Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1860 Page 1
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' TH WHOLE NO. 8737. } - TELEGRAPHIC ENTERPRISE. PripwcJ Line frtn n?w?v to Bab Fraaelew Eorapc, Asia and A verba la be ,j? Halted?Plana of (be Russian and American Telegraph Caaapaay, Ac., Ac., Ac. A couple of j^ars ago, Mr. Terry McD. Collins, a native * of ItiU) State, who had belome a citizen of Caliloraia, and who had spent two or three year* aa United States Com I 1 aaercial .\gent in the Amoor country, conceived the idea of IMP eolallith.Dg a grand system of telegraphic communicaI tioo between Russia and the United States by way of I M BeUru/g's Straits; and on his representations a company I ii wits formed under the title or the Tr.tnsm lindane Telegraph [ p Couijuoiy. This company was n May, 1809, incorporated by :-a act of the Canadian Parliament, its corporators * being Sir George Simpson, Hon. Lewis T. brummond, Hon. John Roes and Antoine Dor ion, British subjects, and EMr. Collins hmself. co orssATiOM or sc'iu. I P After obtaining this charter'Mr. Collins proceeded to l? St. Petersburg to enlist the Russian government in l'avor of 1 the project, ile bad two objects in view. The drat was I to nduce the Russian government to engage on its own acII count .n the construction of the proposed line so lar as it t' was to extend through its own territory; and the second ( It was, u he could not succeed in thst, to obtain the iinpe|i rial authorization to construct the line on private account. I noon after his arrival in St. Petersb urg, in the fall of 1869, his plans and specific propositions were submitted to !Lbe Commander-in-Chief of Public Ways, Gen. Chefl"kin,by whom they were again submitted to the Siberian Committee, as the proposition affected the country under their jurisdiction. This committee or council is composed of some of the tint men of the empire, and, since the acqiii ition of the Amoor country by Citint Mouravieff, and tbe new status of tbe Chinese question arising out of the Pel i bo affair, is a very important agent in ail matters relating to the East. Tbe critical condition of affairs in Chins, from :ne expedition which is being prepared against it by Engian 1 and France, occupied the serious attention of the i Siberian Committee during last fall and winter, and ne- j reesar.ty imposed upon them a great amount of business. Besides this thejr have aline of Tartar Chins* f.OBtier Of emu 8yt> thbusnhd Sides to looa alter, with tbe vivid IWticon of ir-agtiit Khan and his conquests still upnerI mo itVhe Tartar breast. , Gen. CheCtfa tind the committee found time, however, A Spared fffa the other important duties devolving on , them, to consider the propositions submitted by llr. Col' line Tbey gave them, indeed, a marked and prolonged consideration. But while the Russian government enter d fully into bis views as to the great importance to Rus sta, both in a commercial and political sense, of ' the proposed telegraph connection with China I. and America, it declined, from motives of State policy, p. ei her to conclude any convention for the dehuit ve junction and co operation of P.ussian and American lines or to L grant a charter to a private company for the building of the entire line. The Russian government did, however, II. ( determine to e\tend its telegraph system eai-twardly from I f Moscow until the coast of the Pacittc be reached, and ac1 corded to Mr. Collins the Initiatory surrey of the proW posed route from the Amoor on towards San 1-raneisco, so L| lar as the Rustlsn poeeeesiont are concerned. !ti com.or to this conclusion, although it does not conform exactly to Mr. Collins' plan, it hastens the g piAhm nl of his original idea, !/., tne telegraphic union * af"pe and America 0Ter..ind, thus aroidiug tne ureal * uncertainly an 1 esjienve of submarine cables, which are I only to be used at a few points, and to a Tery In .-onside I MlMS SIMM, ^ me KAZAM amoor ms. I It -co* a as i'ready ,n telegraphic eotiEcortou witli St. ? retries .rg, aa i thence with the rest of Europe. That a war, therefore, to be, in Mr. Collins' pity, the initial P pr ut Since then, hewevar, the Russian fov&fttBB'Jiil hsa I* been s'.'ac .ly pushing on the cocV.ruOtton of the Knc i'rocft I, Mcbcuw eastward!^ to the country. It bus beer I- a rceoy extendi d In tia* direction through Valdlsnir I JQixnernsvgorod, w here the famous fair is bcid.and the old I* Tartar! of K;? am, to ferm^on the coutiiiesof Asia I* Frotu P'-rni ,t 't in proce-r or construction a'.row the . t'rti c. Utile: ;uburg. Ttiei e .1 is to be ex ir?ul'-il Ui Tdmalli on the UfL lt..n'c nl tin- Irlvjr.h the I 1 cb>tf tr biliary of the Ob* rlnr; tlNMto Omak, alto I (itualcd on a bl anch ol I bo !rl> rob a I >ruo well built r. tjare a "try ni|?>i 'uit imnaw i.i (* u.. If mg li e aval > i L govrcrnut tor M a1, dctr. .n rj .. .?l nav-iog a aysI l?m <f cotfiu. inicali >o which takes i" lb- in le ft ' h in R and Tb t" l 'b :! to Tomek m the riv.-r Tom a brin- h If *1 lb" 1'ij " b, al?o ? p!tu:<-im cmMrnMi IWMMI Hi that nect.'oa of oounuy, aa it hn* a Urge trade with the L Tartar .it' i .? '( '.ti TutJw ml th' i arth* I rrn M ici of China, and wltn TnrkeMan *ad the t *o 1 ,B'i?t.i'.ae; tiP-nr* to Krameyarak, the see'4f coan?nt ?i .1 in- i -it K"'?i iti.r< ? ' ? 'i . i c it-try and river. Kr <m 'bit poiti it |??rr ? > ith' aatwurdiy to Irkontefe, a large and tow'ahlnj; city, U*?capital of Kaatera * N ru Ibo propoeit.ot .* to carry it Tom thuaoe eitoer a hp or aronuii the eouthorn point of tor ukr or fa of Fa kal to h akbta, near tne l>ord"rs of tlio Chinese ?-m j?re. and Ma.mat h m. w'tbw tic' pro*in M,.icul.? Tt>? sr l?.? po.n'A arc the depots and entrepot* for a.1 tb? legal trade bel?ee i f'.ur- a aod CI. inn aa et.puttied by treaty. In? 'radr ol these to.vnr waa -st mat.-d it1 Ilk! 7 ti 1- too,ton mlver n :blee Runriaa. crpial to rii.ti.fl 000 r.f oar currency. The Tin*- would then t ? I bo Yabloiiovoi mountain* to (Tieta, which * <or.aderiHl tbe b?ad of ateamboit r.iv.gst >n i? the water* foamy into tbr A moor river ifhetnh is Ibo fat of gnvrtitiifT)'. for the province of Trai b'-aal. The ma n feature of tbe 8 ,?l country U > that .1 ia tne presl Eae'era onvlet colony of the R larian f vrim-ml w? 'vera: .I gold m.n-1 i"-:nr wor?ed by on iirta Tbe rag on la well adapted to agriculture aod the rearing < i large herds <>i rattle, vhicb altoond there. Vrem Cbetao, by way of tbe r ver Ingodah, tbe line i rirere to Ncncb.nak, then* down the -b lkab river to O aiireinah, which .a tbe bead of the A moor riycr, r\< ined by tii' -met ion w the Si kah and rgoon. 1H il.lTIf JtwrWlCtjr I INK. The Arn'^r 'r<wn tl.ia point to ta mouth la 2 000 mi'ea :r rufth, the pper portion being e.|ual In width to the Ohio, ?j : the tower portion to th* II aa.aa.ppi. Tbo Una ? ' folk e ib* uoiirae of th- rlrer, through the pr o - pal F ?e an and Mnntcfcoo net t''-merit, to tta entrance into It* o:*an it M> over thia tmrt o* the I in*, from tbe h< a<l ot tin-Am? or r.r?r, that tlr. Oollina baa b> en cun-eded tbo rlflll to Mkl tb* initiator; nri eyi Tie whole d.s taoce from Mnatow to tbe tnouti of tfcc Antoor la eaU- I ir>at?<1 at o 000 mllea, whl'-b la at*..', ball tbe d lance ! tr-tn ?* - ,.? to ill Pnterabarf. It ia ** peeled that. ae a reeirttitbe i<*-fM?atkna now p-flog between K'tat .a and 0b na. a nwioaaaton be grunted to r<in tb? line fr Bi k-akht* to TVkia, and from Poke to Sbangbne, Airoy and Hot r kiwi,;. AtVr r*a<*bind the mouth of the Amo-,r,the furtb*r en?i-a*?>! to* trlei-midi >.ne i? not yet de4nlliral> itraiif-il Tbari ar< three difTw ?nt plana proponed. ' The -to- ? dr. Co.I n*' MlfiMl plan of akirtmg tbe aoa if Q.-betak, freeing from Aaia into Rnatan ajo r? by la t r i>* "*lrm l*. aid *>tend ng alone the Pa* Sc c>*rt tbr. ?g. Otigoc and WaehlrgU'ii Territory to San 1 ran . aoo The if would be connected with that now in r? ,rae- f lot tiruo ion from Sacramento C ly, Derttiwnrd, ac t a tb tbe mp'et.oi. of the telefre. >l. ne from -"an 1 riocw"! to tbe Htaaouri rlrer, f.