Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1860 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HERALD. JA91KS OOUDON BE9IIIKT9, EI>riX)B AND PROPP.lfTOR. orr:c* n. w. cornkr or Nassau and fttlton rri. TXf rf'i nJro?i<v. Jfo/tr-y #? ?< Ay wWi trff' ft* < ! rfk# ri*A c>/' f/:r ?? <ier. iVfu//; . no! rotWroi Oa ?ub*<riptiw* mmtp. THK VA11 r F1FRALD two rmt* p*r <v>/?v, $7 jmt annum. Tl/K M A / A7.1' iiFRAl.D% nm, S<v tnliy, at tij cnl* ,""r rw. w ??* I" r tit-hum. th* Kuntyrtn. Ktition 0C*r* ? "/. a< ?ur ? ? r.> <M }*r annum Utany |Nir(o/' Qrtal hi ot'>i 0r to or iMtit o/ //?. ' ><A lo inrfwittto toy . t'Cai(/orvu? i ott t)u 6th and 20(A V ?acA mouth at in r w i? f*-r "1*#^. <?r * 1 .'*) JXf HIMMk nit r.WULl Hh.UALD on Wedt*' loj/, at four C<nt$p*r Co&*. i? >1 j? ? Or*fiWN. \'OL( S J A /. > (VKRRSPONDMjrCK, cont+irl-.q importa ut n*tr*. h>>Ucit,if , ,- m< <iny quartrr nf th* tear Id; if u- (L trM bf Ukrulli, jmtitfjur. mjr Ou* Kukiicx Couiftr?>Mfl tAHXU Ul AHl.v" KV<i0UTKI> TO Sill. ALL LftTTBH.* L> J 1*AUa age* wx* i to. >0 AOTICf! takrrs of anonymou* corrcpoiUUnc*. W$do '?* rrtvn* rt .n tnl tiMitn unicatton*. Volum* M?* Mt AMI'SliVKWTH TIIIH BVKNUfQ. KIBLO S OAKOK.V. Bn?J<*?y -K<lBMIWAJl IICU WI1TTKK OARI'KW. Bro?4w?7, Bond ?rer. ? fiH'k lo i.f -I'AiimvAi?kou?ie* run Lute. WAL!.A('lt'8 TUKATRF, Bmmdway.?Doaacr A5B Son ? -om A?M?. _____ LAURA KKKKCa TUKVTitt, ?i Broadwif.-Oot imi'cu ? oo?m. * Hi(W BOVKHY, Bowery. ?Umnrs?>ITHE.:;H or Pi :rs ?Vousfc Aiixka. BARNON'S AMKRICAN NVSKtfN, B^iAdwAT.-IH/and Evrnm* ? Ktuioruji Hom.i, U mcu Kchujuok, Utihc Ornounn, Ac. NATIONAl> VAR1KTIRK, Chattumt utreet.-Dons 3?u.M. D*fu?' :iiuc-1'iu.iii > akd lung*. r A. Jit \ n 1 MT.1, ?.icck.? iwu. ? '?? ? lT?aami<t<L r CAMFRHCKY CONCKHT SAl.l>'?.V, ?<?t Rrc*(lvm7 80.-1.1 l)4ACIU, liCMJUHlUW, AU. No. BROAOWAT -Sosot. n*5c?. ><e*Li?ao??, *n. Nrw Voi k, Ki ldar, Angnil 3, I860. Thr \ews. Tiie stesmshij) Northern Light arrived at this port yest-vriay from Aspinwull, with the Pacific mail- and f"*fl,678 in gold, and the passengers which hit San Francisco on the 11th nit. The advice* f. (.in California and our other possession* 0*1 the Pacific coast have been anticipated by the overland expresses. The political news from Centra! America and t!, > South Pa -iflc is somewhat important. In Near Gi >nada iimtters wore in about the same posture as a* laadvics, neither party having done anything de i^'ve. A decree of arrest and imprisonment hod been i&sned against Mosquera, in which he was also deprived of his rank nni title of General. There was considerable excitement in Nicaragua. growiug out of Gen. Walker's movements. The Congress of Costa Rica, previous to adjourning . passed the grant to Mr. Ambrose Thompson, of New York, allowing him the privilege of building a railroad across Chiriqui. The grant was fiercely opposed, but it is nevertheless a fixed fart now. Mr. Dimitry, the United States Minigter, succeeded in negotiating a convention for the purpose of arranging the United States claims against Costa Pica. The convention will sit in Washington. A son of the Minister, Sir. John Dimitry, came passenger in the Northern Light, as bearer of despatches. The official gazette of Guatemala recommends the abolition of Congress. An impression prevailed that \N alker would make a descent on Onna or Traxillo. Chile continues prospering and improving. More I mines have been discovered, and further works of j internal improvement are projected. Tie e.ian^'rment of the I'nited States claims against Peru is progressing at a snail's pace. It i? l:k?*ly to be a long time before the affair is settled. Ti.t ui?ttu iv.u. 111 ana reru liad not commenced, though both nides were preparing, and expecting it, as they had been for several mouths pant. In Kinder mutters remained about the same. An eng.t i merit was daily expected between the fcr< es of (>< in lals Flores ai.<1 Franco. The *v??in-liip Karnak, Capt. llrownless, from Ns-. Br N. P., July 2arrived here yesterday morning. She brings the news of the capture at Na-sau o' another slaver, with nearly fonr hundred Africans on board. The slaversupposed the Karnak to be a war steamer, and in endeavoring to escape J ran upon the ro< ks, when a portion of the crew wrr drowned and part of the cargo lost. The captain said to haw < ommittcd suit ide. T'u steamship A sit, from Liverpool an the 21st and V tu '??n on the 221 ult., arrived at this port yist' *day afu moon. Her adviees, however, were anticipated on Wednesday by the Prlncc Albe:t at >t. John*. We have but little information cnevrning the movesnents of Garibaldi. Serioi ? d -turbanr -ha l t ?k^n place at Kaples. and si reral per-ons were killed. The news from 8>ria i* very alarming, and fears wr? entertained at Be\rout of the utter ext< rmination of the Chi!.?tians. In another column w give Lord Urotigliatn'a apology to Mr. l*allaa, and also a pitliy a>tit It i.pon the same subject fioiu a London paper. The steamer flreat Eastern left this port yesterday to. Old Point Comfort and Annapolis, having about i ? 1 ndred pnss-ngera on boiird. The ex citenie it created by her departure was not greater than tl> ?t caused by any of the mail steamers when lea? Uig lor Kurope or California. We give a full accornt of her appearance and departure elaewheri*. Tin Ptin e of W?lea h ft Halifax and arrired at f\ adsor, X. 8.. yesterday, where lie was rc:elved by the usual d? luonstrationa of loyalty, rtur reader*. < i)Ki >a:i> th? 1 idiea. insy prepare for a new sensat:ou. I? I anr.otmeed that the Prince will embark for I! j'jnd at .Vew Vork. and the royal sfisdrm u < ? ui??> win pruuauir rniuiin 'v at tUi? point to *ee him mMv off. At the Yonng M'-n'i PftnnrraUr St?to 0>nr?n lion. In hamtoga, ox Senator Foote, of Mi??i?"ippl. delivered an ludrena on Tue-sJav cvruiag, diactMtin; Prudential <yi<-*tlon on ita beating No tU and hwth, and rutling and ?l ulilng m >#t iian trtiiully the Yanceya, UVtt*. Kcitta, Jel [hivia anil ntliiri of tlic ?ccct"i n athool of p.<11tic 4. ghr a report of thi? rkh and racy ora torn a! effort, ami like w if- M . I>o?i,l;i?' speech re ceotljr dt liviicd at Concord, N. II. The i are ?