Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1860 Page 1
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Til V | " "" WHOLE NO. 8739. HEWS FROM MEXICO. Imnuatf Ike Clergy?Areata* ! >> rw-ldkti t? Ichm ft*, ftt* U? m* City tf Mexico CorreeyomOe*?? Mexico, July it, 1m0. i||illii i/fjke Lt?er?Jj?-t Uader Wantsd?Feart qf a JNiinf in the Captial?Rowilyinn?Drituh InoontitIwry Vqt ^.'am?A? Cferpy rartp?The BroOlert Cuetm-M'empted Literal Smuto-Propoetd KeprttaXJor the Ftecal Loam?Mir anion 9tU1 at Laget?Conumfort't PrifjA !*? Omductao? The Road to Vera Out? Lj/ncA mg a Tout>o I.-ishnicn, <fe., <tc. I We are here all flustered and cob raped by the report! ecmmg open OB trc tn ail sides. There can now be no fcill but constitutional bar.Ua are approaching from all patera cf the compass, but their waul of a good general tender, and the infamous acts committed by some of them, create great alarm .n this plate. Ilia alarm is made the grantor by daily desertion of troops from this place, and M is feared that if a row should commence the poorly paid aeldiera would join the mob in sacking this city. A rumor arrived last night that a largo ootton factory at MJaaOores was threatened with destruction by aomo rewdies belonging to the constitutional party. This factory belongs to a family of Central Americans, one or two ai the members of which have been made British subjects lor speculative purposes, to cover with British protection at me of their dirty speculations with the Mexican government. This fkmtly of Central Americans are the deadly enemies of the constitutional party and the violent supporters sfths clergy, and by means of their British protection have managed so fkr to keep out of trouble. Some rather amannerty fellows belonging to the constitutional party, who have really been driven to desperation by the annoyance they hive received from the owners of the factory, have determined to destroy the factory, an4 thus ri<t themselves of a great beetey! this thrNii uat boon reported !? bhe Brltilft Lo- > gation, which is forced to notice it by semilog a despatch to Vera Cruz demanding protection for the factory as bglish property. It is a shame and disgrace that iCngtend treats her own natural subjects in Mexico with so mach contempt and neglect, while she goes to so much trouble to help along unprincipled foreigners who have purchased Brtllih protection. Considerable talk is going on here amongst the capitalists and the clergy government people. It is pretty well agreed that Miramon must bs dropped. Ths brothers Coevas are looked to to supply the want, and 1 think, If the capitalist and clergy officials dare, they will namo one of those brothers rresident. They are still afraid of Miramon; but should he do nothing tor himself in tbo ucxt two weeks, this fear must he greatly diminished, if cot completely removed. Pache I so. who la determ.ned to favor the clergy party, on; nnaa objections to Miramon, la reported to favor the nomination of Cncvse. The great chance for the fkiiure of tbeso people In turning out Miramon and patting in Cuevot is, that the garrison will all desert to the liberals, which circumstance will leave the clergy wireworkera in a bad fix. A few night! ago the liberals came very near carrying movement out successfully. They had favored a movement for kliramcn as Dictator, with the view of getting up a clamor and dividing the cries in favor of the constitution of 1817. Aureliano ^ras sent for and presented hiamelf st one of the garila*. Something, however, went wrong, and Aureliano's presence created great alarm. The gaten bare ad since been carefully watched. A great many persons have been thrown In prison an l some have been put to tortures to extract conlessiocs from them. Lagarde, the Chief of Police, has played the fiend In all the present civil war, and it is to be hoped be will not he forgotlgn when the day of retribution does arrive. Mr. Hathcw has proposed to embargo the private property of Muttcz Ledu, Diaz, Hiram jo, and other members of the e'ergy government, to cover tho reclamations of Englishmen ana Americans for the heavy forced loans exacted of thorn since the diplomatic tuxty agreed that "no general government exists in tho capital.'' He says that the non existence of a recognized government makes thane farced loans spoliations by force and violence, with out any show or legality, and therefore the persons exactfag them without law are personally responsible. As these forced loans are cbierty put on to All the pockets of the members cf the clergy government, this threat will likely taro the effect of stopping further molestation of toro%ners far the present. Mlmmon still remained at Ihgos at last dates, amusing himself with cocks and hulls. He had only got together MM men. Tho federal farces, although strong, ucar at hand, do not seem disposed to oner battle. rumors about Comonlurt are on the increase. Al- I thongh most of the constitutional cMafs see that Juarez IS not tno man far the place, Mill circumstance has put L turn jsto it uJ Cimuufurt out or il. Juat>- has been I eeatfetOLt, While Comonl'orl bus bco .n >11* stent. so '. ! aotWlUataniirg Comoofort is m-teh the more desirable ptmt at the present time, still, for consistency's tuke, the majority of tbe liberal! will refuse to join him, union it be to eii-upe from a greater evil. It if a great pity Oomonfcrt will not lend bin eword to the oaoee tnr a time, in order that he may rtea to power later In the day A coadueta loft Cuanaioalo Ibr Taeapico on the 8th, and Ifewr te talk of one from hero fbr Vera Croi. The tin ana Jmea oewducu took orer one million of dollare; and it the oen In ate go from here. It will take off at leait two mil ewe, ana perbape four. I doubt, however, if It will got oft The ratee paid for the interior duties ea the Guanajuato convoy were eight per cent to Wramcn, and three per oent te the liberals. AAA to tkj Ms per cent more which the money will be forced to pay. and you have a pretty round tax spaa the exportation of money from the interior of Mexlco. When such exaction* as these are made can nay one weader that smuggling should bo attempted. Ike road between heru and Verm Crux is in a most horrible state With one single exception in the last two men the, the stages between here and Puebla have been robbed every nay, sometimes sa often an Ave and six A yonng man named Henry J. Owens (his mother's ?-*? name being Lynch), shot h.mself in the diligence near Perots, on the 7U> last. Mr. Oweae, or, ne be someUmee ealled bimnclf, Lynch, was on hie way to this capital. He had on hie person tetters of Introduction to seremi Mexican generals, all reooasmendiag h m highly as a gatfeot yonng man. ambitioue to take eervtoe in the Hex! caaarmy. Mr. Owens was evidently en Irishman. but had lived some time in Madrid. All hit papers define him an a yonng man of good education and respectable pewtuen, but a person who had been disappointed, and IfctWfce diapuaUsJ with urt>. He not L:m*ir iBrmign tba hurt u4 ditd instantly. Bla body waa rttumoJ banal at Parow, and now I Ma dtpssttad la UM dMsfe flraal af Km caatlo. fir Vars Can Cwariayawdaiaea. Vau Oar a, Jaly SI, 1M0. A^/ab of PmcI and ITar? IV tyaafc* IniervtnUm Ammm y (h< 7W PaiUti rnftfrw?