Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 8746. tii ioyu cutfiu ncrraim. PBOSRESS OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. BD IXCETTIOn AT QUEBEC. Exuberant Loyalty of the People. Onad Ball, Fetee, Dinners aa4 HhiQOHQEOUS MILITARY DISPLAYS. SCARCITY OF ACCOMMODATIONS* MAT* OOWXRTED HTO HOTELS. OVATION TO THE NEW YORK PRESS, ft*, Ifct !? 0W Prime* Edward liUrt CorrcapoaCKXRLorrrroiro, P. E. I., AugoctlO, 1840. Birmnpmmt qf the IHtgrapK? General Holiday and Re jeieing qf On People? Appearance of the City qf St. Mm After the Prime't Departure?Dinner to the BepreeenUtUoet of the Preu? trim St. John to Shediao?Vicm / Prince Edward bland?Inter citing Facta Concerning At Island?The Way in Which it nmi Ditoovertd?Scena em a Crowded Steamboat?Soar city of Betel Accommodate*?Programme for the Heuftio* qf the Prince?Grand lUuminatioru? Balit) rfc 7 4c* It waa a matter of aa much disappointment to myself aa M moat bar* afterwards been to youraelvea to And that the telspapk wires would not act at this plaoe when I Mat my tUapalch laat swn Inf. I aent the aame on to Iteartlir by the steamer that Ml the Island early on the feUowlng morning, bat I bare since learned that the Una oath from that place is equally useless The operator here thinks the wire has been oat; bat the operator at WrV-r Is of opinion that it is owing to an overflow of correal. The despatch in question will, therefore, ths lilsgrsph felling, be forwarded by post I will mow resume the thread of soy personal narrative tees arriving at 8t John. When the last echoes of the Sheen that roas from the thousands of loyal NswBrunswtckers collected on the wharves, and oasting one last, Isng linger tag look at the young sua waving his hat from the laldlebox gangway of tha receding ileamer 8tyx, had 4M away, I bent my steps frsm tha water aids into tha Shop-closed streets, where aD of tha few people I saw were Idling through a geoertl holiday, sad whsre the trlnmphsl arches wars still spaa teg tha straete In all the gbsstlinsss of their decayed aery. The town reminded me of a dining hall after thj Meat, a ball room after tha guests had departed. The Spirit that had inspired the sasssss of the population With new life had gone, and hstaaloae remained the week of the past. But, after all, It was not asgnifloent? mmk anlan/IU mi In fnr tli w la Hnfc 114* U mtm IAmumm splendor of either thought or action about the alow going inhabitants of this long wintered oolony; and It required u effort, the moet extreme of whieh their unemotional nature waa oapable, to arouae thssa area to the tame demona'.mtion which they mad*. Thla sayi nothing against thair loyalty?nothing against their lore of oountry?but It shows that their susoeptibllity to external lnfloenoea la alight, and that what wonld fill a Frenchman with the bnbblisg gayety of extreaae ardor, and make a New kerker boll over with the excitement of enthusiasm, would Upon a native of New Biunawiek produoe hardly any impression deeper than woull be caaaad by the coot aoa every day events of lift. At eight o'clock on the even tag alluded to I eat down at ftahb'a Hotel in company with a hundred er mora to a public dinner given to the repi aoentatlves of the foreign praaa aocompanylog the rrtaoe of Wale*. I can only snsnk of this with that aenae of appreciation which such kindness and hospitality deserves. Both the viands and the wtae were of the flint order, and the chief men of the town were present. A torchlight proceaaion of the Are aaen In honor ef Uw gaenta haltod la front ef the hotel at about tan o'clack, upon which the dinner party adjourned to the etreet door, where a few spsiobss were made to the torchbearera. The gnesla aftsrwards returned to the table, where toast making was ooaimsnowil and continued u to a late hour. At eight o'clock on the next morning I left 8t. John by the railway train for Mediae, thence to esabark for Prince Edward Island. Tbts railway was onlv opened at the beginning of the preaent month, when the Prtnoe of Wales rode by It in a car spect illy prepared for blm to the eteamer Forest Queen, which waa to convey him to Fradencton; and thia oar waa on the present oocaaion reserved for the preee. It waa fitted up like a room, with n aofa and arm chairs, and neatly carpettd. The scenery by the way waa here and there pretty, but of no particular In tor eat, and Shediac waa as miserablelooking as moat of the villages In this part of the Britiah Provisoes. I embarked on board the Arabian steamer at four o'clock, together with three hundred and odd aeore, so that the acoommodatlona for passengers were by no meana of the flrst order. In fact the paaaage waa disgusting to every one of any aenalbillty. At eleven O'clock 1 stood on deck and saw Prince Edward Island ly tng before me as flat as a map, for over Its hundred and forty mliea of leflB and four to tblrty-toir of brealth, It hi one almost dfen plain of alluvial land, without a ??i- Mir nr trM a rw hlii.' to harden its surface. The oil of U., MUM .then... throughout, ancb belnjt a redd.ah Mad. The chief articles of agricultural produce tn otll tod poUiuw. but aa U*> Ullor ire raised more with a view to quantity than quality, they are not of a vary superior description. Cattle or alt klnda are ltd poo them, pasta-age being deflcleot. The population of the Island ia a beat sixty thousand. of which eight thousand live in Cha riottetown and the Immediate neighborhood The atreeta arc totally unpaved. bat the sidewalks are Slightly rained above tie level of the r *d The houses being almost unlrersally built of wuod, are by no moans Imposing in appearance, and the only aTpiwb to a solid pteee of masonry la made by the 0>loolat Building and ibs Post Office. both of which are of stone, but the former ocasideiably larger than the latter, and both (Undmg in sn open space of ground called The Square Daring Are month* of winter the harbor* and rivers are frozen over. aad used as highroads for the convey anoe of produoe from the interior. The scenery around CharMtetown presents a piHoresque arrangement of land asd water, bat there is a scarcity of wood which results la a lack of antithesis in the I may. perhape, be expected to say a few words re apeotuig the history of this island of the Golf of St Law react, which the inhabitants tell me Is la the form of a orescent It is not likely that neglected Columbus, or bis more haaorsd successor, Anaartcus Vespuclos, or even that wanderer lt> these water*, 8c baataio Cabot, sveraigbted the lalaod. which was called Prince Edward. In hoaor of the late Duke of Ksnt. the grandfather of the royal Albert Edward who la now gracing ths ball rooms o( the New World. H is, however, alleged by some that ths islan l was dtsssverei by Cabot In 1407, and nboeqasntly red is covered by Yedasaam.? proof that these ssirly events are brooded mystery aa the record* of those navigator* bsar no svldeaer of the fact. It la, nevertheless, well know* that when the Preach