Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1860 Page 1
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TH] WHOLE NO. 8730. DITEEESTUG PBOM THE PACIFIC. IRRIViL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHT. j Late News tram California, Central \Mertea, So?C!i Pacific, Oregon, Washington Territory, British Ot>Imbia and the Sandwkh Islands. 8838,678 111 TREA8T7BE ON FREIGHT. iivitvd ^TiTve nims inrutT puinn Viil I uv *JBiBBBJ? vRAiaaAuu uu IUIJI IUU?I Movmenti Of Walker in Central America, tt<) lc*i M? Tt* fcited Slates mad itcmvbf Northern 1 igbt, Cap*. HiMfiKlb, from Aaptnwail 2tih ult., bringing the pas M.gSts and malts brought down to Pictma from Baa IruMtco by Lb* steamship Socora, which sailed from the feuer port on the llifa nit., arrrved at this port yesterday Mrniag. The foltowing is fee list oi specie brought to this port by this arrival TVm. B<*e*Co 960,040 P. Nay lor ST ,000 Ati. & Pa?-. K3. Co... 11 088 Conroy ft O'Conner.. 10,000 W. Sel.gman ft Oo... 21,000 Eugene Kelly A Co.. 54,000 Slraoaa, Bros, ft Co.. 80 600 Chas. W. Crosby.... 9,00) A. E. Til ton 4,409 Chas. W. Crosby.... 14,000 Order 11,600 J. U. Coghill 3,500 L. Erwtsin ft Bro... 10.200 Wellington ft Abbott 9 010 W. T. Gcleman ft Uo. 27.300 Duncan .ShcrmanftCo 66,029 A. M L?wi enc 30,200 L. Von Hoffman ft Co 64.000 N'euistadter ft Bro... 23,100 Amer. Exchange Bk. 40.MX) H. Cohn ft Co 23 000 Wells, Fargo ft Co... 163,000 Ballm ft Sanders.... 25.000 Wells, Fargo ft Co... 19,000 Ite KLam ft Co 66,660 Freeman ft Co 6,360 Vn. Buler ft Co.... 44,600 Freeman ft Co 4,624 R Mead* r ft O.Ada mr, 8.000 Mora Bros , Navarro Reuben M?ader 8,100 ft Co 1,000 Richard Patrick 61,000 8 Ijinsbury ft Bro.. 3,600 Eocene K<>lly *. Co.. 20.000 E. Zaohrihson 769 John I'he lan 13,000 Jno. Keeler 207 Amer. Exchange 6k. 35,000 ?? *0UI 9988 678 Ined on board the United States ship Sabine, at Aspinwad, on the 19th inst., of consumption, George W. RamBey, seaman, aged fifty Bvs. Barrsey was a native of tha f*utc of New York. As patFengor on board the Northern Light, was Mr. John B. Dimitry, Secretary of l egation to thu Costa Rica and Nicaragua mission. He comes home as boarer of a Claims Convention between CofU Rica and the United .States. HEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Mow Kill blistering?Movements of Walkcr> Excitement?The Chtriqil-Thoap. on Cft?Uiltwl States Claims Against Casta Rica, <kc., &c, The llanama Railroad Company's steamer Columbus, from San Jose de Guatemala and intermediate ports, arrived al Panama on 21st Jul/. She brought tbe usual cargo of Central American products for Europe and the I'cited StaUs. By this arrival we have two weeks later ttUilkgcDee from all carts of Central America. COSTA RICA. OVB FAX JOSE CORRESPONDENCE. Sax Joak, July 16, 1460. The Sletei Clainu?Dtlays?JIr. ZhmUrg?CutURiat a Cummimion?Slttrh of the Oumrniuvmeri- Out f he Fililusttt War to the Republic?Con dition toSU in Washington?Point* B-fore It?The CMriqui Grant to Mr. Pcmptcn, of .Veto l'ork?Mr. f. F. Meagher?A YUit to Chitiqui?H-auti/ul Country?Fbcilitie* of Came? The Soil?Benefit of a Railroad?Fierce iippotUion to the Project?It* Charade.)-?CaiUy and Yvoi?Their rians, Pearl and Operation*?Final Pat tcq- of the Grant by the tyislalurt?Ctld/rativn <f the Ftv-Kh, /c., cfc. Snce the departure of the last mail for the United PtaUK two important events have taken place. The Hon. Alexander Pmitry, oar Minister to this republic, has concluded tbe bas.s and articles of a Conrentioa, to sit in Washington within the nest nine months, to determine the validity and amount of tbe claims brought against the government of Costa Rica by the gt vernmTt of the United Slate-', for injuries, *c., done to the property and persons of American e'tlzeos by tbe Costa Rican forces at Virgin Bay and San Juan del Sur during tbe filibuster war. Mr. John Dimitry, the eldest son and secretary of the Minis tsr, tails from Punts Arcnss the day after t> morrow for Kew York, with tbe basis and articles in question. Kor bis promptitude and energy in bringing this matter to so successful a close Mr. Dim.try deservei the highest sp proval from bis fellow citizens and the government he so worthily represents. Owing ts tbe provisional govern >ect. established by tbe revolution of the 14th of August last, continuing in power until within tbe last two months. tt was Impossible Tor htm to do arytntng oeyonn ropre seating the views and wishes of bis government until the tnai.gsratx* of the constitutional government, which event *h solemoired the Crst Sunday of May The prwr r* of the pro?l?ional government were limited exehalvely to the maintenance of the public peace and the 1 calling together of the Cooatitaent Asaembly, wbkh formed the new constitution. The moment, however, that the constitutional government was inatalled, Mr Dim try watted or the President, and urged the propriety ( of bringing the <)uettioos pending between hla govern tiert and that of Costa Rica to aa ?peedy and friendly an Issue aa possible The President, Jose Maria Montealegre. e?) r?saed himself moat anxious to co operate with the Mio.ster. bat more than a fortnight'* delay occurred, in Con?e?jnenee of the post of Minister of fore'gn Relatons beaming vacant by the resignation of Ssnor Don Jeeus X.mones, and no person being foond willing enough to take the situation, no doubt became this question of Amebian claim* was in dii>pate At length, however, about three weeks sgt, the appf Jitm'r t by the supreme power of two Com-n:*toncrs to treat with Mr. Dlmitry, and discuss with him lite be* > sad articles of ths proponed Convention, put an end to the long suspense, and In aevea sew ion 1, extending otm ffty seven hours, the cardinal points insisted on by the V n .rtz-r were agreed to by the Commissioners Senor TVn Iran-isco Itlesias and Pen or Don Manuel Joae Caraao, the Pr?*,<1ent of the SenaW-, were the Commissioners appi' in led on the part of Costa Pks They are the two lot' m<st n.'-n of the oountry. Richly intcllig' at, highly Informed, liberal and high toned. their appointment w: 4 an evid?n<*e of the friendly disposition of President Mon ?? ?a.egre towards the I'ntted SlaW-a the great respect in wlixh be holds its representative and h.? earnest dealre an. ably and hosorabty to satisfy the J 1st demao is of the groverrm<>nt st Waablngtoti i-enor Iflesias was on* tlioae educated an.t high- 1 *| irit d Costa Ricsna to whom the r ,.le sod otxtinate 1 ^ nk < f Juar Rafiicl Mora waa so ?.bn?xand, not ta? ns earr to r.n< <-al bis opinions r?v>?rdxr that g<-ntlr I ( nan, b< was banished the im.atr)?that IS, if being SSUt 1 # knd<rr.n ami' ' escort, to the < iutf of D?l c, nnd I , there toiiipe'led to waste his day* In the v^ant no-K-fy of 1 ; fly or alsty <oaaitng Indians,' an be aatd to I* a banlslt t snert I torn the country. It is a remote bsnishn ent at ' 1 nil e\*nta, from all that IS ClvtlUed and sgTeeable In it. ; lo the co'irf of a var, however, having ptert: of m -si * ' at Ilia cmmatxl. he to mxkr b., nnp* to 3*Ti<t I ' Chiriq'il; and ttirnr, buvinj rUart?*red a ?roa!l hi" i ?!cc*'d *cbr> ib< r aftor m?r.y - iffer u*? nod <laog> r? a aea, anceeetfed :n tnnk.njt "'ho roaat of %n .*-irr? \?ioae th'-n b\ t?M traveled mnch ta Tnropr and lb' In.led **tatt?, return in* to O' ta Rifla fo"r or fit' rr, *fl?r th?- drtK. itioe of hi* peraerutnr. H ? br< 'T, P a 1>pii ?trtu?, i* Serrawry to the Rotiae of f^p-,1 !?