Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1860 Page 2
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2 THE YACHT 8QUADK0V. The Fleet At Mew Brdibrd-'l'he Hrf?IU I* Ua Baf-Dl?Mlatl?B of (hr A Urasd VUhUK Kxrariioa?Ea> UrttUuncnt to the YuchUinci, Of* 8TBCIAL OORJtBSFONDKNOB. Nktt Bxdvord, August 15, 1W0 New Bedford la to day alive with csauement. Sior? i re closed, flags are (lying, the wharves and (dipping ? > thronged with people looking on tho boautilul SMoe pro Mated by tho assembled array of yacht*, ?U??u> wliu>U>? an blowing oil their hallelujahs, the old fort at the on trance of the harbor is crownod with bunting and crtno ? -??- ]? ihM tlmrA ar? hiinilar!y decorated, ailboatr tiled with ladies, and skeleton rarers arc flitting over the water, the road which skirls tlie bay la Uutd with carriages and people, three or fonr ate*mers with a freight of gsy company are preparing to start on the excursion, the .ir it cool, the sky Hocked with hug* bunches of fleecy clouds, and the entare gcene near* Ml expert of life and loveliness that U beautiful to loolc upon. In til* fleet everything U likewise bustling and business like The note of preparation resounds on all sides. Ae meu are bending 011 sails, getting down useless hamper, shifting ballast, trimming ship, getting in their boats, clearing the decks of everything not absolutely necessary in the race, an# doing whatever may be required todevelopc the best features of the respective craft. The wiad is blowing gently from the northward, and, though not what the yachtsmen ask for, is sufficiently fresh to invest the occasion with'a considerable degree of interest. The following are the sailing directions, which, on printed slips, were clrculstod through the fleet previous to the start:? ill* HXoAriA or THK jntw TORK YACHT tyrAPRON, AT StW IlKDKORO. AIT#I ST lfi, 1800. .Sat/in? tHrectiom Hie yachts will rendezvous at Clark's Point at half-past U? o'clock A. M. Courte (i tr Sax''J.?From a stake boat off Clark's Point lighthouse, pswiug it to the westward, to a stake boat two milts t j the eastward of Quick's Hole, passing it t) the south and rait, th'-urc to a ctakc boat midway bel ween Mw ami Pigs lightship and old Cock, passing it to the south and west, leturcing to the slake boat off Clark's Point, parsing It to the (astaurd. Time will be taken, on iho start, when each yacht bears due west from the stake boat, and un returning wheu bearing due eafrt. A prepaiaiory gun will be tired ten minutes before stalling. At the scc->nd fcun, the Ihird classes (slo-jpi aod schooners) will start, at'.be third gun, the second classes, and at the fourth gun the first classes. Tlierv will be au inter mission of live minutes between each grin. Any yacht not jufsiug the stake bint wit'iin ten minutes" of the starling gun of her class will be ruled out The regatta will be sailed in accordance with the rules of the club, except that p >rli ?u relating to changing ballast within loit> eight hours of the time named f>r starting. There will be a prize for each rla.5*, ami an additional prizs for the yacht that tin!*c> tb? b -t t. tie, in accordance with the average of the allowances of tune under the rules of tlie club. Time will be Ukco l>y Charles H linc?eil, Measurer of the New York Yacht Club KKKATTA COMynTV.S THOMAS NVK.Jr., \v,? ?*li??| JOVA. BOCRVB, Jr , > B*Uora MOSISH CRINNE1 J.,) W. H THOMaS. New Vork Yacht Club. H. MORTON, ) The boats which entered for the r?>~<" are? Mr.-i Class?Schooners Favorita, Malgie, Widgeon, Bessie and Moop Julia Sfirmd CIms?Schooners naze, Juliet, Restless, America and sloops Manncrsiog and Mai lory. Wind Clat/?Schooner Iimta ani sUx>p N&rragaiiselt. Thi>M- yachts which did not jiarticipate in the ra.o either accompanied the regatta or remained at their anchorage Among the latter was the little Norma, owned by the Messrs Major, which was decorated from s>tn to stern, above ami below, with (lags, streamers and signals. In this connection your reporter desires to correct an error in his account of the sail from Newport to New Bedford yesterday, when It was staled that the Madgie led the Oi-et and Aral arrived off D in;an light. Yaihtsmon are alwajs tenactou* of the reputation of their craft, and il ui but justice to the owner of the to aute that that boat and not the IIMime was the first in, though nearly a mile ami a half behind during a portion of the way. TUB START. In accordance with th? above direc ions, the Meet got *?ay at eteren o'clock and pr?* <-eiled to the ren lezvous oft ClarVs foint, which to shout a mile down the harbor. Here the sailing committee were -stationed on one of the stake boats for the pnfpose of taking the time of the pass ing yacht." The Miria was also "bove to" near by, and ten minutes b-fi-re the hour appointed flrcd the preparatory gun. The third c)a<? sloop* took tbeir respective pJaoes, and at the Ormg of the so<Hid cian btre awav b> fore the wn and Waited on tho.r i--otirv After an iutoimi?8ion of ? ?-. minute* tM-4 giu ?i? men a.- a * Jirtinj; *igna) I' 1h? a*.-ond .In ?, and n Otp minote-. mor-- tin1 whole t'*et *u under way Tl:a pa'ftagr to the flrat atslce boat <>(1 lhioii'4 Hole w*? hot marked *?v any n >tie?able fea*>ir ?i, the wind being t-vi light for a'by exciting omit^t The ri?<-ii?e to the ???<- >i>?l -take boat was with tii<- mom n? the Mjndron little more thin a drift. Ibe wild ??f light ; > varHble.wd while a few, by ruvotcr out of a dir<**t J in etijoy<vl ngeufla br?w,i Ibws were compelled t<> bi*n: out" snd git a'.ong th tK? b?-*t way they could. Tin: RKTfKV trad of a route* hat wre mter< i n* character. Tbi bree-e friabened co??; .'erably. and li.e w tid bene ?le% t ahead, eereral conl??!? ux>k puce ? hx u r.> !eem<M tb? groera! duIneM of tb<* earlier part of the '*y. The Julia aol Mad*:e had a "aet to" for a tin.-* in .1 a.*o the \UHory ^nd Majinerkitg, whilf ?e??Ta. v tilde ja-hta likewir* ettered in fnctidly eoni|?'Uliof>. and attract"d a goodly ?bare of attention Ou the wh le, the r?gatta was more s.itiafartorv lo the looker* on than to the i artioipatiM. More than tu<> third* of the pv/iutiun <4 New Bvlf'.ed a itn s*ed the regatta, aud tt t< eatiirtud tb? flee or ten litotiaaod Hi' re w -*ild l:a\e come fr> m the n* ghboring citiea bad autl'n eijl auLo^neement i the event been onsdo The fol owiog ta th report <if the jiidroa appointed by the Oimm lt??- of the Club on ll?. r*-*?u*, m.? le up in a-.eouiaaoe with the rule* oi the New York Va.UI sjuad rwo ? | C.f?< in n.?tct?3i n ms h w ,v ?uO|' Na/iWa*' aett 11 4.'. ' OH 40 3ctKM>o?r Botilta 11 31 hj ">* 61 IT Sr< <nd Cla*i. Aoop Mallory 11 31 4*1 4 .6 hO Srbooncr Manner. 11 31 !.' 4 ST Vhoooer America 11 S3 S4 ?t 20 17 Schooner Iteatkaa 11 3d V> &(t t> Srbouuer Julia 11 Sd bi Ai ?.'> ? hoooer H<;" 11 3d 6 < \j od 82 Kinl Clan. dchi om-r Madgte.......... 11 38 08 i 02 .'>0 .-^boooAr VavoriU ... .... II ill '.'I 1 .it i1 Sc hi i?fr \V ?1gr.>c U 41 30 SI 17 Schoover !'?-wie U ii Jo * w li Sl.iop Ji.i.a 11 U U * * i>b H'hB ?l>. Ftrrt n???Si hoo*er >l?tcte, !?' ?p .Tu'ia S*?-nod t'!?*?? - hool jra HazoaiiJ Matin*. r> Of Third tTa?a?Stliconer l oiU, Satrap tu>- tt The Mftetiernmg took the r?r,/.< . bancg inaJe I he ihortett I.rot by *n np ilk *i . n i lb.' ar t**>' a.. * ?n?e of the evi*l cU?c*. C OtCI.ANo, THO- XYK. .?r.? JON* BOIHSK. Jr Si* B ffORP Aajuft 15 l*-*1 .sown ?fle?- roBaiCK to "lienor tte.Corr.niflilore fttf&all" I I lie iap(,.iu> of the *|ii*dft n t. bw i u b >*r I bt? jr?tr.. ?t>?o it wa? d?i ?l< d itmt t.? rn>t?4 ilionll he .v.ruidereJ Urmiuatixl at Una pe>Lt, an 1 thikf >t e'fc'ht >'?I. k iu lb" mormoff three fut? >ili! >e ffd b> each of the ya'-ht* aa a parting salute k> :h? C?rnm<<iwe Kifbt of nine of the boat*. nder the cnitim?nil of We Commodore Kt?R?lai) 1, in tl- VavotiU, will then procH u] on a *h. r tiu t crane, alter which the yacMa will <tiaprr*< to tb?ir loapectivr dec vlimUoM. At eoWtatamcot ?aa gW-o to the j-a utam'-n laM at the botiar o( l|. n tiriaell. wni. b ?u *rgr>) a Heeded arxl well er.i? red. lm ??i'?T MO**BN>, Annual 16,1|?W The j irhta are Rettm* under way fur ib?