Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1860 Page 2
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2 bop of Newfound l.tkt BUM Br M '1 1 1J I f illUl'.; , CI | | .1 is l.lltll ax. 1 '.stls-'tl I U?e President < I tbe Co m,. ivvlocml ttocrctary, the | Spwakor, Ca( tar xi:.,) r, i ir.t- Il ru; Captain Wasit I tart, of tbe Ariadne; Co nder Sterling of the Hero, I bin Kxocliency aid lady Bannerman. i Tlllt UKX.M' BALL In the evening the grand reception ball took place at tin- Colonial SouMcrCiflol. A pavilion of wood wai reeled a.- a wing to tbe building, and was usod ah a ball room Tlie room war bung with alternate red and white bunting, an 1 was neatly and tartefuUy decorated witb Hag* and picture*. Tbc Priuce's arrival having occurred two dajra before it whs anticipated, the arraagem?ntt wi re nocesrarily hurried, and the decorations fell short of win nag inltmlrd, but >?ere sufficient to satisfy the I most taatidioim requirement. A dais, carpeted with j crimson, aud witb the Prima'* aruis above it, occupied the further extremity of tne room. The balN of the house were given no 'or drcsnmg rooms to tho ladies ?"d gentlemen, and the I'rince liad a private retiring and a room. . The ball was a public out, a limited number of ti gets I being sold at tlve doll* > aeb ami the attendance a fluently cubiaced r<'i r, >, ntatn es of nil en ' condithai* As tbe I*riei e .,,..1 - ssi: drove up, at tea o'rlook, Its was greeted by a r">al mint". aud as be eb- ? tf red tbr chaini<< r us I ;i is ' 1 u room, tbo bands of f tbe Ileo an.l tb<- .Seat ndlai l. r simtk up tbo national anthem, end so id ths w lest cheers he reached the <t? ill the In a,' ' ll? After a brier coo- * nation with big a, the Prince and the com | pany entered tin- '. 'rt iiu, where tdg reception was orerwhe nil'K. 1 "e ball wan formally t?i>ened, the Prince dancing with ady Brady, wtih ine Uuke of New- I eas !e und llitg Grant fir a eir The folio wiug is the I'HOOKaMMK 1 Quadrille. 11 Quadrille. - Quadrille. I'd Polka. 3 Waltz. 13 Wallr. an 1 galop. I 4 l'ulaa. la lancers. 6 Quadrille. 16 Varaovienne. 6 Sbotuache l? Schotttaihe 7. Galop. 17 Qua ii ilie. 8 Lancers. 18 IVlka. V Mazourka. 1? Galop. 10 ^Waltz. 30 Contra daoee. I The* Priroe danced quadrilles, the lancera, pollcaz, | waltzes and a galop being upon the floor twelve turns It it a'timst in>|<o.-eiblt- for ua to describe this ball, for from different putM* of observation it jireaented very ( diOerrut aaiaal* lb-gar ed a> the beet that the Now foundlandera could do, it was certainly deserving of every praise but rewarded comparative!! aud on its merits, it was equal to the m< >mi rtdi.-n.o, 3 scene mat ever Ral>e I laia, Cervantes, Mr lilt <ir Pickens Imagined In j th<*r nierrlesl uusmih The Priuce, dressed in the uniform of a llrltisb col. rn-l, occupied, wln-u not danctag, ' the dais at the extretnl'.y of tti" room. The two baulk i were located in nlov - opposite each other, and alter | Dated Ibeir music. At tirtt the dancing wa? conducted With great i*-re oon> . but with little gnee; hut as 111. evening wore on, an I supper was over, the daucers i warmed to their work, and the fun began. Not one per on out of twenty In the room knew unythiug about dancing, and tbc t iifu'lon at the plebeian end of the ball became aln oat inextricable, hut was prevented from spreading over the entire room by the exertions of the Pr.nce't body guard of Volunteers. Kvtry o?w tninun? the Prince would be cheered, and at every dance he elected a new partner, thus honoring lady Brady, Miss Grant, Mrs Msjor Ikiiily, Mrs. Kent, Misk K Carter, Mrs I H Kirtley, Miss Mackaroll, Mrs Young Mlsa KobiLsoi.. Mm e'.. It. Shea, Mt*s C Jarriaand Misg Tobin, the relatit eg of ihv merub> is of the 11 >use of Assembly. The Prtn e enjoyed the dancing very much, Mill InpwUllj (SfllSHI Hi IftN, until at Ktnglll M unit past cue, tic wax taken away b.v the advice of lb* Arl u d The Prince dances very grace folly, Conversed with Inn |>?rlo? rg during the pauses of the figures, and one rt-*d tuem to their guardian*, but not to their reals, politely avoiding to attempt* made by some nt the ladiea, in drhttitse of etiquette, to tat" hs mm When not dam-lug. the Prince kept tune to the oniric by a singular more mom of bi? whole bt-ly, even whou talking He appeared lilt* a mere" h *y, enjoyed the eoht.' of the occasion, and the undisguised ndmira 1 tion ci those who surrounded him Towards the eud of i the ball the steward* I var lew r*r?fulof tooae who 1 danced in the eel with the IVince, and uow beg&n tb" ' Uughable jav* j-oi A tall ensign, with a very red head, * instated on bluu firing hnnrelf against the Prince and lit* 1 partner; a volunteer uaacad lust with UuMlpttM ' Idea that he wna dolno i i- doty, and unconscious that h * 1 was out of time, out of place, and out ol the figure, a very tall man aucce* led In wait/ ng bis partner uutil She became giddy tm *h to fall at the Prince's foot; and bobbing up and down, over tiu* room, were Hushed, anxious fac<*, regarding partners who wrouM go wrong, or who were ob*lin?t* ly right Tile Prince could not avoid laughing outright at tbese mishaps, but continued to dnnce, good naturer ly correcting mistakes and calling out the t gurrs to the aw kward squad before him In these efiurts he was aided by a little mite of a mulahip man. a boyish sprig of Lobilily, who persisted in dancing with the largest ladies he could find, and thus in Creased the g< neral no runent Altogether, if the Prince did n it tind at the hail the refinement an t the beautiful daneing to which be I ad be*-u accualomed at court, lie i fouud, probably, more genuine and hearty enjoyment, and be remained very late. The ball broke up almost J immediately after the roung Prince had departed, followed by repeated cheers TtIS IJUTK TAKON). The next morning dawned bright aud clear, and the , little town, in it* holiday dress, was throng-d w.tb people striving to obtain position* from which they ' might lako a last long look at th< heir apparent. whr, in tbc meantime, wa< taking bis leaves at the (lovernmeet House. He presenteo in l.iiy llanuerman a beautiful bracelet, set with emerald.', and diamonds, aud also cngTaved portrait* of his my ! s sters and brothers, temarkiDg thai the |>orlrtii.i of the Qneon and the Prince Consort, which had been pu ?*<l In hi* room at Government House, were the same whdi be mleoded to have left with the others Ikmati n? of '"*0 each to the Asylum for widows and orph u s a id the Benevolent Irish Soe.elf, find of one hundred poinds fir prise* at boat race# be tween Ibe Ofhermi n Of Harbor Grace and SI. Julius, were placed in the Governor'- bat. * by the Prince, together with other more pels ato i uaii- i.s to the poor of the . ity, Cfty pounds of which w -re iitstributeil among ltd geut families Tlie Prince al?.u \ti nded the royal clemency to even prisoner* oonfln-ui in the pe*ttealiary?four for lar cetiy, oue for assault, cue for petty forgery, and oac (a ' Si man t for dleoi 'oriy conduct tus text hark xTyj v. At ten o'clock the chiming of the cathedral hells am* anted that the l'riuee was about to tart for the wharf, and the streets crusting the route were thronged with people, and the var ous soc.cties and corps of soldiery were drawn up upon the government lawn When the Prince, accompanied by the l'arl St Germain ar I Hir and lady Hariencin, enter- ' id tbo carriage, the air *? root * ith -bouts ami darkened with hat* and l a-iokru hi- fa. Hudde 'jr a body of tnon ruxtaed forward, dehwhi d the hereon Iroro the oarrape, aid the l*r mi e. I. 0111^ ar? i"U?ly m 'r b d to tbo w ?h of tbo |io?|i|o,a Moot r <p> w h?ok?ol ou. and about two hundred m- o, alt? r a nna-l ac ttuble for tbo bonor of place, I mod into lui* Ju lilr ? tbo carriage, at tho head of the procenr.on, to the whart k*i? Th?procos?,na waa tbo vane a# at tbo landing, end tioarrarf< inontaii|<cn tho wharf wore precisely aim liar, except that thech'efofb cera of tho fViiiah atnpo took Iboir atalion* al?> at the land'i |t atop* The Pi'nrr e itered tbo wharf bowing to tbe trrmendmia ahcula which greeted btm. and air.d the tbundora of cannon, tho ringing "f holla, th rauaic of the ban da. tbo cbcre frnm attlp and ab> re, hi tmk bla lowre of lad) Banm rman and tbo ottlccra of tie fovrrnuoat, atopt d Into tbo lloro'a barge, and flow aero*# tbo water to th<' noblo liner who u ?a? to convoy bun t<i Halifax. A momi"it after, tbo handreoa of naval Blondina and Ik- lavor who had l?*b manning the jitrda of the tnon of war Bwarin?d down tho rigging, tbo aalub* ceaoed, the royal onaiitn alowly riwr to in# H wo'e m??t. and one by rif the royal Menmera aailol through tbo Narrowa ant dteappoar >d from lil< r gbt of ti.o Newfound landiri. Aa thoy |*?