Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1860 Page 3
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HOCUS, tiooms. AC., TO Lkt. A FIRST ?l.A?B Fl'H.NIMUCU HOURS TO UCT-POfe k hwi d immediately. wiUi every re j iltuie for bounekeepto|t; location in Klflrer.lh ureet. between Hj,;b an.I Seventh venue*, oppoaile Palace Uardem, rent iow. Inquire of h&IlH A LKrio, Couiiaeilore at Law, iJ Wall atreet, Hew Toik. Apartments to lkt-tfik sciiokd floor, no. 777 tkh ?v., two large and two email R.m-na; bouee utodorn hntlt- Apply an per bill Kent ?30U per annum. A MOST COMPLETELY KDRNIRHED HOURS TO I.ST? Furnished with bed and table mien china and glaaaware, and in tact, every article for housekeep ug. with Immediate toaaeaalon, ap'eiandly located on Fourteenth atreet; rent f'LtkU. KINKHIMKK A UP , TH Fourth avenue. CIOAI. YARD TO I.KT OR LKAIR?WITH OOVKR AND ) fence complete, near the river (only one blocki. Apply to STKWART, ill) Centre atreet, ur cu the prrin.aea, J44 Ki TtaRtoa atreet, fioin 12 to 1 o'clock. rNK LOFTR TO I.KT IN TRK NKW STORK NO. 321 Greenwich atreet. corner Dunne atreet, amiable for almml anv bnalneas. wl'hln two blockh of iludaon river and Mew York and Krte Railroads and American Ev preaa building. FURNISHED HOURS, 32* WEST TWENTY RK(X)ND atreet. to let. It la in good unler and completely formatted raMMiuon liumeiiiately given Can be seen i'rom 'J to 12, and from 4 to 6 o'clock dally until leaaed. C. OKFK. FCRNINIIKO ROOMS TO I.KT-IN A PtiKVKANT neighborhood, to two gen tie men, in a private family; he use cuuutiui all the modern Improvements. Call *196 Sixth street. _____ XjnjRNlSlIBD TKIC8R TO AKVT-NO. 148 ItKXI.VO J? ton avenue, eyrnsr oi' Thirtieth street, three stories high, loop and sub cellar, and contains all mnderu improvements; ri,n,lM? .,u ? >n.l In ?Ill I? ? 1 . - * ? _ I 1061, or looker to a dAntraVti^ t#? tact, and p^sH^trUou ffiveu immedtaiely.. Addre w j, j. yt., tiered oilioe. TpURNISHII> HOUSE -AMY PART* IN WANT OP A Jr House cap&hle of acoommodatlBg flft?*n or sixteen board m\ evert thing complete lor housekeeping; location of house between Sixth and Eighth avenues; rent of house SI.000, price "* ef Furniture II 100. None net -d apply but those who are responsible and willing to pav half for the furniture, and the balance paid to suit the purchaser. Possession 1st of Heptcm her. Address 15 P , Onion square Post office, for three days Furnished hou^r to lkt.?a nkw poor story boose, situated in Forty third street, near Ruth avenue, with furniture, nearly new; will be let at a low price to a responsible tenant, until the 1st May next; superior location aud bod ne'ghborhood; the advertiser unexpectedly leaving the city. Address H. H , Herald ottroe. IjtCR.NISI!rip HOUSE TO LET IN TWENTY SKfXIND f street near Fourth avenue, to a private family only; reneatly put In order; poaaeeston Immediately. Apply at U East Twenty second street. Irons 11 to X P. M. EjHJRNISHED HOUSES TO LET.?FINELY PURNISHED, f situated in s very plea suit part of the eity; possession immediate and on the 1st of October or November. Apply to AOcMlS A (ilFF, No. ti Pine street or 1,128 Broad ersy. Furnisher house to let.?a pour story brown stone front, with all the modern improvements; bath rooms on two fioore. steam furnace, and everv eonve- I lance for comfort. Lieation one of the moat d siralde in the city; to be let to responsi' la parties only. For furiner particulars call at 331 East Thirtieth street. FURNI8HKP house in brooklyn.?a neat, three store, white marble (rent lloimp to let; Is completely fur ii'shed, the furniture was made to order only a few months since wl'l be sold a great bargain. Pinsesaiou immediately. The bouse contains all the modern improvements. Apply to Mr. LANE. 48 Parlt place. N. T. TPOR RENT?THE NATIONAL HOTEL, AT BALTIA* more, near the depot of the B. A o. R. R. The building is large, having one hundred rooms. The furniture can be bought on reasonable terms. Apply to JAB. W. HARVEY, 33 Second street, Baltimore. NO. 1 PARK rl.ACE, NEAR BROA DWAT.?TO LET, to one or more parties, a part of a large Office or Desk Room, on the first tloor. Location unesceptionable. STEAM POWER IN SPRUCE STREET. -SEVERAL CON rentent Rooms, with Steam Power, to let. Apply to EL W. GREENE, 13 Spruce street. mo LIT?THE POUH STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE JL 17 woiwer street. writs immediate poeeesaiwu. Apu.y to W. BCOTT JAR VIS, 221 Canal street, mo LRT-THK FIRST FLOOR AND RAHKKKNT OF A JL bouse In Thirteenth street, went of Fifth avenue. to a small lamily, gas Allures in. Rent >19 per month. Apply at 182 Fourth street. near Sixth avenue, in grocery. rLKT?FROM 1ST SEPTEMBER, A FINK BOUSE, commanding a One view of all around it The houae contalaa ten rooms, and there are 2A scree of around on the plaoe. Rent >300. Apply to M WARNER, South Yoohers, N. Yl rl.KT-OTTT AND COUNTRY COMBINED, II minntee from ferry. Myrtle can, the pleasant Dwelllnx, 104 Kyerson street, next Clinton and Washington avenues: hey at 106. JOHN RR4INKKD, Wall street ferry, Brook lyn; 92 Broadway; 12 to J. rLKT-A FURNISHED HOURK. WITH ALL Modern improvements, in a good neighborhood. Rent to be paid In boardlnc three persons. No. HQ West 1 wenty fourth street. rl.IT -THE PROPERTY M LEONARD RTREET Will jive lease for balance of year, and oue year from May, 1861, If desired. The houae Is suitable for a lierinari or French boarding house. I'lssesai n immedi ilely Will be let cheap. In quire of K. L. A It. T. BURN 1IAM, No <11 Hudson treet. r I.ET?THE LOWER PART OP A NEW HOURK IN Thirtieth street, near second avenue, six large Kninu, with g?s, t.ath, water chie* t, and everything uompl -le: rent >22 per ini nth. Also, s large number of I lo irs, live romi on earh In nice bouses, all modern Improvements on each Floor, lsqnire of MM. FKTTKI fCH, 133 East Thirty second street, Bear Second avenue. TO LET-TUB FOURTH FLOOR OF HOUSE 386 Fourth aveuue. Kent 112. mo RENT?TO A SMALL OENTKBL FAMILY, A 1 per l?Hy furnished llouie The oreseul occupants, (lve or six in tiumber, null board with llie family, thui materially lessening the rent. Inquire at No. 7.3 Amity street. TO LET?CHEAP, THE PAELDE AID SEOOEPfUXH rf new stone froi t House 233 Ninth avenue near Twenty seventh *t'< <1; in pod ord;r, wlih live ami six rooms esrh, rns Hxiurea, Ac Bid up. Possesion at once, and no rent tilt Ti i n-noi mi in 11 htnoun to iom of M?y the whole nr ti.irAof * neat Now lu good order part of f nrnittira Ior rate. If deatmd. For further particular* apply OU the preiuiera, 467 Fourth avenue. Trrata MlmM rl.KT-IN BROOKLYN, A LARflR FR A MF. HOOHK In a food neighborhood. root Una tnurteen r > una. faa and Bldgext >?1 * i'< r I.-. 1 mm iK-a walk (r?n Wa'l ?irect aid South Apply on the premiaea, 177 Mchermerhora tfwt. Heat W5. rt LIT?THK KKW M ItOSIU I.OItOR ROOMS AT NO. h l'dmiii apiar?. A 1 uig Iraaa will l>r given no farorabln henna Alao thr new hall on the aronrul to let to political wxiti j ulia. eotnmillrea, Ad. Apply lo .lAMhIS Tilli K r a the rrcmlaaa. r) .1.RT-IN THK RKAR OF NO 57 AaN STRKKT, K onma with fiend J power, amiable far pruilrra and maim fhrtunng pnrpoacs. Apply oo the pnalit r) LKT-TO A FIRST CLASS PRIVATK FAMILY. A four idorr furnlah-d ll i .au in ronton p'ace, till April or ay tint; the hoAre la In excellent order, aecurtty rwpitrel lor the furniture heiaf utmbuael. A Idreaa It., autlnn it. ri.tT-A anmn hrowi* stonk iiorsR, ON i.etatanl atrwet. at a great bargain Alao ooe of the moat labor Itelr fnrnl-hed Hoxiaea In that eltf. on Fourteenth aire d, with Immediate ponaaa on. rent S3.I0P Alao, fiFWlMiad llotiae aafl.xio A IX)., 5*5 Fourth arwioe . rpo LRT?SRCONO FLOOR. JO (JANSRVOORT STRUCT A. A en. Third Fliair, 2J "aoacToort atreet. corner of Hodam. ant M and $10. Four rami to each apartment. Inquire hi the pr. miaea. rllT-IN RROOKLTN, A SRCOND FLOOR CON ataunir of three roomn, with rloarta. Ae. Will be let with or without tba baaeineat, which haa ranee pa water, An, Lneathm pleaawnt. no more than eight minute* walk from the feme* Apply nt 66 llort treat, near Itena. rl.RT CHKAF-A SHORT ItlRTAlfOR FROM THK atty, part of a honae, rery cowrenleoi for a mnad family Apply to H''IXY BH'.H , g Ffeatrwet rl.KT OR LKARR-THK SBOORD. THIRD. FOURTH and Bflh Stortea (are arranfed lato aereral well lighted dice* on each floor) f the new building 51 Sanaa afreet. In thie city. alao the Mora uf aatd bciae, lo I eel deep, aad Hxae meet. f lite depth, the Haaesent would make a Ao# Millard row, the ho.xae haa ail tha modem Improvement*. Apply lo FRAMC1B HTR> K, I.S Naeea'i alreeL rLRT OR LRAhR-THK FITK STORT BUILDIFO. new hntahtag, $.' Park atreet, near Centre. Intended for maauinsuring purpoaea. the whole banding, jr to portiona to ami k|.n'tcai,te. Anylr to WM. H. HOUFlKLIi, M William otrer'. irar idhce (Inn Door mo I.RT OR FOR SALR LOW-A NKW, THRKR STORT, X high haaemenl, brick (Ion e, with all the modern Improro | menu 27V It eat Forty rnnrai nred. For nar'lrulani lai'tlrt rd II U. l.AWKK.VK. Inohaclln.