Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1860 Page 3
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cotton alone to the value of $320,0W,000, the West failed in her crops for both of those years, and paid little or nothing; the Middle States wore kept alive and were enabled to pay off their debts to a large eztent by the heavy trade of the Southern States; while New England, by having a large and active market at the South, was enabled to keep alive her manufactories, including cotton, shoes, boota, A:i., and shipping interest, llence we consider that all the otl tier sections have a lees debt to struggle against than the West. The pro6pccts at the present time are not flattering, and give strong tokens of tui approaching financial crash. The condition of the banks in the United States just before the revulsions of 1837 and 1B57 was as follows:? December J, 1838. December 1,1550 No. tacks an J branchca. 7H? 1,398 Capital $378,421 ,M8 848.814.27a Loam 625,116,708 684,188,290 1*1*.*.W.? 116,104,440 212 706 862 Specie 40,009 694 ey.314.06H Circulation 149,185,8^0 196,747 0d3 The revulsion of 1^37 played liavoo with the bank system of that day?the Mojoch of scaf folding, on which was baW the wildest and most reckless speculation. In 1H3, a few years subsequently, and when the etfecta of the revulsion of 1837 had * readied their greatest if pths, the changes in the banking sysf?m were shown by the following returns tor the United SUt*g:? Dtctm\tr 1,1843. Number of barks 691 Capita) 179.060 168 Circulated 68 608 ?jWCie 33,6/6 Sol eepot't# 50 10* 8'23 This statement shoy.s the enormous decrease of the various department* of the banks in a brief period of years. The diminution ?? as follows:? to cap tal $226 284,103 CircciaiioD 90 622,212 Pppc;? 6,423 7S? Depceita 82.973 197 The bank movements of 1*43, contrasted with those of 1637, tell a fearful tale regarding the awful crash the credit system sustained in 3837. The panic of 1857 was only prevented from becoming eq-ially as fatal and chronic by two enormous crops of cotton, to whijh about the average receipts of California gold w<*re contributed. But how stands the ca^e no n for lRCO-ol? Owing to a destructive drought at the South, the corn crop has been measurably destroyed, while the yield of cotton will fall some 00,000 to 700,000 bales, it Is estimated, below it at of Jciet year. Admitting short crops bring good price*, Vet the planters cannot purchase as many goods or pay up so well. Their surplus cash must be largely expended in the purchase of corn and other food. While this '19 the prospect at the South, we have mvu that a large share of receipts for produce from the West must go to liquidate the debts of that part of the country, which '.he failure of two crops has prevented their doing hitherto. Have our importing and jobbing merchants and our manufacturers at the North considered this condition of things'* Taking the movements in this city as an index, we should say that they had not The import of dry goods alone into the port of New Vork for the year ending 30th June, 1860, was $103,734.225. Tfcc total imports of all kinds of goods nto New York, from Jan. 1 to August 1, lfeCO, tare reached,,,,..,,?.. ? ?lJ0,59J;7i3 y* Kta' fx ports QavA reachtil, in domestic produce, part 9orth*m grown $4fi OS! S71 k> er-c.e 38,U3,737-74,425,312 Buk.rre r.fja'wt Vrtv Ycrfc ??? !tf9.103 Where does New York expect to tind piu> thotejB for this surplus.' Chielly at the South, as happened for the last two years, with a portion from the West and other States. We have seen from the prospect* at the South and West that they will not likely be in a coudition to purchase and pay for or ; this Gurphis. The South was well supplied with Rood* last year, and can afford to economize. What is the condition of the bank.-*? At the close of 1657 their kw-ea amounted to millions, and muny interior banks were forced to A?ind up, or had their capital swept away. The aggrrgate decrease in all the departments throngoout the country w^ not less probably than twenty-five p*'r cent. In ibiiO we tind them lorgetti.ig ".he past. Their numbers have been mnlt?'pl,',dl unMl they now embrace ov?r 1 <00. and which are in a greatly expanded conditi m. while the prospects ahead are nnpro.nU aing. The average price of tlour in 1 ">7 was $0 per barrel?about the price n<?w. Whos* av^ngM from "?! 50 A 41 6* p"r bushel, which was biirher iban it is now. Ye.low eorn aver ag-J from 7*>c. a s >c. per bushel, which wi* above pre^t-in prices. M'--* p >rk r*au,e<l from $14 a ilA per barrel, and prim from a tiff. The movements of th?> bank? in 1^)7 were of an extraordinary character. On ibe 4tb of August of tia-. year their icturns were a* follow* : "/OM* $120 597 050 **< 12^16.013 CirCulsi.oji H 6o,'i 441>P<4I M W.WJ J?.| On ;he 19tb wi October they reported 'ueloilowing condition of afiair?. and 3 lspenle 1:? P T "Uf. Icurl t07.846 <28 22 TM t21 ?*r?< 7,?45,2S0 5 07J.7S3 Cirti :a?iPU 1,087,441 S7S,0oi 3rj-?.ts .. 4?.?i.012 i4.SW7.J77 W? thus find that in the brief period ol two BCD-he and a half, or about seventy five days. the banks actually reduced their loans $22,751,221, and lost ov*r 15.000,000 in specie and $22,907.577 in loans. At the time of suspension some of them only held from $11,000 to .' >.(?><) in |>ecie, and the resources of only two r-.a;hed a nu.lion. The only remedy for snob banking is to he found in the passage of a law restricting their loans to a certain per ce'ilaji." of their specie funds. Among the liabilities oi the banks in 1867 the circulation was secured to blliboMer*. Hen^e it remained nearly the ame. But in case of failure there was no secu rity to depositors provided by law. Tbeir return*, made August 13, 18oO (for preceding Wwk). were as follows:? Lrwrr r. ?iip Sj*c> 21,Mi,74* CirecUl: n ?,1*),?V >l*-? t? 92 I7?,tr TaVincr the experience oi Is >7, from Angn* 4 to October 19. are we not to expect in th* Nine period of time the present ye?r importan1 changes in their return*' If not to tie s im< extent, yet ?ulBcien-ly patent to profane * d<? cld?>l reaction from the present aute of irflv tion and expansion. I'uJer all the?e a?pec\ Of thft pro?pec+s abenfl. sound polity dic'ite wor" a' n Mon on iq?* pan ui on bank*. Their called loan*, by which fancy \n< wortble** ?lock* have k>?oira? ialUted, Kaoul be called in. They should confine th??ir ll? Conn*? *o tbp leftitlmate object* of trade, ail t tb* di- mating of short and tegiMmaU? bi ?lne* paper. Let imp >rter* import less, and l??t th p?. pie form tie determination to econoinl/ ar.ii p-,.: base les-?. e?j>eclaUy on credit: and ]< all reef top-a!it before the storm br-'ik open and engulf* the eonn'ry. ________ An- i?rTA. oris for am,, wil tr ??m ,-< v t.?iv A na? 23, lit 10 oV:nr| -mm U .* Khr^wabor-. fi. J , W> aa.l fci the s>>utl +*91 - I II k ?#*!?. ' X"* V; '>k* r?fU'att >i?a of tb* mj CUj V trtu I lut>. Klit.-Ukce faa, IA Mveral pniM m.rdarf fit#*ml?.?at nIORl,*J?n U'lH ?*r?!? n4 i ,i *i bin?.,o ?rr?t at 7 o'cock for th? (>c??i Hotw A. H. HAii'lEITf. ACTlAM.f.jrn* TO AM, TU* BPORTINa okntm t??a Irtu, fnr :ha h?l of flUO a*alr?' MO, that I h* M tw > *nr* ??t brnd and miw liaa'ttlfil black *nd U i - m tt p it*. c?n b? a>?o *1 106 R-n?e*?:? i rw Any ? Di.rau la irt!coa< to call and *" J A* PVJ.NV rm- HK1ATTA rn,CB.-TWK 0 .b* I 'nb, mj all mho w1?h in join, will m#?t thin ?r?nln ' fct v '* ? I' >. ? ||f**l ....m?r if Rlgttfc and Tun ?r. i#. tri (vimj.eie tbn trreniaarau forth* mitb ann'l K )W10? R **(!?. STKnlRlf aORKaTH, I'nsaMent. a. VI Mi) i??, BxrgUry. oroRT'R?.