Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1860 Page 8
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I , - - - . White Houm and be renewed by the President. They I ' JariU tear* ob Sunday afternoon, return to Baltimore ud 1>rvoeed tbeaoe to PlttatMirg, Cincinnati, Ift. Louia, Spring| fteid, niLooka, the borne of Liocola, ud tbeooe to Chicago. Oorernor Floyd left here to-day for Old Point Comfort. Cel. Driakard ia Acting .secretary of War during bia abs ieiw The tVutal Convention are enjoying a floe entertainment ?t the National Hotel to night. Mr. Bo?|lu at Prerld?et-Tb? Claaa Baka, &?. rxvKwqf tTimcoucii aeiiTereni ?o auar?w#* inia mnrninf, smd an animated discussion ensue.l upon district libraries. The Business Committee report tea topics for the constUerat.on of the association. AFTERNOON SESSION. Boo Bixbt H. Van Dtck. Superintendent of Public Instruction, delivered an able address on the school system of New York. , A report on the influence of not Ires in education gave Tit* to a lengthy debate, In which the "woman's rights" question bad? prominent place. The report, which took ground RfaiMl this movement, was adopted. EVEVTNO SESSION. & report on the natural order la the developesaent or Unman faculties was submitted, discussed aad adopted. An interesting address on practical teaching waa delivered by W. f. Phelps, of the New Jersey Stale normal school. There were some 1.500 persons In attendance during the lay and a larger number during the evening. flesignatloa ef Chief Jsstlcr Rhsw, Ae. Boero*, August 1, ISM. The resignation of Chief Justice Shaw, of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, Is announced to take place next September. Judge Shaw is nearly SO years old. Eiplesloi of a Htiaairr?Lo? ef Llfc> ' MkKrma, August 1,1800. The steamship lacrosse for Galveston exploded below th is city to da v. killing four persons aad wounding three other*. The boat and cargo are a total loss. U?s S30 000 The Chicago Zossrei. Bxltimom. August 1, ISM. The Cbxago Zouaves arrived here thL* afternoon, and were eotbus.attlcally received. To night they are giving an exhibition of their drill at tlje Maryland Institute. A yreat crowd is in attendance. The Case of Sherman M. Booth. Mil wirm, August 1, ISM. ^:i?rman M. Booth, who was arrested some time sines ed who has been awaiting his trial is the Glover rescue 'Case, was taken from the room of the Custom House, where he was noon today, by ten armed tea, wbo placed him in a carriage they had la readiness, which drove off with hia Into the country. The United State* Marshal and his deputies were at dinner at the .lime The Jailor was silenced by threats of rtolcoce and locked in in the room in nlaoe of the orifoner. Death of lion, laaac A. ]{kra> Jjrou*4rou?, lad.. Angjat l, imo. A pr'rata deapatrb from ltalpb) kUt?? that Hon Uaar A P.tec. republican candidate for Oonfre* from the F.gbth d.rtrlot, died it ten o'clock to day after an lllnoaa oC tblrtj iU boar* (rlrbrtlloa of KiaaarlpalUii In tha BrllUh Writ Indlfl. Toao*m, A 1, IMO TV t?reo4r r.xth utiTirmrj of emancipation la tbr 8- tlah Feat Indira wm celrbratod here to day by tb? co f fd pop Mat Ion. Soafhrra Otrm Rtraaitr Norrairnti. SAVAXXAa, AuffOt 1. IV*) The I aiU-d Platra mall Alalia Ma am red at Tyber at half paat ala? o'clock Tuaaday ni*ht. and at U?f wrba/f at haU pat tbta (Wednesday) tn..rt..ivHarhrt*. N*w OataAa*, Juty SI, taoo. Cotton flrtr aalea In day 1,:<00 bale*. including ? balea r w Pt ret atffrr but (|Qotatlon* unrhaap^t ralea of IL.'f- da;. 1 2 S00 balea. rrcripti da ."0 hahw againat 0 bale* the aame time but year. Kacetpta ahead c4 laat yea tna balea ncelpta at all Houtb^ra ports atwad of lael year 7At? 000. Rror*pU of new crop to datr 4* afatnat t bairn the aamr tlmr laat yrar. Hupar hoayant and ad * aocrd \c. at 7Vc. a %\t. for fair to fully Mr. Tobacco firm t>-r?? white Southern Mir {a ; white, tftkfa. I'ratcbu and exchange unchanged. Nirw OaiaA*a, A'ljrJt 1, 1*00 Cotton rnrhaafed: na Ira to day 200 bale*. FHror doll at O6 40atf>?0 Whirket 17.0. Frr.gM of cotton to I.'rerpcol ?jd. Tbr rrat of tbr market unchanged Mown t Jiiljr 31, IMO frtt i??alti of three day* 275 ba'ea Receipt! <k> ;?0 bale* Mbmiht<>, A'iguat 1, 1*00. t .dtoa?Rrcrti.U to dale 3M.4A0 balea, atfRlaat ?M lt? |.a.'-a the ?? time laat year. Pbipimnta of M? MO t'aV? *?ala?t 834,736 t*Uct suue time but > far. Stock ta port. 4 Hi* balea. B4iTT*aaa, Aocnat t, 1 *00 flour firm and adrar.ced Hjtc ; City Mil'* lad Howard treet V St 'f. Whrat aotive and flrtn red ?l ? a 91 ?0 while $130 a tl #0 Cirn firmer: yellow 70o., at bite 78c. a "0c . an adranea Prorlatoo- ivucl and ttaadj WhJikay lirmer uSl^e. a ? AraA!cr, A ijpiat 1,1**50 no-T tn^re actlre rotmt- n to ritra Ptate, $1 PO ? 9* V foramm V> r f > a M 50 romrnoa to ftra Ouiad'AD, *4 f^ocjr to c^tra Oawc, Sr M?M TH Vb?*?-Fn!M oU amllM wkntlmTaM ?? ?1 it, fctd * car tot New KHHr-r*rc<ui m ft 31. OkU?Mm It 000 l"#h?U lit 87*?f * P?r , *al TJ'.c. a V?r fc? <'*n?.i?r, W??tcrn ? I Pul* Oom Mttklly b?l|r under mr.r? wco .r%g'.hf ?<rW' win N?w \?rn ?' * v>,<*? K?b?H ~ *:* ' ?."V **? act* nt rKovronroi, k. I., Auguvi. 1, ww. ft Ur Douglas ?M received here this afternoon by aa ad, to nnwN ooliectloa of people, who, beaded by a military ;^>7? - a band of mualc, esoorted blm to the City la the wooing be ra serenaded, and a great 'jlS assembled. Be addressed the crowd, and waa ea'tically applauded. Unusual preparatioas bare I?. for clM? MLk* at Point to-morrow, J^^yU no doabt but that it will be very largely attended. . Judge DoufV*8 WM with enthusiastic receptions -fo-day la MaiM^ter, N. H., and la N'aahua. He made a brief adefrem ta **ch city. -S>v poaglaa RaUlMtlea Meeting at Sstvanv nnh. SjLiAirstM, Ga., August 1,1M0. At tbe Douglaa ratification meeting in thla city lost Sight, Herac be 1 V. Johnson spoke. Several slight disturbance* took place, and be ?raa greeted with yelta and vflki&ae*. Ha continued, however, and made a powerful Speech of two hours duration. *Wfce Ytasf Dsmecraey Mats Ceavcatleai ttOANU, August 1,1860. The Convention of the Young Democracy of the State twimbled at nine o'clock this morning, when resolutions were adopted declaring emphatically la fhvor of popular sovereignty, and endorsing Douglaa and Johnson. J. Daggett Hunt, offered an additional resolution deBouncing the Personal Liberty bill, and the extension of uffrage to negroes, which after opposition was withdrawn. The Convention resolved t o hold a mass meeting of the yoiuig democracy at Albany, September 20. A plan for the thorough organization of the State was ubm.ttcd by J. A. Page and referred to the State Committee. After the transaction of considerable business or loss general importance, tbe Convention adjourned tint die. ConfscaalonsU Nomination. Br. Lons, August 1,1800. P. B. Fouke was unanamously renominated to Congress yesterday from tbe Eighth district of Illinois. {The State Teachtrt' Association?Second Day. SntiCTis, August 1,1800. The forenoon ?u occupied In tbe consideration of two reports, oae by Profeasor Thompson on ?ral instruction, and the other by Miss Mary S. Anthony, of Roohester, on tbe true basis for (lading public schools. Both reports elicited interesting discussions, more particularly the latter, which urged that mental qualifications only should l>e the bssis, not the accidents of condition, blrtb, color, ftc. Miss Susan B. Anthony, Rev. 8. J. May, Commissioner Allen and others advocated the admission of colored children to all the privileges of our public schools. They argued the question on the ground of principle, urging that It should be acted upon as such. Professor Jewoll, of Albany; W. W. Newman, of Buffalo; Mr. Whaeler, of New York, and others, objected to the conclusions of the other side, on the ground of expediency. The discussion was a warn one, and continued till twelve O'clock, when the association took a retro* till two P. M. The State Association of school officers sre also holding their fifth annual meeting here to day. Hon. H. U. Van Dyks is Chairman. 