Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1860 Page 3
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were bcth n cedent, the l*iUr octraccicg me awd:eac4 Dy the be.mty of :U Alterations and the ertgitAllty ol Mi Meas en a subject trite enough, ' Liberty." Tha valedictcry, by E. W. Morley, waa appropriate, yet tttoricr to the majority cf the other oration*. Ibe degree uf BacbtW of Arts waa then conferred on ifce ff^ow ng students?H. T. Antes, O. Babcock, I. M. Barker, B. ? Berber, W. A. Briggs, J. E. Boab, W. W. Ohap n, S. W Coop. r. W. C. Curtias. B. I.. De t'oreet. O. C. IW*y, W. F. Dimmii lr, W. O. Donaldson. J. A. Fay, Jr , W. H. Cast, J. C. Ureenougb, B. J. Hall, J. H. Harwood, I~ H Hazc', E Hooker, C. T. Heyde, J. W. B?yde. S. Jleyde, Jr.. C. W. Jenkins, P. W Judd, J.H. Xluii,J. H i*dd, J. L. Lambert. W. A Langdon, fl H. T<*v:tt H leavltt, G. H Marvin, E. W. Ilorkjr, U W. Mrrss, F. J. Nash. J. C. Olmsted, J. M. I'aul, D. ? Pkill pa, 8. W. Pratt, A. J. Quick, A C. Keod, W. 0. dpildUf,& M Van Wyck, T. B. Wood, C. E. Wright, L. JU. Young, W. C. Bucicourn. Total, 47. A few honorary degrees were prantel?the IX. D. to 6ov. Banks Ike feetiv of the day were concluded by a reoei> ?k>n by !he I'r?aident, Dr. Hopkins, at wbl;h Governor Banks and aids, ' fair women and brave mon," and tlx igbtful pti.decui, were prcsen'.. A select few spent th? midnight hours in dancing, and way into the early hours af the cay .vera heard the melodious strains of ?eriD;:'f band, engaged in serenading the fair ones of th< flaee and from other place). Ou the whole the commencement was the most inta rasting over he'd at gcod old Williams. MrDDLEBDRF COLLEGE, oi'u M:DDI.2BUB/ coiutaaroNDKNCR. Middlsbuhv, Vt , August 9,18fl0. Is t eg c at the beginning?Class day at Mlddleburj mm not form part of the exerc aos of commencemen weak, as at other colleges, but occurs at the end of tb< erctses, which took place at a group of trees called th< Grove, consisted of the "Chronicle of the Class," by E B Sherman, like ether chronicles, witty; an oration 01 Jm "Scholar's Mission." by G. K. Montgomery; poen abort everything, and having some very happy bits, b; H. K Walker; a presentation?a new feature?the giv.n, f a foil, on the part of the class, to one of itsi members agetber with some appropriate descriptive remarks, hu SMrccs and well chosen, from the presenter, M. H. Eddy mmI a witty roply from the presentee, D. H. Adams; "thi Prophecy," considered the best speech of the occasion, b; A. L. iwuin, end tho singing of the ''Ode," written by E P. Wild. The ..lata supper was at eight P. M., at the Ad dieon Ho. go. where the things usual on such occasionwere gone through with. Sunday ai'ternoon, August 5, the Baccalaureate sermoi was delivered by Rev, S. W Soardiur, Professor of His Very and Belles Letlres, the alternate of President Lab* re*. Ii was an able and scholarly production, from tb< text (Coiloss.ans, 3 23), "And whatsoever ye do, do i heartily, as to the Lord and not onto men." This gentle nan is. as yet. new is the collcgc. having only last yeai occssoed to the professorship of his brother, tho Rev ?. N. Bun dm an, now of Biogbumton, N. Y. Tuesday was ine day of the anniversaries of the lite rmry .societies. At ton A. M. the spoeoh of thi* com moncement was delivered before the Philomathesiaa So eMy, by J. W. Fowim, President of the Ponghkeopeie 8t?t? and National Law School, oa the "Versatility oJ American Oratory." To my sorrow I arrived too lave tc bear It, but I i'>und everybody enthusi.istic In the eX' prsasion of their ndrriiratioa of it? brjliancy and depth, and his sp'endid delivery. Be left town the same afteraoML The Rev. Henry W.Ikes, D. TV, of Montreal, C. E., read a address at half past two P. M. before the Philadelphia! Society. His sermon, under the guise of an oration, won on the "irrepressible c indict," nut tbat technically so tilled, but tho conflict between good and evil. la tbc evening four students or the Freahoien and Sophomore classes declaimed sclocted pieces, and four members of the Junior class spoke original essays for th< Parker prizes for declamation. The first prize of the fonr speakers of the Frcshmei was awarded to Albert R. Sab in, Anton's River, for de claiming Poe's "Raven;'' the second to E. A. Sturdevunt Wejrbridge, for ' Orpheus and Eurydice," by Lane. Ol Uie SophomoreS, Dickens' "l'loa of Sergeant Botfui," bj John R. Converse, Panton, received the tlrst p?I?e, and Hllliard's "Defence of Greenlcaf," by Henry A. K-tton, iranvii!?, the Becond. Among the Juniors, John B, Yonng, Dnane, N. Y., received the first prise for hta on "Our National Literature," and James E. Pierce, West Towriend, ior his oration on "Thistles." The award for the Freshmen merited and reoeived general satisfaction, which cannot be said of the doclsion of the prises of the other classes. WedneeJay was set apart fbr the exercises of the graduating olaae, g^eond in number. The orationa w.'r< trmi|td alphabetically, except the appointment*. The urat.ooB were:? 1. oratlo Salutat >rla, H. F. W.tllrw, Pittrford. 2. The Love of OUice, L. H. A lama, South Royal ton. 3. Success Dependent jo Exertion, M H. Eddy, Win tall. ' /. 4. Lterary Diaqv.v.t "c?Plagiariama of the Poeta, J. Q. Diokineon, B?u?on. 6. Happ.'neaa the Refieiof ftiergy, W. 3. Greon, Sheldon. 9, Ancient ntiea. C. II. Roll)*. Randolph, Ma?s. T The Coal.tioo Mtfifttry of 1743, 4 L. Minor, Cattle too. 8. Common rVnae, F. B- German, Brandon. f. Ttoe of Freedom !n Italy, G. F. Montgomery Wolden It Tbi Enthn?rf*ra of the Araerimn Character, J. C RfJ.ngU r,, Ofdenaiurg, N. y. 11. (*en 9 anil Poverty, Occ. Rlcnardson, Spr n| Grove, Iowa. U HlaUirxal Orattnr?0<ld, H P. Hlgloy, Cafctktoo. 13. Tfce Progreaaof the Nineteenth Century, John Rjsb dMMfey. 14 Nineveh, J. B Steele, Middlehory. 1J. Tt'J Jesu'.t Syetflin of Education, C. G.Steele, M:d Mm It H'atorlca) Oration?The Power of Forma, J. K Wi. ui i, tuarlotte 17. Pbtloaophlta) Oration?Revelation J^eeeaary for th? Perfection ef Philoeophy, E. P. Wild, Br.' klield. II. De Quincy aa a J ilerary Man, 11. 11. Vail, Pomirot. It Phlloaophlcal Oration?Personal Ilentty, A. L. Mann, Maryavilla, Oal. 20. Valedictory?Whai J Truti.? R Harria, Jr., W. Bratt'eboro. Mar('T* iiratlona, H. H Tbomaa, Chicago, 111; H K. Uxor, Man. li'tWr. The decree 'AA. B waa then - inferred on the m mVn' gradaa. i i cIsm TLe degt'V f A. M. Waa oonfereod o oourfo ,:pon A. I lUrton, IT. E n wriman, ?. D. FUrd?e Stephen lincwlton, Uenry E. M'.t or llnury Port r, 11 tl Hioirv, Nefcem .Ji White, A W. Wild. H. B. Fjoto, and a)* upon John C. Haven, of the claga of 1962. The honorary degroea conferred were ? K H on E. P. Wa ?on, Mompel'er, Vt., R W. .Itidaon, I'rovidenre, R 1 J. A. '/age, Boston 1.. W Ru mU. Eitcbburg C. C. fr.iat raltieboro' Rev Miroa Wnlte and Rev. S Sparua** Randolph. Tho degree of IV D. waa given to Rev Silv B. Drue, Ray a. toe, and Ilia', of LL. D. to Hjo. J :dg< Swift, M ddiebury, aoJ to Dr. Aoder?on G. Dana, Bran doc. The eierc aea were enl-.r-red hy music by a aectlon o lodwor'.h'a Band, led by Ihrvey r\xl?r rth h rane'f. Tau hand farnlahea the mut:c for all the exerclaaa id oo? mecoem-ut week. Among the vla't^ra on the rtage were Oov Hal', oi Varmint, <:en. Wdllam Niisb, H^n. Dm.-! P.ib?rta. I Burl.cgt n, I'rce dent of the Asaodated Alumni of th< Onllege, Kon. G. W. Parker, Judge of tnc Supreme Coor\ New fork Hon. Wm. Slade, of Cleveland, Ohio: Hon I. Howe, cf (featleton. hue ten many reverend doctora <>| *rr ca' reputation Much credit la duo to M? i Wiifht, rf Middlcbcry. Marshal of the day, for hi* adrai rable Mruj|W>fiU. Both 'n the I'arkertaa prtxe ?p?*k tof and at CommencemeLt I ?m particularly (track bj '.be :mmcnte r.iper.oritj ,n eirvntwnary ability of ttM tudenta i f thia institution orer thuae of other eouutrj college* Tbeae atudrnta tiara endently bevo carrfu.'j traced, wht!?t in other p'aroa there *<?m* to be an al ax at tota' neglect of the cultlTttton of the three tblng< necaarary, accord ,ng to I>etnoatb> net, to constitute 41 ?nlor, action, actioi . t u!"?to be carefully dlstin fuMfaed, bowcT r, from act Df from foroad and unna'.u ml action. MtddVbnrr ! ?n ?rei>tl"e to moat other oollegea li that, ?t..Wt*? ih if.- m c? oimencement da7 ! aim o*t ?y DJQjrni a w '.h clear, bright day, t\i? gtuer%!ly ha* r . 