Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Ağustos 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Ağustos 1860 Page 4
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4 ADDITIONAL FROM THE SOUTHERN REPUBLICS. DETAILS OF HEW GRANADIAH HEWS The In Milt to Our Flag at Rio 11 ache. Tever on the Isthmus?Filibusters-Correspondence, hit Jm.i M. Our ?n .1 anii del Sur Corr?ipomlrnc?. 8A.V JI AH I'KI. Si R July 15, IS#). 7V.* .T* irttrr Cots lvi< t.'-ri?f'niuduhni Salt?7%e Ooli M\ t: ?' Ch*ni<\l'S~-!ndi<i Jiu.OOtr?1'oltfxcal?A Cornel, rf , rfr. Youc correspondent ut Grey town mentions the purchase c' toe steamer Cass-VrtBarri by Mr. Cowan, and his Iia si.-i y t > San Car oe and this city to receive her. The sa.e by Slocomb d I'lace was clearly irregular, as the title to the s'.c.imer is in the Dime of parties In New York. Toe court at Granada, who had embargoed the bo it ut the request of Slocomb d Place, referred Mr. L'cwan t: the I'nttod States Consul at Sou Juan del Sur for hU acquiescence to the delivery. The Consul refused, on the ground of the illegality of the sale. There is good jr-ound tr belicie that the Panama Railroad Company are the real purchasers in tins sale. The gold mines of chontales have of late r>c?lve ! much attention from parties in the republic. Their great richness ana tbu comparative facility with which ike quart/ can bo cclied make there mines valuable. I hear tbal the Consul Intends to pay the mining district a visit in *>rd*r to re;>ort u"h aliy to Ins government, m hie annual statement ia September, tho condition, wea'th, dr., of these taiaes. Dure tl ens are all or caged in rasnnfspturing rubber. The true from which the milk is extracted is found here In abundance Sen r Pernando Chamorre has been nominated President fm of the republic, and entered upon the duties of the executive on the 6ih lnst. A comet is visible la the west since the 6th inst Tli Co.: itry Is qui-t The old jiolitical partic3 seem U imve buried their animo-ity aud turned their whole attention to cultivate peace and indust'y. Oui A<jilnnnll Corrfip?inl?-n<f. Asi-utwaia, August 16. HsdO. y.' IMmu: Fever Kiping?Deaths?Osnrmmenf Hermit ir.g?J'a iic Aiwruj Laboring Mm?The Jamaca X groec, rf.M rfc. Since my last there has been an unusual and alarming spread of the Isthmus fev r. Nearly every white person In the city has bad it, and a much larger number of deaths bave been tailed down this season tbau any before Since tbe rai.road was finished. Among the dcatb? were the railroad company's physician and paymaster. Tbe legitimist or government party is drafting eontinua .y all tbe natives they find In the streets, and for that reason there is a very great scarcity of labonug men upon the public works. The Jamaica negroes arc afraid that they will have to go into the ranks, and are anxious to leave the Isthmus. There are about fifteen hundred of them in U a n, all of whom would gladly go to the I ulted Slate*. if they could get there. Now , cannot some of your very enterprising slavers take a cargo of them into Mobile or N.w Orleans, and find good homes for them Too trip could be mad. in a few days, and without so man; lynx-eyed cutters to look after them as upon the African coast. Uar BarvaiKiatlla (W. U.) Correspondence. UaajusQCiLLA, July CO, 1H6C. American Interests in Jcopar<iy?Tm /Minus of Panama? England's Pol org?Cmduc! of Jl-r <>>h iaU?Causes of the Revo!uti"n?Co nmeno-merU of OjWtons?Attack or. Santa Ma-ta, <tc ?PrtmAmt orpina in the Field?lnw',t to Cor flag at Rio Jtache?WhiU it Amounts ft.?It'Ao Vonsvl Partis Is?British Interference, <fr . f>n the revolting circla of New flranadian politics, the notch of civil war is again uppermost. Satisfied in watching the sui idal course or the Moxl can?, American statesmen, uninterested in the resalt. have as yet taken little hood of what passes in South America ana im im i?n?iuii ??> ever watchful OM England, who, like tb; g'Kj.t weigbmaster we wot of, Is sure to get tier siiare of the cheese, and turn tha scale to suit her Interest. But to count as nothing the Ave One American steamers oar .gat ng the Magdulena, and the Urge American interests in th s place an ! Carthagenn, it is not to be forgotten at th s moment tint the Istlimus of Panama, so interest I tig to a!! Americans, form< part of the New Granatian Consideration. No ouo can presage the result or duration of this widespread rerolution. It may possibly ond in the entire destruction of this Confederation: but before this, pe-hups, owing to the straitened circunn lances and cob vjuent reckless desperation which will be entailed on She prceeal government by such a protracted struggle, the right of way on the isthmus may be, as a resource, irrevocably cedeJ U> others than those who have the great est ictc e?t in it As in tho revolution of 1164. we are now without a diplomatic representative at B.*gota this misaton merely appears to be kept up to recompense faithful party servants by a year's salary and outtit, with the prtv ige of returning home at option. Never before have Aaier can interests required a more vigilant and cics' tiNkd a! &>gota than they do at this ui m. ut. In Sarla MarU at present there are two British raen-of war, w it: hiag the course of events, and rumor says to favor, as they did in 1S40, when they destroyed the libe rai ct the cous? rvative party. To Judge by the course a lie tod bj hor Ur it an in Ma)>wtv's Vtea Coueul of Saita Maria, Mr Doyle, on board <>t the steamer Ketrella, whica runs betweou there and this place, in coenestiou with tlir Am or can beet <?f river boats, ooe may lutgc that there is acme troth In this rumor, aud that he has some instruc tiona to tint etb-ct. Tins gentleman took upon hunted to re-ogt ?e as legitimate authorities, in nlouv erru of the fbde-a] porcrrmeiit, the faction which ten led from K Hach on the tth inst . and overthrew the legitimate Stat? utitho* t e? at rWuta Maria, and oountriiaoc-*l a den.and trade by Miramon that tlie State authorities who had sought refuge on board of the steamer Kairclla?i British bottom?should be sent on shore and delivered up to L id Mr IX>) le even went farther when rcmorjitratcd with as to the but precedent and policy of such a proceeding, by publicly stating that the cap la i of the British war schooner hiogUou would not rac. ee th. m It thev were lo ai'Plr to him 'or shelter Ity the brmueaa. bowirrr, of to> n of the kelrellt, nu American rttix-n, oho, t>*< *< I by a few foreign pi< ae?|.?ra on board, retasej to Allow the refugees U he take a tchias overpowered by force, the laws of bospltall ty w, re cot violated. Amour the obuns >us law* enset?d by the present at u;ji^tr.?i.on, and which hare ca lac I lae resolution, are CUe following Tie appointment by the President of the republic of the Judgsa of elcctii'O throughout Hie eercral Mate*, thereby ecturtsc for the |>%rty dynast; al power. The establishment of Uiteud-ntes acoorJing to the old S|*:< Ah rij/ii <s, to whom aro delegated uy the eiecuttvc secret, anj, ia many lustanc-*,autocratic powers. Ant flna'y, a a* of expropriations, whereby the government empowers iteeif to appropriate, without cercmoay, to Us nwu v.- t any prlvat- pr> perty it may caret. It cert ituly does r-?t require the eyoa of Argus to detect a something Xeaj*'!Uar.