Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1860 Page 2
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9 t?J ft.i 1 jewel, (1, tome h?v i lilac glow oa', , or I at) Ud be gath. nng thciu right ui<l I 'ft. TV flutt : tug p.irtorre of ribands and scarfs, of pert little suanm. hiU.jiiuty aud luce trimmed, to l>e mm at the t|>i iug tu th - m.i log, is tufltcitol to plunge any wcl regulated b deb late the moat bop.l og d.j.cliou and in Imoboly. Am uig the lions of Uir town al Iti present v iti , h the emlneut pugilist, Mr. Morn. jy. u, r in to a >' the undivided attention of two en. Hour u bp nm.ui aws, but none boyouj that that I e*u 1 o.-ver. > ' ly trust tint the pugilistic mm i 11 fa.-ly at an There Ik a good neat of aiiud be. r t. chioi. .hit ?i yet verj little Guinmssor t:Y 1 i a : t 1 Clout cbrouicler of the form o ll i .,1. d, u; I I -vou 1 rather couKum the latter than to u lite Ua a"n i i Too town is as yet hardly physicked into it average oauhs ranee of gaiety. On* thiug, however, se n. .virlhy <> m i ly, the decided improvement tu the ?m i.ieo? <u fu' liotola. Several names have joulribuiol to ih.e. lmi>rimu tlie Heraldic raid u,-on the vile i muiu iIi tions era! while thr t upon v:-itc' ,i- 1 i i i tablishment of uuui.took smti! hot 'lr a PI a t elf ' y presided over, libera aru p> ohably had a a a m pi w . Utter class in Sartt >ga, ta "r .?vH |Utl ' ? tb'in pretentions caravans m- a hare a comia ?Uii )Oo ? ?i he obtained at leas than I. the rates which t' p'"'1 ' >' tcIs extort from tbe|r*iej ts. There is rather a pret**, -ralma . 'ea'nt > 0? here just now. V. i.mHy r tween r:\al "2 3*.' s and id's," are Jaiiy 1 1 iice. Among the most c u. pic "i? oi ih> torn"-its h tuat ot the illustrious (' miiiodor.- olio r> < I'y lid I i ' lit el 4 ? veniriwi t i :?li a I rr r< 0 '* 1 : 1 1 Commol) . ; a . ' -v. ant h ?in i htolrisan "Vi'r '? - 40 ti tt 'i ,i.o ing i. on ujuoio i? distiai t.y an t percmpt >'a I vi -over he appears. Tii, a lx i ?! .i?iu.ut ivirwr cQWlciinu viij'u . !? iiiaj iei u \ro?s,aud Uw Itv, Mr *1 li burn to nigl t delivers hit lc.lur,. upoa that arch ?.rj .. <>r ui-'' milker, Aaron Burr. l/i Mount tin. * 'h I . > b.?: unit wiiisMM ..t P'Hikel, urrn wi y t?rd*y. W - .1' a .augu.oh ijf amusements lot the pre ;>u. Saratoga Si*Ri\i; >. J ily ii- I-.60 im;> wn'.- at Vaiftn TTait?Ui'anl Op 'Iin? ft "?11 ' ' Sifl u?i I Jru -h?Pr-y ??! ,?< of t'c /' juisin ?.Vrio Vtrk It I ' in !> Tl, Great,S ift'i'S" n ? /> i Li ij . I !>.' . in > tvertoi .inj Xijj-r I. -> J. uc Tin va?t additions which Uuva b' n mi t - th> . >i >n to the tam -I a I : '.v?r:t. : -H .. i 1 - it, b .n-i dispute, the amplest o( a" tb-' tiny' iravin ,tr. art'' charming place. A new b ! hag. i?.? h un lr i n . t d"y feet long by fifty in width', ail st ?ri - li ;ti, g i the hotel a front of ai ?re t'.i.i a Ui ml i.'.i ublefc ito proprietors to a> c u:ii" lab-, w th e no and > un fort, soneth ;:g iik ' a i!> *vii go-its. Tin oil dlumg ha!'. is cou verted into a r,-.. - lu'l roattt, and is oo cupiJd every night by : gay ,v:d f?-bi cub! throng. The u"w bdMing fronts >n C-nigre-^ street. ail Iia on its Hi et floor a dining hail two Uuu dred aal flfty f^et long by tlfly one fret In width, anil Itrl des kitchen and l.nindry rtrrtugoniet t, entirely ut.surpa-,n"d by any similar . -tub lishoa nt lb. well known o?rk eucio.Jed i?y the uu i tng^ which cmnp np ' the I utou, uour onwe m lie i of about four acreo, a. 1 i.s ui p rfeel order, II > w .i iclean and smooth a. a floor and oveihung with the f II foliage of ilme or four bundr-l thud* tree*. theough whose green arches the mo-1 music if in . le 10 lloat each evening. and uu tor wb >w g.n; : nl .s group* of happy children and prom uudcrs arc s >n?uuti> disporting But Uie iutalr of the week, and indeed of the season, was the "opt'uiLg bail, nt tu. ho.el, lasl eveuiag It was a /?/< g"t up by llu b >i. o'> lli it- , ler i Committee of their owtt ch . ug. a 1 ? h very fj iy a . 1 f uduonably ait iidivt. At ab i n''- oVIoek the s.>a:loas dining rooiu, cleared of i's u i< furniture, was extern ponred into a magnitlc. nt tmh loom. t? > huudred feet in length by tlfly in w idth. Tan plat bru.i ? re .. -1 t fnr the b u.ds of uiuslc, a hun.lre I J of g c- r. ll cli .l a brighter bla/o lliaii that of da/ i e.f f ,;n its soj* / ceilings, and a thoi -iiid gi|.-:t? were p. ii iiu iis length, u.ipatnnt for tli mil incut ot the ope .u.g Mi Ti.e Iti'.i ' >m nitl > cm..-., t I f M s- Vf Curtis, of Hartford ,1. 1 l>avi?, ot ililwaukee,.. . 1 C W Hirper. "t New \orl. alofwh in .i.'m ?bly fitted or the work. As ae cuterivi the room a u al ii'i wj hiaded us, conta.iiaig the following ? pa >-sa*v* 1 March 5 Tolka Si I.auciers 6 IjsnctTS. ?. I" dka llodowa 7. l'anish Uitice 4. (figUriHe. t H LaucI.TS lutertnUelou?ttcfnahm -ut P l anders 14 y'alri'de 10 liedows tValt/. In Sen Ut sche 11 yiu lrillt- Sociab.o. 14 I.iuci re. It (.siioisv 17. ''oil J Iled.iwa 13 I anciers. 14 Vlrgtnis Itvl in an instant the ban i ft. i k up a tuarrf m fibs en . .... , , ... I . ... .rU .1 , , ... 1 . hp., , I ' * I'" I " " ->"? ? - | cloth ainl whll" Li<U wm tu?-..w.l 1 iut'1 j'N'jiun. Il?vi? ngtyarriy. The *uu?y > .lit, tin; aulwa I N?rlli and Vftl, tbr (facto of the Annie*, the BruUh ? a .lit ho proe'iorou* i cairns ol vied with each oth r tor the |?im of beauty, brilliancy aud ;rac Co. * tim* "the insoleuie of office?the oS tit pi. oil I >\ ca ?y, ercl (he " irre|>n?*iblc cooiiicl," Wa* lurg tlon, and all wcul uierr> tut a marriage bcii. Among I ho tioublee piefnt * re ei (Severnc Foot I nrdlaiy, ?>i Mimsaippi Jul,;.' It II .... ! Uly, of ' Rnt Viitii Ipw K' > > i n I> l ] S'j-ni'nir nut] lady, t>f Troy : t ii; '.tor Walt irt't and lady, of Saratoga. X. |ij u *1 laity, of X * Orlcauj fci.giior ChznoTa, of Ilava-.a. and other*. The Imtlitk re gtucrall} ?1r t ' with v c ling ta?te mid elegance. Mil.} elaltorate UnlU doublh r-.atiel i s, but among Ibur (> vrliitilarlv onii*|>K' >tt # ? Mr. i'.c??velt, if N w Vurk, . ? ini'ieet Ut> . > -1 eilk, with stomacher aril nacklce of dram inc.-, over which fell a rohc ot Rrur t.ev ^.guoiia* Km*. In a ,1 it>l liirl ol wo.le silk, with tlltun m lti aud pearl*, Mr*. Cbaa>'.lor Walworth, iu a .-uycrb lemon colored tulle. Mr*. .V.i.iMi.: 1 \V..tAo:ih, in a graceful and heoming roliv of |>iuk. MN.' H-?, of New Vertc, a sylph ' like li ?tlr creature, in a wh t? i mire a:iti-|uw :th pea'l? n:,d di uwouds; Mra. W. M ? oft'.,. in * rich fl nincrtf pattern rube an ! d mi the Mi ?< ? llfju'r ol New V.trk, indrt ? of whit *i.k, with i> arm .id : i moud>, Mim Cuai>?a. >f, in a ?p li I rob* of wtiilo i<oibt lace; M # If. 1 Mri* \ ?f tMt 1 I, * <j*i<??a'jr ' 1 figure, in a henry trim- n in ir- mliijii'. with |M'vb> ?nil bugle-* t! - F, t?f S... . j K.i.i- W - M Ikxigsi, of Niv? <>ri.?a?. ii hi liuggrj' lu' rob c** J miih.Mim t U b , i t tr . ir i.. .i4. -: piuk.aadhcr r.-u-r o it rob.- of while. Mi-i '' A 1 , <4 ...ns'.ogiru'gh, 1 In i ? hilc fl -<1* , Ui r- ''tie 0 , Ki >ra I* Ui'l 1 S. W., Mr-. F.tudltM. S-,U Sarul >gu. the Mi'i-csi I. , af luetic 1, ko light green, *ilh puis, SI -i r U H , of Si * York, M- ^?t.r, ci I'l i .tij o Mis. Martin, u( W. tiuki'i'. -u 4 lnuvy n. i dored el'k with pe?ri* ;?tvl <l.?:i its, Mist rich nek, of Nc ? Yt rk. Mi*. T Diifta, t>( New lir.ea-.ia. Miss C., of riyrkoiiif, 14m B . afRrcae*. ter, whim flounced i> aud a grac'f .I r-> e of b'a* r'.aspc-d w ,;h uiAin (he ?>., it , "i " * i t 'o. Mr* A Boil Jan*bt-i ' I Urj'kijn ".i?. ?. . of, i i wurlcl *iu .nnt tiara of .nam u Ir, uul her autcr, V.-? H, a lovely lll..c nyspl a an o,> n tunc of white mt u witli ra-h ot blue, ciat;wd on the rhoulder wlh nc..r'r ant brilliant* If we poind to tn-lirlduaii'.e bt inly. In sirb a k-?la?y oi Ui beautiful, no ?h>-ild M]f lint fio Btriort lloitr, N.w York, bad contrlbuu th star nf the i ?e!rig Hut the palm wo well coo lento! by the native b ile f Saratoga, and by a blonde lion M'dile, vob >-,< alraplu tino tto, mt ipulour j elegant, tit i v?r/wlierc in trl tod admired lake It all in all, the " <?,n uit-.g l?a I" at the favorite old " 1'i.ioa' mas, lu our modcru tinp?, a " great kuccets " Toe com ui. 11 en luro earned for t join lvtoidyuig Uou >ri. aud tue eut> prising prupri ton hire at tin-red a triumph *!.. It m .-t I'p il.r ?e to others tuor a-ibaiantial. It m worthy of not- that notwithstanding th- gr.-n ?