP * OIKl FIFTKTN OB MXTKCIt TVMM ?? Mf'- ?.t?*<1 ? ?n:*n ?: it" ? Brw '? ?f. Arrljr M -M Hr ? l ? .r. tn lb* m <rKia? i i ' ?u>r*, ?H?r ? o' loei. U'ANTVP IHM's *n'i'TOMRt) TO Won* n* U. TV M c I I M, M ki ?>. bjbiI lih<n?ij<r( h r !?. *? ! * soil for < I < t'm. T( , .,t Jf >. Ill \ ft> trk M. U'ANTKP-A nkat. Tim uiru to i>o '.|\nn. hft't?*wnrti -n ? ma , prim I? |kn r. Prwc t ?>n? ik- b?i i>. f 'trarom n*i*1 ?roij < ?<t :n>m l<) u> li | ' * tk ij, ? tT Vro'k?i?irr. m. Waumi * \jv.\ . woman r- ait a- nu<< 1? t - ??. 1U>(1 >\ .i.tftiM. < K i rtrxUwAjr. Ui'ANTI ? TH" TUT?TTTO PRr <MAKTR^ (TAP A i > of 4 "'ri k? he?t work; fi' i.?r* > I ?oi'.r; *!?3, iirt'lfCY i k rwifii. ft' ?' ':*r+ Vu Pl\ to \ir?. K I' ?r, No. liAJ >r?rn? n , b?l?? n fr.n.-w Mid f,-,rU* WAXl>P * ** VRT * 't 'V* T!' I Tim VtTII f i^uiiukl^nr ? *it ? * tl r? i.40fpl ' ! # we', fit ?rn#u<tca. Afplf *4 j < t *r+ Hi nt 'f HJ w. t U'ANf? r ! :oor? *i i WII^H.KR ! ! 1 % t\. ? ? ? ?, It -am h ?? *.'.** hv mi I I i tr v kv r> ro t\k : *? . .4 .4 '#.1' 4* H. *r . ii . C < rtESDAY, JULY 31, I860. I UTtAWOHI ViHTKD-rBKiLM. CHA1IBIRMAID AHD WAITRKf* IN " in-all family. But have good refeivnee -id j i t' >*l>cw. a Mat, pioaaant. wtiiiuc girl cao b?v? ? good p M? hr applying ml <f Will 26U> aL \Vr AM ED?TBKKB U1RLH, A? OOOK, WAITER ttlltL. "" and itiD.bfrDU/J DOM but ibo?<- who ui<lr>*'an I ib?lr l)iuur,f?i pcrf?et!y need apply, for two days, at i4 0roe?U, j or' f< <>r ?nim Bleecfcer. , TITANTKD-AN KXPKKIKNI'KD GIRL TO worx ON ?T I i?w Bt iiuckliM. Apply at 98 WkUral, b? v.t*u too : ht '.'rt 01 lw . and four o'olocA. O. R. ALLEN. T*1 'ANTVn_* fiTBl nn,.ooi.D.i ... ^m/.rnr I J? none but ibo#? -.aptbl" uo?d apply , lam .y prnall. Ap n. , u reference, bftore 12 o'ciout, wi 100 * air*il at , Lear I Htury 61.. Houth BioufcJyn. t?7 AN TBI)?A NRAT, GOO J COOK, AND fO DO WASH f f ii.? and Ironlnjf, for a small t.iroi'y of two.pertouA. None i^p-y uhey cooms kklUy reo^mmeiulid. Appiy, 11tm ^ 0 *1 COi ne/ Kb Hv* "IV 4VTRD-A GOOD COOK AMD RRK \ D M AKKR; DN B f w;J i.?x to aiwtst la tbe iigbi washing None ne*d apo^y trn. tht s* U. tug good r?fer?iiu* froin likjir laat place. Call at 14 1 :?th t between aiul 10 to day. WrANTKD-~TWO HMAKT COUJgiKI) WAITKKS KOR A hotel. They u.u*t thoroughly tuviertUii.d ib*:ir b ynuean. Apply -o Ji.oob R. Hudson, iwiwr of 4 th av. ant 9?ti n. TITAN TED?A NURSK, TO TAKE CARE OK A CHILD I ?T two year* old, aid to do general houv^worli, in m bp a ; : dy girl iind wiUug lo work. Apply between the hours of 9 rro 11 o'clock, at No. 7 Greeu av., third door irom Kailou j kv , Brooklyn. ! "fVrANTED? A KEAMSTHESS AND CHAMBERMAID; , If one wbo can nut and fit ihildren's clothes; wag*** 17 per I nr,< c:h. Apply at No. 7 Asl.Und place, I'crry st. and Gi een| nn b HT., between tbe bourn of 10 A. M and 3 P. M. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED ILLUSION HAND. One accustomed to making tip and designioc patterns. | ArP'j 1W Waverley plac i, near <nh av. WANTED.?A GERMAN LADY, OF GOOD EDUCAt oo and well recommended. wants a filiation as bmi>e krcprror (,-OTerneim and nurse; tonka wore l a rood h irrie fc.ui a large lalary. AddreM 8. M., 123 Chriltopber at., for two day a. WAKTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL FOR GENERAL boisework. Must be a good washer and ironer. Kef trenee from ber laat place is to honesty and cleanliness. No. 29 East Bailie si, Brooklyn. WANTED-TWO GOOD GIRLS; ONE AS COOK, washer and ironer; must be a Ural rate .jread and bm cuit maker and an eiee.leot b liter maker. Tbe other r?r L-enera) housework and to use tat In washing and iron:oK The Family will r"inain in the country, not far from the city, till tall. Call at 77 ?d av., between 4ib aud 5th aim., from 11 A. M. till 1 P. M. WANTED-IOOR U LADIES OF GOOD ADDRESS, TO eDKS?;e in a light, pleasant and respeeuble business In this city, can mvke good wages. Apply for three days iU 60 Natsa.i st, room No. 3, to J. 8. G. A Co.; hours from HI to 3. ?TANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CLOAK AND MAWTILTT la cutter to go to Baltimore; to one thoroughly conversant with the business the highest wages will be given. Address box 1,217 Baltimore Post office. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO FRENCH girls, one as nurse the other aa seamstress and lady's maid. Apply to William Red mood, 43 Barclay street WANTED?HA ND8 TO WORK ON TASSELS, TO hang in fringes, to make headdresses. Also .some to learn, at <64 While sL WANTED-TWO GIRLS ONE AS PLAIN COOK, TIIE other as chambermaid and waller?a rood steady ?ttua tlon, mitof town. Apply Immediately at 38 West 10th st WANTED-A YOUNG LADY OF OEVTEEL APPRARsnee, in attend a saloon. Injure at 113 Grand st. be tw een m an<i J Q'fiw'WANTED?AN AMERICAN GIRL ABOUT 14 OH 15 >ear* >( age, one that wuiu a good horn- and i* willing to ir..?ke bej-scU iflef ul?aii orphan eroierred. Apply at W Hi. Mark * place. WANTED- AT HODOKEN, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, a girl to do general hoiuework. For a p?*l tvanher and li-oner. Au., wagea 17. Apply at 02 Garden St., Ilib'Jken, for tiue week. TlrANTED-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, TO do GEffEEAL Tv homework in a private family, mutt t>? a fcood w?*h?r and Ironer. Alao, a girl from IS to 14 year* of age, u? take cars of a child. Apply at 8ft Butler at., Booth Brooklyn. WANTKI>?as chambermaid and WAITER IN \ small private family, a nice tidy girl who uodertundn her [ bniun<n* and M wlUlug and able to do it, must have the best re cummemiaticna. Apply at 148 West 34th at., irom 9 to 2 o'clock. WANTED-AT JEGKI/8 HOTEI., NO. 47 BARCLAY *t., .me first rate girl, to Iron, and one tor tue washing kh'ben. Good wage* will be paid. A <J K1NO STREET.?WANTED. A FEW GOOD DRKS8 "ItJ sinker*. Alao. girl* to lean tbe trade, paid while 'earnin;. Call early. Come pretM^P to work. Madame llarna. " PEEIOWAL. ANT INFORMATION OF T1IOMAH WILI.IAMB WILL be thankfully received by hit brother Wiliuus, at the I'nlon Hooae. New Badford, Maaa. BRYCE McKINNON, 21 TEARH OLD, FORMERLY OF Liabora, IreUad. arrtvad in Naw York ftth October. 1*47, I bj .he ahip h?r Robert Peal, from L'rarpool. Ini irmci >a : will be thaakfully received concerning the above mention*'i yotng man at tbe ojfcce of J. Buliocke A J. b. Look*, No. jo ?1.urch ?tre?-i. Baltimore millar.?i have returned please er a ldrena u> 11. (.iordun, Uroailway Poet oflioa. j U M. V.?PERSON ALB ARK SUPPOSITIOUS, THEY Pj. I UmaMand pu/vle 1 know no more nowih?n I I i ill . nil uliice. 1 never cot ai.v letter*. Ac duo i know what 0 wiab to ?iod I did. ~ M. b. W. INFORMATION WANTKD?OF *Ll.ltN TIERNKT, WHO amied id tbe Torkaiitre. (mm Liverpool, too ;ntr? ?r< and ? xa iivliig in Brooklyn laat May. Iuiorma.lon rm' iiut ber mat be e<?nni unhealed Vo *octe, Bros, A ' "alley. OH Houih meet, N?w Turk. INFORMATION WANTIl) OF HKNRV IIRKIIM.NO W>rn Ui Krmachwcni, diatrtct of Wli/fnlm iwn, K ibnra i en: cam* to the I"nurd Statre In 1(151 Any InlimmaUon of t.? ? lirr-ai" uta will he thankfully received bt M s ? ri-n.!, r . >m No IS A? I .road way, New York, who baa eomt'tfcing ol ua l uruuice to > ouiauiueate to bum. INFORMATION WANTKD?OF JOHN J. CLKKY, OF Philadelphia. Pa. He mi laat board trom In the inmiair of Irtl. in Waahlngton. I> C.; Is a hatter by trade; aerred n boird tlie brta ferry during the Mexican war. inder ibe name of John J. Wi aon. alaooa ike Brandy wine urder the aame name. Any talormauaa will be thankfully received b> ud dreaelnc bw brother, K. D. Clery, 328 Waluut meM, PhiU letI t-a. h INFORMATION WANT?D-or XLIXABKTll CUN NINOHAM. nat've of Ireland, eouniy l/onrford. pnrith .x Abbey. When laat heard of waa id the city of New York. An idrro.iUn?i cm ermng liei will be thankfully rwc< >M ii her star Margaret, >o. IJj Weel Thirty ae.-ood aire- New York. INFORMATION* WANTKl>?OF JOHN PHILLIPH. Of 1 < 'aelle HI!!, High Wy. not be, Hark*. England. When beard : i nm ,>m b<- waa la Providence, R. I. Any information oi the abote wol b?- thankfully received by lly. tfr?r ip, hiabmbei i te la*. .Vidieas SJ4 KiulA hiith aueet, J erne> oty. 1 U.T 30. 18M. ej he. rnr . jua day from Penitent II U P. A B. | 1SS MARV ANN O'SKILT, HKi'KNILY FK"N CUBA, will pleiiae to call at the Month American H i el No. 6J7 )|rn?*>u n it reel, and injure for Juan Clrantea ol Cartleuaa, Cuba, mom No. XL T> NOTAK1KA ? ANY NOfABY HAVINd A COMMI* I akoi he la willing to realm will pleaae aldreaa aiming term*, K. O., hot I Hf Poet oilite. New Y'>rk. WlNKg AMP LHtVUKH. P A Rii * IN IN KRANHY.-A yt'ARTKR A NI 11N K I > ighlh t'lye of gi?>d P-nuJjr. juat out of bund, will Imim I urv lup :?r'?