Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 4, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 4, 1860 Page 2
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2 tnon?- i?'rsonal popularity, it *wm* tdlp to raise h iuo? l.oU al>v>Ul the uutUCOl Ul *C?U.l luJJ. Cal '> L.g l.i livi- Male 1U Novt-tuDt r. lit* fneu t t *a\ IU -} lul 'Q l lo carry the Suit u the) h?vi ig j>ue u>< inouuuiw <>u tlieir ix'iki< and. If lh*y crowd too much, Bmitarnlge will roll up lii^ e.eeww aou ml- Ihc u'lloualy tor Ult: canto be repru?< nil. Stucc but rtluru trum WaaLiufrtou Uie Vice Pr<-?iVnt ?1 ibc I'ltlltHl Mail's haf takeu ijuarlcrf at the Ph<euiX Hotel In lb if place Hiit family ar. there with him, although Mrs B. in at this Unit- ou a vi?it lo her relation 111 Georgetown, Ky. There u not i m.iti llviiijj who eu Joys a huher degree o! per -nal popularity than Jotui C. Breckinridge, while b;n f.tuuly relaiituv .ire uf the m>st lntlu'itial, an wail mi-( i tor lu'xii pirasuraols detenpuon. The Brcckiuritlye [ inly nr. o( thciiist Ives a power .u the Plate. l?> ui?rr.. W r Bvi'&iuridgc allied tamsolf lo a roost wurtbv ano csiira:ihlc family, whiwe cmiivtionj are amoug the Highest ol the genuine Kentucky n -U'" . He married a uau0 iter of Ubo.lee Burch, Kwj , a |>roailnent ciiisen ot tiroti county. Mr*. B. was regarded a- .1 belie, uiut a* ami i'?le and acemnjiltshed as alio *nh>tutilul. They have U?e children?three boys and two girte ? K truly happy lauiily. Mr*. B-eckiuru ge I* regard-'-! 11 as uLit- o( iik most i legaut au t u-nualam of Keiiiujkv'* fair daughter*. wbil" llicgallaul ?ta.i>>r bnnndffUud- aStuI ftmoDi; the hanilj'-iine iueu of tlui State His form if tall mii<l erect, lit* III . 11 lvilimalldltig. Ill"- feat'ir'1- arr romariuth y rxprissivc, and marked by the cl ar line* of Souu nature, contained with a hapf>) and 8t>cl"' ""npi'ramint His eyes would be i Lartnnjc 111 man or woman. but in iiih owu head hglna that besjk ak a w arui and ^''ijiti'uk a#oiu. Ifit* index-a of a bril limit intcJIit, and ?l the aatne '"Of t if signals of * de trimmed will. Mnj< r tfn.kniridge is aliuoil loo good looking to b.- ITi*io.'Ut. for all ? mankind would tli-n be in uaiif rr . I lallm* iu ivo wiUI liiui, aad then wtiit Would the |M'oj'le say ? M.ijir Brcclciurldgo o#u* t?o dare??bouse rvauts. lie is not, however, well as mirol i the luce whether hs owes them or tboy owu h,m, aiUioii, ti tliey are tut likely boys a* you will tlnd oulli ui m.toou and Lmiou's line, ihey adore him an a kind and good imt<u r. One ol tiiuae boys in uuiu'd Sa n He in a li .-ty tellow, and la allowed every liberty consistent with his |K>biiu>u ol servitude. The Vice lYcmdeul is a member of ilie I'renby teriau church?an outside pillar liuTuot. Mrs. lircckinridge is a m? inb-r of the llapli-d |>or suasion. TUvy are both regular attendant* U|<on church but th'' Major's public dutb-s pre\eut Liiet Kitniff t:al al lenUu* to religious exercises which bin judgment aad natural instincts would lead Inm. He Ik a devout man and a Christian, iaid never us..- profane langusgtf.aUuouijh he thews tobacco, Strict in his religious proclivities, lie does not like to talk |H/lilics ou the Sabbath, althounu he does not think ho is break tug the 1M* alogue by inviting a friend to take a little pure IVurbon on the holy day. He keeps the best Itourhou lu Kentucky, but uses very little ot it bmi H?iar< ly unless atlluied with tin) Kentucky dipllu ua In a recent interview with bitn tue converts tiou turned upon the nalurul productions ol' K nlucky. Of CtMira*. whisk-y was iuirixiuoc<:?the &ubje>:t,l mean. Major ?r> rkini lUi'i . with a bland ."mile, observed lliat there weru two ihints Keutuck urns felt proud of, and those Weri "Hi * r ialive .clinallon lu tuvile a fries 1 to take a llltlc it-.ji I-on wlnn he entered their hound, and to Uikt a little more 'eloi be left,'' The uuprt.-aii i euiertaincd bv some Northern people and praxes Unit M v>r Hi itkinr luye is a disuuiouisi, and thai his Irienda ana at a breaking up ol the American coultHitnii') . is eutirely erroneous, and gross injustice is duu< )dni?r U by tu>< circulation of such reports. Soma ol b-s uarm si unu most Intimate frieuds bare assured mi ibai eien in itie event of such u calamity bolailmg the country as the election ol l.tnroln, ibey mijftit be restive, but would not submit to llie dissolution of the Union u|>ouan> pretext ' How will you till your otll t* i(i case Lincoln should bo elected* ' 1 a.->kod of a stroug Breckinridge ollice holder In one of the adjoining counties, the other Jay " <?h, there will be u? trouole about tnat, sir; there aro plen.y of l.incoiu men at heart here now, ouly lh?-> don l Care avow thcinselvor " Some of these personages have actually begun to consider l.iucoU'i elec lion u foregone couch.ston, and art- making Ihoir arratigoiuvt.UMXM-rUti.Kty. ritv extreme Southerners will chafe uuder sn h a tiUle of thing.-, but tu.n * til be nil, aui the judiaius distribnt. -i. of Uie lat ulll-t-wtll servo us a Booming salve in mui.y h severe c tse. 1 hive heard souie Keuluek.ans, siroug pn> slavery men. declai < that l.uii..'Ut's position is uul .o bad for the slttveho'ders after all, hi would i>rotect slavery where it is; that tbe present lugtturo aw U all th-;y ould ask, and it is only tbe want of uielity anion* s un-" ol tb - Suit* that preceuU ilo ejtuouti"u; and that slavery will uuly go where t il an t climate aud tbe tUnecS of other thiu^a naturally dnect it. Majur Brrcxiuri'tge state* to me that the principle he r- i-riMtiu i? well dt-iluid by the .Vsw Von*. Ukkalo. lie ti i riM.-t.ts - ue side ot a great national qu-.-atiou which the people have drmauiied should be settled, aud l.iucolu ret r< ?us Uie olhtr. lb- made uo mention of Judge ik-Ufclaa aud h;s position Tu? 11kkau> is a favorite j ap. r with Maj -r Mr-xkiuri lge, aud la considered by him to be a power ot poteutial weight m the eutire social and govnimeulal Auieruan system. l/-xiDgt.-n is a finished city. It Mens as if It were wal;etl in, and that its inhabitants, hiring abundance to lire upon lor thetr uatural liros, are in uo tmrry to aeeu mulaie more. It is a wialtliy place, aristocratic, but hospitable ai.J courteous to slraigers, if the citileu* are sati. litd they don t ii.tfud to st^al their ntigers. J'oor white iolka sreioi of much accusal lu Lcxn gtoa,?ami then-are many slaves, who, like Major Brecmurid/e'a Nun, mo-iIu "rathfi be bonicltouy'* nigger than a poor white mao." Out great feature of I^xington is the b?auty of Its laUus. lit tug exempt from all b-nst-ln-Id dru-lgery, th -y are tit liberty U> cultivate all those graces whtcb adorn society aud t barm mankind. Some of the youngest buds, just bursting into womutihood, fly barebtaded through the city m vehicles or ou horseback, like so many angel-1 just dropped from the clouds to take a taste of mortal piea-ure. ihe Utiles of Ix'xitiK on are charming, there is tiotuKtake aboot that, and tiny are regtrde-1 with chi valr. ux ion by the men. No stranger TtslU l/exuigion without e?ni?? --r Hot Jiutivf 0. t i?t ?"" i ? private residouee, .?sn:a:..'. al>4 ut t ao un!--s from the city. I did so a d?y or two since, uml ?a* truly charmed with the place, lU ample pasture tlel.'*, lis uoble man-lou. its majestic ire?-s (some pl.itit< ! by the grrat stat--smau hims<-|), its tine stuck ot horsi s and eat tie, Its grotrtng crops, and last, hut Uot least, the lovely lamily ot nine Children, which tire the ornamt ;i s of this almost too happy hotn stead <lit of the nmarkable characteristics of this large family ol children is the wob-tvttul rceomblauc? they PMU J- all t ear to tli^ur pr*bdfath*r IjtxutuTOH, Ky., July 2*. 1M. The I'rj+lariiy iff linxkinridft at Mme?Tht Conprution al Oft/-' ?Stuifjth 1/ iSe Brt\<\dnif M-n in the Joir ral Outrtd*?The Kentucky StiU imrn Uu.kUng on tkeir J '* / fun iVhn^ llixX?ISstxluirtilge to Knitr On < iim pv 1 pit fi Pert n?H h Sta lls A msngtt Uu >Wi<te CV (i. ?llu }\itnih,?llii J/tire* Hit S out/ u?<i lith jrt if IfiibtU? Hit X ntimmtt <u a fulu'tnait? It'M the A' itn<'.mm Tku "J Lincoln?Mfy?r IheJcin i iyt'< l'l i<iwn 1/ ?jf Cvnt- U'U iU iiun nundinyt? J Mo>id, . Not* ithsiabrimg the nlmn?t inexplicable .ntrloiciea In whnh Kentucky |h>1Uk * ari< Hi this lime Involve*, there nr? two things ucrUiu,anil they arc?Hr?t, thai John C. Bret kint idge's popularity at thia momcut tu linstock/ ?aa o?v?r ur|?&.'oJ by that of any oilier, not even by Deary Clay tn !>< i almiust aud most popular days; an J avcobd. that Breckinridge'* friend* arc determined to make a "iron* ?o<l Imid light, no tu Uter hoa (lie Sl.itc may go in tbe AnguM election. TIhi-< two ?"UKJ, it miy b - well tot .ke a blrd'i eye v .? * of tlx- dill rent Onagrcamoaal district* and nee how they Maud. before we photograph the candidate of Keutjoky bim-.ii. Tliac are 10i conation in tin- futo, dn i.l ri into tea >ngre?stoaal district*. Ureckitinrige will carry the fbliuurig <1 strict", via 1 lb Uit 1 ir?t district Major Brivkitridge ha* hosta Of friebda. The prem nt member of Congress Irooj the di* trict. U.?n Uetiry C., it oil fir htm, and take* pnunnrbt pus I lien in the canv*M>. 