-r wrb'f-b l'iugT*? at :ta laa: r*we>or prante I ertain c bald lee, would pit New York .o teiei raphic i-"matun'f?tion will) tte Pie >o rncit Mil w.tb til pert* i>f Furepe. Tbe greaUet length of e 1) n rr d able by thin Mute would not txeeed auty m:|ea. unfit,'!- pr V> 11.1C "llifTOPB irrin ill- n ' ill (1, II Aii or rl?or i? tbo laryo .aland of garhalion, thinco arrr?B tbo ton cif n-hotult to tl"- ootithori) r>' nt of Ka-na cbauit ?iu1 torn#* by PrhriDg'a Stra 11 Tti ? rrulc would r'yi ri- unnf 4S0 m il*? of aubwrfod onbX, Tt?? tU oil pr?pnait.nti * t i oxtrnd It aouthiMird throuj*tjo:n ?ti? ' *bi to urtb of ?*a*hal i n Inland. BOO tr ??. aire*' tbo f;rn ta of J* anil Ma'?mn ttro .^h tb? inlando flf Jar*o to Najrinak*. nwHWllo ind it oaw tie Pan n.nn bo from Polcn, niothwarU. tora;<nil ibi? lino oT*r to H"?f Kocf Tbt? would brtnf totfae ( i?- too bn.iM of tbo who'o Patrtk. Ine'idlnf Ctiint toil I* an It would than pro 'id nrrthtraril hjr tbr j K-.r \o lalamta to tuo witbom n dot of K >maolialka, au'l by'!?? *?; ft llobrin*'* Inland and the '-ot an IrUt It : 'opo 'yaoki, la Raman AW a - ?liM t o trrnator lar.jth of ntthmorfod rnblo ro,pnratl ibr tlia ii tbau \?jr or rrrottly ta. ~ Alt ot a. tutif t?w> *r r.ctii C a.l.iml tlx* lino m to oaa- 4io tbo Paivd r.a<" tlifr- .jtri tbo ? t!>m<'ote ol" ino It'.-' an Amor:, an tvr n.i ?u) to f t?a. and thm>-1 e-tt r thrnifh tbo Rr t tb pi t - -nlof? to f "?fon and on to k>-i Vrar,. o-o, or , t* a nuHwofod onltV toPrlnooof Wilo*'Inland, Qn??n rt? .. ti? ? '.n.n?irt nrnt Panom-vor'a falstul. to th# i i en i' n( btitlt from l*arra?noutf lit.a jwrt of tbo r-- : mr on to tbo tt-.rro plait* Th" It* in'onocd ' ' i?n?'ifeif I? ' ?r?ia. * -ft *?t| i robablr bofho f if -n r.od or Tbo 'in(t?r?t*r 'nj ta that ?. T ,?t an |> tmnii'-nt trill bull I lb# lino from ai i,ii tin Air or rt-?r. abOi't <1000 m loo. and at tb- ,.r ?f tbo Rtwainit Amfr/m Company will bo I i : r' " t?'' fri rr Hionro to San Franc too, wbitth will be t.t arx. it at oi r tl rftoat. rtin nomojta to ar??ia. Aftor tb* piaa waa docldod upon by ibe Siberian Coun- i n. tlio n**t tL nf waa to propnar ajoictan l ualtod action I r tbo lit iprraiiin ol tba Ronsian joTOmneor witb <bo Awr i an 'nrrpaiiy, In ordor to ritoad tbo lino >o San >r*t aco Th * d?? Mr OnUhtf pttahod with nnabatod warmth an I r?al, w tboot pro*porta of ulll???o atxww, tbo itf .an ff>v tnimot, tbroi?pb Ita Cbwf af Piolie Waj-B, irkDowtodflBf Uo utility and oori,?i|y cf Uio tin of tbo Am or tea n and R'imtaa i aoa, ta of*>r to mako u r P .o?'ao : bo raluablo to rimtatorro !r :br <! o;-r?-at of ibe n?f*t to on tho ^?,!si eido 1 E/NE J. pre were ether reasons ar.d arguments outside o mere commercial matter*, which are not nocessary to be disc Med at this time. At present it was difticult to settle definitively the exact union of the two line* on the terma upon wh ch a union could bo effected. Geo. Cheff kin w rhect for more time anil a more perfect knowledge of the difficulties wh .cb lay In the path of tbe propoeed te'i graph, without in the least wishing to discourage tbe uIt mate union of Pussia with America. Tbe right accorded to 5Jr Collin* by tbe Imperial government to survey the route, while fien. Cheffkin, with hi* corps of engineers. Is building and surveying the Une to the shores of the Pacific, will tend much to hasten tbe completion of the Kazan a moor line, because it settles in tbe Hussite mind the conviction of tbe feasibility and final construe tion of the entire line Ttien the growing Importance of nnH? on me rnui 01 lartary, wltb ita close proximity to Japan and Ctiina, will hasten tbe perfection of the orl- 1 )i:>; plan. 1 WTUT nil AMKKICA3! GOVXRXMKNT SHOCIJ> HO. Tlie sympathy and co oi>eration of the Russian governmeal being thus extended to the great project, it^s now proposed that tbe American government will also lend ita aid toward* consummating it. We understand that an appi.c&tion will be mado to Congress at its next session to order a thorough surrey of tbe North Pacific, including the seas of ltebring and Kamscbatka up to the Straits together with a tboroagh inspection of afl the coasts and ifl&nds that might possibly be brought into requiiition for tbe construction of the line. We have no doubt tha ' Congress will willingly and promptly accede to such a ' reasonable request. | Mr. Coliina will also set on foot a private expedition j from San Francisco to inspect the coasts and islands of | that little world encloeed between the Alenlrian islands. Kamschatka and the western coast of America. For this purpose be will proceed immediately by the California overland route to Kan Francisco, proposing to return in time to lay the whole plan before Congress at tbe next session. If the thr< e governments immediately interested? the, the English and our own?would jointly guarantee a fair interest on tbe cost of the construction, and lend their aid to the enterprise in the matter of snr veys, Ac., there would be no doubt as to tbe speedy construction of the line. Tbe distance, wo have said, from San Francisco to the Amoor river is some 0 000 milt-, and the average cost per mile is estimated at S'-itO This would make the aggregate cost of the line 91,600.000, or allowing lor errors In estimate. 92 000 COO The interest on this sum at seven per cent would be 9140.000, which (levuied between the three governments would leave the amount to be (TlifAfteed by eavSlf-'f^an 947.000 Wfl can hardly think, in view of the immense Importance, 1 I politically, ommerciaily and socially, of the undertaking, that there will be any hesitation on the part of either of , tbe three governments to make this guarantee. The work could then be pushed on with vigor, and in the course of from three to five years we would have the I P/wilhtewi S s ?? -A *- * i ^ rwUii8,oi aturvyv, " * * America allied ny ttic magnetic wire. i nrwiAM roxsinxxc* ix ma project Witt such confidence is tbe project regarded in Ruttit tbat Mr. Collins bad an offer made to h&? by an Eur?*U bouse there to build the whole line, if tbe'tiBsiee fcverom nt would give him the concession. Per rearer,a peculiar to itself it declined to do so, however itic whole <1 uestlor has been pretty freely discussed and favorably received in Russia. In fact, tbis project is looked upon now as tbe only practicable one by which Europe and America can be united by telegraph, and tbe recent news of the failure to raise the Atlantic telegraph cattle will lend it additional weight Tbe <>rand Uukc Constantino gave Mr. Collins great assistance and encouragement i>y bis liberal and lar seeing views, and by the warm advocacy of bis plana. Mr. Collins bad frequent Interviews with his Imperial Highness, and was always received with cordiality and honored with a full discussion of bin plans. It will be recollected that some three vears since be travelled from St. Petersburg to dan Francisco over the main course proposed to be followed by tbis line, and since then he lias twine visited Russia, iu order to procure dednilive action to be taken by tbe Russian government. Since bis Orel visit tbst government has i-oen gradually extending its telegraphic lines south and east, until, as we have stated in the beginning of this article, tbe great l antern line, wta'ch may be designated tbe Kt/.in Amour line, baa been ojiened from Moscow to Perm, nnd is now in course of construction towards Kkataruict'U*g, the capital of the Ural mining count-y, to be tinaiIt extended, as we have shown, to the mouth of the 1 Amour, and to su h point oaon the coast of far ary as the Russian govciT ui' tii may finally select as its naval head itiarters on that fM&i mvoniAXCK of <ui tix*. The imniot -e value of the project, as to lit ut In dcl veloplng a large jic lucrative trade with Japan and the \moor ountry, ,s palpable to every business mind. Ha | kodadi, ime of the "nest ports in the world, will very icon c pfr.e me i twie; vtus lor our Pa iBc whaling but. .nstml of Honolulu: for the whaling f round aroint tta Japnx.tge inlands it tbe bort known to our whalers. IJa- . kodadi mw? destined lo become one of moot imp-ir t.pDl commcr. la! pin* i>u tlx; whole coast of Asia. Tlnsro lit largo and exteiaire coal veius on the Inland of rfeglia ' I I), wbcte our sicamere rvty ho supplied with iial "I Mm brm quality. Then urc already ssveu Amer aaiMMter- . cat I bouses established at Bakodadi. Nlcolaetkl, the chief town mm soot of government of ) Armor country, will alto liecune an important place. II -re ifi seven ?a nimvi'Ial bouse* tsi.tbhsbod there lit wire, on<l last year six American ship* entered tbe i. er. Tiie trade ?ii iwt Hunted at fl 6(0,000. with a prospect of latge mcrea-a no soon ar gleam umxmn *a too ,'U b?