Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1860 Page 4
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th: ili'i i . - WHOLE NQ. 8729. THE GREAT EASTERN PICNIC. The Departure of the Leviathan for Cape Kay. Turn VDATniin PTAPIP AM MIPA IHV IBVUBUV IIIVIWI WM wwmn THE SCENE IN THE BAY. ' TIE ESCORT AHD TOE ENTHUSIASM. a NIGHT ON THE ATLANTIC. Fob, Hunger, Misery and Mattresses. AN INDIGNATION MEETING ON BOARD. amu&lng scenes and incidents. a man overboard. THE RETURN HOME, m. mi A* history of Die Great Fkaterc baa been one of epochs. Whether on the stocks or In tha water, in the tone proam of a launch, or the scene of a life destroying explosion, on a passage acroee the Atlantic or aa the focus of a multitude?from her Inception until the preaent moment, the events that have followed each other thick and bat In her chequered career hare partaken of the stupendous I'uvKwr vi uiv wi| uiip u. The present excursion ought do! to be excluded from this catalogue, for while it is no uncommon occurrence lor a oompany, much greater in number than that now throbbing around mo, to embark 011 a jollification jaunt to a distant place, never In the history of this or any other country has there been such a conglomeration of humanity, such a scene and such surroundings, as those which characterize this first pleasure peregrination of the coloaaal Queen of the Sea. As such, It is worthy of a plana la the current record of the times. A trip to Cape May is an event of ordinary occurrence; but a trip on tha Urcat Eastern Is another thing; and when It was modestly announced in the journals of tho day that she would prooecd thither for the purpose af affording the public an opportunity of personally enjoying such a voyage, there were few hearts that did not pulsate in sympathy with the tboight, "How I should like to go." One drawback, however, and a most essential one, tx>, prevented many from yielding to this first and strongest impulse. With that keen eye to the mtereata entrusted to their care which has throughout characterized the management of the big ship on the part of the directors representing tho Great Eastern Company In this country, these gentlemen aaw fit to charge, for the privilege of a two days'sail, the high price of ten dollars, eiclusive of the keeping and naosaaary comforts of the voyagers. Naturally, ?very asM oownenced his srntun<>tical calculations. H-ro *? lour dollars extra for a berth in to sleep, at least two dollars a day per capiia for the privilege of eat Ing, an additional two dollars for a twelve ho ur?' interval at GhpslUj, and sundry oilier miscellaneous incidentals, I which would swell the expense well nigh upon tfolhurs. The result rv that for the entire week follow lag the advertisement the utinoet ndilU-roiice appeared to prevail, and it wu only low an 1 then ttmt one cuuld W found in tho whole community auxious to const' forward and lo<>?en I s p-..rse strings to th^ r"^ ,r?d extent. Cp So Saturday n.ght th'.n number amounted to the insignificant figure of eight hundred, u1 tho cor ?n plated icuiston i robwed to be a m**1' ilcoot fauure. The * nattier of ?cn da y did not at all imprnre the 1 prospect < f the undcrtak v.g, ?ud t was only wMn the breaking clouds of tfonduy, the culm.naUcg eieitemcr.; of exportation, and the pr'>bablt:e* of asplen tfed trip, lev: tfc-'.r t Evincing a.J, that the p?:ol' 1 cime forward and sae led the o .uuer to the iimiw wh.cfc t is mderstood had been *et by the directors namely, two Unit?nd. TBF F.VRJHEATIOX. A* we a.n a iy Mat'd, tfce i:r?at fa.''' hauled O'T tato tho ir?r?. r. n'v; Uy ?.Vrni"in i d there, lyiu^.- ust ppocite the man> on of Commodore "-"teven*. at Hot * en, ibe wa te<! the nrrva' >f thou- vbo were to rompc* her ptrty. In order to aeeommodalo the ex< ,r? "innU iwo ta.a.1 steamers wre pr v'ded, wfc- 'hat intervals <>f fifteen m notes or therea > t' ran b? t'\ "U the -t. p and tl foot of Fairm<<nd street, * here tbey bad been requested to aseen.Me. Here, on our arrival, a busy scene presented ItsoX i"irut was be crowd, so d?n* that It wa*a! nost Impossible to make one's way tl* gb it: then we bled upor. . do/euor m re cajrr .age?, br np ; b-'.h vh-ters and ii?ker? 'n, ar.<!, flti.i'ly, en arrn ing at the the 4ock, we came up n tho little steamer that was to c : rey ui on board. Thr< ? or four truck* w?re arawd up in ciame prcs unity U> the U<el,1oad"d down with mattre*."*, % part of tiie ,n- talnvnt ordered f r the accommodation of the paa*< ng< r>, ana thi-ac were being pamed to tbe lock of t he iteanier. A pileof bagpago ij n the ? Uarf nark *<1 J. r (' ! o May ill; i l'h: ?u. li't. . , ? l:..h If ed a* til I'lfh **?< F!->ra M< n.mio'T had )*J.ciou*ly clocted the Great Zaftcrs for her joi.rney, aiiJ from one to two hundre 1 in d ridial* were dovetailed W^oth^r In tha litlte a!totted to paaaenger*, ainiou*!y ?* ting ti.e terminal on wf the load lug proof** to which w* hare alluded. Patieoo* toon found it* reward, b w?rer, and in a few BxulM we wero p'.ongb'ng the water* of the Hudson, acd aloe glide of the Great Kant err To ri up lb? ?tde ta-.rway present our ticket to the oCTcct al tbe gjag way, pa** the ln*pection of three or four date t re* who bar* barn detailed for the purpose, bat tbe w< ;k of a M? *ecoud?, and we Bed ouraeive* on board. A e>- ,pt? of hundred hare preceded ji, ard carpet bag* and trui** trewn around indicate that their owners either hive 4etonnlned to come wall provided a .th ciotbin*; an J " ?1 der. or that a large number purpoae ei'.ending tbe r > ir ey from Cape May to other pout*. fleier*. ba-- fl here and there Tery plainly contain the gx*! tt. ot life, aad tbnogb a *m .le wa* eiriueJ al the tUxigui of " coal* to Newcastle," we bare fin^e hail a ton to envy tbe forethought whirb led the r owner* to look out for number one before they *urte I, rath.-r than * trwt to the uficrrta:o management of tbe prov .l?r* on board. Ocly a f'w mlnvtea pa** before another *t?amT tp proache*. It* crowd of two or three hundred are li* charged, and romo barryiag up tbe gangway, m we did twf re ihem. indwortn a rj. i ?rr;v?a, ud the btg flddl<? ud Utile flddlea, iwkipi of music and moalcal '.natrumenia that foUow th-m g re pr^nm ft rich treat to th ma who k)Te the cono r l of tweet aounda The toad la dtaefearfefl, the Hnee are caat off ad the liUie minnow of a steanDoat drop* ariera to (tre place to another, and another, and another, until l>y two o clork tome two thooaand people have Ix-en lran*ported from the ahore an<l are promenading the deck, listening l? the mutic, dtaenaeiDg the approvh nc eTccrston, >r ranb'inv in the abyeaea of the ?aat ship which haa at trarird thrm fw>m their homes and bss'.neaa. Jt may be latereeticR to aome to know the style of oir ticket. It was about aa follows, for we write from memory ? 11 gxnrBwiQH TICKKT. | mt\MsHit- tiRnar Kumcnit, rwoa saw Tona to oiri in, Ann rktcb*. Leaving few Tack, July 30, at 3 r. M., leaving '"ape May. J July St. at CP M. 