Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1860 Page 5
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1% conviction that the election had been already loet and won, the faithful, who formerly came 'down handsomely, have buttoned up their breech?" pockets and refuse to disburse u copper. This is an awiui state of things, and presages a panic and deep financial distress among the "governing classes." The idea is a terrible one to contemplate, but still it may be barely possible that some of them may yet be compelled to go to work and earn their livings after the vulgar fashion of honest people. Just uow muscle is more valuable to the showmen than |j) llm rrk- ^ in nnt n *"v x uv iaaci iviuov iv ?ceat per pound for it. Bai> Prospect for Lincoln Ofuckhouxsrn in the Soith.?The Oxford (Miss.) Mercury says that "it Lincoln is elected he will not be able to find men in that State to accept federal offices from him,'' for that down there "men who would agree to hold an office under such an administration would be go odious to the people as to jeopardise their personal safety;" that "they would excite the scorn and derision of their neighbors?men, ladies, boys and even negroes." There is much of such talk throughout the Southern States. But if "Old Abe" should be elected, and if he should be unable to drum up in the Southern States the volunteers required to take the places of collectors, postmasters, marshals, district attorneys. Ac., be will import them from the North, for he Will have applicants enough from the Northern States to fill ten times over all the offices within his gift. It is not difficult, however, to perceive that there is mischief In this thing, and that we may anticipate under Lincoln's administration such ecenes of violence between the federal authorities and the people of the Southern States as will seriously cripple and embarrass our Northern commercial relations with them. If our commercial, manufacturing and financial classes are prepared to risk the conse^iiAnnoo tliatf 4a 4k,.l. A.MM ^ueuir.', iurj umr uiuy w iuiu lurn uuu^ uuu allow Lincoln to walk over the course: but if they preler the assurance of safety to the danger of a general disturbance, which, to say nothing of disunion, would precipitate another financial explosion, what are they called to do? Simply to use their best efforts io the best direction to defeat Lincoln; and the best direction to take is that lately taken by the Union loving people of Kentucky, the direction to a general Uuion movement upon the basis of the Bell and Everett ticket. Vfwi from Washington. OIK NPkCIAL WASHINGTON LiKal'ATCJ. 1 Wa.<hi? uto.\, Augu.-t 14 1860 WARQCIS AN r TCRNKR'S Ari'lJCATlONS FOR rARt>ON RK'VOIW It is understood that applications to the Attorney Oners!'* Department for the pardon of the sporting men. Marquis and Turner, have been somewhat summarily rcJecK-d. FAOAGUAY AND Tff> r.HOPIt VAKTt COMCANT. The state in'-ut that the awarl of the commission for the settlement of claim? against Paraguay, In favor of Lopes and agamst Uie Rboue Island Company, Is unsatisfactory to the rrrsident, and has no foundation. Disinterested parties v ho were familiar with the evidence on both tides sever supposed anything was due the Rhode bland Compar.y. The only anxiety of the President has been to secure by a full hearing of testimony by competent parties. While he would disdain to see Paraguay robbed, tie felt boi-nd to secure ample justice to our own cttisens, and their representations have been such at no Executive could disregard without fall investigation. ' It is deemed somewhat singular that nel liter Mr. Hopkins, agent of the company and American Consul at As censiou st the time, or Capt. Page, who was in command Of the surveying steamer w hich was flred into, have been here In person to giro evidence before the Commission. It Is stated that those most deeply Interested made every effort to Indue? Hopkins to romr on from Buenos Ayrre to give his evidence, but ailed The result Is that we have got from Paraguay just w hat I.oprz expressed to Mr. Fitspatrick bis w lltiiguet>* to accord immediately after the difficulty oceerred. The death of Auditor O Bannon. at the Virginia springs, from paralysis, Is reported this evening. political sraci lationb. Senator Rrlvhl has returned from a visit to Indiana. and report* Breckinridge gaining ?tiength in that Mute, but that IU electoral vote will undoubtedly be given to I,tnroIn On tie otber band. General Cass reports Ohio and Michigan all on Are with enthusiasm for Douglas. SAiuao or tut i rooki vs. Advices at the Mary I Apartment announce the sailing of the Brxkl> n from ilamptoo llusds fur Chirlqnl Lagoon, yesterday. larrasi not s A<n> nrr war hr.?AMWrr The oobdt.ct of Capt Meigs. In connection with the prosecution of the Washington aqueduct works, h still a source of trouble with the admintetratloo. He declined to obey the order of the Secretary of War, and appealed to the I "real.lent, who laid his letter before the Attorney General, whose opinion fully austali.e the War Depart tnent. ptoteated aga net Mile opin'on and again sppealed to the President, who returned hie letter without reading It. Meigs takes the ground that In thta DUMnrn nf unoer w autnoroy n unoftl m, who associated fata nu&r wilt the appropriation, ud ticuce he refnaed to obey the order. Hieeoarl Pollliee. St. Lot'ia, Aoguat 14, 1M0. The BMitin publnbee a card, r.gned by SrjUora Polk 1 and Green, declaring that their auggaetloof of a State CuutfT.ttnn, to which the frietida of Judge Douglan ahonld be raprrrt otod aa well aa tboae Uemncrato adhering to the prior ip er of the party united oatbe platform of the (aat Convention, baa been rendered nugatory by the oopoaltioe of the frlenda of /wlye Dougaa. and tb<-e.-fl)re . ahmlt to tboae democrat ir rote re rtand'nf on the faouri pit'form, who are reeol ed to defend an' maintain the prinnplta enunciated at the Breckinridge Nati"na' Cocrent'nr, in regard to the neoeaaity of perfecting toe 1 organization of the parly, nuh the view of conducting the Presidential canraaa In Uita State caergettoally and Puooeeafu. y. They respectfully propoae the aaeembllag of a State CnarrnUoa. , Jamre M i lug bee. member of the Pern' crat'r Kaltmal ( Committee (or Mtaaourl, cooctirring in the policy prop-en d by Senators Green and lvlk, her relied e Convention, tc , bo held at Jeffereoc City, Tl rr-iay, thr 20th of Septi-m her, wbtrh Conrentlon will rerlee the Electoral ticket, | and take ?> rb rurther action ae Um totoreeu of the party , at require. I The Dc>"'~rnt of thli mor; irg coctelne aa nddrcta orer a column la leertb, from Mr. Blair. to the Republican* and free democraU of St. Louie H? cmrrenoee by any lug. 'I em well aware that la the ret eat contest the rupport which 1 rte< tret! at yoor ba-.da ta a mply an erld.