- ban iptbe rlTer, w bicb .s navigable t?y at -actboa(' It two thousand miles, or with.o three turnip d and titty mile? of tbe Km .an am! Cbu.i *r U nut K . . !u'a hurt Un.SiaUshin. through wb cb all the let cnt riaf Russia meet ciine. There is note allowed to tie imported by a>*. Tbe Amuor tops the whole of Liberia, beaides tb- pnv.ncii of Matilcbooru. and Mingo- 1 .a The country tributary t > the > moor river, iu a :omm?r :al point ol view, < laiUms a |s of over tweo- i ty Diil'iona, awl it la ioi|we?ible lo catluiate tbe'rale uwiv be opened up there. There are already ( viral ' An - m an built ateamera oa tbe Amoor, and one ol ttn-m hat voyaged np tbe rtver lor'J 200 miles. Tbe Ilusaian occupst .on of tbst ooiu Ity will help to open op tbe whole of Northern Tartary and'China to a ctvihxed commerce, n which he Cnited Mate* will par tic. pat-. Ibr our |ieot>le hav. now a cotnaarrciAi asi endatiry on Uie Amoor. and will retain it. In all points ol view, therefore, th< propit originated by llr Collins and promoted by the Res? an gevrrnment must he ngaroeu aa iraugbl with the aie-t important resui.e hi our trade and iwiwi with Japan. Cliina, and the Amoor. We hope be will gee before many years tbe full consummation ol bis plam. Trainuiarine Telrgraphi. 11rom the Ixmdon Times, July lt? ] The Helect Cimmbt's im Ooverrment Packet and T?le rrapt tc Contract* have riwle their third and tlaal report, which Is devoted lo telegraphs, but they have Mile to any for vb y reeogni-e that tl?e whole scheme of tele graiitie comsrinicattos is still >n t* infancy, and much egperiewe is required lietore rtiltw ran be laid dnwrn, while some ret, of loc* must be V rred 'n tbe efforts lo bring tt into a - late ol greater perfection Tbey observe that 'hey are vtroogty convmeed of tlie very great itn pt-rtatM-' if onr bailee tort-prod. ut meant << telegraphic comn> r>. al at, free irom all feeign supervision or coo t'oi with our natiooe in the Mediterranean and our fti it ri .n thf' t 1 tin flfioliRcnlbl l aw ?? nKia.i t to the aujierriawn of tlie tmlnv *nd tbe control of the puvrtitneriU through w-b.-e t- rr-tnrie* they |?w TV .mmiltie aim adrire that the Britiab gnrentmeai ?h? i <1 (jeep free :rotr. any nhliratntia or understand li ga which nay n any way Miw their acttoe in regard to after pioccwdtaga <? other llnee and that all contract* he I'm tualtv nreugbt under the n -tic- and control of Parliament iV teh-graphi. cu.tract* *a yet made by tbc jmremtrunt are all in tuirolier Throe putranteea ba?e leen p.ven tc three rninpanie* l??r twenty fire year*, but coadtt nnally on aocior-**. and to be operative only while fb? ? I'yrratdi ?a In woe amp order To the Atlantic Teleirrapfc letTii-iaj- a return nf eight per cent in tbn* gna rant''d on a capital of tttofl tOO, but tlita lia# bran fiumd not r -ttV ieot to enab1 ttie company t?> ralar the re?,i1red apti*l and the mberrvc ia t.ow lu ahevave; to the Madi l< 'rat ? an F-itenemn 11 -land rt hnrdii a to tl.-i ta and Qtrfu) aft ittr i nt twi jCIJO'kk,. but falluren hare orcurred which have inlerroiitett the wnr;, >t.g of the line; to lie I 'haonel l*;?n-l? a-p-aph a.a per cent on i^'.0.Ot>G. and the full guarantee I ? t . hi- paid by the gore-mment i bra thity year* in H<)?.ly fiekl by a Erltiah com paoy from the forernne-i t oi Vranee jo-erect* thin al.fe my emt>lo\e t lor ineeeage beyond the ITiannel [ talai.u ,a cootie* on witli the I ru h t?-let -aplif Then come* ti c ftaguMo ml Alyj-indria telegraph. which la to or t 'e by ti.e Auttrian (jmrrnmentand lea ?<l to a com pan;. , aid the Brit'eh gwwcrnwwnt g uranfee 3 per cent Ibf twenty lit* yearn ni.. vptuirfAtiiO miO ?. uen tiioltoeH t working order. Tothe !>4 S.g and India Telegraph Oom pan* < Alexandria to Korrachn ) the gnvi nment have ! giv<i an abnolute ruariHitet "T 4 , per <enl fur iifly yearn D f-KM/tW er .11 COO VOO 1 telly. t be lute gntr'ri.ment let. tin 11 rd ihemwlt e? to on"trie t nod lav a cable front Paltu 111U1 to Gibraltar, with a view-to attending t 10 Ale*i tulrta, ao a? have an i?<-'-pe?dent Hue of r>nr own from tjij land to India. The piccM ftvcri mcjit p-npo^e, bowrxr-, k. tranefcr that nahie to Ir.dla an lay it down to Ftngvnrre Thla i? nt e of th-we q<te?tinn? which are left to I?- *ettied bv the ffnoae of Oeimrtv when mem beta art- .n hot haeto to get array from d'ertrn n?t'-r. ?Htt lor Tliratrttai let flora. M tftlVK t ill HT. Before Bon. Jung". tlayiiarrf and a Jury At ct at e.?C'irpe C ./. ,-Hrn rt A'"*. ?Th!? le the ro. nod actkin between tn tse jwrt eg. hrMfht by tbe plaintiff for proftwa noal acrruee aa a<*Uir In the le fenilant'e theatre, ard *c tried 'n lie try laat, wher. | It rcaolted In a verd.- t tbe dcfetuUnt. The plaintiff ppea . d to the (retcal term, w hi. . ret erred the judgui'-rt ag? net h m. and ordered * new trial Tie- caae now cam' np Sir a retral. 'auant to that order, and re- , anfted th r t me in a verdict for the pUut.ff for IS and recta. Polit e I nte||lK< nor. C*?ry*c a Ft150 fnoi ? Williarw Ileauey w.v? arrrate.i for drunkrnneM ard d^order!/ Quad 14. by pullretnan , U'lller, of the Fifth precinct, fa tht pnercarion of tbc 1 arena el waa fbnnd a formldahle loidr'nr weapon n the | ahape of a al r.g rbot Be'rtre bid arreet, ll-aney purtt ied J arr- ral p?r?ona with the ? ung thot, ard Meavorwi to a* MiltU-en bnt luckily the arrival er the polte.-man pre ' rented my aeri'tua catattr'fhe J '-ttee Kelly c.mmiTted tbe pftrtwer fbr trial. | W - Y 0 MORNING EDITION?FR HEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of the Overland Pony KiprenInte reeling from California, Japan, the A moor River, Oregon and Brltlab Columbia. ?T. Jo?*ro, Mo., August 9,1880Tbe pony express with Califurn.a sews to July -8, reached bare at two o'clock A. If. Sis FKi.