1 69 Xe. aOOc. A t*f load of Western mil ?|| sold at 97 Me. Whiskey?Mm 400 bbto at ?e. a M^e. Onmo, August 1?0 P U Flour dull, but unchanged, with small sales it 96 25 for extra State. Wheat?Market bettor but quiet ealee 0.000 bushel* new red Ohio at (1 16. Cora held at 64c. * 64)*c., without sak*. frtber grains quirt Canal freight* steady at StTc. on flour, 8c. on wheat, THc. oa oorn to New York. Lake import*?7.600 buahets corn. Canal export*?1.000 bbls. Boor, 14,400 bushel* wheat, D,E00 bushels oorn. ? . _ Btrriu), August l?l P. M. Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull, and notbinf of importance doing. New red w inter u selling at 91 to Oorn steady: aalM 40.000 bushels ut f.Jc, Canal freight* !oaporUi?300 flour, ?6,000 bushels wheat. 24,000 buahela corn. Kxporti?&.C00 bushels wht-at, 96,000 bushels corn. ' ? _ , Btttalo, August 1?4 P. M. Flour steady and ia moderate demand sales 600 bbls. at ?4 76 for State. 94 76 a 96 far extra Wis conata and niiaoit. $6 a $6 20 tor extra Indiana ana Ohio, 96 60 a $6 for double extras. Wheat steady and In moderate demand: aales 10,000 buahela new Chicago spring at 91 02. 17,000 bushel* ne* red Ohio at 1 0?, 6,000 bushels white Indiana on private terms. Corn steady, sales 86,000 busheies at 60c Other grains nominal. Whiskey quiet at We. Canal freights firm at 40c. on flour, 18c. on wheat, lie. on oorn to New York. Uke importa to August 1-394,866 bbla. flour, 3,601.109 buahela wheat, 6,640,164 do oorn. 484J80 do. oats, 8.9S6 12,010 do. rye. Canal exporta same time? 76,816 bbls flour, 2,416.289 bushels wheat, 4,916,318 do. oorn, 028,197 do. oats, 6,949 do. barley, 94.933 do. rye. _ ^ ? CmcMM, August 1, I860. Flour dull and tending downward*. Wheat fas: salsa 87 fit* bushels at 90c. a 99o. for sprtag, 91 s 91 01 frosa store. Oorn lira: sales 36,000 bushels at 43*<c. a UKo. Sa^SySt. SS^mSMB oata. 8hlpm?ata?100 bbls. Hour. 80,000 buabk wheal, 197.000 bushels core. 6,000 bushes eats. freights flnaar, I at 6c. on ocre to BuOalo. Bight exchange oa New T?k 1Jj prenim Ctmw*Tj, August 1,1199. Flour steady. Wheat closed with as adraoctag tea dency. Whaikay declined to 1990. Provisions and all a Mailt tea considerably dedteed. Mess pork at 919 M a 918 79. The money market continues easy. Political IatcUl|tarr, noimi uabouxa auKTiox.?xne urn engagement or me fell campaign of 1S60 will Uke place to-day la North Carolina. There are but tiro candidate* Tor the offlcc of Governor In the Held?John W Ellis, the preeent incumbent, being the nominee of the united democracy, and John Tool, being the candidate of the old whig or new national Union party. There are many local questions brought In issue iu the election, which to a greater or lea* degree affect the strength of both candi<lates, but In the aggregate each wlM receive very nearly, If not quite, the full strength of the party he represents. It Is Impossible to predict the, as both organizations seem sanguine of succcss. The following table shows the rote for President In 1866, and the popular vote for Congress in lid'.1 ? 1366 1869 Democratic 46.246 43.92H Opposition U6,?S6 36,967 Democratic majority 11,840 6,971 A Boot o.\ th>. Ov.ikk Ijk;.?The black republican journals are raiding a great howl over the cutting down of a Lincoln and Hamlin pole in Virginia; but little incidents like the one related below are not worthy of record. On 84 in day night lact a party of Wide Awakes, In Lowell, Mass., took down the Breckinridge and l?ne flag, which was suspended from the Museum Building In that city. The next morning nothing but a small atrip of the flag was seen attached to the line on which it had been run oat. Oac or rut Twit* W&lmd.?One of the twins?the white one?of the republican party has been weaned. Little I'olygamy has dropped from the breast. The black baby continues to nurse. Jomno* ok thk Simp.?Gov. Johnson, the Douglas candidate for Vice 1 "resident, addressed the citizens of Savannah on Monday. Tar rani. Floras.?The Hallows Falls (Vt.) Tinvt says that of the nine names from Chester, appended to the call for the Breckinridge Democratic State Convention, seven we not voters, three of them are unnaturalized Frenchmen and Irishmen, and two of them are minor sons of the postmaster, and there Is one more also a minor. Thirteen from nine, how many remain ? ruumAb WHIM.-* AT ion m AiVAi ?me worre?ter Spy aayi that the opposition in MaK.-varhasctt* have a (bought of combining upon Hon. John H. Clifford for Governor, against tlio canamate or tbe Repubhoau Cod vention. A Rixuit >o* SomncM Fiw Kutwh.?The Savannah BrjnMiran, alluding to the hospitalities received by the "IBnes*" la New Tork, saya ? If any other corpa In tbe city la troubled with Ore eat era in ita rank*, we recommend a similar excursion, it being currently reported that every cane of the malady among tbe " Blues," gome of which bad become chronic (torn Tang standing, has been effectually cured. Kbrn En*.?The Cumberland (Md.) Albanian, having been purchased by the Douglas men, the BullHin, a neutral paper published In that town, has raised the Dag of Breckinridge and laae. Tnormxo wm Xwiav 8murs?Ibe Intimate ft lends o" Buchanan tear that tbe harassing controversies which are thrust upon him Irom every side, will wear him out phystoally before tbe expiration of bis term of oflce. He Is troubled with night sweats, snd is obliged to con fine himself to a most severely rigorous system of dial.? s r. i\w Troubled with night sweats, poor maa I It must be something very extraordinary, but we thought night sweats and day sweats too. were quite common when the thermometer stands between eighty and ninety all through the twenty, four hours. K.iowt*g thx n-ACK RarunurAiK ?Judge Sample Orr, who Is stumping iTseouri as the national Union candidate for Governor, tells the following story to illustrate how little there is to fear from the black republicans:? lbe people are beginning to know them as well as the lloa knew tbe donkey with whom he was travelling. Tbe 'pair b<-coming hungry, the donkey proposed that they should turn aside Into a corn field Tuey did so, and the donkey, having feasted to bis content, was pre paring to leave: nnt the hoc said, " What am I to do? I cannot eat com.'' 11 True," said tbe donkey; "but if you will lie in the bush here, I will go into the thicket yonder and fWjthten the deer with a bray, so that you can catch one wb$u U>e* MM*!