Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1860 Page 5
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* % FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Pridat, Anga?t A?3 P. M. * The money market condones pretty a :tive, at d tor "ill leans, and 6 a 7 far first class paper, according to length. We hear, however, of a line of first class paperr60 days to ran, going at 7 per cent. Pti coitt/a, a leading hcuse borrowed yesterday, on United States securities, a very largo mm indeed, at 3 per ent.and relent *100,000 of It sn New York State stocks at 4, for fifteen days. There Is no di!F ulty in borrowing on fair marketable sto. ks at 6, anl lenders rind it difficult So get over that rate for money. The Bub Treasury business yesterday was fair; ibe receipts were >291,600, of which 1139,000 fcora customs; the payments, >267,063; the balance this evening, >5,092,976. Ac a .tive business has been done in foreign exchange for the steamers which sail to-morrow. At the leading banking houses the asking rates have keen 109} a 110 for sixty day sterling bills, and 110J a j for short sight; for bills on Paris, .3.13J a 14] for sixty days, and 5.10] for short sight. Good mercantile hills are offerred at 109| a f. Tho steamers which sail to-morrow will probably take cut a very largo amount of gold, chiefly c o. Ik is impossible to estimate the ship men*. &t tiie time we write, out it wui probably be between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. The stock market opened this morning with considerable buoyan -y, and a marked advance was realized in all the speculative securities. As was the case yesterday, after the board a slight reaction took place; in the afternoon the market was steaiy at the reaction, and stocks closed without change. The most buoyant stock on the list was Illinois Central, vfhich sold as high as 89 this morntog?an advance of 1| over the closing price yesterday. At mid'lay the price was about 88}; at the close 8$$ was bid. We did not give currency this morning to the rumors regarding Mr. Nathaniel Hanks' appointment as Vice President and resident Director of this company at Chicago, as at tiro close of bn-iness hours be had not definitely accepted the post. It seems, however, to be taken for granted that the a/fair is settled; and as Mr. Banks' administrative capacity is well known, the company is receiving congratulations on the acquisition. Bock Island od Galena were 4 higher this morning; the advance in the latter, however, was checked by free sales, and the stock closed at 81 j bid, against 82 at the close yesterday. Toledo advanced 1 per vent in the morning, closing 48.} bid, against 484 at the close yesterday. Michigan Central advanced 14 per cent, and Southern, both kinds, ro?e about as mnch. In the afternoon they were pretty steady. Hudson River was wanted at 60 at the morning board; it fell off afterward, and at the dose only 38} was bid, against 38| yesterday. Ceutral advanced J a J, Erie 4, Harlem 4, at tho morr.iug board; in the afternoon they wero all rather firm. The business in bonds and State stocks continues light, but prices are well sustained. The Issues of the Chicago and Northwestern are ha demand at improving prices. The last quotations of the day were:?Virginia 6's, 904 a 91; Missouri O's, 81 { a 82; Canton, 20: Cumberland Coal, preferred, 15 a 16; Pacific Mail, 79} a 80: New York Central, 841 a 4; Erie, 29' a 303; Hudson Biver, 5S}a59}; Harlem, 18j a 19; do. preferred, 47 a 48; Reading, 40 J a J; Michigan Central, 73 a 4; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 234 a do. guaranteed, 474 a 49: Panama, 125 a 120; Illinois Centra], 881 a 4: Galena and Chicago, 814 a 82; Cleveland and Toledo, 48} a 4; Chicago and Rock Mand, 82{ a 83J. The importation of dry goods for the week ending this day is in excess of that of the corresponding week of each of the two past years. The figures are 11,145,000, against $2^ 11,000 for same week last year, and 12,213,000 for sumo week of 1S58. Last year's excess over this year is now less than aine millions. If our importers increase their orders much more they cannot fail to bring about as anfortunatc a state of things as befel them last year. The ^ouili, this fall, cannot afford to btiy as freely as i-he did last year; and tho West has old debts to pay before contracting new ones. The City of Baltimore's news at Cape Rjce is commercially favorable. Cotton hau advanced }, and was buoyant at the advance. Brcadst'ifls ? i.!?Lam < ?.1 fs\n-r\Ia hail At>r T >. . 1 1IIQ UigUVl auu Bivauj . vvviw.^ -a? ? ^ 2, owing, itis$aid, to warlike runors. It will probably torn ont that the bad harvest, which always affects the fundi prejudicially, has more to do with the decline than foreign politic*. The monthly return of the Bank of France, as made vp to Thursday, the 9th of August, -how- the following ic-ulte (the exchange taheu at 2*>f. to the pound):? Co C and bullion Increase ... ll.OOO.noo Bi la discounted lowwa 400. wiO Kotos .n circulation .Decree1 iou.uoO Treasury depositi Increase Is oiO Privatedipnoi W Iter aae.... ( MO/MO IdvuiMt oil public ? ' .r t ct.... > creak .... I Ito.aJQ The most-atisfoctory feuture is the increase of HOO.OOi in the'"ills discounted, following tt !ncrea-e of ?2,100.000 shown in the preriotis t?-turn. The circulation, however, ha- fallen '-T. and 'he privet* d' po-ite- have largely Increased. M vem*nts of equal importance arc the increa-e of a million sterling in the coin and bullion. aud the decrease of ?1,740.000 in the advance- on railway oh ligation- and other public securities. Satteithweite a circular, received by the Arabia, thus notices the p -ith.a of American m .critic-in the London market:? tlwmarket fr .Mtwritan secarittea has. durta past we?k, returnee'. very lirm. ar.d ?c not*' tu un-reartog d-apattion to mre.?t tn tts?m Tli* ' ? ear -es: pr * Bts ^re, socw.i'sot rrc t e c t c ?? wet w- trher. en 'o emms tii t" w;lr. toe wtcce- n. y V vr : porta of the harvest U. An r.c . ;?r?i. arly .a :i.< *V?t an aad North western Statu ir. <r. i.tlj- tur^.af 1 ie attotn . ? fttBtnala aharea go atem'tly ? aal the prtc* adranc ? from "lay 1 lay. tea. I r mt rov? anent of #4 per -lows t uttnc ? m . ud the "i ply vrry - r ire WMfla ?i r. adva.. o of thrr? |sr cent, lucy ?im ?tg , We Lave received iron. Kessrs. Seytoo a u*airWright a very tvcil executed rid cutio ;* chart of the movements of the six leading speculative atocks for the pa-d six vers. The exchanges a* t'.e link fir rin. ll<vr?r tliis tom'Dg amounted ? fit* .'12 .'"O ;>, .id the #s.*?4,12C 10. The *tock nnJ bo j4W,d<r* o( the Milwaukee and Mississippi BaiiroadCor pi. iy i.e.d a meeting on Thursday, and una u?iy assented to t ? proposition oi extending the (i:?t mortgage bcudi thirty years. Another a ciiled for to day to elect trust* cs and carry out in all i'- details the tcvrgaiii/ation scheme. A meeting of the lire tor* ot the Pers** A B. uoks Paper Work* wu? held to-day. .it the - ffl e f 'he company. X*. s *pruee street. wh*n the following geutlernen were ciejted dire toiafor no em dn: y ar:?llobert Sootter. President; t 'Lul-s L. Frast, Treasurer: Daniel U. Mcfk-e. secretary. Th* Chicago P,*4* cf the .OtL -ay-: ? lbs current rate of eactauge to cu?i m-Ti for lb.' C?y has b?- . n oik half per cent "t?ra r rn b't U baa bee a worth real'y at lew rti l|rk1> above, an 1 tJbra at that wer* In *<>me ra?s refaaed. Were the demsada of uir rity and the wai ts f t t who uutoli" tr? ie here Mi U at me r.iaraci were r< , .r 10 1:1 tl. lu? l>* ? trade we.ld area now b# largely in o r f?\-or. an i ex change ??W t nit below par B -t the act i re mow ,#nt In j?rod -ce *iid the Uli V owe balf per cent ta? br laetotoah ? 