<! dit.eni which l ave becu made this season to th-- ac- 'uiniodati'nsofUnsfaiu d aud favorite h -iel, embracing o >* about about six hundred nam*, only ab it ten apartments rcntaiiicd last night untenanted. It lias bei'ii said tlx- Alpha and ' 'mega of the daily Air oV>g* pr< la to drink ai. 1 to ilaii t?tin one in the ea tiewt jlc nn ruing, and the other at the latest cm < c. vabie n ght But on tbw occasion the latest night an I th ear!1? I u- irnuij were b--th conceded t>> the dance Oo'igrpfc- Water and Co tig reason u wert- forgotten, an.! evin ' the evetUsiUig negro" ara* Ignored, Rare when he uulc h ap,e?r?urc w ith the " r< r -ahoienis " &HUTOI.A, Augiht 1, 1SG0. A /'o\ of fke ?/ rojrranaie of AIuAioeibie j er /' in tng Hirti.-g, Muoit, Paxci-ty a-J l,.Jtn/f~So u'yii LoJtt, ifc. let thoae who come here for a day, tiro days or a week, have oh, before sta 1 g, any tendency they may i have to grumbling, and put <m a resolution to end ire all things ph loaopbually. and to look invariably on the bright aide of the picture. If they Jo not, their eopma win he anything but pk-asauli esa, and tbi-lr paths aorthing but pear It is trying to (he philosophy of even a fashionable stoic when be redtii cs bis wants aadt pea-lat >.ia to lire )a>ssi mi m of a coty I III' b> lr<? ra, and when be know* he has to pay libera'!y for It, to find that no, ag act tum>vialii>ii? can 1? had in lh hotel, and that be must be i i on tied a* the phrase <. in some mesty, ? ckrtty t-M house la tie v liage, where tiuh U>ie and irvi c leanlmtss pri ea ' A l-> druotn, li-a Vet by six, with w < <a ro ghly plaeterr-t, wlierel'i spi.ler has an l.stcrbed j or?o??i?.n oi B.I li.r ai giro, IN WMTflM lOTMMory Of an. turo . loco out) a worn out v m an l.tti.- t ht'1 >? b.ind rund ? tU a eiart jujr of a at-r, and a I a? ii of to |raotrr rapac'ty Con a *ouj? plate, and i?o < < la Ira of I ho at (resale valor of fllty nte- the raii.'t I uru'pire rot nf Ic* Ihu ton dollar*?doe* not up very enehantmt ?;< iti? mi:-no- in whleti <n>? n? ?y \ >?tf hi* m it' tin Ian. Bui tharv i? a mw ta |raa n.j( f ) 1 * ill ? at In MaiktU.t jrou mill|l?ll ti,' Villi Jil'l ' Mr' ? 'iri tail n? ai jroi. nr itir' ; i ? nr* tr M. ia-t |i . ri one, aod it ? > l i not p?jr lli > w lora or ! ?, ? meatier a tela to r*| Mid aajr an r# 0 l y 'I. Ifian lb y have a'rrady r*p?u><1 la r larfc- tg l:>?|f Otfa r Ttnaa-.eO Rea'daa, von trill fx- aure to r ->? i o jrvt-wNf 01 vi th law rot Oii'u ihtl y r *' -v n lu ai and itaat In a day or l#i o " ' "i ? "> , * . ug > . >a* I tt wajr to lok? ? ft ? tfc-< tTn io II ? ? >' Tor*, or ?Kiw?(i?rr H?, v*"M ncn iter ?> ? i u M tbo?? ocmfnrM d n el v <i at Suatoaa Cmi ?itt u e a dttrria otl and ? '' ta i m ,u >... v roo?, ota'tlof vralitrn and f n?i/pr ' 1 * I A ll vr appear lnat]|?nVat't. Oieti wfh ? ' -nt.t a to Y* w eapt oua, and on *M Itv. sa j * tt' ' ti >r . a al blitlf c? Haratojf* t? met a tv v r 'tr- tint me rig t\ | fi hah t of ?r; r atrg. i ?> hi! r' tOMtrta) rPVet thao li t' it'" th?t oiflit to .,t t >r hi aoiB'lhiif The Prat duly tl> d.iy I to J ,U'i \ |nvc *?t r |n the ft?. t ,/ on ! - t a I t th (Mt't a H t I Mir tv I * rt,i*c > of tit- i If 1 ! b r Pmkii hi O'MocV. i.i til i. iru.dg.tli oiU i:iu'< ? c.t (4mMiib4 boarding hutllM whljh Cot?Ut#t< *? ' *J I :ofi. 1 (fur it ii >i t' i "oritV' i i ' l'" i , l> irdl , Lj i i. :t riert* ?'j ijI?W tL\ 1, all bout. t f"i t <' t "? > ",iUj "* I < are ii it I- very pari par about tli or t '. ' it a vir ; i - moruiii,: dre??, ?itli ti. ituuly rou .II it, ?.ncn Li iiinoat cmui|>! Holy super* i lb 'to* 'y'i-*bi bonnet, or a i oil thrown wri the be i i? conolder'J ie pro,or tin. *r:, r ruing .1 - . I. *evi r - p-ebably ai m .ditcupv' I ?r ilu* UU| *> *' l * ' . ia'\ m fbi tu? t in. Ugure l? i i-'-'i. ttw ttio moroehfco.1 t ; -'i ' ? ? vt-it ( > l... ,n' ?, gm a- k.-4 an .. lor wquHry , , .ir i Ji'.i by my part of tUi day'. an l ,.r ? r. til a, t" at. til.' hotel?, tud , . . | . , t.-. w i.i troio ii > <?f then. Tit-y a.-? at the nit. ii.. to ? ?null pi. ., ti.iuuiou.el> U.J out, aid ' t ? .'Jim; ote a d c ire. Around a circa of U. p. .: i a-vlfi- nr i ieeo toe I in dttraoler th > pit- y, :i. v. tne in Siring* lu pursuit ot health or pica i in tne mornings, lot') ttie vialj-v, >( au t w it r Voi it iuiJ old, tt'.Jowa ana maldex*, null hp , i i tr? t.. 1 aerviuat, mingie lie e iu perfect ^ i f?u,g ana p>| icciiing to gat hint of oueoi lite ?. 'ii a llie iniui-icring sprites of the spring uh r) i . inpl. d The ?l>rilea in |u sti.iu are IU v o. c*. } In clean v. bile j irateta, e ivli turntahod with a -h 0 . p r~ , on uit'.cli tun e llul I ai - I tj a ?i re arc ., t: I .a..-* liny dtp the liuul orittce Ilia'. '1^ ' ml.- t no:'.lb of in- tijinur, and Hand tbetn rot.u v Minn lllliil to iho tlilr-itiii,; crea who ulill iry fir loo Ilia re i. t... ulwrgc ! r ilic Mater, bftt ii .s i.r.iai t l i? Ho- atteuuaiiy.- some* grsluity IU * ? I. g Imbibed ore or two glanres to start with, , t ' or Hikers ytn rully inak i eirrnlt of the grojn ! < 1 .. II.ev i III lo (tie Hiring :iR .i.i, wnen tlioy ni i i i.i i i ^ 1 u-a .ir lei , and * isi t . the) liivi- i u MOed fcj v t ! j ?letii. lo be i iuIUck it >| oiuty Sum { lb. u. >.i i'i lli t , e|v - >iii? n driuca :a o;>-"atl ? a ii. o a r . roal wilt . llie nr- .luI-. u is v - ii ill. -.1.. pi .H i baa Jo tr on (l omil.'i. II 1 i f : ti I'..'. - I m' All will .(> ,1 ' u ' ut?r "i i i'i" r .largo is t rfelee t . . i- aim this t.-rpr certainly read* * a i ? . i.i ii.,,. . i ipm. thau why of our at . .1 . , !! ! of the Kj:ri ig? bo Qi i ii i i and keeping hand r, f . r tb I -i >: -?,? -? >, i *1 llir>.<n K-rt %. axceilsut bias- baud, ? . ;li)r I. I Mi, r , fit. I coup'e y hours WtT7 C ruing / .1 . i .. tbrdr .L.tiif |' otuenade, tbe tnusic, ' ' < t. f. on irr-i lrn r'J' ,t!|.? n<iW4 if. . i t: i r i. > .1 b' oxfuil (.?. the qaa.tty ^ i i l l. i - . . in- honor. Ii mi^Ut be v i t- . li b T. or There i? a fine .i i i o who i> nut breakfast before lea ui . . i ?. .1 t . i. nil .i lor it. l::i, w not t hail pita. |t l. i i, v? m; . nly a . i'. that those w > > u b; t o .. . in ir ui. ire unl po.-U re t by lbs rule, C? ? i'1 .* mti... ' lit; piy io tegular boa.dem, of 1. .1 i.uieol l.. .ay aog.. ? m or brrtltUM, anl til i It. drrws i .r dmt er. The la lies, still iu lb" irci cosluin .saunter up and do?u la- tro. l ap:o /. i! tUo biiio'. (lam MHtvian uj* ofwoii I saw ia tr Ui'. i ti l i Slabs Uutci), curry i. g ou a little _ i:.'.nr. at lift: i. win v Ihoy have a chance. S in-, nt | , lol'it j ci ~i . ti.,1 ha ving no companion to Jt an Uio u'n .ble.a-ck a quiet vomer on th" plant ujl nr i - li uotm iu rou A I *, very l * , luduige rj . t! .' . it'll u. . i |. t.lhiio., foolinc w'tn till crocU.'t ' I *nt- ii.jier. n illu . It. tl. |.,.his.i tl show ui tbeir 6' o?al m i. ... i... piai . ut'i-rs, ngt.a, cb i t . ' Uj i ,ploit lb- t..'i ..h 1 i mtlltnery and Jew-fry it s .. tl 1 BO.-, .III ... I no lira rial -i. ru mo .1 a pibul visit tbo h dui. cm -uu.iineni . 'be viciutly to make u: inreulme. t. ::i b ad u , .f !. id"-, sud to loos-their wf a aider 'liar* in va ill. npt- t> w-iu to netting . . I... B.m.i ?in r i arc -1 of ',ermxa Jews prio ,:o uit r to- ,ii,..4 arj loaded or the valuable np * ar- plated on u ;m'?ers which Ihore it W) i t t... r tii t st p ,i-i'ilny f throw ug, for cor- 0t lam t tl.ot uott.iQg is ever won iC greater a value a pur t br?M sleeve hutkina or a ,a . h- r Mi.., ?, l.soac au.l kdomou r to tin i. ^b . v; tuns that tn-y i ?nTet'iru tbo prin nad th into r . it. r tin .v* tor a qutrior, lacy throw out y t-ly hu. Bt.ia. l i t b vt lost twu gultl watch s this a-a ze eon at ira; u hu* ncour .ged, quarter after qavr- ju] ti- si',ii a.\s, , 'at tnet'ul tu tarn.">t. r bt, nothing CM to tn>a in 'its m> , : > hat tho i-eatual pa.r of slice buttons or . . g?.- U. or, qj Tin- r. .... ttio gi-nt roou vt ia th New Yurie |W r?' " v - a h i ii .-us'.oga r.,-: ? in.-rti g at nine o'td -It l riifiou w ti tin . it I sumo segars, th'}" ? gr, Clio CJ. i - on the haci, pi,. ,.a of tow butol, and tlo.e (l( read r.vrr ttk'l v, i d .,' in- ts i s of tho da/, t.p occt-" 1} aoyouti.l.ig to toe liar tor a ahorry cobbler l f Al u.. ,*d l*i tho pirpaiation b,i. for dlaner rings, and the | at Ins and pta/za* are doserled. Tho Jaung UjI. q, in 11 o I u.ud M.lec It' lot eiton U along th) two Iruulo of ft then iso, th stunning two aio,, ot a f.iuaro, ot ao agy vi gate l-i gib ot home three liuadr- l trot, v i ft!i a i ttu o. tl.' Iml. i- only eoine twenty feel. Toe tables c<l '??. la ao u.s. tb. bro u'.a ' t tu" r i in, i ,ch lihls ac- c? ni'Mdat jg twenty two jnTsoiiu?ttia w tioie h, iug able tl t t." . i?.... and so vol huiidr.i! '.'itlng allow. t:a i - lor tl ,.ty 111 loodlog tin < i iuitllude, uap.sdlo..