1 Mora :t .? mm Teatenay waj no etceptlon. for ab>d fbii/ f. M, before the tttrr tea were dmahed. a ?tora name 1:1% and during two hoart It poured, rather thai mere]/ rained Th a threw a lamaenrr on tba peopi wbe t-?d cro? <led "to the town from all quarter* tj ? >'r.t, and leaaenad th- atton at the O>o f-rega' ooal < hurch, ware are held all the publ.c eserciae* to laten c th* aven ng to a concert by rw?twortb'a Bv. I Tba concert began at eight H. M , and after llreuin* foi two hour* uid a hah to <fe!.ghtf:.l murio, the beauty, w and otoivalry?aod 1 will cira Middlebury the crodf* 0 iMT'tf mom pretty w r: . d rr r'' a f r . v than any 1 are I tar? ?e< n .0 >"W Faglacl?haateoed V '-be leree of rruaidettt labaree, th?r? to while aw?y a fe? I leaaaitl bourn A k mom n*. it ter th1* Finn. E. J Pbelpa, of B irlio/ -on, of the cUff of 1M0. an 1 Second Comptroller of 11. Traaa .r uod'-r Tay r, leliv- rM an ad lreai bef.? h associated alnmr na WLitonrOuotry leminda of be Educated Men." 1' t time permit I w. oi l aend j 00 ai *batract, fr-r it waa in e aVrate and able oratl *>, rwi of, perbap*. Id energy 0( delirery. b'it a Imrable, If % Both ug e'f . .0 a> ?> nt f .u tt r fr<I . 'D ; 1 t an*' p in the da ? n of a fqbjert tbtt w aid !< ?< ordinary men irrearti Jly iBto party pollttca. The poem by 1 yrr -\n Walker, Hanrbeavor, S. ft of th- claaa ot waa elo pently wr fen and ?r aen. bet tainted atrmglj w tk the Tire of |?rttaau/i> p?l-r it a a tice t?a an o< a ion ,lk-? th at?'be fault w araf y an I ao ^eifu'lj aretded by the orator. After the onnel'ialori of the apeaktr;. the orator, *KTd ?C to :c?totn, n>>m aatel for elartloo to honorary rn- m ber-i -ue Hon. Mr v, : -t , I Barm d Aaalatart J utra "ftti" Supreme Court of Varmout and tbe poat n-tra'natad Hiram <?rer>tt, ftw]., Prtac'pal a tho Vi'urg Ladies' Seminary at Waat Brattie ><?n>. ft>tt no? aei? wero eler.U t cnan'mouBly. At two o'clock, P. M. the altmot had. tor two or three hocrt, " a dinner aat g<?A t me," aa their T'realdqpt Ntd they arr-ild, at thi Add a?n Huaaa. olfbt. ttare la tbe annual eoam^o^moot b\ll beri at tbe Adiliaoo. ar l eran aa 1 write, tfi* tano-r? cb\ae (Ui boar* wiUi fly nf >?t?when three feet tire, onmmeaee men! hera wiH ?a ended, but when Pod worth playa, oe* life % nfbaad at erery nou. Th" town baa been jammed, crowded fli'H, orarlow 1M, far il.e paet thraa day* many omild fl id no ar<y>m bocUI. ?*, ?11 Ui? bo?nltng lotier* ami botolt were < Crowded ?b?l coU h*l u? b? p;l np .a U.?t halla- but no < we cm ?tlr aroaa<1 wltbno* mincing ?nr ?i?p? tor ft?r o trMim on rmeb.xl/e!*V to??, < knock :of onr owi IkiM On Wo<}c??d*/,'?t tbr*#o'clock P M,Uec? **?* iroit oi match on th" h?'f mile IrMk be? <\ I *u for p irae o *?. mile heal*. it haniew, l<tt *n ? Ut'j H i'arkar uirr-* li (. flar o*. ' 1 I 1 P L. ;i a?r,v < ch. ir. Br*>toa 2 i i me-2r.<T-1(M-2?,> W?*h<r th# <> * nor r*r+? the trt/*k i.-"** * *? r*??fh * ' ag t?o de? mU Ho i ?oeoH <?l'*W <irrrr p ' 1 . t ; i % ^ * r t - ? ?Ui n ? " t r ? m< i ' hC 11 ' n'l ^ /? ?* rhi, ii)4 tea mi,*i a Oi n lr? "ca. NEW YORK HERALD, ST Ua always been readily rectified. Otter exempt* tsvo u* tally suffered from their own neglect id act having tbe.r n<mes properly registered on Use exempt books. Bui be further (ource of all the wringing an t difficulty haa ar.sen from tho very general Belief thai beoaudo aliens are nut liable to do military duty, tboy are therefore relieved from all obligation to appear before this legally organized Court ol Appeals to render their oxouae or to show their exempt.on. In other words, however long they have remained here, or whatover may have been the j* business, this court has no jurisdiction over them, not even to much as to test the question whether they are aliens or not: that the warrant of no court will relieve the marshal from his liabilities as a trespasser, shouM be levy under a warrant. Thi) fallacy of this doctrine was fully settled in the case of Giles against Mori before cited. There Uiles was an alien, although a reiident hero for many years, doing business. Tho full bench decided that tho warrant being regular, the marshal was protected. But this wholo ground was oovered many years smco by a decision of tho full bench of the Supreme Court, Ju<lge Kent, Chief Jifllico, presiding, in the case of Vandorbilt against Downing, (11 Johnson's I Tk? lUltift FlM M?JIUMI I to ran editor of thb N1W TOM bhudi Art clci under the above caption hsrtng appssred so ' fre<juenily of 1st*, oonsptcuously in tbe columns of your widely circulated paper, abounding with generalities la r?. ference to and denunciations of our State militia iaw, and the system 01 militia Ac eg under It, vmj I hope that ooo i who la grateful for a national military education, and who haa ever taken a deep intereet in '.he improvement of our m llitla organ I zat ions aa the great arm of our defence in t ime of need, will be permitted, In the same column*, to briefly point out what tho .-'uto, aa well aa the Uu.ted States laws, i are upon that subject, and to explain why the next Legislature, nor any other legislature, oan repeal :ire considered ta moet obnoxious clauses without previom ac i tion on the part of tho Un.ted States Congress in repeal' , | ing laws now upon the astute books, aud that .a reality [ I the nuisance is not in the law, but in an unreasonable and ? factious resistance to Uws enjoined by the constitution of | the I'nited States and of tho State of New York, approved and seriously recommended by :he Father of our country, and if ooinplied with, in a Uw abiding spirit, woulj im | pose no hardship upon any inhabitant of our city)1 The I'niu-d states constitution, sec. 8, declares the CongrtfcS ?tiall have power to provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia, Ac. CongreM, uuJer this provision, enacted in 1772 as followi:? Sec. 1. He it enabled by the Senate and House of Beprexentsilves of the t'nhr l States of America. In Congress iuswmi >le.i, Tkat each and every tree able bodied white male oili/eu of tie r respective states resident therein, who is or shall be >f ihe aite , i f eighteen year*, find under the age of forty-Ave years -\ 1 eept as berelnall?-r excepted), shall, severally an>l re?| e< uve) ly be enrolled in the militia by liie cap Lain or cuuimandmr oil ice r ot the company within whiiee bouiula "Mich cui/en 'hull reaiue, mid that m. L.n twelve month* after tho passing of this . act. And It ahal), at all t'mes hereafter. be the duty of every such c?,it?in >r commanding -.sheer of a ompauy to enrol k every "iiefi clt/.en, as afor^-nud snd also thnee woo avail, from time to time, arrive at the age Hi eighteen years, or, being of the age of eighteen yearn and under ihe age of forty Ave years I (except as bet ore excepted', shall come to reside within hii bounds. ' The same set then proceeds to deltne bow every citizen < | to enrolled shall be armed and equipped, and that "the militia in the rsspective States a hall, within one year after tbe passage of thai act, be arranged into divisions.brigades, regiments, battalions and oompanies, as the Legislature of each SUte shall direct." And in 1793 11 was farther enacted (Sec. 2), "that any notice or warning to attend a company, battalion or regimental muster or training, which shall be in accordance to tbe laws of the State in which it .8 given t'ur that purpose, shall bo deemed a legal notice ol' enrolment"?which notcas tho laws of our State have provided -'shall be served at the residence of the person notified, either personally or by leaving the same at said p'.aoe of residence with some person of suitable age, or, in case of absence or refusal to receive the same, by leaving at such residence''?and that "the Adjutant General of tbe militia in each State shall make a return of tbo militia of the Stale to wh'ch ho belongs, with their arms, accoutrements and ammunition, agreeably to the directions of the act to which tb.s is an addition, to the rrcsident of the United States, annually, on or befire tbe first Monday in January in each year;" and by the lawiof lsOti it is provided that the arms procured by the annual appropriation of two hundred thousand dollars by tbe United States, t j provide arms for Ihe milltia, shall be i transmitted to tbe several States "in proportion to tbe r number of militia In each State and Territory." , These, Mr. Editor, are the laws of Congress under the constitution, and remain unrepealed, and over which the Slate Legislature have no control and nothing to do farther than to provi Is for their faitbrul execution. Th?y cover the whole ground of enrolment, and declare thai 1 "each and every free able bodied male citizen, between , tbe ages of 18 and 46, (ball severally and respectively be i enrolled in the militia," excepting only a few United , States ciiicers and such as may be specially exempted by tbe laws of the State. Hsro is tbe annual enrolment provided by Congr<!SS, and simply responded to by the law of tbe State. Here is tbe annnal parade required by , Congress, to enable the officers to make their required an nual return to the l*resiaent of tbe United States, or the ! Adjutant General's Department under bins, at Washington, which return, if U serves no other good purpose, secures our largo share in the two hundred thousand f dollars annually appropriated by tbe I'mted States r government, l?y