Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Ağustos 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Ağustos 1860 Page 3
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And then, again, the gay cr>mp*?ict at all thine phwM war* brought into rapport with each uth. r, and, iu know I ^ toll each what they were all doing, we were weed a world ' of trouble and anilely and vain conj' Urea. There they were, all before Id the, and we Were happy, tK.ause It thua gave .8 so mthv things and ao many people to ullc sbont, that ww oouJd rattle away 1 a)l <la> IH'g, .ind the ttmo da] fly ao ftu>t, uod then such I leUeis fi< tu lhouij?. ,u'b! Oti, .? * ..a buudi* to be i here Iio write one. sir, bet ore lite next avamer : wnea. I wtvh more newt frhm S?rtbaldt and thoae dreadful ' Druete " "H'etl, IU| ;ose, M.n A-^-'iue, we were to underlab" It. , tVtiat could one t-jkf ) Wrbal have yon' on doing Uers ? Brie we are, like 1'aut fry. 'Just stepped iu-' What shall we write about our<-r butler Hies i'1 "?ta, teu the to tome here. tlova nloo lively Ooiii|euy. Iota of charming lulu*. You n *> n r yourself. Al?a\l Timm for more, artd we nut li. ;re beaux. Mr. Thowpe-.n ta a good pro*.dee. N'<* lass; out no starvaltow trr*. We walk in the woodi or r de oxer j three rpleudid bills behind tie; we will on thW picturesque i peer to wtwwc and moonlight, and love '.n a cttagn, and ail that , iryi tithing and crabbing, ami au< n and I cMmbake-*' unci, bvfct of all. wo ha-.e o .r oh' :o b? tweAii u>e H'tl WHtrre - f tb s Italian like like Inlet and the Jhr rror morning ablutions **4 wc have hcpg aai . l>l?.< b. and tableaux at night. slO thru, ;ti the ft'.V.ri tie, j we -^n til here In tbe pistza. and with ur tel'.scupe wn ; Unmet distinguish Ihu of the p-iricvgers cu the I tvwftf^-rn steamers. (p'.ox inv aud outward bona-1 from Jftir York. It doe* tec? lu strange that net-pie should nss uff hundreds uf miles Si get to the wools or the mourn- ' tsjr.B. or some <iu-?-t Mm, or to some place to mil in the ww, v?b*n we have wK lh>ee things with.* two h-cre' i twit from th?t city an I its meihiustiblu ntuact. Pevvie i nust cat, ar.g they-mat s.vnetimrs get strr*. at with oat i v* tbe any ptacos n> 'he W1. u> Mountain* Lake t'e-rge, i i-b'troe anj the White .-fcilphnr Tha.'s why ^1 si.ef piwV-s I they have ro "fMr, like woltrg, ;o thii fw"upon sheep i m<-at. TVy r-r. do Wash'npt-.n market with a reach. j Dv.t here wo'l??ve a farm for our tniik, buttorac.lgo- ! tables, the Tft for our tl?h,ai;<1 Wasftingtoe market to j make op the'Jutclier's bill. T1 ut'e tbe reason we ail get | so fat rafV. We have freeh salt sir, g<v'*' eret- ise by j land and Wtker, plenty nf fuu oii-t plenty to eat. Lo-.k at j Theeajwitti. If Breckinridge is elected TV.ia.p?ott ? Ulltve I to be ah-vdrcd years old. He cats everything He sirs be wruSI vat, because be works re te.rd. But he .s * gerxl 'fdKow, and will ruh a watermelon patch to pbMSU 'je. Put ail that in your letter, and tell Mr. B-.-utu.-tt tkrst 'Cm ladies down here wi'l be very glad te see It va'ttt Huuis, because every holy reads it. Polities, p v totPisi we are sick of your horrid polities Toll hitu that, Vfi-aod, (or goodness sake, do let fid Alio I n olu hare a l.'ltfe r<tt.'' "Nothing mors, Madcmoise'.?-": 'Nothing more? Just aa It twrre is any end te what. Jyna might say ' Ask about the *M,flhtful b- n we l;a I the other night, au-l the sail, and the tinging "n 'be rive , ' tint thai : > tat'-on \i 1 '.?* t.r'-nU .mvo-g the??r tie. hv-r. dred peopia and see r ftmmsg them you can t 0?h v-pv I tlve n.-.vernor or tw and a *-w scattering OnngrasPmsr i and Ccutict men *i?t see If #>rtr<> are mt #r,mo face* r?m 1 which might [*es? his rest -etoii* and most pntsaant, f rf t Highness tho If-Wrce of WaPw, the dear littlo fellow 'To hear, Maecmotsel!?. <a to obey "I accent item :>om Ptr Kogi r dc Cover ley; wr.d vw. Wr Knight W you will esteem It In anvw-wt x rrfce?m pens.-, tell Itwi ti-got tbe things, and rou slaif <trA"'. the nuoor of dlfvitic haif a'tou.-n of us well fed a/.-i sut-etau tktl rrnwrBKCdc in i-Z "breaking Istllows t.J rh. itiuhly deep." <3*3R CORliB&POJiMWCJt. Ijaiox, Mm*-. An.. mul.\ 1600. fuiim A'staKo? Umi . y . J W.?Falun, rlKcn to situatsd upon a h.U, anrtugst and the * f fcVrry porosed soft. and by no weauutoerjol, as I had t- toesppcse. The sl'dage ic-w'^out otauiy, f. jrc'.t baa no epv'xgs ci'nrxcral vaftcri; it at tracts peop.e j AV''.ta vwrted drives, its txmutdftf Uitc-M l mountains.. i 3IW fresh and fnfadmg, *c J bp tic clltnUr, whtofc i JT uaicrpasyd in chee-rfulneai an-! hoc'.ihim.-u. Imx ; .TSti-hl Fancy" iiembio (t. ho bar * o-l'.n^ F-?re1 nsad "Mid MOKBtr Nljtul a I'rcaiti ' to aadrvnuod sud delighted rr. ' edithce. Tiei?cts wvro one Joitr a pv.,??old Mid, i ss^hll-dreil'IBrie price?and y?? elM CcCr Souse was fufttc i *?ta atnirie; capacity. Fanny loelrr.V -<eally lovely. K.e * was dre?od tu wh.te, adorwc; wrth ew.raouds and i ?M?J ?t<rw:)re a wrea'.h of Covers, trb :h, together, vjdtp the candle light*, w th D'^lt cud distance to ail you, ! rjave bar the loo* of a ywuaj and 'e-nly br de. I bin 1 board ard aeon her many soars. Irt. I net or n??r tier -.n * such incoming sttlre or'.b such d'. .ne inspiration. lh, . -errantried bouse was oveejoyed and entrsnred. "M ft', men k*t their propriety, end bo n from thirteen-tn I ?lghti*.-u years loo*, d feuKtn^cc ituy always will do-c that pic feathery age. *a. H Asp'nwali, Kre. -S-hcgrcorboni, Judff* Pifrrc- I pom, Ogdeu, Kllery, f*?Sfw*A- and I*elaiicy Kane; f j New York, tnso. IVsrr YY. 'C Butlard, sod H YT. ' ftathbun, of Boston tave I vr>rs >me country poa't at j I#nn*. where thetr fawi'lir* aperd the hot m-witb . tt The hotel la a btt of mamat mrttog <?ng on ((an* ear, I dare lay, and due to I..opeculiarly bracing at'nx *ph?- 9), Which, 1 pcrcslvc, js Increasing n interest. and of wi .ch the Hbiuld will be tefcrmed. I.enox needr bet a -fashionable hotel tc JnWta it a great piaoe cf-fv.uro i "faahlcnsblc retort. LIFE AT SABA^OGA SPRINGS. i Front the Troy Tintee, August 22 ] We understand that John Uorruisey is a loser at . *r at i ' Saratoga of the snucf ? of 310 000, which he bar ' buck- j sd againat the tiger ' tJther Troy boys arc oonsv*?rahly : "out," and unless things take a sodden tura till come back to the city m.nxi the largest pot'.'otia of , tbetr pro[>erty. The f. rtunste winners -rrc two Boatoo chmpa. Oa~ of tiie~. is s man nearly slr*y years I o? age, who formerly Itepl a hotel In Albany, and railing j In the bus.iieta, Lc s snotucat of deapcralion, at the sgc of fbrty, took up the profess.uc of a gambler, rortcne seem- ' ed ui attend mm fmtn the Crst, and be la now estimated to bo worth gJSQ.000?fall of which ae Iras "allied at . hazard. U< has his x-rvaata in llrery at theJ-; r.ugt, his last hordes and narri.a -or, and to one unaciaaluted a lib ' his protest ion, he ap peers a wealthy man of the world, po.jbtd and refined in hi; manners, and a goollcinau af abundant means, who nss come to recruit hli eal Ji by a morn.og draught at fiLu Congress, or s drire upon thr Trnue. lie is recko?*d to be the smartest and moil iccay gamo;? r in cte oevutry. Kew would it .agiue .hut be was utber than wbcl be seems. yet he in o* if a type of Urge el art of pemnim who annual f iwm bio at sSaratnga as pass for personj or the highest rcapethkbiVity. We were nut s lHilo mused one CTca:nc,-v.