Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1860 Page 2
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2 niPw-ri. (Hear hew). Tli?-n, the Iebwioo tenr had be fully nuhieot to Turkey, *u: prMftteca had been Mde to the tribes of that district by the lint eb that tiitu- independence ahmlii be secured. and TurVjh troop* fcbculd lot Ik aui>i>u?d with; their coblinm. Still suck trot .t s as bave recently taken place cot.Id not be per mittfcd to go unpunished and lie was sorry to bay that be placed but small relianv on the tccuriticti which the IV u. cculd giro >u tint point,as it lutd L .o guilty of the g.eateft retnuwuese, If rot of actual conulraute <Hear hear ) Ho ho pod that a .i lumetIgalion wocj'4 be made mto the conduct of the authorities. ami e-pecirtUy '.nu> that of Osman Bey. He thca proceeded to inquire lato tho causes of tb?' movement, one of which ft vu assc "ted xm the weakness of the Turkish goV it omen t. Tuls weakness, If it existed, aroso Irom the 6tale cf the be r g too reduced to keep up the proper strength of the army (Hear, hear.) The/-' wiL- no clause for this atati of tilings. as Turkey had frequently boon warn>-1 of th.' resalu? likely to ensue from it V 1th tlexn disturhanc* the great Ka?tr>nj qiw?. t.ou ha*: ara n bom brought Dome 10 our uoori. (urar, liovr; A. long as Turkey continued in her prelect ooarao. snr. did nM put in practice the refrrms which she hid promised. it woul J b* in ram for foreigu lowers to pilch up t^is question, which mi,;lit at anytime involve the count."j" Kjrain in "ar One of bis objects in tbp motion waiU cI*'.a.c more comprehensive information thau appeared .1 the papen before I'arilament. and to learn un?ler wtiat instructions our Consul ticneral bad acted. In point ol' view this question was most (rave. Th( great war ot principles b ul hitberto been knp' in the by palliatives, but we woro being rapidly brought m pneehes of that tremendous war which ba<l beon so iMig impendlug. (Ilimr, bear). lie was, therefore, glad to see t-at her Majesty'* Rorcrnra^nt were raakicc every effort U place tbo country in an efficient Plate of defenoe by the erection of forltQcattois?eilortt. w met. bo trusted wculi receive the suppjrt of their lordahipfc' house. (IJ>eer? . lord Womi'ocw said it would be Impossible to assent to the reduction of the papers movod for, as they r?'Brrrd to matters of (Treat conscq mutes and dolirary, an 1 tbe.r j-cb.'.ration would bo detrimental to the public interests Tie peouttar position of (be Syrian population with i-egar ' io the Porte was due to an agreement made betww U>( F iropt-au Powers aud Uss I'orte alter the eva cf the oountry by the IgyiVtian troops in 1M0 The go* eminent had that day received a derpatrii from theCc1.* : at Damascus, girhic an account of tbo at rocItc. a>' their origin (Hear, bear) Oe proceeded to m- r.t or. wuat those .tt'iiwr were, nni! to observe on the ?r tukiug a 'Jlspassionate view of the subject, ow.tpti toe ?v locality e cited by the suiicrings of the Christian The afferent Kurupoau IViuor.- had wiM io . on,unci.ob on tbs matter, aud the r n't of their MQxr,tft, n. ha.'Is--' a prUnoi signetl at I'a fit, defining tint o>n <.t !</?j .-.der ,' UicK Ou inirv i-ntim of a Kmrt>pta% f< rex oup : jilact (Bear, bear.) Th;s protucol had boe; signed by the flvo great I'owcrs and the rm pretei tat ve of the I'orte. and was to the follow iog cllcct: That force not exceeding f\OOU giropcati troops .sIim in t? sent to Svria, o' wh.ctt 1'ntnte ironUl imtnedi C 000. I hut Ihr "'her f 000 thmltl, i n ime th eij r - tf i red, I* fiimithii liymt-h "tf uf the Piucns as .-h'lli 1* mi<l 'TfdtrHl, mul rkat t'tr c mtiiHMii' of I'm nj*3H ( o<'/ < in Syria l<e iimi'rit to fit < nth* " /U ar.htur) Hie jreat I'owei alt.o declared their di> iittercfctedutM iu coneimiinc the nrraix^nnikt for inter vect.t-fi in PyrU, and thrir in'tnJi w n<>; towi for tiit n*!wilajirt. nthtrfrr or turn'Hi' : -o tated w'lht sl ) s had been l?k'' i hy the I "or to for lb e ?ii|.|>rctmi> c Ibw rtHturbaiiii* Th" ltl> f?it Po#iT4 , Jih*1 k:5- det<"-mineo to h<w<1 * d miu! Mun to Syria, and 1< Out i ri bad b?en ?cl<rlid lo n^rernt tlg| laii'i '0<ar ln'ir i Mr u ; t'lud to tnl\>rtfi the ll(i f il tb<- ?n<* i4 n?ims. u> wan alreai!;- in cus tody. v. :\f in be brought t' trial. (Hear t Hf foa ev.r*-e l w:to the remark* of! Mailt r.l ?ii Kcdclitteas to the d !t<r, ft* iu3<*i?ntMi' fr >tn |ho Fttft'-rn question. bit he cf.. <1 rit auri" with biru th'tt tl.c Uine lor palliatives ?.v- p;>. d. The liability of the furUiah emptro whs of l^rj^ntnt imp rtance to Kiropr,.in<I everyth Dg ought to f dcrv to piv-vree it < b ud < heers.) I.i re to a'iu< -tt"D frou b>rJ iKTby, lord Woo* h<" s? iud tii.u the facts fom oiiibm tin- noble conduc of Mr. I a r, it Tyre, were i|iiltc correct. Ileal-ore ferreu !:i < uWi-tlo ierm , to t!i? spirited and huwioe otdc' u M ih inji'dau lady it llnaboia, wb? had given rrf.g ' V Christian wots n and pre vented their mat*acre <m:ii mnr paid a i"M pitnp''iment to the coo dnrt e asothrr Vl.i!i >nv-?, AbJ-elKadcr. Hi diKSent d Ire u tplans "f ili" government, ntid counselled (hr tii f v Rr-ou. jiroctediu^ wlt'u the ellrtO goveruim nt o; Torlser io-ii (**<sr .tut said wo otipht not, bocau.-e our fro'u^rs were u uwii by Indignation at what bad iccurr-Ml, ra*hy ami ontirolv to change mr potlcy tn the Ka?t, uli r.. bad mutraily conlr.outed to the peace of Kurop>' Wild the l>n nee of power xt the world. l?i tbe Houre of Common* on the same day Mr. Run ralt"<l ait? atton t > tiie r?-eent dis urbano'S iu Syria, qtu.f ins a! ' glU r??" ibi>|iaoers ro> cutly laid bo fiwr I'ari *"-ien',, oijii l.latin* at: the cruelty of the J?ru?* ! aaa t ie Be^n.:??ce aiwl irea?-hery of tU- Turks. Mr J. ! l -ox ooroplatned tliat the blue Uki;. pare no ibfo> na'.t ii of tbu urttcin of tlje di/turbain cs or ttie poll licact tV- icnatry. His uwti in uriuaUon t-U.stied him iliat i.< t:>r lust iusuuieu the <3iriRtiaii8 wore entirety tn the wt' &e. Tbey, in fa"t. wer<-the aggres?or> led on by tbe.r pr and t Hruw* it ;ir*t ntnotl only on th?-i* ma i' -: nee. (Bear, bear.) ltv?a*i trui' they had ma.lo a i .tul u-o or tbeir victory . ii:t this *u? acrording to the r> <l< u ?.f A?atica He Uk night the poverumc t liad ta-r a v .to ?tep in join:iit; to wmd out a coinmiu'.on t< tner ri %rncwr??* ? rttliK ?nu n-ll.l ?; nn-r?-wyw >r'irf Tti* i'Wiprr** baa wr a lMt"r u> lha Brilt'h nat** Utroufli tbr iriM|?i tt fn'mn f hi* ?. r? rlt <v mv y*M> * i"i /M' i?ai'<J- 4i? ii tnd CJ*-*" ? <f' a?WA U tLa. be <llpi.?n??ry, II M dtp! m?c\ rti it*""! of a'.l iU ar.d tr?pj ne witb- ?it (1? oa?* %o1 tU urt fTtxi*, |t> it* i .aroo id biltort awi'Pd. and |<* <ork?i tui4ipl?itiarv hi It* pVet<t *?r>* *n4 to ll? la* raa?* rvr-i hi ni<?r Mantlad hara hitherto fw-n <li?r?<?? V> r< fc-t .ar tbal ir-'a' affair* m t?l >a*e a laaciafi' < their ova In cur old (?.<*)* ib<< kiui(< and la Mask rr?aa. uhlla lli? vrrania. Bnldiora, pa?<* a id *\ c?4tot)ff? ara m \b howwrwi proaa. TtK K? prror <4 the r?*? b baa ?b ?n na t? ai ha ran ?t ? rouit ff U?a raao'imra i|r at nut '0 m't tl aprtnp* <*f a 1?rp a*i I b><H<u |mi?7 in -?ear'ao|j ?r?- ? i i?mi. a?.0 wtlh is ri.''h aaa* Jil aimpielt* aa if h>- wr wrtUftf uf Ibe manae-w^et oI a ptlraw citato, or f<t i aa act 'mt ?*f hi* taw oti.?? vttli ra*anJ to Ik' *'' ?wat cf a troublra"? ' laarwuit. Tha Ein *r r of I1 F reach ha* lued loaa anx*)* tha people of Uilauantf aad baa peopled by bia *tp"rv?r* Fa !?*nti) *"> '? iu?t iba ale rl?it hi cur h< uu b* .i* and ptata daalint. md lhai bo la m^re likely ? * ?- i ll oMari ha ?eek? bf a HadVM artienapoaa <od r rWal ?! plicitf Uu.a wera ba la twain* ap<? ua al< u> :A<ur ?f rhatflr.f araf wblch tha craat fowBdc ?r bM liiif fnwa>a?ivi aa <*|tra a cortrol aanrr?*bo r. r oiaoi of h<a lr?.p" oa ? dar of baUla. iia.a, In.t.'a ??? " - ?ht lc ba fiattarad, f.?r th<? gr^t i'rpf-ar tl P> tlia arb tar of t!ia d' ?t Ii!.