Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1860 Page 1
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TH % WHOLE NO. 8738. THE EUROPEAN MAILS. ( ur London, Paris, Berlin and CUfloa Correspondence. TATE OF TfflHaS m SYRIA I I ? ; "he American Suasions Broken Up and Abandoned. , .CTIVE BITER VENTION OF FRANCE. THE SICILIAN REVOLUTION. osl'ia, Ecssia and Prn^sia to Interr<re in Behalf of Naples. > rii? o o o i> w o o r> cup. Vinit ?1 tbe Prince of Wales to America, Ac., Ac.* Ac. lVo reception ot '.be trope's mala, which arrived aere tail evening from Boa ton, enables ua to furnish deAik of European intelligence to tbe 28th 'alt. ? According to adv.ces received at Genoa tbe loss of the anbaiU-noi at Melai/o waa 780. Tbe Nea poll tana had \,223 k.'.led. There were many wounded on both sides, 'irtore bad assumed tbe Dictatorabip during tbe abort .boecce of Garibaldi. In tbe negotiations between the Neapolitan Envoys and jount Cavour, tbe latter demanded that tbe future deetliy ot Sicily should be considered as a distinct and referred question, and that to this effect the Neapolitan iroope should be witbdrawn from Sicily. It waa on tbe icceptadA of that condition by the King of Naplee that King Victor Emanuel consented to addreee a letter to Garibaldi, requesting him not to effect a landing on tbe main and ol the kingdom of Naples. ! Garibaldi has received an accession of two fine steamers mm England, one called tbe British Volcan, and a considerable sum of money. Kossuth's stall bat arrived. Tbe American mtssien stations are all abandoned In tbe we bacon. Tbe schools are broken up. tbe followers have ?nber been killed or are now destitute, and several of tbe jtkaicDarteo are now leaving for America, "as there is no held for thc.r labors." Letters from Constantinople announce that fresh violences have been perpetrated at Aleppo, Orfa, and otber places n Asia. It baa again been confirmed that tbe Turkish soldiers took part In tbe massacres. Tbe Christian Qsimacan of the Lebanon, his council, and some of tbe principal inhabitants, bad eigne 1 a do clar&tioo of peace, in which, Uowcvsr, the renunciation of any els.m for indemnity was not mentioned. After M? tg <ii?: used this act, they went, by the order of the Mnk-r cf ?a daand of the Turkiah authorities, to confer i with the ot.-cft of thj Druse*. No news, however, had oetn received of the thouaauds of Christians who were surrounded at Kesrouan. 1 The i ar.ft CVu/iiu :ionn*l Bays ? The expedition w'ateh Franco has been preparing for the .wt three (lay,- with mart olto'ia devpitch t, ill, at a mat iter of necessity, be curried out. The early departure of psor troop* may be e*i>ected. The part of France will be wither that of occupation nor intervention. We are about to pies sitr nuppurt to Turkey to a*-at her in re pr*uwuig disorder* which would .ufallibly result in too k as of'the Turkish empire. Tho Eastern question, at t ist present stands, doc.- not appear to be sins-opt i hie of dividing i crops, oat. on the contrary, of the .4or< jh an Powers for the SsJeoce of interests and prlnciplit wtub inpooe tiie aame oblige kjos on ail Uio t.'hr.stisn states. brgiard. .gh int.-ting on the fr-a accession of the <u!??n to the Con .ent.on for regulating the collective 'it IrrtrniH.n nSyriaof the Powers who sigued the treaty f IWd, hue cerc-thelew no intention of abandoning the aforianaic Christians in Syria. declaims an exemplary pirn .rbiciit cf the p? n.ipal author* of the late mas litres, atul that the ndm nietration of <?yrt* abeuld be re rgan /?<!, a eruer that tbe Maronito* m.gbt obtain tbe B cus guarantees for tbe M ire these guarantees to or placed under the oo'dectivo protectorate of the aoo*e n. ntirned Powers. It is on that ground that, t?? sttwsr of the Sultan relative to bis adhesion to the ea d cot.vent.on, negotiations are being continued 1*4* e?n lis great Towers. PSr l.eadiin Corrrsposdenei. I,o*n?w, July 39, 1860, JV Rr ut is .8ici'y?'is A'isfl of -Ye/der' Appr.l to Fran-' a d Kigtar.d?lfnv^ninti ttn-l rrajtttrf Oari I MM? Ik Prof-anI Atkrk m .V?fiei? I Crim#in II'so Jouit <?n-ibal?ff? A' .V-'iiiUf of 'At Croon* I / a' hflu'i?Tke Pit* to tAfrat Iftfthm't Pit**?Complies in: tf ??o fan Affair*? Affairt in IV Brititk Parlia sent? 't Ma.-a / ' ' i .Syria?IV k Jfaw,'" ??c. B >r* deferred maleth the heart lick. Tbe friends of Italy and freedom hare born eo tantalized by hopes grayed at J ezpec'.al?< d? hclJ back that the suspense r? cfil. A gloom of light, however, breaks in, asd 1 bAve tbe information from inch a quarter tbat 1 be .teve it ect.reiy reliable. Ttie royal troops bare eracuated Mew na. ?yra.nae, and the real of Welly, King Bia? ta; to Cud of more than be ran woll msnsge under tbe crater of Yra iviua. He baa appealed to both trance and England for aid la this bis last ertre r.ity. b l France dare cot and England will not furnisb a ' red,"' nor p-t ? on* protest Tli* Voap l.tan Av.baraador beie ta Lnadoo Is pimping about like a derap ta.ed pallet, writ g letters to tbe l\otri and making every of effort with that energy o* de*pair whlrh et y :b>. *. tor.see the drowning man. I .smgi. There are none so poor as to do him reverence. Tbe British go vrrcment very reasonably say* "So, your royal tnwtrr at lieeo deaf to every appeal of humanity and every ? ce ,1 reason the r> raomtrar,~"s of th > ci\ c;d world have bad an efteet; tbe per j ;red tyrant has eecfVd at all laws, human an I Divine, till now be fiu it b roae.f n a comer. ard be does not deoerve tbe aid of I., re who ad v'red l.:m that 1.* "as hr i.g og a rctr bu t co pee I. mr*lf Y. j can rarcsly get bead or tad ot tbe stale of things at \hf :?* Two things, bowe^r, ere ev dent, the Kirg'e t? < W wlbo-.t a ?' 1 ( VTTV I..IJ ,LUI satee a ftale bordering upon anarchy. B it to the m*i. I hare it from a gent'man Jnat i. * J 'r <ir. G-nm an : I .c.o, where he bat Ikti ne b .axett nonnested w tb ibe ei-am flotilla, tbi.: ar >ald t aooot to atari for (be mam land?proba t'y . . jv nt ><etwren Calabr a iat Reggto) a:-I .< ' ail li s be ia ?*i n p oclamat ni and rol l rg out !*t he ia }'at going 'Q mart* On dentin*. . tor - it.,i it ?Ttf?wtly trying to h-M iariballi by 1 U tI. I* l/iu a S'aj n hit: i h.inji on V lor Fji .1 b :l V rt#r and Carour . anrn l bV.d Hwi ba ' I. It nc* w I uot ttand . ' II A amall lot II? r- rti j I. ?en ret a" -at, an I f 12,000 to 10,0 0 ' ?t w ajid'xl oo lite NeapogUn hi 're w ll a lert I ?n I wo we?-ka xYkt ewrtle of at. Etmo it an ugly pWoe y '? a ,i 1:1 iljrgp, 11'I if ; I X "le a - > | - ?<! rret liar, lhal wlb any a ef^ if. a' a ' " T'r'-an then the whole pt?-e, and i -i re r 1 .,vi if i? n >><nnk rjn;-e || ? fearf'i ? > thin* ' tjr aa it a? . a York, at.<i a in,. U ? t.. r . ii ' |a<rte ff ait, o arehlie, lure, palei at eat t.tlp V.t?, fe-ag 1 be a<at ?f a b'j.tiotrdicinl, rV-k and a pillage. Thai, h.,w >*er. will b tl?- late of "apfee eltnoe*, a< hocq aa yen ?w.| hi "bo do y hi tb-a I aiw on b ?ay to i t" to join (jarthaldr Who t> >t tt,r> retUn *i w. r t\'tt'n, lo well known arum,,- ?oar grai olr e n New Vortt?the rving Grime,., be-who got hot oete at the . barr. ,.f toe I in 'aiTAit a ?.* b milrett." at BaliMera? t brave young ire,g.iehr,a?, #b < gone latoltie war lo, a , sanity* aake. and wb >, * Letej elte,wJB Ina ton ? \y:on *0 b.a own ,I?reoR?i eiieweia He hee gor) " o il a .m ten daye at i and If he tall* it will be with n, '.we U the r?e Tt..- nr cei.op "f knge an.' empernra at T pti>? t.M (e 1 t< rtied , .oaiderablw ta<* fer il yufci n. Toe plan amentl? tt id bk 'k Napoletn'n g nar and I tiaee no 4,iii-, to,) have done rt **.a ''in*, p.; j / good j re' wfwie Nnpol-oe p?> Med oa' ili? la.eteet re ! ? 'oblatu e to a wt :n<?re It. Now. tber e endem j a g.?, | erdrmui ' rg among all tb*' termai) enr* ? that K?? N. i-W lee a,,y be ?e n?en> -? towarde ' I, lie ' ^r. ibe or (be B wyh'K he w. l fil l a err i i 'nrj r... .* f r- ih t1 g f *^b?! ' ' ' r-a-ly M ' . E NE * <kVI be in one league Great Britain, Belgium? 