Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1860 Page 2
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2 of Uu Oporto WlnsOompoay,nd the commercial tranaac iltms or the government of Porta**1 for the loot hundred ad tfty years, hu boon oertoo of thoironeot deception, mwoonroo and Illiberal! ty, and of acta lite theae; and If thoro to do other tribunal before which to try them, lot thooo be held up to the scorn of the world, and mako thooo ahtaatng, a scoffing and a byword among honest tea and magnanimous nations the world over; and let their practices and their deviations from oomtnon honesty be known sad understood In the world's great mart, o they shall bare fewer victims whenever they want to moke sham bargains or extend their credit among honorable men, who have not the panoply ol government or the protection of standing armies. Oar St, Petersburg Correspondence. t*r. Pstmusrao, July 81,1M0. TV Syrian Question?Attitude of the Russian Government? Russian fbart of French Aggression?Will Intervention Provoke Further Massacres f?CM Gowan't Success in Raising the Sunken Vessels at SeOastrpol. dc The Syrian massacres are the second act of the drama whioh was Introduced by the famous meeting at l'rlnce GortchakolTs In the month of May last, and which bears the title of "The Oriental Question Revived.'' The curtain dropped on a committee of inquiry, nominated by the Porte, with the consent ol the Ave great Powers, to Investigate the complaints of the Christian inhabitants of European Turkey; and it rises again on a scene of horror la another part of the empire, which fully juiltdes the Russian government in calling the attention of the civilized world to a state of things w hich could lead to so fearful a cntas- i trophe. To be sure, the worshippers of Mahomet in western Europe will 6ay that it did not require much forostght for us to predict events which we hod a principal hand li pro ductng. and very logically ascribe on outbreak of Mussul in*B fanaticism to the Intrigues of Russia and France among the Christian population; but no cue who has * watched the state of (eeltng In the Ea.-t can be ignorant that <iulte different elements are at work In this cue. Ever since the Crimean war the entire Fast has been per vaded by a spirit of effervescence which has found vent, sometimes in one direction, sometimes In another. The Indian mutiny, the insurrection of the Arab tribes of Mesopotamia, the massacres of Jeddah, the emigration of the Tartars from the Crimes, sre sll symptons or the feverish agitation that has seized upon the Mussulman mind, and must eud in a violent and sanguinary crisis The ancient antagonism between Christianity and Mahometaoiam has been revived in all its Vigor. Tbe Orientals are convinced that the moment of a tinal struggle between the two reiigions is at length arrived, and to attribute the consequences arising (rum this conviction to the machinations of French or liussiin diplomacy argues a want of apprecial. n of tnc moral cause.- that go.trn the march or historical events. The readiness of the French F.mperor tf despatch troops to hyria gave the utmost satisfaction here and it was thought that it would meet with the full approbation of our Cabinet; but this does not appear to be exactly the case; and those w ho imagine that the oriental question has been settled beforehand between Franco sad Russia are rather at a loss to account for the backwardness eviuced by Prince Gortcbakoff. It seems to me that this sudden dis play of enthusiasm on the part ot the French government has raised a suspicion that Napoleon is playing a double game, and that he has purposes of his own to answer, which in the end may not altogether agree w itb tbe views of Ku? >. F.xnept from motives of humsmty, we can have no interest in bis occupying 8yrla. if the C hristian inhabitants of Bosnia and Bulgaria, who are subject to the same outrages of which their b ethren in Asia are the victim*, are still left to the tender mercies of the Turkish bsshiws, and we are not autho rized to extend the same aasistuuce to our coreligionists which I rauce is so eager lu da mine for her-- It is even to be feared that the laud ing ot French troops in styria may rouse the fanstu ism of the ttu-sulmen to a still higher pilch, and expose the Christians of European Turkey to Increased oppression. Our Ambassador at Paris, ijount KisaelflT, has therefore beeu iu?tru sted to detntid that if France is illowed to exercise the right of intervention In ftyria, ? similar right should be accorded If Russia, wad we should be at liberty to occupy those districts where tte Turkish au.horities are" either unwilling or unaVe to mauitalu order and tranquillity. This demand Is enforced by an official statement of the disorders and excesses'of which the frontier provinces of European Turkey have been and are still the scene, and which present features ol atrocity quite equal to those reported from P-y rout and Parnateus. But a it van scarcely ewiape so acute a politician tts Prince (iortvbakolf, that England and her protege, the Porte, who sre alresdy reluctant enough to admit a French oc cupaiion or Syria, wtd i>pp<?e a still auuv at rouuous re I-isianco lo a Russian intervention in Bo Igarta, it ia asWel why aurh pretensions are raised, wlitch can have no other elici t than to pr<>tr*> t the negotiations ami to deliy the jarlurr of the Kr wo I'll i-tpeililinn for the Cut: 'inJ why our government does not pnfer waitiug till the interventton there baa become an accomplished fact, which would serve aa a preced- nt for our action in those pro\ incea in which we are more especially Interested. It la n<> wonder that the doubt and uncertainty occasion ed by thta political imbroglio, and wh ch Is increased by every despatch from Cans and london. ahould giro rise to an infinity of rumors and on tlift, more or iea* plauaible or extravagant. According to mm1' a fleet of transports ia Silently assembling at N'icolalefl to convey a KuaaUu <'orp? lo the Btepbortis and the objection* raised at the conference* in fans are merely a f< int to gam time for It t >start simultaneously wttb the French expedition for *y r a. .srcportedthat Prince Rurut insky h is already left Titlia to place htm*elf at the heart of theClrnasnan army, which t* to occupy the eastern pxrt of Asiatic Turkey while Krunce l* engaged in the pacidcatioQ of the West an ! that Koglatt I ha* not only consented to this arrangement, but will take part In it by landing a corps at the mouth of the Kuphratt a. It is uunreeu ?rj hi mention the various plan for the partition of the iHlouito empire which are discusaed by our politicians, ond for o bicb I reed only refer you to the map of b ?r--(so in 1801, whrb made so much noise not long sue The only thing certain, however, is that a squadron, constat ing of the screw frigate* General Admiral. 70; Gromoboi, -'-0, and Oleg, 50, has just sailed from i ron sta<lt for the coast of fyria. where we have al ready three men of war. the screws lUngiud, *1, Kta Mourornetr 52, and Vi-ce. 11. and it t* possible f at It w ill he followed by a larger one c mounded by i> tr Admiral Butakr .t, w hich is n w l> log at >w?woorg and baa beeu renewed there by Grand iiuke Oinslanltne This second squadron la oompoeed of four line of battle ?h ps? the Yyburg.Conatsnttae Vila and Orel?the fri gate Kamsrbatka. and the corvette kalevala, all ecrewa, except tb. Kamschatka. which is a puddle, and waa built at New York In 1*41. If It should be deci led to send troops for the mutual occupation of Syr it bv the great rower*, it will have to be accompanied by a ccrtaia num ber of trans aorta By the las! ad viva from ttebascipol. the exertion* of your courtrytuao. t'-lonel i.'.wsn, to r? ?io* the sunken tleel, bave been attended with Ih* m?<t tri imphatit succisa Some of the largest irigaina and steam era have been brought up totact other* that were too much decayed to tie aervlceable agan were olowo up, and it Is expo ted that by the < nd of thi* * i- >n the whole harbor will be completely cleared and reel >re.l to its pristine condition. Mr i.owan has labored for three years in his arduous task with a perseverance and on flinch,ng resolution characteristic of a true American, undeterred bv obstacles and dlPcotirsgem*nU of every kind. Of thv vessels be has raised bi'uerl > only two or lurrc nave oerti rncM in me ?i'riw "I the g >rem tnrnl; the 'b-amer* have been m"?tly disponed of to the K eetan Company of Navigation anil Oiamosna, ami are employed v ships in the fh?