Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1860 Page 6
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I p f. _ ?nrr?TWM wmrn^piri?iLF?. ARKSPRCTAHUi YOUNG GIRL W A NTH A SITU ATION MtDuneor, isHrw York, the beet "f refereace five*. Apply ml H Prince ?... Brooklyn. Iron 10 ?*L ,1 o'clock. AUDT WANTB A SITUATION AH WET NWR8K; her baby ? four week* old, do obieetion gotu the eoun J Can be we J recutnmeude 1. Call at W3 Grand at-, id '.bo o- fcry Mure. A SITUATION WANTEIJ-BY A YOUNG LADY, TO go to K.rope km a lady 'a companion. I an give Ao nest reference Addreaa C. U? la am) I olbcc. A YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION AS FIRST tlaaa waitrata m a private lamlly, or aa obambei-maid and Mti-eaa: baa two year* reference irom her lot plate. 0?n o* aeon for 1 wo day* at 119 Wem Mia ? , top Uuor. froot room. k RESPECT ABLE OIRI, WANTS A SITUATION AS a wok, waaber end inuier. 11 in the Ioral of city reference. Oall tor two oaya at 187 Kaat Jtfch st, beta een lat and Id are. A RESPECTABLE OIRI, WANTS A SITUATION TO DO A3i $ei erH] houaewoik iu a amad private family; good rtfleawbcc Call at lit dd av. j . ATOVNO GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN an Am^ricaa family, lu do g^ueral bo j*#?wrorfc * ? i *1 m In ave. _ A SITUATION WANTED?lit A RHHPKcrABLE YOUNG Cirl. as nur?** And or obaiiiborniAiu *ou u?M?t Willi the waahing and ironing, no objection u? go in toe co'iu'i-y. Soul city reference Call at 7*'J dtn av., drat Hour, iroot, be ween 4(ith and 47th ats. __________ A RESPECT A RLE AMERICAN WOMAN. WHO CAN HR highly recommended, would like to wl ?a inatruo <>, ao.i e metitiiuoQ or aa honaeaeeper, where -the oo-nd n_.?e a liitle girl a lb ber. Addraaa boa H.OUh Port oUioa^ A YOUNtl I.aDY is DF-SIROUS OP AN ENOAORment aa saleswoman. having soma yntr'a experience in Imvlw. . trade in skirts, corsets and fancy co sts, >r will lie lewis i from reierenoee, comoeleoi to take slur gaol a wareroan Addre** M K., Herald 'Slice A RESPECTABLE YOUR9 WOM.AN WISHES A SUV alioii ,m Chambermaid and waitress no Objection to sasxt with the wnulling and Ironing Can he well recommended fro n a*r last employer. Apply at 84 Warn 17ta at , near 6th av., u We rear. A SITUATION WANTED?I5Y A RESPECT A BI.E aa junDgwaiin, wnwwit u'rn wibut r ;tn ,- -hi- -r, it jjii a plain rook, and tinders .and* bakuut (W1 at 10K Mulberry at., between Kimitne nod Alrand i?r two da vs. ARKHPKTTAHl.K kOUJPl <*IKI. WA NTS A M I'tUI Itl.N u chambermaid and wahrm*, or n ran and 'luin *r aaaal tan be seen I'll. laya at ,t M Rlaee, turner of lUd at. and Uth av Ar^fictaiiIiK woman wiriie-s ro <r:r a Ft ir.ily'i wiialdnr, or few-itf-de j?ent!*tn"n'a. Oa'l at 109 kooipMiu at., near tiooHUni. fltth Itoor, ATOl'StJ WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A P Rival* rawly mi chambermaid aud waiter, h a good washer aoil imner. aud can do plain sewing. o va ?,? I ;ity refer* <Vill at l,b Court at., 0- ii1 War 01 , Brooklyn. A SITUATION WAN1KP-BY A Httlltl.Y KKM'KfTTAMe hi i. in, as "<Mik in a | i ivato i.iinlly; :? a tiling n .mat ai washing. wuuiU go a sii M't atamnce la the country: iiaatlM Mate, n'.., reiereiiea ? nil at -U Nll/uoe'h v., near liounlon, aecouil Hour .. ut- Can lie a?*?u tor t.vo days. Arespel TABLE YOt'NO PROTKHT ANT o'ri, 's PR limits of obutnlu* a situation as himino-mslj .m l wan as and to do plain sewing; one that work to oi no troubl-to; am no objection to no a abort ill*' .nee in the -inintry; baa ho ?*ry beat of city ruteiauo'J trout her last pl.t e. all lor ?u Mays at 175 West 33d a mtuation w.antep?by a rkapritabi KV"l'M) woman, sa cli. no m maid and to iv to he e?r? of i .! ten, t?a? eood <!tty refe.en,<'all at .ul 7tu .ir., third Boor, seek rwn.. AM KNOLTNTT CTRL, A PnorKSTAYT, WAVI'A \ tiiate'ii aa a" .m I,. or as sesmatre s and ebon n-r Mad. la n nek sod neat wi'li Ih *el> .ni t mm <.v? g *' 1 " leisure I'au b" seen |or two dsya ai tier preaenl employer's H Weal -.' lb at. Am american <11rt. wishes a permanent situ ntmn jo a prtt sir lamt v ss . nam oriuaki and t > do w ana. i.r is hanibei maid soil waitress. Apply to-day ai.d to sorrow ut j?i6 l b sr., third Itoor. Arjcppi in strl wamn a nroimi \s i ltanioermalil sod aeacmtrrja; ?lo all kin a of em crooiery, or wait on table, aud ba? no object tan to take care o, baby ' 'all at 107 Kr?t I kh at., corner pi Jd av. Aykkt inritirivj fioiMTAXT wiwn n a .illation ra Jtf baa no objection to aas'.t .n the ? ,?h tor; bo. a -he very bet- reri.mnienitsttorH I run uer last pi t?. Call si 3Wt Raat 17?b at., betwoeo 1st a* mid av. a, Me-i ,i Dular a A MIDPI.K AI.KK PROTECTANT SCOTCH WoMAN . war.'a a situation as mira*; ?n tab* -Lt'd from Nl birth. ? .. .' 11 a..i >' I: A SITU vriON WANTED BY A KKSPK TAB'.il -A, wuouui, * r< ' .ire ?>t S u.ui i. * ^k. w fc . 't .ut do Rencr?! ii 'if-wor* in??ra?li . i? y, m + & ii i vjiniiT tu.d ircMr. '..:4U ?A ^ ' til 10Ui st., ^ctwefa V'.b .r:(( [ Xtb ..ft., fy*m boav. SlllAriOM WAaSTKD-AR i.iXUK (ili ASS! rAVT ' boob keeper, ?a .(?: ! ruttMv %!>;? u yo, ; cuaD a ho ".ikf ?r.d \b M *-n ho'h K.n.;;i.?h t: I < r.i rr .U, ii. in bumuev ?!> tbli -it f for touit > M im. *nd 11 wi :id!? to nieJi*- bnv.vli iHwtnL A Li. I). S , norihM oC.-e. SKRY'xrs K?i> it?rT**KN*Piio orbxmn* * n 1 Hril^h f ri.i.e ?nd| i r. i tlvci't lw na.n?*- .it M'l. I.c'll ?r. A ?'<?.'?. It : ' t- mil !u?v n' , \| i (treat lonaa't., Drar Bo*4*y w < Yl v . tumii d T?'.f, ITfATT'.N ViamulT A KMTB r i Bill XV t > V \ . _ aa |-!a r ">k ud to aaatat alio lie ?.i?Lin, ? tit f t t>J Alkuie ak. bt - t.. . a. r> l.'t \ !\ AN1> MANTII.I.a MAUI vi r IIM \ lady. ?bn aa* hod charan pi aoma Arm o! m w >rkr.?p|?*. tftMrrl 'id a:i>ra(atiiat.'; nan lit l,i li -it' h.n I and n ws. t ? notably ondfrrt?nd? h^r bnauiaar, aada'acory cily r"fer?ni Aitni a* A. M.. I farm * . Rl'ANTRP 'Y \ K?>r*CTABIR V >'\V.) Wft>1A!?. A Tf a.iuanon aa waltrraa in a pri.iia fain It, i>*ha a; rutopt'd and art. 'lal.drd. Ap y at . I .Yl t .r M M*. BTAmO t SITUATION, BY A 8MAST, TIDY WO M man. x> k ? lamotraaa. and ia a drat rata ? aNt aad nuurr. ibf naat oi'.y rominuve kliea. o%u u.. . . fj at K|| *'ft Aa.ll> a>., top Boar, irnot ruoir.. T?'\STRD-BY V RF^PF TAB! S TOOJM M*U ^IF*? fa yaara old. a a. ! mi In . lal.inUy, In : ;r nban Ntraiirk and to uiakr bafaaR outerwia* orfttl B-? ra* rofaranc rtan bar laal airpbMrr. Apply for thran u At l.Vi Ka.r.b at., Brooklyn. armnd tlonr II' STKP-f'T \ RRfPF. I xlll.K TOITNO WO*A*. X l? at. . 'i t, k, waab-r ,,..4 Irouft. baa ont'Ojt . . a tba 1. ?rv>, a aniafl family. Hol d city Wai-i ?i?rn ID ba at fit for ta.i tUjalnOaloa til. IDC. ui. (Imr i ran.; u av , Li 4lyi fir A NT V.D? t'.Y A FV-l'KtT X Bt.K VOl'Nti XVOXI \N. x Ww ? II .a i i it ba aa- t for i?* I Jay* at 147 Waat *:h <a. ( Tlr \ \TKP \ !?m*ATIOX, bY A HBtSPRt T Mtl.K fMBL, ] It aa I hanirtariu.ud. HalUtr or Ui it fcaaaral h-.ti?a< ,,k riu, ? . n lorlarudayt at Mb llndanu ay.. Brook.Tit, lira. Boor lac a b?tp. A?' kRTF.IV? A KIT! \TlOK. TO PO OVVKR XL, UOfS t TT oorfc in a aoul .aim y u a raanp, labia ).?i, a. r countf). " ** ? wr 1.1TKP-A WTVATfO*. BV a \oc5>? ri*! r . ?? ?M*'* >rk ( > <. M *o ??Ab, ? ?ii4 irnA'mr ?# ??# fit iC7 spriu tt . * U? r*?r. Int few. _ Hr**TKl>-?TA ?w?l*HWmi?u * BtrOArr-iv P vt HlAtnNtrir.i'4 Mid m ' >'*> ? nr ? . % Ml i- ? ia4 h>! vM < ! f. ' ml h*n i r- \ n> ?*. 4<v,?.'i. ?t , * ?!? Jtk Jui*** I1 *i- ? v _ UrA?m:;- ? urtr .tio.v. \ v v*>i ? m v. ?<n?c * > i * *?-?n fc* < ? < 'i f?l* ii ??* kI?i r-jii' /?'i."/?>' rirf/v. a.ivi If I* " t ?ap iMnw r?f > r'.. ?. . I' j|l ??.,(?? ? I AM A*! A., IIM? ? NE *rriIATMM9S WAWP^WWA'il? TTA.NIKU-A SITUATION AS GOOD PLAIN .' (>otj " w>k-f nod .r.ner. Btstfaly nftftM tan or a**" to 'w o gay t wt 733 Id at. flTANTrO-A P'TUATION. BY A TOCX0. "* V'Z^J! IT woman, with a frenh hreeef of noil*, in a rrt\, no okjnrtinn to tr i\ *1 Refereeoe pit <m u> ? u?i ol i-e ?"? reepeetable I am.. ,n laJ CJij wad Bi'(k* j a -H'i' J Hecryet. ' 1 U' AVIKII liV 1 W< " V A "'TO ATVIN AS V? rhxmlxrmwid . J w 'iter a wiiltn* w a?etel wnh the weehinc in ? pro ii" family- 1'all ' iwo deya at L3 Weet iVin at., beiw??u Otb .iad 7tb u?e- _______________ Xir AN 1 KIT?A KI 1'1'ATIOX. TO DO HOUSEWORK IN V IT hii .? l :* nly; ib?* onniry pre.-ivod. Call at 10 Staut> i. ilr.Lf VV A A I taly? Kh.H A1.KS. AN APPRKXTH'K WANTKD?TO Til A DtULvSlfAK ? j l>':<tii*ae. on who would ree'dn In 't n iw ?e; ?