1 .eliand ud Denmark, of "ourue?the German States, Prus, eta, Austria and Turkey. Here are aa good as eight or nine military nations. But there la that formidable Russian bear, the French fox, the Italian greyhound (Victor khaaaueil, the Spanish wolf, and perhaps some other peo plea; but probably nothing, unless it might be a success fu) rebellion in Venetia and in Hungary. As opportunities and complications do not occur every day, Louis Napoleon may seise the present hour to put himself in history alongside of his illustrious uncle, Alexander, Darius. HannibaJ, Julius Caesar, Peter the Great, Frederick and Cnarles XII. There ia a long list of them, and no tsro alike in mind, career or fortune, except that they we.-e all possessed of that demon, ambition. What said Wolsey to bis faithful secretary: "Cromwell, I charge thee fling away ambition. By that sin fell the angels. Why did not Cromwell's great namesake heed the advice? He bad no need of It. He was a patriot, and a successful one. A powerful modern writer?(Dr. James Johcron)?sums it all up thus as the career of ambition* men: "The hero of Mocedon found the reward of his ambition n the Granicus, Casar in the Senate, Sidney on the ecafftid, ?weden'? mad monarch touched the goal of hi* ambition at Pultowa, Wolsey in disgrace, Napoleon in captivity." One as ambitious as any of them still lives. In Parliamentary atfalrs the nation's business gets along slowly. Nearly all the great measures of the session have been laid by or overthrown, exoept the laying on of taxes and voting money. The bankruptcy bill is laid by, not to be resiuciuied; the piptr repeal was lost in tbo Lords, the From 'i i-eaty has been a woful failure, and only go', through by piecemeal. I/>rd l'almerston ia a trimmer; he sets hit -ails lor those gales that will blow him into ottlce and Weep him in The Tory party and conservatives led ly Derby and Disraeli, have been going down hiil, and only shown their pluck by opposing the bt st and most popular measure of the session, the paper j duty reDea) bill. Tan country is distrusted with her Ma jetty's present Parliament, and I bare no doubt when s J ri.ffoluiioti c m?-a very uiaoy or tbe members will be scat j i ff about their biieiu'-se. Tb" morsacre tn Syria is going to be avenged by a Bri | h fleet aii J a French land force. Turkey has noi yet a x?ded to the proposition to have the French stop In and pot a stop to the murders. The fact is the entire Turkish nation, from the Moslem soldiors clear up to i'asnas and Sultan, are nil implicated and guilty of being accessories both l>efore and after the lact. That is why tbe Sulian hesitates. The investigation that must follow will disclose something so utterly hollow, such a whitcd sepulchre in everything connected with Turkish faith, Turkish honesty, Turkish h imaiiily and Turkish Qnance, that well may the Porte hesitate. The two good, simple Christian" nat ons of France and Kngland have been defending a wolf in sheep's clothing, and now tbe animal baa shown his true features. I sec no reason to uphold such a rotten dtepctism by Christian bayonets. All the American mis- I sionsrfee are about returning home, as might be expcctod. : Our Paris Correspoadsacc. rants, July 30,1800. Fngli fc Opposition !o the Syrian Exp-dition?Movements of 1 Caribaldi?The Imperial Conference at Ibpliis?Jftre tight rf Xapol-on III.?Movements <f the French Troops ' at Home, Sc. Since mailing my lost letter 1 have ascertained that ' England, or at least Lord Palmertton, bad done all in ha I power to frustrate the French expedition to Syria. The J Me mi ng Pott, Lord Palmeraton's organ, did not hesitate to publish false news, with the hopes of obtaining delay. ( But all this Intriguing is useless. The Porte, although pressed by England not to give his a went to the intcrven- i tion, will do so, as I asn assured on good authority, and the French preparations go on with the greatest rapidity. 1 Twenty five thousand men are In readineas to embark. Five thousand will sail at onoe, and the remainder as tbry may be needed. England will send ships. This is decided upm, although the Premier was mu;h adverse to any such action. To revenge himself upon the Emperor N'apo con for tlio constraint laid upon him, Lord Pslmerstoo made a panic speech in Parliament, as you will tec by your filet of Bug!tah journals. All this m-ans nothing, or at Icsat was the more result of anger; the nob'e lord may be vesed when he <s calmer to see how much harm b'.s angry words have done. , We hare so positive inforncit ion regard ng Garibaldi,but 1 am assured that be has lauded on the Neapolitan territory. 1 am bcl ned to pla-c mpllc.t reliance upon this nfrrmct on. owing to the source Irom whence I obtain t. The Noupoliuu pioriuece of R?gK n and Bi-iilicate are j open rebellion. The Kmgot sard niabaK we are told, rent an ofllcor of his to (Juribaldi requesting him to , rtx: t to F ranclx 11. an arm alio: of a.a mouth*. Ihe only trouble la to Uud ftiu .baldi. or ralbor to creiUke bits, .ut h a movement* are aa rapia iu h:a ont, -c pt ?v-i ar- bold When roadie 1 by the mown rot of Victor i'-narrel, the 1 Lit* r&lor will bate gone too fitr to atop ions, lbsoidedly, Francis If. is a pone Bourbon. I A meeting of the Emperor >f Austria uud the I'rrrer- Re- } Rent Iim taken place at Top!.Is. The tiertneo papers as* rt that an ailutnce baa been screed upon. ?>f course, all | this 1* premature, and la as yet mere gi ?m work Abdel had or. the former prisoner ol France, is taking ? prommoiit i<art in tne Hfl of Syria. At the beid of l 1.300 men he la rcpr-wstng the murderous Urn-ma. The rjnie-ror Napoleon bar sent btm the ' I rand Cordou of the l eg.on of Honor as a retard for bla prompt action. 1 tl ink that the l.'mir will, ere the aKiirt of t'yriaare set :' d, btcome a great rblef. He nil) dei -.i l upon France, bui wtli most likely reign as \ tceroy, or tom-jtning .inala gone He ru not sent by l.oala Naggleor yea- ? ago. to fyr.a, for nothing. Tbc- Empo'or moat area then btva fnr'^eeo the events of to day. Es -h day we see more j ncurincing prooft of tbe gigantic capacity of Loui-, XapoI'-on. I Tne consent of the Porte has at length been granted to \ th" intervention of Frame In tyria I predicted, in a ' letter mailed yesterday .that such would be the ease, well that with the itultan of Turkey the influence ef France was more than a mat-h for th..t of Kugtaud. Toinerrow 5,000 Fr> uch troops sail fbr B- Tlic v<msels bona a trlli and tue Alexandre (French men-of war) nave arrived at Bnyrout Iroin Sanies. At Messma tlie Neapolitan troops hare left the town, but still several thousands of them occupy tho citadel. Q*rtbaidl was overtaken at sea by a steamer sent after him to convey th- news that Mea?u* wss being evacuated by tbe royal troops, he aiterod his oocrse and landed at Messina. but left that plaoe again suddenly, and is now, as It ta a netted. here on the main land. Peroral journals announce that Genera) <lu) on, commander of the French iurce algi'.ome, was 1c leave that city with bis troops. rhl? is a mu;take. In view of the grave complications that may arise, owing to (iertbaldt's expedition, the General will r etna Id In Koine with tbe French forces. Psus, July 97,1*60. ! F.f'd. of Lord Palm-1 "m't Sfttak in Pari*?Political Rt- I Unitm R?l< em k'n</land and Frana?Tht Frmck *' ?? J difwii to.%rin?R'po,l'il Mat a rt al Dam statu?Prog>m af he. AaUii?Ur mamIt rf Xapol* ><? III, Sr., 4a. Thi epee.;b of l ord Palmers loo, n first M nlitrr of Kng ] land, baa produced very profound .mp< oea.oo cm j French wviety generally. F ich a rtmmi of the r?! poll* < Ileal relatione of Copland and Franca, notwithstanding j the ostensible wvt?nt> orrffol* la China. and now in Fyria, i la held to be unmietakeable. Tt place* the two iwtioo.?, in 1 ihe iroat a itboriutlrr manner la bold relief before the universe and whale r^r tbe phrarcolog) employed, there I they are, like two tigers, each biding, with cat-like cau- ' I lor. the other'* spring. , In military c>rclea every word of th.a famoca tlatomeal, . | as to the dofencetoaa state of -perfidious Albion,'1 la 1 scanned ever sad gloated on with a aataaic satisfaction. 