*? Se? and Medi terraneaa. The destination of tue Urge v--*reu got it9 this summer will d*|? int upon the order* or the Imperial Ministry of Marine, and it t* not unlikely that they trill bare work rut out for them era long. R'.aaia baa jual suffered a severe low by the death of tirneral katenln, tifvemor tleneral of Orenburg anl Samae. whoexprvd at Orenaurg, alter a ahort llloraa. on the Ttb mat He auceaed.-t General PvrofTnky in halm portent othce In ISM, and haa ainre been in I " itigable in Llg endeavor* to extend and consolidate the Russian em t ire in Central At ?, partly by military expadttt ms against the lawlea* tribes that latent those rrgioua, and i>ari'.y by trrat.ra with the acini barbarous p dentetes who rule orer the immerse territory between the Tbien !*har and the Hiadukttah. Hta military and ad miolstratlve lalenta were of a very high order, and It will be difficult to find a man <>t c-jeal abtlt ty to replace htm. Various oihccr* of dtttiacitoo are tneatmoed aa candidate* for the vacant |> >?t, such as Count Rndoktronff. Baron Wrargel and tleqeral khrooleff, the two flrat or whom played a leading ??rt in the oper.t t .on* agaioat febaiuyl, and vb< third at the defence of * ba*topol. Count Monravleff Amoor*Vy left St PeteesVirg recent If. t?' return to Eastern Pi!?erla and the Am ?>r, hit plaoa i far the aclllemeut and organized ? of that c<<uatr> hav , tag been fully approved of by tbe Imperial gov em men t. What the English Think of Oar Presidential ( iui|ial|it. [From the London Time* Auvust S ] Men of acienra predict or hope for a time when the (awa which govern the change-' of temperature, the ? ?cmotion of fair weather and rain, of atom in ml cal-na will be approximately known,and when a great frost may be predicted with aim-at aa mu< b OerU aty a* an eellpae. Jt may be that a almilar prefers* will he mat* m pditlral philosophy, and tbat lb<oe who concern themselves with tbe opinion* and mpu.ww of nation* will have tin' means of Judging whether at a given date tb-'-e.> - try men will be wa'hke or philantbropical. evira-?ttnl or 1 avlng, fbetlotis or united But front this twriot wears evidently far distant. The most astute i A tn, m n who give their whole lime to studying pub *! ?>r* and watching the rariationa of public opinioo, ar *> c ettiun ally at fault that the prudoel among them lave care never to prophesy, and are content l> rusk* use of whatever temper they And their eountrytn -n in, wiihout thinking ot next year, or even of next mm lb W* all know that in Krgland there t? at present a dislike of Vtow that we feel tbi* ootvmion of ttalfr< t?? etlrt. weery mi* to ready ?o pire a rearm for it, and to proen thai net thto, and no ot&er *Uta of fe*linp. mill b* pro due*d by the oanee* wVe.h har* been id operation Bat notblnc to morr "rum than that It ha* taken thr m ?t arpaeieooed politician* by aurpria* Th? old nan who ?take I bla reputation on a reform hill the clever arte lor who baranpuel for It, the liberal* who pietjed then pel era by the hundred latt year at the huaiofa for It, a* well a* for the ballot, the abohll n of ch- r to rat-w an 1 ear too* other rtroa* popo'ar meamrea. h*J ba' lly an l*e that the roontry bad Wcome latent on oth?r object* and at heart wttbed tbeee tb np* to be left alone I if th<- pre pent What a party ehooae* to t. rm the- e. aerrat re react Ion "?that i.?, the de*<re of the < nm joity to <|e?.*i from internal rhanpe* tn th" fare of ? - un> nan ilanpere?Ibouph now ea?r of etplaatt *? by t tni?in f"i nr i" by rtateamrn on klthfr tWv What, i! BW YORK HERALD, WEI COMMERCE OF HEW YOKE IapwU (Other thee Drjr Geoda >td Specie) M the Pert ef New Yerk fee the Week Kndlwg Ae|wt 18, I860. Pkgt I auW. PkgI. Fiafue Chin*, gUu end K ware? Bottle* ? $1,158 Lrad.pig* 2,947 $15,608 ! Cbla* 898 19.708 Metal good*. 10 2 M f E. mire... 898 32,4v5 Needle 3 941 ! Giaaa 2,902 6.541 Old m-U! . ? 118 G law were 297 8.876 Ptalina 1 74* O spate. 62 T,196 Plated ware 1 134 I )> ,&? Percii'ncapa 6 1,454 N) ic?a Booths ago, Uriee ut wfcige van bidding Tor peps 1ar favor by acbames of democratic reform, aeaured.j mi ther party counted on the indifference of l&dO A somewhat aunilar phenomenon la to be remarked oa the other aide of the Atlantic. Although our ata xpberic conditions have not been the came, we having the coldest and they the hottest summer kncsrn for thirty ye ire, the political temperature of the States it about on a level with our own. This is the time of the Pree.dential election. The whole country should be in a fever of exc lament. WAof rleetioneenru; ti in America can no more he realited by an Anpluhman than a tropical rain can be ima lined h\ one acctutomed only to a lemcUm drizde A transatlantic mayor can bardly be elected without a display of excite meat startling to behold, and as for the Presidential elec ttou, it la pretty well known that one Chief Magistrate b hardly installed before the canvassing begins for hit sue coeeor. Indeed, on the last occasion, ts Mr Buchanan do clared that. whether elected or not, he should never 'ei himself again, politicians actually speculated on his sue cesaor before be himself wai chosen, nut as the sportin) world beta on the Dtrby for the year after next Everything seemed to foretell a' most obitinali contest In 1800. In 185? the I'niou had bee: convulsed by the struggle between Buchanan and I re mont, the supposed representatives of the two partiei which were lighting a duel to the destn is Kansas Tin South threatened a disruption of the Colon, as it doe regularly every four years; but what made the matte serious was that the North teemed to he prepared to this catastrophe A portion of the free States, struct with horror at the proceedings la Knissi, and at tin threatened extension by force of slave Institutions ove all the western territory, seemed to have made up the! minds that the experiment of joining in one fedoratioi communities so different was a failure, and that it wouli be better for the two sections of the rooublic to divid what was common to them, and live under independen though friendly governments How weak such impulse are, bow Itti most determined talk about disruptioi IB to be regarded, how deep the attachment to the Unioi is In every heart, will, we think, be more clearlj demonatrated every year but in 1S58 the scparatioi of North mid Soutli was as serioasly talks' of as it has ever been B'.nce the founda tion of t'ae republic. Nothing has occurrei since to lessen the animosity of the two par ties On the contrary, legislation and the course o events have renewed the feud with more titan its fonuei bltterxieis. The ?outh has been energetic in Congress and victory has rewarded 1U ever lions. The im-litutioi ot slavery may now be adopted in any part of th l uitei State.- territory Communities no the British froutler, ii a latitude oor{h of New England Itsalf, may breed, au< sell, and work, and flog their nwr. qejiroes, and every de rent man in Boston or New York is by law bound to as gist in the capture of the runaways. Then there ar other and darker featu"'-'- of tbo contest Not to men tion the a.-^ault In full C'tigr bs b; a savag" of the on' party od a tauatia of the other, there hv been the loci dent of the Harper's Ferry insurr cltoa Life ha- be.-i taken: Qr t the lives of the white Virginians attacked h. Brown, and then the lives or Brown himself aud hi confederates. The Southerner have worked theoiseive Into ar. apparent frenzy auslosl their opp meets whom they have accused of plotting tbo destruction o themselves, their families and their prspert'es. while thi abolitionists, tbr. ugh Ihe.r newspapers and their chie tpokeman in the Seuate, Mr. sumner, have deuounce the Southern p.'or ie as barbarians, as uuflt to share th< privilege* of cil izens, or even the rights of men. and a: only receiving their du" reward when persons l:ke Joht Brown rouse their slaves to rebe'll u Now for the vanity of all! wisdom' For fou: years the elect :on of isf>0 has b >en In ed to as a raos momentous crsie, which sbculJ de> d the fortunes of tU< republic. A few months ago some of our English news rapert- were full of tte unpen ling disruption of the Slat?s Tli" hour had come at last, and the tight at Harper'i Kerry was the outbreak of au Atuc .