Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1860 Page 2
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2 onrl rw to now fcetr* vontly sfllsted hy the raw enterprhtog of etr citizens. The impulse*** given by tin srrtval of Mr ttreigbton, the general *? ui Me fissoun River Megrtph Company, who o*me instructed to make tome propositions relative to the extension of tho linoe of hta company to this place He prwp .m i to bint himself by contract to coustrucl it lino fV'm here t) Oman* to Ute next twelve months, provided the people of the gold J7EW YOB th?m 'n charge The mineri m '-ho case of the Ditch CoaiiwitT found they ti?d Km tuoch of a good l stag, for ?l a tn,. uh' ii they wereneropuinlug of the scarcity of water the tl" ^ csme, ouuicg umcti damage When the water i* properly let into toe canal t>y day and shut i ll at tnght it will l>>' fouud of immense mi airbuice. rue (liu li i* ?i?out eight ntilea in length, and was conatrncicd ut u heavy expense A rich Mlver lead l as been (liRn-iverod near Tarryah, ah t rir.ty live miles front Denver. ft . .tie miners i get wind of its e\ist> oce trout the lu'iiaus, aa<l went out on Friday hut la search of it. An.ivu lour P. >1. they returned tuvrt reported Its discovery. A meeting was culled that evening aud the " fc.ver Slver Is-dd Mining Company" organ mod The mjo ira oi llw> Tarty all region (locked to large numbers to V.e new digging*. Yesterday Borne fine specimens were ernibiloil in this citv. Several clow^is and other ail 'ckiuc moil have thr matter under consideration, and the va'iu* ol lh? discovery will tie determined in a short, tunc. The or< w said to aasay Irom *l,7?? to $l,80? por V,n tf so, II will he worth diggu g. A report has al*oowe In that silver has been disco verexl near Breckinridge, op Bluo rucr.aud that the on has yielded fifteen cents in stiver to the ounce flow n wtl turu exit time ahrnu w II ted There ie nothing new iu the gold diggings, save tba' the quartz mills arc iupr?viug won lorfully Hinokffy Oo., who rvin expresses to all parts of th told region, Have a letter Del nf over twenty tlionsain' uam< a. In one dey talrlv in?y handle1 1 7o0 letter*, a..<! their fiaynxnt an the Central Ove. lamt Ca itornia an I Pike's peak Vixprrut tompao" for the month of .In ?. on h tterr gong t it lie State* (i Men d-uts ea.h) ? ?' *4 227 Tin* v til give mi iiiea of our mountain imputation (h* politician!' havr lately been talking over the quos thill i the e?|Htl;.ency of a Stole or provisional tavern Uieirt for Pise's rxiuk The people do not *e-m to man Post tnuch in tore ft in the Matter Some have sngges'?<< (bat we orgai ise a government and emr of mir own, an i ei up our lingers at Circle Sam, rt la Mornton Nothing il? finite has ye< been done A Catholic church his nee,, eoaituenced iu Ikir.ver The nuuiirer of a herunla to ii.imsuism u U.i* region is quite large. WHERE WE PASS THE SUMMER. Photographic Views of Our Watering Places. Life on the mountains, on the Beach and On the Road. Visiters from Every Part of the (niou. Oriental Luxuries oi the Summer Resorts. Fn?t IMon and Fattier Horsos-Ouy UquipiilteM mid rieautifiil Lndie??"Bulls. ( Ipcrim, C'oncvrtn, iWit kit) Sc. OUR WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS CORRESrONDENCE. Whit* SlU'liiH Shkixis, August 4,1800. Arrival of MiU'ary Viniters? A pprarance of Southern & ith ri? Aditrru of Welcome to the Springe?Reply <f Captain Carey?Br ret ion of a Arm Church?ilmical Entertainmt ntt, rfc., <fc. Tlio most imposing event at this place Is the arrival of Company F, of Richmond, who arc now encamping at the White Sulphur Springs, and intend to remain there lor ten days Tbey were greeted upon their arrival by too I enthusiastic cheers of a very large coucoursc of visiters. After the ordinary preliminaries, they were addressed, through Ibeir ca|>t?in, Vy the Hon. Jeremiah Morton, the President of the Spi iugs Company, in the foilowiug nor. i Caitai* C.sssv?I feel great pleasure, tn the name of the pi nprtetors of Mils establishment, tn wtdcomlng you lid > our gallant comrades to the While Sulphur tarings. We are proud of you a* a sain plo of the volunteer citizen soldiery >f Virginia We have not forgotten that ujvu, a -ec nt occasion, wnen me imu-rta hit suit me ?au .? oi tne lomertic Brrriile were threatened by a b ind of lawless ml venturers, you and your associates (engaged In tie'gari on* pursuits of civil lift)) came mgcthrr with the electric rapidity of an organized and disciplined camp, aud, in forty minot' from the summons of the t.'overuor not only appi ?i i tl iieiipletely urn; I au l opilppel, but ha I mounted the "tieun burro" to be conveyed to the scene of danger With e?p:al promptitude yon will ever l?e ready to obey the call ol' your oountrv, whether to rmsd a foreign or a domestic foe. It is a th the Ingb'Ut gratt fli at 11 , therefor*, iliat we present you an I yoor gallant co' p? to our fellow citlzi in from the various pacts of w u ulaiy i \ti . led I ion who are assembled at tins ren d? /vons of health and so'ial riijoyment, bat rspe.illy i i that gala\y of beauty and loveliness w hose nrtght eyes ; ntiw "rain* tlieir influence" upon you, whose-tnprov I log >mi!<? are erer the most coveted by th - gall or sol I' el!?r, as tie y .re tie- richest re ware of patriotism and vu lor. .\galn I say, welcome To which Cap aio Carey offered the following reply:? It does not become me, sir, to say but a word in reference to jour very ii.iitertug remarks t> my c Mnmaud. I The ** "u to an vil you have so Kindly alluded is to us but a m atter of mllttsry discipline. We knew the ordor mme tmm a lawful source, cut that it was a lawful order, at d, as soldiers, wa knew nothing but obedience. What we happened to rt >, 1 ?m sure, would h tv?j been contract for bringing tlx' mall cumin'-nced July I, and it* noo arr'<va1 bad cauaed a rail an mini of awtwrmg ami Inconvenience, a* we harp to par twenty (Ire rente each on all letter* Ui and from the Rutea, ru the tVntral OverHail and F\ke'a I'oak I vprear Company The general I* llof tbal lhal company *u ia a?nie way reap-naible for I bo aon fudilmeut of Ibo contract up to tha prefect Cmo bad raue< d a gn at deal of iniligt.attoti again*t It. About arweti UkH>and k'ttora arrive anil depart a col ly. Tbo trial of Carl Wood for attempting th" murder of W N. Bycrr, < lit r of tti N -' u M .unfai* .V.-n*. wo ewiiiBuc'd on tv.dncaday ami Th irwday. It ?u coucluBtvely prayed ttiat only by oircuRMUnoer Byerr life waa prearrn I. Mauy w.tiio m were ream n?d (tor thw pr.wecutton, but very few for the dcirnee. tour lawyer* ' ? each itd<- made l> rig and wludy apeecbo*, and' the oaar aunt to Um Jury ou Tburaday afternoon. and, aftrr a mgthy abw uce, they rant in atatrincnt that they flood < ievm f..r coav,ctl?n an l one tor acquittal, with no pfopert of agreement The Judge arcordtagty due barbed them, aod gawe Uie ea?e orcr to the people. One of the lawyerf roar and raid, "shall we aend Carl Wood out of the country Tliere waa a re pnnae of "aye from to* crowd The contrary waa not called tor, aart the lawyer pronounced the r >te uaaal atoua Wo?d a friend*?the gttnblere?were out ia; forwe while b .1 few riti/rna were prra.nt. a? Utey had ftreu the matter in cha-g* of the Vigilance Wood waa eanrted to the edge of the towu by twenty fire men of b;a guard for t wo uighle prcTlou*. ebo tired a wot ley to boner of the depart,ng hero. t"r.>m then a ar Vof the gam hint* ac, wait pen ted him reveral mile* The reeult of the trial* a* cotirel) unexpected te the rnbttc. and baa raneed deep aod J.tal ludigtial loo. It waa brought about through the inoomp. leocy and timidity of the prealdini; Judge, and the uniiwu'arjr delay arrl in ua lire of hawing tight lawyer* on the eaw All reaper-table ctglrer- noademn the who'. pr<?. ling* ia the aerereal terror It 'a to be lano r.Ur, that the criminal w.ta allow m to go uawhipt of jittiwe, aa utheid of but dam will fie emboldened to open ao?? of wlolear e To trg a man for attempting the li'e o, ar. eaieeated I then let him ufl 10 thK ta.itier, tt otic of the mo t ri le oua tore,? ewer krown There la n" now* of great importance (rota the mince mow tvoTHER comproNMhT. Dt.? wa Cm, Pikc'a leak Augu?l 14, IfflO Oum diddled D (?h bntpdrg?.Vrw Avleer [y^lt -yujr't Jfo'i (f-ra foni /?r rin-j?Frj-r tt J orof Jf.ftgaOR ifr , tfe. The quarti tnlHa and tbc C> n*oliiated D tch Company hare not ye' ret tied al t' Ir fid ilttr with refer. .'.