bad their garrtsoas at Quebec and Louis burg. It was ths principal source of their supplies, and this lad to lis being termed the Granary of North America. Ia 1MB the Islsad was granted by the French to ft Frenchman, whose name It Is not her* eeeoalial Ir learn, and It aubssqucallr became the readeivoos Of rreacb raasllles. In 1744 It was captured by the Mew England forces, trt restored to Frsase by the treaty <f a is Ja Chapel ie But a/tar the ssooad rad net low Of 1/njisborg la 17U It becaaa perma neatly ceded by treaty to Great Britain, aad was, Jtp to 1T70, classed as a part of Nova Rootta. In that rear, owever. It wm constituted a separate ootocy, aad so hss riialaia ever alnce. The^opulatkm at that period did not amount to aao?e than 4 OOP I will now retnmi to siyaetf, and ths crowded steamer, from which, ss soon aa she touched the dark aad w *>4sn wharf, I stepped ashore I had the happiness, or mlsfbr tans, as ths case easy be, to be totalK iioeocinn'vsrt-d with baggaga?Mine baring bean left behind at St John, wing to the negligence of (be parties cooosraed There were neither nabs, nor porter*, nor lights, sor anvtblng alive to be seen oa that long, dreary wharf, as I groped a lore it towards the town, which last I net taM n><- lay W'tnK ahead I imiUMii irropuig. aud Baalljr rtum blod orer ItUJe. forlorn lookLa? boy, whom I at onen Im prraard Into wrvfw to (aldta# mr to it habitation. I ImM throuth * deaertavt ?trr*l to th- chief hotel of the p?c, which looked like the reet of tbr houen la th? neighbor hood, with the Motion that H wae open nod 1 if hu-d, wWoae all th? other* wart shot aad dark Here a woman with a ohIM la her arm* told mo that the bouae wan'u 1. < Aft," aid ehr, " and Uwae *eoti bad % ? >l?vp oa Um ehaira, al tho?Kh ibejr rame by tal?traph a wr?h a?o." I nlH, ad afala walked jot lot* the nl*ht to ?eaht*elt?r rbw wharw ] kn?ek?d at Nwrtl h.mer*. aad raoeirod an vera to thai given by the *om? with Um ch.ld ? bar arma. At Varth I met a tall itnnfpr h-rTTinf oa to warda a lighted window, u*or. which 1 ?at m.vMf ia* ?'. ??4 wiU> tu? W6I9 Kt'.nu ol it/ uaI.rt>%4K K N E fcUov paaMBfara, who war* for tbe present equally bome , *?rt equally woh cur?ell. Th? won the . Mayor. ?Weloo?e, yuur wont:p.' 1 wh uttntu to ea j claw, **>?d bis local ?m.i<ei>ce wb kuowu to u*t ] bet 1 <;idn'i The Mayor tried all bus vwrauMaive power* ] upon lt? hat? itUia tow we entered, (mi .n uio After (hat k* burned away up the struct, am* reuewod bit awlicatibna ?laewbere. Men in n*tt ?&" ta. candle >n baad, unlocked d?>r? mid op uoJ tkta, bat (>aty to W.l us that all *h feU-tAatua ncaeconld baaaenanmodated. Attonctbwe towco a place where the boat promised m? a rtoepbob? bed? but not a room. Hem the Mayor bc.1t we good atttt, aid 1 reaaaiaed 1a the bope of reet. It *ai about ?ji boor after this ?ku 1 *as mtroduoed to a mattref*, on the top or sundry cbat.ra, iu which 1 (band four otb*r steeper* -ostendeU ?u *c many stretchwa. 1 lay down, but tbe ftree: note** euaa* <iueut ob tbe ianling of tbe ikKKT1! panningn?* v.ere ao great that had it not been for <ierMiTe fatigue 1 abovM hardly hare elept; t>et I did ?leep: and wfcen 1 awoke early la tbe ?walag aai leaked out cf tbe windows 1 aaw buadreda ?< ia> own fclfow paMeogera,?a well aa of those who badcoate by a *ub*? q-oent steamer, crowding the street*-and walfcfag abut In ; aearch of ? place of reat. Alaal aakl I, 1m aha ytoaaare seeker* (?t*y vera escuralonlata), tor tbey aaek it i and Cod ft not, and after ao saying I 4reaaed myaatf and Joined the storing muHMwte. In order to |j?te?t a complete raa of NM mangadd rata fur the reoeytMM of hi* Buyal Htefeaaaa, 1 will are mtae my obserratlooa by giving a copy ol the oflcial prof run mm oc the oooaalon:? nouuwi to n Mam am tm aaatva,l or mm waua. bkihh? ru nujki op Viin. Immediately ot> bw Mk>sty's ihlp FTylag Ftah Mag signalised at tbe Black Huuss, two gaae will beftred to rapid ? ocission freaa tba (bar gan baMay,?h?tke union Jack will be hoisted on (ha Colonial Bat Ming, which will be tba eigael tor the a Wf tiling oa Qatea tract aiarf of tboae iiiIIim who are oOeklly to receive bis Royal Htghnms, nailyTba Judges, l>a?i ben of Lbe LegialaUu*, the High Sber MTof Quean's oeeaty, the Mayor and Corporation,lbe Colonial Secretary, tba Attorney General, tbe Arahdseoen, the Tiiaaa, tbe Commissioner of (>owo Lad da, tbe Comptroller of Oaatoms, tbe Poetaaaater General, tbe Registrar ol Daede, oWcm of lbe regular militia and lulaul? , la aaitoraa, dismounted, aad tba aialilin of tba laeeutlve Maaaglag Committee. A space will be reserved on lbe wharf fo, chtgywu of tbe various decominatlooe, aad also tor gauksM representing tbe press. Major DaTiea' troop of tbe Queen's ooaaSy rotoateer cavalry will be posted In Qoeea street, se sa is tabs peat la front of tba band, sad bead tba pi o mastss oa its moving off. Captain Lea's company (Prince of Waiea Volanteers), with tbe band of ber Maiesty's Sixty seoond ragtmeat, will form a guard of honor at the leading place. The company of tbe Sixty seoond rarimal to be drawa up in single ale, exteaded. Tbe vomatasr companies from tbe country, the St. Andrew's Soelety, tbe laaaperanee Seeiety, the Benevolent Irish Society aad tbs Masonic Society to be formed in extended flies, liaiag tbs streets in the order named through which tbe royal proems ion will pass. Qaptala Murphy's company (the Iriah Volaateers) will be potted at Govt rn men t Boose, ss a guard of honor, to reoeivt hie Royal Highness. Captain Pollerd's eompany of volunteer artillery will detail one subaltern, one sergeant and twelve rank and file, as a guard at the lodge at tbe Govenuneai Hoaae gate. On ber Majesty's ship Flying Fish entering tbe harbor, a aalate of twenty ooe guns will be fired from tbe Four Gun Battery, and the union Jack hoisted oa tbe signal staff. Oa the F? lace's landing on Queen street wharf, another salute of twenty-ooe guns will be fired from St. George 's Battery. Captain Pollard's company will man the batteries and Are tbe whites. When the procession moves off the baad will take post In front of tbs carriage containing his Royal Highness. Tbe company of ber Majesty's Sixty second regiment Ml Chptaln Lea's company will close in and follow the last carriage. Ibe volunteer oom panics aid the societies lining the streets will stead that until the royal cortege dhm the heads of their respective companies and bodies, when they will wheel Inward* and move on in succession. I'pon arrival at the arch at the entrance to Government House they will be halted and retire under direction! which will be firm by their several leaders. The proceeaion will move up Queen street and thro^h Kent street to Government Houae, The troopa and aociettea will be under the Immediate direction or the Adjutant General and his aides. No carriages, except those belonging to his Ezoellancy the Lieutenant Governor, will be permitted on the wharf or to follow the royal cortege. There will be