-an civil war. Acrosi the Atlantic the language was the same Even Mr wanl, a re-t>eetabie pohticUa, spoko of the "lrreoressi h!e conflict which was approaching " We then tool; the liberty of saying ttinl no speculations sbouh be based "on the prevailing excitement and that in our opinion, the American people did not shsri tb" dlsunlnnlst principle? o' e thcr party, and wort fully determined to control them both. The event hai justified these views J he most striking feature of the pre S'nt I'resUievtial canity is the comparative apathy of the American public. They cannot he raised to the requisite degree of enthusiasm either for Brock in ridge and Lane, or Btdl and Everett, or Lincoln or Imuglas, cracy other man or pair of men. The old secession cry of South Carolina, raised by Mr. a legislator of the Brooks school, falls as dead as the ' creamers" of the Naw York Hi kj?i iu i?i i, iuc i ijiict ,-hin are suuvr oj?, jr 11 may be called ?o, from the same political la-ssitudj as our net res. The overstrained attention paid to crest national questions for a number of veare past has ended la a reaction towards tie enjoyments of private life, and in aeon vlctton that great questions will worl> themselves out in their owu good time Wbelhar negro slavery Is to flour i?h or to d e out it a problem for the future; neither a 1. tico'a nor a Breckinridge ran affect it much during bit tour years of office Why should a good c (titer fret blm self whet, nature l- taking things coolly, tud late a lu uo burr) The KuMo-Tsrhiih UantloR. ? me time sgu a circular despatch was published P-om Prince Gortchakoif, dated May 20 (Juue 2), u wbn b the Prince, alluding to the statemeut he hsl made to tbo representatives of the great Powers at St IVlershurg, relative to tl.e precarious position of the Christians In the Turn sh cmp re, instructed the Russian Envoys abroad to try and do away with the bad impress, ins created In Europe by the dU.rtlerested mt> rfereuce of the Oztr on hvUaif of hla rn re'igiont*' Ttiat despatch reterred to a previous ..ocumotil, giving an account of the interview of the Prince with th" p enipotentiai Irs, and of the rep ila latloa* the" ano ther -drawn up The text ol that docunient, which bis uot yet been published, run aa fot lows ? *T (*FrgR.-uiritr;, April 2S, 1RU. The lltuatloo o' the Christian province* subject to Turk mMl t l.ave escaped the stteutlou oI Htm European Powers. The Imperial Cabinet has Cotm t. -iKl it it* duty to devote (be more aiteution to it as las re pet is which reai h It from those provinces, and partlcu larly froi. Bosnia, Bilgaria and the Herzegovina, draw an afflicting picture of the state of those countries V, have considered it our duty to prevent as much as possible the eventualities v birh such a stale of iuiuc ni ghl prod I0e ;u the gt ierai s tuat.on of the E*sl We railed the alteul on of the Turkish MiDl;-t?r* to all the facts which came to our knowledge, and pointed out the nrcrsity of applying a remedy to them tVe received from them promt es and assuraaces wht< h, up to tie j r<we:it tune, have been without result We have, at the rsme time, constant., recommended the Christians not to dp - ttWOlMtrea to the danger at aggravating the r position by any violent resolutions, but to wall patiently lor the possible Improvement of tl.str lot These measure* have, perhaps, contributod to delay lb<' etplosioa which everything ?eo ne 1 to prognostic ate. Nevertheless, they could not be effectual ercept some thing weie done to alleviate the sufferings of those people, or at least to g! e them some b >p<W of relitf. and thus present them fr ni being driven to despair Such has not been th* case, and the now* which reach ed its state thai earrsses of a' kinds constantly tend to k< *p up tg.latioo in those cuuuUra*. aud thivj the evil Lad attained ita utmost limit Cuder these circumstances the 'mperial Cabinet fear that reprr-'autioos addressed -elatedly t th? Turkish government would remain without effect, and tn.a| the rilHintl ODf luor "MM to ice lUf I I4H to be rc? (,'OliJ not bo * at to prevent a ootit1 kt. tie carefully appreciate the didtcuittea again*! which tbo Porte baa to atruggle, ai l we hare no doubt of iu g" ?t tntentiobr But if. alter the promno made to Furope 11. 1*W, thing# have now come to tb a point. It la end -ut that lv moat be attributed either to the arnakaeaa ami to a < ulpablw ridulgi ice on the part nf the Ott man govco m? ot or to the Iwcooveoleoce# inherent to tue aitualtoa created for the Chrletian provlneea under Turfc'.ifc rale However th < may be we are ioa\ need that aueh a stair of t'atcga racoot continue without abort!/ 1 -a ling to a cria.a ilaogi-roua for the repoae of the Eaa: theexlaleoce of the Ottoman goveruraeal, and CiHiae>|ueatl/ for the genera' :ntrrr?l? of F.urrpe. IVrauadrd thai the otbrr great "owera cannot more thai, uuraeivna r 'man ind Hermit to tbeae aerious MM altttra, we thiug that an interv ention erere.awl coll ?rIleal/, at Uonttaallanple. bf all tbe Otblnela lutere?iod iu the trauq lljit/ of Turk./, va atouu calculated toward oil tbe thr< atenod W\ euta. Fur tb:* pnrpoar. and wiabing to e*lall.?b aa complete an ioderii^anding aa pi'aa.ble, I, b/or-ier of tbe F'.aprrwr, aa#? mi''ed round me tbe reprea. utat: wa T t 'inland tut trta, France I'ruaaia. I pointed out l<> them tbe dan ger o(f a cu?ia. the urgeucv if preventing it, and the mean* wh ch are thought the heat ct'.cu ated I efleot l!..a object. I req netted them to make the nec. Comm .mention# to their gnve-ommt* au 11 -ntle it the ?teo? which we pr<n>?eed to ;ako V ?Mng to ftx npo? aoae determinate bt?e* for tb pgac'Wdlaga, the reprcv alatiri a under the reserve of the aanctiou o' their respective Cou-ta t .reed w ,|n 01 on tbe follow o,- pr ate ? 1 An immediate declaration or the part of the Ave great power* that the/ cotiui no longer tolerate the pre rial atate of ib.aga la the Chriet'tn province# o< the t tinman enptre 'J. A lemtnd for an or *ol/\t on, l.aviuu for it ohii-et ti g *, to the Oiria! aa province#of the Agtr?t?tHI guarantee# coiCula'rd to aatiaf/ tbe l< gitimate Como'eiat? of the (wople, am! at the ?ame time to tra*n<nUae Kovop with regard to th |???ihility >f comoliua! mi,a winch ailrCt -d b - general latarreM aa well aa those ol Turkey The I'ourt at which y?Mt are at r dlled will be inf rm l dire, t h/ :ta repr emut re at **t. Pvterahurg of the c m ferenr wtr h have taken place on tbUau'.Ject You arc authorised to declare. b> order of our auguvt master, to the V mater of Foreign Aflsira, that a? fir a< we are concerned we hold completely to the ak v . ineoti iqe.! ha*o? and that coo*, .pierlty we are redy to aend the ue, e v try ir.atruct on. to our repre eutative at O oatao liaople IF kind enough however, la#! I that w thout w lviag t- encroach on ib<- reattiiloa if the Cihioet of ?? *f feel the fu I. | coo * two that II.ig mea-nr# ? Tera IUe tl/ he e if (vreventitig, If it be vv m preaible, com allo t t oa? wh h * lit arrlo id/ tlir iteu Uie peace of lae F..M ar the i-curtt/ of Fur iw, ao I that the only mesas p. ml* P act collactlvel/, promptly ?n l ne-?rt c i: v . ror the mowiert fa?t *i .proacbe- w . ?n o> h ? utmii an t any Scrwpioa ma/lewd to tbe m<>al >te .ear .a .ocacjuvjco# HOKiVflAKUFF. V**u r., lew- iw MaariAVTv ?Tbe Psltmore k. . ?WV? ? At the coming Providential alerlioa tb? pe iple of mmeraet. st Mar/'a, (ial?evt, Howard. Keel, Woroeater Tah-.t. i^i ..-ti Anne1*, I'rtOv e Ce?rc" ? (Yiarlea and ita'llmor* oeuotlea, will h? cawed upou t. rote on the adopt <'ti r r. ertion of a law pa*? d b/ the recent t<e(1l h?tur?- of Mar-toed, requiring all frc colore 1 peraoo* to hire tliem?elve*, fcc . and aapointiag threw commiaaloner# t > take rhargu of them It the law t>? adopted the ownmimtonera ar to entar upon their dutleu on the drat of Tmr nmmeiireii (Taj Fan N? ?0 P*l? ?Tbr Peter* burg aajr ?"The deoairr nMiurmof Ihe ofll '?rt f the tat r?| im brought all free regrodnin bp dan ting. Out of th? ent re nitnt?r r who trerr to b* gold for thr'r 'atra, nnljr oca hundred and fnrtv r.'ne wore dttpoaed of; lb ran hundred ant Oftj- ea forward aad pud their :*tra. aad tha real found no purrbaaTt The aaini rafted i < t per Ihr r<"\'hn??r to m the negro until hi* wagea, a', itKb rttrt. rbould paf I la delinquent Iixm,w4 thna free hn from bondage Tbrra trrrr man;- who ram* to pa; op at the elaeeoth i iwh.> were ncM In thrna*r'ee? a' aa t ft m on? i d Iv a uaj AVIUB ?,*,?? wui r>?u<iici jr?? w wot Am, cob. 16 1 ,022 Steel 1,908 23 1M Argola 182 10,002 Spelter.. ..I>0,03J 2 339 BatU,Perur 141 3,497 Silverware 1 44:< Baiytes.... 243 8?7 Tin, boxes 12 542 92 905 Htb.powder 76 1,0?7 Wire IS J 032 C UrUr. .. 20 7,729 7.Uic.l50pk85,101 4,777 tnokory... #5 869 Spices? OrbioesI,, 36 4,247 Mustard.... ? 1,037 Haider .... 26 2,831 Nutmegs .. ? 1,281 Magnesia... 