}' t-j v-hero tb. ,i ui. i. s.i very short, not more tb tu six orcigut Tl wt I'ks. ai i i.i won it i. .1 very ex toting tu'gbt leel sat.s la ti > ;iii in ri .It ili i taoie is not 11 g" I as at a tlrst lu_ i b u ' .a New York, or any..' our principal cities, pa but t. t. "at. hr irat"g*, u 1 'l ib ' io'vitsbls quwr qj I r Is duly liandn) to tUe s.ible waiter lain w txoae baud* an ?e .ivertd up, hi may tuuuag-' to mmc a pioltj* gtsxl diatior. (r, Attir d nner the o-xl a-t oa law prcgramm ua Irive ^ t i lake 'a, tab 'h t i about five tiotu the v.l w ltg( . t.rery)s>dy ;;?* ? there? t-. - n.e ir l i , i- o ii. cat.-, some on t?ors?b%ck gay, (,t A' 1 mine li mi otnuibua trrtal lor th day gy, In tact, tho wbot, route is covered withe.) a.twtgos, many j4. Umbi i atrei .gabt tbo drive U? Cenlral I'srlt M i,? not halt i limb! >oab.r The 1. >tei* in thr tillage ar" re jKi tr. >'iil i of lb r gotlr, a bo t at t?f -r Uieiuto'v* h[ 10 i).< l.j, II e, a very preujr and well ruj..:i<ol g.. l? nil, ? lb gioumi* oiUmmIUik down to lb ' margin of lb" toi !a?e. <m tlif I ikf Ho re i.- a liu'e propeller, wbich it* ' (d Hal I I lit ID Ulii'Nut poiulo, dud wbxh m?> , dtliMUg (> 11 ta' chartered for plcadorc ftCi.rsi.iut \ tc.'t tnUV UO iu.lul^f IU IOW.Ug iiUll tUbUlg. (U, The ncenerj, Iboogb not very grunt, it pi clurokiju" 4;, sui | f.i-.i . Il u lb- uiii) lnlert-fcl,ng spot m Vr, liiovii .u'ty of Sarat >ga, aud wtMn the pleasure invito r t|j !.? troii i tii,11>. ,j oil it lo bit fo . dattusct. a be ia?y ?, turn L.r la '? I" 11. tpri.igs, uuliv- the uixio. a virtues all "I ilii' \mt r lit 1.10 bioi a little lojgcr Tlif tviu'iig | itti't a?*y ralb r dully. To be sura j.g II.. f 11 ia it Hi lb- tii mm very cfteu.sal there K<., v> mi t ituduri'-s i.tgbl, bit tli -ii tbe g iotit (i, I'tiii: tor; in -i p.ii i rtrtiig. r to tch other, t Iters U | |*.4 i ir I f >rtuaiit y in lb atiuospU tc which pro ffiir r i i ymo'it Kew it) ibf barroom, tb 're- ] i . vi'jr prefer -1 ut?r!og away the vonlog jt nil - ' i th< p. . />, i aati.i ' tnU ti.ultui > aci)u4 utanevt. ?i or two dayu d lb auilol r .la arc generally y;r ' . ft |.i to. any n ? :.i - it i K.. ' ' -t .a, t j in iti | o r- m , r - t- t tu ? c.h ot fr; L tit-'. Is b\ a i pa t rm p .i p| i .n > nr." > a i r ivjo .4 J I- ote?a ? {'ant* 'i V< U4u'i y tf (A F. t tlo .1 .* / / i. -f fh* Ltk ?Th t" y*r.- ? b m ( i ian qf Mi V 'd H'.j,.' , do , ,f> ji TV ??t nu,; p'ace I* full lo ov'rdwwiog. Hialretft f?i ii t.ow iv. /ni both troTi tbr l'n:led Matf* su I the I To i) at tbc bitter hotel m >re than seveo b.. ;u.u t. nur . w a tii > will d;oe la it* new aa.. ttve Ifll lb IV ? count -y for kUCh a pur(K>??, UR ILt iicv r **? nuch & <1 "play before of horse H.ali s.-u..' .1.1 *t?-'.u-n onu of th'-r, at l-?aet, trt ?l- a I i" ind '.In- u - .?. lli.-> a!; ujoj ? u bore ,ur c< I'M Pi ' i. M| jfitr. tli < i i in- \ . ill.. .. r , hi It ? T. uu I.or: a liuitlt l-i | ?rty, oatupj i.ig a ku.l of a, ire room*. fui A ?ui?. Iniair U. Wu pW *<1 ou the tnJ t!** Wh H l I I! rltg, it tl.o loorr pad, :? iu fail v.a*l M Mary i i the wall known kkMM I llf* arr r.d, ..^|?t ea in,, by tu r |?r ?in . ti. .- ?b .ire of many o' tiic.r wl m- f?*!i'0' now guvi' to "ibo Ul 1 o the la! ' ?v Tin' r .tap .4 lb.* bu jp- , it u lull. vpU, will be changed Xii from l t n H i to lb- I i..?u. i? in >rr stately an I nyro b>i |ti?|i Pibco tin-im n opp Mltloo mt I-* to It Tu. re 1* tb< I' t little t.t:d bUv'it |m I ?. iuu vrr>'llttli-I'dtlaeitkoi ail blurt any of tin iTevldi utial (biid.'lbki The dikj-. mou orat I tit- hu.-ling of llb!>*i aud tup cob! m of toucan an b itp thp-r | ?- a u-t i" ?r in o-ir owa p t eai U.tlory, tu. an I I may >pt luru o t f?r the brat an TI.- -p n q air a pj i . ku?g of the riefgjr a the \illagp ' an ci Uttta Dr . l?p Witt, rf New York, who btKaaUxwl *|t h:? otutl al-e?i.l m iDvleiltieae by |i? 0| tiif iroid watch e' tpr* pfc-itif alter * an trod The On l-.j ! " tn 'Ut e* |'t p I a a. olbor, that w .n't g i . wo KIAOARA. _ ,u IM OJatlWai ITirK.I M, Ka ana iatu, Jut/ 21, IvtO. f " ^ V.'a ir ii'i*i'ii-i'ii: cf 'M /'nit qf ilVi- Wiei r?dl'l /'rAfln.fcne, 4. , tfr Tii el .inn* of Kiigtra ncrer wane Otter |?Ucei of v'. . : rm -i in?y u*t i i r r*"l?i tit?*n*y t>f v. I.. n?hv loiuj iu'It i^ .r to mi to *?fciit N v'-? *'? u,t 11 tl Mini"? -N-* .t .Iul. *ubl mt " bn-t tl.rre !? no tit, 2 ? ir tn(iT?*?ibl?. 1 void of iTOIflubt ots. w not '?? . ft w In t?rt of u.,t ti-\'?-t J,'. *bii ? ,'njf it* *U rtutl tluyvtbi-n to ftnn poienco fti i l< r. ifi I - *1 rui ritorn wtbout L*r n * 1 .v. *t? no Am.-.vtii * M tli'oW of rif t pr, 4 f $ i oti % * tlioat tiT.iijf t.-ul v *?A <->> 1 v *<?r? * i -.or w-tlo?t J, h i * It I tfl c* ?iit* v, t < 'i ?l t eifKoiin- itr ? of ponpic ? '? hj 1*1*.- T : ? ho jo tl Hn -t botoi |*r 1 '.I U. I* U'l* to t< Cfi ft *;u2 M.1 tbc l'?; , ti -' II tf to 1 U.: "?ibtr aitftor kt* ??- i'd.' ' btiu b iId f 01* It' h* J f' 1 t . .? ;U ! " flatt- i f tlpt? C, p ' I U. vif thi ?*r ?*, . ;,n t il -if*, iv n v U'r? n** bm k mtn'i. itl I ''II ' if- it * from ?' f**-t* th I'ri: i u - * ? -i- ' th?- r v- ' tlDl I TIT -11 htHdt th I ft i? I'll th" I'tint l.t If": it i . ; i tltliti up au i it in i ru-r lor th- rw ,t (i. , f th }o %. I : t: 7; m t>? i ? h, i i t ?: ' i ' K-o i i' . , rw ?rfivr>- 1 11-,,5 V 111 iflitiB *ttll e Ifi' U ,<? tocbMI !?*' ilftr-tlnf liho Mtc'i-'h h|i? lit t to * ii it.i i t . t arfillt br* f *t? of h i-r I..' t *h ro,?r tr t .1.?I fr.itt - lilt t. . t. o| . II. dtf 100*0-1 III ..1 tl! rotDt. n l tbi-? fi"P - * ..I t*y "Wii.t * io >J n ia lit |t?.i t ' Bi t t f* If mill. I :i hi* ftPo" )! fir tuv n, a* ft?H?t r ? -... Ii'? c -w J fn' unn, fn * f ti i pi-illf linn ?"-t j I h p* , lur t ?m?.ij"* thttl i -i at Ni-f.t ii i' *bt ft* no n tu xJ rtto m; t? - id 11 ; t' < ' * nf.i'? i inn-1 bjr ?1ih irv i i J*- '?-f* <1 t ? trli t" w iiv I .ttrd W |i-ii- f th *?l oiii'i T'?? nf thin rtl f hi IVi x* unit h* ?u'l Th* rtt?ip i-ilti hi. ul U ? '*. o .HMt ft1 !< b* tat I'm\f lb k on rEYV YORK HERALD, M ated Vi.utem, however, ahould not b. du;i*l luto . li-H l:oII it JolUi 1 r ?e*u. vtilhia lite eutioaare, vth-ii i i lar admsttou fee i- only a quarter, and til ire ;ine?l to equal |w iviiege as r? c?r 1* imw tad positi >u ? ir ?liter much of * Lumhug, Motuteur loud m, and 4. '..J be pot a ?'e . 1.1 8HAR0N 8PRINQ8. I'AITUON H t gllAKOK SlUIHQA, Aujf'ol 1, I860. ) M m, H'&uwti, 1'iAUic* amj Urtu rb>a |i|&c.'is crovt .'i tl. Among the d tiuguisbed met) ? i t -?*riBiJeut V .ut H ue, Judge Wot. Keiti, Jung" "sards 1'iei retiont, Joint \ t.i Barm, tits Au.> iui Consul beii.'ral, t. 1 , tU|>taiu Morris, the British Navy; Judgu Bi?.?oilu, of Ihi! N * tik Sc-iriiue Court; lion. Johu P. Krone: y, l mai y others of uote. Political discussion* are ll'li Bt. No cu beeuij intertetel th the au'ojv.t. , oxrtcbidmt ban d.'vir. d it out that I to ug las con carthis State, htl no considerable tiurubt agree Willi h. at. a;oe another car. i??found la ail tli.a Congregation who i I. aiieh a remit l* --bin The lealutg i- g imraJ among I *tell ii.foirne.i taei. Ueie that, uul'-oa Nt or Jersey am ri -t Ivatu C'tn ritrri?c| far Breckinridge, Lincoln net he elected. Ah regard this a.- a misfortune, which u t, ? ho? to avert. ? The v i H'-ii do net well at Sharon this S"v.< u. ?< > hn> ampir trunk < .! plenty of ugly drets.a T le jleol drers lacks gr.m-i tilneM of fold?cut hi a regular iu Iron the h llfiu io tlie want, with alt gaito rs k. u tr in tin to. , tin y mm to cover no hips, but ai n .aiied lik. a liu iaiuj with a very brotd base. Such w ise up to the murk iu Una tuaticr TUey have be id nt! rec i'tion-srbx Lae b.eti wry ftwhii. ihly anJ J antly aU' btli d, and the i e ones, from n.i the ap i u?t>< " * of the arrahf ?:i t.ta, prom * to be an ituriic e u.- the pSf-t n the iiiui-. .?i sud terpi.. n^rem liLf there h ts been ni I lines* On Monday mebt ln?l a brill Wlit hop ???? R'.ven 1 lip Al> ililte H.HwM, outer the ituinr liRl.-S'iperviaiou ol . Wtn Newb i., the propu-tot, iu. ' the wiwie k:UU u? < !! ii. tin u>' t' V; iHlt* itvV, nr. I was considered the lit'b r ar."'R"tHl'men ' p?-i f-^l an Tac inuaic * r rh TiK , the dVicli R Ltd wit* ?|?ieo> di '.orated , Ih art tuato 1H vera, sin III of l.rftil Uiwej Jo* a upoo . f *ir itO>.-?*r th-i-ivr: * trh tid-, ?r.i th- dan.?ra ' nusrb ta were far uea t r>t th< Canadian tuauUs whom i' lViin i>t *i p?b?d (O <>|t< u 10 corrart lice lU - * ? wer tit fail iu tli' : .tr. .a- art of w lining. g?" >p j. p dkatnt; atid th< the - 1 wad 0" b*nreti of the jtou-tic novo n til and If the yojr,- Prince ever iome? I v ? |->f t Ii fcUipt up w.lh a set ul radiant daiaactf ill* 1 r e. Uniir ol Ui. Alia: tie ii .ue, let Uita look to lo>-? .and hi b irt?thM'i a'.' Ai .'Uier l-m ! plaeo l**l pighl at the Oc*aa HotlM, 1 u-roust I in a vet/ aaltttwctory roaou-r. Kreiu aa i!