Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1860 Page 5
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r? ? ? ca'.'.ed utioh to perform will h,' t. ad j.t so-* T*th< d tt which the l MMitimnct that |?rvaU?? t:-.e tn?i< of llie pt?pl<- of the m^u. r mil c jmtuo -J m its via dicatioc (Loud applause ) We koo* the principle to be nound, mo wo know wc havo a oUuilard bfa/d." woo faithfully repreeenta it, and will steadfastly tarry it out. These rsu l>e nc objection, then, on the part of an J Ctn Uttcat, honorable man, to an eilootive uuioo of all representing ?Lint principle for tho purpose of carrying it ' effect But ihequestion tbn Convention ha* to ron?l4er la n<>t c ibtli.ud to national policy alooe. The corruptions of tho republican party while In power In the State bare bet'u ho it rue* aud acac-lalou* as to briug reproach on the very institutions of our cuintry. This corruption nd |>mt!ipany it la the duty of the demo cratic paity to rebuke and reiorsu. (Applause) We find, it tnie, that a portion of the republican party, crying out against llie infamy of their polltioal associates and taction in that party, are endeavoring to beat out each other's brains. But It la queitionabl* how lar the affected horror of corruption manifested by one jtortioo of the party ia not a trick to blind the eyea of the public and insure a renewal of the dig. EacetuI soenoa of proCigacv and plunder which thus tar itp mark *d the career of the republican party w.ille in power. The people ar? uot satisfied with theae death bed indictliofii of repentance, and uiej (lemanu uiti uiu lie mocrary of the SUM, national foes to corruption, Khali put forth for public onices uum whiah ahull be guarantees or ?ii honeat adm nistratlon of public affairs (Load applause.) Gentlemen, I will not datain the Convention longer than to expresa the -ope and confidence that the Coiivpvtioo will bring to its deliberations tbut wisdom, calmneus and patriotism which the exigencies ol the case require. (Cheers.) Ltd as B. Surra, of Kr'.e, nominated E. J. Clark, of Jetferaoti, and A. J. MoNett, of Alleghany, for temporary Secretaries of the Convention Carried. Joh.n j. Tatior, of Tioga, moved the appointment of a committee of two from ouch judicial district, to select permanent officers for the Convention. Carried. On mot too of C. !*. Hon, of Yates, the roll of delegate* was then called. During tho calling of the roll a large and handsome oil painting of Judge Douglas, brought by the Fulton county delegation, was brought Into the ball and plaied on tho platform. Its appearance was the signs, for loud and enthusiastic cheers, the Convention rising ant greeting its entrance by the waving of hats, hacJkerchitla and the usual de monatrationa of applai ne. The Cniia named the following Committee on Permanent Organization, leaving oil the First district, m consequence of the oonleft there:? Second district.?Svcton ?mith, of Putnam; John A. Dayton, of King's. Third district ?Wra. H-ithaway, of Ulster; Chas. Goodyear, of Schenectady. Fourth district.?J. L! ermore, of Montgomery. S. C. I 'wyer, or Ifeaex. Fifth district.?S. A. Gilbert, of Oneida; Parley Browu, of Jefferson. Sixth district.?J. J. Taylor, of Tiopa; G. B. l'almer, of Chenango. Seventh district.?3. G. Hadley, of Seneca- C. S. Hoyt, of Yates. Eighth district ? I yman B. Smitn, of Erie; U. H. Peck, f Geneaec. The Chair also appointed the following Committee on Contested Seats S. B. Piper, of Niagara; Jamoa A. Westervelt, of Rockland; C. W. Armstrong, of Albany; C. 8. Allen, of Wellington; ffm Porter, of On< ndaga; D. L. Magee, of Scbuyler, and Thomas Carres, of Mouroe. On motion of Mr. Lrn.ow, of Suffolk, the Convention took a recess till thiee P. M. The portrait exhibited on ttn stand was paintwl by E. Darwin Stiles, of New York, and was presented by A. K. l.uddmgton I > the Duj.'!aj Club of l'utnam. The Committee on ContTiicil Seats held :i sestion after the morning adjournment 01' the Convention. The New York case being callcd on, Mr. John Clancy appeared in behalf of Tammany Hal!? and stated that the Tammany delegation were not cogaizint of any contest for their eau, and demanded that I be-so contesting should tint Mate the case. Dr. Brai>?or?, on tho part of the Mozart delegates, then addressed the committer on foeialf of his delegation, and WM resiondod to by Mr Clancy After two soeeohea on each side the case was closed. Tho usual assertions as to regularity were made by each side, and the customary amount of feeling exhibited between the rival organi/a' lions; but the Mozart men throughout took a more moderate tone than Tammany. Mite Convention reaj-emMed at three o'clock, the hall being more densely packed than at the uioralng session, and the galleries inito fall. The Secretary railed the names of the delegates absent At the morning leesi'ii, all of whom responded. Gov Seymour appeared in the ball, and was received with loud applause. The Committee on Contested Seats not being prepared to report, a loud cry was made for Mr. Seymour, wbn at length reejvmded amidst enthusiastic cheers, the Cinvention ruing and waving their hats. When tue applause antwlded, Mr. Sjtvm ?t it aatd as an outsider, who has been unexpectedly cal'et to addreM the Convention, he supposed hu should have to apeak to tliem, not as -legate*, but as members of the great democratic party of the Slate, who In their full, fervent zeal iu tho cause for which they oomba'., had called 011 him in their few Wwi momenta, while the business of tho Convent; m was temporarily suspended, to apeak one word res|?ej>g the great conteet Into which tb#y were, about toentjr. He could say to hla friends, that he bad enjoyed* aome oijierionoe in the political affairs of the State of Nw York, and known what It wae to opioy tho sweats of triumph as well as to gutter pain* of defeat and could aay, alao, that never in hia experv-uoe had tho democratic Virtr r\f ?h? 9ufti> rMtvM),!fvl muri* nirillAllv to A nntnina. tiuii than to that uiauv by i no l?i tonal democracy of the Union At Baltimore. (Toed applause) He thought all present would agree with h.ra in saying that whenever they had occasion to uxne the nominee of their party Tor the rreuuential ofllco on an;/ Midi occasion, it waa met witb ouc universal ?n<l cwthualattie responae. He would asturehls fnonds thai be went into tin* cod teat with entire coalldciice of success. He believed Uie de tnocracy would tr.umph at this t! nr. because they ought to triumph, an 1 herons') IMf opponenta bad placed themselves ou such untenable and unpopular ground la this State, as well <u ;n Utttnat oo, that tba people are resol Ted to rebuke them al uiia time. Ttio principle Involved in the conte-t was oue which eom?s home with Culiar force to the poople >' this State, where, in Its tbern pcrtion, half umM oti of people have been deCved of rights by oppression and unlust islation, and weta not ;vrmitle<l to gmera themselves in tlM-ie domestic i.Tars. ((Vn.) He might point to other Fectioos ot the State, *h re the republican party conld be| found, nut onl> uphoMInz theoretically the dociriuc whlcii deprve# fip'e of the right of aelfgo\ ertrni"?it. but pitting t'-ru doctrine in practles. and for corrupt purpotes overriding 'he tri^- will of tne m*j > nty of the |?-ople in ai'.a rs re' iting only to their domestic attain Why was It, ho a*keo, tbat th? Ptite was burthened with an ussgual wm. hi of taxation Why waa It that ahe stood di-gracuJ amtigsl her sister SUH ot tba Couli-dcracy by the sorruption- of her legislatures for the jmst two yew Why wss it that the tax gatherer waa enter, ng I ho house of tb? farmer and the mechanic and seix.Lt: ?:>oo so tirus > proportion of their hard gained eari.i: js lie would tell them why. It waa because the people r>ave b*-u pay lug so much attention to tlte affairs of otter SiA'es that i i.ey liava ueglccte<l the interest? of their ->wn, ai d fiflerej corruption to rule ni.checke-i He would r*p"*at wbtt he bad said on a former ircaston, that If th<j warrant >< the tax collector was read it wouVl be fovi.d to >-onta.n ihcso w<>rds, in place of the customary formula ?1uPe.