1 | Why will not thr Fmperor strike at once, la loudly asked, j ere a ngt<- atone of the contemplated fortifications can be | ' carried? Why, oh why, will be delay the day of fteflto f rrrjreai'ce? Yea, let us march oo the Allies o mart h-d on Pari*. let na tear to tatters every rag J of the foal treaties of Vienna. end fWfil, while we are sure of tbe power, the plant destiny Ood has prepared for France Tbe blood of our fathers oriee alood for vengeance and portal) tbe Frenchman, what- j ever hla political creed, who will not cast bia lot in a j ca ter an eublimely patriotic 1 do not sag,orate when 1 ear thai ih.s le but a (bint repre?epUtieo of the language at present iiclng employed in tbe mnet oppoeite shade* of society At toe same time, thin imp** once to etr'ke le 1 man feet'./ <mp red by a degree of < in the preatdlag spirit of Fraarc? tbe gerina that aas already raised her to ao h eh a plnaaeie that her aacient foe r r. lrr br rlac. ? winch ctan >t but b? Mil fa- 'orjr to the pert ??e? of the coating rfyaaaty He that ' aa d< tie ?i h gre?t thiaft i?, it it u,d, capable of more. H that r?iNd tht nat .oa frnm ar, abyat. fr? n the |e?re*t d'ptha of deepoodenrr, to bt a'rtady tbe flr?t r ?'i t il.e 'i "tub ?b?ll be n' t be trusted yta wb It k-tgrr? a eee to abet p< at ht? eff rU toad, an I if any l'p Pi r>' it . i'f i-b Prim' M r:?trr b. * operfl tbelf ryer I >i f -ai.ct, loo, t,p< . v r ' and be prepared <r tbc glorioea fat re tbe hrlr of bef '.rra*. Cip'.ain .1 preparing tn ber. j M-11 msrr'd, tor wbea tfcnjr t>ehoM the no'itability of at' | ' M ja' fneo'1?! ,1. I. it a ?ew year* ago, an-t the * 1- M * 'filer ?it at tabi' m the Pa'ace of Hit . ' mr*l I ?r ? irtiw. tlie il? r* eat meauand tr? . -i a nee of Fran< e lot tol tlie f iert? but ont- 1 ante th* witlrwa of the pain e ?at a tight that had greater ihirmt than It gorgrout bai'g iet wlUiln. It waa oa tbe ocoaeion of lite Qneen of f nglaad't ritit to ber "jwnrerfti' and illnrtrio-.)* ally,' tbe Emperor i?f tb# fr?nrh, aho had Juat not* placed at her MajetiyM tcrriea | b'? pnrat" pair -e ft.' tbe p?rp"er of bnl itng a cocrt f'>r Per enhieeta then o.ourning in the French cap'tal. Tbe rrewrtaiioaa wrre rerjr few, ar t pr ae paily orofloe i to tb ?r . rregted a'th th? Br tr?h emha?ey anlwh n w bad kieaed tor Qicn a hand, h1? Wajeety of France prot tied # ? th a ta rapt 00 . dt>.?? Tte bigiaetf waa nit ' - t, t 'r ft 'he * r li -*t ' - tip "',- ' W YO % I0RN1NG EDITION?SATUR bo might be seen en ibe lawn below, sauntering ' w about witb a youth aome thirteen yearn o ago. It wan w the Prince of Wales, who in now en route o the United tl Slates of America, and whom the Preside , that "good > w friend" of Victoria, is preparing to receive, ko the return a of the prodigal, George the Third, coming t sing peccavi U in the person of his greatgrandsoa. Aha chango has A taken place since the lapse of tboro (Wo years. Who n thought of America thenf It was England an France who, * united like the Siamese twine, wore to bold .he world as h a football beneath their feet. (As If emb'ematic of the fact, ? the Emperor and his young visitor, on the occasion 1 # speak of, had a cricket ball, which aa the former sportive- n ly flung in the air the latter caught And toascd back again. Now It would be Napoleon who missed Ibe catch, now the g youthful Prince; then hurling it aloft again, and laughing till their breath waa spent. Thrv p gam bulled over tbo green sward like two recreant school- ti he.a tlh.v..U lh.n .u.thu> ?r It.. e-.? h? w/? euviMM Wiia UV?1UV ui liio til UUIUDMUIUV (nnbUAUUV o under the ejo cf England's heir apparent while on h your ride the AUant.:, bis young heart may uot bo sorry ?t io read this light word of those leas r.-sponsible days. * Furum tt h<K olim MimimilM jwxtbit. Many of us who j stood gazing on from the window, watching that lmscru S1 table little eye of Napoleon's, as sparkled in gleeful ri interest over the child's sport, asked 001 selves how long ? this charming picture of the lion and tho Umb would 0 last, and what was its real significance as an u nen of the r, future? Some even then saw, to use the Kogll h Minis- n ter'f present ominous language, "the horizon charged 0 with clouds;" and if the msjorlty were sanguine enough to a hope all things, the curtain is now withdrawn from their n eyes, Fuglsnd, as if in fulfilment of Lord John Rus- j( soli's indlgosnt exclamation, is now seeking alliances m elsewhere. The son of her hopos is crossing tbo Allan- u tic, nominally to visit bis North American possessions. . but in reality to seek the friendship and good will of those E who inhabit tbo possessions of bis ancestors. "B'ood is u thicker than water," says the proverb: and KnglanJ. as t, she sees the day of peril lowering over her coast, casts c)i her eye towards those who are "'>one of her bone," and ul the welcome preparing for the Prince of Wales in the p t'nlted States is a proof that she will not took in vain. ft tUlcptrptua! May the kindred nations of great America n and Ureal Britain henceforth have no other rivalry than f that of who shall be greatest in upholding the dignity, the 0| renown and ihe moral worth, of the great Anglo Saxon h family. H The peace which Is reported between the Druses m and the Marooltes will not affect the urgent pre- ti Derations now making at Toulon for French intervention u The works at that arsenal have long siuce been pushed on t) with an energy which finds no remission night or day, tl and cowHhat there .j an osteneib'e cause every available aj hand is pressed into service, and the incessant tabor, if ki possible, increased. Marines are pouring in from Brest a and Cherbourg and l'Oriewt. It seems a poiut with tbe 0) French that while they are to furnish the troops neces- p ssry for the expedition that they should not be inferior M to toe English in their naval armament. "We are as 8t surod," says the Omf!ilmtwnn<l, in its Toulon intelligence, f, "that the Alexandre and the Eoatoooy might uc got ready ,c this week, for Admiral Jehenne demands two other vea- y sols in order not to be inferior to tbe English in the num- w ber of vessels on tbe coast or Syria." Tbe Moselle, s screw transport, was off for Bey rout on the ?l?t. t( The Jfeniteur of this morning publishes a coramnnica C( tion in important type, headed "Correspondence Partlcu- c< "rc, uuiwi uwn jiiij ii, nwiing iqat ju,uw onnsvans p, of Dumkoi have boon abmdoned to the fur/ of the ? Mussulman population, wbo barn spared neitVr ag" nor w ssx, burning to the ground every habitation used For the ,j purpose of delbnce; an t that the Druses, who, so far, ba t u) not entered the town, ware then hasten nr to support the w work of carnage and deetrrition: tlmt tne Turkish au w thorttlea had obstinately re'"used to tike any measures of p, prevention, In spite of the reiterated eniroaties of the w Contois and of Abdet Kader. pr Some intimation of this we hare had befbre by tele ? graph, but the formal publication cf the iete'tlgeuce just nc now in the official jmriud is significant It Is quite erl dent that the Kreoeh government will not negl?-ot to make "polltlca! capitalof an event so well oaleulaled gp to carry with It th? sympathies of humanity. ,,t The tlnperor has remitted the Cross of the !.?gion of y, Honor to Abd?l Kader, Is acknowledgement cf his exer- p, Hons la the Christian cause h. But we hare great news since I last wrote of Garibaldi. Verily, this man .s the personillca'ioo of the poetry of his sge. whatever he do -a or auja, whether v-torioua or re vanquished, charming away l<*gims of A"'rlaos by the mere sha'cw of his presenoe. or paseinp through hostile 1( arm lea and lande town with dragon's feth, fleeing for j, bare life, he is poetry all over?not a rag of our pro sate ace is found upon him. V it since the walis of J-r! ' (j, cho fell Hal before the trumpets of Joshua has there been j u aucti mag to victor ice as P'rily now furnishes to this ro- ! n< mantic cbief. The lind is cleiut swept and garnished not ' ,D a Neapolitan )urt now treads the soil, hut such as aid ^ might and main the m ssion of the or iiwor. And now ' p, be is about to exer. isc the witchery vf bis presence In 1 8] Naples. I said u 111 lsst that it was easy to j tl porcol'.e, ;rom portion* of private let'ers subm ited i j iv use iiv'hi .i?