<k iiiuat be aokl immediate.. Inj ure of i WI'I>TKR, US Third avenue, up utaire. SWKD1KII PI NCH. We baveth* pleaaure to announce to the puMle tbat we thie day have opened our new eatabltahmenl, 64 a.reet. three door* weat m Broadway. forth* m?aniact ire of th* celebrated Kwed'.ah Punch For all pereona who alreadv hi' e a know !ed*e of Una cirellrtit cordial no other reoomm'ead.tina ta n*ce?ear> than the notice that our article la the her crer produced. For tboee perwma who are m* aftiuatn'ed with the article, we will elate that thie Hwe.tiaS Pnnch le ma-e o' pure Oil! Ilatavu arrack, (of rtee.i and la the mot deucioua and hea ,r.y drink, lo whicta everybody will lake a kin* t-rm the f.rr lutlrf. Rwedtab Punch haaWen fur cent irvee the principal favorite beverage In the northern part of F irope. and we preenmc once Introduced here. It h*a pme|>ecta of a rood faturr n the t cued Dialee I'wtruitu <<her atrone drinka. we aci-.-ipate fnrotu1 Swexliah PiuKM?^i*trooa|re a.eo from ike la^tee a? thla drink, regulated aAWlln; t,, the taate bv Ice or od* water, aanot fall to meet their approbation aa tae beet acd retreatuca dnnk hitherto invented. We recoamrr,d the hn ediah Punch lo erenrbodv for a trial, and we are tire of approval, but rapeclally lo luiTerera of oouemapUoo aa a re lef or Win for that diaeaee. To alnaera, oralora. actor*. Ac , it ta invalu ihie?a rlaaa or two taken daring performance i leldlrc '.hem a clear, powerful mice. The above article ia : i i .lra boxee of 12 Viulea and per (allon. Old Hatavia rrack, e?i ?'-iaMy Imported for tiee of onr aanulactorr, eon ataai.j on band. New York Jnlv J8. I MO I'AHTKN LYClRll' A t O ,M Whlteetreec MiwcKiaLi^icoitm. /lANPAION RNVKUlPKS L For each of the great Political >'*r PF1.L AN1> KVK'irrT. KRKCKINRIOOB AND LANK. DOUOLAS A Nil JOHNDON. LINCOLN ANII H AM I. N, <m>> 1 with the plaiform motii, and the namea Ore r# otiiii will b# cmcuted prr<?pt!v la lam) to>. ite-l f?r tfcoM itiiil nil "iber atrlc* of KnTrlonea. by WM V. t.tON .1 M>.V. \T1. 1?m1? re nafMiurertaf K?elnpe? ?ik1 W-ltm* P,(per?. X" tft IWktuau ?tr?t. > f. riiHIT MANTKlA-riiK BlIWiRlHr.K INPOKMH r Mut* ? Mr > tfcao an? partun in ihe bumneaa. Tknae w ?h r* to pnrrh??? old 0*11 mn ft! A. kl.AHKR'S Murbld \m&, 11J kui Kifb e?n;li atrert, *i*t of TLird New York. N'O ?f[M RIFt.."?A rvKnTfi 1 AfTny * r I sKW _ Ir.t V.irhtr#. Thw machine la ear^fla' ) ?d*ntM ;o i and c?n I* uatd to jri-a: utTuitn lor einbr Ht?r1?a. m 1 r~r *'I t'leh work ?here H la* lobare ,li? flmfc a?? ir-rv. wlfba onl| (?Nmi<ye nom-' ard itrwn n*'*a tin e caa > e adj'ialel to a ataivl ami will In all k n?l? lu,; . ?. C ? .. , hW M ?. |M hrn : r ? A sf. VK>/Jil k SOW, tola at?n'? m VilUa an* fr ? liitii. }. A M? t:.>? for tale at 8U*rkai?r k iituMle a. JV 'ireaua ?tr. et. N-. w i.i K.i kkk v it kt itrrwKKN i;\i?wav no t wen?Scan Uuat Kii li"im ind K<* reahinent ?? n. rte ir(iirtreaa of !hi? ?rnte?l !i im, >1 li?. Kl.l.K WEHRk .*VP *111 ? pplr hot*1* ami pr1\?te fam ' < * wiih tt At Jr * an 1 ci'ltn( l>?nl?h de?aert "ailed K iUm t \ ? -".i ~ 11i K~i;;Tw iMra<7vRVICWT? W ted IT IJ. li<0 "i ra c - *1 rr.rry new , | a h J 'ataNr, donhla Win rev."r?? a-nlnr an-t* i.- tia? a'trfarea. arran*' <fan t ? ""emlly a '?- ?d m ,i rc .arj t k and "<l?eraari' a it-a ano?a to an liai vl P' wi!?r, an I now in ? - - a*, ppernnm at the inir,.?. > I ril V 1 , ">> I ?.! Dec i I! .*bu*,OQf. ; m and Kr*ukU? atr*<v?. N a \ 'rk T~wn AjntRirtjf Bounrriirt vn.K. ' P *p?re?1 frun ike rlcbeat ml'k f?f :h? heat Kir'ea la ,i ro t 'jr. ?w T'?rk. la the way to f-^ trr j "o r > 11- rjf ! ? ;??. Ttie mescal pmfe?*l"H l*|v it It a? (nraluih t<w tarar'a i>i^ fnralMa. It la rheap?r mar. ta? awill . r ? , > ? ,),! a? mi'.k. A* It will keer for T?.>ra lp any > for "rar? ?rf "H^ra ( > ? it ( la k.? riiM > '* il> ,o, " > - ?H '' !iV r ,v '>v?"r " * "III.K I '.rvXT, { Vtrj 11;. , i?-..r? :?* -i*m & Ml* J, * T, | ?fbcial aonoifc I A SPRT1AI. MBBTINO OF AHRAMS LODOK NO ?J, ' A F and A. M., will be he.d at the a ku<lg*- room thin evening. I it ;? o'clock, for speaial buiiMM. Members in IMMIM t? l>? pr-sent. By order. L AMIIilACUJU. W. M. ? David IUki, Secretary. I IjlRONT BRICKLAYERS?NOTIt'K. ? ? . I K An adjourned meeting of Front Hrci.'l layers of New York , wi!l Ixsbridkt Ju>k?. LI ill, corner of Greenwich avenue ?i..t I Thirteenth street, on We4uesiU> evening, August 1, ?t J , j o'clock. H. il. H0PPK8, Chairmau. A. J. McCoot, Serretary. VJOTH't TO TUB CREDITORS OF WILLIAM URoKZK, J. now deceased.?The ireJllorx will TilnMe preaent their eletms 10 the un<l>i ngm-d on or before