a general lUumlnation and Artworks in the evening. On the second day His Royal Highness will hold a levee at Goverament House. The company of her Majesty's lnfkntry and the band will be posted at Government House on this oooaalon. Immediately after the levee, hla Royal Highness will proceed to the Province Build lag, escorted fby Major Lavies' troop, to reoslve the addresses wfcloh will be presented to fclm. A guard of honor, consisting of two companies of volunteers, with the band, under a field officer, will he posted in front of the Prevmas Building. In the evening there wtU bs aa amaMyiftlMI at the Province Building. DBtAIUD OHMS or I Sill, ssssisi to sb 0?sIsti o* his sot a i hioh>shm tss raises or viijb raocanpwt; non tub * Liar ro oovmwxmrr nor* Chvalry, One hundred aad fifty yards spaee. Band, Ten jar da spaoe. City Marshal, with wand of office, Five yards space. The Mayor, supported by Recorder and City Treasurer, Ten yarde space. The royal carriages. Ten yards spaoe. The Judgee, Executive Ooun II, legislative Council, and House of Assembly, Committee of Management, officers of the Government, Clergy and Members of the Bar, Gentlemen representing the Press, Naval ana Military umoors. To be followed by the deta-hment of bar Majesty's Sisty ncocd regiment, Gapt. Ives's company, the ?eroral other com panic# of volunteers and the societies, tn the order in which they appear in the official programme Gfctlrmcn id the civil deportment of the orooession to appear in full drew. tI? ?Black dr?o* coat, black pantaloom, black or white reel, and white cravat and whito 1 glove*. At noon, on the arrival of the rayal squadron, I hired a boat and Ml led about the bay, and ao bad an early look at I * Royal llighnear standing in a white hat on the Hero's quarterdeck, an 1 at half pant one I new him land, looking aa freah el usual. I accompanied the proesssion on foot to Government House, and afterwards drove about the town in the rain at the cost of two dollars an hour, ' and, leter till, went oa board the vreeeli of the fleet I w ill omit mention of the dinner at Bovernment Houee la the evening, for I wae not a gueet there; but I will eay that the illumination* which were attempted In the evening did, considering the extremely wet and cloudy weather, much credit to the natives The attempt waa spirited, bat the fhtlure desperate. Usr Osspe ComspoidMte. Gasps, Canada East, August 13,1*60 Incidents en a Journey from MisMMW State "f 0* Meamert?Affemrance Oarpt?Piciurtfjw Somerg nn the Sum?Tin Shift of the Rryal &/uadrun? A Jdreu fnm the Pr^>U "f Gaift?Oetpalchej tar the I'mtrap Prince frrm Hit Father, Mother and the Prince* of Pmma, <H., 4c. At half pest two In the morning ! wended ay way la eolttude through the deserted streets of Charlotietowa in the direction of the wharf where lay the ahediac etoamer The night was dark, and the walk by no means plea*eat, but I am is the habit of taking things as 1 dad tt.em, aad making the beat of my lot; so I did not repine When I stepped on board the vessel, I found her, to use strong language, terribly crowded?Vh. re being within her upwards of four hundred v>d fifty passengers These crowded the decks like flies, so that there wss no sitting, and barely slanging room; and whso I descended, with considerable difficulty, into the cabin, I beheld an accumulation of legs and arms suit ssl bad aerer dons before la all my travela. The packing waa cioeer than that adopted oa board aa African slaver, aad the ventilation leas perfect, However, I had prepared myerif to sail is this steamer, ao I endured tie "roogtelag," sad stood and sat la a Barrow compass, aad trsalhlsg sa unwholesome stmosphen, until ths wharf at Mtedtac waa reached, at eleven o clock At three la the aAeraoon I leh la the esse steamer ft* Gasps, the east em meet point of Canada, in order to asset the royal squadron Mr* s Ptie had sboctooe hnniired and tsrenty pssssngrn oa board, aad sailed la a roundabout route, railing at various place en nmle TIM Irst was Rtohl duets the timber port, which 1 shall long reasomber for the naaoa that in cowi ng out nf Its harbor the 'steamer grounded oa a ?andbaak, and, If It had est been for a flfberaan pilot of the place might have remained there fbr the aight. bet owing lo hie ekIII we got off after a delay of about two hours. Meanwhile aevoral person* oa board were giving orders, aad ths grossest incompetence and want of discipline were dieplayed by each I IU?W(I?I In oapturiaf * * thla night. bat the tod lintn bad brea ao lotif aw*v from Um WMk tab that rkanllaoaa frrhmt* m* to do nmthu throw i4Tb; More ?x1*td?I hkbitauB#nta. and lb# abatf waa aa a mall and ihr tmrapberc ao uaad op that my rrpiaa ?m by no iiinu luxurion* Tb? prr rtaton* aorvat! at >*? ? wer* aa had aa th# eook '.Of. and wo tnrraad ia the aloomng cabin, Uw no It one in tbo boat, all aorta of niHaaaoaa war* oneooatorad. Tbc waltrra W9* aa dtafuatinpty nrrkwn u tba r?n?r?l arrarrTMtt* of tho ptoward, and tbo wboio royafo waa a ir ifukli pi.ffatorT to Um> paaaeorara, who bad, Dearth* i""?a. to pay morma'jaijr l.tgh fhrrs and half a dollar for ri-rry m#al la addition Wo poii'I a yrrj roundabout court*, rallln at aeroral alaeoa by Uio way, tha flrnt bf;ni Ktckibueto. tba i mhrr port, wbl< ?> I aball lno( r*m< nt^r n nnorttoa with th? r?ao??l t* nitration tor m ra-??rr oat of thr liarbor aho (rrono 1*1 oa a "and bank, and thor* w? ni ght ara r?i a mod tb?< nif ht t M i at ?"n fnr t OakoriMi i l ^i, wfcg taut ?bo?rd u<i wcrktd bcr ?fl >n ;*o Uurt, W YO SUNDAY MORNING, The f n?crM iiui'DtpfifixM ?m *#piny?l by the router I I and <Wi *ia .< tb.? aituir, a?*< Uw nnntrad?o?ory mioaar < m ofctU. they .uttrftrrd v>tb (k? p'M ?M MUe catcu- I la it>| irv iailLovlo* itt tUir judgwieul. Early us l the r*?i n.? rnib|r we reUed at Ctaihug and Newcastle, 1 h?wu<uiiinNr|iuru m ?be Mlnntcbi river. H w i Cpularlj Uifct llvrt la a town ?r port ?a?<l < irtmuLi, Uu? bik.1i mi but ike cm Miramachl If * l iniie fmml!) applied >oail the poiu on the i!f?r, ao I <-? led, end within ibe d?tr iut | i la the aneiiMfu a Um day we entered the hey of , I i ( Liinr, ?krr? Ifee k? ioii high wd the hreeM Mew ; I | ctna-fiy. end tbe air wee filled wtth miel our veeeel. i i taring l>e? u bunt f?r river navigation uttiy, now niMhed | i ai.u ibikd ?l*ul in a number anything but deligMfuL | i Ibia bav : mn<iy nuica loeg hy twewty to thirty broad, i and ita abort a are pteaeantly dlTeralOed with hill and i 1 plain mka and fieae lau d From ibw we peaaed Into ! i Um> Ktfciigombe river, and landed pewengera at DalI bovfie. ft then rriurmd to ibe bay, and called at Ba> , hnr?r Isrr?Iw-hit m all flihiu nnd limber nartfl of t ' New Bluerw?eh. > After this we kept w?ll In with the shore, which W < 1 no In *rr that ?