-.plo of the Stat - of New York, debtor, Pir nectoetliH* the r own afikirs and attending u> other p^ pie's buSI'ieT", thlr'y three millions I of dollar- ' (Oiaars oavl iaugbter) It wis because they bad brought ui'i ui mr.lgaied evil-; on them'elve that lie believed the democracy must triumph In a r/wite-t In wMflb tbey upheld the right of the people of every Stat* an t territory to govern tbea> selves and manage Uieir own aflairs. (loud applause). When they went forth to the people and told them there was ncontest involving a priDC.rle which comes home to ?very man in the *tat?, fir if ta>v have a right to Interfere with the domestic a2a.r? t cit/ns in one pU>" they faave a right to interfere with them in all places. When we make the p"dp!e folly un-i-M-tlad this, the* would triumph by the mere *tate>nect if toe case, lie believed, then, that New York waa about t<. redeem her reputation >nd take the stand "h i was iniitlr.I to amongst the great iiemocraiie States ol the l a.m. He believed that the democratic party, initca4 of bo-v wc**cned and disrupted, ?'? t*k? tuvar IiA? mil rUror throoih -seeding to rr?*i>r? w.l preserve tlx' primitive princ'pU* of the ?o*er?me?jt, and to go forward 1b ite career protecting (M rgM* ted Mcuring the bapptaeaa of the i???pJa H? bellevod &? cluuda that bat appeared to f?Ui" orcr them ware t?? be dlwielled bydetrntebina. He ?Ixh1 beforo thcru MI of h'tpe ani conU<l?nre ia tbo t ?ult. for be believed thorn bad never been a time wbea the oeaorratic party an I pair Hie men wlto had hitherto acted with other rjaL/.i' :>ns uw aoclearly the acceMtly of doc inlorvectioc. Governor J^rr?or? <n?rlude.l bjr ?<wr1nf the Coaren tloo that he bail inly cot .a axon* them at th a froat tatheritijt u( Ibe rei_U>M democrat? uf the State, to moet hie friondi. by whoen lido bt battled io the democratic raiikx for tw-r.ty yetu* pact, aaJ by -sprrftirK bia rnnflj-iK-e thu whatever aay '. arc been mea'f _>; m.^tw s?fbre thia glortoae. ua precedciiWd catherinu of U> r rxnment men of the -tate, as well m the Nine ao ' ? a<?W of tlie democracy. it would < o<i them bone w'Ui tie ? -mvirtlaB that tbe principle and nandxlatce of tk? Jcir. ?*rat;: p^rt# would certainly triumph in S'orotnb^r. (l/>:d applauee.) nmrnrnr II Pin*, fVcm Ui-> Onnmltler <? Contested ! Seata. reported tbe follow icf Heaolvrd, That the two <tetj of conical >ng delegate* j 'rinn tli. city and oo' n'.y V-w Virk l?e each received , uid <ctiiU'i to neat* In thU Owtsti'Mi, with the prtrt 'ege tocarh defoliate ttB? of v >te, provided notbiac herein ri tit iine<| *ha'i be regar fod a<- itnpairin* or over ruling the ution of tbe pr-riou* 1 ?~mocrat t<- Plate Cn?- I veutioi.* an to tbe regularity at TVnany Hall an I Mo- [ /art Hall nrgtni. atloo- o-. th* ' r ijr. The rrailing of ihe Mauitt.aa aas rt-crlred with warn *ppu<?>- H y the (Vie* rot ton Mr Pjitk Uhi -,n of the raaol'ttoB, wlilrb waa tlto.n.l a d;mct;iu roion am.'lat loud ap piaaaa. Joax < !** v, ns b?taa!t r>f tb" Tummaay Hall dalefa '.loo, a?krd au<l r*al\ad ."are to retiro for llflam ninutea f?? <?>naulta:ioa. Or h^hali of Uir Moaart iUII <iale?ataa, e?| rei?.-d thetr entire ao? uieae. no*. In U*> r-aalt of lb* (Wiwiimi or the Comaiw* on (ontealed .-*au. -v Lm*1 aiT<a"M-) * tM OoaTnaiioa br reqoeat of the <%airin*o. tb?? r**l the fuijnartna o, patch, wh,cJi be nald, bad mat baea wwtM _ "i**0*- M" - U. IM. To tw* rail**AH tv TW* Dfcuocmam- ftrtra 0>matn.>?? rvw|ia? la ber?, auirooa.l?d by tinny thoiMand m the Toang democracy of Maine. iV>v anii,.,ri/? mm to aract the democracy of tb# Rmpire rule la their name aaU aay tbey intend to carry Ma ne K. H mSiH.k. Imooua* ipplauaa foikiwel tho rending of thedeepatch, uid three moatai ctiaafi w-ra r rmt tor the diwaaemy of Maine, aad oa a?t on of IKooae ? Magee aa aa?w*r ?M retnraed, pledging New York f? iv>ltn* the otaaipir nf Maiaa, aad ft?c tba aMartt vrtenf tha Ijnpire J-taU to Daagtaa. la rnnaeqiiaaoa of tha ahaetioe nf tin Twataanv Hall ? <tale?atloa. Colwl llathaway. of Chewing, aa<t Parti* A. (alia, of Yab-a, were called ont and mad* brief aad atirrlag addrvaaaa. While the latter geatleiaaa waa *t??aW nt tie Tiv ma.iv d< !<fatM? iriuraca to Kit halt Mi (?j "<> cvre wsy, turritg trent-lbootor 7 great wt* was oT nor* cols .r,f tua ^ " d T 018 Tammany deiegstioi wUh'^U" '**" bth?t?rT^riuir driJ^toufo! kIw YWkh? ? M intruded to s*y that they feW it t blTth^ dutv aa tDen ?nJ d?mocr?'8 to maintain th Lmfih.v o? *o organization in Ne* York, ? LdeweU SV^ai* '** o? dign.tx and sel rv-t*<ct Thev had but "tlle t;me to consider thf IWtio of the Convention, but ?>* T-^Pwed hastily the frftef ing protest, which they d*'" 10 P'tsent to the Cunver tion.? .. . The delegates to this CoBrK,"<2* rrom the city of Net York, elected under the call of the on,7 ort-*nliatlon c that city which Las uniformly in*. ntaiwd the regularlt; of the State organization which U. ** Coaventi hi repr* sents, have been deeply wronged b>'the acton pf th State Convention; as unjo?t as it Is cod^vrred la admjt ting to seata open the floor, with equal po V.v to that a the regular delegates, other persons residing in ttat city who have not been chosen at a popular assemblage of au> kind, but been deputed tc attend he-e only by a local or ganisation, which was not only repuliatod by the State Convention last year, but also by n decisive vote in the National Convention which nominated our Presidential candidates. Required to decide sud deoly upon the action under an unexpected decision those heretofore regarded as friends, they do so with a deep, heartfelt sense of the importance of the greatest possible unity in the democratic ranks at present. The crisis is not merely lor the sake of the great national democratic party, but also of our country at the moment when its perpetuity Is endangered by fanaticism In one section aed threatened with cessation in the other. For this rcaoon Uiev will retain Uieir seats in the Convention, and support its nominees, but decline to cast any rots therein which can be nevtralired by the votes of men to this Convention by the democracy ol that city, and are hostile to their organization and usages. TBOMAg B. T.VPPAN, Chairman Joiw Habpt, Secretary. Dr. BMki?*uu>, on the ]>art of the Mozart Hall delega tion, protested ago mat any further action on the part ol lb- Convention m rehl .on to the New York case, VMofc hail been settled by the committee in which the Convention had cooliilence. Mr. W. H. Wai^aii moved that the protest of the Tain many Hall delegation be received and placed on file. Car ried. John J., from the Committee od Permanent Organisation, reported the following otScere:? Prrsidmt?flon. John Wlllard, of Saratoga. Vict Fresiilrnt.*?1st district, Robert B. Bradford and Michael Halpui. of New York; 2d, A. K. Ciark, of Westchester. 5M, John Tracy, of Albtny 4th, Gorton J. Thomas, of Clinton: 5th, I>av:d Moulton, of Oneida- 6th. E. J. Burhans, of I?elawnre; 7th, Henry R. I'omeroy, ol Cayuga, 8th, C. J. Allen, of Chauuu.iiie. Stcrrtarie*?1st district, Moses I). Gale and Samuel Boardman. ofNsw York; Cd. lawrence Hardy, ofKintnr 3d, W. C. Derby, of llator; 4th. Wen. H. Wallace, of St. Lawrencc 5th, K. J. Clark, of JeTerson, 0th, H. A. l>ow, of Tompkins , 7th, J. J. Mattcson, of Ontario; &th, A J. McNett. of Allegany. The report was received and adopted unanimously. Colonel Hathaway,of Chemung, aiid Mr. I.udlow, of Stif folk, were appointed a commit lee to cond-.ict Judge Wil lard to the chair. A* the 11-esident took h!