which our armoriw are beooming well I stocked witb arms, without any direct expense to the State. Hence it will be seen that the whole system of unant. i formed military enrolment and organization had its birth in Congress, and not in the State Legislature, and to tbe lormer alone can we look tor relief, if such is desirable. Having shown the duties and checks that the laws of i tbe United States have <-oustitutlonally imposed upon our State, particular attention is now called to our own i State constitution, which was framed with great delibera, tion, if not wisdom, and which puts an impassable barrier to the rad:;al legislative reforms demauded. Section 1, article 1 of our constitution declares ? The militia -hull at all t'mss hereafter be armed, disciplined and in readiness for lervlce. It thus appears that tbe militia, and lbs whole militia, muai oc orgauizca, mcu do unuiiif vnrone<i, muni ani nually parade, or pay vl.o penally; and the only question left t<> tie state legislature is, what that organ I a*1 Ion, bejon<l tho carry tog out the requirement* of Congress and the coDWi'.ulion. shall be, to Bubserve the best interests of the Ft ate, and to equalise aa far as may be the burdens thus .mp< sod upon those nudo liablo to this duly. A brief statement of these laws will show that the heavier burden does not rest upon those who pay the , commutation tax, or even the State tine. Tbe laws, after simply and pla'nly enacting what in prescribed by Congress and our cinHtiiutiou. bave provided the manner In which any one liable to these twentv seven years' duty, ( such m it Is, n tbli great municipal organization, may shorten his period of serv ce, as well as oblaiu certain other exemptions, which Is by Joining s uniformed orgv>'/Alios and performing all the duSi^s required ?/ law therein for the of seven years. But what are these duties required and the expenses attend n^ them' By section 1(5 of the laws of 1855, the several corps shall eierctse at least eight Hums in each year; and it is well known that clrcun>UEces render It proper, and it Is 3 ofWn ths ewe, that tbey are or<lere<l out uearor twenty, besides almost weekly company drills, the twooill-crs' drills by the oommandantgoi the d,vision, the oITV ers' drills by the couuiandaul* of brigades, the two ottlsers* drills by the oommanlants of re^uuuntJ, with five dol lars tine for each del.tiqnciicr, anl a monthly drill of eacU ent re regiment, from November to March. Such duties a? these, a "tni nnied by the expenses of unifbrm and a'I tho expenses incidental to such organizations, and n most cases with the excused of i hiring roomx and armories, are a tax indeed Here Is a , sacrifice of time anl money but from this source no compiaiutarisv Now, does the law deal harshly with those I tut do not choose to join a uniform cor|* and do the State some service, as well as thereby receiving s >mo instruct on and carrying out Ihe intent of Congress and our constitution' Certa'nly not. Tbe laws say If those , l.a'Jle will perform even what Congress has require!, and , from which there Is no State power to excuse, s ubmit to i enrollment, appear annually with the arms and accoutre > ments as required by the United States law, the State requires no more. Again, the law, till! more letiient.tays that, upon the annual payment of ibe small r sum of seventy tire cents, every i^erson thus liable shall i be exempt frori military duty. Tliuf, for the small sum of twenty dollars and twenty five cents, paid in annual instalment* of seventy five rents, the American citisen f ' tempts himself during life, at least from that military vigilance that torn" have been weak enough to suppose i forms some part of the price of liberty. By this It ap , pears that tl the burden is not equally d:*tributcd the commuters are not the cnes to complain, and it is bef lisved they do not. The ncisance creators are those who carse the .aw, and loudly swear ibat they will neither perform duty cor pay e tser rommuVati'i or ijae *noth"r he.ghth of whose ambition it appoars to be to r have a wrangle wltn the m lltary marshal, thereby ? Doping to secure immortality through ths columns of u?u/ ur i.m """"71 ? r thege law* to find fbult with.' If not to tbo lawn, Irt ua cweae calling them nuiaance, and attribute (DM evil (If i ev:! there i*) to the manner >n which tbey are -nforced; ) and here at ouce ariaeg the question do not all the lnr.?vmtacw" ai.l trouble r g.nato rather from the nppoait :'?ii ma I" by the duaif.-cted, and by delinquent* determined to cntir-ly rir l the law and aet It at dedan-e, 9 than fr m any inj'idlcious or improper acta on behalf of th*a whoae duty it 'tan I who ara *woru to cxrry them a nto eiecut.jB.' The law provide# w lh great caution thai the totioi-of enrolment (bah oe accompanied with a notice of the day, place and hour of hold toe a Cnirt of Appra!a, which Court of Appoala haa been hell for yeare paat by th>we with at leaat the rank of Held jfltcer*, at the City Arfaoal. liie h?#t r?im furniebed by our anol cipai authorise*, .nav-ad of "rum hole*," aa baa been in tamo-aly alleged. and wb*re every inhabitant may ap pear and reader b a ex uae. which, if raaaombte, exempt* h:m for tfce t me aelag; or he may ploaj hla exemption, wbi^h, If a permarent OM, *11 be entered upon tbe exempt book*, aad I' ,re.-cr relieve h rr frc.m farther trouble: ard It Hi boldly aaaerted that no penKu who baa appe*r<"t b rorc ?uch < lurt and rendered a proper ejruae haa after aard* bocn required to pay a One. Vnd why tbo .Id not tb * court, , prce; led "vrr by bigb "(fleer* of the rt*pe live r**imeuta, inabotehoti r ,l m believed lite t?e?:p?e have full cocti donee, be as m :eh reapected M our <:ourta of juaticc' And J can the de'lBM'K'nl "ip^'t that *>ich mnrt can be treated ! with nap..oily and !?c ctt *ufler for hn default? In *uob a raae haa he n't the tan* r ght to expert i\ wwract a H raae acaiaat Mm, that he would havo la a civil caw to expect an execution to follow a lefeull an a luramcw? The proceed ng* of thin court are moat rejpiUr, ao name la pveaeoted to which la sot etucbed aa aildavlt of eitber pfrenoa! aervioe of notice, ?r aervioe by "aaving it at the place of rualden<-?\ aa required br law; every <a?e appear Pf a rea,?ctfully beard and hi* oaae decided, thoee f rot appenrlng are neceeearily lined by il'-fanlt upinthta warratt <**uea to tbe marshal, whom the law de? larea *t?a:i be deemed frailty of a miademeanor "I,' he aba I neglect or rafbae l i ?' h-irjre or execute any doty or act therein re. , quired, ' and .1 m here (totitlrely dome-l that an IcUnc* i an be found a here lb* preaeot mil Ury ro%r?h*l hat f ever attempted to collect <?? penny of nae whee? be waa i not fully protected by a regular warrant from >>ae of tbeae , conrta. which wirrac*. duly iwned, tbe fu'l beorh of th<i I Oourt of Common I'leaa, I hlgra Paly, Hilton an I Brady, 9 tare decided, tn the > aee of <?U?1 a?(i nrt Mirrie, w*< ful. protection to the nanhel, reversing tbe deeialoo of the Court below, and deriding that tbe Jolt oe abould 4 not lave gone behind it. But it la aaid tbat yed men. tb i?ray hair*, thfiae who harr'aiready oonaliitW, MM r exempta irom varioua cauaea, and even aiiena, retwiva noticea. and are th'j* put to unn?c?**\ry trouble A* to tha a*ad. it im b? readily ahown thai very f?w, if any. who b*?e nor* upp^arfl before the proper '?1bwnal tod > proved ther permanent "Temption, hare aft r*int? b"*n r (-Ailed upon, eape- I ally If Uiiy have appear-d witbln the f tail two year*, during which tlma the encmpt books i hare received mora attention from the Wvtaton TVwrd But it must b? Mid that oaUncea data oocurret wtwra I (tray haired t<rn have appropriated to tltemaelTf* the noI ticM intended for their ?ona, and by claro'ira agairst Ibo ml'itia law no eance, hare at tempt, d to *cr~ii tons I from thalr jual Habltltiea?a aarf coatraat m that of tbeno t hie mother who buckiadon b?r mil armor and neat bim io the field with her tftlBlnif. , II W admitted thai InaUnrea hare orcirred where e?,-n commuter* have recalvcd not.oae, but th * bae ari*?-n , either from thaarem"v?l of the party or a mtataken re turn of the R?**vVar rt rate* M u. the liatr tat, hat r???r , potld ft?e r:m to ary partici.lar trouble, fit the m /iak? W. JWRO U-J,J I'U UU IIUIU JlMfclUO D W?u where the ji ly gave a verdict against the officer. Ou ibis appeal, the appellant'* counsel presented bis second poiut in the words ? Again, tbe plaintiff below ought to have appeared before the Court Martial, and there clained his exemption, otherwise their deciaion against him justiles the r?*i lrn made by lbs defendant, and la conclusive on the subject. And for this third and lait point, "the return of tbe cipUin to the Court Martial bring an act of official duty, he cannot be liable to an action tiniest* on the ground I bat be made tbe return wilfully and maliciously, with tbe view to harrass and iijure tbe plaintiff below." 