( New Brunt wick, but of anada, and oo- 1 ; osfkoTTy slipped to take fn passengers thai pat off to M in boats (yon the adjacent vlllarea i Ibe tbore vm ? cliff of red aand stooe, backed tor ft i ' chain (T rolling hill*?ft spur of (be Alleghaalts?plea- | raMly dotted with cottages sod small farms. At ft potat , j Mwd ci|M Dtifslr, os tlM Mith side of the Bay, I sftw , I temi, which <?Mln tbe spot where Jacques Cartter I nisi lasded on discovert*! CkHds. 1U Duke of; Kent visited this site la the L*aader,wbtcb, while pass- ( Inf. hunfed against a sunken lock, but sustained oaty ^ i s ibi Uaa>age. i The most pictures^* see nery oo Uie whole bay lay ft . few talks further on, la the midst of which lay em bosomed the, fiahing Til lege of Perce. We were pressed , between the mainland and Boaaventura island, also la- , habited by fishermen. Nandlng at the distance of a few , yards from tbe mainland, racing this island, la Peroe rock, a tall pillar la tbe form of a parallelogram, with aa J archway In the centre, through which, at high water, ft , beat may pasa. On this rock thousands of aeagulla ware j perched, sad here they build thetr nests and keep op a perpetual chatter, so much so that the fieharmen, when , overtaken by a fog, ascertain their position by the sound , I frrm this natural bell tower. We rounded a headland after this, and then the beautiful bay of Gaspe opened upon our view. I Btautifnl hills roee on either aide aa we steamed Into ( tbe bsrbor, and Anally into tbe basin fronting the vlllsge. Here the water is almost entirely landlocked, | and the hllla rise to aa altitude of from fifteen hundred to two thousand feet. The village la itself Is Inslgaifleaat, vet in the only hotel there I found the ubiquitous N'aw York Hsxalb. the el ubvpu ought , to be its motto. It aloae ia universal amoog newspapers. In the distsnce we saw the smoke of the ships of the royal squadron, which two boors afterwards anchored la , the bay. I slept on board tbe steamer from Charlotte town that , alght, but on tbe follow Irg morning gladly transferred ] ; myself to the govern meat steamer Lady Head, la waiting mi (hit nntitmB wftumi %. hftrth htd hM>n p?fl?pvnH (hp , me. Of fbe rest, my despatch from Point an Perre, oth< ?rwlM Vainer I'oin*. bat erroneous!? called farther Point, vtll inform yon. 1 nave. therefore, la ooacloricn, only to ?md copy of tbe addreae presented to the Prtnoe by GterUTor Gasp*.on Aehatf of the inhabitants, and to ; wnich a reply ia to be forwarded from Quebeo: ! To kin Boral Bigbneaa Albert Edward, Prince of Walee, Poke of Barony, ITlnco of Sue Oobnrg and Gotba, Duke of Oarawnll ana Rottey, Earl of Cheater, Qarric* and Dublin, Baton of Renfrtw, and Lord of tbe laiea, K. G., 4c., tc., to. Vat nPuui Tom Rotal Hictufe- We, the loyal Inhabitant* of Gssp*, moat respectfully be* leave to welcome your Royal Highness to the shorca of Cknada, and to assure your Royal Highness of our fervent loyalty to that i crown wbtch, in the wiadom of Providence, yon are destined one daf to wear. Ai the heir apparent to tbe throne of oar Mtf r*?rtaf moUwr country. we haU j the advent of ytmr Royal Hlfhntttft to innaHa aa an anspicloua event, tending to draw more clonely and cement those bouda of onion which unite this, "tbe brightest jewel In the Brltlah diadem," to that great ealloc wboae Crudest boeat la that none can wear the Ignominious dge of slavery where tbe time honored standard of 8t. George proudly Boats; and the bet that Gasp* has been tbe irst portion of Canada which your Royal Highness has been graciously pleased to visit will cauee this auspicious day to be deeply engraved on our memorise and the 1 proud remembrance thereof to be banded down unto oar children's children. Tbe visit or roar Royal Blghneaa to Canada, at the bumble and patriotic solicitation oT our Legislature, for tbe purpose of opening that stupendous monument of human (kill, the Victoria bridge, la U> us an event fraught with happy anticipations for the future, and Its name Is a pledge to your Royal Blgbness of tbe aflfertionate loyalty and high respect we bear our gracious 1 sovereign, your royal mother, whom we venerate not merely as our Queen, but as a noble example or woman, . I or whose many virtues your Royal Highness, in common with all ber loyal antyect?, has Juat reason to be proud. That your Royal Highness may be saercifully protected during your progress through tbrse provinces, and permitted to return to your royal parents and native land in health and safety, is our earnest and heartfelt prayer. I may here mention that the Governor General deliver ed to his Royal Highness, on Sunday evening, a bag of despatches which nad been received for him at Qnenee. These arrived bv various mails, and included letters from his fluher, mother and other* at home, u fciso from his later la Prussia. ooooerolng whom he received a telegraphic dssnUcb at Hallfct aad another at ft. John, S. K, aa bmoimm* at the mm> m aat sa lats sfc ?s aflar their reoetft reading then, and ia no* occupied la wrltiag uiwtrt Ovr Qaibtc ComipeadiBM. (.'rim , August 16. 1M0 Jrriral Iff Lmd Iymt from WMhififlm?Drpartmrt "f Mteurtion SUamrrt to M*H tin Printe?Thr Band </ the Canadian Rifirt Arrirt frrm Mortal?Military Ar ranptmrult?TV Miltiia f'-gramm, dk. It la jost half past four o'clock P. M aa I alt down to write, and the great gun on the lummll of the C ladel La boonlsg oat a royal aalute. Thla la In honor of the arrival of Lord Lyons from Washington, the Br tish Am* basaador to the I'mUd States He, like the numerous other distinguished men who are now on their way hither, has visited or Is about to rlalt Quebec in honor of the approaching advent to the city of his Royal Highnsss U>? eldest son of Queen Victoria. The train which conveyed him arrived at Point IjsvI, on the oppoaite bank of the St Lawrence, at four o'clock, and be Is Just now anding from the ferry boat which connects Ux city with the railroad of tlx Grand Trunk Rail- I way of Canada. He will itof m the Parliament Heuse, of i which you hsvs already received a description. Two excursion tteair.srs?the Magnet and the."*agwnaj'? sailed to day for the romantic river Sagueaay to asset the squadron of ths ITtor* of Wales there. Though the fare waa four dollars a bead, several hundred excursionists were taken down in both boats. This fart is, In my opinion, sufficient of iUelf to bear testimony to im liveliness of the interest take* by the inhabitants of this city in the approximate royal visit. Mb 'earners, with the others which havs preceded them, and the large steamer James McKsnsie, which takssdowr. excursionists d ?a Friday next, at a dollar a bead, will | join the escort of the Prince oa his wsy up to the city. Britifh ensigns ars so scarca. Inconsequence of the great demand (or them, that the editor of the CknmicU, who was rather late la trying to procurs one to sanaoi r.t the arch erected in front of hia establishment, is now unable | ts obtain one at almost any price. He ha<l some i lea of i hoisting the srars aad strlpM la coaseqasaoe The band | of the Osaadian Rules hsa arrlvad here from Montreal. It is conaldered the bcit brass band that was ever ia Canada I The number of its members Is Ofty This afternoon It ' pet formed m the Governor's garde a, one of the fiahlona| bie localities of ths city, before maaytboasan S of taaa diana aad seores of American* The Canadians pride ! themselves considerably upna ths bind, which they wider fully rqoal to ftodworth's for its cumbers. Ons hnadrrd men, ?<tb Ave officers aad flvs non| r-mmissloeed <(V<r* or the three companies of lha Canadian Ril>e. new stath ned In Quebec. are awa;tin| ' orders to proceed to Ottawa, where they will remain ttu , j ih. arrival of ths Prince r,f Wales In that city, when they ' will perform the d <t'ngu1th<d duty of a< ting as guard of ! honor to his Royal H'ghnesa till be r.->mp<etet hia tow Ih ! Csrsda aad enters lie territory of the great Western re- . ptbllc of tb* I'stted Ptates Theeommaud to hsld them