* and iiu elected member of U kt body, being one of lb* repr ti U'.ivm of an .in*. Botb enjoy the bi(br*t ?? ai pnal (mb in ?be country, Umc mm rf aW "n e and tne in r l Urardiat. *~?exir Don Manuel Jna Caraao. the other toner, baa kmf orc\*>ied a onaptc-mwi and ar.thwilat tr ncaittMi It t-oala Rica, fearing had a o^at In tbe rter iliT?rh*nbrr tndar aernra! a/1?lni?rat|nn?, beaidra tM-mj: c.ftM altb a itr^wd. ral?, ?earcbln( !atW)ect, aiicfcenad by tra?al and rHaaeow ?"tth mon abroad, and oonaiatent'? bating all b!? pnU&cal aptatooa upaa what he hold* to b? tbe mMeraJ aad aaaaallal intererta of Um country Hr *pa?t a frw \-ara ? "ar^r if' in I'nlk'd Statr* r ? re rr.iwt ot)? of wbat be ?aw and learned tharc gnid# bim wiaetyand <no*d?*?'y Ji tbe formation of mo*t of hli Irmrnla r Tar dr. nubile meaattrea (ta in a truatlng ?cvl brar<> frfod ot Aaj'r nn rnterpria* At tti? nm mac- rni-at of tbe tin* campaign aoo due tad by I'raaldrtl Mora axa.Mt tlie 4libuaU>ra la Ni,-arana, l?oti Waroel Jn?? *? MiniaUr of War. Wb-4Ty c !? (| r?>Tinr of thai c?irpa gr, m* ru rg tfcat the r Ik.f?*r aad more adTarta?a>>ua p"l.oy of Goata Bioa f a* to fcaabard Ha raaonroaa and -oeflna Ma mil Ury l< A?f*rat or a %a tbe d?f?nc? of the nat ^nal tefrHory.ard C Tttat 1 wot ld ba for th? rourtry an ^ha.nt.rg t W I'V kod traae r? m* a? latlelW -our^ Of aeakBeaa and b Jcatra: to u> tfptw'te wv bej^ j E NE ihe fron?)?T? of tb? republic, reremterlly refcting to b ,n any way responsible fbr tM ccmequencee nf to in i war, tie resigned bin seat in 4tyc government. The ftnan :ial condition of the ecus ti% the Treasury emptied t< ibe bottom almost, the I'mverrty Fund mink in the pi ptoses of the war, a debt of oyer MOO 000, incurred V prTate parties, foirif n as well as native, and then tbe di minution of tbe population by not lea than 16,000 soulstwo thirds of this number having died of ch?lora which swept tbe country on the return of tb remnants of the army from Nicaragua?these Uji rible fact* vindicate tbe conduct and wise bea of Hon Manuel Jose Ciara/o on that occasion. At tt elections for Congress, under the new const it'Aioi in the month of April last, he was declared one ?{ U) Senators frcn San .lose, tLe capital: and on the c?nyoct 'K.n of the legislative bodies, tbe first week of May, h was, by a unanimous vote, declared President of tt Seuato. Be was well chosen by the Vresident of the n public to git as tbe colleague <X Senor Iglesias in tbo pn limjatry conyent ot on American claims, which has jui c toned its labors. Toe Convention, finally to determine the validity an amount oi u.-?v claims, is to sit in Washington, as I hav a ready said: and I have been given to understand thi Seoor I>on Luis Molina, the accomplished and amiabl representative of Costa Rica in Washington, will bo th Oonrmuu-'touer designated by this republic, bis post, i Minister.being occupied during the sittings of the co? vent ion by some other respectable citizen of Costa Rici The point* referred to the Convention in Washlngto are?>irst, tbe nationality of tbe claimants: s< cond. the legality of their status in Nicartgu at Lbe tune the alleged injuries, 4c., were done; third, tb validity of tbe claims themselves; fourth, tho amouni Mi! . the terms of payment, if any payment is to be ? judged. My own opinion is, that upon a careful analys of the cla ms, the Convention being guided in their invei ligation by these several vital points, the amount to t paid over by Costa Kica will be Insignificantly smal Many of tiem, 1 believe, ought never to have been at duoed. Tbe second event of importance which has occurred hei since the departure of the mail of the 3d of July, is the ri t Mention, by both houses of Congress, of the grant to Aa brcee W Thrmpeon, Ks<i., of New \ ork, to construct raiiroail from the Boca del Torn to the <!u of Pulce. Mr. Thomaa Krancis Meagher, of you city, came out here in January last, charged wit the conduct of this grant. The same circumstances tha delayed Mr I'imitry in his business also delayed Mi Meagher. The provisional government decline t (and think justly and wisely i to assume the responsibility < giving even a provisional authorization to the grant, re minting Mr Meagher?as th"y did in a formal note ,k: drersed to him shortly alter his arrival in San Jose?tba their power* were limited to two duties, as I have alroad mentioned. The provisional government being Intlexibl on this noint. Mr. Meaeher was comnellod to defer a further proceedings until the meeting of Congreai. Thil as jou arc sware, ?1i<t not take place until the ilrst wee of May. In the month of March, however, Mr. Meaghe went "down the coast to the Boca Chica, Chirtqnl. an thence crowed over the route of tho proposed railroad entering the Cordilleras at the Boquete and coming ou on the Ctiriqul lagoon at Frenchman's creek. H was a< coiupamed by an intelligent and hosp'tabl Scotch gentleman, Mr. William Campbell, a residen or David, CU.ri'iui, and by three Indian guides from th neighborhood of Dolega. The party were six days cross ing from sea to sea, having been the four last days 01 Tout. The trip, it appears, might easily have been a> complished in three days, but the foreigner!, as well a the natives, took their time to it, there being an abun dance of game in the forest of the Cordilleras (wild tur keys, pheasants, partridges, etc.), which caused many pleasant digression from the straight path. Of the coun try over which be passed Mr. Meagher speaks in delighte terms. The plains of Cbirlqui, reaching up to the Cordil leras. which about there are crowded upon tho Atlauti coast, afford, even in their present state, a road perfect 1; unobstructed ror upwards of thirty seven miles , t-pring wagon,Mr. Meugher says, might be easily drive: tho whole way, from David to the fbot of th Cordilleras, wHhin elevon miles of the Boca de Tore, without a stone having to be removed, o any other obstraction, such as (alien trees, swamps, kc intefericg with it. There are tworr throe considerable rivers, however, which would have to be bridged, am bridged in the staunchest way, for those rivers are over powering in the rainy season, descending, a. they do, si abruptly frcm the huge volcano of Chlnqnl. and bavin/ 60 short a run to make before they reach th? sea B'l lh< re is no forest to be levelled on those plains?not i tree?and rot a square foot of swamp. The soil is s>un< and wholesome, yielding abundant pasturage for thi thousands of cattle that cover them. The engineerioi dlflk tilty that presents itseir lies In the eleven miles o mountain passes which have to be got through after yo' leave the plains on the l'a<ittc side and enter the Cor dilleras to desoend to the lagoon. But an unbrokei chain of valleys (sufticitntly wide to admit railroad with a double track) has been discover cd by Mr Thompson's son, who spent the month of February, March nnl April, in the Boca del Toro, an who crt? "(l over lo the racioc ana back again with large exploring ptriy. If thut be true, tbere is do ditt cult) whatever in the construction of the road; and Hi road, once confirm ted. i* bound W> pay The tiro rnipi : M in harbors It connects will make thai sure. Ships ( the largest size can lie side by side with the freigt trains, and rccelve or discharge their cargoes withoi the tliglilest hindrance or Inconvenlenoe. The report* t the Kng!isb and Krencli survey ing shi|? on the Centn American coast, Atlantic and raciflc, for the last eigb jesrs, lully demonstrate that. Mr. Meagher returned from the Boca del Toro io tlm lor the opening of Congress. On the 30th of May, I'rcs: dent klontclesgre, through his Minister of Uocieuds Senor Vincente Aguilar. authorized tbe grant of the roal :it . iw" ('ays after It was Sent to Uie Chant be of I>eputies, accompanied by an eloquent recom nv ndation frcm tbe gorcrutr.cnt In accordance witl rertain formalities prescribed by the new constitution the grant, having been read for the first