Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1860 Page 1
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tti: . WHOLE NQ, 8729. THE GREAT EASTERN PICNIC. The Departure of the Leviathan for Cape May. I TWO TH008&ID PEOPLE 01 BOiBB. THE SCENE IN THE BAY. . a TIE ESCORT AND TOE ENTHUSIASM. A NIGHT ON THE ATLANTIC. Fan, Hunger, Misery and Mattresses. AN INDIGNATION MEETING ON BOARD. AXTJSEffG SCENES AND INCIDENTS. A MAN OVERBOARD. THE KKTURN HOME, M.i to. to. Tk. history of the Great Baatern baa been one of epochs. Whether on the atocka or in the water, in the long pro eta of a launch, or the acene of a lifo destroying explosion, on a paaaage across the Atlantlo or as the focua of a multitude?from her Inception until the present moment, the events that have followed each other thick and Cut hi her chequered career hare partaken of the etupendoua character of the big ahlp itself. The present excursion ought not to be excluded from this catalogue, for while it la no uncommon occurrence for a company .much greater in number than that now throbbing around mo, to embark on a jollification jaunt lo a distant place, never In the history of thia or any ****? Hat th?w? Wn inch * rnn*lnm*rAt'nn of humanity, such a scone and eucb surroundings, as those wbiob characterize this first pleasure peregrination of the colossal Queen of the 9ea. Aa tuch, It la worthy of a place 1b the current record of Ike times. A trip to Cape Hay Is an event of ordinary occurrence; but a trip on the Great Eastern is another thing; and when tt was modestly announced In the journals of the day that she would proceed thither fbr the purpose ef affording the public an opportunity of personally enjoying such a voyage, there were few hearts that did not pulsate in sympathy with the thought, "Bow I should like to go." One drawback, however, and a most essential one, tx>, prevented many from yielding to this first and strongest impulse. With that keen eye to the interests entrusted to their care which has throughout characterized the management of the big ship on the part of the dlre:tors representing tho Great Eastern Company In this country, these gentlemen saw fit to charge, for the privilege of a two days'sail, the high prtee of ten dollars, eicluslve of the keeping and nsuissnj comforts of the voyagers. Naturally , every MM cosamenced bis arlttimetical calculations. Here was four dollars extra for a berth tn to sleep, at least two dollars a day per capita for tbe priv'legeof eat Ing, an additional two dollars for a twelve hoars' interval at Cape May, and sundry other miscellaneous incidentals, which would swell tbe exponse well nigh upon twnty dollars. The result was that for the entire week follow lag tbe advertisement tbe utmost indifference appeared to prevail, and It was only now and then that one could he found in the whole coraint nity anxious to come forward and loosen Ms purse strings to the rer^ r?d extent. Cp 'jo Saturday night this nrnnber amounted to the insignificant ?f < gtt : ndri.d, aui the -u:, at" 1 excursion jremiseJ to V i mage dcanl fat are. The mother oi'ci;nd?v did not at all impnv the lnuciaJ proipxl "[ uw uBucrw ofi uu w/ ?Md the breaking :)ouU* of tf>>n Uy. tlio Cu.m.n&Uug eieiVrraiT.*. of expectation, and the of a ?p!en <M trip, l?i. U?o;r c -criming a.J, that ti.? ; ol ? .me fcrwarl at.! "? lei the c ?r to tb? l.miU ?t.a III inder^tood had b"?n ??t by the director* uin-.ely, 'wo tfccuia&d. TUP KVMH11AT101*. At we t?*e already etatcd, the <Jreat Rafter j haifled oflr tetc tho *tn:.r n ?t. Uy ?.>n)' n . rd ti er<-, ly|i.k- ,imt ppot.le the maiih or of Commodore *leven>. at Hobunea, ?be wa te l theitrr-Ta' <f tb"*' vbo wero to oompoe her party In ?rder to acommodato tbo e*i :r* " iwo tn.a.l tte&mer* *?rf pr r-ded, wfc?-hat interval* of fiftMn m noli or tlterear t- ran b?'t'* . ? the h:p and tl root of Eairrabad itreet, wfcer* they bad been requested to M-enibK Here, on oi.r arr a!, a b ?y ?< one proe'litad iU.-X Kirit w*a the crowd, to den* that It wa? almost lapnMlbl* to make ona'S way u r gh t th*n we Trn bled upon .1 d< /et. or m r? >airr if", br r.,~ / both vni*n atd lookers on, and, flna'ly, on arm idg at the edge ot the dock. we came -.j u th-- little v-amer that wac to c : v?y ua on bour>l. TTir. ? or four trucka were draw n up tn tlode t?> tb? U?l, '? <! d d' mattre?."?,? part of tbe .nftalmmt ordered for the accoinmodat >111 of *he pa?<-> r.g< rf, and tl. f wcr" be.i.j; pa#t<M to lb<- lock Of tl.e .1 >>f bagr.ige lay n the wluirf *d i- r Cape May and l"hi'adoli>h..i, which looVed as though on. flira M. bad jud oualy aclarted the real Ea'tcrn for Lerjourney, and from one to two hundret ta d rid'taJ* wore doretaiVd U k"tt"r in tbo little ay*.-.- a!lotted to ]?M?nfer*t ar.zioufly wa viij tUe terminal on f tbe loading prooeaa to which we hare alluded. Patieooa ??.? found ill reward, b *?rer, ?nd in a w aotM ?? were ploughing tbe waW? of th? Hud>oa atd aioegmde of the t.rrat Kaatern. Ton up the <tde Malrway preaeot owr ticket to tbe <xfcor at the ging way, pan tbe lcapection of threa or fo>:r dale t rm who hara ba^n detailed (Wr the purpoae, '.* bat the w< rk of a k% aeconda, and we And oaroelTe* on brard A i- pt? of hundred hare precMed Jl, ard -arpet bag? and tn:i*? trewn around indicate that the r own?rt e ther hire 4etarminad to roma wall protided * .lb ototbing and M der, or ttat t large number purpose eitend'.ng their . ir mj from C*|>? May to other po:ttt. Serera. ba-k I here and there Tery contain the coo t tl. , < ot llf?, Ud though a etn.le ?u e*c:ied al the ti.o \gut of " caala to ?wcaaUe," we bar* tinea had >> - ton to envy the forethought whirb !?d the r >ro?r? o look out for cumb?r one before U?ey etarted, raih?>r ?!.*n * trwt to the uncertain man^nift i of the r? an baard. Or.:; r-w mlrutee PM befbra an- ther 1J> proach<-? IU crowd of two or three hundred ire Is rtwpil, Mid rom? tarry bc up tbe m we did before ihem. I?odw?rth B-ir. i wrii?, ud tie Vg flddl?e tod "tile (lddlea, park?r"> <* toeeir ud Boik'tl 'murum-u:* that foUow ib-m g re pcmn f a rich treat to lh ?e who love the eon?rd of ? ? I ound*. Tbe Inad la dbebarged, the Knee ere .**t >(T wd tbe little minnow of ?trara X?t drnpe irl?n in glr? place to another, and another, arid another, until t>y two o'ciork fone two thowaad people have bean train ported fr? m the (bore aa<l are tbe deck, '.iatenlnc t> the mu.?le, duteaee ng tbe approaching "Teureloa, >r rambling in the abyeeee of the vaat ?b.p wblcb baa at trailed them (Km thetr h"iti<-? and beeioeea. It may be >afreet>cg to tome to know the etyle of c ir ticket It waa about aa follow*, for wo write from m* wy ? ~?Vx?t^KMU)>r^nrTinT'*'**" \ WTKkM^Hif ORK4T K inTRRI*, r*o? atw tkk* w earn aat, _ _ . _ am? arrra*. Leartoc Itew Tor*. J,ay ?. at 3 r M.; leering ^ape Hay \ _ Jiig U. ai? P M. i Aura, Tt? Dou.;tea. ' * TATKB. SecraUry. J The oovpany ha ring now rally arrlrad, we bare an cvfurtobtff of Raking arnnnd and elng m rwori.B on ?oaiu>. H wnald be n Car* to rame a'l of tbeae, for they re pre eat every dean and -oadHtoa kaly to he pr >?ent on ?n oeoa?K4> of lh!? natare They cone, Inn, from aimoet, E~~N E; ] If not qntte, every the futoe, m nil m torn 1 many of the Gouty i* of Europ#) m, coti,;Bg of AX- , 1 rka, & t ?rr of dar* skinned waiter* on board al- | ] most coo?U\,ity call u, mini. Millions.res, m nlaters, I lawyers, ?l!tor?, rtptrMrt, doctors, tradesmen, poets, ' J arl.sts, authoresses, politic lane, gamblers, prlae ttgbtera, , and '^cattemen %(. iarge, all paaa la rsvlew, and (Its to i thfe