the Xfcl of A ignm. lt*>0. at ill) Fulton >u eet, New York city, Ui.U lie proper duldeaj may be declared and the trim closed. s. U. CHaMUKKLIN, Saw You, May 31, 16?0. Notice-tub kirk at ocr white lkad akd I'aint Works, in Horatio street, wfclck oecumd yw>nr I > day momlrg, will sot cause ?n? Interruption to our business. K \ YNOLDS, DEVOK k 1'RATT, li.? and Utt> Fuivon at. New York, July so, lt*X?. i OFFICE OF WATKR COMMISSIONERS, JERSEY CITY. July IS. 186U.?Notice to Machinists and BaiUlers.?Soaiea i I proposals will be reeeiTed at the ofllce of the Water Cummin alonrrti of Jersey City, until Tuesday, August 14, at o'clock V. M., Tfor the oonstrurUon and erection, on the found itiooi { now prepared, of a Curiush Beam Bumping Kugine. and two drop due boilers, at the engine house of lie Jersey City Water Wnrkx, situated on the 1'asaslo river, opposite the village of Belief ilie, N. J. Also, at the same tune and place, separate proposals for the necessary extension of the present botler house, and the masonry required for setting two boilers. f\?us and specifications of the w ork ruuy be seen at the office of the Engineer, on and alter July '8. The C'oraralisiooers reserve the right to reject any or a.1 the bids, if deemed for tne interest of the city. KKASTl'S RANDAL! President of Board of Commissioners. rLYCI.OT INSTITUTE. life Kiilion street, new Broadway. TRANSLATIONS. Made correctly an 1 witii despach from and Into the EM1L18H. I'Kh.Si II. (IK it MAN, ITALIAN. SPANISH, DITCH, I'ORTL'UL'KSB.DANISH, SWEDISH an* RI'SKIaN LANGUAGES, at moderate price*, By a corps of experienced Lranslators of various nations, under the direction of LKANDKR WILLIAM STARR, Of Kin era i\\\\ouv And Rtmrrt i arn i.ip I'niv0r?it v. Heidelberg, 1?U Interpreter ar d Translator to the Imperial ?ot? mment of France at Pari*. MUSICAL. A SPLENDID PIANOFORTE, 7 OCTAVE, MOST EXCRI.lent toon and warranted, will be im'.d at a very great bargain. a wcood hud Piano taken Id exchange, by A. WBUUK, US Weal Broadway, near Caual nutcL OREATLT IMPROVED PJANOFORTB. LIGHTS A BRADBURY'S, Manufacturer* of A KKW SCALE OVER8TRUNO HASH PATENT IHPl'LATKD PULL IKON FRAMB ORAM) AND hQUARB PIANOFORTES, So. 421 Broome street. PI AM OS TO hKNT. APIANOKOHTB CHEAP FOR CASH- THE OWMER going oat of town. ( an be *een at any time, and mini be old by nil r*)a?. <^a'l at lil avenue A. ^JlilClUJtiNU A MM, Manufacturer* of UBAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. Ware room*, 6M Broadway. C. A Son* have been awarded thirty eight prtve me<*al* for the snperiority of ibeir manufacture lor the pact Ihlrly Ore years. PIANOS TO RENT. Depot of the alkxandre organ, For Churches, Chapels, Schools nod Drawing Itoows, 2U8 ItKOADWAY. SOLEJ MEDAL OF HONOR at tiie Universal Exhibition of ltM. Tina magnificent instrument (palea'ad In th<i United Stales May X 1 which ibe brilliant pertormauces of UUI.IlERO, VILAMOVA, MLLB. WELLIS, have rendered as popular in Americana in Europe, lias been adopted b) the greatest aititts and composers of both continents. GOTT8CHALE, L18TZ. ROS81NI, MEYERBEER, Ac, Ac. The Alexandre Organ ia celebrated for the aolidily and precision of its mechanism, as well as for the I u'lneaa and po? er ol its tones, and the remarkable quality 01 keeping perlsaiy in tune in all climates Prloes at the depot, US 960. *100, $160, ?ls5, t?J6, *3tW, ?Jc?>, $340, HUJ. A descriptive circular sent to any address on application to 1 BKRNAKD A PA&KKOUKTrRH. Jr . 303 ttrosduar. Importer*of Busaon Aecoifleon*, Violin*, VioMi^Ktrmx*, A% English ha rpr. APPROVED BT APTOMMAS. Add/eta Conservatoire de l? Harp, 114 Weet Thirty -fourth atreet, near Broadway, NT. First premium gold MEDAL PIANOFORTKR. Mannfaotnrere-BCHOETZK * LCDOLFF, 463 Uioome iireet fiance warranted, and at reduced prioea. J<*KPH O. KOESTI.F.R'S ADDRESS, lfil Kim avenne. PIANOFORTE TEAtHKR. PIANOFORTE FOR BALK FOR LESS THAN HALF ITS avtual value If di*po*ed ol Immediately; it is full 7 orU\M, ap lend id r<aewood case, elegantly carted and Inlaid with pearl, pearl key*, scolloped. limed left overstrung buna, French action, round corner*, Iron frame, Including a beanu fnl Moot; pn?