> h t iu th? tvrtilt a o .-bob', w.i-br:' antly iHun. I ted, a: d ftii !?fe? of ' TPiy kiad * I sir were eo e .1 .. lit" j llit II .Of ' ?.! a ,.f i. . Ilream TTih ru li ml ciu*li if crinoline did tod c*me to ttv a*f.. nnrk mat ?. t mi'lin. * .micm 10 the ! ifhnOptriNM M ttm itwaera era clrrniaiaair to be r v Tib-d a th m mr tl?r:r? rk.u wtre an't at cm <~o'lar and a ha.f each, ndatu i ; utl rn'i ai J tl-t li ll>vi l tti- c<>'iconrao of fa;r !i ? ?i J hta*-- y.i.j g Learta wa tlx-: -'for pretty 'arg" Tlicrc i? a v.-ry notice*!.!" aol aU-a> 'ire f.ature In cm a * Hi tlr-* Atlantic Hoc# The proprietor haa r J 11 e la i?i* of a very ab;? a. 1 .fUcK-at baud, I lid) playa a vari. ty of rplcti.tid opr*t!r #.*l.>cUnra p!k .-Booii and ?tenlug in tbi g'au 1 ball of the hHi-L pia'i 1 . bo u In ;>rogri?? tor a lal# time, act. *- n ilk r < f 'irao, draa;-im, aii.1 I'M rly i.->w il aro-nd Lotoi al Um> regular L iura To say orderly crow Ja, la 1 n?at trip.** 'n property, ac there i no kIs 1 of dlr 1 it trltu' aecd U?re The people a-e <tu:et, civil, kind ! I In-'Vaaive?at loaat tbia i- aliat one may be pertlrd to mention aa a pieaaing i ir. .mstacce in to Large 1 d 'inporlanl a c.ty a. S wt il Ti. loakioMblo <-<.aort. f ort Ad ias, nae df the fla:>#t ' ota o"> Iuo a i be pticJ lo day > th great al. An old mi'itary ofJkcr it in cLar?' of it, and It la prefro that there will Ua n gnat diay,ay on toe ore* u The n.u?tc wi 1 b.' aurpl.rd by lb. tArxr .? band, dcr thv baucraiup of l>?-| D. r^maou A grand cotevrt i? to tnk< place at ' i fatxv on frl- ' y i r'it, M vbh'l. yo o.d favorit" U _'.o,i, M* !*n; jdi.u.i auti aarerd otltrr ariiatea. wtii taaiiU In iing from the fr*. Va there are ?, ,i e oil. >r inte ' :'emn af get an* A Gn? i itie br g. bat It ti. i| ?u i 1'h tat i .il'paat i it u nlock Uui Tr.u.g HirlnoTy beout .fnleralt, m,.. agrv*t cr./od a nit acted ... um uoca.-:on to wc uw gtide Into ber llri rlrtiifnt. I |i*i '''k t-r at! on tin1 tiptoe of *i;*vUt!oa fo IIrrlntnf tbe "iatile tttoui, fir bo?t m apuixi ea Ifc prepnrnt on* are bcii.g laade Ar turn it.-e af ar iff r .it- tiiiji n m i i i r? ??t ?.? _j iblrtf Urrt Bmbr'l, n4 they law nude rffJT im r.?tf tr'?ng>iBc: U for car i irtmg the al!*ir ? U re A rctrg Ui tb .r i?r,?. ttfty guns art to be Brill lb*' i vie u front of ti Al u.tio II ?i?*, wb ti will v- l> ri?- hen" iua*i?r* At *e* ? o'civk I* M ? *? ? nof ni'D, with U .jr *? t litauii, will | uadeui , nt of lb- I ? ?u . In i.; bil ? ? a will be it Mr Ilnvflna ??t I he ?r;r>?ed by iff Mv r ( c-t; with all U" hi? <n. ai d oa eater g th ui? ! h*? I bar# to i ll* under a tnM|iirtair m wbicb, oa r.-V, n 'I be "; e l the w ' "MM un . m I | tin tlho* ' it.e h'.ii of the Fikji " " A lur of firework* w.U tv.e | ia v ia tbe k, lUe eatr* | -ere of cm- of l> p ri?t?:;:i r piece* 'i , lb* ?i rj "t'nion " lib ito" ipented iti?: at a r In nr of lh.? fvrnlnf the "Ml he ut*m" will he **r 1(1 f?n?itodr*? odl una (f he "III ?p -ctire 1 ulii e i? fn?m?i ' without rrg?.'d tjpiriy, ' bit. a* * ia a ho*> '. rnar' d lo * jjrt'Ueman, ":l hv at.-nog *. '.i?rr" '' it'f- " It ? " 1 to giro a h-ip L AtWlil.O tin ?. nm ' 1*1 UI !a bob or or Mr* *'*!-, bt i a* that lanjr I* iu mot-rning it t doubtfi. ) t'o r ?'.* w ii' ac. pt So yu . +> * that NYn j> n 11* ?ilr tw .'f *( &?'*l!i II'wit all t<rinti.atca you 'ball ? to. * faithfully Ibf-iuci"! r t i f lb*' v J-rgicii J r i lr, ad gri tinmen have been I 4 vonivt the > Jiggiuga of late lining up whit might devi jr. like tti old ?eul)"m h. iu black, *?l. Dm ir aacbut friend, they uaT pa k'-.i up a air* nor . A vr ry wealthy A ".thorn a<ly . BaarJ Jlr* J*t >wer>, I i Men ( -tract, arrived la thia c.iy a few wecha tf;), g'l with ber a <-ouv ly nUre w.uiu ... whom ?u.? Hi high'r?t oooftdem. aa tl.v n u *a hat beei in h r ire for |, n yea**, ami rai i?' it - cur > * 'iDO By I'tr-'iD lin ? thr a")' l.i i :w "i*lu.J.i.g | ' Trull, of ? nh a job l. lltr.- tbw atare ba* I Ml ' .!, * Ith * lb* ' . / - 111 1* lb ' i.e |.ad ? en r .. -ill) tr' I no Ii .lo^i I t ( i.iir b 1 bo*'.1 ui i r f>- d?i It U ghf * "I ?rblt? I. >W.r?" i r* ?t lb ott >ai ?e |*M|and I .* Hi gbt tlja*. ? t. -rb U tl WlU ! I Irani; ira. I [ONDAY, AUGUST G, 1860 WHITE bl'LI'IlCU EPRIHU3. Whits rininm SI-rim . ?, I Gw.KN.IHIkHC()l!MTY, V*.. JU > 60, 1800 j The /' itotiom to Judy It I'tflan i/w of tke f * CarKCted mh it?The other frtridrntial CandidiUl Itinltd, rfe , dc j I ol?ei ve in ILc Hun: .1 of the 17tU iust. a 6hort cdito1 lal stating It at the President and Board of Ihrectore had tendered h formal invitation to Judge lv> igLi* to visit this ; celebrated watering place, and alluding to it as an e?idene* ol Bit popularity in this s>eti.n of the country. I.Ike many other paragraphs that tlnd ih ir way into tl? coiui.u s of a daily paper, It is partly correct aul |arti> lucorreot, an 1 with 110 view eiluer to pruin.'teor injure Judge I> Vpopularity, I desire to givthe precis" Iocs, which :<re tl at*-?Trio I'n rioeut oa his own ?e?|? nihil:') il.inking it probable that some, if not ol. the <?' tap s Might find It agree ible to visit the ginia Epnrigr. aae it would l> ? ar. object of interest to the gin u renei il'y, ol whon. there are already a very It'go I number left', Jftermlnd as au act of courteay to extend In in an luvita .ion, and wishing to avoid any tuvid <1.14 Oisti- ' tieu not actually nei'esaary. invited six of ih-m, air l!es.-i* Bell, Breckinridge, Ooug'.ns, Ban.'. Ev rett Bud J jht ren, ai d 1 nui) add it will all .rd liiai plea r a< totiiUiu 11 aay < t?e or u!l of the! gcutiemcn. w.'.h ' out rtit rc:ic< to their polltica prospects. Oib Whit* ri'U'Htm Scrim. O C.KKK'.liHHR, 'u , August 1, 1jO0. j I Desire U> Se'the Great Katie n?/'oil in?UrfAinridj' ?>. I the Ah rrtUant, Having seen a cotioo ui the p.-obibilay of th? (irc.t Eaiitrt c\ aiiLg to Virginia waters la your paper, I would ask you to ?xert your influence 10 induce the directors i to do to, u ti on it not n pmiil o doubt b it timt she I wrould be to ovwhowing, lor not less lluu teu i (lays, tf fhc would anchor in Hampton Roads Old Virgi j mi it lui of t-i'utl" -uT- juat t. *, 1. r vfct ref. rc-? c.f l.-alU. an 4 p. . me, and e?ery one u! <1* wr.H i willingly ti:?ve| to O n Point ?nd pay our dollar or more | to go on iM ur.l ter. 'nr we are here for fun ant no/olty, t,uii we do no! *top! r mono;, u?r even * little. Incouve ' i. t ci to g' t it Tl: re ure . *iw h?re about ftxt"i>n liun| Cie tiiw.t' airaut altogether lp'in the South and bouth wirt. with a few ii\umorcan? au-t V<?ahijgtoai*ns; and i t' e tide w mst bcsituing to set m troin the leaser springs tot.' ?Ill' e at ?cn oi tL? mineral spring system of lee ill;. lift la LuvO the Great I'literu la Hampton I-.., '.a, lor Flu- will o ver prosper if she slights the Sout i Brcckinridgi, the gallant jouug K'.utuckiaa iscarr; j\g re.'-ytb.i , before U.m bote, and Southerners are dropping all others day after day Virginia, they say here, ir rare for him, and ibe Kuntucklans here promise every young inau'a vote m that >tato for thai ticket. You n o t'o'-i.t .* j-i on Yugln.a and Keuturky, and of course ou all tut South. GATE MAY. ( An Mar, July 23, 1960. (Vim^iiiKkMfinit v4th -Vde York?I toff's anJ their toctn'?Capt I<wnd City?Iloy at th? Colombia House? T' e Supply of Mcv .jiapers?Hi.tiwuuheJ lintert, rfc. As the Nkw Yob:; Hkuai-o ha- frequently advocated yacht races, ir., to Cape May, and now has sent th? Gr at Fnetern dowr. to satisfy the Phi'idelphlaus, it has filially succeeded in makieg this place quite popular. However, it is a?; u.trhlng that more Now Yorkers do not i take advantage of the great facilities they have or com tag here Wi'U three as fine staiuich st*amers .is ev r r.?le the sea, forming a Jlily line from New Yo.-k, a superb view of tli' bay with all its r.. rrc, and the villas thai line its banks, a night on the summer * a. and C: ally a view of the Cap" tn 1 it- hotels as the steam r rounds into the bay the u vt morning at live A M , one can rc irely imagine why the average daily arrivals from the metropolis doc no; amount to 600 It.H. ad of ICO I #m glad that you are giving the "gentlemanly propriatoil" <>'the hotel* a little shaking tip, there are some Mentions, trey. but. a? a e!?*?, 'hey nerd It. Tli use who understand New Yorkers an- not iwtonishod why ni re t! tin m do not take advantage of the fwrtlitlo* Bj. . u of above Ylicre is Lj iuiIuc iuk.