Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Ağustos 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Ağustos 1860 Page 3
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I TOR SALK. ARKWINO MACHINE FOR HAI.E CHEAT-ONE CF Lnrfd k WflsU". u f !*: ? . , v. f a. i w1iJ be WU fur MO. Can be (ceo at the drug tore 306 Grand street. 4 DRUO BTORK TOR SALE-OWE OF THE HgST RE J\- tail Drug Htoie* in the otty of New Tort, esUbllahed over fty years, doing a fine business. Is offered for sals cheap The gale ?f two artiulit* alone, vU. Genrte Hair I>fe, and Witsou's llair Oolorer are worth ihe entire price aeked Three thnnaiowt dollars cash wLI uurvh.iee the mure concern Apply on the preniwee. No. 31)1 Uran 1 street, oomer of Ail eh, A first class bakery and ooonfeotiowrrt for sale, 'or $400. located on a leaning 'venue; for sale several ether Bakeries located on the SK'n, Hevent.i Eighth. Ninth and Tenth avenue*. Apply at MITCHELLS Real KaUUi and Itnsluciis Agency, 77 <Vdar street SAROK FOR HALE-IN GOODORDER. ALSO, AHAnal Boat, suitable for buy or feed, for safe cheap. Add re.A ge, bos lid Herald ofllce. DKUO STOKE FOR HALE-TWO HOURS' TRAVEL from New York, in a thriving village; Htoea and fitter's to good order, eatlalaelory reasons tor sr'llng. Further parMsulara can he obtained of JNO LEACH. 250 Fear) etreet. DRTO RTORE F OR RAI.E-FOR *350?THIS IS AN etcellent ehauce for ei'her a physician or druggist a Ith a small capital, the proprietor being a physician and Living aat ther store cannot givo It the attention it reuulres. Apply SoWHF.hI.KIt A IIaKT, 20 lied tnao street. ' RFNULISH SHADES AND HOTEL FOR SALE -EI.E gv candy fitted up and inrnkhed; favorable I# use superior tosalior; don g a large first class basic esa, and one of the very heat of chances. B1UUS .It SOL J II WICK, SJ Miua street. Family market for salb. The entire first floor una basement, *1x7.1, on the northerns cr?ner of Kroadwsy and Tblity-eemwd mrvet, known m the Perrin Market under a leave, at a very low rent, for two J(*'l from the intof May, I gam. The premises are perfectly tied up, 1-avtng marble fop stalls, marble lop meat and (14 elands. oyster boa, ref-igeratur, patent lee bouse, wooden awnings office desk, Ac ; nl?o horse, wagon, carta sleigh, barMM, basket#, Ac together with the book account# and good will < f tbe business, being ?be enure < opartnertbip interest, which la offered for sale to reliable parties on favorable terms Ibeltaml uoatomera Is nnturpawu-d for wealth and respectshlbtv. insurtng a large and proitiahle onainess when properly attended to. Address J. 11, box lJti Post utliue. rR 8ALE-T1IE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF TUB retail grnoery store fa 23 Greenwich avenue, corner of West Tenth street. Dear Sixth avenue, at a very low price for aaah; location desirable to any partb-s wishing to commence the trade. Inquire at 231 Washington street. F)R BALK? A RARE CHANCE? A FIRST CLAS-t GROeery, with three years' lease, situated on one of the leadhig avenues; mason for selling, the present owner being In 1U health, inquire of Mr. WM. SANDFORD, 7C Bast Twentytawrth etrect, In the stable. Er bale?a FIRST CLASS family corner Grocery Store, ? llh the stock, llxturei. horse, wagon awl jrcam lease; doing a prosperous cash bualtieee. Inquire ef J AH. FKRllUnuN, 13 Wall street. TjKlR FAI-N-A FINE CUBTOM CLOTHING STORE. J7 with good custom, well located, In Sixth avenue, several ears lease and rent very low'terms cheap. Inquire at No. 33 tath avenue, turner of Fourth street, In drug store. rR SALE?A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE. WITH Horse and Wagon, opposite, the Manhattan (las Work*. U.K.?Two nee young Horses for sale, only four years old. Apply at IDS Tenth avenue, corner of seventh street. EH)K BALK-THE BUSINESS OF A* EXPRESS J route, with good Tloree ?nd Express Wagon For price ad all oth?r luformaliou inquire of WM. ABBOTT, auctionMr. No 1 K??t Broadway. TilOm BALB-A FIRST CLASS BAKERY. IN BOUTH A" Brooklyn. For particulars apply to KAUTH, KRaPP A O., SOS Washington street. YjTOR SALE?A LIQUOR STORE, WELL FITTED UP, r with good stock of Alee. Liquors, Ac., In a crest thuronghRrv snd populous neighborhood, pear (he Uudenu River Railroad depot. Stock and Fixtures for sale. Kent reasonable. Also a goou Horse, lop Wagon and Haroeas Inquire at 239 Tenth avenue. rR SALE?A long ESTABLISHED FLOUR AND Feed Store, on one of the best avenues in the citv. hating run of good and profitable customers, and doi?g a fine bullae*. a good lease and ety cheap rent; stock ooniiMs of horses, wagons, bat", fixtures. Ac Good reason given for neiling. Apply at kdilThird avenue, between twentieth and Twenty first streets, from 7 U'l 12 o'clock. Will bo sold cheap. IjTOR SALB-THE OLD K<TABI.IbHKD RESTAURANT; X? been kept as such for 10 years, fitted up hi good etj le, and do eg s go-el b-islness. Will sell ou reasonable terms. Inquire ou the premises. IBS tigliii aveuue, corner of Thirty- i fourth it: eel. IjVJR BAI.E-A PERRON AYIBHING TO PURCHASE r tt? business snil Furniture of r.n nfli.-e, pleasantly and eligibly i ?RieJ. presenting uuuauiU Lnducemeutr (or any one wtantm: to enrage In buslnem, can bear of ruck by addressing W. L.. hoi 106 Herald oOicc. TjH)R KALE?T11R KNT1KK STOCK ASH THC CONJ tracts of a large and profitable basinets, whuh can be tnei/il l<> *i y am mat. an J > # i rmtneut, proOULde and hone lor nub. A rare ,-han * :a nflered HIU08 A soUTfl WICK, ? *>m*u nreet TjV)R bai.e?bit clothing cocntrm AND 8rvkr ral Packiutt Bosea. Also, a ISaa-iuei. it ted op with all the mnoern ltti| rrwemenlg. will be let at a i? price ti a good tenant. for tie remainder ol ike year. Apply at AW Giecnwte.h street. For bale?the stock and fittcrbr or tiik Fruit and Confectionery Store al tke junction of Broadway and llfth avenue, also the l.eaee. with Pearly teree yean 10 run. for paruculara Inquire at tke wore y?; Broadway. F)R HAI K ?Tint LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTI KEN Of au excellent grocery and llquor store iu tke Fourth ward, well fitted up aud doing a maid b'lali eaci will be Bile cheap to a Cash customer. Apply to T UAt'CNKV A t o . So. 0 1 hampers tort ft, or oe tke | ram tar*. No ltd Roosevelt erect. f<M)R palm OK EI CHAN OR?a HARDWARE BTOIR. JP on one uf tke lead lag arenuee up town, west aide, will Pe*c I for proourtiVe city property. This Is a first rate pportunity for a party wishing to go In ike hnatresa, which m wall established, arid the 1 MaUnii e??llrnt. Inquire of or address ,IaMK> r. idwakdi. <77 Wear Twenty third street gotkl for balk -first class hotel, kept <>r tke European plan and doing good "tali.ess A saiienry reason given for a>-lling. For terms or full particulars apply to or address I?. IKA baKKB, Attorney at, aw | Kreadway. PROPELLER FOR A LB.?A PROPELLER OF AROfT SHU tone hu then f >r sale cheap She ta In good order and well furbished. Inquire a J. P. TuWNuEh 1>, Is Pine gtrcet, Ik the be? wept. SCARTE ROCK AND QKAIN R11X AND PORTION OF Fstetit for sale ?Coi>ced?d U,e beat am! only mill of value ilr.ers redo in * to tmpalpa !e powder, with shit .tog grind mg garfa- ee t . any rep eo-.i. HIOuH * HOHTI!WICK, ? Neman street. I.tcroR DIALER* A JO) OTH*K*-*OB BALK, two Let class corner Lbju w Muree. loog leaee. low rsut, gtork, bditrie and all ?IU t- fold at a fair price, is the uwuer IB miring fr>>* hustn??? Apply at <N Seventh asetnte. rl.TQron dealers and other* -for naleta first rate I iqt.or Nt-pe, n. w dotne a gong hoWnem. will keanM with o* withr. i? ?ev g. .satisfactory reseats given for peUIng Inquire r.f ||t till nckrat. enrter of Forty-.hird street and Klesentii a* As nr. Ay|nfb CASH WILL-BCV A MKATLT FITTED IF 9 I "" Rests urant. Bar and ice cream Saloon now doing a each trade and all the rutiug if Ute large hotel above. For all pnrMcuiara apply to BlOtAM A ho UT11 WICK, IS Naemu Wrwet. I i|f/ll\ WILL BUT T1IR RBsr CORNER RATING. (lys'er snd Drinking En)now tn Chatham rreet, wkk a good bagatelle table and eserytlunc eonipleie, can neeomwlate 's>e huiel>?l pe-qiie In eattug and il'iiA ug, or wtllaeU nee hatf for Eifio Apply at the saloon 137 Ckatbana wee*, ranter if Risweveit street. Nhl (|(||l *111. IM.Y THE HifiwT KIANII FuR 91 >""" n wboleeale ami retell It in ir ted segar store, or grneer* and Itqnne store in New Yorb: long lease, r*tit low. etneh and li>ur*a new; ml for 9I.VA* ato.E worth the pn . net he w . t lb s wees. no agents need apply. AJdr-et Mer Mailire. Bera.u oibee, $*? mm -r ir bate turitto, g andvtmtrer ^.?"