Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1860 Page 1
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: 0 TH WHOLE NO. 8751. ARRIVAL OF THE ARIEL. 9798,832 IN TREASURE ON FREIGHT. Interesting News from Japan* California, British Columbia, Oregon, Central America and South Pacific. OUR COMMERCE WITH JAPAN. THE REVOLUTION IN NEW Lit AN ADA. Attempt to Assassinate President Castilla, of Pern. THE AV.EWCAN CLAIMS CN THAT GOVERNMENT. MINING EXCITEMENT IN CHILE. MOVEMENTS OF WALKER, Jfce... *o., ftc. The steamship Ariel, from Asp.cwall, Kith the mails mud piueecgens th .t left Sac Francisco on the 1st inst., arrived at this pert yesterday afternoon. The Ariel left Aspiuwall August 15, at twelve o'clock noon, with 260 passengers, 97 specie and 1,123 Duxes Wuthoe i silver ere. The following is the sptcie list of the Ariel ? Beoard A Co $12,000 ?. Kelly A Co $28,500 Uvder.. 1.400 Conroy a O'Connor. 10000 Williams a Ueiund.. 4 000 Am. hxehange busk 08,000 Order 16,922 Jenning^A Brewster. 9 000 Benin A .Sanucrs.... 30,000 I'. N'ayior 15,000 Z. Qns;c:n A Bros.. 7,460 freeman A Co 12,s$0 Nenitudter Bros.... 16.000 Duncan, guerinuu Scfioll Bros 34,800 a Co 181,051 i Taatte, UcCahtl) ACo. 40.100 Wells, Fargo A Co. 132 000 i. Straus, Bro. A Co. 30 040 Oioper a Follows . 290 Order 11 600 D M lochevenla . 1,000 Wot. Sel.gmtn A Co. 27.000 Jos. Oversaue 74 hi.bard CatrioA ... 4U ouo S. Lau.-.Durg A Bro.4. 3,043 J. B. Wier 8,000 Trevor A Coiegate. 1,734 Glidden A Williams. 2 '>00 J. Krause 535 Buiklm \ t'runo 18,252 Order 5,MS) K. Kelly A Co., 1.078 Doses silver ore; Jos. K. Joy, 45 bsAt. do. The Ariel left at Aspiuwall the. I'nited .-"tales store ship Release, frcm Kio Hoc tie in two days. Steamer Baltimore tailed loth for New York via Jamaica. INTERESTING FROM JAFAN. Arrival of the Schooner Caroline IC. Foots and Bark Onward at San Kraneliro, fToni Japan?Interesting Commercial leei-The Tea and Raw silk Trade or Japea?dhipmnat or Sappltee From Japan For the Allied Troope la China? Disposition ot the ** Japs" to Trade With Foreigner*?The Currency (|ueitlon?A Town Destroyed by an Earth*?ake?Ksnagaws Vs. Vokabama?A Land Question Under the Treaty?The American Minister nad Aiuericaa Con. nl nt L.oggerhea?U?The hatter Eaters a Protest?Commercial Mews, Ar., die. Krrim our California, exchamzets brought by the Statin hip Ariel, we are enabled to lajr before the readers o' the I Hbuld mportant late commercial new* from Jap in, brought to fian Francisci by tbe acboooer Caroline E. Foote and the clipper bark Onward, both of them from Knnigawa, Japan, with news from that port of the 15th aad aetfc o'June respectively. We lake the following interesting newe from tbe Man Francisco flulMin, written by Its intelligent correspondent at Kauagawa ? The bark Rover arrived at Kaoagawa from Hen FranclMu on 12th June, laklug hence uewi of the reception aooord?*l the Japan eat Embassy while In San 1 ran, i?o It alao took duepalcho* Irotu the Ambassadors to the Ty coon. Diligent inquiry waa made among the people of Kaoagawa, and it waa believed that they had liule rslle hie ittfurmalion aa to tbe California experience of the ,t mkaeeailors. Whatever the despatches seal to the Ty cons may have oeen, tbe common people had received no knowledge of tbeir content*, although various absurd rumors were afloat. One lie in ol information bad sacited cou Stdarable woodermeut aunoug the Kauagawaos. Taey bad beard from sitae quarter that the Ambassadors were charged 91 (0 each every lime they took a bath at the Han Francisco balbiug houses. Considering that the Japanese prise such privileges highly, au 1 that one cent Is the standard price for a bath In Japan, it is not strange that tbe natives were astonished at the reported San Francisco price for this luxury. 11>e onward Drought an assorted cargo to Franci? oo, embracing many articles uever beiore brought fru.u Japan to that market. Among thein are tuoia?aea, ole cake. dried pea dies, arrow root, rapet* ed oil, and tn? usuai variety of notioss. There i* alto a oonflilerald" amount of Japanese lea. said to be the choicest article la tbe tea Hue ever brought in such quantity to Ui? United Mates The lea and raw stlk trade of Japan now rpomisee t MUn? au importance in tin- < . >r. i Kaii?,:a?? I ? manow lo<lge to poMrsoia.- a little priyullca agi i?l m;M iitri< ganoraliy, j*\ a la'C' reip-.tikk m i (W and uuea are a d to oe f?ua4 in any Bu??i"ti !' I ha world. I AKW rH?.jr?ST ai|M ??rtbn.,?*.* are ratjr frequent 'tare. V'ataMij a bad ?h(*Ki?uH!<-ieat to make the d<?.ir? ??H wmd'.wa rati la. M<l tit" i? t? of the hov ore <. w1 torn iii>r?Irg we bad ime of a a miliar chant. lor. WA.anv. f i ? *i TO A?ewia*, It t? now of a d? ly occurreaoe to hear th- pa ?ple *?? a?-arh >i"i to laKe ihom to imolei; and wt.?u we loll them of tna woartor* of the telegraph an 1 th" lororuoitae. the maantitoent b "K* ami polaivt of oar mefi hent pi meea and let! than that Ifcef may r0T? til A*"" I riaa without inP-rfnraai e, while wa. who lite* rnt#i?d ' tb'iueaiide and *b "ivaaile of m tea. o?or ?v-e*h# ? *1 ' OliMMit 'Toitilriae, |o aea tbalr 'iwwmifel ?!* aff (IfBOu ti?w i ui ua m)hw oO? Vvanare. uiiid ha fr? nnttrri to alow It. ber.iwee the treat? aa]fe Americani mint nut aiall ./.wliiu fur to* ran moro. Tiw oPIcm1.- ?ajr that the) are i^?ti ia-'i to allow lureigmre t> tut JedJ>, , E NE by way of an unanswerable argument, read the peo?j rlanae from tbe treaty and stated that ! would bo a mi# demeanor not to remove, and without meaning to use tuy threats, that w<? were liable to pun.rlnatm (alms to be sent out of tbe country), by disregarding toe wishes. This wai replied to in a manner becoming the Aw;ricu> j character, and no better results arose from this 'ueeliug llutn from tbote meetings preriouoy neld by the l!riti<h i.rn. Dorr, mir Consul, Feeing that American interestwould be jeopardised by loafer ctntlnuing the agnation of this land question, like a true merchant, aud worthy the country be represents, detenoine 1 to euiloro* "a the uuthortties-to distribute Finds to the Ariier eMS thsame liberality that thby but alMed lands tn-tbe-Riiglleii and Dutch. But lor this determined aland el' den. iV.irr the Americana would today be r >* witbcubUud, or have land badly located, cmce tl*eu, Uon. Dorr haa t-eeu. arguing with the authorities on the one Hide and our Minister on the other, aa to tbe nei.ese.ty of ackuowledg tnp Yukabama us a precinct of Kuuagawa; but, as yet, nothing lute been positively acknowledged, although it is ntcitly admitted that Yulutbasna is the j>ori of Kiana gawa. Ihcan icu eel y be ex pec Led that a bobby which tbe M.hitter? in Juddo have so pertinaciously been striding sbor.ld be given up without a struggle, you m itt Dot uDilerstaud that all the Aruerkaiu) uio in porffemo of land. I am sorry to say that inauy aro without tuy loua ticna as yet. and several months may he: .ra thu? vexed question is settled, The following gintiemeu aro without lands ? Mr. Habersham, late of the rowhatao, Mr. Slearus, Mr. Talbot, of Olvybant .t Co., China; Mr. Benson, of -an Francisco, Mr. Topping, do.; Mr. Topping, of Snaughns Mr Martmdell, of San Francisco. Mr Knight, do , Mr u.,,r c.i'r..rt.;.