\nnco, July 28,1880. Arrived at 8an Francisco, 28th, snip Comet, from New York; schooner Caroline E. Foote, from A moor River via BakoUadi. achooncr R. E. Raymond, from Guayaquil. Sailed 28th, ship Enterprize, for Calloo. There la a better demand for goods in a small way by the trade. Arrivala having been very light lately, holders of goods in store have been Urm in their pretensions, and realize rather better Bg ires for S'l ih small lots a* are aouoiuieiy required. lanaies arc worlD 19c. a 20c., without market movements. Hard coal stifl' at <13 60 a <14, with hmit'-d demand. Kine colleeg are active, but Rio alow at last quotations. Provisions dull, with nothing selling but butter at Improved rales: June is 29c. a 30*. Rico is quiet: Carolina, 7c. Sugar without particular change and firmer. Spirits turpentine, 77 !;,o. W,ues and teas dull and unchanged. Wheat keeps above buyers' views. Generally receipts are backward as ytt. The Breckinridge and Lane democrats, having taken courage at the recent Eastern advices, are organ mug energetically fir the campaign. Several prominent demo crate, who at tirsl favored Itouglas, are coming out for th? ether side, apparently under the pressure of federal Influence. An address to the national democracy of California, urging the party to support Breckinridge, has recrntly been published, which manifestly has strengthened that side of the question. It isrigued by 05 democrats, many of whom occupy respectable and prominent positions in the party. Twenty of them tie federal office holders, right more are recipients of federal patronage, and the others represent a nasi of politicians giving the document most weight. II e Douglas democrats are also active. The Irish and German vote will mostly go with that branch of the (?rty; but It is difficult to estimate which wing is the stronger. Thus far seventeen democratic newspapers have declared for J Kraglaa, thirteen for Breckinridge, and nine remain non committal, with even chances of going eitner way. I'nder theae eliVtlmstatlfM the republicans entertain not unjustifiable hopes that the democratic division* m?y be so equally ballanced as to give the State to Lincoln. feme very respeciabfe &ii Aud Everett meetings have been held in difibtthl pkfts of the State, but thus far that party dees not exhibit much rank and file strength. A terrible tragedy recently took place near Sacramento, whl h has InU-nsely agitated that portion of the State, (hi the lWli of July a man named Wltzler was murdered wh'te h'rleep at Sacramento Cily, and his house robbed of irfcbidcrable money and jewelry. I'trcnmsiances pointed to ods William Watts as the murderer, who was followed to the Washoe mines and arrested on the 23d lie was conveyed to Nlctaus, in Sutler county, on the 26m, and that night started for Sacra mento. handcuffed;in an open wagon, under the charge of Wm. C. Stoddard, recently District Attorney of Sutler county; George Armstrong, formerly from Texas, and celebrated as an Indian fighter, and Timothy Wharton, Deputy Sheriff of Sutler county, but formerly of Ogden county, Illinois. On arriving within a mile of Sacramento at two o'clock A. M on the 28th, the prisoner quietly stripped his handcuffs off, and with a pistol taken from Armstrong while asleep, fired on Wharton and mortally wounded him He then fired on Stoddard, killing him instantly: next on Armstrong, inflicting a wound frr m which he died in an hour. Wharton was then su(Bclenily recovered to fire on the prisoner, when he fled. The wourdfd man was able to walk to Sa<ramcnto and give the ultras : hut be died the same nleht. The countv lia* been overrun by armed men searching for the re raping desperado, but tbun far without Coding any traces of bin. It is said that Armstrong was a very vigilant and wati bful man, sod the only reason givn for his falling asleep Is the fatigue resulting from his long and tmroasirg chrrge cf the prisoner while bringing him over the mountains. The roily express, with St. Joseph dates to the 15th of July, arrived at San Francisco 011 tbe'sTtu. The overland mad arrive* the same day. with St. Lou Is dates to the .">th. tten. Shields is reported to bare oomc by tbta stage as fhr as Los Angeles, where ho remains a few days to reel ult. Tte recent d.arovery of eopper and other minerals in Calaveras consty. about 30 mile* from Stockton, eonlmu'-s to engrcts cottricerablc attention in that portion of the Ct-> ?A It Is reported tint tbe raciflc Mail Ntenroship Company have purchased of the California fleam Navigation t'om pany tbe steamers Brother Jonathan, -h-nator aod I'acitlc, which vxuld give the former company tbe coc'rol of the ocenn steam navigation to aD<l from tbc ports north aod sooth of fan Francisoo. A tin eilbrt is being made to prove tbe alleged ?,p ol the lat? F 'satar Brnderitk a for gery, with considerable w? ight of testimony on that side. The citizens of Kin Bernardino met on the 14lh to decide what the town could do towards extend nig the tele ara| b from lor ; Argelo*. Cbmmi Iters were apjioinlcd to solk It enl-KcriptH oe The new stiver diecoi eries n what i.e now called the Cos e ilislrlrt, situated fifteen milt south of Owen's 'ake and fifteen miles east of Vizta, on the eastern slope of the "lerra Nevada. are attracting very confiderablc ailentioo. Fciertitlc men in Pan Francisco, who have U - tod nimoi' a fkn.p ts (T ore recently rect ived, think it probable it el an thrr m uerul di-lrici has hero discovered equal In t in val ie the W'a-boe atlver mines. Fine Inula of gold bearing quartz, copper and tin, have also been found n tl.e tame rrglon. A very decided emigration in dim t on bus been < miner td .rom the mining town of Cabitmia. Tlo re is nothing remarkable in the late accounts from the Washoe mines. Silver mining intelligence is generally encouraging. At I yrum 10 Iske ivrythug was quit-1, no Ind.ans stowing thomMves there or anywhere else on the cast ctn i-iue ol the mountains. I m grant had commenced arriving at Honey I^tke valley, by lander's cut r.fl wagon road. They report on ihe road good fted and plenty, and no trouble from the Indians SITU i RON THE A MHO It HTVRR AND JAPAN. The erboanrr Caroline bad arrived on tbe 24th from from Nicola' laky, on the Amoor river, via Hakodadi, June 22 The Foote 'aft San Franeisco In September, 1M0, dellvered tor cargo at the Amoor id November, started to return irotned'ately with thirty two Mongolian and two bumped camels from tbe conOnea of Tartarv, sihrted especially for their adaptation to the Calllornia climate and country. liefore getting out of the Amoor tbe Foote becaniae ice bound and rcmninrd In urn in till Jur 1, during which seventeen of the camels lied fr< in Imnger and coir. The remaining lire arrived in Nan > raix-teco, an 1 are on eiblbilion for a few iiaya, after which they are designed for use aa beasts of burthen betwren the mountains and valleys, where wagon roata are not opened. The bark Nan Francisco, from Hamburg, arrived at tbe mouth of tbe Amor r on the 12tli of May, and was about ascending wtren the Foote left. The balance of the spring f.eet for the same destination?five or six vessels?were al Hkkoi'aill oo ti.e T.M nf.Iitne at which nort all the rem ?el* in the Atntmr trade toocb going and "rmiag At liakoiindt every thing ? * quiet and btiaineaa pro greeting elowly with ita utual regularity. The Japanese in lhat (ortKiii of the Kmplre appeared very friendly to the An "riraoa. and I'tepoaod to a fiord all far 11 It tea for ftade a aiarleed by the treaty. Tbey had received intelligence o* the bandar me welcome a< corded the Japnmae ) tnharry ib Han k ram taeo with evident pieaaure. tie price of nil good* allowed by the treaty to be eiported bad materially advanced vM ' -<! g* Item Bakodadi teaa, alike, oil*, Ac., til .it. a-'-ertfii. M of -lit- ' rem !1 e A mo. r sine mm tmid.ov and aamsH ttiirm The 'trainer Oregon arrived today, with Oregon date* to the 21?t,and Prtiah foluwhia to Jnly 35., t.llea returned with the agronomical party, who tMdc observation* from Pugett Hound on the total aolar it !l| -e (,t, 'be IM iaet. Their obeervatinna were entirely ratirfae'.ory. turgor new*waa '.n.mportant There war a general lull o| po |t?c? aft?T tlte teoent electkui The Ftritiab Columbia ti'wi ia alro void of Intereat. Pant Fe Pt at Wrtp^wvtv ?Yentcrday morning abont flee n'clock, a prize tight, Tor a atake of 11 to a alda, came of at V'eehawWin, N.J . id the prereace of a limited ntimlierof the edrr'rereef the pugiliatic art. The combatant! were Ji aiab Ko* m d L.tly Porelly, the latter well iatrn to the pi uit? ntera of eparring eghiblUonaa* a vrry r lever light W' Igat pr..f? raor of the manly art Hi* opponent I* n much hear u r and atronaer man. and tl>e condition* of the mat. b were that K> thould prove the victor in 'le 'tore of forty live m nut? t. Thia he failed to acn mpl -h. a* they fought *i*ty three round*, la* ting flftyaight and a I vlf tniLutr lly ibua winning Uie atake*. The Pglit wa? continued after the above aperuied time, to *ee t, c.h wa* the lotfermnn. I" ultimately bring p the e?cite?t to a terminal on by atr.king hi* antogof t?