Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 4, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 4, 1860 Page 5
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f <a^?.SMtH^, KftUMU7.DQ0 ten ltfl ymr. tobacoe 0na it unchanged pricw, ntlfhli ud exchange unal ?... . 8a?amuh, August i, 1800. ^Ottlton?Receipts In July, fi^60 bales. Kxports, 11, 00 balea. Stock ftt dsvaunah, 730 baleo. There is an ?'-w or buaineee for want of Mock. Carolina rice Closed buoyant. _ ? Cuakul-to* , August 3, 1800. Out too?Salca of Um week 000 bates, r?c?ipU the same taw, 110 bale* Absence of business for want of stock. Bteck at Charlecton, 8.600 balea Sight exchange on New pool 0 lt/*1" C*?l pren"lun' ^rei*'lU?C&Uob to LlverAroratA, August 1, 1800. Cotton?Stock In port, 7.2&0 bale*. Stock at Macon, S^OO baler Bait o*i, August 3,1800. floor Una bow Howard street and Ohio $6 00. Wheat active rea $1 S3 a $1 33, white 81 30 a $1 U. Corn active yellow TOO a 73c , white 70c. a 80c. Provisions Quiet and unchanged. Whiskey steady at 30Xc. a 21c. PBiuOTLreu, August 8,1800. Floor unchanged. Wheat dull: red 11 26 a $1 28, white I 35 a $1 60 Corn cloeed with an advanoe of 3o. yellow 70c. Meet pork 910 60 a 820. Lard 13 He. Whir key dull at XI HoAlbakt, August 8,1800. Flour active, but prices graaumny aeciinuig on ail mm. Wheat selling freely in small quantities: sales, 8N bushels Mediterranean, at $X 22, and 8,000 bushels dew white Indiana and Michigan, at $1 36 a 91 40. The , samples of new at the outaide figure are very handsome. Corn la good Inquiry: aalea, 21,000 boahela Western mixed, nt?*Mc-*Mc. Oata?Sates: 8,400 bushels State, at 39c. Se?Sales: 4.000 bushels, partly at 88c. Whiskey?Sales: bbls. atMtfc. Bvrrtu), August 3,1880. Flour Steady. Wheat: new red winter firmer, demand nsoderate; sales 10,000 bushels at 81 O0>{. Corn In fair ^ temaad and steady; sales 40,000 bushels at 60c. Oats nominal at 38c. Canal freights arm. Lake Imports: 3.000 1?Ws. flour, MOM bushels wheat, 16,000 bushels oorn and.16,000 bushels oats A test of vessels Is near the turboc. Exports: 86,000 bushels wheat, 40,000 bushels ?sor?. Bmuo, August 8?9 P. M. Flour steady and In Mr demand. Sales 1.900 bbls., at M 80 for 0o?, 84 75 a 18 for extra Illinois, Wisoonsin and Iowa; M a M 26 for extra Indiana and Ohio; 86 60 a 88 for double extras. Wheat quiet and Arm for new red winter, with a light stock, sales of 6 600 bushels at 81 00X; *8,000 do. Canada club, at 81. Corn active and steady: ales, 87.000 bushels, st 60c. Oats nominal at 33c. Canal freights?Boats scarce and carriers asking U)?c. on oora, and 12Xc. on wheat to New York. Imports?4,000 l>bIs. flour, 88,000 bushels wheat, 42,300 do. corn, 2,000 do. oats. Canal exports?100 bbls. flour, 89,000 bushels Wheat, 44.000 do. corn Oswmo, August 3?8 P. M. Flour unchanged, with moderate demand for home, Interior and Eastern trade. Sales, 800 bbls., at 85 26 for extra State, Including 200 favorite double extra at 88 76. Wheat dull: sales 5.800 bushels sew red winter Illinois v at 81 16. Corn quiet and nominal at 63c. a 53V?c. Other grains also quiet and nominal. Canal freights easier but not quotably lower: 27c. on flour, 8c. on wheat, 7},'c. on Corn to New York. Imports?18,300 bushels corn. Canal exports?36,600 bushels wheat, 22,300 do. corn, 10,800 do. oats. CnraxxTi, August 8.1880. Floor steady. Mess pork uacbanged, but a better demand for bacon, at 9?c. all^c. Money market and ight exchange on New York unchanged. Accident on the Long Island Railroad. *he train thrown off the track?the fireman eilied, and several persons injured?escape 0> THX TAMXNQKHM. A serious accident occurred on the Ixmg Island Railroad About a quarter before 0 o'clock yesterday morning, Involving the death of one man, the injury of several other persons, and the demolition of the locomotive, and throe -oars. The scene of the catastrophe was opposite the rllof New Brooklyn, about three miles distance from I the City Hall. The train, consisting of locomotive, tender, Awo baggage and three passenger cars, started from Byosset at twenty m in a tee past seven A. M., and on Arriving near the above-named village, a oow was seen lying oo the track; bat as the engineer either did not see btr until too late, or supposed sho would get out of the way, no attempt was made to slacken the speed Af the train, then going at the rat* of twenty-five miles an tMrnr. The animal was struck by the cow catcher, and becoming entangled, was dragged a distance of flity or sixty set, and the train being thrown from the traok, proocedAd a short distance further, when the locomotive suddenly turned and was capsiied. The tender was impelled some distance beyond. The first baggage car was foroed over the tender, the aeoond on top and the third, a passenger oar, partially on top of the last. The rem lining cars neaped mush damage, and the passengers, although thrown from tbelr seats by the sudden jxr, escaped with ome slight cuts and bruises. David Elder, the engineer, auid John Lynch, the flreman, were standing oesiae each other at the time of the accident. Mr. Klder waa severely bruised from head to foot. He at*tea that it was 00 suddsa thav all waa over before he knew what had happened, when he found himself under a car and covered with broken timber. He extricated hlmtelf with some difficulty, and walked to a neighboring houae unaided. Mr. Lynch waa found under Abe ssooni baggage oar, bis bead and fa* covered with fragments of the wreck. He waa taken out by some neighbor*, but lift waa already extinct. The deoeased learaa one child, hla wife baring died aome time ainoe. Hia body waa taken to bia late residence in Jamaica by the twelve o'clock train. Elder, who alao resides In Jatsalca, waa taken home in a wagoo. The aeetnd baggage Car contained Mr. John Mcdowan, the baggage mailer, a Brwsboy, named Charles Dal ton, and aeveral others, woo" "were engaged In smoking at the time. Mr. McGowan sustained severe injuries, and the bottom of the car being knocked out, Daltai fell through among the rubbish beneath. He waa fortunately but slightly Inlured. None of the others were nsrtondy hurt. The conductor of the train, Mr. Samuel Cheshire, waa Standing on one of the platforms between the two first passenger car a, and was thrown s considerable distance. Bis isjurtes are of a serious character. He waa conveyed to tbe City Hospital, ax waa alao Mr. MoUowan. A large number of persona oolieclsd about the scene soon after tbe accident txcame knewn, and workmen baring been sent up from tbe depot commenced clearing way tbe wreck with all practicable speed One or two raila bad been torn completely on, but in one hoar all waa is readiness for the up train to pass. There were bout 1? passengers on board, and It Is fortunate that none were severely injured. Most of tbetn cams on to tbe city in borse cars and other vehicles, Passengers by tbe early trains are generally business men of New York Notwithstanding tbe serious natars of tbe accident, a number of fallows tried their bent to teal all they oonld. One man got hold of the mall bag snd wss running off with it when bs wss overtaken by officer Lyons Several others were detected In taking rtkslss, but wsrs unable to get away. Tbe Ninth ward police, under Oapt. Waddy, were present, and succeeded fn preventing anything from belag stolen Workmen were employed sll dsy in taking apart tbe snglns and removing the piscna to the depot. Csrsnsrs' Iw^wests. KfiXD ?t to Passati its fiftmioa or a An lnq ieat was held yesterday upon the body of Henry Jones, a native of ibis Plate, aged ?0 years, wbo died