1'. Kug# les, for tbe respondeat, was st >ppod by tbe Court. Tbe deoaion of tbe Court was thus announced. Kent, Cb. J The two last points are conilustre. Th?re is no malice expensed or imp.led ou tlis part of the plalnlltl' in ?'rror (now termed appellant,; and no action can be malutuiued aga'ait him. l'bompecn, J. ? Kv ry male inhabitant above eighteen > cars of age, and 'in dnr i'orty five, is, prima facie, liable to be enrolled In tb* militia, and how a*e the commandants of companies to know that a person is a Quaker, or exempted f rom military duty, un less be claims his privilege' It is tne -luly of the offloer to re turn all defaulters, though they ore Quakers, to the Court Mar tlal oa de)ln>ii>eits. unless they claim th>'lr privilege and offer preper proof that they are entitled to the exemption given by the statute. But, to leave tbe subject free from all question, It ho* been positively enacted by our flute laws section 37, page 51, Militia I-aws, ai follows:? Section 37. Mo action shr.'.l be maintained against any member of a com martial, or ottoer or agent acting under Its an ihorlty, ou accoisit of the imposition of a fine or the execution of a sentence on any person, If such person shall bare been re turned as a delinquent atM duly suiiimonod, a?d shall have neglected to appear and render his excuse for auch delinqueu cj, or show his exemption befor>> such court. It will thus readily appear that tbe alien who receives all tbe protection of our laws, and wbo may bave become a naturalised clti/.en,at any time after a certain residence, in any of tho courts of record in the Unitod States, of wbicb tbe officers cm have no proof, except by the de linqueiil's attendance upon this Court of Appeals, may be notiiled to appear there to show bis exemption, and in Uebnlt of appearance, section 37, before cited, bas pointed oui tue consequences?a Duo, and do redress. But in all this la thare anything unreasonable? Should he not pay due dclerooce lu our oouiie the same as other inhabitants? That tfce almost constant chanpes of residence of oar inhabitants from district to district, tho annual ohango of liability of thousands, by reason of age and naturalisation, tho influx of new residents, and the thousand other changes, should, together with the correspondence of names, give rise to more or lees mistakes may reasonably bo exfiected. But really, where is tho nuisanc", if It be not in these most unjust complaints, all the ca'isos of which m'ght be reaiily removed by a willing and ready compliance with the laws an they now exist. Gladly would the Klrst Division have had removed every pretence Ibr complkiat. and h?7i> accepted, in lieu of these commutations and fines, such direct allowance as would even cover some of their necessary military \peniet, beyond that of uniform and time, for which tluy never have claimed or ileal rod to receive anything. But this cannot be done by way of g>'cer*i taxation, without its Imposition upoa tt.W" exempt by age, by fire and military servioex, and even upon women and children if possessed of proper ty, while every true military man tects that this tax should alone be upon those llablo to do military duty, a* a penalty for shrinking from that personal obligation which every loyal eitisen justly owws to the country of his birth or his adoption. The strict accountability imposed upon th? collecting otliccrs of this fund, by sworn returns Of wfe iniividual case, all of which are a matter of public record, with the vouchers showing the neossary purposes for which every cent is applied, must place the subject of Its usos beyond the cavil of the most suspicious. And the public should reel assured that what now amounts to the pitiful sum, earned hardly in its collection, might, by a generous re sponse to the law, fully serve the purp ses for which it wus intended, that is. relieve our uniform military corps frojn those neccKSary but fearful taxes have ruined many a noble company and regiment. Such are our laws, and such the attempted admiriistrv tion of ticm, but when It shall be deemed advisable by Congrcts either to rtlieve the states from tU ' militia laws which tliey have in i*rt imptsed upon tliwm, leaving each to art fur il elf, i r wbeu Vongress ah.kll show, as it should do, ft disposition to provide a more ottciMM, inli form military orranlsatioa throughout tho Staten, the several corps of this city will join b<'art and hand In the formation of such an active force, sup plied by frequent totalis from the mass of th^oe liable in each of tho Slates, as was recommended by Mr. I'om sett while i*ocreta. y of War, or -"ich other "active force" as would be reliable iu all eoicrf ucioo, as a substitute for the present synte'n, wl.lch is too cumbersome to b? efllci''nt; feeling cot dent that ?u:h an org4!?r?Ulon, small but well disri,dined, with the aasnraji^e that 11 would bo tbo first to be called into tho C< .d a oaao ol foreign or domestic war, organised, armed an I ollloercJ as they may then be, I ? t? : exclusion of volunteers ol whom It Is not here necessary to sp?ak, wonld form a truly republican fore combining in J'ast proportions tho elem nts of the citizen m<i tho soldier, w(v>se m tto wonld ever be truo to our country and jealous of bcr rights. I niKr m**"* circ m*T*nce? ?n' ' i wo not an p;n in urging v.poo Congreee, and tot opm. the State legislature, the appointment of a comrn'ttee of a* ?rny ?nd mllltii officer" to derlae such a uniform orga /itlon brouftliout Uio l'n.ted ytalea a* (ball Ins worthy of the gen!:? .of our people, an-1 a credit, cot a reproach, to our MMtryf Jl'ifllCK. The Reeent Disastrous Ftr? In VrlMM< [From the Nfw <>r!c?ua 3e*. Aofust 11 ] Thf Are which raged irom eleven o clock Tbora lay night until seven o'clock yesterday nutmeg proved one uf lb* IVrreat and MM ImMDH that iiaa taken place !n .Ww < lor ft l?*g time. It broke out in thn fourth story of C. Bote's (tore, No. II Boyal ilreet. The bole /root of the block on Royal timet, h*tw?en ftlenvtlle an I CuaI'KBboujw'strrelx. wan destroyed, together with the dependent Workshop* fronting 0:1 Bloc v.He street The owner* of the property oa that aide were ? R. W Montgomery. Kaq.flve store#, raided at about tdO.OUO, oa which there waj only MO MO .uaurance; Mrs Waggsman, two ito?f i, $16 000 H N. S'.ebrrr.ut, >10 000, I)r. Lambert, 116,0M. F C. Rey.M.000 On Cuatoabouae atreet, |nion toward* Bourbon. the fire destroyed two one story bouaea, owned by Mrs. Luuvell, and occupied by Levi Hubbell C. Bright ai.d Dr. Jaoiua. It damage 1 c jaiiderably the house oc??pied ?y Winaoa'a reatauraot, and destroy od the k.tchcn a&d dependenc es ot Mr. J W . Zac bar* ? house. The kitchen* of aome of the bo nets fronting on Bourboa street were aiao damaged. "n tho oppc,site tide of R >yal atreet, Mr. Alfred lien U'-U 1 1 V 1 ) I ,ru in HI' U^)>'8 }NM? WJ Ml. t and in ll.o htfivtncQi by Krard'a piano atore, wa? baAly Juu(*i]. tn l Hi" roof destroyed the a-if ;-r - n; . h'iocp-.tig to ,!r. lUrria, and unoccupied, ?m deatroyod; U rh , it Um corner of Cuitomh" :i? u4 MM] iilrmUi, oeenptM aho*c by the Irving Club, ud below bjr aegar (tore, * t* iliiMfivl in ita upper p;.rt. Almoat VI tli* atorea and offtoea cm tbat II i? of Rn?al itnwt oflbrod damage by water. On the aide where tha Bre originate I the a tore" were occupied aa follow* ?Cornar of B.eaviJie and R< jal, (Jroajean A Benet?ao, d>aler? la farnltura: O P'ipuy. Kr?wh looking glaasoe, engraTingt, Jfco.; o. A Shumway. D. Ktlham, C. Bora, all furniture dealer*; V. Guette, looking (lumen, Ike ; w. McCrar.kea, furnltur-. J I J.odwg. taiior. fltebracht, upbuiatorr and furnitur . ! Neagle k Carpenter, furniture; Fa urea * Norman. grooe 1 rlea and liquor atore, at. the ooroor of Royal and Cuatom bouae The follow iDg table of the 'oaten, a*coriing to the a?nnomect ralwtloi, haa been kindly rurnlshea ua by Mr. Ihjfour, of tbe A>a?*aor'a otlce It doaa not near r?preaerrt the Ml ralua of tb<- atocka, bowerer, Mr Rjye hav iof over MO.OOO worth of goodaf >n hand, *tebrecht MO.oM and Fauiea It Norman MO 000 ? rain? *>< >?*? m. xt. W.M iw E. T Harria, one bou*? t Jfi 000 A. IT* nnen. ooe houa>* J4.b<<o J. B. ttira id. atock of planca 4,ono Mr?. A. I'mche, am< unt of furniture 2JM-J \ T. H. Fariab 2,000 M. FWnandi-/, stock of ro^ar* 1.1W0 mo' iktom raojrrmo auTA) rT*m?+i\ a*? >o. hi 1 T W Montgomery, fire (terra 10" 000 F.C Hey .one atore 8,u<? Dr. T A. lAinbtrt, two atore? 30,<M) | H. N. Plebrecht, two atorea.... 11 s>iO | Wtio* C. WaggMDan, two atorea J0.0VJ i aoi KhriM n*"Ti no cv-roMnocaK nnK*r. H. N. Plebraeht, twu frame boua<a 1.000 Mr. A. I/mTel (partly daxafed) S.yiw r*?i *btib* rnoTtmu Kuruut amaai H W Fle d, one houaa T.00Q , J W. Zacbarie, one bouae.. 