<> about these measure. Hire, co tho C *?t, the first overt a#gr<-fsi"ll or the ooaat-ratirt< look place on the ftlh lost., when rime thr.e huc lred rr.rn an t twenty wil l savages from th Ouauro shore*, with their potr >o<*d arrows, under the comma 1 of Iotendente Miram >n and Oil-oel \ wwo, eludlr? the Slate fir of General Vega, wh > were watrn ti g their movrtncuiia at Rio llache. embarked in a couple ol schcionne, and entered Santa Maria during the Bight, kn< w g It to be de'ouc- <-aa alter frultlcs* attempt* to aaaaae.oate the l.oi eruof, who fled b> the British <tou eulate, and killing a few of a corporal's curd stationed at tt.e house, the Stale government was declared over thrown an 1 martial law pr?lalmod. The Stale of Magdalena, of which Santa Wat ta is the capita! had not, up t<> the lime of its In . asiou, Interfered with the fedeial authoriti-w or Csatnia Hwne official* io the enmymentof their rights or prtviWgw, con#o.i,irnlly. to Una lestaare, the federal giTernm.-at, throjgh tie In teudvute (Vtiramunl, ta the aggrcemr. Grrerai \ rga, ftrutmg that Mirtra m ha 1 glren him the Blip, left a troop of too men IB Rio Harhe to occupy the plane, and iharterlng a small aeb'stner m>trk"d wnh his Maff and 100 Mb for davaatlla, dletaat benoe abonttwelre an'e* BWrrauqudla waa ma le h*wd juari r?. The steam r Moopo?, the only one here nn-ler New Oranidtaa rotor* was arise 1, and dewpal< hod up the Via ; UW-a to p . k up the liberal masses who h?d lied from Ssnu M eis an I the Cleorga In lees than ten days a cory* of *m) men has l-eeo organited?all volunteers Thle is a a*o.? remsrka tile a/Tair for thle country, where the lower orders usual') I are such an aversion to servtup as eol tier* mat it is rr ciuutte, la order to form a force, to make a gWgjlar "battue'' and bring them in tied together To a stranger this appears simet extm rdinsry m rle of recruiting still, ttrangu to nay, tbewe men who fly to the wood* on the flrM uitimation tust they may be w ai t rd for aoldkern, wh?a caught and the cartridge t> r is thrown over their thoulders, do not think of dee iimg, l>u,t with au apathy or phiiiiaophy to be admired, stand and are abut at until Uielr officer" retr-sal. Tbiacorpa left here on tbo2*th, with Ore gunbvwl t<> attack Santa Marta. Ia> the oorujavion of w'nch Mirnn -n tias con ir.ed himself. In the courts of t<-u days we Shall know the result. If lak-n by aaaamt b> Vefa. the mowt dreadful instance* of maasacr* and veng-mce are to be feared, as the liberals are ex operated to I desperation at Mlramoa employing against tu -in and m wading their bousrholde with wild savages, ?h?*c weapon* ?re poisoned, ol whl:bthe sllgbtrwt scratch le oerta u death. A d'viaioo under General Pari*, having been sent to at tack or retard lbs advance of O-uoral VI iu -r? on Rvgo ta. Borne g 000 rs'D, oom-nanded by r;.-oral ll -rr?ti re left the c*' ?*' to occupy th* Slat <? u , , vgwo oommemoatioos with the g^a by th* r,v o, ( nts Bti l Ms-acatbo To the latter pltw It I* ?< ' an V- , tr? from Bngota. nam?l I> ni'o. Is acrid . on I ir I* wl) '<*fe b* fa :,r"r ' > 11 * > <1 -* U Mnita or Sa ? . a Pr<* 1 nt , !*- OrtiTal ?1 -w No < ? ai r fc r On* M)'VC of thr F*?iillir<v * i? r it a ? f man, oU.rra f??r of brmj rW*?0 Uviv i Mva>i<ivi? w XnWuai A g.u. U^irw, ft*, NEW TOR II U wei. know! id la favor of peace *al Ike repeal of (he obeoxtoua laws Moeauera, II ta generally concedad, ta the ablest gisoeral i# (he country, Kill one of the go verms rath) moat eerrlle officers has been seat against Limwlieu of He-ran, who, being a son in law of Honqu*-a with conciliating news, Ospina deems beat to send to an opposite section of the republic. 1 rjn the Cauca o- of tto?]uera'B mt Yemenis nothing drfin te Li known lu Bogota, as he has cut off all comnunlcatlona (>c the roast Ni-to has also issued a decree, dosing the osv.gstlon of the riser. Five steamers are now te' up to the banks here. It Is doubtful,, if under the present circumstances their being American or English would save then: from be ng sei 'ed by the central government, since tho liberals have taken the steamer Monpos. There are still two steamers above, acd when they come down we cannot tell when agslu wo will have com munication with the interior, &i the river is the only b'Sf^'Aay Nino's decree Li somewtat more effective than the pap-" blockade of the Csrti ager-a Inlcndente, seeing thai with on armed stoamer and a feet of guuboaU he baa force sufficient to intercept o" sink any vesse" that may try to past. In fact, If Santa llarta Is retakes by the I be-ais the Man! government will be hemmed la both on (lie Atlantic and I'm flu sides; and I understand (! at th? Vice President, or "deeiguado,'' is now In Panama, to form the government there i Ospiaa is cornered or taken prisoner. Osp'.na, owing to Lis retrograde pol.trai pr ncip e?, his fraternal love for and reintredaction of the Jesuits, who were expelled under the adai uiMratioa of I/>per, his intolerance shown in allowing ihc Protestant Bible' to be turned in a public s iuare ?t Bogota, and tbe many ag greotlve law i iflsea r.cier ut.'< auspice uv me laei congress, is by r.o means popular even with his own part/. St.ll no 0'ie can question bis ability, or say '.hat be may not eventually triumph orer his advorsaries As yet foreign property and Dig? have been ruspecied \7 both parti:*?one s nglo instance to the contrary I In Hie Hucho the Ararrxau fiig was tramp.ed und?; foot by some stroll.og bold.ers J!Ir ug a scuffle with a n it ve sei vint, who insulted tlieui whilst hoisting or t.akug dowc the bag of Mr Pauis, the American Cons-'. r ere - not a Single Amc.-ma-i resident la Ric Hacbcand fc what purpose, or bv what art or means, Mr 1st: ' a subject of the King or Holland, bas been named i' not, is a mytterr to ab American citizens here It is DOtor tacts to the oomuuouest soldier that ht i not an American, and that, morcovc, be ase sttxl M. -anion all necessary mean,"1 to At out hi Mpedltlaa against i-anta Mtrta He lias no interest in anything Amer.can. and has brought intuit to tho flag by using it for the furtbvance of hip politics' desigr.a and interests I knew of no surer means to bring insecurity to all American property,and contempt for rightful Am-dean citicens nnd consuls here, than this trusting by our govern me at of the s-al and !!ag to a Ilollaud sub. ect, who for the last twerty five years baa been a resident of Rio Hacb", and who "without a sent.tnent in common with us, has the oulj recommeudat on of being a million tire A post just in foom Carthagena brings the uews that the coTitnan ier of tbr British ship Itaeer had compelled Gen Nleto to dellvc p the Bteamer Wonpos, and fur'.be* to pay tC ,003 damages Th.g woj- liiin > on the application of one Captain OUrk, ownr-o'n fcha-e of the steame-, an 1 a na'.ural'ied cit ren o* NcwG'aaaJa Oar Port aa Prince Correspondence. I'oit so Pai.vcs, August 6,1800 R or: r'ar of the Lot* Bni>~ or Sru^uyue to fhpa r. Hit Poet Pcsceuiont ?The Fethr.j: of the People? 77. RtoUi of fir R-piMic?The GoUor. C'ops?T\e Condi tion of IK Ha'krU, A , Ac Wc are still constantly surprised with rumors from Jamaica that the iatc I uijieror ia preparing to did an attempt torec< ve- bis dsminionr- Soulooq-ie has colitcted abo- t him at Kiogcto- sevcratof h.s cx barons and cbe raiie a wlio s gb for tbeir lost posit on, and who are quite prepa-ed to r>k the;- lithe aotblng in an attempt to re co;er tbei' former powe- Tliere is a'so a party in Ha. ti, who. a1 though not numerous, hive some inluence, and who were better satisfied under the former atate of tilings, among these are included tnaay of the former nobility, a'lhough tome went hca-t and soul for the rovolut-oa and the establishment of tho republic While Jefifrard was at the North it was repcrtad tint wuiouque would make an ettort to seize the cap ta!. The rumor was put ia circulation in a ! p.-obab:\t7 by big friends, wlio must bare been sadly disippo atei with the resalt. for if tbe object was to teat the fee' Drs of the peoj 'e, thay gained their point, bet not in the manner they wished Every whe-e the notion was ridiculed, and nothing bat injurious epithets were ap plied to Soulouque. It ia not at all p.