*>n out of the harbor tho Prior, an greeted with a udimuo aaJutc, lu tbo form of a aubma rino binrt, by tbo w or amen cugagod in ri-tnot lug the Ka by Rick. tiia onir .it einxwr. The rojnl floel wtsj b uwrd by lb# agent of the Aaeo j elated I'roaa, to wboa the Princr give m-vcra! de-patches- , and the fleet, when laat board from hero, had reached j lUfax Mopping on Hnlurday at a little place called Hid | noy In Nova Soda. f r coal# for tho Qoro Tbo coal tblp . not arriving at Ht Jobna until tbo 30lh inetant, tbo vwlt i of tbo Prince to Hidney waa. of ooume, entirely an' waved e.w^.,1 uwi Wad PUllIilv i l l,!.!. At i ? >< l*i>4u 1 ) !? r he ? M rrorlvnl by three volunteer*, twwtlly collicieO and by an old woman, wbv over nbrltxtl the tTIBu* with |ur?h'M btewwiuga Away l??l. d lb" volunteer* to ?< I loot their force*. aud Onatlv euccevded lb getting i.ifib"f ah?nt thirty, in *o?n* *ort < ( uni'orm, l>ul ith uo two hat* alike Antony, be It ki nn, i? pr bab y Uir only i.i '">1 ty in the world A |>l?<-e ir,.re i rv|" t. v e-i ta ii i y be ai d cannot le- oemrlbed Aroma tt stretch wide barren* and a* the r*rinee rod* acro-n to. we to the town, which ban but a frn hundred InbabltanU. be encountered a tribe of Mrrmar Indian*, the Drat that be bad ere r k?i, With *r.ry indication of curmatty, the l"r!nee dwmo iiited, tul? ied and riamined Ue lent# nf lb* Indian*, converted wtta them, and male nerrral (o.rrhaaea of miKi??in*. tt? company, with in* Prinze, lh<* erler.'d lb* t..?n, where ibo iwliaOilanU gave a down faint che.?o, and the volunteer* mad'a Ire dtf oooaolat* alt mptr ai a parade K\t?au<lod with ail'ov-tv to r-?t*aln their u. .liter at to>* ridtctiknia ethtbit .r lb* ivtno and I - t n t red to tna II n>. tnd ?t?*t od off to tbr *ptrtiul4 ovation awultei. tbi m la lb" Canada* Th< Newfoundlander* are in *c?ta. ea wttn the bear rg and be lit lor of Ibo I'noo-, and dnr am that ?nch kiug* ar he ?b#ll uover want enhjw t* Oie day of hi# depa'tort ?o ob?rr*>d an a b< ...lay , *r I ceb b-.u?d by boat ran ai d now the town ju-t bylu to *> tile back into tu orua. <41 i and the d>r<'ation* disappear fnna the otrocu. a too* tn> *n Tak"t? ae a whole, the cek-hrutoo at 3t Johnt eat rre ditabb t? Hie coh?y and it* effect waa *>ptal to lt*m> fit Tlie frloc* and b<* attendant* were oover weary of el printing U>< tr gratiiirai on at every arrangv ment kuD tbr mat apropM Incident* at the ball coold not overcome Ibo < (to I rfr the genuine and barty rnthu*.a*o which everywbrre |irevailed. arid which dwplayed lt?elf upm every occasion Certainly It wae well arranged lb* Krg I vnC * be ir apparent ?h nkl let fud Drat upon the shorn of lier no at ancient colony, and the ormpliuml wo* M well rueivid a* It wae merited Ibr prnyde are *nr* that heir celebration will nrn be el 1 rlkd In tlw Canada*, but look forward win eager ae t! p.: on |? Umt re.*-('?).e n New V irk Which u- C iv i?r all other* "in. re," tb<y ?ay, "you bare a *< - i r .al tiluw. oatior. and barn ? <1ty Hvll for a f---II val.' Many " from t*t I tin* to eee the para-t*. n.d they are very Wilting thai Hi* vrierkan poll* i d outdo them Th< Amerlcn.. may d I their heot at a r*cept|o| . and may make the .wet of lb* Prince of ffa.'"?, with co (bar of the country 'oclUiod It J Fhglirh rule to com* qu?w Th'#e who ? * m ' -1'* ' frlliCt will IL'I k lrttrt Of thai ! >fUl < ! jluV.THIP 11 w i h I [>>u,<ell uccultulnl birth above nature's en imsmebU, lb acquirements of hcm-el aiM- perturb* I l?oii' ? I ble ci mpetilioi, ai d even the will o 'be p?- n t'lo'n 1 olvti", and maki - a man a Kit g simply because it I'M \ formerly mailt his im Iher a Wueet. \ < THE RECEPTION Of THE PRINCE AT HAUfAX. hpnial Corrrapondrnrr of (lac Ht ruld Halifax, July 2b, 1800 how to rkach Halifax. Ii I were aakod L> u.imc tbe Une?i bay in North Am nca, should say that of H.diiax It I were asked to came he en at miserable city in that country, my reply would iao be Halifax. The I?rm< r, which ia 2 466 miles from Liverpool,la aitu i. d 400 miles Dearer to the British ishu da than any othor orl on the continent, and while the Canadian harbors re blocked up with ice during nearly half tbe yetr, It Is .Iwaya accessible. Kr< m Hal.lax to Quebec, through irilish territory, the distance is about 000 on lee, and rom Halifax to 1'riuce Edward's Island only 160 miles. Th< last named is reached b\ taking the railway cars, * rather all'win< them to lake you, as far as Truro, "rom which pace you travel by coach to 1'iclon, aud ih 'nce by steamboat to CbarloiUtown, tbe capital of tbe Isiand. There is fortnightly communication by steamer (Cunnrd Iter) between Halifax and St. Johns, N. V., aud monthly between Halifax and the Bermudas There are also stenmers plying to and from Boston and other places dur ins Ilia summer. ai l,i nil n*iijr U rewarded by di. i rvermg it to be a lunatic lutn. TTTl WHAHI AH" HTIUnrT". Oil l*r .ling at ( unard'a wharf, a gloomy archway load* tutu n i arrow an,l dusty street, which la a fair specimen ol ail I he t>i Iter M reels m the town. lin e who have to ited Kingston, In Jamaica, could t r.iij f?i| h> ree<<cn>te a resemblance between the ft ret I, of i ihd Halifax during the Hummer V v i ?w from tne citadel is the fine a t In Nora Scotia, and embi aces a v nle sweep of country on all tildes The oa I of the t la< 0 ilrr.t ip to the top of tin I, I, biii visiters are only allowed to enter the uudei ? .j foot Vt itliiii, however, there Is h-v* of general tnte rt hi to he seen th in at the citudel of Quebec. It U used a* an infantry harrack and Mori hou e. mui actTj?u?.8. Ttir p'jhhc building- el Halifax are neither numemui . r in iyni*,i,g The Province House, where the Goveruor, UN Muigrave, resides, it a neat but lew ouildtng, en c - tl within a m all garden. and here an arttller> soldier la iiiMi a on duty, to receive jmaaenger* and tarda i i.t l.i., innr. ot House i f Assembly. at the < on: ot Ih lie and Granville streets, is the largest and 1 >. conutt)oi>ed cue in the town, and is gray stone The Wi ll ru n Harracks, reccully constructed, are handsome ai d durable. but the olj South I tar rucks are wretched. T). i. arc now ipiartered at Halifax two regimeaU of In far '*y?u ,n cl) the Siaiy second and Sixty thtru; one cripwiy of silulery, one CoD'iany ot roy il etigineeis, as rils live itflc volunteer cntnpiuiie*. one couiptny of engineer? and I'De of artillery. IhereareOve tri wiek'y new?papers in ilaltfax, but tist one dally. Tie i.fli f lare built for am i.<ement In the city fa a wretch, . iittle llieati-e in Sjirmc GarJens, at the base af I uidt-l llill. which eas been closed for more than a year N ik i tia is divided iniu twenty an c unities, which aie r. t .noted hy a legislature cd fifty five nx-rno.'rs, w! I ' - ( nu t on the nth of June, 17fx The colony w 1 firs; st til it iu 1741' itid its present population Is nly .7o? IW?a nimbi r that, constdi ring Uw sterility i' a i? ^ i-iuiiCf Ih. ceuutry. is surprlautgly large. Halifax its* If has a population of hd.000 riun'snsTtosts >oa mi ecuanw' iju arm Tl.c | e|?rati ..? 0i mg made at the Provincial Guild I:,-. Ii I rrderictrin. New Jfrunsw its, forth" " Prlure's Kill, as it Is styled, were on a very ample scale Two wugs have been attached to the legislative OouccU Ihattbe', one of which t.? sixty four fi-et hy twenty two, and the other forty six by twenty two, while, in order to aflort a larger Boor surface, nil the ratling* that were formerly tlxtuna <n the Council Route hare been re moved The House of Assembly mom has also bran t eared of fiery encumbrance, with the same obtect; and the Supreme Court r.ctn has been fitted up as a nf. ah noct Saloon Th. ban.l is to occupy the reportera' gallery tn it e ("unnl Chamber, end the men entrance la to be ii.iToa-iel to double its lurtnrr proportion*. St: :lar altera!;, tu and improvements are bung perfi cted at Govrrnnx"! t Ham, the residence of the Gorer t.r It- g*r . t r it : g-oui i*. the rivrr imot, ? l>c or. rii Wed l>y thi nvmr tueud-.-d for bu RoyaJ illjjl.litcn. If e r i[1< and artillery coot*?!'* of tbr locality arc biury i i - i ! r ... i , m atoa tbr >orw U|M Dnf^H. all i'l ?Inch arc to t ;-ti out ui full Uiiilorm on tbr ccrutfal da> A: Bt .Toho (S B) a triumphal arch aa<1 acmi-clrru ir tn l utd platform, ?lib eialr.te to be put opal 1; rdr 1'o iit, ahm the I'nura la to laud The arrange li.cot of tL" platform if auch that all reded no It a til bar* a Ore pp">luiii<y, not only of witmreiug tbc ceremuolea attending the rcroptioo of the roval gturlou alepftug thine, hut of Mi n.g tbr party aa they primed aioug the barf. IT mthur arm wl oh prevail* all over New Bruncwlck a ib n ap ct tti tbla rt-i? la greater pcrbapa lLaa la any other Pmvtire. In n.y Iwt 1 nt you a programme rf tbr rcceptloa at IlaJ ei. an thai It J uuoncr arj- for me to brrt repeat the lime jrri! ?!