Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1860 Page 2
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2 ltos mooting bore to Diktat, *Licb, 1 a^-oLci. !, ay not give vory gotivrai aalisiaclivu. u> 1 It.ira tl.a. quit" ft number, aiiiioua to lutkr a di? . tay <>( lb*ir orau.i ic*l I power*, bavu uoi beoo invited io t xbtim Q lit a loulraal Vitb wiial 1 na? m ltiitudol >Ula on (li<- 30tb iilliuw, nnl In New Y.tW ou tbe 'i 1 luoUi.1 Vbi? Stall m tiHiiullig wrItb politickuia in a Klalc ?if ?'hry?*l??. It >? uat irai I , l>ri-#uine that Uio bt-al ui the Uu^ auy?, an Sirim I Wt luijc'-iiug gl.inv upou tm lu AUKUDl, *'i I b> >"? thru Out run Unigro, ui ail tt?c-ir gorg< ou iu ^"lUCv'ttec, j Jillod fur the atliuirlug gale or 111- j*'"'1' l*oatruau- JKt Hull haa "" ll 00 '' 11 ni"D u lUI ' TtUli, wlio oia-iu?? s*""!uy Mark* rruui th>) No a Orlean* fW ?w>5*. H t> aalrt <?u the ttira ??f hi* toi'ig in ?<ui' a ay conto clod u it L tm; t^nbuuiable *-.?rt?Main tutu. Ino guillotiui- out* cot calioU u to ronuiattiou Oil. i ilaik* bi ijt a g?o iSldell n-au, ruillcat Ion ?ai count er 1 t'U nuhicicut >iuii i >li uuuI t tUu oU-uue. Ii u* uot lUwuxbt tliai the gallant Ookiuel anil bo ai?|Md<?t lu ruil lti? very gi^il eaiaiily ex l'u?lt.iK>t4>r ?>f No* Y>ik, but wdl only felir? to tl.o jiiiioy wood* or HI ll-'lon* until au a l| in tu.-ut ivu bo vtloct' <l. I'iiLrenboit luuicaloa u:uety tureo, i>ut tbr political l< tiii^craturo le only aeceuty. M V^SACHirnETTS. Ol'K buali'.N ci'iattiol'ilNUKSiU. Bmno.v, July TO. l<'t> i TKt Ctt>? foiit/n in Ma**a>.h wt't? * initial II anl u Kn ' Ihuntim Anting 1\ttfu.ia?.? II ha' MM ? | lhl<</aU.< tc ihe 1 vut Xdtif'ial C ''' ..j Mlion MiiHnift?l'. ntion rf / ' I* '/**/' hie- ' turn t'mhl in th' Jh-mocratt (Mmp?J '> liostoix t'aet (Mto, The record i>bn f./ al i. <- oeen acccvmpiisota l>> politicians lu t.i - Mat^wth reforeuoe lo the l'r?al denial camp ^b': Ik-Kgatoa frotu diicrent pari.t* h?ve tUl^i d, . ilie.r r<?j ' < tivc Kalion&l Conventloja, have re turned b<me more or li-m dwaptjoiuted, and Uavc geucr.?lly t c rt??! themselves to their lomliuifiiu. Bat aa ?et lh< courauof event* brrr ha* bi*n merely methodical, and In nccrdttLc:' with thr prescribed routine. Tln>re have t'*vL no chore among us nny evidences of tbo "Uth'i fc urn u; uol during ttc profrem of I'rv?ideutial campaifoa, vblk' four years ag > this month of July four. J Maf i tiip<>iU" Id a Hate of wild excitement o. cr the comparative claims and mirltit of M?ssr*. Buh.iuan acd Fremont The i*-ty 0fg*t:9 room devoid of I re and the coote-M, for U>6 |>io?ieiit at leufrt, i.- vi sleepily focght. ludet-1, rea f. i:i do n. t appear < hvlou- for tbo d"*r|opom ut o| much a^iUI'i.i. How Ma.- ,i lii; tf .nil voto i? alri ,?<1y a*tHod. 'fl. r< p' wtllrnrrj tl Slate, and any Cuit on their part ton". forth a f :?voto will bemidronly w itb a v u w to li: in: .g tl'.ol m.Tiljr. Thr Bell p?rtv will wi rk btreuuoa-'y w :tu al the i. " r'ate they c?u com Toand, but tbo d m cn?tlt fhctivu" will exhaust themfcelvo? In Oghtln other, -id t: < tr :n?ted rote w ill l'.> aoiall enough. Bad thr v. L?b> s of Ibc Ma achu?etta delegation!" beva coos ilted a little more by the varicu.* conventions, we have fceoo more sinriug wiuoa. flie preference of the republican delegate* was divided bttween Seward find Uaiik->?the lurmor individual bi ing the llrst choice of a minority of theju. Of coc.rae they aojuiescod lu the deck-ion of their Convention, and, on returning home, bravely, i>irh?|? uncomfortably, riliticl the nomination of "houofct Old Abo." Ifio> putted Kauouil Hull close with sanguine republicans, roceived a credits ble but not remarkablo aiuouut of cheering, an J ihtu serionaiy retired to their bod.s, with the assurance lulore their BKijiih that, if liic republican candidate should, by any chance, receive tue needful number of electoral vote*, he wouiu Lot look t'jxm them an from the drat liis fast friends; ami hunce, m the distribution of the f Hli.-sl spuil*, the eatrrme priority of their individual cliuuif, nod the extreme urgency of their individual liMHi--, might be overlooked. But ttoe} luvt OfpAizad 1 tulia in tk?U>u and vicinity for campaign purpo-es, ( which, bj wsjr of sarcastic comment >n the apathy preva r |i nt in tho ranks, lluy call the ''Wide Awakes " Several t cedur rai n?hwik ut thera of doubtful aulncnllaily?have 1 l>ee? circulated amm g the faithful, ai d are handled with a veneration which seems to have forgotten the com niau Jmeiit forbidding the worship of idol* of wool. Bat this In absolutely all that ba* been done by the republl can/", e*ocpi tie circulation of Immense quantities of the traah w hicfc our Senators and representatives pretend to have delivered tbemaelv<? of In Cougrem last winter Theto "public documents'' arrive at tho I'ust Oilier In cart 1<<a l*, aud are gradual!) d< lt d out to the favored t recipients, who in general fee! highly coraplimeuted < t>) ttm choice specimen* of chirograpliy.the autograph.?, I on th? envelope?, but do not troub'o themselves to peruse | the specimen* of Washington prmtinj enclosed. Only 1 two of the Burto:; republican pip rs have unfurled the | Lincoln and Uaiulio i1im<?the Alia,- end It", Cw. B oiks' ' N|ii'<':al or(r*n, and the Jlmtior. The Journal and Trti tillt Uuk la favor of republi :an huco -', but as jet the name* of the republican nominees have uot sp|>eurod at the Li ad of their i 'limns Can it l?e poss.ble these un wetving advocate; of frei soi'.*tri -re anticipating ;? bid frori aii) qnailer" Tlii <1 . -gates to tie- C a.-ti?'itii>:ial 1"' ml invent on wen*, to Baltimore cxtr aely desire t . secure the Bom I nation ?>f Mr. Iicrett, an! fell tu.Tiibly they should do so. H\t several yeir* bad elsiwcd (inee these | jeollocueT hau att'u.pud any elocl "nee'lug, cic^-pl with referem* to the tnanagrmout o( money making corpora i tloot-, and they found themselves entirely out of practice i ' when the} attempted U>g?th? r np the loose wirea In their ' coQYititiou Mr. Cvcrtll'l cU.aia wore olo,j'u otljr au.l gMJutialy uigrd, bo?'rrr, lli iifb liis fikmU- were otit niatcUu l>> it Mul activity uf tin ir ('i'c ?ml wen- torn a to acfcj tfjr bun a mvomi |>!voq tiic ticket. (to r? l Hirir rnl.tlcation noTiy *i? a octcrM. Yrecrabfe and nspW'.itil'' fugJIMQ iTf??ri IK. f|v?rri' |>i*Uorm lul tL' II-<.r, in ?lir old I ra tio of l.ibi-rljr, nrJ ?as cutlr 1 < in its Rtwlkftiiiu if m? dtjr* of ?rt.'s ruis Itl tUi U?> ft ?te, Ihnujfti |H'rli*|># lull qulle lif i jf tit tt? It ? . ll' <i U tin Jit l> . Hint It iignu to ' * >< t .nt n : Im ill . hi rr.-i? cuitiility, mnnvv * 11 nv> l:o|? Ijr at lb* I 0*1 1 if national luil Ulr f>vi?riiii;Bt? Tbc r. r lis ot II.' < ,iri?r %tv <1 ?niH?> uau l uf IV .1 til 1 I i irtt 11. ?.' I r\t 1 d 1 |>il? t It tlio Cimri'inth' r t!i:i.k? it 01. 1 1:111' M to twin m > h m t-arncal or n rani it .vruilotn ux 1 to 11 t- ? (" 'Hum of having mkii Urn.. to aiivuualt' iwUtdtf critli fw tUo i|? |? m - to |?rt.ikr of 1 ffl Tt>? lii-u*y, (mbltc ami friva". M th>- Mi oh I'ti f1<'l?i Mi hi U tLr t IiaiI. ' a tVijoi tion vtuu'J in 1 ruri chi?, tr.uli.j int?Ti*tiu* pirt. <rly Uiofructlv ili<n mrtt. In l?? 1 ii| - 1 ll ' !< .nui' : ? j? 1 hnik. itilli tbi t*?rtt I *? "f 1 tch d'-lf iti .nd if it'1 tmii' d nil lh?- q?wr iMMW of Cut |K iii>n id |*f. I . m\ I'v. i.' .i, ok ' t W"nl i *.oi 1 i..y :..i ? | Vvluu li'.t w lr.Miv.11 I 1 rrnd'T tint tin' M 1 li tre' ?i huol 1 i' lh< r-'iij-l 'i nnl?>rMi 'ij M?- tin-Mil d> 1*?r?-,< w in i.i<' tn ?t rnlijr Kur ,n ta dipt hi 1 a l>r n i< u i 1 ' in IT i . hi tn. i<?" lua#. U>y I-;ur il <s * l [> mtt C-jvMiti -i of I ? .-r. ' .! .. .; .It Iffi- |r? tl,!' f\l|rl Ion I 11'1 . rwitruiiwl l>> tl. f* w \< tit the d- . Ii"t tin' iiitr'HSiM- "ti of ho% r< ""11 hi?i |iki. r x Hi' iii *al? to iViuirWui wii- F?rr??-fiiiir op 1<?? 1 li. iIm>I' .trw 1 oari-niiutir m>.> h if iti<'h tin ' *.>ri of f>? 1. I.?\? r "1 Mr. (k'UgtM w i> I'XluO.tcd. but 1!k drU it* tit* -<-0 nrto i|..k?lljr HUf'I'idi'iil in roiri-n'}"'i. ?hah \ -r awur-uii k??c of tti'-m mty linr |irn.?t''j fititi to t'wif frKHd-i. A curtfiil rui.m ir>oft: c ?1 ?4lbf of i'io vnr. 'iia i*mrr>iiiioii* ( pmrrd ?'Hii' 1 ri,. MiiCc in Ih< Hnuih, 111 U'b cli II ?w hIkiwv Mutl *t i? n't 1 ti" Im'f ?f lb* <lrnv?; ? rlmsrn irpro 1 kvtnl fc* I .Itrj-M rt?i.l, i. r . 