2 Tfce Hon Ilcary O Ivytoci rspres?nt* the Swonl disl.l.t U l\?igre?. Colonel Peyton h*g unfnrlcd the Breckinridge o*m? r, and ij b.Ul.uig fur the X^or m Ui* and ntl? r district*. 8. In the Third dUtrict tli- re 1* what i* here termed defection. Mr Bn-tow represent* It. He will oppucc Brt < klaridge. ill,.1 I'h' M \>r may l<?r the d.ctrn t. 4 Tin Kuu tb di'lrut will go Tor Drcckioridge. Hou. J. 8. Ckrtvci , th? pri st ui member i4 C Rgrew, goee for bun. and lie lii.t I by a largo u rubor of iubaUatial mec i The 1 fth i!l?tficl H rrfrtilcd bj II<jo. Ju!.n Tom i Crowe? nit young Mm Br?>*n?aud th re lea po*? 1.. t. ?t t!. t -... t ni.iy a -> g.? aga.h't M-. Bre? ' Vr l>'<n t,,l M t ik hi! * it to l i" last t - ' Lf *a< ? ? in*, nihility,by wstu of ?'. llii?nt He ? t?"t tw uty fire until two three ilay. af tcr the Ual t> |rea? expired, bit hi* leitori are fTat-ked a? if he were an M C. In fill feather. Mr. ifbhn Voting Br iwu La* d<xlart 1 for ItuugUj, b.ith la public and prlrai" Mr. Bri'?n i? reported to he a y.''in? hut able and at tractive (peaki-r. He Will cauvaf toe dialrivt ana ti e ftate for l^nigia* II I relatives arv tn wtly for Breekiu ridge, tncl'idiu< hie unctee, or<> 4 whom l? Ci 'rk of th? county i4 tiuurboii. and ao<>iber a reaident of Norm Middie*<>wu, tn th? kaute ouunty, and a popular njx-ak. r. Ho reetrie* tu KUtabethiown. tUrdeo ?>unty, Kv. The Im trlct wt'l ant go for Itoogkaa, but for ? ii if ?ir<^kiuri 1^ doe* not evi'Muaiiy o?rry it. 0 llor John M KtlioM, e* m^ab'r ?f <"oo;r*a fr?n tb* Pmh d?etrW-t, gww for Hreckmrt tge, ?od 01 my ofn.-rn .J alri t ulh a, >1 11. T m .1 -1- I j [1 ... .1 7 lit- Arvckih ha (Uwwrtllo) * hopp|<ir?i>' a,?cnt Bri> kii.r.iljc Bi.t U< n. H itnpbrejr HitsImI, u inner of U**f w firm tlx* district. Is out for th? Htjuf wl?."i l.i* ei llr<? t?un, vj'l mr C'lt <l>wn llje npp ?*'l ir coaaiJeratfly Tbc Kuow Nothing* wJ llie ?lo*od Cltl zfttf, it ) c*i? I'tl, will rot# for fV.gU* 11 in * ilutrMt, notwnhnUui l tif the elT-irta of Ihr l/? infill* Jmmtl t> bring cut th? mil Amorti-ar v?t* for fell ItHibnrT meted tli? citi.vii* will bo n jwcl to row in Luujrlllr at it, n?>*t Pr'Sid-'ntial fleet uj. A. loth* R'fMti <1wtrict, the (rto I gun of th? Know Kotbtntra, A. F J. Trabae, it out lor lire'.?ign Ige, an I, h? Idea ibe regular >. "tnjcralic rove, M V" M. wui mvirrooailerable ?<n>p?<rt from tb? o|>i?.?ition ran*?. *>t don 'be F ghth lirtrtct M certain for Bcv *iuiltl< . Hon Win. E fltntuf, M. C frvia tbu Athuud Ij'n... if active for Brtck. 9 . In Utf Niath district ilr*k,ur..lge liw tbe ? u-ni < j;?rort of Ho?. R. U. St.uito*. e* m?mii;r of i ooirraf fro.n the dwtrtcl. Mr. Stanton, rou are a?tr?, H tio ' r>tn r of the former Sfcn-urjr iiad at one tim? th - acting i. ,wt nor of Kmm(| wue<i tliat ?nf<>rt jn-atf tivrlliry kJ lh? pookeU of Northern |>ti.Unliiropi?u ware Meeting an pri fuwly. Tbc Nlntb jiau iti will (ire p.urahi/ (or aIrwek Inrlitf*. 10 In tJwTenth district T (lot thai TTm Stml F .?w-?jv? r?rit>?rlj m npjwaiKMi member of < Vmgre*, ie ont ?tr>ng for Hr?*ku,relge. Th?r? If ererj In-lx-aat. ?u Hie 1|? Af*? mu go lor 8rcvXioriJ(? bj a ban.lfome plural, tf y ' T!.e ir Maber of Coogreu from the Trnth?Hue 1 j W -i . w u.' Ij ... J1 u. Audit* juvca i ' fi , u V;ir... ??aUo Ui>-L 111' kt(UU(> l'?r Hreckui I r r .nud it ? ' |n?wi rfui (ji.t frit* young K-o { t.,c? ?ii lli ic a in i >n ; tbv ittutl v :g->ruur ic I Uit* Bi eckiuritlge liti |? Aa oug thf m!n t j.rom - ut w cky tt?t tuv < | I'MickktiMMl for Breckln Ipvttjil u?..ixt bta wl<?r? to the i uutst, art ux l.ovt ruor L VV. l'ot?> I, I'uifcol Seu* tor, Hue .'uraivs U Ciiy,Bou ?>i Hciiry Clay; .Utnen li i liik, ?->1 , k?u> l<> Im t'linri ?i u .iii'l lUit iu >re lx?n Tri.I :>.ii?. Co! y I R>:!: >.a I- .* ! liig iu.iu iu tlu* Fir-;t du.ti .i I liou ( >rg>- W Silvefiiolb, number or the Suit Smau- I .1 (.ov. Ttio* J' iwtor: Col. Wo# E. Arthur, Carl.?? , lion. Sn. i rod U illiams (formerly jsi lui-ist). lluu Th?ui:w t" Mi Creery, a apleudid ft llow, Ool. , Crorge B Hodge *L<t Tmoleoo Ormrecs; elector* alUrge I. r tin sute ui: tin' district electors, all the Sute Central Commuli i', U.. t.i.irernor at Ihe Jaw. and every b'utca ? t itr en itiee f vrrnment, and Julius Ca*n*r and Presi d< iii Hurbai -in oolv kt.owt how mauy more. With thin stupendous airiy of auxiliaries, to gay nothing 01 his i ? much i..aLce unlets his universal good luck ?illi\ r;- him along ititotho Presidenti il ( hair Be bid owi.oil iu every political success that h- h*s male tr.tioh tuore by luck tliau by any tiling else. 8r>meihmg ha* nl wu\s t'uvored him lu hid strugitl?-s Generally after he has been nouilcated the wheel turn* and show^ hira the winner of the pri?e, and the successful contests he has made have always been act ompllshi'd less by nuy merit of his own than by his universal good fortune. Hi is is the sole reliance of many of his s importers now?they do not talk of his talents or o! hi? times* for the Presi dency. That teems to l>e entirely ignored, and it may b> that Mr lieU may be def-uted hi-CHise there is no cn? to say nught for or agaiusl htm. Indeed, the New Orleans Drila predli Is his defeat from the fact there na5 be<n tin one to abuse him as yet He w'.'l want sbuse to br'eg him into notice TENNESSEE. Om N'ASIU'ILLS COKKKSPOMHDiCK. Na/ihyiili, July 'JO, I860. Th' Foaiticn r<the llfll Mr* it Tr>.v's.-"?lknr Friendship for PoU'jfo*?Brc ki<! ridge ir. Tmnaici?Appea'anct of John U ll?lit Cnt'trial (! >"& J.v It, tic., dc I have already n ailed you a*j account of a I>o tglas mi i tlr.^ I.. UI hi re by Cot. Footc, formerly of Mississippi. 1 say lie.d by inv. I oi te, for be wai the head aud front o! the demi a^triition, unle?5 the Know Nothings of this tit} wish I shart the crcd.t with him. The Del! men of this st oti>.>ii of the country anil of this State sc* that their bebt chance, in tact tho'r ouly chance, is to foster the dioJeL.-.oii of the demi-cratic party, and every B.-ll man in this State is a great I >uglao man, and is his mf'tl n'-ie and strenuous supi>orter. Ila is, they say their second choice after liell. Why? Itecause they thint by getting up a Douglas l'arty in this Stale to draw off totes frotn BrtckinrMgo they will carry Tennessee, aud, hv the taiuc means here, mauy of the Southern Slates. The meeting was aim st en'.irc'y comp >sed of Know Nothings, they shouted ihe loudest. You will perceive that <?ov. 1'ooti s s|>ee? h is printed at full length in u,nt.iw.uiti..>, mm..r <1,1. n..ll .,,,1 I.-. I.uiill,.., r-i-i? .. vi It* columns; hlf fpeech furnlnhed by himself, pro ia'>ly, It* publlMllini lu adrnuce, as the papers in Nashville arc rot e-nergetlc enougn to Lave pubil-hod so long a speech the next day alter its del very Ifnews '? published any time within u *wk tney are tlo'r^ well As a *t imp speaker then a e few that Mirp&M him. He Is lit tho pr . scnt time without an equal l* re lu tikis State, bet he i-- on the wrong s'de of the fence The democrats lire, with few isolated cxceptims, arc f t Breckinridge He ts very popular In this State, mil, uo doubt, will <. <rr> the State oy ft l*rg? majority In tact, the Dell men trow that milegj they can pet up a powerful Itou^Uis organization tn till* State their hopes aro gone. Nashville is the residence of Jolm Bel'., lie resembled very mu u la look aad api?ar*nre Pr Mott, of New York, the Napoleon of surgery. He Is not so tall, bjt hit, lac* u? a very *ti iking resemblance. When iu the street he can always be recognized hy big cotton umbrolU, which is his devoted attenduit, either under h - arm or ever his head He is lutereated In a coal mine oa the Cumberland rtver, a short d .stance from this place, called the Treadwater Coal, or the Bull coal; but *|?-nds most of his time Io Nash Mile. It ts not thought here that BeU will the great Clay lias not fallen up?n his ion so far as foreu sic grandeur is concerned, sti l tue an enj >y? In no little degree the his tlhuitrtoug lire proteiaed during bis lifetime iu the Aihhuni district. Hon. James B. Clay goes fiT Breckinridge with all his soul, means and ener g'es. The t lav strata of Kentucky political and family tulluence will be nearly unanimous in fllvor ot Breckinridge. and the Issue being made between Combs as the uti Clay candidate, and McClarty at the pro Clay ctudldate, the result in a State so wedded to the memories that ivy around the name of Henry Clay as Kentucky can scarcely be doubted. If McClarty be defeated, It will be the signal of a social and family revolution In this Slate that will shake our native aristocracy terribly. Oen. iX'inlit will receive a good chare of the latent whig strength which has sought rhelter under the wing and hopes fur a glorious resurrect "n under the au*p.ces of Boll aud fiverett The Know Notblug or Amcrletn vot" will be given for tien. Uotubs, and b) the aid of the l<oujlas iteBiocrals h- may possibly earrv ihe State. The grand aim or the opposition in Kcnt.icky .? to defeat b< ecfciuridpe and thiah- who adUlat? with him, and barga.ns aie openly talked about 'a e? t that if the P >ug las democrats ?ill vote lor Ovu. Comix, their candidate w ill rie?