'f t nyry Kyeff tb\l we prenmee\< rhinp' I' bnrk to three ?> r l? in tb- mora ru. Some Tow of IW' b?- iter- < bar^d ;hm price for It b ?v. at laafetflr*r?Uv era unwlUlag t? Mil tooutad. r? at tb-' o- frowt rat' . C'rreiw. tn abundant. unf tt>o .g i tho Jemsj.-1 for if ifflnwrw. Uk lar.e moo: ftotn all Ml reef f r tbe part few uye tme mbAl baaker? to :ueet tb> want- of tb? mar. ket. Tbe produce paper ode in* .* bcarter than It wan ?rer before kn"wn In the b.etory of u?e cite OwlJ a dull. Buying rate. ooo-balf; Be ling. one parr rat. Tbo amo-ict of Miwnin money arm her* for in \ eatMM eielianrr* la rerv uewry. Tbe tarn k a new fea tnre in tbe financial bUb/tr of ,!)* ?na banker estimated tb? receipt* al ttTtO^OO for tbe IBM three Bay*. I T<rd*y, eioept It ainnll from euatomcra on de powtt, H ?M treated varioimty by tk? bankers It wna take* at h a 1 per emit diaxeinl by roam, whiie '.tkem rrctmp for It In *rf? k?v?kto ?? ?y I ' SEW TOT pries. it J p.?.D that the very sorafortabie scheme whh the St. lou.s financiers had fcrmed to buv exchange here w tb lliaaourl money, At >i per seat, will not wc rk. Our banaers uo too aharp for that. TUey very nsu :b pre ,%r Canada ind Eastern as a temporary convenience while our crop la moving- The fact la, Uiinon and Wlaconain have an abundanoe of currency to aupply the ordinary wanu of these Mates, except perhaps for tbe next three cr four moo the, and fcr Uiat fme, if exchange rema na at or about the present prices, Canada and the Kast will better meet the deficiency, for when we have ceased to ne it we can send it home and make exchange with <t. It coats too much for even the St Louia bankers to convert their state money to make tt popular here. The total receipts of hour and gra.n einoo tbo lit of January, compared with 1869, are as follow ? ? i H-jstifU , r~ -ShiMieyts?\ 1880 1869. 18*10 1859. Flour, bbls 308 063 262 845 293.521 230,004 Wheat, bush.... 4,139.484 1.893 040 3,811.137 1,513 299 Corn 12 394,975 3,418,000 10.815.281 2,077.157 Oat a, 833.452 470,288 8*0,.08 335,988 Rf<N 112 703 49,899 36.140 9,480 Barter, 207 390 129 225 51,100 50.757 the Jour to w heat tho toUl receipts of grain since the 1st of January amount to 18,908,280 bushels against 7,250,283 bushels during the corresponding period In 1854?uu increase of nearly twelve millionn of bushels. The railroads leading from the Mi.-si-^lppi river to Milwa ik c, and the Illiaoii Central from ?un leitli to Chicago, have agreed upon the following rates ol'freight on all kinds of grain, to take eflfcct August 26:? I.a Crowe to Milwaukee 22c. per 100 lbs. Prairie du Ch.en to Milwaukee 22c. do. i Duukitb to Chicago 32c. do. E (Uivalent to 13 2 10 ccnta per bushel on mheat. Annexed is a statement of the condition of the Ohio banks on the first Monday of the present month:? Rtsour<'t$. 8pocte.. $1,909,630 23 I 1 astern deposits 2 008.589 83 I Notes of other banks 1.120,036 83 Due from other banks and bankers 1 55a 640 TO Notts and bills discounted.... 11,431,440 08 State stock securities 1.582,806 47 Safety fund?bonds and mortgagee.......... 831,800 93 I Real osiate and personal property 674,482 70 1 Checks and other cash items 100,330 T3 i Other resources 1,023,153 85 Total 822,040,122 51 Lu'tklidet. I Capitol stock *6,850 770 00 , Safety fund st.ick 915,53S 85 1 Permanent reserved fund 631,023 91 j Circulation 8,381,122 00 I Due to banks and brokers 814,736 97 : l>uc to depositors 4,670,*11 71 Dividends unpaid 4.326 00 Contingent fund and undivided proiits 436,997 42 Discounts, interest, kc 238,702 23 , Bills payable and time drafts 18,665 01 j State tax 6,062 83 j Other liabilities 61,400 38 Total 922 040,122 61 ' The earnings of the Galena road for the third week in August are less than' was generally expected. The figures are:? 1869 628,182 1860 43,686 Increase this yesr 916,404 The following is a comparative statement of the business of the TeApssee and Alabama Railroad for the years endii^30th of June, 1659 and I860:? I860. I860. From passenger* 944 448 49 71,959 33 From freight 37.306 17 62 129 66 From extra baggage 947 76 1,196 96 From mails 2.239 48 2,421 81 From sundries 148 68 266 26 Total earnings 976,129 57 127.962 91 Total expenses 27,660 11 40,709 46 Net earn logs 947,679 46 87,213 46 Per centogc for earnings 37 per ceut, sad 32 per cent for expenses. Per centogc net earnings G3 per cent, and 03 per ccut net earnings. Gross gains in 1960 over 1839 962.923 21 Net gams in 1860 over 1859 39.661 00 The following table will compare the exports of the seven principal staple articles for the week 1859 1800 Week nd Aug. 10 .1 mount. I Vine. A mount. Paine. Cotton, bales 3,461 9197.792 2 520 .?104.591 Flour, bblg 13,370 70.721 36,803 212,333 Corn meui 900 3,572 106 386 Wheat, bo-hcls 1.823 1.823 287.419 376,525 Corn 8.678 7.237 40.201 27 -22 Beef, bbU. and tea... 962 9,368 1 041 14.439 Pork 2 793 31.681 =80 14 001 Total $312,194 749.544 Increase ol tbe week ae compared with that of '50 $437.350 The follow ing is a comparative statement of the value of exports from the conuuenceincut of the year to August 1<>:? 1859. I860. /*.c?<M? Dfnrfatf. Cotton $7,588,741 7,182 331 ? 401.410 Flour 2,686.080 4.884 271 2.196 251 ? Cora meal.... 214.814 167 353 ? 47 461 Wheat 88 350 4 569 369 4,'31.010 ? Corn 141 ?71 1.100,024 956 163 ? B.rf 1.195,717 1 354.915 159.198 ? l'ork 1.425 635 997,827 ? 427,808 Tot#! 813,286 157 20 250,000 7 846,612 876,679 Increase nf compared with 1859 $8,969,933 Ttc St. Louis JM tnocral say*: ? We loarn that the general freight agent of the Illinois Ceniral bar been In the citr aevemi days past negot.a'.lng for a line <>1 packets between Cairo at.,! Mew ?ri"ans. to be under the control of the m.nojr Centra! C.mi any. The Immense receipt of grain at prove* too m .c.h for the j capacity of the aieem feet plying lie low that port. The i I!!noli'Central n die Iron* of ?iilp|.;u/ com. w . at Cairo ! as nu: :kly as it la rcce veJ.* bouta have be?-i? ??. cared, and a fourth will probably be agreed up.ii in day i riP In nuirr.iu J Tie New Oilcan* VtUa of <?atiuddj tUe 19th, ?ayr:? Buiinit* of every kind In l.'atcd further lacg -art lay, i ani operations were exceedingly r"?lr:cted in money, tout* an I ge. Ore era Lave couvc to Land iron : New Y' . lt f >r the i of flrtt elms ac. .ptaaces, ani i sales Of at or Ting bill* are ejected Tor reinvestment | In sh.-rt ooninierc.a! psper There arc, liomvtr, \ cry strictly A1 tmcs on the market. sad l:"U? arc for tbc moot part coudned to secmd class and st U lower grade t guatcres ftuckixcl bonds are at a steal. in I , arc Lave been a fvised of an pjvmt-ou Since rr r art in l this description of sscuriiiss. rxiheagc ? freciy 3e:cd, and the market costumes moderately aupptied. but th demand sbvsrs n< mproTctnent skmteror. and quotations rim at at the dune ot business .ant Tie following it tlie comparative stat?nient of the h.'tih - ol Xttr Orleans for the |>n?t two treek?: ? .1 'just It Artruit H f>. I'rrmc. Specie ... ?.k? at S?M6!fS fW MS.ldM 1*1* sit* 16,485 ?41 U-IViyffl t?er 21,27* C.rce'atioo f?36TP?4 b 520-34 f>w les,?70 Short , ana St.Sklttt l'J.6* Vsl lac... KJ.Qbl ! xehangt '-.lit I 7-.' . .1 ?>1 :tr 44.1 . s Tustaat bale?in. 1'/ *.l'- 1 ltd 002 toe 117,4ol L ng loans t'.lb'j 170 0 771 II Dec 965.144 These mum* are lesa favmble thai wern generally predicted. aad a'.' w a ?.i?rbt departure from the : aserr.v t;r? |?Uy nbo.ii baa be c ...' rv , rs ed by the banks. Lrnas bsre b-en augsseuled over a quarter of a m uicn f. r the mat. wu.i* ?|?cc * an . <lcp ?iu her .' tven somewhat reduced, and the ther variations are rather d.ecourag.rc tban Mherwlse. The Chicago /'. *? *ay?: The Missttc.pp and mr. fu 0 ?J is mas u. it>ady and sure pr .r ee westward. Tbe t-nck e aid several tu its 0! I iwa C.ty, sad tbe oenrmctor sea s*si,. rase*, tbat t w.!. b ijened to Marengo. tn.rt/ m'!