'i flirt, Tin Dotuaa. I AT1CH, Secretary. J The oovipany baring now fully arrlred, we hart an CffortunMf of koking ar<?und and eyeing Tin rtorii ojt board. H woald be a Cae* to fame a!l of those, for they re pre rat every clans and ooBdltloa 1 kely to be present on an 01 tfe'a oatare Ih'J cj?o, loo, from aimuet, e"ne; If not quit*. every ;n tb? PuVib, m ??U m Trom many of tba cnua(/iM of Ecropo, tony of AI- , rtca, which a ? jor? of darr. iklcnwl waiter* ca board al- j uuo. C4U vo mini. Mllllona.ree, it.Dlmri, lawyers, 'editor*, raptrUn, doctor*, trad*aaMn, poets, artists, authoresses, politicians, gamblers. pr'ae fighters, tod ^UmM at large, all pass la rerlew, and firs to tbfc assemblage a coaanopohtan character which It oould not pofjg:fciy bare la aiy city oataide of New Torh. Quite a C4?riderabla proportion is composed of lad tea, and, stssogs to say for such a gathering, there la not one observable on whom suspicion can for a moaaent rest Meesra. Dickson, Young, Farley, Radford and Doaaabu* ry, detectlree, and Captain 8eabriag,of the Ninth precinct, are alao on board, and though their servioes have not aa yet been required, their presence has doubtlaas been valuable, on the principle that " an ounce of preventive 1a worth a pound of cure." It waa amusing, bowerer, to watch this variegated thrnog aa they came on board. ' Where's my atate room f" was the un'versal Inquiry, and Invariably the drat movement waa ia tha direction of the Imaginary place wbere they ware to repose, or the imaginary individual who kept the keys to tbess Morpheas recesses. Officer*, (errant#, aeamen? people of all atbers on the ahip tha leaat capable of imparting the required Information?were buttonholed, annoy ed and victimised by tbe impatieat crowd, until they were almost hoarto with?" Go to Mr. Bold." " Who a Mr. Boldt" " The man with the blue ribbon 6 round his bat and book under bla arm?who la alwaya taking anuff." (We may also add that ha is the financial manager of tbe afialra of the ahip.) ine remit a mat me or ineee uucu reu upon ma unfortunate gentleman whose ' blue ribbon" imule bim neb a conspicuous mirk of Attraction. With a fund of pleasantry, however, which, like a shrewd politician he knew bow to use, the pertinacious applicants were requested to wait until after the starting of the abip, and for tbe time be wae left to enjoy hia muff box and neuralgia In somehting like the peace be coveted. It waa now about three o'clock. THX iTFKUUNCl OF TBI CIO WD. At this time It waa interesting in the extreme, So far as numbers are concerned, they exceeded even those who witnessed tbe arrival of the Great Eastern. On both sides of the river aa for aa the eye could reach, up and down, tbe shore was black with people. Housetops, billsld<*, wharves, ships, barges, rigging?everything that afforded foothold to see the spectacle waa occupied. Immediately around the ship lay a score of steamboats, tugs, rowboats, and small craft, all loaded to tbe water's edge and waiting the departure of tbe ship. Owing to tbe per. versity of the tide, however, TBS START did not take place until after four o'clock. As we have before remarked, tbe Qreat Eastern lay with her bead up tbe stream. In order to turn tbe gigantio vessel the steamtugs Achilles and Yankee were employed, but for more than half an hour after tbe huge anchor left its muddy bed?tbe largest by the way that ever rested on tnc bottom or the Hudson?1007- strovo with might And main to bring her into proper position. Tbe ship yielded gradually, however, and at a quarter to five o'clock the revolution of tbc paddles and tbe screw, and tbe long white wake behind, announced that we wore fairly on our way to it;a. The scene that now ensued is one that cannot be soon forgotten by any Individual who witnessed it. The multitude of humanity ww \1s1ble on every side. On shore thseye reeled upon nothing but crowds, extending even back Into the country as Tar as the vision could reach, and on the water eighteen or twenty steamer* loaded to the guaids, bedecked with colors, whistling their enthusiasm and thundering their salutations, glided along in the huge ishadow of the Groat Eastern at It trembled in the wau-rs of the bay. We did not oount all of these, but tbc follow a.g arc the naavq of those recalled to u.nd at the pri-sent nu rucLt, together with the estimated number of pa.-?engere on board:? Key port t.'iO Satellite 700 Hushing 400 Flora 700 Oclawaru 700 Columbia 700 Tiger. 100 rat?rson 700 Kcd Ja> k<'t 700 Krancts Fpeigbt.... 600 Th.s Hug*..,, 300 J.S. l*arcy 600 Jas. A. 400 Hudson 400 Mendrik Hud?f J,0o<) J. a Fra*sr 0UO :uu? itet mm - 1 I.. Total 11,760 Ont*rd we ploughed, pusing the crowded Battery, the r^venuo cuttcr Harriet lane, <?or?rnor?s Inland, i-'Uten Irlaud. tbe, Narrows, and other places aoout which the story has aireaay been told. W.thout, it Is not diUicult fo imagine the appearance of twenty steamers, lotted down to the water's edge, constituting an aq-iati: escort, of which noue could be a more worthy object than the noMe sb'p upon wh!:h we are; wLiie within and around ; us the excursiouisis have betaken themselves to every lo>-al.ty on tae ship where they are not posiltrely forbidden. to enjoy the spectacle. S me sre la the tops, others arc scattered through tbe rigging; many of the ladies bsve taken tli* pllttorms st the base of the wbeelhoussa, while ih t. the passengtrs arc located along tbe bnlwarks, standing on tiptoe, with their glasses peering at the ten thouMnd objects of infrest around. Tbe day IS glorious. Tbe ragged. t ireatei n* clouds have broken away In great masses, that are rolling off in tbe distance. The warm *um<hiiie has tinged all nature with !<s lowliness and tlie brightest am. ci pat iocs of a pleasant excursion bid lair to be realised. AM ACCIDENT. When halfway to Platen Island tbe ship was detained about three-quarters of an hour by tbe breaking of the i cat hook which held up the anchor and its slack chain, so that tbe latter were precipitated tweoty or thirty feet into the wster. *>me trouble was experienced in repairing the diClculty, but it was finally overcome, and Uto hlitn rrfluDifxl her triLnnhil mirt h In this connection It nriij alao b? ment'ooed that during Ibc prof reaa at weighing anchor, wame dlfliculty waa eiperienced by rruun of tho constant flipping of the lamraM cable upon tbe capstan. On theae ocraaiona the fell of on# or two feet of tbe great anchor would )ar tho hip M icvereiy ulota percaptiWe in it* remotest pvt. TBS BAR. I do not mr?ii tho bar on board, but tbe bar off -'andy 1 I lock, about which to many xmntry editors bare written the moet fearfully discouraging leading articles. I ttle occurred during tbe Mil Iowa tb? bay worthy of addition to what baa liroady bran indited; brt aa we progressed to- . warda the bar the interact aaiong tbe paneongers to aee a locality about which so much baa been said l??d them to take |>iao?a where they e>rald command ariew of the operations, and satisfy tb-tneslvea by a personal inspection of tbe danger* of tha piaoe. Oonae<iDeoUy tboy looked long and carneetlT. They acanuod the water with their ' glass-*, then U>? bronzed fane of pilot Murphy, then the captain, and then the water again, but we venture to pay that few of them had any more idea of the real locality of tbe ap?t than ltd our Japanese friends of the onalltutlooal morality of their Alderman:*; confreres Tha paseag* took place at twelve minutes past seven o'clock. The ahlp > drew twenty four and a half feet of w?l- r, and it ta need- 1 lea* t<> fay ?be went over without the slightest diffloulty. Tbe engine* were " slowed," and a little more watcbfulneaa w?a evident on Ifce part of the offlors, but aalda I from thea? incidental featurea of careful navigatl<?, nothing occurred to ItjUate an eitraer liary -v out. In act. It se-ms to has-- be.-n pla n'y proven that th>- (Jreat Kactern may be aa easily brought :nto tbe bay of New York aa aj j other ahip that baa ever sailed in and oat of it, and tbal the llmoaaiid and one atoriea respecting tho abaence of ' 4fl1<-i?