-. Ho. 1 \ nary street. Actor KM. Ti RRNT-A TF.R1 PRKIRAHT.R ForRPTORT HOCftR, near llmadwey, nearly rnppoed with boardera, annUitting twni'y rrntne. baManmely ImnMM. will he M reason* >ly. Bmrrt 'she- In i ?ri payment for rent if deetraMc Apply to VtftRCRsTFR A CO . Mil Broadway, bank entrance. firif.h i'aki i r HoteR MA PI BOH - iko:i ro U Irt wrh ?>a< k Bn?- m?nt. honee i* three story, brick, with irt?, corn'" Uble r<??n?. In a ple.uint and hea.thi p r I thm of the <"tr Imi'tire of Mm If A I.I,Olen the prrrawm, for two daya only. I Qf(i HKOAPWAT - TO I.KT "R | . , Oil*/ MK-on l ?tory f h>ute 18V Broadway, In perfeet re isir and partly furnished; suitable for clnh, bulneee or ratrllv. Inquire ot I'rof. P I.AOHOIX. acc ord door, bank room, from V In II A M. TIIK HALL RKIIUW. La Tot KKTTB IIObdK. HKKOKW P 'INT. N J -THR etrhtb ie?ulnr Hon will be r?n on tRedneeday errata*. August 21 1**1 boat lent re pier Ha t, Nortk rlrcr, at J . o'clock P M ~7 DBWTIMTRT. I ARTIFICIAL BOH* FII.I.IHO FOR PKCATKP TRFTI1, j pit In while aofv rwuntrln* no pressure and Rlrlnp no : pala tchtn* teeth or mere swells,nan be filled with It. R> ma I.8H6 innw nnmbtiT 1.2(8) Broadway, corner Thirty ttral street. , JAM Re PKARnoH, H I).. PiaooTarwr. | ARTIFICIAL TRUTH -BRACTIFCI. FRTH OH PCRB ; ilTrr only ps ,m fine cold and platiu*. (28 warranted snal to ?ny; atnale teeth, ?f. Teeth (11 ed and eitivted with 1 owt the least pain. (Arundel boon Bllln( only;*.. at W Slstb . TP"'?* IIR. LOTHKR. Penllat. Dr nott. m rowfrt. orro?rnc sixth rtsfit. tnnrrU foil w'? of t+~lk tm pora flirt* M W. do fold W statin*. fa-V Arurwul U>or flllinfi, Cnfrrtsd without ptln . > r*t. w ?oumii. amalgam. hicmu. All wort war raw led w brrimtr. ORAD0ATRO ritrasow DlITTIfT, 1 j. ku rrnv<-rd to K)*? Twaotj nlnU atrast, bat *?? Roadway and HUm avrnna. N"~~' B ORirriK A RROR OFFTIftT, RO. ?7? ORtUP . tarrrl F T . and 197 Fnllnti ?rt?, Hrnoblrn. inaart foil or partial mm of Tratli oa lb Mr tmpmrad atoaaapharta plats, wlib or will*ml fiTart'r* the r?lo -on>. uab*r n? 3*5. no Ski. tt\ rwin*, w ? ** ?p? taolb lerb Bird ***?" J"wj*> ^gf {ft |tn 5(| Cf 0il> 1 ' * ?'VtW WIvDO'il PMB. 23 rajggiug Mdwtf, M?r Howard ?U*t ? 1 DRV BtWPS, AC. CARP.-W~ JaOKSOM, MO. ?1 BROADWAY, BAB eoestautlv ,a hard every artwle desirable for family Bournuij, ai r? AA uable pricea Particular attention la called U> our Mock u{ Bonne* and M uiUUan pLOAKB-CLOARS. BRODIKB FALL AND WINTER CLOAKS, ARB MOW~READY. Southern buyer* are particularly Invited to examine hi* norelue* be I ere making purchaeee. ?o canaTstbeet. Damaged woollen plaids?plain and printed Pelalnee. table Cloths, Diaper*, Linens, Broadcloths, I Caaaimerea, Ac., for sale by WILLIAM MATHKW8. No. M Catherine street. jfall DRV GOODS at retail. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A 00. will open on mondat, august ?, A choice asaortaaent of the above goods, consisting In part of the latest novelties IN BILK8, OTTOMANS, VELOURS, POPLINS, M. DK LAINRS, MERINOS, PANHMWRRS, CABJ00K8, REAL LACES, FRENCH EMBROIDERIES, Ac., Ac. The attention of stranger* le called to this advertisement. CANAL STREET, corner of Mercer. JG1AJULV DRV GOODS AT RETAIL arnold, constable a co. ARB now OFFERING THBIR EXTENSIVE FALL 8TOOK or FAMILY AND BO USER KKPING GOODS, OONTAlHIga bvkry article"of family usb. TUB attention of hotel keepers and others is solicited. canal, corner of mercer street. Skirts.?at c. u handings can be had the bent woven Skirts now made. The tapes are warranted not to slip. Old kirta made over and repaired. Dealer* call and eiamlae Factory 281 Spring street, near Hudson. boles ALB DEPARTMENT. LORD ATAYLOR, Ml to AC! Broadway, InyitA attention to their new and deetrable Mock of fashionable DRY GOODS, Inoiuling Go* Fall and Winter, french, german, englhth and american fab bic8 of ovary description, which they are offering much below regular pricks. rTHK MILLINERY TRADE, HUUIIKH, DUPUY A CRKHANOB, Importer* of French Fancy Good*, 3*1 BROADWAY, Ml, Have Just received a large assortment of Gilt and fine Artificial Flower*, Gilt ornament* of all kinds. Slide*, tn gill, pearl and ateel; Button* tn jet and gtlt. Also full llnea of Bead Net* and fancy atlk ('ap* and Coiffure*, AU of which they offer to milliner* at the loweM wholeeale price*. CLOTHING. A fair Cash price paid for cast otp cloth In*. Fumttiire, Carpet* and Jewelry ? ladle* and gentle men, if yon wish to get ac honest fair prise fur r -ur clothes, and DOt to he humhugv?d by great puffs, yrm will please call at or address the new establishment of B. MINT/.. SIS Seventh avenne second house shove Thirtieth street. Ladles punetual'y attended to hy Mrs. Mints. ABETTER CHANCE BTILI, fob LADIES and gent* to convert their cast off cloGRgg Into cash, a* I have received a large order from the Smith and West. I guarantee u> pay the fo.lowrlng prices?From El to ElO for ellk dresses; cassimrrea snd bsrege* paid tor accordingly; from El to M for pant*, from |2 to 111) for ooala. Also carpets, furniture and Jewelry, Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by K..1M Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth ana Twentieth streets, ladles attended to by Mr*. B. Mo buM jobs tratisaeted on Batnrday. A GREAT DEMAND.?LADIES AND GENTI.EMKN A having east off <1 >th<og. Furniture, Carpets or Jewelry to dtspme of, I guarantee to pay the best price In the etty, by railing at or ad ores*! i g HAS Seventh avenue, between Twenty lifth and Twenty alith streets, whirhwtllh* attended toby M. A Hit AM A MM. ladies attended to Mrs. Abrahams. ArARD.-OENTl.EMKN 3 new AND left OFF purchased for the Western market, in largo or small lots. all at the store, or address Thorns* O Coamr, ** I entre street n. H.?Merchant tailor* having any oo Laud will please address as above. Abetter chance tihn ever.-lades and gei.tiemen, i have a great demand lor east off Clothing fa* Hi.- Western market, abo. for Perm tor*, i arpe'a. Jewelry, Ac. i guarantee to p?y tbe full cash price for the ebove named article* and not to h imi i*. as done by other great bossier* and false pretenders. 1 all and he onavuiced to your satlsfacti in. or ad treat Hirrll.lM Heventta avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty lirsi streets. Ladies attended by Mr*. CI ART OI K CLOTHIJfO -A I.A ROE QFANTITT WANT / it. Tbe big > t (i .on and e.uih paid In current mnejr. ' i* utieiai n having large or amall lota to dlapuvk' of ran obtain the full value by calling or ai-tiding for J AMKS MORON BY, 441 Kearl M'Mt. 1WI1.I. OIVK TH* HF^T PRK'R FOR LADIBfl' AMD grritlemi-n'i raat off llfdhtng and Fnrnilnre, at my new aland. SIN s?ren ? avenue. Reud a note through Foal owre, to A. Duiaa. Ladlea alia ailed to by Mre 1>. Til* Bl'RRST WAT FOR I.ADIBR AND OKNTI.KMRN to get a fair price for caat off Clothing, Furniture, i'art eta, aa 1 Dot to bo humbugged by great puffa, la to aead a note by coat to l&lberentb arentte, which will be puiiatnally attended to by J. A Nil ALT. ladM attended to by Mre. A. FMABC1AL VTorirK TO HONIUIOI.DICRS-THE HONOR OF TUB Xv Sew York nad New Haven Railroad Company, doe In December. IhffU. ?til be paid, with accrued lutareat. on tinwn latino ami eurrender. at the Treanu'or'a oOtoe. corner of Tanaly eevenlh v'reet and Fourth areaue. Maw Yob*, Augort 7. IN to W IIEMEVT Tmaanree. NKW OKI.KANN AND MOHII.K FUNDS ItOUUlIT MT A1 OINT BRLMoNT A l< I ., 40 Wall idreet. PKOFORAIN FOR ?W - (KNTRAL PARK I*. pi inevnenl Fnnd buck of Iffl "?Healed propuonls will be received at the Onaepu l'ar'i nMea until Thnralay. the 