two bor.ra ago from the Governor (ieiieral. Sir Franck I i Bm4- I The military litre been prert.?;ng vtriooa (1?M eier< >?e? ?o<J roaafrerraa here recently. Today U?? whole regular garrison of lb# city ud ft>rlr< m turned oat on tbc leplanaie to perform tbe parade o( aalnt of tba colon The pageant waa trulr plendld, and CTery Aroe'ican in Qaebec that ?on hi be pi Mm I was there. Th<- hour apt-elated waa half past tea A- M , anil tie troop* ware tben to fern on the Kepiaaade. Ths 0?n? !iaa Rifles were t rnmptly on bend at tb? mlnvte. ' tin artilterr arrived a few initiate* u.ierwar Js. and tbe Rrvi-nlsenti :ofluitry, beaded by their One brum hand. , playing the "Brltl?b Orenadlers," aad y>eir standarl well prrfarated by Rasa an bullet* All the usual military preliminary evolutions were then rone through by the uoope. who looked remarkably healthy , aad w?rr sri'lent17 well ak illed and aererety trained, to the aatbfectmn of erery oae ?1be? the whole force formed :n doable line I I.I eomptny of the Seventeenth. on the extreme | r tht ( f the line, advanced afew itepa forward, headed by the band aad bearing the enelgn. formed quick ir Into a colrmn, marrbed to Ihe air of "The las* of Cowrie ' KH tl>e entire Croat cf the line to the extremo < I, where they saluted tbe standard alow I y aad gracefully. while tbe band played the British na ttonal anthem of -God 8aTe the 0>eon" w th mora tbaa ordinary slowness and impress'renew Then the band headed the light company to the rear of the lute | around the extreme left and Ihe officer beariog the standard wai left alone In front. Frery eword waa now gracefolly d'awn, errry mn?ket perpendlcnlarlr presented,and tie motion waa revcentthle fVom one end to the other of that do-ible chain of Vn The band con tinned the anthrm.and in the slowest march tbe light company followed tb*m, while the officer bearing the colors marched with them rnly in front of the line till all arrived at tbe j citr? me lelt, and thecerew-nr was ended?the colors bad b>rn sainted The band now struck nr> a floe martial air and Ihe troops soot marh^ed off the 0e|j. I hae* s.en the pony which w to hear the Prlnee of Wale* through Quebec He is a line liar, full blooded, ' light limbed, noble looking animal, rather larger than ^ jiooiM lrgmtrkl are, t?n not large enough to b* do RKJ AUGUST 19, 186H. itpoated a charger. Be la four f?u* old ,r"' >f the Cfeaadian breed, which it la well known are bferlor to Done, liwia oti the Biplanada to-day, a? tho Miliary parade, I had an opportunity of seeing h ? rhera waa also a floe Rum an pony present, which waa widen by one or the British fl.ld oflloera, who took him kt I be siege of 8ebasto|>ol from tbe tUble of a Roaalan leaeral afUr the capture of the southern aide of that foraa?ed fortress. He waa dark and gloaav, rather amall ised, but very lively, handsome and active. No doubt ibete military parades?which are taking place bar* more rcqurntly than atual?are intended to practice the garri k*u for tbe purpoae of having them appear in their beat ispcct during the presence of the greatest Prince of tu rope, ? ho in 10 aoon to lnapcct them. Tha following mill ila orders have been Issued this afternoon by the commander of tbe militia of this city and dlatrict:? h&unjcarras Lovb Cab aim, 1 Militia GimnuL Ounom, No. 1. J Hia Exctlleccy tbe Right Honorable tha Commander In rhief baa been pleateed to direct that the following honors aill be paid by tbe volunteer force of Quebec on tbe ap t'roaeblng arrival of hia Royal Highness the Prtnoe of If aka, viaia toon aa her Majesty's ship Hero?or tbe v*?ael In > bleb his Royal Higbueae la on board?heaves In Sight at ibe w#st end of tue Island of Orleans, the v< lunteer Of Id Waterv will Oro a royal salute from the Durham terrace, tod tbey will Are another royal salute from tha same place on the landtag of his Royal Highness. After Bring tluae salutes, tbe volunteer Held battery ntll iKmediau ly defile across tbe Tlaos d'Armes, down [;aid#n street by tbe botchers' alatls, ao a* to take up n position in front of tbe Jesuits' barracks, and feeing tbe lowrr part of the Market place, before his Royal Highness passes!. The VOli:>itrt?r r.irnlrv linjf** TtAnt fnl Rail will ftlV> nl?h tbe escort from tbe landing pUce to U>? Governor [itncral's residence. The offlcor commanding will observe tbe order of march on this occasion pointed oat at pages 206 to 207 of tbe " Yoomary lobulations," in his possession; but If bis Royal Highness would prooced to Govern met l House on horceback, the whole of the escort will fellow the royal cortege. A guard of honor of one hundred men of tbe volunteer rifles, ULdcr the command of a fit id officer, with a captain and two subalterns, will be stationed In the Market place, facing the end of the Rue de Buado, and will present arm? as his Royal Highness paasee; the men for this guard of honor will be taken in equal proportions From the title companies whose headdress is uniform, rbe remainder of the volunteers will line Fabrtque street, leading to John street, and will present arms when his Royal Highness passes. The volunteer cavalry will furnish the necettary mounted orderlies. The commandant of the aotivo force Is requested to carry Oyse arrangements into effect, bearing In mind that It is tbe express wish of the Commander in Chief that every volunteer shall have an opportunity of doing honor lo hir.f >yal Highness on this ocsasion. On n? - departure of his Royal Hlghnees lbr Montreal, the Tstttr4esr field battery will tire a salute from the Durbta terrace?the cavalry will furnish the escort? ind the two foot artillery companies will be prepared, il required, to mount a guard of honor. Qrmso, August 10,1M0. I go down the Saguenay this afternoon. and will return with the Prlnoe on Saturday. His Royal Highness Is sxpected to reach Montreal on the 34th, and his future programme I will send you from that place. The Prlnoe rill visit eight or ten placet In Osnada'Weat before reacting tbe United States, winding up with Ottawa City, the mv oapitai. IRRtVAL OF THE PRINCE OF WALES AT QUEBEC. MllUnt Reception and Great Eathuslaem?Splendid