/ fta dnadaa Ofam tf tto BUkrf tf faadal^tra?/udoaya fM on law dawrfaoia mbi Iowa! InteUifcnct?SMpfuq JKrao,de. Wo ara at praaaat amowod byat MIm iatsratiag Tig: pnQ| if^otitiioti and (1M baps %oattta ibtooioo. n would ba diwcuit to ? wbteb or tba two eoataiaa UM grntw ?j of boob. Tba IMaaar la a abaaa, baaaoaa It ooataiaa laapaaatbla Mai, aad ad to tba Mtar, all tba world kaowa protty wait, aad Ppaln pnrHooJarty wall, Mat tba daaUay ?T Cabowwaldbaoaated tba naaaeat IMyaaa latarraattoa mmm la ba attawptxt la MtHoo. sun tfeara ara wtoaaern wba da eoataad that a eowblaad Vraach aad <^paniab M win aoMmbla bcra to tbraa or four Months, to oo opsrata with Maatsr WraMoa, who la aapaatad to mom dowa to ea)ey fe!? fell ehootlet ?? abevt that lime I w 11 oaly 44 that becoming prvparatioaa we being made for Us reaapt**Tbi ww la the WorMr 44 pnpM| tarty With ite atogta exoepl.oa of the repute of rraga, at <iuada^jara, lUtilii w 1thai! terooftor style tte rooci tow WW iwi At otter teat, tte whlgs (< U* literal! or ooaatlta Uaaaltee.) w patriate, aft oar to bar* bora geamaUy fcr teaala la Itelr operatloca. Here 4a lift of MaU which n' aalat bare booa oeSored by the toriw withia tea tea watte:? Defeat ef Naldes, laCoroailla, Mbljtt m?, tad tlx (MM of La Toga, at Low* Alto, loaa 8Ate ram aad itete^y.|hny MUM IWteal of Leuada, aoar Topic; tea 1,000 tare aad alt IWteal of OaMarad and Loaada, ia Santiago lacaiaUa; fcte 8,000 mm mitwo're gone. Dalbat u| Vkaulo, la CuuaaaaU. low 100 aaoa and 0ro frftatornaalm, aroaorlao; towlAOOinraaadtoa j Total tote at the tones la billed, wooadad, dispersed, > daawted aad teconmvetod with too wbif roako, 10,000 . MB; te?bl<-h eAl tlttytbree field pieces otfHered. Ratter formidable a?qn?. bat they ore ate much r\ ' agwevetort. Wtea yea add to tbfa the teaoa ea the otter < QTe, aad the hxodredo of private waawiebllnor, tte I mwaawry "acnrtlce of robber*?of whom aaw 100 hare mm ' pelleted at" la tte valley of PoebU alnao. taw ' eamwer-ee 4m mey be termed of the atoto of entire -a ? tte atovtor roaeraJly. Wearo ihirmed Uittlflromoe .aetdl ,a lagoe?otowa ] w-deay teiwere f.wittojara and Met too?? ia rather e 1 mne'l ifcrer. witfnf moeey aad rum tea Mm tte < eay-tav At aotb n| very nvwat tea ret toed rm ftem ' rtaedaiatrt, there is an unoartelnty as to tte atovawatf 1 of fl*oxoo. m tb hid powerful amy of coteitotloaiUato. rt te, tberr- >r~, rorrrftta that bo baa left hie eatreaobed ' eawp at/hfola Tte teeh'.p of i. 'tdalajate, Fwrlaree. tea beet cap- i tared by tte eb it, tod t * ensjrctnred the other party * wMaattegiad to rrdoem b.m by rutt.n# the gaUeat teraga at ! terty. n>4 would bearerrtelr escbaag*. watch, everybody will ed?r t "0 "Bo robbery ' dftaga ao ? tvdwrro. ?, jn.ltyr*.acf to teat , E NE wicked young scamp, Mtramon, who irwx htm with great severity, feeding htm, it it Mid, upon nothing but beans, which moat give poor ZakMga t rather mdiilerent stomach for horoto deeds, experience proving that beans, m u article at diet, era uur from being conducive to the "dtytne afflatus." Such being the picture of aflkira in thia unhappy country, it la naming atrange that the common tale root of humanity should not uauaa the United Statee government to lblerjMM aa the great mediator and pacificator?I mean eren that lntoreat which begins si home, tor it will sureiy not prove very advantageous to the people of the United States to pom ma in her nearest neighbor the moat hope letaly disorganized nation upon earth. Without aom* very great alteration even in the mode of conducting civil war. there ia no predicting to whs: extremes the present tendencies of sOobe may lead. Your correspondent would particularly caution citizens of the United mates, of a martial disposition, to avoid committing the egregious folly of coming to thia country in search of military glory. It is reaDy pitiable to see t ?1 erably respectable men thus deluding themselves with foolish hopes of cash and oouiueat. It is a species of in- I sanity that should be reetratned Willi a straight jacket and a diet of bread and water, though it must be said the Twnnra raffinum nKnw<? nlltulnrl Ia noomn ?? Wbm m waww ? bolesome effect la curing su?h cum, if one may be per milted to judge fnm lbo MM eMMi of deeply disgusted gentlemen of military turn that one aeoe loafing and sponging about Ibis place, cursing ''the d?d I l easers,'' borrowing money from anybody weak nnougb to lend it to them, and victimising somo unfortunate skipper or other for a passage home to the United Stales. 01 local nee a there is nothing worth reporting, and cannot even give you extracts of that character from the newspapers, for the local is a feature unknown to Mexican Journalism. The weethor continues hot, but by no mesne unwholesome for Vera Cruz. We have, 01' course, a quantum u\f. of Tomtto; hut it is confined to the city?does not os tend even to the shipping, and is, as is well known, not contagious. Since the departure of the Brooklyn, with Mr. M.-Taae on board. we have the Savannah. bearing the broad pennant of Admiral .iarris, the Pocahontas and the Fnppiy, all fast anchored off <.recn Island, some five miles from the town. The Spanish dag ship Berenguela arrived tlrom Havana a day or two since, with important despatches, it Is said, for the 8pariah Minister at Mexico, which were hurried up to b;m by "pony express. " Oar Monterey Correspondence. MoymtEv, July 13, I960. Ampnterrft Rtvefution in -Vcw Lion?Hit Defeat by Qui'<gu?Coj' ii'i Adcame?His Rdreal on CUihuaMua? Fidaurri; Strength- Celebration 0/ !\e F.?irlh rf July? l\'tnt>nin?Commendable Conduct of Vtdaurri?The BLKip of Guadalajara and Others Captured by Caroajal?Frnpoied Exchange of L'raga. etc., ?fc. As 1 informed yon In my last, civil war bad broken out at Galium, In the southern part of this State, cxGovernor Arramberri having proclaimed the banner of the clergy and raised some three hundred men, aided by some of the disaffected officers of Yldaurri. So sooo as tho prcncun-cmcnt was known officially, Governor Vidaurrl appointed Zuazua general in chief of the forces of this State, and the most active and energetic steps were immediately taken to quell this worst of all evils. General Zuazua immediately sent some three hundred men, armed with Sharp's rifles and Colt's pistols, under the command ! or the famous Colonel Qulrogn, who on arrival made a complete of this band of outlaws by taking several prisoners, arms, ammunition, to , \c., the leaders having made their rapid escape to the mountains, where they will be pursued vigorously, and It is to be hoped , that this ambltloi-.a demagogue will meet his dues and i suiter the penally of his crimes. When Ignorant and | COirtrrflr dngtinla tliii it is a n??w ?K? thai. ' ? " ? - J -iv, <? IB N K1*/ *"VU taw uvea uv/fc ; die wiiti them, becauee the taint of despotism in their ' 1 blcodisiilce insanity, and you can never know when tt 1 will i iray itself. I Arrambcrri and his few deluded followers had pro- 1 nounced for the clergy party, and in direct corabinat.oo i with the notorious