> /. .... ,,f Vu-.i k'i...aL.u,?.., \r..,.. Island). | There are alio several others, whose names I do not i remember. The French Consul General at Joildo, m an unguarded moment, got from tbe Minister* (our M nst-T included) a concession that the French should have as much land allotted them as other nations; or, fn other words, that the remaining unoccupied lands shall be equally divided between the five treaty Powers. It Is patent that the French have but few establishments In China, the tea carrying being mostly done in vessels of other Towers. So here, the Eaglisb and Americans are nearly ten to one of French settlers, snd by the unfortu nute concession, the Americans are crowded in a very limited space, entirely unsuitable for business wauls, whilst the Trench have comparatively extensive pre mi ea. Gen. Dorr lias bad to fight against our SliniRter, who goes hand in hand in all that the British Minister does, to the manifest injury of Americans. The Consul, on learning of this concession to the Trench, had an interview with the Governor, and verbally protested Against this concession to the Trench, which he followed by a written protest, as follows ? cojoflatl Of thx i'.vjtxp stats* os astcrica, 1 Kan a? aw a, May 11,1S?0. j To Towsskm) Harris, Esq., American Minister:? Fir?In my interview with you yesterday you plaood before me a pian of dividing the continuation of tbo location occupied by foreigners at Yocahama, amongst tbe five treaty Powers. In all negotiations regarding this matter I have never contemplated such a division, lor the reason thst it would work manifest injustice, especially when the relative number belonging to each treaty Power are so different, and such division would not only injure those who sre here, and have been long waiting lor grauts of land, but would establish a bad precedent at the porta to be in future opened In Japan; and, for these and other reasons personally explained to you, I cannot entertain '.he proposition, and must dissent entirely therefrom. On the 16:b of February last 1 approved of various applies lions made by Americans for specific grants of land at that time unappropriated, and you were about to make these grants of tho size recommended by myself, viz: twenty mats, when it was proposed to survey and divide oil into equal lots the whole peninsula east from the Custom House, irrespective of the then existing size of lots already occupied and built upon. In order to meet the views of others and to make as equitable a division as possible, I agreed to refer the whole question to the diplomatic agents of the For- i cign Powers and the Government of Jeddo. and cnose- fluently arrested the granting of land to Amoricans until ' this question was settled there. It appears now that the luicgu bcwi niiui ai muiiuu uu oecumu bo e.vteuBi ve, , noil that tho interests of merchant* already occupying ground and having built golowna and houses, would bo bo materially injured by tbo propose 1 plan that it baa I Ixeti abandoned, and, consequently, the whole qiyslioa rcveru to the position it occupied on the 16th day of J February last; and justice to thoae who have been paticutly awsilliigjihe decision ol the Japaneae Government ; and the Foreign diplomatic agents at Jeddo now requires | that Uiey be immediately put in possession of the ground so applied for by tbom at that period. In view of the ' roregoing statement# and of the Sights of the American citizens wnich are cloarly infringed Dt your proposed ac lion. IhcrUorc I K. M. Dorr. of the l otted States of America for Kanngaws and the dependencies there-H do puldicly and solemnly protest against such division n| land as hereinbetore described, such act being In contra vention of justice, and deeply injurious to the interest# of American citizen# now resident and doing business at Yokohama. In t alimony whereof. 1. the sail Consul, have hereunto set my hand and the t*ai of in is Codauiale the day and year above written. E. U. DORR. How this question will eventually be settled 1 cannot foresee, though I am inclined to think that ttic French, having taken p >sst"Sion of their lauds, cannot he ousted. General Dorr has done much for American interests, both on the laud and currency question, yet, from tbo cause oi not boing properly hailed at Joddn, American interests have been materially injured. Tbo Fuglish and Dutch have, w ith but fee exception!, the beet Incited, as well is the li. grsi. pareele of land In Yokah.ima. General Dorr, withoui salary, and with fees that would not furnish a gentleman with segars, enti ruins his countrymen with a liberality unknow n in other Consular districts. Java* gun. lapan is quiet. Two Jspam'se men of war guard To- i kahama against invaders. Foreigners need not patrol the stroeu nightly, as heretofore, and, with an American ' roan of war h'-re, we feel comparatively safe. THK ABgklCAMX IV Hll.H SAVOIt. one trail cf Japanese character haaevtuced itself In a , most emphatic manner, since foreign Intercourse has been al owed, anil that is, a willingness to be persuaded out ot their erroneous imprest-ions, but when a disposition is made toward compelling, hy using forcible or tnrtatctiing uuiK':au". uicy luvariaoiy auiai on uinr aig oily aurt will u?t bu mov-d?and tbal 1a one treat reaaon why the American,, as a claim, are ao much iked, while ih? Fagliah, ou t*e itftTM, are aa much d l*ltked by lu.lapac-ae?tbe Amer.oana invariably being ready to argue a point with perauaeivcucM and a ahow of itncerily, bile the argnm- nt uf the English ta one of compulsion and bullying, which baa never yet proved beneficial >1 II'I.I I w-r t Atll-l -IT] t>. Iilgl I Ii.'rt the la) alien government decided Vn aetnl au Koibaaay to America, erpe< ;aily ao wh<o the Japanese were made ware of Uie fact that every attention woaU bo , (howl, to amti v mt*?ioii?u.though inch iui act ww* lie nrat m the history of tbe em ore ever undertaken. The Americana, aince the r<-wa of the arrival and aindiy atteutioua vhowu them in Stan Franclaco, have tx-en lb? 1 ' ? of Uie day?and In every noon and conn r, both bub aLd low t|a<ak of the treatment rtwtrtd by their otter* with tecPugi of gratitude. Aitln .,h It waa a forcg. ne nonclaiion with tbe Japanese oltl aia th.At the ymhaaay would be well received, yet Ita influence will be ? ii ana rei ?,Py lelt, and redound a ilh mu *h bcuulit to the Amern ana here. mt W'tvomta ov tnr oorvntT. Tbe i>-antler cl tnm country will yet be known, and Fuelyama, w th iu rnowy pea* Manding like a m van men I the ?c ptre o; Japan, which ran be reen for 150 ml lea at aen, will yet Hud :U ridea c ivared with connoiaaeura and trarei|er? from all parte of the world, ready aad willing ? woe J to it the pratae It dceervea?that of tha Ooeat ogular mod Ma n :n the world jtddo, w itn ita mUlict* upon mdllona of being*, tta parks, ita palaera. tta t-a bo-. en, government bu..dings and i mpcr. i palaoa, w ii yet be c.mwdau by foreigners, eking and fin .tug hidden wealth Mrangu t->ogies will pervade the very doora of the Fmperor'" paiac-. where m> foreign dog' had cvar dared to c hoc, tare upon hi* hneei. Wiaeo, the heart of the empire, th" residence of the aptr.fual Fmpervr, the I'a rutin- of Japan, will yet ?nc ci mb to foreign intrigue, and em lung th-|>r*d tenon given in a former - tier upon the ?<? Japan to trade wdl he fsllttet?Japan will conk' tn. day ?b foreigner* in her mt fat Already ar tbe official! of the fea-'ul of tu? wealth oi the r rcbar.u? their loweat civ ?and arc de. vising mean of redm ing ancurtainng their mcreaaing atrength TV* retard! t ade.and red iali n> the temp rary dlaa>ivatitagg nf ronvi-roe <<tit'of?ia ta Una nanritt | and on <t natiirnl -itlet for ttie prrlcr-of Japan, audit aerotve* m < i Ca r?rnta to varri 'Ut the great wi-ct of >1 ini t? nun "i ?' r. >t ao"e uietertMMa, vtU 1 br b) Ik h it ivt i. U Navigation C'in|>i*r'i llH 'n?a wl. >li a;.ra:;. ueary eu r rW - ib<" w tmi rut \tht?rr? ?norn <Tr >v?. rrv We flu.l i? t ?t- ail tbit ttii < i-ate-i tt are now Juat fotn u-'?r lb<- ta t of tti<- fpriag rain, an l liie ratrwr beg;-.. to tjrAt worm. The ?'innrer mar be h< t. but < anii 't now bo lotttf-r than to Now l.twWiil. wblle the Wit-Iff .i ver> a'-ght. Tlrf' c wittry aHuod* tu Iruitw ' ( arrat \ irn -f, an-i lb- eo.l |?r< !u> * abatnla t'y wiiat ! t'Te a'f tor the r?pjv ft ??1 >-nnfort of lifts. T oil and lb- tarl tr <*? ytu-r-1 a tin- fx pi- are planting eotlm ill bri la tliua i.irelo: tt.rlr irly ert | Tie rw Bc'd* iiejtn l?? look grcwe, aod tb- hrrri a: iieer*. aprirota, Ac , are i t the market Ibr cwutttry prtaeuia to ibe ey-ot the a irairer ot oa many beautiful and romantic lan larajie* no that we are often lured out to troll in tb" Held* to breatbe tht in \ igoraling air air! ta'W witb an t watch the people at la tior. In tbia waj we (et many ford leaaon* n the tan , guaga (rait*, and if our teat bare ire i> t mum? 1 t > ul, tbtp Say be a tntol our only mam of ac^u ring tbe Ja i l<atica>' tongue i?f a - >og t m-' to come. anM.cax m *!o?.iri?* ar rUMdtt. (' ;r m * 'tiai .e* are mnet i inl->rt?bi? located it t ooodoinyto thai o( I Ulna The quantity <?i ltnw?- I>r.) dilution* available for export la a*t !iabiug Wiltuu Hi mouth before the Onward aatled tour h* departeu for Koglnnd with full wrgoe* of tea*, oil* ailic*, Ac. Tim price* of ail cxjioruble article* acre ateaiiiy advancing Tea* lie I guue up to the average of C::; u prior* Inconsequence of the ? 