Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1860 Page 2
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o & AN-tH'CAS SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATiOH. 1 hr Srrat Belttrn of July awl kaxxut What Do tbt Arli uuonn r.- kuuu About TlMBt I? i Ike Lout UU|N4?I Uw Sua Report of Umt Labrador CvptfiiiOB, Ai., Ac,, Ac, FIPTI! DAY. Ni ti'jM, Aug art 6, 1800 Th< Scientific wet, pursu.iul to adjournment, at ton o'clock this morning. On 8aturda? last they had hut half a day's session, and to da> they did cot sit very long, as they hail to attend au cveuiB0' part) given In their honor by Mrs Dr. He we rttOCEKDUihC Of HKCriOS A. The first paper brought up for the consideration of thia S'~tion was an abstract of the principal results of the observations of the tides at Van Kensse lacr harbor, made by tht second (JrluneU expedition, under command of I?r. F K l.- ne, I'nlted Ttstes Navy, during the years 1843, 1844 an I 1845, from a reductljn and discussion {by Chs A ? !?ott. assistant eouat survey. Thi paper was road by 1' Vrsor B o na, who said that although, according ? the tteory of eiutlibrturoa, there should be no tide at the North 1'ole, recent ooaorvatious bnd disclosed the fact that ' gentle tide does prevail there, th... ov. rr.v. u i?g * theory v hich ban long been tap j> .it' be t. ?'/ .. Iiueoiii. The tide tow discovered uot local, t.ut oi nved, aud pre cuts some remarkable yti.-eewi ? to ixfcf t to its variation of height in the a.:ri anJ morning Tuts inequality gem-rally de j..'nor i.. tin n ouu'k deciibatioo, and increases during the J . .r j-r :r. . . ..ards the north, ceases at the equator, i rt-.n . hi v i.vt the mi : niuves toward* the iouth II'. g l height was ab tit tan feet ai d a half. K sr jr , read a pap.-r on Cattcbroi :n,ane*r oj ii i. jin pertj belonging to e< tain crystalline surface-*, w Mh i .it-r<mar!.* ou'p. an.'il.o: by reQ.fii.n 'rout color.d s ::!acr The )ni[>er ?w. prepared by M. C. U?, but posiM 'U no features if popular i itercet iir 0 N 1''Miu followed by a o per on the prooerl >e and trainm -n.-n ot light? a uenr theory prop:)*, d by J. Si. lib, 01' Mai, Chester, hi;,"land. Mr ,!. M.att, ot New Vo'k made nw very: -osible ri* tvUt: * on m. r\atlon of the solar sj>ot and ot the u. igo tic vu-'utlious FT ' exb lied i.-ueh protl c.eucy r. a - o uti i,- rruu. in 1 Li arguments, li.uugti con i , were | lain ami (jrcimv. A pip r i Ifef r V i! P m"w? on the act ill i m of t'.e I'let <1: 1 . ' tr vj.'I- u tube wa heard v? ith Biurk. ! attention, but jn - v no public interest. Hi e i ibi ii.i t i.e t oaperr rea l tbir siwmou was 11.,-t on a rer: - oi :..v -...'giitn on the assimilation of gr.(s. i t. i .I.,. i . i.'eied during the years 1*6"- i ' a! K. t. i. st" i. I and by E thigh. To tar ii , rs ?r.i".'.' tstr p- . this ;.ap"r is of ptriicu lir i. !t haslet .1;. ;l:i been well .utemtuo. . that a ,! Lil, i. ' . are I the I if" of plant* tj, t.ot tin .is ewept through the aminoi. . - i ii .re I ii. a. i in.I h'trie a I also supply thin e 11 i. jdi.i.t: n<i st ? and there m'iooii* albiiml' n mi. , < -linns v. bleb pi ."to. > the <aineeP:l The re sea:. I ?.l es, fi of lir Draper have established lIlia I..-1, and Urouwaihg. ..ill, during the long course ot twu'v year*, bud ptoseceied similar Inquiries. The re suits Ot the labors of the latter were liot altog'the' satis 1:;. tori , ? i c. nseqoeull* . under the patronage of Deronii.y, M Vtelle ri irr ill." investigations a t*n yes's ago :i n.cci'i iir u in obla.i.lng riaults w> l irlliugly d.tferout It -e of ltrou* ugcault, thai t noun . bin bis were eir.rtained of hl? -cieotitlc ability isiter still, i, l ilbe: t and t'ugb went through a snru* of exiierl ire .it* ? ith plants, Select g outs, wheat, leu-ley, beans, y . - ' . i? heat, clover sud l> 'arc.o. I'h" flanls were |- i ..ted front sersl id sidl destitute of combined euro p-n at d ootilu.t-1 in an *.r in wmoh there v.?s no nitre g" Q, I .it aU| pi'i-d w :h oa: boulc a "4. ttir Water um J U> U?'. the plant* ??h c?<-i fblly deprived of evcy titoui e! uitrogen, and Uit'ex|>er:ai"nta were varied by ai'.llbg a una.I |Mittn<b vi ru ph-tle '1'tiu* greatly i.airti.. til ihc growth of the plant*. and !!: aum total ol mtrnj: i found in tt.i m bid not exceed that if the turplns tliat ?i added In the sulphate- no nitrogen msaimlluted, i.nrt it *? thnug! t thai nitrogen could not be a.h mtl.itel Tinge i xp< :tr..,!.t> were cor;'lder< d decisive, In regard to several plait*, but, t.wmg to the fact that the lr .iiiiti v.- plant* did uot gto v a* well, they were uol Patiat -I ID regard to tl ?e, except in ho far an thev did remits leading to I. * toat there w v no dllTrrcuco bi l*, u u real and iesutaiooua J'Uihta. Willi this view the e?| ei rre Lta w. re priwt-vut. il, atot the fltn! rerun prove I |l .1 no Dltrngcr hall beel: a.Mruii.lted added by ti e ammonia, ihc fa. 's cianue ! By Herniating cauit w e Uiui ?pi?rrtitly re ei lublttned in regard to the cerraU uud very nearly to with reference to the 1-gumlooua p.iuit t. TUt? luatii i i* one of the upxt important befof the elrnttttc Do r ol the reentry. Million* ol Uol Inn :.r. ti.row n away aunuallv, for the lark "I information I 00 tt hi Manure* are imported, and rejected he ca.j-e it i- de- mel that tt? atutuoui* they coatain are uncles-. If tiperinu-ui* can be reded upon, they will nave the farmer a great deal of money; but, at the fame tune, if farmer* are not willing to pay fur tctcot.dc in Teat'}".: i ?, they caohot . xjj-. i cb> rawut tn dev il.- their 1 vi? to a * ibiect of *. morn onporiaii' for nothing III# very true that Oonyn -r hi* appropriated <8-.,000 for ag ticullural | ui|"?er. but *1* 000 of i< ui 0?re I?-o rxpindeii la the Join' e of aeed. lor dltln hullo; through it.' c< .otry it I* CMPned thai the tn. goes for reed, but it !? p-1:.-unlit nop el t> ,/urcbiitv o?l?- n-r the lio'ae* ?>( C?ti grefftn.-i a lot alt the it o-j that ha* be.-n appn priate.i by Co , ?? 1- motile jran |Bvt in tut >f agricultural 1 rogi?>? had M|.f nam twen i i?1 ii to the *ea Aft. r lb' ri ...inj; uf l!. paper lit.- tieetiuu latl moc :i-JN ? <" ??ctiom b. PATl KAI. II ! l??> . I K. im i!i < ni!.jr o. tli j roccr :.t .? <>f Ui.a ?e?Hiori, |*ro(ci>Mir V httmci kUi?I l it apeclme;i? of Hfm :ou i f -n t . fri'ui ?..*r?i?t?;, I u-4 lipou rwlvtil b,t ttii? Atii n, aod re i *ri 1 I ttie sumling . . mn. ttee of n-eli. ti !' He m< ve.l that : V aubm'tt-il to Profo* M>r S. vlj ,rj G !>? * tr ,i i.. 'rrj? rUil ou *1 t'if i.f*i Mrtnal t -- i* of ti A-'*",ilK' Tii *. i|w.i,-ui of the I 4.- i rt * 1 1414 .. "a1 J * " ? .'tr I by c* G I i. I J> vole, ?biio on lour th-" . tie Hi', v t' i : et Vim t'. coa! I [I. t\ IfiBl |ht l-of an 44 .J | |t( pert** ( <" >?l. I| Wan I Uw tlrri l>?f. I all ' llitirr It::* Collei'llito.?. ll , l > fl ! 4' I ? 4- 4' ? . V"4l (44 I'IV i ?IV |l ,|,l f ti >H' 4.c> Mr w ii oil*. Mm M Vork uah> pert* 1 t r.*w ib'f * ?'! a if ou inn iti*its,tot uf iii- | u n > ?' i i v I ! i \ -? t>f .? mat ti 11 *a\ . ?'i4 ll nkltp'li 4 ,i. U ? . ' Nil.' . Guv c"i Suii rtfj- i - ril: if b.i 1 I" i Pr Ur I it tlrJour, ti 4..ibnr i lb , ?,**. lb* yur 1*54, tl.i ? -4. |i I i)| i" I vft.ii ul aI Ctu rat. tor li tHa' *1*1 a tula ?"*(! *l We hiA'i C-f a plat wlitl) fM-i'l?-1.^1 fat ; i.j Ihf lake, act b.ij,.i?4 Uw H ? *?" "fun''It man rl?rr Tbir gtiajp "*i* mirudvi t ? < rta'.r iBr aa'iati. i I: iti? *ui a" i 'lv. 11 ana tx.'liil i''i ttierat . it t IuUj |tto*wuG.1 f ?r ab-iut fit r ?? '?, ui.- ' . '' OltOot>Kt-i ?vra lak<a I ? u?. tr 4 .. u ? a t!i tllniiM. i4k lunar it ' .' Mtt, it . 'n HUmh I" Ul* ] M i?rt rf m t' ili- il> ?h ii ? .?>'> nr?mM| ?Ih.- tl > vr i n (? ih' iiii-i :m..ii .f itv laur traiw ft" o'i- . i ' y t ll * if."'. bl I I -, l . " > . I d A Mr t H lujurt ft ? |.t|uf ti. Uw v.t?| ?ian?in>t 4if ] llta b i 0 Tbr pap r *a* p nvli t'A) tlai ?t t , ?tul the i btti eolwubti Ir.m, M ir ?hT e % n ip?' I itinpr ata.a ? fal.u.; rS it lb la utl of . tt-'- t.. ..| lb , lit.bit *>iaral latin n ?r?r a - f.v tbi? ..j?,i?r. tiI btevliy i.| liir? fl< at. Ininr ' ; d.'W'atfc. v i?f *|tal i?>?i>f arvolt' , Hi" Itml'ttU r? >V < th I iri'uia'! Alt. mil Iblnl, tfce Int.. i f ao imrxitlail tua*. tltwH'f tvmtoiu,! firat* ai.'l C irta'lln* Ihalr jaiarriif aeii ;K.a?-rtn?ii I i trn i. . i i of |vj ?P th. it v . j> . ha f n.t g~n, -?'!j abn l fitur or ?? Ih. .?* i rbr pap r WW lUl Ijr aptfti'ative I'r.d ? Ni traoaav r ?d ifijatnt IP" ut*f riiitwt f ia? .' N..rib act ? I thol r. .ti it ?m lb i i tia. i t ?*? w?-tjt "1 ' it wltal ll '* ta lb* ?M W.arl.l Tli??*tiwi >'? i* imn li w alp' brte ' Hr ?wii;b'trtl mh?h Peaui ' ;> hi . ? uf plant* ii. Hint Walloti, anaia^ttt* la I'.