Military Parade?Flremtn'i Torchlight Procession?General Illumination of the City, At, 4e. triCUL DKFATCH TO TH* K?w TOR* ntKALD. Qtkbw, August 18 1870. The Prlnoe left Saguenay river yesterday and was bigtallied from Quebec at half past two o'clock. Daring the night peat number* came into tbo cHy, tad early lb la morning tbe street* were ihrongod. rbc narrow, 111 lighted streets or Quebec are immenaWj srowded, and [hotel accommodations are ao acarco tbat boats along tbo abore bare been converted into tempo rary lodging*. Tbe atrcts are dreascd with evergreens, spruce tree* liavr be<n planted, arc bra formed, and (tag* are flying Is every direction. All along tbe line of the Prince'i route the regular aoldlara are formed In a line. Tb. whole garrison, with tb<* exception of the guard and lb aick, bare bean taken from the cltadal tor that purpoae. Tbe fleet came in (lgbt of tbe citadel at three o'cloci tb la afternoon. During the mora lag tbe aaia fell. In tbe afternoon tb ky waa filled with gray, dark okwda, and oocaalooa hem ML Tbe rlew (rem lb* wharf waa grand. Tlx n?a * BIPg?|i r"fj If I rbe ahrpa war* arSSt^mBniff flnBnHMi Ikox rMb people. Tfea setae woaid bare appeared gay an<: inlmatad, but tbe Mrtqr *jr, through mitt aad moldy nun, gave It a dull appearapoa. People war* clustered aa tbe citadel walla and houac opa, aad tbe streets ware Glled. The wharf waa ?rared. Admittance to tbe wharf where tbe rrloM landed wis inly by tickets. Tbe Prinoa'a ablp came slowly np the rlrer, which wyaout below tbe city, accompanied by a large C II1U if eicurakin boata, and dr?p>ed anchor la front of tbe aharf. Rain fell, though people aald It alwaja ralntl (hen the Prince lands; but wherever the Queer. g?- she dway* has sunshine. Tbe ships were greeted with cbrer*, rblmlng of chureh >*Ua, Ml u tee from the run on on the wharf, and from fare* satbiisisetic an J patriotic ships which swung ilowljr ound with the tide. The yards of en men of war eer? Banned. The Prince entered the Hero * barge, which rowed rwtfUy to shore. When Ibc Pr.nce landed, the royal enitgn floated from the citadel stall, cannon thmdered from hip and ehore In penoeful eoufli-.t, at t amid trenjrulou* cheera he proceeded to the pavilion, wi.cro Mayor Langeriea read a welcoming ad tieea la French and EugIsb. The Prince read a reply, with carefully modulated roioe and alfrble manner The Prince thr a entered tim carriage, and the procc* .<>n farmed. Hie Prince rode with ht? suite and the fcnrernor fteneral, In a carriage with fcur bor - and fur the :ir*tUi?o tnome 1 royal state. The Prince pawed through teveral streets. Every *b> re there was cheer,i g and bo* .? pleaaaatly. The arrow streets were jamme I, and people pushed worm iiaa Baltimore rowdies, an J tore down trees and deco stuns. The procession paesat ap Pt. John's Oats t? gpencerrood, the <.orernor's refMence F rtt cam* th>> W.-rkogmen'rtocletiet. then the lorette Indian*. dreeaed in a ghable burleeqne, aocioat sty! and baring m *t Irish '.icet, very little mu?ic, Ike. The proee'slon struggled lolly along, an HooW-bsen, with bag] Ipee, volunteer rlflea, artillery and rsral y, marched like a boys' "soger" company in a Yankee r; age A company of royal Cen-? la rlfli?*? mat'- a flee il.ow The Cabinet. Common O<uoi 1 naral ofV*r? in rarrlsge*. *n l ( ti/tns o ca ecii S, wound up the pro asstea. The Prince is much stouter and more snnbtrat than whin lie landed at Newfoundland. All cheered aa he picked up the bouquets thrown him. lie attends the Poglub catb-dral to na rrow, and tak-s ap his resid-aee it the (ierernor's be;: ? T' e M.>Teste?tli rrglmeot is tt.erd of h"nor (*o Monday bo takes lunch at the nta lei. The soldier* expect ban to pardon tbe military pr.loner* en ept one tenterrt4 to ten yrar* *< th-owicg i cap at the Major The st^e* were eJeeed this a.ternoon. To night lbs rtty is brilliantly Illuminated. Tbe rirer front of the itsdel la lighted; bonfires biaas from distant hiile and rillages All gas oJ lo tbe My tiU eight c"*k ibis ereairg. Tbe window* are flUed with torches, device aad iranaparrnrlflt; *kw lights rp fbr mllea wllb mac* *ot ti(ht. A drinliof ralo la fialiln* Th~ brat iUomt?ilon vh at the (Vac^rk H-W ret <1**c* of 11k l?t* D-ika >f Krnt. wblob ?M ilk-d with iainpe Point La?: ud 4?uth Qocbae wrre marked l>y b%r k? of lirbt Tb# Prima drorc tbr<iifh te?rr. lamfnitn. rl'Winf tb* ll?pl?r. A aplendW Aurora Borr*U? aided Um H*>ct All tbe n?rmbert Of Pirl.imei t arc berw, btit ion* no part In tbe pmcraaioo I/mi l.yoaa did not ?pv*?r The Pr'nee dlnri to aUU on Moertajr, and la tbc trta in thrrr will be Qrnrorka ao<I u> illumination On Tuca daT a lerce and ball. Ttr prorowion w?i a fcllur*, but tbc deeo-*lion? aad HJumlDatione wrre rery (inc. G<*rg* * Tbompaou Maj or Wcod'i ScsrrtArf, arrirwl Int eretief. with letter* from th? Mayor for tte r*ik al Keweartle, oUering. the Prtaee b* reaklenr^ or boi? pr Fifth awaau* dnrlnf bl? Hay In jmt eltjr. Tb4 City abounda with New Tork awell mob Th< reporter* of tba K?w Tork Trihmt aad l/wdoa lUmttratm ffiw ww? rokbtd at Ruwatra Hotel laat nljM?the for mcr Of a watch acl aonrjr, an J Dm latter of Or# kwaAra [ERA doiUus. They had left their ioors open. Pi- csorrespoodfbt of Fank I^ealte'a [?|?r bad bis va ix ?fc>! n. Tlie New Yorkpr<*a in atrongly reprvteu I h~ e, *0(1 ita bave be?n ?try rourteo y w '? . "Itie local prt?s la rather undtr the ahalow, atid oc -uptes a secondary ratk, inasmuch ?* t WM opp *>eJ to tbo appropriation which hare bwo u,\de for tbe demonstration. A rtvolver was taken from the reporU-r <it a Sew York morning Journal, in the eveuiog train, by tbo (V*f of Police, who Aid be would have no use lur such a weti^on la Panada The grand state diner given to Lord Lyoca. the British UllilissMilm at Washington, l*s:, was a very brilliant affair. Major General Sir William lenwtcic Williams, of Kara, the celebrated hero of the Crimnin campaign, at pretext commander in chief of the royal truopt In this coloay, was present at the festivities. Admiral Sir Alex. Milne, commander of the Brltiab V ?rth iniMb-in uui Vtat IndU IWet: Sir V'.lau licltb, Col. 3 Tscb*, Hon. Colonels RoUo, Irvine, Napier, Wflmot aud Connolly; Mews. Peonefather, Warre, Fegan an t Bull Ball, were alao present. ANOTHER ACCOUWT. Qramc, August 18,1800. The weather In ihe morning waa unpropitlous; it rained heavily but cleared up towards the time of the Prinoe'a arrival. At three o'clock In the afternoon the royal squadron rounded l'olnt Levi. Its appeasance *aa the signal for a general salute (torn the met of war in the harbor, the citadel and the town. The citadel, Durham terrace, the grand battery, and the roofs of the houses St. Lawrence block were black with spectators. At Champlain wharf a pavilion h;. 