'lnua re milium u-> l-> were coming from the interior to dhsnghae, aul tb t * trade of that port i* temporarily. U leaal, transferred t" kanagawa. Another lucrative trade lust op?u*d for tti? Japan? i? the rhiptnenl ol aopptic* to tl,< Hiliahaod Kreuch tr-? >| la their ramua C'inu?e military nUium.? But for Ui Japaneev a large portion of tula trade wouM tiare been controlled by OtlifornlA, but cheap labor and jr. i ami baa enabled tlie Jap.nere 10 unde: *eil ?-verr other obuu try. ftwy Mil Hour to toe aittc* at VI 6u per haftwl, and jwtalorr at half ? oral per poqad fhe llo'ir, h ># rver. I* not very good. being ununited, isi a* mauuf.i tared by the ?.. t \ee to their U*c i tnl > T r i rUi' I. Japanese hate al>o shipped Irou, d.Ohu to d.uOO ltor a t-< the allies, nIvIr for many week* eiuployafat t" .ill ti *t? laldt vcttc* m lh> waters of tL >t putrtcr. Tn horee* were torn label at Kanagaw* at an average of *..< Met, Tliry aro n amail. iiaru? *|iecia* annual, not tllte the native Uahtorra b owe. ru>- Japan.-- g>vr men' only permute I male anltnall to he exported Onuccring tnc disposition to Ira le with the o- la rtated that tba m " hunt*. tr.IInf |olhe.ala ind hlf 3er r ;? ?? * gt-uernlly, are more so I naugw la hvi* #f eacours* mg foreign lUtovonurae. They are .u j gmw'ng more Metal, obcgr.g ami ac -mihp but thmaaaes of the people are menu prijudioad than t or. Tb?> are complaining Bitterly thei loralga trad* b?? ra ,je I rtre prire of man* article* e (wi to aivane- ,-re*t > i the dwtreaa of the poorer c!a-.e*, wuo are thereby' r Utcted in their diet to the m -?i common art idea ' kic la not allowed to b? exported sai ctuaqueally there habeen no advance la that article. Wu-at laauolter in rte not allewed 1" he ?e -01 n tn? c nt-y. hit a:' being indtudh. ulu .'ftiirttiis r*-*i rtlon la ran. ved ] The cnuntry, howrv'r. i? rt-y peof.., ;tve. t'.i ?- 1- 1 * . wheat, rice at. . vegetable* growing m: tbc nut* lau I ea- > } ?W. ao that It I* probable, all-i hltle, u. r t"-1 pr , ouotion will put a atop to the Oomp not ,.;.i m 1.1 . et*uer* for making final ln.'i it??.dea, toe dwuti.4 f>?i aupplyiog the allied troop* niurt ui fall oil Another trouhlcnom.' rirr-acy qvnation hat com tnbticed. M. tican half dollar* were rcfueed iu the tar < ham of gooilr. afthn lgh the dol'ar piece* were aa i a* eeer. All the half dollar* tasoo orer by the <?u ard are brought back agauw About two weak* Before I Be onstfl sa led * ttwn eight in ten thonran ; peop!-, acute iao> It m ired m dirtani from Kanagawa, was entirely w* 1 iwed up bt an aarlh'vjake, Tbla lulotmation rva ueu hauagaaa tur .og 1 the tnlaaionarica, of which there ar* ,.te a numb ',acd wa* comidcred roliahie. Sereral rt-tht tke s: -k ware felt at V.uaagawa during Mat an t Ja.i ma roaaaiN muuu- Mtottcmu tu* mwn m ? T! >JW. Tl?* treaty w\ili J ,(>%o cailw f >r a port lw ag np ? i . Umliii. wiih all trie pri cwWto Naga*?k Hhk<xia?:t, Ice. The mercliante wh.i llrrt rtaoael tM Ml. from mar caus. or other. MtUted on the ojy eite alio afYokahaina?the Japanese authorities fu.-o all og t n arttb tarn) and building* at the latter rnare who followed found Yokahama mure imine liat-'jr era ?ii and the auihorltlee < Vrlng ev ry no!. "nrou in .. ? grant* of lend, hoiidiDv?, fc-, p. r'?>n lx<MH th b >? arm Mmaoty al Kanagawa. Tbe ruiaiatera, vteavig ln.a new aril lament through diplomatic aperlacirs. iewm n ed ant to acknowledge V fcahama aa a preo.r i "f m nagawa. and a pretty Utile war aprung up oetwo-n th pleoipolontlarlt* oa the ooe aide, and the merchaiia on tbe other At the time th>* question aroae aa to the boun larle or precinct of Kan* awa. ooe of tbr trading porta nam ed la I ho treaty. there wera hut lew Aiwnr.m at Yoke bama. and the matter waa t ttteu to hand be Mr. a;oh-? the Itrlt'ah Mioiafr, who inflated on the re moral >r th British merchant* from Vitalisms to Kanagawa, on tli opposite aide of the rieer. too merchant., ueld a meet tag and pawo reaolut naa not to di tute the locality, and aige. -1 a protest to the Bi .11*1 M.a.ator to tiial atietl The matter created eome conanverable egcllement Oar Miniiter. Mr. flarria, following lu the f > itaiopa of Mr. Atoock, determined to try hie hand at aafomlag the Kanagawe aetlierr nt and mak-an eff rl at i-aal to ar. rmapliah tbat m what Mr. Ate.o'k " amally laried A mee?r.g eetied. at the i?eri.'?ii Vonwl a aeatdwaea, of the American- aetted m Yokahmi At th>? m^oiiaa. Mr Kuraatllol thai ltd treaty m ." ' nn-nt i tk M Ajccrltatf to rgr.e V> .-cjbot? ? uajagawa, aa-l, 4 r' ' ?nrr * t ? A? V Jo. Lt/t JL ' W YO MORNING EDITION-FRI but that 4 is the fault of Mr. Harris, the Minister, who had the clause expressly inserted, so ihat American, with the r well known prying, might not be able to know too much of Jeddo ami its ailuirs. Ever linos ti e isolated care if your correspondent piling to Imldu, with the ?(i?;iai permission of the Japanese government, who had granl'd u passport, and nine* the Ituown policy of the Minister to keep all Americana from teeing .Jeddo, the Ja panose have determined to grant ti? mor- pas ports, save to the chor'cn few whom Mr. Harris designates us bis .ntimate If lends. ROQCKKf or JAl'AVK-K MIR' IUJVW. Japanese merchants, I think, exceed even the Chinese in their adroiitHiis tu rh*tttoig rho/ swear to toe truth, whin the truth is unknown to them, uimI seldom or never . practiced Wutcr ami mud (hey mix with oil; and Utah '(a small oopper cniu) bus been loo id put up with raw <ilk tn liir.rruftn i'm hitvinir cnrv ai .??:? runrt* of ' sing genuine when >'ut, tilled m tni) oeutre witn a mixture of oil tnd day, with n perfect lootllng of wr.x. They excel iu (oumriDiiilei; gold huJ siver, wnlcb they do to perfect!* n, their cotup "ilium standing tun test <* nitric acid. Mahogany haunt and wood?u nutmegs are thrown tb shade here. A (bcurclictgl pedlar could euro enough hero to insure h.s fortune in a short time in the t-ouihw* !. IIIK f* L'*(*rt CV SUN THK.i l * I'OWUSS. [From the San Francisco Herald, August 2 ) A m<*t Iuijtoito41t none has W ,-u u.a'to by the Japanese government, as w,ll ho seen by the following letter from the Hon. Tu? iievnu H irrm, lYued Stales Mm ?ur rest | dent at Jdcdo,to E M. I>urr, req., Amor .una Consul at Kanagswa. Mr Harri* wrr?s w follows:? 1 Kl .AITOS llll I Mran !*TATTH, \ Januo, May 30, latK>. ) Fir?T havereceivnd a communication from theJapunoso government to lie ett'ect that the subjects of mod treaty i'owrrs. arriving at the opeuoi! oorta in vesteie of nation* woo have made treaties with .!a|ian, will not be allowed to land or reside therein. In calling your attention in the above, I have to deeire that you notify the musters of American vessels not to laud those passengers who come under me above description. The latter will have to re turn without com ugon there. TOWN'SEVl) It \KRIF Mr. Dorr. American Consul at Kauagawa, addressed the following important and suggestive letter t? 11. F. Washington. Kr<{ , Collector of tbia port, which bos just been received:? C.NiTKP Status Consilat*, Ka.xaoawa, June 14, li?60. Dun hi a?Annexed please find copy of a despatch from Townsend Barns, Ksq , American Minister, resident at Jeddo, addressed to myself, In reference to the coming, in American vessels, of s'ibiecta of nun treaty Powers. I have thought it proper to tor ward this to you. 1 tone the liberty of suggesting that, as it is gradually being made manifest that the communication between America and Europe, via San Francisco, with Japan and China, will be the speediest, as well as tbu most efficient, when properly established, It is imporlaut that every vessel leaving your port for this place should be made the medium of mail communication. Tho public miud is now becoming so deeply interested tn an; thing conncctet with our great proposed national enterprise vis the overland railroad from and to the Pacific, that any miident, however slight, that tends to its propulsion, will prove interesting. It Is becoming very evident that the trade between Japan and California, In the great staples ot this country?viz , tea, silk, raw and manufactured, oil, wax, copper, Ac.?will, in no very lengthened period, become of vast importance. E. M. DORR. Our Panama. Correspondence. Pajuiu, August 16, I860. The Revolution thirty Launched?HidxlitU)?Motquera in the Field unth a Large three?The Peruvian Consul Or tiered to Leave?Arrieal of Vice President Arboleda from. Europe?The Ports <f Cauoa Closed?