Cajen, a Spaniard, who committed such ! atrocious acts in Parail and Durango. Be attempted at I 1 the eame time to enter the western part of this State, hut I 1 encountered such strong opposition in rarris that he has I since retreated towards Chihuahua. God help the last plaee if they a'low him to enter. General '/uatua has now underarms some 3,000 men, well srmed and equipped, and theic will serve to tran- 1 qutll/e the State completely, should any reactionary force attempt to invade us, as well also to oppoae any measure that General Degoilodo may attempt against this Stale. \ .Jaurn is now stiooger than ever, and wiil eoou die tate terms to tne fallen Juarez govcinra.uit, as well as the reactionary Hlramon. The glorious Fourth passed oil" as usual, Cooeral VIdaurri ordering the usual aalute to the American flag In tvranitfinuralion and honor of tho 'lay. The banquet prepared by Consul Walsh to receive the Governor and hU "1217 was thinly attended, there being only one distinguished personage present. Noticing this, be retired to the houee of J. P. stolons, ! sq , where a a.imcrocs company of Amerieaas and foreigners genors'ly wrre a*ecmhie<t to celebrate our national fest.val. Rich wmr and sparkling <hami>agne producing the u-ua! mcrr i men 1. 1 oar la and epeechce worn made, and tha day passed oft aa vail aa could be expected, nolwitkeavading I be absence the Consul Tbe uumber of Daiivs nod uat;.mllze?l c.t.zeus resident here is over ttfty, and -mly one diat.nguo-Ued personage paid the hor.ora of Uic day to Coesul d'slati. A conduct.i arrived from Min I nig and '/.aoaWas a few daj> siace. amounting to tome >134,000. and was detained by Governor Vi Jaurrl, from b a having Intercepted a cornspoudence between Arramberrt and tbe notorious Corttnai, the former calling on Cortinas to aid htm in tbe overthrow ?l Yldhurri, and to sieze npoa any conda ta that would leave tbla place for Uatamorvs. In fhet, th i lame Cortlnaa bad a party of banditti stationed near Ch ne, bat marauding grounda, for thi* very purpose This at leaet mertta tbe b-gbeet commendation on the part of General \ Waurri, aa thia plain.y demonstrate* that he i? determ -M to protect and secure, not only aa own Interests, but those of Ibretgaera. Carvqjal. at a place called Magna, took pr soeer tha Bdbopof jauatayira and four high deaconr, salting of lliramoo lb# ransom of I rags; if not . be would shoot the bishop, and placed a One on the deacons of one hundred thousand dollars. It only . ema.M to be seen what ooadl- : lions the great ipamab diplomat makes with Mlramon. Kornmrr. July 3d 1Mb. AH ?uM in .Vne L*n-So Cwii Wac- IFkal Mi?ht Uaot j Ilappentf?Ex/ml lion a Xem York Merchant far la- . proper Inkiftrtrnt?Serieut CAerpti .tgeintf Him?Car- , vpjoi A/fcin? Hurler and PHtage?HorrMe Atredtim ; Drjeet *J the l&treU al OiAuaAttn Cejm in Poumtien <f the CVty?CWuo'ee?CenUen to Xtm York MtreAanU, j 4c., 4c. Peace, quiet and order reign throughout the ?Ute , A btlie approheniian waa for a few day* felt by tha op- j proach of Cajen, with twe tbouaand rewctiowariee, but , such prompt and decisive wMaaerea ware taken by VI- j daurri and Zoazua to repel the threatened invasion, that all anxiety waa at once allayed by the prudent withdrawal of Oajsn from thia vieUily. Vbe reaaaaat ?f Arraoa- borr'a mea waia^ccnaaniad in tha mwialna and j we shall probebly beer *o mere of them, uaJda* caught bf ; Ytdaarrls troops. vtdaum and /uaaaa will leave to morrow for tha Mortar with some 2,444 mea, wall araaadand equipped, and with a bauory of tlx pi rem, two of them being rifled lately purchased in tbe Vetted SMMh We akntl doubt' leva bear e good eeceunt of Ihetr epeiwllBUi ia a shaft tias. Their dcstiaatioa is Ian Lais, sad as tha maai) I bead of rerelutioulota la pasted on the rente they will 1 oca extinguish that little spark or dlaoord and pan en to g thrlr place of deatlaat ion. There la oo doubt that thia . revolt bar Wn fomented by tha rJwn amy of this " Mate, and that eeneua trouble might fieri oanaed 1 b'tt for the dc'alve measure taken by Ytdaurrt i sad 7nana to repress II. ft baa been discovered that en Aamricee. of a late firm of New York and Monte- * rev. has been verv active id ba eflorta for that melv. i furnishing them with In format ion, arma n4 amtmmltiqa. i u4 InrltTag iham to mred* Ike me. Ha haa kaaff ? . polled from the .?ta*e an ar?ouat of kit complicity with I 3 the reactionary party, and aiaoahla damn-tore further ! b drralopeatmta hare Ui mad* ahowtag n grant crtmt- 1, ?L A large qoaatiy af anna end aanaaattin* ma ' . arreted at ha hacienda, a akort dtaaaaoa Dram th* , * city, an alao hi* oorraapandanc* with Orion aad other I a leading mrtionarlaa. Among atkar thing* it waa ; ?i fonad that ka had amagftad mm mjm ! la baTllaa ont af Iba Mate witbaat partag tha ragaMta dottaa la aneh caaaa tka law ta that tha wMo amount I I hall bt ooatacated aad a tea equal to tha prlmltlr* I c aatonat ahall be paid. Thia will hrtag tha aaaoaat up to | tl?,000 Tha roaaraaaat haa aery praparty, la rlaw of thaar operatieno, coalmtad tia,Mg of Hirer oota which I b be happened lo harAt tha OhataarHanaa, aatf are no* proceeding to taka poooemion of all kbt ahbcla. alao baring rent cllatloaa wall tha iatarlor towaa to hare him returned aa a Rata prl -oner. r Tha aawa from tka interior la that Car raj al. of Rio , . tlraade celohrity, had taken aad plllagad the largo town at city of Ctkraa. aaar Uaaaajaaio, committing live moot ! a itmrKma acta of barkartaai, aad ratbrad noon the ap- ' ? proarh of Wlnmea, who too* pamaaatea af both place* n ith about t.toa Mf*. Ilia Mated Mat Uie/rirew?Mn of m "erarejal ta Cikma equal tkaaa af Cajea, or any other li :Wgy ohlaf. ft We laarn, alao. that Ohjaa. altar retiring from thla Rata, [Horeadad to Chiaaahae aad deftated tha liberal force*, u md ooaaaouaaWy taak auammlua of that popnlona city. Jod help Ike poor people who fhll into the band* of tuch in outlaw OathawMa, therefore, the liberate aeen> to M lie loatag around; hot aa yon know, aal mora parttmarty la Mexico, tha fortune* ot war may aoon agala i^Uff. C< A (arge roodneu will Kara ia a few daya for Browne- o nil*, aa<l email one* are laarlng *Tery day Tbe amount Jtpjrled tho month will exceed aoma goQO.OOO. | b, ?frW?sPAPKn ACCOUNT*. I i TV' Prowae*. :ita rhtp roaamanM at 'ewt'h ,yn ibo mora- I n Ota, T ?'?