-tr reap?vu?e Jrctin .iiooa Mr Haa? .1, < te ot the i of u>>< ns natla, hM ju?t iau?t llirou?b tbe ;,.?et md Miniirt 1 that by an error in hi* oa'eu at?>sa he bad jrfven th>? . iiami '.o priM to Uie VI.? . ry b it l at tins JmU* wit hi re*llty the champion yacht br olc n.B ite ?c<t t? nty woooda Intelllvr n< r. Thr l ulled Stain lU* jtu i UM prv rtcusly anoo'id< <1 id yravrtvlay hiiutp, went ti j-eaterday aftrrrvoe TV flaf of C >tnm ? dor* Boll ?u hntate 1 ai half fvt ft' r V ud the ?htj> r?rogi>iM>4 M ilu ?bip of tb? Mediw rrai nt -q n '.r jo l<y the oUU i?r? ati'l difl- r>?tit lyiuj at lb* yarJ Inr rWlowm* is a Hat of her rtftan ? Ikftam, l>wwr N Holllna, I !ente<>srt?, J N Rtrney Herry H 0*v?at??t, Juoathur Voiitf, Aarv? W B-ar". Wlliiasn Oalt; Master, Je%s 0 wvler f th ncet. M H W R#?chetjt*rirer P*yo>a"?er, Mil <"haplio, (h*rlr> A Harts. Captaio <<f Marxtt.' John P -imiw feeooii Lte-iUmaut of Mar s<M, Alive H'mMi ; t aaied Anaiatant burgeon ac 1 As??tuit --rc* ?,' 1 > Martin and M. P Chratiao ; Ch\*t Kt./?t?e?r, '?* r* ewall Assistant Krg utters. 9 1) Hilben ! * \* il Item. W. P. lit 8uino, B, C BaripUr l?r.?W V' Krajll, Iiibk Rerachaw trd Alfcerl J Hr"". 'I !?l n ntsw.j ? Atounlfr.Tkoinu 1 Pmntn, i"-at H 4 IVumw L. 8arr'?^fi Boatswain, 0 H Hw* Uwm*?, Joke A. 1-oTsrt; Carpenter, Robert II Btm . S?lt?ak??,WvHha? M Malxcey Capu t) f cer*. )>r I wink w hoiiier n?? fVisqiiehasna, alter takinf In a Taw win r* nr.a I Winn*, will haul Ml! n I he stream, Sod w*t order* fr >m the department when to proosel to fa dflprtMC <?tert ( hamhrn. Before Ho?. Judge Either land. TBI TRIAS LANS 0rniAT]059. 9iw?m m4 Jffb Mmrina n C*ar?t ,9hi:m?n and 'Am.-Ala waa an applicative of the ptelnt.a tort-Ate the order granted fbr commissions and a lUi of proeae t itifa. oo Uie grounds thai Iher bad e*sm'n*d <lr Nwe >i ? mm of the defendants la this ettjr. Ml whose depositions Wine I hey vers prepared to fn U> trial, and that there was do defines nor answer put in The arfam<fit of <*mws*l oerupisd portions of Iff da>?. tbs Jud;* r* #er rrJ bit ifcrtsfcm "J lm.ted IUiN Ctremit CMrt Before CTuef Justice Nelaos OfFOBTAhT MjOlCAHTlL* iND AD?U*4i*T C*SII M Ctllli. Ararat IT.?I ctsjoot in the following mm argued bi fore the ?*irt daring the May term WW* transmitted b the Judge to the Clark:? At*j<i*d C te. 0<(*y Law ?Tbis is a motion for , . ? >hh: <41 the port of the defendant, and winch hi i.. i .iiy It.llj and ably argued by the le?rne?l r?uu>ii , m-l ies. Ttjp report of the charge delivered to th ., i,|-..ii iin- trial la given Accurately and in esteuso i u|*hi k? bich the motion U founded, Md aft* .1 mil)' Hud deliberately reviving tt with the b-tu-i me m-Rumenta of the counsel, I see no reaon (a < jui aii'ii the direction given to the jury, whether as t ili* law or the tacts, tad refer to that eturge ai expres int; iny views of the ca*? without going over it in detu Motion lor new trial denied. W'iUwim Kedyani ami othrrt vs W. Phillip*. TUih in an action brought to recover a balance received b the defendant upon a sale of damaged corn, being tl amount of the li<-iglit which he claims to return. The cor waa shipped at New York for the plamtifl in the ship Ohi< and consigned to Shaw, at Liverpool. Tne case Slates thi soon after leaving New York the vessel encountered violent storm, which caused nor ta i oak, uJ that ? vcaael and cargo ni so much damped tha; the m?st< *Hobliged to put back to the port of departure Oc BeU, a grain broker, and Luke, a {'resident ot tbe Board < Measurers io Ibe city, examined tbe condition of tli cargo, and they came to the conclusion that it waa i much damaged', that after the beat attention bentow'1 upon it, in endeavtring to prepare it for resbipment, reahipped, there was uot the slightest prostxet or probi bllity at tbe arrival at the port of shipment ia specie, ao rccommeuded us sale by the master for th > benefit < whom it may c oticern, and tho sale was made according ly. It ap]>?ar< d that tha ship, wbWih was a genaral oik refitted and reshtpped her other cargo to Liverpool, he port ot destination, and at no time conteaplata giving i.p the voyage. Tho unsatioo in th cause is upon those farts, whether or not th owners are entitled to freight. The question waa ver fully examine* 1 by me ui the case W Huggaatala. vi Angus et a Is , (Insurance and B*ukiog Company, 7 Ho? 609. 000, 607 ) It was indirectly involved In the fin question presented on a division of opinion in the Com below; and the Court there bold that the underwrite would be liable for fi eight as a total toes, if it should t found by the jury that there was a destruction In ?|>yr of the cargo, so that It bad lost its original charactor i the port of distress, or that a total destruction In spec would have been inevitable from the damage received it ha 1 been renh.pped bclore il could have arrived at i port of destination. The latter principle rieoi les tho quo lion before us upon the (acts arrived at in tbe case. It shippers were not liable for tlie f, eight, bM the unde writers Judgment ft>r the p'aiutilf for the amo-ni < freight retained with intercut f? m tho demaud of tli same. Llorlrs Onodyrar it Jamrt Hhhap and ctKtrt ?Th ie a motion on tbe purl of Ibe defendants to bin ? cai: why the suit should not be discontinued It ia lu'itirV upon the counsel of tho nominal ptatutiif. Tho inutio we hold nol impi>i t?nt to the ?pi>ln alien of tbe prin> ip'< It is si .flirient II lh"y such a ri^bt under th'? p. U-ntee as entitles llit'm to tbe protection sought, and < that there can be no Wo a/roe that the plainti nu> rlaitn iiidiiud U luriunst cut-Ls. wlneh. on a oron. application, wcvi'.d bo provided for by the C'jurt Tn motion remitted on the ground that the suit I- brought i the plaint III k name Tor the benefit of his Itceusece. l'ftrr (?Ya V and Olha vt. the titeamship tterm<x >n This is a libel lu admiralty for a collision between t! bark Re.ndee- a:i.l the ship Hermann, ou the night of II 24th of August, 1854-, in the chop* or St. George's Can net. Tbe bark wan on her way from I/tadon to Boston tbe steamship from New York to Southampton. The uigl was not very dark. We take tbe facts at stated by ti chief officer of the Hcrmuiu. He was on deck at the tic and bad genera' charge of the vessel, and by the tiair mate, whose watch was on deck, and witnessed tbe coll sion. Their statements concur,ami are cl?>ar and concis The chief mate w?>s be wok walking on the port side < tbe quarter deck, and ou hearing llio beUs indicating s object in view on the port bow he stepped forward c tbe peddle box and discovered the object on the port bo < and Immediately gave tbe order to port holm, which w> obeyed. He thonght tbe obiect was a vessel standing t the eastward. Alter Ue order the Hermann beg^u t come round to the southward and ra approaching lb vessel and lie tie. n discovered It wus under sill, but ?v clearly enough to uuablo him to determine how ah was Btandlng, be bowevur repeated the order, "bar sport'' which war answered; that after this h? dii covered tbe vessel was standing by the wind, whie was from the northwest, but could not tell whie tack, and be then gave the third order '-har aport" which was also answered, mod then and n< before it became o\Ident that the v>?sel was standing o her starboard tack, and this not over a minute and half before the collision. The Herman was f oing at th rate of eleven miles an hour, neither slackened he speed, slowed nor becked up until after the collision Th n gbt c^iuld net have been vo-y dark, l><r both the chit and tlilrd officer -iy that they discovered the object which turned out to be a vessel, on her starboard tad close hauled a mile and half distant. Tbe chief office admits If te known the position ol the Reindeer, thii Is, that she \. as Minding en tbe wind, be would have pu her helm to M?> board inM?*d of giving the order to por and that if l.c liad done fcu the Herman would have goo under ber bUrn. Tbe fault of the Hernial too obvious to require observation. She aboul bare steered, stopped or harked, according to the n eessity of the ease, until the true position of tbe Reii deer could be observed. The only point in tbe case is i the question of damages. Wo arc uot satisfied fro? t! rirnots that there was a*;, necessity for recoppering tl Ki'iudeer. Indeed, lu our .iu tgment, the wfcola scojie i I the teftitnoo< teiiiiod to disprove the necee*ltr W | anhii itiorclore deduct thin i??