Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1860 Page 3
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I attog ?o engagement of v? serious * out' r?, ami entered lulu jx so puoliu ai l '.nipusitiK a form. THIW. AMD TUOa W. DOSWkTJ . From the above 'etter t will dearly bo perceived thai Mewm. Dosweii wore very desirous of proceeding with Uile match, and. as u evidence eT thc.r Sincerity, auto* Ally deposited (15 000 as forfeit n the hands of fedtrs, button St Co , bankers, of Richmond, V.u The following additional en the subject e perhaps worth ro.tding ? TO TUK Kl ITOIiH OK "'I1E HPtltlT OP THE T'W'.'t. Richmond, Va.. July a, 1H00. When the card of Mete rs Iwekeou and Cheatham appeared in your paper, proposing to run Jujiiel Boone against risnot, ?nn (mora Karris against Fanny ',njtou, tbo following bet w?? ottered and taiceu ? , A proposed to bet f 100 that .( the Duew.lis accepted the terms of J. and C , tho latter would back out B.accepted the bet, under the pursuit*'.. u that no au:h card would be published by any fwreone connected with the turf without the authority and the means oi redeeming their pledge. W>e tiqje within which they weri requ r?d to deposit tbuir forfeit having passed by, and no deposit having been made by J. and C., a claimed tbe bet, which was sckdowlodged and paid by B. Since Ibeu it has been asserted by tbe New York Hsaau>. on what authority is not aisled, that the match war, ?y consent of parties, converted htloa sweeuelakes, to order that Congaree might be admitted. If Ibis be true, then the bet was not lost by B, and tbe money was .mproperly paid, and as in triat c?se J. aodC. aould not be said 13 have backed out. B would have been tbe winner instead of tbe loser of the bet. Under this siate or in# cise," da parties, wno presume tnat you are fesni'iar with ibe farts, have agreed to submit the rose to you, aid csk you to decide how the bet et&uds. In tb.s connection I may be permitted to introduce anoIba question of great interest and importance to gentlemen of the turf, which I hope wul be properly discussed and settled at onoe. A and B engage to ran a match for a given sum?say no,ooo a ?i do?and enter into a wriitcn contract or agreement stipulating tbo terms, whereby each party binds himself to deposit the forfeit at a given time and pfcee. One party complies with the terms prescribed, and the other does not. A, for example, deposits his for- : Bit at tho time and place designated, B does not; does tins failure on the part of B release him from all obliga lion to comply, or does he stand indebted to A for the amount of the forfeit! It has never been contended that the failure to pay a ' ferfeil in a sweeps teaks at the time it was due released | the party from the obligation to pay; why, then, should the failure to deposit the forfeit in a match at the time it was due vitiate the contract and discharge the obligattoi to pay? And why are not Messrs. Jackson and Cheatham not bound li Messrs. I. and T. W. Dos well for the $ I'd ,600 forfeits agreed to be put up, but which are not forthcoming, provided the Doswelts were not parties to the change as represented by the Herald.' The written agreement is in the nature of a bond, and It appears to me that the failure to comply with the terms of the agreement would no more discharge the defaulting party from the moral obligation of the contract, than would the failure to meet the bond the day it was due release him from all obligation to pay at a future day. If it wfre a contract for the tale and purchase of a bcrse to be delivered at a certain time and place, the seller being at the place and at the time stipulated and ready to deliver, the failure of the purchaser to comply with bin part of the terms of the contract would not release him from the obligation to pay, and it would be recoverable at law. Why should not the contract for a match have the same binding force on the parties as far as it onid be enforced ? I am not aware that this question has been mooted, or thai Ihtre have been any adjudications upon It, but it is Lime there should be some lyiders landing and decision in reference to it, for the matter 1 see is treated very light Iy by you in your but number, when you summarily dispone of the match In the following language:? The card waa published la good by the above named MUernen (Meaara. J. and C.i, who afterwards 1 tamed that the owners nf Daniel utoooe refused to give tbem the u?e of their favorite, and the match fell through, to the regret and teas of Mean. Doowell, aa well ns disappointment of our rautug towers, forWlnust and Fanny were thereby prevented from oeamg here to our epring meeting. ' The match," you say, "fell through to the regret and tone of Meaara. Deewell." Why so > How did it fall through r What had the Doewell party to do with the oeoaent of the owners f Was any such reservation contained in the card of Messrs. Jackson and Coeatham, or man their proposition absolute and unqualified r I,et your construction of thia match prevail, and match racing to at an end between the North and South, or parttoa who are remote from each other. How tuany challenges will be offered and banters made to uuiid np false and cheap reputations for horses all over the country, when no responsibility attaches to the challenging party, I and he may avoid all pecuniary responsibility simply by I not fulfilling bis angagement, w.U be seen after a while. j It to not our province to determine whether Messrs. Jackson and Cheatham are or are not fairly liable to 1 the amount of forfeit staked by the Messrs. Doawell. If there is no rule or precedent in racing matters lor the recovery of suoh claim, wo think the matter ought to receive the attention due to its importance from the various Jockey clubs In the State. * _ _. The Mstsnstcreo 1st Syria, urm pnoM the American consul to dx. way- ! LAND. I From the Providence Journal, August 8.] The following loiter will be read with painful interest. It waa communicated to the Monthly Concert for Misalous ou Monday ?teu ng. The Kev. W. Douglas and IT E. M. J Snow were appointed a committee to cooperate with any User committee that miglii be appointed here or elsewhere to devise means for the relief of theee sufferers. Certainly, they will not uppeal in vain to the syni|iathirs ! of a Christian community. Mr. Johnson to the American * Consul at Bevrout ? 1 Bmraorr. Syria. June 28. 1*00. You have doubtless heard of tbe horrible masaacree -, that have juxt been |?erp<'trau?d upou tbe boor Christiana J of Mount Lebanon by the Urueee, aided in aome ciw^ by i Turkish soldier jr. n A tew IbrU may (tire jou mi adequate idea of tlio pre J Mat atole of thiou* a Syria * Tbe American niiasionsrie* hare estimated the loea _ a euatamcd bjr the Christians at 10 600, and lb it of the J IJrusee about 1 J00 The iubabiunts of the Cnrntiin * towns of Deir il K?nir and H.^ eerra were brula.iy p slaughtered In oulu blood, alter a full surrender had t<c u * made. Thirty or forty couvents h.i b.-eu plundered and * burned, and tbe monka were put to deatn. aome of whom were Kreaeb. Nearly on-- hundred villages bare boeu -i burned and the crope of the peasantry dcmriyeJ. J Many churches hare aiao been burned?utiimi them the I American Miaalou Chapel at ilaileciya and tna school < bauaea at Imr II Komr. * Theee facta are enough to strike the civilised world with ' borror: bat there la yet something to be told l la hollered that not leei than rtxty lliouaand Chria- i uaaa are now home leaa ana a tar v in g, and hare nooittcr J hope for subsistence thau the chanty of lae Caristiaa > world. Bore than Ore th<maand figilirei have been supported * , by the consuls, miasiooari s, merchants and convents of Bey rout, but Una is onijr a temporary arrarkeaeut. Some thing tnuat be done for the starving, butneieaii tbousauds Who are aow hiding in cavea and nurr secret plac-a until . pease abaii be Mfib - ? Beyrout ta no umirer a place of safety for Christians, Hj?- ti leaa fanaticism ta now fully aroused. anil thu Turkish g_>sera meet baa found it n\>e?ury to stall ui a p.atoon of f] sMtera ta every consul s hour for their protection. *Tb i m?nill of tbe Christian relugttj.aud large number* of * tbe uatlre residents, hare 0 l the e 'jutry. Indued, the r land Id full of ssiaery and dee|?st w> Amaru an mias onunee. ai'b-d ay the guard* from the (J Amartcua eoaautata, bar* brought away many p <or, ba- H Staged aiid persecuted Christians, whoee 111 on turn been ' thus preserved; and the feugdsb voxels of * ar hare pick ed up about 2.000 fugitives, many wotmdad women and 0 rbJdren, who had sacapsd to the a- a Coum?and mere '.a e attll work for tbem to do. It hat <aa be done in the I'niled Slate* f<?r these fain sh I tag widows and orphans? 