-to th. da i age done by U<e water of ibe romptoy la t Week, (tovcal wrxatio .a lawaulta will probably ari?e, whleb will u wticwlly handled by the Tare; .a lawyer* having way done by every volunteer corps in the *\ tie of Virginia I I am obliged to you, sir,(br vour kindness tous.wnae j i ml and only hope t?, thai yourself, an-l e?j>-<rially your | fair guests, * ill noi have occasion i>> regret thj kint sen tlimiiia you bare expressed. ' They acre accompan-od by Governor Letcher, an-Inumj bercd about seventy or an. < ma of i!i? m ?t Important ' Improvement* In Greenbrier county ta the erect im of a I be* Methodult church It ia the Ural effort of the kind erer made, and is the only edtuoe for public service w.tbln Ave tui'ea of the tVbue (t inhurrfpi ugs. Tlie celebrated harpist, Aptcm-i*. Is ab?al to give, for the l?ei lit of this build lug, one oi U s initio- * trail have ! ( bar no d the Indira Hie concerts couktat ot ttt-im/v 1 ramoue ab.t other potlorum.cos, aalecte I by the inJkooo I In ui a retH-runre ol lorty or fltty compositions. His harp supplies the usly musical aolartaiuioeuta that hare beeu given here for the part two yeara, aiol the visitors ae<-m perfectly content with the variety and the excellence of lata malim-i-a. < ( the |ii<-inir-ebt visikrs, the names of Perkins, Latcher, .Inline Gwin, Ac , figure aa m->?t eon-.plouous. Rishop Johns. itBpreaaivc r.-rmou was lialene] to by a rcry select an-I noroeroua coogrcgat.on, wlao ha 1 an m bird iu the ballroom He-old tbe gueeta continue to arrive aa they bare done, they note'. rea< b to ne-arly two tbituaant The dweei Vpringa enjwy a luoeeaa perallel arith the Wbite Sulphur; I the eupcri-T accommodate >ua o' that rb troiing resort at ' tract n rerv large cnoconrrn. Couviiy K, di vignate) iu i future aa tbe Morton Gimp, la iav,u.-l to the Sweet. Wiimr Rrtrw* "rmsa*, Va., August 9,ltrt). /VfScnlfirt */ e*??TV //-uaae, Gr'nm lt an.1 ll'if"?-? limit In tits PmyruLnrt?Tks CVv-i J <>/ & Mh- rn li lie* end ftravT?.Vrda'dlvtic* at (Aa S/winty <*f. A hard travel of thirty.eight boura brought me t > t'na \ favorite Southern watering place, with lite convict;on i that If people knew what they would havr to go through : to get here, fewer of them would come than do. The rail { road Coca well enough an far aa It ia built, which la to 1 Jackson river, but tbe beautiful turnpike from there, the ! fine d aches, and tie delightful rest at Callaghau's, aro only fbnnd In tt>? advertisements, where they *r-> placet j oti tbe name principle thai molasses la put on tbe re vol v i Ing cylinder of a patent tly tra|>? that ia, to caUh. j Our ileltglitful rest at Galiaghao'a cooalated >f a sapper, at midnight, of salt bant fried In fat, strips of bee.' atew ed In gi ease, and two and a half hours' rest on thcoulaide of a bed, with three others In the roam, all of which required no small excrclsa of tbe will to Induce one to lie l down on tbe outside o. Here the same rule holds gool In regard to accomm-xlatton aa prrvaile at all the other watering places Ooc gets a room In acevrdanoe with the quantity of baggage 1 be brings Person* with ouly a small valiao or a carpet { bag arc shoved Into bachelor's, or s?m? other timilar I row, where small r -oms, with two bard beds In each, ' two pine tables, and one seven by nine looktngglav, which tnikca y sir face look like a rarlacature In /bwwA, are known as elegant accommodations for gentlemen. If a fellow has light In him, and kirks up a row with tfce clerk, abuse* the supertaten-tent, and reviles the Pre s dent ol the proprietary company, something better la done for him but yo-ir mo-lent man hag no business at a fashionable watering plare, and they are all fashionable. Rreskfasl did no ix-tter for me. I succeeded at laitdn grille- a w-hlcn piece of beef, called a ab-ik, cooked by j steam, seme ?veiled bread, a cup of fair coffee, an t a i >uw i?, w. . iu wivi mj j nrtglibnr at UMo ordorfd th* p*rr*nt I" I'lln* a pat of ' ftrph Imtttf all of oo* color, ami rapltlnod U> mo that I lb* tn< pa* npp< aranc* of mj pal arn?. from ?Ih< flat I th?t 11 n*? butt' r ptltrr. I from lli* plnl.-t of }'i?toriUy ? ' trr?kfhct. and ll't rtllilwM pr< tin ! to h* c 'nQrni^l hv ' 11.* prr*< no* In II of wonl criimiw of br*a.l,ant ?ho 1 oconPh mat *i po?r?' * of rtrar riro^fc of *t?ak grtry. 1 p)-onk ol lli* ** thlnfp n> '. f> r lh* purpc?' of ravilltng , at U< ill 1*1 nil t Ir at ili< H'hil" Mlpkar. but In n-rn-.iid tho pcfrirlprt tbat tt.orr ar* ?r*iijr tin ,.-p tbor* wliu-k will b*?r huptwmml both I ih?> h niii^ ot.-J th* fimrral MU*g*H,*>l1 of t'" t-tv>li*hin?ni Th* o loptim of pr?t*m wooVI |P*otly ft* 'it*t* the fjlfllm. it of tti* al?h<* of th* oi.4 that ?v-t*m ran b* raublhlt I b) * m* on* wfco klH'W? ho* l? h-wp a Ik>|.?I fa.. rrn ' p'*Tln*nt of wioh a mpot bt |wr?m *?<il4 bar* I>odo. In mi *(Wt upon lli*c<>mi rl << tha g>fH* ?o<l lb* fool nani* an<l pmlit* i f lb* ( ?>?? "rn. Aft*r bfoktaal I t< * a rlrr'l orrr lb* but** and gr? nda. Tti* oni "inr< m 11? p'ocnrdod li inami*eri('? in diror*nt pari* "f th-a oftim ?* and nation I llnr* n. >w thai Un- Virgiuia ark *>?a*t?r I* ? i *? . "f lb? dill cuKk* id giiiii a b?rt|mi4k' >rd ngij ian UirtwKno. . aloon they were, if possible, more ihr.ju ening th in ever, those Iriends of Brers who were advised of his danger were stirring up means for his rescue. Edward Jam pa, proprietor if the Criterion Saloon, suocce.le.1 in getting their attention a few moments, when CUarl** Harrison succeeded in talcing Bycis out by tho bade entrance and escorted him borne. After the dr -peradoi s found Byrrs had escaped them their rage knew no bounds, and they mmcd lately mount od their hois a and rode neur the utilise of Mr. B.vers. here Ibey omlimited, and finally one went toward* tlie oilier sad irled to irdues rniu one to c< ine out, while Word stood ready . w nh double ha'rel shot gun In hand, to sbool Jlr. By i ft ahuii d appear. Ktllu g to decoy any one out, they ro le past the oflloe, firing sec rsl show lulo It, one of lb' balls penetrati ig the siding, a four lech limner, an ipcn hoard and lo Iging In a |a tttlor No perron wm injured iu the bunding (>/ tin.' shots Twu rl. ts arere tired Horn the budding, one ball penetrating Steele through the shoulder blade tnd lungs, but nut disabling him at ihtt time Several shrtt were fir?d at tbein from the crowds who wore ruslilng lo the Scene iroin all directions Ureal emtKment prevailed Every l>> ly sullenly sertnui armed with In I gu- ?, carMnee, rill s or pistols, and now urd then one farmed to hire a'l kin Is attached to him, and rrtu of "jtbiiot them," rang in all directions The ihree r de sor, th" I'lutteand then separated, St. lo com ng ha lt on ? IN t td near the city. A* he cn teri-d the edge of the eity he re -hut by Thomas Pidlock, and siiivtvcil but a sh rl tuna Book'r ants captured up the Platte snd brouyht Into tows about two hours after wards Weil cair.e s.i it to town, and *?.= arrested about the same lime as th< > wer b' yht to to the city largo crowds met them, si I crin of "Harg them," "hang them," sounded 1# every 1direction The or? *d, with the prisoecrs, proc -ede.1 to Bradford's corner. where, after no Ultle d!dignity, or ler wa? parti illy restored, bad Myor Bradford. John < . M >re snd br. M !?> -. 11 vtdrewsad tho multitude sad finally scrc- al d In cooling them down, and to agree to hare a fair Ir.a! ecu theui. Yeeiciday morsisg tl eommcnosd, tad th' w Vila term* <? was c,, ,pi . ? making up a ury who n >: not termed a du li'i d opu The aft mora was nc'iipte.l in lak ag testimony. To d ?r their fate w.ii be docM" 1. rbe taei'm uir is \ery st ? iinst them, anil they no doubt will tcc ire ll.cir .lust n. ?ri* Wool ts sail to hare bad an evident cdi.rnli .ii, but. owing to his bid habits, was tururd from the pan ntai rimf. lie at on time was one of th icstroyh.g angi is" at Salt iAke, ami wan forced to leave, having carrieil the >ike into the family by killing ode of the saints Waul and Steele both are notorious fir getting Intoxicate I and drawing pistols and kniv<* on whoever they may chance to meet, and thri a ten to slay unless their slighter t wish It immediately acreoed to. frlendl and Iocs alike shunne | them as sooq ao they cc mmem i>d drinking Julia Hooker er; >ys little hotter repuUlioo, snd aJai Iraaats of having killed Jack O'Neill last spring On la?t Saturday rvening an insane man, named Chas adm. <if U aiugv it, Ky , was she; by Win Hirk*,of Igwvnworth. fa d?s struck Burke, knocking him down, when Burks, cot knowing Ha ha was insane, seland a pis tot and shot him through the head Ex les lingered until hominy i. glit and expired. Burke wi*ne I an cxamtoa tlon, but noth'ng has been done in the matter. Brporls reach us to dav of Urge and rich discoveries hemg mad.