-ui no snail also deduct I charge for demurrage, and affirm the decree dcduftin t3.T,"!7 96. with iaWrest, from the reoort of the commi too. BiuitU Stv yt <s. (1' Stsambmt R L ilatoy ?This I an appeal from a decrce confirm.uj; Uie rei>ort of Hi Commissioner, of the damage* in a rase of collision Ti. aggregate of lh? bllia proved lor repairs. kr. 13 $1.*' (J The Uaiminsiotier tuu reported il.nnajw to Hi nnvuntC'l of $3 iWa 30 If we add iuU re?t for tire ; ?r? t.ij ft-om U'b Nov ember 1HM, to the date of report, IPtl October, l*f !? ii|x ii tbe bills for repair*. Ac .off],00* 0 whii Ii is 80, msltet the aggreate $2,tti'.'80, which dp duct from Uic amount reported, leave a balance of f 1,0?AO, thai must hare been allowed for the fourteen day demurrage. The facts at left by the (-luminal,00 Wfor (omaj.saioncri- are too uncertain to form the basis of an; allowance for the detention. The* are speculative, con jretural, mere opiuioo, to which uo limit or rule can l< applied, and wh ch can never lay the foundation for th action of a court on this subject. We shall therefor strike out the Item for demurrage 91,0t*9 60. Coats to b allowed 00 appeal to neither party the others. Police latelllgenre. A <!at Di<? 1* ?Luke Gallagher, a rovth about tw.t ty years old, was plac<d in rather a perplexing predica ment before Justice Quark en bu^h yesterday. Th prisoner, il appears, was ot mtimat- terms with single lady of lorty summers, named Margaret Murphy and alter a brief courtship pr m.acd to make her Hn GalUgber. Itefo** entering into the itiu however, l,uke managed, by some means or other, t borrow the snog little sum of $010 from Ml.<s Murphy , a:id then, without an* rciuonabte excuse, aud truly lei off calling upon th" lady ss he wac wont to do. Marg^rei meeting him in the street one day, took him 10 tts about brenku.g hu p'omlao of marriage, tuid ttomaudod I n stitr.tic r rf the K11O To her great cl.agrm and ac?o? I trbmenl, Luke tuned upon her very coldly, and Md he be never hid any ids* of nnriare l(e vroild pa her bark the borrowed money, lie said, wbenevc lie fo'ind it coovriiieat,and finally, to ad J insult to injur* t?>M her she oogbt to he aibatned of herself to think o entraping cue ? yooug at he was. T> be disappointed .1 marriage wai l?.?d enough, 1 ut to b?e >610. and then b insulted by -toe teroty years }ourg?r Uun hera^U", si more than fleaii and bloo I coil l endure. Her mind ?.i n-iil? 1111 on the ri. tunl iikI to rtflam the l.,v tbould ir> Anr<?. dtngly, ?hr went before .luetic i>'iack.a hnah aid prtterreJ a <liarg* of falae iwMeocca *441011 Mr. Oaliagber ant had Ittm air****!. The matriatrate kfter rare! illy Investigating the < uw, dpcidf 1 tbat up > lie face <>f ll?e l-ti'i - ilw re *?? KMr caw agi.oat Ui prlanner, an>1 committed hint accordingly. It 1a bnl dti to Uw areata*! to attic that be d.'jn * the charge pretoi r ?! aran *t him and 1a rauf'ine of an acquittal when lb r?M r.inea up frt trl*l. Bt K' 1 ?*:?? ? Jbe dwelling bouse of detective MtCon aa cntciedby burj'aM on Thors-Jay Bi^ht. during tb t a i-Tary abaonce of ill < (am:!/, ac t robbed of $190 .1 money anil M<> wot th <>f .nwelry. Tl' money vu con re Ale.I heneath the carpet, but not wilh tbla pr? r?iit i<o it fr!l a prey to lb? btirrlar* After robbing th bcuar of all that ?a? valuable the burglAr* proceeded t < I and intra) Ti.>u< an.-lea <>. furniture. and tUft l?r> the prcmi?e? undlatnrbrd. No clue baa been t. 'the perpetrator*. 1W? mm name.' lien';- ard Oiarlea I^flN'ta were d? tect .1 In the act of breaking lito a atand al Wett Wa*b 'n?(to? tnaikrt yevtii.lay morti.og by private walrhmi JYter T riune ard were handed orer to the citato tyo [?'li< man ?ir<-en. of the Third pr??cinct Tbe pr1 Foitera were broight before Juatlee Kelly al th Umer Police Court. where they were cowmitt* fur animal.?u Tao jutcniiea named Jamt* tXirn and CTiMka Han#"i were arreatel by p- Iire rran S' phcr, of the K./hteMith precinct, on charge <1 b irslar.'tiflr et.teriag the promiae* corner rourto-?at aire** and rat arrive The jujioeman deter, od the fe| Iowa la tbe act of breaking ml > IM place, and aa anno a lb- ) bad tBilled an entrance be pnufccmi ution th.-iu aa took th?m into cialody. T>?* wienuera were brought bv 'ore J iatM-e (>?art(etih'i?h, who mm lied them for trial each In itrfioW ><f W.tdll had. I r.< v.- ?k. Rit?*ifhjr, a litaftf, ?? it ">y rfrant Sir '> r, of Ihf TtrrilJ If : <1 t, <10 ibtrgr < ! i aretra* blMtlnf Tit " f.i .? n?r w?a ' rn?r atiag for a Mllar ui htrij I ?! ?, i ?r aixl '>d aayrral or* aatita c? ? rj kill>i' r< hr. Ju?tk* (Jt>a-krnl>>ial ill, . r . >nil in it*ra'u| ?f partnr-it r Mninil t<- J i,.o. ?4< prw.*>. Tmi I-?n MnnriMi Amuf it mm ?'*ro> Mam?y, proprial<>r o( U? iriakng aalma NV 2*2' Bowery, wfcv male ?och a aavafr aivaull upna P<>lio?m? 1 alter**), of lb* >ourt??it* pre- ?ct. oo Th?r*Uf nt<lt while l??> latter waa in the drrrhar** of h ? riutjr wi brought before Jual re Stee??, at thr M??i MarVnt fv>||(> r,nir? j**ier<Ur and held to bail la tbo auai of MWK Mr ArrhibaM M<?. lane boot and ?hoe itaalar, of So ? Howrtjr. a If appeared xtiaat the aoruaed anil prefer a charf of f. Innmtia aftaautl a<a iat Lion Tboma/ K M?m?ort4. hardware doakr. of No K Hoirerjr, becana V>n t lH*i?Um?n, ?herr\.p>n th? |? *oucr **?rateaee from ruttudf, Conmnmr llo%rr ?.4 jo ij man nam* Palrk> HcKrooa wa* arreaiod b.v dauvtrr Rxb.a chAtgi of p?*?inf a fimntmf -It > btfi on the Farm-f* J Mvr'aiiira' lin V o* t>>nneltnB, tc lian i at the ato** af A V I V 1M > :n atrert u r?> ?>i ui f>r a ftupH t t ' tu Uk* t cur Mtloo bjr * itKd KfJ f 0 NJjjW YORK HERALD, SAT Owe BvrawU Ctmipoa4?t?Hamiltoh, Bermuda, August 9, 1160 Fottal Arn?\#cnuius vrUh ifryiafld?JncrroW lanli , Ua, dc. ' ' The out; sutmar Delta arrired yasterday afwruoon ] 1 from St. Thomas, and leaves at Boon to day (or Halifax. The Poatxoj*tcr Oeoeral in England," being deairoui of * fcOordlag to the public more frequent opportunities than 1 at present exist of exchanging corregpondenae between a this country aud Bermuda, Uia lordship proposes to establish a second mall in each month, to be con rayed via Now York, partly by means of private ships running bt-tweeo the Port of Hamilton, Bermuda, and pirtly by the regular British mail packets between this country I and the United States '' The matter is now before our j Legislature here, aad It remains to be seen whether they , wiU do what la required towards carrying out the arrangement, vtx.: to pass an act compel!jig m.tsters of private _ ships to convey letters when called oa by the Post Office I ~ to do so, the usual gratuity being paid them, which at I * present (or ship letters brought here is two pence sterling 0 ? <* Charge of Forgery. , TO THS KOITOB Of THK UltiLD. ie Lomkjs, July 84, I960 ( 'r My alleatioG has been called, to a paragraph in your is > sue of the 20th ult , and of which the following is a ! ie copy:?. " CHiiu.* or Fow. sr.r.?Abraham Parriah, a grocer, doing , luiaineaa in Third avenue, near Twenty fifth s'-m-t. watbrvu*ht , if before J ?i Ire W?t?h on a charge of forgery, preferred'igalnit I j , him by ttiJiam rsampbcll. or Sing Slag, N. T. ThecompUinw. j alle*?? be told to the defendant, and a man named Wlllltm f Wright, a quaoiMv of aegara, ta payment tor which he took the ' uiteul Hewn. II. Vau Alien A On., of I<ogansport, Indiana, . 1 for |?S6 49, payable four months after dale, whlcaeuhee |uent : i, )y provnd to be forged. The aocuned w?* ooamlUed for ex- I ! >r aimoatieti. Wr?*ht, the peran? alletad to hare beeu Implicated j 4 iu ibe trauaM'Uoa, nailed fur Europe a ?h.