* to escape '' Tbe lion agreed, and the tacksj*, going Into the thicket, brayed so terribly that all tbe deer In It came ruoolp- put Tbe lion seised oae, and made a meal of tb# prey. Oncoming back, the donkey, with much conceit, asked: "Didn't I soare them t" " Tsa," replied the lion, snd you would bars scared ssa, too, if I ha in't known who you were." Police InUlll(iat?, Aiimikp OwviMxcr Orr ha tor Ca?uhv.?rt>me days since several merchants called on Otptam Walling, of the Detective Police, and stated tney had been swindled kv a dashing ladiv.dual pas in* under the rum dfplinmr of On! W H. Quant reel, who had purchased goods and borrowed mooey of tbem, representing himself to be a wealthv Soutbein planter. The raptain pliccl the C*?c w ilie band* of Detectives King and ?owcy, and after a te-iioul fan h they arrested the Onlopel last night in llrooklyn. On br-in,. taken to tbe Central Police offline he was id en tided by the t Ktuns of bis alleged conOdi-nce operations Tbe prl <ier la abuut fifty years of age, and has q'Ute a portly and gentlemanly exterior. By tbe statement of Um com plainant*. ft appears thai nearly two wocka since the Colonel made the acquaintance of a clerk of a wholesale house, and represented himself to be quite wealthy and ! rairo'ta of mai'ng a few porchai-'-v. The clork Intro il'tceO I).la in "ire oi dii rr-*i\<i?, ana im remtii ?** ine Colonel. It ia allffcd, wmdlc t tfi.-m out of atxnit $1,000 In good* mi l money. The follow log ar? Ihn utmra of mitnr of the inaera?4rnnrt k CV? . U'lor*. Rri?.lw?r J<**e I*ne. r*. ti $f?. C H lUlrh k Co., alitrta, to- , Mi) <>?h?n k ntaaen, watch and > lialn. $70 C. I- ll"l>iii*nn, 101 >pnag >trect,rtab $20 O. H. Vorney, SOT Broad ?ay. ca?h. 9Sf> J H. Fullertoo, fknry'J H Bmtlir". rarriagr and harrvaa M40 and wvera I other prisons out of RDtti. amounts. AiUkai I Lien wat P'vimmit.?Early last errmng a S?pa iilard, aimed Juscph lvkbaoo, wv? ]<?.' ?!tig thr< ugh R<?m Toll atr<H?l, when, it I* a l?fsd, be ? knocked down bf Henry Jooen and William iivmrv aid roVx>d Of 9J> The two tn- n tin arrested and i?k Led up. Amy Imlelllgrnce. By direction of tbe President of the I'm ted StatM,I d?n?ral rtnirt martial la directed to convene at Fort Pa! la', Or>|pw.on tbr I.Mk day of Feptember o'Tt, for tbe trial of ? 'n military d?llt> ( ieota ax hall be brought before It. Tbe Court will be compoed of twrlre offl <-r?. Brevet Malor Reynold*, Third arttllrrr, w ill pr side, and tint McKeever, mm regiment, will act a* Judge Ad\o CMlO % lh'* iwr authority a court martial will aa.?'?ble at Fort T**aa at winch Lieut. Col. .1 V Brnnf-wd, Fifbth infantry, will prrmdo, und Brrret Lieut, Col B ?> R>b?rtt. mo inted rifle*, will act m Judce Advocato. Li?ut J. C Irea, Corpa of Topn#r?phi< al Kaglneora, I* 1 detailed to art an Mtrorifimer ?o<l urr<,r?r <>< thicommlaaioti to rna ?nl mark tbe boundary iino between ilia terrttriaaof tbe l''itt< 15t >t< a a>il the stale of Callfhraia. ! Sb<- .!d yrllow f?*r?r make iU appearand tbla araai-n on f'.lliTiji'a lalaiiil. C'liaiitalon U.trb >r, rod the maaaura i? r< rcmmcrxto* by tbe radical oilicera of lb- p<#t, the 1 c?n>n?aadlnf oils. *r of thai at at Ion hwb?fa autborlaed > to BW bl? 'Dtlre comuiaud lo J>m ibville, North Oarnll nv mtll Oirtber ordera. Tlio roasmani garrlaonlnsr Pulllva.Vi :.l pre-ent conaiatf of two cogapuulei of tlia I'lrat artillery (V ajd H).C>pta!u*Poublcda> and Knowl ton. A* t**T>?an?on?T? Parrt ?Tb!? m<?rn n*. *%y* th? Ro ch??ter f'm'aw of tbe Stat a party of nine colored peope, irom rrabk'ln county, Virginia. paaaed thro :U tbfi city r?I fbr Canada They went to f?n?j>euii n Hriilge, an I tiava cioaai' 1 iuto th# Uoeen a d-mimou- era tbla. Tbe < < ropaay ctii!?t?d tf a woman, a boy of alzbtr^a, a trak".'. ni?d ai* ?lrla.f>r>:n ai to I tteen yea'? old. Iht- wonian f-Utrd tlat *be ?m pr rnilt.H. with bor c<m janin??, to w f-nm tt> bM?e c' er ?:??'** to T'?'.t. .at they crtfo fr l the kmraey lot Pens't'r-wilA. and ^y t'ia i?*'.ataji t of fr 111 had ft.! thi a 'ar on th< (r lo< roe; to faiaa. 'ib?*? r*r?. -d *me aa? a'aee' h--e at 1 w"-t en t.?* ' w>y w *... a p* afef". of b inf f" t~y\ { ra la t -ffli *?Vc a- 'f . EE W YORK. HERALD, TI Military UtrlllKearr, THB imOT OC4RD, Or KKV B1VIV. lfcls napuj of military rial ten continued to rece re the honpital.ila of their huata, Company A, b.xty n nth regiment, yesterday, and from Kit appearances tre well satisfied with the hospitality of our cltl.wn ?oi4iery In the morning the Emmeti. under the eeoft of the Irlah Puellpe**, Ckpt. Flood, pnnuled thrnugb the city em Bar as 1'nion square, ud marched down Broad way to end through the ?Nt Rate of the fart, and halted la front of the City Hall. Frwn the latter bulldlnf the State, municipal and national fog* ere displayed, and quite a large concourse of spectators assembled to witness the rertewini ceremon ee by the Mayor and Common Council, tub uvaw. At ten minutes !>a?t eleven o'clock the ?iiiuiry entered the Park, and formed in line In front of the City Ilall. In addition to the large assemblage of citizen* there was a Urge representation of military men, among whom were vui, wnuiM, puiymuia regiment; ex-Uul. u iwueuy, do.; Lieut. Col. Nugent, and Captains KelJy, Klrktr, Br eel la ml Lieutenant Oanuon, all of lb* 8lxtyninth regiment. Mayor Wood,, as noon aa the troopa war* formed for review, descended the City H*U steal aad walked to a prominent position opposite to the military tine. He waa accompanied by Aldermen Boole, Bag ley, Harry and Cornell, and Oooncllmen Lent aad Plack nay, aad the Iter. H. Hart, of New Haven The troopa went through the usual review ceremonies, in open aad tdoaa rank* aad marching In column by plalooas, hut we an aorry to anaannoa la a very Mutormt aaaaaar, by a radical departure from the laamurd teaohtreef the day. After the review the ofieere of the Cmmet Gaard were lntrataoed to the Mayer Major Wood, addressing Captain Cahlll, of the Guarl, aald that he waa happy to Welcome the Emmat Oaard to Mar York. It cava Ma (real pleasure, on behaM of the city, to tbaak them for this visit Be waa (lad to aaa tbt MiUrr spirit evinced by our eiatrrflMt* af Don nontlent. He waa fraud to wcloemr them here, aad while doing aa ha kaew that thoae in whose immediate haada they were would do all In their power to make their vtalt not only agreeable but profitable. He treated that after their visit to our pubfc Inatitutlona and other places la tlie city, they would return to their homes with a pood opinion of the hospitality ot our cltl/ens, who would (ire them such aa he knew they dm<r red. Capt. Cehill made a brief and appropriate response to the Mayor'a remarks. The military were th?n marched post the Mayor and out of the west (ate of the Park down Broadway, and up Park row to and tUrotigb the Bowery to the Wetitihester House, where they d.ned at half paat twelve o'clook. thb ni.vvra at tith wx?tchkstsk hotkl. Six large tablua wer? spread, with accommodations for two hundred guests. R\ erything calculated to aatiafy the tuner man waa provided, and after a rcaaouablo time all apjteared quite satlsQed v*::h the good thing* of which they had partaki n. After the din of the clatter of knives and forks had ceaaed, Oapt Fiooo, of the Irish Fusileers, proposed "The health of the President of the l/nitod State*." Thin sentiment waa briefly responded to by ex-Alder man Mr.xMoa, of Now Haven. He closed hia remark! by propobing "The health ot the IrUh KuMleera." Captain Kioon, in responding to tho toast, said that never in hia life bad he seen a body of men equal to tho Kmmet Cuard. He put them far ahead, in his estimation, of the Chirago Zouave* or Savannah Blue#, becauae they are fostered and united by a kindred spirit of justice; be cause while the other eou>i>aniee alluded to were eueouraged by the popular ?ympalhies in their course in their own States, the Emmet Guard were contending against a bigoted feeling in theira. lie hoped they would continue to discharge their duties aa soldiers aa they ever had done, and that their ranks should augment in numbers and now strength, and live to counteract the unjuat