* <? or rta raoria A prprlatnal u lu>r im .. nmcd tirelartnr Monday aad i.i'l' i -i . i ub; h'nMiaye, as I lbi ' no doubt r ji b a til N-UfUcrrnaily r.narrved I'ph a late b?wir on rmtnrday night the rtreet decora tiM.a were iron rating ?ilb groat rapid it) . aad activity, ubv ill) lilt en ar for Nora Suit, waa neible on every Idr I (Bar raft ly rmtn?r to ray that there ir not a bmiae la Rf t that baa not been pa obit, r novated or ether a let- In vrat ft>r the gr, ?t evrt.t A'i to rut'd) ai d rk h in vrrdure. are ornamenting the rlr'.tr t hundred* id ( ?r?tafl> may be aero ruing ib'<e It b> uert ipe far more ?tb'i- a?iu precede la benty witii reaper! to ton rovai cint than I he.lore there will be lb INnada ilrrlf The pe?|>te of all rank* P'litlrr and onnditwina are rielBg with ?aeb other la tbc I eodi atror to do h''nor to ihelr future king ranntoTtoMt **n ntvuiM TTierfreot arrh.r wh>ch are all of very aub*taatial and tn ielul build, number twenty aecen, of theoe there are reven mi Wal? r rtreet, three oc IP una win* rtrott ore on fhike rtreet, finr r>n Granville atraet, thro on iter r it g ton rtreet three on tyring Pardee road, leu nb Km* Uriel, our nlndlng from the Iburt II rear to ll< market, aad ano ber ami the laet near the gcr aorka. A.i tbtae are r mirtrticifd of timber aim dree rated with a beaey covering of aprner Tb.r gicec them a gi nerai r? > mtoaiie , but the drelecw, aed In (mine r?? lb- aiibrtewtnet , ea> tea, f will raeu h a fee o th-in. w that the reader will n# ahlr tofn m an idea of their op |? araiicr 11,r one at the Innolmn if tyring Garden mat and Harrmgtno rtreet r-inetr of two rleni er wrwoMa fof nunc, >rli atirwnciiitid by a on*.*, a w d? beam ni ii< i Hum, covered a tb rectral other amailee rr ?aea, ?: rta amii en h way a aupport tbr ooIumm m butb tuk visit o* 1hk di'kit or fjwt, Tli Duke of Kml. Iatber ol Queen Victoria, wis com maiider of the llritLh forces id North America, ami *U lion mi i?t Halifax id tie year 17119, and there are several d' w livu g here who remember tho old gentleman, and alii manifest tr.ui h venerable delight at the prospect of -celng hie grand'.'U among them after the lapse of siaty , care. If Albert Fdwrird lives to be King of Kngland, he will lot l>e the lirst ruler of the British realm who once In bin ;.'o visited North America, for William IV., in bis early liar.hoc d ? and while the third son uf lit* father George 111., aid ci na ?iuectly with little expectation of evor succeed leg to the throne?visit.-d several of these provinces. Tlie preacr.t Sir Samuel Cunard formerly worki d as a ror; enter in the Oriance Department at -lalifa*. and Halo burton, of'-Sim Milch" celebrity, Was be n a few miles oi.i} octet the lown, in which, 1 uiny remark, murders are if ? V iare occurrence that no execution has taken place !>r Uuca yeats. iuu1ax hat You will ptrceive that 1 am gtrirg yon a few Of the Odds and cCi'iv of the place in liai p'ciureaquo confuaiou whicii I Kinei lines select It myself, Ui prclereuce to a mure methodical arrangement 1 will row retro c to the Imy, the noble proportions or wn; ti vi ul?i rii.a r it n agnitieent if tbe sreuery in witch It III- eidrauied was of a more stupendous character, but it larks iLne classic 1.. iphto which ovorhang Km, t'alcr in.) and Naples, a..d the pi cap- el > Horded by its shores Is one of txuitiiv and sterility On Mil ling it. the shores on either side nre long, low si.e saiioj , and continue s? for several miles, after which the tin- signal station, is passed, and the coast b?i omen a littii more elevated, aun appears to he made up of s ol broken rocks, between winch here and tuere n ay In- t . l patches cl fu re and other baruy plants and si.i ubg, v hile l lie wn tched wooden shauty of a lis her mar,, and occasionally small vilisgi-a of such, in lire innlst of which rlands a church, which is to city churches what nn.ountisp is to a hold, i ise up from the nakod rocks jpou which tliey are irregularly perched It would ne lithe It to irony no anything more bleak and forlorn, csoeilally ill wmtii?and I hate seen it iu winter?than this ante liarri n Nova Scertiau terra Jinna But for tweu;y Pith-s mini iialllss the "ounl-v is almost equally rn-k) and uncultivated. so that the color) la by no means rn h in ngricnltui al pi euiisc. Allr-r passing the Yoik re it, whub i* toe ?'nrn Kigowl station. wuiienaiidHinan no clomps of u.n V,, "turned pine ima distinguish ll?? ?Mltl u i>r left I .iurt shore, iui<l red sandstone him! pine* the opposite i.r ittl' m one Advancing, we pun* Tower Vfnous i n ti>*- left. which I* the n- anal shore, |<tr we are sailing ii|> Hit- western channel, Ihe larger of l is two that lea i up to the harbor, u here a tower pierced for cannon, tut le t in u.?', Flanus einbowertd to the sombre foliage of pine*. We next cmo to Volnt Pleasant, two mile* from H*ll I i, where a couple ot batteries point th* ir black guu* a* 1! they rt ally meant to do us mischief. But we pu?a tbem i.moerled, si d ure soon abreast of the I-las tern lUtt-ry, -e called hi cau?c it comma ds tbe eastern channel, facing lo-nrge* Island. wblcb lie* almost parallel with M(-Salt's Inmie, the latter crowned with a formidable round tower ol gray atone. M Sab r acts a* a breakwater, and divide* tbe barl>' r within immediate view of the town, which, from the water, has a tery dingy, quaint and antiquated ap 1 nr.un e It te hai ked hv the citadel, which la the thud ignul Ftution, and ha* an aspect of tbe aio?t commanding ami impregnable order. There are a h ? email vesaelF, ami sometime* a larre one. sailing up and down the bay , and a ferry steamer plu ? frequently fn m Haltlax to iFtrltnoulh, on the opposite Flue of tin harbor, wblcb w ft th? city what Cboahire to I.icerj-ool Hero stand* a conspicuous red brick ? 1 wlfi'h t*.r*?ntu ihn ulrtkrurrr to lis Hiiro ttbou ( 11 I <EH VOiJK HKJiALD, TU .it* The whole to decorated with e thick melting of i in* luanitus Ou lite arc of the artb dw the market, tbe r r,iB > Welcome to Nova Scotia" are insirtbed H rs n- ally done in green leaves, and immediately jli'cmeatb ihc liiotto ol bit- Royal Highness, "frh aim," u|>|mmid in Utters of wire, which will oe bung wi.b VM H g tiled lfcln|* on tin- ar ti on the !*arade tbe word "Welcome" to cut b (be ?i?i Tar arcb bj Ibr dockyard gate is supported by large Rid riai> I) tolbi s, wbirb are to be garlan lea with fitwerfri'Vei ino giound ot tbe invariable spruce, while lb' aicb itsi-lf to to oe embellished wlib appropriate di vic<e. tue ol ti e arobes near tbe Cunard wharf in Water i ini't la n ucb aunnrrd. Ou tbe arc of tbe centr al arch n.a> be read in laigi- letters the inscription "Adtptfe em lai0 Uitrntur ut omnia undoabove wbicb Is tbe figure ot a laige ru aii.sbip. On tbe reverse side of the arch to lb'' word "Ibique " Tbe volun eer artillery company have creeled an arcb at ibtir owl eaiiense, whirl consists of a Urge central | i-p iu, kurtnoui tod by a gun and carriage, and aupported oy mud!, guretul towers, each display ug on lite top tbe l'rinco ol Wales' plumes, tastefully formed of spruce b< light. On one of tbe Mollis Hrcet arches is the inscription in giicers' l< litis, set in foliage, "Welcome tbe l'rince, t.iai d ,uu auid ii| .Scotland." Tin t'skonic art b, front log tbe Masonic Hail, basevi- 1 ilt i.i !* liiu.n niiuti in itwl toilh i/t tdtl f'nri' itiid the* t .t I'.r I It. miii < d the triu.iipiirfiil fui epround lis appropriate nod 'J'Miacie*istic el iln- order li rims Ibus:? Welcome, ' i or colile Prince, grandson of our lllublrtons Brother, ihe late l uki <>| Ki l l vsho laid lut- corner stone of the to..Kiii tc Dull, iu due acd ancient form,on the eighth June, i A 1, 6M1P." The mine words also occupy the reverse side, the 1'ricceol Wales'plumes bring bet lit the centre. On the hi mm it ol the at < b are placed tour ban ieuuio ccleslitl and ores trial glcbt s, done In Iruiisptnem y, aod covered with a variety id emblems On one corner is placed a banner ot the ttoyal Chapter, and on ltie other the bauuer of the (encampment of Knights [Vtnpiar. Various bauiu n ot the provincial lodges also decorate the wboc- arch On Imo co'uniiiB figure the words r'auti," "Hope," 'tharity," "Krieudsbip," "hove," "Truth" i'lica.., alike w ilti "eve r> thing else about thearcb.sre duple.:, ai d th?ie is no doubt Ibal when illuminated it will have avert happy and brilliant effect. On the arch new the residence ol the Archbishop, ilie dark evergreen whi.u I ei rbiour s it. in common with the rest, is variegat *1 with i aititu lui Dowers, ai d K scroll on a bu ll is the Lrisb motto cl " Ctud Alille FuiUt," meaning "a thousand welcomes," aplMMis in ihe centre, while a baunei boats from tin- Utg stafl erected in the middle ornamental cross Tic arcli 011 llurrii gtoo street, fiontiug the entrance to the h'veru uiei.i lprjse, isgiauu with "Welcome to Nova *;i lia," lu gilt letters. 