fVom the effects of Injuries accidentally received on Monday by tbe prematura explosion of s cannon on board lbs steamboat Montgomery, lying at pter No. IS. North river. app-ared, was enraged in firing a salute in honor of tbe departure of the <ireat Eastern for Cape May, when tbe vent hole was carelessly left open Shad U> cartridge . *ptoded, So severely lo.tunoi deceased that be died yesterday la ooaseqoence. Verdict?" Accidental death." P*ow*t?o Casks ?John P. Crrmss, a resident of No 901 E gbth avenue, was found drowned la tbe North river yesterday morning Tbe body was taken to tbe Twentyssrond precinct station bonne, where Ooroaer (.amble w4 on fled to bold aa ' i nest. TH* Doay or All llDIOOWTi man wu innnu H(mno| m wo water *t pier IT, bat river yeaterday moralnf ftaceaa 4, tt I* Mtd, MI aeen Battle* OB tb? pier few hour* previously, uil II M aappoaad that be ?mdetiuily fell <wriK*rd while Ibua ecgafrd la amualag blmtoLf. The Coroner waa notiflM to bold aa oqoeat. Bom li'F\rmii> ?The nnknown Man who died at the New York BoaplUI on W Mneaday from tb? effects of la JnriM avldeouily receired hy felling froa the roof of a t?p? oireet onoib ta, baa viaoe he?a identified aa Ihoa i>irle, native of Ireland, afed alxty yew* Poll*-* Intelligence. inrtr nf th* rirm ward?rwtj jtosok* btabkkd. Quito mt excitcmwt rtr? ' J^u-n ?f the Fifth w*4 +~? . ' - a . .<-n o'clock tut night, in coa.??qi>.. eriow Bfbl Uklif ptaw la the bow So 379 Orw?*iv ftrrrt. and durlt.f the m^u-c two men, named Georj<- Thorp Ma wu.?,m Hlteblap, were rtabhed. Our rejwrtor vn nuirklr rm lb* ?r?iad, hot eT|wrteno*d *r?*t dt?cn?y tn *>??? ..for^lK-n, aa th* In* red part"*/" mH wiab to Ere II ret into the paper. AM W rm.M be aarartatmyl tt <r??n that umber of yoniig im ratted th* "?-PJ .Kk-h la allied to bo of a d .areata ble character. and after Imbibing rraeiy mer rcmiw-iiMd lo quarrel aa In (be rarrtta of tbeir pslltleal j<r?ferrocea for lr< atdenital cand Idatea Al usual, under rrrb etrrumatareee. aftar or?< ar?uwmta ware erbauate I, an 1 BHlitr (Mr fcemmiaf cofirerta to the |>rin< iplea <t ii ( ?d la tb? di?|*jte, free (Ifhi "n* ied, io which ttmb'.era. <lec*?tara. rbairx and flat* wera the prerailtn* ?r)ti'in.*nU Tbe two wounded mm were the |<rtorij?la Id tta? atfcir. and they were atabbed, II M thought. bj- a r? '*nj Itoidia* a pnattmn la the fuatom R'"i-a. Tha poire ot the Httb precinct were informed of tl?e aOair iuiJ aniiklr repaired u> the bonee hot when they arnred t\e flsM waa orer and the new.pant* of the bon a were |i JdeolJ transformed Into Irrnw n >th op TTie two toJnr?d mea ware lakrn to tbe Motion hoo?e.wh<re Dr. dreaaed their wounda Thorp received rextrt cr.t >n Ibe neck and on one <* h ?*. and ttiW-Mngi be I one of ble eyea nearly deatroyel by a feet. tut ri |e*i . i ?'? i a-'rnaa ht? '?'? Tt>?\ pn?it<\el> re VI to te.l who iBfl'cled the wo. nd? After haetr. Iti-u woun la < rtsaed tb<0 were conyeyatl to tbelr henna bj tii? p>llca. _ A o,im Tatt *t It alii liare ;?cc* ?. d bj ln> ad retirement published Id our Oolmna thai a rem ir tlee of tbe lea-tmf t *'ar* fV -p nt at V'wporl ban ?er lered to M m A '.e'lai Ittr a rt?ucrrt, fbr wV.rb Iw ?i ;id-ed Itc'.eta art lo be totmd, at dollar* eweh ( Tlie entertAlnneal : lo take t ?' *? ,h? ?<h*. ot ll>e litb !n?l , >,H l? etpe?ied ?<? be oue Pf tLe rr,o?t br!! Lint and ocreWat a1?;,t tTf f 'fti <1 ll if fo?b!r>t>?b wafer'if f'*r I Obltaary ptATU OF MAJO* MOJTTOK FAIKCHTLD. Maxtor MHM vmmmu> ?M former ly a serf rant in the troy- Citizeua' Cur pa, in which city he resided oojna yearn; was a resident of the Eighth ward when the Vatican war broke^out, and raised a company in the New York regiment (Company I), commanded by Ool W. B Bur nett, of which ha wan elected captain Tha oompany waa over a hundred strong, of which there are only ten or twelve survivors, the only commissioned officers among them are Lieutenanta 0. B. Hall and James D. Potter. Gapt. Fairchild was in every action, from the landing at Vera Cruz to the taking of the city of Mexico, and behaved with distinguished gallantry. He waa wounded at Cherubuaco, where his company, as d. 1 the whole regiment, sustained very severe loaaee. Since his return be has held an appointment under the government in connection with the Cuatom Bouse. He waa brevelled a Major by the State Legialatore for bis gallantry, with the other office re of bia regiment, lie was born in the city of New York, and waa m his flf.yDflh year when he died. A circular has been aent around by Col. Burn ham, Brevet Colonel Ne w York Volunteers, inviting the officers of tbe New York Voluntecra (Scott Life Guard), com man (lasts of regiments and brlgadea In the First division N. T. 8. M., and the offlcera of the I. 0. of 0. f. and F. and A. M , of which he was a member, to meet at the armory of the eighth regiment, Centre market, tlss (Saturday) evening, at hall past seven o'clock, to make the neoeaaary arrangement* for bia funeral on Monday. Brooklym Cltjr Hewi. Ciujioa or Swcnmsu.?Sergeant Leech, of tha Ninth ward police, yesterday arreated a man named Griffon Le Fort upon the charge of defrauding two man named Dol elua and Moore, both reaidenta of tha Garters Dlatrict. of $326 each. Am alleged, tha accused operate* tn this mas acr?He is or waa proprietor ot a aewiag machine fac tory in Orange street, and advertising for a part ner, ?directed them to call at a certain place la Neva York. Tbe applicant would be aent to BrookIvn anil aalliiitf at T.a Fnrt'? mUhliahniAnt utaiiM be Informed that five machine* were now Id operation; that there was work enough for forty, and that if he- (the applicant) would furnish tire machine*, he could come in a* a partner on equal term*. He was required, however. to buy the machine* at a certain place. One of the complainants in this case alleges that be bought Ave of thcae machine*, and paid $66 for each. They were brought to Brooklyn, and no sooner had they been put in position than another party appeared with an unsatisfied judgment, and seizing all the machines, carried them oil. The other man appears to have been victimized in the same manner. The accuacd was committed for a bearing by Justice Corn well. Thk Sunday Oudisj.mi.?The parties charged with violating the city ordinance of 1850 by selling lager bior on Sunday were brought before Justice Cornwell yesterday. The decision of Judge Kmott, heretofore referred to by counsel for defendants, doe* not affirm that the ordinance itself is Invalid, but sets aaide the judgment of the city court upon rulings made on the trial and on technical point*. The validity of the ordinance being deemed questionable, the Justice decided to suspend sentence on the defendants. Atthutkd Svicn>*.? A Scotch gentleman named Robert Iackio attempted to commit suicide yesterday morning, by cutting hi* throat with a dull knife, inflicting a serious and perhap* fatal wound. The cause was disappoint tnent Id not receiving a remittance from friend* In the Old Country. He resided at the Union Hetel, in Liberty street, and was taken to the Surgical Institute, in Washington street, Tor treatment. Fr>*R/L or Aldbkxax Hogak ?The remains of the late Mr. Patrick Hogan, Alderman, were yesterday after noon conveyed from his residence In Brooklyn to Galrary Cemetery. Seldom has a larger cavalcade attended the funeral of any public or private man, and rarely his a man departed from among us more worthy of the general regard and regret that followed his hearse to the tomb. The cortege extended in length more than three miles. Hidion River Item*. SUICIDE OP A I.ART IN KINGSTON BT TAKING AR8ENIC. Mrs. Fowler, wife of Mr. Thomas Fowler, residing at Kingston, Ulster county, purchased a quantity of arsenic a few day* ago. Two or three evenings alter she went Into her husband's saloon, near her residence, and ordered the waiter to bring her a bottle of soda water in one of the boies. This was done, when she dissolved a portion of the poison and drank It off. She then returned home, and was shortly alter ward* taken with a v intent at of vomiting, and confessed that she had ttken poison. A physician was InnluiUy sent for. but the unfortunate woman expired about two o'clock the next morning. Her husband was from home at the time. No cause is assigned for the commission of the act. THE LATI INCKNDIART FIRES AT POCOHKEEPfrE? 