| a fnnl blow. A i rival* and IK? partnrei, ARRIVAL*. *'t a* v ?n- Fir air li p R R Cr.yler ?Mr* H*hn?ton*. Mm* II P??h. ? V Keren, T J rle ifkt lledaer, H 'trvg-irj, A A t-i..<?n?r t'* J no f yn'h, T t' I ' wa .1, Win HtVtll *n* < R TiiWPt*-*! Feilv Kirk, P t-an-khn, *m Thnfnpww, Mi* F l'. ?r t H tmwrene',.11 MeRiUtr,Oeo kewett, Wm k.n J P t'i rter. It Hurt I.f! 11,'ehroek. K R tViatbela, Mm Ma.ey li 1! rir >h. H at \t rtgbi, A Lar -dale. t? fritr- M.n fir abam* Foley?Mra YearJe and daughter, of heltast, Me. TtFTARmtF*. T. r1 *irm.?K'eerr *hipi ?n*?te. frwan |to?ton?J D Ad*m? Mr rod Mr* J 1 Par ?< n end lirn *riant* tV II K Borden. Mr ?nd kr** \ .0 Prejtg. F t" Bp oka. Jr, O B Fohier, I>inle] Barry, Mrer.ri ? ra <1 ' k. r*. Kt. u Mr ?u.l Mr* * M William, 1**1 K.wor. * P llidg??, Foil irough It'll J It Alley, l.ynn; Mr *nd Mr* tJeo A Procter, i o Crtr-Ver. Taunt. n; C?pt K K .err*. I.angnr John 1/ijr Prr\ nee Wir M H'..rm, H"r*ce Aloyen, J I, fituibreact, Few York; Allen * tltt>ha. r*h*r)e? ton; O.I TV Pre*trn and accrr'ar*. Mr Nave, Mr Rinp etoo, k entnek*; I> M> brill, I. Front. Mid i,* J.e.-r.h Barker. Jr ana wife. Nebr*?ka Temiorv, Jam Carweil, Yietorla, V*neonre. I?!*nd. Mrard Mr* W II Cll'lat, l.lveroool; peter Tf|l?r' tv lam ' T Rothwell, Qi . en?town: Mra J?ne MrT.ean, Jarre* *njp'. r v ivWBee; A t*e Imfen, le, p?r* * .r rail II P-op t?. Joae y.'ntl'*, I' ktoitrim.'*. jfvvwn'?4|. For llaltt**?Mr* Jewpk I.n?rl ami *on. P.tijiek Merry, n tip ar k n|t|a e, Pro?id*iie"; K C Mr. th. New t>inV r Mr ?rd V:* tmCnn! *, I ndetrm NIT R?? .1 W Mum r.? C 4 Patnhrelinf, New tier* I'r F-vwytb Newtmra. NT; J kCt??n F h NJ; ffeuer" Pk.tode'fki* Mr .id Mr* *11 ?'*on, FltW ora P*: T' I f eeir.inr w*re're*|; B t l?r.|<lryi, I ?t,"* IB, Yt; Pdwv l Llv ?tf. 1 '.Ml. tr*. / >RK E IDAY, AUGUST 10, 1860. Later from IIay 11. OCR rOBT AU l'RINCK CORHKArONDKNCK. Pout av Pwisko, July 24 1000. Re*urn of President Gefrard from Hit Pwr?Grand Rs ception?Ohpet of Ou Jbur? Enthusiasm Everywhere? E?MinisUr Propkete?Slight Improvement in Business?live Oming jf/e Crop?Present Quotations? The Counterfeit Bor,ep?T.mandt m the Government?The llaytien MiniUert to France and England, etc., die. Hia Excellency the President has just returned from tbe trip to tbe North, and tbe city Is again alive. On Saturday be reached bis country seat, about two leagues distant from the city. Many of his suite preceded him to l tbe town, and were warmly greeted. On tbe following I morning the President arrived and proceeded to the cspti tal. Half tbe population of tbo city and many from tbe surrounding country turned out to receive bim. Tbe entrance was really a triumphal march, and tbe shouts of tbe multitude were deafening. The Presidont himself looked well tad strong, and showed hot little signs of fatigue. lie expresses himself well pleased with the trip, and believes,as we all pray, that it has been of service to the country. His object was to enforce upon the minds of his fellow citi >?ns the a Ivantages that would Surely aocrue to Hayti under a more aclivo system of agriculture, and wherever be went he preached a sermon on that text. When I last alluded to the President lie was receiving an ovation at Cape Hayticn. Since then hi- hs> visited all 'be cities in the neighborhood of Fort Liberty and SI. Michael, firmerly tbe richest and most populouc part of the inland. He even penetrated down the long .ape on which stands Port au Puix?n port be not kmc before opened to foreign commerce. Everywhere bis reception was the same, even so much so as to surprise himself, for you remember the North was aup|msed to l>e devoted to tho Min.ster Prophet*, who was recently cNpelk-d from tbe island for consoiring to overthrow tbe republican govci nmcnl, ard wboi'ud to Par.d by way of your city. We are informed that tbe ex Minister is now living in France like a lighting cock, and still has hopea of returning to his dear native laud; so dear to bim that he plotted to deluge the country In the blood of Hay liens, in order tbal the luml might be happy under bis own gentle rule. Gentle it m-cds must be, tor the Minister was brought up under tbe eyes of Soulotique, and gained iii? ***"" 111,11 station by following tbe footsteps of bis master. Altboush the foi.rt 18 scarcely re-established, already business begins to thrive, and there is again activity in tbe streete. Prices have improved, and were It not that three cargoes of American provisions are shortly expected, we might be able to obtaiD remunerative prices lor desirable articles However, we cannot complain. Things are better than they were, and although a poor consolation, still it is something. The crop of coffee promise' to be of good quality, better cleaned than usual, and in some districts more abundant. The average yield will probably be tbe same with tho late crop, or perhaps a trifle larger. The high prices in Europe sod tbe States will bring It to market somewbat earlier than usual, so that you may look for some invoices of new crop to arrive as early as' the end of September. The wralber is fhvorable. Coffee is now quoted at tlM a 143, Hay tien currency,per lundred lbs., and is scarce. The false Hayticn paper money, which is said to have }>ron intrndnpjd inln (ha pfutnfrv fenm Vawr Va.1t -dill matter of very great excitement, and baa led to violent quarrel#, which in our cane especially may turn out seriously. Tfcftyc is tome dlttatlsflictiOD in Haytl in ooowjuence of the demand# of various parties interested in the Imperial government, fr>r indemnity for damage to property or position on the downfall of the empire. M. Ardu'n, the 1 laytl Minister to Prance, was receved at A particular audience by the Em-crur, "t? the 4 h of July last, and M. Dupuy, tic Haytien Minister to London, has been similarly honored by Cjueor Victoria. On the 30tb June there was a general fit', all over the republic, In honor of the former aece.ijed President Guerrier. Music and other national schools have been established at Port au Prince. Hrwi from Somtla Amerlea, [Translated from the correspondence of the Oorreto MercrntU of Itlo Jan ro of June 24, for tho Xsw York>] Movtsmoso, June 16, ISfiO. Th' T.fii'lcl rr?Afairt \eitk Brazil?Bl fr'Urg? l\e 1>r ritorial T.**ty?Xariootum of rfttain JNnrn ? Military I'tUu Wer/uirwdof Rrntiliati*?PoUUfal Discv*turn.? An Kttitoi m iiiA ll'i/r?.4 Thru Milt Bail,-i.aii?Or in no tri-eoo' of H'tn'-v, <f c. Two day* more the TeJ-ilatlve V sembly of this repnb1 IS w ill terminate lie arduous labor*for this year, there rr ma uli g >ct undecided the only two meaaurea of impor lance with which It was occupied during thin session, namely the amnesty, and the treaty of territorial ex ! chin gc with Pra/tl. It Is true that this latter may be considered as having been reject*! by the i^ na'e, which has .just decreed the creation of a village between the stream* of I'acu remlm Grande and Cunbaperu?that Is, precisely on tic very territory w hich was the object of tlx exchange lived in "lh" treaty, i It pmain* liow to he seen If the Impr-rlal gov rnmint Will agree to tbe n Iteration which Pr . Acevedo will have inevitably to pnqmae in the choice of | territory which be will substitute. which 1 donht by re* n r? of the coda which were !o view at the negotiation of ! the treaty. Mr Velaaeo proposed, r.nd it war approved, that the rame of/ebslli * should be given to the new Tillage ?m memory of the |'< alt of arrar done by Bon Pedro Zebiillo*, In dcf< nee of the national terr.tory, which was la ll ll.i aire of the glorious di-eda of those who founded the Oriental nationality in aptle of the jmwor of Brazil," .