assemblage a cosmopolitan character which it oould not possibly bare In aty city outside of Now York. Quito a CQns.derable proportion it composed of ladles, and, tVaege to say for such a gathering, there la aot one observable on whom ausptokw can for a moment rest. Messrs. Dickson, Young, Farley, Radford and Doxsabury, detectives, and Capw;n 8sabrisg,of tha Ninth precinct, are alao on board, and thongh their aervtose have not aa yet been required, their presence has doubtless been valuable, on the principle that 11 aa ounce ef preventive is worth a pound of core." It was amusing, however, to watch this variegated throng as they came oa board. ' Where's my state room J" was the universal inquiry , and invar ably the first movement wss in the direct .on of the imaginary place where they were to repose, or the Imaginary individual who kept the keys to these Morphean recesses. Officers, nervants, seamen?people of all other* on the ship the laut capable of 'ApW tag 'be required Information?were button holed, annoyed and victimised by the impatient orowd, until tbey were almost hoar so with?" Go to Mr. Bold." " Who's Mr. Bold t" ' The man with the blue ribbon around fcishatand book under hla arm?who 'a always taking muff." (We may alao add that he is the financial manager of the aftaira of the ship.) The result is that the brunt of these attacks fell upon the unfortunate gentleman whose ' blue ribbon" made him such a conspicuous mirk of attraction. With a fund of pleasantry, however, which, like a shrewd politician he knew how to use, the pertinacious applicants were requested to wait until after the starting of the ship, and for the time be was left to enjoy his snuff bo* and neuralgia in gomebting like the peace be coveted. It was now about three o'clock. TBI AfTEAftAXCB 07 THE CROWD. At this time it was interesting in the extremis, no far as numbers are concerned, they exceeded even those who witnessed the arrival of tlic Great Eastern. On both sides of the river as far as the eye could reach, up and down, the shore was black with people. Housetops, hillsides, wharves, ships, bargee, rigging?everything that afforded foothold to see the spectacle was occupied. Immediately around the ship lay a score of steamboats, tugs, rowboats, and small craft, all loaded to the water's edge and waiting the departure of the ship. Owing to the per. versity of the tide, however, THE START < did not take place until after four o'clock. As we have before remarked, the Great Eastern lay with her heal up the stream. In order to turn the gigantio vessel the teamtuga Achillea and Tankee were employed, but for more than half an hour after the huge anchor left its muddy bed?the largest by the way that ever rested on the bottom of the Hudson?they atrovo with might and main to bring her into proper position. The ship yielded gradually, however, and at a quarter to five o'clock the nI volution ?f the paddles and the screw, and the long wbito wake behind, annet noed that we wore fairly on our way to sea. The scene that now ensued is one that cannot be soon forgotten by any individual who witnessed it. The multitude of humanity was visibte on every side. On shore thseye rrrted upon nothing but crowds, extending even back Into the country as far as the vJion could reach, and on the aaU-r eighteen or twenty steamers loaded to the guaids. bedecked w th color", whistling their enthu*iuui and thundering their salutations, glided along in the huge (shadow of llie Great LaaWn at it trembled in the waters of the bay. We did not oount all of these, but kuc luiiuw - vu' utujn ui IU'JT: r^ \*> m u?i hi ^ the preaeut Burnout, together w;iL the cd muted number , of p*i-fctgiTK on board :? Key port S5Q Satellite TOO 1 riuih.Dg 400 Flora 700 Delaware 700 Columbia 700 Tigi'r. 400 Pateraoo 700 ' R. d J? k< t 7U0 Francia <?. Speight.... 000 Tfi. 8 ilujM. ., MO .1. a. l?arcy aoo . Ju. A. mat"4U, 4?<0 Muiaon 400 ' l-ndrik HuflW 3,000 J. B rr?.?r 9U0 Shu*. Uoiit shm Total 11,760 On Ard we ploughed, puffing the orow 'ed Batb-ry, the revenue <rotter Harriet lane, (Jorernor'a InianJ, -wten i-iaud, tbe N'arrowa, and other pU^ci about which the tory haa aireaoy been told. W .tbout, it In not .hillcult to imagine the apjvarnxee of twenty ateamrra, by I dowu to the aater'a lg?', conatituting ao aq-iati ' eacort, of which noue could b? a more worthy object than tbe 1 ooMceh'p upon whi:h wo are; wLiia within and aroand 1 ua the eicurfioniaa hare betaken li.otnaelvea to every locality on im abip where they are not poaitirely forbiddon, to ^tyoy the apectvle. S me are in the tope, othera arc acatl?Ti-d thr> ugh the many of the la<iiea have taken the p!at' mi at the bu<s of the wheelbouaaa, while ih.< m\j<ir t.. of the paaaengtr* arc located along tbe bulwark', tt?ii.lin? oo tiptoe, with tb.-!r glaaaoa pcarlng at the ten thouKand object* >f ,otere*t around. Tbe day 'f gk>roua. The ragged tiraalei :ng rlonda have broken aw ay In great dummi, that are rolling off io the dlatanoe The warm runnhsne baa tlngad all nature , with I (a lo\al:n*-a-, and tti? brigkuwt aiiticn ationn <>f a , pleaaant ei <.rti<? b d la.r to be realised. AM ACC1PINT. When half way to staien lalacd the ah p waa detained about three quart era of an hour by the breaking of the cat book which held up the anchor ai.4 ita alack chain, ao that tbe latter were precipitated twenty or thirty fret into tbe w ater. ;?oine trouble waa ~*|>rrlencod'n repair- I ing the dttiiculty, but it * as tnally overcome, and tho ! ihlp reaunied her triumphal march. Tn thia connection It miyalao be rr.ent'oti<vi that dv.r- i ng the progreaa of weighing anchor, aome diSlowlty waa I ripenenccd by reaaon of tho oonatai.t of the ismenae cable -ipon the capatan. ')n tbew ocoaaion* tbe 1 rail of one or two feet of the great aaebor would iar tho ' ahlp an iCTcrely aa to be perceptible in tu rem< !<at part. graceful undulat ion* of tbe abip. ivrru. It *u dow what a rent.mental nr.jw woaM term "lh? lovely ud '.angoid boar of twilight." A majority of th<*? on board had provided lhe?aelr?a with a hearty dinner before com ng on hoard, hat with ?? breeae in oae'e com posit ton tor ?,i hoora It M impnealble to realut the pane* of hnnger at ome i me, and the rotme?j ieoce wae that a* aone m the bar wa* pn- M a rnah took place for ?opt>er that reminded v.a of the douV*1 ii> *nt?pehary.> Fi of the Zouave* at the Academy of M'iPIc i.?e other night. it The aim )e tn,ght he (followed op by Mm rewiark that they <.