-oce of i your deevituo to tb-< cauacuf frerdotn, and would hare Veeo rri..i, ri-,1 * freely am: nitir i-twallt to other ( mar. who bad proved but SJeiily to that oauae. aa it tuia . Bat a ghat n. %' - 1 cm - t allow the oc-dtaion -1 ' ' oal'Too ht eog'tat atrlumt'li b-ourt -mtrwa ornate to paaa, I with-at t i.irrmg to yon men- mare o( my grat-tada for ( eebeiu.g m- aa 'he repr-aenta-lre of your principles. and ' the loagri,ut> nt nf arbieeii,g a victory for their mala- 1 tenawr .tu-l adcatn m-u' He claim* that the raeu't of | dbe late e.eet mo (tree st I on I a aa the banner rlty of re I puMnWi-Wta. anu cituchea I tie charge < A fraud end , corrm>tii? rnati" ag*-n*i t>?e proslavery dem-crary In 1*4* lie r-'-? attontlmi in a comiwriwo | nf Ilia r- f rue from i.rarnw ar.c i emode-et for 1* 4 with l*fln whuh eh.,w? alow <f nearla flftr mtee lathe 1 former P-- 'twt. the whole n-mp-r pblied on the Mb Inet | >W?tf ( lAl * hllr fa+Aflv avwft liter nree'nel In #4 la <rHH ?bo?? 'nrrrly tncrvMr H- nr> tbn nunn of l>r?L|ji * hunlfrrt m ftarrrt votnra bare itwainwariM frr* !"<* H tbt# rmol t???-inrt Tn CarofMrirt I Mrrrt'i; ?t*r t? tmn tltae in 1*5* although the aggrny m i I lucrrarr i ara/!> ltf Tim locoon prnni to by fraud*- , Cast to b ^ hbvr till* y??f d.anpjwaml fy,?? thr ' ] <mri, n. k h? irfrr? ml 11)- lar*- inrriaar in tv? hifm* ! | I '4Ui<t N t lb" to t?>r i lent <<a ah,ah ?h? , a-w 1 nrnn plnr?-d '-Vf* Om^rr*. T. P Hair. 3r ." % ithonl rtr I i rvnai.t ift? trfw., *o<1 tlx n Myn, m und'alm. allow m* I < > r?> ().* T *' ?'l f >frv?f ii ?r inhr* Willi prIdr ami na ti><Wtna thr ruBtrm f 1 S??. 1 ham :?ort) Hi. .radar nf tb' h.*ir of fi.?i tn in Ihalilr fll'? ??.r mra-roo" ay iml'M n, nyaia I rrtur* tr.r tha'.k* la iImi rrfmblb-mm ?< 'kia dftrict, anil cnayrnl to thr?i up* their triumph I . .. - ? - I VIM Ninatarr larlnii at'CkarlfMoa. < M?m anon AcgnM U, IMS t TW rolled Maiaa Mall atnwr.Marian, Oapt. KaaMr, | arrlrad bm at alma o'clock tfc? (Tueaday) " "J | N Novrmi nta Qf tlae Frtmce of Famus Poun, iu|ii>( 14?18 P. M. Til* wires at Cartottetown are out of order. I *M, therefore, unable to telegraph earlier. The ball given in honor of the Prince at the Colonial Buildings, on Friday evening, wss aa eucoeeeful aa the atnall resources or the town permitted, and about 400 were present. The l'rlnce led Hrt. Pundas, the wife of the Governor, into the ball shortly after ten o'clock, when, notwithstanding the fatigue of the levee, replying to the addresses of the Legislature and municipality, an afternoon'*. walk and a formal dinner at half-past seven, he looked as fresh aud joyous as usual. He opened the ball by dancing with llrt Dundas, and danced eleven oanoee successively, with as many ladies. At lalf-pust twelve be led Mrs. Dundas to supper, and at three he conducted her to her carriage, and returned to the Government House. The winklngly movement of his right eye attracted general remark, while bis pleating looks and manners delghted all. The rooms, although small, were tastilv decorated, and inhabitants, was, therefore, takeu ou board the Hero by the Sheriff, who presented it to the Prince in person, bat did not read it. Ho was informed that a reply would be sent from Quebec I paejert the Hero in the Lady Head, and raw t^p Prince standing chatting on the quar ter deck, dressed in his old black round topped bat, a blue coat and twv. jd troweera. We gave him three cheers, and he uncovered his head and bowed in his usual frauk manner. In ba f an hour the Hero, in attempting to team oat of the harbor, ran aground, and remained hard and fast on the stony bottom. The Ariadne, upon this, endeavored to tow ber off, but it was not till she had broken three Urge hawsers, and the Hero had I oat three anchors and somo sheets of copper, that iUlx was accom piished. The Prince, during the twu hours aground, I was on deck, interesting b mWf in the work of gutting bis ship on, whnb It was at flrat feared would not be done till the neit tide. At a quarter to one the fleet made sail. The Fly mg Fiah remained awhile behind to grapple for anchor and haviser In passing Into the bay the Hero would have run aground ugaln but for the lady Head, seeing ber danger, stealing ahead to show the proper course. The veaaeia then stopped, aud the Governor Gene -el and Ministry wont on board the Hero | to loom who uin rriuce, immediate y alter wnict. tbey | tnok leave of him and returned to the ^;mo, which, with the Utdy Read, (loaned through fog towards Quebec, the latter to await orders at the Sag >"uay ^ The Ministry will Dot meet him aaaln till hla arrival at Quebec. We ten the aquadroo steaming cut era, the Hero leading. Months*!., August 14. lhtto Hie Prince of Wale* arrived at Usspe on Sunday afternoon. He war met there by the Governor General and the Canadian Cabinet He rema'nad over right, and pro needed westward the neat day. Indian Tronblee?Mining Prospects, At. Hi Jo*arn, Ho., Augu?t 14, WOO It Is reported, under date of Deliver City, August 7, that the lotted Stales troops fron. Forts Kearney and Itiley had a battle with the Ktowas. rear Rent's Fort, about the 4th of July. They demanded of the Indians those who committed the Ute outrages, and, on tbelr re fusat to give tbrm up, attacked them. Five Klowaa were killed and thirteen taken prlsocsrt. The latter were left at the fort, and the troops proceeded down the Arkansas' hut Bent,* fearing an attack, sent a mesa anger?an old Frenchman, several years la hla employ?to recall the troops. The Indians attacked acd ecalped this messenger, leaving him for dead; but he uisuagc' to return to the fort, and will probably recover Q*\ ing but a small supply of provisions aod fearing trouble he released the prisoners. The Art pekoes and Cheyennes, who were lately In Den ver, are now encamped aioond the fort, and promise to protect Bent from the Klowaa Pome of the late parties that went over the survey range In search of gold have returned voreemful. A party sta-ta to day for the western part of Dacotah, where an old miner is ctnildenl of finding gold. The quarts mills have not yet overcome the difficulty in separating the gold from the pulverised ruck. A few claims In California Gulch are doing finely. A claim in Russell's Gulch yield ed sixteen ouneee in one day. In the Bobtail lead MM worth was taken from twenty two bushels of dirt. Hooey la qstte scarce in the mines and elsewhere. Business la Denver Is extremely dull. Kewtwky Klertton lornrnxi, August 14,1M0. Ninety til counties la Kentucky glee Oooka 61.443; tfcUarty, 36,046; Boding, 10,666; Hopkins, 466. roar boon counties or* yet to be board froaj. The Lot* Vloloat Rtorm. Now Ouioo, Aural 14,1666 Tho largest portion of U?? parish of PUqueaiM Is ?ub merged, uil the euOcrerf are Burnerjdj, many being toft lomskss The bark 1.1 sale Bnfp. from Bordeaux, airload dia nested and leasing badly The arhoooer Mary, from Se? Or leant to Galrtatou, baa boon found abandoned at , Mobile. Tbc gale waa very aerera. The lower part of Lbeclty waa overflowed, aad aartoua loaaaa bare been MMl Trxaa Klactlwm?Tfce Ateolltlonloto, toe. OALrwmi, TaxAugust 16,1860. Returnt"from Ire eouatioa fire Fluraoyt, deaa.,fbr Attorney General, 471 majority. The abollt'naleu are artteety operatog oa the wee tern jorder of the State Two thousand are la Aaderm maaty, lacltitf an laeurract toe among the Blares. ReaalaaUaao tor t aagrra, Fomasr, Ohie, August 14.1660. The republicans of the Ninth district hare nominated, I ty aoclamatioa, Boo. Joba Obry tor re election la Qua ! 