1 been orected, trom the top of which waved the royal standard. A crimson carpet was laid from this pavilion to the landing place, near which there was a granJ stand, tilled chiefly with ladles. The Prince landed at four o'clock, under salutes from the ships of war and land batteries, and waa met by the Mayor and civic dignitaries of Quebec and the members of the Canadian Ckblnet, in official uniform, the Anglican Bishop and clergy of Quebec, the Bishop and clergy of the Roman Oatholic church, the Governor General, the Com mander of the Forces tp Canada and bia staff, the Earl of Mulgrave, Lord Lyons and his Secretaries, the Members of Parliament and a large uumber of ptivate citizens. The scene was magnificent. The harbor waa alive with river craft, gaily decorated, the shipping waa dreaaed and the yards manned, and the wharves were covered with a dense crowd. Military Intelligence. TBI VKW TORE (FRJtNCU) ZOCAVK CORPS. IXDC new ivrft lrIruuu) lA/um*u wuip, iiuw uvia| mganised under the autploee of Major Le CI ere, of tbe Fifty fifth regiment, held their second meeting I art night, at the Meroer Houm. Major le Clorc pre#Wed. Forty member* answered at roll call. The evening wai devoted to conaiderlng a plan tor a thorough organization, committee* on uniform, by lawa and recruiting. It waa unanimously agreed to adopt the full dreaa Freuch Zouave uniform, which consists of navy blue poncho jacket*, trimmed with scarlet; blue shirts and ?that, blue turban for rull dress, and red Fi-7. cap with blue tassel lor fatigue. The pantaloons Vo oooaist of acarlet cloth made looae, the bottom* above the lenee, the calves of tbe leg* entirely bare; yellow leggina, k i. Thta uniform, it l# Mid, surpamea that of tbe Chicago Zouaves, inasmuch as the latter waa a radical departare from the French uniform. The nest meeting of the corps will taka place next Saturday night, when the standing oommtttoes will report. After this tlio corn jury will have tbeir inltittory drill. Among the members pn-sent lot night were neve ral who had been atlachcd to tb<< Zotuvts in the regular army uf Franoe. The utmost iLthuaiaam prevailed throughout laat evaatrg's proc*M>nps, and wo oonftdnntly look forward to a atMceaaMl luiult iu every particular of > the present organisation. , Important from Arizona. 1RF.B1.E Mt'KbKH AT TIIK IAN PVDEO minim. [Oirrrspondtnc ft Ixmis Republican, August 10.) One of those shucking Kcenes which have so often hcrei tofore tarnished the fair Time of Arizona, lias been enacted, which reaulted in the murder of three valuable clt!W>na, two of them from St. Loo la. On the morn" leg of Monday, 23J lust, the peocs eleven in number, j work'ng at the Fan Pedro mine, head (garters of the 8L Louis Mining Company, arose and surprised tho whites, 9 I 1 -V.._ ?,4 _II>I all IKa lunkl. pr*|?rty. The tuurderrd men wore Krwlertck Brunckow. r m iu fci iiaifc Jfte c JhM. torn* u* imiw. Jamee WiTli.miT WacWBTelT Tr^WIMItui*, lliataal 1 Superintendent of the ml tie, Lad lefl for Kurt Buchanan, only a f.w hour* before, for auppliea, Uiue providentially racaplcg the Wrrlble fate of hla cotnj^nlooa. Tbe ob.urti.f U,p murderer a was undoubtedly plunder, aa the peona had been ualfortnly treated with klndneae. Mr Wb. M Wllluuna returned to (he mine on Thura day a If hi, arriving there about twelve o'clock. He waa acrrm| anltd by two jcuvg hoya, wb# had been aent out by their father to freight a load of prorialoaa to the Bi ria I poo arrlvicg at the bout-'*, Mr. William* waa about to ctter the atore room when he dlaooverod the dead body of ha couain within a few feet of the door. He tried to rtrikQa light, but had only two maUhee, and cowld |Br<i Jr.'' < indlea After lo< king In vain f r tracoa of Ihl t ft t lea, be reaolved t? return to the piet with the boje and tecure arr.rtarce. A sergeant and na^ort of iMktt men were forthwith detalk-d by i'apt Ewell, and Mr W n torn d to the mine .thirty Ave mll^? diatant, arrivlrg there at btlf peat twelve o'clock. The bodieaof all the murdered men were found, much 1. however, by wolvea, and to changed by decomposition ai to be r<rognire?t only by their clothing. A'l the bodiea had been roblcd Tbey were burled aa dec* nil) aa clreumetancee would admit of. and after leaving a ruard of *o|. diera to protect the d malting property, the aerguant retumfl to the (brt, arriving here thiw morning Vear. while, a Cermaa who bad been engaged only three day a ! < fore the aaea?*lnatlon, aa cook at the mlnea, came In at Caaa, four trllea from the p??t, on the Mono rtta river, and laid that he waa on hla way to tbe pool to five hm m If up to Ca;t. Twell, the c rn naaling oflV-er. He elated thai the Mi xtcana aaved btl life, and took blm pi ifoot r. but n leaaei! hu i on the teooa I !. y an ! he waa dilaired by ctt.zeua ut.der auap'.cicia of being copotrned la the affklr. Ptiaonal Int< I licence. Altortey General Myera, of Albany Hun JobtT Nortw, of Connec'.trnt, S H. Hammond and wife, of Albany; Tlenrr Crittenden, of St I/>ula. Dr Bi?ck)ee aad party, of Philadelph a, Jatiw-a Foraj th and wife, of Troy, ar.d J. W Karer and wife, of Chicago, are Mowing at the Everett Houae Colonel Gamble aad family, of Florida; A. J. Polk, and ha>i|y. of T< obeaaee, J. B ftewart and R I). Cuita. botb of Washington, and Lieutenant Governor Hymen and fhmil*. of Ijjntaiaaa. are Modimr al the ft MchoUa HoM. lion 0. W. Pearaon of Maw-honeM* Col. A. Gararm, of Col. II. Varth. of Cyraente tKm Antonio Si *"?l, o< Caba; Capt. I*n. H'amck, of New Or eana I>r. t? W ?;rr??. of ItiiladHphia: William M. Wortblnjtnn and Oitnily, of Ml?iF?ippi. are atupping it the Metropolitan Hot* IVina'Tolrma, of Pcrto P.'oo: W. A Hulcc and J. 8. I avidenn, *11(1 parly, of North Carolina; Capt.. J. L. Muvroe. of Rh?<le Maud: R. W. Ruyne. of New Orteaaa, H. I> Meed and parly, of ftavantiah; Oil Webb, of U'aaiiir fi'-n. f?. C R. C. > unlet, of Alabama, (I. II MovMmuiI, I. J Puftceand W. J. I>?vlee, all of Miaitowtppl. tod C. R Walto, of Oik-afo, arc *t"pptng at the lAfarge Hot*Mm. IVtjwy Ada me, of H'bron. Cnnn , who itm 1M yeara old on the 26th of Keptemoer hut. attendod her daughter's ftiteral !? New I/mdon, on Bat u May On Finday *h? att. n-led church. at> ! aleo the evening aervk*, and aprke In meeting. Mte travelled half a tallo Moniay i' morning on fo>t < olor^l la Marw, < anba'di'i agrnt, haa left Turin for Knglaad I Mr. J R flough vm to tall frrn I. verponl for America on the UIU Icat., having r<itn|>i*ied a Uircc yoari en gagvment wltb the Temperance I/-ague Tfce Mfmmmi". of Orca, a Mai/mltt or (an, announce* tbe arrival of father Gavatsi at Palermo Jeetl* Wb:l#Marlo.of Mariinian cotorMdf, i? mentioned aa being at Palermo engaged In the aoperlntcndeix* of tbe hf?) itala a la Florence Nightingale Jtrtrf Clljr R?W(. OotXimoM n MlP Aim ?On Saturday afternoon a marbinat in Jeraey Cltf went on board of otto of the ferry doh> mr un u cn*>io| nrw !?, uui, nddenty < hMfinj kit* mind, hr turned u4 made a jump for the brldje. At tbe tamo urnM (r'n'l#Tn?n ftron. (> Paitearuie ma a h?r> for II M Th? two bodies mni la tlcleBt collision. rraspe<< each othsr. and fell plumo tato the rlrsr. After floonderioj about for a whlf? the men were rreewd by ibe ferry hands without further tamaf thaa a bath Pnott Pr?t**wi n? Mam ?A FTarerblll cori rvefsndent of the Wto* arvl Is+tker Rfwlrr, is *p??klsf of the ?b<* bosineaa le that town, alluded lo the irapor taot rrselta likely to arise from the Introduction of ma tbissry in tbe manuftrtort. aaJbllowti?The aboe aaie la profr*Mla|r quietly, with a renliastlon of Mr prices, and the prnapect of a demand Tor all dealrsbiestyles that bare > bees manufactured for the present Mle. fbo-ifb It would i I ereu row be an ea v iratter to glut the market with certain rtjter, the farlim<rfr-rpro<, -in|r them betsrsomuch ?rperlor to what haro buiie-u, ?