(Xwular Proteat?Movements of United States Vessels, dx , <tc. NEW GRANADA. No sdvtcee heve been received here from Bogota stnoe the sailing of the last steamer from Asplnwall on the 4ib inst., all communication between it and the coast being suspended on scoount of the revolution; but by late adviocs from the States of Bolivar and Usgdalena, It appears that hostilities have actually commenced between ths federal forces and the revolutionists or those States. When I last wrote Ool. Yleco, who la In command of the former, was at Rio Hacbs. * He nas since marched on Shuts Hart a, and took It by surprise. He afterwards advanced on the Crlnaga with a force of some four hundred men, and was compelled (b fell back on Santa Marts. Gen. Yiga, who commands the revolutionists, was at last accounts about to attack Vlooo. His force consisted uf about eight hundred men; besides be has one steamer and two gunboats on the Magdalene. Vieco, If defeated, it tends, it is said, to retreat to this isthmus in two schooners he has at his command. By the arrival of the Gran tdlan schooner Los Amigus at this port on the 13th instant Iron Buenaventura, which port she left on the 6th, Important Intelligence has been received from the State of Caeca as respects ths movements of the revolutionary force* unler Generals Mcwquera and Ooando. The former had left Call an J was marching on the Slate of Antloquia, at lbe head of a large force, variously estimated at from 3,Out) to tt,0U0 men. 11 Is reported that his vanguard met a detachment of the federal troops, commanded by General Gonao, at a place called Rio Negro, 1,000 of whoa deserted and Joined M(?<iuera's army. General Ghando, with l,2u0 men, Is ssid to be in pwerxsx>n ol the |?asc* of Tasto, while aome /.arama, were dispersed over the country in guerrilla band", and although they bad considerably harassed Obando, be w n^at'ed aa master ot the province of Mo The captain of the Los dmlgn* reports that the greatest enthusiasm is evicc?d throughout the ?iate of Oauca mi.1 eg the masses in favor of the revolutionary cause, and that large numbers are tlockiog to the support of Moaqurra, who In rr.uiy Install res ba* Ween obliged to decline their services fur want of arms to place in tbeir bands. The federal authorities, who have poatoselon <* the town oi I'aato, having ordered .Sr. Pal Varens, the Peru vian Consul, out of the country, on account of h.s supposed coonsctloa with the rsvolutiomsts, that gentleman arrived here In the 1 os Amigos on tbe liith tost. Tie arms, cossistii g of 1,000 stand of muskets, sect frum this some weeks since to the port of Tum*o>, ln the r'tate of Cauca, by Intendenlc Uurtsdo, lo th- fii i nadtau kchnnuer-of war Clio, for the use of the govern meet party vt I'vlo, are still at Tumsro, where they will probably bare t-? rra< n, as the intervening country lietv*en the coast and P.tslo ism psaMBlou df theretoMnINI. Private a It ires from SantaoCer state that the revolutionary forms retired to the enttOMS of VsMtoela * -miO a- tt was known that the federal army uu lev <>ea. IKrran bad mlerid the Mslo Phis is supp id lu lie s Mrategy of the revolutionists, by which they expect to reap great advantage S n< r Ju ;<> arbob-da, Vk-a President of the firanadian C< nfederattoo, art .veil hers on ilia hiU la t , irom lurupe. It oi rumored that since bis arrival be has aakej an 1 ohta red permtas <>a of the fiovrnwr of the ,-tate to enlist or in.ptet- six butidre-i now ml" tn'lltary service -rf Uio fnleral govt ruire nt. It is ft? rally belli red thit in cava the revo ut ' i .sti are tucosas'ul throughout the Otofedc ifctioc. tbe federal |sriy will concentrate a large force on this, an I nmkr their Isst decuk-d stand here Tbe recruitlLg aert .c is still actively going m in tbe inter ?r of tins stest* jsosse Cltv seven recruits Tor the federal army arrived in th? city a few day* lane, wad more are said to be on the way: and It Is rumored tlat the lateadmite t.eaeral of the r-utc has ju t pur rlutsed another total I w ie toner, the object to ht her out as > vessel 'if w ir to operate against fteaeral M-s<iuera on tbe coast of Csuvw. m conjunctmn with lbs otbir aai>< nal veas? 1 called me Clio. The tra<le between I t i- ' i ha ' , > -|-*ri.t'-J by order of the ( lersl autb) r lief of tic .-'late, hut It IS uiiderslooc that the I n.led Males Consul at this port Was trorgly retnoustested again t tbe detention here of lawful mm lint. lae from tbe I'nited -Ittee in Irtnntu to Auenaventura or any of the ports of Cauca that are sol actual.y iu a slat-'"t a eg* or blockade, on the ground that a iirohibiiioo on tic part of this government against i _ . _ - l. _i? _ t class mf r*/>l lasts /,f tbe treaty of peace, amity,' ftnmerce, A;c . between the I cited ?tas?-? and Hi** r*p?b.,c of New Granada, which pro* idea lbat a i artu .ea ?Cmerchandise not contraband ahall be regarded a* free an 1 lawful commerce, and Iran* f"rt? d In the fre?*t manner. without molewlalioa, to pla< * er*n in-, Hifinc to an ear my which are not be tefed or blockaded at the tiv Tb> Hntiab ?am fng?t-> Cite retrraed to ttiia port rr<m Bhenarrntara i n ttie flth mat The object of her v j-it there, a# I letrn from her t tnmander, wn to inT .re into * alleged ab *? on tt?e part of tb? revolt!t unary autb-.rit,?? inwards British enbtecU The Atnert'tn liarh Ma.ooi.a. 1?J dsy* from New Vor*. ? th fM> lone o( amend at thin port on tbe lib Inat. Tbe I D:t*-J Elates ."*r *h p ot tbe ajuadron Lmocaeter, and the Itiiied ?uiee aloop *t Mary* are iu port. al?o tier Bcitaumc MaieHy ? ablpClio. Tbe ImtKaeter o expected lo tail for directly I'ur tbe arr .ral ot tbe mail from Sew Vortt on the lvth irat. The ft 'U')< wbl r-rmaui here until thenrriraiof lh?- Narragaii*- l or aotne >tl-?-r ship of toe squadron. when ?be will probably be neat tnJJ'.eaiejo or .-ma Jwan dot bar to look after Wa lter * movement*. The dead body of a man -lam--1 Cruly, late of 3an Kranetneo. attached to the I tnte-i mv-? iioifef war hi Mary*, wan found on the ramp?r?l of the city yefterday It > ppunrd that the dec? w?- d 'Med o( apoplexy. Et't'APOB* A* the Enxtah steameiM d wttwrb at Guayaquil, we have no later arm* ir en thii MM*. K*WS KWOW CKTlUt, AMKWtCa. rw* en otmnj? rw >sw iir.AVAOA?not* re*Tie-> is re* nrii?? W4t**t?' *ermin*-t*mnrMM r?e m tK/t w imtTak nv< nt? t* ?aitapok?mr? *? ' !? rwm m nvri mrr*?rwiir * n?-. w.rrww?tw? in; ifjri ?*? ??. rr<" f ?r Th* lUKroul 0?*P'?R_T fimfroi ?. irom Mm *d (> *!? ?rrirrtl ? Nmrtt >m w?#r? ' * b in >*r> j ?'t?t ?V rt?i*Mnr* r*th-> #Wf fnfti *?|? n ??i| ft* Wid f**? V?r i}?4cn ? ?!. .l?iT H? r, / If* ^'tnrM *nr?i l,? miH* . * |i?f r?r*'i ftTl.lttA MffMM Aw . r,, 10 > r?(<? <>f rnflbr. 1M | ?rk .? ? Irwti* rnhbrr. 40 'lotr xfcln 33 (Abb of u.iUaui Mid 1,%M bi<l??. ((?***' ? * r w RK H DAT, AUGUST 24, 18G0. 0U4TBMALA. X*GO*ATIO* 0? TUB tMV, KKNBBUT LOAN? W . .1 Wh'i M1V? WKHW?kCWOHM, *r?'. The only itcru of uvwa we bud u tbo pai>rs from vLji republic is tba' tbe loan advertise*! for sometime bio by tbe govornineol baa been taken. Tbe amount re'imr < ?bs 9160,000 Tbe news of Walker's lust exped.t.oo bav' lug sailed from llualan is continued. I; did not kind, however, in Honduras, and tbe jelief b ii.ll prevalent I tbut its destination IB Nicaragua. Mr. Hal), tbe BriiiBli Cental at Comayag a, written a letter to tbe government uf Bondu/aa, an extract el is ptib.mhed in the ' pat ere of (but country, tutu)/ tbut it aas tbe prevai .og ! op nion in Ituaun that Waiter was asso baled witU <?n. I Cabanas ugawn President (Juardlola But tbe u ;cl itwo