-iit w*t< r and the !ang"r of navigation are d e fabrications of tbe bo ir. At thia point our escort left us. The little fleet of steamers that bad bteu flitting alu Lt Iiae so many fljiog Hah one by one dropped aatern, paring <heers were ?*-hang ed, and the <iroat Ka?t>ro. alone an I unattended, stood on h'T stately way towards ber ocean bound deal mat >n. The work ing of the tuaiaive machinery >f the ship Curing this period wss perfect Nothing ' onId bave been 1 more beautiful yr wonderful. W tho it noiae or jar? i without even efficient vibraton to Jis. urb the fit j Ikes of tha o'l In tbe cups thtl revolve with the huge j rodi?tha mm- iif complication moved with a power that ?<< m?d sim<*t sup< rnaturaliy sublime. the abip I likewite behaved admirably, and, though occasiunally | g t" the long ground awe;: of thl lUaal I waa I always with ?och gentle grace and saay movement ihat It I waa impossible to be so uncomplimentary aa to S'lmimb ui even a single tea si- k qualm. Aa hour or two latar, WW . er, we d d aee a flsw ladles and weakly g.-nllemen from tbe couttry Intently regarding tbe bottom of a ape ctm*n of pottery wsre with wbi;h th?y seemed very much dlsgi sted hot the an* was doubtleas due quite aa much to their prMMlag carnlveruoa eiplolta aa to Die gractful undulatioca of tb? ablp. Bvrraa. II *u dow what a rrnt.mcnUI miM would term "the lovely and languid boar of twilight." A majority of tboM on board had provided the?ael rag with a hearty dinner hefire com ng oa board, bat with a aea breeaa In conpoaittofi for i>i hoar* it la impoaalbto to raaiat the |M|? of hanger at aome t roe, and the ronaeqrienoa wa* that a* anna m th? bar >w pa- ->d a rnah took place for tapper that reminded iia of the double <t<it<-jiet?p charge of the Zouarea at the Academy of Knelt lue other night. The m.ght he followed op by the remar* that they t ?n)oy a rauoti batter opportunity of doh.g eiecatioo. 11 W Y O MORNING EDITION?THURi It Ml Merely a charge "at'' and not "Into." Hi other word*, the feediag arrangement, from begin nlng to end, ?u a pecimen .?r miamanagement and In experience that night have bran expected (tan eome ri ban cty'.llaed Hottentot, whoae and taate had hMo 11. used up in acquiring the little information be ku?, but watch one would not look for tn any re presentatlre of that aogcst body?tne Ureal Km tern Steamship Company. The meala, and the manner la which they were aorved up, wsro hardly worthy of ootnparson with the atyle of " Dothe- cl boya' Hall." In tkzt, "Old Squoora ' litmaslf, merely ai minus hia howl of molsssos, galvanised into life for the d oocaaien, might, without a groat atretoh of the imagtna P tlon, have been aeen atruttmg around his scanty boarda, in the well developed rotundity of the provider of the ai ahip, aa complacently aa if hia lab lea groaned under the flat of Um land. Perhaps they did, but the subsorlber l> didn't aee it. We thoagbt to ouraelf that ha would be a an unlucky Iazarua who was oompellod to wall for ai crumba at the door of each a Divas. a Wo shall not attempt a description. There was a good p deal of apoon, some tablecloth and a variety of loci a dentals pleasant to look upoa, but ss for the food, Its ap- "I pearaaco was as rare aa a comet. The coflfee gave out oa li the second round. II oost a fee of half a dollar aserely to v breathe the passing intense of a cup. Chickens anaelt all over of antiquity; ham was aalt, beef toogh: toogae was 0 no?bere, and ice, of which several tone had bssa shipped ti tn the morning, was said to Lavs gtvon out. latest, a tl general fkmine would hare overwhelmed all hind a tl If the amp had been a meal and a half away li from land. The waiters, too, wore, with a fsw eioep- It lions, rare specimens of their species. One of these ex tl options?and we arc glad to uoiicethem?was the carver * of the second dining saloon, who became ao disgusted with a the whnlt proceeding that he laid down his knife and pi cleared out in dlsgut. Another was a gentle old darkey, c< whose ahaved head and gathered topknot made him look ti < like a venerable edition of a Japanese. The naaaeorers Tl called him tbe 'Tycoon," mil scores of ladles iid gentle- ft men arc Indebted to bis Impartial car*. tc As for tbe rest, they were a set of unmitigated rwj'i. rt They would lie, cbeat, steal your chain, and almost your w money. We beard one asked by a gentleman for a oup of A coffee. "All out," was tbe reply. "60 and get a llUlo G for my lady, wun't you?" '-(Jo to bell," was the rsspoare, ai toVo prvr, and tbe villain went off, with a mad Boor Mb, aa ct if be waa go leg to tear the kitchen down. Others were perfectly blind and da if, metaphorically speaking,, to all inquiries. and it waa only when their palms were scratch- w ed with the evil root, which they did not baattata un- at bluablngly to aak for, that they aeemed at all to oompre- E> bend that they bad been mduftiioualy requested to obtain fa a desired article of food. Wines, soda and other liquors have been Bold in large d? quantities, but I muat aay it, to tbe credit at lbs two w thousand people, that 1 have not yet ana a single lmU- st vidua] ta a state of intoxication. w A very Judicious arrangement, had it been suooessfaliy carried out, would have been the publication as follows, at TBS KALI Of Oiltn FOB UrMBXXKVTe OR IB* GREAT Of Biano?. m Tea and coffee,per cop.. 6 Sandwiches 13 11am and beet, per plate. 26 Veal and ham patties... 12 m Bam and chicken, do... 80 Beef a la mode 25 sj ToDgue, per plate 25 Btacuit and cake, aaoh.. 6 fl. Iocs 15 I?ger bier, per glass ... 10 , Mint Julep, per glass.... 12 Brandy, gin, ram and Sherry cobblers, do 12 whiskey 12 Claret, per glaas 12 Cider, \ pint 25 < < Bilk punch, % glass.... 12 Champagne, quarts.. .U 00 Joed milk 10 Do. pints.... 1 25 * Cocktails 12 Sherry, quarts 1 60 j" Claret, quarta 9160 Soda water. lemonade, cream soda, sarsaparilla, each lie. *' To prevent mistakes, passengers are requested to pay ua d< delivery. ?* For tbe first two hoars at dinner by this mas as every " Individual succeeded in having himself waited upon, re- <" celved bia diab Ml of pabulum, or rather the ftmiU,n* prescribed, paid for it. and travelled. At present, bow- 1111 ever, they seem of little more oae than a* many pieoea of useleaa table furniture, and for practical purposes are laid aalde. People are eating whatever they can get. One u< oi my neighbors at a table said a few minutea ago that he bad bad four consecutive rear ends of chickens in two meais, ana wus tncn at work upon uie una, wun i vww to te*t a sixth, m?I continue the oi|>erlment until be b id m definitely ascertain* <1 whether or not any other part of that biped'* anatomy had been brought on board. If the question was sskod, to whom does the blame belong* I should Kay the provider, head steward, or p terer of the ship?a person by the name of Got. By a o >n- pi tract with the tympany he retains the privilege of feeding w all pertons on board the ship, from director to vlalter, at . certain price*, which arc mutually fixed. I waa Informed " that two or three other* wore also engaged with him in vl the speculation, and between them all they havo *uc- ' in leeching iho public to an ox tent th< y will never * eiiyiy <i. i.i They have neither the ability to plan nor the tact to execute, and m tar a* regard* providing for the wauls of two thousand people in the rough an.l turn ble manner they have net about, it would have been ' quite as wibc w> have made a miscellaneous mixture of all that was to be eaten and drank in one big pot, divided v a spoou among the multitude, and