\rA?, rg a first class tewperamr gr^Ary atom, well ratable bed. on a iendiiuf a eu In ihle rlty'. d 'ltia a atesiy bnairest nf {roe E7R to |B0 a day. Apply to T. <iaf fmet, No 0 ihamberastreei. wtwicifal.ArFAIRK. ~ PAPER* PKNDINlJ BKFuEK HlrlllONnE rilKNAYOR for approval. t FROM C'iMMON CCH.NCIL k t ^ nartau ixUi-ut pmnna I rmerij la 4*4 InotttiiUnn tor tea Hoard nf Aldorman, Jti'y J*, l^HO. On ayaa and anaa ndn*?a 1 | (rat if Omrfmn, A .gnat 7, MM. On ay a* and n.m ena wmr" Ordmacr* In paovtda maara for tatcreacdog ba amply of OM'? ri'.'r. aad aitacdtag ba iilUTT arirba f <r arena, inditing and dlatr.hnt'ng tbo aarna. and nrdartar that a pub Id fond or avxa to t>? eaiiod tba "* romn W?Mr Kvirk if tw ny W Nr* lor* ?b?ii ba r'patad for 'he rm of $1 <*?) '>**1 ti fenar atari at at* iwrrtnia rail, .m payabla 4 tartariy, and rodiwmahl* ?Ai 'ba la* of MiMltW, I**I. Hoar.: of A Mortem, July ?, iN?. On ayaa and n aa Hoard of r. nri:MM A gull", ;M0. On ajea and r? ?a Wmoprrad la. (Irdfnarr* for :i/)nldaJr.g tea ; naUag debt if it* oirp ira U>? f tba ty 01 >-? Ynrt. and nr lartnr thnt a pub,:* f .od nf *1r?, to ha rallmi tha riwateg llabt rood at- of tho -ft/ Raw V 1 a " ba rra?#d. for tlx- a im of Hi lX0,t*M, baar.og teWreat al si par eoui i>avarl? joartrrly. aod rwdeemabin cu tba Id May. liCR Hoard of Aid*neon, July X. )W On ayaa and ryva (MM _ _ _ Hoard of Cmttci.matt, A sgnat 7, ll?. On ay-a and news mvmc arr^ In. ?TtOM Itfutn OF MJPFHV THORN. Roanliilfoa to pa/ t.nta >f .1 An H.'fowao and ileo. J. R? i far r?" r? anhpoaiar during .''dy. B<?rd rf Hupartlarra, August 7. 1M0. On ayaa and aooa iiifM Raaua'.irn autboriaing the rrtelJanl to algr. ratare to man iVawi.a la ih? aanif .00 (' wnrn'antouars Of Rar >rd a agatnat Ux> Word of Nnparr'a >ra. aatd rwturn W ba arrmwag by tea Irani MUl^r ^ kl>.? HoAfl. Hoard of fturervlaors. Aug .at 7,1X0. Oe ayao aad una* *^ta an bitten raferrtr.g to Unrntaldaa m < rtaataal ilonm a <vwtiMaaimtion from ??nar of tiodao >f I?*'.?ntt. D relauvn to ra pair* to fanrn .. H>ar| of laprrvtarwa A gist 7, IbdO. Oa ?J*? ar.d oooa afaytrf. hran'MtUie to pay bill of O. ?. numcbrr yt for oarr<H tor ?1prttit lOurt Ho rd of H-tponisora, August 7, l9?. OH ayoa and roag Man. Rfoouit an aporrr'ne piaca f ir n?? TTonv nf Tfafaiitirni. H ard if 0"t>? rita ra, A g at 7.1*?. Oa aym and noaa adoptrd *' -uior. to pay bV of H. Foh rman for rtap'.j teg Mnb nf flnna* Of l<ai?ntkai. Hoard of K ipri rtoora. Ai.g'iat T, l9#1. On ayra and DIM adopfd. Oft"oh or clxuk or hoard of httfrrttrom, Ho 7 Hty Rail. Han TorV Angnat | 1W0 -Aaa.od #fo oaata wlU ba r?ot?nH at thia (dim naul Mb day of Aariat. at ttl for IV ai HWuma of tfca b?al Anthnwh* float, for tbo no f tfca rmtrta and <M~m at tba mnnty tbo Inn to ba aatr ilaM nil no poaada. ano prnpoaaj. for Uonrdo of ElndUog tFnod opIna). ent aod aplit for 00a. Tba aald coal and wood to ba daPUrad al neb tttnan and plneeo aa tea unnMHi may dastg2* h'? Wll J.I AM f.iv>l?HfcR. WMJJAH * TWHRP, 1 - _ ? TIIOVAH LITTLH. |Ootem,Ha?, , JaVFH PAVJf j rtHBiov ni.rVV. 1 UiflTAt HAVH. TARI.R IrlOTR AT MX ') ) MX K. If ion w'?b tor t glial ilonar al7b ?arla. tnal ?d'i ? * pwit f lorat. aril at ?<4 Rr -.ulway, bat waft Rig bib and XBP frrte FrtTHtd par vr* ? r r.vt'ri and pA-tteo. ? ulki of rial estate, 7 vy pirsov hat no a quarter of a lot in _/\ Dr< emood Cemetery to di?t ' ? of, wul find a p-ir,ha*r by aildicaving \ J . Heiu.d^otriCC. A FINK THKF.F. STORY BRICK IIOUSE ASP LOT FOR salt, In a central 1'Cittor, Brooklyn, on* minute'* walk fr<m Court street railroad; h?? all mod?rn improvements; la In the Curat ooli r. Can br had at a bargain. Apply at No. 19 Naaaau street. to n No. IS. rABH OR EXCTIANOE.-A beautiful cottage Rryiilrncr, ?nh large lul and all ibe varieties of fruit, Ac , a tuatrd In the prosperous rlty of Osaegn. la offered for aalr The property is ent.relr free from enciuubram-e, And real estate In New Yor* or vicinity mild be taken in excbarge Adt'irrs with real bane Ontario, boa 100 Herald rfllce. cr tr.ipinre for boa 114 lr ternatlonal Hotel, Broadway. Farm wantf?-i* Illinois, iowa or wisrow. sin n< t le?? than AMI acre*; mnat lie i n a lake or river. Replies intiat state ibe iniprovt inerta on the place, number of fruit treea Ac. If made an object caah will be paid far it. Addrex* H. IV ?}., Herald office. FARM.-V1I.CARI E HEAVY T1M1 KRKI> LAN OH ANO Saw Mill Property. In the beat part of the countrv. coni eniett to transportation faellitiei, for aale or exchange fur seasonable merchandise or a annd hua neaa. on extremely llberal tertca. KIUH8 M SOL'TnWlCK, 63 Xaaaau street. FOB SALK-lOU ACRF.8 ON THR HUDSON RIVER The Vam!erlAlt farm, one of the beat farms In DnU beaa j county, ahnated between Poughkeeptfe and New Hamburg, about a mile below Milton Ferry, with atone farm House and j good 'arm butVlnts. On the place are a number of choice : bulldlre sites, having extenaire river and inland view*. Will | be aold low. Apply at 170 William atreet. For bale?a rarr chani k? a housr and uff; an old established tulU'nary atand, altuated In the tlourleh!?g vllhtge of New Rnchelle, now doing a good buslnem. Ad, dress P. D. P., New Bochelle Poet office, or apply on the pre| trtaea. FOR SALE-BROWN STONR HOUSE AND LOT NO 73 Weat Thirty flratatroet; alan Lot aouih aide of Fifty fourth atreet. 275 feet neat of Seventh avenue, N. Y ; alao Home, i Stable and eight Lota, a locked with treea and alirubbery, cor' ner of Galea and Franklin avenues, Brooklyn. Terma libei iaL R. A.OAIRES. fSt Pear! atreet, over Market Bank. J'OR 8ALF.-AT FORT WASHINGTON, ONE OF THE moat beautifully loea'ed Building Sites on this Island, opI penile the Palliaades. It affords splendid views up and dewn I the Noi-h river, and la accessible many times a day by the Had ; sou River Railroad. The plot conWina about eleven acres. *ud ext? da from the Klngabridpe road to the North Hirer. It has ' a tine spilr.g of water. fU.OUU to 916 0(10 can remain on bond and mo'igfcie. For further particulars address Fort Wash | Inglnii, box J.4Z3 roet nflloe. m For RALE-fo0b KE*f BRICK HOURM, olf high atreet, Newark. N. J Kach la 21 teet front by 32 Jeep, 1 three abrtea high, with baaement; tine piazza, good yard tn the rear, gat and water throughout, atone atoop and Iron fence In front. Term* easy. Apply at 32 Arch atreet or 20 Re# atreet. Newa-k, W. J. &OR SAl.K?IN BROOKLYN, NO. 364 ADKU'III r atreet, near fniton avenue, a small frame House. lot 23x100. Inquire of J. Devenport, corner of Fulton avenue and Oxford atreet. FOR S AIR-ON EASY TERMS. ONE OF Til K BEST Karma in Bergen county, situated a tout eight inilea from Jersey Clt}. quarter of a mile from the Aator House, farm, and eneIM n h..lf mile from Boding spring station, 'ii New Yoik and Foe Railroad Said f?im .attains sfi acre*. arree of orchard ia hv? high state'of ''u]ti?atlon, well watereil aul,under excellei t feii' The b'dMlugs e.nip rise a new two story frame dwelling house, with modem Improvement', barn, atah'ee. Ac., all nearly new. Apply to HENRY BRAND, on the premises, or by letter to Jeraoy Chy Boat ottice. For rat.f-a hoi-rf. in thirty firrt htrket, between Fourth and Lexington a?enue?. south aide, wKh all md'rn Improvement*. In complete < rder. 1'osaeaelon given from the lat to the 1.3th Fepn uiher. Apply to W. H. DK liANt'I.Y, JR., Noa "and 10 Bme a*root. For sale, or fxchangk for prom*"rrivic city property?A Farm ernutnlwg Ti aciea of I rat land, wlfh a variety of rholoe voting fruit treei, together with the atech and fsrm'.rg '.tenet's; a build, a it three stories, barn, alt blirg Ac ; flag po:e on a tnouu !, also a mile .demure around, graded level, from 40n 10 feet w'de, with proper (urng;sitaated In ihe town of Wes'port, Connecticut, ad orning In part the tieantfful and extensive grounds of Morris Ketehu a, feet. Seventy liv- per cent can remain on bond a?d mortgage. Applj at the Orwrd Houae, from 10 A M to 2 H. 31. U. WAKEMAN. For rai.e or rxchanor-;. writ. i.ooated two atorr brick dwel'lng In Brooklyn, and gtore property ,a Near York. Terms 3dp? r cent rgah r.nn trade, and 3U per cent may remain, Addrega Ciste Herald oSc*. For tradr-fajtot, good western i.ands. MM II a rapidly growing State, and with river and railroad facil.ues, near large and amail towns; neb ant! and we'l watered, Ac. Wl'l be exchanged for goods. Merchandise, Ac. Address for a '?? days box 116 Herald offije. JOHN KAYANAGH, 778 Filth avenue, between Forty fifth and Forlv glvth ate., KKAL ESTATE BROKER AND HOUSE AGENT, lias eon ?aax 4 story lirown sume House, built ami fiiPahed in a first rlnsa imi oer, in 48th street, between Fifth and Sum aienuea. 25xM) x75 leei. 3 story bnsetr.ert brown ator.e frort. In Forty fifth atreet, aoutb aide, between Htxtli avenue and Br mdwav. 22v4R, writh an extension of 17 I cel. w o 1 arranged; lot 22xltUS.ll foot. 3 Horace in Second avenue, built by day a work, wll trade for lrta we'd located. 2 I.ota In Forty fifth street, north aide, betwrei Fifth and Fkib avenue*; will trada ihem for g'sal tenant pro|>erty. Brown .-.tone tront llouae and Store in Ninth avenue he tween twenty sUth and Twenty seven:a streets?price W.mtU. I AND ON HUDSON RIVER FOR SALS.?A DF-SIRAJ ble pint of around at Dobb'e Ferry, rotualnlnr about #7 arret, well located, near railroad depot. ?tth ? One prtiepert ot tbe rirer and adjoining country. For terms apply to Mr. WAR tER. ad taming the premises. or to WllXlAM EK1>MO Ml, No. 43 He relay street. VTAITTILUN HA I.L?TIII8 WKT.L INOWW FT. AC* OF ll resort la offered for sale, witb all Its natures furniture, Ac , applftahle to s public house, ts now In perf-et order ana doing a large and protllable buatm se For particulars inquire on tbe nrnnlaea. guarantiee Lending, Btsten IaUsd, of THOS. C. BURNS. yruprtetur. XT'ANTED?FOR CASH, TH* LARCBST AND BEST Tf hrtrlt or brown atone duelling thet can be had fur ft4.UUU l>?tween Fuuilrriitb and Thlxtr seomd streets* Eimrti and Sixth avenues. Address. with lull particulars, boa 3.7M Fnet olttre. WANTEO-.lNWEI.RT EAWfY OR I1RT OOODS. IN c change for t ?