is generally discredited in Honduras. 8ALYAOOK. TBS I.K/10K I'kolunmo.x IIKCKCK?run vuaxni oo.vsrt tKO Tho French Large d'affaires to the Octvtrat Aroerlcaii Republics bas addressed a nolo to tbe President of Falvador, from Guatcmiia, no tlfying him that hit roOfeut decree prohibiting the Ira isolation of foreign liquors under revere restricting rould nut bu permitted to Ulcn eireel in its present shape, to far at least as French citizens who are eugaced in im ]x>rting liquors are concerned, and tbat all liquors, tbe property of French citizens, signed by the government, must be paid for in caah at the market value. The decree has, in con?equenre, been so moditied as to conform to the demands of the Kreoch Charge d'All'aires. NICARAGUA. NO bUCn TAnKN AGAINST WAI KKR. Tliere is no news whatever from this country. A1 though Walker -a supposed to be on the way there, the people appear to evince no very great concern on tho subject. Nor docs it appear that the government baa taken any steps to prevent Walker's ravas.ou ot the country. oom Rica. ADJOl RNM1NT OK COM'.KSlvS?MKT R?IlLATIOJM? SWISS 00 LONiSTN? FuUTJCAL? WALktK Congress has adjourned. During its session a law was psrsed and has sinoe been approved, declaring that Punta Arenas shall uo lunger be a free port from and after the 17th ot Jauuary, 18C1. Another law has passed closing I the port of Moire and the river Seramqui against inte rtor commerce, abolishing the Custom Houses and withdraws the military oiiicials. ? "* Tbe privilege granted to Mr. Luis Walfr&m for the introduction of Sw irs colonists has been continued. Mr. Dlmitry, I'nitoa States Uesldent Minister, was expected to sail from Punta Arenas to Realt-jo in the stsamer of the 20th list We learn privately that the party who placed the Pre sldent In power are greatly dissatisfied wilhbim.acda revolution is talked of? A rumor had reached Sao J-?o de Cost* Rica, that Walker and his followers had landed at .-'an Juan del Norte, but as it needed confirmation, it was generally discredited. NKWH FROM TI1K ?OCTH PACIFIC. MORI DIKCOVSKISS OK MINKS IN CHIIJC?ATTKMI-1 TO ASHASH1 NATS TUB KKKMPKNT OF 1'KHV?AMKKg'AN CLAIMS ON l-KKV?AMK.MIH TO FKANfK, ITT The Mngiish steamer Hognta, from Valparaiso and intermediate ports, arrived at Panama 011 the flth Inst, (lor dates arc Valparaiso July 18, and Caliao 28th. She brought on freight 1237,415, and tbe following cargo of merchandise, being tue largest ever brought from the West Coast for transportation over tho Panama Kail road.?t5 300 packages, consisting of 0,229 bars of cop IXT mm e?'\*'uiy mrw ouice wuuiu, lor r.ivvr["ioi; iov pai kages of bark tor Southampton, and fifty two bales ol gnat alt ins for New York. The news by this arrival is unimportant. CHILE. stw *isrr KEoriatioxfi?ui?;.\<i kxcitkl-mr?still mo?k DIXCUVKRIB"?W Kg' K, ETC. Congress wax still in session. By direction of the Ex ssutive the mint hereafter will coin one dollar gold pieces, and, us soon as practicable, >600,000 of silver ooln of twenty, ten and five cents value; the twenty cent pieces to weigh four grains, sixty centigrams, the ton cent pieces, two grains, thirty centigrams, and the five cent pieces, one grtln, fifteen centigrams. The en itemont In \ alperatso, caused by the newly discovered silvur mines of Aconcagua, continue" unabated. A Yslparatso paper states that a month ago there were only Ibreo mines whose ores showed silver vl-'bly; new there are no lost than ten in this condition. The shares that formerly sold for $2,?00 are now valued at 13,600. and some cannot be oblaintd eveu for C6.000. Krcsh discoveries are made every day both of silver and copper mines. At the very loot of the Andes a silver mine has been discovered rivalling in richness the very richest of Copiapo. The Valparaiso market continues dull. There is little . or no demand fbr Imported articles. Copper In bars, >20 per quintal. Flour market inactive owing to want of depvind. On the 14th of July, In the harbor of Valparaiso, s severe gale from the north occurred, by which the American schooner Dennis I'leper was driven on shore and tome eighty launches destroyed. BOI-IVI*. There is no news from this state. Business continues greatly depressed m tho ports of Cnblja and Arlca, In oousequencc of the decree oi uonintercourse with l'eru. Gtnersi Belgcr is still in the country. tame. MTtWmn TO AStASetSAT* TH* I'SSSUISJIT?HARROW SCATS? skwass orraturi?norm km*?.cijikfa'Tio* to riu.vcants aiibiuca? claims. The most Irnporiaut news from this republic is the late stumpt to assassinate President Caatilla Un the 261U of July, at about seven o'clock P. M., while the I'reeldent was proceeding on foot from the palace to his resideuoe, a man on horseback rode up to within a short dtstanon of him and fired a pistol, the ball passing through tbe lelt arm of the President. Although a severs wound was Inflicted, no boots were broken Tbe would be assaieiu threw bis pistol oi the ground, and gal lopped efl at full speed, and suooeeded in making hit etwape, although be was pursued for some distance. A reward of >10.U00 lias been ode red for bis appreoeu sioo. The pistol, together with the warrant for the arrest, wnicb were lea at tbe oilice of the criminal judge, 1 Were stolen therefrom tbe "ame night. | Various "|?eeula ions are indulged in as to the cause of l this attempt to take the life of President Caatilla. Pome , attributing it to his unpopularity, whu* others ascribe it to the setieral discontent produced by his humiliating I concessions to the French. and elected u iu preaidmg othoae Dr. Uimrt, Bnbop of Artquipa. The I'litliltDl'i mnu(i wn# read, but baa not yt t been published II ;? mid that Coagrera ban It id contemplation to annul tb? l.heral rooatitiMion of ih66, and i rami another, more id oooaooancc wild < natil a ? tlrwi tbt'liberal party arc Conaiderably aiarmxl left ?<>tne anch outrage may be committed by the prrecDi (? i grtr*. which i< compiled almoal cAclualvely of Cm a partirana. It appears from tbe fbllowtng. which we translate from the I.ima CbrT'tn, that tbe Krcurh demand, In the mutter of ralutmg the Day ol that nation from lite t.antic at Cat lao, baa been complied wltb On the r -th July, at 1J o'clock M . a salute waa fired by the (on ol facta C at aim (a, at Cal'ao, an I oti h <ariog II < tirat yut' at l.ima. the t rench Hay araa bonded on lb" Kieiicb legation. The salute trom lie Tort wai returned by tbe trench frigate. Id ib? oourae of the (lay M Mllyar waa officially rcoof niied aa Charge d'Atlairea and Oowaut t.eneral of kiance. U lie lee-" |W, who waa writ to I'vru aa apeetal t ognio reloter charged with the settlement of the que* tlone an long In dispute between the two gocerumenla. r tiled the President 10 tbe eTenlrg, who yarn bim a , conlhienlitl audience, notwilhataiiliiig hia Itfin ItH-Tme* frotii the iflkHof the wound he bad , i*l received iu bi? arm. M lesaepa prrwcclrd Preaident ilaetllla with an aulcg/aph letter from the Kmpcror Napoleon, oongratu latia. him en hia third re election to tue Prctt'leuey. N> i eri't* the farce "he American claim* are yet unad|u*ted. Tbe dlfbrul Mea arc n< t likely to be tclllcd until our government 1 Hilda a large naval force to Dalian A tumor ob : ? ned In 1 Ima thit li e American Min no h'?1 o rrd all the ahl|? of the CUM SMM PattOc I squadron there to enforce the claim* of bit govern men t. Tl. >t c< urrr, la unfounded, rinee our Minister* are In t* Med with ee rueh poser They can only rcqueet t t a lore* be acnt to tiietm? which Mr. tlay bae probably dotn ?and which, II made, no doubt wid be complied w lib?at least It la to be hoped ao. Uhlle tbe I nlted Mates steam corrette W coming *?? trug at a target outalde tbe harbor of Catlao, a fee da;* before the aai I mg of the English ateacner. a report a circulated In Lima and Catlao that ahe bad falleu In w 'h a Peru nan man of war and captured Iter The ul Imoai ret.alert at ton preeailed Id both cllle*. Prraident (asllla telegraphed to Ca I lao to k sow If it waa an, and w he assure! ilist t boa* had been practised u|*tn him. j g ic '.rdrn for the arreei ot the persona who circulated [ tbe report. Our AaplnwHll Correspond rnre. Asriswau, N. 0., August 15 1 I 7H? ft Wv'ieH?.Tides Dmr*?7V ffn Ha 5e /hrull?Departure ?f tkt fforoAip S?/eti??TV ,Tr imrAip BaUxmur'? fetreli tw /'ff, rf< Too wilt gat her from the (Ilea of pa | era I enclose here j wltb all that |g known on the lath mug of the condition and p'ogreaa of tbe revolution lo New Oranada. ao long pend ng, hot which la now bunding forth throughout the refmKie witn rnrjr tint win mark lit ?very ttef m n?wn, tailor and Mood The fbree* of the federal |nwnw #l ark taking the Held. and thono of the rernlntionlrta ae*m | not inly determined, but prepared to meet them (Jen# j ml Htrran it commander tn chief of the gorarumcnt fore'* while Moe'iuem It the acknowledged head and letdrr of the rerolctloniats. Neither part* ha* yet eon tent'tled lit 'oreea, whirh are nnder their retpxrtlr# r<-STiander?, In at jet amall bodice, in tbo dlllerent rt.ololionary Rutet Pr -stent Otpina hat leaned a decree, of which I gi*e Art 3 In the tald flat.