< :vc a KXKiO cleiksnip under tu< teueral if elect i d Thi- Bill men bate not, ao lar m i ean learn, made any approaches t< the licuglas meu cooceinmg tLt< .* "\ue> can carry tli" Stite for the Tcmicbsean sin bow, owing (o the democratic spin, and they arc working day :iud u ?ht, and a kjjJ share ol twilight, to rtTret their purpose. 1 never Ituero-J ao : much energy in a political rtui^ai/ri as the B-'ll men now I exhibit, but in the baiaugui. I h ard# there u hat! I haul about their candidate than there is about Pouglas j and Breckinridge?laudation of the former atii abuse o t the latter Hut there dixw not appeur to be that eutbu | siastn among their audieutea that ut generally witnessed id a I'urlv Dial fool entirely cocfldcut of earn lug tu elcc Hon. They listen well, however, nud a calm may be better than a loud about id a cauvas- so mixed as that of Ui'' i'Ot- iu the Male ul Kcu lucky. No 3 ?<K. R. Boiling. This gentleman 11 a d'-mocral and is the pr< inci-ml-enl ot the 1'lerknhip of the Court of Appeal*. lie I* recognit d ai the Dn't?ia.< candidal*, mil in ralitor popular, but ho is not much talked *tx>ut. i Tin-re are, however, inauy Douglas turn m the SUltf who h?\ Mtbiuf, but who will Toie. fco. 4 ?Hretit HopklLS Mr Hofik.n* if also a democrat, but ralhor of tin independent achuol, Ue has bo ob je< tu n U> being elected to the oltU a, lu.inntch at> it i? the most lucrative one tu the Mate?*ay S'jO.COO per annum Mr. UovWutk u highiy eMeemed, but hi* appearance in me corneal only servr* to rt-niler mora obscure that which it ta nearly mij Miblc to dchae, aud that J the v i.ial r??ult. IThe above are the moat prominent candidate* for the richest otllce m the Mate of Kwi'ucky; but, aa I hare be fore intimated, there is no HMM thai the retuHof the elecli. n w ill materially affect tht Presi leo tial race in Xovt mber. other thitn that if McCtarty be ol? ded the Slate u> sure fcr Urcckinridgc by a large ma for ijr Tbr ) lllicai gathering* thus far have been well .ittenl cd. Ihe Kentucky lad tea turn out in large numben- and Hio meeting* by their enchanting presence Tfo.-y I i>rmg ba?kot loads of provision*, like those happy ore* who p> on plcuica In the grand Oenlral I'ark in New York. The while men druik a little Rourboti whlakey. while the colored an rrnr Cto I to ice witter ni l the priTi'-gf ot borrov ug a cti.w of tobacco I ei^toyed adcI gtitfm day m l"arii, Kenluoky, a sbo't time since, and learned, awct many othtr rare us things that a young gent lemon cotiie ated with the most Influential paper publwlied in Anurcawas llioro hunting ap evidence of his claitna to -tn estate comprising aoine 4 000 acre* of the Ih?i land in Kent cky worth, ?y m ro .nl numbers, MOO.OtO ILLINOIS. orx CTUCAOU Cl'KRtJ'POMWNC*. 1 I %<k>, July 31. 1W0. TA (' r. 4 > ( Tirn i l Hra'.d?The frvp cu -*r*,v c fV r - //.r i ?Tfu KrpMkmn* in TrvttHe?Imp John it it' * fvi rillt-tfstwui'rM IVevU't rf. <tx. Tti's ui< morahle Cl.l July. I>fl0. a pa.r of twjis wire hoT . aith> igh under sr . ere labor they appeared healthy, | but rati.or * ul. n It.i - knc *. I n, an lh* cccsolilated cutu'. vr is > in tli.i cllj , the Chtcagv Tii^t and //ont^l? tU< former *v.-%il"wed tbe latter. Dik u-b arc always after little l!?h. The aprlt of Ihe lamented ft*M has flown; it hu> gone to ]?ru aakMwo, u rer t rilorn >g.t a. I ttle Ihig ? army is growlnf sm-tller crery day, j.t straight e t Brt*k!n/ p-tpcr wouM b* it the tli M Til'' I 'k f ttiC dotnocracv here l.ave rui co*Monrr in the ctl'.tora of lb* bf?rly ' C"M?ti4al?<l.'' ! i Aa i. ? ! ? ?hr m'ftity U!l u' ' Sanvi o Urn U t!.r'a of UiO It 1 n il , anJ tUoi are over li.n J l-ac" In tiJi "lbc di>c?"'?. ni'vrrtbe'?~?J, arc try :n< tin gfti.nti.c bai(> ty, 1 ia ? i'. <ul an i-oa.- u .1 loo ui v- i th' ., i j I /' a.' 1 i j i ? - H v II rtnca c. all Mm m ? ?t*M. wlllMTtrrmp iutlli.tif ' -.>nj 1 m ' c> i?o.Ktal-?l ' j lit* i?'.* -.-ill.' *iitio i a* ituji ?ik ? .sbt an < l*;>har.t at >l. tl< ?' f * II t. *. Vaow ?Uat to Jo * 1lur? m air vly a r m r aprovl thata th?r ' . 1 ? 1 . . ?r It J .1 . . I ? n<: know ?ba? rr'laiic* can In | Ui d i:;?ti A tlw r- * ?i i ?'i; i |? i ' it it?i j now l/i i> tin hv iim.t <t< it inm iDotlior of ni< ? luttiou* p?i>?. wli h I. aloaia w<v|? ue hat..: if ii<*\ a i a t <la> r? *a br fliitl' Yoa m.". r> i . ml>rr thatin l*i " >. * i V ? i .- !(, ,t.' t rk a J LMMMal Uonrwr. but tbc Tim-r vm obara a* hi i t?< ?, and itxw UiMX'Trrrd that Mr. hr ?o. t A. It m hrir clfrs; mi" iiiit tlift i iiM.;. Vank-T,to ::* .u/\ at ? t'mcy at'iatr. wtary puM . i; nl, br<>k an 1 > \ * A )4< t mmtt?m h<> in r?r actigbt an otter at b* taya?- bad J " '..'Dloag on.^h m Utia florivn aut frMcvinlry. 1 and IB " tb rrw*. acmrtlinf to o?r MBattt i'oa, ? a a* n?t rllelbl* A S'-ntlrman of " man* tltl ?, a pro j,, i. nt in |" ?n ai l <aau li a- a'way* bo. * ! >r? th* efe P?iMic. abouid ao?? and unl rauiil ti?* oaatiluiwa , : tt f .? * i>f tT. - ?tf > ' ; ? | i At II if t' V II '"n*a ?n!i 're* h.? f, M t i t i#lp himflf. Th'? f > ar ho ?n >r< r i, m>< ?'< ? T* thforgli Hit coaaplratjr of i-on* I an I >14, ac-i Ik- rrtlinr I; but h'Cf Ji?b" baa txvu lj?rp;u< OB b.ui All a l> Wl) *n4 hr |?- <tont:f ? : ? > < Mr II / inUiy't rwifMliv*. hcforttiefcw. Um ItofmMICM { ' f. ana! otiimiiu* bia it- tfnaltue, m4 n<'>ni pr na??>.| Mr .'arr'U In tali Noo bcjan ?!?< i a? uf '* **r Wmlirncf lj put ftn bt? a*tii - *n.1 pT v *-n ? itr rwim, dir^ wtl a b'o? h< r- mid kd^tbfr lb'- . f\ ntiln ha hod 0 MfSOMut mvwiI r*t to ooomki Mr AMI 141 t> rrst^B T?i* r.lft< L<- b'(in afata ? in V II -flfiMon. NNMMlWi a l*w Ml Unoraailwi ht.i ?r ; . !, ra i t n ' the \ it? ( r Mr ,'a. rUt - r : . ? t i II '-na- - t?. i. th- !.* .t *:i" |j ; " - <? )i - (H " i ' - tn I \ ( . rtl t{v;ii,aai fr t*s* wit Uo?jj )?ia ? uofc ml. O il M EW YORK IIKRALD, SI. irhal will tbe fix*1 people of the Stale of Illinois ?ay to ui i?? luu. *>lery, humbugging mkI bargains t Wu in? y it ?tn it? The I'rcti and 7ncun t an w>k) uil turns oed ill L'>nf iUii* id bu nlc< vea. 'ibtti Mo.uiug the autocrat of thlb city, la his paper, the republicans to hold a bum uiaettug to lbt~> lUW- at6|>m.gfltld, but uo oonvwotiou audio the world noves on Wtial ha? to b<* douet 1 km a IlltU M(f in Man for you Select what yo-J th^iW proper MAINE. 0 a CAMBfch UOHMKoPONDKN'CI. Camdem, Maine, July 30, 1800. ii tme of (ht D-mo-?at\c Candulo'e frr' /Ai> and llu*.neti?A !*?/<?> whi Campii/n Comm nctd?I'rathtfum at 'ht Hrsvi'?A Rtadi n ?n th> HirJt? nf the I>rtn*trr%m Aqtivtt I'lruflas? The Trimt rf the Maine U vvocrai-y ft/r llrccicinridQt?Mantftiioof ll *\. J O. I'vkTstm?Hamlin tn His Rative Stale, <tc. j >l might 1 ?t to hear trnm the home o! a hvo caudidate for (.o\e nor, and of the bUtc of our canvas generally, 1 lake occasion to indite a few lines. 1 do i t eupiust 11.? bartDC . condition of Cauidi-n lifts uiu.b toiU'i t.?t au.ou; tli '-bulls and tears of Wall street, but iti'J, n? a ;>rot>perouH rural and at the nami" t'.m" commercial tow., it is Dot note. Penobscot Buy, m j tij kcow, is triitig ilar, nnd the res'denoe of tiic detao irmii i . iiii '.v if v i iiTo Biur, itunui I u ay irons iht bead ol the tide w?ter-> of the bay to the hue where the bay cuds find the oceau bctring. ft locality, Cam Jen, e, Mr C'Iimi' j won:si *ay, is "u motet, coo! aud stimulant spot by the,6;de >,f tl>i, unplatted Ecu'' la iL> limits are tlic'r.-iounta ns generally railed Meguutieook, and ali the learned pundita of our Slate Historical Society are at loggerheads ah In whethe- these are the mountains Been by John Smith iu ltoCti, or whelhor the/ are not 1 snail not endeavor to decide unt. I aflv r a careful examination ol tlic wholo coast. This bailiwick contains sons S,000 or 10.000 people, whose pursuits art agricultural, commercial, tiahories, the manufacture o*' limo ami other m in ufacturea. In the ba) the DUintKr of lilands ccr"e?ponda to the nuroner of ua> a in the year, containing altogether some 10,000 people, who mostly ?'go down to the*":* in ah-p*,'1 and "do business on the tuijhty deep" in all sorts ; f craft*, from thi clipper to the wherry, and in all kiuU of busuue*, Ircrn the carry of cotton, to* or guauw, to the caUhing ai d preserving of lobster*. The IVuobNcot Liair.ts are becoming a famous place lur summer resort* Here resiles tne democratic candidate for Governor, who is jutt in the prime aud vigor ol his lite, yet au old stager tu politic*. Tunse who were iu .Congress or con veisautwilh th -doings of the Hoiue from 1S18 to 1S5U will remember Hon 1 K. iSmart lor at able aud oner fietic mat. Lltier j.oor P'.erce hi w?s Colitctor of the Beifo t district. Be opens the campaign w!th ureit vigor, baring tpok"ti in out pal L of tin *?iate aud mlcading to stu.up every Look aud Co; iter "fit Hi* honu inciting ju the Utftb wa.