<rrt,i-tyyaraor tf tha tUtflf vl JfatTO J t w yo SUNDAY MORNING, loon and Ooahuila, which, it thtaas, in not wry well ! understood. It up;? He was elected, as moot of oar reader* are aware, be I the Coo free*, the people ha vine failed to elect, although out of a rote of about nineteen thousand, divided between never aJ Candida tee, be received over eight thousand. A diss lection baa, however, rrown up; a portion of Oanireee hare declared against him, and are taking measures to drive bin from the country. Gov. Vidaurrl baa of late been pursuiBf a course with respect to specie passing through Monterey for this point, that will be regarded as a lingular sort sf patriotism by people on this side of the Rio Grande. The owners and consignees are told that the Governor ts>r opinion that the roads between Monterey and Brownsville are unsafe, that there it danger, that the oonduotaa will be robbed if they are allowed to proceed, and in oonaequenoe of bis great regard tor them and their Interesis,be orders the fluids to be securely deposited in the Custom Hoose, muring the unfortunate owners that as soon as the reads are sare they shall be permitted to proceed with their money. The legal duties upon specie are two per eent m the State where produced, and fbur per cent at the po ut where reported. Governor Vidaurrl, however, does not recognise the oer I Ideates of pay mac t given in the Mate where the specie was produced, and collects that duty again at Monterey. Besides ibis, be also, by a private understanding with the Mate of Thmaulipst, collects the Tour per cent exportation duly, which is only dee at the point where the money is exported, making a total duty of eight per cert instead of six. This burden, large as It W, is comparatively trifling when compared with the | rorced deposits, which of oourse turd Uw elteiot of driving the specie that would naturally seek an outlet here to Tumpioo, a route both tedious and insnnvonieut. It Is a fact beyond? the possibility of dispute that this la tbo natural cause if trade, the gate of all Northern and Central Hex 100, her importations will come here, and the vast wealth or her inexhaustible stores of silver and lead must snrk an outlet here, and every one who has an Interest in the ltio Grands is of coarse anxious to see that country in a state of quiet once more. If not through motives of humanity, the commerce of the world demands that Mexican ailairs should be settled upon a basis that would insure the protection cf our commercial transactions with the people of that country. The same paper bas heard that Mtramon'g sudden return to Mexico waa in obedience to "a despatch from the representatives cf the Kogllsh and i'reneh vovnrnmnnta requesting him to hold an interview with them at the I It adds;? What results this Interview may bring forth it ts d'.ffl- 1 cult to tell at present. It is tmted, however, that there is a probability that an attempt will be made to make ihc government of Mexico a i .onar>.htai one, and put Mlrsmon at Its bead as Kroporor There is evidently something or moment on foot; the Car-seems eye of Mapcfieon in. is not closed to the advantages which he may derive from such a government under his influence and control, and since the United States have failed to take any action on Mexican matters, the establishment of a mnnarihtal government in the -outhern portion or North America, under the protection of England and France, is by no manna improbable. TELEGRAPHIC. N Nsw Orixa.vs, August lb, I860. I-erdo Tejada writes that the constitutional government has certain intelligence that the Spanish government ts fitting out an expedition te give moral support to Miramon'3 third ripediliou against Vers Crux. Shlpbslldlsg. A VISIT TO TBI SHIPYARDS AT ORKINPOINT AND WILLI A MP EURO. Our reporter yesterday paid a visit to the shipyards on the Long Island aide of lha Last river, and Ibund thorn characterized by a busy, active stir, equal to if not ;Tsatcr than that ,n New York. 1 The first yard visited was that of 1 a. niam*, foot or ^trsst, of which, at one time, the lamented George Steers was ' part proprietor. Tie keel of a (beautiful side wheel 1 ibamer has just been laid here tor Mr. Dickinson, of 1 Jersey City, Intended to run in conjunction with the Flo- 1 rids Railroad along the Gulf Coast between Cedar Keys and 1 New Orleans. She will be 385 feet In length, 371J fcot ' beam and 13 fest depth of bold, '-'he will be 1,360 tons ' burthen, and will be launched about tbs 1st of Nuvembor j text. as socn as the space hi the yard will permit, Mr Steers 1 will also commence tbo building of two schooners and a < ' yacht. The construction of another steamer, somewhat j 1 traded tor. The business at this yurd is Tory br'aic, and ' for tbo work can witb difficulty bo ob- ' tamed. wiuB A3iT> HU, i oot it? a n ?nr, have upon tue etooke, and in rapid courso of completion, a brig of JuO tons bur then, for J. AN. Smith & Co., to run between New York, the Weal Indies and the ports along tbo Gulf, In the Southern trade. Sbe It 117 tost In length, 27 feet beam and feet depth of bold, and witl M launched in the earl \ part of next monlM. II- r coat will be. when completed, about $ JO,000. A^and/Hook pilot boat, of 90 tons burthen, very pretty model, ia al*o being built for the New York Pilot .'ompoBT. to be called the Isaac Webb, and commanded >y Capta.n Augustus Van Pelt. 9hO is 70 fbet in lragtb, feet breadth of beam an I 7 f feet depth of hold, and till be launched in the latter pad of September. Bar wst will be aboat 08 ,.'00. One of three Terry boats?similar to those on the HoKiken ferry?to ply in the bay at Bio Janeiro, Sooth tmcnca. has just been commenced for Or. Raney, of * bat plaoe. The building of the ethers will begin as soon is the work at present in the yard Is got through with. ; rwoofthe bonU will be 1J0 feet ta length, 38'i fbet >rcadlh of beam and 10 , feet depth of hold. The renaIcing one will be lit feel id length, Jilt bet la breadth and 9\i fbet depth of hold. They will ?cb be 300 tons burthen, cont OSS,OH. Their launch fill tike place dwinf the Cell. 1 id mm art employed la hhyard. a. unoj, root o? r liwi, \ ua launched withiaa few dejn a bark of 500 tone, in? ' ended to ran on tfomy'a Una of packeta between Now j Fork tad Gal tattoo. end other loath am porta where . t eight and cargoes may be obtained. Ae la 134 feet la eogtb, 31 feet beam end 12;? feat depth of bald. A dopleats ef this rmeei la to be oomaecaoed ahoruy. Thia rud giret employment to ea ertrege of about 75 ?~a. mat exec en eap aowture, twin* mat, tare upoa the stocks a large aide-wheel eteaaeboat of \jm toaa hnrthaa, mate te the Dm Qty, and ta. leaded to ma la aoajaaelloa with that boat upoa ha New Taeft aad New Harem Una. Ae will b, aaaebed aheat the Ire! of Deocmber, and plaoed apoa eerroata ahead the tratef J one east. Her length 0 MO (bat, broadUk tt beam 20 feat aad depth of heU U bet > The boOdlag of twa more eteaaeboata of 1,340 tone baa ?J deo beea omameaeod. They are (or the Norwich aad * S'aw Tart Steam MarigaUoo Ooaapaay, to raa la eeajaao- ,, :1m with th? Norwich aad WorMrtw Railroad, and will < MSN ?MtM Jawgth, 3T feet la breadth aad 12* (Mt Jboy wM ho liiiachad >MI the middle aC At hml *i m iroa propeller, with Mrlraaow'a hot air ewh*, aad of 9M mm burthM, baa joet bOM laid. She rtD b^X3t fret Voaf i S3 Ibet wt4a, 6 Mot depth of haM and ohooMr rl;gad, aad U built for Meaare. rcmal Brothara i Co., to rn between Hex Mo ut Cuba, la tha cattia rod* Her launch win take place la September. About i ctcb hundred mtu arc engaged la thla yard. oni unacs *yn wrutt, iomu rrrrw man, v&- i r tltHHMi are npoa the clock* aad aaarly completed a eteamer or ?0 toM, Mr tha "panah corrrament, tateadod for tawng purpoeee la tha harbor of Barman, aha la 100 (bat M ? eagth, twentx four feet breadth of beam, aad ataa and A half Met depth of bold. 3ha wtU ba lauachad la about p month. Tbeareragwjaumber of ampl y* engaged at T bia yard la tanaty lw. fe At tha rardi of Mini a. J. Saooaoa, WUliameburg, 0 ). Burtt?. Rod Book, aad tha Atlantic Maria* Railway A ompaay, at AtlaatM IMch, to wort of any import one# u I progreaaiag. Tha repairing of old reaatla haa b?? M een found more protitable than tha building of new owee, p od la conaeqnance so new work baa been nought fbr. u