10th day of A ago at. I SOU, at I o'lteeh r. M, wbeatheaaae will bw pnblely opened for the whole or any part at tbe ajneuut of two hundred and flfty ihouaend dollara of the "Ceat'al Park Impruuavil Fund Monk.' auibortrad h) chapter M of the lawn of ItN. and by an ordlaajwte of the Oaaaioa ! Omioetl approved by the Naynr, inly IS. IMO The aaM amk wtU eoaiual of two Utonaand flew hundred aharee of nae hundred dollara aaeh. and bear interest at tha rata of au per eant par. annuaa, payalde q uarteryaarly f mm 1 laiatma, tie juuncfpal iKlewaaaiila Nov l,i 1?71, froai tha 1 "fttnhirg Fund for the Bedi pthni of the fdty lleht " Tae prnpi wale will Mate tha annual of atoak da aired and tha prlae par abare and the > miaa wboaa pmpoenn are ae replied will be recalled to diw oaft with the < "hamnerlain of the eity. within ten diaya after the opening of tha hid a the eua awarded to theaa reapiii-Uvaly, lari iding the prem! ima <e the On pieaauUag to the Comptroller tha reoetpta of the ("haw berlaln for aach dep. alia. tbe partiea will ha entitled In rnrweea eerufleaiea Inr ennal tairiia of the par valua of tha ah?k, bearlrg inter eel from the iatee of pay wen ta Rvi h pmpoaiuoo ahould be arwled and endorned 'Tr ip wala . frr < entrai Park Improvement Fund Hto-k." nnd tha aanae | pttt la a aecood vmveVive a <d reward n tha Oomptro.ler Thi right la reeer-ed na the part of the i naiplrr>i,er to reject any or ail of the Mda, if enoa.dartd aeovwaary hi pnaect | ROB T T. HAWd, Coraptrollar. rtty of ?f?w T -rk, IVrarfeai of finance, C<>aapLn>!.nr'# ' otH-o. Jalj It, 18AU. d> I HOf! TO I r>*N?OW rin-T MORtnAOR OK I.'"'1 p--j no roaaMOI. 1bi rr if J I BaHKo. 7- Wei forty fftfc iooot ?>. Y. <U"| O fWWI WARTKO?OB B?>!fI> ABO MORTOAUIC. VI " fi* top Tram. at 7 per rem, amplr roiroj na ' bull line lan I In tae vtrl.,lyr of R?w Tort city. Addrraa boa l,M7 I'uot oflira, Rew Vorm. j *7C (WWi 7" LOAM, AT 4 . I'KR i K fT I VTItRRST V I iJtvl'lf n?i lira* r'aao'j properj moa.-v to Inan at i percent InUroafoa I.rqnklyn propone. or on tarmahi tkM SUIP At ply l? JoHB r iViBKRr In the nana of the . feople'e Pirn Ineuran * t'uapany, <*> Wall atreet CI OH OfM) IB I?RV UOODR, cLf*TH | ?T* M 7" l"'tng, i ami <fcop* <tr"-Tlp* ard errry tithpr artiPin of m?r -h*n 1lar muted In Koirhrni mtfkrta. Ppnr.n* wtahlng to rralie-, and having good* Pi dlap'SM of rip*p, would <lo ? pII to tire ita a rail. bAMrm. fflLHOH A on M William at root. ttlOfl (WUt TO IX)** ?* BOWII Al?n MORTdAOR JiUlftvUU for a iPrrn of yaare, In aum In lull appli ranta. on real < watr in thta city. Alan WH.Otft to loan In llrnotlyn, la ma* of ll.OUO and npwarda. Amur In a. DRRORaNT, IS Wallatreet f IIAL. CIOAL or THf Y*RT HBBT Iff AI.ITT Of RRII ARB ) and genuine I.ehl?b atnvp. range and fnraaPP. arrppnod , and delivered at R 7S par Ion In famlHea taking fonr tuna r* , apwarda frmn tarda rornrr of King and tlrppnwl. li atreeta ! rnrtipr of Rew Bowery and WwntreU afreet, B ranai and 137 I I)nana afrpet- MAtTHRW m.lBTOB. COAL DCRIKQ THIS WKIK AT 94 10. ? BtTRWAfTR, | rrate and range On*l, of auparlnr qnalHy. oqnal In aar for , dmnnttie nan. W??hl warranted. and deUwed In all parte <w Ik# clip In perfect order Apple at the jard, Kit t?W ?ra one, enrnar of Twrnitj MiTdnUi atreet. / loau?thu rVnitMiomcn, haviinj all th? I i fartmied fir keeplnp a mtpplr of ">* rarlond aim rt red and white a*h final, for ate am and f ami It nan: alan Urer pnrt. Cannel and f'nmberland, for blarkamltha ? sow era pared in *e* the heart pahtf at Qie InweM market pr%?. from tarda U. 19, II Konpatelt Mrawt, near ( ha iham. and |i? IU7 Worth atreet, near Hra'aai Order* received at the HUH Ward jjlotel. and at 179 WprfntA atenttd, ourn?r Twent^aeormd *EW YORK HERALD, TC IALJCH OR HKAL< E8TAT10, At ohanuk, n j.-country beat or bix to 16 acree, neat lo depot; ftret claaa impmvementa, rich oil, plenty or fruil, pure w>it ?pring water, bit mid cold. oarrled ihrofljch the buildinga. Apply to l. PaTTON A CO., 16 Willi*m etreet ___ Ahovh* and lot for sai.k in jerhky city. neat'y finished, bneemenl brick, having mantel*, k?m mid water; price 11.250. iju > brick H.u.?e tor 63.B00. with all modern comforta. Alio, a corner Ke'idence. magnificent la ?l> le, price 610,(1(10. Term* eaey. Apply at 79 Jeraey eve. ARARK CHANCE FOR A BUSINESS MAN?"HK IB A Alia looking man. but he can't keep a botel "?We have far sale a Hotel Property in a We?te.rn city of 15,000 iiihabltania, now i oinc a very aucceaaful lniainraa, and which haa paid the presei, owner since Ixii a net profit of 625,UUl) Thii valuable stauo la dai y lucreaaing in public favor. The proprietor indisposing of it < u y on account of ill be.tllh. To an enterprising man the |>uroMoe of ibis properly would be a than disc or good Wealern laud. " JUNES ? DAYTON, lid Nassau street, room 24. BKROKN, NEW JERSEY ?FINELY LOCATED BITTLD. lng P lot at Heram. Ill miles from Jersey Otiy by hone railroad, containing IK city lot i, near Dutch Re formed and Presbyterian churches. Apply toCUARLEH W. WARD, 41 Witter street. (torNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?ONE HOUR BY J strum from city, on Hudson River Rullroul; IK miles froi# tbecity, 1,', ml es rrotn depot; communication hourly by cars ami boats, contains 10 acres of good land, mostly in cultivation; sicilc auu friul trees ui Hlmtidanc asti and Ice ponds, slew for SO mile* up and down the Hudson river; also, eitensive view of Ismii 'sistid Sound For particulars apply uj W.M. 11. SHEPHERD 51 William street. IT Y. / lHKAP PAR* ?FOR KALE, A FARM OF FIVE, TK* * ur twenty acreb of excellent Land, with a comfortable DwslRpg, fr<<m ftOO to 97M), near a railroad staipn. about laro heirs' ride ldora the city, eery suitable for a mechanic, especial'y for sbiacksmith, who will had immediate bualSess Of an Industrious man. a small per eantafce of cash required. Apply at 16 Pine street, northeast corner, room No. A Farm-iko acres, MMimm lOCBMUi rich soil!near ljt those*' Railroad depot; 1.000 |cres unimproved, well timbered and wan-red, near improvements, n Wisconsin. Addroas W. Weimorc, care of Lummis A Wetmnre, 8 Gold at. N Y. JTtOR BALE?24 ACRES OF LARD. SITUATED OR THE A; Rew York and PaSeraon p'ank-roud, three miles from either Hoboken or Jersey City ferries, and within SOU yards of the first depot of the Northern Kailrosd This beautiful land is suitable for gardening or for establishing manufactories of ar y kind It would also be a Hue aituauon for milkmen. Seventy per cent of the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage for a term of ten year! if desirable. Title perfect. For particulars apply to J. J. HALO, opposite the premises IIViR HALE?AT A BARGAIN, AN ELEGANT BROWN I; stone front high stoop House on Thirty fourth street, near Broadway, furnished In the latest style with every oonve ntenee lot 25x1(10; terms essy. For cants of admission and further particulars apply to B. BRADLEY k CO., No. 1,244 Broadway. IJIOR HALE-BROWN 8TONE HOUSE AND LOT NO. 73 j."1 Wnt Thirty first street; also Lot aoulh side of Fifty fourth street, 276 feet eaat of Seventh avenue, N. Y.; alao Houee, Stable and eight I/its stocked with trees and shrubbery, ooroer of ilates and Franklin avenues, Brooklyn. Terms liberal. R. A. GAINER, 284 Pearl atrest, over Market FOR 8ALB?TKRY CHEAP. LOT NO. 389 GREENWICH street, with front and rear buildings; three fourths of the purchase money can remain on mortgage. Alao. a neat two and a half story OotUge In a pleasant village, half an hour's ride from the city. Inquire at 111 liroadway, U TMnity Building For ralc-a turn* rtort and high stoop House, finished substantial and conveaieat, in Forty-eighth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenuee. Apply personally, at 716 Ninth avenue. THOi SHANNON. Fh or hale?a beautiful country residence, consisting of 12 acres of land. In a high state of culture; one large danbls House and one new Cottage, Bams, Stables and out houses, all In good erudition, good fruit in abundance, good fences, Ac., situated one mile from the Bath Hotel, on the road to Flalbnsb, L. I. A large part of the purchase morey can remain on bond and mortgage far a term of yearn Inquire of H. P. IJCAKK, 136 I aureus street, M. T., or HOWARD HAUAN, on the premises. FOR PAI.E-ON MDRRAT HILL, THE FIRST CLAPS