-nt h?l-l out to tb tu 10 come hero. W in': yo .jg men leave the City in tummr r they seek p'rasur" iist much a. fresh nr and seabathing, but, unfortunately, moot of the hotel pro prirUus think that If they t'uruub t'..clr board rn m.-ais a,iJ a | litre to sleep in, they h.* o accomplished their du'y, ttiii if they di *lro any amcsement^they roust got It hp trw-to# Ives " l\ is Li wo. fler, then, (hit the young iu' i> had their amusement la guztllDg don-;: had liquor, and the jouog lain4* in attending hops, got.en up at a dollar a b mJ. to enable the hotel to jiay for their baud. All lnncc<ut and UniXpeuSlv* sport?each as tabloani, diaaolrmg in1*!, mags lasttrua. arehrry, ecuilng con certs, l"g<vden.aui anil many other things, form u ly so popular b-re, are buulahc.l h,ac<- for want o! a proper ii? ad to draw together all the ditto rent In the persoi a of so uia.i) people unknown to each other. It is this that inakee Lake Mahopac, hharcn aud Kphrata so popular among belb young and old. Bowcver, If the New Yorkers desire a good bathing ground, good hotels and good Society, they can hud I it Bowbcre superior to this rery place?Gaps May, with all Its drawbacks Cape Island City In u corporation; but In spite of the fart that they are an Dually losing ground they make no eff >rt to r"taln what they have or win back the custom thev have lost, sod which tbey lam. ut so lugabrloisly. The rosls, ridiculously called streets, are the "dustiest of the dusty.*' A lady or go..tleaiau cannot walk trom one house to another without becoming so dor ty as to b<* positively unfit In appear in tLe'hall room, for this sun ty gravel ad bcrts like was to linen clothes Tlii? oioeciIonibl?* fea turo Could be easily removed bv the distribution of a few lea Is of red grave! a'oog each principal road, but one cannot ho|*? tlial tb. will be accomplished except through a aubscrlptk>c of the rUitera to do It for them. an 1, be lievi tne, thty w octd bare no delicacy in hanging up a b.">i. the h del i?king forth aid, as they hive already dour ? -eh iu reference to a railroad It L-> not erougb for thciu 10 < <>mc here and s^'ud their money, they must help to buhd a line to get here. Decidedly the best bop given at Cape May for some v r?tat i. Iam.L tilart> :it lli.t fw m'-i . tl?. ? r??. tv..w?.i? i roning laat Tin large dln'ng room was d: vested of aft it* furniture and brilliantly ill .initiated; a large platform was erectel at the farther end of the Mil on wtteh ?ii stationed Hauler's celebrated orchestral bind Br had | a*t nine I* M the hall waa tilled a Mb ah Due a coU?"ct .;a of b.uufu'. women a* It tua "be r. o..r lor tune to a nut ? lor <om time, "ll.* propric b.n>, I.iird A. Woohnin, ha1 u?.sl .-Tory a ml en t ?i ... .1 rpnriNl no erp-'tirs ^ v|,. iM,p WM |0 it suede t, aid wo Mi happy to klala tbat they sue i ci.J.ii bij and i.iaeuie aii? largest portion of the I lam* jwiaiul wete -rners-. Bhltltrire, thnt paradise I o! U:ri.- b'tn In the atrcnda..t Philadelphia. too. | whhh oe;.K-sU tho priae of bcaaly with her s.a.crcile, i ?i'n Mb!) r. ibl? 1 an ;; the gsc throng. As we ! ft >?! ! *V: 4 on a; th- ihsutii hopp.rg going on in evrry d!r-, wi r- uld r >l bvt wonder t> hetbrr mat: was cot 1 f> r I !< r - 1 :<"bief olDce than hopping, or as Simon Hirgi vt i:.l su) , "cavorting" ar :nd in that kind of ? :. ' 1 >>. i: u- t.ot pnr ko til I .. Uous, tach one lath'- best Judge of hit owe dignity the hop biing over. W can indulge In a i I atrel * th tin- rait ether 1*1 blue I ttrrtdi g . u the du'tnee, the stir spang)?d ' 1 ? ?i *. e at th'* artillery 1 of the go w . ;> I tn ug i er the night v lad, the l.v't .i tiic ?ar a-i1 a : prt ttjr girl ling logon)-' r arm, how ran one be rise that sit; i ihi*-) h*|('; i- .'ho. ah pritty glrla generally, bet 1.1 ie.\ nn : clurti nK Mis* P e, of Vfilm'ngt >n, I l i' , tor belle ot th - f\u nihil, tlie mat ! A. I have in. 1 before, tin New York- boats arrive at I I ft they ah i i . ne fr >m Ptrla tetphu and ar- i ! t \e I nbo'.l lire P. *1 Tlieri u alao .lUither Slcvncf 1 that foiHi- aline tr.n Baltimore via Newcastle, 1 , ) but as thiecn .. tin* on a!tvt ite day*, th' York boat- ' ah p at Newi ?. . n tl e iv.d .ijyr 'Th" arr vale were ' louiiwliat ... l - a- Niw Yt". avrrag s about 100 v.r li. IO.'1?l.l.V. ?n n-T. -i- - -/ . < i?e? rn.iun >rr auoui HO. bit >..i HiM days the lurt). lis bout WO per da; I1 \ ' r >i Ul Me tnoriun;: r'pM' r?.; a> i?rl^, wudimIci tmuil lli i i! wviof ## iT'hkft. t a. .1 the N-x Vukj ipr I Mr R;*!y, whilom of the >fib Avi -i *r II. :<'1. furoietaei m with the Ruuib j irviij n. ;..:g l foio brvikfaet I pon the arneal of h.e ' a y : derhr and ti< ?>bo; there tf a general ecnm bio f r Hi <? . *, each oar f'l*ttig thit he m *y be lint, a. 1 all Oft > 1.. i' that tU y tniy i id eh )rt b fort their t? i. n m .. Mi It;* y u f?. i Bit u# that he ar-r.ytn OTW li) II*h i da > tin<i n w ha* a-y h 1 on La; f A* . ' lb" l> a : .-i- *., u? a f ? who tr.'rt I i- ! *.V W i l' - rLv .ii? '.r. L 1. aa I Mi. >r lb Me, of V :.>hu.(Ld, ar?' at -a, IUU, whlMt. ?* iVnal Ut? Hajaril ei.U Hah*. of Indiwarc, II u Aid. B< i iy. Mayor d Philadelphia, and Hon Mauue! A Otero, of A lit noer rue, Ni ? * tico. ire it U?o Cn'.nmh.a The Inter i .na hl.? bevfc the lUUgata to Obonaai f m N.w Meittof.? ? f Baa' > ) "am and 1; be b id* U*t th' rt' ct.-lr of the ternt.ii ,.<* guUCng ttwlr en do luetic c.w,c?rue. We maf be to the Senate i pea i New MeiiC" utinii* >n. A\ ON fcTJUMiS. A via* Sraix..-, Juy 3d lidO /' f t Ml'thf Wife e?>i . I i >i tyf 11< Sy in., ? t'.'no -,'4 onif I'.if' -ji qf 'Ae Gm ? /r, N-!k.? Wctc |"i?rtrf.' at f ? Sp II*?/ i.itH v* a J /> v Rt* J , 4 Iler* I ? it th e fount <rf h' -iith. O" I r\*nre de lyon would hire renewed hti leme of life could Ue bit 1 w?^ >i On till beintifu! villr-?the |<i*adl*e of i!m ret tuM. Tbi waters ot Aeon. f< I b'lterl fc." their emit re properlhe were eren Tietled by tU% ???nt>lo !?r Frnncie [ n. rt then i quarter of i century ajr* II" * >o ;?ce>l tb' tii iti'-trpi*. '''! in th" cure of rhouwit .-'n a-i.'. all c"t* c u* dteord.r* Mar; Tiiiutble ipriAfe, etiout'.y tfi"j?r"ft ?te t w th retn^llal g-fl er.te, o? )| to their Ui.l '! e f-vgraphlfnt pi con, ire el-ted by the Curio e al, I e-u.ty ?? m iewt ire to , w?t? rmp p'v . l"i er ii bar proeed Hint rl>-inltn*M | a id ;>b iieant I'sn are tafi|-orVk.?' auiil ar'en In J pnmil.rg tb< < t,vil< r<- m r>? (Hi i<l ant tl. H, nun j firm the b*ai.rg latur? of n ril wtt -ri. dry warm e -i i i.' in ' g ' i . ' >r !, ire pwerf ill re?u?r i y tlx an iu.iia to, tud etreLglb Agent* rtenrv l from lite m ee'il an I *e*ettti e kin? t if o.Vavil y i -J In o ubaUIng '*i'A\ e win U.. t r ret ire united by ? r.ty' birth ?n?l tot ,!tu j ir. r a *'?. y u vi. i< f , -*i- n,r?n?ai o. hue rle t V i.rt r ; rr.area by ti,!" fl'. -U w'i" u 'glit b*\ e bea-L re- i ri J to tf .r I* uiiin mi : fr ietide by ?i.;?) r? tb? ip.k tu I let..i atnitof th riiifr; Air, that Si, jii e ? , ill' p : - ? u il by fttoj*. 1 Mu.'-rg of npifity, cwtakiict ad u rt ><ttli > 1.1 tl.C, q lite destitute ' f grace, and death to all sanation lu iuj m ti I aboi gi /?? the manners, C"?. m -a mu l.ahiU o! tU. b- ..-a auJ beau.a nud matrons of piifi KEWFOttT. NawrjaT, A igu.-t *J, 1S30 real lr\flux rf l'i. tV.-r?71 m'>' of Piif- th ai/m ?A It"- Hi. xr- o'<: II li ? U Hi" i! :.'.} t'.ijof trlvc. ?//< ;? and Si.,,x -I*x hint af a ft*../ ?7 w ' IbfaV OittrX'. Atrxmil ?It-,, ./nr.g Ojj' a A'u'*, if , J: This far famed sunnier r^-orl n> i.ow cro vded with if dazzling I, beautiful daig liters of America, gathered fiber (i jiu ever)' section of the luiou. Toe e ib"r mizeus of the quiet dly of Newport are every d?> being vailed by whole arm. e of Strang'-re, who arrive rugti rly by every sttaioboat that stops at Ibis poit. Tu< loderfend'.Dg Jehus of the various liotoU and the auiguti the whip g< neraiiy are incessantly occup: -1 lu the ausportat.on of an endless number ol p*?eag rs, and i ua'i OilW assortm-nt of pooderous baggage. The oublcs of unfortuuato pa?r fjmilixs are th ok a-, ape leaves upon bis baud. However p carnally bo eu av jrs to smile, Ihure is no doubt that ht* sympathies " strong'}' ou the 8. to of Uto opp input* of women's zht*. H sca'a/a t s indeed sorely abuatUut and nvous t" If b. rce What with railway sud at aiuboal nra% for a whole household, including children, irvs, servants, a. J a variety o: paraphernalia ctu.'ulal to a i?tumor eiou s,ou, to say nothing the irigbtfu rcsi-otsibiiily of looking after >t bVe!'i " "D overcrowded t t.r uu'ra at tne very morut that " ail hat,), tvt going" are ordere 1 on aborc, with etborbitaul hackmeii, a? 1 being led out tio a .) by Uiifecl.n vo s b. ;K, the p?