* '* ' thapHril tlta* Wil ! Willi mwtlmm wf i?**rrot In lur ? tfi lit < * ?! < *. * far b?A > IV |wrM a ! ? h >. U? .i-tl.n tloiii lah.vl and ?rr" m. *n I 4I?M. >to it arff (H of ib'm Mapping * : -( ?? i '? A |*|ci lodomi. ) V' I H llrfr - W li?nr? ph?c*l lorn,*! * . tfl( t?l lt+ II?C . rlitM? *n| fifh. l| TV*. I.btrtlt.f H... At.tlll 4 l'l? II lift-1 I-. pfl T\t ( fnr IV r?? ' 11 lie !> * ? >' Vr? |lr Il-iWr tl U (IV 'ert Mat " Tk'l'?l?l i *1 ? ?ill tlk iii) 1 (. ind t unMli , hi lw |t,i ay l > toe Mitj -r *.. J efly v imr'lli* BIX IH DAT. IKTri' TINfl BilfMI'iM KJt?V?l?0 |T TUT fQ> K\ rirtc urn nr mxiri. Kitrom, it I, /. ? ? v i??o TV ir iitiifi pf th< A' ful And I. r la.ii r? >e<t frtpn < ?*? lb acl*** pi i m tarnation of Mr* (Y. ItpWT VI ?T; 'J IlK1 I>'|?| I 1 >4 l*?l ' Vw,.c yraUrJny nn!| Tli- t'lpaci) p-em-nl ?* large and * i I. an J lb 1*1 i I i #wii in tV ti?lm ' e-.i'(*r Imal ni e \ a y * a *prj rhtrmi g piaic TV* h< J? i* n- mi* a'**, en. i trrretl the Mlnye i?i n mni * t ? , i. Man ' ic IV mdtfv el ? f.-ji.i ft- 1 gVn TV t fly*- r|'i*Uy a* ?e I pirn Ilk lk< BMlltill ttltlil} ii( II. ?( !> ?* ? iiu 1U* or bant'.;- ar.J cordiality cf tbr Utr li #1e-t. 1.? aul twO*. lour r '* I peTei'ii. aet* rt.*1 nj?, o the ft.v ? ?ri1, mod U.ei i. oM fri ?r?hip *1 i >.*' will r* interi lit; gt-1 ant' rr ?be g ?i Tb* ptrty ? r > I at *** .? fo ir i i Iwk in Hir afwraii r. an I hi** up In f re ( .-hi * lb* ili lUD'ii l m\? f .in tu IV n|* n air mil il ant IV- *bt adaitabb li plrs'-l Uw )' '* i.ltiigi out tb? dutii^i ilea* nf t |M . nd b ctu Vi fall < *>*! rt - ai'iYi f n il f In or-',-r la tn-ral ? - n ai U? .el-at 'hiii null -g, P-ofe-* it-. -I in tt?- obai*. |"V M lid ' g l?"o i'k* pft - -1 ai.rt ?? mm o It III*! l-i lln ri?tl ? if ?( l Weill uni I" Ik (f't (IV day), ?l? f di. a-Vuili u ' rtklyr?r ('namtiniry fifliWI AI* 1 bal Ibe |Y"? ' I 1 r ?, i??v*1 In title In IV A? am-lav'ii? ? ,in IV low c( Ih'w ntm. n. ?| tin. i * Ltd |i- ? ' i* |?rr t* Vi l,we?a?? . f *A(? W "elfitVAi vf U>* v i (il * 'ic*. a I bal il * tbouei reply ?i- ihi I'gaiiTr. * ?( Vie* IVvrtiii-w an^ai lw rt q e?v 1 in do ao. la th? ret-omau - VeM " IV-'viAbtg oxnuitiv, u waa rtt red tbal U?e .V <* i <tu dr-hlr iuV- .!*? I n IV re?' g of i?(tnrt lp ll- kit. * #-?- .-i, i i? t i? they *1 miiti n -ei ii f nr a) i**pmmi * Ma alVrrvona vbr-ae rci" i*i*i i f yii ira tr.tari-*t Th? f-TC? tr if |d(ii I i 0" Ir- I H. t.. I? . > .' M Ule.i *f r?ig|? i N ' Pror,.) or Bach Ir.f -to J the ?ieli g that he hat oa.?-le U *r:? .t'uU h'ill the oilmen of ILr cuttou. to an ?-> loun v' to tin Association the arrival of the ?chosoe' tx BiM , vtth thx ncieuuflc r-uij Dom 1 ' rad, r, as 'J t Ui venae I hi.-J. mme t at-char wtth.n t.'ie h.t bor tl (Applause.) k f" Ot the roc n of th landing Con; 'ttoe, W li -nr, ( irk , W-n . .Ms.. . WU elected a rrgttla- gl member cf the aocI; ty J) T!i- eo'JU<'ii o'i. in it on prop ? 'J, a- 1 **?, 00 ,no ^ tio? of lir. Gi in- ??1> ' oivi<d, that tlx iirit an f DUa' k It. ft the aouety ?! 1 hi tit Null' I.e. It TetHKf>oe,?.n the llthor 181- of Aft!: ni t as m?J he m determined .. , ? | l r- levP A. P Barrard, of tl.e I uivei till of WisSia- J f ipf'it was urr.i. rii'-.-i-.j ' - *ct- * - t'-dec t of the Aae-C'% h ti -n, f'?r the neat an:-'; tl trm a l>r P w (iibbr, vtCol mbia, S C., was uaautnaoLb'y 1 sleeted Via 1'rwiaaiU. j'rofeati- vt T. Troto br.igu of N-ubviUe, wma cuoteu o Secretary t It. A f B* e, of Philadelphia. was eliete<l Trias - er, I! ao-l Tro'i oor Joseph loitering, of Cambridge, perpetual i Seen tare, t A li-cai committee was theo aopo-uied, consisting of t lfi ivn>. j t Untie; , P. y Save, j B Fog*, Currau t M'Kerny, B. C Uillsoii, Ool. Putnam, It P. 0 Foster, t urd sevt ral oil.era. t ?'r motion of Mr. C C CofPn, the Asset .atmn thoa lv;. i del into sections. t piuicKsnu-ais or miction a. ? MAT ILAAIIl* I'lli -1- AM) timx.. IK.' ' On coming to order section A procoedi-d to elect Dr. t Iouii H Stciner, of Baltimore, Chairman for the lvr The tlrsl paper of the morning was read by Professor r H. M Uaiulas.oo thciueteori; appearances of the lliL ' of Aug'.;?>and the "dOth of July last past. The ob.erva t tiers i: Mi. JIanna: though evincing be hi! a iy ac? qniren <mt, did r >l throw rmirh light on tbo n<ib:ett ile n.i-Umcd ttuit hit observations anil admeat-uromenia SI rv to.ailn lUllimi.rn on,I - I.,. mum t in ' meteor ?' the COii, of .Teh, It pah ed along from J the uorthwent, abo.u thirty live degre weit of n.,rib. t ll waa B'M ob.-orvod dtsonbing an arc through lit* hea vers T ier una ?n opening between two tree# I utile . diately over the head 01 to* Ihofeafior, whlrh enabled him to measure the meteor with great accuracy He *up- ' p ei .' its height at about ti e time it p ?s?eJ over long Ulano Sound, t i be about t irl. m le- Its velocity front the lime of ii* tir.-t :ip| earatice abo ut three quart -N of a minute, being a little < ver eight a second. It t was about oue Uilril < f the um'-u't diameter, or a little noire tha: half a ttme Tie meteor moved Cater thxo the earth, but not it the same direction, nor yet In uo ex , icily ofijaialto motion Hn .feasor Hurma.i cave a com , plicated n.alotinaiical t lata u>eat of his uouc-. of catdu* i.:ti a. Hr (. ii tt ,of Cambridge College, Mar? , sa.d he had j intended 10 present a paper on the n et one ? pearance* J of Augf-t last, y after the aiiioorrmeut of i..? 11*-.-; u i i iLe n?s elation ai Spriugiteld, aa wo',; as on the v late appearances of the 20tU of July liict hut he had 6 had l.qt lin e time to devott tu tire qesti.u, besides Ue hah Lot yet obtained ah the informati >n necessary tu ar J rive at a practical oliittnn. The first of these meteor* was probably ? . e i t tlie in remarkable ever observed in ki. * i in our ri gii?u? The body "hot have becu iu J len?o y ni* ,tfled It exploded w'ih a sound hea d J, through u rogi :> i f c emtry aum* 5,000 rquarr milts in ' extent It v. its t t'h 1: utlie northern |*rl of Vermont ,, end along the i, ?*t of New Jersey, an I i urt-'rly us far as M.o--niioarlb., and I'lir-a, in New Y i'k At that time ,, Prole, si t.oultl |>r .ted a circ 'ar and *ent it to a mim ber of | tihlle ohu- , s, a ..ire for information touching this ' api^a-uncv He rueeivect about seventy or eighty letters J in reply, but cmly twenty r.iJained anything like reli- j abh informati u th. t cola ha used tu computation a d m do calamity prevented him from follow. iDg up tli" lntcK -ung Investigation, hut he hoped , to fc at ai. -any opportunity. With regard , to the met. t of July SO, the pr 'ii.;?e* were mure eticmn.igug lie wts in possession of accounts Imi ah ut one bundled and twenty place*, differing ^ gr. illy ,u geogiajh eal pos.tlou and tie thought (> whin this n .? * of record* thai! have been properly lit. *nd oig. Med. the eourse of the body wil' be easily deo-tturned, and ibe more important fact as to the con vexity c concavity of toe meteor He did not hold that it revolved aiound the sun, hut he would reser ve any thing be might b t>e u> lay i n this Buhject until the next uniiu.ii to,s nog ni the liters intion, when he trusted that he wociu be enabled to embody facta more worthy of being pri serve! 0' Pron-HMir tiuKUrr, nf Maryland, railed attention to the day m-teorir api nam,..-I-oi the month of last September, which was s.vp fiom Ventungton Ui New Jersey k Prober irSc;uu .:a? said thai the meteor in (juration had " hrf'i Itiiv htuiliod mill i. si'iiK. -tl Ii. I'ruIrtottiP ldMindia ri'ifJ VI oth-rv Profetwor Covin Ire-tired of throe grnllotriai wtnhave given their study t?? meteor* whether tt tiaa appeared t j F' item ttiat. apati froai the netlod of the} meteor Ic M thcae met->?r? I'd not tuarr irequeaUy appear '' alter the month of August than beforef ? 1 rot<- -or :-.u.i*an replied atlirmutiveiy, and trteatir.ed '' a reinarkuble case of meteoric evplo?ii>..B which occurred r' M M ><a b ngo at Oucord, -N II Oa the occasion of u this appearand) the meteor psphidcd no leu* tlun ? twenty thnv s. actors, vc timet, throwing li the carta 11 about TOO lh? ofrtoD) matter?or.e of dm sP'ties of whirt l! weighec 123 iba , and is now preb.-rved in the college at * Marietta He thought fiat if the rcetr r of July b it sent M>> to \h? aiiTta'-? of the fbrth.they amu'd le inort. ? valuable ic asclautiOc Bouse than any ncirs hlthe: to In v charged by meteor. H- would uUo stale that Hruife * j?.rt had been named aa a locality tn whleli the lest 1,1 n i tror had thrown out ktoni-a, b?i he Vnew c rthitj i>os'.- *' live on the matter rrtderbor Got said that the reference to moteoric atone r. in-.i.lei. l--.ii' an nceurret.i e in point Stool alter the appeuranc# o| the meteor of July, be had occa ' kion to go out one tn-Ttiit'C ou a\ c*;!v r.dv, aud on his 1 r turn he was irfnrnier, t,v the of the College that * a h? 1 r lite had fiill"d from he.