-f,RAR,,ia butlrr. wo. s mi nu P to* b* .?rtr*l and <-bmc?<? aaanru?-ot of Oogi in tl ?.Tid. I b for and r HtitW a lnf?mblM 1 f ' -:erm *utr, DO c?nu per b>jiUa. !>? b.*r4? Iftln#') ht. Ad**<* irtttfc K HMKR KJCaOKTaV " J~A Tr^Rirrr* hocmc. n*aniii* ronrT?~^r^ J n , . ?*T# rfr l*o 1 Korlb rtw, U 7 .? >M II ?? A. ? %'i S V ..r ' VW r v . fr n fO'1 of Ii?> M r*M v |r :*i 4.1 aad 4*> f M A?pl? irw mil t ardtrf WBILITW. HlliL, tT"rm*T\J M t*ftkrf? Hons*) Pro^rMar ' HOTKLli rLAWTrn* HdTF.l, M HRM*nWAT ?THR PROPK1 trra <>( tfc# <? b?' J" fc%?^a <*?l *? ' ?? fret* pur'r.ra At d t?r)rr>- ira, rt\f r? t.?n> U; r?rman?r* or '?* ?t??i ' <?rrt?-? at r??artj?t i?r frtra* Tb? krjaa baa ail II apr aud a ftt.trvs tocJ* Irv^iiat: boar ,an II l?i?7 1 MCCKSIONS. T~J^rScUBim? WILL TAKK PLACS ON I A Tueaday, lor thr twucflt a! the sew Caiheiio I Orirch about to be ere<*??l i? 'be Tillage of (liobmon t, huu?o ' 1 l?.nijd by the Rev. Jt>hn Barry. The apleudid boat JuSK| PIlKbE. aad two oommodlo-ia bar*"* Are entfared for tlie oo- | I ctmion. Tbfj will leave ibe followiuk ulaotje.?Fi*jt ol taring ?ireet. North river, at 7 o'c ock Orand ?treet, Ka*t river, at 1 I o'clock; feck aiip 8X o'clock. Tickets I it the abote <uctir i ; lion can be obtained at el'her of the above Ian<1in^<i oo the ' i nauiiiiua ul the eicunuoD, and lrom J. T. Barry, iil Kuai | it reft, and 111 Fulton, corner of Naasa i. Now York. Early morning KxrVRsiON-rmuw* bankbriea (learner HUNTMK8H, i apUm J. Da vail, wul make an earlj exrnraloo to the < h>lera Banki on Te '.icMiV morni lor Annual 32, '^avUijj Jackson ilreet at IS 4. feck Klip at 2 u'clock. A. M. preoinelv. Itnli wiJ ba lurniahed icaju. : Llnee aad rei reahmenu can se had on uo^rj. Fare (2. W vl.lKd n. 0. BOiiGflL I JOSEPH DUVALL. FKFRYTO fONETlSl.ANP AND FORT HAMILTON.? The NAUKHON wtll run <latly thruigh the aeaaoi, lea?| Idr Amm ntn-et at 9l4', '~'i and J.'?, Spring atnM at 'J'j, I Ki,U 3>j. pier .No. 4 North river at 111, 1 and k. 1f'are, a.ui a re turn ticket, 26 conta. t TAMFS R. KERRIOAN MUBKETKKR8 PirNIO, WllIOH | tl was to come W Tuf eday, Autu?t U, h?a tweu p<?u>"(VM ! until Tuent.-iy, Aujrift 21 The r.y Van Winkle a chartered I on account ol the postponement. Slv'.t"n'? band .? engaged: and we will make the same Utudu-Ki a? treviooaij *d(ert.a?d. THK VOCNU AMKRICVH ASSOCIATION WIU, OIVK their Kl: hlh Ai r.oal Kjc irsion > ? . - .1 <?r Tuc?iLi>. A :((u?t SI. 1 ickiiH can i/? lud at ihe different laid ir.s* co '.hp morning of the eic.irmm. The u.vit w.ll leave lo-jl orS'e. .-nth street, Kxn river, Ml 7's, fort of (Jnuverne ir street *1 >< ard foot of Spring ?treet Norlh river, at o'cl^i* P H. Hbhkkll, Secretary. J.<l . MAM KB, < Wirmau. liOST A up rouvp. BOY 1.08T.? HISKINU K'ROM HIS 1IOWK BINCB TUN t^loi'iO Stinday morning. 10, JoauJa j willed. ?vu yenrs old, hid on brown it.I bat, trimmed with , hlatk veket, light. ?a.?t, ...uc uruh panla. Ai.y information of i bis w hereabiwita will he'':llv reo?l*eu by hla kill.-ted parents. AildrtU Jo.imh uitteni!, 7- F'.a.i sU avenue, Hr >jk I t.v", IjKlUND? A KMAU, SI M OF MOUSY, WHi:H THR i r owner may h*v? tiy v-A.'.ing on M auiay :*t??ru tf>? tv in of JO ? . M and 1 P. M . ?"<1 per t o* prjpe ty. ulao pay.r.p 'o | thll mlvertJiietnent at 117 it. ?!. Ui.r.l ioor, r>om No J. IOST-O.V THE 13fH IN.ST., A WATCH, OOI.D KDttB. J kilver n.n-k and ?1!ver fare, marke 1 C. II JKatbey, Mo. 3e 260. A liberal rewerd t? offerrd (or it* return to S. V. W , 1 )79 ftro u.'w?y, near Twenty-eighth street LCST.-AT NKW BRIGHTON. BTATKS ISLAND. Old the 17tb ii<?tnnt, a child's ((.id Armlet, with Aode engraven <uit. Ibe Under wiil be llberaiJy rewarded on leawcg it at T. l', New Hrlghton. Lost-in the .vKtonnoRHOOD or twk.vtt rir^T meet, on Saturday morning, a amail innck and un 1Vj Tier, with a stiver collar on; the owner's ow and Heilgite on it Tbe Gorier will be liberally rewarded by reti^ultg u to No. j m hasi iwemy -urn street. L1 Grr.-iEET in a Bittumrvr \m> ? irxn rKHnt-y on Saturday ntpht, about U <Scioca. a aau.J at'k I m'-ifi *, fattened with wire, with & ye^o? habile. Bring to I K A K. >1 (?cberck, 141 Broadway. I~08T?ON SATURDAY EVENING, ABOUT 7 O'CLOCK. J ir F* irth nvenue stape No 1. i' Ir E <ip town, a *<na;i <'u i pet liks. 1 be ilnder will be mutably rewarded by leavxK .t i it 18 w iterT*H| up iiiiirs. L~"Iw-Oir PATURnVY MORNING, A SETrSR IK?0, marked whi'e au?l yellow; au*wer* vo the Mme et "spent." had on. when lo?t, a black >?th*r cn'lar. Aliberal re? urd will 5e paid for fta recovery, ?t 70 Krankan gtreeL SPECIAL NOTICES-ALT, PERRONS "ARE nERKBY warned not to discount or receive, cr in any way :.*?, the |. '.'.owlm: named not?, which ha* been loot or rnia'-arrwM in a >u?*r. by the mail, and lor which th? maker* of the note have not in valae received ?91.0U0 New York, May 1, 1SS0.? Twen'y i'o*ir n.ohth* aflsr date, we promise to l ay to (blank), or order, one iIkumM dollar*, with interett. Value received. Signed iiK". W. GARN1TT, MU8C0R QARNETT, ~ RK WARDS. FIVt DOLLARS KKWaRD WILL BE PAID TO THB per*on w ho wlil brim Vo the More of the inder*i*ned f.rm a black udp wuhgold top, lost on the Jmu.ut i, L. I., P,aUi Koid, cn Thumlay, AueuH 1'", 1 x?. WHm A. BININUKR k CO., 92 and 94 Uberty it. *EW PtBilCATIOSg. JVM PUBLISHED?LEAVES FROM A BACHELOR'S B?>ok oi lafe. Royal. Uwo. Price tl. Kent rttt On re e!ut of price. For *ale by bookjeUeji h'M*raliy. 8. A. ROIJ-O, tubl'.'her, 10$* s'j-Mt ' Hi*h'y eaten on in*."? New York UernM. 'Stamped with the worth of pAtij*."?F lion Po?t. "P.athoa, humor, breadth of eiperunce."?Kn:ckeri.o^ter M*|iuli>e. LE BON TON. JOURNAL DE JIODW, A ttonthiy report of Pari* Faahiuua. The best and meat reliable ever publkhed. . , _ 7fc? bfpsember number 1* now ready, and eortalne Trrit f-e'. Enur&vtaira, beautifully colored?one civing the latea* *iy V of ?'r ucii Bomet*. All accurately described In En*.iah and French. _ . Two full died pattern*, vie?The fcriave Jacket atd * Pretty r?:?*eve, w.Ui direction* for u.ak.n* up. Wood out* pre*entlr? a ritreet Dre*a; a.*o, a child'* C'.oak ai.d Hood ombroUerel, Two verr uiter? min* letter* from o*ir correspondent* I? Pari*, dencriUuf all the t-ovulue* of the Pe?tdcn a lar*' amonnt of uw'ul Infnrmatioa on faahiocabl# mattei?, and a choice eeleelioit of literature. Rubacriptioa. one year. V>. Slcg'.e cople? 80 cent*. a T. TAYL<)K A HON, Publisher*. 407 )Tr<?adwav. New York. FOR SA1.K BY ALL BOOKSV.U.KRa ~M?Alf OPF1CRR. ~ ~ AT'V I'FD^R STRWRT.?B. HYM*N. broker, adwit^a ownwv to any amo'in^oti ina lui*. *et or nn<>-T. Watrb-*. Wverpfcl*. Ac., or boy* the *anie for m*b, opput.te the Pi*t ottioe, No. I, *econd door. a T 111 GRAND *TRKKT, THRKE DOORS WIKT OF /V froadw ay .?Money advanced on Watch'**. Dlai> rd?, Jewelry. Pl?i?. l>ry Oooil* and n<*r?'nnl pmjiertr t>: err ''"fp'on. w bmwht ai?d *olJ, oy JOHKP3 A. jACKrtOJf, n.-i I- .iii.t hr"k* r t t Tirr. adtano ornck* of i. .tatxbs monks iV cab ?e obuioej tu any q i.ntitj "D WWche*, .Jew-.17 Jlanrwi ila. V{??, Dry Ooodn, H ?rd*ar?, Wir.m Hr?n .leu, n.4 ever) dcxripuisi of M?rch*n<kaft. >r bonxbl, ?bI tte h.?b rtc?? itiv?"r. Huawm *ri<nlf c oaBdentml llmyf* Iniurr<l. K'u:< .. 'hf.l iu Ijii. Pro,cJnAj jOLtx, 6! Vi ..lum*irsrt, l) tfea, W7 BroMwtjr. At TiinirrsoKA co.-s, hroke** avt> romnr'ssiox ?>r. a?i W. IJJ Numii iirVt. corner of Ann ?ur?t, r<u N >. I m 't?l lloor, ult*no? mrnm fn*n J1 to $.VI ??) o* W'*i? ht-?. Umaxidn, Jewalry, J>ry <)oo>ta. tjemr* ?r..l aU UrCs oi mere h And Ite, <<r t o nght. Far!'