( dlde ttnjoy a nuct batter opportunity of <!oh.geiecuiioo. W YO fORNING EDITION?THUR t was ??r?!y a charge "at"' uil not "into.'' !? other words, the feeUmg arrangement, from begin a lag to end, ru a specimen <rf m^management and In apertence that night have bran expected from gome i 3aIf civilised Hottentot, whose brain* and taste had beeu I iiaed op in acquiring the little information he knew, but which on* would lot look (tor la any re prreeetatlve of that august body?tee Great Eastern Steamship Company. The meaJs, aad the manner la which they were *erred up, wero hardly worthy of ootnpar sod with the Htylu of " Dotheboy*' Ball.'' In fast, "Old .Sjueorer' himaalf, merely < atiau* his bowl of molaaaoa, gairanised into lift (tor the < occasion, might, without a groat atretoh of the iBMftaa- ] tlon, have been seen strutting around his aoanty boards, in the well developed rotundity of the provider of the i ship, as complacently as if his tables groaned under the lai ui me iua. itru|? loey oia, out ue auutwriuer didn't m it. We thought to ourself that be would be an unlucky Laxarus wbo was compelled to wall for crumb* at tbe door of euch a Dives. Wc shall not attempt a description. There wm a Koo?l deal of spoon, tome tablecloth and a variety of Inei dentals pleasant to look upoa, but as for the food, its appearance was as rare as a comet. The coffee gar e oat on the second round. It cost a fee of half a dollar merely to breathe tbe passing intense of a cup. Chlokens smelt all over of antiquity; ham was Rait, beef tough; tongne was nowhere, and tee, of which several tons had been shipped In tho morning, was said to have given out. Infect, a general ft mine would have overwhelmed all hinds if tbe amp had been a meal and a half away from land. The waiters, too, wore, with a few exceptions, rare rpecimens of their species. One of these ex option*?and we are glad to notice them?was the carver the second dining saloon, who became so disgusted with the whnli proceeding that he lakl down his knife and cleared out in dlsgut. Another was a gentle old darkey, wboae ? hated head and gathered topknot made blm look like a venerable edition of a Japanese. The passengers called blm tbe 'Tycoon," and awres of ladles and gentlemen sre indebted to his Impartial care. Aa for the rest, they were a set of unmlticatal rascal*, rhey would lie, cheat, steal your chairs, and almost your money. We beard one asked by a gentleman tor a oup of "All out," was tbe reply. ' Go and get a little lor my lady, won't you?" "Go to hell," was the rasponee, totfo boy, and tbe villain went oil', with a mad floorHh, as If be was golfig to tear the kitchen down. Others were perfectly blind and detf, metaphorically a peaking* to all inquiries, and it was only when their palms were scratched with tne evil root, which they did not hesitate unblusblngly to ask for, that they aoemed at all to ooropreaend that they bad been indnctriously requested to obtain ? desired article of food. Wines, soda and other liquor* have been sold in large quantities, but 1 must say it, to the credit of tbs two thousand people, that I have not yet sMn a single inttlrldnal la a state of intoxication. A very Judicious arrangement, had it been sueoessfally tarried out, would have been the publication, as follows, mk kali or csjjmjh roi unuMoavn on nre great < nasntp . ret and coffbe.per cap.. 6 t jdwlches IS ilam and beet, per plate. 26 Veal and ham patties... 12 1 9am and chicken, do... 80 Beef a la mode 26 i rongoe, per plate 26 Biscuit and oaks, snoh.. 6 < iocs 15 Lager bier, per glass.... 10 iintjolep, per glass.... 12 Brandy, gin, ram and 1 Sherry cobblers, do 12 whiskey 12 1 .Taret, per glass 12 Cider, % pint 26 ! ua puccn, glass.... 12 cuampagne, quart*,..?a uo oedmUk 10 Do. pints.... 1 J6 Sxktail* 12 Sherry, quarts 1 60 Claret, quart* tl M tod* water, lemonade, cream soda, aarsapar ilia, each 12c. To prevent mistake*, i***enfers are requested to pay on leliverr. For tbs first two hoars at dinner by this mean* every udividual succeeded in baring himself waited upon, revived bi* dish full of pabulum, or rather the described, paid for it. and travelled. At present, bow >rer, they seem of little more oae than se many piece* of 1 seles* table furniture, and for practical purpose* ure aid aside. People are eating whatever they can get. One my neighbor* at a table said a few minute* ago that be lad bad four consecutive rear ends of chicken* in two aeals, and wan then at work upon the lifth, wilh a view ' 0 te?t a sixth, and continue the experiment until be h id 1 leflnitely ascertain#d whether or not any other part of hat biped's anatomy bad been brought on board. It the ({uestion was asked, to whom doe* the blame >elong? I should say the provider, head steward, or ' rcr of the ship?a person by tbe name of Cot. By ao?n- I .ract with tbe roroiwmy he retains the privilege of f?-ediog 1 ill p-rfona on board tbe abip, from director to visiter, at ert.nn price*, which are mutually fixed. I ?ai Informed ' >hat two or three others were also engaged with him in . .he speculation, and between them all tbey have sue- J yjded in leeching ihe public t > an extent they will never ' jujoy a^ain. They have neither the ability to plan nor the lact to execute, and as far as regards providing for the wants <>f two thousand people in tbe rough and turn bin manner they have set about, it would have been ' quite as wise tv have made a miscellaneous mixture of all that was to be eaten and drank in one big pot, divided 1 spuou among the multitude, and told them to go at It. ] Mr. Cox may do a very good man personally. Wc don't know blm. Be may have very excellent Intentions, a benevolent dispoait.eii aud ;i strong constitution, lie may be punctual in hi* church attendance, reliable la his do. 1 njfrtic duties, and unimpeachable aa a cltlzcn; bc.t,n->l ' vithslandiug all this, to-day ha* fully demonstrated that whatever may be his other virtue* of be id, heart or per ion, Mr. Cox "can t keep a hotel." { TBI NIU0T OS BOARD. 1 Bow shall St be described f It require* tbe brush of tbe Inter more than tbe pen ofjt writer. In ract, the Hcene i nrttobe described. Whilst indite, men and women t re preparing to " turn In,''with such aecotumod.ilion* ? - the *tnp afiorls. But, notwithstanding the thoimnd to xtra mattreaac* provided, tlic careful arrangements that r rere *un-"ed to bave been made concerning the dispoei t ion of the staterooms, and the boasted facilities of the to tig ship for carrying any number of passengers, more f han one third will fail to accure anything on which to l< ay tbeir bead but the Iron wall* of the vessel, a coll of t lamp rope, or what tailors rail the "*oft side of a plank." v t Is about eleven o'clock. TTie roiitemplsted ball turns out s o be a "nixie." As the if >ry goes, one of the "heavy" ?1 lutrra has tks Iwtta * 1 .'nmtilsint frum rirlfiliintf l/v> K TBS BAR. | r I do not mean U?? b*r on few), but th? bar off nuily 1 Hook, about which to many ooontry editors hare written lbs most fearfully dlarcuraging leading articlss. I .ttleoc- ? curred daring the Mil Iowa the bay worthy of *4d:i'on to what has already besa ind.tad; bnt aa * progressed to ward* the bar th* interest among the pawsongers to see a locality about which ao much baa been Raid l<-d them to lake i>iaca where they ooald command ariew of the T', and aatifty th .maeivea by a personal inspection ' the ilanger* of tha piaoa. Gjueeoosolly tb-y lo.*ed e long and arneatlv. They acaouod tha water with their 1 .. glasw*. tb?*n tie bron/?d faoe of pilot Murphy, then the captain, and than tha water again, but , 1> we venture to ?*y that few of them had any mora ? idea of the r< al locality of tha apot than did oar a Japanese friends of lb" institutional morality of their i, Alderman ^ ooafrcres Tha passag* took place al a iwtNe m.nuus t*?1 seven o'clock. The ahlp t drew twenty four and a baif feet of wat'T. and It ia need- o lee# to ray ?be went over without the (lightest difficulty. n The engines wrrs "alowed," and a little more watchful- j| ness w?s evident on the part of th- r?, but asids ? from these incidental features of careful uanirali'in, no- | *, thing occurred to It.JKal* an vitrasrdtar? rvaut. In t< art It ?e?-ms to bar*- be-n nla n!? proven ib?t th?- Croat < Ka.?tert> may be u "a?1ly brvugbt nt<> th* bay of S?w t Vurk u ai j otbrr ?h:p that bu ?rer min n and oat of I n A, and that Oi'' 1b'"ipBiid and ?!> ?<>r:ra respecting Uie ti t'aen.e of ^lT'-laal w?t?r atid tl?? 