-> a splwiuld demount rat Ion 14. Wbi-iihurn. his t| ixmeot, of the farnoua ''fami.y'' that ?'n :iu created to pi'-ouce C-ougrcssmen, lias app.nut a..*,Xh for e- t -y week day for a month before tlecliwii. Pick, lX ?r, James, Morrill icid the compasy of saint#, havo injured their party vitally. Last y.itr there wart uo Con in ini n to elect. G.aerai apathy w ac com maiider In ch' of the democracy The republican* earned by som' 11,000 This yea- it will be ubotit an even thing, with the prospect tan for electing h K .Smart. Th" lull rote ol the Mate is some The Pre'drtitlal di ?!*i( u dm# not cuter Into local or State polities Con^r^rrvn. Henntf r j a*:d county officers wili be outside of it, aud there will be nc- epllt on thein. l! it nu Uu Prnli|ntiil qtusl* ? another state i( aEaira t jb-ts The refusal of IVjgW friends to act- pt the oiitb branch tendered by Mr Bechvan, and the foroing of lie. of lino#la.- or Lincoln, hat- caused a re cti n in lavor of Brecaiaridge aud Laue. The national and conservative men are forming c'- ba, and there will be two Presidential tioketa The Bailor Ikn'tj tyivn, while it supports Colonel Ftout, is loud and open tor Breckinridge. A recent de velopetncut has great siguiticauce Hon. J. G. lMckeraon, tditor of the Belfasthna w thdrawn froin that bid and influential paper, uu account of u dilferenne of ppn ,cn wth ita < wl' r and puhli U>r. Mr. Divkt:r?.>u publish's ? card, sitting *erfully tue reat >n? wtiy he tnd bu friend* w i'l eupj'irt Breckuir:dge aud Laue. He lUlh ? l?i<or Hi " ail.'ouromrnt o' the Canrietton B>tltiau(r<? \ln^ cl)tlf>n the hope that n returning spirit of concUii ion auJ frete'nity among Uemr<crats would lead to lucti nuUal (once ion uiil cxtiprvm.a? u would defeat ttie epubllcai. tn tu "fee, Jul ultimately result in the aloction >f ? democrutic I'nalrtent, Induced many of the (ppoDontf. of Mr iK'Uglafc nomination t<*ac<|iileice Iu hu PMMVt * I ? # rn inquiry #?r "I1< w can w repair tbe danages lone at tfcil'imtff* ' They did not doubt that a coutllla lory uplrit on thetr part wjiild he reciprocated by the friend* of Mr Iv 'g'.-u. Hour far theae hope? and eKx-ctatior.i have born rcali*ed let facu declare. WUat >ave bee- th? developments of the first four week* of toe < aii. t>? m' Tbe deux ciat.c maste,-. aj I prtvje*. of the country, with fngular nnd Jctouj unan'mily, witnessed the ratification f tbe admiral!* plan for uniting the democracy of iVony Ivan in, by more than fifty democratic inurnati ot thtt tatr.uuil by neari) all the demx-rat.c candidates for ' ectorv Ii aicmi d lor a time taal reason bail at lengta epumed Wr ?wa> , and thai victory waa nn (0 Mwa be democratic bnnrri Ant.l* Mi'ftneral joy t w<f 0/ lio ?rd ??/ * untied (> CU John H' f.rrnry the Clerk 1rf (he liar*. rrjniHican */ tu the name nmtMV ut ,h? I'bilarti Iptila il're*.- which pro|~?.a brmatlon o* n tomt tKirt ruin par; io ?> . ..m|>osed of thtrieuda of U-igUa, Upii and Lincoln Promptly . na if coo :?rt ot art:.<11 bail bean agned upon, and in perfect uotaon viib Furut;>ht7 ni^r.Mmt Ihr Irtlrr mlapire of Miles faylor, (Jiairtn ,n of the liorg'aa National t > ramut<v, la trdirting all union aud compromise. a ? ? Tie mclinn ef the <f M Pn-ii'ii in (*her .tln'et i? nperf"t Darwumy ttitk the t\>rnr\ proqrommt f*> fttn ylnriui I liave before me the led. r ot Ueorg'e K. Sin lerf.of New York, addressed to the demo vary of Ken ucky, exhorting them to cut down the democratic nomi 1 ft lor 'lira of the Court of Appeal, (Ihi- only Mate oftl :*r to be elected thi* ycar>,tliat Mr. Pougla* may hara he preatitfe at the Nurth oi the (tt!t<Ht of a friend of Mr. ireckli.nd^e iu Kentucky. I And, alto, la the August* if and IVrttand A-ytti, publt*ted w itn approval, ttie petcb id Mr. J or > In, editor ol the M:4*ir Krmtter, Mr. <bui(la?' or^an in AL bamu. denuuclatory of auy uuum of ' he* 01 Mi. l>oiiglai aud Mr. UrecLinriil|(e, aud at he nanii time trcuii 1111 ni'u.g th>- e > op r.tli Ki of the for ner with the Know Notb oe- Wli.le tbe Ikiuglaa men Iu rirglnla refu?e to unite Bri-ewmridge m*n in ttute on vent ion for ttie a-'iustrntit of th ir dlttteoJti**, the eiemraph nnnouace? thai they hire formed a ou.t half and halt ti.'ket Willi tne Know No biCK* in t^tirgia' if to tlie*e couai deration* here b? aup< raddtd the torrent* of miarrpr? e.itaiina and ibuae pourt 1 out U(x>n M< a*r- Itri - ?iuridg? and|y?n> uid the,1 supporters by the lK>i :la? pr*we ai d ortl >ra, iomet.mea denouui ing thein a.- uiaunior.istf an I traitor*, 1 nd at other timet curnpar.ui; tbc>n to 4ar u Barr. atid heir general on .aught upou the r>cular democratic party it the fs nth wlio ban 'l?-od up n a: lull) forever) t.-m-? :ralic Frendeut frum JrtleraiHi to Bucliauiu.. ) <?a hava l>trd ? eye view of the Korney jinymmme Agam', 1 at*, what dora nil ibit item. When waa the inii^iUBiii uiivirij IU I'll in n i\m ? r%"lTi'ng a l>?tur lliu'i lvun?\ Iraota ur Virginia democrat T In cioltng I tin communication to the read' r* of the fo.-rnml, I c*wDi't bt.l riliort tuem tn ttfr cbcrlafe tlM >ob.e sediment of tlint ?a! uit suniard bearrr Jofcn C. ?r< > k >Drid,(t>?" / mil lan l thr L'mum ai /"?f ou IV rt j a ray of h'j* or a ?*r?i ?f tht . *,(?< < ?? I'Ji ' Til * mantfeftto of Mr I ? Kcmon cannot bin ittmi.t lm aSueoce id Maine It w?? b.? <nljr ccurae to purati*. mics co property c?iln>l u( the y-'i rwi/, and baring joen lor twi ntjr year* an actire democrat of the atraight t t. MHlMHDMt, IU1 IffM :.l ti tin- \\ :,u)>il Ir.'vi >o. a fi u-lJ ol the M ?<>ur: reatnctii'n line abrcgitlou. and 4 the Nrbranka Kanta* net Tbe republican nominee f?r Vice lYeaidett, Mr Ilam to, will not carry as mti-h strength with hun In this Hali- a* the politicians or that tcl.inl'r imagine rborc is., bowi for, MneorM m certain c -um, a .-tale prlle bat will (tire b m considerable *tn egth; but mere It not 'Of the c vision in the rank* ot lite deai<?racf, and the Mill bevtmorof the IXt .gU? mirifrf. this ."late would >e gu>d for ft democratic n> >>rtty next Ni\ caber. Tbc work* "f the rrp i.rt of t'ie Cathedral of Notre "?am<\ both In tbr Interior and the exterior, are bring ontinued w?lh th- great"-*! activity. Kour statues have >ee?i p.aci-J in blrbea in tbe p.llsrr of the portico. Ku-ht itber lUliU will abortl) be plari'l, whicb will c<inpiri" be tw< otj r g'.t Cbr.stl.m King* fr ra Ch r ? to Philip luc i-tu All the *ta md flam ha* b<i r rep i rod In tbe nU-riif. The grand altar Laa here replaced in ita ancient Ir. a short I ta? tbo Cathedral of Notra iJ?a? till bi'ocn>< ot* of the curlnsllle* of I'ar.s. HOMtniMi %*i> i.onuma! 4 MAIX nttTATB f All 11.V, ("WNl.Sit A il-vrflC .V plaaaant'y altnalM! up l/?rr. oonUlnin* all Uiamalerii nprm ruwDia, and ha*u? nv re nwim Uan Um; rr-piirn, w.uld eC' Iwn or lirif renllrmrn *ub r .*~?*iu: r fimiahit R?i*t tod partial HnanL Oall a( third buuaa abot Thirty i4hii atreel and Islington \PRITATB f AHII.T *<>17101 I.KT. WITH fPU, OR part s'Njard. three or four ple?aani rt>.>?s. ll. au fur ud ra. with rse ao1 bath Rofere'.rra eich.ui.iej Ai uly at I Kaa; r Jieaoto naar Third aren ,e. I t.AR'l* ( < VfORTAPt v ROfiy OV 1 HI*r? FT.' 'OR . ? 11? m*.f (uroMb^t ? > let with or wUiK'u: p*n.*l Hoard. A;<p'.j a; \<t fjurUi rpri imt lafa>ew?- r'ara. ' kfTXRafTTOr ROOMJ-H RKIMIKP WITH RAttl r<vm m l'i?(T? rr ?r b? >b'*ir?I by * part} ( kh.?-a to- r. tk prtT?|el?b.* If <t?*rW. Applj M lit ,N.nlta *re?l, l?w won ?(? ot Bioadwaj krmvAT* rA*n.T wn.i, i.rr ok vorxriUTic Mr*?. a ' fr nt K -'in WHO H *r>: In |llHa a and wllr or l? ?l< m#a binnarr ihc r ?t r > nf ?? llt.> b< iara In tka cit), ?> n?rji fit mh bitnote-H ?t?r, Ar Nil IW Kwl Tirptn rib HfNI, vWtKii Fir*. >94 moil a???\:M k ro*!?tSilKl?IIITT!>'i? R", M a v , . r L Urbml l<> t ? a n*> - ! 1. . !? au<l MI'DfUmr Ac at > r r. , k i I lb MCMl Auor (rt? r >afU ftw it, e.cva *? *n?ed. I i !TAJ?IMO**I.T rVRXWTIICl' Tti( 1*1 .: >< V TuLKTL >tv> . ?? ? r?m > ?nH?l>ic for ornnrinf *< .:> arr. Tr"*? ?< ! l? Appl? 1 Ut) * ?>?! < ( . i.-? ii' ar Mi'tt ?-f ii.f h ?OTHUK rAMTLT. PR dKRTMKAN ARDWiri L ?: !-*i- ? ' , !r K 11 ' '? - I >n 'U <tc> fui ? J L< ? c *iU ' >4 ?I1 III m.-ta ten Tr- rr"H'.? *1 * * Iwi Pr^wxr I^c ,.rn >? .k; ?"i u* Ht1 111. i *Hl 1H A*l? HKDKOOM ,>> v l,oi R L r K ? ? U I - 111 .n -n.- < > ? In at 11 f??uuiaten a, Mtm T*rriub\a4 lainfiilii m-t*. oari> -oMrrunt* wru. run ooon, *trr airy , r . n t !. ' -r ma. M a radvml b> al -fi ? lb i?- m'-naoT h i>ui. ?'A!l U-J OraM nfu jr ?|>|K kid UvM I *&m 11^.. iTIKI)AT, AUGUST 4, UM BOAHD1KU AND LOUUUO.^ ^ i B' ' ' II1' ri'KSl-4H0l> 1" I KT VTITl! OK U.tbmii lt>>itr<1. la t quirt family, to a (ratlsm.<n ia.' t'e. < r a an.