*twc?n thr celcl ratod ra< ht? Jillt ?nd Rebfcea to?.k place jr?te! lay. and reailt* 1 la the firnt named ro--el winning the plate. A d" eription of the contMt ia givr<n in another cot ima An>.f'ipr trial nf unerd tietirprn thp fim/mc trnl. tiiig horses Flora Ttuiple and Gi argt M. r*k it(n camc off yesterday. Flora dctUrcd the win oer. afer a spirited contest. The llwmrt Ga?rd< of Xew llnvfa, who have he en on a visit to our city during aevcral day* pa-t, took their departure f<ir hmite l??t c renin* r>uri.i({ the <1?y they visited the various public lantltution* on the Ka*t river, and ?at down to a far* we ll dinner In the evening with the Sixty ninth regiment, whose guests thoy haw been during their atay in the city. The Chamber of Comtn- rce held their regnlu meeting yesterday afternoon. A number of persons were elected members, and others proposed for membership. Quarantine correspondence was spbmitted. and a resolution adopted railing for a report of the condition and working of Oie present ' Quarantine system, with a view of settling the J diflficnlties that have heretofore exUted on account of conflict between city and State authorities. It rasj be matter of ?ati<fact(oa to the b.i*ine?s tren in tils city and elsewhere who lost letters and valuable icvlo^iUM tivm Uuaia by ;.Uc extsatLr* robberies of Jotu Wlucornb at KuUanJ, Vennont, to team that the t.r&ud Jury, at the rei < ?' ?e???ou of the United State* Court it Wi ilot', fjund * L\.c bill againat Inn. Hu tria. fil. take place at tiie October term of the Court More and more evidence of the guilt of Whitcornb u conntantiy coning to light, an! tiie ch.i'! < of * ten year*' r<t>idence in the penitentiary are good. A number of the Jt stice* o' the Supreme Court of this St ?te met in Albany on the la? iuatant, to organize what i> teimed a It e Convention, far the purpo?e of revising the rulet of the Court: but not bei:ig able to get a quonav the Convention adjourned without transacting ao>- baaine-o. Tti.- cotlou m.iitiel ?ii quite steady yetterdly, with mImof about 1.200 1>alep, closing wltb Armnecs oath' ba?>* r>'quotation* given in another coluiua TIM flour market was heavy, and price* for most descriptions of common ami medium grade* c'.oaeu w ith tbe turn ol t&e murket in favor of purchaser* When I dm lioavj *ud cloned dull, while sa'ea were fair, but prices,especially for common qualilit?, were irregular, with a tendency towards lower price* Cc-n opened ??.tli uteaJ new, but closed flat and U-a? ruieable, eicept at <> ?? coacM>i<m la favor of parcba&eri Pork waa tlrm for while pr.m > was free>y o(l>-red. Sale* of uev luoaa were made at $19 IS'* a ?19 15 and of ue.? at >11 a >11 IJtf The government coat-art for 6,000 t>bt?. wu taken on |>r > air wma. tur jjjfnuuia'ii w. #sO (dkea yMterJ'tv Iterab.ved 1,500 obU , ilel-verable at the Nary YarJ, Coaport, at >1C 7i>: 2 300 Jo. at the Navy Vwd, Brooklyn, at 91C ?0, and 2,COO do. at the Hary Yard, Cbartestowu, oa private tortus Su?irs were more active, but irregular la prices, ao1 closed at U>wer rgt the weeW'a salea Tlie truaart >tn e-ni^veU about 1 400 Iihda , at price# give i i an.ituer p' n? Coffee ?v Arm, while halt* were n. s< r ?- at futl pric.*. Kr?iftit? coat.x.ied Ann, while eug t,;.u.'ata w : uuiarate. The Douglaa (ampalgn la the NorthHot Work For Angoit. Full length we spread before our readers this morning the late remarkable campaign speech of Mr. Douglas at Concord and the extraordinary speech of Gk'U. H S. Foote. the other evening, to the Douglas young democracy of New Yotk. osst-mbled at Saratoga Spring*. I In the main, this speech of Mr. Douglas reminds us of a famous .-peech on the slavery question, delivered in Congre*? many years ago by Mr. McDowell, then a member of the House from Virginia. Aa outsider, who had been among bis 'i^ners, seiz-'d the opportunity of the adjournment to express to a colleague of the orator a very high opinion of the speech, oh. yen " wa* the response 'I always did adiu-i ika p" r>..4 ?i uuir mat .^^rrtu ui uc uuvnuui n. uui, ai* though upon popular sovereignty this speech of Mr. Douglas is the old story there are some points in it wh'eh tnake it almost as good as cew. He tell? us something of his momentous conversation with the President on the Lecompton difficulty. which was followed by the fatal anti-Lecompton rebellion of the Senator, lie tells lis that the President, in that conversation, admonished htm that if h? resisted the administration the administration would resist him. This was a fair warning; and if the President h*3 fulfilled his promise, tie Senator, we presume, has not been disappointed. He has found the President a man of | his word, which is more than we can say of many other men. even of some note in the world. Mr. Douglas ne.ct in pleading his plea or Territorial popular sovereignty over the slavery question, tells us that all the great lights of the democratic party in 1856 advocated the same doctrine. Including Mr. Breckinridge and Gen. Lane. But that was in 185G. occomp .a'u>d * lib , n ceneral understanding to le.ive the question ) to the Interpretaion of the courts. That was the democratic Old Testament; the New Testament : was proclaimed in 1S37. In the Dred Scott de J cLsIon of the Supreme Court, which, in the ' clearest terms, repudiate* this thing of popular sovereignty in the Territories as a here-y, a id 1 which quite as clearly affirms theeqi il right of ! the people of all the States to go into the common Territories of the I'nion with their pro i _ ?r .I.... ...j .il . ui r?ri^ ucOkiij' u'u, sia?c3 aau kiif ; und their right to the* protection of said property by the local and federal authorities, until the Territory shall have pas-ed. or is parsing, from it* minority, aa a mere ;hild of the general government. Into Ita independent manhood as a sovereign State. Tb" fjrest error, then of Mr. Do^gLa Is in persisting In the Cincinnati platform of Ih-"6. when it has been superseded by tbe platform of tbe Supreme Court of ls07 ' the a; preme luw of the laud." Breckinridge and Laneatand upon tie platform of 1857; and this very point, at which the trouble with Mr. Doug!*9 begins, is tbe very point at which he steps bU defence. In other respect' this speech of the indomitable Senator m. stains his b!gb reputation as an accomplished and powerf l stumpspeA*r- v? tie man among a the us >nd to ta'Ji to tlio people. But bwW shall w?