time la lite lowc Chamber, was ordered to be printed in the G<i<rta OfK ial UllfHy ? its appearing there a tierce opposition an masked itself. There were the partisan* of New i>rana'ta (natives of that country,of course.) who protected a^ains the rights and territory of the Confederation being set a nought and Inaded by such a (rant, the route of the pro rosed read being laid through lands belonging iodispuls My (they maintained) to New (Iranada. There were tb l?rtiftr>fe of Capt. Canty, and old British officer, who ob lamctl frotu 1'iesidcnt Mora a grant for a cart road to th< Srrapqui. and a line of wheelbarrow ilea mars from th terminus of the said road to the deep and capacious turbo of Grey town. These gentlemen would have no road bu that which sti ikes tbe S:rapiqui, and o|>en* to tbe lordl; waters of that innocent and gentle river tbe products o' Costa Rica. Besides which, tbey swore like gallant m- i It waa a devilish dangerous thing to hare anything bu British enterprise encouraged in tb?ne countries, and tba to admit the Vsnkecs on such a hghwa; waa lo a>lmii some thing w nrsc than Ma 1 tgascar pirate*. Captam Ca it; would * c them to perdition first before he would le* them in, and would help th"m ofl, or there waa no Briiisl metal m his arm Then there wss a Swiss philanthropist, a physician o wonderful imagination and bentroleu.-e, one I?r. Willuui Yoos, who bad laid a project before the goremmen for the |>eopling of the mountaiu valleys o Costa r. a with fire hundred of the republl ran children of the Alps, and who eoocsirM ihat, somehow or other, a railroad between the Boca de Tori, and the t.alf of I?ulce would blow his project, and hit five hundred Alpine plants, and all his philanthrofihy aa< ?cien< e of humanity, to tbe winds. lie, too. (nutmeg himself furiously against tbe American grant, aad wen shout in a excess of agitation, denouncing tlx filibusteritm, and tl* slavery, and the .ufldehty. and al the other seven deadly sins oi tbe thsce and thirty sore reifcn States over which tbe venerable I'ennsylranu bachelor knowingly presides Vagus and wikl as b? waa tbe philarihropiPt did mischief, for there was sora tnethnJ ui his madness, and he wrought with partial W eflett on the fears and prejudices, tbe snspi iota ai>d avert ions of a pe<iple who bars, u| t' tbl* known Utile or nothing of tbe I nited States e*cej> w hat they learned through tbe falsity ing medium of Walk rr-s-n and the aisrepre* nlatioti* of British agents. All there elements and others, which it would oecupj me too long to particularise, were arrayed against the nen UthBian road, eacii having "an axe of its own to grind if an clement can crtr be said to hare such a family ant > m But all to no purpose (notwithstanding the false hoods, tbe intrigues, tbe treacheries, and all IM other lit lie and gross rascalities which were resorted to), for lh< |r? t was an* ved l.y a majority of the Chamber of De I'titi' i < n Uir a j?pu ioua foLrtu ot juiy. iwo onijr 01 iru ( ody vott&g in ?-tordanre with the New Qrnu.-i lian* (apt (V ty. the fwiM, ud the igooraoa an 1 prejudtc* of tbe rouatry, From tb< Oputira it parsed to tbe Senate. no J there t two o\ 1?hk In tbe afternoon of Friday . the I3ib o .' receded an unanimjur approval. Tomorrow Monday. tbe lAth cf the mooth, it will receive, in tbe tt ecutlvc chamber of tUo National Palace, tbe aignaturea o lh' |l?(> < utrarhng partn-i- thjU of Vincriite AgiUlar Mtniater of Hacienda. on the part of tbe auprem-* powei Dl th* re-, b <' <'*ta P.ica. and Ifcat of Thomaa Franru attorney and ioi,n*<>l'or at law, on the part o An.broee W. Tbowiaon, li-j . a citiaeo of the l*aiU> 'tatea, Vo. I ftwllng Onen. V?w Y?rk. Tile l.?at and onu mnat.of act >>elo* unavoidably deferral till Mon lay, (it l>< ,rg itnp<??iblt to tuie? ibe jr*nt duly prepare*! .ti l drawn i in |?rf?ct form i?ef?>re then), Mr M.-a-.-bri a 11 not be able to leave with the document, (hr N'e* Vork i.ntil tbe Mcatoer of the 31 of Augutt Havirg writun ttui much I think it il fall t roe for iir t > U*e; but T cannot bring myneP to do ao without rfnttonirfr tbe pleasant and brilliant ttyle ia which tb< :.,l ty f<>' rth ai.niv< iryoftb' Peclarat, m of Amnx-u [LdepetidcDcc w i"'i?aerf?d and celcbrate<i intbiacity. rrrm an tarly bot.r the national fl<f ofC'uata P, r? flew ibov the r.itinna] palace of the governm nt, tbe bar a< V? ai d all tb<' other public and .8. tal budding* of an J +e At eight o'clock, the l?iur at which he rtar? and stripe* were hoisted over the ttmr.ari I cation, the military band of the city i.-embl<d by order of ths Prealdeat, (with a prarlo'H nd<i-tand rg, of course, wi'h tbe Miniater X tb? l't: rtcd Watra) In the murtTtrd of the legation, n,d at th" glartooa emblem of the freedom ani ty >f our country atrwly ascended tbe flagstaff the 'Star. I'll gird Banter" waa beard fcr and wide lhr> shout ih? ra'lcy the T-rres and the Tiribl. (H> the i:*g being i wrr?d at rundown the Ilka <ere?ony waa observed ll trn oVIork A M tbe Alt-neu Minister break far led ? th kr. Mraghnr. His Kicelkn-,r tbe President of he {public, Mons Tklnt de Hodeebeeck (the Belg an harg* d'Affklres). Penor J.<p?io (Ibe Spanish Coosul er.eral), Seuor Volte (tbe I'resident o' the Chamber ol Tpoties). snd other (Mtlngalshad geatleaaen being pre ent Pvrxg tbe day U* Jmerlcan resileuta of Pan Joae ordially rvbacged visits, and, at a matter of course, re ?ated;y, If not ofteeer, dxark 1 The day we celebrate n tbe ev<> the Americas Mia later r?t?rt*in*l hit fel .w c? aeae at a aomptooua hMouet. Alt tbe foea'gn r-ztn la in *an Joee had their flat* fy.rf from anrrlae to 'inr^t, aji'l Ibe right ok?ed or the haiU'en and n??t vtlliant eelebratton af or?r gloriooa fm:rtb frbW-.h baa a? ?t ' eec w tr'*?cd d Oncth W *a \V Y 0 MORNING EDITION?FK 1 ! NICARAGUA. OUR (UN JUAN lOKKKVfOKPKNCK* 9 Sa* Jr.** dn Norte, July 16,1880 ? , The Hau'Jii 'J July?-Vcw Harbor at the Mvuih of '.he CWo I. I )udo?hold Kntltpue?Oonh mfiUU> <1 ImpixtvrninUi Ml - I ffce Saii Juan River?<7 nrral Walker Otv Mart?Pi 'v Uluiter Hth'.i?Offt-. Gmvinj? Trade?Vtucli in Port, r- dc.,de. 4 P.nee my last we barn had another holiday?our own ' "glorious Fourth." It was celebrated by the few Ameri ^ I can* resident here in a very quiet manner lor us; but t- ' still we kept it. A few calls interchanged among us, a ? moderate amount ol enthusiasm displayed, a few bowls B. of punch emptied, (accompanied with the usual et cetera* K. I i>n tViA <V^/<a a Ia? \ full inat inA <4 am a In * Mal*aia <lin " 11-th prepared and presided over by tbe American ladiei d as only they can do tbese things. and a very pleasant bal e in tbe evening among ourselves and a Tew invited guests, comprised our celebration of tbe Fourth of July, 1840 ,e K we bad no oration, no thundering of cannon, no ringing of * bells, nor even a pbti of a single fire cracker, we bad am I' pie remuneration for the absence of all these in the bearty D good will and harmony which eiisted among our sountry ' men sojourning here. * There still continues considerable excitement in refst; rence to tbe new harbor contemplated, so It Is said, by I- Cost* Rica at or near the mouth of the river Colorado. ? There is certainly a most excellent i.arbor at tbat point, ie Vessels could but get Into it; but it ie a well known fact, J- long since established, that there exists at tbe entrance of the river a bar of coral, or perhaps a substance of a 'e more subtle character, which ha* been pronounced by k* competent engineers, among whom I may mention ou own Colonel Child*, imposible to so remove a* to leave if clear a sufficient and safe channel without sn expenditure ir of a larger sum of money than capitalists have ns yet h been willing to employ for such a purpose. It will cr it tainly immortalise the Oosta Rican government if alone it can accomplish what Americans, English and French (for I they have all had a linger in the pie) have ahand wed as if impracticable. At the mouth of the Colorado is a large lai go<?, very deep, indeed almost a lake, extending in a west I erly direction, and parallel with the nca nine eight mil.