four story brown stone front Houses, with high stoops, Noe 76 and Tl Thirty fourth street, near Fourth avenue. These houses are built on an entirely new and improved plan, having three rooms deep, renlete with all the modern improvements; built by day's work; hardwood doors anil black walnut stairs. Terms to suit p urchaser* Apply to MATTHEW ItVRNKP, on the premises. Thirty fourth street is a one hundred foot street I .TOR HALE?A FARM, WITHIN ONE AND A HALF 1 miles of the railroad depot. New Brunsw ick. N. J., containing 1UI acres of lard, wltk llrst class impruv amenta and excellent fruit. Inquire of WARREN HARDEN HE Roll, id Wall street. FOR RALE-COUNTRY PRAT OR FARM in WIRCON sin. near the city of Fond dn la?c. The farm is owned by Mrs Msuy, widow of the late Hon. John H Macy Thle beautPul place, of a Villi 900 acres, is delightfully locaied three miles from] Fond dit lsr, on a gravel rood, slid consists >f I ugh, upland, meadow, arable and timbered land, on the pi < mlses are two beautiful hikes and streams of wa'urilhe tr.aiMi. n house is lu gessi repair, wnh greenhouse alt o hed n'so bath room and hot wir furnace. There are two tenement lions* s for I arm liau Is, barns, stables, carriage house. Ice house, shetls for rattle. Ac ; in fact, all thugs necessai v be the re,idem o of a gentleman wnh a large family of children growing up. where thev may lie raised free from the temptations of a c ity life. On the lake there is a boat bouse and I oat, w ith an abundance of nth. The city of Fon du law eonlslns snout 6,000 Inhabitants, and is a thriving place . .1 considerable business, located on I<ake Winnebago, It Is peopled principally by Isinllles from the Fast. The farm above nameil will be sold at a great saeiiflcc. for mueh less than the buildings and .mprovemetta can. The whole or part of the laed wool t be sold as desired. * map of the Farm can He seen at the ofllce of linker A Mcillll No 102 Ueetre street. New York. For terms apply by letter to Mn. MARY MACY, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. FI^HOR BALE-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE three story high rnop House 34 H-s.rman pi# e. West Thirty third stri.', ha . ng all the m.-lsra impr.o .-meirls, b a and cold water heaters , ess. ? eaklng t"bes. bells, Ac ; halls freeroed. Terms easy. Inquire at dt Moorman p'as-e r 21 South street O. H. P. ARCHER. For sale?at a bargain, a neat three H (tore high stony hrtck.l! >u?e aod'l-'t, central local),,p. H. - >kllh, goad ncq|bborbr< ?!, near Court street Railroad, with all the modern Improvements, in flue order. Apply ki Mr. FOB tUI.K?(UK IP?FIRST CLARR THREE STORY hitih s'. i> bruwn atone Hon50 .mil lot on Wm Fortytifth ?U?< t. tir * a,,n sttlb HTnnun an I ltrotdw av; bouae Ahtd lot JOxli'SS. finlahen r'n he varv heat manner and in prima order. Apply at 77 Wait Forty fifth rreet inoiuuoRtxmAm-A numm> \rm at .T Saratoga Sinnga. 1&3 H'rri, 1*'(0 l. utar and numerous ontbhUdtnga, splendid Ineatam. will e?. hangef r nirrrbttndiae, Now York or llr-ahn property. Agent* need not apply. AMrna B. P. t.. Urrald office. FOR Rtl.K OR KXfWAWOR FOR A SMALI. PLACR or farm 00 the Hudson river and n-A above Tarryi-.wn ? * drat rlaaa II' 1150 In Kro-AIyn well ranted, paylnr tan par cant, near ft-rriea and cars, with irry convene nr.-, or would purrha?e If Aildrcua, with price, terms, Ac., Morgan, box U2 Herald ottiaa. rR HALF OR TO I.RT-A OOTTAOR. CARRIAOR House ard Stable, on Eighty third street west of lha Hlnon lnxdale road, fottr full Ia>t? with plaoty of -bolra fruit, ihrnhliery, Ac. Apply on lha pramlaaa, or at At.t I triad way. For rai.k or to lrt-or woui.d lrask thr I splendid bniwn atotta front Ho'i?? No. 315 Islington avenue. thr^e Mary and basement, rnli ml tor f 1 rr 1 - ~ rn flt'iiren. Ac., all In complete order. Rant low in a good tenant. Alan others. In good l.*-?iitlea, from RJ?J to Muu. Apply to JOHN FKTTRKTCH, ?l& Third avanoe. PR SAT.R OR TO I.ET-AT NRWARK. N. J., WITH I.trd nturhad. u> alt ?A modern built Uouaa, line loan lion and view, convenient to depot J. J. SRAR1NU. M Wall Mreat, In bvaeanenL nOCSR FOR RAI.R-NF.ARI.Y RRW AN'O II.E'l AJCTI.Y tni?led. with all the m -dem ltnpnoamant?. prkte RI3.IW; ka-ntlom In a e<?id neigkborhoml. In Nineaen'h atraat. between hec?*?d and third avanuaa Tarnta favorable. Apply to R. M KTRai TOR. Wo. I Fine street. TRRSFY FARMS WA WTRTI?ATTl'ATKD I? IfORROCTH, tl Mlddleaei, Kaeat, Bergen or HorrU county, containing from lift* |o two hundred aaraa aaeb, with jprvl dwellings, nuUionast. orrbarda and fruit trees. Addraea with fnll par tKalarnand price. I. R. Reott, IT Wall atraet. New Tortt. MAflRIFT'RRT FARM IW OR AROE OOURTT-IOU aeran Urae thraa rtory Koone, splendid eothuiMlage, two large orchard" of the 'nasi j/'afted fruit Uses large yard 00 vcred'aith vbada traaa and all hlaAa of ?hruM<err, are* car dan w?ll -Uvbad with currants, graite?. ataawbarrlaa. Ac ; tha antlra farm fenced with tha b"et atone wall; every nald 00 tha lira nipt had with a living v"ng of cool water, aad generally retarded a? one of tha heat farm" la tha annate. It adtl be a<4d, with farming atenatl*. ?tnrh, Ac., low for cash, <? will ha airhar ad fur fi'wt class city property or for a farm In Can tral Illinois, aa lha present prooriator wwhw to emigrate to tha Want. UaTTOR A JORRH, Ft .party Ki-hanga, I4A Raaaau etrret. Raw York, M. Tl'A.VTFn-A rilCSIR A BI.R U)T, IR ORRRRWOOO TV emetery. Addrraa boi SSI Fuel offioe, with the uuoa her of thr lot TtTARTRO-IO.m ACRES TFXAR I. A BPS. BETWRFR "V the Fraroa aad Trinity rlvera. Frraoea ownlnr rod crdton l?ada wlnhint to aell plaaaa aand description rf land, w hut rmiMt in and al atrant of UUan. w II FUU atraat, oarr of Rk hai .la A Flrury, or addrraa and 1 will rail on them JAR OORVBRflK ~ MIAR OrriCRR. AT THhlfmoR A CO.'R, SR'lKfRM ARI> CORVTWIOR Vpri hai.ia llfl Narraii rrrrl nwrnmr r?f Ann ar*m rrvwn No 1 aa< md flonr. Mtmw monoy from VI to Vhimi ? Wairh<a. Ilamnnda, Jrwalry, I?ry Hon, la, s?r?ra and all klodanl m- n handtoo, or honcm Parrlnilar ;t?oM.)n rani M aucuia aaira of FurUturc, Ac. Heatnr Kvl i"? boot hi and mm*. A. R. THOMVmiS. A.x-u.waor. At in orand RTRcrr, thrkk poor* wist or Broadway ? Monoy ad^anc-d no W.tobm. Dtamowds, Jrwalry. Plato. Dry Honda and nominal nroporty of o*ory lmrri| lion, or bought aad anld, by JOfcRPU A. JAC'KnOJf, Mrtxnirrr and brnkrr. a T IKK advance orrirjcs or i. jaoom monet ' J\ ran bo'ibtainod in any'iwanllty on Walnhoa, Jowolry, ' Dttmrmda. ?og*ra, Dry tlnodo. Hardwaxo. Braodlon, | and orory drarrfptlnn of MrrrbandOw; or bowgai, and tho htah / t priori ell -?. Hum nana olrtotjy ramAdowlial Honda la- I anrrd Eatabllahod In IMA. Principal cMtm, ft William at root; branch nMcw. toff Hmad way. AT II CHAMBERS VTBMMT?MONKT TO l/?AN TO any amount on Dtaowmda oaf or uraat Watrhoa, fowol ry, kr . or tbr aamn Nvighf for Uw> hl?brol oaah priooa, by tka wall known ISAACS, 11 <1mmbrra atrnot. N. B-Ro bootnaoa tranaartrd on Ha'ordaya. AT OAIOR'H RXCIIANHR OPTIC* 34 POtfBTH J\ arannr, nppooltr Oonpor'a InatMuto. adraaeoa mado no dlamnnda. natchoo Joaolry, and all Undo of mrrx hand loo. I*rtratr eidranoo, hnfl door. P riAt'lR, V4 Fourth aronuo. AT m CRDAR NTREET-H. HYMAN. DIAMOND 1 Bmfeor, adranroo mnnoy to any amount on fHamondo. am or nnaot. WaArboo. HHrorylalo, An , or bnyo tho nop Cor oMk oy^br tho Tool oAeo, No. L, aamnd door. " TOBACCO AND RROARN. SATAN A ?W? ARB I AM HRM.INH HAVANA kWlAM, Inrlodlno tka Snoot branda. anrb aa Oabanaa, Figaro, by tko K?f or 1 WO.tna low aa HVOUU ma bo bototoM "f any olkrr <*?ai?r la Up. nttjr. Tfcnay wtatalna to bay will ftn<1 ft iraally to ikrir Imam* in ?U aa<f ba nUM, ut wtU warTl IJhrrtratfxH. M*Y*R. RAM,I1* A OO , HO. 210 BOWMT. HATH AH rriTart n* r. .tptiuMbm for immnlliK aala, cb?ap for .-aah. ?lot of Jiaraaa Mtva. Parftatery art Jtwalry. ESDAY, AUGUST 21, MM. iMH SALE. Ami rotyi'kk and photographs-for bale, an Aabrljpe luj l'bot. graph Gallery, >5 Eighth a?enoe, 1 between Tw^uty fourth and Twentyllltli alri-eta. Thlr In a I good ikiice lor a yo.atg man. The art taught il necoaaary. A GOOD SECOND HAND FIFTEEN HORSE FLU?. Boiler for aale cheap. with front grata bar* and aafety J valec. will carry 60 pounda prraaure. 25 feet long and 1 i?e ' diameter. Sold on account of aire. Can be aaen at 11 1 Suit F11be lb atreet. A GREAT HAROAIN.