* U ? , learninc Call at 239 Oh av., net ween ,'ath and lit a ? a. t 1! ON MKT TR'MMKR, AIJIO A K\l MWOMAN, ' -* > wanted ? They at net be experien-.ed uki eooipeteni ):.u d*; -o a n:h tleadf ?ttin?li ma and rood gay ->..] y \?o. Apply to A. L. Mold, 100 Kolvon ??., Kn-oklyn. A WIT NUK^T WAVTrn- VOS v CHILD TWO WR'-IKS old, W be mili-d nut. '.ei'ins. ?1 _5 i-er w?w. ? wxt reference* required. Apply rear of M. Healy'i, ~)U >, I aecood floor. AilVIl, \NI? OBI.IOINO OTRl. W ' TTKD--t" DO cecer ! hn.eework; m ist tie a f?>d ph n i r ?.it? WHnher and ;rr ner A tidy ilermaa preferred. Apr y . 1,9 . Wooeter street, with refereitbee. AMKRIOAN, KNOLlsn. SCOTCH, WRLSH, IRISH AND Oernan girla obtain riA vtuullO'iE, nuno!. In larr.lw bote'.* yh?p? Ao , at the Kr K-up err.*i " AW?T J(M <'anal Etieet Beet plate .or -mol .ye: a pi g"\ *>xxt help, and reepeiuble yirle p -d aitna'lona. All .FAMILIES AND OfMlD F/TRVAXTS WI'JL. P'.ND :he lorpnat and b,'?l 11! * a fceeityat Ill'b ) . 0urn?r of tUh av.; Root ait .itlnre iaiu-iiiUiely; alao tfoxi. :) via lie help to s hi all a to call. OWe lately lauded wanted, and ! sa II girla u> pood reepsctallsp;.vo"B. A middle aged woman wanted?to docmh ra! b< < < *e work -i a ?ir. I p-i ids ..only; mm" .nil- ' l-er hun <-hh uer.'e 'it .ml .miud well mairn >nd".d. A) ply al Him a s Unllr J, -7.1 Brunt nay, ruoni 5o. /tawl X ciamai want immkdi *tr!.v ten V' "inn'' X Raker op? ratiies < u iueu c<i'?ls. anirt ..out hi it :h(jh-? collars. i'iui nim-' Lately at JUS Bowery. Domfstip ser v a nts wanted this day?four pn 'rviul .xika, four laundresses, three Prop-nun' '?oke, i itire-' I'moiaunl 1.. .ndreaeeii a I'r.itesitnl eh intoer an I dairy. mHid. and a larpe number 01' nth'V aer rants lor desirable an>, ati.iii-., now r-mly, m the herv .uta' institute, lit Grand u. 1 / a jrl. WavTED-A good plain cook and lai n AT ilrr>H, good wage* all the raidero cotive-teuciea and fa, inily niu'i Apply ui S&i Went 2;th f. S. 1!?(Joud refer hi -a rtuju.ret. Housekeeper ?wanted, a protest ant woman ua housekeeper in a large private family. residing within ghtBiiii-H of tliut. Ity; uoue ne~d upolv but anch as h ne nad cone year* ? pei -rce and can goe 'he heat of -efere -ea i nl at 147 K-ut idili ?t. in Thursday, between ifce kouriof ten anil I we!' e, \fiu.ini It iv anted - a must glaus worktvo .11 man, al?" a ham! U> plai; r . 'Lea. Apply '"Win. Umivn A Co , I>U3 Broadway. \rr 'ink. wanted.?one competent to take the 1% entire charge oi a child two yeara old. who mderatanda * wuig and is willing to do the hild's waahlng nt.'.y c .!! Hi All henry *1., merof K'ate, Brooklyn. 1 \N l THOUSAND SNJKT HANDS WANTID?to good A ' l. i.da euoatniil employment and good wages will ba I ri hi the ,..- r ru'ind. Apply at :b? Ktnpraai Skirt Fao.ory, I4u rno 1 is oamlM-rH Htreet. ^Killl UA.'llH-WaNUl) .VuMKN TO AOKk ON C5 r'nuies. appl. ?f er Id o'clock, A. m., to iloiigblaa A eberwood, 61 and 6.1 While Htreet. SHIRT IIANDS WANTKD-TO WORK IN THE SHOP i nly. I'boae ac; ..utile 1 wilii fue dniahiiig preferred; ii ml) work and good prlcea paid. Apply al Lew .a A Sea coal, oVi Broadway. ^H1?T HANDS WAN TRD.?OON8TANT WORK AND O good pi itee paid nt Union A'' ma', u>7 Broadway. Cfto MII.I.INKHS.? WANTED, TWO OR THREE GOOD ' A irunni'TB. To eMo rieir ed nnd competent haoda ateady einplovmom will lie given. Apply at tip Amity al. \i, imkd-two ee male cooks; one who oaN 1 V" rook meant, aonpa and puddings and an make piea. ,.I 77 Sanaa i k'leet. in the ins* in?'ill before 11 A M o- 1 WA.VHII a ma.n 10 TKATKl. IN thk oowwrRT. 10obt.lnai'.hanriber* fur? weekly .mnrnal. and the nalj one of kind in the I ali 'O f-rtle? 11* Bn? be emciant sod Irnvwurtbr In aiery reaped. To eueh * kid, wt'k (ta?d rr for- ! (nod ruoonrb*'?"ot will M rlim. Apoij oanam I K<ly between - and A. M and 4 And 5 F M.. to A llAKf II ILL A l*rlnterk. *? WfVib Wullana atraet Now fnrk T?''AIITItI>-A XITl'ATIOlf. HT A rROTRXTAlfT fl ;niiti( man nf nuod moral kn'o-a, w 'k a iwrter.oraa porter in a atnre, nc in iiiu place where b"r,e*y and Indnatrr would I* appreciated. (tall tor or add ran* .liwpt Lee, at Mr. Hmiih't ared atom. 7i Liberty atmnt. fur three da]a. Tl'AVTKI> WAVrKO-WAimtn-JJW AOFfTft AXD If in. ... >. Id , i?, m HO' hi a rl-aaaiit and payln( ' iiaitiraa. with a nop of from #10 h>??.i they . ti make from to to 110 per dav a-dln* HanIrti'e Variety Knvel <e?\ nrlit.-h la a n?* bu? hum. ant will meet ivhu'r ly ade In nil parla nf the t'nloo: and all who f rr on oi euti lnyn:"iit 1 ao'iM adunr m nail ao?n at >0. Id* Br >d?a\, en.uer Fulton at., up etaira, loom J'. K L BaMTLVITT U'aKTKlt- 1* A I.aWTRR'N t'lMftRv A U(h)P R> .1 . -< 'U( k I d kkri-r* t< ?i A. II., not nr. tinaii! ndicr. UTAirfRIl - A I'liRTRR. IN "-WRFNT-l H iTFl, *ITl?r ff nine i . re-tamet.ded. Apply be'wr i Ike hour* . f )' Rtid 12 >i. \XT A11 RR A v P BnT W AW I -?P ' iF KXT* RiRXCR IR ff nai but re?. luue! be w : . rr iitr. de<i ju ureal :l.i iley Htrdbi llO'.ne. 11'AMKIWAT " v VAX DTK* HnrXU VO. 21 FT rati anna nil i? r ' w- 'en end a m. te , ?nnnr. A. y ti?t?e.n >" ft ' 10 V el. v. Of ANTR1V A R'>V It YR AK? 0I.D W A> IM Ttl I.KA n M ff aita ". 1*1 liner a Ira > pref". red. Ad ?a for tbeea aye Mia h Ilerald iHbce. I* a AM; !>- IX V Ul!i RV "TORH A * I Itr Bi?Y; 1 ff u ih fbti afti'iaatad wit# the tMae nnaatak" aenl eorly at 3dJ W av. \\*ANTR|? M r v I ,4 ON II V It I .yvt ff three.. 'era "f ... i ar" I p ft- 'ittki Hut gire ^atldartor; tea'LiUMi.i ?. it't s i * * . i.. v i \ \ : v a , riv ' ' \ .. v r. ff MRRr MfXhtal all't ' ?e mi me ' ' ' !? ' " < If* . . ; a I ,'nd I o alork I* A|. lV?Ntr" i t ivfiTF.T AMP AI r:w: vniv I if trmr. w 1 haa a 1h roifh ki ? ? r.. Ci't lea r de rime Bther need rnplp. ttal'a'?? \ eat y at. U- sNTK >?IN A Ft"rr fi -k Ti RltlXO ll'ir-"* if rlt'l* a un I I . iln iy "!v a *!.*iin ibi en In Inn ee enna derrV.. i:aite |an . ai * I lo ke. , nwA and 1 tr I. I boy '"!1' ' < t'oat fit'. II A > I - l IW t I " N 1 w %i i n! i. t i (I ff kino, aaeapywtr. ala a . ru( r| -k. ;o (n *' .'b. #p | , i, ?" ?*? banta'? rka' Reymiry II# *a |trm.(. I ... ^r iatloaaprnearud. .N'l tunmtart ii In adraoi-a. Re* I tirti.? to !im <'.aaa b aea IV i.iial-?l ivel lIKA). K Affl I.?!, f. prrfrten 1 nt nij* ?" a'vt iV a Max T'i TA'.R ti i.i. ni \it ?R ut). ! ?i "rat l.t .or ..-re Kart ? #> >e?|4 f'S ? ' alh, pill I Rorlrtr -r I; eo uk>o . y ? in ii i > w? f ' ' "?'a' Mr .nivri r a Nn.:'r Apu.y .at he pre'., a-a, P'anr of ftul aiewle and t o|?. .f-:(ne l*. >. N?FN r?? 'Oil I'*, a ( ? tv. t". -ik. it? irv ft. i ? {j ?< i? t l.? (? . - ??w \.t p. p w ? .?> Ill nt*. I; 7 MM! II HI A V. 4 jMHSIir. i , r - ? tvv . - >|r a * *a4 < jo Km. la. ( u ipkpi II.I. r.-a,,f#r!-|,;(tn,w)i fVn>- < <? IK. i kl.o, rm ?:.? pi'it ?tK*.T Trfruit nm m\n | |<. ... ?r *<? ??. .1 - k ? V t. | f..-: ! mi it' ' .? # ? i .i .a r? r -?ji i jr. rt it m. ?* .. ,i .?? ^. , ? ? Tl r?u at l?o K m. ? UTAjrrSIV-A HITI aT-OR. UT K RBrM'K.'rAlt II T T y n* woman aa Cbaro'erWaM u4 to .? !! ? w' inft and iron ny, ot K .' i i. -m ?11 and to J > -? Ma* beat if r-tir raOranc-a Iran hai laid pi* ? where ?!.a Iwd fve yanre. tali for two day# M No 9 Kaat II'J en, U?A1 Brand** v. 11'**TRn-BY A R'aPFiTAm.R WOBAR, A FTC TT < . , at 1... --1 ai . >- ? -iV'ANTrn BY A fRRVrn DR*S>*:AKKP., LATCMT il ;n>ir l?ha, wbo indrre'aiide cutting aivl ,u,n? to the fanb.ooa' roinnnr. Work b? tbe Jay or *eak. no nbla" C.? to1 r r 'J* conntry. Ac l.aea No 31 K?? il h at., ror'na. I M b*. "WLT A NTH ?Till!' PAT. A AIT1 \TIOR. MY A TIHdT TT ;? ? lorrd > >? lOd-mtaoda bar bcunnaaa in all ita tirnrv baa d?air?a to i.? n ON ounirr for the a inter lionj :*>t-i.c? 'ran iba no mirj. Anv prteun in amii ul ao. b m . t en. a: Mr*. K?N--?? Co R'.Uivan at., briwaaa Hpr ng anj Brwme W ANTRP-AlHATIOb*. HY TWO R VM'B *TA BLR TT ; i ;n( * ?ric, re aa turd plain enok; aha Ttnjaretand* bw.' , uk: i .airi ol all bind*. and wood ba ?ill.ny to awiui in wnrbiny anj tionioi lb a pro ate i??\.ij Iba utb*i *? ''ban barnuu.1 am waiter. and w? jj b? wl'ny in aaa'iA in waabiry aal .r.auna, n a filrata lata ly. ?'ai: at jrlr preerot c-ari >> ar - . i 'jut' I Pb ? far - ':h . \i**XTKP-nr t Rrsr*A tabi.k yocno avousa TT woiran. a a tcat-oo aa nob. a a i-n' airao'a ? aa av-nliani ?,y and 'inJareianJ* bar (man a ?! rrfa tan-eypar. < nil ai or ad lf?e * > Mill bomb Brook yn - re: r <or. front rnwr, lro? 10 ti I o rk a. VAim IT TWO Rft t v : WO'O'V. TT ?. n4 ana "aa mob. bake- or laindrr?n. tbn Kir r aa oamhaffbatd and a ailar. or aa a a ar Ail I rv . to aramau-' ca. . nta and fita. iw? oi ra'aranoe, tat ova rii a to Iba lui.wy. 'all at Hv TIU at . a-i 41.i ar W'ANTRP- A TTrATION, HY A RRRnCTT AM.K TT (rtttrl,M| VI O |? a yon I wtcT'er aiot car and w..Jiny to ntoba tare. if inaiel r u-afiu in a nm i per xata :a.u t, .ifaa rha -ibenua . ?n I .? r ,n a of tr m u? Oan t- a-an for tar* daja at ?U av.. u? alalia, man. I Tl* tTTVl> - 4 S ITT ACTOR. IR A FARTr.T TO fO"T TT ? W A tt ' i n. ? trna llnrr Ul .?