-n weft of town ty the ai'.tdle 4 -epuniber This low t it surrounded by a ran an. ?* p.-oi* pon<or. of tbe dials, and ttie cptmag .?f the road to that pdat w'tl add a*ve y to is** Tne roho.-stock of lb- in,*. we learn. is ai/caJy tike', tc t* utmost capacity, and tbe ?tr ft tor rars at tbe d.d-rcut stat.ors. to ata-?et the act- muiat : g pmct* <s of tbe abundant oar 1 vt 'fCMt a : r ' nler'st c T.-n and e?"7y will fursieb s ?s! rfortory solution to these ti ght Uo ib' -r. the next twtlw af the nsf, tklr ty nail-*, 'tween Vlar rg ir i' r'nne1!. "t tnoetiy frvled. u a arse .mount of t. ?ar' airesdy dourrra-d It mil be c bi 1 dated ceily m tb* s .titer or spring of 1161. 0rti< . u*,.'? u. ?! > ? ?t ' Wlli'l. kwv .ne. Wt. q tur < rcr? iwstiivtpr at, '-t r ai-out SOO rn 'os m're to cuispicte t to tbe VMourl. Tbe u ipnrUboe of the t our < ty at. i to tbe country through which t pnrMi cngbt to lecure it* cmnp.?tn<n ran y in 1M2. It co U1 be .ob .( ti.c in n y CO ;.J be prov'. :< 1 with 11 the r *1 ? . 1 * I .1 .? - -* the r rvl ml! comm.t d wtll a?tvn.?b M uist fr.en is B i.ui tb' trade II a >uld attract f' nAunras, Nebraska and the ( pper Mltivr . :t?rv are M.C60 people at Pike * Puk wb would ooalrl 1 ten large yt .t? tra" c. Tl.e entire country erest r<f toe It ?st?sippi is settling eery rapidly, and the direct i<< .nrr .ion IhicagoanJ toe scalar vri which tills na 1 wcul I alT>rJ would txith ac ile rat' th' rteTr.oremrai 01 rw i inn ?? run fur oar city, U? i.o w lean t r .ad a..J the r * t? o? wtb i fr-m the Fart. .rfeiy ircrearieir an t ' Insrat-.rr bns.neSB. tno every account. tlx retore, It is very imporiai.1 that th.s, connecting an It will w tti lt>? greet Tettrv Pacific Raiirne.l sb uld t>? completed at I. ? carlicit day poea.ble. | The MiiwHCkee .S *t<?el ??y?: ? Tfce y e'.d of grain Tar ruriawet the e?i? <-w*tl< B? of oar 1 fhrtnrrr ;b leed it is dpicult to credit ??r nf the stories toUl of the rroduct rnrw of our v .* > n.t so.l. A friend, ' who t.M 'little farm will tilled." within three Bile* of tie city, nformt I ui ft*teeaay that be bad iuat threshed out the a brat on a four ?i. I half acre field, and that it 1 n *?ured two hundred and ?w.e burbr ??? ; arc rage of , near y httf fire bushel* to the acre. \ Waukesha farmer e g? that a twenty ?crc .'.el ! of 1 ? ich be tall Bated to yield thirty bushels to the acre, tm? out I thirty e.gbt. Wo think it ia *af? t rut the average yield of the .-tste at twenty b.iahe't to the acre. Thin will be doaoie the y e.J of iaet rear, and tlx breadth of land . rowa to wheat I nearly if not quite one third greater | tbar. m 1MB The aetlmate. therefore, af twenty fir# i ULioa ?<u#t?c)?. an the wheat crop of WBcoaeiu for lldO, ie a r asr.nabie one But It ia not wheat alone that our fhrmer I are ralaed this year?they hare good crone of hay and large oaea of rye, oats aad barley, and . hould no unt rooiy ft cat rnme to blast their hopes, the yield H ?orn will be uapreMiiented y larg" xt the present lun? H prowiie?s hotter ti ts we bare erer known t to do. tVi.'a toes, loo, ere ysry atqpdsst and of esoaUeat quaiiy ;K HERALD, SATURDAY, The return from the Bans of England for '.ha week ending the 8th instant gives the following results, when compared with tho previous week*.? Pubrc deports X4.S23.222 Increase ....?588,263 < >thjr Jepoe.w 14 003,280 Decrease... 714,374 Reel 3 013400 Increase ... 90,917 On the other side of tho account:? Covernment securities ?9.804.273 lucrease. ... ?4.5 478 Otber securities 19 4?J 347 Deer ase ... .2*0 703 Notes unemployed.... 7,001,815 Increase 174,204 I Tho amount of notes in circulation is ?21,707,390, being a decrease of ?J*i2,420, au?l the ??oek of bullion m both departments is ?15,351,544, showing i a decrease of ?207,330 when compared with the preceding return. Stock Exchange. Fsipat, August 24,1800. $13000 >nn ?'s, '90.. 00 2 300 shs Mich C RR... 73* lOOOVCe'S 98 * 100 do 78 6000 do 99 400 do 73 * 1000 llissuurl 6 ?.. 81 * 100 do *70 73 1000 Indiana d's... 90* 60 do 60 72 1000 Harl 2 m bds. 90 23 lllcbSJANIndKR. 23*4 600 ill ton RR bs. 96,',' 400 do 23 ,' 2000 Cb&NW lantg 00 ',' 300 do 28* 14000 do 01 400 do blO 28* 10000 ChANW 2 mtg 37 440M RoANIa gtl Stk 48 2600 D,Lac4WR lm 100 10 Panama RR. 120* 6 shs Bk Stato N V. 101 160 do. 120 10 Ilk of Commerce. 101 0 Toledo A Wab RH 12 7 1*1 A Hud Can Co 96 * 11C0 IU Cent RR scp. 88 i 5 !*ac Mail s*Ti 79 , 100 do .... bOO 8914 200 RrunCily I .ami Co 9 60 do 88 V 167 X Y Cen KB 84>,' 300 do 88* 775 do 84 V 60 do slO 8*V 900 do 84 '4 100 do 88 V 400 do b30 85 500 do 89 200 do bt>0 86',' 100 do blO 89 150 do trJO 86 5 Clev.ColftCinRR.. 94V 100 do b(S0 8:<}'t 1360 Ua] ft CblO KR.. 83 V 200 do 600 84V 200 do blO 82* 200 do 84 Tg 160 do 82 V 250 do (10 84 V 60 d? 1)30 82V 6 Second At RR... 98 900 do 82'4' 100 Erie Railroad.... 29 V 60 do k60 MV 60 do (30 291,' 60 do (60 82 100 do 29 'i 2?00 Clev ft Toledo RR 49 660 do blO 30 10? do b30 49 V 1322 do 30 100 do b60 49',' 60 do ?60 30 100 do bOO 49V 25 do 30 V 100 do (10 49 160 do blO 30'4 100 do (30 48V 100 Hud Riyer RR... 59* 100 do (30 48*' 160 do bOO 00100 do b30 4WJ, 600 do b3 66 150 Chic ft Rk 1(1 RR 83V 100 do b30 00 300 do bdO 84 V 000 Harlem KK 16',' 50 do 83V 200 do... 19 350 do 83 V 200 liar RK prel 47',' 38 Cb, Bu'n ft Qa RR. 90 100 Readiug KR 46 V 366 Mil 4 Mat RR.... 13 500 do 46 V |99 do 16 V' 4C0 do ?>00 47V 336 LaCr ft UilRR.. IV 100 do blO 47 84 do IV 1 60 do 47 SECOND BOARD. 85000 MiBSoui i ?'(... 82 50 shs Mich Cen RR. 72 V 4000 do 81V 60 MichSoft N laRR 23 V 3000 Tennessee 6 s 90 90 V 50 Gal 4 Chi RR.... 81V 600 111 Cent RRbs.. 95* 34 do 81V 13000 do 96 260 do b3 82 12 t-h Tradesmen (I tic 116 2C0 III Cen KR scrip. 88V 6 Par MS Co 79V ?> d<> *? 300 X V Cent RR U30 85 V 200 Cleve ft Tol RR.. 48 V 100 do b60 86 V 200 doj 48 V 200 La Cr ft Mil?r KR IV 200 do ba0 49 150 Eric RR 30 100 Cbi ft R I UR.slO 83 100 do 29V 80 do 82V 100 do t>30 30V 100 do 82V 76 Mich Central RR 73 V 100 do bOO 88V 60 do blO 73 <? 320 MR ft Miss RR... 16 100 do b30 73 V 1> Cbi, Bur ft Q RR. 90 100 do 73 60 do bl6 91 60 do b60 73V DRY OOOD9 TRADE. The following la n camparativc statement of the import! of foreign dry good* at New York Tor the week and since January 1:? F-.r the Week. 1868. 1869. 1800 Entered at the port..$2,213 431 2.811.247 3.146 329 Thrown on market.. 2,412,813 2,844,627 3,217,600 Sine- Jan. 1. Entered at the port 30 867 953 84.918.925 76.078,476 ihrowu ?D market..46 561,761 44,880 297 76.111,543 It will be percslvcd by the above statement that the valuej. f the goods entered at this port last woek. as well as the .1 mount thrown upon the market, exceeded that for the same period in the two preceding yearn. The aggregates since the 1st of January last have reached within a l.ttle over 68,000,000 or those entered an l thrown upen the market for the same period in 1859?a year in which the largest importations wcro made ever before knjwn in tne history of our trade. Of the goods entered for conr-mptlon last week woollen fabrics embraced 61.189 133, cotton do. 6466 440, silks do 6911.730,11ax 6498,887, mJictliaueous 6154 938. Total, #2 967,128 t*CORTATtnN.u or DKV l OOO* At XV W YORK fOR TUT. WkSK F.VDISC. AC". 1 >T 24, i860. ri fr ixmtumjtvm. f'k-j4. Value. I'olur. Wool? SUV? Woollen"... 163 $129,870 Uust 49 $31600 Carpeting . 208 92,6;J9 Satins 34 27,283 CJoihs .".. 266 222 611 Plusbta.... 110 81,647 Worsteds... 296 173,481 Shawl* 45 32.160 Delaines.... 2<J2 155 990 Pongees.... 17 10,203 Cot .-.worst. SoO 2'<2 451 Gloves W 7,059 Shswls .... 248 176.907 I-aces 27 19 063 Brsiii sb. 23 10,442 Velvets 61 43 251 Blankets.. .1,127 121."40 3. ft wors'J 117 32,032 il?se 51 8 639 3. \ linen . II 7,420 Woret ysrn 91 39 288 BraPlaftb. 