-* ,t or more, and only a short distance Irom the sea shore. Be y twecn this lagoon and the sea is a high sand beach, per e haps half a mile in width. One of the projects of which II I have heard is to open a canal at some point yet to be de i, cided upon from the lagoon into tbe sea, with a lock at k each end Through this canal steam tugs, especially con r structed for the purpose, are to tow in and out vessels, d Tliis is only one of tne many Costa Rican contemplated I, enterprises to establish a port at tbe mouth of the river t Colorado. But this will suffice for this time, and I will, e perhaps, soon give you another of equal brilliancy. Nlca e rsgua, meanwhile, Is figuring how to improve the river I San Juan (without money or labor) from this port to the e river Colorado, and talking of turning the waters of tbe i latter into the former, a mi'Mure which seems deeply of a tensive to Costa Rica, and which she threatens to resist to the death. What will finally result from all these im 8 mense enterprises It It difficult to imagine. Probably, i- however, the problem of the mountain and the mouse will be again solved. a The Rritlsh mall steamer Prince arrived on ths 11th, i- and will leave again on the 10th inat. By her news was d received that William Walker, who once, po6r<- lunico, I- styled himself "President of Nicaragua," had sailed rrom c tbe I'nited Slates, with his ftaff, for some point on the y Central American coast. A rumor prevails tbat be bad i landed at Ruatan, and contemplated marching his valiant d troops over the "hills and dales'' of Honduras. But this e uc?? ubb doi nau any serious eireci upon any one, exoepi il a few persons who hive, through the charity of the reai r denta of this port, not only been permitted to remain , here in idleness, I>ut liave been housed and fed, though e they were among the worst of the ring comprising the 1 late Walker srmy, and left by htm to be supported by the very people whom they had robbed, while acting under > his orders. Among these is a Colonel, but not a white I man. and a few other vagabonds uot worth "gunpowt der." i President Martinet, who has been looked fur here for 1 two or three weeks pan rn / "/< lor the I'nited Stites for e the benefit of bis health. It it now said will not lea re N'lca7 raiigua for the pr?aent. Several of the principal m'-ruhants >f of t.ranada reached here a day or two since, who announce j everything quiet in the interior. The coffee growing in Nicaragua is rapidly increasing. d and within a year or two from this date, it Is expected that the owners of celTee haciendas will be able to ship large quantities, and of a quality that will oompare favorably wtth the t'osta Kn 'in article. 1 Tin re is more freight or the various kinds of produce of the country awaiting shipment here Just now than have I been here at any one tine for years, and not a ves?"I in port, ex:ept the royal mall steamer and her Brttainlc Ma lefty's ship tiladlator. We have no I'nited States ship here, but it ia reported that the frifate Sabine is expected daily. GUATEMALA. rP.OrO?ID ABOLITION OF CONCIRKS8- MOVfMEVTS OP WA l.IKH. Our dales from this republic arc to the 10th of July, but there is not a single item of news, save taat llio oltl rial (,'ate'le, published at the capital, recommends the abolishment of Congress Tim, it is believed, baa been dictated by tie President, who wishes to acquire greater power than he uow poeseacs?to become. If passible. Dictator. News had reached the capital of Guatemala, rla Isabel, of the sailing of Walker from the I'nited States for Rua Ian. and that be hod been Joined at sea by another vessel. On 23d June both ve&eU were seen to the aouth of Hog Iilanda, and the prevailing impression was, that 1 Walker ntended making a dosicifl on Omoa orTutgillo. SALVADOR. RAKTIlQr AKRP?COMMITOCt AT. MTIW. ! Jiates from this state reaeh t" the 16th of J i\ TV ' country has again been visited with eartbq'iakca, cajslbg 'eri. > .i U1 t" property At Santa Maria de' ?t mi i . Tipetitau and Vcrapaz 6?|Mm on U<t and 221 of > Jnue, there were no leas than any sbicks. Although I there was considerable property destroyed, no Urea were ; lest A rumor, however, bad reached the coast of the destruction of San Vloeatl Tlie French Charge d'Aflsirea haa officially notified the I government that indigo and sareaparllla imported into France from Salvador ia French vessels are admitted I doty free, but that indigo, when taken tlier" :nfore,gr I botums. ia subject to a dgty of twenty eight franca per 100 ktioarama (200 pouoda), and iaf>.<par.lla four frxaca per 100 kilograma. NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA. Oar Pkasnia Corrrapondrnre. Pasama, July 26.1M0 Proyreil he KevolhUov?Derrrt of PejxttUvm an>l Im pi i*mmnit Again* Mutqura dr.?Conduct <ff Ike Pa noma InUndent- A/proved?Pr**nt tht United S'atel Minuter?Governor i Sledwn?Mor*?mtj ?jf Vmel'? A-limit tf a Bundle of (Ad Abt't Riot?ifj. H'itt H *md for At artgua?Ao Cont'duen vdh H'alt-/-, rfc I here la no change to note In the condition of aflAirs in tlita country aince my laat commuuicat.on. Although there waa an arrival from Buenaventura a few days aince, bringing advices to the 10th of July.aj news of a reliable character has be. n received from Cauca as to the mo rem en Is or intentions of ben. Mo* quera There la a rumor ia Ui.a place, however, that Geo Olando haa abandoned the revolutionary cause anJ Joined the force* of the federal government; but th? needa confirmation. The vessel that sailed P-om Punla Arenas, Ciata Rica a few weeha atace, for Buenaventura, with arms aid monitions for Moequera. arrived at the latter port on the 4th instaut The Granadian achooaer or j war lslhuena, which was deapakbed from tt < port to in lercrpl UM nwvi vim arms on untru, arrirca ??n uaun f ; ventura on the Otb. and thua miaaedtbe prlaetwo <iay? i i lYtaidrnt Oapiuo bu >untied a ile< roe ordormg tb. ^ ! arrest and proaecutiao of oagral MosqiMra and al! , ! other* encaged In the present rebellion a|i ui tbj federal govi rument, holding all public ?Ulcers wbc ' take part tn the revolution, an.1 prlrate indlviljai* re I sncnalble for the Injur tea that ma\ result (roui tbelr act* I 1T)? decree also deprlvaa General Mnequera of hi* m.litary title I ' The Pr**ld>nt Uaa written a letter to the Inten lent*' G<neralof tbl* State fully approving tbe course of thai oftU ~r m pn<h;l>!lin^l>c exportation oi arms fr< t l?tl.m> ? to CaiicaW the me of General Mo?