< tit* tire acres of lnud.e itb plenty of C'<od wool on tlie Tore Island Railroad. rear the Bel'onrt depot The wood ail) pay go d internal The owner wants to got 'oto some b-tsineas. a ldress (I. A.. Herald office. qo nnn -first cla?* norst and lot of wear ? ' "Uvi ly twoacrea. nbh Ha rns. Carnage House. Ac.. n be beat pait f the niy -.f Sj racuse to exchange for a mall unincumbered farm near New Tnrfc. Apples, pears, viuniS. crapes At In great varirtr and abundance, all tn perfect wrder. w. H. HAMILTON A Co.. 112 Hr.nadwsy. HOt ?KS. KUOII, WAITED. FT RXlSHin ROOK* WANTED ? >R VI.'A PT-A MRlor and Bedroo?. bat* rm Fourth and Math irannM, .nd Fourth and Twenty third street*. Addrraa L. 2. W, Ileia.d .jure. HOr? WAKTID-A LAPT WIAHB8 TO HTRE A Ho-i?, With all the nwOrn nrrnieneea, m a ait* ne<|r borhna?V between F' rib ?r.d ThnHath Btneet. and Third and Kii'Llh aTciioea. Rei llfirti or MOI ?r the kiwer part of rtitr.prw'rf flee nr all ronBB. Reu.tRSStb. with 'lermana or French preferred. PoaaaaBuB i* bepleutbar. Additmt. U., Broaoway PuetoCc* nOtPK WANTED-A SM AIL OEVTFEL HOrCR IB wanted h>- a mq*I: famflr on the wrT>o?d* of the town, b?! ? Twnirlt fti-et fur *bl h a reaannanle rent will he Said. Poaaratlon rr-<tnr?d Immediately. Addrraa A. J , L-ji tilt Pent offict. STORK WANTBP-IN A PIBIRAhLE I.OCATION FOR fanrr rooda: or a ah'utfmi aa aaleawntnan In a brat clsia atom hyay"ung.a<, (r<m LoBdo*. Ad .ieaa L. 11., IV Kaat iPfc d. Tlr ANTKP?A HOrBK I* TTTK CPPKR PART OP T1IR TT city, between K rtrmlb^tDd Fortieth atrtwia and Ber<md and huh avrn'in Rei.l from Hh?ito|A?l All modern unproTementa re d. Addreae U A., boa M Poat office. TRTARTKP?FOR A FAMILY Of TI1RT1 APIXT PKR TT anna, a ?aai) Uo'iae. with *?rd?m near or to the tWibI ty of Jersey City; rtni not to erreed $i\i per AMiiB. Addraaa A.. tK.1 m Poat "Bee. Raw Vorh WAFTED-IN T1IF. RKVFNTTI WARP OK APIA FRT TT thereto r n?t of a Uonae, to com tat of fo>tr or Ave lb-ana, with *aa end water Reat a<>t to etreed CRT'a ywtr FaBlly malT Adtreel Jtwl-ja bat 111 Ilera.d TR'AJtTF.D-IN NFW TORK ftR HOBftKF.N, 11AI.F OF TT B Ho' ae. or Apartn oot*. fnrntebel, by a gentleman. I a if e and mother rem not to ev-eed flA?m<mh. Addreea, ! a'atina teima and particular*, John Lee. Herald office. I tv? ' Uimr-IB ntium i in ' ' n w : - I u " >>?;i Uiw, a h two or m. '? Una. it* wbirh a fair pr** w:'l be firm. A?Vr?wi i\ P , Nt >?W) atlna. XVABTKP TO B?ST-A IT-RJUMIAP HOCBK TB titic T? .n. r 1*1 ' . ?r- -I DRY eoobflk AC. n> hoi r> s i>?r artbkbt. IX>RD a~tat1.0b. *61 10 W Broadway, 1 salt* Attention in thro n* AAD PSTTRAMJC btock Of T**h?m*M? Dry tlooda, tor raix Tbd wwra, % la-Tiitf irsnci1 okrmav. rboubb And Amsriam FabrKa a# rrary raenptton, whrb tb?y a ? r ft arise neb nrr ow BF.hti AK rmcm WUMTin RKPUCBP TO 12* tTKBTR ?1.900 LHR r?c*lTrd from BtIIb; BboUaart Wonl Itnrr.u all wdnr*, fit pair 9Uii>e Oncrrta at ft. B. B ?Bala to omttaoa . thirty day* at hLGKR B. *B Broadway, aaar Flint?1> 1 atraat **al awit In the towalrr atnna A" BKDRooi VciT or bbamkuju) J rvwiraan fnr MA, of warranted taaanfannm. Al*n rhratotf ("basilar S ilia. plain an I x-naarn^.l, at FABRIBijToR H var?rr?.ma. M Chaal avert, ooi.wiiw Wooatar. BatabUabed m IMA j ABO. l-FIRHT PKKMIVM BBAREIXBD ADD . aratned t'hajnbar F intlt ira, to all color* and Mala* Alan. BaMlac of evary dcacrltiuoo Brcry arUrla warrant* aa capraamtnd. B O. WOOiTbBIDOB, Boa. t and * BuUlraa i traaj two doom from fanal EBAHFU.BP mA B 8F.R M ITS V FURBITUBB. IB all eoloraaad atjler. at whnlaaaJe or ream I At $U aad upward* at?> M?nr?aia and Fa'llaraaa. WARKtK V*KI).STtta>IMr**t, d kw i wtW Broad war. TprmtTTrRB ROtWHT FOR RFAPT BOBFT ? A FAIR J* ra'na atrrn in ready roowry. f ? P'aTilltirr, < arorW, R * *?, Ac , at 118 nii'h at*?-iC, betww?n Bln'.h -nd Tenth >tr**t*. TRW Fl'BBTTrpR OF A FAMT1T PWTJRIBfl nOV"F*??na i v> br b*d rhwap ? To a tatall ??nt?iw family ? opportunity ta try* Pr*?ant*U ring *Tary r*-\ il*l'r fo a i i**t?f i r. ?i p7y afer * T, * at iha dr g mort ft Fw ftrra*. EW_YORK HERALD, TH BOAHDI.1G .(.ID LODGING. A small private f.a mn.y, ovfiivn a iiotjsu p raaunUy situated up town, cuitai'iug ail the i'*!" tapruvemeiita. and havina mure r than they requkrk, would ?i conrinuda'a twanr three Rent rtnen with |iifu>ot.y furnulj? ?' P. . n.? an.I partial R *r<v Call at third huuaa above l'lurtjbib street nod Leirugton avenue. Aprivatk family would lkt, with pi ll on part..J tear J, three . .r four pieuaoiit It rra. h. .??' taTpithed wuli |u and Lath. Apply at yj Fast Fuleaeth alreet, near Ihird avenue. Aprivatk family will let a wit of handso?ely fumlahed Roomr. maMating of the entire leeood Hi? r, log* ther or separate, without l.oar.l to i euii.uocO on.y, by Applying at UI Vhgt , third door eaatof Broadway. AT NO. M EAST SIXTEENTH STPF.Kr, FIRNWIIKD or nuturntshed Km una with full or partial H>.?ri A whole Serena Fluor to be let, together or separately. The bo. tr ia U; every way titled tcr a brat dies houae. \RARB CHANCE-LARGE, HANDSOMK, UNFCRi i, he.I Ru n, In let wnh hoard, to two perron#. M Uouae rat clivs food table Also a furnished Mali Room rea~ naMv. No 143 South Kiyh'h rtreel, one door wrel of Sixth etreet, M tliianiabiiig ihiee noiiutea' walk irom all the ferrtea. ARKSPiOTAI I.E PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN bare two or three furnished Bedroom* tor the nc-ummodatlnn of two or tl ree ami e grnt'emeu, with or w itbou' Hoard, and u*e of parlor, in a very good location, and within a tow tnlO'tea" walk of Snath ferry. Addrrea 4u# Pac.fle atreet. A GENTLEMAN AND MIS WIFE <>K A FEW SINGLE gentlemen can obtain good B>*re and pie leant Rooms on n i cud t: ?ir, at moderate t. rtne. in a t'amt v where there ara tut 'rw boarders taken, by applying at 122 Pierrepotil etr^t. l roi klyn. Reference* exchanged. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE ARE OF.. alroua of pracurtnp permanent Board to Brooklyn with a private family or where there are out fe w boardersla* en Ti mis ninat be moderate. Refer* aces Riven and required. A .'.n i era A H , box 1(15 Herald office. AT 2?? CLINTON PLACE?FURNISHED rooms, K.rote l.r It, .utla a lit, r,? l ha law X rpieudid lilt of Rooms Lu cnmp'ete rder, on second floor, may now be secured for a family. exchanged. i PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD ACCOMMODATE FRO* ? ? ??oio four gtnUemen with l?rge Rooms on lint floor, : v iiL or without Board al lu3 has. Twenty tuth ?t eel. Din! m-r at seven o'clock. Gas :,li<1 l ath In the house. Am eleoantt/y furnished parlor and bedroom, on i,r?t fki r, and single Room on Ibinl to let. to single gentlemen: g;ia, bath Ac : family p'hate: location first class, Apply at twentieth street, near Fourth avenue. A gentleman and lady wimi to procure lodgings, hoard for the lady only; most bo between Teeth and Twenty Kisliih street* and third and Sixth avenues. Address W, 1* R , boa l?t Herald oflle. A PRIVATF FAMILY, If A VINO Ml IRK room THAN they require, would let a few nicely furiilahed Rooms to single gentlemen. Partial Board if required. House has all the undent improvements. Apply at 161 West Thirty Sixth street. A large, handsome front room, for a gen tleman and wife, or two slrgle irenllemen willing to room together; referei ees n>'banged; dinner at 6 o clock. Apply at in Bleecker street A PRIVATF FAMILY Wild, LET A FURNISHED front Rw ui, with Foard, to two persons. In one of the must comfortable llule house" Id the city; gas, bath, hot and cold w ater. Ao., IM Fast Tweniieth street, ucar Second avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY. WITHOUT CHILDREN OR hoarders, wisher to let a-nratly tumlshed front Parlor to one or two gentlemen of quiet habits, or to respectable old lady. without bos rd. terms moderate. Call at 311 Ht vlh avenue. BOAED?TO LET, TWO llANDfcOMK SUITS OF ROOMS on the first and second flours. Also, two small Rooms, suitable for single gentlemen. Apply al 18 Clinton place, Klgbtb street. Board?tiik entire second floor ok a house, baring the modern improvements, hath on the same, a table supplied with the best the market affords; location desirable; accessible b> cars and stages. Apply at 172 W est Twenty first street. Board?a lady and gentleman can obtain a handsomely famished Room, with or without hosed for gentleman, n a privais Umllf; boose west side, near Fourth s'reet; h?s bath, ess'and modern Jasprov entente. Address Uossl'uri. Herald ofll?e. BOARD-TO LET, WITH ROARD, AT W7 SECOND arenne, between Eighth snd Nir.tb streets, one nicely furnished fro? t K-ypfn no secrnd floor, whh secretary l*dstead, snltat.le for a gentleman and hie wife. Location Ttry desirable. Dinner at floVlock. BOARD.-HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOMS. EN suite or separate, la a first clam hmar, wt h Board, can he had. Inqnfre at M Nmth street mew r.ttwbsrt, between Fifth and Mith av? nue*. LInner at 6. Board?very desirable small and laegr H' una with or without Board; terms low; honse fine end root, has gas and ' aih r?.n s and .err ,uiet; uo cbfldren; loestion gooo. Imp,tire at No 1 New Owual street, corner of Fast Itrnadwav Board.-a vkey desirable furnished second Hour two or three Romas, wi-h bath gas andeTery eon? er er. e prlyste tatde l| df sired; would l e let with Board. 10 e small respectable land.? or to a party of gentlemen. A eom* Italian tpnkrn. ?'ail at Ct kaat twenty sec-md atreat. Board.?two ki.kahant amd ?m furnished Ru. mi, wiih Board, at ffi OlnUiu place, near Fifth aveane. Board?add a handsome suit ok rooms can be bad in a flrat rlaea m.drrn konae; amall family. Urn tlemen who ran ay.prrc air inch, wiih all ih? conif ma of a home. will plan* rail at '.>9 Maccnngal afreet, a bore lllereker. Board.-a choice ok koomh ror the Wilms can be had <10 earlytapidleatlon at 49 and M Weal Twenty econd aireel, between Fifth and With atenuee- a tlrrn claai K< ardloc IlnuM. Alau, aiWuaunodaUua fur ti an ileal Board era ia rt-aaooaile inrma. Board?a fink hours ha vino bkkn put is romp la to order, wilb all the modern Imnrmremeata, la u<>? ready for tba recaption of Boarder*, at U4 Ntolii atreet. Rclarence* glrep and required. Board-a pleasant back parlor ruitari.b for a man and wife; aBo K. *<aia for a few jronn* men at 5*1 Brum* atraet. between Mul'ernr and MAI aueeta. Per?ona 'if rallal"Ua habit* preferred Belaraoma ei -hanred. IJOARD ?41ENTI.RMEN AMD THKfR wivrr OB J tingle gentlemen may obtain hau'laoraely fumlabnl f??n*. in auTte or a'nyle, at rwaanrtable ralea <hmre Cral rlaaa), by railing at 14 A buigdon aqtiara, between Bank *n^Tny MMi At the w eat aide. Uceireptlaaabla rwfarancea gtvea nd required blare* and cara pea* the d wr. TJOARD I* RROADWAT, BRTWPRN TWKl.rTII ANIl X> Thirteenth (tracts ?The beat Inaaw in 'be ruj a. .m> Int Clara, poaaeaaea all madarn improvements aa anwliaal labia, dinner at (la o'clock. Woulharoer# art ladled lo oalL Arp'7 ? Mlkanv. Boxn up tow* -thrpp nvwun boom to Jet. with full nr partial Hoard. la * neat rotto*e botiM, ??7 Pmirth arenne, near Thirty first elreet BOARP IR .1ERSKY rmr.-AJI KRGt.lRH famtt.y, rwnldia* within three mlnntra' welt nl the terry, and hertill ir. re 'han they rr.,ttlre with to meet with two or three rresectable reuse am ae banrttam ho emell children or .her bariera m the h-mee Tcrma mode rate. Addre** <i. R . hoc Ih Iter* <1 . ?<;e. BOtRD WAKTFP-OR TTTK FIRST OP BEPTRRBKR neat. by so Amnions pic'Jraan asd hi* fara-i) none at lay of at* pernors wmiid ll*e the entire nernod ftirtr V * fire* clans tn'-dern. well forniahed hmae, where there * 111 he few or no mber hoarter?; location. abore Prnrteetth to Thirty, fotutk atresia a no between Fourth end Ha'h a ret nee. Referem ee *i en hud inquired. Addrwa A. A., hoi U?? illy Poa ' flier. Board wartkd- by a yocro <;*!n!.KVAK, m?o can hi in* the m el aatiafarVury reference ae to cheraoter and habile ie artne yen tee 1 and aortal family I.rnuoo between b mirth and Htiteenth atreeie prtlerred. Address hi. Wh, hex II hill P? at oflca Board warted.-a of.rti.fmak wisher board forblmaelf and wife in a aaaail prlrate family,a I'aflor hod Pedt - ? well furnished, or > lar*e Bedroom. with earlo aire uae of Ha thrones. Oae and hot and onld water. Iwtratfna between Riyhih and Twentieth atreeta, and Fmtnh and elith avenuea Beat of references yi'eu and required Ailitraaa. itoUn* fill parti- nlara and tcrma. P E . Herald idBan. BOARP WAKTEP-RT A OERTLERAR. W7FE, RO ther and dn<i*liter Tears old. In a prlrate family, or to a family where few hoarders are to*en In a genteel neighborh?i?l. not be "W Twenty aeeond <?e shore Thlrtj aeretit* street 1 his la a ymd uportunlly for a family ha-, in* mor" rrm than ther require, and wishing to rrdtiwr their erpenaea Alleommut-iraii' t.a < Kii.denUal. Address II W 11 . Uerald uflke. IIOtRI) WABTRP.-A COMFORTARUE ,R?tO\t FOR A \ It !ady and erri i man, with Ibnrd for t?n lady?ilr la i wauled id a pt1val? family. would preler a widow Indl llun| nloee, an tba lady la a r?ry'.nfei pnrwm. Umukin dMdrrd h?twaenaarootwe ani Twelitk ?r?ma, on tfce w>eat aMeef Nrnad way; for iwh a Mrraapaaoam w.l be paid in advance. Addrraa for lbr*r >la>a niat'Da panjeu.ara, /. Oai-aid, alalx? A. Spring Hurt nn\nmsa-\ wtnow i.atiy, haviso mure I ) i q-tiraa, wnald arrnmaMwIat* a fawyonnt ni'D wtvb piraaeal Rairtai.d Hoard, wbera au ho enml >rta of a h. mr ran ba ewjnyad, la a vary planner. locality, near a .. J br. < Pa; I. Apply at 111 Hubert atrrri. BOaRIUIIO.-PLKAHAUT RCOMM. WITH HOtRO. BAY a .11 on app)i<alloc at Mo. A" iaat Tauth wren, a I few doom fron Keooed aeeana. BOARPTRO AHO !.<IPOIHO ? A FEW llrtp.-u <g a i-iilVnuu and ha wife dan hate plenaai' Rriwie, ' rrl?lvd or nrfnrahtbed, wr.h or wit boo i Her I leinnu Ara'f. h ball t-tlrem ! let Ui a aiiifl* fmlleauui. Apply at ?1 Bowrry. Board ir rrooki.yr.-a few of.hti.ferh i'ar be acr< wimrwutrd with f rat niaa Board and maiTwtsMp r "?i la a private family To a patiraau and wife, a arpe front IkaWI. no ee<-<md door, wbb rlneete attacked. a 'nrolahed Only Ore gut a*' walk from Wall r * < Mb ferry. Apply at #7 Stale street. oppueliw Garden. SOARD m RROOEI.TR -A FEW OENTI.RHEM OAR (li d drat Haaa aeonamodalion aad rood Hoard, la a aewly nlahed prtrale Irene, rhrbt aiaataa frpaa Lbe ferry. Apply at M Welt, arar Hpyt Freed Board ir brooeltr.- fijiarart room witb Hoard, mar b* bad at ICR < Unwjn eueet. correr of Aula ' oarer lent to Wall street and South farrtra. aa r basged. 1 T7t ?OA*TI,t fobwismtn ?T*IT* kHD RIHOf.R ROORR Fj In let. wnb full w partial Hoard, in a drat < ]**? hour*, r-mtelnlnt all ike m drni "mrorlrnnra, In the r.cir.liy .1' Flflb Atraue Hotel, Vadleon ami turn i-ark? Terwu mudoraAe. B'ferrwie ei.-h*n*ed Apply at >10 Broadway. f RAFKFORT HOCFF, OORJfRR OF FRAWKroRT ARD r and Witl-aai wree-a. Raw Veet u...l i-?t? ? ' 17 reata per niakt korna from U t U par week. Opaa ad air at. TpRRRCH DOARD.-MROI.R fJE.VTMEFR. OR A FA. P wily run he arwunm.tlated with Kxuii, lu vbe i-eet injie. In a f renrb family, oortipylnr a fret "la?e bnoee Vo 17 treat 'f wellih r'rre'. brtweeo Fk>lb and K??A avenue*. Kopdah, Fpenleh ar.d itrrtdmo ep*ifc?]. _______ I FIRFT CT,A?R BOARD AT >17 FART HROADWIThomm> ontaire bid, t .Id and shower a'ha, and all modern tnipr iremenUt l-nrakn One at d b??tby Rwt wdl fnmiebed, t^ble ilret elape. A f ">bern frnnlly would ftd tbe hartaoceeemodAl<??. fr r: X ) W, gae, Ar . le v.i. ' VT RRIRflRD ROOM* TO l.ffT k HlfTft.T FI'TINIMI r ft 1 m for two T'.'ipp end a'wi a hai-devre'y ' n ?he* l?a"li F?r ?r IMM wn'Mra all the modem imaarrem?nta lee Reel Tb r'rer.tb Fre?\ arar Recoud I/1 RHPHFP R"ORA TO T.ET?If \ ?;RTVATE w , > ;iai"A ' <t altt'e g-n '??. pre tei ' ? . t'pel, hnoe# >-ea >11 ?M F dffl *Wr? "eir "l IP v ' i* Wen ijppaiw e-srt URSDAY, AUGUST 9, 1800. JBOABDISG AND LODGING. T7*tRNlKHED rooms" T r oBNTl.ism en?at NO 27 J7 Amltr atreet, near Broadway. w'Lh bath. pa* ind mVr modern conveniencee. w,,v>out boai d. su?n pawiiS* 4 r. I FURNISHED room? A FLKARANT FURBISHED Room on aeennd tl <t, in n private Umlly. to let u> ir two gvullen.iu. Bie.itltat IJ rieaired. A|)lily At id Aunty place, between Blcc'ker unit Aiulty itreeta FURNISHED RCOMfi TO LIT?WITH OR WITHOUT partial Hoard, ri.a, I ath?, Ac, Tertra moderate. fr fen> t I . i auou -u I a?i Kluvinlh atrei t, between Tkli'1 an 1 , t ouru. M mee. I'BNISHED ROOMS with BOARD.?FOUR SINGLE f gentlemen, nr two married gentlemen and wivee, run be a. 11 n-midated with hardeoroely turntebed Roou a. with il1 ilie i... urrn iinpn . emtnu, and tlrat cUia (iiard. at 177 hloat Pi ur tei nth ?treet Break fuel from alx to nine Ten all to nine to pi. anna wiahlng pei mejient board. Feruia will be uuido low At ply 'tl the pieiniaea. I | OBOKKN.? A I.AKUK HANDSOME ROOM MAY HE II obtained, with partial Board, for one or two gentlemen, hi No. A River terrsre. near the floating batb and fourmieutee' ?? k from the ferry. NO. a WIRT FOURTEENTH BTREBT, REAR FIFTH avenue. Board with handsomely furulabed Kooma In nulla or tingle, at reaaonable rate a Houae first elaaa brown atone. Unei. rptlonabie relerences neouired. No 44 west ninth STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVEDue, furniehed Kooma iu sulfa or aliigly to let to geutletueu only, in a quiet UiHl elaaa house; every atlentiou paid. ONE LABOR ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS TO LET? wltb good B. urd. at a tniHlerate prlee, with ibe comforts ol a hctne at 67 Downing atree'. near Yorlak. i Partial board wanted-in Brooklyn, by a i angle gentleman, to a private lamlly. Addreae, ilalmg i eima T. B., box IS 8SS New York Poet office. pnitatc boars iv hkoori.yn.