told thrm to go At it. II Mr. Cox may bo a very good man personally. Wc don't . know him. Be may have very excellent intentions, a J' benevolent disposition and n strong constitution; he may be punctual is his church attendance, rehablo In his do- g mrvtic duties, and uu impeachable as a citizen; bnt, n^twithstanding all Ibis, to day has fully demonstrated tliat ** whatever may be his other virtues of bctd, lieart or per r] son, Mr. Cox "can t keep a hotel." ? TH* NlttHT ON BOAKP. W How shall It be described f It requires the brush of the painter more than the pen ufji writer. In fact, Uk1 scene Is nM to be described. While I indite, men and women th are preparing to " turn In,''with such accommodations wi a* the Skip aflori*. But, notwithstanding the thousand ha extra mattresses provided, the careful arrangements that pc were supvofod to have been made ccncernlng the dixjiosi th tion of the ctaf-room*, and the boosted fhclllttcs of the ha big ship for carrying any number of passengers, more fit than one third will lail to secure anything on which to lei lay their head but the Iron walls of the vessel, a coil of th damp rope, or what tailors call the "soft side of a plank." wi It is about eleven o'clock. Itie contemplated ball turns out ?w to be a "tixxle." As the Htory goes, one of the' heavy " de players has the bowel complaint?from drinking too Utile ne water. The mnsic has, accordingly, become exceed in< lngly costive, and retlrud to its quarters in tits steer to sgs. The people in the saloons, especially geotlwua accompanied by ladies, arc frantically flying from pillar to in| post, first In search or Mr. Bold, then of Mr. Yale*, and i laj pire itm. until these gent'emen have got into inch a wi west in their efforts to accommodate, that they have had to shut themselves up In their state rooms to cool off. Something has gone wrong The staterooms have either ' got mixed or the people have, and the result is that a man on ucca*i<>uau> unca mm* n id otic place una nil wile lucK"4 . away touewhere rlee. Many who have paid tor bertha bare been deprlred of them entirely, and take th. ir of tbancea with I how who have trualcd to luck and dtapx. J dn of thcmreirea In regular campatyle. ?? The piclorc of the aaioona from stern to stem? for ia reckoned backward* In this nb>[>? is a-ttne- < ' thing like the fo lowing?Ural laMM bar, IMP cover-d 1 1 with aaturated table cloths, broken glaaeca and empty on txtUea Next a couple of the dining aalooca, tn whu-b the waiter*arc hurriedly clearing away tbe dehria of the ?" day'a work. ? .ipproarti the ladiea' saloon. Kn ea trrmg here ? aee on one of the relret aofka a brae of a" children spread out at length, their mother waU htng over **' them. Individual* are lay tog under tbe Lab lea and artt terro prom lacuoely around the Moor. The aaroe acetic ,a repeated in tbe forward ladlea' saloon, with the excepti.*i tai that more ladlea compoae tbe tableaux anil make a c?m- 1 atdfably wider apreaa. Nona of them hare he other than their own aim w la, and the me o4y which th tr sonorous anorea create might wtll hare suggested ibe ** Idea of an Eollan bar p. It la hot and oppr<*atre, howrv r, {?' and we hurry out ok imrw. Here we get the t rtmt dt Ui crrme of thla miiln ,<Ut ? omnolcwence. Tbe sleeper* are atretched out tn al| eri aorta, atyIra, shape*, forma, anglea and condition*. T y ^ emphatically lay around looee, looking rery much a. If ( they bad betn inured out of aome big bag In a state of II at< lutlon and left toaettia. You can be (to to deacrlbe th -a ^ an> where. Sinie arc picked away on tbe to pa of i:ie y, caiiIn*, aome arc laving cloae alongside the bulwarks, ha n mc are sitting bolt upright, repoaing obiiju ly y, and itretrhod out on th? atralghu-at borlfontJ I Two individuala, more cntcrprlaing than 1'ie n, othera, have acwed Ihcmselre* between 'two t|i maltreaaea, and are trying to nap it, but every n?w and (,x\ then ?ome ioker alta down on tbe bulging pile and edu<-** M a aerie* of gruaaa and maledictions that would wak<> i . y,, aeren aleepera. A New York reporter and one of the dateetivea?a rery fat one hy the way?bare quite tensility uc crawled into a abe*p.pen for the purpoae of being und a I,, tnrbed, t> t a party of promenadera bare 'linrorer >1 0(J their retreat, and for the la?t tru minutra they hare tx -n .... try ing to provoke the wrath of the caged individual* to I al ?? " ?b> thcr the fat man ran g> t out k3l A tpeculatlve Individual mount* the pen and exhibit* i th<-m v wild animal*, In a ?train ?ome thing like the M .M to*!* ? So. Here, gentlemen, are *ome of the mo*t ertrmordlnai-jr freaks of nature?animal* that won't lire upon the land wj, and are hound to die In water. We have to feed 'em ? ] seventeenth proof wht*k*y, which one man ahont* into ,,r them ?nli a double barrelled *qolrt gun, while another lf)l holda tbelr leg*?a moat mtcreciing ap*c ta ele. Only live cent* and the refreehBent* thrown In. feeding time tt.a in 1AM minute* A great crowd gather around, and the (port that eniue* POr ia immense Some one pu an oar and *tlr* up the "ani mala '' Tb? reporter beg* to be let out, baa got lot* ?' aork to do; la In a great hurry, and make ang Tiantity 1 of excuse*, hot they don't "take, 'and a battery of conver Mf ration la flred off b< twee* the beeleger* and it* b-wiegr-l Among the vlaitert i* Uaorge Wukea, who, after a gooJ n": laugh, venturaa to loqulre, "Who put tba animal* la pre "Tba director*," waa the reply. ' Can't yon gat otrtP" "Vo, they've fattened at In " pa* Mow du yon like yonr pest" of i "The |*o," aaya tba (at man. in a deep ventricular gat voice. "In my opinion, sir, the pen la mightier than the ?nr word." 1 "Ha! ha' ha' he! he! he! ho! ho! bo'" oachinate the Ca| crowd, at thla witttclem. "Thrss cheer* for the fat freak to I of nature," which are given with a will. dot "How often do they feed yon?'' aay* one. C "Halnt been fed at all." 1 ' Call the director*! Here's a can* of atarvation," cr<e* for an Indlvidnal on the o?t*klrU. *te< "No, get '*? something to eat," respond* another up Forthwith a chap starts down Ui* gangway, and, thovtf'i tha It la midnight, la Iva minutes return* a ith the ban**"* ?t< of two ?)reai Raster* chickens ioc "Where cftd you get tnemr- f, B RK H 3DAY, AUGUST 2, 1860. "Found >m undor Cox's bunk." "Good for him.1' "Hungry?" inquire* thccbtcken man, aa he temptingly aba tbem arrosa tho bara near tbe noaee of tbe vtetima, ke tba keeper of a menagerie. "Yea, of course we arc." "Can you smell it?" "Ye? ita good and .strong. Pi t It in here." t>V?li .mail .,nl it ') "tgbiihb," growl the "animals" in the moat captious ?nd artujtically bestial manner, and amid the cheer* ad laughter o! the crowd. The menagerie ia fed, acoor ingly, the chicken being passed Ln on the end of a long ole. Somebody pavcen in a drink to waah the solids down, od the fun Increases. Here, again, are family groups. A wife la tacked in etwteu two settees, and the hoaband sleeps crosswise, notbrr chap has a table turned upside down, and ia i oozing at a two forty pace between the legs. Here are tore piled away like mummies in the moat unimaginable lac fa poaaible. which only would enter the conception of dmft man In short, from atom to a tern, there ia a row r beda and bod tea which give the acene an appearance ko that of a hospital filled with the victims of aoms pre ailing epidemic. Of courae, in auch a party there 1a fun?plenty of it. ae group capecialy appears to be the centre of attracon. Three or four of the number aro stretched out on leir mattrrsica .n the centre of the dock, while le crowd stand ln a ring arounJ them, and join i the laugh, the aong or repartee. After a while one 1* itrcduced U> make a .speech but, being unaecuatomed to lie work, he invite8 what he calla one of his "Zou Zoua,' kom be styles the "Prise Baby," to do It for him hereupon the Prize Baby la received with cheers, and roceeds to publish to the crowd bis diet, which he says insists of four hard boiled eggs and a blackberry three mes a .lay, !n soap and water. (Applauae and laughter), bia eflort evidently flniahes him, and ho introduocs his lend, "Signor Mickey Farina, the celebrated Italian nor, the greatest living artiat of the age." The tenor *ponri8, in "sweet Irian brogue," by a touching melody, htcb he denominates "a parody on the Dutch cheese." nether .a introduced aa "Col. Bobolinklbua, aid to Gen. sriDaMi in the Mexican war," ami requested to "turn ound and chow his honorable aoari," which ars. or >urae, behind. As the capillary subslauce on the mm ill of his head is exceedingly brief, somebody propose three cheers for the man with the sandpapered head,'' bk-h are fWen with a will, and the military geotleman ibsides upon h? mattress. 80 the jokes go round. Ftrvbody la rood naturod, and witticism! 11/ thick and at in every direction. It would require half a pace to record the amnring taitmta connected with thia party alone. The "beasts' ere poked up with long poles, while the people cheered, touted, yelled, bauled the cage around, squirted water lth the hoae, and raked the Ull Nick generally. oni o'clock. 8obm persevering individual has cured Dodworth's man his alls and aches, and the string band art on deck, aklng music for a score or so of dancers. They are all an, however, and as a "stag" affltir, now and then interlersed with gymnastics and mattresses, it is irresistibly nay. The ladies seem as lively as a brood of canary rds with long Ulls, and though they do not Indulge in ? sport physically, their merry ringing laugbter en >rses the amusement as beyond reproach. Homebody is Just proposed a mattress race, and hardly are the ords out before fifty men, with beds on their backs, ive started off on a scrub match by moonlight. How it rminates of cou'sc It is Impossible to see, but there is i amount of jollity in the occasion sufficient to stock a isen ordinary parties of a similar kind, .in hour or so this active cxerclse soon wears them out, however, id by three o'clock the whole group, In fa;t the #holo ?k, is in a state of profounl slumber. I was informed that at about two o'clock one of the stlrtwes was discovered to be on tiro, owing to the relet* distribution of a segar, and for a moment it rcatened to endanger the rigging. It wm extinguished, wever, by a few Duckets of water, without alarra to iy one. It would be difficult for Ore to make much headay, for hose are laid fore and aft on deck ready for instant use, and uot even a segar is permitted below tlis alndeck. focb o'clock. Night's candles begin to burn out, and the twilight ay in her sober livery to mark the footstep of the a|?roaching duwu. The heavy dew of tlio nigHt mingling ith the cinArrs from the smoke stacks, has converted le deck into a huge mud puddle, and the faces of unconious glecpers are black and sticky w ith tlio dirty damp, at*, coats and garments in a dilapidated condition are '.nttered around, and the scene is one that Hogarth might ell have immortal i/ed. By six o'cloik the alecpers aro nearly all up, but a ?or- | ier looking sot of ' human forms divine" onr eyes never 1 sted upon. Mad, tired, stiff, sleepy, dirty and sticky, 'itb ban and eyes full of cinders, lin y g< i on the.r iniii idual mattresses like no many DMM i*<rc<,pines. And nw another chapter of the mism magi'menl is d?-vo: md. here la neither water to wash nor drink. Complaints :>me thick aud fast. One man has paid a dollar for a J aain full, another gratefully be-towrd a quarter I'ora lats of ice water, which he barely obtained, whllo two r tbrea reporters came from the nether regions, looking i pal* and languid aa il they bad been drawn tnjvugti a jco-is.on of brush feoccfl. They Bay thai somot)dy will haw to sutler for it, and il one may ludge I 00 tlmr manner, their matter, Ilka Jersey lightning, ill kill at fort> paoeii. THK MOVEMENT OF T/IG 'HIT. During the night the paddto engines had a pressure on elr boilers of twenty pounds of steam, and the wbcol is revolmg twelve times per minute. Tho screw boilers d the same pressure, and were revolving th'rty timoe r minute, the oomloned pressure of which wa^ giving r ship a ?peed of about thirteen knots per hour. Kvory If hour the lockout men might have beec heard exiling >m their stations, and at four o'clock the h'-aving of the id indicated the drpth of water to be twenty lour fa ms. Die ship was then beaded westward, and then is experienced for the tlrst time the heavy ground rvll, which made it difficult for one ana<-cusUimod to the ck of a ship to maintain his equilibrium, anl forev?T t at rest the notion, if such was ever entertained by anv IMMUlWi UM a fhip cau be built Urge enough resist th<- swell of the ocean. Ilia ship arrive.! oil Ca|w May abjnt seven o'clock, hav[ stood sv fir out to sea during the ai<ht as to be doled a little t?'}i>nd the time w hen it was exported she >u1d make anchorage. A* INDIGNATION MIETISt). [Hiring the morning an Indignation m.- tiun was h i , board on the quarter deck. In which Mr.William t ;Iincr? Brooklyn, officiated as Chairman, and Dr. John llowv, New York, as Secretary. Ttee following resolutions, iw n up ?u sn < mpty stomach and w ilh unwashed fu e , re suhmitUd and (waned with a will ? Wbtitas, from Ike previous rtputalion wbUh the eat 1 .astern and her officers fcad established In th<? ijted i?IW| the K'entleaieo and lad lea who emoaiked the eicurmoa to Cape May expected, and had aright 1 iiimI. at.i (iiiimuduLniB aud oroin p a'.I* ul 011 il a? it had been announced itltt the iu capable oI rr> ins an almost fa'iuluus number of pMMipn, ud urtluig them pro|*r attention auU aocommudalioua; d Wbereaa. w, tiif |Ktr-i>n((>Ta on this exoonloa to Ca m ly, bare been grievously dlaapi*nntcJ m cvorjr expoc lion . thl r. I ra, Resolted, That we, tlic pasnentren to Cape May, have i n not "lily disappointed, but swindle*!, that there *?* water U wj-h with, do towels to wipe with, and no iths provldtd, an<l many la Ilea vere obliged to sleep In r cabins, that there wa* Lot a . ' iss of water t?> quench fir lb int. and that the whole arran?rmcnu were connptiblc and ilihcracvful. Resolved, also. That we will adviae our friend* who npOM to no to Norfolk ud Ann.ip>>lia in tbe Great East i t<> ?ta> at home. !<.r !e*i -I \ir lt<solved. That these resolute i.s be pul/llshod In the m?i t>, Trihnm and Itmn. tinned by J. C. Terry, BrooMyn, ItaTid Amdford, Am Tdam; 11. H. IVxker, Bculxn Burn bailor. Now York; riander Malhceon.Ogdcuaburg, N. Y.; Abraham Kblu?, ilrne, N. Y.; fldnev W Hopkins, J. J RU hards, New >rk; John Brush. Patereon, N. J.; A. Reckless, Re?t iik, N. J.; K. C. Rusael, W. & Raker. J. U Jewell, New rk John Howe, M IX, and Bfty others It la proper to add in ibis connection tint neither of the < utue i Hirers of the ship, from Capt Hall down, ha I y tiling to do with this mismanagement oomplaloed of, -< pt id tiring piny V a laudable spirit to right. as far lar In their power, a most perceptible wrong Messrs. c.h larks. Hmj the, Wallis, Wood, Gary aid otben, irte if* iflort to accommodate the dissatisfied anl provided passengers, and most of the night was spent theve g> ntlenvn iu going from place to pla v, routing | I Intruders, and aecarlng berth* for those to whom tb. y lit fully belong!d. Iadi-w were accommodated aa far p>*(ible, but mati> were forced U> Jlc In tbe aalooca i 1 on tbe decks rbe director*, Messrs. Cooch and Yatea, and Mr Bold, | re np Ibelr stateroom*, and slept th*rasHvea 01 tbe m , n? in wwrrj wij uwira m rmr ever* one r<<ra(ortable, and correct the confusion ilch hiwl resulted from the want of proper experience. 