'I be auii at tt Horticultural Gardens, oppi :to the Convci I of the .-acred Heart, displays the simple I scrip tu u, "Welivni to the land of the May Boarer." It , u s to tnc,bo?< ver, thai " Wr icotui'lto Uio laud of the ipr-ice" j would have bei n more appropriate. Judging by the aoun , dance of tie- laltei and ihe scarcity of the former All Ihe aicbcs will be more or less decorated wit'i Covers, natural o. hiliBeial, at an tariy hour tin Men day oiorhu g and the contrast b< tu'-en linir gay colon and the sober green of the spruce will be very pit .ming. TilK HUTKIsi It would be well for Halifax il events such as the present were of more Ircqueni occurrence, and il ihe su O n dtsiie tor cleauiug the eirei is aurt houaes and rem .' y uibighiiy rnbhitb, which everybody now uiauifesw. m i; of a d ore peiinant nt cliaracter. What makea Haldav ibe most niifetiable town m North America nu toe vut.ter is its wat I M a deceut hotel, at prcsou! the Nova ocoliao capital is tiy no moans equal to the emergency iu pro vitiug suitable>11 lor her gut-sU, who are on iv i * utt rri -at ?.r the Windsor mnil Iran, J ??? cart :o*d( ot baggage l> tug ill limit ol one of lb-few wrelctiel hoteli that here abound, and wnith personal exponent*- mcvtnccs me are ml p?-sw-rsed ot a si ^Io H'hU quant). Ibis bagpipe belonged l? persons ?ti? h*l ap,mud for ad Buret -n Co die bouse, but who coulil to-l be a.-commu dated, owl) g in tin' k*uii- being already ovcitttow-i-'il. uaU yet, during all Ibis time, Inure la a large hotel, in-aiy built, ID I lie City, wtneb bo one can be found eittrr prising enough to fintngn auo open I in guui n> -uy tbnt J have at-cured u snail bedroom fur on i then fore that I shall not bo driven to the uccessily of Ble< pti-g ou u billiard libit-, us I war ou toy first night lu Australia seven yearn ago. The phony old streets of the city se-oj to h-ive underftone a strange change since the time wbi n 1 1.1 Utciu in April larl. Hit y now look like avenues, go much a.e the lueaulks I .tied with prion spruce boughs stuck into the uupaM-d gn und?for pat tug here ha.- betn entirety ignored K- stiaaiB and gurhtii'-a m- ' t It)'* eye at oV ry pbu ct , bouses hate beeu turned tuto guy s- bors by Ibe tarletul band* of tmnu-u, and the ahops In piti uiaf bate a vt ry testier appearance. run roans aan stacks Ort the grand parade, Oirecny opposite RtOipe ?treet, a large stage bar teen erected after tie Style of a gaud Bland on a race course, the Iters of seating ismg *iup u th< sim aliy In lite be gtil o about t v. ntv one feet trom tin pronatl, wl-ile a uw, cl St screen of spruce encircle* lbs banc ol I be trbnhitim I* iuU-da d frr the Bco>mmn0ath>n of the 8,600 rhtlirtu ?be belong to the united s< hotii* of Halifax, and who are to pre-1 L.s Royal Highness with an anthem as he makes his eppraiitnre near tin- spot Directly in the rt ar of tbia tbe f)r< uiep of the town have erected a lofty | lower, wiiti b tr die- rated attli flags, Danspareacie* anil a i few di mi ts N> ar the tmrUi sire ot the parad* a Cmo j taiii bar been put up. aud the y- tr are ao arranged as In i bt- colon <1 oy in iiiuuiiuauoua auicn are to la*o place | Miages 01 rlnLu* Similar to. but * a amaller acalo than Ibt unoe-ncthtil, I'mvc Iwii crec hi lu tronl i f i>l. I' a i ai (i M t'SMlew > rhu'i hoe, and toe old Mtraugora' burial ground. A ti >pe gallery bun beeu elected mi tha (mat 01 llic Mar i.ic I I'll1 in order to ul! .re tin- lady relative* o. the rial ai> i>| |>orliirit> of wilueeau.g the prone-nno. Ttir l'r< VI r<? I In tiding m Iuui'comely dec/ ratod, and two b n<| iriw y wings bat e l-etn lul led to It, ooe of wbicb it- tube u "i-n an the supper n?-m, and the other aa the bull room, on Tuewlay utghl, alien the grand nfialr la 10 -4-tnroff Tbrwiiigr alluded to are nerrnl) feet equare aud 11 it t v li 11 I- et high, and being ot plain Cawed b, ibeiaU'ioi primula au unsightly ap|iear?iice, but tbe I ueooraie ua aitl-iD areeaoeamaly Unl -ful. The southern > one In the ball room, ul d tbe ebiiiU (inuring* of tilts are bready atii|-ed pink and while, and gathered In at the centre ol tbe celling, giving to It r apartuienl a lent Ilka A hi > ban l-eeo provided for the orcheaIra Tbe light ai>d rhitelo *ly 1c o( the whole will be aeea ; to gieat advai lege wbeu lighted up wilb gaa, aud tbe uu- 1 tneroua illuminated n>otl?ct whteb are designed to nlad lustre over tbe acene on the auepi- I cloun near mo of bla Royal Highness gracing the ! hvm w db bia preaeoce. The op|?aite or north wing baa j an apfiearai- ? ' >? light and airy a pall of gloom hanga , over it by ay, but It will Ooubllera look cheattul enough when l>gl leu up at mgbt Tbe wall haugmga are ilnped r d, wloti Hitd blue, and the couopv la ioriued by a beau tilnl < irpiay ol tbe tl.^, id all naiioua There are here ami tbirtet u huianri, earb beaitng the name of aome dia tu gutnla-o Noth Mi otian 1|.< aide ?ii.dowa of iLf council ( hamher ronmis'l t vita < ( llic Hall and from iboeo of Hit- aaoembljr room iht- rartiul observer u.ay be able t< ihe mulllM la at mm> ihe entrance hall of tbe building ta pmfuaely decorated lib gret nhouae pi into, and *woru>-ami bayuu*to inge I. lonely mant-od together The lower hall, connecting the two iiipn. la carpeted anil Uw walls arc bung with drapery, aini Hit' laige roCcsa bad .eg to the liark cntrauce, ma cload, baa been converted into an arbor and connervaiory, iht raniim being leeba ued ?ith evergreens In the centre la placed a fnuiitoiu, ah- r.'iu tbtrr U an arlaiigctncnt of water ;ct*. gm? lighli- and iluwrrs, calculated to produce a tery pmly cllec lhe Supreme Court room baa l?t n reigned by the Jurpi-e In la vor td lb? laiiri, aim are to nave iimi drcouig rw*u, ami the Anecmbiy r?>m baa been given up by tin politic ai.a in be natal aa a refreshment room It la lav.rh'y recited with of erergreeua atii flowers, and tlx palirnea bare b-a'ti even more prodigally i ait wiib in that respect, btiug covered with floral em betliehatetit Tlie Council Cbamber la to be tbe grand reception rta>m It was alwayv a handaoiue roitn and well fuinu-beii bteltles routolriug aome life at e paiulinga of 1 Km pa of Knglaad, and juipet and pt>litiriana of Nova madia, a.-that rule required ti be none iu luting It for the reception o! the Crince rhal little, bowevi r, haa m en cart lull) attended to; an l allhougb It laeka the ahoaintaaof tin teintKirary apart men ta, it ia by tar tbe nioat ?lately of tb. o all. I biay mention that on Thursday evening last a ball was given by Rear admiral Sir Alexander Milne and the i'flirtra ot bcr Merely 'a abip Nue mi I board ibat llag aulp I I wl.i..|. Ihr.liitn.1 IK. I art tit I I li?a ol Mulgrave, DMuibrrt : o< *rly three bum rod Tti? ah-p la) e.oee ht Ibe wharf in Ibe dockyard, an thai the 1 put-Bin a lopped from llielr ivrriiapea i oani'. lately on board, eln-re ib?- acooe ?.? id lupuiy ft* ?< elitnckr. j Tin- decot aiwma were mry taaie'ul and brtlltuil, *u I the i nUrn mill aiit|a-e bun* aide by aide ? lit tin- 11b* of Allium On. pteanaiil fi at urn of Win whole ?* lhal of the mM n ?t itic ii en, ill l(n ir in nl.rti mi Iriln, r*ii*tvi muul tin hu!*i?i KB, and In ibnr 11* >ally quami nuk i-r tutort li*n*lii| IrttaA, ?b ib (>h * 1 Hi in Wity a- r- riij-) lit* 'In Mh-tn ? ml an ibi .r Mi*bb<>il V?-Buwbiin Ills band id bIu|> ri-ftalnd Ibe pineta stub pit mtialc, an ' 4 ni mm Brrr} n> u niarrugu- bed.'* Abmii Mm !i diatis arrl -nil In HVtfa* imi Haturday, and pMtnln ill< ofret ta in ample Cm, beaded bj a white rami, Hi ni it mi tituled rnu-f Tti rr?i Ohief, however, i* i i'd mid rr pitied thai a arn?*t- an* provided lot him Tt i > I'nwal li? Wm Utin ramml llmim, an I wore I m itm b? lord and lady M'tl<rave. to ah nn lli-y pron t.Utl a* vi ral m-autiful aptclmoiia of Ibnlr ban I h i-alt aa p itili1- fid lh- Qxili To Iron Miiprat-n in -j * ?vi- a pond illy fin- rloihiatbiT ?wi were in win in Ibrna -ived, mil ol material* puri .Wid fur t mm a lib id* funda of a IUlIt m,l>ae>'|4ioii raised fur lhal purptwn bo) an- lh<J nn.ivi i Hir Mil- Ma- Irtbf. and. a? mat bn auppomd, mvi II i it'imi- * n trbedlio*, althp-iph a linn I a.-!' ol n nn, Otar j nf tbim bolt * mure thai an feet bt*h. and wo'l biuil TI e Jiayor n' IVetnf) arttvul ft rterrtay, and Joined Ibe Ma)or<< Mnureal na a *w ?l id Ihei't) riie?? are lb* oi i| ir'nbiial nrl. paua litai havn it in* to Halifax lor II ? |mi|??> id i Xtrtiilliig rpn ial thVUaiitui u? Ills Priso n to v's11 an) | -art :t-uliar i lly of ellhof Ui a la or Ibe Uuiieil flaw* In eonrhidln* this lettnr, nil ?hn ntp id hit K >yaJ l<i*b novfi'arrtv-0 b< r I cannot but n mark lliat ibn preaent la an avn-t wlurh la lo i vory way liktly ?> bam an important li Unorine over the future id iboee 'ra m al'ai I m t*i a u-a of (In at Wriltin II la an Untitle ( Which ill (ami ill It t- nd In b-iphlnn Ihn pride wrlllrh Oaoa dtafia, hi ?? Btvdlana, Wetrfteihdletidera ant N*? llrnit h I> rB It el ui Urn molbi-r ctHinlrt, nnd ht a i dm * a ill alni-i'ib' a Win lira thai lit k Hu m lopniber. Di a--a rert 't in* a mark of ms-i*tiiii<in, Uis ell a-i id nh'ch i? irra inl bln, alllxniab r<-oitpi umr, la In ihn portnm d a ad ol iphWan Thej am pi ilm aa lh-- i-mb-Bliiti-nl dt> *hui ' i? ?i-r and pr< alioaa, and aa lh- inpreneiiM live i knr v inthHal ana tu-r pio|4n 'nr> bail hi n aa II I I' futii'rhua ttitb UI miiipled aa lafknl-ti and den*hl; ai'labal 'Win* <ir(' are rat-tb-n id hrlu|ai IH -I ) 1?. phi a lib linen pomnt nil On 111* whii-h honl