The ahtpballdlag trade, aa it wtU bo com by the for*- n Ding report*, ba* rerirod with aa netirlly that prom taw ti vuw tbe parallel of which baa not bow wllacmad ,h ithtn Qt* yean. It la certainty the harbinger ef a moat u ueplcloua aad proaperooa fall buaiaoae.ito wtleh tha ae ireat of a lire prince amnwgnt ua will gin an additional re apotde, an that our merchant* aad tradeoman may look ?, ewmrd to a rich barvewt of profile la tb? eoming aw- w .ma. . .? p? Car#* r* New F-sguxs ?A corraapondeat at NookBeld iyi:?11 Many farmer* hara already Oniabad haying, aad ih?n are hard at the work. Tha crop of hay la Warwter county ia decidedly heavy and of good qnaltty. Al ala, rye, barley and wheat are falling under the hnoda ^ r reaper*, aad are better than ueual. Cora la backward, at warm weather win lanre a Mr crop. Apple* rarely rer appeared better. Tbey are fair ind abi.ndaot The ft row leg crone la the oaotcrn part of Uio SMte of Vermont oo ever looked belter at Una *en*>w. (he growth bar b"M . <1? cry r?pid w ajj a ftw weak* y*t. ' at RE E AUGUST 12, 1860. TO PHUCB OF WALB8. His Kccsptlom at Charlotte to wit?Hie Ha> pit? to Atdrtmi How tht Htthoe Poopis will Itcolro UM Primee, At, CHaJLLottttowv, p. E. I., August 11,1860. Ttr morning the Pricct hold a levee at Um Go Ternmeat Kouee. Ho afterwards proceeded to the Colonial Buildings, and received an address from the Legislature, to whioh bo returned the following reply Gsstlmuw?It * Horde me the grsatsst pleasure to re oeire from an Island which, though the smallest of tho British oo ion its of North America, has strong claims upon the kmdly iwMioi of the family or the utueen. Its name commemorates the performance of public Jut..-a n these regions by my grandfather. Its name ia aiso borne bv his descendant, who now visits jour shores by dcairo of } our sovereign, not indeed to command her troops, or to hold any auiUrity amongst you, but to assure all her subjects ef the deep interest which she has ever takes in those who are extending British civilisation and power in those'distant possessions. With this, my visit to the lower proVtnecs :s brought to a dose; anl even if I were not about to enter the St. l.awrenoe, and become acqaalitcd with the ufagnlQcent country which lies upon lta banks, 1 should <:arry lack with me to England a grateful recollection for all the kindness 1 have received, and an endearing regard and sympathy tor a people in whom the love of freedom is combined with a deep rooted attachment to the mother country and the ft* wtr!..k h.e* .11 1 -.?a 1 boae accompanying him, win proceed la the steamer loeea Victoria, in cumpauy with the aquadron of the tince of Wales, to the moult of the romantic and beautiful iver ftgurnay, whkh cootr.butea its waters to those of he St. Lawrence from its northern and moet picturesque hore. Near the mouth of the 9eg:ouay are to be seen he renowned and m?,??tic promoatories of Cape Trinity iuJ Oapc Itcrmty, n all ihe beauty of summer foliage, be mace's Sect aad the queen Victoria will proceed up he deep waters of the Segoenay u Otr as tla Ha Bay?a istaace of some twrtty miles, where there it a fort, and raail population engaged in tba 1 tun her and fishing rades?to welr'tne them In all the novelty of bush sahion. Ba H- day Is the bead of the navigable portion r the Sagnenay, and it is here that the aenood welcome t Canada will be extended to the Prince of Wales. What an you fancy will be hifl re (lections aad lmpreeaiooa in lassmg through the graad but a ileal and yet undisturbed nd even uaesplored wilds ef Canada East By eeans of her lovely aad moat magnificent rivers f V111 such imprrsatoua and views at loch an age ip *v?rlact.D* Will they not cause Cmade to be ever at erwards favurmbly remembered? The steamer Seauenay la idvrrtiaed to leave here oa Wednesday aest for Ssgueaay Irer to awW the aquedroa of the Prince of Walea, aad acompany M aa i ar aa Quebec. There will ba a bead of oak oa beard, I have tm laformed, aad nnihtag will is Iwn aadeae to reader Ihe escorsim agreeable sad aaisfactory. The ffcguenay is one of the flaeet boats oa the t. Iawreaee, and a large number of passengers hare alcady eagagsd berths for this deiightfol aad tatereatlag nor. The <hieea Victoria la alao a hw at earner eg Mt lorse power aad 1,?00 taw burden. She la new. Ton reuldVt nrwrlsed el the large lumber of tonrieta la hwbea from the Called States at preaeat. Ton can meet lew Terfcere by the half torn hare; doubUeae many of MM Will M MDOCf W* Of UM MafftlMMy *0 er exeentea <m the BL Lhfrtne*. ft wm aaidthat dmirai HUee** aqnadron had errtr*d to-day, bet Ibe ronrt Is unfnaadod. Ik* au thorn WO 4* aot look Fnr k k* Mr* to Morrow. Ik* weather i* wj warn bore, the tber< Kwwtor raaytof ataaty f re u I writ*; *o yon nercetre 'ow Tort oaaaot hoe* pae* wttb Qatbee *nmam, wbu*, roordtsg to ail mmbU their winter- t**r* yrnire no Ixrv. Ta* ftaebaadbf thoBrrartiiatb to ton try la aow' erfnrtalDg wltkta My haar nf. for tb* dollglu of lb* eHI a*; bat ft dona aot. to aiy opialea, rirai ***** of jronr wn amateur auaioal corps. 1 alii sot Call to Mad yoa very thing thai mat* ta tbl* eteletty reaardiag tb* adrat of tb* Prtaee of Watee, a* I fool roaMaat that tb* ramie* at 0**b*e Will b* lb* moat ettrrtag and totoreatij by which be will b* honored before re*ohla? the mat >?Uopvli* of tb* New World. Tb* Yarht dqwadmn. moioi or m cbcvs- mcsntn it wrowrvrcroK? i HXivr roe?an, a wrr or m rtcHTwtv. Iwikio*, AnfBBt 10, 1M& Hm fof UfUaf about aierae, Dm Cn?nliiri* |u ?*d tb* yaobta of tb* inbat clan t* b* off. Tb* awn*, Haweae, IMim, Pkrror, MaUory, Maaaarwtnf ay. Stella, Alpha ad Narrapaoti wore aow outoide. Ue MaUory, Mia?lag aad Phttr lad lb* leet, cl?a*<y flawed by ta Reweaa, Dadtae aad ether*. About aao clock ta fcf abet dew* rary think. aad UMWK*t liraly aimHim wWft Can bora, bagW, f*M, Ac., UM a aar, whim ta If ?