> describe, cr in what category shall we place this extraordinary harangu* of (i-'n I oote at Saratoga Springs. We are sort - to ?uy that It betrajs the soured and disappointed politician Oo Foo*e is s man of talent. education experience, ind istry. courage and per?e\erance. lie has b?en a member cf the t'nited .^nate Governor of Miss - Ipp! and loves distinction; but of lute years l.e bus been left Liga and dry among the driftWioi thrown a-bore by tbe winds and w ,ves of the stormy tea of politic. He wi? a fire-eater, he Wu- a compromise man. he 'ia? be?a a Knaw Nothing: but be now appears ready for ?imost anything that will defeat I.'ncoln and Breckinridge or kill off the black rep blic and punish Mr Biubansn at tbe sim<? fine P it. with this d( ble mission oa hi bauds, the labors of General Fcote are woise than u?ele?s lie foment* discord where he sbj^ld pr*a. h harmony. I>oo9 he Imagine tha! he ij wrmV* \tr t<% + !.h Ir tn ir ?-.-r Ifr ? " ?? ? ? " * ?' I B .char, 'ti ;.s anctari T'.Lc-th* mid hi# iia;ia!strsti n ru> an "intoler bio despotism?" Or can be ?;p;io?e that the en *e of Mr Douglas is tr? m'n-cod by dvnonnrinjr Caleb C ;-hinjr a* "the svnonvtne of treachery ami corruption"? 'as corr; pf a ifxn a? the worM ! et e: seea;" snd John Slidcll .?? "a low manager? a trickster in oftloe?" It is evident that the persnaal grievance if General F vc t*? at .. politician are tc< ffi'ich far hi? discretion a* un advocate, and like Governor Wi<(\ ol Vi glnU. though terrible a' an enemy he I? not s fe ?? a friend, from his habit, whoa least expected, of flying off the handle. A', nil event* onr reader. from the speeches in question. will perceive that the Do.glaa , campaign in the Ncrth waxes h t and p ngent: ! that the politician* concerned are beginning to | tell tales out of school; and that the prospect is that before our Pougla* democrats and Breckinridge democrat.- will Lave settled their little differenced unx>ng themselves Old Abe Lincoln" will have chopped off all their beads within his reach, from Cape Ci d to California Tb< a wt shall, perhaps. hav-e a new shuffl of tiie p?;k aad a rescn^-uctloa cf parties wM;2i i raw YORK HERALD. VI will csat all our managing politicians of the I day high and dry on the teach. i This democratic explosion U but the beginning of a new order of thing*; and they who sow the seeds of a political revolution, history tells us, are seldom among those who reap the harvest. Thh GBKAT Eastern KKCITKMK.VT DYINO Out.?One of the mcwt forcible illustrations of the mutability of the public mind, and the rapidity with which great popular excitements die out, is furnished by the case of the Gr?*ut Kastern Few events huve ever occurred In New York which called forth 11 heartier demonstration of enthusiasm than the arrival of the monster ship in our harbor. The people turned out in thousands from every quarter of the city when her coming was announced, and gave her nn impromptu ovation when she made her appearance 6teaming up the bay. While she lay at our wharves not less than a hundred and fifty thousand people visited her, and they came from all points, by railroad and steamboat, to enjoy the privilege of examining her immense proportions. On her first excursion in American water*, to Cape May, on Monday last, fully o hundred thousand people witnet>aed her rlonarfirp Alnnar thp vhnlo 1irif? frrim har mooring* to the Battery, the piers and shipping ucd housetops were crowded with eager spectators, guns thundered from all sides. and a fleet cf steamers and boats of every size and rig accompanied her; while every available spot on the Lorg Island shore and on Staten Island vas darkened with groups of admiring visitants. Nothing could exceed the excitement of that duf. But with her departure, amid all thi.? enthusiasm. public curiosity seemed to have died out; the Great Kactern sensation was evidently over; for whea she returned, in two days afterwards, be regained her moorings without the least display on the part of the people. Few knew that bhe had returned at all. and still fewer ap peared to care whether the hud or not Yesterday she made her second excursion, starting for Annapolis Itoads wh.iher she goes at the earnest solicitation of our Southern neighbors, whc offered the directors the handsome Inducement of $15,000 worth of coal for ber homeward voyige in order to give the citizens of the sleepy city of Annapolis and Baltimore. Norfolk. Washington aud the adjacent places, aa opportunity to gladden their eyes with a sight of the monster of the deep. A very peculiar and characteristically American arrangement it was. too. The sailing of the big thip yesterday presented a remarkable contrast to the scene of Monday, or to that of her first arrival. There was literally no excitement oa the occasion. She took only one hundred passengers, instead of two thousand who went oa her to Cape May. and these were principally Southerners. who took this novel mode of going home. There were not more than about two hundred people on the pier to witness her departure; no fleet of excursion boaU accompanied her, and t altogether the affair was perfectly flat and de- u void of all enthusiasm. This is certainly a c striking evidence of the sudden decline of the jj Great Eastern sensation. AoRtocLTtnuL Fa aw ? Within a f*w years tt pa?t the agricultural interests of th" country u Luc tcru giratljr aided OV lU?r uiraun of ufrri- *' cultural fairs and shows, at which not only the P products of the field, cereal and vegetable, and horses and cattle, have been exhibited to the r public but every new Invention cooaected with r cultivation has been brought to the notice ol the farmer. Not alone bare we o::t g;eA national fair, ? but we hare also our State fairs, count/ fairs, and eren town fairs, in every quarter of the Union. The ruliie of exhibition!