7,01/) awomrr o? wront? a^raaa *vi Fanrea kNorman, grocery atoro t/ir<0 ' NeagV * Carretiter, furniture rtor* ll'ou W?. Mclrackcn " ? II 00 i C-Br.yo ? jajoo i IV Kelbam ? o on Sbnmway V Htai " < u IW firoaiean A r^e?teau ' ' 1.V00 i O. Itupnjr r'aM Wore 1 V. Ouctte " 1 2't j J . I.udow J, rlolh mordniCt 1 1/') H. N. S.ebrecfet, fancy ll' r? IS 00 I Total Ilftl 700 | T1i<9 t ta low aennt fa 1 much below half a million <rf dollar* Tbe larger ;.ort n of tb'.l will fall on tba In rurai co?pnni>4. Tbt'y ?m?l quite arerw to gtviMt 1 at;/ Information for the pnblia II r"fwd to their Joaao*, bat we Ifar on /nod authority tiiat the Star, Merchant and Son oflicoa are heavily l?Tolrad. I Oow*?nr T??nrnT is Fm'iwn* Cot ttt, N J ?Th<i ! rblladtlpbla XortK relate* the following iik Ian choly oocorreooe la Bnrllnfttrn ooonty on the 4th inatant tietufe Atken wao *h>t an t maUnily kllM, at Rm1 I.ion, near Vlncentown, Bnrlington oontty, > alerdajr. by Juhn II Oonorer. It la alleged that Aiken ba>l perpetr?p-l an outrage upon tike person of Coborer * wife, and waa forbid to com# to the house. Cooorer, in the mainline, hid ft out a warrar.t for the arreat of Aiken, and pia.?i it n the han<1? of the rona table. When Aiken heard >f it be threatened to kill (Vmover ft he did not w'tbdraw th? warnw.t tie went to CnaoTor'a bonm /eaterdaj, w>ien the lattrr ahot blm in tbe oeok, kili.aR lvm n^uctl/. Conorer (ra*e h.nweir up to tbe auUw>*jt*?, an-l Khijrd .o ibe Meant tic H/;aH. JNim, AUGUST 19, I860. !* Abol tloalat Trouble* 1a T?ikl< From the Ualvctton JV?u4, ol tbo 28tb ait., wo eitract the following jj regard to tbo aboUioo plot recvxtly discovered in Northern Texas Ib Pallas and K i,r counties, ecmu'.tteee, composed of tbo coolest, Bka let and moat reapectablo c.tiaena, wero appointed anil w r ?t work ail last week tbo whole aliair. ? o ono but thuee immediately interested, knows w bo com oao the committees, nor where or wben they meet or whut they are doing. Their chief object j? to ascertain what whites are at iho bottom of the plot. No one else interferes in the investigation. In Ellis tbo County Court has organized patrols on an exuusivrand will managed system. The negro, u' confessions?mode apart, and at great distances?concur .n the loading points, and ill aver that white men originated tho plot and directed tbuir movements. Waxaliatchie whs to have been set Are to on the 8th? the same day that Dallas and so many other places were fired: but on .iccidcntul lire ia tho :.)v/n that d?y aroused the citirenH, and the negro apiv nled to do the deed became alarmed and left, lie wan to have returned and repeated IUU ahll-llll-'t uat .TUliUajf , LU. . I ?i!U ^i ui uvvu itc.v ered. A letter from Dallas says the details of the plot and ts modui oprrandi are these ? Each county in Northern Tows has a superymor in the person of a white man. whose name Is not given; each county is laid oil'into district* coder the sab agent* of this villain, who control the action of the negroes .u tho districts, by whom the firing *?* to be dou<' iUny of our most prominent citizen* were singled out l'or *ssa.uf?'nation whenever they made th'Mr escape from th" r burn Ing homes. Negroes never before su?pecte<1 are .mpi ".at ed, and the insurrectionary movement is <v .dusprt.ul to an extent truly alarming In some places tho plan was conceived in every form shocking to the mind and frightful in its results. Poisoning * as to be uUiied, the old fe males to be slaugbtjred along with tho m?), an 1 the >oun(pard handsome women to be parceled oat among these .ufamous scoundrels They had oven gcco so far .j? to designate their choice, and certain la lies uad already been selected as lae victims of these m.rguUeJ moi et'-rs Fortunately the country has been naved fr^m the accomplishment of these horrors, bu'. then a lea." fill duty remains for us. Tue negroes have been incited to these infernal proceedings by aVili. ticaists and tho <'inissai 's of certain preachers who were expelled from this county last. year. Their agents have been busy amcugst us, and many cf them have been in our rnidsL Some of them have been identified, but have lied from the country; others still rema'i to reoelve a tearful accountability from an outrage ! and infuriated people. N?arly a hundred negroes have testified that a large reinforcement of abolition.sts is expected on the 1st of August, anil the*) to l><- m led by recruits from the Indian tribe*, while the Rangers are several hundred miles to the north of ua. It wax desired l> destroy Pallas, in order that the aims aud aitmounit . >n of the artillery corrpany might share ths same late Oar jail is tilled w th tho villains, many of whom w II be hiiDtf, and that very Roon. A man w.js found hung at our neighboring city of fort Worth two days ago, believed to be one of those ecouudrelB who are engage t in this w rit We learn thai he bad stored away a number of rilles, and the day after he was hung a load of six shooters passed on to h:m, but were intercepted. He was betrayed by one <>r the R'?ug, and hence bit purs were thwarted. Many others w.'.l share I h fate. 1 have never witnessed such times. Wo are most profoundly excited. We go ?rm>'d day and mghi, Mid know not what we shall be called ipon to do. The Houston 2m Southern, of the 28th ult.,has the following paragruph on thia subject.? Just as we are going to press news k.w arrived here from a reliable source that twenty-two negroes have been arrested and arc t ) be hung n Waxatiuchio to day. Our fellow citizen, Mr. H. I Cotton, informs i.s that a letter was reoeived by Thursday a mail, by his niece in this* place, from Mrs. Bennett, of Austin, g an account of a fearful att'mpt made about the 221 inst. to reduoe our Stat* Capitol to a heap of aahe*. TUe da* ing experiment vrat made to Bet Are :o Bom j twenty five o: the principal edifice* of the city; fortunatclv. however, the dames were discovered and extinguished before any eerlotis damage had been sustained. On the night previous, the Austin correspondent to whom we are indebted for the Intelligence we are re^irdio!*, had been keep log vigils over the sick bed <>f a friend when ?he ?>l>. served a sheet of flame bursting from a neigbbj/iii;; house,, in consequence or timely warning, the ctttaeiis were enabled to arrest, and save the tiuild.og from impending ruin. At preaeot, says Mrs. Dennett, ths whrlc pcptilit;on of the metropolis are under arms, and laboring under the most intenso excitement. A i?> lice force, consisting of from sixty to ninety men. are maintain iny the strictest system ef vigilance, by night and by oay. * In all the counties visited lately by fires, co>nsittt?e? to inv'stigat? the subject have been appoint*). and the n-.ost efticlent citizen patrols have been established. In Urimcs nounty a meeting of cili/.ena resolved i? llist there s among tho n <gro*s In the county a owp?sition to rere't and be Insubordinate; that th.s feeling s prodnced by the influem of certain white persons tn tho county; that it is time steps bo tak n to r; 1 tho community of ih<se men. that preaching to tho negroes in the county be stopped, at least for one year; that Northerners coming into the county under pretence of being ir.inii!t?n? Im-hcrt drammera iro tn lui rMrir.livl iriih 1 suspicion and received caution; .1 v g awe coin- 1 m'ttce be appointed, patro'g organized, and other weneur> u for taint; be taken. Klopcment In nichlgan. PlIAUEFCL CA<K OF WIFE DEHERTION ?A 31 AN ELOPE* , WITH A CALIFORNIA WIDOW. [firm the Detroit Free 1 rets, Augue'. 12 ] Considerable excitement wai created at the Michigan , Central Railroad depot on Thursday laat by the sud.len , dUapKArao. ? of Charles H. Fr'?* e. an engineer in tbo employ of the company. ]<e *ras oogin"er of U>? parsen | Iter engine "Mameluke," m,d -?aa to b.ive left i?n Wodr?w day evening with tl ? n t;H? *|ir? : #ent iilseugno < was brought oat of W<e agutc houas u/ iho ar?'m.?n ai.iI CO' de<J to the tram-nothing rnusua', rn nficeers freqojiitly do not arrive until the train la aho .t ready t > J start When the time wm cp, lio Frisbeo waa to >e foaad. T: a train waa detain**! eome t<in militate* pant i I ? time fur starting, when another "Lgmeer waa procured. Kr'?'>co's wife, who had be^n absent from tl"? citj fi>r fotr week*, arrtre'1 oo the sam> e?er!nir, ac l u|n L to fcer houai found It h kod up. .-L sent b" r son to the depot to ?^t the key, know'i.