*a M K' b*? tuti It' r <<raat and mr?D*i ajjincf ja lato a oori11 * irhtrb ha la lar indw ] frnw e\ta?d dh in iba gr?*i -r frill) f I bl? anhjacta Wbaii ar? ar<> aaanr M lUi d.)^, < op* ha?-k. that lha Fjnpror haa tol l ut all be tlnv wttbrnt d a>ut?inn or Imitilni ?rji --, th^ |(/hta?l rifht U? itMpoto the trnth of th? aa - ?f.N. 1< a ?> d Iw flW-ult Ui ??irfo?l inr Inplr with rr ard I thr fnrr " f.lry o' Kr.utco InU^^ling ? Ibr po>; ??> it--. r>n wblrh ?harc ii o?l th<- f.; Tr?t iictmn. f? - .? ' - rtplanatiai T' > lattar. t?v?, l? me' ?rd* ? Ij ? a Shu iuUm ouu tiwkv Uc u \ t *; gae tlievo outragr*. wlii< U result'-d in guvping th? MUil; '! Fmek u?>i?i If* would fay not hup o Ujc.o ?ui;M <>i?? tUat iru?t ar:* in the nitnJ* of evrrj ou( as t.' the parties who hud in*t palod tbwe rntr.yi'? litit ?(.(?d tbat Krc?>i h tn?i^ woul I Ml in" niiowut t< ? tor fyri u That ?i.> an eront whirli iiid l><*r .if*', fir g.", era) jeari by th< Manual., aud driaJK by tte In mr*. (Hf\r, hear Mr > i'.i -< Mum wi?h? d tt?<- Doblc lord vffM.Ul rtatc t Uw Bo. 't tb? riest of iht Koreramont wiib rt^ml t< tb?' ?!> of ?be convuntion that wim at* ut to be ?<gn<K by tfc* c 'ercnt f'owwr* il?o subject nf th- Symu nut ra?e* Br hoped it would V rl-arly UK d. *i, that tb< toror# '.iiat were t<> Imj sent out would act In c?vf >i nutj with, ar<1 not eoi trary t", Hi i>rd<r? th?t the lurk sl cofMra'i'Vit might reel?o from th? ftf-'ar tiew.- | I nu r 'An l,\ ?<?.if-r-m ut /'nr/i hn <r?r'.* air<l to')> I- I nlh>,' 1 ti ml- t I'half . l Hi -k i'i n tHiHf >u othn ft. ? < < 'V ' /H If Ihn ?"r tr%> h' J ti-<l thd'i," ' n< inu/h, yr ( if tat' O"til .Aln-yrnulf thr /?ar if (Fc*r ear) [tit.i R ??ix Mated tl>at. aorordlug to the I* t ac <"om t*. t. f omr-WH had r? *MHl, (lull lb? lV?rt- hid ?liowr ^r.wl er "j in aM>dln? Woojw tutu tb?" lliilriol H? \fi .<1 ctb S'tr .1 fcrci 'in tUat t!?? *1?romir< ?if? ot b!-?niel?va In tin- matter, bet tb?y ha< bt?a frt- au*lofcra. (Ib-ar, hoar) Ar to ih< ?*.aU ir <?f t'.e I'brUtiau ! wora, wl <>a the brut nr>w ?f ili*-a^p? cine tur Fri'ii. h xuv<Tan>mt |>r< tomi </ 11 nraulaa 11 lirMtitite ibccanw ?r tbra Ku; wU . Mm new ant ih? atu< * oo IK:noar< cime, iti JrrtirJ (innHNit ut." itrd Uut tlr re id be i JOtet nUi.Oftl"Cir lt:iC 'nwer to rr;*<?? dlstu 1 *nrr* (Hr? ur.) Hohwl r?>i' .*?*! a dt?|>ati|| inilmat m| t>Mi ? ri.'H ol i?toi ?-oU .ltd U*.-B -'jr.rd in Pari* lUat . ! ii < ?, by oti>? -f h:?h Die ?u!?an aak d Inr tin w '? ><i ?.? t?e Oiir *< " l"'>wef(i.aL I by auoiliorit *j ?e? ltd I. .1 a I >r< ? i. ' l.'.i"t tro<i|# ?'i ?ul?| l?? *rnt t Syria. ,i of th?tc tobi- I rvn -ii, aittf to b* ieui mftminc j m j W'T : I i'i remain mere iimpr wan pi tooilh. tuiri *11 lb* V>w*.ra b?-utid ltwinH>lvta rt to Mi) irA.-n^ idtutip from tb totrrfiTeac<\ (H-at liear.) 1/ . rt' U 'Un m -?f-r?Kr., *?" / Prii" <if-i A*ti ?'f. '.W'VT' rrill far W C CVuMiiu J" i-?? >* (?? mu im ?'< It Ui Ik <*i t i'u-n rt on c Ktlt - fi-* i"? 'u'ir ri"! nut t f r? io/- Til" k.tuAU'iu ntv flf grml peril o.o t? ul<! only lv? ar? ?' out by ihrb?^rai?? . #n<! m< derat'n- ? f lh<> i?"t ?il al! tti.' ;r .tl iv.*en. (11<*<i bear.) Mr It-.. ii almiiU-l ttat li:<* j*# tian of tbe noble lor ?ia f?ic ot , rem d*'. ea y, ati ! >( a 1 the interfrretiee' t Ihrala::- ci Wal.n aM!<" 1>" tavt erer IctirJ of tbi va? tint, litwJIj Uio ???. : ?? ?hl?v H-it Ik nnrdlli ll< l't t!>e (overam ?i that i1 **? laipnr?th|o 11 nf L<\Utf . t- rity f tb? TcrWah <, wlitcli h-'b. Ileved l< be JwHMb (H".?r ) II i tbe c ?Ut: t u of Turk*/ I.ore Ibc i i?t war. wtiirh be h? oj'po rt troiu tho : rat .ji I n>.? :t v a I--un*! Dial he road l**t wa* worw iban iMfttf U><" r interference WB^l ?a* Ic bo lb- *nd H" b?l.eved 'hit b/ re >ii f*rr I r.rtrrt- T"r\ 'V? !' ? nnU Tit ami pu' ih-t- a m'h (FIvW, Imr.) lie etrtrealed Iti fc?< rr mr it !? lire iipjtl'e lea o' maintain.''. tl>.? ?i ?epr t. ' tb? Turk aii >mpiro, and c<^ne l" a r.Htiim wcder- liwi of with :b<j fiibor I omen a't > tlie f>irni?lt<i *>f a ? ?r i tiDMi t .d ,"?yri<? and tb<? otli-r ( ro ,no<i <H?ar hear.) Io J J'lL. >? -m> f'i?r*e,l >'r nri.-'it with t\k rj a ver lira tol t .r* of llv} |i ?*tflB H - 4et1Vr?t< I* rrprjli a nt "i ut b ni t >ur? v<?ir ifi?. it?l Tr'k-y In mad? gT'M pr ?re^ > a ? *tioi. aod pfi#pc itr ?-n Ih* d-ait? <f tin? '%><S 'tail. Hr - ,^'ir IfTurlte ?fr Irn r <.;ie he I t not -elu-n ?> u'.>al ' *^|l ?. p .t.~ ad ?b" it'll tlie >| t ril n,i. .<ji'. n x* t-i I'nr p- ?wil be tni'"e r?> <'%><; miwUM toe tuworai'tp me mix .lr.-an.t t i II .4/, h^r.> >?pi>leoa'a 1.after on Karnpean \ftair?, jjrom tb* !<>n l.ii Timtn, A'.icnei i | Tl?e Emperor <1 ibe Freort a''|*vw before or yrtif lay i a o? ami by b i e ?n? imfr .< , ful rbATa* tor ? fear ? b m well ae an ar<?*??>'irb< 1 orat(>r. ?* ihe writer aou'aitrf-a? prnrl.uii?t iee, ?u<l an the laepirer liampMrtf inn raftciBi; "ruu>ver at ?ti|. b nnwarili Ki t t>?e <m ibe Vhniaei. #u b" >m- * belbro '.m d<.w In an N U3tma> friendship. bei do not usually o?ter to the eye ot 13 u?<i'tfereot, perhaps of ** unfrteodlT re*d?r. Tho?, ve us tc(d In the Bret sentence that aflhirs we oompiicaied, tluiiki to the mistrust ercitexl everywhere since Hit war in IUu There it ucU.lsg here at>ul the marhl- ; cat:oas of anriect police, shout delusions, prejudice* ] acC, tU." elect Is* attributed at once to the ( true rtuw, and tee cw-u admitted vtth a fninWncta w! karas uovhiuj to be deeired. the fcrnoer.,r wishes to l!rr on the best term* with aU 1- 1 ueigli bo.'i he had renounced Savoy and N Ice and was ouly prevailed upon to think of them by the extraordinary territorial argu^> of Piedmont. Hj> army it Dot too large for his requirements whea the deductions for foreign service are ms'ie. His n%ry is r.i t od a sr.ale corumencuratc with that established under 1 outs Philippe, ills re(itnt r.ts are on a f mailer efft* tive Kat^n# lLao those of fonrer tiiu. If other people have seen the bright bide < f the late ?ar, the Em peror, who wa? on the spot, has been ihe defects, arid U only anxious to remedy them. In the Ka*t he wisheb only lor the Mulu qui, and that Turkey should live as long as possible. He v.*s trana;*.rt??1 wltli Indignation at the Syrian outrage; but he reraerabert ?hat Algeria has cost, and deslr-s no acquisition there. Hi* conquests must be mutto at home. He it willlog to art with Kag land ia Southern Italy, tcs to which b? is bound by nc treaty obi lotions. He difclret to qui: F.ntae wheo he can do so without com pre niMng the s*f.,ty of the Pope. He seeks no tie* acqu yiiion* a'n.vJ. ?uid wishes the frankest iaterchausr cf op.nlon betwoi r. himself sad the eminent mec who are at the bead or aC?irs in togland U*A ?V,.t SVia r^?lA rf )kil AAPnipv *PA rlic rvui.vl to receive Ibis loiter ii the ttpirit io which it hah boon wrltter?Id a spirit rt fair and honorable cone, teratiio 80 far iron) ii* king ou ila au'bor with hostility, tbey will Dot w!:ilu?i} look upon bin advances in ? spirit or au?pi elon: tbr; a re only too villlDg to brieve that the mighty Power that they Coil in ?uch close" to therasrlvcs clicriBbo* do oUa-r !?til.:ijrb towartl? their, than these whifi b.-flt a (ro*C friend ao?t q? Vhbor. A Krwat l*rt of the pro'ess.ons itflh.s letter?tboae particularly which refer to 8outber? Italy, to Tu.