-tven and ha t rut down a r l -t. . . .up lite swept't- e l"r.. %or (,'oulrt looks! ou tin -a. avert r- .n.At-.f ncverthel *a delermtnotl to " ei. :i ue mi. the fad W t und tin slali'tocnt regard ^ log the at poarance of the h*tl cn't.rmed h; -ev-ral m t:'. and ' h uAp- el.tu; 'he apt' l.c, dtaoovtred that ; 1 go hi an h, . -a > it ol tn d;?ttieV' hart her*- col tlr - -niter* oif II t t tut* at tl v. as : ptral, I i .ilei aatdrfo .1 that it was el the s .n | dan Tor R i 'vie I tmt have '"-eu p if e I by a srf srp In iru U tnetil w If det! by a ii... . I li.J, 1 i j ?t r"uliv) tn appear I ' a v. I I.lie 'i.e. i l-ieel |1 It had bfi-0 * i hi a : at to: tl-.v 'mm a cannon Airr an ar t.vr iich hrtu'.xJ Ii. flu l| into n._: I rap me J tr of P' ? II a blot . tt id 'all t j-I. .'if I have hee-. a -en. fir It w t ine. ita. I> l ive i r I into t ? e i-tyarri h Iru tl -. ii '.. I i ii'.i not ree. i. with W: til. I'.'frn i- tl tr.-e a' ' the ei ideno* Of IQOW whet ?' bv i a tue a. d tlie niie. iftieann > PA f.ot ">'1 art lot' - t r p*|>e nn indue * : cU'CUti i in im'l ? i. fuilusr.'tl by % brtof Jn . the motion- ot the | ml I rvtmr t* 1 > *?- Ml.irofexpr ongtbc (oar ro it. of the m; ro.i;. by rnnvrj to< wr;? "1 adr> '.v . u of by l'ro r (; W Cook lay In ' tli.- . 1. ' r o: ?V>*itt*T K* il th it If the fad tia v?r l t>f any [.' 1. -1 < 1 li: t body, de ;rtlMiR an pi S oro t ?? it the nun, be produced to m rt tlir filial the C< litre i f thf fl'.tUr wh.rh fnrrr.a tht ece'd tru viotnai; . thoae too I- v ?til ho found lon.iet at a I'l'iiil a ! 11 r. K a'v }? U(o*i im oul ellipse Thla afooijd ? .. t? f ?ui 'l an.'.lftll to dor goal* M tbe Ural dc r vf rhiioi ill- <m Toe in.|">*taiil petu 0 iv ii' tb? t it plica '.hiittut? d^ntef 11. ttit itv ?r. 1 .1) i?h.j ura'iy half t' ..--louti! of tl re ret n It 1 ny hi jf l? tli" 1 -al - r. of tb" planet Now I.* I' i* . aod r?li? - or ( ?'? on - . -iy. uroim!!? derriopt tie-p ro >tjiu%tr* .' M?? t ii t to Mnir.wr of >0 V , . ?TTI.-a, ti l m i' lt) I't I ? r<T Vf'it'r.ey depend Il irp lb# wnallm of tbeii. jl t) Ui? pUti?t'l orbit In the 1 urn o' tti ??t r. 'c leiaerrr, the oc:<-U t- > 117? tl 11 the wt'.i"* fevefi;- Vtttofr' v tbon -e |mat Ut r l? * reuuoing Iho ro ordl 1 1 - t a fibula lorm ft.' i,w t) or 1 trod orbit, it rat tt pa;- . i'. b?. veil, al1 tbr rr wta o* is i' i it 'Haiti of at v planet, or etren ot a - la'.'ul' ? .a u. o . i ? an ec. n tj onl> e! I 14 la>||| o that 1* :vut'il( to till- pais ft 11 ri t hi tl -e ntorn r< i vc r; a 1 fence tint lahv pi' a' tcry (fr. ally re. mad If. Iioa met. tt t P I -t di'f ITr I or .'.t ? Dot Jfl aill! I iftitlj ?. to . t t'' ; I 'itp III ntv fn- la' latino, then I I'm Km in pt on ? it la eany to obtain aaotb'r el!;pa* ?' ?. > dm n- rh.t, atiiio r. ntrirlty is abntt h ti at I? tfn flrat .ifftrfd nhtl. o'm* ' v.-th that of tu p ii , t ? i i ij ia' it'j I, and lift of a. .re < tvfis.u Krtn II It) lie but I 1 Tl V p;. t|l tl'. I e^ft, I I.. Oqi i to p I tf.? tr' . a ob'ab.ft ? i'l a wtya h - to th? r* U n. sr, i f lenvarfi ty I t- habt. the ai"n heu.4t i ? - ! f , tl le ittftidflka iooi..i i oi or si, 0 'U'eatlTf funrlrion of the pla^^Kto a'tor ile;?- iilc.'t I.- tbi ac.aiirr orctt.trii Hit* 1 i i- ( >' ' th-'u matt a tt?ry ?b ? i?t*. b at '\. ii * th- ?- :*r*rtncfi ?i f?nair Tariahlf atart He i 11 a: Ih <a ar i a tori pr.t?rt?Bl brai rfc of atndy, fi r t! e. t!i?t Uif attfuitioe of aatrutomeri la raroljr I li l " ahllo i trfy nan, ae tn, o- rh'l t h*rn?s ) t- t ' r a- en'iTit a d .b < -nlna-y ? ?y piia? ? I. - eb? f?t' '. m .;ttt ?. (.iter 4| ,|i?l(w t. NlfKS T; ?rr I tr- foe't of thl-t?eE ?Ur? wb ! mitrnif IS i?ie "iff ko >?r t fit rar:?hl? cbte/tag fr nn i i . !i t-m I' f*t> ui< dtilneM To* nnirber b?< r< at < a y 1 ?ri II' 11 the 11 itiln-r of VtrWbin mar* ** m (> M i ? at > <fr.v Tbi rr ar ten or twrlve antru " i .. a. f I > .n?n in th lulty antS ib R'trvpr drTeimg ' Hi' i* altt-kl "Mi Hi-H i. fl no, hint there Ik ant a ir ir* 1 tin' | n of arjr n' tl or kfienltfte mer trhiefc ibva not . ih ill ?K igr ne hire o the- tmoiterfdl var|? Il !'? b*i .b"?L ti- at eveu Piriag lumvlf in*)r i if ' A ar *.? i ntal '.rb tb,H-e i-> uii . arc a ?o < .?im of nhaervaUoaa which M i 1 > > *< htr imtit.l** e.trt. Bight, at.1 rtinld . r<" ' by aaj ffai'i. of frrttntrj totei! tgrtK* I ii.i ti i in p a r"i ibcr of th? variable ai?r?, aim..g ' . i i lb i. '- i ot the whMe. Algol, Md t'.? I r mma Thit tovt< r had r.pvat nt'v dt*a;i t IT" ! "*rif'?r, ml a )?iar ago, il etidieoly re "din H< ?r d or re er.uigeot I'uin e\ef A Very | * . tun. -11 I right aUr* aer-var-aMe, an I Vrnlr; i i , Ail . k i'? > linn " that try ^ . t. * i'i tnirrt b tt'.'t ii< m itaBte Mi variability I1 tar ti ailr i fe* piartHAl r>riart? uu the f1 *t . a i ?(* ? ? II . h")-i thai tin ad Vine of I'rt , i v i. Vt-rvrea ml at tar a* )/?acticabM " lit B II 11 fv: a lengthy nuturon ayrlt j5 i il i . i ici ha i t? at. 1 turn liauiMu.w ib inlet neca Th -a-gii-nei lr atldn?v. acre highly in*tt * ,! .! u r: ? attrniiu uf tbe nn*tet| * i' r'i -f the pai?r ?r?' <' tbi- mew her I ca * t ! tl o the Mm. .? nbg then. fn-fi nnorr Org Icy aud '' Il.ii; ?? i-.l i.|i a lii, i n .-tof In i a|>ta a Hi ut * >r it. aniMty an I rrrcairb le b? ] d^ayed TV? Brrt'ii r *?. after tMt(.iaroc' WOCKamaO# or aRiTlfth B r v*ti aat aidpiav aai on v tl Th > hi It <1* r read in thi? nerMnn WM oat CO the I'tea r, tl a. !' ' Atomic T' i"> i.f C! "Dilrta. with a pr yei. ? . t , ft a ut Hjpi'tt'-w by t u:in>* Rutviat Tbn t, I.. ? 'jjii'tl K ni< Hi t: tl the rreatire atom e?l?lnd 11 .1 tl rtf?iicr -e, it thi .f ran o n froT< notblof If t, . ariit'i ml ifiit ti"i?rv tro'iM C'lMttitcteiy nverthrtiM all a ihr krnan lan? W t leniiatry unn in etlatri re tit de a t en the ?*i l(!tr?rilt|n<f mill ?'ra-Cbta T k'O'U of r. ainti tn U varv'ti aft Bitten beat rlaimert bjr rhcnilata. r> In ita"cli"i vat* b rci.iarkwl Uial n anVla.. * m z-uf *1 ?'U a-.vrit In raw lti"i ira and trlerer bad therefore o iti-ir * iterahly n etc ? Ibdeed, frete tlte o tt- M tin *m'?rl l.fren rrtwail, .tn-'.-ed that ri m but ? D.' b ug of a evrKuutjr, auJ Arcaallaua MM g EW YORK HERALD, FJ at we know httll leas than r lU.tcg No chemist bad ,tr aiu iiiptul wo isutbi.oh UiC or imul Mm lafge boar ?r of the i'lcnu uti 4a whicxi tuey believe. TWj leave It. be iLfei rod tb it tin atoms tisted in cImmm from ie beginning He vat- for resiling the aiotni s tli ory ilwmi try altogether. Uu popowNl lo < ocl<? in ? irtuctlally scaled re ton, rot s ah, ret to cerru i.u,a veu proport on of cyauurlc acid. Apply a higtai.ogroe I at, wu what u> the result; Ilydiab-d cyanic acid utitue the ht-atand we neat have cyacelide Tb* difrent chamrt -m of the products of the original gas by ie mere applioaiot ol beat, he regarded a?- an uunu actable argument in fovor of L* ffoctriac. ile thought i.a the lawi of motion were net auffi.'.entl/ tied ed. leal was motion, and io its application in the manner lie ao shown, rcauiU ?>: b calculable beat-lit to the chemist fOuM be produced. Mr Roosevelt's pvper was very eg, hut did cot seem to meet with much favor I'lofieonr C. N iiucn oao read a papci on the burning f tVrfsx's Vecbaincal Bakery, in B Theclrcaitanco of tbe dcstrucvou of evantl of these halter<ea by re had given rise to the belief that the caaae was to be :)uu<? la the torch of the incendiary Careful cxn'oinv :ou bad, bowever. pruved that the flrot acre of tbe ua :re of apouiaacot. combustions Tbe arrangement of h bakery made it cceasaiy to use-a large umouut of 'Citing, aud it aeeuie evident that tbe tlrr was caused by bersenpe of hot lubricating oi! into bores of sawdust, vblcb were connected with tbe maebiu^ry. Tti'-fire ou hir occasion was disco\ere in the vicinity of the box, ud t o doubt could be cute. tatoed as to the producing iiiiles The combination cu hot oil witb liiflammaMe awdust wua the cause of tb* combustion and oocae-juenk lestrueUnn of the building Tbe same gentleman read unothj'" paper oa a new atn Dcnia, chrome, alum and th' v|. >?, green and red modi Icaiiona of chrow" salt This was a purely chemical dta luisitlon, only to be understood by A ?e versed be tbe r.iMiAl i: XT'\ < :fr'..+b tepl 1- " n -.nt read a pater or. the bfgt means or pre eotii/f to collier->, by lighting Utem with . a) fat from the B'ufuce, mi not allowing the aim is ihore cl the rcuie to onme to rouiuct thr lltme lie ropnMd that the voila.