^ **u| Krl'bee wae to leave with the tra;u that evwilg, but he was not to le found, she then went to the ' >t and. in company with a gent'oman oonneeiel with :be r aJ, went I > b.s iuard.og boots where be ha 1 lodged during her absence, and a# ertalred that he had n -t been there s.iice dinner time, ft itenS* e alarm-' at big absence, and thought be must have been drown d. Tbo i urfortwnate woman eould cot be reconciled by her friends, and waa almost frantic. On Thurslay nothing definite could be ascertained as to his whereabouts, bat the fears eitcrtaincd u to his ijivIrg been drosroed wef canted, for api n .nvetgii n .1 wv fonnd that n" bad dravn some nve of six month*' pay, which bait be< o io theearn puny'a h?n la. The kno s'.ng ones th<-n made it known t oat be ha-l o<en on terms or Intimacy with ore Mrs Iialle <>oodael|, of Marrball, whose husband is to California, and upon inquiry t was fotod *1- bad disappeared simcltatcBi.sly Fr>sbee, takim iiT only obild with her uo Jti lay Mr A R.^-'arect, mister mechanlsof the ro*l, re ccived a de*p*i h . r in guehec, which read as follows ? 1 arrived beretn Mjoday. C. II. FRM8EE." Mr Pweet -1 iji-t understand the despatch, ttfr* evidently feeing i millike Frisbee having tieen here on Wednesday, be could tot bare arrived in (juehic cn Monday. Mr -wc< t drsired that tho despatch sboald be re|?ated, but up t> last evinir.g nothing further 1*1 been beard from hm It .a ?nrtn ?e<l that h>- has rei- c ted i f bis rssbnees. and that b? wished to inform b>? friends that he would return, leaving gucbec on Monday next. Wishes has been in therrnpioyof lb* Ortral On )?ny for the past fifteen yam, and for tea years liasbim an engineer, lie has u!wa>? enjoyed the cmtidocco and respect of a numerous circle of fr:<-cde. and his character previous to Ibis sdair baa bana above reproach. He iraves an estimable wif' and two children, who are now penniless, ?nd she deserve* Ibe sympathy i f the public, lie has ft bouse and lot on iAfayette tlP'< t west, wi.itb is encumbered for all it Is worth He also has two Jots in Ypsilaotl, and the opinion s that they are sli. encem bend. His w fe left yesterday place, to nicertain whether they were or Lot He hsd. .is ne*r as cac be learned, about MOO wltb him when be left. H 'trrn'S Mmf rw?A a*t> Sronn Kn'*o ?^eorf? Aldrub. s coot wkn ted just served "at a term of Ave years in the 7irgims pen tentiary, for a man in I/ir ? '<ft J' e* moil'' i f<!W days s.nee, snd on arriv.og at Lag<u) cf nty, fo ;o l that b* faintly bad mored arras the r ?r to Warfleld,. a<?r?'iee county, Vs. TheKirtawha Hf i 'i n i>ays ?He fril^WSd them. He tnnrder*d bis rts >'F t Ite it at ?fc > -k ng msnner, literady rutt ng her top. ? l? rig o ,i h >r !.m t aid it tn a; l tbe 'h ' W . g thebolv st> Sandy rircr. Thobody ef ha sen. s tad of about it years oi l, was found ia a by place, nearly esfn up by the b iff, b was readily idcutitled hf a remarkable soar on one fc,..t. wbicb toad b??n f rese? ved hy the sh e and stoew nx The *on was by a wife who bad obts nee a divorce \ft"rthe perpetrnt < n cf th<*? torr.d deoils, the il^nd, with b sfun in ba:.1, tic I to the w- ?ts. ?ay n tl.jt ha liaM to k II .'?th"r and mother snd tW" otber por?< n?,?r4 then the p?v>p'e n'gbt take h,m, burn h'.tn at the sta^e, or do what ttey f'esaed w tt bint. Tio esc.ted pool's v< sfter btm. PrtrCAVii Bttrwvi v R?Rerramji a*? nc/'Asr.'s Btv ? TheI>owcll (Mass ) Cbwrt'-r of the 13'h inst. ?ayn ? W. H. Precis, U<] , of this city, having preptred all ths ne?> t siry prel5m'Dary driwicgs, leaves tula afternoon for tfee | topograph leal s< rvsy of tb? proposed ?h-p oanal between I Barriitable and n<i7ibrd's bay He wi I h.-?7S a CimpaI lent corps of ass ?tants to aid h m, and enter upon the ' active dutiea of the survey to morrow rooming, ard pr>I s^cut- tbem with bis ufual zeal U.J eseigy vuttil uiiaplcted. RrcATtA ?T N'rw rovwnn-T,?Tt is proposed to liave a grand regatta at New j.oaion, G*m< ci.< al, .n abort a month, fbr "ingle and do ible scu'l wherr es, m l IMS MnflbOtla, OMB to ail boaU Tte arriuigeaeota for It are not /?t f_.;j completed. NPOHTine. A RKVATTA, Or*K FOR A1-1. HAIUKMlfc WII4. lik* cl*'-? on W?dD"?>1*y n?*?, A-yrnt IJ, *t 10 o'elorfc, frorr !?< i?wa? Hmiw. M I , to mil totb? *ootfc< w??t "ft '"d ''A'* ?r?ln. nblft 1" th? "< "w ->*rt?T ("tr Yacht "Inn. fntrwx'* f?e, M. r?r?| *t *h:? rr*r?? ?n ? *w >rd?<l M?vi> m Bl'.JU.ARn U18I *?TWfootof R>bfn?'???i-?*??t7o'el'V'* f->r tlte "rmn U urn. A. H. HA'.USHTf, FOR < tURTKR TUF, RTF.AM T \?:ilT IDA, TOR TBI | f?t<- p?r * 4 l??ntf Or# <? Oitrtr r?r*"n?- t> r?*? wv t n \ervs %*?, vf?in' ?" Hi Hm*** 'or hurl- r or . iry ma. h"*RT MAIX\ NmniM Agent, 2?7 W t ?tr?rt. NEW F' HOOKER T V'TIT FOR MIL I, LOW ? Til ]? (1 f??l loaf, (pl^ndul rV>1? *B'1 f iflltaftl VUH mM wlvka'il r?|ird to *tr*uA*% ui4 M *v?rjr waf r:??t, m *Ml ?nl aai?, <v*ap:?t?4 lua? la??; >wa-r r"w h*/'n? no nM for krr *k* will be aoU at ?n liair*i* redic'. m from orwt To M ?*" *? !n*?r?>;r? >r*?.t an.| Uf? v l ?Joden bJM tMMT I* i' ? world, Jii H .11 rtreet. SPORT1R ?- FRAKCT* RVTf.Mt. RO. 3 f * ?T F. i*rf + Md cb<- cwt >m r*??rt if 1 i .a iM w?r 1. b"th for Ml* Mid ?V? k R lVr'? To/* u? ? i u lf ?? 90 C?flt? to.l vor ?- I> *? i/>V < tfftto*!. i*. AjTk*?r?U? vojuuffni e AXP Lqp?B?t6i. A LmiTID BOMBER Or BKHPi TAB1.B PKjfc>.j?iH est now obulu *uper'or Kooma .ltd iloard In & Lrat ''wi hi ..a*. potaeialng all modern ImproreBenta; an f?nel!?c! Ub'a ; rcvkled. Dinner at 4 O'clock Location :enirkl and CM?afcitct, 833 Broadway. belJir Pnlon are. Apritatb ri milt will let a srrr or handnomely Ijrnlabed Booma. onalatm* of th? actlre floor, together rr?<-iarat?, w::luKit botrJ, togflnllaiaeu -,a\f >. m hi JI.UI itroeif wiru uw? i Jl Awta ruuNi^uiD boom, withodt board, ??i.'<<(, .n a rmpeo.ible location. Address, stating price. .Ci-i-i r;* ud fire, Aleian&<:t, Heral4 oflloe. A GENTLEMAN WOUT.D LI KB, IN A OINTBBL pnv.iin fsjnliy, a nt .-ely fan..she 1 ltootn, ? tk x<e of b.> h ?tiJ m, com euleut to llrmdvrtiy and not a ">ve Un' "tt are. UneieepL reiereneee slven. A ! rees, wiUi ' ill particulars, x. II. g, boi ifc Herald off re. APRIVATB FAMILY WILL LET A FUR>ISTTKD Room, wtih Buai t to me o* two young moa in one of the most toml T'jkble llttta hens-* in ike .y. k!H?. buih, Ac.; I'JS Twentieth street, between First :?d4 Second aver.ues. ADELI'ilTTFPL I'ARL^R, BUQIMIKiT KURLttbed, and one or two other pieas.iu Room* ? let, to wngle or married partlee. lit 382 Weet fhirty f vr"i *'r' ?t, ?HI young widow wj . U 1 hlldreu; loll, partta '1 out Board; ?ery a^-esalblo to oar* and etv??e, the r<\")t> third street uu? >it the corser Kourie-nth street, ae bio;*, Ao. AT NO. liC WEST FOL'RTIKJI. il j^TREKT, VKRY desirable rem*. with b.*r<l, *<;iuMe ror K'nti^mrn and tht.r wives, or single K*!Ctlein?r. Kelereuce* enchaugal. Attention bachelor*_a widow knowino that she can make an agre-Mble home, will let' * 1 htu-lsort o Rooms on second floor bath, tiu .ind b< t and c >ld water in t ith 1 ooDie. Al?oa front Boom on t!r>" tl ) r, 1 taMe fi r Vhyetc'au. Partial Bouid if d'-* red, h >u*e first cl*e* 'weat plde); rum ard sU.^e* very Adc!-e?s Mr* William*, HenUd "ti M FEW HAND BO MB ROt^r^VlTII HOARD, si ITA b.e i .i feinj.ll!!v, t>.a< 1 i?d or ?Di!Vp''w?i, 1 nation good, house 1 r?t cl.i*s. sir.all /ami: - Ir.i|',iie at 1<5S Leimj[toii ..vcn e, COr 1 r of Tl'ity Sistsi.i A VERY llEin:.'Cl, S. IT of ii(K)M3, A'ARI.OR (not, to let, Willi Hoard, In the line brow.i ? >nn hous?. No. ?7J Broadway, ttci'ud duo, iiom ll; i^otr ui ??? nuc, Wor Ij moL mr. t nr..I Ma.lson ?}u?r*, Utl i?o bloi-^g .. 10 - e the V .fib Avenue Hotel Family una"., room* Hml kxa i.on delightful, xd meal hour* wUl !>e mode to i on agreeable family. \ FURN]>1IID FRONT room AND HALL bedroom, J\ on Ihe second Boor to let, In a private family, with .treak las; and Tea u ueslred. <'*?! tor one week, at 1*7 Vontyib street. Board- a pleawant front room on third tloor, alao a Room iu *?oond Boor, to let, wlih Board, m genUeninti and wife or single geut-'emeu, at No. II >' nib Moore street. N II.?On* udbulli. B0ARD.-nAND8??MRI,T FT RNTSI.ED PARLORS AND Bedrooms to let, with Hoard, n a first elans private bouse, v. ub all tie in ~r u jr, ioi ra?D!i; alto h larg* I rout Ktioia lu the b.-iseineut, w.ltfthltt for a doctor's jtl. at No. 7'J l-,.st Twelfth street, near Mroadwy. Board-and a vkrv iiandsomf, suit of rooms inn be had lu a frs* -lass mo'leru house, where comforts sie eqjoyed, a mrmii party of gentlemen who can appreciate such will please call soon >t W.JIac4? street, al>a\e fc. etcher. BOARD.-YOl NG OK.Vtl.tMKN OP l.HITRD MEANS Slid Wishing to economise, can i.nd at lbJ (hand *;re?t good < >an sl-eplig st f 1 a *eeh, with partial B'uirl in proport:on; locaUon central; >Uigt$ and car* |.uievery two mictues. Board down town.-two binulk~jentlf.mrn, or a r> ntlen-.aa and Ms wlfn, an be ac. mm >^.it?>.l with full Bnar.t, in a nnta>i An.- rican family, at 401 Greenwich street, out r .'rem Beacli Street. Board mvrray hill-large, hani>romri,y furn -1 *. 1 ' of Ro-mis mid rei^p lou R"om t> let, with Board, private table, ra U! Hoiu Thirty tilth street, rear Fourth avenue. References exchanged. Board wanted-tit a -.svtleman and his wne. In a private f .mi'y where there are no o'-her board tra. H r^e m :rt be (Blasted In a pleariat and resectable neighborhood. Ad'IreM, bUVide tcr-Bf, w!