-,.*r h , it to tu<-ikit> uie? of Puraiturc, Ac. Htm.i.g *> ti ?. bo ^bi And o.J. A. K. 1 lluii I'aoS, A .cu uctr. AT HIE OIJ) OFFICE?MONET IN ANT AMOUNT, To idrAiircon block*. Honda. Pry Pn'ntln**, Ac. Toadvauc- oa i'tutouda, WudiCi, PiAi.<?, se?sr*, Ac. Or V>u*bt for rmh Ofli * piiTM*-. Ho jm a ?iU S. J. H liAKHIfnuKit. 170 UroaU* rout* _4, ip Maura. ATM KAMAH UTRCTT -a. HONIOMAN. DIAMOND A brufcer. MlMM hum; to any amount ?n Oikaondn. Watrbe* nod All kind* of IfarrlMiMllM. or bay* for h. At ha |rtnicoito?, M N?w?n Bmt, ruom No. L BuaiueAs eu?flAt ii ctt ambers nmnr-simfit to i.oan to any (mount on Diamond* ntnrnwrt. WticfeM, Jewelry, iic . or the name tmu*ht for me hlgl e*t caab prleer by tb? a.i] kim?n iha A' -'. II Chamber* ?:ro?C >. u.?No luaj i.' M trantarii'd on Kaiurdayt. At *; kafhac hthekt ?a honioman, diamoud hmker, a<lTaj>oea ginm| no Dtukcmd*. WMrh.? and 'ther wt hxrida?, or buy? for nub, ?t hi* pr ate "floe, 60 >tntu iiwl, nxm JSo. H. BiiatneM coofldeiUAl. At oatflk* rxchmf'ik f>?ttc*, ? fol'rth ToaiM, <Jb|>oMtK C oper'a Inauin a, ad! iiiC? mnJ" aa diamond*. watrWa id] ail Hindi M m-r-han ,i#u. private tbu ait< ?, luul dour. p. ual'.k, 14 Fiwirtb arni-m, pbiitiathk. ARTIFICIAL BONK Ml. UNO FOR DKCATKD TBCTH, put in while aofl. r*<iutr1nn do priwure and no I mui. achirc teetk or ?i?r? afceua.caa be 6ile<t aitb .L K-ani 1 164 :n?w number 1.J55 .Wrovlwar. ?omer TMr'jr Pnrt etroet > J Ail km P*AHtK>M. K. P.. Oi?cov?rer. f 4 rtiflilal ttkt1i-beai'tifi l ?BT-> OS pi uk J\. t. 'ff only , on iln?*?i>!d and liattna. $-5 w,irraniei r e., <ia) lo ?)' ?tnitle <e?<h, tf Te?th B1 ?1 ai. I eatrarMd . iih i oni ib? <ta?i uu.r fArui,.,*: bone f....d? olv T' . at U?- MUth J . |i* UUHllCK. Iteutiat > rvn ii vr *j n'twitrt, oppiwrrk mxrii *t*i:rr, 1 ' iiiaerta In.; ? * < '. u-rji < n t> ire aUrerai M. >1 > goll \L'1 p"?tn?, fl5. Artificial hone f lira* wfhn'it pair . SO rei.M (bid, o? Ota h ft. am.. gain. Jo leal*. A.i nirt ?>r rat'cd. . 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MA.VriU.A8, LACf-S AND BMliROlDERlKS, *c., Ac., To which ihey u?v.le 0* ?ueDU?i uf itc.r cuntomara M>d tlmuuen. . Baeuaikr. 1,000 doubi.r rtotrjrrro robes AT $JJ KACil, (VUu? $30) :ju FIECES BROC11B, I.A.NVK AND KACONNS povh.T DT: koies, AT ?l PK l VARU, (Worth ?! 50,) W.:i be ottered on >.< d<i ,y, A 30, T. *TEWAKT A CO. QLOAK8- < LOA liS. BRtaTiB'g FALL AND WINTER CLOAKS, AH? KOWRKADY. touibern buyer* ire purucu^uly uiviied u> ejuu&ln* hla oovtittf* before mxt'ng r irchseee. iOO CANAL~BTRgKT. \AMAur.u WUULI-IH rt.AU>*? ri.AlN AKU rmur if ed r?el..:D?-B. t*t>ie t'lot bo, Dupera, Ulcus, Broftdolotbs, Uotaimurea, Ac . tor a.Ue oy W:lJJAM MATHEWS, No. M t'saherme stre^l. JjULL DKV <JOODS AT RETAIL, AJ1!?0LI\ CONSTABLE * CO. * WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, ALOU8T W, A choice uMcrtmrr t of the above goods, oooslatin* in part ot THE LATENT NOVEJ TIBS IN SILKH,OTTOMANS, VRLCURfi, POPLINS, M D8 LAINM3, MKKINOB, CAHUMri.'tlS, CALICOES, REAL LAC k^t FRENCH EMBROIDERIES, Ac., Ac. Tte aitecilcn of fjiu-rera m c.?.led to lils advarUsemaat. CANAL HTREET. cjroar of Mercer. he JpAMILY PRY OOODS AT RETAIL. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. ARM NOW OrFF.RINO THEIR MSTTWSIVK F4U, 8TOOK or TAMIL* AND BOUBEEEEITNO QOOT)3, OONTA1KIM EYERY ARTICLE~OF FAMILY CrtK. ti:k attention or hotel keki'sr.s and onikkr htiolicitkd. CANAL, CORN KB Uf MKBCSB STBKKT. Skirts?at c. l. habpinos can be had thi beet woren Fk.:ri* bow m?de The tape* are mnruiM cot lo *Sp. CJ<1 akuu nthde over ul repaired D&uen call wad ei?m;ne. F*cU>ry 2ti Pprsf street, urur IIn'aoa. h0l?cal? d?pa*mswt. LORD A TAT LOB, <61 ioiCT Broadway, LbtM wtet-on to tb?lr o?w and desirable *tick or tMXrmih)> dry "goods, lsctodlaff Oar FaJl and Winter, frinch, German, enol:hh and amebic vv r\n RICS of erery de?cr4raoD, wVrh they ure hTwIt-,* much below re<jrhr I?ri'?RW. TfORFTr.n RTOCCOT TO 12 ; TENT'S 2.DP0 l.KS RK M ceivru from Herlin; AMl?ud Wi>il 1J ceuta. ail oil 475 pair nl e fittir* ' r?-:? *: Ji. N. B.?Sa'.u t?> miinut tht?t* aaya at KI.?.KR S, S"3 Kroe.lway, Dear N?eteej:i aireet, eaat, next n '.he jewrlry at ore. UMdiaitY. Madam kalmnop. or -h vxal btick<t, ha j ?t received five (.w( .>f fi-u h R >.iB<"a, alto a Urei a?*onni?nt ot her wn mai " ire ? t i tur th? tr.^de >lerct u. a ai.d a'.rau^rra vlaum* :he city are tun ted to call. clutuimtt. AFAiR CASH MICK fAIJ FOR CAST OFF CLOTH l. I niMire C?rt-eu .nil '? ? c'.rj .? ami ientli mm. Jjo '-3 ce' .n fcuo-?t uJr l .e? tor yo lr clothe. J out lo Be kunbtund by treat i uff?, TOO nui rVmw e* a'c>r adtirem t?e new e?i?nftnlm.nt #r KINtZ Ji-Mt-?? artriue. arenad bona* ab<"r YO.cik-u aire?i. Leslie* ji jbc toaJy ai :?e<.ed to by Mr*. MIotA Ahbtttr rr?\*cR till for LA DIPS AKI cr&ta to convert ;i>?ir caul off e] itlilijf Into naab, u tare a lar^e or.ter from the S-*nd Went, g ?renter la pay t:.t :< .. '?leg pr: rt Kr in U -n |*> f >i ?l!k dr-'aea: rawimerea and Vare*??, pv.d for aeeorrfltgly iroov il to M Tor paut*, fn m iu tIII lor ooat*. car pet*, f'trnh'tr? and Jewelry. .1 r. A nee lie p"?? p-ir-tu*;!] aiteufl-d lo by K.,lo4 *-v<-i.ifc ar?o it. teium .N i?p ecih a: d Twm'.te'.h f're?u. Lad 1 a'.teuUed to by Mr*. K. No IriM ctM trkMaeted <>n 8at irday. Vr.IF KT PKM VNT> ? LA1V.FJ* ANI? 0KMTLV:V Ff> ta'itc c?*t ofl C. ti ng. F tru ' u-e, r t" <! ai'Tf" or I fnar?n>? i Hjr the beat price in th" vy 1 j c .. .?* at or v'.dir'aal'g W3 S-vef.h a?er. .e, hftwen Twetity " th -ik! Twenty aiitS atree*?, wh.rh .vill he altendei t J b] M. A i'RAUA>K jjulJ.U- rd m Mra A -r?>8. ACABn.-ttKNTI.UIKS'S KKW AND LF.rT OKI Clrtk nj r'jrobaeed for the Wfeterri market, In larg't n an.a:i a In -.t.e r jre or a tdrew lr. tuiaa D. Coan>?. 4 Centra street. N. B -Merrliant tailor* bavin* aoj oa can will j adi'.re** a* ahot^ 4 hr.ttib ciunc1 than evkr -iai> is a_ni -*"* f?i.:.e?ieii, I aavr a areai ??mn.u >.u w> uu v ?>*? tor tk-- W>,trro markr* alen lor F irmttir. i wjwna. J?irrk-\ Ac. I guarantee hi p?> Uie fail .ttk , noe for the ab?v named art:-In#. and rx.( In h'tinNi#, aa dona by oth-r *rr? lajaaiera aad ;alae prmeodeia ' in and h? oonrtaced to ye i Miafwu 11 Ifiddn^i IK NeTemh a??OJa. hH?*> J t fctU TueUi Lr?i ?;roii?. ut..rt aUetdvd bj M.i 13 *rtt. ________ Iwn.T. r.rrR thi bpst trick f^ir i,Ani? ari rm'n.'iituii'A Ortfeirg and Karaitura, at itr oei a aud. 21 - Vtreui ?"i >? "?i i a nute lhrou*b Paat ulE *, i A. Du taa. Iyuli?a aueocrd to nj Hra X). *>C f\nn *"n*TH Of JfRW A X0 I.KFT OFF OtOTH iJJO.v/'/" Ib| wai.W f r >e W-?t*m m*r*<?t. The b)?rt eat e?#h rrkv er?r j aM -an ?# (iMnu*.4 in nankahla aar.nei for lari? or an.aU lota, oy naUtif at ifce awre, <jt addre*di> f>m. Walah 41 Centre atraet. lUILHOADt. N'i.rv T< RK AMI TIAEI-M RVIT.R'JAD. FARV. TO ALBAXY On Mid afier M n.'.ajr, J iue 29, 1 -?X), 'rata* will lea* Twenty firth mreet ?uuton. *?w Tore, *? f >llow? ? For WlUSamabrtdf* ai.d aii w ar atatioiia. 7 40. 11 A M an f JO F V F<+ W?-e Pl.ilna an< all way .*00''" Ifl.t ao<4 1'. J* For Wht:e 1 . tMaudaL. w.i> C U. fniai W b I ?!reet depot. For 'Toton Fal'.e lr~>m Tw?qt> ai*t* ??* del**, I* IS A. M., \ Uut at WY.?ai?? ri.t#? an.l aUtmc at-o*e. T<t T rar FlaJaa. frmo Twentr dsth ?'r?a? d'poa. 1.1 V. M . a'neplog at Whit* F1aio? and atauoaa abora?ftSta tmi r'iMti)* ,ifrtitfi?r; F?! ir,(avnai:i/. Pi' A:b*?T. fr?w Tw?my eti h ?'reei d?t?,t, l<>15 A. m7. en riaa mail trail toti log at Wlii^a Plalu, UadJord, Oroton KaUa and bank RrrtRMfiW111 l?