>rt time ago ie ' There oan be no doubt that I am the William WrigM j 19 referred to, ida#much m I am in receipt of letters from ^ J frtends who inform me 1 am Uie person impugned. I f, know nothing? and believe notuing, of any complicity ia this matter, and as regard* the note in question, I have j oo doubt of ill genuineness. Mr. Campbell had ample | ie opportunity, before parting with Ua goods, of makitj le every inquiry respecting Vlosra. Van Allen & Oo. I belt lie veil, and (>IU1 believe, them to be highly respectable, j if and whatever ur.towarduess may have arisen upon lb? if note's maturi: g ( am not now in a position to explain. I Is remember, b'wever, that durtug tlie progress of the noto i Ut. Campbell once i^kod me whether I thought it would is be i>aid, and thinking the question somewhat curluus I r replied, of course, I bejiere It will be paid, but if not you >! can take back my communion, which, by tho by, was 10 given me in t>egarB, and not in cash, and untouched Besides, 1 continued, the note bears my endorsement, fool is islily given at your solicitation, and miking me response friLle cpoc n transaction bearing but a limited c.ommi.-^ion. 1 l rertainly introduced Mr Campbell to the buyer's u*ont, 0 but fully ten day? elapsed before completion of pordiase, ? ai d be'ievitig that the seller was psttsfled, I share! his 1 conti'.once, or (it m*y be) his credulity, to the extent uf )t making my* if liable by endorsing tho note, ar already if stated. In resptct to my departure for Europe. It ?as r ia tullilment oi a long contemplated visit to a rrieud, tinis drr wlioce roof I aridre** this communication- but an I n Khali shortly retui e to the Und o> my adoption, I shall , tben be gla<l toccnfront any accusers. and in the mean ? time, as it was enough for the Kotnans of oM, even la among straneers. to pronounce tue 1 Unman < .sum" to i- preserve bit- immunity, I much mistake the honor of a- American journalism if you do not aft'ird an absent clti/eu ? the opportunity of rebutting a tout aspersion upon his it character by inserting this rejoinder in an early number le of your iotirn^l WII.UAM WBIUHT, le Of So. 9 Sullivan stre-H, New Vork city. 1 , ... Jrrsei City Ktwi, ,f Al IX.W" P...WDMH* AMOMlST CS'-RCS MK.UHSR4? ,n , TauArxMM. io 1'us Dows A Cm so i?Abrkxts?Yester^ d:i> foreuoou the P.ev James Cubby, pas'-or of the Third J Presbyterian cbcrili, tn Jersey C ty aud Joseph Well 11 wtod, a member of the same church, appeared before J Justice Bedford, snd preferred complaint" against Samuel >t Sterling, Joiui Wilson and Wai. Atchison. These gentle. meu, who ire, or were, members of the Third Pre*by < d ter'an cbi'rch, are charged with *-?ault and di.'-wderiy 1 i- conduct at a session meMtog on Thursday night, and one ' h of them is also charged with having threatened to tear h down the edifice A find bail existed for manv mouth* <1 between certain member* of the church, the details of >t which are not made public, and several have been a expelled from the society. Tht Rev. Mr. Gabby makes > two aifid?vit?. In oiie be testiiltfd that he is the minuter a of the Third Presbyterian church <n .'eraey City; that on * the er-uliiff of the lOili of August a nv tiling of tiiearosion i' of the ?Imrrh hjv heid, mil while in i "n, Samuel Stor >f ling. who wst preaeot, without cause or |noroc/ilion, put i bid DM U> the face el deponent and lhre?letn-d t> make * blm suffer, thereby putting Bev Mr dubby in bodily c fear. He lurtIter complains that said .Stirling wl fully and , ' unlawfully inteirupted and disturbs said meeting by J ^ rode and noisy behaviour. The reverend gent If man m lie f another affidavit charging John Wilson with hav inf. on the 231 of July last, threatened to pull is down} and deeiroy the Wiird Presbyterian church; d and further, that on the evening of '.he 19th last., at a s- meeting of the leRSion, Mr. Wilson interrupted and 4ian turbed c>aid meeting by inaklLg a ^reat uoise, and by n rude and IniUcciit behavior is Mr. jwpii Wciiarood made an afllda' lt that on Ttrar% ! io day evening, while readme a document charging out of i>f th" memlics of ?aid church with uniting liquor on the * Habbatii. Km Atchison made a violent assault and struck > deponent with a fan. and greatly interrupted the business j ? of the meet log. I Warrants were piac-d ia the hand* of Constable I Mr Anally, who arretted the partkw, and upon going be- | I* fore ,'netice Bedford they entered into bond* for their ap- -l c peanuire at eoirt, should the ( rand Jary And a bill J ngamst t.i<m, whr-n the wtioie aTs:r will be duly rod- * i tilatrd. * e . I lilted States Commissioner'! Cottit. a Mm I'.ichard E ftUnll, -i (ft UtOX OF &MVUOMNU. J ' William f. l'5'cock, a passenger on board the Orea >l ' Fast era, was arrested Just before her leparture ou a " * charge of attempting to pass a fraudulent invoice, and " was held to bill In the sum of $7.000. 1 B* fjre George y. BetU Ciq. a t charge or vrutiuw a i.fttkk r?0M rat post * e nrriri - W. n Carpeuter arreated aocne tin* ainre oo a charfa J o( tt??Un? a lciu-r from the p?wl offle* at Mount Kltto, \\eatcbeater oow.ty, fM this da/, af\ar anamination, diar barged ^ I- Dnmfitlr \rtri Item*. r OvfK KiJtvK* Hi m>hkp Kaai Nar itoit-ri ? s -n.?Ttie a Pateraburg (Va.) grprt unmim "d th it oo Thiralay ? (today) eleven lu.udred and atacty llim free negfrne* Jrtil be offered Tor aale for a -ufljri-nt time toeial>l? th?m. i by their allowance per diem, to pay tbei. tan a S >ji ot J tha?c oeirroea are Indebted aa much aa $16 to tho rlty, f 1 and tbejr geieiaily aell for ten cwila tday, their y*Im? a l, will, no doubt, be OMde out o( them 0 Arrtwrr to Rr* Otf ftuiraa?TMI AMLmo?WM at ] WoaK?Tm Ataxic* Rm trtmrn?Ou Tu<*day ntfht a It bold attempt wa? ma te to run on f >..r i; g.-oea bolu.xi ig h t, to Jnrire Oily Wllliama. wb? raslrfea ab ->".t ona all* below a k Carondelet TYie negroca?a mother and tliraa rblldr?a? a acre all ralMd l>y .lodge William* were always kiadlv 1 1 treated, and manif'<ted Uie ulmoKt all <rtloa Utr their J r owner iu return The m aber ti a nr.Idle at"d vuau, n y named Knife*. and her children are, Kmellae a valuable * r ylrl or about aixt.-i'u years. Martba, a likely girl of o-ir- ' '. teen yrnra, and Henry, a One boy of twelve yeara. They 1 { f were taken to thta clly on Tuerday ni?iht by aome of the ! n eru.afar!. - . * tlie underground rnlroad. but, ycttir Ur ] c mornlnr, wlule pn paratnna were belnn made *?o t" i<h J a thani atlli further on thetr loomer, th?y wore oSairrcd a and taken ba -k to thalr owrer. Tbt ir story la that tliev ? r were t*tnp.r.-d with hy an abMltlxib-t who gara M? ' . i- name aa vuith. and who dually induced then, aiib c t pnmiiaca of freedom an1 varl .a < apiivatiDr alorna, to i, accompany him notthward. The aeowndrel or a awiideela n who undertook to t arry oot li.j bold acheme bate oat e been captor *1 Mr H'-a r'i . i>< >mn, it will tfcua bea<v a. r ii not it* r-anlta ?,V Aym'. torpvtJ,. >1. I PKEWill _ Boirrjr.-i wiu. ljuvk ron homk THrTrrtt m K*K. o f r THia **ovm> Mirmr t t* ry> or thom^ ksn I I ton. who ??? ? 111 in Ike 1'irrwUa U?t Atari* ?nl i- Irr b-t in >> ? V t li? l? %rr > r ,iir?t*dto rotnunt . ii? w'tl hu ' *. ?i- m upi | pr?>n f*n Bl*<" ? y I Inform*!** r??p*?iin* Mm. ik?, ?fc&ll h? rrwir Wft for ih*tr f ?j Mf ( x Kininn" . ? .114 to Mr I >"<li [Hi ai. .u I>w4 tkn (J ' t 1 I! fY>R? f TV V \ri i; vt ?r NKW ORITAVS T- I* ' 1 h <irj. ? III ?>;? . r*ll ?t 171 (Vr Miert. tu t b* will I Kri I Irllrr lim biiwrr, .lutnna Awlrmo. IKroRKATioK WAjcrnn-or t?awwAil ronn wito ?rr ' ?i Kr* V..|? In Mf .inrr ?'( ? W^Viinrn " Jnlv St. M <p>mi Po-k !r?:.uid. Any iir riM Umi ?U> !* ifcankfi Ujr r?w*lr*d by b*r ?*ijln. MJofcaai H?m I* *kf. 9 WMiil?i(V>n ?|u?r*. Kn?Vxi M..? a TOOKPfl 8 Hl*i>l?-ir 1R TUTS V1PIMTT. W11.L ?J l<*rr 01 . n .-thin* i<t luY. -r l?k i jr wod'n( hla *4 , tr+m lo bni J >17 F"?t oflu *. !f vfr.* JASt o (ikhmok-a lkm* is the ro-it I* I?1 i#n * for ytm\. * ?r r * cmt.nRF* all vrn l. i j n. H. 1 ' ir? ?>itt hk. Anninioii mrror rpm?rrr?ir for *2} ' < ? .irnilrd m<unf?. in* Kim ? U<1 ?fef??ii'it Cfcan.i" 1 ? n ?>Mt nrti?m.-rl?: ?; tARRtN'IT' i?l ? XM '* *! (/*?, W<>?*r. * ?' 1 AT V1I.IIRI TH 11IC PI U K TO HKT ORIiP Mill A n 1 i!?cV, f. ?n.l r.rftif* toirtMWt* I J Mr (tpr nM * ???r???',( nil kind*. *n4 wumm-d. I ? t*ll w ???'nin? CM ro?<w?jr. in tli? bUMwt. | J DlAMnnn rti?(i rn* a cakfft-ahy p*r*ow : b?Mn? ? t*rn?t nmttunlnc ?J>oatUtrtr Hrt? ?*rrt? r |J.?' i < * t > r<1 itlMt> *i*l ?irhirn to *Mck*rg+ It j for ? btanUiul I? .Hum* *? ?. ?*r k??r Itf ?n iffiltmlT ' Milffinin. * (-..Jnf ?> 641 StiU Ring Jin IM. . E*Anru.*n otu*rf? utit* or rvmnrvnt, in ' *11 rotor uvd ijl.*. *t ?(*> ?)# or rvUtt, AIM u><1 \JJ>w?r4?. a^,. M\Ur-aw *r. l PklttaaMa. variik vtiin, rri'iHituwf Four *?* mm < iwt?t). " LTmUTI RK WAKT?P 111 OH MORt Wtl.l. BF. * r ??>wi.l hun t * > cit p.intnl Cb?ui'<?r F':r nlturr AiMrwa* ftufrr. *?? S IM> t'tm r*k*. wimh \w> i.m i oHli 1 nrnrTM- f"*r ?t?F row ?u **?? i "X h> t.?<i in (> ? - . "k, -?*irt: ?. ' * Iv1 i* IsB'rlnu.alto J fv Tort *r it* ?n tt nn?-,'*M rvmy. I/*, f Ttn?w 1*V I. 1** lb*rT??t R<^n.fK ?<?* b# I on I. *t ii tr?i ?n,'* jt iiffiti ; rim* <t <i fit* ct*?t ? r villi H n>) ! n# ? I i?r M l? > ,! t *v ?*,1? nU 1 V'U M Fn*^ *r+*i UKDAT, AUGUST 18, 1861 yAKPpio imp ix?poar?. ALADT flAVINO A UAlfltHOHB UOCHR, KoRMKL lyoreupted by ft prtnMe family, would be i.leaaad to uif imofemfW ?1Ui aam-ie?or sentlemca. witii kudtoine,