-a few single i I gei il?tr.eD or faou lea can be necomffiodated w lb plea I iurt Room*, with full Hoard, at 221 Mate struct. Plea not !o i cation. T? mm moderate 1 rrWO LARGE ROOMS ON RECORD FLOOR, TO LET-- t a with Beard; gut. hoi and eold water, and large pantnea attached, location , ,>d, bonne wdirn, beat of reference given 1 and required. Apply al 429 Fi urtb atreet, uue d-xir weat of | on otia avenue. i TO LKT-FINKIY rrRNIKHKD ROOMS IN THE ' brown stone house 33 Bowery, by the week or month. 1 This eeubliatuiert is cool, well kept, nod very desirable for the *??m rui n. Heferunces'K hauired. Apply to J. WABKR TON, ihtid Boor. ???????______??___ To I IT? a hi rr ok handsome rooms on kirst lioor, sirs siuala rooms, with Board, in o very pleasant location A| ply at 13 Ash and place, two doura from Waver ley place (Kerry street,). , TO I.FT?A PI.RASA NT KRONT ROOM, TO ONK OR two geulleuiru, wt'.b partial Board (Brenkliul and Tea, with limner <m Mm ay at 13h M > at Sixteenth street. TO LET WTTHOrT BOARO, A S1ITOP NICELY FOR a(?hed Hooina, with all the modern Improvements: to let , separate > if required. Apply at 43 East Thirteenth street, . Lear Broadway. TO LET?TO A Fl.NOI.E GENTLEMAN, A VERT HANOSr.meRnom, tn a private house. lk? hnnw tin all the modern 'inprofinents. Inquire at J. K. I'Al.MENBKKO'S. 37 Di m in a a an eel, between Hudson and Ynrick. I TO l.F.T?W1T1IOI T ltoAKO-ONR I. A ROE FRONT | Room, furnished. for 92 per week, at No. ti East Broadway. , "firANTED?BY A OBaTLKMAN AND LADY. A FRONT ?f Room and Bedroom, with fall Board fur the lade and partial for the (erueman. In a quiet, pleaaant family, where there sre no other boarder*. Instead of rererenee payment In ad i ance. Address Home Comforts, Herald office. tjltantkd? by a dorp town merchant. in a tt strlrtly private family, fnrnlahed hoen. eonaistiny of bedroom and parlor suitable for a aiux'e |iers<>u, with or with nut hoard between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Fourth and 1huty fourth streets. Address p. w., bos 2.1w6 General Bo t rftce. t1t anted?my a gentleman and lady, nick, m comtortsbly funlahed rooms, wtth full boaol f( r the lady only, in a quiet and pleasant neighjoi hood ne v.- or below Tw> nMeth s reel. No other boardes to b* taken. Address, sta up terns. .vi. k.t , liermld uiliue. 117ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, PARTIAL BOARD VT and Red room, in a private family. lAeatlm not above j Twelfth Street and near Broadway Terms not to exceed , H per week. Addrem M II , box IV llerald office. YTr ANTED?BY A Tfit'NO MAN, A GOOD SIZED > it Room in Brooklvu or llobokeu, with btcakfaat and dinner st half pa*t 6. or breakfast only. Addiesa, stating terms, 1 Ac,, bo* 1,7(8 office, N. Y. , I (f WOOfcTER STREET- TO I.f.T, ErRNTKIlEB ROOMS, Aw with Steve# and every in ng complete tor h-oie* keeping: ??- hot ltd < old water Single room* for gentlemen Hi if -i per week. *ill be rented very low. IIOD SYREKT, NO. 132 WkBT (OLU Nl*JUiKY).-ONK wO Urge frtirit Room ?nd Bedim in caut Mr lutd Mjr it g*ull? mull end wfe. Board rtrwt rate; cooking *11 domestic. R< m* on ati'ond Boor. Alsoa ikdnum fur a gcallruiaa. 0/-J GREENE STBEET.-FrRNlMlKl) ROOMS 10 I.ET wU to gentlemen only; room*at tt to f 6 per week; bouM 1 M..* ? fine yard, gas. Ac.. and 1* very unlet. >?1 TENTH STREET, BETWEEN F1HU ANU 81XTU ! Ti l avenues.?Desirable Room*, in iiUU or eeparmtely. for ; geu'lemen end ibelr wire* or Bugle gentlemen. The Boom Em every con recite ncr. IMnner it lit t'elork. WIRT SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH TZU itnd RUtb Hvrnuc*.?To let. B handsomely fiiruinlied Knun* Room, with B< droom allocked; aleo. twomingle Rooms, \ for gentlemen only. Honiir linn claiw, prlratr French family. 1 <<all< n union ?*acd. Convenient t j care and stages Hole- , rencra rickanged. Qi\ EAST TWENTY E1UST STREET, ORAMF.RI'Y CU i'..r*.?Rnits of handsomely fnrn?li?d K.rim? ui In. tuilable for families or ainrle genllesien; houce nret rUis loraIi< n oue of the best Ui the city, cool and airy, wilh park prilllegs. INO W?T FOURTEENTH RTRKET- HANBSoMhi.7 i(U fumiabed Auau fir families or single geuUriurn with breakfast or full Hoard, pleasant katalinn for summer: snareeiani to Eighth srenue ears. FounssotB mreei stage* pas* Us door. <Y1 ft Ef.M STREET.?FURNISHED FOR HOCVKK EEr. AIu lng ?Very nice uewly furnished Far lor and Kedroios, > for jrouiig bouwkeeuere; gmm* < o, fateiil Spring bod a, nf* maltmees. bed lin-o. lr vrlik kimhiB ulnuaii eflmplM; ml low. Apply M Abur*. w nnq vivt twkrttRFrnRP ftrrkt-A KltROID }' OfaO Floor and one I'arlor, fnrt.lehed or itnfiim.ihed, ?n let ( wdh H ?rd. or they will be let reuarete T. anaienl <.r peru-e Iiul parti ee will find Ilea a plewaaiit b jme fur auuuuer. Kt .'errcaea richanard. fuu i arnall 71'7 KROAPT tT ?KTR AXOERd rTKITTXO KTW I' 4 O I York *U) find ('<>1 arcCI idu'lallmii at the aNnre 1 plnrr. The botiar kavtnr ti*n ik >r .nchly renovata 1 i? now open to reeeire gneata. The bQviae H krpt on the European plan, with reetaurant attached. Tabic d b At at ail ./Oct t r r.-nrh and spanwh apoken. S COl Vl-MY BOAKO. , AT WaHHIROIOR Hr.lWHIM. Ifl IttoX H1VKR. FOR J,1 l? i.n mn.i.i* hjr ra .-ad and>-?al from 1 ham ^ beta ?Ueel?Several cool, airy Koanv are i-ow vacant lu the Rh er H de Uocae. Tbia lioote la bennltfiillv At.iaU-d 'in the banka-d ihr Hudann d. the Immediate ?i. ; ly at lllrh Mrpiee 1 ai ! hi ft t? a-l: ii*uii Ki - .! ?thine NmtJO*and llahiliR. | 4 1 be location ul the Klver Side H".:ae la ine.iri.aaaed fur cm- J vent* nee of arrraa. the liudana hirer .are akopptOk It liana itai.j In front of the place. ateamWiat at ijia l*r? a day. Application tor r ntna ran t?* n. :r at tlx Motel St, tterinalo, corner of Fifth avenue and Tan t' -Becuid atn el TIOARPINO OR FORT Lf.r. HRMHTH.-HOARPRRF 'j J) accrmmndate.l on eery ramlnralr terma fhlldreo taken ( it H KI per week. In-iuire at Ro 2 hint atreei. fuot rf S| rlnr. on the boata, of the i-aptaiua. ( r A W. Delafolte. BOARP OR ftTATY.X ISI.AXP-w AXTRP PF.RR a- . neutly. unfiirnial.ed k'mm. with attendance for a f-tit.e man, m ife and Infant Stale terma and aooomia >lai. -oa to T. | Z, but ?7< Rew ?01 k Pnat ,<tlce. j Board is tpic <oprtrt-wantrp, a fkw 4-niiv j dren to hoard la the country about an huur'a by rail , road noai Ibe rlty. For iianteulara call at W < huci-ar* , atreet In ,uire front 11 to lf>a o'clock for K BI X BY. nouxtut rdarp-a plraurt pari/ir. with V tW" ?a?nll Bcdr- oma attached with r?v| Hoard, can be rftalnrd at S[ oytcr Poyvll: time frn?n ctty by W K r one f hour. two nitrntea' walk tnen depot , wdhut full vrtew of rtr?f A and rreek Afdreaa or apply to K. Uoltch. on the ureiala. e I /"khktrt roarp at a farm houhk rear olrx i V Once, l/?l la and?Location perfectly healthy, the hunt * la eery pl. aaanily Rtuated cluae oy the aalt water, wel. aha | Aart, rood haihtnr, Ar hnt few hoarder* taken, varrna aaoda rata. apply to u r. pr milt. 3*) Hnwdway. j rtiPVTRY BP\RP WARTRP--RY TWO f.APtVR. 1 ?b'r? ll^r* hslhtiic. plain board. I\rkwf-lw ^ Attar* ? boi il Wii iMiub irg Po?t '4Bc?, FU?t durtTK-t. ** t< W'AS*?P- HOARP IX TfIR rot'XTRY FOR t OFX ' flaatan mm, 1 aa if* Itt it r It t M r?ft ami niifiR. \f uRt ItJ W11 bin r m b or a ride ' f llf rliy 'he Raw llaren of Kl '-r Ma-rand. Addion Country R atrder, B->f ??5 Herald oC A--a. " RIINMKR RRHORTI. ; KKALR U')TKU-T( 'Jtll MIRKRAL HPRIXiJP, I'HKL- i Ma'nr Tkk nm and manniftecr.l ItaMI, Aor?i?hly (n,ni?k>.f with et?ry r-riwlemn for the comfort of he Ao-wta, -i ? > - pwnMI aw tfcn (Mil InaL Tke a alera of Ala aprm| | us I aeaa lb* hirheat mrdtctnal rtrtnea nf nny in tke fomtrjr. At- I v te- l-nd or* tuLiar 1 Hl?m, buwlln* alleja llrerj nlahlm, trolItnf l?k?, Ac 1 he eternity aflorda ample a'li -?eo.,u to A? | B"?ler id epntwrnon <am-?a?a "111 6* fuml In retdlneee A and Uai diner. four m-l'-a dl?v*t?t, I t the ?mr?y an- ? of WM. L WI1ITR, ApnV ?'n?ie*?, Maine, June 4, 1A*>. La torRrrrn norma. wcrurx poixt. r. 1 -ht lie-n edla'e apnll- a Won a few family romi may he en aired ai 'Ala la" rtte nmmir kotH. Ample accmr modems f- r transient hoarders. Tb? Brat rlana Meani'-uiia W/<tnin? and Um Jacket lea>e pier 4. R. K . at 7k ami IIU AM, and V.aodkS P M., and lt? Th onaa P Way fr m ( vt of I ley Mr ret al M)(? A. M. ami 4k P. M . iaudlri* at the lea Tmr -ite pat* d* k. vr. HILL (Toriueriy id LnTarjn k H<nae>, Prc>prtew>r. SKA RAT1URO AT HEAT, XPW TFKKRV I . MtT ?e tr na t/wif llrar . h ?the well kn"? n Hoarding ll-cine uf [ Ae ribacrtber, for many year* kept by Turn T Hordes, la tM fof iM nra. Tke hm-ee la)ae*e and al' tk? iT'-i-da afrcrd eb-indeM shade fr-m tree* uf Urn larpeet gr> wik; K la saey of arceen steamers I ear in a I rots ike f?