-key and to Syria? aiiDvt or betng brought tk an immediate practical teat: and we rtj-olcc sincerely lo hod that the Empsrc r of the French Is so reoaou tbie nad kc aioderate with rteard V> Hyria, ard bo fair and liberal with respect to Nao-os We receive iLe a>?nru*? with tLa utmoot satlsfar. tton, and hop* sincerely tbai cur foremen pol.ey will ? ? coodueted mi us to All up the outlioo whteh thia ma*teri/ band has traoed. Hut ft is quite right that we should meet the fr&nkoi sr of the Wmnernr of the Treach with e ?rreypondiuc frankness. Without the least calling in que* tlon the sincerity of the Fmperor of the French, and while admitting in the fullest Manner that his letter f,>nss a valuable programme, the outlines cX wuich it should b? tbe object or our rorclpn policy to fill '.ip. we can;.fit see any reason for abating ooa.M cT our vigtiaaoe, or diaoo tiCii up any of the purely dWctiSive preparation* we have t-et (m loot. Nay, wo will go further, an nrtinit broad I \ that tbe i r.d fi>je< t 01 tbote r reparat on* is the KmpoTor of tbe Prfiicb bi?H< If. It wodM be ixwortb) ol us. trboin he La* tre?te<l with so n.o> h oieonns, U> palti r ft equ.voeule with the subject It is the po!:or ofthe of thi } renc*'. for reasm ? wh'rh he bol eves ?< I. qui'c sufficient, at a time who,, all i'a rojio It. only hi.\n .it to preserve peace with htm and his Irv'.m !blr i^cie-is, to maintain an i.'ro. amounting to four huiirtrofl thi uwiiii! ir.en, and with u fe? colt iitrs or c 1 tly intr dominions t( protect, a nav\ . to f *v th? let^t, of tlio uwv-t f<nniiui.le oiin nsimis Our navy It our f oiy puarant for 'be eiistoucc o* :>ur \a. tra'".e ajv. the rtitea tlou fTcjr colonial and Ind'.an Itnpire. Our navy ?'epMulsonour fiockjards. oar dockyards depeod < <? tbe *< .Of which wi can spare for their defonce, ?al or. *!?? fortification* wiiioli we can erect ?.r, .nd thom. Tw.-ntj Tu -nfii/itur Iti i of Iht O' Mmand nr th. fa u ;n.r. (e our crtthl. 0:1 ( tomr ~y an-1 oir- mam fac luitt. The triuh ne in xo ctmp'.f^twd that It *il'. rot bea" the sl.irhtest ?i- frost temporary derate? mt tl. It n uy well 111 Hint the nr?'<wti?-6 t'ttie petition which the Kmperor of t r ?r?rrl occupies ? % position of which ho I* aAsurodly the l?et.t Jndjre- ir.*y render it r.e fewiry fur liim to trulotuir an art: y upp'ircntly dinpro pr rtiocrd ether to the orrtrn dnmrMie want* ef his empire. anil a navy on the protection of which the trans* oceonle dtminior* o! France h.ive little claim Wf do in disp to tljp t> .cy c t.rcossity (f their enstence, *>nt we awwrt that their enlatenoc nr |M?e* on at rtut ?*. which we tntinl tiot fat. to j-er'orm. Wo citinnt aft ird to e*i?t ; on t Qerance; tf me arc t< continue a eroat f'< wor it must bo by cur cwr. itrcn th. and not t v tt'' p?rtul9?inu ft any oiii' 'eisc tDp'anO is a country wb>h a?pir?- not merely to cx.fet, tut U> hold a hi^h plica in He , of the wrrM, and to urge r n the can hi- <>f liberality and t"""*re?? an tnflu cm I nccond t,i none 1. ahc dceire* to ret?in that In Itnente rhe must bo inrtepen-leet, aril in ippendent will never be if i-l e owet her pt wcr or t er suf-tv to the furbc*-nrsc ot sic ailr. Lowerer we! I ditpoed to?ard. her. Tic tir . tedltlea nf IHnM.lf t-twi-r. Knc:?t4 and Fraiic.'t? equality. We reely cor.Cee that we slinild l>? it*'#4 ht.; i'y lo *e< Trance reducing the r unt of lier forces ly lajd aad by ?>< a. because that would reader similar rcd;xtior> on o..r pa't posi-lhle; b i? it ou^ht to el early understood that it is by the armaments, and not In th> H"'-* lore or < ven the :t>t> nt.xns >.( I r..nre. tuM we raw* moature n?ir military ard narrii Mrenr?h L f frame dinmrm. arul tk' rfftri w?..i t'ximc./tuV ? he frit ta Ihi fOrip irt nf ryrf cajh1*! it. fvr>r* hat >o louf b* y!ie continue* her prearct atate of preparatlou she imp<#of hd Lit Di .gU nrs the aV-oiute oe?eii?tty o( mkiu taiDinc a e<orrt*poti<llnf force, and *? truat th\ ?e Rive no of?' cf to acy cue by our r^ olut -j tt milBta ii it. l>r. C'hffTfr la Londaa. iN"*!17?4KV 01 bEUItO KMaNCIPaTlON iPEWl 8 OP tw. tiurnt, oi Tiir cmtuu or thk itritax MM YOKE. (rr<*? the I/indou ?Ur, 2 J A pabile meettn" to celebrate th? bhohttroof Br t>h c<ni.m. t'avory bold l.i t cebi, in KpaOelda chapel. I \.iwti; ??re*t, (Vrfcenwell T'.ie large cha(?l (M well C Iw! by a inr#! rcepectabie amlUT.ce In tbe abaeu<* c<l S'r Mrrwc Pain, M P., wt.n by latter r vprrtsed L> deep regret at t> t hein;; at'e tc attend, the he. T I!. Thr i i.v, the mini ter ol th? cImpel, wa? Cal e<! i ;<m t< pr?<?;de <>ri and art uod the plaifnrtc are t.baer>id thi R<- a. Dr. ranjpbcl ntd Dr Ihiroa, the l.rv.? Tb<>m*a .'.itne#. Ru. no.-'itt. t-Uiti^Moo i.m, , Stnltl;. B. Kie: ,r.i. W (> Ve.i. R Asht< i 0*. e *. Oaiii.C K.*e, (kiyi.iT. C fi.i ' *ey r?u 1 W ?let.? t, Ui*fr* t.eorsi T'i*Bir*vC, Wi.c*ka, I'. Mrrv.nceli. W INat-n, t try, W. IT.Ikl. W. I' Croft, W H. I*? *r Th< PnA.-HMAj, after ataile- the < *der r.f bat n. a*. u l 1 he baJ | ? ,:>mr plev-unr In lilrtvl e'.n* Ic tha rt.?e?tng tbe Rev 1 *r (rei rgr It Chr rer, of Kew York, to whoi 1 a:. ?!?..' . t ? :< : n ai.d h . : 1 .ei, t r.M-i t. I * ,.f .1 - K- !.. I 1 ? nif i? run r |?r% %?? Hir <w; 17 ... * f>nti>i.Wr*. He whs 'urf the KWmklf w ulii hewltty J r> i< < m l.a injl'r ruecrer am r..! th n, (< <-r? > ' t(m- k*y. (, . tnoe of the m-cr?-:?rte? ?.f the Csm I n pal'oi i. t at I. of Frs'.aud unci Walcn rt the flr?t r it?olntl".i wilro??i .)? |tr Uheevcr to thi? country, and 14 n> u*.. ? 1. ai of lis h?irt.r ?n<! < iitire roncur??>:>ee Id tly utirf n , >r!wipV? npru nbirU hr har coodarted t>i? pr? tr?rt' ! nm|riirpri.v* :th the drf- nrtir* acd aprlo * *'.?! of ?'?v?ry to Ol'ircli ?r.d r TT rewiiDf iU *d * iii iiIk a of 1 lie lidfiitr, Warn ux and rlo^nencr he ha? 4li>|>'*t>a .0 iu? ruxllcMtoii of tho Holy rtcrtptiin s from tbr inipx.j* c tinrjf of ronultur? # eirtiie warrar.t thr 1 holding ?.f property ill roan." and wlrhlng him God * fppfil iu u10 (:foiit ho bit m?Ur ?rou*e the atuattoa F lb* i-l.iircl..* of f.-rtl ta n t> the enrrTntlnj, nor' repine at il ilceolnlue Irf 'rocea of aUvrry up--a the ' religious b''d'o? of the I cited stuea ll *aa that dav K?vrn a;.d twrrty jea-? tbiit tb' Bnl .ah arrorrplikbed lb* jrrrat Work of OHMtaMlM WW * hiibhi br.ffct, wl. *e << ;> rr.m wa* that nfharlBg ' a bl.iik ikto. 'Hirer*.) That t<orlnu* act fc? attri' hub*!, u&drr ' t?l, to the Ctir 11 tan rUiirrh, which h. <* r nnlttd iU.'tf and doclarod that (tr't'nb *!arery vhonld | h? t>r> zht U upend Atid be ?wid not but b*ita?e that If tin A ot r'rin r.L ir?-h?? follow*! tUte example n j huranu )mi?iia^? rfi ?b*i r "intr* would alec mem <mm to * rxirt Hr Lfk! It ?? .< tb. d. ty of the fiirtevar. proo.? p of Kuj u.D'1 if. rtHourvr tbc r b'?thrr;. ne thr ntb*' ald? ^ i f tlx Atliati?". whr> ?rrr tr, n le this matter. a>?t r?jolm<a in tb?' prrn of no watn Urarted an adro 1 , rate ot thr Mjna>U? of tb* h .tn*B fk.' ilf aa Or ' altMAai|fi I p""<Mb AmT'f*, and not a I tti* l r r bit ?tilli? It tbia nuittrr a!?o. I>r rtiMwr, aa an I n?"r?t man stid a fa'.tbfi.! mm ant of Rod. wniM ???t with a tirartj- r?' r|i?tott by tbc fferi'Maa ar.d liberty" lovlhf | w?p> of l'rftar.d. (Oi???r? > TV rtnrt id urc; K' t'.i'n^ui ajioae m ptrtmi wmi <if tbr air mi rrti of n*tr< rliTt-i, . and (trclam: It to l>< an at'ominalioa whict ** ou bt io ?e p it flown with th< leart p<??(blr doiar. n The R?\ J tn arroouini; tbc rmoiot.oo, ' ?| > '.r la ??r> blgl tr-ir? of It Chr^mr and aald hr nitr tbinnl ?fntlti)<^l? of rrrpwi for tbr Amrr!^ <-.i* |*< V but it wr.r u- an im tplioabic piiztrf bow '' lhr? i'iild be KtUfhc<! !< <l;n prtnci[-k? of frrrdnn- and 1 jit'ii. C; II' r c'tl nf ihe roinrod rarr U poaar-i. tha liwTty' br> tli m?> i r? rn 'y?d. (Hon/. bear, Ht J rooM ? ? Ijt id*r?ut>.l thai the-* *rr? i ririral dtfB call:ra in tbr ?a? i>! i ir*i.r!p?tl'in, b' t f' .Id una* t l?>? It ?? that ib< fhrrtuo roor of Amrr.ra wnrr oc? T prrparctt u Dj1) not Vtntfi* to look at ?h"?? d tVultlra and riitk .iroi a? rarty M pr?*lbi? tc put tbrm out of tbr * it (fv, b**r > IV qnoatlno muat tv I- Ard at a?- > au.l anltcd in f air or oth?r (fbwr* , Tbr l r. (It. C<?'fru,at tb* call rf thr rerattnf, rorr porw-d thr rrn-liitmi, cordially otiilora.rz tho aoatim??t* Tc I ?f th? taf j' ? ?mw M?-ai'-r? mrotkwt thai be hat! at ) r*Trl?rd a Iriirr fhre Mr Tbnr.xva, <tf Kwr Ynfk, !n f ?hlch It ?r? rail of T?r, "Oar Boanrrfoa tl it- I im"ir yf'? (Ivr Mm a c'an.l me ttl-m ' If to r.