iti i us li il ' larHd land * Inns Vim ho il i aar-d ?># idhnrwiae Wiao Wait lb? I'-inoe 11.. a -ti nis real m vari ? 11 r , tr la b a. 11i-isha feme ami he baa l.lntarlf lrt'Mi-n, a. <1 tl-n ti it os> <1 elM *e inhabtlenla' bHa/tn nllered -n b.a a n - Imirer itiiin bm till ibe la.u i-inhnm of I ? i.ia -! ?I < tp-re H trill lie well, ion, ft" Ihn p-e ai roina id ib?a. MilChMc rehUlw? which ever oujfct to ESI>AY, AUGUST 7, 1860. iuihm between ftg!;.i d Had ttj< l'> .hum. th-i bf view I* riliew and expend com ibe warm well. no and I 1 !'fclni< ? ( tin ij inliab.Laijla >iii , ?U, ruy ], tiiiu with U.i.- 1 coi cluue. HaUkax, July 31, 18?0 TH? HKCUniOM OK THK rUM'k 41 HAJJKAX. - V'.e reu ptiou of the I'rinoe. of tv.u * j .u- '?r of wbkb I w in you in* j .articular* h\ u Icgm ? a pic. tmcrqur atd i xciiing acoue, winch if khi i u . infore mo In my mmd'n ?-y? 1 can took ?d I .mvj Hero, of 2,MM) tuna lataHuremesi, el- mo. *i> (ml j tLc b "tcirc gunaof tin Yoik redoubt, -uiuke nocndliig Inzily fr< ui her i te huge blAik l .i.. v. '.il- Al- 1 bcrt ixiwaid, tl ben td all heroes ol ti. ii.idrou ' hi-rU-r diilc h bin plain dark dr??e a areuow- i It dgre tbe cheers ol rur paw< ngt-rfi by raining his cap nod I b wing Willi a graceful inclination The crew are (tibrid cn the main deck, It ok tog on with tbelr ordl- , urj, ami naval grand. re in bUi k cocked hale, red main end white trow*, re, err, spygiwn*e lu band, 1 (landing ard mm ing alicnl the quarter deck, flit- uub'e , tun ol lb it bicl of war M.aui' rs?tbe In I i.i-Uel Aria* i c?follows at a abort but respectful o inlaw*' in bei wake. Toe yecbt like Flying Fob, ?nb her two loaning, cr c." m colon d funr. |p amtkng like well drawn pip? f, u? d ining up in ibo rear, and innro good loukiug gei.llcinfu in cm km bulk and w but- trnwsi r? are to be seen on bet quarter deck. Tl. w in moutlim) guta of tbe batteries bid tbem wol- j come flirt Ibi at'XinuS IntlJllluoe trial fla. u on youuur ervenrets and on the dick of tli< two eleam.-rs which Lave Come out to tueet the inyai aqua Iron and on tile wharv hi at d o-uf. If in poil, and ll.u tup of t lUi I. I Hill, Mot wtaerev. r the human Intra u boon. Tlirlue welcome, Htj I. aid the hind of the fOaiicr euikea up the national at.ll 'in win b i> liehned to by boib una unl ofi ers ol tho Anadnr, al jiigfi'.e of which we nro eti-aiutng AKKllfl Of THK IlKKO AT Till WtUV. It ct ec f on h*iu.i throl tu b< or Uio fbuili ol cheering, a the Huro aaiHed tbe crowded whaivt-s, mid the rapid I rto g of r yal salutes from tbe cliadt i an.'the round towi r or (ieorge's Inland, and that ol lower W Hale, x%* an itwg tiiniocairalmo, abut. waruiisi the po.q Into exultation, nolwitbataiu tLg tbe coldums of .tie weather kiiu tl.e depi rseiug #11" .t ol u showery fky It *?" pietly t ** the Hero wocwe.i to ber moor |jp r' uuding, as fb<* did M, tbe Nile, lh? Valorouf and tie t'o seck, to ft* their ynids inanuti b> their brave crewt, clothed ID white dm k and cheering and waving ll'ir huife in honor of their luiure be flood OC IbC hi'ad quarter di-Ck belieatri them; and lb. J lookh'K np tbe hay a utile liirther to #u< a'Im!'I twelve canoes, pi ddled hy Indiana, iu Ibeir ajlfcriitioii ciotheb ol blue and red, coin - hurrying towardf t'?. Tin Hj"n>!ron anchors, thedrizzliug ralu agaiu ?ett in, md again euh?idi s, ami it if no i ten o'clock Hie Neptui e laudi" her |c" ug'-ni, and I tti." my f< II m too afreets Kg in. 1'tuy u'c garlar tho wiln evergreens, and think')' interact led wnli archer, ai d every bullae displays either i! utu'eat ' n Imn.i h in iu> w iudows,i>r II were and verdure n. itf Iiftit, or Knlh. ll 18 evident that the hand of pre pallid n lud> hii n hu?y, and uolhuig nan been left undone II at I I r the tu.-te or opportiililllef of tile luinal's n Ulld 1.. v .no i giving Albert Edward a ngbt hearty, right royal ret ptkon 1 Ira- i re d the street*,lint lb the line if route, from tbe laDdibg plat ? ai tbe dock) ard to Government H uife, and I leuno tb< m iiearl) deacrted, and I <ne " that the tb.ips would l>e closed, and they were cloaed Tbe holiday was get eral, ami all courted it but tbe cabmen, and hire auJ tb< re a itq<>or dealer I bi nt ii i stepa up to Harrington ftrent, through which the pro-t .e on wae to ana There 1 found infantry iu Biilicb led, and volunteers lu sombre gray, lining tbe way en ei her aide iu lorg, Single file, aud I eaw a ci'Ogr. giitKiu of men, women aud 1'hihlrec outside i f the barriers imposed b) ibeee, while the mid. die or the road wax empty and in uniting for the royal eoui-sli ian and the ranks which were to follow, no vehicles, mt.-mabiie, permitted on it# cleared precincts THE MOMHARJV After this I returned to (tie quiet utreela, which looked like m> many avenue* of green tree*, and, hiring a cat>, drove to tiie dockyard, where 1 found tie Mayor of Moulreal, with his conspicuous cliaiu of ofii e round hi* ri< ? k ami banging down a# far a* Li - waist This chain attracted considerable attentlou on board the Neptune during the morning, and h?l tie effect of making everjhod.v ask, "Who# t'latV" in aiiumun to tie wearer. And 1 haw, amo, clergymeu lu their r.pis copal robe* and the speaker ol the Houm- ot Common* in hi* bluek gowu, and 1 saw prlcsta with while baud* round their neck*, end officers of tne army ano navy ni their bright unuorm moving t< and fro, while tn i met Juatice aud Jodge*. the Frettdeul and members of tie hegwltiive Council, l he speaker and mem hern of tie House of A* eiuhly , the Mayor and I'orjiorat 'on, the Cualoa and High Sheriff, the head* u< ueparimenia and the uieinbrr* ol the Km* cutive Municipality louinmice ware grouped together in the eel tre of the yard new tie bulling step*, aud in full cu m Of the occupant* of tiie t< mporary plalfurras which had beeu erected on each aide uwiMi or ins PKmca Tie n, as the clock iu the yaiu pointed to within eight eniuntch ot the hour ol twelve, 1 aaw a idim lorm in mill lar > iiiiil'TiD step into a while pain laid boat ml the loot of tin- gangway <o. |? ol M M eivaiiter Horn aud quickly fol luaw g it I u? thai boat row ml by brawuy arm* toward* the uock j iro, at the toot of wbicb lue twelve Indian ca in** Hi i; tboll Iu.iihi, |*uitlMT? lay Idly in waiting, while their N| .>*s aim chiureu were grouped In a prominent )wif itiaiL id the yard assigned to them Aid now listen to Ihvt glorious oho iji of the Iron mouthed gnus of all the hatUiiir and the bis British men of war in harbor, wboa. yards arr main ed by their cheering erew>, and kn flum displays Mm Djim flMt of Mtions What a glorious right ui that when com nmil with the some around, and what oniric inaa-a tin nerves vibrate Ilka the I ingi g I'fK.m ol lanuon. Welcome to tnelr roar, and w hilt I sjNvtk glance at the mnltilnue of an (lows, eager eyes that reel upon ttic eotnnig boat, whoso oars uow tease their t'lay The hero steps aah >re, and there is a loon, ioug cheer ol unfeigned reyolctu< Tim Admiral of the fleet and Urrd Mulg iaie receive him, and t?e is lot to ibe central group uf the local dlguitariee alluded to 'there he is, a handsome boy of a little more than eighteen, wrttb a remarkably well formed ana prominent toae. uear'y Komaa iu its ctiai acter and blghiy ornamental to Ins visage, and merry, spark! nt eji*, and >u drect, slim, and ratter abort but elegaal figure, and a oamptcxiou aa lair aud peach like as a wo man's. 'Ibe m.inleipal authorities prewoted their address, which, with the reply of the I'nuue, has already btvn published in the Hskwlb nn rsocraoos The prori skioii proceedeu iu tie- loliowing order ? The I'nioD hi.gine and Ax< fire Ootnpaaisn, lhe Nuilh British aud Highland SocielKW, The Iburitibld Irish Ssnetjf, lhe St. Georga' bei. t> , The t ariientcrs' ikiniabir S?My, The Afri an Acivly . Tlie nh n[ lctn|>er>i ce, The Volunteer Artillery aud Kill- u>m[<enire, tbv Mao-sty'* forevs, tn the Gorernn lit House, and upon ei rival there T was In v itod to enter, and wsa the only one not of the frill lie's si it or the ls-gisl tiers that was BIN??ul is tlie m.