* of this charac- a tor cannot be orer appreciated. They are more instrumental in spreading a knowledge of agrl- u cultural science, as well as creating a generous B rlralry among our farmers, than any other mean? which could be adopted. The finest s br* ed of horse*, the best cattle and sheep, the rarest poultry, and the richest specimens of ' grain, green crops and fruit*, are always to be " fo :nd at the3e fair*. The amount of money expended upon them, for prizes and for getting tli^m up. cannot fall short of from half a mil- if lion to a million of dollars annually. T1 TliU subject recalled to mind just now by q the feet that we hare received an Inritation to * tie Tndhaa Agricultural State Fair, to be held In the city of Indianapolis on the 15th of Octtber at which premiums to the amount of ' $12,000 are offered by the Board. It Is proba- fr ble that al! the agricultural fairs tbi-* year will " receive a greatly increased interest, and will 1() attract a n ore numerous attendance than ever, \ in conspq euce of the extraordinary abundance ? _t it ... HU. . f J .? >L ?3i ioi' wrcp" lurianurr* unr riaira ai we prospect of the harvest, th-y feel rich ia ad vance in contemplation of their well stored L garners, rod will no doubt, wait the lair# in it much laiger n mbers thin luual. A II Tjt Griit Euiutx Exctn&iox.?'Thera i? a great deal of talking aad g: .mblicg about dc t':e cit* concerning the di.-comforts of the ex- (ii cr.raloatft* on the recent trip of the Great *D Fa* tern to Cape May; and. doubtless. with T1 tcrrv reason. Tie truth La that Lnglblimen do not understand how to get up an excursion on tl A'neilcai plan: ^nd therefore those who * Luj t'lis trip in charge failed to gire satlsfactlon Llxcurtloi* are a speciality in this couaU j and bence we know exactly how to conduct tL< m tc s. it t'ae habits and expectation* of our m people. In this country and specially In New V ik, tli??e v ho gc on a steamboat excursion expect to find all the ccmforts and F( convenience cf a h. rae. and they are rarely. ,r it ever. dim.ppolnted. but la England an exc sion i? looked tipin ss u rough and t mble oflalr at best akU'dtf scramble, full of discomfort but at the tame time, not destitute of fun. Tier* cm: b.' no dcubt that in thf present c?re thr? p- rrejor of the Gre.?t Eistern wa? no n more fit for tho duties he undertook than that mythical indirld al. the Man la the Mcon; and " i. spf ars laaf the directors themselves as well <m tie excursionist*, were the victims of hi* Incompetency. Had the catering of the vessel ( < l? ? a in tlf har.d.* of any cf o ir hotel keepers. ?? tLor<? wt .'J bare been t.bund?ace of a Tpline among the -frvanta that ^ ro; Id tare ituttirrd plenty and comfort in the to ? atlag department at all events. With regard U tbe *>?p!rg arrangement#. it muy be retr rked that ?%!y el^ht hundred people were flT to be provided for cn Monday morning the re- <?? * i: :ng twe've t ndred. who ccmpriwd the pawengers. havbg purchased their tkkete j*J djri-g t-s'. di/j aad it U co tx*j ma'.ler tc U UDAV, AUGUST 3, 1800. provide sleeping accommodations far a 4-rplus | of twelve hundred at a few hour?' notice. Moreover, it waa announced Irom the &r < th .t l there waa only stateroom accommodation oq Board for six hundred people. However, no matter what fault Pndiag there ??y be with the arrangements for cooafont on board, there appears to be but one opinion with regard to the officers of the ship. They did their dutj well and faithfully, and ao did | .he chip herself. The responsibility of the failure to entertain the passengers properly reoU upon 0 Lbe purveyor, who bad no idea of what eicur- t iionists require in this country, who are willing 1 to pay any price for decent accommodations, but who will certainly grumble most frightfully if they do not get them. Convention with Costa. Rica.?A special bearer of despatches from IIod. Alexander Dimitry, Minister to Costa Rica, arrived here ia the steamer yesterday from Aspinwall, with the Convention lately concluded with President Montealegre for the settlement, by a joint commission, to Bit at Washington, of the claims of [>ur citizens against the government of Costa Rica. We learn that the Convention was concluded on the Iki of July, sent to the Congress at San Josi: on the Gth, and approved by that body on the 11th of the fame month. This proa., tion on tbe part of the government of Soeta Rica presents an example worthy of imitation by our own Coogreea. It is stated that ihe claims presented amount, on their face, to rery nearly six bundled thousand dollars. The readine&> with v, hicb Mr. Dimitry has obtained this convention for the examination and settlement of those claims, bhows tbe propriety of our ?0ve! nment sending a person as Minister who is something more than a professional politician, and the example could be imitated witb id vantage ia some of tbe other Spanish Arneri:an republics. TiitSrATE>. Island Febp.v.?We believe it k aow arranged that an opposition ferry is to be run to Staten Island, and we can hardly con :eive a greater blessing which could be bestowed upon the people of New York. On the present ferry, conducted as it is. there is no *afety for human life for a single hour; and n some time or other?Borne Sunday, or Fourth " of July, or grand celebration d>y?tht?re will 0 be a catastrophe on one of these boats that will a ippal the entire community. They habitually jj un crowded beyond their capacity, and there ire no visible means on board of saving a soli- b ary life in case of any accident occurring. ' b The sooner some other mode of conveyance *' o Staten Island is adopted the better for the tI 'afety of the community. ???? CI NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL, I Oar f>prit?l Washington Despatch, WASHWGTO*, August 2, I960 Til* WJ11HTHOTO* WiTU fOUK. Uj Captain Benbam, chief engineer of the water works, is (1, iore, ani bu nearly completed his arrangements for goug oo with the work. He baa taken the rooms just v* atod by the Attorney Genera! for his headquarters, aal lie latter has moved into ihe new wing of the Treasury lu tiding. ra cantigci itxrssrno.f of Hie commission to Chiriqui has not left here, although 01 ic war steamer Brooklyn, detailed to convey them to j,, *r U1UUIM, UBS IIIITnl Bl UUJJ^lVJii WWJ1. EUVIC -? ? int teiu ( kKimiui tin (Htiiiui wr u?c Burvefing J' artj to accompany Lieutenant Morton. m wr omn arroorran. ai Daoiel Warner, of Rochester, has beea appointed tern- ? orarily, to place or Samuel North, special agent of the it 'oat Ctbce Department. ti k*. MCimWa nmutrrRi J Mr. P 9 Dickinson left this afternoon for Baltimore, o; rbere be is to speak tonight in faror of Breck.aridge f" nd Lane iffotxTKww a rm mar** ooars , Captain Win R. Siar* has been appointed Quarto master o! f the Marine Corp , iu the place of Sutherland, defaulter, ,fl laintssed. Urst I.icnttnaat baa been promoted to Gap at no, in place of Slack, and Second Lieutenant Adam N. Ia aker promoted to First I ,eut?nant, in pW-e of Kint/.ng. ^ Becket K. Ilowell haa been apin.ntei a Second Lieu- ol Diut.iu place of Baker. U'>well is a brother in taw of '' dl i uator [tarts, of Miasiar ppi t)| Lieut. Gium, of Wisconsin, who captured John Brown di I Hsrper's Ferry, wa* the chic'competlto' ofS!a>kfor ie pace of Quartetnaster, but was defeated by South ro ir Pa via influence. vt arrail.