Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1860 Page 6
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??W?r C?m be ??m at MO Hru?dway A k BRIOAK IXPRB8H STOCK TOR B ALB-1 N> A ?rtKb?OtullM?LII?.tMM)l>W!?|* OURflH, M Wall fltr?ei. N. 6.?All iLipftei Biotfki p^otUied. Adikinoandothtbp'1au>?ii r>a hale umtAt* lo? ? aa Ukri ow*r *** l*? ?* l*"?n *?<1 o?um> Mb Ml Lbcm bulb Oil) '**1 " ' ',,r J*, 'i * *1**^ ' "P ?? to ? *? ?* ooroer a# T??b?j UUnl auva: S"? ?"* "?* AIIBAIUB POR tK>*K ONB.~ruK HAJ.?, TUK LKABR, u?k aid fllturMof a nmUaod wwllllued ap drinking In 1101 uf Jw tM"?t ?UOld* Ul th* WUl |H9 Itulti ?Tr-Q ZTlUrrVV* *oa *el fuU "l y Hi _ JAMm ROW. T LAt*?K DHUMO BALOOH?OAl'ABU OK BKATIVG *. <?,< tauudred p*r?oo?, W da intily Au? up, hi compieta ror^ 4>d luoaled kn iba b??i part ol' Brvxuirair, wiU txi auid ?kfs?M ft caBb C""Apply to KOB1N8UN. 30 WhHt+r**'- ' W" H^*r.A wy^TBABM ucABR, mH PIXTURKS r Furniture of ? Htm, niut Hmu-uiu* luuae. auu?t?d la *???? <*^aie ^ l's'-* ????turo? wiiAmt hJT!^. , *?u?6 r&rtnflr. mk iiMjfiMDi twiwr Kn? ^gMuuntw U) stUiod to. K?tui it paii lunlv wiif to ihts Imi **W?b?r. Apply to JOHN U ^ JPOR U1JS-THR FIXTURES \ND 0?00 WIT T Or AW a^lAMhue c 0,1 Ma,ou?b?' by Applying at F?A "^a(t"Vf-*^AN,,S T?RAP AND BHK>*U?> w?~.'Cli L''.**.. ^ J.? ""'Qa*. JrfMmaknr or any " "ill w!^ lh? n??dle. to paruculAn inquire <w r Kronueee, W, Jlurteio BWev. I IjpOK BaLK- WU YOUNG M'X'KIIU HI itOh, AT *U}i V Greenwich stre*?, between L*i?ht?ml Veetrjr | FHaNK HofcDICRH. : pOB 0A1JC? THE I.Kv-R, STOCK AMD FIXTUBK8 OF A I JT ??mfr [janor Su?r?', located tr a denaely populated MpklMrbood. itnamp for a>'Utag, the proprietor townde ?n- I luiiji Into nih?r bmilixna. Apply oa Jn? pr?'rnlae?, ??3 v.ant? Wfaet, comer of Pitt. No agcnta naed apply. IPOR BAI.E-A BOAP FACTOBY-WITII ALL St f Fiituna, Iloraea, Carta, W.igon. Will beaold UlX.,. Hf,y, ' Ok* a large out trad* Inq Jni at Jlft bx ? ^Cft. ? IjHjR BAI.E-A HOTEL ' ?-mC?.b12 ?!??<#*SE? ST Apply to KU?8 A-BR&W^. 81 *? M Htmi, "dS!" ' ______________ fjH)p7AL*-A ooubter and fixturks, suitable JT rnr a utaUoiirr, r.c&rlv new; th- Counter baa black walnut 1 M. with kruwar*. An.; la atKKt SO feel long. Inquire ot ALBkHT WEBhR, 1&5 We?t Broadway. F?r KALK?A uppacTAVui MAnoKAcnKINO kiMtofH. eaUbliahed life yean, an eclerpilalntf rn.ui can Make MIKHI to fi.'-HW a year I'nce $6,'Ml. Addraaa Bnamean, erald ufljce. No agents need apply. WOB HA IK?A NICKLY FITTBD OP RE8TACRANT, F har and loe Cream Saloon, no ? doing a good oaab inula and aituatad In one ol the tlne? locution* In the city, and uo- . kg all the eating of the large hotel above it; containing a?*enly Bre rooma; the tine loca'ion ol the ho'iac keeping th"in i!nn fuil. To be told tor naah ?nly. Apply to HlUUft .k I St^U Til WICK, a Nassau aueet, where full particulars can be rlt BaLK-A CASH PAYING MANUFACTURING ' Hasluena. situated in a pleasant Tillage on the New York and trie Railroad, within a few boon' ride of the city, having a good custom with bistV-aaa bouaes in tnn city; la ottered lor aaie on account of the owLer having othwr b'urtnem needing hia perwonal attention;'*apital required for preaeut (tuck, il*tar*-*, Ac-, not OTer nundreJ .Mars, thu I* a rare rh-uice lur a mud imall ine.ins to make a comforiaOlaand reapecuMe living For Information or an Interview, ad'lreas box lul Herald >*lce. rR hale? a bbhar stoke and news depot: must be ?old bis day. iL^ulra >arly al *<MS < *u;.l leet. Alan 1 or aichange,21< acrea at :me Land In feunsylranis. Insult e aa abov e. |IH)B SALE AT A BARGAIN?A BOARDING HOUSK. f with a Barroom attached In a good location. R 'taon for alHng, the owner wlsh< ? to retire Irom butlneaa in the <Jty. Far particular* iirply on the pivmbiea, 10 Oreeive ?ir?'<'t, ?ftor M a'clock a. M. T^OB PALE OR BXJHAXO-A ORBAT BAROAIN-A .F Candle Fact->ry (Ktainthorii * iuitent monMlng macb'naa>, lbturea, Ae , nearly new. and vary muiulet*. fno I'mduoo aetla for caatu I>ir?U box S,761 I'oat oSoe, New Tork. 1TOTRI. FOR K/ I.E.?FIRST CLAhS UOTKL K KI'T ON Ums Kuropttr plan, doing a flood hosinm. A lory reaaon giver for wlUiitf. For U-nua ?ud full ptrUculara, ap jlj to or iddrtwl). IRA BaKKR, Alturaey at Law, Nj. ? Broadway. HOTKL FOR 8ALJi-llANI*i')llKL,Y FITTKD Ur AND furnished larre acc. iinmmi atlom, well an.l I ad, Icur at low rent, doing good buAiueaa, auJ wiii bo MM at a gp'al bargain. itiUOS A HOUTHVTIOK, 82 Naaaau street. ?ROTO0RAPTI AND AMBROT1PR GAIXIRT FOR Mle cheap ?Thia laom o: tbe llnest fitted <ip Kalianea tn city, oranplcta with everything to carry on a large and axteoaive buMuraa. Rent low. Tenua eaajr. Oood lease. la?aire at 1H6 Bowery. QUARTZ ROCK AND GRAIN MILL. AND PORTION of il.e latest for sale, lh>' onlv mill of value t > miner*, re ..nog to impalpable puv der, with >-hiUln, grinding aortace* anally replaced. BiOtlK A Mou 111 WICK, 81 Nacuxi street ? ) ri I ?TF1IH AMOUNT WII.I. PCRCHAH* AN ICSyvOU. b>liu*hment which haa Ueu In operation since Ml From twei ty to forty dollars per week ran be made. Cain* of selling. poor health. Inquire of J. 8. UAUttCH., W Nantu street, ior ibrea day t. L- POLITICAL. ( K.nrKAl. ('AMI' \K1N C1.VB.-THK RKMC lar lu. etlni; oi ihia I'lub will ba held on Thursday even Ing, A'ikum J, at - look M Ib' lr K. ii.- u, ( Ihoiu'a B'lilding, anrner of Broadway and Thirteenth street. l'anv iUiU ant-adance Is requested. Ity order, kP. c?mi, . JOIIN R. BRI'iCS, Chairman. C. Dow.imc. S ,ec LONT AWD FOrsni NIiKMAN IIOKaR . AMI. INTO MY K1AHI.KYKS terday direct fr>?n Canada Went. an 1 ah>wing wl h g: eat preaiueuce ike wondcriul nt strength peculiar tu this ?rce>1 of draft horrea. II* is Id bum's. dare bsy all over, coal ? biaikktts, mane sad tail, i;rcat and d-*v"ti of !tm'> and loot, ai'itba l.HMpo ma*, aii.reeieri e r^a Si* a-itle, nnd ?T equal wI'Mh <f bteast, abort Iwv W anl cotnpaet, sndloai: a Ml aqwalp-d for streng'h aud hea'inr In th? cay Pnc? tv> J. O t A Vl.OK, Agent, Uo Ka?; Twenty -ourth at. IjHHUfD?ON THK 4/TI1 I ITIMO. I* A FOURTH A\ KJ t '.a Ita^e, a dark wlxrdthla OtcjtimI. whuh the nmr nan have by proving prope^Md putlog for thla alrerUaeMai. Apt ly to B. K. CTart \4 treet. rTNiv-oy rKKvisrs M> ^ *\?T rwwTr ninth Lr-?t. a billy ooal, al?mt 'ok year . m lhe ow ier ean h hy c?iurg at tie ahoie nunioar lor tiiree d iv<. pruu.ii properly at. 1 paying Olfflf (xltijt Lkkt iv an rast broadway htaik-iivk Rlorka ?H Kb graving* of IVigs. Ihe finder by l-urtng ihe? ? at lh? eatal i.shtii'dl t>i i. a i>- i.n? i2 1 iu.o .!?. ' ? roaai *, B WUng. * i. be tatij r> ? tried t o^t-in norffll.k, vtroinia. jtilt u 1?j, two Xj T?-anea?ee l?tate Honda, for fl < ? each. ? 'k cmjioak. I >o. 2jii an i lo. 8 **. Ike pumtc are rant one 1 agalnjt a*- i gotlau:.. the aaar, aa > _ t?cm b<i been T : prd t'ri ANK, II a M I l.l't >> A RIPf.KT. 37 t'haabei-e rr- i N. Y. Y OKT?AT THK rlKR ' >N THR IITH INBT., AT NO. IM *' Ju i'hari<-a a:r?-et, a am ?U rmew1"! Ho*. oo'*a<nmff f'wir or | re ant la'urc l>agnerr*<rt>pea. If Ihe pcr?.n who ha.a the | boa will return Ok- mov- lo be aut rttv-i. be artil b* U(>*i-ally rewarded. A ITNMNOUAM, CJroer ot Weal aaJ Amoi Vwta. New York. | <jm_ , j,, r.t r. ?- '/ " " ? ? ?* i/JEJ"^. N TH*; VT,L or Jtxv. A hank ho>k raou fcfc , l,mler ui:; * *?*? * >orxa *7* wum ph?kki? rp #? Tv fc'.ri"""'*' "*"* 1- l?UNN ?..) : to rrl 11 ' i. Mi* **Te ir i .i.-, M be ' 1 "*!-? * " ^"AV K i N IX.;, A hi H'K A N l? TAN inir 1 h? ih." r" " " ' ' ?' "> '? '' v? T*11' rw,,r? h"rl" Pf-?r : *>' br' ' ^ WARM ij t|(l pk?-akii-i.?.-i. ..V |vr m-1 HI ro ' ' ' \ tfjOA * *]*' ? <"T ? t.*r>T - i"V jfrZU I v.rfcfW. w.*rW.?mh . . ... n< "J ' ' ' *t. ? T??. ' ' .. " ' ? - 1 > > ? t i /k I A M'?m, '.1 * .1. M < ?: ( ^k)- F>'W?Rr? ' AT 1 ' H' C-*' r?.? V ...? , ? k . r W .1 i k > . 1 1:tr ?> - ? ' ' ? ' i" ' #?.< I . rut r 1, tv U?- Ml- - ' lb* IMH l l.?4r. t n <Uct V. ? A I ] Clim -t a : vr r "rKvr* ?n ?l"u ?.. . ? I > i>- I n earn. ? ' M r 1 r Id - ' )> t < I ft*. <1 : r r? .ri. nil M . , )t. < >? ?i , $V00 ' ** **" " 1 ? I V VT >4Y V ' ? . . . s .. .1 I , f d? P H<*! <* .f , , r , ? , V. t . aw m ./ , ^ m>Pv J ? k*.. 