-ptiou roouiahen the mi mners of the H re oi It pr acuta'ivs' CPUntel, and. at the hand and moutn of their 'matter, dellrered the following address:? AbhKtlSe or THN I Vr hi avert* To the most High, l >. r?am atet liiostrtuo* frlnc* Albert Kdward, I'ltnrs ol the Catted Kingdom of Great H.'itaiu ai.d Ireiauo, I'rn.i 'A in r I - in i.y, I' nice Coburg and Gollia. Great Steward of rVnlitiid, I hike of (ori.wall and lVdhsay, tari of 0h<eter, Garrtck ami Ibihlin. Itai on ol K< afrew and 1/ird uf the le.oa, K G The members of tue Kxeculive g' veninw-ui, <ri behalf Ik, I i. .j a..... a. ..I.. l- T" ?' - . - - w)ini, lli? eon ?> llielr Sv? r. ign, and h< Ir aptatreot to her throne, the rrepceiliil hninage of a kj *1 mi J muted populate*, and cordially bid your Royal fliglimwa woteoah* la Ulb COatiheht. kiaiuiteo by the Rrltieh racra, and for norc lhan a era tury , amidal the vtcir?uudr* and W tnptatioii? d thai |?rind. prtwrrvil it uuanlll.-d ber attachment aliVe to the throne, In Uir umplratKl to lb'- tl'Stllutlnbf nf the in db'T country, Un? Province hue grown with a rtcail) growth; and wo IruM lliat your K iyal rtighww.i will bw -vr in it somt ni'inic ? of public rpirlt and mat-rial |>f ??;>ertty , Howe laiiil trace* of the cirlllsatK>ti you have left nl hiitne. M'tne iiiuical on* ol a d'-aire to Com Otoe Commercial activity ail. InotMtrial Uevt lopement wlib the enjoy m ul ol rational Iremlom Tn the number* of yonr Royal llouae who vleited (for* Rcnlta in her uilanl elate ear country a-aa dayl) indebted f ir tn< puinmage wuicb enabled n any of ber aoua to ; dtMtogvhh ibeuwcivna abroad; and durine the re <n of yui i li -lilnua motle-r the blee'itiaia id aell e iverement an 1 ?<4 uartwti Ictel Inler.-imrer with all the world have , btrii ^r*" ii-ualy conlerred upon thia province With pr kit, we aaw duru a the i rimean and Indian ; waia. Nova Rroiia"* inning laurel* beneath the iinte-rutl fl.ig, and ><Hir Royal Htfhneaa ha* aeen an you f?*?eed to ' your tcmioiary . reidi ere what honor we jiay Ui the me u, ury of our country men who fall in defeuue of the em i f'1"" V ? We truet thtt youi P.oyal High nee* will aiav baerre in the diaciplliie id our Voluuber* a detevmiuation to foater the maitial eptrll niherlled from our auceet im, aud et rf (finally to Oi fend, U need be. thia porlwo of her Ma1 leuty'* dnmlliton* Rittw imal ? loonie which we tender to your Rival Righte**, *n b?g t?' add nur fervi ut prayer that the 1 blearing* in IW.ine I'rovldeuce may h- Ine|y enoweri d [ upnh yon, and that vmi may be long apareil m the high a pin t? tn a Inch ynu are cnil-n to Move, to illoaUMe the virtiea winch havi inehrmed your rotal m -llier In the boai la of nur |>eo|ile Wii.UAd V*?t ?(#, JD'lCI'H HllWK. AliAVIa in ARt'Hl?nt.l>, .!<>> ATH \> ?'('l I.I V. JOHN' M ANMK.KMJN, H I I.I.I AM |N*V\SI>. JOHN IIM'KK, IlKN.I %MIN A lKli. *m r o? TO* muri To thi* iw*<lr*?? hi* ItoyaJ II giibi-a* rrplwd Id lb* fol ow u * i*i ni? ? l.*?n* ?? -! am ilerply l/"i?b*.l by lb* ? irmth and rnniiajit) wilb win h I Mr* b**n wWoimiH l?. taw coin ny. ? ?' Uuuik yoo nnwl hiartity for ynvttilrw II * III b* n,y duly . and il wiU b* tin l?*' |>l. nuir* In mo, i U? H-b-rni h*r MnJ?*ly <>f lb* proof* wbn (i jnu invc *lv<n Hi* "I yonf frollor* I'f loyally and <1 'VotO'D in b?c Ihmo*, au<l i f yobf yralituo* for lli<w* l?l. Mlb*> ab? h, I' in h*r happU?i? W> rilwl, luava, during hor rri?u <> - n b-wtowH i.|>< ii iiw Mid "o iui j otnrra i f b*r auhj*i.i? iu ml |wU cil lb* world. Hi*i b*ar?lly do 1 ajmpaihlb* In tb* pud* with w itch )m< tik>ri ?b* laur. I* wi-o P> ant* < NoraAbulia. mil U r nil (Ih? ?itb whhh )-hi honor lb" n* omry of Unw who bar* iai In lb* a* vtr* <t my roiiDiry an t y urt lb* ?nn?iil?i*i.l you nfrr In will kiodl* lb* lUm- of i*i ktiain in Ui* br*?*i* of Una* vimiui"*r* wtiota I bare |?r ** I I* da) , mi who, ID Ihla, and lb* f>> Dtiy whub I ha?*lal*!r DiiWUO, w> n.iomi * lb- r-ai aid ganarit apt fit wblrfc bar* barb ** hi blind lhroo<ito?a4 lb* m.U.rr rouatrt lb.* bondrol y*ar? bar* i.nw alaparat aim-* ip. ,,,t*r nal? ra alr*?i which r*tard*d lb* prmp nlf of II.* i oouauy wart brought to a caw*. ? 1 pay jxhci ij* >i?' ttiob> am'mgiit yourselves tee i ? i wutk which thin ri.miDfLcod, and iur* Hi' Lapiiuirs aiu frontit tax ut of a loyai aui uniW p-opte tps mum* ktvinwl' thk thooitt After tl i- u u-rview hu> Hoynl Higueas retired tc his priate apartment, and at (our o'clock rode lo plain i n i' cr, miii n.puiiid l?y several oChis suit. It was fair v? In r. l.i r'ui ti-u, but Le wo drenched with ram before retumii f. At ba f paat rrti n h rat down to dinner with forty nx others, the guests of (Jnverument House, and at u lit le pact cleveu he went to bed. Tbii morning be left the Bouse ai eleven, in the uniform II w hub he landed, and ataxia'pan led by all the memli re 'i Ips suit Bord Mulgrave and several stall offloers. With tin in lie proceeded to the Common tn retritta' the troops, and was received with tinmenee cheering. THE PRINCE OF WALES AT FREDER1CKT0N, Kks unties to*, N. B, August 0,1S0O. The gov err. melt I of New Brunswick presented the following audrtsfr to tbe Prince of Wales this morning:? Tbe mt-nibers of ibe Fiecutlve Council for themselves, tin lx g mixture and the people of New Brunswick, offer to ynu.thi s> n o( their lie loved Sovereign, and tho heir apparert h the throne, their respectful homage,and heartily vi icotre jour Riijal nigbDc.-P to this Province The Inhabitants of New Brunswick are the descendants of the Ix'taiisis, ? ho In the war of the American Revolution, adin-rid to the H ai staodard, and of emlgranta from Rurops and the British Islea; are ardently attached tn Brit ?h institute tis; contented ' ana happy In the t njov mrnt of that large measure of ram pal liberty wh < b our mlved form of government has secured Tbe) have, w ilh patience and Industry, devoted then.selves to the revelop to* it ol then-sources of tbe ver since the organization of the province in '17, it I ? s adily Rdvhi Ci i! in ai! the eletuunts of pro#row. Ilie vn-it i| your Royal Hulib tif brings to the ixollocinn of m'ny of the i lil inh ibit tuts (lie time when your lllnHrioos irandfathcr vi> >te?l this province, and tbey r< for with pleasure to bis benignity and courtesy In fi'rtnii g th* colony, it was tbe design of the imperial go\ email i.t tiiut the r nstiliition should be Ki ttled upou tbe model of ttf great original tn tbe parent (State, but it ws-not until the reign of >our august mother, ber moat irrariont- Mnjivlj Queen Victoria. that tbe principles of a< If government w ere ful'y established, with ample power o ri|u)?e our trade, cousirletillv with the general poliry of the cation Although in thic j-ortiou of tbe em pire your Beyal Highness will not discover evideueea of tbe great w oaltb ai 0 rehni meet of the Old World, we belli vi that jou will be pleased with the energy of tho jeople ta d tludr suoci-ss, at <1 that your Itoyal Highness win remit a new proof of tbeir tltueaa for self-governn ent. of their loyalty to tbe Queen, and of their attachment to the institutions of tho fatherland. Wa hope that in witnessing tbe discipline of our volunteers, your Royal Ilighncsa will be assured that the patriotic spirit which uuimab-a the people ul the pureiil Finlo olso pervades this portion of the Em piro; iiLti that if the necessity stiouH ever arriue all the avHiiahie resources of Ni w Brunswick will be freely of lert d for the defence of ln.pcr'al lmerests and the of national honor. In again tendering to your Poyat Highness our unfeigned oung'atulatloaa, we would invoke the continuance ni the Divine bieaelng u;>oo year illustrious b< use, and most fervently pray that your Royal liiglmisHma) l< rg enjoy the high position to wliieb Divine Rvuv ha* railed you. Ever the pride of your august mother and the hope of our common country. Tho Prince replied ua f >ilows:? Gu.Mi.kMKN?I receive with much grat ifloitl. n an ad dress which, whilst it breathes a spirit of loyalty l< the Queen, and aflet tiouate attu hmcnt to her family, which animate the whole people or this Province, doe* not fail to remind me of tbe claim of your anreators to live in the numorhs of your Hoverelgn, and of the Britten Mime The ocmmerelal artivltt of St. John, the thriving agriculture on Ibe rich bai ks oi the river which I hare traversed: tbe vml'ing aspect of thla city, the capita! of New Brunswick, all tend to convince me. even apart from you, gratiiying assurances oi tbe prosperity and happi nees which you onjoy under the constitution oi the pari ut State and the tree institutions which you poes'-sg. Every visiter to your shores, but more especially the son of your Queen, must earnestly pray that jour peaceful avocations mar never be disturbed; but in rase such a misfortune should await the empire. 