-tlic looking In upon i hop nt the I'nion. last wrole, .a rne ol the sets of da?;cer* was jo'itv msii whose drtcii tut)sir bespoke s spri;-of weailh, If not of royalty. Ho would hare panned for tho I Vino, of Wales or the f*r.nco of Noodles No one Ic the saloon quailed him n the ticaloe*- or elegance d t a autre, or tbo dashing no t.Jut:: with which he play vi his part He was tho favorite of the yo. og ladles, and the especial pet of managing at.tut w, Yet that young ntt'i m >ther, a year or two since, too!, .n washing in the city o( Albany, and fi r aught we kscw area so yet title is a highly 1 respectable woman, l ow-ever, and we m-wt oo the iucid nt only to show ti at " all It not gold tliai -litters'' in htsMoiable lite W- hop the young man be so for tcnate, In a worldly i-arv of view, aa i? ? meoi in mar- ; I n r.g the daoghu-r st ssts aristocratic tool of the i -toob family, wh? Is.time Vo a-ceyt the?:<?t eligible after that presents nrrtf. Another instance, ossn more startling, car le to our ' knowledge while'' at the Springs last week. | A gentleman f wuattr. and e-jipcr.tablli'.y fr<.n Vcw York ctty?a married mi. cdma to Saratoga Mka young .nan, whom he IntroJu ad to his friends as "Charley. ( his nephew." Om >/ ??* an ainasiog g? 1 1 mkiut , Ttrurg lellow, about ijdane.u rears old, with- ;%rk eyts .awd may checks, and c dca en frolic about hir that won ' of ffier.dr Tue Indies were all ii?,-ve with i 4he little feilow. wb.le th?w. -ti were rvsdy 11 iki ofrtiry ( ?c danced ricgantlr. and Lur-d love with sli ifc ardor of a.passionate son). When '.n the rwdeiy of men he eras more ( -Stags ever entertaining i > spoke of hi* conquest* and h ? I -no: ma with the u to-ve. tamf/jwii He had lores at tara- I ( lags and at Newport; ?u the peeks of the White Mounts lac. and away down an< n?rrt .he plantation* o' the ( jHuot.. in fact, rrnnftor had ni-avl to him tu " brine. I all thta, t hartew sea.- a if. id thrift lie was pro. . sdjgci of his money, and c no in atundanr* was t. >ugt.t -in skf..s command He Luna ted a t<oyiug for it W. anl 1 ? ??: t .o goblets with the heat of them Rut otw day f fhaciey (rank more than kg. urucl allowance t" be Mjamn un.snally rommuatca'are. he ati I strange, 3k It tho lenst strange of wWh wue lbs: be was a *u Ui A O.Arisy.was correct, he,ml* ,r it eaa. > woman. auk '.he s isitrras X a w ealthy New berk gentiwown. who fura>h- h , rthe "upeltcr'i with whfnh harlcy to * enjoying ?*: i t V MRS The dtanorery nf "my nepbe-v e" s*l ce. .* ' t, W. a fUaut to other quarters. and it it mure than ttkwi ' h tfc *? *he flw! atm and Cbaricy are enjoying ibc-mee. res s , aci v other watering ptare, where the 4 .me fash;Mrs tie 'jtlaid 0L JS* is frpt up * Obltaarj-. . VATR OF orKtUDCC CLARJC. C.,a tlaaf Ci fill frir man, n-aM a mamlaa r-f ?lu fa New Y' ** bar, ?e<l ?'0 Thiireday hut, at hiarc'intry Vet at Sew fcanhoOv, in the aercntjr turth jar.rof hi* vr Mr CJart" ' * -o many year* a nwncber of tfco B-arl o< 1 relocation af UiitiUy, iikI for rometifcj* the l?nl o> v< Um He.irl 4 Urt. C>n U?r*r *-r/>w wi low of ate Hoc ?i.hoti ^ taxrrnre, d Wit Ccalnn ea the 21 ?t ,?t , alter iu llln. ?? | of three we. ** Ecr afro wa? tl*tr street y(?:?. }?ht " *M a tw?t an*>? and worthy w..otui. an.: trill he at freaeiy mured by hi' w^r knew her Mrr hm ifto- war f j a rtansktrr of .It H* t.?;;lhy Biaelow,and t #t?ter . rilna. John Fi Bi(P>low. rs B^-sr of Brwrnn, and .tec Al6-?-k u Htrrlow. The por. *. *ht,=; she an ecnnaatiy hefrtawted, ( p? will lament hrr dct. th at i. nad atfltctlun. C(. Xottjr A. Rr atattm. agnnt of the Great I*..-. MmuUc tr, torUig Companr and h>r uj.. y yrar* i P'ou mb' isvu her of the Strwflbrd (N. H ) bar. died on the 221 -cat Tht k a*.eat /ft.-a/'i * ** ' 3,'h <* 'rBc aaaoaooaa '* Ute draUi of Mr. Kiabah, J " * * ~ fthtea ton*11, a* fol "t low* -imparted thia lift at b*J. pant ten o slocit ou tuca hn day momiof the li?Ui inat at b.a country raaid*nrr, A. ?aa Collate. btiaer *"*rwi' V " Mrwwtl.r. 7v| , t o ted Make toaaui at U._s ?Aa?, a W '<* year* and 3 month., tin deeply and iUirerely regretted by h Borrowing widow. f r fcia ralatiraa aod frianda K.'g . I ?>* aumarouajy attended. Bad ^ttbe bongr* duo to t.? .uncial character Ul' were recorded Ty the *<Kh auk. f"* f rrmi'm I were iaterred at u>? ththWrai cAun ?* l'aul*. the fuaeral wrvice being performed br T,sr'! *iahop of ttoedinceaa W> hare loat In hits a mo, "* priaht, retpec *!l table and uteful member of am.etr, on ' baa errr to i taken a iiniy iatcraat ta our weifhrc a. S baa hero a liberal aapp. ri<-r of our *ocl*l an t reiieio?i.' inatilatiow* 1 The marked reapect mat ir<-tto.l by tbcpubi ^ ?? ?hr or the caaton of Uia death cannot fall to giva expreaa * * cou hot dolcnec to hiaiiirroa.a( widow and relatiraa. FlrwRT Blur, an old man .f los year*, die < tt thr poorboute in ft lawrenre county. N'ew York, . kt th.- 1 Jt?ih of July He we* a French Canadian by birth. Aod and ha* been au 11 mate of the pcorhonse f >r nearly twe "^7 I 7fmrl M MTioma Twrakv Bttoww Dim ?In tlie trot at F xiila, ' l!|e N Y , <MI the iJA tfi*t . between Flora Temple and Brown ^rf( Dk li, tbo former wa* the cotupiaror. Time?2 12, 2 2) 12 j ' ted 2 3d On the taat beat Brown Dloh waa drawh be cwu*e of lamenera j ;<t,? NEW YORI OUR DESERTED HAVBIONS. Singular luuJtou?rtoutu Flcja?<lPictures una Furniture Ue?IruyMKiTura CUT Your bn Before You iio to Uuiopt, ?S?o., die. Tn the Hnu'aof Wednesday wo published &a avwuct of Uw operaticus of a coup!# of* who were l.t'oe aa .xWnahebuenees '.n their peculiv . the ;>r >fltt*'e precinct* ! F'.'th avenue Tak.o^ ivlvauta*" f'.ho ah lenco of the ih*) had <?'xoi a:oo.;i) :Ur'-jt a a r. :r door to of the e!e*aut M?rt>u .r !h,t ! - ?: >-, y*v.&cu s'-'vi/rai ici" doli.ra worth ! r ; irljr, rrotOTeU ,l U> a I'v^r jjoor, id ltu.l saga* yjs into irr which always character I cos the frileruity, !? 4* to Ltvo It ready fur tramp <>rut>on whet, and then, with a view to ?d\> to their tt ire, Mceooet to tLe r ->f and entered. ibe z nettle o{ the ad. . .mug h 12" IT<-r? '.he zamr aa ku repeated, and every .trratifrr t rr. 1 te lor tbe valuable ''haul'' to tbv.f oau dene. KVC'iurateiy for the owners, however, hrfnre th.a *** d*W, the rn? a!? found it neeeewry to repent their v -t, i f.l n, through Information imparted by a rharji eyed I errant g.rl Id the neighborhood officer- wit ~v tbe alert, and V?? th were arrested. An t waa '.be r-g .rs aac- ! veded durlvg their several eicurs.ous, which , robot My ' extended over two or tbwo days, iu aacur'xg a Urge ' amount <?i property bet owing to the alacrity of the de tevliver fame Gve tletaaud doilarc worth was recovered, and returned to the polka he&dq carters, where It yet rtCialLe wait me \be IdeullBcatioc of the ru*i ec live own era. The uixjv: JSi, denwnot a solitary tnes by any moant^ ] t?rds '.rum which may be drawn a valuable j moral. SumrsTr'i'me may well be cell bt the Carnival ot her | glaiR. V ? a ar*aon wbeo ;* te-fapularly aunpwatare^-body ?*j T"it of town, a.od CT Cor watering plaoe ftrtcn# | camcx lake their wealth w\th than) the coefreaceote la thwflbousandi-, if net Icl'lKCI of dollari iu the a^rf-vale, tw't'ii left on cart J Or and unprotected eave by half a bolto and bars, refer elUaeou?!y .1 aw .beted through the premlkea, or try lese reliable wre ltH'*uan and 'wa.da. Tr.'.s ?tt tr frown to no oo? bdtto r than the f.lde awake btr*g?r. It ia a part of hieprrrmion to be cognizant of *bo 'more men Is of thia cl?v, aa well M to law; 'tea amount and lonrl'iy of the va'uuMes, >vb,dtiaro to him tbe brew! sc' Gutter of life. To acquire tfcri 'ir owledge be r*e*?rts r * thousand in I gemoua *??"