18 27S Stationery, Ac.? Oil 8 739 Ho >28 233 17,155 Ol!,ess..... 43 6,996 Fugraviugs.. 3 453 Oil, olive.. 360 891 l'aper...... 10 1810 Valuta ? 16,644 Other 2T 2,763 Ouma,crude 60 765 Woods? Olue 3 lo5 lirazil wood. ? 2,088 Indigo 16 2,097 Cork ? 2 191 1-eeche*... 6 145 Lg'wd.M Ids 670 3 169 Lie paste.. 110 4 427 Mahogany. ? 2 274 .HaJlpclere.. ? b 031 Kalian ? 1,360 Soda, bic .3,679 12,44; Willow ? 106 Soda,sal... 8>8 6,097 Other artlee ? 2o0 Soda, ash... 767 21 196 Miscellaneous? Sponges.... 44 b 647 Baskets.... 02 3.818 Vermillion . 40 830 Bags ? 400 Wbitiug.. 350 ?t>89 Bricks ? 1027 Vel. ochi'O,. 160 '031 Boxes ? 254 Other...... ? 4,424 Buttons.... 24 6650 Furs? Build'g stus ? 1.398 Furs 26 18,271 Burr atones ? 464 Fruits, Ac.? day ? S 161 Citron ? 3 938 Cheese 82 6 785 Dried fruit.. ? Q05 Begars ? 16 681 Nuts ? 18 506 Coal, tons .9,860 29 485 Pineapples.. ? 918 Corks ? 4 763 Plums ? 947 Co'<ia, bags 269 6 312 Raiaioa ? 4,656 Coffee 4,361 61 378 S and Pre ? l,8o0 Fancy goods ? 21,814 IlistrumenUH- Flax 100 3 600 MaUum'l... 2 602 Fish ? 6,801 Mimical.. .. 28 3.6 I Furniture .. 4 242 Optical 6 1895 urindstones ? 005 Surgical.... 1 651 Ilair 0 2 301 u Je welii, Ac? Haircloth,. 4 2 940 Jewelry.... 8 7.7.-0 Hemp 23.8 4.H3 s Watches... 19 80,2'>J Iloriny 16 227 0 Leather, Hides, Ac. ? Ir.diarubber I? bad 1 Bristle*.... 8 1112 Muhiuery . 2 67 7 Boots AS. 8 1 793 Marble mtls ? 9 56i s Hides drel'd 96 .10 o 0 Molasses 2 18 7 40 <100 f Do ,undre?'d ? 4*840 Oil pnut'#!). 4 1,236 I Leu patent. 6 3,691 Paper bangs 8 P>4 Llq?' is, Wines, &e,,_ Piaster.. ? 2 099 i liimdy .... J.1 11491 Perfumery. 19 4 217 > Gin 637 29 4S-) Pipst ? 4 710 Porter 4C0 3 12? .lags 2,047 18 071 r wtiifkey.. . 43 4 855 Bali ? 7 010 1 Wuios.... 6,173 0 2 017 Statuary .. ? 945 ' Cbmp'ge.blt 991 6 29s Seeds ? 077 Metals, <vc? Linseed.. ..2,552 12.3*9 I5ra?s goods 10 2,313 Soap 300 1,686 ' Cb'nsfcawh* 10 7 8 116 Sogr,b?:hhl2 168 124 293 > Cutlery 01 19 336 Do. V\Xhgt0,694 126 411 Gas fixtures. 2 036 Toys 872 23,8*9 Gun SO 6,184 Tobacco.. .. 36 69. : Hardware.. 13.1 MM Trsnkpfll ? 3"7 I Iron b'p.tous 12 095 Wa?te 382 11.447 Iron, pig . 660 R 604 Wo>'., babs. 601 1IJM 1 Iron,sheet 318 17,917 Ottie- artels ? 4.323 BraatabM.. 70 7ii _____ i Iron, otUv*.. 036 23,4o3 Tota. ..81,462,323 Exports from tha Port of Kew York to Foreign Porta for tne Week Ending August 23, 1N9V. UAMBTBO Quan/ity. Polu* Quinhity. Valw. Cotton bait* 40 2l.8*>; Tacks, boxes. 23 82 j'. W'l one,lbs.47,501 37,731 Sboe pegs,bbls 178 870 Tea, pkgs... 01 1,000 Nails, kegs .. 20 108 Petnuts, bags 2ul 1,600 Pyestufls.bx 2,630 10 225 Mi.tob'o.,lbi-ll,438 1.705 Sp rmaceti.lbs 810 277 0 3 8 8 83 To taccn, c.sea 62 1.733 Borsebair.... 2 R00 De etenis.bls 3*0 1.817 Potashes, bbls 134 0 944 Rosin, bbls. 2 714 * J40 Seurcarool.bgs 14 230 Hides.. 227 1.620 Gum copal, ct 18 2 063 ? 830 Sew macliiuea 2 123 Furs, balsa... 8 1834 U-atU sides.2,960 10 (Co Skins 12 i,4f> Sognra, ca,.ei.. e 1 376 Miscellaneous. ? 67 Gambler, bis. 200 1088 Tobacco...... 00 0,040 Total . 8100,382 HRKSfS.X. JVwiB, bbl.i 1 410 $8 077 Pictures es . 2 8750 ]/igw'd 11*135 3F 800 KUlogwd.CS 600 3,030 Tallow, lbs. . 5,471 62". Mf lobaoeo, Ibsl,144 610 T'iDacco, Iibd. 83 8 414 I<ea clotb, rs 21 2.146 Bkoe pegs,I IS 469 1 3?6 B.-ef, bhla . 20 807 Tobacco.fS 160 2 1*8 L*a4Derjl<le 1 000 8 713 Tobacco, bit. 00 22*9 Cedarwood, Is* 320 1.TO0 Mt ir< ti.pWg . 12 195 Miscellaneous.. ? 207 Wba'nb'ue.ibsC 412 2,730 Cutal 829,837 aoTrsr.DaM Q bark.bbds 100 82 889 Kt 100 8403 Nor ii, bblk 8 439 6 086 DyeatufTa 200 806 Flour 400 2.111 P applet,bbls 60 360 1 on*wood, tuns bS 1.064 Ueiarw'd.logt 076 6,000 Stiivee.... 33 100 ?.230 Spe'nac 6 120 Tobaccn, bxt. 201 2,050 Htrk, rernoot. 46 4,949 Tobacco, c? ,. 4 110 Gum* 2 160 IV). mM lb* 4.098 090 Drugs, pk<... I 86 IVarlaah bbla 114 2.832 Beau*, bhla. 145 694 IVtteb ? ... 179 4 1)63 Wuer. dust,bgs 100 175 Hallow, lbs.. 1,200 113 Total 8*8,876 nrm ao.-T anas. Hour, btis. 100 86,673 uvrtseoot.. Ontton. biles 23* 89.607 Wh'boe, lbs 2,000 81,313 Dag poods,ea. 2 341 biases 18.000 849 Rooks, ras< t 2 1,000 1 catber,bdl*. 67 3.270 R(<Stn,bbls 2(>0 6?0 The.**,lbs 636 ?16 63 770 Wheat, bu 206 721 291.471 Butter 227 000 34 997 WwlM 20 230 Palattog. case 1 600 Mark, bales 41 160 tti'm ora,bblS 91 1.0'tO , Flour, bbla 4,862 2* 189 Beer, tierces 130 1.900 Clocks, bus.s 604 9 680 lttcon, lbs 54,825 6,812 Prep J. corn. 3t0 1.2O0 lUma . 9 297 1,000 [ Woo(,bsi"? 200 14 .50? Spm nil gala 6,' 94 9 3u4 Tallow, lb*.*5,756 4 *23 Totiacco.bbda 48 * mO Ore. bbls .... 87 1,200 tki. t>>rc-s 63 3.300, bx?. 42 6>0 1 R g->o<1s,CS I DM Wno<1w'r,pkgS M 319 Glue tibia f 127 Rigr.bales. 4 ? 004 M.' I't^o )p? 27,3%) 7.111 impp reg.bla 500 4 (4,1 Miser iaoeotts ? 19 Bleel,rases . 13 1,582 Ti'ISl . ...liU.'ll I L0TOO8. C fjrjv.bbl* 1 OC' 96 4*4 Paptr. rw* 4' 4400 *P>Iut?V 8 410 6..C1T Mf tob ,lba 12000 3 040 Mm.... 60C?I 2.840 Tobanco, hh<la 2 312 0< *6 8.',: *;> oil, (?l? 40.704 07.810 w?c* 27.800 S?89r. ? ~>dw'<\pliga 190 100 Flour. hblr IS>882 87.643 R?le. bbla . 367 1,020 furoiliie, In* 3 100 lUmb. > a, U? 82 360 Fbtw tw-ga,hbla 33 GS Cur ?4C 1 292 lYep cura.bu 3o0 1 200 Toin .2.88.161 88J4TC'WWat .1 # 2 I1M 229 841 < ?r? 000 I'M Roaia, bbl* 1 141 0.2*1 Han Upikaa uOO 180 Staaoa h m*) 640 ? ?flour, bbla... 002 3.04) ToUl 240,908 WhMt, bur 70971 998 669 R- o, bbla 600 21 047 t"0860 1 688 ____ Flour, 668 .2 966 17,f6? Total ?110,7O2 141*47. *rhf?t bi-tb 3.IT8 64 460 Tallow, lb* 7,900 900 Tot*' 46,3 0 MM Whrat.bu 4 .816 r.1.160 Flara*. ..'.000 2200 Via r 6611 in 8 M) Corn, buth 26 J<>0 10.296 Total 260 203 CIIUULTA* Starr* 67 700 22,200 8*fW?a 4CRTU A MB* IT A 5 COIO*T?* Flour, bbla 12,804 26 .8.2 UattMf, atdra V 2109 G>rn rem! . 46' 1,624 Corn bu*b 3,I?l ?.3M ! K>. f iur ... 60 213 Krod, ton ... 20 341 ! I'orb .. . 900 4 710 rbttap'ua, ea. 01 190 Flotr, b*c* 903 ."'43 f ir? ... 1 60 r> mat ft 40 181 Rr<-%1, i>ftga.. |70 960 ! Bnif, bbla . 10 12* Chaw, lb* 2,043 240 ' Fraa 20 07 Riacktrf. bbla 4 109 8u*ar ritlufl It 2"4 Mlacfllaaeoua. ? US 1 Hotter, IDa. .3,000 694 Km*. tc8 24 094 Total 2:9,637 j . I UTTTMI *HT ITP1M T rp atock, 64 30 23 107 I r good*, r? I 2303 F ur.l.Wa 2 *64 18 246 Hoaf, bt li..., 87 1.244 n.ral. 1.197 3,712 Too* >ri T 127 ; r?n bu?b 1 640 1 179 Riarkinc 6 121 Fraa.. .1047 10*7 Fiimtlura. pk4 10 110 fVo*, lb* 0.840 808 Woodar*'* . 19 300 I*8?1 7 ' 9 1 "?1 dorkl, caMa. 8 120 Rrrart.pkgB 1,080 8.3*1 ITow-^tioa,b6 4? O,0?i9 Kimka 2?) 142 H ?* ft ab . < IT 949 IVlAtnm, t.bla ??rt 704 iiftta , 3 1*8 Bnltar, lb* . .7.3*9 1,09| flay, b*'<? .110 014 Maef lobae'n 6 010 f>22 i>M?. h?#h 1,280 049 Haan* ... 2.970 3*0 in, trrra*. 2 00 I'ra*. I.I.I .m V t 4 -.04 34 814 Pua.Jar. *< *?. 800 WOO < bami >,b kt? 26 i,-0 OKI, toua ... 30 140 nm. 10 ov-i \ ii ? I'" 1 ' pmi.bbl*. 30. 7,734 Wood.nifd . 20 100 tlM, pkpt I 209 Oto, ca-i,... 30 100 QMdln, b*? 831 9*0 Rnr>*? 3 1&8 Oil. .. 1?3 104 Match* ... 10 131 O I n??l.)ba.M> 304 174* Tnitflrn. hrt 00 TBI Tobacco, hbd 1 223 Mr lr?n i>?<? I ISO I T.hacrn. ha 1*4 13 340 w*trf. *?.ka 14 313 Obdllab, qtk 117 437 \>,m M.hbll ?* 121 i IVki.-h.bbl* 70 217 r>?r 9 191 : Rwr 18 10 PBirt mat , c0 1 144 At lirp .pkgt 0 M H?rd?ar* ... 18 T14 Mn'nr?, bbWi. 80 90 Mt*f?llM*oui ? US' Blarca. 7,000 1*2 pt?? 10 431 Total 804.967 arm Praannn, tin 1 I loo Othmr r* 14 83.118 <U?.'*r*rf,? 1 A3 Banna 4 443 ?""?? 1 80 r<T*cb> . . I 2i? \4b", bbla . 80 1/ffl ri*oi I 300 w?. b'a.lba 2.4CH 1614 Hidea 400 3 '.<? !4ati?k9, pkf? 33 f? <VtM?, hak* 800 31131 O-ppnr.rka N? ti "'?> Kiao^larnnua ? 04 !?t?v ? 0 000 > <) i ? i Tbl*... .. 160,300 I 3NESDAY, AUGUST 22. 18 iBBrrua roiMK&uoM* ia askica. I Tobaooo, hx?. 160 91.011 Mr wood, pkf 10 lltl ' Coal, loos.... 200 m Drugs, bxs... S 288 Beef, tea 16 310 Cordage, colli. 161 tJN? Beef, bbls.... 60 136 8*vea 17,070 213 Hung, lbs...$207 298 Af IT 460 Urd t 116 173 Bread 100 117 P.rk.bbla..., 28 820 Lumber, ft 22 890 420 T-aigues 5 150 I. r foods, cs 1 110 Hardware bxs 48 1318 Mf toh'o.tb* 16,628 189 D. applet bbia 10 148 W'd ware, pkg 241 6?4 Butter, Iba,. 1,336 294 CI ?ks, bxw.. . 13 258 Eh-ur, bbla .. 100 650 Wheat, hush. 70 139 KuMU........ 160 229 0?ta, bags... 130 191 K turpentine. 20 210 H >p?. ponkets 20 265 Oats 400 300 Tobacco, bis.. 29 374 fbiprb'y.pkgB 2 2S0 Twine 3 143 Nai a, kegs... 100 330 Oakum 40 110 1'. rpiiita.bbls 12 319 lard oil, gals. 150 1.00 Malt., 25 115 Miscellaneous. ? 1,658 Son., boxes... 50 120 ?? Mahogany,pea 6 200 Total 120,586 MAK^KILLK. Staves 94,100 $6,616 Beef, bbla.... 60 $410 lea. cloth. oa. 4 451 Hinas, Iba.... 662 84 Tobacco, hu 45 635 Oars .4,956 4,011 Bopt, coils.... 