<jn?ra. It -> ] understood that (Moral Jonca, rcg.drnt Minister of tbe 1 tiitrd Mates at Dofota, Hkr* leaving there. prMe led i ' or remonstrated ag? m*t the enforcement of the luten i j debit's <*?i ree. on tbe gr< i.nd that it Interrupted the free ; lr*t sit rf tbls latbmoi. The elettln for Governor of tbis State ha* resulted, It i? b< li?ved. in the cbolie of Sr. haiiitago Je la Guardia, o. ' th< < 04aervatire party. i The British slilp of war Amethyst, from tbe Mexican i rout, with WtO 000 'n Silver for Europe. arrived at ttiis port on tbe lflth mat . and railed yrn'rday, 'itth. for fcng.aa'l via Valparalao and Rio The I'nited Stale* altop ofwarft Mary* and tlie Vjig'lh steam frigate Olio, are , ttill in | ort The I'nitod f-tatea figate tAneaater, r?g alrp of the ?qwa<!i"n, is expeeted bare from tbe Mexican coart The Wyoming la atill at Gallao. the l<e i vant At Honolulu, the Cyane on the way from fan Fran > The Karragan^. t had rot arrived at V.i ,-<araiao fr< ni the I'nited State* at laat accounts. Among tf>e shipments from New Y?rk to San Francisco rrr la?t ft'ainer w?a a bundle of old rail*, supposed to are been rent there bv miM entlius iaattc almircr of "Honeat Old Ahe," probably for somebody to ride in the President al campaign Major John V. Heiss. editor of tbe Wsnhinton ftltit't and r MM, t* at pree?Qt In Panama, '? nw'' for Nicaragua Major l! ia in no way connected with Walker or any of hia fdlt'iiMering scheme* aa l aa been intimated bv a por lion of the oreaa in the I nitad State*. He is on tbe m wt frwndlv and r?.e(UentiAl Urine with President Martiner and bit cabinet, and tbe object of bla violt to Ninarag'/a .* purely of a legitimate character Re baa, aa la well Irowti u? hHi fT e?da, valuable interest* m that eoantry / E 'rw ill J nod yen a tfacalat ?c tf U? ,?npreBe Court iRK I .IDAY, AUGUST 3, 1860. of tba Griin&dian Confederation, suspending Ifce grant ori cedeil to Ambrose W. Thompson by the proTlaional g< vernment of Chiriqui, for coos'.rocllng a carriage roa across that portion of the Cr&nadian territory. Tne quei tion ia referred by the Court to the Senate for a Anal d< cision, that x>dy having apellate jurisdiction m th and similar cases. Some nineteen invalid martins and seamen firom U Briiiih ships of war Amethyst and Celio were sent over it railroad to Aspinwall on the 33d Inst., and from fiom to Kugland in the royal West India mail steamer. TKiirA ia nil imu-s frnm ILu>a(a a? (k? IntArinv rtf ihls i*i public, all regular communication with tike coast bavu been interrupted by the disorder! that exist in the SUM oi Bolivar. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Inrrtailng Prosperity of Chile?We* Mines?The Civil War la Bcudor^Th United States Clalma Against Pern, 4m;. The P. S. N. Company's steamer lima, from ValparaiB and intermediate ports, arrived at Panama on the 22 July, with dates from the former place to July 2, am from Ca'lao 14th. The Lima brought $331,000 in speci on freight for Europe. The news from the wist coast ii unimportant. CHILE. TRANCjr 1L1TT AND T R08PK1UTT- NKW MINKS AN I RAILROADS? FRAtTD?MAKKKTH, BTC. Congress was still in session, and bad passed severs laws of Importance, but has not yet taken up the reforma tory measures, thu adoption of which the country s< much needs. The beads of departments have not ye made their annual reports. The country continues tranquil, and the most satis factory recounts continue to be received from ttw mining und agricultural districts. In tho pro vince of Coquiobo It is in contemplation U conhtruet a railroad between Serena and tho port, ant also the establishment of a bank of deposit and dis count. The news I'rom the recently discovered mines in the province of Acorn-ague ontlnuei to be favorable. The ac counts sro so nattering that large numbers of people have gene from Valparaiso and otner places to the mines. H is stated on the beet authority that ores taken from some cl' the mines liave produced 200 marks of silver pot box. The town of San Felipe, situated near the miuus, has of late become a place of considerable Importance, in a business point of view. As an evidence of its prosperity ,a commercial |<aper Is about to be established. The discovery has icceut'.y been made that some 9180, 000, supposed to have been Bhipped on board the Chilean vessel Matias Cansino. shipwrecked on the coast of Brazil, were never placed on board. The parly that perpetrated the fraud hns lied, but not uutil after he received the amount of insurance on the vessel and hit alleged shipment, lie is supposed to have gone to Europo. The insurance offices of Valparaiso that have suffered by this ?flair are taking steps to recover vhelr money, but with little prospect of success. The Valparaiso market continues dull. Copper, In bars 120 cash per quintal, being a reduction of Ibz. per qulnta since last advices, which is owing to tho fall of prices li the European markets. Copper regulus $8 60 cash. Flour?Best Santiago brands (3 60 a 93 37, cash Southern brands, 93, six months. BOLIVIA. WAR 8TIL1. KXPKCTED. This republic continues in an excited state, owing to the mi| ending war with l"eru, an event which is likely to take place at any moment. (General Belzu is reported to have returned to Bolivia, and bad signifle<l his intention of Joining the fsrmy against IVru. Tlie dccree of nou intercourse with Peru w still tlgidly enforced PERU. TIT* rNIT*D STATU CI.AIMS ?TRADE REPORTS. Tli<>ra iu nn rruc of imtwtrltnr# (V<?m Ihitf r.rmntrv Hill little, If any progress bad boon made towards the settle mentofthc American claims. Mr. Clay, I'nited Stab-i Mn. it tor, ban beer en a visit to the Climclia Islaudii, an< bail returned to I.'.ma just before tbe Bailing of 11m steamer. The recruiting ?ervice is activity going on, and troop arc being tent to the Bolivian frontier as Coat aa they art enlisted. Tbe Alleghany Bell Ringers arc in Lima. Turing the first tlx month* of this year tbe lollowinf number of t'W-li have cleared Ibe |>ort of Callao foi foreign ports k?ied with guano:? Ships Tvtii rrgitUr January. 21 18,06' February 22 16.38 March 31 26,88 April 28 24,61 May <40 '.>9 68 June 43 33,40 Total 186 147,87 Tbe approximate amount of guano shippod during lb above period may be arrived at by adding ouc third b tbe number of too*. ECUADOR. MOVEMENTS OF GENERAL* FLOKK8 A Nil l it V SCO -All FROM I KK! TO FRANCO. The only nears uc have from ibis republic is via Paila the Fnglirb steamer baring felled to touch at ( uayaqui on the trip to Panama, Cnneral Florca, at Ihe head o 2.too troop*, was at Uuaramba; and Franco was at Bodega with 2.000 troopo An cnicagetnenl was daily expected. President Castilla. of l*tru. ban seal two war sleamcra ( OMfaqall, Vitk wmsjaiidjamrouniiiou to aul Nm Tbntmay prevent Flore* from gellmc poa*.*sion of that place even if be defeats Franco in tbe interior. The i u. r. ORE AT TR0TTIJMJ MATCH BETWEEN' FLORA TKMIM.R AKP OKORCi: M. PATl llEJ TBE MARE AGAIN TRII MI'BANT, LTC. The Colon Coor*e, Long Island, witnessed yesterday another spirited contest between tbe acknowledged Queen of tbe Trotting T ;rf, Flora Temple, and the almost equally celebrated Jersey stallion (ieorge M Patchen. I; will be remembered thoec renowned trotting horses have met on several occaaioos before to contend for tbe superiority of the trotliog turf. On the lirst oc(Ion tbe match remained nndecidcd In consei nerve of darkness putting astop to tbe proceedings In their two Union Court*1, Iorj Island, the little bay marr won tbe former mil tbe stallion the latter race, thus leaving the question of absolute superiority under iJed. Nett matched to trot at Philadelphia, at the ram? distance* and under tbe name condition*, F.