1 will nay nothing now ot ren- ' geanoe, for tbe Buro|>eau Powers wul no doubt essct Jusilea for Una great crime, but Uamauity > alia upou me not t, only to distribute bread to the crowds around my house, but to preaent their cauae to my cjcnlryinea, and tu t, arouse their sympatbiea lu be hail of in .a persecuted ?. "ifi?King of Greece baa sent % aura of ramey far their ^ J present relief, and alforta are baiug mal- c where to ntlb.H ITMACT for Uiil ob)#T( A nef.'M I t fojJ t-? d? I.claaiaua u> oreece, an; will not amncthlag bo dona | 1 for Ibr (VOltMi' of Syria aYou will rioablifM tee f>iU accounts of tiiia bloody ttrug , * gto in tbv Kuru|?aii |?i?" ' , J I end yoo a leaf iroro an out Samaritan copy of lb* Pentateuch. I think yon orui flail it to ho from IieiitT >iiomy Hit. 3. Tliere are ale-ut forty male eurrleort ot tn.a | singular people at S?Im > ?. t'l-ar ui so>rbotn. wt, i obtained the vii. lov. d Ttta Higi l'rieat H a v<.. (Table ( old man, Tory courteous aait agreeable. Ihia loaf it thought to bo vary out, and may u? worthy of a l> o . ,u "> your cabinet. J. At'GlSfl'.- JoH.X- >S. ? IT ^i| Thi Xonthrrn Meteor. II TO m* editor or thk vuui.0. ' JacK.ooatriuJi, Ala., August 3. lt#j In your pnpor, from the 20th in the 28:h u;t _jp to whlsh data laiu in receiptor tha ItltlM fla t lUat you , o: toner given arooutild of a brilliant meteor winch pasted |i over your city aud all the Norther u Mtun. The tain Ji rtcoi, or ou* like it, pwa?" l or-r tula i wn laat night, I hi between ten and eleven o clock. It about twenty ' _ feet Above t*-rrm Jlrma. aul made a uniae Ilka a skyrocket, I , , ah't l.-dted mr in* ?!? ol in-' in ? with a long tail at- i tarbed 10 It. TV direct n It louk ?e aoillbvt'l from j ft towarda northwest. and it w?a trarct'.ng at a t'uurendous , h? heard. HO. . ? JJ' RKLlOIOt* *OT? Bl. Kooofh - lot if iv: ? (Mil k, rM.vrojt sfRr.Kr 'I H*v. |)r I i?.wy of HoiUninra. will deliver a ( > >u w It ta? above e.iagr-rauon on gaturda). a l? . ___ _ - ? ai ?'ITB AKTb. SortiiKRifrRd < ax rrxn au. Kixn* or amkrt 1 mn Hunting and Uioruna IV'irea, riegaatiy framed | raeapeat plare ip New tork. >ANM>Kliu rfruadwwj, ? Mel-.w Mr. NieVlaa llr Ml, opjoalte WVIaok'e Theatre. BUM r a i ium lt'HOTK AT SIX OVIAv K ' _ If you wvh for a gm?1 dinner at 74 rent#, IneliMInf a pint airlarei, call a! 761 Broadway, >'etweeu f ig.ith and Nin.n weeeia filrata nurture tar www? aed pamaa j u ITt nils thl? Jivi BLR1 . i ,} CtAl iriiRMA nit*i'>i? JKWKI.Ki -OS BXMIBITlOX / aiel I I?r ' I 1 ? itnpnalUon and Aali Yaat < i, 1 ,v?" * ditrvi .e, at Ml h elMf. \bl\Kd Ul) LlRIORfl. A* JOHN RtllfHtlDfR d I.\''RR BIRR IV \ A pe? 171 Re-'axl aireet. le .?-i IW1 ? ' nd T), r ??| T, I eat' In >r f.M I-. H) h tr> '? nd t'C.*"1' 'H1' I '? u f bnrny free qf civrge, auu, ami to anj purl it t,i?io.' trJt j ft ] PBUHONAL. AT THINGS ARK ALL KJUHf. WEATHER very warm- S4? in the shine. We gates all .be ,,lule. DAN .^HEA. GR ACE.-I All MUCH DISAPPOINTED IN NOT HE*R.o? ircm jr eeeicg you. Why no you not -vr.te to, or "all ipou me? p. IP W. TV LAMB, SOUTH SHIELDS, ENGLAND, will address himself to the Bnuab Oon.iui.ite, fta'admphia, tie will bear of something to bla advantage. IP MICHAEL AND JANE BEATTY, ARRIVED ON THE 3d of May pi r Resolute, from Liverpool, will -nil 4 ibe office of William* A dut-m, 10 Fulton street, tiiey vviJ bear of something to their advantage. INFORMATION WANTED?OP JOHN BUTTKKS, WHO i lett tlheltenhaB, England seven) ear* ilnre; now >b<>at '4 y? ire of ere. .Any Information of bun mould be thankfully ' reived by Henry Randall, corner of Deaalb avenue aau Graham street, Brooklyn, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED- OP THE DAOOITTRR OP I Patrick Rtely, a oontnctnr on the Delaware and Hjdsoo Canal, who resided on siitb avenue twenty ovp? ' go. She will bear something to tor advantage by ou'img on N. Walah, Mo. S, Bixlh aveuae. INFORMATION WAN TED?OK THOMAS HEN AST, weo .-.una out In the clipper ibip Washington. He waa hired at Caatle Uarden four week* ago laat Saturday. His friend*, Uouora and Mary shannon, would like to nave him call at Mr. Sandoh a, l'urt Richmond. Slates lain ad. INFORMATION WANTEO-OF JOHN PAHEY, BY HIS brother, Michael Fniiey. Wnen i.utt heard from waa In South Hroohtield, Maw. Any inftrra dim of h ni w.U be thankfully received by h a brother, Michael, oy addressing a letter ? him to the care of William O'llrten, 71 Henry Itreei, New York. Soutb Brooki.eld papers plea?q copy. MlSflllfO.?GEORGE RICHARDS LEFT 1119 HOME, Myrtle avenue, former of Yates avenue, Brooklyn, >u Wednesday morning, .be 1st lust.. to transact aouie buaiu**%a In New York, Lie was ? >? ! in the Lowery about 3 o'rlork on the same day. since which time he has not been heard of, and serious apprehension Is entertained that he has met with enme aerinua accident. Any per* in th .tcan eive any inforataliou to his diatreaaed wile will c nlur a favor George Richards la about 6 feet iucliea In height, with tlark hair, beard and moustache; was dr -seed in dark cloth pants. black doth veit, light linen coal and blue cloth can. Vaen he left home he had about 930 in bills, a sold le v er watch and sundry nieuiuraudums belonging to a chemist. MIHSKING.?FREOERICK, THE SON OF JOHN VANJvl derpool, No HP Amity street, has been miasms since August 7. He la Bfteen j ears of ago. tall and slenderly bdlt, iKhi hair, complexion, ho. When be left home he wore a cloth cap, cloth frock coat, light unen pantaeaHit and Oxford lie shoes. A boy named Edward Laird is supposed to ba>e accompanied lam hi his late emus, from a pood home and fond parents, buy luformatiou touching his present locality will oe esieemed a great lavor by bis father. JOHN VAXDERPOOL. MISS MARY ELIZA BTYKRS, FORMERLY OF RICE vllle, will greatly oblige a lady irieud by sending her address to de O., box S.7tJS Fuat oOkoe, N. Y. MRP. H F., LATE OF O RTREET.?PLEASE send present address to A. A. U.t Herald oOioe. The hhiks ok kdwakd hiuginuutham?the par 1' s who advertised lor the heirs ul Edward lliggiubo I ham in the mouth of May last, will please comaiuulcate with l.egse.v, lieraid ofllee. THEODORA-A LETTER FOR YOU. MAY. WIL80N-*?KE ME TO-DAY BEFORE TWO O'CLOCK? Important, bend word where I csu see yon about those goods BAROLY. OHO ?IT HAS IIEKN IEPOSSIBLB FOR ME TO NOij'iZi ufy you earlier than I hare. Can Into iron today iFriilay) st 4 P. M. 103. LOST AMD FOVYD. Take notice.-any person having lost a silver burning case Watch, with gold fob t han attached tott, ran pet information of the same by calling at the aim e lhti Seventh avenue, brtweenj Twentieth aud itventy Urst tree la (CERTIFICATE LOST-NO. 141. FOR ONE PART OE J right in the Amrrtcan Atlantic aud Pacllic ship Canal Company, standing lu the uawe of Mary E. Sage. Application has keen made to the eooipany fur a uew certificate. t Siw Yohk. August 7, LWtl. , YjVll'Nn?A PISTOL, WHICH TIIB OWNER CAN HAVE A? b) culling on E. II. Cuddy, 126 Duane street. P3UND-ON THE BEACH. AT LONG BRANCH, A 1 hair Bracelet. The owner may have the same by proving property, and paying charges. Apply ui P. Ualge, broker, 71 Fourth avenue. LOST-A CKHTAIX PROMISSORY SOTK HATINU been lost that born data October 34, lUw. m.Jr oy P:t? man Wool, to the order of William T. Wood, for Dm ram W thirty-two hundred dollars, |*12uu>, payable three year* from date, and endorsed by the aaid payee, all perrons are hereby Forbid from nefotiauur the auae, the payment thereof hartag I been stopped. CH AH. JOHNhO?7174 heeerah MMa* l haw lou, tnrm a iaau. Lost?from a carriage ooino rp west kl,*Tenth itreet, down Broudn ay to Bieecker street., as mall leather it y. containing a leather purse with about fiztj in Mia , of Maldleuiwn, bank Middleman, I onn., and a gold peon# with pen. The finder will he amiably rewarded by returainf the aamc to 74 West Eleventh street. Lost-ox Wednesday aftkrnoos. between no. J West Sixteenth sueet and the corner of Twenty 'inn street, on Fifth ?venue, n Steel (llasp ail.. hed to s velrel baud. The tinder will be suitably rewarded ou leaving it at Xo. d West Sliicenib street. LOST?A BKOWX SCX SHADE. LINED WITH SILK, led in a pew in trr. t ununinm'llhurt h, Twrnty-eighth ilreet. white attend'ny a funeral on Wednusday I'lesse lease latlM Hast fwellth street. Kit. SMITH LOST-OX TUESDAY AFTERNOON, HETWEES TH* hours of 4 and 7 o'elnrk P. M? s small Memorandum hook, oi no vainr u> any on# out tne owner The tinder will >e suitably rewarded by leaving It a*. Joe. Thompson's cooper 7 hop, XI racket street, near the Hamilton ferry, routb iiroo* I j?; i LOST-LAST EVEXINtJ. A BLACK MOROCCO MEMO I i rand tin Book. In truing from Mo. 8 Dsv street. M. V., to j a 3 dtrong p.sre, Brooklyn; S. Holmes name in print, and hav ! I nf? in H Mr ir ox iviv orntaers i ne tinner arm fr- ntty >ort|e i , t mailing tone ueurerini: it at No. 8 Dejr street, directed t<> ,, Cay Brochera. ?' LOOT-ON THCRSi?AY" MORWIXG, ArOCST 9. IMO. <u i--tug from I'uOoo to Chatham strret, tbr .ugh Wt.liaot I treat. an agreement between the Hohntrn lot f. n rrmeut i (imp any and J. 1? Ma.t.ry tor a lot of rrounl i _ Ittiat.