6aoo, Me., August 14,1646. The Democratic Omrentlon held bore to-day nominated rbomaa M Haj en. of Aieo, tor Concerns. baaiflb Ball aad Bwerett Mate Cearoa* Mat. Miitmeiwrum, Augart 14,1666. The Bell aad Craratt Mate Oaaraat Ion aoaomblod hare renter day. It was large aad harmonious. SaaJamln Bin tad Judge Taw were appointed ul<?tor] tor the Bute at wg* The Centra) Kallrend. Aftsr. August 14 1660. Attorn-} Genef' Ky-rs relumed to lbs nty this urn-og, as well as tbc deputy, who was only temporarily ablent atteadlng a rrftwsw case It I* tinted aotberliaiKalr that there la no foundation i ehataiai tor the mmoe that aa tojonctlou bad baa* ap P"ed tor or again* tbe Owtral Baiieoad. or tbal eay rush proceedings wars tea torn ptated by hat. the company select. On the next morning, at ten, be drove In an open carriage with the Governor to the wharf, where he had laud ed bit suite. The Farl of Mulgrave accompanied him The guard of honor of the Sixty second regim -ut wa:- present at the point of embarkation. The volunteer troops, as also the trade and other societies, were formed along the line of route, and the Judges, Legislature, municipality and beads of de| artmenls were likewise in attendance. The weather was fluer thau when he lauded, the enthusiasm greater, and the holiday general. The Hero lay directly opposite the wharf, in the narrow harbor, and, alike with the Ariadne, Flying Fish and French war steamer Pomona, wat> gaily dreaaed with dags and had her yards manned. There thundered out the hoars.- music of a roval salute, t of (tin r with the four gun bailor/ ashore, as he stepped Into the boat greeted on all sides by the cheers of the multitude. The Valerous h:id sailed for Quebec on Thurslajr and the Hero, In attempting to enter the harbor, got ashore and on getting ell, some hours afterwards, sailed for same destination. Rhe squadron reached Gasp* bay on Sunday evening and anchored for the night. The inhabitants of the vli lag.-had a general illumination and manifested much excitement. The government steamer, Queen Victoria, with the Governor General and Canadian Ministry on board, bail arrived at Gas^e on Friday night to meet the Priuce on his arrival. The Governor Geueral now wool ou board of the Horo and had an interview with his Royal Highness, and afterwards the Duke of Newcastle and Karl 1st. Germain* acccmpaoied him back to hia own steamer, whore a social party was formed. The government steamer Laity Head, loft Caspe basin on the next morning, which dawned bcautlfclly, a', eight o'clock, for the bay and took her place behind the squadron, which now sailed in a crescent form to the head of the harbor, within view of the village. The Prince's standard waa there saluted with twenty-one guns from Fort Ratusay, while the populace crowded the outer wharf, the hill tops su4 boats. A pavilion had been erected on the shore for his reoeption, and thero was a good show of bunting, hut he did nut land. An address, prepared by the EW YORK HERALD, W1 IN on- Arrival of the Persia. kU.-mr Hook, August 14?11 T m. Iters are no signs of the rersla off this point. Wind fresh from north. Clear The Douglas Democratic Convention. Strsctss, August It, 1880. The attendaaee at the Douglas Democratic State Con' vection promises, from present appearanoes, to be unusually large. The hotels ar* rapidly filling up, and some are already crowded. Probably a great, r number ol outsideis are here already than at any convention for some years past. The character of the delegations appears much belter than the average, many prominent democratic namea from different parts of the State being on the list. The main excitement, therefore, tnrns upon the old contest (or the seats of New York city between Tammany and Mozart. Mayor Wocd is not present The delega. tion Di m Muzart Hall, led by Benjamin Wood, wero early on the ground, cloeely followed by the Tammany delegates, under the leadership of Tappan, Kennedy and Clancy. Much embarrassment was caused to the leaders of the parly by the renewal of this quarrel at this time. While sn earnest desire Is felt to combine all the atreugth possible on Douglas, the leaders of the party contend tha It la lmiosstble to do anything but recognize the regu larity of Tammanv Hall to the exclusion of the Mozar delegates. The democrats of the Interior of the State, however feel a strong disposition, in view of the large vote o Mayor Wood in the mayoralty election, to cast aslds al questions of regularity and admit both delegations, with power to cast half the vote of each, after the custom o the National Convention Caucusses have been held on bulb sidee. Tin- Mozarts lake a moderate ground, asking i that both Bides be admitted, although they declare the | belief that Tammui.y tax uow very little power The Tammany delegation, ou the other hand, talk bleb, declaring tbey will uot lake seats if the Mozart Hall delegate arc admitted, and aaeciliug that any compromise with Fernando Wood will do more injury than good. The State Central Committee held a meeting. There was a full attendance. The probability appears to be that Judge Pratt, of Onondaga, will be the temporary chairman of the Convention. and Judge Wil'.ard, of Saratoga, the permanent PreSiceot Wm. H. Ludlow, of Suffolk, has been mentioned in connection with the nomination for Governor or position of permanent President, but be decline- both. Ex Senator Win. Kelly will undoubtedly be the unani I mous nominee of the Convention for Governor, and the tukoi will probably be completed with Judge Allen for Lieutenant Governor; Wm W Wright, of Ontario, for Canal Commissioner; and Mr. Rhoades, the present incutubftit, for State Prison Inspector. I Tlx Stale Committee have divided to issue tickets of acinar.on primarily to both sets of delegates from the city of Nr w York. This is regarded a* favorable to a I compromise. [ The present Indication* arc that while the regularity of I the Tammany Hall delegates will be declared, a resolution will be adopted to admit boib acts of delegate-. | Dai id S, Seymour, Pater tagger and Benjamin Wood I are at the Voorbces House. Horatio Sey mour and Dean Richmond are at the Syracuse House. The Globe Hotel is well filled with delegates, mainly from the rural districts. The crowd m the city virmected by a fu'l attendance of the Committee of lbi< t; -two of the Hell Everett parly, vho are charged with It. ty of deswiing what action shall bo had w hh regard I? the electoral ticket. Gov. Hunt, Hoi Jauu* Is rooks, Hon. George Briggs, I/weoto Burrowrs, Getters! Prrscett, David Russell, ana oilier loaders of that party are present The committee hud a mooting at six o'clock to-night, at the Globe Hotel, Aflor exchanging vj' ws as to the cine prdtrirf y of u union with tlie Douglas democrats, ibe unanimous f" ntini'iit apjwarrd to he in favor of that union, for the purpif" of defeating Lincoln. A Bell Erurct' public meeting tit held to night, which lias quite numerously attended. A procession with traus|>erenriA?, banners and torches paraded the atreeta, ruiging bells, some of wL eh weie borne on (ticks and othera drawn on carta. A somewhat ludicrous incident ?ue prist 11led by a parcel of boys, won followed the procession, noging serersi email belli and shouting "auction, auction " The meeting was held at Wlet'ng Hall, which was full but not crowded. Speeches were made by Governor Hunt, James Bris ks and Hoc. Wm. Dull, and nuuiu tier able enthusiasm was manifested The spoe.