1 l?<i the est,rg irrar gemrLta b<-en of (be right cbarac . aad Mr. Cox done bin duty effectually, tlie excursion would not have uKl a w?f<l atxmt tbe ?le?p ng detm?nt. but U> be doubly Inconvenienced wt* more in Iniman could liear without reaction, and ice tbe neetlng and reaolotiona. A man ? atoaacb n< times require* tbe room careful handling OPr C'API MAT. "be Great FA* tern lie* about six mi lea from tbe shore, I It hM been ascrrtiiDed that we bar* run nearly flfty ie* out of U>? way?at loaat such l? the report. The f ranime advertised la to lake the*t*itata on ird to tbe beach free of char*', and bring them back, leaner being provided for tbe purpose. About half t nine Mid steamer cam* alongside, and aorae ae vent v a, who pashed through tbe throng waiting at the igway for a limilar opportunity, at tha risk of neck I limit, leaped on board. loat of tbeae seventy went to Philadelphia from the <e, preferring to go home by ibat VMM than to trust lhe exigencies of another night on the ship, and do ibt numbers of others will do llkewlae. m shore the greatest excitement appear* to prevail. h? beach la thronged with spectator*, the two plat m* rxteodiag oat into the channel along which tbe amera run to land paaaeager* are a Ian crowded; while tbe road, aa (br aa the eye can reach, the clouds of rfnet 't rlaa in the air and sweep off to tbe eastward, mark a ady Increase Vebtrlea of every kind and eonlitloa dent to Jersey plantations, and born of Jersey in ittlty, are tltfl along tbo fei?< <s, gatfcti?a la cluaUra, Qf ( ERA are moving along open Ibe beach. We hlr* one Of thea<\ with a party, at a quarter each, and ride "np Iowa," or rather to the village? a distance of two milea. On Um road the string of carriages la llk? a piooaaatrm In lb? Tillage we And every thing capable of boMtaf human ly crowded to the eavea. rttrangcra and country people have been pouring In for tho last twenty (bur hours, and fcr ordinary mortals It la a matter of impossibility to eat or aleep. By Invitation of Meeara. Laird A Wool man. however, of the Columbia Houae?the largeet on Cape Wand?we proceed there to aecure the comfort denied ua elsewhere. Thank a to the klodneaa of these gentlemen, we are afforded every facility for writing?a very important feature to ua by the way?while a single meal brings out In striking cootraat the wretched fkro to which we have been aubjected. Aa the day advanced quite a large number of the New York excursionists were added to our company, the principal object being the enjoyment of a good dinner and a glorious bath in the surf, which the Bandy nature of ihe atmoapberc and the beat of the day made a decided luxFrom thia point, about two milea from the landing, the groat ship was barely visible, her outline* Hhowing dtmly and indistinctly on the edge of the horizon, and ber masts bearing semblance, in the distance, to a diminutive aectlon of a thinly planted hedge fence in winter. Opera f laaaea bring her In slotier contact to thoae who are lookog from the windows of the hotel, and the same curi osity exists, od a tmaJler scale, which marked her ad Tent In the bay of New York. TH* EXCCHAIONIHTH FROM CAI'K MAT. Little occurrcd during tbe day on et ;h<*r ship or shore pec tally worthy of notice. Tbe boa la J. L. Khrever, Jss. A. Warner, Delaware, Ball<xin, and a number of others wboee names do not occur to mind, came from I*bila. delphia, and otber points on tbe bay, with passengers, and landed them upon the ship. The entire number of visiters was between four and Ave thouaand. The idea had been extensively circulated among them, however, that tbe Great Eastern would not arrive at (fepe May, owing to an accident which, It was telegraphed on Mon day evening, bad occurred on board while lying in the I bay. This, several of the excursionists said, had Its effect in raising a doubt, which resulted in the comparatively small number of visiters present. About one hundred persons availed themselves of the opportunity to visit New York in the big ship, the Care from Cape May being placed at Ave dollars. Numerous tickets were sold among the crowd on tbe wharf by the Naw Yorkers, to whom I have referred as being thoroughly disgusted These went off at prices ranging from two to four dollars, and one individual was so Impregnated with the feeling that be gave his ticket away tor a tan cent piece with a hole In it, which he says be shall put a string through to preserve as a souvenir. Great difficulty was experienced In getting people on board tbe Great Eastern from the steamers, because of tbe long ground swell that prevailed. Tbe side stairways were crushed almost beyond redemption by tbe steamers alongside surging against them, and the leaping and dodging of those who went on board, to get on tbe gangway, was In stme instances perilous in tbe extreme. Tbe best of nature animated tbe crowd, however, and barring a little Impatience on the part of each one to get ahead of his neighbor, nothing threw a shadow over anybody's heart. A MAN OVKRBOAXD. On one of these occasions, just previous to tbe arrival of the James A. Warner, a man was seen to plunge from the wheclhouse In tbe water below. For a moment breath was suspended at tbe startling incident, but on rushing to the side the Individual was discovered striking out for tbe wheel, in a cool and rsckless manner, and order was restored. It Is not known whether the m in fell or jump eu; oui, irom ui? manner, 11 is Buppoecu iimi uouuuua leap merely for the purpose of lionizing himself. ! THK KKTITW. At half-past nix the peoplo on the Greet KAStorTi had the | Kutlsfacuon of hoaring the order given to get under weigh, and the operation of raising the anchor at once became an interesting relief to the monotony of the day. At eight o'clock we were well under way, bowline along at the rate of thirteen knots an hour. Salutes wero exchanged with the steamship State of (ieorgla, bound outward, and as both vessels were travelling for a short time in one direction- the opportunity was afforded of comparing the superior speed of the <ireat hastcrn, which ran away from her comi?titor with as mncb ease as a man would outwalk a child. Supper was a little Improved. The waiters have bad a talking to, and Mr. Cox has like vise received admonitions of a storm about his ears, which have added an additional wrinkle to his corrugated brow. An Instance occurred daring the day which tihow* tho root of tho trouble, and how little the manap.