*b fill partlc iIan, h. B , toi 2,WO Post office. HOARD WANTED-FOTt A OKMTI.EM A *. WIFE Xj da .ghter and lervar.t, on h" ivst t.u? or the cily, Dot above Ele .?nth atreel, parlor C >.r j.referred. Addre*? P. W. T., }i-tH d "IDC . Boari> wanted?oy a oervan <ie.vti,em an, in plicate Aierican family, where h? wi)i have an opportunity to tecrrr.e thoroughly cocvereani with the English Un Knage. Adiii w M.. toi j,Oil) Poet '.ffije. Board wantf.d-a ftrnished pablor and I f.'.room wantel Immediately. by a g"ctlemau nod hia * ife, In a (mull private family, where no other boarder* are taken, early dinner lor the lady. Reier?uc<*< exchanged. Pleat* adreae J W , boa 4,1*7 Poet otlice, gi .Inn all particular*; vr.. * m : e uta'.rd itherwii" no u .ken. nuARi) '.vaXTEO? BY a LADT SMQAOIO in M ioem, lr n reev.'taole'e family, o- where few t waera are ' Vdureea M . hoi J.NS7 IV "ilice. BOA?n wavted-for a yocng married lady. in Jeraey Ci'y; with a widow preferred, where there arc c j other t'oardera. a Jd/eim iJetry I, Uer. J Alice. Board wanted?wy a ladt and oextleman, a wldovv ) i reffned. fu.1 b <?id .or the lx?ly inly, 1' 1-atloa from Tenth V? Vieirtj ItflS street an.1 'r.en le-alngtot to t>xth av? i e. Full vart; to be ad lr- ?ed to SaImi,-, Herald fllce. BOARniMO -PERSONS w!eHIN1 TO SE. PRE pom f >rULle Roomcf >r the winter are now ? >llute<l to oall where 'hey can be m "M on'jme a;-rma, and ha jlen Rant.7 ,ir<ommo.!ated, at 1,248 Broa Iway, he'ween Thirty fir si and Ihlr'y second -tf-!. BOARDlNa.-A PRIVATE ^AMTLY. RESIDING I* We-d 1 ' irver/h wMj to their enure t)ecoixi ktory. hr r. laomeiy t .n.ibtd. to a MB'Jeraaa ar.d wife or a fa raily of a . ilte. Addreee ' o? 1S7 U?r?: 1 i.Bl-:e. Brooklyn b^aro ?v private kav.ily wopld Jet, with Hoard, a front R o.n ncd 1?dr >m n (Ingle g?*n t'ir.en (Airer! , ne>; |,ae, f.ath, .* , in'l.e b-.u**; ri auer *l h*ifi ??' (it. *" " ?' ? weet, .??/< llnton, Brook'y.i. B >ari> :n itnofiki , v- \T "7 ihfl TRKET, fitb it.oiite.i w:. a from 1A *11 atreet or Ko .Ui ferry. Kooma I jrnlnlied r nnr-anlabed. Refer* -es grren an* r?-, t'.red. KO\ED II* I1ROOKI.YN.-A FR'.XT PART.OROIIPE rood ll-vw, n*n<t(^4?e.> f irmahnd. u> a gent..'man and wife; lint tine fruit r ^>m. Ihi' l Cory, M tv o ? -nt)"tnen who would r^om together. A ftrat -la?? pr: /%* h-> me, n?*r -?r?, . i<d ? >bt n innt?> walk ffojt the ferij. A,>Ij 221 >'uu? tre??, tear Hoyu BOA?D TN BR'v>KIYH-rT,B\??*'IT ROOWt, ( table f >r narrled ir alog> gentlemen. In .i brown r n? b a?e, eit-ia'wl .n a wrf ??vjo loca'im, <"* t<> the ten ?. t tctiauC' l; tefM Ap.tly M ?7 Concord tlrf t. Bo\*r>!n frookt/ts -a uir^vn.t, reading in .i Cr?t bmiae 'n Ami'/ etreet, will take *a Urox.r.ent B Msi'rw, a K<"ot-'?ri..m and hn wife. The h?-vm u- it* n. <i?rt rement?, aid ' omveuirnt to Ho'iih and Wall t'.rt*-' f?rrlea. Reierei re j A !6vm M.I!, boi 166 llrrald (Are. BOARD !N BROOKI.YN.?LARGE AM1? HANDftOKKl.T : jutabed ro>m*?n nlM or idn*!e, on * <nd and third Cnarv. for laTT. . ri or mtlwra wlabum board.the bouee s Brat i a.*, w.ui aJ tfce mxVni LmpriT*?enia. Apply a: <b Her ry atrreL rear Clark. Ba/erencea rtx, uired. BOARD IJf RKOOKT.YW.?A FKW MMtBfl* arc ran be >u:c.:aun.deieil w:th H.iard la a a lull Arr-r r in ftmdy, where there are hit few boan era taken, h l r (hi minutee' * ct .'r m Flerry. Apply at 143 Hi?h .reel. Bre<Hrn. BOtRD III ?OtJTH brook 1.TV ? * FAMIF.T OB mr.oc H aid for the voter eeti b?.? -hree or f>'ir apart?r;.'a .n a b?r.d mrly ; rol*t" 1 t' r.-ar the Ho.lh ferij\ no keft I rder* wt.l t-e t?*?n rnd iirial iort,! adran !** ? '? !>e " re4, a fa'r r?mm?r*Uon will be required Th? raru>? ran have a erparate tab* 11 wwb-d far. AddraM .. ')? Ill Orald "iVee. C11.IKTO* HOC?*. M Ml BROADWAY, OVKR MRU J ill'e Beloon ?Kl??eot ?-i t? of Riomi to !? ; m? furniture, beat ?p noa beta. and all tke e ?ven?e; ee >1 a tret cl?aa buuae. Apply aa abw?e. T7,rfnftl BOARD i* HROOKt.TK.-ORK OR TWO r feni>men can be ac*i> & ??( Med at I9t '"lii.lcm meat. The bene conU.o? all tte ?o<!er? >oipr>veineira. FeRKTRHRD ROOM' TO 1T.T-AT J1 ?T. MARK? place <kl?b'!i etieiti. Irtw??n *->cond aid Tli'rd aren't^a, ? very rran ntbie :rruM. A from ajem-sat lor ao <fliee alan to letFvRwinntn roomb to t.rr-wiiu rru. or i>*r ual Moar?", at 4? Wea: Klevekib rtrrev Refen-i ea r^an ac< re i'ilrtd. . prrmisnin rooks to i.ktto ;r!?-n,k?ri?.-airt r iui'1 r'eeeai.*. lermemod-ratA Apply for ibree dajaal So. 79 <' itbarloe ?treet. between Mad ion ?oi! Henry. FURXToiIRD r'k>xh to l.kt-to gkifti.rukh. with m lumri\. Par: >r an<l e ;h?r < re /r ;wo Hirana m iirat fl^or. Abo a Hull >n ieeou?l :; *>r Tbe lo. j:i.m la rentral aud t? car? aa<! ???? ?. ?g T > irU F1 RW:Rn*T> ROOMS-A I'RIV ATH FAMTT.Y OF OVI.t ?r??. j <T?>m bar# ' vro nun Flo-re. ?ear' 'y furr.lali? l, In a firat r'me b "iee In Tw??ty third ?ti-cpt, n?*r tJ.? Flftk Arm ie Hotel, ab^h ib?y w . .14 lei, wfbuni ??tanl. t?t1 ??r r*r.t1rnn?i. f Ik" htab*?t reepe'talntry ^ hi d< ir? e--'?mino ,ai.ora of tk? heat m?e, und wll in. to p.iy llhe ally for luck. Ad Jrt-a for an atr <, <27Ul' i ! *. ("* FNTRKt,, FfRvrFfTEII AFAPTWRMTt, COKftlftTtfKI I of ill m, B-lr^.m H'l Fautrlra, : > let, ! a alu'-- r?-n mnn. In a prir&ie family, a: W j| U JUeecker street, <*aat of Urged way. TTAMn^oMKI.T FrRNimin ROOVB, FOR ?IJfd!.R X-l on .r*i *na :rirn r kit' r-w rmr # niri, <)n"<w in t'na 1 wth *11 rmd?m tin p "warn ?nta. Family 'IItM* no. 4V i *?oli"Ui between Bruailway uxl f T-rtb ot?bu? Harps 'Vk i,ar?e currrrisitkn room*to t.kt, with lt<ard, to t?o p# anna. M W. Hit iw fir* claas, |r?4 uN*. <" *r?tlJji* r?i l?i* i to i?. .* t? h im? Ik" * J ?ff?*#Ab!* 14; *> ti Fifhik tr*ai. W :i;*mBbnrir, on? door w*?1 nf Aljth ?trp?t Thru* walk from *11 ih<- f?rrl?a. HOBOEr* -?JBUL? GERTLKMER, OR A OKXTI.RH man an<l k? wlfa ?n obtain fm?larc? R>nmt. vith Roar I. Ly ftps!) off Vt 5<j. 17 H a Uerrace, near bf ferry, (M aol bath. Mrr. m*ttttkwr havibo take* that i.armr ?! ! ' mil t " !i0 K,<" ? r ? I 1 . *<wt of Broadway Is ?nw r??df to mi*" air.odata i rmanant M,d tranaWnt b *ro?ra, or with H<?m? ?ill* it board U deairrd. D.B8?r at OM m.>l all uVIoek. MAiiloH nor?R-rri?i*T?'iKD FOR noCEKwcpijio. Vary t.aat'y f'imlah?d Parlor and H?drr>nm trilubl* far joarf b'iaMfe?*i>*r* r Bin#)* t'oi -ir-ik wn%w, <T*>n, B?w pat?r,> aprtnff b?4?, (-loan :ii,?*n. amtinf iienaiia. Ac., or a { ?t?. At ply at MO Km atrcet. \TO. 7 BRBVOORT PLACE. tbrth ktrbet.?A HARD iR frr - j finM Par'' r aai HHmnn, alao unci* Room, M> ? to rattaara, with braaAlaal if Iwlrit *T0. M TTVRT RTRTH rtrftt, RRAR FIFTT? at*. X> ir? - B . TT1? to |.t, f ;rn!?W r .r.f irrlrtM. In fniia<r ? ?*'t ?i ' !?, In ? firm el?o? wf.fc ! r?nifui if t:tmr?4, ?t rry ilinu.1 pMd, uneiMpUaBAbl* Tt1 rttr.rt g1r?o ?nd rT<-,nlr?<l. pi?i?TrM H"Trr.. *< nnnAr-wiv-rmt momr*. I 'i-r* of Kb <-mrul*od *o ?tf ItVrnat 1 'ij r?/l it# nd ' ?dm>>rr ?, ofl?r? !>i?ir t? p*rauui*n< or tr?n ?ti *r )?r? *l r??arnai )?* vrm Th* bona* Ma all tM ' pr .? ?D\? k id ? R*c?ro Irn?i?it hoKi Mr* |1 fci f1?SL Kov* ro* tocwi wiw or ritwtmi. ''Mkmt ' IrM, on ? ?<t u4 U>lr I *nd urn*.# l<iof?i? *> fr>irin II >?. % pi"***" v11 'At**:#: i f?m "M i*'l? V. 71 fM TutilJ ? ?A >.*?< ijfck 3 0%HDI!?G A!?D LdDOINO. KARE UPPORTCNITY.-A bTKH'Tl.T PRiV ATK~KaI7 ly have ? furuiahed nmir to dispose of to a slog]* man, In tb? Immediate vicinity of th.; Fifth Avenge U?,i Claresdon ard Everett House*. Injure at 31 Kait i.ih m,wi' northwest corner of 4th avenue. TO I ET-A rt'RNIBHRD PARLOR WITH A HK!) room adjolnlDg, with or without oanial Hoard in a Her man dually, at No. 71 Hammond, between Bletxher and Fourth streets. References exchanged. TO LET?FURNIHHKI) ROOMS (BBEAKFAhT IK R.E quired) at 13 Bond street rl.KT-CNFl'RKISHKD, AT 119 WAVERLIY PLACE near Washington square. tlrat class Rooms, cunaisua* oi I elesari parlors, wltli bMroom attached, library, biuh ro?m. 1 km, Ac., with or without Board. rUCV.?A LADY WILL RENT A LARGE NIOILY furnished Parlor, with gas, large nautn.-s. An. A Udy or a lady and gentleman will lind Uiere all the freedom and omforta of a quiet genteel home. Appl} 17ft Oreeoe street, near Blocckrr. WANTED?PARTIAL BOARD, FOR A LADY AND jent't man, where there are no other board*-* or c.htl dreo, and wl?r? no quMtiou will b? aakei. Addrem W. X., H roadway Poet ofllce. WANTED-BY TWO OKNTLEMRN, A PARUJR ANB iwo Bedrooms, or two Parlor*, with small Boons at' larhrd, with use of the bath; moat be Id a house woil located and not above Sixteenth street, and occupied by private family; breskfrat ooly required and If everything la suitable, will l e j ermaueut. Address, with full particulars and terms, M., box 3,681 N. V. Po?t Hoarding house* need not reply. J i' WK8T RIVTREKTll STREVT. HET WEEN FIFTH AND Ml) PixthaWuues. loir, a li.iii>lw>iuel> furnished Hiiunfj Ro m with Bedroom attached, rnll.ibto for one or two smit e mt u alwi a sluglu Kumiu? trst cl.i^s lioute, ?vlth a privats I'recrh family. Location uneicptiouable; convenient to ?nr? and stages. Zf K ART fVWtim - 1'KERT, MOORD DOOR from Ornmerry park ?Newly furalshod Rooms t<> let, in salts or single, ti gcntLauu, w tli u&rtlal Hautl, or to gfBl)em*n and their wtv?s, with or without private table, in is ' uln tlrst rlSHS private hou.r ejt) TKNTH flTRWFT VK*R FIFTH A VKSl'RIT* I Zj of Parlors and Heilrtotiis, and single Roouis, to let, wita | !? > u, 10 rt xpeii^ute paiu-a | Q?