-d In Hobokeu. N J. The &uihvr;wd;l be numbly re- I ? rarded b- leaving the aame at theolhgo Of C-iurruinTer <a 1 _ la.bey, 1(9 Kult.-n mrtr:, tip auttra. I . LOST?I>N THIRTY ruCRTH STREET. HEAVING A I y Seveuiu aeenue nmalboa. and gubag to Hadamt plea*. a I _ 'iM troiouoaie, coit'-auuiir a little ChsUt(r and a patrol Jtiiiert a . out Aruil.-'.a, marked J*. G. I. A suitable reantrd, aith the ' earty ib..i.k? o. Itie . a- r. W I.. be ftTao, on the retara of the a tnnieta m M. R. lajngsv re engraver, Uz Naaetut a reel, room 7, aa they are ralne., %> a <11.. > r OST OR STOI.KX?I v rp.M.VT or CITY It \ 1.1.. ox ^ IJ 6*b luat . a i .in. donolr ea^-d i-o:d potent f?e?r m. 9io. M T. To' .a maker, Llvrrpvil. A liberal resrnrd a l l p e paid fbr Ma return to N-- tv.l W?v, Yrtrn third street >a *7 _ leekm .a abeet. Paaanrokera and dealers a.11 please lake . mire. | HEUAKOI. ') IKWAKH - i.tiil. At i.L'rT 9. A WHITE ai.LT, 1 P?J with <i k f ;rs and a found blat k apol by the i*.l. Re- J art. to At W.-ai H>- tat >i< atreet. t ???-? - ?- ? ? - t N- REWARD-LOOT, OX SCNPAY THE ?TH Pd a bierK aid tan Terrier lk>g, with cropped ears, on 1 raring P> the a .me of Pr.iw - Th- ?k?? rew ard v.ii t>e t?<ad J > ant parens wao air lelitn the d\t It No. II. West 1'h.r.y w igblfc atreet. a l> tin RKWA*D.?t.o*r ox aattrdyy nvrxixfi PAU teat, el the AH?'?-i >uy It tel. teen Mr.-n i, a .. tt>m 1 laid Glass. In a h:nHt leither rtoartth tins in - u -n :h-re J B ?Gem i aitet Cbartea -I >t?ee prve If art- .ery R-... M. si iradeatf. Jtme IWI Anr t-ersra retrrtar. j t .e'-.? t. the !i lb s of the New York Hole,. or .ue A Irgnaiiy Ht *, w II r<* J a rtre the above reaarl. , u I' Ml) RKWARD?*TR*tr;t OR STOLEN, A sweli. Pi I ' a iioree, heavy boots t. with a uuti MM f 1 ard of flu wii: - e p . d to any p?>?- . r.u.- h i ;? ' J Y. H. He one:, he-mod avenue an'. r?rt.eiU sueet, . p io-.tau'te. Sooth brr?*.yu. I,. I ' si bQR RRWAAD.-Utrr OX HOKDA1 RVKXtXtb, THR "wtr Otb isst., on esst eu.1 X-.n m > re< t. oear jcaettou 1 I nrst.,1. a Kreostpin. Ths . ter will the aoo.e re J t . d. and !>- quest us arret, t, Eea-icirthe sato- . V>. IV I; berry stteet. cornet id C-orlears. ir ?????? " ' " 1 s I >1 flA RKWARft.?lAtRT, IN COWIXG fROM THR ; ipl'rvr Ph..?l<-:p!,ia cats. Jers-v City, thromh fbrtliiadt I ' reet to Broadway, a Wallet r-jn alnu.^ lb - i n ot $1 HO T Hay in gold, the ,?lance u. to.s oil 1' hiuike The , I ti. er ad.1 roeetre the abort rea-ard bv leevine th- ?s> v I" bird avenue. JOHN T. KKffORD ' at P0U1M M.. I GERMAN XAtr-'XAI, DRMWRATIC CENTRAL C1.0B * J ' ! the ?tj of ^ear \ it J iNt'T. liKAUY endnreevt by Hit U*rmaa item-, rate of man \ rl Al tb" r???tar ai'mtblv if Ih* <irr-n?n Jfvjw*. (> 1 ' ii-nUc t oitr* i 'ill ,i ;.. . WU .- tt l.??ibarb. K?i , _ kairn..n krid I .r aro i>n at ibo ha?<1 inanar*. Unmtmal ? all. ibe loUiariog prstaas.o >m roan, rtnaia, nflrrwd tiv Mr. * "hit A kmin.N Of the h'tnateoriUi wtrt, **re uiuaaiWkJy ** iuptM - ' 1 V*b?rr*a, the doie? il*an( fh? M ma'Pem-aval - Rule l Via I 11 cow rt i-rr%t'.a t h tun leu, atn;?ti w* r H le oijtra# fi r ifm ant T.<- itanaui <? watvx * Iht* flat*. < aoai t nui?t iu'. Htdfu'r I ram It-lom T, 1 *' R?n a*-' That *?. lb? de,e*?tr* of Ui- Herman Hadi'mal I et,io< roUt I ?tilr?i I Ion o( iA* en* .*n?<1<?-*a Uta wwuiU n i M t 1 Mr dy lir tl jt afna-??1th a.' beirt. at*1 pr.tu.aa Ik opt uadfrkdeti anno ?i u ikrfh homaatf Oatttmi. 1 P.aan red, 1 !i*i ?e al* i radii; the n itnhntt.on of tMoaat H. ! u. . Airlalar Ueuiei. iM imAaifi. J.ihn M Jitrnlnrrtntl >*?!?*. a*' ?r J R" ?rt M . Alloc toe -title Prt*-.n Id*".*,'..*. I Ho*", ed. I hat ia>- ?elep*:?a t iMa Mate ?t nmarte ' Jf to tb'iu* * f e.ery tr'ta national .1 OH. ra. for t.>e * ,ae aad i>. top; ariwioai o! hair Hat* t* kn. c Hnpoaed of wot; annarn air at well irted nan a. tieOMNraV. at. i it* . 1* ; 'ij a mm o. Ho mod cat atal pnaape* ability and invarrnr. itmm T. r?'T n< TH AWKMHl.T DIHTRI' I\?IHfMOf'A ATI' Rm Ml at r ran l^'itTi niii o rt,"vonod mi U." rlt m?-, ** I'tih^vaa ai . Oanai anrf. ?i..' rl? t-4 llrtr,. t Wt-d, o> a . Ymnuon. rr do r*1* to the * * r irmuon. ui be hold oa : n I.Sih inn.. J m! V. tiitaaa *it? tarn . kri J.iA* CHARLOCK. CiMliini I. 1 llntr R. t.k?b*. for rotary. , ?. (kill WARn-KCZARr ItAI.I. ? A I'RTVARt Kf.ITi 7 bit* will k.ho place it,.* rn .Ita. at do t* {, at *. i. , * , ittd i.KlfV '.bird rem. naar Lekbias.ja avenue, b> elect a ' legate l" ->r io ! nr A time*.TV KOHNKT OKKHV ) ! AMU." i.VNt.'ll, . Tea tra, W? ill.AKK, S ft BIlaLlAJtDS. fj' VI I. *KI> V' A l? I I \k: pi mi V M'l.K.d. I ?. J d. nr * and aaound hand TaSka coraplota. with ( mith'a i ill i"..' and n.aialrH rvilj >*. otilora fT ma?w W. ?. iiairviTH, Mdr-Iil ndkraet. I JKrt.AH * In. ;Mr.iorr.n bit i iakh tvi .1.1 Ardiorohi W . fnafc oo? fT) I M MLa N A rLLT.* Ilk: % 1 Si Ir ntr rt ra, l'3 .'it?' 'n.*i t a i Saw T . k. ' ? afl? |T1RAMT H R1LT.IARP TkUl.T'" A," H J'X If.dTOR ? lerli'ir A" ah., a?|J'?T, i ntkhtal ' i"ard I \T "varj ri.fory a 1 a,.- r.i <1 .[>? -- it. .-.1 \ ?'.h, irraji ?? a ' iW?* ?aa . t ; > tr . >!At.i?la < J M atrori, htm Hvrt. I p.. rDAY, AUGUST 10, 18G0. BOAHOIIfl AID LOOUIfG. WAN1F.D-BY A DOW? "fOWlT MERCHANT, TWA atrtctly prteate family, furtii?hed Rootm, oeaMUneof aedro m And p.iriur a nUb.e tor a ungie iieraoo, v. uh ur wv.h mt hoard h?tw?ea Em trail and Sixth avenue* ?nd Kourth and I h j ty I _i.a atreela. Adore** F. W.t bo* 1,VIC JeuenUPuat mve. WANTED-A ROOM, OW FIRST ELOOR, WITHOUT board, neirhburbnAd ia or near Brood way, above Pour eeath utreei, and not hirber than Twenty atxtli street. Ad' Iresi, with parUettiara, Room, Mndttta apiare i'oat office. nTANTKD-HOARI) FOR A GENTLEMAN A WD WIFR, " nol above Thirteenth "Ureal, let weeu "1x1b aud Sovtuih iT?n .en, address A. T,, Peehnkill, N. V., atatlng terms. CAT A WTEIP- BY A OKNTLEMAN AND T.ADY, NICK vv oomluriablv . iulahed Rooms, wan lull Board for the sdy only, in a fitetacd pleasant neighl>url.O"*l, near or below I w< ntn th flreet; no other hoarders to be tak'tii. Address, U'ltig term*, M. K. T., llerald office. r' ST MARK'S PI. ACK ?TWO FFKNISHED ROOMS TO ' <"t, with or wttho it Ik. rd, ou moderate term*. Apply a to. liSt. Math'* place. 5 WEST tCLEVKNTll BTKEET, THREW DOORS FROM J Kinedwav.?Handsomely furnished Room* to let to single ratbnda, witb r without Board. Y I'EltKY STREET (ASHLAND PLACE).-TO l,RT, TWO ' v, '11 furnished large Rooms, with or without Board, five oora ,'roiu Croon wicb avenue. 1 I I EI.DRinOK STREET -ON THE FIRST FLOOR. IN Ll-L front, a furnished Pttrlor to let; alio, a few smaller looms, witli or without board. Uouee brat -lava Term* uioerate* If* ORKENE 6TBKET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET J\J to gentlemen only; ?2 t>> V> per weak; bouae n? * line yard, giia, .1*., and 1* very unlet. AigDTB mr?*ei. * BOARD-A CHOICE OK ROOMS FOR THE WINTER ? can be had on early application at 49 and SI Weat Twenty- I second street. betweeu F'uih and Sixth avenue*?a flrat class Boarding House. Also, aeecauaudatkm far transient Boarders / on reasonable terms. I Board.-a PLEASANT BACK PaRLOR RUITABLB * for a man and wife: also Rooms for a tew young men at ol Ssl Broome street, between Mulberry and Moti atresia. Per- N sous of religions habits preferred. References en-hanged. Board -gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen may obtain handsomely furnished ~ Rooms, id suits or single, at reasonable rates (bonse first class), T by railing at U Abingdon square, between Hank aad Troy A it res la on the west side. Unexceptionable references glrea *? ind rrquired. Stages and cars pass the d?r. '? Board.-families and single gentlemen who wou'd like to be comb-lied In a comfortable home, and "Jj1 aho are food of good ItTinf. scud to well to apply at 1W '{' lllcecker street, above Mananugal. The lady wlio preeldea la iflable, and endeavors to make ner boarders comfortable. ~ A BOAEDKR OF FOCR TEARS' STANDING. Board in broadway, between twelfth and o Thirteenth stree'S?The t>c*t location In the <ity, h-mee jj 0stclass; |<m mi ill modern improvements, an excellent Sfc able; dinner it 6 n clock. Southerners are In.ncd Pi call. as tpi-ly al *3 Broadw ay. Board wanted.?a comfortable ?room for a ^ lady and geeticrnan, with Hoard for the holy only, La . xanted in a private f unity; would prefer a widow lady living ilour. its the lady Is s very <|uiet person. Lacalion desired be- p weeutHnsone sol Twelfth streets, up the weal aide of Bruad- J* say; tor such s lair rompsnaation wlh be paid In advance. Address for Uirse days staling particulars, J. Oa(uod, slate-a _ A. Spring sticet. J Board wanted?permanently, in the ooun- r try. for two children, girl fifteen and baby seven months, w-ih some kind hearted peison that will treat the baby well. Addrem for three dayaC. J. m., staUon D l'nat oOic- . a Boarding-to t.ft, ftrnished and vnfttr * aished Rooms, with Htaxrd, to gentlemen and their wives, ted single gratieiurn, with gas, bath, Ac. Apply at ldft East Broadway. Keicretires qgk hanged. 