- near Colorado City, on tho i'lal .e, on the rood to Tarry all, causing great ckcttement In Colorado, almost every me who can leave going to the new discoveries. The quart* nrlls are reported to be Improving rapidly iu their ability to rare the gold as well as t<> crush quart*. Business of all kinds la extremely dull, and money very ca-ce Eastern exchange below |?r, owing lo the large amounts brought to this country and thi small amount of oln. Clarke, t,rutwr h Co. are almost dally smelting dost and oil co n Weather quite warm an l how cry Our tirst Cnlted States mall arrived last night The rWgtOES COntt lbute fj.'i 000 tO the IOSI Ol H ITTOnra, iar amour,t to be pant In int iimi-nte, with the priof Seoetvins an equivalent in oi> tsip s I iberal as ih* pro position is, it is rattier doubtful whi '.tier it wii be accept Ml at this lime, not from a want.>t idrertl disposition, '"it a present scarcity of mean*. I' tUe jrietrt of the .nines ahool.i increase at the c\i>ccte<i rate during 'bo (ail months, the rotireqtiir.l imiiroecaienl of the business ot this city would doubtlessly secure the realization of the fMtfOt. Whether the material aid referred to be obtained or not, I be company me determined to oemmoooe stretching Iheir lines across tho phis* They oi|>ect to reae.n Omaha en the 1st of September and Fot Kearney, two hundred and tr.voty nuta farther west ou the 1st of November l ite advices from Carson Valley, scales that tha wires will be cxtrsdod two huudred and tt'ly railaa east of fnmori City biP>re the 1st liecember next, so tnat with the aid of the eastern and western letagraphic extensions, the p>ny express will briuj yoa California Dim !. about Seven ua>s in loss town lour iwiotha. Although we labor un.ier nuMy d>awh.xks la this eountiy snau lied as 11 is but a year or so fHrnt the bar baric sway ol the aborigines, wo eau yet ttalin absnluto; n from a plague with waicta the Stuoa bave b.. n mlUeted for some time. Tho excitement and upri ar of the Hresideetm catnoalgn doe ot sheet our feelings and seuees. Tbe " momentous crisis niis toos tar leu usontirety unmoved. 11 m intra ly a subject of private conversation, Dot t? speak of pub Ik; agitation. The minds and muscles of all are so coat ptetely occupied with tho strife for wMliti, that even tfce destruction of the luiou won Id hardly bring about a re use i tat ion of i>atriotlc feellugc. In the mouutulns a f?a ble eflart was made the other ?Uy, by some broken down rrticiun from KnStcm Kansas, to get uy a demonstration favor of Douglas. It proved u complete lizzie. The lew who le t their dipping tor the purpose of digesting the oratorical expectations voted down the endorsement ? of the I.tttle Giant, offered in the shape \>l' compli uentary resolutions. Trade m Denver City Is stiff extremely dull. Nothing but the most indispensable means ot physical subsistence can be s >ld. I subjoin a list of prices at which articles of trade are held, but not by any means readily sold, bere?Flour, $10 a #15 i>cr ewt.; corn, (shelled), 10c. per lb , corn meal, #10 a $12 (>cr owl.; wheat, 10c por lb . oats. 8c a 10' do.; potatoes, H)c a 12c. d i.; o> ions, 26c do beans, 12'jO do.; baoou, i6c. do.; lard, 30c. a 86c. do.; fresh b*vt, 12'iC. do., butter, 40c. a 00c. do.; cheese, 40c. a oOc do.; eggs, 50c. per dozen; sugar, 25c. a 60c per lb : molasses, $2 50 a #.8 50 per gallon; Cotf?e, 26c a 36c per lb., whit" lead . $26 par cwt ; whiskey, $3 n M per gallon; nails, 18c. a 25c. per lb ; Iron, 20c a 30c do , stref, 50<\ a 60c. do.; glass. 8<W, $8 per half b >t; blasting powder, $10t>er keg; safety fuse. $2 per 100 feet , leather, sole. 60c a 76c. per lb . calf stins, $1 76 a $2 60 do. . hides, $1 a $1 50 sell, (dry); lumber, $.'>0 a $60 per M, shingles, $0 a $8 per M ; latli $15 per M brick, $9 a $10 per 11 at the yard; wood, (delivered), $3 per co*d. Rumors of the slaughter of several parties of pros pecters by the Ttah Indians have been in circulation for some days la this vicinity. In rav next I shall probably be able to give tho details of the alleged depredations. IWnykk City, August 11,1860. Jtouier on a Sj.rrr?An POUvr Assaulted i? 6i.i .San <um? Shots and Counter Shots?Dea'h of Our of the. Ihsftera dor* athl Arrert of Another?Murder of an Insane .Man? Bust* * [hill and Money Scarce?The Trial <f th- D-t peratUi, Carl Wood, by the Vigilance C'mmil'ee?I'nexpacted .Remit of the Sam* ? Th First I nurd States Mail I.xnr to Veneer?Pike's peak .Vitus Ptayd Out," <fc. Our usually quiet city has been the scene of great sxnlenieut during the past lew days. Tliree des|>eradoee. named tbrl Wood, George Steele acif J no Rooker, baring been on a drunken spree t>r two or three days, and failed bo murder any one or pick a quarrel in that time, under book to rake up an old one of one of their friends with Wn. N. Byers, editor of the li-Kky M">tsUain .\rwt, but which had been satisfactorily settled. These three worthies went to Mr. Byer ' sanctum, and seizing him by tbe collar and presenting revolvers, swore by most horrid oa&hfc th? y would take bis life, and dually compelled him to como to the Criterion Saloon, which they considered their headquarters. Byers was marched through our Streets with tin*? drunken desperadoes at his side, threatening to kill him at cverv step. Once within tin IK HEP.ALD, SATURDAY, t w ~ states that R[< "ofpora" glass was tost last night the bail ro? iii ^ auotlter, headed "amusement,'' aououucoi ttiat a Inar Cgbt will take place on "Wens- ' t four o'uleok,'' between seveu bull dogs and lliieo t>earS. and IDo t'osliiiaaler announces by iH t . e it,at b<ict?a ?ill be sold at one dollar "(or 1 " > ??u< ?n,g aeasoo bo you can gel your letter! in lire niin ata." Wi nt to the spring with columns arouno, and a dome ; r luotiiited with a ttgure of liy^eta, J a# tee, or some ? the' (Iteek metaphor, over it, and smell ol lite water. , one mielt was quite enough for me, tbuugo 1 saw aum > b?ie 0' bilious looking people drinkiog it with evel*ut | Kusto, neni adding a spoonful of c>mmm at t by way ol' f Mittcu'Dg Its healing quililies are highly praised f'tw 1 bathing tubs, and smell of them, loo, and cuucludcJ , I hi.ti was'"ioukIi- On uty way back to the hotel slopped 1 i ai itie p<?t ofiloe, because 1 saw everybody e>se doing so, 1 > ai d hi-pril to increase the crowd at the window. Wallet l h if an liour to ask the I'es'inaster if he had auy letl ts I lor me. and w, sn't Itsuppninled when be Slid he tiadu'l. Whet. ! got hack to the hotel the room clerk evidently i-i collected me au'l my ba 1 humor, for he told mo Ill) Ulipt'U ID UD "I'lKI ID' Ul" !U ? ' ?/ ! I ur two, and showed me where Paradise i?, and Alabama, Florid* aod ColonutdO ri*', t tc ? heiug rargi-r of cottages around 111" grounds ? in the centre of which Stan If toe hotel I hire declined > an) .aipioveuu-ut in my iiuarlers, from the fact mat 1 lo 1 nut are ao* * change would on *u improvement. After I Iwu days' ohnerva.iotl here I have coiue to the cou 11 US loll I that the equable tein!mr and obliging dia,H?ttl iu of Mr i lay lor, the room cl-rk, have ruore to do with making poo pie contented with '.ao While J?ulpbur Springs thau any thing else about. them. There are said to ho th irteen hundred people horo; but ibis is an ex-igge attun. A ceirus taken to day show* 1051, iucliioiiiii guests, emploi c?, servants and all. nod the place i? oranim d Nearly ail the nutters are from the Smith Among ibem ir Company F, kirst regim ut Virginia Volnnti erg, umttman ted by Capt Carey Cney an- a Hne looking eel of fellows, and aro tamped out lo the griniLiis, where ex Governor Lumber is with tliuin aa a gin si. There was a ball Inst night, and another to night which wir the bail of the week The ladies shone brilliantly; end 1 tnuRl do the Southern beaux the justice tomy that they are not g<> backward in going into the ladies' parlor anil the hall room us our Northern ones are, nor Ro awkward when they get tiers. The lad est escrve something more than the passingnotice I am unit! lo give them;'but space, I me and auilttv are all wanting on my part If some of them would nn'y volunteer to help me, wbich I doubt rut they would gladly do, it they knew 1 writing, I could d belter, so I give you utiles of a few ouly ol lb" most prominent. Mrs Suator G Win is too well known to re-pi ire com nient ut mv Imnd she holds her sway here as -.veil is In the sal- nng of Washington, anil does not t lifer from having a h amiliu daughter on the same carpet with her. Mrs Gen. W?I, of Texas, without aiming to exercise iLfiueoce, holds as much as any of iter compeers, which is due to her amiability, tier exctih-ui and chaste taste in dress and her evident Mtetnr munde preventing any ouo w ho approaches her I eling ill at ease Mrs B?e, of Mobile, is noted for the exquisite taste with which she arranges the Unlet of her tall ai d elegant perron, and her beauty and agreeable manner combine to , diffuse a charm over ber circle Mrs. IF-nry tj- n, of Louisiana, daughter in law of the c< It-htated Gen tj , of Mississippi, takes no active onrt in i oeveniienre of ill health hill her Hushing i-vni. sweet tones, a lid charming manner of dress an 1 dcyort mem, ul? ?ys hi ii.g a happy cirele around her whenever she comet to the parlor or ballroom Mrs Ueo. tj 8, *h.,se famous guit in Kcw Orleans f r a l?rge tract of the city is well known, rings her rncry laugh every where, as usual. I sm glad to sec sue Is content with one beau in the tour of the room, whicb is better than ber eld style of two gentlemen at once. aim eg the belles ihen is no acknowledged qineu over all, but numerous thrones are set up between wb.oh there seems to reign a |m ifee.t enieviV cordial' In the combination ot rot -ileo and beauty Mississippi undoubtedly comes llrst, arid at the bead of this sovereign state's representatives stands Miss H n, of t>>inmhns Her enqn sitely rhiselioo features,soul ilasbiag ey es, fine taste in dri 68, and calm and conti lent seil |?