|'h r, uiit 'u? unni vuh'tij itr'^uv i <1 uuv | ^ aga>r bo p.yid out, and the pnbltc InteHlgeecr which the a, ma I w.ll bring out with lb. w.11 'bow jou what a pumo p the Court ano iu> iippeedag^* *re 'n Down. down oo It* ,) Wncee before Hardli ia. ready ; j si^n away F,, :ly tbrurer, c< only agree to give it Nap'*!. " F-r the lore of Ood," t) writes Ferdinand the SroocJ to \ letor Fiirvr.oel, "bold , up a brother kiDK th.s one". " " Well, I will to '!?ribaldi,'' answers th" Cardin al) prince, ' and ask him to delsy bis moTemeuta for air rnontbs " M -lb oka it would v>, be worth s Jew's rye to sen Uarlb? dl's smile a* he roade the pet lion. I fetch a weasel nal-?p and tickle his oar ' ]-r Bab ' the chancee are, thai w hile I writs Fe. rt ear. I i jjj as fasts* bis heels w ill bear him lo Vienna. |n h'lial is now en ictinp .n the capital ,1 Anthem Its'/ re- ef)| Hinds one fore oly of tbe abortive "liorta of fori forth to jatu-h up matters with America, ?hin ,,, )? d.erov'wl xfr. ;ntei >atiiig fact that a British arllament was not justified in Iniprw'ing taxation upon ier, only let America acknew ledge b?r subordination, the bill to tarry out 1.i p <W had scarcely passed the (,,, iegtriature, wi.rt, two days, tins French Air'oiu tor informed him that France had already a~kn<>wie iged American odepondenre. Or, later sttil? ? t*ld?when ?jj< s'apoleon, < aping from Fib a, was ca row tot Far*, oh! <^a what would not the Bourbons havt I van fien to .-scape I a,, ihe danger" And when tbe victory or Waterloo did br 1ge I >\er the difficulty, It wm round thai adversity had taught ihem aoih og No, it m clear l.iat tcrd.aand rauit go; .bough there cannot he n doubt that the present Europ-an vnfysien is iherehy p. be mid.' mere con *' at With all our our artificial machinery. so d' term.native >f rouliae, it is curious to observe what large a?w it ' mil left he inot vidua) char a ier. With all bis ad van- < ageou* family snuo-dents. no one nan toubl that Napoisoa heTbird made hie way f-.-m l lodg ng in King treel,St. JstitfC, to the empire throne of France by the nai. ve three of his character and that he holds it at 111 It 1 by tbe rame. And what GaribaJ 11 > now doing lo Vapiee and Sicily, might alao have been done by a deaoendant of loachi Mural, had he but pnaat sr -d a like head and P? lieart. But the Mural* wanted n man. Tbe en thus i antic wt eel tag fbr Bar I bald I here is piettively unbounded. Ills . pralae la on every lip, and men are newer tired of speak ngof kin deed*. d?i The Emperor is perpetually holding reviews of troope. wi rwe days ago he wan at Sntory. reviewing the artillery ?nd lmpenaj guard. and to day an {the rm. p.tourer at Um Bois-de Bouhgne lev era! regiments of tnfbntry and f avalry will be inspected by him. He It tiro ex|?rted m; ? rtntt Toulon The pnntoonlere of tbe Imperial guard . rseierday threw a brldve of biMle, made of <-aout tv.uc, v1 lereee the Seme in the Fort da Sevres Ttla eaprrloMnt ho seanwrfbrmod with the rrealret nuiidilv I .u like tat-rcaa baa gone lo I be boa Bunoaa, near Farbna. rbc Senate hae loeed la Mwalno and Far la H becoming leaorted Marine rcaldeuccs eer-a little likely to he 'ti Xhl Inland ka <?M*<)'icnee of the tr inordinary temperature I j rbe evening! arc u ?'ijr <? lobar, and aot a day paaee* without rain. Voder luch .rancnatan. ea one la ?ur ?* prtaed at the nuanl tire of rruil that inundate the Pariatan j lat narket; but like aupply of rtana frett, particularly eher u,, lea, baa beer eitranrriinary, and of wnraa necking aa leart ootild * .ah The aaaooatloa of cbaapaene aad Pari* (M i now of rich rare occurrence that it la |>leaaaat to not* aa ?; oiberwier the prloa of alt the neceaaarlea of life, to ^ retber with iha rent, aeem* to augment dally The Eag lab population, wbi-Ji eight yenra ago waa a floating one 10 f #0,100, la not eat.mated at b.OQO?one ?ltth af t-tal ma meant. At Boulogne, where the ember returned wan , ? -. ,000. it i< bow a too "0I " ' c,e U?r Berlin t orraapwntf ance. I Rra it, July 36,1 *A0. \ (;i Ke /afcrtv"' BaLwem th* Prime and IV Kmpemr i ,rt tjf Awtiin? 1 an if.' reph ng Alarmedat Lord: | jvgpeten ; Petifftu? chang* in IK: A rub torn Mode <4 Go 1,1 remmtmt?/'monal JnUOigme* and <"o*ri XmMM H" am! Rainy ItVafVr?TV CVupi ami Harofttiif Pro* 1 y* to? IMfr.n, pruuM ami Ruttr* Drl-rmined to Pat a 00 ttep (a IV llrnlim ffenala/lan Ragtirdlm nf Blrane, rfe. j b*' Ilia latere'aw between the Print* Regent and the Km j ' *ror of Auatrla la Uie commencement of a new phaaia, lbl erhepn of a aew era, la florman potil ca. The dlffrrenoea th' etweeo tha two government# bad. In fbet, am red at a oint when the on'y alternatirea r tni olng were either a m0 Cal ompicte rvpture or a frank and aieceve attempt at re- a1| onriliat .on Tha former would hare hoea ruin out to ful lOttrla, and muft IBvebeen followed by rajppra.liemml of ' Turr'a to Era***, which, under the present r>rcum ^ lancet, would lure been equally repugnant to the feel- lor aga of tho nation and to thoae of ita , {^' nlert, the latter onuld only ho efTertcd by one | n?' f the parttea aaviming the laltlatlre, and conamtlng urn u eaeential modifH atWM of po ley in favor of the other. **. tor a loag time the traditional prlda of Awetrie revolted m rom the Idaa of taking itch a atep, in ap'tn of the later, ma el and foreign dlfflcultlew rtie haa to contend with, her !pj latetmea atlll entertained Ike hope, that by ehnwing a fM old front tbey would Induce Preen la to make the fl rat nt tvencea, aad Iho arrival of M ArenawaM at Vteana ona rmed them in the belief that their eteadioeaa had tri. onl mphed. and that the Cabinet of Berlin waa on the poiat *r<l f giving way When, however, It wm found tbi?, far ' 'om being entruilad With conciliatory "purpoeea nn tie 1 art ol hla government the IVtaa'aa Miaiater dec' ned to bo1 ater into aay pnlttieal dirro*n?ne. a ltd contented h'maeir rlth obaare'ng that Pruoala aaw do reaam tod"tla:? l>o a by he poem Which abe bad adopted, and which aha ronaider d to be In ontf trtr. ij not only with her own lOtereata but I ^ r th 'b de il l>erT?r y at large, the * late'aet V I it it | ?? RK B DAY, AUGUST 11, 1860. raa bo k?g?r time to stand upon etiquette, and that toy raiting, like Mr. Maoawber, for samethiug to turn up, My would nut the rlak of letting the last moment peaa hen they might etill expect to secure the friendah p and >operation of their powerful rival. Their reeolutloa once then, it was oarrled out with that promptitude whiih untria has so frequently displayed in diplomacy ami so irsly In war; U?e ftnperor Immediately despatchxl an olograph letter to the Prlnst Regent, inviting?I might Imoet any imploring?his Royal Highness to grant im a meeting, either at Baden-Baden, Dresden, r any ether place he might thlnlc proper to x upon. In common politeness the Prince could not, ven If be had been Inclined?which was not tho c ise? sfuse a request couched in terms of such urgent entreaty, nd having just left Baden Baden to return to his capital y way of Uoblantz, he signitled his readiness to meet the Saperar at Toplltx on tho 25th inst. (to day). It will be seen from this statement that the interview i nrt the result of concessions made oy Prussia to Ausria; but that, on the cootrary, it involves a moral defeat f the latter and the sacrifice of her pride, and possibly of er principle*, to the necessity of comtng to an under landing with her neighbor. Whether it will notewMmlly lead to ogl sequences which will more emn.ry Austria for the momentary humilittim she ubmits to ia quite another ati'atr. If, in ian government, n reference to a few subordinate points f German policy, such as the organization of the fede 1 army and the revisal or the }feeslan constitution, ahi an prevail upon this country to Bupport her in questions f European interest, she will evidently have had the best r the bargain; and aa it is notorious that In the "keen Dcounter of their v, its" the Truss ian diplomatists have i variably succumbed to the Austrian, 1 should not be at II surprised if the approaching conference, though held nder auspices most favorable to Prussia, should ent*nle