1 Boarding.?a second fl?x>e to let, with ?l Honrd. cons.Ming of front and back parlor, and small bed- J'' o m?. Gas. baths. Ac. Terms m<slerate. Also Rooms for !' wo or three stacls gentlamtll, from ft lo ft! per week. Din- " ler st A Apply at lo; Bleerker street, between Greene and _ Awiater. X OaRDINg -A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT RimiH fn 10 let. ?ith Binrd. lo a gentleman and hn wile or two l r mg'e gentlemen. Terms FA per week. Ilouee I.rst class. bo ipply al 231' Weat Twentieth street. Boarding.-a private family residing at no. i \ . it West Twenty third street, near the Ptlih Avenue Hotel, , rat ptween Fifth and Sixth avenues will arcommndsie a ims i iBn.y, or lau "e three single genilemeti^wtth pleas.uu rooms , t1 t?d l-erd References etckanred . V' 0?'ard!ng.-to lft. to a gentleman and wife, [j a psrty "I single gcnUrmro. > me- ly iurmehwd bxrk I . unor, ?K)i or without Bmrd.aLo vh*r Kopitt u> i?t fur ?hrd, annae ha* p.*. onui and all iimTraienc*. IU1 411 I v? I ? : !S W ? ?.? i atrtrt. urar t inil V" Board in Brooklyn.-a riiTAti family. oc 1 B t a p>**aiii hi'UM within tuatriitpul ilMliFt uf k'ali aim MU.1 Fuiimi lerri. . rtii tc'iiiim^U1 l<ro nr tirtu tarried cooplrt with Arm* .t ie K mi and But.I fpr?-M _I ?ll|| > pr n?s?':,t *ti 1 Agrprai.lp hom. m . 7 a. .. ibein V rltrt of opportunity of aec.irug out. m* * m 1HtmllMet. " >OtP.D !> mtO'Kl.vy PLFt-vXT Ri - .Ms s II* ' L> tup for mn.-riPd or ?;Qnln Ktoliriutii, w A in > rlrtt , la?t Mown ?.?ip bc>. ?p, 47 < tirr*!. looatlon pipaaKnt, u" iuirtiw t.1 p. ail frrrir*. Taint* taodprfet. HtlTetuna n ~ tumgrd. ^ ?'.ARD 15 BROOKLYN A FIW r.KMI.RWKN CAN *" J tn.d M-i rltita idovia idaUou and trwvt B ?rd, iu t up* j irni.h-t fit ?t? I. tight tnm.itt*' from the lerrj. Apply l 'Ci, Statr ?I. ppt near III i)rt. [30AKD IN BROOKLYN. PLEASANT ROOMS WITH I] O i.iM.:., a >i p b..d at H* < .mini - rtri, it-rs' Stitp. Mr o.ittrupnt to a .MP; and Botith fptttr*. Rtieiaoirt art hanitd. I > f ?????????? j 3<U aoAjP IN BROOKLYK-THRSK DKKlRAJH.t ROOM?. ! ? [) .at tPCAMd lonr. 'dtPthir or tar ? eenij.-.nau and j Mm, or ?ioglr ?p..ilPtn.i:., bath r>a"it, K ugp* 'i W ser, ;at( XT . fitr a. uutr* ti'k fnwn Atlantic fprry. 10U Pacific aiicci. J jT CIW.PU Hen.' > wild t anion. ' lid 120ARD ON' BROOKLYN HEI'IUTO-A OKNTI.IO'A.N ' T r> ?n?l b.? ?> H> ?an Bp upoonjni, t with h Itrjr.' ..nd p.aa 1 lilt front Mo? or. thr appoint ttorar. nuv r M n?o. 1. a, a nm.l Kmni op the third Itnot, BeltAn.P lora'gefl'.pava. .and ata | d?i Ife <* 11: .g iegwwlponaii, hauaa matnint ran!pi . na.. *. .V. 1 i> at* twth, <? Ap. Apply at UW Henry pirept, eiwarn -irrrMpvtit and t 'lnrt Mupptn. | 30ARP ON BROOKLYN HKMHTS ?HK.VTLKKKN I r. ? u . I. .-ar" at I >. . r ^ -. ... II l<1ti|i4KI ratl^rrv MnM, i *iir*?n w. .o r *a t ? *!* ? ? j ^ rvt, Di 4?tn inpiito^MU a lk? kOUK, t.t ieAou detlra- ' ir. iAr?? unanlfl* of fulioo fcirj. j JM.KiJ AXTT.T rcujrrsifFn RO0*? at th* HOT1L ; f \ At. BtfllA I'tfth wnw, Brcj*rt*? I ML leroed *rwt ?reei-lies ead etng> frst'oice iM?h ijl.i | iHbr pri-maneM umitopnieiiTt ctn tin ?*-nr? re It > e I lite or ?| lertaeeate, ?Fh beihe ? >V, do ? 1'!in e unm : i . 11 tlge erive.|. or e ' ?iW ^ |< 4"?RAAItro?T HOrSR, CORAIR OF FRANKFORT AR3 ; 'f* ?,<t Wi!!?%rn W*m York <* ??! I *lgrw? for %d<1 f , r cfiH it|lH ?/?i!r?i|l'Q|i^r kni isp?? Ui I . ktki. _ j *N,#; 3l ROOM* WITH MtARD. -FOCR srwnrit ?L-?n mm, ?r t?'i mer-a* I eeniirut'a etwl * nn, rau 1 ' rr> c mme<Mit~t with bAo'ie aee.v liTntebtd R>.a*. wvA ?:1 ,'w H <'t?ra tmproi'Mente e 1 flrr > nee hnefd. .t 177 K*?.t Four j ? ei ... eTTrrt hr?akl?et trim m u rnr*. Tee Ml to atoe in ' i>?? w'eliHig petmeiitot loerd. t*> ine wtU fee ri *.t? ?w. . aTr i t pl> oa the p ein e**. j,J I 31RNI?IIFT>-A RBAU. r'UVATK rAMIRT WoCI D j I?t a Per?ir, with rite or tire B-Jrwai. <>a Art'. n<x>r, ei | n'leinrn Mutant taerd. xTnvealxnt -?rt end ?h gri, eiuf , er Breulo-ei Apply et frj F inh etre u | JO. a *IM POl RTKFVVI ?TF F. i NIC.' 1 " TM T . n . Hnu . ?rtt bMi'ift'inr '? > A' R ' * 1* or Ain*^, (i rnurimM* r. ;** II.. - !? # UM'jrm Bve n*. VMtrtptbmbin r?f?ir*r<.-t r* i,r.?l __ Tr, 4? *i; T NIVTII NTFFI.T NFUt F'i FTH AT* A1 * i K?-i ? in?UOT?' iv in r. *' ' ). id ? .41 i i f c 4i h.? k.?; *ii*ntiuu paid. I"," >R!\A/K HOARD IH ItRO KI.TN-A OKM FV V " " ? If* r II b* 4/1.1 Iii-Il A I" t . Hi. 0 .wol Ki.rr ? .11 ? flu ?4* lM'11.1. ? * k?"' lnltJK.r...i T ?* ? ( 1 .p.* i ?i 1 union, i *?u>.,i Mvaim w> k) XJ? I III onil W?ll nr?i '*rrt?n Mfi:? ISA ' fcT H-'APRFRs mt 1 Ml mmQ A H ' ?. > ?.? ?( *i i i ii >. a ^ v . ? ? . I T ll i UFA -Ml III MM* Ktr Rrrrn ir PI - - - ? ' .1.11 I >wo rtR :;?*??*ry . ^ ruv - r n 1 linv 1 .it II W< it K> .uth nt..*t, n .rlk.*li?. ; I"*'1 MtKtvwilniimiril. nl w c* ? " " ????????????? i IWO v F AT!.T FT iHtMirW r'M?V? rr> I T I > ruiipi <* npfwrkip. In; r.Ki'iMnpii. wah aprivkt* . uii ik* h it nil the Hw.prn tn[ i niv?*n' / .p.) i* V'i II F! ? rveou.eim i'k I i.ttiiu a\. i . K*t rv. -i r .4 I J\ O Ml a AI'IT 1 r IMM R'."K* Ml first 6<m?, ah ? i.?l? ro.o.K, wnl rtOAf*. ip * rr? plnnanal n M kHiiw. Apply ?i II AdilHna i I?n A** > M 11 W?v*f. . |.,kc? Terry ? tfpij. | ? LFT-A I'l.KA-AM HOT ?OoM. TO \K t T A ?. 1*0 fPT,il*rn'n *t>b ! 'rl llr? . . , map itlbiUH'llAtiUll) kt lM*HlF?UAt.!!?:. ?. <*? 0 LFT-TO A AI.A' I.F'it NTI. 'WA V 4 V'RV "AMI- J7N W TR* Rik n li- A ptiVkl* hf i ?. TP. I I. / I ' J!< Jen 1 im'k fpitur* ? J. R. l'A 1 Kll/tilKAoF. 4 mink k nirert, be ' fen I.' dm .. -4 v?* / 1 lit 'TrjftAHrn, to v jTKh:.k :>i ."tiv \ i. w > n . 1, . n* * 1 f.** Ik 1 " : 1 I "A 1 .1 11 ? VI . ? I J r " ?? ? ? - ?u. > RV t> At n 4 1 ' t- R?|0'f? I 1. fi rr\ ? .' II .'I .. l/? . .I r . . I. * r r Jmt ' 'a 'i* .A NEW YORK HERALD FR1 hoahdhg aid lodgpfo. A *me.l|. ppivatb family, 'twsinu a housi% p caw.ut;y aituated up uiwn, containing J** roodeea m.iMifB. :,!? mid t.iviDg more r .im than they re?|i.ti e. wo tld I r -?aivni date two or three pente nen with plaasautly ' irwah- i - i R mui< and paitrl hoard. Iail at thlrit Oo;mo abuae Thirty " 1.U1 hi reel and I ? xtngtoo aver. '10. 1 AFKIVATK FAMILY WOULD LOT, WITH FULL OA partial Hi ,tj?, thiee or four pie., a. m: K ?ma; bouae 1 *rm!h olid t.eih. App y at 9.1 Hast Fut 'eeth atreet, t lew Third event])!. < \(lEhTI.r'MAN AND HIM WIFE OB A FWW rtlMGl.B renlemeu ren obtain good Bonr" Mid pleasant Roonaa on *?r iiiiil lloor, a; moderate terms. in a laud y where there am ? i nt te ? hnardc/e linen, by apply ioc at Ut2 Plerrepoul street, Hroohlyn. Krfereccea eichanged. * AOKBTLKM AN AND I.ADY Wlhll TO PROTURH I lodgings; tuiird tor the lady only; must be between 'I ruth inul twenty Ktilith (tree la and third and Suthavenuaa. a Address W P. R , boi I7t Herald office. A l'Rl V ATK K A MII. Y WILL LOT A FURNIRHKD ( JV l'rnnt Rn'in, ?ath "ourd, to two person", In one of the ! must comfortable little houses In the city; pat, bath, hot and co. l water, i.e., 19b Hast T* entlelh street, n<titr Second avenue. ^ APRIVAT1 FAMILY WILL LOT A SUIT OF HAND- t anniely furnished Roouaa. rooeteung of the entire second S'or, iop? Ujer or eeparste, without board, to lentlemen cniy, ( by applying at til 9th at., third door east of Rroadway. Alarok front room, with full noAin, rutta^ ble for two atogle gentlemen, can be obtained at No. 5 "] " ? luujujiii'ti, iii ua umntiiwie viuiaiiy o waui 1 mjii park, and opposite the Ku:h Avenue Hotel. Helerunces | ex< bat ged. d Asrrr or rooms to rent?wiTn or without < Hoard, funiishei or unfurniaiied, separate or ntugla, in a j i main house, with all the improvements Iiuj lire at 123 b *?<t Twenty second street, Reference required. V HANDSOME PARLOR O.n the second ki/dor to l wi-b B sinl. Houm* iiim.l<-rn improv-m-nt*. Dm- b nor at * o'clock. Terms very moderate. Feno'.y private. r Applvutlfl9 W''Bt rhlrty seventh street, Eighth aionue d (Dr. Winter). A lady wants a furnished room, with board, ? bath, Ac., whom thrru are tin other boarders. With a ti lone buly preferred. Location s.iy w ithin nix or nujllt squares 1 ol Houston and Greene streets. Address Friend, Herald olltce. [ GENTLEMAN AND wife or two KINtJI.R gen * tleaen oan he ne.