1^1'iKlgr.l bill It ?r?? *opi*v?Ml t?jtli' |'irl> jE' i" r*li> llwl Iii* <tel*'ir*tii'n ?v?|i| boi. cxropt tn 1 *?r , b< uufarorabk- to lh iiou ant.on of Iknu w fc?, II IflM iflrf ll'f dr-l to* hrllutF. IK iff 111" mil IHlH'li MmMi>I. kvfn r. it * ?? 11 1.111! I tiiat a rn? jofii) tr U ii-M .ti ii ?i'rc rr?ili?l Iiimmiii ivibc j tM ll.? o| , 1 111 it"- l.i 1 a? y-tiatir, anil, mm It lo tli<rhbjrtn i l I r*rt.i?t |*iyjl?-ttp?, nnu ( nurot lli?> Iruli ot tin lttlniali"ii lb Ibr rdum of lliv flxiWU IIt?-? f tbcj 1/ frmn O'nlW'iiti, TtfimHft|?<lwiti wrrt wiw I' i?. fi n1"* ? rhansn of toon I on ihr d?lr<mtii?, l ul iltrT lath tl. Tt.r fru nd? of IknigUu iu*t thi* |oW?u i-|i? rttn ity wlirnibej- klw?e?l ihocunroaitaot, ii'ti.clM Htalo. to Mjorra ?libo?i innrixilttg ih? ito h?>U* 1li ~uw I iiitiiillrf w.-r? Mlh il lugrlliw, but t?-1<?. 11. ti 11 r*|i n ti w ftn.- I'oiiM-ot'on <if >tv Ui# I liP* of tho inner I'ot\. nti,hi. * iih lh* >lmi|tn ^1 Of mrrir n tin'JrhnMiaii looliui lo llix toruim-* of tt.e 'iJltto lil.tnt," wm- Tot.-d down, and nn?tl?r rcitnlutloa, lri?Uiirtlim tlie Orl??al'"ii on Uic |?trl of the CominittiV c" tnet tin aaioi falc. Tin Ikni(laa niwi lltni cmJW-.l > rcrai tn T1MM : .'"*iinf?, wf pr ' "?r< ?r ' >' in ? u rtfM-?tl f Hail hi.'I ID (Mln?lu?n. Tt rj nfrtMCdM by ?(- ?*. m fn ?n abrtart, ">d bjr tl*" Iti'.iglaa itek ^Ateg, t?>.o biturly crno'inerd their latrw. Ifc-iu* >? rallf-l ?7 a>d for lh<> f>l<T<to of the UHfiljr r< of tl? dctrfMiN, the rf*'iu?io!W WW* \rrj d?< l?J in t? nc. at-1 inn "ntr-i to m ranch i< 1 ' aurh lulu fl u?i'?' jr do Mr n F Holler, afterward* ro nittrw, >1111 l??l )r*f lb* candidal* f" n luiTi'i: , ?b>' r p i ?iiihd IU 1> *il li#lnfl?i('b?r, > it t"e,b ? < r?UU.< Ty Ik< ?g HT' ut\y t<r |b>nftaa, bad, Vn nlMt | i ibf UmI (MitkMii Ml rt f .f nveral but ih I?u,t?w4 1 r MRvn Uavla PnetcewU ?r prrmt rtMtiW in h!? dlaUtrt. Ii? rall.-l * ,nt <-l ar in( cil U>? iln.? rtl u>< r? # >n afuv hi* retirn ir?n ?h Cbarhffc?i. wbcu Ij< ct|<hlt.oil Lu m l td M4 d<{euded l?? hi? ru.dirt In vli t n. ?t tV-ir flr?t j?r?f rrn*. de (latin* It to be hi vrwW Mr. D"'iffla0 r?*tM ni>t l>? eai I viruKiii) MSi*nate 1, II .<** ru taincd l>} the |-o OMMinf with rrrf little npp. !ti- >ti. M,wtl) tfl -i the ib< I?>uj;Ib> rutn ttfnt a nrliii( to l/t*'"!!, wi'i hi at t?< limit <tk* ii , ii' to r !. :r? Mr. I tl- r, but tli I. tin ?mIJ ti ? il I ?' I hv.' prer' -.1 i r H? thrr|?rn?? t i r II nt rp if M- II , ?h< ?<i i'?wlr?xl U at Ii .- wuu!4 a.. *? th- in rv to > 'ii |?m tinn<> on<i.?t<.rbr.i ral IV rMlD' ib ti - ~i i' i i I> i i I I net ?'? r Hu?l '. v t . i net It art ber? fc' i i: ! tli-.hi r Mr n en t'i fvn - ?h livari ? !** (' r II t it I. , l)i- ft I Ctaernblt WW 111. .1., II. ;1| 4aii|. JT irmil. | olfc BrMkmrt' ? rr i -t u ' a n< : ??? n (.1 ?od h%ro k ' ("lite itiil. I ?r M ^nblte nnv?. ; tba nxtiK- arr r,l' d; ""'J :,r<1 ?t w.irli, how rr??f, n:t4 >< ? ' r?- ot t mc wtil bo bo*r>l frurw in The w.rrmilU>ri >?'" h",h !*ft? ?tr%tnliif f- r } *n fM*Tr Ml.! Ulltl* K "lf to <" " ?" ' ' I r-btmn tho uonnt<wr .'n ,l' Wiir OnorrntiO': tl i-nui If itMW ran fr?t,?r*>K*" t? * ?en I rat. W* m Uio wgr cnaxoDtme, |W ?'U ^ | *>< < nan *r ?rf rimtr u-U Bun U fco B al#, and cm that IrftotAfl a ImJi .>ft^ ' V7Llfcirt> ' aatiM ' n?u? Krw'*|t?ri.?i>nl t? . *-1 h ' I"" I ' I MB'< ? kuw Ui-.vvi?c;, aiMl tk > nui '> Wv N\ talUddo to dccioe bctwree l?o di-tnor-?4?e IkrkrU for ' C rti. il. . rt?k linn* which bMii>ii uam<?i?H iD? ? n <1. < old ( Mi tion. Tb< **mi quarral u likely U> up b. >1 tit the dNtoict had t?uii?7 omivwili >u? j l** It.: 111 t-niK T.x?r* wtU b? * <: ai ?t Imlh lolil j > 11. ILum'ikl^l'lW li'tU- rlnjt", Hie |?rn?ury i*'l , jcii ui: ILo?i ?Lo t eli. b ?r?hihiitoufc uf ? runjl'ui chi i * J c . . r> I. u laijje m ul< , by lu.'lv tiluaU trio hfc j ,.u| I. -i.i cl li v i?r i, I* iuW rrrlrd, It* ii? ' JhrtlC lulMy 11.1 ,bj a lul imping of 'h" record of our ill*- on; C" uut il? liHK'rulli' fcBvehtKHi* tlni year Itir IWUt- j,?.| rr i 1 ,f v. ni l s win h: J lliotur-i l?rtt ft>rc??l froi? , , | ml. | ,.| , ;t (u - ti> ru if ik>'' tu??r tif u ic? i hM itUcm ?, afttfd h ekMN lor ouurfi<l*|V' > lr 11. ouf I bi-1 rv?ll"i Tl.< -uiujiHoo ?>r | .?U In. ! . uiii . ? Mm ( I Hi |?JllitliMih. la c<?we tbi t f tl . :r inr|.l?*!ly, " ?bMoluU'ly torrtfy tuf. (' i'.i. bohHI - aiiil i.tlh t *? "> ?"kc cvufoucdcd. to Mm l.m i. ij"uri.iui ut ? ! Cxiiijri'Mi, Ibe pro|iri?lorr of ?i t.. ' > iu ."'Ulo fctrt-ct, whtT* the Kiwi n* it'. I-hi ! "* M Mtuatcd. have Qi.allv roi?lt nl ILai, U ifo. uv 1,11111 Willi lh? iiUur?l una umvuitUbUr U-udoucy of ,< tlx ' u.- ?<i'l jxpuWliii# uf Bmtlua, la 8.uihi-rlf di ii tlx fit a' tiiu^l bt? rnnovtHl to % tu<u*? couir&l \nd . cmiiI* lot ji ty., iiolltw having boeu jjlv.iu thorn ?h?t m ini it : n w <x'<u]>t''d h) iTu- dcpurlmi'Ut would l>o &ii . ii. uii j by it, loi i>| uruilx r. Ou tUt tfih ui?t tl unit nit itnou?:j, at h meetUift ol t'n Htv/.-kbolderii uf the iU ! ml.u: gv bullUltK, lo tiultoofia?: tliu tlirfclork u, tt udrr to m tl' 111 oarttUiM tllL' UkL ill til. ri,.itiit- l...a, iiCi'.iii.imI hv till- II. i,-l (, r ul trie, fur six mouth* froiu that dale, iftbo iuj r. c* tboul.l be cofctiiiurrt then for that hot'th of lime. i:< Unu nii'vctu. ul mhr i>L>iM>sM.-<l ii> < up <>(' the Morkboldtrs, rw :iu Ihe gr..umi th:it it Wked ver\ much like an attempt >b lo briU tbt- govt-iuui. lit lo nt.Hlj Iho ik'inuLiU- of Hair u< street, aud ?"iuM In rr,jardo<! un 'h< BtaUmcuW no ulr vftdy r..:*0r of tli uiuicrupjIv*u!d ctnirycl>'( i f the Sl.'tl1' J t j htKH't ('|>por,tti<ib l<> the Tout OtUce removal It iwrtaiuly it look* very much like an ulti ax^l to purchase tbft coni-eot m ot the tuIU'inii-t'atioi. to a m a--*irc whirl wouM operuU* nil hlrorml; t<> iho ditriuicnt of the |>ro?otit future lU) b rix-u> ct the city MIS8017UI. Kr i*t Lodis, M-> , July M. IMO. 7 \e Blair tu-d n>irret (\mfrrtsitmal CviisJ -Tht F'.tcfuM j, r' l>a ~i1 I'redwt'd?KJfvrtt of brV\ J'artia', etc. oi V.' u.r hi the n,. H of the bolt* it political Uougre?- * bl< t :tl corteht here that has over been fougbt la this g,, a iii try Your reader* will remember tho Miwourl con- bi bated ca* if lad winter, lu wtilth oioeiy two black rop. M leans, a.ded by two Know Nothing American*, whnar |* jt ula were eonlCBtrd by C trior; a.s, turn <1 Mr. Barret, f" di rnoorat, out of hu> mat aiid loataiUMt Mr Blair, aboliti<? t nod n pnrr of the Helpur book. A mcsl important o| I it.rt cf that (Me li In the fact that all the bal&iire of Ihe Am r ieanfc, headed by Jobs Ciltbor, of North Caro.llia, voted to retai'i Mr. Barret In bin t at. afl tl ;it M.-. B!a r has becii co!tipell<<l, by the out* U> I'' V .i.-im ;,tou and homo |>r>?oure, lo Uiil> crcal.o# ^ a vacancy lo the Tb rty hi nil. Coiyrcsc v Mr l.urol uas rebutuiialeC by acclain it.ou, frr i-hort k.k. I?<i>k Wni.Kt an in ..guatior iiush meeting of all r"0 partMt. and Ui.- nomination tuu> b?en < oclirin. d, by ar f| clanialkiu, at llio regular l>em <v; tic Uiiuuly Convent loo lh Mr. toU.r bah i>r< 11 r. .initiated bv acrianiation, Ur tli" til htiurt auu long terms, by the Abolition Count/ Jonven wj t'.on. Tlie Aiuericsua, luiou m.-u, have tn?'lo no uoin! tll| i aiioc lor Ibi ousting tac& (etwirt term), leaviug an < peu tlfkt k> Karri t unil Ihair, but ha I nominated Mr. .)(( Alln-rt Todd fur the next Coiipre*3 (liug twui). n*C American* tore n.u<l>er about t'..000 votes, of which it is jy, mm three Ion:lb- will go to iiam-t, tnakui^ ku.rtturc to this c-tigress Certain. jj( Iii< ahiintioL>rta, Liiimrtr, are ' in< vlng Leaven and eanti lorc Biair. Tuc c'ty it flooded with raoucy, j, f Km I here by their outside broth*" atollllooists, ant /, abvlitx iiwt nx^ktTs art* Imported here every mgbt to J,, (reach ab !itioiil?ra and .lohu Rrwu crucified. ,1( coin cite al.>n? lu?8 fcout tt'.OOfl Senator (rumbull, Oov. j0) Stanton, II -rr Ha^ni uMricht. of uhut, and otber lisser ^ Ighte.bau beeu here im all e*| on. ns paid The y0 <.email* of thi? city number about 7 OOO. aul are going (ji( bolid for Biair and abolitionism. They are being nalu rf?Jizc<? by the dn/en They bnre torchlight proo'Mloo* every Bight, two thirds o( which are boys, who receive ^ l.lty cent? cach for carry .ng a torch, voters recuve one ple dollar. The democrat*, sadly deficient In the ?lr?w? of war, J,, ely upon the preponderance of ' mind over matter"? ight over u rorg The} number in tboir organisation all , L. li i?u. wln\ l'. the b tutor of about 0,000, are going ' or Barret. I NEW YORK. orn i:.B\SY COKKKal'OhDkMC*. am Albany, July '17,1460 uei if- -"'i rrf t\< ptAMciant?Oirwter Morgan to t* Henominal"!?