'acg"r I at navigation j r< ar* d f fabrtcalK t>? of the bo if. .It thia (h iiit our ?aoort lefl ? . The little f?et of ?t?am- tl era Uiat bad b?ru t'lttmg aboil lutu ao many >'j;ng (Uh (, ooe by oti'' Ir'W'd a?WD, parting be?r* were a*<:luM>f ed, ai;d the Gnat Kan*rn, al>>ne ant utau? n d<M, d .n f? b?>r atately way towarda her n> ?i, boubd dentinal ,n ai Tli* >rk t.g of tbo iua*al?e mach i.ery ?f the ahip ? <uru>K Una |?rlod was jc-rfi t N tb ng ' oold baro boon n mor* b"aunfui <jr vuidtrfil. W th<> it notar >r j%r? | h without ' Ten (rofTlcient vibration to din. urb tho mif | fl rare of 'h? o'l ID tb? CU|* lb tl reToUe w lh tho bug* 1 tl rodi?lh? .moi iif cotni'l calmo movwi with a powr | Uiat ?<<m<d aiQi'^l ?uiv mat .ral y ?ib.irn'\ Tb? abip tl likewiia behaved admirably, and, though oooaaiunally n yl< M ug t > the long ground iwell of the U?nt:o, t wan ? alwa;a with ocb g<-uU? gr?c? and may movement that It ol ?aa im|K?Ribl? to b? lo uiiooinr>:tnratary aa to 'i<viitnb tt to ttn a aingie era at k qualm. Al hour or two later, a ?ow< vw. we d d aee a few lal * and weakly g. mlenvn la Oixti lb" o'lttry intently regarding tb? bottom of a ape- tt rtm?n of pottery ware with whi;h tb?y ne^mod very miKh dl?if> ated bat the .?um ?u doublleaa due quit#- ax much t" tliotr pre?r4lng carniveroua asprvu aa to tli? RKfl SDAY, AUGUST 2, 18C0. "Found >m under Cox's bunk." "Good for him.'' "Hungry?" inquires the chicken man, ?s he temptingly rubs them across tbo bar* noar lb? noses of the victim*, like the keeper of a menagerie. "Yea, of course we are.' "Can you suicll it?" "Ye??. its good and strong, Pi.t it in here." "Well, growl if you want it.'' Xghnhh," growl the "animals" lathe' moat cap* Mont and artistically bestial manner, and amid the cheers wd laughter ol the crowd. The menagerie is fed, accor dingly.the chick en being passed in on the end of a long pole. Somebody pawes in a drink to wash the solids down, ind the fun increase*. Here, again, are family (roups. A wife Is tucked in tietween two aettces, and tho husband stems crosswise Another chap has a table turned upside down, and Is mooting at a two forty pace between the legs. Here are more piled away like mummies in tbo most on Imaginable places possible, which only would enter ths conception of i sleepy man. In short, from stem to stern, there Is a row r>f beds and bodies which give the scene an appearance like that of a hospital filled with tho victims of soma pre i vailing epidemic. Of course, in such & party there is fun?plenty of it. I Doe group especial/ appears to be the centre of attrac- I Lion. Three or four of the number aro stretched out on | rater. The mnaio haf. accordingly. become exoeed li ngly costive, and retlrud to It* quartern tn the steer- I K?. The people In the sal<>ona. eepocially gentlem-u ccompan tea by ladies, arc frantically flying ft < m pillar to li ??t. irat In search of Mr Bold, then of Mr. Vatea, and I U ire rma, until tbeae gentVmon liare got into such a ? weal in their effort* to accommodate, that they hare bail o abut thrmiu'lrea up In their state room* to cool off j lomothtrg bar gooo wrong The stateroom* hare either ;ot mixed or the prople have, and the reault la that a man a >cca?M?ally finds htmw If in otic place and hit wire tucked . may sosewberc els*. Many who have paid lor bcrtbs lave been deprived of th<-tn obtlrely. and tak*1 tb Ir ? t?nna with tboae who hare truatod to luck and di*pa*> d >f thetof lvea U> regular camp style. The picture of the saioosa from atern to stem?Uir veryth ng 1a mckoned backward* tn tbts shtjt? ia iw hing like the fb lowing ? Kirat t? tbe bar, now MMi with satursted table ckutb*. broken (lame* and empty KittiM. N?'xt a couple of tli>' dining saloon*, tn wh;rh !> waiter* are hurriedly clearing away the debris of tbe lay's work. Th<-n wr approach the lad tea' raioon Kn erlng here we are on one of tho velvet sofa* a brac? of htldrcn Kprcad out at length, their mother watrhtng over hem. Individual* are lay ing under the table* and Srit ereo prom scuoely around tbo floor. The aarnc anno ia epeatod tn tbe forward ladles' aaloon, with the except>>n hat more ladles compose the tableaux and make a ooo ide'ably wld-r apreao. None of them liave itber than their own ahawla, and the me o4y which lli ir onerous *nor*s reate might well have suggested ibe dea of an Gollan harp. It is hot and oppreaatve, bow< \ r, isd we berry out ok nsrv. Hero we get the ir?Me d< Ut crrme of this midniybt nmnoleaoence. Tho aleeper* are stretched out tn at) nits, stylra, shape*, forma, angles and condition*. T y mphatlcally lay around kwe, looking very much a- If hey ba<l br?n i?>ur"d out of s> me lug bag tn a atate of <11 ition and left to settle. You can be {In to doecrlbe th u bj where, fc.oio are picked away on tho tops of Ute aiilns, ar me arc laviiig dime alongside the buiwar.s, mc are sitting bolt upright, reposing obh-jti' Ir nd airetr-lied out on the straighti-st horncnt-d wo Individuals, more entorprtsing than fie tbers, have sewed themaelve* between 'two 4 lattreaso*, and are trying to nap it; but every n?w aud 'r" -WW.. "u Kj arrlea of groana nod maMlcltonp that would wake 1'ie v prm aleepera A New York reporter and one of the ile- n pctiree?* rery fkt one hy tbe way ?have quite aenaibly u, rawled into a abeep-pon for the pur|*m?? of being und a I, urbed, b'lt a party of promenalrra bare diarorer<-d heir retreat. apd for the laet ten minute* they have b>-n r, rymg to provoke the wrath of the raged Individual! to ? -r ?b? th"r tb?- fat man ran g<t out a A apeculatlre indie (dual mounta tbe pen and e*blb'? ben af ?lid an mala, la a "train aorr..-tbing like the M iw ,ng ? Here, gentlemen, are atrme of the meat ertraordlna'y eaks of nature?animal* that won't live upon the laud w Dd are hound to die In water. We have to feed 'em ?? rventeenth proof whlakey, whteh one man ahonta into t, iem with a double barrelled aqnlrt gun, while anotlx-r ? nlda their lege?a moat Interring spec ta ele. Only fl| ve cent* and tbe refreahaenta thrown Id. Keedmg tim.' tt I ItlM BtntM. A great crowd gather around, and Uic (port that eo?ue? ,0 i Immeoao Some <*e g.ta an oar and atlra up I he "an i laia " The reporter beg* to be l?t out. ha* got Iota of ork to do, la In a great hurry, and make any >|'iantlly r e*rt*e?, bat they doe't "take, ' and a battery of roarer lr it ion la tred off between tbe bealegera and the boalege'l mong the viaiiere la (ieorgo Wnkea, who, after a gm>J n' iiigh, venture* to Inquire, "Who put the animate la p? Br' h< "Tbe director*," wat Uir rrply, ' Can't yon get oat?" ' "*0; they're fattened ua la " pa How do yon lute your oent" of "The pea,' aaya tbe fWt mas, la a deep ventrte.utar r? nice, "la my opiaioa, Mr, the pen ia mifbliar than the at rord." "Ha' ha' ha' he! he! be! ho' ho! bo*" cachmatc the Ci owd, at thla wlttlelrm. "Three eheera far tbe fat freaX to f nature,'' which are giren with a will. dr "How often do they Red yoaf aayi one. "Halnt been fed at all." "Ckll the directors! Here'i a can* of ftarratloo," criea f>. i individual am the oataklrU. at ' No; get 'em aomethiag to eat," rneponda an-dher ?