* Kit. t an be aeen at 143 avenue A, corner <>f I it nth utrtet. PlAMUff AMU MKLODEON8 AT ORKAT BARGAINS ? j On* aeven octave MW Piano, been tiaed about one rear. In food order. |3Ul) ?ne 6\ octave, price lift), been ueed l4 mrntha, wtll be aoid for $1H8 one at $130, one at WO. New Pimm? *t very low price*. Second hand Melodeons at $30. Ul $40, $44, $00 and $40. New Melodeons at reduced prtce*. HORACE WATERS, Agent, VJ Broadway. ~ MATHIMOSIAIi. AOENTI.EMAN OF KUC'ATION AND REFINEMENT, i>o *? * . iul t-tcry quality to make home h*up>. desi: cs in m?kr Hr a* <|iuntau<e of a lady of a correajonibng dencrtp nor, with a view to matrimony. Addre** Abdalha, Herald ; uUice. A SOUTHERN OKNTLKMAN OF WKAt.TII HFX1RKS to opeu a correspondence witli some young lady >1 pro ' pneeeenlng appearance with a t lew to in ilruu my. M m?y no otiject. Addrea* M. t.\, Herald odire. A POOR \Ol'Nil MAX POftSE'r-RD ONLY OF V honors >1* protea*a>ti, and a liOtindle^a ambition. *i*Uca to correspond with a u.Jv eu lowed ?. a rnhe* of mind and Intellectuality, with a vie*; to accure it companion in hta struggle with riie wirld Op ilint idiocy . r < wealthy mediocrity i.eeJ not re ly Address l>e J uae Ouille. 1 Herald idice. AVniWU MAN OF COOD PERSONAL Al'PKARANCE am die ntesns ..ihi nndoubled respe? l.ihi Ity, i* desirous of j forming the aoiiuintanee oi a young lady o? young wiiim with a ikw lo matrimony; a prep .seeasipg appearance and ' ! amiable disposition indispensable. Atdrea* Harr. Fielding, 1 Brooklyn COPAHTNERIH1P KOTK'KR. ABl'MMthH CHAirr. -PARTNER WANTKD M takr ili? place ul oo? retlrln*. in a c^u'tcl it clin l> i> neak, ? *11 eatanliek'd. I'fo'iukblr :n rau - twiiig i t.r miirrlf for raafc XOOMpitttrrqiilrrl. C. B. MoWKB A 00-, X* 6 , Centrr atreet ori ?*''r the p*rlt AOOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR A S'lHRK INDIHTRI O'lk man. hatinc atuul VI.MO. u Partner in a larva koiea?ie t'ruaiM '.muiiaai"u*. urobla about fcjUUOp-r annum l'n<|inat <>n?b irle.-encea ?ill bvre iulml. Apply at JR6 Rioadway. room 17. |)ARTNFR T AHtrn WITH FROM $."? > TO ft ISO TV J a k.gki) probt iol? akh .oiaiukaa mow in a irr*?a(ul operation ui"0?v an murk an o?.j? t aw? iain?aa man t-> uk? rkartn Apply to BRoWN A BOSS, No. Ki Nasaa-i aU'kel, room ii. PARTNER WANTFl>? WITH USUI CAML TO TAK>' an mere* in a aula anil tery p ratable ! .:? ne* Inquire at Si Bloerk'r ntreet, from 10 A. M to 6 P. M TUIC COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXIBTINU 1 betirnra the <iaderakfn#d. nndkr ike Arm nam* of W. JL | k ntfirn A Co.. la itua <iky dianulred by mutual cooaenl. W II. EmEen la aiooa aotknriaed U> aelue ike affair* or ike aie Am 1 ar<i aijrn it* una la llnnldkUoo. W. H K TIFFIN. N?w Voa?. July tl. 1M>. WM. TUCK Kg < $,"Wl -PARTNER WANTET> WITH THIS AWOCWT, 1 III. U> :ake on* half mtereat In a re*i>*ri*l>l? k .*uiea? ia fkflM a fair profit aa hooka m il' ah"<v raa ?l\?-i i *aUin( Apply at Bo 71 Fultoa areoie, Brooklyn, in ike bkMMent. |t>Onn -A PARTY WITH THJ? AMOt'NT'AX FIND ?TO' "l/. III VP" ?ni 4 ' e a a ?.-i tre' and [ uj I Hu uraa. tkal wiL real.. .' tami a b > ?.?e uicub* by addi caa of K. 1.. A t o txn H-raiti o9ice nut. Ac. I Hill ?PARTNKR WANTED, 15 ONE OF THIC BRUT i i I'M'. I.omii Bratjaaj ral . t rr fl **). It re<|iitrk* wo ?r> earrr on ke but.nea* <> I will itr?h?lf forthiikma < oiint low rent, and d'tnit a inrferaah Irwite; arill lake what in n?? ? man .'Hi |>?r? an<l ??u f"r lk? alanc*. At' <J a ' the pr. m ae* 33! Broadway, in the aa.uon. a> Kin WAtrntD ;?:vrniATiti.v. a uisinfs? T I'Fv". man ha*!or ira i 'tnmaad 1* a'w ? I ii n e ad< miner In pnrrhaatn( a fully ral&bUakrd and noM< I n.aainc maii ifactiirioK |.i;i nn n ?ln till r>f?rat. i ?lm I ite i.rdrra ou kki.d. AdJreaa. with raa. nam*. O la. ^ t N Herald ofl re. to "v(?n WANTKD, A iPBCIAL PARTXKR WITH < ikia copltol, for the ei en? vi of ? ? > < ..rain nkicli ibere are nonaWt. au>l oUIck haa ike beM p. i l>?c;aof anooMk. Beat reftrr:. en r^en an-1 re, nrrJ. Addrea*. with real nam.' W. R 0., Ileiald offl ?. C 1 IWWt T,) " A PARTVFH WITH JItiHUv U* ab ii e kom to lov at In k k itli'r r ?. # t.? > ann protilabie mam fketunnK k'tai "?a m ibketly Tu? rer .aer la f a t'iainte1 nhb ib? ? oktr.' a?. v i \a c n d'Ht*->tilk ???l .llj ' manj v..<ra ^ar-? * ar n r nf flrat rlaaa cwaaerk th: ouufcont he UnTted Nu .et 1 k? ? II i e ?vt. n'lei . an, it ,im- ? .i>- ? h . K?f?r? rr? "f lh? htffhrat rflap'aoUbia.T t n A.! ? 'i , to* 17?> Hr raid o(tn?. for lhr?? .tar*. Q 1 (IfWI ~A I'ARTV WITH . AiiT *!. rvv MA t T* i, (Tt>vW\Fi * rmul *rr*!i .-meat. aiUi* . *? ap.-? <i lianuar, with a itotiic a cuh b,? n*a? ?hwii r- ?