^u employed lu tile lu.aie Lr.uld be supplied with a partus e Umi ou tbe .me principle, or that tl ' ir u;iartmenl8 ahoiiM be 'iiciiauo upon a similar principle The apparatus could e cither stationary or j.. ruble, ai? ci'cuwsUucci rent r il, at <1 lb< tUarn |?'V ?r of lb- n.iats would a rve as ..a uxilia". !n the gem. a! * r':s. Al! dangers from accident r rarcli ssui-ss wrub! thus be boue uwuy with, en J the olliura w jold operate with a grcDtor sec- > of personal aeonly, v. bte ti e awful lost of life ao frequently i tailed < r. society by there etpiotnojtf would alt.j tber e pi rruled Prof Koiv: erp "Bred hU doubts m to the practie* Ulty ot the i Inn, from th fort th st tlif < ulies of the cot'r wen-of eu 'b a natur the' they could only h<-p r ann.f' by lb. ail ofsnuul moveable lump* It was -or tin!,- grt \tl; to be (' >i'i<! that R->ti-e safe plan should bev:." d v l.-i '.>y the Bad c-a.amities wbirh so o'let ove' ike ou' colliers and o'U re to the antes might be pro ontrd, but be t'id uot f<< 1 c l6 let ' that this would be a uu"'" . i'n eft*'imeut V. Cut s (ynrt several other goctlitnan expressed b'-ir op't.ttii:., i ri aud < -.i, but agreeing m the mala oa be de-n ibllity ot ton:.- improv.-rari t u 'h's direction V: .'e n Hmrr, of N- w j i-l--, bm-fbt forward a pa < mi-'ur up a new the. ry ;n n-g.i 11 the Inereaa of is \ij or (team hollers Hi* iirg-nnei.t, yra* that the icteus.-uf steam iu bol.eis w, : inverse ratio to the , roovat < ' tempo Mar , a: 1 that the espanglve paver of i team cool! bo bo augmei t?d that no toiler cvsr made mil J be able tc r-.-ist the loicc He wa:? of opinion that | ae fr :j out aconuuta v e have of boiler e*pl?twiis have | :l bctri tin- ?r*...t of can ies: Stow; be cor tended that | o oti'i should be iiermittc.! Ui act iu tbe capacity of a reman or engineer who wis not fully w jualr.tcd wtth l.a c x|oU,st-.<- property of ?U"<m Professor Hoc sue, Mi Kn.-oich. Mr C Rno.4Kvns.rand Pro- I fBor I iwibri; (Ilili'rjd fiom the views assumed by Kr. lyatt, auU Wot LtiCncd to treat the while quest:ju with vity. M; F Pom gave h: Views oi. th rttrir ar id aud am uinta i j rait wstcr, Coll et d September, lHot, between ic? yck ai d Liverpool, aho :t vb tuidrtlo Itne of the L-ean Tlie r.-a-dU of Mr 1'ugb'a inviatigattniia allowed hat th wafci contained hut uo ttttnc aci l | Adjourned AiTp.RNOkJN &EMS10N Ti? Assi ' ation, purmauf to loso'ul ou, met u half astfbur o'clock, ia getivr ii aeinlom' On of the tncmb..TB htviug heca el?c'.ed to the p-Hit-m ' rlkiit lYofcs*. i J D WurrsHv road the fidBt paper- of tbe a." rbooa, on the origin ol'thn prairies of the North went, e auiuiaiivrrtod un the various kiodaof prairioaitnd to air Hiv/uawij'ua. luv uuuuui ( ra.iir, luuuu uu lue ane <eipp., Vbae vivy < Irotn the great prti in ' tlic West, Thr great qoceiioc i:. rufirrnoe to therm airier w ?i??hj w.ut there ou their surface Such an at) i ce ? borieceitt eegtlslionl The igneous theory be ( & to pari ct the country i* luat the trees |h:ive 11 beeu burnt dowu lb it opuuot Ik, ttouraver, unb.H.i te twmr a tree would bum ok w< II iu a mountainous wintry ee or a level plain. The oa;..u alleged by scietllic ir the ahseuoe of inauures, (nil the cosou'ieul waul f J. rmid' y In th" soil He the."tit tuif. op'r:i?c (apiaUy ou.ialilr His tlimry is that in-no prairies have beau >e bci k i-flakca. wbicb have gradually becouiJ dry, oq hid' tin re tieve: bad becu any livxs. Mr Ctx* i?tdre?Ke<i some recmr'-s to th? m*otin? on ie scmo aubject. i bowing that 'r il. a vsr.ety o' oncer ntior_- wbtr.h he had mad: it resulted that where en plentiful water wan generally nearer, aad he lookeo n the abieoce of trt-ou as being tbj i Muit of the want of ater. t*rofewwr CoAf.jrr also supported the theory of Mr. Cum. Mr C. C Coma, of Moato:., pret .-. tec a paper on the r. ilaiil aurora of Augusts, laco. The auroral ilwplay egec at elevev. p M., but dut tut attain much brilliancy tilll K 30 Kroui that t me uulll dae'o lU refulgence ?a? In-.ear ecuuil to 'he dl?|ilay of Septet'. t-e' K, 1M0. It was ia>krd by sudden change* from < itrrm.- lamtr.neity am) ii' i a, vy to a cloudy h*r?, s..on.oa - t the sight of the Lars it. Ii * than five mircU~ Mr. t'ntl.c was r.t npinlou, mndpil in i.ett rroi obrervatioua, that Una aurora Is roiled lu the thermal toOiitiuti ofth? atmosphere thai ny retuarktibla display ie due to a change lu the thr'uial leoti Icily cf the earth or the a'.tu >t l*rofo??iir l'erit* reno-lre tli .-rt,: r. of th- Scientific ipnJitirn fr< ui lih'ador, ;tLu atil d that Urn veeao. , i*l bcri ujr- dmlirfsu iatn<i p*rijr waa thou a.cbored la , if hirh< r. ? ) 7bn incictoni of ttic eaped: on win 11 lir hat ipy Ui inaot the r..fcihf(* nf the AaMneionn At right o'clu.e that events* He alio allied that ,>le??n AVi-tiidcr i.l U. oji rrtif' g vi ltc rurmbf* if i? An-or'at . : au .? onustt of thf ? ?[> <! lion (Applet** ) i r. it the t lr?* thf peMi'imeti an t>f tfcc Society, tt ?t ri' ilvnl thai th AMuctatlon aiao.u lr ni hah' |.a?l if o'clock t > uiorniw u.n nicg s-verai paint" were iff I over tc he r-ad to tr.Arrow, t.icb v <1 uouhtloaa bo ouc of thn moat tbtotoKtn.j day* the araaiot TV Aininatlnn aljiiu-'- 'd aVttly ?rto-aere.i n'el.a'* ? it .ae^^led ibat tht-tr anutikl Uttfuhit ? i wilC r *iih aWtd c;*c b?w? bj ih~ c.iy autbArli **, it hicb Ju !go Ik'Uiria* ?iU be yrraeui BBYTiNTH ANl> LIS! I AV Nawrooi, K. I , August II. lK ti Tii C.i .t.vo it.' . ot Uaif pail pine o'clock lb la mi"i g, t r th'- read!.,i \j' tl. f<w piper a ren.a .14 no baud lb h? *i tl'rijcriof the diJtioe "in J a?trrvion;em In accosni ajifi tbi- acifuUO: **! 1 .. j to Labrador ir lb iitirpLf of tak . >'-or vat m-in ol to . ccn.l loU. Slip* of It:.' a ;ti Itltf af.rtJti.C" of uth aft 1 wa? i-rrr to day than r?u at'/ I'thr orraalyn d jr thf sea ion of the l.'Bt ratb'a Tho larpf h C; tif th. mviU- Hi- i*e 'Mi'.r . In ever) part. a., lb. uliioal Iatereft v>aa lanifffUit to thf jiroroedtng 1*1 of ?nr H A Cut .*>, Vie IVaa.d Ql . If Ako I ui th. al?i< 1 o o'it? Preaidf it re'.ixs lb- meeting rd and ice miaulM cf the prisr.oot d*i '* proceed mr , ro? at d cur frmed i'u n i i.u il ?? raoice*' tU* A*? ?"tli >a ahvild ui# inti 11% a for the r 'a .'lac 1 f paprrr an ! 10*1 al! if t nibor* ?hoaid re aaafjtb'i m piarriO (aaah.b at a!! (staf elr*on o'cl ?"k it' Bii<eiir :? tlnti melded ntto *i-ctioi. an.' wbilaacr A * *? In ?f?an*e, I 1 ' A'r*??raa proceeded fn aillpf.w t' e mrftin,! no a r-? * the lateejpedlt i'U V-labral'i- II-aaid the ifirh' n 1! th*t ex|iediliou acre hxhly crat Ufd by Ibi n |t It. J (tad tlifl from thf t 'li"y wl f. ot na *i - They b nt coibp Irnn: lanJ 01 r >:io<cenlAi deao .(. I 1..I1 llir tatiUl of frtriidii tad roeta: bitrrrncrae aod rtlg , <vin*.?i?f Aid if hl? idear ahu-ld tot he rjnit* hah I. ' -1" f that they world pardon ! u. nod r oeb ; 1 e? : k . i' ?Uii'.cs You a-e. c?" t uu?<J Ibe Pn ? li ao .rr that tl.e rhaerritio:] nf the tola'ec!tp?' f 1*C0. at a point o< n* the c >tJ>t wa; a; >r ' tkrli ui.iti r U>r Jortrooopp Of the Cn??<. Surrp..* t w?a I h i .l ; nit o' y tag otit the t t a* ; t^e > u r .tee Init t'. ?t t?, rn air.-rlal r otn< t J % f?' tb' ifh m r?j? rtitt'ai halo.. oMpoithlr In vt, l'it di'! r t l'^.t i> j i?"um .1) on tve i .trt i't ?tu *> ? t> to [ ir.-i.r i1 vo" w ir i. it* I * m'.iIp to the lit uf the reulr ti rclmae | I.u llil* I- r ling I iir H, kliu to ton .1 tirirjj- , I I" nil' i. ??<k 'ilit iri-Hliiii.iil tliitn ?ir it> u ?> get t:i Tr* N.'vrr to n wilder: drums have I j nil j or* ICO of gruJ?or oa*o *U*u uconnt, U ?ti. .i >!. bor the u?t oftj mHea an unbrnkcu Ik of bit ot.niK, nvniiigl) f fnM "f r?' iron, nw ' tl i libit* of of ifin-'-.t rrpri-tttne, poldlie? of n'? rtill lu , a |t on t.,eir toatero ? do, from which r* r?e ? lu in i p*n?itit? cl HI B t *( dia Ik III MliTl tUk" Oil O V *1 till I I r lllkl liJM ?. Tt -ft lb? ill) wv (Wr CTtr bead, '^P I-- - rt-< Hed of m'M, hdtl iVe'c utdrr lb* inetorWOK i? 11 t n- dp'KJitlOii by tb* com to Id a Ihemaelroa And in ?r mrirwi uou' latitude. oort were tryti f to uod 1 iif r|pi mg through whirl. *i rntilt) cuter, we . ; i put. if, oo lowering ?inw ?.00u feet l>i;-b WW ?in' to | pi on II p'ttro. not lint IBvlfmt Moll .t!i rc ??a H ot tii'*t II on* o b 't'fiil ?tiot of 'm ,iI i i rtufr btll. nL, if tlAi' i.g lOll. i i? oli<'t I it, I ?' tli." |Kfp4?iloo> II.ot I. t t h"*0 mid * . i-nrofrllr, rii it . ibr e*|i rUtl.- lu tl had i-een rwieed -oil k-iijp.I to * ofinl to tin ni o torripr on Inexorable a* the low* Ilrtore tfieinW IPt ? On thing breath' PTtii, I wr > i take atn.u.Uge of tUI Twit itroi.(K>iaPr.i w? luiai tr- - .Iioi ! ip Dorr. . oi utojotaia Vli ito cor rlv-o ?. 