-tbable, in fac' warcel, poea.ble, that bis late Imperial Huhnrsg wi.i e- e- again make an eftort to recover his th'oae His memory 13 haled by the great mass of the people, who were cruelly ojpre<?d for the benefit of a few, ar.d even those who m.ght tlhrrvi is? be glad to b tec the o'.d order of things restored and who regret the advaoccme: t of the country ia civilization, would be more disposed to o'.are another rather than Soutouque upon the throne However, this it more theory, for the thing I'.telf n impossible The republic ia flr:,i and united, and each day gr< wg gfongcr, and what is more to lha purpose, ricber The President although determined to induce thera to labor, has Bcoced.d in gaining the affections oi the people, and even in tha event of bis death, wh cb i.od forbid, Soulouqup would hnra no chance o' recoveriog t?ir- gtation. /s tb? matte now stands, th> go v, rnment might with safety allow h.tu to return t > the country For my own part I doubt whether Houiovqu big eri-r even made any at t< rapt to plot there public 1 believe the oil fellow knows enough to bo con vinced that his s ccms would ba tcnpoaaible. The cotton interest o" the l-laud is up, and ia serera' dlslr cta ti.a yieii w ll p-ore un utua .7 good . the government do* ail tn its powir" tr encou'-age this branch of commerce The OOMaa of IfeO c.i.try is of f>od quality, although the libra is uneven li properly cleaned it would brtog pood price*. Although the President, with his numerous s : to, aod th^ National Guard ara reestablished at the cap'.tai. bu .news has not improved m much as was sup [- ,.e<l It would have don*. We are overstocked with Am?rican goods and are ai.ii looking f r freeh ca-g<ms 8?ve rat of the older and sounder Ik una* of the City have al moat retired from the p'ovlgion trade fo- the present, act ao longer send orders to the Status It lg well it mao. let the gmali fry eat tliemseivee up, unj there will oe a chance 'or tl.e old bouses and weh known namea t. come up aga t. There has been Borne demand tor Ce ' nh, and the stock 10 the market was nearly disposed of at improving rntea, to make w?y for povora. lots that base just ii $144 (Hansen) per hundred poJada Currency 13 it $230 a $2X4 lb Jo. bl ->n C oroneri' lni|ucet* 5"-. ? ?Coroner O'Keefc held an icjuefit yesterday at No G>1 flier ry nt.-oet, upo; tfcs body of TLomw Paine, a nat vo )' F"glaul aged 63 yon ?, who committed auic.ue by c IV,.h ? throat with a raaur No cauie could be ae? gt oU ' r the eotnm eeioa of the rash act VnciC? *iTf?.'i hn Mark* 3-1, cb .d residing * Ith fcs parents at No I?# T'iv Isou street, was instantly k.lied yo'c-day morning hy br a? run or*r by a truck at 1 eco- -of fatal an: Ate; streets An te i ieet was held re >c the body,but QO b'auie was attached to tb? drtrrr. y . P <w? c ?The t ody of an ur,known man about So pj". . ! ?(.c ? m, found font r.g in the water at the foot ot t t.-cntt. 8t-,et. tot Rirer, yesterday Heeeaspd was at f tire feet r glit n.cbee in bright, a:. J w > e blue oreral'v : *ht t a it* a d blue c -th coat Thr body was seat to tb - dead house for Idcnt fir at. on Ar in* /"Wc a> Ciiiu ?The race or giants Is not ret rat.act We'siacay aftcrnoow, M' Frederick Tve.p- o' twatan, I wtrgston county, Western New Yore, pa.d u* a Tie l, tc arcirdance will, the principle wh .'L induces al. gree; mo a to seek out tbe el r f tbe Haai.Ji: and corlaialy Mr Decker is one of IUi ;r at~at m-.v, I te-all peakies. to be found in the ul reraal Ya^ke" ia. 'on, for h? ata Is fuiy seren (set in bpht.aui s I in proper! ^ "'lb * tolerably good 1 gee lor bis si/e, aarr a slight round-sow of the ?bo*. do-s, caused b> the practice of eloop ag Young Decker ts only nineteen years of age On looking at this splend.d spec.arc of young America, one cannot help trr tally ask t g, if such Is the tire of the boy, what w ' be h s ('Imer.o ^ns when he grow* to be ? man f Tii* birthplace of Ihtl youth'n! prodigy, toe, Is eeggre t *? Osalau, as everybody knows, was the son of Ftngai, tb? celeoratfj Irish g snt, srhmi a Scotch glai t l a ing h -a-d, waded orer one flue morn ng for the la\ 1st le pu po>e of s: ring his Iriah rieal a licking, a la Hoc aa, te employ au anachronism Fiogal, seeing a tv jc t< advancing, wb. erae twice his s<*e, male bis wile put b ru tc bed, and under his lustfUCtiOOS, when tbe leg Scotchman mvle ti s appearance, she told blm 1 e bad V^st be a'sy, l*t he wake the baby, In which case Fiogal, who was cot far olT, wculd be tbe death of him This a'armed tbe .Scotch g'sut, who wa? glad tc escape acroas the wnttr in a whole a. n. as lie reasonably calculated that Fingal l,re? 1 muet be a l-iletably big fellow, cang that Ins tab) >4 r' ruchasiee In 1 k<-manner, the < on n ay aa? l, if the boy of nineteen is seven feet high, ?..?t ma. b s stature when he baa attained bis fell grow". M -t > - vw^cln'e atta nw.l a more than ordinary rial I: lb it ?me deformity. Thii ar^ea from a defect la the m Kular coestruoUff Sa .b is not the i?te w tb Mr. Dwker H? has tnuecle aultcirot, * v . / IV?I % i iwi vrvri ui itn u-?a ?QQ boot*, bat to *h r t? co bit we jthi la (lea .au Such ta hlaalrocutU that be I n been kaown to aboutJcr an 1 ckrry Of, without ar.j- apparent d Tt.-ullf, a barrel of l?>rW. Aa imp-TUct ig?t la auct. feat* ? U a re-narka blf largo handr, which are aba t trice thf aire ?r tho?e %: >r."'0*ry a wvl *naa Mr Pecker'a ;-arcr.t? are bclh large pco?le, but neither oftbiu cache atyled giarle Ha baa an r ter brother f - fe t th-.'? iaclt'i bi bright AmlUer tr -tVr ia ?' C ' a*j altera, but will a pa r of fail "ach u beto? the knre wh?a he aUtcda' { itfbt Th* at ?n aaa .' for tb>a prctl artiy if a eknww in Infancy, wh eh af.niwf li t grorth an I cb*<M bia fat 1?r"i nement Who ?hat tv a*f Uia> lUerf ?f f a~.f * u?* A*<*r (, K HERALD, SATURDAT, PoilUekl ImteUlconoe. Tm Fon Ihawnaitj ?Ths foUoirlaf U Uo suh-taooa of cash part/ platform ? *x a:ro *t aurrr The U i m, Uis constitution ud the suforomnmr. of U? 1*w8 ?WO'U AVB lOWMHOH Thepcoike of a Territory mis t be left free to 3 d em aj the question or sievery for themselves BaBommDua asm ixira Congress axuat UtbS'vsae to protect slavery >3 Ui? T* ritorlM UJIOOL* A*D HAHLUt OoograrA must inter roao to prevsot slavery lu the Ter ritorian. tn Tbmonutic Parai of m Nostowimt.?THs demo cralic press o< the ^?7en N'oi yiwoelem .'States i>'.aul* ib follows ? ?hugi<u flrecArctifl* Ohio 70 6 Indiana C3 ' Illmoia 01 3 31 ? Wiacoafiin. 8i 4 Iowa 81 ? Minnesota- U H Total 51>3 28 No 1-u-ao.T u? Csoaou ?The "savannah Bsc' ''"dw soya ? Borne of our Northern contemporaries continue to assert, aa <i lact, that Uie Hell and Jiouglae men of Georgia h?ve united upon a mint ticket in the Presidential election Nothing of the kind has boon done or seriously thought of All three of the parties in this Slate hare tbolr own else tera! tick etc in the field, and there Is no prospect of a fu i-ion, unless the B eckinridgc men should take down their ticket auct leave its rapilly diminishing supporters at lam, to on aa they please. Woi vw ur Parnr'a Owrmna ?There are two traitcrous journals which the conservative nion of the country should gjs; J ftjiR -ist One Li tbe Baltimore Patriot, which :i pretending to sound tbe Bo!! for the Union party, and tbe other Forney's Philadelphia Prru Both are black re publican'", in disguise Tui' iRiwaiwRata Coviict ?Tt? Bp.-iagfleil (b *c?) Btjmtlican, alluding to tbe increase of the slave popula tion in the Southern States, makes tbe follow ug assertion ? Anybody who uuppoaofi Ibat toe country v !: hare peace with all these millions kept In slave y ly force, undcrstauJs neither human nature nor the Lessens of history A correspondent m Hamburg, Ashly county, wrtes as follows Oi* August elections are over ?al they resu.. d disss troualy ft r thn "Breckinridge denioc'acy " Rector, indunondent candidate far Governor Li elected beyond doubt booting Johnson (a brolLer ofSeantor JoUuson, of tins Slate ) Cautt, dem crat, for Congreas in s.