> ?. tor tbrrr daye. a bar* coanniina-a i ?n had WART P t A-TVATtON HT A rp>rR. r.Mtr.R Y<M*K I Tr a?nnar. n irj. ,i bo-.a-anr* ? annul prirate tam.iT. r?<d r '-ran. ' " "" '"r ina: yUer earn for two da V T at: at 317 boat >'? ' . ar ir lai ?Ta. TlrANTRTT?ITT ? |"?P?TIPII: \m\ 4 wo-i a f Irh It , M 14 Ufu u* ;?< ?. W tKTBP - ItCATTO* HT T* ?'I-TTS-' 0.? ; v. Tt r ?fc -i ? turn.It f nri I I <if TV.- tpfaanhvt m' lul *i ? Sin f.r 'no U> p> ah *1 'iciMf' > U? rnrfitrx imh <'ai U '<41 M ? .. r?*??r?. .'M ?L. ;?rtw> ' ? XJk' \NTEP- HT A RE?"E T t BIX llM a ft - r . ? k-*1 i? m g???hoq<w*?ir? f .t* i i fe?n?*n <Lk i 4 7tk 11 ti'-asTtp *t a *r.?rr T*ni.r v?>pv<? < VT <?W, ???A?r aw! Ii ia?r, ia amall |> 'aaii f. i?ttif l?f? w;r.?k?f I v. ? C? r?<?> jj.niti ?a in,.. , mar kuWIima ?m*ATln* AS HDlMlKKSI'i:* ItV Tl an tin if B wvl ? n? i fter J I*. M. Uood reference mipumd; none others need apply. o nTAMTKD 1MMKDIATKLY-XKM K1RKT CLAM Ml M.I- ? " ii ?; alao two or three experienced tviunet trimmer*, to * hi m liberal ware* end rtesdy eetp'.O'xent will he ylreo, Aoply at Jod Canal ?u Ur.ANTBD?AN AMKRIOAN, Fl.VHMRll OR ORRMAN > ;.,rl, to do the ho ne?ork of avepyamHll ..m 'jr. must ' b- k i! plain wa*h"r ind irnner au>l p'ain cook. Imp.ire at No. 9 Morton ?t., near meeker aTANTKr-IN A SMALL FAMILY, A WOMAN COM*Y pet mil to rook, waah and iron, ?ml wCline 11 make her h. f mi.ei wot- iwful when .eipnred. Apply at Wee! >lth \ at., between Ml aud ttlh as a. W ANI I.I>- a OIKU AS ?;ilAMl(KKMAII> AMI It .him - nul Ui a?M!i in wi?3!u-; ami ti lOiiv;,! > go to j i A-, .I'm. Ap > il W a VtAh it., between the Ii > .i * oi li and 1- A M. ANTi It? A PHOT START WOM I* AS NCR- H AND t Ki-ei.i ' i t'* *t No. A Hep* i row, lileet ker at., .n W, 0 l.f I: la u 1.' and 1 o'clock. YI'aMKII A OIRI AS .,OOI> COtlK. WASH Ml AMD t1 inn . Ml' i j*!i e ail t ivi !tut: to do the gnrertvl ho t?e , en..1' anrnUlpttiaNflMy W tan pernoua. B?t at tiy . ; ?? re. i.i-d Apply t 1 i-ii. 'n. dour ? ' !l Clinton , | ia -, Sii at , irom 9 ii lJ o lo A. U'AVI. I> ' i IN 7II? i t"VI KT, AN OMI.IOIVH i a* 'n?i.i -i i nil i: m i-hi - d; n Prntna ,i t lie s , , . mi 1. m l V IS. ,1 at , be tarei. 5 and 1- O lock \1A.MiII AS lATItl.t.tiyjSNr AMI COdl'fCrKVT *? iik , ! furt i i. ry ci,e pieiemert. A 'lily ? An, .11 s Tt.irit at . mu i h Lmokiys. At' A VTKIt- iV S FAMILY RWiUIMi ?T NKWTOIYN, i It . * ,e?e i|-,?n Man Y irk, la* m tr it i.. p". ..(ii- irl*. atej a pi .it re,|; "tie ut rook ivaahand r.i no oh ia>' . . i k and < k atb r in eh' lreu; k .nrt plenaant ' ap i. t n, and ootne veil rei I" "i.eei ? ii', a' l'elXO"ir A ii l"r a ei , oi vyat.'re. . I : . i 'ii ?' i l? it Ik ly ii. I Al A N I Kit A KB AT, YIDY UTRL, TO DO TUB BOCfPttt work o' i kuiail fatii Ij en, ?n i " . mil Don- i d a Fret ml need a, pis, at No II &1 a.., oea. ,ue Ho'mry. i W'a.NTKD- TWO PHOTF?r4NT UTRI.S. ONR TO \? ook, waah nil iir. n! the ttiier to do ihanbarn-trft aim kiui r. kud ' iaae arli i.aai .r,. and irui.ii.j|. Apply at lttt i.i wi' U rtier;, brinkiin. tr A.vt kl> TWKNTY oFKKATtlES TO WORK ON >1 - H#c6ti"? None 'vt tint fc;Wht M | \i a?i n rAN'rvi.ooN uands to b*tt; for II < ?rng nift' btoc. Appijr * Xu. 1 tv>* m . mini lonr. Wami.d?krakraL hands on kaxct work; t I .1m ft"1 ap ant >*<>i *?r?. an.i ft I ton ic-niM'l Ttmiu ?lrla il* ftOpr>abli<??. .Apply a; JT. ? -* fr mi. bin In A R . pint 5 : . ' V. M., b tmameul do r. n,T AN'TKD?A *11111. TO 00 A SHORT OIHT ANCt TROM VI t ? ?jr rti > rd?r??: ru! * .ibiup * pi -..o.up. R'/rr->.?" r? i i?J. Apply today to L. Mathoj.f) liu.a.u i ?L, li bop- n. U'ANTKn-?KVF.RAI. TtRST Ol.AOA *0.1.1**4*. TO mliuai baas i>! pay *a.i r .natal. rmpi. .ym*.i aul I.a kirrn Apply i.'rcir ?a.-k at At* Jama Ik. Jdt attar.., i bl?ck ?* fit of Hr ultray. 1\* ftNTFO?lAIAtrni VTKI.Y TWO I RKV H OR OIR. II ii>< adrrWa nr a opiftll mm 'y. mi* mn?; 'm a liiat 'i ?A ,J ia'Tidi*aa.'b* rUmr m-.? a**' .-'iam,?*rrr 1* and v ,t \A' flu an t r?r II o h. i'ail Hum 10 li.. 12 at If Mh a**. T\-?NTFn 4 AOfRii. OlNTRKt OIRI.. TO ATTFVB II ? MMlM 'i?*1?a**?. A'a I . I v?>. b*'.?>ru 1 and 2 oV Ma U'AMK.D A ?.*?OII ? OOK. W ARHVR AMITRONRR. *llb*r T ot'-?*ani nr ridoiou, p :?r a j-m d-intrpd. Apply ?> atony at. I., mklyo. fi- *vtvt> TWO (I'UUs. OXK .*s POOR. Wa-HRR TV and ,rr*iT. and "OP ad b . ' * r..i;4 an I mumim ?. Iht.i <yl v urxlTatan I tk* . I. Apply at tt\ l>*ora* ? . smith Br * yn. \\-A\T1 1 A *11 Rift FROM If. TO 1? VKAR?, FOR (iY. 11 r At >4. dl.t at? ? TI'AXMl' IN A ?*\U. FAV'l.T. A QlriL TFIf OR y* India r? < . i <>f a jiml lawn*. t> au*ad a iwM \ and n.ak* fc? . ?rr.i.y .? Apply at 1*2 AA'< ?; Rati ?t. Imtwtf u 12 an 14 o ch? k. , W'.AN I FD-ViyTT FAPF.RIFX RD t l.OAK MAKERS. *1 Ai pli t.> HHi p itr*aawi A Ki'VM, - I Rrnadway A V. VAN llir< IK. WASH AND IR"A; II ma ?* * ? ' 'i.. * . <* a r "?l p a. ? at 9J K ?i llth ( t\*A*TWtV_T \< WAKfcRr.IM/i r?> \Tt*\D a ?':r?t i* lUatoa?<n ."ik i .t , .... , n..*l k?* ? win be |>kfai. rarpu .h1?mi |;lr a; 14; W rr U*AM >-*(.< i> ci >K wajmur A*p;ri>\<R , ana a ir<>4 dndtar and iMdMrwid >urj.'n<ii? J. re 'i tji ?t ' i i t go *1 il) .kr i.p?n*i 1 i *>? m io fcf r bon?* v M?- r ?'. ? * .* k. .Vutk <4Ri>r? n +<! ?J| f ?! JtiJ , Wkkt ? ' >1 ' , \\-\>fTr:> t . ' W iTJ- ' ?V|*I; \KR AF'l'.'.T ft m Il? *r?i til. ,U kiwi 1J" WA'k. I . KM- A "K-T r?TR T.M'innv in I\ER II , > nlt"> '??>d I\f r" r?nr? r< j>rrl?? fionrb'b Hr?I. 1 . ti*\ATKi>--TW'?wo> K\ i* HR-r RATI: WMMI- KA f *' ' -r*. "A- i? ir? i kt " ?v itk ?t IB I-* . .?k,n Himw. | * U'^NTri)- \, . V K?\X 01RU TO 1*1 TIIR HrtfiK I ? rk i? k t rj 'ii I f? ''! a ab >ri kwii-" m 'hi r nitT ? ' m !- . A. ? ?a? -id iro?i?- < til 4 ' t ,(Biii? I'lkk-k i >i;?r 1 f M. t f )? t> rri- .? ihr'.or \itpi?'\ a Kn woi \x, who . t? . i ?A. ? ( ??<! . f. u I 1' r? fc kk*?plOf 1 r M ? r??4 H * 17,111 llrVB. " ? h <a . nbin?i I 11 k. *. n- ' md 11' M. I J \vr AM ! .* \ lit All- Tiur "1M? A |J|I MI'I IN * - 'i * i.i aguudtt" ??? kmunk'it >? ,-nbn i ! ? ?...' t | htrl baakiog kT'll I WU?M bud lilting 'ti nt' <! ? * in ib > kin ' ' tV*fr *>'l?t '** llttP f'lij- will ' ?|r. 'M'ld I* rr-d. Api ) ki il I. <b?ti*rd m. ' 1 trim Hi i" 11 J riK.f || AMTRIITIARMI' xr?. n--ji o* i1 I ROWK F R A V! \ - ! "'>1" id?r# m? t? IM .ffl poor ? #r m "fk I t> f< ? *. a *k\}t n +* r?- * -r^r ni r?? * ' i '* ' v i. ^ i rr< H?>,* N^w Y ? *. ? \r i?- w AM .? . If I 'f '-?*? r r r?r%* tli |r / > i" *' y ' /? ^ ^ '*' Of"OfU w york herald, wed _ ottvatio** wahted.hales. t ARFM?KCTABl.R TOOTH, ABOUT 17 TVARH of AtiR, who Liven with kin parents, wh i wntm a good hand wanle d -ioa'jou in r>ae respectable hue of jtiaiuuss, rnni unruly I or me. .-.entile bouse preferrvd. Good city reierencs riven. Address J. 1., boi lao Herald oho a TOUNO MAN, HAVING nvit HOURS KVKRT DAT J\ unoccupied, wishes (or employment as bookkeeper In dome large conmiarcml house; he is perfectly <; iallti?d for the teak. Satisfaction giva on li uti or uo bturgi in. Speaks end writes Spanish and French. Would slay keep ths books is Heauiah if required. A ldrees Francis Read, box LbO Herald cCce. 4 TOO NO MAN TWRNTY YKAR8 OF AOR, WHO IR -.1 k t,'o><d peum.iu and accountant, and ia well acquainted with 'be city, de inn to obtain employment as clerk or copy st d a shire or ulllce, or in any respectable place where bin re. worn would be required. t'au furnish *.ial city ra'ereucn and security If required. Address 0. J. i>., Humid t!..Aukktlfm VW WHO H AR FMRHOMK TIM-: OoNUlJCr?d the haalneas of -i well ino.vo h<vin? in New folk n >t UlKlin* it audi ie .tlv lucrative position, would ueslre hi 'n -et wl:h a psrtv requiring h s sernce* lu conducting a n'ty bustle r Intro ur ,j. a patent article i.ihi tho m trket; at ii l-er la. all the capahllliie< and scquiremerns. both oy ediaiatiiai | ui.d eiperierce, to re iler him ot for such in uadnrUki >g. ?nd >s horougblt aeqiiHtnled with the mint a jc -casl ol mode -if bringing new art clea before the public lsb--ra> salary et- | p- >d ...ii .'ie highest re'erjuce# a* to capnbl itlen, Aq . will | b- i'i.en. A.idrew lor two weeks"'Miitas, ' ll-rold 'dins i 1 SITUATION 1* WANTF.l) BY A YOL'NU MAN HaV- ' iV -a perfect knowledge of Bookkeeping, whieh do would .ke . b ,t| e of. or would be witling in act as issisLuit. or make btn.sel! cfM'Tul '.n any way where ins services might be require i. i i.n.Ll i. ore of an obit ci tbui high salary References tu.e -ptioi able. Call at 311 Bowerv, lo the b..?k store. \WTliaTION WANTKD?BY A RKMPK Tabi.R ; man as n sihnian or laruier; ortfi who thoroughly sudor ?L.c. s ha liu-iueas. witasit years' reference from his last empioye". Call at Bid SJi ar. AYOt'N 1 MAN WITH NINR YRARB' 1XPKRIF.NCR in a retail und wholes tie dr? go ils bouse, ries.i-esa situs . on a* clerk. be is oanicitiiu-ly acquainted with the irnde of login v speaks German and iJulob. Address 11./., Hed MM Ql'fUATION WANTRIb?BY A nBtU'RCTABLS AMKRl iD can le y 18 yeiua of age, to tra el with a gen*. eman, or a rlare in aoine mercantUe b?