-tr. oereant girls T Into tea le i ,.od capti- ] rated, tw>>e< are beatiwod. visits *"?te, asalgoaiioee / under Vf'?( porch or in th-* to?ciclt'.t<'to?u arearrangr I, j watch rg-X?pi ,;pou the premises ntgKrod day furwesha, kcyatoud+ofbolt.'S arc examrae'l -fit'. duplicated, agewtr , are :ap!cy~l, the habile of the feauly are eludied, the' brktl r Sin?.es lneaa re*. the "mans of entrance aoC 1 cart contemplated, the evact rt'.viation of the taw. i swlaitofrt liscovervd, and, lustsrt, the entire U>;>wrn?;ft ?f thj (place ia aa wei' unde*3te<>d by these spohSt'Wg '.aprtHwiors as is <he " lily of a telC of 'but!! by an tS'pef l*-ced general tu ' .he ore of a contest. It may e?*?rar a etarliiug atofMon, i tori V .a nevertheless a troc cue, that tbeie is prr. ably i "EO?t residence m Xc* York belonging to a ww.ltby -m vu, -r toiih baa not beet a: M=t time, or is nit no* ,-cader j tha surveillance e' a scteviflc and dcspecwo'-^trglar, *Wf a is puller.tly wait lure favorable opportunty'frjr car' rrmg out ma loep matured' designs. Sech being the ttse. atl with ?ucb a-ccery .s preoe-: 'ienta as are almost ua'.iy furnubed i* She crk.cinal K cords of the cfto/, ttia C matter of wurtfer ftr.t our tzto aeyed c It iaonc-should to-so blind to their tfctiresti, aed o eareleae Of their 'riches, as to Ir.r.. them K>r weeks and months to IC.e Uiellicient rro'cCtli'u of leal and key, or,-What :a *mctimoe luttrrtrl^Tr.irao, to ttoj hazardous gstrdianihip of unfalth^el htrisehold ' fcsf \ Thai they 4n eo, hewer or, ia beyowd iperad venture. To say aeth ng of t>: examples alpandy ' tod, fMt ho famlUca Sf fc-fih'ttc auiicrers at She torre of tbbito.oaa were aaeeut from it- city, there arc e* the prisma momeat daises cf howus contaimofvtn "foreilurc, (Secretions and. pirtvrac, Crom twenty tre t? ? hundrel Ihcuaand dotiars woftb rf properly, ertotUy raprowited within, aod only guarded without by the "Stray potto <mu. who, intervals an hour or two??ir the r.ifhc a not dark <r st rtcy?coudescetuls to toriw the raj-r of his dark -iantorn tenratb the stoop oasts t casual glaaoi ihto the front yard, or Istohes the to n gats. Well filed wins ee liars, maguiflcenl-rru of ptsr j and a wuaith of it/outer e and apparel soMtcrsd bctwren roo andceUar of there (olatlal mansions are loottsaug temp tatwns to bo re lated by the daring burglar en they may be bad without asking. ir is.tonco cf this earaleaaneee or the part of din occupants of boaoon occurred not long airce, which enaaspU flea what wa bare been saying. ? frailly left- Corns and i wero absent several weeks. On returning,"the owner found the wells of his resldeooe Saturated wKh wa'cr from top to bottom. Frescoes wire orncbri, Upas try was rained, the gilt (tames of 'tis pic tores were destroyed, the e?l!iug had a urn blot denvn, and ruin was stamped on err re h<nc that oou'.J be ranted by mould and wMer. Siineb no. elaptef baf. ru l!.c cuye could be aeci-rlmu'd but 01 ".It jg to b.i *1; * p'.umher, It waa flnaPy diarewrpd tha*r o .ouao had |U? ed lio.a la a lead pipe it *Le top of tL e hou?o. thi .ugh trbteb, though it nu not larger tbar t) i? dlaw* ter of a pia, ike croton bad tricitV! out:! ?- er. 'thing <u the prenuae* brd partaken of the perioral-nr-,.mure. Still another case, yet more recent, m-y b e remrn berad by some of our reader* ?> far. >ly wr re abaat Blarlmg for hurope. The ahuUor of tfc?. ho uae werv Otoo'd, blndad-awn, and errr|-eb':? ?t tf-o?o<l ?.f for i lone abtonce. The carriage wa* a! the d-or ? ailing tc lakj the family to the ateamahip, refcen th mi ltr-<?, re membering anaie duty that re<juvra) to-he perf >rme?t, Id Ihe ui. that ate might aee her w v eroat-d the alark vi rw i. In that hurry, tiowerer. width air aye ndoug* to 'mc\ momenta," .he forgot, on Ca. ak.ap '. tr la k, to chut it?3 Accordingly it waa left barnMf.-ind t a; auU? raec.-e-l her memi-y. After the Uo*?-< " eerrr ti mm/hi I itie family rctuaard. Entering her rw the My war ' hut (tartM -it aaetng Uk-^m w 4a'.: blay I, hut Ut :lrw_iu? lance wa hare already relate 1 ar-ourn td to her i wd, '.urniog It o3, he paid no nwr-i iv x^. on to the mat ' er. rolled ar.und, and tn lb- aoure of eWrntaai ltd the pan collector, with a bill ta tie tui amounting (c ' xtwe,-n fifty and ak y dollars. TV Laiban waeeatound d. I'e bad read rag-raenlatioaa m the c*r-*pap<tra oor armt" the iwicdkj of gaa at rr.ptai.i-, an I had teard of rnoram chargea aaudn U the aamr ine, - hut until *1-n be aea*r oa Id habere . Lai "?,aorable m?n rat-Id, with liaear bcakl -tlga, permit | j.y tun extortion at rp attempted tr. U'. prukrat ia tauoc. Vet the fact .k-*d him n (be far t djy- odd ' lollar* <n- the rr.naumpt in of ?u. wbao be led bnen ah rutin W rope, and Lie bouae .naaouputu. t r a human etng. P. was a prrpnatariua awiadlr.nnd he ?>dn*t beei. < ale to my. >o to the '.?? <_ -npany. lib* a-awKlble m;m owerrr, ht went to bis a?i>. and than war a t ested to im the ac-cumatauce ?i bare data.lod. The re j < alt *u t Jit be paid hia bill w-.ibrt". a cmr- j inr and .retired, rejah. rg that tut -jhitb in i uman oaUK and the ddga ierr* of ligV ha?! not earf I >red the do?rn,*All with wbioi. it had beer, h-r j?d. There bare xlx> betn imc*. ea w(?ro bnrrW. have ( i stored heuaec, and finding a. thing rauaable rmat' i j ^ovgb to be eu?. cirntly can* i away. h.?r? J U 'rat.- ? r gone to wook ,ind defaced the furo.tu-*. In ate of | * ff taeee th* oerser of the pr*iutct wa* a u?o:pe.rcce i 4 at. *nd blw' a the bouM it. the *bap-V srp.tAd ' A hcrcrag* wax .a bottle of Utady in a a?ciii(J? ! il teat, resrrrrd lor c* iiclnai pu^cae* Ioc-t.ww at VL* J; - k a. gaol lute, or rather of *stt.?>nt taste. J ^ irt a their ho?l, the burglar* rettid tbetr maltea V h to piece* ere.aJ ra!u*ble p. tnrra, braab ng j4 unee ac,i looking g'aeaec i arking tt? wall*, ai.-f dob . ;j rarleiydf dirty work< aliv*of tU .' w degree of < If limation th<y cnterta.nd of a mac ?u?) atorx at ,l" tptilan" am* lia.ied to aa^igie bott/e. Oe tearing the ; ^ 'wur iui/ ??nJ rauil Ui tSj?r7 ID A D~T W.. 1CD J ?i if ?><- iiM a tut Ma pel&linga the next i .0. be :i I all h>* a ne eoilar. Th.e wae ncvfyrd. m one? prlacuUa with vengeance end ire j I wfor innate iMtknu has sitae ? Hi oa fl?* L M Aj fcri<v* th.? aristocratic e.ees ef rogvst who J 1. . gli rame only, Ui'-re are a rpeotea of boy 1', | 0 1 .^nunee lire prufcaaioa cm a sttisU ec?le That % fat ray ibey Irare-a" ll.t roofs of hn\i?es, rater tbe ?c?* i, tUal ? j ij- an ! wLet*r?f th?y can l?r cr? ir bar fa upon and trim to money their operation*. I irerer are pr.oc pally confined to aate-iaaUd edifice*, I ' 1 a e ara nfo'??1 tbat it it dm unfreiueatly the rise j t .1 whole bl<>. it la that, as t were, r ompleteiy jutt'-l ' *** I injury inflicted to the amount of tb.mend* of dolltr*. n all these instances, from the pr<if.?>ional "ca ? I * n" down to the Infantile "Vnwk ' aw' area thief. r* ,'s a 'power bthto<1 the throne by whi'ii tbey are the rd o? U the accomplishment of tbcir porp-wel, id tbe ; Of ihe rwrirer of ? -Vn (TO. .f?, or 1 I,ash par- yrn r I'-.e ? Thee* ar r?wf "0' pil! "" T dert C HERALD^ SATURDAY, t .vid .*b", wuo do tbe b.y.cs, a?. oig and brokerage ji their more courageous and e. .fci efcema. the -'awag," or proceed , are taken to tbj.r "rib#,' aaa.'