40 636 ?? Tuud $13,119 t'KTT*. Staves 19,920 $3,482 SHisra wt-tT in mica. n>ir, bb!?... 649 $3 100 Hams. Iba . 2,011 $263 Pork 60 966 Wine, pkgs .. T 393 Ontona 200 412 Shoolu 326 216 Bears, bush.. 608 640 Furniture, ca. 1 16 I lined tisb, bxs 300 05 ?? Total $6,002 CUBA. Sliooks A h'd*. 230 $348 Cutlery, ease* 35 $1,142 Empty hbdg.. 100 121 Lumber, ft..22.844 511 rutatxB,bbla 430 "01 IH>., pieces... 779 133 Beans 13 67 Carriages..., 4 1,654 Onions, pkgs. 164 673 Paper, rins . 3.600 1,309 J Urd, lbs 103.695 14 062 Com, hush 1,681 1,311 Hice tierces.. 180 6,283 Wwa-e.pkfg. 276 175 Butler, lbs... 955 109 Hardware,bx. 42 627 Shoes, rase .. 1 124 Fancy g'ds, cs 5 600 Macblu'y.pkg. 61 1.170 Tin. boxes. .. 20 220 1*? . . 264 9.2*1 Psiot.ptu ... 4 20V I>rlum.'ry ... JT4 97* Tobacco |? 2 Ml (ilmwwr f? 2 1*0 T?? |TT 1410 * * mrh? . 24 141# Rop?. Ma j ^ 8uc?r, Mi la... 24 4T4 Vhmitrf, bnia 20O 2051 Fumttnr* |4ca 12S 2172 DmimMIC#. ba SO a!*.'* 'I*'* 1,746 I.HS6 Piano ....... 1 AOo THodaptk.,.. 400 120 suvm U 000 7.0 rr-^t d r?,c# at eis .m*,*, m... 1 x lM f:.rbmb. lr .V. % "? ""r*" ~ _ OU.SU. ....1,040 Ul Total ?4S493 A?f?Cult \rop lOf 1 442 tOAH OFKICK*. A T."?**!? "TuVrr. THRKK .k*>ra irm "or """ """"ft ? jac.?7 4 r nr* apparci omnia) op i. jaooha bowrt *l*ta<Iw^.10 55L5aTSMtr " w"/"h"^ J"- t, V|?f? f?ry INr*)? u?. Wla+n. Rrmn lt<? * <' ''"-r donrrlptloti of WarrkAn taa ->r bnnatt, m) a- hick, ot prlxa g1r*r HiuNiiom Mrfctlf pnnldrntii D wM* in ^k *???. Pr1nC"- ~i a T THowrsoji A OO r.Trorkm a*d romnsoTO* ? '? l*#*"# *r*+?. ?nn??r < Ann *r-rt r?n? JL ' "? *, ?d*?o<* ounn front II to MO 09) am m'""I""?. Jawnlry. r>rj Oprta. Prjrnri *n<1 ml ?n^? nf nro-hmvlrr, or V?i?bt ftrUrniar aUantloa paid to *i.r 0 an.-.,* PanMnm .An Nnwinf ivVnn bonffa and *_ A. 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A bm*?r. ad'an.-oa ? >'iot t- an ?ir "I <o flianwulw " alrhra and *1'k.o<? of . hi .-a f <r r atli. at M* rtrair ottea. M Raaaaa am*. owwi R j t Bnalaaa* ami r In Ha * Tank 1 220 Ale, bbls 30 ?10 Beef, bbls,... 200 9o0 Mirrors, bis.. 2 160 Mf iron, pkgs 16 494 Planter, ohlu.. 200 268 M?U-Lk+ ,rase* 8 426 Cider, cases.. 00 127 Hems, lbs.. 1,890 207 ramus 2 038 Tobacco, bxs.. 20 190 Pk. fish, bbls. 20 167 Furtit'e, pkgs 19 220 llsy bales.... 176 423 Agl. implts ... 6 100 ilandles, bxs.. 136 674 Gas tixt 8, CR.. 2 760 (.'(dftsl), qtls . 237 722 Bricks 2..800 350 Miscellaneous. ? 1,139 Railroad cars. 6 3,726 . Total 842,721 PORTO PJOO. Rice,tierces . 41 $1,230 Stat' 2 $200 Pork, bbls... . 76 I 486 Print mm oxg 10 339 Hams, lbs TT. 8 257 1.070 Tobacco, kegs. 37 700 ButUr 4.042 1,168 Prugs, pkgs 30 460 Bid, bbls..,. 20 190 Hoop skirts, c. I 416 lard, I .is.. 26 247 3 438 Furniture, pk( 07 825 Flour, bbls... 210 1.150 BilUarltaaie. 1 200 Onions 2(0 690 Glass a'aro.pkg 8 140 P. tanies 400 840 Conf< ct'ry, CS. 3 116 Cheese, lbs..9.138 985 Gas fixtures.. 10 5S4 Caunlts,boxes Six) 010 MacbiiPy .pkgs 238 2.323 Bread, pk2?.. 176 440 Miscellaneous. ? 1.675 Corn mt'al.pch 46 832 Shocks hi b'Js 800 1,586 Tots'. 824,046 haytt Brlrki 10,000 $86 Pork, bbls.. 800 $11,584 Flour, bbls... 946 6,726 Rice 100 1.245 Soap, boxes..? 000 2,190 Car.dies, bxs . 200 485 (<KlfUh,nt|e 310 1,276 Sugar 25 614 Pkl'd flt-h.bblt 24 2fC Tobacco, bales 106 1,306 Pried flsb, bxs 708 246 Sugars, cases I 153 R'ce, tc* 26 718 Domestics 49 4,426 Butter, lbs 4 361 820 Yelto* tnstal. 2 229 Ch'ese 2 OoO 240 Hardware, cs 29 611 Onions, cratt-a 8 187 M?cbinrry,plu 2 340 lard, lbs?12 752 1.704 Pepper, bags.. 25 277 Hums 2W1 sot Cassia 7 108 Profit, pkgs 108 2,26a Cl jroe, l)?ies.. 20 22a Nads, kegs 140 413 Shot, kegs.,7 119 Furmt'c, pkgs 108 1*4 Lin?M od.galil SIT 290 Brevf. 100 1M MiicuIIauboui. ? 1.078 Paint SOI 386 Lumber, fuel 6,000 153 Total 940,781 jnt V GHANA!'A Urd, Iba...l3 916 $2 029 Ale. bbll ... 6 978 Hams 3.246 444 Carta 13 140 I (utUsr 2 650 640 Trunk* 40 193 Hour, bbll... 144 023 Tn.pkf* 4 121 nothing, ca.. ft 696 Copper, afc'u. 19 229 Oil, jalioai... 281 308 Steel, pkg* . 48 08 Powder, kept. 185 478 Metal?heath. 920 1,079 Domeittna oil 88 8 346 Natl*, pkg* . 22 217 Candle*, hx*.. 00 ?04 B-wia 664 118 Htrnivt,ci. 114 1.996 Zinc, ck* .... 6 787 Mauf. wood... 8 2W Old lead, lb* 2,000 100 Bee f, bbla.... 103 1437 ludruu.g.C. I 146 Lumier. ft 19,892 6?0 Cement, bbi*. 100 100 76 943 Perfumery, ci 26 70 Furoil'e. pkf* 38 03.5 Matches 10 80 Bootffc ill*, ci 8 321 Atcbobol.bbli 6 118 Hope, colli... 21 429 8. turpentine. 3 78 Cbeene, lb*... 760 103 Tin plates,bt. I 67 I'ltd. f.ib.pkgs 30 90 Preserve*, c*. 07 307 Snap, boxr*.. ISO ?26 Wa*. lb* 309 164 Bread, pk|* 62 273 Dried fr?lt, o* 40 68 Rice, bhli.... 02 659 6?'j macn.. 8 210 Paint, pkg*... 3 203 Pork, bbll .. 61 1,020 Pnmp, Ac.... I 293 l?ry p??U,olt 30 1.1*2 Drill*, pk(T? . 26 672 Mtacelimteoui. ? 2.442 Crockery, cU. 14 304 Total 431,278 Tj?ro*. Ppt* T-trp, cm 42 *388 Start* 8 M0 *480 Tar. bbli 619 1.3*2 Boom ?00 780 Total 42.990 crsriAT vi mtrrnuc Clock*, b**... 30 69*1 Hoopaklrtl... 1 *320 Gto.ce 200 700 H'd?rare,pk(? 70 919 Plarler, bbli.. 100 126 Furniture.,bx* 17 277 Dry good*,bx* 13 760 Blaokiog.pkg* 12 61 8;or lurp. ci. 231 2 630 Lumber,ft.. 1,172 1,004 Blacking 100 ( 25 Pr. mat pkg*. 19 493 Mf Braa?. .. 6 431 l,c* cloth. c?. 2 24* (,1a** ware,pkg 3 40 W tnb , lb* .13,178 1.410 Ruttcr,lb*.. .2,700 300 Drug*, pkg*,. 44 9-28 Drtip*, pkg* 8 384 Com be, c 1 814 Total *13,081 AKGKVT1M R*rt ?L!C. VThUkey,bbll 300 *4 807 Nail , kefl... 100 *315 bp turp.,ci.. I.*>0 1.192 Paint, pmi... 6 92 sk.rta 4 2,409 Daguer n?t ,c 2 29* TVka.bx*.,.. 14 121 Dry goo-U, bl* 82 2.000 Hard ware, c*. 94 2,864 Mr 2 2*9 Bitten 10 80 Rice. bbll.... 100 1114 Book* 4 23* 9ug*r 100 2 2*4 I Pru> mat ,pg* 8 130 Ham*, lb*?2 79* .VI Twine, bale* . 190 2,022 Blanking, bbll 42 641 | lard, IN. .16.067 2.276 Wiek, be!-*... 100 894 ftaich, b*?. .8 02." 11064 Pept?-r, bag* 20 2l'> l>mg*, pkg*.. 117 1.998 Furniture, ptcl 782 8 952 10 320 Kitec.l*. 0t.... 2 130 Lumber, ft 139,265 2 '-00 Seg*r? 4 1.1*6 D'nieeto, < * ?2 2 829 ComM 1 616 Tobacco 26 626 Clii'kl 9 ?16 Do hbdi.. 2 tv7 Nat- more* pg 60 610 Do , bi? ... 25 Tub Prea'd m-at.c* 35 165 Spirit*, bbli.. 800 6 3.36 Mf* 6 242 Hla??ware, pg 4 158 II >p*. bale*... 7 160 Tinware, c*... 6 440 Macci'.aneoua ? 642 Artuwi' mat.. 2 150 Chocolate .... 6 150 ToUi *52.601 (ttlLg Bock*. bxa... 13 *1014 Prweata.e*. 80 *800 IVrlumery ... 50 150 1/w cloth.... 8 697 Furniture,pkg* 137 1 034 W,*vlware.pkga 61 1.0 Prog*. 89 1,6?* Pan.t I* 235 Nail*, keg* . 11* 3*0 C. ,i tackl, CI. 4 144 Hardware.hx* 10 102 Syrup 10 133 Print mat .ptga 20 1,52.. Whiskey, bh!? 2 137 Agl Imptt* 4 *?*> Corlage.colia. 53J 2 4*2 Tar.bbia ... 200 601 lard. !b? . .37.M0 6 Its H'Win 216 422 Blacking,!* . ?0 500 Pitch 2n? S<0 r*ii"?tie*.... 1 150 Spti. Turp.... 300 2.770 Mi*cc?laats>uj. ? 1*1 btaolvare.pkgl S 440 ? Total *22 934 r?*r. Woedarare, pk 124 41.182 Butter, tba .4 864 *1.46* Saddlery, m . S 13* Can****, pka 78 1,8<>'> 1 Shoee 1 BsO Machinery,!* 2 *91 j S> car* ... 1 *00 Lumber ft.181 107 8 .'>*2 Clock*, hi* . 46 1.4*0 Flwt atone. .1,167 800 n.U. - I! I t- ? e" 60. LKO&L ROTICll Dbi'imom. TBI OhKAT RKWINQ MACUIVR CASKS DRCIDKD BT JI STICK NKUKJH. The foilowtn* *r?* dr-uiinr.a rendered on Baal hearing on pleading* uut proof Id k.inx m. 'h:a. cm which were h; giied u> J?nr !* >, by deor^* liiiford cad K. W. Stoighton fir the oompUinanW, nod by lieorae U. hick Ira and C. A. heward for the defaudauta, before Juatlce Krlann Judge Ka&al ley rilling with him, *1 Cooprralowu, New York- The argu menu oecup'ed about tau week* and llir mar* birr atiioe been brid under adn?einr?i by the VMft The leatiiu my waa vrry loluminuua. amounting to nearly iwo Ihouaand pagea in DrteL TTtip opinion* of the Court contain *11 neeeasary particulars t? enable the subject to be understood. The decisions are a comnlMo triumph of the complainants. UNITKn hTATKN OlK 'PIT COURT, tOCIUKKJI OISTRH'T or HUW TOMK. O-'ando R 1'oilar and Nataaaie. Ithreier ) r?. } In Equity. J me* O. V.'tlaoi and Alexander C. Sloe lunar.) Same ) _ ** J la Equilr. (?oorgt B. Bloat at d others. ) Some ) " i In Kuully. -oln B ulbb*. S J**L o*. *1. rtieae Mill* are 'minded upon two r* issued i patents lo S. 11. W llano fur iaprci emcnui In the feed motion of sewing machine. The original patent for the lorrulinn was granted l'-Sh Nun mlier, I AW. It w aa surrendered, and I two re laauen, numbered SI5 Mill, thereon, both hearing dale 3&1 January, 18hS !H."