-cond dis trict is also elected Prominent Brecklaridg men uow coacedi that the 8tate will go fur Bel! Fhut AaammLi Nom.hatov?The republicans o' the First Oatta-augua Assembly district bavo nominated Oie'son I Norton KaftSAs EmOHOf ?The section of Cypert, the opposition candidate in tbo First district for Con frees is confirmed. The Bell t.eket tor the State Legislature sue needed by a large majority in Pu'aski county, in which Little Bock is situated Hon. Joseph F. Tagas a Union man, 13 elected to tbe State Senate from Salins, Hot Spr'nge and Montgomery counties. Psobrscrs o' rtR Dwccract is Alabama?Tbe M< bi e asserts that, eo far as beard from, the democracy have not carried a emgle county in Alabama, and that they have boon cither wholly or partially defeated in Montgomery, Chambers, M&coa, Tallapoosa, Cooss, Ac tauga, Russell, Conoueb, I'erry, Tuscaloosa, and probably in Clarke and Marengo 8 -iAXSR PaxirscTOs rwiuxs1 a Rs t icnos. ?Hon Wm. Pennington declines being a candidate for the next Congress in tbe Fifth district of New Jersey. A Iuaoom. is Virginia ?Among the delegates to the Breckinridge Convention, at Charlottesville, Va , war Abraham Lincoln, of Rockiugtuun, a cousin of the repub Lean candidate for the lYcsiJoocy. Hnainr is Fhrsdom ? A minister of the Gospel, la tbe ocurse of a sermon recently preached at High Bridge remarket that tbcro was a great deal sa.d on the ai bjeet of slavery; and although he did not Intend to discuss 11 then, yet be would aay that Ue hat much rather be a cut At'.un nave in vuc tsouvu ruan a tree scream o> vu? devit Id the North Tuk C'tioiW i* New Jaaasr ?The Trenton J "triei". Of the 20tb inst. say.,.? We have every reason to beiievo that the ua on electo rs! ticket is t.oh rapid ad ranees la the favor of the people of Now Jersey, that the defeat of I iticoln and bbobt'ontr-n will soon be placed bevoad porad, enure. Tds (rrcoa ok a Brfckwr.oo* War ? Ilea George T Ward, cr Florida, who has been claimed as a Breckiur; convert, has wrtttcc lette* to the Ho- da 5- riinei deflnin# bi~ position He says ? It is co time for men even wl.a Iook t poa politics with anevetooibce and emolument to wrangle and to jar. This tunc u< V year the fe lorul patron .go may be in the bands of the abolitionists, without tinlted action in the South And this ran only be done by unlttug the whole Southern rote on the man, whoever it may be, who car ri"? the la-geet Southo-a role into the electors'. college L I am a?k d who is the o.ost pro'tab'e mac tc do tbtr, I answer Bel: RxrrauctM Caro oatiu t.* Wa:m ?'The folicw'.ig are the natr's of the b!>ck republican candl'atee for Congress in M'unr:? F.-st distret, John V Goodwin: bee r.i, Char Us W. Walton, T'u'.rd, S C Feasondec Fourth, Aueon P Womll; Fifth, John H Rice, Si*lh, Frederick A Pike Tt.omvi II Hayes ta the demoeatc candidate ft r the First district Jersey City News. Tn? V?w Cm Hali ? crer u: Jersey C ty, it ?<"m?, there is no City Halt, nor ar.y articular place t?l ere m nlclpal bar cess Is t ran sac tod. Ail orer the c.ty p'.ac?" arc where civic matters are attended to in detail. Tho good fclka of New Jervy, however, are about to amend av th.a by tbe erection of a Oity Ua i at the corner of Newtvk avenue and Washington place In April last c mpetlttve dee ,:ns were received by the author.ties of the city, and the sum of $150 was pla ed before the ryes of ambitious arrbtter-tr as tho bait to induce them to submit plat s for the embryo City Hal! litems how, v r r. that the irettlcoen of the and the r ?-a! el rule bom.tiered tbs premium too small, and that they were, moreover, disgusted at the fact of doc * antx hat inc been p,ton that the architect whuee r an should he adopted should be appointed to superintend VI.e work Ib con*o<iufLre of tblr ll.ere wor- oely two ccnp-: . -*, namely: Mr Stephen Qtaife ai.' Mr. I en an TV p'.v > the former gmtemsr *w accepted, aud h? hat taa; which war not before guaranteed?ths s.ij crlcteidmce of tbo work The structure will be ve-y plain aaJ unpretending It wili be fifty M front on Newark ITKHM, of brown atone, by nicety feet deep on Wasbiagtin p.aoe of Philadelphia J rir??ed brleke. The building will be three a tor lot in be ght, with a basement of seven foet, for beatera and fuel All the c.ty offices will be located in tbe building the contract liae l>een taken for g.t.GOO F and I. Jotet take the mason work, and William Ih we! is the carpenter. The contract obligee them to complete the building by the l?t of March nest. Gum wood p ice are being driven In the soft alluvia! soil, to tbo depth of from forty to forty five fret Tfcla preliminary part cf tbe wo aj hem g mi on for the latl two week*, and the ground le yet very tar from being ia a position to rc ceive a foundation for the building. It ll calculated that 'he now C:ty Hall, when completed, w 111 aerTc for that pu'pwe for about ten or Ifteea years, at tbe em' of which time our neighbors espect to be In a p>slli >n to end a building which will rival the Uotcl de Vllleof Parts. Aium or Ai i e?,in Oorrrsnnrrrrwt ? About elevei o'clock on Monday night, a young roan named Jame Welsh, and Mrs. Martha Whitner, keeper of a boarding house at N? 2C<1 Cball am street. New York, were ar reeled at the Jersey City ferry depot, by ofli:er Valade and Alderman IVh ker, cha'etd with pairing on" dollar counterfeit bilia mi the IgiOUBll Bmk, of Kali Rtvor. Mvawioh irctta They were locked up for tbe tuaht, ar.d yesterday mo?-i,inr upon being brought before Recorder TiMeo,ueeeral tradespeople appeared and made sftilavlt* aga'nrt liie prisoners for hxv iug passed the above nam d money upon them At the time cf the avreat, WeUb at tempted to pan* anna!' roll of eo interfe.u to Mrs. Whit oer, and was detect<<l In the act The Recorder committed the accuse* 1 parties to jail in default of bail. Valar or itrg-on at thr goath. Hie Aictan lrta (V* ) OJtdtr says ?On Saturday last Wealcy Ave?y. collector for the Iirst and Fourth ward*, r tpotaM for sale, is 'rout of tbe Mayor's office, the acrvtce and labor o| thirty four free ne groe-. who have not paid llicir rily tatet. Tha hid dog war not spirted, but a tbe negroes were told, ai the rat? of ten recta per day, Co- perils vary leg from five to thirty three days, and ret :r ?ome slsty dillars. TV "ale wrwamade ur ler the f,> > w ng prev,alen of the jHf law* ?" Tliat any free oegr.i falling to pay hta or Ixr corporation tavra, 0' levhw, for any year or y.tars, asd not having vatb'.e prow-ty out of which they can ee man* ao :n<or #*, t aa;i, oy o-jer ot mo aiayor, w hired out by tLo />r of the Oarporation " the li? trtrt in ?1 ihsucl fr?v negro may rrai te, fbr-deb tlma aa will Kk'tW'r. at not i? ae than t?m riot* * dair to ra'ar tba ra'<'ta* * an.! 1?\ a, rllh a rcMnmiaaion to liie ofll cor of Ore per cett To* e*gro*? w re doi present at IM an 1 tb? new an-mra tt>'?t catob the!" j*r?pjrt y b?fbro n.?kir.? use of it. William T. Vi- era, Ot-j , ?h?rtlT of Oarct**t?oorrty. Harjiaol, I 01 Mon tay tiro alare* heloo* in* to Jobs R. Maria, Re.) , f.r toe a**re.r*t9 awn t>f 94.010 Ore hot, A lev ly -1 oo year*, araa - >MI lor 11*01: c'rl Mary, lityeaia t\ V 0 Alfred, IT J ? ? old. 0900: Mart*, 14 J -am, 91 3 W The/> *.? vf etv* that all ?r'r I'V v aerraat*. ai i wrre irmn for On, tb- rc mar bete M'* Ir.aley, of Viet t..? r ,1 ti the mbo UM a boy, a> out 1* yeva, for #i T-aoi.*'* Rittiait-1 ?Tlir re are i rum hvi>lr*.t r,??t?ra at Oil Front, fen.