-bee wore all of the nsua description, Itrongly fav.'rli-g the union of all conservative els meet* against Unrolo Tlie r tnrrmiee or the Bell and Kverett party meet again in the niornlrg They will select the namee which they dealre to hare placed on the Douglas electoral ticket. Washington Hunt will probably be an elector at large, with a sprinkling of electors among the districts. Mieee I'at ten will probably be the elector from the Albany district The Tammany delegation take alarm ai the decision of the Bute Gomm'ttee In favor of eeaaiUlag bi h rets by lukctssl tin- Srnt assembling of tbe Corivt r.tiou. They declare p wit 'rely their intention to {withdraw, in earn the Moxart delegates are admitted pruuMncntly, and supj nrt tbo Douglas electoral ticket and Krady for Governor They threaten, la anch an event, that the State ticket nominated here will not get 10 CfO voten in the city. Hon Wm. Kelly was In Albany ft day, and. while not desirous '-but bU usee should be used, will accept tbe nomination. lemuel Stetson Is talked of for Lieutenant Governor in case Judge Alien declines. The- train lust arrived brings a largo addition to tho crowd, and the principal hotels begin to overflow. A lively Interval tn the proceedings of ihe different caucnasa apt tear* to be manifested by outsiders. Tbe Bute < ommitlee. created by tbe Young Men's Democratic Ormventlou at Saratoga, U present. Tlie subject of a t'nlon electoral ticket waa brought op before the Stole Committee, and a unanimous senttmeat was rspresaeo In ravor of any honorable arrangement tost could be made to unite tbe opposition against tbe rapuhileaiis, but a practical difficulty against this was experienced . from tbe fact that no opening wai presented for It by the Cntivenltr.ii of last week, and aa there waa no pes 1 position fir n nston before the Committee. Several suggi-stlors on the subject were made, but qone of them were definitely shaped. The Committee meet again tomorrow. Meet of the principal democrats In tbe State are new here. TMe Chicago Zwmawcn. CMiraoo, August 14, 18B0. Ttir ZmiATM. whfi *r-f? annnut.r<td let rwarh ILli ritT this eTeotng.hare not yet (t enn'clneh) arrtred. Grwt preparations have boon made for their reception. The rnttre military of the city, the Turner*' societies, Wide Awakes. Ilk>i.glss lor met Men fend a large concourse of eltlm>s are waiting ( the depot to receire them. Boef.ree are hlsru g on rvrrnl s'reet corner*, and large crowds are waiting on tie principal atreeta th-ough which the procession is to pas*. Fire at Philadelphia. rinianetTiiia, August 14, IftflO. This eeenlng the building Ko 31 Third street, just b low Arr.h street, was destroyed by lire. It was oornpi by Jacob fturper. dealer in rlooks, loss $6 000, insured, and A. R Raich, dealer in cotton capa, Ions $3 000. The building ass owned by J 6. Levering, whose ices |* F2 one*; lr*ti-ed Ko ? Third siren wss rtitnsged by water. It wsa occupied by Brook A Fuller, fancy goods; C. A. Thud inn, German goods; Charles A. Kllas, hats. Cabn k Hacs, clotbters ; Friedman It On., boota, and others. The total loan It from fifteen to twenty ihounsnd dollars, which Is mostly Insu.ed. The Dmfiht las Fsssai. laaraawowrw, K T., Aognat 14; lfifiO. The statement of the sufferings of the people of Finest, | In yesterday's Wash ingles despatch, is belle red lobe | greatly exaggerated Althoogb the drought has been | eery nerrre la portion* of the Tsrrttory. yet II is bettered ; that all Motions hate fair preapeeta tor anAeieet tood tor bom consumption. John V. Keen a* ? Philadelphia. rnitAnnLni's, An u?t 14. iw*> Heeosn and euHr arrlrrd this evening, and were greet ed ?Itl a large crowd. They were afterwards serenaded at the Oirard. Randall Rant, of Inuisian*, was'seeenaded this seen n lag by the supporter* of Bell and Frerett, at the Const I Dental. Th* Keen am Exhibition at fihteh, *e. Bowtow, Aognat 14. 1M0. The Board of Alderman hare r stoat d to tloanst the proposed pugilistic exhibit!an tor Uw benefit of John C. Senator Reward wan to day the gurwt of Charles Francis Adams, In Quiarey, aud left tor Albany la the afternoon train. mw Htorih la the l?*ihwsst. Br. Lorn, Angunt 14. lfififi. Th# fl?WI IMTM IUI IW IMMT I4MH, mwa Hftnphl*, roooon tared a flftooo MUiirt# mow Mora oa Suado? mora lor. Ik# 12th liwi. Rrfim AmmIbIIm *T MUmrr. aittwohi, Au?wt 14, IM4. lb* Mo RHfcnn A woe lotion harr nailed a eotlof to oolaot o candidal* for Mayor and City Ooanell, to bo ebooao without rrfaraoco to potitleal oytalow. Th? ttiaai Itooy of War Brooklyo. Noorota, Aagaat 14,1Mb. TV *t?*a aJoop-nf war Brooklyn d oppod dnWi tho R?vj. oa flatarday, and la expected to all for Clitiiqal to<i*y _ _ Poet obi Wtolily Baah Rtoloarot. Boorr a, Aucaat U, 1M0 Chpital rtock MT Ail .TOO loan* and dtanounta 04 MO AM Bpart* Da# from other hanko t K1A.M# Pa* to oth*r hooka 0Ail AM P-t>naita IMAT.fM CUtoMloo T ATI AM :dnesday, august is, i liilted Mtutca Frigate Pcwhutin. 1*1UL4I SIJ-IIIA, AugUit 14, 18fr"> 1 ltie United Stat s frigate Powhatan Us reported aa bekv. Markets. Nkw Okij^'.kh, August 14, 1400. Cotton unchanged tale* to day, WOO bales, sabs three days, 1.7C0 bales; receipt* of three days, 2.000 hales, ageinst 1,200 the nme time last year; receipts of uew , crop u> date, C,0b0 Ulua, 64C bales the correspondIng time last year. Sugar buoyant, and advanced l?c , at i US'-'- He. Corn dull at t6c a 70c. 1'ork flrm mess at 422 Whtskcy.'ectiC. o, I8r Tobacco unchanged Exrhai>t on louden. lnf>K a 110. and with bills of lading, 108\ a lOVa; Slab'. cxchangi on New York, X a >4 per Cent pri m.uni. Frt iglA of return to Liverpool, 6 16d Blssaio, Auguat 14?6 P. M Flour quiet and steady . aUes 600 bbla. Wheat quiet and scarcely as flroj- sales 10 000 bushels red Ohio at 41 08>i. 6 COO buslels whiteOhio at $1 11,4 1-00 do do. st 41 12X Cbrn cul" and steadv: anle6 18,000 bushels si fC< Oats lr lower; sales 10 0C0 bnsr.els at 20c. Whiskey bonitual a; 10c. Canal freights?47c. on flour, , IPX" on wheat, lifer., on norn to New York. Lake Itn torn?2 000 this, flour, 47,000 bushels wheat, 61,000 busbeln corn. 11 OOtf bushels oats iiansl exports?HO bids. flour, Ci.CCC bushels wheat, P.000 bushels oats Oswxov, August 14, I860. Flour In moderat* de.nsn.