*l? xt-mlaMi. mi. 17 W<mi I wcu:y arvenio rtfctf be wi. u Hro* lway audBuih >vmi,e ? BUaUD - VE*T PLlAWANT rU*NWHKf> BOOM* ON MM'tiioUaU Door* ? ih lioaril at 71 Anat Twentywrruih n. tel. near bulk avenue. Uouaa fui wahed ?tu> K"a aud batli. T50AKI) -TO I.rr WITH BOARD. A LARiJl HAND J> aotiir Parlor, wr<th an riutoaiou atuhrl Alao two aiak Koorna. ?i'J? fu and baJi. Apply at tit CbiiUMi placa, fc... LU alre?tBOARD-TWO front room* cnkurkihhkd. on* tin* a?w ih1 flour, villi modern improvrneuU. can bo lrt to a Ki-nteel family. Alao two btrk rumit turuwhe't, on llw au>r tl *?r, lor yoaog men. Applj at JS WcM thirty act tid HOaFD AND TWO rooks W\NTEP-HY A KAMtl.Y of three art ulta Ui a rr?| <- tab.* neighborhood. betw?n | 11 th and second ivuum mm Rl|lub hud i ? my ir ..i hi mt A. (1re? ( , boi 2 tHI i'oat ottice, Muting term* :iud location of I r<? ira. BOARD IN MROADWAY. BETWEEN TWKI.CTH AND Thirteenth ?tiv?u. ? The beat ioiaUou Id the eit>; b<?u? br.tolua; pcus-aae* all modern improvement* an -i;?-ot lablei dinner at alk oVInck. BoitUirrn^rs *r* id Itod to r.all , At pi) ui 832 BioM)w?y. Bl'ARI) DOWN TOWN.-*TWt> KINOI.K liKNTI.KVtKV or a ({Miijrmiiu uud wile, (?m be acrouimoda *4 wiik a [ luree pleaiunt Room *nd Board, 'n a ?m ill Vtnerlcau family, I a; R>1 OreeuKicb alraot, oat duor iro n U -m n. BOARD Oil TO* t'ENTHAi PARK.-OVI 6?TW0 tingle dtutl men, or a atari led cot.'le, cm obtain fu 1 ur 1 partal Honra in a atricUy private Kacuajt ianul>, vrbore au ; other bunrdera are taken. <???. hot ai.fleolct b.i aa, a llue <uij I behUli) aiiuuUou, on ike Katu'dn, ant thirty in.uuusa ir>.n Itlie I Ity IM! by the Third avenue .. .r*. Will ?? Terract, ICiat he?eutthird atrpet, tilth bouse from Third avetvie Kefe reiidta ekchu-iigril. BOARD WANTED.?A V?KV yL'IKT I.ADV AND OENUt'UiHii would like a iioom. above Bleockar j fctrfrt. and nenr Broadwrhy, Hoard for the lad) only, auli ? : irivaU family i>r I a. I* Ihnif alone. AUJreaa,< lern*. 1 1 MiuUn I'uion aqtiare 1'oat oilke. BO.?rn WANTED?A HAKl)SO?!RLT FURNISHED I'arlor au.l two Ur?'e Belroojn communicating, with private la' le for ? Kontleman, his wife Infant and nur*? Uxa:kxt betwe*n Washington jlace and Tnenty third stronl I and ttrovlwaj unf Slkib a. eaut. Addnvsa L. 8., boi 117 1'uat olhce, terma, Ac. ^ Bovrd wanted-in rbooklyn, by a lady, t hint and umm , with a n?utl) fiirutahed Kooib, with url lege i'Od noun- rotntoru of hum-. Terma uot to exceed per ?pck Reference! given. Addrew, for two dayt, <i. W 11 . ' b Jk It>7 iieiald oUlii. B' O-RD WAWTKD-JN A PRIVATE FASflLY, WIIKKE there are do other Uutrdera. by a geiitl tinn. wife and w .i, tinluroialic l roomi prelerred, iu a am-11 bodae where hrictl lea'l.'i.i- UwlotNlVMi Kxirtomitb au4 Tturtie'li wnM Mx.h ai.J >mlh avenne*. Addreaa N. il. 0 J., j Keiald oflti e. BtlARO WANTED?by * yol'no MAN. IN A l?Rt tatv family, looted beiweco KU.fhih and Twenty third I tri .a and Kuuna una i^iklb ateutien, board at a mjderati I price. Hea*? adlrew J. W. 8., box 2,.Mi fo?t odlce. Board wm\tki?-ht a saleswoman, in thk vi< inity Of the New York Hotel. In a private hoarding houie; I irro? m -i i'f iiiiv.irrnc ana r?rer?n:e? ?i\en Aaares* M., | l><>* 171 1 lei aid office. -|>0AKDT\O.-A LAD* AM) uRNTl.KMAN CAN BK ACi i) ermmudaUvl wi'h furuiahed Room*. wtih .. widow lady, ] ltoar.1 for tbe laly only; hww ban *11 the modern improve, nn-o>; >>ath on rime IWr. Aildfem W. c M , Maillot ?iusre ; Fuel ottice. - 9 Bgardiku.-a SINt.LK osnt1jcman mav bkot'rr t irel em uru mniodauoo* and ifcmri In a pni?v Itiult, by applying Mi Morton ,,;reet. Loe-iliou pleasant, aul h'jiim oataina Ibe iui Jeru improvement*. Boatdinh.-favtl.nt8 or 8inoi.e oentLkmek ran obtain pleaaant Hooo>?, separate or In xultl, or llie hole screed lloop; would he let with Hoard to a moderate ii/ra faintly, location vrry desirable. b >uae modern. Appl) a: l.">t haat i hirtii-mh street, west of Second avnux. BOARDma.-OKXtUMK AND TIIK1R WIVES ot a' pi?Hy of six single gentlemen, ran have nice Rooms 1 with choice Hoard, h> railing at Itj St. Mark's place, house ru ccntly rtlurwahed, all modern Improvement*. Dinner at 6. Buarpino.-a few tocno men caw b** d ?ilh good Hoard by applying at AO Franklin street for M GO per iti't'i, payment in aaranre; a (Oud O.ilb i ro^ni in tbe b( ise; a laca.i)} for one young lady. Board in brookian.-a few uenti.emkn can ' t'.nd first cUjk accommodation and good Board, In a newly i I urnmoed private house, eiabt minutes' frum tbe ferry. Apply at '?<3 Male, war Hoyt street Board on Brooklyn ihuohts.-i,aroe front Koctnt, with water view, are now vac% it at tiJ Columbia street; also two single Rooms. Dlnuer at one, table uneacep t tollable Kefeniicea re<|?ilr?d. j Board wanted in brookian -a ennjVAi ! aiid wife desire an nnfurnish-d Trout Room, on seemid * ! to-.r neai tiie Ninth. Wall or Ku lob street feme*. Adilreae O. 1 h., box 001 N. V. l'osloihce ! Ml lOMMrNICATRO."?RINOLR OENTT.EMEN OR F V ? I V,' nullet Iri in the South visiting tbe city for the summer. \ , who diaire the eomfols of a borne, handsomely furnished ' ' Kioina. w ub a superior labia, would do well to apply Iminwli- f ale.j ai JJO Fount venue, corner Twenty tilth street. 1 A BOARPKR. French BOARD?FRENCH utsfjonjl?TWO ROOMS and Bedrooms, elegantly furnish^ and a front I'arior, J in">1 luii ( Una tamae. hTTin* all modern Iwpruvemeiia. Apply ' , at Kaat I'arenly aeoond aueel 1 FRF.NCH HOARD.?4 FKW SINOLK uknti.KMKN OR . mu* bla wire. eao t?* accommodated ??h ei . ?'>m Hoard and elrchoiljr furnished k?'m> id u Kreucti ' , family occupying a Bim rlM h?nv Kn(ltah, Hpaulah an I 1 I Herman ?( (trn. Apyly at 47 Weai 1 well Ik itreet, ociweea Htik m4 *uiii *. MM FrRNIflTKP 1'AHI.or AND HRDROOW TO l,KT ?AL?o. a Hi ilnn>tn aeuarate. ill kandaoui. ly fuMtlelied. mm >r wtlheet | nrtlat Bor.rd, In atn?la gentlemen, ut txM autli ate. "J FVRNIKIIKP ROOMS TO I.FT-WITH Fl*' L OR l'AR | Uai H<?'d.>l U Weal Klereotb au-eet, imp do?r (mm J Unit ere !/place. Kefervuces glreti .ti>d required. J( 6'OOP AND rn*ap i.0d(ji?f08-at t1ik ulouk J T hitel, earner of Frankfort and Wlllliim treet?, N< ? \ Mt. 1 rrmj t!> e.nta to tj i enti per n<ht, r >'Ui.i I rum fl t ) jst per week U|>ea all nlgbi. Lafayftt* norsn. ro. it i.afatrttk h.aoi r w. let, for tiaor'-ntor permKii. nl boardara. U> * ratim alr> au 1 pleaaanl. Rooau vary deatraMe. Tenai roe 1 amiable. a MR*. IfATTllKWn HAVINO TAKRN THAT I.AHOK 1 ami eomin-lloiai bourn 110 Bleecker eu*eet. two blneka weatuf Broadway, la in* rf?ii V> *r3mnin.idai? permtiienl I and transient boarler* < with K wu. a lihout board if dcatred. J Pinner at one and ati o clock. j NO. 21 W*>T For RTKFWTH JTRICKT. NEAR FI?m J aret.ue wlh h- t?l? ? !? I tnmhed Knoau In J itrManr aUir'a al t* .?"<> i .>a llu- ? Crat cLiaa bimru ! ' ..... . .1 J re LI ?v.? SOVTtlKRV T.S A ftp OTIir.US.-ONE OR i *. q. n,. ii ran V- ac i. . : ? U *r < airy ant J I Imtfl.otneli lumtahed Apaflm-n ? tn i I >?*e c i"?lllii| nil the mil'-iu in'iinupwwi aad with pm A Ml an fa : mil), when Itiw aw It o<f hoarder*; looaUrm *air%l.aad n>Qxebi? ut U< car an i ntiie rvui. ?. uet^buorboou <4?u? I Mid I 1 goiiteel. Art ireaa II K llrraldolUM. Two i.aho* room> ox 8wosd kloor, to lkt? [ j wilk Hoard, faa. k* aid eold water and large pnuirtaa i au*< b< .1 !.? a.l mi gnxi, h i a*m??l?m. I " o' referent < t'\en 0 and required Apply al U? FvOfth (l.eel. ouadanrweal of ' ( 1 >re??od ewtny I j Ti urr-ri> ri.t fi'RNiKiiicn room, with uut and 1 halb. for a geci>man and wife or A slnt'r (esilemaa lu,...' ? lje I rnUi atreet. near Kourik artoaa. i ?! - i ; i:ihi;k i.ai1..k ii\RimoMKLY fi-Rxrsii , it t K??,nu .a parl..r aad karo bedr>a>ma>, no a?aae ?.?> , to r a mrm k M a Ji nr.! a. d I prinaMMiiitoard, f e a fentleoixii,- , % wife, rbtid and niirae. with a pruate family, ae.iuel for itri { n tlree. aitb prulie?>' of eme waakin? la Ik-' UanSry. luneh for ^ a'l lut geuuemaa m nean*. dinner are I erred la rojma al t t ' r. . k. hi. a'l ? beiaeen 1 . .rlk and Milk ateauaa. pi.. ? u.a A li'M 1 MS per >>er-k None npe?| iiuwer thai oaas '1 e^ot i t ly with abo>e Ke:erenee* (lren and required. Addioai boa l,?M l't?l ffliea. New York. | , ii* \xt>.:> i* A privat* FAMn.t, whkrk thkrk ^ T? are but few or BO boat.lera, a ramf nuhly ( irniah-l , > K ui f.>. ala.!r wtth fuil Il.nr4. ar?h a widnar ladr prefer 5 rrd. I'a-a ton no the ? eat aide nt tha rtty. no lower ikaa roitrlfe 1 or almte IkirUelh atreet lbe beet ii( refereoe*' (lren and i \ reaidrei. Addreaa. acaun* terms, which m ilt be moderate, and k? .uii?n, J. A., HrraM oflioe. \\'AXTFIW>X HROOKI.YX HKIOHTS. OYFRIiOOK- . it i.finr ! ?) [or a U?l>. eiUld t? > ) I'^n >?J *d nurv, 0 I mi w? 11 rurnahed and adj.aulntf rooms, mtb flrat ci ja Hoar i f, . mn. if. na. ? .th meale aervan to mom f.<r I* !jr Ifrnu i, |>a)able<h ), (pom $4* m f*> per m.mih. ar. .Mm* to ac - ..n. a ! traaa part* tXmfort. tiuraUl ], offler, lor lour dn> a. | , fXTAKTBn-rt)R A MONTH OR TWO. I* A RE- " Tt ape. table and convenient part <4 th? pity, a Partor an 1 ~ a l:?ur.? >.? villi iiuvd. The tami.y, . an^t.ngnl a g-n S I rn '.i. In* *lf. tbrep imi:: chiMrea and nun.. Prion not r **4 l'tf *eek. Addrvw A H.. bov J,lW> Poet otlloe. U'AMUn-ItT A M KNTl.KM A N, A Fl.RAflART ROOK, * IT *ldi or *1 bout partial board, witb a widow lady of la- * Ie :i*et.