>r gentleuied bis hard t.uie of it. l>u tl. arr'va! o a Nleatuer at th" n.1 ti er i.;ur?? ii - lit* i.tthlo tti i.i t'u* ttra??1 trjtm?nt8 iU ib u.vfoi toi.J much abusul individual. "J-mo," says e allef t i-'uat'' an J jfl some * I)..: imp-i'i-mx wife, * have i a ngot up I) i,Jtti There are ouly half a 't<? d trui i.- an I four bnii'', b sides nurse's things Do irry up. or tUo su amount wild Carry lui'iu away." '1 n't du i but three I ..iK.- i? yet, ato . " " lw Uirry, <1 doi.'i k.-ep i ? h?re a', n'lbl'' And p.. /'a/e-Jobanncs rt back Uirocgb to-; gangway, muttering iu an auJihie 16 C.-'taiu vxprt M lib w .Itu the beat cTnls . au CU-cd t po.slbly mistake for hi* prayers. To laugh at the >ub:e of the uiiliapoy gentleman is IL-; natural liupulae those * uo have uo himi ar trouble- ou l.iul, Do Crying ildrcu ? unu- ,.ig - r ciu-J> , uo lost l uggage to briug to ht ?>f cours we will not aggrmTst# the to rloua sympu?-of tii" I'm-', l?si we got our worthy f nsud In a tar ire luri-us , an-.ou, for ? ) beat iu u.ind mo piaiiiivoph.. 1 caul on; ' In colti'iife-so ixu. didm inj> ia e..'." the fa rp.irt n it".a- a:e flued, so* to h|h-i*, to ir very cet'it gs, au* yet the cry ia " suli they me " ilea the kcvpair* cf tu "*' car* causer ies ii ai> mimidate u,? i, jabc; a that orow.t on them a (ibi"what tutp-'atna blatter, at teu?t to the i mills t*d fcitieiou iaeve'iuri elaa iy 0>me ah-uoa i v-tu-u y on wl.i, there ar" c nn'ortahle, &u < and o >n nirnt guttler* aws.ihg jot in Newport ii i?"'on that e attraction* th'* ?>?mn have lava verv rotiHi'l-rab.e, J ail-lough the we&ibi.r Ua- bieu singularly cool tor ium riott i f tin; year, tut ui.gutu g birds have But (topped eir flight f.<r a mom. lit rr.-m all tbnt wr learn, the rivals have not yet roaeh"d their apogee. It Is thought at the month of Argust .!. bring iu hordes ol iu v a lors im New Y trk, saraK ga, Dontou, ItiUadolpiita sal thuth (>f course the hotels are not tnvar'abiy euoked tu p- opie. While large numbers are coutinually arriv {. a correi|>)i..iiDg latio ia gcueraHj ou tin iviag to u - p.u is, having spent v- n-uch of the tea ,-u here aa i y desiri Tuts is, ta fact, tin- key to the tnyaterioas sir ol iecomraooatii.0 possessed by tlie Boutfacea of the | ace Although there is uuthtng that cau he nailed exi. me hi here, there l.i yet a great <1 "al of gnyety.aad live Indoor an J outdoor sm-u.-msLi The ladies and Dllem.'i who > Mt Newport seem to he of the right sti ll r self ot))o) m ut They do not go to the country to sit their pat rs, mopmg and gaping over ir- last red ghi gown rt-n it ce, b-it to ei ay the fresh hreexua. the an aud salubrious drives, the Invigorating waters, I d the uirrry dance Bccepl.uus are at present 1 th rage Th- lad * of the Atlantic House do i these on Krilsys in the in tt Sris ooiwtic j >.a, and with great success Their levees arc well attended, In pr iport oa to the sine of the p.ace, as ; ol lice b?. 1 In any of our prlnclpa' cities by diet's i oh. I cit-reus The f-ir s-'x of the O an H-use are I * I peated inttauoe* the pr -eriptieua o( rj.'divai ?LiC R. v c tigbtf and aouada, a pur, i'i.I.c, br i iu,; e'o. i | | li.-it null velvet greua t v irJ beneath lii* I -t, r j UuJ, u> a wonderful d. M v. l-> gtt mgttisu a I fraru. thai Iiis b-e u hba! >. o I ifring IB < a! ?, 1 the brain 1) i-. I < n ci>( : ' a Jover b/ 1 atudiouft lull, and tunc the faiut.y throbbing heart that t baa beeu uuatiuug L J sorrow ( Nature ha* ri?ib.y endowed lite neoery i ar.d arrxi'i 1 Avnu witu o! uiwttia of ptetur ; i b /. Tl fi -1 i tbe count.y n diremded by r lUng hill* ati 1 niliug i daiM, and, hi addition b lit - ?tt.iti;u? to the tourial i and Vlatter, the \aliey ul the U nemee u. Vltt I I proud and Stirring reeo,:, ti >te : t "red I j!'roll:.' I shad.- " The eigca oi -ton departed glory are a-un j In the tomahawk and arrow .cu t that are upt rued i ! by tb? ploughman?<if bU reverence for tbe (lea l In ih'i . j : graves of kiudrvl, made the recopti :le* of v.'dinpum b -ilr i aud implenieuU ol bailie end th. tli.i?e?of h.? religion in i tbe ruined altar Moot ot bis supers t tuition and poet e i fane) ?in lb.' mybUrlous tranitiow- tbat ling r lUeoonoe* | among the bid*, and about the rr!d Ink : and stream.' that bo loved bo well 11:3 |>a-?Jiaa for ag'. wuj in the " Valley of I'leaaaat Watera.'' Tbe far fuuiJ tp. nigs tbat well up bom it.- green sequeited b v-oii gave natu" to one of the ebief towns of in . nit on (Ca ia?.i*g"*), Wo ba Visited Uiem, a.;.l t- Cted tlieir waters I befu-e the white mat; sounded the knell of the forett w :th he> ring tag axe, or rear i a I ,j cabin it: the clearing. New Yorkers cogreoite here in large t:umbers with their fuuiili.t. among tl.e prominent vithurs are fc. J. .ut fkn.ilff Mr l..? r. i.pi. Mr IV ,rk * '!! tt f? I ar.d daughter; Mr .Tins, Mr. A'.itlns. all of whom ire 1 Wholesale merchant* of your city; Xlr. Trnwbridg- and (amity, New Haven, (.-nral Widui.n-. Nor.'Ik Judge , I Howell. Bath, Mr. U.J1 a.,.', wife, \| li:y>u; Mr. Vi., >1, t wile ami daughter, C!e relaid: Mr. VVvren and Mr. Harrington, do , ?a I a nost of oth-ra. ' In r card to pohtKal matter*. but UUlo rater. I j Rinuifchled. Ia this county?I vi: g. I 'll?which w 13 formerly the hotbed of niggcrism aud Know Nolti"'glSin, the people are wahiug up l> tl.o true urn v. they tut , for wlpclng out the scheming | oiitioai mouateb.iuks aui demagogues wlrj have for a strict oi years controlled t?cth organizations The corruption* of the last Iregu'latnra lie driven the last tmil in the political cotirn ol (bat par ty. The people Utm.ui I a new order ol things Tna course pursued by the rottej A!bar.y itogency at Charlesliar anu Baltimore will consign the 1 -aders of that dynasty to tliu oblivion wbicb they have so long ana so richly I wonted. Their days are numbered. So mote it be. CAPON SPRINGS. Cvon SrniNo , Va , July 20, IJSO. City and Country, a Ovnlrast?JVf Mr-fur and Itumin'i ' Su-uiTi?Gam? and iUk in Abundance?Proptritie of j the 1 Voters?Society at the Springy, <fc , ife. When we read in your Journal that lao i.iUab,Uat = of j tbc cities are sweltering un lera tropical tut, with the thermometer at 89 in the shade, th v.titers at thj charming summer resort, situated at a., elevation of flf- , teen hundred loet above the level of the s--a. with an atmosphere always oool and saluhrio-i.. (eel truly happy in being able to escape from the enervating mlh'.eace U. the dusty, heated and crowded streets. Both oi l and yoiig at uuce feel th'exhilaiat. ig Uitia- 1 euco of the bracing uiounta.u an . and even the drooping j invalid ciperienoea as it were a new life uifuued lurough his franie lu breathing the pure oxygen of those hills. , During the hottest weather in the lowUuas the heat is [ never oppressive here, the rays ot the su.i bei.ig temper- I e<1 t>y cool brecxes during the day, and at night a blanket j will gem rally be found necessary fsf it.-?l i i the niidst ol the most beautiful mountain scenery, and surrounded j with primeval forests, a hundred aud rooautic walls invite the |>edeslru.i to wholesome and invigorating exercise under a dense foliage If the visiter is a spurUman lie will And ample means for the exercise o! hie taleuta, game being abundant in the vicinity, and the Cap/u liver, besides uum- rous gush trig mountain Stream!-, are well stocked w ith trout and i other varn-l cv of tish Among all liters natural advantages 1 must not omit to mention the , healing virtnss of the Chpon wat.-t i, arb . i have proved so beneficial in a variety of complaints. 1 have uuc r my eye, at this moment. several mvali is, wna came lure, scarcely a'de to drag one foot after the i ether, whe, In the course of two or three w?eks, have been an much restored that lUty are able t > take active exercise, aud to enjoy all the luxuries of th-? tabi" with nut one dy spi-ptic pang lu case* of gravel au i chronic Inflammatt-it < f tne bladder tuese wu'er* are found eminently Bucces'fiil, and hare a wide spread reputation throughout the tkiutb. The relief it bu aflorded ia many cases is said to have been wonderful There ia at pr*ent a very agreeable society at the hi, i s, winch it tacraaatug 4*Uy. '< * \?, , ivnmt> >vania, Maryland. IVlawaie, Virginia iad I.ouisiaua, are already Wei! ror.irented, ami dtiegalei from m*ay of llio Other SIhI'k arr soon rtt|?ccled. To tbiee about selecting a watering p i, >, 1 would car- i nestly retomuu nd Capon. I BAUSTOX BI'A. Bau.