<< seat bo was greeted with ioud applause, no addressed the Conven tion as follows:? GKvnjtMKs ok nrr CoNVwrtot?I be<* leave to returr yon my profound Hanks for the honor you have done m< in calling me to preside over your deH ^ration?. Altoi he <nn. the ' r i.i ? : u. ?de y tin" .entlenux who preceded this Convent.I shall aetain >t . m longer than to promise to discharge th- duties of the po-i tion you have assigned me to the best of my abi!ii\ (Applaufe.) W*. H. I.rntnw moved the appointment of a commit tee of two from cach Judicial district to report resolu Iioub. Carried. Hon. Roiucht T. Grunt moved the appointment of a committee of two from each Judicial district to report at electoral ticket. ciiakum s Hoyt moved to auistid, that the delegat"< from the several Judicial daitr'.cts report the uame<$ f >i electors from each district Senator Majtokviu* inquired what had been the usual prtctlce of conventions Hie Ch.uh?The usual p!a:i has been for the Congressional delegations to report the names. Mr. Ma5I'KVill?l?'Tlieu 1 shall support the amendment. Mr. Li dloh' said the appointment of the committee proposed by Sc.iator Grant ??- iiot contemplated to take Item the Corgre-sioiial district delegation* the right t< consult aiid nugget-1 the name of electors. But at thi tl?e, it will rcac lly be i<eeii, united action of the oommii tee wa- required, and neessc.try in order to form sucu an electoral ticket will liar notice all Interest- In the sr Io in fkvnr of the ranrtWl'ttp of Hie itemn-rirv H> should h"p<- tin- original rc-olution would prevail. Senator (.kaxt dlhi aimed any de-irv of iutr?ducl:<g the resolution to tike Irom liie COogreaeional representative? the right to sug.-e-t the iia;iic? of elect' r^. It ?v imply designed to ur.- united and efficient actum lii llie for matioii of the ticket. (Applause ) Mr. Ho\t de?ire<i tbmt the harmony. no apparent during the whole proceeding*, should continue to mark tb< action of the Convention. After the explanation* made he should cheerfully withdraw the amendment, anil coincide in the projirioty of the iriglnal motion. (I?u< applause ) The original resolution ni then carried unanimously. Lyman B. Smni moved that the delegates from'thi several judicial district* be requested to report t'l names of member* for a Mate Central Committee lor th< enrune year. Adopted The l*K>:4DKvr announced the following Committee 01 Resolutions ?W. H. Ludlow, of Suitolk, chairman .1*1 B Craig, of Kings, John Claneej , of New Vo-k, J. fi Hunt, of New York; James S Thayer, of Kenneelear K. Buthnell, of Greene, reter liuwe, of ftlicaacUdy; W H. lAwreuce, of St. Lawrence l<eander Bibcock, o Oswego; Samuel Karll, of Herkimer; Samuel O. Hatha way, of I'bcmuug W J. Kellogg. of Otsego. H. R I'omeroy, of Cayuga .lohia H J.*n?, 01 Livingston; F. A. Max ton, of Cattaraugus, and C. C. lorrance, of Erie. The following cx/oi.nlitee on an electoral ticked wai reported ?KoN-rt T. Grunt, of Sullivan Smith Kly. Jr of New York l Robert Christie, or Richmond . Km Ctiam berlain, of Du'rh ? - ?, James T Tliaver, of R?nsaelaer C L. Alton of Washington J. M Carroll, of Fulton; !> l'ratt; of Oni?dHgv L. C. Rnyd-r, of Iz-wta, X. B. Lnoml.4 of Broome John Kiatmaa. of Cortlamlt J J M.uicaon of imtari<v Jarob Lawrence, ot Stuljen R. B. Lannii.r, o Allegany. N K. Harrow, o? < cleans. Saxto* s?rrn mm ed Umi the Convention proceed to tlx nomination of candidate* for Governor, Lleutetant Gov ernor, Canal Commissioner and 8tat<- Prison Inspector. t !? mjp|> rtel by the democracy of New York at It* < . mlng election. I. C. Nbwm w moved to amend by proceeding to noml nai? by ballot, but withlrew the amendment. Col. BiAitii moved to amead by declaring Wm Kelly unanimously nominated by acclamation fur the o< So* ot (.overnor oi the Stat* of New York. (Trenro doua applause). tv amendment ?u carried amllst loud and entoslas tic cheers, and Wm. Kelly wac declared unauimouslj nominated. The Cunroatioo bare rose and care three iboers for tb u M8 Mi'htk' wanted to know what Wm Kail; waa dobiaated T Tb<- exiny be cam* train bad out boo narn-d (laughter ) Ck>l. Hjithawav.? [ thought, air, eaary man in the Cor vent ion knew wIh> Wm. Kelly wm, and where ha cam from. (l,iHid laugbterj .lustIce Co*xoi i t.?Well we bare plenty of Wm K ? ly* tn New York. Col. Hai^wit.?Yea?but there M no snob Wm Kell; la that city a* my Wm. Kelly of Datcbeas. ((aiigbte aiid applause. Ixiwn a*Mr?w Mr President, a* nominating b; acclamation ncm to pre rail la lb la barmontoi* Con to# Itoc, I more that floo Wm I aliea.of <?swego, be noml nated by acc.lsmal too for I bo othce of Ucuteeani Covet nor (iood and entb'iaia*t ic applause. > Motion carried amidat warm cheer*. Tba Convent ion then proceeded to ballot for a mad Mai for CaaaJ Commissioner Cnmiaart. Hon named Wm. W. Wright, of i?tark>. F_ A. <>gdaa and f). f Titos were aim named Um the ur?t ballot, Mr. Wright received 116 vol. i belag a !arre m^ortty or the Cnaveation, aad declarei unanimously nominated am M applaeae O. T. of Clinton, moved that Wm C. Rli ?fe< of Chemung. be nominated by acclamation for the oWr of Slate Frwon In?portor. (Loud applause ) Ball a dniei delngatcti a>-cnaded the nomination Cat. ILiinawav?I bailee no nae will oblert to tb nomination of ibia m mt excellent ofNor. I naif kuot one naughty thing uf him, aad that la, that he inne dr clare<l ? ould have a democrat c chaplain at Auburn I be had tn ro to the iIctII for bim. (l/md laughter.) Mr. >Uio<lr* waa then nominated b> a, c amation am.d4 jtx entlinalartic demonstrations. N'ipe efceora were propoeed f >r tl.e c mylM" tVUct wb. b mere jtven *tth a hearty will, and .>rter n-.tloe bad been given of tba place ut meeting for the never* committees, the Convention adj..urne<: till nine to tuur row mnrirvf; or thk committke ok ei.kchw. tivuAi , -r Anonit 1.1 lml Tb" Cuamittee on Elcctun arc holding a aaan m, U i chi n the Syraru c H<?u*e. Th> commute of the Ba and Kre-ett |<artr arr m^-titg to an aitjar?wt r<><fn. Th nnfoiiatmna brtWren tb?* I*" boriiew ar? aotlmij harn* nlnua the* far. aul will reatilt <o tb* presentation of Douglaa nlactoral tijkot aoceptalilc to tb<> loum men liidlau CwaatlMllaMl ( alaa Mat* Cm VWllMh IxfMaxaroua, A'if'Ut 11, |M0 The Cooat ntmnal Cnion Slate Cxnrrnf ><? met in la) aad arftnnlnl H<?. J. K. Rivthr, of New A1 bar f, an Hoc. w. K K-Sward a, of Teri? Ham.-, elector" at Lirfi m. l a mil rti .or of iiiatr^rt. I. t .rJut' otr-rtHT Moreh?ad, ot Kentucky, wan Introl'w to the Oootobi kwi, aad mute aa b'wr and a half apcecl which wan eat huaiaatic ally appUu<1<?l. Rr?oli;t>on? rndorilng the Baltimore platform Mi nnm natwwia, and nppnatec fuaktn or alliance with anf othi political organization, were unanlmocaly adopt d. fvtjmrujjt, la., Aiifnat It, |*M. (Me b'ulred guna ware tlrwl here t-?day ? Uie ai BouaoniHit of the frrmatioa of a B?ll and EreraU ele. inral Hotel *>r tha Oonatltutlowal I n km (V>nrention at Ii dtaeafali- Taa enUiuaiaam la Intrane. TIM Peaairlraaia Daafla* Kifau Cam altt?. Haawawmn, raaa., Aaguat U, 1MB. The rtmig'aa -late Committee mat tbla aftarnnoa aa aat witb rioaod loor*. It la aaoertalaed. bowriar, that la thatr detarainatkn totaotalaata a clean Douflaa ?*? toraJ tickat. The elector* oa Uie* Reading Ooarac.Ua tlrket who pledged ft* will ba retained. Tt other dtartrlcta win ba AIM with Pmiflaa man. Tbe con mlttee meet agaia thia rvealnf, Caaai laMaal Raatlaattaai. Iimm, la., Aaguat li, 1*0 The repnMtcan* of Ike F.ifhth district har* nominate ?m iwTrt " ""N* to Onifreai. la plane of J. A. Rlr< r??i*n*r?jt. nfclo, Anf t?t IB. 1*0 The eejvi ana ?f the PfWntli ilMrtrl Itare r? mm rau.! II- U ?. a i"t Cvsj- i", ')j a.i.U4Uli? NEW YORK HERALD, TUl k HoitmtnU of Mr. Dom(la?, Ac. Bawl *, Mo., Auguilt 15, >800. Mr. Dougta arrived here to d?y wl LuJ i warm re ceptlon. He made a epeech. *' Tike Young Heo'i Democratic StKte CtHirwtion c*t to. a day, an4 ?W largely fcHeuded. o - - ? * Joha i. H?tfcji* fti Puii?