1 U>? etou, or ow ?vrW wuot coaii l<. nougat. It.ltl t-'nre, I ri-rttootl 0 tllltf Ittirt Oil] fujlll, it-. k(i'Ik o ?ot "f Urroon, ii;p,n ?l teli in(nilijr #- <1 our* lv??, olJ tiicti toe b"fc mrui.ioio haroor it it tli ' m ' tU ??n?t po-npt. noi t!? fO( r | i Hi' >|li i IrtlMf oertvol, Hut it tvimo ,,m lit- ? trie tiop i ' il>p to 'iiotoio rooge, Md ooo-fc:/ pppr rl Ktl no 0'ir IwrlN.r *00 gtvol Oiwl 0> ilg, OO.' ??K not i,rt l?t? t" ? r* ! pr-porp for ub?*riotkiao Wlo-u bp ?i i?U'-, tr. tin* region ?a c?.*r. It *u very ( or. but It r.e?ir fnoVret! N* rime tlioo two ,tl? ot ? t me, or. I with or torie^'og ongirtr r I (*n! f("WO-J t?i tlir great da? It ? ntned ) |?i. hi op toot tt would i>p vpry cletr, hat ot M pcjr er,t ai reotneul of oU, litre lenrtii of the i ?rro* Wet r uWe rgOt And y<H. m irtl tliot wtt in i e- H tpi.-l ug, oat' et. it <]'?: tint eg valnablp, . re v Pixt we ten tboofcflU tl av ? r eiH get to- < h N i<* aa to t(t< Jtf 'Mtt t>hpt'??o?i a?and ( raa , j ri i.. to tiiert to |tM*ing, t?r tha* mitft be brief Wn iHcrc -?tb? f wa otrude upoB tbr dfo rfUittui li' ha' nJ?i >?ai(n??il* apia-arr pery fO (?B wtt*o the i-'-iwr >a h m et aerrtar or ttol, ahr ta pp.orntonaly High. ?Nate%e? ei?e mof hai,(iop Wp ho<l olrMdf ar v go litre *1* OJ d iltwtriB'i'nl one lab ira kief in A up rp we c?IM tonwtti oowbcU, we dlac ijwed mrj R1DAV, AUGUST 10, I860 rn.-U.od wr uc who should lako thin and who tboiud that. We had forno of Umm very Jrawlnga around lie cell In, and wc prepared ouraelvis by schooling ou. selves each ol;- u. ob-.ervi bt3 own pbenomeua, and liot te be awestruck and interested by i spectacle so fall of i ate real, Co b? a. liful, so sublime We were ranged tog-vher?your bum' law. on t in the centre?ao ei to com mumcsu lasily with all?Uk piotog-apher at my side The second.- were called by cue individual, eud the paving rruutcfl bj another, eo that if one failed, another could hike It up, nnd we ahould not rosailily gel the I wrong mu.ute So we waited until the critical time 1 N"Ihjv j e[ se until everything had been observed. 1 wat perfectly aure of the minute of oontacl I called for it then the photographer let fly the spring ol his lustra meet, tt'iil caught the little curve, and showed Die ragged edge of tt muou taitbfui tf. the eBect, when a bordering light paf ?< a by it Another phenomenon us a belt of light ' which appears outaide of the mooa on the sun, ' that tins reel o" the tun la certainly btighter along by the ! tpg' of th. moon Wc- studied that time and aga n, w tb did rent colored glasses. tome colors showing 11 moro strongly than ithere, and, as uiual, the faithful pbotogra I plicr eauthi It In th- daguerreoiyjx Impressions?of I which 1 have copies at haoie? taken by Mr Camped!, in 1864, in New Yurie, the photographic 111u tration is leiiing the same story. And ancthe" curiou3 phcuo u. , ... was I by eoly one of ?if parly On the tide of the- incon, close to tbo edge of ti e sun, tt meliow, cIjs. aioeg that edge, projected on the sun was a bin el light The ey saw it, v ah satisfied it was tt. re, i ?po-tcd it specially, aud tli.a wc opened the photographic plate, aud thou that phenomenon, supp> ?ed to Is an optical illusion in 182!), and to be aometbTg atraiige fti 1H38?th-. photograph remembered it and put it down, and said, "It Is n it wen just^iecause you have imperfect cyea, 1 ut there is something there." (Tho bri-nlliles.. t- , > wh <-h h..d prevailed until now ?m broken by irrepressible applaur ) Thoao chrc- drawtnge a:.' i justification to the Superintendent of th'-Coast Sur vry i.: til tim-* ! r aendiup that photographic arr-nge merits, fa.- (Ci erc ) 1 regard the ca as intensely va'. uafcl As t v. .p. advanced uoihlug could biraore beautiful |c.,t because tb? clouds were there, end w" did bet i.ead a screen giasa, n. -st ol us Notbioy rout be n.c.-t- ban ?if :I than the eclinae ns It aonoaciu d. and wc oil it t wonder ibit thnae who l;r.e? l .thing abrut it thou 1 bo tcip-'.f ?>1 wtth tt*_ idea thai aora.-ibiug wv devu\ rnt toe tf.v. aaaim..- savages are, or that the gU rious orb vr?s melting uw.iv Ana through that J'tHr> Bin of r'oud th- beautiful icd l-i-veting could be louk&d ul by the litre eye and as it narrowed acd uartwcv, tt be- aiae a bit of rag re., sliver wire? ai; the c?t k of It ragg.d, us the edge" of the sharp cuon are ragpuJ when tbe inoon has .lust pa*ed tin. coda, aud intcow ;> k .pgemvo rf IbH Oh, ?i beautiful, Bo grs d, it win with some diffeultj that a,me of us were prevent ! f-< m c;yiDg i ?t ir ec.-biey i van tod to lath'; a drawi-g " i, and had I known tha" I eliouid have mine br; ? to -'a, . ! should have f ! t. have Bi : ? rupresinta ttno ?1 it. Tho-'-e wl'.u loolted w timel the 1-trk glass - ? the ragy? ' edg and it a .-ined to ttiem t ea' lb glorious lumiiu;} was sinking ?* ?y uatil it was I ; 1r ea 1'k sou. :uton'Hy b'lllia: t !d ruodei ei.t cielal espese.' to Intei.? he it and rtroi, log away until it ?r,w g?W" TUa.ob o:..jt ?,.nld w have give i for ao c'.on ti Itut th.u w *- i 11 cloudy a<mson of *i* i me tenths of the sky wis cov ud w ith f' OL'd* Jurt before tha'- glo.'ny twlllgb' I?u,. , ot!'" of tl" III."'; . vO of the ( 'Cec'b of the ship win ? ( ,rt in the division of the l.ibo- it w*s to v..hi. ' h c old a < lb< sha-l i* Cotaa, acd see :t go, looked aio 1 on the bhvu? omauUm, And on came the grb.ack oial w, like met fvtrfil cloud ' Be saw it approm-h. Three tri-ute- packed, and he M? it fly The U' l 'a of this passageis not r.e? It has been net:n in tunuati'iious regions beftire, it war atnoug the lDter.sti.g things ) okod for Perhaps tin most subbtse and fces n ihil view <ii It wan iu 1?IS, wber toe lierman antr idomen; wore overtaken iu ilia i igh'iii1 la den?(cheers)?then covers d with snow, and saa tbe great rbulow weeping li trd there ovc the brow, and the sunceasiv:- lilaaii-.of the ?c-..-es of the v'lb'.gsE as it passed by Wb-r- ' s.iadov cane over us, ob, what a beautiful di:, ilav :?' r. lorn we had We could not Bee tbe ei.rur a, aud it whs iK'rmilt-d to uu to look aside Bud Bee th R'AL l tpcUri.i. h> fritcd and cocpauicra, Dr Buiti u'.l, wn" look over the beautiful dark rcrs I shall r ut aniirii-uO' the account whiob 1 hope be will give you Just estb i eclipt. wa? furly tot*1?jist a. tbe lost little fragment was cut a ray?our Canadian frienc, Ltcnt Ar-he, ruiuRbi a view, of v. long, white blade ol ligbtqui-.ei 1. g through wheri tbe t.uu bart <ouecut,ari.' te raegbt the flrgt blush of that corona which v. e would have given much, very much, to hare seen throughout But just because it was cloudy, pe'h tpa, that observation is valuable,and although we loat tbe spectacle which wa would have given s-> inurh to see, yet the cuujuQC'.ura of pliuu, iu< m luigbt he in>..If a valuable Instance, which may toll c.f the fashion cf the ruprn-vmfum crutni, though there is so cspenoi. ut heie, but oul> a e*retul ob?erva ?">i k< tl I iruiie.uA f i-iu ?>ir !* s-)i?d frt.ut.Cap t".i ?rb, iif g.-i hti, <?- ? ic? cm*. < U'i ? l a *i\u.p?e of T'f Ai r.*o*iu Hog ra;a of l>phi vare only te I.' .< r n?M<1 lei ?Jt :,$* ti' I Ahltf* It ?M ft tllf ?-i *li ' Mr rioi of l'ne ?uu oat r <u.,n* < n t - ?r<l.< IV in* i ?!>? ii-tntr Tltrrh wr Alw, A v.. I- iiiitr'ter of tm* t ? el.??' **1 tin * TN r. #?t of tbe itolMMll of 111* ( el. tor I'j referori" to tb? Af >'4ra?e* ol tb? ?r;-|* T ?< . \ |- to I k I previa ?l rcnifPl of Kr. r' a ??: Tlir pbetioui* :< wa? on Otto.nit of I h> nvi. I tot U rwnlil o< I tui* tliu< Ml (IHID rtiid ?i >t be actpuly I *i tb ftrri rcmbera bo had i ! 'en 11? omt Ajiurted v in trfm.l'?tl ? i of ia<* clooV. ! it.i ! i. I l*;e theory thai ItlT ttfrr ."*:> J' 1HH I'rt i tliAth 1 II Otb *? lt>l the l-l? ,? did Ui 1.1# ! At.or i< -hi aim h i Ilia* it wi &, "< itiffuit to b n intuit <1 when II llfl.t w?? intra*. Whop tV r*?edt I i l -xr| i> I all* '' I *.o r'< UihJ* ' a' i-i* up o ? tote uthplaj if ' m-vrn' ]*tie?. i*lia, aii-imami. ... vr> lli t t. tint h? t.'id t tii rt. p*??i?'i tbr "i^h, MMotJtmjiat 4 I pitAf I'll I of 1*11 i*A> The l*ru!-0?<'r I.ret ru tried iuio * ' i*ii.i* i*'*i i' lilt np?r ittoii* t r ram ci lljM. tu n w i. idr.ridhlr lt?t rb%i?'t** m lb' bit *Ri? vllih pri-wiled lhBnnrltfl m ibr Mi?t Mlubuno WUtiitvi-r tufw ?|>pi-*rM?Hi or tnir*#** ,a| .rrti, llitnr wi? alaara ? t-'hi- moiu.nA'M of tha *?l(* ca? <' b> Itn avlloii ij lilt hi at Hf Ibea lie art I. -1 A a- i. ty r' tb*?f ph- in in whi,:h ho f.Ad are", a J aliu liM p?itlr'j?r!? to t?-o p?raoi..'? of olouaa, of'lcb pr?r-i.ioil i! n.iwl rqulatt<- Mb'iawm pir iout Tticuiiin?i ? then ? ?(?? . t.r aalil. ?rrt ?. M r. mj-ka ?liK> tl? M? Iwu li> - "'fa, ?Wh p?to*ii oxcHtai.t Ido* o* lli 0'j'i.lir.n !' ?fnrh lir Allotted Tlrj pwd Ubro*ipb t'i? PKi/l tire. itilT eatpv; auAdrs In ibe ir *t taptrt ?n? iii hi-o?hii.i?!)I?< nni m i Tim? Uiey Mannii'ii l> I . p ar?u*W. Uitu a eoionia, ??>o r lokte* i lie thkiA* A tui t? ittn.H !!)