-ara Wi1Wa?.abt1<l/te. avn>pla<r at aft war ?ut'on?, t * AM and I P W White P:a)aa atr-ppinrata r.':? tam* 7 A. M.. 4.15 and 7 P. M IVn-^r Plalna. atofip oij at a ?!m i ( nonh ol Fr>-dkam, ( A. M ? "Jtia ir? o cm an M > >rl> ?? V .nd..y a* ' 2i. O ''? Fa'.? i P V , etnp|)i" at alfiui-cra a.*ih > ( I '.nib it. Albany, V A M , a.'i<pu>f i ait atalii'Cn n rth r4 \V1iii? I'lalna it it. Il'l.l. 4a.lmaalBiufriiiVn.lant. ! VK* Y <RK VXD HAIIJIM RAILRO AD-IH MMR ?rrKi,*?m'M fur i i-wiro li *'Tr in ?? T : *>vU. ?ar??t (Uti-'n u fn ;o?? 10 li A kl.? (or ,\ 1 Jai.y. 7r>). Kar?lik-i, RtotftNk *prmir?, flMt?r* P.iJ!? I Jit | lifrgr, l-< h*?on i*| rlr>|>? and >!?ht>pw ?mnecUr./ I AlbMf w.'h N'? t irk ' wtrv' RaT.roa.l f * <* laran Sprtag 1 Xiartra Kh. a an' *'.1 p.<t<t? W'pat; klaonrii ir?Jn? f ?v , tr>ra and !! p<unU N' "k li A .?For Cnrton Kail*. rn n*i"ijg a' . rid*-' ?W<c? f r l.ak* \VM?-a>?> I and at rri* n fa n with ?!*f ? <or l.ak? Mdwae .KM I M.?for I>o\?r I' auw, '-atm* ' nc at ' ?oi Irn llrKtffr wl \ ru ? fr !.ak? War oat tic, and fct f?WO riu wits Umm f I )4tkR M*kc>p?r. I JOHN Bl H( Hit.I., Au rtn1 Sop?rtnt?n.Irnl ' NtlMI'HiMM. \K RX< MM! OR.VTI.KW AN, Of LVUKPKIl>K*t K'?I tt n?, twtntt ? ?n y*?rw of *?? tall, of pr??v I mpiKr -i?*, and k tk'r ?nnp<W<l. ?i?hM i? rnrrrap aid wi tut??Ili^nt a?d Mf, ?tniiia/lr-tr-nina'* otl. w I ar iUll?Hl? vt? w t) maulm >nf. Th? a?lTrrt1a?r will t>? ihl* r*t*r h,a <v>rrr?v<>actb! to U* ; rat rr.?r hanu f X -ar v,(r* t? kia cri:r?rtkin?. ini ana and mor*i ckur?rt?r fh.'.f ?n f-Mi.rnn. .U"ti aa tk? - u? *bl? ?'%rip n( attK'-rt a *'t A ldrrm for am* *? ? iVwir d* Li.>n, H?ra <10 M. <%#ATRIMORT *AP* KAsr, OR UOW TO vrm iVI twr"?CflMalniaf r'am ??na?? dlnwti'jr i ?bo?)D( h'i* a)i ma; < ? in.wrljr narrmt, lrr?aiinntiT* of m .. , ,r ..Hon.-.ihrlhT [T<-i wn'rj or otherwrta* Tt> li / w work and ib? mcr~l, wWr, aotr.1 'ipon, ?-mrm a ay?? ?< hapi > trwirrta?? to pf bar a?i >1 i W fra* for Jt rant* ra*t> >>r ^?Ur? a tamp* WiI.mim A &>., Puli!^ ar*. bo? XIBUraM<4t*. I*bt.a ..- rkia ________ If ATHTMOiriAU-lloV MART RRHPRCT tm,R <!>RI m MMtaln fM MUrR Mon rr>' ' i ' nU?Td*J How B??ry T?rrt*Bl T int inn *r? ? I ?. -1 m?t? in mi"" th??r *rmr all :hr fk .1W l? nurf old I ?ek"l'">M nrr m-vl# to p?y jwii.tfin* I >?lr t#n?ri'.v in nn?r??ln? th? curd of * ' rt<-h ?wi* r ,mi M>M4ii"W moro. HATH I VuH I 41, HK"KF ! A E THK MITlioroMV mr.rn t?? M?for i ?* York. M<1 Ml ft ltn? to th? h--'* '? ' ih? nm?. f*?tl tKi I rnlg not ind. P<-nt fcy mail on r*~ t of rrlw. ff< ? cent*. K. r. L.LOYI', Publ 'ber, 1$? Hradwsy \\ %TCIIBA *\l> IKWKUIV. VXOLIHU WATCH ML TH1 rnjMIUTKn J-OKDOJ* WAtrRW. ?. k M l.KTtTT A BORRW TO?IA*, | i brf me ?r K**f? In lb* *??* 1 J n **AJW^T#lVl?itM?ll ton#", *ol? t HKKT WaTCHWJW th* w mt.n. M ?t r? .r?hlo MI< A "!(*? Tim# p4? > Wv.cli ? w tr> *r.?J with * wrtiff* v* c"ii>t>T*ifn % by J H Kr?ol"ifjr. A i?r*? MortmMl of CMM (tlf*r WM?bM * ?v?rj 4?wr,j,n<? to tati ONDAY,'AUGUST 20, 186C tAUS OK KKU. KSTATB AT OftARUR, H J.-COl'MTftY OK 81* TO 2o y'i < *, ni'ar to dej >*., j>t cla#* impruv. njt .?, rich oil, plenty of fnll, i>tire iO/1 spring water, b^t and cold. '*r r.?l through tbe bu):u.u*.B. U> L. PATTON * CO., 1? William ktr^-ft AUOL'KB AN1) LOT FOR HAI,K IN JKRSKY OITV oeat'y finished, baaeiuent Brick, h?\iuk ro<<utel?, K <h and *?m. prl.*?l,m A H) K bri<* II. '.Sf fort-i ?*>. with a.i miQrru uoifciorta. Atao, a coruer Rovjiieiioe. uiaguitloent ii lyle; price 410,0U). Term* eaay. Apply at 79 Jcraey av). A COUNTRY flKAT-CJlm'RP\sslI> IN NATl'RAl capacities iu<* bf.uity, U o#?rcd liw sul". wi'.b JUi) acre of land attached. The place combines everything d?gir.ibli t the jrentleinun ui leimirf, nr of active bu*in.'>?, whodMtrvi agriculture, stock br?cdlng, A as a pastime or recreation BuiMing externim and ail Viurwitma of fruit abundant. It li readily accessible to tbe city by railroad or sntainbout. man\ tune* * ally. Ker further particulars inquire of HOMKll MORA AN. No S I'lne street. EXTKNSIVK WATER POVVKK FOR haijc. The proprietor! of the White River Kalla (lorporation now Oder for wile their property, situated oujin* Couaecticut river about one mile north ..f the White river Junction, and com prUlng tbc upper and lower (alia and iaiida adjoining Thf eitent of thl? water* location at the Intersection ol tbe Northers, Vermout Centra], and Connecticut and Paasump ric river rallroada, and the opportunity to purchaae adjolnini laodaatrery moderate prieea, lurntab faci'.itlea for bud Una rm an extensive manufacturing town not surpaaaed In New r.i.? Jul a. 11,t kbo\e properly will oe oaeroa I or me ai pan lie RTK*1ni) At the Oartmo-ith Hotel. In Hanover, N. H., oTuesday, tbe tftb day of September neit, ai 3 o'clock I*. M., !f not prevloTily #"ld at private ?:ile. Term* of ?a'? mtd( known at time of sale. For f irtber information reterenoe n ma<ie to in Irew T Hall, , or Dr. Jabez U. I'pfiam, Hotton, or tbe subscriber, at Hanover. N. H. DA.NISI, Bl.AIKUEK, Clerk of W. tl. F?UstV>. HiKCrrH, N H , Julv 17, J800. FOR HA1.K-J4 AOKKH OF Ij A Nl?, R1TUATKD ON THK New York and Piuer?oa plauk road, thp'? miles from el ther Hotv ken or Jereey < ity frrrles, and within 300 yards i( sit: ' depot of the Northern Kailrovi t bit beaaULul laad is enJtsble for garde./tnir or for e?t?h!l?hln(? mannra 'toriea o( It wo tld also l>? a fine aiiiiation lor nu.kmen. ISeventy per rent of the pnrehiue money can rimain ou bond ar.d mon^a^e inr a term of ten year* it desirable. Title per feet. For yai'tlc llara apply to J. J. M4?<0, oppoeile tbe pi? liACS. TOOK HAI.H?AT A BARGAIN, AN KI.KUANT BROWN ' r stone front With stoop Howw on Tbirty-fwtrth street, nni B-<W.w?y, famished lu tie latest rt/te with every own-e meire lot if1100; terms easy For cards of admitex* *::>! f nber apply to B. BHAULKY A CO., No. I 2-H Broadway. For halk?brown-rtonb>-iiousk and uvr no. 73 Weat Thirty Bret street; also f>ot aoulh side of Fifty-fourth s.ret't, ?7J leet e?*t of Seventh aven le, N. V.; also llo'iar. Stable and eight l/>ti atnoked with trees and thr.bHeuv, cor OCT vt tlates and Franklin avennra, Brooklyn. Term* 11 jeral. R. A. OAl.VEs. 281 pearl street, over Market Bank. For pai.k-trry itticap. i.ot no. m ukkewwich street, with front and rear building*, three fourths of the p .M-ne n-.oney ran remain on mortgage. Also, a neat two and a ha:, story Cottage in a pjeaaniit village, half an ho"r'a rde from the city. Inquire at 111 Broadway, 12 Trinity Build r-R SAUC-A THRU 8TORT AND HI1H STOOP House, finished siftisla&t'.al au>t convenleLt, in Forty-eighik street, Mi*eei, Kit Mh and Ninth avenues. ApuJv personally, M Ill US. HUJUIAUfl. For saus-a bkautikui- country RgsmtNi'E, .'lUlitlnjr of ti nrrrt of land In a bk-h M?t<* nf rsilMre i'o* '.*rgr duubl* and . ne uew t'/OUaee.*, ihablei and ij.t housra. all In good c podltlon; food fruit In abundance ?;;>"<PTcn 'k?. Ac.. situated one mile from ihe Bath Hotel, or Uie road to Vlalbusb, I?. 1. A larpart of the pnr;haa< roirey can remain on bond and mtirifnfe for a term of ve .ra Inquire of H. P. I.KtKK, 1:15 Laurens street, N. T., or KU WARD H AtlAX. ou the premise*. T7?OB RAI.K?ON lfURR KY HIM.. THB FIRST CLA1* f io'ir story brown ton-! trow Hows, with lnj;h stoop* *<m 78 and 77 Thi/ty fourth street, n<\tr Po'irtti avenue. Them house.