-nmraodated with Room*, furnished * *. unturntabed, on second or third Boor, front, wt'h full or par " ttal Board, and a pleasant bonm, at 99 We A T wenty second _ street, between Sixth and Seventh accuses. _ A LADY HATINO A HANDSOME HOUSE, FORMERLY ^ occupied bjr a private family, ui prepared to ntalte arrnngements with gentlemen or rentJ-mnii and thru- wives, with hand some Room* on ae-ond Boor, separate or together. Apply at 163 Bleecker street BOARD-ALADY AND GENTLEMAN d.AN OBTAIN * a banitaoniely furutahed Room, with or without Hoard for 5 the gentleman, in a private tamlly, where no questions will be ? aaked. Address A. Hume, Herald uthue. _ Board -ukntijcmrn desiring good, neat, \ clean and handsomely furnished Rooms, with or without ' board, and on very reasonable terms, can be aero mandated * by'-alilng at lttl Grand street, nearly opposite the Odd Fellows' Hall. = BOARD.-TO LET WTTH BOARD. THREE OR FOUR Booms, either together or separately , house contains all "I modern impi - vementr, axil is neatly furnished. Lo aliuu is J desliable for business men. Call at 419 Fourth avenue a Board-to let. two handsome6uitsof rooms on the Biat and second floors. Also, two small Roooas, g amiable tor single gentlemen. Apply at tf Clinton place, ( I?? WEST TWENTY IOURTU MTKKKT, IIKTWKKN r' I Filth Mid Sixth tftnnm ?The entire an ood Floor, audujinely furnished. suitable for families. Can be hid on i-uonabln terras. Alio Parlor and Bedroom on the third our. Prli ate labia it Y?q Hired. ' > WK.-T SIXTEENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY PUR JO nlahed Rooms in nulls or other trine, with good Board, my be obtained by applying lmmedtitloly. House lirnt cLiaa. itxuier nt 6o'clock. SowmM required. 2ft EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, OR \MERCY 3U p.irk.?Suits of handsomely furnished Rooms to let, smtblo lor i.inuucH or aiugln gi-tiuetnen; houm lirat diss. loonon one of :he beat in urn city, cool and airy, with park privi ige. 7^ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET?HANDS. )M El.Y LIU fumiahed Korana for families or single ganUeineu, nth break last or full Hoard, pleasant location for summer; omenlent to Eighth avenue cars. Fourteenth street stages ass '.he door. IT ft ELM STREET? FURNISHED FOR IlrtUFEKKEPa I U ing. ?Very r.lre newly furnished Parlor and Bedroom, unable icr young housekeepers; gsa. I'niuin, patent spring eds. new rtmttrrs .es, bed linen. Ac?, with kitchen utensils mplete, rent low. Appiy as above. T?*0 BROADWAY.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET TO I UO gentlemrpi, nil seoocd flm r, bouse newly furnished nd painted, gas, bath; pleasant location. Call at 87 Ninth reet. Terms easy. COUNTRY BOARD. Boarding or fort hkiohts ?hoarders. arremmodated ng very tnederate terms. Children taken I 13 SO per week. Inquire al No. 2 King street, foot uf piiug, on the boats, of the captains, lcr A W. Delafolie. COUNTRY BOARD?MAP'S COTTAGE, IA)N(? J Brmu- h?This bouse l> now open lor the season, where .?*! Board and line stry Rooms ran be obuuaed on moderate rma Fishing, bathing. Ac. For particulars apply on the remises on the main road between the village and the beach, r at 75 Hammond street, ft. Y. COUNTRY BOARD, NKAR CBUOKR'H STATION.?A J few mure Boarders can be sccommodated In n pleasant ud healthy location. ?wlih a view of the Hudson river, about e1y miles from New York. Iminira at Itll Chambers street, r address M. K. M , IecobeI Post offlce, Westchester county, MKK BENOKT8. A TOCRKTTK IIOI'HK. BRROKN POINT, N. J.?BT J Immediate applicauon a frw family morns may ha an* red at this lavoiue summer hotel. Ample accommodation r transient boarders. The Srst class steamboats Wyoming .1 Rett Jacket leave pier 2. N. K., at 7Ja and 11U A. M , and , and ft)* P. M.. and the Thomas P. Way fnsn font of Hey eel at lb.1, A. M and 4W P. M . landing at ths la Toureue mar dock. WK.N1.1CV W. 1111.1, (tiomerly of Isfaris >nse). Proprietor. HOTKLNi MITHSONIAN HOUHIt?HKO A l)#*T, OUKNBR OP 1 Uo'iston street. N. T., conducted on the Karopoan plan, nxle Rooms, #0 cents. 76 rants and $1 per day; double Rooms id Parlors. ?1 60 to 83. Meals as ordered. g. E. MBAD. HO U ft KB, HOOMH, 4tC., WASTED. I PAKTMK.NTH WANTKIt A HMAI.I. HOI SK. OR -OX V - i < n Knoma, furnished wr :nt urmahed, wanted, tor a nily of three pernors and servant. Addieas, a Ith partlc uts. J. H. S,, Herald ofliee. IOl'SK WANTED?A TI1RRK RTORY HODIK, WITH high basement and the modern improvements. and a md location; rent 6allU to fl.UUU. Address, with particulars, ix J Mht Post other, N Y. 1'ANTRD A SMAI.1. 1 VM STORY HOt'SK, WITH 'I mrrtern improvements, irnl uealerHle, range from leecker to Thirteenth stre< ta, and Fourth and nuih avenues, ddleas P. M. M , bo* 112 Herald otter. AfANTKP- A STORK FOR THK HA1 K It' FIRST . htM books and aiationeiy, nut lest tk.m !. fret wide td do feet long, situated on the'west aid ot Broad way, be iem Caual and Klghtb Streets, tor a perfectly reap..oiitile usnt. Address American Wwedenhorg Printout and Pu> ! ihiux tuciety, ixwra 20, ? ' vpei lustilule. \TANTKD?BY A SMALL AWKRIJAN FAMILY. NO children, the Second or Third Floor of a modern bona-, rnished, the location must be pleasant for which a liberal V'e will be paid. References required and given. Address ll.Ul Poet oUioe. FASTKD-TWO NKATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH : ronvenlrtires for housekeeping. Terms moat be miale- i a. Address, staling price, Howard. Herald oflire. ~ .?-?? 1 irtNTHD-A FURNISHED HOCRK, FOR THK WIN. r ter. to be kK*ted m h uih avenue or In some of the ad *ni rnoMtiunn rnr 10 Hepi'm**' or ?.-i?. r ;ntil Us of Mtj Ad<lrrm house Seeker, box ISO Herald ^ i L'ANTID?A RNAM. NEATLY FV RNTKIIKDIIO SR ? f'ir h ?m*ll fx n ly 1 t +1 1 T*nih In Thirl <uth l? Hltth unMi rant iMiil fl (W). poat Minn ai i#f. ? * ant#<l a mil of urnlahi'd K > una. Apply at jlFourth MM. F anted-a cotton ta< torv. adiire-w box .t Foat oftlre. I'ANTKP- A HOI?I IN <VH?D ORDER WTTH Al t, t irr ( ru> -m*ii - ? II. . \i - r? . i Third ao>l S'tih ?> ??npt r. i>. S*A* ui MOB. AddiraaJ.M, i S.iCdl'1 .v ["ARTKD-A rCBWTRHEO COTTAOK, LK" TO" M.V r to. fdjvrrwar* aul rr?knt p.<ini?n*ai teuaut and | al ? AuJrtaa W*ro?r. I(*raiit ?dk*. NTRANBOATR. | A Y R..AT FOR WMT POINT NrfWIt JKi ANO ' V mtHtirvtie -Tk? Mta' w aUDA *11 ln*r? Jay r*t p;*r dally at 9 SO A. M . t ochln* at Thlrt'th timet pier, *tit.a at PouaLktrptj* ail P M nnnf" w? at ' M rat'iroiaff to Ik* My at 1.10 P M raMfin tor Alay. Troy. Raratawa. or any poutt writ, can attar turt m n.' oa at Fourtk?fit Baciact tranaf erred frea. iof corn-WALL -on and after batch da t. in h >n*t., Ik' atramfr alipa will laod at Cornwall ou Po.h r t.pward and dow award trip. HE LONG IFtAXD RTEAVROAT < OMF LMUflTA*. ! PT IN'RAN WAVE. I apt. Bluer TWhill, will rraumr iw r . ular tnpa lor IVn.i i.'t, l\>rt Jiit'-ran An., rm Nun*. ' r ta* I Ilk Ids' at li m . Iroru Ik* ('>< of ottrrr a. . *t, ip,*r real rlttrj. Wapes will cotuapri aa it* itl. IPOKTHIG. EFR AND rKHi FOR FALI-A BRACTTFCL HIV>< and D *, a-x*it two rears oid. perfectly qitlr: and r*ntl*; > a laiyr* perfectly blark Xcwfonid'x id Do*. ajlrrg tka old. Addi*sa ft , tios Iwl Foal "d.c?. I * rp I Fit M) 1 r?''K sur, ll?R T'lV i- ? . ' Iky* la i!? vorfcL ? TI .kit ? .in ail iXiiitOtMM"! Fl?-* kdnnnlnnvir jO 'I Iff bnttll l'?. VnriW, U i i *<-. A Ji k-s ?r*ln. j , KR MAI f?A ?Uhi|- RTOOKD HT. Of JO ToKS, 1 aitwlnd la April, aunt in tha h?ti inananr, of ? turn *?. rar fa? rii-O tln?'iglOM>. of Irrrpr.srhan a mnOol. aod nog V hr'f?> taurm an i. fa MM, r?t ai avlKai'ny il.?i in hr ?M Itrrn upon* I'a IS'ir A Hjr r n . * ill ft# anil) sap. *VMi l>oas?n i*r?l!laa on JAH. ' Ul 111'' AV. Ill M muu n.r? AiMrfia m lAM l'?? 1 R A M.Jt ri!R \ RKT r VVT AAll.lXtl I OFPtfli .?? ? ? no.I ?! niMn hiiia Yfp I 'vn u'?rf, Jl'i frot | ' [ ' Inri h-?a. 'n *<* ! ordsr. will n- an .1 ; w ? tlm n?n>i 1 mi mr i .iii" r lor oatui ukua ?i- J K. A I'T at ' unirdiflr. ?S?'? ?b- c ?n - ?-rt, w Hi J.i). ' v HI. All harry arrr , N. V. DK1VTRTHY. \ *tt#t?*iai, tr. tii -arai'titi ?rr* o' rrii i r?| tr>f %- * Bn? *'ik as t plain*. M.V m's *1 -sr 114 an pis ?ih II ?n?tli H >1 tid iirH*' mJuru | i a*. pom *rinc.* mii? ni.inp. >4 osnu. at 1 u> Sii'.h at* 1 / ootar-u T>nU and cr*aU?u0?lo. I pr. l.l'thkr i>sut ?. , ATI* I' I Ali WRR lll.l.TAii FOR PKVATRP TRRTIT i p'll n ah rr r.1 'k ? i . * an : j ; fit, ki J Apia* M*ih I .- ?srr ?b?, r i ~l ?n i K a* t 1 \n?w Dliatitr 1jpv ItrOajwar. imW 01 Tklnr Br* tt. JAHRS p k a IUiI 'I* M U , IliOuoramr. , i A MIFRTKR. 'IK APCATRO RrR'IBOX PK.V1WT, h.? r-m 'irl Pi t W??i tmn'j i .0 auest ">a?*rau . klway aad Milk areaua. , b orrrrrj* rror . r*irr??T? ko. inuRAAii Z i mr*m, X. T.. as4 J*7 Falkm atrMt, Hraoklyu, inaxr: . i.-nsl art? nrirs'h nntV r naprrmM ?tm.?ti|??nr p|a?s or wiiaiii'i arttap Um rma-m ai naria. % n' -r "r ? ?' 