-ira Tempie woo tbe ooe mile heat rare In clever style, and tic second race at tbe louder distance war also awarded to htr In conseSicnce of the new owner of Pat< hen. Mr Waltermire, of la city, who bad purchased MP rut previous to the race, refusing to start him ajain after wuiDin| tbe Brat heat and loalng th? secend, in consequence of tbe disgrac'tul and riotous proceedings of tb? Pints IHphia roi.jilis, wbo prevented hta home having a lair opportunity of showing tin good qualities Tne MM match aroa.' otit of the*.disputed proceeding*. as both owners permed dealrmi* of ha\ we tbe mooted qosatinn of superiority fairly settled Tbe attendant e yesterday ?aa by no mr-ans so large as on tbe occasion* of tbe previous mat< bos between tbe same horses, the removal of tbe acene of contest to Phila delpbia and the proceedings there baring bad tbe effect of material)} diminishing lb' interest in tbe present match There we're between 8 000 or 4 000 |iersona only present, wberras tbe attendance ranged from 12 000 to M COO persons when toey last trotted on this courae Upwards fan kM was wasted afir the ad vert Med ItOM M start mg. lu consequence of tbeowni?r of fat. '.?n refusing to ac cepl a dishonored i beque tor MOO of the former owner of this hoise .'Mr. Hall, of Rochester i as the ?ISSe money o( tlie flora temple party. This draft was take-i by Mr. M< Mam., her driver, from Mr. Mall, it being the stak? money for Paf-bcn in tb'ir first trot at Ph.ladeljibla, and which ?as won by Flora Temple. It, however, was not endorsed by Mr hall, whrthar by acoldmt or d<?)jn we ar? unable t<> stale, and on presentation for pa; t at Pucheater. by Mr McMann's bankers, it wa> dishonored by Mr. Hall A* Mr. McMann h?: ma e all his matihea Of Fiora against Patchon with D Ta!!man (the agent both of Mr Hall and Mr. Wal;crmlre>, he utturally looked to him for the set liemmt of tbe dishonored draft be bad received at Phlia delpbi? Mr Waltcrmir* refused to recoeniw this cheek, as be mss only re?pon?tble for the engagement* of Patrh en since he tame into his |>oaaes?i' n, and <nnacqnenlly baptarrd his part of th?* staki <??>0) on tbe present mttrb lu tbe baud* of the .fudge*, wbo called upon Mr M<Marn tu<*" the same Fveniually the money was duly ilep<? te.l It may, however, sho? bow little dependence tbrre to bo placed on tbe bona li le character of tbe n trottiri tr,an tits. as far as the amount of stakes I* con f?*rt."-d ?bcn ?rf >t*ie that. although the trol w?* piih lirlj : M4llnrlM fbr *400 amde. in reality it war only lor fcitO Hide and I he g?w money That *i?fe grOM murepre*eot*lH>o? of the true condition* i?f trotting matrbe* muter ally Injure, If they do not entirely rtiln lb' .nl're-ta of the trotting turf, by completely de itnylni all public confluence in tb'tr being ' en the H)V?ri . (ftiiiiOt be dcu|cd,pnd tli? limited alien! anre yeatcrday w*? ? convincing protf of gticb being the caae 1 tir cnmmt mty want otlx evi<|i>aee (ban tlwIMIMH mail- ! ii>nv uce them lb?t tbey ?r? lot MwM" ffcw tbry Invent iheir dollar* on their re*p"*tlve favorite* Tle'j with to be convinced that t?i b>. are tmtli fi i a Make of *uftck?t amount to be an object of mter?*t |o win ?T>d not fi>r gate money only, before it?ev will gi?e implicit credence to the profrnacrt honorable rbtrar icr of tl>??? Uniting matche* between b'T?et <.f 130 000 or .<00 \aloe. for a paltry Make of $vst) or t!*0? a aide ilowt-rer. wf may f*(ely reel uiiafli'd that *u< l> a *Utc of thing* *>H work It* own cor# eventually Fiitt H*at ?Tli* mare waa the favorite In the bettin? at ?10<i to J HO but the bu*ine<? done wan very hmite.1 Patcbcn had lh? pole, and tt waa only after aeven unauc i<t.?ful attempt* at (coring that they got the word Patcben drew (li. hliy ahead at the umvr turn, but the mare n-(>n caught him, ud they ran locked nearly to the quaiter pole, whKh I'aWhen pa^eed (ll/btly ahead In M jeer*'1* f?n the fkr *lda the Maltion ln< reaaed hi* lead, n.d wbrn he paired the half mile pole In 111 he wa* iraiin | half a length, which advantage be maintained thro' fbont. notw ith*t mding the mare rtniggiad family en, break It* badly In coming tip the home-d retch, and leaving rMefee* to i le*r the icnrn flrnt in 2 XI '.f. , ?. r-nrf Hmt ?Betting (100 to M0 on Pat^hen, without ny taller* Tha mare got rnttch the beet of Ui* Mart, lai'BMi c? eti'y ?"t e*j?*ci,t( It WuM b? a "go " SLt [ERA >- increased her I' art at every stride, ami at the quarter led > by four lengths. lime, 30 seconds. The half m ie ?? id pawed in 1:11, the horse gaining perceptibly on her. On tr entering the straight l'alchen *u carried off hi* feet a- by th* rate the maro was leading him, and he ajraiu la broke badly half way up, leaving the mare to win the beat by three length* .n 2'22>i >e Third Utal.?A change in the betting, the mare 'being ,e hacked at S100 to $40, aa ahe was ev.dently In better e trim than her opponent They got on well i igether a', the Urst attempt, the mare quickly going ahead, p- Patchen breaking up at the turn. On the upper aide ig ahe wh two lengths drat, doing the quarter mile in Le 30,'.4 second*, and the half mile in 1 10>t. The sulliou cow began to close the gap, but again went up at t'ue turn into the homestretch, leaving the mare to ccuie home a winner by six lengths in 2 23. H ut'Ji Ileal ? Any odds on the " l.itle bay mar. ' Patchen bad a little tbe best of tbe start, but Flora |>aa<ied _ bim like an arrow, and rounded him a length in advau In this position tbey passed the quarter pole in 37'4 so e conda, and tbe balf mile io 1 12. Unrounding tbo last turn Patchcn camo out, and a splendid struggle ens i?d all tbe way up. Unfortunately lor tbe backers of tbe borne, Patchcn broke badly within 100 yards of ttie 1 stuDd, and tbe gallant little mare was declared tbe winner 1 of the beat and race in 2 :26 *{. Tbe success of Flora Temple was hailed w Itb tremendous applause and cbeering. Among the notabilities present 8 was tbe renowned Jack llacdotald, who so faitMally adhered to the American ebamplon, John C. Heenan, during bis career in Kngland. He expressed himself highly de lighted at tbe trotting match no had witnessed, and bis 5 unqualified admiration at tbe speed and prowess of the unequalled Queen of the Trotting Turf, Flora Teuple. .1 SIMMART. Vnipn Corns*, I.. ].?Thursday, August 2.?Trotting J match for 9260 a Hide, mile heats, best three in fire, m t harness. J. Mr Harm named Flora Temple 2 111 D. Tallman nam?M i.eorge II. Patchen 12 2 2 ( 1 Kit Quarter mile. Half milt. Vile. > First beat 86 sec. I ll 223'{ I Second heat 34 sec. 1 11 2 22', Third beat. 36'? sec. 1 10)4 2 23 Fourth beat 37.'? sec. 1 12 2 2S'? ! Ocean Vatchlng. A RACK ON TllK ATLANTIC BJtTWITKN TTTE ViORI Jl'LIA AND KKBKt'CA?TOT Jl'LIA VICTORIOUS. The long ending race between the yachts Julia and i Rebecca, respectively owned by Messrs. J. M. A L. Waterbury and James Gordon Bennett, Jr., took place yesterday, and, as was anticipated, proved a most animated con lest. The well known reputation of both yachts, the prizes tbey have severally received, to say nothing of the splendid career of tbe Julia, by which she has attained the proud title of "Tbe Queen of the Sqaadron," invested the occasion with an interest which no similar event could ' have aroused. ' It was not difficult to perceive that, notwithstanding the admirable qualitits of the Rebecca as a superb sea I boat and fkst sailer, her competitor was looked upon as 1 tbo favorite yacht. Wagers were, therefore, com|>ara lively few and for between, unless made in that friendly spirit which ended in the exchange of a bottle of wine, or something as mutually pleasant, and both partisans ap rqiuiii/ kuikukm'u cuoccroinj: (oc riviu craii, witn tbe familiar tent)moot?-May tbe beet bout win." Tbe course of the raoe fu from a point offSandy Book to a stake b(-at twenty miles at son, or vice versa, ac ' cordiug to tbe direction of tbe wind, 11 being a part or the 4 challenge, that In order to fairly developo the aea going qualities of ea< b craft, the race should bo dead to windward, and not be sailed with anything less than a tlx knot breeze, luo-der to give each boat a ffclr opportunity it wna also T rtber arranged that at tbe start they should be ' taken in tow by a steanx-r, got under suitable headway and at an agreed signal let go??