.rU'd, packed an:, to are d esporure, transported to suinfl d.sUnt city, what*, under '.be care of coeflJeutiai agu-ts, tfcey mm w tb ready sale from tbe shelves of theauytion rum Some 'dea may be yatbered of the importance of tb.a bran, b of bueitew from sho fact Uist then* are now n:rtn -n this city worth over one hundred Jjoumi d dolla>s, wbVt, have been a. tmuiated throt'^h ite r perath-e* * ith it ?ten * yyie. They uave a oarreapoe lee : ? <h the pr uclpw Cott''ru d 0:1 in such huh term* that t can otly txj ;tJer t?md by tbo*. who ?no? them, by wh' b th> y post an t got poated upon all tbe r.:oT<:a?j,ts to ;be r tra'h: Th-'se are re yarded m tbe "big crack-." in a t naJl way, unk. sl-r.-s and piwnbrokere' sb-ir.i are also often tt.; re o"'a"os of flolen property, while maty "f <he-'iseai'dry gc.> te store#. such as abound in Graed. Hudfefc, lift tew*. Catharine and other atrec/aoi I t!? ' t. arc frequently ma le the I ia? -<r -arrying V.L- bur trees accruing fr'-m tne euterprlee ?jf tbe midnight marauder. It s barfly DC "retry to say mr,re upon a f bject which ought already to be well understood. ttcjfcb bus b?eo written from time to time V5 call the attention, not sr!y of tb-j occupants , ot welt PWotthed hou-e? to the matter, bat r'so 01 the j poli-'e Hvre care ia required the part >>f both, tbe j first t^mld aurrour 1 tberc'tlves with ketter mean# of protoni"ii at bomc, and tb? las,t iL.uld i>? drilled into a , if v-i-oanccard th.wmy, ah :h a^a'l at once io-pire c-uT.-fence lb tbe r efhwr-i as pubiio guardians, and give urance that tbey ere not operatiau in concert?as baa | been the c?k?% '. h tfcr very r??gj?e they *rc ^ wjilvytil to apprefcrmd. I HEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Politic* In Calltar*!*?UMtractlv* Vire In (ir*M Valley?*?w* from Carim und Uontf take Vsltcyi, ?c., d?c. S*. JOSUII, Mo., AU/-1SI f?, isao. San frauclaco adyiwm to August 11 were received in I th a City test night. 3a.n FlUKIM), AbgtDtll, 1H60. Arrived v-jguet If- bark Icvstigator, frrr? t.rerpml. Salted August s '.-tupe V-.k-ug, for New t*rk; Harriet A 'eetie, Houg Ming; barks Ida D. Rugera, <0.; Onward, 1 Japw1. 1 f** st> atn> r ('tide Satn sailed at Dim o'clock this I | "n*oing, cur Wing 230 passengers tod ->t t>J0,W) ;n treaTUT", ol wbid?. $P34,0O0 was fnt New ?C;rk. Tn>:r? ? ?'. ; Try tbe same'st'-awi-r 142,OuO wvrll- cr \Vaaboe a.Ivor arm -#efctiiied prrtly lor New Yor* and the balance lor BWfc, -land, wbefe it will be smelt".*! aid Teloed. The foMr wing yrerele are uo* lMf-lng at this port writtl |t?l:fnrn*v produce ?SbipcObarefan,Oowper, 1 .wg? . wMl ram parr, for New Yoet; JttcC* Hella aod Ceawt !t?HoBg^'oeg; Urate SpaM-leg, Wf1?!'.iaoger aod Kinr*. fgr : Au?tT*\e. The aggi uginu pntWi-e carried awe/ b, Ihn Heetsritl amount 10 -upwards cf 10,000 tons,-if wbtch nw, woil and bidr^iv,mi tTlc leading article* TYtde is without wrttChC r^mgr, or any e^.-rvt14-t or kur .tfririm cbarwe'T. .Vtiacy :s abundant act 'leap for to day's tteaaw OclfPC.lous were '*By, aod :* itt of the jobbers were aaxiou* to discowt ! ?*'- >-,vo "^ligations at IV *4rccK. Since the la-* rej-ort's.n unite rowing Iridwdftu fer.otrd io bac-n. *ime arc' purk, !" out tbey aic?W>T wio/a-l lu tmall <iuacl4r.<*s by dealers, j' t.ood IkJ,# sells at 12; a lie.; W*C do. at 11>?C- ; fit**" rerk, fT7 a tl"J mere. ?tl > *0 brined meat, 11;,e * lWo. Butter awe lard are aleo j further imyns oy. June Iftbmjs birtttr sab's at I 32.;. a 3Jo rbrl-e'Morn, u dxubJo .'kcKt;*, 25c. a | 27c ; J. M f: Oo. Mm? bin been placec In sirH' quaatlliee at 17c , awl -utaido brand* base moved freely at 13c. a 13)ic.; dTjeBtl; V-uors are a trifle 1 mer,-** .re spirits at 3ic iMi -."Wburtr'y, 37 ,c.; rurc . V.J;? alcobo , 00i . wttb awTdnale-iuaineaa doing Brown-, rilling* bars decPie^'to'lOo otber good* are withe t change mail inoviiy m' Oifrttly. Crushed nwgar "-a* fdvsncod to 19c Wbewt !> -> itae in moretrecly; chef, -j rxport annpu-B arc to da" II 50 There if t. graft want of ten | i mf .ran-- n will w KttlC l<" ?TV Jl?' I'-lJ'lDg ITelgttU) ' I b??x ft>r nw? time Hy-tn antecble arrangement thtfWt I'rlaon hu ore | -Milrn'. of the Male pfww the leea-?? bei ' k. :,000 for the eav-rwrlor. Au attempt mill !?'?. be mada U) Inang-trate a belter- arrangement, hn U ; ae*>.If sinjt the frequent retnp-- of -pr *ooer?, alio se-.d ten.-fft? *l-\-ge portion of tke e-prmeaa >h? bail to pa;* urii-r the eoatract syMem. ^ T>"re are are now 670 prtesrrre- 1c tbe perntenUa*7, | ?f inst 90? t year ago. ' TV- vtnoua county demon-wlte -narmlUccf throuftsoiif Ob? Br--.t#t> born holding nfeiiSfe, and hare dlvfcte* I Into :-mr- a Mi Br-ckmrtogc? wurgr, each wing carter I ?apirrv.s county cooeeutmos i elect delegates to oae -or | : t e eth?- of tbe Democratic Mete w.d Electoral Urn ear Hon . ' Alt these county oenaiM'.teee were com|H?ed tail year-of rdmtuiatratlou democrats. They now aeeif i nbent-w: -ijual number of da-uglar std Brockloridpe we-.. Hue* favorable Indication of the DougUa atresgtb a ho'BUbr, m tbe aottte-xw.-pto;: wing of the pari/, we?7?r ?1 last year alsaaei- entirely of Douglas aar, ru not ref-offolr,t in any of lbs county comuiitte-r. ?: Is sewntlrratood the BtW *?n male Senator* whs bold ever-crvi w||| vote for the I'atte 1 Slates Senator t -'*1 tut;- are about ?rur11/ drvxtod into Ikjugln nd Beer*iw-idge men. Tie: r.l lawivdo c tunty c urte- .leo ha-* bt 1 two meeting* -ra?t r*w d live for Brock tor.'ue, fb.rfc: Iv-aglaa and btrecon Ifcofcaoe. (T.m-Irrcritinridge ?inc ceiled a oouuty a-oreof* - on theBcof September, ??>: li e balance of the oowr tleo vl-our-.ed ti l m dav wWinu'. takg;* any astioa. It irty seven dept-cmla of Kavadn ounu'.y, who aupfe-i dtbo vsr. ?tr ttlon raad-.< alt *at } ear,have pubUntnd ' long aJdrvilo the deoiorrwtn f that C( uaty, urgtog Itm t.? rupwi t D >uglaa and oSran. ft? Ital la headed by John !' Mjr on i ell. fl' T?4 lonme Oaaly 'tomr-erai o Central Oac tttea iwta'. Si u?ra >>a -.h-M'-Ui of Angr t. Ktght aa ibera -srrof-eei ot and ?*.?.oao-y. TTtey nlood flv??r lire-kio-i an I lour f-w Duur-'-e. an I a -tog unable t agreo bey a* -ar tied Tw M. ?; wing called c cdDvcntius-al n t >ra on the?a: ol September, and tar ouglas basse! on > h- :*)Ui -r Ui?o?t 1* m tal- J by kg trend* thai Creator tsthsq cos t. u vtr ' ? r ?lun liy- t> aehjnyt * with h e fac iljr by ll r w 'ltD I nNfMl^sM IMk ? tl nmtrmrrm the jwirM;' l>y I be H ?r <il . f- o Arlirah-A *.tiat be w ill!*, e utile or tje.iM.ri ta lbe pufc.ieai i*ufMc Id tbu MM*. A ?ot-eflpo vient ? I*." froni lift. ?'n rat, % ? jlumne 'inlitj nuyr . ar t-> yitpi ?_?: m'tero i thai mat;. *4 l n'-iM >' yvo may #?'t <1#-. a 'or tl?w.. jtul r c*>? oeeft? '"onglar m l .ftnbowiQ?aa.-~. uaJen* ?. ctfto - eliall t?k" ft e h. loretbr eie*t.. n." Tt?l i J?'' yy?,>^ur pull* * i'p the!, crkin It lAAr " *. -U>1 J*"?>>1 It ICftlD. njmm r witi-M.ef ? Out, tottn lr.1 not 1 the e W?* W U.o n??l lApetaft rt, is r?y~ :on|e<t by thei locerville a io be ?.i . uyisy aw. a lr? occarn *1 ai/imi Valley on u j rvora; -of the ?th am roy?i|t llnrtf Cr^ h iMiuya. m?t!y c?jlti-?a hmi?M, finding (be i*l Mil E-ait.a|bMK.f 'tele lift-in oo Aoi tta Are. la Ike ftii.1 ->ld? nw Xntva C-y, no 'be lOib, >U"v'( rr<-(i?..l..lihnji ul improraevonu. ioiof :.'M it IN,(AO dasLayo The >n*jre of lbe (k>o>- . rpree* .? fim-lly itSJUft tinr ClbreifeM |A *r? ooa.Je nC time. aii4?.cn* ' ce.Ted '< the ftftlft vrirftl 14 ail . Al .- trot nu(e?.-d Tt'. rrw illO luyaA Mop put ep am li..- .or of the iri*lor lvreA i. itidrnl oo < * eftftl of Oaocci '. alley, to l4?r 4 IftC" of, 'Jbr ret etlr tmtroye-j I.- Ibo /u'i .ot ar> ?.; / ??? rquaro, irllh atone walk bet Lift veiop le V. i?d to cor r aft forte l.rr timeaeiry tbr nali.x p*eeooprr? by ii.- t'?rle# Sat. tw . ai r?'J<wr?.? ? Mar la r* l> *n ! two olUjLr. . >1 Miw-tieOal1 a . X. Him 1. P I- Fri ret: , T.alter M?rri*. AT Wilt:-, !nar Hayitnra Mr. H'^'knan, II Stra?? ? teo-,Iela , 4 od??i ft Itrr NlDtm, Jlui TtMMH'l J T Ihtfe-' lav. Cite - A Wllllfttu.