*U ?. ?ln ? ha f? ftroe ta> ?Toor?r a "fraud ' tc t. * b? ;t with tbr) hoi.IJ at Icaat g!r? blfu a coral*! aid >1 llarrr l*r ) m The roanl'ittor *?? nnan'.moralT adept?d tt I'r Oiir* ?a vntiM tlx pulpit, acd fr<<-orilo.I U ?- <V1hcr a r?r bnsttrrrd and ahtr Mrirtn R? aa.d l,? a. *? an unarr i?i to?< In the grrat conflict a**<nM th? r, U (Mtt> i"t Mai f ry t< tbr Utifuafr of aymrathy and ? k.uir< ?a ore i:rani rtiTt and ani', that h<- hardly l kin* h< ? t< arkiiKCHi'fr tbr rnat and''tiightfM haart I ?r?? r4 h? r?r-t?t''n To the Mew'a of the rwliml th? of privlhfr ana ft,-n ntVriof fh* rhrwt> aake,aari -it Ik %, lb* ter;, r?f if tli' a>?; t'.i^ of alavrr* that wru-..^ * pi rbapr be IN- rr? cif fa>r?^t and p*r?i?>at laSor n n itr ra rr. IV t?? u 31 r rr..?r lb' M'lat of rppnattlot <; 1 ; ?t?u''rr. l1 fritb ar<t raluftinr no .rrd npo? .?'.m>r|f ??d rb> < ' him arn*i IV *tiantlf fi? II .*b rc| . - * I ? # " ; f,<"1 had trained and di* ? f.i'i'c ar al'o" , it, rv'far;,* 1 t " '1 ?.'?rfX-< n?-? ?H? .<?? 0tnl I It I i|tN ' 0 ft MM ?hro tbr;- men lo ! Ii? H Yrt <v# I(ri?d?r ? ?. p * or: that *t wan Mi j , rat to yiurgr thr> i?h It a??i -*l th? othnr aidr r- Id c?cl adrat ra lh?y had Mm . hai \firr*4 cma t* nu 1 ^r ral and |?>r'itiiar> h?a,s 4 %#<' l>?r?. t raton lat< Im? Mill ?' rr 'iDfliii<-htr? ria<d?t o?* ?? . !,< * tn mntor.I a ' f 'r? >t'?t lh* rr. at ?u , and at r rr*t ;n the Ina J a*.aitu^ -Ufi-'rtpr* 1 ,,?y a rrr > tr-rmio^l t" reanta.t )y a frtv 1.-J nuf'tt?rrd p i'p't (flrar, hear > Ufa an ? f.*r.a ?< rovntry rTt*ndrd 111 tim dirfttlr-es?m r*l| d, ( . 0 ml ? :a?? ?l.rn ary >u 4a. Ill TfC?'?1 ^ V bo(h thrae aathor't>?. It? rod".ran ? ?a ' ' ifwW ?i A m?r. rrli m ght be bomr will Jo ifriN >t..J let li> lfitt?I,,r |ratus! amallnraknn lh: bon i.ot ti- -ft? a I ,rd?? t>i T a a'.n ? an U;d rpnti moa' ? aim r? au'> lwi.? tbr'" < r ral.fioi, aad la*, thora arna to' m ijt tn.t o! 'rafioa of >n<?*i??rt |>rnl??t, <IIjr 0 ?r! maral rr#t*unr?. aad ilWJ n?i# wh< I I ht v .! w?? a roliir.Urr party U> tbr gull! I 1 ' it ?' tli rad' t' ?r rf h maolf ar r^ rrh am ( I ih.) bt ?-vi<t Utat no intr4aity ooi;ld atand l*frr? I It I po? ?<- ? ' ? t nn'ir ?.irh oorr rlioaa Jnfl la fr d I ?. tu a to Uir atrciicth 1 ( th* atroiifh ild* o. tbr ail irf aaa Uu M vl Um U wtr EW YORK HERALD, THI ilrot Uk firet or the (kmM would b< put oat and thro, like a disabled *U?-n?t>:p In nb ch tU> water had i tart ari high M to put out the lln? id the f':mao?? and dcstro. all poMibUUy of salvation by wnrkinp e.lber la*- ?L>(. < ' tbe pump, they mutt (?. dowm. (CtMB.) ! TV re <ra> tic eaMy for tbain but in G?d s Word Ther , footd gr ir.Ui B({tit with or other wra^xnui and thw? w*8 | tin br>i* uiitil the rank aad Hie of 1?<*1 h m-iit.a in the thjrct, up, and, like tlie Iiukf's fiuari!'. ct<<.c tirn' atiJ, wtU'C the word cmcc, lauccbed tbims^lrue a tbui .iiTTxJt <m.vbst tUc eneoiy Tbf r> >P'H ?f U?ls Cfujtry had D( 1(1 -a of the dt*baucb!DK, devaluating, uncotittt>!lable ewa> ot f-lavery it: the Slut.'S. Tb.- r (.Teat wi)fk in America iow was U> r?ui?e tbr cbi:rcli and trlnl6tr;'. limi-d with tb? thunders aid tb* liphtnings "f <?-'d' wM, Mlwt Uj? Itlllllf?mwUXm a.' it wat> :n so tLAi.. fctiapef. aad forms that it hi soarr-*)? poivbie even to iiid.rau ibeei within any reaeonable btigtta of time Blight be allot*ed te h:ra (Cheers.) Id thifc ooofltct (rrotti.iiH! Or. CSieever) the chu'rhea rf Treat Brl tai.i miift aoiiiHt us in the unoom jroim&ing app'iratioo ot tli? Wo.'C r.f God Tbcri are two ph<L>efc that tavr dr.oe (itiori wrvire, fruit two great ulrri >n your cn'iotr*-? tlx- ocve of r*-y!?J anil practical piet) , the other of pbiioic ( b^, law sail pfxctictl statcemau&hip?phases thr.t k?vc rut m uith the sweep of a two etffMl ?wor<l ; the cuc pr-aae from Joha Wealey at to tte practical t' iahulsm of the system r( slavery, thai it it "the sum of all villaates;" and the f tl.t-r from 1/ rti I?roujhun, repmbatisff "the wild and RG'.ltT ph?(a.} that many ran hold property la mao." ('T.oers ) l? it r ot wonderful that at tlus day, under tie tight of Ctrl t.aalty, l.SCO year* after the drath of Chriit, a crime secutcd hy Uie ui ?ine law under the penalty of death, azotic with that of murder', should have b?o rvccued frocn that cnmical fellowship, and retired acdrr tte G?-pe , into < brielian coa>munl<?, aa If it wnrf a virtue ^o:-tl>erc ever a more BaiigDant and extrafxii.narj baturiaatuttt Tt>c church in trhich it continues remain in te favor of God. Ml?re, hear ) A crime gibh tied t.y be i?w of GoC is taken by Christian surgeons from the callows, ie exhumed by goepri re?urr*tloolat<,tT.;vanire<l \Ut a IT.-.tpeus t:fe, and set a?ocif? t< e llrtng guc-t? at the eacraoW-Ma! few*, aa a ?u table eompariuc with Uith, ar<5 charity, (taud applause ) And those who uhi?rtaJce to tnrtist the torch of Uod'b flam in r law with* b tho sfe?ieUic and to drag it forth beneath the cnn<lemi.etim of i be Goepei, are themseivai assaulted and dn. ?A-. ? ? anit <nM.i/IIO Ih'ir *r. "->?* ? pwuni ? ? wfco, la the very ci. jroh of G\*l, practice an J make pcoflt of tte iniquity. (Cbcert) I ?ay it is an uiioaraltek-d mw^rfji (Hirers.) rirwend doctor rocclurted bf n ptau-m.'wt ?l tne ineffectual attempts which h&<1 t?ea rr.a< tc r.?novc Urn from bis chur h by taking Its coct*o. out of li? hands of its member-., ami rest". ncd liis p. a: amulet lr>j<: applause. M'. W. H Da.', a colored gentleman fro. Canada, .1 re* lut.on tc tie effect that this rot* tin? wi^ilri imiJ.r ail ineue.-ytM for the removal of slavery and tte slave trace, and e?pt>ctaUt frr the removal of all <lt* i.oil,'.re to v an y people of color arc but. ectid Id anv |iart of til? Itrl'l L dominions After nwcllit.p upca the general subject o( # la very in tbc United State*, tbo Speaker H.uMratfd tbe pri^udice of color that pervade* even the ch rcti by the relation of several fwte One bad reference to a yt.'.ng ladv of color, woo, whi t in l&^'.ajii, wiu. a measlier of Haptiu N?el *> cburo.h ac t ?s'' f i ',ipo.'t' '1 by the F?e| of Shaftesbury. Wteo i'j? return d to America she wan ad mi ted .to a Rapt ml ciitireb at rb'xle Ik and, and received tbe lacr.imcut (n ?ht morning, bu-. wxs told in the evening that cbe rocid oi ly rit iti Siie m (jrixs' p<>w up a rt' ctt.cer's \.v|it(,w rjid daughter hearing ' f thtt treatmett, tix U tv* yimip U/i_, nto tin I - fw? tb> next Sunday; u[cn <*<>>> b ? >? tuts'eep of tu.- chain*! wrote to tb'- I-ngllah lady. <u.d InlortTMl brr that if th1* conduct wa;- rct>eat-*d (the taut f. rf^.t brr seat To l*r h<aor ithe persisted. uotl wa? e* r\ fed from hrr -cat iu tbe church. Mr. Iia; a'sr. men ti?oed rnatiy i'. tbe aucWl disabilities that jre-aile-l in r?' >.'s acalurt tbe f?ople of color, and alluded f> a niRNi- that be k-ad, heard of ft leg-- |*'w having teen ti.e.-iitet by tb U>IopiaI Missionary Sat.ety ta out of tbe ciiftj,*!. in r..- tbb Colmbla. Outrnge* Aiiwriraa Property In Mra laa> Tie l'ndor. fur Messina correspondent, wr'ting uc.ler .Ja;e of Jc<> 'It says ? Tb> rnorniti: tje whole of the eava>y, Icrl din; the lsu^?rfi, with tbe light nfantry, bha'^hootere ai.d gendariiem were embarke>! on botrd at< amerg, which were lyh.g fo- Uietr, and we*e crveyed to Villa San U.evkjn. wiiicb is Ofjuaite M"?*:iia, on tb; Calabrlac c^.a^t. _ TirbO.dleM" of the line were snl ortjuent!y sbipred to Regi;i( That these robt>ers ar fc<me is thi greatest I l<**'.r.c that ever happened to Meitstna as sinot-tbev 1ba\e be<-o ((iiartered in the oeigbltorbood they bare con tr Lt.i. ra'.agef urspeakabls. As ^non na tbc; landethe; enUre>: the garder of Mr. M .rgftn, the American V4'I h'jl JMfni UWHIP'-lfW w ?* Mr S1?rri.". r?mp ntie.1 to the officer*, who caueed the delinquent# to be picked out. ltd th'f were sentence! to thf ba? I'ur ?hi* purpose tbry we-* brought to 8*iv?do:- dr C?rrcl; but as K-no ti? tbr picket turuc.1 oat into t?