/<iMrrv of thf /{symcj)?A?xvf> aV>uI thr (,,( I'lua Atyliim In- r.'wastry Krjt-rt?Swyi'iom <n ItVyanl Mr to tU H'htrral'OuU, ?c., dfc. The Albany politlrianii are tryiog to play w udrrf I fa ai1* upoti the political eveutaof tl.e day Th?. managers tin >f the republican Ke,-eucy ar< pretendiug to be perfectly <iU ndifforctit Id regard to t!.e tiomiuation for Governor by iheir j*rty,ae If the/ ha<l notlna/ at bUke or c?r?>d iiaa about the auug jobs of the lobby; bat t!.oir apparent ludtlli*?cncc isonly one of the.r mode- toc-?rry their ea(h<. I' Hie Wted iniiut-uce of the Rigeccy, indul.op: your Harbor Masters, U qu.etly at work laying the w res for the icuomiuatioi. of Uovwaor MurK4u, whilst tUoauti Weed pa;>crs i: the western part of the pute, as wi ll ac Uic aatl Wi ed po!:tic:*!> >, ar. labjrlag fur t'.ie i-aaif re salt, e-ule iv, -fr- to rally t i i - to I 1* support uu ur r mi ? hi if ii?rrra??<i lo a | M b*ti>ad ?lm | | ? i\*t >il I .on? n n>? .Tilj cf llio *' ii-r?H< e*l? nil T r?'H,rn?-nr<-. ?U I . t? wi.?t m?nOT Guf* the ot Bali' n>?'? " f fr?a INC M nnlj in lL? at! i 4ilr nil I ill* l'.\ i j i?f II* fi.rcfa? irti" huodrtd Mil turn') fri f n I r*i?*txl Mr ! g? thai upp-rtrl lUInirr*. Ttoj Ult fVii i t "*ai.i?l>< i '?l.i j- l rjr I ...l j >,! t i, ir'miuo v Ml m. lb' .1 Itcy !>..?! uvrr Wiy to'irn tU In lb- Brrrl >! , and it tob-raMy fc . ?i. I U;jhljr pUvk) i t \ c>?*r iiiMti -n Sou Ihr t tm'ff >>f lap#' ?up '\n-1 r? Ifa II >loe? i* I i \ -t*i / C'-nr vl/ <4 a lo it 1 ?htr?< h r m<! Umitrti in 'ufstr Tb< t'l i?b m tun . wit t ?tut ir*T bo to ?>f, tXMf CTfrftt.txal i*i a it 1 if Ui illir, m.'ff than mi iiadf*>tanil t g. prrttf w .Iwirmd | net.<> tab.aflrraU, at' I a? * (n- tb.r.j a- a K '. * I ,? -1:m I > i ai <t ' ! '??: ? ' f.-r at I* ' i?f party Br?ug I', tlir natur if rrlxla and fri* Uiia r iU-?, t r ?" aa r'fti i ?t. i. tit tl IT">< r of ? f? j IM iMi b Mill. - ri.t? L II#' |'fi bahly r I it ci Tt ? d hi 'W ',il t ' f'?r a ebirt trcii ral iio*d, Cc^-i III* ftcou UM u(b I imfw^Ml'.il'illtjr nf llr icnUrr, l? a aartaMt; imi it. i mnnj n third *>cu '?. do i I I *t?i|.| ba the m??t Will w ?jr t> laMfl r?r- q-ilt II In".; Ik n-n < N V *. m- ! ?t > ' -fir i * ilh"-arrj id? <-f llK."itiUb? IJn olo llim,in Ihlrt | ?>* M inral Itrkrt mil bt< r.n. Tti* m~r at ib<? b?a<l r.l th<* ttian i. 1 ft) In Kn Yuri, b <i \ty *?alnri?t<Hi Hur.l, { rhai f 'p. fn m t. .-Bi?l, li ?n i^ltorty opp> I b> aay nurb i at II" lil m > a? I. ,1 ,, I, I. h < .. I . i t' I ' I I'f. .>* 11. uk tv ti a | ' ai ? ^ttivv'.iiM <<rii| lite plea of ABlicorruptlou, taking the Uovoroora nw |ja ' i MM c.iv raUroM bins a* proof of bis tmmicu Ucy. You w ill Hin- ?? Dint Ux> loadf r? bul of tit" U bb.r ami (lie anti lobhy lorr<?> ol of tba Mate are laboring to briu; about (he same result. ! ram pr?<atul ludiratioua thr rptinaiiuatiou wtiwtrw Mm|m iMTHrtli. It i? ituid that cminur R.imr.o> mid olbi r rt'p.ibliraua alotiif tin Inn of Uio Alb* Icia I.) iui I Susqwhfti ub Railroad bavc declared their Intra ,)it lion to Uki tin- Mump *i;?ii:hl ha. K u< miuiiloU. Tt>< loiitiili iKc clique ure iuat new land au l kt< water, their U apidued rrail upon Uic breakers, wailio, be fur Ii'k'i ti b? to t.tkr itiriu >0 TUeir r. million, liofrrer, ftif In ionic what desperate, tor Hip currwjt i? net nag in an >lbor cilrwtio?; fo ijj icb ?o that thejr ho -i'-W tin- Tbo :l?g of diatrti"* Mid trn >n>M ttir. vU to catch, If poi?l at I It*, i p> rt .1 llto bixckitr.'lijo bree/f thai hj.j-t hoar n , w .-i : ' ' <,", Ct l, tin* li.v h- r ' k 'i<u ! i.' lui .?t? la it.f day; l'-erliou? iu tbeir o?ru or,l ?Lk* -*re i u.i. . , .nuri i- unrf are iikitf 10 jreaamf Ijui ban wIm tn 1 U .1 i < RmftkuUf Motet has m . , treiipth id IMS locality lt;r bul liti!" knowledge of lb" Imp wut>;i| ih. i> pie TI n it .?nai d< mi?r>ll<' ' *'1 ,tkc < vi ill | oil n tuiicb liufcir vitt In tli > Inrdil; llun ?ln h. N en g' i?.oil .| it' ' lio t.okct s daily frain np itrcn^ib, to iw >th?l..iiltt f tl lat or-> f i v It'fi uct ' o tin tu utw-n the tti. t ?nt " n*-n muia'ioii f tb< ir farcrtt*, K. Qwwt. (or Gotkmt. wlL i ? r.| prr vrr.t th'.? ranii-wli'. \i-t. .11 i . !"ri ti. it tin !<)">'? -t intc;t.gtU?* ft i! m, i -t i ?n .t - i I t <? It in ctrc l? luni ;:.ft ? i.l< , wU.r'i i: ?U'la |trcjl Ui if i>f *rtli- At | . t 'it t> t.f h' t . t 11 tn.rt m*m ualr to the lrjt?islet two ?lajr? bWorr thea<tyournMe?t, .LJ i u r. . lot ndi'i Ir I ii'ikr.: * It lo l?o puitd Uirth lllb.b'.'.ll -*"!? tr? B ?- I tt*r it ll? HtlllVli'lt* l>l .IV A|'| . .itK t.f %r? *lm??t tin111 ri.nilc frrn. *1. uti i'! tin .< for u t ?? . ml diUiTcnt |>T-in ' i i ' it tlr ft-." I t ?. l??.t r.L lit i. m'i r * i I. i . t. tie |-r < t.i |>ritil.u; c>( the ' J1 wh u r rvit rtcruweul l unt la w farw ami ctrvura . t?nc ? ttiiit ti'iT** knJii .1 ui th< ' * h f - M-r?l br'.n f that , ..i t 1'it mm il. tl> I. u .i of IU in?uimi r? ui ttw * } Yin <* i> li??r | .1 it fur tfw j of r< ituilHiitsfl It . i??nlt Ua'ritd* I1'' Qtt t " Hh<m ua^icoci nay r I I t ! . . it' wli tm .i ' (ilC'lWk.utr ruin tit lit s'.umi* ?? ?? traJi t>. Mmlt L al?tt? ihargiatr tin" ritMbl liMte, there Ugno4 ftoMd . ' r tin i * .1' I r i-?i?'C liltutu hut I?.. m ? p' tLi> trjort a J tvluit Ihi y iH4 wth itt If ^ ' bey ui ftrfcleU u? m> afcr?iw m to tu ,J , * 1 , ! :o .hi Afe-ttnblv. ?. b ? ?itj tl < to t!iat all oril-n ' ' >r j i At i <tf.ll ilif .i-ltrr, K'Tfc th'1 pullw , ir M'v! 't l< t i i?l it n i and ?IM rrabout* i f ^ * h' .. j.m iii. i -i .i' viimlfi iiwr tn kaotr * better, ' i U v. *' > |i't ! <1 lia.. ixi r r-ved ?B>I 1 r? inn ?' -nt'i. In; lut ti i HWr. i tli>- rcn rt} ' ^ A . ixt, .'uly SS. 1<?0 ' ;.m 5. / r ' -If 1 t" {%* Kmfit Kilt lt ? - ' I'.'t CM) * * - 'icf K Pil ?J'Y .i I.- .i'a / . I ... . t . 1 >-al J-i.'i?7^* I roi.t /. i N /' 1 t*?l i>( V>' /Vwr-n/i." ^ B' _ ^ I thrr f i l .1?7' s>at? In V OffW ApairJl ( j ,tl ;<.? / /. / n? -j /. I i t.d. -i'iff t<> T\rou ?. glrr ? ?/. !*?// ~('h n l\r M-. Ut<ftKf)li-**.4< j S"L A vtorr drliKntle nrrej of Ute rrftldetttel tetd la Ihla ito, ?n I ? rnor* rrit.??l tutuirjr ink. the * lire ag.'oi ti* J h tn k"i''?le?1 to mPtiM i e the r<*?!l of tbf prf*rrt r>>ot??t, mpur*?1? vli if.i ci'ti1 i t uif i.. C lil in.f thicLtrtc 'thr r?f IV ? it lVf -n*T ?t r r.rtn n^r r< C'3- f ri \<y tbotr wb" ilc net M tlir? It* rinaH.c*o |*rt; m Nrw iork t,\..rp at to ticuc t#t. blb'ltd k n>\* f ly rf thr p?r *r TTtt an I !l harmc ai d ?r tc t? krahle rrtU Llj- that but twvdectenU ,t? ' ki-uwii; be mi at Ihf tniult * f!r?|icn? that tbi* Jt* n ntr?t wtll lv> a ?<)i'are ooe b?lirern tbt r?ftiMI ttlj t ti tb? i ndr u I I! < alllt'1 lot??l fft t*??- dlhrr? t 'ltr Ui i4ur% MMtvMlt le taquir*?ii>r the ut^atrf la ti.. \rethf wh< s l''t?til"t?ltal qii<?t it -m ?' it rum *r lluil .? Mt tllr|??iU<>? i-l th- knli rr ?.blirar turo ? ? I |<'rt it tti n* t r| jtuan ?ntr .itii wUtl r<?ioiia th-n b<#t! f. It ntij, fiT Iht rla m at t t.p by ih" rrp<ib't< ac>, tha U'4 t m YOKK HKKALD, TI i? i e Ire torn ttrk.fl whicfc the republican* of N.? York >< liai to < > with will b' ??e no'iUiiily a?rts<d ? *U(I joihify ?upjMMUNl by lit* H?l tnea *uJ Uw i#ln. nuru u>* . i? ttili- itrrm^iment nh .11 h*re tr*:>*>rr?4 to thill i ItttoiV li.i.i'1 Lr HI! a am- force. "I lt?o4, t v> iu?t?" l,ol ?oura>, (x r&rru'd ugalMi lun? h., ?aa th n jIi ;u* C(T< tU'd |ij il?- IY<*l<l??lli4 oouU?t VTbif 1/ Ucl ??ti. itif? M tcwir*' lb* -e u* ii'> <* ly to i > tfr ( tbi-l?scl fu t th? ri ixlt t>buw < U lb< rr I'lrjarf, :jj ? poll c f 50.17I4H, 1 u turn' rHf ol u'm.u! CO lij.ulbt'ir vnu av p. iiuu illy Ui-^irlbiu Lt of tie <t>tu?cr?l*. No lliir iO?U will duyult tliit i tail ih* di mooiai-- ?er* rcunw m c?icni 4; oul It u i* to truth ..?<aci> welt Informed nun know*, to Ft ae it u | < cytt.ii kUlcol thing* 11. .*? ? York eitv lo<jt i'ic it> Lot I. .-is than eight to umi thim-^iucl ? ?? *?enouKb lu>v('(MTftj a kultlrx oil) ieculril tvuxv.1 to lllo mult (1 nn i (;lh ot |mi 111* 1 ui ihi Nuite at the prcm ut ro? lit. I robahh uot lc<i8 th.ui iiO.WO aocrwus vot.