22 17.078 ?. Crape 6 4.037 Total. .3.10431 339,133 Sf. ft Cotton. 88 29,310 1 Cottons.. 173 $63,344 Total 1,073 *911,730 Colored .... 225 C$ 688 T\ax? 15n muslins 111 60.724 Linens..... 44$ 4.5,072 l r.nta 85 44 234 llan Verc ft 11 5,334 Paces 60 32 177 Thread 11 6 411 HdV!? 93 47 *">0 Linen ftCOt 20 ,008 GMes 19 7.133 ? ppnOl 217 69.68$ Total 49s >94,857 Velvets ... 30 lo t?43 1U vllaaeoos? .. 481 81.620 uraw gno- e $34 $19 IK? Feathers a 1 loo 20.193 Total... 1 4'.>6 $466,440 Cloth in*.. 11 3.414 I>ca glorea. 64 55.011?i>g_ Fmbro.d'a.. 41 40,794 g.iu 27C, $291,244 Kid Gloves 10 9,833 I Ribbors .. 18J 106.910 Corsets.... 20 6 704 I Cravats.... 62 40.040 ? ; Veil n<s 20 11 743 Total... 402 4194 938 fr?n IVar*k ?ut. ! We ? Silk? W aliens 12 4 -.715 Ribbons 14 $0.40% I Carpeting... 9 2 083 Crav?la.... 1 699 , Worsteds.. 140 37,143 rushes.... 2 1,119 Delalnea. . 44 27 149 Sltawls 4 1.634 Cot ftworst 37 !?294 Pongees ,. 28 6,306 -ha* i 23 7 110 Braids ft b. 17 8,129 Gloves 3 344 Sew lags .. 1 763 HlAfikct9?s. 73 9,133 - 13 4 612 ToUl .... 73 941191 T tal .... 9122 503 Ljwna 64 >12.076 C 'Hoc? H-mpyaro. 737 17.420 Cottona.... 07 >33 :.6? L.n. Act. 4 1,011 Colored.... 40 9 0*4 - . cnialicl 3 '<00 Total.... -<00 930,613 frtaia 10 2110 Xlacollaneona? H'tocWchTi 1 191 ?trawr*>d? 1 9123 !H>. fl 31 4.944 t It. akCow ra 0 071 Bote 37 10 100 Embroider iea 1 476 ? Coroeta..... 14 1040 Total .... 227 $49,490 Xattlag... 91 1007 SUka G 912 07a lutai .... 110 90.143 En'titifor )Yar So h?q W -J ? 911k? ... 14 99.936 9.19a 12 >13:6 . 17 4,0?1 Klbboua .. 0 0 217 Criba 4 2.634 CraTaia.... 10 2.746 Wcrlti. d K 24.4*10 Hot" 1 491 CotMukW. 36 11,*>12 Worried.., 7 3499 -ha* a... 19 9 SOP ? ?aa.?U. .. 30 2 414 Total ... 30 92 . *9d fiotc ' . 6 933 ? naxTotal 149 <04,109 I.lncna 10 91.145 Cott. t? Itn.JscoHoa 16 11.16 .10 911 '.'39 C^ortd 20 5 220 Trial ... 26 91.033 Eat d t* ln? 2 2,943 Prxta 41 1.' 399 Wareltaoeo : ? Ipool 32 7.912 Mraw ?<io<l8 21 IV221 U'OC 29 019 Trial .. 161 979,900 Hftmpt talari ti fn'-'rel f?r coaareaiition? /"kft. fmlm. tUu-Vaclnrao of wool 3.104 91 3I'M33 I?0. ecttoo 1.49f 1.10 440 Po. r.lfe I97v 011,730 Do. Ca* 4P4 44 1*7 X are.lanooua...- 40*4 164 934 taUl 0088 92,907.121 Wib''r*wn troai warehtmae? Haa.lMurea ef won) X-6 <122.603 lb. rottc.a 297 49,990 Po a ilk 78 417194 Do. r.aa HO 30,613 IIMr!tuNia 110 9,143 Total 1606 >360*381 Entered frr warehocatog? aanulacluraa of wool 141 941109 Do. cot too 361 79.900 Do. a> Ik 36 264*0 Do. Ux 29 3491 laoeUaaeoot 34 3423 Total 695 . 9174,391 The export* of domertlc cotton ftvda tb? past week were again light, aa.l ariteflf male to trie weet India D unda and to South Amcrioao porta. The fbilow-ag are the export* of cot too doHeettc gooda frcaa the port of New lork for the week tadm* tugiol 24 1900 ? BaUt, Tat tit. Brltieh Weal lndiee 44 94.000 Hayt. 49 4.430 60 9,346 ? Chile 1 1*0 Peru >0 4.SM Total 31# $94,W Previously refwrted.... T0.VI3 Pino* reentry 1 7I.IV TVt botata noatian* to fa -"row-led with elelta** to Ml rvta of ??4 trrmrt, ?w>?i *!? art fttftt SMRV AUGUST 25, I860.?TRIPLE of mercb&a i?. Bugjess with both importers uJ jobbers this week hsa been active. Merchants from '.he West, who el iher -scape 1 the rTecta of the panic cf 1857, or here fines ttubljshed themselves js business on a rtila ble means, have appeared n market and have purchased goods to a fs'.r extent. The Southern trade, though lees active than I was at this tune last rear, waa large; and both steamers and sailing vessels leaving fcr Southern ports go out pretty well loaded with goods. Tho whole- fo sale clothing bo- s-'i, who do a considerable business w.tb .. the Weal as well ss tho South, were moro busily and ' actively en rloyed. Tlio late news rrom Manchester w us ? m?re fttv rable, while raw cotton was higher and a more active In Liverpool. The late heavy rains have supplied the mills In the interior with sufficient water to gire them active driving power. The newa El: from Rbanghae was favorable for the sale of do noetic goods, though the market was well supplied. The export tn trade for a lew weeks past has been light, and without some Improvement the supply of heavy styles of cotton th domestics will accumulate and prices become dull. Thero su Is more itc&liness In all branches of woollen goods, and especially u seasonable styles of clothiers' goods, and, cc with the prevailing cost of wool, prices promise to be l?i sustained. Should tho crop of cotton, as many anticl- al pale, fall materially below that of last year, higher prices will be maintained, which will tend to sustain the prices 01 of domestic cotton goods. Purchases arc in*, fig in this market for the distant frontier, g( Pike's Peak and other points, which, to get out is time for the ikll and winter consumption, *must be forwarded soon from New York. Heavy sheet- a iug8 have been tolerably active this week, and pretty 01 well tola up, at full prices. Bleached -boet.ngs and * shirtings have been in stealy request, and makes vary- * ing from tW inches to 72x72 and up, 88x100, have beon 11 sold at 9>;c a 10 x;c , up to 13c. The market lor drills was comparatively quiet, and prices uncbtngod. Other ' domestic goods ?ere steady, and most descriptions in * fair demand. There was more doing in foreign goods, * and prices wore, for most articles of new sud desirable ! styles, sustained and in steady demand. Plain ribbons EI were active and Urm. Black silks were firm and In good " request. Moderate priced Kugliah, Saxony and French dret8 goods were in good request. Merinoes, in both >* plain and printed colors, were doing well, Leruiau wool- ? ieus werk Helling to a lair extcut. Linens wero Ices an- > tivo. Woollen shawls were active. A moderate business was doing in hosiery, while prices were unchanged. The " sales at auction have been I.ght, and have comprised a few made up catal goes. Some sa'es of importance are f expected to come oil the coming and the following week. 'r b CITY COiUMERClAL REPORT. si Fnidxy, August 24?0 1*. M. w A.-uxs ?The sales embraced 20 a 30 bbla, includling a tx>ts at 6 '.tc and |>e.irls at 6 ',c. BRxapKTrrTH..? Flour?The market was more active and b firmer, and closed at an advance of 6c. a 15c. per bbl< w The sales embraced about 17,000 bbls,, closing within the ? following range of prices:? A Superfine Stale $6 15 a $8 20 b Extra State, from old and new wheat fi 25 a ?40 si Superfine western 6 15 a ? 20 u Common to choice Western extra 6 36 a 060 St. Louis extra 0 70 a 0 00 Mixed to straight Southern 6 50 a 0 00 _ Straight to good extra do 0 10 a T ?0 Choice extra family and bakers' brands..... T 60 a 0 76 Rye flour 0 40 a 4 26 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wins 8 40 a 4 60 ?Canadian hour was lirm, but not active, while the sales embraced about 800 bbla. at $4 25 a 87 50 for extra >' qualities. Southern Hour was tlrm and in good demand, r< with sales of 3,500 bbls., closing within the range of tho n above prices. Rye flour was tlrmer, with sales of .500 a a 400 bbls., at quotations. Corn cut at was scarce, V with sales or about 1 ?6 bbls. at the above figures. Wheat was firmer and more active. The transactions footed up li about 110 0C0 bushels, at 41 40 a 81 45 for Kentucky white, '? 