-* thee cannot travel to the Male* wh"?e government* are in reheliion, nor tend mti ? r |nmU w.tboul |?eaporta from the proper pnblic ai ill I dyvour New Verb merchant* who hare enrr<*pond*nce I ?r pctineM relation* with the Interior of New Mi ana-la ' ill ditureer that Ihcir letters are liable to interruption ai . fa .re of reaching any part of tie* Interior. the I'nited ntater -tor*?hip Release, l.lenl'-naoi Oom I m*i ding Harrison, tail* to da* or to morrow for ike-ton i She t? s h-uce direct to Rn llarhe to look into, in* otti gait and ttra ghten out I iBP matters * herald the Start ?r. tW'pe* nave been Igetrniaioialy treat#* Rio Rac he. ihe probable gcgp-i ?f Ingire gKiry to itw Urrtwta, It a ttnali y?a*> tv> -pi village ig a province of V>e eapie I nssie. fatkn: t a p nlutnta abbot one huAfrrd of 1 m -if I" lh* north and <af? of Uartf cfpm* llie He eate f ef.dnwn fa>'| prepared for her wrirk. p> ide* the ifebienant eommaml nr. he fc*? ft ?W- -ther i c r*?iMoictiaat, a (?i>ta?s ec-rfc, p-.rser'a *rk, ai 'in-it) titi rew),tw, mb . were sar.t over c i: R \ ?~vr ' ? ? f -> > from the to teil ; u'.vr el, <p ?t. M, ry ? yesterday from Panama, as prutont r? u.r the t'r. ted Mates, iuid one gin If she should have ,ui eoguguuteiji and fie taken. it will he a c< urolation lor ' ucle -' irn to ki.ow ifcat all t.? stores were taken out before she left Aipiuwu.ii The propeller Hal iraore, wh;cii w said'ti he the pioneer of a new Hue between Yew York and A*]!1 a wall via j Kingston, ja., arrived hare on Saturday, the 11th and sailed agaui yesterday for New York via Kwg'V.n ' She brought down u wry amall fr< .gut, and a !? v pas pengers from King'ton. She taken hence ? few plu ngers or the same place, n.<> N - i J n bales ol bars, : end three cei ooua o 'a . " The United States f> igale Sab,ue en oil the ha . All | wail. The storeshlp Falmouth it a fixture. Oar Coat* Kir* Correspondence. guv Josk, July 31,18tK) Prnqret* of Cotia Pica muter President tlonUUfiqre?Murmur! and Qnt-'piraciet?The Gooernivnl Prepared?At litude nf the American Minifter? to IJxUte an Anti American fitting?Sweets "f Thumat fiaiunt Meagher?Grant for the Chiriqui RmGread Obtained? Public Action in Helaiinn to it?Honndarict betmcn Costa Mica and New Granada?Interfiling Discover in the. Archive* of Cartago, the Ancient Capital nf Coda Pica? The Chiriqui Tiaruit Spoken of and /"referred to that of Panama One Hundred anil Sixty Years Ago?t'nued Stat'.i Surveying and Krjiloring Pxpediticm?An Unfa txirallt Rn?irt ?Mr. DinUry't Mommen'*? Walker on the Uocut?Adjtrurnm-ni of Q>ngrets-~'I1ie Fttrt of Cartag'i, <fc., itc. Under tRe mild and just government of President Hon teleagre this little republic coutlnu'-s steadily to Improve. Tbe eigne of an enlightened progress are everywhere visible. In tbe direction of the Sao Carlos, over lb* Northern Cordilleras, the primeval forest is being is I led, and acres upon acres of land, which It required tbe m ?i arduous labor to clear, are being planted with sugar cane or sown with corn. So, too, In the opjxielto direction, In the rallies of tbe Candellarta, tbe axe of tbe woodsman day after day resounds, and the plough, and the spade and tbe boe are quickly reducing to cultivated fruitfulnets wastes which up to this time have been the undisturbed domain of reptiles and wild beasts. An increase of population by some few thousands la all that is wanted to convert this heauttful and luaiiruaut country into one of the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest on the thee of tbe earth. Nor is it In the fields and forestR only that these evidences of progress and improvement disclose themselves. In the town* there is a new spirit astir, and the men chu'ged with their administration are exerting all their power to introduce the best reforms. An hour's ride from here, at the loot of the volcano of Barba, stands the town, or city, of Heredla, one of the beet built, cleanest an I richest In Costa Rica. The. solid square towers or the parochial church, while and glistening In the sun ali day long, urrest the eye at every point from which it may look towards Barba. They are commanding features In the grand panorama of the valley of -'an J nee. Bat thoy are going to have Mono thing else than church towers, and clean well paved streets, and staunch bouses, in the city of H> redta. Thoy are going te hate a public pat it. with fountains autl fefiM fully laid out grounds, and public baths, and waterworks, aqueducts, pipes and reservoirs, an that tbe citizens m?v have tbe pure bright waters of the mountains to driuk and bathe in, instead of the muddy draughts they now wind up from tbe bottom of steep dark wells, fifty to one hundred feet deep, an 1 full of noisomeneas There ta a military band, moreover, In course of formation All Ibis people want. In fact, Is In the ArM place, to bo lot alone?not to tie disturbed by politicians and revolution i: is?aud, in the second p ace, to be encouraged by the presence nnd example of enterprising, Industrious, inlet IIgent and sober foreigners. Hu*y have got the right ideas in great measure after all, and will devciopc them under anything liko a friendly condition of public adalni. Bach they have at prevent, and, if tbey be true to themselves, that condition may be made permanent. If they be true to themselves. for there am meddlesome, restless, vicious men Incessantly at work, endeavoring to excite dissaiifiaciion, nun undermine trie government. The present condition of public alUIrs is too sattsfhclo ry?exhibits loo marked a contrast with lhal it has supplanted?for tbe partisan! of the disgraced and banlthwl Juan Rafael Mora to rent content. Ho, evory day there are rumors of conspiracies, and there aru tetters of Intimidation sent to a?me member of the administration, and there Is, here and there, a good deal of vulgar handwriting on the walls. But the government is wide awake, ani perfectly prepared to meet and instantly put down any and every attempt to dutjrti the public |?eace lietwcaa the President, his Ministers, tbe otllcrrs m command of the troops, aud b?h bouses ol Congress, there Is a cordial, good understanding and a sworn devotion Hbould this union of the several branches and departments ot Ut? public service con tioue for a vt ar longer, the oooinry, w Itb *11 lis interest*, w ill have ho u established up ;> Arm itasm of prosperity. Our Minister here, the Hob Alexander Olmitry, Is so convinced of this, and at Ibo same time Is so thoroughly well assured of Die friendly disposition of the government ot Costa liica towards thai of the I nihil States, that he has In every possible way compatible with the dignity of his pusllloti and Its requirements, trstihod bis oontldenco IP tbv men who are at present at the head of ibo reputlio, and his determination to uphold thein with all nis au thorny and Influence Mr. Inmtlry Is all the mor< determined to do tb?, sine* the go id will ol the government towards Amrru an enterprises, and the expres-cd desire ot the government to cultivate lb" friendliest relations with the I'nlted Slates, bts been taken advantage of by the h w pitiful grumblers, whom Joan Rafael Mors left after htm to disturb lbs country he roald n>> longer g*g iiliI roh. "The country is sold," these MMN wMl|ltr to you in tbe brer ste ps and at the corners of street* , "the country is solo to the Am*ri<-abs?sold to the lillbustcrs " And Ibis Is said over rind over again, to rrkird'e prejudir.-s which have been last dying out, sndtntheael.e? of which healthier and Ju'ter ssati Dietiis were tax ing root Rut the shrew d Intelligence of the country * not to t>e m -led by such tuls'hirvor- aud spiteful running and, as in the case of the recent grant to Mr Thompson, for tbe ra.Iroad between the Br as del T?ro and the (iinf of fiulie. the public mind \. lit irar to conclusions retptclll g great public mea*ore?, and pronoscre ujM tinm without prejudice, be;p . ulded In their consideration of them solely by the merits they possi?s ai d a<ivstitsgcs they promise f> the country, ft is right thai this should be km wn In the Imted Hia-.'