^1 m calW*<1 I'He* tirfcet, whirh roft?ipoii''e?l the pro re<! Joint electoral ticket The tiling with A'? tIc*u* b, li. favor c>C the l.'lica ttrk'-t, tin U-j* i>r<>ii.iali.? 01 lite (xi-itloii tod votea Hiaq H1.1t iu favor of II low TIk ii ttii re wua uo 1*1 m- uvc to inrHte Arn'-ri arm beyond tbe hnrn-n o?n* of kutltwltug ttiut the) h -Id the bnUm*" of pow-r Ibt mviu In do cvmt rould thrre be lv?uor or pront tin riMitt to Ibeno, tow th*rt< In rr ry to uio?r* urv his rti feat, and bend Ihe election to llu- Hi mis. of 'pctteuUtivrs, wlicsc the I uiul men mi l supv >i 1<td of d jfrtitiade tb'niPflTPR their c indi Rtc will st ?nd mor;.u mi r^utl chance. Then. ?*i> uolhing ia the resit l l tall, nntw itb:-t..udit.g Ihe Ann icaus bud lu-i1 h.-r press > organ I ration, to show thai ihry b*\'l bifomc ab-utrb?4 eithir party. So lar us the remit showed anything, 1 rov> d that the vote which I ow, to imjoriaut res leeK, 'l?r? ved in it? li>?1crfhip aud orp>n(antl<>n, prupmww to > lUw-ir with ihe dcmuc ats 011 a jokl electoral HcLct, IT pCSSCStCC' *'10 httl?UCC of pOWCr. Hut let us tuiikc (Inductions from the vote of 1 the Ul of which In the State was f>W T'iO, iHtI'If i iliim:? emont, '."76,007 , liuchutuui, , i'lllinore, 124 604 i< Uocbaiuu uud f'itlmore voteailded li ft Kri-ra.nt m a mority of 44,47f>, thus allowing the vote In IHOO to b e baine as in 18cs (with the Buchanan anil KlUmor* rces united on a common ticket), Uoculn would Ioj.* c State l?y upwards of 44,000 Wherein Is this vote to chained f In the tirfct place, the aggregate vote Is not mg to to us great. Murders ill Katieas, Sumner's iikt'n bend, pulpit preaching mid a general delirium ilo \ combine to f-w ell tbe vote to an unwonted prj|*>rn On the contrary, the feeling Is qnlte below the elated pitch, particularly with the republicans. To ear?1 obvrvers ft cloud, perhaps net larger tli.-ui a man's ibd, is even nov creeping m er hitherto unobt-curtvi ospecte Without doubt thepro[**o4 alliance of ihe >l* sition, coupled with recent movements, ban given eui apprcL? tijlon The corclu-inn I?, therefore, that c republican vote will be less Id 1800 thau In l*ft0 How is tin oppuottiec oi Uui?n deeauorsrtte vuie to be lecu ii (*r\ geural pi lnciples we raaj conclude that the ( I i* il alliance w ill l< nd a degree of vigor to the c?n lv- whicU nothing el-iii could, became It would be t mpu d l?y ?i II groi lid1 J hope* of carrying the Stale, jit i ut) trml since the democratic vote has beeu creased, aid (bat of the republican* decreased. It ts a needed fact that In New Yoik, us well a!1 In the other its, large town* nud vil'agee, the democratic vole c'litit ualij- increasing frrui natural catuwJS. No u:iar causes bave <-j*rated on the republlcHn vote, ii. I: is principally In the rural dtstri IS It Is there fafc to conclude that the democratic vol > will have reas. d during the lust, as it Is known to have done In pvious jears, notwithstanding there may be a falling off be uirnregate vole of the State?the falunr olfbein* >m ttii- repubi cans li. 1Wi'> the " I'lieu ticket" teethed ?>7,000 more vou* Mi were CMt In the State for Ruchanaa ui ISVI, of >!rh increase the Amcrl wis oont'ilmuxl prooably not *. thai. ;U),(KKi AaMimiLg thai not lesa than I* ? thirds r Wi.000 more than hii|>p< rud Ihe luca tic.k?4) of the lluiurv vole ill ISM will happort Hip alii ?i elector*! ket. the democratic vote Id N?w York In 1840 kill be S OW, or vU.UOO OiOre lhan J rcmoat received lu 1&6 e Hi-funiiiUoij lual at leatl toy thirds of the Fillmore te will ihufc be cost U b.ii^d on the best Intomatlon at cat be obtained, and it believed to be quite within c maik. Jhu# i infer (Let there Is morr than a chance for taking Mr York fh?B Mr. Lincoln, and tbeieby taking ||m Ktiou to the Iloufe, where, an everybody must node, ihere *111 be at leant a chance for'llr. Doll or Mr. troll becoming l'n?:<1ent?the ver> chance whi 'li Mr n>< k V. 1'uUiaxr and oihcr couvcrlt to Mr. Lincoln want ly to> see te make them supporters of Mr Bell, who, lu Jitr, they declare is their rhoioc. t U ini>> very dilute for Bell that l? going to five Ira ,-jb to tlie movements in this time, which havo cant a shadow over the republican proepee.t, 1 which, within the last ten days, have lent * Ui) as well a* new pronpect to the canvass New York. Aa this chance bocumee more apparent? it assuredly moat?we may exi* cl thousands who have .hrrto refn;iiue<l uuitec'ded tak iiig side against Lincoln. l'uUiam, and those other '06 KiUmo?e men who are w tupportiiig Lincoln must, if the> are honest, uliann ti.ui and com- into the alliance. It ia an indisputable t that within the Ivl ten days a change has c >tnc over f I'resirttnUi.! prospect in Now York, and, a* a o>n.-e(U'O, in Uit country. NORTH C'AJtOUNA. * OUR K4LEIUU CUkKIMI-OMPESCk. r. ujofi'i, K. C , July 2-'?. HflO !il of Omrrul fat,e?C<?d Mill* Feallka?J/is family lr,4 HxrtSplac*?Diw.rr U (Ke General? Inters, ting Rjw.ily Gathering? PotiiUal f'ffrcU of Hit Vitil?The ['nmi Mu.4 U l'rtterrt&?lh.* <jUu St *k in fkr OUt AVJi 1'a'r?Jitrctumt?Aiyt*m??Watrrii.g I'lwn?Africul ural /mprope neiil/?CUton Criming, dtr . dr. Ous quiet and pretty capital of the State ?>T N'jrUi Caroa sod the surrounding country hat b'-^n In sn unuil state of excitement tlie last few days, in cot^'-qu'nce the presence of General Jo I.wio, llio nominee of the Itoeal rv-tnoeratic Convention for Vice President of Die ilcd State*. The General, availing Ma'elf of his lure in the interval betwuen the r< sbiuom of Gongr??, crmlned to ri^lt his native SHie and the old boai'v Ml of hi? forefathers. It Is flfty slf yeara smce vra? In Ihe 8tate, hit fsthcr hiving left Krrliicky w'ioo he was tir e y.vars of ngi. iegh M? fuller was residing in Duncoinbe couuiy Hie litco he en.i-,'ral.\l?that b ing G t < rsl !-4n*"i Ive CfUDty?the family was fr .m Wako county I'nally, and the pre.-ent c ty of Raleigh t>tuid? oa the e estate. Tin gretil tuicla ol the Geuoi al made a graut k acrc* tn the r'l ite for lb'* put p>?o of csiali jug Ibe prtsent *<at of goverum*ol afld city o, Ktlvicb >r* it it llij'u <>ih> r morob<N? of ibo itly had U"g<' < it. tin- 'own u?'.e neighborhood: U' i'?y the dcneodaiit" and iv.luu ial hram'hf.i of t'r> c lauii'.y are Ti ry ti.uieioutt In lhu locality, and ilf Mil ?f Ih'-n arr p!h >ter? no-! pw./' ? indeprnd'-ut uni*tans.:i, of ttgh charattr, h<>.p'uble ind brare. k dinner i*-' >e?tcra. ) , to i.r irfb, by Mr. try M?rdeo*. ( *><- of Uh> <! . intau * of t*e fi nl'y by ftrn*l? liuc) to General 1-ai.e ami Lip relatnw, tin re l kin bevn b twari: twiLt) >n?l thirty ladle* and Uiuuli ol the lam" pri?al, ?!> Urn -I and nobli el .log Mt of poopk, itud aram tin m over j *'* of nge. 11 tw a remarkable :tj'g tlherUif, .v>d a tier lntere*tlng neraa'.m nop brui I l> Hk- pbanuT* of w'UM*lrg Think of inith a ruin t tin auls-.uu.l:al Md jr ??n7 ot Hit* mitwiuitUtl Stat< iftugrrga'i d ruuid I It. Iintire hi ard to welcome of thftr owu hl'??1. who, ?n nr and pi srr, oo the i tii l.i and in r:\tl life, and the enitorlV of the rutin | link dour w O'l rli to honor the family nam<*. It n? , ovd and h?in y hnr.r fbr ail. tirMc'!nut Uic pnrl ?-f t'i St-ile Croerwl I*n? him in i.v In .>' ' It ill n i hMM ?nd n ecttinf!a/dtc n.iOHicr ImlUtlno? bave br?a acnt |r> , freer, at: put* "f Uh Mat" , t-.i.l when tit hi*- mate , travel *a? knr?m public rtnTlluw and mllltiry idea were irpan r?l to do bim honor. At War i i?fi, tiir (lr*t p'jtrv wblilt I.r reatrd at, the mill trrtied i ut and were renewed by the j ern!, Mid a hall *?.? fivrn la the corning. At fhn.i u* |<1*ixa of ftunmcf report la th.? part lii.rtl, Ifcrel na, a* at l!v SIh-cco ?pf rgt , there *u a e reM?-ur? - or p?? |>ti a^nbM, wttli cavalry.In ant I and artillery com pan it * from all the rurr>undirg ' ntjylo greti Inai llo vt>it'd Jour*' t*ptIrand reC H<rli g-, whore cr' ? - of la ll^a end fenll- uetj 0'intled I i ii While ta tiiat region be *<? the r" "?t ieni ral IV m<va J< ffer-oo lira n, at F?menUd?, W.?rr*?i t? Tlie eiti?n? of Hilei^h hvl pr<i>ari il t* meet n't Kiit^i It'a f'prtrp^. to e-eort b ir t<? Ralrigti. Mid r t'niie bini a jrsnd rerept i4i on M -.d.i) I mi ' Umral, I i-njc av r?'> to p\r>de, and m.? 'i _ ?i? lii* frlii d* tniih c, prtrcnted tnia by uniting <v lay, the i?ar l-ef*>re P;m-e tiln arrival ?be i. in rner IK'yiate. t'e .' iiprf n?? t'mjrt, other of. .bud the rn? getcntJfy, Irrt'pcrlHi > ( pnrty, hai I d upuo lovgb C.eii rai l?i. - 1* i ll a pi .??