-JrtW WILL BUY THE LEASE. ' figtureB and ii thI will of an elegant.y titled in Tea and 1 Of flee Store ra<abl>hed in 1H3S. and l ealed in tin* beat 0' la oeaa aire in the <dty. For particular* apply on the piemiaea, a*.' Broad atreet, Newark, M.J. A N OLD ESTABLISHED KXFRKFS ROUTE FOR hale, 1 ?L doing a good budn.-aa, with tw, wagon, tiarncaa, A Can bo aeon for two day*, from 13 A. If. to 3 1*. M., ai ]Rl v\ i rreo atreet. A RARE CHANCE.?A DOWN TOWN 1IJTEL FOR 1 ale, wi'h a good leaae, now doing a paying bngiiieaa of M.OOU or ti nil per year. Inquire of or addieaa WADS WORTH A 'IR1FFIN, 53 Liberty atreet, up ataira. A RARE CHANCE.?GROCERT, LIQUOR, TEA AND 1 C?it;re Store for aale; one of the beat atanda in New York, doing a large caah trade, t ne atook, fUturea new, with throe years lease. ror saic cneap; reaaonaoie terms. Apply to john loyd, is Nassau street. AMBROTYPR and photograph gallery, with 1 Lease, for sale?Splendid business location. 388 Bowery, junction of Fourth ayenue. opposite now Tompkins Market Cooper Institute, A Price fSOl)? worth double. If not sold ill IS week a good artist wanted to condu A tlju place. j Business for kale-compmsiwo a stock or 1 Hewing Machines, making an entirely new patented stitch unknown to tbe public. Tie owner baa immediate hual nean abroad at>d will aell both patent nod goods for $10,080; Will arte past tn goodj railroad securities or raal estate. An- 1 ply at 79 Cedar street, room JO, from 11 A. U. to 2 P, M., 1 where ths machines can be seen in operation. BRUO STORK for SALE-IN A GROWING VTLlage. near the ctly: can be bad at a bargain if applied for I < immediately For particulars apply at No. 77 Kaat Thirteenth ' mrcct, near Fourth avenue, from 9 till 13 A. M. t Enolifh shades and hotki.for BALK. elegant lv fitted up aud furnished; favorable lease; superior loca lien; dolus a iirat class paying business, and ousoftbe very J beat of rhaness. h abigob a south wick, m Naaaau street. EATING, OYKTKR AND DRINKING SALOON FOR sale . heap?The beet corner in this city. The woman v owner will sell tbe whole or half very cheap?for leas than c hall its value. Apply in the saloon, U7 Chatham street, cor * ner of Roosevelt. For halk-a dining, bar and lodging housr, j containing thirty Rooms, with a Ions lease. In West street, * nsnr Washington Market. Inquire at ltf Fulton street f. deisel8. 1 1 -J FOR 8AI.E?THE l.KAHR STOCK AND FIXTURE8 OF fl Liquor Store 327 Spring street, doing a go-d business, and ? has superior accommodations for a family. Spring street pier, the market and two lines ofsteamert are clone to the place. For sale?toe stock, fixtures and good will ? of a Millinery Store, doing a good builuesa. Immediate n possession. Apply at 119 Spring street. For sale-new and second hand tubular j Boilers, in good order, with all necessary attachments, of l' ihe following sires ? p 1 upright tubular Boiler, 24 Inches diameter and 7 feet high. 1 do. do. 34 " " 7 ' 1 do. do. 34 " " 9 " J 1 da. do. 36 " " 9 ' % 1 do. do. M " " 9 " n 1 horizontal do. JO " " 7 feet long. Apply to curtis a shapter, 2W and 211 Franklin street. , rR SAI.E?A TOCNG LADIES' BOARDING HOUSE 1 on Crosby street, in the neighborhood of Spring. Good <1 reason given for selling out. Terms $2.6C*>? J1.U00 caah, the balance to remain uu mortgage. Adilrtaa n. A. C , Broadway Poet olhoe.. w ????? t For bale-for 9400, an established cash manu- 1 faeiurlng hugineca, that will pay a good living, no fui ther capital required; reit 9300 Address Business, Herald otiiue. "| For sale?a first clash watch and jewelry s business, Ceslrably sitnsied In the most central portion of the city of .Montgomery, Ala ; for sale only In consequence of _ not having means to carry it on as desired; for engaging in s I highly lucrative business this is an opportunity rareiy met with. :J For particulars inquire of CHARLES q. WILSON, 26 Maiden lane. u For salk-thk lease, stock and fixtures of 1 the City Hotel, 342 Fallon street, Brooklyn, opposite the City Ilall; an old stand; stock light, rent low. Apply on the {* premises. V For sai.e-an upright steam boiler and sm _ leet of <7 Inch Piping. Tbe piping new. Ap jly at 'JOG West Thirty sulh street. N. Y. j taor sale?a i.aroe, profttable business. *' I' with birge contracts for work aad pmp?li lor imme , diule increase. The personal property. slock, Ac., are worth about the amount naked A splendid chance J mtlUS A SOUTHWH'K, 81 Nassau street. ? FIR SAIJC-ONF. OF THE BEST PLACES OF PUBLIC 11 retort around the rlty. 2d rear* established, or a Partner will be uken. This la a mire fortune lor any amain, active 1 man Alao a (mall Hotel (or s-ile Apply to MRU. RAW i 1.1 Mb' Rtclatry (Mine 78 Broadway. I I ?????????????? I al TjtOR SALE-THK MERCHANTS' PININO SALOON, NO. e F A"6 Broadway, corner of Worth (treat, li la large ami well titled tip. doing a ?.-id buuiie.s, In c naplete wmking or 1 tier, and wIII tie aoid cheap. Intinlre on the premises. J | Tj">r sale?the stock and fixture^ of the 1 P Fruit, cfmi'f. tl.mery and Pas*r Korr, at llie junction of ' Broadway and Rifth av nu>' al?o the I/?a*e. with nearly tkr?e years u> run. For, inquire at* the store, Vi7 ' Bread* ay. ??????????????? a FOR SALE?AT A OREAT SVCRIFICK. THE LE4<E. ? Stock and Lit to rea of the Ererelt Bowling Saloon, P61 ' K . tad v* . 1 Ijm le ma [.raulaet e e' -w tk- kind in ile it ?, i handintnr-ly Altai up and decorated '"all early as It will he Wil l at a arret bargain, the present owner being unable to J attend to It. | n I ? IrtoR SALE AN OYSTER SALOON. SITUATED AT ? 1 1 Mec-e:- reet. now doing a gel business. tie only rca ] a - t.,rp my helm- thai ine owner la about !f*t lug for the J Wert Tar?# liberal. Apply at Kt Merner atreet. ,V H ? P I'ennerted with li are a number of ojce Supper Km una for la- > tilt s and gentlemen. For s ale sty sf-onp invn iron safes, three J of Herrleg's make, two ol Wllder'a. and one (Javier's di patent, all with powder proof 1-tcka at 100 Maiden lane. N Y ?' Fcr sale-thf. stock and fixtures, with Igtaae, of a comer Liquor Flore, doing a nice cash bust | n as, to be aol 1. as the owner cannot attend to It. Apply to C ORKHAM, W I'nlvcrtiiy place, oronlhe preimaea 2Jo Seventh 1 I avenue. J w rR SALE?T1IE STOCK AND FIXTURE! OF AN A F: mb bhatlea. In a lirat class location. with three years tssean ll -. r- c T. liluut object pi a valuation. App.y at 1 11 i Hudaoe atri t. I 1! T.-'ORSALK THIS DAY-ONE OF HOE A CO.'S 6 INCH ? I ram HydnauUr rremart. nawest paitern. a-n'able Inr a book prtalirg nNce. has nerer been iirej. net WJ26 will be ] ?< Id for rash al !.'?*). Apply at room JJ. over New York and , -I Harlem Railroad depot. fi - al TDOR SALE. FRKIOIIT OR CHARTER-THE SFLENDID r tea going ? esm propeller VICTORI A, Ian tona, tin* boll 1 era. and in complete order for sea Apply to AARON A. DE J OR All W No 242 South street, New York. '< ll For sale chkap-thk three tears- lease Stork and Flitnreaof aa eierllent and well located U | 1 nm*Si..r? In the Fourth ward I a r ?rl bn?<n?aa. Salts J factory reaaoos glxn for selling out, mint be sold Immediate II ly. Apply at S6 Eons-vcll atreet. | a Iltor sale ciikap-on pearl street, near ; ? 1 Franklin square; a reisll Ale anil Liquor \ I alts Apply I befort I.' * ui JOHN McINNES. Ale VauW No. 1 Cort audi 1 itr< el, third basement, left band from Krnadwaj . J nna ni tniiiatni niin _ent tennr lanm I ' f inrrKif a flmt elaa* family teia aod'ooflfte atnee.dnln* a gond r I ayln* biiaineaa, aatufarlory reaao* given for Mlllng out. A* H ply ftt 10 New ark ftTeoue, Jcrawj City, E. J. rR RAM OE EXI HANfJE-TIII? MASK. FIXTI RRS ] and Furniture of ft Hotel with *ro#ia modftttnw* for Mi fi person* llu irood bar, billiard r out aad r**iaiiraot ftt- | h Imbed All In gimd <>r<l?r, ftftd dot up good bnnlnewa I/*- itlon nnaiirpiiaaed. (loral Imjirorod property taken in pftit paj m# ot A rarw cbanre for on* acquainted with the bu*ln#-M I I Apply at IS (li.iabera mreet. room ho. t. jj HOTKI. FOR SAM.