| r>rthwlth a chap aUrta down the gangway, and, th'xw'i Ui m mwli,igbt. la Ira minutea return* a th tbo iAnaa> -? at ' two Mreat Raatera cbtrkena id "Where <M yoti get thMaf" gt tneir mattresses in tho centre or tho duck, while i the crowd sued in a ring around them, and Join < in the laugh, the sons or repartee. After a while one U ' Introduced to make a speech but. being unaccustomed to this work, ha invites what ho calls one of bis "Zou j?ous,' whom be styles the "Prise Baby," to do it for him whereupon the Prize Baby la received with cheers, and proceeds to publish to the crowd bta diet, which be saya sonsists or four hard boiled eggs and a blackberry three limes a day, In aoap and water. (Applause and laughter}. rhis eBort evidently finishes him, and he Introduces h.s friend, "Signer Mickey Farina, the celebrated Italian tenor, the greatest living artist of tho age." Hie tenor responds, in "sweet Irish brogoe," by a touching melody, which ne denominates "a parody on the Dutch cheeHe." Another is introduced a* "Col. Bobolinklbus, aid to Uon. Sarlbaldl in the Mexican war," and requested to "turn uround and show bis honorable scars," which are, of course, behind. As the capillary su balance on the sum It of his head is exceedingly brief, somebody propose? 'three cheers for the man with the sandpapered head," which are given with a will, and the military gentleman lubsides upon h>s mattress. So the Jokes go round. Everybody Is food naturod, and witticisms fly thick and tot in every direction. It would require half a page to record th? amusing in clients connected with this party alone. The "beasts" were poked up with long poles, while the people cheered, ihouted, yelled, hauled the cage around, squirted water with the how, and raked the Oil Nick generally. ONE O'CLOCK. Bone persevering Individual has cured Dodworth's man >f his alia and aches, and the string band are on deck, caking music for a score or so of dancers. They are all nan, however, and as a "stag" afflslr, now and then interrpersed with gymnastics and mattresses, it is Irresistibly 'unny. The ladles seem aa lively as a brood of canary lirds with long tails, and though they do not indulge in Lhs sport physically, their merry ringing laughter en lorsee the amusement aa beyond reproach. Homebody baa Just proposed a mattress race, and hardly are the worda out before fifty men, with bads on their backs, twe started off on a scrub match by moonlight. How it terminates of cou'ao it is Impossible to see, but there Is in amount of Jollity In the occasion sufllclont to stock a loten ordinary parties oi a similar kind. An hour or so tl this active exercise soon wears them out, however, ind by three o'clock the whole group, In fajt the #bole leek, is in a state or profounl slumber. I waa informed that at about two o'clock one of the nattresses was discovered to be on Ure, owing to the arclexs distribution of a scgnr, and for a moment it brcateued to endanger the rlgjjiug. It wm extinguish*!, idwever, by a few oucketa or wat^r, without alarm to ny one. It would be difficult for Ore to make much beadray. for hose are laid fore and aft on deck ready for innslant ure, and not even a aegar is permitted below the nalndeck. rnnt n'nors. Night's niudl'ti bogm to burn out, and the twilight :ray in her sober livery to mark the footstep of the *|>irmtrhmg dawn The heavy dew of th? lilglTt mingling irith the cin* r* from the smoke stacks, has convert* d ,he deck into a huge mod puddle, and the feces of uncou- I k ious sleepers are black aud <-li.-ky w lib the dirty damp. i ilat*, coats and garments In a dilapidated condition are icnttered around, and the scene i* ouu that Hogarth mlg'il kell have immortali/od. B> six o'clojk the sleepers arc nearly atl up, but a lorrler looking net of " human forms divine"' o?ir eye* never reeled upon. Mad, tired, stilt, sleepy, dirty and Micky, with hair and eye* full of cinders, they get o(t llie.r inui vidual mattresses like so man) Ireilul i<orc'*. And now another chapter of the mismanagement is devel iped. rhcre is neither water to wash nor drink. Complaint* come thick aud faat. Uue tnau baa paid a dollar for baaln full, another gratefully be-towrd a quarter for a Class of ice water, which he bar- ly obtained, while two jt three reporter* came Ihin the nether region*, looking u pale and languid aa il they bad been drawn tarough a mmnMmi -i kroak tmem Ikn >.?> ti.*t some xxly will ba\e to sutler for il, and il >>r.e may judge yom tiMir manner, their matter, like Jersey lightning, sill kill at fort) pauea. TBS MOVEMENT Of TflK SHIP. ( During the night the paddle englnei had a pressure oo 1 heir boiler* of twenty pounds of steam, Mid the v.he-il ias revolng twelve time* per minute. The scrcw boiler* tad the Fame pressure, and were revolving th'rty timo* <-r mmute, the combined prtenure of which ?.i giving he ship a speed of about thirteen knot* per hour. Kvery alf hour the lockout men might have been beard calling rom their station*, and at four o'clock the heaving of the pad induati d the depth of water t<> b? twenty four fa h< roa. Theiblpwa* then headed westward, aud then >a> experienced for the flrit time the heavy ground well, which made it difficult for one amu-customcd to the Ml Ma ship to maintain lit* e<|tii!lbr>iin, and hlVW et at rest the notion, if such win ever entertained by any Ddivldua! on board, that a chip cau be built large enough o resist the iwell of the ocean. Tit* *bip arrived oil Cape May abxit seven o'clock, havio itofrfl ro out to lU'B iltitiu# th? n.jlit ti t' >ed a little b?-j otid the time when it waa <-xp> ,:ted ahe j rould make amtiorege. AN INDIGNATION MKKTINO. t During the morning an in lunation m< 1;uk fti b ,1 , d n board on the quarter derk. Id which Mr William t'ilmrr< o f Brooklyn, officiated as Chairman, and Dr. Jutiu Uow, ^ f Sew York, aa Secretary. Tlae following resolution*, , rawn up on an < m|ity atoiuach and wMil jal>o<t f.u.e.<, I err aubmitWd and |iw?l with a will ? t Wh.iiM, from Im previuu* reputation tkM ti e t neat >A?tcrn aud her officer* kail eatabliabcd In the j u,l< l fUl? ?, tlir ).i nil- men and ladu-a wbo embarked ii tin- t xcuraion to C?|?- May rxpectvd, and had a ri|bt * on |.ect, decent accommodation aud proper aUention | nd aa it liad been an?meed th*t *he waa cipabta <>( t a;r) lag an almost fabuloua number of pa*aeng?-?. and r OvntUfg tbem pro|wr attention and accommodation*, (id ) Whereaa. we, tne ptr-'engerg on thi* excur*!oo to Ca hi r lay, have been gnevoualy dlaaftioliitcd in every expo. ? moii i... i 1 r Reaolved, Tbat we, the paftaenger* to Cape May, bavo ? een not oiily di*ap|>oiiited, but awiodled, that there wa* 0 water to wa*h * Ith, no towel* to wipe with, and no ? <-tthx providtd, and many la li< * eere obliged to lleep in t lie cabin*. that IkR waa BO( a .' i*a of waiff to quench u tteir thirat. and that the whole arrangement* were con- a 1 mptible and ili>cracvfal. ( Reeohed, alar. That wc will advlae O'tr friend* who u ropoae u> go to Norfolk aud Annn^rdia in the (ireal Eaatm to *ta> at home. lor fear of . nuiar treatment. Keaolvtd, Ttiat theee resolution* be publlahod In the l**Air>. TtSmmt and 1\mn Hlgned by J. C. Terry, Brooklyn. David Soadford, Am D lerdam. 11. 8. Decker, Reubt u Burkhaiter, Now York; lexandrr Math< >on, Ogd< uaburg, N. Y.; Abraham Khlo*, , lair ne N Y., Sidney W, J. J R.< hard*. v>w l' ork John Hroah. f*ater?on, N. J. A. Kecklew, Red J1 auk, N. J. K C. Rtiaael, W rt. Rak<-r, J. L. Juwctt, New 11 'ork. John Howe. M I) , and fifty other*. It la proper to add in thia connection tbit neither >if the iwutive < fficer* of the ahip, from Capt. lla.II down, ha 1 P Dy thing to do with thi* mismanagement complained of, icrpt in giving play V a laudable apirit to right. a* far i lay in their power, a moot perreptiblo wrung. Uetsrx ae.hin, Dark*. Smjthe, Walli*, Wood, Chry aid other*, , >ade tverr (flort to accommodate the diaaatlafied and ' rpro*ided paeaetj^era, and moat of the night waa ftpent .. j lhe?e grntlem<-n ingoing from place to plaxt, roviting | it ititrudrra, and aeeurlng berttm fhr thoaeto whom thry , ( ' gbtfiilly belong*d. were accommtxlaVol m far i p>?