-i?e. Mpenka Kicu.'i II .ertli, and would make h.mself generally useful. Address J. llaoio m. His 3d ay. To merchant tati.oks-\vantki>. Aim IHH lit of September, a situation aa cost or general cutter, by a lust cbiss cuuer and ou- that nun IDtlui.'ioe a good nude. Address Cutter, 7*- B.o,td?uy. TO f OliTllKRN MKRDHANTS-WANTKD. BT A young Sco-. bman, 1*5 vean of age, a sit latioo In some dry goods Louse; b is had eight years' eiperience in tarn conntry aud Europe. Can jrod uce brat els as retereuce men pie autand pa?t employer* Add rem Ba!e?mvn, Herald oQn-o TWO YOUNG MKN, BBTWEK.H 19 AND UO YKARS (?/ UK", * lab Mutation* an *alemin?o out of this city; would prefer the Sontbwoet; oan yive -ha vary boot oily relereooe. One of t >t> ?bn*a ia k otnpeient booi.h'iep r a* wail av <ml"* mm. Apply either in peiwm or by letter to tt. A W., 3.79 Ca pa! *1, n?r W.malar, 111 the hp ire. IITANTEO-BV A YOUMG MAM FROM THE COUNTRY TT . i - . r.try rVi'k, * rt nooitkeeper or p i deal a wui'auti can write a rapid and good hand; can pwe ih- bert city ri faran -a. ai d lia* an una -eption ible racoo* ni' iirla on :r in hla hue employer. AddreiH boa ld8 Herald 101 ?. YVANTAD-A SITJATION, BY A YOUNG MAN r.R fy twi n eighteen .mil nineteen yea-n d, who lint beep |n a large retail dry ptods s?re 'n the dumb for ttvo je.irs as hoolcki" p"i' ui i talesman; ha speak* German, and i-*n give hii IstHr'nry uitv rafaranee. Addles* M <?., but 18(1, Herald U-. e, V.aiiug Hillary. rir\NTKD-BY AN ACTIVE, WILLING AMERICAN Tf noy, a h) nation to letrn ?oir.e c<> >| me,eh mb-al trade honae arpentar preferred. < ail at 1W Wett AAh at., in the rear. -l\r\NTKH A glTUAfiOV A8 OAOHMAN,BY \ l'RO 1? t-slant man. who bun a perfect pi now |e <ge of ma rare and miiiiadi iiinnt of homes, tlrk or woll; ? a ?wl driver, and knnwHtbe 'f no nhjertjiia in travel; would l.ike a situation an lore ma ii in a ll\?r> v. ible; ilia i e.y best of refir-ace r. i run. Allure.* for three day* X. A . be.aid uttl' e. WAMKH-A bITU a TION. BY A IUI 1MB young boy, 18 yearn old. to aaaisi iu a ei ooerr or liqnor pore; ih* to make himsell gem rally uteful; cau get gnxi re'erenre trim bis !%*t Aop.'y for three day* at 221 LP. .r ll.l at v I I OH, . . * ... ,u_ I1TANTKD-A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOK ff keeper. by a young man, aged 3d. p?lary no otje t. Icier* .as fiten. Address L. C. B., lleraid ..mre lVrABTICr>?A SITUATION, BY A RK8PRCTA lil.K ff yo lug man, 23 years of age, a* porter In a dry goods r grooAj store. or would drive ? curt, or can work at tv vbo'iw right b i .r.' i. Can be been for two days at llR.ireeue t. Uealofraien-ncee Riven. tirAN*KI>-A SlTATlON, BY A YOUNG MAN. A8 ff pent r in a tore or to drive a home-nd wagon, or any htn'f where be can tr-.tkehimself aefnl to hia employer; belt fcliy leitrci e run be giver.. Address J F box IAS Herald ii. for twnjdaya, . it in- where an interview con be h.ui. HKLP ?AHTlCiMlALM. AritAVKU.KR WANTED?ONE WHO IN AOQI MKT od in iIm a . ery Hu- ami who Iim already travelled Ye -I a*d South. Ai lyioM P., ! < John m. A BARTKNMCR \Y Y*TV!D.?MUST UNDKRMTARD THE A. i> "ii ?u0 eon woli ramec .Je<l. Apply a. Lienor's Hotel, 15i- and ItW Fulton at., Bruoklyp. \OKNTS W VNTK1>?IN K "RY OTTY AND TOWN IN the United h'stae, far the sale of Thnrley'a Pood for fat- . le, as imported I mm KncJsod. and librril terint awarded. I Depot 21 Broadway, New York. A YOUNG MAN HAYING MO TO *7 IN CASH CAN , neet with i permanent KltaoUon In a belli maau'a -irii g I tr.-s thai will pry well on ap 'icall .n to Ganihreatii A 0o? Mi oocean at., In..n 11 to 4 o Vines. J5"Y WANTRD?ABOUT H YEARS OLD. TO TKVYK'. ' J v. h .i?j)wmae V-en'-m il V; one :hat can don-e and | aiD! preferied. Impure at .'13 B-itrrr/, baminent. j Boy w \nticp?in an offictk down town, to . ran rands. one who la a'teilive and willing to niaaa I btmael'' win . irdwhi re?u!e- with hi* pa cm. Apply a | be y rd. 31 <) II.?<i son street. pi.F.RKS. SAI.KSMPN, BOOK KF'iPRRA. PORTRR ' ^ t>. rk-e era, At-, wnb '*> ! relerruoe lean.?'!? of rugagf! rrenta ?. r ,ie la trad * i I at-ly at Ri Ipath'a Merchant* ''rrka'Hea 'ry odlcr. 7S Bnjidway. N- wton n at 'are. At li-ants by mall tnnat cm 'o?e i w sum pa. Ms: ib h"d 188t. ilK<>. KaWiWKS, b'ipeiit.icudent OYKTY.RM.W WAHTKO.-FOR ONK WHOTIIOROJUI1 iy and'mi n a bis business a good altiiatlon ran be bad. Anply at'iyeter Hcv U1 llr Midway. Saivrmrn wamttv in a hosirky and fan?t lb or* bonaa, those having a ah >r. time and near by relia hie trade *'11 be Ubeially treated with by addrr-'ciog box I.&3J P'Mit ofli. e. SAf.KSMKN WtMTKD? IN THK BOOT and rhoe trade, fur ?ny oration of the Western country, Partir* wb > <*an r eitr 1 a gi?id "rode ran leam fuither parti c uart by oddit-emc X. X. X., I i T'a) Pom uftico. 1*' VNTKD-A ROT. 13 OR It TKVRS OF AGR. TO 00 ff if errands and m<Ue h oae.i iv n"r ly tiael I m a r .re. W?1< rsialv mou'hs ft> a in lii Bewt .>f rri creu. e* r* lire.!. Add mat M., Hemld oiilee. TIT A NT KD?TWO OR THRKK RRSPRCTABLR MKN TO ff M. , ' - a tew and atoad.ii : oi k. ,um rei'i'irrtt fr >m lane u. Hoaineon men. of gjod M tare.. and ind lairton* ha'als apply to R. T Miannon. lavodoe Pnntlag and Puh.Mbin'f t'.anp .n>. M Dry at. up aburt. NESDAY, AUGUST 15, 18 PKHfOXAL. 'ne < ' >-t **.: ro this country i* A rr ii.rwr iSW *ou * ?t to work m L?i.f Tsl .nd, moee an-bUme" lunch"* Hem hr-tnt "I brr A \y latum.*hou .if fc?i w 1 be '.hunki illy received bj herci sun, Mary Cleary, ilsyileiivllle, Mum. n?TOI'K -VO LETTER RBUETVE.) AT THE RROADVJ wav Posted.-a. Write ag..ia to P*'. c*?w York, ?air? ?.ht'OLAUDK. Ki.R A FEW mYK-lAWi'HAilrE? VfH. H. BaRNES, of Atlanta Uenrm -Matuftntweik m?r hants .mi friends t ic no kA My office ie at 16 Dey stree., up stairs. ttf prompt. ntrrm-as USUAL. AT iiai.f P ast ONH or four. '1 be locket is still on hand. TF this should MEET THE eye of i.EW'R PKSW, 1 be vrl'l pleive cell at the Wasbiuiften Hotel, Fonr;b ?ven e end i ?eui> ei.ih street, where he can tee his wife, Hilly ts lust. Tt. will mkkt w*m an old fribnu by, utlHiii ? ; :he ilravH House oa Wednesday or Thursday evening. at 7 o' 'oca, rooin did E O, H. I- PLFAKK ,MU>?iLS8 KOUYKN1R, BOX 2,061 PORT J oUicc. ___ Mrs reed -if y >u stilt, ee-ude in the city, siat ? " ' br..r ol a Southern tc?, .i nuLvtce, dr u u mite lu ihe lifi.M l "ty Pini oltlue iO DOVKK VVRI 111 I'. nrit : s ID BRICK whian. FORMERLY OF WEI, /VI ? tone, ?emio?'pd to co' .it ciroBIco, or lend un h a

aidr<nw ill* will - rut: ,>e, *?t. I for bin iroiole. Ilowdoin, Larrequra * Barlow, II M'.ri'.sow.' Ktjhsnge. Mrs. famckl wt.nban will kind a note in the ? ro?d ?* H wl "(Tlom dlrecte I to her. In it nbe will iiuvl son. .!*! '? grdatly n h**r adv u?l*x?. PAIIIP ?1 ADDRBWEn TOU THROUGH THE FAl'BRS on N mil y. Why have you p, answered me.' Aui I hlgolltD t imwocld.?all serene. COUNTRY SAFE. DOC ON A .11 . "i yeeterday, and aiood to hi* ton like a rnnn. Han Dim on you yrt / rASSO McttULLIGA*. The lady who notified the gentle aan that be lutd'oft a package aa the Smth Ferry seat, on Tburrduv, Arjruat 2, will pleme rail .at 110 Clintou place, Klghth 11 reel, an.l be rewaided. The person who kindly relieved a gentle ii. hi o hta Wal'et on me 0 i'. m 1'h.lad *l|ih a train, or mi Iti >;i rival lam evening. will pl'-aie encl.wc ttiu nfe any to (he WlreM 0( ii. l. Dawnon, nttnHlioM' Hot >1 Broadway, \VTii.soN.?retcrnep?call early and ar soon ft an penstble, thMweek, to day or to morrow, m ( one again on Friday. BARCLAY. T1ML1, A1 its. K, WHO WENT HOME DURING THE W alii no Monday aDr. noon with a friend whurn she bin met in 'he I'ark, addrean Alpha. Herald olii ef hoi sks, KDOMS, ac., WAKTEI). A family of turns adults wish totaua firnt rinia ho .ne lie'ween Fourteenth and Twenty Uflh itr eta mnl Sli th and Seventh aveonea; the accimmo iln-i us iv th a :mnilynf the same number,each family f>irninh p.; h?