41 40 for new white Indiana, 41 31 a 41 30 tor old white 1 Cuuadian, 41 30 a 81 36 for white Ohio, 41 31 a >1 33 fur * amber Western, 81 26 a $1 30 for good to choice Western, f 41 24 for good Milwaukee club and 41 22for Racine spring. Corn was from lc a 2c. per bushel higher, with sales ol ' 120 000 bushels at 02c. a 62>?c. for Westeru mixed, 68c. a 09c. fir Western flat and round yellow. Rye was stiller, * with sales of 2,600 bushels at 79c. Barley was Inactive: v sales of 300 bushels at 70c. Barley malt was in steady reqnest, with sales rejiortod of 5,COO bushels at 90c Oats ll v, ere steady, with sab a of Canadian and Western at 89c. ' a 40c , and of State at 40c. c Coma was heavy aud lower, and sales of 3.000 bag* Rio were reported at 13 lie., with a small lot of llaracaibo ' at 15c. fi Cottox ?The market was firm, with less disposition to ' sell ou tne part of holders, who seemed inclined to await the receipt of steamer's private letters before doing fi much. The sales reached about 1.000 a 1.260 hales, clus- 11 ii g^n the basis of about 10,'?c. a 11c. for fair lots of middling uplands. '< Kssii.nv ?'The firmness of shipowners aud agents A tended to check consignments. The rates were firm, and | n to Liverpool about 30.000 a 40.000 bushels w heat were i J* engaged, in ship's bags, at 12d; 500 bbls. flour at3^. 3d., " 600 Ikixcs eheere and 300 package* butter, by steamer, at , 1 60s. Rates to 1/ondoti and Uiasgow were also Arm and i engagements light There were considerable engage * ments making tor Rotterdam and Hamburg at p. t. To ' I Antwerp 340 tierces honey w ere CD.a-ed at 4>" per lb. a H-ix was steady at 9?e a 96c. fbr Bhippin.: lots l' i H t>t? ?Tb? market this week has .been more active, ana the sales have been to a fair extent at somewhat ad- r j vanced prices. Dealers have operated to a fair extent, j 9 j but the present depressed condition of tho leather mar- J ! ket dots not warrant the tanning of a large quantity of a the raw material. The receipts oontiuue fair, aud im * poritra do n > uot 3sr their stock freely, by ilea liavo * been ? 2,200 liner,os Ayrog, -.>3 lbs , p. t 4.000 Rio | Grande, 30 ,b., do.. ,t 000 Central Amrica, It lb., do ; ' | 1800 Bogota. 20 lb., lo.. .',,000 Tamptco, 22 lb , lS>?c. aix months'. 1 *00 c ty-laughter. Sc., cash. I biti xr ?'The a, maud continues \try moderate, and | i buyer* oiwrate very sparingly only to supply the imine- ' i diate wants i<ealer inre more anxious to realise upon 1 1 their large atoc and prices maybe "juotod some shut ' easier. Li*r was steady, w it, aalt-s oi 1,000 a 1,200 bbls. Rock- ; 1 I.iiul at 70i all hr h il sort!, i Moiascf?Sil? or 290 hlal? Cuba muscovado were j J I ma.l. at 20c , aud 160 do. Porto Rico at 26c. a 390, Naval Sti-sbs ? ' iKr ef l.fOO btils. spirits turpentine " | Were made at 39c n 40e. Common roaiu was dnll and i ' j nominal. Ktneronm was in some demand, while salsa , * were limited I t PwoTiMosa ?l'ork?Thi larkcl^has tolerably active j and prices snstalned. and In some even Q'iner The 11 s-.V embraced about 1 300 bblo, Including new meea it , f< I 619 .';7>4, old moss at 619. and new prima at *11 12',' a I 1 *1425 Beei wn? M?? y. with sales of 360 a 400 bbls., J 9 including country me ,?t *o a *9 rrpaeked Western at a *1 ".a a *10 70. an ' ex'r i at *11 a *12 M) Lard was Orm. | with laics of tOO bb!? at 13c al3'.,c Harm was tirm I o and ,u gra l d' tnai d, w.tb sale* of 12,000 lbs. Western a tnoked soles at 12c R itter and ch? --e were unchanged. Ri. >. ?A sale ot 40 cr ai were made at 4 ',e? a 4 '?c. bi .*a-?The market was ateuly, with Ma-of >100 1 bh 's .'ndu led In whirh srere 160Porto lti?at Tc. a 7 tc.; j J the r-rva.ndcr con isted of Cuba tn JCGTad s, including 1 , nftklllJMMii 1 6 ?c. ad e .in l grocery grade* at 7c. i I nt 'a- The rale also embraced 600 b\ea, ;,12 of which ' w.-re sold at < ,c. a 7 V , an* the icmainder at p. I., and , ? about *>00 bags at p. t. Toparcp._(.?w ;ng to adverse report? from the W- st t there is s> e. morem> nt tn Kentucky leaf th. r sorts , v 'inlet. Sales 72 hhd?. Kentucky at 8XC. a 12;. 1>9 bale* "* Sag hi at o. t.. 272 ca r * -ced leaf at 4 a 15c. WmaxKT <?&*!* "f 2.'>0 a 900 bbla wre made si 21 'fc. *|il 4, E. and D. barren ?v? re be d at 22c, : v Worn.?>Tht? artic e lo rather better reqoe*t. the o light ft r* of ow wool- for carpet* begirn to be felt, and e U [ y ma1 ' I !' cr [ t. : . -t * >!? la fC"<! demand la'e of 2u0 bale- Text* at Vr. *27e., t and -4) hnle< Calif rn a, price not ma> Fi< <?c in r pc->i. man I, and pulteo wea dull. Ti aa1' of for gn o have not tinntptred. a I Army Intelligence. 'lENKTtAL ORDltn.^, NO. 20. t V All IW s.TMKt, AW. Ofxnut'. ' ? ! ; t, I I t W.iaontua. August 0,1800. I j i; The feUm* mg regulationsand order tiavc been received i ..rlment ? ; (I I I. l'.ri|HW)ttoaa for borae t'lUipmetita will be made or- t enrdlra to tf.c form prescribed fur rri'uctrr ,' t ' of. , the vat i.a art elf bea g ria ?.ll*d in t r. . t and 1 r< turca under biada. aa follows ? l*ader Use bead *A "Saddle" will be Included every, i thog embraced under tbat bead in the putilial.c I aUIc.tnent of etioipmtiiW, until further order* (-oe "Ter.eral '< >r<lert. ' ho I'l. ' fltfcOl. ex. optlu at mips.'addle tang*, $irtba and surcingle*. which will be. on rc l aeparatcTy. 0 TKII II*IDUW. The carious kind* of curb blta, ui? fltta No. 1.1 I {, Bile No' a N'"- acalrbeae and curb cb? ? .nr.* -led. ' ' fttt No. t , I Leather Hit <og* complete q WATaatwi HKflti wi. p I? oa > bite, chain* and Picket pine t (itlee Included. lariat ro|? a. >, Watering rein*. Cavalry b! ink' is Halters Artillery blankets ( i?rntrs, rtrapa mcioded. Noeo bag*. Curry < mbs. Hitching strajvi ! IWsr brnehre. . The m nor parte rf any article may be called for acm- JJ *stely ivben necessary. a I In tUat care w II he bomi on 1 j, the retnrs rut fgpSMSd I ; rfect atliclei that arc ded* I g| eat. The tr cry or ds*trueti >o of the minor parti of ,?oy g 1 article, particularly of leethir. will not lea ,| renter fl r mndemi r| it. but, oa the contrary, the necc* . k aary r ; a 11 be a.. in tic company by n-.?an? of ? ettr* dutv men. or Vtlfleers. or at the deprgl. (Bee . ........ ..... v . ? ? . * I II. A mood nrket tty to pattern. >f dark blue > j c!?lh,trT.BH ? ib> trlet, atth the Ror an aboalder J j, knot, the preecr'bcd'.a of r.iak to be erorkel ia ail- J ver in tht errtr* of tb?* knot, la adopted a? a part of the b tiiikfrrm at ofleara <jf l.ijht Artillery, and may he worn p 00 undr?*? doty. p MI. The i ntt.jnn e? of art iltry equipped U t.i.'ht Artll- {. lery, oil! 'oot.nue t? uee Ikr out pattern uniform cap, a with red borna hair plonw. cord md ti>?**l. aceardioir to f, the palp rn ld tb iart?rnuatr r Geo ru a o i,cc, ao J tbe ,, old patt-'ft aky blue tfowatra. t tl IX T ie Prrnr.elr.oa of paragraph 16 of "0 moral Or & | derr." No 6. of I'M. are tit*.. ltd to the Field Artillery q rchot.'a?*tahilahej under Ordera" No. 10, <A ? 1 VA>. to bare rtfrct from tl.e leu f the latter order. J f; V. fT'ewifter the foree* ration tor tnuiet will be four- [ p leer r?i:ide of hay and nine po nde of oata. barley or s( i " ai VI Fort Gaatoo,Chi.. l? enaouneed a? a double ration rl pout Irotn December 4. MM. tte date of ita owupalie* I i(, by t r< - M 1 W I VII. Fort lamed, Pawnee Fork. K. T . la announced , te a dc :bte rat. ? prat from May 4, ihoO. the date of Ita h eocurettoa by troop* , ^ Vpl. The military poet to be eetabttihad at the June ,| tioi. of the Arlvaypa and Nan Pedro rivera, New Mono? d ("General (Mora, So. 0 of March 12. M#>, Tr rn head- ; a, quarter* of the army) will be knowa a* fort Breckinridge By order of the Secretary of tVar. ? E. D TOWVSkND, Aaatateol Adjutant General. ? Naval laltlll|tae?. * Taynaater John V. B. Wrack or baa beta ordered lo the ? Navy Tard at Porttnoeth, V. II., to relieve Payaaatee " fteorg* f. Cutter, who a detached and orderod to the rt yn.wd rmm PW I* SHEET. Our K?y Want Comapemdenca. Hat W*w, A^iat ia, 1160. A ycgrca Ibumi m Soar! At Kitty? Contraiicttim J AbturJ Xorj*-Jm>.Acr frjjpecUd V&il?ll.a.y K'lailo'- Wreck*- T\? Cattle Th?de, Ac. So many ttoriea have been pat afloat about tbc negroee uo l on board