- t. rn'r^i al IV MM t*?i fltte*i hnndrrd at Ute Ortoabr ?r Wh'te, n?ht bmOr.vl at tb? V it*. r try Wb'tr, * ? hundred at u>? I tod AwlgrUaar, an J h*r ii,&Jri4 at tbf Salt 3?uj>bi?i. AUGUST 25, L360.-rRrP Police UttlllgtiCf, TC*MI*0 TOK TiUU-A OUWOlfg CA.S3 feme weeks age a col3red woman, named UtzabeU Berr?, was brought before Justice Welch, charged wltt l?t!t laroeoy, on the complaint of Daniel Biggs aisc t olored The complainant staled that the prisoner, while rupp lag temporarily at bta dwelling, packed up a lot ol wearing apparel, and decamped with the name The evidouoe against the accused appeared to beconclusi o aud oho was duly committed for trial. Elizabeth denied ber guilt iu the most emphatic manner, however, fay ng eh) was the victim of a foul conapi-acy, and when placed in cLft-go cf Mist Foster, the matron of the prison, she related tlie story of lie- wrongb somewhat afto- the following style ?She wae a native of Philadelphia &hc naid, wiisro L?' mother reeded, but the 8tmoj"i she ntUotied ber^lf to on: of the hotels at Cape May, In the capacity of sorvant While at Caj e May she became acquainted with Biggs On the 2d font, being tired of hotel life, she determined to return to her mother, aud was about proceeding on hoard the 1'hllade.hpla boat for that purpote, whet Bigg hailed be' aud told ber (she was on the wrong craft Not being conversant with thj names of the different boats, she allowed herself tc be gnrded by Bi,:gs. and w?/> put by him on 1 oard one of the New York steam ere. i.e did ret discover the trick that had been played u[ on ht* until she wa? entering the Narrows, when some ef the passengers naeured ber she wns going In an entire ty opposite direction frou Philadelphia auk would 6 on I c in New Yo'h. Afte- the boat had landed she proceedII to Uie bow,'.' of a fr'cnd near by, when, to her astonish I moot, nho found Biggs there before ber. He appeared exceedmciy clad to Be" her. croressel himself ve-y sorry that he had committed such a mistake, and wound up by asking Elizabeth over to hit house tl B-ooWlyr, Being * covplcte stranger u the place, she gladly accepted the offer Biggs tutrcduced her to LI* wife, and soc" ed deposed to do every tiling he could to make tho Pklladelphtan happy but Eli zabcth wns anxious to aae her mother, and would not Oc comforts. One day when tire Biggb w? absent frcm the house, Dsnlel called Elizabeth to his Mde, and, in a confidential manner, Informed tier that Lie war-going to put bis wife away that very night, and that thereafter Mis* Ber.-j might consider herself mistress rf all that rhe surveyed. Elizabeth, like a (rod, virtuous girl refused to pay the adulteress, and rejected the otler with score. Biggorcpealod his proposition the following day, and used everj- artifice in his power t< seduce bis gucsl, bet in vajn *At last Elizabeth btcar fred of his advance, and watching her oppo-tunity fled from the house taking with her soma articles of wearing apparel v bad beeu presented tc he- by Mrs Higgf some days previously. EindiLg that h- w...s ba "ed in bis at U*-r ;>t to sedu-e the poo- girl, be thought of a plan to re vcogc- himself, and prer.rritig a chr.rgt of larceny against ber, l ad he- arrested, na has been prev ously stated Miss Foster was e much impress^ with the truth ol Elisabeth's story that she called t - attention of thi magistrate to ti c matter, arid had tt . i or?an diivnarged It wit now ltiggs tur to suffer, ardscv he did, fo* In a few bourr aft rwards ho frund hlr/:.< f c nfrocted by the girl he bad so deeply wronged, and < h r com ola-.nt be was ordered to be locked up in the oaths It is uoi decided yet what w ill be done with Mr gga, but it b too e than Mkely that he wl'l have tr undergo afea Months' confinement at least Elizabeth will loavo foi her home in Phlladclph a ta sou: a;- the case iidis posed of A ho -r o - Tooth. ?Jacob Bobertc, an apprentice la tb< store of ActUouy Wallack- No. 211 G-aud street, wai taken into custody by the Twc :ty sUtb precint prlice ot charge o'stealing 144 reanyweights tf gold dust from hii cbjpijjcr xjtc- it ntuttr tun gv.u n s*na!l 'otr and 6old the earns fer a mr-i' bod* to a mu named Pe Young, in EMrMm mmm The total amouo Stolen wa.' fto worth, and this waa disposed of for th< small Bum of %1 87. De Young war also arrest'd anc b-ld to oniwrc- the charge of rece'virg slo'en goo lr. Brasn^t -a-.-.?A couple of Gorman musicians n'mcd Gusta, e Beta and Augustus Ehi, got into a quarre while passing through Broadway, near Fifty eighth street on Tt. rs.'ay evening, when Fhl, it is charged, drew i dirk Unife froru bis pocket and stabbed his adversary it the ueclc, inflicting a so- ere and daageroua wound. Th? assailant fled ou committing the deed, but subsequently returned and delivered himself intc the custody of tbr Twenty second precinct police Rosa was placed under toe rare of I>r liuatcd, and thou sent to bia borne. Cruoca or faxfc rawrascw-?I-anie! Caabmau, whole sale liquo merchant, of No. 6 Beaver street, appeared before Justice Connolly, at the JefTe.-so . market Pohcc Court, a few days ago, and entered a complaint for false pre*, nc s ag .'.nst Clans Torrj-, of No If FTiztbclh street The eomplalusu, charged the accused with having, by Bieanaol fraudulent repiesentattOM, pr jeered a bill ol liquors to the amount of SWfl. Terry, it Is charged, said be waa a good business at the above place, but tl aub leoucni y proved that he had been sold out by the Sheriff an t was Insolvent The accused waa takou lnt< custody yesterday. and on being brought Into court hi waa b -id for examination. Fc1"oa*t ?John Smith, for attempting to paas a COt:n tr-fcit five or the Marine Ba k at the store of A-ugut Johnson, No 2 Bayard street, was ccmm'tte' for exam tuition l>y Juat'ce Steers nilltary Intelligence PATIO' al 01'are. bSMtfTH rldimb: T, We Irarn t'.at the flag ordered by the cltieens of Wash lugt a, and dee gnrd at agifl for the Seventh regiment National Guard, or this city, io token of the apprectatoi of the d^or-s fo- th? pair.otic rcrp nse of tboBevoali regiment tv the r Invitation to t la!*. Washington iMt Fel rvary and tAl.ic;* as important part is the taaugurai ocre ?on'ea of Milla' etatue of Waahlng'.on?the presence o: th? Seventh regiment being the prlnc pal feature of thi occasion?v III shortly be preaented A Jul/ a tho'izet committee of tbs cltfenj Of Washington will vlai' th city on the 1st of September to make 11m preset tat on. On that fie regiment will tuake i full dress parade, rece ve their c?w crlora, and kul>?? (jv-ent!} take poaaewi"!! of their new headquarter? ore the new Temp^na Market. Ap-opos c the deventh. Having received ail the eels that any mil iary (vgaLirahoi: could dssire foe their i!ia c ,<Vinc, they propose, after they wilt hare poist-saum o the-r am armory, to (it It up ic :he rroet r, ?e- *t mar ncr. It wilt lake aixty tlavs to do thla, ami an expend ture of glVOOO: after which thia gracd ia,!itsry muaeun will le thrown cpio U, the pubic for Inspect:..a M" LIT AR V STCthSlOh?Htouroor O.'AAD Of BO BOBIN. Tho Nor Haven (Connect.cut) Bluer,Captain V* Br sto! Jr , wil' arr re at Peek all| it thla city, on the after noon of th 2kth mat , m the steamboat Traveller, ac witl be received by the Highwtxl Guard, o Hobiken New Ji ey, Captain J. I\ Newk -V Both command) wiii then proceed to the City Hall park, and pay Mayoi Wood a marching salute after wh'ch the; will dine a' one ci our d w town hotels At t ee o'c.eck they wif fttberfc on the steamboat C. TMlert lit. of t.. Merwtgl an I Worcester line, and proceed to Beaten Colonel Ccrdtn, of the .Scond regiment K*?-a. M Mi t'a, haa ordered deiachn wiU Ko the <>! h s rr,pm"nt to rrreive thora, coo* rltr g of the Beaten i * leere C ty ( uard, Prlaak: < uard and I aloe Guard, who Wt! j>aran'e as a Uaitaitcn, under coam .u of Lieu te ant Colour! Bvrrlll. Tl.e compact?