*:r an. ai linen' . tui.l . -id ng *u irveUen 11.e nlvi r Uwr expect* to exchange refereneea. Addreaa bar t,12'J IV. onice. Business.?'wanted to purchase for gash abd improved Property, In -rea*ing in ral-ie d.iRy, * well established psyl"c 1 not connected with l.i|ttora Apply by ieuer, raJUif am t of busine* sod where an interview an be hiul. Address Merchant. I Its Id office. PAKT OF A HOU.SK WANTED?FOR A SMALL KAMI lj, by t a 1st of S'-ptemhe-; five orsti rooms. M ist be i> * ynod ne>ehboibood and within Ave or ion minutes' walk of l.txllow slreeL Addres-. J. T., 1M Ludlow street. Wanted?a furnirwed house, fob the win tar. to be located in Fifthravenue or In some of the ,-d tacmt streets. Possession wished for in September or October inul 1st of May. Address House Seeker, box ISO Herald idlloe. _____ TTTANTED TO RENT-OR WOULD PURCH ASK, A V? small desirable residence, (say 310,000), on the west side between Broadway and Seventh - venue, not above Tw-ntj-firth street; pcsrwilon wanted this month; If a desirable house, would purchase the furnltnre. Addrons boi 4,149 Post ofllce. \lr.\NTKD-FOR a SMALL illlil 91 M ! 1. V, yv no children, a stilt of three or four rooms, In a pinviot neiphtnrhood Reference* jftTen and required. Please address A. ' Herald ollice. TI'"ANTED- FOR I DOCTOR'S OFFICE, A FUR vT nlshed Parlor In * private house, north of Ho tstoi' street and west of Bn adway. Address for mo days 0 T, Herald oliire. TATANTKD-IN NEW YORK, OR SrBURBR, A DWELL' ? .n* House. v. iih factory and a litlls ground, to buy or to let for a currier s business. Address 1. Uerard, Rahsay, hew Jersaj. TTT-ANTED TO RENT-A SMALL, NE ATLY FURNISBKD v f (Vctaye, m tlie immediate vicinity o* New T or It. aceee? hie by lH?l or rail not over an hour from the Ct'y Hal'. Bet-.' not ?o exceed WW- Addreas J, 0. 0., Lai J lii i'.ait llice. tor three daj S. TITANTED-BY A "EMMA FAMILY OK THREE OKOWN f 1 ..a rs, .ns tva .if i h HHP tin Pitt ?M#? uHnsn Ta-aiiIu. ifYcr.tb *treri; rent ti<* tn "ire-'! >30U per year. Add."c? u .M., Union *nuare r<m otnee. TK7-ANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, TWO OR THREE ? T convenient Root*, with I'roton water. The vert aide of the city, b"lnw Twentieth areet. preferred Add rent W K., boi :>Ult Poet nil oe, N. Y , atUitg particular*. Kant mo derate. TIT ANTKD-BY A NKW ENGLAND GKNTlSCMAN AND M wile? no .'bUtlr-n?1throe furnish*-1 or uufuntialwd Room* nt'ai'.e mr home-keeping. IB a house with a strictly prim* fa uniy, in a pleasant and ,1.i?-1 r'reet. u e tber New York, Fit*...',in, H:irl'*ni, YorkrH'.e or Mn't Haien. Addre** rtatit.g runvenVrcr* and ?"ima, which Btiat las m idi-rul*, A. W. iieruld office. TVANTKD BY A ' KNTI.KM AN AND WIFE, WITHOUT \ > i i > ? I >r. ? m? ? Bedii? iM. In a mojern built b-.,'.w. ,v -?t s..<* of city. Mow Ibtueth riwn; Mmatai l?t September. AJdi ?* fur two dayaO. >1 lera! ci e. Tt^ANTRP-BY A Ml ALL FAMILY, CONSISTING O' A ?? ret ileman, wifi, t vo bildrrn and arrvant, ei'her ic the < ity or Or >?..>?. pari of a Furnished Ho. -a, ? lb the con re men e? for keeping hn-tee. Addre** a altng tenn.i, whi-h im "t be re. table. Adolj btt*. Herald n:i >?. Rei'erwobi o, changed WIIEI AND LHIUOXI. GKNl'INK I'OMT WINE FOR 8ICKMKXS ?OHBORK'rt. bottled id Oporto. UhlUiagWdrth a, bo:;l?d In l.ondnn; a!*o bae Port by the gallon. all of indoublod purity. Krandie* do. rtnlage lPt* to lRl8; Aaeri) and B'aikberry Brnndira c vn be relied ou .or tickoeea. and a gntieral amort roe at of i.rmt claaa good* In bit In* at low price*. No Inferior yrood? sold. U. B. KIRK. IS Fulton atreel PINANUUk. GAN LIGHT HTOTKS FOR BALK IN VARIOUS city companies, paying liberal dirtd-nda. JOHN H. Mi FRAY room* of tb* Amerkaa Oaa Light Journal, Not 1M Canal ffiraeCooru*r Elm. MILUONS Of DOLLARS UNCLAIMED I* THE BANK of Knyland. 8tl OIAI name* sdrertlae 1 forbelreran b* *earched?fee M?at Ike Heraldry office, git Bruadaray, N. Y. H. UaYS, t roprtetor, wbo la in Lood.m. aod undertakes tb* March of a i la, chancery record*, *dTerUaeBt*Bt*. family p*. di, f"e*. and grants of arat*. X' KW ORLEANS AND MOBILE FUNDS B<>CU1IT BY IN ACffUST BELMONT A CO.. ? Wall tract. Kotice to bond holders ?thk BONUS op THR New York and New Iiarra Railroad OoMpaay, du* la embar, IM). will b* paid, with seemed late reel, on pre irapnttta and surrender, at the Treasurer* office, corner of redely eerratb alreet and Fourth avenue Maw Yon, Augut7. IffiU. W. BEMENT, Treaa.irer, rROPmtlA FOE EfiH?f>F THE CROTOM WATER Finch of the city of New York -HealeJ proposals will ba rr et?c<l at the (Vmiplrnller'a officer until Thuralay. Km "em ber lb. It?i, at I o'clock P. M., when 'be *a ne will be punbeiy ot rue' lur the whole <W any pari uf tbe ?um of two bun trei and fifty'ho sand dollar* of "the Ontoo Water Nto-k uf the city of New Yort," authorized by 'hap. 573 of tbe law* of 1*1*1, and by an ordinance o' tbe fximm.-o Council approved by tlie Muyor. AURUffi S. Ifffii. f?r lorreaaing .be upuly of (Vutiai wnt* r, and extending tbe ae waaui j eorfca far not uian Inline and dH nbul'ug the auine. 1 he wild reck will bear mterra* at tbe raut of alt per rem pei a- iiH'n, parable o nailer yearly, "id lie' prim Ipai will <<e rrde?a*ble ?n ibr t.iet day of Nnietniutr ISM. The proposals wl I Mate tbe amoaal of *t;vk deeired and the price per aliare and tbe peraos* wbuae pron<i?al? areaooapied w ill Le re. aired 1" depo?n: wlib th* (XaffibertaiB nf th' city, wttbin lea day a after the opening of th* bhta. ibea.un awarded to ibet reap -rtiiely. IcciiiJuig tbr prrmiuio." ki lb" (aire, < 'n |ira*eu Ing fo '.he CoMptroller tbe rer'tpta of li e t' vtn latrla.n for rich drpnatl* tb* partieWwilRic entitled toracult* er.i'lc*te? :.>r *t|Ual aiutein'A of tb* pat t ?',.e .if lie atoca. brnrinp* normal Irani tnr uaioa ot p.iymrnia. Knob nr. . aktmld bo and podorood ' Proponlo hrcn <n 'tntrr Sbvk<i' tho rttj ?>f Nrta Vn k " and tirr aainr twin** lu a i?""?id rn- rtop>'. aodmaant > Dp CnaptfsUnr Tkr ngb t roncrt ?d <m 'br purl of thr rp-nptMllor ; ? ri\,*ot any or ' of !h" I4?n, if < mnldrrod o* ^?sirf to protnrt or i ponoi Int' .rata of the ritr. RflBT T. 1IAWS, Comptro) ir. r;iy I< Xr? T?rk. PnnrtarM Ol 1'Ii.auco, t looni fruiter'? fk a ..'Ml h. -?>. OJ/tn WAST^.r-OX A CH ATTEL M iHT I A<iK, OR ?>n''U bill of ?> of fbrnltnro nr'h fo-.r Um?? ho mount, i' itrv o learuio* ?111 ? joined nod n booun |hni. Ad nm H. M. H., Hrfnl.i .iQtco. e?) / win akk ivantio-on aonn mctritt. ' Any oneb*t1n* the at>->- e to lonn will bo lib", ally locol -od. Addiv?? A. II , flora c! pare, lor in j day*. tf?T /WW) T<> LOAk -THr. A BOVR AEOCITr Of J f ."I" Tr r fundi to loon on flret rl v" K?*1 Kantr a r< , it ni i'tM> aim a i i v I , y Kdll A )l aRKIS. roniiorlioro at low, *i >wn Mroot, Jf. V O I n /WW) toi.f'affok b? i*n <>rri mouth ui*. 5>+U.UVU on proport.v In X -it York and ticiriMj. Ap ply M K- U. LOCKE, 10 Kino ntreoi. qiwl iww) to i<?aw at ?x p** ?'*!" iv. JtHl.uHV t*r*iA.noeH> property, *73.000. At 7 p?r oofl\ 1 n <>r k -n I 'and property, 'end ? finnn m thin ** :? A? 'o niB.V r fV.N'HA*, cut.-oof the Foopln'a Ml* net rw o?i j. to W*U?trcot riiR i k n?i Bl \ W VNTKH fu I ARX I ! IK SAlLAIAklNU K i t*. .Xoi.eb tikep - n* u^ed npp.y nt the anil lofl it mil ?l. KN^tkAYRR* OR WoOP VV AfttKP. Ri \ OK KISUT < ii^rRn m t*> ?. od. m Xo ;u ,\'*nmo . room 77 j>? M. kot; ACRK. HAT TV TstPtR-- WAXT?TP-AT 9PK.VI KR A ?Y(?RW, , <M K i im <., Mm rt. TOJ>:W V1.|.KR-_a I' *** AND R* RAV .ft ?f. > >? -JH*- (ri Apiii) u? HfH???, CW'iM A ( V>. N? ' : nr _____ \V a vj ?p w Ait :i HtKkH- aK kx 'R'm.t-Knri'i r Tl i. ?? *?fc'R r?pRlr??. ji. ,i r* ?i ' -../ I fti-A.NTVP -Fr.l R AXiROTTPlKTR *<>M 17 TO JO ft . ?i r. A * Mi K 3. *\cr?r F'7 B-??ry irnr< lu a. JR. 1\' T? HV ?KFR WRVTSD-TO ou MOtTS Ml 47 V. ft i R?'?t; jihr-ii.f. a^.i m t Ilii.r R.-a f V .. ? n ft; T f: TK ? i 11- " ni iXtiftt FT ?ip.> i i'A ?. ? a - , ti* . . i, MJ'fA T? AWT ? ' ' PRIX' "P tprilMA APf t.T FT ft *??? -l TTR?c ?? ? oa !??) Wl. 'ndu?jr. 60. ( ?AlJB8 AT ?rt7no.i. A' 1.iiert rtl .'ejus * co., acctiokkjirs. PER r'.MPl OEY AO VTluN of eiaoant roufwcmd hol'hkhold fvrrttcre. Ttueday WKDuF.HPaY, at 1(W4o'cld*, At the private residence, Mb Writ Klev? nth street, between Fifth and rlx'h a\ euics. KufMoid>, cg-tiv Utrx* pur and 'kernel Mirror.. riuitaol Draw tng Room Furniture, ROMiWoon Ro>" A Minister OarpeM, OD Hire Oil Paintings, iTtcnt. Ac , Ae. jfke Furnf'ir* tni all mad* to order only six month* tuner, by Rows, K Kline awl other eminent cabinet makers of tht* , iltv. lo prison, in inrth of good, substantia and rtmt flan j V urniture, this sale will offer a rare opportunity. Thecal* logins embraces over 10) lets PRaWINO rooms Rosewood Pianoforte, city maker, solid rosewood frame, bss toni'round comers, carved legs, pearl keys, with Inlaid label, fpll iron frame, modern improvement*. overstrung bane, new lssl I si I, and said to be one of the most euustinual instrument* In New- York; will be ottered at twelve o'clock precisely, three elegant suite of roeesruod Parlor Furniture, richly carved and covered with blue, and .old larnask, ! satin and brocalel, each suit consisting of twelve pieces, viz: medal'lon tele u iete Soi.ut, double, arm. reception and oval I back parlor Chairs, matched satin Lounges and two converse I lion Chairs two coitly rosewood Kteg-i es, richly carved, with ] I mhror doors undba.k. rosewood Kscretoire and ifookcaae, roaewood corner Whatnots, Atmiiiaier Carp.