*ch then pursuing opposite lacks in the direction iu which tbey shot away from the steamer, until the iapae of four minute*, when they ? were at liberty lo act according to the inclination of their reeprctivc captains. ! the Rebecca waa manned by a ere* of nineteen, and " tailed by Captain 1 uke Kuslin, who his waited upon ber In a'l of her contents tor two or three yrara past, while I the Julia carried a crew of sixteen men, and was . under Die cnmmanu of the will knom Captain 8 R, hard Biown, who so successfully earned the yacht ? America through tbe World's R {alta at owes. Kuglaud, In 1861, and brought away tbe prilv It is need lees to & add, therefore, that both boats wore lutodsomcly man e a^?'d, nnd that every poiut of advaulnge was quickly turned to ncco int that ootild be discovered by lontf experience or sound jifcltmeut. Kach >acht carried a ma nail and jib, with topmast <l?wn, ant appeared to be in 1 admirable condition The Julia i- |n?t oil' the w.iys, having been thoroughly overhauled irom truck to keel. The j Rtbrcra had likewise been put in condition for the race. ' Wliih- coming down the Hudaou ou Wednesday kiio un luckily -trwded her shroud*. but these iiad been re k paired, and nothing was :?ntO'' for In r SUQCCM but a tivng krWM and a fair opiH.rt inity. 1 ?>n account of tl.e great interest maoifoted In the race, tbc steamer Jacob Be I! was chartered by the Vacbt Club ton eoiHtny the yacht* and carry those who desired to Win**- the content. A considerable o mlirr availed Ilc-mselves of tbl* opportunity, aui at ten o'clock the party start'd from pttf No I BitflTW tor .Sandv Hook, * h> re th< contestants were awaiting their arrival. Among the ] gentlemen cn tbe boat were M"*ars. Hamilton Morton, 1 secretary of ihe club Moses H. t.rinneil J M and L. I M'aterbi.ry, ihe owners of the Julia; IVm B. IVincin, I owner ot the Hare; J W. Thatcher, of tbe ReetlcM. w I II Tli< mas, of the Zing a W. W. Shlppen, of lb* Maria; ' L. M Rutherford, of the Ray: Robert H Hone, Treasurer ; of the club and others more or Icaa interested in the \ nobU sporl The judges for ihe ocrasioa were Mewr* W B Duncan 1 and L. M Kuiherlord, who cbnee as umpire Mr. 1). 1.. | Pin dam ihe steamer arrived at the rendezvous, on the bar at I Pandy Hook about half past one. but owing to the un 1 favorable lightnew .. 11,.- i ree/. slie laid here for two or j : three hours, walling P>r the lephyrt which ware tipper I most in the prayers of every yschtiman's heart. The I | ya<bl*H?se and Bestless were here cruising, and Mr Itirmnell availed himself of the latter to enjoy an after I noon ?ail A On-- rensst ws? alao snread. ender t'.e itir*rti?n of I the caterer of the club, Mr J 8. Pillivan, and between eating. drinking, flsli n* and (lie anatomical investigation of ayoungabark that was caught, incidents enough were furmrbed to invest the delay with a pleasure which enlirrly complicated for the d.uappointtuenl by which it war attcn<1t <1. While lying here tbe steamship A?ia pisaed. Inward b?i .nJ from t crope and was hanil??m?ly tainted by guirt from the Kettles*. on which wa.? Mr GrlnneU, and by iba Ha/e, which Mr. In.nean demited for Una purpoae After wards, Mr G returned and a* he railed around the tug, re< minted, to the atnuarment of the whole party, In reEular newsboy ttyle, a bulletin of foreign new* which he I ad collected durw bit abscnce Krcm tbe unpromising a?|?ert of the weather, ] aa regards wind. It waa (br as hour or two frwred that tbe race would he delayed; but ahout roar ' o'clock a moderate breere a?rang up, which, though not j trtelly Um required six knot bree<e, waa auflicieutu 1 fresh io uidurr both Messrs Wa'erbtiry and Bennett 10 commence (he rare. Tbe respective yachts were accord- i infly rignalled to MM along.ide and take a t<>w, , w h.. h they e id in the manner we have abore eiplained, ' at (be tame time dropping their ) ba Their boat* were Ikft in charge of tbe ti g, while the nen were stationed at the halliards. ready for tbe at earn whistle to sound the tigLal that ns? to stsrt them on their > y At pr> I ly nineteen miiiUtea paat four the signal was given, fyliig "Make ready," and in a few -ocoo I* afterward a ' fhoit -hrlll shriek raid as plainly a< tiam could do a, I ?Mio " I In an intUnt, certainly la less time than we ran write ! half a doaeii words, tbe Julia had tier Jib run (o Ibe i marl head, the alicel trimmed aft, and had darted cfl i a a talk to the eastward like a Vioaene t bird The Rebecca wa? not " fortunate in getting under way. Several second! more were manned n the operat ion than were needed by her competitor, Bad consequently at (be rery riarl vie had the trad luck to be behind li ly liaa<ir ami leet Hew around however, and it was not long before the too waa bowhng along no a ta< k to the south ward, prrciaely opposite to the course of tbe Jnlta The wind waa blowing gently (rant the SB. K , and It was evident frotn this m merit that the swift fbolej li'.tle i champion bad secured aa advantig. which the was likely i to n.M iU.u c.real iu(ererl was main Tea ted in the potiitirm of th? ' t wo j? his on crossing ea< h other on the neswod tack, aa I it wa* felt I" >?e a ii" aire point Bud when It was fouod that (he I' berra had tufl*re<l her opponent to get ! b *eey inntiderab e diatanee to the windward, the 1 opinion b< am* general that the day was loat 1 bev rid rr > i m| i.op and that nothing but an accident to hff competitor or a ?tr?fif wind sneh as has heretofore deveh ped her l>e?t |>oints on other ire.a*ig???, could afford br r tb' h Bet i ban* e of (ucccs* that runt ma (o be raid Is. thM (he Julia through out U.e race iMliilal!ie<i ttie lead abc had acquired at the ?iart At the bree/e 'reshened during tbe last Ave milaa ibe I id fair to I e aotue of her laurtle, but Ibv end of the race w ? loo near Ic render her sue eaa at all doubtfil, ann *l pr?ri??ir iwnnf rtm min'tea pan (even o"rk< k rhe batidai mely roiiudod tl?e Make boot n.n<1 ramc M llH Vlnft < t lli# pt *e p!at*, amounting In Tali? If |2t0 The t me rf??nm<Hl la running the twenty mite* wa? three hoar* M<1 ti>n min >|?? The F'.rhecra per?-rme<! tbe unr f'ftilt at eighteen minute* to eight oYtoifc, being Ju*t flftetri romi:tf? b' bind her lort'iiiate rival. TW? being lltt'e mireto < *>t<>? la that vicinity but tt>? " tihhme immensity of tbe **a,'' of wbi< h moat of the par ) hod already h?d amp?< ?nm< i<<m v. *n<t the rising monn and blu? pavilioned ok* having b<-eo in turn freely irltt' i-fil. in addition to tbe aubwet* of a mundane ibarac t< r, lh< learnt i.g wim beagled for tbe city Her* we arrived aboct hnlfpaat eleven o'clock, the p*?enge up the N?> bung \ aried by agreeah!* entertain ment on boatd an<l a right at tbe Creat iMtean aa aba ?learned leit W. ?ea Mere, aiao, the .ompaity reparated, ptraaed with ih#ir dav'a f-ajoyment, and animal*), by the example aflorled of an '<^ea? rare, mora lh?B cfr w tb that ( ennme of the gport whieh ought to bo felt t>y ?j?ty m?mber ernreetH wjlb tfc? yarbt rg in ler?*ti of oflf cvontrjr. i1 LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ABBI7AL OF THE ASIA. ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE FROM EUROPE. Lord Brougham's Apology to Mr. Dallas. Our London and St. Petersburg Correspondence, fte., Ac., Ac. TUe ?toamntu|> Asia, Capiam Lott, which Mii?d from Liverpool at ten o'clock on tbu 2bu, and from Q-.ecuatown oo tbe evening or the 22d, arrived L. ro yesterday afternoon. Her ail v ices have beou anticipated by tb? Prioc* Albert at St. Johns, but tbe reception of our file* enables us to (ire complete details of European new* ,p to tbe ditv of sailing At Ibe adjourned meeting or the International O agree* on Uie 18th ult. Lord Brougham apologized to Mr. I^las Tor the insult ottered ou tho previous day .n tbe language ? I exceedingly regret that the observations 1 roa.te ou the first day have beta interpreted into something d.srespectful to the United States. No one who hai Known me will arc lire me o( siicb an intention. I rosport our brethren of the United States, ereu wheu 1 oilier from thorn. When I called attention, In the preseuce of our frieud, Ur. Dallas, to the, in my opinion, important statistical fart that a meet resptcluble colored gentleman, from Canada, ?us a member of the < jugrcss, I only called his iltontiou to it just as I would the attention of our excellent frien-i the representative of the Brari'J, who is hereto day; and, ?.od knows, I do not entertain the slightest disrespect for the Brazils. 