2Si, . . HltTRM. ?AH<W'FT I1" ll'KM.,1 uf I'! Uim?V "?.? Twrnitwih *wt-l a* wivtVnJtfT.wd with W> riprfWi lb~if tu lor ikv ? k cn ku twoa abuwn Ui'jr h juiwi I V m ntl " TV- T'-nr.-I r? ' '.few >a*? I'll *??>. ?H!t r.-t?*>nv-' r- r . - ... I ii?- h . ui- > i ? or* ail 0>r?? f?*"T-l?|t Uwwu. U... m ar ***'?*;'> c *1 femUr* ??r>-ur.U nd t> ???Ani r ma ran waul ur* i.> in- '-'-m 1 it f.rtm. Urv m\u >. c 'in !. r U,-.r - . - ..a ') -a Ma fi* I*' fnln-w f k ? ' > i it|f?i .n r - M"-?r U 'X vi r??,-iink loratfcia. wl?u? lo pr* ? ?rt anroouw-lai >o? u Auaa fu iu h> M J M I* A W I RDW? I. . Tropftr*/ * ?T?. B I.iboft. - i - t-rt* ' - .11 , *J*OrBTH AV*\TT liCTfl ?T WD >>t rOI'RT' i * ?T, n.iP, ]? . f,T I and f??nu f virrb fHlt > ? i' 'H'nt.'- * - i n <?! (.-tf lV>h hn i Urn a wee, Ih'.hwlilKtil H erd Nirtujf^rt tk? <-ltf 1?UI , MM4 *?-.t fcu4 <li<U4 <? "U>? .if* ??- 1-rm tif , ; T<rTFL*T aicnj^MX. 1 LnMiiriCTKn OX TIIK UtTR'^ KVW n.A!* Mliv "m<f IK la H,.- I fa rg h ), ' a ?T?r! !?'- T *"? ' " " " ' ~?T> n i"v, lh? .? ' "'i-?i;f I irm.M At '< , Oft* ?f *Tlt.rtl?,l w'l- a't 'h? -n/v:"-' wn?fO!*US t!-. ? R f |1 ?!? >?W V r< , *:? j ' I !.? II'TI-'II ' l-a iw? ! ' -I J h H -> ir, ;V i " >h >>r i. !i i. ; < , 1 .. " 4 | tf*** " s. E HB \l? i ^e^^loue^^he heart u# Lh - city, rent only MOa E1WHHXBKK M ' O 3to fourUi .war UpCBKlfHTtD HOCHB TO LBT?OR BHiM)KLTl f Uei?bte A thrw ?VM"7. high stoop. bmn etna-i frw Huso oil Kemaen street lo let, 7 >inil?h?*i throughout v*nh a tin- modern lapn>v?auiui& Ptsnmsloo tmmodlately. Appl a 32 Front street, N. Y. FUBNIRHBD HOURB TO l,BT- IN TWKNTV-tfKOONl I street, near Fourth a?eoue U? a prlnu family ooly; I ruui?, to perfect order. A,,plv u> r. 0. hkad, m bai Tweulysecoud street, from 13 to I P. M. Houhb to urr and fubnitdkk ro. haijb. -ni Hmiw la rtrst rlui, witu aL the modem umiroveinenle, I fil e urfttr. Ill" House all' be let. ami Mrr uruiture hold i tui IT ivai.t tooetthree mouth* at o, uisuit pari lea Thefuru tnre iiitiM?U of Ural ciaas r r"<v?h*1 Ku uihh u iuj flint PuuM Forte, pKlntliiK* ao t^ll for three daya, at Nix l*i Wtut Ft u "dth mi "i, mmn w?tii mill reveal* hv"i11i**h HOIKS TO I.BT?INMKlllATKLT, A HKJll rtT(H) :<ml>y Miuiakio, lurulahed. uufurniahed or part a ild, hi I* tpaetoua ami airy moots, with sub oeliar as J (ardtn Kn ?y<l, 16 Hill, ilea' rule from City 11*11. Apply at 15 A bin* do KIMIti STORB TO LJLT-29 bPRl'CB STIIBKT; AlJJO WOKS shops In the rear. Apply lo the uOice oi the type fuundr at P. 0. <A)ltTKt,VOB. T> tJfr-A HOIHK 111 JBlUiKY CITY, KKM T bOW T\J rood tenant, wllhlu three minutes' walk of the ferry, m 167 Waalilngtiu sire11, between Wayne ami Mteulwu street No objection to let lor a genteel buardtna house. Inquire ne. door, r>LKT-PABT OR TUB KMT IKK OF A FOUR 8TOR hl?h stoup brown *fc>ne Hoese, t arnished or anluraisho. the m<et deelrtble location np town, tntrt of the rent woul be taken ly a aeuUermui .uid hie wtfe lo board If agreeable: t Furniture will he (old If desired. AJdma M. i l) , Kadlec equate Puet odice. rLKT?BO. 14 BABT WABIIINOTON PLAi'R, l*'OM tVrldzx ZzSsz T,y i.HT-A FINK I.AROK BASEMENT. ?XH9 AT Murray ?treet, with * large open, front, ixutaole fur restaurant or billiard mloon. wUl be let cheap if applied f< aoon. lB.|>ilre at 41 Murray atreel. TO LKT-THK PARLOR FLOOR (THREE ROOMS) O a modern boiwe, furnished or nnfurtuchnl, at 3B3 We Thirty-fifth street, near Eighth avenue, Kent low to a got mant Inquire as above. TO MT-IIOIHK 197 EAtT TWENTY FIRST STHUK"! Dear Heeond avenup, Immediate ixnaemiou, jjan, ball range, .to.; nut Mfr>. Apply l?K. 11. BKUWN, ill Naa?a treet, from 1 to S P. U. rLET-THK SECOND FLOOR OF 110USE NO. i sixth kin et, co?alnllug of two larnc Kooma and one ver !ar^'? B?v pv>m. l'(*?^nlon.lmm<MUt?lT. Terms inoderati For turthsr particulars h?|uire on the premise*. mo LET?Til K LARUE DWELLING COTTAUB, WIT JL surrounding Grounds, corner of Nlnih avenue an Twenty -hint aueet. has all the improvement*, and in perfe. order. Apply to SAMUEL COHEN, 60 Broadway, corner ( Eichange place. m<? LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PAI X lor on Brut Uoor, alao aiuale Kouuih, to gentlemen ool; wIUkhU )K?rd; <aa and bnih. No. 01 Kour.h avenue near Nlni tuiet, oue block from Broadway. TO LET-AT W KIT HOHOKEN. TWO SMALT* NBA III uae*. ench having auluble accommodations lor a r fipectnble laiuily. Heat $13 per month. W1LUAM UNCLAI RE. TO LKT-AH RLEQANT COTTAGE UOl'SE, CONTAIJ intr eleven rnoma, annate. 1 in Hudson City, N. .1., abni one mile wrai of Iloboken, an 1 exuetly opposite Sinth'-t Wau C ure; attueled Is a large yard, a good well of water, wit ciatern and pump In the kitchen; rent to lat May next $Z'n also the 'urulture tu aald houite tor aale cheap, nevrlv all i which wti bought tuicc months auice. Inquire ou lLo pr ml sea TO LIT?AT A Low RENT, FOR THE BALANCE O the ) cty. tlx' llrat tljor of More Jt>3 Pearl afreet, ueit i the c 'I ticr ot Maiden lane. Apply oo the premises. T<l LKT?AT THE CENTRAL Bl'ILDINUS, *17 AND 1-J, Broadway, corner of Twelfth at, a very rlulble -ukum siory corner rooni, wiili < l^'lit (root windows. Also, a sum froat room, Willi ?ipwu'iu sir ranee. JOHN 8. KELSO, (2 William ttrcet. TO I.KT?FIRriT FLOOR AM) ltAHKMENT OK HOUrt hi Thirteenth etn et, vu, of KIMb avenue, to a until lv. Kent f&Ai per aunura. Apply at UU Fourth street, act Sixth aveunr, lu the grocery. TO UfT-rHK 8TOHB NO. 421 CANAL STRKKT, Bl tween Kuilivan au,l V nick. Immediate poasesstoa. In qutre on '-he premises at pre-*[it occupied us a cioihiuK (tor*. mo I.ET?TO A HMaI.L. RKM'KCTABI.K FAMILY, *M 1 ?tuw4 Hour kud Unaemeot of the bouse <7 Manua stree Mew York. TO I.ET?CORNER OF WEST BROADWAY AN Fmnklln. lift Franklin itreet. also, that ?m?ll Home i W est liruadway, hod upper put ol 1 lu Weil Uro.tdway: ui mediate poasesalou. Apply hi 102 Wl Ham street, room No. TO l.RT-IIALK OF fflftXIND FLOOR. HL'ITABI.K Fo mi oSce or *10101 family. Apply ou Hie premiaaa, N 3','J Bowery. r~ let or lwape-a Nrw five stiry bci^imni now fluisbing. In Wnonater treat, between Biewkrr ai Houston, for a manufactory and showroom*. A good but neas looatkn. Ia?|Utre at 178 Wouater street. rpo Lkt^oiTlkasb-thk bakjuiejit xok. mi and& A Broadway. suitaWe for a first class Restaurant; diroei aions fOxlotf feel, lifAcr with kitchen snd rear entrance wi on Prince st reet, N''. 8S, the above rnom cao hartivtded, at wUi i>e k i separately ur u*ethar. lnptire of J. t'AJU*iS?U Jr., l'suU?c turnk. ttiat biwtTkH noi'*E. cor.vk Fifth avenue and Twenty nfth street >->teodins to ttroai wsy, or>n<sUtc MadUn square, built <r*oreaalr 'or a first rlsi U>larding ku .sa. Apply at or aUdraaa Worth liouaa, ItM Ftfl avenue, New Tort. r^LAWVKHK AMI irTHKHH -To I.ItT A NKAUIOC aorner K<??n. euruar i*a?rl and I'.mLre ?: reels, oppuail Second Watriet Court. Iniuira in lie Uru* store, 7tti wariC-to met, thk firVt and stror s lories and H sac menu, or tha fecund Htory and one Ba*. mei.i, of tbe trick bouse No 47 stirct. Omtv writer aa>l via. House hi exeei>ui enadlliou. Rntil low to good t*n?at. Apply on tbe premises. >1 MNKH MKHOH I s. ATLANTIC UOLSK, (>PfKMlt? Turn Park, JCPIWPuRT, MilultK Ml.A VP. PI h!? elffnrt nrt caparkoc* llulrl, ruitjii la ftrgt nrd< nn. rr . ' ' I ?i.-? "I I- <hf?l r nmcfll. ia now opro r'" aauaou. li i? i) ? 'nMinion ? Ik*i?w pmnrtxor m aaovtmi It tha tear i?M?r?bie C'lnpari-oa ?iU> any b<>MV m Uia com try. * 11,1.1AM *K\fTuN, IVvrMor. B*al* irom -rear* mtttru. *rrrwoi?. rrm IBM now Md ou??i'>f?D? llnuil, Uxirvni^u fnni^hi d Wltfc rrrry hin'TMIoti for tbr mmjort of |1? r'wsu ?i I be oprarM oalb< 101k Tbi ira . ra u| Una ayria# pi? irM tt>? fl^b'-t in^.n -i! flrfra of any In the c > irtry Al tacfcad iir? b<llar<1 "Alport N>wun* alirra arrry ataiitaa, tmi ting lake. A( T:i<* vicinity I'lorn* ample oitra. t: .n in tb aa*;W anl apurtaman. t*arrla#na wll W I mud In raa.llMia ai A'i4ii't? wl Ujjuiuex, four mil'-a dtau.i.i for i:,etiaii) of ^antl. WM L WllITI. AkciU. ('iiiuu, .Main#, June , GIJCKKIPA I.AK R. -POWt.KR'B QI.KXRIUA LAU * armpl. K. T-, f'Oy-oae mikr* lim Haw V?r* by Hat iaaa I'.AI--. %.! lour auln Irum Lake *al??