**, mosaic and velvet Rugs. Ottvuutne. Divans, Lady' Work | Ho\ and Table, Inlaid with mother of pearl, red I<ace j | Curut'ns, Willi gold bund1; cold Cornices, satin Tassels, msg, ufliceut pier Mirror, with marble slab and 'racket*, one large I j mao'el Mirror, solid rosewood centre Tables, with .statuary msrble tops; sofa side Tables, oil Paintings by Marco 1 Vaudere, Ii .ere, hi delmrg Wiuthrop 11 icon, Vouberg | i,dc other eminent arils'*, among which may be louod | Hvron a Farewell, Market Scene, liudalo Hunt the I tillage School. Scenes from Richard (be third, Romeo , end Juliet; a few cboi -e Engravings, richly framed; re-al, ar tisUc Hron/cs, reoresentmg War aud Peace, the Seasons, the j Warrior*. Battle Scene, 1'arian and Ubvpte figures, Dresden Paint wl Kianan Vaaee.. Chamber*, Rosu le?Vicbiria | roeewood bedstead, riohly carvel; marble top dressing Unman, with large swinging Mirrors: marble ton Wasbsioid. I Commodes, Auiolre de Ok' e, Tables (le Nult, l*dy's Dressing ' Table, Frtnh rhlna Toilet He.t. lounge and easy Olialspring eat i 'hairs, arm Rockers; mosaic < arpet and liea. y lace and brcatel CnfSaiM, onrled hair Mat'reuses, feat tar Pillows, lied L.ncn, Ac. Third, Fourth and Fifth sine leeFinale and doable walnut and ro ihogasy Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washuland*, lleddin g of ever, kind, Carpet* in ever* room, cano sea' Chairs, Sola*, Lounge* Work*, raan'el and aideMirror*, oak csUumion dlii'ng Table, o?k Bullet. with iilate glass door* and back; oak Mm Chair*, French china cola baud diuner Se.tof 125 pieces: dworated china tea bets. Ivory balanced handled Knives and Forks, h<-autif il stiver tea Set, halver, water Plb her, silver table and te* Spoons, elegant silver Carter, with sliver hell attached; 8 -ut gins* Bottles; French.and Kng'iah cut 11 lass ware. Decanter*, Caratis, Uoblett,< Tiampagiies, 4'nes, Slier ries. Mat hed Decanters; English c round back Trays, tab'e Crockery. Ac. Also all the eleven! naacraunt and kitchen Furniture, Utensils servant*'room. Sale will be positive rain or shine. All purchase* must be removed within 18 hours after sale N. K.?Terms cash, In bankable money. Deposits from strangers exacted. Ajno t. in:nuikrford a co., auctioneers. A tic'toll sale ot SUPF.RH HOfSKTTOT.D rCRSITrRH. Oil Paintings, Sta'.u.o'y llr Works of Art To te peremptort! sold, on this day Wednesday!, August 15, At the private r 'denoe of Mark Mlddletoa, Ksq , No. TO West 1 wenty t > th street, near avenue, commencing at 10,'j o'clock precisely, Consist lot' of sei en octave Pbtnol'rrte, rosewood Drawing Room Suite Pier and Mantel Mirrors, bron/e and ormolu Chandeliers, Artisti: Bron/rs, Parian marble Ktntuarv, roeewootl and ni.t hot,-any Chamber l-'ii'nWme, Ac. DRAWiNU It ,? Magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, carved legs an 1 case, inlaid nitli pearl, solid pearl key*, overstrung bn*?, lined with tattnwend, made by Dread way makers, fully guaranteed, been in ti?e five month*, fullv tested by competent judges, and pro nonnced a superior instrument, trig nil coat |Bli. rneeseeod Canterbury; do. Stool, covered in iiria-ade; French cloth Cover; rosewood Bookcase and Secret*irs, Kncolguures. lady's Work Table and Writing D?*.k. French plate pier Mirrors, marble Slab and Bra* hi is. two Ian* tnnitel Mirrors richly carved fi-smes; embroidered laice Curtsina. French Shades, Cornices, two magnitlcenl sun* drawing room Furniture, covered In three colored mtin brocade of the richest description,. arved in olid risewood; two tote n tete Sofas; two arm, reception and eight oval back Chairs; risewood Ceut-e Table*, statuary garble top to m itch the suits; Ategerrs lined wiLh sailnwoo 1, marble top, mirror doors and Packs; King's pateut Kasv Ch.-iii s; card, pier and uusidet.e Tables; Oil ratnungs, by Legraud, Cole, Inmaii, Rnussell Kellerea, Rglarw and other eminent artists; Assumntiou of Virgin Mary, from the celebrated painting in the Jam-rr, Paris; storm at boa, by Flugernagle. two superb match Painting*; rosewood Ilatstand, Chairs, Oilcloth, Stair Carpets, it Is, ate. CHAMBERS English Rr.isse] Carpets, rosewood marble top Dr. ssiug Bureau*. Bedsie .d* and Couimodcs to match; Toilet Tables, Shaving Stands, Rocker*. 'Vim-has, arm anil oval back Chair*, overed tn moouet; balr and spring Mattresses, Bedspreads, Feather Bed*, Holsters, Pillows, ov.d Mirrors Pastel, decorated china Toilets, llrocatel Curtain*, Ac. Upper chainhers?Mahogany and black walnut Burs Sofas, Rockers, Wasbstands. Ac. DINfNO ROOM. Hertz's raient Dlulug Table, Couchee, Arm Chain. elegant ets of Crystal and Ruby Qlas- ware, Dec inter* Cablets. Wine*, Champ?gne*, lemonades lumhters. Fruit, Cellery and Preserve Stands, Fmeei ibiwi*, Ruby and i'ariau Marble Porch Bowl*. Hnby and Cold l.hpijr sets, rt -b decorated Tea Set*. 44 pteres; so id Silver Dinner and T.-a Set*. Stiver Coilee . Urn, I'aaters, Cskc Baskes Napkin Kings Spoons, Fori;.*, Ivory handle Table Cutlery. .Also, gmersl t**orimeiu b**o men" Abd kitchen T'uidlt'ue. A .1 Ult.NOR TAVI.OR A CO At'CTIOVFERU A. would *!! the attention of the public to n laopj and attractive aale at auction, this day, of rich Hon no bold flood*. An.. dr., at thd pi.Mite P.taideiice, No. bn Went Eighteenth aireet. Tli? safe will cjmmonce HtlO', oV'o-t precisely, nri a every article In the lionao on tint pmuuvely be aold and renin, ed within twenty t'c.ur hour* I'rom time of Bile, nepoa'te will be ' required i rum all per tie* #n to the aaetlnaoern. l'ailora tonUin roaawood and black wnloot Suit* of seven piece* ev il covered in satin broca'el ami omen velvet pluah, i -aewood Kt-ijeres, ?Ue and eeutre Table*. lace and broaatcl Curtains, i'orox en, Fhafen, Ac.; English Brtiikcl* (Vpttl* nod velvet Kuca, Oil Paining*. Bronae. Parian and Bl-c|ue Figures, Vaaea and i'arlor ornaments. rich gilt French ci' k. run* 21 li> ., Kli'l'.uit seven octave 'lanufurte rev wood e isc, carved leg#, ivory key*, with e cry modern ] improvement, ha? been n*ed only ore month. Dinii Boom Ii .'Ui^ md Hitl CUvnheni are w?U nn shodvitin cry a ii n<wo?^ry ..ud nruiimetr.a), usually found In a fir it ch - ? ami > .nan's r> sldeoce Paries * ..:nist i pur, base can examine the article* previce to the sale. No p .-ti nemeut on areouit of weatbe,. N. B.?Ilroi tin ay und Fltth avenue atageiaid car* pane i-u I the house. i r< tion notice ? ahfiovfeu ski.k ur mquorr, Jx. .te? 1IENKV UKFKN ?i sell, this day. at 1111, o'eiuelt, ! nt Ihl William street. live cssks Brand*. four do. 1'urt Win", : toe do shetr I ir .1. P .trie i Whiskey, one do ilia, fifty oasc, i larr;, ..iTeeu baskets <'1* . yue, seveniy flvnempty IicmL'hn*. lines KF.l.IA, Asnrnre. Also, f? ec.te? A uunn'1 ..f . ? ,a>e bale ttp. nt it, 43.000 Secar*, fitly k s Hal* x Salmon, Mackerel, 1 ALiTION NOTICE. u i' vt.vv 1 ! *" " Sew and second bad Yahiclei, Ham -ait, Ac. i'/.RA 1.1PLOV, Jr.. will ael! thl* day 1 day', at 12 o'clock, at his salesroom* Co iMar an t, oppxtio the l"o?t office, a grant i irle'y of n*w ar.<l vrhl ' r!ea; also. * n;!e and double llarues*. Saddlca, Whips, Ac ADMINISTRATOR'S SALR OR FCRNrrt'RR, HOOP. Uuuf. Athis day, at to1, o'clock. ai 54.1 Kilton -creci M Pi l> . Ctil.R an ii.>neer?-i maprn a i ?.l ).? of l nrnluirr. txm pointer Itogs. three Conn. Xe . a!?> the , li Hires of a butcher, or* large ice Boi. moat Racks, itloska, 1 Benches, dr.; also 250 Ma| ? AUCTION KOTICR.-A. P. RICHARDS ACCTtONKPR, wt'l aril dOO) caeca of Ibnts. Shoes and Brng ma, ?eic. t |?> from 0* manufactories, on Wed*e*day next A "fiat 15, a' lOjhf n clock A M. at tka auction rooma of Rl- ltARle A WHITINtl, 44 CotlUndt strwet. , A ttTTON NuTICR?A SOLID ROSEWOOD DOC BLR J\ I kr:or snlt, rovccd In French aatin brooalel. ,-oat $4.V? a,11 be airid I'* truth on* single ruaewaor fa*lor anlt, ronelnting of one Sofa, one arm. ?m raeaotmo and tnnr medaltWm hark t hai'B, mill t>a Bold for H.V>. "i>? < o for 171. a In A lot of rose and, mahogany. Factor aad Itadmom tumtpire Apply for two leys toK KU .il, 12 bulk arenua, one dojr btU'Varrr'cy pla a I TjlDWARDS' BUi IC. AUCTION KHR?SALESROOM * x Jy 141 Itroadwn* ?HoubbI old* Furnltura, by K A F. R.. S< rtkNC'K. on Thimday. 