tho Kibby, an J sj much sa.J about tbu ociuat oni bore made, in running them over to the ain, alW they were cofflned, it eeema necoaaary to give Hut denial to erery tale of such character at onco, and uro your roadere that there ia not a word of truth in ich relation. flic partioa in whote cuatody theao alavee were, were v vmwwht, no WQUU UJO puyBK'ittUH, 10 ieu a lemselvos to such scouEdrellpm; and wo are woll asred that had any demonstration been made towards revering them by force rrom legal custody, the Dited States Marshal would have soon rallied such a law riding force as would have at once sent these "knights ' law" to the right about. The brig Lincoln Bailed from New York, with a cargo of indrloi consigned to the master, and bound to Zarga, Liba. (in arriving oil that port she was ordered here, by house to whom she would go, au<l accordingly arrived a the 4th. Sffie suspicions having been created, Bhe as examined, and her cargo found to consist of (lour lth J ima beans i<otatoes and onions, which were ou hci isnlftat. The captain (Cornwallis) was considerably cxercise.l bout the matter; but as ho was very candid in tin hole aithir, and seemed to have acted unknowingly, h( M allowed to sail for St. Thomas, the Zarga nouft treeing to )>ay 925 a dav demurrage. The New Yorl leculalor in this smuggling transaction is named Old urt. By an arrival from Green Turtle Key on the (lth am that very heavy weather was esjierionced at tin nliamas on the 27th ult., and that a sea loner from New ork to Mobile was totally lost, lier cargo consisted o e, granite and three locomotives. She was wrecked of an a-War Key. Tho Peter Morrellgof whose total loss you have bocr ifcrmed, cleared from New Orleans, under Gapt. Waters >r St Thomas. Tho bark Reindeer, Cunningham, came lto port this morning. She left New York on July 17 ound for San Juan Kemedtoe, and after crossing the iream, the captain iotind his |>apers all missing. 1U rill telegraph by Cedar Keys and write by Havana, said wait here their be'ng returned him. The tine steamer Salva now makes weekly voyages etweon Tampa and Havana, stopping hero, conveying, rith great convenience, three hundred head of cattle to lav&ns. It is to be hoped that when the bids for the llantic service are opened, such alteration in time will e made as to allow the New Orleans boats to arrive In acb a way that we may be put in puescssion of a weekly lalL The Recent Violent Storms. KHUUll.E FRKRI1KT8?BHlIXiHS AND MILLS 3WLP1 AWAY? RAILMOAD TBACK8 INJl'llKD?0 HEAT DA MA(iK TO 1'KOPEKTY. KTC. IS rim UlSLTTUA. The Journal of the 23d Inst, says that the water poorer l one continual stream for an hour and a half, and tbi psidenta of Chestnut Hill declare that such a storm hai ever before been witnessed in that locality. There wa aieat amount of damase done to Droncrtv in the Twcn jr first,Teenty second and Twenty third wards. Mana> unit seems to have guttered the groat eel damage mtnense volumes of water llowed along the various street! wading from Rovborough into Manayunk. Hippie's lane, it he upper part of the borough, was entirely washed away nd in some places the gulleys are fifteen feet in depth 'ortunatelv no houses were located m the thoroughfare Washlcgton street shared pretty much the samo fate t stable belonging to Mr. Greenwood was demolished anc , valuable horse drowned. Two wagons were also washei way. The culvert under this street burst and the cartt rag carried into the canal. Green lane and levering street were also Quoded. Tin auks on the side of these streets are high, and, therefore he bouses situated upon them sustained no damage. Tb( u I vert running unctcr levering street gave way near -rait street, and the cellars of the houses upon the latter trect were completely filled with earth and stones. The rst ilours of all the buildings?eight in number?are dotroyed. The occupant" all succeeded in escaping Mechanic street and Cotton stree t arc entirety impafsa le, in consequence of the deep gulloys worked out by le water. The canal was greatly damaged, and is rendered o-eies>r about two week - on account of the repairs required .11 the stones, dirt, Ax , honied into the cnual, and it isny places completely hlW it even with the ground I was found oece -ury to draw off the water , and thi oats which happened to be in the neighborhood arc at ground. opposite Munayttck some of the embaukmeats aloni he and ileud ng Kail road were washed awny Icn wer" immediately set to work to re|>air the damage .ad the train probably run through without inter crecce this afternoon. The tralrs upon the Philadelphia, Gennantown and N'or istown Railroad were detained about an hour in conse nonce of the track being covered with sand, esc, Th< etention was in the vicinity of Manayunk. as scarcely ny rain fell either el Soring rails above that place, o t the Vails of the Schuvklll, a short distance below he food caused a groai commotion among the luhab) ants of II wayut k, and appreheu-Ions of a more serieu os were felt. The Wis abivken creek is much wollen. Gorgas'col on mill, it Is reported, has been completely carrie iway. The null is mi extensive one, and, if the rumo true, the loss wld be very heavy. In the vh .uity of Chestnut Hill the storm appears t .a.e been almost equally destructive. All the store ere floo led. and the dirt was washed completely fron he German town turnpike, leaving nothing but the 'tones t stoue bridge over Creshom's ere. <, near Hill's mills r.ia demolished. Alory the turnpike, near the Mermah une, the ground Is low and tbo water centre ! there, (in ir two were flooded near Francis' mills, ard on' nan was compelled to btl'C his family out of the sooon< tory window A small log cabin at the junction of th The Chestnut UtU Railroad was greatly damaged, vid i I thought that the trains will bo unable to pan over I or several days. Id tl>? deep cut between Mount Airy gta Ion and Chestnut Hill,stones trees wanbe > j -<>n 'ir.o-i cite pro'usoly, an t It is estimated that there are cov tx -ut four too's upon It The briIge of the Philadelphia and Trenton RnilronC ver the Franklin crock, It is rumored, has been was he way. The at. rm ee.ras not to have reached the hutlt upporIon of ttie ,ity. A't'jongh it rained here almost the on Ire night. tb?: c wi r> ao heavy showers. The water :i he Schr.ylk II had rise u sntneeighteen inches Irc.t c\ ' >ut this is not laiticteut to cause any damage. nt FHOTIPFVCK, R. I. The Provd. nce J'" rrnl reports that at nboul flvo I'clock on Thursday afternoon the shower of the season r.tnc on m that citv. with sharp l.ghtmng an 1 beavj bun.ler Mauy cellars were Ql!< I, and the streets ladlj rarhed and t.dewnllu undermined. Over two in lies <A ain fell In c'gbteen nln iles. IN I-EFSBtTWi. TA. On Saturday night last the towi oT heosMirg. Vs., wai 'sited by one of the m ft violent storms thst bar name ver that section of the SUte for thirty jears. The Al xanlr'.a ' t rays ? The wind was extremely r: 'cot. the lightning aid bunder fiercer than it has keeu known for years, and th> nln fell in "nods that dtlnfi 1 the Pvt. evnrj ne within u<ts At one time the water ran ai'-nz Kinf tr?et In soch tluods that the street p*e*<: ted the np " ranee of a creea. All the ceiiai " are tilled, and a con iderable amount of dainare d ne In various port m o he town. A hail storm ml*" acconipanitd tie rain, an' be corn in many places waa cut to pieces. Fences we n ilown dowu, and touch' tl,cr datnagi-' done to the tarn, n the range of I he stnrra The same storm was very vioieut l:i the lower scctiot f Frederick county. MJ., prostrating fenots and foru reel and doing other damage. rtie Murder of a Young t-lrl la Oclaware. 0b?F*?IOS OF TIIK trLPBIT A\0 ATTEJOT* T' LTFCI niM. t>n Tuesday sfieroont .tohn H. 