>ao, ue? bona* n?w fun ttar? n-fflM airy act nmrvqlmt. bo?M free I fueeta. U>erj iiabM all a* !>*.). lake at? ti?ia orilh ah. 1UWIW ruWl.KK, I'r >pnetcr La torr?rrT* hottk*, bkrokw pout, if j -boat f >r thia fa-arlle wajt-nn* plane lema plnr No. } Nn? rlrarat 1H and 11^ A M and I1, an l 5', J". M., fmni rt .rcia Mrr? i at io A. M add ?)? P. ?. 11/ imaoallM* ajipll?ttna few fAally may l>a r<>?e<x{ Ample annoinmuditttoi fur tra^ateal bo*rv>ra. WM.KV W. HIl.l., (formerly of l*?farjr HxtaO Proprlmr. JA?K V'HKUAI* HoOUl IB NOW QPW rOB MTI t mrr HoardInr alt ik-11 -irml ra nmIH l'?* kaklil ?i: a#. aubeatair euoaur, om konr ami a ball rtia (rrm tbe my b Hii'lao-i Klier h vllrr??l Moaatato air. r?id 1rlr?* *n.l iMok it g. Duik' a m "n? if mnal <le- at>K' 1 .cutinua to i* f<ru? ?! "?? rt - IC'-lu* iu!Lr-... A. A. II faJuier frrkaku t'uat i-Uioe. 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M.. in ctmre) rvitni>?'j to tbr Urrnt Ibwa-r-i. n IIMTI IIK. *t'(Tiojt um>K AT Tim-Aix ncimnjr A *1 it rrm< i inj wtll Ind It in ihrtr a 1 rant**- m mil at tb Jjctropoilnar Kiprra*. 140 V?rtr* i r U ml 87 R ia? ft. < ? rmvoumr. trnrnni (or rrmoring Itimlturr in Um oouatrt o cll?; raiwkt ill kind* oi f\mwi n?in?(m ami ruMiofor** runori-j mtk ^rr Mid Mo ir n?k. f'lrnltur pa< kH *hli>p*l In kU pvtl of thr world. ?'*?*? for fiu u.turr T. UOt'LIniitlTII. Proprietor A BKl?R4K>* BriT or tfAVKLI.KP ffRftrTtR rrf wmrruiT I mtr if?<lar*. Al?"*nb.1 CkABb^r fvitA. plain u I ormaaeaul. ?t K A RKIN'i TON' nrrmtui W rtiinl ??( opro?li? VvW^r ICrUJ 1W>? Kka MWitisn f nA?HKMcmi or rrRwrrrKi. r ^ii ^ Mid vtflra. kt wknlMala or itUII. at kBd npwartla; akrv Mat'raaam wd Mllwek. WARRRft W V Rl?. tr, ? ?rn! rr??. rimr l. or. nur of Rnadirar. FnvmTTT^nro'rrroHRKtnr MOJTKT-A FAI r Tklno tftrrn L"* /**''' for fti. mt n*. rt Ac . at let Ih'.V kftirawt Kintk .ol 7>nl tverta. fj?rRWm*RK WA5TRP -,-SfSI?fS?""Pv*?1;*' r Nk? to pnr.-kaw. *a< fr?. ^Ww -rtk n* pUI Il''"iarv.<b1 fnii '..|i Vrt famllj f ir<tn.f? I** oif at a fair prVa maj h#*r >f u *Vt: t?r kd l>rtnpln? a Hue W l.jmau ll?raiU uukc haa bath. gae. U Apply uvw * V BUIT OF RIKJMH TO uRl* DOOULH AN1> 1* A. single B?<ir *>?? , It * rt?l cUn b?mim; jr ?>d uol ; -iny irrtl .li, reference required Appiy ?t f 0 1 Dapau iid/A, Thorn peon atreet, tecoua houM /run Sloecker. U A FURNW1IKD mTTINO ROOM AND BKDROOV1 AT1 A tacbed. ut let l? a tingle gentleman, h-mae prlrate, hindit l<Jl and ouufortahle. An., at No 7 li aiaarcy V>ark, la I'wentieib ttrrei, aecjod door from Fourth areuue. Hefereuo-i exchanged. q i UANDHOMKI.Y FURNIHHKD FRONT ROOM TO UCT? kl A. without Hoard, In a tlmt cUm bo t?e, occupied by a ,m j. ??te faulty, uitahle t'or one or two gentle neu. Tnriu Amie , rate. Apply at LAO Waverley place, near bUU> avenue. " A VOUM) AMIRIt'A.N WIDOW CAN ACCOMMO I) V I K XV a geDiiemitn and 1/ >* with a p ru?nt Room, and Hovd P I < r lady: or tint- young la*ly. Uouae ocat. quiet and coa?e ? niMt < all at 1A < nmmerre atreet, near Bleecfcer. Boat In. u advance atul reftreucta ?iehan#ed. " A HK.NTLKMAN AND WIFR OR 8IN1LE QKN I'LBA m^n ran or accommodated with Rooms and Bo.u-d at [. 4li KourtA street. ' A YOtNO MAN WlWllltff TO~FlND-A_HOMB FOR UH I\ molher In a reapeetahle American family, within ibo ~ vicinity ut the oily The iinfiiToralite irouinalAncee in vrhk-U A he la pm< <-d injure tlm thus to unni.ii' i >r her. Auy oue <vh> 9 04iii aooui module will pleaae adtlreaa A. L, Herald uilke, and term* ?ill be agreed upon. AFiyESUITOF KKONT ROOM*. WITU HOARD, AT 1)11 Win Twenty eighth street.? liie tastily iaatiL.ll, and 1 ai y couple who dcure a home, with eveiv aouUort and or vl ' ?ge, cum be pulted. Hhum and location dm claaA. Boarder* 1,1 can leel at hose. >r ... i. ,n A KM.vlJ. PIllVATtt FAMILY, OWNlNiJ A HOL'HK A pleaaaotlj nUitnted up tn?n. containing all the modern ' ImpruvtiuNi:*, and having won n?>U1 Uuu they require, would D accommodate two or thiee gentlemen with pleaaautly finulah - HI IKUPX alio |'KI U1U ?W? I Ml M U1UU IVIUMMUV iUTI] a elchth rtree and I.?-Tii)*Vn avenue jg 4 private Family would un, with bull or K ft partial bonrd, ihree or four pleaaaui nnu Uoium fur jr nialieit, Willi ?raa ami bath RofMWKa ?'kcluui>c:d. Apply at 93 Kast Fifteenth St., ucar Third tvenue. p A N KNULIBH FAMILY WIHH TO LKT ONB OR TWO n A Kou.n*. funnelled, with (i?jd Board, U) gentleman or ?eu4 tlrm^D ami Umlr wivea. Reference* required. Apply at ttt Orchard at reel, ooe door from tlmud. r A ,,'KW YOU NO MEN, A MAN ANI> WIFB OR SMALL ,) A Ikiully, ran lind good U.ytrd, *Kh all tii>> eomfona of a u home, hueae furoUheu new throughout. CaU al iMi Wayne tree:, Jeraey City. 13 A T 36 BART TWKNTIKTH PT1KKT, A FRW POORS v ft from ttmad*a.> ?uemiemen ami their wivea 'ir alngle (p>n9 tl< men may oow obtain very pleaiatut furntafced Rooms with rtoaro l be hoiiar m ; rat cUaa aud locauou dcalrasie, eapect. ally in summer months. ',5 A LAROB, AIRY Pl.BAHANT KOuM?Sl'lTARI.K BOR ft a aectlemar and wife, two gentlemen or single perenoa j with i>?rd, furnUhi'd or unfurnished 1 inter from halfput Kit u> seven. Inquire at 1M Lexington aveo-te, corner of Thirty brat street. ' A WKI.L "THNIfcHKIi PARLOR AND BKDROOM, AND ji ft a single n am, to let, to ijeullemen only, in a private fanuly, with or without boiud Ibe bouae a Arat oliua one, hut a<l th^m- dern convenient a. Apply al 170 Kaal fourteenth f street, near 8erood avenue s A I.AKI.K FRONT KIKIM AN II HAI.L HK1M?NI?, ft wlih Hoard, for ? gentleman and wife or u party o gen Uriaen; alao an cilunaioii Koora on i.ret lioor, for one or two , gentlemen uilllna to room t 'gether. Teruu low for the lunlt uier. Oall al to Hieecaei at reel J A FBW lon*t; MFN CAU I1B AtVOKMODATBD J; ft with pleiuunl K./oma aid good Board; alao. married oou ,1 pieawrun ivura, ana ttooms tornish .'d or m! urm*h<*d, at 177 . kaal J lroa?l wajr A PRIVATK PAMII.Y HAS A HAi'K PARLOR TO 1,KT, p -IV to one or two gentlemen, wi'h bon/1. Al?i, a iWm *> Id second floor U) * <eu'U ut.u that ? >uid r?>ut Willi another. Apply at 22 kttfhili ?mnue, between J*ut owl Troy street*, ucor Auin*iton s.| .nut. ^ flOARI' ?TO I.ET THK THIRD FLOOR OK 3U7 FCABT ,J JJ Thirty fourth ?trert cocmuii* of six R - . u*, with pita trie* aud rhiHfiH, and vntar in two room*. auitjihl.- for a eenloel family; nut 912 per man lb. Vj ply at ?ia t* |>nn* street. 14 pOAKD.-'TO I kT, WITH BOABD, A PI.KA8AMT FRONT J J Room. suitable for a gentleman and wlf? or aeveral ?tn lie fi-oMniirn aiao a aui ill Room tor a mag to gentleman, at 11 No'th feoore atreet. N B.?Uaa and hath. BOARD WITH AN LNKVRNISHKD K>t??, VfANTKD, by a ^ ntleiunn, wife and hild auy-uraof a??; loaatfM he'ween I htrd and beventk av etmes, and Fourv?euth ai d TUrty fourth alm-t*. ir-rma most be mn4*MMS dtoaer from 1 to 3 o nock. Atdr-aa, staling terms, Ac., 6. I), li., #81 Broadway Board.?'to wtth board, a wtrll firnirti. ed room with two cloaeta. 1 be house coouIds the modern hnproTemeotf. Iyiratlon elljthle. Hut a limited numlmr ot bnuders lai- u. Kelt-reuoes eieknaxed. Apply m U Orott) rreet. pOARD.-A CKlfTLRMAX AlfD WIFE, OR TWO SIRJL> *! gentlemen ejui obiam Hoard by applying at 17 Ostnelia street. A Kootn and Bedroom (jo second Door, ' all for L Mr IIP k. u4 nOARD-TO IBT. Wire BO\RI>, A LA ROB HANDt D -"ine Parlor, with an eatenat'm uiiaebed. Also two* Rooms with iu and bath Apply at Mi 0 Intoo pLa'u, ktghih ?tr?et > OOAMll IN HKKKY M KKK'I, HKVKMH WARH?OKR lJ D or two single gentlemen can have a n rely furnished j" square room, with gaa, bath and r?ar> nuaafortof a h .me In '* a am all prlrate Ann ican luntiy, who occupy ttrst clu> houee. t< rnia modi'rati- and references enAangnU. Apply at 711 a Ilenry atreet, near market |L DOARD IN BROADWAT. BKTWEKW TWKIjnn AND D Thirtr. MA str-<-u.-The beat loiau. a In the etty; h?uae UMr *??. poaa aaea all modars lmpro?ea??iila an eiol '-nt table; dtaii'-r at iu o ciool. boulAaraara art la?1 Wad to ualL h Apply at KB Bioa4way. m ? ??????????? Boa"d on tiik ckntka.. park ?ork ok two ?tii|le tenllmifa. i<r a m?nM em.pie, <mn obtain f>? 