^c. The government, on lie side, coi.'ti oa giving us proofli of its good intentions By a recent 'ecrce, tt prohibited the navigation of the river* * eboilate, Tacuari, Oliver and other* by any kind of foretga craft. But since the navigation of tho?e river*, nearly all of whith empty into lake Mirim. is done eiclnstvely under I the tlag of Bra/.il, and cannot be carried no by any other foreign powtr. it follows that the prohibition * aimed I especially at her. Another gnvernmenU' measure of tbl* republic win -h merit* *lt the attention of the empire Is that lately adopted rf obliging Brazilians, horn in the territory whiio , Incorporated wiih Brazil under the name of the (,m jlatine Province, to perft rm the laborious dutie* of the National Guard. Many of tbiwe individual* are the aons of Brat.Haus who were at that time in the Imperial public service, and therefore poeeevs all the requisite* re1 quired by our i? p?t ttut Ion to entitle I hem to the enjoy menlof all Mm- rights of Brazilian cilwen*. A fierce and hitter di?cu*?ion is being carried on between Nip Reyi*. ax Mm later, and the editor ; of the , the celebrated Achaof glorious memory, wboarcuMd the term- r of havipg done mime improper things during his ministerial term. The rtircunier ends In law suit for * libel, and the trial cownicnced today. The editor Is defendent, of conrre, hntsats be can prove everything be assert*. The article which provoked this suit was writurn over the ngnature of t Representative of the People," and j was particularly severe. The editor re| red to give the writer's nam*, and taker all rrsponsibllity on himself Aiottu r dinru'rion, no lest mtere l ng, haa been going or, between the same /iV; ubtica aid the .Vacion?the former defending and the latter opposing tbe adoption. In the cuntry .of the conwrlpt systeni lor lh? formation of an army. 11 e V nate approved Iheo ntracl for loillding a railroad from this city to the town of I nlon If toe advantages of lb is enterprise were to ? rrvepond with the greatneaa of the proj? ilea l' id, the) ertairly wteild not amount ho KYI 'w II j r >111 ~ Hir I I-?U ? \irnn? rt an,i ij f ? irB|UV, KirmifT t' orbing Hi for running to any productive point, hut quite the ft*ai'.e_the i Id country a?at 1 <oucral (tribe, whkh la t< w In mplete ruina. In Rln t.rande there la notb ng Important in tlie way of newa. The nreaa tr ailent In regard to ihe elceti"OH. and, lunging fr> m apiiearancea, la waiting to m? bo ? the reinrn r tal'l <i Winter made hi aniruoce with onaaMcri,hlr trmll} ' a already vrrr i.l 1 and there la abun danre of rn i be?ha? nwti a-. aa to fieri ooe of the atrertr, ai . . i la t, at: the ! aer part* of the city rcma.n >ti" m nwv i"'t. Hrnnklyti City t?wi Th* 1ni*t. 1o*twiiv l*i' Town* ? What baa becomeof 1 tba Third d Htrtct ball towrr project, ao long agitated by ' the cltwnf ai d Bremen M Si ith Brw klyn a a q .'-at.on , upon which tbr fire and Water Committee of tbo font ' moo Council will pha?e enlighten the pool;o. Inc appro j priatu n ft t tba work wa no' ic Dome ti ne at", but tfcora tba mattar waaAw>p|? d I or n ma i act ountablr rev arr. tba Itram.^Pt. the -a< oro ami third district* are th irptitrid of ft <- prr ?t means of alarm, .tffaira have t-c.-ii in tba th.'a lor over three veaep, and wetbirk it la high time now that the matter ibould ha acted upon, j The j ropoittlr*' to treri a hail m tne -wood district. a< maw bare In (be r? ghutrbood of tba Hamilton amine frrrt,? to itieet with general approval, and it la b'.pori the committee will take it la triattar into eontideratton alao. Tit* Taxi*?Another meet ng of the Joint Rtard of A!d?rm'h aid Rcprrvtfora wua bad la it evening, and reverai ert.matee of the tax "a were panned upon. The amount to be rataed fhr prinetpnl on the rtty lornr wae fltad at 115' f-1 01. being a reduction of fr. MO trom the aripu al ataletpent, ra prepared by the rnmmtt tee The atat' ttiert of the amount iiecernary fur oftlcara' F.vlarlra waa f*ed at >07*00 The Common Oooneii bad at tlietr Ian meeting adopted a reeoititbm recommending ar tprreaae of the nalarlr* of all the tirade of deptrl ne nt, amounting to about ft.."00 above the or r ral rati n ate The Joint Board, however, fef aed to adopt tba reeommendatlon, and If not rernnaderrd the pfTcera' aalarlaa will remain aa tley now are. biatni'ij Ati*j?t.?A rubbing affray occurred In a porter houee In Atlantic street, near South frrry, yeater fay morning, In which n mm named Owen Mi-Oulre wma rnttritha knife by Patrick Coonay. H la alleged that Mci.uire attacked t'ormey, and that the latter draw a knife in self deftneo, inflicting three ataba It war at Brat thovabt that the wound* were of a (ktal cWfOcter. but a surgical examination proved that they are not ne. ea- I aarily dargfro'.a, Cooaey waa arreated to await the re tult or the Ir.jurle*. Th* Primus fiat* Cotvtnn.rv ?Mr. John VIartn,'.f the Fightownth ward, waa rh<een delegate, and \l? tn drew A. Myer* alternate to the I wiglva ctate On eetlno, frrtn the > irtd taaemhly d atrict on W-dnca lay t.M)TOP' 1.;. ra-ra ?The Kv re Ou*tm:?aii|r>' '* hav? granted 4fd) Ib-eneea th a ye*r. wh?-h at WO a lo-nae neta the aBm if 111 MO, * h e.b gre? tythe e ?nty for 'he r tj*-rt cf tM fioor [ERA Political Intelligence. Tin Slavs Tbadb.?An association called the Con*?) Club has been organised at Port tiling, Mississippi, to lake m aeur '8 for the encouragement or the slave trade. A DovoulS Eattkry 811 jcmrii?The flbutfcmifern if< un, published at Americas, Gn., which came out for Douglas a few numbers back, has been bought out by tlio brockinrldge men, and mounted with gnnl suitable fur the cause of their chief. Thk Dkmo* ratio Jockn vis.?1Tho democratic journals throughout the country are divided in ihe.r preferences ob the Presidential candidate as follows ? Breckinridge. Dvugla.%. Hoiukm North 79 224 3 South 230 97 3 Total 314 321 6 Whole number pf papers 641 Govrrror Chair's Stcmhiku Toir.?Governor Chase Is to make a short visit to Michigan during the present month, speaking at'Pontlac, Flint, an l Ypsilanti, sou perhaps elsewhere. Status ii ks for Brf/kistridor ? South Carolina, where the Presidential electors aro chosen by the legislature; Georgia, where they will also be elected by the Legislature, In case neither party baa a majority; Mississippi and Arkansas, where no Douglas ticket will bo run, and the Bell Everett ]>arty presents but a feeble opposition. These four States cast twenty nino votes in the Elect >ral Oollcgo. Tint Cnoic* or ei f.ptors tr Groriiu.?Tn nearly all the States of the Union a plurality of the votes cast is suiliclent to elect a Presidential elector. In Georgia the case is diff"rent. In that State the statute requires a majority of the whole number of votes cast to elect a Presidential elector. If tho majority of the college is elected by such a rote, that majority by an election among themselves apply the vacancies in tbo eol ego. But if a less number are elected by tbe people the vacancies must bo tilled by legialatlre elections, and tbo Governor is authorized to call a special session of tbo General Assembly for tbat purpose. Tbe same is true, of coarse, if none of tbe electoral candidates get inch a majority. Tben the duty of electing an entire electoral college devolves on the legislature, which in this cue I* already chosen, and is strongly for Breckinridge. Cunt knines ? Tbe Breckinridge men in Syracuse are about to organise a club under tbe sanguinary title of the "Giant Ktilers." Noam Caroiixa F.iscnox ?Full returns of the vote for Governor from thirty counties hsve been received, which foot up as follows ? 