**# ,r rj laiga pi\>lA04rt'M Jam ? \?. >kn? liraJd H . Cr\ OfWl -wartep, a imrtrkk wmi th ? J 'UV'i !?(> >M in r?*, a a btifi-" ? -.!v ar< hi>?k?d. i>?Ttnr ;fl*) par rad par unrnh roflt Thta u no y, hiiw> i*, imt will (M?a* * r f?f lB'?wlfalo?i ill at kJt Br>a,l ! way. In tha ???\r?n(. and Inqitra (or I'K'I r.R> nii.iiAiim. u BII.I 1 IRIM-FOR flAMC. \ OOOD FATTRrt Rtl.l.t AHP H K<*?i, n?ar tharuy. a?*r*tbln* n cowylatt iirtoi. wilk ?' Mar and FUturwa. for part nt la re rail ai 144 Full ? Mr??t n ?. it. ORimTU, iiiUiarO Tal.W Mak-r ILMAROft-PHEI.AR H BILLIARD ROOM. OOftMtR I It r. h MrPft -111 Hr taar. -a .Mo r?-i all* An 1 ifim.. i.a Pin ii'.;,< i i ;h<- (* >," i m . < t *? u? ,t < ' i apcr. Ail b\i*lor?a inleri In laa ine?Dt uv? w.ll '* ait?nd?d ( ? l i at tli? manufactory, <3. C#. 67 and 69 Or y air- ?t I' TMN .1 'NPV'I ^ h'on ? v ?n KM>in sT" k n<?x ? n > < < ' > r?t kaad Tablaa. a rriamabla pri ?. H aid eva ?' ii'W. w a?nd Ti"r frdora br wnl'. Triirmii?(r? fir a*>. W H. ORTffTTH BiU'ar4TaMa M? Fu -a ?t ' 11 Tsa'st"h him U'iii ; v ~T~~ \"T> i.-i it c < ' I v am ?rary ?ar,# r. and ?r?il 1 ? i * i.i .? vid I R f??h. u4 running , u.;:? o , ? m , m f I ?i?* XHkitfaCW/J il'ivij WW, R<? Y;rk, It) r behind, built by the succehsor of G?o. WatUou. Philadelphia; butlt to order and but little <tae<1. only price, Y-wM .'or want of uae <>oly; weight, with t<?r?. |v>le wu-l ibaf's. < ouUSO \ aidi To be ?ecu at J NO. H UAW BENCH'S. iOi Broadw?7 F<IR KAI.K?A BAY TROTTING HORSE, li'j H ANHfl kiffh, 7 vmri old, and warranted to trot in 2 50 r fc.T.n.<'*?. t'ersoi.s desirous ot purchamn? a flint class horse are r'Vrwd to the adreiusement of Browne A Nichols. aacunn'wrs, No. J6 Nassau street, at which place he will be sold ou It August 2, at 1 o'clock. TOR SALE?AN ENGLISH I*A ItK PHAETON, BUT r little used. * lib double set of HwrneM, oi lb* Te-y leal description. and elegantly Mounted. To be sees at ito Vet*rlnaty Collier. Twenty third ktreet, near SUth atecuo. Fur sale a horse and carriage: -mm bb used witii one or two harm; the ilorse lias oeen broke and trailed for a lady s sadd e horse; will bo warranted a nd :u:i! gentle in saddle, aud wtli travel ten mil'* at -.b? cwumry w ith the lines on neck. Can be seen at ike on cer's residence. No. 573 (Jrand meet Willlsms'mrg. Lor.}; Island. The owner has bad him since a colt, he la now mi year? oi 1. FOR BALE?KITIUCR TOOKTHKR OR HINOLH. A PAIR of stylish iron grey Horses, 16 hauls hifh. 5 ai.a 6 year* old price fSPO, one bay horse, 16 hands high.? jears c,o, can troi in about three minutes, prtr* 12.V) ail three w -anted perfectly sound Also, one < ari mice, called Victoria, cuat $<00, \n j Uttle naed, price 1380, a iigni Wa^rin, jew .e, $126. Can be seen at IMl liuton pUce. FOR SALE?THREE VERY FAST TROTTING HORSBS, 1&W hand* h,*h young, sound and kind .n - ogle or double barnev alao a pair of very stylish brown -armgo Horse*. 16:3 high, right from the state of Maine. Ici ;<re at !K Gold ktreet For sale-a brown pony.< w a kkantki* -ouno awl kind, witii the exception uf tiring s ire: n'Mble for country use. Also a Wa^ou ?.l Harness wiJ Se *uid \e.y Cbeap. Apply at ?J Charles street, Club stable. For hale cheap-a express \* ago*. almost new and built In beat manaor, c*rab> rf /.nr. tag 1.600 poundh. will be sold riieap for r iah. cr will : ike hardware in rk' hangi' Iii'|idre of JOHN 1'ARK, 'l.-iuwaiu Pealer, l?i Eighth aieuus. For ialx-4 brown pacing noRRE, i? ntumi high, sewn yearaold and w&rran'ed per:e,iiy m in<1 am! kmd. suiiabie Mr a rsrt or truck ?oM l'C want or j*e App.y alCocper'aliTery aUtile, lOl and 1U3 t harles street. N. Y. t^ou HALE t)R EKf IIA NOE?ONE TEAM OF BAY ' Horses, ai v years old, If hai.Js hub. sum: bui.t -ial ??r. ianted sound and kind, will b? Sold together or ?israie; valuable for caru. trucks or any hetvy work. Arr'y at Jamca street, in the barber ?hn|t. ITOR^KS AKnrtRRtAntu t'Oi' sit tt_i ? c ?n?? XI of Ui' turn of I. M. Slufw i Co., preparing cr > w Kurope. oCer* lor aal? a portion of hia eit<-natTa ra-.4L..'Maeai of llorww ?n.i < *rrta*i-? Tniuire at carriage t jm So. tO West Mutt aueet, near Fifth avenue SMAIX WMION W A K TK r>?SI' IT A RT.K TOR \ .?OAT toilriw *ny penma ha? in? one to rtmpnv of rh? :p may mMr.'iw K Storm, at Greene* Uutcl. iU ihaaaera street, yew Tort. SKorvn hand rockaway carriage w t*rEr>? One with teen f<ir ui. and in cox! order. W J flt.1 a rrad) pirn ;.