*ible, but man^ were forced to Jle la the aalooca Jd on the dfeka The d rertor*, Men?ra. Cooch and Yatea, and Mr Bold, iTe np their stateroom*, and alept thrmaelrea oi the T1 v>r. manlf<*ting In every poaaible way a deeire to ren r ever* one comfortable, and correct the oonf'.alon htrh had refulted from the want of proper ei|*rience. O Had the eating .irrargemeita boen of the right cbarac Tl r Bhil Mr (Vi? rlrma hta rtnlr aAuiiiiAlIf IImmimnIm ?l in wr.uM not litre wM a word about lb#1 ?l?ep>ng de- If irlment, but to bf doubly tnconrenienc?-d w*a no of' ai >an human nature could bear without reaction, *nl * o<e the meting and rocidutmn*. A man* aUxnvli Y <m< time* require* the moat careful handling. w orr cat! mat. ? The Croat Faetern Ilea about ail mil** from the ehore, <y id it ha* beeo ascertained that we hare run nearly fifty Tl ilea oat of the way?at lr*at auch Ui the report. Tbo ^ nft-arame adrerttaH la to take the otrnraioalsta on n ard to tbe beach free of rbarife, and bring them back, Meamer being pronled Tor tbe purpoee. About half ? irt nine aaid iteamrr came alongside, and aomo aerentr et na, who puehed through tbe throng waiting at lb? ?i .ngwar for % aimtlar opportunity, at tho rlak of neck rt id limb, leaped on board. g? Moat of tbeae aerentr wont to Philadelphia from the ai ipe, preferring to go home by that route than to truat ?i tbe oitgeneiea of another night oo tbe chip, and bo r? nbt number* of other* wtU do llkewiae. di abort tho great*?l **ctt?ment appaan to prerall. o| Ttn beach ia throng.-d with aparuiora; th. two plat o( ?ma riteadiag oat into the channel aktog which the Ui 'amor* run to laad paaaengera are alao crowded; white gi > Ibe road, aa fbr aa the eye ran roach, the cloud* of d?t W at rlae in the air and a weep off to tbe eastward, mark a oj ady increase Vcbw loa of erory kind and contitloo ii ctdont to Joraey piaatal .one, and born of Joreoy in ft nuity, ar? tivd ftking iLe fe?< < *, |*U>?ied m vr c? ERA are moving along npon the batch. We hire one of that*, with a party, at a quarter each, and ride "up town," or rather to the village?a distance of two Biles. On the road the (trine or carriage* la like a prooeaaton. In the village we And everything capable of hoMtflf human iy crowded to the i>avee. Strangers and country people hare been pouring In for the last twenty (bur hour*, and Ibr ordinary mortals It la a matter of impossibility to ant or sleep. By invitation of Messrs. Laird * Wool man, however, of the Columbia Houae? the largest on Cape Wand?wa proceed there to aecure the comfort denied on elaewhere. Thanka to the ktodneea or these gentlemen, we are afforded every facility for writing?a very important featare to us by the way?while a single meal bring* nut In striking contrast the wretched faro to which we have been subjected. Aa the day advanced <jnitc a large number of the New York excursionists were added to our company, the principal object being the enjoyment of a good dinner and a glorious bath in the surf, which the sandy nature of >he atmosphere and the beat of the day made a decided luxFrom this point, about two milea from the landing, the groat ship was barely visible, her outlines showing dimly and Indistinctly on toe edge of the horizon, and her masts bearing semblance, in the distance, to a diminutive section of a thinly planted hedge fence in winter. Opera ilassea bring her In olotser contact to those who are looking from the windows of the hotel, and the same curljsTity exists, on a smaller scale, which markod her adrent in the bay of .Sew York. TBI EXCUKfUONlBTH FROM CAFE MAT. Little occurred during the day on el ;her ship or aboro specially worthy of notice. The boa la J. L. ?hrever, Jaa. K. Warner, Delaware, Balloon, and a number of others whoee names do not occur to mind, came from l'b.lalelphia, and other points on the bay, with passengers, md landed them upon the ship. The entire number of ?u uciwcru luur suu uvo uiousanu. lue mott lad been extensively circulated among thorn, however, lhat the Great Fastern would not arrive at (Tape May, jwmg to an accident which. It was telegraphed on Mon lay evening, bad occurred on board while lying in the bay. Thin, several of the excursionist* said, had its effect in raising a doubt, which resulted in tho comparatively small number of visiters present. About one hundred persons availed themselves of the opportunity to visit New York In the big ship, tho fore from Capo May being placed at five dollars. Numerous tickets were told among the crowd on the wharf by the New Yorkers, to whom I have referred as being thoroughly disgusted rheae went off at prices ranging from two to four dollars, tod one Individual was so Impregnated with the feeling Lhat he gave his ticket away for a ten cent piece with a bole In It, which he says ho shall put a string through to preserve aa a souvenir. Great difficulty was experienced In getting people on board the Great Eastern from the steamer*, because of the long ground swell that prevailed. The side stairways were crushed almost beyond redemption by the steamers alongside surging against them, and the leaping and dodging of those who went on board, to get on the gangway, was In st me Instances perilous in the extreme. The best of nature animated the crowd, however, and barring a little impatience on the part of each one to get ihead of his neighbor, nothing threw a shadow over anybody's heart. A MAN OVERBOARD. On one of these occasions, just previous to the arrival of the James A. Warner, a man was seen to plunge from the irheelhouse In the water below. For a moment breath ras suspended at the startling Incident, but on rushing to be side the Individual was discovered striking out for he wheel, In a cool and rsokless manner, and order was estored. It is not known whethor the m in fell or jump <1; but, from his Is supposed lhat be made a aap merely for the purpose of lionizing himself. THK RKTfRV. At half-past si* the people on the Great Eastern hail the At is fact ion of heartDR the order given to get under weigh, ind the operation of raising the anchor at once became in interesting relief to tbe monotony of the day. At eight o'clock we were well under way, bowling along at the rate of thirteen knots an hour. Salutes wero exchanged with the steamship State of Ueorgia, bound outward, and as both vessels were travelling for a short time in one direction the opjiortmiity was afforded of comparing the superior speed of the ?ireat Kastern, which ran away from her committor with as much ease as a man would outwalk a child. Supper was a little improved. The waiters have had a talking to, and Mr. Cox has like ?is? received admonitions of a storm about lils ears, which l.ave added an add! tional wrinkle to his corrugated brow. An Instance occurred during the day which shows tho root of tho iruuutc, nuu UUW IIHM iuo Hmii.tkr- iu.ui ?u nn: ouiy uitu been able to control the oper*?i< us of this "autocrat of the dinner table." Homo ' f the dire< tors desired to dice at a certain hour with a small party of friends. Tlie meal was accordingly ordered in the u?ual way, Mr. C being the caterer; but, notwithstanding, two hours and a half elapsed bclbro thay succeeded in (-Meeting their object. Thon it wan only done through the persevinine.) of one of the directors, who, with IJ ow n digniJiod hands, weal and helped him elf. It will Ik- "en, therefore, that tlfse geitloroen are not entirely to blatne for s!l ti c deficiencies <-xp<Tieai'<-i| and that when they cannot help Hunts. !r<:8 It if irojxrfSibiO for them to heip others. AT NK1BT. The night was lovely. Itudworlk's Aar.d au. tho Hirers In motion, and for two or throe boors the scene by moonlight ?ai as delightful as ouo could wish Many people, including severul ladies, were compelled to lay out n tho deck again, and as the air was extol, tho breean 'rti-h, anil plenty of cinders blew ubout, their posit-si was ui) thing but comfortable. More quiet prevailed, howler, than last night. The jokers are fVr-'d out, ?ud aro keeping as soundly as their more serious neighbors. He tow. arly in the evening, the saloons assumed m >ro if the form of a family circle. Parties were g uttered iu mots telling stories or Indulging in reminiscences of the rip. strolling up and down the rpario s rooms, eiatnln ng h< long row of adoxen or mora photographic gr tups of th<>0)ceni of the ship presented to the company l?y Ourney, >r engaged in a <,ul?