* hic built on .;ii entirely new and improved plan, hnv uu Uir-e room* 4? p, replete wr.h all the modern improvement* built by day's work, hardwood doors and bl,u.k walnut ma.ri Terms to nit purchaser*. Apply to MATTHEW HYRM Ks on the picn^sca. Thirty jOixii sired is a oue hundred foo Ureet. FOR KAT E OR KXCHAXm?A FARM OF 140 ACRBS well fruited, with plain Dwelling, a large and sul'stan'l* Barn, and very desirably located, about twenty mi!"? from this city. Would be sold or exchanged for property here or it ether of the adjacent clues, if nut too heavily encumbered, bo ild an ex 'hance be efl?cted, might loan from *1,0001< tl SOu. Apply at 117 Nusau aireet, room No. 'i, first Uoor, rear hall. rR PAT V. OlfBXCTIANOB-TH* LRARR, FIlTl'RtS aitd furniture ot a Hotel, with aocmmodulion* ior U* person*. Has a gtv?l bar. billiard roim and restaurant at Uilied, all IU food or<Vr an 1 dome a good bu?me?*. 1a*-*'.ioi unsurpassed. Qood Improved property taken In purl pay men*. A rare elm nee lor one acquainted with the buain'*i Apply at 13 Chambers street, room So. 4. FOR HAI.K ' >R TO MIT?OR WoCLn LRASK. TH *, lendld brown stone front Ho i*e No. 3IH I?tln*ui three atoiy and baxemenl. tub c-llar, f irn ice, g.< tli'iin s. Ac , all In complete order. R'-nllow to a gi*?l ten m Ai.-.r others. In gfipd 1'x-alilics, from fdt'J to $4pJ. Apply t JOHN KKTTRKTi'II, 415 Third avenue. J*Ri?T:Y FARMS WAWTFP-PITr ATKP IN MONHOl'TI Middlesex, K?M(, 1.erf on or Morris oouuty, onuWinln fr< m f'.r to two b :niir--1 ae.res cacb, wlthj;ovl dwetllnfi Oi.tboi ?e?, ore hards and fruit tre??. Addr-sa wnh full pa li>3uaj'*snd price, I.. 8. Scott, 17 Wall street, New York. TENANTED?A PKBIRARMt t.OT. IN OKCRNWoO Vt Cemetery. Address N ? SJl 1' it otB <r, with the m.u ber of the lot. ijQl ACRRS OF XM.Vkm.T. riMBKR LVNI?, I OOt Monroe eoun'.y. Pi.. r.e*r rntiraul. well > itered d sirftbly located. Will ne soid low, or exchtuiM) for ci'.y BrO' klyn pr"p?rt? or ni?rahni ii?o-. i'tlOC^ A t>OL TII WI< K, 'J N i itn <tr?t. J - . - _ L Ftoi V IH'TKT? PTNINm SAT.OON, WfrH A PROFIT till . j A Btr tor saM?l '-'4t?*d in Vv.i>i snvet; dstly re< ni >ia, /1. j le ??e ren yenrs I? ited Wifhluuion market ' B. lIoWKfi k CO., Wo. 6 t'enlm St., nppiswie the Perk. ! t PHI . STORK KOR HALE.-ONK ?>K TIIR MIC/\ r?(^:' I'- itr k' In V " l<. Wl'l ?.dd rhe* .' | W til trade ior i al estaw il deairabie. Apply to J. bCOTT, I r | !) ?fry. I I ? ? | iM. ROTtr? iso i hoto.jk wu*.?r<>R s-w b, a ! II .-m'.r. t?p>- a>i<l nH* *r,iph Oait?ry, 2*J Kigfc'b *v*nu' j l+i-A 'fn Tu mj lu-i' b ?l<1 i?*- ii) li ti u-"*u. Ilia l? r ; sfwv! li?n''"r a JT'1 >' " irii IMwillu.bliriie Mr;, r I T\TN!va Avn ct>vrRR r.w>m vor mi.v-notv j | I * ftrtt a?- b'lalnr * aaUw>ll g.t* a.a>aia tory ?vid?ao^ i f Jl?? .?-'v? ? 'i -i . J r <ir?, w hich hil? pi * i!-.. r?i I Nm hm a <- >h p a^r iwe-l nuily. ?Ali aj me?j i.m-? ' ;!!!*'? . i T??n!) fl?it kCNl r l ? r l^RljO ATOP-'. r R PAI.F.-I* A <1ROWT<V<) ri U im*. >? !.?<-HT < h?.i ?t? u?r?%'ii if tppiiaii f 4 id majmwiy > 'f In-* ?t plf ?t Ro 77 R??t Th1r^- ii alie?t. nrkT ?"o - nb iv? it, fruti. I iJl 12 A. M. r> Tj*ATTVdj CT*TER A!?n I>R]RKTJtrt SU.OOR Ffl Mj u.r Vl.. M?lc >.T>?.r iu vb?<'U>. Tba w ?u *..J m wHI will chw?p. or wi ! Uk? a partner Applv In 'h* m!<<o I ii' tlwitiaai at'ael. oonarr of R.?? i?!t alrtei. lor taoaayfc r IFOR HAJ.K.?RK?TAt'R^NT, ft V*J THK LKv? 0 JT (t'Oil *lii, ft ?'k *ud flxt>ir<a of* : irwt "'*? r??tK i'-m I. I,r?! f Hirfiu il?*p, 4??n U.wii, IIiikwI'MII'i f iiin. Wall ?trc?> an.l o* hV-^k fr rn th# city Pott riflie aixt It. lb? lUim- .liaWt naticbtwrk'**! ot oiinv t'ann an I i 9 jr*n<-i-?nl??. T1i?W??* nma four to** from o>v?, *i ? ih? r>v?t la ten low Id pn i irtl<? hi tb?? locality. In t'ilrr b o !' rr -rn < >k-r? Iq the Xurrium of PKK1>KUIL?K WOHl/i Mnil,l<n.fl.lrtM ati-nt. arar Broaway. t. ?t it?thr RTuri< avo nxTrtRH np j I- L rjj . nliH.?il?i. !b? r?' ol.raluM .q, w.iL uret yt r, it ?r "W r-ul, win i;"t obj-'t v>? ?a''i*tk*i *pply*<l t Huston *r?e?. _________ |74iR RAI.R^ORR TWKNTT HORSK RTICAV ER?(f r *r<! iMI?r, on* fipngbi bonw ?t?*m Rnffln*. wi lnenrnoUre IWIrt, two krtnUI l?? borw> aMm tCnfftnra a. v* i>r? <? fear borM Htm Kn*'oe an 1 a !ar*e ! < of Bt lr?, for ?A' rb?ap. y. CQI.Wr.l.L k CO . Sl? Twrnty < nk'.h tirKi c"'* BAT,R-A niRiRO, BAR ANI> uidqimi HOTI j r r iIij log thirty R-oana. wtfh ft lent V? i??, In Wa?l *ir4 _ tew Wut.r.(i>a \!?rk?L In , .ira *. lib Kn m rrrr< "J T DKIKPA M lv* ?'r-A <V>RVR ORiMTRT ARP 1.1QV< ? f Morr. >11 t?wly ?? ! up. mrrra mri l?aM, wlU 0 t < rh<-*p. ? ).? nm n?r ha* ftnotfcnr IviBtn'na to tend. Apt ,, W I U> Uv ' tt.* ureal. " C?OR CALF?A PRIVvTR H'TKI,. WITH ftUFPI r Rr^ro. cl ib ro m, prtTnui rnnmn for i?d*M *rd p%rt ), rv*Unr*nl ^r.d i m Ur MU .rd?<u- lAwjr parf mm *li iocj ?, | i?'? w Hi lug .ir. ?r. Hiorw * P'trTIIWITt. < *???an ? fcVlR *At.F-THFT,RARR STOCK AXT> riXTfRK ( 1 r U ;'ii?r Il' it .iT Hyt n? atrr-t, dow? ?" <1 buwni:*, * inD*itor r^'Tr.iwxfil in? for * f?ntllf. Sprint etm*t pi U.?- trtrkul. ?ni t?o i.nmi '>TW?aa??T? Art ck<M V) \b<- pUo? 'I IP<|R SAI.F A rojTF* TIORERY ST<>RR, IR '?>(* r P tb?* I ''it frn?'n?aa ) * ?' r>? In llronk'/n. rompittrlf till I np Mkd InllT KUvkcd for irfcotaaala *n4 rtilol trad*. "iurm ia ItMrtaoc* f?r *rt?rln? lnt<>? wll " l^hltah*! btialoeaa * i 0'*? Apply *1 274 h ?trtrt. R?w T >rk. ijv>? *dJL-ran Rionr for a new von? htat n- r wtUbedlai, ??<l of for A. M. p-itrai for I'mSr \ I i I,ork Hrnnt#. A rr a rhuir* ior boal'i"** m*n. Apply I*. A. V. FOOTR A <'0., Aid Rroadarfty, uo<l*r tb? I're?: h Hi'iK K. T. FV>R HAI.R.-A riKVT RATR OPPORTf RTTT I ?--ed in ? m,in ?M)i i*4|>ilal l?. anr?,<* In u* wii . i Z ?n?t r*1%fl t in 1 r R-iMno**. tt Hi oM I k?d i-ktit. w ?mpl? r??? n lai ' ?ry l?rj? Ttit Ht.>-li, fii-or n- r* fur- *> . wnl b? ?nM "T > ?!* ?l If ?. o?ir#.'. >pmnia ham ijt Aililr M H A A. B , II<<r?M !S l/?'R fAJ.K FUKTOBT <>R It ARTK? T'l K SPl.rNII to P #"* *<^n* tnun prop#ll*r % lfT? ?Rf t,*?. n'W h ?? rr?. urd m inr " .rt.-r !nr Aro'T u> A A K< >N A C h URAl'W, Ro. 1*1 ? "Uh ctr**t, R?w Tort '2 uorrcit?a r?rr minnt.nm rai.r. ir wr pi ?k, K i.,t I'm i?rr?Mi OlUwy. ? t i*l?U in .h? ( n ? of ih? Htr. In llro?<1 r*??, n?vt doo-:<> th??->rn?r i# R?r 4 I ri'*', "?1> re??m for Mlllaf la rk*?a of *h* pmi t.H M 1 Trnt'? "? *!? .!? > "? fi>fti.?r rorti .? ?i- , .-?w M Ht, 5; HUHbi SJ, 366 br<jad W< a <Jt, N. J. 1/ fY KRT/ HO' K ANII 1RAIX MUX AVI)P RT" n W r? Ili#1 Patent fnr %]#?r Ih* I * * ?*?4 "t,1f rr. ih f * > tn mtr r*ilnrfng *o i ?paip?bi? pwd?f, %0k aWfl ?^irf*ce? ** ,y r+ a- .ittu irn-if ay v.^,, ?(p?* rro mnniani ii.-ttgo wiu. m-r ? ?!*? quarter in- 1 pilinl rl(hl anil il*n? > w jIt f l, "k); innc h? 0 ?l< ,? th#? f>* n?r h?? '?1)?r AMit u J , ton 167 Her ' >r 'dii*. < h m?) rilOTOORAPflKna-A!* ot.l? ak1> iav<>r1 of 1 i'twii'. rtfVln ?m rrwvIMn* to <*arry m lh? h'i?>n m? n all H? hntnrlMi, to Ml atki for mm tbao ike r<* of Old 13 A1 ply at 2.1* Orarrt nortk'aat rom?r of Hownry. Toprtvtrrr-a prixttvo orfi> r, matrrm nearly fn*w, will b? ?oM h??p for r uih, or ran rnr*??,: i?rm* to 'h? pur'-hju* r. Apply ai J? Hridway, II TM H 1 lag, ram Li. 'j^twn I ai<1 jfo'clnrfc T. M. 6 tnn cAfflwn.t hct a kratijV rrrritn J)*! If"I R?wU>')ranl, War a?/t Irm I'mn Kalorm. i>i? <V a "*ah tra<?? aad all lk? MtUpt of a Wrr? a>i f artkeuiart apply to Bld&H A HOUTH WJt.K. St >a? Wr?t avtfifv asm w(l.l, bct a rkati.t riTTW.n VP i VI IMF rtaimnt. Bar and lr? ('roam NaJoon, rtn? <1 > r ea*k trad*, and al Ik* ?a'ln|rraf a la(f? kol?l fir part. ikkr. apply in Hlfl'IH f K"l Til W* K. Kl Hi? i *1 ?