**er by aJiiieaa^ns Hamilton, Ueiaid oh. *. ?*rAKTKn-A GfXiP Ti'P HUOGY TU \T H V- RKKN tt Im| lltlir ?ed mi.I Iti i I ur u r, alau, a tw > Car. i .age fur one h"rw Adirt-a- t'arrUgcs, llciall ,1 ? ?t*l<i k price anil where they can be Been A vol WW MAN. HtYIVO FRO* |t0 T? V7? IN cash. i-ao in?*?-t wuh a good tnil p< rmari' i4 pna i n in * bili near ? will pay a liberal ?a;*ry, hv trplj. >? '0 day, frm II toi o'etocfc. to (>antbre?a> ltd. < A(V, So. i at.. K. Y CI ITT or NKW TORK. DEPARTMENT OF n> AM3R, J Comptroller* office. July 21. 1360. KKAI.F.I* rROPOSALS will be reeelred at this * ? =nttJ Tuesday. J uly 31. at U o'clock, noon, tor the pur ha?- by tie ( orporatun. of reel eatMe lot Oie uM of kfce t'Ue l)?|.AXiacut, aa fullowa ? lx>t for liner Cotnpany No 57 to be located betweec Br?dwar. Seventh avenue. Twentv eeventh and Thirtieth r.i -eta. l-oi for Engine Comptny No 49. to be located eteeen Twenty third and Twewij aixth strr-ta, and Seventh at l Ninth areuuea. Lot for Hoee Cneapanv Ko 13, to be located between Record and Leitagton avrnjee, and ihuly ninth and ? ,'.} firai Proposals io contain a diagram of the property c?er- .1, w it dtmenatone, Inrslny aid character of Aprmeraef a. * ty. Payment will be made in cash on firing a clear and aaltffactory title. The right a reserved to reject anr or all propotaM. :f '.he tilareau of the (,'orporaUon ren-ure It robkrt t haws, C<xr'.?oOar. La CROWT; and mii.w\1'kkf. iavh (.rant Ron J*. A r.a -rtly of tV 1 ?t ta.iie boodliiV ? tav ng ?e In thdr n?in>-a. tiie remainder >pf ?uih holder* of thai ur ritntbrreJ 1 to 2,!'<<0," for f I to each) deaUo of uaihng to aecurc mutual pi-oteetion and attention *o tb-ir Late* i-*?a tho-!d send, without lugther delay, their ad ao<! be niiatK r? cf tbr J- bond! to Mr. F. RAJTDALI., il Wail ft v-rw ORl.IAim AND MOBTLI F0!*DB BOCUHT BW [> AOOnrr RSLIIONT A CO . H Wall atTMI. \T*w TORI \nt? h r ui.road rrVr*rt? L> Treaauier a oilce ooearr Fourth avenne acd I wentyi tlh street -N?w York, .Inly M l?g) -ln^re* (v rr?o? rf mm w-ia iennr*ir* r??i<w ot iw win h* ,<) ?4 M Trruunr d1c4b m>U atlor An: i? I. W H. illtKH^O.V, tr..,.,ji?r. r \fftok or ttik MrrRopoutAf* oa? i.mht ro*. If rant '< Nr? T k IJ *>MM' r.eot <>( ti? Hark nf the CVitrm rmdlk?* ? V fk. '-. y ?, *? ?The I?iirr 'ir* of ih? MfWOpoHM dma Ufht < mrar y inrlnf reeolre 1 to tme tkree hundred and eight; ikfl v ?| (t?f. are of their rrptul Btncfc. la addttj n to Ik* am Mint k*'*v fore !>errthed. Nw*?nf n^rlpllTO wi'l h* nr*n??d M it* r *ce IB > wjt.ii ?tr**t. on the I7lh iat . an 1 t*tn<un ope? fr ? 11 to clock daily unul Annual 10. T.iroa erf that.iatttk?Tea rer cent eaeh at the :lme -rf nl>CflMaf Bad ike ba!*sc? ia mju'.h> natalaeala not e?>-ee?lin? ^T^e director* reaerr* the pr1?:Vre of ap pnrrtnrtBf rock a cue Jx mi beer t uoo (ho ..Id *\< *<t the am- it t By order O* \R ZOI.I.IKnM vjj, 'wrtttrj nxd lr?v .aer. pi:KA?t.*fY i' I VTITM NT srui; I n .1 ? "IV I inly a. 1*11 A . r*?p w Ftat<- Trra? r? h-- im of * ? ? "5 ft! wh'. h ... ,r>. :ai >a ot the art n( \priltrt l1"?? ia payable to t> t? .< M <1*11 Fnadf't ItoMcf the Htate, now ihe,?f . ? . nee ?uk Uie a??en:k a#e;mn of ?<id art, l??-a iliat I *HI ptirrhaae, at the low?atprk-e u.e??1, t"<i I 'tila nf the Plate of Cai.f ftiln, li 1 ; fer a : of ' t ?7. in It"- ettr.r of t > r cht 'v. leand mo v * \ i i1< ir? ?nd *tl> Ikree eem? - <ie<t pripr?a>< t ' ? r?Ireit at u?- nA< ? Hac-*m?nto ,u, . n ' er l?fi at wfci, h Ufr.? thr ,11 ue opened. No J will i rAnatderfl iir.lea* t<*ie reapiina!'? in aatee ?<" rri tkat ike bond* will b* pi???tu?d * ju i ihre? <lar* t ? M vaid >a mad* p ' e t <"n an n M ,. J to if ? vial te 'tuacbrd : > the K< ni< THOM.UI n.fnr.ET, TrtMnrcr of \rAKtrn?n* ? onop v <rn \nn, ?w 10 to arotd i>*T i;f ornnxivw ^ he r>*rann? ?*ee tre?? rtcly ?i.k the .*nd*r. tdlllf M l n 1H 111 ?'| -I * I'!.!< ! :K* 1-1 P'.*ROWt!W 1 Ti i, ,h I won. I I '?* IV/ r . itv :o . . ,, ."V i.v. ? th*r I.v a t ?e or tker* e Addrrai A- B. ' . v ' Ul era Id oMrc. ____________ ;1 I>,I Wk , ,s v M K . H II tm> I." M M " p r rn , " ! . t? . r in ai ?U per - ~ < 1* ifo'* ' 1 *. vtiM r ! of l?e V* ???* I 'fli.e - ^raY&j IM cit THK TIIBt rpROTTINU AT SARATOGA BPR1JHJ9. -A P'. R- -" A NI?' A aukn of II.UWmUI beviteu i'u haiurlay. Ait: < t, .. S u clork P M ; mi.K Ui-aie, beat tlue? at (he, io t~. J. McMitan uabum br. *. bruwu l>i k; o?ruer names 9 fc-fl < 0. 1.. STAI'K1.V>?. 