- essi?jD at all tiniCH uod on all occasions, mark something more than ihe mere trausieul beauty. She Is ably Hipjmrted ,u bcr social sway by Miss C n, also of Columbus. Virgibia is Admirably represented by a trio of graces, all fron Richmond. Miss M 5, lovely, piquant ami winning, swee|? the hall room with a single bow a'tor the sty l? of tin-Spanish (juecn who, It was said, could b??W to thousands of i>oople n such a way that eneh thought himself the particular one saluted. She divides her honors with the black eyes, Une and decidedly stylish in form, ami intellectual, Miss M?e, aud the graceful and very lovely Miss f d Tlie Alabama belhs are led by Miss II?n. a niece of old i-wm, w hose (lashing eyes and winning smiles may make a new skin Jacinto among the beaux here ibis sea s< n. Ixui.siana is led by the beautiful brunctt" Miss I<?c, of Vow Orleans, whose easy grace ami charming uh.imlnn give a fearful power to ber sweet face and piercing giaeees _ -.i. /Mioirna treads msjaetieaiij- in the commanding irtn, eMjnisitny attired, and the fine r,.;lt?rn, of am P n My letter Is getting too long to d veil longer upon ihe and beauties that give this pncedsrlnrm this , season wul 1 ?Ul mention only a few of the uotaDllitteo. <_?t t.nvort.or Is-l' h<T 1 have spoken. There are also h >re Set ator Hemphill, Governor MoMtllie, Maj >r Birwcll. Mr H'nry ')uitmnn, tfr Regain of North Carolina, Major VcCollovh, Senator Chest not, Mr. I.mdoman, aud many mor? than I can now remember. OUR SACHEM'S HE.?D CORRESPOXDEXCE. Sanntit's HatO, August 7, ldtW. At to // <u!?.1 I.Vth G"*i%p AUiu! Pouglai?T'ie Bea'itiet of th' llciil?/' '(>!'. Hert ami Thrrc?Fuhir^/, ifc. Since I last wrote yon six vorv pleasant weeks have parsed away. Many of the families motiti mod in my l.ut letter a* g here from the metropolis have come atid con*. Hitting like birds of passage, as they are. Fashion <Jriv< s it - votaries bore and there, as the fancy or Ira pulse of the time m.iv lead. So they come aud g > from one wateriDg place to another, wbiliog away tbe summer hours as best they tray. since 1 wrote Svnttor ! uglas and his beautiful wife bare been here for two or three days, aud they are both comiog again during the present month It was durum tiu "Lilllc I uitV New England V ur?what time liewo fetid and more or lee* idolized at New Haven, Hartford, Spruigtlcld and Burton?that the ga'laot but pn-doome 1 candidate for lbs Prei Idency pant Mr. 8 mutton a visit here and 1 can assure you his presence wu a signal for a rush of the leading Connortloot democrats and their proxies to this place. Here Burr, of the Dirllord rimes, through his faithful runner and tiriu its ud "hi.I ' tJreco. induced the Ism of the day to etetu w aud bis long tried trie ml, Scottold, of the feet, tad rule fr. m the ?tejs?l at Barlford In a carriage with Alfred E ltorr. whereon the Hartford f'?e? epigraminalicaliy said that "(turr is for Breckinridge in his pa|s'r, and for ISiugias tu a carrugc A ti-ui|>c?t to a teapot has bub bli d and boiled at Hartford ever since. If your reader* nuly hcew of the beauty of tbe scenery ahout here, the < xceMence and Tirety of the tl?hing and shooting, the calm rpleudor o( the a sic expanse of ua l< r that surrnunds and shuts in tbe Heal on very aide. the elegance of the company. the beauty of tbe lalio* in fact. If they were acquainted with the thousand and : ore advantages eryyed by visiter* here over what la to be found nt lauad of the fashionable watering pUoea, the ( bob's wri" h be UMblt to accommodate the living tide ihat would surge up be*?, and rest during the beat and ' burden of tli* Mitnni'-r Amongst those mw bore from your rity arc William : laari'inr and family, Mr Marllamt and family, Mr. Ar- J rularin* and family, Mr. 1'hillp I'lke and family, Ac., Ac. ; From IVwun. Mr and Mra Itsiie are here, and to morrow j riiniee K? t A I. "Stone, with a party of about thirty. , Jmlge f*torrt, of llartford, la here, and V. I. Robuiano, ' v I fun v ' on, r IV t'< I S '< . lite Charge o'A" drew at Sardinia, ! ft a day or two * hi rp, and (ireewe C. Benson hit y eater day. Still to ' coine, amongat the many who have engac , rooms here, P an?la.uhlttton to S A. liougla* and lamil) ? VI. Orr, of South Carolina; <.cn Jo. I,*ue, of Oregon?ffunny, Ian t i, it. that he and (Mugtas aho'.'d I" f. r. i . the,' - ml ' trrenl other men em loan! i, tbo oo miry lliave spoken once or twice of the fl.ahing here. Not P only are the T>.,a? ai d bla k u?h eery pnnty on ' the j? reef aud mar "*e lo? k," but bl ;e ball abound and they are beginning to take large sharks off in th? deep * water. Tike w<nt b'a ? .slung a few ilaya alooo (funny It waan t Wack who went pike lish- ;! my'i ?iiml having what be considered a remarkably hniTS fish on, he actually pulled out a young shark about * two feet long, with two or three tela or b oth that would hare driven a demist with a ama I practice I taaao. Pike w as ft iglitem d. but he v at hi* (tab in safe, aud Uaa done 1 nothing hut b'a. Itioul it ever amor . Uefore I {lose tbia brwt epistle. I must not omit to apeak of the drtvoa ns.d the advanti. for sailing and h liathir;; here, wtilch are reiy Un?. A itrm. hard beach, " wi b a smooth bottom and no danger either from Udca or the monsters of the dtep, render* the latter heallbful pleasure very comfortably and safely en.i >ycd. Tlie rail ? mg la ui vurpa?eei. In the immediate yii 'lnltr are '-(lull Island, with Its tbnusanda of feathered inbabltanta: the 'Her,iml C'h likens." "Robert K;'la I'm,eh Bowl,' and . many no re plae s of It.teresi Th, dr na in all direc F t' mis ar verOne, loi when an I tensive livery ' stable, within easy aecos-, afford* all tier?waarj faellltiee. ' i Hood howling alleys, the It-ft billiard tables in the State, I and a well supplied bar, to far to render the place at- n i tractive to thoso gentlemen who Ilk'' to liavo City * i p .asnres and racrtfUhwftllim them Into their oouatry retirement I have no heedation In saying that the Utile la the boat to he found In Connecticut?whi'bsi Mying a gonl deal Mr hrsatoo baa a farm of 125 acre* here, from which all the vcgeUbh*. miH,, butter, p iillry, \r , are furnished. Head Rf'Ob : for hi* other ad . I mtrable hrtal, ths Tontine, whtoh I* by far the i"'.'t house In Now Haver. Como and Judge for y o iraetvea. OUR FRANCON1A MOUNTAINS CORRKSPON- ), PENCE. ? r*r>ri!j Ro -!<r, Fiushotu N R,) a A i(t tot 4, 1-00, f T ' " IM SMIlit M ia/ai'w? 5f" K W(-P"?,il, NVm /f i *?)( A/ vw/affu Aoitn?vf? fcW^v.m an f ytmsruvtN Mwr/airt f] fbrJttrf A IVM /?? Mfltrrofc?j.. ! ' > fToutt ml I ' ,^,/rr HC, CcA tntf, flaW ">' I'eoth r' M?vntatnt. 11 lirv-IVrf in Fr !tv tot, nfW arrry plMtmtn' ti p "J f" m Jfc wVork, Ortl Uklnf tlir ?|ilm ltd rteam j * a , . i Omnocttrit, of ll>? Norwich and Worcester lli??, nnd lh*n p punratof the only dlnwl railf*<? runt* to the Ff*n alt ( ' an I FThH? Mount. nr.ria Norwich, W renter, N??hiii and (' I i * !, I' ym lb Mi'l I llllvloo, N H .and from Uic latter n I *<r 1'7 fUn>- ilevcn miiec, lo tho placo of ?/rre**ni M wrinof. m Pit ir p down Ur-g liinnd Sound wm ioJ-cl lb? ' Al , ' ( AUGUST 25, I860.?TRIPL most pleasant of ths Tinny I hive mile over that ' route. Ttoe moon ibone brightly during the most of the entire n-.