1500 REWARD. Tvn nv thro* ktt#mntfl hftVA h?v?n hv In. cendlarles to Mt buildings oo fire at Poughkeepsie, since the late destructive ones la that city, bat without succeee. 0n one ocoMion they were ehsaed by a man, but minaged to escape, 11m two who were arrested for cat ting the base have since b<s>n let out on bail. Two or three nights since a man was heard prowling about the stables at tbs corner of Washington and Lafayette streets. Be was twtoe spoken to bat dt 1 ant answer, when a pistol wss fired at him without effect Before he could be fired upon a second time be had turned a corner of the building and escaped. A dog which be bad with hisn drat Cve the alarm. The Common Council of Poughkeepsie a offered a reward of 9600 for the conviction of any raor persons who bars s H Ore to any build Log withpaat month. arnrcK it li?htkino? a wot kill id. Oa Thursday afternoon a barn beloagiag to Mr. Jerold Underwood, at Crum Flbow, Dutchess county, wss struck by lightning. In it at the time were Mr I'nderwood, his hired man and a hoy. unloading oats. Mr. Uadfiund and the boy were oa the mow, receiving sheaMjfiom the man oo the load. When the barn was strtNr Mr. I'nderwood ssw the hoy fall backward, and It Is probable that he waa instantly killed. The whole barn wss on lire maatsatant Mr. I'aderwood received a slight shock, bat retaiaed bla senses, and jumped to the door of the barn and escaped. The barn and contents were worth about 91 0C0. Insured. focvd pi a p. Mr. James Devlin, an old resident of Rondout, (later couaty, was fotiad dead in hod a few mornings since. The day previous be bad been working very bard in a hot sun. In the morning his wife found bim by ber side eold and lifeless. An inquest was beld upon the hody by Coroner Dubois, aail the tory rendered a verdict of "IVath, caused by exirsaae fatigue aad eiosaslre labor." He was suty one years of age Ths Lsts Ll*at. J. F. Hsastsa, V. H. IV. to tbi editor of the hkwaf.p. Permit me to ssk the fbvi>r of yoa to give tb<- enclosed preamble snd resolutions a place In the columns of ydur paper, aad oblige the officers of thts sl ip I am, rrnpecifull)', your obedient ervant, /. a HUUK*. U. U. H. Saw. C. S !*nuant Iiwxjcoia, ) Kraitu.^rdma. July IS, 1*?. j At a meeting of the officers of the I'n ited States ?teamer Iroquois, held on board that vessel oa the 1st <>f July, 1M0, la lite Ifcy of .Nai>lss. Command)'r J antes S. i'aliner bring oft)led to the chair, and I jeut. J. B. Iluger being appointed A-crriary the following preamble and renolutiooa were olfered by the S-crtUry and unnniroo'ialy adopted Wherea*. It ha- pleaned Almighty Ood, la btt wi?dom, to lahefrom >m<>rg u?our late triend anil brother officcr, Llcnt. J. F. Heaaton, t oiled ?latea Na?y? Beaolvrd, That, deploring a* all n>uat do wb>tacw him, IbiJ di*|?*n?ati'n of Invine I'rov idence, we Mill ?ub nut to Hm act with Chrtatiao resignation. believing that our friend died in full aubailasioo to Hi*. will ant ?lroeg faith In Hi* merry Beeolred, That we, lit* br'.iher officer*, tender to hit afflicted wtfr and family our ,inrerr?t sympathy la Hi' their drop afflirti?n an '_ |rr?-|iitrahle toaa, and hope tliat thr Mrlne Bring w;, lB H,g gl?^ t,me tend the? comfort anil conaolalio*^ Feaolvr ^ ? # furtli-r mark of reaper t we will wo*r .Tkpe'on the i. ft arm for thirty daji. Utaolred That a ropy of the*- I' ****" '* ?* | ,] hi? family, and one to the editor of Yo"K 'i* mm and to tb> IfikWfKW ' Washington, fbi Insertion, ar.d that the tfc:cr?Ury t>? requests to lee thi .ibina cair,.dour^ ^ PAI VER, Corad'r,Chairunn. J. B BC<? Lietit I . ? N Bscrstary Til* Abolition Plot In Trt??. A letter received at the ofBcc of the Auatin K'U. G<tvrt' ''oni l<alU*. d. ta la tba particulars of a mutt dtatiolio* . ' * plot in Kortbarn Texaa. *1,"'^1 ""lar* briefly ar*, that the Arm acenrrinf l! .'K ?. **? fofolry on the Sth Inst, aroused tb< twioui r*ni oi . 'T^llthVn.T'fir O'Q ' J jffiSloa^the ?7tI ul.7. 0 the pk?t wera ?ltoitrd ? II wa* determine* br rerUIn abolition preacher*. ?b' wore e*|>el led from the country la?t joar. to deraaUtc with flro and ?-? n?llon the wbnb- of Northern Tela* and wbon It wa* r> laced to a lulpiosj oonoitiuo. a yenc raj revolt of llio >I*t** aided by th? white m-n or thi NottL. m our aw.ijt, *11 to cuta? off on the da/ of elec ttwi to Avfu.'t Tli' ob?. (t ,n flrtnj lh? town of Pw'/i* wa* to de*trn] Iho arm? and amm n iton md ffin- ?n? known to b< toIJi ted th"r* The utorrs thr"vs;b>Mi the country eon tailing p"Wd?t and lead were to be burned, with th< crain, and thna reduce thi* portion of the coantry t brlp^otrnett. Wben ttu* wm ac< omplmhed aa*i* latin w i- r*i>ected from the Indiana and ab<>litto?Ht? >,.( U rennty h-?? a ?pectnl *v.per ,titend< iit, a whtte mm I and 'aeh laid off Into dl*1rlct*. onder tbo luporrlaion of v hite ti *n who control# the action* of the negroes ii [ that district Th. ne*roe? are not perm iM<vl t? kuot wbat I* dolez oiitji ie of their Immediate ph^re of ac i lion Main of o .r mwt promln-nt c >tl*on* are to b a****- natoil when miking thel- ewnp'- from the flam* of their burniu| li-ma* Arms hare been dlacovered I r Ue Ion of egroe*. and tli* wV> plot of mam rr< t < n rcTrs ? I for I g?n?r?. civil war at the Angm de?t ion. f I writ' <a hull w< r arm* and t! t*! >f tr i_r e- r tr I Van whlto< are n ptleaUd wbo' r aamr* ar* ytt uolk?owti to the p-;blt P'- jnt aid M'Kli. -r, fhf alxlt a prearhert,ar? o a pected w n i)?'.-? ' * t b? h. re a', that t i.e V are M?c' is* lb" w rat and km-w not wiial as bo' r m> br' .p '.Mb He mat tv toca'I ri t e |ow*? eomt' fi r fc?)?ta-ce?no ttif r<? A t* cenfmioo, ft, ; ' t VKW YORK HERALD, SA! Our Ajplawall Correspondence. Aarurwaix, N G , July 34, ttN. Commodore i'onds>~btfl? AMin^ Among fV Native*?Refxual to Pay a Water Bill?Threat* Jgaxrui the Xeamrrt? j How the MmOt art Carried?Waft<r'i Mownrntt Panama Railroad Burinett?Commercial Ife* ?