-t Sales flw bbl3. st $6^26 (or Wheal v?ry tu-a.oc sod wanted Bale* 7,000 bualieli new Chir.sgospring, the flrrt in market this season, on private term*. Otto quiet, but unchanged: sale* laat evening 11,01X1 bushelslllirni*at Me.; other grains quiet. Ctual freight* advanced to SOc. on flour. 00c. on wheat, 8>tfc. on corn to Now York lake Import*?3d.UXi bushels wheat. 12 ICO do. w m. Canal Exports?100 bbl* flour, 17,200 buxbc.g wheat, 0, ,4C0 do corn. Ctutauo, August 14 I860 e.Fleur quiet Wh' ^aetlve and lr. lower: sales 40,000 rebels at 81c. a bl>*c.. for No. 3 spring, in store. Corn dull and Jfc a lc l??er: sales 8,000 bushels at 42s. u 42tjc.. in stoic. Oats firm Receipts?1 400 bbls flour, IS* (K0 bush. Is wheal . 92,04)0 bushels corn Shiptnen'a? 2 800 Olils flour, 95 OoO bushel* wbeet, 02,000 bushels corn. Freights active at C.tfc. on wheat to Bufltlo. Sight exchange on New York, rates reduce! to \ per cent premium. v CivonwATt, August 14. l<"?o. Flour Steady at $4 60 a 11 60 lor auperttne. Whiskey

advanced to 17,'ic Ness pork held at $19 60 a $20. Ba1 can 12c. Money in good demand at 10 a 12 per cent. Fight exchange on New York per ceni p rem mm Police Intelligence. Tt? Madison 1-tkxkt Reatino Cams.?The unknown man who was so severely teaten iu|Madlson street, on Saturday, has sufTiciently recovered to be able to give Lis name and such Information as will proba! ly U I to the conviction of bis assailants. Hie injured man states that bis name Is John Otalck, and that be reeides at No. 70 Cherry street Upon information received from Custck and s Is! named John Malloy, policeman Petty, of the Fourth precinct, arrested John Kyan, James Wilson, Fli/sheth I tarry and Mary Hart, on su.sp.cmti of being implicated in the assault, and on being Lrouykl be .re Juallcu Kelly yestrrday tbey wtre return itt.-d to the Toms* for examination Cjbkk I* still In a nrecariou* coi lit 'n. Pis skull is fractured so extensively lite phy*i .an at the New tors iPupils! enterta'n* but 1 ttle hop oi h:s ultimate recovery. The nu're arc still ti. nor mil o' a tilth nornon who. It is wid, Inflicted the fat*: blow. Ah raiii ?Henry lleyti, keeper of a iager bier taloon in Centr- street was taken into custody by policeman Jolly, of tbe Fourteenth preciort, oa charge ?f eiolently aaaaultlng and nabbing Daniol Tuomev, a blacksmith, residing at No. lug Crosby street. Tbe prisoner, on being brought before Justice Steers. admitted that be committed the u*#ault, but so; 1 be wo? acting in se.f de fence. Held to bail to answer A disturbance occurred at No. 254 Stanton street, ou ttonoay night, which came very near culling short Ibe existence of Georgi Uergvr. a quarrel. It ?p|>e?rs. arese bet wee i Benter and a Freurn man, named Cbarles Heckel, wben tbe latter became enraged at sotnt.?reicuri., and, drawing a knife, stabbed bis antagonist in tbe breast a friend of the wounded man, usmed Biacknrr, endrarored 10 separate tbe combatants, when be, too. was treated to a puncture in the rib* PoUnman Disbrnw, of the Eleventh precinct, finally arrived at the acenc of tbe conflict, and to ik H-cliel into custody Jus'Jce Steers held the armapd fbr t'ial Tiourr 8wmi-usc ?The ticket swindlers appear to flouriab, tbe re|>?sted efforts of tbe t>ollne to the contrary notwithstanding. A day or two ago a tier man. named Christian Scbumackcr, was laduct-v. by a runner, named Nicholas Hitler, to patronize tbe establishment No 157 Cedar street, kejit by William P"?h. alias F'enchy, and was cheated out of |5C The matter was laid before Captain Hsrtt, of the Twcnty-sixtb; but after a ullig'nt search toe otticera wora obliged to I content themsrins with tbe body i.f tberunu-r ltvh ?<doo how o- other got wild of the movements of the police and cros e<i over to Ni w Jersey, where be will ! probably rmiaiu sudirtuibod. Millet was brought before I Jesttre Kelly y< sterdav. wb?r> b? was committed to the for trial. Then wlU there be an end ol this ticket swindling buaimas'. Cbapuk or Ktomviso Coo r ?Bridget MeMann. i proprietress of a Junk ah op In Seventh avenue, near j Thirty fourth street, was brought before Alderman 1 Biady, at the JelTeraon Market Police Court, on charge of i receiving a quantity of lead nlpo, ahlrh bad been stolen I from John Kaaood, of No. 1,286 Broadway The prisoner waa held to ball in tbe aum of $1.000 to aoawcr, and fined f50 for not keeping a book of entry, In accordance with j aertIon 28, article 3, chapter 82, of tbe Revised Ordi| nanrca. Ax aujn.kd Dl-sirdult Bora. ?John and Catharine ' Le grand were arreated by the F'gbth precinct police on charge of keeping a disorderly house at No. fill Broome atreet. Borne half a doreo glrla. In ma tee of tbe bouse, were alao arrested. Tbe prlaoiiera were all taken to tne Jifrmn Market Police Court, where they were held for I examination. Penoaal Iwtelllgt nee. Sennr Mata, tbe Mexican Minister to the I'nlted States, { left this city yesterday, In.tbe bark Rapid, for Vera Crux. Among tbe presentations atjlbe Prince of Walea' levee i at Halifhx, were those of tbe Mayor of Boston and Montreal, and Mr. Kinabau Cornwaliae, whom we have before ! bad ureas ion to recognise In our columns. Judge fiouglaa wll< be In Bangor, M- , to day Alexander Raring, Fso , of f?ido?; Nloolar lartabnro, and Mrs Tegarra. both from Washington, are stopping at : the Clarendon Hotel. Oak-net Hardee, of Weat Point: Colonel Cohen, of Baltimore. Pr Webb and lady.rv U ulaiana W. H -mpe . of Wushirgti n, and R A Parker, of A'oblle, are stop]iing at thr Fifth Avtnoe Hotel. r W. Anderson and family, of Savannah; Mr ft. N. Hoillr.r and In H I Monbemy, both of the I'nlted states Navy, and C W. Rcrtt, of!, are stopping at theft. Nicholas Hotel. i, *r ptr-?