-t game of cards. Hy eleven o'clock, xcepting a party of singers astern on deck, all wasqmet, ind by twelve "<?od Have the tfueen" and tho "'Star pangled Banner" closed the performance* of th>?e taid light minstrels. Most of th<! reporters were to uight ao ommodated with berths, and are in batter humor than bey have been. Wnmntav Mosmixo, Augcat 1. We ar? cutting the waters of tho bay at the rate of waive knots an hour. The chief engineer t' lis me that luring the night the ship made fifteen. 1 learn, also, from ne of the officers tint she cam? near running down a ?rg? schooner, and tliat It was otily by good luck, after hi' ?h.p had mopped Mia ihu ? a water, that a collision va* prirmMd. A number of perrrni fr^m Philadelphia, who camp on w ai < ..[? \i . ?"r' brought mi; by ac ideut and timed np tbi? mornu.g They expreaa U*eui4elveM a? nfbly delighted. Breakfoet wa* but a repetition of Itie tneale already dc Bribed. Mr. Mtuturn,.lr , a win of our of the notinjrooe* ol<l me that he had paid a dlma for a glaiw of water and wo abiding* for bli< mattre**, *o that do farurlttam waa om flamed of by b km at leant. The day In ooialr and lieautiful, however, that thirt i* ittle di*pr?itlon on ihe |*rt of any ou? to grumble, and very 01 ? looka bark u|>on ibe tri|> to Cape May an ooe tu >bicb tiny have rnjoyed a ebare of fan among Uie hangeful riciMltude* of tbe occaalou *u flic lent to com*>D*ate lh<m for all tbe misery experienced. Several Mearaer* bare come out to meet ul bound off r.fb excursionIrta, and. on a email < ale, we have a r?f>e lllon of tbe acene of Monday, dilute* are exclianged >lth tbe reTeoue cutter and ooe or two other craft, and t atw.i.t ten o'clock anchor la (In pped off the foot of hrlntupbrr atreet, wbcre tbe Great Kaatern will reel ntil this aftero'i.'D al live o'clock, ?bcn ah< itaru on icr trip to the South. THf. OPERATION Of TUT KMJIXKff. Tl.c following la a itatemect received from Mr McCkti 1 engineer? Tbe engine*, both fr.rew and paddle, worked adin.rably 'o a- m tf nt of any kind occurred to tbem. Oo th? trip > Ca|? May tbe paddle engine* made 9,873 r*volution*-le indicator of the ajrew not working. Thuathedti idee travelled wax about 10A and a half miles. The Dota averaged about twelve per h<nr, or of aUtute mile* etween twelve and thirteen Ol the return bome tbe addle enirne* made d M9 revolution*? tliua travelling, t t will be area, rome twenty mile* lea* I bar: In going out I Ab 1KC0MBCT 1MPIIKMI0N. The statement ba* been frenrrally made through tbe i; thai the tiaweofera on board tbe Great Kjtatern were ipplled with tbe.r fkre by Mr. HteUwi, of the AaVir , ou*e. A* lucb a nuppoelt;*? .? calculate 1 to liu?re tbe puUtioti and bu*in<<*a of any perwm with wb<>m it n , ninecfed, after tbe occurrence* re<-?rled on the above | icdr* on. It I* derirable that the nubile ahouId know U)> gentleman abore reft-rred U> had notli ng what j rer to do with the matter. Rir or thk ?rkat iahtkwv to rnw cnit*apk akk. [Krom the llali mora Htia. July 31] The ofTV al announcement Is ma !'1 thai the ?tn*m?hlp real faateru will laave New York at *1* o'lloek on taiaday aflerMM nut for <rt'l Plaint Comfort, ?h?ro le will land j*? <n(t>T* on F riday ?T"ninf Hhe will *?? O d P<d?t f?o r>un<t?y niortinf, at (lv>- oclo<k.anl TWa In Annapoli* Road* the aam? afternoon. l?o.| orth'i Band la to be <>n board, and the fhm from Ne* or* will be t<l to Did I'otnt and Norfolk, and fa to An ftpoli- Riwla Yeanrlay the Raltlmora and Ohio Rail >ad Cowiwny received a despatch IVom Henry L Jar tt. laq . 'latrd Samio** ("print* daiailing ?>me of the " ril' mi'laU'd fraturoa nf the Tint of thr i.raat fcaatnm. rir liberal offer of the Baltimore and (ihlo Railroad >n>pat>v of one tho??and lena of onal haa boon repted, and that amount will be taken la while I ie j-bip ia oo exhibition. It to boiiarad the ler o| the roa) decided lb* deal mat too of the taamahlp faror of the lorallty The offlrem of the Baltimore id Oblo and the Annapoh* railroad*, were yceterday In a 'mmuiilcatKni with each other In regard t<> an extra ^ ipplT of tralna and car* to be planed upon llic latter ad roc the accommodation of the t"at ruah of paaavo * >ra expected. T?e ateamer Ijuioaater will rue Wwwt bnapolla and Anoapolia Krwl* fl.r the conveyance of . laitera to and from the Oreat Kaatcrn. The IV.*rd of pj. *tora contemplate eitendlnf an Invitation to the Preal. 0 *nt of the I'mfd Htatea, tb?'Qtblnet and other oflWrt a ' tba government, to Tiait the ateamahlp on aome day t ' the exhibition. J?b<>uld thta be dona It la underatood t at the Meaar* Winana will t*n<lrr the n?e ?f their ae f ir Heamer for lh- conveyance of the dialinirmahod party f I Ule Koad* In that event the vlaltara w?ild hare an c >portunlty of looking the aama tima, two of the t valval marine w<?dera that evar rode the warea. The * real laaWn will ha opened to t(altera oi Monday, and ? btiiruc af?B lv? cwMvcutiT* day . , LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. . TIE PBEHDEHTIiL ELECTION. Politioal Correspondence from All Quarters. THE SMHSS L\ THE FIKJIWE^IT. Future Brents Oastinf tbelr ?udova Belore, *?., h0f ALABAMA. TO TTIK KP1TOR OF TIT* RXHALD. Hajuo*, a:? , July 19,1840. VifWt of a XurOiem Burn and an Alabama Naiud BUI u*r<f Ketr<ti l/cn, <fc. Being aware that the circulation of tta Unuu la !au mense throughout the Northern SUI<>*,1 to ad? Is# the Northern people, through your -sol .mug, that the oJeo Hon of* black republican rrestdent will be the r.gcjU fcf immediate "seccea.on" with a majority of the 8cether? State* before Lincoln takes his seat. When that '.a d? n*. ? ?, the 8outh la "a united South.'' The writer of this ?ti born In New York, and thongh linked with the Saclh, whatever her destiny may be, bc.ieves that he tpeafea from a standpoint free from sectional !n?jences. The Northern people hare this issue toTore them. If they, In their mad fanaticism, dee r? dissolution of the Union, they can bare it by voting for Lincoln and Hamlin. If they do not desire this national calamity, they have a conservative ticket?Boil and Everett?to vote for. Reading your paper convinces ttvi that politics Is a trade in New York; bnt trade a? yea may, 1 repeal that the Sratb is a unit when yon elect black republican President. As you will perceive, 1 aa a Northern born Southern raised Bell and EVerett man. GEORGIA. or* Ato err a cokruspondkncb. Acgcsta, ga , July 14,1800 Georgia Politic*?]\li!ical GutArrinjs? tfU StrtitfK qj Douglas and Brerkinridge? Jke Rural V'tpulaiwn Opposed to Yancy?The BtU Ever*!