<p nod reaueaent, untoc aobfml, where all Ute eoai I' f fla o( a b< me may tie enjoye t Add/Tie, K. M. B . Herald B; oOico. i ?J L%) wooftkr ptrkrr -to i kt. fi RNMIIKP ROOMS, ? arl. >mm, gna il a ater, amu'.ie (or bonaek"rlo? Single K< < in? for gentlemen at fl X per week; I; < ?? r '?. ? an l. third floura, Ac , and wU be lei \ary lo* <f l nap ' He per??oa <?il; 3 I > BOND HTR1KT.?Vt'RBIKHRD FAR[/>R4 ANO BKP S lO iwii.a to kit. to geut.emea i*ly. Ureaxiaatil irvilred. F / ?1 ui1krm *TRKirT-4tOOI> A? VOMMoHATIONH FOR '' *- a If w rtmpmAtit jo in* men, a* boarders. Tanoa i r.aoiialila | j 7(| I AST rOCRTTRSTB HTRKRT. NIC \R t'MOB Fi I 1 ' II *ibi:i. and at i.rmrn to let. with Board, on moderate taruii. Dtu err al i>? o'clock. Reference* rfhunged. hr ?????????? - ????? mi QO FIFTRRNTH 8TRKFT. ?RCONnf.D<>OR BART OF ? ?'<- 1 bird ** anue ?1. "iea o( Jpn taoiaely (urniabed Mnnmt /' i firat.-ii I .>D 1 third M ? a 4 h ia? n>-wly tlit?d <ip with V a n I. i im rown.ruu. teimi in tier ate. Location uo ?<t ?'.;-|.h?ard. fm i ea ion MAi>;?o* av r.nt'B.?a <n and l?Jlr alf? cj?: lind at th<"lr dlapr??! a euit ?! pr 1 n? itiii .d ll> r. in a liral ?a prl\ at* b ?*. r.- n>ie itli all tho n? 'pra ronvani^arna and haadiaMK*!/ kx-aMd. Tbe , ? t.. a ut .-r: . in and re^anal. | jj m? Wf I ForRTKKXTH S I HKi T P. * V ll?< >tt <I,T l?i t ( r -.liM R.>wi (?r >r a ,> ?.>oll in. o, bo Willi I r?tli? ( ill K? rd. pl?.?aot lor?iv>n fnr iui r>?r, ? c? nrr < *at to K.tfbtb atenua cara. K >a< leaoUalree. aw*!-* paaa , L' b? door. I p <l1/\ W.M RTFFrr.-FCRNIPUF.n FOR HOU8KKRKP i all' Inf ?Vrrrnt.*newly fu'iilahrI P?rVrand Holr.?in?, Ad ?.-ttat > for ytMin? li .uaakeepere; raa. t'rrHoo. patent Sprint | teda oea nufpeeea, pt-.l lirrn, Ac., alU Lu Lea uteua ia , C trmrleaa real k?. A; ply aa aNne. 1 k i<ilrvn*' <irf.kt ? * rrnvtwrn roov r<nt wa ?>0'x waeori-o |< B'.r?en, artU toe uaeaf pt.u>.<lfde ? - :: S -/"o nn.unwtr, b;aw; "n rthkth ano nrvm I DO On" lanre R. <n a-.l tw-i email K?iiu. in Oral and aeroorf (Vvn. lo let t.i [ h 11 |.? h I .? b^ an 1 r\ 1 wa.'r. * . I ?e r- ?\ J > ' and f1 VtMuM i eamoL ao. ). bALEH AT At( HO>. ADMINISTRATOR'S tA'Jt 0? KUfcNlTUKit AJ A* a i mo*. Tv b* Mid thU da? comni'D I'.ik 10 ^ Vcl<? k. A. J. MIuNOK 1 aYLOR, Au't corns, bee le*ve I. ttit.ria j UiKirpt'tiooa aua the 1 uMk thai Jury" will ?s 1 iV.* day, at llw >Tt\ate reaidenr-e at tbe late Frederick J Miller, NoS^Weat kighlMtoth Hi reel, bet > een Ki'ib Hi\d HW'h nre | t un kll Ibr cutroU of tli* ? >11 tta.iuii ol 1. inrv liar ?? aorUneul nf elearuH HnuaelbilJ Puruiturt . H.KK Oil. PAlMl.HOn, BAONZtCn, WuRKS OK ART, Mich 1 redden t'W"a, Vaau*, > -rri neole, k<., MPLKKIMD 7 (M'TAVI I'UV'IMRTIC A .ma|jt>i!ii ent iiiatrnment in e\ T> way, fi*r nun 1 ?vra?r? I rosewood raae, inrrad leg*, wr.tb peail keja imd beiKifully 1 ornamented ti\ lnlad work ol m?tb?r of i>e.?rl and tr<> -ape I paimm**, ?I.h e?.br?Hler?>d Vrtmr* cloia 0o> er and car. til lOaeaouo 8i<<4, In ii?? only I *n inomfca. Kuaewood, black ualuul m.d mili'mane P trior Salt*, e.-rnr, d In br?calcl an l hair doth, Uc? aud brattlel i'urtnu?, Ia>< ?jui{ Olawc*. Outre Tildes htegerta, IIm rhaudcluia, *reuc$ Click, run 21 ''aya, with other par lie Oru*meT.W I)i'iin< re m. Iiaarment ai'd bed chHint>er?"?r.? furniaheJ 1'ronut i ?lih rrery article iieceaaar and of iL* be?t <ju ilrtjr, regardIra* ol aapr use I h.' article* tu be riiauvtwl Oetore 1 u-udky morning an the bonne In let. Hoods bought can be Hacked, nipped or POfM *t U e option or like buyer. snle >>o?iti re?no pc.stpfHjemtfQt on any account. N. B.? Article? c*a be e*aiiiiined pre* iouu to "ale | ATWOOI? k CO., At'TIOKKKRi. OUice tiiiJ nnlfunwm i-iil Uro*d?rajr, omer of Reside at. Peremptory auclWai tale of K egnnt rosesrood llo-tsehold Furniture. This day Saturday, at 10lj o'clock. At the prl\ate nujnnce n9 wen Kieveutn street. between Hfth and sutli xrrnun. Catalogues can be s ea at the olBce <r bouse. The furn.tnre cn.uln.-d io the at>> ve elegant rc-u deuce ??s all new uu U.e nr.i ilay ot last May. ann U of tins best desi rlptton- Topersousiti quest ol llrol t ,a*s I urnlture tbia ia an opportunity seldom nf?n 1. Mugultkeut rose*' od Fi.uioforte, Suited of Parlor Furniture. Royal Axnunsiei < a,-p?u Pier ii..d Mantel kurort, Rosewood Kterere-?, IWsewoid Secretary and Bookcase, Rcwwood cntio Tables. * Oak llninsc rr? m and Rosewood chamber Furnit'ire. Drawing Room* lOntaln mapuitirent l*i ?notorte. beauuiully Inlaid wi h mother f pe <r 1, carved lega aud four round corners. two suits of aired rosewood Furniture, eovered with blue and gi.lj -atia; legs id Ktegeres. with mirror doom aud hack; centre' und tofa aide Tables, velvet aud ilrusae.s Carpet*; pier aud inatilel -Mirror*, lace and broc.itel Curtains. Cornices, M td?a. ,te ; en suite rosewood, mahogany aud black waluut Bedstea la, Vtanda. Commodes Centre Ta le, Amour-de Olaoe, Culled hair MMtrwtses. Hlanketa. Kesthar Kcis md Pillows, lied, easj L.oi.uge aud Chair. ait onus Chair* and Rockers. Hro-*e * tap?>dr) and threi ply Carpeting In tin roi'ina. Mirrors, Cl.a-.ka, oil PaiutitiKS. oak" exleu?lnu IMnuig Table ar.d oak Bullet, Ivory balancisl handled kuivrs and Forks. 1kI>1? and Tea Spoons nil*er Outers Kngllshctit tilass v sre, Crockery Fren >h (lilua 1'loner Set ol lOu p erea., j all the elegant biiaeincut and kitchen furniture. N. it?Depmtfu exat'ed. Purchases c?u hive the prl.ilege of 1-arIng their K<1 <ls until Tuesday exi provided t!ie\ settle on d .y o( sale.Sale positive, or ahiuo. AJ.VO T. IIL*NGKRFORl> & CO., AUCTIONKKRS. . Mortgage Hale of over $13 000 wor.h of Megaut Uouae h >ld Piirnliuiv. Sold by order Supreme Court. Outlusdav, Saturday, Angus: 4, at lOV; o'clock preel*lv, *tlar*e bruw'u tone residence, "0 Wesl 1 aenty sixth street, near Ml\th ave nue, si perb aev^n tjctave Pianoforte, raacwond 1'arlor Suits. Freach pier aLd mantel Mirrors, Oil J'hiuuiiks, Kucra\ ings, Tsirstry Hrt>*els CirpnUL Uonkcaae^ Kt??eret., tVutre Tables, itloft. Ulaaa. Silver Ware, Slioilield Table Cutlery, Ac. To parties in want ol lirst clas* llouc'bold Furuititre, tuij is the lnH chance ever ottered in ^ew ^ ork It was al! made to order by celebrated cabinet maker*. Weil, Uutchiiis A Koth, und is ol the best d?scrtptlon. Catalogues at Die bouse. Fll'b aud Suili avenue stages pass near the hou>e. Urawfn^ Rooms? k ugnltlcerd grand action seven octave i'iaa?fort?, lined ?i'h sstinwo'jd, overstruu* ba??, elegantly cart ed ro^e #o<.*l t'?se, niaue by Bioadwa; makius; rosewood Canterbury, Stool cotend In brtxade. Fiench Cloth Cover, rosewood Secretary and Duok ase, Knc<'gnures. Mar(|iirterie Cabinets Ijtd/ s Wurk Table sin! M rttiug lV?k, Inlaid wltii pearl; French plate flier and mantel Mirrors, richly carved t rames, embrutdnred ace Curtains, French Shades, cornices, two magnificent Suits urnwii g rwm mrnlture, covered in three coiortd aatm In , cade of the richest description, carved In solid rosowood: twa , It-lr a I ete Sofas. arm. leceptlou snd eicht oval back t'hi'i*. I ?i?i i fii'ri- tables, Mat miry, marble lop. to milch the Suits; alegires, ttnaii with saliow lOd, marble tup Mirror, doois aud back, King's patent Kaay chairs, yuartette. Card, ! Console and Her Tables, oil Paiutuigs, by Cole, Weal, I.e i grard and oilier em.nent artists, Assumption of Virgin Mary, From celebrated painting in Louvre. Pari*; reaewood, mafc'o gany and enamelled Chamber Furniture; riiuiig nxim Furui lure. Also, gi rat assortment of basement and kitchen Furnitiue. wiUi v. n.cb ibesalawtU commence. Sale peremptory, rain or Millie. ABCTTERFlKl.n, AUCTIONEER ? MORTGAGE mlc, this day :>I II o'clock. at ho. 72f Mhth avenue, the onntentso' a restaurant. consntiugnf marble iViunter*. Tables, Slan ts, ( l i ra Ac . with all the llvurea of Uie bar. alao. a tar pi quaniky ol W mn. I.kjuors and Megars. alao. Hie Antilles ol the kiii b< u, cot>?lating of cooking Range, Urocaery, Ac. Hale positive. A vol ion notice M. O. EDET, AUCTIONEER New and seno <i hand Vehicles, Harness, Ac. tZKA LUDLOW, JR., Will sell this day, (Ssturdsy.i at 12 o'clock, at No 6ti (War itreet, opLoalte the i'oat oilioe, a variety of new aud nocont land Vehicles, counting of Rockawaya, top Uuggiea, Ko*<l Vagons, Ac , Ac. Alio tingle ami double llarneas, sad lies, Ac. A VCTION FOTICK -THOU. BKLL, AUCTIONKKK. AND CL W. x. INiiR aUaM?This day, at U oo>ock, Ui the a Una uonsNoiifl New Bowery, valuable llouac hold fur allure, Hrpets, I.ooklng ulassea, rtedsteals Tables, Cbairi, 4c., Ac Mao Pawnbroker's '*oorta, l!k thing, Shawls. Dresaea, Jewel y, Carpi liter's Tools Utiles' Gsiteis, a spleudii Wat- aes sj rlages, Ac. a VCTION NOTICE.?BURN HAWS Kl RN ITU UK KXa prma and packing establishment, 111 and 113 Wert Ueventh ?treet, hetareeo rlith and Sixth avwnucs ?llouachol I umltnre of every dranrtptmn boxed and aliipped to all parts if tbe world. Furniture u( fatniaaa removed with care, Large itora^u lot furniture. Auction ?ale ok ready made clothivg, ac. A M. CHIi-TALAR, Autlloacer, ?1 Bowery, will 11. on Monrf iy. 6ih, ?t 111'. o'clock, a Urge : n>l general "assortment i>f arhtti-tM* I'lothiue. comprising ? lah and Cassltncre Frock, sick and Over.uata, I'auU sud law. Also, Hoot* and ftltoea, 1. , Ac. pXKt fTOR'H HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, **!.L CHAMBERS A FAItti UILD, Auctioneers, wtil sell ua Saturday, Attgimt 4, al 10^ o'clock, at their aalesiuom, No. l.'lNwsu street, a l*rg? f|ii?at'ty of Household Furniture ir i lH>ii'i.v?epiiig srti.ies, Molaa, aide and ann Chain, centra, udeand fancy 'I.i?l.