* will be 'cce'ved al the deoct ar:' eecerteJ U th^r enarte- at the Amor cm Houae, Tlie visiters retmla but a day Ic BoaUc, and will learf io the eleven o'clock train on the move In,. of the flat fat New Ilaven the 'eft wine of the Second rcg.-ieat, ltoi bury City Citmr.d, Nat'oual Cua-d i.od Wael ug' a Guard tr ier command of Major Chad wtck, will perrcrm esccrl duty on their departure. Off erri nf the //vp'. :? J f?t --J?Gapta o, .T P New kirk First' Lieu ten ml, llcnry Hopper, Second Lb it? nact. E. J fry-on. of Iht Ifcx Tf t ?'n VT Briatol. Jr. First I'le.iienant, J<> .n ano-.-c sc ' I t a. i J. I Mill# MajorSidney If aa-d, of the Hudson Br,gab- and Pey master Ti-ry, of tbe First reg meet N J S X ; I' yoe ttr J A. Campbell, C the Hmbwocd Guard, act t': a Inspector ,'wnei CNetl, will .acoomj inj the e?;ur Ion lets IViwcrtU'a fire*. taJ eocond lands will accrmj toy the troupe The Nwli Irte of ( aie? ( Wecdlery. [f'rorr the Pctroll Free Preaa, Augu>t kl ) We have already announced the deulh oi Caleb C Wiod'oery, the late Itwimaster of W( lie I'lgoua lr till ewn hinda whl'c in tbe cuatoi'y ct the vnnty t'llta1 Itatel Marsha! The two arr:voa at V h te Pweon fror this city at thr. ? A M of Stt irday laat, when w.x^hur} at cace retired to bed. D r.tig the folloairg forenoon h> eevued choe-fal ae usual, ard writ about, iu com pa-i> with tbe I*puly Marahal, in procure ball Hi applied U aevaral of hi* frlenda, but met witb nothing but i efUfa's Finally, he le a drugglet named Cua' i^e t> per | wbo b'aa.tated acme lime in giving a reply The offleor la the meantime, wse wait 09 at the <oor br 1 w to b< v?'n refjeed, Vtoodbnry said ir a car?l??t manner, "By the way, my wife an; * ahe uantesomr, to kill onto wttb ah* ?aja they have be?i yelling about the boner ever emco I'v been gone Hot much do I want ' and be palled nut cone chance from Me pocket tr pay for it the druggirt replied that ? dirrs would pay tor at: that v a? needed, and that amoscl war p it up ahd given to him Seen arte' he suggested tc th- cifoer tne.t't v *a stout dlnce* time and inr t^1 hire l< acoompaD' h m to Ms house to dinar. The turn wenl to his reside: cf, vrbrn Mrs V.'ooCbtiry said dinner would act l e ready to* three quarters of an hour, to whtd tt ooohury replied fiat he would go rp stairs and take 1 nap Wh i dinner wan riady a ra.-- "-.ger w?a a nt t< call h'm, but war 0 table t< ret Ijto ble room or soiate any rerponae to hla knocks The door ?* forced i'j*n by hlr i.r, wb"n br wsi I" bed. d-ai t b ithiag tub lu th< room ga-e endcooc that he bad Ukec a batl , afte which he had put on tew linen, and then re tired and nwaMowed the itryrb -e purchased at tho <1?u< More The work bad been th. tughlyatd aureiy done H. died apparently with much ive The following noti e a- found id hia Uat ? Warm Pico*, August 18, tsao Puan W ??I can't get bail and baut go to all so 1 take another ooirae Take good rare or the cmidreo There is 8f? 'ue <* the fkrm and t' e mortgage on tb< 1 bi :?r, have Mitchr ' pay them, and take Ut? mortgage 1 At e la vf provided for; be a g. -vl cirr, AIrlati Hen r rtta, relnd yonr ma and Jo- and Gaily I am InaooMt We ilali meet agniu where we thai be happy AU goodbye c c. woof Hut A 0o"Of '? - was empar ell- t wl returned a wee l et n acr danre with th act* He losers a with an ?. 1---. v1 rr. a ma'r1-"! daughter, re sides ir Uirf fit} aboM seventeen 0 fight* r jea-ui 1 *j\ I'ves st hotra *Jg '?st;s big fbm ' a\ ? \lrmaf fc art la LE SHEET. HH-CHI HE CHrtlSr^N M*HOMhO*N. j i Thf N?w bfrUii Abd- j i Kl-Kftdir has Dcae?Slitgwlar Conjmme i lira of Clrc?maet?neee?The Preach r OecapaMoa. die., At, i Our readers, cr rath?- th* public, are aware that re ceal ado .es from the Knit hare brought the Intelligence t of tha revival o'. the fam;us Oriental (juration, tut Id a [ noap? that has a'reed;- aaeumed thara>et f'gbtfu! aspect. [ Curiously cao.jh, the event has aga c Introduced to noj tiee the mat: who, thnegh for twenty years or mere he ? the moat inveterate eiemy of France, and compelled a bng and desperate warfare before ha was conquered, it a'jH u; urm-Sllu.J ii l> ??v iwijvuoi <.uaai>w ?-v diUereace between tUe polley of Louis Napolcot. and I bat j ofhiB roya' predecessor?loslB Philippe?la the treatment > of the distinguished prisoner, and the advko'.fjges that I have been made to accrue therefrom. The one captnrsi i and carried the Arab chief to Prance, and for a long time kept him under a restraint and surve'llanee that eai by many statesmen deemed cruel and uncalled for, w'thoct the hope of em being neat back The other, even b<"o-e lie as. umed the throne, visited the captlwe In person, in term* of ccurtee; mad? h oo free, treated him v U> that distinction to w hich he war entitled, and from an enemy converted j htm to a otcadfast friend Afterwards, with one of those telling letters which the Emperor knows sc weU Lewtc ue. Abd e' Kader was sent to 8yr a, and there we hod b ra at the r.-eeont monert, interpos ng hie strong arm between the Mahometan and Christian, staying bleed I shed, and doing all that Ilea in his power to protect the 1 persecuted people o' that country from wholes*!* au sac re The contrast is a st-oag oca, aid shows the wonderf-i I farsightedness and ragaclty o' Napoleon, in seising tho helm of circumstances berore they actually appear, and or aval'lnj h'msell or al'powo-fu! liUuencea calculated to premote his mysterious designs What is the nert step cn tbe programm- has not yet 1 eon developed We know however, that, with the consent of Eu-ope, a French army of six thousand men is preparing an? may be at this moment under way for the scene o'cruelty We knew of bH ambition aud his t* agj-an lire wborevar It can be done without bringing l.irw In ?rlth th* Afivtnr^ Of th? HffP liJld !n the rem.T6 already iu circulation of the establishment of i government in the Eout, with Abd el I.'ader f at its Ueid, the recent decoration of that chief with the gr.od cross of the I^cglen of Honor, aud other circumstances, we way beg in to watrh with aa ua ' usus' degree of tote-eot for e -out"! destined to r.tarile the world In v.ew of the prom,nenco t'. given to the great Arab ' chief, we publish to day a brief history of h'e ckoquered osreer Abd e'. ffaler wss bora lu the environs o' Koscara ia ? 18CT. Together with three brother*?, he wa*- ra ised by i his father, Sid: ei Mahiddin, a venerable Marabco, chief s of the province of Orao, wbc traced his genealogy to the s Prophet Even in infancy, sc gifted was he wiib prer.oi clous Intel!'genre, that he explained the most difficult 1 parages o. the Koran Later he was distinguished by ! his eloq uence, enlarged knowlelge t.pon genera! subjects I aad by a 'crvent piety, which led his countrymen to con gfor upon him at once the title of ?alnt and Savant. ' Bodily exorcises were not nep ected, and at an early 1 period ol hi" career he surpassed all the Arabs in the dex' ter it> w ith which he managed hi horse and wielded hi 1 yatagan. L. fact, Mich wa> his popularity and the won1 derfnl power be could exercise over his people, that the Pey of Algiers who had rece'ved Intelligence concerning him, fvOriig his ambit'on, wished that he might be as so.5--'noted Warned la season, howeve-, the yorthfui Marabo it, with his fathe-, fled to Egypt, and for the Drst time was brought in contact with European Civ brat on , at Cairo and Alexandria | Profiting by all c.rcamstancos in which he was placed, he availed himself of this opportunity to visit the cradle of h.s religonat the tomb of Mahomet, In Mecca, and f by this holy pilgrimage recommended himself sttll more ! to the attention of hi fellow countrymen He returned to Algier