*ty tiled ia eye. With ta aM 1 to au from ia llfbtaki* off Btoa.afftoa, the nartr, vwraa, I'edioe, Julia, Vallcry and tbo ochaoeir wtth * bead of aaate, fouad their wty lato Sloaiagtoe. Ta orer led ta way, followed by ta Julia. U wa* a llraiy ate, ahooUac abaat la all diractloaa, oaab abat out frcai * other by the for. whieb wm m thick, that eae foe* ra* ladtrideal awBiatil ta Idaa of eottlac out a check id atorlag it infMof Tha brine* of tb? tori either turned to New 1 on doe or anofcornd oriaMa The ynehla F^OaAZ,^TiSi'r^SiS. Ill follow tbo Cimotot i dirM oM,ti)d anefeor off rer Tail ItfM at root at the fog and (be wntlier wui rmlt. TF1. EtiRAPIllC. S'twrott, Aaguat 11, l-?o. Arrirwl yacbta Irene, Narragaaneit, Mannralwg, Ray, pba. IV; arrived la ihe order at named. They rart a eery d<naa fog. Aaxntt ra Eyv'mjjrw rmn Arwna.?Tfet f>*? :* ? *> mil myt ?A r%riv of "bony *tr%ngeri Leaded n the #'t, not two fcaadntt *>a from ihia cdy, >.a Wadamiy mora nf. Kaar ?f tVai are gee* to tae 4iltrtf V) s'j U.C gnu tti W wVtKa, Mt aa ! fit*. An address from tbo Mayor and Corporation elicited Mils response. flDtuait?I you sincerely for the address which you have just prcientod to mo, and 1 avail my sell of this occasion to request you to express to the citizens, whose municipal councillors you are, my warm acknow ledgmenu for the hearty welcome with which they greeted me yesterday. That loyalty to the Queen and attachment to the Hi it.ah crown are the characteriatics of the population of Chariot to town I never doubted. You have given the proofli of thaee feelings which it will bo my happiness to convey to her Majesty, and to assure her that you share larpsi? >u sentiment which I may now urosuiunee tn ho ? colonies'. Tour flpres lion of aifhct.or.ate interest nail that concerns my ^u. ture weifsre and usefulness in Ibo career wh.eii, by , God's will, may ba before me. are such as to demand a no lees cordial response on my part. I assure you i they will not be forgotten. Our Haebec (' rreipoadrKCti Qvswr.c, August 'J, 16*0. Dfciiurt of the Governor end Ke Eactcitiim Council to Meet the Prince?recursions Advertised?27ie First Canadian WtLome to be Given at Gaepe?ihe Riser Sapumay to be Honored by a I'iit', etc. A* the time at which the Prince of Wales will visit Quebec approaches, the public interest in the event increasee sncordingly. The likeness of his Royal Highness la conspicuously displayed In all the bookstores and many other establishments of tha city, both in lithographic and steel engraved spec.mens of art. The preparations for his reception also advance apace, and the sound of the artisan's hammer is to be heard as It rivets together the frames of the numerous arches, or joins together , the timbers which are to render the public buildings ornamental or commod ious daring his stay boro. It is not fklr to assert, as some of the local papers have dose bere, that the people of Quebec are too apathetic on the subieot of the aroroacbins roval visit. Your correxoondent ! ivowe that he never tif a more lively interest in anything anywhere, or one more generally diBuecd, than that ahich now exists among the people of all classes in Quebec on tbe subject of tbe approaching visit of the Prince of Wales. Only wait till his Royal Highness ar rives hers, and you will be made aware of the roal centra! Interest taken In tbe event. The Governor General jf Britkh North America ar.d tbe members of tbe Privy L'ooneil, or, as 11 is sometinaci called, tbe Kxecutlve Coun;il, Including the heads of departments of Canada, have lust sailed in the Cue ocean going steamer ijueen Victoria for Caape, a hers they mtend to await tbe arrival of the youthful Trlnce and hie mito. Tbe party numbered lliteeu in all. A ! Iner day could not bars been pitched upon f?r their departure than the present, nor could tbe scene at the departure have been more interesting iLsn U was. The rhipptng saluted the steamer as she passed, and bunt eg waved from every one of them. The American vessels in port, of which there are rime ten or twelve, were not, as you wilt anticipate, behindhand la doing tbe honors by any means. Gasp* Is the extreme eastern jwint of Canada, m the Gulf of 81. Lawrence, 400 miles distant from Quebec, sad having a fine harbor and a considerable deal trade w'th a population of from 1,000 to 1,300 persons, umI of wbom ar* one way or other engaged in tbe mauuhcture or export of deals. There is a battery at <>a*p* ind a small detachment of artillery, and It Is at this point, oaseqesatiy, that ths flret gaa or salutp of welcome to baa its will great ths ears of the Prince of Wales. 1 uslerstand, however, tbst the Prince will only remain for i , tew hoars st Csspe before proceeding on bin tour to- : rarda Ouobec. Frem Game the Governor <:?n?r*i uii [ERA Rtii|lni IMaUiftMMi C1TT L'HtHCEH. In the Memorial church, Hammond ftreet, corner of Waver ley pace, tie Kev Mr. Root, MSKUaft mutator of Bhiy Trinity church, Brooklyn, will preach thin erenwg. SerrKca at half pu>. ten jt the morning, lev in the afternoon and eight o'clock in the evening. In the Brooklyn Tabernacle, on Futon even ie, near Hoyt itreet, Rev. 3. 3. V. Greeley, of Crac.1 Rapid*, Michigan, will preach to day. Servtcca will commence at half paat ten o'clock in the morning and at c.gfct o'clock In the evening. Rev. Lather H. Van Doren. naator of the F ftieth ttrwt 1 church, will prtacb .n the large tent at the junction of Proadway, Eighth avenue and OutnU Park, this afternoon ah three o'clock. German preach g at halfpa"! frur. Prayer meeting at aeven. Stbbath school at ten j> the morning. The Rev. Sidney A. Corey will preach in ibo Murray Hill Baptist Church, Th.rty flflh atrect, bet*con Fifth and Sath avenues, this moro-ng and evening. In St. Ann a church, Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue, Rev. Thomas Gallaudot rector, aervicca aa ctual to day, with the voice at hnif-past ten o'clock in the morn eg, and eight o'clock In the evcr..rg, and In the ?.gn language at halDjiast three in the afternoon. The Re\. F. C. Ewer, Rector of Grace church, San Krone.=co> Cai.forcia, will preach :n the morning srderentrg. The Protestant Episcopal Mission church, Gintcn Ilall, Astor place, in charge of the Rev. Robert G. Dickson, will bold Divine service to day at half past ten o'clock in tho rnerr, ng, atd at half past seven o'clock ;n tho The New Jerusalem church (Swedenborgianl, will hold 1 public worship at tbe National Musical Institute, formerly Goldbe k's Uuaic Hall, 7do Broadway, at kaii-p-st tec o'clock .n the morning. ORTTv* tTTCy. Rev. Isaac F. Helton, late Professor in Middlebury College, has been ordained at lawronce, 111., by the l'resby tery of Belvidce. Sermon by Professor Blaiadcil, of Beloit. IXVlTATIOKfl. The Park rresbytcrian congregation of Newark have tendered a unanimous call to Kev. Dr. Zacliary Eddy, of Northampton, Mass. to becjme thuir pat. or. It is understood that Dk. E. will accept. P.ev. A. J. Huntington, of l'armvllle. Va., recently invited to the pastorale of the First Baptist church of Augusta, Gn. baa accepted the call, and will cntor upon bis duties the 1st of October. Rev. James R. Graham, paator of Kent Street Presbyterian churcb, Winchester, Va., has declined to accept tho call given him a. few wwekt MMe by iho congregation connected with the 1 ret Presbyterian church at wneeltng. Rcv. Joseph ?. Saunders, formerly as-istant minister at Grace church, in Newark, ban recrivod a unanimous call to th? parish uf Guilford, Chenango county, New York. Rev. K. G. Moore,of Lnkeville, N. Y., has received and accepted a call to become stated snnply of the Second 1'rcsb) tcrian church at Chilloothe, Ohio. INSTALLATION. On the Sib, Rev John T. Colt was Installed pastor of St. Peter s chord), Grove place, Rochester. The nor- | men was presetted by Rev. Or. Win. James, of Albany. DEATHS IN THE MINISTRY. . The New Orleans wt|*rs announce, with much regret, 1 the death of the Rev. Solomon Jacobs, minister of the I congregation Shungart Chawed, of that city. The orn- t gregat:on have determined to dress their synagogue in