110 jpoil, 114. plaiio* 1.1 arU - r tl ?r 1 --fl Tasti IllAd ari'h / l i ' a JCiwi* TmhA OTtraiHMl Oi.arvil nala ions' * ? ' : -.^3 I I KIKMMMK. I".l-(i")? M il <P F.XAMIl.l.RP M miT" A f?r W nf ? .rranlnd manufaniri* A an ao.i1 i-hnmal to *"1 and i is mi- . at IAHIAIM'iT'iN " I A' ' ??. " .. W - ? <k? ,. ' ' 4A. I ri' MO l-fIR?T rHKMTP* RXAWKI.r.KD ARD ? a'tjsl <"b?inSor lut-iil'irn, la all oolnra and atrloa o( m. ary rtnanriptinn krorr rtk-lo ??rnwitsd rr-*nt?J K. ( WiA'PhillUO*. Xua.4 aollRuUlvaa t ttn intra ffMR flIM ^ A*ru.rn cr ?* atr unr* or ri RxitURf. n . F* and ') la*, at shn amis nr roia.i. |] A i .'land np? >nl? ?i?i M "!?? ? Vi i I'i"1** WaR,1 AN W a *t? iCfn w.aI at'i-M, ai A'rir d ?ir? nasOnl 'Ihh. wa* , ... , 1 nr.T'H f tlOC'lllT >OK RRM'T Rf?Kf.-\ FAIR , n? \a! 10 irirsn tn rsndy mnrny, inr l>ini?i*s, 1 .rir ?, 1 A t at 111 Klatfc atnn 0, M??ni X'ti.A tai Tf It ' 1 rtxtTi'r 1 -Ti?t: rirftXrrnnt or a ?",>? > r?K. I ? ? 1 e ' > 1 1 11.1 a 1 >1 1. K par | np lj j ,td tr ip f in MW fnii I ?W?n%. ' CALKS AT AUCTTfJf. AJWO. T. HVN IFK^ORD A TO, 4U<TJO.SSKKK. . HOCBJCUCU) rUHNJl URB Ccn^gtf ATFUBUOABOno*. Kot**uod and mabctacy IV-rlor and CbauW Firnjtur I p > ?1 >?k Oin nic Koom FirnituM, ^ .n . ylaa*. a ; v?r w?j*. Ac , Ou una day K. iday>, K igaat Id, v? .... . At ilwtlva alary browrn atoii* ?s 'Vo '.\ ?ll h at ??t, but ve .. 4niu? a h?,u.iv?i"u<. Ma, , ,',..... "'mB: *nelnj? at low ..VI ? < 1?t , r '"'Anotoi-tP, Mrved lyga and .-aae, !n . m liana. ..iind u tb 1 ,uu ii Hmadway, fully guaranteed, been la um J lo.ii iouiiUu, tiili| i:atubrU*iiljuJjtViail i pfuiUittMftl 1 a euportor ii<r iiufi'i- r. scwood Oan'erbury. (o. rVol. rover- j Ml lu btcevdr, Frenh loth cover; rise- v,kI Seer *ary slid lk> .kr*sr; la connlures ladj'a \V,,rk Tabln ami Writing C'sk, '? : Kugn. Pri'nrh plate pier Mlrriin, uuur' 'c slab m l brackets; ip o .arge mantel Mirrors, U * i'nn,,.a, SbsJ'-i an t i rub er tw > mainiil i.l i mis draw m-men F i *nftura, covered tn three-enlorvd satin brocad-of . ,eW liescrlutl ya aud curved iuaollft ruaewood; two fete a i a lh iwoorm! re -eptlou :ui<i el ;b'. oval back Chalrr, r i ,m.v >M Centra Tables' statuary murblo top; Ktcgeres, l.aed with satin* id Ci-rble top; hum's uuloul Kaav Chalra, pier, -ard :,nd iniarn ite l ibles; Oil CaltUliigs, by Uirsal, Inrnsn, Km s si K law and other nalunnl artists; Assumption of Vir?lri il.iry. from the celebrated painting lu Louvre, funs; St am at Ao.-i' by Pingenutgle. two sojierb match Pniutlocs, oak II .. Man' I Chairs, Oilcloth, SLur Carpets and I!mis, English itrusseii 1 Carpets, luhiia >od marble top Dressing bureau , it. dsteads, Commodes, Toilet Tables, Wmrilroles ToH-kei-s, c uoclics. Arm 1 :iud oval back t'hairs, covered In nmouot, sprlii ui'< I ilr .1 i- i tresses, Feather Jicds, Holsters, Pillows, oval Mirrors, I' j ings, derorated ('Una Toilets, mahogany and blm-k w dnot Hnres on, Solas, ltockcrs. W.udislauds, solid narved oak ItiUtet, Dining Table, Conches. Arm Chairs, sir-ant arts of crystal an l ruby Glassware, ruhy and I'.mau marble i'ututh Howls, gold band china Dinner Set, decorated Tea ,deU, solid tdlrar Dinner and Tea Hets, Silverware. Also, Bilaeincnt and Kltelten Fur nlture. N. h.? Strangers wishing to attend I his sale, take th Fifth and Slilh avenue cars and stages I rum Aalor House, St. Mich.'Ins and Metropolitan Hotels, will bring Ibetn wilhui a short dstance of the liouse, corner of Sulet-ulh au del. Auction sals of ki,kgant rosewood par lor. dining room and nurflrry furniture, and sgalftaatil BKONZK8, STATUARY, PAINTINGS. Ac. FHIDaY, August. Ill at 101^ o'clock, J. W. PORTER, a CO., Auctioneer*, will sell, without reserve, the beautiful Furniture contained m j the elegant residence. No. ltd Fourteenth street, west of highlit avenue, all of which vraa made to order, and is tirnt j ease, conslatire of raagnllioent rosewood 7>i octave Pianotorte; three elegant full hints solid rosewood Furniture, made to order by Faut/ of Knstdway, all covered in rich French Jwornde euperls- rosewood Ktegerea, styles Ignns XIV, made by '-lewus, F'atuary and inmate top rosewood centre and pier Tabb-s, made by Marnott. of Paris; magma- | ceut mantel and pier .Mirrors, with baan Tables and t'.irnioes; silk and lace t.'urtains, card and sofa Tables. Turkiah Lounges, with Voltaire 'halls u> match, rosewood Reception Chairs, magiulicent Uva and agate Vases, rich cliina .Hanu-.l Ornaments. bronze and marble Groups, collecUon of elegant Oil Paiuilugs, embracing ancient ami to.sicca pniuungs. by liuiitlligloii, Cole and other eminent arUrls, English Gar pets, superb Chamber Furniture, gotblc riatewimd Bedsteads mp ble top Dressing bureaus. Waahs'.auds, roeewtod Armour, with French glass doors. French Lounges, arm aud cottage Chairs, oval Mirrors, aronxe Clocks, Candelnbraa, large llair Mattnyses, superb Heda aud bedding, ciieval Ol.isees, elegant marble Pedestals, suruinuntcd with bron/e Figures, dressing snd toilet Tablet, rich French China, full set ruby engraved Glassware, Decaliters, Win on, Champagnes, Uonleis. Idqnor Siancs, water Bottles. linger Howls, elegant Silverware, a;e j i in nerk, reivers, enrsa, spoona, latlora, I rns, Ac , Ivory and otberTahle iSitlery, superior extension Table, with oak > Dining Furniture. kale poaiuve. House to leu AUCTION SAI.K OK KLKUANT ROflKWOOD H018K bold Furniture, This day (F'RIDA V), at 10>i o'clock. At the private residence No. * West Eleventh street, near I Fifth avenue. Cnlalogues are now ready and can be had at the office or : bouse. The furniture waa all made til order only ail mouths j litre .and can be relied on aa Brat class. Parties In ipiest ot uleutuUa) and faaliiouable furniture would do well to attend t tbia sale. DRAWING ROOMS eoataln magnificent rosewood Klanoforte. four round e iruers, full iron iraine, sited leg*. solid pen rl keys, O.iaterb'iry, tool and eml<?ancd cloth covers; also two coetly mil* of Kai liir , Furniture, covered a lib green, blue and g id an tin; Sofas, Turkey leungea and Kaey t'liatra. Pier and Mantel Mirrors. : I'll I'aitil'Ufa by eminent artist*. rick Iramed Kugrsvluga, ' ! Royal Velyet ami Aimmalee l'aej>eta, Moaalo Kites hce and hnsalel t'urtauia, fold I oriuces, roaewnod F 'Itotre ,.u.l 1 Knoknise. rojewiKid Kterrrea. with nlate claaadnirsand oacir; 1 , rosewood Centre and Sola Fi le lublis, Purtati niaruin fda- j tuary, real nrtstic Broazes and Voce. Ac., Ac. t'H AMIIKKS. Fn aulte, aotld naiewnad Bedsteads, Burenua. with marble 1 ' tops. Wash* inda tommodeiind rhtna Toilet Seta, hair Mai- J treaaea. feather Pillowa, spring iietla. blankets, Sheets. Linen, | 1 Mu?<|uito Net, Lounges and "hair*. spring seal t'huira, ftolaa, j . late Ouitidoa Armour de IIlace, Tables do Nnit, Mocking Bird and (fags. Third and lonrth amriea?Walnut an 1 mahogany . lleilatrada, Bureaua, W aabntands. hair klaltressea. leather I | Beds and Pillows. Blauketa. Bad tdncn: Broaaels three pi v I and Ingrain t'urpeta, Kuga, Minora, l?k>eka, Tables. ' hairs, j | Solas and hots Beds, oilcloth, stair Carpet, Hods, loll list Stand Ac. DININO ROOMS. , I Oak Extension Table, oak Buffet, with plate glass doora and ' hack: Table Outlay. Pre nek china Dinner Per. BOUpiecra; rlil.ja 1 ' Tea Set of 64 pieces, tvort he om bandied Kniveaand Forks, ' 1 English cut fln?Mk hnnninlly assisted; Tab In ci/onkngy, < liter bpooua, I-a. lies, silver Carters. r mil Dishes. Ac. I BASKMRNT AND KITCHEN. Furniture of frrj description hiue ptwr.lve, ran or ?h:ne N. B?llotiM fa) let for the balance of the year, M ao et reedmciy low rent. U. U. 8TKVKNS A CO., Auctioneer*. Auction notice. j ' I.AKtlK HaI.K OF boots AND SHOES. WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneer*. Will (all ihi* day (Friday). Aniruat 10, 1S6U at 10 u clock. at their Rultarix Di*. N<?. 9 and 11 Park place, and No. 3 Murray atrvcl, 400 CASKS, cohi'himju ik i'akt Cam Ken'* and Hoy*' Tki -k and Kip Bora \ 1 ' Brogau*. " Calf Brut*. | I ' " Fine Conjnewi BouU, id rarlety. ' " tU ford Tien. , ' Patent Leather and Floe Buotv " Women'* Leather. Calf and Kid Baina. Boakuia, Slipper*. Ac ' " Heavy Luxting, Kid, Moroer > Oailcrt. < Supper*. Ac. \ ' A Inn, tine of llor*'. Men hand Children'* (latter*. Shtea, Ac. i ? Alan. .V) tun fine cuatnm made work, men ?. womt-i. * and < children *. the whole otfenny an attractive aaa irtment worthy ' tae aUeuuon or out of town ami city buyera. 1 be kooia ( tan be eiamlned with cau:,,*ue ?*rly on the morning >: tale ' Auction NOTie?,-BrRNiiAMs furniture ex * pre** and parkin* ietahdatimert. Ill and lid k*<; K.evei.ih atreet, between Filth and Filth avenue* ? furniture of every dewrtptlcn tmied and ahlpoed to all parte ' be werU, Piamifnnee, mirivr*, China ui I ?. ?? w , . fully moved. 