-e pf New Haven; C T. James, if Now JerC. U M ia <1 and famPy, of Caiif.irala- w C Rob la?r.d farn . y, of Raltunore; J ft Re I ley and family, and I Pimm en 1 family, all r-rCharleetou, 8 C , and Mrs. Tu klj and family, of Augusta, are stopping at Ute Ajtor House JameaC McKibbin and Capt. flail, both of California; Col P. M Kennedy and W. O. Pencraft, both of South Cart-Una. W J. Faire||,of New Orleans, and D. A January. t.f St liOtia, aie Hopping at the MetmoullUn B *el. W. J. Morrtaro and wife, r' rt 'la-leiphla; James C Fargo and wife, of Chteago <- M Parson* and fomliy, of Columbus: A. tlagl and wife, nf CharIteton. S C , and O. B. Fllley, of St. U 'lla. are stopping at the Everett Houae J. J. Biddings. of Texas: Mr Rumbald and wife, of ft. Inula: IV Matlork. ef Oneiuaatl; W B N loans and par tt.U. W Rrigbam and Mark ValeiiMne. all of touOiana: H. i* Kin Hie and fsr. Charles Kniabt, both of the ateamab'p Kar>gar> In Gsreto, of Philadelphia C L. Park ard la^y and H R fkuk.all of Mississippi; 8 B. Rrrtt, of Milwaukee; Judge Price and W. B. Beltbuld, bo h of New Orleans: H. J. Atocber, and party, of New nii. n njrrF, ?'i ifnirgm o. i\hpi, in r?"nu? i I>r. Bumbam uil tady. of and R. MoCready, of ' Cincinnati. are Mopping at the lafsrge House The e?lebrat- d surgeon, Sir I>t>jamin Brodie. bai bocome total!j b I tie Bull the gifted rtolln player, baa be*n p< rfo*ntnu at a acrha of concerts at Her W holm Mrs. Margairt lligaa. TO TP* HilBll OS TV K HFSALr. I ?44 Banal w a*. New 1'nrk, A urne' IS. 141k). V urge re* It iran and fasti y beg U iu kno* Mfm with heart riittst'ks rn.n Twi Indira i - i carrlaee ft 00 A ixtv at 4'mii iSkMiio I l? a fi i- i?i h> th> |m? r on Arki ?'' pre" want. 4 IP Tidal reeet M IS I BB1-. I. ' f 1, t me I e H lei, dete, t lamuely hop r? the ah' utli be nNe to ha\c liar honee reword A' iren doi -[% la Mill *e<jmre<l ere ah raa do Ihta and ant raa rb?r1tat'I> diapr ?*-.< ma lad her on 'he line of Kt#bty foerth aueet. imte een R:. .ruth and Tae./thare aura Inl-wlaOara l< ft v s?rt fr mr --hatl t>r prompt1? baoded imr to In f*tnll?. np?-. nlxee behalf I hare been led h a, pea! Icmra. nrnrh < idlgMi, h BAT. At rivals and Bepartarra. A BUT ALA. 1 m r?"or?t?A*?amabtp Tdinburg?pewar Mr Hlteh arrtt ar.l a? M m Itell. H'aettn?a Mn'aw. I' lefferta. Her B M hcdy and family, Pet W Jiud and faait'i. Paite.Mr Scverinn. Mr and Mrs Cnhen, Mr and Mrs Annndera, MVat Handera. I'rOnrham, A Rreed. P Brrard. Mr Rubier. Mr t irl )ia<rlek, Mr and Mrs Walhrr and faintlT. T heetna, M W Brnntnn. til Andereon Mr ? id Mra Aodtann. Mr aad Mm IrtpeM 4P?i?ri A ar.t-erla. M 4?laerr. II t.laa/nrd, C Bon k'r? I 'a* P'pHre Mr and Mr* Hatrh T Render. Mtaa Maaa, M>*? I namatrln. Pr Mayer. Master John Mayer. MtoO Rrwdh, Mr* Ml at. Ml * J Wll'trmr. Ml** Plathala. ^ tinark, L Rraenrer*. Mr ?nd Mra fJairlmry. Mr fumietl aad family, Mr Mair'ik. G**> Patrtrk. Mr aad Mrs Mratbcpr, P titneo, B Woorall. Havana?Bark Cornelia?J J Batkto. r Harris. I Loper. Hiiaru-Bart Tlfaa Bar**?J Rutrhlsaa. Mtaa Lory llntrbtsya. Mra II T?ryu and S rhtldrra. MM* M Waahingina, Mary Ida. (l H Bcnrrta, B Mr tin. ' i Aansvan? BrigK I'rummoMd Mra Robe*. Pro rr-Sch: Bupkrmle?Rtrs t Lewta Bait Cav ?Bchr Bab-Ham* Alt. Otaidri. rWPABTBBMf, P?rn*'.sn, kr ,c'*?mehtp Beannfcr?RF Ortajti n * ma. It f>arnWl?lnr A Wow J W Wheadi.n PrrdMl I mv, I' Wetdeke, c M Owatbnaey, 1 A K'ere-s, ledy and rhdd: Jan es McfVeinell and tnde. L Park en on, M Weld. 9Brlnroa. A B tdey. W R Bavin aad lady. I. HnIL Oemva Aahrr. A J Wmdvnflh Ramtarl M l.uMaM, J M Wtiata, ftra J Wtalar. Mtaa 4' Wtpter, B Rlwridy and My, B T 1MB ?110 U the steerage 860. lih Weil Inolea. r?? w? from ?l>e Br1> th0t or W4,HR PHOirrinut w wntjix'oa?thi rk tkws?u!TI'hm>u rOSKl) COiKUl IN TBI fWTU At KiCANN A COMItT. HTC. w# kave Hamil B> the arrival of the bark HIM Bare* ? ton (Bermuda) papers of Adjust T nearly a A comet, which had been visible at Hamilton week, disappeared on the 10th A census of the Island is to be taken A petition of the Roman Catholics for pecuniary aid in , support of a pricet was re'ured by the Assembly. At liarbadots the ear.cultural interests were sufl'erlnj I everely frotn continued drought The nim Bares spoke or her outward passage, July 31, i tat 33 US, li ng- K' 10, ehip Star of tho luiou, tcu (lays i from Key West for the roast of, with liberated t Africans mi luwrii Preparations are being made by the government and citizens of Bermuda to r celve the lYinco of Wales la an appropriate manner, on his arrival at that island The Postmaster of Bermuda recommend* the enactment of a law compelling masters of sailing vessels to carry the mails between that island and the United Slates The present rate paid to masters is two pence per letter. Walt ack's Tokatt.i.?Mrs W j. Florence, the very popular comedienne. Is to be tbo recipient af a special complimentary benefit, to take plane on to morrow evening. The performance will bo rendered especially interesting from the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams will appear In two of their best pieces. The programme is, therefore, an exceedingly attractive one; and Joined to the claims of the fair beneficiary, will undoubtedly attract a crowded bouse. Wlmtkr Gar: kn ?The perennial Ravels, who stem never to lose for a moment their hold upon the public, are windin" up a very successful eearou at this theati j, and will give the last of their performances on next > Saturday evening. On to morrow the benefit of Fraucois will take place, when M'lle. Mathias, the favorite dun scute, wili appear. Naval Intelligence. hie United States st. smer Kuiuuhc, Captain Ritchie, r atere ' Acanulrn on the 13*b ol July, and sal'cd the following <'ay for San Francisco. The United Stairs sloop of war Levant, Commander Wm. F. Bunt, arrived at Honolulu June IT. The sloop of war Preble, Commander Jenkins, now at Pt nenrols, has been ordered to proceed to the Navy Vard at Boeton. Passed Assistant Surgeon James Suddards has been or utrca 10 lue dkvu /loyium ?i ruusufiyui*. THE FAHILT HERALD. Interesting News from California and I tah-The Cruise of the Yacht 8qnadron? Sad Arcldrnta?'Visit to the Home of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Candidate for the Presidency?The Scientific Association?The Ileenan Festival?Local News of New York?Markets, Ac., Ac. Tbe Family 0skald, Id its Issue of to day (Wednesday) trill, among otlier things, contain ?The I-n test News from I al.forma, with so Interesting letter from our Correstoodeot in Great Salt Lake City; A Report of the Summer Cruise of the New York Yacht Squadron; An Account of the Crowning of Four Persons at Long Branch and the Highlands; A very Interesting Letter from our 8pec!al Correspondent at Sprlngfleld, III . giving an account of bis Visit to the Home of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, with a full description of the Republican Candidate sod his Family, and a synopsis of bis Views on Na tlonal Polities, the Slavery Question, Ac ; A report of the Closing Proceedings of the American Scientific Association; A Description of the lli-enar Festival on Monday, at Jones' Wood; A letter from a Correspondent on hoard of the Unite;, States steamship Iroquois, relative to the Sicilian Revolution; An Account of the Visit of Lady Frank I n tc the United States, The Local News of New York and Viclnitv of Importance; P.eporte of t'j- Cattle, Provision and Money Markets, and all Interesting news mat tera of the preceding week Drawings of the Drlaware Htatr Lottorim -tttMiTV VIiPY A OO , Mnrsg-rao' the nrt.tWAHS. SSSTUCBT ASH missouri statu lottrkitts. Pllawahr?Kitka Class No SA6. August It 1.460. IS 42. f>3, 62, 69, 6I>. 32, 9, 1. 2. 29. CI. PaiAWAsr?Class No 886. August 14, in*) 40. 4s*. 31,13, 69. 21. 56 . 74 , 70 . 65 , 47 . 45. 