|r v t In his r,?live i , nr.,I n :i, no tnientu n or w ?'> ti> rr tor ini t?>Httral <*utii|w.gti. hi frlendr U*?l ioiiw rwpoire, a-- x aiattrr of eo'-.r*-, to the'.r war n t; d grei lirjc, and wthout maklrg |" lit cat *p-?cb??. a* t u ruel. i* ca?k" brirfl> , ar.d walkl rd.y enovif oil n.Mtur, t'.r.ix* tii# i ntoii <r thi Uwrti |>.?pte ^" ith 'Ti fHatoa io drf*nre of their oqual rght? under WMtltiiti >k a? the mca:.a of pr.*enr it j tltcae ! Ir a>d piri 't.aticg t'.e Tn n. rv-rywh-re h? Tl? tin I l.i.j in-iM U- pi.#"', iil." aultlie I' ! ? f 'V* I! l? I'f li . ?' H t'r . I'l.j il m.d i?iunl ly of IIm* fueh hw boon -)<? 14 Ucm Itvframpli. mMicam* ar ejafwmtui . tii'Mlrr 'i i.f iim np(?*ltl"3 ?rr rV'; uj to ih" rip i'f the !lrn ?inri 1;i> ne<t I v>-. ticket. th ?> p. i I. >rf Ibnrt i- I'M u?o pr iti'n i^?w. *q n!1 i?W>rb , ioo, Ut> rf the rr ntry. IH.I U?t|o? kl>d ptrty prlnol i <n cmiil ^-lii.r*! qorrti i.? are lo??t in Uw i, lb*J rtimo to tiki, <?nl' |>rt^n1lop r<' c, ai> I il?tl !. fvl fixing w?f K-l to U?o groat ! p IWkf ( foallurn lifcl.u >t N .rtf? >m t*?rc? Udt Id 4?^?v tf IW n|Utlll; r' lb< Mttrr. Agr?it ' f * going <> In Ibe public min i of tit* Svilh S < 'ru ? II f'vf * Ur rnv>rt?) I" mb t tor nt'f' 'ft ?r ?l l?i < nnrt lh>' Imp ?n pr-rmil* nil I be hKtk, tbr no j jr. bragging M^wi in. n.tnltli ling. tt*l errrr I* the*a pate willf < i r tint in . ( nil "Vl In n t tl/irr I." i1r?:M ( t l>";<1an ? few N t" Mints in the MfUtl' "I" II. m*Ml i a* ?n i tninple rt Urn go'*"**! feet, I m?f IM ^?rrrU r ontjr, which lien I *r vliite? ?r<-l. 'I U> ? ? ? t?c<'Inln-d th"rr ?' . fv? liv < .ir w- tn (nNt>, * f*r>rgtaii nun u mr? night in rgii* ?f ?nrtry. At pr> I, I bolinro, iU"ro it not f'M ! lb' aUt* I retain be fi> I'MUM h^renrxl Wiiln- f l?f for t r u.' IM U|kMn Tn i it-,i ffr:lc<l one, br.t entirely loMl foA'r*! j> ,t' lot < ftter Ir U. tbc unuo The n l \ >iu I or . Ik. t i? ft ?t, I h? :m *>-> !I.c "II i:.?' n. I t r ,< mlag iwfrr~* >iMlin?k? th?- b'- -don of ?U? rrvn.H1 Ui. inoir bontiijr t.pi? tbr tint * i.wn-r ' nl r*""*! T1-? ' nvrrntp nr? tn lb# V , < < I. . ) I.. O) -I>| lr> ,cb % nw-^-ptng rhni ?< j < ?lng? or Atrrrx ?r>? |-i. |ir?p. Tl. il 'iimcmu will ihl> c??l ni.*l rbrt tb?' ttwvr i?? nr ! ha\r ? nn ' IU Ibv lx% ?twr?. M?J tu tvbkct ? V?J Ml'. ? 1P8SPAT, AUGUST 2, 13( Wlnehi-TTr w?j It turn.*, Ibe ['rw?l(utLt! eieitim ? ij not lx materially nWwtrrt k) . I bp bn>pf ooiiititKi* of the people of tin. |?-t of tlif roiMitry to*/ t- u arnMl Irn ine 'a'-l innt. t?iib<Mig>> a large tract ol Uud nud U'K'' '-ire un-n.-y vrvrr In. qi-alf i' inauy years ago by ;i beaeroient lLili<khl?l for h I uspiVAl fhr the p <cr ami ?*, il tinMvr U lor the b?Ht r> titer m no (or S w U an Will n to. o| ilw ??Tll.Ml! IrnlLCtTB u ILO ?*>itii u ?ke h m.fc. or tbi? fu? r? Thi- li ?nr Ai.>lom m lUu-^t m a iee " 'J?'-' bnlUitf, Wulf" t > tl* at a rf?t i f uwr lin p baudred ISi?i t/,uu ilM.jiii. It h? ?rt-.| *criuin"\l and i .aged It c . ifci luti'fnm iimay w if* of tbc nulor lutiw IIm: die ?1*t<' f >in.irtut< The mm "HC. or of an nmi* r sort, whicb I tn<m, tiootil Hi t<??' wijou ui|{ ewuiitioii, in w. it utt jnilid, h?t li) tiie |?-?.pfc- ol lh.- stau.. Kor tbr ui Kit p?rt the v Hil l H ibi- iprlbg* If fti*l> tu'atp, villi eoise 111 n;iii?i;k Ihi re w many fcuota through tnw i~?rl >?' tbr ?Uo- tvliick me uot u use ?t ffir v nwi. hHrvlla .i jrin/f, whirb l.'u. tb<- liirg. srt oruwn unit appe?r? to be tlie iuim? laMm-oKluc pi?oe, U r<-tn,sir??.i vH> % uew ?iac>* In t Ibi uettiid |Kirie of ib>? witir of tbie i- ring Utert an W < f the rarb'Datt of iron, .*T uf lime, 31 of noiia, 17 of tlir fcl>nate of Hlutmn 4 of nutgtKwia. and <oin?> little o( cflier miwrilB. Tin- couutry utati th-???? sprligti ih HI ui); laid pretty, aitoriuUiug oitb woodUud aud cultivated in Ida aud luru^. 'Itie |M-0| lec?t this portion of North Carolina are miilcir#s vi?rl> cr>ul im(.?evemeut? in farming and iu thoir ' kli.. tt A fi-w r:it< rwiriiiir IQdiviiluaU ol iubdI)- miuna have ! << the way, ui d the rest are following G.-uenl 1 <?ieen, of Warren, in among the foremuai id tmprovin?, la the mod* ot cultivation, in manuring Uie soil, and iu Iiik laiui building* and tho application of labor i-jv machinery. H? probably ha*, too, the Soest aud Uigt\?l blurt of rue horse* ?ii the country. Ilo hiw thu your si\ buudr?l thousand U.U?coo plants growing in tine o ud. lien. Cotton if planted much more extensively la this p.irl of the Slate than lien The production is incn-u* 1 Ing; early The ootloo, corn aud tobacco look w?ll aud promise a large crop. The planters vmuU ram, bul tUei e lltvwy prospect of aa abundant yield of all tlKVtf Important South* rn productlous. OHIO. OIK CINCINNATI COKHKSfONH.NCR. Ct?u?itATi, July 24, I860. rrufrrprr/vnd Ha J road Station? fHffrrence Bthtttn I "reaching and i'ractvv?1 he Political Hjrvtcofs of (ihi<j? Ntv>*paf*rt if rv.cwwtah? Their Circulation arvl /'.iuual hrfvmct, (t-c. la a foimor letter I mtnlioned something about a eta lion hciweof the underground railroad m New York SUto bt stnokwl out, but did not enter vtry largeiy into particulars. Ail it is a matter calculate 1 to croate a gr< at deal of excitement In the Noith and South, as well a* Cau.ula, among the colored people, It may be well to recur to the t object, even ut this distance front the seem of operations. Tlie place I rotor to ta l'ort Jervis, where th tnesucfel |>?rt* of three States come together. The run way nlgger? from the ricutb are util there, direc ted to the care of ? fugitive b*rber, by wh<*e humanity and dol lars they ar^ sent speeding oil their way to Cacida. Tliey F' ni't.mcs appear in the second class curs adrunkm brules?tot to slander the brute creation? ai.d it l?, of course, with a great ieil of ditti culty and tbo assistance of two or three stout Irishmen thai they are ejected when they arrive at this point ou their route to Canada, or the" land of IV.xie," which i.< (W lined l>y Rev. ArUmas Ward to bo the negro's i-iea of heavtn, to wit:?A place wh< re there la no work, plenty of |x**um, pig meat, sweet potatoes, bog, hominy and molasses, all ready for the eating. Three runaway negroes were brought to I'urt Jervls a sliort time Elnce, and their barber friend wtw a little *hort of the needful, He took bta bat and wont around among the John I trow t, and other negro sympathizer*, to raise money to wild tbo fugitives rejoicing on their way. He sought those |<eopie v.ho yell the loudest for Sambo ut po litirol gatherings, and besought aid for ?he poor fugitive black mm. " How much you 'spc*e t gotf" h a-ked of a certain personage. " I'erbapz a hundred dollars," was the reolv. " A hundred dobblls." he cried: " I pot ie? twelve shUIln', nutl had to pay tap rt at my > t-r out or my Giro pocket." The sympathy for the n< gro Is more theoretical than practical, even at the station hotj-e* of the underground railroad m New York Side. A Journey from Cleveland to Cincinnati is a transit thiough the bowels o) Ohio, over a Hue of railroad, one of the smoothest I ever travelled upon, oxcopt, posmbly, the litUe Lake Pborc transit from Dunkirk to Cleveland. As a luxuriant firming region It is almost without parallel in any section of the Union, and the thriving cities, towns and villages an the route bespeak a thrifty and industrious population in their several vicislt isa. (to deeply are the Western farmers, at say rate in Ohio, Iranursed in their buainetis of harvesting the bkwaed products of the soil, thai they give hut little attention to th" subject of politics. They ure not inclined to disriM mooted point*, itftd fB desirous of beitg M aloneby the politician*. But their la>prrs?loim will eccasiotmlly | U) itprtMu <1, and fuin those itnprt?sIBM 1 am MMM to form the follow ir>r optnlni respect leg the |h> ' ilUc.U chtractorihtl<'!> of the different counties I have j ust pss^td through. Ci-nimencltig at the /Hat Wc,t ' era nit tropolis?from aii eligible petition In the famed burnt it House?I will take out my note hook, and glance back at the middle tier, the back bone, the sptuaTmar : row count lr* of thu State ? Hamilton Cot m ?In this county L? Cincinnati. The city it*<-lt ix prosperous beyond rumple dome OoO new ' build it c* are at this Uit*nem wcjuraeof erection, and an air of business Is everywhere manifest. The tide ?f pnpu i 'dlM'U routini** < inciin.ntisard. and whin* oilier Western I ? itli are al a Hand ellll. Ibt t/ucofi City fw uhtw! aud ' prus|?