> wassuheequently surrendered, and retailed IHh December, IHAd. n mux-rod 4U. to the tnventlou o' Wilanu, a* claimed by the plainlilta. the m?U rial to lo-eewei had he?n adranced ituder the tieadle, or aewing apparatua, bv the haod of the operator, or fixed permanently to* frame, called. In techninal language, a batter pla e. wnirh win advanced with the cloth by a regular progn aalvc motion to thn needle, th*uuge the ayeifcy of tuluhle machinery. By ibe former pmceaa 'ceding by band, he cloth nould he turned ?t will, an thai Miami of any given curvature eonld he aewnd. bin lb're waa no ??curity lor regularlty of stitch except the care and skill of the operator Hy Ibe latter the regularity of stitch waa attained, "ut frotn the pcruianrnt attachment of the clo-h lo the Staler plate a aeam. with curvet urce and angle* at the will of ibe "iterator, aa the sewing progressed, could not be formed. The object of th* Improvunent lu question wee lo remedy thrae defect*, by causing Ibe cloth lo he moved automatically un ler the needle, end toe device no arranged as to admit of a ami of ?av curvature, an* at ihe mine time secure regularity of stitch Thl* Wi'eon accnmpliahed ht Ibe uiacblnery and promean described lntbe apecCcation of Hie patent. Instead of the barter p'ate the e'otb waa advanced under the needle mechanically, acco ding b the arrangement, by the joint action of two surfaces between which U waa held, an Inlermitlenl motion being given lo at l?a?tone of them which caused the cloth to progress regularly, securing uutfonmty of atitch. and at ibe a sine time per ulttlng the maleri-il io be turned by tbe hand to a* to aew a straight or curved aeam The claims In ibe re-leaned pat'nt?, number* I !t?> and *U, which are in controversy In these suits, are all founded upon this leed iinproiement upon ihe previous sewing machines. The utility nt ihe improvement l? admitted; indeed, tt is apparent. that wlthou* it or some equivalent which would admit Of eniTed seams io be sewed automat, .illv, tbe sewing machine now In almost universal ii*e would liitve been comparatively ?cry limited In Its operation It ia tnaisted, however, thai H ilson w as not >be first and orlgimd inventor, whi'-h ob jeetion ra sea the principal question in these rns?? 1 he peraon* mainly relied upon, aud. Indeed, the onlv persons last can be relied upon, according to the proof, wo h any plausibility, to prove priority of Intaut'on. are Va. II. A Itlna, ot Ithaca, and Leamler W I-andon, of Rochester, Ne .v York. The proof Is very full and satla'.uetory that (he Invention of Wilson wss so l*r matured aa to admit of sewing curved seams, hy w?yc.t cipe?traent as lar l ark as His. fa April, 1*19. Us peeuliarl'l's w ere noticed In the Iterksnire Oulturtat, p"hli*bed at Eiltslie'd. Massachusetts; anil in AO-ember of that jear a more extended notice of u, With full iltbographlI prioi*. were given In the Scientific American, published in New lork and Bos! m. Aklns himaeif ha* i-eac examleed a* n witness in these rases upon the question of priority of Km iui cnt.oa, and h? d'>e? Dot csrrt it* date ftmher back than 'he latter paT of tii# y?ar ISK). He had made, pretioui to thfa examination, throe sflidat 'W on ihe subject, but In nelth-r of the*' d,,,-* he state that bis improt rmem* extenled l-*ckUiI84S ilie far:heat bis aili CsviU c-.r y it* rt?t? iat'ne;al,o: 1319 * a-1 o an 1 abut# hi* testimony, tht clear and decided w eigh: of the proof con tiruia the date be give*of the Invention, when examined a* a Milie u in <ha raaea?eameiy, the fail of IViO. Ogeterydeci air# tart upon thl*question la rot in dirpute. and tba' i*. that the first machine made by Akiua, af ?r the partnership wdtn Kelihouaen (which cinwi'ii' el in A>mu?t 13HI,) htd upon It the feed of the barter-plate re?-mbllng that r.f the leiim A Hlodaet; machine, which waa exhibited in Ithaca In the winter* of 1349 and IHfii. The feed admitting of curved aeam* waa first Irtrodnrel into the src nd machine male by luui in the tall of 13YI, some two yea a niter (he date of ffilson ? Improvement, ant which was eves after the data of hi* paten: It Is remarkable if Akin* had Invented th? feed improvement at early as 1343. which a4mitie< the seertng of enrvedaeain* an Improvement so nret ul. and which ho* added *o much to the value i 1 the In sti-oment. llat rouic two tears a'terward* when ha con tnniiced the business o' manufacturing of Uie mac tune*, he ahct 'd liave molded the u*e of It altogether. Tliere I* au? tlier raw arkable feature In thl* claim of Akin*. patent war I sued to him and ke'thotisen jointly. aniuat S, 1351. Hjffiouit in vet tor* including thi* Improvement. Tht# wa? upon a moitel of the se s>nd machine made by him It is agreed th*t tiieee patentee* Hrmt ri mmcnced bush ava together In Aiiitua., l.aiil. and that feltho-v-u h-:d had n> pri vioutcoo necttoo or intere?i la se wins mac In es, nor any knowledge of them, no's mutl hare made oats that they were the joint In ventoi* of the Improrrment* claimed before the patent could Issue; and If true, aa to Keltlioimen, the dale of tbe insertion mnat Kate been later than August, 1 HA*). It i* now protended lhat Akin* wx- Ihe sole Inven or of Ihe tinprmement or ths feed, which if true, the Patent Office ,> i* Imposed upon, as it could not proper') have usiitd s p...en? to Akins and Felt hou*et, a* joint irventnrs, for ao Improvement on the sewing machine by one of them. It Is mi th?i Mdns t u Ihe In venlor of tbe Improvement la the teed an-? Feltbnusen of this set ?cro? above the needle ari.i if *o. iheu separate patent# ought to hHte issued 'o each lot hi* ow n unp. nveinent. aad Dot a joint patent to the two. If so Im-i-M, the patent Is votd. Thie scijon of Akin* and Keltbonai-n iu prorurt -g the patent, goe# to conllrm tbe view of Akin* himself, oi hi* testimony, that he did do latent the Improvement until altar his partnership w-lh Fellhousen. In August 13JU. We forbear going ni cr tbe proof* In detail upon this question of priority and shall roole. t ourveivee by (tying, after a vers careful analysis and examination, the weight of evidence la all one w a?, sod that 1* against the pretension set up la behalf of Akin* In respect to tbe claim of 1 wander W Isxngdou. hi* own account of hi* luveninm is as follow* ?That when thiiteeu years of age. and In the mi vice of lianiel Kail, in Rochester. New Turk, amue lime in thw year 1347, he read the descrip t on of a rowing machine In a newspaper and observed from tbe desertpihei that the cloth w.te placed on pin* or sharp poln'a so that the curve of the team could doi be varied after ihschshwas placed upon the pins, and that tbe idea then occurred to him of melting a feed by which tbe eur<e of the eram could be \arelo. that after a-me weeks he bad so far mstiired his thought* a* to make a feed model on'or a "bin cle. Rn other nartsof Ihe machine were made Nothingfurther was done In ihe wrat of oerfecting hi* imorneemrat, or In adapting It to practical uae. till the a'l of lsvi when he com MM?I tkf eonmruuttoo ?f a nufhiD' in ih? ?bn*i of a Mr Wright. in kocheeter The eblnelr feed model of ! <47 wae nn nrwrirduof any value or Importance ai the time. an 1 baa hoar loet Mr ri?im? that the machine made In Wright's abop In the fall ot 1-dD wae a working machine, an.i embraced the tee,! motion d'trtard in 1M7. Un|i|ia, lu a sonae-i'ient elimination at tempted to chance the time of working upon the machine in Wrtcht'e -.hop from the fall of 1-SO u> Iftt?. II m quite clear, adopting the m-*t fat orahle aeeonot rf the Invent, a of lAugdon, ae (hen by bimrelf, th t the proof falla abort of ovromnpg the patenta of M'larn and the teeilmooy upon w hl< li ihe "ngina'liy and prl.irity of hi" itnpror* men a real The proof fails aa matter of law" "11 la Dot enough to defeat a pat,-at already taaoed that another ronoeiTod the pn# of affecting ahal the patentee haa aeoompllahed. To ooat ttne a prior tnrentioa. the party allege I 11hare produced It m'?* hav e proceeded a-far a? p? have reduced hiatdea to CcU' a aed rtnbotlied It In aorae diatlnrt form It nauat ha e n carried Into practical operate a. for ?e i? entitled to a paieotrrho. being ah original inventor baa ftist perte-led the .nventi mi and odapte.1 It to practical Crude and imperfen evprrt'nr ? . uv .. In lh? x r.-? and t .en gtren up for va ?ra. cannot lie permitted to preral' aja<na; an original Invert r. who haa per'-rted ho Im 'ftrretoent and obtained hid .i I Hlalrhf 4W |{H. farlhnret ra Ktnaman I III th a owe the [re en ted ?h:-?le mode , rontauting the fe? I of a ae?l"g it b ee, ha r, . pro ist-in or arfaiige iteiii fo i on nee lire It with or adapting H lo the mm blue. waala.d ae.ta mr reara and rorgntvn. nil after the improvement hy W a.m wa? perfe led a patent granted, and ihe working ma eh oe bod gone into general nee Hut independently of thlaground which we regard aacou* rlnaire upon the queatton the proof* are over ehelroiii* that Ijnigd n a allege inipror rm?i t * as ! in; a'tar that of vt ilaou. an 1 er en alter the uwiitng of hi* paieu'. of the Uth of Norember. I WD ten the etlgloa ht Rail's. Whl'h he pretend* to hare been en race.! <? ?