* of It-. -!?? i ( street. X? rth rtrer dally for Port Monmnnth. cm sm m? wlik a Ibeear* for Ismf Branch. and from I hence hr at-iee in fiewl for oriber information apply V> (UOfT, WlHNKft A '*?, Ro III Pearl street or ad.lrrea ihe proprietor. Wm Hatha 1 way. Loo* I'rar-b Per dt^ I BILUARPf. P HILARS 1 IMPROVED Rn.l.TARTt TAR1.RA And Com Hoetlon ' ' jnklooa. I'll KL AS A I'OLI-RRDRR, I Role hprnfacturers tO <-i 99 1 'roahy atr?d, pew Tort, TIMBAXTR llfl.Lt A Rf> TAR l-RR ART> RROWtJOOR " Spain! I'uehlrwe -Llrely durei'le end norrr t n-iJard TaMea in m-rry rarely and warrnn-wi a- petlor la aiyie and f Blab, and r-inntP! qiwllty. I lid em eaiahllatunent tkn l)a ted i h-K'ea Man-ifant-ey 71 <1 ' atrert. Rew T -rk. ~1?TK \MHOATR. ml ROAT PI'R WfrpT POIRT. RRWRfRft ARII ''-irkReeyire Tke aleaipb Wt A I.In A wi ee- c . f rtreel pter dally at Vjn a M.I "P-klnf ni TMrleOi atr-et pi?r. ar4tii I ? P '?akkeei'e?r al I P. M i*icin? p- '#h*cep?'e al i I I'lj ret irnliv! > A# if al 4 <0 p M Paeee iyera c A' ' I any Troy, RpraVwa, or any p-dot went, can maae rurr ep? ' (K??oa at r. ifLAfiwd 'aryare traamltrrmi rm. RALES AT ACCTIOt. f A LBKBT II MCOI.AY, Al'i flON -vn WTU. HKLL, | .* this day (Tliiiraday > Kat ), at ITo' look at the #Mk uiltain.m, No 61 W'llUU. street, now* ill. 3r % I'll, of Camni?r:e.RI 0 I" aba. W*nkirgtim Ins Co $60 KM 'i. Maiii* In*. 10) A> North Kt'er Ina. Oa.. M 10 * i.: unjrua Ear In*.. 100 16 K 'elmor Ina Ox SO 20 I'nair Ibi Ri*) ft) Were*i ill* Mutual Inn. 100 o hu.aaCiin.ij liia Ill XOAn. telegraph Co.... 100 in h ii'; e>? | a .... IS ft) Km binge Ilia 0? SO MOO SiMti.n Cop.Typa To IIS ft) Umcend Ira. thyp.V .. 60 Ui 1' in! uMi Irr.'. 100 10 K. irkerbnckeretage.. 100 ' i fo 10?.ehl art Ina. Oo 100 i .0' nkm I ercy n JO l/irlllar.l In* Oo 16 ?0ilb, M ftvi'i'.'j UK... 100 10ft.aketlM.Ca 100 ' 1< Jlf'miH Ilia" Ii a. ? ISO Vm Uu*no Co 100 so I .trrl in par Ira.... ft) 16 Brooklyn On BB 60 10V'? h Airrue hR .... UK) ft) Third A?*nue*B ... 100 TO I lot.Is Ina 60 Co Chic ft N W SB 100 . ( l'i n merer Ina 1W1 true hy r. ina* Hintliamlonand N. V. BR 1st mort botnls. O.OI Mcrgo and Miaali-aippl KR 2d m.irv.ic* tenuis <")0 Colon I lis. ri.iUK ai.ll . tug Kit 7 , er i eut bonds. .11 0 American Telegraph Co. guarantied bouda. ft < a regular sale on Monday, a i.g l:i. AI.HKH r II. Mil OI.AY, Anrlh.nier and 6tncfc Broker, No S2 Vfilllam ureal. A MORTIMER OKim* ft OO . AUCTIONEERS. jtx? Peremptory sals of Elegant Household Furniture, To 1 e (old al pnM'c auction. Til IS Pay (TTirnpPAY). AognatE Die property ?, a lamllt ileil'nug linunehei-pu.g Ai tte elegant private realdetce, 61 West Sixteenth street oetwein nun and sixth avei urn. J?!? cm mcriring at IUX o'clock precisely. J To paillea it want of tl'ki rliu limikchoUl lurnlture, thl? In a ( hanre seldom ( tiered. Tie lurnlture was all made to order 'or Ike piNtlit owner, by city makers, ami is of the be-' , liariiptioo 1'era. na living at a distance can have their goals , Hckt (1 at the rale I ? oimpeieM perarBS, at s reasonable rbarge Magi,tin rut fi ? od 1'lanolorte, curved legs sad , 'Hee, Inlaid w Ith pearl, H>'ld |>e*l I keya, overstrung baas, lined with sM in wood, Bade tn ttiosdwuv, fully gvuriwtteed lieeu , 11 tie* live mouth*, fully tested by competent jn 1goa ami ptovouiiced s superior Instrument, r severod Canterbury, do. , tool, cr vcreri In brocade French cloth ('over, lb i-ewood Secelauc urd Hookcaae, Kucolrniire# lndy'? work Tahlttrnd writrg Teolr, Velvet IV pet?, Kiigg, French l'lute Tier Mirrors, tarbla t labs and liratketa two large Mi nlel Mirror* lace Curail a, 1 hades una Cornieek. twomaguifieeut auila drawing room Furniture, covered In ibnfl colored miiu brocade of richest de- 1 tctipUou andcarved la solid reaawood; two Tate-a Talallofiia, iwnarm rem ption and right oval back Chairs rosewood t 'en'v Tables, Statuary Alar ale Top Ktegore*. lined with latin J wood; Wfcible Top. kmg't patent Kaay v hairs, pier, card . tnd ijuarlette Tables: Oil I'statinga, by Lcgrand, In- J man, Roiikaell, Kglaw and other riulurul artkrta. Assumption of Virgin Mary, fix m the celebrated painting in , louvre. Cans. Strum at if*, by Ktogatnagla; two superb . mat) li i "a ii Hugs oak list Stand, < hairs, oilcloth, suur Carpets land Rods Kngliah and i'.ruaarla t arpcts, rosewood marble ton r it leasing ilnreana, Itedaieada, Commodes lollei Tables, Ward ^ robes. He- kera, Couchce, arm and tivaJ back Chairs, covered in no duct; spring iit.rt hur Mattrraw a, leather lied* KcUlrrt, V l'lllow a, ova! Minora, Paintings. decorated China Toilets, tna k hoy any and bis- k walunt Bureaus. Sofas. Itoukera, Wash 1 stands, tuflld carved oak Huflet. dining Table, Conehea, arm -' Chairs elegant a?ta of crystal and ruby o Unaware. r?by and ' parte' ntkible pupeb Buwlk, gold baud cliiua dlun-r Set. deoo la ed lea Seta, solid silv er imiurr and Tea fiem, Silver*... Aim Rarratcnt ami Kitchen FnrvHure. H H Rtrangers 1 wishing to sin nd this rale can take the Sllth and Sixth avenuv 1 par* and ktagea fit-m the Aktor House, St Nicholas ami Metri- ' ui.-litan Hi lets, ard brirg thi m within a abort maw nee of the 1 MM Sixteenth street. ; AUCTION. AUCTION. AUCTION. This day. This day. At the private rem cues of a family declining houarkcrp ng. ale c< inn mere at lD)t u'clnrk preclaoly, it No. is llr.i Ktgbtecuik street, between Filth and Sixth aresues. 1 he hruae ia fnmlahed throughout with a Urge assortment Of very Pre Furniture. Rare (ii! Patnlinia, llmnie. and Bisque Statue ilea and Parlor Ornament*: Rosewood anp Black Walnut flulta of gurnitnre n mpute, covered in satin brocatel, velvet aud haircloth, seven pieces each. Klrgunt 7 octave Pianoforte, naewcod raw. carved legs, pearl keys and a very auperloe loned inatrumrnt. The Itm it are severed with velvet. HrnaaeU and Imrrnln fVr. prle, Ruga and Vsta. The basement, (lining room and bod chamber* are furnished with every article that U useful and necessary to dflfciplete the seta. lit oris ran be examined brforr the vile. J. MIl.A'uR TAVLOR A CO., Auctioneers, office No. 3 J turn struct. ( A I LAN J. WILSON A CO, ! A Dot J< ?n**f 0. . Mfl^LJi cei.' R<WHor<j !Iotj#riioJd , ri'HNJflRK ' At Public Audi jo. i Tbl* day {Thursday!, at 10V< o'clock. It the private rmaimer of thi Uic Zeno Bartol, K?|., Wo. 1 0 J A'mt street. between Sixth and Seventh acetates. Costly Roaevrnrd Planotnrte, f nlta of llrawtnp Room Purwttore, Kara Oil Paintings, Ac. , Thesbove sale srlll he peremptory, by order of the eieeit- , ore. "the arpetlng,of four itinerant kinds In alxuen rooms, | aaa all new and laid down by Messrs Stewart A Co. only nine | a.ontlis, all the elegant rosewood Furniture was made to , ruder for Mr. Harlot bv first class cabinet makers. We would advise our friends sort the public to be there early and ex- , undue the goods before the ?ale rommennes i 'ita.'o''iirs do- I scribing each aril It nan be had at nur office or at the bittse. PRAWIKO ROOM*. , se^erb rosewood Pianoforte, rontntns all the modern Improvemet is, four rnnnd rnrtier, earverl leys, fn I Iron frame, solid pearl feet , and beaullfuL'y inlaid with mother of pearl, rlty . nnkrr; thri e roses.,on stilts of elegw.t Furniture rr. lern and I sr.tKiue stile, covered with blue, green and cr.msou ealln u.sdr b' Merrllt A Co.. ol this city, and t\l'l be so d In separata , mils of 7 pieces csrh lo stilt the buyers: also, fonr mortal! on | I hairs, satin Turkey I ounce and easy Chairs royal Axmtnater I arpel mosaic Ruga, pier Mirror and two mantel Mirrors, elect Oil Paintinr* by IVmss, Runny. Kacur, McForland and rslier t minent ani?t?. solid rosewood centre sofa, side, marble top Tables, k scretolrc and li'? kiase. rosewood Ktegere. mir I or doors it.dbsck, eerner Whatnots, Parian Statuary and | c?sH> bronze Figures, Ornaments, Rinnan, Dresden paaiUxl China Vliars, real lace and brocatcl Curtalnt. DlMkU ROOMS. Oak extension dining Table and oak Buffet; f. ne table Co liery, hi glu t cut Glassware. French ( hir.a Tea act, Ivory balanced but,died Knives and Forks, Table and TeaPpuuus, KJrer (tuns. Crockery, Sofa tbaiis, Clock, Ac. CH A M UK HP Rosrwiod, mahogany scd walnut Redsfeada, Hureatlt, War hstands, (i nimo.lts. Tables, eurled hair Mattresaea Blankets .-ben*, feather Reds and nUoML spring scat Chairs, lounge Rocker, lace Curtains Carpets, oval Mirror, Clock. Tt liei sel also, third and fourth atortes throughout, Beds and Reddli g. Carpets Oilcloths. hall Hat Maud; all the basement ?nd kit'ben Furniture servant's mm, Ac N. It ?Pale po>|lue rain or shlue Ike llonae will be rented for the balance "i inp jwmr mi au rxcrruiugij lun mir. | ACfTH K NOTICR.-A. H. XTOOLAY WILL BULL AT I km tii n. cm Thursday, tin- 9th Inxiant. Bt No A3 William J dreet, t.nwrbares of the slock of the be* ton <'<ny>#r Type ' u.