* oa r?i rio Git*M>s * 111 rv^patche* have been recc veJ at the War f>etiarlmi*3t u, r.m Brevet Olcnel l<ee, commanding the Department of *ti pxm. dated Js'y 19. reporting that everything remains ^ met on the R'o G'ande troutier. and that even rumor* i to Cortu-as or bis tuco, or of lutrbers from the other do of the river, bave ceased. Ii! in* ucuhh or tus CtUcac?o toravw*. an The Chicajro Touaves will be receiv ed by the Pres.Jtnt !*' I Ave o'clcck on Katerds; afternoon, after their return in Mount Vernon, and they will drill on the lawn on the i t frout of the WL te Hoi e. in pretence of the Pre# m( rnt. Secretary of War. and other cabinet and aF?y U*r?. They will b? escorted to Washington and Mount croon by the Independent Greja, of Bait mjre, and to hilt here will quarter at the National Hotel |W) va* Htm** roarth Oapt Wm S. B!vk tus been appointed g.. irtsrmaster ^ the marine corp*. v oe Sutherland di*^ii?>ed r rst - Br leuteoknt MalUit-w R Kurtz of, l.a* urea i>:><nit*d tr> pj 10 capta ncy thus nifti't wint. kid Second I'erle-i ,nt d?m N. Hokcr to the Flrtt Uentwrnlcy Brevet R A| o*til h.m beeo appoint*! a Second L> ' .teuant w) rn ptrvm wimn ix. Tho American Pentil OonTent on Uaro e!e t'Ni n Pre^i at IV. Atkin? >n, of Cictt.kad, V ioe Pro*.dean. Pr bl>?, of Waehtriton. aid l>r. C'ark, of ( "org a R-rord f g Secretary, Di Tart, of Ob.i> Oorreapond og Secret* , Pr Roger*, of Kent .ck} ; Trouurer, Dr. ti..: o? i.u. | reoMTlraait Ha t ? < ?n-JHT OX T IK WWG. tb< Attorney Blark ha* ing kit for the \<>rtit ao.l ibt Cretan Hoyd for Yirg n.a, only tiro ctbln.d omoerJi too main til the ctj, nam Me?*rB. Totcey and Holt. nit ****?*! * TO MM. WftU\*0*. r,<l Hun Paine I P. Dickinson > Dow hero II wa* acre bo iM IWtR'ii. j by the B . ckeundge aud Ltae Corn noi ill** tin ItomiiiatloiH for Confii ai * CMKMKi,Augudl a, 1400 of The frniocatc Congre ..i >oa! CbuTontioo for lb? wjrth district, held at rro:t? today, nominated R 0. . igcrtoH for 0>?gr?? Ti>UHk>, Algi.'t S, IMO. 11? Tie ItopvM'rkn CVingrrvsintal (inirt ntioa lor the K.fth #trtcl v?n>b' >1 hr.o today, aud Hon un?? M At-liley lor re-election by acclamation I w II Howk'1 ?* ?')iiInatod Pr?r elector ^ Important Lrgal Drrlilnn. '-iria. An*' t i I?M 1 The * Oar-t tb mom'" decked ?n faror of ibo ?ig MUnli a tty .? < ?*ltiy< rti; act of the Ioj* ?t ire, . reference t > the erection of r b';C bo ld ngt Tbe con st mnkt bo fuboiittoU to thv t'ouasil*. m. lb?icttl'? tbe quf lion of the erection ofth- City til and Court linear* no Prnn .Square. Broad and Market root* rt> on, A larf! Auittrarr Mowed. rU AliiuiT, AuguM 2. I "MO ?f. AMi 1 8 ("00 >p'? vrernVed lactate ctrool to night ' witoe.-a a man waik acro?< a wire, atreu hod from Ax ( mtl>nll* to tho top i.f tao Muaeum buildii" Afti y,* tiling an hn ir, the per'orTncr tppeired In Ugh1* at one ^ d of tbe wire, walked out two ttena, returned, and jn| wing to tbe rwt *> 1 e- announced th? wire not tijbt l)w oogh. and withdrew, boldly aelllng an audience large |noi gb to ticlte tbe enry of pol.tlcikna tu, tbe Rswdotn t'otlege I nmmenremeal. k*-l Ri' >-wic*. Me , August 3, UN) t T?.?- Rg fhv ?>f Iti-wdc n f. ;* k-e r.-m he? day e. Tbe e*ercf?et were uouKnally Intoreatlng. Tlie ?tn gree of I I.. T wan conferred na Nathan Clifford, of of rtlar t I>inie1 Ooodenow, of Alfred, and John Apiplo- clot J, of liangor Today Rot. P. P llitrbcock, of tbe fr i i?.>n Tliefd.<g cal m nary del Tered an Oratioo b.'>re T f H MortCklPoc etr, an 1 Proe lent lord, cf r>irtaicult? I! Ucfe, aJJL-tsiC* ILc I'U, BvU C.AWrB i/ ri. PROGRESS Of IH? PRK"e <* WAL?SDrpartorr of the Prlnif from K Hla Arrival at WlndMr-AMftk " Prior* sad Hla RtplUt-HU E"i u (ion for St. Joha, IV. B?Th? IU^yml tH|?adron Coming to Hew York, *e. Ml FX IAL DUrATCB TO THX NV.W TOSS UKKjkU>. W:m>sob, N. S., August 2, IMA The Prince and suite, with tho Ifcgisiature, loft Haliita >y special train at seven A. M., and reached W.adaor at kalf past eight o'clock. The following .viJrea |mtm the* read to tb? Princ >a the balcony of the Clifton House, 1a preacnce of a vast nulntude collected below: ? ro the Moat High, Puiasant and Illustrioua Priaco Albert kdward, Prince of the United tiiDgdom of Great Britain atd Iruland, Prince of Wales, Dux* of Saxony, Prince of Coburg aud Gotba. Great Steward of Scotland, Duke of Cornwall and Rot batty, Karl of Cheater, Carrick and bublin, Baron of Renfrew and Lord of the ulca. K. 0. May it ple?M your Royal Highueas, we, the loyal inlabitantsuf the townahip of Windaor,of the county of lanta, in the province of Nora Soolta, beg leave to ap>roach your Royal Highneas to offer the bumble expresion of a heartfelt welcome, aud to thank your Royal ligbucsa for the unprecedented honor of thia op ?rtuu:ty. condescendingly offered ua, of avowing our levoted loyalty and uuwavermg attachment U> the liioue laid ix-rsou of our most gracious yueen, and to her lluatrious bouse aud family; our exalted admiration ind rrspect for the emmont taleota and virtues o( her oyal Consort, and oar fervent aspirations and hopea tor i long career of happiness and glory for your Roral giauirv. m|/t UU ?UIO uapp/ W OAllUil be loyal feelings of this oldest University town in her <?j? t-ty'? wide extended colonial possessions, we vi?w it is our highest privilege aui singular bouor to be permit ed to greet your Royal Highaec:> ui the immediate neigh ?orbr>od of an institution founded by hU Majesty King Jeorpe the Third, the august and illustrious ancestor ot our Rojal Highness. IVsliov ng that tbe University of Vinotor h?3 continued duung successive yearj to answer he wise and benevolent purposes of its founder, and know ig that in King's College, under