>1 cqfwi wtfX nw ox* or Tite rk?t -orwiir jxJ CO'"' T. - ?Vir?a in !h? ? Ik a Ion* "a**. f r; W ii*r? aptly at tfo. I7<J Wea; ?ir???. I k ! BiMHCIJte 1VO LODODIO. | k ! "\S TF.D WTXBKR OF RRKPEi-TABt.* PERSONS | /V miy low ,ibuui> superior Room* unci Hcxtrl .n a flrmt !?*? 1 i' .? [ '.'cwf.. % ;ui n:.mtii .mprovenix;*, an ;ao;e i pnvided. Dinner i>t 6 o'clock Location central and oonve- ! khuM&S liruadway, beiu w L'ukin square. AKKW uandhomr HOOMH, WITH HOARD, SCITA I ble for a small family, uiaJrledor fiaxteperkuM; 1 <w I i i on good, bu'iae :lr?t clam. anuiU famdy. Inquire at 163 1 icpgtou aveaue, corner of Thirty-flrat MBWt. j A Qi,NT!tKJ5 XN. ,ANn LADY CAN HE AOCOMMODAT' 1q ? xina'l family, in Seventh ward. I-onaXffrffiervfewVSHerald o-llo-, .tali*; A PRIVATE K VM1I.Y WISH TO l.KT A FEW PLEAwnt fiiraiiiheil R?<iina. with or withoiit iMrtul Hoard to I fc".fbe m(*1,ra Improvement*. ' clwDKed *t?eet, near Flj'?t avenue. R.fareuoek ?sxA KAV,ln AI.SO HINOI.K aiJm.KHM, MAT OS r XV luio desirable II ? ni?, with or witl.out Hoard, at w Uuloii , i'pure, corm r oi Hevtnuiecth stjei?i ami Kuunli a\i?ii>i. A SPIT OF ROOMS os FIRST Ut 0X0 aniuiiird . ! J\ t'.H>in, ban.lM>mely furnished. hiia g?a and n*e of bath , to | i Hoard included. Persons ? isIiuir to in.ike arrui*.-iu.::< ' [ o tfeejwigter.wU] find superioi accommodations: immediate ! I apuii. alioti wi'.l ? cure a .-hokc of Koum*, at N>> ts.c?nl i ^ *'ret [, near tiie Bowery, tern.. reasonable, references i % j changed. ACK.VTI.KMAN AND WIFE, OK TWO SIVHI.K iIKNtlerneii. ran b' accommodated with good Hoard in a nv> l .lf-ru lm l how. hot and old batbi, :> ! a reasonable r ve, a rood tat le: bouse well furnished, at tl'J West fweni) ^jv cuth street, N. Y. Private lamiiy. A SITTING ROOM AND A UK 1)ROOM. THIRD FLOOR to let. with ISreakt'aat :ir.d Tea, to one or 'wo tfenUeinen 1 Apply at No. 1 Eatst Thirty third Btreet. AffKNTI.KM IN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE (JEX Oernen-ffurtie nri-^n i' i?f< wi* Hoard asd i?kw?e R.. >in on the <.nd fi-or, *:ther tr&rsieut or permanent. Also, a front basement Room lor a doetor'i odioe, from the first ol' September, Inquire at No 1 Albion place, Fourth street. VACANCY Fox two or TIIRKE I'.tTlENT.S TO !'iard on.I reci i.e -Medical attendance. Apply to Dr. H \RKY, m East Uroftdway. T>oAKD-'-HtHflHlbR ACCOMMODATIONS TO BE DIB X) p ied of Ut o?le < r tw > auutil genteel familMB, on ?eeo*d rnor r,f a bed** having the modern IronrovetuenW; excellent latnn provided; )oo*tion deHiralde; a.;<f?mbl9 b* tu aad Apply at ITi We?t Twenty flrwt mreet. ' Boa^o-a kvtt of rooms on kfii ond story, also H xu.a for iifnUfcitiBO, at 1*9 I 191 West Fourteenth ' ?iret tint i'ik??. Dinner 6 o'clock. BOAUD.-A VERY DEP1RABLE PV1T OF ROOMS FOR a ffeniiiman and ?ife, and one (tillable for a sinKl" f entleuan, can be procured at Mo ti mew No. to) West Twenty th rd itreeu BOARD.-A UENTI EM AN AND WirK.ORTWOKINaUK r> - in obtain plea- ar.t Rooms with lt.-.u-d In a I pitdern locatet at No. 122 Ninth street, a few doors ! w t bt of ilrotwl? ay. Board.-a very pleasant back parlor to let furui*b*,dl w'lh Hoard, to a gentlemsuand wi'e. Ap ply at 491 Hudaoo street, near fhrMoi > her. Gas an1 bats. Dinner at au. Board-to i.rt, witu hoard, at 117 word avenue lotwen Ki?hth and Ninth ?tr?-etn, one oIitIv f urnishr (1 room suitable lor a gentleman and bia wife or two | gentlemen Lcwauon very desirable. Kale.-encea exchanged. B' OARD-A LAROR ROOM Sl'ITARLE FOR TWO persons with gai, .-an b? had at $7 SO per week. Alto aln^ta rooms for Kmtlemsu at f.; .vo to if4 per week. l/vatiin I jilnaart and conveuleiit. Apply at 131 llujsoa street, corner 4 ol Morton. ' "d^ard wanted?bt a touno oentleman and ; 1) l.:i wifi', and a young gentleman friend, Ina private fam lly whi rr th.-re are no otln r boarders, and who live in .1 plea aatit part of th- city. Reference* exchanged. Those keeping botu'oen n ill oblige by not auawering. Please luldreaa boi I i 5J6 Post office, st.itIni; terms, localism and particulars. Board wantbd-by a oentleman, wife, infaot ard n'trse, about the 1st of September; wou d pre i fcr a 'i ii?t family wbeae there ** Tew if any boarders Art l dres., rtHllrK particular! ami terms, 0. J. 1)., box 1,317 i'oat i ottiiij. Board wantkd-fcr a ckntlkman. two la dies and two children, wl'li private table. In a lirit class home. Address Family, Herald ollice, slating full particti lars?location, rooms, llnjr, conveniences and pri. e. i "doard w anted? for a gentleman, wife, ?? d . wbter and a**T-vart, on the west sUl* ot the ctty. not I a) ove Eleventh street; parlor floor preferred. Address P. w. . t., ll?iatd ofllce. Board wantkd-a furnished pablor and l.e-uooui wonted immediately, by a geutlemut and hia wife, m a small pi Wat? family, where m oiner boarders are 'aken, early lor the lady. References exchanged. " ller.he srtress .T W , box I >17 I'M iffl'-c, riving all particulars; j price ?u i?t be stats 1 otherwise uo notice taken. Boardinu.-a private family. residing in VToi Fourteenth street, wish t<> let their er.ure S?cood i Story. handsomely furnubnd. to a gentleman and wi/ Or fajj mlly of a.:ults. Address box 157 llerald office. * IIOABDINU.-A FEW PF.RRONR WISHIK0 TO MAKE Ij HrrKPg-'mi-n's foi the ?mt?r will lind superior a.-'ommo datlots It? Weat Fourteenth street. An Inn--dt*t? aupl-ca ,, ' v hi will eer ire a chi ice ol riKima. Also a few transient per' mi vikiili K the city and prelerriDR to avoid the ?, inl uai >u of a hotel, may be h.ui.'nomeU aeeoimmoda'ed. " TJOARDIRO.?NT'.ATT.Y FDRNIfTTED RO<?MS l,ari}r , J> and small, suitable for marrieit ant single Kcntleni-n. . To tlisie ??ekihr a neat quiet home with a small family 01 j (Arrerican), thia la a (food npnr?tnnlty to secure su ;h on ' re.,s na ile lern ?. A nice large itnom tor t'J for two per* ma. _ | Apply at Hi) Kaxt NiueteeuUi aireat. s 7>0\RD'N<? ?GOOD HOARD AND PLEASANT ROOMS l J* <-ao I* bad ?l No Hroi.iHav, opposite B?>?Un? Or"'n, | for lad ? a d K?nU?one oi lh? moat de'.l*btlul lo-atl>u | ia the i.i y. ! nAiuntw.i ir < -a Tin n - i rinP.vvw ? _ i /y - ; . lr' ii en *?Q Ua*? 1 Kl it *r ( a;,J i- tu )rt?l?ic ,y | r >u*ia e< U M per week, m advance. l ) oojrinvo ikiwn t',?n- a ran' ??n<ilr :kvrr.k * SJ fc?*u ' ?!. be i < i in 11 tl iteil wiib M' i; ?r.l arid pie.. ?i.t II "mil 1/ * nt JtM i'sirl i true l. firm- rem ? ?v<Ckti!e . ' tjkooklyn BltARO-A PRIVATE family would * I) l<" *ttb fl< ?rd, a front Moom and lUifroom ( > ting!* sent.mrn ' ii ' tu r ? . hath, An., In 'he b ?-. <ll?ner at o*il peel ?It. 3f' ? t-u . itrwet. i f*r ntin >n. tw*'>n j' uovrnrx lar,.r. prony room, D ?i? iteiirumn , i.nectuie, on *'>: <il t u >r, eaa b? bail. * w *.h full or uartlit H ur I. at Til Vtc flc iircct, near .South m. i ? j Wail itf*?! Ierrii*, Brooklyn L TJOARH IN ?R(X 'KLYR.-NKWLY El'RNl.-IIKD ASP .'j* _0 v?yr plraaast liuimi, In e tret claaa t >.?? ? th all it- m<? n J?ro urn r?'. nmeria w tb B-eirt. ere olT?r*d by e rotate 1 ua Uj. Reference rt<;ured. j at 381 CiUitun etrerl. r ' ,o DOARD 1* BROOKLYN.-* oenyi.eman AND HIS in, D vtfa or e lew elnirle fnllewn may 9n1 rt?i<r*b!i' Romna, wlib Boer.I, at Iw i Union street. coureotent to W? i rjeet end Poult :'errl??. fteferetcee ?r h?i|?d. R, ? It, HOARD IN BROOKLYN?DKSWABLK R'tOMH AN|t ~k MJ Kif?rl<ir Board are ->ffi*r?d by * print* famity, in e e, riM? l>rown ?t'tie 1. >uee at 101 Amily treet, con .eaten* U> ii Wntrtb end W;itl etreel terriee. Dinner it o o'clock Refe >4 rtti * ncbe-eged. E YJOARD IN BROOKLYN.?ROOMR TO LET, WITH J[J Boe'il, Id a brit rtu* I rurn turn* bone*; location pita? tnot; terse rr xlemte Apply ?t it Oeemnl ttreeit live rai ,N nn'.ee'*.ilk from Pulton terry. Refer<n-e ro',nlped ilj TlOAKI) IN BROOKLYJI.