-rl. The masuiat lun-? of liucinoar attract many uerplo h re thai w< uld cherwlse go to otocr pl?cj? 1 I? ha* < ver ?60,100 mliibltsnt*. Twenty one ytars ago there *err but two or three paper* in thu city ol OtK'inaati. Now t litre are L\o Isglteh and three t.eruiau lailies. 1 Tin Cl? innati /totfy GautU, the otn -t daily paper 111 the c>ty, and If Still tik' letuiiui; commercial pa|? r la ll.eW t. In poiitK It is republi '?>. It liaSacircula t ion 01 lictwci u twei and live thousand daily, and acvuti ton tin i>uud Wfrtljr. The CtU#/ is publl-hcd by a ;-.?iiy . and was < not odlltd by tbs prtscat Adjitant ( iietai 1 the Mate of U.tisc ?. huactu , (n.n. Win. be he 11 It r. 2 TV') t'iuciauatl ftiQf /Znytinr established In 1*27. li^i> a |>ii.i?i al and ct'iuiw iiul paper. >n 1 m strong u>r iSHigl^K Utal Um "ittuFiiiotn in Mie II i, In m Tu.rtl Mruct tii t, beyond (.liiiou, (>'.n Hoa'er'a princely di'u i..t i'l..' "d..,ly rirruk. 1. of tt Kuqui cr tt frit ? imO to j ikjo ? 4u? days 1-000 Tt?c wtvalt h^s '! til uUt.'ii tl 0."' 000, and mcri-asisg rapidly. Tin |>t.bli? art I man Urinal?tho h i inor is lac 1'ii.t ,<ii ei',1" a 1 t 11 Um must utikl editors and |-,,M I . lit I!. ' *? I II'' UOS, IWWl'Tcr, IVi'tl a niiMD l>.-r ol loiign t. , iiiid. I bt'llvvc, htMakW of Ik' Ohio llwr I ui 1. icmiiMIihi. but li Mill usto mcd a m.mhj g- at!*BU.I M. pnbl.-lic in itltliua oo PutiJ?jr ro >n.iuf, IrtliM ol Holiday , thick I* <"<nm< in. able ou lti< pai t of i I i uii.'i i?? it i.' ?i li-cir 4s to . m Mt ! > im Itrivu ? Um W. U. Tti |?|?r i# (in i i f IL>< niiwl UiCucbli*] in tlx Mu-i, and is .tit i. M* ifU Jut j ui Kuciuckj'. ijuv ta Itu u m, M Z lli'-1 ii< .uiiftti ImVm T, ifi A i nd ron.m aerial |iq*i, tduirii a i<> is u iuJ KinnU >ui l<ic?l nm n jirc'UHn'n of Hi. d*. I) i* ubwiit 9IMI, IL>m I' ti to <*A> t' M Urjrst iwij < I UHtl in tin- maw 11m- Jim.j ml niormotM tht> Km-* Nothing .U>?, II Im*nig ear ly aid fuMWmUy f?f?> im> luiisr.aod il rlill r* in u? a Urge |*n of i|. || an* (SlsblMlwd In 1m0. Iho 2>m>j ? |.ub:>,.<a u> i W. kuci> \ IV. em?f ii'itur. W U. IT i|?,"t u. Ii*i.. (laiued its "im isibfc* l.rivjj'V It t* il"-oaly'citcitig Csnj m itu civ. and i* a Ui/tvinf i M<?l | "j"!:?r riiiivrii. 4 c i.cuh an VrntlgC-mmtrrii'l Iviilica ui'liflD<-d, bat c> nriitlly nip'****! In tx- fp|>?r<l U< U.-i ricjr. i>u? ol um'mast ' i i<ti>iikii g n<'?pi?|vtc ?<*i of lt'< Ali'gbo | t'lev?Ifct | nprtrtur b i :njl railed tt>r ' Um liSlt of tlx< W.?ti rii | f' -s." Tli''Owf mi/ ht- ft daily eircuhritoa i f 1U UX). *m kl> ?A 'ii> Il Ui pubi'-ln'd b) M I>. I'l'il-r K <? , r?ltt?*1 by Mr Hailtrad, aw.sti-d b* Kri J. A. dual, wlwaMy Intra' bis nmosy ?, ilie #rry. '4 II ?ra* twlahI !> '1 m iu.'I u in a rcry priwi^rtna cHiJiiion lis ( r ii.iio( jBh*, C'Kii.ltng niiiu, .V>., roni|irtw ons of lb<Hum tHiiMingF id this frt<atciiyof ms^inflfcrt strwt arcliMsutarv 6 i lucinnaii Ihtilv l\ff. A t?-nny harm* a < (HUlMH ol |o IDA) ki 11,100. an IscrcMiBg Tlw frru if a liTfl) hihI |? i ilnr i*|*r, ln?l* p? u<|.tI In p?uil?s, h it haru slight rriiublMM tlliOT. It ts ntil<M add imhli?h?l by IU i ry ju 1 stmncl r-w, ?bo xbilitt c<"? a- rabic on IIS> nti'1 talrrprlk iu> IU rutfltHtor*. <1 I'ott ? /VwJ?i iniui llilli.os. f>M'^tVis drmo rr.?l; dmly cm matin-, f. ?*? to 6 i^K wnkly, 20,?W>. Will c<litr<l bv Mr Joseph A. Hrmaim. U* misb inuu \ cm ci ufTM i'd Uk- (? rtiuin populalK'n 7 rstt i MaW Otrnua tn |i iitl>*r nfibliru.iUilr clmilaiion, weekly, it.wo Eau<l t>> Mr. mo |>Ik? M< lilor. P. TTi A litrnsti atHilititn p-inl. r * -.t ly s?ta il It b% a daily circuUimc of m-.t lyjl f*0. Mitwl In Mr. Kr>?iiTMk Mkrrl. TV ip arc al?' in tno city two rstifsmn |?t? rs, Ui< ?< in the M u (I niviTMliAi), and the Mrwili"-' A4m?ts (MrUiclut), U'tli Lavutu in; Iaic c>riulaliub.' IVtfo Iwrilst Hn'k (VimTli i? enr of tin- m-isl rxtrclTe rdl liious |>rinlMic pstal'lislinH iiin iu the Wi?t, and ha* b?-n in i-risl' mdit l>b o wa.i a t'>by. tturi arc i* ?? | nl> ll?l cd iti lln'rity a Sunday paper ral'n I the /nd'j?wliii h hiM a cin ulalMMi of aboat fi UUC. and ou* < * Ito i msi-MCin ? Vo lilcrarj prr,pUH*Js i?f k lc nil. > .?.' iui lut. ai\ri#n niiA.ii', Pvmmbk*, July 28, I*'*). j MM' Mil xl W" nf iKf lh JHful .Stale*?Tit ic* of I In HJbvrrr iff Ikt "LUth Own/"?Km "mru* in ftror ! rf Itn/h.ilt if All 5Vv i FXikiw Nil ?<f j I mvf JWnU wiih .ipM*? 5*^ -JIumwvuI * j j n*l'/>i#"U? /?/TTr1 (" ( v'.'lt n^W-iv m/V, ,f | t?l ??<! i? no nw tti? nru ii fftete fi>r I la 1 I <ln whkli tin - who lirure up IV*I'tonliai mvoftllf* | "i.l hfr. (Qj.' !> ? I>?vj< I . illjr w I. mM- *1 of . .l<\ j < il l M t.w ikth-wx bin* < Ui ti. n *111 n iist^.n I - ' wbftyft of Miiry U>Ut (Utah .''fey* ting pntiymu.j jt ?li?> h?? ft mlad to, Mkt, tn?t<*i?d cf ??iior?Ms the mil i UtJ rm, pUol Lew ii upon of popuUr m>v< rfi*uty row ? currful mt*i4rri?t*co il politic*! n.*|xyU in th;? ity. I Incl'np U> U?o >?ll? f ll?t RM Inland m ist! - t i loft?? * docMftt! Plat'. trllh H MrorifPf training t? v?i'.i? If *?) f?b<-r Tb? n? 'rr?i ,? I >?, nl exhil lo4 Wl rt>r rx In '.!>* ?1< f M of thr ?1r*irM Ml tw-i, MM. uw <4A *?*. * Hi. * 1 >0. btiU the prm-a-titig ?i"-l ttare I. LOthinj like rrM tiouw> t?ptnt yi4 t> warrui t tl.i r?p l? limn a to COUUt the Wate i>? <??; * M tli f t ifi V. vtttl'fr t . iitiinh i ?ib pri-K-ud to bt t&rtictl) a k i * " toe dlvwmju iu Ikru p. 11) , ai d la? fnJ. I! on y del.. j iralw |.npur ?i Uk< -late w ujr iitOu? me, aci u? to U rj j bU.->> lli ?COnlUlf( ?l (be ilruokHITlJ|t> Wll.^ I ii I.-.. i. . , I .or |iuh> to battle it lib tup null, al i.,?j :, i<t iH both * lug*?Uh r.*pui>;iiaa?b. 'lut i very pee**JF little finmo tp played i ut liie Jivuvi.iii of I < ' IjliOOOilUr, wlill look oil I?J OoUiy.aCi.l.) tt ... with Htiont the tAiuf neeurlty *. vi . ui|iye? by tin ruti wlrtu tlic c?t liuu^, L. rw u up by iu> ll?1 Id llu llM-t U, Ulft* L1 tlv bi vckiuri'l^r H lug of Hit' tiriMt'lM.) in klujUt UuuiU, out II is Ibr pol.ct il Ilk I*.tinU? loeu to have- it app ju utbrrw im , il order u kn (be minu y rppobitMM. quiet an loug M |w.-?iUle Wblie liw nuuju: 1^,01 \bj*> pi tip by tin- / W, lb?s tlt'iai rrucv a. e IMiiiti'K iciouul, H 13 llmuuht. tuij tbf pro'poct- of IlHlx Inn are tmprovti'ir ltie louli-bi will be eklri ely c;o? , unit (bp tu;uu.# ol acop|?r BU) decide it allw ?|| Tbere in no ccrt?.ut> eiltiti way , the 1 n^enl po c u, KuoUe lMaad will kutck the pontic*! i*r*in.ra'>tis whin tin.;- aro ripe. Gov Hprajrue is kuor.u to be to favor o! Iak^Im, aud will fcivt bin tiiliui iii r 111 thai dirnllui v? bet tUv proper time cornea, bud ?t 1.1 prvluWjr curry wtib Win ;t large portion ol'Ihe coimervative element u. I lie fitate Tni> eleOM-flt i? ?|>a.'ticulari> |?rti-colorid boil ol a rombiuaUoB( auti J I'oiitx il mi>tniiiK like ft exiautb u; other Mate. Tup ci litervattveb wbo roai|M>M> It w^re cot long h^o lie i?iliniL? of all ebaaru?auu coiibtiluliouallf opI oaod to pat h oltier on altuost every topic of a uatioual t>?arii'((. IUt. caJ deiiiKiubi, radical wbtgR, radical frt?. (oilers, radlrttl Anieriuaiif, radical aboliDoulrfw, ami ral ibis of every name aud nature united upon Uoveri.or ppraieur and lortucd a very ooi ->oi votive parly. TUu< bfcutiiti togttlier, Willi Seward cheated al Cbi.'??<> aad an blu xnpt lo d?fraod IhnijUu al Ballinaon , tbe roobprva live party ol Rhode IrtirtiiJ attlliatoH kit clueelv ? uli Uio m,u?im i sovereignty lojti iuc aa with any otncr, tiud the ihniov* arc that it will go in that directlne.. The enmpuigii l.n- u?t yit opentd 111 earnest, b it wlteu it does I hi- < nute-l will bv m warm nud will toughl ah has ever Ixt'u w ituen-ed m the state. bought* has the advantage of tlii- (>olt at ihi u'Oiiai nci au nt of tbo ruco, but the remit us 11tic ol tli>- tiij'i-Uilea which tim? must clear Dp. For the past ihree monihs several prominent gentlemen in thu> city liavt- bctu exciting themselves iu ib < n .liter of erecting n monument to the memory of Rigcr W'illmtrif. Fi r nearly two hundred years the founder of the istaU- and the- gnat champion of civil and religioua l?M-it> In J l<ur ico on the hillside ol one of I lie pleasant tmuienccs which overlook this city, his grave unmarked and nln.i-'t forgotten. Lately a spirit ol palrtoti-m and veneration for departed wi>tihhai< been galvanized; tlm iinbonored grave har been luu i< il up, the debris gathered w d ru nurued. unit a gre*t talk made about a monument lint the |mti iotWm dors Dot appear to be of that subttuntial > liaraeior WbMil make* itsell apparent in the pleatioi - contribution of the tieceesary dollar-, for the object, aid tin monumtnl it-merely words. word.