1 ought also to have called tho attention of the Count de Rlpalda (the Spantob representative) to the same subject ; tney liavo eolouies. and tb?y have persona ol various colors m their pos.-tbsions. leal hji attention to It hereby. (Applause ) A meeting or the creditor of M?*-grs. Slroatfleld, Lawrencc A Mortimore, leather aud bide Sartor*, had been held. The proceedings excited the greatest nterefct. It appeara the ascertained liabilities amount to ?744,448 w hilst tbe assets arc estimated on paper at ?.214.140. The profits averaged in 1668 and 1840 about ?40,000 per annum. The embsrras-raent of the firm arose through supporting numerous otber houses in tho same trade. Once engaged with them, it was obliged to go on providing them with means. The Involvements grew from ?565,000 in 1SS7, when the firm was solvuiit, to the present large amount. The embarrassment of the smaller house? brought the difficulties of tbe larger bouse to a climax. The u.-ual facilities of discount wtro eel oil, and a steppage inevitable. A searching inquiry was considered necessary by the majority of the creditors, but the chairman (Ur. Chapman) announced thai hia firm (Overend. Emery \ Co.) hal come to the determ.nation to place tbe estate .ti the bankruptcy court. H motion totbisetfect was negatived by a large majority. Mr. Clupman said, "1 put the resolution that t might licit the opinion of Knglifcb merchants as to tbe infamous practice of circulating accommodation bills, purporting to bo for general transactions, and only regret that It was uot met with unanimous consent. He said bo should nut alter bis determination, and instructions hid already been gi\ en to place tho eflate in the Bankrupt -y Court." It was intimated that a similar cour3o would be pursued with regard to the Liverpool Arm at the Ins nu :e of bankers In that town. The Liverpool Mareury of th" 21?t announced the fa lure uf Muthew Steele & Co , cf that town. Tbe rtport la unfounded, as we bear from a subseq teul clitioo of tbe , if-yxiry received Ma Quc.ustown, and .iLx> a note fr?m oi r Liverpool agent. Further Ministerial c'mng?s are talked of at Naples, all j tending to reader the government more and more liberal. ' Tli'" -Vom?'<fc i* tics, fti ou- mfn?l?cr of Ibo f>U<tre Ubinr*, M. J iborio Romano, new Prefect of Pol -e, and MM Baldacbinl, Forrigui and Viutim.glia. Nothing of the old )>olice, not even the name. The department is now known v the X?.rc< tion of Public Safety and Q>. jtorsbip. 1 be M.nifter cl the Interior has officially recei* "d foj tyfour emigrants, who arrived at Naples on the 16i.b ult. Mime of the oflicers of the marine have lakvn the oatb lu the constitution on condition of not b< ng ordered to light again'l Italiau*. neral l lary has a? eil foe rewrorcem* i<1p versl officers of tbe navy, artillery and of the trginerr corps, have tendered their re? gnat.on >n I tie (veiling of tlic l&th ult. tlio Royal Guards, at Naples. cinimitted violent excess. ? apt oat the uhabt lasts, ?b wiling at the lime "Viva U Kt " <'veral person were killed, aud fifty persons wounded. The people ar<- quiet, but Irritated. Hie I'opc bail pronounced an allocution,energetically the l'i?dmonl<*ee goverr.raect, on account of the arreals and condemnation of the RehojM of 1 .?a, Imols, Fai n/a and Piaccnsa, approvicg tbe condu-t of tbeac ki?bops, and deviating the annexation of tbe Duchies anil the l,'gatt<n.s to l*!edmi tit aa ao usi rpation. We have new* from Syria down to tt.e llib. No further Incident of itnpoi lance had Uk?n pit e, bi t tbe >Ute of tii.o|t. contmucd to lie very urate, nod not true than "2 000 fugitive* from the interior bad arrived al Reyrout ami leyda A despatch from Beyrout, via Mareelll*f,?a>? that lite Christians of Damascus do longer quit thei' b".f?? Tbe French ConnuI displays tbe great eat energy, beug supported by Ab del k. Uer, with 1 MO Algerianr U Portal a, a Krench cotton iw at maaufkc lurer in the I?bai.on, baa eared the (lirialian .nhab tarts of the neighboring village. batiug granted a refuge to 1 *00 |<eraon? and driven back the <>nemy. The I'aaba all -ii. te negotiate f<?i peace, but th< M.irnuite tr.lx* are Claiming tiMlrmniiy. Treat anxiety *u felt at Bcyrout respecting tbe fate of the Christ.ana who bad taken rertige in the eo.ith of Kea rovan, to the oumtier of 4& 000 and wbo were surrounded by tbe Iyim** and Mutuaiis in much greater numbers. It ii Plated that the Sultan baa de*palch?M to b?r Ma.-sty ijuetn Victoria a letter aim.'ar to that addressed to tbe Fmiieror of Ibe French French consular re|.or?s received from Syria auio that tbe r aasarrcs which bad taken place are tbe reeilt of a conspiracy of the Mussi.iman populace. Tbe report having been ipread among the Itrusea Ih .l i .r-'pean diptoau .* ess ab< ut l ilrr away the Turks from Eorope, I be lTt;ica determined ?o exterminating the, CbrlatAM to fyii*. The French font til at Mi - port will be uib.e to r?prc?* * rl?ing which hail been organ ,*cd in (u own f?tor I'nter thi ?e rirrt.Trttanrc* Hie tapmir of lb? f r?n< b Iim declared that. although >n*iting the lower* wbo ItMtt tig nod the trtntle* of the 30th of March, isifl, U< (>re their coocnrrence fo* an efficient protec t oc of tbe thrmmna In IHna franee, on her own xc<-o<iBt, will frer f?il In ber mwN nf humanity, and la retolred ur?o mmedm'ely tending an armed exped tloo to "yrla. The london hmrt f'arit corretpondent write* that II ta doubtful whether Ihr Pnltan't letter will bar# any 'ffect in arretting or eren delating the French mil tary exp*. dWkH). which It ia waid will not ba Obmpowd of l<*ea than 20 000 or M "00 men. A French utaff officer, who baa acquired great experience ,n Algeria. Iiaa reported that the Interior of?vrla it aa Inaerettlhle at KabyUa, that it* pop ilatlon am tint* U> 2 'i00 000. of wbom li e mate portion are armed and well ncruatomed to the ??e o| firearma, and that a twp* f<">r or Are thouaaed French tr'Ojw wot'id be , ttnflictenl to obte u orJer among*! them Tbe F'lropa reached I.'Terpojl on the Slrl. Cotton wat lulet Th' taki on Ibc 2t?t, I 000 bile* Hour wnt firm Wheat Arm, at the extreme rai t of the 20th Cn?n qnlet Weather unfhviah!* IVr the Ciepa I'rotiHona dtifl. lard buoyant. Our l.nmlnti ( orreapnndeNce. 1*1* no*, Jn'y 21, 1MW i nj< A lU n tj I*r.ia A'julww im Mrha'f of thoChrittioi in Hfria ? M"lina and ft thfmifot? .V*r*'eoi?-? f'lotr?Tkr A'nd of Ik' XUk Man Approaekinfi- Thr G*l Mi/y SvUM\?N<nt D*fdk ttim$ JtwiMlHU of Mr. harry. 4r 4f. T ar newt now ka not confined to the nrtarcbea of Rarl l aid The bulletin* of the dt< ilian bero bate to tli*nlo the bonort With tbe Intelligence from Pawnfu* and Aleppo. In tbe new cruaade yon may depend that all tbe actor* art not to be the descendant* of R < hard I ho 1 ion Hearted and km follower* A Philip Aug-ieto? Manila rfsdy to lake up th? rram, ?o<l hia nam* % Inaka IteptlNa. T?? m < msr.u of tb? maaa?rr?a l0 ^jm? ar* wat borr hi*, ar 1, whrthw r*a#r*,?*t'><t or ?<*, th* pro |rf ?flrll of *g* will s<,t rtt coe^et 19

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