> GREENE STREET ?A1 STO.V HOt'SK - M PKRHLT i70 furniahed Parlor anj Bedroom, with gas ..n' ''rotoii; I new patent spring beds and everything ii<*ft*wiary for yoneii: | hnusckeepcra. Meals served il >1. aired. Km; low to respectable teuaoia. mWAVBRI.BT PLACE, IIKTWKEN WASHINGTON square and Sixth a\*mie ?A KSblletuan h.,d tua w and two single gentlenv n run be g?n'?ely accomodated with > full or partial Bo.irr , most delightful location In the it*. m EIGHTH KTRKKT-EOUR LA RGB, COSTLY Fl'R u'thed Purmrs. with email roo?g attached If <l>-*lred | to let for any respectable pnrpoae; al*? oth?r pond R.ioma, ! with full or paliiul Hoard. Only three doors east 01 Broadway, 17fl w- v|' wimrra wmw.-huwbw As") ar< muiodations tor four or :ive adults; Parlor, four or tlve I ted room ? and baths attachedi also Rooms for aingt* petliemen. Fourteenth at reel stag a paaa the dour. Hiuurr at 8. t)|ji ?MV fOQMMOrVB STUKKT-laror BACK: ^.V'JL Room and Bedroom. toucher w'th several email front Room*. Gentlemen and tUeli wives. or * igle senile men. can be accommodated for the winter. l< at ??-, breakfast at seven. Reference* exchanged. 7R7 BROADWAY-RTRANQRRH VISITING XK* I O I York will 9nd (food accommodation*; th<* bo iae n kept on the European plan with roslaorant i>Ua<hed. Tal.iu d'b.ite at ail o'clock. French and Spanish spoken. COUNTRY BOAHD. Boarding at a farm houbr.-two ok rURKit large rrtoma are now vacant In the Farm of the-> late ('buries Underbill, near Glen Gore, Ixmg Island whi< r? ean be bad on Immediate application to MRS. KLlilAilkTIi' UWDKRnil.U Plan Coto, Long J aland. COUNTRY B04J1D.?BOARD ON LONG INLAND, within 20 mlle#Gf the cltv, in a private family, lor a few* respectable persona. Splendid sea bathing and good tiring. Communicaii. ms several Umes dsiljr. Terms $J and >8 each a. week. Inqnlre at 832 Broadway. (lOl'NTRT BOARD WANTKD?FOR A BOY TIIIRrKKST J yeara of nge distance not to exceed 30 miles fr.nn Ne-vYork, Long Island preferred; board not to exceed three d i. la is per week. Address hoi No. 113 Herald office. ^PERIWIIAL. Cl.ARA?YOU ADVKKTUKD INTHKHWAUlUr Hire Olh Instant for a htuhand. Ton will find a IttUsr In ihrt Broadway post office which oxplalna all. 1* lease answer -n rt-iue?na in that letter. W. A. L>. OLIMKNCR CATTKOKLLK 18 IKFORMKD 0? UK* mother'* iirrWul In New York. She Uvea at So. I street, near Greenwich. Her lamlly la waiUox lor her InsUcUr FLiOBA T.-YOIR* KKCKI7KD. WliKKE CAN I ?,:ff jroo? Write mratn. If. I>. HH B D.-WHAT MRAN8 THIS INDIKrKRSN'W Have 11 .trended!' I am Ignorant 01'no (lo.n?. Hl-oae j ciim and kWe me an eiyWnaUoo. J 0. INFORMATION WANTIIl Of JOHANNA KIT/ AU? by name, and in marring* Johania Mn! m? of Trr'??, , county Kerr*, Ireland, by her hoabaiuL who arrived on Iba Uth Init. Addrea* Thomas Mal'iue, 12 1<:arl street, N. Y. i - . .. T7TT7.' .iruniAuui nAKiivii?ui IIIIIMSM UjIKK, 1 I J about 15 year* old, from ?oney*all. Klnjpieo>in!y,7r?'Ai d, . , who armed in New \ork on the (iti of June, l?B), tn th? ahl;? | Princeton, from Liverpool. Any Inforutaiion if it will be , thankfully reoel?ed bT hn unci*. Martin Cj'ilrk, at Ui? nfli.-e of f I Ibe ComtEwaioueni ot KmtisrRUoo, CuH'e Uiirdoa, 1 INFORMATION WANTED-OK 1HI.UAM LAMBERT, i 1 who emigrated to A mortal, laat February, from tl.e city of | ork, Ireland. by bl* wife, HkmmIi l.?in>>ert aim*, IK W Hopping ?t I itMifl (jHdro Kaiijfrant depal JOHWH H. bixom?lf IN THIS VICINITY, WIM, Inn of anmrihln* of internet to bun by ?eo<!lij* b.a ad I ^ WT '*"< ? LY. fl?I'FRPRrrr rtr. T.nfnoN vnr, , . made tn tneaanre. SIS and PM tollar*BI ' l^o .-men u j I'lrnUhlrK *r<x?l?- PICAKhK, from l.oid<jn, UT1 Broadway. PARIS IIAK WRirrKN TO YOU. INQUIItK ON VON day for a truer In old itddreai at tnfoo aviar* J'et | iflloe. S' If. K.-MArRf'K. TIIKBK IB I I.RT ITCfl FOB YOU in the city Poet oSlce. I ,iin very milou* to *e? > >u an.f the child. v \RY Truth.-i am dyina to her you. wrttk vw l lra?* when and where I cu meat yon. if . 1?K. WH. WIITTK?TTIERR 19 \ I.FTTER *1 TIIB vlftnft nuam t Bier. Call for It on fcood&y ore. LOST AMU POIND. JBWKI.I.KKM AND PAWNHBOKBRS-KTOI.RM, AM ea?!e a claw Brarf Pla. K'aepln( paarl. .ran | and rewarded. Addr?*a W. i , Vuton H.|??re Peal LOBT-ON WBDBF.KDAY. TUR ISTH INST, AT TUMI Manufacturer*' and Mwrtin'V ?m>k, or m? Br *dwaya \ between I'rtnce ant l<eofiar.l ati .*t? a i baaed (old Pea anj Pencil, w ith the owner'a name enir.ivel upon It. The flad-r I of above wilt be liberally rewaided by let .nun* aus? j o B. A. Hrick. It* I<eou*rd atrcet. LOfcT.?AT KKW KRKiHTOM, BTATKN 1*1.\BD. ON the 17th Inatant, a ehlld'a ?oM Armlet, * th Andeeugrated <? It. lb? tinder will ba liberally revaried oo lea. left >1 tit T. Utuuaea, New Itrtgbtoo. Lost-in tub nbniiiborhood o* twkbtt firsp atreet, mi Ka'.riny mon..i*. a atnull black and ;an t*rri.r, with a kilter collar on. tb- oe nar'a aam- and Kci :*?.? on It. tfce imder ?ill be IliteraJly rewarded by retuiuuig t to so, M Kaat Twenty lltai ?tfa? t. Loft?ou att'rday. At'fll'tt in hktwcbn * abu f> P. M.. In Htitb a?aiine. knn'ra ?'*rmlne and Fo in#?iitt? ?tri eta, a M. < r- Uatim Ilpa H. ?l The fmder w il be ? rewarded by i eturnlox It to Bo. >39 Nenenlh af'ti'i' UKNKV IKNNM \NN * RKWAKDt. FIVB POM.ARS hRMAKIl Mil.I. MR PAII>TO rilK pmon who will brtn? In tba atorr at th* 'Inderal*n<-1 !1r it attack 'ar<- wi.hfi'll fop, ! *t on the Jai uc.t, 1- I , !*.- a, Ki?d, on Tfeuradav, Ant nt Iti, l<?i A HIXIM.KK k CO . 91 and >1 Ul?rt) ?t. $? HEW ABU *TRAtEn. TRIM *(l Jff NIB TIT U au-i-et a Unall b!a. k mid tan Terrier l?n w*i?h. ? ik or rl||ht ptiutida li 0* ear*, fonr tan ?U"-klti*a, an.I .i??l tan ?pot f??er each ere lie anawera to the uimtol I'?' TM ab'"* rtward will be paid at Ninth atreet, f il M 1- ?treet d?1f\ REWARD HA* IWO' fK?V 71 BSlMOWtT, ?]M'' ibhrk V'tf"1 i!!*ii l I' j- le,.i>-r .lar, b* * p marked F Alton. R?>w York. Th-- * ?-?? reward will b? p n.| Ml dWtr err of id d'?n I' I be N?l Hal K>( r?m < xapany, >lj, 7? Broadway. ???/r rkf ??n u" i s;i?. k MOMUf m?t, a nr*. *le ?'i:i? f>i?tw M Pin mm! * |f*l Mil i? a Vmw h.i. ?et I'.aak. 1b? I'ndt r olli rrgtirt tba abore ra ?*rd ;,j -?t. in( then, nth W itaatlaa, at V't. 9 John tlrKl. NKW PI BL.H AIIOMH. AI.M.SN A<H - IM. F'^KTV THIRD YFAR Of PTBUCATTOJI. | I'.nnilNS lAIVKOVEH KaMVIKRH and KMH'RRK. H?ii KMi AjJroKACtt ? Hoofcaellera, country m?r<-banua, I drn?*tal? and other* ar? reapeetfnJIy ln'orn?e<l thai'h" at>or? nil known and popular Almana<a (of lx?ll \ra vmiMd;, Tb- p'irrhMi>r'i Imatli.t and ad eruauienla irwr'j^l v'.rn r%? ',;iealed. Order 1 ar 0 anlleped by IIOWRAFvRRY, futllahera. H Itowary, Mew York. ARF THK WRfPTfRKH INKHRKlt '-RKAD HKI.F* l'onUad}c*"'>t at ike" 1H proputivma ir?-*-l *!T! rir all rely *nd negatively, Without and !h-n !<? cWe. *K?pnd e?!llt<m. Prl< <-14 eenl? port p?l.i>. A. J. DAV1R A CO., I>* llanal atreat, S Y. LK BON TOR. jot RHAUPR Monies, A monthly report of I'aia Faahl-a. Tb? beat and m.?t r?. liable e?i r publMe 1. Ibe fc-ptctn>wr t.nmber t? now ready, and ronUlna f > ? fteel Vrcpa?ln*a be" nUfiill/ ro, red .me firm* ibe iato>> atyle French H* -iieta. All treurately d-a?rb?d l? Ko?ltall "twoThII' aired Mttenw. rV -Th? 7/niaee Ja*k*t and 4 Pretty Rleere mlii dirwli >na for making up. \Tnr-d euta rr.- <-nttr? a Htreel f>reae, alao, a rhlM'l Una* and H od empowered. Two Tery lnMI*Mlr( l?from our eorrrapondeoM II] Parle. deaeriWff all tb* tvwepi-a of lit* eeaaon. H>w.l.-a a |aif? amount A <iae nl laf ortnauo* on i?ah .i?abl< matter* an-1 a e?< < * a*le?tlon of ll'erahir* Rut*rrtptioa. oOC year, $6, HIm!.- duplet 80 --eilta, H. T. TAYLftK a row, I- ibliabera. ?"7 Broadway. Mew Tort. PtlR KAI.R RY AIX HOORKKI.I.ltRH. HOTBH, JJI.ARTRR" ntiTRU HKOAIlWAY.-TMR PR'i"RIBtort of ifc -abm e k*<ia? baflna mmp'eted aoa*ti?'*? f | l?nj r?r.'.r? cii Mor>?ni <<u?r* mrm ?> p*r? .t .? < .rtrwi1'H U.?T'l?r? *t rchannabfo piM?? Tb? (k. m k*? *U 1M Irripff T?aie?u ud ? gmeroua Ubla. TranaKat t *n)*r? 11 \"r day. rrEAVii.itRM-nRTVR DIBB'T to TII* uinvpnwiAft 1 How. RmxifrtT. ennM>r of HowMa atnwt. York, ' ? aductM on Un> K'lmmn plan. In ibomtifk Jlt*r, slaaa KAMm, r*>d tea. pnaapt UMmiioo an.i ~ Vinci WD Bm*nT rrw kmhtm rrpr n*<i?rtr i . Lar?a,a.or ?ti lr?* r r or r??%r% Ad<tr*M y T<V #?i#.

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