1 or " j'lirtal Hird Id a strictly prlrate K.nviiah mmfl , wbero no " other N*rd?r? ?re Ukrn. um. hot and cold h?ta?. a Una and health) iutu?U<>n. on tha Rani I'la, and thirty minute* from ilwi M j tun by iba 1 hi, J av?n<i* rur* Will, w 1 ornw. Kaat Kevi-til thi ni atnrt, t.fli huuae Vrjm 1 tin a a.cau*. Helo rtcrM eichaOKed. Board WAhTRD-BT 4 l\dy, III A PRIVkTK Noilly. Term* Mw1* Addrcaa A. II. D., KaUue D, foal oAre, for ihfws d*j . t t>oard wartrd-bt a i.adt ann orjrn.rma* y I) (Hoard (or ladj !*), hi a re?uectohl? prtrate family,or with a tarty tlrtnc akaie, who w uM Ilka company. Ilmue X mtirt he Urw claaa an* ahore PowtMBth Mrrei. Addrra* i- ?< tirliy Madtann iquara Po?t offi n. Board wantrd-for a owttlkm a* asp wifr Refrrraeea e?' h?ne* 1. A.ldraaa, stating location ujJ y terms, bok l.CW Poat utter. I TJOARD WAHTin-IJI the oottrtrt, I* A FRT t 1) > !? 'aro'ly. fur a lady, with a ih.Id a y*r "I I, b<iard nut t > eirwtd $4 It). Addreas C. 8., bui lew HnJ! utt-a. no \rd wantfd-tr rroori.yr, bt a lady, I) . hiM and Burse, with a neatly lurm. id K - tr> wan ?r1 leire a?d aurne w inlur* of k<ne Term* t>nt In etr. ed t* ^r | wtrk. h' Ii'ii iicra *i ?m. Address, lor I*ya, ludiiau-y, Herald _ _____ Board wartyd -a \r i hoard IB a tirltab' (atolly, wtiere thera art no i Hoarder*, |..r L hlnnelT and w te, fpwn Sepiem cr 25 i>> May 1 i?,l ><w? ill ?<>> mid otfMMIMM a liberal uric will ?? p*l4. Itaaan ?tau> full t arUrulars and kiMr-aa L. T. L, Nit 2.fa? New Turk Post ( uiW. 1 uoaun WaVTRD.-RY a ORJITt.F.V *R. WtPB A*D ' J) Uiijrhtvr Iblnr >*-trs old), In a prtval* famllt. I < ? 1 t i t???i?? lwinUM^ad ami Ih'rty fourth tu*??a, Hiitk ami l*k tiglm sfrtiiirt. All aiiawrra uortdatilUl. AJdrr.n li M . Ilrrald ?lic?. Doakdino-a ritw urnti kmkx oar Ar?*?*?. ' J) ui'idati : with c > 'I Board a ad BlWliI Rmn?. ? M . 1 1 ilMill. S3I UrcMiwick Mrr?t, Ttw* U and RJ fO t ?r ? IJOARPII"! -SRVKKAI. VKRT PI.KAHAXT ROOVK TO " 1 1) 1H w th or wiih?m Board to ?(ngl# fent ?m?n. or ifnlla mrn and thflr ?) ? , at 111 rtar <ud House k*a all the modern tmpm-. i-m?rit? kjrau<? two Simula*' walk (rota h Hrua^aay and Aator place. TJOARDtJIO.?#1* ii.r or MARRIRV pkhbort WT?HJJ inf ?oml l? *rd *n 1 nlr* K* in ? m dem l> ill? hooae at ; ? p vj ??.' rfcflj If.a. .ct fr.e n*< ijl ; I twlk Md iraak tubs. j pojtrp iii irooii.t<( \ o*nti ev *1* and wifr ' j D T ?r n't I.( kibfl* ,-aa be j<-ooiaat?iUM pie,.. ,ij . *ad Hoi i,1 la * n.*:: ftmilj , i-. . . ( | W *16 < Unu? Miwv [ I>oari> IN ? I'i.K \*?IT k'ki*VI wirn , J) I ?f1 IT>- had ?' I'* I'!" II'" ? r 41m'.. treel. a few iio* ??ik tra Wall Lraet at 1 tfcmtfc .t-rrma | Referenda nrhar*?d Board tr -a rnir at* rahp.t orr? uverVir all* t*?i-d. lo 1-ennoa of r? | ?t?etabllilr Ilmia* bu .11 modern imprvrnfir*'*. uievi-n Qi If |,uublr, iritkiu lh>w mlnn-M' ?mk of HouU ?r Wall tMfllarrj. A| i ij at f 36 Ua<,1m n ret BRARP O* BR'KiKl.VN BKIflHT* -KXiT.IJJtNT AOnmmmUlfcn* witb IW*rd ran be .>b<aii?e<t at l?r. I Vjin a , }ai.d *4.inOta aireri. il avt~ , . lurneiWa P j iy. nf^raae? r?nuir?d; tAn?e tamea fina fuHi4i Iwry. ' ?</v.w?rjnrATM>,,-M5?ni.? "Wrn.rmnf or r\ I iml?? fr m tbo Krait )k? ^1T lw i inaor, . k diaire <1* c .>| a b m#. h*u.fc'a?*ly li."i?he-t I w , _ Willi a anprrl.T labto. would do wellli *?| Ij i?m?4J L ai*l< at f'lmrtk a taut', c-1 aer t *?ul> (U tta ?r?e?. i *'* M "* A HOARDER. ??? ? ?? l - 1 ~ ? I'USOAXTLT rrRNtHlIKI) SI'ITS AKD HN<?LR ?< >>** U t<- Irt, ?'* w*lwt '"U i-artiii ?')? h r?* P ruOlAln* all Ifcr ir?Wm nmremenrea and la ?> * d,?irah ; lo- | ' raVU V4* ""J.0* r.'l'il Arrn"" lUdi?uu and L uh? I parka. 9W Unmi**,. , ?-W- 11 u.iin-1 rrir atwrif * UR*TI,B?RN OH A r I |?iukinan itfxl bit pan bf wllb H r.i>nt M>ani UMl ftirnl-K?l * ??? '? pT r%lm r#"vrh fn?l1? oTiivyta* a una claaa bnnaa ?7 W??t l?Miik f 1 (irrf bftwon rirtli nod H??th ?reni?n loclMi, Rpaalah and Unman apokcn. ? i TOVcn BOAHn-rniucni LKWOKR-TWO ROOM* ? r uid lt?drtw-n>?. filpftmlt fnrnt?he I. and A front P*rlo?, i. imfnri.whPd to trt r^rdlV. b? I'm* mi fatailf, wtw Mm r i In ? ffrtfi? *"y*. hnvtff *1 tnodani iBprornme itt. Apply St < K?r Twnty w< ond ?ir?1 FVRinaHirn 9onmn.-nicm. nnwrnrtam.r rr?. nlfhPtl K.. ir? tn ! I rkf*|, b> r<*p? Ifturm, at IV ! Kltaab*tb ?tr?< I o?kr Brooms. u> mall familial or Ktacla (?c ? I i <nM> Imrr rr.Vnj M raa mmA ?\erj mtnalNw. H fcHRXIHHRn ROOMS WAKTRD?POR TWO fllMOI.II d r t?'\t:?n??, In Rital Fmadam, or vbinitr Addrn* W H r W . rar? of H. tmrkwund, hMhaa torn oOic*. Rafor inc+% n 11 1 OOD A*D CTltAr U>DOIKW -\T T1IK OLOBR , U Untrl. rom?r of Frankfort and WU torn ?r?eu. fori. Trnaa, IB <*nt? to 1? r*aki par n.*hi nwM Iraa M u * rcr mi f k Opro >11 ai|hL n tt * nr?i>< vn.T m rithhim! or ?, I JJ * rthnm In a mail prlrata famiL. K<?rrm?>.ni b ' fotirwiiriicr l<nrnl??ti ?>rrl!?>ul. I 'nil ?t IV R'wl lbtrto*?tk Irrei. nMu t*r> ad at eaua. r> J Tru^FT ttt ?rt p^ihiiko r<k>?h to t.rr. wmi i ! ft (V?rd. In ?f . I? ((.'at'n-*"'* /",l!i''nMn rt>.rn? I ?r* tar? r # rw* *rr. b.o*? r< i.'ai ? all tl" a?'l?r* ,oi I ?r?t>ti?. *ad la d?nr?hiT !<v?ud fcr??? ?a?>d?r-ie. Ailili'-?a 4.1 1,1 Vor? *UfH. Jl LBIUT 11. NICOLA V, lUbllu I Kr,<uim i.urliin aaJ? <jt Rturka and ALHKkl H. MtJOLO will tell, Lbia 0*? (l>l.ndS>\T* ?, ? i|W o'clock, m Jjd muck n?j?u?~4, *? w^'Ua iircvt, ear W Jl;_ M ih* ttk 01 < irom>"rr? ino 10 ah* fVutinental Hiu.* .. ,li*l 10 ! p A Tradrr* Hk 100 40 K**l? Inauranoe 40 It Hun.lH.irtV r?? luu W ?!? ? Marin* loa. <*J 1 Norita KUer Injurwe. /fl 30 !l.>mrf ? Si'? hi.*K" A ? . W KK 1C0 10 vv*?h o*lon '. ' Mer Mut ln?uranc?. In) to lemyC'itj lna'iranoe.. World InimranM. ftO 'JO .roc^r?' tumrume.. .. N* Aretl^ lunranre VI liiciirui^ SO 4 >J Mouth fMll.c KH In. AO lUmllbHi [niiirvtc^ .o 1A 10 W nfhlnjitoii U>trlD0 Id( 1(0 9) Urhhard Inn'trn 10 30 *?trofinliu?u Inmraneo. 100 VI K-i'iiUD.e U AM. rtoc .. 1U0 f I M 0 taiaaouri sum A per cent bouo*. J ?IH1 Vlrxlnl* flat* t pt-r rwut hoiMp, 2.010 Hyrarnar ai il bli *lntuli*i IUllr..:i.l 2d mnnnit bonjft. I,'* 0 Mobile -u.l Uhio Kailr ad 8 wv nau'. Don lit. 10,1 U0 SrioOi ind Hocktnq Vitlley Hnllrri.i,t Ut m >rt honda .Nr?t m?iiUr aale on Monday, Aufr.jt t KrinUr auction sale* of hi M'ks and b> >itda nvory M tnliy and Ttundav, or wlwiit'Ter re<|tilrrii. at 1JV, n'cUvc, at the ntx-k ?al*ai > >m No AS \* illiain street or MaraliAnU'lCl?haD<a. hm driv-d. Kt > ti ?T?d ' "nd.i boujrbl and sold at prlrve oite and it ihe Brokora' Board. M.HRK1 H Nl< ol.W Auctioneer in.I Stock Uri Kcr, U ffllllaiu mrett, ur&r Wall. A j. jrn.NoR Taylor * co. auctionkerh, . WUi Mill, ihla 'lay oumrnenelng ?l 10' j o'clock, A he cuutetda ut the D rival* rtmiJeuce, 8 We?t Ki*)iteemh street 'vet *een flf.h in.) Sixth nvenue* Ti e bouse ? iiirnuhed ihrouxfeout with a large uaaorUnent ruca.Taruu rta I AJU si. AlJl'W single K?nu3fl^HHm^^n ?o ritim u?atW, ean J? Mini R.mai no nrsFVoor, and alto on the Lhird tliinr w ri d there sre but few otfcor boarder*, taken. Apply at 467 Bro m? tree I. DART1AL BOARD WVHTRD-BY A VOPWO mt, IN I pi Watr respectable family, where there are no Oi ' II arder? Terms sot to e?ce.<d t* per week Location hot* Amity m d Ninth streets, west lido. Address for l?o day t U OWM oflice. PI K AHA NT FL'RNIHHRD OK CNFURNIriURD ROOM-. with or without Hoard, io a ple.waut family, with the oo a lolls of a bums. Hmw c>mtalna all the m<ideri> lmproy iiialt A>>pIv at 170 Weft thirty with ntrwjt, belwteii ew i ib and Mgliib avrnuee. Terms moderate UKHniNK W.SH NO OOOU BOARDINO Pl.AOKM, IN I Ih s or nelghl?.rlng elttea, nan receive all neei'saary tnfor mstlou grail* al WOHCIHTKR A t'O.'-.MM tlroadway, bank enirai re Paries de-dring respectable Hoarders are Invited to register their rouaM. No charge at adianoe. PRIVATR FOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A raWUNOLR gentlemen oi taullles ran bo aoeanmodaied wrh . le smt i- .iUib ?i..1 full Board, at ?11 ataie street. PUiaaant .ooatiun. It ram nu derate. TWO FAMIUIMJ OR A PARTY OK SINOLK uKNTIJi men ran he H-rowni). ?te t wi'k choice Room* In a tlrat M ise, ever> wayde'ir.t* f. r a u ei*aut liome. Dinner at t o'clock M ft. Mark's place near Second ?