-9ud4en Death of a Sea Captain?American and Engluh BmUrprue?Hotel*, <c , rfc In the absence of the regular badge! or let ten and paperi from New York, every one li at leisure to chat upon the course lately pursued by Vanderbllt. Business tlrms could not send any letters unless they paid Mr. Vanderbllt sixty cents per ounce, with an additional ten rent stamp upon each letter, which was coisidered an imposition. The natives are also highly excited, and it root insinuations and threats of burning some of the steam vessels have been made, and If things are not chasgsa for the better, there may be 1 a possibility that a repetition ot a scene like the Panama ( Railroad massacre will be made upon some one of Tanderbilt's self styled "(looting palaces." Captain Tinklepaugli, oftTio steamer Northern Light, refuses to pay his water bill for the vessel's use, thereby causing mure ill feeling. There Is a "tompest la a tea- ( pot" brewing here, and what the result will be the future , will tell, like only remedy left is for Walker to take Nicaragua and grant a transit route to some other company ? Therarlieh steamer Prince arrived litre* davs a lace. bringing among other Ileum of new* the landing of Geu. Walker In Ruaton with hi* man To day another report conjee that be has gone over to Nicarauga and taken (fee city of Granada. He will have an easy conqueat Um time without doubt, aa the Ooeta Ricans are not in a oondliion to help them even should they wish, aa they are al war among UWCDselvea, and Mora la no longer President. The ultimate destiny of all oftheae Central American State* will be nothing more than an application to the > 1'nited Stole* for protection or admission into their confederacy; and growing politician* ahould he found inclining in that direction for their future popularIty. The last malls before this from this city for the State* were done up in the Consul's office, in paper packages, and carried to New York in the trunk of a paasengor, as a matter of accommodation to the Consul and business men. This is the way the United State? protect and enoourage American enterprise. Perhaps, if we blackened our fkcea and called ourselves Japanese, or niggers, we would have a national war vessel sent to sec If we did not want some small attentions, but as we are only American citizens we must take care of ourselves Tho Panama Railroad Is in a flourishing oonditlou. the freight carried is enormous, doing the cream of all the English trade nt I.Ima, Valparaiso and all the Pacific ports. Wall street may bull and bear the stock, but the intrinsic value of the shares will never be less than now. Our harbor Is full of shipping of all nations, and eighteen vessels more are now due. Oapt. Dutch, of the English bark Britannia, died very suddenly of apop'exv, and being a Mason, was burned by the Order in due form American and English enterprise is all that has made this place, and with the protection of the United States government, it will be a rich and busy commercial city. 411 business houses are doing well, and our hotels are full. Speaking of hotels, I will mention for the benefit of travellers and businessmen, that the Howard House is the American and English house of the city, and in fact, the only tint class house here. A. B. Hawkins, the proprietor, waa long enough upon George Law'* steamers to know how to keep a hotel aa it should be. Stop there, and you ore sure of a good meal, a goood bed and no fever. A Body Fenad la ReseadaU, lister Commty?Sapposed Mwrder. TO THE EDITOR OF TOE OSKALD. Ros*>kaih, Ulster County, August 1, I960. Yesterday, July 31, a little before noon, tbe dead body of a man was found in a wood two or throe hundred yard* from a thickly peopled neighborhood la this town, Kosendale. He had evidently been murdered. On examination there was found a dreadful wound near tbe top of his head, fracturing his skull several inches, two cuts on one ear and a bad wound behind it, all apparently done with stones, of which one was found bloody and with hair on It, the blooly side down. When found he bad on a straw bat, whiah was not brokeo, showing that It must have been put on after tbe wound was inflicted. Be was identified as Jacob Smith, formerly of Marble town, in this county. He had inherited a little property abi iji a month since, and about tbe same time was married, and had been under the effecta of intoxicating liquor nearly all the time since. He was last seen on Monday afternoon, about four o'clock, by a man who had been with blm nearly all that day. and who left him near tbe place where be was found. When found his pockets were turned inside oat. and on turning him over two dol- . lars were found under nlm. Hnprtmc Cowrt?Hpeelml Term. Before Hon. Judge Leonard. Tn* BROADWAY SALOONS. Some days back a mandamus was granted against tbe proprietors of tbe Broadway saloons, prohibiting them from giving theatrical entertaiomnnts without license. Tbe parties have since applied for and been granted such, j and the matter is thus far amloably arranged. States CemmlssloHer's Cosirt. Before (ieorge W. Morel!, iiq. Arortt 3?The United Statu rt. W. D. flaifkt?The 1 examination of the ball in the am of the defendant wan further postpooed, and bis counsel obtained a writ Of habeas corpus, returnable before Judge Betts on Saturday morning, at eleven o'clock Will or (ha Late Kllifca Eld red. ABOt/T HALF A MILLION OF DOLLARS LIFT TO HM FAULT. [From the Milwaukee Wlaronaln, July 90 I A great d<* of curiosity lias been entertained ia the city, as to the DAture of the IaU luieba Udred's will, who I departed this life Isst 9unday. It Ia impossible to Arrive At sny where near the exact v*: .* or his estate, bat It ? es tuoAted by hlA ex *cuU>rs that be wsa wortb In Um ueigh borhood of half a million ol dollars. The will hit been admitted to probata. TUa eseeutor? are Jo?ej>b Oary and John G. lobunch, with h.s wife, Mrs. Sarah Ann Hdred, aa executrix. He leaves to hla w Ife all hta pruooal property, which la estimated to be worth about I'M),000. an t tita palatial mansion la Spring avenue, together with tba grounds, comprising about three arre* of land. The remainder ot hi* property la to be managed bv hia executors for Ave year*, who art to dlvile up the I tire me annually between the heir*. At the expiration of the Ave yeara Bve decreet men ara to be selected, who are to divide up the heirs' portlo* of the property Into nine part.?, and hta two sons ore th*n each to liave two |>arts, | and his Ave daughters each to have oue part, which coal priies (lie whole nine part* luring the Ave years the executors can. If I bey deem It advisable, sell any part of the heirs' estate. for the be Deflt of the heirs Tbt property ha-' been left tntirely withia the fkmlly, and the prv?wnqmeo?ne must be Urge? at least enough so to place the heirs is a position of tude | pendence, even before tba division la made. Latter front Secretary I'shh. ( Krom the Uolambos, (Ma ,) Timea. ] WAABi.iOTojr, July 14, 1S08 i sincerely wish it was Id my power to respond at oiioe to your kind and flattering request to address my fellow cltiscnaaf Columbus and vicinity It would sflbrd me no ordinary pleasure to meet them at this time. I regard the fireaent rootest ss <>ae rlslig far ! abote the ordinary party struggles through which we here heretofore passed It lavolves the future desttnv of the fcmth It ia a finest ton of right, tusttoe and equality on the one band, and wrong and -te^rs-latHio on the other. H is the triumph of constitutional prlnciplee in tba election of Breck inrldce and lane, or the declaration of war upon the constitution and the rights of the South by the election of l.iocoln and FUmlio This la the iaaue that has to , bo met, an 1 our peojle should I'wk the danger full id the | fare. and gsvera their aoltaai accordingly. The part , which the supporters ef IVuglaa and .Tboonuu at the South take in the contest, la only Important io view of the i i | strergth It give* the black republicans of the North, by ; weakening the only party and the only candMalee who | eaa, by soy pcss'.biilty, defeat thla treasonable, aholi- I I tkw orgaa salloD. Surely the recent course of Mr. i Itwglas. and the present position of his frteada at the North, present no claim to Southern gratitude i orPouthern ermOdecrf that houM induce, on thejir part. upport of bl* rial nut to the Preald'-ncy at ?u: r flee of their rljhl* aod inUrrrta. Ilia wiib iraw^i from s the contr*t would at onec enaure the ntcrm 0f Rj-rn kin rld?? and lb- triumph of ,on.; r|BClpifl# wbtiat bis continuance in tin, fteMtlr'^ aiJ JlS #0<?,?lrM<wnl mmdm it iLc mtn'rti cf ?b<* I Under Ibeae clrvu netarice*?apart from lha m?c!roW ob!CC?!