*^ted The application of machinery to tbe maroflwtore of shoes bi? made ao I va*t a dif^etH In th* aee and rapidity of tbeir prodoo( lino that these *t wd in tb<- bimnese nan warreiy reslire tbe adrarlaje they jvofee and bef?rs they are 1 aware of It, they are In the way of crating a turpi a* I The f Beet of th?? sbaege In their production will Ix- to I >???n the esmbcr of inan'ifac?iir<T? an 1 o; oratleet, and mill th?y renline folly this fcet, and walk direetl* out of the bo?in?H Into f Ih r brif-lMf less nowdsd, the boat- i 4 ucaa will bf bMU M4 FOi fail of btwg KUiUBcriUiv#. \ LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. THE GLASGOW OFF CAFE RACE. T Mr O DAYS liATBAa More Unfavorable Weather in England. SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT IN BREADSTUFF?! Operations of Garibaldi on the Main Land. investment of Fort Scyiia by tat Revolutionists, Twenty-Two Thousand Scotch Rifle Volunteer* Reviewed by the Queen, 4bo?f ftCt, Jto> Br. Jons, N. F., August 18,1MO. The stMmshlp Glasgow, from Liverpool the Sth via, Queenstown the Mb Inst, passed Gape Race at 11 o'clock Friday night. She ni boarded by the news yacht, and the fallowing summary of her newa obtained, bat it contains nothing of an important nature. The steamship City of Baltimore, from New Tork, arrived at Queenstown on the 7th. The Glasgow has 26 cabin and 964 steerage passenger*, and a Ml cargo of merchandise (br Mew York. GREAT BRITAIN. The House of Commons had passed a bill for amalgw* mating the European and native armies in India. Quees Victoria reviewed twenty-two thousand Scottish rifle volunteers at Edinburg on the 7th. Great en* thuslasm was manifested. PRANCE. Napoleon was at the Chalons camp. It was denied that he is to have a meet ins with the Kins of Sardinia. The Paris Bourse ?u firmer. Rente* flftf. 26 v NAPLES. All was qniet in Napiss. The government ?u preparing to operate again* Um Garibaldians. who bad invested Fort flcylle, in UUaferta, opposite Mtsslna. AUSTRIA. Tbc Emperor of Austria and King of lavarta are to bare a Meeting. THE LATEST. IT nusftAni TO ooamrowN. Lommv, August 9, ISM. The MormiKf ChronicU says It has reliable information that the Ordnance Select Committee of the Commons hnvt tent a condemnatory report of the Whitwortb gun, la which It Is stated that thejr are not eligible for her Majesty's service. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. LONDON MONKY MARKET. The Ixmdon money market waa unchanged, with a good demand. Consols closed on Tuesday at Wft tor money and aocount. LIVERPOOL COTTOH MARKET. The saica or Monday and Toeeday were 83,000 balsa, of which 8,000 were to speculators and exporters. The market closed firm, at the quotation of the previous Friday. FTATE OF TRADE. The adTioee from Manchester are unfavorable. Yarn! were slightly lower, with a fkir demand. CloUu were dnlL LI T*iiPOOL niAMrrrn uammwt. The weather bad been unfavorable for the crops. lightly higher Jbr good ; American 27s. fld. a 30a. Wheal firm, and flue red slightly higher; red 10a. W. a lis. 4d., while lie. a 13* m. Corn quiet at Um late advisee; mixed and yellow lis. s Bis. Sd., white Ms s Us. Richardson, Spesce k Co. report corn *1 ifht!y higher ; mixed snd yellow 8fe. LirntrooL toovision v*urr. Beef heavy, l'ork doll. Baoon quiet and inferior qualities easier, though not qootsMy lower. Lard Brsa but quiet. Tallow easier but not lower. i.irarooL rsoDt'c* Viur. Rosin dull, at 4e 3d for common. Spirits turpentine? Qurtaitoni barely maintained, owing k> arrivals, tshes ? rots quiet at 2** M.; pearls qnlet at 39s Sugar stesdy. Co lite dull. Rice quiet. LONBOK M ARKHT". Sugar Arm. Coffer buoyant. Tea du> and unchanged. Kieo firm and 8d. higbtr Tallow 6? Sd. I ineeed oil 29* LATKHT ? AII KIT?. [By Telegraph to (jueenstown I ivmrm, A> gust 9, P. M ?Cotton?Market firm, and t?rtlcularly to In commt* American descriptions, which are fully aa high as yesterday sales probably 10,000 bllit or more. Import* 3,100 balea. Inwnow, Aufrutt # ? Opening prioe, onnro!* tor mooey M?, a M'f; for 8eptem?>er account M', a new tl.rec |*r ienl* P*?, iNV ADDITIONAL BY TEE PARANA AT BOSTON. Tbe ateamaliip Parana, from fialway the 7th, Tift ft. Jxhrr, N F., arrlr?1 at Bueton voeterday mom in* Her ma.I* were forwarded to New York In the nine A. M. tram tla New llatct, and reachcd New York lut ere*. l?f. In tbe I oti*e of Common* oo the ?th, In rep1/ to query from Mr. Berkeley, the Chancellor of tbe f.rohei) jcr lated that the mntract between the government an 1 tha Atlantic Telegraph Company bed tionome ro.d, and hereafter the government would eiercire fi*at cacttoa la entering Into further contractu of almilar undorlakinga. Tbe Itiblln Timn at the 7th contain* the foUowla( latett intelligence ? MiaxKii in*, Aoguat ?. Im? Tbe troopi bar* left for Syria. Tbe Flnleterrc left Toulon yoeteriay, and tba Raraghtt.rm, with half a battalion of chiaaeura, left for Maraelilea to day. Tta Kiftb regiment of the line haa arrWH here According to adrieee from Napbw, 300 aoM er* who were cn the point of Joining Garibaldi had been arreted. Tbe Mm later of War had drawn off the trope from tbe Abrat/l, In order to conceal rale the princioal p-ul of U>? army around Naples. B*i niuriR, Angnal?, lc?. Pcrk.ii* dletcrbancee took place yesterday between Bert tana, Turk* and tune Boentan Bailor* The g^rrtao? rtn mcd quiet. 8ICILT. PaunaM), Auguat 4,1M? litrge nomberi of volunteer* oontlnaed t> arrlre. Narun, Aeguet 3, 1M0 All rfforle to cootlade an arrnieltce with Garibaldi t>M lag r?.M, preparatlaM ere betag nude to rejmie* uf attempt >1 iBv aatoa. Imprc vemeeuare belog actively Introdeoed ta tbe royal ermjr w) aery. Co?m*odrr Urecelaio haa b+m appointed Director of Mariae Tbe office cf private aecretary to tbe Kiag ted MfB * nppnmi Tbe King Ua Tinted tbe headquarter* of UM National Guard. A Ter n letter of Augvet 3 afr.nne that the Prueiao Ambawador at tb? Hardlniaa Ourt earn rod Cooot Cfcrotfr that the cabinet of Berlin would ofceerre the etrkteat neutrality witt regard to Italy. IV Jf^riattfo, of Genoa. publtabed aa eitraordteery edttk>a or rday freeing, announcing that the Firat and 11 teeatti Neapt'ilan regiment* bad Bantered ta Oalabrta to tha try of " Tlrt ibatdi " It la reported that Ike Klnp ot Nar'e* bM Mat 4^90 oiJicrt to Befft", opjmiu Mtaaine. and MM WW*