fee lit) 2 against them in their native State. The next toast was?"The Emmet Guard, of Sew IUtob." (.'apt. Cahitj , or tbe Guard, in responding to this toast, said?In rlatdk to respond to the tocut, accompanied as it waa with such flattering remarks from Capt. Flood, in which the latter gentleman remarked that he considered the Emmet Guard second to none of the reoent military visiters to this city, he tboaght it was placing bis company on a olatform to which they never made any pretentions. IIi.4 company never aspired to a great degree of military skill; It was not to that ond their present organisation was institute!, bat ratlior to uphold and maintain a constitutional principle of justice. It is a right that every citizen of a certain age should bear arms; and UiM right la founded on tbe constitation and lawu of the l'nlted Mates. Hie constitution says, in so many words, that "every white male citis?a, between the ageg of eighteen and forty Ave yearn, shall bear arms'' when called upon for military duty, with bis command It ia considered a duty as well aa a prerogative: bat this right had l>een ruthlessly invaded by a bigottod law of his (Hate. This law was exceptional and erratic, and could i scarcely be attributed to anything, it was a sort of a spasm. When the pre emptton law. which disbanded these orlgi- J nal erganlzationv, was publicly announced, it took the public mind by surprise. The law was paternized by | only a few prejudiced individuals. Its chief author waa founfl ia an accidental Governor (Governor Miser) of : Connecticut, whom chance threw upon the surface of tbe | sea of politics Wbeu this (Jovemor assumed the reins of power, almost his first ottlclal act was in carrying Into effect the ftrutt of a demented mind, by considering tbe Erlna Uuaid, tbe former name of the Emmet Guard, a detriment to the militia of the State of Connncticu and forthwith ordered Its disbaadment. This act was not only unjust and unconstitutional, but it assumed the character of a great oppression, as the oompany at that time bad just completed uniforming themselves, la order to meet the requirement of the State law, at as expense of over two thousand dollars. Tbe comDanv at the time (bit outrage wm committed bad been organised three years and six months whenjthia bigoted Govereaor j cum into power. No reason waa (Iran for bic 1 illegal art ion, Iter be coo Id taatfn nose; the com- : paay bad compiled with lb* Mate law la every i particular. An apjvnl waa taken to tbe action of the f Governor, and tbe matter waa referred to tbe executive J council; but that body excuaed tbe action of their matter by say tog that it waa a gubernatorial prerogative, with whivh Wj had no; authority to interfere. Thua the maitter waa distniaaeJJbo Okf M Uie Governor waa concerned, bat the moo upon whom thU unjuiV waa intended to operate were not to be cruahed In thia man ner, and they therefore organised aa in independent < om I pan j, and have since nrovi-d to the State or Connecticut that tbey are well qualified to maintain their position as gooi citwcna and smldirra. While Lie company wore a part of the Plate military force*, dm person ?w |>ermitied to bear arma in the ranks but citisetu of Connec- i ticut, and be challenged tbe State, after the disbandmcnt bad been issued, to ahow <_? * < , or a coxl, I legal, tangible reason for ita execution. N.? n^uton , waa aligned, for tbe simple reason that uonc c>uld i be |ivee. but it wu readily Mfcrrcd that I tbe prea>riptive gui>ern*toriaI action wan because tb<y wif Irishmen. Capt. Cabill cijoimu'-d, but II happened that he waa a native born citizen of tbe United .*?tat<w: and In tbe Sevormr'aattempt to cu'.down tbe Frina Hnard, in carry In* out bia Know Whins .dees, be did not scruple to cut him doau also. Hut lbi? blgotted tJovernor >1id not succeed in bit base 1e?i gn. the Erina Guard, composed aa ihcy we-eof Iriab working mm and nvcbanicB, and adopted citizens of tht> (r<*< ant bappv land, were not to stand Idly by and bo tbm wiped out oy the itmplo ipri HtU of an unj i*t 'Tfflcial. but caatinnea tbeir military organ /at,on to tlis day, ' although under a new title. Tbeir ollorts to make them aelvea thorough soldiers for their aJ' Pte-l country s de- i fence have pot abated, |u,d tb?j a'a'iubl? at aj.p>>mte<l llm^t at Ibelr dr!U room for m iliary liriprov .meat, although lo m doing it waa at tbe *acrld. a or tim" *? ) daily labor Tbe Imni *t Guard do not assume or aspire to be the Ivu id.oi of soldiery; but, in continuing tbe preaent organisation. they believe tboy have rxhu which the i..?Jortty ol tbe people of thia uai.on uphold? nlnely, that crcry abite male citucn * in duty bound 1 to Nwr nrmn and bland ready for tbe defence ard in be | hair or the country to whicb the) bave aw< ro i-oipatual i allegancc. TWIT TO PI.ttTX Or AMrftllRKT. At three oVIock in tbe afternoon the liuard and tbeir hosts visited Nixon's Circua, now performing at Nibio * theatre, by invitation of tbe manager, and 1a tbe evening tbey vlfltad Wallack's tvatre. riutfiiuMvx roR TO-PAT. The 1'jnmet (Juard. under tbe et-cort of a eomplim-mta ry battalion of tfc? fi*ty ninth regiment, I.i-'itenant Colonel Robert V'lg'Wt corn mam !mg, numbering about eighty men, wilt pr>*v>cd on a visit to the pnblio irstitu lions at Randall * and Blackwell'a Inland <>n tb"lr re turn to tbi* city a baa>|uet ? ill be given, arid the visiters will return to New JUrco la tbe eleven o'clock P. M boat from Pick dtp. BOSTON H'MIRKR". The BoMon Fuailiort, Captain Hnow, with a full ttafl, willleave that city on the 224 of Augnst for Montreal, Here llifjr a ill l>c IIIO |?au OI IDF ?<mirw r "I mi t< ry. Tif f will arrive at Montreal on tbe '.Id, fo (town I he river on the .4th In nwt the Prince of Wale*. and b? preaent at tbe grand opening of the Victor* Nritgo on Ibr'^6th. Tbe corpa will appear tn their new gray nalform, an J will bo sconmpanied by tbe German** B*ud Prnnnal Intelligence. Mr. Jobn c. Hrcaaa, tbe Benlcia Bit, will shortly, with err-Tal dWlngnlMied artiste* of the prize rmg, five as e*h bit-on r.f Ostlr science at Jones' Wood. Mr Il< nan Dow ocrnjriea a cottage at Newport. n?o c; A. Orow, of Penney Ivan it i 0>l. Wntert, of Tela* f?pt William', of the I nited States Army, and/!, tlsrnnm an<l family, of Baltimore, are now stopping at tbe ft. Nici< la* n 'tel. W O Vincent, and Mr* A. A. Dclancey an t daughter, all of New Orleans, and R. J. UTinrstone', of New Brunswick. are mapping at the Ererett House. 