* Mr K-ot ar>? w!te uf lot at ^ 1 I'rlftr.J. W e. Its W i >,P ~r4tl alii wit A P i rar; .' !* a* ' ( ' <. U hird Ha.' 4 -r M , k tiftvi A (t.^nnao.V a Kru.. r'.. ' It Ke a Mrw Ilk! ;?od rliild. J'eter Vlluetrb. / t Ware. V?4?f Up . le*r? Ifr. C J.v A. if *i. i 3 rniu. M:< Aoc 4 t'.ne'- ba? l^'-ly, il oa-V.- t 4.1 ?mjb'.1 I'm i kut- t?ni Hen ? f"?o. Hit ! <?. ro.l w f J *- *. a Vo,'.^A?lit.T. "" ramprra. G j . . .. y. T. C. MftAft 4 ft /? 14 J?abit '.*C n the ?te.. j Ttift . hlpiteniaof trea?rre .ft a- forL . 1'ella '.f^s *'0 ,$TK:no W'l T C 'ali n I1C/W." ,!?r,p 4. r.% V4 ?V 1 .?v? (V U OOv be|t.?T tlJOiiO T H tJ f Paeon., l'l OOt | I I<a?iJ?m.. . vcoon (I,t?a-lK farte' G atUer A ("..utcft 7 000 J? t -biw t.OOa ' f nfwnaKe U-. IT,v?o J R Tu.itif n.OIW * T llafth. rjtr A Co U } >0 K .rhy, Hy?r , C ft *? , T rel .ttraoca TT./t J R. Weir 4.t 4'0 .1. Ito'enOoiMiWftC.) SI.6PP F Tll'maa ? W"0 * i>o?, fiMhe a Oo . C H -trybut*.... Z 300 j ?ary Hew at o ... ;X) T4C (rtber 1 , ji,Ar 11 I?1 aL Ilia Ac Co ai.POO 1 1 ? MrolrrKCo. 14 .'00 Tv>UI X *?.?3 The lateet ne?a fr .m oarl of-jje coo jtiUina m cadUIo- y. .0 the lotlitr ny Wiyropbio toepotcb ? C ?**>j ( in , Augnit I. iftW ?,i fcy oc arrtrti htt* to <uy from .'i??r Cre-k eutiaa. on ?-? e Boner route. e? u?rn that the Sh-hs'ft. a*, oolj* are ohont to yo t- war *ya,tk t each ilber .. Iron HooerlMe Valley the ooly uewa of ml real a ~V ft relura of Xiybttnyoie aac'iit ay party, O-' ha .at tTfcfM* U>P w ?C. ?- I-. ..I' v U. Ire Vltu<r.l OnJ if mi "o?nf j ImnicrW centime to aerice, feoerall) r-pnrl, ca*Ty X to IU conditio# of the roola. ?i A iittie I'jblc frili. the In II in* Cm* fritnpony, frnm c a. I wrrrr, hfci k/ly hoc bp? atolrn by the lo<l?. U > >a? J* * I "atai Acctowt at IVanm wuta?A Na> Kntcs at a ??<< utrny XxfUMHOv ?Veoterdny aftenooc. a'v -.1 h*;f *, * twelve o'clock, wLile the labor?r? were eating din >r in the black am. the (bop on U>? quarry i>f Meter*. ( f1 terbory, Downey A Reynoldi, at vteehnwa? S.J. * Pipbmloo took place from 'he quarry o; |*.- ? (> 1 a |t piece of rork wan <Jr r. : ; It. i-roat f.,rrr th. . .fi chop, etnklag one of the men vo the bead, cfl'h r g ""7 the rknil and killing him oeuutly. H t,h fli'i,' ' J ?e?ra of ago. An teqi cot wa? bald upon It.r body fl wonT, a*d a verdict of " Aorj'Jr utf death" rer. ' "> ft. ? other perpoB vie Injured. D'ai AUGUST 25, 186A-TKIPL mi! WAIEER FillBtSTER EI 'EDIT'.ul. CtElnti MoviMrnli ta Central America-. HuW the Expedition \\ m I'iiIM Out, and Its I muted lata ?jd Ultimate Attn*? K% v olutlonar y lr,?Uc?U?ai In Har d urns and lluttan-What U tfte UrlM.n Ow vernirient l)rltla( At I?A Hwn-'urcno Vl?w of the Subject, iM., **c?, Ac. JLK BKL1/.E vOKUBMrilNDICNCK. H?u/h, 'jritifh Honduras, l ily 28, Its*). U.> t j ?? li'i and Wfrr U Wa-< iStt-'i vid~?J:i l lUiwr Ainu?f^Ktuh Miliary Eniiyra | d , , X | At Uttc a much speculation iu re.ard to the move \ meets ot" (isneraj Walker In Central America simn au | ttHUl.o information collected on the ipot fiuiu b.s olhosn | nuy prove interesting (<i your numerous rsidors. Th( I preseot e' Kdilioa tp Wider tbo (ligol I'abanat, .he ex PruMeut of HiMdv'/ti, aod has for !U object Irs reetora t:on to power. TTaTiomluraniaii.-i and foreign rcn:lenlt etrneniy dor.ra tilt leturu, ail of then fearing and Latlui rresiJent <>>iar?'.V.W, better known as live Central Vmeri can B it her' ?-<i title he has well earned by hts tnnir-m mar del -s. Tfr.i In in hil drunken debauches he has ra quent)y ttrdrred hi* friends taken out nod Bitot, withoet the bvuedt of a drumhead court martial, and lr , uirc! f .r thcR, W1** r sober. Tbe expedition wu UtteU out in New Orleaui with mud. secrecy ,a lesson WVker has lcsrr.n* ircro pes. experience); the blurt of Kuaun was leiested S*r the rendr/rous, fror< its isolated tseTein, and '.bes facility of forwarding men and mur't'ins el war I by the numerous Truft Terse)* trading there, w.thoul I creat if); * leplclon, Wgr.nds of-eoilgranle iTnved hy the Pew Prop, Toucjbt Tay^ir, Cliflou aut ^ers, scattered tbemre'ves over the eland, while arms wid monitlnos or war were secretly landed on the n irtfe of the island, at Port Royak, and accreted in the bif. I Raikcrcnino Ot lh<\ John Taylifv.n the -dHth of June, ! and t'.ud sg 'iuvslar.d In poe?err.1<n 1 ihe Kngl'sh codect ed trs corn , Irftisi'crrod some nam on board hi* vessel, nnd lert'jr parts unknown, *? *' no |<osiilvo information I fxinn-ofhle *h*reab<>iU*. 1""- Icaru* (man of war) iiav | Be wetted ?> whole ciuel for Tixn without discovering any I trwtTi. 'Tie Taylor has prtrXted tor a cargo of fruit, hot j * .tfcr i.-fassctf crs. WalRW will bo jnino1 oil the. cstast fry CAbFr.aa aid hi* friends, make, a descent on TruTlIM or ' 'tntfa/and thonee to f.rr ityagna. After re oatAt'oy Ga , "fcwsa which he can r?S'.'y do with the force under, u'Sit: molested by ttte'1 nglish or AarrlcM governments . -tic'Vill tn .r< h rxi Onot* Rica and Nicaragua, tin ha* *otr.? "Svb hundred men wi^.t wrtned and eager fee tVe fray, to', | 'W.arly all ot hie etS Altccra accompany httv. The Count de ?tr es de Ambrumeoit hw lately prt I ceded to Hotrflrac to take charge of the wtttury sebso at Comoy*yta. TT? Is a French ofRww tf nome <?\peri i ence, and its 1n 'Te followed in Jiwasry 1 v .100 Mid * emigrautr. The tghling popnUlioa ef f.vtluu, itrr.t Ms men and txrrs W ;11 armed with Mfnats rltles, ? a IS'x^u astfce"9>~rjd West India regtmod.tciTCB the stand declare fltt Itrtsr lependence and tsist '.b-.:r tlag - the Js;k with 'Jftc-pfPipes for the field, TVryaps highly fecensei ' sga'wrt frrtfr * wn government Pr?r IVm anc j thvfr pttprrty, and arn fkVtfrdt.W/ dispnord toward Anwfra9s,?rlth whom all t*w ttwdv if thodslat .1 is car r.vSm. T.e Fnglwh government will throw every ob rwete InXfulkor'* way If tS.ey d tsrt take tn act.vo part ga'ithfhtn. 1hev fear itmerVwj intlunw* in Central trs.+'+ i I know of nors:dt-y ttiat needs ;t more. <>i K AsriNWstfi writ F* rows* CK. AsrirwALl, AtlfUSt 15, lstio. Aiti'nl trf f*fi&n'<ter frmti Omfftfuht. t :v. an number of Stibntter* are arriving fr <m Call Trro'i area t .ng an orrsrlerttty to loiu X In Nlea ?*?> Ai jet wttare au \ato newa'fsoji Nicaragua Th^.ii liuh rtvamer Ii ei|M?e( to m< rr vr tro? to mi with t?*o ttewn. i a jokdtnti) rrwttr tict invasion. TO t?K Tr>K ww ?tn. ' ii nice In the BtKUT: ibta mnrrtwj report that tear. l*^Wb?r bad bocerte'-eEtoeiated WW.i lien, Cabana* ?w lT -ergdent of Bwndijrse, and ?u to v.tcapl ad overthrew '<"1 Teeideut fi'sardt-it. C laban** heing'the tVnMeit anrte.- the role of the l.-bc 'it party, thewtotMtJef.l will mtofc id the public here 1 iliuiml to ce irr otirvallcted. ftet it a resident of ffta n public I woul'V z?- th<- privileged correcting It Ibmn y pur widely crtrwrfe' <d jourwnl. There la act ths '.east proepect that Walker will reee'.i I r ay aid cr eynrpatb/ whatever Crotn the liberal pr-t; | ' ,'?on Joee U>rta' )/io la at preecnl the leader of lb. party?a g?"ctl?ra?:i of preat'i eallb and educate: i JCurope. (Arcana) la la the Matt of Nan Salvador, torn to very old Mar die baa retired from public Hfe, sad ua mo political fltfantwiiB. lie b~* many warm per oca* friend*. but party. It would bfteaduef* for Walker to attempt loetacl Nicaragua by croaaiag Macdcraa Ha would bar-- u travel more tbuo three hundred mllea over mouataia* and through sorrow paatta, where ten men ?owl 1 ru:iel the passage nf thousand*. General tiec. i-.oi*. actual President of (londupae, la ax ceedtngly popular wHU the ir.u**<a, having been-tewnaWy elected Iptn almost uaan moua vote. He It t f.