1* a lose a: MJ. o'.-lork. at ihetr ? Ill '41 KmadWaJT, new aad >ud hind Houaabold I rnttnra, i imalatlag tn part of alcfai.t ruaemoo-1, n ihnga tit and black walnut I'arlor hmia, in brooat*', liair rloili and P.ixak inaaw-od maanla n^t * da and a rnor R.?/ Secae tare and Ltbrara Honkm?.-a, i antra nod pier Tablo* * fa neb plan pt.r aad matibl Ola- iaa, Hrnaaala and Inyrulti Caipeta, carxeg an.I plain rnaaw nd makotau ami Ma. k w.lon' Bed a?'?<U. marble tap Batmin, M'aahataada and l omwdi'i. i black walu t an., oak Fldcbnat .a. dm ig ro m an t in ? Chait* oak aad Idact walnut Ex cpaton Tables, liennge* end Ra-y t'balra Ma nr. la a, BeJithig Ac HANDSOME FCRNTTWRK AT Rl HI.lt1 Al O l< ?LoRnl. aAt.M. By .1 If PORTER anatloaner. 'bit day, Tnetda\f.) and IVr.tueaday, A ifii't 15 enmrneorli.g t ItM* o etc dt pre. ?It (raiu "r afcinci, of the entire ?.egat,' Knnut'ira .1 leaiitlful 1 W.'rta of Art tamttlned In the ' <rg? dwrilir-. ft J1A tr-r j Fourteen h street. % frw t. ?.ra from ktrhth ?vanm -ai! t.' | which will ua a.?l nnkcpit reaarrc. ,hh1 n. ?i ? r?mi'ral lot , n laialr from :ba prt-mlaaa? marts pg a tare larc< and I alarriit anwmaat of arcrtthln a??et tlal m a f??'i ona'.le as t c.a'.ly f .rubbed raaid'ria, b, , mewtnd, o?A and c .Aria; h?'.e will eomtoapca It f 'd -Vrr.'r- w b " i Stlrarar ire, of Rngara Rridhara' manttuetiira. Cms, t'a?ea?. Sj>*eia. Pi V.a. ' V?e Ka-aeta. S't a. p<: > Ptan.!. aad Uol.air *r t'aina, errata! cat it *aa. nthr rare red iji*,-, ; ware, lv.-ry ,?nd panrl y. Franca Porniiun, alayant aU'n'tiiO Table, w h <?k dintng rem P irntn iitra l *rk>r??Two richly ra-red rm?wiv?l Pat ina P-tiu, c carad In tbree cmoiad bnwnda. In perbaci ontar. ralxat ?nd Winon l'arp-tr nwniala '*dc top Fiararea. rre^wa >t r-n tre. n.fa end pier 1 ablm: taro alaaant ptar i,la?? ?. artth kw * damask and rich la?c Curtains. French Phalca. TnrklaS i hair*, art.b Imitne"* to ma'rV tweaptloe (Vm in Penrada', , alraan* ' orrea ronewood Ptnaofo d panrl keys; Mna.. Cabinet, 7' ran* -naci. ici nt m. ntal V**m Hnwaa, mart)it grunpa ^nrlor urname ta, with a n unbar of cboten and mltiaMe IV. iga.?eivat nnd WU'oo I'aipets, alegam t nandabara. X". i"bambera?All in manwond aa< aaboy,nr aniiarb Pat'alaada. iaraa hair Mattr aaaa. draar nc Bnrw. a, marbia Waalirandr, C. ti iti'dn illrrora. Franea totla: mli suit iban.bdr Furtiitm-a. In Tdret; cdtuare aodmlnr Cb.vira. A?m Chair* S. tan, Sofara la, O...K . xn? Cbalra, t lo a* Mirmrt., q.rain Carpets. Ac., with a large qeantltt gooxl Biahttgany rnrtllura of aanrv dear 14,1400,1 Mlcbrha, an? r < ar pets and RoxIa marble top Hall buud. Riln al UJ.1, da.04k t rex Jaiy. MKXRT n T.I Ft*. Al iTTOXrFT - AT.rkROO* NO a Naaann ? rat. IIKNRT 11 1 KVI1S A I a will se'l. at an"tl.*i. o 1 Thuraday. Ailfiat 15. ai 12 o'cl ak, la fki tit of atora So. 2T Na* an a'reat. To be 4 M. for aceotmt of whom It may core ?ni. it ?Ni?*ei r Xftira. *i ya-ra n d. I* liary faw and h*a liar? ieten ircned; hind in cB hartiaw. and a rary gat, in | ?- :dla hota . Sale t arami'iory 10 iha bi/i.t *1 bi.l.lai. I HENRI It LI.K1*. ACCTtOJFirR1t-.SAf.HSROO.4l NO. 2:1 <ireai.?BKNHT II. LErlPB A tk?. a.,li aa| , at aip thm, <m Wertii..,day, Aiiiittal 15. ai 12 o'ciork. al th ? ? ! loiin 4fi -IN i* TnTirart, aim nti ilHIidflmi of Staffed Hi. da, iirmngad * ugly, in rr'ittfta, uudar (lata ahadaa and on braet-b- *. T P. VONft.OVRRY. ACCriORF.FR -dW CASRS Of 1 it shoar ami K-oaaas at an i>u, .xn fl .rgday, A t a. . I . Iill.n,. ,1 . v. ,1 I I' n.,i. 1 ., 1* (. r am?l ' root. krral, araantMiil" good* lor r.:tj on ! eoiairy trail*. rT ITS t,A?ta. WIIITK LKAD, * -HURRY OMR* oil, at an tM? lint, .<! I?''i o rl>.i1 1P( ?',l n fI. ria? ? ?-? Plat* til. <a, K.RJU lor. Wnio ana R" ' r< I'aini. J> MtHokfKS rtAl.K-M. I.RYY A < >. AtCTIntf > ? n tallulRllO <*'<*?, *UI *-11, Rita rU? at Mil, ? l? ' irfr "t ol rtlk and Ultar alto U'l ita, f ' ? ?? .*1 ta, i oat*. Paula. Vrau, l;? l.i.n?', ,?c SukhipfV MI.K -WAtinVR^'ntiagiBt, h VM it' Us A f I iRi Ktl.TI a i I ?. ra .,im l|j mu,vin tar??. will anl, at It < '.' ? tn WMt??1a;-. Ant t?l i& a 71 i h. rlta num. air llcl* Aita>. at Jta ?<ni? la.itr ??| oUcR. TlrtoRof a cfc ' aj mr? ?o, ti?? rti? tYipmi-t i4 ' .r li '??a HI''llf k CI l.i, I?*o i'i avO'-'H irtM ?l l.?J -r AT APCTIOIII. I SECOND FALL TRADE SALE. | JSi*."**** AUCTION NoTI<*M.-JOHN van It. I ANTWERP'S RON, suets.ncer will Mil on Thursday, A NT "rt 1 18, at ten o'clock, at No 73 William street, MO Lota English, ' German aid American Hardware. Ac., comprising 700 do., en TlUoUon'e superior Table Cutlery; also, Tlllotsou's tine Pocket Knifes, In dose us and on cards; also. Wm Jackson e A Rankerton's Table Cutlery, all new roods; also. 181 doren of American Pocket Knives, in half (Wen bones, desirable patterns; alto. >0 gross Iubotson's Taoer Hies; also, bastard half round, qnarc, mill saw, and machinist's Files, all In line order, together with s large assurttnei.t of stock Hardware embracing all Mill Raws of 'I bos. Tlllotsnti's make. fl. ), and 7 feat; mortice Locke and Latcbaa Hell Pulls, Crank Handles, Plumb Bots Braes and Ir mi ; California Muier'e Seaien. marking Awls, Foot Soraperm. barn coir Rsllere. reeling Irous guagmg It >dh board Measures, powder Flasks, J to 8 ox ; fry JJ*au?, Nos. 2, J and 4, Ac., Ac. Also, 100 doicti A. H. Phillips' Wren 'bes.also, 150 palre malleable iron top Mintee The whole being a eery desirable assortment of go.Kla, and to be sold on a credit of four months for approved Doka Catalogues ready ?n Wednestlay, 16th inst SAJ BOGART, AUCTIONEERS?WF.PNERDAY, AU. gust 15, at lot; o'clock, at the auction rooms. No 1 North 1 William street. Household Furniture, consisting of Parlor Rutls, Sofas. Lounges, Las t'hirdellcrs, mahogany Sideboard, . 11 urea us, ParUr Chairs, 1)11 Paintings, Kugraviug*. marble top Pressing Bureaus, tapestry HrusgsLs Carpets, Oilcloth, Bedsteads beds and Bedding, Withstands, Dining and Tea Tables. also lot Ladles' Gaiters, one Lead A Webster Sewing Machine, tin j roved natteru, one large Iron Safe, one Wilder? Arc proof, one Rterue A .Marvin s do.. Horse, Wagon and Harness, Ac., also one large Bar Counter. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE?CHAMBER8 A FAIRt'IULi', auctioneers, will sell on Wednesday, August 15. at ten o'clock, at No. 78 First avenue, s ipianuiy at House bold Furniture, outsitting of mahogany Solas, (hairs. Bureaus. Secretary , French Clock, bedsteads, Beds and Bedding. Carpets, Kin-ben Furniture, Stoves. Ac., Ac. SA J. BOOART WILL RBLL THIS OAT, AT 10); o'clock in front ol the store. No. 1 North William aires'. Constable's sale of our- new Express or Bualuees Wagon, three Iron Safes, Horse, V agon and larce-a, Ac. SHERIFF'S RALE.?DR\ GOODS. AC? CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, auctioneers, will sell ibis day, at IP o'clock, at saleeri-.m 115 Nassau street, a <|0anuly of Dry Goods, I Allcos, DeUlura. Flannels, Sewing Alias and Cottons. Neck Ties, a good lot, Ac., Ac. JOHN KELLY, HberiU. rfOMAfl VEiTCTf, AUCTIONEER.?PCBUC ADMINistrator's sale of Furniture. Glassware, Jewelry, ''lathing, ) Rewind Machines. Ac ou thiutday, August Id, HMO. at 10 i o'clock A. M., at No. 646 Pearl street, being eilecis of several > estates. h. P. KL'SSKL, PabU: Adininittiator. ' Ward McLean, auctioneer.?by fiklo * Mc l.RtN.?1fJUlee No '.? Pine stre-t, New York ? Impor] lant sale of Copper. Alcohol and Cainphere S'ills, Me am EnI <?? a..,'..? V '. vivi iv a u.i l< w _ov ell on tbe premises of the Nassau Linseed (HI Mill's, Knrman street. Brooklyn, just below the Fu'uio ferry, on Wednesday, Auk. 1ft, at 12o'clock, all the extensive apparatus a id Machinery foimerly used by Messrs. 