1 rejoice to ob serve tbat in this as, well as tbe provinces which I have lau ly visited the self relytDg spirit of patriotism which prevails and I see it. the discipline of your volunteer! tbc determination lo proton the national honor which is manifested in ever) portion af the Queen'* dominions I beg you to accept my thanks for your congratulate ns and for your earnest prayers lor my present and future hap plstss. Two other addresses were delivered, one from tbe city of Frederick ton and oce from the clergy In the afternoon the Prince visited and inaugurated the new Park. This evening be attends a ball at the Partia sent Bouse. THE VISIT OF THE PRINCE TO NEW YORK. Meettac of British Residents nt the Aator Honae. PRELIMINARY ARRANOKMKNTe -REMARKS BT MR. ARCHIBALD?TBI PRINCK KXPBCTKD ABOUT THE FIKJT OP OCTOBBB, ETC., ETC. An invitation, signed by s targe number of tbe most Influential British residents In tbts city, appeared in the Hmaurafew days since, requesting E. M Archibald, F-sq , the British Consul, to call a meeting of the English residents in New York, for tbe purpose of making arrangements to give a rtcejition to the Prince of Wales when be visits this city. Mr. Archibald responded to their request by appointing last evening for that purpose, and at eight o'clock about one hundred of tbe Briliah residents bad assembled in one of the parlors of lbs Asior, Among the gentlemen present we noticed IV. W ales, President of the 8 George's boctety; Kir hard Bell, Esq ; Philip Priu-bard, tsq , aud 1* Ibirilstt. lormerly editor of the Albion Mr. Arcmibau) ass invited to take the chair, and after thiu.k'Df them for the honor conferred on him said the meeting wuull have been much more numerously at tended. liul th\t miuij ot those who would have "boou pre* macro now out of torn. Be said they wore as(Hmbtcd that evening tn pursuance of the requtsiUoa whk h had been jublntici, for tba purpose of oonstCertbf tbe propriety of some luaoif) station of respect oa the l>art or the British rivi'ir-uts to the Princes! Wales, on the occasion 4 bit approaching visit to Nea York u cepttnn app< ared to be laki c in jertain quarters to any (irucceaiDg on the part of tbe British residents. The Pi irn e of Wales would virtt tbe Coiled 8latea, first, on the invU'ion U tLo Pri-sideiit. and secondly, on the inrlla Hon of tbe city of Ne? York. He (the Consul) was quite certain that under whatever name be inigbt come among oe he would have a meet cordial wetcome and beOUli g reception fti m tie gieatcity of New York. If he tlgh'i) understood the views of the requiai Inmate, there was no iiit. ntion t or desire to lotrtfere with or mar tbe (Sect of that rircptiou Living ss they did peacefully under lb. protection an 1 enjoyii g the beneiit eg' the free coustitutioti iuid luws of thu reiintry, tbey had all come to regard ibemaelvis as >i?w Yorkers, and be was sine 'hey felt ss tnsch pride in the extent, wifT if rto and >omuierctal pre i-miccm!* <tf New York, *.- )} rmrr nom .-mi, mi hi tnem. ui ! iupe ctall) ihoee wbo wi r? Britwh bo?u auhjcct*, limugb fitter* of New Y?.rfc, at-aul In a peculiar retail a to I be li'urtrti ae petaoMtro wbw la comb * In r?tt ua, and to the i mpL' e iif whu h be la ite*tinei. to be ibr aovereign: and the ('pinion el the pniLoti r* of II; - nm wan. and hi fi i let i'0 it warn id be the npiniounf all pri~"ti. thai the lb it lab n ai'ietila, * b rn.ri.Or to bug" a body in lb la o?,mi'ti). would be waiitlbf in a plain and* obvious diil) . If tbe> allowed toe "e of the Vu. en, the belr appa rent In (be throne of Ftiit and, to come and (o, without ? tne lhibitn.n of lh<#e s.-ut'meiit* ?bub tiny all enter talced. ma whirb it *? naturally to be espeeb d eucb an rrenl wie.|d rail firth fie ad nil tied frisrty. however, that whatever I rtn a iiem?iu>lratioo of ri-|wet and w.lcinu trim the llrllieh reatdrDla might aa at-ne, It oufht to be aubordinat i to, or lo bMH? r.) Willi, whatever pmciadlns* m if hi be adopted b> ttii authoritlia or the inhabitant* of Ni w York genuI rally |i> the fame end. Tliere waa Dot, be beilered. the le?-t atrirc to arr tate any pr.v lle|[T or to fori.itall any I r,?-eec|nf on tbi p?M of the rtiir na tn general Much n, d r. jet,,! on tie lei gth of the Prince'* stay,and more upi n what would he loir latent with hl? trrai . oimiilf lie lad aai-erta Dirt that hia Rovai Higher** would not reai It Nee Yuri probably be,ori thrift of trtober, and if he might lie to ofb r a miggi-iition, he would aay that all that wb" r' qnleite at tbia earl) |ierlod would b? the ( 'Tinaiii i' i'fa <. tt'inittee, to report at a future n?"et ii K a hat in th- ir Jnw, brat waa advisable; and whatever might be di i agate. trn?1ed every deference would be pn it to what may apiwwr tn he tha views of I be Mayor or the wiabi* ot tl? r manor In seneral They muM hear In mint) that ono ob;.?t of the Criuee'a nan wa? to b.come snjnati i d with the Anvrtean people at.d An roan bntbitbtt 'I wan, porhapw, unneicawary for I nn to nay one word with regard to the lanpoitattv in up varti tie B?pecte of the rtalt to thte Powtry id the tirtr bi t tip llmttr of the Brttiah empire. !t wm a in * and ? im ill rant event tn hletnry. and a wor thy trth'ili id briMf* b' the (prali iiM of thta vaal conn try It a hp pi l! lent foe th >fc th a hr fame aa thp eon ot thr tp otabo Queen M I> gland, on than- arromt If on m> other, and fu n. a n ?rd b. *(.*. rtrtm a ho doubt i rd tot ttiHt t' at .id ri P'Itp a hrirfy wpln mr from the {< oj'lr id the. neintry Hp world merely add that etnce it- Hitir ttito thp reran ha had ren-ind Intlmathc, | aluih he heiiered w?p on good arthortty. that among to 11 k ** it re* t?rt It ? ap ronV ".plated by tbp Cltam b. i ot i i n.BMMx t give Inm a ball lb l>n. laid ? hp h|']?nt.t'd oMrrtarrof the rommiti tee. I'r I pitr.'- ibn. reap and aald that tuu 1 unfounded re porta '.ail hut ci rulalad aa r< rarda the r<vep?lon tbey wleh b> give iht IHitwea hip arrival la thta city, but It war not ?bi Ir tnti itati to tnlr nge to any man nor na the 11 i r ri ftior to h? given hini by thp May <r of thoetty. 11 I'p'Iip thin i iiprrd thp f<-towing preeeble knd reeolutlin ? W in map, Hie Royal Highneert. Hip Prlanaaf Walea, la ahi'tit to viatt thw city and thp Brutpb reel den te thereof, belt g ibrlmti* fn terttfy their reeprct and tratcotaa by mtti' Itttl g ot Btot.ptralion, Re?. v.-d, TUat a t nimitter be appointed by the fbiaJr to takr tin pri nimtiar) ateapurv? lo t arry out tbla obp" t. thp rr-trmltlee to mot thp<r pnireedinge at a (Mare tr piling, to hr rallod hy thp rluurman fbr that imrpnae , raid m a.Ri'ttip b> rooewt of dttppn, w >th pownr te aJd la their BBOiher ( iianltnoualy adr pt?~l Mr h w*ki> Wviaaa paid hr honed the fr>ur aa tut aht be a mild bo repreai n ted hy the me inhere ! id tlto n mtMUee?ftigliehmen, Irishmen, tbntrh I nun and Wplahnmi He *?td porae III nature* rimarkr Lad been ma le tn rreard to the reeeytkw to be j given b. the Prtaae of Malee hy tbe Brttlah rmldrata ta ' Nee York. Mil he really hoped they might bave the prt ! Ttk fp Id a Iff m IN* with their Prtnre of Walrw notwlth etaidmg 'h* jlhpa of th< HatutJi aad when he har left ! th po rhone I>p Ph< aid but he b?ld that 11 kt (WO had heee I ppet l b-eti'priaia hint Wi do not want b> rater for ?h? I'riu p and then reap the hen at oumelree, aad whal aior ? i? Ptwnt phail rome net id me own poparte the fIt.i**tA* the? named tbe followipf fenUe tBPe la act aa a roaualttae?yr. Beaum free debt (d tbe 91 ' i George Society; Richard Irrui, of & >Uand * *? Nor lie, Prttidcut of the fit. Audrew'i Sue i<*iv Willis* J5P ^ f,lr^i*nd Wm Wataou, o? Ireland Uwrtt J Moke, M ho,r^d, Wm. p Wright, of tnKUnd j l3 w ,1 of thf Wt*iJadiet , P. HrtltUrd, of KiiiUod John I Rob^^-.^Sco'^. "<1 Wm. C. IWml/of toian? Mr Arrt??',w n*?6 * ? ?l?o added to ihe list Mr. Wiutfc r"?* ?.?* ??d he had heard that hta ! retnarhi- t ad < the Corporation or Nov York Seoh was not bis intention. "e merely arUhed to say h>m be Imped the tame stigma which attaches itself to tha Jepaniee Coaimittee would Dot attach Itself to the oom mittee appoiLted to make errangen>?uu for the eater UtDmecit ol the Prince of Weirs in this city. Thm cheers were then given for the Queen and the ? i different members ol tt.o royal fa nily, and three for Mr. Archibald, who proposed three for the President of the I'oiled Staten, which were given with a will. The meeting then adjourned. Cricket. | Tint CWTEP BTATE8 VS. CANADA MATCH. This match, the most Important event of the cricketing season, commenced yesterday, on the ground of the New York Cricket Club. The day, although exceedingly warn, was all that could be desired by the admirers of the , manly game of cricket. Play commenced shortly after j 1' elever A. M., the Canadians sending their representatives. T. 1). Phillips and H Phillips, to the wicket, to the bowling of l-adler and Beliis. The former was welt caught bv Kephart at square leg of .Sadler's slow bowling for nil, tud his successor, Rykert. fell to the same bowler for a single, 2 wickets and 8 runs. Parsons fob ow ed, and after scoring 7 was how led by the alow pitched ones of Sadler. 