-s for i-e-taia trowbler' me parties ticre hive wken puns to prtrml a differ*nl Stair- of thli ?, Willi the view bo d -ibt to s lenate tin people of tbe I nitr-d Sul< from the |w??pie and . "*cmmen I of OstaHwa It is frwttfy itrv. auei. to h*ve it u* say that thi *ni' rkun rr? tents of ttcS rlty are hisrtily in favor of President Moutelewgrv. aud would . o the length of slut ing their lives in his d< fence should llie speaking grumbler# who disparage him pi k up siii'.ictcni imndnsaw to show themselves iu armagainst h m After s protracted and exciting strui-gle for it Thorns* rrar>< i n< igufr inn i" murrun -*?r t wiimb A ct an. 'ii . ? to New Vurk, with tbe yrant for thr ne* inl?r?c?iutlr railroad between ihe Bt-cv- del Tort and Ihrfiiilfuf thilc* H*? re paraed the t'samber of |tr;intn, with naly Ian ol the meruit* r* "f that body vrd'uy ayaiBdl It, and having :*h?; tho derate with a un in n vote, the *fn?iti*eoftti^> Predicant a.el the il of tb? republic were attached t? it la 'Ida form, on Tiurddy eeeniny. tt>" 241L of July. II e i ;>|M tloo lu It t*a? 0Utdid? the walia. ol ai.d, ip deference to it, rodiirewi took much l-nyer row over it thau ?aa it all ?ry. Tlie V w ft. Canadian* 'cndetl In Sau Jaw ??re tbe lout fati to and leader* of toe oppoviioti, tbey tntinlaluiiig that the territory through which it .? pr?t?>??Hj t<> run Uw nail belotiyr to New t-ranada. and fiat airb arrant Mould he iriotiMimunt to ao mva-mn by t> -ta Rtew ol her alitor rwpubUa. Wtlb the public men of <>?t* Kwa Una ary.nii'01 bad litue or no we ybt, a* notlui y i< more < lurly ?n?abli-be'i for Cfta J'.ita by aMtcat tllh .tech* royal ot.:.T*ncr?, Ac . than tin riyhl of jurtadwt on on if. atitiib Imn Cunla Boric*. the (oHrrm.tei pout ot Hid lit if of I'UI.I' at I thati- lb a rtra flit liur a< r. :-a lb* iMbonua of Cblriqui I" tbe Kecuda d* Vetayua tin- lowertroki (. ii i nt I'm noble hnrbor. yd: erally known aa tbo It ca* .id. Toro iboutb prn|-?rty apeaklar tbu ia tbe nam# ol one of iir filtrated ?t>ly lu conmctiob witb ibid |utb*ct by tbr by, a very Interest ill r *tid ft' table discovery rec'tilty m ide in the arebive* of Cattayu the capita'ol MwCOOIitry rma IMS to the renua< lotion o' the -uariudi rrowo m It'll. I "at Rafael Mat* one of the lormcr (luveo ira ot the jtcoriw no look'rf through thnee ardblred th" other lay. chanced to liodai letter written o*d hundred and ?ivty year* a? .,a?l ' dindeed to the gon-ri mant at Madrid by thefo le la Hoy a. tbe Uiro royal (Mtrernor of Codla Mica In tin* 1< tier (be fo de la llaya rpeakanf the Ultimo* of Panama a* bo ng ?* ceodlnfly unhealthy and prearrttl?y laanr great obaWlea to (k-raowa < roaainy I rum one <*eaa to the other, whilst the bay* ? dltber aide failed to insure that aah-ty ami er i.renii uee whicb were deatrahle for Common " Th" true read, h* aayd. lot between the ftiraa del Tort and the On* of Duhte Il Id ia?, lie doiemnly avera wbt-h tod It f.T of tietd h up a. if baa traced otrt add my. tbai tbe CDti.ate lainndt whob .idle, the anil free from all jwrn cio?a matter, and the malar* ever r-eeh, a<tir-t aid ah'ialam Ttier" afe n<< awatrpa. be eontiauea. tbe a:na are rot and open, whtlettb* jrrrat voeano, t >w?r irt ihoorandeof leet above. kee|? them perpetually tool and fertile with tbe ..|U<1? and tbe ratna th it daeep. own i tbroegh ita |orgea "And taat m all," be kv aim*. I lie re ta lie Ilea del Torn. on< of the yornl, e?t *?.? irrandeat of inland aeaa whn b ay<< of man hath oyer , d ?i|too. with Ita hrlt nf h/vy yr ?b uland* erer h ndmy It 'n peaje. a?d all,eh arete the? penj<t...| a ltd a b'are at. hieh an r l.d raei . mifft.l he tnado to ?nrm ate liter V. n.c* u> the* ?? K" ry *i'rd thtl I?w*ndt'o Iftyt tt> it wrol f<> M? <lrId, ??(!< l>lMtr4 Mil) MHv )' ?ri ?gi, lu f?rt: <if Ui" JV? i* drl ftiiiMil th* jimr'fti ? at Orr |H|, t??tri tir tfo< Of thf ??n? W. d?v A trip ! took tfeaf* *om?- li** t#i Jij?lifi?? r.,e In rtyuaron. **ViO|[ ' " without fi-tr >( nolrortirliati. ,\|| f rrjtr?H i* vliii iba fnreroni'iit of tt>'- I nlUd rtiil?'? rlinuM litre >ml li t mi >t|-'Ml n t?> j Mirrry the io?it? in ii'moIhio, m.d u<o htitwr it t? <1?o tluvd to connect, In iwli on uv Iwtii m l dony Ti't* | I'MN or ibc prrKnt. .Nothing Ju?t f>?r < to bu <<mr | i wn thero hut tt tlib c ?? < ?i ?-h I i*T?r in*, moi y *rlevnu* horifohipo. ? ' anB ?i?*roi'.? ritk ? ! ii'\ ?u4 Ui?t? Till* * . iV iomiv ?"o*f,ii. It I* rotnltiK f niikbb.ji }ij! nt(.,4. * d ? li. . h ll.' infill 11.' J > -*??<>' i. vlii ir ' ' in 'Oiif li 'iAf ' ft f ??'. Tt? u-rr?v r??ll bo torfcr. it ' *i* * l??f the r if^' "* to tl'ilt, Jf' ft' ri.r.i "Ml "? *f11 br to * ; I -Ml w" p* ootoi-MMnw* fur tli<0i ! li*?' tcrfhai f t c\ t..t. fcrert Ml iuft I* m i tt: | r?*ti otc tt.- ia Firki vtlovl T, i). PRICE TWO CENTS'. J know cf the or .ntry uc i the tees in, I feature io preofci (but ttie < i>. il t, hi m ?.l be t failure .ylio .Ie| it ruceeefl ui iroin tli j Ai.uutio to the J *-inc. ii *.21 ? ).? v-Vii. ?n ri IV :i ipnl.Tr rho fl-.tile .0.11 bilTO 1 ecu aeeu under ere cm. lances the must disadvantageous, the mont diebeiirtenlur cn 1 a:t| ara Inc. Mr lilnutry lenicr hereon thu IVh 'if nett m aath t'tr Nicaragua. lie it git-Jy iuceusud by lUu uci. a, Whl iD ha>- lately readied us, e! fijuertll Walker a appearance 0(1 itie ccasl of Hooduraa, and is determined to exorcise all ' 'be powers vested iu him to defeat aiid ruftel toe invader. 1 He units, as v- r all have found, thai lias u*ii'iUtiiUUU', wasteful anil cruel doings of Wa!?er iu Ntcaraa .a have, in. one year, gone further to deprive the Lulled ot thiir legitimate uaeendancy lt? those countries tUao tno eiiiiiir.nutl cilpUituaoy of the Haropneo futoirl o*r.:l t havo gone in a ceul iry; uud to the same blunderitics and hut *bir.ugn the M.ouater piatiy ascribes, at we are ail cumpeilcd to do, the suspicions and alarms with wtnoli every honest and noll e Am< i n, project is regarded, ami l.'ie dllhcutlicg tlial are 'hruAti :u the wty ill all such enterprises as the one Mr. Mem ber lias so success! ally and honorably represented here lor the Us; six months. The first m-ssion o! the 0>eta Kican Cong**?s under the new ooualitution wa< brought to a clone the ls.h of this , month. The eveuio;' u the last day of their silting!! '.ho members or the ttenute und (*hauib*tr of [lipulits diued together at the Hotel do San Jose, and separated alter a round of patriotic toasts and MtthuKiaatic. speeches .ti the highest good humor, the band of Use I'narUjl cs irtiug them through the stieeta lotbelr respective h-iues To morrow Ilia fi 'n of Cartage commence. Great sport and gayrty are ?'x|*'Ct<d. There will be out tighU lop, bill: baltin.'r, ha ts, ir Pmm?, picnics, concerts military rev lews and civic processions. Everybody who cruld gel a mule, an ox team, or any kind ot u b< rte. is od the road for the ruined old city. The President * ah a brilliant escort, rode oil' there this tnornug Tnn American Minister accompanied htm. 1 must oc oil, too, and ao desist. Oar San Fraacliro Correspondence. Sa.s Francisco, August 1, I860 Manifesto <f the Douglas Democrats?Btepraphic Enterprise?Arm* being C-oUeited in ISan Franci*<>?A Chapter vj Crime?The Brodirick Will a Fbrgery?Cnited States Ship Saranac?Imi>ortali"n < / Camels into California? A Coolie Ship at San Francisuo?Ber Escape from the A utluirUiet, ife. Yesterday the Douglas democrats published a manifesto in fuvur of their candidate. They tako the ground and prove that the platform adopted by the democracy of Calilornia at the State Convention last June is dent cat with the plalfo'tu upuu which Douglas and loluiecu staud; that their nomiuatiou was according to the usages ct the party, and that brecklnridgc and lane, tbe leaders of the upptisitiou movement, should he repudiated by every patriotic citizen in Uic land. The nldw :* egoed by Governor IV'Wbey. Euge '.'aeserly, Ktchard 1". iUiuibut-J, Joseph P. Hope. Geu. in ikjugall and a large number tf the mom wormy mm in the Mute. The holes lor the teb graph pules are dug as far aa Los Angeles, una the wireu will bu stretched in u week or two, thus ccmpiet nn tcl, graphic communication between San Frsnclaoo and that city, a distance of over live bundied Bines. It in Haled tluit large quantities of firearm* r.