-a. ChindelMrs, Mirrors, I'aintinga. miule rnani-nts, itroarxa, llatst.iml. Carpe'a, Kugs, atair 1 'lipels udMoRs. Bureaus, Waalistamlt l?edsle:?ls, hair Maitrurt, UiefleaUier Uea's laid Bedding, Toilet i-iauJa, Ac., Crockery, |iV!?>ard. dk-ing ami tea lab'ct. knelieii I'rockery, gUsa, tin, rood and Iron a are, Ac. VS AI.KS F. liKOW, k.?>-utnr. UKNRlitrTA A., UROVt", Ksecntrlz riOR.Vt\ A IIUUIIKH, AI'tTIONEKRA.?BY VIUTU* JT of a > battel mortg.ige, I will tell, on Monday, August 6, ? >, al ll) o'i 1> k, tlie entire Uoch of ladlea' aud gemiainen's ecoiid bsnd t bshitiff. Furniture, Carpets, Ac., on the pre niaea. Sill Third avenue, between Twenti autU abd 'Tareu f ai veuth street.'. rjKNRT R. IIRRT*. JR., AUCTIONEER, WILL SfU, LL this da), at 11 o'elork, at the Vetarlnary College, lit and 17 West Twenty thlid street. Black Hawk and Morgaa stal ion. by ?irtna of a (battel mortaage. a jat black a,i ems old, Ift hand " inches high, beauti ullj formed, sound, sell fori* en u. barnusa or aaddle. last, and kind diapoalt! >n lit rlre waa ItUck Hawk, b>A by Sherman's Hisck Haw a. who IU nr. 1 by Ju?'l< > Morgan. .lam >! Ulark llt*k by t<inu laa.l.', j- t bv < >1.1 IlaijjIlonMa, at b<?r aire araia imponr I << --CBl rr. 1l,e rt*:n of the black Mallkia a.i* pot by North Ur . atid Le ' J thr tmpa.rt?d hocae North o? Kt gland. Ortl irato i.| Uv-,v??tc 1.1 m Ja arph a'oll, ut Leatafaiao, Nlagitr* ?i., if. N. V. ihr griitlem is whi bred and ralard me lurr. aa t>r xl Ibc Vufnowr I'ollege. In T wrnl? Unnt airrw, icai famb a.enua'. Aa a (tuck horae br baa frw uper ira. Uw a III ck, got by Norih SUr, ?bo aa* atrrU of ; Ki cLind, .i>un oi Blank liaak, who ?a*a aired b tual. J. r*uu. abui<:.< 11 Lanoa 3 incbea lugli. a j> t alack. kii. 1 nal gentleiu hia Caafnallyaia, aid ?rtl l>r-"kro l<> a-tdiWa an 1 barnera lie KnaoHntnl the ttrai prrmiiia if lluw y?*ar 'Ida at iba' elate Vtut lie..I at lliillalai iluew rara ag j Alao ait Cugtbli fark I'haeton. bill lull* turd. Alao a double art of lamta of the tery beat deacrlptl *i and < 1 elrcaulir auunttd. Bj order of JOHN V. IHOU'K, Attorney fur martfi > ?. | IF > K Y bRKKN. AnTU.JIRKR-hTORIC HO l?l ffll, LI I .? urti- Mil aril OB kc.u? A'T'iai 6 at I"1, ' clock, at ?I'*,?a'Old Mar, 64 and t?> lJrpaitard aUaat. la i>B?<"i':eiiee <1 'be bmlllng < mmg down, Uie ?b>1- of the a.iwbie roller'I ? i>f KifraTtDr*. t'nrlaeltlea. Mar Fixture* i.d i i" Plern, I'eaatarm, l?e< aalrra, Slaaaea, Briar fuuip* i?n | r??Va, liw fixture* and lining, Ck*-k*. Mlrr^ra Ht tt-ea, >kl Bnixiioff Material, Unra, ?, MmsU. Water I !<? la, le Al?" tin- at.)>-k of 3U.MJU prime tlavaoa Megan, Li^toea. 1c. Now i r new. rjKNRV (aRKKN, AtVTIORKKR \\ II.L SKI.I, Tit IB n ija?. ai lli\. tiV^irk. at thr atorr l!?l WUllaai atre<". i?r. "??, llrnlnga, f"*P. t'urranta. Kaiama." t'kae^s Muaturd, aim<hi, Priinea. Champagne, 9ca?k* Kraudy, >Jraae? Ciaret. ra*k( I'nrt M me, S do Bo .rtxm VI hiakrv. Gin lii'ii While *a 2* f v trgaia. aju a I X of iloutr, Mioea, Urnabaa, Ury iuoOa. AC UI>"f?iltTT. Al'CTlOlfltKR. WIM, 8KI.U THIS PAT I. iHi urdiy . Aug 4. at !< ', o clock, at Ba'-rBrrmm < Hw aa ?lr ' - ? in* t iiliyn euv*. a large aawNieeet f |K> bold Fnrtiit'ipa, 1 !W) yard* ingrain ? itn'etiog, irtlt r?m? 1'ier and Haiilel Mimm ruaewouil PHrtor Huitj. co?erM i i niak, liair cl jtli aixl bro?- itel ma'i Tei? a i?-tca, Sofaj. II m ?mt I'arlor ? ?i iJr? l'<?>kra?w Kttrnalm l>lnliij{ Tai.lra, Itlltia UIkol' l halra, Oiea?iutf Bureaua, Warbtiaada ll?l -, hair Mx trraera. r*:'Ja?r Umuccj. m .. . 1 ic nh"le w t?- pen Lui iortir jtatoibr k U at bt<i<ler for Mb I 51 A T ROOART, ArrnnSKKRS ?TTIT? PIT, AT lux o'clock, at t*r niii iloti ikiiqi No I <oiib WiMiain r re.1, 1 artga?a mm m Hill?b*l raraMnra. tabngaay Kfaa, I 'uu^<a, Biu*. aan, farl-.r I InU-a. Ana< biara B iroa.ia, t'.it I g >ulta n.atbla tu|i Wathttaixia ID niabogany and black | aii.rn He,Jatea>U, I'.raaa-.* and uigta u <'arp< ia. H*> I'll >w ! >i b > laa ea. r>aake?a a h t i igoe, alw> nr ? hi I 1>? id llll- I rd Tal le. M Hllliard Nirnaia. alao oaa blark Hnraa, I -out 16 h anda hi?b. a ? ?l drnf, bairaa. alao . ne aoital Uorac, ?Uir'? dig liglit llaria*, Ac, RRWAKDk. ?aW| RK* *KH TAM* TRl>? HTo^IXHTc.t B??AT. ' * 17 June tl. a 1-aaUrte It .g. ala ? r .ored. marked < l?. ' i a card, lb-abo e regard .<111 be l aid oo deinery al rial- t , . K. - p ., ,.?r , J r-. -- . 'link i!fnf "* "" " "" " I | KPOHtl\(i. I | k rii<-r ci v.* im v:\-jfrk h \t for svi.k, 2?s ' ( 1 f??i t II f>; i built I7 <lr Urir|(t 1 wild, (>l ?)iwi|?int. at l.'ir iw?la?l*< u*1 miwuli I? v?ry I * 1 umI laM au I flue ? boat, tlx! is luuUtiM onmplri*. ( ny r?r?'t>* a ? ip> nor fooal will do wrli u? ptamiaa | ? Ir a* v,? a ill b<- ?>ld fur half kar Vtiii*. Apply at J6 Kuiiou . **t, Brook!/n 1cbanii AM> R4HTIIKR??1C!ir, ATTFXTIOJI -for j . / aal*. a ?r>li-?dM na?r *1.109 rln"d TMbt nf TOIona Wr.nch I I In Anrll, fcvih la til* ' m mil T. of arkHA |?*. ail nopp.-r I ' ? ?ucl tar-'iibo'ii. alw kaa pn.rad k>r?U nw of ilw fMMH " i>ra ? > ?r ' t mil * ?j. > > ' I *? ho it. Ilrr motvl I* Irra I f . ch?b>. ud to Ik Party ?Uhui< wick a nwl, nk- in a gr-a! if >?b? ran baawn by appol:>4 W JAMKti U uiariu . nr. n? hm?ii >tr?1 n 'r*?n?, k'> s pr' k nut, ius tiik f< lar**?t anH rbntrvat aaaorlawat at F>>*1 In IM wnrM. Rnl 'a lnlalll'ili? Mar.r* i^ir* atul Flaa KtWmlpamr.lUernla par p Uia. :v?ga l-oariji-4, tr*.nw1, tr. Adrloa (rata g, H)R I'll A RTF P.? A F\*T RAIMN'I ri'h h?!fkr ? Yarltt, of trrrnty t#T*n V na, r*MBpli?t?ly fnrnlakart. all Hi) to ?< - HI I .1 ylfw Na w \ * V hi 1 'liib on tha'r aannal f, Iirawrn fcaat. na ih? Tlh Inatant, If fwlj appUcallon ia aaj? 0 Irtrraa A. W , boi I,IIS l"na? irfBr. r<>RTiso.-roR *at.k. a fink iiack or r^iBTnn l?r> waaka old. of a ?ar\ rhnhtf Iiraad and In I rondhwa A.Ui'-a ui appijr ui UKO. A KUMHJiluX, a, ICin-Uftmt pnRTlVil ?WAJfTEO?A* r"0*PRTK!TT Ml* TO t.\ka rharrtof a *0 tmi raohl; rn'inl tw wa'l a??|i ilnfa I > ili- ..iod fail karhnr. Apply M lit wa?cr > y l*A*TF!? A YArUT OF AJ TEJT TOJfH, A > A C r Row n al of 17 I' *1 f- AiMr*?'. *' " Ifa-r," .? tfe I prtoia, aktck aidbf low, C. C K , Tlanld c4Im. 1 m. | ?AUC? OK HKALESTATE, A l OUMKT ,.?Ml?IIN( K A?I? rRUIT fAKS ? uni lur aala and r *?af ??mc iwmtxliautly, our inil? aaaA o! the cH> uf New irtiuawick, H J.?A ?er> guod irvM<( bail star) frkoi bouaa 40 by M (ret, good Luu, auoie. uj* *r The land ? neb ul lu tine u tier me. 6JU bear ) tug frttlt tree* *11 rlioic* tarletlt? vli A|;ple, pear. p am. ch'-rry, pea.h. quince, Me. Two and half acre* la (!"*; *? mm rut l.errica, Ur^e vioee, about SB acrea planted thta aprin ; m Cora i>Hta, wheal early and late louuwa *ud a great varietf of re|(eUblea. Ilie noudi eud of Ibta (aria fr<<uts o i a lake at over one oiLeui leugtb Uue t??!u.x, Halting Ac Will be <uM t on x ..uimwliUlng term*. AnAi l? ?*. OUMUK 1. No 4 Wall atr-wl. /lOl'NTHT bKMIDKSi'K KOR fcALrf-THIRTT MI.V'.'TKi by rii un from KoitJ aecood alre?t, on tbe New ilaves Bailruad? ?eveu Iralua per daynaob way?aerw, lulauieaT WH.k iruiu deiK* 'twelve clt> loU'ul l.tuu, luxlerdrauied. hi a mod alateof ciUtiv^ll'-n. and wall afcMkM wufc fmw. Houae Jn cottaae etyJe, (orty-on* foot lroot, wltb pvtor, dining i >m?, kin ben aeten bedruoata, and a dr> cellar Outho i*e? atuta b r lar u borne *-roll, cow, pig*. aa<l poultry. U.xkI wtla In well aul 111 t 4?1U A PoO .enleot realu-oee for a ?? Lie num doing buiiiieaa in lUe tit* P rtoe ^ #b i|j> Plana ottlM b*>> ae U> '9 aeeo at the ottce of n. U. HATKIKUD, Archl,***. ho. 31 J'uie Areei. ___________________ IJ'AU'W run mai.k in WhW .1 SR.SKr.?WILL EX X* change tor Nrw Vork ctt.i property, (Macrae; U hu jruoa hoijM* ana outbuildings; half * mil* fro.n Uwju lauding. tare* niM I nun Kahw> y > ><1 twenty uulrj I nwi thut city. App.y te W M S < H AHitKKLJN, ill dot.nuoo street. L'AKy FOR KaLK. At a URKAT SACRIFICE, IN TIO r f?VlUlg?, fmi littn ! . .1 ._( !! If n-:t: >j? hundred acre* of lairl. nearly all ira,>rove" and a l.u*?J po-uoo ciear oi muinpa food two mory lloute, larga Hanv Mai r? and S ji d. ui. 4 elim?r Or 1,4.'t, ?*getafc'*t and Hjw er Oardens Tula Ptroi wi.j hi- so'd at a very ?ie t siortAo% k? the u?'Lfi is about reuri"? to the vfesi Uidn *. City pre Lcrty tould be taken tu etchanice. For patuc'iiare apply t<? N. UtlMAUKN, i.d the ) r mlna or to HK.i K Y a ftwatf. 