11m. C. J< hnaon and Won. W. A. Forbee, both of T nneesee Hon O. I Terry. of Connectlcot; C*;?t. I.K.Colt, of tbe I nited Stat*-' Army. Mr W ?win,ofthe I'altad State* Nary, and W Rol>ert*rn, of Mississippi. are stopping at the 'Metropolitan Hot" I. Judge IMfeniteln, of ivnaaylvantf; T 0. Wynn.of New Orleans; W. p. Rigclow and lady. of l*>-tot?, P. t. Huertas.of t uba; N. K Mlddlrton and It (iilrtxi, botb of Boutb Carolaa. and N. OsWn, of St. Jotepb. Mo , are stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel ft. Thomp??n. of I'tlca. N. Y.; T. MeOnlkMk and B. J. I*e, both <>f Teuoesaee. R. C ftroie. of Mississippi, and R. Crlnsdo, of Havana. are stopping at, tbe bkflarge House. Married, la Charleetown, Mass. on Sunday evening last, Mr. I>?nicl Norwood, Jr.,f>f linker's l'hnd. Palem, to Mrs. Mary E (.rare, of ('harleatown. The partle* are both d<-? mutes, and the ceremony was pe'foraied by tbr r?r. Mr. lamhert. acrwrtlng to tbe Epis< pal form, wb < *1 was interpreted to the partlea by a *M*r M the br;il<- mho w I! reran! In the la' *>f sigas. * a-gr n i s.?r ?t d-*f m te< wrr? p-^e-il .nd t r ? panri olj in ? highly gratifying manner Rl. Rit n:=NP Iwtls and !arfy, rf Rmtli Cfcrollnn; ( e5"*l Jr^er'i !an? of oreeni Ocoera: ,'ohn W WhitAriu, r( *Uhu Hen. J"tin Jl i*?''rrti,o'l*_.i ?lj, are - IUBSDAY, AUGUST 2, 18fl Tkt Ureal Vukl Itmcr To-dmy. Tb* (ml 7Mill net bciwes* UwJalliMdlMtM romes off to day over an open aea coarse, and jniii ma (A b* lb* lam rac* yet Mac* the etMnM contest between the America and all the world, ia which the Amerl cm carried off the prise. Tbe yachts which run to day are wall known fsat ?:tu?rs, and have both woo previous honors. The courae they have selected i* from gaudy ' Book to a alike boat twenty mile* to windward. This { will five then an excellent opportunity of displaying their sailing powers at aea, and will poaaeaa tenfold more , interest than any river or harbor race. The prUe Tor which they contc nd is a pieoc of plate, valued at 9260 Tbe Rebecca uu.ortunitely met with an axideot yes| terday, while coming down tbe North river, having | stranded ber shrouds; but, nevertheless, she is all right I again, quite ready for tho race. It Is lucky, perhaps, : that thia untoward mishap occurred yesterday, for bad it i happened while under heavy sail at sea the result might . have proved disastrous to the yacht and bar crew. As It ! Is she is now quite trim again and In good racing order. A steamboat will accompany the yachts to aea, and afford an excellent view of tbe race over the whole course. Some line sailing may be expected, for both boats are abls to distinguish themselves handsomely. Mias Adsuxi Path at Nswtort?Tae Invitation havleg been tendered to Miss Pattl, by some of the leading visiters at pretest stopping at this fashionable watering place, I* giv* a ooacert there, she has decided on Thursday, the l?th inst., or which date a grand concert will b? | gtvrn at the Ocean House, Newport. Coram*re' Iaqaeitf. th* urrn anon tmrrnr boltxo. The Investigation In the case of Juaa B. Uastarino, the Spaniard who was supposed to have been stabbed and murdered at a groggery in Baxter street about a year ago, was resumed yesterday at Bellevue Hospital, by Co roner Jackman. The body or deceased, which had pre. vlously been removed from Calvary Cemetery, was carefully examined by Drs. Kinaell, Edwards, Beach, Wel^e and Ferguson, and at the conclusion of tbo poet mortem examination, the following report wa3 presented to the Coroner:? We, the undersigned, having been requested by Coroner Jackman to examine the body of Juan B. itusiarmo, recently dtsinti rred from Calvary Cemetery, beg leave to present the following report.?The coffin had undergone very little change. It was slightly pressed on the Hides and top. On removing the lid the garments surrounding the bodv were in Home places unchanged, w hile at other points they were (tamed black by onmlng in contact with the decompos'ng tissue. The d.xea**d had on a white shirt, canton ilannel drawers und white cotton sock*. I'pon rumoring the cotton which filled the mouth It waa observed that there were but two molar teeth la the upper jaw. which were filled with gold. The lower Jaw cou tallied only ninetieth, in a good state of preservation. The b Jdv was placod on the directing table and the head removed for exi.mlnatlon. An Incision aeroas the top of the head showed the scalp to be firm, consistent and well preserved. A carel'ul inspection of th?- part showed no 01travasation or marks of external tiitury. The ralvarium was then removed und the brain expoaed to view. This organ was al'^hl'.y shrunken and admitted of preeection of Ita h<m (spheres. The difference between the oortical and medullary portions were distinctly marked, and Uie convolutions well seen. There was no evidence of extravaI sat ion into the texture or outside the membranes. The skull waa unusually thin, particularly at the temporal region , where for the space of an Inch In diameter It was not thicker than a ten cent piece, and at many points U was an thin as a sheet of writing paper. A careful examination was then made of the nock and spine to ascertain their condition. There was no dislocation fracture or Injury to aay or these parts. An Incision made In different regions or the body showed that the muscular tissue was in a good state of preservation The satturos of the cranium were carrfullj traced, but no fracture was discovered in auy part of the skull. T. C. FTNNEU., M 0. JOHN FKROCSON, U. 0. F- 8. KUW ARLS, M. D. JOHN BKACR, M D. num^NUdlL'tl TO if tv u n uiiniriwi nbn nr.ur., at. u. The result of the post mortem examination Liaviug bean communicated to Coroner .1 ackman, that otftcta\ mumatod that there *w bo necessity for pursuing the investigation any further. The physk lans oould not discover anything whereby the charge of murder could b? sustained, and ne announced the caae closed. Barendam, the person accused of having caused the death of deceased, wll 1 probably be discharged to day. TBI JONBS' WOOD BTABBIKO AFFRAY. The inquest in the case of John Ppriging, the young man who was fatally stabbed at Jones' Wood on Monday evening, while skylarking with an acqaaiaUnoe named Wl'Iiam Shediam, was concluded at Belle rue Hospital yesterday by Coroner Jaikman. The following is an abI stract of the proceedings as they transpired before the I Coroner? I John Kelly, being duly sworn, deposes and says?I reside at the comer uf Thirtieth street and Third avenue; | on Monday afternoon, beiweeu lour aad lire o'clock, I I was la Jonea' Wood with deceased shortly after we came ! there deceased came to me and showed me his coat, which he said the prisoner had cut, be then asked me to I lead him now kaUfe; I refused to do so three or fbur times, | bat at last let him have it; I saw deceased go towards the prisoner and cut bla coat, the prisoner at the time had a knife la his hand: his bssk was turned to me, the psitoaer turned around and made a tbrualat de. <anod with his knife; soon afterwards i!<vessed csme to me aad handed me bark my kalfe, and told me to take him away from there; I took hold of docea?cd by the arm: he looked very pale; shortlv afterwards be staggered aad fell; I raisod him up when he fell s second time; I then left deceased and went to look after the prisoner (Hheehan). afterward! I went lor a polleemaa. *bo helped me to carry deceased away; 1 law blood on bis shirt but did not know at the time that deceased wae stabbed : the oRicrr told me to point > out Sheehau > did so, and rsheeLan gave himself up to j the officer, 1 heard no hsrd words pass between the de- 1 ceased and the prisoner. Ihnmm Iloran corroborated the testimony or the previous wtuteee as far as the cutting of the prisoner's cloth'* by doeased was concerned, be did not witnese the xtabVng of dtceased, but beard the prisoner say that bethought he bad cut deceased, and w?a desirous of giving h jage!f up. d d not hoar any liaid words pats between the prisoner and deceasoi. rol.esnw.n Ascbeni>ack, of the Nineteenth precinct, teetided that be arretted the prisons, and that upon doing so the latter admitted that he stablted di>oeased. The case wss then submitted tc tho Jury, who, after due delibctation, rendered a verdict of "iviath by a wound { * ith a knife mfl.cted by William Sheenan: but the J>.ry I are of the opiaioc that the said injury was inflicted with- I uut maJioioua .nwot I pon tbe rendition.of lb? above verdiet, Coroner Jackrrsn hold the accnnetf to bail to ?w?it th? action of the (.rand Jury. Deceased ?M a of this city, sud waa nineteen years oia. a Chiip kiujd ?Coroner Gamble held an ln(|iie?t at No. iPC Wato?