the royal charter the i granted, have been educated in religion, In literature and null Lee a groat number of the clergy, man r of the moat listinguislied members of tbe beach and bar in tin- and be neighboring colonies, many military m"a, whose I r? .. li. vt :nenls have l>een wideiv wMnw. and vrrai others. including members of the different reig' ius denominations, equally conspicuous in the various talks of life, all of whom have ever manifested the bluest allegiance to the British throne and government iut we are awar> tliat your ltoyal Highness lias only a rw moments to bestow for thi? brief but ever memora ?lc occasion. We are extremely grateful, aui we hope hat your Royal Highness'vis.t to Nova Scotia may be groeaMe to your Royal Highness, as it is most welcome .nd me*! g.utlfying to us: and that on your happy re urn to WincL-oi Ca?tle and to the renowned University in > jour Royal Hehness is curolled, your Royal iighnetiK may convey to her Gracious Majesty, our "beovi-d Q.'een, the assurance of the sentiments of inviolable r?! sl'.y to the tlirone ami of affectionate veueratioa for he constitution, which pervade all ranks and classes of ier to'ft*'s Subjects ;u this of h-r dominion.!, ind not le#M, the youth of our University, educated In a own win e fortress was honored by the presence ail till bear* the name of her Majesty's illustnous father. Tbe Prince theu read, iu his usual manaer, this brief eply>The addm? which you have presented to ne demands my acknow ledgements. It is a pleasure to ne to vi.-it, even though it be but In passing, this seat of earning in British North America; to And that the sans I theeo pre vinsen are successfully pursuing, within the reciucts o< your town, tbe itudies which I hare layoel.' bandoDed, omy for a time, that I might come to these mds I thank you for yoor kind recollection of my randfather, and for your loyal sentiments. Tbe Prince afterwards led lady Mulgrave to the public rea?ftat, whea the toasts of "The Queen," "Prince A1 ert" and "the Prince of Wales," were proposed and reponded to with vociferous hurrahing Fccr magnificent triumphal arches are erected near le railway station. The Prince waa in a plain, neat morning dreas, and look1 aa fresh and merry as when he landed at Halifax. He 41 in company with the Duke of Newcastle and Lord [uigrave by carr.age to Hantsport. The weather is beautiful. The Prince arrived at IIant;port, from Windsor, at a iiarter past eleven o'clock this morning accompanied Uy iwards of two hundred carriages Immedistelv on sten ng from hi! carriage the following address was read ? j tlie Must High, Puissant and Illustrious Princc Albert Edward, Prince of Walea, Ihike of Saxouy, I'nnee of 1 Coburg and Gotha, Great Steward of Scotland, Duke of ' Cornwall and Kothsay. Earl of Chester. Carrick and Dublin, Barou of Renfrew and Lord of the Isles. K. 0.:? May it pleute tour Ki>val li ;gUne?s, we, the inhabitants ' Il*!ti;>ort, would humbly represent that, In favoring ir quiet village w ith your presence, your Royal Highness inii rs ou tr an honor greater than our word* can ex ress or any demonstration of ours can testify. Yet, lough our'language and our means may foil, that onor U not the lees appreciated, nor lee* that 1 pep and lasting sense of obligation our hearts must ever 1 knowledge through the gracious permission of your 1 jgust mother. We joyfully accord to your Royal Highess, ss the representative of our Queen, tho reception we ould accord to her Majeay. We do not exhibit to your ' eyftl HigUniFS anvthlng to interest. beyoud such boune* as nature has bestowed up>n us We boast of uo im neirg edifice, do grand triumphal meritorious ork of art, nor can we proudly point to scenes of clasic r hu-toi leal fame, but, better iar Hutu these, we wclcome 1 :r i'rince with the earnest affection; t! a derated, man 1 race; we greet the first born son of our beloved Queen ith feelings of deepest respect, and proudly hail the ] iture monarch of that glorioua globe cudgeling empire which we art a part. We would rtvr<scutuur interest ; i be maritime, and chiefly in other trade with le brother laud, thus adding the strong tie of ] immerce to the pre ex is Meg ones of blood, or language 1 id religion. Our pride is in the Uritirh institutions, ' ws and flag, to uphold which in time of need we will rer aid with eothusitfctic volunteers. Sbould this vil ge ever become the city of the beautiful baain beyond ' touihing historic Interest, and tn which ycur Royjl J lyhorss is now about to sail, the rise of that city will ' ite from the royal selection of this port for your em- 1 treat.on to dsy, in ccmmc moratiou of which it lias been 1 sign a ted by the i>eople, and we humbly trust will also 1 itct the approbation of your Royal Highness as I'rincc ' n. long live jour Royal Highness. Long may vou ate the tn.ghiy throne' of H itain, and whcninaher ars, if vour august name shall be Inseparably aaaoc.ated ith deeds us great and glorious as ever hallowed the ' emery of ear j's noblest, ma\ we hope, presimpt jous * ough it tnay I'-em, that when, relaxing from the tolls of ate, the mind of the klLg shall revert, may it ever with ,ioy aad pride, to bis youthful d?;-s, the h>ur J ent In Hsntsport may not have been forgHU-a The i'rince replied as follows ? Ovavrsns\?I tbaak you wa'tnly for vou- bfMrtyaal nil welcome With agricultural capability on one side * i inariinuf ivaui^zea on me oio<T. yn r town ui'is > !r to rife in c an I wealth ual'l very a ucoro a wt?b you erery |?ro*per1t> Bit Royal Highnrs* lol.tnil-l tbro . j'i ti * S?vreUry j, at br would e?tee?n the rkuipof -iarn ' n i rompl: '' sat to himaelf, b.:t ?oj!J ti t:st it to tb? lo; alty of the lia'>.taHs n Three hearty cbre-s w?re then giren by tlie vw^mblH nr?ut>? o! |KMp!e. ?ni the I'riae* Mil mite embarkci J", board her Me.ieaty'a itMwr ?ty*. which waafvic* ia o f> awaiticfr bit arr.val A royal nalute waa tired, J the M\ x wc gbe-l lockor asd l^.'ed for ?t John, V,-w , novo, an* the run .an cbeet* of the otitb . a *?ic rnu t tude J Pie Priiwe i? to e'i>l>ark (><>ta New Yor'. on loaviog , nerka. and the Ai' mral a do*t la etp-xteJ ti be there ' th the royal aquadroa In l\- ig tbe a* It it 1U; ft* ? i artiltorynu **>. OWB 10 pi?W I . - . tj lr. Dweilel ?. Dtrklnaoii In KMlflinnre. 