<ht, and the water win as calm and placid aa 01 e could desire. Ou the following day the morning I glit overtook ns after we left Worcester for Naihua. The run shone with full effulgence, and the farm scenery as wc (lasted rapidly en route for our destination was fully into the high character enjoyed by the New England Stales tor their neatly, well conducted agricultural institutions. Not v-letting to pass along the route to) hurriedly, I stopped a day at Concord, New Hampshire, ! to pay u pilgrimage to the place of nativity of poor 1'ieice. Teat, li dividual was not at home, and 1 iinleid the inhabitants of Concord were loth to know whether Kiaukltn Pierce, ei President and poll- ' tioiau, had a habitation within the i pi let pMMti of I Concord. At all events it is Vho0{ht that that Individual is about lak :sg leave of Concord, to hang up hia legal ehinglo at Bolue obscure town a tew nine* distant I'aiaii g Ironi ihift subject, I will merely say that '"moord n a puliv little city, well laid out. aud abouudlig with good, suhstaMisl and beautiful residences It has ail the cm ci niitanta ncc-weary to makd a slay there both pleasant aod agrt (-able to tbe travi Her. It bits good hotels, niiUiuiactoriea, the most celebrated of which is tuat ol until coaches. Afur a day's peregrination n aid nbont Concord, I took thecaisoftbe Boston aud Muutrual Railroad acd proci i dec towards tbo niounfa u region, entering en route the niottiniei ii g Merrimac, the Heinig- uaasot aid the a in mm, ensue rivers, and along the etige ot I -ike Wmno pit-ogee, I Continued ou Pi Wells river. Al this |koc! wc branched till to a sub branch of the White Moun lain Ibtilroal, whlcn, for twenty miles, continued to ascend the little pilot mountains to Littleton, the terminus of the railtoad travel. At thin point I alighted from the art, with my fellow passengers m rouU for toe moun tail ft. One of the old fushioued mail coaches, before which was a six horse team, was in waiting to giveexpe dition to our trip and take uu tip the mountains Hire oop of tlioeo quaint old Booties, similar to those witnessed twenty live years ago, before railroads were fet thick as blackberries, ensued. All was in a hubbub of Tenement, iu caring for baggage, securing seats, Ike., Itc We were soon on our stage journey ascending the Fraocootu rnouri tains. The stage was full, and you> corresponded ?as forced to take a seat on top of it in Co umoq with two or three Southern tourists. Tbe road over which wo pussed in our eleven mi es staging was up bill and down dale, principally tbe former, but over a good road overshadowed by majestic, trees of endless varieties The last half mile was accomplished at railroad s|>eed, and when tbe stage arrive<1 at the l'roflle House?the only one in the Frauoonta Notch?the horses were frothing with sweat. My ttrst day's stay in the mountains was studiously devoted In gathering facts in regard to our charming but neglected Ami r.can mountain scenery, with a view of placing an account ol my explorations before the readers of th? Hkrai.d. Recent years have witnessed an Immense influx of books of trawls and voyages?journals and narratives of personal advent ire?the result of that spirit of scientific [ discovery, rellglour zeal and enlightened curlitslty which characterizes tbe nineteenth century; but in all these tnrvpe bus received tbo principal attention, while our own, our American Union, has bet-u almost totally neglec ted. While hosts of our wealthy countrymen visit Kuro|>e pe rtodically to witness the river and mouulai'i scenery of Europe at an enormous ex|n-uee, the same per sous kuow litti* of the {eogcapby, and none from experience, of the unsurpassed works of nature lying as it were at their very d? ors. While the American tourist pay s a special pilgrimage to tbe river Hlilue iu quest of river scenery, m? own beautiful Hudson, which surpasses it in beauty, is thought little or nothing of; others visit Europe to get a glimpse of the mountains of Scotland, France and (iermany. Our own Kverett savs, who is not the least of our American travellers?"1 nave been something of a traveller* in our own country, though far less than I could wish and in Europe have seen ail tbat is most attractive, from the Highlands ot Scotland to the Golden Horn o' Cuustantinople?trom the summit of the Hurtz Mountains to the fountain of Vendure?but my eye hasyctvo rest on a loveIter scene than tha wbich smiles around you as you sail from Weir's landing to Centre Harbor )N. H?Ed.). I bave yet to behold u sublimer spectacle Ibau that which is discloeed from Mount Washington (Widlo Mountains) ur from Mount iAtayeltc (Krauconia Mountains), when on gome char, cool summer's morning, at sunrise, tbe cloud-curtain is drawn up from uaturo's grand proscenium.and all thut chaos of wilderness aud beauty starts mtu life?tbe hare granite tops of tbe surmundtug heights?the pirripitous gorges, a thousand tathoms deep, winch loot of man or rny of light never euterec?the sombre matted for est?the moss clad rocky wall, weeping with crystal springs?wtndirg streams, gloaming lakes nd p. aeeful riilnges below; mid in the dim. mi'ty dtstaccc. beyond the lime hills, faint glimpses of the sacred bosom of the eternal deep, ever heaviugas with a confclonsneMof its own Immensity, all mingled In one indescribable panorama by tbe harm of the Divine Artist." a flllil sow mrtkokoumiunw Metcnrolopi-ts n.iiLi here liud matter for conteropla;lon by studying the cloud current panuvun..?. Time fiirrents. and oitr r circumstances anoctiug them, are so distantly cluing ng, that seldom for a single minute Jo tbev retrain of one form, but shoot into all sort* of postures, rise, fleet sway to the distance, ooogregate, and link with indescribab e rapidity and vanish Irora the ?iew. While a ootigregulnn of clouds is caused by their coming ill contact with cold curients of air, they vanish as quickly on their being acted on by the currents nf air wa mer than those in which they bave previously bevri sustained. The dlsjiers* ment aud evanishmeut iif -louds may be occasionally seen to advantage from Fran onra Mountains, the pi** from which I am on* writing, c> the vicinity ol there hills, terminating abruptly. The :lou is resting on the mountain top are goon to begin to nove towards the precipitous ihclivity in consequence j f the springing up of Ibe breere in that direction, and rhen hey a rive at the prcclpioc they seem to tumble ver at d vanish in the fa'l. The exhibit.mi of ttie phe cimnon is simple the cloud, rally ingfrom the summit of be mountain Tails Into the atmosohere of higher tera ?raturc, and, its particles Iwing diminished into tbe queens form disappears. Wti?n on the contrary,scloud men to arcccd s mountain It outers the region of cold, nd, bung condensed, Is precipitated as a shower of rain li? suddtu recurrent c ot these sb >wers readers it neces sry for the mountain climbers to be con' inually prepared ur'tiie drsc?nt of the watery element. to* rsnrn-w muss sap its ft hktii simst.". T)io hotel Is situated ou a plateau, and Is walled in >y nature on tbe aontb, east nh<1 wst by tlie green d" livitus an>l trial, "tie propotlinn* of the Profile Mountain Jid Btgle Cliff To the north ami one half mile distant t Ktho take, a beautiful abeet of water, abounding with >rt< k trout, and f irtushod with all the r inattc equipure 0 render the rltlter's trip pleasant. Tne'iake, being "cati d In the valley of these email mouiitaina, la noted r It* acoustic pecullatltica of echo. The human vow* houlleg distinctly will lie re echoed with wonderful ef ret, and the report of a cacnou, one of which is i naiti<m d at a cor reck lit pace on the lake, will rtverbermle ,ol dlislmdar to peel." of thunder for one half a m le In ircull. Beside Una peculiarity of Kcho !a?e. nature haa dded many other a traction* to Ita pr? tnc.ta, waich to ie appreciated In all their bearings must he seen Kag'o Clin ia a large majestic rtilumnular crag, separat d from the ci'it of the mountain, and rtnng pifpen iloularly with cragged rocks, apparently ready to tnppt* roin ll.T-ir ft i blc resting places aud spread desolation to ' ill around Th'.t prcctpUlous mruntnin derives il? pa rony mic from the fact ibst it waa chosen for an eyrie by 1 pair ot eaglet a few years ago Profile Mountain, directly opposite Eag'c OUT ami on he tenth side of the 1'raticooia Hotel, Is noted for Its e* rcmc grandeur and beauty, and also lor having on ita r\ realty Ho not. ohle fralurc from Which it derives its nine?the profile or great stone face ,ts the attention >( Uie spectator is directed to the precipitous put ion of he mountain. he beholds a huge lace, withall Its feat-irtw horonghly delineated, stardlrg out In bold outline, be lire his sight I requires no stretch of Imagination iy the spectator to he Immediately itnpresstd on vte sing I that It Is acotoSKal, complete, symmetrical profile, roking down upon hini from its lofty height, perfectly istli.ct and clear. n,c hand of man has not polluted the m e worn stone composing it Nature ha* carved It out nth the mist accurate chiselling. It ha* beeo ascertained hat the height of the profile i* very nearly Iftoorwt ro? the lent of the little lake below It. and that the rgth of tbe face i? from slfty to eighty feet. The pre iptce, of which It forms the extremity. Is n it unlike the khsades of the Hudson riter m appearance. Tbe "Old Ian " undergoes many apparent cnaugre "f outllee from lie diflcrrDt view p int*, and It I* laughab.e unmetltr.i' to ear the varied and opinions of tlw spectators lekiw the Prolle Mountain I* a crystal lake, abounding .ib trout and overhung by beautilul trees Itaid Mountain, thro* fourths of* mile distent, to much rlebrated for it* Isolation from the main branch of the rtlidinlb rnitffp thtia vlt Ind If a illflf inH rliaraot? Tt im l#o rendered popular by the imj nrui It affonln for lornt. From Its summit tlx- visiter can obtain a line irw ol ttir ?ountry !