-FTTHFR or TWO FIRST rLA?S M ll(4el* forcale. on extremely liberal ter* a, or w>h ex change for ft Mtiftll country residence. Both arc well located 1 . - ? ? - B1UOS A ROl'IllWICk. MS Smwau airewt ? HAT AMP CAr RTORF. roRHALK-K? FOR the l>?t ten Tear*, Impure at 1)6 I hftthani 'r?et. V V. _ Quart* rook akporair*itj. avp portion of ,t the patent for a..le-1'owceded the beet and only will of *1 i eloe to miner*, red in* to Impalpable pow der with a iding w t rinding and am far-# easily replaced, apactally harden#* 1 a. . . I COAP FAPTORT FflR RALE?WITH A I RfOCK, FIX kj ture*. horte*. tart*, wftjop, will h* sold low, now doing f ft arg* c xah trad*. In pilr* at SIS Kaat Twenty fifth elreet. I I . H Sl.rf.|-FOR RAI.IHIKAP-RI TOUR. LllillT PR A TOUT, ? eaile two x ear* old and well found w 111 he aold low Ap< p y to MOOttf. A I'll A I'M AN. S(H Weal afreet. ? TO TAI1.0RR ?FOR HAM, A RRATT.Y FITTKP I P I | merchant Uai'or'a Store, on aeeond llnr.r mnwt laaira'ly fa Inrftted. with or without the Stork which I* wnall. Addrwua #>. t\ It , llerald office, for two day* ? e>1 ni\ -THR RTOCE ANP FIXTURES OF A KFtT T tPl?/t". l.l<|itor and Refre?bment Saloon In lh- Fourth y w arri, re m* f ir family attached ri nt low w i I? - ' half , It* raise;reaami* for aellln* gtien. Apply at No 4W Pearl I trert. _ .1/1/III FOR R A I.E. A I.TtJHT VANI FtfTlRIMl 3? 1 .Xjt H F. cash hoainea* paying three h mdred p?r cent p, k o cowi petit win Perfect aattaf action guaranteed. Inquire of ? PAVIS k CO. SW Broadway room B. . in nrm -for ram. thf ooopwim., ikasf / l>lU.UUl/? stock ami rli?irea of an old eatihlMhed | m PnaafMltifteg Bnelnee* of forty year*' afandtng In iht* city _ Ha? no er.nipeiiunn, and ha* all the farilitu a for doing a large T* an 1 rrriflta' 'r h.ialwra. Mill Ik., I....lee? -#....- ?II. a. . 1. { fc f u? rtty aad eoaaiy. In*! ui uw ft A Effiwi, i >. HRHM (MM la mmminw*, i IiXlRRAM-MX Wr.WFOrRHI.AWl> ANIGHT HfRWAKI) aai 1 Pupa blnei. fmm tbe larerat hivb u4il'? la lb* ** dt*. bo h nee he eeen. alan one It*,mo brown BtUh, *a par* <n,l ha- twirr aa m?r tr,?l Mnh tit, tu l>, r l] t laek l*n IKhoi lhr?e ei'tU of lb# fp,ir#?\ bo?d, Rv.cb *n I JC f*yn Tnrrinra, Kln? Oharlea Spantnln P'<lnt?ra and Aa't?r? on lai tile! Addreae II. OardBer. eurn?r of Broadway and forty- na < (htb atrort. A| ' rn 1i*OR RAM?A L.AR1F NKWForWW.AND HOO II jT rnootha old. t <n b? wen for Ho dara at Wo. S Waal Rl?- V ternlb itrm JD ????????????? tl* Sfobtiw3-rrawriw bctucr, wo. s rci ri,ip, ** 'baa the larval and rbotcnet aa*,rim?nt of iv*a la tb? rri world. b"tb for a,,# and atorb Butler'a Irfalllblr Hi rn 'un ? and Plea Rilermimamr. W oeota per botue. Do?? boarded, B trained. Ac AdrW a gratia J J ???????????? ?af \rA''TTT FOR RAM.?TT1K RI.OOP VAflTT PRIMA am Hnnaa la offered for aale. and will be ?old v?rr low. the ? 1 1 m *r *bn I" :*l tr?t , ?J < i! i iab? r ?n : o,. i II one of the boat aea i > d? on tin n . or and a ?<tt .?? aa,l<<r, j wll Hfti tig woo Ihe prlre n lb# but rer ttl* of tbn ll.fhrk* n T fit wo ?7?ih, June 16 JAW. Price RAM. for | artlrnlara in lulre at 1p7 an< Water etreet, W. T, I tin BOAROIRO AND LOOOIRO. A VACANCY FOR TWO OR THRICE PATIKNTS TO fV H'wrrt 111(1 receive Medical attendance. Apply to Dr. IARRV. ii? East Broadway. A PRIVATE FA MILT WILL LET A SUIT OF HARD r\ aomely furnlahrd Rooms. oonalatlns of the enure second ??>r, together or seuarste, without board, to geuUrmeu only 'y applylag at lil Nlnih street, third door east of Broadway A MM A LI.. (jUIRT FAMILY. IJVINO IN ONE OF THE Q. mtiat dantrable location* In ute city, will let a handsomely uraiiihed second Floor, to gentlemen or gentlemen and their uvea <-all at It Kaat Twenty fourth street. A ?rAM"<Y WILL LET A FCRFIHHKD frit ^/JSSS u u.'one or l*? young men In one of the iioat comfortable Utile houses in the city gas bath Ac 1M fwentleth street. between Ktrat and Second ?",iumt)' A Hn.Lri Vn,!',"riv.'! Kf"'T ,K < A N DKJIRE< PARTIAL I ^ir,"J ,V <K'near Broadway And r^i - ? <* , ?iw , Address Southerner. care Leavllt ruler A Co., 31 < Lambert* slreeu Alarok second story front room to i yr with Board, fund, bed or uufuiuhhed, v. a gentleman 1110 hut wife, also Rooms for uogle geutirtneo sirix Weal fourteenth street Reference J eichauged. Dinner at 0. A handsomely furnished parlor and bed room, with nee of >?th room, aultable for a gentleman or lw>, Id a'lirst elaas brown alone bonne in Thirty-fourth street family private. Address E. K., station E Pual olhce, Eighili avenue. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET SEVERAL furnished or unfurnished froot Rooms toslnrle eent!e nen and gentlemen and Ibelr wives, with full or partial Hoard, iaa and bath in the house. Inquire at 1W West Thirty eighth arret, near Eighth avenuo. A KM A I.I, PRIVATE FAWIT.Y HAVE SEVERAL l\ large airy Room*. suitable for gentle men and their wives, vtth board; gas and bum, who, boiyd t"r arte* single gentle uen. No. I Abtngdvn s>tuare, corner Bank and fileecker tresis. 1 1 '? 11 " 1 a VERY PLEASANT SUIT of FURNISHED ROOMS a. on the Meooud Moor to let, with Board, In a private family, louse has every convenience: location healthy and pleasant, nd convenient to cats and ferries. Apply at 2SB Clinton treet, Brooklyn. -T M EAST SIXTEENTH STREET-BOARD, WITH f\ furtnahod or unfurnished Rooms, in suits or single. The oose laty everyway fitted firnt clsan A LARGE, PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, Of SECOND rl floor, lo let to single gentlemen or gentleman and wife, nth Board; also, front Room and upper floor, bouse first lass. pleasant, y located, convenient to cars an I stages. Call X 41] west Twenty third Ktieel, opposite Hindoo terrace. A FURNISHED ROOM. NEAR UNION SQUARE, fV wanted by a gentleman. Address, with terms, bos 21 port office. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, SUITABLE FOB TWO SIN [1 gle gentlemen, can be obtained at No A Went Twentynorth street in the Immediate vtciully of Madiaot, suuarc, and I poaite the Fifth Avenue Hotel. a PRIVATE FAMILT, 121 EAST THIRTY FOURTH O. street, between l.eiinjrtna and Third svenuea. will ae nmraodste a gentleman and wife or two or three single gentle MB with Board ou reasonable terms. A HANDSOME FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LIT? 'V Without Kosrd, in a first class House, suitable for one or ao gentlemen. Terms moderate. Apply at lbU Waverley lace, near Slvth avenue a BACK PARLOR ON A ROOM ON THE THIRD FLOOR, rV to let With or without Board, m a private family, terms, 8 and $10 per week. Apply at 22f Varied street uear Car nine st a n KLDBRLV I.ADY AND HER DAUGHTER. who [\ own a house, with the modern Improvements, w'ah to commodate a few gentlemen with genteely furnished looms and Board. Parlies of respectabllltv will dad this s I met una comioname Dome, luquire at Hi Madison street. A OKNTl.EMAN ANO WIFE. AND THREK RIM ILK n. g< ntlemen can obtain desirable Risims. with Board, ami he comforts of h home, at No. 3 Albion place, Fourth street, leferencts exchanged. BOABP?TO I.ET, ONF. OR TWO FRONT ATTIO Rooms, neatly furnished, with K<uird The family la mall ami private. Call at 17 Iteiiwick street, three doors rom Canal alreet. Tt'irai low . r>OARn.-Tocwo ok.ntlrmkn wishino to kcono) mlsr. .-an And at lhj Oram! street a oik. clean sleeping noma, at tl a week, with parlitl Bo?i In priusirtloa; locaon eentrai; stages anC cara p?ss every two minutes. [JOARP-'O I.KT, WITH BOARP, AT 137 HEOONO J avenue, he: ween Eighth and Ninth streets, one nleely fur Iklien front Room on second tlisvr Ui a gentleman and wife or so imttMM, I.o. uiou very dealrabU. References ex hanged BOARP -A FINK WIT OK FRONT ROOMS CAN BK had at I ill Weat T ?enty eighth alreei. House and location lrelici t I kinlly amiill. and every comfort of a good quint mine provided. Kvery privilege nl a private home enjoyel. fJOARP ?TO BKNT. WITH Ho.VRO, TWO IIA N P If soinely I mulshed large Kisima. with small oiicn attached. the third Hour of a t rst rlaas hoaae. also a large Boom on lie fourth lloor, suitable for one or two a rgle gentlemen infer at 1 o'clock. Apply at &J Ft. Mark's place, Kighlli street. BOXRP-ORAMKRC9 PARK M IAIT TWENTY first street ?A large Rr?an on the second lloor to let with toard, suitable for a gentleman anil wife or single gentlemen; len. two small hooma. Dinner at i.x, o'clock. Relereucus nhanged. BOARP-A GENTLKUAN ANO WIFK. AND A few single gentlemen can he accommodated w.ih IPsxrd n d rcsuns at lit Nln'ti street, a few doors west of Itratlws) The bouse Is in complete order, with all the modern improve ncnla. References exchanged. BOARP.