'f Baii mori, AogiKt 2. 19)0 a ir Pickiaa- a-r -ed bere today, ant * lolgedat'a. He wa* serenaded at ball pa.-i leu ciort *>r I Zousrea' band of Chlcagn H-* preee-itcd himaelf on i balcouj , and wa> aruily lie from (If * 0 to tweoty miaute* Hi a-g led fiat the-ero.'l I be no * dd'e ground ia the Ptvaldenlial cootoat.? .lb?r llreikio- a Ct or Lincoln moat ?> elect* 1 Th* f >-n?r. he aitd, will aratalned by all reliable democratic Mat-a Mo dejieed t*>v.g\a? u a diaorgaV.ser and disturber, wbo, to > > tame ol Uie democracy, aoi ftlit to deatroy the part} 1 oferthrow llie couetltutioj He urgeO tli itaocncf ,i Maryland to rally to the aappn t of the c >unl- \? they a. I In 1118. and to demand the w llii'ana o: [w>uflae. io wa? ? ! tfce Held a* a i> "it >?r ?V ?o' n >! IK cote. fmm Plkt't Peak. ?i Pr .loflru M?., AvjM I.19M tr Dm Gtttltf p( tti ? m conii . * i!ic u *-* ' m Ptfct i hli tr n>? rtprM from rVnrer Clt/, arrired tut 01 Ut. brought $1S.Ott la duat. * fliere arc at prcaeul ft bout 100 quart- mill* it tUe U ne?, only a few of ?h,ih are up and ta work ng orter. " lie o! ibotc wo: kcd In pi|?<rU'tic*d engineer* re?iiz ^ m $100 to 912ft per 'tar, having rich qua-tr to operate oi while other* make from $00 to $100. S?* men in one ' m had taken out in three day? fottr and a hair piuai* r|' (old. Other claim* are worked with equally a* good r> fee*, while maie r<*li/.c little or nothing. Xme of all gradee pr. Taila to conaideiabi# eitont in n> it Tlcinitr. I de*tri:rtlee t >rnado pa?*e<t orer Kary*\ ille. Kanaae. ? y 80, d? tnoliabing everything In iU way. T^retllirge, two bue.uce* Itonaee. platform* and print rfflrr* were blown to pieoea. and the Poet Office wa* ned around and mi nt" the etreet. Every buDdiqg in plate wa* inori'or IrH Injured. No liroa reported k urirg the beary storm which r - led our c ty feeler- ft ' the Seeoad v \rd nchool houae and a residence were jck by ligbtMrg. but not aerioaal.. damaged. A -pan bora.v were killed In the etreet A prraon h%l hia M ibr* tfi rcbod, l>at, ttrajg* to eaj-, reec red no ahjck *r n the fluid. w be pn*t?g" ratf * by the pony r?p'??* ii red iee-J lo eM per quarter ounce. IVf is u? slurgj la t'H >t frapb'x tt|c?. C< Thf TtMhrrt AMotlalio^ TOPO O&T'S PRdOEADLhOa. Pyhaopw, AuftiM t, 1M> Afi*r Uta adoption or toe reaoiuUooa reported bj ma coaun.ttee yesterday, Mr. Bvluiy reported oa the conlt- " (too of (be ISxhtrt' Adiocatr. elating Uiat (be L*gaia (ure bad failed to make an appropriation for it, and it mult now rely upon u>e aupport of tearhers. Mitt S B Axraoar offered a rioolutioo prorldtog for a thonographic report of (be proceedings of (be n ?it mnet' ud one declaring (bat (be rulea of (be aaaoclattoa bi t ^'o ^-ad'y abused, both of which ware tabled Mr' ^ \iT?m reported In faror of holding the nert ?a nu#J meetu>H at Watertown, which, after aome dlacuatfoo omwon, of New York, submitted resold, j. for tbe late Profeeeor Goodrich, wbtata tioaa of reapeci were adopted. . >*? un w&a presented to Uu Pre E Abbott, in behalf of tbe 1*1/ Sr. of^ t ?K ci Mr lfcHU?oU actaowted^ a rec** Wllwo P. M?P -a**-1 *?* i.Dcea occupied moat of (be session, rfireetad (o ha The committees on the variooa ratyecta dveetea w reported upon at tbe next meeting ? officer, for the enanlBg yw ware elMtad M foUoy Prea dent, E. A. Sheldon, of Oswego. V!ce Prea?de*a, ? W. Cole, of Troy, W. W. Newmaa, of Buffalo, A. fl. !**?. of Blnghamton, and Albert Alien .of Ogdenaburg. ponding 9eera(arj, JameeCrulkahank, of albany; mg Secrrtariea, jamee AtwaU, of Lockport, and A. H' CSapp, of Onandaga; Treaaurer, W. N. Read, of Mawburg. A poem on music was delivered by J. W. Barker, Of Buffalo. In lUe e? a grand social gathering of teachers a?l friends of education was held In Wtoting Hi!!. 2,500 per eons were present The association closed with resolutions of thanks to citl/cns of Syracuse and the officers, and a numl?er of addresses were made More Texas Fires. Nsw Chlxams. August 2, litO. Oalvrton dates of the 31st u!t say that the large (towing and 1 amber mill at Austin was burned on the MMh. I/ops 9100,000. The Ore wu the work of an tncondisry. A negro ?as caught setting fire to n building in Georgetown, and confessed he was incited by two abolitionists to bu: n the town. Thi Recent Explosion on Board the La Crosse. Nkw Oiuju."^, August 2, IM0 Nine person* were killed and four wounded by tha ot plosion on board th<? steamer La Crosse yesterday Death of Hon. John S. AVells. August 2. UdO Hon John S Weill, a distinguished citizen of Now Hatnpf.hi.-e, died yesterday1*! his reo.deaee in Kxeter Artlrnl of the Brooklyn nt Norfolk. Noarom, August 2, 1M0 Arrived la namptoa Roads yesterday, United Starts loop of war Brooklyn, from Pensaeola Markets. Nxw Ob:.zams. Angus; 2, I960 Cotton?Salei to da? (00 Including eight bo w new, at ll>?c. for middling. Fiour quiet at 15 U a to 60; business small, but prices firm. Pork firm at Mi lsrd, in keg*, 14c ; lard, in bbls . 14 V Whukef, 17>t'c a 18c Exchange on London, 9 \ a 9>: premium do., with bills of lading, 8<-,' a 9 premium. S.ghiexchange on New York a *, per cent premium. Baiumohs, August 2, 1960 Flour quiet, but firmer. Wheat Arm red $1 20 a II 30 white $1 30 a 91 60. Corn firm: yellow 72c. a 73c whits 75c. a 80c. Provisions quiet, firm and unchanged. Whiskey steady at 20>{c. a 21c. PiniAr<Ku^u, August 2, 1360 Flour dull and weak. Wheat active: white 91 40 s 91 65. red 91 20 a 91 25. Corn scarce; yellow in demanl at 68c. Whiskey steady at 21c a 22c. AiJiAirr, August 2?6 P. M Flour?Demand improved, and some inquiry from ths East, receipt* not l.irge and yesterday's quotations maintained: (ak? 1,200 bbls. There aro sales to day of new whetl, n urn' parcels, comprising 2,000 busheU new white Michigan on private terms, and about 2,000 bushlib Mediterranean at 91 20, and old white Michigan at 91 43. Corn unchanged and leai- doing, sales 12,000 bush els, afloat and at depot, at 69 'ic. a 60c.. Oats in moderate d.maml sales 22,000 bushels at 3T>?c. for Canada, 38c for Western and car lots or State, delivered, and 39c. Ijc State, afloat. Whiskey dull._ m rraio. August 2?1 P. M Fiour steady and unchanged. Wheat Armor sal<* 10.000 bushels mixed old and new Chicago spring at II 03,10,000 bushels oew rod winter at $1 01 Cora Mead;: salea GO 000 bushels at 50c. Other grain! unchanged. Canal freight* firm a:id unchanged. Lake import*?C 000 bbls. floor, SB 000 busheU wheat, 20.000 bushels corn. Exports?30,000 bushels wheat, 96,?) bushels ot>rn. Btwalo August 2?0 P M. P.our steady and Ui fair demand. salec 1,000 bbls at 14 STX a tb for extra I.lmois and Wisconsin, $6 a 96 2$ for extra Ohio and Indiana. 