71 Uioad stint. ktit Von. Jj'AHM, VALUAHLE lIMKKhKD LAND AND SAW f null Property, iiuely located in the best part of the r>uatry, convenient to transportation facilities, for sale or eictiua*e lot seasonable merchandise ou lio* al t not. HIOUS A SOUTHWICK, Si Nassau atinet. FIRST CLAKs FARM OK SKVKNTY SIX ACKKs, IN tbi irough c iltivation; house, barns, stability and ouihouae* large ana to lint rate condition: land a neb deep soil, wrifc beautllul scenery. wuh iu own alouu liutdint and tee tithing. To a l&rmer or a city merchant thi? Minn iiuuaual adraa tagea. Katv of ac<MM aud w ulilu a few hours of the sity, am Lbnx laiaiid Sound j; rice $lU.l>tJU, lite produaa paying a Large Interest. Ad :re.? X. t , boi 176 li?rald oOi-e. IjU)RSAl.k? ACOlMKY KK.-1HKNCK AT M ATI CHUT. 1 Woodbury township, Hew Jersey, on?-fo :rth iqJIa from lamwel> Depot, on the Jersey City auA I'hilailelphia Railroad, fronting ou the Newark auA Mew Brunswick turnpike roa<T about four mile* front Kew lsruttwirk, aud twenty ?U from Mew Yerk. oouaifctmg ol live acre* of excellent land, well fenced ia to gar den, ore turd and meadow. The House is one aud a halt' ate ries, with cellar fu.i size, baru and other outbiui Unya tn goo4 order. Tin* property It in the Immediate vicinity ol aerenal churches, schools and an academy. aud perfectly healthy, almnat hourly r.iramunlCaU r wr.h New York by railroad TtM above property will be told at a bargain It' apnlled for Immediately . MM hall ol the purchase lnuuej can rrmaln on t?iMi and u.orl<*ge for luriher parucnlars apply to TlluMAJJ W. STRONii, Rtq , No M Naaiaar. aireet, or to the suoacrtbar on the premiaep Immediate poiseui ni alven if reuuireu. DAVID SI KAN Y, MatachUi. N J, Cainme. s Depot. Fill ST CLASS COUNTRY SK VT FOP. SALK, SIM'AT KB on Davenport'a Neck. New K ichelle?Seven arrea. Una water front, large uew houa>-. Una fruii. Ac. Will be told law. auJ 00 per cent can remain on mor^(a<e. In iuire of TUAl>DKLs DaVIDS, U7 William atreeU 1jX)R SAI.R?A NKAT, COMFORTAlILl AND OONTU J? Biently looated houaa on lie men Hill, oonth at Hera? an nam, ?rit side, hall an bour'a rida from Jeraey City Mid hoboken ferriea by railroad put ihr houae; fareScenia. Tbf pretuiaei conaiat at a two Uory and attic and basement frame house. coal cellar under aide ? ?lk, Uia lot Li thirty feel Iran by 130 deep, well atocked with fruit* of aU kind, will be *>M at * bargain. Apply on the premlaea of C. WATKINS, near tha brick achool hoiiae. TiK)K SALE?16 LOTH UF GROUND. SITUATED OB r the Second avenue, between fifty fourth and fifty-firth atreeta The above lota will be aold ou term* to auit buildera. Apply at the oOre of the Second Avenue Railroad 'p"IT earner of Forty eeoond atrrol and Second avenue. T7KJK 8AI.E?IlOl'SK, BARK AND ONK ACRE OF JP (rouLd, aitualad in Newtown, Iiong IrlaaA, on the Aatnrla road three ruuin.ea walk I nun he railro td depot in Newtowa. Inquire of MARY Ullibo.V, on the prenuaea. F>R SALE-A TWORTORT HOC8E AND LOT 280 Rt vlnitton atreet. 1x4 2f>i 100 feet. P ice ft.UOO, 91 000 raa remain on bond and mortgage For further pa'tteulara apply on the premiaea, or at O. D. Ikyuhty'a. corner of Third arrtnta and Eighty aeveutb atrem. New lurk. ElOR SALE?A DEHKAKLE OOUNTRY RKPIDENt.E IN P Wt t. hemer county only 10 milea fruta City 11 all, and near railroad and ?:enmbo?t, r<attaint aeven eighth of au acre highly cultivated, (holce frmta of all kinds, gotd well cittern. Ac . neai two story at d title House ttarn, carnage Houae aM Stable, all In perfect order, la on a high ground, and hita a flae vie* of the country. 1 l.ia place will be *oid low juid ou eaag terms, ax the owner Is *,'* * U> Ktiropa. For particular* apply to A. SKUUitANT, IS Wall alreel. rn SA1K-AN EXCELLENT FARM. OF ABOUT 71 h<ren IS of which are line woodlaud, the reat In the beat stale of cultivation, dwelling. barn and outhouse In food order, atipphed ? uli.a aeter lsiliiifi spring, and a k?1 apple orohard and plenty of small iruit on the premiaea, oouveiuent to achuat md churchca, and location perfectly benlthy, within about aa hour ana a junrter'a ride from New York. Prioe moderate. Apply to WILLIAM F HK1NH, tl Naaaau atreet, i*ar. rtR BALE?A FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH atuop Houae. Terma eaay. Ixxatloc goo A. Address C. F. Boardman, Ijiiouretie House, Bergen Point, N. J. F)R SALK?A HANDSOME flQUARE PLOT OF twen'r two acrea. having fmotag? on two roads, durably located on elexated ground. fifty mlnutea from New York, He* tainutra walk from dep.; on Northern Hallrotd of Mear Jrraey. Apoly to &. EliAJY a CO.. No. SI Liberty atme% N T Ti>OR SALE?TIIK I.AR.lK NKW bKuWN STONK r Hottaea Noa W and .'U Waai Tliirtv fourth street, with extension for library ; linlsLed in Uie n?M complete an i thoou^k maniK r, with toaewood d> or?. walnut staira an I a'l moda-ru mprovrnienta. Apply on the prenuaea. to l.OPKR M i?A\ la tX)R 8ALK IN 1?R?H)KLYN?A sVPERIOR !NEVF BRICK F Houae. with every roateniencu, beiaeen Atlantic and r I .i./u ru'in, kmiiiu VII Illume llir prODXnT in trraiHeOT ltl' omlit Id, New Jerary. Addita* bux 1IW Sew Vark foal I!. H" Ol'HK P?>R HAI.K-A PROMINENT CORNKR Or Kltth avenue, rlcinity of Mada>n aquara; drat rUa la everv reauect anJ In perfect order. Apply to Lit KKMoKK, I'l.HKH A MA80N, 2$ Wallatreet. TJOCtiR ABU bUT FOR HTT.K CHK AP?NO l?3 W"Mr XX Thirteenth atreei. nearly new, bul t In the beat manner, a perfect order. hot and cold waler and ? > balk .1 rtH'io. (a* Ac., kouae paluled and truiued throughout; hall fr?-a?'?ed In pane la bv a fre?r<? painter. uooa full ai/<-d cailar. cemented and celled. Inquire on the prrmlaea. or addr?? Ix'i l.SBO 1'oal oQica. S3.MM mortgage at i per cent. HTujSE * NO WTAIUJtl)N~llAniSON^RQI- A R R. -FO R aale. the extra larce Unitae and l?t, wltli Ktable, No. It Maat Twenty eutb rtreel. Bear fifth areola, aod directly op poalte Madiaon aijuare. The kouae la four atoriea. browa ati<w, bl(b ?u*?p, 28 feel 6 n.chea by tift feet. In complete order, and contains all Ike modern bnpro\emaata. The atabie, no twenty ar' cnh n. aet, la Grat c.-.w, and baa ample aocua mtlatlona for five boraea. wltb coa ainau a apartmenta abora. LM *!? 6kSUlt feet, fuaaeaaloo lu.raeditiely. For term* ??? Ui rira tka pmniaea np?ly lo KOWARU U LCD U)? 1 CO.. No 3 I'lae ttre?t MhR? It A M'lhK HI kXCHAllUK FUR HKAt. KSTAr*. Apply to L. CAT IJN, 4( Pine atreel. room So. 4. 0RANOK. NEW JKKPk'T ?SIXTT OOUNTRT HKATS vlllace Ueai.'fUCfw, Parma and Villa a.u>a. a treat varle ty. keaufully 'aiinalad. one bo>ir from Cortlandt aueet Pur renlaadfor aale t r HKNRT it. Bl.tCIWBUI. SO William mrrrt, New fork, (ram I m 11 A. M it Mala atreet. O-an** llot> M. TIIK C AI'If Al.lHIS AMI HOfKI. PB0PKIKT';a3 of the l'n ted Main Fw taia, iLe proper.j extenalTeiy aaoea aa NEW COTE, al SnaaracH Faaei c uo'f V ji Thla ratal-- Ua:ti-*te4 tkir-.eenn.ilea aa: o( tk?ux>. three mllea aaai of NatxaaL aaroaa the bay and within h.tlf a mile of the (hi trapn.ot ata uoiml tka KaMern Railroad Por several yeartTib ? frrraiaea bat a been end now are nkiefly oar-tried by Mr. K Pi: nam aa a prrate boarding aa>*Miel uent. palroau?d by wealthy aod (?abl t.aMe eiilA-aa rl New Turk. Huatua, Philadelphia. I'bar:eaiofi. Ne? irlearran-' Canada. A? ? umi...r reaort u la uu u'j .aaed ' y any wa?< rtof p'ao* In he rnurd Male* loe tha no-kern and aaan rn pnruooa cntrliiTie tka nataial beauiwa of a wood ad laUnt on.itury, ? LUe ih- aoutkern an 1 we? ern eml.rvii all ike aUr?oOrma at tlie m askore, an im uaire rlaw ?M laa AUaalta OMM. The I. .ildtnga nn the prem aea f ial*l of lie Ocs.\n Hj jje ILe New Care Route The Maaalna Bo ;ae, The ParUlos. an n ? * < w*ff mi i i^*n i?iiuir wub two tare< > bta *?. l?U> bt? bow Una ai:?y?. Ac. TbkHNlIlt imnla imi teaocamrtttt tn r?phAli#.i ta ? lat-H?b ? imiVu pi?<* of rt wn. b) tb? eraeilon of a ?r*?rl?<u hulrl efcilMrambnal Undine. mh h * rid rf d-r 4 r .wmulj l>- ?j> ul*r and pmnuMo. f: iluairrd oik half the property. Inc'.u.'ia* aJ' tb?* on Uif prpmlwific" * Uw Vm i >u Iljtiar. ina) lie ob^Unad. Apt,l> i? the i rrawii to Mr* C U. FKS.NO, or b/ letter la Henry Fenao. boi tt> Font o?c* Aloanj, N V. T, >>nvsl? UK.v-FOH ti.M.K, A HANI SOUK TURN out, ( >!.? ? I.i( of a life" U< r-t", e:*L >tarao?l Hoiuw iTitae aid H:.rnea?, will >>e a?M aepara-e or to*?.hrr. Applf k> it ad.1r.-M !><*tnr IS# Kaal Twen*iet'i atraet. \riBOIKlA 1*4*1** roH PIU)PRI?T >E t * r<crj, who u utw si ppiaii at tfc* At. r4wreo<? Hotel, eorner <rf Flgblh afreet an ! ftr< *<t?ay offera for ?al* kla Landt in MrliowH nmnlr, Virctala. coo: Main* tbn I ft UHI arrea. vbtcfe ba will aaU In whole or In aar-Uoaa far Mb or la a>oban?o for cap,* w? i? >( intrrbandw Mr faery ma be area at Mr. Wit?bt a'?fe. coruer of Haa wt arret and li road ear, dialog lb* day. or at bia bolt. la Ac rren'n*. W| AH TBI) IMMRPt ATK1.Y?A l-OT OF MCCOHI. H AM* marUe for a taawrnt tkwt; Ibr; otm. be cheap for (Mb. Adaraaa Leroj. Herald oflkoe. t?j nnii wn.i7"i?r(-flr a pfi.mirrrrt. no** o* ro.ui/u the 11 it !ann. A jcentlataan bar't* >*i? of !h? 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