~ti* lo lb* political dortrlne* which Mr. OouflM Uh* bl? faction aerkto forre upon n*?It cle*r tvyood j dirptito or qori im, that Here aboutd b? euiUd and earnest effort ob the part of Ihe South In P'imx>rt of tbe a obIt candidate* who are retltM to b*r coofldcncr. and * at the rame t rne hare the *i *'i t'*l pr *i>. t of rti >u. To nr*e and prrn uj?ti my fellow tilir-na of (i?w*la theao ormaideratloM. la taror of ihe clertlon of Breckln rand ! Mt?1>. unite my cmiMrta with th^r*. to wir! I i on th? danger* wblrb threaten our preaent peace aod fo lw pr< eperity?lo contribute mr riiorla to the work Ot , pre?er?lPir the constitution from the rutblera aaantili* 01 :ta opm and iw?t to Join mjr ?o|<-e wilh H?oa^ wh" proclaim to lb?- country tb<- firm, fl??d aod unalier ' able purpose of the Anutti to inalutala her "equality In the p Tnlon." and to r**>ral*e a* worthy of brr loyalty and rapport ao government that dooa not guarantor that I equality?prracat to ' mind a Bold of doty upon whl> h . 1 would fladly enter. My heart la In tha < >ntt*t and you , may rent a?*'irr I that I d<rr>:v rejr.-t my inability atomI to enter tha canvaaa, and that, too, upon tb<< aolt of my t native Plate. HOWVLL OHIB 9 ' " * Arrival* anil Depart area. AMU V AM. I, *leamatilp Florida?J (I ffwifc, fl M <?a!pln and a Isdy, Nra UK ICoan. M '-? Kean, Mia I.ell? and two eh dren, n Mra I.e1rMeiib#rf. <? W I'aprr ard lady. Ml I'appr, Vra Cookah'itt Mir* Mtaafl a Malher. W? K T Hiilia *, * Oeo WHUngUm, KoW ?, J A Bertllr, K < l.raha n, ! Kobt I'euver. K Alev*nder, 11 clreen A Keurnu, 'Mei v>r * nell, J Marker. F Houghton, O Baeaetr 8 Wuakhuru, O P * Far, f harlea II Md'onrer, Jaa Rrnrt a UabflVO R Bar n din*. T Cnrll* W I. Wa'lon Mr* S M Waljon M A Palmar, H . tllaft. Col N Tift lady and three children, M.aa Tift M H Preaelrr, Mra ijuatiaaton. V H Winkler. L (! i,??to*. ('l!a 1 nion j *No->i? t (.apham eat, J P'rp'nt.C" R Wrtihl. A R (IP ba a >d la4y, M ai llartrniae, Mi** C Hart>e i Kite-and * aleeraje. ? lUTj?r??T, Wt.'A?Btl# Ad*', ae Wprar*?1* H I Mar; tea talaad. T M'* iTiii is?Brlf t. . J"B l,e* 1?t>pt I. km ^ aod lad> P I * f prlntUni 'T Maracrt -SrkrI ? ??h-* 1-ew.* Ankmk>, of Po.J.? 1 ftiTO ro'cr- t*\r y*rr A ce?IV a * (' OM'aker Po^ra C 0 i* tcftntarrk TURDAY, AUGUST 4, 186C HUIUrjr Call. ! 80LBIV.VI or THB LAW MSXJCAM WAM. ATTENTION. Wbereas, 11 * acknowledged by all who ere coo re mot ! with the ci'ttdHtoii of public aflairs that we are in the Midst oft pert.'0*" political crisis; and, whereas, it is no | leu a patriotic dv'ty la time* at peace to protect the instl- i tulioas of our beloved country at the ballot box than to defend the honor of her Uaf on Ike battle field, and whereas, moreover, w?f find in the present struggle for | power a purely sectional party striving for sectional domi nat.oa to tbe destruction of the equality of the States under the constitution, tome of whose protnment leaders achieved an "immortality of infamy" durln.Y tie late glorious war with Mexico by landing moral aid and comfort to our enemies, and whoae candidate for the Presidency was willing Xo refuse the neceasary military supplies to our gallant little army then In an enemy's country; therefore we consider it our imperative duty to oppose by all honorable means the soccers of a fiction so dangerous, a candidate so unpatriotic: and believing that this opposition can be rendered most eOective under the lead of those tried patriots and statesmen, and gallant soldiers, John C. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, and Joseph Lane, of Oregon, who shared our toils and triumphs In the field, while such men as Lincoln and Cor win were exhibiting a factious opposition to the war in Congress, we invite our fellow soldiers, of every grads, who lerved In Mexico, to join us In the formation of a " 8oldiers' Patriotic Club," and to aid in the establishment of similar clubs throughout the Union. Fellow soldiers, of whatever branch of the service, now in New York or its vicinity, we request you to meet us in council at the Hod* Bouse, corner of Broadway and Great Jones street, on Monday evening, August 6, at o'clock, for the good of our common country and the defence of her institutions. ADDIHON IARNS WORTH, Brevet Major New York Volunteers J. W. BRYCE, TUn Louisiana Volunteers. DBCATCR POTTKR, Lieutenant New York Volunteers and Third Dragoons. J. BMBKKT First Pennsylvania Volunteers. JAS. MARRIOTT, Captain Voltlgucra. W. MARTIN, Private Second Tennessee Volunteers. UBOROE WOODFORD, Private Second Illinois Volnnteera. P. 0. OR ATT AN, Private Ninth Infantry. lwter from ii*. john W. brvce. to tbv inrroR of thk ukiuld. Nkw Yokk, July 30,1890 In a political crisis like the pros?nt, when the spirit of aggressive sectionalism is vauntingly xn4 threateningly arrayed against the constitutional rights of the citizen and the equality ol the States, without the preservation of which there can be no permanence or safety for the Union?when, regardless of the imminence of the danger, demagogues are selfishly plotting and trafficking for their own beneQt, seeking to divide and im|<air the strength of the conservative vote, imperilling the cause of the constitution and the Union?it becomes every patriotic citizen, how bumble soever his position and inlluenoe, to lay aside minor considerations and enrol himseif on the side of his country, under that flag which represent* moat truly the great principle involved, and which offers the best prospect of honorable success. In doing so, 1 desire to put briefly on record the reasons which govern me. Those who have done me the honor to notice my humble career know that 1 have always been conservative in politic!, and, as entirely consistent with true conservatism, an earnest advocate of ?tate rights, never permitting a blind party fealty to influence bm against the higher considerations of patriotic duty. In the present canvass and since the nomination by the Union Convention at Baltimore of John Bell, obtained, as honorable members of that body have testified, through indirection, I have up to this time supported General 8am Houston, of Texas, for Pre# I don I?first, because I considered him ''honest, capable, and blthful to the constitution;" and neit, because, disgnated with tho fhameless trickeries of party conventions, I desired to ace the people emancipate themselves from auch degrading thraldom, by selecting their own candidates and electing thetr own public aervanta. I will not permit onysi-ir to doubt that this proportion, fairly and fully presented, would bo succoaaful, and I hope yet to witness the triumph of that sort of "popular sovereigntybut the emergency of tlic timte must, in my opinion, prevent at present an impartial trial of the issue. Failing, then, to iml our candidate norore me ciuniry bo an id ooiaiu for bim that support towhi;h be U pre eminently entitled. I deem tt a poor compHmeut to cut an Ineflectfve tote for bim, which might otherwise bonefit the ciue or the constitution and the Union, to which bis llfo ban boon one of self sacrificing devotion. The question then recurs, where can we tx*t scrva thta cause * To me the answer la plain, by opposing the election of Lincoln and Hamlin, ?o aa effectually to secure their defeat, and that of tho pernicioua doctrines they advocate; fbr to koep them mil of power by a mere po lit eal Juggle would not, 1 confidently aubmit, answer tbe true ends sought by the friends of tbe constitution In this contest. Thl* cannot be done here in New York by tbe aupport of the Douglaa Bell ticket, fur there a no rallying point In common lor their frtenda. Oil and water would as aoon mingle an 1 coalesce as the principles they bare advocated respectively haretofore, and those who have attempted to bargsia away tbe conservative Union votn of thta State to l>ougIas are witbout the power to transfor a tltbe thereof. Tbe prospect of electing either Bell or Douglas by such a combination, even if we could or ouaht to do anything to secure the success of the latter, Is fallaciosi, In my opinion. I cannot, therefor*, in view of Uie oae great question which standa out in ibis can vsss, consent to stop at any auch ball wir expedients as the wtadon or policy of the UUca men has devised. 