'ku n.?o. th< ijlatto boj ernsed of the murder o! Mas <-r ' t i. at Xllfhrt', Dei n "unday, the IT'h . ad' snob-* in. TVre 1 mong many, and particularly n.groes. a I* . tLat . turd.rer p^:<? I Is hat ' uj--u th- C' tjsc of his let a lond will start forth. p me one can a y mictloted tr annni, drr.r.' the pr'.resr t M' at iw <1 ave to place bi* had pon tl.r CovMn. 7ril? ni t .*? nil;, mboc 1 with the ?i f-e.-stHi'a. her fws> a I d .a., nally begged the g. at! man who had him ix. t revent them fltmi mnk'ng him go through wlio tut ce emoay, a"d be w" .it teliai: a!" nt l as Le sa d hi loi'd never bear to ha i ' ' owi *' v - i. n. ' Oetb'i stau l to r ri i* L< ha I w the tw i irl'paa* slotig. s lk < w Miss ( wo.'d have t ? ck al"Og the by r id he ami down I..oahts.and pretended to h< tuMk > rrytttf tv: t .rl tame along he La pr b fi. ee l with s cl.ti. bout three Teet long led so tch tbwk A' e passe I m he str ck her tl blow ?h rb ma e the ?.ut r.p... lie ' ark f her head, and rM :> J In L r ."'?ih. At shr Id not fall he caught her Os the arm anu throat, And brew her dowi., ?..d was ?ttc 11 . to rav!?h her when e fov.l.d she wv dead. He thft. heearu frghteno' ai that h' had loje. ?nd - ,gg-: t t r.iund her utck. threw h-r a.aui ma eel: caiiii' ti sir cioos JL-..1 fi.'1 ? wh" has for ? i mc Mel be' tt li\ it; w .le A., Ir * U?rJ .u tu; -e . ,b<>r i i.? ie. <r.p to n*si< t rri ts : ' M. f -r : A? woti aa the bus oi ss of the ;ti?iw?t was t.:. .shed Vr laai-r prepartd Ic taae the pr .s ?er toOscrgclow bni he fact oi h.s con'' stlot ha ig t?? am" knows, thepw le smuinlili I were in a? i t?? t no v let him r , ar. e.-an prej arat.ous lor hug ha. ^wthont ceeoo.oty Dd the efr vat onmp. lied t > Jt stratr pra t? get ttK llow sway. At it JcbuStowtt a crjwd < f excite . pc-o ie were" I and act the r stb uai t was tr-. le tn gel as j r sooer out of the o.i ter's Uai. s. but by a.' urae ne succef <d iu c-'tt,ng away He arrived ic orgttowa db" :t e fht oVtork ut T- adaf. u >1 the boj v mmc iitU'ly lodged it ?>I I? :r of th ii *u\ aerer* ic.tih < ; < ; < kin t th -an. -tr i y of h*\ , IB A'it and'triBfioc Mm ip <>t Wrtt -- n- i v. . Her 8 lDtf!u.d tan & ! i. t: lake Mt>-- .1 .'t f.tU.f * id mood fh<-: to tue r.* ?tt t.e r nr r tn* <,p Ti i id* the flr*t chapter N *h.t w pri r>a*> y the tu?*t ?r.d hunt cold bioo-ifrl in irder ever coamillad *, r*la are. Mr Gnftlti I* ? < !' kn wt? ?3?1 reaper ted fa???r ? I la daughter. who raa aU<> t firt??eu ? ar* n< a*<\ r*> i ( ot.fol and , ?ty i>r . . la r,n umat?a^B ftttetj 1 eg t, ?? n:?-1 a atnrm ' ' ifnallon agaioat the p rpotralor. ?u?l draws to Uri llTletcJ family the ayroi.v .. of lb a hole comm .olty Twa Soiif>? or Pj?i.b* M'???Tae peraor* and *?Ute? 'n item layirr a tai of K-00 ?< . pward* ire < < fxly, 12 >2 fyarina PeaOndy, 12.160: iVm. I P ? . i 1,664 Robert Bronki i naa, $1.?J7 tiuir Nalhaawl feat, II,011, .Mho Prrtram. IM.T I-ora R P mm, Ml Robert ??aa J B T ?t, tr *too, t?W lUUTwk-r l?. ,nd. |d*l J.m * IwU, Mi l1 W'm L 'Jtborr, MB Robert t rtor.lMt <?Ut? J V M? row, IMI *et%te bwae Oil"** MTI "ob :a Ub ?, m 5 City ia*?iilgca<!?. Memo ? Csrrau. 1'aju ?Our readers wilJ oe p <wae<j to learn that wo aro again to have the open air con i certa which were last year bo popular In the Central Park. The Umpiring strain* are to bo furI nlsbed, aa before, by bodworth's full band, and an i Improvement has been made in changing the location of i the itand from the Ramble to the Mall. Thousands of i out cltiaeoa last season en toyed the pbyaical re-real on I and mental pleasure thus after dad, and the onf.r.uai no of the arrangement will doubtless be hailed w :a lei.ght 1 by all who lovo to frequent this unsurpassed pla-e of resort. Tlio hrst concert will be given thic afternxin, at four o'clock. Tim Crow* Aqnarccr PErannii:*r a to te? imam Pavwo.?By the cnarter ol lt>57, the business 01 paving and repairng the public streets of New York devo'.vea on theCroton Aqueduct Department; rlnce that t rue the cobble stone paring ha been done in a very nd nerent and extravagant manner It is quite truo that the cobble Btouei are falling Into dl u-e, to be replaced by more modern md superior kinds of ,-treet pavement; but, notwithstanding this fact, It will be uorao years before the faces of the cobble stone? will have been clar e?l among tho things tbal were. Most of our conaiuercia) et reels are paved With cob Me atones, and aro [recently out of repair In consequence of the heavy loaJs of meri chaudiBC passing ov> r them. It haa been the pradico i heretofore by those hat ing authority In tho matter, when he streets get out of repair, to patch up the depressed spots wherever they might occur. Tins arrangement, I after years of er.perusee uas pn ved very expensive and ' unsatisfactory. It woo h -tnorc economical In the ord, > where a street of cobble stone pavement gets out of re> pair, to pave it wholly anew, than to rcsjrt to t the patching prices* Many of our street* are t now out of repair, and from the Inanition and supin#nesa of the Croton A1 .uoflect Hoard, there appears no I remedy at hand In addition to the objects we tavo 0 urgea on tue pari oi et\ aomy :n this nutter, wo aro ra ' minded by eminent lo. al :,.cv.xal gentlemen woil converf lant in sanitary alhsM-t. that the present eocdlt,ou of tbo f cobble store pavement, filled a.- it |g with rutg and holea, loruiing ae they do receptacles for the abrogation of 1 Illtfi. lias a serious tendency to the increase of our mor? tality bills. City Inspector l?eluvan, whom the publio > liold responsible lor the ln-allli of tbo mctrcpo! g, baa > repeatedly called the attention of the Common Council ) i and Croton Board to this matter, and urged tic .mpor i tanre of a speedy remedy. In t no attentiou bus been paid 1 to bis petition. t The Woman's LiHRar.T ?In the course of the ensuing ! month (September) a '? < man's library" Is to bo opened 1 in a room of the New York I Diversity building. Too object of this library is tosupply women with reading matter at ' more reasonable rate, and with more iarticular reference to the female mind, than is the case at the Aitor and other j libraries of the city. The movement was set on foot by a meeting held in Dr. Chapiu s church some time c.ace, j and its suceess is due to the untiring pcrscverar:e of the projector, Mirs Lowell The library has already about fivu thousand volumes, and the Institution bids fair tu meet with the prosperity it deserves. Turfs Children Bih.nsu to Death ?The Mac to woe (Wis ) 'Jribune of the ltth inst. says?Tbo house ot (rank Siunot. in the town f Scblclswig, in this souaty, caught lire on Friday lost, and was burned to the ground, with all lis contents. Three Children, aged respeitlvely nut. twoaud three years, were alone in the house and perished in the dames. The ag< uized father was at worlt a short distance on, and saw the firo but a few minutes alter the children bad bee n left alone; but all attempt* to enter the house were ucavaii ng His bauds wore terribly burned in to tear oil soino of the boards from the house, and he was compelled to abandon hi* etlorts. A few charred bones was all that cruJd be found alter the house was consumed. Arrivals stmd Benartsres. ARRIVALS. Lii FHfOOL?K esnnh'1 ''las*1 w?Mrs Cecelia Roir.saj, i ap lain Daniel N Mallei. Rev .bis Goodwin. Wm Wanton. Mr* Mara RMnilh. Wm Ades, k a Kiirn Ariridg", ma oK.lren and servant: Jmb'S Conroy. John Smith, Lev is F.'t?iiihelmi>r, Pruie--or Wm II Long. Wm M llerrv, Mrs Kllsn Lee. laihn I.'atig. Isdv and child '"a 1 ? a Miait Cot. P bine* a Burgess, Thomas Wfate. Peter Mel ui h .Michael t'arlln, Itohr? and t*hi .n steerage. A?riNWAir?Flsntadhlp Ar.?l-Rdlht Rev Dr Bin .h and Bishop of Victoria Hu e K eg e- raaaite for .cd. irom I Cbina an 1 Japan; Mr <v'.,ee'wright and lady. Mr Wboelright Jr TtosFrasIs Member. 