> eu>te. TWO '1K IIIKKK IQONI H INTMOMKLV Kl'KMMlKD a01 he let io gentlemen, with breakfast-msuI to their rikiina. Aopl) at Vu 16.; Kiflh avenuo. Kelertun-ea?l' the tliat respecability rehired and siren. TWO HflTR OF CNKTJRNIRHFD ROOMS, WITH BATH sol gas. <) let togent enien ?r gentleman and wile, with or without hoard, at J74 Went Twenty third street. TWO OR THRKR OKNTlJCMJtN OR A QKfTl.HM AN and wife can be aooomtnodatol with largo or small well furnished Km ma, with or without itwrd, the houae eoMaiua uliino, lath and all improve men's, and la well Imtied, terms K! to U> a week. 116 looinpson street, uaar i'rmce. rl.KT.-A SMALL PRIVATK K AM11.Y W1U. UtT TO A single nentleman a very handsome Hoom; till bouse haa all the modern tuipmvementa luqnlee ot J K. PAI.WKN BklUt, 37 Dominic street, between audaon and Variek streets. r> UtT?K1/ KLT TRNIhllKD ROOM, WITH OAS AND hath, for a gentleman and wife or a single gentleman. ln,uUe at U6tenth street, near Fourth avenue. TO l.KT, WITH BOARD?A I.AROK ROOM AND DRRSSinn Kuom .ittached, on sei-ouj 0<?r, 11 two sir gle ae'itl# me i. l?.i;s- Lewly panned, with gas, bath, *e , location liJtf .Miic tuugal street, near Bleoeker. IV' ANTKD?BY TWO K1NOI.R 0KNT1.KMKN, ONK OR 11 two nleely famished K"?w? with hn-ikfast an 1 tea; prlvst* iamil preferred; location between Tenth and llnrtleth stieeta state terms and location. Address U 111., llerakl odlee. TI'ANTKD BOARD PKRM ANKNTI.Y-THRKK OEN H tlrmt-n wtah uartial board bit nktast and teaj In a good btmrdlng b"tise. I oration near nrowlxray and Temh -er"et. Ad< rem, st-iung terms and lull panic iLara, h., Union nuare Poal rflire. Kll hroadway. H' ANTKD- HOARD PtiK A TOl'NO I.ADT. IS K PRI f T ViilS lamlly, in New .lersej : a place e*?y of n 'oena from Hew Y'irk.pieferrtf'l. Address \V. A. H , Herald "dice. 7WJST TWKNTY FIKTil HTRfcKT, OORNSR OF Hioadwaj; Parlor* and Hedroums to let, with or without QlCklft fKR WEKK FOR A HANI>S<>MK H RMS1IKD & Room, alao or.e for f 10 w ith full tloHrd. to a couple, at 1(3 Weal lwrnty aiiib ni?ti, out Ki*hih avenue. Uoiuo lint clam. F> i? I!j mml!. J A WK.-T TWhNTY NINTH HTKKKT.?T11K WMOL.B Ox of the Seeing Floor. r.'tulnliiK of two parlor* And two lier'ioorni 'orniabe i w>ib entire new tun,iture, t<> let to on* or m parly of K? hi it-men. In a private taiuilv location tery genteel, and noteduitfly airy, hreakJaal 11 dealreil. *JfT 1M> 17 WKMT THIRT1KTT1 HTRKKT-TWO OR OU thrte ae eel faml'loa and twoor three gt uUeweu *-au be now ncrommodmed with suit or iUiw'-"K<??!ia with full or partial Hoard ll<iu*e t.rat claaa. Kefureocea tichanged. Ahore Fifth i?nw Hotel. A -1 TRNTH H1RKH.T, HRTWRRN FIFTH AND rtlXTn II attuum ? lioalrable Routna, In auttaor aepai ately, for Eiitlrmen and their wlrea or alngte rentleinea. The hnuae erery eouvemanoe. Dinner at an "'eka*. Qi? KAHTTWKNTY FIKKT8TKKKT. URAVKROY PARK. (a/ Sulla of furntahed Kooma to let, suitable for tumilie* or otn^tai gentlemen. IotkImju one of n>e heal In the utty; huuae tirat cla.ia, cool ai d atry. Term* moderate. l|Wk i'RIM K S1RKRT, NRaR Hhoal?WAY.-HAM)lUW tumn luruaked Parlora to let. inn WM-T FOIRTKFNTI! STRrUT -TWO OR THRHC 1U O Rooma. on arcond tluor, nullahle tor a family or itncla rerulemm, to let, with firat rlaaa Hoard; houae baa every . .nveni<ence. and la oat demrably UwaieO. mj ffBT FOtJRTKKNTH HTRRRT.-H ANWOMK1.Y ) fnrnlahed Rwmi for famlltea and ?'nrle gentleman, with Hreahfaai or full Board; pleaaaet loeatioa for ntniner; convenient to Klghth areoue carl, Fourteenth street stages pnaa the door. t?l/\ KIJI HTRKCT.-rURNlHIIKO FOR n<>rHFKKKP Z1U mj.?v try olee newly ftu nlnhrd Parlor mid Kt-druom, uiuble for young h?n?ekeepers; gaa, tYrfoo. pa'ent Hprlng beta, lew D*tlreaars. ?ed linen, 4c., ?lib ki^hafl itanatla i'i >tn il#?t0 rotii low. Aonlv aa aInuii. ?>1 \V>^T 1 WKi FTH RTRRKT, THRKK l>?>ORM W*Sr 4*L\) of Marrmb arratia -t iirn?lw*.1 with or without punui Hoard U> Irt to alnj;l,' ?'cnU.'ia"n, near rmi'M ada and mrngm. I rrinj BoneraW' 7t?*j (Roadwat. nktwkkn kiuhtii ani> ninth I DO tlrana ?"n?> l?T(r? K" 111 and In amall rt Brat and arrood (loon, in let. I? r?*itJainrn. furnlahrd. wiih hath fu. hot and oold ?Mr, Ac.. (hum dck Ijr pauiiaJ, aud plttMOL ?'-l |W in VII-I' HFA-IRK A MtLMHTFUL HOUR ON iPO.UWU lh?- llutaoo. A Ki iiUfinau hating on* of Ibo 11 bt-al placaa nn tb? Wndann. n?lU hoard a ma" (etitt-rl f.tia l,> or a ?? * prr* u ui rruuruirnt, wbo would k*n on ("id acrttrltr 11,11)1, Tn a prrann id mrai.a who may .l?dr* to asfnif a b- ma, dallcblfui at All a^iuxina of Urn jimr. and i imam ain? all tbr adranUira ot bmh , nuntrv and city li/?, tlila la a rwic luu*. AdJ/raa wiui real uaair, hudaoo, hoi My Ucrald oBir# (OlkTBl BOARD. AT fAMUWiM UKiUUla, III uso.N Kl Villi % mlnnii-a hf railroad ao<1 from ?' trml ?frteraJ rwry oiwo-c rooina ara now want in tRivrr KmIf tfouaa. < bin houv la hrantltullr ait'i*?rd >xr- llif II Iida- I and In Ibr iium Ma r natlv 1 11 ikt> lln I Fc*1 Waahiu(V>n Kffllrnt tutlbliig t??tlnit and liahiag; good alltur Tainilf'aod ain*> r?n:lrn > . inga <**>1. nn vn trlit (iiinmrr rraldr' will til. ! <hia l? alajo uriioirpaMntfi ih- I ara a <ip Urhton uin-<a felly Mi froat otlfca pl-rr. atr?ia K?t twtcr a ilaj Appl? *1 tbr V <*r Kid#! Italian 14*11'rMt, ix'>cn rtrrr, or at Uh- fl/drl l"l. rmaln, t?ri>ar / I Jib araaur t>nd Iwcaty aeunoJ nxrtt. ATRIVATK FAMtLT RRHlt'lXQ IN A PI.KARANT B part of Watrhelw county, dinar, re elerrn milm fr-m Vw > <>rk, ai'ikl ?i ?nunii?l?i<- two or ibrar ganUemaa witb L <krd. Add r?s board m*. box IU Herald oftlc*. BOAKPtS'l AT A FARM Itct'HR -A FKW I>KHIKAHI.I Hum aro now nwaat la lb? laTt* 'arm ?utr>>.>n at lb? v < balVa I udorblll, n?ar nkn Ona l<iw I I'm id, wbl b n O hr Ui <m immMllal* aptul. itioo to Mn KI.1Z aBGI II yyi'EKinu, tiU-o emu, L. I. Boari? at r(kkaw\t, u?k<i isLANn, in a fri ratrl .mlh . ir**! M?li?* and 1M ara athin^. Ma uimir.vK'ti hy tail, ?ia,-r ard ? mLjImir or Ura uiuaa dju y.. Ay , y at M3 llrnad* . I lib rr. _________ TJOARI' TJf TIIR ( OINTKT - W ANTKH. B"*R(>FOR JD a lady on <* nrat tbr araab.*-^, wbi-rw fcr >4 aalt watar haUtnc r?n hr ?n >oy<-d Addr?"aa ? lark, ho* IW ll?r?l I utti -8, r- lia?' t. rma and lorat ow. Noiir Mter wl I hr nntl -od. /MH MdV H<<ARI? MA* UK OHTAlNKI) AT * FIRHT i-laa* t'rip b-iw !? > mlhilmi Nu hi i For |i?iUn i ara >ppiy ?t IT t trmlla llttt, u( Xn I'UT.nEY, "t K. CitrL( t.' tbatubrra Hrr< t. /'OI.NTRT BOARII *AV UK OUTAINKO At A FARM \v' b'>"*r A ahor* MiaUrteo fmm H ?ai'onl < /nn. Th l*.ti?r la i>!ra ai'Uy attnatrd. mtrniAaxtlnc a liur ru>m ol Ibe Moum<1. at <1 j ri-ariitmg < *?ry facility f->r ?a t H'hin*. f?hui* An. Fnr l?rtb*l parttriilarm. tn'| drr at IVM. Mark a placr, or at Mr. V lixiAMf. at Up Hanrnrd drjmA. IMIIMHI MiiaHU W \N1K1?? MITIIIN TMM FU \ twrnty attlra of Uh> nty hi a ptiraia family, wb^rr ail n?fm <1 i I* (a air/ r ? .i?a ran h? awl. a family of lonf or penM*. Addrvaa U. W., Oraod alrm Fust <dk?. ?a Uall. flOL'HTRV BOAR0 M ANTRO-IN A FARM HOiHW. BT alatjr whi b?a ? He* arwln/ n>a'?tn< MIn t r rlt W? aafi', liaa nua tru.\w r4 lid t yrara md, and on* IT oi<>Bib?. ?'i paj a *..?li'flW faainl Wtklvln .ultatw, rafam*(* a fitiatn*d Ai Jr/aa lft> H. J., lirnild otttcr, ?ri.rmri? bfwimor mnrtmiim. now M It, Va.-lrrraa ai lMtm|Nla| plaoa, for two wnkl nr aorr, $J r < r '**" 'fnr, M w jKKi.M I AH MURTON, Frwallmtt W. ? R. 00. UrANTkP-A FKRMON in THK ooi NTRT TO BOARD aad t-kr rara of arUld. a?ad llm 'ntha. whiiar m >t' ?r bna I?a*t>th tlad, m tat hr of it wlnii and kl?l lianoaHuai, and rl pull 'trtit rrfrrrnr*. Apply Mr?>n*Uy or bf l?Ucr to Mi. U Murray, IMl Wrat '7tb at CLOTHING. A rrr!??i"*t-TH. ->i;B?rr w?t r>?i i.aihb* and . ?H a lair ratb prW for r.i* oC (VxB!n? Ml.1 MM I? fenatr ??'<T by great p iB? m In rail ? or adHaae B. M. iU, m m ' .Jh a?'an? mmt t wee* eitbtb itmt. UHMa at trprtrd by Bra. Blau. ! Aoi>rAf riRJU',P rn* a-oTHii?<?-LAniw AI*D ( nt>mra bavlnf any rae? off <'I.iU,ii?. Pnnillttre nt I art'. a are I ' ^ "!?'! '' at -PaMjfn,?0, I. |&. (V*ta. Tr nn II loll": aUiiffifx* '") ?10 ??