-m friend to pacuetu! American.", and encouragea awrtaitun A charter fee aavlgation an I coloumtmn bai..imc re cently twvrv -noted by htm to cltlaena of U:c \n:tod state*, wtrte.. ere urea to them a large gran*, of lacl Iwthc duett pore??. i of Urn country ,and virtually a nx.rvc^aly of nearly the entire ttadc of the country. lathe bane to ali-hg.titnalr operations in Central Amrroa, and ought to buaroured by our government. There are sere raj Arreriar.ns reeidteg In the interior wbone property and prrwtnai aaftty will be endangered by Walker * leva on. It two ?n.(take that talker baa friends In < antral America. 'V> .* ubiveraally hated and abhorred and If again raf%eee.1 b.a rale tearaled. WM. C. UlK'HVRf, or Hoodarai . Brooktyn Clly C.oir R*mi i ,oa ?* ai-ino-vKt ?Tbr Oo.mi.n Oro <11 authonrrd th MnKrwHM of gold W>i f?r tiia Aldcrmra A May : ?, *1 a < <?t o?l to cxr<*<l MS aaoh Thru l.avr y .at bocn co*4>>wnI *n<l *'(f u inafWrrad to tbr tr>?mbr?a Thucrda r. Tbr ?nM?tn ? ol>n ug in abapc, bf ing 100 ? . 1 a Ualf Inf. in U ng by one and lhr?*f.,iirtbof .'in Inch w.dr, rurroai)d''1 by (ft* |?u.t? rap*" i-ntinr Ike rnxa ci i Mar Vbi'i-nu.f pi?c? la cn>* %. wUh (ha flgurrof fidn" l.oM.n.: h Rot hand a but*:* Mf, I 111.. handle <af winch a k;j?')r of luk? ar. ? narrl. Thr rlty roat of <.rma a rw, rr^rntrd by > ritnb r ngnrr Tt r nai >r of tbr AMorira:. if rngravrri m a awaKirc'ilar form a bo or Uir tt?nr? and Iwtn-Mta tl "I lb" ward whicti 4.' n, ffMiH, ?i(h the wnri ?Brmklya" appear* TV dotlrai.) ai oci f m at oar, ar.i tbo work rrry ban<ii??ari\ rxocaUni Cni fTfvor Bilm*l,'in am* rroeitod at thr IViitc bia'li, larl- r left a thai rouaterfatt i ro dollar bill* on tbr Frankfort COaaty Hank. Ma-* , w rr l>e:ng flrrrd about Mar city. Pa.-von* rroririur r nary wwild In wrll to rtaa.ior aur.'i b i.aa- may l>r o'Wrr I*, aw, Iral Lbry rocairr a p>it on ol A'.*- trg.-'ni ury. AtiM-an M? a.-Mura Aaaamn.?A frar day* 4 .? two otorol mm, na . 1 -Ma t Kid.t and M iiar.R alkrr, piarrrllrd la Br* ?ljrn. wUu Khld alabbrd W lur . who llrd from bin wound Tbr ?urderrr I bra f<s|, na*- not* 11-11 ,1 rf tI- . v .? ice- l? :??il- h 'afrit o aorrrte b'niarB until ycitai iay aj.rmoon. wbr* ttaljblruv, of-ilia t wrwrath prrrtnct, Uarmadnhat , m una "tofpu r wuh ar i, it N > 600 Jl -.M. h/iwt. Vr dj rd?r<-r gn v.iad <W tlir latrnlmn of IL.- pol-o* to ' r-r?t t.B, aiol flrd r.-om lb Uj-r. bit w*? t*ptur?M In tall rtrert. Hr wait lakra to the KourtnriiM prat ri ; ta "li b 'Uar and lotlbOl ip. Prnaaa.' tnla!lh|rnrr. II* I tfllrary H M?rr rr, franch tfmlalrr ant ,' .lit rtr \ anyrrfbrnar ?.? rrtari of Ibr Frrnrli 1 ^-altoi ; ) *d, I'rtRno Wihanii i.tatl. Q. oa/ I dm and t? ?:, Ilavara I :-aid (a> :.?hau. . til r.m. Bwrt-i>. bornv t i' m? Baltiav.. .' V'm tian"- Fay, <tu.'f>'l. Ilnrt .'fouth throla>i T T Trrt, rr-vManrr f| I., | < ra ai.i >0. iha arrlra.a at t-o Brrv.?rt Il iaa yr-irrda. I Hon. T. B Waabburn, of llihto * Col 0 W McCooak. j ' )<hio ,'atuM K.dd an 1 E f [> aoo of Albany, and / f Andftaui, of ?t ar? at tf.e "t Mrb laa flotM Moa h l< Brrma:. of f'b.o f'ol f 'T> "t'r and W J Rat T, ' - 1 tfi ( a .it u. Wai r .war *? t'ol li ( J. taa, ao . I., W. ' aaa, of trkau , a, ir-rr .itu ia| ibt n f ra ? at U--'^ - t * Fdift tf > I 4 rw. H. T-i owix "13 H Ff of no- 4a IT a Tiod k>.<t r at '? fTtio. W W ">* p"r,T? !? it:*?t IT *1 nil part* of PKUV'trg. i lis OonMr of Hirini W F (Vtolbtirf .04 iiJjr, of ? n, Jim** P' t ' ' w I partr. 'r ta Par*. ?i I Mrr Bull i A 'ftrjliKr, "f Morfi'k, Va. tr? Moppai it 11m Ga- c a* U?\.f Mr A. B V t<. Ib* ?r . t*rt Mr A O P 1 ptijr. V El'.'. * I, of Alabama, fi a I*?rct i?*?*. o' Mob: '. Cvl ' or.iti;" Fp? k** l<oth o' n.ptoi. "< ) Co Raj !?l, o,'T*tn <>>(. H T Ha?*? ' 1 U?. D. S. Ugt, bolt ..f Iix l?.:?aa H W Coaa*r and M M?*t d. b*tt. of CWlntoc. ? ( Co'. B C A lamt b W t" ' 'nir ' t 1!.' .? p| ' 'I '.t*r. n*tpl.>*. CM V . It. DbdS. of A'abaro*. ?%d M * taon. of Kaihrillt, T*m., ai f itopplnt it tlx Fifth nut Hotel. 'h* B'?t. n lino J ?aj* t. rumor*that hit F.t**l rv Cor. teaka about t wain* lb* &.*m/*m*nt of ot th# W*ti*ro r a., road* it a mU.; of "00 *y**r, j, ii<ai Vlikuigo * iU W kit Tut art boa.* tor Jot,a * Milton, roraA'cr of < on* r** fn.a. sor- fa , fa., b.M h !* f'P-a life to frifrjtiaec I DOt.'00 * itatlon * B SIIBKT. . rtflOtTlEBKKKIhS. ; PPL IS DID KIM.W. Vegvtartan Haaquct t-? Caput ta Martin, of B?it<in-Lu(til?lniu?i<t Viui-riUy at the Vrtf Vork Ilj-gi?i<le Institute?l>escript ion of the Hunt?Provisions iiml Outfit fur a Vo) iigt of Four Hundred Mllri?.ft* marks hjr Captain Mania? Wluit Whortleberries and A|i|il?t Can Do, tke., ?ke. , In the Hiresu> nf >.?-r'.iy wn r.rair.Ml the arr vd ol ajitain I). c vU'lHv of B<a>>n, wVs nod ro*?d the ?bvl?< ib * a tie ik> i?U>n boat, o?lle I by :bc 1 good people ifHuatottu" t^nj. ' tVe bat already .a tbrnied out rctdrf* ot hit l<>.4ia,,ra from ll ston, and the prcgrct* tc atk't" ^ | Captain MvMlu being a\eg?'?run it was readved on " ?Ui8 r-iy in entertain ll'.m ?t ft , iiJ"U-l%D ! bku^iKi) which took piiCii yckthtdky of f e r no .ti i* iv ' I FjitiMh lulltiili*, Nil. 16 Lalgbl street, onuiturlwl b> iv. U T. frail. /it two o'clock i i-irty of shoal fifty la ii< s ami jrntleinet ?moat of the.u vegetarians?hail asi. ni ; bhl t<? ?elcouio Mr Maflla, and cuugralulati !i:m '? t-. : x It rfyrined lb" greatest feat >u record u the w ?y if rowing. etuonji tboae present we noticed Mr. Roberts 1 j Vrrsidrnt of the Umpire Ctly Regatta Club . lir. lake Mr I Darling the builder of the boat, and Mr Jones, the oaiiil- I cr of trie name. Dr Jones. alter introducing Mr. Martin > t) the r.,ut|iniij , led the ?.?y to the dining room of the | lt;ri in; lion, where two large tables were sprra t withal I the rtolicacien of the acsrem in the way or fruits and vega tables For the benefk of tho?o who have never parukon ; ot a vrfrunu diuure, we givo r? K RILL OF FAKE. * Boiled O*ro. ?Stewed Tomatoes. Viewed I.ltna Beans Mt flint Potatoes tirabum Crackers. Sir well fears. Apjibe-. Corn :H*reli Jelly. Ap J.? Pie Pcse'res. Rice Bread Tapmrai Pudding. liaseVI'ntS. Watermelons. lire Water. I Fereet Putaftoiw tt.ia, wit* the addition of hutter, mlllt, K'igr.r and ! eei'.t?urtierfl D,i generally used la Uie institution?war the bill df Tare of th? dluner, to ahtc.h about fifty guests eat dire*. The tahii-a, befoie the work of demolition i cflwm earned, preset.tut a very prefy ?pixviranee, ! wlfh thilr stores <r ripe, binct**:* plum* and peaches pilfA up in lavish profusion en rtchW Ctrl glass dishes, i sua Immense watermelons overlooking at' the simltcr alleles uu the tablet. Amp*" ;o*lirc was done to all the food things on the table, ami not a lew teemed to Junk etiat a vegetarian dinner war. dneiilctfly a good thing. . Ml hen the wants Of the tamer man had been xsusihid, 1 Mr Mm IK rove and said"? lientlcmen?(The ladies hav lnglaktu ihcir drpa. turv as soou ax tinner wii.iimdert) _ Tnia dinner has hetn giver in honor ot Mr. Martin, <vtio will MtlM favor ue w ith t'.ttos report of his trip from b"?ton to New YwV, and also give vou some jf hts sipvrtm re as s vegetarian, flu'ttlvu spoke iu high terms ot tin* instt'otloii,ootsfluctod l/y^tr. Trail, and uormlujed by givug ronie ol b*o own sprrivuevs as a vug etariae. I , He bad hem, he used, a vap. laoau for the last Pit years, and lately had limlta rt bUuact' to one. meal n, day, *<( I w?? jsTfectty Niryh- ,, he U\t -en] iyeit better hoailh smce 1 ttian be ever h<*>> S tore J > Mr. Mass:? r?K. nmdJ.'Vmd applause, and s?