when It was in the pewor of the > French, and Turkish dominion w* annihilated in the s province The oe.ghborlag Arab trlbea o* Orao, believing the moment a favo-nble one to rccon-cer their inde , pen. ence, a jso nnder the command of S:d' e! Maheddln, the father of Abd cl Hade-, boat the Turks, and took pot sc. 1 ?n of Mascara The inhabitants of the city, ia recognition ofbtssplendiJ services, desired to acknowledge Maheddin as their king, but he dec ined the honor in favor of his third son, Abd el Kader, who, bting chose-, in his stead, soon exJ tended h' ? authority nearer and noa' er to the Great De sc-t From that time the history of Abd e' Kader is tho history of the French conquest in Algeria Encouraged by his first succc * s, he cotcmocced what may be termed a holy wo: He raised ten thousand horsemen and be( sieged Oran, then oxup.e l by the French troops, under I tbo command of Gen IV; er. Thi was It the year 113, , L>urlug this siege he gave proof of great cou-.oge, and diJ ( a 1 j3t! vie* at obsl.nat: hgbl of throe day, In k the toilowlDg year ?en Boyer wus superseded by (.en Lea mtitela, who succeeded, vler several blood/ si. ruiabep in defeating Abd el Kad .-r, sad p aced garrison* on two t Important points or the coatt Meanwhile the influence of the Ear coat'sued t increase, and be became the sole chief o' the vs.* .out trlbee whe bad ar.scn Is srms 3*t st the French, and was, nth the'- aid enabled to 1 attack Tlem ten la 183-*, la the midst cf the gnof which the death of hi- father Lad caused bio, be had the satta'aCtlon of concluding a treat/ with Gen. rvsmiftcbels, by wnlrh he ' was constituted a ro/u' and ver. table King, v .lb V. tscara ae the cap.ta' of t'a [icsvw - jt, had *urrcs dered to htm si the oorimerce of the p-crln e cf Cran and was ' enabled to regular!/ o-gauine an Aral nationality f H waa the des ra of tte French government to j th_* throw upon his bhoildcr? the cmbtrratMBest* which had aro-eu U/ their occupation cf the country, i New uoubk* arose .-coo, among which was a revolt by ( ceru'n chiefs lealoua of hia authority tot tt'.r he qnellrd l y the aid cf France lh%e?Utci, Ucweeer, constantly ooc> rrod between the Atibs an' French, avl flaa'ly Gem v Tr<ss?l, wbc in I1-;." La-i replaced f quiche's at I marched a-ainal t. rnir and ore-look htm oa the i bank* of the Facta, r>, rounded 1/ twenty tbeaaand , hors-tacn An engagement followed, and the French wer cooapc -1 to beat a retreat, abandoning baggage and trail Tula victory tnceased, if feasible, tbe religion* , fan -lit >u. of the Arabs redoubled thai-energi's and threw ct osternatloa ir-to the ranks cf tbe French air/, A man ra then chosen 0 rcrac of Algeria who was tint.uguisbeJ by great strength and energy o' pjrpo#?, MatMiai Ciautel, who left Franreaccorof-ailed by the Iiuke of Oi tuft ihfferently from his pre'eoesters, he cmm-oceu bis career by d-eaem uating mitunde staudiog* t'ri-g the Art'-chief* ther with a body of eight thoussxd taea, bo matched to war.K Mnvara which he found evacuated, an' aceo-dlngly destroyed. From this he w< i* to occupy Hem den. and, afie- *->xc stl-uiifthcj, in win ;b Geo Chvalgnsc, who waft then on'; t r.'Trmw, ia..l, ngutahed L'miw!', he returned Vc A1 glert, and in printed bull tluft ansotaced the ettf-mlca ( tior, of Abd el Ka ler .?ieh, howe-er, waa not the fvt I i a .d the warfare etitl C<> tlnued i Th. fret real suoceftscs against the Fmir wer? obtainsd i b' ?eseral Bvea.d, wL< cams to rsleas: (.Moral d'Arl.tngvs, thru shut up la Lit camp, and succeeded la dot? troj ing the pros' ge attached to the name and fortunes o'fbt Arab chief. AP- -wards, is - ide- to fat itste lbOrst Frtt >? sspsdltkn aga.nal U.? city o' Oonttan- | tine, be offered powos to LA v?osu .shed e rr. *, and hn | , p Tl''( to Ulin, 117 HC t ?> VI UHO, VU MM ? !? Ul M?J-, 1 ls?", ooii jit jl3 alii ao . ad ran tag eo .4 thai tboee of the treaty of' oner*! Itemicboln. , n>o kc .r, proBliac by ttle pact, an.Vd L nmeir of t the rpporiuatt/ to form among the rarlote aerroundtng * trlbei an Arabian fode-a'. league, for the purport 0' proo?? ! i-g niern.;.'..<>n c ncernogllie Fr<r?-'. aui f ir|-;>ly tim I ecKwilh the muatt > nr nf war, of birh be ?? la macb need When he thought biseeif ready to recomraenc* , the c.ntrnt l,e fouu I pretext f ? Uo*!.:;t,e? in .) Ill 1 dt'oitJ rta? n of th treaty, ot,<l in lW, aero-dlng lo feei.o' ar'Uer.t'ea, caused a taafaaore of V fee ret ooto| n 6t?. P) ttu> aU of the Puko of Orleans aud the Ifaraha' ValAe. h< werrr, Abl el Kader wao redved to the do'ea [ etvo, tUo.gti failure rami'ted la an attempt t reeto-e 1 tranquility to the people of Algie-a It ?m then diaooeered that a bloody content ? %* irer . I table, In ocd' r to toall) rWu the doto-i c ' ar ' p?'.t o?ie eh'ef. Groeral rtugea 1 waa named Oirar > nor of the eouatey, and a oer jdaa of Va-fa-? wae adopt** He changed b * tactlce. ! >e-. Avl , ,M force la the Held, created a new aud e.orgettc ? corpe td troop*, and organ eel a */?ten rf ra- a* or rai4i, which 100a p'Oduoed a dvfide I rj|g) utr-rat d e?od fao> .a aiitnrf the Aral a In ,t|| tfaaeart wa* 1 taken. at ' 1 ;tn -r gar. .r !'.. > r '.m . -ft*. | j Kreoch. N<* cart down by the;* ere.ita, horerer, Abd| e.Kai'cr r*?oib'ed hi ar: <%i t>,? humR* " - - ? -I IT - I I by Ice of Ho j/pe. and retreated w*ra. \ the desert wit* tho tribes fcithro) to bis ctuat la IMS ho vu forced by tho Due <1 v.n'.' to tate re f 1:30 la the territory of Morocco, thj Emperor of wtrtoh bad ?.w?/u him la Li? wiorte agaiael ta? Fr. In 1*44 the Muoi ish Eaipercr war iadeced to a'.ta .v tLo French but a complete no tor/ was e*~J?*1 ^ls troopa by Cenerrf Itugn J, and the bojitof Mogador?a i9wu bev Fibrillar?by the Princede Join v.lie, Icrerer cured the Fniperor of Vorccco of on/ -let re fcrthe' toopMly protect hLr? Mend tli? F.mlr The iu icfal^able Abd-e KmJi., uererthe.eee, atiM found mean* to wo-W upon the raawliei'wi of the Moore, and, in ip'.te of their sovereign, obtained the men and money *? Hereby he wteonco tuoro enabled to throw bit* p*r I pon hie enemtSH General Bugea t vae aecordinglf compelled t: recommence that war eC marching and countermarch eg pi reults acl tiida, whioh, hp hlo r. (rim ?cl ah'tatr IT ? r.Wl Iir government. ?:!y cad:d ia his oveithroir. Abd e! Kador, in til.'meantime, yieidLag to t&radration* mac'"' blm by the Koe-ish px>pie, ly whom to wm ro garded u the champion of Mahometan ism, aibwod l.ioMei to be drawn iato a rabeil on ega.ast the 1-r.eporor Of Morocco, and tbereu;-*c the Jatt" was comp'IW U? make commor cv-so wit the 1- 'encli a,;*iasi L r Iba Moorish troops Brat oat, hewerer, refuted to fl,jbt and the ccraac^uence was that *bd ef Kaler ia a short found himself in a pcait'on to eat? a active ooeraVca? against bis old adversaries But tbr fortune of wsr w?i ngwact Him .^urrouulj# by auper.o- forces, be was constrained to fly, and finding, bis moat devoted partisans gradually dropping awayHy dt'oasc and death, ho Ruireodered hrntrel! to Can Lanar.dle e, on condition of being takon to Alexandria or (H J can d'Acr? He was seat to France w.tb bis family, nnd aite being detained some time nt Fort) aaaalgue, at Tou loa, thea at the Castie of rail, in th" Pyrenees bo waa finally transferred to the C&etlo of Amboise Thjtta tioaai Assembly, though frequentlyBelie ilod for hut release, was unwilling to coucodo that favor aud ba continued to remain undo' constraint until tbi 17th of Aug. si, 18112, when llio Prince Prceiduwt (the present E.opcror; stopped at the castie where 'ho F.mir was Imprisoned, sent for the captive, aai ccmmuul rated to him, ia kind and courtec s ta-ms. that ho wm .freo Abd at Kador, in acknowledgment of thir. giiM roeity, swore on the Koran never again to disturb tho l retich ruio in Africa Co the 21st of Aprii he embarked with his mi,1.