-to.v .-u-a , N V , July 21, IS60 Vint o/ &"ri'"< Do -glit?Ht -rptTrq fry Hm G G.&yMt? l>i. -ow iy nf a At* Sjtrinf. 4.< <f Judge Douglas m*de a descent upou u? yesterday, from ftmatoga Sri'.ig-, where he m stopping?having auuounred hit InteitioA, however He came down iu a private car rlage.ard wra welcomed in a alioci speech by Hon. lieo (;., a* Chairman of the Committee of K'veplion ' no n plied handsomely, and w?g followed by e* l.ovoraor 1 Foots, of Missis* i pi. He then visited bit grar dfather's 1 old homoetead, the Akirlcb maneiou, near tue Mineral 1 Spring, now occupied by Mr. Cbaric D. Saetey as a military is hool. lie cadet* wef drawn up in liur to receive him, under their instruct! r, Col John C Mio bell, and I) 3 made il.i 111 a neat address, after which he examined tbd \ picniiers. He then proceeded to the Troy train, e'oried . I ) the i n'.i> They perforine.i tin duty well, und elicited maapprobation. He returned lo Sirnogi springs tb;? ? in l Tbp oT<l Hau? ismci Hotel, upon the atej* of which be . wis received, I- till a One building, and in Crist rate order. It i- In the hand.* of a Que laullord, but the aea 1 ton bar been to ctii that Deilher here nor at Saratoga are c more tliaii ball tbe usual number < 1 VtaitM*. A new spring ha* been discovered li re, of Quo qualities, and very palatable and racy walT. A CATBK1I.L MOUNTAINS. c of HmUsy CatoWJ? I'w Hotel. ? CbwWry .< .om % modatiofu?IW/r t/y*?" I'i uti?/'oft'u if ,/x b M l', main Hor-nt, July 2*>. I860 b Or of tbe rni-t couimua errors iuto ?'Utch oui i>vute,a v and w: iters f? I, when dt scribing uaturr. ia that pseudo- d pri P i; liachl^m ?b ,;li given youany number of detailt, g and UK luiua in th? I an dr cape or maiiuacripl anything but the general tfl.-ct, whirb creates an <:iipreatioa upon the , tr. nd v# y aimliar to a represent at.on oi Himlel with the t r6> of Ui. Prince of Denmark entirely omitted. Imagine yomaeli then, .a that most rural of all country j towns, the village of Uttakill, wh.rb is of eta ? - oy i Huitanu river radroat aid steamboat At tii.> * poiut, if th-re are several in your ptrty, you . wi'.t bo i ot up ia B'ach < civ ho< (ran by a brj v ther of the Dta"b who kocp the Mountuu lim e) * f i ll in of II 2-8?the di-t * ire f: urn t!. v igetotlie i, Mornta n iiouae King twelve and a half miles. FhotM s you K' aU a , or there be but fev. ol yo - party, yo caa wa.t at the village t it there ii a Blag" lo?d, or 1 up n with a !< o< bagg* . at tb cr.? > n Brotiier Ueuche.vba tbe ferry from I bacon to the r ,a??, c at d chs- je? tor r"o*- ni tlie river tbe very mod-rute t"e g of twelve aud a luif ccnta. Tin Mountain House, and the road in the naojnU a, r whicUooat a tuiu.l fcrtunc, wr.u. b it by a compsn v. Of <i eroirr-e tb y raihd, >ui" thirty yes j a.'?, or tber " abot.ta, tnore or 1 ?, Mi Beat h took tbe tail jj yieir Lauds, buying It li* art "mtk'ag (t puy" e bnudaavaly. aa a natural eorri^u uu Ab t six mile, ' frt'tn tbe vtliag", and a litt'e below tbe mt,.:iteuu * thereto a smaiT boti'l fl:ie<l with guest.- and tb? prieea * are very tuir?nor *'i g Hire fit aw c. I think Tit K proprietor of that ha f way bum runs bis own team lo 11 tlir vHlsar and m?eu ttuvrllcra wu i via.t b.m lie nays | be adreittaet :ti the N?* Y ks il r vui, aud always hta > ir -re guests than li- caa at< <mmodrt? ss i nature -w ue I * Q' lief I A " fear.uf Cat?V,:U abn1 w?m ucWi, wt iMcM thia * f at ( ? ?' n r "ii ?''"r t u T-> t . on light. 1 tUc may up " fbe truiruie, aud tU air m i k,-a as to renter ssur- B t * - ? M fpM ?t . "i?y n<?Uv?i* t v . -t tbe boit* \our t arret poodcul ttsxifUl tint ' I' nisi. \\ nklodfcl* v. t.\ I u- il? .? tiling o go to i >e;i ih- n l.?r 'itlrf?tv y p <1 y'lstrim. it w?ui I bare 1,1 turn a gn nl bur Mm* nd or '!( . ittil the inn '..lata no u mum r itrrmr day.' . Arrived at iba HtWtUiii House, It *.w totne mom. nts P1 < ? ., rv int tna 'o h i'| ir -re, >;i l aevrerml a. > flJ r i' . t' r tl.f Idnb'Vivr or Ibroffl-' wutuibi*. '' At Niv'b liia ?cr, ronsr wna romd'uatcd me, ttd AJ It ?' i- i a < . ti.ig , mcl! lot ali I apvrtiri -nt, 1 * ?b to de- I" tcnbe it - at pmrai.ce. Ha dtgr> clona are about tsreiee b> foinU' f it U t* ventilated by a large mind-"* turning mitir.v Is anil a sm?; mis tow iipM v m tin' Jutll Tar w*s)isian<i it a smalt p ne la , built in f jrar -ne, I should je ts? The too ' A it!.? . a???bl" ?h aid pM-die ? arc fa- lufii cb*m, an I | I., it: I. !> r i l. ntly not been rinsed in ail nckl. | .lit ion . J III . a <t,.- I cm tb. The be l.-t' id U a ..1,- p,i! ry ! 1 f h'"oevt nrdel one?M,rh s> itm ao n. u i? i | "t id their M-raaat liedroi - j?; there ia no pj, rurt, it... t H i Im-itnut sim! ibecarp> I is a rery i"tn- . n c i thru- ; . llic i ara i mt few iooh.i l< tier furI osine wfi'?e Addit'aia hart h irelc to to 'I t f m' tlB>i to t mo, aod the eaubllshmaat W| en ?. i . ii i io .atr tour hundred auesta. TU r~ are nun. ..ntis I'Mti l!>au h.v!f that number present, II; r! Ill hnt'rkl.a ai.'l fnapfd frotn U?e \. rthi rn Id' e vi ales pri-rt- i. .?lr. The K??r York rleineut W uot ? rt'n.y I".t i i * tout t. r lotuai to lie ? ci.'ly lucre ate i.... * . I"td aim fercr oi tiandte! y i rowed sud H' <u I i ! aiinrrid pcopi.- bm. I' ?i> ) on nod nt ttar?t?>*?. Tho c. rci v rits t! i ' > ' ir-on p .. ti'-iiavd b- Iter t'.ut at w ?!'- (>' tin v iter . k ?. H->ard Is about inrci d .tara a taj Tin-table'v i tdia . ' ntivad of moat of tbc * at^r . pLu ?, and g icrtf .. that tl.c ir>ita'Ji'a warntng to tu Uni aec. carlj in the ttoaaun, baa bad a rary aalmtrr c el. i i lit La* fit a iif it deal to learn yet. In a bpM' i p'trt id tka, lbe lit(b la'tB o? lbs "I fpirj boat, eta* and turrplke hart Irad'm bire m is veil |- >r t?>lky, fur it f-'ibtens ittittf l?rf<? parties and fani.iu* nwaj fru.u tb>? If iae, as tb?*y p.- *"b. tf th y an bw4 r i to?i t tiers, bow wn it by wbiia #e tt.rj are atop) )- gek It la true that tbenrad taco 'ty.andthc rt' asrcit bard ?r lii>r-? rp yrt ihe prnprli tor e al l find hit itntn 'i t b nt > j, lb. p ib!:c * > - 'v rely brfbrd th y ta. C '. to til- I." so As I Mhr it to'tlrid'iai tug. sU that v f 11 liri tbt'i ft mh want* get U. m ua. I t tl, but 1 Hi ?m p. i . .t t lb : k tl.- ? *i t. ,d ? gr>a'.*r on tbc r<a I t>. than at lb* Ti t' tbd T'ew froM tb? ft at ** ??;, Lramr.rtp*; lu I ~"V*? Hi I >r fc .iae petty ,mpun r..i t . crc'.^. 3f Irirtl r> are dlspoHod I- toil', aotu-. t-'' . h.i ?j ujd tv ju ??< *itty oo their way u .uch a uutiiuiil ,'pl?u,inj Tarc? honsaiid feel below y-ar v ->iou tlow ihe niguitieeul lud-t n, and the eloud. fl *l l?y iu seriate hurt- of th-? hi: ,hare bun ireda of feet beneath >,u Th- nr ,a >r ll!? ??haJ llu1 ey* laic-.. i? O H> MT Iud ur.fcp-vt of highly Hilllv-rted country with .1 alible gUnce Tu day iu rami and t... -tf, i?.... Jg lVtl Tr0Jt ths rOekfc in froiil .1 ihe gad -ry. a ? <! v-ipoe net-ma to U i*t it)'>i--l(?t The reigiou. p*rt cl th.?ueau are att -ud hf. ivu n. rvi.v in thu [ i.iom, and the hyu.j lo (iod r.nigli w ith the sound of child.-uw'a vu.c?.d a dutaiil mru of i he la um?. NV*. York | ap- m are obta jab;,- a' the office, wad I re ami. that tin- out <-i four who buy thcui call t* lbs llniAir. ?r the fu-opie here art- fruit alt |>t. tioftha ..unt.y the tact is slgu.&caut I have not h,-?rj ^ #oclj t polit t'6 fciuce I ba*? In vis h re, th- absence o; riai.? 18 enough to make eveu a i.-a* ioiu?ut.c ?,?; a --in aaradise. LAKE ITAHOPAC. our hit uauoi at t-oi I \hr UnurAC, A-igust 3, I960 itry ar>i Atactic*; of La' Mah-jXeC?AMu.-^menU, J. t tvr.. am! Railing:?Ku. i .'