+4? he ? ' ba t hrrtHiwrpwit hy'it.- treatment he hat rtvrrirod | that he ixarjj F|<1 notMinw what U> say, ami avssur< i prised to Tiror ihai wc aciumnt at his at vat trip , : he tart been honored with this iltnuer. Re said j aloinat tlie 'first ?<o'kton atiyliddy asked turn woa, What did vm do it A if ' "Are y>u rowiug ft r a hoi " 1 There were'Rirr* revn?. bo aaid, why km had deuu it. I ?UiI III' y>rlae.pAl oliC Hal. that bo ?M m i New Vent soma three years mto, aud wns at thai ?lmn nir.Ti troubled with dyepepaia: tie tKr.r.t It,- Tret: lee*.re ou vegetar;ar.i*?i and digestion, l nWi dau-rvntnMfcim to try the sytfaiu , wbiti ' tmc tj hud live id must entirely on vegetal dee. For th< 1 | tMt'tMMc taofiUiB 'ac had Heed oo fiutt.wnd could do 1 | tnora-rirk tlandt.y help be ever he1 oarweiuti to i ihif fvou wh * rrgetariai.uiiii is mo must, cried down :s ' thuuXio Ibllewhir "I the ay* tern am uVc-to sbowerib I poerv.pecinirt.* ' ..ecaeee nwei ponta Ibeayetciu . treWtrD l?Mk.t bjr uwiewliy. TV-* 'iwiui'iov to try | 1 dbi'liyrtnrwifli brekvu .o wn couvtilut cue, and it fit but Sellout that V?? pi* In prelect health prndMBo the syeiem. , T:r*y do un td< U> preserv* health., t?u? to recover it Ho i bad lirat praar.iard row in* to Plyaiouti about drty mile* ( ?rrt?and find i.g that he coo .1 aWiapu that dmuno.e, he dricvnitrMt. try and reaih New- YoU: Another roaaou ] why be bad rowed to New Yuch wee,'tl.a . be bad lung : been an admirer of Theodore fararr, and bud been cwiaectrd with a society ot young people allathed Id bla church, who di*erueelv<w the "Fra terulty," and it was for (hie reason hifl boat waa . , cbrl?t*n?dl "Fraternity " Another - ranann wma that be irtwaya bad had a love for "tow*#!. ?i <1 reu >y" He h?-e<1 to take a |>arty ?f young Tr lauds down the bar bnr and ramp out all uigt.t. ai.d laa". year ho bail ramped ; nut In the wooda id Canada. K> lett llnatnn. ho oald, on the Hth of August, about two o,? , anil pulled down to I'ty month, adiKtanoe ol about Wt; milea, ebl-h be reached ,i ' at iwelve o'clia k the same ni*pi'., when, not triahiiig Pi ^ dhdutb Ilia friends. be pulled u.a'boat up "high wad dry," and rolling himself in but rubber overcoat, ulnpt out in the open air. Tne next morning be pulled oiK of i'ly re mouth Harbor, In hope of mnutg Cape Cod ifiar g*t. ling out (nine five miles the (or came on and ha laat sight ' of land, so tie pulled hack to kwutb H.ymoatti, where be '* remained until Monday tunroiag, when about one liun n dred ai d filty nf bin frn mis rjjmn down to nee turn ofl - It waa here ha got vhe Ural and ouly d.iokiug he received during the whole of the voyage, and that waa :a const qusnoc <e the heavy aurf I rolling la at the time, rbe rev (rem Cutty Hunk to StoDington waa the longcat h~ bal Be rowed that dty fur leu bouts. making a disband* ol fifty miles tt'ber ' ever he atopfH-.l he waa always woil received. Captious > of arhootcra and coasting vawerl* were alt aiigioue ta low i blm ali ng In < nc inatanee be bad rove I a dlalaao. of r ten in ilea rattier U an carry Ji? wL.-rry a few yards U- | I waa principled againal tarryiog In* wherry, or b"ing I towed any during toe whole of tbe way | I to New York lie hail nnt. he aal.f, btwei able to live strictly on fruit, hut bad need bread and butler oc ; though he alsaja felt better when living on ft nil alone Mr Nt?i tin lb* ii give the follow,ng luvvu J lory of hit outfit and provisions for the voyage?ti.jc |? r white w. olUn pante, one tw;r cntbin do , two colt-Hi under ahirta, two liuen shirts, live paper collars, one ntV 5 ber ci at. one iliivl tan .*.? ,.r v..? ~ . _, _ ~ . w> u-?v| win i arji'l U liT, | one chart ami ratal,%ne of light*, one |*k k< t cnm|iwi, ere j ckrI aongatc', one tooth hrueh, unc ei>OBgM ami one opera gin** Hie provision he laid in etrnitated of four nnart? n( harklebcrrn * wi al* ap|>lo? lie h*.t not rowed i . re lh?n eighty h<uira *11 (lie line li ?*.- .nit ' At the eoncluatou of Mr Martin'* addrt-ea the follow ,ng 1 Iimi Mf jinipiMil by Mr II H (Jairviv? To the he? th of Mr K I Warnr. of llnatmt?the chumI piaw of e? yeUir It! CWM hwelgal kin?may he ever In >lllt | lo paddle hi* own wherry, end obtain a full aunply of wbortleoerro* ai .1 watermoke.a Mr H< incur* r>#e, nod raid Mr Martin uaa rldebtly the champion of ?rg?Uri*niatn, but he | ?J bed to aay a lew word* about rowing Young am m the preacul ilay *ckiIiI ilerlve mure beneUl front rowing than they i|? front driving fart ' ( l.. rand inking round In billiard aaloona at uight. a Hare hall, though it waa a very Krat rate game, wan not , equal to rowing Mr Robert# em I Intoned to with great attention, ami wan loudly applauded at the foncluaiott of '< hit rrn.arkt The n nutauj then a'l>turned to the lecture fnowt of the luetilutuwi to examine roa H. AT II ?ai huill hy Meeara W II am) J H Darling. Ho j STt-Shmtb atreel. in thi-Riooth of May tart lliaaakaleton . boat, '.'I fret lour, 3 feet 4 inrJ.ra to width aa l I indh>a deef. an. i ahtpa It la rttod with r>rdlnary outriggora arnl rowlo*ka for thecwa. It Vr built iA white eedar, and en di tlrely mj.|er fattened. Tltere are tan. air tight ohaut beta at ea< L end uf the bat. The ora. ajwee In which j the rower alia :- four lect tire inch#* long. The warh hoard la of mafegany, with white nafc combing The i nara are m<i>* of apruou, and are about nine and a half feet I r.g Ttie total weybt of the hotel nod oara Mahout *r Uilltll PuUIld* i'i Mr. Martin ta a yuan- man. ah df thirty two yenrr of age he weigha a'mrit I'i pound*, nej Ina height *N about tire leet teu incite* He mi much brwneed from eximeure to the weather, hut la r. idently ti the aojoy.urot of hi -t rate health . The rlaltera were I bar. rbo-.wo tbrocrh the in titolian be Hr.Jnnea, to wluor rv-urWay and vuvlneaa all wore I ntw.'bted for the pleaaanl lime th<y had apent. ; (Jtt I *hi Inuu Ir.wi Ware to nig Ottt or Down*?Ronton M agair to he |he recipient of c liberal Ciltarn The donor la l he lale lloo Jonatlian Phillip* He i ear re about fk(0^10 Tin- wIII of Mr iX p .a <Ut ! Hcpt .?, ! *? . 1 la i ' 31. |V<W lly II,ear two in-trumrnte thr fhllowing put, r h<vj:i?t* are made ? he] To therdy of lkMton to prorcre and ma nMtn a public , rlo libra ? *90 MOO To the -1tr uf IVeton. to *. rn and rnit. , ?n ov' Birr. I.- ir.,1 r,:;l.:ir plaec '.D000 1 To llarua I College 30 000 \ llr.aton hncj ty of Nat ral Iliatory I0,b00 lireton Ma? re fortetr lu.unn ' Maaaac.huMVa Medira: fv aty . to ooo j ' Man?rhure;ti (.''noral iioi-ptt*; "> Amlirrat t c.ii yr 6 (WO WlttlMnatw.lMO.. 6 (WW Maoaarl.nootntyo and Tat Indrxar-T f. (WO ivatnn Inrjv OfAIJ * OOII Farm Retool I 'WW) * Ma#rart>n?o1??-Cborfe|at:ooa Ctiar tan Sot \v (,iwW) ? I jwn of Phlii^Son, M*? . f >r a town !ih?ar r t M?< I Tola' |IC; .MO * V will bo obaorrad, ?a}J V. T . iIn it Ui ? w*l | T t tiled bofit? tli-' Boolr>a Pebite l..b-ar> **f o?Ubl>a|i i!. and it Wili l?a rwu 'rriwJ that Mr. pa;!l:| a protoptod ' Ml U. '-Ot"t!f I'H ? . ? " k pi !li" - , . al.loti la ba u??d o?:-aire'; fir :l*? f nvir "hoar two donat r?a pacr tt,r na u-(' M' k l.;t pa arc/,r, J T,n ? tUo I J<1 M rt'1 '.aaatact' r? of lb* 'irf Tlia fonwi 11 if ttiOotliO' I'j.ial .-ti U' M .on if a to be ?nnu tlv i!lf wwwkc ' ' ? .lorn ry an 5 orrbo'i ' as tbo tforU , _ ad p-W.