8 wickets and 20 runs. Daley, one ' v of the most an omalirbed cricketers of Canada, and whe so especially distinguished himself against the Klevee English cricketers in the great match last year, now made his appearance, ar.d well did be mainta.u the high cricketing reputation be bad acquired in many a wed couUstod nmub by bis play on this occasion. Ths slows I Sadler were rot at bought equally witb the swift cannoa ball? of Hr Ilia, and 1 e saw bis colleague, 1J. I'b Hips, daI art for a tlnely got 14, (being splendidly caught by Hallis, by one ", at nu<t wicket off Sadler) before be was h.mscll bowled by Hatha, after be bad obtained 14 by a display of af line cricketing as we ever witnessi od. HarJugc and 1', ,mir now got together, and bobm quick run getting was witnessed The latter, a veteran i cricketer, unfoivunaiely run out Mr ilardinge by aa error of ludgm.xt and thus one of the slrougeet, ir not the strongest bats of the Canadians fell for a beautifully obtained P ) utii-on, the captain of the Canadians, loll a victim to Sauhr't raws for nil, and was succeeded by Fuurdriuier, a young Montreal cncketer, but ouc of tbie tint', aeronip'istud c icketer- we hate teen for a long time He fell a r ciim to HaHls'fast bowling, after putlug the goodly seori of 18 to bis credit. Hm partner, Ps.on r. alier defending bis wicket for a long time, sue- * combed to Sadler for a good 13; 8 wekt tr iunl 80 ruua. Tbe irnlngt* cli wil lor 86 runs: Sadler und Hallis having bowled throughout the innings', High tin being wicket kie|ei' and captain, Sharp at ; oint and Howe at longstop. The tine f. idtng '4 Vernon and Wilby deserves particular I mention I sberp and Vernon commrnred'proqrcding? for the Siatcw, Ilardinge and I'arsous bowling The former was rua out i for nil. and his auccenor Wilby, was bowled by P-rsotta j for lb.- same Sadie- followed 4?nd a magaiHcent display of cricket ensued. Vernon, a young but real y magmacent itmeric r. p'aycr, and Sadler colled every effort of the bowlers I along time, and it was not until Sadler bad plaied 14 by a brilliant 6 hit, a 3, a 3 aa airigk, the ri+u.t of real Ui.e cricket, that he was bi raugbt by that fine fielder Kourdrinior of Hardirge' Sums, after scoring five, was bowled by Haro.ope and hi? successor, altln vgb suttering from severe s lick Leva, ]?VmI a finely obtained 11 on the record. B clay aid ?co:ec 6each, Higham fell quickly to Bartons for a round O, and Halite and Bell Increased the score to #7 netoie tbe latter waa bowled by l<urn u- v% rrt.rn ion we o*e i naoie 10 give to tne public ibc true cngubfneti of Mr Ml, who contributed! m brllJuully, obtained a 17 to the United State* icon, but we cud my be tiafc already diatioguiebed htmaclf in u triel marked manner ir Ibc manly game. 1lic Mule- tbirn If I thi Ir oj poneota 11 ruui on the fir* Innings, and a* we purpose giving a full and detailed rcjiort 01 be match tc morioar, we * ill only eay that the (Vnaoiaia in their t c- nd inuii'ga obtained 4o with 4 ?ickcta down The following ti the score ortho drat* ? cam. T. P rblllipd c K'-pUart b Sadler HULtlliprc Holla b Sadler 14 Ky kert b l-adter I , Pai-onab Sadler T IMdy b Hallit 14 Hardlnge, ruu cut 9 l'u nu r b Midler IS I'aitc r?on b Saiiler , Koiirrtrlnler b. Hallia IS Sbarf-e. run o?t 1 Marling, ent out S Bye*, 10 Irg bye*, 2 IS Total M tOUTKD uTinai. 'burp, rut. out 0 Vernon b Paraona 22 Ki l>y b P)uso~f 0 ? Sadler c. FourdrUilor b. Iiard.nge 14 Sutni- b R:inllnge 4 W Nowball b. 1 lard Inge 11 ( Barclay c. T. 1). 1 hillij* Kepbait, run out 4 Higbain b I'.iraerii 4 Halla, not out IT Hell b. Hardirgr 1# XJJ*-, * ir? w; rs, t, Wiuc?, * ..... IV Total. It Hoars) of Nnprn laors. irroivmrnt or canva'hkim and in^r?cto?9 or KLSOTION. Th.? Board mot yesterday at twelve o'clock, n?on, President Sic*art in t ie chair, for the purpose of ap;-oiattrg canvasse-s and tagpictors T'-r the coming election A laige lobby waft prea-nt, and much Interest was mam tested to tbc proceed of the Heard. , Mr Twnoi. the rhat-nur of the Pper'al C mmtttee am Can vat sera and Inspectors, reported that each member at the Board htd tnamed the name* of such as be wished to bare elected, and thai each member bad beoo rurmehod with a corrected copy Mr. Ijttij tb> gbt that they should proceed with the biwwcer relating to tbe plana for the new county jail. Mr Bi ear moved that the buatneaa tor ahioh toey had met ahonld be attended to, and tbe other matter lett orer until some other time Tbe motion was adopted. . Mr. T*m> elated that a fair d.v'.s on had been made ta regard to politics among the caud.iatea, and that Uie me* *< re all worthy of tbe post A debate tb?n arose as to whether the Inspector* should be elected in a hoi) or alogly Mr T??*r made a motkn that esch dfrtr'ct be ball'ded for eii ^-ly. It ?ii adopted The lnsMinairr appealed Me* ra Riant and Conner as tellers, sua tbe balloting commenced There are over i ,?-*vv i?u? bivh i f buu itwjr.\ivri \ j ipr cuvtou C tsmrt of Qt neral SrMloni. , Before Htu Record r Barnard. Argfsr ?Tbr August term of the Oer.ersl >KhM ru opened thai morning, bil Honor, R#-'order Barnard, on the bench There was a henry calender of crtmtaai can**, Including n largo Dumber of tnlicimcnta for bar glsry, larceny and various feionioui assaults The nnnnra of toe Grand jurors, were railed, but only thirteen Ml swend Tlie Uw require* lit?t Kitrea mucl answer M their Lames before lite Grand Inquest ran he empanelled 1 bey were discharged till to-inirrow at otsrea o'clock. order a to he issued lu the meantime tor a new pai el to be summoned. Ill petit | jry was thru tailed, and thirty lurnra answered U. their uaunv The delta qurnte were quite tuberous, and l> r their will be ( limi ted to the fllc' li w'll be rerrr m'x red that ib June last Charles Taa hummed f rsi.eon Walters were -web tried upon a scpa ? r*i<-iii.i prim, i t for burglary in I be second degree, and were both ? quitted. The., were caled up for trial again in July, (hi n their mini el interposed the |?4e? of former acquittal The matter war s-g-o-d last month before ht? Roii r Judge Mussed, who reserved bia <ie.<tao?. To dag Judge Hum II sate in b? op .nine, enduring judgment la the or of thi prn- mera, and they were accordingly dtscharred Irotn coatudy. A lew cans weee <l>*po*ed of this morning Jian W il'.i* phadrd a>.Illy to grand larocny la stealing 9TV, hi balk i.ot.s, on the lhtb of Jusw lait. Irom lames K. luonn. Ri was remanded mill knnay for sentetioa, ia ordi r to give bin. an < p,port .n't/ to w tile up some family Dstrn. Hen j Johns' t. pleaded guilty to burglary in the third decree, in br. ski- g u.t the store of Charles K. ranith h Ca,litt.rai d M .aa the night of the Mhtfc of Juas last, and st< s ap gold nr i surer loee and bank note* la the value ol about |?4S la ail. Be waa acnt to the Mala prJon for lone )iwr . , Hu-ma* If. bay le p.taded gj.lty to the charge of grand lire us tie a .4 in the etiou. .v of lie Chan e* Wilae t UiXr.Mii WMK llhi lb* t~. k to dipunti lu-l.aJ ( I (MM u 2 It III w.f tmiik. t.< put lb* !>(?( in fcia pocket kiai ran *?ay He ear arrvetec. however. and bo prt hail lor bi.? appearai.ei . lb ewe forfeited bu bail aad an aaaj a?iair A nhort I J- ' IttM Mr W..taue ?to?erv*d l> > !n Itr nnrt. and cajaid h.a rearnat. lie in a young t. 4i., in?nl> Uii.t year- of as"' Ha ana acni 10 tat Svaio pr tarn for I wo j ear* lhe owl t tie o a. tumid tlU t? morrow morning , laprrmr I oart-Nprrlal Term. Brftwe Hon Julffe I eoeard Ari.i ?w i.?H fkmbr- rf ml ru K W Wva 4 jf ?. A rrietaaro moat be or trrcd to appoint a rocr ver, wt tbe IrjutKlHio moat hecoalwued. th* rw*r orrin ntortwrr. In the ir-iiier of the p. titi<* of tan mm inter, alder* aad bww of the M> f>*?ed Ibilrh oh ireh, rrf the rll? of Mew T oik. for ware to eel I r<*l eetatr. tbe ,'u tpe mid An ap p tratloa haa been made lor I- are to eel! the iimptilr ktven aa ibe "Middle Irntch t^nrrh," now orrnpted an a li?l Office to the m te<i *sif f> n ramml, far MOMHl a*ihject to the flame of the matt omera mainat itata riety I'ndrr tbe deeteiona rttrd I think tbe o-d?* tVatt ^ be prhated. tl there are tot any human remain* ir I erred Tbe petition aHcpra that alt tbe remains bare been rewiored and interred etec where Ihsa *? no recent to bet ere that any leteemeaaa w be hen-after maor in them proaadn, aad mm Ir the only ore ablet the vault owner* bare the ndntan or iter the enntflkrt or d edn whMh they hotd I?mn I ranlte hare reared to be placed ahrra any peamw at* may bare tbe rl?M to aae them will derlpa In hneetaem nr Iree or frierwta Interred. TV ardae may Pe praaaad. # with a refrreore to Jrbn T. MVi.H. Ac . ? 10 a bathe* any human raaaatm repme a nay ^ ibr ra-ilfa or pronr de mniftkt laweoneeeyea m w?e rra m iHalN, and reoo-\ Ifef name (a Ibf aaan.