| ant of Lb la city. $6 each, a re* titer divide uU pa)Ui( Muck. 1 ee ratal-eue. I ? _______________________ f A potior Korirn-nrRBiiAiffi rrRjrrrriiB rt- ' preaaand Parkin* Kaiabllahmeiit, 111 and 11.1 Vmi Kin- ? eiith Mreet, between Pink and Mtth avenue* llou*eboM Tiir I'tur* of vtery dvsrrlptluo bosml and skipped to all parta of k lie world. Plan^forlaa. mirro chin* au.l alaaaware e*re- ? illy mrnld; l*r*a entered wagon for removing furniture I * 0 the country, ho rage for furniture. j " 4 IITIO* m.TirR ?A f.Any (iiviNo irr hoibr. "I & beeping. will aall bar furniture f'-r one ht'f that It fat a hrre month* ago. It rnuste'a of all the fliture* In a four story | ion?a Must ha aold on account of I*?v1rr far th? Moutk. fl | 'iiatate of a splendid Pianoforte, tkrer suite of au.Ut cat*oral lailnan furniture. l?o*nlte<>f parlor Furniture with all 'he 1 urnllure ami Paintings in the ! ?c Call for three days at e Weal Eleventh itract naar Filth avenue. A ClTI'iR 8 AI/K ?iF RKtDY RAHK CLOTHIM.? a. A M CKMTALA K. AudHMfr, 73 Bowery. will arU Ida day. at n l* o'clock. <l *b and raaatinrro frock, aact P nd over I rate, doeskin and samel 1 ante, auk and aat.u 'eats, Ac . Ac. A I'CTIOR JfGTICF ?HT ViHTVE ?T Aft KXECTTTOR, _ ft f *111 evp'aefor ptthllr vendue on Thursday, . ha 9tli of ?' ?al, at II --It A M . at X 7 Greenwich | J tcroe, tOjai. naof Brarnly, It) cailoii* ?'liln. I * bo UK AT r.Hin Cuteteble. 11 BhOWNFA Ml HOI*. AI'lTIOMKRB. Wild. HEM., \ par order of e?r. olor, on Frtday. August 10. at 1 o'clock, u front o: a.ore 36 Fteeean alrcei Trolling Home. a brautif U iaj. b'l-s tailed tiodlru Iloraa. lb1., hands high. erven yeara \ 7 Id. warranted jx rfartlj aonnd and kind, and to trot In 3 Of ' tew fat aa be lei, In any harnaaa hia aire aaI Ilia ee'ebraled , : *1111 ii Rot' 1.0*1*. and dam a *r lob rated Baa haw mar*. Par. J a d?#RR.g n aoa iba *?.te horaa ran apply at our oRce. J MOftPURATlON BALK?RT YIRTl'I OP Al'TTtORITT v 1.7 vr-ted In me I will expose for aula nn Thursday. An?r*t * 1 iMai, at the Onriinration yard la Jane atreat, at III u'ejuet _ t R . at d at tba Corporation yard loot ?f He log'on slrete a| I o'eiMR nunn.all article* w bateoe- er thalh arc been removed t t Inmmhranroe on aim ta and pier* that bate remained ta J be \ar?1 on# monib prter to ibe date of tkia notice. ctenktiiig b >1 (Id carte. rallroAd Iroti-derrl' k. Ac. * ti W BMITR, Btieet O tr. ii.taa.rmrr f treat Tteparlrr.ei t, Anient 7. left). 1 rroRITAHLR B BALK Of DRY ARIl FAXCY OOOf>B - a L./ AMI TtlhTAI.AE, Aivtlo*aar, ? lu.wery. will aell, A b day. at lb1, o'rbek. a iarte naorimeui aa aNiv*. com * r'tipp Bilk. Alpacas, Merlnoaa. f'aticoea, Hare*ea. Toweia. _ I a hie Cot tra, <*ul.t?. Htupchder*. UuMrry. bhuu Bud Draw ra. Ac. EnWARD F'-TTtlffTr, ArrTTOXKKR -HOfHRllOl.n \ Pure tnre reinotad for ooti*etii*tica of aala.? K if H. , i IIFK'K will net' 'Ilia day. A'lga* # at 10*,' n'r'orlr, at " beir *a tearoom. 1*1 Broadway ibe fur ml ore of a family d* ,h.:n? kn|Hf kaei lnp, rnibrartnp Parloe bnfa. Plaoofnrte ard l<*4.1'ai%ate RirfwJlin*rfR. Herateada, Hada,'Haddlnp m- fl i nab n iMnb ? labia. Wardrobe Plated Ware, Kefrteetrp'r, 1 hande'tar*. Ir Alao a fine awirimartof raw K'imttur*, p ?t< ni made *?d of lateat aty'ea. I*?ka, Pawtne Ma 'blt.ea, n t i*i ha la. Ac.. b*tn? a lari* ami damraide ?ock for puauice 1 * aa1* II Kpwakp w iiitxrK, An-nnjirrR-omr ? niRO> a MMtnr > A H RPttRlH'K ? ill an ? It .lay, 1 I rual al 11 n ' n?i, *' tl ?ir a* r ?r.? n., Ill Mr ?d ??y a U ry airpark* ahHihmwr Br-Mr, la pairact nrder,(ur aa> < uat oi twra ll concern^ II ixrt R. Hrmix IR AinicxRtR r I I It'.nfiip? aa'r nf J AL1AR1R HI.AIK HAWK aM? MORfiAR H'R-K* MM PlIAKTirjk Ixil'HU lliKNI * All. ? ihi rati KPaT. ancal 11. ?i li c ?k m. ' In tr r.i 4 fa'ra Ri??n?. Rn. I'Snn al-ml. 'rmfiriMt r c,?? M ark H tai, Mn'.lmn IShnnda 1 ik Hr hub (art f??t - <md next kind in Mr hartmaa. ami an ddln la i * Mark ?im| Imam (full) fima?<l; Ma a lr? *>i Mark IU? frl l.j bnrtrtat H>??-a Hate b abcaM " imd by J.taii'i X rirtn, dam nf HU'k lhak. hy^rrunf llaaall ? 'irlan. el i-) nj'l lf..m ii nkan all alia nr.* imi >rr:i"l vi a i m r lb- * trn nf tbr I, k Ala.I nn an ijnt by b rnh H? .r, ' > '< . bman N..nb .4 Ikralaird. aiao. a bUcli I laflhrtr. fad hr htrylfc blur wb'i w*? ?lmd by Krwih of Rug ina. Ham b> Hliici iliak, ako ?u arrd hv Juailn m rcan, i an '? IS I a- la S Ir I I i' a I k birr! an<1 rrmlln In ' ? ' u> arldia ami kartwmi. bat wan " ward*:! lb'- flrwt yrr minia fnr S .ma- nMa, al 'hn Mntn lair ak infla'n tbrr?- yrara ?r' alw>an Fngltah I'nrk PbaHrtn bnt <" i l? i , ab a dc'iblrrjl <4 knitcw ..f ihn mrv tmrt da * rill ?r . hnl M> ; (!. lie -racr may " rni, at ?ny li nn S tSn (a l? al tbn Vrlr.l j To- 'lent J IT* r? a??r birth nam nn w l.nrr r?r*i?-? < a nf thn |c?ih|rra, cm J1 or let, r- . f I." o al> eel <"? ., X T ; . Ira gfi! man who m?A and ra'ar I ihn b r?n? r*n ?la bo i- i T a r ma id antra-, ley urd'-i I J'rIIR C TlfnRPR, A Urrf un V f-a * Uiaaeo. ij*NRY '.kh?m ivtTi - > 11, mat. mm. l II a. 'i . ll irr ? 'i'r' ' nf I lrrr?iaa. balmrm Pnav Raiakna I'nrrrnla. Hmnnhrd aamil a art. liar ?l I hutnpatnr llrn t. i| n. Kim and Wbaaary ; Ii lan ?<ll?0 Payara. I.lno Ibn Whita !<aa<!, lbaA# w>aj?a. M 'n.abaa. Ac. P '??? f, [TARPVTARR Al'TlOR Rf.Tl.-R. J Ll PIRtT rAU. TRkl'? Rkl.R ll 1I)?IH K VAN ANTWKRP-< ""IR. ll Inrllniiaaf will anil mi Th iradar. A-u rat . al 10 nVlnefc, a| a *1. 7* * am almai. a largn an! ritnnatr# aaanrtmrnit nf h iryi'h, linran ami A wnr . an llar'wam i lUnrt An . aD ? nw finrla in-., , !> r I a?H,wU TUlM A iil'nry, alan, R m. JMhnw'a A Amtnrw* a An nnnprlaMia >??ry raiintr rrf alyln; alan, R tad a ad I'annnl Hawa of bnai a1 I .k. ra. < K. >?a. b| ??r A * .wa'a <?.??#* < hlaanla. alan, ~ if* ai r u 11 ? aawipln narda nf Pmlrl and Tabln I 'nlinrr of Tbna. I l ; -I ' il-rnian Hard J , ? ?. i | An.'.. IUI d-.rr n I H Tb lira' W nrh?-?. tin->. r.t rr. ab Pirn Irnr a. A". H-mlra arrA tllnana with r ila; i re. Ji i i Irnn W.rn. Rrw 1(1 and 11 vrntany 4 i 'll a .ij i <' ??' 'a .11 <n fr# wAnr > tAd a a <a Ilia a Wi-nnt nod t n* Inb. lAn whnln to ho a .A m. a m?"l >' fn-w m tnha ft* aiproatd tvtn*. < %'A- I ' - a a* ftad> vl RwiB?c'.a/l BiA Mat e 3 SALES AT At CTIOW. fK ROFEM.. Al'CTIOWBEB- dFEICE CORNER or . Canal and Hik> i] atfer ta, ail] .ifler atriivate *)? s ( hotce lot uf Parlor ar.d Ceamf.'er Furniture. Dir..tig room do.; aim, a few Carpeta and one bnreau Bad trad, very low f -r caah. Out door a.ilre aoliciled. Asaitfuee'a aula on .Saturday. JCfitrn BECFMAW, trCTIONKER FRIDAY, AUUl'ST 10, A110 o'('look A 1! , lit thu I'l'Dlra] .-al'srooma, WUoaf;W>y, corner of Pearl ftrnet A general aerortnu nt ifll i Heboid Furniture, Feather Hede. I'tifj?tr, MU'otht. Co nlrr, Haium Futurea, trained Uoat, Wagon, Uartirm, Ac. JOHN II HI KI EV, AVdlOKEKR, WILL PELL, THIS day at 2 n'i lie V al Uf Canal atrert, near Varirk a large ?aaortiu*nt of Fiirni'ute, i atlng of r.eewood, hlaek walnut ir d other Bureaua; do iiro'-'.uta emeuelno. centre and other lathe: hi ir and other it wt licence. Wardrobe*, Book. aera. holaa. rota fii-da, Bri.eaela and other Carpet*, lace Cor* a<n* pltr, mantel and other Ulnae** a'f feather Bade, nuictiiay and other Chuirm., log-ther vr.lh e.ery thing or b< ueri ceding. Btovea, Kite hen Ware, Ac. PAWNBROKERS 8ALA?ON THIS OAT, AUGUST 9, at 111)* O'clock, at No. 4 Kaat Broadway, a lAIS* ?*irtircut of men'a and women'a wearing apparel, Coat*, 'atita, Veata, Root*. hboeu and Uaitcra, Dreaae*. '-hawla, '.-.pea, Mantilla*; alao, Watrhra and Jewelry, Silver Ware, funa, I'tatt la. Ac. By order of 1*. A 11. FRKKL, A ROM HTML Wii.tna AanOTT, Auctioneer. PAWN BROKER'S SAI.E.-B. LEVT A CO. WTtL BELL thlartav at li >, o'clock, at 22 Catharine afreet, men and arum a Clothing, Mlk Oreaeea, n tine lot of Mautillua, Shirt*, i 1-cu.iae*. <ju)l>, ati.l a 1 irge lot of Carpeta. SA J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS DAY. AT 10< , o'clock, at the audi u i -una No. 1 North Wl'llaa atrec' iiortf.?gr aaie of Houacbo d and Ihuroom Ktirnlinre; aploodia Uar counter. mart.le top Kaung <> utiter, gaa Chandeliers, Setera, Kefrlgrrntora Liquors. Oil Put-unes, f'locka; alao maoyativ 1 ailor hull. In repa; hldi i??rd, cane teat Ch/tlie, ma rctinv ltic'ius. lanlea. I.iurcta, tiirancolea, liurectts, I. Ill) Kedatrads, timr Muttreai *. fratlw r B? da. Bidding. tl?o, at id o'clock, ? i ne lot of velvet, Hr.iasela and ni*r?ia txrpela JCHN R. FARRINQTOJf, Attorrey for Mortgefoe. JtUKRIFF'B SAI.K CV A M "KRS A F ATRi'BTI P. AUOj Ucueera si!?ii?nii 113 Naatau street). will Mill, tins linv, tugoal9, at li) n'rli rk nt 1 2H5 Bru.t u hitweoe Thirty tblr4 Lil Ihiriy fourth nr#pte. a grieral assortment of Hardware, urntblmiv ?rd Hi iwkfvp'in Arid -let. cone'stlnK ?t Cutlery, ilier Finitd Warp. Hardware, J>iiannery, Tin and Wood late, Brushes, Vats. Tea Kettles, Wutters. Team Hacks, Tea, HlOr end Dessert 1 po-us. la ill pa. Hollow Warp, willow Banrt*. Htrh Covrra, Ic? t'reum Frrerera, Fartr a Boiler*, oulda. Tea Traya and a v? nety of other housekeeping art), lea uhi numerous In un nil' n. br'ny ilie rati e stork of siaxts ontu.r.t-d In the aboTe premise*. JlillN K F.ULY, Fhonll. JllK.R IVF'S KAI.B (IF TJ1K STIIl'K AND FITTUKKK f>F * u I.lquor St ip.?On Tlinrailuv, at 10 A. M., corner of Myr. eavenue and furl at reel, Brooklyn, by rKKD A t'OLK, I ii. in i,pi m, 11 m prising Olna, Brandfea, Whirs, fegais, Cartp. Whisker '-J standing I'a ah a. Also the Sutures In atore. I ABM. BJKKBKCK, Deputy Sheriff. 3U*K1FF*H saiK-TIH WAHB. IRON BAFKS, AC ? 0 OHAMBalKS A FAIRl 'HII.P. AucU metre, will sell thlg lay August 9 at 1'. o'clock, at thr'.r salesroom, *n. I Id Nn?