-A NEATI.T FVHNHMED 1? bk.-ii ;.erk r, with e^i-itetoD mr>m, ut*lile tore fimi.. ~ r I ?o I f tlu-?e einc n.*u elen x Din.iil rr ni for ? cei ri t?'i I. Tr. in* ff??'>n?hl? rei?r?nr*e (< ( nlPed. Appl) el IU No. H HkDde kiie<". fiver Kuittm ferry, nd ? m tlfiard in brooklyn.?a front paki.or or he JJ onnd floor, bendeom-ly f<inil?h<-d, to e eof* i wife, eJeoe i r troit room, tklrd elory. to two KentleBiro erbo won lid rrim toeHber. A Orel rlaee pnvele bo .m, neer am, R, fcbt n..i.utei' ?k.n irirn ibt ferry. Apply ei BJ Htate k. uree-. i.rkj Ifryu BOARH IN BROORLYN-PLEAS VNT ROOJTM, oituble for married or Uflffie *?-ni?ren, la e k,i?n )H I |i ?f tiiVir ?iln?t?i| In e rery ?o*l location, rouvfnlmi' fib* ' rue. Referewe* eicWutffel; mm Muderate. A| i * ily i; Cccori! lUnl _ ? i tjoarp in v-ovti! bbooki.yn -a EvMIt.y oe CR IJ eir.i r Hoerd fur the ?inter can bare ll.'e* or four enarv ft n.?r.t4 ir a h>vri(le n *'.) ! b ntee u?*ar ibe itb frrry; m M ftti ntbei* boarti-e wlH be Ufeea and errat W)'i?l *4rkn taxea ran be '.lit red, a fair remui4<-ration el.J be r-'4aired The pert''? een l> >ve a eer.irate table U elebed far. AdUreee ? j HrKt.oey. i."i HI Utrv'. it. ;e. M DOARD ON BROOKLYN HKItelH*. WITHIN YIYI Br I> nr.nntee' wa.b of Wall atreet ferry A ??:' nut tad b i ' I wt!? >1 ne>ir ennmUiC'l * th a l.iraC" anil |o?-a?ai.i Ir-1? r 'm ? I ar-l Ml lr"orr Rome on the thinly OtOT,, Ale- e lerre ^aijt if Hixir ntMfli! I >r ?nil icnimrii .. m1 *' >111/ *1 IK iltory between Kferirp oil *i.J , * , Hn nrf M. *' t~\ twaKMC rmvvnrn RO<?H, ? * rE *?ur? ? J / r i fi r fit ' ? -r . ? r? E* > mrn. A rr'> ? ?0? * >??* Mi^i. R?f?WI*?? chirr#! KT I ??:? ? ??f? ?_ 10 1 . aR^t vFrRRmnFn roorHtomct wrni f ?.u HI ! 1j # tin Jul B ?i I. h> ? lir* i- ?* i I'll* ron'.OBlix nil 1' i i'n'.*rn l?i, m. ?r>"itr 'he ntty i Hftk *t?naf H i?l, ? M.i lv n . id I'tlw t .ru. 1'rtia> ?ier A, -r.y .4 yio n Nr *h J7B \JPKff ;'T Horn n)?m or FR \RKFr>?TT AKO F W I?n )?. Y - Mntl? K 1 I mm ti. H 1"? r? |-?r r.Uih'. or II 1 > >.' r*r woHl If'i < n??ly f irxb^l. wttb <>. ? r-xl Ki?l?nr?M iiu hf l. Op*n *11 n ?hu I LTP.KICMI n ROOJWt TO l.PT-IT tl T MARK'S ilTV I r r' I , btb iM:b?tw*1 -r-1 *u.1 I li rl *n i'-4, g rrr; rew u?Me >rnJ. A Irn.t lurm-st I < <?n 4?ri;?< ir to ;?<- | I/URNifHKn r o*s t:j i.f.t-with rru. on tar '.V- i ti?i Hnirit, kl it W ? I...' /*dU tirf'i R? >. tm-w glim rt ?n< r*, i"? ' - ? 1 " - 1 ' L" * MsTOIJiT TO (;k.VTJ.KM*W, WlflAf! P it H< ?r 1 Pir)">r ?nl >-Hb?r n? or wn ilnr*iw ? flrnt ' ? r. AIM ftt~ .lt on I n? ? ? ,eutf4l *t?i iitirrt t??t u? c?r? tart ?wi. M<2 Furtttb ??r??t. I V tj*' RRTf-TTRP RitO*?_A PRtVNTK FAWU.Y Of nvi.f In* ? lhr?? i #rwm* two m r* f lo -r*, ? ?i?n ir r?rni?ii?l. In ? (lr?t r;>CHM b. In fwmtr tfcir<1 Hiro#t, nr?r th? Kl'ih ' Awn Hot?l, th?? l?t, wl'hm IkaisI u f'?ir f*ntUtn?n nt lb* Mfhxrt rMi#rUMfty wh i !^?,r? v-*>niiri OF rlotimia of rl??. ami ?tliin? to nit/ llbvrtilf for inch. I ? Ad<!rt for ?s IbMri i?? V. K., bo> 2.7ft I'o* nAo*. *.4 ? _ IJV.i n ROOMS OR K ' tRHT rwot To RBWT *T rrr r M Tull-n ?t?i"if rnr, ijrn an Cf'llMil nl'iMlm Imr ? I"?1 rw?l 'trwwri Oiw Rrti fit per tnoolh Alto r*roUk*l ^ R frie get tletnen,*i tijer wr?*. TT A?*I>SI'Mr I.AJIOR rRrvRRimtrn ROOVITO F.FT. .. II wtth (V*rr1 In two M M , ' mnd Uhl?>, rrnrjthlnv r?n.l?rr,i |n !?*? I? b^ai?* *i ? '*"* **!- ??> !< 14.tiC. iU Klffhth W lli*m?hnr?. or* dmr 0 iridt of Alitii Thr^? m!n'i!?? w*U ;r rn ?JI lb? f?rn??. ~ l|U MATTHEW* tl AT IRO TAKRR TRAT UAROI J r 1?1 M-<1 nn?mtor1.'?'? know 110 Bl**rkrr ?"?!, two blorM J"* ? ?<< Hio?<i?>r, ? now r*+Jj ta wmuwiit in<l trmMWi*.be *rrt?r? or wftk mivmawfihcntbntrf 1/<?r?<. 1IIMW M or" -J?A ?l? n ckw*. ~ V? 7 MR1VOOR1 v ? TRRTR tTRMT ?A HAWO. Ir anaimlf rnrwUk"! r?/lnr ?n4 Mnaa, ?l*o '? ? llonl, t? )<4 >o fmUem+* irl-fc br>?fw> 11 4rntnA. ' FOR Torwo ?If OR OfRTI.R ? I JI m?r Mid wlww, "?i in4 *r? I.I Hno?TP on (n irtfc f.o. ? ?, IM ?od ?r-*J ,? riMiiMHi. ?i 71 W?? * ?, t**r fix* I T?ll J?. 3 IOAAC1AO AKO LODOIRO. _ PLASTMK HOTEL M8 B.vOADWAT.-TOTt PRO"R:E. ton of the above lieuae harin* completed an addition of forty iiarlora and bedroom otlerw them to permanent or tr*nnirnt tx*rder? Hi reaaonable prion The houM kaa all tbfl impn vciukuu uod a generoua table. Trauaient boarder* |i 00 per day. PERMANENT BOARD WANTKO-BROOKI.YN PrtH fe rred, for a g<iul.cnia>i. wife, ounM, and* two ?m*I '> ldreL; two conmuninamg front room*, oa e-.out ttoorfurbUlird ^ m a hou?e with aJi the modern Improvement*. '' rrtr< |1>. per week, Including If*a and Are. Adurroa Jauiee, Herald utlice. TW'i HAVMOmtLT TIIITT PARLORS OJf tirtt lluor to let, together or aeimrate. Al?o, Kocms on tlifrd floor, with or with ml Hoard at SKI Kaat fifteenth utreet, m i tmiae newly fined up, with all mxltrn uopromate 1.1a. TO LBT-CKFURMIHHRD, AT 119 WAVERLIY PI.An? near Wnahingtoa nouam first cla?a Room*, conwatln.' of . It iM't parlor*. with bedroom attached, library, ba.b rom, Ac., with or without Hoard. , <> T>T, TO A I.AOT, A l.ARUK, NEATLY FURNISH d front Room; mealsaeut to the room; term" ?n dolUrg i > 'ik, in advance. Mrs. WILSO.N, MJro.irtb u.enuy " *1 Hrty tlrst atreet. TO RKNT-A LARGE FRONT BASEMENT, BUITABLB for i Doctor's inauicwt ilnairmbla iocaUog; alan. ? large Boom on the third ti ?ir, to let. furnished, to one or twa K' ''!>tnt", wlihotit iHMrd, lu a atrictly private jy. Apply H './tt t niiVjp street, a if w d -ors from Rutgera pliice. U A.NTKP A ROOM AND PANTRY, UNFl/KNIKHKf) excest rarppt, with bomi), for a gerit'eman and wife m v "VI., ' fodern improvements; location NMwe?a .... iid ill av? . and I uh aud :iStli Hia, Pa> inent punctual, anil ;lbist of reference Riven ard required Addr?'?? tor two " >*? t'.. lw itart broitdw.iy. lerma for full board uot to exceed 18; panial, 17. WANTED?IK BROOK! TN, ON THE HCIORTC PR!?, ferred. an uniurnlahed B mm wiu> paitlal board, in* 1 rtvate leepecUible umily, <? - where b-il tew nosnlprp ar? kent. Reference* en-hanged. H > hall Atom w,;| answer ? en I full particulars to N. It . fcn l,y('J Poat oilice. <61 PER WKEK FOR A HANDSOMELY Ft'KNIrillKQ I?l W Room, with full Board. to a itontleiuaju and u? w.!e tr c)>)'1il<jr g?s *l*? 11 tingle Knom for f 4. hjiumTmt tin, family auiall, at it>J Writ Twenty sixth atreet, near Kighus ,e. Dinner aifiocUrg 1<J WOOSTER STREET.-TO LET. FURNIffHEH 1. JU Rooms, with everything complete Jor boutekeecuur, a- ii at very low rentt; aingle Rooms for genilemei. at f 1 i5 | . r week. gaa, bathJ, hot and cold water, at 13 Wo >ter itreet, Dear ('anal. MARTNGDON SOUARE, BETWEEN BANK ANU Trov streets, on tie west side.?Boiird wlib biir,Ji><-nciy furutohed Hooma, in emta or aingle, at remon?ti> raw, tx r? t.rst c-i.iwi. Unexceptionable reicreooea given ud req-red. Mine* and car? paja the door. rr WEPT TWELFTH STREET.-ENGLISH BASEMEN* tJi) bonre, ha? two cholne Hoorna, with all the modern iraprovementa, to let. with full Hoard, togentlemen and Utif w < ea, or gentlemen. Dinner at 6. Reference* required. Et" KAST TWENTIETH STREET. MOO It D DO OS tj') from Gramercy park ?Newly furnished Rooms to it. in sulta or single, ti gpntlemrn, with partial Bv.rd, cr la i entlemen and their wivra, with or without pnval? table, .n % uitt, llr?t claaa pi ivate h nue. (JO OKRKNE STREET?ALSTON HOUSE.