-rking ohen h? real a <BW I leitoa if the aewtng inarbine In a neaap*t>er. and made Ida eamgte m -telnf the te. d in VhtP, wa* no; au.l put uu> operntl -u until the ep'tng ..r rummer of lata and the clear we.ght o' the er| I d* re la. that ho nere> worked upon a ar .< ,? machine till hie pent to work for HurrPugbd in the fa.l of Mil. trho ?aa et. gaged tn mat nfadoring \ K W i!?nn'? machmee, and did not , amerce making a machine f,.r htmarlf, or ?-itk a rtew to anr levproremt nut upop tbo same, ull the spring or summer of 1V-l ttur conrliphva le. that upon the aho'e of the proof* In the ea>e the clear weigh*-if them *np crta U,e prl Thy of A. R. tv a-n intention of the fee-1 muUou, net oonaeq .eotly the patents founded upon it. e*an> objectma bare l<eeu taken In the defence Indepeadcntly ot the | iceutm upon the tuveuinm, whl jh It is neceaaary bfetit t" nv?l> ? ? I. An objection that the proper parties e -mi -aiaanta hare not been kilned In the auii. The - bjeria-n la founded upon the teattmony of Orlando R Mm (WtMMN mm aa a w ee? 'or the cnmptaiaaatm II* tiali-a that lb* anna ?*r* c oBin*nr*d for th* lni*r*al I b*i,rtit ?f lb* t?r<> pnmpaatna r*or?a*n:-d by blot a*, f uil Nt ISonifl *h**lar nam-ir. Wh**l*r.k tVl'ain ?ini'anonn* tmmiaay ard th* i?m??r .* Mah*r S*wla< M u-hia* lltatponjr. MM that tb*y bar* no lal-r rat In th* anita. *tr*pt VI r*pr*#*nt oil. *a i<( (hr taro oompant** aod M al.f*lK'l1*r* ibrradn That Ik* riirnu or* h*ld hr 'b*m aa rn?? of ib*a- "nmpant** tii- fr-'ii ah >? tk<a t>* Irrol uu* to ib* patenui ? i? aa*tnal* rtrht totb?m In the but* of Krtt lurk, *rc In th* pomliltlDnnu. and in a court of U? th*y ar* tb* only ;>?m** pro p*r i > brmc tb* hM. .In nr?*d, hnw*i ar, that In rq'ilty nil pari*? mn?i b* ;o?ii*il nbo ar* ini*r*at*<l In lb* mb;*ri m?tt*r of th* Intent on. In n.a a*na*. arcnrdlnp In ta* KoLni' or ot Pafr. ib*** tiro >?ii('*ni*? m*y bvindt' * intar*ai*d, but vb*t bar a> nr not, w to rr-tblr* 1MB 10 b* ,mo*d In ih* ?nlt, la not c*n?i?. If b*> or* lint Ur*oa**a and*r rmur *n>1 lVn**.?r th*n l?*tr >w?r*#t *mid n<<t b* *'irh *? woolIn tii* -via* f |b* < of t> . nta repair* Ih?? to ' ? >m*?l. an i ihlilith* r*l*tion th*y hold in lb* r oipUinaiiU a* luaiatrd upon by thalr , ioa*|. Tkla objartion n* lo parti** won aot turn In tb* ?naar*r. nor In tb" pnaifn on ?ltb*r aid ** to hnr* b**n dtr**t*d M tb* iu**Oon It bo* ha*n rai**d fo- tba It rat tun* at ih* h*artn* An rffort * aa mad* b? th* minaai for th* d*f*ao? lo Irtro 1nr* *1 i4*a*a on tb* annjnat at tba '.?%nn*. bnt tb* oht*ntlnn in lia r*n*nllon la Mn cjaia In aail lor on" obarr. amaa If m imdunari Wof? Ib* Kiamoi*r, tb* attantt?n n( tb* opimatia parly wmild har* bran rallrd in It aa* an ivw vitty alt oil * 1 for riplaaattoa Tb*** nb;*rt ona, aa to poru*a! ir* >v4 far **d al?a p.* !>.*) d to lb- total b*ortna io.m tb* ulaod ara and prnofa I l'*t*ra JW. U h ,s'? X. UVMMi Mr> BMn hBBB Ut<M In MM of 'he rUlttM uadrr ihe rrwB-d |nt>?u of tbr iU .iw.irj, \?:4 .? ? ltd in-1 tit The nrW onUm In B? \td t? th? m?'hod of r?f?tn(tb* cMfl ott"??rt11 promo* rer'tlarty hjr ike ira?.i wtioi of the itiri?caa t-etvi? wbteh It l? rUmpe-., an.t frhr'i *< la v?n l-iiiri ? , B'ii?unUali> la Um awinfr ?,d f r the pun ?a ! I,eel! . d. Ike around holding rlith at rwal hr tlM iwpdte or ha "inn alert. in ounbiniuui. with he ta?t!v.l of c< .uag it in ituirNi regularly. Ml.-J\?l illjr aaaet forth 1 he thiol. arraugtoe ;ne eotfa <-? anht'an'iallT M iperlted IB took relaii fltftlh- they ..rone o. t??n Wj per'oroi ike ofiw at ?trlp,:in|t Jib cloth rr> u llie BBedld ib It riee? or receiee frnna It, v*t The fourth. bo MfMBtlng *1*1 ettarh'ng one n' the feeling mrfarga. or anwe raker pert M ibb machine. thai n mar he ' WI1BI or drawn tmyinnikr' irraniiawti IB B?t forUt. Wow. It la apparent t*>al ill Ike tree ml r'ainte r?at Tip a end [row not of th? ?u?ia later .?rn,. ?. in lirfe-Iln, an; ? nor. nn?*f*tng cd the iw . Turf eiae .iog th? el Ik. ? I i iraii leg i tn thr w?l? hy the lni?rmt'?iu m oion of ooB of lh?.a boo . 0 arranged aa the ?\m tine, to a I .it of he turning M ilia | 'mh and eewtag r*mi of ?nr r nv f Ihl* derlee m botbI. and ?r har# ?lre?d* eno* n th?l il wet. trn the<e depen teut amubiaaUoi.t ?i?4 iM'IOM i.<; well ha 1 iBtBinr 1. ThB aame <dwB' 1 Bttona ara epi>He?i|e to tka rleHt fo? ? nrminatna, emhrarlag ihie lead improverneni la tko paletM X. An utuacMM la alaa taken tk?l thadafentaatenabiaea o not la; tinge th? Improvement M the fowl inoti vi of \T.laei The'eedbtgorlglnel Idea otWIIeon, aa I which h' but ?m odUtd into Bib imnr rmBut if the enhautitiVai or thB two anr wee Mb-b'1 which thB < ) ..a .a e:aep?i or h?M. for the l.?a w-plate of prrrtm.a menh nea. and an arrangta* i hew i wo orlBt rathti 1. o' men hy an automatic in"rmri?nt mru.n f oon or frail w ri d B1 10 ? lao rl ?h to ih? nor 1l? an 1 al ! na*c time art ail of ttn eio* | hT r, ?.,a . U|? t? oirrBl nit." ff 'w, ft It pi ? eiear lh?- '.iirarrm ihlek baB rr mod led a ?r*lef ilBfam in prrwif m?ehi.i>* hr Bttln* >11 01 iha (raai-nooti wkwh tb? r'-Bk aaa frai>"i".1, , ad aktrh auuM ora oaljr with Um Iraaa or baaiar p.aus j LKOiL NOTICBI. and bwaaa, practically. eou'd m atr*l?fct mai aad *m? cvrvaa only, ?a* capable of beiaf embodied into working machine la earioua mode* ead (orm*. A ?kiif ul mechanic, hp mereektil, and without the m of the inventive facuiiiSt c?uld embody it, aad adapt it to practical oar by different raa chanloaJ denaaa. Tbla reqolrea tapeaulty almaly. ooi iarea tarn. P-T in Wing aa Tfilena ? llai air limit In lb* email ai tloa aad armaaeaual. no mailer what mar be III form, er ahape or appearance. tbe party oniag U la appropriate* hie lovaatioa. and atiat be held an infrlnaar. aad wltbio tbla view ?a are m tie led Ure mar blue* of the Mrrrai defrodaoU modi be reaaided vioJaUoot of tire patenta to quiwtion. tipoo the whole, after tbe beat oooaderatioa we here been able Ui Rive to ibrne caara, we are aai'tded tbe all imam are euutlrd to a dearre for the lafrtnaementa and (or UuuaaUoua, aad reference to Maater to tab# aa account. V. s. CIROCrr COURT, aocTio.a.N pteruiOT or new tone. Tbe Ororer und Hither Hewing) Machine Company Oeorer 8 B*oat and other* > In Equity. Ibeaame John B*(itbba. j Wetenxl' 1 _TV>?.? a- It* are founded lino-, lallaf. fronted In W. P. N. Kl'.'ferali, dated ltkh IVeember, 1154, as ?ksi*nee. upon the invention and application of A. U. Wilson. The invention consists of an improvement of the feed motion of Wilson, embraced in h nued patents Nos !Md, 411 The surface, movlnf the >: by >u intermlfent motion ti the needle. Is caused U> drop I' nits < ! th in ha return tn again sains It. snd advance it for simlaer ?".tcb Iheedecl utotreetha clolb from the surface in its re- u with a view to again advance it. The nov elty of this imprt emeut is disputed by the defee deals. The pn of carries back tUs invention by Wilson, thai is, hie roncepnon oi the idea and cn-nodim-nt into a mod*!, to Aprs or May. Ibfti; and it a as introduced into a working mac nine M early at ItCI!. 'I lie only improvement of the kind scnouily claimed by the dcleuce to be earlier Ibiin Wilson's is that of Iaauder W. i.angilon. W e have had occasion to enannue ui? claims of this person, generally, a- to the data ot bis invention of the feed motion on wains maehtue* in a case betweoa I 'otter A Wheeler Against these partn-s and etpresa our opinion on the \ auhject. In respect to tbia partlcnlar improvement, tt is quitq clear, > upon (be proota, that loinfdoa never emuodied it intssma chine till after the year 14,2, an 1 utter he had seen it in one Of A. B Wilson's ruacbieea Several ob ecuom have been taken tn '.his suit by the esuasel tor 'he driendania, independently of the question upon As novelty of the Invention i 1. It is insisted tbe plaintiffs, by their charter in the State of , Maasacbuse'tk. o' usiogtlie invention in Ifevr i York, inasmuch as tlirir charter conttres their operations ta the city of Ho si on aud rountv of Sufl"ig, in that titate. But I we do not ko construe thi? cbar-i r. A lihouga a Mmnrn isrMs corporation, tin risht tc mam I vclure the machines is general, snd red confined to the limits of that ftste, and there is no prohibition upon it bj the luweof Netv York.. (13 Peters, Nit II. It is objected that the Wheeler A Wilson Manufacturing Company abou'.d have been made parties. This ob ectioo is fourded" upon a clans- tn the asm? <men'. of Fitzgerald, the pauuitee. u> the plaiuutto which is a* folio w* "Subject. Iioirever, to an iwdcnmtn'. th's day mads by me. the said Fltzge | raid, of the right 10 me said iovention, concurrently with toe , said On ver. Baker k Co . unto the Wheeler A Wilson Mm I lecturing Company, to whi.ii, for the terms therein, reference j is made " 'lhc answer to the objection i.i that the Wheeler A Wilson - Manulscliirni* Compan; ar only licensee* according to the recital unilei the p,v'?r,'., a id th-*re!cre hare uo lalerast capa| bleof affording tne foundation of n * i I III. The nest objection t* h*: ib?