i?? K?j?u, separate or together. on aecoad ll-. or Apply at Htn?l,ecker tLeti. * Ankatlt rurkuukd b.oom. cs pee wrkk, to a gentleman, at 231 Wonater atr??t. corner of Aatt/. At no. m raht bixtkknth rtb Kir, pubnishkd or unfumlahKl Rooou. wtib full or partial Board. A bole Becoo/t Kl<? r to bo let. u>fother or separately. Ttw txuae U to ersry way flttod for a 8ral claeahouae. ALmrncn ktmnkr or rraprctabli prshon3 may nr>w ol>t?lr> mperlor Room* and lloard In a flml oljuia vxiac |ioaii*wtin aJ! modern Improve n.-nU. a.) n< olieot Libia pn/vUed. Dinner at cColurk L*?aUoo ocalrai anJ oonre aleot SIS Broadway, belc* Union aqiape. APRIVAT* fiim.t WILL LIT A httit OP If ANDa.imcly fr.r.iUheJ Kooma, ooo*i?!'n* of the satire aecuad S.wr, together or imriUi, without board, to gsntl* uieu only by apply ii g at lti Nlnf b street. third door east of Broadway A WELL FURNISHED eoom, WIT HOLT BOARD, wautect. In a respectable WaUou Address. stating price, nc hiding an* and Alctnder. Herald otke An ELDKRI.y LADY AM) HER DA0UHTKR WHO own a house with the modern improvements, w isa to ac. N-mmodnU a few gentlemen wl'h gfuteeiy rurakted Rooms m i Hoard V&Hiea of l-etDfeetithttHr wfll find thl? a qukt and I 'dtonable boma. IrajnL-e at Madison street. AW LARGE WILL FINISHED I'AKI-OR, ON THE FIRST story, without board. also, two or Ujree gentlemen ran be UTommndJitcd with Bc ird and pleusi>r.t rooms; house contains )lAni>, balh. and all laaprovetn-nts. locfUioa good. Apply at i!6 TUompnuu i?lnxt. A GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE. IN A Q1NTEKL private family. a nicely furnishel Room, with use of lath and pas, convent*!.' to Br>ad?ay aad not above Union louare. Ufiesovtioukble reierenees given. Address, with full particulars, M. ii. c., bo? 123 Herald office. i PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FURHI8HKD A Room, with Board to one or two young men tn one of the nost comfortable little houses in the eltjr, gas. hath, Ac., 194 rwenlleth street, between first and 8ee< od avenue*. 1 PLAIN FURNDtHFD ROOM TO LKT-TO A LADY. Ol with Boar*, where ah* can have the comforts of a home reraalow. location near Hudson aad Canal streets. Ad 'reaa R. D., Brru.dwav Post offlee. BOABD.-A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM ON THIRD Boor; alao a room on sere ad door to let, with Board, to & :i'ntl?maa &ud his wife or single gentlemen, at No. 11 North Knore street. N. It.?Oas ana hath. Board.-rooms to let, wrrn board, to a okn tlemiin and wife and single gentlemen, fnrnbhad or unftir uthed. location pleasant, convenient to ears and omul bum. /tpply at No 2 Albion place, or 408 Fourth street. Board.-two yocno ladies wish permanent Board where they can have the use of the parlor, beween Orard and Eighteenth streets, west of Rrmuiway. AdIres* U. L 8 , station A, tpriug street, immediately. Board-a qf.nti can have a front sin pie Boom on second floor, vbete only four boarders are tept; the comforts of a hima ran be r?alt/?d at molenite erme: hath anil g>,s In the bouse. Apply at M? Fourth avenue, near Twenty ninth street. BOARn.-rm: cnoio: or three booms can bk okv. tth Hoard, In a small social family, where there we few boardera. Ibe house lias all '.lie modem improve mrDli, gn?. hot ami cold v. .Uer, bath, and lar?e pant/km. A''. Inquire at No. 9 Bank Hreel. Stages pass within one block of ll>e biHUf. Heferenrei ncUanged. Board wantkd-ht a orntlrman and vile. In a private family where there are ao other board trm. Houae r<u>I he sltnaUjd la a plcatwt and reap?cubl>? nt-tRblX'rb-od. nuking terms, wtib fall p\rucitl*r? li. B , t*>i X.S6P l'ost office Board wanird-in a private family, for k gentleman and lady. IjoraUoa eas ot Fourth avenue, between F.gbth and Thirtieth atreota. Addi rts, with terms, Ac.. H. O . Herald oflioe. Board wanted?for a gfwti.kman, hw wife aod two fiitldren, weal of Broadway and above Iwen tU-tfc sreet Term* moderate. Addiesi Kdward, Herald ollire, for tw o day?. Board wavtfd-fof a ornti.kman. win:, daughter and servant, on the wmt ilde 01 the r|ty, n, i above Kle\ entb nrtet, parlor floor prelerred. Adlreaa r. W T , Heiald .flu a. BOARD WAN1KIV-HY A I.ADY, I* A RkSPS'TAHI.K |i>u: t? family, in a plena, nt pnrt of iLe city. A furnii-b t.l oiedlti n #l/?d loom on d be reqit red. Ad'drene, * ?ting terms. wbieli must I f ran'siK, K. A , Herald office. Ktfe rence gl\ e# a^d required. Boarding -a rxt i*krm>nr wishing to mark arrarsemonta fot the wint# r will find superior ac.- an mo la I lor a at luA WeM Fourleeolh street. An Immediate .toplica .Ion w ill Mrure a tbcire ot rooma AIM a leu transient u'r ions \laitii g the city and preferring to avoid the confusion of i hotel, may be biuidaomely accommodated Boarding-neatly fvrnishkd rooms large and ami U, sotlaoto for married and amgle gentlemeu ro tli<?e seeking a neat quiet hose with a (mall f unity American), this Is a good opuo tunhy to recti re such on ......n* lie tern a A di. e large Kochjj for tt lor two pel a ma. tpply at 119 East Nineteenth street Boarding-a private family rksidiko in Went Fourteenth street, wiah to let their entire Secai.l Hory, batxlaoaaely funkM. to a gentleman and wtie or a fa aUy of adulta. Address bot ISl Herald office. Brooklyn boarp.-a gentleman and hi* wife or single g"nt'emen can And large Ktoma, with good Hoard, on reason .hW- term*, atStA llleka slieet, pleasuitly ?-aiud on the Height*, sod ccnventcnt to 8outh and Wall Board in hrooki.yn-at v ?t vts strkkt, fiyr Diluuiee' walk fr?m WallalrtM or 1I011U1 ferry. Komi uu'tijrj tir uiii uniabr I. Kefrrencf given and required. BOARD IN BROOKLYN, 1<?*' ANITr strkki'.?A tiFV tlinuu tux wife can obtnin Moirl. with ? plateau! iicm, fuiuulu'd or i.uiimnelw'.l, a lull r.ioa for * genii' tu?.. 1m), tbe h?w h.<* eJI the ttodem improteni'-IKa Board in broou.yv.-a front fari/>r o? we | rood floor kaintnomelT furmehod, to a foilcoi^n and i aJaoa liar troal room thud atnrj. lo iwo gentlemen wtio ' ould room lot'lker. A tir* alar pri% *Xv kniaa, utr ?f-, ivl ?l*k; minuses' walk i.T>m ike ft-rr... Apply a: iii.; Sui i U-egt, ura/ Hoyi Soard in brooktyn.-a okntlrman or two c*o ha?r vlr^aunt K.* -loa, wttlt Ural claaa nerominodeiiooa, i a amal family. flrr minutei' walk trm S mtb f<-rry; ltrm< lodtrale. Avnlj ivt VJU ".kcka Hn-fl, ttitr Vvrao, aOARD IN l:rOOKL.TN.-A I.AR.iR FRONT ROOM, with Hr*ln- m roMariiac, on aMord floor, oaa be hud, ittk full or partial lloaid, ai 121 I'aclflr itrrct, near ,-ou.b aul Fall at) lrrri'-a. Rrcok'.ya Board in rrooki.yn.-newvy ycrntshv.d and Terr pte??ari Rocmia, In a Brat i-laae htxtae wttk all tbe mo em Impn i em?r ta, with Hoard, are offered by a private tam IjF Rtl'renra r?-(tured Apply ai Z& 1 Clinton Mreet. Board in Brooklyn.-a smaix priyatk family, rewdinr to a bra' rlaaa bona* to Amur atreat. will lake k? erniuoen: K ardera. a get: lien im and hn wile Tlie hone? *a?ll the modern iiui'rmrmente, and i-> enstreniaot lo So i i c4 w?U Mreel ferrte*. Befeituce te^iuied. Addrrta n. It., "i 106 HervM office. | Board in rrooki.yn.-a qfrtlkma* and ms wife or a few (Ingle reutl'-m.-o may dot <1eairal>> J looM, wl'b Hoard, al 108 CUntnn atrial. rooTeaieai la Wa'i > Ireet and bor'Ji I ern? >. Keferrac-a earkangsd. Board in hroorltn.