her in complications from which she has hitherto kept loof, and Irom which she would hardly be able to emerge tiMcalht d. At any rate agood deal of anxiety is manifested y the public on the subiect of this interview. On the do hand, they are willing to hope that the Dion of tbs German governments will oiler additions! ledges of peace by opposing an insuperable barrier to ie ambitioss designs of France, on the other, it is rearod lat the prospect of l*ru3sian assistance will encourage rancia luaoph to engage in a crusade for the restoration r * legitimacy," trotn mjiich he has only been withheld Ithert i by conscious weiikaesa; an t these apprehenaions re conOrmed by the Jubilant tone of the AV--n* Zeitutuj, bicb openly announces the return of True*la to the doc urea of the Uoly Uisiioo. As yet, however, the exults* on of the feudal print is rather premature, as beyond ie mere fast of the meeting between the Emperor and ie Prince there is uoi the hat sign of a change in I'rua an policy, while Austria, on the oontrary, appears to have tiandened her system ot immutability,and t<> bo appreciating. though with slow and hesitatiug steps, to tho institutional regime ex sling here since the revolution of M8. The Prince lb-gent left tho castle of Stolzonfels yos rrday, ao-ompenied by his chief equerry, General Alven lebeo, and his private secretary. It. lllaire, and prooeed1 via Franklort and Dresden to Topltts, where he will be >iued by Prinoe liohcuaoUeru and Baron Schlcinltz, the llnister of Foreign AffUira. 'The Emporor Francis Jo rph will he attended by Count Hod berg, bis principal Ida da-camp. Count CrenneviUe and Gen. -H. Quentin. and ie Auatriaa ambaaaadors at the Germanic Dlot and the >ort of Berlin, Baron Kuberk and Count Caroly. Ihe inference will only last two days, the Prince being ex ectcd in this city on Friday evening to eet his sister, the Empress Dowager of Russia, ho lias been passing some time with him ViUbro and Stolxenfels, from whence she will take her iwrture to morrow, it is reported that her brother ill escort her to Warsaw, and than have an Interview ith Alexander; hut this toonta rather doubtful, the rlnoe's physicians having advised him to jo to Cateod, here the sea haibs had a very beneficial effect upon his altb last autumn. The Trlneesi of Pruaaia returned to >'tdam early yesterday morning, to be present at tho coucbrmetit of ber daughter -iu law, who waa safely deWiea of a girl at ten miuutea past eight A. M. We liave bad romarkably cool and rainv weather thia lite bo toad BB it is reported to have boen In Co gland, blc and tten in tbeeonlbern pnrtn of (ierinany,where, r inelanto, it wae bo cold at Vienna thai mow roil in the '(inning <<f the prcaeni month. In consequence or the tpropmo it elate ol the tomveralnre It was f"ared tho owing crope would anlltor such damage m could not t>e paired under any e.ronmatance- In good time, bow"r, a change for the better took place; the atmosphere ituircd a genial warmth, and we h*l ?? severe thenar rl. rrnc, accompanied bv betivy ehowem, but not uf Orient duration to injure the crone. # > "'tat the rye in lie riulty could be cut, and a good part i? been ourod id lionrcd in fair -ondit on iy the last -oi-nla from the igbboring inovinoex Uiin -erial. wbrh lathe first in ip 'rUiOC: h r bone c iiiuroplion, |>r"tu ace to bring a 11 U iTTalt, the appearance ot the cor being liner than it M bceu for ycare. alt tic ,gh lb'' Mem will be short. The in.e '* said of barley, oa*? uud pea*, notwithstanding ic latter ban a altered from mildew. The wheal growing wtrictt are likely to have abundant to pa at tae Bnc eather . aituriee, and the* bar rot tin*: wit'be in full tlivily mi now Tbn oMi-wn |>ortii. Uwahalc, heuiga 'g, r i tig, t:. , n?y <-*pe>.t a iioor ?hoag trade In toe liptm nt ' f wheal to ring uid, where ihero will ur. louutily h pit1 :-ii-iency In the eropl, the la i * c < ? lowing a r.M of um>- to three abdlrege a the prloee. o few week! we shall probably have detailed report* of ie harvwt fWmt tl>e remotnet pririr;?t In the k.ngdont P. g.?The ftrur*"l? ImUp- I'daiv, which ie teocrally ought to be wet1 iLtormei on diplomatic rub*ects, at rt* that 4 mti.a, Fturaia and PrueaUhareeotiditd the : tnch goT?i rmrnt that they have concluded not to allow e rerololK u to procreas aov further In Italy, and b.'vo . .u d tbo CubUj' t ol the TuTlorice to jiia w ith them in icertlng tr.exfurta f>r that purpose?bint.og, at tbe ne time, that they *re determined to giro effect to their loliit u whether I ran<? u -ode to it or not. As f. an r<barda 1'rucaia, i .>m in a iwwition to Btnta that re la not tue (lighten loui.datloa for inch a report, e rrttxian Mirirfr at Tor n, If fir , * ?r e ft. P tnou, I, Indeed, been ina.rr.ct d to i txxmauale with Count rour en tbe encouragement (-.ton uy .-'.udin.a to tue pratione of tbe revolt'tleoary party, end to nrge him to ? strong 'Bt manner to come hi an ag'eem nt with ,>l<w. but it ie positively untrue that any* of aned >nterv>nti?n bavo been bold not. Oar Genoa < orreapon tenrr. (luu, July 24,1M0. iter* mo^mut?Ca, tfaVi Irinmpknnt?L'4tk?-iam ?f *? P">plt?Jmt.icam in Ifnly?The Cka'lej at Jew ind Jfafe ft'otsen?The Aml'ievic, s eiU M King? V' taiful Kcle <f Affaire in Xaple*, etc. Keen bete in the midst of great event*?to be greater, may be, it their ultimate consequence*. IX> not attri te the Sicilian movement to tbe rehemmg of Louis Na loot, or to the ambition of Victor Emanuel. It la tbe 4k of lb* people tb-maclrea, wbo are at last left free m tbe tntervtnt.oo of courts to work oat tbeir own rent ptlo*. Tbe French Emperor f?lds bis bands and nts tbe progress of events, and Victor Emanuel lends I cause secret aasistanoe. bat tbe power at work is tbe wer of as united people determined to be free?deterned to choose tbeir own rulers?Uie same power that iced Napoleon III. upon his throne and crowned the use of Brunswick in Bog land. That tbe people here tbe ;tt to cbooee tbeir rulers has beoome an axiom familiar all classes In Northern Italy, and It is tbe eserclec of a right which is being worked out la tbe Soetb. t may be, after ell le accomplished?efW Vaplm tba'l re I teen freed, m Sicily ii?that diplomacy may erveac hi tear from tbe hps o' the people the fruits of ir struggles, aa in It#?tm I do not believe it. It is i policy of F-eglaod to build op a greet Italian empire, a eoerterpoiM to France; aed the French Emperor ks forward to tbe time when the progress of tbe people Italy will sitbrd h ra lever with wblcb to lift the Ger ? print** from their throne*. When thieves faU out, ' test folk* pat their own, tod mid the opposing poll of co' ru I he people will achieve their rights. i So bat not materially Interferel w.tb ribaldl. I Dtramaclled, be goes bravely on. tbe (brie of Milarzo was stormed ImI week. The r imor has *b current for seven] days, end Is generally hollered * moTbing, that the hare evacuated Messina, a whole Island Is bow In the hands of Oarlbaldl. Hid transportation of troops and munitions of war goes as energetically as eT?r. N'ighlly from this port era rk from flr' hundred to one thousand men for Sicily. I Is estimated that (be Oeneral ha now a force of orer rty tin osaod men upon the aland. Be led Palermo on i 1Kb Instant, with a three of eight tho tsaod, no know* * hnh?r?r ipeeUt? D po.nte to Calabria. This mior ti er-araa a deapateh from hatow, saying that ahria was In (hi! revolution By this time nsst week | that coast .with the mountains of Abrussl, will be n i i I blaze Th'm, wi armnt to Naples j 1 fever in my Wo haTe ) seen a man so Idolized by the i >ple They almost worship h'm; not oely in tnoitr. I i Irh he ha* freed, hut In all Italy be ia enshrined a th i e of the p.