> mg to the lot lb, u veil m of the <irtb< ru skit* of the rruncoaia rauge. Knowing full well that my letter mu*l necessarily bo fief, 1 have merely riven an outline of their character ilk*, leaving ti e Quid char fur those who m?y choose palter to eta borate therein 1 can only express mv tirprise, and Indeed, 1 may *ay, my own ignorance of ray wa country. la CoUWWoa with the maturity of nty feiluw ouolrymen, to tliluk we bavr so long neglected Uk beau If w of OAture in our own fair land tiik p.?w!? or rut nr mr worwT.ujm. The flrrt dawn of day here in the medbUtns exhibit# a eaUiftil nbtcnriiy. When tbo c*#t begins juat lo rlgbten with the reflection* only of eflulgenoe, plea# ng, progressive light, duhloua and amuau.g, I# tbmwn rer the rare of thing#. A urgle raf I# able tu .assist the irlurcfqtit eye, which, by nich slender aid, creal as a bousawl imaginary form*, If the tcene b< unknown, and, .4 Uie I gbt n.-al# gradually on, ia amused by umeeting tr vague Ideas by the real ob.iecta. The edert la often pleasing when the sua rise* in un< uUted 1 r ghtnerr. dllfugleg it# ruddy light oxer the upper art of lite mountain#, which i? contrasted by tbo deoi>er l.adowr In I w yet the tileo.t it Urea ouly transient, rhen' old Sol" rirea, accompanied by a train of vapor#, ( 9 a gamy. misty atmosphere Among the t'rancotiia I toiirlatn# tbla ar vini|*n.a.<> I often form* tb# B<?lat rmbbtpy vtaioa# i Tbevttiter to Fmnonola sumet'm'* k?? the sun's diak I i*t tfinr nboTe the mountain, or, la fhtkcpera'a Ian I uagc? i Stand tiptoe o? the m'rty m uiiiVa-hV ton, ml dart bat diverging rays through the rial r* *.? bp radiance, r ati hing the tops nf the treos a# th , l < ndway epnn the shaggy stevp. and touching live air 1 Irere a few oilier prominent objects, Imperceptibly mi*?# " a ruddy tint with the aurr.iueding m'#is, setting on c re. ?# It were, the upper parts, while their lower skirt* a rv lost in a dark mee# of vartei onfa#|oc, la which a ,m ? and radianee and obs'urtty a*e all blor hi! to ii rth'-r. When the rye is fortunate enough to catch the I lowing laaiaat -fur It ta a reuniting scene?it furnish'# i ? idea to the beholder worth tr> taurmg am >og tlic f Wdrrst appearanc,? of nature. Misllneas al"lie, we have haerved, occasions a oonfi,?iun lanbieotn which is mien I vn (WMjac but the glory of the ri" hi depot la on Iba ' ?w,tg lighu which arc miegled with It n bow m* rorarsT m*vt>s wis itw?. r Tb' visiters to the Francmt? Mountain# this year are fhr # on numerous lhar any of the pr'i ng our#, not with * id tig the fact U at the aea# n ha# been exceedingly r I At my t eeetit writing the weather i# delightful, t ith ibe ti rm meter at s a" eighi degree# atnora I meet vvtry stale in the I'nlou it represented la tba 9 <r E SHEET. Islters at the PHiflie Rouge, and they ol the beat class of people. One tbiug 1 bare remarked during my fee days' stay is the absence of all thai uriglocrstic coupon I locality, such as in exhibited at Ne oort, .Saratoga an 1 Niagara, and which is t'aal briug ng those places into ill repute. Everybody Appear. totuU-r upon the pleasures of piuun tain climbing. fUbiug, balb rg, boating, and other kindred amusements, with a '/.est and democratic air wbicb apiear natural ant invigorating The amusements 1 hare just named wlcle u?ra< the daytime, aud u gh'.ly hop* arc had, (excepting Sundays,of course,1 In which all the guests participate, nn ?xocllenl ijuaurille baud being pern'ant'iilly attached to the hotel * o ?.<4o? .al.aiAna ooewl^nc in mhiMl 111 uar it.iiig fu.iiinj , i ? i-j-n . .v. ?._ almost every guest of the two hundred mil flfty in the bulel participated?were held in the ladies' giand parlor, under the oireclioo of Rev. Ara D Smuli, ol New Yorx cily The singing war of the very b-si k nd, and was furnished by ihe united congregation. Religions servicoa were also held ai night, in'which Rev. Mr. Reynolds, of Concord, officiated. I iball push my explorations furthor on through the Francocia aod White Mountains and scud you tho result of my travels. Fiuvcoxu Mot maims, V. II., August 9,1800. Snntm -r Trartl to the M'Vntain*?-I Huh Harvest to the Hotel Keepers?//.no TourisU Past their ftm*' ? An Improm/tu Concert?Sew Porkers at the H'hiie and Pranctmia Mountains. <fc. The summer travel to the White and Kranconia mountain region of New Haun ?hire is now at its zenith. The hotels are doing an unusually Brisk business, notwithstanding the general complaint of dulness by landlords in other rural an t watering places. The weather here has l een delightful for the past eight days, and the tour ists who have come this wny to climb the rugged hills of New Hampshire and enjuy the mountain breezes, and witness the forest, laKe and inuttotain scenery have had every reason to feel satisfied auu an ply compensated fur the trip. Indeed, the travel this season shows a decided increase over any former period; and the immense hotel facilities in different parts of tho mountain region have Becu found inadequate to accom modate their patrons. Mountain sccuory is not the only amusement afforded tho tourist. Here wo have many tolerably sized brooks and lakes, which possess abundant pigoatory virtues, so as to giro those who are fond of angling an opportunity to follow tboir congenial lMistime, in these lakes near tho hotels, all tno equipages lor aquatic sports are furnished to those who wish to av ?il themselves <d the accommodation; bust tea there are bowli ig and billiard saloons, gymuasiums and all the etceteras calcinated to make the time pass otl agreeably. Fashionable -'hope" occur nightly?Sundays excepted? in which ail the guests participate and the ' mazy dauco" gnrs merrily on to the accompaniment of an excellent quadrille band. Last night Miss Ada l'billtpe, of B iston, whose abilities stand very high as a singer of the Italian school, give a voluntary entertainment in the tmrior of the Prntllo House. She sang several beautiful morccaue from tho favorite operas of tbe day, and her performances were merit or I Tbe following is the list of No* Yorkers who have ar rived at tho I'rotlle House during the pant week:?Miss Naudaln, 11 K.Cornmg, Miss M. C Corning, Miss A. M. Corning, Mrs Oweu, Miss Ballou, Mrs. While and two daughters, Mrs. Grosvonor and daughter, Mr Sidell, Miss E. S lidell, R L Mulford And daugDter, Poter Scaeu ik W H. Hiack, Henry Kimball, Francis Viles, Miss Niles, Mat tin V. B. Wtleoxsnn ano laily, tv Hteiger, A. B. Ward, lady and child; I.. H. Holmes, E A Meyer, wife, two daughters and (on, W. H. Itreeler, Mrs. Pomroy Miss M K. Algtr, W. F. Cary and tour daughters, C M. Gutt?r, Mr. and Mrs. I). T. Young, Miss C. M Young, W U. Brown, Chas K King Sherman, r.motby Tiloaton and family, John W gutnc.y and daughter. OUR WALPOLE (N. B.) CORRESPONDENCE. Wslpolb, N. H , August 11,1400. A Word for a Xrw En/land Filing*?Tin Place far Patriotism and Fishing Roils?Scenery?Ridci?Iron Springs Society?Hotels, 4c. Among the many loud cries that come to you from Saratoga, Newport and the other haunts of fashionable misery, can you allow a quiet word from this most romantic ol New England rtl agesf There are many of your readers, I know, who would give much for a rural resort where they can i>eaccfu11y pass away tho weary hours of this hot season: or, better still, can leave their wives and children In security aod health, while they themselves are serving their country and their pockets In