* >"o>irt y?' t to execute C.e enteoee, tt.e whole Bi.vr of the folr or* declared that on the flrsl blew th?y would Hhooi every officer The offlr--r? were therefore obhjerf to ret tho thlevte at libert- Thia Is . u*t t pum I k of l.on tar whol* Nesr? arm7 la at |>re*ent Moated. iBdik, Cktu and Aastralla. T.ij overdue mail, t j tbe xu-atmr Simla. wh.efa aad reacted An CD witb ber traluahal broken, bad beua teles r&nberi via Trieste, mat' would reach tuglaod in two or tbree rta; s Tbe nur* are ?ShaDgbar, Wav SO; H"nj Kon? Junt 7: IW'MuRie, J'jm 13. There L%a b<?-n a great | at Sbaz^brw mmo* tbc nativer i>wiof to the approach of the rebel* Tb. r'Uive bark* wrr' . ?d, and irtj was hUi>iK c<!r?l Tbe bteara t-acrpnrt AM<;?tauce bad beta to tall} li?t. h.:t al! on loard wrre aa\ o?l lip (v tnmer. ial depression at Melbourne orattQimd. Tie c.ud a ere promlrlrg The |p..d khlpreeuU e.nce U.? lsat ira:l wrre over 1S0.004 o .ooer No a:t .ve measi re* LaJ beeo u?.ea a.*atn?t the rrbeis ia New '.Vralaad. Tbe alter* ma U ranched Marseilles re the fd. The ra.. .na rtalea are to June 19 Tb? ud.jr< pre*peel* were raorr favorable, and qnotal en* were fosr rupee* h.riier Exi'i.aoe 2? Frr guts unchanged. bttrtla?* dji:. but mule twtst ter.diug upward. Exchange al hbaixhae % per cect hiruer Fre?fhU taebaaged. (V; l?a tea market dalL. CotU n goo's rataer lewer. Licuafcge ur altered M.tainr. ji, August 4.1940. TV Rmit.av mall of the 7tb oitisu Yrlti* nn nt#?r( lrr.c*Ttarce Tie death of Mr Ufjt,a m'inber of tbe 1 :a an Oooacll, U aan.i.ino-d Till: LATEST B1 THE PERSU. I/iMOT August ?. 1M0. T. r...KU r?i> TW. II R .M< fmm. Ut at a qi *-u: paat ?U A M. m STMAH (jcwnov. Fails Aortal 4. 1M0. T.f 1'a.ris of lb er-iinf My* the rtg ramU Invert! e-' 'o: .*yr a left Oia'<B? tin* irrrtlac Four tfasier* left T uloe }< He .-day lot.T.bari. Irt*.pi. New received l;?r- etue ibM *retu a| kitton preftiif la CaadiA, Jed tab Kit /rahJk Ttir Jf-r ?, ?- of In Jay nayi the ref reeenutlraf of the great M?enshW?d yaate*-1ajr, la order to ilgn the tratoco. U.pv,.a: ,3 t.iat Ike tneMarea which hare baee arranged :n e?>GU30, ?ta'? be at ooce carried !ak firvt cb. The a!ao contains the 'oUowinir ? Oronwr^on*, 4arret t is?i TV Gc ?rrntir Ofirrtl (' natnawe..a l.u Wn d?prlre<: of?It** at.f *eat awa; ftc? Myr'a, la order lo be tried l.y the |r|h?.na: Tte Uoreraor Uwrl of Bey r ml hw b??i> arreted. The Omfv'taonw*.' u?ft? that orders f>r Uw 1* tare V*J ??enMcbe<i to lae tr.w?i* rai itauak tt /^rioif. Mila?, a rm 4.18M. Thf Pr*:-r--i* uc .nree that the Sardinian govern man', hkd crdcred tat ler,- (4 tbe ciiiM 1SU and IS89 Strum, Aupiat S. I960. Ifcc city 11 trat in 1 Rom (r a VaraeUlca), July SI, 1M0 Tbe po'-jla* m > era ot at Art In bu b??a upprrr-ed Tie poop. th^led for t aribald Ceo era. I atr.or'.;.ere ha.- ikapaUaed a c-V.u: .o of in op In TiaaciBO. Ji 1; f |, 1(00. / aiitwy cekma a# been teal lo Ct'ab - a MITIM. r.??NA. 4ngvat 4,1MK. The W A* ' -of U, day tayj ?Ou ?!oodaj the flnrt ft: i.g of l&e C. oneitlee o' tb?Co.nclI iftbt Inspire w.ll ta?c p'.acr. The Ht;rjaelan member* cf the fMrar.. will prreeot a nti mo'la: derr.-*nd ,ag re." rm on a federmi haat Cojat Pzechara la aa'.d lo be Ibr aj?b< r of thtt tn m?'*.a; which appear* ic b..r? a prvtpecl r 1 meetla; w *.b ? pea: ma oeiijr Ir. Its favor rtKAKCUt K*1T?. Loffixa, A ifiM 4?Feet.. * t T" f c ! V> lay ar du.l at yrfwrtay price*. The M r d~t?rtr -atf < th? ??*k -hanjr are llkewiae > qa<et. I non the wknl* rale* Lav* ratlier prr-geewed. ) RrC.lab ra.lwa; ?tr t* ta aeeeral Icetaac** are a mawltat i ' ? - "I,.- tr |4 j tua? m hae b?* a l< a Ion and Nt.riuweateru U*h-. T^ Ja/, In t:>e F*isitr ftr? f?-rr? tbe hear og of U* ' ri?r 'Htraiir . <i k Ci w*t (It I fr r Tb ira.'ay r.exl. W a?+ ? d 43 ? ftiatl I i ~r"\l T-wjr- n* . - i'i ? ? i 1 tor* dnd nd *i: b- 11 t*. W> lure rwrt-4 at ! (.Tic ul fUkknuli< .'wrl nf It Ti? J ? d ad of lb* i/Mtd-m VWf :nt Oor..Mnf l? to l>t ?..? <1.,. tig !' r h luoU urd th-ooct i'? f r?l. j.-f? ia l.? lather tr?! . f A fc .?* M Wfttm*Um to IV W*j? trad* ? r?port?vi * lb liability Mt>| ?r> I? VO , TV* ohasn*! fWt lr\? %rr red al Holyf^v! wharf 1 M > lirijr U mm i tc nomf <iara i (OlMCttti B Ijtho?k . An; it 6, tWO * | Collar ?At.* ?o>twl?y 1,100 baX? 4,W j j T?c.--iatKo tr 1 ft<r fxpnrt. TT>* ?ar*ft c'vrt Brm. % >a<i>Uffc o i >1, tat J 1 Prortf .<?? d.l. J Imr?, Aa^ivt I?f. M j Uw ? clr? 4 ?i Ui\ iff', fb- mou?f and aecoual j Mtrhrli. !/?*- *t x ,H An*~i? 4?1 F. * TV fcu?k r,f Krf and PMiima tor ?*# W?d ? ' j < i ?. > .' ( .i -rit'i ' "P7, the t.??i fir " ? w T*> ti ? i* ?r ' p> t >? tv? mi mvt* it. ly I m * amount . . i Un Mm* ?til ft* Itatpmrit to M rRSDAY, AUGUST 16, 186(1 Cootliwot Uma baa Ih#o recorded <1*1.y. aid reapactuig which it la *lw*7? uortewtcod that tfce amfciat return*. in never the povuwt gam The other aecurtt.-* are ;JSC?.Sb: more, making tb? total ?1>,T12.TX, and io(J'.caiM the tixreaacd demand for arrommadattnn Tbe puliltc nr cinfraavct depoalta ha?o increased 1174.MS, wbli* tbp prival* deposit* arr ?110.960 ieas. The eflect of tht?e rlmiirrr- on the reeerve ctf noiea la a decreaai: of t nl> fM>.and ua the active c tr , u,<.i. a dwrcaae of ?4' Mi Tl.e general rtaj't# are DM of ix porta:, ne n.<- official alatetnent of the movement* of the preci?ua melata fi r tbe wa?k eudint Wrvtnnuiay g'.rea tfce folicmii-it reaulta:?'TiUl imports, ?666,602; total export*. 7bo Arabia, from Boston, l.aa arrived wit!. 140 COO. roakli't the pr. foot week'sarrival ?iM 000 On latiirda; !aat < ?tne iu per U.e 1'en.ia, frmr. Am<"'r*, aii'l V.ra to, frr.R' Weal lnd<es, together tnaklne ?970 0t!0, of whicli all but ttu.i 000 of allvr-r and tn.WOif fcid baf l>e?o Ukea or export, id addition to the wltbdra ?ai of cold fr< in thp Rau? Thia thown a or.acli ir.ore ar.tlvr drain U|me the c.imtr? than w?a ejpp>*e<t, more eaper.iallv ax toe mail of in." PViM to d.iv out ?110,00C for Iuri.a ami ahina; an.) it would, tburfiire, appear that tbc arrt vuif I or pome time to oorr.e are Ilkeiy tc t.<- tokeu for the Corttnent T.irrc la, flntiS'-qurntlv, no immediate prtt pect ot ft rrduct an in the Runic rale of interest. To dn belt g the 4la of the month the money market is fi>-irj?r. Tb* amount of aroM or. Its waw froiw Australia is about ?W0 00C. of which alojt hai! now &n>, TV fSllnre is ani.nunoeo c.f Mi-wr*. Mnnat. NIcklMOn k Co , ?.i old firm la the lace lor ?00 000, bu the as( id, it in believed, reach tOO 000. A (allure in (be mom trade at Nottingham ia alar announced. TV- ?arij Bmirae dom r.ut appear t*tj settled, acu s.noi the publication of the F-jnpe-or's letter It hat. been frfaera'iy flat. Thta bas an Inii.jeoce <vo the 1 npiieh akiek which in also rather flat. Otuola are at WV y,% wllh not much doint Rcdtice.i an<J the new three per ct-oU, 0-1X a % , India loan, 104V,' a 'j The ti.Mbet f?r "hirklah bor.'t" (r not ao por.('., the old belt v at 76 a IT, snd the new Gti'ri a fl.S'.ahoarlnr * wide Du?r;:in of 1 per oeiit. fl?ia Is evidence of the unsettled nut.-- of tiie market. t< ans arc 21\ a 21 S, Spanish. 4-1V a 49; Hardlotan. R2 a M T>? railway market is pot so cood. In tonseo'et-1* of the dl*i<Vnds on some of ti?e ! vtdlnp lir.r;. not oomin; rp to the puhlir CT>irctat.or,. Thus the <Miutbweetem if on,? th> same as laat year; the North western, it is rv rue red, Will he po better. iowkv nia v*?,err ?The Kaaltsh f^nds retaaln steatlv. On. h 98*J a K> K: new and rcdcred. f>'.\ a t; y't. BARING iwvrants' CtRfTT-A?. I<0!r,?? -, Anirwet S?C P M Our eo'.oola; ami forelfr. pmrtuc? markp:e btve teeu eli*d7 during the wpfk hut not *nl?rc. Monet ahundent fV.uiob lro?c off OR1,' f tC.iJfhr mr.ne7,93^a V?'-i fr>r ttv* a-count. Bar silver. 6v 1 "-.d ; M^xicar. dot tar* 6* 2V?I , nomti'*!; American eafftea, 78* dniihiooas?^(an'.^h, 76? f i "V nth American, 74? A^nne*!* Pmn?s ?There lia*e hem some sa>e* r.f Unit e?*. Ptat<-s r>'a at S?S'-4". *fct?le stocks withf.'it tnovrmrr.t, ar< 1 ? >at h?f> h< en boutrbt bus hot1 n for to the rpited States n>ehoslmse iscbl'- v tn siwetatirr r?ii?a.7 secii-!tt?