1 have long hoped, in vain It seems, for ths retain of that spirit of moderation. ccnoehsloa and compromise fos tered by our wisest and M statesmen, and under whose Influences we prorpered and were happy until the hand of the "Little Ciant'' helped to obliterate the Missouri line, and renew hostility and atrlfto between the North and tbe foulli, and now it remains only firmly and bravely to try the great issue before the people, via. constitutional i rights and the equality o* tbe States vs sectional dossi- | nation. In this contest the path of duty ta plain to ay i understanding, for all who believe In equal right*, and de aire to preserve the tranquility of the Union, and maintain tbe Inviolability of the constitution?at leaat It Is ao to me; and, therefore, waiving for tbe time being all minor dlfferrtces, I shall, bereaflor, to the beat of my ability. support for President that patriotic statesman and gallant, high toned gentleman, John r Breckinridge, of Kentucky nor will I be deterred from this course by any . fear of being . iaae?d with secessionists Whatever may he tbe views of some who support bim, .lohu C. Breckin- : ridge is Bet a disunion 1st. Very respectfully, t/itiv or DBvrr iivn.i i?. nn i vr? Naval Inltlllgrncr. )'* Mil AftlaUot Htir(fr<in John Ward nnil AMittaot Surpn.n M. f. Christian bare boon ordered l? tbe steamer Buaqutliaiiiia, dratiacd for the Mediterranean. Drawlagi of tfei Ddawan RUU L,ottertaa. -WOOD. n>DY A CO., Iimnri ike ttuvin, imimf A?a mimocki wtmtu unrauss. |iiii?iu-Rim Clam No. 367. Acoct J. IMO 63, 10, 31. 36,60.66, 71, 23, 49.41, 16.24,40,22,46. IHutiii-Clam No. S8K, 1 IMO H, 3A, 33. H?, 70, H, IS. 4, 37, 67. 9, 34. 63. < Vculan e?ot free of rkar** by addretatai ettker to WOOD. KPDT t CO., Wilminavw. Delaware. Or t? *OOD, KDOT * CO.. *- Lottla. MiMrmrl Drawlafi of Franc*, Broadbenta 4i Co.'a Delaware I-ottertee ~ _ . Ki Mrs CoCltTT, rtiM 18t, Atom S. IMO. 10, 7.1. 26, 49, 78. t?. H, 34, 17 . 46 , 9, 2J, 3?, 69. ! rnmniiDtru Ixmiir. run 131, tgam 3, IML 73. 41. 6, 3, 33, 69, 8, 66. 69. 64, 63, 11. KRANCR, RROADHKNTS A CO., VuM'n, Wilaun?u>D. Delaware Oftw tal Drawings of Ifodgra, Da via A CO > iaauikiuad Lotteries at Oenrcla Olam m?i, 3, IMO. 63, 27, C8, ?, 11, 13, 33, 71, 61, 16. HODMKN. DA Via A CO., Maao??ra. lUoon. Georgia. IIh it< r to the Prince of Wal?i.-Th? 1'race ('f Wa1#s Horr IIAT. WIIITK, tb? Matter. No. 21C Hro?d way, opposite W Paula ckurtk. Fnacf Cattery, embracing a Large Varteiy rrf f.n>rt#ai??,a. fee end Pnrfcot KnTrea, of lb# m.ot rare sad b?*' Ufiil pauerna. maay of wkl'-k bare nerjr beeni before tw ported. Fur sale by J. A HAURPRR*. *0. T AaU?r Pleu*. Ill Flna Rhlrta, ?. MOOfrY K Skirt Manufactory, Ml Broadway, Hhlrl and Collar Depot, Noa. NT akh HO WlUlem nreet. no* d vnr north of *?.lm Una. Rbirta madr to ifZiT. tzt ASM M4J7B>ad? (or 17 M. <?aiir? noderahlrts sad At wan. Unas keodkerrklefa. Oreea'a Rblrta, Fit Onarantead. Styles new, needle made, sot t>y machine. Remored to No. I An?r llu'iM, Barcla> arret. Rammer Half lloaa And Valei-shlrta at Tery low prices, retail. ?i h<m Brooklyn Fbotograpba.?Wllllamaon'R Mlutaturea, ? ablaets, lapetiala and life hire. Two forty aloe (349) Fulton street. Ourney'a Gallery, 707 RKOAPWAT. Ph' toarapha, ltorrlypra, Mlnial i' Ml la OU. and (>*? rrraolypaa \? Kllril-KrtM?l Thnn*i>"l intra ft?r CanriMa'aa < f all paruaa. tlighaai prv?a naM fir an V?'a rlarUrm ai rboanarapLr w^liary, MS lii oadway Praaan* ihr iImt latoa MM, WtbM*r 4c ? Improvtd Tight | atltrh Haartaa Marhtnaa. at (OB Broadway. Orovtr A Rakrr'i Olrhraltrf Kotmnjcm niiwmo NAntuvai. Ttaa beat la uaa for fanuir MS Kmadwaf. Waw Tor*, in] Fnl'on alraat, Brooklyn. Whffltr * U llaoH'a Nrwln| MarhlnrB. f>m?? M Broadway. H T RalaMaadrr *?rra?Wit* Patr<?? p-wlar pmnf Inrita an4 rtraa hara A!a> f r? ill a-?r I ar proof afalahnanl and paj lor Mafra ?? <. M Mi. ?f *rrt, tarser of CoHafa par* BORIIT PATftU'K. Itarrftia'a I'ntrni t hamplon flr? nn<l * -flar Prr<^ Kafaa tot H: -art**-, e rra of * tray rart, * ? mk. h The OiWl KaiUri Plt-nlt ? Progreas t th? Prince of Wi?1m In t'??ad?-Th? Deatractlen mf Ik* Black Rrpabllcta Pole In VirflniB^Oceai 1'achtlng? The 1. a teat Foreign and Domeatlc Intelilgt-nee?.Market Reparta, Ac. Wnxit Huui, for the present week, will be j reedy thla aaeratnf it tan a'clock. Among other mat lera, it will contain.?A lively account of lUe Excursion I of the Great Kastcrn to Cape May on Monday last, with Two Thousand People on Board, with descriptions of the j Eaoort down the Bay, the Amusing fceucs on Board, and 1 the Fun, Hunger and Misery attendant upon the Trip; The Progreas of the Prince of Wales la Canada, the Honor" ' paid to Him, the Addresses to Him, Bis Replies, fcc ; An Aenrant of the Destruction of the Black Republican Pole at Oeroquan, Ta.; A Report of the Race on the Atlantic i between the Yaehta Julia and Rebecca; More about the Frightfn) Massacres is Syria; The Ute#6e^|tr m Europe, Mexico, Japan, California, Cen^BHMMfil^h PacHc, Oregns, WaahingtoD Territorj^^P^^hfenbia, Sandwich Islands, Cuba, Wan Domingo of the Great Trotting Match between Flora Teri^PKu'aUhcn; MitarWa ea Proaskaant Topics; Koporta of the Ckttla, fierklea aed Money Markets, and all interesting newa of the precadiag weak, received by telegraph or etherwlae. 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CamheU, Chemist and Apotherary, southwest corner of Kighth avenue aud Twenty eighth street. Medicines warranted strictly pure. Married. Carmax?Hail ?On Sunday, July 22, by the Rev. J. I W. Varies, Mr. A. 1.. Carman to Mrs. Mahia C. Uau., all of Brooklyn. Macuokau>?Melt intuit ?At Newark, N. J., oa Wednesday , Auguat 1, by the Kev. Newton HCRton, Aiux Mii> uosaui to Miaa St ?ik McKihiux, both of New York. Died. BrmsnA*.?On Friday. Augunl 3, of congestion of the lungs, tun, only daughter of Beck man T. an t Ellen R. Burn ham, aged 1 year and 11 month*. '1'lie lYlend* of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residencett b'f parent", No. 2M We*t Twelfth street, corner of Fourth titrcet, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. Ciit umiv.?On Friday. August 3, Fvkum Maria, daughter of William and Mary Ann Coughlin, aged 3 years, 1 month and 11 days. me irienos 01 me lamnv arc invueu *o auemi uih nine- . ral, from the resilience of her parents, No. 67 Kast For tieth street, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. Iroonrc?At Far lUvkaway, I, I., on Thursday, August 2, .Iamkh, infant child of Charlea and Lucy Itonobus, a?< d 1 year. Itwam ? On Tliur.-<l?y, August 2,at Aitoria, Mr*. Aj?