'lapacot fur the manufacture of alcohol and csmnhene, ?l/: one splendid oopper I'aupbene Still, of 3.100 gallon* rapacity. wilt oopper worms niaide to run by steam, a Ith a largo coll of copper worm for coodenitrg nod ?cuum pump, which may be adapted by augST refiners for a \acuum pan; two Urge copper Alcohol Rill la, of shout It DUO gallons rapacity each, with all the copper wormat goose necks, pumna, Ac., to run same by steam and copper columns m make Inch proof alcohol, one Steam Knsme. of about iilteen horse power with a large tubular or Cornleh boiler, eighteen feet ,on* and five feet In diameter, and throe Cylinder Bo lers. thirty six feet long and three feet in diameter The stills were all wanutac.tured by one of tbe beat cop* perstniths In New York, were erected at an expense of over f2U.Oct) a few years since, and are perfect and in Rood workins order. Further particulars may be obtained and an order to examine the property upon application to the Auctioneer. or to Messrs. F. B. A W. C. FOWLER, l td Front street. New York. i i "\ITM- WTTTFRS. AUCTIONEER, WILL REI.L THIS Yy day, at 2 o'cicck, at 4IM Canal street. Furniture of A family breaking up h meskeept -g,, rocking and other chairs. Centre Extension Tables, l'ter and Mattel Ulysses, 1'aiuUngs, lace und other Curtains, parlor Rnita, Piano, main piny case; mshonny French nnd Co tage Bedsteads, hair, MM AMI o'her Hal reaa-s. Feather Beds, Bedding, dressing and oiber Bureaus, Waahsianit*. t.ilet. china, glass and Silver Ware, dhlng room and kitchen Furniture, Stoves, tin and wooden Ware, ac WT*. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS Yl day. at 2 o'clock, at tftt Canal street, one gray Horse. IS bands hi"b, sound snd kind, warrsnted. also one spring Cart and Harness; also black walnut Bureaus, 00. Wa&bxunds, do. Work Tables, Ac., to pay advances. THE MILITARY. Military office*wanted.?a gentleman now holding a ri>mtiilssioned office tn a reglmeut of the Third brigade ronaisting of the 7th, 8th, 9th and ftfttfi. is about to resign Ms pjsitioii; but before doing s i. and in ordei that his oom- , p.iny muv n- i be iiiconveticnoed. he tcsires to find a suitable p-i noil to oiler in lus To a competent in" energetic man sn eiectlon chd be assured. as this proceeding is h.i 1 with the consent of u m* jot lly of tie officers und privates For particulars, Ac., Ac... address officer, box h.fifti. Post office. LOUT AYU POdlVD. Don LOBT-SS fRKWARIl?ON TUESDAY mohnintj. a small white sp-uted with black, and bmhy ts.l. Strayed from 2.T2 Wist Twenty-elf iith itreet. Reward paid on return I of the dag. Diamond breastpin lost-on Monday. ism. fftiireward for Its teturn lo ibe subscriber. The atones were set very closely together, the head a cluster of \ of an Inch in diameter, and stones in the whole length of tAe bar; length Of the pin one inch. p. V. hustkd, No * Breed street, or Moss' Hotel, coiner Bowery and Bayard. IpOUND?ARTRAT, ON MONDAT MORNIN1. AT !>? o'cl.ick, a bay Mare. Thi owner can bare her by calling at 208 Third a.ruue. New York. J OST-ON THE AFTERNOON OF THE 9TH INHT., IN : JU h Fourth avenue omn'bita. iu*?r Eighteenth bu>*?u iialv'e I Porkethook, aouUtntbg about $12 It) go'd and bill*. The ilnd?r will be suitably rem anted by leering It at 2d4Greenwich eueet, i rear ofllee, t-ootid floor. IOST-FROM TI1K WAVFRI.KV HOTEL, RROADWAT J and Kn'i'th itreet, on Pi'iulaj evening, a Kcouib Terrier i l'og.had no collar and nn?? era in the name ,at Tiger. Aautt, able reward will be laid lor tor lhig'a return to it A mil y at. TOST?ON THIRTY FOURTH STREET, LEAVING A HIa .enlb avenue oatnlbue. and gulag to Hiidetm ilaey, a Fortemaimale, containing a Uttle i hair- a id n pair of infant i (Iold Armleia, marked M G. 1. A eon tb:e reward, with too hearty 'haiikaot tbo lose -, will be given on the return of ihe A rml.'ta to M. R. Longacre, engraver, 132 Naaaau n.-eet, room 27. at they are tallied aa a rift Lost?or thr isth in?t . t twi.n wttnn, made hy Let i'tt, l/ai bai No. 4,(U7. Ten dolLr* whl be pawl by lentia|it at Ir Mo'urban a, watcamaker, iw dei-out.tven te, and no ijoeaMne aaked. I T OFT?ON FATrRDAV, AUGUST 11. A SIF.VORANDl'M J J Bonk. cdbUh-eg a Ov t i krta and tb- owner card \ reward will be riven to lite lio n r by reluming it to 2b Washington atrr? i The paper? are of ru tine many fi -the cnrne.r. | K'U'ARDk. iflvk collars rkw vRH -LOST on nundat r night. August 12, at about lltd o'clock, on the orner of Broadway ai d Hleeekei *tr< e< a Gold Watch, ed hunting caac, patent letrr. IS Jewels. I vrrponl make. Whoever wlU lirtnt aald Watch to hi.'. Broadway, will rheer- illy r-^eive tbo reward and gratitude of the owner Pawnbrokers Will 00 re* n. tneraud Mr detaining the watch if ottered. I _ ? d?k REWARD-will ItK PAin BT THS sl'r-ORIBKB ipo for the. re-overy of a hnll terrier Do* ;crbir, vb.ta, with one ear ano lialf of hla liead dark, ne?rlj h|*ck; long nul. ao?wera to the uutne of Tiger. P. PLAIN, Id ' alh aveann. , 0? ~ REWARD?1<0GT. ON TUESDAY AFTERN'JON IN g.'in lli-Muh Tenth at: el nun Second a? to Broad way and I aton square, toTw-nt) ihinl atreet, a tady'a Noimlng Ptn. *uh hntr ?et lu pearl* The tinder will re sive the above reward by returning U to No. L: Kaa: rn-uij -.ghlh street. C RKWARD.-I-OWT ON HROADWAT, BBTWERlf Wt) Itr.Hiine and burlaw -tree;* : wo Minn wwili.i. *n<: he otter wnb the m il* ? K. B. Ib<i "ire at it bond street. d?1l\ RKWARIV-FOR A BLACK AKD TA* PLOT, ?P1" ' whh finch bKly arid ten colored tore feet, weighs about Jlha. lest vaeterday, by retaining her to <4?orre W. Armstrong 61 Pike at. Will reesire alao the theoks 01 lhe owner. OA RKWARn.-LWT. OR WORD AT, ArC.l'kT ?, IN TttU the neighborhood of ih PaTillon. Per p.i?'knway, k r. a rtdd Watch Any one leaving ike aaae it J. D. W. Molr'i, .tli I!in eon street. wul reeriva the above reward. fQC RKWARD.-UWT. OX THR RIOHT OF TUB VwO 9th ol July, between Albany end Sjr?.-'.e?, ? gold, engine turned, hnnliug caaed lever Watch, No. 7.4'JO, made bjr .latnea liodrieb A <'o.. tendon, marked on the hack with a shield, eneirrled with a band alao a rmwn at* v nil or the I atem Tlw above reg-; rd ?ill lie t>ahl for the recovery of "ltd Wateh, and no qurgUotia aaked, by WtldatiM X f>mg, J79 Broadway. New No k S ?r/\ RhWARD ?FTttLXN. F R< >M R?NV4 -V . FIITH U" Avenue hols! no the lat day of Augrai ne gild laced patent lever t?oJd Wateb. Said watch tan !e?tv .mad Several yearn, en.l had the name .if H. M. K' goer and Use nn deialgned k rat.-hei. cm th>- lcuide of the ha, kt a to one oorai Jtr raai.'lo the e-i-al la of light c ilc* t,ud tn fortu o a unmet, la. aurroittided by gold leavea. T will give die , reward on delivery of hmh wateli and pin at ta- ?ai ' ? t? llgoth An uue UuepiH 140 or .h a ate a alone. J RO. A. ?U v K .hhlk. REWARD.-*! 'LKN c\ THE MTM IVSMRT. vd' " bviweeu h Mid ! A. M . lr?a'he aide Ilk ol No. 40 hmadwa*. ota eaae of I lata. I to' alcove rrWvnl a ;i b* gives for any tab mutton whlrh will lead to the r* -t f ry o( the property and an goeauoria naked COPARTIBKNItll' N4.ri? 4 1 BAN R -Kt RAL Til t ll IRK , \RI> J iimillratr te b' teaa w a d t|ea -e tn t? ;<e pe, m?t' etly In Cuba and wish t . I nn ? oopvt :u r?i p . to i gen. -nsa'i of eare?|uadillanie<.i ? .. d a uliiy. havm - good I'astil net for | : te u ring (lie Botwwa and other cdo>-? <k? would be galea We. wo ;".d pielrr that train, m, but elll not o' act to be It 'el oraay idher jui'r-. ta'-ldgrtdaeea h in ght be i lfervii by my partner, none b it a man argued a'?. ,.eg her! lot inice turd apply. Addrrna |nr one week P ll Lnd, Aliiton. X Y.. whlih w M r-ctlvc my hnmediate >t mi allow h ; nanai time lor mai'a. PARTNER WARTKH-IK A RaFR AXD , t.SAS A NT niap'tfaein tng Iralnega; a bnalnem mat, w.tb*>'; uvea- will Dad Ihla a r ?d rh?-ce to make m oey. Addrrwr or llree day*. Invent a, Iter.ild i.niee, appoint j a pla*e nf nterviee No areata teed a.-plv PtRTNKR WAXTEt -TUN APVERTMKR HAT IB# ' i'-.'bed i-artoerehi.) a Imujlit oil ha I > ? par. ear, w?he? . ,ie to take hta ola. a. If. naa a tery tod doe family bp cert an ? . el-gt tiy i;t: 1 up w.'h tta.ts mS?r"ilS'V,n( nrv!a. Ml' mil i 1r.t?re,; u im> right k. d ot a aai ii lat nrai'ie te a. F'or f' ?erian araiv *l No. It jievo urn atrvrt. HnvAb a. rARTRVR WANTED?i.v A wnnhLv taitji ONB h.. ring IP-yi 1 to IS lilueun h,?. )( nu A. .mn ? t. nr" tb*B 'twwcnjuw.rua.r Kor . irhe. lasoramtioB ad resa l aper, l< t 1*0 Hera t or e A1 w e -rvVTV'IV a t, . .. .. - ? nil Ttr tP'H'BT ?! pi. f ' rh. *? ?"""" " w,'b " U>? N<.. ?? K<a r. Dneltl*efi?U- * i m. ,.,l?h?r* 1TI HT? Ivmt.. rovi ui'? 'UV li >.?,i rw- nut .Ui lliii ?' ?? * M It l? ? nr ? i 1 alio ?m,' \ mtmM cjuhi. In ft* >?><?*>, v!7 etc llM?n aun?t n-1* of ?<)/Wt V'1.1. frP-PA- tW Ktfl'AL iWAitWi JO"U atrip immvai h> an < ? > Mlahrd tmaiaM. roa* trli) pay t?<> m> o wo!l, >M mnnirna two Mf*"l it tbn iiUniitloa rc | ilrrtl, C B. BOWB* * CO.. Bo. * fwtTp aimn:, oppcafto ih* ram. C:1 (Will r W*"J*IV1 'nf?J Jl.UUl', iw?lnara?> .mrla ifmnBUn* '"**??lY?wii> ith erery ladv ami rnilm*? , OCttntry: r*?? * * ding larpr pm'tf and ?1 ?.?"? Apply at >0 > uo .'< ? Srt)a?waj. Bj- * t (9 |Wii\ ' ??.?*> ' > ^r :> * 'V \ 0 | * - -p, h mnua. / anand a x??t I -Inrn* n" "jon1* "JS ^5? l-rn-d '?riw