-, wor-U. It ia crtinjtted that Um> proposed testimonial uill ruM about 11U< It,??a large Hum, hut not ?xcct-aivc, con.-utet lug Ui ol j.ii and ihi wealth >f the city . I b? lievi there in but one pgbln monument in the 8lat?, nnd yet Rhode bland i.-s.-rich or richer in Lixtoriral an l Revolutionary ash<ici.<tio(u? and rcmuiisotnccs tlian any ol her fcutor states. H.c seeds of popular l;Uriy germinated here, the Urst biiK i shed In tbc Revolution moistened her soli, and she was tl.e last to relinquish her individual sorercignty by the twit ral compai t of the slates, anJ yet she has tin monrnr i Us lo commt morale her great patriotism and the deedi- ot lier coble sons The reason is, the people aie too mical cr too modest (more than likely the former) lo blazon forth the virtue* of tb ; past in me everlasting marble. Are the people of Rhode Island too Ktirity to treel a monument to the memory of Roger Williamr'. is now the qiw-stion. Tie next I I'MieLi ment of Brown Fnlrorsity will prove inorc than ordinarily infctrestlnc. The graduating class Is large, and no?sisaes idou Uiac usual ability. The itiOt imng class is quite In numbers to any of the pnuOilf ycarp. The OMMWVMtl MNTCtMS will begin on Tuesday,September4 Hon. rtinnaa Jcnckrs, of tliis cilv. ha? riui'iilrd to deiirer the oratiou Ik fore tlie i'tn Ri ta kappa Society, ucil the lulled Flit ilw rt-' gKClel}' tavc tecurcd the terrier* of I>r. J. Whraiou Smith, of IliiUdclpbia, a> their orutor;and Hi o. II inlecrt.ot Newport, u> to b< Hit' p?"t of tbe orcasMiti. Tlie regular Couinicneellicnt exercises take plut e iu the I irtt liaj.1 jit church or. Vi"c<lai;-d*y, .September 6. TENNESSEE. tiit nuxs'm of roloi a^ going ovkji to ijuxhv itlpok. A corrtKpoci^t, from HuLUvllle, TeuneHkv, under date of July IK, Kays that the d( petition la that Htatc In to dlwotitiu-nafxio the idea of n IhmijIr* ticket. The fiougla* mou arc faat Jointbg thi ranks of the Dreckin rtfge and Lsite lotoe* tievaraJ lea lu g men iu the -fate, hitherto owoaed, have within the last week di<clart*1 for Breckinridge?each ah Meie-tuh P (ientry, FupTiO l'n dorwood, Sterling lockrvll, Ueu. litiL , awl K. l?. I*a>ce,or Memphis TEXAS. ottt HlTtT?VILLS CORKKMfi.SDgM g. ili'm -it ills, T* sm*, .Iu!) 14, IbfO Ko t'.Urtnrol lM ' ota??Tht Vet* of the Umt flfcir S!a!< In bf 6'inrn to Bml.inridgr and l/ant?Errii'mevt Otrr Thrir Arminmlion?(yinum if a Ranger, tie. 1 not.or Is your | ? oer of the Ud of July that you emm der U<e vote ol Te*a*, In the nc? I'nwidenilal contest, m doubtful. You Incline to the opinion that, In con?cquti>oe of tbe probal ilitvefa Pougl >a ticket, Houston or Bell w uld carry the State. Xii thin y? ? are greatly In error. In tbe flnt place, I!.. Mil] not hare a tirkit in Texa*, sud fl Id such an eveut occur, be could not by *ny |?* lhil.t. < t>teia <>00 votw In the state. It ti irel! underiiiM-l hri thai t.iU'-raJ Ii?u?tnii will tartly declare for Fit kitirtdfe uud ljine. tin- few ahif.x In Trvaamay get up ii li< lieteetonU ticket, but tlx o in no d.uM hut that Bre< ..ihrHpi w ill. arry the Irtif starSt-le by fivra .">0,000 to 40.41<* vd * In vain nviy Ik :u aud hi* friends if 11 UiC"S>t|iJj with dl?"iil. n. It ^>v+C-? a* the Idle wind. ?*"> pr pie of frxiv La- v. ih*.!r r'.Ut ami. k:i ?*1l, darr . -profit',?? tooj as Ibr irgla of th<' oofutiliilNm p*t?eU limn tu llic ait-m of Ux .r rights?ito longer. Tbr (lortiiud that a TrrntorlU I* tlslaluro ciui ex elu<> rln ry from territory helntiflnr l? ^ of tho wbole l?aion*u< ao ?ti|>rrnioly al?nrd and riUK-u.ou* that II U r? ?ll> KHoonJu t b<>? aiy S...lhi can (vgard llv hM r if ao outra? i u.-. a <Ue-ua a ay i thor Ircl U.p? but (hour of cant tnpt In the cmiVi'I lion ill* l m?t in Galrmtnn in April, fc>r (IK }>u||k*? ul ? ml ng ivi< w iler lo the tlia; 1. nl.-u Con Trillion, Hot OI.O t Uglr Ik .gUrltl cmld be found ( III of llie thre hundred il? nx*-mt* ?. mn??>if p that comrention. The entbutoaaai enoMxjui .'t u|>"> tbr mtmi mtloa ol Itr.xkturnip* ui Una Huu ouMk acyUiuif that baa Uca *u DeatnJ fibre r.bne\?tl"0 Men ot all part e* arc dot or mltn<4, by Ihttr of Urrckintidgr, to fbiir the cotmiri that tbric lr at kut one Nxithoin s-t.?lo ready to iwtl the Win- ol aiai.-r ptutoctloc la the Itorrllorlca. The rif In# of ll?< S utbrm M >le? ir. tin I n.oc, or their In-Ir l*bi*Me i iit of it, la the aenitimnl which tu aaUs ??rry Irr.r Si*. I herb dim N -tL.i f m- a?krd bet wiut d right, and botli.i g that n Kroeg will be atbtulllcd tu. VlIKilNIA. Viun or \ um lva, Ail) 2ft. Isflo TK .Vipprr Vhc*ff> cf INlMfM S tt.dfrf? H'hj it Thrr, A'<< ? I'mm Attain* Lintvln? S ,r\rrv M ho nit /'r>j anno ft* the G hiI, d I verj n.. a. Nor lb .id Mot.tb. ft eta Dial a m. moaUui Crt?? if impiuding Th? "H'nuihU nl?:."?r" hv. taken l*?- ??. n of llie public tr ud The p't-r of tin nation kr at MitiTe W lua U-ticli The li.? k npub. caua. taking a^r jiiar" t>f Uif mwlnrai c-f tbc bout, detern.ln ! to pri iplial' a il' i r| jj of II. I ., u Nc Uir Dnii led oua> ran fad W t-?c tbat, U tb< !r profcaiou bo put Into pricticw. tbe S'Otb m"?t rul mit t? dejiradatlon or t i.?e m o.le?'pear??bly If alie c?n. firr.bljr if abc tBL>i " Tbe elMtMiB of l.tncrii< and U*a:.n. Uartf ro, ?i0 be U?* orert art. Drib rlioaeii fn-m the North the r ek?t(oii by tite North a'..-?e if, A u# derradaliaa of II* flooth and the end af State iqnal ty. "Ti? a?lw? nay. Mia fbllj?!< aay that tbe A>uth w'U ?ibm!l Hie nla'tn has alrtad) hern ^i-un^e.i (Kit lb' NVrlh la>? the ^iitorittf Mirdn lo |t? pon! that Vanivy, I>?rls, Mni-r r., llri iuhI Keltt, an I Ftieb line, are Brt eatr^a and *"eea*t?'t't#i? atiit ram-<<t draw the .ixithrni h'-art. 1/? me ilr pi?r of thia fatal delnaioa to ooe llnr. Wh it anil who It lie up the la-mocratic Cnnvrctkmaf Wbo *.-n !') mark r *i>irltf that titt the Southern ileiepatea lo ' eerlattilT re]>r??enie.l at Haiti ai'te tlteir eotftitucnvy, m>4 nei,oe metr art ion only f ri -ha.iowr thai of tbr'pa .plr If I tmnla be c li<tra. Yon hare aln-toy ably aaofbt to tripreaa thin lira, and lia?r l'lirwt??" |? imnt to thr rrnedy, rt* a unt><a of all . t? ki.?ii vt l iieilt Tbla I a certain, an arfcnov. I r. n <il), ard on* whi<b would |?n>tc the Onil | <'? -??li knoll of the bhu k rrpnbtlMii p<vtr. Tbro how ran | any tror l'6?? m?n r?r>rki ttovaly rrruee> 1 Wo< w tbat i tn a rptrtt of d.?ai>pointau nt and hitler rrrrnge CH I M th?- t* i id. baa ordrrod bta a t'tnat<>t. M?ower? to ?' ) i ?h> '* ire bill *?:at r'ght liM i>t,r uiib In (DM to <1< Mm t irrul cort.tryV?4o my < tli'nc of a great party Win rbi.t;M blf hr no frarri,l!y ia^-1* He U w i,bout atreugt!) la the Strath Ik <acnot by an; p>?t We rntnblMl.oti of c;rrun>rtMir? carry ?ing!<? >V>nth. ro Hate. Freryth*!} (tlr"? IM t:f. Now, how ii.'iny Nortbirb MkU? rata b? rarryf IVrliapn Mr Wf tali.lj r<>t more than two It follows, tben, by Inevitable tojir* thai those of b>( !>! o<1? who rrtW the union proi n<i do to lor U.e i>tpurpose of ruling or ruintnr the OrmecrMie fwrty. and ( i?j rraao*nli.'- probability > t.f d i*Mtlng the In: a of tbr?o Sulii There la no iviaK for lb* in from tbi? dllou.n?. A* for Mr tk'll, bo one pretend arrioiuily mat he l? I available I'd' I he people, and h<-nH wW find h? M- ! lowtrr reiv'y, 1 ke true patr'ou, to form th? u*M. aga'iul ; I iccota. TV atwti- n of a Mai k rotmMlcan, and the or??v,Kit J**o1atton of thr t nior, It- ib? gonial t< pic h< ro id the S -:Ui li >? dtrriiraod i ti iht liu-tTra, lu the frt?? and irfijn'" the family circle. ('Id an<l young?the #rwithoro lb t.pi r nt.-1 Uic eytr ad >r* h" atre- or th? rvnttal A our merchant* are preparing l.i rl<i-o tb< ir Kortberti aiTr .au TV r t:i ?I|T gnat Xli puifliAM* will ho i< .<artroufir light Tlie) ace In tho Uiii rr, ili a far, tf Uielr Northern brethren to un.ta i. ?< ? tlx ir c irni ii rnnny <i bar Til .1. u< < ( the nif* nil iin rleif- -not r'niplv a dlaaotutloa of lb-' I'n.oa, >< i "t am - i re\ litem wliirb ntil iNnkrupt the r< intry u.d d?rtroy |t? mii ing, roan t fact or! tig an J roinmorelil I WI9fO!TMX. I'?niimiiii* '? I mbiaC?.