> Fiw b?um? aud *o ll<* Ura?ar? Um hUbra. '-ntf *111 ba paid by Phllhif on f'f addreaalna A li aAix. to 7>r*eTr?ue. L* ill? aMradr-d hi by Mr*. TUrrM. ____ AttKITKR l 1IAB< B FOB t.APIK" ABP OBKT1JT**B In mnrt rt ibelr raet nff clothing Inm nab and no h .? < h<i? IV biabeat prtore paid for r'arpata. rnraltar* and '?w rlrr Okl) at T addreaa LM B?*ar>tb a??" be' a . . ? hine MwtiUi and T*wunh atr-r'a. 1?4iae attended b) Kri B. Be btuuoeee trmaartad on Halmdaya j A cab P.?owti.bmbb'c *rw Alio orr > J\ nn&taf pnrrhaand for lb# ffialwn marbet. lr larfa o? all h*a Call at Um alnr*. nr a>1<li*m Tbrmaa P. ( '*xrnr. U OnM?reet. v. n Brrrhaiit toUort barixf any uo bawl vUl pleaar aJdrroi aa ahoTa. A OBBAT DRMABD BOB ?TU>TIHBO - I.A I>IK* ABD A baring any r*m ?# or aeooikl ban I I T"?biBf Pareftw Carpaia or Jawalry to dtap-* of, I will fnarantaa to pay tbe falr*et prlea to the elty nalFlng at nr addreaelnf mMk arenoe. belwen Twmlj ?fUi and Twnty fit* uraru. t**J> trillW jpanetnally attended to, by MOBBM iAaIIAM UMaMaMbyMlt Abraham T APT* A BP 1 WTt.IOfBB WB fTATB AORBAT P* lj toand for mm a* Hmhlnf for lb* Weetorn nvli. elan rnwHw^e, Oanvu, .'?welry *? I jpianuito* in pay Uv? fnD raab prVa (nr uw ?'*ira wi?h arl'eta, an-1 a ? in anfab uf w dnna by n<h?r p?al hna*wn a ad fa lea pra< and an <'al'?nd be r>mvtr>r*rt in J Our MtafarUrm. or ptoaar ad.lraaa a nnIA by pna1?nBarr?a Bn 1M Harantb ar>^ra baliraan TiraiMta*b aad twenty Or* am~ato Udlaa ali??1e4 by Hra. iiarria. rlB Bl'BBlT WAT BO* IUPIW ABP OBTT1.BMBB to |ei a fair ptlea fnr raal Ml i.Vatonr. rnrnii ire. Cart <*a aad not to be h'iail>'ia?M| by *ra-U p ill? la m aand a n<*? by rrt m tU Ceranib amentia, wbf b aiu b? pnnMually attoadad J J, ARIULT. UiUw attended to by Mr*. A. ol rkO ilouaeboM un.iitir*, d __. ' *? 7 oct.iv? Pianoforte, , ' I'll rn.rt'rua, Koiuea, rttaiueuoa ami Omanaenta. Ijv- ?ud bro-itU;]? urtAinn, Vo-vet. lli-uacia and ii.*raiu Oar Ir\a Mmau- K?n tixl M?ta K ** "if-" tofwnt^K wttk nwy dearrinll.m at Crock :rj ?<la?ii W?e, v,utlanr, allver .m l plab?i Ware. A<- ra.?a *ar>l10KMApkMMt. bad, barnber-a are uirmabed wilh r.?ti iT? 1* n??bou .iiv Be.lal?*da Huraaiia, i and Table*. b;jlr and upring .?olUn>wn. IV.idiu* ir. kvtuy ?nl > ia ti-ulv raw and in ?o>k1 onler, r.y, tM examined ure vl"U? toaate TVpoatu required from puruhasera. Uoudaio | utSSSSJSJS^ rr??Unj,C"^*-to ??; toq-UM WuRKtt OF ART *C . at pimuo Atcnoir. The prouartv of a family leavlu# the rtty, 4..v. i n Jay ("Th.irmlnv) Auatiati. At lb* atorut private reaM *, of 6. UrSf Uringrt.m, Em., u , , ?) w eat Suieenih ^u-eet, iteiween riX'n auJ Cli i avenue*. nala coram nicln/ at 10 Rosewood TH ociav# PlaiKrtore,' 'U' Bronre and Ormolu Cha.deU.wT"0* Dr""u?r?? f evre. and Dre !cn " V"lT*t 'n'1 <**** Broc*c and l?ce Curtains ^ ** **'M Oil Pa,?Un?. h, emtaent artWa, br?DW SU,U"*' Bookcaae, lie,em, Outre Table,^ b,"r0t ",len-',n T"bU' KtOVITICMT 7 OCTAVR WAWOFORTK r>inr round roniera. richly earv*vl ;, ?? and caae, ltn?d wtth aatlnwonl all tb? modern unirovemruia, full trou PM,. over Uuii* b*M. ?illd mother I.f pear1 keys, 11U1,|U t,y Broadway makers, fully ffu&r.inu*ed, h' 'n In tins four moti'h*. f all V tent Ml tiy cnjupnt* M Judaea ??<1 prunounccd .v suptrior matm I vl'rrii i?ih r f""L i. T^"'' "* L'*"'*,rh "% do atml, oo?rred iu hr<* j?dc; Kn-uch cl<>th onver, auu< rb solid carved roae m^nl- lhr*" h-'- mJShroMM:aiir?!t2S. i. natauna if Sulaa a?tn, rn pit<ai iud four uval liiu k rimim Uelufdtr.Ky Wrf; elegantly earv?d ioa.-wo.xl nanopy I ? li tDck J,lalr a"?n ^ bA?k( w?tJi at kuuo-y Jhl. V ' ' . 1 . *tln,roo(,: rt''h,>' '-wwinl ncni^ i iT **" J u"U,i' ''" ewoiid rttcnptt'in Chairs. T^u? *" b^??de, auperh carved roaewo-xl . -Qtm I lea. ttatuarj marble U?, nude by Weil; aoUd r?w* i*wl I carved,^rovercd hi blue ,u>d gold br. k-hJ.', ; p'e<-ea I " ri^^vrr11>u",r u'i> - ? " * TabJTiruijS ^5 I pear l rbeM[ Table. Aocnrl*on, Muaic It ix, ai\ onu.ilu M arid bronu Ib uxlellara. lui|Hirted Ir an r,iria; auunrh orinolu I t lork, runa oop mmiU., aru^ic bmnieSLiin. 'ti?, Zouaie- Cru I aadera; velvet f ?n>eta. m.xuUe H.gra, oil l 1,^1^" I re Hal Iunuio, Kcliiw und oilier cmlixut urtuin. twoiuab'h Palnttnfta. Hcmfi In France, hv d; W inter Kc. tie oil the , Daunte, Stimi at boa, Market Nseue at Ainaterd-un, by I Kebbelt, ><l?o a nninber of All" cabinet 1'iciurea, two ' tuprrb mantel M^rrora, ditto pier, o:ik LlnUUnd, ullti < huilr* velvet Ptair Carpet?, allver Kota, Ac. Cliam- I bera? kni*itah Hruaaela i nrpctn roaewoud Marble tup l>r??ainc Mnrmw Hed*te?/a. t'nminodea to match, Arraouv ? 'il?. k Totleta, Shaving Kiaiirte, Wurdroliaa, table de Null, Kockera. Conchcr , arm and ovtv'UnrVi t'halra, covered III moquel, tun and aprtui: Main rava, H> la|u?aita, Penlher lleda, [vdairra. IMIlowe, oval Mlrr^ra, Piulcl Palntirira, decorated Icaiua Toilet*, brwwde C'trialtia, Ac Upper Chamber*?Ma bi'KMiy ana Murk walnut Huiwm, Hniaa. K i kcra, Mania. lrinlDg K??aii? Solid can?.l oak Mtidet, Suauary, . tumble top, paleut dining Tallin, IS fiyt driw, IVm *) a, Arm Chairs elegant ae a '-rjatiil an ! ruby '.Ih.h? Warn, vl/. I I "Taut era. Goblet*. Wlnea, t hauiiaK'iea, lemonades, CiI raO?, FrulU, t'clirry and Prifi vn Mtanda, Hnger Itowla, I rubv and Pari in ma. Ma I'lmrb Bow la di>. liqic r N. ia, ji.l laiiid cblua dinner Ket, 1*0 pleeea, rleklv deou-at?l Tm i eta, 44 ple< ?. aul'd *tlver dtuaer and tea ?>-t*. rtlUrr Ware, Can trrm, Cake Haak.ui. Nai kin Rlnira. Hpoma, Korku. Ivory handle Table < utlei v, A-- Alto a general aw iimtui nt I uu tneut and kitchen furniture. St nth avenue car< and atigeg pa*a near Ibr boOM. Allan j. wilkon a co., ACtrnoKKKRfl. <'fllcf No, 170 Broadway, corner of Maiden line. BuWiWuud and inab 'aauy UOL8JCHULI) Fl'RVITl'RK At public auction. TTdaday Thuraday), Anguat 2, at Mfc o'clock. At the private re?Ul''oce ai tbe linn. Itouald McKay, No. 92 I Went kJeTatith itrect, a few door* frntn Fifth avenue. Catalogue* now ready, and can be had at the ufllce or buuae. Coatly narwmxl Tluiofurte. ?uUa of l?mwlng Room Furniture, Jtoyal Hruaaela Carpets. l'lcr uid Mantel Mirror*, Urnr in t haiutelirra. All the above elecast rate wood F'trnlture wa? made to 1 order, and perfectly new only laat M?y, In the well ku ian eal iml maker* Meaara. MerrlU k Hon, m UrotMlway. The ! aale will be pen uiptory, ou aoeuunl of departure tor Ute factflr. 1>RAWI!*IJ KOOMS. Macnlreent rwemaai Pianoforte, hai four roorvd porter*, elef 11 rarved less, aolt.1 pearl ktya, and Utlal 1 tablet with anthiruf irarl. three eaivM ititu of rwewmal PumlturB, all ] coveted wttb enmaon. gold and blue aat o, Ted a tei? ?<u aim an l'ine. ttothie and oval back parlor ehalra; royal nam j Ai.i .tu? kleiiertw, aiatuart marble t/a>?, pla e*la?ad'?ca anr barka; maewood < entm ardania ?i le Tablea, emyaat tier 1 and Mlrrora, a ram aele. tlon of Oil Pulntln a, P.irlan I Ktatuar) nnd real Cr.Tre Ornauianta lace and bria-aiel Cur- i | taina, lai** l>raadtu iluua \ aaea, aallii Tu. key Louu^aa, aaa> i halra u. match. nRAWIirt) BOOM. i Oah eitenaWai T>*? 'nu Table and >wk RufM to mat-h. fprnl 1 IT do band cl iDa l> Ml, of 126 pie. e?. htu.i Ifti Met, ; it<ry haun' Pii handled kbt,eaaa<t Porta, a.' er an y > i N.oma, KiikJIMi cut Mlaaawrar?\ Cnx-tarv, Wlnaa, iMt'-vOer*, Curpft, Clock, Ch?lr*, Tn>> < ?. K.irkara, Ac. CHAM HUM Rom?wv' Br.i mm>i? lot r>?>?Kx1 II iroao, VTmh | rt?o<l, ItiarkrtL mrlad lialr V*in aara. H> I l.litM. Cur Uiim <>! TaMe, Toll.t h. t, up?-aiijr titrucla, nnninl Mftmlrr 1, Tnrtlah eaar 14n in*r kivt (Tmui-, Kiantwiiaa, A-;. In lh?' tbird and I< urili ftorW n, Hr .? ar<t Itai.alajt of r very it??cri|>?KMl I .rptl III Ifn i-rmtna. h ,11 III, aland, Kmlr 111 ll, \r. At nH.Wtui m?bt of nftlr, kii U># naaeinaut and kit. two Fumitora. N. I? ?Tb* b-uan In balrt t?>r tfca WmM of Um ;wr. Far r> ' ? U? AICTIO.N NOTICE.?Hl ftKIl AM * rrr.MTl RK KXpr?*m I'M' ) ^ibi-diniaiit. Ill *nd 113 YVrd .KNivanlh l, brtwrrti I iliii aud >irr.;ii? ? il< jwhoal fuomiro >4 i ; i-i?rj laarrlition Nned Ar.J nbl|>|>M to >11 pari* nf il,a world > < iwi, el ink *1*1 |lMVtu? arafillj pan>ii4 | and hp M-d l-?r*r <OTi*rrl*n ma forr>uioi*i ot turnli ture to tb? country. ?