-lar?.r and rakdmomki.y furui'Srd rooms ?ii ei.ite or ai??l?, oa aeouwd aou (bird 'tora, for Ihoiinen or gentlemen ?.>h?u; permanent i *r?'., i ir imjar la lira' rlasa. w lb all ike m<?l-iu tmproremrja. Apply 4 99 Henry a?r?e?. near Clark. Reirreneea r*-|iiire?J. [JOABD IN IfOCTD BROOKI.TN.?A FAMIIT !?' ? I> ?lrlnf R <a/d for tba * Inter t? bi-ve th<*r or ?i?ir ao->rtoeula tn a k?nd?.<n?ly Kirnfali- d b?tae ui?ar Uie S.mth lerrj ; aoooikrra hranlrr* will he taken mid vrrai ao-i U a:van t|ea can be <XWed, a lair remnn*i alt ai I be n quired Tlie i?n ?a can bave a aeparaic taula II wi?k.d for. Addreaa i??iiUey, t?o? iii l!er*ld "Hire. Board om hrookitn h?mhi>. witrt* rin mimut' walk of Walltiraal ,*rrr K *rall*m%n aad hu rife can t'e ner< tmmn>Utr4 *?ii ? I ,r.-? xurt n.-?.j.iit trnotro >m (Ml n. iliomi. Him Ml tfcr I h i (I. >r. \.m> 1 fcrr* l)4? Louav, nuiLUiia for aMfle l?w >u u 1U i?- < ntaJna b?iV a?. Ac Appl) .t IJ"i llrni) Mreet, l<*ttrwa Pieiifp- i.i mil lark ?tr* la. _____________ H.IWTOK noma, f-4: broadway, ovk* mp*. J itr? miu M iw * fumttiir*. ?? apnoii twi'a ard all lb n rn. v >( a ii-al c! M h-. tr ppljr aa aboit. ! "v ics tr able Pt'RNISHl i> ttooms. ok sk. oxt> J tar, iin INrl, rtiHtfeh (<,; I imilif* or mi,> cnile?B. Apply a! 40* M ? af^-H 1'< f?rrncaa "trit <Df*J j'rankkort ItomR, CORPKR Ol fr tREPOR i ? Wiiji.m ? ??-'a. N. V. Hrvle H.-i-ri from 2>* l> ?r uigln or $1 I i .! prf *( < ?. Ho- iwwljr f:n n i i? 1. ? lb KOodRcauuraui aua- hrd. i>p<-u ail mfki. j?i*irr" hoakd. \t yr fvt rroadway. " 11?*nac ooii'alnn h>?. ?mI4 ard aho??r Ktikt and all lh<* 1 ><>Wn i?prwra? ii, l?? t .o ?i> ?nd hatltky, ?l*a MM a?d wall t?inl?k'>t. labia *IM rlaaa curnisiird ~ a rnit atr. *a*u.t w<vv;i.n < [* lat a Purlrir.l* tih >r two R>->? id -*t oar, to gaottaBl**, wtth.nit Pa-1, fpi^ni to car* aud < tar-aunt! nr*r RrotMiwajr. 403 Ti'irlh treri, a I Mm ulaf* nrRNTMirn room. t<? i.vt <mn oRwinin'T P BAaf*. in aa ir?'mi. h . i*? * | t?? n darn Imrrr v>ni*un Otll a) l? Tbirww ik ai'^i. ia*r Kaoa?4 ai-anua. rt"RMAHRJ> BOORS T < LK.1 TO <. XTI.VMF.N ONT.\, C mull or ?? V":i l'i' >? in ? iu'.I: pin ?tr ! mil>. >> Ji i 'it rhlVreo Apply at 3Jb V*rl k mrr+\. (7VRRTNPRD ROiiVS WWTEP In TWO MNOLR OK.N P U?mb, Mow rwMrfVjiMN Mr?a?. 1'iwpr down prtfarratl. ConM wt?k an cailra ftrw ?''>*,* nk il mutwo iniriw I anna ank paruta ?ho W*> oat to) Int'iutur.- Ad*rm? <i.. Uia'd i (!.< ?. lUtlcc tarmt, lor,it on, Ac. Pcnjnsiitrt rkproom.?waxtkh, a rcrxi^nrn Hadrnmn. hi ? prli t?r familf, in '? Vm\ or Br?ii?lin, i rlwra an aj-' fewl wt T>aov|a mmd Ihrir n?n bvi +m A tdrna X. X. Hvald ?>. efl ii m- iik1> k< " h 0 lrt-at no. 1,1 catharire T . i ooi?>, ,u Kin iwtjr Lf ariox norsr rvRHjiaxD ror nocsKKrxriRo. TI Vfry ???tly furnlaW I'ar'or *nd IWrwn, for wri fcottfefcrrpan or *! (' wHhhaa. * i'U?m rlii* b?d* rl?xu> llMa. cookie* 'ilraim kr. f,,m ihts. *w>y M <N Kin ?tmi. kTO. 7 B&KTOOKT FLAI'l, TIXTH STREET.- A HAND Ll rm?'i f<\r*J?t>r<l rtrtor Rr<trvm, ulao ? nct c ton*, lo Hi to iWVwrn. wit> >rwUf?at if I^o nt *m.d ft* ur rirtw urnncT, a rrw W ^or, ?p?l <X Bwinr -A ?mH of (nit K >?n? nn tr <,n>| loor, (tirntafer<1, witk full >r p?rttal Hoard, will tM mrd, u^r'hrr or ?.-p?r?irl7 Hoi* 8r*t claM Uirrrr m R?frn?iioM *ed rrn'it??A fcTTATl.T rr*5?iniT> RKPROOM* OR fTTUR \ *oor-Rrn', * ^nd T, rT moath 47 Amiit mrt+v Partial hoard WAirrKn-roR a vinni.R ao*d J fMlraiu, in p!*lti i?ir?)r umCj ?h?i? no h-*nl?n ?re rpl. toqMI*a Rrw VnrR or Krr^k ui. Aitdr? lor rm? ?> ?*, 7lrr*M o??-?. Pr.rAPART rrFRTHflTO n* t*?tT*RVr*?irnRf?o*i?. wtiii or w"'l??*>t lW>?rd. n?ll tolly, ?*h llw r..mrM of lv<ir <- l't.blr f> * f vmil? or ?to<rl? ?f*mn itar rvmtein* nil morfr^n ln<prnrw?i? n?. R?iiilil*?b'H-.l 4? iralh Mf??r nrp*/ ? irn W. + T'ljrly ?iith icrrr* b* *r<d h*rr*tk Fiffctli ? * ' ?% frit !!<*? <>f prarUrr | a ? rlMin. Trnaa ?h?trrvlr I J. OA1UK9B &91) UHWIXS R" ooms toTbt-with board, at as wiwrr foub lecctb street. furnlrbed or unfurfilsbe'', to fentl*?*^ aad their wirt* or aingle genUemeu Rri-recurrs euhauxed. Rooms mcitabi.b for iounu mbn obokntlk i mar and v irn, oti secmd tiud talrdttoorm. and sincle 1 Booms no fourth a. r. a p.eM^o: be use and tool UMe: prices ( reasonable. at 71 VFnt Tventj seventh svirtt, near balk avuiue Tro Torwo laiurs ark pkkibous of oktaiicteg Board iq a retpemable boar.Unx house, where tht-y c\n here tnetr mi ala scr??<l tn their own room. Terms m'ist be moderate; k<.atinn east of Ike B?wrrr. AiUrtM, for three I day a, AM P.. Chatham aqnare Poi'ffln. TWO 8INOI1K okntlkmbn cam OBTAIN OOOO Board Id a private family, house and table first d*?s; dinner at sis o'rlort; terma for two froua 97 to $H a miu'i. Inquire at 30 We jV Tenth street. rLKT-WITU BOARD, TWO I.AROK.J H ANDSOMK Dd neatly furoiiLed Rooms on tbo w< <>ud floor. Quite tiestrahWfor a ft ntlenian and wife or ?n-kII family Apply at IX Wd Twenty tbtr 1 street, between >';fth and kuvh avenues References exrhauged. mo i.KT?a FUBNI8IIKD PAK1.0R with a RKO1 room adjetLtns, with or without oartial Itoard. In a Oer man family, at No. 71 Bsmmood. betwvea Bleecker and Kotrth st.-eeu. Beferencea esehanted. r I.KT?A LABOR WK1J, HRNI8MKD boom. TO one or twocfntlemen, witb or without Board. It Is welt provided with ias Proton and the merenlene* of the batli Apply at 118 Warariey place, near Washington aquare. rlibt-rrrbhhkd boo mb (brrakfa9t if rk quired) at 15 Hond street. r I.KT-TWO BEDROOMS ON BBCOND FLOOR, | n*>?Ur and riehly furnished, la house 39 Qivre street. to two real tt ntlemen only, and no others, for $7 per week nu ii, without Hoardt light and flreiarlnded; parable quartirlr, an4 iw uiMumt, ini (UMifiit u> ua pfii-n, nil ('4iiurHD ) wo ooium. Apply aa above from 7 to 8 o'ajnrk In the evening, and |km>lively oti wtmllUnc i' kfter the tatter hoar. | i rl.KT?FtTRIOSHR'n, A PLRA8ANT ROOM AKO ' Bedroom to a Kettlenen iu>d wife, gmuMe for houae- I keeping in a xtncll freoteel boux, temn reaaoaable in advance. ' Apply at 80 Kmm'I street. yKRT DEKTRABUt ROOMS TO UCT-WITH OR WITH oat Board, to gentleman ?t 17 Twelfth atreet. be , twura Univnralir place and Fifth avenue; ho .se ku all the modern Improvementa, Reference* e*ch>tajced. : TIT"ANTED?PARTIAL BOARD. FOR A LADT AND TT rent'emRD. where there are no other boarders or chtl , dren, and wtrre no queatioaa will be ukrl Addreaa W. X., 1 Broadway Po?t VtTANTRD?BT TWO 8INOI.K OKNTLRMKN. BOARD ' ?? to a private Americas fanil\ . between Fourteenth nod B1ee<-ker atreeta. near Broad war; lenn? mn?t be moderate j Addreaa, Nana* terma. O. A. O. Harnett, S3 Broadway, mw ft. I 1 S) WOOSTRR BTRKKT?TO I.KT f I'RN1AHE? ROOMS | I ?i with uooktng otovee, hot aad cold water. *??. hatha an 1 | ever) thing for housekeeping; ilngle Room for a n?oi < mui , 94 2ft p?* week. Will I* rented low to reaped able p&niea only. 99 WEPT FOURTEENTH 8TREKT, NEAR FIFTH ATEu?t nue ? B.i<rd, with handaomelv furnlfched Rooma, la ; wile or etn*le, at reaannabD r?W. U'.^ae ftra*.oiaaa brown atone. UneieeptiouiUle rv.fereu<ea m ulred. 07 WEST THIRTIETH 8TRIET.-TWO OR THRRR BE 0 I lect famillea and a party of ihrer or four gentlemen can now te aremninodattd wKh Sulta or levte Rooom. fnmt?h>t , or ui tiunialed, la one of the moat dr.u#httai locations tn the fly; the hooae la new and newly ftirnleh?d, and dellgbtf-tlly : aitualed. >etwee* Broadway and Mllh avenue. Table lirat clflaa Ref<-nrcea ej<h<i>gea. CC WEST TWCLFTH KTREKT. ?KNQI.IKH BASEMENT , ?J?J bonpe luo- twi> < h >l<"e R"r ma, with all the modem tm- ' ptovcmenta to let. with full Hoard, to irentleoien and tbei.- , ? vi*?, or gentlemen lttnneratC. Retcreacea required. 1 9?> <jrk;:nk strkkt-ai f-Tov MWU-W pkrbi.y O lurnt?be?l Parlor and BeArontn. with (U tut! Oroton; mw patent *|)rin? I i-de i.n<l e ,er/tiling Bdceauo fur young 1 bnneekee|><rs. MciS aerved If dealred. Rt-ul low to reaper'.- , al.U U umis * 1 ? mVATULCT PLACK, BKTWRKK WAHmVfSTON ix|u?re Miid hutkaveuue ? A ger.ttemau anil bia wife nd (?0 itniUrRnttHiii'li no be E?'n'eelv afuofnodtted witb lull or parti. 1 Hoarr ; moat delightful locution tn the ritv ion madison avrnur?two son* or rooms, Imw together or aoparale. with Board, oa Ui? rtcoOd or third lioor. In a fi-?t rU?