|iire?>t, npua the body of Henry Winklcaett, a ehiM about are jr?r? old. who died from 11m effccu of injor no accidentally received by being crt*hed by a hngaiioatl of s<ijrar roll in* oM lum At Ibe cufur refinery, mm-r of Montr wry and Water street* Verdict?"Ac Jcatb. " Brooklyn City New* Bt -i>tm im tib Touix Corn.?The following i? a liat of tbe c*?es disposed of by Justice Com well, of the Urook :yn|I'oilce Court, dui .eg ttc mcntb of July, aa funnahad by tbe Clark. Mr. M Walsh ? Tntoricatlon Artault an1 battery.... 1.10 Violation or ordinance*.. 191 Petit larreny to \ agrsn< y 10t Klgbtmg m streets 16 Cr?nd lareety 13 Threats H A"?ai:lt Wllb Intent to kill 1 Ma!l< iou* mischief. S VoTK -rr 1 Attempted rape 1 A(?> It on off!cart 9 Abandonment 4 sell in* diseased meat... 1 Burglary 10 PiMiidcrly t?n.<tart 1 Violation Sunday laws.. 11 D.'orderly b50?e 1 Truancy 1 Aa'lt with deadly wcapn 1 Kalse pretence* 2 B eamy 1 Riotous assemblage l'J (Ytte'ty to an'mais 2 ? Total ?47 Obliaary. rAT***?** sruLit, or Tit* navt. Tbe numerous friend* of Paymaster John F. Steele, of tbe t mted .-talc* nary, will learn with deep regret of bis death Me died at tbe residence of his mother at Harmony, laucast'-r wiitf, fa , on tbe 30th July, among his d>str?o?eit relative* and friends. and tho?e wbo could admlnirwr tro?i aflect.ooaUly to bim in bia laat moments. Peace to I: Is s'her He was one of tbe gentlest and kindest < ( frier,.Is. His numerous friends in tbe navy ?\mpatb|jc n.<*t truly with b s relatirea in than sad all! let Ion. BeaitlMI tompl?ilaB.-l.a?rtt'i l.lqaM fee11 baa achieved a ^'-brttr aa bating no equal for beautifying aad pra?iMa* Ow tklu 431 Broadway. R?rry*a Trlropherossa la the Beat ?n?t rlKM?pr? ?r la for tli*?slnr h"? ! - el'-anning. I |.rr?rri Ins and reatorlng the kalr. Ladles, u jr it Hold b/ ail truMtm. liftlUla CoavalalonSf RIW. W I , ? ni.l m h rn.wi II | r?u n |\I< r 'nwn-u i???In* will atanat maUnilr rahr?n giirlnf la tfe* bownla *od wind rolle, and ortmnw WFAflTJI.K < OKTtLMOlH, wblrfc, If no* gpr+dllj r?m?<ll*<1, end in PKATH. It In a lan ib? tmM and nrc?i rrmMr In tba world for a!l raa?aof ltTHBITTKRV Dad plAKRIKKA In rhlMr'n whO*W 1 It arla?a from irr-lhing <* from ntW n ih Moid by ali dni|(Ma. twaaty tncMM boula. Dr. Marati to Apply Ilia Ka?tnal rnr* Tr>i?a wllb arwwaa in eOroUo* immnrml enraa of bam la or riiplara. MAIi.-ll A <X>., No. f Vaaai alraat, N.T. Wc Krad With Horror lit the Watrapa- ' prraofUM) abolraata dMtrvcUon <?C chi'drru by cbo'rra In fantnm, R>*ra*iBna infaatlla. mamlnlona, *?. In tfcnaanda of <na?i ?h?rc HOI.I/iWAT a Pill* h?>f b*? n tiiaaqr atimu.t wred am a iinrir daaifc mi orrnrmd. Atklnaon'a Parlalan Taoth Pa?lr %rrr?f? <W?f id voath and claanara ihrm tbnmnfb!? At Kl <MT' >'!?. Kaahlon'a Mllri Aptrlrnl or A?U-BUIIom? Mlla. with dlr?"Hmi? Ni> HI Aalor H eiw ?n ' 117 Hr /a ?r 1 I>r. Klnnr'a * *? Tran.-T??? W*at Trtia* J fo* bot wrath*!" am) f r l-a:b.ny, Cbaap t f?o con ,r?a I I'a. Itl * ?MM) ' 0. Him I Pr>w<?|? mtKrmnrr, Bro?dbriti 4k Ca ITtiacxa* us. Aotm i, um. 14. 61. 46. 49, 47. 23, 27. -0, 2, 66, 69. 60. COMOUKiTU Lom.HI, OuH l-TO, AVODtT I. 1M 9, 24. 69, 12, 31, 46, 48, 60. 66, 16. 60. 69. 20 MUXCS, BROAMBKNT8 A CO.. Ituim WKmiB(U>ti Delaware Drtwlan or U? Drtawan Mat* Utt rlaa.-WoOD,TcDDT A CO.. MaM|M0( Ike MUWJU, KRNTUCXT AX* MIMOUH1 (TATS LOTT**I*a. Kitma Cuv No SM, Aoooir I, 1MB 76, 2, 26. ?, 62 . 46, SO, 87, *1, ?9 . 8 , 74, 66. DtlAWAae-CLAja No. 964. AffCOlf I, laaa. 13 , 69 , 72 , 20. 26. 3T J4. 10. 8. 19, 46. <6, 67, 65. Otreulara ml free of rh*nr* by IflllinaalaJ either ID WOOD. KODY A CO., Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD, KDDT A CO.. SL Louto, lliaaouli Ulllrlal Dnwlan of llodgn, Darlf i OO.'B Oo?mmn Lottw&a of Oeorgta ? Clam *8, Aooctit 1, mo. 69, 67, 47, 16. 6, 60. 14. 32. 19. 4. 2B, 45. UODOKA, pavib a oo.. Macao. U corgi*. Tki Owat Kaitor* liaati H?U Btrmi and fella. WHTTK, halter, 211 Broadway, eppoatie ft. Paul ttank. 111 Flat IhlrU, ?8. MOODY'S Hhlrt Manufactory, M BrutJnj. Faacjr Catlerjr, rmbrarlap a targe v? rtaty of Sporlfmen'a. fen aud Purkei K&ivet. o(the moid ra and beautiful patterna, maay of whlrh have nerer betio befo Imported. For aale by J. A 8. HAUNDI&8, Mo. I AjU Plata Hotel De Hwtagraphr.-Pt Holmes, 30 Broad tray. 34 Card Porwaita for 91. Noraltv de Art.^^ Braadrath'i Q0IN1TS8BNCK OF 8ARSAFAP.IM.A. THIS BUST PREPARATION OF 8AMHAFABILLA la now for aale at Ma 2M Canal atraet and Na 4 Union at axre. 06 centa per bottle. U rover * Baker's Celebrated NOI8KLK8S 8KW1NU MAOHIKXR, The beat te oaa for family aewtnij. _ . w imuvij, new ion. lffl Pulton ilrM, BnjoAIya. Brooklyn Photographs.?.Williamson' Miniatures, Cabinets, Imperials and 1M? Six*. Two tori/ am (MM Pulton Kti^rt. Th* Ear?ka Sewing Naehtn* Can b< paid for Is weekly amounts. Ofltce 4?> Broadway. A?em rani Whe?l?r& Wilson's Sewing Machlnti.Oflice fiOA Broadway, N. T. Ladd, Webster A ('o.'? Improvad Tlgh Hitch Sewing Machines, at WO Broadway. HtrrlBi'i Patent Champion Pin and Burglar Prow tefss, Ml Broaaway, oornsr of Hurray ares) Ksw York. French's Conical Washing Machine. ? Depot 419 it: ?j? .) ooroer t/ ? ?l street. Price HO. Acknowledged Best?Foreman's Mprlns Beds and Mattrrsae*, all kinds, fl'.ted to aiij bfdjrtcftd. No. 1 Ureal Jones street. Dr. J. Bovre Dod's Imperial Wins BitUra are universally acknowledged lo t>e superior to all others, and are used My pn\ mrlans generally lo Uieir pructtce. I llAK. WlDDlKlKI-D M Co.. l'roprirtorn, 7i William street. N. T. Batchelor's Wigs, Tovpses and llali Dye hare Improvements surpaising all others, natural an< easy, perfect HI, no turning <>P behind. No. If Bond street. Cllrehngh's lllulv* Wig, an entire !Vo> Telly; partinR unstalnable; no turning up behiud. 29U Bnmd way. Dortbeaat corner Beade at. Crtstadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Tompees, the best in the world, wholesale and retail, and the Djt privately applied at No. f Astor Hill, Inimitable Hair Hair Dyt SO cents, black or brown. Depot No. 1 ltarclay street, and sole by all druggists. Married. Carrinokm?Caw.?In thiscity,on Wednesday, Aufui 1, at the Church of tbo Transdural ion, by the Rer. Di 0. H. Houghton, Jims Mohrl-*? Ci rk."?<.t<>n of Astorti L. L, lo Adrlia K., eldest daughter of Rufui 1*. Case, li-; ol Now York. Goldir?Ha.v*a?(>o Wednesday, Augjrt 1, by Rev D. Alexander Clement, Mr. Jams" MtD. Goldir, lo Mia Mart ILtinu, botb of this city. JoiiMtoj*?Nichoiso*.?At St. Peter's church, Peeksklll on Monday, July 30, by the Rer. K. Roberts. Willia* C Joii.iho.i to Mart, daughter of Ui? lute M*jcr A. i Nicholson. ninn?iicuuni?in nomauijr evening, Auguav i at Newtown, I/ing Island, by the Rev. James McDou^l H??ky M Kkith, of Williamsburg, 1- 1., to 1 ji us, d40gl tor of June* t?uLkner, hnq , of the former pU,e. LniuruELO?Flowskt ?On Wednesday. August 1. at tb residence of the bride, by the Kev. T. J. Sawyer, D. D Mr. nwm C. ijrmmiD to Miss Klkajio* M. Ku)wwt. McJukx*?tVimiji.vD.?On Thursday, July 26, at Si George's church, by the Key l>r. Tyng, Jotfiru MiIubj: of New York, to Giasi* J. Cowtuun>, of Brooklyn. Died. fVvriJt?(in Wednesday morning, August 1, Joay Doru counsellor at law. The funeral will take place from bis late residence, Nc 161 East Twenty Sixth street, corner tiecond avenue, thi (Thursday) afternoon, at two o clock. la friends an tboeo of bis brothers, Thomas and James Doyle, are re spectfully invited to attend. Can a-In and Tippernry, Ireland, paper* pieaso copy. Rim-In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, July 31, Jusara El BKK, agod :;9 years. TIio relatives and friends of the family, are respectful!