14, 78. Circulars sent free of cbftrpr by vldresslnr either to *OOI>. RPPY A tiO., Wlitn'nctoa Delaware. Or to W nt.n. FDDV A OO . Rl Leila MImoutL Drswlngi of Fraats, Biaadhrais d Co'i Delaw are t otiertes ? Kus**i Corsrr?Class ?*V August 14. MB). 67. 49, 64. 70, 5. 14. 29, 7, 78. 8, 15. 19. CoasouttATKr IjOttsrt?Class MP, August It IMP. 22, 64. 33, 67. 24. IS. 73. 27. 66 66, 61. ?3. FKARCK. BR04PBKRT8 A ?*n.. HtPofM Wmlnrum Delaware. (> Atrial Drawlnfi of Hodges, Otria At OO.'K Conerlldaled Interim of Oxinlc ? Cu? ?N. AtroCKT IX IMP 12. 40, 3*. 30 . 69 , 33. 60, 60. 73, 40, IT. Out* 401 Amour 14, UHD 73,69.69. 36,48,60, 40,33,16 . 71,74,67,10. 18,16. Honors PA vtk a rn.. Managcra. Macao, Qeorirle. Tito Beat Nanatartartai and Family Martuo-a to toe world at I. R. 8IROBR 4 00.1. 448 Bieadwar Herring "a Pateat Champion Flra Ml borr'arjimW Befee. Ml Bread war. corner at Horror atraao, toroor'a Gallery, TOT BBOADWAT. MnniH, _ Irorytypaa. Miniatures In 00. acd Dagoarrantypaa. W booior d Wilaon'a lawlag attHlaoa. OHce 401 Bmedway, V. T. Orowr dt Baktr'a Celebrated Aolmlosg Bewtnv Marbtnea. the beet In nee for fatnllr arertag. 418 BroadWtj. Raw Tork. and 1M Foltoa atreet, Krnotlyn. trlaaar dt Boa a' Oreralruag grand aad an neto Haaiaaia am anted for fro year* Wareronse V aad M Walker alioat Fralta of the Hoaaf Bjratem I?Soman n-T?i r?eV?rk, Crtatna'? r? IheBtmnp Thlerea l-i the Kane tnarr, Mu'derera at tarae. Million Helm at eaae. Hoc eat Ilea tr tbe Poor ftmiee and Mete frtaon Photographed for future Feneration" and Ike almlght) dollar at UOUIMI', MB Brood *?r To Boat ho ra aad AVeatera If are baa ta. Aaenta wanted. Apply at tbe Koraka Sewtn* Machine oOee, 498 Broadway. "Haaphrty'a Joarnal"of Ph?tagraah)r, ft a year. Katahllehed ten yeara. JOHCT1I H. LAPP, 37 lAapenard atreet Ifew tnrk. Pnhllaber. Blea mer Breaiea < lea rod In Right hour* nf Brorbea and Bed Bnra hr uatng Knnwlea' Anenraa Tneeet Peatn jer and Patent B?lk?wa Contract* taken to elear hr.naee. iteamera and ? ?ael? ; large booaea cleared tn ; one brur. Apple to 1 I ROB I,KB, Principal depot. BUS Broad* ay. under RL Klehoiaa Hotel. Cltrebnpb'a lllaalwe Wlge-A Bowel17. Partlnaa nm'elnahle: no turning up behind MB Broadway, next to a. T. Btewart'a Crlafadoro'a Hhtr I?jro, Wlga and Toopeea. tbe b?rt In the world, wholesale and retail, and the dye pi+eate'.y applied Mn. 8 Aalnr Knane . .... 1 Rnrhton'a Bllld Aperient or Aatl-Bllllows Pllta with direction# Be. Jo Aaloe tlouae ard 417 Braodway. , I Batrhelor'a Hhtr Oyo la the Bat la tha world Made aolr and a piled In appropriate prlrale rmaaa, M tha wig factory, 18 Bond atreet fete radio* 1 our* Trua* irllk nnom Is th? tr*aUn*nt of Ti i?1i Anpnorlrr*. *Vn,1d?r Hnwra. Anapaaaloa lt?*d?*ra, dlk *1a*u* fWkln** B*!**, l'*<htn* Tma*a* *nd ?v ?ur*W-*J appl**nrr? ?rpii*d A tody I* k'trndaor* tn tb* f*tB?l* dop*oto?oni ffo I vM> Aalor How*. oppuaM* M. Paul'* fbnrrb. Tltf lmmrt??r?blr Maportarlty- of Halloa*) * Of ? . nl o*?r *|t rdkrr prrn*:*ttona forth* podtlr* *oo? of ?1*r?' ti* oNihip MM brad. *nr* brad kr , I* I pl*>rd b**-rd oi*put? by lb* laaasarablr mrtUjcataafnora atl | I part* of U>* t'atoa I ' till'* Hat* l>? * AOCaato. Bl?fh or llrnirm. IVtw* Mo I H*rrl?y drool, and by all l>riIntuit*bi? n?ir rottop. Ntrrlrd. Mow*?H'-rnrra ? In tlit* city, oo Mondar, Aufunt II, | at tkf rraldrno* Of J Dii Pn|?,ftq ,ky tfco Rrt H. T. Tf*ry. Mr I K. Mi?atn, to MM* F_ C Horinm, bo'k of Stamford, Conn. DM. Bt rrnnii* ?In York, oo Friday, Anjrwrt 10, Mra. fuTdortn HrivantiAM tl,*b*lnv*c wlfrtf Goorga borhfo ' Lttn. *<rad 67 yrar*. 10 moot/-* *itd Oft day* Baimr* ?fin Tnraday, At yo?l 14, at wratcbratrr, Jon B?atn>*t. In tb* 4M yt-T of bla at* Hi* frt*pd* ar* Ir.rltad to attend tb* ftiarraJ.tbla (Wod- ^ nraday) afternoon, at Ibra* o'clock, at bla lata rraldaao* J in tWMrl. rater , Bnwra?Oi Saturday earning, Aa?mat 11, Mra. Marnu i * Bowna, a native of Oraanock, Scotland, la tb* VTlh year , * t.i bar *f*. ? tb* fH*ada of h*r ihnnlly arc rrapartfnllf In* I tod * to attmd tb* fnnrraJ thia (Wednesday) afWwoca, at ? tt* o"cl?*k, ft' ro brr lata rraldoncr, No. 4 uontiafto* u twt, <ni.(h trmk.yn r N<-? torndirnd papor* plraor copy, p Op*j .,?* ?dm MootUy, Aofu*t U, after a abort itinera. * Oapt T*?m*o A. Onaaunr, aaallT* at Kaatork, eooaty of " Cork, It*land, agad 44 yaara. 1 tb* fttenda of tb* hmiiT ara r*qo**t*d to at load lb* I fnaoral, tbta (Wrdiaday) afternoon. at two a'otocb, ftaa Jj bw lau nalIran, Mo. M Oak atraat, ifflboai ftartbra * aotloa I i CV?urn -Pa Ibaaday, tifat 14, Jon f. 0MM> ? 5 rciuj.tldrst pod of J. B aud Mary A. Cumerford, lf(4 If month* pert T day* The friend* and re atirea of the famltv are MfMtMf invited to aiten.i the funeral, thin (Wedneaday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from (ho rreldaooe of blp pareate. ooii ee of Third avenue pad horty-aeventh afreet, iltllw ft tber notice. I _ r*M??T ?On Hunday even inf. August If, PwM'-hky, in the loll, year of bia age. T|ie relative* and friend* of the family are reepectftlf invited to attend the funeral, from the realdeoo* of ha mother, 117 ?e*: Piny third afreet, this (Wednesday) ptv^-rnooe, at one o'clock."1-'"'- "ln ?Monday, August 18, Joan C. KMMt> PHifTfT of Ann.,,<','r- "taton Island, and late of tbia city. Cars leave Van derbllt landing on the arrival of the nIM V A M boat Fun? r."^ to tbe aftt rioon. at one o'clock. Fris*k.?On Mood^T. A"gu?t 13. of cbolora infantum, LoHjnro Framcs, only c^i'd of Elizabeth and David Eraser. aged 20 mor.tba and oi'O day. The friend* of the family are rewpertftallT Invited t? attend the fuueral, tfain (Wodrfeeday) afternoon, at tw? oTio'-lt, from the rspidence of her parent*, No. M evwDue P. Kr/-kr _in Bror klyn, on Tuesday morning, August 14, An* Fj 17. mirth, infant daughter of Henry C. anA Em'.lg FraRer.egod 7 months ard 16 days. The fiends of the fam<ly are respectfully torltad to !tend the fbneral. thts (Wednesday) aflernooa, at tw* o cine*. ir<-m No n OAKm*K* ?At the Highlands, N. J , on Sunday, August 12, Ij.waaj,, bon of Win. C. Gardiner, aged IS yaaro aad 11 months .7l"\rrJ*,>r* And Mend, are respectfully InrltedSO attend the tuner*), thm (Wedneaday) afternoon, at halt past o'clock. fr. m No 31 Btuyveaant street (OCWttnnatiopof \ator plane) hart ?At hta reeldn.r.e. HteTcr rville, Fullivan county, .? ' ?e frl"BV- t#> Fkam is Hart, need 76 years, a Dative of Armagh. Ireland I>tiMfn. Belt .stand Armagh papers p'eare copy. Bless?At Kit-eaten .V V , on Friday, August io, AtaUk Pk Witt, only child of John aon Margaret K. lleaa aged S L. irthe and 8 day* ' Hewtrtr? At Hempstead, I,. I., un Sunday evening, august 12 of consumption. Aijt(am>rr IIkwikit, rod af George M. Ilrwlftt. of Rockaaav. in the S3d year of htt age. .Imntan*.?At Hemeryltle. K J . on Monday, Auguat 13, after a short illness. Marcakkt, daughter of Tcremiab W. and Ann J< hnaon. The rein! >\ oa and fiends of the faml'v are respectfully invited to attend the Timers), this (Wednesday) afternoon. at two o'clock, from