(? T'l'rois Vptra' t.nre* bsre rtser. to VI V| dls, ap.1 the bonds s<e n? RT. thr freeUr.d at {>'? Vew York nnd } > if shnrce 21V; bor.d? ?d mortcace, 83 a St. t'rnir'^lT?i-(a Ceitral bosdj< "*1'j New V'ork r'ent'ai t-hs'PS 77 ^ h >nd? M V. V rlitiran Ointral bom's HH a PO. Car.R.'n t's 101 >, a 101 ^ Ne? Rrux-r;ir.k fc'slOR1^. BICHAUD30V, RP3NVB AND CO.'S CTHCrt.AR. I^vmron t'j/wi C, 1*60 rorrr.N ? "Tie mar?et o{?re.j dull, b::t hat- tmprored aa the welt h.v a>.vacr< I. r ?i n ?l?uiv ?i nar tvi qi.nuitiopa on ng to the mor? nmitM'. hPlee.lloo (.ffl-rnu S^a 1:'la<>da atlil dull an,I pr)r? w,'*k Kti*a".a are taken Ireely for export at former rat<+ In Manchester the d?(c;ir.e riHwntly auhmltied te la lea?t,ria to more I us,news Lotb In irooda and yarns TLc <.iiot?iioofc a.-c ? Mlddliop Orleans 6*4<1. f-tr tb. ?' Mobile ' ' Inland* ...6,4. " Pv?The *r,'?tbT ront'.n-#? cold and unaet tle?\ tuid tb# la'.er.'es * th? crn.jf. i* caua.oc mi;rt Tri I/indon th?- arrival* this wek b*?f n**ir. h?en on a l.beral w.ale. * r.lro ?eep* that a?ark? t quiet but there bv been pr.icral'T tlrmr.i-f.- in price*. Here, oc Tueaday. wb> a*, met a taoderat' rnnurortire rtf-ocmi!, at pn t :nup rat-a for Ma^rloan. but at aMjihtiy r?*!i.r*?t pr f..? K'ltif , of tbere >w a c?wi?iderabl* quantity cffp'in? Flour qnlet. Indian com fio* of nlr. At to <iay'? market. with a prod attendant* of bu/er?, ther- *a* again n Meodv cnOKiimptlve biivrpf* doi.c in wheat at Tuis^ay'* price* A Tery fine f rrol (it new Rr.'tlrp.-.rr rod,jn*t arrived per Pt'*ftmer, *ot^ at IS*. ?4. per re.ital. Ho,;r rot ao raurh loquirr-d for, I ut ucrba'j*ed in value Indian corn ic tx-tu-r demand for fri*ilr>f >irp?'a<H?, and 6' *t Jd. p<?r quarter dearer. rellirf at 8f>? 6<1 C" JIa t?er ip *<t?-r. Wequote wbeat?re*1 Wraterr. 10* lGd a llfc L' *br^? 1?< a 1?? Pd. per 100 lbs Flour?i^ttwflne Philadelphia ITa a , ejtra Ohio and Philadelphia VSa fc"l a .*0* , eitra WeRterr 27a a 1> (d P-'r bb; Ind.rr. r.r.rn??lxe?i and felkrw 30- Ad a tl*.. vbtte fja tA a ?4? per 4M Iba P at-?TWre ia n? lrap">\ ewer.t of demand. and buyer* fUU |M an occa* rnai advuotare In prico Poig ( nlet. w.thont alteration it vft'.n: r> r-< btcady at ;r^T.ouf*. with rath.-r more df'.ng. r ,x,. i .n good dexajd, tut f.veiy tflerud and ruther eaaler 1 . bny. I jtaT' ?;u>?. Reflne-a are nret'.y we.l aU-eked. and U.r ale* do bot esReed 40 lo bOta'na, chleiiy of quality, a) ttr to K.- per i-wt w d ill. ard a abade eaa'.er to boy 'Hutfbws' A^?o^J?l?oi,, Ha.- bee? aold at W>a 6d. per cwt , pot inU< arcoouw Tn 1/^D'' in tLe market \t tame, and the rtaaln* pnrea Ibr P. Y Care EX* ta* on Ui< epct, and bit. ?d laat three m: ntbs w * Pxn? alow a' ha a 4*. 6d for PbtlaJeiofala, and 7a M. a Ta 9rf for laltimore Ro?ft.?Oomni-uj qaiet at 4i. Id. per cwt THE VXW8 VT THE PARAVA. t? l/tna V r inraal 14 > I T:a k?c*tiu.n, tuf.iat 16 1&60. j Tuo bte .mibir rarana, from Gal war at wwr. f. M of Tueoday, the 7th <n?t, arr.rrd hero *t noon U day. TI.e ebamahip Vandarbllt, livoa New York, arrired at boulhamptou on the Tit. Tur Parana aal *4 at rjk: P V for B<?Wn. She La* U0 paaee.igerm. Theeteaob'.c Nora Feotia, from <frebet, arr vod at I> -.doade-r; no tbe 7th. TT>e Mlnialr? hart rarriM tbe pufxr iaij reaciitlco through the H. aw o( Ocmruona Ir thirty- three majrr ty TMPOR'ANT FROM SOnTITKRS ITAIT. thk i.*nnisc? fir g&ximi p ' tmm rv < aran:* t:ti itm or th* luvoumov in mmthkhk zta LT-thk KI>b Oi FA*LS8 TK DOOXW. BVC. Tl *"*, *':cu-it S. I%? C*se thousand \oiast???? >rt to i'.a- forHtc.l*. i Ivt tbc<j aa.iJ rnorr *111 leave on the 4th The mrr are convened hv ilMmrn, I t. It la atal*.! .1 at t * ?( tho Neapolitan rrj'ment* ba . e in itialed to tbe cry of "Ylva f ar.taiai " Mf'Mi kundrr>t if OcrJu'tti's m mt-rt hi ? rlrrtiHy UiriirJ i~. flai.iiria. Ft woo <1 fct.irtly ad tnt.r oc N?(.le , wblthrr he haul beea e ;tnmooo?l flu a~ri a, ko. . aw'ri \-ith irxjiatir cr M <u Xapies and ft- nt. DENMARK AND 8CH1ESWIG. Qnarr?'.* Lave tak ? pU*? hetweeo rile r? o' tbe Da i Itu acrv'ce aad tbe clt ?ne cf R*art?br rJ FRANCE. Tt( 8.1 per. or O udc". of (ommrr? t w already L?k1 fb'. r fHtlnr* ilfr-iW tc at in inlry laU the cotton trai'i, at w'.itrh a treat number cf French, Knfl.ah and O' j'.ka maa-jftarturtrs wee prrtse-.t M Bt>c'*r, M'-i'?ter cf Commerce, praalded. FTNANCTA . Tba lioodoc IKnlc ty artic'c. ilthd k'om.a/ (Ay{Ut() trpe.of, say* ? Tbe RDff l'-h fuaJj Cfot.out tt ?Lf.w roes,.an. Co account of Ibe state of tbe weather and tie t tatneaa on Ihr Par.? the cora market wis teavy at an o?a aooal reduction of one to t?oab::ilng perqi.arterf. r beat About ?4/MM It bar (O.d wae takeo fr? na the Bank to <lay for upon The** aaiail arc chlelr for traaxu.aa.oa tc Spain A urw B.e per cent Pan! ntac .cat f?r air ml.i.'oa tuu bean ftvr*i*Hy anno need for borne evbac-ptoc. The prloa la eipeoted V be e ffhty per rant Tbe rtc '* market to-day wa? du'.l ard !.<%,-t anu the fuada erperleoced a frc?b decline of (?e etyhtL per w.t Tbo pcr-?it,:i;ir of a drain oT (old fron thr lank attracts dJcanaloe. Ttt uafa*cralle reaction lathe market ft*' Br'tiah railroad abarre rootle e?, tbe idea being prera lent io ?oo.r 'iuartor* that tbe duiloeaa noticed tn certain tranche* of trade roer t ?-e an eTert cn tbe trafe The demand in Cie iljcooat oT at at the ;?an? k day ru rather alack. IV fa'lorr vac aDao-JHttd ca Voada- cf E. M Abbott, of Bow. Brewery, w'waaoHlifiM to Pfpeud payment, with I'abllltlea k tt? avrunt ei tl* KK> wfcxL bLa c* . t*t? ?aa sot eipcctei! to pay '.a fall The i> I la of John Oral, prortiiiin rrerchant, an I cf Pbll[ot, I AD* and .'oho Craft-, Jr.. of Knlfl,;* >r ygi. > bav* bffi r*tun?ad. Liablliftr* belt v#d to b# molrral*. A |rw?#r?l m**t nj of lh? C1t? of . oodcti Rrfwerr Co? I?S7 war hold y*atr-d4T, no : a d'rHrnJ ofaitparirnt i p><r aaeam, both oa tb* prt 'areoc* Mid ?rtf nar.- kI.wt", van <JofJarK5 ) Tb? Lnodor. Miy Xin. a^odlnf to tbs dir * oa r? tfct paf?r datta*. remark! that lb* l#t? w?r? too o*qcr<l an-. I lb# tf? :* of lb* t-atl'* loo well knrwn hefbrahiod to make th* roateat aicltlag. btit tt if. probably on of tb* l w>i of tL* kind cur uaoarati-a wP wttn?va ft waa meat idMruetirc. and rlnard th* ar?i<w with {oat. The South> iwtfn Ral'waj trifflc ?bcwi tb!r wt*s ar .arr?aae of C4,or. !* f*rrtj' tad tVcnttooi h?v? arrlrN Pf?a Cb aa. With 1.O0S.1O* Iba.of t*a. I Tb* Mark Ian* Fit**** aar> ? Tt>* w*atb*r of th* paat w?*k, Ihonafe 1 Mow tb# n*tial toToi?ratnr*. with ann>* rata, Kru I fW r litim i4 .'V <r*p.-. r?4 Imn m?r* emit*} UMI to f rafiK* 0 fvd hm~r? fAan a fcrt ?wi. Th* 0?v*rn wa* nn b*r \<ay to Ui* Rirh'ar I* of tootland. | A f-om Vor\ of lb* Tth aar? ? I fH.r uraey from the rrrtropoUa V IW* orer Ihp Cr?at I v t. -- -'-a a v. '.w ' e pv-t -. '? f \.*r~ v , -* ? _ cane/. H? mfrty'i^iwwy wrthwird wmm rearmed tt twtmly minvui p*at two o'clock P M. TSe g*>wrtm<-ul li?fe tixnJ Thursday (or lb* rot* oo u.* Galway aubbidj Ii 4 hoped <> Ir:?ti smbtrs will be ftbMCt. di COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Uj J-MM/'OW, Au*u?t 7? P. . Cotton tr.vite'. firm. Bale# to-day lO.JOO bfU*s *c Loydoa, Augiu-1 7, lhfl?. di Conw>laOS*,' &?V in FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? WrovgaDAT, Angler 1 r> ?6 P. M. a The Pte&mshlp Perm arri.ed this moruinn. with n dat?- fri w 1 .ive-por 1 to 4th wul Qneen^town to 5th. CeoM>l? wert rooted steady, money abundaut n and easy: cc.ttoa tending upward: bread Cm. without change; American sto<kd ^ rather higher, with a lively demand for the j, speculative railway stocks. The weather continued j very aafuierable for the crops: moat of the grain j fields were till green, and the prospect of ( arci t tv wnf> h*!n? Generally csnvaMed. Haopilv for : c consumers, food is pouring into Fnghind from 1 n hbrcad in hucL quantities tLbt the market is kept I * from advancing. Ti c I'ersla brought orders from ! England for purchase'* of wheat here, wiiiek led ! to a large busioos this monilug on oar corn excLang?; 150,000 bu-iieln changed han<L>, and an ad- ; j vance cf lx a bushel was established. The laul statement cf the Hack of England shows j tic following variatioTts as compared with the pre- 1 l vlocs week:? ; r?.