? roolrt Hr rn Civw Rii liaO AiwAjr* had b rrt ufttaintiA tn rojtai.l in in ho?r?. hr rtiiif Ibi* tti< > *t?t c>Ar ?'irt rtlApbaro.tu.a I t 10 Ih!? I Iiao ft ?"n rtiiritid Tba u'-karji* nm ?n ojia.)'r At'lruub it.iJ f* I uo*i l> trhtw, ?u e to l?w< CixiiA* of tirtnaliuti frn:o (Itoleia, lt? ItaAimA wl.'tli i'.ifj- Atn-i'tianrA present Art fllleiJ at by AO Inbllrmt to* of alrr, ?brh aeoirum tbl'k, OArnioiu 'Iti K*i l>rt|^ w re <n.>o< il,? pbi*na?-ua m 11h< ?Alrr* ?i.d no.In i f tAnraOor There Wire ?l|f li i-en' opihbau Ae |r ibt aife oe i?aimnni c'lcr* twinei of t> ?. I-rp H> ibe <- i n?i - emeut nor i f Io >n; v aa Alio am to b? ikwIj ?0 feel hlgb Oh the rHu'it of Ula tiou Jor It i* a question (o be deeded bow fir that re1 ciilor Is dud to (Jlure upon Ulcere. It mar be well fur deuce thai the shade w*i tLnv - But we did not I se the rorot.a quite, for I nrratgwa, tbnugt the assritanie of Mr. tenable, aome things to be looked ?'"?er by the f>e?.i.<o lb. trselves They were instructed what to l.a>? for, and ( from an L.tePignnt quartermaster, wb un I clo*. ly nr.*** quean iouod allura-arC, aar.U a d.s tiuct account of how he :uifl some of lie sailors baw the r rnna aionz the alack moon, aod bow it looked, aoil h ?? | it trembled ai.d the rnys iin.jrelrd hero ace there, the dororipiiuc eiu- u U. im.uj had seen, b iuehQw, some aatrooomiril book, end Jetted down the dotai's, for the description *? ao natural and so I b*ga& to baTe grett bo^ that we Liul It, aod that fheet of blue paper (pointing to ? diarram on th- waill which 1 Lad brought with me from I'rmreton, I to >k' todk the white material aud r-adi it to l iok asunra I eouM to wi at he told me "No, it is uot ripL- there," be raid, "there I* another beam ' this la alt right, here but th-.i <?. rath v thick th -r. r ^ soother bran " lie u I mad U and raid, "Take it t<a sour art and see ?hui they say," and he took itaE1* i^mr leek and nn ), "Tb'f Hf that la exact If what they row " (tp piauM.) That is exact!v the corer.a, Just that ray that kb.nita uut Lire, and there b baa pot it a little uarrower oa one aid.?.juat wbere he ought to have it par ro? r,forwt were a little aeuth of the centre. I aay It la a reliable drawing. (Loud cheer ug ) These, gntie tr, are among the more interesting p. ?*.omen t we saw Sooi-Utue* I thajk any two of lUeiu put tog" Ibtr r uaht to Justify al! th - preparation, and ait the inch, r en-wo and all lb trial or mind, and a' the care auJ al> th" di -l.ibutisu of labor which w had The t.n. of the t'v. it o'j it pr?tooa I mn? not be tedium ! most not d tain you longer profeean a"raodsr cou elided amid loud cheers, and itemed lately aft-r Dt Bee *K ; Pr of tin College or*-ippt, the in-wiy elected Pr?<i lent of tl> tkviety, ft.;.' * A with ataterrrato b.i experience atid obaervatloni during the c tore ting extieditiim tie at.d that it would hardly lit exjacted of him. after the full and 1-ighly lole"itlo*B statement oftLe chief of the expcu.tioc of the art'on inlrai corps, tint he shuuid make any extended romarlut in regard to th* astronomical obcrxallons made |i the course ... .... ?? -V I - "w^ ?"?, -v.- . ... w-,^.,..-tl a* of % plij\,icwl trU :ro au 1 of i<U;*lc?l iup'Uu t wb-. h railed uroo hin lur a few rettc-lioui. Thwjr bad hojn! to l.arr bail fuller menu und fa:: Hilt* br Urn ?>!u tluu of the*. lu^ulnra, but the Ohacr.'ati.c of the brav o* at a trome it wbru tLo |b i?"i wo at tbe b-ijl tU r>f it? lolerwt pic ilr*t tIn fu : v :myll*h<urnt of tbr n-taiaai O.a^ii o' atp'-fit n. To- vmibie da.-lu* of tba a bob- ulr o*| be ? rtj ui'j wan the elucf tt?? utcTuptlon of tb* ul: i to obtercatioiip. li'lt IE UireoiTieii? lliV prO|.rM. . ?b?- r rJiePition tb*?r were p-f-nti-d crtaUi pb. >b J p': whi'-L L:ti to tfct ;k that trfcelhi ? >?r. if the* phe.u> r.' r>.-ij,v:o ar , li lor Tor aa.i?> .1 L?r> r ;.'t 11 p!?v.,r1 anil atipjioied to jepeod u.i a4i*> ereil law, uiijil.l n it be iraaoaafeljr referred to itw* *ad prlaoiptm w. ii lib wr and rataii'.iaaiyl Hr did rr.l a'lude to for "ru-TClnui' 'of which ar irturh hai' be-c (aid. nor to tir bra.iCti' a of light 01 IwulUM matter witch o. t ovrrjwhott ; n. rcted. a~ 1 a uicti ar. to l<- it- I 04 liar K "lb Am -, i-a. urw?:, to Airflirr. Nubia a'i<1 oib-.- fad I it" ixiilttri' a I cfurl -'ialTiy, froto 1 irtumr'i.qc<-? alrr tdf ' tl-y *i? unable to ripply tnc Informal biu I 1 1i.1l Ur ru ltd Imwrtf', draw aUrt iwe tnauurioui. | rl r o raoi. e?10 th* orc^'n ?P o* Uteeb>uH, which I. * '.avr r o, (iran'mli) orj. rjyl wni.-.h w rc-r.arlcahi* j I- ainr'd 1 lipioa?tiio.d>?oi 1 loo of tie ltd lincriuc 1 ra; o' I git i >t n tbr "reef the toiel rcl'par TUit I bMliiil the h*hl n tb -annular or iptr war drat I I 1 r a??ii ttoil*} do-inp t.i? eel p>* of lHOT.avf ' theftTMfP .-ij'- prance nf the I'jfhl "?< - it Vk broheu up I gat to lit pb iioiroaoO tbi uair? < * Fu.'r;'* bead? | A-a i-ba-rved It. Ib.ra e*r'? tuo m<"af> fra?ni?i,l?. , d light, which Oil not pmoot' roVataii Ijrrr Ibat ?,itiH - n ff the naaac of Italic;'? N aJ? Imriuf II.r '.1.a. rvaaii, auil tmi-i'lalnlf (" or to tbrtu. Ibr cbi ' if tba- e\|jed?lii>" l<a-J r^Jvinc-l on tie (oipauf ob roi ition tr. alricv ?t a-iencr Not oce Wafd *M hea'd am i? ii whole c jmpMif, "t -eid tin'luir lane* vf oor Ota: tf w>aa c ubtUiit tb>-an. * U U it ?o enraptured wit - tn of ac.' peer, our * -it; rhirf u .orlf, that 1 ? afi' -^-cr 1/tba lumleui.5 rap* nf llfbt 0 which I b?? ntrr~'i ht could rot Dr [ eT.-'ainiln -Htilry'a b .nil' ' (latudhlw ) 1 Au r e kj. here leterp we ' U> cor . ?t tbr poofter Altl' 16 word* "haU'r1* t-'ad*'' err* uttered bf i< 01 u. ret, t; at t.. ' JurcMrc aliudftl h be w?a not tor p 1" Tb < 1 irf ot the rorj>a. r-o bfirr lb* wurd*, 1 -rr f.i e<1 o.t"Re*t:i " (laujibfe I 1 - en ko, re?. ;i!iy, aa?d bo wa? (lad to h'?r U.? Ihi?< i"ua i-tcul' ati'b'luae 1, b it by hi* owr cd umii j b be al?o In jbm thMiu*1! u*e ro. ffe w e curlew* I* . I aeettlaui bow rr .ny po.tiia nt liabttbrrc were. Outwodhl | rossol acme d.ijs nflor first tor'ag tb?ir, the beep* had rapid I .> d*api**r a aut! thcie was uotl. g to be * i tit Ikn. isggsd fr?hn?c;.In fiufttii.e tjHW Uie water There were titer t tog' t.t.J;y ?< o incited with tb ast/woo Blteal ubf^rvr.tlou, bat jet cx" suftlcient liaporiauee to wwrvrtaine 'lou. H? v ould first *p :ak af the Urge nura btf of wen, au 1 per! ?o* it w..ald be riglfar hun utso to m-ot.Oi. tl. eitra' -cli^ary lEa^' -t: didirbaure which prevailed Paring the ex..edition th'y nbsrr .cd no lea.-, than flfu en nuroi as, a number ot them being very '*hlitig, but n:t very uccso It was hit iuiyiv?.,um at first that tl f presence of the moon bad the cfleet of suppressing tin- br|li!iu:-y of these pb? liomer.a, but at a later p.. iod L bad the upportu nity of t ..g the aurora aud Uk- m.jou and iv iligbt at lb- fame t j , nu 1 jn the northern light* burned stead; li , dot. !a of tbc two lights with arhl b it had to contend Of tfif stupendous graraleur of the H'-aiiery oa the foist o! lAbracor, tbe cx i'rer Idesit had ulro.uiy spokea, and he could add cfh. < tc the description Erorj aput ol that shore whore louec alone* can be is covered with tbe debt " of^littlcred rocltP.. anil w'.:'ro these are not f<uQ t tbc solid roe!:s tbeastele * "r to be Been What liu neeu the came of the b'vi'tlr,, up of the rock* wht^h f r-.n ao I. ific a po.tluo of tbe coa'u -ut would be bird tc ,ay, but it Bocrut. prwbabl- thai tLuir decay Lu been bro ight about b- the !ii8Urat "u of w oer into thel: deep recuses "j'erbat i? It the i" tenor or Lsbrado-tti?r.Mi ight be finer lands, but on the coast tb-r? wa? cot*tog but barrenness ai.d Desolation Althuugl there must be some livUj a. .n.V* there, the; have almost altogether dieap peared, and it ?e r.w'o' lift* were o fe*> actt leruig laud birds and a few duck. Certainly, the w ild fr wis of the Arctw regions ar not to be found ia litis Iccality. They ft ,td the b j.nof bou.-qtiadt ls, hut no living rcprv - Dtativi s of the sperms They d:d not evt'B fin 1 su. *,)'ctmeus of v. -tebrao-t1 anitua's, and the \ ht !c court ii n.l . I a pro 1 Golgotha Professor B tr uard wivt t.i it 6ome le; .;. to describe t!:-) various soon. pre?'. i ted or tin r. .' f d barren count, md con citid.d a lengthj af 'ggss au 1 h ud tppUuse T:. f. scr bis. i?M An " -V i' the ietlricp Tr -sident of the A rialiiu. tti J.r"<v. to (I ii' 'r ! a <:J. U>ry c t retiring uJJress lie Msid:?Mr (.'Ui rciau, ladies a;-. .?!{ ? tct I i facta, but a'h-r j ' t \y it ?v-> tl""ra to ?p?-k fur the - v Ilan to : i littir of great tocrlai-jty, a ijsaijc, lictbr* 1 * '' line the bspp'c -as u th j if seeing the ifceer, of tbo?"' who are now p *t? " ct nr- i id re I'jgsgt I as 1 wiu- fn- a few week* paf 11 & raltSc Hurt ? at ?ome iltu.ce fi nu t.i*ce am4 exposed to many do.i "v, it am cntiiely a matter ' doubt whether tu\h a p'x eu *s thin awaited nic It L". 