the rcaidenre of her parents, Ne 109 Fourth street, without further invitation. Her remains will be interred In Greenwood. jaii-ahi. ?On Monday morning, August 13, oubt J An asp. sgt d 28 year* 4 months and M davs. The fncndr and relative* of the family, (alsotthe members of the Independence Guard, company G . Twelfth reftm'nt.)are re?pectf1ii|y Invlfed to attend'the funeral. fVoaa bi< laterraldenee, ?i new Canal street, this ("Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'ol<.ok, without further in v I tattoo. Hi? remain* will be taken to the New York Bay Oeciotesf for Interment oimhttp?At Mount Ft Vlnrnnt, New York, on TnfWriaj p.ertiine, August 14. .lotts Tmmi>o*i OrUFTSP. Infant so.. efredrrlrr lr.w and MnryC (i'msted,Rg>vt 2 months. Or-ncRRRlTKiti?Op Sunday. August 12, aged 40 yean. Tuns T firm, euros. of Brooklyn Hip funeral will takeplar*.this (Wednesday) aflernooa, at f' jr o'clock, from Anglo Saxon Todge. Brooklyn PtraKkTT? On Sunday, August 12, of paralasys, lfcchair Pl.rwnrrv, ayd *6 year* Tli" relative.- and fnends of the ftmily, also those of hW *oi?,.Iohn and Wt'llam H. P'unkett. are reapeetf.illy Invite! to attend the funeral, this (Wedneadav) afternoon at one o'clock, from his late resid. nee, 144 Fast Tuentyfnurth street Hia remains will he Interred in Calvary Cemetery. Ce't'ornla pancrs ploase copy. l'rr*K.w ?in Brooklyn, on Burnley, AuguK 12.Mrs. MaW r ii.-i.i- mn i <m <ri- iu'c uonn nnpm, in nor ssa yoae. Tt>e funeral will take place thle (Wrdnerrtay) aftcrnona, ai hair past thrro o'clock, instead of Tuesday,a*noticed to Monday's payor* Relatives and friends of the (Amity are Invited to attend her funeral. on Wednesday aftarn. oD. at half rant throe o c.iack. from her lata residence, No. Washington street, Brooklyn, without further tovitellen. R/ rjroir>? ? At Tarien. Connecticut, on Monday mosaics. August IS. foil* Mwrmixii IUywoijis atn of ChariM T and Adelaide A Reynolds, aged 18 months. The relative* and friend* are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, without further nollor, this (Wedaeaday) aftrrnoer. at two o'clock, from the residence of hto parent*. No 87 Faat Thirty fourth street. Pr tiotr.?<?n Vond?T. August 18. Jrui Amis, youngest daughter of VredrrteV W. and CelbarlLp Maria bleubar, yeit 10 month* and 11 days. The frier da and relatives of the ramlly are resrenthJlly tr vlted to attend the FUreral. this (Wednesday) aflornono, at two o'clcnk, from the realdence of her parents, No. IN iitian* street. Sticks ?On Monday momlns, August 18, of Inflamaatirn of the bowel*. Opiate hkiukt t-trnri. The friend* and acquaintances. and memheniof the Ftrat regiment N. V. 8 M . In cltisena* dress are particularly request* d to attend bis JUnersl, this (Wednesday) altarnoon. at two n'rloek, from the corner of Montgomery asl Madison street* Prsim ?In this city, on Patnrdsv evenly**, Aufuti 11, 7rcn?*Mti Psaim. in the 83d rear of hi* age. TitcMAs?On Tuesday, Angust 14. Tbkouck* Caiuakw, only child of I?r. Theodore (ialllard Thomas, o( this city, ay< d 1 year and 8 months. The frier,d* of the family are Invited to attend thefuaaral. from b's father's residence. No 8 W?wt fourteen to street, this < Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Otar'etton and Cnhitnhla (S. C.) |<aptrs please copy. Tshkr ? At PtanTord. Conn., on Mon.lar, August 18, Kr**mi<. mfhrt son of Henry M. wrd Mary I*. Taber Wiiiiss*?At New Orleana, on Wednesday, August I, hv an explosion on hoard the * learner 1st Croaas. CtuarM Witr iavs. in the 25th year of hie age, ano of (ieorge N. hi d War? Williams, of Passaic, N. J., formerly of Palmyra, It syne county. Pt flkto papers rl?aso ropy. Wtirosn ?At Mount Piessant.on Wednesday, August^ M. A. II. F. . wire nffMpt. Wu. L Walford, aged 22 years, 2 month* and 25 dart. Ranaa*, New Mexico and Texas papers please copy winriLUBrKon. All deaf perrons WHO HAVE FAILED TO OUT snoni.D at oftciauj? On Dr VON MOSCTIFTSEER. mm AND AUB1EV. NT,,, will RESTORE TI'FIN HEARINO ITTN NFWIv'lWVENTKD FAR VAPONI7FR. WHICH RESTORES THE HEAR INS IN in* fit T OltSTIN ATE CASES A* wnll ?a STOPS THE N'?|OE IN THE HEAD. HUNDREDS Hum Iffi R ESTOP FD TO 1IXAEINO Wttk thn CTHORT Rl'CCEBR rrcn rnr prwident^Vthf ooodnte Ti EIRE INRtJEANCS QOHPAH Dt. VON HOSTDFTREEK. OCTLINT AND AVBIST, 107 CUKTON 1'LACE. Dl AS SlBI? I fir h II,If,? wUnnna of yrmr skill In Ihaop>r?M? of INS EAR, bamnt on a rmu ?t?M In K? Orlnaaa TDTATIV DFAE In rmr bat. ud by - ' -r ? ,sr ?bn brnnfflit n-f In rn,r rfllm wham jtnir akltful i " 11 ? . lb,.ill an., i.alii nrurrl, rnrrd I ml In jnnr oSM dn*I' and BIT hnartnf hi nnw ?" wall u n*nr for whlrb I NmH avar l? thrnkful to jn-n Kbrmld )<ni think propar JBU nan bit h?bi?* With rml m?n*nt pour nhadinnt w? iM>t % EOHKNT HAOE Nib Toss. July 11. UNO. U Wall NiWL Dr. VON MOSCHX1HERR, Ornish and Anrtat, fi iNMp Snr?? <-n In Ibn Imi-rrWl Em apH Ear InA/Biarr, IVba mm hn m.n'inrt on all Sim? ?f tbr E>? and Bar fmaattol oVIiwh al m nmma Plana. KIcMh diiS At wdoierai* sfoar# from m tono. cam b'ttrri am ' Orird prnat tndbmninpta 1 O OIXKKS. 17 Broadway. BTT HE VT RE t RP A i : NT O ROW I'D I.1EK WWUt enmirb m b--p ? * -- rri |,ut tkajr waal pr,-w nn m* f?nr 'i in a ti'iiI ton naa Dnkaa'i Oarnrnll vVirli i,#t?I I , n thr Ri ?rd In ?mw ??? oa tSn iirn?Ah??' lanrt m n t'" nmka. ajthnat biaju or injury W <br slur. A?Jil bj <"?a!rr? j> i.?nlh Prim PI R. O -|R? CAR IK Naasar atrasL UKTAA1 > I Kllll *1.1 VI' flUW AO" FTTTFRR. n PFF('T?.I API'TP WlUirn KTRWrT. If.-*. Cvvirv** mar** prw m tit* wom.n / ? a *r? now making, wilhiwrt airwptinn. Ik* *aai Uf| to il?<- | > " f>'it ? r r-.-rT* th*1r nprt*aRB '..r n?po?.^ II. fif If Ik* **?? trnrr-* and rmr RrRniJAB rfi ?iV k fn dpiip* ihw -M * i - -r- i' ill )r i inliaaa H n I <*rA tr ra.l and mamlnw for ih*m??lT*n V*J|n*| saw ls?f. for Ik* iwaal irofiwT KTV A R RH A A RTTM. Kq S.U hro..'way f.,ru?f of Wortl tragi. Raw TwR. gM.1.1*1 * At< VW-. TUT CV'FPRATRP tORDOlf WATCHM. i. A w. tJcTirrTwoiuiiR TOBIAR, Clii(K?Mi? .?r *u?r? in Uin Royal Hirf. for mI? tor J n RPAPRIRT Pn I* RaWtar I*Ml Rn> Janorla* RFR* WAT? Wf II* TUB WORM). Hi*" PnraM# ?rv* A -rnr*?* Tim* Rai >m Barb ?ai?-k I. ?fo vtrp?' i.d mitk awrtlfrni*, mwMMi s? J H Brad Miry. A tarr wpimt of hfMDMH a v,. K** of ?v?ry danrHptkm alwayi na hand p-'tari tkpbp bitty ybarr *rrrr oartrbt n nnm-rr warrroomr, 11 ami MA BnrriA a<-*#C *mbw*at onranr of Imfwlf. ;np*i lor Parlor. library P'rlar and Will I.? RnlM Rf r?*rr atria. Frtn th* plain anil imNaonilal in lb* alagant aafnyMMiB ltr-nin^lil> prion* Interior DW?1 rtrr. Mao Ml nkuaaa. mm. GmTa perked and ek/pped U) all parti of Ifca ?WH rK PAI F- AT n*A*fW.~ M HriOAITWAT* MB/NT Inrloar IKe . eneem, Ike Mnrk of J|rit/T. Ma* nr??1?, Mirer nod llefed Wore. elegant I Winter (IMA In Itlrror, Mr r~iAH prr* itwbkwti't"""Vkwiktbii thaw 1 to irori nf tfce Weriern f It Mr, tkn "Town IW!" k da '?/ at rnon f..? 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