* primal* boi??, haadaomely located. Also h K<i? f< r a ato?le tern>man. The boat of reference* given and reqtilied. mKI,M fTHKRT, HRTWSKK OR AND AND RROOMK Kj>v, ? Kiool Rrioaa and Be-lrooma to Jet Surniahud, from $1 1" *.'1 (*> per *rerk. m? WEKT F< lURTFKVTH 8TRKET.? H ANDrtOMH I arcoraroodattona for four or live adult*; Parlor, fo?ir or five bedroom* and l.atha attached, alao Rooma for alagte sertlemru. Kuurtft-ulU atreet atigrt pats the door. Dinner at * BROADWAY.?STRAHOKRS VISITTNO NEW l lOl Y?rk m(U flad g?>I arnoanoriaUona: Uie Iimum >a kept ou'hn Fi.r i| < *> nlrin with tcatmirant attached. Table d'b.te at *:* o'rlork French ar.d Rpauiab apoken COUNTRY BOARD. ~~ ! HOARDINO AT A FARM HOC81C ?TWO OR THRKR AJ large room a arn now vacant In the Farm* Maoaioa of tba late Oar Ira Underbill. pear (lien Core, lx?f Inland, winch ran be had an immediate application toMRK. ELIZABETH I'NDTRUIIX. ft ten Oora. U?m IatauA. COUNTRY BOABD ? BOARD ON IXJNO ISLAND, within 31) milea of the city, in a private lauuly, tor a few reapectabla peraona. Pnlendld aea bathing and go^id living, roBiaannleaUraia aererai Ume* daily. Term* t7 an<l AS each a wwk. liuiuirr nt R.12 HnNUlwtv. /"loiintbt bo ARn.--KF.LVUT BOARD in a pink V.' farm bouae. near the Htidana rirrr; <m? or two mora famlliea ?r a few trunalent boardrra w ill he u lutn, ul |S and M I'vr wrck, i hiklran kutll 111+ e: table \ery reefcereke Go aud e the pUi'o. or apply lo jouhca brooks. Eaq., New hikl landkir. CMerroiinty. N Y. MILLINBUV. | Mux dkmukkm's maoa8in ! modkm. no. 4w ! Broadway ?Grand openin( m Imported Paru Kaehiona 00 Monday, Pept $. preeenflne ? bHflfant display <* Pirtema of new aad prrharcbe deaiana for Uaaquea, Mwm, Waiata. Marvllra, Jarktla. kr . ar.< i-hlidren a <le*lgi.a in great rarliHjr. iirarwhea ;?JC?wl?trf?. and.lM Plerremont afreet, llrmklyn; *ij 11 in ail tlie principal citiaauf tka Unto*. Mndfor.aUctr 1 pillar. IIOl HICK, ROOM*. Ait .. WAXTKD. AFAMII.Y OT THRIR ADCI.T* WT<H TOTAK1T, ! ?ith a family of tke aame nnnlrr, a Brat rlaaa Ho'iw. bet* ren Fo>inh and Suth aveo'.ea and Tw ekfvln aixl Twentieth atreeta, r*rk family fnmlaMtic their own apnrlaent* and Na^dnij ih'-i..wl\ as Tb'ad?e-tiaer eipeou lu p?-kan*-- 1* 1 termer* Addreaa hit 1.1 J> P ?t t^ottirh office WANTFP ?DOWN* town A RKJ " fnlai pkyatnan wiahea 11 offl> nn or r.'-ar Rroidwar. 1 < ).'? ?ih ?t ; I wo t -ma wiik * pamM rulraao* prafrrrvd Addreaa i'biaiiLaa Herald irtloe nOCPF w antkd ?thr apvkrttur wants * 1 l.irb ro?p. ihree a"vr Hfiw. Minitir rr?wn 00 parlor , .*f, la * r-a|?ee<aWa f i#bb rb<>??l In New Turk, real fr.oi ?"?t tofl lira. He will take a leaa* of two or three vara, and h% hia 1 nn.iiy to amail (no rkildr-a will take the beat nara .if ' IV prfm ma. TV* llciae uma kare aJI the modern Improve nv nta A-Mreea, amUun numb'-r, aireet and rant. Ho'.tar, *n 02 r-+\ a>? | 1NFOMANT TO BOCn OW.VKRS-WANTED, TO ' If" I .a thiee, ail aiul nine year*. tiT? or at Uoiiaea. with ' tnod?-m lirpr fvonfuta, l?'wr? Fnrly altlli and Nlxtlnk aUKU. and riemmt and Fourth wmi? VnM ao.t lv moda t wl'l k<' ;ucnu?U\ in adraara. So i(rnU rtb 1 V :.vaU.><i and n-rma. t L \ W boi l?l Hi rakl , Pirt or a aorw wa*t*n-ror a bhall fami- ! ly. byl'alat at ^aaaihar; Bra or ati romaa. N-iat ba in K'--1 n. *Lh->rboiil and aiUi.a :'>? or ten minutra' walk ' ul UudkiW atrf^t Addraai J. T ll? l.ndlow ?tri~-t. PVRT OF A HOI SK WAKIKH-IN titOOKl.VN. IN A ! | p!r.i?ai. l.vai.011. coangai'-ul to Fulton or Wail atmwt f?r ry. Tnrnj far it?r or ?i? Rooiaa nut In hkmmI WO kr vnr. AvU'r?--?. ^tik (nil pi-rtK'ular* M A. P., UrraK o# v. KOOM* WAN1F ).- THKKF. C> FVRN'SHKO ROOMS *?n|. f ir b- "??k' pn ? f > a .?nt>< nan and wtfa, ' l<ie<iiad iwrr a mlla fro? CIrtr.a ??r??t and Ri <*dw?>. A*ldi 1 ?. aa '* l<? aad frma ,1a full bo? U C.. 115 , IlrraU i^Oi ? for ikrr^ daya * OMAIX I RVM U.;> Hol'l IN Tl!" t'olMRT 1 w* was'.rd R< at m iat be In*. Addr>aa a 11 2.417 Post i-e. Twn uoo?r.< in \ rriv * tr famii.t w * vttp- for a rami mar ml alia, b> ike (at of a?a'<Hnkor, f?mi?h^d til .10 ncd iiral : h"< arl?e<'pies. r*al n?i?h>>rh"i.?d. trelow r> -rtk treat 1 e not | V ..1 ?t l?n e, , ^iHkbte aeu'1 ai atklj A 'ilreaa. n k (nil parti, ilara. W. II., I HeraM . . e 1 - -. - - ? ll'ANTRr?<y OR A BCI T THR 1st OF NOV KM 1RR [ " *11 a r.'.l '.m *.' huh at * .1 b we, a ik mod -n * >a;vei ncea, and In >#??>d <*1> ->d; or-MI 1 M #-n Kr?'irt'-> i.'k ai 'l T 'ini lotik airi ?. aaat .? fA :c ?. aiih " rrtnt ?* 1 ? a? T >rk f*oat 1 WAJTFU-A rURJIKHEn HOi;n?. KORTHK ^.NTK*. to ba Inovrd In fHH w In a^?a - ?f (* tja- * ??! alraela, P<ir??? co mefcrd tor a P?r>amt>?r or <? >h?r <] otil l*? trf M?y. At* tr'H IJonae 8??ker, but Ife iiaraid I ; r ftr* 11 Yl'ANTTl)?HETWEVV BRf>.\D W \Y *J?I> THE KOW | "? ary and ?>?).-w Mln'b *> 1 H -n I ike Oral Ituoi. H IIU.W-* |.<r a a o?H'? K?nt * ?? ?;00 prr year. A<lili?i? for tfcre* ,iaji &> . .,, Her*!! ofli-e. | e .?? I u VAKTUNlt A MMM* FA*TI,V. nrr!'. MAY T, IT Ijti * w?*l f uK>i?! 1!^* in me vi,-nui? g? i a, >a * a.uare Arfdreaa A , Jfo II Pir* r>iw, room S. * \V*AKTF.D?TO BEST. T VRT >h A HorsK IJT BI?.)OK * YT lyr m< < tw ir"!i n ? '?w -nt ' war* of W*:1 f/v.>h " r Htmilrn fTric*. AiM. raa fe. B M . boi 3 IS6 !' < ; of iv#, New Yiwk. i U'ANTEP-A <> Rr KR "T.1RP KCITAB'.X VOR THIT yiv-rry ami l^nor ba*n.-at or lienor a< <ne *<>-iM par I ]? ??? tri Citn. r? V ltd Ir. khcin-ui, pl?*v> J ate Vx-AtUm ti <? t?-rrn? A1 Ifa* J. 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To " # who wll! by aaawcrtxa thla par# th? w*y r rnriH ar<ina.r*aaN "r fr'-ailahlp. I pmaaiaa bar r#f<ly will ' i r?K #na htwwubla and .ani.^wtanly vr?*im?nl. Addraaa. for , i nc w?rll. Albert Mnroin. U?r*!<1 <> < ?. i ^ t h/XtRIVoNY MAIlK KASY, OR HOW TO Wl* A ' " I?1 r'??i\?ntahiin* piain wiw dlraatloac ( ilwwlee k'? *'l mar h? rmahiy rr.inie< lrra?|?e?iiri? ; >*? i irx nr I?vaW< n. ahxhrf iir?-twia?raalB? nr othafwiar Thu ^ a c t wr rk, and lh? arr?*<. wbrti aclad Barni-M ^ aprady i f and haiM'y iiivrrla** to alther a^i. Vi>ik>1 frr? for .} q?,,i4 |q I ra nf v ? r*1 ?il?a AiMrr*? T Wll!ta?M A IV\. |\i , ?h > art. b- ? !,Ml I'laiot rft. fliUaitriyhia ' r I I , - ^ rOBIAI.1, A BABE OfPOKTCKmr ~FO? >A.LJ, Oiri OF TffB S^wmr -KX} I>Tlnkn* % toon* ui Una ci'y. It haa been knig ?'-Muhrrl. aad kept by Iks prewnt ownor, enjoya an unbh-mtabed repoUtioo, a*d tea coodrcoof Oratctaaaenalnm . wi::i?anld. with or w??rt fiirBltui* "na-irg"^ For IfnM, which wtH ba ? enable, arp'y at the (-rune Flower haiooo,/7 WiUBnU rar. war Diane atraat. AORRAT BAR<IAIN.-POR HAJ.K AT Otig lUlf iU mine. Wood an.l Coal Yard with a large aUirk am baiU and evf-ryUini* complete far rarrvtm on the bitwiew Apply alter lu o'clock MMw yard, *ff, 2?, Ml ""ritnar <jvct. A PARK. CHAWCB TOR I1U8IXKIW -MtSflRH. P ITTBff A Parenpcrt would sell an Intareat In their uew I V* Kwnpe: I' i? rbeap. durable and pract'cable. and affonla lain* profit*. and ?a equally well ralcuUtad f<>- t"i ~~'ni iin 1 Vi'riBi raoda u gauor lUa lo caae of lira Call at lovr joy'a BouT Part row, where they wMl he pie ,aad to e\hlbl< Uu Pin Kac vpe u> all uUaraated. Rights fur aalr BARRRT POR KA l,R?81TnATRP OV OK* OF TM leadlrif avenuea. Iitkiu B bbla. per week, two Horaaa aud Vt|mu and e*erythlnn oomplet-: *i!l he a. .Id reaaunahto no acccoot of other bunine* ?|tac>*u?eot*. Apply to C. B. HOW KB k CO., Ho. 6 Optra rtft BCKTKBR8 POR 8A1JC?OOBPR1SIWO k RTQOK OT Seu-ta* MarhicM an entliahr new oaMiM atltch unknown to the public, "fke (iwnff bu isnnndutf* bvalneaa abroad and will ae|: both patent and ro?U for SU1.O0O; will take part In ?oud| railroad aeeurittaa or real NUU. if ply at 1% Cedar atreet, room 10, from II A. K. to I F. where the machtnee can be ?a t? operation. ENOI-fTT HIIADR8 AND HOtET. FOB BALX?FTJS antly fitted np and fnrabbed; favorable leaae, acnorMr location, doing a fir?t claw hniinm Mid one ?' the rwjr beat of cbaaeea. BIOOM k KOUTll WICK, S Xmmii atreeL. 17H)R BALB?OITE TWENTY HORflK ST CAM ElfOLWB r and Bnifrr; one upright elgb? horve ateam Engine. wHfc locomotive Holler; two bnrtaontal tea home ateam Kngtnea and l-otlera; one four horae at? Engine and a large lot oI Batting, for aale cheap. W. OOLWELL k CO, 316 Weat Twenty-eighth at.