* for B-oisso, la Asia Miror, whore he lived In letircmect until the earthquake which destroyed that city in 1856 Wbea tliA wm n*it hdtr<>i>n artrl fh? WiaifiMi Towers it woe reported that he was about to take sc-vioa iu the Tu-kish army, but bis Loa'th required bi? in rs uii j in Constantinople Distinguished at ouos by Uis flagac'ty sad courage* Abd el Fader lias for a lcog time beti known by tlM classical name of "the modern Jugarlha ' No one knew better bow to humor the fanaticism of tie people, or t? profit by it; and through ai< his varied career hie actios* have )>?on cha-actorized by a patriotism and devotion ta Lis country which have well entitled h'm to the owe# mluros that have been bestowed even by his greats* enemies. Be hao a profound faith in Lie religtow, and his incredible assiduity in performing the duties at his faith, during bis sqjourn in France, war so marked an to be the subject of frequent notice An impartial judge and an honest administrator, fce vaB at once an example of purity of morals and private worth. After remaining ir. the hast, be returned again to Taris, where, for a time, ho was made the Hon of the hour. His face has some r# semblance to the traditional features of Christ, and prop* would frequently crowd around him to observe that 1st and nervous organization which has made him a inan nf mark, not only among the wild Arabs of his own country, but wherever he has appeared Daring the last few veari be bar resided la tie# Holy Land, and after a long Interval of quiet, w# dnd him again, with a nobility of soul whtcfc appeals to hare characterized him during his entirs career, taking the part of the oppressed u> Syria and striving to prevent the outrages which are being Inftlctsd ly the people of bis own faith upon the uufortuaaia Christiana of that country. Following the precepts of the Great Master, be has aeemod tc forget his ovs misfortunes In contemplating the wrongs of others, au4 to exemplify In his aete that Cans', an spirit which is assbodied in the Scriptural Injunction, ? I 0 good to lhass who hate you, and p-ay fbrthes: who dwpltefully wee you " The following le'.te-, written by the great ch er to tUS Bi-gu-Baryt (Fagio of Paris), will he real with interest at the present tlmo ? Glory tr Cod! I have bees de'ighted by all that yov bav* written in the M-vi: 011 the subject of the Mussul man State* You have in truth givec good advice, and you would bt- beard if yon bad spoken to the living, but it is to the dead that you have appealed. Yea have baerd your remarks on two points You might have aentionod> third, and satd that truly Mossu'aaa eovs reigns love the conduct of honest nea and fallow their footctoiis in the ways of justice and c ctempt of worldly soods. to- It Is on h!?L that little or o ahou'd took far aa etamp'? Aim! wo are far enor.-jh froir. doing no T)t? present state of the Mussulman and Christian rmpirn, everything that Is taking place to -day, *? predicted bf ' Mahomet in his time, ai n thai is ahat g vNtsuohau tno-ity to his prophecies He hM annorncrtl the arnihlation of the Cbosrons, eel there are no i?ra Cbos-aes, he has sl*o raid that the Christian kings rchoe'd ma'ttalc , tt-aseleo- in powe-till the end of time, and that the scvn-elgos of h ? people should be abacdeaed ef Ooi by reas.a of their injustice and lore of the trerM's goods; IstCy, he liar said that the world sha'l nit end ti'! the Christ *ns hive become th" msjorlty o* the fcurtan race. And that event cai.iot fki! to arrive. because, a Vi.- *ra. the authorized Interp-otcr of Mai met, bae said thai the/ hue above ail, fee ijuaht lea which tDSuro their ftatire rucc-ss?c!'nenc? ' victory, nbstlosry la defeat, toe.-.; ,- is relaxation, and eb"<rity U the poor, the weak and the bereaved I* ".aid of myself. that they jv* to thesr gift* roe atl i greatc, vir. skill in withdrawing th' i.-.' sts in c.v?? of n -c.ssity '-ux lbs u justice auM oppression of the.- King. I wasp, oh ny God, over th? annihilation o* Is.vj>i*aa. Wc a-e from God, sud to t, wi return. At this drear: \:t d>ord.. t-oralis among lbs Vv iu ' at. 1 the Di . see. The evil hss deep roots every wIktc Hotel.e y sol murder n.c goinc ou u *i; parks. Cod grunt that tl .toss rr ay hsve s hell" rnd'tj 0 vet log to Cod, the V.lghty, f otn hi" pr r se'va'.t D* , Juno 10, l^OO ABI>* !i U>BP. A stiil fu-tl er evidence of the eta-act" of the msa Is c iutrf.ed in the fo'lowlug decree rcjeutly pa?<,"d by Uw tmreror Napoleon ? "Is*irons ?' giving to the Rmir Aid c! Ijtdu: an eeldr. re of the scatla. :nts havu been inspired by his noble corulit't at ! am is upon the report of our ti ns t- r lb" Meorcta- j of ruate to tbe luparitneot of b treig* Aflhire, wo bav? (leci end a: J do dec:ee as fctlosrs ? "Tl.. I " . Abd el Ka le is el -Tited to the dtgn1y of the 0 srid Cioaj of ol Ircpe- al Order o> th" logins ?#' Bonn ." F Ch in b-ief, is the hu torjr of Oi?cf th' mot.', .wnark" s' 1? rneu or tb' present sge The Zouave Ksais K TJS r .VTTfc OF Tflli K*w VOBS FFAluO 1 p?c V y a e tHDuntcalton >u last s indsy ' ? Ht utia Itss*. a corps of 7x>uavc* are be.tig organised in this city, asd In'-ad ado->tu:g the full uniform of the PTeccb 7oo.?vs A' the w ite is ev'i'estly t*4 feral'. s- with th" uniform ? a.Uilmayb? the ctrp". s-c to hotter uformed?show me tc make a few saggettlonS lor their her 'l, hro the M'.mti of your valuable journal The for cap 1* not a fatigue, bni la ww. at al. llnod, and round it the t ban Is v ?th? Utter si rayi w>ra when oa duty sad opt Inns! when (IT The turn is white, not green, as s The-ears In the Kreocb a-mf tie.-haps two regiment* ?uu ww Hi" f!-fc\ t.-rbM tb? ent're erf* I ,on1 tbM p *'I fvcjrtlnn we*? httt Av who wm I- I'.rn nv? b?! | to t!ie*o twi- regim# iia and wear tk? gr?rc tu t T1 t rem of the fcouarr?, belt . ?-?-wh'.V-one* and tt l? tr be l>>iei thvt in;nt l.*ver -p* If > (?--'Ued with fnre'n urnfnrji-" tUe dwr " Mr d!= Ml wh--: the dfetlngn ' g oolor > t . Mo* W n ?' n ; be * * - the '.roots r.f <,i:r O f ?! *r. c.l.ja, or otr '*r* Hkluted with the w??or/ of tic Pr ;' t r. ?re uoltilpg hat *bug, .th twi hoi-* fo* Ut* log*. By p.-. uag ttiv- wmri m4 u- in m lu-'y mb p aewhit renefcl from tie- r In;* v I uw, bat are b*f^ rtil! fl? nV.f i le;j? T: on; tic . ,.r eaoh otli t if tti tat If t! * m ? cr;? *r? grton to (fins' tic iiii.fcm let '. be ee*np'. p* Th?- * w*a not * m.igla article of Uv fii r*a%V"ftTS uniform lik. t'c. i AeuTst , orte..aln, oHif In fb-ta, oohr o dec* -atm T1 .c pre i ot.llty o' tk * toifoa) >* it*. o?ae sad fo? f -t, Mi tv > fr?w1"tn f(m* t. the w?**e- U quick mor mon* TV* fl- I! t* our " HarJra Arlil" *hjr? not ' '?t; no A'.r - r*n i alfo-a that will com' * a'' ''*j ti" rs r. *r>'' ibe - nul r*'I>. winch * *uiw~f/ m tho? U >;r t -or o - rlitr.tte' fHu we not bare lade^ jfo > ' .gl. i c- *'- * c -pa of ocr own, * ib *** A tntfcvj cv* i >rh w\l' in cm* of vr*' re? '*' M 0*1 I'-H ' ?'fe In tho fi-M *o I win u Tm'ehmm l#urr!? m wot i^: f, hip one rt?rl eura v,rr*? "f" , A r.rey ' fr- ?th-> be-t in the wo'ld f* fVIn:.!' .; i?Icl it be r.\'i I" loo- *r,d e*?y, bot * ispted to the r m iW Mi' ??rte?r*" th-mselre* rtipei, rsouU, m;tK.W n? Mvt' g thor el. o*e? ftopt the h*rlf crcc a ' ?o ?b ?1'P ? fc o' theChlOMO 7Atw*r?, porfscl tin o v."* M t *? ro', - !,**. m the drill. MJ 0*1?*I" ^ *vrf tl,Jf < hf r tp nr .r* " ^ " f t if ibi/ idofi fotfl?? HMi ^ l % ro r-Mn fiotr.^ A?? cam Kry'V^ T Tn V-* . Iff V fcJ* k ^ ^ ' ' 1 r *?!. ' T.i . T- ,TI ' / , t - ?< ? l rtw#?T h - w W' 1 * ' !lv t rvi.^u ^tnp?-v.r I-Ith- wo.U M? ? ,. ( ' : tt'C I C y... ??! r. " T ' '" ? " ' T' ' v '? * *>'1 rShtof r"1 *''' * b 71 w 'P?'

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