-m^nt of the ship hsvo been able to control the operations of this ''autocrat of the dinner table." Some of the directors def ired to dine at a certain hour with a knta.ll party of friends. Tlic meal was accordingly ordered in the usual way, Mr C. being the caterer; buf, notwithstanding, two hour* and .1 Imlf elapsed belbr<' thoy succeeded in eiiecting their object. Then it was only done through the perseverance of oue of tho directors, who, with Lis own digniiicd hands, wcut and helped him self. It will tie ?een, therefore, that tli"*e geitlonjen are not entirely to blame for all the detklencles experienced. and that when they cannot help thcnis<.!v<'S it is impossible for thetn to help others. AT WIGHT. The night was lovely. Dwlwurlk'ft UkI.J ad. tho Hirers In motion, and for two or three hour* the so tie by moonlight was as delightful as one could wish. Many people, including nevcrul ladle*, wero compelled to lay out on tho deck again, and n? tho air was cool, tho brve/o frefh, and plenty of cinders blew about, their position was anything hut mMiUk More qnlel prmiM, bow ever, than last night. The jokers are (Vi',-d out, snd aro sleeping as soundly a* their more serioiiK neighbors. IV'low, tarly In tho evening, the saloon4aseumed m>ro of the form of a family circle. Parties were gathered in knots telling stories or indulging In reminiscence* ,4 the trip, strolling apand down the rpaei?'..s rooms, exaniln ng the long row of a dozen or nit re photographic gr mjw of the oflicers of the ship presented to the company by '.urnor, or engaged in a quiet game of cards. Ity eleven o'clock, excepting a parly of singers astern 00 deck, all was ?jniet; and by twelve "(}od Save the Queen" and the "<4^,. Spangled Bonner" closed the performances if th>**c mid night minstrels. Most of the reporters were to uight accommodated with berths, and are in better humor than they have been. WwrnspAT Moasiso, August 1. We are cnttlng the waters of tho bay at the rate of twelve knots an hour. The chief engineer tells me that during the night the ship made fifteen. I learn, also, from one of the officer* that she cam* n< ?r running down a large schooner, and that It waa only t>y good luck, after the ?h;p had mopped and backed water, that a collision was prevented. A number of persons from Philadelphia who came on board at Cape Mny, were bro.ight away by ac ident and highly delighted Breakfhat * ** but a repetition of the meal* already 4c aerlbed. Mr. Mlulurn, Jr , a con of 000 of the ooniigoce*, told nr that he ha<1 paid dim* Cor a glam if viirr and two nhillinga for hi* matir<?, to thai do (aroritiam waa complained of by him al leant. The day in *01 air and beautiful, however, that th?e ia little dl*pr?ition on the part of any one to rrumble, and very 01 e look* bark upon the trip to Cape May a* ooe iu which they have enjoved a K Intro of fan a in on ft the chanceful viciaaitud*-* of the occnaton eufflcient to compensate thi m for all the mleery e*fwr!enced. Several *te?m?>r* have MM out to meet ill bound off MMntm, and, on a email ?*le, we liave a repe tltlon of the acme of Monday. Hnlutea are exclianged Willi the revenue cutter and ooe or two other craft, and at about ten o'clock anchor ia dropped off the foot of Chrletopher it reel, where the Gr?at Kaatern will reel until lb 1* aftero'oB al live o'clock, when ah< itarta on her trip |0 the South. Till! OPERATION OF THK KM) IKK*. He fo<lowing la a etatcment received from Mr. McCleo nan, chief engineer ? The engines. both fcrew and paddle, worked admirably No acotdrnt of any kind occurred to thorn. (?u the trip to Ca|?e May the puddle engine* made 9,873 revolotlona? the Indicator of the esrew not working. Thua the dit lance travelled wax about 16A and a half m.lea. The knota averaged about twelve per b ur, or of alatule m.lea between twelve and thirteen (Hi the return home the paddle engine* made ti.m# revolution*?tiiua traveling, a* will be eren, fob* twenty m. e? In** than in |o!ng out AX IKCORRKCT IMPRESSION. The Matement baa been generally made through the riiy that the pa*?Tg<r* on board the Hreat Kaatern were >uppl1*4 with tbeir Aire by Mr Ftcta>n. of the Mar llnune. A? aucb a iiuppoalt'.oo ia calculate 1 to injure the reputation and bu*ine*a of any per** with Whoa it ia connected, after tbe occurrence* recorded on the above ejeurmon. It la dealrable tliat the public ahould know that lb< gentleman above referred to bad notb ng what ptrr to do wllh the matter. TRIP Or THK ORRAT KAKTIWV TO TIIE < Itlf ArKAKK. [I rmn the Baltimore Hun. July 31 J The official announcement U made that the ?t*an>?hlp fJreat Faatern will leave New York at ?l* o'clock on Hwdajr afternoon next for r?l?l l"oint Comfort, where he will land pa- ng'T* on f"ri<l?y evonmg Wie will leave O'd I'otst on fun<lay morning, at Ore o'clock, anl irrtve In Annapolis Roa.'? the nam* aflernoon. Ik>-1 worth'* Rand In to be on board, and the Aire from New York will l>? ? to Old I'olnt ui'l Norfolk, and t* lo Ad ?!" Roada Yr*l<rday tlio Baltimore and '>h;> Rail road Comjwny received a deapateh IVom Henry Jar rett. f#q . dated Sar?i<>c* "prinr* dalallm* wtne of the f>ont< mplated feature* of the Tialt of the f.raal Unl*m The liberal offer of the Baltimore and < Hi in Railroad rompaffr of one thonaand ten* of ratal ha* h?en iccepted, and that amount will be taken la while the fbip ia on exhibition. It ta beliarad the fler ol U?e coal decided the deet 1 nation of the rtaamahlp In favor of the locality. The offic4?r* of the Baltimore u.d ritilo and the Annapoli* railroad*, were y?e tenia y id -ommunlcatloo with each other Id refard to an ettra lupply of train* and oar* to be placed upon Uw latter road for the accommodation of the great rtiah of paaaen {era expected. Tie vteamer Iancaater will run between Annapolla and Annapolla Roada the convryanoe of ?l?itera to and from the tireat Mm. The Board of Director* contemplate oxtendlng an Invitation to tha Preal lent of the I'd tied Mtatea, the Oablnet aad other officer* of the government, to tieit the iteamahip on *.me lav I if the exhibition Ohould thla be dona It la underatood that the Meaat* Wmana will t*n<W tha ua* of their **far ateamer for the conveyance of tha dtatinjruiahed party lo lh" Road a In that event the vlaitera wotild bare an opportunity of kxifcla( up"n,at the nam* time, two of the rroibut marine w<mdera that erar rode the wave*. The ireat iMWn will be opened to vtaiter* ot Kfudkjr, an 1 ;bbtuMic open lv? cvfeMcutiy* day a. , LD. PRICE TWO Cents;. TIE PRESDElTliL ELECTIOH. Politloal Correspondence from All Quarters. THE SHOTS IN THE FIRMAMEST. Future Brents Ceiting tbeir Sha* 1 ? m a,|||,i, QOWI JHCIOiVj kfct ft?* ALABAMA. TO TTtK EDITOR OP TIT* RKKALD. Marios, 41a., July 10, I860. Tiewt of a Xarthern Born etui an a labama Rati*I Bill oihM Everett Man, i?c. Being aware that the circulation of the Hnuxo la '1mense throughout the Northern States, 1 dealrs to advls* the Northern people, through your solumns, that UM elso> tlon of a black republican rresident will be th? signal fct immediate "seceaaion" with a mjyority of tha Southern States berore Lincoln takes his seat. When that la donff, the South ia "a united South." The writer of this wti born In New York, and though linked with the South, whatever her destiny may be, believes that be speaks from a standpoint free from aeot kraal '.nCaences. The Northern people hare this issue b?rore them. If they. In their mad fanaticism, desra dissolution of the Union, they can have It by voting for Lincoln and Hamlin. If they do not dosire this national calamity, they have a conservative ticket?Bell and F.verett?to vote for. Reading your paper convinces n*i that politics Is a trade In New York; bnt trade as yon may, 1 repeat that the Smlb is a unit when you elect black republican President. As you will perceive, I an a Northern born Southern raised Bell and Everett man. GEORGIA. OCR AUGUSTA CORUSrONDKNO. Acgcsta, Ga , July 14,1M0. Georgia Potitia?Political Gathering*?Tkt Strength qf Aniglasand Breckinridge?Ike Rural Population Oppoted to Yancey?The Btll BveretU and DoufUuita io Unite?A. H. Stephens for the " Little Want," Ai After a tedious