the metropolis. Any gentleman who wishes to escape the contemplation of tho Japanese swindle, to avoid being seduced Into a Great Eastern excursion, or to preserve his patriotic sentiments uuring lire uf On. ,'i?j i.j r, m# Wales?any enthusiast for picturesque scenery?any wiclder of the flsbuig-rod?any crack sportsman? >r, finally, nny ore who wishes a quiet, sensible, tnexpenstvo summer in an admirable hotel, would do well to git on the eight A. M. New Haveu train, and come to Wat jio'n to dinner. l>td I speak of a hotel? si ?de or Msjor Bollard. famous three pcinTBtmrs ago a* the landlord of the Walpole Tavrrr, artrr! No; the Major woe'l arise, nod it Is lu"*y for him, for if lie did, bin 'pl|?e would t?e put out." file \Yi nlaorlt) House ami tuiiu' h.wt, Mr Makepeace, belong In the .ift1' of progress, and have nothing to do with deIbact innkeepers Fresh paint all over wouldn't suit the Major, n?r new furniture, nor rooms entirely rcpepored, tor hair mattresses on spring nottoms, nor a city ardtr In a country town, nor ra aid rnrumuutcailon with, ind daily rnailr from Huston au 1 New York The Major xiuld not help enjoy ing the beautiful scenery of the ConifCllcut. no matter ho * n?,ls-s and perturbed a spirit 10 nuiy lie. but a though bo was a jolly Oust,it jollier oigns in bis plane A very few people have luxuriated for years la the ib&rn? of tfalpole, and have said nothing about It to the est of the word. They have kept all the delightful 'Idea, and Hue fishing, and ramble* over the bills, to tbemlelves. The) have not breathed a word about the Iron ipfdnge in the neighborhood, a-vtal the* Invigorating air, tbout the pleasant society, and about how ranch -emfort you may ret T?t very Utile mooey Uut their lay Is post Hie Hnutt) IS oppose.) to reonopoltes, and In the public spirit wbir.b distinguishes that J xirflal I ipl<eal let "all the world and the rest of mankind" earn, through yonr columns, that tacre exists at Walpolc a hotel with large twiim at reasonable prices, cool llr and a prince of landlords Ilere there Is no fear of starvation, for there is p'enly to eat; no crowding and I Hue* ring, for there Is abundance of room no hmnb ig, 'or there is no necessity for it ; the most tKrilghtfitl oeopie to talk to, a town library to road, smooth roads, Mr Al len's One horses both for the saddle and the wa< >n. water ionialning a great i|iiauttty of the peroxide of iron, untnr|asscd vlcwrs all atxxit, genial hospitality, uv.l-oon t d klroincss. What more can a p er. harass, .1, swindled, ildcrmao ridden New Yorker want to make hitn happy? [)DR CATSKILL MOUNTAIN CORRESPO.VDEUCE. Catskii.l Morvraiv Hoc**, August 4 1M0. A Drtniplv n of chiM .V-un'sio Retreat?0-antifiU Ap ysmrso. rf thr Ihlh?tiuth-ring of American B-m li>*?rUaliful Siifftlji of FruU?VitiJfri from AU Sx ti<mi >f the 1'iinm?t'rtemUnp uml Frmternitmtvm, tCe. Away up here, enveloped in a cloud of mist the ooa minute, the naxt with a clear blue sky above, with a new of their lleecy misses Hotting beneath us, entirely generating the World below, 1 thought It might not be unacceptable to your myriad readers to drop you a Una town <m earth from this aerial staadpoint, suspended as mrm a pa life a if ahi.n>m ' r/i'lli. hf?l ?mn h ran an A mpih Seldom It to that our tltwof the lower world to thua relied from or and we presume thai the pause haa been Ihe result of warm weather down be low?a contingent witch net^r trouble* a* up here, a* I bare on now, aa 1 ba\e had W wear erer since my arrival (a week ago), a cloth coat button ?d up to exclude the constant ooolnuaa >1 ihi.- mountain r< treat l'ur? a* lite lirvl Owh breeze that Edm knew to the luotidiaual air we inhale to tbta mountain (astern*, and rrry rtalble to itsiflVct upon tbe cheeks, eyea and appa Ulci of the "Uiroe hundred" who, for a too brie' period tiero, leave in the world bet,<ath them the carea. octupatious and Impurities to which tbe deoireoa of citlea ire roeataailj subjected At Ove A. M we riae to aee thr sun surmounting Uie distant tone o' the Green Mountains of Vermont, and witnr-s the morning km with which he salutes the blushing vapors that have twaltrd bis coming, and now wheel la column before him, march down the winding valley of tbe Hudson, and are <el amid tbe dlstuil highland* of West Point. Nor lees besot ifhl is the rising o! the moon, aa we return every lay from oar pott prandial stroll nrrr the romantic path's >1 the North Mountain, accompanied by aom? of H<? ron's last, l>est gift to man," whoae bright black eyes or melting blue loo often lore our glance from hsaven above lo heaven below Jt to not, perhaiw, surprising that the -esutlst of still life are so much appreciated by tbe beaulies of animated nature, upon the principle that like be ti ts like, but certain It to, that more than one sylph like lirtr, that scales the paths to tbe North Mn-in'tsln, the tooth Mounts n, Mose# Rock, the Fairy Spring or tb? falls, stall In hand, would have aoswered ttie description >f the erratic Byron, where he says ? fTcrs was a form of Itle and light, That seen. became a part of sight, And rose wherever turned my eye, The morning star of memory. With delightful walks, weather and company, we bare leliclous. fresh raspberries, growing all around In (ho [rosiest abundance; whn/t cherries at plenty as flaav ns it Saratoga or leaves in VallMshmaa. It anrp'tsss ? elti*n?" to find bow touch evtirtoo the* can take In tho wire moi.utsln sir with ,;t thai focltng of tossi- | '0 ?'t Ui :<jc wuicl. i* it* Inevitable ronsnqnrooe | n the work'below. Weariness rom walking: or climbing | "<rt to i<a?* away with Uin hour which product it i i thfti lite glorious Tlrw, which would seem to ah*wb i ttry faculty In its mere contemplation TWe Rr*|c*h1re toiaUlns, fifty miles c??tw?rd; the flreeo M<uini*<n-. lie hundred mill* north, and the ratine of the lligt Itria f the Hudson, slaty miles southward, combine 1 wiiU the icrtrrn and h'jhcat pewk* of the CVUkllta ("High p?ak" | iid "Round top"), frame and encompass a picture v Mhy j ni'ced of the mn?tcr hand which crc-? >d It, and net it ike a livintr e merald upon the brow of nv .re, there to low in unfailing beauty till time Itself Shall be no ore* er. We I are representative* here r, otn evry eriion n' tb* nlen. and their fratern'rayon will, ! h tp*. do mirh to ' aim <te dreaded an*n> *1ty of sectional feeing Krom n> conrerration with those from each quarter ?> ,-ur ' i r?<!?racy. 1 hsre an ahldia* hope and enotdene* mat | hoe Id the trial come, there are enough of the*., who.with teady stef and unfalterinc tru*t in tbegn.i.1 **nv an i pit lot *tn of their colleagues, will he found to " tee . M<p n the n uele of tbe 1'nlon," be its temporary bead either .inroin. Ml or Bre. k'nridge. Am1 eg our rtttert 1 might name Church, the ar.;*t, of * . 4 J*** York; McMr? Merrtfleld and Reese. of Baltimore; Dr Wuru, of Philadelphia; Dr. Thomas and Mr. Hayward of Hoe ton, with a targe party from Havana and on* fioni New Orleans. OCR CORNWALL CORRE8P0NDENCB. Cornwall, on Tilt Briww, August 8, I860. Great Cmu-ou'te of .Veto l'orktii?IJrivet, Hi/it* and Pic nkt?TeyU.korean Excursion on the Hudson?GrancJhvmmattil Ball, tfc , tie. Seeing the voluminous correspondence in your columnf from all parts of our I'nlon, I have been requested by man} readera of your valuable journal to chronicle ttoO' events of this favorite resort. There are some flfteea. hundred New Yorkers abiding In this charming place3. each bent ou seeking pleasure unalloyod with fashion Iasi Friday a large party from one of our secluded re treats, in four horFe wagons, went on a picnic to Metdow Pond, returning in the evening, as gay a party of nappyfaces as can be found in any of our so called Uehiouabis haunts. Drives, walks through Idlewild, boating and fishing, dancing id the evening, aud quartette clubs at almost. every bouse on the heights, form but a modicum of our duiiy purlins. Hi-re we bave the poet Willis, the charming Mrs. Bodstew, the genial Kaye? whose laugh is heard the whole length of Duncan's lane? I ho aetrouomcr H&rrkaon, whose lunar dwri|>tive lectures have drawn admiring audiences during the |?ast ten evenings. In fact, ever) body is here. Our pp-gramme for (lie next fortnight includes an excursion (terpHichorcan) on the Hudson and au ilium mated l>all at Orange lake. Tne arrangenetits f>Y the lust arc in tie hands of competent amateurs, whose former exploits m that line insure for the present our entire success. as a representative of the committee, I shall bo pleased to orwurd von a ticket for some attache of your j urnal, and we suould be more than gratified liy having tlio pleasure of gtosping you personally by the baud on that evening. OCR COLUMBIA SPRINGS CORRESPONDENCE. COLI Mill A Sl-RINUH Hoi SB, ) Coirmtu Cevxrr, N. Y., August X, I860 > Health nf th' Leality?Pleasures of a Country Hctreat?