monrning, and have resolved that their pulpit shall also 1 be draped and shall nut be used for one year. Rev. William Neill, P. P.,a rererablo and highly I esteemed minister of lha Presbyterian Church (Old \ | svhnn ), died In Philadelphia on the 8th Inst., lit the eighty second year of his sge. Dr. Nelll was formerly Pres.dent or Dickinson College, and at various times bold pastoral charges, fulfilling all his duties with deiidod ability an I unimpeachable fidelity. The inilrmitlcs of age, while they affected bis physical frame, left hia pnre and vigorous mind unimpaired, fits death was the na- i tural result of bis great age, as he has fullered but little , from disease, l ew clergymen have been more univor ally esteemed, not only in his own denomination, but in others. The Rev. James WlWon, of H iggles, Ashland county, Ohio, died on the lSlh uf July. The Ball, more A men', an of the 9lh Inst, has the following?We record to day the death of the Rev. Kdward Damphoux, D. D., an old and moat estimable gentleman, who departed this life on Tueeday last, full of years. Mr. Iamphuux was a native uf Trance, and cams to this city nearly forty years ago. D - talents, his learning, and above all bis exemplary piety, soon raised him In public estimation and for some rear" he was charged with the responsible duties ef the I'riwidency of ft. Mary's College to the discharge of which he devoted himself with treat aeai, preparing several admirable rdltioct of Greek and 1al in class us fur the use of that eminent, and, at that l*nod, most nourishing mrtitution. Subset?.ontly Dr. iiampboux assumed the cbarge of a ooofhogatinn In the c.ty, and it waa mainly tlin.i .h his end ntlr.r g trtbrts thai St. Joseph s Chthollo church, on ; Uarrs rlreet, was built. liar ng continued in the pastor- t .-hip of Una church for several vrars, the aoeumulstlon of years and infirmities compelled him to retire from active ' lib, and d .ring the progress of na atn.ctive disease he 1 I ? w ? u uk u|fi Kub purity ui uis ciiuacwr I ui! the pertect tanooeoce of fats lite. kkw cnouffsw. The new Ormaa Presbyterian i Lurch Id ft. Joseph, 1 Mo , *u dedicated oo .Sue day more leg, the Oth wst. MIMLl. AVHOt'f. 1 The B>?rd of Trusteea o( the University of H?orgia hart c i holed lion. Jof?ph fleery L' mpkin Cbac r'.irr, ;?nd Iter. 1 H. Mcll \ tee Chanc llor. Judge I impkln is n Max*, presiding la the Supremo Court, and it 4 not yet known whet Lor be nil! aoorpt. F?r Kdward 3. Watann. M. A., rector elect of ?t. Bar o nab**' church, Roeerllle, N. J , and Rev. W. A. Dot, rector elect of Trinity church, Princeton, were rat Trinity Sunday last advanced to the priesthood at Burlington. 11 The T.ulh'ran Synod baa recommended its ministers to 11 wear the gown where it can ha dona without giving offence. The official board of the Methodist Fpwrvpil church, , South, at the Freda* irkebnrg "-latum, met on the 6th lost., and paaaed resolutions cordially approrlng of the 11 action of tho members of the Mcthodtat KpiaoopaJ clmn.h, u Baltimore Confereoco, at tlial atation, in reference to the r. legialatKm on the Pub net of slavery by the late 'ieoeral ("<wferenee, and "eiundin? to them the r fi t hand of fellowship an unto brethren in the bonds of cenmoa t Method tarn." f The lUtoda Talaad Rsptitt Ministerial Conference hag , had neder consideration the subject of election bribery. \ery strangely the wnmm'ltee aay 'n thtlr report ? 'Whatever, therefore, may be the peraooal or iwrty gate, fj political bribery, being ao Injurious to the public morals and to deatrneUTO to the political institutions of the nation, the member* of IhIn Oonferenonearnestly sad kindly urge men of all political parties, by their regard for tho statute law which these bribes violate, and by their love for the go rerun ent ther endanger, to diaootmlawsace an aril na pernicious. and to employ erory consistent sSuawoa to pusarve the mcredneaa and latngv'ty of the tal 101 MS. ABO, IB IB#opinion Often omfbrence,freemen are morally bound to attaad tba primary a# wa(! a# ih# general meetings and dafoalt tbalr haUota to aeoordanoo T with thtir jtricmeat, etec they are utrrntit for iba 1mm of the elections. A juror MM moro Vfendio discharge his duty intelligently tad independently to bis entiBtry and bis Ood than a freemen la to fWBI hit trnet to o himaaif ?nd the community and in no other manner ran oar pr?eot roverumciit be pre?rred." The memfationa of the oommiltor were unaalmoualy eoi.'.raed. w COtrOPTiOl IN NOKTTI CABOT,pfA. * Mr. W. J W. Crowder girts a ~haartng accent of Ih# U work of th? A mar tea# Tract Society in auty counties of w North ( la three moatha ba had rlauad 4*1 lbmi lies in ijIm coualisa. 20S of whom had nerer before r? raoslesd a rallgbma vWH, or had a prayer odbrsd ta thctr to booses. Am?g ?ay Incident* nilatad, hanaye?-A oolporter ##v? ly tomltic# in on# a?t*bborbo?1 wt.o Ladaerar reoelred a rrlMe? rteit.aad MM them to ?tm la a Sabbath school and pnyer moat lag. la an- M other almltar neighborhood, a Sabbath aehooi ? forward under a board ahaltar la tha woodr, where parents ?d ~ children are tench I the alphabet awd to'egeli ?d read rh 8a rlalted fom ' es who had rot beard preaching la u, two yrara, and were ant in tea years. In ua . county, some two yaara ago, a coioorler w? arx;nmpatied by a minister lor a work m rift- 1 lag a rary poor neighborhood, and anpptylag erory or (hmlly with booka ?d tracts. P.aoa then fbar Sabbath act cola hav# ka? formed in that neighborhood, and tha mlnBter baa mat ami thirty dollars for booka to ra- hi l>l?.*b thatr libraeMary b? a ha? cnororted la w tham wh?li. and Ihr?men, who war# formarty intern- . perata. aroBow?p*lat?d?ta of (Mbbaih ncbooU, hoM- B1< a* Prayer ametlajis. aad vla tlrg ?<1 praying with the* 111 I'elfbhorr Mr. CrowAsr ear*- During the ouarter t tk bara stated or barn informed of aereaty tight Sabbath erbooir which are baliar*d to hart nwiitad. mora or hi lea*, from the Inborn of tha ?cidy's oolnortara *n tha n?ill? (foo Athhath I walked right m.fen to viait one of thaar n?ool*. now Bttmborlag o.ooty aohularr. 'food order w? obwrred, and I ?tar ?w napp>.r faoea than whta 1 scattered TV Ckild'i fVyr among them, thr igh le tha baaoTofowce <4 a r'oun lady, who baa aiaie anore than g doubled MS dottatli* to make other yoaag h-arM glad. I bar* alao heard of 141 per? hopefully cmveru*l to ,l: Ood by ha blearing m printed truth aad prreuwa.' rait gtou' oooreran*loo coob la tha work wb3 the Amen can T?ct dor.aty I* aorhiap to carry forward ,a a ' pet M D, of tba lend. Everywhere it oomm?di ,W. If to Ue ryru- ' pathy tail n.ppnrt oT Intelligent * live Cbriilmnr th A Caowo or TV?n;?ierrr? ta mw Mm ? A la irkabta ?i mc drat uncutred at the Douglas celebration n Fond do _ Wte. f.n? o WV'e It prone? 'oo w%e rreriOr l^r1 J t ? atrtet bt'-'fo, r>r?w rood du f.oo rlasr, It garo way T? Oder n b an or wonted load of damorrary aa had gather- th ed op? '*i b"d lot u.e crowd loto tbe water below, for- , Innately too mud waa mu<*h darpr-r iluto tba water, and " no other aerlnw conaewaencea en?ed than tba Olghi. and to tba thick owTetopeofaloi rh material brought rphy tboa# ^ wbom the bridgo raf?ed to trar?oort !a ?af>>ty orer thta per l !o the ' na of marrb. Pevernl lad'aa to k tha up- Ul welcome Ie? ?t.ardwben rrac:*-! apiwarr 1 <? a moch m Jrep?r abode-if rootini ag ihm e a ? oa etyioof tr-wa at T[ a gala -irlebr#' rn. Tl:a . rht of torch-w >:tia> ge I too acme of of mer' aavng a ciwt of f <a 1-v'r g boye * wtoi a gt| fc?re ? t .