-aaL TPOB BALK.?A PIBOT CLASH FAMTT.T COBVBB r Qromrr Store. ? Hh the atork, tatiuwv horae, wun ufg three yeara leaae: doing a proeperoua caah bartaaa*. Inquire af JAB FEEOUboW/U Wall atreei. KpOB IAI.B?A niNTNO AJfP BII.LIARD HALOOW. " now doing the beat tmaineea In th? Twentieth want, aha led at the urmlnri of one of the Biw.dwa* alage line*. Tka owner can be aeen from U to 3 o'clock, at 388Jltath >iw, or 63 Oorlanrtt atreet rR RALE?stock, FIXTURES AND oood WILL ot a tea, coffee and One grocery (lore. In a g< oj buatneM neighborhood. For particular* addrcaa K. L. X., Brooklyn Foat office. TTtOB 8ALK-A DINING, BAB AND LODQWQ HOT*, r containing thirty Ronco*. wHh n long leaae. In Weal alraet, near Waalungton Market Inqnlra at 143 FSton gtreet. F. PBMBLE. Fob sale?a oobnrb orockrt and liquok Store, all newty fitted up. with aeven yi^ari' le?_v> will be aoid cheap, aa the ow uer baa another bi:iinr<* to tend Apply at 116 Broome atreet. TfK)R PALE-THE UNEXPIRED LEASE. TOOETHK* r with (m'jrorem?nt? iu.d larR? uaiga V """ iro? 7*^. 9ri> VVa*hlii? tob sljfvl, auitable for a rnilM or any nifth Mat no?a; told on account of tbn <l?ath of tlWproprie'.or. Fur farther particulars inquire at 131 Leroy mrr? U MoCANTgT. F)R SALE?THE PHILADELPHIA HOOT*, OR TRAM at one half enet (SJ.OW ooet); a ill t*ke lo.OOO, toaa Loan half oat: or to lei mow la. Apply lo E. L. TUORER, 133 aod Ui rwvtkrtrett, Brooklyn. F>R SALE?AN OLD EST ABLIKIIED BUHINE?* t* the lower part of tha ehy. with a cheap leaaa; will b*aal? for part rath, DuUrce retured notea, mortguges or *ood real eaUle. None need apply but thnae who bare fundi lo Inveal hi hnaireaa. Addreaa W. ?., Herald odW, gtv.og real name aatf add/sea. For rale-a restaurant, in oke or the mdt bv.glneea locations in the city, complete with all firturaa. bar. Ublea dlkVea. glaiwwa'*. Ac , with a gno4 run of cietom. Will be aold rbeap on account of the preeaot proprietor retir Ing fmni boaineaa. Apply at llt^ Bowery, between QrwaA and Beater at reel* rR RALE?RESTAURANT AND OffTER RALOON one door from new Toaopkioa Market. Inquire at No. 3 Third avenue. JJIOR BALE?THE BUTCHER HlOP, .til FOURTH ATE I1 nne, ??ar Twentv ninth rreei, with the Fiitur** and a four yeara'leaae. A Prat rate aland for bnlunai. loiuirean the promUea rR SALE-MANOLEM FOR IRONING OLOTHBB, or all klnda and zee; price from S30 to MO They are terminable for hotala and nrl??te famillea. LUNOAN * SBARP. Maker., 70 Frankfort *reeL rR SALE?A LABOR A HP PROFITABLE BtTSIVM*. with a large contract far work, with proeperta far as hamediate Increue; the property, slock, Ac., U aorth nenrty the amount arked. Thin la apl?rwii.t etuiore. BIOOH A BOtTUWICK. 8J Naaea. airM. rR RALE?AM EIGHTH ATBNUF. FRUIT STORK. with firUirca Ac . romp let*, good hnalneai location. Apply to K. T. ROBERT. 667 K1?hth arenue. |jV)R RALK-THK LEASE, STOt'K AND FIXTURES OT r a Bar ?Bd Dining flalo-m oppoettc Oie Second Avaaan Railroad Pepoc For partlenJara apply lo P. Ooaner, iMT Second urgrme, for two daya. F?* BALE?A DINING AND OTRTER KA.LOOK. WITH M. iwit jriri ii n:i hi IU nnwtrf, |7K)R PALF?RKBTATRAKT, tl.HU. THE LEA8K, r ?ood will, ?u>ck in.I flitiires of lint rlaaa reatauraad, I i kt floor ahoo 110 feet deep. down town; iltiiated nna hi-ok from Wall ?rf?i and ooa block lmm the c*y Cor. OOm, nd In the tmnv ditte neighborhood <ji m?;.y t>*nk> *nd Intiraoce minp*ui??. The nv rune four ftn from now, Ml be rent ia im lo* in proportion to (In- Uk-hIUt. IiwiiUra baore ten o'clock In the forenoon of FKRDFRrCK VOBl/IIHUTU, No. 83 Uru>4 atreet, near Broadway.. iyoR flAi.K roBwoo-rnE sto,;k akb i ivturkh or r * Drag More complete This la a rhanre seldom MhML For a man ? Hh a una 11 capital so better Inreatment oouid ba tiada. Inquire at 100 Weat Forty eighth it reel, of*.- SefMttk E?OR HA! K f IIBAP- A FIRST fLASf F.VfJI.ttH I? Aahnw ?U< Ml>-t oarope. oae Mr bill and other notertlraa. ya j terea, tUica movnieiita ti ?t?*e by acrea. sttge fwoeaa, ompreaaorltiip, Ac.. Ac. Can be ncn a: fhaile-. Sacher'a, ut Fulton street. Fob ?aik cbbap?a obotkry act uqoor More. with Fixtures. Wfll be sold rh??p The reaaoa 'or a!Hoc laatrkneaa. Apply at the Mora, MS third areata, fea??? Thirty tJth and Thirty aUth straata. ijkjr hajjs<tirap fob c amh?Tint stock akd fix r tnre? of a fir* ejass family tea and coffee store,doing a food paying biialne-a; aatiafaeMrr reaano gtren for aa'Jiof Out. A#fit at IOBe?ttrfc arenoa, Jaraay CUy, B. J. rlB MT.E OB EXfHABOB? * BVSIRFSH IK KKW Tori.. r. i trallv located A eo. MO acre* o< Timber Land. tome uma m<iea fr :u> the llndaun river. Will eirnaoge (t?r and p?y ? i?e e->?* J. O. 1IOTT r .rrx-r of Coi;. t aad mr> ' <? HriaAlyn IJtriB HAXJt. FRBTOHT OR CH *RntK?TTTK RPT,rrTDn? r *- a can* ?*m pmiialler \ I< TuK'A. Z'<i bum, oew bn? rs. nod In complete order for w* Apply to AARON A. DB?RACW. Bo. lit S.mth ?<reet, Hew York. 3TTART7. ROTK A??T> GRAIN Bll.i. MID POBTIwNOT ih- pateut for sala?<"oae?ded the beat an I onir mill af ra'oe to miner* red.u in* U? impalpable powder, wl'k sMfliM' rrindtng surfaces. eaa!lr renlaced. BIOOK A riOCTHWI(-K. <Q Nuea Creel -FOB ("AIK TIIK T.F.STOCK' AKI> riKfO tiirea t * ?nn?:! H I. tilnr . rood 1 *r bit ,i<*aa; a I'aiturr *t'hoiipi .< wan'ed, in a plaraof pubtta raor*. Apply at Oeo Ra?luu' Regtatry oflirr, 7l Brnadw?y tA AA camh will bi t a nbatlt ptttbd or S^rrUU Baal?ilt?j t. Bar anJ Ina t'raaa Halarm, now 4MH i raafk trade aad all tba eatlna of a I ?rre h va( abore. TW ill pamaalara apply ta BKMrt A folTMWICB, M Haw */eei. VKW HIBLWATIOKH. ~ AlJf ABAfV-1*. rt?BT\ THIRn TT Ml 0? PVBlalf ATTOB. IIl'Tt JIISS' IVFROrRt) FARUBBM and KBICKBB BfirKlCR M.Wmrinlrr *-? IrnifMi ?a.1 r*b?ra u* rmo'olfnllf la armad ? > lha ikow *?Ilknrwn m-.d porn)?r AHpamca frr lVtl rr? now irailj riM* p'irfbaaar'a Imprutt *nd idTi'Hlawiifn1' wbaa r?,?? (*' >r '. i ui vik m<<?! ' j HOWE A rVRRf, FaklMMT*. 71 Howarr K*w Vnrfc. RPOKTIJIO. A I !?K1 ATTA, OI'RR FOR \M BAITROATS. WTU. u*<- ui*f" "i W?<Ui"?'^r n*?', 22 Kt 10 r'atoNu r"n tb<- Orra* H'wiw. ^hrwT ?b?rv. !f J , in mil ti lh? Sm.ii trit Hp* HI>.? b?rk ?sain. ?ubj?< t til lb* I jri.alKW* o> th? .far ft I^IT Yirbl flub. Rrir?o?-e f?a. H#tar?l ruluaM* >rirr? *!T >*4>4?iI MHunlviil nifllft.ARP UORT f?tm ,'on of KnMatoa MrftM at 7 o clo-k for th? Orf*n H maa A. II II4UJKRTT. \TF.W ? HOORRR TA' HT FDR ItU. UOW-RHR L.1 4! (a?i ' <?* ?pi?*n?! I eabia *Bil funlmn; aa4 Tilppad *??>? !< i~t*rd tn ' ? ' nd It m*ry wr?f Hafett WI , arc Mod Inan l?x. o?l?f Mtk iidiia* ! ? for b?r nh? will b? aoM at *a mmfiaa iwIk-i n froa ooa?. 'n ???a at IiMr*ra?ll'a lariat ?n.l abe-(KM mateMi lit and W'?dan b ?i banter la iba wotfd. 241k rub *4r**L 3rOtT n.ATFRR TvRK JTOTlrT Tba rwnn *?'<* Mwfi'n lh? Ttir and 'ha m. * 1 ? < ' .i> b 1 ?*.:| !.< t. '<rail aim* y-w?? ha'* m 1 r ff'' " ? 'I ' W*b or An.-'.*', il lira . Cl tr* P. M JFPRTTRfJ,-l?Rv*rTB RCTI.Xft NO ? M*~r Uatba l*or*'?1 ?u4 bo?**t aaanrM#at M P-?a la Ito r!<1 >b 'r *..> rd <<v k Il'ill'i Tn' i.'ible Marra'tr* J drift! r\t?rMln?Mr. ? ??? ?ar bntij*. Data li "III >ad. raiuad. At- .VlTloa -a. 117 AKTRD?THRJC!' ITAUW <iRBl Hoi'XTM ORB rr ir.aia ?* ) * ; t.''** v 1 <11.iumr j p- n? h.,,i i ba M?a. <J . b"? Pa?l UTEAMBOATI. rv 4T wnrrnn wv-t 'itr rt.uit: u *rwmr*? L' irvl 1' ' ?bi "i-ata Ik* iu.-^m: IIIIX arllllaarvJw rr? ' pt< "V t ? \ " V, Mn< n:r?? >, ,irr*? taj rnnrfekrfvuia a4 P V " a . ii) .1 i WJ- M. ;'>?.-uCpra (ua Ai.. X- t < - r , v, Tiii? . ra a. tlnoa at P<*Ikmp inuairrad fra*. arsriAT p >t r k vv1 ' r Np rv.r in ^ lar^lra- w.?l|?rM*?. Ti+ -u? ...a ani 1 -i .. T> ?? t . -?m?r>a<Oa >T?a fry --i ,?r .? , , -?o?.<oar? "f1*- * * m ,,>#r M<t lI'H, s x] '>\t n w:>r cold Kmwa. 'V.?. ... , ,rjTrr'Ui w<r- r**y Urk?<j i,..,.. rmI>\V?V fnn? of lay ?tr^, ' ' .'r>i-r ?. I T' r'i?!h ~*rj * m*r pnrBm ~-k ? Vnrk?m. !***? rrj *, ,r< .., *?i n?> !???, rtttirnian, wt| _____ jTvvvpR o. nvv w?vi.. r. R stovV nnik>* J ' n. wil' h?r b?rt). f* r ' > '*?> i hi ?<#or,?r. H IS* R?*irm? will .tkK Port n? twj, *?*. at t A. M. ^'Atw i >\t r< rc r". >>-i.a!?p k' i at * Y. !.v (- ? I# .*? ' V -<hm- ) rr-y la . )'. mn.i, ScuU N|a<k. "I i* '.i> rrrl* T> * m j '\TTIt7T* r*i? ,? ? ?, TF I.-" ... I .. V' . r ?rf >.' ?! .!. V * < k ' . . , f . n?< .ni * %. ? ...