96 60 a 90 for double extra. Wheat advanced lc. and in fair demuid for new red winter stock I glit. sales 20,000 bushels at 91 00. Cora iteaiy sod in fa.r demand; sales 00 000 bushels at tOc Canal Ireiirbts firm at 40c. on (lour, 12>\ on wbc*t ao4 He on ooru to New York. Lake imports?4,000 bbls. flour, 40.0CC bushels wheat. 34.000 bushels corn. CaoaJ rvporta?200 bbls. flour, 29 000 brshels wheat, 'H .004 bushels coru. ft-sK.o, August 2, I860 Fiour quiet and unchanged. Wheat held above m* views of buyers. Corn held at about 64c., which isle sbove shippers' views market qni<*t. Other grams uciiima! fanal freights steady at 27c ou flour 8c on wheat, 7>;c on corn. lake imports to day?430 bbls Hour, 3P.200 bushels wheat, 18,200 bushels corn, >,440 bushels cats Receipts since opening of navgation t August 1?90,143 bbls. floir, 1.80B.6i<3 bushels whjal, 2.99S 041 bushels corn. 123 261 bushel* nits, 42 119 busk MS barley, 40 463 bushela rye, 10,864 bushels peas Canal exports to da) ?*60 bbls. flour, 11,600 busbaw sbeat, 24,900 busacls corn, 402 bushels [ten Cme.*r.o, Angi-st 2,1800 Hour active Wheat Arm sales 30.000 bushels at 90c a >2c tor spring, 91 a 91 01 for red, in store Corn fl.-u ind strsdy sales 16,000 bushe's at 42*t'c s 4Sc , in store tats steady Receipt.'?000 bbls flour. 00.000 bushels sbrst, 67 000 bushels corn, 40,000 bushels >?ats Rilp nentr ?1,600 bbls. flour, 68,0*0 bushels * boat 20.. '*? xishels corn. 1 reights tlrm at 5c. on corn to B>i3vo :.ght exchange on New York, 1'? per cent premium. Ci.?cnr*ir, August 2.1800 Hour in better demand Whiskey, 10.^c. Racon Arm, inldcrs ask 9 '^c a 11 V?c. Mesa pork and lard unchanged floney in fklr demand at 8 a 10 per cent premVira Stg*>t ichang* on New York steady at S' P* cent premiua Meeting or the Noiart Kail Xstloaal Democratic General Commute*. At th? regular meeting of this Committee U t evsniof, t their old headquarter*, Motart 11*11. the follow ,ag rrw>. ft ^n? wrre ofle'ed by Fernando Wood, and unaa ixtocaly /iO|>t?1 ?? Rr*o!ved, That tb * C<i-n?ittee. baring prorea '>y the >ular vote of the democratic fvuty of this county thai I i*> th? oalj organization which represe it* the |*y>p<<). 0 now rciUratr ita exclukire claim to regularity, and fny that aay other l*>dy a*-iion;pg to be % Oota nitt^e bap Uir I ?a-1 authority fur ?o doing. Keao red. Tl? ?t with this conviction we rropoud to th? aU of the Mate Central Comtniite? for the election of debate* t ' tlir coming Stat'" Onveatian to tiutainat* Stat.? rtvera and an electoral ticket tlrtolved, That lue IVmocrat.c NattOQAl Ooi'-enUoa, cliicb oou*em J at ' har'?-ton April 23. laat having, pre loua to any disagreement or dlaacnaion therein (uea-ly il ihe Sou tin rn StaU-a voting In coir .'ieoc*M, decided Ite .(umion of regularity in thia Slat.' a*a:nM the sLaU taumtttec, of which John A. Oreen, Jr., la Cui'au, 1 it, in our opin'|>n. ItK-aaibent upon a.I g-wvt democrat* 0 li v to ti> ? 'teca.oo, and t t? hu*i.lily lo thr late o-gauizalioti recognized bv a unite! Sal oni 0>3 'ration. Rt-aoIvcJ. That the democratic repub'.."\a e.ectorf. or he ?evera' Aaaenibly d?tr icU in th* county are hereby QViUjd lo elect oao delicti* earii lo a i>ero<* 'atic Slaw'cnvnt.on, called to an mbl# at !?yricui>? oa the !6th of I'.iguat it?t . for the pii; a? of n.ui'nat ng Slate <.'Iirent nd as electoral trliH, < i 111? Cbair be a-itbori^ed t? Pt-otut a cotr.m.tu** Ave to up>r nten i auch eiea :on?, an I to cert '.f to th r.\j ilarity of t'i? e'ert.ou, a. 0*1 log to Ibe u?ajf of ibN Itinera! Committee Reaolred. That th ?at ? *o e ><:ted ?haU convene at [otarl n i 1 ou SutiiJaj . Au^ i?t U. at eicht ?' C.<* P 1 . I >r th'' purr*"-' of ;i:i air ^ ml w th fj ;>->we> any coateM -d e'ectioa ran-"* wbirti our rlae Rrau, red, That the d?leffal>*? ? . i.v^o are h?vby ia tructedtotr rt t'.. ir 1-..C ' '.f ..ii n of t^.i ;.ai ly i tbe state, aad to bring al> > t. I't >a*l?V?, an entire coa idatioa of all the opponent* of b.ark i?;<ub1 .' upn a> xtara; aud hute 11 ? t Re-oil rd. That wr .top! - th c <;itinu<,d dxaeaaiona la tecaoafia r' the d"ro"tratic pwly, and w<f-irge?tlf a ro-ai"0 of :tt acaltere.1 el<>menu "for the aa\e of ?? l*u io." I. t'i? p:?arnt dlfT' rnr -. (bill be rarnod lo ie pntla, and Uk*.- who liave ao roucb at <iake ia the rf<at of the rep bhrana Khali fail to unite, we are ap that to* w >r?t of all t.ali <nal caiam;t;>? wtU er?ll th? c nlry in the ei^ cesa of Uuit r rapt Uo^t.^ ?i att A'ue*icaa cooih.aat. .a ?t ?g^'.ototh', r>a *t untte<l aa one man and make e tannin c aoae. w *.h a trri on l arpot* to arc mipl'ab a cobi"i c go .d. Kran'rid, That after tb* Slate Coorent.oa Ui:acon?aa.t *ii.l vigar ?btrb 1*1 it to victory 'aat t>oc??b*r h1 that vo p-om ae tbr 6ewr*r*t > >.f lli? StAU thai c* VorV ctt} will tuata.o It* ) j tlit* cr :*u, itoapito i<> ci*nij't -iec,? of either the York Ciutoa O! ?c o' U??? Albany JVfoorv On motkn. a rtmrnitue of At* a* ? p o nted by tto tialr, to aj>i*>nt Uw tlw ani i'.*t<- r tbc faction at >p rpprMoataliTe from each An? ai'j,jr Jutrict to tb? jrular OmiTpnti >a, to be b'M *t -vr*r no on u>? l>la -Unt, *11J to oe-ttfy en- '.rat'* >f tb >.o who ar- rcted. *a 1 to decide ail queatlotu ia i lat ? to a. .4 ectlou Tlie o timittee a^jouroed to the oe*t reg Jar meaUt.f fctto;, th? flret Ttiuralay ia ."September lie l>? loin Slave ( nr.( h*r|r ?f P?r? )mrf nK*lnat William D. llil|M. n?!7U> *TATM CP*Hl-MOVIilt'? Of I ICSDo'ore Corasiiaa'.onc- Mo-etl. Ar> r.1 2 ? Mr Cti*rle? Sj ?ar, merchant, of M4 rt ibMr.ct *Li cornr- v'. Albany *nl Weatatreet*. a* pffrrcJ aa on* of toe bill In M.000 tor Uie pr* a?r. r f>po*- *a? f t?m nN at length aa I# ht? r?I and pe aa! property, bit on eroaa e**mlnatlou ?>y Mr Heu.-y, b3apj>e?r?l ?ur the felted *t?te*, declined to njiw^c me qaMtlM at to the na? trf ?' fcl? rr*! *t I p i>rty Mr Il 'nry tb*n "'ft the ' ti, *ad tbi ? adj-/jrti*l tai Bi*1. " tiil muro-i*

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