-A (iRNTI.KMAN ANP WIFK OR TWO SIN gle gentlemen can be areimmndaird wllh a front Room, i I'o West Fnitrte. uih street. Alao. two ball Bedrooms 'or Ingle gentlemen References given and reiptirod. Plune lit BOARP.-A OKNTI KMAN ANP WIFK. OR TWO NUTni.K gsnilemenean obtain plea ant Rooms with Board In a lodrrti house located at No. I-.' Ninth street, a few doors vest < ( Brratdwsy. DOARP.-A VERY PI.K A8ANT BACK PARI .OR TO if let. f u'-TileI, d. w Ih Hoard, to i i.",li,l,.|ii in .in I ?l Xn ly at 491 Hudaou street, near Christopher. Uas and hath, tinner at six. SOAIB AT Tin - xnpinavian* ROmiWKI If ar street. Mar Broadway -Gentlemen oanbeacc sled at the a sue pi p ilal h miss at ner week A gen'eel ibaai belnc roniiei ted wllh the establishment, Iswrders and Wlr 'rlends will di.d this a pleasant horns to si'fnd their even ics. eniny the c*le?raled Rolbo Ortiet/e, Swedish punch, U b? bier, wine, Ac. .Mrs. Kl.l.x WKIIRK AMP. JOARP IN CMNTON PI.Al'R- A FAMII.V CAN OB [# tain very desirable furnished Ki.HTia, Pigether or separate, ith Board, at til Clinton place, two doora raa of Fifth a.'tmie. l?i. one or two single gentlemen can be accommodated. QbARP ON MI RR XY IIII.I, I, X ROE, HANPSOMKI.Y [J fumi?hed sun >f Rooms and recep *, R p. let, with loan), private table, al 63 Hast Thirty tilth Btrest, near Fourth venue. References exchanged. DOARPPOW* TOWN-TWO Hi NODE OENTl.EVKN, l# <t a I uii> , nun nm III', ran i a dim mo..-. I witli nil R..t.rd. In n Ml An.rrwitn lutiiy. at <01 itreeowlch tiaet, one Moor from Uracil treat. OOARM ix JFR8FY HITY.?ajqbkti.imak axpwifk. [3 or ih ainr ? rentlomrn. f in obtain Bird on rm? at 141 waaain|U>n ureal, plaaa.intly located. aad oul/ iree tiloeha frun Um fur 17 BOARD WASTFP-I1T A TOfXO <IRNTI.K*AX AXP lila wife, and a jnnnr gentle mi a frlemt In a private y wtr ri there are no 'Ah< r boat Mora, ami who live In a pintant part of the rit\. Roterenren exrb inge I T!u~e . <?rijrn a ill oblige by ma at awerln*. Fleaar addroae boi ' W Poet oflio" auitiua feme lorallon and particnlara. Board waxtfp?ix a irivatf awrkiian fa*ily. for a gentleman wife and child, partial Hoard for eolleman, will he permanent if tutted, and Ilia 'tarlual lavat'on veal of Ht wdway Refrrniree r>Imaged. Terma nrd to eti ee l M par apvk. Addrr.a ft. II. L, 1 ulna Reflate I'oai oftee riOARD WANT1P.-A ORVTI.KXAX W I-lifts A RO( M [3 and partial Hoard, with a widow lady or plain prli <t? .ml'y, va<th all the romfnrta of a plain home AJdreaa T. T. adv. Headway I' ai oDlea, Mali Of prtre and partlrulara. iOARD WAXT?n-HY A RFRPft TAHI.R YOl'XI 3 lady, lo a prti ata family or Mleet hoard; u? home, term a mat be moderate location I elow Potirth air eat. A Idreaa, I atirp terma r M. box 112 Herald oft. e. JOARP WANTKP?WITH PRIA'ATft TABI.K IX A 3 pnriiia hottae, for a gentleman, two ladlee an I two '.dm. A.' Ireaa CwMleat Herald otl.c-e Dnefltw unf'v. 100m' ronrenieu' tia. and name low price, or no m will be given JOARP WAXTFP-IX A PRIYATR FAftll.T WIIERF 3 there are ne other boar'or' At . gentleman wtte. two nldren and aervant. aeennd floor entire nteely fnrntihad. alih Imp 1 rementa apenaablt I' wean??ertaj( III yleaar alale all parllt Iilara % In locallen nn.-e. Ac The I arttaer ron d furnlah the r .ma in iiart II r.-,nire 1 for a owr pondint raduuhn In prioe. A ad rem II. 0. ft. Herald Ire. toarp wAxrrn-ix nooun, cxMfvftxnqrr tft 3 Fu n and Wall clreet ferrlea for a gatil'eman. wite ml irva 1 hi Id ram, .gad aevenl ean, foi.rieaa aad ten, In a ptnat.t private lumllr. where the rooif rta of a b one may be id Three rorma re.pi'md. Terms moderata. Adtre <, tth partifMlare, W P Herald oftra. JOARP W*um IX JIRSFY t'TTT ?A TOtTXH MAK 3 wtai'ea to'Tt* n a amall r *m. with or w.tho it pa ?l rafd. in a private family none hut Ihoae whoraapoct the I4ab ,th need apply. Addraaa Coty, Ileral t ofll a. TO A RPIX'I.?PFRMOX? IX PCRXrTT OF ROOWR CAW ) n..w have a ehol a * lli?t eomanlani lorallty Ko (I FaM If'aantli alrael near I'nton aonara; two ample Row for mtlemen. I'lnaer at an o'clock Terma reaeonal e )OAftnrXO-AT ?* WEST THIRTY TOCRTH STRFFT; 1 I ir?e an t amall Rortma to let. ftirniabed or nnfamiabed, ttb full or patUal Hlard furnttura taken In part payment rate n health) and delightful. Call at a bora. joarpixo -A PRIYATK FAIIII.T. rrripixo ix 9 Waat Fonrteenlh Mreet wish to let tbetr entire Raeond nry. baotanMely fnmlabad. to a rant em an and wife or a fa* lly of ad'ilta. A.ldrem boi UT Herald oftra. toarpiwo -loop roarp ann pl.rarart eoor1 > run l<? h*1 *1 N" H Broad Aar, oppnalta Rowlm* Or--n, r ladfaa and r> ntlamaa. one of lk? muni delightful looMtaM thecl.y. ioarpiro pow* row* -a nw etbolr urvn k ? mm f<n I* nttk rot Iln*rd ?nd pie* nt Hoove b) applying at 308 Paarl aural. Tama rentable iroori v!*.- a mitatt family woclp lpt to X f?n ' man and kiawifaor '/< lw> imi> genUetnrn a ?* airy wall formatted Room. In the awn alory lorallon anrpaared ronreaiient to Annih and Wall air-at far-ien. >p'y at lit Pari fir Mreet between Hnr> and Clinton. Ram?< ? ? gl-an and re pilied.' ?"arp tv brooklvr pf^rahf.p roorr arp I rapOfVir ftmrd ?r? offered t.riprlTate family, la a drat n brown JR"M li -nna at 101 AW aueet. wmrnalawi to itk and WaU Kraal frrrlan. Pinner at < o cloak. Rateicna eickaagfd. ioarp ie prooelve -roowr to lft, with I Mon'd, In a ftrat rlaaa I mwn at?na bu iaa. lonatton pie*. ?? larva moderate Apply nl ? ivweont at-eet. Or* rai iaa' walk from Yukon farry. Rmtranaw re^lml oarp ie rrooklte.-a yroet parlor or rrl rrmd r ?r handamnaly fMmlafiad, to a renilaman ail 'a alar a On a fmal rr**n tklrd nt?>ry. to two pantlavian arhn It Id room top atkar A Aral plana private krriae, near nam, I aiyki mp-ntaa walk tr an iba ferry. Apply at 2U RtaM tat, oral boyt, 3 BOARD!* O AND LUDOIJIO. Board "in brooklYn.-plrahamt rooms, suitable for married or angle gentlemen. In a brown su>ne house, situated in a very fund location, convenient to thW ferries. References exchanged, terms moderate. Apply sA !7 Concord street. Board in brookltn.-a oentijcnax and his wife or a few single gentlemen may And deslrabla 1 Rooms, with Hoard, at 1U6 Clinton street, ounvenlsnt to Vail street and Boulh ferries. References exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-a oknti.eman and wifv and a few single gentlemen can be accommodated wills i good H'Strd In a modern built bouse; hot and cold baths, and Bl at a reasonable rate, a good table; house wsll furnished. Inquire at 2?SJ Adams street oabd in BROOKLYN-TWO OBNTLKMCN AND their wivea, or a few single gentlemen, may Sod deairaI ble Rooms, wnh good Hoard, at 73 West Warren street, convenient to Wall street and South ferries. References exchanged. Board in brooklyn-nkar fulton frrry, fob a married couple or gentlemen at No. Poplar street, near Columbia; choice rooms on second story, with gas, bath, Ac.. fine vie w of the bay. Board in brooklyn.-newly furnishrd and very pleasant Booms, In suits or single. In s first class 1 house, with all the modern Improvements, with full or partial Board, are ottered by a small private family. References requiied. Apply at Mil Clinton street. 1 TJOARl) IN BROOKLYN.?A OBNTL1VAN AND WIFB ?f a couple of single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Board In aamaD famliy by Inquiring HI -No. AlO rlillltili strual "R?^*n J* jwu'TH jutooci.rK.-a family dm. vHw win taw* tfceaw orYour apart* S TT*? y 1 house near the South ferry; fT.liS ^7,'Tl 111 andgceat social advannXtfJ .wu,sre'* & 'fc,r remttnerttmn will be required Th# * a parties can hava a separate table If wished far AddreM QranUey, boa HI Herald oUiue. JU^ ELBOAKTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.WtTM TOIX or partial Hoard. In a tlrst claas hottae oonnuniog all thm modern lmprovtmenla. In the vhdulty of Fifth Avenue Hi**Zr~ Madison and laiou jiarka. Terms moderate. Atiulr^kia Hroadway. First class board-at 2117 ka?t hroadway; bounfl contains hot, cold and shower hatha, and all '.hi modern Improvements; rooms cellghltnl an I well furnished; ' k veryihlngJn perfeet order; from $1 lo *6, gas, Ac., Included? Table Ural class. FRAKKFORT HOUSE, CORFKR OF FRANKFORT ANIJ William streets. N. V.?Simile Rooms from 2A- to ;!7c. per night, or II to S3 per week, limine newly furmabed, Willi a good Restaurant allai htsd. Open all mgbt. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR OENTI.EMEN AND THKTS wires and lor single gentlemen, with gas bslh, Ac. Apply at lttt Kait Hroadway. References ? vehai.ged. FURNISHED ROOMS.?NICB COMFORTABIV FUKuished Room* and Bedrooms for small families, from 13 to 13per week, ?t 1.16 K'lnibeth atrnet, near Iteoonie. Croton water through the houae and all conveniences FlRNISIIKD ROOMS TO LET-AT 200 (IRANI) STREET, A handsomely furnished Kixim, with gas and Bedroom, and other Rooms, Co let to slagle gentlemen only. Apply a# above FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET TO OENTI.F.MBM? AIRT nnd pleasant. Terms moderate. Apply for three days at 29 Catharine street, between Madtaou and tlenry. Mrs j. fowler, 122 east broadway, haviikj completed her arrangemenla, U now prepared to receive application for Hoard Her bonae Is llrst class, her room* well lumlshed and airy. Terms moleratc. Iinmedta'e spphcatlra will semirt|cbolce of rooms. HOltOKEN?ONE OR TWO (iKNTLKMKN CAN OBlain a handsome large Room, with partial Hoar I, at No. tl River terrace. T he location Is very pleasant, near the hoot uig naui ana lour luinme* iiuui inn .erry . VTO. 7 BREVOORT PLACE, TENTH HTRKKT - A HANDXN aomely furnlahed Parlor and Bedroom, also a single Boom, to 1*4 to gentlemen. with broakfset tf desired. "VTO. M WEST NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH ATEXI noe. ?Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnished, In suits or singly to gentlemen oal). In a quiet, first class bouse, with breakfast If d?sired; every attention paid; uneioepbonaMe references given and required. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED?FOR A FAMILY OF eight persona In a respectable nnghb rrbood In New York or Brooklyn. Terms not to eteeed $5 per week ea<-b. Address V B Imii ISO Herald otlice PRIVATE 1IOARH IN BROOKLYN AFKWSINUI.K gentlemen, or larallles, can be arcominodsted wltk pleasant roots a furnished to anil, with Board, at 221 Htate street. Pleasant 1 oration, terms moderate Rooms to i.kt furnished, to a oentlkman, with partial Board if required Apply at 12* new uumt ber) Ninth street, a few duora west of Broadway. SINOLE GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives making arrangements for Hoard for the winter ran row And superior accommodations at 36 Tenth street, bet seen Filth aid Sixth avenues. References given and required. Suits of rooms, and rooms and board m \t bb had at No. M West Sev enteenth street. TWO OR FOUR SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEman and wife can obtain a nl. ely furnished Room, with >r ! without Board, in s Hot clues house. Thine preferring mml< rt ami qnlet to fashion and riot, can call at 133 East Kiltythird street, between Secoud and Third ava. TO let, furnished?A FRONT AND BAilC Hi * in. with small bedroom, with Ittrgu cloaets and water, j u father or separate Apply at 121 Fcurth airnue, beiweeu I T wellth and Thirteenth streets. T' (> LET?WITH PAKUsL HOARD, TWO ROOMS, CON* nreting, to one or two gentlemen, with use oi tia'h aul arse None but those w ho respect the Sabbath need ?j piy, it I 64 .' ice strr et. I rpo let-TO A GENTLEMAN, WITHOUT HOARD. A | J large furnished front Kooui, for t- per week, at No. 6 I East Broadway. TO LET?A LA ROK FRONT PARI.OR, UNFURNISHED a hi a lurniahed Bedroom, at ldu Spring street. TRTARTKIf- A FF.W KINOI.K OKNTLKVKM TO V? Row4, wlier* they will have pkwut r?i in in 1 every i ri'mfnrt of a home Apple at Mra. Iiowrey'a, Poplar, corner of M> Kennejr atreet Hrnnglya U' TARTKi*?BOARD IB BROOK t.TN NIC Ml ATI.4V. U or If - III II' I d ?e?nne ferry, hy a widow lade in A rrt; rate f riilly where liter# wo n i ntber boar'era Will fnroiall . h?r cwo room*. Addrta-, for thr?? day*. Mr a. A Her .. 1 ' iiftiea. Relerenrea airbiui|(e1. ?Q rF.R WKRK?AND PlRTlAI, HOARD F'lK TWO CO Ki nlli mi n. At Nil 4 War-en pU-e (Char-lea atree- . Second "nor K<?>m well tiirnlalied tlrat rli? h"nae. rra-r-l pi ablairborxl, near V. aalii.iui >n apinrr. I amity am *11 ai d 'pile! Gentleman and wife tlO HAIUNGDUN SOU ARB. IIKTWKR.N HA.NK AND 1 rny aireeta, on tbi went aide - Hoard wi b bar. 'la- 111" r furulrbrd Kooma. m ami* or aiiuflc. at r*..?ot>aMa rap", b .aw timt claa*. IneioepUnoalle retermora fiecn and required. Slay ea and cars paaa Ibe door, OR WKHT FOURTEKNTH HTRKVT BRAK FIFTH AVR. now.?B' V'l, wtlb hande<>melv finnhbed Roma, n anil* or alnr> at reaeonahle rate* Hunan Brat etaaa troaa iu?a L'naicepU. ualue r< lerenrea required : 41 tvimwt-liNtn'iii' Rmmi in mrli orKipoWi, for erot'rmen and their wItm or single re>,tinmen. The bo,*o *<s every ooovntuenra. IHiuer si ti o'eluc*. A A WKnT B1.KVBNTH STSBFT -FfRNISllFn ROOM* " 7'ti let. with I all or partial board. Rafareuoa* ,'iven a.d rerjlltreil. ft MADISON A V K ft' K OURNKR Of TWKNTT. tjt) seventh street. I'l* aoi fiiriiiahed Room* for gentli*. men and thatr wlvn* and "ingle tretit'emen, with llo ird, ng go* be Mcurad one Room m tlrat thaw, amiable for a phy .an C/' FAST 1 WKNTIKTil ' TIIKKT RBOOBD DOOS UU from Orameecy part - Newly furnished Room to lei. ' >vilt? or ninr'e v? 1' iillmen, a*th partial R-iard, ar to tectlemrn and Uietr wire a, with or without private table, In a unlet. Brat claae private bouae 79 TKNTI? STRFFT. NBAR FIFTH A VBNUR.-R0ITB I Zt of Parlor* and Hedrornna, and aoilr Rooms, to lei, wlttt Board, to reapertable partlea. 7Q BART FOCRTFKNTH STRKBT. NB\R CN10M I t7 arpiare.?KlegaM Suite of Room*. a'ihab,e f->r tawili-a or alorle gentlemen u> let. either permanently or transiently, aa paitiea may deaire. Reference* exchanged. Dinoor at at O'Cbrh. inn FOrRTFFNTn STRFRT -LABOR ANr? I I/"' well furnished R<->ma. with Aral I laa* Hoard. ' > let; ,? alien the finest ard m-ct healthy In the rlty Only those who wlah for permanent l-*rd need apply. TQrt MACPOl'H ALSTRFFT, NBA* AMITT -A l.AROC 1 dl' Purn-abed Room on aeeond Boor. In'tahle for a ?< in< mar?l"1 eoaple AIM single Room* for young men fi tter at o e lor It Term* low; family small, raferen -*a eirhsngvd. 1??7 K OHTH STRFFT. THRBR llOORS FROM HROtP. lul wty, with or without Hoard, Rosewood newly fur- nlsked Parlor* flsrge) on first, second ami third floors, w.lh small n* bed It ev hn-vge.l / !-/ Tt'KST Ffit'RTK.F.NTH KTRFFT IUNI V II") romntodaUona for ? family of four or tt- . ? 'sona parlar, four or five sleeping rooms, ar*'' adnll perother lie. e?asrv convenience* attach " hath room and I room* for on* or twnslngle gee'' 008 or two ' - COJDRTRY BOARD. I) tRt) I* TUB f'OUNTRT At- \ V v r , toyy4 lb? I,ce ot Will lain II. INbt lee, Mr* wherry Hill, Ptamford, Coo n. BOABD IN OORIfWALIa?A FAMfl.T OF FIRST RF?f eetablUty ran ba neo im ii-vlaled lor a Tew wee*"w,:h "fhsj t?""1" end Hoar I If application tt made ImmedJMe: / to R H *., Hat aid oRlce /fifll'NTRV BOARD? THRtCF OR FOt'R VFRT PttA ' suable Room* at ihe Moot tain Olan House, r'atnfield, N. J . one hour sad a Half from New Tort Reference* Jm A. I'svtdaon. Hf. Murray ?treet. .1 S Mysrs, <M Br ?.I?*y. FfiOl'NTRT Ro ARP WAN1.RO r?MRP|ATFI.T?FOR \J U-rre Indian children ami nur*e, s short dl?Ui ce tr >n\ New Tort. Ad dees# H H, New Tort Poat oOlce statin* terms and place of !oraU<>?. _ rrjiitiTtK*. A "?S,|,fIfKws^nl.0r-.KN *NBH.BirpCRNITlt R R FOR Jm W*- or warrtnM BMnnfirtnrB Alan a ? um'?r Bull* plala and nnuun rml, k? f ARRIN' "t.Tr A TV**.'"**' C**<- "rW!1, oppa-to W"""u>r bU>> ^ A riRRT PRmil M rKAHRl.T.RP OR OB4INRO A Hult of <"t>*mS#r Fiimiinrr for f 14, In urnry n.i!.>r and Wjl*; *1*0 lb d im* of rrrry .1?nrrlnti"i Kerry *rUnir warranted a* reprrtmtod. R C. WoOpHKIOciK, R<?. 4 id 9 R>ilhvan *trerl, two doom from ranal ?trrrt. UK AMKIJ.FD CHAMRKR RlTfTR Of Fl'RRrTt'RR tlf 1U nil rotor* *nd *tylr#, al wh>l?*alr or mull. M 12ft *od upward* alnrf MtUrwn and Pallia***WaRRKK WARP, *77 Oanal Or**. four door* e?t of llna?lway. ECRyrrrRR Rononr por rkapt monrt.-a fair ralur *l?*n la raady ?mej for FitrnJtnra, Oarp***, tka. Ac . at U9 RUth aranu*. b*tw**n Rlnth and Trnlfe atrrrta. nrantrp ft coo worth or ruRRtrrRR ih txf| rhar r* fw rWrfm Iowa land* at Ik* townrt **a ?rV-w?. Rrmr uh wll baj-nl with Ibr lar-Hlf doalrwd DATTOR A JOKKP. Pioprrty Frct-ona |4*.R**M? ItrtM. A.I., rooa* H.

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