<i?ipWfff. ? HCr??rtL!,B:A, Augu?t 16, IS?"' i* John C Heeoaii's exhibition irf 1 *msc'? wuods to day ? *M largely at Waded There *dre cror C,000 periMlJe the fifty cent enclosure, at-tf tif'.f* thai cuml* |*r outd.-lf, Ibe affair pn^.-d off with ecUrt. J The Can a la. M , I _ Ail Jim, AUf Ut 1?, XS6C I | Th? eaaii tolU for the flrat week of August amounte 1 to $92,822. This amount is greater than Uie receipt* < of any correspond log w?k of August tine* 184 T The aggregate receipts fcr I860, to Auguat 8, are *1,248.286, an Increase over 186;' of 8600 HZt>oathna Ortaa Steamer Novemrati^ S.H ajcmab, August 14, 1860. The United states mall steamship 1 labs ma arrived at 1 her wtuu-f at 6e\ en o'clock tb s (Tuesday) eveiuag AU well. I SAiAMaaa, August 16,1940 , The acrew steamship Hi.ntn-il'.t arrived at ber wharf at I six P. M. to-day I Patted States Steam Frigate Powhstaa. ftZ^OU-PHJA, August 15,1568 , The Taitcd States ateam frigate Powhttaa arrived at the Nary Yard this morning. Blaracts. i N*** Oauusn, Augmt It, I860, rotUk, steady Rates to-day 1:60 L<ale-, including 300 balet, of new, mild' D? 10-..<~ a 10 V Cora dull sales of wh'te at 70c. Other articles generally uachanged. Ratlmors. August 16 1800 Flour quiet but steady at >6 60 a 86 60, Howard s'reet and Ohio are beld at 86 M), sale* of City nulla at the same rate. Wbeat qui:*t. old, 81 26 a $1 22: white, 81 S6 a 8160 1 Corn firm white, 83r a 8S< , yellow, 72<" a 76c Provi aiona firm. Bacon, 10c. a 12c Whiikev firm at 22c. a 22>,c. PhhjU'?i '*hia, Angujt 16,1860 Hour duli: auperflne *, 76. Wheal dull sale* 2,000 bushes, red at $1 ?8 a 81 66, white, $1 40 a 81 &.' Corn dull, Bales C.000 btishela yellow at 7Cc. a 70c., mixed at 70c. a 72ljC. Wh Jkey steady at 22c. 1 Brmio, August 16?1 P U. Flour dull and unchanged. Whin dull, but waxier for white winter; .sales 14 000 bushels at $1 06 a 81 10; nolh inp doing in frprtng and red Corn (Inter, anil iu good demand; Kali* 66.000 bushela this morning at 60>;c a tic. (tats stealy and I In fair demand: sales 0,000 bushels at Whiskey steady. sale* ICO i?bls a 1.' c 'lanal freights steady, lake imports?200 bbls ??iur, 88,000 buibels wheat, 11, 000 bnabel.s oat? Fx ports?100 iihlp floor, 84 000 bushels wheat, 04.000 busnela corn. 40.000 bushels oats. 0l*;,v ALO, A'lgU?t 16?6 P M. Flour steady .with ? moderate home demand Wheat dull and heavy: sales 8 000 uishola white Michigan at 81 00H, and 1,000 bushels red Oh o at 81 08 a 81 09 Corn ad I vanced J-jc., with a g?od demand sale* 70,800 bushels, at 60c. a Mc Cats lower: sales 10.000 bushels Wiaconsm I 29c Whiskey steady. Canal freights Arm l.tke lie i ports?4,700 bb-s flour. 22,000 buahels wheat, 9.000 bush- i eis rorn, ?00 do. oats. Canal export*?300 bbls (lour, 66,COO bushels wheat. e;\(XK) bo-bo's corn. 40.000 do oats : | Ortwm.o, August 16,1M0. i Flcv.r d-all, but cuc!,aaged. Wheat In active deinatJ i for shipment ai d milling oairs 13 S00 No 1 Till' { nois red winter at tl IS, 8.3GO bushels red winter Indiana ! at 91 11, fr,C00 bushels do. at $1 1.. (to arrive), 10,000 i bushels red winter Ohio at SI 13 ?f, C.800 burhols do. at fl 11. i U.cag' i| rUig, which m wautsd for grinding, is very scarce, only one cargo of new bavins arrived, a part of which told yesterday at $1 07 for No 1; sale* to-day of one cargo No. 2 (to arrhe) at II aa offer of II 02 was made for another cargo lo arrive, but refused; the mar ) kct closed firm, with littie or none otiering on the sp-it. Corn firm ?&lc? 14,000 bushels Illinois at KXe. a C4c. (Hber grains tcarre, quiet and nominal. Canal freight? tlrm at 30c. on tlour, be. on wheat, SUe. on corn to New York. Lake imports?#36 bbU>. flour, 13.300 bushel* wheat, 26 600 buxhela corn. Canal exports?1,160 bbis. flour, 10,300 OakheU wheat, 26,600 bushels cora. > CaicarsATi, August 15. 1M0 . Flour r.ncbanred, dernapl moderate Whiskey st>w<ly at 17>,C- Previa ions Arm. Mora p >rk >10 60 Uu*m held for fUl rates. Money In good demau<l. Sight ? j change on New York steady. City Intalltganec. PatLOOS A? TS*K?h at PAT.irt Gxkpkt bt mI. O. G. Ma. vm:< ?Paiaoe Garden was again the seeae of a balloon excitement yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wwe, the bro thrrof the celebrated profeaaor. having announced that he wouid mak* an at-ce-t in h ? pretty little aerial ship. , "The Fnyiark." About thre? hundred persons were aa, tumbled inside the Garden by lour o'clock, and outside, | the ?.dewalks, stoops anl bouaeiopa were crowded w.ih ' people to get a gi.iupee at the interesting apccta- i I cle. An alleral.un too? place in the programme as anl< j uounce<l. Mr. Wise, who iutenJed to g>< up, was replac d L. i by one of his pupils, Mr. O. O. Mnjrnar '., cashier of of Cool.'.- Hotel, who was permitted to explore the uncer 1 lain regions or the air at his own ro.|ueet The MM of ligation wis, as usual, conducted In a very alow and Mliooa manner, and live o'clock fl?w j aioiwd before the operation waa fully concluded The r beautiful ariship then *\\ ung gently lo and Iro in the air. ' the wicker (not wicked) car or basket ?a< "blithe. on," ! ' I r?cbanglO|r a somewhat unprofeea local ?lute beaver for ! a more baady felt hat, Mr Maynard Hepped into tie tar, 1 bavin* previously thrown In the grappling in n* ecnac ' rbm iDf tobsccc and a oouple of hundred progamtnes, I l>ssldes two or three Drat little American tla/? Mr Wiae ' I tbeu del.veritl Mime words of advice to his pupil acl then gave the Signal lor al. to "let go.'' The "Ikylark" rliot kt'a.fht Dp fur a lew hundred !<*t, and then took a < i-outberly direction, moving slowly aid rraoe fully aa the bird alter which ?be W named The weather at the time 1 ww meet propltlnu. . the wind Mowing gently and the sky being bright and serene The ha'.loor, alt?r'being op about fire minutes, se*m<'d(t<i strike another current of air. and took a direction southeasterly, making Klowly t > waids the sea .-be pasted over the city abut WaL. 1 1 ureet to Brooklyn, and probably landed somewhere on tbe eastern tide of long lsiaa<l. Yesterday's trip was Mr. Maynard'* first attempt, and was very m<ceasf..l. Chiiji I/*! ?A bright little boy.four years old, has been missing from his home since the 14th < f July, and, despite all the endeaToes of his parents to discover b*s : * bereabents. be Is not to be fbttnd He bss dark bine f eyes snd light hair Re bail on the day be was atsssd j s pair rrf green piad pants, and an apmr alao a plaid. , e He Is able to s|>eax but a f ? words. His nun'* Is Cbartca Isaac > an l>or n , and atiy informal >n of b.m will be y meet thankfully ' reived by his allltcled parents, at tbeir j r -tldsnrc. No U4 Second avenue Asnriin Mitiur 8rv> m oca cmr Ij??t Nif.itT.?About i- half pfet eleven o'clock last nlgbt a -mail but brilliant i e meUor made Its appearance in ths sky in a dl.-ectioa al|. most due northwest of the city. The head or ball of the | meteor was sppsrently about four or flvs inches .a ilia . T meter, snd of a brillUnt greyish or bluish white eolor, r and was followed by a sweeping arched tail, about seven or sight fast long, coaspoa?d of bright sparks liks tboas >< ( 1 a nckel The elevation of the meteor was about f irtv i- de-rers and it travelled la a dtrectloa from aoriheast lb southwest. Its duration was about sit or eight sartndr I Jrwv Cm Pram* ?Aboat eight o'clock Isst even- , I itig Ffcglne 00. No. 1 of Jersey City paaaed our oflloa with j | their new machine from Philadelphia A hand preceded ' I ths procession, snd tbe men, numbering about fifty, pre r *o?te<l s remarkably fine appearance Ths engine wsa , derorated with colorad lamps, aad was much admired by 7 I thelarg" crowd collected oa the sidewalks as they passed i *J? ' l^ts*r Irarn flev. Wl*?. TV follow in* loiter (H read to tb? Jmclatm Dm - ale i Club of IkwUn ?? I Roujno*, jrr <a Nommt'., ? | llifix A>?lOo ,Vt.,Aii(?l 2.1MI / I I And It very difficult to decline the coiu^JmetjUtry inTilatp*) <>f your* of the 10th alt , re< elred wilhio lh? Im la?t few day*, t would prefer Ho*t?n ami Fanruil Hall io i*?t? n Ui any >>th?