- Pit 'uerald patent recites that "th* operative part* ol thi.? machine, anl Its eoiistniclioo. it uoK'nii ii:.; lof ??ai? :m m ?c iipfcTitiK in in.*n pMin. bearing d ue June IS 1842, granted to N W heel-r, a. B. wu eon, a a nrrt a and (1. Woodruil ' The Jrftwliatl claimed i lb? righ'. <iu Uf hearing to produce the p?t?nt of the ISth of June, 1 .'? and to i bow from ti e rec.t-ie in u. tb?!lh-?im priivtaictit in question hud been nsssned by Wilson to tbe four 1 pfiottib'jff mmti Md. Hence tuat Wiiaiti bud nnjy ouei fourth of the Invention at the t:me he assigned to Kit tgerald, and 'ha be acquired only fh's interest, and could ooavey nu greater interest u> tbe pUiij.dl 1 hit objection ?a< no . taken in the answers of the defend; tinta, nor w mi it the ibJec'. of examination or laq 'iry before : tbe exitm'ner. Ae the patent or l-Af wag not prnduoe t by the defendant* ; before him. ?;id the ineu (dated In the reci'ai referred to and i relied t o tb?n and the e, the i-lalauifa have had no opportunity I frr e: pb.nntton; and e-ea if the I Tgition f f tbe counsel la weB founded, it u uny < table a . to determine upon the proofs bei fore u? 1 he oh ertion comes too late, as well u the production of the patent ot 1 It It is iarther li ??ted th?t a device, descri >ed la a caveat B ed by Wra M. J< banco. November, lab*, and in a patent la iued In him 7th March, iAH, cot.:a a?d the principle of this lea ptoremeot of Wilson ha' It is only necessary to read the de scrip Hon, end examine tbe model of this machine, to see that tee de ice hoe no resemblance to that of Wilauu in this improvement :n 0'It St:os. With* .1 further persuing tie e- am'na'.on In these caaas, wo are eatie ed the p'ain'.ids are entitled to t d<vee tor the ta frtngemei;' and forlujUne'iona, and that reference be mada to a Master to lake an account emtlOWAL First ukut. jok ? ?thinur akk pboorksntag well Re Btt-e to come on Thursday. The cumber hi 7th CuL. C'HARUtS. IDA?I WILL MKKT \OU AT 1'IIK SAMS FLAGS OW Th raf ay, at 4 P. M. OILBBRT. IF Till LADT WHO TOOK THK ifUBNnRIBKK'A AM brotype wlU returnIt ah will be rewarded by seeing Um original at the tame. O. r. Information wante:i-of henry thomas, a baker, from Rye. Rowland, who left Lotidoa in Uie ship PeTor.kbire 18tli tf June Any information respecting him will l? Umr,kf>;li) received by (J. Morolem, 138 WIfilam Strera, New York. Wanted.?information wanted, of maroarkt Caiiery. who waa plcaed up on the 2d of May, M$. When last seen she was l? tbe Hf ae of Reception for the New Turk Juvenile Asylum Th.rteenth atrem Any tnforme tlon o* her will be ibank'nlly received by her afflicted father. JamesAtallenr, F.igbtj fourth street between Taird and Fourth avenues Torkvllie. MlDlKLLATKOUIi. A NO 28 OKoVfcR A NAURU * FIRST CLARA NSW walnut fewlDg Maeinoe for rule, la perfect order asid working condition coat WW price tti Apply at til 'Hard avenue, near Thirtieth street. BrSSOWR* INFANTS' FRIEND, OR ORAT MIRtnre?Acknowledged bv eminent physicians to be the eafeet. meal plesaan! and C?: are re :?f for infanta teething, and ail ureguiai itiee of the bowels, ever pro* need. lis tor sale by all druggists I'ric - 22 rents per b-etle. WM. U. BURROWS, Chemist, Albany, N. t GRfHTRT FOR 8AM?A BtROtfV; I? CONRR qilewre of ruber engac-me r? I iaerable leaae cbnteely aelertel etnck. Hum* Waena ?? Euturee. all cnui/me sad dome a gtod and Mia bt'alneea Bltllio a bijVIHWtUK, 33 Nana* t nnwt Fifteen ball root, -for s \;.k. one set of f:f tern Hall Fool; fine quality. Apply at Oyeter Bay, No. MS Broadway. 18 DARKXH - BETTER THAN I -1?*'' T '?CALL AT 10* Maiden lane aa<l examine the great Paragon Rurwar, tw now uinia dark-ie** tnt, ligh* Th:? ta tie m ?*. perfect Burner lnent'.'n? All b :r ?n guaranteed or money refunded. Pa'ei.1 leaned July 21 13*1 MARBLR MANTELS-OKKaT BARGAINS tN MAWtele?The anbaenber aelia caeaoer now than ever. A CI Mock of reined, etai-tary and colored Mantel* alwara am d. at ELAHKit S marble yarda. 113 Rent fcghteeath atraat, weal of Third avenue. N. T. N ew tore wirr railway compart. HI Tl niNMlN A vriCEKKeHAK. Retnn ed to Ml Broadway New Turk, Neit door above Matrip litan Hot*. Manufacturer* md dealer* ta Iron Ruling 1 arm Fen era, [ram i tiatea, \ erandaba. Iron f* CaaCnga aat a general r?rlety of < "V,anient*. Iron Mr-k. V0*8 *os> STREET -MA^AMK PALETTE EROM PA11 na p. i.b?r In all k. ida o: rick ,il flat Jewelry. AM order* punetualty id tended to. XJRW JFWKLRY STORK.-FHILTFFF RUN a CO, A> r- api ctl illy rail the at?e?ii >n o' 'he public to their new "ri -'ore , lay, un le be ' i it n<b tte; next to Lba ludlee antra lire. QCARTZ VI1.1.S?THE L?TF.ST IMPROVEMENT? Braugbfoti a Falent. May 22 . SV. apeciaUy adapted to r? urlag ,'iair n-* and Other bard ? ' --anre to an ..apalpaI a ponder have ad.'ua*.abie antl be-tung grinding aurfaeea ar ' mpr H k.nni rile, i,: i :e fn'r.; tbe admieaton of oil to the interior uf lba mil:. rapid eii-i* ,i and perfect! in Ikrlr opera um Apply In THOh BENNETT, liepot M'.lVilai. lornerof Elm and ViankLa rlreela. New V irt Roorrna blatea of the baolk nt.ate cokfamt are Iir aupennrq .?llty. ??eal Are nroif, yield p-itw and untainted rato w .ter, and la* a lifetime B d.dera addreaa the agent of the eimpany tl FL'RMaE, *7 UorUniuM BWeel. Raw lorl Steel srrlntis KOLl.lNU. TKMTEETNO ARB COVERING, j?o pirn fcTrn Tnrntj lb.-1 ?l fwooly THK NATIRAL PBOPK1-LKR. * itbt ut frlrtoo no I ?.u*n '"?* '? ?? PW'Wr. ?P <* C. wn iup>ra <t iu>> o?o? on 'h" ita TZlm I >W. by <? L. I ?f r.r of K a* AMorKo. T?o ?otfr a 10 wW ?'I' Ur"'? o tbo t->M- for . ?MO mi ? *.. - >n '?*. . n oa V-.'"'' 1 -?' >? mon-n^ from / A. M. to T. M u !? M P?r* "4 144 trrot r.-iui No. IIV "O Ibr mtjm* 0P>r> M Amrrlfi0 ' ... U CAfl?f'?. IVoprMKor ouJ Povaioto.^ THK AHKRHAX - -'.fr iMED *a.< l'rr; mrd fr. a tf.o r. .Ml naUl of Ihr Vrol di'rtoo M Hr? hr? .? v<> * 1? tio "o'y woy ? proc -o pum pii.k in i*rr* it too 1" -n*i..?. I a r?i > -t A no 10 ??',?plr f.n :?> to ?-><l <n< ?l t' to booprf iRrr ffc* oo^'l m.o" r...?.n Mr,. ,, f. ?" ko. n for Ton-In no V , -n? r ili? n*>'fr?> ? for I'v -II- ? otwo'- o i.w ?rniv no.) o??y. aod for lko? IIpIoh ?hi cifnnlon or Uto fln <ik f?* rn> in ?Hn? ..<*o onel wol for trnmroriotlno. M i,PAto*H- ?ounr:ro K rnXPART 73 lJ - torro in > di?ro 0=?0i trom HroodwAf. * rtn* :**>'* or T"t O'ttrr* otatpalofor. m. llnoof A.a.%-0 * l-?.fltoO to ronril *1, Ifeo diffrjriit .'U?? tor f * ro <tr?v < f I m o.o, j tho nnnll Siivn ' i> ' ''A-. * < " ,,,... , m I v |.r u??i. P ? -* 'I t-T II i R- ? " >c t- n' ' it ' ' *''| O" >u ? ittoo Nmm mi ;M'br?:. ,*fnnnd . por r r? ?.ljr ?v.o au.l ? " ' If ?>? ' Np* id, .1 r'.v . ' V - ?' I f?M ? , x ! -n ^ Or.I lOoir !VMWJ ?: I. r .:i o'J-> *j? tPACI-DrRJ A OO. T v. M.f.lHT- R v.<N R 'f"; A V 0 A I . r ? < <, KOIII d ! ?.' ?. " * J bf?l? A HK4V. ?< ?i1 ? ___? Tt?f Rx. nv a 5?P.;?I* tMR? A: *?*- v.? f*. A? ? >.?- ?r* i ?' ? * >r h?l of I ho in .! n nri ;r?r . -n-lnrod r* f UKKR VI I'htoo to * mo roxorvrttTBR-a o?? . nn * * "* * 1 rn'Wl ' ' ? * "* '?**?. *ry*r ??.,r ^i'?n "ii ? ti- *' " ' ?"' Am r.-? .?*? ?" V th? IT- !? "? whl. h 9' "* ' '7'** , ,n rcrrj w, I"". . ? n?il ti . -.fSn ?wM? ?:in>! !?"? '??..? 1 *" t'- *HT- ? < fr#enr rV?rr? A?1rtr??. ? < ' - >? .< r*tnr?V {j*y fP?nr? P^A -? 2J '*? v T _ ft?K |N?v?|.v> AV' RICAN f P*?*2J!5 U ?r ! i H", ??. I'r-.m t>H ?> ;? * UrvpAPPP. ii'il'r W S'1 S Ml1 "I ??_ \V\NT-H-A tM Ml' T U 'J Sv ri\ ?? 1 fc-.'r? Tn'' ><-> ^ ^ b.rh % ' . * "' ' * br" ' ' . '.ar- .ir .' ?*? . wl. i ,t, ?/ ?..HrU0?f, oro wi w?t V 1 < fir- :Tl a-* A?v IV " *,f r *-Tr ? ... . .. ...r iTT'l A TOO AT WITH Af VV V.rt nfM ILPttW AbDlMUtMli J; ? *' >??^ f *>

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