} Invited to attend the fbneral, from his late resldeooe, H TaJIman street, Brooklyn, this (Thursday) afternoon, ai two o'clock. Gar ?At Walpole, Has* , on Ttmmftiy, July 24, after i long and painful illness, Mrs. BirSJxjAT, aged 81 yoars. iiodton and Dedbam papers please copy. JlkYTR.?On Wednesday, August 1, Frkdot W., Infant on of Devi and I "bee be A. Ueyer, aged 1 year, 7 moo I hi aiid 5 days. The friends and relatives of the fcmlly are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon at two o'c'ock. at the residenoe, No. 126 Charlton street 11, ladelpbla and Orange county papers ploase oopy |H*r ?In the city ol Brooklyn,on Wednesday, Augusi 1, )'aT>urK H?:0, late Alderman ot the Twelfth ward, I native of the coun'.y of Clare, Ireland, aged 40 years. The friends of the much respected deceased, and thoe? >.f 1. i r> tl,'-r .1 ,hn are respectfully invit' d lo attend tb< runerai, rr"m nta me rraiaroce, ni rrcsiacoi ?iroct. < Hamilton aunue, Brooklyn, on lYlday afternoon, at t?> o'clock. The remain* wiU be interred iu G?l\ ary Oenic tot/. Cillfotnia paper' will plraae copy. II??.Tme??m Weinwday, August 1, Johs HotrHr*, ii tin atftli year of bis age. Tlx- r- lathee an<l frien la of the family are mv l I li? iU'i.1 llr> Iunaral. from 111* Ml IdUWI onruer of >orty fourth atreet and Third ar'otie. thu (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, witbuut further do lice. UrsT.?On Wednesday July 4, at Li*boo, TNirtugal Mr*. Fi;x?*?Tn J., wife ol oamual J. tlunt, ui lUc 67U year of Ik r a^e. Due totkrc of tbe funeral will bo given *fler the arrtra of the rorr?* ILikiki.?Of Inflammation of the iung?, Runner* kUixrr, lb? beared wife of .lonrpb Markey, oaiire oi tbe rlty of Dublin, Ireland, aged year*. The relatives and friend* of tbe famllr arc reapertfally ;orited to attend tli? funeral, at lialr p.uu >uo o'clock, tbif (ThurHday) tfl< moon, to Calvary Cemetery, from bei i ' -ne?\ 37 l'ark street, now (Voire atreet. California and Dublin, Ireland, pa|>eri pleate ropy MctUakWr?On W?dn?Majr morning, Augu-t 1, Ijuh Asst.only daughter of Danir! and El ? belli A. Mci.trvey aged 1 year, 10 moullia and 11 daya. 1!io relative* ai d friend* of the family are retpectfullj Invited to attend the funeral, tbl* (fhnrada.v) anertmou at half pant one o'clock, fi xn tbe reaideuceof ber parent*, 150 M 'tiroe atreet y,<,n. ~<m Iu *lay July ."1. Mr* Cmn 'i?a M<<??> aged 'Jb yaara. TL? irteada of the family are remectfnlJy Invited to attend the fuaeral, at one o clock, till* (TbnraJay) after nr*'n, Oobi the corner of first avenn<< and Twnoty third itrert. Her remain* w.ll be taken to Calvary Cemetery for Interment O'Kwra?Oa Wednesday. At.gnat I, of couauaptioa, Sim-* A. O'Kutr , in the jil yi?r of h:*?*e Ilia friend* and Umee of hla luther, l?a\ Id 0'Keef??, ?q<| lil* hr' tliera fran< la B and Jeeeph/VK-er-, arere?pe?t frill} in\ itcd to attend lb. funeral, Irutu lu-> late realdaocc No M *llk-l Mrect. Ro?tu ?On Tuesday, July 31, EiJUarrn Moiuu*, wif< of Re* M'>rae Unwell, in the C#th year <?l her age. Tbe iricnda of tbe family are r>-?|>c<Mf'illy inTited to at tend thefuneral tbtt (Tliur?day) afV -tiooe, at ftiuro'slock, at the lYtatyterian church in Seventh arenue, belweot .HfTi nleeuth and Eifhusealb alio la, without further lavl tat ion KwaiKA? At Cherry Valley, o? Putvlay afUrmion, Jul) 29. eldrtt daugbter of JoUu I and Martha Shield* aged 23 yrara. Her remalaB were Interred in the cemetery at Tarry lull, WW heat# r c<.iin?y, S. Y. Cikiiw?In thl? rtiy, i"idd?-nly, on HVdne Aug'i*t I 'if lanammati'-n 01 ?'. ri n au<i d?? mi Rnnrrr tMvam.i*, agrtf 52 year-. Tlio rtlallrM an>l friend* of tb< ?1ao tu? m*m Inra of F.xct lJ-lof \ah\^ 106 f. ?r, i A .VI , ar? rebprrifullj nivit< J to atUixl tho from h.? l?l<* rend im?, 'M Third nrrni*, tbl? (Tltur.-day > alVr?<r ?. at two o'c lock Tb* ii?U-rm<?il will tak* filarr at t,r, ii?i?hI, Mi **?.??m Wcdo'W?ay. fAtigi.ft 1, only m of J<>bn,aiid Mart* Sl'irW' ig-l II month, mil ! d.ii *. TT)'' ft load* of the fumUjr arv rr?|>.rtful1y invttrd l< attra 1 It* ftin<-ral, <>n Frldary afternoon, it hilf |??l ?M i ' * I, ffi.m I Hp n< IIJ V> < <i 1u ,rt/ tiurd ttri-ot nr\r HoTcnib irrtw. wiiIki t !urth#r invitation Tnumpx* ?Suddenly. Ml Wftlnr-Uy, Aitgoal 1. K*HJ A., * Ifi* of (1arl? * f Tlioa| < n. and <tni vtit. r of Mr. A . ard 9 Tli< tiin'-ral w ll tir allm l?xi oa Krulav alWn?a, ai four o'clock, at th* h?u*? of lior father. 77 O rnv<nl avrn'ta, a t. w doori aortb of Mvrl.-a.fnu<-. Rmotlya n?r frcud* and tbo (r inula of Hie torn Ilk* wOi pl<?a? at trnd Without tnrthi r nntk*. tUM f l-l. \ \ KOI <*. 4 MtllMA IMIIH.Vi A?til?V iV fiMi'anilr R' " ?d Anil f?nna'>t '.tj .. .... Cur* mum a BROHnilAT 'I.-??lirrr*v Ma* V I'M ? I B % ??.*? Bf. ? l-r{r? ' |>tr .*?*. t Tor* k) ??4i .* tto . . t ^ ^ 5 ? At ft A IT A CO a. Wo MI Hroaftwar t+rarr ot Warren au-ret, tl?? Ijft AUeatloa la irrtWxl Id tlx lr Urrr ?y>rk of UOLP AND BIL\\ft WATCHKH by Um foUmrtag oeltfcrakxl outrn ? t u>.-oo> Ckarla* Frodehsni. Jusm ?-*ldvr!. T. F. <.'00??r. Joha Iran, " lt.ivi.1 Tnjlor K. C. Bruce bn*j<i? 4 t U Ainu A K. D. Juknac%, Kobarl Ran a Co. ? Fnn PUiilp' < Cu, J.C.IirtiiUs I<oul? Aud?rani. TarS*ro*i M Cu lV.'Uta, Jamra Nardin, I?H l>i.r**ae, Julre Jurrsn?*?, C'?y?ik>K?n Which Hey offer at wht-ww and rrUL. ai low prr>a. fc AT BOBXBT RAIT a CO 8. w _ A Mo Ml Hmadv.ay, corntr of W*r.-*? K?* Try* i la oAwmI at wbolrw* and i*U?ri a rrrji Utrgt ?T M?i ortmw" ?r OOI n AtfV an rij* w\TrH?* hv *1! (h? r?l*>>rai^ ii??k?HiiAi LONDON, _ LniWOOL ' 1 and o**rr*. at remiffd prlrea ALL DKAF PKRHON8 Who HAT* EAILRP TO OCT k- t'lRKD lUfWHUIIt, r. : hhooi.p at once call i? OR. VON MOHCVUHXXll. OCCTLtBT AND AVntWT, Who will J 1 RKSTOIK THKIH KKABTNO EAR \AroHI7.ER. i which reatorei the bearing to the mew. nhnnntr runo. a# MS a? eu>f>a I he noiaee to the head. may be rooHi.V.ei on all MM ul the Kje and Kar l ma v til 5 o'cinc*. at 107 Clinton ITaoe, Kl?hu atreel. AT 1ttIOLJC8ALK-SWOAR8. VKRT CHK.U?. 0AM b Lij en are tartled to eumfne. Barnls* ( unw'xal O. CHKICts, if AGENTS WANTED-IN EVKRT CITT AND TOWX IN the Coiled Male* for ?Je of Tborley'a Food lor Horw ad Cattle. Liberal term* allowed. Addreati Depot, A Broadway, New York. BOUDOIR 8BWTNO If ACHINRS, HARRIS1 TXTMH*? This celebrated aew Improved doable thread, prtM Mfe . Beleerooi Wg H? Broadway oppodla the HL iflrtwf. ! TJKYNARD k CO., it FA1KNT HOIHF.KKPER'S RIFLE. INFALLIBLE IN8RCT FOWDRR I I And VKKMIN DKfflROTm i ' The on!y Irnly reMalile articlea to ritertninata Bedb-xa, Oni ton H"*?, Harden In. er*M, Rule Mice. l'rin^tpal depot Iff Broadway. Bold by all dnimHeta. ! flORh*. HVKIOHR, INVERTED N MLB. K NT A RCMI VV Jointa. mid a!: dlieaiei of the feet cured without pate m I' wnvenlertre t/> the patent. by Dr. 1.ACHARIK, 4kr?-??i t Cbirop<.<ti?t, 7&0 Broadway Rerera to ph<?kuuu aai nuiaoMi of the city. , rvRAWINU OK TRK 1 U OR AND ( ONSOLIDATKII > LOTTKRV or PKLAWARK. Drawn ut Wllmtniton, Del., Tueiday, July 31, 1N>. FRANCE, BROJkPBXNTS A CO.. MANAUV.RS. f .V.). PW:<. ,Vo. Pri i>. .V,?. P,iv. Kn. PrtSf.lJfa. Prim. u ;io?i 12x12.. turn lxidi jsum *iw> cm mi 13(0 r?*> 15MB li?> JW. 2?V SW?J 1'Xil.WH.. un 2174 lit) (MM-...SOW X/7UV....Iu>SWH7 1I?'| ?4'? IK luu insa... iui2iaM....iu>.'