1 MTiS 1 KM Democratic. M,3M 24,476 Opposition 17,637 '.3,818 Democratic majority 6,830 868 Democratic loss in 30 counties 6,171 There are eighty 8ve counties In tbo State, and tbo democratic majority In 1S68 was 16/367. Pat l> oa I juvm.?The Trimm philosopher of this city bas written a private letter to a gentleman In Milwaukee, on tbe subject of tbe farm mortgages, in which he says tbey must pay up or leave tbe republican parly. Lwot.x's Rki anoxa.?"Old Abe'#" brother in law ia stumping Illinois for Douglas. A cousin of Lincoln is .ilso out against tbe rail splitter. FsBHSIof Coioarl Jimn R. Ryan, The funeral of Colonel James R. Ryan, formerly Commander of the Sixty-ninth regiment, took place ye terday afternoon, from his late residence, No. 109 la-ooard street, where his remains during the day were visited by a large number of bis frlesila and relatives. The nrtiin containing the body was of ro ewood, ornamented with silver nails, and on either side were throe hindsoniely carved silver handles. The plate bore the following elmpie tai-crtptiOB.? \ J AM fX R. RYAN, i 1 Died A'iguet 7. 1HOO. Vged 41 years J 1 st?imwiT ix PACK. J At three o'clock tbe sixty ninth regiment, under cum mand of Colonel Cor mraii, marched to tbe hou-e, where they drew up in Jim The members wore the u ual badge of mourning, and the colors were driijcd in blick. The ofli<* r? forrc d nto line ami entered the l^"e where they tiled round the ixRIn ami g.ized lor the last time upon the remain of b m who had ouce been their commander. This (-emoev over, thee in, with the uniform, sword, epaulettes and belter tbedeceased placed upoa it, was borne to tbe "tr?-ci by several olbccrs of tlie Sixty ninth, and placed In the h"ar?e. The cortege then mmod o"' to the following order ? Fisty ninth /'all hserert. } Hearse,' J* /* >/ Unrtrt Four <* n>inaatoned (drawn by plum 1 hour cumniissiotied bllicrre. s ?d hors.e 4 Olivers. ?/ //"J Horse of d<vegpod, w r |, tract ings and e<|i;ipmen'a, draped in mourning, and boots and spurs reversed Com pony A Ntlicnal Grays. Twenty third reslmeut (late < T<atbj.:r Mi/"iit' dress, Brevet Colonel ? A flavour omtnamling Criga l"T General kwen, Brigade Major Taylor, t'olor.ol i i * rp'iiniivpb ?ri;iiiriii< iai? *?-, *?t, F. ai. t a. M , ind Pilgrim lodge H43. i I O. ol O F (ChlvM and friends of the deceased. and fri'-m* in carnage* Company a of the Twenty thlnl raiment, together with the Sixty until region nl, wore under command of Colonel Ryan daring their encampment at Stolen Nland at the time ol the memorable Ifinmntli e war The procession, wIim h wax a very large one, moved through Broddway to Sluyveaant *treet, arid ttienoe through k'glith atreel to Ureenpoint terry, and Anally to Calvary Cemetery, where thedeceased waa interred, with the usual ceremeoiee of a soldier's burial. Dcnglaa Central fampalgn t'lnli. The usual weekly meeting of lbs club was held last even it g, attended by not more than three or four dozen persona. The announcement that ex Governor Foote.of Mississippi, would be proa* ol and apeak, bad no greater efleet than thla. After considerable delay, uod It be. coming evident that Mr. Foots waa not likely to attend, the meeting was called to order by the Hon. J. R Br,era, President of the club. Some formal busmen waa then proceeded w ith, su< b at reading and confirming tlie mi- j nutea of the previous meeting, *c. The Secretary announced the action of the various committors appointed < w lurwr um wjn m tn iiw ora?oi/*ti"n iiiii am'tog ( thlrga ruled that It was under i wmdrration to rMabltrh a .-ampatRD newrpaper, under the anapico* nf the organization, hut fiat n<> imai"dM| action hail h"en yet derided on In re'crence thereto alan. tliat it van It. .CI I. n.|'at. n t.'< all a tnitar llflHKg. tn be lie Id in | I it ion equate, lb-- lime of Hxing ,-iald meeting to ltd determined hjr Mr. Itorglaa' mOTetaeriU. the deaire being I that he ebntild Intntef be in Near York whenever It honld lake place Mr. M<-Mat-tern hrieiljr addreeeed tldwe prercnt. and in reftrring to the ?i*re at tendarce, attributed I to ibe beat of the wen titer, which deterred people from ateembline in .-ew.od rot ma He MM upon p'eaenl prorn>*tra a* favorable l?i Mr. Iton^Ua, paitirularly from the late , lection* In the outli. and apccially noticed the result of the late election in the ?'ale ,.j Kentucky, whteh ha aa.d | in rehnke tn Mr ttrcrklnridgc that noght to have tbe fleet of rnmprtling that ctil'enian to wilh.lraw at . r . trntn the ret trrt. Indeed, the step, be added, waa ex t lul led from hint, even by hie own (rtenda Ax to North t arnltca. however It might go, it waa certain It would t itive oo vote# tor rreo.ktiirldfo. In ArVanvt* tbe p'oaImi |? were that the d' n*~ raey nf that Slate wor.ld pre a large n rtor iy to Not . ruber I" \l for rtoogliir I aiier all 1 the rlrrt metaiteea be wae nontldent nf a trianipbiiot untie , for Iv.iiflar, and in rotwlueM>a he Improved upon tbe rtiih the mrrratiy <4'worktr eyalotn .tically an I uattr irfly to brine about r irb a reeuit There belt i? no further huatneea to be IrnoaacteJ, the 1 treet ng adjourned till Tbut aitay rr< nini; next 1 t lerary City Neva*. Dt-hujitk Avrrat >t rrrr "Pmr."?<>n Wednesday nipht ronetalile Iarrell, of .leraey < ity, proc? eded to Ibe old trpenu nt liodae known a* the "Ship," near the tipper end of Newark avenue, to arreat a man nam d Patrick O'Shawt.eaay, a well known Jcperate charac ter. I pon entering the iwn an<1 mnWlr/ bis bn?lnena known, together with hi* w ife an ! a>>n, made an nt lark Ufiofe tbe etTW er. win drew hta club and made lit* beat poaaiolr nee of H. but the odd* were loo gre it afatnat b1m. The woman eelred a knife and freight like a demon, and ancreeded It. ratting aeveral pas lira upon Farmll'i fare and bead A n mher "f thi Inmate* of the den pain ereo at101 ml. hul did rot head Ihecemaiidof Ihe officer lor a i?lauri , and he waa forred to make a retreat Pub 1 ' ?e<i nentiy aeeeral p>' >re ?fftrera made a descent upon tli? ' i-htp," but wu ee<|ej roily tn nr realms: Ihe ana, about II t teat a of age, t?ha?n*?rv and hla wife baring aueeeeded ' , in making ibelr eruapr Vt-lerilap, Charf of Pbltoa Mar ana arreetcd Bairnid Mr Kir ay, on a 'harge of refualtg lo aralet the ronelabia The ' hif" la an old, long three ato. ' rv wooden bnilcing, with a part menu fur about forty laniillea Ita ro<upanta are mnpaaed of the Theft and I low#at diega of buiranli?. with whuee and blacka living l <<a> quality, labile amalgamation <a not unfreqoent. A . | dn.-ent by tbe May# r. Hiforder an 1 ChMlf MIM waa < n an wp1 atari a few daya atnoe hoi Ibe Inhabitant* of the den. hemming aware of the intention, paid thetr rent tn advance, and tboa iiiwartrd them The aegt f.rand Jury j , bo d lake tbe matter la eharge I f F?t*' fUttMMh Ar irat?At Canloa, Maaa , Aug S, < Ibe at'aroboit rt|*'f? irain (>' m New Yotk ran over } a ?n Manar, of W' gMen, killing bin a'mctt atanlly. i LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADDITIONAL FROM El'ROPE. Arrival of the Karopa at Boatoa? lata* vaianp -i v a i um ni* may?* nd r> ?C? tents Before -Mrlutzo ? Defeat of the Neapolitan*?Tlie Syrian ttuestion. Ac., dkc#, <Vo* Bom<>v, A'igust 9, loflO. The steamihip Europe, from Liverpool, Tie Halifax, arrhtd at tbi* port about aix o'clock Uj.b evening. Her , mails will be due in Now York to morrow afternoon. The following despatches appear in the latest papers per Europe. THR WAR IN SICILY. Taikmio, via Genoa, July 24,1690. In the engagement* before Meaziso, on the IStb and 17th inat , the Neapolitans had t><>? men pjt ion du comhat. Garibaldi attacked the town of Uelazzo on tiie 20th lust. with thn bayonet, and after a dcs|>orat" combat the Neapolitan* withdrew to the citadel The statement that the whole of Sicily had been evacuated by the Neapolitan troops is premat .re. sB.ta la stil" held by the Neapolitans. Gksoa, July 27,1600. News ha? been received here that the Caritwld.ans suffered great losses In Ihe engagement near Melazso. It was asserted that Garibaldi himself was wo inded in tbo Hoot. Garabsldi had ordered several inhabitants cf Uelazzo to be shot for having fought against lUttsinjc*, July 29,1860. letters have been received from Sisily th..tGen. Clary bad only evaeuated the outpof's and the town of Mesfira, and had eoccentrated bis curjit d'c.rnue in the citadel. The remainder of the troops, and especially Colonel Bcvr.