? of tieach ? <j the fake, <t\ , <fr With the theriaotr.; lcr ranging Croiu sixty to seventy degrees, Uiv t'xiiuinito temperature or this charming place may he imagined At no prev( us port- d M.t tiiijrac so pcpulou*. Nature, ever r-md aud bea itif il, i? uow rendered more attractive by :t.i the rc-onces tul Li uvenicucc-. of art, which the n.i ti n' the hi'el pro; rK tork h?3 ctiibled th m to Ripply. At the brebuff House there a many iniprovi-u.' t> up u the Usi ae-aion A billiaid room sua bowling alley a, acootuplKhetl hernial- taut loans, i ic- lhr.t twit , and" utiexce; lutnablo i ai - iagt t- ot all k itula, *i pjily an unt , iling r aire:- <h etyoy im at 1. e >?iW g (Hvpo- Ui?. u. .ch tu the c-vebiiig tail In-: eg U.iS phatn: e we have readinyi from Dickom. HthVppers. Ac., I.y Mr bid -as. Mr I' MoHord bai hi?i. read i in n?n i.r-ture ou tbe '-IKn-y (if (,rumbling," * bill, k piece o< satire which is much rehshcu. We'got the N\ vr 1 ?.ik t'.i;c-r? here by kovtii A M.,for Mr (ire pery lio' a mwwbU-ti postman who ride* An aaaoon a* itM ti st up tram o: i ive# at le. kfkili O'. the two ro .t>* to liisf. p'aee, tie latter m by tar tie- must agreeable to tboiio v ho like a tit ive thro-gh a pretty country ant a short t In by tl.i milr-rd Via the Hn lent toad yuli nave but five nulc* of tuning The ci^rgt is the same by cr.aar nuie. ' VTTCfMONT. err hoor.vM* t< nar-rojrPKNCi. Ilf 'a Hi tm.Fi' nvi-Y, \ t , Aug :fct I, 1863. Ar. Old laihir rd t lit.AUructw,*, I'utteri, <tc , <tc Reveo mil> v si of Brandon, auf one mile ao .lit of the v'tlvgc of Si ebury, In as beautiful a valise as tt?? eye ? per ml'.led to pop Id Hvde'a Hotel, known threughnat thie rep'on nr- an establish:.iont of fifty yt jis' Handing, on the old i- -* toad to Montreal. Tlicr" an no ar.rtngn nore, nor baa (he loi.e any fashionable Idat, yet there is a company if about a hundred and fifty, exeuisivo of children ai:d norva. t? filing every room, aud daily people are turned awiy for want of room to vrommodate theaa The reevet of I! e attraction lies iu lb- fact that the atr ol the place u the purt?t, loo unik the awecleat, tfe) chicken flxi: gr the most bountiful, and scenery tire moat beautiful to be f mnd any where We Lave from the front piaz'a a view tbvt will fceti a niau ot Ideas above roast beef at least twenty four boors, for over and beyood tlie bills and va'lry we see Mount Varcy and the Adirondack.-;, tome sictj mo -- on, ouou their Ups to receive the sol.. and past 1. tr dowu every eveotnc la our rear aie lulls I rem the suit mil of* w hich one can behold a continued circuit of mountains?the i?reen on thee cat, tu.d the Aduordaiks, over lsike ebaiuplaiu, on the watt. An excellent ball room, with music Iioui New Y -rk, attracts the noisy nnd gay tiinii ute and leave ua old logics to enjoy the qoiet mnoni ght aud watch for mure meteors The corpany i* mostly from New York and Brooklyn We Wero to have hail the lu.gbis over from Brandon on ScT.oay, bot the storm prevented the visit; but Br. Uothrip, c f Boston, csnte and gave o ? pp. oiraon of cuarianip nann y. Tbe vtnaye post <t gu i s in a m et excel lei t err ne hi, gene rally in tbe ball room. We hive bail Judge Allen, of the C? urt rf Apr' -ils, and .T ide dinner, of ( hicarc , h'-re. The (few York bar is r >pi csented by Mosmh. kl I'o-ter, C. 11 Hunt R A Watlurmon, C. B Bigr-ts acn } r b Medicine, by Dr Quackckhush, of A bah}-, and Hiicim/'on, ? : lirmkiyn Tne army and nnvy, t>f Major TV-(f atuf Caft If-jr?I'ditlcs, by J C l-.toratoie. by h.r.n i'oorc; and cominTCO, by Mes-rs K C Richards. Smaller, Welsh. J T, urabaia and man? nthern, ail with tbrir The great ttmnss mi nt being' in the chs miLg . ides, sa'c h >e?sn and modarate tar iff CONNKCTJCt'T. Ol'R KOKWALK COliliKsrORB^NCy. NOKWAt-A Horn, Atgust 1, 1400 Xurwotk or o Atomiser Rtmt?Horiar ari'l & fir>y?tu {'/ -???, iyxm th* Tiov-Uing Cm:m' nity?Ifotet, rfc I notico oecamonsl coamuhicatioiij fr >m Alrat'orl, ?ufield, Ac., tiut none Dom here, one of tbe most proindent peaces on tbo north shore of tbe swai for scclors ifter pleasure, novelty or lu alth, and only two Loan fro? <?* York I assure yon I w a* d,sappo;ntrd to And NorwmU such > Uelightfui place In whioii to spend tbe summer nirotaa. Yc bavt many flue Jriirf?there are none more so. Oa be cart to Wc?t|>crt an J Sncgatuck, only three mllca 1mant, and " Ci.mpo l'otat," of revolut .una. y notoriety, nth ita faudy bcacli, oil the west, Darin an 1 olamfora erupt ua with shady roads; ou the north we lure Mil on, with ita tine agricultural district. each farm almost a ardcti, Redding, with its " Devil's Deu" and other rolautir mountain gorge.-, eaves, precipices, Jrc ; Ri Igeeld, ftooi whoso elevalid si.mtnit (the highest in Ibia c< lion id the rodutry) the sound, sixteen wiles distant, snbeaccD,R4 well as tbe surrounding country on alt idea; on th- south, we have on tbe east side of the har or Gregory's I'cint, where we And a tlrst class hotel kept v D II Nett*r. here we ca.: erj >y tbe lnsury or a salt later buth w'lh- nt any .lc r?r from ' uoJertov ' K-<? on I> int, on the Wi-.-t slue of the liar her, u another Irivw ol six nuiiS, one uoer can forget. Nicfc a roVi otic rs r!r ,.?< * Norwa A hse on -advantsce nve* evnry otbr p'aee aa he aowi.j tor Ixmutiful . ceaery Tb-re are forty or Illy olv.d* n rtouDJiiig her harbor,, when ? <? 111,1 S.l ' U. Li ' llr -o-? H - .J4 wor. VrfU'ly to tlw >?uMty of the vi. w. Tn y of .Uelrea, (><iii a mod'tate ruca In a largo farm tr*ry da;. billing u?l picnic partes go dnwu to (ae mantis an > < joy ?a aggravated appetite under the abate ,1 >r<;rd by the cruris lb< beautiful vitiaa which are scattered all over Ibt mairrt pvaka. hl'ia.'e? aa.l valleys are all of r?c*wc naWiiciko 1 no New Ynrlo a 1 New Harea RoiUnad iaa brought a great u toy - >mirt!irr*. who mlde here uid Co I < f'.bid# lu New York. Wuat a bu?v scena ?< lave m the munlig and cvci.iag? UuuJr<< of tue b?mi I' ear I' rarrlag'-a an i n Me bur tea to the world da# J . re .and Un rr on lb* br a I arnaucf of tula <l.-Initial dace WwaUwui'fJu-t v> lie. a a r lew of lite I iaud? my be I ad, dT.wpirg In quiet beauty, dotis: g the ajiacw rt'waj in ibe hoi.ou, hil" between tb-in and thw t'g urawa lm> iii Ihf rttr>mf ili'laner, <1 iluiug the u? alien of lot g Ui, art hundred* of while tall*, wtnob, It g in all wirvoUowa, exhibit somewhat lint quantity or lunlMWr carried ? u or- r the witerw if tho Sound NorwaiV b-r one great claim on the traveling coramw<J wha h tiiey readily un loia-ao I and admit, vU a 1 good b- tel " The Nov trait Hotel, by K I'eck, Kaq , for"'fly a>f ftrl.'g, I'll, is bea.diPuTiy located am.l a grow# (Bieoidletts ?tn-at I:; the cartre of Ibe borvtigh tl I re completely rl tel. v.' Hint there ? no leair ef tbw warm M day hi I wlnl lb" goekl* gather o'rt dovraiu tu< s..aJ?, he ladle* to <ad or go? ip. the go ut kmc to a:ui..:igljr nwU w.1 the (h.i'!r?rto play Ami then the lanle ig nvitit: all the deitcaeioa of the rearnii art f<wta4 te real ahnndance, w -tin" t tbe p.,a. Miu.- bu#t oa>?. - all l.o qi'alill'-al'i tail a g nt:<-<uat, a: 1 the traveller, lh<> .gb Iratgci betray be .titer ? fbw mmuetiisoonvermti <n alth im.tlnokab# moat have irrnwn him a'J bla lif?t, awd an axwer u> tb? oot i in*;nw taal ovtwiihttaadiog he m a > uU trail, be cua ' keep a hotel." U ?u sei "out tba* r fi-id Uiidi e* who real1!' and tlirotchlw mdnr???iiW wlr buamea*. that when we c1*) Bud Ibetn, w.> like to ?ki- a nole of II, t<?r ike Ucu-iii of <<lh?r UiWlkri The cob! old t.-m giro the hotel a c >mf 'riahly aria < air, (i! titer it tt.cb a tt .nf, whi<.h tin-> h tractor [Ih'gueait lull/ maintain. The good natured amlloof -r of ot,ly |ku peckt to lbs bush' . pdU all H|iMi >vir f"od I rhavl' or. Kelt week I .am going on a p'rat# thegrorruii Rain'* Utkrd. and I hope to rniojr Ike leaeure it tht agreeable ?<x lety of thla Mbutrat Tiling* ra B.ot th at leant, and a ! who vl I HorwaU. 'or * laf a tii' rth,I aii J beli re, will b* aa wet] r>i( aaed aa i"ir carnsponient, wl-o baa found It wrr than b*whdeU and ail hr bo| t-d Bar Af.EXANDHIA BAT. A * M>t>KiA iJa i . A dual 1 1~? fVj'l An*r?-orn5r ar A(irindri?-fidiiv J'jrttMr n<Ttg PiUa 'i ?, <T H a *!> it a S .? * ' k? iu t'.i . .! !;?;< ., a i rt, I take the lime I* gtae four roadera a glint*' of i.i? a?ur? t of tf- J'"*'. r-rtia,.* mm J tri t t< rk ;VP r" '? ' ' in N rga . !?.! ah -it,!. M utrcal, natiepd the Suoatl Village of A. xauJna heio the lent- Slop ao || e;r or I 'K lo * mi .,p, bare ver aUipp-i t ? |'?a< a <11 b r -, a. I in t> it t !*?!? " of Uie aoini e >mie>it aa<i eoaO> at: ul lu- put:* atTurdk ipre are I: re three Cue t. 'tera?Uraaamaj'r. iu aU;l>i<j? Ill 1 tlir la.' Ill -t, It' .1 . . ., , | W B reymiaak tcia of ?t da;'i ?.u s.'ic'aU hrr\ wktofc III lerrc aa ap example of the r at Ibo- wt a; o .t.i i ..,y .; ,b . u?.. i/. 4 abor t l"ii * 1 giifcli' uii'u, iLv remainder IadM e tone |t the mo. or? ? 1 rbj?y?d a ti<>art) h - dUOOt iih aa -.r te r . a u? !>t ...w -..e- ?ir uuporti *1 at liai' |>*?i at* *ere ready for our start We ekok it a beat and b > of our t trn. an 1 a* mir Itttta ? trtirt, t 1 I d wall r it 'a t'U'., a " tullfd < , Urle " ir paity ba e agreed to "tne u a and ten in , i, rih, auJ our little cralts acatter, k g ri r?,i a. ' rr)-' another. Karh b it ta pr'? wo ' ibr?? are rite I - r Ike .0* V bout a. t the other. the ateru I'.ae, W. pajr*l iNhtoii at b*id iri Ike baa 1 We bare au *.u? ..talr i\iy fo?UtiH. i ?.>d tbr ft.o-of the boat owpetod, ? * ; ? v, kauiu .li^llllU JO-t 00 i i>U'W , 0

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