* < Jf a LD. PltlCE TWO CENTS. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE ADRIATIC. IMPORTANT LETTER FROM NAPOLEON. His Efforts to Inaugurate a New Era of Peace in Enrope. THE TOPLITZ CONFERENCE. wv< v-v-vvl What Uie Prince Regent of Prouia aid the Emperor of Austria Met For. ran ituan Qussrzoxr. Supposed Joint Aotlon of England, Franoe and Russia. THE BATTLE OF MELAZZO. STATE OF THE MARKETS, *?M *?., *? The N'orth Atlantic Company'smail ateamship Adriatic, Capt. Job. J. Cuwstock, led the Veedlce at 6 P. VI. on tho 1st inrt, and arrived oiT tUo Light Ship, lo a tog, at four o'clock yesterday morning, aod wua at her dock at 8>? A. m., with tour days later d?us from Europe. The Adriatic l>i logs two hundred and sixty oca cabin passenger?, and nearly 000 tons of cargo. The moat important points n the news by this arrival are, Napoleon's letter upou European aOalra, the Imperial Conference at Topiitz, and the determination of the great Towers as expressed \n the Par a Convention m r< fcreoco to the Syrian question. Lady J. Franklin and her nicco arc among tho patten* Cers. In ibe House of Lords, on Uic 00th ult., Lord Clyde look tk. ..iv.. ..a v.u ?a I -ord Notmajhtv, in moving for copies or extracle from the despatches ot her Majesty's Minuter In Tuscany in ISoS, o0 and '67, referring to the condition and adaUniet ration of the 1 to man States, said the object of the motto to (how how As eflbrts of himself and Mr. I.yonahaJ j?rn Impeded in advancing the improvement of the rtonan States by a declaration of Lord Palmare ton, in 1&0, hat the Holy City was never better governed than dorng the absence or the Popes. Lord Woosmoras said he would have no objection! to irocuee the papers, and defended Lord Palmcreten from tne charges brought against bint. The IxindOD Time* says ?We are glad to learn, from our Parliamentary report, that lord J. Russell has appointed I ord Pufferin to tho responsible poet of British Commlslioner to ?} rla. No belter choice could have been made in to difficult and delicate an appointment, for, to n ?:h acluaintance with the country and the habits of the people, !??<l rh-n..rla nrllra .klll<_ The Tim': understands thai her Majesty hav iru.Ccd her Intention of reviewing the isle of Wight volunteer coq-e on Mctslcy Pown, on Thursday next. His Kicelleney ihe Moorish Ambassador er.d sn.te eml.erkcd on Wcdwsday, August 1, on board her Majesty a chip MolpomcM, on their return to Morocco. A letter l>cm Ikm??cn" to the 1 Jlh of July says ?The Rev. Mr. 'raham, of the Irish Presbyterian m.aaion, ha been murdered in the open streets, while endeavor .ug to make bJ escape from a Moslem house, where ho had been hid, to the th ltlsti Cumulate, lie had a guard of Turkish soldiers with him, but tbey did nothing towards deisading him from the Moslem rnoh. Cambridge ii to be honored a Ith the presence of tbe foung Prime si the commencsment of the I en term. Arrangements for the rccept. on of La Roy at Bt ghness arc n progress. Maduigly Ball, situate about three mile* from Cambridge, baa been engaged, mere be ng no available place within the limits of tbe I "Diversity apable of accocmmodating his Royal Highness and Ljs lumeroua suite. The london VnU'd&.rice fiauU< says ? It It rumored la sUllary circles that the distinguished honor of the vaant ftitcn will be roofbrrod on Lord Clyde, aa an aepeotal tark of her Most Gracious Majesty's appro;.sliea of hia TTdthlp s brilliant servicee. The same ournal says:?The number of new regimesta f the use to be added to the army, In coeasqueoeo of tho xflnctioa of the local European force In holla, will be inc altogether. of which three will be cavalry sad ?!* ihatifi The london Vc mi 15 rod says ?It is said that at a lata testing of tbe shareholders ot the foez Canal (ompaay, at trlt. accounts of the company were produced, by which I appeared that a million of francs have baca expended 1 the cost of the' direction; that of this rem MO,MO arcs had hern charged fcr the journeys of X. I (amps, further sum for furnishing bis apartment si Tar*, sad 00,000 francs for the salaries of the member* of tbe dirction, eonrishng of X. Lenepo SAd one or two sssoaur The Idas tor, the new Gal way steamer, made the tnp im Southampton to Kingstoa la twenty Ave hours. The Bavaria arrived at Owes 00 the 29th of July. The Ttaa arrived at QnrenatoWB OO the 30U> of July. Ttis S. H. Tuokcr, for Charleston, put back leaky, sod u tewed from (Joeenstown to Liverpool, July 30. THE PEACE OF EUROPE. he fsllfy of tho Kmpersr Tdpslesh Towards Knglsad. !b the Bo-uM of Commons. on tho 31at eH., Mr. . oraaaxs said that be yesterday asked tho noble lord tho icretery of Mate for f oreign Aflhlrs a ineoljon twssrtid 1th aa article which had appeared to howspapor, to bich the nobis lord implied that he had aa kaowledgo oK >* article referred to lis now wished to ask distinctly bother a latter of the mast friendly character bod be#W eoirod from the Imperor of tbe French and transmitted Ibo noble lord, sod wbstbir it wao tnbmiUod 10 tho hiact 00 JSalurday f Lord J. Riwasit?The French Ambovrador commas! led to ass a private letter addreoood to him by the fee .'1 VI Mil ? iMMt WU.M KIWV ? VI MM DIM ir'MDf Anew Unrurda thte eoratry, in4 enpnaatd dcalr# ?t tbe pol ry of Um two aatloaa ahouM be tteolmal. I wweJ It to my coUMftm. t>ut tt la a prime letter, ud bam rHomed It to Ike French tiabimador. We eaaa, therefore, present it to thu Honaa. Mr. mnraut mpreaaed the hope, ainoa ?o;h a ommosum bad bara received, that tha gnreraaeBl weald ilkdraw ilmr fertlCrattna erhrne tor tha preaeat aearn. (A fcogh ) Tha Hoaaa ought to bara time to da>erata upoa a mnaaure which ha believed weuld coat a ooaatry at laaat U0.00C.a00 SOTWBl met MAVTTVrO ntOM TBS nutsjn w moit. fProari the Toadoa Tlmee, Anynet 1 ] We ara relocated to pnbtiih tha following important Uar, from tha Emperor Napoleon to tha Aatkaaw inr ot raare, to which lewd John Roaaeli last night referred la ? Bcuae of Cemmoee ? 9i. rmm, July 28,1CC0. Mr Pre* rmmovf?Alklra appear to no to be ao oaaiioatad tbaak*to the miitmat ranted everywhere a laid a war la Italy?that I write to yon la the hope that a BT?w?al'ofi, ia perfect Oaakaeeo, with l/wd Pelmervtew n reaaady the mint in g evil. Lord PaJmerrtoe know* ?, tad whea I affirm a thing ha will bailees me. Well, n caa l?il bin from ma. la the moat explicit manner, at alnce the peace nf Viiurraaoa /tan* W MaM ept', vnt ebjft?to inaugvrau a new era tf pea", ami liar on tU U*t Urmt with all my itripAheri, ami "f+ l'.'y ritA KryUtnd. I had r moan cod flamy and Nioe; extraordinary additkma to I'ledmoot alone named * to.msmo tha desire to oea readied to Fraaoa promee waVally French. flnt It wilt be n Iyer ted, "Too rb for prac. and yea P<r?aar, LauaulevaMy, tbo vitarj ftr?a af Fraacc. " I d??/ tha taut * every #