1-urie covered tract,ua for removing lomiiore to the coutn ry. Storage tor iurnitur--. J ? u Auction noticr-james cukhinj. acciionpnn. r Ky virtiM'ot a i .atiel ? r. .re, : wtu *e! ihwtkv. at lit Si 0 c oea lu ib* forroom. at V tl I'tabrwe* *.ie>- '.e hit lie* "f a Orocel i and I * i * Ft re I P THOMAS CUsIUNU Attorney tu M idf* ?. Ill Vcftlon s u.k tuts hat-to Bn.iwrr.?a .t. * hlkkcktm will *eU, at ihe kierehani* Kvchaog, *?y .1,1. r.,i el,. ,t..r? oi Oantci fabalu* the i.ulldlQ m the i. a No. m Wlliuim at reel. i> be rrmoved by the lai ?i i morn, lor Ihe widenlni, ot Cnamber* atreet.* ?__ a* BKOW.VK a NICHOUI ACCTIOSKiiRh?FRIOAV ' Ankittk lb. at 1 o c'oek. in ft on:' . alearo'ina is tee. . / street. * pair af Uabl bay tarn*** Hcreee. very ?t>o*h. *i v V auU a. tra yeai* tihl. e<>t'k In tinkle or dou'de h.ine** war- * r.,;'ed periri' v w .nd and k.nd Vho a bea'...:in th ro ich ?i 1 e,t nay H'irv. aeteti ye.,ra old. |:ii. ,t<l? Id h r-hl in *.n ri t:.<? >r ouabkaaanma, h4 a apkaodid aaddia laira- > uraf < > aiarnmr ?irnttlna h-w ae. > beautiful kftj, lung iftllftC # liolUMK. ! >?, bamtft li.*h -1rn viini iftl varrtiilftl | i . . i.j I \ ? urd ?ml ami u> tr? 1:1 .t 07 In* iat .? b .a in an* Ma-- u| ne> '; taia atra waa t!ia n-ebriftied Hub L?: , -ildatn ce.e ? biaieu H.teln* ui -e. I'?i ue? utulug lu aee ihe aUnr Inn m * c-ai ai rly ?i our I'U.c*. | HSXRT B .HKETH .IR atvttokrrr ' ft llwlj.ii' Mtlc H w \ aLI'AHI R lll.ACr HAW ft ARl? M >n A Ai H'?R^B*. H i'AHK I'HAKTojt, IM?1 HI K H A UN Km. At;. On UtTI'IIMAY, Aug'ia' II, At 12 o't:.rk M, k In It III 1.1 CAM Kooiun f> t?, ttwulrr ' Jy l'ioit>i bnni: ua HI?'* Ifiwk aM fMbtlKHi. I" hvv'i J ' inch' ? hum. WJ Inn. bound Ami Want Ui An; In* rri an' At ?, axarHeul audll** bor*e. jet black and bewiululljr l'Mimad, bM 1 ?r Aire ??a U.a<ik liawn. ?< '. by ftwu man a bwOI** t. ? > ><*? - :i ' * Ji ? i i< . ft H *k 'j, -u a iU a. a n . ii 'ji a.i < i aim mi] , V . ^ aetifer Till- <i ??11 J Uir Ml ' ft fttailMU ft.ftA .' it I'J' K Ttk -tar. and n? by the laipnrtetl borw North aft Knri.nri; Aim. a b,.oi* | - n oil. *o' by > 'lb !? >r e.m ?n ?u-e?i by A . tk K| ; 1 y, land, daiti by il'ftcA ilaa k. aba waa ftiio'l b. Juatoi M < u, l(1 Albania U hftnrla 1 lir In 'n b ii .iat i art. kind an t K*ntle id r, M ilbkMllton. Md ktL bbiki a Iq IMtk Mat tarwa be wti i a ii if 1 the 'ii ; ] mmi'iiu I" 3 . *r obla, al tbe ei?. '.%, *I . budaiti three yrai? n i.te| ftif.iah Park finrkii bo J] I' *i; Aian . a ' .. 1.' ? lb* To, J b* ?; rta Air'fii. II. bill Ih'lb I a<. ll^phiAm ait. y lie aee- nl ?u.- ?.- ? Uioic ibe ft il I."- Vr . imiy iii Iai ni lou-ii 1 Hrrii ne - nl ftft ? ? 'h ni . . 1 ... r. > ...ii l X. T me ;"'M'irsl - ' 1 " rift ' o u laft oftn alft'bft I Ml u. Teiluftbi aa.a cftftii, b) oadcr m J<i|IN W T1IOWPR, A Attorney f. M ri^ an. , ? Al n?:VRTH. U rift AI'ITH WK ytl>ft(lfHiV X" a .3 Nmbui Atraai -IKMIV X l.l.'fftSAi ?. W.l a... al aft. i' a l-n, oft v ft In I da/, A n joat II nt II of'* A, Ift frbnt tf ibn n.ra X?. JS kftftftn All #f I, I In ay Kara *'I f(?r? ft . an|i r (4 llin. ft m i i a.i tnd aiar.aiu io k kim a t r|* o? baa fiai a' baar 'aina.1. >? I I i - . a ' | Al" i ?a die Uuiar Alarft. tlafbaaa aftd I4|bi. l ip War At, ri'.y | ? "lid. Nat*. *r 1 br btfti-ila In na ftftM mMbnit raaarra by or- I ml irr nl Job., H. laimri, Adouoift : alnf, -Aiuibolii, Ni-a Ji ra r. , at,| Man. 'laloaktns i tfca ?boir. oft* mu|tu|. A ? Xtaj a> tlanarui. | (Ml MlkOtOHTt, AmiiiNKW, tA 11.1, hRU. THM J'. . day. Prwtay, Aiitnat I t <a4 to Aiifnat 11, at j Mo t>' o cl?<k *? n day. a' ?a.~?r.?ftu M. ' Jiiau ?lf". i l?rk-n | wrlianl ?l lb arlai'd I'.mil ra, ( areata, manayany K.- i aft laia a T*taa, ' balra gfh raaaa plar and mann 1 Mil --a, ' ? k ftft-a. ?H< ti? un d.b .* T . ia.r ' bvra. diaaain< rfft MM W Iftbfttaada, Mailaiaaila hair Ma raoara i*? . aa-ft, i J ,r.. iba wlroa na u laf lorn in "i a laoi .f d'-clc. v b > ,ar I aau<n?. and will ba iiarrmptoi/. Mn ltoUia hlfbai. bmtrr Hi' ... raab. [Ill HAROR KINU* I'TIONRKR. ?' [\ II XHl'WAltK A if All' TH?N hoi ill 11A Rl' - ft I Num. I Mi A i 11 a* aab taw dav (f i>i.yi, ? ai in', n r ?k o thaw ?.ftr..i? IM Broad war. J"5 I .rue aaaorui.nni Tnrai?u ami i >aaat < HarlOara. k* iliary, * ., in iota in ami Iba rily and mmtiry irala. J ' ? \ k i m i ri'i' vt i!> i ; i::m y a II ' I " . a \ I > . , t, _ i ? . ?i | |, 1", i fw r? Km I'o mi'T, '?.? f > I'M Pi 'h'lr iy W?ri ^ * jrv wiitkkk. Ar? ii'?rKR. will nr.u. tuta '"J "f I ' " ' l!1 Wrl H- v ir*\ A- . >il i?> ar>n?r I nnmiir* u> P iucwi i ? . .(*? I M a, y inri Hr r%r| i? llliUi- T*i* MU*. lA'??rf IMMtosAa r~%ltrr Ki-rt li i? .Mw J 1)>B tin K. pi'.p <ki, W*ri' d.nriK r iii?d k4 fc?u Tin i __ ' i i . " - * : <? in ? .1 n *1* prn ' FaII *rn.i.r*** AHHon %u? honjckk i?H ? n?*r , R if ntiiw*. i' ?. II. ?i IV( i m, - ? .i i ? l< .1 * i ' ? ] Mi I, i - ? ? i k ii .i iifit, BuraM'ia, Bv4* I b * ? ;u*Mn r IM h !*. ' M Ar | |Mnj S21 Ml > HI HA li AKHAIKV j soft trm k r? n.KRK <<r K?.AKI> or kinuvwuBK, IN. 1 Hi T A ? i# I1--' 1 I ? ? " P? I i ll - :t !> U 4 \ I?. *1 x*: ?i fnrtrofn |raitnM ill IMI i Ar'V?ii?i'? ' tp* ?? inrrt. m ?o.; of ujc . n> t?w V 'i V< nl iln?1 ?.. tk Ifii iwmiiPi ii *i j?fojK*w?i? 'nr If' i"1? <t 1r. I W II ' Kr.'l pplit Inr \t%?. Tl?? H?..t ? ?l ?*i ? ?*1 M-tHd" I i \ iA * .>V i f? *u,1 i' IM ?"im n !? ,n?? d??/- | A'h ,N i*| ir < ' "* ! .rn ! KMJAII p. ri n?iV nit Wll i IAV <: < ?>."?VP'A, ' *A i til.IA K W IWK?D, . ? ? V ? T HOItHl.tTTI I . Mm " , .lA*M IMVfA. I I iZfl OKiMiii m,u.yr. | ' 3 8alk? of real fatatb, eiarvh to kx< uannn near thb or Itso r Western I'aruit 'd all sizes, prices and q 1 ei; uty property tor etehauge ;'<>r Wes.ern Unas. Kamu vil. we Um.sw*. Call and you will 8ai you want. J 0. " TTT, Corner of Co j-l and Montague streets o ooklyn. Farm waxtkd-in Illinois, iowa or wisoovmu uot less than Ml acini must be On a lake or river, iter lite mual state the improvements on '.he place, number of iriiit trees. Ac. If n>a<l" an object cosh will ne paid few it. Adrirt H. I) (1., llcrald oltice. |i>Uli SaI JC-1UU ACttftS OH TUB HUDSON KtVBR. JT I b< underbill farm, uoe of the beet fwai In Dutchess county, situated between Pougbkeepde and New Hamburg. bout a mile below Milton Kerry, with alone farm House and r*od larm buildings. On the jilaee are a number 'if ..botee tt.tiding sites, having extensive river and inland rlrwi. Will 1 e sold low. Apply at 170 William street. FOR SAI.E-A KAKK CUARC1?A MOCWc AID LAIT; an old eanthliehrd miii'nery eland, situated ''m itmrishmg village of Row Kochnl'c. now doing a good u-.e Address P. D. V.. Beer Rocbelle Poet o?ee, or apply on me premium. IilOR ttALK?BKUWN STONE IIOUNK and lot wo 71 1 West Thirty flretetreet; also Ixit south side <4 Fifty fourth street. Z7fi feet eaet of Seventh avenue, N. V.; also Honor, Stable and eight larta, stocked with treee and shrubbery, eor uer of Uaiee and Franklin avenues, Brooklyn. T'"n? Ubelol. R. A. OA IN IN, 784 Pparl etreel. over Market dank. LMlR SAI.F.-A Hol'RR IN THIRTT FIRST STREET, ii be_?eeu Fourth and 1 a-> lug'.on a'eauee. south >Ale, wllh all modern imprnTrmeutn, In nimplaM order. Possession /2??* lM to ^ lWt September. Apply to W. 11. _ J R , N o? tt and 10 l'ue street. For balk?a farm of i:b a res, near chathu:n tour Corner- Columbia county, N. V.; It is one of the voty bin hay or dairy farms; the -took aud crop i will b? old if deftlr*?.1 AfiHrnH frnwm r liH'K SALE?AT A BARGAIN, IN OONMRQUBNOB OP .F the owner goin)< South. a Bom* and Lolat Fort Richmond. St/vten laland. within tivr roinutea' walk of the ataiuuhoat landing. a good well, out houaea, Ac.; will he wild with or without Uie furniture. Kor term* and turther partocuiara, inuuirw uf JOI1.N' IIALKY. No !tt) Went lliumiway. ' Fob kai.k-a ooltjftbv kkat in wkftohrgtkk county, about 30 mile* from the city jiecera by runread or k team boat. Thle property cotuute of abnit twenty fi?? acre*, delightfully aitualed on the Mound; the bouae ti a i.uice one, well built and in good order, a Rood amble. garden, uuihuuaes, Ac. X j a peraon doing hualnnat la New Vnrk thta place would be very dealrabie. The above property will be ode red to a eaah ruatnuier at much below ita ertua) value. For further panic i. lara apply to l~ M. HUFFMAN A CO., 37 Pearl atreet Fob rai.k-two prhirablb fwrmr, umk or k at r a fronting on the great Mouth Kay, L I , good oonae, barn, fruil batting, gunning. Ac.: nod one of 07 arret, near Fort Hichn ood. 8. I . highly Improved and well watered, one ktnry end a half teniae, barn and carriage hooae; ! well arranged tor a genlleman'a reatdence Thcae places will beauld low and on eaat t. nee. For pnrticulara apply to A. SKBUKANT, lb Wall atreet For pai.e-r.iwo acres or land, in Florida, prtre io rente per acre; S OtXJ arret In Tenneatee, price $3 .1 per itoie. For particulars apply U> E L. Hnow, at rarlc Hcti i, for two day*. pcrnonall/ or by fetter. For sale or exchange- fortx good lots. VTA It a large city; a vgluajle Paimmuui, Zt vtewa. 