* snacaa (< Ihtt i'ty TLo W, ,UJ .tifcaoirr an! d!lp?arr >M?I to and | trj * ? !; altoTtitO t - 9(? V, V. '?. ,CW IIj.'i iw ommauHr | , It may b" -ij 'tcraat to atato n U.,a c. nn*cl, >u. tint j jautfkMl injitrf ' Pb "...ipa, th atli. /f It" f -iHi'mar T> Kftt'.y M. i? \ ? '- ?a? I P"?' ? c top; lanr year* .. r?rr fc * -ain f. fiat : .-.r 1 1 n tn fl.OOO ta I11MW la !u ? . L'luadob ?'> n ub.iC inapt .tioni to tlx a mo at of %*i W, an.. Ibv ">n a? roaarniialy romombrrod - th? ? w tiiaah.rti rrr-?nl hoooft. f -n b '-r : . .? fawny yilf ?r try i..nat..)( a ot ,1-iUo Phi pa L I. t1 . tbo fbtiadar itfiry *Vrh l*ar?V# .at. F - tar, N. H . lite , r"" ' . T. V'tit ' I Ml* I Sail. *1. I ' TV II. ly |.| the tv- Inirrrn1 Sit. at a lor -r Num. and ? 1^^^, it tbora tamrl >c?cf? nf 1Ti in ant .f.nat'no billipa, of Pralmt. wo r?? ? ? ">o wo?<ta of tb? iUr. iw. *l 1 ippan ?1 ilio fcaoral of !*?m - I1..::i(a ia l truly a?y, Bt aurh arta of ra ?t booarabla nclttwuaa tw* tH<- Ftai itiily wktrb Vf??9 the aania < ( I ill pa to tbo Pp-Hi ?r'.?l tt at tt.o t'Vaaiaft of ?oiltt, may I^H iMo Irnada i "rt.o t blcli rb* I (tapior tl tbo \, it nf p rpo f, > 0f 3 FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of tAe City of Baltimore Off Cape Race. IMPORTANT FROM ITALY. Austria Threatens to K enounce the Treu y of Vliiafranea. luslri ii and Pa put Troops lo Cross the Frontier and Attack Garibaldi in Caw he AdvRnees opon Naples. Austria Demands of Piedmont an Explanation of Garibaldi'i Letter to Victor Emannel. NAPLES DECLARED IN A STATE OP SIEGE. VHe Heather In En?laa4 stUI li*eufed, but Sore Favorable for the Crops. 8LIGHT ADVANCE IN BREADSTUFF?, * .. Ac., *0. St. JoHjw, N. K., Airlift 23. 1890 > Vu 8ACKVTM*, A'lfU?l 21 | Tbe stamiolip Cltyof Baltimore, froui Liverpool A-gust 15, via tjuortisviwn Ai-^gnst 18, pa*?e<1 i ape llnce at m-n -n P. M. U> <t*y (Tb>lr?d?y). Kbe was boarded by the oe?t bosinf tbe press ssJ nummary of her news r.bfvrrd. itoe City of IfcJtnnorc hu 600 passengers, h.gtitccn hundred ciarihaldiaus bod landed In Calabria. Gar.baM; is .-sported to bate boon at \aplen to confer * .tii the rrvntctmnary leaders. Tfce Neapolitans claim to bate repulsed an aiteropte?J landing of iiaribaidianm near Rrggto and at Candritell. Tbc Court party at Naplna were demanding Ibe prorlatnatlon of a state of urge but the government res'eted i. It wca reported that If Garibaldi lands in Naples, General Lumortclero will cross tbc Romsn frontier under a promise of rapport from Austria, and that Austria will reno ,t?oo tbe obligation of Vlllafranca and attai'a Gar) WtL Tbece It no new movement reported in ?yr;?. The Engl lih Commissioners took out authority fur fifteen hundred men and marine* to he landed. Auatria wat assuming a threatening attitude, and t tit re were rumors of an approaching manifesto on tne llmperct'm birthday, declaring a release from the 71i:&rrui)-? treaty, and uttering thrnata against Piedmont. Auatria bad already demanded explanation# "Vro P e.|mm*. conoercing Garibaldi'* letter to Victor llmanul, ancuuncing a protected attack on Venice. There was great activity manifcat in the Austr*n Ma. rine Department ? The complete Mtabltabmeijt of be'.ae* a Auatria and Prose it is otheially aunouueed The V'.roperof ot Auelrla and Kin,* "f Rav in* alter dort a railroad celebration at Saitburg, and both monarch* made epeerlna UioraMo to German unity Humors of an approaching inu rrtcw bet were Na, eon and the ljw?s of r'pain wore nga.ii r.irrent The Paris Bour-r was vrr\ dull. Reuls* OSi The Sardinian loan cloectl with subscript to 11 a amount of throe tancs the cum needed. There was a rumor that Sardinia proposed to *' rwl cwpr d'anwl to Kuptes to prevent com ran trrnoGaribaldi's landing there. The Kngrc s of Russia is cri'-v-r v. The Prate re o. IOuin-lio, cf Montenegro, hal uccn : r**.tt by a Mono i grin refugee, and died churl!;. afterwards. Additional failures have occurred :n tfco Fuipl an letu. thrr trade. The announcements inalode M.w-rr Pastes. pel, bxeUnakerr, of Korttiuniptou, fur -iibC COO. aid Moood Buicclot, leather factor, of l.iodon, f< r ?43 iOj John I'alee, woollen manufacturer, bad also fa r ' ' rr a large amount There were other failures for smaller a ;*i? Drtaila of Calcutta news to July 6, and li .eg Kvt| : June 23, are unimportant. jdc aioop or war John Ademe w?* at V?o Chow. toil ; e~ etenuiera liar 1 fold at il rax maw at Sbauxbac. Fr?.(bta wero altaflciug at ^hangbte and in [ rr ~t Jlong K'W'X The eUamehlp Jura, from New York, err vrt! - t (Jueei.tlown on the 13th. The tVuui'btp .Vorth Union, from cpiebec, it re-' ?i Lcudooderry cu the Hlb. LAI EST VU QlHWhTOWV. I/iRpow, A if si 1?, la(Jf Naple* hat been proclaimed lu a ctate of a gr lbe weather tn Frgland la nnaetlint COMMERCIAL mTEtl.TOE!fi-E. LiwrooL cotton MAKirr. The aalea of Rnoday and Tuesday were 000 ha!'*, ol rhicb 0 cOO w r takm by aperuUtora a:.4 or,' rr. he market cloaed firm end active, and pr:ce? were perlally one tixiecLtb to one eighth nf a pency t.'f "t. state OF TKAPt. Tlje adrloea from Manrhcwter are favorable The ?n\r. let waa tteadler (hough quiet. LIVKKfOOL IIKE t m?TfFFW M ARK IT. The weather had been farorable for the or op# Wake, eld. Naah 3c Co., report floor Mead/. Wheat j i t t jt tiady at an advance or id., red 10a 31 a 11> 31 ? i >o It a 12a fld lorn flrm and fld. b.gher tr, *ed ar. l yel >wat3a?. a 32*. ltd white age a 3Ai 0-1 LIVUtTLHIL rKiiVfaiON MARKET, fleef waa beery. Pork heavy and leea taleahie. i irtf teedy with a fair dtmand. Tallow quiet hot ?('<a.'y LIVERPOOL IRORt'CK MAKKKT. Rraln dull at tr 21 for summon. Mpir.t# terpen I .a# all at 30* ftd a aov 04 , tx quay. Soger qu et. r. -? eady. Coflee ateady. Aabea?t*ote steady; pear'* dull. I.ORPOM MARRETS. Itreadaiuff* ateady Sugar flrm O'flfce flrtr Ten d ill id unchanged Rice flrm Tallow oachar.r< 1; no at a. Spirit* turpentine ateady at 31* L nseed ? I JOt LONDON MONET MARRET. The Inn4on money market waa unchanged Conanla cln*e4 on the Mth at :*3 a R3-, for mcxy, u? IV, for account. w IIHIKUH UTTiiraJ *1 V')-i A 24 . . term p*t cent U/tidi, JSflO, frrelaed, W'i*fpc 24 ^ * J" N. w York Oaimal vharef 77 a 7? I. ATOM NANKKT IlKINIRTn VIA Qrit*>.<TOWN. I rnaroni, Augmt 10,1*60 ?alft yrttrrday. 1? 00? balm, of wt *.!? [ 7 rm mrtt to ? pec i later* ted (oporWra. Tbo mimM veil bueyaet, led purre w*r? >?4 b|?#r than |r?-?' i to Uip Aribti'i drpartutt. Middling t? i\as? I ftrrndatnlfll quirt but Ptrtrff A'rathrr unettlrd. Yl'TIVlOB* dOll. 'nooriM hivp darlinad to Wj, owtr.K to w ? .> rnwrd br itocry market I* (lightly mora Mr ?j?r i \tw? from Nulro, r nonronr in Nnprnwtv mkxico dajiamb ti? eiriINO BT THK K*.?:*T PTOIW 01 ADAf.AJARA I A "TATJC or ' -iril*- MIRAMIIN MTUtnrvPrp, ?vrj> *r I.imtRAI.O BTII.I. MARCniKO ON TH* CA'tMU .v*w oauum, A^rnvt m, am, h? Mbnorn-r III I'o* aii<1 ftalenr, from >nat . have arrliod hero. Tkey brio* f AO# Mo n lie A coducli of $2,900,000 In (pacie arriv?d iploo "ti tin 8d mot. i? uu ?torm did immrnc damage to tb? (bipp.'rg U. xlri n mat i# drought wi? trxrrr io Northern Mexico. the o >? l? welled by the olvll war", And a funlne wan Oar*'. jaJalajara wvv (till bee trod, aol Mlramnn * nrroiiMr l r libera' ar< merrhlug -n Ihfl eapltal S?I5 ? t i >/<i< by the Mih < ( : ptcabcr. Prom VI. Bartholomew*. N"*rma, A'tgc*-. 24, 1*?0 erhnnnrr Mile H??e haa arrlred here afW a p.a>f ibnrtfcn day* frrm si n.rtrcl'wvw market wan we!' ?o; piled with Am.i an prid re. ? were lo demand rUrbailnm fJ< - r * s lo*. I . Tl ? ertei . r. I ir M < ' < ' - \ (Arid, 111 , w?? I'ettmred by #r* ft1 71 ? . alMlnjt rna'atr'-l a ''ft* <v "ty ?* - t K;b *? eared. I ?er ft" (S*> ? it ' *1. >.

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