ride from New York I an now comfortably accommodated in thia beautiful olty. A few n.gbta ago tberc waa a Bell and Everett^atiflcatioo meeting here, and 1 am Informed that only about 300 persons wore n attendance. It waa a sultry night, bat there was a fa.r degree of enthusiasm exhibited. The speakers were Col. Thomas W. Miller and Col. John lfillidge. On the following night the rational democrats, iha Douglas and Johnson men, bad a meeting, fully double tba size of the Bell and Everett gathering, and the proceedings were characterized by great confidence and euthusiaam. I am surprised at the number of Douglas men that I And In this legality. I waa told In Warb ingtun (In oincial circles) that there were very few Douglas men in Georgia, but 1 have found very few A anv other sort. Tin re ia no potsible chance for Mr. Jgo in carry the electoral vote of Georgia. It requires a majority iu this Ktat? to decide the electoral vote, and .u the event of a failure to obtain a majority before the pocplo, the electoral voto is east by (ho Legislature. Tb? I/>gi*lature will not be bothered with the question?Iho people will decide it, and in oppoe:iion to the disunion is Is. I have talked, during the jiast few days, with the farmers from the interior, from the loivlaud*, midlands and the mountains. au<) so far as these men show tho direction of the political wind, there is an overwhelming major ty of the people of Georgia crushingly opposed to th-l Yancey disunion nominatioLS of lirecKinrldgo and lane, The intelligent and saiiacl ?us marm?tho me.-har.:c?. wlio arc tlir bono and sinew?the farmers, who are tho great producers of wealth, and all clauses of socicty. repudiate affiliation with the disunion lata for such "ligtt aud transient can** as are now urged to break up air glorious I nu n, and they will concentrate tbeir power to give encouragement to the conn rvatlvo men !n the free States, In their conf-st against l.loooln and Hami.a. I>e|>eu<l upon it, tho dtg'Un<>n squad in Georgia a ll bo routed "horse, root and dragoon* " The TV'Il and Everett, as well ax the Doug'as and John* a State Conventions will meet ? MllledgevlUe on the I3tn ol August, for the purport of nominating their electoral ticket*, wiieu I shall ni t be surprised to learn that tbero will be an effort made, and successfully made, to ur t4 their power to prostrate the malign Influence of djacni n tn the south, and give cheering ho|>e to the cooaervat.'vtt men of the Nurth, the RmI and tbo W< t. I .' not be mistaken Id tlio tone of the people?they eTprtM ton much fertility, too mm b indiauatioo a<amat the dMuuioniMt(. While they are conservative en ?igli abont Ik-II iiud Douglas, they are unqualified n tin ir reprobation of the disunion Yaocey Kliett, Br<**mr.dfe and Lane Domination*. lbe Hon. A. H. Stephens will be in thi< city on Monday. His health has much mprovod, and be la an ml and o :i liouglas and Juhnaon ' an. He ha* never for one nx>iii?ci, since tbe nomination, entertained or expressed any oiler position. I make tbia statement uu the most rolajle authority. This market is will supplied with mcloos, pcarhts, neotarines and other fru.ts. at very mod-rate pro i??? !on* from 6c to 16c.; peaches and D'-ctar uea from II 60 to l? r bushel. Some few small U>ta swe.-t pot-itnea have beta* .nn.. ttl.^l. * ..M anl.1 at fWn.-it ....... ILLINOIS. JUxn Jm Am, July 22, 1M0 .1 D> ?gUittit Fi<*>'/ !k' Campaign in /iJiwuii?JV "Ltltie Giant'' to Carry l/ii 'i?n Stair, <f . Frcm under tbe ahadow >f olj fori Amu r m. ud c?r Mack Hawk's celebrated cave, 1 drop you a lice a regard to the politic* of tbe grout Went TV notn.ration of four or Ore candidate* for President ban the to allay excitement, but really ther?- arr only two cand.duWiS hce? Douglas and Lincoln. (* .. ?tonally t meet a man who would prefer tbe election Of &1 or Breck .Bridge, but the number la ao am a. I aa to be lardiy worthy of uotiae. Tbe gr< at content I* between Douglas and I.loco la, and if I can Judge anything by a comp.trtarn of public fcef.og a this region now, with that of 1 SMS, ftooglaa will carry ihia tfcal* by a muc.i larger mil-*l:y than Mr Bucltaoao did. The rote of 1*M *a> aa fallow* ? Ruchaoan 1G6.344 Krenxml N.1M Fillmore J1.4I1 This. you will ptrcctrr, gava the mate to Mr Rucbaaan by a plurality of 0.1M. and gsre a majority against black r> | ublictnlsm ??f 2*7. It la n< t to be presumed thai tbe aaa abo voted tor HlIM 1 illmore will now vote to plana a man In the Presidential chair who declares flat "thla I'Blon can uevor exist prmaueotly half (lave acd half freer ?" j n mere 11 no iwu ami r vrr n t i"Ci >r?. ik ?ci n Ibis state, and I pretume there will be none It m per! \ U> fTTy lie') man that his aajid.Jate lm no chance for au (taction, uol-as the queatioa foes to tb?t Hm re of Representatives. la order to get It there b? must rote for ftrraglaa. The rame arfiTont i? tree of the Breckinridfe mee, although thi-y have a ticket In the Arid. I do not think, however, tbat It will poll a thousand vote* in tbo State The rtrcumatanrn of it* nomination are scch aa to cauao every honest democrat to drop it. Hie Brn kmrldgi itate Convention met at Sprtngfteld on the 11th, and waa composed <>f only fifty three persons It waa a man* convention. (if these flfty Uire?, ail were fe<Jeral offltMt boldera but alx or r-ifht A majority of the Qlty three vot*I to run no ttrket; b'lt the r<?tmaster at Chicago declared he would have a tieket If he had to nominate it himself. Rut the most snap part ot the |?rf"rwence is that Senator Trumbull, N. H Judd. and oUier prooi : rnl r?v puhllcana, to the number of Dome two hundred, were ( resent <? the ilaer of the Convention, lo five an appeararce of numbers and krep up the spirits or thn*f who follow the fortunes of the * ? ?siotii?ts waa tlso a the bqildinc, in an adjoining r< m. a.,t no douHt ? entertained that th? tlrkel la put tn the lltld by the connivance of I.ln< oln s friends, in order to help him earry tb? t-'tate if possible. This la cntlli lent to ra ise ewry bonnet ilrinorrat to drop tha ticket, aid they will do so. LOfJHUJfA. om K1W OIU.KA** COHBMrONDFWC*. Nkw Oki >jks?, July 12.IWV 1\' H- flti/f rm Frv-mHy Ttrmj?Prrtpfiii <f a r?in /Utwern Th'm?Tkt "Or'tcml dig'' f'ttmarttr 0?m? Off tn fitL-fraf' #e. \ atl' ination not bring my ft>rte, I wlU hot attempt to l?ll you what th<- future holds in store for the use it. 1 irqnialtloa of abject mortality, but the preaeut stalia r<,?e.?.inf certain interest, aa far aa my obeervat.'n lervre me. 1 plane at your <ll?i?isition. PolltlcaUr. a >*tt*r frolinf p*h>w am' n* th? Hrll and Doufia* mail ban I hare mr obaerrerl twtweeo rlral or oppnainf canlldatra for any blfh office, but the frlcadi of both ?xh;b t n Implacable Inutility lo Rreo,kinrldgo, aa Uw> repraoec atira of the Are rating, 4 in union aeDtlmeot of the South nd MaaaachuartU Thm disunion feeling la regarded M far mo?v dangeroua 1 the p^rtnanrnr* of otir inatlt itloo* than abolition tarn t the dwpeat dye. *ou can reljr 07-10 U>e rawlt of lb la entlment belp* the onlo? lr mm ahapa ?* for*, of he of Hall and Kiaa, ao a* to prefect h? electoral rota ej mora than om Rootbarn 'Ute being ,<?*t fnr Brock Inrldffa and I AM tb# rderal *<1mU>'>tralloD ttckat Kaa not ibe (boat >f a chance rtf admlaaloo into the Ho?m of eiecutlooer'a hand wiM brtag aboat a rmrtkm. *bKn, (vnnblnrd ?ith the rrjr of t*ra??tK>o. will awaap \* land u a b<?n?uf dratruMloo, ann&i&fciw ararjf 1 aauft of gUdoU * U> Tbare m ,U ba 1 Dou?)M rtUftQ*

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