- v?c. A T at*, i Public deposits ?2T4,iUS ? I Other dtpor'.te ? H&.t'flO , Nntve id circu^atioa ? 49.366 ftsat 27.W7 ? . Oc tlie ether aide cf tuc account:? Government securities ? IC,0.">? Other securities ?30T,?97 ? llniD arid bill'ion ? li.f, 6"?* Note* ucompiryod ? 61.066 Messrs. ltcii, Fon A Co. notice and qnote as foil or.-*:? The ' fi<r Atrericaa State securities during the j *pt'? ... raft bftf- remained ?ery Heady, and price* j piutioavy Fi>r rai!ri ad Mctiritiea of t!ie first claM ] there b(j- \ ir iO'.ry, iw.d hufalre.- sha* been done in Illinois Centra! at an ad\tnce cf about 6 per rent. j I nite<l States 6's, ltffiU !*6 a PS j I ullwl 8ta?<-? t'r 1874 !?Si,\a \?Z i ; Keutncicv 6's. 18S&-1? 1*0 a !>* ] Maryland 5V 1*8 ? 94 MttMehlMtl 5*1,111 I da 10? 104 . i ?; lot.rlvapla f-'s... HO * K6 6 K. is:: ** ft | . Virginia6'*, 88l> (C.<4 j Virji.n'a &'fc, stf , 1SSR HO n K2 Tl'.ini?' f'entral T$ St, ? h: ( Ill.oo'.s CVctra'. C's HO h 82 ( Illinois Ceatrtti frse'ard 7's VI a W Mirhlnii. r, r,trn! fiV, 18CI' 8* a DO Hew York Cteatral 6's fO a ST j N?w York (Vtit'*! T? Vi a ?? , Ne* ^ .irk *cd I*> e 7 *. lPt>7 M a K I < New York-an li [-.r,p 7'<, hfil? 88 u fO ] New York *r trie 7's, H*; fc- a M j New 1'ork and Krie 7>, 1X8 4* n 60 7'f. sis . l<6o 101 a 10T I*eaot Tlva^ia C>.itra! 6's M a 90 In rrl.'itic a tt Air.c*irr?n wcoritief* Messrs. Baj-inj Bros, k Co. remark: There have been f-ome salfs of United Siate* 6'S ut P.". if. S:a'?5 Stocks without movemt n?, Mill wlint haf bwn hon?ht has 1 een for remittance rf>r U? 1'oiteit Statue. Ti.? b .isinef ii cveflv ia sp* u?ative '*ilway Bfcuritles. Illinois Central Share* have r.-en to ZXii ?ii-oount. and the bonds ar>- ?t 87, lb* fro ami at It' -Vow York and ?re shares, Wl li: b-rndp. Cd ru?rtf?)?*, AS a Mi PeDiiiryl vni a Oilnl h-.nds hS5t': New Y.'rk (Vn'ral shares, #7)?: heads. W,;: Ontral boidc. S8 a 00; Call aria ts. VA'; s Ml?*: New Brunsw'cV 6s, lc;SatU rth wuite mys: ? I We have to note cnasWrraM* art vi?y :n the market for Americas f-ecnr!t:rs di-.rioc the pist weel;, the desr.szsd ho- ln;r bwme mor* p? ne?ai: the prinolpa: Inquiry, bnwtr.-er, has l*-co t?< Illinois Onirnl f-hare* and bonds; the fhare* l.ari ?t<?dl:j advanced frorc day to day, tocntinf altogether to ?n arivaoco <|i.ring the week at $4, and tnaktrj a r.?e of $10 w th'n fourteen days. The constraint ion bonds arc Terr arm st Hfl n 87. New York Tentral t.ocds continue In tlrmtml for investment, and the i hare1- are more Inquired for I'rie shares, 22 a 33. Tbe Likerjiool 2Vm?s ci Ai.jnut 4 My* of the grain trade:? Kj(t rain La? fallen dur'ng the week tn this and the s..rround;oR ttMriSM,will, llMMpri kOfaHlMi wh.ih oontiroc to exert > rt'iarcliip !ni'u?nce oi. the matjr:j( of the ?r u'.r crop . and rer.dt-rs tnon- precarious the pros;*e.ti of thi tr.pather nc. Notuitlitnodlnf these exritln/ raa.M', the wheat tra<l' st the provincial markets held this week under the ln:Iuepre of duller accounts from Mar* lane, L*. ro'.od quiet, and tl.ere is little chani* to note U \ aloe. e^ mpared with the currencies of the can: w.*?. The f.'c-tf ' returns of wheat for the week eadlnjt feti ultiu.o ure C8 i,tarter* The trade hero vLmi, lai' na n'ir orJ flour, M prrrlon* rate*. We hare h?.l tt> i ra: arrl*a'K of wheal aod <>ur thet?M three <1av?. r\>u;u from \n>er;ra. ttw?e ef Indian torr, am" ml to IS.Wfl, a>i the export* to 8.PC2 .inartrrr The expr.rt* of . ai I r'oue are on ar loc.rraf li\f scale, amounting It 4 IIS qr.-irter* of the former, aud 1,900 aacks and 3.0&4 bar .-?' * of the latter. We discover no change in the money market, though aome brok? r? quote rather firmer. Still there is no !ack of money at ?>t u 6 per cent on call, cr at the %ame rate? for fiiM claw aho-t paper. and Imp paper, with two approved nnme*, goea endlly enough at f J a 7. The bonks, it it> said, are en lea-, oring to curtail the'.r loan*. Were thU proved tc l't the case, it would have a tendency to strengthen confidence. The Sab Treasury did a fair business to-day: the receipt* were 9144 ,U*>, of wiiicL $1 W OO? from m?t< ntn: the paytaent*. $1-' the \ p' t! in ev? ning. ?5."4>,t>7. There * a- little or ndhing done in foreign exchange to-day. n? usual on Wednesday. The mitrket ckted steady. Two steamer* sailed for Europe at noon?the Africa, with MM.' 11. the Sa\o .'a. with *'-"i0 '<K>. mtiJiinj the t4?tal shipment cf the day .Hi ?about ike sum -pc; ifie?! inthla mnm'ng'* Huui.t*. \ <^te*da\ *? Movement on tl??- Stock Exchange we* to-day. Stork* opened buoyantly, ai d' e.l from 1 to S p^r cent; afier the flr?t board a ?:raU de< ilne took |iUfr in the afternoon the Dihi^et was generally stead*, but c!o?ed irregular. The bti'iiii-- done to-uay * as very large indeed, e-pe lall* in the speeuluti 'f railway stock*, tin !aij lin for Illinois Cctitral. Toledo. Mkbifaa gna.-aaU-ed. Er.e and Harlem being unosnally active. Ll.uoi* < entail, which aoW on Friday at M, and yesterdny at opened thi* meming at S.1, chl tip to Sfi; ca*di. fell oft to K><. and rlo*ed M? bid. The stor.* aWut toe large sale of land to an Kngl'?" ? i.nniT.r '?, uKrait a vear <>ial \ tthe I road tor.k tpr*- l?S( l>oikfU?Uit:lhid?j before 365? 'c Jr.l fr.-i^riit car* tfrf rrcrlved it tfc? ! aanie depot. Toledo. wliicb wa?. Itf'ldly aoid ahorl b\ the bears. flucUiatrd bitwion 4?. and 47), Homing 4(.j bid. asa'n t 44| bid at the cl< ?e yeaterrtay. i Galena Duvamei) 2 per cent. cl??'nn l>td. ?pnlr*t 7!? yesterday. Tbe a?l??iv > Ij Rock Inland wa<- 1J. tlie ebbing | rice SI bid. Eric opened at ?7*. sold r.j? to V>\ on tine, nod rtom-d 2* bid. a^ainat 2ij yertenlay. At tlie rooming board Central wa? 1 per rest l>? (ter. MicHgon gnaranteed 4 per rent, tbe common atock 2 per cent; lla.'er. i, H hIk n River lj. Hie I. .rinraain booda w.?# 1 if'lit, iu compariaon n itli the activity of the pa?t few Jay*. In tbe afternoon the market waa lower e n aoxne k?. but clo-ed pretty firm at tbe fbl- , lowing quotation*:-^irgrinia 6'a, 91; a Miaaonri 6>, SI a *2: Canton. 204: l*arl|f Mall. 7f| a HO; ' I New York Central. S7 a Erie, 2* a ): Hudaon Rlrer, "it* a 4' Harlem. lt?| a 20: do. preferred, 41| o "0: Reading. 46, a f: Michigan Central, 67 a 4: , Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23 a 2.1: do. guaranteed. 47) a Panama. 123 n IJ4: II" noi<-Central. W5 a *6: Galenn and Chlcagr. *0) a M: , Cleveland nmi Toledo. 464 * Chicago and Rock lalnnd. 84 a 84: Chicago, Bnrlington and (JuLioy, f>14 % ]: Iliinoia Central 7'a, 9'< a 4* F.?tlma?ea are already being made of tb? aggre I gate prodnct of tbe grain crop* of the West thia | year. In 1KM Chicago exported tM.loP.Wl of p~omiCf. ?n?J imprnra r*i,w<?n,w^wi mrrrnmanc ' cf Twrtom kind*, C'ma raining In debt that jear over # .000,000; the rate of exchange on New York wm that year 1} * 4 per ^ent premlnm. It eeetna to b* ffenerally be?W?d that the crop this j ear w fifty per cent Ur^er tlan that of and It la expected. In com- fjtirnre of tlie extremely pl.ort crop* In (rreat Britain and the want of food lo our Bonthern Htatra, that the prtrt of food , will areraje 20 per cent more thin it did In ' IMS. Hance It la a?Twmd that the exports | of OucajMlu* year will be Cftr percent more ian lai.t; in ether wor<L-, that Chicago uilf'i. reduce to the amount cf rearlj f'':5,CW>,000 ttle lesb thar half the v alue cf ILe whole c op. The effect of ti, ? enortrr.'.- .r.creane cf action upon the Western c cm tit ; cnu.-<t d*1 ^>on tiie cond' "t cf th- Wet.ttr^ people in re / consumption. If they speaJ t?l! they asl ry good*, groceries n.,? other mfrrhandwe nports of Chicago will swell rw> fa.