-op!e And no wonder; he *eem* to hare no | t zonal ambition to gratify, no lost of riohe* to gorge j l working with r ingle beiartsdenes fer the free I'm of i . opprre--\ with a ehnrsckir last'oll-d with blame, ( italned nr.l pure as a ehild, be la fry truth eeem? to f (tie apostle at I Wty. 1 he queen ?n hrre is, not where they Will grt men, but, with * during the Mexican war, the difficulty ? to i ke select on* from the tbooaanda aid lb" sands who i r therr'elvce. They do not deetre fore gn volunteers t ?y wish Italian* to free them selves, but they hare t ml it impossible to refbae many smrreans. Pogliab < I Prsnvhmen, wbo havs ottered their generous aid. j lerirnet are arriving erary day or two ?t nut' for Si | f_gl(Tioii* fel owe. serving without money and with- ) price; making no demaa-i lor oflioe or rank. I hey | ' atk the debt of gratitude we owe fur the ire heart* atd strong arms that lent us help in onr uggle for iibesty. I wo or three days ago there aerired here a warm | irUd young rem sa?i*r Warwick, from Richmond. i apptlei't? the ezimmittee for on appointme-it as tur | St.aey.og I w <o th.s cppo.ntm'-nt, b *.io I in nk < It I rtSi. ! to >re good. hut place me ai.y where. If you I Oct. I Will *et me a rifle and tight on my ore ho *, ta tight or phytic Hi thw war I am determ ned " IV ?met Was* bare given ?nr> ba'dl aery valuable aid ? ru tii rg-ate a K'.aUi ago ne ha I no mount -.1 trans f ) [ERA] port. The King, although ho could giro him money and 1 munitions of war, did out dare let him hare the ise of ht* f TM??la or flag upon the seaa, for fear of bringing down t the ialerrention of the great rowers. Affairs were r brought to a stand. There were six thousand men wait tl ing, and no means of transporting them. Ti en it win a that Americans canio forward and otr<T?d their vessels for U his use, risking capture and imprisonment. The mon were transported, an I Garibaldi was carried triumphant sj ly over the difficulty. This example has been followed by T' the Knglisb and French. Now there are four lines of L* steamers, numbering In all nine Teasels, plying daily between this and Palermo, and displaying the French, Eng. B lish and American flags. You have learned Irng Since that one American ship C waa captured by the Neapolitans?the Charles St Jane The capture was so clearly illegal that the g ivernment V released her after a ahort deteution. She was on her way | C ! to Trapaul to purchaee a cur HO of salt for Lor homeward I voyage, and agreed to take for tbe Garibaldi Gommil'. w C some 800 men and munitions of war as (kr as Cagliarl. in 1 tbe Island of Sardinia. Cagliari was at tUat time, being very near to Sicily, made a kind of depot where tb volunteers wero kept until a safe opportunity occurred to 7 run tbem across to Sicily. The CUarloa & Jane t captured tbe second day out, off tbe Island of l'dba, on h r t route to Cagliari You see that, being bound to s port r Within tin* kingdom, and captured in Sardinian waters, P tho capture was clearly illegal. So the Neapolitan go h ernment gave her up C There was an lucidt ut on board tbe Caaries & .laue a 1; Gaels, near Nan Its, where she was kept iu durance. T that rliowed trio almighty Yankee in his stronger. * colors. When the vessel was towod into the a harbor the Neapolitan officials thronged along- p side oxullingly to board the prise, when Watson, r the chief mate, who commanded (the capta n having d gone to Cagliari by steamer), took bis stand at the gang- <1 way with a revolver in each band, and swore in the best o: Italian he could muster thai he would shoot the first d man that mounted the side, that prisoner though he was, oj bis ship was American soil, and bo would allow uobody It but bis consul to board her; and nobody did board her. hi Although bo was under the gnus of tl\c I'ortrcss no Noapo al litan ever put h.s foot upon the deck, and Walton left the ei place without allowing oven his papers to bo examined. r< '.aribalil was so pleased with the deter cn mat ion of d< Watson, as well as with the strict discipline and complete w control he exercised over the passenger volunteers. that c< on Watson's return hore from Garta he was offered a poet " in the Sicilian navy, which ho accepted. fc You have heard that the government of Naples, at the lc instance of Louis Napoleon, has sent two ambassadors to ? Turin to negotiate a treaty with Piedmont, the chief fen si tore of which is protection from Garibaldi. They have been received oy the Ministry and dined by Cavour, who soft rawdcrt them; but up to the present time they have had no interview with the King, as soon as the Neapolitans arrived Victor Emanuel was seizsd with ^ a hunting fever, and has been on the move ever slnoe. It (l is thought that he Is making game of the Neapolitans. n Poor fellows, they arc catching at straws. He can intke no treaty with Naples. It would be worse than tbe peace of Villafrancs. _ Dorp itches from Naples represent affair* there to be in y a desperate condition. The soldiers of the King march M through ths streets shooting men and women, abusing ? foreign consuls and ministers, and force the people at the b point of the bayonet to shout for the King. MlMMl m of affairs cannot last. It wants but the torch of Garl b baldi to explode the rotten and combustible throne. m Every few days there is a change of ministry, and help kl from none. The officers of the army and navy are taking tl their dismissions in numbers, and shins of war with their whole crews are going ove- to the revolutionists. Such ii the beginning of the end. tt The Tarf. m THE GOODWOOD RACKS IN ENGLAND-RrNNINO OF bl AMERICAN BRED HORSES THERE?ILL SrCCESS OF CO MR. TEN RKOFCK- THE RACE FOR THE GOODWOOD JJ CIT?mi'IRE AND TIIE ST. LEGKB, ETC. ^ The Goodwood in Rowland hare this year roe srssed a more than usual degree of interest to the tovera at of turf (porta In thia country, in consequence of tho nnm- ^ ber of American bred horara engaged in the various B, race*, and the high public estimation in wluuh they were ? held pre\ iou? to Uic races, as evidenced by their position { in the market. Wo therefore give a synopsis of ? themcting, tmprismg the various races in which the d American horses took part. ,f It is now fbur years since Mr. Ten Broeck, a Southern c gentleman of Urge fortune and a devoted patron of the 11 tarf, first to< ? over to RngUnd three highly bred Amerl- t, ah racehorses?Prior. Prioresr and Iecomtc?to practl- it ally lest the position laid down by English sporting men, ^ that American bred iwcehorecs were far inferior in speed 0 and endurance to 1 orscs bred on the other aide of the fi AiUntic. H tm iway wits .n the race for the Goodwood Cop, .n ih<- y v.r 1857, for which he started both i Prior and Prioress. He war not suorossful, as they could ' ntly atta'n the poaillona of fifth and si\lh, although J' i m.i.y of the l.ughah sporting jonrnals sllego that a Prioress could have won had not the incompetence of her 0 jockey reined tor chance of so doing. Tho marc subae- ^ ipi'-otly w on the Ccsen/uw.tch stakes the same year, In a h, field of thirty four starters, and f.-Mowed up her success w by wlrn eg the '.res' Yor'.shire Handicap, at IVn wier, j, the fi lowing year, as well as running BSOond for la the OaPoriwftch takes. still, the great oi ;?ct :D of Mr. i n Broeck'? amh lion a.ts the Goodwo."I C'>i?, and in 1?58 he sent over trom 11 here the celebrated bore n.arloalon to do bat * tie for l ine This horse bu I broken down bore oibcforc starting, and oonsc,uently lie bad no chance of co ccmpotisg with the flower nf Knglnh and Fret) h horses ei:(,ag?-d In the race, and he loot. In 1V>1, lie. Ten ^ Broeck tried szsia. ami although he could only obtain be third plate, jet he won the far rtcb<r prise, the Goodwood stake#, with Harke, be?,des crrying ofT the IVn tu tick Memorial tuk"i with the lame horse, and the rich ?P Vurs?ry with TVs year he had no Ws *b' than four bore* entered Tor the cup, Til, Cmpire, F> Starke, Satellite and ttptlmiit, and ai will be teen front "? the report of Uie race below, he only started Starke and ^ Optimist, reserving Umpire fbr the Ctr more impor Tl taut race, P Ia?c. aater St. Ieger. Starke at one lime * looked very promising n the race; hut he could not lire rf' the pace, hat ins b<wn obliged, in rotwe<pifncc of the laa- ?' niltty of hi* stable .om|>anion, Optimist, to m;.tu> iita own *ti rutin ng It tt 111 thua be s< en that Mr. Tin R oe i was peculiarly unfortunate r.inning second lor the Stewards' *n enp. thi Goodwood stakes and a sweepstakes and fourth lb for the Goodwood cup. JJ lhe following is a nummary of the racing ? ' oOODWOOO MAC?JTLT 21. 