*r rtaad point to apeak f>o*i in tho I t 'I .ct.He?, on the tnplra y tlicae dark B-it it i- itnpoaaibl<- I"mw !nt>e*. tniUdlag and iKnea* tuccther. forbid m to Ittrm ai.y ufafotoenU J tliM mil rtiaire additional labor* or any ?b*.'0<v? from b?me for luaiiv month* to <om?. I kliatl to the I B*Mfclnndj(c and I ado ticket all my mipp->rt I | 'lo D?t acrrr with tbrw n-imiaeea In mw ? *ce?tta] particular*, and certainly do not *'ibarribe ;h? ?- ! platform la two rrm*ft* oo whi :h they ?re plac.-d by II their n< minatloB . bat their triumph will the trtovpn ? i of the vital doctrme of protection Mpwow and pnywty >- in the coani ? Tmitorina of tho United ?ut?*. tt a i lie i**w> of thl* en?te*t, whether pmtaction, ?ofyvfci r*, to *11 And Bit altka. ali Ail |ifv?.l airmiait thL* "rnaccniaitng ' Lb'-ory of IK? int*rTroti<? If protflcl ?Iwm *h?traolloo, dob Intarrrntlon la got. If th" I^riniaLiT' [Vpvt " (VifHcrrw. And the K*w?t1re rv-pai m. n? tbo ! ! t-t. winch it to ao.' thai Uio ! ? at- UilhKlIf .<!< rJitod, ATP both t? Ur?or?( lb" fxtrvw? pr'ritr drly of pro | twalci. Allc1tl?mosb?)ly And aIiM, wnrrvrrr thr jorladio 1 i linn of (p)T(<niinpnt rtimda, In the rU'hU ?>T pmn and (.rofwrty wttbo'it diacrim latinti or dirt ui'tton <?r dirtor nor. And ara to thro* ih? powora and d-jtloa of protect in,- p?-r?nr? and propartj wh<i \y >pon the IndleUr/. which la tlx- iua|>lrt> depart neat Ix-ta.^n otttw?n and eltioo and jrnvarnmeut and clti?ti?. in?nilTaof indi- ! Tidual right*, what la to l>? tU r<ault. TU<- flrat and w .r*l r ?Mini< rttrm will b? tliat It will dra;- tli* (*ipro?Bf Gv:rt I ft the I mtxd *tataa from it* l*>nrji of <N,naJtt/, o^uity and la? and ji*?ir?, and b^drarrl" ' IB "> nira of par tUan politica uat.l IU frmlne w-.i; be ?o 'alnad Uiat It i Will to 11 nil to bold tto acal?? of "..<ln. I*w. .1 atior I- MnraJa at *11. Tlia a?non<1 rnwr>i'iw.??'ii w imi i ttl art up BKTf m"iiW:!r>?l ump'r" In bo ?rbitar, ar nn. | p'.ra betwraa neweiac Malts which in 'br laat raaort | ran drcld* only for ibiwiwivf. Th? thirl ..naaqiiaeoe '* will Jk thia that EiwnUr*. t>y l^nrtnr dity and power o( protection will at laat obtain ail tba powaw of . U>? <io\ era rarrt, for tha .Tudfe* nro nowin?l?(, ami by fj um) with the adrice and o>n?oct ?r th<? naia, ?i [l by the lYcaiitoat. Nothing mwl^ ha bli~r than the fedarajtaa of thia Doo-iaterrentioii doctrine. And doe? it l??a ?lara property alone at Uf mer~y of f-lerai f< war * ooacmtraUwi ultimately in an e*arutire? No;, tm, '* ara at tta mercy! Whut <iae, wbo . laa, I won't xtep to *num*rale hr ova, I will aerer rd""'7 anbmit to It. Thia laaua r*aapel? ma to aide with the ttoka? of "?r | flhotoa. Ood (rant that mir aflhrta ha not in vaia. t Oar th'T ?UI ba that blark republicanism iab> trfimih ia 4 the r< m'nf rlrrtiia. If an, I mean fhr una lo abide by ?, mmI m tba t'noa ta flfht In It, not out of It?aid In I Maine lha r^aalry ad ita enuMitMiioa; bnl not to ?ah mit oar tnrmrnl, or to novrada oar atagle itacn. tn a , I- wb'eh will <4?vr*da n?e aaif ntlaa ta tV ft, itit', Uiitiak<i|Mi;1?U. ULM5V A. ^UL. wt>m of tht Delaware State L<ott or a. !>, iCDPT A CO.. Manager* ot Ik | rttrn.~m v ??rrcKF a>? Mi*tovtu $tate uwtiium. ' mu/A -Kmtua Class So 387, Aug urn U 1380 9 I Dru * <. 6?, 8, 77, 3, 63, 7, 44, 34, 40. 23, 1. 5, V ** * AB6IWT 15 IdSH. 7l, 40, 47, 16, 44, 41, 68. 4, 6 1 78 , 62 , 46 , 24, J?, , *nrrr hy ?ilflrra?lin ulllmi Id I Olrculu* tt,\ 'rm'r f ?. * OO.. WiJmlnftoo, Delaware, WlM>i>, *>??7 , * CO., 8t Louts, Mlaaourt ' Or u> WTH.D, Kb. . ? Broad beau <&> Co. Drawlaga of Vraare,. De^ware l oUertaa - ooust 15. 1890. U im, x 31, 47, 15, 45, 24, 1, 66, 12, t,2, 46, ttf, ?v, ^ .OPST i5, isao. Co^OUDArrv l&rttur--Claw ?, x, \ 19, 69, 4. "2, 6, 66, 46, 34 . 44, 16 , 57, 3>, 4? 4 CO., r&AKjK, BKo^rtrntnrK vuawxre. '"Wm. WUmtaKlna, k Six Flae Shlrii tor 9M. MOODY'S Shirt Manufactory, 381 JllSDAY, AUGUST 10. fl OrnAno Mattvm ?The ue.Tt i'p, r* scmoo will be con meooed under the management ol Ciimu and Sirakueca about the Hh c?f September. The engagements inclwti three prima d<mr\e?Adeilna r?ttl, Oorteei and f?b?>ri two tMora, Brtgnoii UJ Muslanl: two baritones. Terr tad Amodio, and tt>o ^,nk, ^ Sw)Ull, Carl Form* kaa be*Q tafaged, and Tainberlik, the great ten >r, wii positively appear during the season, the engagement hav (Bg been concluded. In the meantime, the art lata are enjoy log doles far nunts at the various luoawr retreat*. On to morrow evening Adeline I'atti will gIre her Brat concert at Nowport, where the season is at its height The young prima donna has been compllmetitsd with a moat munidcept Subscription, and her toirre mutioa!e will attract the Cfeme it la ertrne of the gay xlanderi Where they go the general public follows as a matter of course, and therefore It Is beyond peradventuro tiat the concert will be a grand success. The Opera folk go next to Montreal to sing for the entertainment of bis Royal Highness tho Prince oT Wales. Oar Wathlngtoa C*rreapoa4emrt-. Wanainm>.f, August 14, I860. A Cnim tf the Bell and Kverett and Iknujlas Force* in Virginia Negotiating?A. II. II. Stuart, FaSerrdary of Oic Interior, the Prime Mwer i/j the Matter?Bfi'ort* to Conciliate Both?Stuart Writes to flotti' Friemf? The Mwemenl Suppohd to he rniver&l?hook out for the Jh<nl>.e-v?Kffart* of the Whig* to Prevent a I'nivn of the tun Fvctumt of the Democracy?The Otject, <t> , dc A gentleman from the celebrated " tenth Legion" dlsirict of Virginia. Just arrived here, has let me into the tec ret of a movement set on foot by prominent members af the whig or opposition party of that State, to form a -oalition with the Douglas wing of the democracy, so as to carry the vote of the State for either Bell or IVtuglas. So far, its origin is traced to the Hon. A H. U. Stuart, of Staunton, Secretary of the Interior under Fillmore. It Is iscerta'.niil that the ex Secretary addressed a letter to [%as. S. Lewis, of Rockingham county, an intimate Mend of the Hon. John Minor Butts, suggesting the feasiUllty of this plan?the object being, a- is supposed, to win for it the approval of Bolts' friend*. This, however, it a mere matter of Inference, based upon Stuart'- condescension In add retain? a letter to a friend of Ft tt* t*> whom ho has h<M?n rww* Itarlv h.mtiln f.?r nmnv pear? Universal content i- India pen-able, an i bonce 1)118 sudden change in th.1 demeanor of Sluarl toward* Bolts friend-. Wh it the lorm- of the proposed coalition are has not yet full}' transpired. rhey contemplate, of comae, ft Cabinet po-KI<?i fcr the ex Secretary, and <lue pro|mrt|on of the sjioIN for liiB i?arty Tho co?l tlon will extend to the Hou-< of Repre culallvtti, should the election gn there, ami it Li even hoped that block republican aid will be ob taineu as i.?.n a-, it 1* ascertained that Lincoln cannot be elected. The coalition parly?that it, Bell and rviug'M?Imagine the leaser of two evils, ti.d a* Hiicb hope to be considered by the black rcyub In nn* when a choice comet to be made between them tol .es aud Breckinridge. It matters uot which of the two, lfcmjaa or Bell, will be the favorite. They are to muke common cause, the frieudu of the defeated candi