1'. . f. ? TTKIOW (XHJRKK. L. I. ?TEOTT1 N U. ?O N THL'HfiPAT, v IJ Aujtuci 1 aiA>, o'clock, it match ior Sl.uUu, a.. beetthree ill h?, la haraeaa. Jtm? Hc!lu:n cua' 6. ra. Flow Tempte. D. 1 all man uttiuea bp. itiiliiijo (i&rtr* 1C? Pktcht u. A jroo<l day aud >|<ui irai-A, if nut, . L..r.*u io tbe follnwlrr Monday. and then a goud day- It-" win lease Houib itrrjr, Uruoklya, for the Courae At IV tciivl, Mid return aa ?oon an tbe vol la over. K.?re lo irnuid rrt ,/l 9U eeotk. BUAW *. WU1TK. Pr> pr'.f.<n. IIO U HK ?, < AHH1A (Vgg, JTyTi/TI'AKKl A<tK KuK KALK?fl uILIT HV VIxxk AKleveua, ined but live or atx Um?e; coe: #?;t, will b? old for fi'U . In pnrfwt order. < an >e seen at She; b?-d A T\ toe' Aijcku. wi^on UAitLUitcUtry, IS *?taitd street. Bru i.yi,, \.i niiniiiinmm iummii.-A FINK TfoRsH 1.1 hvtda. '-*n trot u> Wiiiron In three minute* .B.? no rr ?*. take; kiwi awl nlle lit every way. a 'me <M. - * ,, ,*? ?,?i ibit iUy for 9130; worth I50U. Apply to (J. DC SF, su. Broad way. Black hawk amp M<>RfiAff.-roR ?at,k. a ivrr blai'k htallioa, mi v< nr? il<l, I:. hawts J .t< t>? rllt0 beautifully forruetl, aouna; well broken to harness i.r afcc.?u?* luet and klud in hla ilispoeuion; hi* >dre wa* Bla> Tl" v?, got ' by Sherman s lilack Hawk, who waa aired by J .mm Morgan dam of K1h. Ii Hawk by Young Hamiltonlan, got by ? .<1 Hiur.U*. ton au, whom aire was imported Meaaensrer; the m i black atallion waa cot by North titar, Mil be bj iht .jsi cried horae North of Kogland. Certiiiiv.te of the u k -Vein Jiaeob ?'(it, of ,?iown Ni>iKtir? niuntv, V>>?e Y irk, lb* ueotfeman who bred and raised t,-.e Uorsea. To l.a at Lt? V?l?riMi7 t'cll?|t, Ttroty thlr' ?*rrrt, near <;? b len.e. An a itock horse he baa fewaupr .,ra, nod will be ? -ii a o*r> gain m any one dealroua ol purchasing him. flARRIACKf.?SFA'OND HANK ROAD \VA<? 'N-!. IiVO L1 seal do ; a nice 1)<>k Cart rhaet<>?, R cknw,. 8re,t Cm we Ac : all la good order and for sale cheap a; H.'f; VKK8 A UMirU'ft Carriage Factory. No. htf Xldridg* ntrn-r. C1ARRIAGK -FOR SALE, A BKAL'TIFll, IGHT ' J family Carriage, for ore or ( to horaea; o?t H<?!. ?U l e bold at a great bargain. Can be a*en at D*v.? :A4?> stable. 02 Ksat Fourteenth atreet, I men square. IfXPRKSS 8H1FTINO TOP WAQON, Sl'lTABMl j tor any I. mine , in nrlme ordr r; has be?c mm i ,: i,t. lie. sold \ erv rheap. Apply at No. 10 Neviofl itre :, B.^-aklyn. H. B. AC. WIITYT ** FOR BALK?A PAIR OP UNUSUALLY liANPPOMB | Kngliab <rose matched stylish earrUue Ilorae-. :.e dapia pray, the other jet black, 16!, haudi. l.lRA) each. 7 yearn OH) I' ry i. > k Gas tails ana carry auke, aouiid. aiw:. aM r\ veliera, aptntcd, well broke, shy at aithin*, awl oaci.U Ce ncrpaiuw'd for style or beauty of action; In abort, rr.jit i e Keen :o lie appreciated, a* no written desrrltition ran do :b"m ;-.atlc??. Aty gentleman desirous of posnetMiig them can feH ii>?juxl of uwuinc the moat attractive team driven in Cental fa.-*. Price 91,300. For further particulars a.ldre*? ft. T. Ceid, N. J. The Horaes ran i r brought to the v.'.y ' boura, awl are now in tine working condition. Fob bale-a black H"rsk. sixteen hands high, rising ae\en yean old, .< Inch la warranted -o .a/1 and kh.d in all harness. Sold oil a.xount of tka uwtie< Kuropa. He would make a vrry tine family horae aw he lo alrong ami artive. lie is rtt for m .ny puniovm. Is- are at the corner of Twenty fourth atrect -ud Hadlacc svr :e. %ida door. CH. j.KE. For sale-a black st vluor. oor by north Star, who was airel by North of Ku?land. dam cy Hiack llawk, who was aired by Justin Morcan; avanda U bacda t inchea; a Jet blaek; ktna and gentle In bia ao4 well broken to aaddle and harnesa. He waa awarded -he t.ral premium lor tbreeyear olda at tke Btata fair he-d a: HcftaJo three yeara ago. Will be aold low to any one de? r.i g * r rat rate rallmn for braedlna pnrp aca. To be aeeo at the v<*^rt? nary College, Twenty third atrect. near hlatb arctueFOR BALK -A SPLENDID PAIR OF GRAY HORSKS, Ui'j handa high, sound and kind; a tillable for eirrea wagona or drait boraea, or would make a good car. team; will be aold separately or together. Also a rc J:..way Car* riare. In perfrrt order, for winte.r or summer use: can '-< -.sed with one or two hordes. The above are for sale at TV mpaon'a xtables, in ibirteenlh atreet. ne:ir Third arec ye. % TT?OR SA1.K?A Pfl A ETON. WITH KKRV1M1 < BUT

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