7' Ti e Stewards' Cup, value 300 sovereigns (hand.cap), hy **rr:pli >n ( 10 so-, ereigni > u li. w.u, 100 aid. d .roan ths race fund; the surplus to be paid In the winner in , specie, ibr three jeer olds and upwards (rieveuty niaa " subscribers ) V Lord Amies ley# Sweetssuce,hy Sweetmeat, 3 yrs., "st. Hh 1 ? Mr. H. T"n B-oeck's Magg.orr, 3 yrs., 4#t. 41b (osr Ost. 'J* 51b 2 1 Count F. d* Lagrang. Zouave, 0 yrs.. *?t. 6lb 3 ln Sir J. Haw ley s Cbuwba, 3 yrs., 5at. Idtb. (car. &st. 13 !T' lb 4 J J . Tbo following a'#0 ran:?Mutt Jul.a, Twilight. Fort a brss, King of the Forest, Toe Hover, Mootebello, In field, , Zitella, Lupellus, Kerlusion, A'logrs, I thinptan. King of *j? Diamonds. Oliver, Conjuror, Xtetanias, Reynard, General llesne. Man a'.Arms Gibraltar. Oman the, Spiccbo*. Lu- *1 cjr, Cecilia, Chr-re Atnie, Apolk>,f. by fyrrhui the First; N" Sneer, Her lliihaew, f. by Anrandale; Margery, Su- ' burban. VlroCay, Nartier us and l*ro vision. Won by J? three lengths ' I Sweepstake* of 10 sovereigns each; for 2 rear olds, 9rt , J'-' 31b.. three, 8st Tour. Set vb. tve, l u 13'b.; six and ' , 1 aged, Ost. M and f allowed 31b The winner to be So'd i , for .100 sovereigns, Ac Half a mile. tOtubtj Me I'ayoe's f. by Kingston, dum by Cowl?lAnercaet, i 'v! 2 years. ?<t. 31,1. (oar Ost Mb.) 1 ' Mr. R Ten Broeck ikivnrd. 2 rears. 6?t. 31b ...II:* Mr. M ndy'a Ma ta J ;nri, Ml Gib .1 ' _ Mr. 1 Am I s He ? ?ford, f yeom. Oat Jib 4 , * Mr. ; Hard * rPcila . 2 yearn, b-t. IU>..... i ' JtlT 2J ?The (.ooawnod (lake* of So adrrreljii# each, !. )u forfeit, and only 6 if uaclared, kc. the arcond to re " reirr 1M) .overt ign* from the utakri Tw o mile* and a half ( ? ?ub*rrlbern, 44 of wta?tn declared ) Mr <ilbt>? Walter* . by Malcolm, 3 year*. "*' 4 b. ( nr Tl 71b. ?*lra).. 1 Mr. R. Ten BrnecK > j'.u i;it*, 4 jenra, T.-t 2 Mr . Jior.ttc' ?, yeary, 6*1 3'b 3 I Mr. T Hughey'Flitch, 4 yeatO,Oft Cb 4 ?n Tbc followil?; air > ran ? Blue Jarket, ft.afarJ, Magnum, of Roval ovrrelfa, Arulaa* ba,CUIr", Cbooao.-ako, Pitman, gr* Kdmwtd K -an, Grid.r<>n, Tt> her, "blloinrla ana Keopto ha' law on by to 1 Ralelhte 3 to 1 aj[?n?lTa |i?r, jr\ 10 to 1 again-1 Wallior. IV lo 1 agatnet Avalanche 100 to an J -I a(-?la?i Clairr an I 1 itch, 30 |o 1 ?a ' a.-a oat V> >|a nptoiemr* and Grtdlr<>n, 26 V> I ? li agatn't Royal F b>a r an I .10 to 1 ira nat F/mnn t K'nt, 33 to m.<; I I eortorowna. 40 t-> I aya'.r.rt'l.wpa* ' They tot u,g iwny at the r.rat attempt, (.rt<tlr"n r I'hu.f to the froot aa for a- ttv Tay war dropped, and foil .?..>( Imn paa< llm yt itand were Hitch, Pitman aud feolonnma, rbe hat ttro prl ?etn? Wallace and Phltow la The lot to ? tlnaa order on wb naklng the turn out 01 the itritigbl. Grid,ran to I' gi rig cot in with the mutiny with l.w'.icr anil Klitch web lam <n . ) *1 latelllte being in tti r ck at tlieir lied* Ou rounding ?h ihe clomp r tman took re. rid place, and Grill'* bla reaaed bl? '.cad apwarria of bal* a 'loien lengtba fit- lbt nan and To bcr anoi afterwar.)* changed plana*, tin hal naklvg the ?at tern. Rate IU drew forward ao l Gridiron. by ulning rather Wide * ?>n 'IKapireared ha' dlite tben era <w>k no the rvannr with R >yal Sovereign. Hitch, Ciacec me ake. f.aapard, I .**! ,rnw na and Wallace in attendance. alin tt 1 he hair d.Han.c ? ?l"p v .1 :e ' the I cad. and cantarcd in Hie winner by at. length h*Va /?i rngth between the reeond and lb Ir.'t, a length bet a > o on. Ibe third and fourth ht* rm uoodWooo n r, jili to of' The Cup race wai i>ppo nted to t tkr plare at a <j iart?r mi> 0 four, and punctually to tbe time app. nted e ;bi com | tha wttUira aeer u.bled at the p,>?t. An. my-1 tl. aUrtcre ?** acre the 1'reiKh bred t.nrae* <. jet ire. the pro. erty ?f the Sar' n Ro4l#c|.i)d, and //?uaye, tie pr*n*rty <f t>e:ni r. per. te lacrange By th< way a belter general ainong-t oori ICngilak rti !rg m-n tbal // ?.e and . 1 l? rac* that run wh n ttte Onwrt 'e name b long to the I npertw >' ip dene, who, tie 1 w an id. at ii^. letea tbr part iall'y tor the iirf he ae prw lowed dor eg b a Wwrern wi tSrgiand. fiartie and fhdi Ira. r*t w#<n -fc" reff., in t 1 t'?? tp"*? hirare. >at* LD. ~ - - ?; PRICE TWO CENTS. "he betting at the close ?u remarkable for the great riplort conceded to Horror, who, when the Gag drop.ied, had he decided oaJJ of Starke. Both were beaten, and iba ace was won by ten lengths by Sweotaan-o, who haa bus carried oft tbo two great cui* of the meefnn, baring ion the Stewards' Cup After the race offers were made ) take ten to one about 8weetaauce for the St J -gtr. The Goodwood Cup, value 300 sovereigns, the rest id jeele, the seoood to receive 100 sort. out of the atakce. wo miles and a half. Forty two sobs ? nrd Annesley's Sweetsauce, by Swoetmeat, 3 years, 7 at. 7 lb 1 itron Rotbachlld's Guatate (bred in France), 3yeara, Oat 7 lb 2 ount F. do lagrange'a /ouave (brad in 1 ranee), 6 years, 8 st. 7 lb 3 lr R. Teu Hroeck'a Starke, 0 yoars, 8 St. 7 lb 4 01. Towtitiey 'g Butterfly, 3 years, T at. 3 lb S H'Shwaynun, 4 years, 8 st. 1 lb 0 pi. unrisue'g Horror, 3 years, 7 St. 7 lb 0 Ir. R Ton Brot..k'? optimist (brod in America), 3 yearn, 8 ?t. Tib 0 ISrUiny?2 to one against Horror, 6 to 2 against Stark*, to 2 against Butterfly, 8 tol against Swoeisauue. Butterly was first off, but on passing the stand Zouave took BO be running, with flustare, Optimist, and Highwayman est, Ssreetsauoe and Starke being tbe last two On apnoacbing the turn out of tbe straight Starke went through its horse an?l forced the pace because his stable com pan ion iptiimst was incapable of acioiiipliahing the t.??k, and l ing second and third were CusUve and Sweetsauco. hey had scarcely travelled a hundred yards, however, rhon Zouave bore bis colors in the van, and soon p it D Interval of a dozen lengths between himself and bis ursucrs, Gustavo going on second; Starke, Highwayman, lorror sud Optimist lyiig up at bis heels, and RutterUy ropping Into the extreme rear As they neared tbe clomp ustave te|<araled himself frotn the ruck by an interval f about a couple of lengths, and Zouave's lead began to imlnlah. Horror was, however, at tbe side of Gustavo 9 rounding the turn, but did not keep that p* silioa >ng, dropping behind 8tarke, who soon passed Gustavo, rsded Zouave, and In a few strides took p the routing. Headed by Zocave and Gustavo, the others, with tbe treptlon of Butterfly and Optlroiit, who w-re .n tbo ar, going on side by sido. Horror was in difficulty on iscendtng the hill, and Swcetsauco went up to Clarke, ho was b aton at the distance, Gustavo becoming ?e>nd. The race from that point was over, for Sweettuco cantered au ay from his opponents w ithout cn t-firt, aud won by ten lengths. Gustave finished two r.gtbs in advance of /.juave, at whose girths finished larke. BuUcifiy was fifth, and Highwayman, Borror ltd Optim at did not pros the post. The Maaiarrti la Syria. (Krom the London Times, July 25 | According to the last news from Syria. the Orus< f and [amnion Uavo come to an ugreetneui, which .s dignified y the name of a treaty of peaoe. (n other words, the larderers of Zahleh and Itamaacus, frightcurd by tbe ppearance of Kuropean vessels on the coast, and conclous that tbelr deeds would bring on tbem a speedy engeanoe from the Christian nations have refrained for ae present from the extermination of their opponents, ud are willing that ibeir own crimes should be forgot n. Such a conclusion of this history would, no doubt, e greatful to the Druses, to delinquwt nmmanders, and even to the Sublime Porte itself. ut It ta not likely that the Western Powers will crept icy such settlement of the affair. It !?, ideed, rather to much for the patience of Europe jat a savage and pagan tribe