<<. for liuii.luft. Hiowms a mcnou, ArcrfoxEitRe-TnriiKnAY. Au?uat 1 at I o click. Is front of oitr all ra No. A*> Namu ' atrn-t, trotting H??aa A beautiful bay l??i* taltrd trottlna . IT rap, Ii'4 hanila 7 }' r* oM, *vr lUirdperfwrtl* MrmJ I and kind, and to trot In t i?? In Uium. bt? ?ira w.ia tlw rr twin il?-d KialUoo Hoti Logic, aod dan rricl rat*4 llaaliaw mam. * ran ba ww-n and dnrwa tkr.-a d?v? rrrlrMn to lb? ak b) snpljlnK al U.t ala'!? - r?jrn?-r ot fourth Tennw atid ail??i. TV at*>*a Hitv * 111 ! ? aol t at a'irt only, Uvlc' a 'h W?p n and Ilai ii*. to < !< * an r?u?ta. a Wo at* !<n> It'ifw1'? fw Hty I"ilt1 *oad W#?o*i. onw Ihrrwnuaittr do., ??rj atyllab. u -1,, r wtU aaranU toi> aad ?i u>p ?grn, m-ni&i liabd. In *w?l ordrr A tan, rma IVI.t Ki( i?*i W afort, ?. aily u?-w. Ai?\ a rrrai rwlrty of doubla aod aln Itlr ltarnraa, Kulr H?ddl< ?, c*Bllruia?'? do., BiidWn, Wbipa, Ao. BRiiWNR A ntCBOlM, bAI.KKK<)f>yn W>. jg HAKKAC HTaw??i?Will aall thla day, at owa o e nrk. In froat of aalra noma, a rat} hai?U fn? gray t'oM, Ift', bandaklab, r"d In la*> < r doohla kari?<a, aa xoall'-ut anddlc borae, ptrfcnly a. nail, klbd ai 4 ?riiH?. ItAMM. A MATliFW*. Al TI' VKKTV H./ niim, * i ?n A t< r I HI Tl.**, H Hll.TZ A MAI UK* , will ?U, u> m rrow, ! Fiklmy, at 12 n'rl??-k, In w iLr mil woum, tri <<xiar , nrrri oiipoM* l^r l'<wt >.gw ? Ifcia ?-lr#a?l l?; Hal*. I '1, lif.n '" high, onlv rtra mn riM, tail mrrpa Ik# (round. la ?.trr?atad prrlrei') I a<1 kin ! n *11 harnraa, aft aw?.lwil > '] ! .r. I r !.. , i> i?n.l ?t< ir <>t aevoa eanur* b* ?i.n ^aa?-! On# dark *x llorar, I' hniuU S InrbM biftt. e!?h'. j-*an V.J, WHrh t?ll wmrraaiMI la n.rj rr*pe?? a r "I family buraa. A'?o. arirral art* i.( ?ia#> /!? lift la r?*l oril?r. Ala" a miaStir of iv ? lor awl a- Ui Btiggk*, road A?t tapol M'.ig>>na. Ar all If* rm r l-?-al mukrr* (H>N?-TAM K < SAI.Rfir I.ItfCOR*. IMAM AND IRO* J Ral ? I will ?'p?ar f .r aala. at nnMV a'i'tkwi al av>ra <4 A M < KIHTaI.AK, a tV w?7, I? Frl lay A<i?. A t1 in;o'ckMk, Wrank* fa.vira T -rt, and fha'-J Wli.a, Win Rum. WMaki v, frmrk Coc-iar Hran !jr. Alan, I"tM, rtamcHPi Uvw. dii'm Al?". Bmiirti. Ota an.J * ti.ra in Iwd.i "fcaa. Al?\ It tkmaUm n i>4 lU<kTftf, and <?a Item hafe. L. 0. UKKLK, CotMUb'e. | l?l>W\Rn HTWCKl K. Ar<7fK?rr.KR.-HOi AKfloi.n furuitura.?kj K A T II. Ht'llKfK K. tbl? Any. 2<1 li?t , at los nelork at ihnlr a?i"m?n Ul Hr Mlatr. rn-w tti'l nM-'-iiit lawt HmmU ftirnhtir* rooiprialfir r-*aw<?>1, n and walnut Parlor, ChiuaKer wxl l*tuln? K<?*n fnnirtiiro, I'aiT'ia Bad* an.l N?*Mln r. Hlankria la Alao lao Kw Inff XmUia Al* out Ir n JWe. Hr??RT ORttff. AontojjwrR ?ttI'h pat. at 1014 orkK-k. at ll* ?'"ra. I'.'t Wl; larr rtrrM. 'I nil Iff, Snap, I I Kaiaiaa CniT?M?. Vuaiard, Halmim ?m<*M llrrrlnjr I ChtrM: anlOnMk* rnl W) <U u j->hr>a *? <.rt*d Liqonra, ;Ti iHl Will# Im4. alao ft lar?? k>t of Bo"M, Ualtcrn. Mirprrt. Bi ? .t,?. Jk. _____ T (WKI'll HMICMAK. AUTIHSKBK ?fRIPAT, AT J I"1"* ^ ' Mlo elrrk A M a' lh* r?>nfr?l *lnr<?ti Wl|. J |i iftt.fcjr airn t, for??r n{ l'??r<.- K"|nlar iravkli aal*?Mah ?arr M?t walnut dr*r?l?v M-trmw, do irw>hat?mla, BM atraCA hair Haltrr^aa, f. .ikrf H.<|. ? la*. Ar?i and f?rl * I hnira, Hat -lardi. m*Wa- t ard wainnl ( jlrujfton Tallica, I Udira Work ?fc.l faar) 1 .kira, U?*!r>c ?.:a?ara, Cblftrae ami fi *?. CttfpflL O.k tl# i''?ki <?V' m, jr A -o, at I ' k T. M . naa Coaci. an* ?? t of uetniri Wbtflft U I HarK lira, 4c. _______ 1 Tt.fllf I! BCRUIV. AnTTORRK* WIU. MI.U THIS I (tky ai I i k Hi III riuial *n n-- .r \ art- k. lar#o n?arwtmvat of HaifrtnM I irti 'iu*. H\traan?. I hair*, V >U? S'. ra lt<-1a l.o . hi-fr i<nd i*Vf Maltr^tra, m <i?. m >u<?, . ?? lri I |>\WWItRnKCH ? SAI.S-II I.r.VV a ??>. WfM. ?R,,r? A i. ! 1 >Uj- m In.> urlnrk, xt V ? <*!. in * *ue.-t,?tU *n<i I mhrr I"i w -h'f# nod ClwumI r i .1 inor. yuiiieeedewl wtjin* II gmtitur .* s u.k. -h-i.k.\ '>u? ream- ' _ 'a**p*u? '* fa tnnm.a 1 VTll,r?l]tbii 4*7, 1 ? lOo'eiont, >uw ?h>w ID N .a W., ? ?np?rtr.r IM nf ll ??>.?? > I'-j>. 1 ?*(?. ?ilh rotirnr back. imoirW Kkrm. r 1 <JtuM. tiro |?1I>I?I XirrTi Iwon rriT \Hr'K?. r ?'? "?!< >-tr-r Tahlaa I m?rll# t | ? < w id Hrrr'nf a f, |,* m?l? ._-kiy kV| j ( b?lr?, c?r.C *ui? pMti.tKaTniTKoirif. ?? r * le 1 3?'h> kuxr. I I Kk'H. *' -?n4Mnmui ? ! "AIH* Mil l? ?'irU' nffrt ?i| ? I /%w n.. rii?? -T l?4 *** ^1 * Ur** ..f r">i? 'n j ??*? ?.??" 1 * *?* U <?ir ? ihJ Nr*. r,p*P |llk- * Prr?BMt 1 ,n ji, tt 1 fnf *]j puriKMA VI-?f?*rV ? > u?|*?, roHtorK. Mtut* f i?t?,? ttlr# k' rwturw, lr*m V>f*. 4c] TT^AJtXl JkU-J.l, important ^i.k of stiiia ^te.vm_ M Pi will arl) on tlic prfmlfwUfl^M llinw Oil Milla, Ki.inian l!nv>kitn. J'lir ulti>n ferry, on *" Jn.-mlty. Ail(<isl l."i, >t extriuuve Appaj ?ltw lit. 1 Mtebluerv formerly u*M by I? parol for lln irunbtHc'.urt) of aI-ubo| anil ampbcnn, One ultudk) ? .ipr r(!?*phra? Mill, of J U"0k?1I< nsoapacity w th topper Wi.m i liiat.le, to run by H-'nm, w ih a lant.t iv.lf ppt? Wmm fnr emtm^ngi and fwim PumpfwMeh m.. \ b.' I lapMri b* migar pailu?r? for a Vummra 'hb; two ?rfp Copper Alfoliot Hilll* of about Him Kallon* eap%eHy e.rh, Willi all the Copper wnrmi, (room Kmu, I'altipe *, ., t<i run ?'ii?i> by uteam. and Copper Ooltimoa to n??t bich prrmf alrnbol; one Hteam Knijlne or about lit hor*e imwi'r ?(th ? Urre Inhn'iir or t'imhili Holler, IN I'eet Umtf and 5 feet In II djamel?r; and iht. Cylinder Boiler*, 9rt feet Ion* and 8 feet in n?m?"fr Tb? Mill' wrr?? nil manufactured b? oo# of the bent cop] fmm.thn in New York, wer?? crnfltol at an e<pnQMot over tJu (wo >k few >eam niace, and ?iru perfect aud in got*i morvli jr urd?r Fuilher partlculnrs naay lie ?btaioo<t, and an order to e*nmin# the pro ???rty, ?ip*Mi ipplleaUon to th* avtetf?m*erw, or u. Meatis. F. R. 4 W. t . roai.Ht, Ui Front street, M?w \ort. 117M. WITTKRS AL'IITKi.NEKK Wll.l, HELL, TIIIH ?? day. m lii,l4 o (^K k. .it SM Itroadwav. Qi" su>tk and rwtnren of a saloon, rnnabiMmg of Kar, liar rmuras. .Jhajrt, iierar* Ittblea, uilcloUi, Uha luiurea; tiie lUturea uf a 8 booting Waller*. ALKI (IK REAL ESTATE. A COUNTRY MCMlUKNi.R ANI> FRLIT K A KM UP Ikl nrrra for sale and poemaaion Immediately, one mile tuuili of the city of Now rtrunawirk, N. J.?A very good Intni % ba t Mpry iramc house, 40 by 39 leet, j,-ood barn, sub!--. icn bonarf 4c. Tkt land la riok and In tine o tier. Over fluo i-nx big mill tree*, all choice variolic* vU; Apple, near. piim cberry. peach qnlnce. Ac. Two and half acre* In jrnpeaand riapberrtca, large * !nea, 'At acres plained this ?^rin< >u corn, oat*. wbeiit. early :ind late potatoes and a gram varletr of Ti-teliil.l" i 'I he wniih eu j af Ibis farm front* o i h lake of over one nille in .euulb. doe boulUig, tkluug Ac. Will be oltl low on ac.^laxJnjr term*. Apply to WM. DPMONr, Wo. I Wall alraet. ABKAl'TIFt T. FARM. NKAR STAMFORD, COX.V.,101? Korea, lor sale ?>r lo trade for KmokJyn or oily pr-perty, | 17 im. 110 acre* 28 nilla* In Bergen oounty, N. J., M.UUU, t both have ^o.xl fruit and bmltliifa. ! W. II. MKLK'K, *07 Broadway. i flOl KTHV KKSIPKNCE FOR SALK-THIRTT WlffCTlN I VJ by auaa from forty second atieet, on the New llaven Railroad?te?en tralna per day each way?se*mi mlniltee' ' walk fromdep<?- twelve city lota Vt l.aad iindcrdrtlned, In a | ?<*hI slate of culthavion, aud well aU> ke! with fruit llmiso I til collate ?t>ie, forty one feel front, wit It |>sr<or, dlulug room, kitchen neven badtuoin*, and a ilr> cellar t Itithonaee sniu I bic far a borne waion, oow. pi^a, and poultry, tiood water | In well an.l In cistern. A convenient r*ai<!?ncn for a ?a. tic 1 man doing btiiune?n In tbn city, frteo t>i Mm flanaof tha l ho<i*e to oe seen at the office ol R. O. ll VTf 1K1.D, Arcbitcct, ' 8> ' VerU C' 1UESVTKAKE BAY, POPLAR ISLAND OYi-TgR ) Beda?For aa e, 290 arrea of ?ood land ti'ider miHi'.