date, as Is supposed, to be duly rewarded This It a grand scheme, and one which will undoubt sdly work well Nor It It confined to the Old Doinlniou It in tuppoMed to embrace tho whole I'nion lufornation of similar movements in other States ha reached hore, ind mtny are disposed to attribute the results of the recent State 11< c.tiont In Koutucky. Teuncbsi e, >uri and North < arol:na to the influences of this coalition Tne aemwrat- barely esraped defeat la the latter State, winch, if I recollect aright, gave tome twelve or flfloen thousand majority to Governor Ellis at the former elec lion Mark the movements of the Rrookset In New York, ind toe If they will not soon squint towards a combination ol all the opposition element* lu lual State upon Douglas. Il ts significant that almost every opposition mpor in the I'nion show? ? preference for Iiouglat over firecklaridge Many of them do tu at a Rscrlfloo of con usiency, having, before the Convention!, denounced Isuiglaf' squatter ? >vere,giity doctrines as worte than ?l-ck republicanism. They are utlng every effort to maintain the divttlon In the democratic rank*, in order to alforu to consummate this grand scheme. Virginia, by all accounts, it told to Douglas or Bell? told to the ? alition at least. There will be no such thing Lr a union of the two factions of the democracy in Vir K'Bla. Tbe bargain Is too near maturity to admit of any luch arrangement al this time Virginia is hopelessly lost to the democracy, and Handy Stuart has the credit of that result. You will bear more upon ibis subject. The tirtat Katlrra. rnz-injnons for pspartvhs? ikr.hi incriahk of Tli<!tx*S?TEMPORARY F.lSfBClTaTION of MTM? kem on thi wihrvks tbi la9t dat of 11kh tis:t-for MUM* no: ktc. There was at^Hiat a return of the old excitement yesterday oo board the great mammoth ship, In consilience al the crowns that hastened to visit her ere the took hei Anal departure from our shores. The (teamen began U ply from the foot of Uammond street at ten o'clock to the T?tse! a station in the stream, and only oeaacd plying tc and fro when there wot no longer time left for even t cursory glance below to any whose curiosity was only la be appeased by treading ber decks, if even b?t for n tarn m two. The steamers kept up a constant communication between the vessel and shore, and on every trip they were crowded with visiters, who, having hitherto foiled to vls.t the naval architectural eosdtr of the age, were at last determined that they would be able to anawar af Great Eaatert< " h'otwltbatautl'Tig tV great nurohera who went oo board during tbf d?v, and that at time* there must have teen at leait a coupic of thousand people brought together, tl>ere wt-rc but few to be encountered id utiy one place, ao completely were they Uat tu tbe ma/?*|of the betwoendecks, or engulpbad in the cavernous depth* below, Ttiua the freights of people bro glit orer by every steamer ?ei mud to add bat little to tbe numbers that were al reao.. tiga^' d to admiring tbe vast pro^ortioo* and luo rxteulre acr<tna>i-<lat."D? of the ?bip Ah tbu ni tbe laat occna.oti that 1* ever likely to o3er for an lo*|*ctien of tbe meMBolb of tbe deep. It was observable toat there were more tbau a sual numrter of rlsltera to tbe engine dt pertinent*. and ir"n tbe Rattier in which tbe ma rl 'nery to I It* oprratiooa were referred to and 41* cuaeeo, and tbe dues scrutiny they underwent, it waa clear that there wv a considerable nutn her of scientlffc and mer.hanwal visiters present Ti er* waa n<dh<ig transpiring <>n board -to Indioate ia tbe ?ligbte*t degrre that tbe great ahip wit* sending her laat Oa.v itiugb^ t us?that on tbe morrow tboao tn? Inert ana siteut maeeoe of marblnery would be put ioto nol*y motion, and that thronvh their agency the (ireat haeiarb ?li 11, ha- l?-en e i>/ "'lie ..f the ? rial c iih oi New York Me. would be pro]wllod <?on more to h<r Island bom'' acmes the Atlantie It waa atip;?sed In tba earlier days of tbe project, wlrle yet the Levistbao waa upon her stocks, and ?ben fri tu niaiiv varda arued turth tbe mnwaant and M tine uolar Khi'h proclaimed that < ratik an I wheel and ham m-- --no many a hum dry are wai at work la ape-ditu <>n the "tr. impb of tbe age,'' that Yankee vanity *Mtf h-. aaakened, and that Yaakee Ingenilty wmld be tired to produce a rival to tbe creation of his cousin John Roll. But Jonathan waa content to let the work g? on, wlaely foreseeing thai it would end in producing an o<caa Frankenstein, which wouM be to lie projector* more trouble than pro Bt The biatory of tbe Oreat Eastern baa proved Uie wisdom of our capital law and ?hlp l>u .lern and even now, wlier. at a fearful coat, human alt ill baa acquired control over the great !fc*ting mass, arlaea the qu?ation In Hie word* ot their own great writer, "What will thsy do with Itf" Ihiaa quetllos which comi* mora properly under the cnnaleeratlon of the fMrect- ra of tbefJreat Ship (>>BiptiiT. than thai of a reporter, ud with tbcra |/>t tt r??t. Ymtf rr1aj- tha wl.arf at tfw fbnt nf namamod ftr^t ],! i?nma MMM "f the We Mid b?wtl- wh- !i ! r*?a 1*1 la all tbal hrifhbnrhond during tbe j?!mi?*f oaya of tw "#nnder Hucii aa thoanene km teat-May, l.? nr it MM but come* a faint idea of the WW pfartird and er-icted ere the trip tn Oaf" May ?u on b>rrd on. Knim the n>-m> nt that Hie Hbr?:h ,muouaced all the fhrw ronnected with that til manar <1 ubdfrUUiing, ibrra waa no imm<*dl ite ?trl?e >>f tenia and marqueea, r' tairvnln anl oonfnc ttfrtj ay Mkjoot, wgv -woda and fruit atanda, arid a 'ftnplet'- danpnta of ail Ihnar ooterprlaing outer CTH ui inf p?ioiro wm; imvi hiijiuiiik hit iu? priTiFf** ?h doing buaiacaa on lb*1 S?h?rf. Tbe\ all lied inoonl.neal "j. kBowing that 'l dm in groat nnwr" til up with tb" perolation. ftit yeaterday. uBder tb<> g*B)al influ ?nc? ofa heautlftil d?y "urcrod'n* a very mi?xr*h!? win try w, mil rmm tb* fact that thia ni th? laat day, Mid th*t a crowd of riaitarv would be ?ura to b? thara, Dm wharf waa nmtr more alive with itinerant <i?atara of all klO'Ja, froa (bo Grange boy, with bta thrill cry of '-taro cnu * paper. f that great 'medicine man John Krmble. th* ortff'na) oil mm, who collartad an au?llaoca by th" dulort l?m of an old banjo an.I hia own veion, Jread folly craek'-d from ht? proa* affbrta, an he uM hini*-:f All waa Ufa anl animation oa the whart the boat* w?nt off loaded at every trip, and at th") t rued *?alo lr<-4h rroada await?d ir*n*|>ort TV* filth, Kifbth aad Ninth araane <ar? were All*) with the crowd* l urrying to tbo ?bip, aj.d at teat when evening ram', md U)? boat had takaa ofi the laat li'viafera. It ?aa -imp .I' d U>at M*? n ait ard -wvm thouaaad peraoei ad b<"r on b-?ri during the day. TVre will be an (prraipwkin grant/d to aay oca to go oa board to morrow, exccpt time wh i i?\- <'ug*g<?t paaaagea for togland. Tha num'cr who will nail Ir b*r ci*;Jd Bot l>e nac-rtain.-d w lb ai > proj> r amm? matloa, for m ?he laat nvxa-nt ap a;>pr-a^h. < many will maka tip the r mlnda in ahiirrj and !>a off At thia tima tha ai uini?r "Vodua to Furope ha# etpended la?lf, aad it la b< i I" ha presumed ihat l?e Groat fcaatern to morrow wtll U*e niai.y over a hundred pa**"nf*r? The '-(TWiara and neew are almnat tirad of tha buaincaa of aihlb lion* aad of pleamira tripa, aad ara look bit anxtocaly forwar 1 to their departure Ta-a them all IB ail, rro? Captain Hall down, tbey bar* comported themaelvea with a dignity, court' ?y ?rd attention on all mi aaiuoa which deaarvea our ro*im?edatlor We wtah tha (<reat Faatera a rale ana homeward voyage. kaprrmr ( oarf-kpti ial Term. TVfhre R(? Jftdpa Sutherland At St fl 14 ?