should t idderiy rm, gather round it all tbe wild and mischievous Spirts r a region, carry Oe and sword through pcacabU v.ilogos ir a Booth, and then, augmented toa large army, attack le ilrst rlty In Syria and 'laughter every Christ an they tuld iind. But it would be even mure provoking f theao teds of rufhana, when their bloody work has been done, old, by pretending to make p?aco with thatr vtctima, ert any < fti-ctual Interference, and leave tbe way open a renewal of the masaacrea next joar, or even next oath. What the meaning of a treaty of peace 'oetween Druses id llaronilea may be wc earned pretend to itelcrtUnd; at this, at leant, may be said, that it can g ve no aeirlty to byrla, and ought uot for a moment to check tho ction of the Christian Powers. Tbe war which has tiro aou ut is no longer coniined to the hills inhabited by liese tribes. The se< ne of the first n .ua.reg .n the ebanon, the villages at the f ut of lkrmon, s but a mall part oi tbe region which is now n a t'uwe. No onbt, Ihe fVuaoF were guilty of the <irst outbreak, and it l to be hoped that they will receive a fitting pot .si.roent. ut matte rs are long since out of tbeir hands They ailoiated wIth themaalvca Mussulmans of every kind in tbe rst outbreak, and though they, perhaps, were w.' to [.mine lb'' slaughter to Ui< ir rivals, their allies txin exntded tt toO-rlstlanu in general, act the Druses joined i all thai wis done Can ai y one hcliesc th^ a peace etwcea the two tacts inhabiting a moun'.a nrange can ave any 'fleet on tho peate ot tin Kant? It n w depends n the ditposition of tome hair dr/eti race*, d.aperac I rem the Mediterranean to tbe banks of tho ihphrates, nd we fear that th' whoh Mussulman population as bout to commence tho work of persecution. Al ?masons the help oi the M ssalmaua and tbe apathy of he Turkish ofltrlals die more tban tho fury of Hit Pruaen t?r tbedestruction if the Christiana. A'uppo a U real ned, and may by lliis ti.i have fallen, nod y t there rc there neither I kurort# tor Marooitee. Th '.'hr>t>at)S r the whi le region <i : of *yi;% ai rip-1 i.tgahke otni from the hands ot" Mali >n cdana among wh"tri tbey re; ti n Druses liare bo power In tboeo do-ureu, bjt, avlng begur. the war. It ? likely to > t: >nd to p'act* liere their are it known or detested. Wo can not lied li as/Stip;>r*t:d r< , n i.s.ibc rban'S' tribita reason for ds US'I! g i'r:.:cc? 1 >'cgud from making thnr appeal .mec n fyr<a, uxnctg a heavy TeugeaMM for what tas'be-n done, ud tak rg precttuiu ns against a rey-t.i on u tire 'tec. Ttese massacre* biW bocn abora every itng nna eiuci. TD'-re may be tho?o ho think tfcut they *rr<*c on.y from the /" 4* cf mo IN-*, both equally atvege nn't obaltn it", altl. i,gb oou lln-m aiitdt* the t!<- trine of Chnatiin ty if* are Dili-1:oil to dirvunt from thia view. Wo bo o I ta> thai c ihurva wore innfrurtiiiit* in the hand* of eurne Machiilliat I'aaha and that they were pro vailed .pun to atrk (! ir n< 'gbb. ra in order tliat the Mv*ulm.;n* m Ifbt ckcilcd lo a iteneral maeaarre; but we do ?iy that, acrding to all that ha* traapired concern lag then* evcta, efo has hen *o much complicity between the uon-Cbr!*m ra <? that the I>rn?<* ?-*it not to b< held e< i*ly ronoalble, and ttc Momlmaae acquitted. The vplrit hicb bae e- tendotl itaclf fur the l**t I'iroe yean through e country b*a beet one of bitter reacutrm-ol agaiuat the iiopeari Male* which h.ivr ?*vul Turkey, and of rpit* ;amrt tha fhrtrtlana. The Munrulmina hare been net (nbject to theae emotion*, and u m? party baa arned or the other It tr tha I>rnar who are the pupil*. ie war Ik o#M'Dttatl) one between th-s tan grot, religion* birh divide mankind, and unlets the Mov/mana now eetve a Icteoc the mara tere* of Bj Tie will aonti rocotnrncc, and follow the nmr cuurai a* th iee wh<ch have lined with blood other imrtlona of the empire The inta rfereoco of the Waaler!) liiwet a therefore aply J'Wtifled, nor do we regret to ree franc* enter upon e enlerpr ire w th her nana! encrjiy. Turkey baa abowo ir Inability to keep order in tbir province, from which chemet All war driven by Coghah arm* t u.'y twenty art ago The State* which apxil the Cnnvaniio* of 40, and thow alao which took part .0 the ratio* of 1*60. are reepnealtle for the well t-mg the reglvn which on the firmer or-'V'Wi they inrferrcd to T irkieh authority, ant which four year* 0 tbey agreed to c arantaie to the Sultan, bgather with e r<Tt of hi* dominion* Wtu n Phr..?tlana were put to alb under the ?tee of the Turk i*b Kalmakane. and wbeo nr arm* were rarried>way byfirjeroi Turkieh Itvoeni, la high lima to intrrpuee. Turkey baa ao much to do other quarter*, and la *o ale in ber movement*, that th the Wat Inteationa alie would be ueable to do much, ance i* accordingly about to ? nd a body of troop* to t ro*M, ai.<t Ki gland will on ><pi rale by ??a 1 may be at the k now leer c of theae I?ct* will attr up the Porte more than metal r*ergy. and that Sua t Poaha will enavor to bring thinga into order before tbe omb nej ndroi.a commence operation!. Tbe new* of peaoe tug e*tat>ll?hrd between the two tribe* aeeea* rwive tn tbi* direction But F 'ope I* not I'kelr be im|io*ed uncn by any *u< b aballow artifice* It will the duty of fliriRtlftn natiuue to oocup) *och* of p enact a* will compel the Uuw 'man ' a** of U>o "oun1 to recogm e the nocewtty of keeping tlieif fhnaticiam Ih'n bound* It will al*o be their duty lo .aa:?t that Porte a ha) I pun mh the rbiafa and their accomplice*, <n though feme of the cntpr'u are t-. be found in tbe tan a own arm v. The pehl ual arrang menta by which *e end* arc to be attain*)! appear lo u* of inferior im tar^c It i .( ) idedly Vlviaaui- to treat lb" T rftc ?a nvrrnment Indejwndeui and equal wdh o ir own, and re-py the country only under a convuati >n with that *rr b it, If ich ao arrai ; > nent arnd be male. >n UH tiaaf t a* d r"V'N fpcttdi l r"t ?n fid *t once to th"* hnrrcrt. rtcm. ."row U?* lot. don Cbroi ele. Jot* i* 1 t *u 11Art)I v to be .1 that .bo f'ri.oe of W*m Hd confine bin tour la North America to t'ifl loo, i on* hi* royal Mother, and, alrr.uly at tba bordera t f tha at republic who?" ctti/ena pro, ferae cordaUa weiicmr. rodent*'! hlmaetf the pnH nod p>aurre to ha fminri a r'ait to It* treat centre* of nd iatnr and iBtelllw but It i* n.oot aatiaiactory t< bar* ao rratlfyiod awuratreof bta intention u that cnota aed n bar jettyn latter to Mr Thichanan We -at -oata rnrtr Illy the r*h?o of Una royal pmfr m throoyh ' aoada I the a ibr Kitomoa, rnwl*ia?, aa it anuol d?. iba leal ; of attai hni'tt to the mother oootry and drowning, th' moment at leaat, in that one acrnm-wit, tba looal Itnrlr til. h hare at timee proved an dttaetr >?. Tba ore will b tba rcfwwoutire of I be cordial wfereet leb tba n oOier r,,.intry lahee In lb? ..rooper'ty of tb? mew an,' lyi iy the tin-on wl -h hind* tp?wthey ao 'tn< D.oiiaU' ton widely itip?wtu? and nattered r eaten 0 make Of Um raat afcfi" of Rrlttah nnbjecta. Rat ti?i| to the Vniled tt*?ea ban a niftier import Whan heir to tha nritiah rrnwo vialu, amhlat the appro noe of both propter, tha rrrnldanl of tha Plat* formed the on Ian ?la who threw , n the yoke of hm freat mlMhcr. ha **ta tba anal to that cordial r?r<mat 1#nt * hi, li a beet: gradanhr. n it irely, growing ap ra Iba rrerif DlttnQ of tba ir in.h ponder -a ndard, if it rw pnraA-n- I tm or* "Va' d tear?' dc? nvtwutt hfween J)>, ,?/ *?/,* f fMflund new thttn Mary* '*t? tvafrg ?? ! Am*rtcrn rdna.ra ml any 'lot' a"*"*'" tn fbe tarmlUn of ln-lrp*mi*m ?. There w*a l ane comnily ef ntarMt or trel ng at any per?od o 1 fr local lirtthTT Tha IntatrettJa were, mda?*d, .me-d ta> ha aoUaonatle. The mother country treated felonlr? a* ao many nothing farm* from whiadt a ill ??? to he drawn, aad regolaled their commerce nr 111 * to the ami,meal intrreaie of th* home merchant#: Unt the '-electa were alwaya ncmtewatiM ag*ln"t tfcnao ?t lawa, or the arh'trarr proaeadtofa of royal or pro tary r eernaw* There wi* noaapwralirely b it little la, ami, fhom t?e titan innt myntta. * ' 1 Mia reaeirat T- earaa. irm mlam nt? were dap-r.iantn, ? mpalM