-a1 Uon, with Rood Improvement*. aUordlug ahundimcu of Um Ileal 'Itiallty of shel. Oab, balblBir. Tsliln/r nhootlnr.Ao .4r A cbulce location for a aumaer rearr: or utel. The loon an la i Tery pleaaanl, and noceartl.le by ?ica:n'>oat? la' y; hart-or excel)?iit, forty 0ve mllea from Baltimore, mid fifteen fro n Ani napoha. For partirnUus apply lo VAN WlAKtiE A M lN.VNtJ, auoUoneeri, So. 1 fine ireet. Farm for hai.r in nrw jKRsKr-wru. rxchange lor Ntw \orkciti property, St1 u rea, it iiaa (o>al [ house and oiitbulldlti -'S; half a mile from ITnl hi landing, three mllea from Kahw?y u"d twentv mlVa from lila clly. Apply 10 \t>I 8. cIIaMUMUMN, 70 Roblmon alreet. t">IRHT TT.AKS FARM OF KKVKNTIHlk A< RKK. IM r thorough c iltJralloo; bouae, barn*, aiatiltng and au'booaM Urae and In lint rata cond.tioo land a n? ti deep ? *!, wtlh beaulifiU aeenery, with IU own aloop landin x and ' hing. To a farmer or a city merchant, tfcls etlera un'iau il advanI tngea. Kasv r>f s ceaa "vpd within a few h ura uf ih.i any, on 1 lalaiul Hound: i'rice t'l lUI, the prndti.-a payin( a lurge i utiirwL AMrtaaX. I., tot 171 H*raldntto* JJ1UR SAl.R-4'i ACRRS OF OROf'NO, BKAPTIFl7t.LT r ailualtxl on Ihu N >rtli hhrewabury river, al Moum'* l>ook, where ihe ateatnera ply daily lo and In m >ew V<irk. aljotnlnR the residence ol If. N. Wild. Ka<| . bonnded on t?u ntdea by 1 Ihe river, overlooking fhe o can, and inrere.l wfih a heii'itltiu I grove of locnal trees. 1 be above property oil era many u.i)m meuti to Uioac wlahii.g a aBlcndid locslijo, eilhcr lor ? priv.iM) residence or a hotel; la lu the immediate \ iclaity of the rallruitd. For t< una In i'lire of ( apt. I'A Kh ait. .! ilu< in .hia id l.uhi I foot of Robinaon street JOHN H M(IHKlHu.> and *6 | 1'srk place, New Yolk, urlol JOhKI'lI U. MOUNT, u?ar Uin ; | rtmlara. fiK)lt BALI?A <\>RXKK IIOl'ilK ASt> LOT ON KHIUTII 1 avenue, or will sell the buali.cM* and (We a lf-we, now occupied ?a a mmt, poultry ami liah market. ln.(uim ?l &ii ; Klftbth aeeaue, corner nl Twenty aeventh mranC IjV.B 8AI.K? A NK AT, CoMKOItTAMI.K AND CIINVK1 nlrntly li?*Ud house on lU-rgt-n Hi.., south <>l Herfen rmre. went side, ha.I an hour'* rioe Innn tersey i ity ?i,d hoboken terries by raUmnd pust ihe ho'ise, fare &c?uis. Tbo Ereu.iaes i usls: i f a twi. story Mid attic and l iuvurnl fram? ouse, coal oailiir under vide ??U, (he lot Is thirty f?et mint , by I.Htdeep, ?til stocked with tniuaol all kind ail '.? *.>11 ,t liarjfsln. Apply ou the | icaiiaes ul C. WAT tlNr*, uu*i tko I brick icbi i i house. JjtoR UAIT?ACOT NTHV RVMDKNVK, AT VATOCHTlf. P Woodbury township, New Jersey, oue-f.urih mil* from Oaintnel'a Depot ou tlir Jersey Wity aud Philadelphia Railroad, frouliiuf <*\ Hip Newark ami New Brunswick turnpike road, about four milna from New Brunswick, and Iwpiry ri It ?n New Varfc, consisting ol live m tatii eiccUetit lunl. weiiteuced into**/den. on knrd and mendow. Tin Hou < U one and a ball sto rle*. with cellar ftall (Ue; !?rti itid oUtnr ontbml tin :s in go.*! order. ThU prifCfll lain the Immediate vicinity id sev?nt] chnrrhes, schools and an academy. nnd perfectly hen lihy almost hourly i"niii*Uiiioalu.n with Son York bv railioad Th* ' abon- property will be fold at a bargain It applied for imm?ttan ly; <tir bail ot the pun-has* money n.n remain on u .n-4 kin! nn rtn-s''. For Inrther parllitilara ?ppl? to TI(iM\H W. KTBONO, 15ft| . No W Nimaa i utreet. r* b> tha Kubacnber on the proinlw-a Imnieduile po?n>'M4on vlren If rmiulrod I?AVH' KAN ^ , Maluchin, S J., (Winner Dep.*. EH)R HATJt-U I/?TN OT OHftVhO, ITI'ATKD ON JT the Necond arenue. between ruly fourth atxl Fifty firth |trf*U The abure a4* a III be aol l iu toruia lo cut buildnrs Apply at the offlc of the Second Averrte Kallmad Owpaay. gorucr ot forty w<nl street aixl Net uml I/HiR *A!.V-A %*KV FINK FaKM, t>V K> A HKM, I I ?.tuai?.l 1', mUea fr.en tin' lla kenae. k j n ta? Of ibe Nonb- rii ballroad, and nine n.ilra flhnsa llotHikaa, ou lite IF|< k P7. Dk H ad, v.Ju*U:a for bulhllne Mies tf" fanrtttff I irpnoe*: has a floe fnm! nn the Ha<kenau k rtrer, a KAkI lartu W>ii??, convenient |nii'hmses an I plenty of friitt tr'eg Will * ?> Id a Ith or'* Rhml the ?irk or crops ipoo H. innidr" OI *' ? iAiHIsI1K. y.i & Kxi-liange pU"?, Jenny dir. 1jK>R SAI.E-AT rOBT WAPHINtiTON OUR op TIIB f in 01 bt'kiilUtiUy h?al?d Rulldti.'.- e ? nn tsliuid. i>pV'?he the PlUleaiea. It k-i ' ? ri < . <!? > lip and 4i an the No: .h river, acu Uaeti salMe m..u> Uines * day by the MudI I feivef Rai nWMl. Tin |'!?X cori alnsslx t eb-.en arrea, inal nttlda fiutn Ute Klu(?l ridji. load lo tb< North Klrer. It b?a i. ,, ,i si ling (f a iter. 112 Uli to fi-'ukUtau roin-iln on bouil i d a*wtc?(f. f<* fnrthir |Mrti<ubii( a<tiire?s /art ? iablutit' n. lio? l.ilU 1' 4 0Q.1 e. tVjR HALF?A BA RO AIM?OXK OF T1IF, *OWT DR airnhle I'outtrjr l'lai<-s at Urn t :.<-,il Hill, ronn-irUciil. 'iwerty acres beat land, I rittt treea bouse. r >niain|n? iwelra loi tna; lari.* li.m, two ?ella. Ac. trier H OW- *1 uml .-.iab, I'Slnrre >ni bm^l and ir t*:i#e at sli par ceot. Hil till'I'Y, 1 id Bowery, f??n 1 lo A L1' 1 ' n M ' "v P ' n ? , ?? r * , r ix , i ?r?-?n X* firm, r ,nl?tulii|i 7.'. wrre uf rireUrnl I tivl i?mH ?; mile# fr.m the rfcy.ailmluUit l/io village iif Whlto I'Wui. oft I he biul?ui Keliri?ul. Mi Ihr l.tvoiku* I* n ftrat riwa omvtita In me. a farm b< .tar. 'erri h 'ire, bmne. Ac ; erll ?*uirr<l kan.<?|. nmcof tbe n,r?i irarelb4 atieota la W. n. if.uj.ty, Ih ? |.n>rertj Kill Im .id him. till any I ?.i*u or p'iri taw- rronoy m y ron .*n u> bm.i, ?r will ? ?< hence tor iwim .aalx-reU ruj progeny. A J< treat i'? <Li, ?lw-?- I'mii >. N \ orMK. lot asp ptorf ro* rat.*, or jbkmrt etierl. Hew H?ltM"a Mwlen Ideal, > h?m> tor uh i 'ell at i:u kulah atenr.r, ii elwe, ur m, ?t> iim ptare lert (Hi n.oit;..?r rrom* for niitir < r kx?ni**jit-iiiRFie Ji w4 hrt. V in ? r>'"1 I?-H?I. Uxl na li?ir UlllBMi a rnu? ?.i<t llnnv aworrl atrri-L, In I r?~l r.i.lei: irolnl to H>?1 Irtun WUI no *>44 In ? If up | plwil ! r immnJalely, aalki'Ouiitrla about Ui leutt lh.> ciVft ! in iO(ir el 1> a ay. Hoi's* arh l/t wakiki? ir brooklyn ? Wi nt?"l lo P'iri I. ? l.j. w.r.tlih ii -ijtlwotiM, ?n ? Itflhio iii ?r at. ! 1x4 m Urr?<l? . Price i? i liu 0 treed Rl.xl Alii it ar R. II. R , H> rail omt'-. \ | (tsT rTiiif a hi"ifTTrr i r<i picTrr pom *u.r-w At ?|| II- 111 I ' ? ? ! ? Ptflh KVOBH*. I." I'll Mil I tfeh ?lrp?'?. M l<?? of Or nil In . > |il A, lemwtrl I lb? Fllthjitri. .e. I'At Ami IMt'i Mfoeta al?i Urta on Blilfe .,r. ' an I .? I nr.h Art-el fro Vrtmi apply lu Alln.WlAM hll.l. H MiRR, lo 1*^1 A row. 0" R AMOR, RRW 'HRKKT~~MTXTT <'<M TTRT~?KVT?, *1 h|l ?o ..II-' r*nn? *J>.i V. ,4 i??. * gi .?n| r^flol?, fx nfo' . ' .*? 1 itir h r ti ? ?v r lnnill *lri-?( r..r r?M MMt lor Mir 1% U> S kt II. MI.Ai- K WfKI.I.. W ?Vl ia? Mrr" .1f? Turk, Hum f to U 1. 1 II Main Ureal, Or ?n*o. i tatr.m. Tr**AMOWA i n wVi n*nl!< t.ARW WATTRD-fif r*. V<T f fur ?i Mln? enrr'^fr* en.I J?wlrr Perfoci of Iwx! ri jnlred. Ad lrtw, far two deye, boi UT I t rr.4 < 3 <e ii^rn wi ?t ?t M>Lr>Tiiw WKP* AT A fTA?-riri< *?r. > IdralH op I*" llei "m nw the Htjr; IwniriiM tllLI * I fn rrm'mn ( <rw~ ?.w, nv M '"I ? ? mm Ko. iTfym *"*, k?bi *? 9. AH TV Tun UKr?rR.-t<?*rn, iitvmo .tr*T rbtt r"**!? Ir m I'urM, .W" to c*U ?fU.iUon to hn c.4 t?,1 (if flaTM'rui agi n h Ifcr MrtiUflB of Ik*' -!n lrr?t*? 4 k. ?UtM.ah ? ptfl lW< 4?Jt"i!'JX\.vtrr r"n>*'tf,u'Jr. d WIMKTHtli, Impirw, Jtnmri No. IS M< 84(1 BmUilag, u?mi ut Wartli ?r?ct Md Hn.a1*(?T- ___ dimtmtmt. AarjriruL rjunM.-wc40TirUL hpct? on niHi ?fiw, V, ?" fOiA Mfl i.t*Un? ??; ? 11< mb S?T ?l& drcl* t'-tfe 11. T??th nlfrr) *nd ?f.r?r>??| wtthmrt lk? IwoatiKin AntUeMi bno# llilin* U Tie.. tt UH Mtitk trwim, Mtirr?n TwU fcDd *>t< ?l* ?nrl4 ^ _ Dr MTHKB, P-nttac A",'"' r? torwVsiLr??V"r* niiM ",,h? ^J!Tj "7J<y^r^*>:''TC';'r? ^tSSSw jj&5?s?3SBsgs??!S *** ?. M??0. SMo^Md hRvp-?t->'!? ufrrow ftnn wt?*tt. I Ii-^tm fa,!*ta . f Tf^tk MI parr ??* ? *1 * do. ir?M, B!^3fcrsiftyis?w3!?*a aa WltHMk. 1 T Ifl NXTKK. UBAOtTAffr>~?r(l(.KOV nnjrTMT. Jit k .? if!?WHI? f*1 Twrwtf dM atn*?t, Mwm !? > . rfw iy ??< * >lli ?!" i.ii?. IN IV ORIFFTW 4 n*f* , n*l?TT?TII, 1*0. CTfUUTO - VM K ? ?od It; rtiik* nrwt Rmntlm. laawt fafe I rr n .! ' : ?? T?w'h rm th. r t|Ti| rt??<1 ?) K?rt?< plMa. * 1 i- r<-- ? <>n ?ilr?r pt, ?aib?rnr ' ' ?. . i .. , aM ( i'l.Bpf | i? | ?w>. ? "?, *I^H

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