/* t*e MnHrr ft* Ff'nttrir' R ?twm In tvmnrr f\mpnr?i ?Order ta #h"i% rauaa C^arlad, without ti i na, u> iU? Bi^auti&t, snirt ?nn uoutr Depot, m tad M9 Wll> liata if root, one dnor north of Maiden lane. -Shirt k made ? or der. tunic t'aderaklrta and DnatiwJheclM, Neckties, <;},*? llauifterehltin. Ac. (Jko. M. TKACY, Ageo" Ltdltf' Claltcn at lXi., Mltppera anit Tie* at 6a. and 7a per pair, bora' mlaaes' and children ' Bool* and Shots all styles and prions, t.adlea patmnlzn. MILLKR * t*0., Hff t'aual street. inMjr'i OaUirjr, TOT BHOADWAT. The PrralUcncr.?Neadr Brother#' Life Photograph* of Douglas Johraoa, Bell, Kv?retl, IJnn!n,H?a lln hreckirridre and I*ne. Copies for aale at XKi Broadway, oppuaite lha Park fountain. Katebliahed 18U. Sen. Grab All, Gen. Get All, Orm. Steal All. lira. Do All and (Jen. Keep All photographed at HOLMKH' Gallery, Broadway yesterday. All Loren of Pine Art will Kxperlewe ereal pleaatirr In Tlewlnp h large rroup picture nmv on pthlbltlon for a abort period at KAB1S' PHOTOOBAl'IilC OA1XKRY, :i?3 limtdway. Brooklyn Photograph!?NlnUtvr*, Cabinet, Imperial and Ufe Ki/e. ! CllAS. H. WILLIAMSON", Kstabluhed L-Ol. Vlhiilit A Wllaon'a 8swUf BMM?t OBoe out Broadway. K. T. Grower A Uakir'a t elcbrated NolMlM 8ewlna Macbln the beat in use for family aewtajr. tN Bml< ? V Ma>? lurk ai.H 1H1 Vnlu.n llrMl Hmkln An Opportunity to Purchase a Machine and oay for It in weekly payments, is now olleted. Apply al the KureAa > ? * ng Machine ollloe, MU Uio.idwHj. LaM, W abater it to.'i Improved Tight Utefc Sewing Machine*. at 600 Broadway. To Southern and Western Merchant). Airent* wasted. Apply at the Eureka Hewing Machine office, i'JJ . A Grand Hatqnerade Ball will be Given at the National lintel Iodk Branch. New Jersey, nu Thursday evening, August 16, IStiO. D. 1*. l'KTKK.s, Proprietor. Herring'* Patent Champion rirs and trarglar proof Safe*, U1 Broadway, oornar ot Murray Uraat. aw Turfc. Steamer Bremen Cleared In Klght hours of Roaches and Bed Hugi by using Knnwles' American Insect Destroyer and Patent Bellows. Contracts taken to clear house*, tteamers and vessels; large house* cleared In one hour. Apply to L. hNOWI.KS, Principal depot, MO Broadway, tinder St. Nicholas Hotel. Ca*ten Lychou & Co.'* Mwedlah Punch, celebrated lor Its purity snd perfection. Depot til White strtet. Cllrehufh'* Illusive Wl*.?A If*v?ltf> Partings unjuUnable; no turning up beh~*d MO Broadway, ext to A. T. Stewart's. CrUiadoro'* Ilalr Dy*, Wlgf and Ton pees. th? beat lu the world, wholesale and retail, and Iks dye privately applied No. 6 Astor House. ttatehelor'a Wig*, Ton pee* and Ilalr Dy* tare Improvement* surpassing all others, natural and *a*y; perfect fit, no turning up behind. Ma 11 Band streak Barry** Trtcopherou* la the Beat and aheapest article for dressing, beautifying, curling, cleansing, ^rreervtng and reatorlng the hair. Lstdle*. try U. Sold by *B Dr. Marsh Continue* t* Apply hi* Raclleal Cue Truss with sueoe** In eflaoting permiuient cores of hernia or rupture. MAKHHACO, M& Z Veaey street, N. T Ruahton'* Mild Apart*ntor Antl-BUlloas nil*, with directions. Mo. 10 Astnr House and 117 Broadway. Liver Complaint* Positively Cured.? For this particular affection IIOLI.OWAY'8 Pill* are < ir more aclir* idkd i?'arrhlng Uia prep imUont, of luorcury, without Ms il'aaatrous roo?e<\unices, snd at the same Urn* Uie> invigorate tb<- ijntcm and Improve the geueral l.ea'tb. r Harried. > Barnard?Bvrry At C'ranevllle, N. J., on Tuesday, August 14, by Ker. Hollis Bead, D. D., G?in? (>. rakp. of New Pall/ Landing, N. Y . to Miss H. B.ut Rt. daughter of Samuel Barry, Eaq. Bktifurp?Van Nonniui.? <>n Wednesday, Augiift 15, at the residence of the bride's father, In tins city, l>y the Rr>r. diaries Whitehead p. Wkxthivsr 11mh orj> to Co* nrij a n , sorond daughter of Tbomai L. Van Norden, Kfc|., alt of New York. Jlora.g?Cook ?In this city, on Monday, August 17, by the Ker John Brash, A M Hoixii. of Sarauniil) Ga., (formerly of Glaaguw, Scotland), to Mum (.ah.skins Coot, ol' Gourork, Scotland. F.tRMRK?Nriia.?In thi? city, on W. Inclay, Adgnlt 16, by the Ker. Kdwln K Cook, Wnuaji, eldest son of Will lata Farmer. Blq . of Caiiada, formerly of Sulton Mad dock, atiropsnlre, England, to Mary P., only duug liter of Jaaies Neill, EBq . of New York, formerly of Bangor, county Down, Ireland. 1/VTkwuun?Van Norho.?At the fame t mo and place, | by the Key. N. K Smith, Chari.** Iockwood to Makoa' Rn W.. eldest daughter of Thomas I? \uu Nordm, K*q.f all of New York. Bin si;?Rimjro ? At Camel, Germany,on Tuesday, July 31, Mr. GlWTAVt:* Srsnn.of this city, to Snot mod. Ainmt ?On Wednesday, August 15, of hasty consumption. JoK*m Anum. aged U3 years. Hi* friends, and the members of tho GIof* Cutters AsI social ion, are in\ited to attend the tuneral, from his late reaiaence, no. -en rim avenue, iai? (inuraoay; ajier MM* <1 two o'clock. ILikkk.?()d Wednesday evening, August 16, Av?o* B?hbk. m the 081b year of lila age. Thu friend* and relative* of the family are reapeetfilly invited to at ton d bn funeral, from hU late reauteui e. No. '.'42 I mrtli Washington aqaar*, on Friday, Auicuat 17, it 4 o'clock P. M , without further invitation. Ba.\ki? ?In Brooklyn, R 0, M Tuesday, Auguit 14. Juna VKksinn, youngeat no of l>avld and Deborah (i. Bank* agod 1 year 8 months nod h day*. Thv rrmalna will be taken to WbitlwckvJlc Cwetcry for IMrr?i?nt. \ai Hi shirk ? At supletoo, S. 1 . on Wedae?.Uy, AuC?ip? 16, after * long illneaa, lira lactlu ?ift of John Van Buaktrk, af<-d 06 y-ar* Funeral aarvlcea will be held at the SouU. Reformed li <burcb, at .. Iiraal.-ah'irr. V J.. t'?a? fftinraday) lorcnooa at elevM o'clock, wher? her rema n* will be m> torred. B'ltn* ?In Kaat New York, on TumJay, AuguU 14, Emu Kama, daughter of l'eU>r aad Cat' Br ode, aged 0 month* and 24 day- . The frirno* and relative* of the ffcmlly am r ai?'il!y Invited to attead tha funeral, l> >m the raaMoaoe of tier parents, in Kaat Naw York, L I., Una (Dioraday) morning, at half paat ten o'clork. CkAKK ?At 8taten 1. land, on T* '-"lay, Auira t 14. On kjmt Ximtwa, wily daurhur of Pr. J U. Clartv, aged ' ?r? 11 ntxbiiia uuii 17 ia\ Hie relatives and friend.* of tbe family are respectfully Invited lo attend tlia Mineral, vlthnvl further noi.> , frnm tl* re'ldeooe of ber parent*, i.ear Kactoryrtliv, on Filday afternoon at two o'clock Caow ? la thia city, on Wednesday, Anfu*r 15, M?i;nu* Clow, y<>u n ge x t daughter ?t Mary Jane aad Jar.iea Oow, month? Tbe frltiida of tbe family are reapectf.iUy mv.toj to at tend tbe funeral, from tb< reaideoce of ber paroet*, No. 70 llA*fk II/w.m ctr.nt ?K m i afl/ rfikin ftl hftlf. I (Ml oo? o'clock. H< r r-m?u a ufW Ukcti Ui Kr<>ii v ; for inwrmwit. (im<a ?In Vbfo city, <w> WcdnwUy, Auj^nt 13, of lmj*y, IVrr* noroa,eMMl ton '4 Xlcboljtfuiii CalUarmo Bovgh, aged 4 fvi mo 7 month*. Kri?ii'l? of tb<' fiuniijr are iovlied to ttlmd h.s (\inortl from ftfiRnaevalt (tract, tb.s (fhurxluyi '.tCiom. u, it two o'clock. Jacmms ? At W?rtcb?t?r, on WrdnrmiAjr, aiif'i*! li, Rwjibiji a. jMUxm, ?"0 ot tb' lie*. c. I). J*uk?ga,0. D., pa l'i yara Notice of funeral will appear l? t? morrow'* paror Miiimck ?'? Tuesday, AuKunt 14, after * abort , Rmu? kt I ji/jirxtii, Wirt of Cbarle? W. Mebrur, 16 yara and 6 tuoutb . Ill frwttd ?f til" Imi J- ar D1 U 1 1< ?' r 1:1, fj iwrtl, U>ll (fti ir-'lay) nxTii.rg. at too o c.nick, irum lr-r late reeldoace. in EiirMjrlblrd ?tr?*t, ? ,r*t and Sr<y?4 avenue*, Yerktllle Her ratA.oa will bo taken to Ure^nvood for interment N'ou? ?On Tneaday, Aufuat 14, of eoMumptkm, Mm. Ja>b Noi 4.