-8UPEBBLY t/U furnished Parlor and Bedroom, with gaa iui'1 Orotoo; new patent aprlng l>e>da and everything necesei.ry fr.r yo,.ig housekeepers. Meala served If desired. Bent low to respect* able tenants. QA1 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.-LARGE BACK ?\'L Room and Hedro.m, together with aeveral ama.l front Rooms. Gentlemen and tlietr wives, or alagie renilen en. can be accommodated for the winter. Dinner at in; breakfaat at seven. Reference* exchanged. riNABCIAjI. New orleanh and mobilr Itunds booojjt be AUGUST BELMONT Jt CO., 80 Wail atreet. Ik I U1 li/a IV PVM WHVUl'aMi-1 IM ?vnt/i> vy* m mm am 1> New Tnrk and New Haven JUilroad Company, due in December, 1800, will be paid, wltfc accrued La teres I, on preeentaUm and turn-odor, at the Treasurer'* office, oorner ot twenty *eventb *treet and Kuurlh avenue. N*w Tom, Aucu*t7, IMP. W. BBHKNT, Treasurer. / iKFUUU kl.Ki'TKIJ TKLRORAPH BKTWBKN TUB ATLANTIC! AND PACIFIC 8TA1K8. T****v*v Jnly 10.1M0. Proposal* will be reeeived at thin Department until lie Wi lli day ix M?|.iemb?r next, purauaut w the following act of Cootream ? An act to facilitate c< mn.indention between the AUacDC and Fartllc HUtt< i by K1e<-trli Tel.-ifrapb. I Ke It enacted l?y the Senate and llouae of ftepreaentauvea oC tb<- United MiU'i of America, in Cougreas aaaomhieU, tb4 I Secretary or tbr freaau'y. under the direction of tbe Presidenl I of the (.'tiled Stale*, t? herobj k ithurt/ed atiddire ted Ui advertise for ?ruled propona'*, l<> be received for auty day* aft?r tha ; pHwa^f of iltla act and tbe fulfilment of which (bail be <riai ranteed 1>T responsible parties, ? tu tba . me ot bid* for ran i I roDtrac la), for tin uia by the government of a lir.e or use* ef ; magnetic telegraph, to be constructed wttlnn two year* Irora j the 1 ins Ural day of July, eighteen baadrwl and a,?W. from I same point pi*nla on the west line of the SlAte of Maeonri, Iby anv n utc or swhkh the sail contractors ftn*v selv>ci ^connecting .U *uch point or pointa by telegraph wlkb tne citiea of Wanhlrgimi. Nets Orleans. New ?'ork ?harl<;?ton, I'bilai.elI tibia. Hottoa and other die* tn Ui Ai antic, Koubern ami 1 Western Mate*", to tie etty >* Ran l- renrlaro. In the Slate if I tiklMiunla, fr.r a r? i d"l''i i 'ears. ai .1 (hall award Ite (*>n? , trad to the low. it re*p mn' It 1 tdder or b'dJer*. provided > irl? pri tier doe-. n<4 require a larger amount per year Irom tba j United Sta'<* that. foriy thousand dollar*. ami p?rI million t* hereby Rrai.ted t> tlve aaid partiea t<j it Ion ?.nd ii.Ha t nay as dn.l. ir i m ijorit^ 1 <>f lliem, and Uieir to u?\ until ih? end >f lha e |1,; term, >n;nb n lil-ie.l pobdc lauds ot the 1'u ted SWUrs art 11 . I . I . rj N .1 - i lit hi ..i Way aad t r ,;.e parp * of 1 tablnd :>i' aiailona I r repair* ?kin? laid Hue. a.'t egceadu ? 1 at jib;. MlMMquuMriuungl Ui.d, n ich *taUon*not u? emefd o*e IB f'fleen Bt' ei .i) Rn iiveia^e iiL 1be whole d *I iaii i'. iiii'e?a ?u?h iiUOe ab?il be inquired K'l.emuient ' t f ine I piled w?ie? t rrat!ni.tdor <>th?r pur. arj.I pm| u. td I hat no ng'ii to pre io|>l ,<ny oi - ml htnd* ut?'er the Li*< < f tl.i f f iti'il : i, < ,.i iour* t-> laid onmpaay, their a*er ut I i nn ant? or to any "<her i'era?n(.r peiwiM wnalwiever fry , . ,it< fkUUMCk i-.'' t iftall I e utad*' ti^md Jtr^ j it .ire "tuiI operni1 -n. ?i-.< | tymenta ther" n '.er ' i?a?e wii?i..v?r ihe i otra. t iau to eoaplv wUb ihe.roooU;ll. lite (fovt nn | - h ill, kt *il Mlt?< l)f e 11 tje 1 to pi |. I "r.t? la ibe ti: the In e or llu'N and nliaii have theprivliehe. wl.rn a . J.ort4- .1 j an r .in. rtiorf aai'l : re or I by t< rarapb t?l h ai.,. mHiurr p. !? of the l,'| M'nte*, aial I t.a m. 1)'." lit/ Kf.H l 111 1,1 I ill: >?k. Altd I f vi. % A ?. Itfi'.t ?..! ?rf|.l?:rh ?? imj >th- M 1/ tba KuTcr !! ? : to i -mart i irb iiua or .ui t with 'ha milurr I" -i? "I il I i> d aha 11 .pan V> th" 10 of a I cu.H'im of ibf L'ntl*<1 -r*i. ? dnnu* the lain, .| tbi-atl.1 r *. tn> it pu ! iii<- rtiMiu <.b?rf-.a fur trm-ainn it t>f : il *1 ! pr. u(o?t. ?t?i, thai atirb th J , l>h ?-'J i.r. ili.;. in fi r a daapi.tiib of Ir t woriia, ! wi'b t'.a ? M prop a ' '' dadueOnri npon datp?i-ha? of gr ilar latiy'b. j.r?.. tad that e.ahii.w harrori e.aiU'i.a.j ai l ar.iifar mi ni th* a?id partla* any atetudv* rti;li' ; . .trn . % la'armi h to tbfl l'a ilV or d- ar II n iMTunier.t i tfca Itata 1 , StK'r* 11 >-i? f ran1 nt, (r >' ItMQ to tuna, fnw.c l.i?<M hi it prirUr-a ti other . 2 AU'I fci l i .ilb?r i i iClKl. Tlk?? Uie i?-il r .ttrar1 "? r l?lr .i? j.'. b*vn' rt. bt t Mb " arri n. t Tin Mi.1. ai... ?l lb' ? r n rim .! tl,? l u'lol Ni'n, a I rail I . Hue. ? naturnr C. lli" *.n41i > r li i?-? * ?'t?? .? an I thai thay ahall haia *!< ! t r<?bt art way for a.iid ,>m 'iT ju.rr. iumJ' r or oyer ?U) uii -h ruj.r ?:a.j put .,c .? atkl wan r? in Ik- ?aM Tarmnrlaa hy any roota r?r rnntaa ?,hiah ih?i aai.l ci<iU*<,U>ni But; aali'tt. *.tb U.r Irei. i.aa ilur.i.? Irriiii.f ? .rh I mda M uihy I a ijSrrtMry forth* pttpiMUf rstat nhing a'atWna fur ri-paira ?''?i aula i>iw or tint-*, u ? \riwdiuK, at an) MoUnt . on* iiuartar P'-ction of Land, aucb )*i|..i a not to a?aa*d '?? in lilu-an inl>? mi an MTtr.i*? nf ii?f wInil>* dtatain ' ht.t ahiiuM m.y ol aakl <|HWt?r ar.-Uoaa tKl itrrmi <t e?arnU?l t>) th?* ?r n? riii?'-iit. ur anr rompwiy ac:in4? nud'r Hi auihnrl'y, ( * raiiaad baqiian. Um aakt naitraru r* aktJ) r.-lliiic.tfh Vb- nrrtipniKiy 0 *o nnn-k aa oiny h? n"i ?M?mry for Um railroaul. re "Hint all ?{iiai ami/nut ol laud for liba !.*? in it? atna'*. >Vr. J. tnd b* H further aiiacrtrd. Thai If, many y??r <tir.r^ (i uUiitiai ?? of tin* ??i l nmtrart, ikr I..iaiuf*s ilima foi ib? nt n I.I MMi, till iti^o: .nr.I by ^ irk '-ontmrtura, tln'ir *k ?tl at law urtumry rat. itl rbartcn lor c rlv -n mi aaat'i ?, rxri r.\ tin- jut. ? enutrarlrd Ui tw pat I aa afi>r?, till* IW rrtari rf ib?*Tn* ?nr) aliali upon aald nirvun ab"ui>{ duly auitrt'Bii' rint' I y th? am unit ri inkl ?iwn Ui t'on?rraa-iirn*td'-d IJ.aI Ui" ?a* of tha Una t- *tvan at anr tlir?, lira lit ri art. tb? ft hurray, ibe Km Ihaoo.aa l?aiit>it < ? ard tba National otaarratory for arliMMtr tmrp'rtaa. and rrovlda.l tnrlirtr tMt mrant < r . ovi'J Irmn any iiw.itmIu.iI, ri i' rorj.i-riitt i. oi Ir m i?ny U '.-jrauh Uok coMtarV IfMi atih'tbla Itm- at i ltliari4 Ha t-rmlui. al>al. i? trai. u and in ilia ontrr of tbalr la.-.-iitmo, a. apUnif Un.t tb* iloafiali ha? of thi" *o?e m'*'>t I )i?*? |irt'iru?; p* . l<!?<t larlhar, ti-i?imcrrai aba.: at ai.j tiiae ba.e the r?bt ui aJfr or amarid tbla apt , A io I ?ad J ' if lb I'**) ?? Tlia k>?'<t i tin f"r tha -i?a f ?iii-b ta!i-*raph for tha p ib hJ a* i v ira ?t!i ha ? .a|.l?il. pa idart iba tarnut alal rrT.di.ot.aaf> pri id in Via art ib..;t t to'lj aal ( ink and aup ad m 1)4 pr?T??i?, ttkkli ba >r<'</mpauiad hy a t larar taa. in cr-n- ^ f milti *H? iba t?aniy ?a<auib aactiua of tba att of J'liy 2, l- )?. id rt i trd ti< n?*li H'lwsli' tba aflaatlha! tti? ;.n? r Itr aa *b 'I e? c rai la'i-1 Itbu. l*a U ?a praavtba-l, aad that Lbc Iiaxattor* abaJI livt. ant. r inio obUmliaM to aa "i..ta4 ftl.'aa f?r lh? a of IM?rtH1 for tbo ? .a-l.?-Lt, BB'?r and a. t. at iha ra'aa . itaraii n tka pnc m i ftfh t ijrartaa m.ij b* In ?h<> foliowtn* form ? Tba ?1 lai^t, ad, r*miln? at ? , In tfa Plat* if , II n-rrlaka and ? r ir. ? tlu: tf the ftarra?%ry >f tb? Tr ?aur> ?h?JI a<*-a( t tba atthin pn poaa'a, under Mi? a t >4 Jul a I*. Ibfcl. Uia lli'it or tti?? -if ma?in U : ta.afi .p,b *h... 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