->t as iu c up Ml the- immen?e crop of l-*60 will lea^e the I i Dlinois no richer than the poor crop of , on the ocntra*y, they husband tiietr m< ad au.Id lavish erpt mature, th;* year\ ,-il! reider that State cce <1 the richest ii nW-n. Thus far the jobbers report no evfra ary increase in the orders from the \N est. Pati#.ria nf dfftrffH 'ri lr> and of lrfu be cotU n crop contlmeto come it: ruinhn.ire y fallen, tut In many places m Alabama, flic 'lorida and Texas th* piant is beyond rew>\ t in pretty evident th!rt a larpe reduction wit d he made from curreut estimates of the g*o ron. TTie earnings of the Ere RaHrc ad for th'in r July, 18%, wre $36 ,8 mn jtge Jul/, 1669 Ul> IncreMe $4^ Mnk iehUf*> Worww <f115. U '7000 r * 61.1(W5.. 1M HO ?ha ll*r r^". 3000 Twin 0'? '90.. 00-J ynr do tfo 40n0NfiiroHOH 6s !"6 780 Mich Can Ilii... 7H'0 Msbi url B e ? .: 176 do OOnO On rtC K1 V, SOO no JWOr>le&tmVi?. JG2V 60 do U# UM'O SxtX 'tt 50 Ac 410 2rf? M'.cbS Idm bds M>60 ifn.... t(A WOO do 69 100 M ich S ft N I III. &.'(*) III Ot. ni< Mp, 600 do. 1Mb C*fcNW?**fh? ?2 160 do !??A0 !.!>-> ftW2tn?? 49 ft# do ... IW)-Lr Ki of Arcrr.ra 118 ISO dr HO 60 BU. ?if Oorraeioc 10o?i I'O Chi k RkTi KB.. 6 do It'll [sQ <i.) 83 Fxchiui?f Rfc. IOC ' ? 280 do WO 10 Mrt'?|ioi!'M BW. Ill 'J-0 do G*'Ran ?... W l.'O do ... *60 10 do k?W l.'iO Mils; MlvsRX... 60 Oar* Tc.p Co .... ?\ 400 N*ch Nk?N lb ? f 0 * t!o 6 i:<0 do U*C li>0 Crml< prrf.... b?> 17 100 do 176 oc lfiW 200 do.... blO mo ?i< le-^ 160 iio no 7i Prrtf.Mull X> n SO 100 (to..... bl.r. IWNV Ontrai KR. 871* 10O do ?'0 (0 do sfli, 87 ? ? 1M? * MC. U? SM Co *10 *:>* 100 do 100 Or ' ?>? **?? lot Ak 20 ill-. .piz f<?', SAOISiCeo RRasriy |M (JO.. KI, 'J0l> do 1(A) # d< ( !* 87' 6ftO Jo ?G0 oo MO 87 300 4? Km) do 160 88 400 oo M> B. a*IIPR RR .... 47i, d( ... .. t'JI 100 dA... hi "> >00 ?1(' blO 47 ? 100 tic MS roo lift HO C30 do ?C l'ri? BR aM stiit'.i '.t fO Qt*.OoliwQr KR VO Kri<? RR i:)g 13 do U* do 28S 11 fVv vVHttsRR. M do 1K> (.?: * Chit hR ... 100 (to 2* . 150 do 00 do l'JKj do K0 do 28 > ir-0 do ?C0 760 (to hSO C?0 co.. JM> do 1.30 MS iOO do.. 100 do MO C*V, V> 100 do ??0 17 v, 100 do ht f-0 <lf 2"V do. .. I.*. 60 d.. ?1J 21* Cf*> dn .... hflO 100 do hi* C?S 100 do hi* SO do ?15 17 , 100 d? *00 160 H".d Hiv Rtt.. hr? f-6 ? 1450 C>v k tui RK . 100 do MJt fio COO do..., 60 do ffc hi do.... WO ]no do 60 1 H<0 do 60 do h?fl f> .V? do AO t!? M0 f>? t WO do *30 100 <^o >(* r? 18 do... It? do fcfiO fHy, M do \ iMO Uarleni KR . Ml ?0 '00? do f-fr. ?00 do 'M 60 do m*0 UN do 1'.#*, 30? do M*> r<0 do M'. 100 do hl6 lfiO do bCO CO ?*?> do..... .bdO .. 700 do bOO 30-4 COO do h6| 100 do b*a *1 , 4C6 Cii. Bur RT. IOO do Mj CO f.0 do f 07 lfiO do b?0 WO ILar.ero j>r?f 4V , 10 d( j *rtoxr> miKHV. WOCO Virfinia . H'. 100 ths 7UK) Kir* 8o ft bd*. 81 60 do <** 4oeo cm iw N w v'<! m rax roo do hi? 1 SO 11c M Oo. M> ? Nor * Wor RR . i 100 N V (Vulrai Ri'. 87:; 100 *r?l .V W.b RR .( l.'iO Km- RR ?> S7-, MX) MUUKANIfiK >>IG? tr? do CJ>. loO do W>Hudnn KRR... 6f>i sr? > A. N 1 ft , 100 do tOO 80 400 do tCG V0 d?> f?", ?>0 0' Co RR "f.rti . 00 H*r.rm Kit.. MO CO 400 do bttt 00 do bit CO &0CalA.(T?i 60 do 1?V 100 do ?M CO no biO CO 15 1 0(i !! ?('ipg KR 47 V 3 Q Oil k Rock !? KRl 00 Oo blO 47 'i 16 no 1 ( 0 do 4?150 do h.?' 160 Mich Ofc RR.... 67 100 dn......??0 rrrv com9iicmci%i< hrhwt. H'wMtrn, Aopw 15?f f A -iirr. ?Th? market ?w t>i#*djr, w th *owi' aair* a f..r pou Md at ; ,#p r r*arL? Dsu: <irm.-t1oLr-Tl? Mrktt vtt qg> ?fl# d?jr, ur low f ?c*f? ?w r?th?r dun". 1** rraOc* of MitsrwlAt lrr?*?lar ?rllO ? abu'jt CO.000 libit., rl'tijf n'.tbla tto foUoMlb| of ? Piiprrflu* HUI? .* $6 10 EitrtHUIr 6 2? i Supt-rflar Ktairn % OS Oimmoo to cboW *!:?.. 640* ft loui ntri ' fi TS a MiimI U> Mraigh: rV tber. A .' 0 itraifht to ??u extra lo ft 00 a Choice rut tiD'A} uil l-aicr?' bmt J# IMi Rre flour 8 .V) > U>rn mofcl. .Ifrwv and Brsudy ?lne S to a ?<'uai'.ai Hour ?*> m<.re tir'mlj held. aa'n of 4? ?w Buutr at U 10 f"r ?u;c rtipr and tt 91 a 91 film NbUwi bur ?a* Drmr, ai.i! art rr ralrt rmlrarMt al??ot S.'OO bl?lp , tine cjr tlx* rangr if tjc above quotations. Kvo ;!? . ??< arty n: <t ?nlr# limited C?.rt> irra! ?tf : ard 10 rcquett at quotation*. Whr*t?r&.l*r t< Hiiroce i.f tli<> news the market ?m vutr .( Th< receipt* *ere q"ltr la-je, ana footed in> a.-out jj hu?, r?rt ?oW1 ynH^rdar at?ro<J?n, i?t! choice white tn kit* at Tl 40. cU'.*e ?lilt? Jj (an. Id . at tl tf>. new white (>hv> and Ind 1 -M a $1 JH. a'ttl pr'toe old do nt tl ??,*. M > fhk at tl all3 tn .' ire. rr?t i li hi tl '<*># a j C'ofti ?a* acttvf and Arm, w4ti Hid of ?ho?t I iorlitif Tl?t rnarlwt evened One, ard ln?'i?r? 1 m-i ytrtfeMHf . but t?* artT jnr* in IVit^Lv. " ') ?a?ea. The i-rir** ol.taiti'-d were tt'^c a IH *"i irited.eti i?t*p. tor Vt't'TB yclk>?*. ad to. *T< hiir rto. I5ye *a? steady. with ?*M* <* l.inoc at Mr Baric) ?ua q>ilet: a ?n'r of TjtOO bushel ??? made at 40c ' *ti weec inner; ?,00O 'nat* t adlaa were W n 3 -r a : . aod ofVtate at J!*r $ a<nt * <<r quirt >ad s*i?*- um'tol. A talc of tfi fpl T<n l?At (nt at i t i orm? ?'The m??k<*t ?ifvrt Orm. aod to ?<* n>atid The trvir-furtiiM ensiitarcd ah^i.t 1 *00 ckwitg Mlfl on lh- Was Si of the Wiwffit qoot3ii?a? trrw tthu rtaw?r?irir???. If t CjimvOt Hm<t* MthO*. mnd Ordinary t\ 6\ r>; Middling !0V 1P*J 10't Mtdnllng lair 12% l?i? HH F? ' 1'iH 18-( U I'Rkicim- ?'T I.irorpiK 1 -lire Here Brroer, * !? fhr wheal. ?birh ?a? take al an arfr.-mrt- id r%lrf r tira^'toema to tbat port e?br?w?<1 at-??nt k,..l.l. .1 k.l I .PL >.>. 1W m, ,1 ml m 'I m I* afcp'l bar* 1 U<- a Q 010 bt>l? f!?u* it !W . an M? r chtiw . hj c.wn" ai W ?!th m>nt tatter MB"- ran- Tr> ijim'.n rat** wrrr rt?ly, ?iili m rr tnj. Th? ?wt.rac*<i al out It HOC ? M ?hi| > i-a*.?, ?i 11'.<1 , StOOli*)* Lot* at M, rtn *ptrii? a? 4* M . and 19 hM# lolw !lf T? !*( ?* ? Mti ! ??? t >N?? wwt rnparrtl { aj.rt M> too* k-pwo. ^ at Ih? KaiH Alrvmd' chart* M Ui kmi" at*r fit Rr-tfri^m at p I Hj?> ?TV* rrarkM ati't ! p<??i demand M..-a of 1 000 (*! ?. *rf at PCV j llii? ?ftf io ??*"' m\tt M?m nf ]oj (IMP crra) at *c a J*r , at * wtf c^atrari* cf r?* ?l? V .-ti < al He, 1> l?n* ?SotcA ptf ? ? q-i rt and Botolt il at I* t?f i<ihs. 11?* *? In (Tooi drr.w.d *?d ?crr n'ontr. will, r ihr I" i rT th' . ' r ?K ,nt 3 SCO a ?.019 torlnrttr* r?'?n>on M ?0r .itU lump ftrkiat.fl at tl Mrunw *a/ H-itrt, ?<! **' *? >4 a rlarartta Mil' ? ?Sj trtt* I rr < : t r>? i*tubH?d :-<or? dw. ?h'k tb* ?r ltr?rf?i 5f<) b<>)? , In h?t?. i ? t??r ?litif>'rz. l?n* h< til at 4?ii . and tr? n? r??ir ?er?- ? rt at 9! ft per CIO li>? . delicti m. ... rnatn ?w dU. at tl 4T a ?. ;rn< r nc?l 2 75 t'ui'?*?d roiit.twri U> ?*I! mf?>r->trl<? at A cn??at<<cral)> *a> i.t e"tt? n at** ? ! <r?? r?t at Mr ** write and fly. f??- .% ?* ? ?f "*? ti 4Cf VwiP* .ii|v? wat- -na i' at t. It for quarto anc 1ft I0f i nw Fkttrwimw _P??rV ?TIM market fw ?<??* " **? ^ut wtlf ?v !? ? biKK a? t, *hllr an'?* ??< tfl >t?rt, atid TOf'a v>0 ht<li wra rrprr**! M W* 1 1? 'J?. nM | ., Rt tit |?. thin n*?? ?t tit II* atiil -> ? or m?* do. at tit. and a aa'r M 1 j ? i.d a# r t . aont*rmo<' '-^rr .. Mn m. ? 1 _..v BlM nf I/O 91* " W ' Mni'^, ?IMI ?? - ? bhlP . ti. fvH* ami Mr* w?* al M a . rn?r* a? M tOn tiff*. iu"1 (itn <??. a? fll 'f t* r. **? '.-mlv fc. M Malra ?f 1?.? v>? annk*??l Hd?* *,'T* M * " , and " OW ?io. rl r ?. I?T 1 WM Ki^y. WtUl <* at-Wrt *>0 M lie. a !8H*. Bntvr u l ?* ? ? w?r? rt??47 an* Mr. Pnm-H?vM?ni w*l? ?r? fc??ll aalw ? rt al te., kat #Hc. wa* *!< ? ff f. making. la wm, ?t ?i ?7 I 'n* ?i ?a? .Vr-,. narto ?* B"i?>?>ay ?' *?" ? B"?t?l ai p. t. w pwJ wer* i^llirjr >> " a? Ttt . (I'm vii ?TY.* *ia?*rt ?aa * >!?, w<ih jflw1 )n:?ipf ? TV aal*t M?*ra" <1 a Unit WM? M??* ig in *h*h <?n I* rf* IW FHv*at T V a O^e ?( ? rmeit"i?r f>?ba. r?'i?ia* i at ? V * *<* ? *"* *'? -?> ' ? a*. Tr. a THp ft> to lair rrw? tocbvice r?d- vtr* at k ?l

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