-oV division, have been despatched to Calabria. Nan*. July 26,1600. Tbo latest news received Irom Sicily anno inces that the slate of things was more satisfactory, Till? QVT>T k V nilLVTIftM * ?toiiVil Paris, July 27,lfcdO. The Conttiiutfttnel of to day, in an article s gutd by U. OrmndguiUot, announces that I .or it John Ron?') has authorized Lord Cowley to oome to some findcrstacd eg witb Prance respecting the expedition to Syria. The same paper aays;?As all the Powers agree upon that question the assent of Turkey will ntcestarily follow. It only remains to determine the basis of the general understanding between the Powers in order to carry ont the end which all have n stew. This talk is not without difficulty; but we must hope thai the good ftulh of the Powers will be able to resolve them. Franco, who is the aflatr has assumed the energetic attitude most proper to raise the courage of the opposed tribes, will a so ahow a moderation which cannot fail to Inspire the Furopean governments with confidence, and which ia the invariable rule of her policy. Cos^TAvri\un.n, July 21?Fvemng. l'p to tbia moment the Porto baa not given ha reply to the pro;?*at? relative to an Furopean intervention m Syria. It ia almost certain, however, that the reply of the Porte to the rail proposals' will lie negative. Uar Syracuse Correspondence. Straits*, August 8,1S40. The J'nd of the Ri~-).inru)ri' CortmtUion?The Jt '.ef?A'ot U) be Chredrd Ar/ain, d:. The Convention adjourned to day, at half past one o'clock, with much enthusiastic d?mon tration. But little has occurred to mar the I arm on y of the proceedings, flood candidates, as a general thing, have bi'en selected for the electoral and State tickets, and, as a whole, the Breckinridge party haVo made a iM-giumer which, if persevered In, will ultimately terminate n aocotSB. The policy of inviting a union with the different conservative elements of the State, for the purpose of defeat ng I in-' coin, ?u much disci,ned, but all agreed -n pr Bouncing tbe idea impracticable. Mr. Pfck-raan'a r'"? wan that the i.Jhii had already turn tr cd a the union ,n this city loot fall; that he thru took Richmond A Co. nl th? r word, and that the remit h.?d been a repudiation by the Richmond men of erery protr-ai.D of union an J harmony a Inch they then made?a pr- c? betrayal Of the nfldeoco refsird n il cm and thai it is utterly ae'esi to expect anything better of that class of men now. A pretty gene rat feeling, too, existed, that the R -pn y desire the election or Lincoln, and that they or: > -.ilk m in <n order to bold on to the federal office* of the -'lata. The Rroolcrr* ha- e hare had eno or two si;enta here endeavorlog to negotiate a barptiu, who, lis the woman mentioned by Knon n the sacking ol . mail, stood at the street corner, and doorway* wonder'eg - Wherefore tbo ravishing did not lo gin Tboy nil- -t d nolo r g. bow ever, and left for Albany on an iarly train to f,'a:e their virtue in the keeping ol "the e.|ua,:y virtuous Meter. Tl:e nomination of Mr Braoy, it a ripfxmd, nrrure In tbe Brick nridge ticket a very coos darablo aharo i?f the loreiRo vote ol the i-'ale. Col. Tlgla, the -all Jidate fhr l.t< nt. C ovarii or, reprvseata the -*n.d xterewta af the wteicrn port of the Mate. tin M Jwyeom, who has atieady served li e Mule for a tern ax ' anal? ouirnisriuner, repr'-renin the centra) port n of the - late, and R. \\ Allen, for Fta*e Prison Ini-oecl ir, toe a-cl< of t theft ate M>-' lr?(4ienlod by corrupt a ierir. n and I'g.ijlalnrs. Mbit of the delegate* ere to teava lb* afternoon, except the .-tate ( nir>m litis- wl. ch anseiiudea for tbe purpose of completing rang' nonl? for the campaire. Many lokes are cracked at the e .pen f of ("agger and nielin.ond, who are i<pre?en>d as down o tho mouth at the c urae affairs liave ttken Tae removal of J' wctt war ?ntlrely unecjiei t< d, and fell uj-on them dan a thunderbolt Hon Israel 1 lliic.b, of B i >?l i, nas alao lor'aim u>?- *;>iaicg an.p o. tin- Kegrni v. 1..1 t o<-?n m attendance at tbe Convention ben and ntrong' n taeor ol Hrecktnrtdge. He war a trump card of Hiofanm od, and it will tw barn to auppiy ba place At I write, a large crowd la awmbled in treat of tba Pyracaiee liouac. Indulg ing in iniprornp.u *.1. se and u|?roartou* entbue.uem at tbe > In. ? of lli< h?.r .? f rich v. r?< which ia ael to tbe time of > d Ima Tu. t. :-r, aa lol Iowa ? Then bolat tbe fag and tmat the dr m, A no j! Iva Meve iHoikla* k'.ugdcrn 11M 'lean TtW hmond too. we will put tbro go, And givo Fete Caggar baiiy ln?. Ri t a lonitarativeljr etna.l amount of lltpior nan been 111 pnwrd of, and tfc* cit 1 ok here remark tbe re baa not . lo-en ao re?|?rtat>le and temperate a ooi en on here tor reara Tbe S< w York city <1 -gallon ? ; v 0 ?>a,iy ao, ?nd haa contributed great't 1 1 r 1. r; - ?' bat Ireer en long made, tbat New Yoik glway art e rard roi nri hi ni' I) in uie i ogn num. Clljr Inli II ig? ntr. Wo** ai ik? Mill i I ai'Aaiaiorr.?'The IWl.t.w.ef oowIrartawrre p.ibi <-(> awardod at nooo yoetorday. at :ba Mr*ft Irparlmont ? lor building a frooo Mo nt M r a Square, to Martin A Kofly, at a rut of 91,3i<4 3? For fWntohing ito tbooraod r? lamp ,ri?na, and for Irllilrr anil lapping tho cnmt ixarla. to R.go h \ ngella, it a rout of V.7W) Vnr fnrniainng onr thonannd can Iron amp |< rta lor ho ritjr, to Hugo * Ungo ta. aln <->at of f4.407 'd For lurnirhlng our I boor ami |aa ami*, to A!?taix1ot 'anion, at a roai of II poo Kcrr<rairieg and a terror thr natni oror Fne- roarrot. to ho iprrt.p'rti by th? 1 , lorn Ma^aBary, to .l arloa lanilrrTMirt. at a frit of fl 1.11 For building a new truck i.-r i-r of Boo* nod 1 ail tier rotnjany N?. 11, to f 1 Bur It lorn at a coat of tftd. Jli AiiTinotm Ptni'etn ? lather eg-* of Sunday la?i wo drrw tho attort "ii of our r^aiST* to lit an if Mra. Margrtrot Harao, wbo ha? rr<* t -.1401 frc m tho it" ' I* pat III ill that tho f mr.o hour* o ptrptod by bor n tho lino of l.tghly fourth rtroft, botwoon F> ronth and Twelfth am ft, ti.irt tn removed an or before Moo, ay ?ea', tbo 1 ,tb 'r,n. >lr?. tlagon !ia? railed !'or two reara pa?t 1* tho onlti- rition of ga-<ten f.owra wh h rho haa made t.p Tito ho !?. tl i rale of wbieb ba? Nti tho cl; tr-una of aupf r? for herrelf and b lahanb, wb?. haa boot wmtantly ill with oocairrsftion an-1 h>fr ci ropla'rt. abe haa alao nil" rhi'd to rnpport. Ul'ean a generous lit ' tya-.pathrro with lh? por woman n Imprest ironMi, ui. 1 er able hor to ibI'o f'2?, tbo root of removing a ni In', hor home and tlio 01.i1 Ricai.l of auptmrl will '?e ? tin I> r.?krn nway within a low day* ' ''ibc-rtptinna 11 ay t>r |i it wlrh Mr h' Iwy, 1 .'U Broadway, ntrr Tblrly inat nrtot. MoriM. ?Frederick Var d'rfinrt, a lad Mesa yoara of iro, | 1 brrn truing fri-tn llio lm> r? of h.? 1 areata at IP Aniiy alrf-t, alaro tl.o 7ih teat. He <s a .ppoted to iiv.' air aapanlrd by onr.tbor lad ram I rdwird |i ?< Rw parrnta aro trty ditiro>r* of any inform*'ton , ti.'Ti i.f hitn. A description of h tn agpe** iktrf. A fniip ft 'tin rww IbiowMni?! art or or ng, be nr. v x ant tttti 01! ..a little girl, two yoara of age, 1 hi if d frrm thp Wall atroet rarry boat Metropolis, 1 1 1 n n i.anir r'i?hod in and oarog the child at the rtt 'I ' r e. Owing to tho Mrorg tido that waa nubg, on nil', rthaoiod when pt-tod up. IV ether, ti? In h!#<t.?y, could not And worda to eaproag bar grn ft' o a 1 iw waa in modiatoiT made up ror bin by Uta arrrr rrr?. Ro rofiia. d to g ro hla aane TV t adtan 4 ihi- h. at I aaOa la tb<- amrrgmcy was coboandad. F'n.rat aw PaATii ?A youiw man namod Tobn 4da?, f f.tnnvlllo.f.oo., attompifd to para a forged rboofc at >>l"inhnd, . on Titooilay loot, but tho brokar doobtod t, and awrrtoil to walk with Ai.'a - to aoo the roportad Ira* or l>n M10 way tbo yonrp man Irapo I nto tho riro? md niirnpied to n-.apr by aw mm ng, but fbi'fdaod taa troaned.

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