<iud9....M?laMn' S7I2 luo 1J7?... l(?iia#l.. .MOSISW.. li?l|?l?75 ....00 , iflZI ... HOO 12JC3. Burnouts l?? Sl*? ..lU>|.1MM....tOi ivu nm 1*111 wnlwiB* mo o ?wh m? 13.134... loo :?W7 ...looIsKtf . loo &3tr>... um \xtfO... i<? m*....loolm*. .. .uw w:x& . ictu 6635... MM 13141.. 5000 24014 .. 100 33705....100 IllU .. WO ? 6134... 111)19636 . 100 26UH lull S!7J8 ...loo U;l4... .100 ' W.. MV 13HI3 1U0 3M27 H?b410?... .100 O'Ol ..180 1 ft.-.l 100 13012... 100 2569* ..1C?> 34411....100 42X15... 1JU 671H... 1U0 14100.. .100 2?*/7....l00 hltMS ...100 4tH? ..1J0 7if? loo i4i?7 ...looma.:. ioojwos....100 4410s.,.ioo . 71)11... ltIO I41M 100 774W ...W0 36JU7 .. 10U 44*70 ..Id 8I-J0.... 100 H4<>9 . 100 274n3... II?I.1?S1... .100 45ltl ..100 KJ23 1110 16106...1M r?M... M0l3aS....U)0 461*5 .. 1UO W17 100 154.1*.... 100 27?4 ... ino v?;s ...100 4730P ...3000 VS.VS 100 1*2(7...1UO M? l<MHSM7....,00 47613 .100 ' P28S.... 100 160W6... llll 3*203 .. 600I9MM . NOOO 4*03 ...MO ? 1(075. .100 17*0... 1U01KM# ...100137162 .100 4*gl ...100 10411....luo.noa rwoi... k?ist4m ... 1004?rr ...lao 11270. ...100 1?186... 1U0 20101.... 100 37304... llXMIMOD .. .UN , 11372.... WW 1 1 APPROXIMATION PRIZIH. tfn. Priz*. 1 ffo. Prtf.| A*o. ttn. Frh*.I Jfo. PH* 43 M*<i 120S9.. M 134*3 ..?IWi!281H6 . |*i| 4*0.' . ..Mi 43.... (00112630 Ho,20*i34 KU JHlfl ... ?0: MTM ... OU 4A ...4I? 12632 80 31*36 300 *Ti... 200 4*735 01 It 4? 4<W12#S3.... *> 30637 300 M*33 .. VV 47307 ... 100 132*1 MO 13430.. 100 JiUSH ..'UO 0K3S ?? 47XM .. I? I, 13231... ?ll 13440.... 100 ?0 3Mk* JOO 47?W .. UO 12233 NO|1344J....MJ0 381*4 ... CO 40731 > 47311.... 180 ' 12231 SO, I Tlxwe 25 000 tlrkela roiling * .th ?*n nnmbera .2, 4. 6. S or 0 are nch etUUcd to (?.lo adlitiin to nay oilier pr.xe Um may draw. ' The aobarribera bavir* auperlntended Ihe drawing of th# OranJ ( '.naoll.Jated IxKlery of l>r ??>i?r?, h.r the e-w* .r**ament of iijiemal unpro^riutnu >o (he Mair ot 1^'jww*. cImi 37. for 1380, hereby certify, a* reiulred by Uw. to ihe Currwl l< urn ul ike ?Uovr 1, JOHN DAI.R. i .! JOHN W. WAI.KKR. \ t ?wuaio>iaN. ALf'KKt) R. WOOTTKN,) Wiuhmtoh. Del.. July SI. I**) 16 I'rUea payable in full, withmt 4ediu Uou. DYPPKPSIA AND PITS.-DR. O. PHKLPO RJlOipi, the creai curer of roaa'imptinu. wu for arvaral y*mrt aa f bartly aIHtried by Dyapcpala that fur 6 part at th? una ha M oonflned u> hla bed. He waa tventiially cured br a praaeftyu<m (iirnlahetl him by a yourv rlaii viyaai irtri. TtUa prnanrV* Uoo. *l>en liun by a mere c-hi d while la a Mate of traaoa, has rurt'detrn body who haa takea H. never havtac fallad OSML t It la eqnall> aa aure lu eaaea >if KIU aa of I>yapep?4a. The lagredlenu may be foiuid In any <trng at ore J will mad |Ma Taluable prearrlpuna to any i<eraon no the recast af one ataaa# ' Ul |iay |M?u**e Addreaa Dr. O. Phalpa UMwa, No. II OraaO atreeC Jaraey City. N. J. _ - TTlnR BAI.R?THB STOCK AND PIX1CRRS OP A OIOIR f < 'oDferUooery aai Pmlt More, with laaae af Mora Ha DweUIni, aa the owner la ru?a*e4 la otha/ haala? laqak* at ' armlna atreet. IMPORTANT AKNot'NiKNT a Di-uju/tii* yjw n.KAMni TKiff on boau rai iTtiwrnr (IRKAT RAKTRHN Prior In bar M ini to Biirona, A 'iraat It, IMP. Tbe rteamahlp (IRRaT KAHTKRN. JuU Via* Hall mm mander, will Irare North rlror. off Ruawd atrart, a* THURHDAT AFTKRNOON. AUOl'HT I At I o'clock prMtanlf. for old rourr comtoht ANNAPOLIS ROADS, Landing MrnnknUU 'wltho-it eitrm <-h*r?et U N?>Rr?>|.K AND RALTlioRR. Arriving off 014 PoiorOomf'.rt Friday ?-rWi?a Will leare Old ratal XCNPAT MORNINu, AafMll,* ft o'clock, ?rrl>)n? at Annapolis Roada tiuAday hjrwM, MM Haltimi re Sui,'lay rrnln* Kirtinlonlata ran thna leaea N?w York na Thi radar mm !r.r rt(") ?'"'wrwni( MB mll?? by day vnd alcbloa Cm Oraal fcaatern ateamlng up tbe < ?ieMpeaka by dar'.ifbu aaaag the night to Baltimore. and reach New Yu/h <rta 1 II I ll|Mj by railroad Monday evening, Aug net 1 The Or* at Eaatern will ronnael at Old Point with lafnea rirer to RUAmoad and with ihe ran at Korloid MM IVnamoutb for all point* Month and sontkwaaL DODWORTH'M hPLKNDIP MILITARY RAND Will accompany tk? eicualca aad rratata aa hoard durtoglM entire trip. MK KLfi ANP RF.FRESHM ENTS wU U fiiralah?4 M moderate rh*r?<ntater7?o* brrtti* oni dollar fxtra. Fare from Nrw York In Old PotuV Norfolk and ronaaovA JR Farr from New York to Baltimore , I rare Imm o.d P'.int Comfort U> AonapolMor BalOmora..... J UCCR810NIXT8 MCPT BK ON^ltOARD ON TUUMDA* Ticket! wfll be ready on Treaday at Adam* IipraM PlY oflee. M M mad way. whara plana at fta rabl aa na M * and a'aler'??n? ae< rred. j. H. TATKH, 1m JR STAFFORD * Ot.TYK TAR . W haa Olh e Tar la mba:?d, in beali-ig >>*l?ar*j- Mm ara l>r > 'b' la dm ci rontar'. ?llh ' lining tn?mb:miHi tha THROAT, HROM IMAL Tl'BK* \Nl. Alt. Til/ AIR CKLLN OF THK LINOS Relieving at oace ant patn oi opprtMoa, and he?: :ig aa/ Irritation or mrtammatfrm. . Wbea Ullte Tar l? takca <ip?a ?Mg?r. It f 'rm? an r i? i i Ule4 anotbtng tod ayrop for cougha and ail throat dlar When Olive Tar ?? apo'i^d, t#nikr Hlk ?* ?w?n'.r*W ? >rv live po*?i? render i a i?'?t upeed, ami ell rlent CAIN A > Mil f l.AT' 'H ?'.:v# Tar IS im4 aii'k.. ? dn? ? nt'l diaeolor Fifty r?nu a batt'i-. at <12 B.uadway. 5e* Virk. id *>? O dr?ec*ai< J. R HTAKroMVft rno.v ami sct.pii'H powoprs Ar* a tolnSIi-prv) arai, u>n u atul aiilpkur. Mru'.cal *! t riim.D? lii the Mmid ?>f i p' r.erll. lea.liy peiaoa [fllkf ?Hh lh? d>r?*t>'4 THKY RKl ITAI l/K 4VH Pf-RIFT Til* ?'.OOI> tllRT IMPART RURROTTO THR KKKtOUS RVOTW. THRT IJfVMORATK THR T.ITRR 1IIKY NTKVRiiTIIKW TIIK PHJ WTIOW, THKV KR4IOI.4TR TIIK *P? MTInJH or TIIK l?o:>T. A?I? ARK A XPKl III! ?t.H All, KBM W> WK.H NtMl** Ftkr >1 a par'?.?#o, At ?t??. 143 Hro*!**;, N<-w T""%. Mil >11 <1TU<<UW<. TRWK1.RT ?RJ<OW fXWT AT *t HRO ttlf tT.-Tlfl *| atock'4 .le*elir P ated and Mlver War*. alao u>- f*+ , r*nt Pbmw Caara and l*r*? M irrw, to rloae U' r>or#m NRW TORE WIRP RAIMTAT mHPAITT HrTnijjrtw'R A wkkkrhham. i llfiw ii^ In SM H-nMaay. !*ew Torfc, l *??t d'mr a'mve Metropolitan HcA< l Vmi farlnr?ra and deajem tn Iron Rmllnf Parrn r* iim Iron Oatm. \ er*u4aka. Ii ruUnrr. I'uuim a i l variety of Ornamented Iron Work. . /V.n RCWT.nAM WHKAPPR. \J I'M rtM, tkree inn taportrtf. anltab!* for prlnve Uk For aai* bp DDOI.PHO WO I.PR, O H?a*?r itrML Or? MVJHit Ai. pribmi. Wo. 8U. ?'?! me ?. now rend/. I Prlrr lfV eeatii I ConMlna fire of U? mat popular ?ler?( of 111* dAj for pia?o I : and tmet. for an.r ere j ? h?r? and at the ofllce. It* It road war. rom?rof <lra->4 r,r?e? J?. 8.? |lu>iaerH>!l? a pMre ied -ed uifl 10 par jear. Bo "ii\ ?l<An vrUj?$S >J J QTOPARP PIA^o*. 3 ORA5D. RQt'ARi ^RI> PICTOI.Q. , TIIK llRHI MAM PAtm RPO , WAKKROUMS, ?? BROAuSAV rrim URKATWT R**Kt>Y IK THK WORI.n fOR HC1I1 ??r ,a f>r TOBtAH' V?>??* ->a I. liBMI. k l> %rrh<>? ,t . ?r? inuBJUuOH) rurwd br It. tf it full* Wnrmn'cd jifiwlt iiia<r?nt to t?kr totaraMiz, Onl? 2t real*. ?oM bj *11 th? drrtKta*. Dvpol M KirUMfll ( ?tr**t. t rrn? rnyTnwiTa two FATtimi roR *a?j?-m 1 arpkk hahatikr. wypriMHw wnt afrnmi *?t ?H;?rk fr?n*h V?-nt?ta. mui*bl?fr>r mrnUk'ra kt*M Of VithiT. mrh U tx<4?. haracw. Milk; * ?> frnoc* I'll*, for ptiUr M,d <Ai*r fnrftitur*. Al %k? aim* d*>ol IM ? *I nn>> VI ?.(l>.rd lur ?? - ? *!?> ,r? Wlf? IA R. dHHlllH Hii.Ur, ??ui,U M-nUi r?ur??4 ?t >1 *rV T~J? ??*1V *f r73v;?T< V M'?R~-TTU VV 'TKV*VT r> ,-f < M IV Or- **?t?rs no t h*' ? '????<? ?' in ?*? t?>th?; t-rt (> ?? o Im ! Vi?"' OATrtTT* VHP" AiFB . AJT1.SV t?k ? .f | . ?? ( - r ? >Vf l-?T? t ?>? > ;? ? ?;? \l% . ?- ? ' v rf*"\ I w '? ' ? *?*V * .? *N: Ri ur ?U r* # w J- * ?"v.* fc. f.

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