| xa E. Dim ash, relict of Or. V Ditmars, In the 76tb year of her ?ge. The reimive* .nil friends of the family are Invited U sttcud the funeral, at the Ke Tor mod Dutch Chorcli In the village of Astoria, thla (naturdsy) afternoon. at tiro o'clock, without further notice. The steamboat Mattano leaves Fulton market slip for Astoria at one o'clock"!' M D*nrs*.?On Friday, August 3, Ajota m? ru , wife of Relmolt Decker, aged 32 years. 2 months and 10 days. The relatives and frieuds of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral from Ms residence, corner of Houston and I?urens street, on Sunday afternoon, at halfpast one o'clock. Dtuaji.?On Friday morning. August 3, Virginia,daughter of Joseph J. and Margarut M. A. Dug an, aged 4 mouths and 14 days. Th? funeral will take place this f Saturday) morning, at nine o'clock precisely, from No. 400 Seventh avenue. Ktmnuvr ?On Thursday, Augusta, after a lingering illness, I .am* a B. D K.ixsxkaht, aged 60 years. Her remains will bo taken from ber late residence, 126 Forsyth street, to Rye, Westchester county, on Monday for Interment. mishap.?At Orange, N. J., on Thursday, August 2, h Aigimtvn Hst.hxa.%, sged 39 vesrs His friends and those of hts brother. William Hegeman, are invited to attend his funeral, at Trinity Chapel, this (Saturday) morning Sal eleven o'clock, without farther notice. H>i (?A> ?At Orssge, N. J., on Thursday, August 2, tkSDntu-K At oiMTrs llii iiiv, sged 30 years. His friends snd those of his brother. Wm. Hegeman, are invited to attend his funeral, at Trinity <:burcli (in steait of Tritity chapel, as advertised In >esvrlay's papers), this (Saturday) morning, at eleven o'clock, with out further notice. At an informal mcrtlrg of officers of the College of Pharmacy, August 3, it was resolved that the members of the College be requested to attend, In a bo<!y, the fane ral services of their late associate, Frederick A Hege man. to be held at Trialty church, on Saturday, 4th inst., at eleven o'clock A. M. Hsasd? Id this cltr, on Tbnrsdsy, August 3, I-or pis Ijcptasd, infant daughter of Cliarlea and Kleanor Heard, aged 1 year, 1 month and 6 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, froca the resldenoe of her l*rents. No. 47 Hike street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. HAnrosn ?On Friday, Aufust 3, Dosa, infant child of Theodore and (fetharlnc Haaford, aged 8 months. Her remains will be taken to Marlboro, Ulster oounty. N. Y , for interment. ? 1<kov?On Friday, August 3. Cnaki.k? I.shot, of the county Vtuklow, parish of Kothdrum. Ireland, aged 40 yesrs. The friends of the deceased and those of the family are rerpictfullv invited to attend the funeral, at 121 Am.ty *vi ? ? * , ?>?? ouuuiij m\\ki u""u , *v iw vi v viw.? jua.v i;. Wkkloar papera pleaaa cop jr. Viiju.?Pttddeoly, ai noon, on Ihmltj, 2, Wn u>* P Miia*, a native of Kirnemuir, Forfarshire, Sri Hand, to th<- 4H j far of hi* age. Hi* relatlrea an>l friend* are resoeilf illy Inrlted to attni) the funeral, from b<* late naldence, No. 87 W?*V Twelfth street, betwroa Fifth and t<iith avenuea, tli a | (.Saturday) afternoon, at 1*0 o'clock. Hia remains Will be taken tf> (.reenwood Ce-metery for interment. Korfarablro (!-colUad), and county Auina> (Ireland), paiwra please copy mafhh?On Tburaday evening. August 2, J do i St*wa*t. infant aon of Aaron and Km* Ma rah , The relat'"i4 tad Mend* of Ibe family arc r.-i nested to V.Und the futcral, fr<tn 808 Adelphi street, Br<*Aiyo, this (Saturday) ifieraoAB, at two 0'ckak. M<Mi<ia.?<*o Friday moraine at aeren o'clock. Mart Attn, tri/f of Ocnrfe Mclfogb, and eldest daughter ol lUa late I'atrlck HoMigan, agtd 23 y?ars and a mouths Her relatlvea acd frl? tda are invited to attend the f more), fum her late realdeQCC, No. fitf Kyeraoa street, Brook lyn, no Sunday afternoon, at tbreo o'clock. M*imtwa ?On Friday, Annual 3, Wnu* 8., aon of William .? and I>tb<>rab A. Malheas, aged 4 years, 0 mouth < ami 19 daya. The relatives and friends of the famllr are Invited to attend the funeral from the r?atdmr,r of his ]*renta, IU>1arm city, N. J., on ,"?inday forenoon, at nla<' o ckx k Nn,m.-On Friday. August 8. Math** Nrftfcai, aged 33 yea ra. I Ilia friend*, and tboae of lit* brothers Tbom**, Mlcha?t and IMrlcfc, are Invited to attend the funeral, from hi late rraldence, 47# l'earl atrret, on l*uada; .tficrbuou, at on* o clock. O'Niitt-?Ob Thursday, Aiifurt 2. Wiuum O'Nsill, formerly of Farabtl, County Wi Maealb, Ireland. Hia frlenda .ind acquaintance ara r<?poctlully mvit.vt to att? nd the funeral from bl* lat' reallenra, 422 Wort Tliirtv fifth street, ihia (Haturday) afternoon, at t ?o o'oh i k _ I R.tmsht-Died oa Thuradar. 2, Jow M. Borimt, aged 48 year*, 8 atontlia and 24 daya. The friend* and acquaintances ot tha family, also the I memtera of the Herman Oak I-o-lf No 82,1. O. of 0. F., are reafiectfnlly In riled to attend the funeral, oa ftinda.f. at tin ' o'cle*k, from bla lata realdMC*, No. 400 Pearl strrH The remain* will ba laterrad la Grcaawood Oa?et?>ry Ri ijisn?On Thursday, August 2, afler a jrotrarlod I Ulneta, Ma*r Lot i*? the beloved wlfs of Charles Hi. lat J, aied 00 yr aia, 1 month and 24 <lavs. t Tto* flatiT? ?o<l frt#MB of tl?? family *re rrgpectraiij Inrltrd to ?tt?id lh?- ftin<r?i on f*7nd?T fWtioon,?t two o'cV*k. from th? T? <J?nc? of Mr. J A .Minion, No. IT# taut Twp?tr fir?l ttrw? Hfr rrwalD* will be UWo? to I tbr F.?*T((r??n Otnftwj frr tnUrmrnt. Img Inland p?p?r? p'iHW* copy. ?o VrWMor morning, AnfU* 3, of coMump< lino. r?n.nv ft?***'-**, in ib<- 8Mb ymr of hia ?f?, ft of r<mn?y 0?r*n, Ir*VM<i. The rvlatlrfp Mil fr i?o l? M tnvllH lo *IU>?dlU? fmt?1. on Pi n 1 ?j ?fiPrDO<ni. ?U>nc o rlotk, fn?> WTlUr* I * iT,',\.^np ff t?r Vrl ' ??agStet I t.l Nathan ?!>.( Him!/ W> iM. TU rtWrft Ud fr rata tf tbt Two y ?rt retj -Ht !? ______ s invited to attend bar funeral. oa Monday morning, at tm o'clock, fro? bar lata reeldeaoe, lfT ut Thirty-four* atreet, without further invitation. Interment to Greenwich, Oonn. tfcmnroK ??addenly, on Tburaday evening, Augnat I, JSjumio*, daughter ?( Robert and Ann Jane Shannon* aged 13 yeara and 0 months The relative* aad frleada ara respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at >UrM o'clock, from the reeidenoe, of her father, Robert Khennon, corner of Mill atreet aad Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn. Vajk Cixxt -~On Thursday evening, August 2 ' osxzuVB Vak Clbk?, ajed 78 yeara. Hia relativea aad frienda, and tboae of hia brother*, Isaac and Abraham, are reepectfnily invited to attend lb? faaeral, from bia late reeidence, 348 Hicks street. Brooklyn. tliia (Saturday) afternoon, at three o'clock, without further notice. NlKBLURKOIIsi All houthkbk mkkchakth re reapeetfulJy iavited to call and examine 'be fo?o*rInc Wioei aad Liquors, aS imported by the subscriber for p*V ??te and inadtiitual use:? cpolpbo wourva fvmm ooomac bra?i>t, Ik putted and brrted by himself. warranted pure and the beat qnatoy, with bm .-rntflcate on the bottle, and bia aeal oa Mm eora. CBOUHO WOLF1P8 v PTTRK PORT WINB. -MiTnT^ ,T!? h?*tled *?y himself, piA up for aaedMaal quality ou hettla; warrAie?t pure and the baa pWI"?Wi Imported and bottled bj UicnaeU, the wee aa the Fort WlMh , - .. .?L'R* MADKIRA WINK, Imparted IM bottled by himself for prlrtla snd MMlMtfB uae. the beat wine ever offered f?r tale lo (be trade UboSE Tbia wise ia warranted perfectly pur*. cdolpho wolff* FURB JAMAICA RUM. gt. croix rdm, hootch arb ibi&h wbisxiy. All of tba above imported and bottled by himaelf; warramafl pure and the beet quality. " Fhyslrlans who use Wine* and I.tnnora In their praeMa^ should aire the nreferenoe to theae artlelea. For sale by au respectable druc*iati and apntheeariea. udoi.pho wolfr, iv'i mauiuamirrr ana importer 01 um neaieaam AraMMBt Srbiiappa, No S3 Roarer afreet. AIX DEAF PKRHON8 Who havk faitjcij to out <tred rlbewherr. BHOCLD at once call On DR. TON MOSCH7I8EER, OCUIJKT AND AOBBT. Who wtir RV-TOIE THEIR HEARING RT hit EAR VAPORIZER, which rwt"rn the (waring In the moat "batlontc MOM, M aa lUipa the noiw* In U>e h?ad, may b? oooauiked OB *U dlMM| ot Ibe Eye aud Kur f rom 9 til 6 o'clock, at 1U7 Cllutun Place, Kifblk atraeC Agents wanted-in evrry citt and tow* m the \ oiled Htatea. for aale of Thorley'i Food for nocM and Cattle. IJberal lerma allowed. Addreaa Depot, Broadway. New Tork. AT W.