-e collected in tbia city, but fur what purpose has net yet appeared. x imrm or cmims. In the Tubiumue District Court, last Monday, four Chinatnen, found guilty of the tuurder of one uf tnelr uuucirymen, were aetitniiced to be bung on tbe 7tn of F ptetr.ber. i in tbe 23a ult., a to rniau named John octroy was killed, at Nevada, by l.oney tfrimu, during a light wbcb 'die latter had with 1 human J.imea. Brown bred at James, but hit (irarey accidentally. Miguel Marqu-s, who wat charged with the murder ol S. o l.eater, in Oakland, on the tlh of July, lfcu9. wuc tried before tl e District t'uifrt at Sen l.eaudro, iast week, and convicted u( murder tn the second degree. The ship ticcan l'rarl, now on the eve of sail Eg irom th s port for Uong Kong, will lake out over one and a tail milli'Si dollars in treasure. N. K Sisoel. lormerly bookkeeper In the bank cp house o( l.ucas. Turner K On., was examined last wee? n the lie bate coutt respecting the genuineness of U.? late Mr. Br uterlck's ngnature io the will oflbrod r?r prion- . The ? iitiess, p|? at ing as an exjx rt, deewred it t? be a forgery. Other persons, it is .--aid, are ready to swear to the a?rue fled. Tbe schooner Caroline K. Pools, which arrived hereon Uie 2Mb ult. Irom ibe Amiair rtvsv, brought i-fteen Mcngulkau camels raptured on the con lines ol Tartary, all that survived of thirty two which were ah ,qicu on the schooner la*-, fall. Tbia toqiorlation ts lnlruaed for . o in our southern counties, and on the Plains, and the second Importation ol those aniinala Into the It.ted States?the first bciug those taaett tram tns Mod terraDean to Texas. They are to be jitiirviiwt ties evemog Tbe exhibitor styles litem the "Phipa ol tbe l>eserl. ' The t'uitod Mlkl steam Irigaie baranai', from the i.ilt of Calllorcia. arrived ben on tbe 25;h ult she r at pre sent at Mare lalsud Nat y Yard uuUergoiug The following ta a list m her etlioers:?_apU:n, J: ibcrt III P. hie, Kxecullre, N. C. M'atkttas, l.ieutenants. J. H Spoils, Bancroft Itlieardl, James II. ^hirk: frrftvi;, fi*riu>l A ArM>n I'urawr W'm A tt.v. rmt ill k irav 1 mi i?*. oanl Marince, fbomaa Y. KirMa. Maaur, (Jeo r ><bryouk; Artifctaut ffurgcnu. a. 1) tlrwru: A-.tiug fxi ucer, T. B. C. Mump; Kiret Air la tan I fcoglneor, char It jichroe der; HMoad Aaataunt bngimeri, H K U,**Mir.g and B B. 11 Wbarton, Ttud Aarialau huauieerra, fr xuc a Ciu niu.S. W. Craig. A. b. Campbell ami K. A W;!-v 13; Cap tain' Clerk, I.. M. Webb; limner, hliyab Hasan! wrpen%?r, N. Major; SallmakcT, John King. Mnvmr'i *.T<a, Jamrs L Magauren, J Bishop hod I Parle* fair a 1 ooua rmir at can hcjimi- o?ua); * ait Conalderable excitement waa ?ri?M Ki tlua c.ty !? ? Wedneaday by tin- announcement that a Span ih br.g called lb- Natnma had coin" to aucbnr at Point K-vrt lb" Momla) prrvioua, loaded ariih coolieg for the CBfD.'ha lelauda Tb* captain came to thla city toohtain tcrpher, ! hot it alter wards trwnaptivd that the mum a ? a tin ton J bark, and bad brrli lowed to ber aoehora* by tbo , atiaoier Martin Win to, a cruiaer in the employ nf the pilot a, where abe wtn furnish*! wtth prov 1* .<? , water, I medicine, Ac. The l ulled States Marshal, imcn* lately on 1 cm tpt of the intelligence of tb" Natnma being ?o near I the city rc.picatet the assistance of tbe wtrrlcan r Active, but rite was not in a condition to rail Tbe rove nue cutter Marry, then at IVntria, final';, left, bur at a | l ine when the slaver had bad ph lm 0! dim to I Tbe Marcy baa since returned, and Captain age rej rte I that, owing to a heavy adverae w.nd, <1 i c>t ' roach Sir yranria Jirak" a Bay unul lark "1 W.-dnen day evening, being cmx,lulled to run at least a bundred miles to makn tbe thirty, ?n 1. a the entire dialadtv aa travelled by atr.mia. The huil of a tnoleiale ai/rd cralt wae descried 10 (bo dim distance, snugly swinging at aiicb ir in pay, about bail a mile oil a bo re The captain Iherefori I II hia fatigue dreaa, donned bis naval uniform, ordere d tho gig to be lowered, and palled away f. r the verse. ?r *1, however, proud to be 1,0 coolie cralt, but the Iter* ' *r < wbH.b aaned beorc- for Noyo river on the JJI Jh? be 1 k 1 verv light, tbe captain bad put Into Ibe nay 1,: t I r b j time aa ibe blow would molprate. Captain fvaee r< 11 \ learn vi ry little of Uie cbaraeler of tbe on ?otp - lie I' bad aaileu from tbe bay on lb" ev< IHDg of the '.d !. * '.n a fair *lod,aiid flirol'bed with all ncediul a.ippb Italian ttaiiermeo bad Inlornnd tb" capti.n of the turn I tbet Uiry tad run up along- ide of ber, but on* 1 g t 1. I ' ratbrfnciion 'whalcrtr, inasmuch a-ibe crew all a) be 1 failcb. ami eith> r feigne I ignorai co ofKoglrh, r ?r< n really uuable to speak it inte lligibly to tbs ilabans. Tbo rorniiiander of tbla reaael war too 'marl ailber to C >me into the IttiUiediate v,< of liie f> dueu date, wcert bo would be liable to lie re iaed at any moment, or to fcavo Ib'-n wab rs w ith no replenishment ol bla M c> a. saw rxoM oitiiog. Tbe official tab,ea of Ibe rii;"ni Congreaa an I fbvti .n yuif mi Outi???ten ?? 13,101. ilio ui tisjt of t.iurgr K. Shell, tlx democrat!-} nomine*, orer Ivgte, r?. I'l'hhcui), *** IM. Tbe IVi llano iMtly Adrrrlurr bar dorlnr-vl for TV. glar, lb* (hrnfUiin (wt>hiy) for Lirrolg, and the Tim i ^*e*< I) ) tor iouglaa Tlx iHi'ji .%>?* had not u y?*t run up II' flag Tlx lim'i p?m that arranfemcnta are nail to far* V?rn mad* U>? tab i*h a e'aye line from (irrgoit ( tjr i "arraiiirtto, |htou|ii wbhh tli? tun will be mat* eight 'lay a. leaae r*<>H vtMPNum ntawtnaT. the raB|> i>f tbn I'tiico Malta Ho i .idary Cuain -? on at ] vnoal oo. W a?tm>iton Territory, ha* liven nrcccn ip, l the Mar-ncbuaett-, with lh? eacort and bnlld n, , havu g I armed at I'orl T?wi<?<*n<i on the 19ih Tbo buildiaga i ' i.jim to tlx-(? ?t, whith are rtlatinct from tb of tha li 'uoiary toman ?**.<?, will remain in charge of Mr Win. b liar,of ttrnii.l.mi u, until tlio surrey la ?.i ahed, of at *? i?o upted TUcrc it a ntrotig prubablli y that a I pi rtnuoenl military |>oat will be orderrl ether.allfemlabmno or I'oit t Robert*. both of which plate* art m Bu*1 ately ufid'-r trie forty uliitt parallel. II la I km or ad, aay* the ,\nrr ku *?t (fort Towttaecd), thai a III lliijute i* to be ronatrucWd off Wt dby Inland, tear Kef.ogg a Nlil, nnJer the tnparrBion of J en tenant Mxhitr auu John Cilicou.Jr. The e ii.t.o.. at I'ort Tuwuiend waa a complete tr mpt? for the inniociary. they having elected their entire tick tt. w lb but on or two miaor esorptloaa. I'a K.R.hha ?a* alcelad tj the l uncil, ami I B timing* to U.a Bona*. r minor citiatai*. The ateano-r < iregoa. from Victoria and porta io Oregon and Waaloi gtoii Teiritory, arrived here on U>? Jllb ult. niK arum*. I.tect-naul Gillie who went up to Waahlagton Territory at the inMatce ' ( tbe euaat aurre.v autborilie* to utmervo t , ?|e rr,,pai I the run. t.aa returned to fan FiaaeWO. He report# that while at hie elation,near fort i-teiUcoom, to bad only two c'-?r ''a>a fortunately one of these waa the Ibih ult Tbe jmrty aaw tbe eclipse in ml ita I alory The bs? rvationa a*re entirely aucoeMfui. Th? I of < " raet ra tu?et remarkable, The L'.' itWM, j >' ( ?. .> iat> male no retmgt until ho leturna loll* ?aat, 1 wiixhl.- win do by the oioBijior lo day. H<r ft danti.r Mro-aty > eteatner i'lumprr aerated In.lbe y rle*r w iu a iwrtjr of aalroLouur? to rw Ihc pt?*i..fti< iion. ar had an oichapge of cuurteai"e t?'lb the 1 iflraif at the IVtel m< e# garriao?. The fort Town Mttd /f?yu..,r ? the f#ih ??;? of the "?lgbl'' at IM |>taoc ? I f i b the rtreption of QrlMtrguu '0 and era dt?"r?. there wan a haul *.? much eJtrJtme c'lgf'1 a deal iture ? f intoI r< at than lf Ui< fourth f Jaty. ha.' ' nee Hi >i? imeoyto l), fcr Tl.halg, <4 iVv, W* n..t< t, who watched lie with ihn uuiv" ...nh'-i <i*',,ai<'- h> hat . any a that th g?( nlcat uoiuu"';' w j> at i ihg m r. i d I t "C. * ILoJaOTMii t\ ul i wn ha* '".efi odd ?f the Ik' ll*', bvt ' Ittothe It.| ltd tney t.ere v rv ja^ | Jniir'r .ird *??d that tl? raen.aa *<?r'at Ui^ v m? tl,.m ?i dark" t lug th* *' th?y I wtntlrM tut afraid they were aiilte at r a* olid r yc f t lo leek thr ogh tm- ked gU?e.