** .J'.'x 22. I*"*) ' ? itp of Iff P'ffti ? *f & ii4)'n%?IK I<" <y A/ ofiinim fhif frrf If Wh'l'"l n' 'V O rj- 7*? V'x't rf ha r<if) /Vtrrf<7*i.if bj ( r fc-r ff<I fc-n. * . N< a tL?4 the duat aai riu.-av f.^-iu lu.- Jiil.i i Be!d ha* cleared k.*x, Uir wuuixlttl arc card fjr, Urt nok and Ulr of Ih* d< MHSmejr In tlua of llM cvuatry *re mj. } n .uW c ( mw^l) loaottvitf N? OLt' btx-irt to car* Low u*> tight euda If the IcadeM fca. e ?.vx Ot to v lOttfuU. Uitlr i ?r?, tl. uu.--. itu do not lt*l 'W dup. *d to bmv in r*wir:t. lVrtaa,? at cr> tim- ?ln<* lifter** ilnjb of JtAniui were iUt mind* i?f the i*c>|>le more e?- r,f cited id reftrtuo? to tli political Man of the d*y "??n at tlir loue of the ike*tii>R of ihe OMivMitloa at ULtrie* ton, Mid Dryer wore tU> am?tu to 1 >ucUe on the old democratic arirnnr nun f.o battle f,r the b,k?J c?dm' but ?bod< who ahouM fcavt- b< ?n fbremwt in liw u? o? to victory have *?Wj L* to acMtor aud divide our riuuaa UlU0 IkV IWlife tin elielli) lw Court lu ttua ?<uk (iv?r '%f covrte w thout opposition Tbu.1 ib p?>puu? lA Ui' VV^-et nc wUu t* *?qiib.LitrU with our I"*>l4>" ' * ai I'ukuit duty. H run, 1 thiiik, be bufi I) mi 1, that Do trau nuse the d?m af J.ukrei. h ut.taiiied bo tin. a tloid up?u lif feciiuf* ?f tl'.e deiuiiurac)?ui?t oaly the r?u!s aod tile?. ||U4? vtlM have ?t?.od by the tuUaut "'J abip tluotifh pood nod throu?l. evil ri-port?Mil there hnidrcdii of thuae w'.io have wnJi<lcr?4 ?t ait?r etraoR' v?\t who arc wiU.u# uod tfc&tou* to rtturn We tue an i do batik* uuitrr toe leader*"! p of tcc " UltU* t.iinl. ' fu.ulrf K..? ?--- -? - ? / ?"1? PV (Hi; V'Uttiii CM BUUC'-IM. VM w.vb all hi* popularity?tug gr^ut ie|i<; latum it* ? bUtiutimiiii ?bo man ever uuulr a greater political btuuder iliu w:u perpeti aU-tl whtu he broached biu "popular borvit.jint Ler*i-y. Ux.k at It iq a legai utiuto. rh? la? relating to pnuctjial uuu agent u? well ui.(l.rralood by amy uhu liHVi1 lcvw turned over tiio etvt-K of It ifcfir lives A gives Bu |?mt'o ot attoruey to bit'certain iaad? then u. di?er.tiu, the titic to which is uot?a; tlvc. < an P. tin creature of A, uiako a b-t<er talc than W is veM< d in A* Apply tlii? principle lo the great wquat ter aov*r< i^uty queMlon ih*t u? uim ngiuv...* me u>m 1 try, and fccu where it huvee it U*u u Toiritoiial lixgtaluture?the treature aiiJ *geu'. ot O ..gruea?do what j Cotgre.b itatlf uuni?t tin' Judge I>< ugl** und.ubtoulp broaclM-J this doctrine curing lie exciting tautuex wiik I ucoln, without coukidi-.'iug where it would load him, uiid like nauy 4ht r out when they hart oucj committed iu. trror. iu?l<art < ( taking tl>p bull t.nek and aokLOWledgiuj. the t rr?r. porvtateutly Li..nUin a Tt> Noitfceru (Um< cruU it is a mere attraction, and they tare but little whether i!a?efv exibte in it rerritaqp whilt it i > a fcta'e il rmt>r> o t>r i "I. and if th<? mkuow lrogeit leader of the party ? juU t-? ua* his pursuit niter th.s ip'iu faiuvs m d c.ite i-Ot Of the quagmire, they : woulu t-uy ' take yo> r nl^gerfe where you Kite, uud we wife ' | Ucl tht m " Iht C1SUuc.Ud State Ot tl.e party di. ?UI 1 the'lfcatfc* before uo of All Uil> reot iod cxc.itoinout. TU* J tti) fi;e look Hna act Mite uif-n ?itb wet blanket* thrown over their shculdcrs,and the iiodigai* hardly ] know whether it i? beat to come lac* or i t. Peihape, if tliey could aw a "fulled call" in the distance their to| eonjotlm would brmmr k-rMritly pnvei< rao d j t?ov. Raji.l*li ba&latciy pardeued the uotirioua Leahey, the )? >nk ot 1a Trappe, w U) r tumituvd a murder iu lata I piac* me at\ei> y>arc since T!jD II- u. Chuhr? H l.ari a I bee '.a? Ilie jvcfl-li: cf th; oirroit at the tim?, aiiJ the o'l.M^t iu pwnlc-tibg I>?hey is nalu tf. tie eut'.roiy txiiilicjJ. It i? getieriuiy cotic?>i< : that Larr&h^e will lAi tbi?C(>rprf?*slonrtl noinlne* !? this d.-itrk-t, wd l^nh^y to tune the fetunip a?.uii?t him u> Rhow that l.arrabev did li.4 gt\e him a fair trial.ami weld i.ot l? t hua read the fo^sh he had pri|>an'0 to Iht judjre He h.-m already Cemmeured. Wh<u u pnrtv la nhii^d to r'-oort to tte I Mate priwwif anu (ait ft rtli th n inl>-rerw to ahht^t ibeaa In carryicR Mi election, they ranat ^e aeak in the v**f | h wtatfheit of iiifutny ai.e e< irupt hl Sarrogau'i C ourt. TTIE WILL OK TRRKNCt IiONNetT.T. The will of Terince Iioiiiielly , I'>q , on*1 of the wealth! est merchants of tbia city, contain! several mum3".eat tv.^qurata to the public charit es "( *?t w Vn-k. The M lowing arc the poiuW ? After the utual formula of irtrodurtlon, he bequeath* to bis brother Edward C. DoniKl'y, the sua of to,009, ataticg that a letter which will be found among bia papert will indicate to his brother the obieel to whtnh thia i'.iai ib to bo applied. Out of ti: income of his estate h* sivee to his wife, Mar) I/>ui:<a. the sum of $4,000 annual Ty.tebe paid during her lifr Id quarterly pay meats. Hs also bequeaths to bib wife all household furniture, plat*, paiutags, u.graviujp, statues, horses, carriages, tic. Ha b< queaths to bU siHcr, Mir; .loaephme, tne sum of 9-.000 annuall) . in quarterly |?>mente, during bar lift To bis motbrr, Ann lionneU). th< sum of 91 >00, in quar terl) pa) menu, (luring her Itl'e. Alter tbe death of hu wife and sister he bequeathes 14 bia executors tbe bum of 921,000, in trust, to use and apply for the pur|??e ot founding aud eappoMiug in thectif of New York a reformat**) institute for tbe support an4 education of poor bo\s without parents, to be under tha charge i ( Roman Catholic clergy men and Roman CalhoUo lavtni n, f< rnn*d tnto a toe lot) for that purpose lie al*? Hires, after tbe death of h.i wife and sUter, ths fun. of 14,COO to his executors, tn trust, for the Rnui Catholic Ptoceean P^mihary of St. .?<*eph, situated at Kordbain, N. Y.; and also to his executors tha tan of 92 60U for the Amcricac Col.err at Rome, lu Europe. Ta tbe Sifters of Charily of St. Vincent de Paul 92.(00, tor their h<?pttal to New York, to tbe Roman Catholic Orphaa Asylum in New York 92,000. to his exccutors 94.M>, is tr-. bt, to pa) 921 M0 thereof I the association of charlta bio ladies known as lbs He use of the Good Shrpherd.t* be a|>piied for the purpose's of the association, and tha balance of the 94.600 to the Hoiimc of Mercy To RradOaahnaae tbe sum of 91.000, to be applied charitably. Ba lurther bequeaths to bis neice. Alicia K., wife of Willis J. P well. 96 000; to his Lelce. Cecilia Kelly, 910.000; Is bis bister, UizalH'ih B. V*Uer, to 000, to bis mooes, Mary Kwner, josepbiiiu J- isbrr ai>d F"gen!a Kelly, tha i m of 91 W O evli IV bia wife he leaves the sum of ot>0 annuiul) , to be used for the be.i< 111 of .lossptt Micbsl, r adopted number of me family, uatU his arrival at tha age of twrnl) one year*, at time ho bet^ueaihs ta the >aid J>*eph Michel tb< sum of 9>r,,0t0, providing he 1*1! l>< d< imed worth) of it. lie a so dlreots that *Mi vooi.g man abuil be t nccurajted In iu.y tendency be may ft lor tne lifts ef a leiigu i.- |?r*.u in the Ro sac Ca tholic tli'.u ch, an"! ir.akct suitable provision therefor. Ta the Rt. Hi v John !! ?her la- gives 92 MO, to be a?< tilled to Ft. ,1'atue. b Cathedral, no* creeling ot Flltfe uvctue, bad to the Maters o< Meriy 91,100, for tho li>tl?<j ? f iLdustr) under their charge mo win rear* T?t?* or April 11. INO, una til A.l(Bitl?d ?? irvkM* .'uly 16. IM(u Tb? fjorjlori kit hui wife, Itury Louk^a bit liiuilior, htltrard t Dtruclly, ml tiia brother u: law, tujtroc Kelly. mo* Homo* to Tho Ma AjUd Herald, bw> bfwt 13 -vwrr t an *<trw.?W cf Con. Hou?t?c for the rrralilr&r/. l.v ?..'< u iljirii hit t.ujui tri m llir of IU column u ' pi u.U t! came of Dr>rki&rldfr anl I?a? in tu pla< * l'KKM?\ \1. \1M>I'M?>N ?WaRTKO n> \ iH * 1*1 A KKM M.K ( liil.1) lac urj'luu. | rrrwrpdv, bo.w 1i u or.r mil flvi- y??rt '< h?,t It if ?t ii.i . ! n? *nv i nr hat > ; m li >< \ in ? * 4 RMMl ?|>i? b\ atldr. ^auut A X . Hi r?lU utL e. H ilk 1-iR I annulare " In ? Her It ma) ! m-po, 4r . I ?? * rnw writs and v. i ;.. m. > i 1' r a Bttrwra L'Klk l.KHMoN-A I. IFM> fit <M Tof la in tSr w< 4 t* gUJ S i are -1 1. A !lrr?a Wl'llara, Brm.rt mh, I'ori oflir*. 1-VJ: s v n?n KATV AN vik x KAtnvor ilr?*'? <?, fnHnrrlj m l*kr Pl?Tldril?r, U?ii??ao?. aw ra. at U. > > 1 ft... .4 I r J< 0 -r v . 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