-A NEW 8TYLROE RHOK8 AND QAITER8, a? J ORES'. No. 10 and ? Ana atreeC Call and aee thim. Boudoir sewing machines, harru> patrr*.Thlj celebrated new Unproved double thread, prtoo mH >40. Hal?roo? Ra <14 Broadway oppodto Ue 81. Nlchntao. Bryants unrivalled stomach hitters. DEPOT NO. B SOUTH WI1.1.IAM BTRRET, N. t. CAUTION TO RAILROAD TRirRLLERH. PAB8ENGEBB ON THE HUDSON RIVER. NEW HAVEN AND CAMDEN AND AMBOT RAILROAD*. tux ?UT? TO yr HUB UVllfK mt oar utiktiko, A8 IT IS NOT SOLD OK TIIIW1C ROADS BT TIIK N*W? AUCNTB OH ACCOUNT OF ITS CHKAPNK8S Thoae agenta a?U ? monthly guide at 2S coma, deriving U cent* profit, the pnbl'abcr* selling In nf?i agents at ex*, aad depending on advert laeinenU tn keep ihem afloat The Aocnat number of a Ouide, an railed tanned tn thla dt*. haa not leaa than itilrtjr "Time Tablra" wrmig, (the traveller, therefore, must be "wtde awake," or by following Uie "Ua* tabiea" of tlu ae roads In the monthly alluded tn, will be Ml behind*, yU?Baltimore and Ohio, JefTaratmvUla, PtWwara, Houhury and Krle Mew Lund on. Wll. and Pais MrMlarlU* >n<l Manchester, Indiana Central, I) and West; Charlotte aad S C. Penn. Central, I'lattahurg and Montreal, Androacoggla; Port Hope IJndaar and Heaverton; Scioto and IIooAib*; Fob River Valley and wis. Central; Charleston and Raranaak. aad Augusta and Savannah, Lehigh and Htuquehanna r I'i riada. and a catalogue of other* (which we could enumerate httk decline paying IS cents a line for eitending this notice of mrrorai, are all aion* In the monthly " Ouide" (I) for Aurnat; It professing to be ptil.llabed ' under the anperrisioa of U?aRailway Cnmpaaira " Don't believe it, but bay (he " BK8T OriPl IN TUB UNITED STATUS. LLOTD H RAILROAD VBBLT, Ineur.t every SATURDAY MORNING At V o'clock, containing .*'M Time Table*, of all the Rallroada la Amertoa, and'a Map tnali e of the Paper,'larger thao the llerald. ahewlaa the traveller every Ktatioo. and the Platan >*n, Karea, aad where you Breakfast. Dine and Hun PRICK ONLY SIX CKNTB, Or $.1 per annua A Specimen Nntnber of the latent ds'e will he sen' to any part ol tbe Unlit d Mates or Kur"pe on receipt ol Seen a Traveller* on the New ieraev New York and KrV-. and Camden and Amboy. will find a ma n at the ferries rrady to supply them with a copy belorr >ing. Addreaa LLOYI) 8 RAILROAD WKKKLT. 1*4 Broadway, N. Y. PURINO THI MONTH OF A TO HIT, WHORVRR RrY? m tit (W wlii ho pr??nlpi< with m %>?r mrnttm. k-wmm l.inea Coat* will be aold for SI. a tine article tl Alp area Cuata fiom 91 SO la f3 Custom work to order a? naual. CLARtK. I1C WOIUai Street. GAB FIXTURES I OAS FIXTURES ?! Tbe la*gest assortment of < "handeller*. Brackets. Ae, tk, In New York ; new patterns for the fall trade mat out. W. f. r. DAILRY k CO.. No. fol Broadway. HOWKS I 40 HTANPARD SCALES SRTOND HAND lAFffl Have flva Patenta. I For aaJe low. taken la Work on bails and are eirhaaaefor Peff adjusting. LILI.IR'H I'tiTI.I.RD A?? Every scale warranted I WROI OUT IRON SAFER. FRANK K IIOWR. No IB H-oadwav Flrat block below Aator ifoiaa. HKCKFRII' FARINA JELLY?-A DELICIOUS DUUII aad the heal nuhMltut* fi? animal food, enriches the ta ?ra' Firiiia In pr?rrnl burning or ar<.rrbln|| Jntly Molnda. of varlot'.a Mr**. Pifini and pa(t*rn?. fo? m<? at the fcaUb?hairnt, Ma & Drw Canal ua*r Sm Broadway. IT Will OJTLT ACT OH THf ROOTS OF THK HKARD ? ?j Ont??nt haa now been r?tahii?i>"f right rnr> UIh ' 'o i wd h? llxmaanda end alwayt with xirrnB n u tb? only thing In ritrtrnr* that will fori* ih?- H?*rd In grow. Itoaabi bad of nearlv all driiggtita and rt?ah?r? prV* |1 R O. (IRAIIAH. Mo. ltJt Mx??an alrrov K?w York, and 1UYIH, ltrook Ijn. J B. BTArrOBD'H OUVB TAB. Wimw Oiitb Ta* i?* Ha healing balaa*.* ntal arr brought In dir^rl i<n.ia?? with lb# lining memhaori o# lk? THKOJT, aitOM ItlAL TDBH l?f> JU till tlM CI JJ Of ! UM Relieving at orre try naln or up)>rM*loo, and baa!'ag an? to>> litalion or Inflammation. Wnr* Unit T?* i? t*?r!? rro* ?rn?* l? form* as mmequalled acoUung aod healing ajrrui r conghaand all threat dtafwaea. Wn?s Oi.irr Ti? t* a Turn I .agnatic or eoorratiwMf n.raure power* renderH mret It and a?rl#ot FAIR AMNIlllLAfOK. Ollre Tar la not att/k? -doe* Dot J arolof. Flft? r?*M a botue. at Ml Broadway, New Vortu aii by % di uguiaia. J R. MTAfFORIVR IROR AKn M I.PURR POWWF.RS Araaaolobla preparation of iron and aulpher. identical wh? that eiiatlng la lb# I l<*vl of a perfer l'J hr*llhj i^nOL L'nOIng wl?b it.* dta?at*t food. Tuar itriTAi.iiK Jt*i> rpmrr Tin nr-oon, Th?t mr?*r ??*?<;* r*> thb kutovi anrta. T??r tatmoaira rat urea, Tarr aTaaai.THCfi taa mokktiow. Tbet ucvun tm pwatrioap or T*r bopt Ann i*a a arrriric roa ALL raatir *m>ivn Price (1 a paikage, at iU Hr< aJ?aj Mtw Tort Md hf Ml dmgglala Ly. R?PKARKB, FROM wniton. v ami/FA' tlrbi . a tery ?t:|>*rlor Loo ion \ * Blurt ?1S and $M. ' Wlara, f.y rea^i made, ai; prtcra. I'# Ti>wa lloatrry tmi Bbirt kora, Hnwdway. PF.Rl'VIAJf STRIT, r%k\ viam RVRrr, I'RRl \ IAK HYHVr, I'KKVriAH NTRCr. OB PROmTlD SOl.rriOM PROTOXIDK OF IRf>W fROTOXIPR OF lRuS '(iHHtSFt). ? > >aniri M>. C< r?? ?'l riiari mm ? i> si frnn ntM)Bi>iRKD oiamiolr. Vkarkem And BAT' PTATR OF T71E Ml.OOD, fllT A PAMFHMCT CValainlnff fall froi.Dl nf (kit r*aurka>>l* d<r!a?, < rl.ii. ilri of th? *"f>T ajtoxtkhtko ci nw o> rk 'onr? Fr<*> mm of tk? lufhtat ' odiui ta ih co< a'f id I'M'I. M?n'iSarti;rfd by R I. n?(t |('?, Eirlnnlirlr for ua. JOIIR P .IKWXrr k CARTRR. n Pi malar atraal. Ho*;<*? kbA l*> B;oal*?y. V T. i F"r mI? 1 ? ; drnxirl??. { T>KRi viAir STROP (PROTotmR or r no *, _co? i I all dlaaaaaa mining fr^m IndlgMlna *oJ ti?i?'ira bkxit. 1 Qrl i\ pamphlet ronUlnln* a irw'K' "n I IRON IH TDK BLOOD, 1 wtlk Ik* m'Ml B?tr>nhkhtnf fnmi on r#mrd Mat i ad?ai >n.l by all d( r- '? _____ ijvKPiPii rvnrn. twrvmi rrtrcii rrtin t-ryt ij br???.1 druk *? manitfarti\r?d and ao'.d by CAHTW rtf-nol A I <1 Nf. M Wl?t? atj?wl N.? fat STOHARP PIAROS. OfcANP. VOI ARI 4RP PlCrOI-O, | fir? RKUT MA^I PACTI RPn H.l RRRO'lMS. SU? BROAHWAT. , fTlHI 0RKATRFT i'.MMIV IK 1IIK WORI.n fOR ROM1 I >?* oow^alnu ta i?t. 1 *1141 AH* Vmim'moat. I IMarrkrna and dtaat.irrjr a?a im??di*t*ly rurad by It Ko pmf 1 I'It (?'? Vhiw'iiI f+tt- t Int. <??t to Uk? latfruAUf, ' nlv j?(. uu. Fot.l b> ftii Ifcc dii IVpot M CurUM* i T> uncrnrfn axd wwrrus <i.othik(i hir rkvU-ltr 'in<rr?i*'.f?t,.bhi i"g Iwd Wm? nper<?ar? la rn*ntirIII 'uU? ?'Kl mi.l.nm itttlNIri of Clirthlu* f(* ><?itlWn i tV?-r an; it-it* it.* m en Una of Iknae fH f'lrn >b llt?.r imn *t?u? w ni?uujii >ml for ft p?rr?nta?* f' ? r i?h <* la *-|n)T*i*nt In *N it Jbr p p*r. For imtontu Ifc.n ui.m bln? tbf faNfcfi I ?? rWlnal a>.fTII??, Ac At- hr r'lF' Kfrwv Mnf>J hen tar A < >>.. V W irn Mrwl. H*h< ok A Funft*. W* Bn<aAa?y} H, Mo B?vbii ' : A (Y "? Mr ?,/?? V .1.NJIM- W THOMrtMW. <11 UroaJ-ay. U'iims* r*TWt ftri a no hp*" p*oo? " *ntm UtnP.I r?4?.> Mic.-t Uj.i? , M 1 a lit J'AMKI* *l wrjru WAfinKKS, M * FI-? r,.*. ' VM Tlmwl IK4 ? t I* *>??. U ;| r?fia?< H-r ' " ? A fie#- t nwo* JKP., A -.?. ?' ul |>ffif*b??

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