>hu street, for aeco'int .f former i.,,r.-h*?pr, a 'iiiftD'ity of Tin?tire. Jspaored, plain and pelt-led; Fad Ir.nia, Tacka. Hakes, Tinticra' Tools, Ac. Alio, two uffl e Safes. JOHJf KJCT.T.Y, shertff. S1HCRTFKF SklK?IRn* BkTiiTF.\T*S?CTJAMRKRS ft, Auctioneers. win ar t this day w wt 9. at II o'clock, at theli saleHrootn, No. 11:>. i eH-rt, twenty1 wo Iron Be<1*te?it?. .lutIB I KI.LY, PberUT. WJMIAM W1TTKRH, AU'TION i.KR-WTl.l. KKU. ON Friday, at 10>i o'clock, at 125 Wort Hrtaidway. aU the Furniture. Ac., oj the honae. mat cany Furniture, n.alp cy Duncan; Snfn*. Chalra, Mirrors, Bm-apla Carpets, Oilcloths, Tale a-tetra, mahogany Bedsteads, Mattresses, Feather Bed*, Bedding, mulii cany Bureaus. d i. Wardrobes, I)ln up riH'tu and Kitchen Furniture, China, Glass, S?tjvea, Act, cetnec with aeveral other gi?>da. MINCELLAkEOlR. AOENCY WANTED-MANLFAl'TlKERs' OF ANY Maple goods, aurh aa Ainerh'KO donieath-e and 'Cher cotI en goals, carriage makera, ailver n'mtvl war*, leali^r au<| ktue. ott or leather eloib laafcionable ready made clothes ug m porter a of dry |Wi alike, fancy artlclee and hardware, alio may kiteud or wieh to put up ho agency ai'.abl-lnurul la bie city for reloll or w holwal*, V? III Pod In lb* advertiser l >ei?op ("to rrnuil In either or all of I bene bnuirkw of trade: i br will lake i bar** of a flpai i?io>. m a larur KiUMnjil iituic. aud will make arrangements, In order to itiarautew tk<s tarty colliding property 'o bia care. Ut adtame iu .tab. u u -k ill, at leant a large portion of Ibo vatteof the prop rty, lim mods io 1* charged at ?mt. and the. rent, of the at ore .1 Yn >:iid I t the pat ty giving the goods. aud uo other eipr nee. t ho idtertlaer will conform bunt elf with a rhare of the pmuta i. r he Interest ot hla autrev Ida personal aitendanrn and .ILcr iprnare state the kind of hn?in**? in answers and, if partea will not air* their names, to ray where an 1nt*m? w ten lei ad Plrat elate reference tltr n. Addrraa f: N T, bog I.Cdft Pnat fibre. or to the a?m# t> tttala at the Herald ?>tu<-e. fHIAKKH VINTER, I'ltlNTKK IlAH KRMUVKD fOf| Ly tiie present to No 46 Ann atreet, jitat bel iw NaM?, <il.rre be will be happy to receive, order* o.m bia uau m* ra u.d lite public. Wiii return to 1UU NMB*u street, a* soon aa rebuilt. MWClilbTKfe'M PATENT \J fiAFRTY LEMON ByFEEZER, \ new and Improved ariirJ*. fia. inn* the j ire wtti oil Iron be akiu. pressing out all the j ire wtUiout spitting ou < lotbnp, Ac ?made from Iron. Price 16 e-nia each, ruriale ly tarawant and fu'ni?bing atnroa. and a'ao>iy WH. U. LIYWllcTf in A co No. ? Portlandt at Patenter a and hole Miui'ifaaiurrrs. CTOVMTKKK WANTED-TWO DRY GOODS "OPNTERN, J on legs. Applylo J. J. 11AI>E Y A CO , 261 Br railway, up stairs. Family itn term.?the rnglirii ladtk famtt.y liaiateta n Compound i athart.e Blttera, fo? th* <- tr* of Liver coinplaiuls ami Debility, arlatr* Ironi a torpid aud impure alale of thu bhud. Tbeae BilU-rs can be Jted with irepuuiit in all dtaeaaea Incident to k em.. **. They ac' truiptly n lb* <11*ralive .agar.#, aud rent.), e all tendency to lyepwata, n .-e Itltlera are warranted the (.eat tn oae to * nM'ah the rulb of tbia. we refer > on to tin- lieailky r-ndlliooof the Kt.aliah adlea.wbo by lliejodtcioiia uaeof the inner* are rendered ?r?r uoyaul and full of life Prl-e 80 .-*111* aud (J per botll-j. P r adr by I>E\ INK8 A CONE. *0. JJ Juhu atreet, N-w Tor*, tnd by Drngflela generally noUT AND gllEt NATION-H1K BXCRPCTATIN'I ut pale of jroat or rbenmauam relieved in two bon a, ami ttuwd tn a lew dava, t.j that celebrated english me.; in*, itlalf'? ifr nt and KheaAatie IMIla, tkey give tncoaetate relief run the tortures of this disease, and carry "tf the ?c? k la wo or three days; require neiLbar eon"nemeul mrr atietiofnj ,1 tag kind, and are certeta ui pre Tout the gout aua *.: * auy 1ial pan Prlre 66 rent* and t& nenta per h.n. Prepared 'f 'r-?t a Hanant. 269 e 'and. lem hm, Knplaad, aret ?-u,| by keir ageat, Hilton lUreant. 'ifty tb rd atreet aadltme-lwaj ; nd by t Hiambera. tr( llndaon aireet, Mra llayea 176 k lint atreet. Mroufciy0, aud by all drUganda Her maj-a'y'a Com1 M.. nera aotle>ri?ed 'be name and addreaa "Th -ioaa i'm L !p Klreod, leetdtut," to be leipreeeed 'fit Ute gote-r.mek.| nap affiled 10each bui of the genuine medicine. uf AI1.LA F D'8 IMIOOOLATK. h (.*hueoiale de Bau'e. 1 - v, .. d* la v until*, tkuca-alc doubt* \?iii'la, ( tma r tar Ei<*..ecca, t b ?<?Uto r*r ylMui. ?'b a-ouito Hurroi>|?:t*. I v*.to roaat*. tftlaMl aso**. AO Ibo abor# aro of tho h*#? yi# ty s.t.a at'-aJ W *nj lmIjrtad Ckjcuialo. abd duo*but coal *? I Us t'Haa rtMHV dajri.A in NVaaTbt Wboiraale Eoo' -rj Jf?*. 150 and 1*> Momor otroot. tiARi'i mamsu?tfmi Ktrarrminoi nrroiwa Tl Ibo puMlo that bo l? ool?rf Maafola A?., 4a., rhtmyr baa on* r rroun in ibo ?* 1 b oo air but# u> iou !>?*? bo'ild call MOD at A Kl AUbK ' Vard, 113 Kaal K>?tn l ib rtirr'.. nil uf tLiluta-, >?o lib WON*-AM HAIFA Fli'.KKlt I .oP TAT AN A Host, in largr *od mii*,; i,?.*a, far *ai? by W. K Tool.A A "U.t T? Fu.'Vs ?umi TOFK WIFE HA II. W AT oOWrAjrT. > HI'TiHIRMiH A WTfkr.lUi(tA*, Krtti"'?1 tu ? ? Mi K?o Turk. Rmi t\mr ahnro Mrtmjr, H*n flrAol lannfar* "or* *t><l doa>v? to U n hai, n* Karai Fat,-**, lr?? iaioa VorabiUha. lrna rurmtura. raaUt>|i aod a fletioral *% loAi nf < rmajnmial Ins Work. UHlMthr IHa ? (l?ll.f 1 - -A> v"/5K HA , IH-I I anno ofnifto braaa aocnnd b? d Oallry* tr> dtapn?o of ?1U r?r,-i*pt , r-.oor bjr ?or :in<r. w thr. C- ?j, vti ir addr-ag bd lorin* to 3d Itookiran il/rl, [JOOFIWO A1.ATFJI OF THE F.AOI.E FLATS rOMFAlTf [? at* nf ei.j ortrir -irm'ny, Inw r at flro proof, jrtold pira ar>4 cuioird ralo **tor. and 1st * H uMar* add-aaa tb? if rot of tfca Uo|iu;, O. IHHA.H. V iVrirtiandt (troat, lav ??%. r>?R-oV~iHf'fT^MOVIW<?-WILL" FIJHD IT T? tb? ir ?di*n'?AO to < .ii n tho Morrifin'itaa v. 1*0 *rb k Mrrrt. mill tS ai,d S7 Ktna stroot Ko-tr borao on*1 "A r r? ,.K-.T'r.a poiana i.i tbr rr, r.try or -ny I ?rta at * 1 .11 i't i ( -ulnar). I'* t.-ii *a l.'.ia.r.a ? laaao* 1'uu.ofortoa. koi-,1 orb iaro and ai our rtok Furniture ri.rd <r l-oiea i d a!,11 | ?*1 Uirtrr) | all of lb* a >ri T. flOUHlbMITB. ri.h AMI It I' tN ' oi.JWrM II MTI.K. I I - frtm lhn rlrh.nt milk of th<- baal la ' i. M ?a r?mnty Ran Vab. lath# oaly way to prm ,ra para n ? In laijr r i|.* Ibr m<- i<-?| nrofaaalot rapnrt It urn lltvaTa* I > for Infanta and Inta.'a. II I* rba.par tUn tba n?.B *<] m mild a At it wit kmufor yaara lu try La.atr. H la Indiai 'IMla f--r irt??l 'i?, -BI -art of :ha army I d y ?nd f' r tboaa Mnng la bo* c imnioi or 't? Soutk, r tn *ai it u;rj ^v ktiri, rur'.- na-i for iraMport*>*, tl lb* drprt AMViUrAN ?'>l.inimp *11* CXI* P ANY. J1 l.lbrit| arm. two d??>r* rant 'roa Kntdni. *. Tlht m n p?rf?-t trtb . f tha kind In v, la f ir **) > hf tM II UII.MII'TI.N A n. Hi A C .rti ,nd' rrrri N T , s.l<- ?tnujl t tb? "taiaa -if f<-tr York. K-t? Imi and '..nnnrtk at. Ordara ft tut dralrra will nBtr pr mpt u>bUob. I1'AM?I> V B*' ?>M? HIM' - fy pan r and I i ,,t tlttlr twd ?.<ir~. gl.fn* daarr'pthiai and Matn'K Mnta, .. A. r. v ii- . r - 11'am n - \ t-M.U.i. m o: k>?.M All'' ff in | ?irUkt?| 1'irfwi dddr?-? HP, rtr MP Prat 'dfna. ii'ANT?n turrit cam "rap f"R i'a?h mifi ff i.r|., .r Vtln ?r t ?'i? \?nr I ' ? . *?an? ? *-n? at< Mi ft. !.? or aa< I 1 I, an J in flrat rata mnrlni. trd*r Art.* a J n KI.AflK. JT7 Pti'lna aTaat H ? kl>B Mnn *1/1/1 I'Al* PK KPtl.lZKIIHt INTKLI-ltfCNT MUU.UUU parannt ifcat wi'l *>) |r? dotlara to an?| inrk tan raara -r r th.r Hlonb* .a t' a Pa.ulfort. Itanhiry, < I ana ra of la-( in oat a?<-loaa a thina. RPllKTtfO. yon pai.v rim cm.rkratkii cvtikr yacht, " JKRRt ItRY.ANT A daarrlptim act aknrb of bar wad imp IB Ilka Nan York ITIppar of July }| Rha aaa t,nah?4 .at Marah. and *>?iauf tha m at paifaat and baa tif i) boat* i ikr norld. Aba Ik tba prnpartt of a lady wlmna V-a.tb will H I'WBIt bar to OM bar. Aba fat mroplata moklnt .taaallB or twalra paraona. ? ranrtaa tanl ftr arardttir on tbora, tail mart r.,rl r.i?hl-i*, annlnt, a ratiraaa mrnr fiir traaafortnit bar pit into a rat in, a rawlor tandrr. Ib fart aba la cinplrt# I arary dataII aba I* thirty alt frat looa. t?mt?a frat baaap, nd maaaoraa iMnaas loan, aba mat II *1) To any ma wtah.? a "i rrfrrt grm of bnal aba will ha told at a prlaa thai .III tnakn bar a rara larpala. Apply Immaliatatr to km. . N flOf Ho- M tlraad atraat. aaar W<?atar, *?w Yorb. ba yarbt now lira at Mr NtroKar 'a loaatn. at tba font of Warraq iraai Jnr?*y elty onar Iba (lata b?"rr ^ L'l'AN' I|t III Tl IN. fill r- Ml- 11.c T.?-., r lat, ' *<4 ?r ' I. < ??t imiri,' 4 H ?, -nil - m Id. H Tl RK R Iniallll la Manaa r.irr an I I m Rtlrrtuh, .tor, W iant? par ?. Ula. Im?i ^n ^^a(| Imtnad, An. Adrk-a rrmtla, MRaND CRII-Rtr ?tT> ll- -T. (IRORt ! Va Pi 1. J irral Tba rat'.am aanttal matrh batwaan-Jn< i-attra t'rirb. I Chita will ha i Intml on tba oa^ i-* ilo -w' ,a-a 'lalda, Hoh-Aan -tt Tboradar and IrWIa - A.-*-a ?I?J. matim-tbr al If O'tloob ?m! day. %

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