* Jctirtty of Stram Communication?The Orioe and the Merry Dance?Medicinal Virtues of the Springs, <Sc. 1 observe that your widely circulated paper is the onC par excellence Tor the diffusion of information of allktudx, and under the auspices of such a readable sheet I bop leave for space to say a word in regard to this popular summer resort. Here we are, a company of health and pleasure seekers, under the fostering care of our host and hostess, Mr and Mrs. C. B. Nash. The former Is known to all tho country around as tie right man for the right place, while to the considerate ktndnew of his "better hair' many a poor invalid has been Indebted for cara and relief. We are enjoying the very perfection of rummer weather here, tempered as the atmosphere it by the cool,delicious winds from old CatstskiU's mountain brow,directly opposite us. Wo care not for the sultry boat attendant upon tb<? reign of the dog star, but can betake ourselves to our sleep inviting bees unmolested by the winged tribe, sod breathing "sweet scents from Ihymv batiks''and newly gathered bay, with which this charming locality abounds. Ourhotel is situated on a beautiful knoll; the mu-muring " Claverack" winds like a silvery thread at its base, while upon every hand Bit unthroned giant oaks ami other mooarcbt of the forest; delightful groves invite, by their cool retreating shades, a prolonged ramble, only to disc-ver Some biduen. shndowtuir. silent nook, win-re. per lovers breathe their vows of unchanging constancy, or a w irshipper of nature, In her gentlest, sweetest mood, may e \|oy the luxury of Idle ease, and lilt agra'fiul heart to the author of these pure and ever varying delights To these sunplo pleasures is *<](itd the advantage of proximity to all our larger clt es; the commaricatuiu b\ Uudsm Ri-.-er Railroad and steamboats, almost hourly, to the quiet and plea rant little city of Hudson, from which place wo are distant but four miMs. la the li- art of this rich agricultural country, makes us dlrectlj arcossihlc with the outer world. To the tray ly disposed , to whom life and Its surroundings is yet all ona bright dream, it has its attractive points also, Ibr on Ihtce eights of the week the spacious reception room ic con verted into a dancing saloon, made merry dv the sound of the violin, and graced by the beauty and fashion of many of our surrounding cities | These springs have been resorted to for a great number of yiars; their medicinal virtues arc being hated mire extensively each season, and certificates of their efficacy are freely oil-red. a chemical analysis reveals the pretence of mm, of magnesia, of sulphuretted hydrogen gas. and to a laige extent the white sulphur?a peculiarity, I am told, found in but fear aprings iu our State. Tha water la not so t rong as to ren ler It a nauseating dose for the patient, but it administers its he-allb-giving properties on the homoeopathic principle, and wheu relief is bin e gainvu m aaCv use fn oatunlg auu drvBaing, visa cure seems permanent. After a trial of severa. of our popular springs as a remedy (or that common and ilislrcaetsg malady, d>spv|)8ia, I unhesitatluglv gtvo tnear the preiemice over any other spot, aa combining the eaaentiaia of eood, bracing air, goaSl bathing, picasaul driven, a genen us table, Urge and oonveni-nl rooms, and ail other ingredients which go to make up a pleasant, rural summer resort. OCR SHREWSBURY CORRESPONDENCE. Phrkwsiu'ry, N. J., An;usl 13, MflO. riUinn <.f It- ITaa. ? ?w f'-ct of the Rf-ent Calam '<j at Long Rranch? Want of Rain?/' li'v al Oottip, ifc. My last letter to the Ngw York Hkiulp wan Trixn 1/wg Branch. Having poated you n,> with aiUir* th ?re, I now take the opportunity of informing you of afTstri in genera! at thm place. Shrewsbury is a floe little village, with a g'*?l and proapcroua population, and one of the flooet place* In Monmouth county, and boaata of some very wealtbv farmere, together with tine dwellings, fa?ma, he. Among | the beet and largest are Mr. HMice's, Paikea', Sbcp pard'a, Lippincot's, Tallman a, Altsn'a, and others too nu meroua to mention. The Delaware Bay and Raritan Railroad runs right through this place leaving and taking passenger* up to New York daily. Stages from I.ittle Silver connect with it ihi Satnnlaya three trains from New York man through, all loaded dowa with passenger* to ly>ng Branch. tho drowning of Mr. Wb'tlaki-r and Mr Dimmer at Long Branch, and Mr (.untsvu* IUt/ and Mr (lardener at the Hit Hands, has produced a grnat senaatioo among the people here In the vicinity. It is the talk all through the country. and people blame the gentlemen who met with the aad m -fortune very much iu venturing out ao fhr in the surf There ?.ud aoc.dcotr generally drive people away froaa our watering piats-s, and the proprietor* of the hotels would rather anything eise would happ*n; hut. hereafter, nolle*-* will be ported op before all the hotel* it bat Is t at wanted her* Is rain; everything < lurching up, and the corn and pita oe crop* will sulfcr vi-rj much tTe hnl a little sprinkling to day, wl b a heavy wind front south southwest, and old Sol would eotne oat v?ry warm I received a Nsw York ITrstiji to day at ten o'clock, with al! the news In. and I am glad to see the patriotic H?ni i" an itw oowwrrmvp Tarllea to rote and annp il Bell mini Everett. Old Abo l.inooln is lo? dangerous man lo be electad I'reai loat <>f these United Statea, aot! 1 h?tic the popple of thta country will think wrll an.l pender before throwing I halt rota* away oa Mnooln. I bo eeo| iK-nal candidate of thia country. There are a lew black I repuhlicana here, but the) rlo not amount to ?u<h Tbo : majority are for Itotiglae, yet TV-ll a*id Everett will carry New Jereoy by tbo Union electoral ticket of the siate Before oW d| I would remark that 8hrewabury willbe benefltled very much by the Delaware Bay and Rarltaii Railroad, and will tncreeee tenfbld In a year or two. OCR NRVA8INK COmUtSPORDENCK. Tnowiwn*'* Ati_a vric Pavilion, 1 NrvAMTk Hiuiilamm, N J , annual 30. into ) "Stall tee //ate A'o More Cain ami AUf' ?A Loud OtO from (ha JjuIwr *i*m aa' Uti aid?loo Mu h Politico and Tbo J-itlU CrituUno?Ike Bmutiei of TVett Jero.y Ifighbindt?Tht Adaon/agei of a L\mofnunl PrmntitmMarket?What a La*If Pt to JW1 the PtofU Ac. "Shall there be no mure lakoe and alef ?no more piculcsl?ao more of thom charming picture* of lummer oclety and holiday gathering*, fun, folly and /Mica, and : irtation* among the mountain!, and at tl* spring* and at thoae moat rafreabing and regenerating uf all aummer reoorta, thoee eeaalde placet, where The mermaid* gamble tn ths breaking wayea, Along the aoundtng ahore. Shall all tbeae tliiuga be kwt to the aummer reader* of the fflnuunf What with Garibaldi anl the horriblervuace, and the Qra great Power*, and lltttle Tommy ait your Corporation Japaneae bill, and that enormot*. wrought iron humbug, the <?reat Eastern and what ent ' the Irrepreaaibla conlliet, Old A'>e I.'n "in, ridge. Bell, DoqglM, Roust n. and Gerrit Jm th and the Benicta Boy, the coenprehenslve fit*or. tbla summer bar rmij ?w uiu w ntmoima ma world of f^rbliJO at Itf iimmer recortc And now the Prlnca of Wale* w coming, and a Brllllh fleet. Raid a far y :ng da i <el to tn thw morning?a llrlng eiemplltlcati n of the charm* 61' a food oonrlllnllon, Tr.ah anlt water air. a? Paddy wcmld My. r.irf balhog and food eternal*? " Wl.y cant wa have, <>noa la a while, a whole broad* de of thoae dear. dcllghtPil, piquant, aptcjr. fow'pptpr and rattling waterlog place lettera with which the Hw mi>. Ull thw nam Tier, haa made Uarlf aucb a welcome t taller to u* all, of the nneooatablo thousand* o iU reader* out of town, aa well aa tb-we In town, fhw. lkwtoe to New Orleans I" "Why, my dear Mademoiselle, the re eat ererit* of th world niuet frit be looked after, and know you not ttia in l-olh hemisphere* we are bow in the molet of a mighty rerolutlonT" "Fido'ioeiiclti with your rer< Ititloii*. TV R. want* to plea re IU reader*, I au-ipoae and we, thi I*, in* ln?irt that th) pummer I* our time for a hi-or'iig It nnr " o he mat on almost every day of me , t ryf , I July and Angnet, the Tlfller* at eeery ?iTiin?r ararar * eario, front N ?<rara t? II Mn-V. tant to BaBlran'e Aland, w>re appr?el thieigh th l oll mtm of the II*': uo of tho Wh' r 111 eoorw and hi.ndred of thctr abtcnt friend*, here ard II f.t

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