1.1? sotm 260 -. trs u.ooe tim c.ebisicl Franc .lis conn u g <" the operations a. 1 iowrpr ' itnus of nature toogLt us Itf'.hrsc words, exurcaa.i1 iti lu? ir, w-r-de f:i h.i ' furi'.lar force?"It I* t . ft an* r W<#!?u> i . th* ti"?it tux) b. giohitig I ! th >- r . ' 111 out LesHat' reservation to lid p'olc- * tut . u not it?h t.' ,. c th* tinman hiogj.i..., . tknt'a king Jem or Heaven, n> ,n?n ?ha;i cuter into it eiccapt b" becomes Brat Ilk* a M'.v h" It islnobHi e. tott t whle ;ipbm istn?tt _ ? , t tilway* ! view of it?.Rat it' vo. itaUl ' prog-. . * u. hc euc- it made t\. iientlm mis ivhcrtiou with ue n'siiuct pt eaaai'iu that it ?*:!; .u-elf !>' regarded a* an iniqi. itioaa bie oe<t r.iio; frm the ti story of the paot, ootli hef jrj and aft'H* o '?. tin '.as ? .11 as mil. this expst a* ,/ the present Tbu i' w ' '. ? so rer Tiled, .esa./,b; a!' who . re a - s of what! a* i aily been doa. in tar i?t -r prcii-.ti t. ot i.itu u l bow that tos been etTeCted. Th-r childli'.e chars "t wbt-ii is thus t'e prtrc>ju. site in the character aid compo'ttlon of ibe true lib ilosojiUs"?ibis chlirtltlte cbnrsrter coosMta not merely i.i the i-olrlt of hum Illy waich would bt< i." a little child?tbat spirit of hutnl'.l. IV, < intrust nnJ toichahlenr.ns which ik content to leura v hat IK permitted to be, instead of no term I slug from Its own intelligence what true', be aort oti.,ht to bp It consists Dot mt-ely ir il si oeHr*d humility, hut. tbeaamechildlik" cbiracte- vf i'o ffcuad ti be b*K?d upoi more extended principle* Tlie range "I philosophy, tile duty of the truv pbihieoj.tier, nr.rt tt'r gn at Held op. u to the children of BCteooo In lb" futi. rc, ? e tU? I hemes on wbicb the Professor ve ubly and eloqueitly dlecouin '. Sich a splendid < itio.. 11* rsrp'y been delivered, ev > i iiefrue a lesrned soc ctj', nurt whPD the Proferirr coacludsd he was greeted by a bo'et of uukilnious applause T.e usual miol jtit :: i f thanks to the citiscts of the place of D'.ectiiis, tr the principal oPiovrs of the society, anil to all who were entitled to the t hanks of the tsaocls lion, thee lolir w.'l aci n-ianied bj c'is]ueot and clsbu rate ?)K*cbeR by Pro'esso-s hogers, f^att, H' iry, Le conte, Hunt and others The aCcuUooatp idcI yet paiufii ce-emony of "iliakiog Krai I. ' ' a uC IK s wl art nf (lia L.'Ana mtkI Ihn mplnhsM siowi. par itcd, to meet atNasbviiie.Tcui etve, laAprll next Our Mammoth Cava CorresponricnraMaxMorn Cava, Ky., August 3,1890. ru?T? ir th tfunnujlA Cay?The Dianu ud Cave aul tke [hanfjl-?fioutii'-Tert fnr Polios <tr , 4c. I have just emerged, after at e.gbt bvwri* tour through that e puttie vjuJer, tbe Mammoth Care of Kentucky It set-ma like a dreetu, fjc In none but In dreamland, or Ur * ii(lest iffi.ikitirgs, cat. the wonders there to be Wit neew.i he eonccivad I will tot have attempt to deacrib* all I Nif, for it would require papes of tte valuable room cf the P.aiUir. bet it for the present suffice for ma to Saj that the Mama-atl Cave of Seutucky is a " big th ug," and llwoo who do hot credit the assertion had better go down into lis depth*, over its chasms aid^, through iu unpunal Lalls, itur chamber, tuiiu' ls, cbau is, vHMks, Hears?asa iLe alars a? if ah i.itg iu the heavens, look at th? Giant's Ortice, and sec th* a.-bos end lbstbcu&und le^ge<* spiders, stt eyeles?, awtumlfg and rrawling, ll,? ru.i in s river, Ibe niter upon toe walla aud in <ho crevices of this great cava?the most wonderful cavern i. the mi I vers < v.r f vriy cone i-t?l of some flirty lariie* and gentlemen, mostly from Uie Southern ciiiee, r? roi/fr for the Will* rilphur vr ttw Hot Sp-iuttr, or the fax North, on ploasuro excursious Ainoog tb in, tutor woe the well known Dr Kct.uer, of New Orleans, wtin, I'lte rrnoy i?tli ?rr tm-l'idtng Rqotre Jaim e \\uii .: itlicr i>; t Miii . I. .hie UiiDuat* . <?eo Wtii IVa'ltcr, m urong nought man Pf Koniirr waa col lor! b> Hit- Devil'* JV'orta! at a proper moment, nod delivered a ni:i,:iu;jtl> Dou ,ln? * pooch Iti the Mammoth (Hvi I ) a highly I ten ling audlcliec . conhialiug of pretty m mill in y elloa blooiiiei.i and oil lamp , a-.ui a iiuitivtr of jours mt? wbr rather favored g a'ion try than polltl.' lr. m >a ' >'?*> of i nsucb danger to the fair aex It 1* a re tuarknble I ict, however, '-hut Ibe yuong girli who explore lb I* caveri. p*>fc ore the moot dangeroj* pl?. r? with irire t trcpldity, and come through I lie onl"*' with h** fatlgw thai, the muni rollout men. A ham! ome if II , from I/it tamii*. dSKwred a now cascade while on theexjiio* tlieo iarye iiun.ber of vieiUirr are a..d gmug dally to the Ore, or r ttber the Caver, for the Pum mel Cave !? rut/ a r.t'c aula half from Proctor'/, at lltlV taevn < ; (lire, "ooo-goW luaetKi.i, ' on ti e UllH vihe and Noibvillc Pmlrrsd, where u can he picked up b/ the bushel toll, by Paying only a two dollar fri for ocira?c? Sr ne tli> "gUt the charge high, hoi nikCbkil'j Fordba'n, tbe celt siated New Yu.W Uro*e cay lapidary and a< rlcrr in prrcioii* atooea and metal*, aboil " I ha' I ! '? high a prior for lone of Ibaehotr/wt eau ' lone diamond* In tbe rough the Piaai n il Cave furjw ? ; tb Mammu'h m the brant; of It* apccic,. tu, ru' 'h- A.aiurr.otli tar mrpatAee ft l i grnr.oe, r i y tl the HuUtberaerl toere a lfo'AU? the rledtieu of Dm-glao. Ihllirr Jrmmr litntgailr H'4 ARH1V *L AT H il.VIM'itth IV HkfJ -figtr n ru vi; 1 Willi . l-aTMU'eON ? Hit M**H *01 I' Ibiri, arc. to vii. vrr n (, wv uaaau 1-KUArVTl Hit, Augr? S. 1?8' An ei r v; wmwif 111* roar age of Prince Jerome Br. .in., l In l iv America* wi n , KiM l*attereoD, of lU'tt mre ??e bm.g c.rcu'atrvi, f nenl yi ' aa rrt art upea tl ' f I'j'ft,'n. b lmnn ti e "Life of Own .at # lUiuey " a h'CU 1 tc-.'u c II P'a* . tblligr lb I Je llglll * ?Rlr Ml UVTHK I- tWlMT txr.ucT rp.oil rax u/a or c lUMoooan aaitsar. hi J iy t f tl v }oor be uuie ttni.*parlr, thr yo'ii.gcei brother of Nvi?>)eoii, ale bail r/ielvi-d from thr P-mau' lh c< ni'.K.i ' ni Ci;alaf*t* de I'm at, without having, boa lb? light/at i?cPim oi.s ? a knowledge ?f It* r .lid. .i. I.a." laketi tiie r i>|e>r?ui.ity of a crui-e le lt< tfrat aeae lo uik* av.l to Baluwre rfe woe ar.oti |oa alb- tile fTMid, t.'>, p>n)el,a fcecretary, phjai'-iaa,? . i l?rg.-aoite of att'ida 't al! ?< whim ? --t in.o'.eei iw-ly luriled br Cotnmodur/ Baraty to re pi. ? .tb Id*' flu r t thr if ?im? ib the city, on lurtatiue a b rh wan v. f/ g-air'u ly kiwi pied au(l Uwy rmstiMd i tmito paitakr the rl?<aot it>?(itahty ?f bia l'l*"i J*ton>r i t tri?' p. v.-i Hi ;? ir ph.a, II I'j ry traOori praiiflu' him bj |il?o ar. a^rr'tiic t wi. ?' jjli 'Soil. ImMI'I, Ui pinoi;*, mi! < 1: i : t .. I,. p'nc.-t, <?f *uu.m*r ro- rr . t' all ?-f w ?fct l.i' h'i rr. i i ?' and mt'i Junil bin T . *j p*?*> ??rr?i I1*' 1.1 I'liiUndrl. ?, w:lL wliich Jrrejir pi.fc?c<l Pi l? c <. : wii' ii.o m evart h idj- ci-iitrfci-hi with itt* eraat < iji'? ?i ru re wi k- a i km to mti U?il'*1 plal**, Iki <?iro iiw* i.i' (.;>(* .rtDuity of *r*Mf)iiiK thr vrrr n?. Ill'hi fur* -Ity i4 h ? i. ilowrxlir ?i* it) " tpimiag i4l thr J i hi I f JiiiHn ?? 0.1 public plat ? Tin* rtr >1 ilio I" . lUM villnj i* of Hivfi itr t,ra?'?, on lha h< ,jploiiim,i' r?n i r of tb** > rwo*r.?ii?, ai Ian ira li.' oo 1'Domjf ?f ccniairyni"!) from tlio ip-'shnortnc i ni.tns ba>: It. * V.n cliai'f c' ?tr n$ wt.a? oiibk- qnaoi i I fowl* a waller lo la'k i< lor lb* r*?.? of Ibf I . .r?Ibis flrttir Kti'g irf Which*''#, t b< briber cf th* t i nic l o ?' la lb* world A ? ' oft im v *H t their rt torn ?n Ti't nut, Up rare* ?t(|i p*n ki t I n- forth hrrt lima ,1. I *?* Il.r baaHtliil III I' A ai?*l* p'au'C *..? I LOtfblu % ' Sill h?0 l Nr bl'l ue?* a. ill . luvo l\ nrrrot'iii Iw liirr 0.-J, fargrtlin< brut rr, ?i i .?#, fu p r i i*|' ' ai.1 i rrrylblhf bill Hi* far pi mini* o|ii*cf Mm, I I Mm-1 i,|?* k.i itlndv't "ii V<'f \rr\ i..i??j p ?w m irir fhn Sblp of tin hnnitori I" It'll Mm ! lit*, i nlii.i "iiiol ill-.I* to tin IV aitodo'O iim prn.lpi l'j oil * firmly r*ni >u> f ated with him i?k? .it the'. "1.1 inrmipt > aiiirbiwnt ot.Ui my lady in ip.' t ii. * ' pimp*, a ilea' ? ho w mj, i kj(c, oud i m' . ' <1 ( . dint i |i"i! hp. brft'ifr, who iiirl, n . ifouhl, riln * * Mm lie ri ntloili ' him Ihoi lii law* ?*r Vioiicc w "iilif i">i r? ?iif?f n n.*i rl*(in in. oniitrmtml, no t Ifi.H, IP Hi* ? ' '.U h.O f ri.lfwr ohj*onn(i, til* in i'?n? I Ob.. I >vi?? i.l'i- i of In* olfrclPot* nould h* bin., on.! III.