* and DouflorCa V> VnMe?A. H. StrpKemfor the "Little Giant," After a tedious ride from New York 1 am now comfortably accommodated in this beautiful olty. A few n.gbta ago there was a Bell and Everetttratificatioo meet -ng here, and 1 am Informed that only about 300 persons were n attendance. It was a sultry night, but there was a fa.r degree of enthusiasm exhibited. The speakers were Col. Thomas W. Miller and Col. John Ifillidge. On the followiog night the tationaJ democrats, the Douglas and Johnson men, had a meeting, fully double Uw slae of the Bell and Everett gathering, and the proceedings were characterize by greet confidence and enthusiasm. I am surprised at the number of Douglas men that 1 l\nd In this locality. I was toid in Wa*h ingiou {iu umciai circle*; mai men) werw very lew IVniglaa men in tivorgia, but I have fouuil ?*ry fuw A anv other sort. Tlnreisno potsible chance for Mr. Brook .crdgo Ui curry the electoral rote of tieorgla. It roqutren a tca>>rity in this Mate to decide the electoral voto, and to U.4 event of a failure to ubtuio a majority before the pecplo, the electoral vote is cast by the L^gialaturo. Tb? legislature will uot be bothered with the question?tho people wilt decide it, and iu opposition to the dieunion tats. I have talked, during the )>a*t few flay*, w'th the farmer* from the interior, from the lowland*, midland* and the mountaina, owl bo far am these men show tho <1,ration of the political wind, there !* an o\ major ty of the people of (teorgU crushiugly oppoaed to tb.j Yancey disunion nomination* of UrecKinridge and I*n<>. The intelligent and sngacl >us massea?the mechanic*, who are the bone and *liu:w?the formers, who are the great producers of wealth, and all clamee of aocicty. repudiate affiliation w.lh the disunionista for such "light and transient cause*'' as are now urged to break up o ir glorious Union, sud they will concent'aU? their powr t<? give encouragement to the oons'rvatlro men In the freo Stal<-*, in their contest against Lincoln and Hamlin. l*>|ieud upon It, the disunion squad in Georgia a 11 i>j routed "horse, fViot and dragoon*." Tbe TV II and Kverett, a* well an the ftnug'ao and John* a State Con vet. lions will meet :n Milledgevllle on tbe 13m ol August, for the purpose of nrwinatiog their elnct'inl ticket*, when I shall not be surmised to learn that th< r-j will bean eflort made, and vncucaaAiIly mal". U> un ; ? their pow>r to prostrate the malign Uitluenceof diS'.n. rt In tbe eolith, and gtre cbowring ho|ie to (be cooserviil.vti men oi iltu North, tbe Ea*t m l too W'i t. I cssnot be m'auken In the tone of the people? tl-ey ton much hostility, Umi much todisuUion a<m.uat the MruuionixU. While they are conservative en eigii about IV11 and Douglas, they aro unqual.u.-d n their reprobation of tbe disunion Yancey Kliett, Breckinridge and Jjine nominationf. Tbe Hon. A. H Stephens wilt be In tbis city on Monday. His health has much mprored, ai-.d be ta an ?ut an t o n Itotiglas and Johnson ' an. He ha* never for one ni 'iner.t, since tbe nomination. entertained or expr?***el any other position. I make liiis statement ou the moet rol.aile authority. Ihi* market I* well supplied with melons, prarhe*, n?";tarine* and other fru.ts, at very mml r?i.' priC'*?m on* Irom 6c to 16c.; peaches and n . tar lie* from II 60 to per bushel, gume few small li t* swe.-t potatoes have t>e< areceived, which were *old at fan. y prices. ILLINOIS. Root luiiw. July 22, 1840 .1 D< iifl<u%Le Ti'.W'f th' Ciimpaifn in liltHvi*?Pit "J.Ulit dianl'' Co Carry Hit Nun Male, <( :. Frcm under tbe shadow of old Fort Arms.r ng, ard near Black ltawk'a ce'ebrated cave, I drop j'u a line n ?ttr? of lh?> Arr rating, disunion n-ntmrot of tbr Soalb lid MM?chuarU?. Thta disunion ferltng to rf*art??d m far mo'v <1juh?wou? ?U>* prmMfno' of <mr tnatttittno* U-aa bohKonhrm I th? drrprat dye You r*n reljr u^.in tho rfwult of tfctt rnttmrnt tn-tr* I ho ?n("? lr ?h?p* or for*, of h* frirn<l? of H?l| and i<ou?lM, ao M to pr*TX)t h? alrrtoral rote rft mnr(> than OM fcxittwirn Ut? bruift f,if Rr<vk inrldfe nad 1*? Th? rdrral admit'', l?kM hM ?Ot Um ?h<*4 f a rhtM* ,4 admttaloa IBM Mw Hoow of Wrpr??tftT.i? riecuttoaer'ahaiid wi* brtt?| ibwumrlW, 'Wri,, p. mbinrd ?'?h th? rrj of perMeullcii. will '.it iui'1 na a b< ?>m of dratruuttoB, annthukuuR rr?cy MUfe uf SijdaU * tt>. Tbare vUi tw ft Oouglaa rftUfto* <4 four or Ore candidate* fur Pn-e.deot baa the effect to allay excitement, but really th?r>' are only two cand .late* |i<"iwDoui;'j!< and Uncoln. Oca-tonally I t&eet a mail who would prefer the election of B 1 or BreckJi ridge, bat the number l? *o am ail aa to be lard.y worthy of uotiee. The ([f at content In between Pongka* and Uaoola, and f I can Judge anything by a compurlaon of public ef'.tttf a this region now, with tbat of MM, .'Vmglaa will carry ihM Mlate by a Diuc.1 larger mnorry than Mr ttuchacaa did. Tbe rot*- of IttM war aa fullowe ? Buchanan 106.044 Kretnotil N.lKt f i iMt J7 4*1 Thia. you will per ?l*e, gave tbe mate to Mr R>i<haaaa by a plurality of 'J.1M and gnr* a majority agamal black r< | ublicintrm of f* 2ST It la n t to be prwuin?d that (be men abo vted tor Mi 'ard V illmore will now vote to place a man in the Presidential chair who declare* flat "tbla Union okii teycr ex:M permanently bail ?l?ve and balf free." Aa j et there It no IVII and Krerett elect ml ticket .a tbie -tatc, and I presume there will be ooae. It perfe? tly apparent to erery Itall man that bia haw no chance for an election, unleea the question goee to tbe Hoi f of Representative*. la order to (et It there Le in et rote for Pooglaa The fame arg',T>-ot i? true <>f the Breckinridge men, although th -y have a t k?-t In th<- field. I do not think, however, tbat It will poll a tboi.aaed vote* In tbe f*t*te. The r-rrnriiatATo* '* of lla nomination are n:rb aa to cau?) i>*ery hoaeet demnerat to drop it The Brt. kiurldgt tate ( onertition met at Hprtngfleld on the 11th. and wai d of only llfty three perron* it waa a m?e? cor r?m "n tirilnne tiny Win*. a,I wrrn 'iHi-ral ..fflc* h<u?J ra bill aix of 'ifht A majority of the Oily Ihrr* vol# I lo run no ticket, b'it the I'oatmaater it d*rlar?l h'- ?"iild liare a lirk'l f b?> bad to n>micate it himself. Hut the mi ?? umir. m ptrt ot the |H-rf"r? ! >'? ? that ->natnr Tmmbull, H Judd. and oU?er prom i rot r?puhltoana, In Uie Dumber ?f aom?? two bundr>"l. wero |>rraent nil the Ilarr < ' I lie CnnveatK r. Ut flee an appear ?r re of rmmhera aM k< ep up the ac rita of tl ? who follow tbe fortunea of the a<T? *?'<iBlat? I * a* iiao to Ihr hmwinf in an s r< -i a. t t.o eoWtallied that lh<- ti?kM la | it i th* B ?I<1 by lb-'< <>uo tanre of I m.. !n a fr-enda n r>r t? help b;ir. oarry lb? *lalr if |>"?ib!<\ TI>mi ia ri(Jh rut w> a ? rrary b"C<wt Irmorrat to drop th? ticket, mtd ihey ?ill 4o ?o. louihuxa. OtH N*W OBJ KA** COWUOTWDWC*. Nkw i iki ?*)?-, July 12. IM". Ik' H-ttrivcrt ant! p- u./lanf-i oti Frv-mUy fVnai?I'rrtjvrit <f a Tnitt ll'turm Th>m?/Ac "Qrtxenl Citt'' / 4tm'i 'rr (S'rtu off !? Hut If a> 4r. \ alU'iMHon not beiou my forf, I will not attempt to ?ll you nbat the fut'ira bold* in ?tor? for tbo u* u I ii<iui?Hioii of at'ject moruiity, but tbo prMaul alalia *>??ea*l?if certain intrrmi, aa far m my obaerral.oo rrri* toe, I i>la<? at dlftpaattton. Politically,* i>ttrr oitau among t h? IVII and Doug.a* men ban I liave ?rer ofcaerred t>rtweeti rival or nppnttng nao. Idatra for any high office. but Um frie?4? of both ?ib .b t n implacable h<?t lily to Rreckmridge. aa the repr???t

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