*, beiovl wife of Mr Myl?? Nolan, a n ?tivr of tbe oonnty Oarlow, In land Tbe fVMsn-J- and ac<t<iaintaoc<' of Uk family are roapeot folly Invited to attend lb'- funeral, from her late r?i teace. No. 2M Eaat Twelfth tbta (Thur> lay) aft r not*, at two o'clock precisely. fwrrii ? At K*. t Cbeeter, K Y.,00 Wetfoemlay,Au*u-t U. alter a abort lllae? , Jtwm If. ITrw, **ol 33 yw 1 and 3 month* Hla p main* will be takra tbM 'lay (Tlinrvdaj i to '??t Troy tor Interment. Parujr*. ?On Tneaday evening, August 11, Rani'm 8., w If* of Iiaitiel B Pbllllpa, and daughter ot feter D. My ra, uf Plii'ailelpb ia, In the 24ih year of be* a*? Tbe reatalM will be taHen to l"btta?delpliia ff.r interment Piutt?In Jbonfclyn, no Tneaday, An* net 14, Mil"V Piurt, a aati\ e of riyauer, bavooabire, Kfegi.unl, la tbe ?<th year of bla a?w. I in.-Ol Monday, Anffuft 13, after a abort illaee*, Kt ijpi, the beloved wife of Pbilllp (jnlan, a native M Uk town of Briturbe4t, county of Oavan, pariah of Drambuie, Ireland. aged 3t yearn Tbe frleada and relative* are raapertfally invited to attend tbe runeraj, from ber lata reaideooe, So IT# arenua A, tbta (Tharaday) afternoon, at balf pant one <> c.lm*. Pnnrra ?0? Wednesday mwni, Anjprt 1ft, la t' a 93d *?ar of but a?e, Jam M. ** <?, eldeat aaa nf tbe late Rev lebabnd H H??*i ?r The friend* of the famtty are re?pantrr.||y invited to al tend tbe foneral, from tbe reatd-nee of bla mo?ker, tot Pineapple aireet. Brooklyn, ? thrar o'ekwk to Ft. lay af eraoro 1 T? m-OB Wri'KiJay, Ar; 41 Vi, * I.mul, 5 ? - ten or Frc4erici D. ul .wu A. Tappen, (fed Ik ytx? a^<' 7 month*. TU; relatives and (rlrods of Ux> family %r* rtmpeetfUQr invited to attcud the funcra., on Frii?y afternoon, at hajf met two o'clock, rn>m the reliance of hi* paraaU, j tTI We(t L^btueuth itnwt. Wau?At AJbuiy, oo Tuesday, August 11, of tiocpaac cough, Uaj.klla, daughter of Elijah and Uaboll* ff j, 2 jeair, 7 mouths and a4 dayn. nnTAJ^."r.Kt-.r^ud^eaJ^?.on Tuesd*Jr. AuruJt 11, wb*U s ?? r.Miawiui, > j., mm, daughter of th - lata Holly Watcrbury, seed 46 year*. Her remains wUi be brought cn for Interment. Fua-raf , this (Thursday) aflernooa, at two o'clock, irom tbf residence of her brother In law, Mr. Geo. H. Ahrena, 244 south First street, Brooklyn, E. D. The relative* sad frienr a of the family and those of her brother*, J *ept? and William H., are respectfully invited to attend wife ! out further notice. VFiwr.?At Wsterford, Saratoga county, N". Y..on Wrt . day, August 3, AL*m, rclict of the late Joba West, ?f ! this city, in the 80th year of ber ue The ucath oI ber i husband, with whom she had lived 66 years, preened her own about two years. She was oae of the uMeat I members or the Brick I*reabyterian church in thUcity. I hk Tt?' bMa c00ne?*ad with that church 44) years. i ~ MlgCBLUraWI. A1 ?ait a oo.-a, No. JC1 Broadway, I ?v. ">? * ** W*rre? street. New Tot*. i Attenum n m He 1 tothrir Ihtm stock ot " U(5oUi?. VNb HtLvitt WATCHJCa, . b? the follow*! ?*'*" Vadmskers:OwriM Frwtahart, Jaraes Btoddait. T F. l o. per J?'hn I'ragr, r?avU) T?y!or, <"U?? Taylor A Ssoa. V C. llnuwhrJse %Oo., r B Adams A nsask i K 1? Johnson. , Robert U*.. A? 6. iivskn. <"- _ . If. I ToNs*. * * p. Koi>m hoBkri:. Joseph beweL. I SMST1. | Fatek FhUlippe A Co., *r-1 Ixmus Auderaers, * ' James Nardta, . ? 1'ucb?"t Jules Jorsets-n. ?V>penh- N-T Which they offer at wholesale wd retail. a. iuw AT ROBRtT BAIT * ^ No. 2W Broadway, oornerof Warren sir."? . New Is*, to offered at ? IMesale and retail * very In; ?e an * cc?n*l-?* *a "0rtn"'nl 0f OOI.D AND sn.TKB WATCHM !rr nil the eelfbrated soakers of I LONDON, urorooL, and OEXHVA, at rnltir^ priori. Ay WHOI FSAI.R UKMS 10U.ARH, LA1EHT cakjti, londov and broadw4t 8TTIJCH?DOMKSTIC finish. no oi.ohs. Tic 'rade nrr invited t<- examine a l.irf h Mock of U? >hw for da. of anperlor quallt" to those beretolore acid at wtnte wiir. Tbev are the name rjuaiit) aa tliow made bv tbe M Broadway fiirniaUfuK oealen, to order. and at prr*j ylnr as luj Troy ;lv?i collars. A. FINCH. 37.i BrtmOirair, Ma;ntf.ietnrer'* i\|jeut. 1. Ai. Al. Al. Al. A). Ai. al. a1 At. At. J. K. STAFFORD'S OLIVE TAR. WnrM Out* Tar is Ixrai id 1u healing balsamic ndon ana brought in direct rootact with >ha lining membranes o( tfaa Throat, U orchial Tluh, a>i> iu Tut Am CtuJ or rm 1*011 ON, kmikvim. at v.sck any pain or oppre?lon, and healing iuv Irritation or inflammation. Whi m Oi.iti Tar is Takk.i iritw Nl-i.ak It forms an unequalled hooUuujj and healing ayruji for Cougka aud all Throat dkeaiea. Wmbs ourr Tar m ArniED IU magnetic or dncentraMtf curative powvro render It a moat eneedy and eOicleut pair anniiuLatob. Olive Tar la not sticky?doaa not dnenlnr. SO orota a bottle. at ilZ Broadway, N. T., and by all dragsMa. J. R. STAFFORD'S IRON AND Sl'l.PHUR POWDERS are a nohible preparation of iron and aulpbnr, w*fc ib.ti eilating la the blood of a perfectly heauthy pfr?. Uniting with the digested loud. Tiii.y Kkvitali*r akp Fnurr tri lti.?.'n. Tiikv IxrAiiT K.ikrut to Tim NatotiSi in Thky IkVICORAT* thk 1 ivkll. tllry htRKKUTIIBS hik dloumo*. Tiikt Km.ulati: t?k SKCkrrioR* or tw. Boot. Ami AkK A Hrfccme For all Ki *i r. \Tk*\ fmn |1 a Pa<;ka'H At No. 442 Broadway, New York, and i>y al! druggiala. Aorntb wantb?-in ivkrt cmr and town u? the United Rtalaa, lor the aale of Thorlay'a Food for Qtt tie, aa imported from Knglaad, and liberal lerau tirvM. TlfDot 'Jl Bniadwav. New York. AT WTTOLTOALK.?PROARR PROM TO MO. CAM bujera are ottered great tnduoeaien'a O. cniudl, 17 Bro*Awmr^_ 14 T *1.?8HOKS AND OAITRRS AT ,'ONKS U AMI A 12 Ann atreet, a uaw aiyle. and wa-Tantrd f rW par [f t aiiafacUou. "D Al.l.OU'8 KKFFFFFFFFFFF TYTY TTYY RSfvV rrrvrtrrrrrrr tttt tyyt km hhh KK FF TT Tit w ? rr rr rr tt mh FF TT YX MM FFFT rr KM FFKF TT K? rr rr ? IT TT if rr tt om aw rrrrr tytyt mi m rrrrr ttttt uau BAf JjDCH PATKWT IMPROVKD K?*NC H TOU HUrKTR, T'.tlented November I, IK*. A KKW HTYIJC OF BMIRT, WARRAKTHD TO TTt. Retd by pipmaui any part of the United Mlalaanpoo reeaMt, \<rr nuol, of the following m^aaurea. whioh will Inaure par* Iwi ?. I'* |U 111. Mt nod ? p?r dnwi No order forward nr tnr lea* than hail a doraa ahirta. The aeaisra tri MMNenfc?The dMuf6 round It Toto-Tto www freakmm poinu ..f faeh ahouldnr. Klerre Tb* l?n<rta fron the OMN of tti" bark to tbr wriat, wl ji the ana baal Hreaat OWaM apnmd the body, nndar tboarmpUa. Waiat?Diataaoe iwfc Alan, the lengta of the ahlrt. li v at tMiloir the above aeaanrea wa om rnaraotaa a hM t ol our nr? at Tie of the mrsovMO frnnch tokc hhibt. Alan. .mpurMira and dealera la MKN'8 FlRNIMfllNfl OOODN HA I.LOU MOfHIM No. tut Rmadtra y, Nttfak. trade aupphad on iba ua?al terma. BRYANT'R UNRIVALLKD RTOMA0H RimCU. DKPOT NO. aSOUTH Wil l.I AM ?TRWT. N. ?. BOt'DOIB RKW1NO MA4THINKH. HARRTS' PATTCWT.-Tbi? -Webruled new Improved double thread, pina^ H<; bal??it*? No &M Bruadwty, "ypualte the 8t Rhtaka BKWARK OF IMITATION* A NO 00CNT1KFITB. HOKKR'H HITTliRA, I "he "eat tonle la all ' a#* of romplalnta moneetad ?tt IM ' n u-h and bowela nr iba aeraoua ?y?i?m, nod mora parttaalarly I be i,eei medk-lne.againal dyap?|?<a, dtantaa, IriaMrf, feaer and ?*'ie, feoaral Ofrrona debility, Ac. Th? la'Wt plaaaaat eordlaj of lta kind. and atnoa MOT* Mm thirty yara afknowled?*d In Uuarountry to ba thb aa..T aroaai'K airrana rraa imontn Fcr aal* by froeere aad dnirclau generally, and wHh a A*ral d<M ount to tba Lrada by tfee a*enl U FUNK K. .'r.. No 'Jt Frnal atraat, Naw Tort. BI.OOI) FOOD' HUOOP rooD' BI?OOI? FOOD! HLOOB FOOD I To aU ?nf*rto( from r. nai n pin, InHpient rnnnnd. ar I from liability of any klo4, or from 'iianUU or nereoua proaI t ?I.<*I, hro- ?bi on by aay '-aoaa, nr Tmm acrnfn on? t*m i m.oi. . ir 'rt*n >>i in?'-y*. iu 'n imim '#? ing ?nr <4 tba mut fl?t: *?ainr xaaipUunta to a lurk tliair aaa ar? liai>, and wkw-b ngmerr rotia'impung lk>- KUxid Pmo4 .0 <4t*mI aa a nartAJn rallahlo r?m<xljf iM1?rto( la T?r? partlwi'ar fmm tk?- patent ?r Jlcmcs of tha day. H la ft <-'?? ??l I rin>t?altn?> of Uron ilnlisr and pkapkormia. o( rwr rraat ? link, nod many "indrada f<aar u'ad and cm*' u! 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