- WhO?i|'b O<ti> rr.iilif hi t b* ot! rrWiOr thou | t all i ortlw i nt'in.'iliiri ffttuoy lot tf p. hr h<? luribcr U"iy f'i hok' tb* on* ri't>r*w*oloitr.i * Vi Motf ni h*r l>oni' , mhi iliuo. ln?t*iM! of a??i*tK|[ .ie-i>m* lo lh* tf'T w'lKti li* h*. mod froolvfd iiunb UktO(,bf ?1 .?f i-*rr>thl:ir thof alrio* pn^.' t*f? wo'ilif In I fjr to |>r*riut Hf ro> .i n moiioii On* r*otfoni n?*d i.ot h* kild Iw.ia lull* hi. ?'f iiMfi ta ora led on elUtcr sMo, the m?rr ?g* woo I'lutMblj- u*!f) id by Mo li.t*rf?rMi?o, but a' l4ogllj |><A piai * on il.ririma* ha?, 1MM flto wboi* worlJ arc aiji iiutnl Willi ih. riiult* ftpnt) auat ihlotlm* an oflkor In th limb a. it tor??br rank cf Otjafcptr itr Taint' *>' /V*w.irr. ooi" a rinorntoaf.m a? C%?f rfr Win <??' A"?.ov f: llm. aomw rin|t to the rack of ftnua- lnr* ia oar *< rvk*. tvmi.irnb>rt> Rarm y bad ratmiH J fo ui Frouw Uip yi>ar befnr* Jrrom* rlaliod ?hl* couulrf Fiuii ttil* ??lrv*t yoa will acr 0># ^arU ct^rrapocdobt id h* Oniv" dot K'0U Vmt ww jawi-rrf ty avrrtpj Utal' J promt had bran fwtKwt l*\U> th* Match by a fra ?f*ita*rd acbraa* " THE TURF. 1 The Planet and Daniel Uooae Letter from JH??>.r?. DutirtU, the Owaen ? of Planet, on ihe Hw?>Jrc??Are Mratrn. /erlikOB anil Chr?tll?ui EntltUd to Pap Forfeit af Twelve Thuiuanl Five Haw drill Dellerii die. In the lie.LAU' asbori timers. we allied tint its weep st.ikel of five thousand d >il*ra uacb, with wm of *? thousand dollar* ad '.?* by llK' proprietor of Kaattaa Cou.aO, Lou| lbUit, ?? uid be run for A. tUo K*h cf Hep VUJICT U> ?V, ?JU >?r.UU.? ?'< tUIHIIir Hlllrw lb* three best horsca oo the k?rwicaii turf?lhanet, Ofe mel ltouaa and Ouusarw ?hud jeeu enter, d by Ueir re elective ow ner.-, We ?1m> eUt U thai a match bo-twee* Planet and J<ai id Boone, f *r the 'om of Iwcc-y UiuaaMtd dollar*, which hud been ahuoet a;-waged, had bwo agreed to be off, for the purpose of rugttgll ^ m th alio ye ?wwp Btiibc* raise la relation to tins subject we hare received the follow log letter from Beaut. lhoniap -<! Tboe W. hioawcll, the I'jiut cwiutb of I Luiet Those oticm*!!, who are weB known as two of th? ata.:. bout nii^p-wici? of the Amen cau turf arc desirous that tho troe fat'-', to reUtiou to , the mutch above alki Jod to with natucl Bcour abould ho i presented to iho public, and we cheer* .lip p-jhllnh thwr j onutd'i; '.itioo in ourcoiuu. * to the eorroa ok ti"* t-i mo Km^lho*!>, July 2, lidO Tli" follow ag article appeared ju y0Jr paper a few duyr I ??' A bvi h between Paui. I kuJ fin. .? ' Itoeee w.u aliunut mrrsraed e few weeks ago for the nc.u cf twenty Ui >u?anU Out |tkh H'le but ai the owner oi t'onjraree waa dmtroee & lo.uiug It the, it w a* Hgrewd lo u . tr it ? *a eepstsioa at iiSOOUeach. "'.Ik at. udiiiluind puracoi *li.t>*) gt?eu by the I .1 pneo of the fahliinu ? uii*, lliua matti.- Ui.i m&xulliMml al V.'< ot ?2.i 01C an the reward cf the virwr ?!' tlie race That such a repn seulati in bus been tu t to to the editor, ' 0' i ox to1 o' lit uumotous rcporteia fur the IIrhaid, ?, ho bet quiv.tion; ti'it the statement w ao entirely at Vu. iac.ce w .lb the truth that v e foel Mured you will allow us tic sput 1j you; valuable columns to lay the ! lai u> before the public exactly a:, they bare occur rod V u.iat vc liave telt justly Indignant a*, the manner la v. inch w have been treated, and, a., member? of mo turf, t.uv U' t iuj iiL, ui ido result, we nave hun-i to lor] i orn i" m .i e any public cosiplaiat, believing, perbapB I ?rrou.*o .?ly, tl?v. th. Interests of ti 1 turf would he bet tor ru ,1<M b' silent acquicv ace U. a gr'wi wrong rat!? r t!rab by th exposure of r i icxsal auu culpa hi? u? act of bail Uitb on th" part of ttlo3e w'uo havo flgui >a tag. y ib th, ah hah. of the tuff South We pre terred, th. roto-e, to submit patiently to au outrage rati, i than bring tac.iig tut) Jnic led t by bold log the part .1 up to public censure*, which v ?.,!?! i. ivnidably, li wve u: j i.itly, Involve to uoaio ex lent the inuor-?t vt ;tl Ui. guilty. But aince the attempt Uaa been made le , in. .. uh iiailioipatore in tbu v -jg Uoiu. of others, jue j tide l ourselves, as well as to all who were in any uiaal.i .n*?c>cialed with us It the uiatch which ??* pn justed i una accepted, imp -.rati vet) rei)uirei at o ir luted* a brief I but accurate statement ol facte as thty have trmbpired, I to Which ?rti w proceed i On f:ica; , th bOth 0 ?y of Mirch, we ran Planet hi a post stake of eight cut. ice, fou: utile heiti, over the V.etv.i. Court'*, Sew Orleans, against what were nop posed to b at that time two of the beat lio,-?e? oa the gro .ui, to w .1 John C. Hrockin: idgo and La Vai :etk*, the o...'i hve pa. mg Li foil, which race was won by lYu ut, anil, although 41. fact time, yet we tnay be excused fo; faying with aucu rctnars ihi<* ease that vie ventured to run Lie. age hi ou the following Monday (on ly two days lutes venli.g), ag iiusl a set of frenh barm, in a poet stake, two mile beats, tu which Iraniei Koone, whose merits we will rut sitempl to disparage, waa Use Winner. There wae rnaci,uc-Uy, a-(l very naturally, gr. nf exultution among the fi lends of Boone and bis sire Lexington, mixed up wilb a good deal of boasliug, ho la the powers of our owe heme, mid believing, ? (whetbei right or v :< rig It matters not), that hit defeat war. alone oocnaioued by sureties.,, resulting from Mm eight mile inn ever u very! truck tbroe c'w/g before, we propusul to but tSC.OOC thai Planet could beat Pamel Boc. e four udie best* orcr the Charleston courae, or if tiny would run th. match si Ash land, Virginia, we woe id bet }20,0b0 to $l?,o00, licit wr or which proposition* were slum accepl-J. and thus the c uller ended *1 that titno^ It; tl.. fif iiitof Ml IUm ?f tin- I2ib of M.?> Ufcs following bow nigra: ed in. a pari of tbe editorial correa poodeucc, written h.\ ibe Houisr editor of that j a[>?r, whe wan then io Terjit*eart:? Woumik Hom. Tena . MayJ. ".BOB. Mr Dkab Coiajumi/?1 atn autVrir-<i t; Mr .1 ran. lacKnow of Alttmau, ti puhllNli tt" folldH'itu ?Major Tbonai iim TbomaaW. fVwv ell. barluK rb?tletig?d Daniel It-one to ran four mil* liema with i'lun, In V rgtuia., for iJil.uU) aruuab HA.lOO or h r fW'Ufti ralde If run at < b trl*?K.a. th* uuJnr miiL-itd accept ibe cliellerge, aud v. ill run Paule! Hoove agahea 1 lancf on the tertuA named, ever the .Mibi .nd (V Vtr gin n during tb? irinr tb oi oeu.'ier nan tir hey trill give the game odda II the ?a?rr |iq? welt will run the ma;ra at dnei r.blb. they are alfco willing to match l.vuea fmrrm Hfiuael run; W?*ll ( OI three ir e he'll, for W Of'. or If id dOb The forfeit wtll In ?. ?uy tune and plane the l>u?wnB rarti may name W T CHuaTMatL jAMKa JaCKM}JT He-e, then, wak not only what purported to be an an qualiBed and ?noo?. niltonal acoatiuit.ce of our propctiUaM, which we were under no okligatiuu then to reonguUa tu cotih1 of atifiHequent en* geo.cui' outered into, bat It wae bIko avcoii'pHUlL'd with an addllloua challenge for a B.iiteh tu'tw-c . I aura Karri# and Fancy VYunhnigtoa lor f r>,00t' or BIO.COO a aide, and a |ileig? to dr.msit tUe forfeit* at any lllvr *t d place we tuigl.t throne to name Una challengr rral lied ua just an tb? Aablaud raow, within a abort d latacnc of our Blab 11 a, were about to coor ti ot)oa, and J'j#i a tier ve h?d etn-red into new obhgattcoj to run cu- boraea during the lab race* m New York B"twe(.ave u]> the purmw at Abblauf, for which wa abould scarcely have bad any CotuiMitk L We paid firfi it# on oiu engagement* at New York, aud promptly an cepu<' .h. b i ti? oflered by M"??re Chealhtim an J ia k eon ns will bi eeen by the following card published la ibt Sjri'it of lh< Tinw uf tbe JJitih o' Way, but t>e# i < dab tAi tbe lfl'l , on which day we ?)*.; o. iroaaed a toitar to the above uatr.nd partiiva by mail:? Won *iaw Von1 r, Tenn , M?y I IBM. ' *r Pbab Coi-onbi-I urn un Mriiwd br Mr J?ni.#.l?ek nt.. of AUbwu *, topu ibei die lullo# iug ? M?J?r Thnmag mmt 1 hotu*t 10 .welt, h "ton rbiii.engiMl liau'.el It lire to ma (nor ii..le be>.t* with I'lenei in Mrgici?, for #Jti UUtl agalaal fl.' tlO. o- 11w F%> iVj ar.deii run at ciiwrleil 'fi ibe under fcefisi iieeet . the e.bwitrnge aid v ill run II mlel ttoooe Aril we Pbiuet. ou tlie l?iTii* oauird. n>?i the Akh nut Cuur*e, Yirgl tu.a it I K I r inn ih uf ticli '>er r vi Or U)*> will glre the Aillif i II -lie tV*?'ll .11: en li" ...iU.# Mniiplr* 1 hay are alar *1 Htlf in match t?ui? Parrle ap? * ?t from W ae) Iimum. Ihrae mile linaw for So OVi m St J.ttri lu* to t*U vi I U? ili-i v ? i?M ni Hi* time nJ plara llir J'oaw rl> ib.>> naiur VV 1 ia. t I It A *, JAXKs J tUKOoK.'' K.tvfclia'xr^lt.jt *r <fr tmt t>.: atAar tli4 th? p- poatt'o-. rr facedIn ?? liaiitiK I.< ? !; m*<<? h,? ita upon. (It net baring hern act at Ibi i >. . n . . m. 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