1 JtiO feat of ranvuoa; 1 HUO lba Hbme Ochre, imported. 2.1*00 Iba Ruan ry. and Jewelry: will tell low for ctah, or exchange (rr grind merchandize or property unincumbered. 84 BROWN, No. f Iiey atreet, room I. For balk, ob exchange for productive citt property?A Faim lyntainlog 73 ecree of tirat claaa land, wtfh a rnrtrty of choice young Tult treer, together with Uie atcck and farming utenai'a; a hull,ling three atnrle-, tarn, stabling. Ac.: dag pole on a mount; aleo a mile pleeeurn ground, graded level, from 40to 70 feet wide, with proper Pirns; sitnated In the town of N ewport, Connecticut, adjoining in part the beautiful and eiiruafve gmunda of Mnrria Ketc hum, Esq. SeyentT five per cent con remain on bond and mortgage. Apply at ike Guard Houee, from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. H. WAX EVAN. FK)R TR A DE?FABMA, OOOO WESTERN LANDS. 1 altuated in h rapidly growing Rtaic, and with river and rallmui facilities. near large and mnall tnwna; rich aoil and a-ell watered, Ac. Will he exchanged for goods. Merchandlee, ke. Addrem for a few dare box 116 Herald otlce. Land on hi mon river for rai.r.-a drkirv ble plot of Ground at Dobba'ferry, containing about 67 icrm. well located, near railroad depot, with a line pr apr t .f the river and adjoining oounlry. Fur term* ipp.y to Mr. iVAR.NI R, aliniutng the premises, or to WILI IA M KKDIIOND, No. i.3 Barclay atreet. Lots o* grocnd on a stage rootk within ic mile's cf, for aaie very cheap to clnee a concern; reeened monthly or < libera lar, in a:una to suit the rirrmuataorea of anyone time being uo object. Apply to J. POPE. 16 Newark atreet. tloboken. m'l' miABr rm Tuury FIIK 1*1 aa'rfor |i< letae ? The i aiuablo property known aa iba lltol >Kt F ?i hie yw.rrr, h*. ,ng rail l-jv-ka. cum, eranea asd mi.i'b.bvy hi uofei>l?l? jrdar for <,ut rrytng purpoaea Alan 1 (W !r*t of Wharf l'mperty V Haalinga, upia Uk lindane, pliglbl* for maunfarturiog &d<1 ahipiilug purpoaea. Apply CO ll?c Aaebor luaurauce < oiBpaoy 32 rlur ntxwl. NAUTILUS HALL.?THIS WKIX KNOWN n. A CM ON rranrt la cBeretS for aale. with all It* fliturra, iiraitnr*. Ac applicable u> a i ttbllr bom.' u now in perfect order ami tliiluc a large and nrofltablr buatnraa. For partlcnlara mqnlro no the pre wlarr. Quarantine landing, Slatae Talaad, of TBCMi. C. Bl KXB. Proprietor. SMALL FARM WANTKD -WANTED TO FUMCHAfi*. a Farm in Waalelieetar county of SO to 40acr>*. improved in unimproved; neighborhood while flaiaa preferred. Ail dreaa J. W. Laue, liara.d other, nutting location, pi ca and lenuH. TENEMENT HOCfE IN NEW TORE TOEXilUNOK lor .Miaaonrl Uada; alao a good bnaiar-aa that will pay aril <t?nei i t and cannot attend toil, w 11 take ffahra uti J. O. HoYT, Coroar of Court and Montague atrm tn, Hronklyn. fcf>/\ linn -?L\K HUNDRED LOTS, WELL RITUATi t in Brooklyn, ne?r the hue .,f Falbm irriiu* railroad will be aoht ver* low or etnhauged for part ,irb. A| pi} lo M. I,. sllKI.DoS, t)A Xaaa-t t alrwet Hi Ml -M^RTLK AVENUE UlTF, BROOK,.-For ad*. Icri arrra o| ,*ry de?r?hle nuinu the alwve avenue. paying rent. Will l?* gold lorfZ.UUU o; applied lor anon. M. L SHELDON, K Naaam ?rwt MIM ELLAKEOllT VMinlt'ANS TIMTINU KNULA.NI>.?LAD KM AND gnu emeu from tb* Unite-1 Hinlee or Canada turning real Itritain and Ife* < ' nttnent. who dralr* to avow] delay. ..I.L, .............. k... - .k_l. ... . . r- , I || trim II mij TI--.I uir any ate or Km* Join tbrTp urpwe iiaMnif. 'ipon r.ppiirjitinn, by Heron lier* ,ae P> W. J AIiaVK, HredahMr'e l.ntwh and .eeilfri Kallwir Omde otflre Vo Mi Fleet i'*i K ie mm. it etpeditl.m nod <t'?p..t<h Paaepoeta efulty ici.r.ted And nun? ! ered in a'.I.L The count! r ! tan Amenran Muu?er in leiodon o> tamed to ilntp-d "tale* amporu Urlttah ..o<l ' reign Mta'iooery, rraveilin* H?ei and iO? re<iule?e for Karelin*. The latent mil',, .or id Kradlaw and Mnrrai Brlu?li. fmi.nonial an.I ladia/i Hand i?*? Ae Fij.erlenre.1 I'o.irlera m?t ha h?.l <m appltctlioa i*. J AI?AMA Brai'ahaw a rtrnah and JoniioaaUtJ Koala hoe. London, it fleet alreel, F.. C. 1BAKF-F ramcx. PRI.VTKR HAd RKMOVKD FOR J Il.e preeent In No 45 4ao atrnet, jual twlow Ntaaa, bare be a ill ba b-ppx to raorlra orders from I. la mi tome r? '.<1 the public. Wilt return to 1U0 Naaeau etr.-et, aa roam aa PMA TOrNTPRS WANTKP-TWO ||RT OOOWt COUNTKBA, J A pp.) to J J 11A OF V A (XI . 157 headway. H ala.ra. w am 1" huuc a good i am mi a ami it amd; III ri*? ?"*! nermity for l?a <wfe relorn; wimiII like in trdi.tx' m the .-mra.- ?f ikie. or ki months. u Am* owner irea UI dl?, id it Pleaar ail.lraaa, ii* Week, auatnue he -e tha Inatrtimsat can be anno, J. Monnabrakti, N yarh. nth' anil count). N. Y. JARR1.F MANTKfJ -UKKAT KARHtlNS IN MAN tela?The enbe? i1' er w a aboaper n >w thau a?er A el *'.a of retne- ataioai . an.l colored Mhi. ela alwara on >u at Kl.hRKH e mar', e tar U. 115 Kaal Kiahteealh atrnat, an. id Third stable . N. Y. kVl V.IH WTRF RAILWAY 'TiNFANT. A 111 i lil.SM.N A Wit It KAMI AM. Removed to No MM Rnelnr. New York, Neat (kmr above Metropolian HnM. .nofartiirera and dealer* 'n Iron Kailm* Farm Fainaa. 1 ran Mt t eramlsha. tn.n Fnniltnre. Heauags BBd a (eneral rest of < ornamental Iron Woth. tviir.Mi auAThit or tun kaolk* ?ai*pany I per, , ; alt). i .w? *. Pre prof rield p irw d I niatniial rain water, and laat a Ufetirne. B. .idem ad.- an.. Ann! ' tie t ompanr, U. f I KM aN. 17 ' '. inland! e. he? I .rk >fi I'YK'-i'N- .tlif'TT M'.'. IV.: Mill. FINIt IT m lb. r advantaffe to rail on the )lrtr>^.olnaa Amreea, 140 irirk a-jeei, as.: .5 aad 57 Kmc atreet Freir himae warm - ren. i mp peno w la the eonntrv or .'It) < aria at all unaa 1 a rta ofFuituar). fatOUaea. le-* n* i?lamer. Plaanforlee, e.l * oh # are arid ul t?ir i tah Furr ora alored iw l ien 1 aa.pped to erei j part tf the world. T OnCLIbMITD. IIK AMKRK > N ' i FIKH MILK. pert r the r i heft milt of the beat rfulrtea m hraa cnuut). New A. tk, ie the only wajr to pet?ire pur* 'A In lai re r 'It f he tn? 1li al rmleeaP". rep?rt it aa leraltia tor infanta and tnt la It ta cheaper than the awlH e | ei., , at .A aa mllh Ak It will trim for pear* In any h.ale. It Mtnd'rpe' eahle for tr-.reilera nil -ere of the army .? and for iK..?e lit ' f in hot cl.m^tea nr 'h- Mteilh. r M a' III tar..'tie nied parkhcea. eneltaed foe Irainportn* D, at the d" p 't ? v> PH'AV St'tmtFIFn MTLK COMPANY, n Liberty alreel. two dot.ra eaet from Broadway, N. T. 0 I'HFVIST"-A vr PFR?ON H AYTNO Pl.tTtNIM Croetblaa, or oUier a rial plica, appara: I*. may 1 a i rrhaaer at loa i aah price, by a.ldi raatac 1 hernial. !**<l mi . -^ i uTx nr. a nor? mi ' I <' ! h'.i? I DC i i try *A- Aildroaa 0. B N . urn rmtamt*. i flit ruin oaktrr rimi-ukd bt nmw.miut* l"U.A MIU pti?n* that wi.l pay ?ta drWMaa k> ?4 k tan \*ar* ' ndar lb* dirar'Mm of Cola HanrffnH. Dubury, iti?riKut. Lai# r?n< inquiry buI analon* * dnaa. HAIUWAM. KW TOR* A*f> H4RI.RR RAM.RtMn fNiKPANT. PARK To AI.IIANY. is n Aod *A*r Wnndar, Ju?a SS. 1A?). inun wl'l lean Tvn* lath wmat ?u<' a. W Tnrt. m Mtow*? if M i.,isirMT. If* and Ml Map aim ma, ,* 40, II a ivi A JO p. Pnr Whit* Plain* and aH way Mali ??, ]||,l and 4 P. V. Whl'? PI* a ao<l ati wat ataUnna, ? II P. R., fna Whiin atdapot SnrCrotoa ralla 6 14 A. M., at "p pin* at Wllnbrtdf* an 1/titinn* a'?raw. far Ikrra* Plaina.4 ?l P. >,n? a. V' an i"?a>a and Mtini atwrrn. i ha u*ln r in* Ill.arU'U in *\*o i t ?'nr Albany, )0 1(V a M , airmail train ava?nln? at Whit* PUina. B? 'fnfR, t'nAoo a am ataui na north. ainrntn*? Will l*av* VT1 lamabrld;* ??/irptng at ail th* ataiu-a* 4?> I A. M. ana I P M. W>- r , ? M. ii ! ? l'i i-i! | P y , a., .i.iin* it " W'i * *?! at I'laiua, A A. M , ami if at ail Statuna north ? road . Thia iraia laataa Miliarim *?*ry Kind ay mnrnbif, A. V. <>.i/io Paila. 4 P M , alnjiptrf at d'l a . tin i* k nf fna^'iani Albany, OA It. finptxnf at all I'ailonA h iK IA ail" I* a Aw. MillX HPRCHTT.f., Aaaiatant *it>?Hn'*rd*nt rw VOKB ANI> ItiRUW BAUJVUD PCMHRR brmnMWnl [ * plaaa ira traml.?Traiti} l*avn Tw*my I a*mat ati'' n aa I ! w* l? 14 A. II -Kinmaa f,w *|. Tn>y vtratnga, Marrn RprinfiA JtMfara Pn la, l.ata r?a la'wii II florin.'* and TaH" M?bor>i<\ aorw l.if at w r ? a Raw V rt < an'ral HMImnd fnf llama itprtn**, raraPa.aai d ail | !..? .? \\ -d Alan Wtth IJ - r inand ad i" nia > ith * UY t W.?Pnr 1 ati?i P i la n> ma at 'I'dii.-i a B. l a wnb rtn?'<*a fiw !*kn ?a" iA-v, i" ' n t ' :* wtth a a fnr I %<< ?nh , ' *i >1 lli-rf pat a. ?I( . r a at ttnU1** a itr If* wllb a for ia4* Vaonat.'ia, and at ' 'mo n Pa.' a ? Ik , .-a <aAc dak' i ?v J'ltiK HCRi'lUlln AaMa'dknl Rnpaa ntar >?t.

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