1* H ^imnionls, 1. Psr inell aual lady. A Ul.ack. M danger < P D..? . !, U Tnorburn, M Swat and lady. 1> H IMnv v.. J M Pi kit.'" . J it Pnrdy, A K l>r?is, M B C.urX 1. A rioc:' Mis F'l.lth. Benj Taylor, W htpninu. tidy and latin' Mr? Roberts a..d , h.ld Lieut UtUJa L Clfl y, Mr Sherwo'ad and lady, W Pauley. A Haley J A Vluey, A Lew,*, II R hards-a. .e >' lit. <m .rloa, W A Wi; t?, W W 1 'rine. 0<o fie" ??. OI! V ' R S Joseph, J W.I..una, . N Junes, O TV We m in fi H Wreke I) Avsvnt and j I on. J S< he ' er, ItuSy and ebi'< P it.a R Hoentes -bdd s id - j lervant. k ue, il t uruki a?? f". -if, * wim/t i N?? imu: it* ?*n ii v os -- - n'uklp Blw. r~*?From I I Jfi w "rican?E II I'wit-.-n I, Mr Jmiu In Sllvk, apt VVnl Iter, Man A A p-, '? J A" gite :y, Mim W A Ilea ne?, wife, two c'mdrt-u "* ' Mix nigge, W B Sey mour.wife, ttvocUE,if end o- r*> l?r Win ButV.r. end ledy, A B <'h?.-e. B i C< -r. f (' Kuc k H 1'Jen ier end Jivtj. lieu it fto'den. Job a C' tinge j At. St Mara. Kim? Hurone? , , Mr* Devldoni. *01: mil :w. ? F. K KikOi-i), Wm lUki, . 1 Pf mlgno It'll/, T'uii * C> 1 tr Y Viilun re, J kr H'.MBt i iborpt Anton, i Voteion A'l. U ? W,.i K Pa' l I J Her n-nif Antonio di Ar: ?r . *?"- r> -.u, Mr J?nk?, Mr Men m>d lody, Mi?d Lnwrew e, ' Y t?, J Ferro Mur II P 4 I B- n?.er. HAVj.ii-Rieaa khlii Ili./aiu?M-- Margaret Le... u, '".tot A I Frenlk, I>0vt<i Kendall, B I M.j' i, Gto 11..Uowaj, M Ka il niigo, J_se Quaz.,.1 ir ' i.iii -mi-ne mVi-p 'a A !gi r? II J < >? e-i aid daughter, M-'jJ'k Mi.-te I, :0i, M ?i A ij ark*. 0 I J Hkmitb. J A Ale n er, M h.f ng ;? 1 at V port, Pur Wford. A'l. t II H Ifert i Vr Jon/.*, A Aitonner. i nl J I' (If m:n ag, ,' n S: i , V J dean, T ... 1 it II Parrnr. M m K IVlari 'te A! ? t, Hauler, I' M Sure I n Mc ' Kelrr.v, I. M Slaw* .. M St .Ooler, I Kl' ,e, VF M I. Tliomi ni. ,T Keh: , H M M .vwo i, P Ontlin ? fi; th>- i eer1 ?? u I-'iUHf.ii?teenier ,M on?Mr* I<Pfi-ieo*,S K -?Jer, - ! sup i.ii At ,-, t y .?? v., r o lie; a? p r* i Cnr-l* M F V ' ' - n ? ,dy n U li ip.i i i ?nit it . , O nn. B S P . > A hi.*. 1 _ g r I A I! il't m, C J i-iet. I Hl'l. Kb Ml- ' A * 1 11 At W -r\ ,-y.V l? I K|..iIr.iMr Uk-b .':.* K . . iiliuie- II it .ul/, ciiwi t lie-. a no , V Ftm'.e ' !? K i t em Etc h s Mw-y. B t A V -eA St*, , - M. - 1 luiil : J. A Flo -eei, II .titer T ! > i R-e i / I* indalilp < w i'o >k-*r, f Ilnatet P. a und W.p Jm k t ram., gi, T I) Sm k, VV A Wiiliome? 6 In Ike ?:eer*oe. r>tti u trii-liieiD,- Vr -Rev I, r. tb i?ri f. .J lady: , t r> D Km*, 1*1, d ?' I '' It' . I lwt/aod fo-r hiktren ' A Hi. i ? . Hi Ii- . A*r? W 1 h Mr? llalmei. s l? I II nr. .1 A I?o..i 1 . I'oii.e- * . i i iHiit, A[|?? I>a '?. ifia u I. k i.i.erl .i t. :J t'-n.. . \ Mr* J M Bee, Ml * i*<t lire, k?inl M mnr s W ' *r Aire Mo Powell, Mr* L 1* li h?e- k?.? A r i'r A ? -'-n, R lemon, R i |,H . n?Tl?. w II Ol. ' X - i'.nl.irf, Indy ..rd two hmirea, R J ?!*i 1 in if* i > ei kry, lodf oud -UaJ, A i I 1! Ir, ?. J A V*;t V M.t r : f'Hld, J* gkl tr *nd ?er rent W E tie tt'.'t on *1. . * *.- f . ory. Mm* Tweedy, Aire Ht oitnu Hi-.- ; AA'm En >n, H M M-irynond. I, - minr * ' * an e i A O ? o3>? AY H AVo.ln -e, U W rl ' u.s, it -.v ;1 (i/oi u:u?. a itunokerc, At Irbiift i.JT . K"f *.e M (IreectiJ, M -hot or, J 1'l.xm ei. A P'm- ! -tejei. J I/irt?, .odf ob<( f toocbndrer. AY P I' w*r ' ' ?.,i.. .1 J m ;*rr f r.kle, A' Ri.l-t ft Ki . V. Meyer. W A i.T . irii J r \V < !.. I * A -J?) I W M !e mon W T lii I V' V a :< K Jeeold. T P Forr ?. r le-ly rd da .g J ?o?. * two tin' -n. it * ' till Ubt. .Mi A fi? ? M-1 Roe! :.f. .1 Ryon .1 A| -rn, II r I Sum n ' P i 'Iff! erry t, I .,? ,.!* i?r I, J II i;*rt ielt. J At U w hor*- ff i ? u c J .Ve .i-toa, J II* "!t!re, A I o dd. M Mov? ind 11 IB tie ?t?irogr. I Rit**>i ? Mi s i i A I' . .Mn* F B KL g. i|r* K < S t i u .Vr?!I ?. A nr. Frank Nm k. Mr* J j l,r? Ksi-'f !j> o / . * ? V.ra fa 1?. aid tkrrr to. irrn. I> At.-.mi U .'.<;aa A U I-irk, I IVirra. ' ' J Y -i.i A -ra' ? rkl .1. I : I., Mur> l?k A V r. J D ' ' r, K D \V.?.:?n, W i II >tf u*, J j V? F akltii J a ir.-a 11 l'ra f watt, Ml II Priwp, Sj ? .'an.'W line in, P Rran, If 1 K.i ilMan. K i> nrnS . S. ?'I r. ,1 11 ilrtntl ar, f II Fa , im. H V ,J V Agra a a . r rhil tma. Mia H^inili ; n act y a . ? s r v.q .ml ? r?. Vra jfv 1 , It'a ' M a \ 'A . < ' <r% r T, M?1 rj 't-aa an.'. wlia, R F Halav-. >' 1 ? a i r II Coltuika. j M Co 1 vIubVio J * '* . i1 1 j - knrr, P I* -iu*J! A I J P- att, .? Hi a. v Vat , ? V am ir), Wr . V Mir F : A rrla . *. .T !' [>?m i: r. K It H.klnair. f y, I Ha' ' V ' r.a A ia I I .i lob, J II Mi.. ii Malr.t H " ..iim?nn " a i- * i " ? > < M * ?*?pi s m .r v - i a - a . ?vk, m j f ai J i > B.a ich. " M. ?, y Illy n.'ii.iCHr ?g J l M . ? O .T U'rtr- j t i) Kotitia at. b V, .rr. >1 Aca . i la r. . I Wk ?, II* rjr Mr iim? I> ? J i'a "MA Ta-. lor, .? laT^', Mr-. , p st W II >'aa a oJJ* .. a erra?r. ' > t * i . , . lt.,? ? Vaa Fi *r. V.a Hun t *r, V I> < ?* WW H A '>*, Fa'ilck P?rtm II I 1. M "?..a. ' 11 "Ita- ??4 an ! wife. 1 AlltVv k* r ? i I * .1 WlfiB. ?i: ma Pb-ban I \- a, Nrr r '?. I J P Ai > Id. II < ??..u*n. A n m '!. ? r . > ?a . rr. ? P Ii. *?r. A II - .rn . } \ I ' - M .-? J - < JAW'. ra?lra I Ma' A - I i * T v Win W i'.1; ojh. I A I | St, . a.?r '''A* arm * w or vt-rk inrA, V I andaorr. A | an.s: R I' A J 1 A m S I'llafl, J K<?iaal<lt .1 Fa . a p * III Pb ? ' 'i tiriwn. M H K i?ht, k? Ma fr Air.a * : l'i?,.r.vk Km liib and I.r. J r .rkB r.. t I ? A P s ,r , i: R ,ft?r J v i .v i ii I'aai a i. ?' ? < ia. II It To i .arr.d, T 1 A ilu. i I > > ? 'aa L .n. Jaa F't.'. a'riri Ml' R/ , Ml R a . t' ' ii i*' M.aa F nnF B*t . or. F" I ?l* i' IH.( i i -a. r?; .jrt m :k?ai**.ad? Total 7lt. W? M' .b, I. < ? bi*b M . ailiv Mr an.l Mr* 'A' ' . M 'II a. 1S?-' Mrt'Ilr Mra M Hn.-h k. and il Bi?!i r alt' r . Mra llri.r> nnd '.hnr 1 J i'?n V; V . Ma.* ? a k In :!, 1;. i| . Bi.rrk' . Ii J t a. J I iA-<kliu, J n. Mm t..dt V. aa ' ?r P i'W *r A -F'.'ba. T -"l? A H ItlAr, t i Praa t ' t Ma r, j i '|H J Ikon. Wm H ?..??. Mlaa " i saj, . |W \V j A/I' am! lad). J II ' lady an % /k ?r F I" I. J tM l? n,l. A slat*. V b s.a r t Mi A , .* J Flrr-r Mr ami M P*.'It B'.n A .1 I B'l a.r. J ho c H-rr n Mian Sj F AlrtartB Mf Is. ? V .r snn..: ooUfroit. I j h .a n. a 11. , j V < ' . iV i f- ii-? as.j 'air. M. and M a? ' ..rdOtfwa i It t. i| K It . k-mui. It I. Writ a . i ), M. I M .b . anlnrv .nt, v bb N r-k M r M a . Ml' ' l> , W I W.a I. II: i. . rd M Ii*---:.- . mi I, a iu:4 aria .' Mr 1. : ri ! ' ' M..? ( , a M I KaaarM, AV I |) tyl*. J Rob I - r J I! . WW II .nwiord and lair,' tea 1 ?lc:tinrr *o i a.*, aa.r ' ?ai ?li. Frrlia Rm A. It VA Wtlrhl -U kkl rrirararr Pt nt a-* Fat-, f - R k Ai.. i? It I?.rannio!?o. > fl V*m<Br. M M ran VriT'Vv a a-"" AB-ytbtar. Hanoi - it I ? m FW-l y. AT rt'in. M Jat.(i- Hi.. Ilrt.rr! b t' H ( ab '?*. K lUM Af.I. r *B PR?Ri > P' Aa?I nia I r.mard. Fatj fan "*. TI-w it Kr '-Mr'l. rt and da.?kvfr, a Rt Thooiaa rnrrAi!rrRit?. Rit aaiaff?Riroaialit" I n la-R MrTA*rr.J Wa'am, K Onr* T. ? Palllr F. Opi * ?n F MfnUaiAW Or rrk, #? M tiirfc, I> Itiladr W U Fa > a, J gnl/jr Jt Handkra, Mn || FauJrra. A IteNr. A l.'n-j Wm r -k. H IW^MMrln, T II I 'air J vajor ft P'arh. J K M nnatlrm. 0 W Robom. K Wb* ik'i, fi A Vak Traijs R R Itkafhaka. J Wahro, R Filf ia. M-a f"k' n. MI*b lours kkJl >J M aa A t'obkn. R Vnhao I' s 1 m VIBB >: ? A n, t V aa I) .Malasn, A 'obnrm. H * ? n V|?7 ?| I-IP ... * rnmmm, ..... f aV^SSTtj: * ^ " j?? 5 ' foftrt " "^r0-c U ' rnw*a- r pp&gsmst . M *?*(*. J Jft'A 0_?<**>, J W Tmu-'. C rv*m?n, 1 II J art , s^fs,vA?newK AjawirS : psSMjsaig f

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